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The Slocan Drill 1905-02-03

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 VOL. V., No. 4b
Fruit, Confectionery, Tobacco
You cap get anything In these lines that you
require from us. Our stock in each is always
kept fresh and well assorted. We handle the
best the market affords.   Prices are right.
Donation to Hospital
AS our special cash check offer was not taken up by
any of our customers on Dec. 24th, 1004,we have
decided to give the amount in goods to the Miners'
Union General Hospital.
We will have a nice line of Wallpaper in
stock for spring housecleaning; also several lines of floor linoleums and oilcloths.
David  Arnot, Slocan.
Agent for Tetley's Teas.
J. W. Crow,  Proprietor.
THIS Hotel is one of the liest known ami most popular houses
in the country.      It is located adjacent to the depot and the
wharf, and commands a magnificent view of the beautiful
Slocan lake.     Oood fishing i« to bo found close at hand, while
every facility is offered for boating.
Tourists will Bnd the Arlington and ideal resting place.
Commercial men have at their command new and commodious
sample rooms.
The dining room is strictly up to date and the bar supplied
with only the liest brands of goods
Is reached by any trail «r road
that runs into the Town.
Do not go past its  door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
"■'"J l nr
RKl'OllT OK AIIIIITOK C'll...  "-^K l'OK
I. AST Y10 A II.
Complete Statement of Reeeipti uml Kx-
.   • i>a-■■ al 11ni-a-H, Together Willi u Showing
of  the AsifU nnil  I.liilillitleii-liiter-
estlng .*', Riuapayevsa
Appended is n copy bf the financial
standing of the city up to Dee. nisi,
1904, as presented to the council by
11. P. Clirietle, auditor. A full statement of the receipts and expenditures
la given, together with tlir assets and
liabilities, tin* whole proving interest
ing reading to the ratepayers, One
item omitted, however, from the asset.-,
is the Sloan building on the millsite,
which should be worth several bun
died dollars, It might be mentioned,
also, that the lota'purchased by tbe
city at the tax sale number above 600
which are easily worth the money paid
for them:
Cash mi hand from 1908..
Hotel licensed	
Wholesale liqurtr	
Traders' licenses	
Municipal taxes	
Sinking fund	
Interest on (axarrears....
Tux Bale costs	
Tax sale trust account....
Governin*eui gi°aht,relief..
dp. school..
do. bridge..
Mill grant	
Corporatiou notes	
Police court	
Sidewalks maintenance...
Fire department	
.-ii:.- i-	
Oilier expense	
Stntiouerv, i tc	
Sal ."i**. polii e	
do.     clerk	
dO, Vai'-i'l   1*	
do.    t.«": ttiier au I <■■ I.
■ I'i.    i,nda?6¥	
di*.     a we - '■"	
Election f\->'" ■. -	
Springer creek work	
Public school	
; 1cm ral cj pen o	
Fuel and li ;ht	
i Iffice fumitu ii	
Legal expanse	
Mill debentures	
. orporation notes	
Taxes refun led	
1'- x   a' • cost	
Lots bought at tax sale...
Cash on hand	
.?    70.91
.'111 9.27
11 .>; :
•"•*-   i
of the property. Some months ago,
while excavating between the old
shaft and the present, workings, it
bithertO/Unknown deposit of ore was
uncovered. This body lias been uncovered to ii width of over 180 feet,
and a tunnel has been run in the
mountain side SOOfeet, all in ore. The
body has been proven to at least the
200 foot level in the old shaft and is
bf most gratifying grade.
i'UoiKiiia.Idih'm, the  Ore  Buyor, li Quite
Thos. Jones, the ore buyer for the
Lanyou Zinc Co., of loin. Kan., is
quite optimistic over the outlook for
ths zinc industry in the Sloean. He
"1 think I am iin optimist on ziuc,
I can fairly claini to have started the
ball rolling iu British Columbia, and
finm time to time have expressed my
views on the possibilities of the industry so far us we are concerned here,
ii nd I have always maintained there
wiis a great future for B.C. zinc. At
the outset of the new year the outlook
for the next twelve months is decidedly promising:. There has boen a rapid
rise in spelter juices and possibly
the^jmightbe some slight reaction,
but ii further rise would not surprise
me, though 1 look for only slight vitrei tions from present juices for some
time to come. Zinc is now being employed in so many new ways and
processes that tbe sujijily hardly
keeps jiace with the demand, and further u^'s for the mineral ar; being
di covered all the time.
Ore that used to be thrown over the
dump in the Slocan will now bring
the owners good returns, and this cannot fail to play an important pari i;i
th ■ " aeral revival of mining which I
thin'! ia now* in progress in the silver-
lead zinc districts oi Kootenay,
What 1 regard as a very important
matter is the issuiugof a special tariff
ou zinc ores by Iho Canadian Pacific
railway, which hits lieen put into ef-
fect. The tariff fixes n cmioad rate ol
-1 • per tou "f 2000 pounds (rom En-
ppinimeht be given John A. Foley.
The petitions have ben forwarded to
Win. Davidson,member for tho Slocan
riding, at Victoria! Mr. Jorand is a
Conservative, while Mr. Foley i.s a
supporter of Mr. Davidson's.
Kt'Coi'il Shipment Mm tie l>y the Kilo From
Lemon Creek.
Returns have been   received   from
the carload of ore shipped last weok
to the Hall Mines smelter, at Nelson,
by the Kilo mine, on Lemon creek.
N. P. McNaught, Silverton, one of the
owners, accompanied the shipment,
and be lias since informed The DRILL
the returns received jier ton were $84
in gold and silver values equal to $5:
and this for the full consignment of
20 tons. The total for the full car
was $1680 in gold and $100 in silver.
A carload shipment from the same
property last fall gave $84 in gold a
ton, there being §20 per ton of an increase between tho two lots. The
Kilo's sliijmient establishes a record
thiit has seldom, if ever, been equalled
by any other gold property in British
Columbia. The Kilo is no mere prospect, for it ha.s been systematically
opened by a series of tunnels, raises,
shafts, and surface cuts. There is
blocked out upwards of 1.8,000 tons of
ore iu thu mine, sufficient to justify
the erection of a mill. There are 28
claims in the group, whieh is considered the best gold proposition in the
country. Ex-Senator Warner Miller.
of New York, i.s another of the principal owners.
HiiieaavnerR Meet.
Tlie executive of the Silver-Lend
Mines Association met in Nelson this
week. John Retallaek was appointed
a delegate to go to Ottawa to induce
the government to officially investigate ihe zinc resource.* of the country.
On mine taxation the following resolution w'as adopted: "Resolveo, that
this association approves Of the principle nf taxing the output of metallif-
eioua mines. If it is deemed necessary to revise the present method of
such taxation, we would adviso that
before any change is made a eoinuiis
sion, representative of the various
branches of tke metalliferous mining
industry, bo appointed; such commis-
Clubbing Offer
An arrangement ha* been made
whereby The Drill may be obtained with either the Weekly Mail
and Empire or the Weekly Globe,
two of Canada's leading papers.
Subscribers can thus get all the
home news and the events of
Eastern Canada at a small cost.
New subscribers may obtain The
Drill and the choice of either of
the above-mentioned papers for
*-**-**■*-*+****** ******-****
$2.50 for a Year \
Pirehall building	
Public school	
Office furniture	
Police equipment	
Fire department 	
Bridge constructiou....
j I'mind BuppHea	
■ Protection I   Spring) r* •
School graut due	
I Sinking fund due	
I Tax sale order	
I Purchased lots	
Realty tax arrears	
(lash in hand	
Corporation notos	
Debenture, 1918	
S iiarte ■ for Doc mil* i  .
Tax sale i ••-•■	
Tax sale tr i I i 'counl..
Ki Cl ii- I iuti ,    I   "i I
To balance	
;-e. New Denver, Silvi rtott, S in-
don and  Three   Forks   to Ui sh Hill,
■li-plin   nnd   N.• ada.   Mo., and Iola.
|.,iHh:;i",   Noddesfia, Pittsburg ami
i aney, Kan.   1 think ih • formi r rate
.-. e. .* 11 por ton, and w:iile £nm nol
it.    j that n  little Ijettor rate than sion to have power to summon wit
nesses, and examine mine nnd smelter
books, with a view to arriving at nr.
equitable basis of taxation, the ex-
peuse of such commission to be borne
by the government, lit* it further resolved, that if such commission finds
it advisable to amend the present
method of taxing the smelter or mill
returns, this association suggests taxing, at ;i rate to be fixed, lhe gross recovered value of the ore."
$     20.2*
28BE 68
1262(1 '
the ot  il   iv    i'.'e:i  should   not bs ob
tained, i think the C.P.R. is showing
a  di ; ili;.,n   11  help  ont the zinc
in '••■ ni".ii ti 're.
,\ upoeial and important feature of
tho new arrangement is that all ears
carrying the ziue are to be t<".| labeled
in future and marked spei ial. That
means th y are not to be delayed or
sidetracked eu route, and thai we can
. on them reachiug thoir destina-
tj > | in aboul a week. Our shipments
will, there fore, be marketed, treated
nnd turned into metal, or other oom
modity.within ;t reasonably short time
afl ir being purchased,   lt will enable
US   tO    (|ll";e    better    pries   than WI
could possibly do if a delay of weeks
took place before the concentrates
were delivered to the smelters. The
new   arrangement   will   benefit both
zinc buver.- and zinc sellers."
POaltOlfloO llii«liir«».
According to the annual repor
the postmaster-general, ju*-t issued.
■ ■ u postoffii e last year gave :•
prosa revenue of $922.19; 1705 mono:
order- wi re Issued tor $31,044.86. In
the -'une time 288 orders were paid,
calling for $4896.31, and thejamounl
paid in p ntal notes was $581.59. The
master reci i> ■'. these commit
nions: Money orders $88.48. savings
,t**s S.l>7.    lli
L» Iinl Sliniclll>l<lcl> -lit Nlil'll.
The annual nieeting of the Le Roi
Mining Co. Rossland, was held in
London. Eng., on Tuesday. The accounts for the year ending June 30th
last Bhowed a loss, but there is r. very
marked improvement in the corapr u v'a
financial affairs since then, due t,. n
mure conservative and economical
management. The resumption of
monthly profits, and the discoveries of
I ((f high grade ores in the lower levels,
caused much satisfaction to the share
holders,     A.   j.   McMillan   was' reelected general managing director and
his policy warmly endorsed.
I.itflt Yenr'n Shipment*! Were  3375 Tont—
A Healthy  Kvlilenco of tliol.ifn   nnd
Weni,'ii of the Camp—Black Prince ia
The week's shiphients from the division have been satisfactory, aggregating 80 tons, from three properties,
and giving a total exceeding lt»st
year's figures at tbis Ume. .The Black
Prince shipped two carloads and it
now takes rank,as the leading expester
in the division. The Ottawa sent out
il earjuud, iis did also the Enterprise.
Next week it is expected the Tamarac
and Chapleau will both figure in the
shipments, the former with a oerloal
and the hitter with a small bunch of
concentrates. The roads are in good
shape now jfnnd ore can be handled
to advantage. To date shipments aro
:sr.i ions.
FOr 1904 the ore ehipmi'iit.-i from
the local division amounted to 2375
tons, made up from 19 properties.
Following is a full list of the shipments this year to date:
mini:. WBlCK.        total
Ottawa      22 110
Enterprise      20 sn
Black I'rince      44 181
Neepawa  'M
Kilo  20
HIMiS    AM)    MINI NO.
Five men have been working at (l.e
(lhapleeu lately.
About thirty mon are employed at
the Block Prince.
Raw-hiding commenced from the
Taniitrae last week.
The Rosebery zinc works are to bo
in operation in June.
Rossland mines this year haveVhiii-
jied 2").fi77 tons of or*1.
Ziuc ore is lK>ing shijipi d frouij tlie
Ivauhoe to Gas; Kansas.
The M- j and .Tcunie mine, Nelson,
will instill ii Hendryx mill.
Small forces of men are working on
the R. K. Lee. and Blue Bird.
Lessees on tho upper levels of the
Payne have shipped live cars of ore.
Last week the Sandon mines sent
out 10S tons of galena, or 858 tons to
Two tons of concentrates were rawhide! dowu from the Chapleau this
The Sovereign mine, in tli" upper to be started up shortly under
Fourteen shipping properties aji-
pear in the list so far from the tipper
Dp to the end of last week Boundary mines  had shipped 56,091 tous
of ore.
The. machinery for the Rosebery
zinc works hits been unloaded, It consisted of four carloads.
The Great Northern has secured the
haulago of the 2500 tons of zinc the
Sloean Star i< shipping to 1'ueblo.
During January upwards of 2C-0)
tons of zinc was shipped frnm the Slocan, most of it from the Lucky -Mm,
y 1919.27
his   pei'-nu;i    iH'lon^ing".    lu  iit-
, .1' ••  bauk -30.6i. n istil  uotes ♦B.87.    at' .. , .  ••$   ._   ,   T   .
einn . ,1'i.n,,-.,   nllntaod  temrinng to take out his trunk, Jack
,.:,_.* v.i.-n.m. a d$ OwasalloweUL^,^ lin(,  fl((,. badly singed,
■  ! nt, fuel and ligli giving bim a painful reminder of the
affair.   Quite a crowd gathered at the
Hm,M.k..»iui.o. Leone and prevented the fire spreading
Lasl week's B I'. Gazette contained to the other cabins near by.
il the formation of a company
Burned tint.
J. T. Beauchesne had the misfortune on Sunday, at  noon, to lose  hi§.      .1. \V. Moflalt  and  ('. I!. McCuaig,
cabin bv lircto-ether uitli pnuti.':iH*wi°r i:"'   I'h'iie-r   'i:...   -  i'n.. got back
"•T Friday from the annual meeting at
Sll*. IT  O.llll.ll MMIM.
Following are the quotations for bar
ilver on the various days during the
l,* |t«l Mw Rl ■!« Ore.
A London cab!" trom the Lo Roi
mine, Rossland, stai is: "Shipped hi in
the inin ■ to Northport during the
,)a i motitli, 10,729 tons nl sp 'ciallj
,,.i ,a|,,! ore, ci ntdinin i   1766 oimees
,  ., |,|. f56       silver, mid 24<U00II -
,,f,.,,;..       I itimntod profil on thii
,n. nfter  .!■• Iiieting  foul of   mining
Itin ■   $28,000.    I'v ■
,,,, ;|, vcli pui 'nl  i ork during month,
$0000,   Dovelopmi nl nf tho mine ci n
tinuw to Ixi -at   Factory.  Stope "l ore
,,t   I 150 level    is  'nOW     tone ffl I  WI ll
The ore average In value $80 n ton.
Have found gootl pay ore in raise
l,.„n (350 Fool level, extonl al pre enl
;i ' ■, iwn, In iia.'" 10 fool low 1 south
vi in   nl   pre oni   I in  fool  1 »n '■ tn
Ma'   BgOaWl
tnllllll V. »  til a iimly.
Latesl explorations of the Mothet
Lode mini. i av Greenwood, hnve
idded imtnen ely to thu km wn i
known tt* lh   Mninlnnd News, ltd., to
acquire and ' ike over as a going con
corn the printing nud newspapei'busi   w\;;k ^uJi^.
ness of the I mversal  I rinting rrust,
Vancouver.   This wa* a concern run | i.i'™*' '
by Billy MucAdams, one timo chief of ';''',|:l.v —
lhe *■•.!:!!'' i Paystreak.   Th wcou   >^'^iy--
corn iscupil lizedal SIO.OOO. 7,3"?'"
; Wednesday
Rnllirfflllff SiillUiin ■iiiivlirr.
Another ' «d stack  is to be added
to '„. Sullivan smelter, al Marysville,
OH conts
fil 3    "
Oil    "
61*    "
60S    "
Qrnnby MakM t'-iK Profl**.
It is unnouncod that the (franby
■a capacity of 250 tons per day. Cxinsolldnted made net profits during
Thi stack is beiug built nt the Union December of $65,000, The smeller iit
Iron Works, Spokane. ,*\250toncon Qrnnd Forks hns been treating 1800
verterol the Hubeilin type, to reduce tons of ore per day. The stock of the
the amount of sulphur^hulJtvaul^,,,^,^ ls wrvactive on the Bostoi
the amount o Buipntu   •'»'»• ■*'uii.».. ., ,.,„„,,.,„ v |„ r/8ry active on the Boston
ore, is also iwlng installed. The muel-1 ,mrfeti  UV^M\\.  „f   20,000  Bhares
changing bonds iu one week.
ir has tw i furu ices nnd
i   ration by March I.
is to
Appointment fon'l Plen»« Them.
Iliilimiiull' -mIIm UU IliliUrny.
lt i*- announced at Victoria lhat the
C   tsiderablo opp   ition devel »p   I :- ,,,,; ,., paeiflc railway has conclutl
li,i, week to tho appointment of II. R. (i m-rangements to purchnse from cn
i fiuxl ns miuing leeordor here, vice Premier  Dunsmuir the Esquinmlt &
(i. p, Christie, promoted to Ashcroft. Kanaimo iiiilway, tho purchase price
ms were drafted  nnd circulated being $1,500,000.   The road runs from
n the town and among the mine, and V'icl n'iii to Wollingl in, u distance ol
-, ■ i,  ■   ■ i,     |   that  the ap , 75 mill b.
The Five Metals  Miuing Co., oper
sting at   the   head      - Jrawford bay,
have decided I 50 ton furnace
to reduce thi
The owner.* "<  rile are met t*
Ing with   i i . ment than
they anticipal tl. < *re i- plentiful and
much native ■ ilver is appi aring,
Nickle has lieen found for n first
time in ores from the Ymir camp, a
recent shipment from the Yankee Girl
giving 5.15 j    '• nt in that mineral.
ii., : for Nuw Denver,
Sloean and N ' Denver are to n *
for the firs I in  a  fcackc •. in   iA
on Friday ■ ■ ing, Feb, 3rd, at New
Denver. xcursion will be rut> uji
from here thai evening, the . amer
Siocan ! h ce at 7 o'clo        The
Denver ' , sparing u .   id time
for the visi rs, one of the i ttractions
being n bull. Almost evi n *ie in the
town is going up.
•This ; rhnrsdny) sveningthe juniors
nnd the i    ii will play , Injokey match
1 at the  ink.    it will lie    Qerce coutesl
for thi     en   : '■■ oihed to wipe
out th     p ist record ul defeat.
II.  |{   .!      Uld 111!    I iO\'e:|  hin lau  of
Be   .a.      ■  the ree   I ollice.
< in the ' ' Insi   thi   ivifc a'
.. i.l   ightar.
Boi ■
Wm. . I
James Atwell Proves That Lumbago
and Bladder Troubles .Are Caused
by Diseased Kidneys,   j
Campbellford, Ont., Jan. 23.—(Special)—That Lumbago and Bladder
Trouble are both caused by diseased
Kidneys has been shown ln the case
of Mr. James Atwell of this place.
Mr. Atwell says:
"I had Lumbago and Bladder Trouble. In passing my urine would
hurt me so as almost to cause tears
to come to my eyes. I used medicines
and a bandage prescribed by my doctor, but got no relief. Then 1 tried
Dodd's Kidney Pills, and they cured
me for good and all. I will never be
without Dodd's Kidney Pills ln the
Cure your Kidneys with Dodd'«
Kidney Pills, and they wlll strain thr
cause of Lumbago, Rheumatism,
Dropsy or Bladder Troubles out of the
blood. ___^
te  Be   In   Canada aad ■■-
foreed Allair Due Notice,
One of the most important fear
turcs ot Canadian legislation will be
the adoption in the very early future of the metric system of weights
and measures. Steps are already being taken to supply the school children with a knowledge of the metric
tables, but ample notice will have t0
be given to business men before the
change becomes operative. This notice may be fivo year9, or the Gov-
ernor-in-Council may have power to
make the transition stage even longer than that. The reform is one, however, that must almost inevitably
come. The civilized world, outside of
Britain, the British colonies, and tho
United States, to-day knows no other system of measuring than the metric. In these latter countries, includ-
, ing Canada Itself, tho use of it bas
been optional for years, and both in
the United Kingdom and in the United States thc reform is being advocated. A bill providing for the abolition of the British system, as the
old tables arc called, was accepted
by hottj Houses of the Imperial Parliament \this year, and at the approaching session there ls every reason to believe that tho measure will
pass all stages and become the law
of tho land. Committees of Congress
havo reported in favor of the metric
system being made compulsory"
throughout the United States, but
inquiry has shown that the domestic
trade of the Union is strongly opposed to the change, knowing nothing of
the advantages they would themselves reap by doing business on this,
the simplest, clearest, and most complete system of measuring that the
mind of man ever devised.
It may be of interest to Canadians to know that although the metric system was first applied in
France, the idea whs that of a great
■Englishman. At the Imperial Conference in London two years ago, when
representatives were present of the
British Government and all the self-
governing colonies, the following resolution was adopted:
"'That it is advisable to adopt the
metric system of weights and mca-
sures for use within the Empire, and
• the Prime Ministers represented at
this conference promise to give consideration to the question of Its
early adoption."
B.C. Indian* Dying Oat.
The Indian tribes of British Columbia, tortured by insidious disease, for the introduction of which
the whites are primarily responsible,
and face to face with tlie fact ot
rapidly diminishing numbers that
bespeaks extinction in the near future, are adopting heroic measures
in the hope of check-mating fate.
It is not race suicide in the general acceptance of the term that ia
to blame, but the usual penalty of
the red race when it touches the
white, for the vast majority of the
tribes are by constitutional disease
ruined, and when children are born
they are unhealthy from births
Thinking men of tho tribes are
seeking external remedies, ami the
adoption of white children by stealth
—varied with an occasional out-and-
out purchase—is becoming common.
Only a few years ago lho chiefs and
sub-chiefs of one of the Vancouver I*
land west coast trilies united to pay
I'eter Bellinger $4,000 for hi* five-
year-old son, who was received with
honor, elected a chief with elaborate
ceremony and alloted six wives, the
sturdiest young women of the trilie,
in order that extinction might be
averted. The boy was rescuod by
the provincial police and the tribe
ivas  left disconsolate.
Two white travolers returned from
Quatsino lust weok with the news
that in all that once numerous tribe
there is now only one child, a boy;
and after a long and interesting
pow-wow, the Halduhs of Uuoen
Charlotte Island havo sent their little girl to Quatsino to tie his ; „y-
niato and bride.
An Outi-tiler •■ Caanaila.
The Hon. Charles D. Haines of NPW
York, a former member of the United Stales Congress, said in Toronto
ihs other day: "My impression of
Canada, in part or as an entirety,
both as to country and peoplo can
but be Inadequately expressed by u«-
intc the word great.
"I am fascinated with tho country
as It is to-day and am astounded
when I study the possibilities of its
"It must be conceded thnt the great
majority of people, IkjUi of Great
Britain nnd tin* United States, have
looked u.;>on Canada us a drear, cold.
barren country, and the Inhabitants
of the provinces have been unfortunately unable to fully extirpate such
Impressions, and while these, delusions to a large exlent. Still exist.
they ar» rapidly passing away, just
"• ranitilv  ajt Canada  is making   it
self really Known ana unaeistooa io
and by all the civilized world, as,
tor all practical purposes, it is an
independent entity, with a future
growth and development, social and
financial, that will not be eclipsed
by any other people.
'•While New York has been talking
canals for years, Canada quietly
went ahead and built her magnificent
artificial waterways, and changed the
route of transportation over and
through her own territory, to the
great markets beyond the sea.
"New York marvels, but does not
yet understand her friends across the
border,- who have a way of doing
things first and talking after. Why
should we not feel pride in having
such a people as neighbors?"
HU Ordfir.
Mrs. Hoon—"Beacon Ironjaws has
such a commanding way!"
Mr. Hoon—"Yes, I noticed that he
passes the contribution box with nn
air which seems to say 'Present
alms!' "
Throg-morton—What do you suppose Jonah did when he first arrived
ln the whale's anatomy?"
Codlington—"Well, under the circumstances, ,1 should suppose that he
aat down tQ blublber."
A Hint Fnr Health.
Physicians sny thnt those who sleep
with their mouths closed have the best
henlth. If you awake In the night and
lind your mouth open get up and close
Among nil forma of mistakes prophecy is the most gratuitous.—Eliot.
Had  Her Appetite.
nnrry—Molly, you look good enocrt
to eat Molly—All you have te do if
nr.u me to dine. I'll do the eating i>
ncht.—Boston TrnnacrlDt
Influenza, Bronchitis, Pneumonia or
Consumption Often Follow a Neglected Cold—Avert the Danger by
Keeping the Blood Pure and Warm.
Heavy colds strain the lungs, weaken the chest, banish the appetite,
cause melancholy. Pale weak people, whose hands and feet are chilled
for want ot rich, red blood, always
catch cold. Their lungs are soft—the
heart cannot send out blood enough
to make them sound and strong.
Then conies the cold and cough, racking the frame and tearing the tender
lungs. The cold may turn into pneumonia, influenza, consumption or
bronchitis—a lingering illness or a
swifter death. All weak people should
use Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. The
rich, red blood they make strengthens
the heart, and it sends this warm,
healing blood to the lungs, and once
again the patient is a strong-lunged,
warm-blooded man or woman. Mrs.
Jane A. Kennedy, Douglastown,
Que., bears the strongest testimony
to the value of Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills in cases ot this kind. She says:
"My sister, a delicate girl, took a
severe cold when almost seventeen
years old. We tried many medicines
for her, but she appeared to be constantly growing worse, and we feared she was going into consumption.
Often after she had a bad night with
a racking cough, I would get up to
see if she had spit any blood. At this
stage a friend strongly urged me to
give her Dr. Williams' Pink Pills.
Within a month from the time she
began to take the pills she had almost recovered her usual health. Under a further use of the pills she is
now well and strong, and I can recommend the pills with confidence to
every weak person."
Dr. Williams' Pink Pilla are a certain cure for all blood and nerve
troubles, such as anaemia, debility,
lung complaints, rheumatism, neuralgia, St. Vitus dance, partial paralysis, and the troubles that make the
lives of so many women miserable.
Be sure you get the genuine pills
with the full name, "Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills for Pale People," on the
wrapper around each box. Sold by
all medicine dealers or sent by mall
at 50 cents a box or six boxes for
$2.50, by writing the Dr. Williama'
Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont
Roman Garmiali,
The wealthy gormands of Rome cherished a strong partiality for song birds.
Both Horace und Martial refer with
approval to roast thrush, and Ovid
recommends "a crown of thrushes" as
a lover's present to his mistress.
Thrushes' breasts were one of the Ingredients of the celebrated Apiclan
dish, "Patina apidnna," which also Included bcccaticos, mushrooms, sow's
udder, fish and chickens, rivaling tbe
heterogeneous contents of a gypsy's
"pot au feu."
Horace relates that the sons of Ao
tlus, to stimulate their appetite for
dinner, lunched on "nightingales of
monstrous price," and Vnrro tells ns
of the aviary of Lueullus, which was
also a "salle a manger," so that the
epicure gratified bis ems nnd his palate
simultaneously, feasting upon the delicate warblers whose congeners, unconscious of their coining doom, were discoursing meanwhile the most exquisite
A   Waad.rful   Natural   Cariosity   I*
Weat Tlrslala.
Tbe greatest natural curiosity ln
West Virginia Is the ice mountain ln
Hampshire county.
The mountain, which ls 4,000 or 5,000
feet ln height Is situated about sixteen
to eighteen miles beyond Homney, on
a mountain road, and is known to
mnny of the people thereabout as the
"mountain of ice."
One side of this mountain, the western, is covered from apex to the river's
edge with loose ore or shale to the
breadth of at least a quarter of a mile.
Beneath this shnley rock, no matter at
what season of the year, there ls always plenty of ice to be found. When
the natives want to get a supply of ice
they go to the mountain, lift up some
of the flat stones and dig or pick out
all the ice they want. Ice has been got
there ns late in the season as Sept. 15
and that always near the surface.
The people suy that there ls plenty
of ice the year round, only requiring a
little deeper digging to get it Snakes
and other reptiles which seek to cross
the spot on which Ice is found freeze
and become torpid before they succeed, as the frozen and dead bodies of
many found lying on top of the ground
go to show.
Nothing will grow on er near the
ice deposit, it is too cold for thnt
Below, at the foot pf the mountain,
a progressive farmer haa built a big
log dairy or cold storage. The log
structure has been erected partly iu
and partly beyond the earth, and the
interstices between the logs for the
depth of several feet on the mountain
side are packed full and tight with ice,
while the same frozen liquid covers tlie
floor to the depth of several inches.
No effort is made to keep out reptiles,
for although meat, butter, eggs, etc.,
are kept in the dairy, as lt is called,
snakes and other such vermin always
become torpid before they can do mischief.
The only explanation of the freak
given by persons familiar with the ice
mountain is that the purt of the.mountain where the ice is found ls composed of loose rock or shale and that
during the rainy seasons the spaces in
the loose rock ate filled with water,
which during the long, hard winters,
which prevail in that section freeze so
solid that the heat and rains of summer never reach it strong enough to
melt It—Exchange.
Clothes and  Heat.
When we speiik of warm or cool
clothing we use ns absolute a metaphor
as when we talk of the sun going dowu
or the "rosy fingered dawn." Clothes
can communicate neither heat nor cold
to the body. Fur is not warm nor linen cool, except as they serve as conductors for tin? heat generated by tbe
body Itself. Fur and wool are excellent nonconductors of heat—that is,
they do not allow the bent of the body
to escape so easily as some other materials—and the reason why fur is one
of the poorest conductors of heat is
not, as might be supposed, so much because of Its thickness and weight ns
because of the air which i9 mingled
with or confined between its filters,
confined air being oue of the most effectual nonconductors of heat known.
A medicine that will keep infants
and young children plump, good na-
tured, with a clear eye and a rosy
skin, is a boon not only to mothers,
but to humanity. Such a medicine is
Baby's Own Tablets, which promptly
cure all the minor ailments of little
ones, and makes them eat well, play
well and sleep well. You can safely
take the words of thousands of mothers who have proved the value of
these Tablets; for instance, Mrs. J.
R. Standon, Weyburn, N. W. T.. says:
"I have proved the great value of
Baby's Own Tablets In cases of diarrhoea, constipation, hives, and when
teething, and I would not be without
them." The Tablets are equally h.~"
for the tenderest little baby or the
well grown child, and tliey nro guaranteed free from opiates and harmless. Sold by all druggists, or sent
by mail at 25 cents a box, hy writing
The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.,
brockville. Ont.
"My father," snid Wellington's son
"deemed Washington the purest ant1,
noblest character of modem time—possibly of all time-and, considering the
raw troops with which he had to oppose the trained nnd veteran soldiers
of England, nlso a great general."
Another Interesting statement which
the second duke made to General Wil*
Bon, who writes to the Cornhill, wns
that when his father was assigned to
the command of an expedition to be
sent out against the city Of Washing
! ton and New Orlenns in 1 Sl4 he declined tlie command chiefly on the
ground Hint he would not fight against
Washington's countrymen, And when
his government asked for tlie names
of three officers from whom n commander could be selected Welllngtdn
wrote, "Sir Edward Pakenham, Sii
Edward I'nkenhaui, Sir Edward I'nk-
enliam." and so poor Sir Edward, bin
brother-in-law, was sent to New Or*
loans  to meet  his  death  in  the   most
j disastrous defeat ever  sustained  by  a
British array.—St. James' Gazette.
A   Sulliui'a   Notions.
The first time tlie RUltnn of Morocco
saw a compass he wns very Inquisitive
as to Its use. when ii was explained
that the trembling needle pointed to
the north uulforluly he seemed Interested, bul Incredulous. 1'inally be declared flatly that be conldn't believe
the story, there must be some kind of
clockwork a hou* '*.
mhtt\ tbe ]Mi6t
By Kate ]"*I. Clcary
Copyright, 1904, by Kstt M* Chary
Isabel had known that the meeting
•with him would be a shock, but she
had trusted to the hope that being
forewarned, ahe would also be forearmed. And ahe felt helplessly furious
to realize that ahe had grown cold and
white the Instant he stood before her.
She had been crossing to the parlor
from the dining room after luncheon
when Roy Cameron had come along
the hall.
"Isabel!" he exclaimed, hla voice low
and significant  "Isabel!"
She was more beautiful than the girl
he had wooed. She had bloomed out in
the atmosphere of luxury and In the
assured social position that had come
to her with' her marriage. And he
found this new charm immensely attractive. He rejoiced that the hand
she gave him an instant trembled in
his own. But his eyes, that dwelt aa if
ln fascination upon her face, were dark
with unutterable reproach.
Uer flrst words were plteously defensive.
"It waa all in the papers," ahe faltered. "Bvery one believed it Your
own mother accepted the newa of your
death as true."
"I wish to God that lt had been!" he
■aid passionately. "When later I read
of your marriage—well, I hated those
who pulled the Spanish knife out of my
She shuddered, ber sweet lips paling.
"But you look quite well; quite like
your old self," she said anxiously.
"Oh, I got over that hurt all right
If a tbe other I can't get over. Put on
your hat and come down on the beach,
Isabel—that is, If your husband doesn't
object" he ndded, with a slight sarcastic curl of his handsome lip.
She drew herself up proudly.
"My husband," she said coldly, "objects to nothing that I do. I will go
with you for a short walk."
And she told herself the while ahe
flung on her golf cape and crushed a
little scarlet Tam o' Shanter down on
her dark hair with hands that still
shook that this was tbe only time she
would apeak wltb him alone. Sbe
owed him an explanation, and he
Bhould have lt He must not be permitted to construe ber emotion at sight
of him Into belief that she still harbored a romantic attachment toward
Towering cliffs hid them from the
aprawllng, fashionable town. The roar
of the surf came up to them ln a low,
booming, thunderous monotone. Ahead,
behind, over the vistas of sand and
vast surges of the ocean, hung a fog,
dense, illusory, silvery, mysterious. In
Ita rifts phantom ships were visible,
dipping and courtesying on their noiseless course.
"It's all very harmonious," aaid Roy
Cameron grimly. "Might bave been
made to order as a setting for our little comedy, eh? Nothing around us
but vague obscurity — and we three
the most hopeless of all the ghosts that
I walk!"
"We—three?" she repeated, not comprehending.
| "You and I—and the ghost of onr
vanished happiness!" he said.
I    "Oh!" she murmured.    Then for a
■ little while they wulked on ln silence.
\ "Isabel," he asked suddenly, bending
forward to look Into her averted face,
"why did you marry that rich man?"
I Her wifely pride rose instantly ln
arms at the Insinuation.
i "You speak as though Robert Graeme
were a rich man only," she said Indignantly. "He ls a good man—a wise
and honorable mnn."
j "But you did not love him," Cameron
went on mercilessly. "And you were
engaged to me."
I "They told me you were dead ln the
Philippines!" she burst out, harassed
and eager to have the talk over. "My
brother Frank was in tremendous monetary difficulties. There was disgrace
of some sort abend for him. Mother
wss breaking her henrt over the whole
j matter.    And then—tben Robert asked
'< me to be bis wife.    I knew he could
| fix up everything. Besides, I was very
fond of liim. I nlways admired him
Tery much!" she ended defiantly.
"Ah!" he said quietly—too quietly.
"That was the way, was it?"
They had walked rapidly, quite outstripping nil the others sauntering In
the snme direction. Isabel was breathless from haste. Tbe hulk of an old
bout drawn high on the bench offered
shelter from the rising wind and the
too Insistent clamor of the waves.
Mrs. Graeme sat down on nn embank*
ment of sand some children had made
in tlie shadow of tho boat.
"I shall rest a few minutes. Then
we will go back." she said.
She wns. wholly unprepared for the
violence with which he broke Into
| "Back! Ton would go back to hlm?
When it Is I, Isabel—I, who have tho
best, first, real right to you! If It
were not for that accursed blunder
nliout 111v death you would have been
waiting for me still."
While, stricken, shocked, she snt
there while he raved on. She had nov-
ir Imagined such mildness nor such
BPlflshnes*!, for It wan all of himself he
«""'..*  nil for himself be cared.    He
Control of
Is Endoubtedly Possessed by the Well-known
Family Medicine,
Dr. Chase's Syrup of Linseed and Terpentine
Turpentine ls considered a specific
for bronchitis.
The difficulty has been in the administration of the turpentine so as
to reach the irritated and inflamed
parts and not be disagreeable to the
Not only has the trouble been overcome by Dr. Chase iu his Syrup of
Linseed and Turpentine, but he has
also combined with turpentine two or
three ingredients of almost equal power
in soothing and healing the diseased
parts and overcoming bronchitis and
other dangerous ailments of the
bronchial tubes and lungs.
By a secret process these elements
ot unquestioned and medicinal power
have been combined in Dr. Chase's
Syrup of Linseed and Turpentine so
as to be pleasant to the tatse and
suitable for children and adults alike.
The remarkable success of Dr. Chase's
Syrup of Linseed and Turpentine as a
cure   for   bronchitis,   asthma,   croup
and whooping cough ls sufficient evi
dence that it is effective in ordinarv
coughs and colds. '
Shubenacadie, Hanta Co., N s*
writes: *'
"I have used Dr. Chase's Syrup 0f
Linseed and Turpentine with good
success. My second daughter wm
troubled with bronchitis from tho an
of three weeks. Oftentimes I thought
sho would choke to death. Tho several remedies we got did not seem to
bo of much use, but the first dose of
Dr. Chase's Syrup, of Linseed and
Turpentine has saved us many doctor's bills, and I would not be with-
out it In tho house for many times
its cost."
Dr. Chase's Syrup of Linseed and
Turpentine, 25 cents a bottle, at all
dealers, or Edmanson, Bates & Co.,
Toronto. To protect you against Imi'
tatlons the portrait and signature of
Dr. A. W. Chaso, the famous receipt
book author, are on every bottle.
would miss her so. ne hud great possibilities, which only she could Inspire.
If she would only go awuy for awhile
—let Grneme get a divorce for desertion! Then they could be married nnd
leave this part of the world. He knew
of a good opening In Htivana. Ills
love should mako recompense to her—
She found her voice there.
"Love!" she repeated.    "Love!"   And
ne quailed a little before the grave
scorn in her eyes.
"You would bave me break my
pledged vows, degrade my loyalty,
bankrupt my life—for what?" She
paused, shaken by tbe revulsion of
feeling that overwhelmed her. Waa
this ber ideal lover? Was this man-
peevish, passionate, wearisomely persistent—the hero she had enshrined ln
her heart?
"Oh, hush!" ahe aaid brokenly.
He thought ahe spoke thus because
of the aooroach of otli»'s. Two men
were leaning against the hulk of tbe
boat on the farther side. But lt was
only after ahe had spoken tbat she recognized her husband's voice.
"If It were not for a certain knowledge I possessed, Travis," he was saying, "I would not have urged the child
to be my wife, long and dearly though
I bad loved her.   It was not even that
i I could help her family out of a dire
I difficulty were I one of them nor yet
wholly because 1 was aware of tbe
unstable   character   of   the   man   for
whom she bad, I understood, a girlish
preference.    It was chiefly because I
knew 1 conld not live long.   I've heart
trouble—of an Incurable kind, my doctors tell me.   She does not suspect, of
course.    She is all that ls sweet and
i pure and womanly.    But lt does me
1 good to know that one of these days
when she ls free again she will bave
the   protection   of   my   name,   even
j though I am no longer with her.   She
I will be still a young and beautiful wo-
: man and a very  wealthy  one.    You
understand, I am only telling this to
you   in  confidence,   because  you   are
such an old friend, nnd  I could not
bear to have you doubt my motives.
i 8hall we walk on?"
They went back toward the town,
oblivious of the two ln the shadow of
the boat
Isabel rose quickly and looked out
over the tumultuous waste of waters.
j A fluctuant color was hot in her cheek.
Her eyes were full of a brooding brll-
i liance  Cameron   had   never  seen   in
j them before.
j "You heard?" she asked him. "You
: knew that was my husband who
I spoke?"
' He nodded, misunderstanding her
emotion. "If wbat he said la true,
Isabel, I—will wait"
She flared out on blm then. He
would wait He was not fit to brush
the shoes of that other man whom he
muuicui That olher man whom itu
honored—whom she loved! She spoki
ln no uncertain terms. He quivered
with the merited sting of her disdain.
But he understood at last And when
ahe had flung away from blm and wai
walking rapidly back alone be followed and caught up with her.
"I'll go away tonight Forgive me if
you can.   See, the mlat la clearing off."
The silvery veil was rolling up Uki
a scroll from the tossing, peevish billows, and the sun waa shining forth,
dazzling, resplendent
"The mist hns quite cleared," she
said.   And then lower, "Thank God!"
That night Robert Graeme, marveling at ber greater gentleness of words,
the new tenderness of her smile, thrilled to think that perhaps his one wild
dream was coming true after all and
that he might win the love be so
"Dear," sbe said to him, "it la such
a beautiful world. I am finding ont
that—I am happy!"
He bowed bis head over her hand
that she might not see the rapture ln
his eyes. And both found the sllenc*
Hen York Tenement*.
"It is surprising how many New
Yorkers there are who do not know
that tliey are living ln tenement
houses," said one of tbe Inspectors of
the tenement house commission. "I
went Into a tenement house in lower
Lexington avenue on an official visit to
Inspect the plumbing. It Is one of the
old houses of the downtowu district
and not a tenement Iu anything but tli*
ollicinl wording of the law.
"T want to Inspect this tenement,' I
said to the woman who came to tlu
door of the second floor apartment
"'What did you call It?' she demanded severely.
" 'I'm a tenement house Inspector," I
explained, 'and the law says'—
"tshe did not let me get nny further,
but burst ln with: 'I'd have you know
this ls not a t.,lenient. It'a a respectable apartment house.'
"I knew my duty, and I had a look
at the plumbing in spite of her protests. Finally, against her will, she
was convinced that lt really waa a tenement house under tbe law.
"'Well, Just wait Ull my hnsband
comes home,' she declared. 'We'll hav*
to move. Just think if it ever got out
that we were living ln a tenement
bouse and had to be inspected!' "—New
York Tribune.
Floral  HiiinmlnK  Bird.
There Is a wild flower in Turkey
which Is the exact floral image of a
humming bird. The breast Is green,
the wings nre a deep rose color, the
throat yellow, the bead and beak utmost black.
Sunlight Soap
saves wear and tevxr on you and your clothes.
Next wolsH da.y try the Sunlight way t*.nd see
how much more leisure it gives you and how
much better it will be for your clothes. Use
hetrd or soft waLter, the result will be good.
No scrubbing, no boiling.
Try Sunlight.
Your purchase money refunded if you axe
not satisfied. im
Lover Brother! Limited
Indeitraottblo, Handsome, Perfect.    Only 25 oent» per running foot.
Supplied by «■ or looal dealer. *****
'   THC PAGE WIRE FENCE CO. LIMITED,    Walkerwllle.   TwMte,   Montreal   WlnnlpHi   8t. John) THE     DRIL
SLOCAN,   B.   C.
5 ■	
♦   A series of articles describing
X     their Uvea, their aims and
their influence.
No. 18
Western newspapermen, ls an On-
tarlan by birth, his place of nativity being Etoblcoke township, in
Peel County. He was born ln 1853,
and ls thus 51 years of age. When a
mere child his parents removed to
Bruce County, which shares with
Huron the distinction of having furnished to Manitoba the bulk of her
Ontario settlers. Mr. Jameson received a sound course of training In
the public schools of his county, and
at the completion of his school education, being of a marked artistic nature, he took up painting and decorating as his chosen calling, devoting
his time and abilities thereto until
1893, when, largely as the result of
too close attention to his work, his
health failed, compelling him to consider change of climate and occupation. It was then that the voice of
the Great West called Mr. Jameson,
and hearkening to it he decided to try
what the pure, bracing atmosphere of
the prairies would do for his health.
He came to Carman and embarked in
the book    and    stationery    business,
Tne giants Ofthe nettre family are,
flrst, the Urtica Btimulnns and Urtica
crenulata of the East Indies, species
whose attack upon one's hand is sufficient to cause the urm to swell with a
most frightful pain, which lasts for
weeks. But even these are milk and
wnter nettles by comparison with tbe
Urtica uientlsslma, which grows ln
Timor, where it bears the significant
title of linoun setan, or devil's leaf.
The effects of Its sting last for a year
and have often produced death.
When  the little folks take coli
and coughs, don't neglect the:  (
and  let them  strain the tender
membranes of their lungs,
Give them
Cure, TSic-uns
It will cure them quickly and
strengthen their lungs.
It is pleasant to take,
Prtcan,   25c., SOc., aad $1.00.   SM
Out on the
Bleak Prairie
Exposed to Cold and Wet, a
Manitoba Mail Carrier Finds
a Great Blessing in
Editor and Proprietor of Dufferin
Leader,  Carman
Among all tiie newspapermen of
the Canadian West, few arc be tor
known or more widely respected than
I vV Jameson, editor an.l propr-emr
0f the Dufferin Leader. Both for hid
nersonal and professional qualities
Mr Jameson is deserving of the
;st0ein with which he ls generally
regarded. His aims and ideals as
an editor and newspaper proprietor
•ire tlu* reflection and counterpart of
those of his personal lifo. Thorough- reliability, solidity, Impartiality,
Integrity—these are bis dominating
characteristics as a man. and these
are the distinguishing characteristics
of his paper.
In some respects Mr. Jameson Is
not a typical Western editor. Caution and deliberation enter more
largely into his mental make-up than
is the" case of most of his confreres
Of enterprise he has no lack, but in
everv caso it is subordinate to accuracy and reliability. Change for mere
change sake offers no attraction to
his mind. Before Mr. Jameson goes
ahead he wants to be sure that he
Is right. His sense of responsibility
to the public is great and ever-present
and every editorial judgment he pronounces is made with constant reference to its possiblo effect, not merely
on the fortunes of the political party
to which the Leader gives Independent allegiance, but to the whole
public welfare, and to the future of
the country. Mr. Jameson has the
hahit   Of   regarding   every   public   and
political question as involving more
or less of :i moral issue, and. as the
ultimate test of their advisability, all
are tested hy this touchstone. The
things that make for civic and political righteousness, Hie things Hint an*
of good report, that aro of virtue ami
praise— these are tho things to which
Mr. Jameson holds, both as an editor
ami  as a ina*i.
Mr. Jameson is n tlrm believer In
the saving sense and wisdom of thc
gnat Canadian democracy. His faith
In the common people is deep and
abiding. He banks on the deep-seated
sense of rl„'ht existent in their hearts
and. though they make mistakes duo
to skilful and wilful misrepresentation of fncts and issues, they nre
learning thereby, nnd slowly educating themselves to B realization of
their needs and of the means by
which they can be attained. Nellev-
lng thus, it is no wonder that Mr.
Jameson gives firm adherence to
Liberal principles and general support
to lhe Liberal pnrty. His habits of
thoroughness and going to tlu* root of
matters, makes hlm dissatisfied with
any discussion that does not go back
i" cardinal principles, nnd hence his
editorial opinions nre of a rtpenesii
and weight such as are seldom found
■ ng Western weeklies. The same
habits of rellabllty oharctorlaes tne
Loader's news columns, whicb abo?"
from week to week u careful sifting,
arrangement and presentation ol the
local happenings. Typographically
the Leader enjoys a nlnh position
among Mr. Jameson's contemporaries,
Tasto and care are apparent on every
pi I each issue.    That the Carman
business men   appreciate   Hu*   local
pape*T Ih evidenced by the apace they
lake to announce their store news.
Taken all in nil the Loader Is B local
i of which any. district migni
well be proud, nn Important factor In
the dlsaemlnatlbn of the principles
nnd policy of iho political party II
supports, n powerful Infuence In l"'"'1
nn I nittnclpal affairs, an enterprising
and reliable newsgatheror, and •••■
altogether mechanically excellent
Mr. Jameson Is nn example nf wbat
ran be dune in a new and strange
occupation   by  a   man   who  firings   to
11 ability, Industry nnd common sense,
I!" wns  |Ti years of age wben  he en*
''i'ii the publishing business and bad
no previous "experience In    the    me-
■"•hanjei of printing when he »et oul
1    publish the  Leader.    Carman  al
'•"lv  bad  a  good  local    paper,    the
(lard, strongly entrenched In local
favor,  and  the  prospect   or entering
,;i" Held against s.i formidable a rival
i well have deterred one of much
""'i'" experience In    the   publishing
'""•""ess    than    Mr.    Jameson    could
Mr, .innieson, liko the majority   ot
which he still conducts in conjunction
with his newspaper, and which has
grown to considerable proportions. In
lS'JS, as before stated, be embarked
on his career as editor, establishing
the Leader, Carman's second newspaper, and, without prejudice to any
other members of the Western newspaper fraternity, lt may be said that
he has in the interval maile an enviable reputation and that his newspaper is the best evidence of his
merit  as   a   newspaperman.
Mr. Jameson's face and figure are
among those most familiar at the
conventions of the Western Canada
Press association, at. which he is one
of the most earnest workers. It is
not too much to say that such gatherings would hardly seem complete
were he absent and the members ri
prived thereby of llis measured speech
and placid wisdom, and the benefit of
his experience as a printer, editor and
publisher, ln -the ranks of newspaper
workers in tho West there are many
men who could better be spared in
this, the formative period of its life,
than can Editor Jameson. He stands
for and illustrates those principles
and practices that, whether In the
life of a newspaper, a man, or a
country, tend to the Best development
along lines of both material and mora',
progress. The personal success that
comes thereby Is not by any means
principal, though undoubtedly It Is a
desirable, result. This success Mr.
Jameson has deservedly reaped, but
his true value to Western newspaper
dorn is in tbe principles for which
he contends, and the influence he
ra KMtfra ami 8oath«m drown Naratrj itoek
thai will aot trow, bat writ* tor oar eatalosae
ot hardy Apple, Grftbfa Plums, Gliomas,
OooMbarrlat, Rupbarrioa, Currant*, 8tr«wbar-
rle» Rosa,, Ornamental Shrub, and Traoa
HaXUaand Windbreak Troon, Parrrnial Plant*.
Ota, Treas that will now in Manitoba and
tha Tarritorias.      Addroaa
St. Charloa, Man.
"I am a mail carrier, and every
winter and change of season I often
suffered with coughs and colds, being
much exposed to cold and wet. Needless to say, I used doctors' prescriptions, but they did not relieve me. I
also used numbers of remedies, but
the cold sHIl clung to me. Eventually
my lungs became affected, and It Is
only through the prompt use of
PSYCHINE that I am alive today.
Psychine is a wonderful remedy for preserving health and building up those weak and run down
through exposure. Yours, etc., Hugh
Wylie, Glencairn, Man."
PSYCHINE is pronounced SI-KEEN
x The Dr. Slocum Remedies are sold
by all druggists and many general
stores. Psychine at $1 per bottle.
For further advice, information, or
free trial bottle, write Dr. T. A. Slocum, Limited, 179 King Street West,
Torontp, Canada.
How's This!
T^a offer Ona Hnndred Dollar! Howard for
anv pass ut Catarrh li at cannot be cured bj
Hall's Catarrh i ure.
F. J   CIIEN'K.Y A CO., Toledo 0.
We the undersiK ed. hare Icnowu P. J
Cheney lor the last la yfars, and l,eli»Te Mil
porfe'tlr honorable in all hvsiuens tr-iii-nc*.
foni auo financially nble to carry oat any ob*
llk'Utll'la-   HI    '1"    I'V    III-   I.Illl.
i   hole-all- liniKgista, Toledo, 0.
Hull's Catarrh Curs It taken internally, acting diiectly  upon ttie  hlood mui uucou* sur-
fare* of tiie *• Mem      Ted monials t.ent freo.
Fnee ". reals |>"r Ixittle.   Sold hy allnrQuiltB.
'lake Hail - 1 ■nn I* l'ills mr C ummniptiou.
Tlir Aatn Cop.
"Yes," snys the officer to the ser*
geant, holding to his prisoner, "I took
this young mnn Into custody for speeding his unto too fust. He wns riding
through the pntk with a young ladj
and was evidently paying more attention to her thnn to his machine and
did not seem to know tluit the nut*
wns going twenty miles an bour."
"Sparking her, wns be?" asks the
sergeant, opening the blotter.
"Thnt mnkes him a spark arrester,
doesn't it':" ftsks the prisoner.
BRAND      -
A   lira-lit   Tiling.
"Wbnt we need now," snid the plain
mnn. "is nn Automobile tbat win cluss
Up like a folding lied."
'•Wlint WOUld he the good of that?"
"The good  Of  lt?    Why, don't you
lee, it woUld close up on tin* people in*
aide of it and Hinothur tlieui."
For coughs, colds, bronchitis,
asthma, weak throats, weak
luni;s, consumption, fake
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral.
Always keep a bottle of it in
the house. Wc have been
saying tliis for tfO years, and
so have the doctors.
**1 liaara* u.r<\ aval's Cliorry Pastors] In my
famllr f,.r 40 /»»ra It li tlu* i'»«i RtMUelnS
In llr wnrlil, f know, lor all i)iu«l and lung
Mil*. J. K.'.'sa. Waltham. Man.
"SW* .fY .(I nn. ,i. r. xvaacn.,
ah ni". .'■■"'■        (nr      '"Vi1'______
The Lungs
Daily jctlon of the bowels is nt*c«s*
•nry.   Md nature with Ayer'e Pllle*
Made big enough for a big
man to work in with comfort
Has more material In it than
any othor brand of shirt in
Canada. Made en the
H.B.K. scale it requires wU
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to 33 yards.
That's the reason why the
H.B.K. "Big" Shirt nmr
chafes the armpits, is osrr-t
tight at the neck tn wrtit-
bando, is alwaya kaone, full
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wdi! ——
Sach shirt bears a tiny book
chat tells the whole history
of the "Big" Shirt, and
also contains a notarial
declaration that the H.B.K.
"Big" Shirt contains *\,y_
to 43 yards of material per
Sold at all dealers but only
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H.B.K 1
BRAN0     -
■tatisal      Wta-IHI      *******
Superfluous Hair
Ramovad by tha New Principle
Electrolysis, X-ray or depilatories ara
offered you on tbe bare word of tha
operators and manufacturers. D E
MIRACLE is not. It is the only method
which is indorsed by physicians, sur-
geoqp, dermatologists, medical journals
and prominent magazines. Booklet will
will be sent frea, in plain, sealed
Your money back without question if
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DE MIRACLE mailed, sealed in
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thc        ClUDCnil COMPANY
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References: —Any  Hank  or  Commercial Agency.
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Consign your grain to me and get prompt service, earef ul attention
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to eat Ms tMssjM en
Trmmmpt, netertt,
e» eoM en  sei
erreepeadsMe seMsttei.    Referee*-*!
HurTi LIobDcat Cim D\tim*t.
The French government wore going
to present Stoessel with the Legion
of Honor, hut desisted when they
found the (ierninn emperor had got
ahead of them. How would it do for
these medal-presenteis to have an
agent on the spot?
Dr. J. D. Kellogg's Dysentery Cor-
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Sea sickness, and complaints Incident
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conquer the disease. No one need fear
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It will be difficult to get the man on
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Russia while meu are rushing tolerf
her money.
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. It Retains Heat and Keeps ami Cold.
Write for   Samples  aa4 Priees.
TEES & PERSSE, Limited., Agents, Winnipej.
The Japs ought to have kept some
of those Port Arthur Russians to act
as guides about the mine-filled streets.
Lever's Y-Z (Wise Head) Disinfectant
c.oap Powdir dusted in the bath, softens
the water and disinfects. 3S
A nico thing about having the
baby's crib in the room where you
Bleep in that you can always find it in
Ihe dark without striking a light by
hitting your shins against it.
From Michigan comes a silly and
incredible story to the effect that a
man who just died there had money
but no friends.
Extrrnnlly or   Internally,   It  Ia Good
—When applied externally by brisk
rubbing. Dr. Thomas' Eclectric OU
opens the pores and penetrates the tissue as few liniments do, touching the
seat of the trouble and Immediately
affording relief. Administered internally it will still the irritation in the
throat which induces coughing and
will cure affections of the bronchial
tubes and respiratory organs. Try It
and   be  convinced.
Trying to get rich quick means getting poor quicker.
Kurt's Liaiment Caret D?itleria
A condemned murderer refrained
from suicide afler hearing a sacred
song. Ho must have been misled as
to the place where suicides go.
A Cnre for CogtlverMM.—Costlvcness
comes from the refusal of the excretory organs to perform their duties
regularly from contributing causes
usually disordered digestion, Parma-
lee's Vegetable Pills, prepared on scientific principles, nre so compounded
that certain Ingredients In them pass
through the stomach and act upon the
bowels so as to remove their torpor
and arouse them to proper action.
Many thousands nre prepared to bear
testimony to their power In this respect.
A Chicago professor confesses that
the profits of the packing houses are
ies than those of any other business.
It is only the healthiness of the occupation which fascinates Swift, Armour and others.
To Kuropatkin pernaps the least
pleasing part of the news of the fall
of Port Arthur was the line informing
tho public and those interested that
General Nogi was at liberty to accept
other engagements.
A woman always knows that her
baby is the most beautiful one that
was ever born, but what she wants is
that others should know it.
In any event, Stoessel and Nogi
may congratulate themselves that
the Kaiser did not sc-nd them a book
of his Imperial poems.
Bliird'i Liniment Cam Colds, etc
Dr. Chadwick says the public has
misunderstood his wife. Ira Reynolds  may  have  misunderstood   her
when In* thought she said that pack
age of brown paper was worth $15.-
The season is approaching when
you can inspect your neighbor's furniture witvout leaving calling cards.
It is only during its first week that
Parliament rises, in the feminine
mind, to the altitude of a five o'clock
Minard's Liniment Cuts ttarfet k Cm.
Xo, Mrs. Chadwick didn't squander
her husband's money. She wouldn't
do such a thing, and, besides he
didn't have any.
TESTIMONIAL from th* lat* SIR SAMUEL, HAKKR,  th« limoui Nil. Explorm.
"Newton Abbot. Daavon. Imar Sir*—I
h»v» dalayed my thanki »■ I wlitaW t*
'.«st th« effect of Blair'a l'llli *y m im*»
clint Interval of tlma
"For tm veara I had auH«rid aw-taly
from limit and Ufa had loll Ita attra*
tion owing to tha uncertainty ol haaltB
and audrien viattatlona of tha •narajr
which prostrated me Ior monthi. er weeks
according  lo'.the virulence of the attack!
"Hour's Pills havs rendered ms Immense
service, aa I no longer tear aa attaak
of  Gout.
"For the last twenty months I have
barn comparstUsly fcee. as ons or tw*
attempted vieitatlona havs been ImmeeV
lately etamped out by ths amletanc* el
Blair'e Pills
"Truly your* (Signed) Ssml   W  Bakar.
Lyman Hoim A Co , Uonirral and loi*
onto; The Roi* Prug Co . Winnipeg; aa4
Mart .i. Bole A Wynne Co.. Winaiuec
Wa   publish   Simple,   straight   testimonials, not press agents' interviews,
from well-known peoplo.
From all over America they tostifv
to the merits of MINARD'S I.INIMKNT, the best of Household Remedies.
C.   C.   HICl I.Mil IS   at   CO.
Facts About Flour
Of Special Interest to our
Women Readers.
With th ■ help thai tbe Japanese
are dow preparing to give bim, Kuro*
1 ui Mn oiiKhi i" lie ..iii" in pull nir another i'i' those "offensive movements
backward" before very luni;.
A Chicago professor says life may
be produced by chemical action, in
practice, bqwever, chemical action is
more ferquently used for producing
A cook Is only as good ss the floor
she usea.
A poor cook can make better bread
with Koyal Househoold Flour than a
good cook can with poor flour.
Royal Household Recipes make bake
day the pleasantest day of the week.
There are two kinds of flour, " Royal
Household" and the kind that has not
been purified by Electricity.
"This flour is just as good as" brgine the
pi-orer. "Send me "Royal Household"
nover-thi'-li'HS" int^rrunts the woman
who knows. "I havo tried ' just-as-good'
flour before,"
Your test, Mrs. Home Baker, is final,
if you find "Royal Household" bestia
your baking, there is no arpument
Every day many Canadian women
write us how pleased they are with Royal
Household Flour
—that it is all we ray it ia
—that it's just a* good for pastry as It
is for bread.
—that it's quirkcr, twier, simpler t»
bake good bread nni good pastry with
Royal Household 1 li or, by the " Royal
IlivineholJ" Recipes.
That's one Mason Ihey like it so much.
A Successful Medicine. Everyone
wishes to be successful In any undertaking in which in* may engage, it
Is, therefore, extremely gratifying to
tin* proprietors or Parmelee's Vegetable Pills to know ihnt their efforts
to compound a medicine thai would
prove a blessing to mankind have been
successful beyond their expectations.
The sndorsation of these ruis by the
public Is :i guarantee thnt a i>i 11 ims
been produced thai will fulfil ^very-
thlug: claimed for it.
Russia Is going to i"i'l tho war off'
until she builds a Heel big enough to
in k   Japan,   which    shows I h*al  the.
(•■/:ir is still fhe greal sl    tri ;nd   of
pence iu the « orl I, I
T'10 5>nly time a father is mon*
[01 |: ii 1 hnn whi n ibe I aby has a
tool li   I'S   when   it  has   two,
Xr\f    |M    U    No    SIT
NsARBrr GnocKR:—Wo are always glad
to send to our correspondents the name
of tho nearest grocer who handles
Royal Household Flour.
How Mant Recipes:—We pent tlie ton
recipes that one of our correspondents
afked for last week for her neighbor!.
Wo are always glad to send as many
recipes as are needed.
Tin Ban PATB Bust S—Tho reason gro-
corn find it pays to push Royal Household Flour in not because the profit is
larger per barrel—for it isn't M largi'—
hut because it pays to please the
Hard Wheat VtRtCS Soft Wheat:—
Royal Household i'lniir is made of tho
best grade ol hard wheat. Hard wheat
is the liest ppring wheat grown in
Manitoba. Soft wheat is winter wheat
—inferior for flour making. Somo
millers advertise that they "blend"
soft and hard wheat to get bettor flour.
We do not blend wheat for Royal
Household Hour.
TESTIMONIALS:   ■*** wrok we *•"
ccivod nearly Iii"    ■    '"' '••stimoiiiala
"The li  ' '      ; ,,F"-"
"Royal Household" is the Hour for ma
I havo und the popular brand* Imt mm
can  compare <■..     ■       ! 11 "Uphold."—
Mrs. J. II. Shearer,     ' lUchud StreH,
Vancouver, B.C    - *   ''-• V'M-
"Theiie isT'O Mccii Rad FLOt'Il."
"Royal Household" is what the people
! want-a bettor flour.    There is too much
I bad floor put on the] plo of this conn-
1 trv at the prescnl lime."-J. W. Elliott,
Sliortreed, B.C   Nov, 27, 1004.
"A CnMT Ivt'i:"VEME.NT."
" I had Ui ■« ; [-roB*******0 vi*. •« F*x*
Dour as it »i- | -i!,l° *" -***• liut l
find "Hum. M ' ''"•" ag™timprovement, partirularily in requiring much
less knead I :"ak('8 a whiter and
lighter  bl NI™' (i' A- McLaurcn,
Savane, Out.   Oct 17, 100*1.
Have v ' '"r ,hp RwlpH*
They B        '    ■*''"*1 NOW.
TukO< ;  .'nt Mim.s Co. Limited
1'KHKUAIIY 3. 1«05.
C. E. Smitiahiuki'aije, Editor and Prop.
fLOCAM,      -      -        -       -      B. C.
Legal Advertising 10 cents a line for
the first insertion and 5 cents a line each
subsequent insertion.
Certificates of Improvement, $7 each.
Transient advertisements at same rates
Sl legal advertising.
Locals will be charged 10 cents a line
fer each insertion.
Commercial Rates made known upon
Ths Subscription is $2 per year, st/ict-
ly in advance; $2.50 a year if not so paid.
Address all letters to—
Slocan, B. C
The provincial legislature will meet
for tho transaction of business next
Thursday. Thero is much curiosity
as to the probable railway policy of
the government.
With an incrensinply active competition among ore liuyers.with the dead
lino reduced from 50 to 55 per cent
stuff down to 30 and Sii per cent grade.
and railway rates reduced from Sll to
$10 per ton, Slocan producers of zinc
are feeling quite cheerful these days.
Zinc promises to bring the better times
silver lead has failed to realize.
Another Slocanmiueownerhas gone
on record as favoring the two pel cent
tax. Louis Pratt, manager of the
Lost Chance, says the tnx is fair and
has not worked a hardship on mines.
The carpet authorities of the Provincial Mining Association have again
been set at defiance and their agitation against the two per cent tax will
avail them nothing.
When corporations scrap the people
sometimes reap a benefit. The Great
Northern Railway has been handling
most of the zinc out of the Slocan and
deemed themselves happy. In order
to win a share in a rapidly expanding
traffic, the Canadian Pacific Railway
has cut the rates on zinc ores from the
Slocan to Kansas from Sll to $10 pei
ton. The railway struggle thus gives
the mineowners ?l additional profit on
their ores.   Every little helps.
Others have butted into the wrangle
started by TheDiuli. relative to smelter rates on Sloean ores. The Standard and Geo. Huston, lioth of San
don, are out with strictures on the
situation. Mr. Huston hnd a long
letter in the Nelson News of Sunday.
contrasting the prices realized on the
same class of ore- viz., 60 per cent
lead and 50 oz silvor from European
and local smelters. He asserts that
by shipping to Europe the mineowners cau obtain $0.15 per ton more for
their ore tban by selling to the local
smelters. To Europe it is 6000 miles
of a haul, to the loeal smelters less
than 200 miles. One point has been
established, the local smelters have
not raised their rates since I902j but,
in the light of the figures given by
Mr. Huston, are not the people justified in believing the local smelters responsible to a certain .degree for the
depressed condition of things in the
Slocau country 7
The elections iu Ontario last week
evidenced a remarkable revulsion in
public opinion in favor of the Conser
vativo party, tho turn-over being the
most pronounced iu the political his
tory of that province. The Conserve
tives have a majority «>/ upwards uf lo
members iu tho legislature, with nn
excess in the popular vole ol above
20,000. No less than live Liberal
ministers went down to defeat, and
Premier Ross himself narrowly i scaped t> ing left at home. While Conservatives naturally feel elated al the
great victory woif^gienterindeed than
even they or their opponents could
possibly imagine, it must not be for
gotten that a share in tha victory must
b« credited to those independent Liberals who placed political honor before
party fealty. The Liberals bad been
too long in power nnd they luul permitted a most corrupt .combination of
professional politicians to gain the
mastery over their party Organization,
in consequence of whieh thero luul
been credited to them u long catalogue
of crimes against public morals. The
victory of the ('nu.*eiv;itives has beeu
one of the people against machine
politics of corruption und misrule.i.ud
it is safe to say the lesson will not be
forgotten. Ho„. Mr. Whitney, the
new premier, has material of right
sterling worth among his followers,
and he should have no difficulty in
giving the people uf Ontario n wis,.
and capable government,   By login
luting for the people at all times he
will In* safe, and the ' Conservatives
will retain the lasting regard and
support of the electorate'. Failing
that iiud the fate of the Ross government will be his. Here's success to
Conservative rule in Canada's premier
province, ______________
Pay up your subscription.
For first-class bread go to .7. H
J. G. Simpson, grocer, Nelson, has
skipped out.
Several Silverton families are pre
paring to emigrate.
Rossland will hold its annual winter
carnival on Feb. 15-18.
T. D. Woodcock got home Saturday
from his visit to the coast.
Bom.-—In Nelson, on Jan. 31, the
wife of Jos. Bradshaw, of a son.
W. J. Adcock, late of this place, has
moved his shoo store from Coleman to
Mrs. D. McKeehnie returned Tuesday from a couple of weeks spent at
Fred Carlisle left for Spokane on
Friday, tb spend the balance of the
The bridge gang came in this week
to effect some repairs to the section
For S.ile. A small base-burner coal
stove, in first-class condition. Apply
at this otlice.
A number of Silverton men came
down Friday, headed for the Boundary country.
For Sale. A full set of Dickens'
novels, comprising 15 volumes. Apply at this office.
The cold weather of the week enabled the skating rink to open up
again for business,
Nelson defeated, Rossland. Friday,
in a swift hockey match at Rossland
by a score of 3 to 0.
Premier McBride announces that
steps will be takeu to effectively enforce the Game aot.
J. J. Mahme will be acting mayor
of Nelson during the absencejat lh.*
legislature of John Houston.
The local mil! people received an
order Monday for a carload or shingles, to Ik* sent to Newton. Out.
J. G. Billings, of Nakusp, has returned from the east with his bride,
nee Miss Maedonald, of Lindsay.
Som** of the pupils are bein',' kept <
away from the school, their parents
objecting to repeated doses of strap,
Geo. (l::il am, piloton the str. Slocan. was admitted to the NewJDenver
hospital hist week, suffering from ery-
Harry Lea went lo Nelson Tuesday,
to lake in the At Home given by the
Knights of Pythias of the citv that
All suits fnr damages against the
Crow's Nest Coal Co., arising ont of
the great Fernie disaster, have been
withdrawn. . •
Ilex Maedonald, Nelson, is acting
deputy attorney general for a month.
during thn absence from Victoria of
H. A. Maclean.
* Aft •!* the lapse of months the Western Clarion.   Vancouver, has resumed
publication, being equipped with an
up-to-date plant.
Registered at  the Arlington during
the week were: R. W. Mallow Silver-
ton:. F. Findley, Vancouver;' Mrs. C.
Ginsberg, Nelson.
W. J.Goepel, inspector of government oilices, was here im Friday,making a transfer of the local record of-
licr to H. IJ. Jorand,
Mining Recorder Christie left for
his new home iii Ashcroft on Monday
at noon. Mrs. Christie and the children follow next week.
The dominion 'government has
considered the matter and will, aft<
all,makes grant tn the Sew West
minster fair this year of $60,000.
Mr**. Meki I'iiiiu is visiting hi I son,
Capt. McLennan, hnvingarrived in un
Tuesday   from  Grand   Porks,    She
■-pent iill Inst siiniiii: r iu the east.
S. Keeling, of Kaslo, has been appointed, assistant tu (i.e. Buchanan,
inspector under the Lead Bounty net,
He will lie stationed al Marysville.
J. Burns was killed on Sunday at
the Senator mine, near  Grand Forks.
by a prematura blast. Two othor men
wen* badly injured al the same time.
Aid. Bird and   Dr. Rose  have been
appointed police and license commissioners in  Nelson, the regular nomi
neea of tbe Conservative executive lie
ing turned down.
Services are held in the Methodist
church now but once a mouth.
Ed Newman and wife have returned
to the Kilo mine, to stay till spring.
On Wednesday night the thermometer registered a point or two below-
The Yale-Kootenay lee Co., of Nelsou, has declared a teu per cent dividend.
The Grand   Trunk   Pacific people
are still trying to get the Esquiou:
& Nanaimo railway.
The'bonspiel of Kootenay curlers,
postponed from last week,commenced,
in Nelson Wednesday.
Nelson has a New York engineer
going over the ground and preparing
the plans for its electrical power station on Kootenay river, Construction
will commence in the spring.
A special number of the B. C. Gazette was issued this week, containing
the appointment of license eoininis
shiners of the various cities. Aid. A.
C. Smith and C. E. Smitheringale are
the loeal appointees.
Appended is a complete list o( the various records registered atthe local registry otlice, 11. P. Christie being mining
Jan 24—Violet, Kilo No 2, Ranger,
Skylark, King, Wedge Fraction, Klob
Hill, Nitver Sweat.
Jan, 27—V'eauty fraction, notice of
agreement between Eric Leiuieux nnd J
M MoGiejior.
Beauty fraction, publisher's affidavit
re delinquent owners.
Financial Agent
Accountant & Auditor
Notary Public
Fire and Accident
Abstracts of Hineral
will secure a full tot of
Dickens' novels, 15 vols.
Well bound, legible print.
OA will purchaseairmail bnne-
5 j  burner  BtOVO.        Il U8
vl as new,
Court of Revision.
NOTICE is liorpliy given that tlio annnal sitting cf the Court of Revision, for tha ;-ur-
iius»*.af bearing all complaints'acainst the assessment for tlio year ll* ... as mai!» by -he Afe-
sesKor of tbe City of Sloean, B. C will br bold
in tlir Council Ball, lu tha said City of Slocau,
• hi Monday, the -0!h day of February, A.D.l'jii.',,
ai the hour of ten o'clock a.m.
Dated at .Slocau, B.C., this 18th day of January, 1905.
ti. D. CTJBTIS, '.*■- >.-
m. ii mm HOSPITAL
slogan, a c.
Med. Supt., J. P. CADE, M.D.
UATI'S: Rrcnlar mburribeni.$1 per month
or$10a year: non-subscriber* (exclusive of
Mi-lir .! attendance) S- jirr dar, i'ri rati* war Is
tl .i..y extra, ."-in-aial r.aili'.ies far m.ilorr.-
ity case?.
The Drill Office
Certificate of Improvements.
Sligo Mineral Cln'.in.
Sitiwte in Uie Slocnn City Mlrting Division of tin* Wi*«t Kootenay District.
Where loiiftted : -Adjoining the Cameraman mineral claim.
Take notice that I, M. L. ifiiiminett,
nctinft for in vault, free luincr's certificate
So, I177t88; and us n^vut for Duncan
Cameron, free miner's certioiyUe No.
1377030; Angus Cameron, free miner's
certificate fto &6M11; William l>»vie.«,
doe'miner's certificate No. B64520; R.
McDowell, fiea minor's certificate No.
DS'JSlfl; G, A I.ovs, free miner's certificate, No. l't'.'ilST; nnd 11 A. Bradshaw,
free miner's certificate No. B77428lintend,
sixty 'InvB from the date hereof, to aytyly
to* tn* Mining Reeeider torn certiflcate
of iriyiroveiWents, for tlio purpose ef oh-
tabling a crown grout Ier tl.e abor»
And further take notice Unit action,
under section '■ 7, must lie I'ommknred
liefore the issuam-a of such certificate el
Dated this 1st dav of November, 190-1
9-12*04 '   M. I,.iORlMMKT]
No   Home
so Humble
that it need
be without
The Berliner Gram-o-phone
$i:oo brings you one. We make it easy for you to
own a Gram-o-phoue. Even an ordinary piano or organ
costs a Ioc or money—there are lessons to pay for and
weary hours of practice—and then a piano is only a piano.
The "Berliner Gram-o-phone" gives you more than
2000 selections to choose from.—" A child can operate it."
You can play Uin five minutes. The wn*k of tlie moat fainnu* instrumental-
ists tlitr voices of the graiulrnt vocalists me produced for you. it sings aud
tnllis mid every note and none is true to lUe. You have lu vour home an
Instrument that is, at vour pleasure, either an orchestra or a fliile- a singer
ol comic sours or a aoiaeh limker—all st lirlees not oiietwrnlirtli the cost of
au ordinary piano and on terms so easy thut uuyone cau afford «.
Prices of Gram-o-phones -**|i1/% 4g_   *t__L*X
complete witH 3 Records *P *-/   *>*-*   %p**fj
Guaranteed for live yents    "it U luaile in Canada."
Sold  on  *»a«r monthly payment*  if doair*d.    Writ*
for p»rtic*alara. Catalo£ju« and liat of Records.
Agent tail, exchange your old Berliner Cram-o-fthone Rtcmrds
FREE when you buy hit, new Records for each onr you return for
exchange: fur instance, you return two Retards : rexeive six ; pay
for four. yAMUF*CTUBlO   av
J. A. ANDERSON, Local Agent
Bg?-!.'. J. JLL'
A Residence for Sale
I"or .farther particulars apply to.
D. B. O'Neail, Sec
I.llillTI*!) IIV
The Queen's
• i
Firpt-rliips Dining Koom
Lame nml Comfortable Bedrooms
Sunipie looms fur Commercial Men
Nelson, B. C. t
o *■***-**■* *~l
.1. H. Minim and Cluis. Greenlee, of
Now Denver, two of tbe oldest timers
in the country, pained through here
Tueedav for California, where thej
will iii future reside.
Tom Abriel bai returned to Nakusp
from a visit to bis old home in Nova
Scotia.   He says he lni.i come back to
stay, for even if there is nn o     ;,,
the country the climate i« O.K.
The Dhii.i. will print you, on shoil
iiiitico .-unl in anv amount, shipping
tagBabUlheads, itateihents,lettprhcads,
Qotehoadft, memos, receipts, envelopes,
visiting curds, bu linens cards, bills of
faro, dodgers, posters, i lc, i tc. v, [J]
in ■ •! ;mi" quality or price,
Certificate of Improvements
Kvrnlnj *ataar No. 9 PntOtlOB,
Situate in the Slocnn City Mining Division ni West Kootensy District.
Whore located:—About L"3 miles
in u north easterly direction from
Slovan City.
TAKF. NOTICE that I,the undersigned
(F.M.C. Nn. UTT-ii-'i nud uh nn sgenl for
David Sautter, free miner'i certiflcate No R7S678, Intend, s:\ty days
from ilu* date hereof, to apply to
the Mining Recorder or a certificate
n( Improvements for tlie purposo of
obtaining a Crown Grant of the above
And further take notice that action,
niiilrr section !i7, iniiHt Im commenced
before the i.xsmince of such certificate of
I' itfil thin 22nd dav of December,1P04.
Notice to Delinquent Co-owner
To Archibald York, or to any porson or
persons to whom he muv nave transferred his interest, In whole or in part,
in the Independence mineral ''luim,
Mtiiutcil on Crusader Hill, Lemon
creek,and recorded In th** Slocan City
mining division ol West Koott nay district!
You are hereby notified that I, tha
undersigned, have caused to l>>* ox-
pended Lho mm of two hundred and
five dollars In labor aud genernl Im.
provemenli upon the above mentioned
I'l.iiin, in order to hold Kiiil mlnr ral
cl.lim under the provisions of the Mine*
ral Ad. and if within 90 days from the
date of this notice ymi fnilor refuse to
contribute your proportion of such expenditure, together will nil costs ol id
vprtlslng, yout inte e I in mid claim
will hi come  tin   pro] erty ol tha snl
icriher, in der a ion four o( su ict ■ i
titled "An   \c\  to amend  tht  Uh   i >
A.i   1000."
Dated this 27th ilnvof Janunrv, I80G
J. A. Anderson
Newspapers    -
Our gentleman's 14k
solid gold,  hunting
case watch (No. 12617) Iii',
sells for $40.00. jffi
In n at-yenr i;oldJillnd ease
(Nn. Mtaa ttltf txme hxcoI.
irnt " Kviie'' moveincnt iclU
for $u.oo.
m ,: ...
■■g\A   lady's   solid   gold p
watch (No. 1257(1) will
.y guaranteed   "'Ryrie'
movement   will   cost
you $125.00
In a aa-venr (L'old-fillrd cu,*
(Si,,    iiih)   it   6Mti   only
$1700.     Sullil l.r a af.ala.f;.,.-.
f, -.
One of the newest residences in Slocan is offered for sale on easy terms. It contains five
large rooms, hall, pantry, wardrobes, china
closet, large cellar, is lathed and plastered,
and is the best finished in town. Hot and
cold water system, with range and a sink.
Two corner lots, with fine lawn, garden, fruit
trees; also first-class woodshed, etc. A SNAP
FOR ANY BUYER.       For   terms   apply  to
Drawer 75, Slocan
KA **_ vt?^ >^r^^ KerJ* PW r_f*\ *m * ^Sbs"5"*
W   M
A dvertise your 8
in these days of progress and competition
no man in business
should neglect an opportunity to keep his
goods before the people.
Modern usages proclaim advertising the
one road to success;
neglect of it invariably
ends in disaster. A
merchant's standing
in a community may
be judged from thc advertisement he carries
in a local paper. To
sell goods a mnn must
advertise. All live
men seek the aid of
the printer
to all jiersis-
tonl mid liberal ailvi-itis-
era: it is road
by everyone,
Subscribe for
local paper:
THE DRILL  $2  per year j<
** WI PW ¥s\*\ ***«."-*•■* •"•*c^"« P**7*\ M
p_xj*__j'*tp*. y*\


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