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The Slocan Drill 1902-08-01

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TOL. III., Ne. 18.
SLOCAN,   B.   0,.   AUGUST   1,   1032.
Hot weather is here what's
the matter with   ....
Ji. Steel Ba/tli T\xTo
It never wears out, rusts or becomes
unfit for use. Can bo bad at WOODCOCK'S.   Six foot or infant's.
Full line hardware and miners' supplies.
T. D. Woodcock & Co.,
 Slocan, llritish Columbia.	
Are You Preserving?
We have received a large shipment of first
quality Fruit Jars, in half gallons, quarts,
and pints.
Best B. C. Granulated,     17 lbs. for $1.00
W. T. Shatford 6c Co., General Merchants,
Slocan, Vernon, Fairview, and Camp McKinncy, B. C.	
MEETING OF COUNCIL, be judged from tho fact that a carload of California giant powder is arriving this week for T, 1). Woodcock
& Co. It is the first full car yet to
bo brought in here, and 80 cases of
the powder are already sold. Considerable work must be going on to
warrant such a heavy importation.
SAWMILL 18 l'ltOltAltl.i:.
Nsniii. Iist.ereitls.it Home   New, Received
From Abroad.
Olsl lis, lu iv. to bo RevUesI asid Koglsstorod
Aldermen at Length Agree to 1 impost
c. ii, si ml In Vicinity and Select Suitable
Ct.mi'ti'i'y Site*
Dealers in Fresh and Salt
Heats, Vegetables and Provisions. Goods shipped to
any part of the Slocan.
Highest cash price paid for
raw Furs,
B. C.
Orders for all
Kinds of Job Work
Quickly Attended to:
The Drill,
The Worknianship is Good
and Prices are Reasonable
Regular meeting of the city council
was held on Monday evening, Aid.
Nichol being the only absentee.
II. lt. Jorand wrote that ho would
act as city solicitor for $100 for the
balance of tho year. Mr. Jorand
was in attondance and explained thc
text of his communication; he would
charge a feo of $20 a day and expenses if his services were required
bv thc council outside of the city.
Ho did aot think, moreover, that he
should be called upon to revise existing bylaws without farther remuneration, l.e would typewrite the various old bylaws for 10 cents a folio of
100 words and furnish two extra
copiei of each. Mr. Jorand added lie
would revise, rewrite and register
all existing bylaw* for the sum of
After discussion on tho subject, Aid.
McCallum moved that Mr. Jorand's
offer as contained in his letter be ac-
cepted. Seconded by Aid. liarber
and carried.
Mr. Jorand"*offer to reviso,rewrite
and register all tlie old bylaws for
f80 was accepted, on motion of Aid.
Worden and Smith.
T. McNeish, secretary ofthe school
board, wrote desiring to know if S.
B. Clement's salary, as principal,
should be paid for July when he resigned on June 30. His resignation
was handed In on May 31 and was
accepted by thc board on June Ui.
The letter, with Mr, Clement'* resignation, was referred to thc city solicitor.
1,. S. Otis, ef Nelson, again wrote
asking if ho c.iuld come toSloe.in and
tune pianos without pay ina a $5 "
tho lie....*. _ v~m_______^
formerly, in accordance with the by
From the Onllia, Out., Times ef
July 24 thn following interesting bit
ef news affecting Slocan is obtained:
"Messrs. J. II. Lavallee and W.
II. Tudho'-e, of this town, and Mr.
Gee. Chew,of Midland,returned home
this week from their trip to British
Columbia, where they inspected the
recently purchased limits and mill
property of the Ontario Slocan Lumber Co. The company has a splendid
limber limit, and is turning out lumber and shinglos for the eastern
tilde, cedar shingles being shipped
into this province. Larger premises
and yards will probably be located
at Slocan, with water power to drive
the machinery, when lumber for export will be cut. A trade connection
with Australia has already been established, and shipments to Australian ports will commence as soon as
better times prevail on that continent,
the last four years' drouth having resulted in serious business depression.
While there are magnificent stretches
of timber country in British Coluin
bia, thero i.s little or no fire ranging
done, and the Iosj from bush fires is
enormous, the carelessness of milling
prospectors being a prime cause cf
this evil.
"It is sixteen  years since Mr. Lavallee visited the coast. At that time
Vancouver was a city of tents,   the
place having been  swept away by
fire.   Now it is a (.annulling city of
30,030 inhabitants, with   uniformly
constructed  buildings, trolley cars,
and other modern equipment.   Min*
|tJ s ing and lumbering are only in their
-,   infancy in the west, and will be the
CH'k'in.u-ucted'toi-eplythatU^^ tngnitrtofcjil  Brifml. Columbia
cense of $5 would be imposed asi 'M\ »«* Years fc> com..
s - ■    ■    *     l      Messrs. Iitvalleo,   1 ml nope anu
Chew were tendered a banquet at the
-      —* .      1*   ...   s	
Saturday evening. One of the stopes
at the fiOO foet level began cracking
and before the men could get out of
the way the reof fell, imprisoning
Supt. Dunkle and several of the
force. The latter were subsequently
released alter several hours' imprisonment, but Dunkle was killed. He
left a wife and four child ""en.
Biliary Morsssao Kxpreiiet »s. Opinion a»
Local C'asnp.
|...y IV.H\3"        ISl>St    UVS...V  ,
' R. A. Bradshaw',- loiter regarding I ArUgJBM Hot. I, Slocan, before leav*
the Music Hail licet,*- wtfc again •"*?J*#**Jl»es«t. riio newspapor "*1
i ,„ ,.„. that town, TJf*.SLCCVS Duiu. is con
•    - ■ • — - ' ....* '.••iiif-Vn o  ra
liicled   by  a
SLOCAN,   B.  C.
a up-to-date accommodation for the
It is the home of Travelling,
;rcial, and Mining Men.
It rMched by any trail or road
that run* into the Town.
Do not go past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
Aid. McCallum said action thereon 1^
by the  byltw commit'en  had  boon
deferred awaiting th.c services of a
citv solicitor.
Thc letter was referred to tho city |
solicitor, with instructions to incorporate tne desired clause In theii
cense bylaw.
Bills received: From II. Curst,
stationery, $1.26    Left over till next
Aid. Smith reported for the board
of works that the bridge over Springer creek at, Fletcher avenue had
been completed, at a cost of about
The ancient and modern question
of a cemetery site unexpectedly eron
ped up, and tho various aldermen
dreed prompt action. Aid. Worden
offered to furnish a rig to transport
the council to the grounds if a date
were agreed upon to select a suitable
site. -x
It was finally agreed that the council should meet at 8 o'clock Wednesday morning and  go out to select a
Mayor York reported having ro-
eo'tvud from the lieutenant-governor
the titl« to loU 13 t'* 20 inclusive in
block 21, as a school site for the eity.
The attention of tiro board of
works was again drawn to ihe state
I of the sidewalk and Itreet fronting
ths* Blue Front hotel,on Arthur street;
a'so many loose boards on the var
ions city walks elsewhere, To be
attended to at once. ^^^^^
His worship suggested  the. council I camp
meeting twice a month only during I**0 tat
the next two months.   Special meet*
ings could  be called  at any time if
Dullness demanded it.   Action deferred till next meetings
Replying to a query from Aid,
Worden, the dork said the sum of
-SIUO had  b«eii collected in taxes no
Council adjourned.
former Orlllfau, C. E.
aiucass Not ss\ii-lusi*.i,.,l.
A small advance advertising pan*
phlet has been  issued by the Nelson
Tourist Association, and in it tha appended encouragement for settlers in
and around   Slocan   is found:    "At
Slocan, which  is reached  bv  train
from Nelson in about two hours, good
sport can be had.   The Slocan river
is a typical  trout stream, and  with
the   numerous   mountain   6trcams
which fall  into thc Slocan lake will
give tie fisherman all thc sport he
requires.   The valley is stocked with
willow grouse.    The  lirst range of
hills   is   tho   homo   of the big blue
grouse, and doer arc plentiful.   The
lower mountains harbour black bear
and thc  higher ranges  the grizzly
and mountain goats, which aro to be
found within a fewrnilcsof the town."
Mosstarey Start*. Up.
te opened under
the old management.
Former customers
cordially invited to return
Operations have commenced on the
Monterey group, at the head of
Springer creek, recently bonded to
Minneapolis parties. Four men nre
employed, under the direction of II.
Cal.lick, of Silverton. Last week a
trail was built into the property from
the Star Pointer group, and this week
a start was made on the necessary
..., buildings.   It is the Intention
tunnel on the lead and open Up the
showings as much as possible before
snow flies. Some extra stripping has
exposed tho ore. chute over a wider
area than at first thought it extend
ed, and the vein has been uncovered
over tha three claims. The lowest
assay obtained this season was !I0 oz,
while several touched the f>00 figure.
Upturn.. I'l'isiis Fnis ills of July.
lanagenn-n-. .
The Royal Hotel,
.  ........... imsiinr, moons.
.    _J ii, l.ii.■> Avs'.'.i.', •l»r*n
Cor. Arthur "Ur«>s*tsi.ns* Osslnnssj »v
Building thoroughly renovated
and rest-cked with the Ivest
Fruit/Confectionery, Tobacco
k?pt fresh and well ^tUd.^ a e right.
belt the market affords.   Prices are    *
A, {J, SMITH, *
Al ths.   ttollOB IlssgsittH.
Slocan sent 45 people to the Nelson
regatta, a much higher percentage
than from her sister towns. The visitors report, having had »Wl-gn«j
and kindly treatment. The Ic-ca
participant! In tho regatta.did not
figure very prominently. Mis. a.t ■
Christie could find no competitor in
Um lady's singles, but  in the mixed
doubles ihe and Mr.Christie were.defeated. On Saturday Messrs.. I.rlstle
nnd Fred Tattersall put tipa pine*""*
rice in the gents' doubles and log
first place by a few feet only.«»
not true that the chappies will rega.
here next vear.
Inslls'.itlvs* ssf l.lfs-*
An   indication  of  the   life In the
mining oampsurroundlngSlocan may
Al. Teeter has received tho returns
from the roceqt shipment made by
tho Fourth of July to the Nelson
smelter and tho figures arc qu te satisfactory. The net weight of the
shipment ■•••ns 10". tons, which atsav-
ed I'll.2 oz silver and .8.1 oz in gold,
l'lio value of the gold contained in
tins ore was $1C5,56 and tho silver
$698.56, or a total of $85:). 12. Silver
was valued at tho New York quotation of 58 cents. As is the case now
with tie smellers, 10 per cent of the
total values w«s held out for the final
settlement tlll'eo months hence, the
prices   thou   prevailing   being   the
basis of payment.
t'isvi-111 ut ths, l.ss Risl.
Thero came near  boing a terrible
disaster at the Lb Roi mine,Rossland,
Sidney Norman loft for Spokane
during the week and while thore told
tha following tale to the Spokesman-
Review of the local camp:
"Conditions in the dry ore belt
adjacent to Slocan are fairly satisfactory and the outlook points to a season of moro than average activity.
There is littlo doubt that several producing mines will be added te the
list in the near future. The distriet
has hitherto been held back by divers
causes, not tho least of which is thc
lack of unanimity existing in the
camp. Prospeotors and businessmen
appear to think that the best way to
stdl thuir claims ia to 'knock' the
possessions of others and in this way
capital has been kept out of the district on many occasions.
"At the Arlington mine a force of
50 men is employed and it is said
that within the past week a very important strike has been made in the
lower levels. The exact particulars,
however, have not been given out.
Shipments have been curtailed to
some extent owing to the fact that
the management does not consider
thc present freight and treatment
charges reasonable.
"At the Ottawa, recently bonded
by Pittsburg capital, a force of 10
men ii employed under the snperin
tendency of R, T. MePb.ee, formerly
of the Enterprise. The eastern owners are now on the ground and future
development will depend upon the
result* of their inspection. Under thc
present bond a payment falls due
earlv next month.
"A strike of some importance has
recently been made upon the Mabou
claini, owned by R. Kirkwood and
others, and lying on tha summit between the Arlington and Enterprise.
It is tho intention of the owners to do
consiiierabU work this season, but
for tke present little can be doue nntil a now camp has Often built. The
old buildings were destroyed by fire
a few days ago.
"Thc Republic wagon read, upon
which a force of 30 m«n has been engaged for some time past, is nearly
completed and 10 men are employed
at thc mine. This is one of tlm properties recently sold by Charles tl.
Dempster, ef Rossland, to Detroit
capitalists. Several of the latter
have just completed an inspection ofl
thoir holdings and it is understood
work is to be pushed. The same
parties own the Sapphire group on
Twelve Mile creek, and a full force
has recently been put to work there
preparing for an energetic campaign
of development
"At the Black Pi ince, which is under band to eastern parties represented by myself, 12 men are at work,
The plau of development includes
thc running of a 460 foot crosscut to
tap the vein at a depth of 203 feet
from the apex, and it is row in about
250 feet.    I  is advancing at the rate
nt'4fettaday.   New quarters havo
been erected, a new trail constructed
to the summit, and a water blast in
stalled to ventilate the mine.  Owing
to the late season the old workings
have only dried up sufficiently to
permit of mining,but belore I left the
work of putting in another raise to
the surface  was commenced  at the
90 foot level.    It will be carried up
on a good showing of ore and stores
run wither way.   It is probable that
shipment** will commence early in
the fall and, if the property proves
,np  to  expectations,   they   will   be
maintained during the winter.   Tho
force will be considerably increased
on my return to the mine and everything put ready for next winter's
work whilo the weather is r.eod.
'   "The Transfer, which has  been
under bond to me for tho past few
months, is now being worked by the
owners.   1 felt that development did
not warrant tho payment of $5000,
duo on August 15, and as the owners
refused to grant the requosted extension, I concluded to devote my attention to the Black Prince. The Transfer   is, howevor, a  ycry   promising
prospect and should oyentually do-
velope into a mine."
Lait Toar'tgblpiaant* Woro 0514 Tont—
A Uonlth**  Evidence of th* I.If.   nst
Wealth of tha Cansp—Arlington tha
BlHf>»l Shipper.
Shipments from the Enterprise were
again heavy for the week, 120 tons
haying beon sent oat. Of this amount
80 tons was ore and went to the Nolson smelter, whilo the remaining 40
tons, consisting of concentrates, went
to Trail. The Arlington shipped GO
tons of ore to Nelson. Should suitable arrangements be made witli the
smelter, shipments from the Arlington will increase to 1000 tons or more
a month. A small shipment will g»
out in a few days from the Florence,
the first sacks having been brought
down daring tho week. To date tho
exports of the division amount te 371£
For 1900 the exports from this division amounted to 2847 tons, made
up from 10 properties. Last year
the exports totalled 6529 tons, from
14 properties. Following is a full
list ot the shipments this year be
MINI.                                 WBB-. T0T4I,.
Arlington      CO • 24!M
Enterprise    120 1180
Ottawa _ "I
Neopawa  *           81
May  »
Payitreak  -,           I
Duplex  7
Fourth of July  U
180 3716
Th« Klereaee to Ship.
Oro is commencing to come into
lown from tho Florenco claim, situated  close to the Howard Fraction.
Two men are working on the pro*
Dertv and it is their intention to make
a tidy shipment.   The Florence was
formerly known as the Charmer ana
had several tons of ore on the dump
I when restaked.   Thc ere runs we
I In gold besides the silver and will
yield a handsome profit.
Lait week the Sandon mines shipped 2sS0 tons of ore.
Fergnso.i expects to see its Vulcan
smelter blow in next week.
A. S. Farwell is surveying seme of
the working, on the Arlington.
II. T. Twlgg has completed the
survey of the Black Prince, Lemon
Surface cutting on "the May group
has exposed a proimoing ore chute.
Four mon are employed.
R. I, Kirkwood has four men employed on the Riverside group, to the
east of the Gatineau & Simcoe.
The vein on the Sapphire hu been
opened ln a number of places and ere
is exposed in almost all tbe cuts.
The owners of the Transfer, by
surface stripping, have uncovered two
nice chutes uf -ore on either wall of
the vein.
The Nelson smelter is securing ere
from the Republic camp, 17 carloads
having been received from the California mine.
With the increase in galena shipments to the Kootenay smelters will
coins a greater demand for the dry
ores of th.s camp.
Ore shipments to date frem the local division are about 1000 tons Id
excess of the figures for the same
period last year.
A. David, the tailor, has met his
lucky star at last He and II. T.
Twigg and Bob Cunning own the
Mercury und Silver Bill claims, upon
which is located the Payne mill.
While prospecting the ground lately
the oweors uncovered two feet of good
ore. •
Xatot oa Arlington Oro.
J. Frank Collom, managing director of the Arlington, again visited
Nelson during Iho week in his endeavor to arrange suitable terms with
the Hall Minos smelter for the treatment of the ores from the Springer
creek bonanza.   While there he secured an audience with the CI'.R.
officials then visiting Nelson and laid
the situation before them and, it ia
believed,  with satisfactory results.
Should suitable arrangements be effected it is quite possible Arlington
shipments will run between 1000 and
1500 tons per month  for the  next
year, the bulk of the tonnage coming
from tho dumps.   Failing this there
will bo a further reduction in the
A Novol Railway InaoTntlon.
The Canadian Pacific Railway haa
lately been making tests with a gasoline motor observation car recently
received from England, but built according to designs prepared in Mon
: treal.   The car has a seating capacity for 16 persons, and is designed for
use in the Rocky mountains in connection with the Banff hotel, taking
the place of an ordinary observation
car drawn by a  locomotive.   Tha
car can make a speed of .to miles an
hour.   It is the  lirst of the kind .(■*.:
the continent. THE LADY
'CopyrlRht IHOOby Sir Waller UcsumiU)
Ee Is to be f*r>cn at the house of the
Lady Anastasia. tho most notorious
woman In London, iivho every night
keeps the bauk nt basard for ihe profll
sif tbls noble lord and his confederates
lt I.s in the service of such n man Hint
Mr Semple lias found a refuge. WUai
he fulfills in in.' wny nf duty l know
nel " ! give yon, eoitslui lhe iVords i ■'
ii'V Informnm I linv.e sines* Iis<j*iI«-..'
o! oil.»rs iiii'l ! (Iml continual icmes
• ■• .- * i'i "■■• n iliiiiiiiiss ehnrti i.'i 'i
Lord Fyllngdale and bis companion*
Nor can l understand what services a
lioot snu render to a man of such a rep-
awns',   living such a life'
"lio vsssi fsSllow, sir," iny father asked, laying down the letter, "or shall I
' road ll again?"
"Na.v, the words arc plain. But, Mr.
IVnti'i rosso, llis'.v are serious words.
Tliey concern very deeplyo certain lady
whom we lovo. Lord Fyllngdale has
liocii wiili us for a month, He hoars a
■ Im raster, here at li'iisi. of tUo highest
I.iml. It is reported, I know not with
wii.'H truth, that he Is lU'tuall.v to marry the captain's ward, Molly. Thoro is.
however, bo doubt that Molly's for
tunc has grown so large ns to make
her a match for any one, however high*
ly placed."
••1 fear tbat It is true."
"Thou, whnt foundation has this :.on-
tletnan for so scandalous a report?"
"Indeed, 1 do not Know. Mv cousin'
the. bookseller, expressly Bays that ho
lias no knowledge of Sain Semple."
••Mr. I'eiiteerosse, I am uneasy. 1
hear that the gentlemen of the company ur • circulating ugly rumors about
sun* i'olonel l."! " n who bus been
ply ■   in large sums
r tban any of the comi any ean
iiffon! io lose, The; bave resolved to
demand nnd await explanations, i bere
nro whispers also which concern Lord
Fyllngdale as well. These tblngs
make sun. disgusted. Then l also have
received a letter, it is in reply to one
of my own addressed to an old friend
ni Cambridge. Mv questions referred
(o tbe great scholar and eminent divine
who t.'ibs'.s Greek for Hebrew.
"•Vou nsk me If l know anything
nbout one Benjamin Piirden. clerk In
holy orders.   There can bardly be two
persons of thnt name, both in holy or-
slers.    The man  whom  I  Icnsiw by repute is n person of somewhat slight
stature,  his bend bigger thnn  hefita
his height-, In.* hath a loud and hectoring voice; he assumes, to suit his own
purposes,  tlie  possession  of  learning
and piety.   Of theological learning be
has none, so fn* ns l know.   Of Greek
art, combined with modern manners,
he Is said  to be a  master.    Inglese
Itnlisinuto   Diavolo   Iiicarnuto   I.s   thc
proverb.    He was formerly tutor ou
the grand tour to the young Lord Fyllngdale, whom he led into the ways of
corruption and profligacy which have
mads* that nobleman notorious.   Ile Is
ulso the repined author of certain ribald   verses   that   pass   from   baud   to
hand among the baser sort of our university   scholars.     I   bave   nuisle   Inquiries about him with these results.
It Is snld that where Lord Kylingdalo
is found this worthy ecclesiastic Is not
far off.   There was last year a scandal
at Bath in which his name was mentioned   freely,    There  was  also—but
this is enough for one letter.' "
Tho Vicar rend parts of this letter
twice over so as to lend the words
greater force. "The man says publicly
lhat he was tutor to Lord Fyllngdale
(■piracy so vile—but part, I say, i did
"Sir," I gasped, "this Is more opportune thnn you suspect Tomorrow
morning nt (I nt St. Nicholas' church
(hey are to bo married secretly. Oh, a
gambler, a rake, one who has wasted
his patrimony, to mnny Molly—our
Molly! Sir, you will interfere. Vou
will do something, It is the villain.
Sam; he was ulways a liar, a cur, a
villain!"    '
"Sieady, boy, steady," saisl my fa*
ther.   "It helps not to call names."
"It Is partly revenge. Ile dared to
mnke love to Molly three years ngo.
The captain cudgeled him handsomely,
and I was there to see. lt Is revenge
lu part. He hath brought dowu thin
noble lord to marry au heiress, knowing Ibe misery he is preparing for her.
Oh. Sam, if 1 hnd been there!"
"StendsfJiboy," said my father again
"Wlin "spread abroad the many virtues of tills uoble villain'.' Sam Semple—lu his service, ti most base and
dishonorable service. Mr. Purden, the
mnn who writes ribald verses"— 1
thought of the Lady Anastasia, but refrained. Bhe at least bad nothing to
do with this marriage. So far, however, there was much explained. »
"What, shnll we doV"
"We must prevent tbe marriage, of
tomorrow. The captain knows nothing
of it. Lord Fyllngdale persuaded Molly. He cautiot marry her publicly, because he cannot join a wedding feast
with people so much below him.   Molly
vlcni wns duly written, signed and
sealed. Then it was sent up stairs to
ids lordship's private room.
tlie door and  keep  the
S_T'"*Ji WAS as one who carries a respite for a
man already In the
cart and on his way lo
Tyburn, or I was as
one who himself receives a respite on tha
way to Tyburn, for If
the charges In those letters were true
there could bo no doubt ns to the result
of an Inquiry, Nor could there be any
doubt that Lord Fyllngdale In such a
case would refuse nn inquiry. I rnn,
therefore, as if everything depended
on niy speed, and I arrived breathless.
Molly wns alone, walking nbout the
garden restlessly. The sun waa now
s.'t, but the glow or the sky lingered,
and her face wns (lushed In tbe west*
era light "Jack." she cried, "1 thought
we hud parted this afternoon! Wbat
lias happened? Vou have beea running.   What is It?"
"A goosl deal ims happened, Molly.
For one thiug. you will not be married
tomorrow morning."
"Why not?   Is my lord ill?"
"Not that I know of, but you will not
be married tomorrow morning."
"You talk iu riddles, .lack."
"Would you like to put off tbe wedding. Molly'.'"
( I could put It off iiltogeth-
ways of wicked
shull not keep that engagement if 1 I    ," , ''     ,      ,     .   , _   .. ,.   ,    ,
1 n B .      er!   I am downhearted over it, .luck.
lt  weighs  me  down  like lead.
on ihe grand tour, I have myself
beard blm. on one occasion be proclaimed wilh loud voice lhe private
virtues of bis patroo, Sir, I very much
tear that we have discovered a nest of
villains. Pray Oud we be not loo late."
■'Amen." snid my father. "But what
ean we do'.-"
"Aye, what can we do? To denounce
Loni .Fyllngdale ou this evidence
would lu I in pi ible. To allow thi*
I-'   to take pi  without warning (be captain would bo a most wick
ed thing."
"Let nie send slick," nnid my Tn
ther. "Tho boy Is only n simple illor,
but he loves the girl.   He will no . be
aboard his ship."
It is not fnr from the Crown to the
qua**, nor from the quay to my or the
ships  In  port.    I   wns  sitting  tn   the
ciibin,  melancholy enough,  nhout 8
o'ol'irk or SO, Jusl before the i.unset
gun wns lired from the redoubt, when
I beard a shout, "Lad"" of Lynn,
ithoy!" Von muy be Bone that I obeyed
(lie summons with alacrity.
No .sue else hnd yet arrived at (he
GroWtl. The vicar laid both loiters before me. Then, ns wheu one strikes a
spark In the tinder nnd the match Ig-
niii'M. Mamlng up. and tlie darkness
1 vanishes, so did the scheme of vlllulny
unfold Itself; not all nt ouee—one does
uot at one glance comprehend a con
have to  loci    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
"Bettor tbau that, Jack," said the
vicar. "Take these two letters. Show
them to Molly aud. nsk ber to wait
while the captain makes Inquiries. If
Lord Fyllngdale is nn honorable man,
he will court Inquiry, If not, tben we
are well rid of u noble knave."
1 look the letters nnd run across tlio
empty market pluce. on my wny I
saw the captain. He wus walking to-
wurd thi' Crown, With banging boa.l.
Let ua first deal wltb tbe captain.
He entered the room, huug up bis hai
sr.i the usual peg nud put his stick in
its accustomed corner. Then bo took
bis si'iit nnd Iqoked round.
"I am glad," be said, "tbat there Is
none present except you two. My
friends, 1 am heavy at henrt."
"Si) nre we," suid Ilie vicar.   "But go
on, captain."
"Ymi have heard, perhaps, n rumor
■ if whnt hn   i ii?"
"There are rumo - ol   uuny  kirn!
Tbe place Is full ol rutin r      Iti* ru
mored thnt a certain Colouel Lanyon
Is a sharper,    It is also rumored I
Sr.n  Semple  is u  villain    li   is  fur
ther rumored that tin   Itev
I'm den is is di; trace to tbe cl
there is yei nuoiher rumor.    What Is
your rumor, captain?"
"Lord Kyllngdnle proposes to marry
Molly, nnd I have accepted, and sho
lias accepted, but il was to be a profound secret."
"It Is so profound ii secret that the
company at the gardens this evening
nre talking about nothing else."
Tbe captain groaned. "I have received
a letter." be snld. "1 do not believe It,
but the contents are disquieting. There
is no signature.   Head it."
The vicar read It: "Captain Crowle
Sir, you are a  very simple old  mnn
Vou nre so Ignorant of Loudon nnd of
the fashionable world that you dt i
oven know that Lord Fyllngdale, to
whom you are about to give your ward,
is the must notorious gambler, rake.'iml
profligate in the whole of that quarter
where the people of fashion and of
quality carry <>n their profligate lives.
In tlie Interests of innocence and vlr-
ture male some Inquiry into the truth
of this statement before laying your
lovely ward ln the arms of the villain
who bas come to Lynn witb no other
object than to secure her for'une."
"it is an anonymous letter." said the
.'car, "but there Is something to be
said In support of It. From what
source did you derive your belief In the
virtues of this young noblemanV"
"From Sam Semple."
"Who is In the service of bis lordship.
I know not whnt be does for blm, but If
he Is turned out of that service he will
Infallibly be clapped Into a debtor's
"There Is also that grnvo and reverend divine"—
"The man Burden. He Is notorious
for writing ribald verses and for lending a life that Is a disgrace to his pro
"There Is nlso the Lady Anastasia."
"1 know nothing nbout ber ladyship
except thai sbe keeps tin- bnnii. ns tbey
call it, every evening and thai Ibe gaming table allures many to their destruction."
"My friends," said the captain, "whnt
am 1 to do?"
"Vou must make Inquiry. Vou must
tell Lord Fyllngdale thnt things bnve
been brought to yoo; tbnt you cannot
believe (hern ir. bi is possible, you do
not, but thnt yon must mnke Inquiries
before truotlng your ward to bis pro*
toctlon. Vou me ber guardian, cap
"i aro more tban ber guardian, I
love ber better than If she was my own
"We know you do, enptaln. Therefore write a letter fo him. Tell hlin
these things. Sny Hint yon must hnve
time to  make these  Inquiries     I   will
belp you with the letter.   Ami tell him
ns  well  thai  ynu  must bave time lo
draw up neitlements.    If hs la hoi
he win consent  in this Inve tlarai
Into i is private character   ir he v nnia
Mollj   ind nol liei mi m j bag, In
nt once agree lo tin settlement of
fortune upon hprself."
there is no escape."
"1 tliiuk I have in my pocket a means
of escape—a respite at least—unless
there aro worse liars iu tbe world than
those we have at Lynn."
"Liars ul I.yun. .hick? Who are
they? Oh, Jack, what hns happened?"
1 snt dow i on a garden bench. "Molly." I snid, "you hold the private character of Lord Fyllngdale in the highest
esteem, do you not?"
"Thero is no better mnn living. This
mnkes me ashamed of being so loath
in marry bim."
"Well, but, Molly, consider. Who bas
bestowed this One i liaracter upon bis
"Everybody who knows him—Sam
Semple for ono. lie is never weary of
singing ihe praises sif ids patron."
"Hi* is a grateful soul nnd. on his
own account, a pillar of religion. 1
will show you presently whnt nu ornament lie la to religion.   Who else?"
"The Rev Benjamin Purden,-once his
lutisi-.   Suri * he ■night to know."
"Sorely. Noljody ought to know bettor. I will sh; v. you presently how admirable a witness to character this
revi rend divine must be esteemed."
" i hi re is Sir Harry Malyns. who tl -
■ nil-si us thai iiis lordship is thought to
be too virtuous for the world of fash-
i Ion."
"He Is himself, like the parson :i tine
Judge of character,   is thai nil f
"No. The Lady Anastasia herself
spoke to me of his nobility '
"She hns also spoken to mc*—of other
tilings. See hero, .Molly.'' I lu -god
out the two letters. "What 1 ba here
contain the characters of all these excellent persona—the latest scandals ]
about them, their reputations and their !
"But, Jack, what scandals? Wbat
"Vou shnll see, Molly. Oh. the allegations may be fals», ono nud nil. For
what I know Sum may have the wings
of an archangel, and Mr. Purden may
be already overripe for tlio new Jerusalem.   Bnt you shnll read."
I offered her the letters. "No," she
said.   "Bond them yourself."
"The first, then, Is from my father's
first  cousin,  Zackary   Pentecrosse,   a
j booksi'llor in Little Britnin, which is a
I part of London.   He is, I believe, a respectable, (!od fearing man.   Vou will I
| observe that he does not voftch for the
| truth of his Information."
1 then read nt length the letter which
you bave already beard.
"What do you think, Molly?"
"1 don't know what to think.   Is tho
world so wicked?"
"Here is another letter, concerning
the Bev. Benjamin Purden. observe
that this Is another and an Independent witness." So 1 read the Second letter, which yon have also heard.
"What do you think of this worthy
genth'.iinii, Molly?"
"Oh. Jnck, f am overwhelmed! Tell
me more, whnt li ini'iiiis"—
"It means, my dear, that a ruined
gamester thought to Uml nn heiress
wins would know nothing of his tarnished reputation. She must be rich.
All in' wanted was ber money, she
must not have her money tied up; It
must be nil In his own bands, to do
with It what be chose—that Is to suy,
to dissipate and waste lt ln riot ami
raking and gambling"—
"Lord Fyllngdale? Jnck, think of bla
fnee, think of bis manners. Are thoy
such ns yon would expect In a rake?"
"There are perhaps different kinds of
rakes. Tom Rising would spend tbe i
nlgbt drinking and bawling songs. Another kind would practice wickedness
ns eagerly, tun with mnn* politeness
What do i know of such men? Certain I nm thnt loni Fyllngdale would
not icour the Street I ami piny tbe Mo-
hawk, but that be hns round ol her vices
more pleasant and more, apparently,
polite Is quits' possible."
"i don'l understand, .inok. All the
gentlemen Uke Mr. Rising drink and
sin,;. i»o nil gentlemen who do not
drink practice other vices?"
"Will. M "ll v. you have seen the vicar
taste a glass of wlou FIs will roll it in
the E i s; he will bold it lo iho tight,
admiring Ibe color; be will Inbali
ofthe world. Due mun muy cultivate
lils taste; the other may be satisfied
with the coarse and plentiful debauchery. Tbls is not., bowever, talk for
bonost folk like you and me." •
"Oo on with your story. Jack.
mind   the  different 	
"Well, he beard of nn heiress. She
belonged to a town remote from fashion—n town of simple merchants und
sailors. She wns very rich; milch richer thnn he at first believed"*-
"Who told him about this heiress?"
"A creature culled Snm Semple,
whom the captain onoe cudgeled. Why,
Molly, it wns revenge. Iu return for
the cudgeling lie would plnce you nnd
your fortune in the hands of n mun
who would bring misery upon you aud
ruin on your fortune. Heavens, how
(he thing works out! And It happened
just in the nick of time that a spring
wns found lu the town—a spring whose
medicinal properties— lin!" I jumped
to my feet. "Molly, who found thnt
spring? Sam Semple. Who wrote to
the doctor about it? Snm Semple.
Who spread abroad n report thnt the
physicians of London were sending
their patients to Lynn? Sum Semple.
How mnny patients have come to us
from London? None, save uml except
only the party of those who came secretly in bis lordship's train to sing his
praises nud to work his wicked will.
Why, Molly"— 1 burst Into n laugh,
for uow 1 understood, ns one some
limes does understand, suddenly und
without proof other thnn the rapid conclusion, the full meaning of tbe whole,
"Molly, 1 say, there has never been any
medicinal spring here at all.   The doc
tor's well is but common spring water,
'l'l,ere are no cures. The whole business is n plan, a bite, an invention of
Snm Semple!"
".luck, bave a caro. How can tbat
be when tho doctsir has a long list of
"1 know It. but I do know tlmt Sam
Semple invented the spa In order to
bring ibis Invasion of sharpers and
gamblers and heiress hunters. Oh,
what  a  liar  be   is!    Whnt.   revenge!
i i
,  .       1 DI
si      1
lisil 1
IS i>R
r     1 IT
< ll
! ,1'lur
,,   .,  1.
1 1
ie *'.-
led it
"s   Ul
- ■ .i
i 61
he ;
,s Sll
1 i
'111 .
ii 1
,   li.'.ieies,  fully   ■• o lib in   iii.
, id thai  thu IjKHans ot
III!   i-  lie. o\ i'I'i il  ail
.   "      ip on tho  fori u-
11 •■ s\i cl lc t !ln I • and
Itumpui;   Alaska.    The  lull i .. ir i si.I.  to u. '•'.
i   i ho  Knyiii.iik \.*ws.
Itcid  i itked  «ith  the    in
. i.s,   i. ■■■■ nu .il   line.   Ih.it   thoj
boat   wi.i li  la  lying
hi,  Its side,  and  when   uskod
iliiq       ■>   * i'i*.   lin ;.    I  ai I'll     its
on tl      n   nd, ,'sii ot ing
.  ■    elvo h  mired feet
Stated   I i .ii   i". c; J ' Ii ng    ci
;.. c■ ••>i   u ii li   i lie   boat   w;.    pel rltli li
. ' il ■  -   ll.side  of il   was u
oi nlo  ur cheat,     'I hl'jl lag   ihere
ht   I..-   HOiiiclbiim   Inside  ssf
<9llud   ii   Hill   Ol   ih"   shi-
nl uin Side,  using levers
, Im   pui poi '■        They
,!<.,. n i ;
nnd  ■:  il
ind 11
ll   nn. ill   IsioiUl   open,   but   iu
Uei'e   ile np| siinli (1.      While.
I Ins   l hoy   ^^^^
ihe ' is ■«( wns hollow  ;i  I. mntued In- ]
i.'. 'I he    Indiana  finally   be. ame ;
■ in,\ im ni i hui  i he « hou   i ontiivan i
-     ■  with    tin'
lisil.v Spirli     ., i    ■      .    It, but pr
i,.   pilot   ul  e s  i here  at  nnj
nd  rn      ■ is   wilh    the
ii.* ion.in.'iii thai   the ship is
,,i        iIiaii    .   h'g ark.
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ni    i ni. i. .'     i .
Willi ul ...
Well I ;     :n
III .1
i hi' •     i"'   '        ih r   in      ii ' .
i b.s   i .,*■   i hi    ii .niti     foi
■ (ling  i      ad       " ■ .   ,   i,.   .
from i.     s! . '    i" ' '     oi    s
hi ■     . . ,i .
bo ii i   . ■
ill !.'..■ lis*] '      • -       ' II  I
ivitb the child     in ooi
i ,,  ■        nd
ii be       11 ii   . '   i     ■  ..  11
!■ o no   cull :is   hilxl un .-.   i o -n      a
uf I*'slum   ..ii.I    ii-.
lIU'J'   me
ihild is is
;      left   wi
|.i'ii'.n .'o.*
s\M   '    in   Ibe   Unite,   si   till}
I  .   .     np|     Is,      .i'i    •      ill '   i   III ,    •
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111  ol
,    .
1 ll ■   lie     '          \(l
i child
1 1 '■.    ni"    !■■ .|....
Santa F
What conning I    What Blgnal serv
has this servant of the devil rendered
lo his master!"
Truly I was carried out of myself by
this discovery, which explained everything.
"So," I went ou, "they enme here all
thc way from London, their lying excuse that they were ordered here by
tiieir physicians, ninl we, poor, simple
j full;, fell into the snare.    All ths* coiin-
\ inside   fell   Into   the   snare,   and   sve
1 have been fooled Into drinking common
water and calling it what you pleass5,
I aud wo nave built gardens and engag-
1 ed musicians and created a spa, and,
I oh, heavens, what a liar be is!    What
a liar!   Tills comes, I suppose, of being
I a poet."
Then Molly laid her lieasl upon my
j arm. ".lack," Bhe said very seriously,
"do you really believe thl« story? Duly
consider what, it means to nie." Molly
was more concerned about Lord Fyllngdale than about Sam Semple.
"I believe every word of It. Molly. I
believe thnt they have all jollies! in tlie
conspiracy, more or less; tbnt they
lave all got promises and tbat tomorrow morning, if you do not refuse to
meet this man in St. Nicholas' church,
you will bring upon yourself nothing
hut misery and ruin."
' I ________^^^^^^^^^^^^^_
ivaiMi    u.itt'i
, 1| •    BJ I   IJ     ir..:.    ol    Opillln    I'll    'i    11
are    . o.:ii. in.;.    d.-otvsiiie»>s,      end u
I un llj   in si upov     At u'l costs     i h
. -i 111. •   one must   lie  kept  awake,  or,
1001   ■  II • . li   *    s ie ait v. ake agii In
! tosoi 1    111   sin.i; ;    Flsips,   il   11. . 1 •
loe      :   this, uttd ' ii' ia  him iu' ii 1 ie
ill;-.       ! n    ;ill    1 ".1" ".    nt    |".i   Olsing  11 -
is.1    s. mi   n Haul !y  for  i in*   dot
-• mi i   .v.!..-   ihe   child   vtolently
i ii... 1!   I* ■'.;> htm i.un'-i*.
*vusl. 1 11 1! . .  1  v oulil  -      .   1    that
n    cl 1 d    ivith 11 1.1- ' 11 ■       ei
In.n: ;   be on red of its 1   .-.   n
i. si ■  111!   an i.t tract lye  looking      l.m
ill'.' In-! .11 ,        ,! ;Mil       will    11   .
1 di 1 h.^
if 11 ;
The   qui
Ill's" (1
' ;■
i   •'■   '!    |1   ,,.  '
111  -
111   *l SSilllB  I'll! . -
b t In-i it 1 '. • I.s
1 . • - I-- old, haa
onpi 'I u.1 corn
^^^^^^^^^^     I .      .'C.;.':i
und   .11  ■ • 1' ■• n .  iu i.i,   hi-.        11
..il. 1  ' <l   n 1     oil ni r to n
., as    1    0 the     ly Is vi| 1.1 -.i is   and
v ■ I'  il.' lopi 'I     We n ilii'o  11'.it    ihi'
ft on .11 ■ tl   in
■ ■ .1 in   11 ud fi o"i iho 1 ni inii"-'    1 In
, , I I I-   II,   l'l'. I'll     ll lie   v, ••   ijuol c    '  Ibh
,. .1 ..ti e  t,,  1 ii • ,uhj....'     is   or olh
■ ry is 0 of In '"'din ■   ' nm 5 inline nim s,
  ' 11      well   I ll ni II       l.i'e. d'l'        1.1 h'.l'.V
"I   have promised to meet him.    I' horses, .' IU    tn li                 thai     I .-
must at least send him a menage, If    himself foi    .m-   bred   .i-   sui
only to say that 1 shall not come." ..    ;..si         aiiiiimls   nl   th      is■ s*.
"I should like to send him nothing.'    nd   hits  ni-vi-i    >ii  nn;   Injurious
but you are right.    It Is best to bo! results   is,  have  followed    fro i     Hi
courteous.   Well, you may send him a : "'" ''' Much depsnils,   In   ral     ,,
letter.    1  will myself take tt to the   ' *" ; ""'     «■  ""  "">   l'"''"'1'      ■'
, „ ,1 lie    Kill   till      b  Inn ",     Iii   n    \ njni ,sii .
| mien,,   of  horses,  possesses   ii    good
institution,   and     linn   been      well
C. C. CARPENTER, i'««s. Apt.
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The Antipodes.
Thole destrl g Information la   t»
gard In nny  p.ul   of  Ills, wot hi r '•« b
"Bnt afterward, .lack? What shall
we do afterward? If he Is Innocent,
he will take offense.   If net"—
"IT you were enj-aced to mnny a
young merchant, Molly, or to a «uii>-
per and you heard rumors of bankruptcy, drink or evil courses, what
would yon slo?"
"I  would tell blm that 1 had heard I
such and such nbout hlin, nnd I should
ask for explanations."
"Then do exactly the untile with Lord
Fyllngdale.    He is accused of certain
i things.    Tbe captain must make In*
i qulry.   He is bound to Inquire.   Why,
! the vlear himself says thai bo would,
If necessary, In order to ascertain tbe
truth, travel all  the way lo  London,
there to learn tbe foundations, If any, '
for these charges, and afterward Into
Gloucestershire,   where   his   country;
mansion itands, to lenrn on the spot
wlint tlie tenants and the people of
the country know of him."
"But suppose he refuses explanations. HO Is tOO prOUd to be called to
i   - "       •     ■ to.]     *'
• i■ >ii*  ' In hei   lln I   and sei ond
■ ins   no great hm u mn v I"' ■ '
put i i'  ; I   i    o the i  . I)ton ni  i he ag
un nt is.'i.'il.   but   in  ihi '.;• n i.s lit*,1   i
.■ .■   lind   l!mi   >s<.i   only   Is th
Oal     [1  "in     sd    Ii in     ,- i    nn 1     I  ■
■. i [orous  m   it.)    , in, i ii ui ion     Ibn
ll •     |*i in', c •     nl     ii fullj -iniilni. .1
in.ne, inn Um, th*. development ni
i li ■ filly herself i- i o mui h arrested
thai  sin- very nel do in grows Into   ni
till ' tl   inure  ,-.h  „,. , h  i    of   th •    •
lire, uud I     '   mi ho same i■■ i I
■■ 'ons,    bill   Hot   l-i'l   from   um il    her
h id   oi        i 'ii ;•  in      [|  ii (Jul  i tl
at   all   in.!■ e    Is thn I
Inn:,  two*; '   ■ ; liou!*:l
' li    ■■ 'b ■ nn
."..'.'"■ ol.'lnl
I In.|| I
they   ha n     ,     ■, • l.-   ■ .   . ,.
d I "'■ ; ■ "     h fr.ilu thi
' ■  '   ' ' f li mny ill 0 be don ■  lo
 tern 'I     ih '    m   ,i ft, , |.:     ,,
" u ly I""''1"; . ml  ,,    ; ... i.,i
hi    to work  I he .,    ■    .,   |..,.      I(]
1  d   (hem illicri       .  ., |„ ,   ,|,,. ,|	
they   nr.' in rj e ii,,.|   | ,..,  fnn,H ..
.■•I i,\ the C   r
in             si ._M
-   S
1;   nr its oonm i lions
*-te-4j'i'i.  to any       ■*■
lien  1
■tc*- \\ i
. i *,.	
Canadian Northern Ry
• ■ • o
vni  the-
1   SI     1   1,'
' 1      ,1 .
1 .
III   i.
' ll
1 I'll
;      ,
"I inn an old fool. I suppose" snid
the captain. "I have believed svery
thing and everybody Vet 1 cannot—
no, my friends, I cannot think that this
mnn. so proud, so In ave. who risked his
111'.* for Molly, Is what this letter says."
"Other  letters say  ths same thing.
Now. captain, let us write."
The I.'tier which was dictated bv the
fragrance; he will drink* it slowly, little
bj little, sipping ihe contents, and he
will not take moie than a tingle glass
or two at the most. In lhe same time
'I mn Rising would lin\ s* gulped down a
whole bottle. One man wants to grnt*
ify many senses; tin* olher . v only
to get drunk ns quickly as ■ m . :. So,
I tako It, with the forhidd n iileusureB
Tin* Canarj nonseliold,
To Insure the lints hiug of canaries'
eggs more nearly iii une time rfie lirst
thn I eggs are ■onielltnes inlion awny by
' the fnnclers and n placed b) artificial
mils, all being pui hncli in the nest
vhen the bird censes lo lay While she
Ir* silting the prospective father livsv,
up to hi* responsibilities and devotes
hits time io seeing Uml bis mate does
her  duty,  and   when  she  leaves  betH nhould sow th- weds   ,i ,,,,,,
,.(..<t, if sue shows an Inclination to   t '•   **'I,B<  •v-slilng  llu-in i,
chilly. Blimp pecks drive her back.
Ml I a'.', bet I".'   : .
11ml   tuo il    li
l'l        In
Im .ii   ,s      M ,i
'"  Ii-nl-il  from    n„
win  en i faiiij  i •  |,.   llln
•" In'   Ih.   | ,,i    ,,,
";"'     ;"' li    III       nnl
'•' '< I'i n      ,,!,..
I'.eilnllinli. y,„,
as .ns, i
I'D     Ol   pU||1
i acklit'.   u   ii
i"-    l.m   in   i
ib,i.  s.     |'l.ii is.
ii    fit' 11 I he
Great Lakes
Tourist Iliiies  to nil  DOtOtS I"
one of tin* most ilillghtfiii trlj*
With "very inod.Til «*nlivtfli*'"' • "'
ths comfort  bl  iMi.ssiflgers
Ocean Tickets
by all Lines
I'm   clntPfs   of   snilltn*   and   I
tion of ImtIIib npply to "
ths Canadian   Norlhern   Hm •',;'
to obo; ii.'b"***
, ■ ol
Trufllc Mansigsi
llsir  Willi. ,,
"If I hnd loj'iirn my own ««•,
she remarked thoughtfully. "' •••'"
Should try lo get a poHllbm 1" "'e
Ulclpal ilepnrtmeiit of contni't**'
'Why'/"      „^^^^^^
"ItiTiiuse that's whero Ml
proposals, Isn't III*"-Chicago
Post /he Drill.
... ,)CAN.   DRlTlsSB   COLUMBIA.
..,.    Gabb—Sir.   UeVout   lias   ioHt,   two
iii,in.ii   vAiiiiin   n   month,   ono of  them
.,  ,.,|  bj  si Christ iun Hcieislist. uml
n,      HoHOm    (cxiiiti'illy)  -llisnibli'l   Out-
1   The parents ot the poor child
Bl oU     be arrested.
is,-,    ilulilj— Tlm  other child  wim tretit-
,i |,,   si  regular physician, but it died,
In    .iisi'iii   (solemnly)—The Lqrd  Bun*,
I ,  .. I,,.nl  taketh siivay.
'"""••day  it i, ti„, n„M   important  Spot
Naturs has been  I iml  to the Pro-
',l1'" ul Cape lireton     li has untold
fresources     The e  reBoiirees were be
slowly  but
I [(EVifcW. !A HEROIC L.i B
Wheal    i . ...-,.   markets    have j
bud  nn easier  tendency  during    the
\n    i . .   .       im
,,■     ....'-.•  ." '
cannor be
1'nl.    sickly chllslren  hIiduIiI use Mother
(,''  Worn.  Kxtermlnatcr.   Worms are
ii, e  ill   Un*   prll—llpal   eausee  ot   lufTaring
'', ciiiiilron  am'  ihould    be expelled   !'	
is. system,
.     .      «6«.   Since Wednesday there has been .
with' "SSI sid-,:;;;<•'''^---f*;^-;-;
admiring   Canada   and  cover3   ,;   'Jric«'  uut lll,! WL'ok *°*~\
.'   around a decline ol   lie pei Liut>ii- ;
i'i ii'isin a week ago,   The market baa
continued in be wholly influenced bj '
the weather in the winter wheat belt.
The beginning of the week was very ;
velopmi ni. ii.e,
Austria* world
__t  and  al
•Jew England have turned their fond
s'st  uml most bs,...    i .,.,■ in that direction,    To-daj   i      .. land of Cape
Dreton   is  tl
In*  iiiisst  important  spot.
\,, Irish newspaper, commenting on
,1,, i, iiisiiH retnriiB for that county, iay'a
ii,,,! , ne in -*'•• of ths Wexford popula-
llon Ih a lumper.
Minard's Liniment Cores UfiriRpe.
Liverpool follows Glasgow. The taaf-
ninii's are to s-orssliler the advisability
,,,  ull'S'i'i lse of  nlssillshlnp  Hie l.iirtiiulil
in a. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Vears ago 1  knevj thai   Island well,   favorable everywhere,  which  Induci
writes  C.   II.   .lames  of  Ottawa,    li   short    elling mid lulling go oi   Ion
"i  in   Us  primeval  Btatc   one   wheal    Lheu on Thursday the weath
tin*  brightest   gums    in    nature's   or became showery in    some    part:
nnd shorts, especially In tbe duly op
Mm .   ii   yOUIlB   ninn   travels   first   clisiss
owini   to  ths fssct that bis father pays
the  fielgl t.
Holl'.WHy's i.'iirn  Curo ie a »|ieclfls-  lor
tlie   i.'iiii.iil   ol   COrtlS     and   wurt.s.       W.'
I..,,,   ever heard of it  failing to remove
.... orst Unsl
Mi,.   .Irtue  nf  the  soul   dues  not  con-
Hying lsii;li. Iml  in walking order-
m ■■• i a m ne.
in   , li*- ■ si t; sfncf Ion   of   nny   istlier  soli- "j
i   i-   biasing   evidence   of   ininiort
' \      I'jiierson.
iii,   bighast  knowledge can be nothing
inn tbs .shortest  and nearest   way
t nn h. —Colt/in.
Monkey Brum! Roup cleans kitchen uten
li!-, i' .el, iron and tinware, knives and
forks, i.ml all kinds of cutlery. »
crown.    The  \aiu. a und  the Graces
"Mi'd to    holsl    full sway.      Lately 1
Ited   it,   uml   found   I',    il    luve  of
; fl >try, with just enough oi that
natural beauty left to make it savory with enchantment and romance.
Industry and art mata the picturesque
be,mi Ies ni' the r,i... d'Oi : .akes, tho
Hni giirce Valley, HI i ithloi ne, Lake
Mi   lie and other parts of tho island
st and  out. mui e  I    It illy.        \nd
(Jape Breton is raj Idlj bi omlng the
!' .r-i's us well as Hie capitalist's
i.i . in ne resort. I well remember mj
Inst  i Kit   In   I hat   i  liinsl.     tl   was In
i be i .uiy se\ eul li b       Iy buslnest   - I
ili-.n   nine necesi itcttcd ■., \ isit  to th
Mm ,.';n .•«  Valley,  ■< id  oh!   w! at    delightful  visions and ploasant remein
hruiiii's of that visit   still  linger   in
my  memory!     It  w.is a  dny  In   the
latter  part     of   I _M  tbnt   1   arrived	
ttiore. The wide meudovs limes wero 000,000 largei' than last year. This
luxuriantly clotlied with their rich iveek it is reported thut Russia und
natural productions; the hillside Roumania are reel} offering thoir
farina were neatly tilled; the orchards' new wheat li importing countries at
wero in bluoiii; the high mountains lower prices thnn American wheat Is
which stand in  tbe background   aaid offering.   This tends to keep the ex
port   I i nils' quiel  nl  the moment,  but
■ " oi i uailj  Atnoi ii a w ill be called up
\  ol i'.;. ■ ol Btoon
Ont.,- Siient   Many   Ifeara  In   d
.    e       ;    Bl iml.v     Sam iflco
...       .•        '     ■ 'I!   nt;   Spirit -.nl   We   ts
Bloomueld,    Out.,    July 21,   (Sped
6ur  community  boaaiH  ot  having  within
ii    one   u(   the   most devoted  Christian
s'.ssnis'ii   iinii   ever  toiled   in   the  world's
\ in. .Mir.I.
Owned ami blessed by Ood, this sell
sacrificing heroine* uml her husband,
since   deceased,    spent     many     years  ol
tion,   luisleneil   to    _
liir  market  sharply.   Tho  delay     in]
harvesting and  threshing caused   by-
rains,  has a special  influence on  thi
July option! as it   lessens the quan-
titj   of  new  wheal   that   might  havt
i s'.-u  available  to    deliver   on  Jul}
contracts,   and  causes  shorts  to  be
anxious buyers whenever    the situation seems adverse to them. The
era!  export    (rude in    actual  whoa
I continues in a normal condition,  no
unusual activity is seen at any point
but   a  moderate routine, business    is
11 uusacted    M i tn day  I o day      The
export   demand from  Kurope i.s light
because   the   crops   in   tiie southern
.hull* in   Europe are being  harvested,
mui   all   liss'   l-.iii sipean   wheat  crop  is
making a good show and will be 8ii,-
i.v in ihe duly op    faitWul  paatora| work m different pa
cover   and   rallied .    , '	
ngsr talk about the kind Of a maq
a stood man ous*ht tis he. Inn be
Milieus   Ausellux.
I , 'wills sll the fruits of F.den litest,
■ ''.■: thnn Is-nve that one unknown, lost
r    I he  resl —Moore
on for a fair share to help tiil European requirements, ami this, along
with increasing domestic requirements in lbs' Stales will hold prices
well up, liter tho first rush of the
crop in market.
local    market    bus    continued
hews   ('   C. Richards & Co.
a-   Hns,— While   ill     th"     . mn.'I
summer   I was   budly bitten b
squitoos—sis badly thi't  I thou
I would be disfigured for a coup
i   '.'k:.      1   W«S   advised   to   trj
aliment  to allay the Irritation
dis! sn    The effect was tnoi
I expo ic!   n    few appllcat 101.-
pletely    curing  the    irritation,   pre
venting the bites from becoming sore.
MIN'Altli'S     I.IN'IMKNT  is     also     a
good  articles to  keep  off the moss|ui-
"foUrS triilv,
W.   A    OKI".
ll.iiiior a race. N'fld. Jan. «. 1808
1'*.X|ii-i i.e...   i*.   isiewel.   t.ut   It   hath   nOSd
to be so, lor it  ii often purchsued ai an
Infinite  mi.-   fihakespeare.
Miiiis-isi education too ofien oovsra the*
' nu'er*.  wilt*   . ms;s.  anil   nt   the Mime linn'
li  ihi   sinews  «t   the  «ii-i    Sterling
serve as a sort ol bulwark "-■ re covered with the mosi beautiful groves
of maple* overythinq about seemed to
sn ike my Ideal fundes it waa the
prettiest rural sight thai I have ever
seen Tho Margarcc Itlver is the
most famous salmon nshlng stream
In \ova S.'i.tii.       Tha Beason opens
ubout tbo 1st of .1 ■ ■ I _____  	
until the last of Migust. ^tnoM , -^ ^ ^^ ^ ^^ ^ ^ a^yy
days of which I speaK t repea «•; 'iit|| [U confined aimost entire-
M,w   tho   saJmon*  » ^|f«    ,. ' ,'   i,   to the wheat slopping or recently
each-taken by  -   rod »*"■*■*£    |lipped  ,-.,„„ COUntry points to ter-
morning.  and   it  was '""   ,.   C„   „,,',,  elevator-.    With  the decline  in
.urreiu'e, uiidiio,    ....   ....   b >.    J ^^   ^^ We„nes(lll,     ,,,.   |
,    .,,K,ry  aiujlcr  t>  '..h   stx^  rm   ^        ^  ^ ^ ^^ ^  ^ (
SSSTof SfsUndlng army at   Hi I  «ree     but  ;e then they have
r x s we'l as i" ■ ■ of tho wealths rocovered lie and at the dose ...
,',-«. r.t tlmt citv, and even gentle i ,, .,„ a i ,,,i..y they stood at T6yc,
miXml&lKiind.spontas tp ' No I hard: 74*c. No. 1 northern;
Tib,* sun,,,,,, months ;.t Margaree ,.,, 72jc No. 2 northern, spot or
Since then the hand ol industry and , delivery, In store, Fort William
enterprise    has     beet "■'■• : or  Port Arthu
moulding  tlio appearan future
of    Inverness. '	
ihroneh    the    counl   .        '•' t...      -jeniand for flour, and as pric
, nines !ttf i-rcst  im;.'.'  nave w*on  ^ ^   ^^ ^ huh ftn ndv(in,l. ,„
developed:  steamers can  al  ' i,iolll. ,„ ,,.,,s is momentarily expected
on    the coast      •■"•■; J'',;,, in    .1 st    the price has already
tra.le is carried on wit!._ -1... ^^ j pnw up a0c p„r sack We (,uolo .
. .   the continent.    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
l . i 'iiiniii il. Varpoy, relict ol the late
I e\ i  Vamey, is now 78 .veins nf nu>. ami i
s   living iii nuiei retirement here,   sin I
si   ni.'.ni i r nf the Society  ol  the Old  Orthodox    Friends   and     this simple peace
I i iti>; Society never bud a more humble
o.' more worthy member.
li   i •  nf her work  among   ibe  Uoultho
bors ni  mn-    own    Canadian    (s!orthws*sl
in."  Bhe loves most to speak, and me
nnd   vivid   are  her   recollections  ol    tl
i K'ulitt r people
One of He' greatest difficulties tins tie
oti I   woman   had   to  contend   with   w
disease  n ng  her poor  people,  but   she
had  si    ii    oi -I'lf  «ll I.    is   rented)   11 .
uns as  unfailing  as  her    own  charlt)
Dodd's   Kidney   1*1118  were     the  weapons
she  used   to  drive out   Blcknees
Some yens before she had tried and
proven the value ot this ^n'nt medicine
in hei own case ..hen threatened with
Drops* and BUtYeriai, with Rheumatism
Thej had completely restored her, ami
when she found that the prevailing
trouble among the Doakhobor people was
Kidney Disease and Dropsy, Bhe knew
that Dodd's Kislney l'ills \*...islcl be her
e.ei   I'aluahle ssiil  In  Her good vrork.
She tells of one poor young woman
among this people who was BUfTerlr*g so
peverelj with the Dropsy that she was
ten ib!-. bloated sill ov.-i unsl confined to
her   bed 'lhe   1 fsrlv   missionary   left   n
feu  ol Dodd's Kidney  Pills and   Immediately  sent   fssr  three  more boxes
She was rewarded for her eflortH by
the complete recovery of the young woman.,
Dodd'a Kidney Tills hnve received thle
•.'■ rihy womi 'i a most emphatic endorsa*
Every Sack of Ogilvie's
Hungarian and (ilenora Patent
Is weighed In the scutes of Justice : It's
hSver lowtf in ijiinllly than the [ireced-
Ing sack you bought because It's always
Uniform, und ynu nro sure of satlsfac-
tory baking results whenever you use lt.
Order a Back today and convince yourself thnt It's the flour you require to
nuiKe your baking a success.
lis-  1'ilY ll. WAId'ANT
Millers to H-R.H. tho PHnoott 'Vales
-■.-..■"isi i—i Mil wa—sss—si—
■■*!.'. ■ . .   '.   ■ SSBB-HS-SS
Its advertising pagss aro simi'ly Invaluable to the people living in the
West, Thoy can navoall the privilege.! u( those who Ifysa next door to
i Wn lii.4 stoces iii el business houses ol 'I'm i into.   Taks advantage of
iiiul hays it no to ymir address.   It will only ens! anyone living west of
North liny two dollars to have tho regular morning edition and the bis
Saturday Illustrated number go to ymir address for a year.   s,>nii tor it
to-day, address i     nu   i.i.oni:. TORONTO
fft&ruA-fa- £a*ul!> <vnd>
.\  -"iiiitil  '.uv si.-st til.es ts headache us e
i is nn" hns lc   in   the   brain.
PIjOUH—While local demand is on
moder*atol>  heavy there is a (jos'd
The   lies,    woman   seenis   to   huve   given
e  trying  nol  to be an  old nirl
ilisn.    LakeAins-
.,,i,i Mahon mill
world.    Margaret
he t ha angler's pari
lie unci  Strnthloinc'^	
wear  their beautiful natural appear
ancea, and tho sturdy
of thnt  region    gl es
and ns hospitable
did   in   the   liuilj  l'"
..llil.-lb    « .'H
one as genial
welcome ns
M ..nil. I
iii Isllrs.
s-"l'ltl".ri   nil   ACCIDENT   Mr    Tho**.
ihii!   says     "Mv   eleven     .''ni    n  1   hoj
nl  his  (not   bsiTTy  Injured   hy  helm;  run
.er hy e  r.e- nn the street   railway. Ws
'   urn's- i .siiniirie e,! tsnthine  the loot   i.i.h
;r   Thomas'  Eclectric Oil, whssn  thi
lofstlon end ssvi'liinsr was removed, and
"ins' davs h>. could use I is loot      We
ays Ke.*p a bottle In the house n
nny  ssXDcriinnrv "
lhe nii.st   iinninsii  authors are nol   so
• nu.. thoi   iiiisisini- what   is new, bul
hsinust. 'hey cut   nhnt  they issue to amfj
l!        ll       1.... I    lss-. s'l     I.s , ll    '.,,nl    lis fssi ■•
•   ethe
I lulei   the   \sul   nl   those  1'Uiinils   il|,iills
ssr.- hid thi.se germs ol Morals
Hhlrh ths' masters nf phllosopliy have
ufterwardi developed  Into so injuij   vol*
IM.i1 ai ch
.,,„. ,•,,,...,* run "In Medical .!o";U'j   ,,, per ton, *28
,,,   ,\,„i' conts i      ■ "'     " it '""l   hariei    an
:' -TSE"""
r_s.     ... -rr ,•:
i        will gi-iivral
tin*    Weainw.    ^^^
ii'sl   isse's-nis of   i . n de * h . d" n it
believe  lhat I he eliinal grudti
I.... .,       ■ •       lot
ly    1 ll
s       ,'
The ■  ti son  •■■     H
;i,.-i  i tar ih     '
nt  "'
.     ,1
■ I
■i tv itj   ol
tion    11    w i
■     I   '
.1  enn ll      •
I  e',,1     Ol    tl"'     '
,,      ihs  lasl   tw
*   IX      UU    I'''' "'      '
i   ,  md end n '
'.Adam Usssl t■<•'»*•
Nowadays,    men    wl. n talMnB  to
v.,,1,.'..  ,.'  n   B  and  '.|r.iwl.'..i-    '  "
•   ell    le     ....'!'   """   h0.Dd   ".":
,,   w4i,QthO'   *.h..k.* hands     »     h
other,   nnd hhove thp|r pa -tn rs
,.| nt    i..    llu     '   ihlnfton Post,   i
,  !      vnl'i'*   "      I  .''I. -I'  i-"'""^
li is q :.ri.   Iieautlful,   a     it
v to roil     •"     <''""• P'"1'\f.
xe peril '' "    "K   *_V_
,, i'i'   ^''"",^
lliori    h     lu'ii'i 'r ""■.n:"
1,1,1  „„ display*:*  thrir  J
i„      tl..'      ms.st     ...... !  .' -    -
t;   \v.  t*.  Itut oil, in  l •'**'"
'  ,'S.li.l     •"   -iscee   .'■
"t ,hi„tt mv   tli.itr.-u>";" "Ul boy
-HI   l.e   u   nn.'l.t   business   mun   "V's'll
t   ,'..,ws„i'.'   remruked MrSwilH-pm.
..'  \, ''.  the story,"   r,'|ili.'ii
',;;', i,  ,„„ oTcoai *dollvorcdiths
,.,,  r|„v, ninl to encourage  i"i"»'
■   ,n HoimM-binn:,  I  "'     W°    l
■• I., -'....mi ii """ •*_ {,A;l,
■ ,os    ,1,,    coutrn -   with   Rreat
.■illy; |»ut I  fo.ui-1 " '  ■""   ;,';"H*
■   .. ho did no, h.i.uiii  Ll ifhinx-
II,sw disl lie manage it
I!., iiue.i u m  I""  I" "'   V,r
In■■. any «•   '■ [_
. ,.||,I   ..!    '   ll'l" "">'
■ t,,r iM.sit. ..f <' leftlrut, wns
• ■ I i,',"..it".-, vJ... v.>   n ti'"<
i -inini son ol V-<'V'   I    ■    '"'. „
l.n.s.s     nil     nl ■      '"M"",'r
i   ■ ' asked Senator I liut.
.,i, " ft-ns tlm re|
. , run make (Jindow . -'"'  ■ '""'
,   >"
'i'.'.w\'v',,',.!,i'M.n  nn..." a Venetian
|-Ii„ i, nn thmu'l''  sf-mllly  f. '    ' •
 I..,   "i M ''" "."■';',„
■        ,„||        Uml   1  would lHUiil* ,m"
in   li      , ,.,.    '
ll. '
i    .n     HI
!  .1.    I
. i .I.
,    ■    .rn
1     i        til.'
• i"
 „ 'jit nO
",n [ta
: I 48
20 ao
i*-t:*j :> 	
Ih:im i  	
!•:•! :.   	
IS!'** 8   	
I ■    '• '•'    -*'
i  i7 a 	
,     '.i    .
i.*- ■." i"	
i' 11-3 	
|l i:l-l   	
I-1* r( 	
i   i*. a 	
"M7-8   ■■■
- I'd .'i0 - 	
1,0,50 I        ■
'• M 'J  	
i" "•■'•'•""'"'7'',   ;,, ,,,mi.,'iit.i'
,„    ft-j palm fro > "^	
vin.se    facts   have   t	
'U,° i „„.■!'"'f  Inches of
I   ,.  I    U il.ll'l
\ i,|i'IV   UB'
'r^durii,"   :.."i;—'    ,
:*urs wns only .   1 f tlmt       n
,,,v-(lvo nn.l a hnlf. _ . ,,   „
uantlty oi
t.fti'.'n     nnd two
Invest  teiii|M<iul in e   ns.ii !
motneter   durln ■     lui   i
30    lliel. I ■ ',,". I
Bn   !•«■:'.'   '
nmi  In   I   v i"
go  lirls.w   I I -      :
st temporal ure m ti '.nl
rolll   I he   (Ilsil'l    ol
I   iwn.'
ii llvie's ll.ii'uin iim. s'2.05 per sm*k
.. 98 Ihs : Glenora Patent, 81.90;
Uberta, 81.7B; Manitoba, $i.00;
\.\X\. 81.25.
Mll.l.I'I'.l'li -  llrnn     is    tin,,    nn.l
worth  81"i  per ton  in bull..   Shorts
"nn nt $17 per ton In bulk, delivered, subject to iisuul trade discounts,
GROUND   FKED—We  quote ;    Oal
; barley chop, 821.
anil   on is,  $2i>.  chop
815 50; oil .uke*. $80
OATS—The iniiiket  for mils is tin
settled,    Hn.'-,ness  is quiet  nnd inost-
!.     D nl nod     io    local   account.    We
v.s  'j a bite, tOic per bushel,
       • lota   mi   i ack    here;    fee'
h      ados,     ;"    te   :t8c.      Ai   country
ui an    s"I is   :iis' to Sic
..i   Nn    i!   white  mils.   Street   oats
are nol offci ing
HA KI .1 *i \H offerini s aro now be
lug taken tor feed al 40c per bu hoi
I he inii sniieiii  is ii'i ■.  light.
si'i-1 IV. 11. nl. is are doing a lit
11.* bit i.e. in spell i im feeding pur
poses ..i  .Mis' per bushel of Some.
ii w    |iiii,uiui is fair and the market  stiMih  iii  $7 us *:rt per ton for
carlots "ii track hen' foi tresh baled
itiil.l.V'.ii   OATS   Milling   compan-
n-s report  theii   prices unrbanged as
follows    si.ii.  ,.„, i...   $a ao ; 'iii'.t.
saoks  ni"  worth  ^ ll.*.:   90s,  $3.80;
s nsi      Ms       $3.80     With   ill*"!'.     'I'wolli.
I in -tn. i ■•■■ $8.00 althoul iiise ilran
ui,iti .I and siandnt d .mi meal , nn
changed .,t $3.70 par $8*b, suck.
pui i.i lt\ I be market is qulut,
I,no chickens bring 70 lo 75c por
in,,, nmi turkeys are worth iii per
pound, live weight.
in 'i 11 it   Creamery   Receipts    aiu
fnirlj     large and prices hold stoad,\
■ ii   in.ji  in i,e per pounrj for choice
s roaiiiorj. ( „.i,    (as toi j
III i ii ii   Dairy   Receipts ara mod
ei iileli    i,i,| B,   n id     thoro    is   a   i;.iod
demand mr choice grade*. A auiuboi
..I  countr j   shippers are sending
i ii 11 ii   whi, li   is    ii'H>   packed,
this  reduces  ths average pine con
snieriiiii,.       Mun j ni Iho a   packages
ni.   verj    dlrtj  and   nol al all pre
sent able     HoillO are  us,nil   luni  pulls.
ninl.is    the butter unlit foi
i able ,, ••    I'i ii oa , an e fi oni  10 t.,
i  ,   ,   '    . ...'.ii   i snt  sion I'iis.s
, in I s|, in,, nmi l .-I la Bloats")
ii nd    p«rchas, *    have been made at
• ;.   per pound     I ho i ant I prices
i-  from sic in Bo per pound dolivor*
ml  here.   _____
i'Al 11] D OUT - None but those who
have become lauci.; out, 'now wlmt n
.i res ed, miserable teal ng it is. A11
trongth Is cone nmi despondency has
tsiken hold ot ti ruflerere I'hey feel as
though 'hen- is Dothlng to live for
There, however, is a mn—one box of
i'.,rnieli-e's Vegetable Pills will dsi wonders in restoring benlth nnd strength
Mandrake nnd Dandelion are two ol il"
articles entering into the composition ol
I'.i lmc ss B   Pill ■
1 I.s' cost cf police nt the
parliament, in Rngland, lis--t
s.iniis,,  i , over   C7.000.
hnnseH   of
vein*     nm
Penns    JC-raj   Instrument!    hy   tin*   aid
:    ■ ■ ioue is •..   see : heir own
finger   bone.*    nre  being  sold   in   London
t resls
Minard's Lininiciit is best Hair Rest rei
When is ...ilium tells her husband some-
ibout   some     ither     ....mnn   it   i-
■   .i   to the • ■ ber woman's credit
Eddy'e Impervious ihsathlag Is the best buihlini* piseer mad*. It le very
much etronger nud thicker Hum any other (tarred or build,ngj paper. It Is
Impervious lo wind, keeps out cold, keep* in heat, c;srrie- no s-iscll or odor,
absorbs no moistuie. Imparts no taste m Bavor to anything to which It
comes Id contnet ll is lftri*ely used not only for ibsatlslng houses, but for
lining cold storage buildings, refrigerators, dairies, creameries, nnd all places
where the object Is to keep an even and uniform lem eraturs, and at the
snins time avoldlui* dampness.   Write our agents—
ri'fii- in a personftgiB who hns mon
s* use limn Napoloon, moro wit tlmn Vol*
tiiitf, Monst'i^iHMir Bverybody —Taltry
ra nd.
\f. ■ '> Ifl cruel, hut it i* bhet oul)
tc.-,t ni Inward Btrenffth Everj fool mn.3
live a ceo i I.*    i • Li * own lik.ii j      iSoel lie
\ woman should novor propoM        iuse
nue rejection     would     crush     her  pride.,
title  hall .i  dozen  rejection! simpl.   *'irn
nutn  en.
Vi*    1 homaK  Ballard,    U N    '■>
■•:•■■ I  have bi
-. ;   *.\ it li thai   ni'"-1 ' .
.■.I •■  i»\ Bpopi la    nnd  if   " I mi
■. ii 11  ('.un  and  wa ■   • •
• rylno, a I mosi  "\ erj i litng recomn ■
I - ed   inn.*  box  of
1 i  am ii"-**.  t •.**!:.
•   ri   *n* li   ;   t be
nui  them for un\  mom y
Sc. ere coldi arc eaiUy cared h> tho
ot Dickie's A oti-Consumptive Syrup, a
medicine of exl raordtne,r,v penet ral li»B
and heating propertiee. It im acknowledged by Chose who have used it as be-
I tip, tin* host medicine sold for coughs,
colds. Inflammation of the tunffs, and nil
alTectlons of the throat and cuesi. its
agreeableness to the taste makes it u fn-
vorite with Indies and children,
e persona bf nervous tompernmenl
tan hardly Rot toO much Bleep
H Mn.- men  n ho ■ lalin i o be lool
an   >,■ '■"' ■■< <t y for work   don't  rare how
ii mote lhe nppoi t tinil -
It's nol so much whnt n mun says as
tin* lone ol rolce In which 1*" suys ii
thnt  counts
::t " '
'."• Ill
37 in
"I ...
112 i •
III . '.
i ■
Soius* men voluntarily Join the ranks ol
lin* I's-iH'dii'ii. nnd some have to be
draft eti
\i,,si   ,ii-si's uf go-called  temporal**/ iu-
-isnitv   slioiilsl   in*  dubbed   temporary  cus-
Vi! i.'irtFs Unimc's'l is ilie best
i lie ivoi -i  exam 11 ! ll  ho)
■I ■   \. II 'i  us • ii,  i       irll   met If
If-VTCd •      I
iWiSson s^i-tf1!
Fly Pads
S-3-&TH-& F»oln*t?
JfoU pay yonr monoy, and «e ttlvs* you
tho nicest, IWeet-SSi olgar in»d*L»--
Hssy one.   Von will itay wills them.
MASrril!TrKKIl   uv
o/l nu.n In Ills right mind would con
■jilre    tu--    o«„  hurl 1     Men  mi*  bessldi'
 lives w 11.■ 11  i i.ey  transgress sgalnst
lliidi  convictions    William  Ponn
will kill all
the flle-i in
a room in tl
few hours.
The    one    s.m \ isvsslili'
is,ii .st i\ I-,   ni I niut.Id
mil   and  pursuit   ii t>
1 I   ll 1 llil'IsS'llS,
s.i fi*.    rersnlsi.    rs
quality   in   svsrj
quality  ol  nt
,., hi   wbfel
, h
,i .ii"
ii. ■
i i
r •"'-
,,,,-    compn
. i  tutics    ►''* n    ■
 peraturs o
., ,„  six iiiomh
lit, niw! rturli'i   ' "
■• ■
i hei
e nre no  better  cosmetics  ilmn  ss
temperance  and   purity,   mo.losl)
In,nni,iy      u  i;,...ui,is  temper  ain
is* .si »p|rll    Itaj
l ..i\   person  la responalhle for nil  llu*
 i    n iiiiin   i he   ncope ol hi - alillll lea,
mist    to.    im    more,   and iioiio can lell
isiisiss. spiiere  I-*  iin* largest    tlnll  llnm-
Tin*  (jiiulity  xttit) lind   lintit   U«M>ittl    t
Ort'im.   Vnui money baek if not mm*
Ufmtoty. -
Avoid    i        i-s
Imitations! -*    ^
>.. ...... .•-vi***'-'
 .t. -»—-*•.-
Viithssut    qusstlon      ths    best    and
most sflsctlvs springs in Canada*(or
thu cure of rheiiinutlsin. klilnesy or
llv#r troiitslea. Tho niHIcliial quall-
tis«« of ths wu!,r urn ujisqualled,
Si'iendid hotel accommodation ; flu*
nshlng and hunting. An i.i.*..i spot
lor the Invalid,
\,.l.,„lv contenti     I msell   ■ ,"'  "
dlam i ...   scare them »o    When pol
lahed and sat,  then  the) give a lustre
In, l.e
:,.■■ ii
ll 1
I.. I
II vol
vn..' -Aii" ":' "'""'■
,   ,,  , I,,,v\ full   Im
•..lui'Cii •""l KVL.^_—^_—^_—_
i-ominon until about tl» »
i i ;i;s   a si ut demand tor i'g
put  tin-   market in n Btronger pos
i...ii and prices have beon  1 V l"u'"''
Mn,n i, v.i'id. ago, at \'2\,  net dorsi
for choice caso .'nns.  dellviTod  hero
PRESS"*.*** bTBATB—Receipts an
mpi m ing, nn.l tin* markat Is ss ij
\\u quote:   Beef, city dressed, VJ i.
.     per   II' ;    will,   8   tO   Oo:   imlHOli
ll spring liuiilis. mill,. s:i
hogs, por im,in,I. tj to 8J.'
iniH'*.s Nn i city hldss
■2 ,-il>' No :t. lis*. Ki|.s
the same price hh hides; deakln '-'■'
lo in.' sfunks, lo in i."i.'. inns, lii.i.**
"iOc to 11.
WOOL    PrlCOS  inure  from  ''■  to  <*4
pel pound,
Every Woman  Should
Tlmt Prof. W. Ilodttson Kills,
Offlsinl Anulyst to tho lloininion Ouv-
enunsnt, hns rscsntly mads a number
of niiulysPB of soups, ninl report! that
"Sunlight Boap contains that high
"psresntags of olls/ir fntn nocesaary
" to a good luiiiiilry simp."
What overy wonuin does not know
is that In common soapa slio frequently pays for ndultciiitlons nt ths
price of oils stnl fats, Try Sunlight Bonp—sOctnKim Bar—next wn-sh
i day, nnd you will nes> tlmt Prof.
Bills is right He Bhouid know*.    -06
Vou  Misiil.l   i,.■ v.-■   know   how   Imisorlssul
...ins- mei  il '''i\  il'do'l   Inform you
When        rismai   lu     misAlng   pnymonli
Mime iu     never gel  beyond coinptinieiiti
'liti.ird's Unbneol fur Kiieiiniali.*i*i.
i he  lio. -.'i   I...11"- u  hole    in    Ihi
i i Hi II \   Ol  lis ■  \ i. , Im
.\    i niuaii  i    n  n...oi  Iii' .-I	
I-   i'V|v, i isin  n  proposal,
lis...in' is, the amateur  ..im i
ter with .i  winning imits,
Toronto,   Or»t:.,   O arts a*, da*,.
HJomg     i pie   U.'l    loerllenleil       nihliiliS!
ii nnuu. look I n«  for is  cool  **i»>i
The ilave hue bul one master, ths ain-
hltious ii. in hns bi nm,iv as there sre
l*crsons whoss nisi msy contribute to tn,
advancement  ol iiii fortunss   Bruyere
Hi,,.,  nre   inure   .''h.vh  0l  dSSSrving PUB
hmrnil  thnn tlif r" "f 'L-"'',i'il1**' "
Tn.' world  i.i bul  n  msf-nlncent build
|ng    nil  Hie Hloiie*. lire gtaduslly   US**"1'
,.,,    ,,„.,.||,  ,       No    .me   subsist!   liy   hlu.-
M.|( nli.ui*     Kellhism ■tTf-K DRILL, SLOCAN. B. C, AUGUST 1. UK)!.'.
fi. E. Smithbeimgalk, Editor snd Prop.
•SLOCAN,      •      -       -       -      B. C.
Legal Advertising 10 cents a line for
.the first insertion and 5 cents a line each
subsequent insertion.
Certificates of Improvement, |7 each
Transient advertisements at ss me rates
*i legal advertising.
Locals will be charged 10 cents a line
ior each insertion.
Commercial Rates mads known upon
'Ths Subscription is .2 per year, strictly in advance j f2.50 a year il not so paid.
Address all letters to—
Slocan, B. C.
FRIDAY, AUGUST 1st,  1902.
A pencil mark ia Ihe space
•ppoiite will be an in,lies-
lien to yeu that ys editor
seaiisieri there is something
•jessing to him on your subscription. KiudWscknew-
'edge  ia cash and oblige.
awiTOBiAi. UBorriKus.
In an interview in the Ferguson
Eaple on things political, Smith
Curtis says there will undoubtedly be
three parties in the field at the next
jirovincial elsctions—Liberals, Conservatives and Progressives. His
influence and support would be found
with the latter.
The proTincial gevcrnmeat, by a
recent order-in-council, prohibits the
•expert of any kind of timber cut from
government lands. Formerly the
prohibition applied only to cedar. As
in Ontario, if the Tanks want our
timber they must build their mills en
•this side sf the line, so enabling Can
adians-i to realize the benefits to thc
full of their natural resources.
A member of the British house of
commons has expresie j the few that
the Americans are buying up all the
vacant lands in the Northwest Territories, ss precluding the immigration
of British settlers. The sudden interest in matters colonial on the part
of chaps at 'ome is surprising and is
about on a par with their ignorance
as to the area of habitable land in
western Canada's wheat belt. Thore's
a plenty for Briten nnd Yank alike.
Despite the increase in de in the
poll tax, from $50 to $100, there is an
ever-increasing horde of Chinese
coming into Canada. Far ths year
ending June 30, the gross revenue
derived by the Dominion from the
immigration ef Chinese amnunted to
$364,972, as compared with $178,704
daring the previous year. The num
ber who paid the tax was 3325, com
"pared with 2518 in 1901. British
Columbia, as usual, got the majority
of these undesirables.
i ' , ■   ..
The government has decided that
the present is not an auspioiotis time
in whieh to float tho proposed huge
provincial loan, as thc financial
sharks in London have their attention teo fully occupied \yith other
schemes. Fate has accordingly besn
kind to British Columbia, as her people are spared thosgonv of increased
burdens of dobt. Sanity may come
to the legislator" in ths meantime
and the presumed nt-ed for thc lavish
expenditure of money pass away.
■i.     ii».s ■» i...
No industry at the present day offers so many convincing inducements
to investors than dees that associated
with mining, nor is thi re a business
undertaking extant which provides
anything liko as heavy dividends as
mining. The stand is well takon
tbat It takes a mine to make a mine,
yet once the profit stage is reached
dividends eoino quickly and on a
large scale. Money derived frem
mining is clean and not burdened
with hardships and strictures on the
toilers sb ii the general rule with
other Industries, and money so earned affords pleasure alike te employee
and employer. A miner glories in
developing a rich pay ohute of ore
aid the higher the returns extracted
from the mineral the more pride he
feels in his work. Can thc samo be
said of any other toiler? Mining life
offers excitement and variety, other
Industries a steady grind year in and
year out. As buna fide evidence of
the profits made in mining it mav be
cited tbat the mines in the United
States alone paid in dividends in 1901
no less a sura than $200,000,000, being
$15,000,000 more than in 1900. This
huge dividend was greater than tha
net earnings of all the combined railroads if the country. Does mortal
man want anything better?
Pay up your subscription.
T. Linton, of Rossland, spent Sun-
day in the city.
Tom Hyland is the new chef at the
Arlington mine.
C. F. Wichmann, formerly of this
city, is now residing in Seattle.
Sandon will borrow $10,000 and
put in her own water system.
Bern.—In Silverton, on the 27th
ult., the wife of A. Webb, of a daughter.
Tho Thunder Mountain boom has
burst and the suckers are coming
Bert Foiliott died in Sandon on
Saturday, of kidney trouble, aged 35
H. D. Curtis and family have taken possession of their new residence
on Hume street.
The Union Sabbath school is now-
held each Sunday at 9.55 a m. instead
of in the afternoon.
The C.P.R. has a gang of men cm-
ployed fencing in the track along the
Slocan river branch.
The bridge over Springer creek at
Fletcher avenue haa been completed.
It is a neat and substantial affair.
Messrs. McNicholl. Marpole, and
other C.P.R. officials came in by
specisl train Sunday afternoon and
proceeded up the lake,
Rev. Messrs. Mclntyre and Robb.
of Sandon. will have charge of the
special mission services to bo held
here commencing on the 17th.
These troops landing in South Africa
after May 31 receive no medals,
which cuts out tho Slocan bovs who
went out with the last contingent of
No nominations were offered for
the positions of two aldermen in Sandon, so the council appointed Alex.
Crawford and A. Osborne to fill the
Neil, the youngest son of J. G.
McCallum, came nearly bleeding to
death lately through the rupture of
an artery in the nose. He is getting
along nicely now.
The special leaving Nelson Saturday evening at 10 o'clock did not get
in here till 6 o'clock next morning,
having been held at Winlaw's by a
furious forest Are.
Tha cily dads, on Wednesday, went
down in a body to inspect the land
south ofthe city for a new cemetery
site. Their main selection tell tm a
ten-acre plot alongside the. track and
south of the Y.
Thursday's train from Nelson was
delayed several hours .by thc cup of
the safety valve on the engine blowing off after louring: tlio Junction.
The tire had to be drawn in order to
repair damages.
George Hindle, B A., of South
Wellington, is to be the next principal of the public school, which opens
for the fall term on Aug. 11. He is a
graduate of Queen's University of
Kingston, Ont.,is 35 years of age ar.d
Col. Prior, minister of mines, will
visit the camp in the course ofa few
davs, in order to get in touch with
mining matters. At the same time
it is hinted the Colonel is preparm**;
the wav to assume the duties of the
premiership, Dunsmuir to retire out
ofthe way.
Mora Capitalist. A rsi v..
Thos. A. Noble and W. B. Coleman
of Pittsburg, and C, W. Geib, of Spokane, connected with the Iron Horse
and Ottawa groups, arrived in on
Sunday by the special train from
Nelson. Mr,Noble was accompanied
hy his son Earl. The party was met
here by R, McPhee, manager of the
Ottawa, and thev spent three days
visiting and inspecting the Iron
Horse, Arlington and Ottawa. The
Horse is to be worked again this fall,
but the bulk of the development will
be by contract labor. Things have
not been running smoothly with the
company's affairs and the visitors
were somewhat discouraged bv the
past management of executive affairs.
The propeity is all right and is in
good shape. A payment is due on
the Ottawa bond in a few days and
an extension wss asked but refused.
Work will be continued up to the
Inst, as a stringer of oro appeared in
the lower tunnel last week, and it
will doubtless improve.
will be about completed. It will be
of immediate benefit to the Erin,
Peerless, Phoenix, 1 X L, and a host
of other properties,
Appended ia a complete list ol the various records registered at the local registry office, IL P. Christie being mininfr
Julv 18—Alts, Falls creek, F Benson
and W J Hinchliffe.
21—Belleville, 1st n f Lemon, D Ross.
Harris, same, D Sloan.
Moilie, Dayton creek, A H McMillan.
22—Geld Rank, Twelve Mile creek, J
1 Iorrio and I Beaupre.
Democrat, Robertson creek, J Wafer.
Royal, same, II L Fife.
23—Drill, Ten Mile creek, C K Smith-
John D Mabley fr, Falls creek, H R
Sapphire fr, same, same.
25—Indiana, 2nd n f Lemon, George
20— Alhambra, 'tune, R Ku-rtzhahi.
July 21—Silver Boa,
28—Hoboken, My Norway Queen,
Rosebud, Morris,Myrtle, Ivy.
2*1—Happy Jerry, Tin Plate, Truro,
25—Cornwall, Huntingdon, Highland
Light (or 2 years, Silver Cliff.
26—Rescue, Black Prince.
July 23—Mayflower, H to each, R E
Allen to G Cox and J Mitchell.
Furnished Rooms, by day or
week. Second to none in
the city. Enquire on the
H. Terry
Arthur street, near Depot.    	
Tonsorial Artist.
The Leading Parlors:
Tbelr H.lsli.rinjc Waa Short.
The Leyland line steamer Cestian,
whieh sailed from Port Natal, South
Africa, July 2, with the 3rd, 1th, 5th
and 6th C.M.R. on board, arrived in
Halifax on Tuesday afternoon at 4
o'clock, The steamer had a quick
and uneventful passage. No deaths
or accidents occurred, though six of
the men are slightly ill, and havo
been sent to the military hospital. It
is expected the local members of tho
Rifles will arrive home next week,
their days of soldiering having been
ll.'Iiiilill.- lton.il Prssgresusliifg.
The fine weather of lute has helped
along the construction ofthe Republic
waL'on road iu great shape. The
construction gang is pretty well up
towards the top of the main hill und
they are (retting through \. ith the
rock work faster than anticipated.
By the end sf tho month the rond
Furnishings ^>
irty ifliBr^lliB,
No. 62, VV. F. of M.
Meets every Wednesday evening
in the Union Hall, Slocan City, at
7.30 p.m. Visiting brethren cordially
invited to attend.
Financial Secretarv
J, I
E A. Sc.
Provincial Land Surveyor & Mining
SLOCAN, - • B. C.
Pioneer Livery
and Feed Stables,
Sloean, B. C.
General Packing and Forwarding attended to at the
shortest Notice.
Saddle and Pack Horses for
hire at reasonable rates.
No part of dress is more indicative of stylu and Btnartness than
Unlets you don't mind wastinp;
your money, buy your boots at
Altai's, tis Hip,
who lias tlm largest nnd best ao-
Borted stock in tbo city. Prices
right ami stock clean and new.
Repairing and making done on
tbe premises.
Pioneer Shoe Store,
Main Street, Slocan.
Representing the strongest companies cluing business in Canada.
See new accident policy, with par
ticipalion in profits, covering- sickness and operations.
II. D. CURTIS, Notary Public
To the Public
Having opened a shoeshop en
Delaney ave, two door-; oast
of the Arlington ofliee, ire
aro prepared to do all kinds
of repair! )g. Hand-Made
Shoes are our specialty.
Prices reason, bio.
COTE & Co.
Slocan, B.C.
per an nun/.
ranging in price from
$2 to $35. We have
also a full stock of all
the necessary supplies
Si ll
Maist.zuina Miuornl Clulm,
Situnte in tlie Slocan City Mining Division of WsBt Kootenay District.
Where located:-*-*0n Ten Milecroek,
northeast of and adjoining the 1'uiso-
vain mlsioral claim.
TAKE NOTICK that I, Samuel P.
Fowler,acting as agont fur Tlio Enterprise
'Uritisli Columbia) Mines. Limited, 1"
ll.C. No. B.'S777, intend, sixty days
from the data lietrnf, to apply to the
Mining Kecorder for a certificate of im-
provsmonts, fur tha purpotoof obtaining
.* Crown grunt of the above claim.
And further tnko r.oliou that action,
under flection !*7, mint bo conitnuneail
before tbe iisuan"*"* of .sitcli csrtiflcats of
Hated tbis 2t'>th dav of Mav, 1002.
I'ortl.'iNil Mlarrnl Claim.
Kittinis* in tbo Slocan City Mining Division of Wont Kootenay District.
Where located : -On tbo rohiIi Bide
of Springer crock, about iuur miles
from tbe city of Slocan,
TAKK NOTICK that I, Herbert D.
Curtis, acting na agent for tiie Arlington
Mines, Limited (non-iiereonal liability,,
froo miner'* certificate No. B60806,
intend, sixty days from tlie date bereof,
to applv to the Mining Kecorder for a
ceitilicate: of Improvements, for the purpose ol obtaining a Crown grant of tlis*
above claim.
And further tako notice that action,
under section 37, mint bo commenced
before tlio issuance of such certificate of
Dated this 2nd dav of .lime, 1!'02.
6-6*02. *   HERBERT 1). CURTIS
Murisiloss nnd  Mary liiml Hlnsrnl  CUlmt
Situate in tho Slocan City mining divi-
b'ioh of West Kootenay district, Wbore
located:—On Tiger creek, a bruticb of
the second north fork of Lemon creek.
TAKK NOTICK that I, .John Mc-
Kinnon, free miner's certificate No
I 38381, acting for myself and for It K.
Bruce, free miner's certificate No.B11097
T. G. Proctor,free miner's certiflcate No.
B88749, intend, sixty days from the date
bereof, to apply to the .Mining Kecorder
for certificates of Improvements, for the
purpose of obtaining crown grants of Ilia
above c-laimB.
And further take notlee tbnt action,
under suction 37, mnsl lie commenced
before the Issuance oi i uch certificates of
Hated this iilst dav o( May l'lO'*
Co-operative Associatioiuu,
KM^sHf^MAt   mma*9*st   ^sjr *•
llayitifrapcncd .t Ssoie- «>» Mbta StVMt, three defar*roth
of the Postofflce, we »x* prepar-ed to ftll all orders (or Groceries, Meats, Vegetables, Hoar,and anything to be (band
in a lirst class cstablahweBt.
These Goods are all Fresh and of the Bust Quality,
Shares in the Association for sate at the par falue of $«0*.
$2 down, and $1 each month till paid. Profits are dittoed
rejrularlVi on basis ••* i e**c-i t0 »**ar*3**'-''t*eri castewjer,
and general account.	
Do You
Want a Home?
Then oome to Slocan, far it is
one of the fairest spots on this
earth of ours. Levelness,
Room, Scenery, Health, Fishing, MuntiiigJlloads, Railway
Steamboats, Churohes,Sohool
Hospital, Puhlio Halls and
enterprising citizens are soma
of the advantages enjoyed hy
this City, haoked up hy Unsurpassed and ProvenMineral
Resources. Nature and Man
hath decreed that
Slocan is
the Burg
Ce_ne and be convinced that this tale if
no mere idle dream, hut a stern reality.
Gwiilim <fe Johnson,
P. C
Sold by All Newsdealers
Furnish*. Monthly to all lovara ml _,__
and MhhIc a viust Tolmno ol ■•«*, Ok*****
Copyright Compositions l.y tlio bom pop*
«l»r »u"ln.ni. «4 Pa(«.o" Piano ■ »•■«,
half Vocal, halt Imtrumental—ai Com a I. w
■Macao for Piano- unre a Month tor aa
cf,?u- J***1! aatmaptoa, Sa.oo. -fro*
will t«nd ni th. name and a-Klra-a ot tirm
|Ott a oopT of th. Mssnn-.l.i. fr...
-, _._•_,*• "ffia. Publlahof,
Sl«hth a Locu.t St... Phil.d.I.hla, fo.
Steel Ranges
for $18.25.
Why l>o without n ranga whan
you can get one so cheap? The>
aro preferrable to stovcH and gira
battel' satisfaction. 'PIio-h**** ranges
burn wood or conl and wjh t,e
B«t up free.
H.J, ""
World's Scenic Route.
Eait West
■Lake Route
From Fort Wllliam.tha faTorite sum-
mar route, ta all aastern paints.
Via Soo Line
For St. Paul, Duluth,Sault Sts.Maris
Chicago, etc.
Lsf/os Dunraoro Junction fUilr W »••
Pstil; Kootenay Landing Ti»jn»y *nn
Saturday lor Toronto, Montreal, •"•
Leaves Re-**etstoke daily for BHMU»»**
Tfcrourh bwkiHgs to Europei ▼!»•[[
Atlantic Hnes.   I'ropaM •J"**',
lowest rates from all ftJIJ
countries.    For rates »nd fiiM»
ticulars applv to local affonts, or
J. S. CARTER,     E..I.COTI*
D.P.A., A'7*.Luv
L. J. EDWAI.r*-.,
** a cent Slocan O-V


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