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The Slocan Drill 1904-04-08

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 i   m*\   -
roRiA °-
TOL. V., No. 2.
SLOCAN,   B.   C,   APRIL   ft,
P.O. box se Prov. Librnr
Licensed Provincial Assayer,
All B-mptM lUeelTe Pr«mpt Attention. Kates on Application
n Hpaclal yii.ili.ll.m. 1.. M Inex i,i,<1 Mill*.
*2.00PKk ANNUM.
All the Latest Tints
posTorncE store.
Fruit, Confectionery, Tobacco
You can get anything in these lines that you
require from us. Our stock in each is always
kept fresh and well assorted. We handle the
best the market affords.   Prices are right.
LADIES, what about Whitewear? A
few of the lines we carry you will see in
our window; come inside and you will
see more. We will sell more cheaply
than Eastern houses, and can give you
a splendid range to choose from. DO
NOT DELAY.      *      I      f*      f      f*
W. T. Shatford & Co.
wilson ray
5L0CAN, B. C.
Is reached by any trail er road
that runt into the Town.
Do not go  past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
SLOCAN,   B.  C.
L. H. KNOWLES, Proprietor.
This popular betel is convenient to the boats aad trains.   Tlie dining room
.serially up-to-date while the bar is supplied with the bsstta the market.
O A TEC •   Travelling men, using Sample Rooms, $2.50 per day •
l\/\ /Co •    withoot Sample Rooms,$2; board $8 per week; menl ...>•
can 1k> made by wearing
one of tho     .....
Stylish Suits
ported Worateds. Serges,
or Tweeds.aconsi nam mil
of whieh has jnst been
received for winter trade.
Jan 1 08
Falli Fnr Short or tlie K»\ Imatt* Mini a* liv
tlm lioiii-d—Tux liitt* llvluw In11<i<lw-
t-.I iti.il Canm-il Through tbe Several
NIhc<*k - -Twit Ueetlngn.
The regular meeting of tho city
council was held on Monday night.
Present: Mayor McNeish, Aid. Smith,
Worden, Madden and Teeter.
Communications read: From the
department of education, Victoria, enclosing cheque for $227.95, being the
amount of the quarterly school grant.
Accepted and filed. The grant is
$260 per annum less than the estimate
of the school board, and Will require
the city to provide the sum of $900 or
Alii. Smith and Teeter moved the
introduction of bylaw No. 22, for levying a tax rate, and that it be read a
first time.   Carried.
The bylaw was accepted from its
first lending, and then duly passed
through its second stage. Ordered
Riven its third reading at next meeting.
Council adjourned to Wednosday
The meeting on Wednesday night
did not materialize, as the necessary
quorum did not put in aa appearance.
The first payment on the mill debenture debt fell due ou Tuesday aud
was promptly met.
The Kiiterp-im. Zinc.
A. C. Garde, manager of the Payne,
has published an exhaustive article on
the zinc resources of the Sloean. In
speaking of the Enterprise mine, in
this division, ho says: Since 1908
about 1000 tons of high grade stivcr-
lead-zinc ores have boen mined and
shipped to tho local smelters. Average
assays went 157.9 oz silver, 17.5 per
cent I,-ad, and 23.9 per centzthO. Jt
will readily lv sc-u that the shipments wero made for tin* silver-lead
values and that a penalty of 50 cents
per unit, or $7 par ton, had t.i be paid
on' tho zinc, which of course ■.-/.■ted as
a dr.twback. Soaie two yen's ago au"
attempt was made to concentrate the]
zinc from tho lead, but it did uot
prove a success, as tlie losses In silver
and grey copper proved excessive. At
the present time the mine is leasi I
and the ore sorted by hand, to bring
the tenor of the zinc down as low as
possible. A sorted zinc product i- reserved ou the dumps, which may be
concentrated tu advantage during the
summer. Aside from this there is no
great tonnage of zinc in sight.
Enlerprlse Hemline* <>)i.-r,ii is i. .
Operations have been resumed at
the Enterprise mine, on Ten Mile,
and the promise is that work will Insisting and free of nil interruptions.
\V. Koch has renewed the lease i'i his
own name and on his own behalf, he
paying Pat McGuiiv a sum approaching S2000 as a quitclaim for his interests resulting irom the former lea.se.
Several of the old gang of workmen
had remained here waiting for the
ch.ange in management,aad on Saturday commenced getting theii kits together. On Monday a big bunch of
men went up to the mine under charge
of C. Browning. Mr. Koch is under
obligations to catch up with the development of the mine, and he is
bound to keep the dead work SO far
ahead of the sloping. Satisfactory
results will ensue from the new arrangement, to the benefit of the creek
and camp.
The Ivanhoe i* Iiu<j-.
Phil Hickey, manager of the Ivanhoe mine, nt Sandon, passed through
on Friday to Nelson, lie told the
si-rilie that things were rapidly picking
up in the upper part of the Slocan
and he looked  for a  brisk and busy
summer. At his own mine they were
.employing the largest force in the
camp, bavin;,'85 men on the payroll,
Upwards of 100 tons of ore was being
sunt down to the mill daily, resulting
in 20 tons of concentrates. Tnesinc
they were producing was of excellent
qu dlly, and they were shipping from
250 to .'liH) tons per nnntn to tola.
Kan..and that amount wo ild be main
tainoo for some time to como, Mining
gono:,illv, Mr, Hickey said, hul got
down to a solid basis and ill i country
would p.'olit thereby,
bright and pleasing spectacle. Everybody went in for a good time and they
had it, tho dance not ending until
after 8 a.m. On Tuesday. Several of
the numbers on the programme were
played by the band, but the majority
were given by the newly formed orchestra, under the leadership of VV. E.
How, and tho music was first class.
Refreshments were served in the hall
by the memliers of the band.
It ilia* Meeting.
The adjourned annual meeting of
the Slocan Rifle Association was held
in the ollice of D. S. McVannel, last
Thursday night. Tho treasurer presented his financial statement.showiug
tbe receipts to have been $468.25 and
the expenditures $410.79, leaving a
balance on hand of 117.46. The election of officers resulted thus; Captain,
D, S. McVannel; treasurer, P, Dick;
secretary, H. D. Curtis; executive,
Geo. Nichol and \V. Hicks; auditors.
J. Pinchbeck aud J. Anderson, lt
was decided to cuter two teams in the
Canadian Military Rifle League for tlie
present year. The secretary was instructed to writo the militia department at Ottawa for some of the rifles
captured in the Boer war. A resolution was next adopted, reducing the
annual membership fee to the association to 81, At next meeting a resolution will be offered, reducing the number necessary for a quorum from teu
to seven.
A llii<tliiciiit Change.
R. E. Alien, of Mie Pioneer Livery
ifc Feed Stables, has sold out his business to R. D. Kennedy, the papers
being signed up yesterday.   Bob has
the entire output of the St. Eugene
lead mine nt Moyie, necessitating the
full lead treatment capacity of the
smelter. The copper furnaces will
also bo run to tho limit, as the War
Eaglo aud Centre Star, at Rossland,
are increasing their output. Besides
the Silver King, at Nelsou, is sending
to Trail three cars of ore daily. The
smelter has a busy season ahead of it.
Warm l'uity Meeting
A warm meeting of the Conservatives was held in Nelson, ou Tuesday
evening. What aro known as the
"kickers" issued a public call to all
those in favor of the local government
for the purpose of forming a new association. The "regulars'' captured
the meeting, passed a resolution to do
everything in their power to elect Hon.
Charles Mackintosh at the next Dominion clections.and ironically thanked the "kickers" for the free use of the
hall. The latter then adjourned to
Lawyer Flliot's ollice, whero tho necessary steps were taken to form a uew
Conservative association.
Itcm-hoi-H ut lain- Society.
The following havo been elected
benchers of the British Columbia Law
Society: E. P. Davis, Vancouver; E.
V. Bodwell, Victoria; L. G. McPhillips, Vancouver; .John Elliot, Nelson;
G. E. Corbould, New Westminster; C.
E. Pooley, Victoria; H. D. Helincken,
Victoria; Sir Hibbert Tupper, Vancouver, and C. R. Hamilton, Rossland.
Kill) Mullllril   Married.
Bob Madden, brother of Aid. Madden and a former resident of the town,
KILO SOLD FOR $75,000.
Good, ns well as bnd, luck often comes by couplets, a trueism that
has found confirmation here sinee last issue. Following upon tlio
bonning of the Legal by the Chapleau popple, comes a still more
important announcement the sale of the well-known Kilo group,
also situated on the tiftt north fork of Lemon creek. The purchasers
are a Syndicate of prominent and wealthy men from Helena, Mont.
N. Ft-McRattght, Silverton, ono of the owners, passed through
hero on 1-Y.div tn Nelson,•accompanied by Mrs. McNaught. Ho in-
formed' The Dp.ili. mui that nn the day previous he had received a
wire from his brother, Co!, .lames McNaught, stating the Kilo group
had been sold. The d.*al is ■raactica.lly cu a cash basis, the sum involved being 575,000. Of this 525,000 bus been paid down, the remaining 860,000 comin.'-; fn six months, Emm-deed in tho group are
28 claims, all joining one tti the other, tbe owners thereof, in equal
sKive-, being N. F. McNaujht, Col. McNaught, ex-Senator Warner
Miller and the Spiers estate, of New York.
The Kilo is essentially a gold proposition and has had SIO.OCO
spent on it in development. The group possesses a number of mineral bearing veins, the principal one being opened up by several
tunnels ami raises, all in nre, aud without a break appearing any*
where. The paystreak will average two feet in width and gives $2-5
per ton for the run of the mine. A shipment made some while back
gave smelter figures of $71. It is estimated there is 19,000 tons of
ore blocked out in thc mine, besides a huge quantity available for
shipment on the dumps.
Representatives of the purchasers visited and inspected the Kilo
late last fall, and so pleased wero they that they obtained an option
on the mine, which has now lioon lifted. Mr.McNanght stated work
on the property Would commence by May 1st, so as to keep up the
title of the several claims. Later on in the season the purchasers
would erect a mill and instal machinery for treating the ore on the
ground. The ore is susceptible to concentration and will give handsome profits. The purchasers are bona fid" mining operators and are
not acting as company promoters, their money being put into the
scheme as a business invest ment.
Col. McNaught is deserting the minin:,' field for that of railroad
promoting. He was in the Quebec Central road, which was sold to
Mackenzie & Mann, and In- is now one of the leading spirits connected with the Grain'. Trunk Pacific scheme.
I.n«t Tear's Shipment* Were 1 339 Toim-
A llcultliy Kvldence of the Life ami
Wealth cr tin, Cam-p— Ottawa I* tb«
Biggeet Shipper.
Bad roads are responsible this week
for a blank in ore shipments, none of
tho uiioot- having boen able to handle
anything. The Ottawa has part of a
ear down and will send it forward
next weok. Transfers will have to lie
made from now on on all the roads.
For 1908 the oro shipments from
the local division amounted to 1889
♦ons, made up from 17 properties,
Following is a full list of the shij*-
inents this year to date:
mini:. warn
l'ort Hope	
Black I'rince „
Black Ful	
' 1*30
been in business here since 1890 and
in that time has experienced many upS
and downs, but had he all that was
coming to him he would be on easy
street. lie is going out shortly to look
for a-new location, leaving his family
here for the summer. The new proprietor has lieen in the country for
years and is welland favorably known
and should do woll in his venture.
Work, Fit  and Finish g
are guaranteed. jJ^J
H A Tew Lines 01 Gents'  Furnishing   S
(Ci are still left from the stock of the Inte A. rji
i_i David and they must be sold off at onco. ■"*
H. A. CLEVE, Main Street, Slocan, B.C 5^
, door to Postollice. njt
Store: Next i
1   X
■octal Event of tbe Yeur.
The social success of the year was
scored by the Slocan Brass Hand in
their fourth annual masquerade ball,
held on Monday evening iu the Music
Hall. The attendance of both soecta-
tors uud maskers was much larger
than anticipated,and quite eclipsed
that at .ill former events. Sand-m,
Nakusp, and New Denver each hail
representatives among the dancers.
Many new oostumea mado their ap*
poorauoo,  the whole   presenting  a
C'ul the I.e.lge.
Tlie management of the Rambler-
Cariboo gives out that the ledge has
been struck in the crosscut at the SIX)
foot level. The ore met with is of the
same value as that found in the upper
levels, running 187 oz in silver and 57
per cent lead. Work has commenced
on a new 1000 foot tunnel,designed to
tap th'* vein at a depth of 1800 feet.
During the winter the concentrator
has been closed down, but il is to be
started ii]) again at an early date,when
the output will be Increased.
Kaitei v.-iti-y Heeling.
The  Faster vestry meeting of Ht.
Paul's church was held on  Monday
evoning, there bein!,' a fair attendance
of-members.   Following were the of*
fleers elected for the ensuing year:
li, .1, Edwards, rector's warden; 11. D,
Curtis,people's warden; E.W.Ham
and A. R, Bolderston. sidesmen; H.I'.
Christie, collector and treasurer) U.K.
Jorand. lay delegate to synod. Por
the future services will be held but
once a month.
has joined the ranks of the benedicts.
His bride was Miss Julia Fitzpatriek.
of Quebec. Thc newly married couple
have arrived liack in this country and
will make their home in Trout Lake
Citv. where Bob owns tho Lakeview
Silver Quotation*.
Following are Uie quotation! for bar
silver on the various days during tin-
week since last issue:
Thursday     561 cents
Saturday     661    "
Mondav     5F»i
We Lnesday	
Stand) nun fur Trail Imtltsr.
A contract has been eut irod into by
the Trail smelter whereby they obtain
Mi,Imp  .1  I he Wharf.
Another mishap occurred at the
transfer wharf on Sunday night. By
an oversight the slip wns not fastened
to the barge, and when a car passed
over the apron dropped, letting the
foremost trucks fall into the lake. The
box of tho car was caught and held
up by the barge.
toltliiira to I., nun i: m.i.
Inside information stales that government money will Ik- utilized this
slimmer for the putting in shape of
the Lemon crack road. Cue should
Ih- taken to put iu new bridges above
high water mark. Tho repairing of
the road will materially assist the Kilo
and Chapleau.
Thirty-five men are employed at tho
The R*eo is the largest shipper in
the Slocan.
■  The Reco has  mado ?30,000 profit
on its winter's operations.
Considerable supplies have lx-en going up to the Myrtle this week.
Rossland mines sent out last week
7712 tons of ore, or 117,831 tons to
Last week Boundary mines handled
16,902 tons of ore, or 217.154 tons for
the year.
A crowd of men passed through on
Monday from Nelson, to work at the
Freighting to and from tho Enterprise has had tn lie done lately principally at night.
.Mines in the vicinity of Sandon last
week shipped 238 tons of ore, making
Tyool tons to date.
Wm. Bennett and Geo. Clark havo
secured a lease on the Chamliers
group, near Cody.
Some of the Sandon mines are reducing their crews, owing to th? rawhide .trails breaking up.
Work on the Triune group.Springer
creek, has ceased for the present. The
results were satisfactory.
Notice was posted at Northport on
April 1, that tin- Le Roi smelter would
resume operations in ten days.
The White Bear, Rosslsnd, has
placed its orders for the timber and
machinery for its concentrator.
Ernest Harrop and Robt. Andrews
are crown granting the Black Prince
and Clipper claims, on Lemon creek.
Owing to the soft snow the Chapleau
people aro finding great difficulty in
getting up supplies, even for a small
Frank Griffith and Ed Newman
went up the first north fork of Lemon
on Monday, to work on the White
Tho lessees of the Neepawa. on Ten
Mile, are meeting with success, and
they expect to make a carlotd shipment shortly.
The Ottawa has the promise of government assistance towards their wagon road, to be constructed so soon as
the snow goes.
Pending the resumption of operations nt the Northport smelter, the Le
Roi mine has laid off the greater portion of its force.
N. F. McNaught has purchased two
claims adjoining the Moilie Hughe.,
New Denver, and will proceed to develop them at once.
A large number of rich samples of
ore have been sent by the SlcH-an properties to tho St. Louis fair, forming
an Imposing exhibit,
Tom Benton. Bert Wilhelm and Pnt
Nolan left on Wednesday to do work
on the Lady Franklin group, at the
head of Lemon creek, going in by wav
of Nelson. They willin- gone six or
seven weeks.
Sandon mining circles are stirred
over a rich strike in the No. 8 workings on the Payne. Four feet of ore
has been encountered, 10 inches of
which, containing grey copper, assays
810 oz in silver per ton.
A gang of ship carpenters were ia
here Sunday, putting new guard mill
ou the Slocnn, and caulking one of tlio
Ten Mile's only export just now  is ■ barges.
Iumber,several carloads of which were ]     Work on  tho creek cribbing coui-
sent out this weok to Manitoba. I mences next week.
With Miss Mercian! the incredible
hnd happened. She was tired of hearing that she was beautiful. From ber
earliest recollections strangers bad exclaimed over ber pretty face, and her
lovers one after another bad bung tbe
variations on the same theme. Miss
Merrlam listened politely nnd found
herself extremely bored.
"To be loved for your face is like
being loved for your fortune," Miss
Merrlam confided to her jourunl.
"Beauty has wings Just ns truly as
riches. If a man fulls In love with
your complexion what is ho going to
tlo when you come down wilh the
smallpox? If I were n pretty fool I
might be perfectly satisfied wltb things
as they are, but I know I'm worth loving for myself—if only tbey had the
sense to find lt out."
Unfortunately for themselves Miss
Merrlam's adorers never suspected her
peculiar views. If thero bad been ouo
of tbelr number shrewd enough to compliment her intellect Instead of her
dimples and to have talked nbout her
sparkling wit rather thau her spur-
kllug eyes he would have found tho
short cut to her heart. As lt wus,
tbey were unanimous In deciding that
tbe aforementioned article bad been
omitted from her composition. Aud
Miss Merrlam expressed ber displeasure ln the following paragraph in her
Journal: "Beauty, beauty, beauty! Uow
tiresome lt all Is! I wish I might
uevor hear I was beautiful again."
Rash prayers sometimes bring unwelcome answers. Not very many
days later the city was clectriGod by
the news that Miss Merrlam bad been
thrown from her automobile nt a well
known watering place and seriously injured. Pictures of tho beauty appeared in all tbe leading newspapers of
the country, with reference to licr possible disfigurement. Miss Merrlam's
relatives, when apper.led to on this Important point, refused to say anything
to relieve the suspense or to satisfy the
popular curiosity. And tho explanation of their reticence was apparent
when Miss Merrlam mnde ber nppo;T-
anco ln society n few weeks law?.
Across tho faultless curve of tho girl's
cheek ran an unsightly scar, a scar so
aggressively prominent that It held tho
attention of the observer and mado
him forgetful of all else. It seemed
likely that Miss Merrlam was to have
her heart's desire and uever again be
forced to bear that she wns beautiful.
Lloyd Hollistcr saw ber for tho first
time at one of the opening functions of
tbe season, a few days after bis return from abroad. "Notii'o that girl
over thero," n friend said, pulling his
sleeve. "Last spring she was the •beautiful Miss Merrlam,' and sou her now.
Hard luck, isn't lt?"
Hollistcr looked as directed. Ho saw
n smnll head regally carried, a muss
of dazzling hair and eyes that shot
violet lights from under their arched
brows. Then Miss Merrlam turned
her head, and he saw tbo scar and
nothing else.
"I'd be sorrier for bor," the mnn at
his elbow went on, "If she hadn't turned down half tbe follows in her set. I
guess sbe thought she was good for a
tluke witb that face of hers. Introduce
you, did you say? Why, certainly, uiy
dear fellow."
It was the Innate chivalry of Hollis-
ter's nature which had prompted him
to ask the honor of Miss Merrlam's
acquaintance. He was us sorry for the
girl ns he was disgusted with the cold
blooded comments of the man who had
poiuted her out to blm. For the first
few moments of their conversation he
unscrupulously kept bis eyes away
from her. He could not bear to witness tbe beauty in eclipse, and ho fau-
•*rcied that she wbo hnd been so used to
reading admiration in the eyes of every
man must wince at tho pity whieh tact
could not conceal.
Presently be found that admiration
was gcttlug the better of his sympathy.
This quondum beauty was not crushed
by her misfortune. She met this thunderbolt of fate's Rplto with n g.illnnt
courage which quickened Holiister's
pulses. Her easy gayety, her apparent
unconsciousness of the patios of her
situation, appealed to hlm us no woman's beauty bnd ever dono. llo made
the discovery thnt Miss Merrlam wus
brilliant If no longer beautiful, nnd
tbat ber cleverness, unlike thnt of
mnny of her sex, owed nothing to HI
In the months that followed ho saw
a grent deal of Miss Merrlam,   It was
clear that tho girl's liking for social
pleasure   remained   unaltered   by   the
change ln her circumstances.   She went
everywhere nnd to all appearances en-
Joyed herself in spite of the sudden falling off in the number of her admirers.
There hnd been a time when tho man
who wished a word with tho beautiful
Miss Merrlam was obliged to fight his
wuy through n double ring of black
conts, but Hollistcr had no difllcully in
gaining bor side whenever be went.
Yet the deposed fiucen of hearts seined so unconscious of anything about
her  which  culled  for  sympathy   that
Hollistcr suppressed his pity ns if it
had been a form of disloyalty, nnd after a time he no longer found tliis difficult    He admired Miss Merrlam too
much to be sorry for ber.    In every
quality of mind and heart she met lii.-t
Ideal of what a woman should be.    As
for the s<ir, he looked at It now unshrinkingly.     Whatever   be   did,   be
uj.'.'int to act with his eyes open.
The night ho asked ber to marry hlm
tb»-y Mf In Miss Merrlam's little library, where the Bickering light of tho
grate fell full upon her face. No man
worthy of the name is voluble when
ho lays his heart and life iu the hollow of u woman's band. Hollistcr
Stammered through his lovcmaking
like u boy. As be went on Miss Merrlam turned away ber fuce so thut
tho profile was toward bim. The light
of tho fire flashed on tbe scar, and it
stood out iu livid relief. As a rule,
Hollistcr was not fanciful, but for an
instant the gash seemed the mocking
mouth of a demon stretched in a fiendish griu.
Hollistcr waited a long time for an
answer to bis question. Miss Mer-
rium's face was averted, and he could
see that she was stirred by some strong
emotion. When ho made a movement
to take ber band sbe turned toward
bim suddenly, and he saw tbat her
eyes were brimming wltb tears.
"You are a brave man, Mr. Hollls-
ter," sho said in a voice not quite
steady. "Have you thought of tbls?"
Her lingers touched tbe scar with a
strange, balf caressing gesture. "Hnve
you thought what it will mean to have
every passerby look at your wife pityingly nnd whisper as you pass?"
"I lovo you," wiib Holiister's answer.
"If there is a hard thing in your life
it ls my right to share it." Then his
bond whirled ut tbo look of sudden
adoration tbat leaped from ber eyes.
"Ob, I wanted to find a man liko
you," Miss Merrlam whispered. "I
was sure thcro must be such a one ln
tho world." And then she was in bis
arms, with the poor, scarred cheek
pressed to him, sobbing out her heart
in a burst of exultant triumph that enraptured bim without bis understanding lt ln tbo leust.
Wben they snid good night Miss
Merrlam clung to her lover as If re
ltictnnt to let blm out of her sight.
"I must see you ln tbo morning, dearest," phe said. "You must spare me a
few moments." And Hollistcr, who
was looking forward to the separation
of a few hours as if lt had been us
many weeks, agreed with a sudden
lightness of heart.
He wondered a little when he came
next morning thnt she should keep
him waiting. His heart leaped at every
footstep ln the hall for the first half
bour, and when at last she stole Into
tbe room, closing the door behind her,
she took him by surprise. HolIIster
sprang to bis feet, then stood staring
An enchanting face smiled up at
him, a faco rosy with blushes. He
saw tbe play of tbe dimples and tbe
curve of tbe check ns if he were looking on lt for tbe first time. Tbe scar
was gone."
"My God!" said HolIIster helplessly,
and he dropped Into a chair, his own
face dead pale. Miss Merrlam ran to
him hud dropped on ber knees beside
bis chair, looking into bis eyes with a
fascinating mixture of timidity and
"Forgive me, dearest. Don't be angry'
with me for deceiving you. If you only
knew bow tired I grew of men who
couldn't see anything in me to love but
my pretty face! That little accident
with my automobile was too good an
opportunity to miss, nnd the scar was
easily put on. An actress showed me
bow to do it, but 1 flatter myself tbat
after a little I improved upon my teacher."
Sbe smiled at HolIIster shyly and did
not seem to find bis silence discouraging. "Please don't say you like me better the otber way. I almost grew to
hate my beauty wben it blinded people
to all the rest in me, but now I'm glad
lo havo it to give to the man wbo loved
me for myself."
Several complexion specialists claimed tho credit for removing the scar
that had ruined Miss Merrlam's beauty
and reaped golden harvests thereby,
llut tbe beautiful Miss Merrlam never
regained ber title for the reason tbat
ber Identity was soon merged In that
of tha beautiful Mrs. Holiister.
An  Equine Joke.
At 2 o'clock ono morning, when the
fog was so thick that you could not see
tlio name of tho streets printed on the
lamp posts, n telegram was received
at a San Francisco newspaper offlco
from an interior town tbat a prominent
official had been killed while bunting.
Tho news bad to be broken to the family, nud tbe man doing the late watch
was told to jump into a carriage and
get some "dope" on the deceased.
He grabbed tho first four wheeler ln
sight and did not notice thut the driver
had been Imbibing, He gave him tho
address and settled bnck to get n few
winks of sleep, but was awakeiu-d by
the carriage coming to a standstill. Ho
pot cut and ns bo glanced around be
was surprised to see headstones and
monument! on every side. He looked
ii|) and found "cubby" fast asleep. In
nu Instant bo appreciated the situation.
Tho driver bad fallen asleep on tho
box, nnd the horses, believing they
wero going to a funeral, had leisurely
trotted to the burying grouud.—Exchange.
Folloiretl Hla  Leader.
Michael had been in the country only
a Hliort time and was not entirely familiar with Ihe tabic d'hote dinner. In
his first evening out be hied himself
lo a Sixth nvcimo restaurant and called
for a tnble d'hote dinner. Opt.*::*
him snt u sour Visnged nnd voracious
person who had arrived only n few moments liefore. Michael, being In doubt
as to how to order, decided to watch
his neighbor nnd invariably said ho
would tako tho same lu response to tho
waiter's query.
After finishing bla dinner the heavy
ruling man ordered the waiter to send
blm In n bootblack,
"Bring mo thc same," exclaimed
"Whatl" snld Iho wnlter. "Won't ono
bootblack do two of you?"
"Well," cried Michael, pointing to-
wan] his neighbor, "If ho rnts his I'll
eat uiluii too!"—New York Times.
1 In the House of
the Loving Heart
"By Keith Gordon
Copt/rlght, 1901, bu T. C.  ifoCiure
(fia .a..a. a-enanai ana. a..a..a..a .a. a.ie..a..e..a..a..i"ai a aaa(a)
"The idea of any wise person caring
for money, especially in New York,"
she gibed as tbey sunk down upon one
of the benches at tbe 'entrance to the
park. The carriages were hurrying
feverishly after one another as if happiness lay at the other end or else rolling sadly back again ns if to indicate
that it was not tbere after all.
Hazard turned au astonished face
toward her.
"You're guying," be observed disapprovingly. "New York's tho place
where one needs lt most Every one
knows that"
"Every one," she echoed with scorn.
"And why? Simply because 'every one*
Is suffering from tbe greed of possession. They want to possess, not to en-
Joy. They buy—buy—buy! Then they
put what they have bought iuto a safe
deposit vault and hurry off to Europe,
where they begin all over again.
There's one of them now." And she
nodded gayly in response to a bow from
a lady in a passing victoria.
"Who Is it?" asked Hazard laconically*
"Mrs. Lofty," laughed the girl, following the disappearing carriage witli
derisive eyes. "Poor thing!"
"Then you'd rather be Ellse Sher--
win, student of art, and sit bere on a
bencb with a poor young lawyer than
be Mrs. Lofty, would you?" he asked,
watching a lock of hair which the*
spring wind blew softly across bei!
"I certainly would," she replied with
promptness. "She never has any timo
for enjoyment or cultivation or reading
or—or anything that counts," she euded
vaguely. "You see, she bas responsibilities. There nre the servants. Of
course I don't need to tell you about
the awfulness of the servants. Then
there ls her house, oue of those fearful
places that Just grip you by the throa.
when you enter and throttle you."
She paused for breath, with a remi*-
niscent expression. Then she continued:
"You feel as if some one bas Just died
—or perhatrps 'demised' would be more
In accord with tbe furnishing."
"But one doesn't need to do such
things with money," ber companion Interrupted With argumentative intention.
"No, I don't suppose one does. And
ytt they generally do. You see, noblesse oblige seems to demand tbat
when you have a million or upward
you copy ono of the royal palaces of
Europe and live your poor little republican Ufa In It though I'm sure I don't
know why," she finished thoughtfully.
"Still, money ls a good thing, and you
can't say that lt Isn't A fellow must
have decent clothes, and it strikes me
that that simple little tailor mado
gown that you are wearing cost"—ho
screwed his face up in the effort at appraisement—"about $100."
"Only $75," she corrected nnd returned to her subject somewhat hurriedly.
"There's another thing. When you're
rich you Just have to have a complexion—and no mere man can know what
a fearful responsibility that ls. It's
worse than servants! You have to employ beauty doctors and have little
pots of greasy Btnff about You should
seo Mrs. Lofty's supply. It is immense."
Hazard smiled in an absent way and
then began with tbe air of a man wbo
is weighing his words, "If you really
prefer a castle ln Spain to anything"—
She cut him short
"Have I ever told you about mine?"
He shook his bead.
She pointed ln the direction of the
great, dark hotel which frowned down
upon them.
"It ees vanish, n'est pas?" she mimicked. "Behold ln Its place my nouse
of the Loving Heart! I tblnk the nnme
especially telling since lt is situated,
as you see, on what wo might call the
Street ef Love of Money.
"I hope you seo the bouse plainly.
Tbe stylo ls a sort of modified Italian,
with a projecting cornice and an inner
Hazard nodded.
"Don't you tblnk tho boxes of hyacinths ln the windows and the big, low
entrance give it a friendly look? That
is what I aim at particularly," she explained wltb well feigned anxiety, "a
friendly looking bouse!"
"Great!" wns Hazard's feeling comment "But who ln thunder ls that
man standing at the window?" and
ho strained his eyes toward the great
hotel. Then he turned to her with an
expression of pleased and Innocent surprise.   "By Jove, It's me!"
"It looked so homely and Inviting, I
suppose, tbat I couldu't resist It," bo
explained as be noticed the warm flush
rising In her checks.
In a moment she had recovered herself.
"Since you aro ln I hope you like the
divuns nnd the low table and the books
and pictures. Please notice, too, that
things ure within reach. It doesn't
look, does It as If I wore trying to live
up to my fortune or suggest that I
bave stopped to think what Mrs. Lofty
would have done under similar circumstances?"
"Not a bit" ho assured her henrtlly,
while the peculiar compression of the
lips of an old gentleman Billing next
them indicated suppressed amusement
"Well, come on, tben! Now, this
room, which hns everything beautiful
and useful and comfortablo thut I
could find to put into It, Is for my
heartsick and discouraged friends.
Somo of them I shall not hove met be
little door (It opens quietly on Fifty-
eighth street, you see), and I shall
cheer them up."
"Leave care behind, all those wbo enter here," he murmured, as If he wore
reading an Inscription.
Tho girl laughed in n pleased way.
"Excellent! A public sympathizer Is
really wbat we need. I believe us
mnny people fall from lack of sympathy snd encouragement as from lack
of ability."
She had grown suddenly earnest nnd
her eyes filled with tenrs. Hazard
leaned toward her ln real distress.
"So silly of me," sbe began, with a
little shake in ber voice. "But there
hnvo been some rough places—places
whero Mrs. Lofty, for instance, has
looked on from ber luxurious life and
said: 'I hope you'll get on all right
Coodby, dear!' and left me with loneliness and discouragement eating my
heart, nnd I hnve felt that In my House
of the Loving Heart I should like to
hnve lt different."
The old mnn ln tbe next seat shifted
himself around so as to get a better
view of the girl's face, but neither of
the young people noticed blm, aud sho
began ber description once more.
"These bedrooms are tbe best In the
house. I Intend them for my poor
friends. Still, 1 have Indulged In small
economies. Now, for Instance, In these
rooms"—and with n wave of the hand
she ushered hlm Into another Imaginary suit—"thc appointments, though very
comfortable, are less luxurious. In
these I shall Install my rich friends
when they visit me."
An unmistakable chuckle escaped
from the old gentleman, and Hazard
and Miss Sherwln turned in his direction ln surprise. But he was bowing
to tho occupant of a belated carriage,
all uuconsclous apparently of their existence.
"I shnll entertain a good deal for my
poor friends—give them a cbauce to
meet interesting people and get out of
the ruts of their workaday lives," Miss
Sbcrwln resumed. "But the rich ones"
—hor eyes were dancing mischievously
—"I shall ask only on ordinary occasions when I am having simple, wholesome dinners tbat won't mako tbem
disconteuted with their lot."
They looked at each other and broke
Into long and merry laughter. Hazard's worldliness hud vanished like a
"It's a great idea, sweetheart," be
said softly, "and I'd like to work to
make lt come true. Would you let me
-do you think"—
But the blushes were so violent this
time that bo got no further, uud besides the old gentleman was standing
before them.
"I am Jasper Clark," he said simply,
and at that name they both stared at | n
hlm In amazement. "I kuow you'll forgive au old man for listening." Tben
with a bow be continued whimsically:
"I should very much like the pleasure
the boll Impatiently.  Tbe mnld BIM *
glzed and brought in clean towels
"We  weren't expecting you till ,
morrow, Miss Ashton," sho rem,,,,-,
with a furtive (Hit of ber towel   ,^
tbe dusty table.     , m**
Margaret lighted every gas Jet •„ ,h
room and In tho dressing room auj0|a!
The waiter coughed obsequiously,
and Margaret Asbtoti turned toward
bim impatiently.
"Just some fruit and coffee for dessert."
The waiter picked up the plate holding nn untnstcd entree.
"Wby are we stopping bere so long?"
"Freight train off do track ahead,
ma'am, but do wreckiu' crew's hcab,
Miss Ashton picked up tho menu,
read lt absentmlndedly and laid It
down ngnln. Then her glance traveled
bnck to tbo panorama spread beyoud
the dining car's window. It wus tbo
residence district of a pretty village,
wltb yellow and white und gray and
white cottages placed at a discreet distance apart, with well kept lawus and
budding gardens In lietween.
Close to tho crossing where tbe train
bud come to a sudden standstill was
the church, painted In pearly white,
with dark greeu shutters and Imitation
colored glass windows. Even nt this
distance Margaret recognized tho material in those windows. They bud received samples when she was ln tbe
altnr guild at St. Paul's.
Tho waiter arrived with her dessert
and she selected somo white grapes
with elaborate care. When sbe looked
up again, a boy ciune scampering down
the drive which divided two of the cottage homes. He swung a baseball bat
ln signal to another youngster emerging from another yard. Both homes
bnd barns nnd chicken yards ln tbo
rear, nnd the boys wore sweaters.
"They have bad their ten nnd havo
J dono their chores," thought Miss Ash-
j ton. Stirring her coffee slowly, "and by
! and by some one will call tbem both
in and pull down tbe shades."
A woman ran ncross tho back yard
of the house nearest tho tracks, carrying something under her apron. She
disappeared In the kitchen doorway of
ing, to say nothing of the gas 1,',CT,,
crato. but mm tlm -™.„ —,„,." *
.lieu di
; it w
1 pack
Margaret's ab.
grute, but Btlll tbe room seemed dim,
and  dull.   She wished that It w
morning and she might bury bermif i
'office work. a>*
j the next bouse, then reappeared empty
! handed nnd ran buck to ber own home.
"5*lio   had   borrowed   something,   no
doubt,"  said   Miss  Ashton  to herself.
j "Perhaps she had a little tea this after-
' noon,    Wo   always  borrowed   things
from tbe Mnrsdens when wc had tens."
She pushed aside her coffee cup, lnld
bill on  the  silver tray  wblcb the
waiter offered nnd left the car.    Her
chair was in thc drawing room enr forward.    She    found    herself    looking
straight into the side yard of a trim
The inuld returned with a pack.*
which imd arrived in Margaret's ,,?
sence, nnd the latter inquired
"Is Miss Harding in this evenln,,
If she Is, I wish you would nsk hert
come in and havo a cup of tea with
Miss Harding had the room ot tu
id of the hall. ""
The  maid   paused  In  the doorw..
id looked In ln startled fashion
"Why, didn't you know? Miss UK(r
lug died while you wero gone."
"Yes; pneumonia; awful sudden too,
None of her folks was here. Thoy nve
way up state somewhere, and tlio tt8.
dertnker shipped the body."
Margaret   sat  staring  ut  the even
flame of the gas log.   "None of h«r
I folks was bere; they shipped"—
The life bad died out of the gren
city aud tbe clock struck 2 when Margaret Ashton laid down ber pen.   sj,,
bent low to kiss tho letter us she scaled
it, and nguln thero came to her the v|.
i sion of the mun and tbe girl walking
j up the narrow, flagged pathwuy to thi
m        m        m        m       •       »      ,
Ten days later a man who wore gold
glasses and looked at her above thorn
called ber Into his private office,  she
bad only been ln that office twice be*
: fore,  and  they  had   been  red letter
i events ln ber business career.
j    "Miss Ashton, wo have been going
I over the results of that Inst trip yon
; mnde.   They are remarkable for a wo-
j man.   And we have decided to make
! you  superintendent of  tho  Troy of*
| Uccs."
He paused for an expression of sur.
| prise   or  appreciation.    Miss  Ashtoo
was studying the cn*rpet   The great
man coughed.
"Your salary, of course"—
"Thank you," she said, still without
looking up, "but I have acccpteU-an*
other position."
Tbe grent man fairly Jumped.
"But,  my dear young woman, ion
nhould consider"—
"I have cousldered, and this la for
This time she looked up, straight Into the eyes cf the great man. Something be rend there mode him rlac atiii
extend bis band cordially.
"My dear Miss Ashton, I trust yoa
will be very happy. And I congratulate the young man with all my heart"
of your company at dlnucr"-and he | Utile cottage.   A young woman sat on i
made a gesture toward the Millionaires'
club over the way. "You see, the time
may come when 1 shall want to enter
thnt quiet little door on Fifty-eighth
street" And he glanced with kindly
eyes at the future mistress of the
Houso of the Loving Heart.
This word Is a coinage of Horace
Walpole's. Writing ubout a discovery
he had made in connection with bis
picture of Bianca Capello, be says:
"This discovery I made by a talisman, which Mr. Chute calls tho Sortcs
Walpollaua-, by which I find everything I want a pointe nominee, wherever I dip for it. This discovery Indeed is almost of that kind which I
cull serendipity, a very expressive
word, which, us I bave nothing better
to tell you, I shall endeavor to explain
to you. You will understand It better
by tbe derivation than by the definition. I once read a silly fairy tnlo called 'The Three Princes of Serendip.'
As their highnesses traveled they wero
always making discoveries, by accidents and sagacity, of things which
they were not in quest of. For instance, one of them discovered that a
mule blind of the right eye had traveled tbe same road lately because the
grass was eaten only on the left side,
where it was worse than on the right.
Now do you understand serendipity?
One of the most remarkable Instances
of this accidental sagacity (for you
must observe tbat no discovery of tbe
thing you are looking for comes under
this description) was of my Lord
Shaftesbury, who, huppenlng to dine
nt Lord Chancellor Clarendon's, found
out the marriage of the Duke of York
and Mrs. Hyde by tho respect with
which her mother treated her at table."—Notes and Queries.
On ■ Large Scale.
"Yes, sir," resumed tho Dakota farmer as tbo crowd of agriculturists seated
themselves round a littlo table—"yes,
sir. We do things on rather a sizable
scale. I've seen a mnn on ono of our
big farms start out in the spring and
plow a straight furrow until autumn.
Then he turned round aud harvested
back. We have some big furmu up
there, gentlemen. A friend of mine
owned one which he had to givo a
mortgage on, and I pledge you my word
the mortgage was due at ono end bo-
fore they could get lt recorded nt tbo
other. You see, lt wns laid out In counties. And tho worst of lt Is It breaks
up fnmllles so. Two years ngo I saw
a wholo family prostrated with grief-
women yelling, children howling nnd
dogs barking. Ono of niy men hud bis
camp truck packed on seven four-mule
the step of tho porch, n "fascinator"
thrown over her shoulders. At tbe foot
of the step stood unother woman holding u restless baby in her nrnis. The
two women wero so earnestly engaged
in conversation that they did not notico
how the baby was stripping young buds
off the porch vine.
"Gossiping," murmured Miss Ashton.
She know tbe narrow life only too
well. She bad run nway from lt years
before. She wanted to go where your
next door neighbor did not count the
skirts and shirt waists on your line,
where no one Insisted that because a
young man bad shown you a few ordinary courtesies you were bouud to
be engaged to bim.
She swung ber chair impatiently,
and hor glance fell once moro on the
church. The sun was setting, and two
peoplo were walking up the narrow
flagged path. The man pulled out a
key, threw open tho church door, and
they both passed ln. He did not look
like a minister. He was something of
an athlete nnd had an alert air. A moment later ho was opening tho window.
Tbe girl was not in sight but Margaret was certain that she was putting
flowers tn tbo vase nt the pulpit
"He's a leader ln tbe church, no doubt
A man must always be at tbo bend of
something," she thought. "And Miss
Demure will be sitting down ln the
amen corner soon watching bim with
adoring eyes because the whole congregation looks up to him."
Wbat a narrow set these people ln
smnll towbs were! Here was a train
stalled in their midst bearing men of
millions, -women who bad truvcled at
bom* and abroad, interests thut might
off eet the world of trade, nud they did
not stop so much ns to inquire Into the
trouble. Tbey were so small, so narrow, so self absorbed!
. At last the train moved with great
heaving strain on wheels and spungs.
Mnrguret gave one more glance at tho
cburcb. Tho lights were ablazo, aud
the young man was standing ln front
of tho congregation, a book in bis hand.
The girl was at tho organ.
Margaret loaned bnck and closed her
eyes. Sho saw another church, another
man—and herself. Then sbe turned her
thoughts  resolutely   Into  other  channels.   She glanced down nt her bag.
Sbe knew tho papers ln tbnt bag meant
Insurance  policies  for  thousands,   all
written by herself. Sho bad stepped in
where otlier ngents feared to trend and
hnd secured business.   Sho was going
back to New York and tho approval of
| hor superiors.   She would be glad to
j shut herself In ber private offlco and
I take up her accumulated correspond*
encc. She must have n now cabinet or-
lie Spoke Japanese.
They told this on a Plttsburgor wh» '•
ls dead now and therefore shall to
nameless, but tbe story Is still toli
nbout Washington when a crowd ol
newspaper men foregather nnd talk
over old times and happenings. It wm
during the Hnrrlson administration,
nnd the Pittsburger was hot on th«
trail of a consulship. Several wcrt
suggested and rejected by the applicant, who didn't want a government
sit nt Dnbomcy or some other out ol
the world place, but a first class charge.
Finally be picked on Yokohama ai
tho place where ho would liko to represent Uncle Sam and secured an audience with President Harrison.
"But do you understand the importance of this position?" asked tbe pre* |
Idcnt.   "Can you speak Japanese'/"
Oh, yes, the applicant understood the
importance of the position; also ht
could spenk the language.
"Well," snld the president, "let mi |
hear you speak it."
"All right! Ask me something ll |
Thero was n laugh all round, but thi I
Pittsburg man did not get the posl* |
tion—Pittsburg Dispatch.
I'lna  Cam*. .
PInn Rnuze, made by the women ot |
the Philippines from pineapple 8PiW
uloue, ls ns delicate as chiffon nnd fai
more durable. Tbey use only the belt j
lenves, nnd those, tied Into bundles, ar«
placed under heavy stones In thc bed of
n running stream. After two or thrw
days of this treatment they arc exposed
for a time to tlie tictiou of the sun and
uir. Each piece ls closely inspected I*
mnke sure that the process of deco"1"
position was thorough, and If *l *''
not the leaves nre subjected a second
time to tbo operation. The fibroin
threads ure nt lust wholly si-para"
from the cellulose and llgnosc particle*
and cleaned from the sap nnd guniuJ
substance. The whole ls then beaten
with n wooden niallet grooved on W
face liko a fititlng machine. The tlirt*nd*
nro kept moist while this .beating ■» "
progress, and the sepnrnlo threads nrj
thus blended into one mass. In »■*
the fibers vary from cream nnd U|M
grny to pure while. After the "Illue"
apple cloth" Is finished figures •»
stamped' on It with blocks and after*
Ward worked or embroidered hy haul
—Chlcugo News.
_^^^_______, ... send young married couples out to
fore.   But ln some wny, I don't know   milk ths cows, and their children bring
how, they will find their wuy to this  home ths milk."—exchange.
dcrcd for that empty corner of her of-
teams, and ho wns going round bidding I flce- Tno P«U>era to bo filed in her de-
**—*--*—-* -— partment were Increasing.
a        • •        •        a a •
She gave ber number to the caiman
and wns whisked off Into tho glare of
Broadway's lights. By and by they
turned Into a quiet sido street Kho
mounted tho steps lending to a dim
brownstone apartment house, shook out
her keys and hurried to her room.
There were no matches, and she mug
everybody goodby.'
"Where wns ho going?"
"no was going half way ncross tbe
farm to fcod tbe pigs," replied itbo Dakota man.
"Did he ever get buck to his family?"
"It Isn't time for hlm yet.   Up there
Ills  I.nlrat  Request.
Thoro is a clever bid who wl" ■"
his living In this world. For pl«)'D»
truant maternal authority cut off ub
supper. Casting ono fond l'"'1* ttt_.
authoress of his existence, ho a*™**
nt the door to suy: M
"Mother, I nm going to die, nnd w*
I am no moro I wish the doctor to
me open and look nt my stomach.
Tho maternal bcurt was filled *
awful forebodings, and the water"
voice nsked whnt ho meant. .
"I wish lt to bo known," be ansffeiw
"that I died of starvation." ,
This was enough. The small bor **
trliiiiipl<iiiit and retired to hli H**"* *^
gorged to roplctlfln.  — THejDRn-i* RAILROAD MAN
"■°0AN-B- *■■     !     HAD HIS TRIALS
III!    0'
Iiis "1
■11    I
| w oil I
limn i
Ikon i
■ toll's
t hr.-ii
this day smallpox is alluded to
outer Island of tho Hebrides
ilioaa iiilintli"—"tho good wife"
, I,, nf eiiphemlstii tho Idea of
! js that In oi*dor tn oscapo tho
i ||,(. iliiuMse it should bo spo-
I rugpoctfully.
Engineer Rafferty   Found Relief
in Dodd's Kidney Pills.
,1 Aiic-riloiir, the Karl of Mur-
liolr, who is engagod to marry
(Hals, a daughter of I lio great
isj, cotton house, is a cousin to
lir/uilliitiii. Tho   town    ol
,l cocks her boavor,   and   won't
ni old Renfrew any more.
Palso reports—blank cartridges,
• •.■,.   the   sufe,    pleasant    and  oIToct.lial
nn  lili.i, Mother  Qravoll   Worm lltix-
'eriiilnaloi'l nothing Bquals it.,   r.iu-uiv a
Lull'   Will    l"k
il   illlltll1
•i■),,,,ufiB Hunter, editor of tho Perth
'onst.ilutlonal,   has   ili-'il   ,ii    Perth.
1,,,,.,.. ..,1 wnfl a iiutivi. uf (ilasgow,
ml y.-ns horn In 1849, Iiis fathor l.e-
'..„ n full   coiiBln   of   i'ii\iil   Livliig-
itoin', ii"' oxploroi*. Hi- was itppren*
,.,,,1 to iii,- lato Robert l.y.iil. T-ji 11-
L's  Court,  Argyll  Btroct, fllaagow,
■tlii-i'i' i'y served Iiis time nt tho print-
Iig trade.       j	
Dcafnui Cannot Be Cured
It locnl n;.|llcnlloni aa they cannot reach thc
linen.*...! portion 'if ttiu <*nr. Tln-r.. In only on*
Lay lo cur« daaflteie, an.l thut In by OOnJUtU*
Eonal remedies. lJ.-iifm-sa Is i-uum-.l tiy nn In-
laiiii-.l conillllon of lhe iiiiu-iiUH lining of tha
Eual.'ulaaii Tub". When tills tlllil* la llillainu-d
hnve 11 rumbling Houn.l or hnperfeot heor-
ilf, tai tt'hen lt la entirely cloaeil, IliuftiCBa la
-eault, and unions the lnilninii.Htlon can l.e
ftl<,.|] nat an.l ttila tube restored l.r Its normal
londlUon, li.-uilnn will be destroyed forever;
csaaa out of ten arc cui*..] by Catarrh,
k-hlili la iiijihli'i* but an luiluiiii.il condition ot
hi* mucous miifiii-ea.
|*,Ve "ill rl\'' one Hundred Dollars for sny
uo of DeaCneia (caused by oatarrh) that can-
be ruiT'l by Hull's Catiurli Cure. Send for
brculam, free.
I*. J   CHBNBT & CO., Toledo, 0.
I Sold by nil driiRKlsts, i„c.
I Ilall'a Family l'ills aro the best,
A widow, aged 7'), named Syrnons,
-,is pushed down by an lufant of 2
loars old at Dartmouth, an.l fiuc-
■ii lier thigh,   Sho died.
Waa Itnn i)„wn An<1 j^,,, pp m4 ^
Hi-cat Kl.ln-ry itemedy Had* Bla
Strong   aud   Vigorous   Agalu
Winnipeg, Man., Mar. 28—(Special.)
—Ono of tin- best known und most
popular locomotive engineers running
OUt Of Winnipeg on the C.B.ll, is Mr.
Don Uafferty, who lives at 175 Mnplc
Street. And Mr. Uafferty gives some
days ot blockades and strain and
worry none ean afford to overlook.
Thut advice is "Use Dodd's Kinney
Tills."    Mr.  Uafferty says :
"Years ol long runs on tho railway
hud   broken   down  my eonstitutton.
■ My back gnve out entirely.   Ton Hie
sharp cutting pains would follow one
another, till 1 fait us if 1 were leiug
.sliced away piecemeal,
I    "I  would come in from a run tired
to   death.    My sole   desire   would    be
,lo get rest und sloop, and they wyro
I the very things I conld oot got,   l-'i-
,holly  1 got so bud I  had  lo lay ofl
"Afler being laid up ten days 1
started to uso Dodd's Kidn.-y Pills.
The lirst night after using thorn 1
slept soundly, in three days I threw
nway the belt 1 hud worn for years,
and now I havo not the slightest
pain in the buck, I sleep soundly
and wake up joyous and icfrefilled,
and Dodd's Kidney l'ills did It."
The cobbler isn't a mendicant, for
morid  he cun.
When the nerves are weak
everything goes wrong. You
are tired all the time, easily
discouraged, nervous, and
irritable.   Your cheeks are
pale and your blood Is thin.
Your doctor says you are
threatened with a nervous
breakdown. He orders this
grand old family medicine.
*- For mere than ftO years I have nsed Ayer's
Sarsniiai-illaln my f-Mn-'T. III. agrand tonle
at all time, and a wonderful medicine for impale blood."—D. C. Holt. Wait Haven, Conn.
I $1 M a buttle. J.c. ATIRoo..
I All drnylals^^     f a**ii" ___________\21L
Sn rapidly iIuch lunjj irritation spread
uml deepen, that often in a few weeks a
simple cough culminates in tubercular
consumption, (live heed to a tough,
there is always danger in ilflay, fret .a
bottle ol Ilkkle'9 AiiU-Consuniiitlve Syrup, and cure yourself, it is a medicine
unsurpassed for all throat and lung
troublea, It is compounded from several
herbs, each one of which ntnnds at the
lieml of thc list as exerting a wonderful
Influence in curing consumption and all
lung diseases.
•Tis clearly not the ago of young
men at Maidenhead. Thrne octogenarians, whose combined uges total
250 yenrs, nro on the aldermen's
A  doctor may check your grip better than a baggageman.
The green-eyed monster deserves to
be given a black eye.
It  doesn't relieve a fit  of insomnia
to have your foot go to sleep.
Weak Nerves
teep the bowels regular with Ayer'i
"Ills,   Just   ono   pill   each   night.
Brush & C°-
lone oan have a Well-lalanead
Constitution without taking
Ml people subject to Bilious attacks,'
■>r who suffer from Stomachic -disorders, should never be without a box
'I heir gigantic success and genuine
forth are known all over the world,
fcnd the proof of their excellence lies
l|i the fact that they are generally
luODted as the Family Medicine alter
The first trial.
py their purifying effect upon the
Plood, cleanse and vivify the entire
lystem, causing every organ of the
J>'.cly healthfully to continue its allotted function, thereby inducing a
perfectly balanced condition, and
piaktng life a pleasure.
maintain their reputation for keep*
ing people in Good Health and |
Good Condition. ,
have stood the test of the most !
exacting experience through many j
feLT'iT1 0.n,^b••' Thonwi Beecham, St
Sold every whir* In Canada and U. 3.
America,   In boxes, 25 csota.
A Tait of Strength.
Tradition has immortalized one Adar-
Soma of Grand Canary, who could
wrestle for two consecutive hours and.
having been thrown undermost In a
certain contest, got his antagonist between his legs nud arms and squeezed
him so that his bones began to crack.
The native wus subsequently sent as
a prisoner to Spain, where he astounded the people by his performances.
One day in Seville ho was visited by a
brawny youtli of La Mancha, who was
anxious to try a bout with him. "My
good friend," said Adargoma, "as we
nre going to wrestle together it is only
reasonable that we should begin by
drinking something."
A large bowl of wine having been
brought, ho took this in one hand and
continued to address his challenger: "If
with both your arms you can overpower one of mine so as to hinder me from
drinking every drop of this wine we
will try our strength together; If not,
you may return to your home." The
struggle took place, and Adargoma by
degrees drained the bowl in the coolest
nuuiner without spilling a drop of the
wine. Ills one hand wrs moro than a
match for the other's two.
Wby People  Stammer.
Stammering depends on a want of
harmony between the action of the
muscles (chiefly abdominal) which expel air through the larynx and that of
tho muscles which guard the orifice
by which lt escapes with tbat of those
which modulate thc sound to the form
of speech. Over either of the groups
of muscles by Itself a stammerer may
have as much power as other people,
but he cannot harmoniously arrange
their conjoint action. Nervousness ls
a frequent cause of stammering. It Is
possible that the defect iu some instances may result from malformation
of the parts about tho bnck of tbe
mouth. Tho fact that stammering
people nro able to sing their words
better than to spenk tbem has been
usually explained on tho supposition
that lu singing the glottis is kept open
so that there ls less liability to spasmodic action.
A Bit of Good AiItIc* Ib Time.
An Antoinette Sterling story relates
to "Tho Lost Chord," which she made
famous. The song did not appeal to
her when the manuscript wns sent to
her by Sullivan, llut Sir Joseph Bam-
by spent an evening at her bouse at
that time, nnd In n casual way she remarked: "By the way, Arthur Sullivan
hns sent nie a manuscript of a new
song, which ho has nsked me to sing.
You might look at lt. Personally, I
don't think much of lt and am going
to return it." Hornby tried lt over
thero nnd then, nnd before he hnd gone
half through It he stopped and said:
" 'Going to return It,' did you sny? lt
Is wonderful -nn Inspiration. Certainly, tell hlm you will sing it. It ls
bound to 'make' both you and blm."
Mine. Sterling nlways thanked the
fntes for bringing liarnby to ber house
that night.—London Chronicle.
Crnba drink lint water; hotter Stuff
I .lk.* whisky not a Hip!
lint if ymi press tin-in hard enough
They're apt to tnke n. nip,
■  riill.nl.■!-.lila Press
Tho Wloke.lo.t Bat  of Sea.
Nine out of ten travelers would tell
Inquirers that the roughest piece of
wnter Is that cruel stretch in the Kng-
lish channel, and nine out of ten tf.iv-
elers would say what was not true.
As a matter of fact "the wickedest
bit of sea" Is not ln the Dover strait
or ln yachting, for example, from St.
Jenn de Lulx up to Paulllnc or across
the Mediterranean "race" from Cndlz
to Tangier, nor ls It In rounding Cape
Horn, wbere there Is whnt sailors call
a "true" sea. The "wickedest seu" Is
encountered ln rounding the Cape of
Good Hope for the eustern ports of
Cape Colony.-
The Malta In Sweden.
In certain parts of Sweden, where
the most absolute confidence Is reposed
ln the honesty of the people, a very Informal postal system is in vogue. As
the mall steamer reaches a lauding
place a man goes ashore with the letters, which he places ln nn unlocked
box on the pier. Then thc passerby
who expects a letter opens the box,
turns over tho letters aud selects bis
own without being questioned by auy
It Is supposed by some that Panama
derived Its name from the native word
for butterfly. Explorers of the Interior tell of swarms of butterflies which
at times rise on the slopes of the mountains In dense clouds, darkening the
sunshine. Others maintain that the
namo Is from an Indian word meaning
abounding _ * ***	
Hla Ambition.
"ne wants to be considered a giant
in debate," said one statesman.
"Yes," answered the other; "that's
why he luslsts on using stilted language for undersized thoughts."—Washington Star.
Visitors to free baths  would hardly be culled buth sponges.
It was    at    "Get"    tysburg    thut
many got more thun they wanted.
—A pill that acts upon the atomaeh and
yet in ao compouitded that certain, Ingredients of il invmirvo their power to act
upon the intestinal canals, so ns to
clear them ol excreta, was long looked
lor by the mwllcul profession. il was
ouikI in l-bnuc-liH-'H Vegetable rills,
which are the result of much t-xpi-n
study, and are scientifically prepared as
a   luxativo   and   an   alterative in one.
Tho Earl of Shaftesbury presided
over a meeting of Belfast citizens to
consider the desirability of a public
testimonial in recognition of the services of tho Right Hon. Sir Daniel
Dixon, Dart., twice mayor and three
times Lord Mayor of the city.
La grippe, pneumonia, nnd influenza often leave a nasty cough
when they're gone.
It ls a dangerous thing to neglect.
Cure it with
Cure acLune
I  The cure that is guaranteed by
your druggist.
Prlcos: S. C. Wells A Co. 808
.»c. Mc $1    LeRoy. N.Y.. Toronto. Can.
Cuing to a shed to fetch wood, the
littlo son of George Abr.uus, of ,*.7.
Wickhuiapla.ee, Southwork, found his
father hanging from a l-eiun.
It  Is  So Easy
To Cure You Now That
We Have Learned How.
Relief in 30 fltinutes.
For  years   tlio   author   ol   i)r.   Agnow's
Heart  Ouie   Ims believed   1 hat   the   lienlth
oi the heart is almost eutlrely responsible for tlio In-null ol tho .-it-rvi'S and
btuiiiiich and now il can tie proven. br.
Aniiow's Heart Cure will relieve heurt
disi-tt.se in 'M minutes and cure it. lt
feeds tho nervis through iho heurt by
giving the heart the necessary pi,wer to
pump   rich   blond    to    the   nerve  ccnlies,
|' i ■ 111 ■ i      ii.ii      uiviiu in lilt;        nvi  vu      tiinicp,
when stomach disorders and nervousness
disappear ns by magic. Ono dose wt"
convince.    Sold by all  druggists.
Dr, William MiU'I.ead. who at one
time held the ollice of Inspoctor-gono
ral of hospitals, has ilieil at Hi" agi
of K.| in London. lio was tiducaiad
ut tne Medical Schools in Kdlnbuigh,
und  joined   the navy in   1S42.
Uso Lever's Dry .Soup (a Powder) to
wash woolens uud llannels,—You'll like
il. ;\2
Easter will sre tramway cars running on the new lines b-otwoon Hammersmith Ilrolnlway anil l.'xlnidgr-
Nothing looks moro unly than lo see a
person whoso hands are covered over
with warts, Why have these disfigurements 011 your person, when a sure remover t,f all warts, corns, etc., can be
found in   llollowuy's   Corn   Cure?
Automobiles killed as many persons
in England In one week, as railway
trains dill in a year. J'hey're both
bad things to get in front of,
'-I'd  rather bo dead than sntfei
again tha tortures ol insomnia, palpitation and nervous twitching of my muscles imiuied by simple neglect of n little
Indigestion." These aro lhe forceful nnd
warning words of a lady who proclaim!
that her cure by South American Nervine whin everything else had failed was
a modern miracle. A few doses gives re-
farmer will lind in Ur. Thomas Eclectric
Oil a potent remedy Ior .vo.mils or pains
in the body or Ior allections ol the re'
splratory organs and Ior household use
generally. He   will   also  find  it u con
venient friend in treating injured |,eis
es. cattle, etc . or relieving Ihem when
attacked by colds, coughs, or «my kin-
dred ailments to which  they ere .*-uh;cct
At a private meeting of the ilrlsli
Parliamentary party held in Dublin.
Mr. John Redmond was re-elected the
chairman of the party for the ensuing session of parliament, nnd Sir
Thomas Esmond, Captain Donelan
and Messrs. 1'atrick O'Drien ni.d S
Iladiliund Burke were re-el..vted whips
Queen's College, Belfast, has Just
received a cheque for £3,000, whiili
has been given by Professor Frederick
Purser, of Dublin, towards founding
a studentship in mathematical science
in memory of his brother, the late
Professor John Purser, and u \uv
good Purser, too.
Buxton has a gift by Mr. Joseph
Milnthorpe, of Buxton, of £10,000,
with which to build 12 almshouses,
and a gift by the luikc of Devonshire
of an acre of land for lhe site.
Kidney Search   Lights'— Hnve
you backache ? Uo you feel drowsy ? Uo
your limbs feel heavy I Have you pains
in the loins V Have you i.i/.zincss 7
Have you a tired dragging feeling in the
regions ol the kidneys 1 Any aind ull of
Ihese indicnle kidney troubles. South
American Kidney Cure is a I.quid kidney
specific and works wonderful cures iu
most complicated  cases.—-J-t
What Might Have Been—Among the
visitors to the House of Commons
recently was Colonel Lynch, lately
released from servitude for arsis'.in,;
our enemies In the Boer war.
Itching PiiOS.* Dr.Agnew's Ointmcu'.
Is pruui against Uie torments ot llcbirx
Piles.        'thousands   of       testimonials    ol
; cures efleeted by its uso. -No luse too
; aggravating or too long standing for it
! to bootho, comfort and curo. It cures in
i Irom  3  lo  0   nights.     3o  cents.—US
'lirmoraiu.Y. — Parmelee's Vcjjctable
Pills clear the stomuch and bowels of
bilious matter, cause the exenu iry vessels to throw ofl impurities from the
blood Into the bowels and expel Ihe deleterious mast from the body. They do
this without pain or inconvenience lo the
patient, who speedily realizes their good I
oHlces an soon as thoy begin lo t«ke ef-1
feet. They have Btrong recommendations
from all kinds ol people.
At the wedding ol a farmer at XJul—
lyl'arnon. near Koyl.-, one of the
iHiests at supper, a man named Clements, suddenly leaped from his seat.
writhed about the floor, nnd difd.
A doctor found that death it*Sdlted
from choking, a largo piece of meat
being found lodged In Clements,
The title of the Duko of Argylo's
now opera is "Oonnal nnd the
Breast-of-I.ight." It is In three acts
with thc story laid at Tarn, in ln*-
land. and Mr. MucConn is ongaged
on tho music. Versatile man. ta Hi"
MticCalliini Mhor !
Sunlight Soap will not
burn the nap off woolen*
nor the surface off linens.
A  news  (s)   centre—the   "rnisi*   fn
Tho oldest   timepieces — the   silent
watches of the night.
A   closo   shave—a  well-to-do  man's
for fivo cents.
S.u far Iks Oelacoa Bas. •■>
%'     \kmtk
"Royal  Household,"
A Perfect Flour
Sold ia Original Paokages Only
By All Heiilc-H.
Do You Want
I0MC Ollt   10   NAMIll  YCUtt .rei-l'HtS r>
TO C0II8ICN  YOUR  CHAIN  TO A  Rtl.'AelE  FIRK      ef
If m, tha aadanlfnadvrmmiS yoar knslaeu aad will «a.daaTor to h-i. a. fatlilaotlou
Oath adTaneed on conil»nm«uU.     Keter«nc»:   Union Bunk of C»u»d«.
the sUrnai MtaMUhad Grata Commlisloa
■•reliant In Winnlmg,
[»rch*nt In Wlnnlj
\ V.ca lt tan ye»r«,
WaaltlngtoB. ll.C, Not. m, itM.
Plaaa* aand ma y"ur "Traatua o.
, th* llo.aai anal  hia  lllacaaaa."    Mnv*
ua«d   Kendall'a Spa,in  Cu.a for  IM
vmsi and f ladly unify lo Ita mrrlta.
taaii tody,     Juatu C Nolioak
I iiTt 0««S Of 8p»»t»
A tao! only
•ufUa.ll. Dakota, 1
I fcara cured fiva horaaa
fpaalnta tha Uat faui ytmn 1
Kandall'a Snath Ou*.
Vary mly yawa,   Uanyl
I And Heat Sueoeaaful Remedy Ever Dlaooveted fat Spavin* I
6pUnte txnd nil Lamene-u.
I Thli ta tha nnquallfled experienoa of thousand! othormmen and oth«n In this sad otbaW
l-oountrles and tlinre Ih no ronnon why you nhould not ihare la thee* benefit*. Just read
I what tha above people say about "Kendall'a" Writ* to them for -/our owif tttVafftffm
l In addition to bring tha best .stable remedy
I known, tt is unequaled at a liniment for house* |
I hold and family uia. Sold generally by all drug-1
I gists. ITIce fl; rdz bottfia for ts. We send I
I valuable book, "A Treatise on the Horsa," pro. I
I tuiely illustrated, tree upon request
Enoabur* Ftxllm, Vfc
istbc PREFERENTIALio'cigar
Yoiill   Enjoy Every Bit 01 It,
The twenty-second annual meeting of tho shareaolders of the Federal Life
Assurance Company oi Canada wa3 held at the head office of the company in
Hamilton on Tuesday, March 1, 1904.   The President, Mr. David Dexter, In
the chair. The following reports and financial statement wera submitted.
Your directors have tho honor to present the report and financial State*
ment of the company for the year, which closed on Uhe 31st December, 1»03
and duly vouchoi for by the auditors.
Tho now business of the yoar consisted, of one thousand nine hundred and
fifty-seven applications for insurance, aggregating $2,841,250, of which nineteen hundred and sixteen applications for $2,748,172.50 were accepted.
As in previous years, the income of the company shows a gratifying Increase, and tho assets of tho company have been increased by $251,572.89,
anJtJhave now reached $1,.S93.9G0.70, exclusive of guarantee capital.
The security for policy holders, Including guarantee capital, amounted at
the close of the year to $2,7iJ3,9G0.70, and the liabilities for reserves and all
outstanding claims, $1,711,200, showing a surplus of $1,052,760.70. Exclusive
of uncalled guarantee capital, the surplus to policy holders was $182,760.70.
Policies on seventy lives became claims through death, to.the amount of
$130,284.62, of which $2,000 was reinsured In other companies.
Including cash dividends and dividends applied to the reduction of premiums. $41,770.87, with annuities, the total payments to policy holders amounted
to $204,018.49.
Careful attention has been given to the Investment of the tompany'B
funds, in first-class bonds, mortgage securities, and loans on the company's
policies, amply Secured by reserves. Our investmenes have yielded a very
satisfactory rate of Interest.
Expenses have been confined to a reasonable limit, consistent with due
efforts for new business.
The results of the year indicate a most gratifying progress. Compared
wihh the preceding year, the figures submitted by the directors for your approval show an advance of fifteen per cent, in assets
The assurances carried by the company now amount to $14,945,249.56, Ujh
on which tho company holds reserves to the full amount required by law, and,
In addition thereto, a" considerable surplus_
The field officers and agents of the company are Intelligent and loyal, and
are entitled to much credit for their able representation of the company's interests. Tho members of the ofliee staff have also proved faithful in the
company's services.
Your directors regret to report the death of Mr. T. H. Macpherson, the
Second Vice-President ot the company, and a valued member of the Executive
Committee. The vacancy thus causeii was filled by the election of the Rev.
Dr Potts. DAVID DEXTER. President and Managing Director.
To tho President and Directors of the Federal Life Assurance Company
Gentlemen,—We have carefully audited the boolcs and records of you»
company for the year ending 31st December last, and have certified to their
The cash and Journal vouchers have been closely examined, and afree
with the entries recorded.
The debentures, bonds, etc., In the possession of the company nave oeen
Inspected, whilst thoso deposited wUh the Government or banks have been
verified by certificate, the total agreeing with the amount as shown in tht
statement of assets. ii-fMiuftoa
Tho accompanying statements, viz., revenue and assets anil liahiiMies,
show tho rosult of the year's operations, and. also, the financial position of the
company. Respectfully submitted,
Hamilton, 1st March, 1904.
Financial Statement for 1903.
Premium nnd annuity Income $49].931 77
Interest and rents     76,264 63
Paid to policy holders WW* <j
All other payments - *'-J'8 "s
$     674,198 40
197,799 23
Assets, Deo. 31, 1903.
Loans on policies, bonds, stocks, etc.  280,538 58
$     674,198 40
$   1,893,960 70
All other assets
Reserve fund "''tlmll
Claims awaiting proofs          S'im M
Other liabilities     ■       "Wg ••
Surplus on policy holders' account     1M.7W TP
kmm_*m  1.893,960 70
^te'ewiwV.'.'.....     870-000 00
Total security   * | 2 748.172 50
Policies wero Issued assuring   $14945 249 60
TOtThe^r3gnreSs and' staiemenV ™™™_^^J^
motion 5 President David Dexter, seconded by Vice-President Lieut.-Col
K°Tho retiring directors wore *»***^^
directors the following gfltnm rjMlerte,l Mr DtvgMD«wr l  UmtMm
and Manaeln* Director: Llout.-Col. Kerns and Rov. Dr. Polls, vice rrv
1.893,9(0 70
,f 2,763,960 70
Plains and volleys do nol  seem t"
look,  but hills uml   mountains  nre
ul ways 1'caking.
On the side— iiuittnn chop whiskers.
W    IM     KJ     No    sUTdt. THE DRILL, SLOCAN, B. C APRIL C
C. E. BMS-rtfEBiMOALB, Editor and Prop.
is rtmusnmD «vi*t Friday at
ILOCAH,      •      •       •       •     B. C*
Legal Advertising 10 cents a line (or
the first insertion and m cents a line eaclt
subsequent insertion.
Certificates of Improvement, $7 each.
Transient advertisements at same rates
aa legal advertising.
Locals will be charged 10 cents a line
fer each insertion.
Commercial Rates made known upon
The Subscription is $2 per year, strictly in advance; $2.50 a year if not so paid.
Address all letters to—
Slocan, B. C.
FRIDAY, APRIL 8th. 1904.
Wonder what has become of all that
talk about reforming the Senate. A
few years ago it was quite epidemic
among the Grits, but now they find
the upper house a most convenient
place in which to cache away their old
party has-beens.
For the nine months ended March
31 the Dominion customs revenue returns were $30,163,263. For the same
period last year the figures were $26,-
705,229, an increase of $3,458,034. Iu
March the revenue was $3,659,251, an
increase of $288,064 over March of last
Events mature quickly in a mining
camp and a few days are all that are
necessary in many instances to turn
dullness into activity and depression
into prosperity. Here in the Slocan
City division just such a welcome
change is in progress and there is
reason to expect a satisfactory sum
mer's business. Following upon the
resumption of operations at the Chapleau, came the bonding of the Legal
claim, and immediately after the sale
of the Kilo group for $75,000—all in
the same section of Lemon creek.
There is no doubt these three properties will be actively worked, so lend
ing encouragement to other claim
owners to start up. Happy to state,
too, operations have once again been
resumed at the Enterprise, with every
prospect of a permanent continuance
Properties in other sections of the
camp are preparing for nu active summer's development, and there is a
certainty of new capital coming iu
seeking investment. In town events
are shaping so as to give solidity and
permanency to population and business. People have been given new
heart and have taken a firmer grasp
on things material, realizing that the
clouds of depression are fast passing
away. The happen gs of the past
ten days have been eminently satis
factory, and the citizens believe other
good things will follow.
It has always been a mystery to the
people of this camp why the enterprising men of Nelson, usually among
the foremost in exploiting new mineral
fields, should have so persistently
overlooked the great merits and advantages of the Lemon creek section.
That portion of the Slocau City division lies directly between this place
and the county town and is readily
accessible from either point. There
seems to have been from the outset a
prejudice in Nelsou against the mineral resources of the creek, yet were
they exploited and encouraged.results
would be achieved that would astonish
the country. Lemon creek i.s practically at the doors of Nelson, yot its
great wealth, proven by much work,
has beeu given the go-by for sections
of far less merit. The mineral bearing
area is at least 20 miles in lengtli,with
a width extending to the headwaters
of the various tributary streams. It
is pre-eminently a gold country, with
silver values, however, of .steady and
paying proportions. The ledges are
wide and continuous, while the ore
chutes are numerous and extensive.
Good trails run in every direction and
ull sections of the camp can easily be
reached. There are prospects by the
dozen that are worthy of Inspection,
and capital can find no more worthy
field for investment than in the Lemon
gold belt. Were Nelson folk to examine into the situation and realize to
the full tho great wealth lying dormant within a few miles of their burg.
they would be astonished at their own
stupidity in not availing themselves
of such a golden opportunity years
ago. It is not too late even now for
them to repent and amend their ways,
to the enrichment of themselves aud
the advancement of the country.
frebacrit* for Thb J'jciu..
Pay up your subscription.
Wagons made their appearance this
A heavy fall of snow occurred on
There is a good opening for a shoemaker here.
If you want good bread you can get
it at O'Neail's.
No word has been heard yet of the
new postmaster.
Good Friday was not observed as a
holiday in town.
The recofd office was closed for the
Easter ho'idays.
The public school was closed Friday and Monday.
Mrs. Mount aud child, New Denver,
spent Easter here.
Charlev Aylwin is starting another
dairy at New Denver.
The lake has commenced to rise, as
also the creek and river.
Special services were held in all
three churches on Easter.
Mrs. B. A. Shatford spent a couple
of days iu Nelson last week.
Special service was held in Knox
church Good Friday evening.
Miss Few. of the public school stafT,
spent her Easter holidays in Nelson
Kaslo has  forbidden   the  sale of
booze on Sundays. So also has Green
Bicyclists were out during the week,
taking advantage of the cleared side
Express money orders are payable
everywhere. They are cheapest and
Sandon people were uervous this
week, a slide having come down in a
new place.
Tho railway yards and platforms
have been all cleaned up and put in
tidy shape.
If you don't believe that O'Neail's
bread is the best in the city, try a loaf
and be convinced.
After wandering all over the country, coast mail of March 26 finally
reached here ou Tuesday.
Another week has gone by and still
no police and license commissioners
have been appointed for Slocan.
Mrs. Jas. Tattersall returned Friday
from a winter's sojourn in Ontario.
Mr. Tattersall met tliem in Nelson.
Miss L. Coburn, instructor of the
rising Silvertouians, passed through
to Nelsou Friday, to spend the holidays.
Samuel Chew, brother of George
and Thomas Chew, of the local mill
company, died iu Midland, Ont., last
week, aged 63.
All the second cabin and steerage
accommodations on the C.P.R. Atlantic steamers from Liverpool have
been sold up to Mny 10.
A number of Sandon and New Denver people availed themselves of the
cheap rates Friday and took a trip
dowu here on the Slocan.
F. W. Jordan and wife, of Nakusp,
came over Saturday for a short visit
with Mr. and Mrs. Edwards. They
also took in the masquerade ball.
Nelson's board of trade unanimous
lv endorsed the memorial to the Do
minion government prepared by the
Silver-Lead Mineowners   Association.
Bert Wilhelm came in from Erie on
Monday, having sold out his boarding
house  at   the Arlington.   That pro
perty is furthering development and
will ship uo more ore till June.
Thos. Craighead, who was foreman
at the local shingle mill last year,
spent last Thursday and Friday in
town, en route to Vancouver from
Midland, Ont. He was accompaniel
by his bride.
J. G. McCallum returned on Friday
from a trip to Cranbrook. He has
decided to remove Ids hardware stook
thither, a new store lieing built for his
use, to be ready on May 1. He com
tuenced packing up this week.
Before the supreme court at Victoria, last week, an application was
made for the dissolution of the Tribune Association of Nelson and thi
discharge of the liquidator. Order
made and liquidator'** fees set at $500.
An alarm of Bra was turned in on
Friday morning from \V. D. McGre
gor*a residence.   A spark lit on  (lie
roof and set fires to tne shingles, but
tli" blaze was quickly extinguished.
The services of the fire brigade were
not required.
Certificate of Improvements.
Iiljn-k l-riiH.. A «'llp|>.-i-  Mineral t lulmi
Situate in the Slocan City Minim; Division of West Kootenny District.
Where located:—Black Prince on
noitli fork of l«muii creek; Cli|i|)or,
on eolith fork of Lemon creek.
TAKK NOTICK thatl, Ernest Hnrro|>,
free miuer'H certificate No B68468; and
aoting hi agent (or Hobert C. AmlrewH,
tree miner's certificate No. 1571(111, in-
tend, Sixty dayi from tha ilnte hereof,
to apply to ths Mining Kecorder or cer-
tlfioatetol Improvements,for thepnrpooe
of obtaining Crown Grants of the above
Anil further take notice that action,
under section .'17, mint i>« commenced
before the iHHimiice ofsuch certificates of
D.ited this st day of'April. H>04.
A couple of stores are to be opened
at Rosebery.
No eastern or American mail arrived
in on Wednesday.
The Kootenay River Lumber Co.
have started up their big mill at Nelson.
Rev. Mr. McCord, the new pastor of
Knox church, is to arrive here next
The local lumber company's mill
at the head of the lake commenced
operations this week.
Have constructed a new patent bake
oven, guaranteeing the best bread in
the city.   D. B. O'Neail.    .
Col. Lowery is looking for a new
site on which to establish the Ledge.
New Denver has received $4 in cash
and $10 in publicity from the Ledge
for every dollar its citizens gave it in
Early Sunday morning a rock slide
struck a freight train on the main line
of tho C.P.R., near Griffin lake.throw
iug the engine and four cars from the
track. The head brakeman and fire
man were killed, tho latter having his
legs cut off.
SPECIAL Representative in thii ami
adjoining territories, to represent
and advertise an old established
business house ol solid financial Standing, Salary |21 wettkly, with Expenses
advanced each Monday by check direct
from headquarters. Expenses advancsd ;
position permanent. We furnish every
thing. Address—The Columbia, 680
Monon Bldg., Chicago, III. 4-3
Med. Supt., J. P. CADE, M.D.
RATES: Rtfiilur subscribers, $1 per month
, or$IO a year: non-subscribers (exclusiveof
meilicnl ;iltnii.|:ince) $'J per dny, Private wnrds
11 fer day eitra. Special facilities for maternity cases.
For further particulars apply to,
D. B. O'Neail, Sec
Financial Agent
Accountant -5c Auditor
Notary Public
Fire and Accident
Abstracts of Hineral
Jap King has gono to Poplar.
Cape Nome goldflelds will have a
clean-up this vear of close to $2,000,-
In June Tom Bonton and Bert Wilhelm will head a small party for the
far north, with the intention of taking
up land.
George Fairbairn has returned from
a long trip to the coast, where the
specialists failed to save the sight of
his injured eye.
The new officers of the New Denver
Rifle Club are: Captain, W. Drewry;
sec.-trea., C. D. McKae; executive, J.
Smith, E. Shannon and D.McLachlan.
Appended is a complete list of the var
ions records registered at the local registry ollice, II. P. Christie being mining
Apl 2—Manhattan fr.on 1st n f Lemon
adjoining the Chapleau, YV Davidson.
Apl 2—Fram, Nansen and Rertlan.
L-.oiiTKn nv
►-•-♦-♦-♦•♦-♦. v * * * * *1
Tlie Queen's
KATES:   S2.00 H'U DAY
First-class Dining Room
Large and Comfortable Bedrooms
Sample rooms for Commercial Men
Nelson, B. C.
S* ************ M *-**■*-*-**-*■*-*
J. Pinchbeck, Proprietor
I Fresh Fruits of Every |
| Kind Arriving  Daily. I
|       A full -stock of the Iwst 1
«      lines of cigars and tobac* %
9       cos always kept on hand. y
A It l.onvc.ef Rrenal far SI. <£
A I nil W«iKlit  imai Oaailllt.v Z
A <ianranu.«al. _\
Slocan, B. C.        f
Flower Seeds
Garden Seeds
Clover Seed
Grass Seed
Seeds in Packages
Seeds in Bulk
Onion sets have arrived; get your
order iu at once.
SL00AH, B.C.
Timb-er Notice.
NOTICE is hereby itiver, tliat 30 days after
■ Int* 1 intend to am.I.v to tli* Chief Com*
miulonerot Lands 4 Works for* special 11
cenieto cut nnil enrry away limb*r from th
folliiwimi described land: Comnienciiur al i
l„.sl planted on the south hank of IK*Colutnbli
river, on the nasi boundary of C.P.U. block No.
SIS, Wesl Kootenay, running thence south fc
chains; thenc* enst Ml chains: thence north 8
ih.\iiis to Coliinibin river; thonce Sll chains we.
following Columbia river to point of commence
meat, T. C. MAK1NSON
Dated, March 13,1904.
f.**** ***********   >■♦♦ »****-!
Will buy a comfortable
Cottage and two corner lots in New Denver. House contains
four 'arge rooms, hall
and wardrobe. For
other particularswrite
«. ♦-♦ •« a-*-**-*-**-*-*-* *-**-*-*■* >-*-*-*-*-j
Notice to delinquent Co-owners
To Robt. T.ako and M. L. Grimmett, or
to any porson cr petiotis to whom thoy
may liavs transferred their several in-
torMt*-, iii whole or in |>iirt,in the Bonnie  Do.ii)   .mineral claim, eiltiaicil  or.
tin" sout'i side of Bprfnuer oreek,ln tlie
Slocan Cits mining division of Wesl
Koot- t.av district!
Ymi aro hereby notified that I have
expended the snm ol two hundred and
iive dollars in labor and   general   improvements npon iho above mentioned
claim, in order to hold Bald iiiinrriil
Claim under ilu provis ons of thu Mine,
ral Act, and il within 00 days from the
date of this notice yoii fall or refuse to
contribute your proportion of such tx
penditun, together with all costs of ad
vertising, your Interests in said claim
will become thu properly ol the fu1>
icrlber, under taction lour of nn art entitled "An Ait to amend thu Mineral
Act, 1000."
Dated litis 1st dav uf February, '.Ml.
5-2-u-l GKO. McLEAN
Steel Ranges
for $18.25.
Why be without a range whei
you can get one so cheap? Thev
are preferrable to stoves and give
better satisfaction. These ranges
burn wood or coal ami will Inset up free.
This Snap
THE DRILL has made an
arrangement with the Toronto   Mail-Empire,   ko
that its weel-.lv edition may lx-
clulilicU with the former.
New subscribers, therefore,
may obtain thc Weekly Mall-
Empire acknowledged to bo
one of the* best impels in the
Dominion and Blooan's leading journal, The Drill, from
now till Jan. I, 1906. fur the
Hum of $'2.'il). With this exceptional offer will be given as a
premium, a beautiful arto-
gravure, entitled "The Victoria Cross." The picture depicts a aoene In the late Boer
war, ilene in ten colors, and
well worth framing.   Semi in
your orders at onoe to
The Drill, Slocan.
Patent and
Enamelled Leather Shoes
The Slater Guarantee
No shoe manufacturer would have the
temerity to guarantee ordinary Patent or
Enamelled leather-certainly the makers
of the famous "Slater Shoe" would not
guarantee ordinary Patent or Enamelled
leathers because with them a guarantee Is
a guarantee, not a pleasant sounding but
meaningless play of words.
But the "Slater Shoe" makers use a
standard of Enamelled leather which they
can and do guarantee-every Enamelled
shoe which bears the " Slater Shoe" trademark Is guaranteed-The "Slater Shoe"
makers use no Enamelled leather which
they cannot guarantee.
And the "Slater Shoe" people have a
patent leather made of Colt skin, pliable,
flexible, as brilliant as the best patent
leather and tough and durable enough to
carry with It the responsible guarantee of
the " Slater Shoe " makers.
Every pair-of "Slater Shoes" bearing
their guarantee has with It a Guarantee
Bond Scrip lithographed liko a bank note
and as good a guarantee as one.
It says:-
"We (the makers) warrant the leather
In this pair of shoes not to break through
within three months from date of purchase."
The bond also bears the registered factory number of the pair of shoes to which
It belongs.
The Slater Shoe
Made in Canada 40 years.   Goodyear welted.
For men $4.00 and $5.50.
For women $3.50 and $5.00.
David  Arnot,  Slocan.
| A dvertise your
" Business
In these days of progress and competition
no man in business
should neglect an opportunity to keep his
goods before the people.
Modern usages proclaim advertising the
one road to success;
neglect of it invariably
ends in disaster. A
merchant's standing
in a community may
be judged from the advertisement he carries
in a local paper. To
sell goods a man must
advertise. All live
men seek the aid of
the printer
to iill persistant and liberal advertisers: it is read
by evervniie.
It guarantees
At All  Times
yO Subscribe for
jgj THE DRILL,  $2 per year
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