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The Slocan Drill 1902-09-05

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YOL. HI*. »••23-
SLOCAN,   B.   C,   BENE M HER   5,   1<J02.
W« are in receipt of a large quantity oT
T. D. Woodcock & Co.,
81ecan, British Columbia.
*2.00 PER ANNUM.
Ladies^Silk Gloves
Good Quality, all Sizes, and different
Shades, were 65 Dents. . . . .
We want to clear them out at the
Snap Price of 40 cents. • • •
See them.
W. T. Shatford 6c Co*. General Merchants,
Slocan, Vernon, Fairview, and Camp McKinney, B. C.
A. YORK & CO.,
Dealers in Fresh and Salt
Heats, Vegetables and Provisions. Goods shipped to
any part of the Slocan.
Highest cash price paid for
raw Furs.
B. C.
Orders for all
Kinds of Job Work
Quickly Attended to:
The Drill, Slocan
The Workmanship is Good
and Prices are Reasonable
Offers up-to-date accommodation for the
Public.     It Is the home of Travelling,
Commercial, and Mining Men.
QETHINO & HENDERSON, - Proprietors.
li reached by any trail or road
that runs into the Town.
Do not go past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
Former customer!'
cordially invited to return
He opened under
the old management.
The Royal Hotel,
Car. Arthur Street aad ReUM*" AT«»ua. Sloean.
Bonding thoroughly renovated                                      Proprietor:
Mid re stocked with the beet   j—. =
Yon can get anything in these lines that you
require from us.   Our stock in jackih'always
kept fresh and well assorted.   We handle the
best the market affords.   Prices »«««"■«
Upward! of Krv.sii Hundred VUltori In
tha r.ssig -Bplessdld Parade assd Two
Band«-»p,,rt» Well Handlad Noitls-
purt WIsu ut Baaebull.
Gee Whiz! but what a crowd there
was here on Monday,constituting: the
most successful Labor Day celehni-
tion Kootenay has ever held. There
wae upwards of 700 people in attendance, Rossland contributing more
than one-half the crowd. All the
neij-hboriti**; towns were well represented, but Nelien surprised herself
by sending 110 excursionists. The
day was ideal and everyone went
away well satislie.l with his entertainment. The hotels did a roaring
trade, the greatest trouble met with
being in feeding the hungry crowds,
but the. task was finally accomplished. From start to finish the programme ran smoothly, the only alteration being tlie cutting out of the
water sports owing to the chilliness
or the aqua pura. Slocan was oat to
treat her visitors royally and she did
it well.
The boat from up the lake and the
Rowland train arrived at 11 o'clock,
followed shortly after by the train
from Nelson. And just here It mav
be said the C.P.R.deserves the greatest credit for the manner in which it
bandied the various contingents, es
pecially as the crowds were greater
than expected. Not an accident occurred and thc people were got here
on time and were taken home in seasonable hours. It was the most ambitious event the companv has handled in these parte and they did it
well, Mr. Carter, tlie district passenger agent, together with Supt,
D.iwnie, being most Indefatigable in
their efforts to make the celebration
a success.
The visitors were met at the depot
by the loc.tl blind and then a pioces
sion was f rtned, with the SIsjchi;
musicians ami tlm Kossland Union
banner in the lead, while the UpsS-
land bund guarded the rear. Over
400 men marched mid it was a goodly
sight. Then followed some speeohl*
tying «t the wharf by J. V.Purviance
I'm* the local Union* James Wilks for
Nelson; and Smith Curtis, MP. P.. ol
Rossland, the latter taking occasion
to rub it into the Centre Star antl
War Ragle for not giving their men
a holiday when the law called for it.
After the spotuers catne the excursion on tiie lake for an hour, the Slocan being crowded. That feature of
the programme gave universal satisfaction.
Promptly at 1 o'clock the general
sports commenced, following being
tho prize**, inner*. 100 yard foot race
for boys under Ki.D.irlin'*", Davidson.
Oirls under U\ Gertie York; Nettie
Bull; Jennie Foley. Hoys nnder 12,
Fred York; Frank CVNeil; Emmet
Tutcher. Three-legged race, Fred
York and F.. Tutcher; W. Foley and
11. York. Men's 100 yard raec,
Douglas, of Nelson; Gns Rabe, Rossland. Three legged race, girls, F.
Robertson and Ada York; Jennie
Felev and Nettie Hull. 220 >ard race
for men, Rabe; Douglas. Sack race
fnr bov8, K. Tipping; K. Stanley.
Girls' race, under 12, Fannie Robert-
nan; Bessie Forin; Mabel Hall. Men's
obstacle race, 1!. McMillan; C. Zolaz- I
loy. This race created no ouil of'fun
as tho contestants had to climb
through swinging bariels
bicycle race, Lome York. Ladies
bicycle race, Winnie McMillan, Joale
Tipping started in the race, but met
with an accident by her wheel striking a post. Bhe fell and was stunned
for a few moments, but quiekly recovered. Beys' bicycle, race, R.
Inches. Girls' bicycle raee, Gertie
Next in order was th* baseball
match between Rossland and North
port, in which Jim Bowes, if Silver
ton, essayed to act ns umpire. It wae
a poach of a game and,,despite the
Boultbee, of Rossland, took the first
msney, and W. Hicks second. W.
Davidson captured lirst in the Victoria Gross race and Bert McNaught
second. And alas, poor Rossland!
After all their exertions, they lost the
tng-of war to Slocan, after a husky
pull. The local men have vanquished the gold bugs three times and feel
now like challenging the universe.
A match race of 220 yards, for $50 a
side, was also pulled off between
Rabe of Rossland anil Douglas of Nelson, the former winning hands down.
The general jamboree wound i p
wi-.li a dance in thc Music Hall.
There was an abundance of music
during tlie day, tlie Rossland boys
vieing with tho local band in loading
the ozone with harmony. Not a mis
hap or quarrel jarred the proceedings
of the day, and a strong feeling of
friendship has been formed between
Slocan and her sister towns, the big
end going to Rossland When the
train pulled out at night there was
an awful uproar, that being the only
way the guests and hosts could show
their appreciation v.i each other.
Those Rosslanders are warm babies,
and when thoy get up a spiel Slecan
is going to emigrate en masse, just
to demonstrate how much thev bank
on the affectionate ways of the citizens ef the gold camp."
Correipoiideitre on BjtsWtnlll Laid ISulurc
the Alslfrin.'si.
Regular fortnightly meeting ofthe
city council was held on Monday
evening, members being all present,
Communications read: From City-
Clerk McQueen, Rossland, requesting
copy of local lire limit bylaw. Ordered filed and the clerk to notify the
Rossland man that the bylaw dealt
only with chimne\s.
Frem R. A. Bradshaw, stating he
had been chargid wrongfully with
taxes on certain property. Clerk ordered to refund overcharge.
Elliot & Lennie, barristers, Nelson,
wrote, riqiusting payment of S. B.
Clement's salary (br month of July
as principal of public school.
Aid, McCallum said as a trustee
that Mr. Clement had not been refusal payment uf salary, but the matter
had Wn re.fi'rred tn the city s ilieitor
fsir advice. The trustees had not vet
met to consider the matter at all. It
should be dealt with by the trustee
Aid. Worden and Smith moved
that the letter he turned over to the
school bo id for action
Aid. Robertson thought the question wouhl in any event come back
to the council if tlie trustees refused
Mayer York thought Mr Clement
had acti'd ton hastily, as he should
have waited for the trustee board to
take action thereon before going Into
Aid. Barber would like to move in
amendment that the clerk answer
Messrs. Elliot si Lonnie that the letter had been referred to the school
lt was agreod to embody both motions in one and it was then carried.
Bills received: R. A. Bradshaw,
interest on civic note, $l(i; civic time
cheek8,$70.50. Checks were ordered
City clerk said thcro was about
;f2G0 on hand in the treasury.
His worship suggested paying $200
off the 3^00 loan in Mr. Bradshaw's
hands, together wiih the interest at
8 per coin. Payment moved by Aid.
Met alluiu and Robertson; also that.
payment of the remaining $&® be
Men's! extended three months.   Carried.
Bill received frotn the M. D. General Hospital for one week's treatment
tn W. Fiske, 515. Referred to the
tinanco committee.
Tlie council authorized a donation
of $25 to the Labor Day celebration.
It was referred to the finance com
Hi-mine business disposed of, the
mayor brought forward affttlll dealing with tho proposed sawmill.
There was nothing to conceal in the
negotiations carried on between tlie
council and the company, and he was
rough  ground,   was  full of lharp I prepared to give up all the enrres-
The game was exceedingly i-ondencs*.    His  worship then  read
close and it was not till the latter halt
ofthe ninth innings that victory finally rested with the lads from across
the line by a scut* of 6 to I, which
meant the coppering ef tho flOJ
The junior drilling eontest aroused
much enthusiasm, though only local
lads entered. There were three
teams, J. McVicars and 11. York win
copies of telegrams passing betweon
the council aud the company. The
agreement sent iho company by the
city solicitor was also read, it being
a duplicate of the company's initial
proposals. An an wer to tho city's
proposals had beon received from G.
('hew, managing director ofthe company, endorsing the proposition, and
this, loo, was read to the council. An
ject, the council agreeing that the
mill must be secured.
The mayor suggested that a committee be appeinted to handle the ne*
gatlations with the company, thev te
report to the council at each meeting.
The aldermen fell In with the idea,
so his worship appointed Aid. McCallum, Nichol and Smith.
More discussion followed and then
Aid. McCallum announced that he
and the mayor had staked the water
privileges On Springer creek for the
city, claiming 50'J inches. Tne water was valuable and at the present
juncture it was well to preserve the
power for the city.
Council adjourned.
HAW Ml I.I, TIlllj FALL.
Krainewerk ta be  Eras-tad   ncforo   tlsa
Snow Fllea.
That the big sawmill for Slocan is
an assured fact is now beyond the
reaims of doubt and, moreover, it, is
to be erected without much further
delay. The past week has been
fraught with importance and many
encouraging incidents have transpired. First of all a communication
was received from George Chow, of
Midland, Ont., managing director of
the Ontario Slocan Lumber Co., stating that negotiations between his
pceple and the city had reached the
point where thc active work of establishing the mill could bo commenced.
In his letter Mr. Chew asks the
mayor to telegraph an as urance that
the bylaw for the purchase of tho site
would c rrv, then the company
would order the necessary machinery
io be shipped at once and a start
made with the construction of the
mill. By se doing the framework
could be up for the main building
and the machinerv installed before
the snow flies, etherwisc the preject
weuld be delayed until next summer. Mr. Chew was curtain the ad
vent ef the mill would result in untold benefit to the city and prosperity
to tlse citizens.
Mayer York and others, acting in
accordance with the spirit of Mr.
Chew's lciter, prepared a petition
calling for signatures of those ratepayers favorable to the mill scheme.
The result was most gratifying.
There arc something liko 06 resident
ratepayers entitled to vote on the
bylaw aud everyone in the city on
Saturday, numbering ovor 40,signed
the petition, and it is known the re
mainlng 20 will do likewise, so that
tho vote will bo unanimous. The
bylaw will call for the raising of
$6,000, and it will be money well invested. His worship telegraphed the
result of the canvass to Mr. Chew en
Saturday evening, ami the latter,
accompanied by his wife, will come
west at once to superintend the con*
ftruction of the mill.
As a further safeguard to thc city's
welfare, the mayer and Aid. McCallum, on Saturday, staked the lower
falls on Springer creek, applying on
behalf of thc city for 500 inches of
water, it was felt this step was necessary in order to save for the citizens a valuable source ef power,
whieh will be called inte requisition
when the sawmill comes, especially
for electrical purposes. Slocan may
now be said to have inaugurated a
marked era of advancement and
commercial progress.
ning with .*)• inches; F. Lavell and | authorized acceptance from the com-
n  *     . ' .        at        V 111  ..         .  t . ..        ...,..-      ..isl        I   111     Is    st
Joe Terry'.) inches; and F. Lavell
and Wm. Foley 8 inchus.   The lads
drilled 10 minutes and in very hard
granite,  so tho showing made was
good.   Lavell and Terry were deem
ed tho winners, as they changed better and struek with more precision,
but they lacked the strength .f Mc
Vicars ii nil York.   The Judges were
Frank Woodsides, Rowland; Angus
McDonald,   Sandon*  R.  J.   McPhee,
Slocan; and Robeit Lake, el'Jackson,
In the novelty race for horses H.
pany was on tho way out, but had
not vet been received. A petition in
favor of the mill bcheiiie had been
circulated among the. ratepayers on
Satutdav without a dissenting voice,
and a letter and telegram announcing that fact sent to Mr. Chew.
Copies of those were read. Tho mill
mint be secured for Slocan against all
rivals, even if thc agreement with
the company had to be modified. It
was uiilortuiiate the company's pro-
posila had not been received.
A discussion followed on the sub-
I.iu-Vy Strike on Exchunge.
Charles Dempstor is playing in
great luck with the properties ho has
been instrumental in floating from
this camp, Particularly is this so
with the Exchange. It is only two
weeks since he started development,
yet tho property has wonderfully
improved. In the main drift there
was a pavstrcak of mixed quartz
carried in for 132 foet, which would
sort down to shipping valuos of $100
per ton. On Sunday a round of holes
was put into what was supposed to be
the, footwall ami a parallel streak of
10 inches of rich black sulphurets
was exposed. Further cutting re
yealcd a third streak of ore afoot
wide, all running parallel, but which
will undoubtedly amalgamate wth
depth. The Exchange is now proven
a bonanza beyond a doubt and is
without question oncot the leaders of
the section. The force has been increased to live men, and preparations
are being made to erect new camps
and to start a long working tunnel
from Dayton creek, which will effectually prove the ground at groat
EaterprUo Miiklag Mussey.
The Enterprise mino, on Ten Mile,
is making monoy, as may bo seen
from the returns Issued bv the company, in London, Eng. Final June
returns gave a profit of $2900 (£51)8.)
Estimated profit for the entire month
of Julv $8760 (£773) Iu each case
the profits arc over and above the
returns from the zinc ore •hipped
from the mine.
I.ait Tear'aShlputente Ware 0514 Teat—
A Healthy Kvldenee nt tha Life and
Waislth or the Caiup- -Arllafften th*
Blggett Shipper.
Ore shipments for thc week amounted to 120 tons, of which the Arlington
shipped 40 tons. The remainder wag
from the Enterprise, which sent CO
tons of zinc to Nelson and 20 tons of
concentrates to Trail. For the year
the total is 4505 tons.
For 1'JOO the exports from this division amounted to 2.347 tons, made
up from 10 properties. Last year
the exports totalled (1529 tons, from
14 properties. Following is a full
list ot the shipments this year te
V1XB. WIRK. Tsrti.1,.
Arlintton  40            2m
Enterprise  80            1681J
Ottawa.  7
Neepawa  101
May  e
Paystreak  6
Duplex  7
Fourth of July  11
Florence  I
Speculator   4
Hampton  4
120 4506
Last week the Sandon mines shipped 124 tons of ore.
Ore has made its appearance in the
workings of the Ottawa.
The Kepublic wagon road is rapidly approaching completisn.
There are a number of deals in
course of negotiation in the camp.
J. M. McGregor is surveying the
Slug Ten, adjoining the Eutei prise
on the east.
A certificate of Improvements has
been issued the Summit fraction, adjoining the Speculator.
Messrs. Mulvev and Clement,, chief '-,
owners in the Ott-.wa. group, have'
received their bend money*
In straightening up the shaft at the
Iron Horse, 14 inches of galena haa
been found behind a false wall.
A. 8.  Farwell Is applying fo**. »v
crown grant en the Morris claim, on
Springer creek, on. behalf ofthe Arlington Mines.
The lessees of the Meteor are sinking an the vein and are meeting
with success. In six feet the ore has
widened out and become richer.
Ore is being taken out at the Exchange preparatory to making a
shipment. A tost assay on the oro
Tuesday gave $35.26 in gold and
256.76 oz in silver.
The Arlington has now the largest
showing of ore, and the highest
grade, in the history ef the mine.
Large specimens of it assay as high
as 15,000 oz to the ton.
The raise between the No. 2 and
No. 3 workings on the Enterprise is
being driven by contract. When
completed there will be more available ore for shipment tban there was a
year ago.
A sample test ofthe main paystreak
on thc Sapphire group, Twelve Mile,
has yielded $24.85 per ton in alt
v ilues over an entire width ef six
feet two inches. Two other smaller
and parallel pavstrcaks give much
higher values in silver.
L. J. Unties, of Detroit; II. Lake,
Windsor, Ont., and Robert Lake, of
Jackson, Mich., who came in bore
last Thursday with Chas. Dempster,
on a visit of inspection, stayed till
Tuesday morning and then continued
their journey on to Vancouver.
While here they inspected the Republic, Mr. Danes also taking in the
Exchange. From their numerous
inquiries, the visitors havo became
favorably impressed with the country, and they are now considering
the purchase of a couple of promising
properties. Mr. Hanes, who is a
wholesale fruit dealer in his own
city, is one of the main owners in the
Republic mine, and his inspection
has fully satisfied him that his investment is a winner. H.Lake is a
contractor and builder, while hia
brother Robert is one ef the leading
monled men of the thriving city ot
Jackson. All arc gentlemen oi high
repute and business integrity, and
their investments here reveal the
opinion formed of the dry ore belt
surrounding Slocan. They hold to
it that with the question of treatment
successful lv solved for tlie big veins
of the camp, and the local mining d>
vision will be about the best thing in
America. They aro the kind of men
Slocan wants to push the burg on to
prosperity and greatness. THE LADY
(Copyright 1900 by Str Walter Bsjjsust.)
I took ber by both bands. I half
lifted ber and bnlf assisted ber. Bbe
sank Into an armrtialr. Bobbing and
crying, and covered her faee wltb her
bands 8he was uot play acting. No,
no. it was real sorrow, true shame.
Ob. tbere wns revenge as well. No
doubt tbere was revenge. If she bad
been wicked, sbe bad also been wrong-
ed. Presently she recovered a little.
Then abe ant up aod began to talk.
"I am tbe most miserable woman tn
tbe world, and I deserve cay misery.
Jack, when yoo go tiaek to your eblp
fall on your knees and tbank Uod tlmt
you are poor anil that Molly lias been
roblied of ber fortune and la also poor.
Oh. to be born rich—believe me. It Is a
thing most terrible. It makes men like
I/ord Fyllngdale, who have nothing lo
do bul to follow pleasure- such pleasure! Ah. merciful heaven, sueh pleasure! And ll makes women. Jack, like
me. We. too, follow pleasure like ttic-
men. We become gamblers. There !*•
no pleasure for me like the pleasure o<
gambling We fall lu love for the pleaa
ure and whlui or II till we are slaves
to men wbo trent us worse than lliej
trt-al Ilieli dogs, worse tinm tliey treat
Iheli In.-keys. Tben we forgs*! bottoi
ntul lioneisiy; then we throw nway rv\r
iitntlssii mui isosnl unine We accept
lei Ltes-hly Maine and dishonor, llj
name bas become a byword. But wbat
of thnt? 1 havo been a man's slave. I
have doue his bUlsliug."
"But how, masliiin "-still I understood very little of this talk, yet became suspicious when she spoke thus
of the jewels—"how came Molly's jewels to be your own''"
"I tell you. Jaek. by promise and
compact. I must ko back to another
discourse with .vou. It was on a certain evening a year ago. You bail made
the line discovery that Lord Fyllngdale was a gamester and tho rs*st of It.
You told me. You also told tin* that
Molly would not keep tier promise and
would certainly uot be at the church
In the morning.   Do you remember?"
I  remember that  we talked about
"We did. Go back a mouth or two
earlier. By a most monstrous deception 1 was brought here. I was told
rtrst that It was In order to further
Mime political object, wblcb 1 did not
believe; next to help blm iu getting
the command of this money—some women. 1 said, easily lose their sense of
honor and of truth when they want to
please their lovers. As for marriage,
he declared for the hundredth time
that there waa but one woman lu all
the world whom he would marry—my-
aelf. New do you understand? lie
had deceived me. Very well. Then 1
would deceive him. At (list my purpose waa to await In the cburcb the
routing of the brlsle and expose tbe
character of the man. Since she was
uot coming I would take her place."
"What? It was you, then—you—
"Yea, Jack. I was the woman you
saw at tbe rails. 1 bad a pink silk
clouk like tbat of Molly. I am about
lhe same height as Molly. I wore a
slomiuo, as bad been arranged. You
took me for Molly."
"But If you were the brlde"-
"1 was tbe bride, I am the Countess
of Kyllngdale—for my sins and sor-
rowa-hls wretched wife."
"But you would be revenged. And
yet you Buffered this monstrous fraud."
"I was revenged. Yet why did I say
nothing? Did I not say tbat you
could never forgive nie? Well, i have
no excuse ouly when I said that women like me. with nothing to do. sometimes go mail after u man and for bis
aake east away honor and cure nothing
for shame aud 111 repute. I eay. Jack."
ahe repeated earnestly, "that I make
no excuse. I teH you nothing but tbe
plain truth.   Ob. how ugly It Is!"
I snld notblng, 1 ouly stood still,
waiting for more.
•When 1 took off my domino lu the
vesiry. my lord, witb the man Purdeu,
only being present, be was like a madman. That I expected. After raging
for awhile und crying out that be was
now mined Indeed and after cursing
Mr. Purden for nol destroying the register he listened to Mr. Purlieu's advice that we should consider a way out
ssf It. Accordingly, In my lodgings, tbe
man Purden. who Is ihe greatest Inventor and eucotirager of every evil tblug
thai lives, net forth the ease with which
lliis limnlage could be claimed unless
then- won any ohmacle sucb as sudden
Illness which might be proved to have
music Molly's presence impossible. In
oilier words, we were to assure the unfortunate Molly that Bhe was already
married, und we were to act as If Unit
was the fact. We ascertained without
trouble that ahe bad uot left tbe house
tbnt morning. Uow? We sent ttie
musicians to congratulate tbe bride,
and the captain sallied forth lo his
wrotb and drove tbem off."
"And to thla you consented out of
your passion for tbe man?"
"Partly. There la alwaya more than
one reason, you know, for a woman's
acts and words. In this ease there
was ii bribe. I confess that 1 have always ardently desired jewels. I cannot bave loo many jewels. He promised. Jack, Hint I should hnve them all
1'iTliaps—I do not know—tbe promise
of Ihe Jewels decided me. Oh, Jack,
they were wonds*rfult No audi bribe
wns ever offered to a woman before."
I ga/ftl upou ber with amazement.
Truly an explanation complete! Vet
what a confession for a proud woman
to mnke! l.ove that made her trample
ou honor aud truth ami virtue aud a
bribe to quicken ber footsteps!
"And now." I said, "you are willing
lo make tills story public."
"I huve thought about the business a
good deol. It has caused me more utt-
noyaiiee than you would believe." Annoyance! Sbe spoke of annoyance)
"Besides, t bave been cruelly abused.
I have been tbe cause or that poor girl
losing a great part, perhaps tbe wbole,
of ber fortune. I have been robbed of
tbe Jewele. He swore to me a dozen
times that be bad never bad ihem. I
may by tardy confession save something from tbe wreck for that poor girl.
He baa wronged me In evpry way-In
ways tbat no woman will or can forgive. I revenge my wrongs by making
him a beggar a few weeks or mouths
before be can come to the end of bis
So Id this distracted way she talked
till one could not tell whether sbe wns
most noted by the thought of revenge
or by pity for Molly or by a whole-
eome repentance of ber ain.
"Jaek." she Bald, "your honest face
Is polled out ns long as my arm. I
could laugh If I were not ao miserable.
Tell me whnt I should do next. Mind.
I will do exactly what you bid me do.
I have lived so long among kites,
hawks, crowe and birds of prey, with
foul creatures and crawling reptiles.
Hint merely to talk to an honest mun
softeus and subdues me. Take me in
the humor. Jack. Tomorrow or next
day. should tbe Idea of the man pos
seas my soul again, if be should stand
over me and take my baud. 1 know uot
—1 know not what would happen. Per
haps even for Molly's sake I could not
resist him, I am but a poor, weak,
miserable woman And he baa led me
hither and sent tne thither and made
me bla slave so loug that be baa be-
under a false name, made Countess ot
Fyllngdale, who did uot step forward
and claim her rights? Now. madam,
the question Is answered. You knew,
but my lord did not know, that the
bride could not come to tbe church.
You were tbere therefore to take her
place. You joined In tbls conspiracy
and kept silence for the reasons contained In this document"
"Quite ao. And uow. sir. what next?
Will you bring my lord to justice?
Shall I have to give evidence against
"Madam, I know not You bave done
your best, not bo much to repair a
great wrong as to stop further wrong.
If I understand matters aright. It will
be Impossible to recover anything tbat
has been taken."
"You might ns well hope to recover
a sack of coals already burued."
"Therefore, what we have to do first
Is to stop further pillage. Next, I apprehend, we must make It clear that
your signature In the register waa
Lady Anastasia rose and put on her
domino again.
"1 am going back to London, air.
My bouse Is In Hnnover square, where
1 am to be heard of for the present. It
waa a bad day's work when 1 was married In that pink clouk. It may prove
• worse day's work when I confessed."
"Nay, madam," I said quietly. "Can
It be a bad day's work to stop a cruel
and unfeeling robbery?"
"I have done my part, gentlemen,
for good or for 111. In a few weeks or
months the man would have beggared
himself as well as that poor girl. Now
he la beggared already. I know not
what he will do uor whither he will
So I led her back to tbe Crown, and
that same day she took her departure,
and I have uever seen ber since. One
letter. It Is true. I had from her, of
which I will tell you In due c urse.
Then I returned to Mr. Itedmnn.
"Jack." he said. "1 am going without
further discussion to warn the niuua-
ger not to seud any more money to
these attorneys aud to disregard their
orders. I sball write at once wurnlng
them that we have now In our bands
clear proof that my client Is not married to Lord Fyllngdale and that we
are now considering In whnt manner
we abould proceed wltb regard to the
large sums thnt bave been remitted by
bla orders. This, Jack, Is the way of
lawyers. We write such a letter, knowing tbat we shall not proceed further
In tbla direction, for the scandal
would be very great and the profit
would be very small. Besides, there Is
tbe awkward fact tbat we made no
protest, but submitted. Yet sure ami
certain I nm that the other side will
not dare to go Into court, being conscious of guilt, yet not knowing bow
much we bave learned."
My story Is nearly finished. Molly
recovered her freedom, with the lose
of by far tbe greater port or her fortune. 8be bnd, Indeed, nothing left except her fleet and the trade carried ou
by tbe Arm In which she was sole partner. Still she remained tbe richest woman In tbe town.
Here follows the letter from the
Lady Anastasia. "My dear Jack," she
said, "news reaches Lynn slowly, if it
gets there at all; therefore I hasten to
Inform you that an end bns come, perhaps tbe end that you would desire.
My lord Is no more. I am a widow.
Yet 1 mourn not. My husband during
the last V2 months bad acted us one uo
longer In command of himself. I cannot think. Indeed, that hu hnd been lo
bis rlgbt mind since he entered upon
thnt grent crime of which you kuow.
He would have gone from bad to worse,
and I should have suffered more and
■till more. He killed himself. Ile
plnced the muzzle of a pistol wltbln
bla month and ao killed himself.
"It waa yesterday. I went to seo
him. 1 bad to tell blm what I had
done. 1 expected be would kill me
come part of my life. Quick, then,
-teck—tell me what to do!"
"Come wilh me," I aaid.
So she wrapped herself lu a long
cloak, not uf pink silk, and she put on
a domino, and I led her to Mr. Red*
man's ollice. And here I begged her to
let tae set down lu writing wbat Bhe
bad told me, but lu fewer words, while
Mr. Itedman stood over me and read
what I wrote and as I wrote It.
"The story, your ladyship," he said,
"Is the most remarkable that I have
ever heard. You will now sign In presence of witnesses—my clerk and one
whom he will bring from tbe custom
house will serve."
So she signed In the snmo bold, running band tbat we bad seen In the registers.
"What next?" she asked.
"Why, madam, we bave to consider
tbe next step. It Is obvious that the
confession removes the wbole of the
difficulty and explains what has hitherto seemed Inexplicable. How. It was
asked, could the place of tbe bride be
filled at the last moment and witbout
previous knowledge that It would have
to be tilled? And who was the woman
thus duly married and actually, though
.remaps it would have been better haa
be done so.
'1 found him witb his attorney, a
man named Blsic, whom I have seen
wilh him frequently.
" 'Pray, madam, take a chair. I am
your bumble servant. You can go,' said
my lord. 'You have my Instructions,
Mr. Blsic. Order tbe manager to proceed with the sale of the ships.'
" 'With submission, my lord. We can
eend him orders, but we can only make
him obey by proceeding according to
law. He finds excuses. He makes delays. He talks of sacrificing the ships
to a forced sale.'
" 'You will not proceed according to
law, my lord,' 1 told htm.
" 'Why, madam?*
" 'Because 1 have been to Lynn my-
Bclf aud have explained certain points
In connection witb tbe marriage service In St. Nicholas' church.'
"My lord looked at me in his cold
way as If neither surprised nor moved.
" 'Mr. Blsic,' be said, 'I will communicate again with you.' So the attorney left us. Then he turned again to
"'My lord,' I repeated, 'I bave made
a statement of all the facts.'
'"I thank you, madam; 1 thank you
with all my heart Let me not detain
"He saisl so more, and I rose. But tbe
door was thrown open, and Mr. Purdeu
walked In without being announced.
" 'Ha,' he said, seeing me, 'we are all
three, then, together again! My lord,
I will not waste your time. I bave
come to explain that since you have
refused to perform your compact you
cannot complain if I bave broken up
the whole business.'
" 'I thought I had ordered you out of
my presence, sir?'
" 'So you did; so you did. I have only
come to say that I have tbls day drawn
up a full confession of tbe conspiracy
Into which I was drawn by your lordship, deceived against my better Judgment by the promise of a large sum of
"Lord Fyllngdale pointed to the door.
'You can go, air,' be said. So the man
Purden went away.
"Then be turned to me. 'Anastasia,
we were friends once. I treated you
shamefully In the matter of tbe Jewels.
Tblngs have gone badly with ine of
late. 1 seem to have no luck. Perhaps I have somehow lost my Judgment Tbat money has done me uo
" 'Curse tbat scoundrel, Sam Semple!
It Is now all over. Tbe game Is played.
Every game come* to an end tn time.
You bad better leave me, Anastasia.
You bave bad your revenge. Let that
consideration console you.'
"I said no more, but left blm. It was
In the afternoon. Two hours later
they heard an explosion. Tbey ran to
find the cause. I.onl Fyllngdale waa
lying dead on the floor.
"So, Jack, we are all punished, and
none of ub can complain. For my part
I am going Into the country, where 1
have a small dower house. The solitude and the dullness will, 1 dare say,
kill me, but I do not care about living
any longer. ANAsrABix."
She did. however, pass Into n better
mind, for I heard some time after that
she had married the dean of the neighboring cathedral, not under the name of
Lady Fyllngdale, which she never assumed, but that of her first busbnnd.
As to the other confederates, tbe
poet, the colonel and the parson, I
never heard anything more nbout them,
nor do I expect now that 1 ever shall.
The rest of Molly's history, dear render, belongs to me nnd not to the world.
'1111'. END.
A  Btrate-rlat.
"I done got even wlf de brown
skinned gemmnn dat cut me out," said
Mr. 1'i'nstus Plnkly.
"He ain' little 'nuff foh you to whip,"
eald the friend.
"No; but he's mos' drefful superstl-
Houb. Au I got a few friends to clrele-
ate de repoht In his neighborhood dat
It's unlucky to cnt chls'keu, an now he's
dnt nervous an mls'able he does' know
what to do wlf blsse'f."—Washington
1:1. i.iuiiii.' Teeth,
An elephant lurs only eight teeth altogether.    At fourteen years the elephant loses Its tlrst set of teeth, and a
new aet grows.
Orderly Illlrj, Who Met Death "With
a   I.i..is;li.
"Courage, fidelity, honesty, are the
soldier's cardinal virtues, which, summed up, read tbe plain and simple doing of one's duty. And It was In Bice
Graves' battery before Fort Doaelson
that the virtues of the Confederate soldier were tried to the uttermost," said
the old staff officer.
"Among them all Tom Riley, tbe orderly, shone out resplendently, for he
went to certain death against orders
because be tbougbt lt was his duty.
Graves' battery bad been got up In the
lower part of Kentucky. 'No married
man nor men with sweethearts need
apply' had been the order of the captain In organizing It. And the battery
looked the part. Tbey were tho dars>
di'vlls of Donelson. They would sing
while they abut and crack jokes repulsing a charge. Tbe captain had made
Kilcy orderly to keep tbe wild Irishman
ln order. Between the two there was
an affection almost brotherly.
"On the second day of Donelson
Graves' battery was In a mighty tight
box. The battery bad been ordered
Into the rifle pits, and It seemed to tbo
men that about a million bluecoats
were shooting at them. For hours they
lay under the leaden storm. Tbe enemy
kept coming closer and closer. Something had to be done. To show one's
head above the trenches meant death.
" 'Bun out a gun and let 'em have It
boys,' aaid Graves.
"One round was fired, but It seemed
only to bring down on that spot every
Federal gun In reach. To reload the
Confederate piece one man had to show
himself. Tbe gunuer sprang to his
place, rammer In hand. The piece wns
reloaded, but the cannoneer fell dead.
Again the gun from Graves' battery
spoke. A second time it was reloaded,
and a second cannoneer lay dead beside
his piece.
"Time after time this was repeated.
The dead piled up about the gun. The
entire Federal fire coucentrated ln an
effort to silence It It took two men
now for one shot. The battery boys
had quit Joking. They lay grim and determined lu the pit. As one fell the others moved up toward tbe gun. Tbe
nearest would Bay, 'Goodby, fellows,'
and Jump to bis place, only to fall a
minute later. The captain bad ordered
Tom Blley to stay behind wben tbe battery went Into the pits, but scarcely
had tlnyiien got settled before Riley
" 'I couldn't help It, elr,' he said to
Graves and took hia place among tbe
men. Slowly death worked Its way
along the line toward Riley. Now be
was threo, tben two and one before the
captain knew It Then Gravea saw tbe
" 'Come here, Riley,' he cried. 'Yon
are not a gunner. You are my orderly.
You have no business there.'
"Tbe cannoneer before Riley fell
dead. Tbe wild Irishman seized the
rammer aud turned to tbe captain. 'It
Is my duty, sir,' he said.
"Then, as though on parade, but with
desperate swiftness, be began to load
the gun. A shot knocked blm to bis
knees, but be staggered up again and
finished the work. Then be turned and
bowed In tbe direction of tbe bluecoats.
" 'Why don't ye learn how to shoot?*
be yelled.
"He stepped back Into cover and fell
bleeding from half a dozen wounds.
" 'I wouldn't 'a' given 'em the satisfaction o' knowing It,' he murmured
"Two of tbe men picked him up tenderly and began to carry him to tbe
rear. They passed Graves, and Riley,
looking up, saw tears In his captain's
"The orderly, already dying, was recalled to life. He forced a bloody laugh.
" 'Shure. captain, darliiit,' he cried,
'don't ye mind. Why, I nln't had so
much fun since me mither died.'
"And Tom Blley tried to salute, but
died beforo be could quite manage it"
—Louisville Courier-Journal.
Caaarlea aa Weather Prophets.
"I have beard of all sorts of barometers, or, rather, weather signs, but I
know of no more reliable weather
prophets tban my birds," snld a Baltimore lady who owns several canaries.
"I can almost always tell when it Is going to rain by the dlBtluctuess with
which I can bear the trains nt night,
but the birds are even more reliable
than that If I bear them singing In
the morning early, before I take the
coverings of their cages off, I know
that the day will bu a good one, no
matter If It Is raining at tbe moment,
but If they do not sing I am sure there
will be bad weather before tbe day Is
over. I bave never known them to fall,
and I never think of going shopping or
calling unless tbe birds sing In early
morning. That Is wby I never get
caught In the rain, as many of my
friends do. That poor weather bureau
man, wbo makes so many mistakes In
bis prophecies, ought by all meaii8 to
get himself some eauarles."—Baltimore
The Caattoae Cossack.
Bays a Busslan traveler: "The Cossack bears himself as If there was always a Klrgheez with a spear before
and a Bashkir with a drawn aword behind blm. He always appears angry
and extremely cautious, as If be were on
tbe battlefield watching his euemy and
careful of attack from behind. Coming Into contact with a stranger, the
Cossack looks at him with a searching,
scrutinizing eye; his talk Is like that
heard In a cross examination at the
bar; bis Interrogations are catching
questions. So they are all. the men and
the women, the young and the old.
The Insolence of their young children
end aged persons makes a revolting Impression. Probably all Russia wns In
the alxteenth nnd seventeenth centuries
as tbe Cossacks nre nt present—power
ful, harsh, Insolent, half savage." I
A.loislahlnu  Amount  ■>"  Mnrlli  Thr.*
Plows Down   ine  MUalHs.lpt'l.
"Tlio capacity <>f the Mississippi foi
filling up canals and old channel"" Is
something awful." suys John Swain In
Alnslee's. "Government engineers have
found that the amount of solid mutter
annually carried past Vlcksburg In ens
pension ls enough to make a block of
enrth 300 feet high and n mile square-
Fifty feet off the top of tbls Is sprenil
nrotind on the valley between here anil
the sen. and the rest goes out Into the
gulf of Mexico to build up more contl
"Tblnk whnt that means. Instead ol'
a river of water thlB Ib a river of land
It would make a solid stream of earth
fivo feet deep nnd ulue feet wide, (low
Ing night and day as fast as a man can
walk, four miles un hour, ull sliding
down off the northern half of the coun
try toward the sea. Year In, year out.
thnt endless line of earth goes on. It
would take n force of more than ."iO.OOli
men working III eight hour shifts to
throw tbe dirt Into the stream, suppos
Ing the river bed were rigid and an In
exhaustible supply of dirt ou the bank.
It would make 23,000,000 wagon loads
every year.
"But here—what are the use of Biieh
figures? Below Vlcksburg—and above
It, too, to an extent—we have the earth
Itself to speak for It. Except for the
occasional fragments of the line of
bluffs along the eastern edge below
here wblcb bob up ut Fort Adams, nt
Natchez, at Grand Gulf, ut Baton
Bouge, nt Port Hutlson, Ihere ls nothing about the level of the blgb water
river except the artificial levees. These
are In places miles buck, great earthen
banks, sometimes thirty feet high or
more, sodded and free from trees,
which protect the wonderfully fertile
region behind them.
"And all this level country which
the river overflows nud fertilizes ls
constantly Increased by this river of
dirt which the Mississippi brings down
from the Inner region, gathered all the
way from tbe Rockies to the Allegha-
nles. Sometimes the river starts to eat
nway this Innd tbnt It baa made, lu a
single summer, If It will. It eats nway
half a mile of It out of Rome bend. It
cuts It out Bometlmes on acre at a
bite und takes witb it forests, houses,
levees and all else.
"Tbe river Is not a uniformly moving
stream. One side or the middle moves
swiftly; the other parts ore still or
sluggish. Bometlmes even these run
up stream. The swift part is the channel current and runs In the deepest sections. It makes crossings whenever
driven off shore by a promontory.
These crossings are dumping places
for the surplus earth the river has
picked up In tlie bend it Is eating."
Oae  of  Fleld'a  Crnry   Jokes.
In his biography of Eugene Field
Sliison Thompson says that shortly aft
er the humorist's arrival In Chicago It
occurred to blm one bleak day In De*
(Somber that It was time the peoplo
knew there was a stranger In town.
So he arrayed himself In a long linen
duster, buttoned up from knees to collar, put nu old straw hat on his bend
ami, taking a shabby book under one
arm aud u pelf leaf fan In his hand, he
marched all lhe way down Clark street,
past the city ball, to the office. ""very
whero along the route he was gri'.*is*d
with Jeers or pitying words, as his up
pearancc excllesl the mirth or commit*.
era tion of I lie pussersby.
When he reached the entrance to The
Dally News office, he was followed by
a motley crowd of noisy urchins, whom
ho dismissed witb a grimace and the
cabalistic gesture with which Nicholas
Kooriin perplexed nmi repulsed An
tony van Corlear from tiie battlement
of the fortress on Itensselairslelii
Then, closing the door In tlietr astott
Ishetl faces, he mounted the two Mights,
of stairs to tin* editorial rooms, when1
he recounted; with the glee or ihe hoi
he was lu such tilings, the success of
his Joke.
I'rnlne of Work Well Done.
Perhaps there Is nothing else ao
productive of cheerful, helpful service
as tbe expression of approval or praise
of work well done, und yet there is
nothing so grudgingly, so nieugerly
given by employers. Many of them
hcs'iii  to think  that commendation  Is
demoralising and that the voicing of
appreciation will lend to llNtlessueKN
and tlie Withdrawal of energy nnd lu
Iciest. This evinces but u poor knowl
edge of human nature, which Is al
ways hungering for approbation. But
how mistaken SllCh views nre Is shown
by the loyal und unstinted service glv
en to those large minded men who
treat their employees as members of o
family committed to their care
Her  < iin.isluilon.
At a confirmation at Btrassbiifg tbe
bishop asked of a pretty Koubicite ths*
usual question of the Heidelberg cuts'
"Whnt Is yonr only consolation In
life und dentb?"
The neophyte blushed nnd tipsltnteit
The first question was repeated, ami
then she stammered out:
"Tho young Ihnemnker In the next
Wise ai Last,
Btoekson Bonds-Poof I.ambtpy! He
never could get on the right side of the
CutUn   Kewpo,,N-0|.,   but   he   has
been for the Inst three months or so
Stockson Bonds-It. ally? What-'
Cutteu Kcwpoiia-Tbc outside    Ho's
quit "
A-Mlna-   Ihe   ll..,,«h,„,
"Brotherllllghtusir.., ,lr). j,)U cor)trlb
nttng nnyAiing for the benefit of the
heathen llu\ year?" u
"Yes  sir   lam baying ,-„ Wlmh.
done at a Chinese luuudrv."-<-i.i,.....„
'i'ri bu ne.
Not So Muny  Vear* Alto M, ,,  md ,.
ivnittliiH  for Soot land,
Quite it thrill of shrprise was caused
by u Scottish member of parliament
who was recently observed calmly
knitting a stocking while waiting Ui
the BUioktug room of the bouse of com.
mons. At the present day the sight of
a man plylug tbe knitting needles is a
novel oue,. though .iu the remoter part**
of Scotland lt is" not at all uncommon.
Less thnn half a century ago, however, the greater part of tbe stockings
worn were knitted by the men folk,
the women routining tbelr attention
more or lees to spinning.
Tbe shepherd Starting out at th*
break of day to bis duties on the U'd
would us soon have forgotten his luiuti
of oaten cakes and barley bannocks as
bis knitting needles and Wool. As he
trudged through the heather ou hi**
visit to each part of his wide scattered flock or directed from a convenient height the rounding up efforts of
bla faithful collie his tireless lingers
piled tbelr task.
Even the well to do farmer as he
chatted with a friend of markets and
"nowt" (cattle) could 111 bear .to tea
tbe minutea waated, and the "click,
click" of hla needlea bore witness to
bla diligence.
Sucb Industry aeema strange to tbs>
present day mind, but whut else had
tbey to occupy tbelr minds and time?
Newspapers, as we know them now,
tbere were absolutely none. Once a
week or leas frequently a email local
sheet would circulate among the well
to do homes.
As for books, these were often Um.
tted to the Bible and "The Pilgrim's
Progress." Of games there were but
few, and for the moat part these wer*»
not encouraged.
JtktwiT,  the  Widow  Bar-stow Bad
th*  Preacher's Test.
"Talking about widows," said tbe
man wltb the stogy, "did 1 ever tell
you about Jakeway aad tbe Widow
Now, tbere hadn't been a word said
about widows, but one of tbe party replied. "No. elr; you never did."
"Well," said the man wltb the stogy.
"Jakeway waa n character, one of those
you read about He'd lived alone for
years. When he waa a young man, he
had been disappointed ln love or something, and from tbat time be'd been
sour—a reg'lar woman hater—and the
particular object of bla dislike was the
Widow Barstow, aggressive from her
bead to ber heels. The very sight of
her to old Jakeway was like tbe waring of a red flag to a bull.
"They useter go to the some church,
but the ushers knew the situation well
enough to put • goodly portion of the
sanctuary between tbem. Unfortunately on oue Sunday tbere wus s new
usher. The opening service wns well
under way, and Jakeway was lu a pew
by himself well down toward the front
wheu down the alale came the new
usher with tbe widow tailing along ln
bis wake, und he banded heir Into .lake-
way's pew.
"The old man gave one look as Die
figure rustled in; then he gathered up
his umbrella, his bat his bandana and
his prayer book and*-cleared tbe bad
of the pew In front with tbe agility ot
n boy, and just aa be landM on tbe '
front si'ist the preacher gave out bis
" 'There hath no evil befallen you
eucb as is common to man but tiod
will with the temptation also make a
way of escape.'"
A Fatnnne Coaaajllaient.
Of famous compliments paid to the
fnlr sex the supply Is so lurge and ilai-
•sllng that It Is a matter of no small
difficulty to pick out the brightest
gems, but If tbe following was uo-
looked for It certainty des«*«!>s a place
among the best: I'outenelle when nine*,
ty years old passe-d before Mme. H*-'-
vellus witbout perceiving her.
"Ah." snld the lady, "tbat Is your
gallantry, then! To pass before me
without ever looking at me!"
. "If I bad looked at you. madome," replied tbe old benu. "I never could bave
passed you Ait all."'
The Tf-shle Napkin.
Curiously enough, that article now
considered almost Indispensable, the
tnble napkin, was first used only by
children and waa adopted by elder
members of the family about tbe nild-
illss of the fifteenth century. In etiquette'books of an earlier date than
tbls nmong otber sage pieces of advice
for children are Instructions nbout wiping tbelr fingers and Upe with their
lt seems that the tablecloth was long
enough to reach the floor nnd served
the grown people Id place of napkins-
Wben tbey did begin to use napkins.
tbey placed them first on the shoulder,
then on the left arm and Anally tied
tbem about the neck. i
A Chance Foe Hiss.
"I am nfrald," said the high browed
bard, "that my poetry will never attract public attention."
"Cheer upl" aaid the loyal compnn*
Ion. "Maybe you'll get appointed to
ofliee ono of these days, and then everybody will talk about your poetry.
Hon tr Be Hmmar.
Jlnka-Wlint do you consider 'be *+
cret of happiness*!
Wlnks-Mnke -money enon***h to nay
>our wife everytblug she wants
.   Wbf H» Rejoice**..
Daughter-Papa' went  off In «res
humor this morning. ■ .,,,
Mothcr-My goodness! That WBiln"
mc I forgot to nsk him fdf any money-
. The Drill.
Leeds corporation is to supply gas
I cooking grids dee ol charge to cus-
-• having automatic meters.
1 loin
"iTs-iOAN.  BB1TISH  COLUMBIA,   i   Th.- youngost monarch who ever ns
gLUUft».  . Icentlesl  il„.   n..,,,..i.   .1    ,,	
„.    ,.m,rer I live,   the   more 1 am
llu'     bat the great dilTerence b,*-
cer      ,,.en   between the feeble    and
tw08" werful, the great and the in-
tirant   is energy,  invincible   de-
'"■^ nation—a  purpose   once   fixed
in. youugost monarch who ever as-
^niled Un' British throne was Henry
| "* I     He was rt months and 2s".   days
old ut. din accession.
snii <'"'•••
death   or  victory.—Powell
So Weak lit; Couldn't Stand—Ter-
riblj Broken Up uud Unublo to
Kind u e'uie—Dodd's Kidney Pills
AluUi> linn Well.
(Compiled Irort The Oommerclal)
Wheat—The  wheat   markets  during
the past week huvs* been characterized
by  dullness   in  cash    wheat,   but  at
UJ       uni'llCOsl      lit     t  it   ,11 \\ 1HMI ,       llltl-      -.li
the same timo u nervous, mostly active, ami uncertain business   in   the
linir irom   vii-o  «*•■".»■   *-•   ■»	
-   i„   .tttinir unrips* tru t, etUttmbsrs,
c,e" acts with wonderful rapidity and
■"*■"• ....IH to conquer the disease. Nss
**"* ...I test cholera if thev have is hot'
",'"',[}' iIiIh medicine convenient.
,,..,,. appears to    oxlst    a greater
,,:,,, to live long thun to live well!
uLguru a  man's desires,  he cannot     ____        _  ^ ^
r      I .nir enough;    measure by    his j ills, ta the digestive ontans, which natu-
ll*'1' 5 a  V,a tsnii smt   IIvpiI tony I rally demand  lncretmed  su islaiice—rsssull.
co„il deeds and he has not uvea ionk I ,,„,-,,„,„, ttDUetlu   (f0rthrop &  Lvmanl
„,„ I,   measure by his    evil deeds. 10f 'I'oi-onto     .„>.<. .,u.«,,   ...    n„. ....i-.ii.-
",'„l i,  lias lived too long.—'/immei
bmivil/    mnnillK    un.iv,ijr    it    IIUL'CSSlll'.V
, Nuit, itrengtheulns the frame, ami giving
i lilsi to tlis* sline.stivc orir	
1   . ..IS..     .I...«...,.!     U.u..~l
      have siivsiii   to     the  publ.
thoir superior Quinine* Willi* at   tht* sshiiiiI
rate,     soul,     iriuiireil   liy     the    opinion  nt
Ms-lent iHtH.   this  willi)
perfection   til   any
dsTUggtStl   "ell   It.
approachea   nearest
in    the   market.      All
I bought a horse with a supposed
ly   mnu able   ringbone    for $3ii.00
htm   with    fl.oo
Disguise thyself as thou wilt, still,
slavery,    still   thou   urt    a    bitter
draught : und though thousands    In
r       .'     '.I "11   ages  have  been    muds*     tsi  drink
worth    of I ,,,.„. ,i,,,,,   ,,,.,  ,,., i,
iflMAKB'9 LINIMENT, and sold
hlm ',„ four months for $85.00. Profit on Liniment,  $54.00.
Hotel Keeper.
St. Phillip'! Que-. Nov. 1st. 1901.
jtllee t lio il   urt no less bitter   on that
| account — Sterne.
j Kinard's Liiiicenl Cp Burns, Etc.
I    Kvci> mun clinics wliat he believes
|Is a real secret.  There are no real
| secs'.'ts.
Su. I has been the increase of pop-
uiiitiisi in civilized countries that the
spttL'e occupied by sine person n century »-" must now contain three.
HINAi-lD'S LffllMEMT for Salt ErerywUm.
ll i well to remember when papering i' small room thut blue in all
liijhl -.hades nial.es it room look
laricn Dark colors, or paper with
liir.'e gutters, have the opposite ef-
BKF.I Tir.'tSM— This  is unhappily   nn
ice iii ketitlcUtn, but there is one tsoinl
ti|i in  willed  persona  acssusslntrs]   with  Use
salt..-il   us;ree.   namely,   that  Ur     I I us'
Itlii tiie till la o. meatclne which ran be
tw-il ii|iiin to cure m couKb. remove naln
Ial M.reH ul various kiwis, awl benefit
in. iiii'isu.i'il portion of the lio.lv lo
«i.. ii  it  la applied.
Every life is n work of art shaped
by the mun who live*) it; according
t.s the faculty of the artist will lie
the quality of his work, and no general itik-s can supply thc place of his
own direct perception nt every turn
I'll', quarrels over "principle," are
the meanest und most bitter in tin1
Cum   oil   the Ills   of Little   Babies
ntul Big Children,
Without discretion, learning is pedant:... ami wit Impertinence; virtue
itself looks like weakness; tbe best
pails only qualify a man to lie mon*
■priglitlj in errors and active to bis
imn prejudice.—Addison.
Monkey brawl Soap cleans kitchen ulen-
s-iK Meet iron anil tinware, knives ami
lurks,  uml  all   kinds  nl cutlery 80
Satisfy some people nnsi ys»u sire in
*svi uin;
This  meslicine  is  good   fsir  all children,  from  the feeblest  infant, whose
life   seems   to hang by a thread, to
the sturdy   boy whose   digestive ap
puratiis occasionally nets out ul or-
<ler.     There is no stomach or bowel
trouble   that    Baby's   nun  Tablets
will not speedily remove ami prompt
ly cure, and da it In a natural way,
as tho medicine Is guaranteed tocon-
jtain no opiate or harmful drug. Ex-
|n i is-iii s'tl  mothers everywhere praise
[Baby's own Tablets above all medi
IclneS     Mis. .Iitines A. WiImiii, Wyoming, Ont . suys :   "1 huve usesl Baby's
Own Tablets Tor both my   children,
and consider tliem  Indispensable   In
I uny home where then* are young children.     One of my children was very
fretful, and I always found the Tablets comforting, and u splendid regulator' n1 the stomach and bowels.    I
think   tho   Tablets   have   been   the
moans of  promoting  many  a   sound
night's    real    fur both    myself    and
hililn-ii "
i h'larcn ink.* tints' tablets as readily i.s- candy, ami crushed to a pow-
il.*r tbey can bo given With absolute
safety to the youngest, weakest in-
luir Nmi can get the Tablets from
any dealer In medicines, or post paid
nt li." rants a box, by writing the
Dr. Williams Medlcino Co., Brock-
vills.. Ont., or Schenectady, N   Y.
Smiths Polls, Aug. 251—(Special)
—The cure of Mr. Theodore Young,
ol this place, is a wonderful example
of Lhe progress thut medical science
has iniide in tho last few years. i
Lip till a short time ago the sloc-
tois claimed that Bright's Disease
wan absolutely inciirublL*. and in (act
ttntr'u an a few who still adhere to
this theory,
l'.si lirlght's Disease i.s nsit Incurable. Dodd's Kidney l'ills will cure
this terrible uiulusly und have doue
so  in  thousands Of cases.
Tlis.se who are skeptical need not
go fai ther than this town to lind
proof. Mr Voung niukes lliis statement:—
"i was afflicted for about two
yents with Kidney Trouble and
chronic Bright's Disease, My urine
wns very dark und I lost considerable blood, making nie so weak 1
coul'l scarcelj  stand.
"Aftei using tbe Brsl imx of
Dodd'a Kidney l'ills, 1 was much
belts i, ami when I had used four
boxes I was able to resume work,
winch I hail not done for some lime
"I can conscientiously recommend
Dodd'a Kidney Pills to uny one afflicted ns I was."
Mr Young's case is only one of n
lir.'nt man) where Hodd's Kidney
l'ills came to the rescue after everything else had failed. They huve
coin i tiered Bright's Disease and restored to life and health men and
women who hail not expected to ever
again enjoy this great blessing.
Dodd's Kidney l'ills having demonstrated their ability to grapple with
Kidney Disease in its very worst
form—Bright's Disease—cun certainly
he depended on to cure uny of the
lesser foi ins
Dodd's Kidney l'ills nre the only
itiitltcini- thnt has ever cured Bright's
September options in the Americtu.
Speculative markets. Old wheat in
position for Immediate delivery is
comparatively scarce, and up till
this week prices for it have kept U)
Ogilvie's Oats
Delicious flavor.   Free from hulls      Warranted Pure.
Put  up  in   all  sized  packages.
S.III.-1       MV.-IY      ,,S   ISS-3       S'lS SL       llll.S l\ I    ( F I ISJ,     |
well. There is, however, ti large crop !
of Spring wheat in the American untl
Canadian Northwest, a great deal of
Which is already saved iu the southern districts, and with every day of
good harvest weather now there is
so much more made safe. The prospect of this large crop lias prompted
very free short selling by professionals in the speculative markets for future delivery, especially for the
1 months of September and December,
and this selling forward has pushed
priii's   doWn   to   what   seems   unceses-
sary ami unreasonable figures.
This week the market for Manitoba
wheat has   become   completely stagnant,   in the fore part of tho week
there was a little demand for wheat
at.   l'ort  William,   available  to    loud
on  vessels at  once,  but towards  the
end  of tbo    week  buyers  hud    withdrawn altogether.      Exporters    have
been out  of    ths* market   for some
time,   and   the  little   thai   has     been
shipping   lias  been   to    the    Ontario
trade,     Evidently this trade is getting alarmed  by    the drop  in   cash
wheat    in  the    stall's unsl    the    low
prices   for  future   delivery,   und    are
quitting tuking more    in the meantime.    Prices at tho beginning of the
week   were TIlJc   for   1  northern,     in
store l'ort William, und 71 Jc for No.
2 northern;  nnd  several smaller  lots
were worked at these prices.   Friday,
however,  so depressed hud things become thut 1  northern was offered ut
78c, and '2 northern at 71c,  without
finding  buyers.     No  business    to  it-
port   in  new  wheat yet.   Value of  1
northern  September  delivery  in store
Fort William  is supposed to  bo 'iftc.
At  Liverpool     on  Saturday 'No.   1
northern spring wheat wus tpioted at
Os 3 ;t-Hd
Ogilvie's Hungarian
If vv cannot lay the foundation, it
Is something to clear nway the rubbish; if we cannot get np truth, it is
something to pull down error — Mac-
natsM'a tans*.
•Tut why did you mim-* yonr bniiy
afier ills mow diMfputiib:'* um-usim ■■
tl,,. Bi.rprlsed fri.-nd B**k"*l III* b'"1"1
jonn^ mother.
"Well, you see I eipert him to Im
prove on   the   former   beiir-r   of   Hu
name    Indeed, he hardly can help It
because lhe nnei'stoi was so very oast
If I had uiuueO him'il*''* '•■•' """" '*"'
tltii-iuilied  iiieiiibei   or  lhe  fiunil).  he
n-tKlit not bave Ihetl up to the nnme
Babies hardly evei  do when ihs'>   are
named for great peritohngfa, ns I have
efleu noticed."
Iii nut   act as if thou waal  going
to li\e ten thousand years      Death
hangs over thee.    While thou llvest,
while  it   is in thy power, be good
Marcus Auroliua.
MINAl'D'S UNlMfflT Relieves Neom'iia.
Sutie ini'ii ss'pk  iustile    and   some
hav.- it forced upon them,
A fin l  and In r money    are   soon
rhralrall*-. Hot MfBla"!"*
Dlck-You were born to be a writer.
Charlie (blusbltiglyi-Ah. you ye eeen
some of the things I've turned off.
Hick-No. I was thinking what a
splendid eur you have for currying a
ne-Tben It's all over.
She-Yee-for you.
When a trump    sees an axe M al-
wa.vH givoa him a splitting' headacne
Are you going
to start a
Newspaper ?
11 Then write to us for price* and
terms upon TYPE. MATERIAL and
MACHINERY.   : : : :
*' We carry the only stock In the
Northwest, and an furnish com*
ptetc Job and Newspaper Plants at
■hurt notice i also Ready-Prints in
all sizes and styles. •.:•:*■•••'•
Ibe  Roar.
At all times the ruse hits enjoyed pe
oullar favor ns n sacred flower.   Mo
hammedini tradition says that when
Baladln capturetl Jerusalem he refused
to enter the shrine of lhe temple which
had been converted luto a church by
tbo Crusaders till the walls bnd been
thoroughly cleansed and purim-d with
rosewater.    A similar story Is told of
the Church of St. Sophia, nt Constant)
DOpla, when transformed from a Christian  place of  worship to a  MOham
mednn mosque. The origin of the tt we,
iii'i'oniitig to Moslem tradition, in that
the hlood of tin* prophet sprang into
new life in this glorious crimson flower.    To this <I:iv  when a   lurk sees a
ruse lying on tlie ground In* will raise
it tenderly, kiss it reveieui j and de
posit the Trull blORHOU  lu some place
of safety.
Mul.t   til sills..
Mnlst hands may be Iliads' mure tutu
fortalils'by washing ami brushing lln'in
In tepid wnlcr lu which u few grains
of iiluui or ti few drops of iiriuiiatic
sulphuric   acid   have   been   dissolved.
Dry tiu'in wiiii n rough towel nnd dust
the palms wilh tali'uni powder.
Moon  ssss.i   Weal ber.
It Is suid of the moon thnt "If tbe
new moon appears with the points of
the crescent turned up the month Will
be dry; If the points are turned down,
It will be wet"
sail Takes om lak.
Ink slnlns can be taken out by the
application of dry salt wlill ■ tin" lull
It wet. Ah hoshi ns the salt Is dlseol
ored by the Ink brush ll off mill put on
some mure, dampening It 0 Huh'.   'I Id*1
is lo be continued until tbe stain is out
Htsw  Thi*r   l--|lsift-   nnd   Dilfl   In   the
AsJIrnisslnek   H.-iilon.
On a good drlfimnklng day In the
Adlrondacks the snow comes not lu
ths* star Kbuped "hikes lhat look so
pn uy when portrayed on a page t>f the
dictionary, but In small pellets These
pellets are In stuipe like tiny while
liKitliuli* usually, n.ul ihs'y come roll
ing uud Iniiibllug dowu wind as if ihej
had been "klckiNl for fair" by the half
buck gods sif the pile And set while
tbey roil untl tumble uud Itotmtl they
ti*.nl lodging places, und us the idler
gnzes lie s..s ilieni pile up in a wall on
Ih.* crest of lhe roild CUt. lllghel and
hi; her grows ihe pile, forming at lirsi
u rertical wall. I ut before this has
risen three Inches it is seen to overhaul.
tbe gulch.
'I hough round und easily rolled, thesi
pellets in some way tit to each otber in
bricks would, until tlie overhung is pn
haps a fifth us gnut as the elevation ol
the wull, and then, marvelous and Im
possible as It would seem to the tinae
customed observer, " lip forms on tin
crest of the wall, lind BOOH It begins tn
droop uud hang down   Wider and lou
ger it grows, farther ami farther li
droops, until Its Shape Is precisely liks
the lip formed on a  huge wave wh-ii
ll breaks on a shoal water bench.  Llpl"
lh:'.t nre ten feet wais* und hang down
three feet clear or nil. though but si*.
or eight Inches thick  where they Join
lhe chin of the wall, nre not uiicniu
mon.  By what magic is it that these
frozen, oblong pelh'ts that go bounding
along ns merrily us footbiills form Into
SUCh a shape as that? Of course If the
storm continues a time usually comes
when tlie lips break ofT because of tbelr
grent weight And then uo new lip
fut ins to replace the lost one. The snow
merely drops over Into tho lee of lhe
wall nnd gradually fills the cutting.-
S. ribner'e. 	
Ofllrra nnsi <lnis'i**srrkers.
It  fi'i'i|iieiitl\   liHppeu*. thai  when a
'linn gets au office he Until It too small
for hlin    Km  they're all willing to
si|Uei'?.e In.
Vneht  ruclirg Is one of tlie chief dl
Versions in the Hawaiian Islands.
THEY   NEVER   KAll.   - Mr    s    M
UrouutiDcr,    Lanaton,      writes i    " For
aiiisut two yt'iuM i wsiss troubled with inward tiles, but hy using Parmelee's
rills, i  >mi» lotnptetwy ouied, ami    ssi-
thOUgh fniir years Isssve s*la|iN,.|| since
then tliey hnvt* nsit returned." I'lsruii*-
lee's l'ills nre anti-lulinit*. ssnsi a Ipsclfic
hu-  tlie sure  ot  l.lver  nntl  Kidney    Com*
niniiits.   Dyspepela,   Coatlveness.   Hs-nii-
su-lie.   Piles,   etr .   ntul   will   regulate   the
sccretlona nmi rnnove all bilious matter.
KLOUIt—Demand is light and the
market is unchanged as follows:
Ogilvie's Hungarian. S2.().rs per sack
Ol '.>8 lbs. ; Olensira Patent) $1.90.
Alberta. $1.7.r>. Manitoba, H.CO;
XXXX, S1.2.-J.
ItTLLPEED - Bran is firm untl
worth |15 per ton in bulk. Shorts
firm at S17 per ton In hulk, delivered, subject to usual trade discounts.
GROUND PEED—We quote : Oat
chop, per ton, ***2H, barley chop, S'2'2:
mixed barley und oats, 82*-*; ont
screenings, $11; oil cake, **■■'••.
DAI'S—Now   thai    new   slss'ks    are
close at hand the countr*)' sihiiiis to
be  full   of  nit!     oats,   antl    there  bus
been u sharp decline in price,     it is
.doubtful if  No.  1   white suits   could
In* solsl  tsnlny   for more than •fit- pel
bushel  in ear bits.   Tlie smt   market
has been    lu*lsl up to    uu abnormal
level   by a combination   of   circumstances which are now rapidly disup
pearl ng.   The partial failure ol    the
eastern crops untl  the failure of   the
United States    corn crop   last >s*ur
were the leading factors and had n
decided   Influence    upon   oat   prices
here.   The  wur   in  Stintli   Africa  and
consequent  demand for   outs    there
wus  also     an    important     Influence
These factors  will  not  lie  in evidence
when the next crop is marketed,  bul
on the contrary there will  be a large
eastern  ntul   l'nited   States  crisp     of
oats anil corn  to compete with. The
effect of this must Inevitably   be to
lower  the  price.      Local  feed  dealers
ure mostly loaded up with ssuts, and
are not anxious to buy, nnd there is
but little demand for shipment.   For
No. 2 white oats, the price today on
track.   Winnipeg,   or    in     store.   Kurt
William, is nominally 85c per biisbi'l;
und for feed grades 32 tsi 3Bc    per
BARLEY— There is practically nothing thong iii barley, Some inferior
quality stuff wus offered in Winnipeg
Inst week without lintling buyers,
buyers. About .'I's tss Ittic per bushel
for carlota on truck is about the prevailing price.
HAY—New hay is plentiful. We
quote Sl> to $" per ton for fresh
baled  In carlots sin track.
POULTRY—Spring chickens, 10 tn
40c per pair, alive; fowl, 70 to 7.">e,
ducks uud gss'se. Be per pound; tuv*
keys,   1 Ic.  live weight,
in 'ITT'.K- Creamery— Receipts are
moderately largo and demand good,
Prices hold steasiy at \0\, lis 17s-
pound for choice quality f.o.b factory points
HOTTER—Dairy—Dealers are paying lite per pound for choicest dairy
iii tubs nr boxes', untl from thut figure the market ranges down tu i"t
per pound for low gmsis's, all commission  basis.
Por Billons and N«rvou» "-Murders, such as Wind and Pain In the Stomack. fHek Wndsits.
OlddlneM, Fulness* and Swelling altar mull. DlnlneM and Drowsiness, Cold Chills,
Bushings ol Heat, Loss ol Appetite, Shortness of Breath, Costlvcnass, Blotches on the Skla,
Dltturbed Sleep, 1'rlghttul Dreams, and all Nervous and Trembling Sensations, ate. Ike)
~"    - _     - --'*• -»— mt-Jimi in Tmmmtji Mlnutmm. This Is no Action.  Bverjr
irlty ol tbe systci
Irregularity ol ua sysiem.   rur m
Weak Stomach; Impaired Digestion; Disordered Liver
thajr act like magic—a few doses will work wonslers upon the Vital Organs l Strengttaea-
ing the muscular system; restoring tho lonn-lost Coisipls-xlon : bringing backthe keen
edge of nppetlte, and arousing with the Rommbud ot Hmitlii. Ihm wholm Phnktmt
  '     'tis... »r» "facts" admittosl by thousands,In»1 [classes
mnscular system; reBioriuH w> i«ua-.*— -j-  ^^__   »c« mo »oc.
appetite, and arousing with the Rommbud of Honlil. t,"tm wholm Phymtmml
f of the human frame. These are "facts" admittod by thousands,Inauclaues
ty, and one of the best guarantees to the Nervous rsnil Debilitated ls thst
mm'm PUlm hmvm thm imratmwt Smlm ml any Pmtmnt mtmdfolnm As Um
,   Pull directions with each box.
Prepared only by THOMAS BEECHAM, SI. Helens, England.
Sold Everywhere in Canada and V, S, America.   In boxes, 2Bc,
monoy standard of the wor'd.
is tho standardin TEA mill's perfection
Toronto Type Fdry
Co'y, Limited
175 McDermot Avenue. Winnipeg.
innlpe"{.   J
Wben  sweet  mil*  W
just  l
-nu..(. is no lot in Hfeao sl.'innn.l
cold end bun. but it ha- •%_**£
a worm and secret corner wheiet ;
human affection enn blossom.-*n nu-
Wise Ways of Women.
No " prizes " offered with common
,oaps will l0D| tempt the wise woman to use common I0»pa. »"»
wise woman soon socs she bas to
pRy dearly for " prl-ses In the low
quality <>f soap, In tho damage com*
ou soaps do her clothes and her
hands. The wise woman oonalders
l,cr health—so soon ruined tr sne
were to continue breathing tne
steam of adulterated common soaps.
Tlie wise womnn recognizes tne
difference between auch soaps and
Bunllght Soap—Octagon Dar.        **■
CHEESE—The market is firmer
and higher, Por bs*si makes aa iiii-ii
us B|c per pound is being paid in u
wiinli'Miie way, and the range is from
ti to Die.
■•'.t'.i.s—Fresh case eg^s ure worth
He per dozen delivered In Winnipeg,
HKKSSK.li MEATS—Beef, ti' to Tc;
veal, 8 to 9oi mutton, 8c; lamb, I2ic
unit boirs, HJ  tsi {lc.
HIDES—No. 1 city hides, ('Jc; No.
2. 6|; N<i.   8, ijc.   Kips   and   calf
the same istics* ns bides; tlensins, 96
lo dth ; sltinks, ID tsi 15cj borsehnl.'s
50c to JJ1.
WOOLs—Manitoba clip, delivered ii
Winnipeg, ftjc per pound,
si'.NKi'A ROOT—Contrary lo   s>\
pert at inns  the  pries* fssr seneca    bus
advanced, and i lit* pries* fsu- best root
delivered    In    Winnipeg is   48c per
pound.   Inferior grades are quoted I
lss  8c   b'SS.
HORSES—There is n good demand
for work horses, and an active truth
Is doinf)  in these.    Knrmeis are buy
luff freely  for  full    work.       Driving
hones ure ulso in gsiosi demands
Wi* havo not alwaya an opportunity
of doing great things; but we can
hourly perform lnslgnifloant net ions
with nn ardent love.—St. Francis  ol
Sleeplt***s&MB is sins.* tu nervous excite-
meat The delicately constituted, the
iinum ut. tlis* buslaess man, uml those
whose occupation sttHiessiUites cn-ut nien-
inl stiiiin or worry, ttii nitfer ii"<s nr
more from it. Bleep is thi* great is*s-
torer nl ,i worried bralnj uml to get
sleep cleanse tin* stomach from nil Impurities with is ts'w iioKs's sit Parmelee's
N'.'Ks'tuiiis' l'ills, ^flaunt' coated, containing   no   mercury,   niiU   ts re   sriiisiitutt'S'.l   In
vive satisfaction  or  tlis* money  will  be
An epitaph on a man's tombstone
never Indicates that he wus n bore.
A man's second love nearly always
owns    more property than   bis drat
No matter bow tight a girl's shoes
are sbe never liki's to acknowledge
tlie corn.
■•Ah There, Girls 1 "
Uo you know why you are like
i.UCINA Cigars? Tell us quick.
Because you are always the same,
sweet and good.
MANttKAfrrt'llKIl   HY
W.  N.   U.  No   •■'.'I
The Original and
only Genuine
Arrow   Lakn,    *BB. O.
Situated midst scenery unrivalled
for grandeur,
The most complete health resort on
the continent ol North America.
Its baths cure all Nervous and
Muscular diseases,
Its Waters lira I ull Kidney, Liver
ami  Stomach  Ailments.
Tbt'y are it never-failing remedy for
ull  Rheumatic Troubles.
The quntlty ntisss.tisrsl limn Os-.enn I,
Or.'sssi. Your siiniii') liis.-U If not mm
llfss.lory. ....
The greater u mun is the less slis-
posed In* in to show bis greatness,
True nobility of soul rises above ami
suppresses  the love of show—W     K
People wins use religion ns a cloak
in this world will dOUbtlMI mauni'i*
to keep Warn in the next without t>
cloak. Till-; DRILL, SLOGAN, B, C, SEPTEMBER 5, 1902.
„C. E. 8-siTHEBiNGAi.K, Editor and Prop.
B. C,
Legal Advertising lfl cents a line Ior
the Brat insertion and 5 cents a line each
jBubafquent, insertion.
Certiftcates ot Improvement, 17 each.
Transient advertisement* at same rates
a« legal advertising'
Locals will be charged 10 cents a line
Jot each insertion.
Commercial Rates mado known upon
The Subscription it $2 per year, st.-ict-
-Jy in advance; 12.60 a yoar if not io paid.
Address all lettera to—
Slocan, 13. C.
FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 5th. 190-.'.
A pencil mark in Ihe space
opposite will be an indication to yeu that ye editor
' considers there is something
earning to him on yonr subscription. Kindly acknowledge  ia cash and oblige.
It seeras like old times. Saturday's
• Nelson Tribtne had a roast on both
'The Drill, and the Ledge.
How about a royal commission to
,incsyuire into the whyfors of there be-
• jng no "sjovernment money spent en
roads and trails for this division during 1902.	
A distinct improvement ie to be
-noticed in business circles in the pro-
'.Tincc.   In the Slocan country iti,
.noticeable by. the absence of idle men
and increased ore shipments.
Monday's celebration was a practi
cal demonstration of the strength of
Unionism in Kootenay, yet the crowds
here gathered were but a fragment
of the general mass.   Discerning pol
iticians saw and believed.
For the month of August thc Dominion customs revenue was $3,326,*
400, showing an increase of $320,900
(over the same month last year. That
is the way the N.P. works, says the
Tory, all because of a decent government, says the Grit.
Ralph Smith, the Labor once-was
from Nanaimo, has learned that lie
cannot subvert the cause of his fellow unionists to the Liberal political
machine. His manipulations of the
past two years have discredited
,Smith in Labor circles and Iiis Nanaimo compatriots have relieved him
of his credentials. A Liberal-Labor
party looks nice, but it wen't work;
it's only a dream.
J. H. Hawthornthwaite, the Labor
representative from Nanaimo, has no
jtime fer thc royal commission   appointed to inquire into the accidents
in the provincial coal raineB of late.
He relieved his mind to Col Prior,
minister  of  mines,   timely:   "Yeur
(reyal commission to inquire into the
Fernie and other disasters Is a royal
farce.   It is an imposition  on  the
people of the province and an insult
to the miners of British Columbia.''
Royal commissions are popularly regarded as a safe and sure means of
publicly glossing over existing evils.
They are somewhat expensive, it is
,true, but they permit culpable ofli
cials to eseape responsibility and enable needy political friends with a
pull to draw a luxurious salary.
Sfs.de it 1'o.sst Buy.
Thomas Mulvey and Fred Johnson
made a good buy during the week
wben they secured control of the
Josie claim, on Dayton creek. They
.secured it on a cash basis of $2500
from the owner, Frank Culver. The
claim has much more than an ordi-
'nary exposure of ore, tho breast of
the main drift having 2J feet of mix
ed mineral and quartz in sight, assays
from which run from 100 to 800 oz iu
/silver and $40 to $50 in gold. The
principal working on thc property is
a 90 foot tunnol, together with a
number of open cuts. It is the intension ofthe owners to at once work the
Oralu Uss.nl te It.nt.
There was on exhibition at the
drugstore Tuesday somo very fine
specimens of apples and grain grown
on tbe Anderson farm at Lemon
creek. The apples were frem trees
planted three years ngo and were
quite equal to any imparted article.
Samples of fall wheat shown were
close to live feet in length and were
'harvested the first week in Angnst.
Thc grain was fully ripened and full
headed. Timothy and oats wore up
wards of the five feet in length and
of splendid quality. The specimens
demonstrate the productiveness of
,the Slecan valley.
How about your subscription?
The rifle club held a practice shoot
Saturday afternoon.
The public school and record office
were closed on Monday.
Chas. S. Rashdall, of New Denver,
was in the city over Friday.
A. Harlow and family are taking
a two weeks' vaoation at Nakusp.
Mayer York and Aid. Worden arc
among those taking in the Calgary
The provincial Conservatives meet
in Revelstoke next Friday and Sat
J. Winlaw is advertising for axe-,
men for his sawmill, offering them $8
per day.
Local real estate is stiffening in
price because of the big sawmill
coming here.
Our fall stoek of millinery has arrived. Specialties in trimmed hats.
Bennett & Co.
Bern —In the suburb of Brandon,
on Sept. 1, ihewifeofW.Grocnwood,
ofa daughter.
Several citizens have takon in the
excursion this week to Calgary, to
attend the fair.
Several parties have been cruising
for timber out near the Little Slocan.
Some staking has been done.
All delirqucnt lands anil claims in
the Slocan will be sold bv tbe government for taxes on October 28.
The game season opened on Mon
day and the crack of the rifle is heard
in the land. Game is reported plentiful.
A subscription list was circulated
Tuesday for funds to fix up the Catholic church. It was liberally encouraged.
People are wondering what has
happened the government free library. Nothing has been Been of it
for two months.
Andy Cavan was admitted to t'"e
hospital on Tuesday, having been
severely kicked on tlie leg by a horse
at thc Arlington mine,
W, A. Maedonald, K.C., of Nelson,
and   ladies,   visited   the   Arlington
mine on Saturday.   Mr. Maedonald
i one of the directors of the company.
The Crow's Nest Ceal Co. refuse to
sell er lease land to anybody in Mor-
risey and Michel, and tho Presbyter-
Ian synod is after them with a sharp
Manager Martin of the Si ekiqe
Interstate Fair announces ih-it hi*
still has a fjw premium lists tha". he
will mail to those Bending in tltcii
names. The book is ene ofthe Hint
complete, as well as handsom**, that
has ever been issued by the fair. It
is well worth writinsr for.
On Wednesday the following officers were elected by tke Ice-il Miners'
Union: President, W. II. Davidson;
vice president, W. II. Ferguson; financial secretary, D. B. O'Neail; recording secretary, Geo. F. Clement;
conductor, Ralph Gillette; warden,('.
Snyder; trustees, W, Ferguson, Fred
Carlisle, Geo. Nichol; executivo, G.
Nichol. J. V. Purviance, R. Webster,
D. B. O'Neail; finance committee, G.
Nichol. T, II. Tobin, J. E. Skinner.
The Union will now meet for the
winter at 7.30 each Wednesday eve,
pie, composed almost entirely of iron
pyrites, gave $32.40 in gold and 112
oz silver; No. 2 gave $32 go'd and
1368 oz silver; and No. 3 gave $12.80
gold and 1530 oz silver to the ton.
Tho two latter samples were taken
frem the main paystreak, demonstrating that the high values obtain
ed on the surface by the original
owners arc holding out with depth.
The lessees have a snap.
Appended is a complete list of the various records registered at the local regis
try cilice, II. P, Christie being mining
Aug 23—Last Hope, 4th s f Lemon, W
T Shatford.
Golden Gate, same, M Mellan.
25—Marellie fr,adjoining Black I'rince,
W E Innes.
George S Harper, Slocan lake, Paul
Charles A Ilurlburt, same, Charles A
28—Spokane, 2nd n f Lemon, Wm E
Kitchener, stsino, 11 Robertson.
Abtiotsford, heatl of Lemon, J Campbell.
59—Oro, Twelve Mile creek, Jos Ham-
1 Bahly, s f Ten Mile, W E Lee.
Aug 25—Cheboygan fr, Lucky M.
28—Kitn, Abbotsferd.
29—Aberdeen for three years, San Toy
for two years, Headlight Ior two years.
Aug 29—Summit fraction.
Aug 25—George S Harper, all, Paul
Hauck toC A Hiiilburt.
28—Triune, all, C E Smithciingale to
II1 Kirkwootl.
29—Great Western, all, A Tuuke to
Gwiilim 6c Johnson,
B. C
J. I.
B. A. Sc.
Provincial Land Surveyor & Mining
SLOCAN, - - It. C.
Sold by All Newsdealers
The Colonel's Itapr.sslons.
Col. Trior, minister of mineB, has
returned to Victoria from his tour of
the mining districts. He told the
Colonist that "in the Slocan I found
everything looking very well indeed
and everybody cheerful. Ixits ef
men working in the hills and very-
few indeed idle. It is impossible for
ine to say anything about all the
mines I visited, but I must not forget
the Arlington and Last Chance, as
two of our townsmen are intoresteil
in them, viz., Mr. Hithet in thc fur
mer and Mr. Bicker-staff Wilson in
the latter. Both of these properties
aro doing remarkably well and nre
dividend payers. I am glad I went
on my trip, because I am more fully
convinced than ever that we have as
fine a country as any in the world.
A little less legislation,more stability
in our laws, more confidence in our
own resources, and I am sure you
will see the minintr Industry jump
III. Is Beyond Coiupars*.
Undoubtedly the biggest thing the
country has yet held is the proposition
presented by the May group, Twelve
Mile. As is now well known, a huge
vein, 135 feet in width, was uncovered during the. recent assessment
work,being apart from the small and
rich lead worked by tlie original
owners. But the values of the big
lead now surpasses anything in sight
and amounts a'most to thc incredible.
Yet, on the authority of Mr. King, a
mining man sent here from Salt Lake
City by one of the investors in the
group, The DRILL can state that his
samplings of tlio vein (and the assaying was done out of town) showed
251 oz silver and $19.20 in gold per
ton. Mr. King made that statement
on Wednesday and it is assuroillv a
surprising one, as the property must
class as a world-boater.
Furnishes Monthly to all Iotsis el Soaf
and Muslo a vast volume of New, Chetoe
Copyrlint Compositions br the most pop*
«lar authors. #4 Pages** Piano Music,
hsU Vocal, half Instrumental—ai Complete
Places for Piano—Once a Month (or a(
Cents. Tsarlr Bubasrlptton,Sa.o*. Uvea
will Mod us the name and address of Fro
parformsnou the Piano or Organ, ws will send
yets a espy ef the if famine Pro*.
J. W. PIPPIR, Publisher,
ll|hth A Locust Sta., Philadelphia, Pa.
Ne part of ilresa is more indicative of style ami smartness tl.an
Unless yon don't  mind wasting
your money, buy your boots at
,  iuu   uuuuiuu. ,
who has the largest nntl heat ns-
sortesl sstot'k in the city. Prices
right and Stock clean ami new.
Repairing ami making done on
the premises.
Pioneer Shoe Store,
Main Street, Slocau.
Steel Ranges
for $18.25.
Why bo without a rango when
you can get one so cheap ? The>
are preferrablc to stoves and give
better satisfaction. These rangsjs
burn wood or coal and will be
Bet up free.
iSisniu Bla Assays.
Some niagiiiliccnt assays were obtained by tlie lessees of the Meteor,
Tuesday, on rock takon from tho
winzo new being sunk.   No, 1 Bam
H. J, il^*iJ,.-,.u.,1
GerUficatB .[pomoi,
Mtsrrts Min.-rut Clulm.
Situate in Ihe Slocan City Mining Division ol tho West Kootenny llmtrict.
^Vllere located : —On the north side
of Springer creek, near the Ar-jo
mineral claim.
TAKK NOTICK that I, Arthur S. Fai-
Well, acting SI agent for the Arlington
Mines, Limited, T.M.C. No. B60896, intend, sixty days from the date hereof, to
apply to tlie Mining Recorder (or acorti-
licntti of Improvements, for the purpose
of obtaining a Crown Qrant ol the above
And further lake notice that action,
under suction .'7, must be commenced
before the issuance of such certificate of
Dated this 28th day of August, 1902.
5-9 02 A. 8. PARWELL
Furnished Rooms, by ,day, or
week. Second to none in
tho city. Enquire on tha
H. Terry
Arthur street, near Depot.
Alex. Rogers,
Tonsorial Artist.
The Leading Parlors:
Pioneer Livery
and Feed Stables,
Slocan, B. C.
General Packing and Forwarding attended to at the
shortest Notice.
Saddle and Pack Horses for
hire nt reasonable rates.
Delaney Ave, Slocan.
We have bee long" enough
in this city for everybody
to know that onr WMrk will
always be ol* tbe strongest
and quickest done.
Hand  Made Work  is our
COTE & Co.
ranging in price from
$2 to $35. We have
also a full stock of all
the necessary supplies
Agents for the lleintzman si Co.,Gerhard Helntzninn, and Karn Pianos
World's Scenic Route.
East West
Lake Route
From Fort William,the favorite summer route, te all eastern points.
Via Soo Line
For St. Paul, Duluth.SanU Sto.Marie
Chicago, etc.
leaves Dunmore .Innotion daily Ior St
Paul; Kootenny Landing Tuesday and
Saturday Ior Toronto, Montreal, etc.
leaves Revolstoke daily for Seattle and
Through bookings to Europe via all
Atlantic lines. Prepaid tickets at
lowost rates from all European
countries. For rates and full particulars apply to local agentfl, or
J. S. CARTER,     E. J. COYLE,
D.PA., A. C.P. A.,
Nelson. Vaneoaver
Agent, Slocan OU***/
The Reason Why
We ara gaining trade every "lay ls net hard to understand. Oar Groceries
have stood the test-our method of doing business Is rt-ght, and wo are
daily adding to our list of appreciative and satisfied customers. Try our
Canadian Butter-Dairy, 23 cents by the tub, and Creamery, 25 cents by
box.   Tha best in thc market.   Alio cheese and eggs.
Co-operative Associatioiutd.,
Slocan, British Columbia,
•STsfsl*"" W   HORSES, HOGS,
"**• 1 U"wl\   I'ATTLK, SHEEP
$25,000 IN PREMIUMS.
BKST MUSIC— Amusement extraordinary.    Concession privileges ol all
kinds for salts     Write for catalogue. GEO. H. MARTIN,
FRANK LEAKE, Advertising Ajvent. Mgr. aad sSec'y
Do You
Want a Home?
Then come to Slocan, for it is
one of the fairest spots on this
earth of ours. Levelness.
Room, Scenery, Health, Fishing, Hunting,Roads, Railway
Steamboats, Churches,Sohool
Hospital, Public Halls and
enterprising citizens are somo
of the advantages enjoyed by
this City, backed up by Unsurpassed and ProvenMineral
Resources. Nature and Man
hath deoreed that
Slocan is
the Burg
Come and be convinced that this tale is
no mere idle dream, but a stern reality.
Slocnn City Miners' Dm,
No. 62, W. F. of 1*1.
Meets every Wednesday evening
in tlie Union Hall, Slocan City, at
7.30 p.m. Villting brethren cordially
invited to attend.
Financial Secretary
Insurance I
Representing the   strongest   cem-
panics  doing  business  In &***?
ticipation in profits. covei'lDf ».«"
ness and operations.
H. D. CURTIS, Notfir/Publte


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