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The Slocan Drill 1903-12-25

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YOL. iV.i N«:
SLOCAN,   11.   C,   DEOEMBER   25,   1903.
Clearance  Sale,
-Beginning on flonday, Nov. 9, and continuing.
Our Dry Good Stook will be sold for
Spot Cash,at wholesale prices in tne
East. Our Stook is eomposed largely
of Staples, and you are now given an
opportunity to obtain nearly anything required in theDry Goods line
at Sacrifice Prices. We need Cask.
No Goods will be charged	
W. T. Shatford & Co.
-'-  ^L^-"*-*"***-
18.00 PER ANNUM.
Is reached by any trail or road
tbat run* into the Town.
Do not go past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
Arlington.   KCotel:
L. H. KNOWLES, Proprietor.
Tbil popular hotel in ciMivenicut to tlio Wonts awl trains.   Tlie il'min-"* room
liajrUily Dp todate while the bar ii supplied with tlie best in tlia market.
Travailing: mon. using Sample Rooms, $2.50 per Hay.
wiihunt .Sample R-»ms,$2, board $8 per week, mealst-ft-
^   A FIRST-CLASS STOCK.   .   .   3
o^   REASONABLE PRICES.    .    .   3
Fruit, Confectionery, Tobacco
You ran jjet anything in these lines that you
require from us. Our stock in each is always
kept fresh and well assorted. We handle the
best the market affords.   Prices are right.
H In Frailly Signed by All Cl*«suii of the
Community Ma. Arnot Coin.nL to
HUatcs the HUce-Hls Qleotlon a Foregone Cewclaiion.
Something tangible has nt length
appeared in municipal circles looking
lo the formation of a council for the
ensuing year, A number of tho friendi
of David Arnot, one of tbe few (nudi-
iiod for the position, drew up a requisition during thr. week requesting him
to -statid for election for the mayoralty.
Thi.- requisition was circulated and
fri'ily signed and, wheu presented,
Dave consented to run. He expects
to ix: able to induce a sufficient number of other eligibles to come forth Into the public light to l>o able to (ill
the council board,as will As Iho school
Thore is sonic talk of opposition to
Dave's candidature, so there yet may
develop all tlie fun and excitement of
a contest. Tlie number of voters favoring Dave, however, are so many
that no successful opposition could
possibly be given. Here is the requisition:
•'David Arnot. Esq.:
"Dear Sir, -We, the undersigied
citizens and ratepayers of the City of
Slocan. respectfully request vou to
stand for the office of mavor in the approaching municipal election A. E,
Teeter, .J. V. Purviance, C. E. Smith-
eringRle, Alex. Rogers, J. G. McCallum, Con Murphy. J. A. Anderson, H.
L. Fifo. R. M. Webster, P. Romanr,
D. B. O'Neail, L. M. Knowles, D S,
Mt-Vannel, J. II. Howarth.A. Madden,
H. ('lev.-. A. C. Smith. A. R. Bolderston, D. D. Robertson, G. Heiiderson.
K. C. Campbell-Johnston, R. I. Kirkwood, Mrs. C. M. Kirkwood. W. H.
All th** above are l>on.i lido voters
and their signatures demonstrate th<*
infl letice supporting the candidature
.if Mr. Artiot. There an* a tMtmlxt ol
other voter* who havo signified -theii
Intention of voting for him also, all
combined forming two thirds of the
total voting strength of the burg.
Mr. Arnot's acceptance of the requisition   is couched in these words:
"To the Ratepayers of Slocan
Ladies and Gentlemen, It gives m«
much pleasure to accept the requisition asking me to stand for nomination
as mavor of your city,on the conditii n
that vou can get a council who W 11
work together for the good of our city,
nnd that you will be able to get a full
board. Respectfully yours, David
Kilo Maak<.« ii Shipment.
The Kilo shipment of ore, brought
down by R. E. Allen and amounting
to half a carload, went forward on
Moadav to the Nelson smelter. N. P.
McNaught, oue of thn owners of the
property, accompanying it. Tl e ore
.las mined several mouths agoand has
livn shipped now to demonstrate the
v due of tlie lodge, there lieing a deal
ou with regard to lhe Spiers interest.
It is not unlikely ex-Senator Warner
Miller and McNaught Bros. Will start
up the property in the spring and, as
it is a gold proposition, silver quotations will not worry them. The Kilo,
which is one of the banner groups of
the camp, has been shut down for the
past two years.
Ing. Tho basis of representation is
one delegate to every 50 votes or fraction thereof cast in any polling subdivision at the last provincial election.
It is felt that W. A. Galliher, M.P.,
will be the choice of the convention,
and Nelson Lilierals hi1 -*e endorsed
K. O. Oaalay Drowned oir the Trsaifor
Slip Tuesday   Night.
(hie of the most unfortunate fatalities in the history of the camp occurred here on Tuesday night, E. (). Con-
lev, a C.P.R. brakeman, being the
victim. About midnight a freight
train   arrived in to  run the transfer
barge, ( onductor Wansley and En-'
gineer Govett being in charge. After
unloading the barge, the train crew
began filling it up again with cars to
be transferred north. The end one of
these ears was freighted with copper
bullion, consigned from Smelter Junction to San Francisco. Coiiley was on
top of the car setting the brakes, but
the momentum gained was so great
that the car went over the barge into
deep water, carrying the poor follow
With it.
Conley was heard to call out for
help when falling, but on striking the
water he disappeaivd.thosuction from
the sinking car pulling him down.
Th. balance of the train crew rushed
to tke scene and did everything they
could to rescue their comrade, but
without avail. They and a number of
citizens worked till almost daylight to
ree iver the body, but without result.
They found the resting place of the
c ir, and tlie body is supposed to be
beneath it. Where tho accident occurred there is about f>0 feet of water.
No blame can Ik; attached to anyone
for the unfortunate accident.
The drowned man was about 21
years of ago and had been working
with that train crew for aliout a month,
running out of Nelson. Practically
nothing i* known of his friends or
wher;* he came from. The car of bullion was valued at upwards of $4000
and the railway company ***ill send in
au equipment to recover lli;i treasure,
vhen the body may a'so lie found
knte iiArdtie** • of tho world vras to 1 e
ii nie.xi tlie i.-axt day, wh -u the 1 ridge
crew anchored theu- bar* e over th.-
fatal spot and resume 1 the d iv'n;- ol
piles for repairing the sii; . But uch
is life.
Regular meeting of the city council
was held oa .Monday night, all the
members being present. Tho proceedings were short and uninteresting.
Aid. Teeter reported for the board
of works that the vacant mora adjoining the city hall had been secured for
temporarily stoiing the ladders and
other paraphernalia of the fire l.iigade,
free of charge. On motion of Aid.
Teeter and McNeish the offer was accept.*!.
Finance committee reported in favor of bills amounting to $.1.10, which
were ordered paid.
Council adjourned.
discuss municipal affairs, met and adjourned without accomplishing anything. The committee appointed iit
the previous meeting were present and
made known iho result of their canvass for aldornianic candidates, only
one name being secured. It is likely
another meeting will  be called about
nomination time.
«n HUM
* ai
a .-
a x
>■' a
■inn nmnTTTTi V*«
can be made by wei ring
one of tho	
Stylish Suits
made from the best imported Worsteds. Serges,
of which has just lieen
received for winter trade.
Minn Which Paid Tain.
Following are the mines in the Slocan assessment district which paid the
two per cent tax last year: Bismarck,
Surprise No.'-. Sunlight, Reco, Wellington, Red Fox No. 1.1'oweii Mines,
Hewitt, Payne. Rambler, Sunset,Last
Chinee, Whitewater. Emily Ecith
Bosun, Slocan Star, Wonderful.Washington. Charleston, Slocnn Hoy, La-
vina. Silver Hill, Molly Gibson, American Rov, Hampton, Capella, Ruth, R.
E, Lee. Antoine. Mercury, Hartnev,
Ottawa, (Mill, Baltimore, Blue Bird,
Wakeiield, Meteor, Idaho, Minnesota
Silver Company.
l.AttKV  AMI IIIS  I' -.11.
A l.uf.il   Iin-l.li..il  ToerTniugly Tiild liy a
New Tort.
The appended lines graphically and
feelingly portray a local Incident <>f
more than passing interest. Incidentally the discovery is made that Blocan
lias been harboring unawares another
budding poet, who may yet rival the
world's greatest:
Lnrry liaal a loffglnfl rump
Upon the Luke Slaaciin;
Tlio men llitU cat tlie Ioks faar liim,
Tliey were not worth tlirir bran.
A pPA-Kinp Frenchman, often drank,
Tim lilaK ya>u never s.iw—
"I inn beet mun «.f all," hi* sai.l,
"My iiaiino is Joe Mil lira\v.'
The othfr wm no Underfoot,
llut played the gnme blackjack,
Anal often when Iw made a bet
He lost bis little stack.
And wIihii tliey got tlie raft to town
Jaie MiitTr.'iw, law got drunk ;
Tha* other mnn waal rlaeiimntiz
Anil coulil not leave his bunk.
Anal so, you Bet, the logging crew,
Upon the Lake Blocan,
Though what yaan i-Bill goal 1 workingnpn
-.VfliTB* hardly waarth their bran.
So Lnrry lmal to work himself,
With r'oreinan Uarrei;, ;
Taa net tiii* hi;,--, into the yard,
Tuey maalc a 1 it tlo bee.
Anai every man. he got a drink,
That helped thorn logs todeok;
Sjine fancy pecTy*wor£ was done
ily many a rubberneck.
And Lurry thought his wood was saf**,
Howover things might turn;
Bowever r<ahl ilia winter's blast,
lie wa.ulal have 1. Is to burn.
Now. listen taa a tale of woe-
It happened just at n<xin—
One day In pulling out the logs
They somehow broke the boom.
rind then, alas! disaster fell.
Thi' raft thej could not savij.
An.l ronl*i anal cords aaf Larry's wood
Are tossed upon tho wave.
Bl**aVe Larry anai his lumberjacks,
Tney nil went laut in baaats
To try an.l catch Unas* alriftii'K logs
Anil tic tin in up with rot.es.
But all tlitir efforts were in yr.in
uetore tuo wiutry breeze;
Bays Larry tai his luuibsrjacks;
■'tiB.'t Uono lj"fore WO frea'ze.''
Joi Huff raw, he went out alono,
(1 tliink hi- Work was bum'
Ila. ill.I llaat save a SUlglO log,
l'aar he was full of rum.
So, s-,d to say. the r.-.ft is (jor.e,
Ti' laflivr see it more*
The loga are scattered far anal wide
Uu Blocau's rocky sliiuv.
-L. 8, Koss
A convention to nominate a candidate to Kootenay electoral district, in
the interest of the Liberal-Conservative* party at ths coming Dominion
general election, will be held in the
board of trade room at Nelson, at '2 p.
in., mi Wednesday) January ti. 1901.
Representation in the convention will
lie as follows:
Columbia riding
Work, Fit  and Finish g
are guaranteed. £a|J
A Few Lino s of Gents' Furnishings K
are still left from tho stock ef the late A. tea
David and the'! must bo sold off Rt onoe, m
^* CLEVE, Main Street, Slocan, B.C -
! I         :>a-\!   a'alll".'  Ill  r.l.'toliil'i'.
a a
.a   a
aaj   m    "„    *       "*  ,     '-        **        *       :-        f fl
Klilefc Prl Ore oat.
Witb the advent of the nu-'** the
ore began to move out pretty freely
from the Black Prince, Malcolm
Cameron has brought down one .aland Hob Allen is finishing up another,
the two aggregating 60 tons. The returns will pay all the expenses ol the
|..safes and giro them a handsome
surplus, ll will take a month yet to
push tin- raise through from the lower
workings, and when it is completed
tl„. icssa'cs will devote their attention
lo taking out me.
Liberal Convention,
A call has gone forth from the laili
-.1  Um lers fo'- a convention of the
faithful iii Kou -nay to    -     in Nel*
.n Jan. J li iiullil ite
Making Great Hcmlway■
Tom Waring, oue of the owners rf
the Myrtle group, at the head of
Twelve Mile, was down on Saturday.
He stated great headwav was bein-.-
made with their long drift, which wa-
commenced recently to catch the vein
below the shaft. The drift was in 90
fe.'t and was advancing at the rati- (f
live feet per day. bein;- timbered all
th'* way in. If the present lick is kept
up the'vein will be reached a month
earlier than eipected.
Q.O. Gets a Soft SU.
G. O. Buchanan, Kaslo's energetic
Liberal, has at length fallen into a
soft sit, the Dominion government
having appointed him administrator
for the payment of the lead bounty.
He will likelytake up his residence fn
Nelson. As" the lioui'ty lasts live
veins. G. O. has secured a plum.
Blessed are the faithful.
Provincial Mining Aiaarlatlon.
Rasquests have been ismied bv the
Provincial Mining Association calling
upon Iho local branches to elect their
officers nt once for 1904. Arrangements an also to lie made for electing
del.gates to attend the annual con-
vention.which is to be held in Victoria
on February 'i'lml next.
Ottawa Ocmmenees shipping.
The Ottawa sent out a car of 01*6 on
Saturday  to  Nelson, it  having been
lirought down by W. E. Worden. The
ore came from the No. 4 workings and .Mm left here for Denver three wee...
will yield high returns. Tblngs are ago and the news ol his experience in
"oing very well at the mine, tin- force the land of the eagle will be a surprise
•mpioyed being the largest they have| to his fellow townsmen
iad up there in a y
\ diver is coming in from \ ancou*
ver to recover th- car of bullion lost
The delegates shall lx* elected by the
Liberal-Conservative voters of the respective ridings, at public meetings to
beheld on dates and at places to be
designated by the presidents of the
Liberal-Conservative associations of
each riding. Delegates may give their
praxil B   to   Other   delegates, but   no
proxy shall In- given to a person who
io not a delegate elect.
Jons Hoiston.
President Liberal-Conservative
Association of B.C.
N. 1$.   The Canadian Pacific Rail
way will sell tickets to delegates on
tlie basis of one and oue third fare for
tho round trip.
nidii't WiuiMlm In Cripple Croek.
Monday's dispatches contained the
news from Denver, Col., that .lami's
A. Baker, of this place, a member of
the executive committee of the Western Federation of Miners, who went
to Cripple Creek hist week for the
purpose of establishing a co-operative
store for the lx>nelit of the striking
miners, was arrested last Saturday by
tho military and, after being detained
10 hours, was released on his promise
to leave the country. He went to
Denver, and ou Monday laid the matter before E. Y. IVarce. th.' British
consul, who promised to transmit his
account to the  British government,
las'. Veni-'s Nlai janiaaaU Wero (1S33 Tone—
A lleullliy li. Balance or tho Life anal.
Waialth of  tlio Camp- lCnterprlec the
JliSBvaal Shi pp   r.
A decided improvement has takeu
place this week in ore shipments from
the local division, three properties being represented. Tin* Enterprise sent
out 10 tons to the Trail sinelter.liring-
Ing its total up to Wlf) tons. Twenty
tons was shipped by tho Ottawa to
Nelson, being its first output since
last winter. The Other representative
was the Kilo, with ten tons, also to
Nelson. Next week the Black Prince
will send out two carloads of ore,whilo
the Enterprise may also be counted oa
for tlie same amount, and possibly the.
Neepawa with a car. Exports to dato
totsl lL:t..l tens.
Tor 1902 the oro shipments from
the local division amounted to (5ii.'i3
tons, made up from 12 properties.
Following is a full list of the shipments this year to date:
Enterprise  40               8Q.">
Arlington  40
Ottawa  20              140
Black Prince  l"
Bondholder  2
Dayton  VI
Republic  70
Meteor  52
Hamilton  4
YYestmint  -
t-Iiglilantj Light  0
Alberta  :'
Cripple Stick  2
■Hansen  2
Hampton  S
Sapphire  5
Kilo  10                10
70 1269
Sandon mines last week sent out 73
tons of ore.
Th» ''ahe :v.d F' eo mines are once
mire shipping.
The Payne is installing more machinery at its mill.
Last week's Rossland shipments
amounted to SKi'.H) tons.
Boundary mines made a new record
last weak with l'.t.7.'!7 tons.
Three (eet of galena has been struck
on the Hope claim, at Sandon.
A great deal of ore from tho upper
camp has passed through here tliis
week. *
The recent snowfall has started the
ore moving from numerous mines in
the camp.
The main vein of the Sullivan lead
mine. East Kootenay. has al last been
found, being 80 feet wide.
J, Frank Collom. managing director
of the Arlington, is expected in next
month, Something may then appear
about the new tnHl.
A miner employed at the Ivanhoe,
named McCall, had two ribs broken
last week by being struck with the
hand'c of a windlass.
Tt is reported that \V. Koch is seek-
i ig a lease on the Iron Horse. If sr-
eiired tin' property will Ik- worked in
connection with the Enterprise,
The le. sei s at the Republic group
will make a shipment early in January. Much of it is Sacked up already.
Thu ore is lieing taken from the Hell
A syndicate headed by A. E. Hand,
of New Westminster, has purchased
the Dundee mine, in the Ymir camp,
from tin- Koyal Hank. Operations
will be resumed at once.
Poplar Is excited over a marvelously
I'ich strike of gold  ore on the Swede
group. Beautiful specimens of virgin
gold have been taken from the ledge,
which i- four feet wide.
il. T. Twigg, New Denver.is applying for a crown {.riant for the Silver
Leaf claim, adjoining the Arlington,
and owned by Ceo. Long. M. Maurer,
Nat Tucker and Eri Thompson.
European smelters have agents in
America seeking to purchase unlimited
quantities of /inc. As a result it is
anticipated prices will go up. Tho
Slocan would In- greatly benefitted.
Chas. Dempster, of Rossland, who
is largely interested in this camp, has
r. tinned from a lengthy trip to eastern Canada on mining matters, llo
states there is a much better feeling
in the east now over ll.C. mines.
Tiiaiimi.'tvii no Builneie.
The adjourned public meeting of I off the transfer slip.
fo7tueJJo'uiiuUolwtiouB uow pond-' the citizen**, set for Friday night to;   Sub^ihc fctfTjR Vmu..
SIHrer Qnotatlane,
Following are the quotations for bat-
silver on the various davs durinj.
ween since
Wt'diii .-.lav ...
;,:, i
■ ■
o o
1 "   TOOK THE KEY |
t       —       !
4>     Copyright, 1903, by T. O. McClure      0
0 o
Donald Murray was not thinking
about tbe strike.
In fact, it made precious little difference to him at just this moment
whether any trains ran on the D. H.
and G. tracks at nil. His engagement
with Miriam Bentley had been suddenly derailed, nnd that was trouble
enough for him. He bad appointed
himself a wrecking crew of one to act
thnt very night nt the church fnlr and
possibly to undo the mischief wrought
by too much steam In tbe form of
hasty words. And then had como tho
orders from headquarters to stand by
his instrument unlil relieved.
Brownsville was nn unimportant station ln the center of a thriving fanning section. Its stockyards and grain
elevator dwarfed tho passenger station, and there wnsn't enough business ln the whole town to support a
night telegraph station. In fact, Donald, with his lusty helper and messenger boy, Andy Johnson, constituted the
entire D. It. nnd Q, force.
Young Murray was not afraid of
work, and at any other time the order
to remain at hia post for twenty-four
hours would have affected him not at
ull. But tonight he thought of Wil-
eon, Graham, Donaldson and the rest
all clustered about the table where
Miriam was selling fudge and otlier
homemade sweetmeats, and his bauds
were plunged Into his pockets, even as
iiis soul was plunged deeper ln gloom.
The idea of disobeying orders, however, never entered his head, though
he did not fully realize the danger
which beset the road. This strike
through the great wild west was not
the ordinary seethlug turmoil of sudden dissatisfaction which yields quickly to pacific treatment It had been
a prolonged, quiet struggle between
capitul and labor, with no apparent
gain on either side, but an attempt to
Install a yard force of "scabs" at Mid-
ford Junction had precipitated active
demonstrations. Seeds of trouble hnd
been sown with reckless hands ln the
shops and yards, where the stolid
Swedes, seeing their Jobs and comfortable home lives threatened, had set
their teeth hard. And when a Swede
says nothing, but draws his eyelids
down to a narrow slit, railroad authorities know that trouble is brewing in
the bruin behind that stolid face.
• ••»*•♦
Andy Johnson stuck his head into
the door. Murray caught sight of a
vivid red necktie and knew what was
"You won't need me, will you? I
want to take in the fair again."
Andy's long, lank body, clad ln a
wonderful store suit of gray, green
nnd brown checks, followed his good
naturcd face. He closed tbe door, and
his voice took on a wheedling tone.
"There's goln' to be such doin's,
honest there ls, Mr. Murray! That
there fish pond just takes uiy eye, and
you get the funniest things what you
nln't expectin' to get. Then there's
goin' to be a votln' contest tonight.
That silver toilet set cost so much no
one won't buy it, so they're goin' to
vote lt off to the most popular lady
Murray's face was suddenly illumined.
"Of course you can go, Andy. There
won't be much doing bere tonight Be-
Bldos, I wnnt you to do pome voting
for me." He laid a five dollar bill on
the tnble. "Miss Bentley must bavo
tbat prize."
"Of course she will. Everybody likes
Miss Miriam," assented Andy, wltb
eyes fairly devouring the bank note.
"But we want her to be so far abend
of the other girls that they won't be In
the running. See? Now, you vote Unit
money slow. Have it changed and vote
lt a quarter at a time."
Andy nodded and then, filled with
Importance, turned to go.
"Wnlt a minute."
Murray drew a pad toward him ntul
bit his pencil nervously. But at last
lhe note was finished nnd carried awuy
by the elated Andy.   It read:
My Dear Miriam—I am sorry that 1
cannot be with you tonight when ymi win
the prize, for of course you will win it.
Andy will vote fur me, nnil when lt Is over
won't you aenil me wonl how many votes
you recelveo*? I ask very little, anal It la
bo lonely down here. I niunt alay been use
there Is troulale of some sort up the line.
1 know It can't be aa bad ns the trouble
that has been ln my heart since we quarreled,   Yours, DONALD.
Murray went out into the passenger
room and stared np the street where
the lights from tbe town hull shone
gnyly. Then, with n sigh, he returned
to bis little office, locked tho door nnd
threw himself on the carpet covered
sofa for a nap. lie wns roused by a
sharp cnll at his keyboard.
"Trouble brewing along tho line,"
sang the little ticker. "Al Heeves, with
a gung of Swedes, has slipped out of
town.   Keep sharp lookout for No. 3."
No. S was tbe D. It. and G.'s crack
train. It carried the inailiimd the bulk
of tbe cross continent passengers,
Murray was wide awake now. He
went the rounds of bis little station,
making sure that all was secure. Then
be examined his revolver and laid It
within easy reach on the table and snt
staring at tho instrument while be reviewed the dangerous points between
Brownsville nnd the stations east and
west. There was tho cut seventeen
miles enst. It had once been n favorite spot with train robbers, but little
harm could come tliere from n derailment. Tbo one dangerous spot wns
Uie Jamison arroyo, below the town
»>/ three mllee at least   If No. 8 was
•tailed there ami the fast freight hap*
pcneil to whirl tiller it round the curve,
us it usually did now thut the time
card was demoralized by weak service,
there might-
Murray closed a nervous band ovor
his revolver. Nothing must happen.
He sat thus with straining ears for
half an hour. To him it soemed as
if hours had passed when suddenly
ho heard a faint tap at tlio outside
door. Very cautiously nnd with revolver in band he stepped to the door
and asked in a firm, clear voice,
"Who's there?"
"if s-it's me—Miriam."
Almost dropping his revolver, Murray threw open the door and drew the
girl inside.
"Miriam!" lie gasped and led ber into
his little den.
"Yes," she replied, with tho calmness of the feminine mind which cau
ignore past grievances when It chooses
to rise ubove,thcni. "I wanted to thank
you for helping me to win that lovely prize, and I—well—1 didn't think
Andy-could thank you quite as well as
I could."
It was full ten minutes beforo Don-
old Murray came back to earth and
tho realization that No. :' was four
minutes overdue. .Hist as be reached
bis band toward the instrument to
communicate with the junction tlio
door of the outside room creaked, and
a burly form, followed by another and
another, pressed into the waiting worn
and jerked down the small gate leading
into the agent's room. Murray did not
wait for a second glance at the Intruders. One hand stretched toward
the receiver, the other toward the revolver.
"No messages goes out of this ofliee
tonight, young feller."
For answer Murray's finger sent tlie
first word over the wire. With an oath
the leader sprang forward, and something cracked with a sickening sound
in Murray's right arm. He tinned
white, and the left hand loosened Us
grip on the revolver. A burly fist shot
forth, but a small, white one closed
over the weapon first. Miriam stood
beside Murray, the revolver leveled at
the group of men.
"Send It, Donald. I'll shoot the first
man that moves!"
Her voice trembled, but not with
fear.   Murray felt his brain reeling.
"I don't know what happened," he
murmured thickly.
The men were edging nway.
"Tell him!" cried Miriam. "What
hnve you done to that train?"
Down nt the Junction they caught
the words nnd wondered why Murray
had sucli n jerky, uncertain touch.
"No. II derailed Jamison arroyo. Hold
No. 9 and send help."
•       •••••*
Above the mantel in thn Murray
home there hangs nn out of date revolver. When Master Donald Murray,
aged six, discovered It and asked
where it came from his fattier replied:
"That ls your mother's. She ouee
used it to bring down big gam'-."
"Why can't she shoot it now?" persisted the boy.
"Because she doesn't '.-now how," was
tbo answer as Donald Murray, Sr.,
gave a laughing glance In his wife's
Mm Ins; In a Mj-aterlona  Way.
"While spending an afternoon at Pendleton's game the year before Uie war,
by one of those wonderful streaks of
luck which touch a gamester Dot twice
in n lifetime Stevens won $1,000 ou a
fifty dollar stake," says .lames Matlock
Scovcl, writing in tho National Magazine about Thaddeus Stevens. "At
midnight, as he left tbo faro palace,
after a terrapin supper nnd a bottle of
Roedcrer, ho was accosted by u plethoric negro preacher, who had coi.. ■ all
tho way from Lancaster to solicit *:ib-
scrlptlons to put a roof on the '/.on
Macedonia cburcb, near old Thad'a
borne. The negro preacher approached
lit in timidly, saying:
"'Boss Stevens, Uain't yer gib something to de Lnwd and our church?'
" 'Yes,' said old Thad. '1 like the security and will down with the cash.'
'ile handed him a $100 bill and slowly walked toward the carriage which
wns to convey him to Capitol bill. Tlie
colored dominie hastily glanced nt tbo
bill under the gas lamp and saw it was
u "5100 greenback.
" 'Fore de I.iiwd. boss,' be saial as br*
plucked hlm by the rout.'you hai- made
a mistake and gib nie a $lt-0 bill for a
teu dollar.'
'"Take lt, my friend,' said Stevens
Bententlously. '1 havo beard It said
that flod moves In n mysterious way
bis wonders to perforin.'"
The t'Bly White T.nn.
A traveler In tbe interior of Africa
thus describes the effect which his
presence had upon the natives: "My
appearance on this occasion, ns on
many others, excited a universal shriek
of surprise and horror, especially
among the women, who were not a little terrified at seeing such nu outcast
of nature as they consider a while man
to be peeping Into their hills and asking for n littlo water or mill:. Tho
chief feeling that my appearance Inspired I could easily perceive to be
disgust, for tliey were firmly persuaded
that thc whiteness of tbe sklu Is the
effect of disease nnd n sign of weakness, and there Is not the least doubt
that the while man Is looked upon by
thntn ns being greatly Inferior lo tbem*
selves. One day, afler bargaining for
some onions villi  a country girl, she
told mo that if I would tako orr my
turban and show her my head she
would give me live more onions, I In*
slsteil upon having eight, wblcb she
gnve me. When I removed my turban
she started back nt Hie sight of iny
Shaven crown, nnd whin I Jocularly
asked her whether she should like to
have n husband with such a bead sho
expressed the greatest surprise ntul disgust and declared that she would riith-
er have tbo ugliest black slave for a
Nfltvr    Itloa    In     Connlrncllon     Given
l'rii'.iil*ii'   of SueecKB.
Dwelling houses and factory buildings with concrete walls. In which tho
concrete lias been molded in place in
large masses, have become eomparn-
lively common, but in recent years a
species of hollow concrete block construction has been introduced, which
in some respects appears to promise
even greater advantages. Such hollow eoncrcto block houses tire, ln n
measure, highly developed examples of
the remarkably durable adobe bouses
of Mexico and the southwest of tho
United States, which, though built simply of large sun dried blocks of day,
appear as though hewn out of one solid mass and have been found to successfully resist both great beat and
heavy tropicul rains.
Walls built of hollow concrete blocks,
with their Inclosed air spaces, tend to
keep houses warm In winter and cooi
in summer, nud the only problem of
satisfactorily building them bas been
Unit of cost. Thla, however, we arc
told, hns now been solved by a machine which turns them out quickly
aud cheaply uud ln all desired Blzes,
The molds are made with removable
sides, nnd after the block of concrete
hns been formed these sides are swung
out of the wuy and the block can bo
lifted out and left to thoroughly set.
Grooves and tongues can easily be
formed In the blocks, enabling them to
be rigidly tied together ln building up
n wall, nnd openings can nlso be provided ln them to receive tlie ends of
floor beams, the Joints being subsequently filled with cement, If desired,
to Insure greater securit".
Many houses have of . .te been built
with such blocks, and their popularity
seems to be on the increase. In appearance such concrete block walls resemble masonry. In fuct, the blocks
cun be fashioned after almost any do-
sired pattern.—Cassler's Magazine.
The Liquor Trade In   Cuba.
If the Cuban government was controlled by tlie white ribbon temperance
societies of tbo north she could not
have taken n more decisive step against
liquor than she has done. Tlie new
lax placed on liquors is so very high
that the liquor dealers, distillers and
all, state tbat they will have to go out
of business, and in a few days It Is
promised that those people who want
"eye openers" may havo to take lemonade or milk instead. There seems
to bo no doubt that the industry In
Cuba Is killed. One of tbe oldest liquor firms ln Cuba closed lis doors last
week, while in these columns tliis
morning one of the largest dealers in
Cuba aunounces that he is clearing out
his goods preparatory to retiring from
On n  IScrlln Street  Car.
The otlier dny u woman entered a
Merlin street car wltb a number of gas
balloons, which she intended to sell ln
the Thicrgarten. As she stood on tho
platform a mau sprang on with a lighted cigar ln his mouth, nnd nt the same
moment n puff of wind blew tho balloons against the cigar.
Tbey nil exploded, and for n few seconds the front of the tramway car was
in llatnes. The owner of tho balloons
was much burned nbout tho face and
hands and tho smoker more seriously
about the face. The passengers Inside
the ear were panic stricken, and for a
few minutes there was a terrible struggle to get out of tho vehicle, but no
one was seriously Injured.
Warned  by a Ileml  Mini.
Mr. J. S. Marabte, who died a few
days ago, related several days before
his death n remarkable experience. He
was conversing with his physician, Dr.
w. ll. McKenzie, to whom be stated
that he bad been warned of ids death.
"Some weeks ago," said Mr. Mumble,
"when I was walking home, I became so
weak that I was compelled to sit upon
n rank to test. While resting, Tom
Spaniel] (Mr. Bparnell has been dead
for several months) como to me and
said,   'Well,   old   fellow,   your  timo  is
about up, ami you had better get ready
lo die.' i knew Tom Bparnell was
-1 1, but I could see and hear blm distinctly."
Deterioration »f Wnieh Springs,
"I wish l knew what particular thing
Is lacking in tlio manufacture of our
watch springs nowadays," said a Now
York jeweler, "it really does seem as
though they had permanently lost the
art nf tempering watch Bprlngs. I sent
out a hundred dollar watch tbe otber
day, brand new, Just from the factory,
and the spring broke within twenty-four hours. Manufacturers have
Bpent thousands of dollars within the
last few yenrs experimenting to gel
bad; the old quollty In their springs
and they have foiled. I can never loll
whether n spring will last a wed or a
year, and Ihey seem to bo getting worsn
Instead of better."
a Fortune in Ambergris,
A hundred pounds of ambergris hu*
been seized 111 Sfnttlo 08 Sl ileli property. The appraised value ij $3(5 ar
ounce,    or    ..K-iilil    for    the    tin ml ti*. I
pounds. A hundred pounds of pun'
gold would not ho worth ns much by
.$10,000. Aratiergrls Is scarcer than
gold, it i'i more of nn uncertain quantity, it is harder to Hnd nnd harder to
trnnsi ort, It ls found floating In lumps
In lhe ocean and occasionally in the Intestines of the spermaceti wbale,
Thero are, bowever, few sperm whales
available, and thu lumps of ambergris
have  been  growing  scarcer us tho
Whales bave decreased Iu number.
Tho l'ule ot a Cake.
An east end ear was loaded down
with shoppers, mostly women, for it
was in the middle of the afternoon.
Conversation was proceeding ut a grent
rate, it was like a pink tea or a session of the sewing circle. But all at
once a hush fell over the fair chatterers. A negro lad entered, bearing in
his arms nu immense cake three or
four decks high and frosted over from
pit to dome, ns they say of a theater.
There was a profusion or flowers by
way of decoration, and delicate traceries of gauzy hue completed the embellishments. The cake was so large
that the negro could scarcely carry It.
Tito cuke told the whole story of the
wedding, lhe bridesmaids, the orange
flowers, tlie flower girls and tho banquet afterward. Every feminine heart
In that street car was a -flutter as Its
owner gazed speechlessly upon the
evidence of a wedding to be.
Finally, when the car slopped to let
on another passenger and everything
was very still, one indy took courage
to osk the negro where the wedding
was going to be,
"Whut wed.lin?" nsked the negro, his
eyes protruding.
-The wedding that cake is for."
"Ids nln't no woddln cake."
i in.
Dls  yere'l   er  enke   wulk
There was a smile that reached from
one end of the car to the other, ntul
very soou conversation was resumed
as before.     	
SmokiiiMa Competition,
At a "smoking club" In Tliallfingen.
southern Germany, a competition was
held, the object of which was to smoke
ll cigar as long ns possible without letting lt go out. The prize winner smoked his cigar seventy-four and one-half
minutes, while none of the other competitors' records was over one hour.
Thn I odi"*i of tl n<o K'it),*o*i aro n.e-o of the
lBO-.t quality rtBiiira* s'e 1, nil on"al< exposed
purts Hl« Intel 4 t i. .1 wit li ha'avv slit.e. a*be*IOaS«
I he J havo cast irun extensions with white
Enamel,.-I Kn-prvaairs, ' irkel plated alraa: Tea
Pait StainaU, Nickeled Ta.uiil Rods, The.- are
made 11 I urn any Iciad of coal, can tw chnnitiiai
iaa twia miniit s taa ■ urn 20 iucb w.aod.    Highly
lli' la'ai'l  'laraa-itrllaillt.
For   lull   particulars   • eml   tor   illustrated
NOTE :-The follow lin prices tor thesa
hlch frrniln ikiijj. n ua Illustrated, fully
No Ills  men   ISxSlxli In. fBO.00
Nu O '.'il  oven   Uiu'MiM In. aS'.r.O
(F. O. II., Winnipeg;,)
Ask  yuur di-itler fur them ur write te ne,
153 • 1,1,",   Lombard   St.,    \Vliinl|a< ■;.
if ...mi \vu Mil advertise
troubles without cost  ti
your traiub
11  Ihem  to
calculated that during the
year ending August 29th there were
411 deaths due to horses in England
and Wall's, whereas the total number nf passengers nnn railway officials killasi by accidents to passenger
trains on llritish railways was olghi
Some women
ti dlvorco
udapl    thomsclpoi
nui   others applv
Do peoplo shiver when they
in the presence of danger
ire cool
Cincinnati hus thtj tiillest concrete
building in U10 world It ban fifteen
The output of. jblbumlnous eoal from
tho Ohio Valley Inst your was 165,-
000,000 tons, which wus nearly four-
liftliB of the entile production of America.
Dove is liko a photographic plulo
whon it requires a, dark plate for it;»
A bald-headed 1,
suing for a divorce
oompelled him in
stoop all suiiini,.,
out of  the  house
1    111   v
' "l'l i' ly.,
1    "*• *b.i ,
lal'l I
Most of tho things you „
know your  nol/zh
>°1'S  l.nnv,   ,,,;   '*
liver.   Ovoroatl
ng, exr
WBivo (|ri.
or irregular meals are v ■■„ ,,rinl|"l
ujtaet the action of ti,,, ,''"''''-"
load the system win, n '   r; H
....    l.'.l:  ''  I'    1,111    1..:.
on biliousness or Siel   l'..,'',"?' 1,r'*"l
>■>•■    liver   In    hXhftk| 1
Chase's   Kidney-Liver  |, <    "": «
will avoid mnny ,,, L] „   ' -,I111 yo-il
of  life.   There  will   H       1" ''°n *m
lia-ii |„.
Scores of the Common llis of Life Duo \q mSo
of the Liver are Curable hy
If you are bilious, blunio the liver
If  your    digest ion   is   inip<iin'd    and
you suffer from headache   and   dizzy
spoils,   blame   the   liver,    it   your
bowels    ace    irregular,    constipation
and looseness alternating,  bhiiiio this
liver. If you have pain under the
I shoulder blades, feelings ol fullness
I ufter meals, aching limbs. 11 yellow.
! uiuihly complexion, blame tha liver.
I    Torpldi sluggish action ol tho liver
Is responsible for all these symptoms
mid Whilo you have 11 right In
blame the liver, it muy b • well for
you   tai   set   abOUt   to  hfl'lp   till!     llx'01'
out ui difficulty.
Though iiih'. which the healthy
liver iiiieis from ilu* blond, In nature's cathartic and Is nociwarj to
healthful nmi regular action of the
bowels, it is puis,an whai. left In thu
blood and .gives 1 i-e ta many dls
tressing symptoms. Tlie use of lh
Chase's Kldney-Llver l'ills protnpllj
cures   torpid     live:      and   hillooiMlCS*,
. ""  stomach tn,,,),,,
danger a.f    Kit*. ,
1 angi ment
Tho    position   whirl
Kid|ioy-l,lvor i'ri
lhe Ipudlii-*  family
doubted)*,   due    in   ,,,
prompt action on 1
combine*] eftorl   ,,.   ■
■;.., J
uml because of their <-■ >m>>.t*. ,1 action, ensure a thorough cleoiisiltg of
the system.
There is probob)-,   nn una' organ responsible for so 11 itin\     ills    ;■.    the
bowels.     There
tainalile    which
''■'""•■; of  en • em
iivi'.  urinai'*,    ,,-   ,
are doratig d  U   •
script lot*! ol   lh    \   v,   .
pill u dose,  .    ,,   -    .    ,,,   B1
da .1!. I S   aa,     I i|,b .
Toronto      To ptotcri    •
Imitations  lhe   p.uu , ,
lure nf :u     \   \\    ■ t|   .
reCfipt    laaaaill    ,,    tl ,,
1  '   ai:,!
**♦♦♦♦♦»• *♦♦♦•••■*••*..".') e*»9#-*> <>♦♦--♦♦♦•,-j o-.v'imi^
ARK    "O* i    I3UILDIMO   T
If £30   USE
THo Boat ar3ciil<dir>K  P^poi* IVlado.
It li very much •tn.ncer land thlaker than »ny ntlvr (tarred or battt.
Inn) pataer It Is Impervious tn wind, kttua out c<>1.| kae - , boat curies no mnell or odor, ei.eorln no motiture. Imparts no ta r ro* t«
•nythlnn with which It coun-a in coiitn.it. It ia largely ui I n*.t ci t lor
■heetlng lioueea, laut for lining cold atnraE» buildings, a. ; . • re dalr-
Us.  cresmcilea.  tnd all  plm-e*.  nhfrs   Um   oliica t   is   to   a.- cm a."
Uniterm  tannin raturo.   aid  at  tbe sums  time avoiding dampneii
Writs our Agents, TCES & PERSSE, Winnipeg, for tamp'ss.
Tho E. B. EDDY CO.. Llmitod, HULL
Cray's Syrup lo ttep the  children aafe from
CROCP.   It   disolves the thick sputum — clears t
throat — breaks up a cold —and Cl Kl:S COCCUS.   I   '.■
Gray's Syrup of Red Spruce G
An Irishman says   that big hearts     It's a fortunati tl       - -
and big pocketbooks    .seldom travol  lhat   tin-u   ance led  '   :
bund i.i hand. honored  muni'
Organic Heart Disease a
Nervousness and Indigestion
Relta**)d In 30 Minutes.
The l-.'M Father Lord, Sr . Montreal,
Canada, anys : "I hnve liecn a sulTerer
for lio years Irom organic henrt disease,
nervousness anil dyspepsia ninl huvo doc-
toriil both In Krnnto und America, with
but temporary reliel 1 tried Dr. Agnow's
Heart   Cure  and   was  Indeed  surprised  at
I HKY   AHE CAltl ■ |
loan   di   ll
cannol    • '.
1,,. '    .,, nn   lhe -    "■
aai ercotue     1 osl ivena
ministered  mn-t   inl
> 1 a mil-     I'i nneli
are  mi   mania-.    , ,■: _
.•\|a,-:t-.   thai   the (
tended   t..   o| er, 11
retarded     11.   ui lioi I
through  tho al   li 1
the   Innaa,I,ail 11  relivl   1   olatulncd
tinniy  convinced   lha
raso ail  lii'art disease
the   nerves   and   stomach.
1    am 1
A    lllilll   ba'i,'il,'i    I'
nation    after    be
! bounce.
t   It   will   cure    any     jj.       j.    -j|  j        , (*,.,.- $$_*,
and .wil strengthen    ■•a«»m» *>■■• »	
Hold   hy   ali I     Evcrv  „„,„  ul„, . , I
I out   nl
'   III.Ul   Wil
fail isn't
Moro   tbn.11   50,000,000    pounds    ol      Twenty  thousand "
nililier, valiled    at  ?30,ooo,ooo,    wore  dally    and   nij**htly,
Imported Into tho United States lust   streets .ai London '
year ! t ides for sale
> . tUvlwwus waa foiuieily kaewa la Cauaila aa rowlry s l.iijuilied utuut.)
We Offer $1,00
For   a   Disease   Germ   that   Liquozone   Can't   Kills
On every bottle of I.iquorone we publish an offer of $1,000 for a germ that it
cannot kill. We do that to convince you
lhat liquid oxygen docs kill germs.
Any driiR that kills m*rms isa poison
to you and it r.intiot be t.ikcn internally.
I.iiitiozone alone can kill geruu in the
body without killing the tissues, too. It
is the only way known--the only way
one enn conceive of—lo destroy the cause
of any genu disease,
Hills With Oxygen.
I.iquo7.one ii simply liquid oxygen—no
dnii*s, no alcohol in it, 11 is the discovery
of l'auli, the great Cerninu chemist, who
spent 20 ycats on it. His object was to
get such an excess of oxygen in sinple
tori-i into lhe blood that 110 germ could
live iu any membrane Or tissue.
Oxygen ii life to nn animal-- tbe ray
Source of vitality, It is the essential patt
of uir. its 1 If. 1 is are exhilarating, purifying. It Is Nature's greatest tonic. But
lT,erms are vegetables, snd this excess of
oxygen—the very life of an animal—is
aleailly to ve;;et:ible matter. Liquozone
charges the blood wilh sueh an excess of
oxyj-en that nfi germ can live where that
blood goes. We spend 14 days iu making eai.li bottle.
Wc Paid $100,000
foi the American rights to Mijumone-
the highest price erer paid for similar
rights on any fcientific discovery, liefore
makpig the purchase we testeal the product foryears through physicians in the
tnoet difficult germ diseases. We proved
that Liquozone does what nothing else in
the world can accomplish, aud that the
results sre unvarying,
A discovery that could command such
a price is something you should know, if
you need it. We ate doing our part by
supplying the first bottle free. Will you
do your part by requesting it ?
Germ Diseases.
These sre tiie known germ diseases.
All that medicine can do for these troubles
is to help Nature overcome the germs,
and such results are indirect and uncertain, l.iquozoue kills the germs,
wherever they nre, and the results are
inevitable. T.y destroying the cause of
the trouble, it invariably euds the disease,
and forever.
lilaxid pnltioa
i'i 'Klii'i Illness*
lloivrl Troiihlrs
Co 1 sumption
!>yiiK*j>iU     ._, ,
• ail rh—Cane
Hiy Fever—Influents
Kidney lilseases
I.a i.itpiie
I em na i lira
l.iver TtouMee
Many llestt Troubles
Piles—l'ne u monla
Skill I liar ia' rs
IMonisch Troubles
Thtost Troubles
I-.ciema—Rrrsl pelss
I'rana    Call (HnUH
All dlaenseallist begin
ntstion—all eslntih—«,l i
the results ol Iniiaiiir or ■»,•",rai i     ■*, |fW
In nervous di-hilitv I."]'    '      ,,,0io.
Iter, Mconpllthlof whatnotni's''*
v,!l "Ji'nwMH
50c. Bottle- Free.
■IV* «*
If you need I.iqnoione, »
tried it, please send un lu" r'  -
will then mail you S0 01*d«on*    • „,
full-siM W^fcrl
. '??■""■ ' i'.io convi'*"
This is our free gift, m* L'eii,d
druggist for
will"pay your <*nlfKi**)i™j';'<'
you; to show you what l.'-l''0'ffl;urttll,
what it can do.    In just-•*• .{04c«J>"M
please accept it today,   '•""■l j
under no obligation whatever.
Uquosone costs 50c. ana*"-
for this offer m.y nol 'X'lVeVsM0^
the Msnks sml ma" ' .     ' 0,
Co., 221-m Klune ht., Lliicakaj
■esse Is ,"'   " l',"r't ro«lfj'J
ve never lilral Hi";';,up,ly»"
ledosone.biit i>-f»'
My disease I
,07 J
DC.   A
»W^tfit$*Vw> V6-
jmu% ES*
How ""eeiHee -*"'c »»■"■•"**
Needles are all umde by inaotitnery.
ii-ho niece nf mechanism by which the
needle Is manufactured takes the rousli
steel wire, cuts it into proper lengths,
ules i lie point, flattens the head, pierces
.ho eve tbou sharpens the tiny InSlrvl*
und gives it that pollsli familiar
There is also n ina*
to tin- purchaser.
chine by which needles .ire counted
nnd iilnced In the papers In which tbey
are nold, theso being afterward folded
hy tin- .same contrivance.
Tlmt Knn.lly skeleton.
»irB, Wliistlcr-Tcll tne, Mary, why tt
Is iii.it yen always cry ko when papa
genils you to bed in the dark when you
ore imuguty? There's no such things
f j ghosts, and the dark doesn't hurt
von, does It?
Littlo Mary—No, mamma, but I'm
afraid of that skeleton Mrs. Jones suys
v:.    it In our closet.—Baltimore Aim-r-
u ns unknown to t he and >at
but  thoy  luul cloven,
You can hardly find a home j
without its Ayer's Cherry
Pectoral.  Parents know what ]
it docs for children: breaks
] up a cold in a single night,
| wards off bronchitis, prevents
' pneumonia.   Physicians advise parents to keep it on hand.
"Th'i bent rnujih mav'lflno in^aia-y onr, btif
! <> Ayer's I'l-.orry l'< imi.ml. r*lir tliC CMIRtUI OI
1 vlatiiirflBo nollilnii ouulfll no'ilbly I v belter."
J Acuii BHOU., 8uatt*g»i Intl.
>o You Want
If eo, tlie mulnrelgiieil wants yonr bneluoss -.nil will endeavor to give •ntlelBCtlon*
Dash ml-.ai..a ,| , a coo ammonia.     Keference:   1'nloo. Bank of Canada.
The oldevt estBlalislioil drain Commission    _—,,_ ——a.  aeraA a rk. ■ ■ —T
Merchant in WiDnipt-f*. $S3L £SL C91 E^bl **%.
Oraln  Exchange,   Wiiii>i*.ie.j. *******     ***** ■        ■■"**■ i""r ■""*»»
Ifelennan Bros.,
TBtEPnoNS 1190. P. O. Box 585
Molifltyro Blook, 304, Winnipeg.
Wheat aud grain ot all klucll. Car
la.iial I.<ais a Sin., inlly. Regular »4-
vjainaj ■< un llilll oi La.ling.
Willi*, or wire tis for Track fllde, of
Cumlgn Vour liialu to ue. which we
will sell for yonr ncrouut, on vonr approval tu highest bidder.
•(-..EOcfi no.
i All BlrUB/laiMtl.
, ^~VOtttmtHftJ:.r*;zt,
,0. xrv.r. ro.. I
owell,   Mi
aan ure constantly U'iun 11
ho record ul meanness.
.  .ni:    i;-:  A   Cl ■Its*-'. ■  " Know
J-.     U     l.'a'aaal      la 11 I III) I   1 I i 1111 .      Ullellll'l-
■  iaa one'a nhyslcal condition   or
luiiuiili-s    The  iuiin     who   la   ac
i  ,. Ith hltneolf   »ill know how  io
. ;   .a-,   dore in a tin nt   ii     li .m   ci n-
a,  IS   Itgelf    llr    'i liomiii'   Ko
-  i1   [s  ai   I'lifala  nn.l   Blinl lo   I UMt'i'.
. a.i ■,'iiliiall   (ii       laiin    li.'in      ll.a?
;,.,,,    und  for   the cure cl all    bron-
I ii>allal.'.-s
,.,    nuniJior ci  men omploj wl    on
:, ilwaj s ol Uie United K lugdoni,
hoys, is .5j.*,.<.'s >
i  a\  he on ly a trlfllnir rolal   nui  ni.e-
nnil ii "ill fasten Ite fjnun in voui
■ .t   i. u   will   sai.an   be  carried  to
i , .-.   | ravo    in  Hn*. country   we
Iclen changes and must  expect to
mliH nnil colds    Ho a-nniiiat avoid
. a   hut we can elf*. I  a cure by uelns
r ,     Antl-Conaunr live   Syrup,     the
ino  I but   haa  in.. ■ ■   boen   known  ta.
ia    curtail  eoitfbe    folds,   bron.'hllla
ill    nJTectlona aif i...    lluoat,  lunga
I : asl
IVssituists ni'.1 pool''   who '-'-' found
ng for thorns in -it on.
There  never  was  anil  never  will   I*    I
: aal iiaoacoa, In mi** r»?in*ily, foi  a
• .  wblib  Been  le heir—the vory   na
luri> "i  manv  curatives  Ileitis:  such  tlaa'.
.   Uie  germa  of other  sad   dlflorentb
-■■     a diseases  rooted  In  the system ol
via-   patient—what,   would   relieve   aa,,-   ll
lurn   wiaiilil   nirgrnvnt'.  the   other     V.'t
however,   in    Quinine   Wine,    whei
InablS in SOUIld,  unailulWratcd State
.  reined*- for manv uml grievous il!s   Di
iis gradual ami  liidteloua use U'..- Fralleal
lenis   arc  led   into  convalescence   am
•ih   by   tlio   luliuencc  which   Qulnlni
..    -   on  nature's own restoratives    I
relieves     the    ilriioiniii;  spit iis  nf     tin's
with    whom  a  chronic     mate ol in  ila
nndencv  nnd  link  of  Interest   tn  Hli
is  ii   disease,   and   bv   trantiulliilne    th.
nrrvi     disposed i.i sound sail  rofreahin*.
eep   Imparts  vigor  i"  lhe  ...tion nt il.
I.   which,   betcK  stimulated,    rur-a.
ah     the    veii.s.    siren •; then Ins   t it.
.    hy   aiiiinal   functions  ot   the  S.vsUm
• i.v  making activity  a  laeceesarj-  re
'   strengthening li.e frame end gtvltjt
m  ilia* dlgeatlve or/fana,  which natu
\ demand Increased substance—result
ed   sunetite    Northrop   **   1 •■ ua
into,     lime  then   to     the  publl-
Sunerlor Quinine Wine sl  the iieuu
i.b.'I.   sunned   by   the    opinions    o
• Bits,  the  wine approaches    nearei
5 on   of   ar.v   iu   the     market       A1
.   'H   S»il    It.
Hi ira's Li;:iir.ciil Cures DipfaUieiia.
ol the English nicdicnl papers
. dvoca< Ing  tin' appolntmunt    of
I. .: .-."-   ii I      sU'Wpi il.ssa"-      on
■ hips _____
a "'* "1 C.lilo, (Sly of Tolcatn,
Lucns County. sa.
IANK J   CHENET mnken nntti lhat he Is
• portner of  ihe  tlcm of  r. J. irTllCNa>T
'■ . a in k business in the   niy of   Toleflo,
ntj   and Suile nf.airsnial, nr.| thnt aaid linn
ilu* .-aim of   11nK lU-.s-mtr.n   POt^
■ for chcIi ainl every ease of OATARRH
'    '  i annot hr cured by the use ot HALL'S
vi uii cuntr,
• an   p.  bafa.re   nie  ani   subscribed   In   n-y
i •■ ilih Oih alay of December,   V T>. 1S*«.
Notary ruhiie.
Hall's Catarrh Cure in tnken Internally, nnil
> li  llrectly on the blood i.ixl muijous sm-races
of the >:..,'.• in    s*. n.l fa.r testimonials, tne.
F   ]. CtlKXI-Y & L'O., Tuled3. O.
S a 1 by n'l .liaii:i-l«taa, 75c,
Hall'a F mills Pills are the host.
' ii     li   the  ttitie-vpsturo i>f *;i"l
i .\ i-iiis  i < im   tn  the    v lse and
I di.*s Mnu iiaaiii iho foolish.—Cai'lylo
-•us   c   r   UICHARDS .<- CO.
1   ut lemon,—!    Buffered   Uw   years
bronchial cal arrh    I coiiimwieed
aliiiniafy Inst   ins an experiment
MIN \ 1 f 11■ S  UNIMENT which
nlu o i  uisi.uit  relief    And two
it.miIb' ii complete euro n -i  I
hnd ina symptoms   of n return
I i hu 11 uiiiiii' simc Mnrch.
iii'iii.-.'i.ll■«   yours,
"- .inl-.li a I.   11 ill    lint  .  Ocl     t.   '''I
Vnd you believe nil (lelds are
1 n v. mui ii now ?
1 !>    "i t-s; hul  sho    doesn't  tln.ro to
I he ones where tlie cows aro."
Hn you catch cold easily?
I'"'-, tlie cold liansf on?    Try
vWe    The Lung Tonic
It cures the most stubborn kind
of coii;;!is and coUls.
If it doesn't cure you,
your money will be refunded.
Prices 25c , 60c. and $1.00
S. C. wells ."* ro.
Tiuunto, Can. I.eU.,y, N.Y.      ;
§ Thr oat, Lungs j
a i!;v&.—sm&zrzz&rv'j3Fmtt*r&>£*&siA
Mor'a Piila igrestlv old tiio Cficrry
Pectoral in breaking up a cold.
They   Use   Dodd's   Kidney   Pills
for the Troubles Brought
on   by Their  Work.
■^ Diamond (1
"Diamond Hall"— Ryrie
Bios.—Toronto, is one of
the largest retail jewelry
slores in the world.
Krnm its niSafniftcml atotsli of I>ia-
montle, Jewelry. Silvcrwarea l.catlu-r
Oaaoais. eta-., you mny vleit with
susranteed astiifactlon at jour
A request will bring- to your
door—free of cost—our
handsomely illustrated new
catalogue. Ready for delivery Nov. 15th.
The great magnitude of our
business permits of our selling at money-saving prices.
We return your money tn full without queetion it on receipt a-f articles
onlcrcal you arc not peffocUy sstis-
118, 120. 123 And 124
Yonje St., Toronto
Tlii'y Profit l>y the Kioerlenr.e. and Ailrlce
.'I   Mr. l.e if I Hike,   of Uie Ilnko   House,
si. Thomas.  Dodd's Kidney Pills Cure<i
st. Thomas, Ont . Doc. 14.—(Special)—Mr. L. Dako, the well-Known
proprietor ol Uii.- Dake House hero
and one ol t lie most popular men in
this railroad centre, is cornpletely
cured of Uackacho uud Kidney llis-
ease of fivo years standing, und he
hus no hesitation In sliiti'ia,* thut the
cure wus effected bv Dodd's Kidney
'"Yes," Mr IHike suys, speiikinK of
bis cure. "1 um perfectly Katislied
that tin* two or three boxes of
Dodd's Kidney l'ills cured me, as 1
bavo not boen troubled by my Kidneys suite   1   too1,     hem.
"I luul been troubled with niy Kidneys anil pains in thy back for over
five years and notblng i usi-d gave
me any relief till 1 took the advice
of a frii'iirl and tried Uodd's Kidney
I'illa. 1 advise all my friends to try
Mnny of the rnilroud men have
taken Mr Ihike's advice and ai*a us-
ing Dodd's Kidney l'ills. This work
is particularly hard on the Kidneys
and they find* Dodd's Kidney Pills
bring tliem sure relief.
Police Captain   A.  ■).  Thomas,   ol
lhe New    York force,    .inst    reCtrod
.;•. ,ai  5250,oiMi  iii    seven  years on   t
salary ol $2.750 a  year.   Uow   did h<!
do  ii ?
1 iflNTAKIU. Fair I ha treatment of all
forms of BPSiECH DEFEC 1 S. We treat lhe
eause, n"t simialj thu l.iilait, ami tlierefoie
prahlucs i.a'HBHi speea-la.   Write for particulsrs
..   .Ial   C 1,1,IT .\t  A.II   I .1  Otliil .TT I.U'.
ile-il-rs. this fi.-i*i sljnaU a'oa ein this BeM a*
..11 institution CMi-trd in lhe r-al vro-.'x o'
nianufttlurinSend fitting tr*.*.--?j Ri:ar;iite^
U hold aei curs Rup'.urs cfs via <i. 1
Buy Dlreetf"'"i 11" Ueker* Ws
ese esve you loo p«?v cent.
efwhal >on ... .ij 1>. *e te i"v nxalled
ll.ij ;•,-. K;.- i.- i« Wa.ter..r..'.r r; ?5 "C ST
ISoolf on T*-uss*fS-ll»l Bfct
W« Gu'.mntee Verlect k >»
by Mall.   A :   >* »
The F. E. KARN CO.
132 Victoria St., "i'ororwto
a|i     fa-., I. \ l^tdiiia Mi I Order '''■ •■■<■-  *
A MM Ml. I'll.I. Ill I' I'liWlalil'l 1. -
Tl • . 11 at judirc ul 1 he powers of ib nlil
;,. ita .•i.o ivoulil consider Purmeli*? s
Vcttetablo pills lo bo locklne It is a ait-
tie wonder ainoiiR pills Whnt i' lucks
in size it makes un in potenvv The rein-
eilirs which ai carries nre put up in these
email doses because thej srs so powerful thin onlv small daises nre rerjutred
Tbe   (nil   si i'fl'HL'1 li   et   the   B-Mraiats   is   m'-
cured in  1 his  forin   nnd   do  tln'ir   work
• hoi-ouirlilv
A sfirinter    \\.. 111 >I never wear hose
thni  are wnrranted nut  to run.
Stop the  Pain  but  Destroy
Stomach.-This  is  sn.lly   loo   often  thn
IBUn. - 1 la I.S    IS    Silaliy     ItBli     OB.fl'U     aaa
1.   ...   S0   mnny   nausajoua   nostrums  pur
porting  to   cure.  In   the  eml   do   the  pa- i
tlent   Immensely   more   harm   tlmn   good   |
L'r.   Von  Btan'a   l'lncsiipla Tablets are a -
purely   vegetable  pepsin  preparation,   as
harmless  as   milk.   One  eflei   elating   pre- I
vents any  disoixler  ot  the digestive   er-
giuis,  CO Iq a  box,  U5 cents —IU
Of   COUI'SC,     tliaasa'     1-rein liini'tl     who
liila' iii uirshlps IbbiiU (iia.in on people
in automobiles.
(Complied from The Coiiiincrclal).
During the past week interest In
lin' wheat trade hns lieeoiui' more
keenly contred In tho American speculative markets, and tho doings In
these markets are centred around
what, the traders seo or Imagine they
see tho Armour Company doing If
it is thought thai Armour is buying,
prices go up. If ho leaves it alone,
an- seems to be tolling, prices decline
In those markets thero has boen an
active week's trade, bul nervous and
uncertain ovorj day. Tbo relative
positions of December and Vn> wheat
in the Chloago market have under*
gono i-uite 11 change during the week,
Deceiui.er being *.>' lower and Mav ic
lower lu other markots both Mhj
ami Docember are Jc i" iic lower 00
the weelt. <>n tbe 1 > 111 insi . \hu Am*
I'l'icnii govcrnmenl ngriculturul rejiort
lur DecOlllllOr was issued 11 i.s im*
portant as f»-i \ ini> the condition and
acreage of the growing winter wheal
crop in the Slates ,,,, IVcetnlaer 1.
Tho condition this year is 8fi.fi with
an acroogo of S2*ono.000 acrps.against
.1 condition of 99.7 ui the same dato
Insi yoar and an acreage of .*..i.i»i"-
000 acres i'liesu ilguies denote .1
prospective yield of ■""s.ooo.oop bushels from ni'xt year's winter wheat
crop, against 11 prospective yield of
sfo.oiao.iaoo bushels on Deccmlmr ist
last yoar. A.> compared with Inst
Viar the showing this year is con
sidered to 1 ><- .,. ■, hiilllsh. hul a
great doal depends am thp w.»ivlher In
spring and ut hu iesl time. In the
meantime, while the crop 1- nothing
like as forward .1- || was ■., year ago
it^ is in good a. nijii ion to stand tho
winter, the ouly complaints l.eiii-
that In some parti thcro Is not is
much moisture In tno en.uml tts is
considered requisite foi Insi condi
tions. The crop has now h fair cov-
oring of snow in uearl.i .,11 districts
The movement ui wheal In lhe stales
shows n fair increase on the week,
lhe exports nis,, show considerable
inrri'usi'. nnil for the lli-st lima- in
many months tho-, show ihia week
larger shipim ms ihan for correspond
ing woek a year ago 1 lu- l-'.uropean
situation slu.us uu change, t'on-
siuuptive nip,ir,•ui,.nis oVei there are
li'/er.il. and pther i ni. . than America continue to ship liberal supplies I.. Europe l-.uropeni* markets
are dull and st< nd\ . uud pi Ices without an\ pni'tleitlnr cjinnge There is
nothing ua'w in ,,.;,,>. 1 ,,„ |,( i-;.,,-,,_
pean crops llurvesiing is pi',,,,,,!
"'K '" H"' Vrgeni ne nnd fiidging ht
tlu* reports there 1!. • weather is iu
clincd to lie unset, .al ami not altogether in*.1,1,1!.! • ior Im 1 vest work
'llu' crop is grown liowevpr, and unless the weather becomes disastrously unfavorable, very Utile diminution
in quantity mnj be a vpei'ted \\\.
Iinva. nn recent   word ns  m n,,. .\us-
laa.   l_r,.ltjm.
Poor man! He can't help It.
He gets bilious. He needs a
pood liver pill—Ayer's Pills.
They act directly on thc liver,
cure biliousness.
Catarrh ard Golds  Relieved'
in 10 to GO ,VS<mi4cs.  Omslwi pufl
oi  the breath  Ihrough  the  blower   sup- .
plied     liiUl    'sal la    laollll'    of    IU.     AgneW'S
Catarrlnl 1'ibwiIb*i     iliiTiifi's    this powder
alVa'l     tl'P    Slllll'.ia.    fl-i    lin'    llHPlll    paSSalgass    I
Painless nnil delightful to uss   H rcllevei
Instantly, and pertnan ni'y rures catarrh, 1
bay  fever, colds,  headache, sore throut,
tonsllltll ami  deafno e.   60 coats.—41
Lowell, '.--i".
Want your moustache or heard)
a beautiful brown or rich Mack ? Uso
r p. iui.i » vn . fit
A StarlliniaT   Pi r ■ very pro*.
in>( a God tend 10 ruptured h»
lai.iaall Na>   OptntlOll,  | ain,
ai.a fl.tr  infll no loas of  lime
la. aai w rl'
lasaa.M.ata  , wlaa'ae pottl.all  line-
1.11I1 eppeert, il cured cf aalan-
^erous mpture .1 83 yean of
.:e, *arbile aal daily ilntieai. Do
. ,, t li'-a-'r. All aae ciarala'e.
fMeBooR and Free
Trial Treatment
anti all (UlTerM, Wi'-e tn.'.v. Strictlycen-
.  . .   ' DH   *" S. R1CB,
.; ,,'  ecu St. East., Da*pt    Ul>.  Toronto. Out
Ili„ words which nro at presenl .m
•vtrybody's lips—"Shu( lhal door !"
A lowly fat haa al icnsl cue itood
pfliinl;   ii   Is  1 .uully  11  sn fi* en'-
Loam i" snj  nothing al the rlghl
Those Hlm borrott   trouble should
not object t <• paying for M
lli• is an unfortunnto man   who   l»
only clever enough to make ononil-*.
Tin* Qrsl medal granted t.»
navy waa after lhe defeat of
Spanish Armada, and was oval in
Bhapo No medal «as issucil bj the
British government f.u' the battlo of
Tho Governor's Wife a Pri-
SOIlOr. Mrs. Z. A. Van I.uva-n is the wife nl !
tin* governor of the county jail. Napanee
Out., nnil Was a ureat Bulii'ier Irom rheumatism When the best doctors In the
community nnd "specialists" faii.^l to
ini|a her, sin* laiiiieii lii>r (ceptlim of pro-
prlotary remedial nnil purchased South
American Rheumatic Oura 1 botllaa
ured her —42
\ boh
ul.'ii   .it a   nitslil n>;ifi*  is  In
lii'iiin nf \\ orklnc
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, eU.
Mnnj men work overtime trying lo
up schemes in ,11 old «011.
Mfohuoy Soap—disinfectant* Is stronnlj
(•commended bj Un' mamlicnl nrofesslciii
i-. a  safegunnl    iir/ulnxl     Infectious  alls-
Thc more n ninn complains the less
other men iliini* ol hlm
Minard's Liniment Cures Garget in Cowl
trallan crop which    uu sl
Well  through  harvest.
Manitoba wheat has hi, ,: very dull
all the week    While lake navigation
dit!    not    llaasa.    ;l 11 ■'l: a'l Ila I     Iii.    tllO    bl'-
ginning of lliis week, tliere has been
in. ilB'inniiil for wheal for boats since
-.uiy last week, mid prices have been
strictly  oil   wi.ltii   fl night   liasis At
iiii- claisa* ,,i business 1'ii.biy prices
were Jc under a vwi'l, ay.,, but about
Wednesday and Thursday thp feeljiip
was quite weak and prices were down
ic from a week ago Maist of thr
i null' doing Is for immediate dellven
but Forncthing is also done for Ma\
dollvory. 1'iii'i's for llecember delivery   are :    N,.     i   northern,   ".Jc;   Nai
a northern,   :\\e , 3 nortliern, 70'c
No. .1 wheat. 6JJc; teed, 51c: fix ai :-,,
v .11c. and for May delivery,  1  tioi**
Ihern, 82c;  3 northern,  79c, 3 north
ern,   75c     Nu.  <i   wheat.  117.',   all    ii
store Port William au- Port   Arthur
wiNMi-r.c;    JODD1NQ PKICRS.
The following in., the Winn peg
lolib'ng  t'licos :—
i-'lour—Ogilvle's Hungarian [intent,
S* 35 PM sock ol 98 poundi; olliei
iji'aila's accordingly.
nuts—Nn. 3 white, -,1c. in car lota
!8 tn ;a, cents faar    1 1 gradoa;    at
country points (arnicrs are receivlug
ij a ..nis per bushel
Ilarloy—Malting Linda's, i.a tt> 17c;
fond   30 tn ,t\i-
flaxseed—800 por bushel for funn-
•is' lainals ut country point*..
sp..it/—35c per bushel.
II n.\ —lin led.  SaS to $i)  per  toll
Itutlor—Creamery, 2Jjc pim- pound;
daily, best in bricks, 20c. tubs Ific;
ordinary grades, 13 to 14c.
Cheese—13Jc per pound,
Poultry—Chickens, ducks uidir.-i.se,
ioc per pound; turkeys; 1: to nn
Potatoes—45 to ,sti cents mac hus.
He—1 can li-n.'i' my nnrestry hack
through nine generotlone,
sin—wii.-it i-i-c enn yon do?
Then ho blinked nnd looked nl ber as
if he woi-dereil wliere lie wns nnd how
fur lie lind droppi d
\a/. i*****). •--"- Mo. -ata-s.
The largcsl  number of stockholders
of anv company In the Unlteil Slates     Cattle—Butchers' can
is Iii tin' United   States Steel com-1 p61. pound,
pany, which is owned 1 •>  53,000 per-     Bheep—3*" lo 4c per pound
sons. I 3c per pound.
_ lln^s—choice weights, ljc
2j     !•!    2}C
ier lb.
Tliere    are
ing operations
very few deans-
in which Sunlight
Soap cannot be used to advantage, lt makes tlie home bright
and clean. in
iVmong those vegetables containing
lhe largest per cent of slartb tuny bo
mentioned potatoes, beans, corn, pens,
carrots, beats, turnips aud parsnips.
Ilie pungent vegetable foods, ns leeks,
Dillons, garlics, lioi'icradlsb, etc., lu-
erease tlie siillvn nnd lhe gastric Juices,
ni'tiiig somewhat on the kidneys,
Flrril    l.y   (lio   San.
Paris possesses 11 small cannon, existing since 17S5, which Is fired hy the
sun's rnys exactly 111 noon In the Pulnls
ltoyul gardens, weather permitting.
Unshrinkable tl. B. K. Underwear
Made from the best Bidewool in the fleece—elastic ribbed knit—shaped to fii body—absolu tely non-shrinkable
—wool treated by H.B.K. exclusive process to make it
so—every particle of oil, grease, slivers, etc., removed
by the H.B.K. patent cleaning process—tough wear,
light, fleecy, all wool, clean, pure, luxurious underwear,
and absolutely non-shrinkable, emphasise non-shrinkable
Sold by dealers everywhere.
Only genuine with this brand.
> A pinto bronco is tough
from the end of his nose
'Co the tip of hi* tail.
And the toughest part
of him is  the  light,
muscular hide thit
covers hia back and hips.
From that part of his hide
the famous "Pinto" Shell
Cordovan leather is made for H.B.K.
mitts and gloves.   Scorch, boil, wind,
rain, cold proof.
Genuine only with
this brand.
Sold by enterprising dealers everywhere.
Write fee " Strayed," tha funniest bronco story ever writ****-*.— FB.EB
Hudson Bay Knitting Co.
Nakan *S Warm \*7oa*,r*blos for E.T*rrboat7.
—-- -WlVJpatl
Good Bread
For Christmas
cun only bo mndo (rom superior flour.
Tberfl is no Flour milk-d thnt givua
such perfect satisfaction as
Your I'ti'Hil will be light, white,
fino flavored, nourishing and delicious, and at less cost than when
made frnm an inferior brand. Try
this Flour for your ChrisJlmaa Bak-
ing and you will uever use any
Are you Rolng homo for Ohrlntmnn ou the
$40.00 Exciir.-ion ? Why not go hy w.ij
of St. Paul ni'd Chicano, u;*ltig tho Burlli.Ktoii
Koute—800miles duyli^ht rido along tlio bauka
of the Scone Mie-n.-sippl Hiver. Klogant Vree
Reclining Chair t'are.
Writo tlio uiiden-igiied for all detail Information in nrrariting for your trip. *l*ou will recaite
pix'ttipt attention.
1 ravelling Passenger Agent, Box No. 1315, Winnipeg, M««.
F. A\. RUQG, N. \V. I». A., iit. Paul, <Minn.
"The best exercise nnv woman can lake ls to sweop a room overy
day," wrote "A Mother of Five." Thia eminent authority, however,  should have added
<LJao    0
Becauie tins broom ol all brooms carries tho weight whore it ia
nooded (In tho broom-end), nn.l it is consequently easier to sweep
with than nnv olher.   l.ook   for nnme "Doockh" on the handle. Wm DRILL, SLOCAN, B. 0., DEOEaf&B* 26. MM.
G. E. SHiTiinEUKaALG, Editor and Prop.
rs pu-UaissuB) Kvitnv fkiiiay at
Sj^QCAJ*!,      •      -       •        -      B. C-
Legal Advertising 10 cents a line for
the tirst insertion and5 cents a lino each
subsequent insertion.
-Certificates of Improvement, $7 each.
Transient advertisements at same rates
as legal advertising.
Locals will be charged 10 cents a line
fer each insertion.
Commercial Kates made known upon
The Subscription is |2 per year, strict
|y in advance; $2.50 a yeur if "not so paid.
Address all letters ta—
Slocan, B. C.
FRIDAY, DKOEMBKK 26th, 1903.
ri'iTiuu ai   cuori'iNus.
A Merry. Merry Christmas is the
jiinceio wish of The Diuli. to its patrons nud renders.
After tho lirst of the year no Chinaman niaiy land in Canada without
paying 5*",00 headtax. The yellow
.scourge will diminish.
Canada has the expansion fever.
She wants to absorb Newfoundland
and Greenland. Uncle Sam is not the
only pebble ou tho beach.
An increase t.) $.'itK),(H)0 a year has
been mnde'in tlio salaries of country
postmasters. Oh, for a Mulock to care
for editors, country or otherwise,
Thanks to the passing of the Lonn
Act, tho provincial government has
lieen ablo to meet its interest obligations in London, to tlio tune of three
hundred thousand dollars.
D. D. Munn makes the definite announcement that his rOad, tbe Canadian Northern, will build their transcontinental line, so giving Canada
three railways from coast to coast.
The Cranbrook Herald and New
Westminster Columbian have each issued very creditable holiday numbers,
The latter iu particular is peculiarly
pleasing to old-time Royal City residents in these parts.
Ctreur d'AIene silver-lead mines have
an output this year valued at upwards
of $11,000,00:.-, being fully one f ou ith
greater than last year. A comparison
to the adjoining country on this side
of the line is distinctly odious.
Conservatives in the Sloean should
bestir themselves aud select their full
quota of five delegates to the nominating convention, to be held at Nelson
on January (!. Five delegates should
go and no recourse ou^ht to lie had
to proxies. The convention is an all-
important affair, as the party requires
a strong candidate to uphold the banner for the Dominion house. Hon.
Charles Mackintosh, of Rossland, will
doubtless secure the nomination.
A sample of the "news" furnished
its victims by the Associated Press
was to be seen in Saturday's dispatches. It wns dated from Cleveland,
Ohio, and described a wild ride by a
colt on a locomotive. Identically the
samo story was .contained in the last
issue of Tin* Dumb Animals.llu*organ
©f tho Prevention of Cruelty tu Ani
mals A.ssociation,publl8hed in Boston.
The tale has done service oft before.
Rossland and Nelson papers are being
held up iu their telegraph matter, as
the American  and coast sheets, and
even Toronto journals, an boating
them out in conveying newa to Kootenay readers.
By reference to another eoluiiiii.it
will   Ih.  seen  that   David  Arnot has
been  presented   wilh  a  numerously
signed requisition, asking him to submit his name as n candidate for the
mayoralty al the municipal elections
in January.   All classes of the community are on that requisition, a complimentary feature of it being that a
large section of his fellow-businessmen
are strongly  iu favor of  his candidature.   In deference to tho wishes of
the signers, Mr.  Arnot lias consented
to stand for election, and he Is pra< ti-
cally assured of victory.   Sis policy
is a progressive one, and   bo aims to
put the town on its  feet in the fullest
sense oi the word.    He stttids for the
Installation of a municipal waterworks
system and  electric  light  plant,  the
encouragement of local enterprise,and
fair and just .treatment of all.   Such
a policy will commend  itself to (he
ratepayer.-* as being in the ImsI Inter-
ests of the  town.   Progress la the
motto for Sloean.
Pay up your subscription.
Monday was the shortest dny of the
Charley Fans, of Creston, was in
town on Friday.
The public school closed on Friday
for the holidays.
Several people are figuring on moving to Kamloops.
Harry Thorburn, of Silverton, spent
.Sunday in the burg.
Mrs. Hauck hns her brother visiting
her from Los Angeles.
All the men are pretty well in frem
the mines for Christmas.
Miss Few left for Victoria on Saturday to spend the holidays.
A shooting match for turkeys is lieing held over against the bluff.
Alf Barber left for the coast on
Tuesday, to be gone some time,
Saturday following Christmas and
New Year's is nota bank holiday.
Noxt Tuesday night is the date for
the second annual ball of the lire brigade.
The pile driver wns at work during
the week repairing the approach to tlie
Judge Hogan is holding his annual
court and banquet tonight in the
Union hall.
The government offices will be closed on the day following Chnsmiits and
New Year's.
O. Drolet, a timber cruiser for the
Genelle people,Waa drowned in Arrow
lake last week.
There was a large attendance of citizens at the public examination at the
school on Friday.
Judging from the sale of turkeys
and geese there is not much hardship
in Slocan this Christmas.
T. Craighead, foreman for the local
mill .company, left for Vancouver on
Tuesday to spend Christmas,
Christmas services will lie held in
St. Paul's church on Sunday. In the
evening the service will be choral.
The local mill people are shipping
two ears of shingles this week, one to
St. Catharines and one to Breslau.
A. C. Allen, lessee of the Denver
house, New Denver, died on Saturday
night. He was an old-timer in the
D. D. Robertson came back from
Kamloops on Thursday. Tie is packing up preparatory to moving lo that
For the week eliding December 11
the C.P.E. traffic receipts were $922,-
000. as agniust $824,000 for the same
period last year.
The postoffioe department has made
a concession, in that personal mess-
ages may be written on part of the
address side of picture postcards,
A number of local friends sent Dr.
Keith, at Fernie, a beautifully decorated Christmas tree, laden with pretty
gifts, as a remembrance of his sojourn
Certificate of Improvements
Sllv.'l  l.cif Mini inl   ("lali.iB.
Situate in tlio Slocan Citv mining division of Wcit Kootenay ilistrict. Wbsre
located :—Sprinjar creek, soutli of Arlington mine.
TAKE NOTICE that 1, Herbert T,
Twlgg, us aj.'cot for George I). Long, free
miner's certificate No. B84448; N. S.
Tucker,frp.a miner's certiflcate No.B64449
Martin M.uirer, frea miner's certificate
No. B69729: and Erl Thompson, free
miner's certificate No. BfiOOOd, intend,
sixty days from the date hereof, to
apply to the Mining Recorder for a certiorate of Improvements, for tbo purpose
of obtaining a crown grant on the above
Ami further tiik* notice tluit action,
uniler section ''.7, must be commenced
before ilin IttunnCS of a licit .certificate of
Dated tins 2itli dav of December,1003.
36*12-08. HERBERT T. TWIGQ
The C.P.R. paid out $70,000 in
wages at Nelson on Thursday.
A. B. Bud-worth, mining recorder
at Ymir, has lieen superseded by F.
Joe Lei th wood left ou Tuesday's
train for Ontaiio,to spend a few weeks
with friends.
Mis. Tipping and family arrived
back from I'hoenix on Tuesday und
will make Sloean their permanent residence.
Don't forget tho sixth annual Sunday school entertainment and Christ-
mas tree, in Knox church. Programme
will commence at 7.80,to enable Santa
Clans to keep his appointments.
H. R. Jorand bought in the furniture of the Royal hotel at the bailiff's
sale on Tuesday, for E, Ferguson, the
Nelson liquor mau. There were a
number of bidders, but the price only
reached 8150.
Ml I* IN']   Rl.lOllDH.
Appended ia » complete list of the var-
ioun records registered atthe lacal registry office, II. P. Christie being mining
Deol7i-Gutlph fr, lstn f Lemon, TV
II Davidson.
Pec 15—New Dodworth,
Pec 15—Standard W, .1 II Werulev to
C A Lett.
The Golden Crown
flineral Claim. . .
Situated on the Arlington road. Heavily
timbered.   Crown granted.   Make cash
Offi'l' to—
822 Cambie Street,
'• Price Responsibility"
The price branded      ■
on the sole of the
Goodyear Welted
"Slater Shoe" by its makers
is their (not the dealer's)
valuation,   and  they   know
the wear value put into the
vi £-*-t ml I'.aUXi
For Men
For Woaten
Med. Supt., J. P. CADE, M.D.
|)ATE8t Regular tuhcorlbcri, $1  ;.cr month
I \ oi 5io .. vi-.: : i nn-8i b i a I'.ar* [exclusive of
mclicN I Bttcnduucr) |C l"»r dny. Private ward*
i'i per dny extra, Bpeclul fxciutiu tor matern-
i;;. coaea.
I J. Pinchbeck, Proprietor
•*S *■*"*■"""—* <Si I
t   Fresh Frt:it5  Of   Every  I ForfarUierpart.toulor»-appl**to.
I Kind Arriving   Daily. §1 D. B. O'Neail, Sec
A f-i.ll stool- of the best       f.\ II ^ ,-. * . rf- .~ ^« -, ~    0
tifrtfft I insurance
cos always kept on hauq.       .*■
New Residence for Sale
One of the Newest Residences in Slocan is offered for sale on easy terms. It contains five
rooms, hall, pantry, wardrobes, china closet,
large garret, good cellar, is lathed aud plastered, and \3 the best iinished in town. Water
service, fine lawn and garden, fruit trees,
etc.   A SNAP FOR ANYONE.       For terms
14 I,..|iT-<o' llrarnd fo*- 01
Full m ••'.i_*111 nud Quulit)
ft I
Slocan, B. C.
Drill Office
J'S'S**"***':"'**-^ Rppresi'iitiiii'.-   ihi*    strongest    com
panies diing business iu Canada.
Sei NEW Id IDE ■■"■ POLICY, ts 1th par
ticipation iu |)a-n!i;s. covering sickness ar.d ""peratUnj.
11. D.I URT13, Notary Pablio
We wish our patrons a Merry
Christmas and a
happy New Year.
Pioneer Livery
and.?: doo. Stables-,
Slocan, ll. C.
General Packing nmi Forwarding attended to at tho
shortest Notice.
Saddle and Pack Horses fer
hire at reasonable rates,
GcT-illim & Jclmioii,1 ;**•*•*- *• ".'
une.;'; ist a station nn,
Our Catalogue is a veritable bank book, wherein
every article illustrated
means to our customers
a direct cost saving.
Tlia* new edition, rcaily Nov. 1.5,
wall lie of incifllfl'iil.-ihle value to
ever. p. ra.aa into whOM !,..aa.la
it Cannes.
It will illustrate articles
of high qu.tliiy only at the
extreme   lowest   prices.
Write for a copy. It will
be forwarded free of cost.
\\r K. tin Dnttonigna I, thirty rtnyi nfti i rlnU,
TT      ihl"*"U'l  U)  'ippl.v  ta lh« ■Thi.-'f (''.mini-*
Certificate oi DgnmnhL
Weymouth MIrbfsI Cl-ftim
^^^   nmniiiiiiimi
Ryrie Bros.
 I    dewelera
^£_Z_____t*!: Taro^to
Situate in tho Sloonn City Mining DIvl
 a^B glOll (if llir  \\'(".l     Kaa.i|a*|lllV   |l.-ll.a'l
iloner uM.ntiaiia Woflm,at virtorln, for *; Where locstdli   I'm Printer creek
,-iii lio*,,.,.. to enl au,ai.'.ir,-,' iiwrir timber fnim a tributary of Ten Mile creek.
till' faallafliniau' a|a—arilaa-al Irala'ta iaf   Inii'l. - 1111, a I " -1 . ^^H
OU .MaaS'llla'ia a-1 a.a-1;. ill    \\ l--t   Kaaaatallljiy   DUtrlct
Kii'wl l.tflfl'iil lun.
Steel Ranges
?or $18.25.
Will buy a comfortable J
Cottage antl two cor- J
ner lots in New Den- j
B- ( ' ver. House contains j
four large rooms, hall J
♦ and wardrobe. For I
other particularswrite •
♦ ♦♦♦'
Notice toDelinauentCo-owncr
__i___m                      , Fo Wm J.Andrews, or lo sny !-'*»n
Why bo without a renco whea j or penom to whom he m»j l'»,0.trf,"J;
ymi t-:in get one w cheap? Tho forred Iiil intereat in I "• :'n * ^
irepreferrabletoetoveanndglfe ^S^^ffThTt      '
better satisfaction. These ranges (,tt][.v [or u.o slocan i ity miumg«■"•
barn wood or coal and v,illU-, rton.
, Von   nre hereby nrtltol «*»* •;
cnuswl to be expcnde-l llien    ,
end ImiiroTementi on the sootp «
^      Hi, ,„.,l    tuinernl    fUi'".   ■■■   •'   *„u|
 Id laid clulm underth.   < 'M°
TINSMITH   AND   PLUMBF.R.     the Mineral Act; and if * »lu
net iip free
E J.
-   (k.iii tho date of this noli
fl'yonWI. •»
TAKK. NOTICE that I. VV. D. McGre*
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_^— .cor, iirtin(! :ik «i."'iit f•'r .lulm I.. I'mwiu',
raaniiii.'iiaiik- ,M  11 pott <>n 11 0 wi-ii -i.la iaf   free m|n,rg' certificate   No. B71626. lllld
Miiiaiiillni'ii'i-li, riiiiiiiiitfViplnnii. aaiiuili:tlia.|i.'i    .,   ,.   ,.    •,, . 1      . ,,.
-..iiaiti*. «.*-t: iiifnrt* mi chains nortliitliene-* < • I'-- SniitherinttRlo, fn'ii miners certifl*
viiiiaiiu «n«t, to point o( oommflncfment. c.ata No.B60ni)7, intend, 00 dayi from thc
Local i N,,. 10 1903 TH08. ABRIEL jat« hereof, to apply to tho Mining Re*
L  '    ',', corder fora certificate of iinprovementifor
Si»ci>Biil   I, : I  ,aa. i        .    . ', ' I    ,    ,  i
i n    i     ■     the i.iirpoHf ni obtaining a   rown grant  nrl*',-,    c »^ #■«-«
l oiiinii.iipii.a.. ni ii |bbi-i nil|.iini:ii: Urn lopiii       ,,.'      ,' . .• I   ll ILZ      ^,11 fl IS
on nortltonsl  r, mnnlna«0 chain, nnrllii  "' theiabOVC Claim. I  I HIS    e+JiMClfJ
thence Wliilinlua nist; thenca mi chniti.i south: I     And further  take  notice  limt action,!
thence tWohalm irott, I Inl of commence-1 under section 37, m list be commenced
l"t" ' thos. AiiHii'i, i iM'fiiro thoissuanee ol such certiflcate ol i
Located Nov. in. I90J. i improvement.
Third i..ii'iiii<in. Dated this 12th dav of November, 1903.
Commencing at a \iw.\ planteilon nortliwentl 18*11-03 VV, P. klt'OREUOIl
a'flimnr ial ^"t a-i I la  ition, running ii  chains
nortlii Ihi'i I chain? i'.*i-i; tha-iia-a '.i , I,ni,,.   i,„,hiIii. Ill.laUn I raniure itnil Uauliltr
aaiilli; thi'iH'e *ul Clallllll  wi-I. In |.a.jn i   aaf aaan   .
■,*lllllllllll,*,,,,,,,,,,, Hlnerai Claimi.
refuse, to contribute your pnip*
L. Allltli:!,
l.iii'ntiiil Nov, I'.lJ  ^^^^^^
Pourth Loeatlan, Bituate in tli" Slocan   City Mining Divi*
Commenclna at a nosl plnntod al southwi I li'-nof the Wesl Kootenay lliilrict
!• irnor aaf iiiirai location, ninninaNochaiti wi Where located : —Between the li ret
;i,;r Mr-Tii 1:,.;,a',:-:..., .;,;■ and s.cond north torusoi u,,,.,,,
ment. OreCK,
i atod,Nov.l9.iaB.               I--ABRIKL TAKE NOTICK thai  I, W.  D. Mc-
virii. i.n  in..n. flregor, acting as sgenl  for ('Imn. Ihhk,
Comm.nolna Btaiv.il .1   ned'i           ,   •  • K.M.C. 1)57607, Snd VVm.   H.Crawford,
si,. I* ih ,, i ■■         .    -  .a in       iitiietin rree   Miners  Certificate   No   Ho 101)8,
*> chains nortlii ii ■. ■■• •  dial    u th mi intend, sixty dayi from the date hereof,
Hiii'iniii*   .I'lli'. to i".ii.l •     '  mi ill  i    i    ai      .'  ;.                       I
joiningM.aopoVilliuh.,rll,nii toapplyl   ths mining re lerforcer*
KixiKH stoiio liticates of improvement, for tin- purpose of ohtainlng Crown gi-uulN ol the
abovo cliiiniH
Locate I Sov, 20, v I,
**.l\i!i  Lacatlai
(•.immi'iiriiii/iii ii poitplantfil ontiinanuthl    And further take notice that action,
>a*tcorner of rirt;>_ mention, innnlnH enst >'r ,._j_. ..._,i „,»_., .
ijinlnai tlience south so clialn'«i theiliw wa'twl nnder section .17, must bo  commenced
I chain*s tinm irth St» clialua, tu point of ci       liel  the i   imiiice of such ccrlillcalcs
monccmi il ' improvejnenl
■''   '   N  II I.'        IK, I .',1 i. a , . a ia
l»y Tho    ,   ■•    • a 'l:t    'tli day ..( November, ll
Located '   •. j ' '13-11 (M W, D, McGUKOOR
THK DRILL hns made an
arrangement witli tho Toronto Mall Empire, so
thai Its weekly edition mnv Ih-
clubbed %vii11 the humor.
Now subscribers, therefore,
may obtain the Wcwkly .Mail
Empire   aoknowlodgira to be
one nf the best   p!i[ieis in the
Dominion and Slocaa's lead*
ing journal, Thb Drill, fimn
■owWU -Ina. 1. 1006, for the
sum uf |8, With this axct'ii
tional olTer will he given ns a
premium, a beautiful arto*
gravure, entitled "The \'ic-
iiiii,-i Crosa, The picture il<-
plots n scene In the late Boer
win-, (Uin.* in ten colors, and
well worth fniiiiiii^'. Send In
your orders ai om1-* to
S The Drill, Slocan. Pe** anl1
irliun i»
iuolTexJwiidUnro.toWlhef "|lh ■,',' 7'icl
of advertising, your ,"lt'"',,,.. »f the
claim will become the prop* .' Ac,
■ubscriber, under section ' > a,
entitled "Au Act to -amend tin
Act, I'.km)." .   ,., day of
Dated at Slocan,B.( ■, <l,ia '
December, A.D. 1008. pBOVo8T


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