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The Slocan Drill 1903-12-18

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SLOGAN,   B.   0.,   DECEMBER   18,   1903.
learance  Sa&
beginning on flonday, Nov. 9, and continuing.
Our Dry Good Stook will be sold for
Spot Cash,at wholesale prices iu the
Efast. Our Stook is composed largely
of Staples, and you are now given an
opportunity to obtain nearly anything required in theDry Goods line
at Sacrifioe Prices. We need Cask.
No Goods will be charged.   .   ,   .  ,
T. Shatford & Co.
■tflty. "'HI". UlllUAIlE GETS   A   I'KW MOUK
Clerk Reporta   Same    . railciV   I.tcannaa
still Uatitaailtng—Permission Ob toi u-
e.l to Croat tht. Gtfflu Lot With I*ll**H-
(Ithar llual.ieit.
|ls reached by any trail or road
that runs into the Town.
Do not go past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
Arlington.    Hotel.
SLOCAN,   B.  C.
L. II. KNOWLES, Proprietor.
Tliii popular hotel ia c.iuivrnictH to the '-.oats and trains.   Tlie dining room
iiiui.'.lv upt"/*«iate while the bnt' is tiippnc.1 .•villi t lie bust in tho m--.rl.ct.
Travelling- men. using Sample Rooms, $2 50 per il
wltheiit8a"MplnUooms,$2; board $8pr*rwoek;u.e«1-.
^   A FIRST-CLASS STOCK.   .   .   f§
\r-~-   REASONABLE PRICES.    .    .  3
Fruit, Confectionery, Tobacco
You tan get anything in these lines that you
require from us. Our stock in each is always
Wept fresh and well assorted. We handle the
best the market affords.   Prices are right.
nm W%
Work, Fit  and Finish -^
am guaranteed. (■■JJ
A Few Lines of Gents' rnrnisniags 8
are fitill left from the stock ef thn late A. mja
David antl thoy must be "solcl oH at one. RS
A. CLEVE, Main Street, Slocan, B.C g
Store:  Next door to Postofflce, V
can be made by wei ring
one of tlm	
Stylish Suits
made from tin* besi Imported Worsteds. Smm'rs,
of which has just lie *n
received for winter trade.
the Evorett smelter. Tin; deal also
included an agreement by the trust to
take nil the Federal Col's output for
six years on a basis to be governed by
the price of silver aud lead or the finished products. Of the Federal com*
pnny's Capital it is stated that one half
of the .$20,000,000preferred and aliout
Sfi-OOO ,000 of the SIO-OOO.OOO common
stock hns been issued.
Tke city council held its first meet
Ing for the month on Monday night,
the faithful four being present.   The
proceedings were short, us nothing of
im mi-Mil came before the board.
Communications road: From Miss
Giffln, Maitland, Out., stating she
would sell her lot on Springer creek,
or would permit the city to cross it
with piles.   Filed,
From A. McVicar, secretarj of the
fire brigade,  asking  for  additional
From secretary of the licensing
■board, giving nani.-s of renewals for
ensuing six months.   Filed.
Bills presented: McCallum Si Co.,
supplies, 18.40. Referred to finance
A short discussion followed oyer the
fir.- brigade's letter, the council finally
granting pint of what was a*ked.
A bill of 85c, [or postofEce box rent,
was ordered paid out of petty cash.
Payroll for November, for $1X5.(51.,
wa- ordered paid.
Aid. Worden queried if the citv
solicitor had paid Iiis license and was
informed yes; alsoU-.at the sum of Slo
had recently been collected in from
Board of works stated they had
done nothing definite yet about stor-
ins,' the lhe ladders. Left over for a
Aid. Teeter ask.-d if all the licenses
had been  paid  in, and  was informed
thut one or two wen* outstanding and
they might be collect.-d. The mill
company had paid their license.
Council -adjourned.
l'milt-il it Kaput ill au for l'.«'liul.l!lty.
The Drill has earned quit i a reputation For tin* r 'liability of its miniirr
new*. Every littl* while a letter is
received d nnonstrating this, of which
the following, from ihe editor of a
Cleielaud, Ohio, publication, is a
sample: "I havo forwarded t,> yoa a
Borne Idea* Ail van,, .al for Gift, ta Frl<anil»
Hinl Itaalutlv...
Christmas is upon us and, alas I
all the pretty ideas wo had labelled
"Christmas"and carefully stored away
in our memories have lied with the
months. Now, when we would recall
them, we only think of what everyone
has a heady, or sinnns too commonplace, or is beyond our purses.
Why should, wo feel that giving and
taking presents are a necessary part
of tliis time of the year? Is it because
of the Great Gift to mankind*! Whatever i« the underlying thought,, it has
become a habit of the nations, and
Christmas without its pretty remembrances would not be the time of
goodwill, and bubbling bapplness,and
cheery brightness it certainly is to
young nnd old.
The value of a gift is in direct ratio
to the recipient's wants, nee^ls,  likes,
taste*-, longings, and and tothe loving
and thoughtful watchfulness that discovers these and makes the gift  accordingly.   A ten cent article may, in I
this way, lie more acceptable than one
of manv times the money value. Many'
a woman plans weeks ahead, saws and
Bxesln every odd minute, and takes i
from resting and sleeping times to get
some love-token ready.   Manv a man
puts off to the Inst minute-then dashes
into a Btore and pays a dollar or two
for the first article in sight.   Three |
weeks earlier
beeu troubled much of late with wilier and have been compelled to start
a crosscut tunnel to drain the works.
In the old shaft one round of holes
from where the owners left off broke
iuto a splendid bunch of ore. The
lessees havo lieen fortunate to stake a
big fraction, lying between the Nancy
Hanks and l'ort Hope, the ground
being quite valuable.
the two dollars would
have paid  fair two magazines for  his
wife, that would give pleasure and
brightneis to her and her household
for the entile year.
, Now   for  the father and boys   A
sltaviu*- papn- ease. A razor cn**«\iiv.i..l
...       ., .        .   -
four tnchei wide
'lumber of the
of Mining pud
I d ■-iro to call
c >•>*• ofthe November
American Magazine
Investment, to which
your atteution, for tho reason t'uat
patrons of ours who are interested In
minin:* around Slocan hav.' requested
us to try and give more news from
that Bection, and stated that th.-y
though! you would send us your paper in exchange for ours, so that we
could keep track <.f what is going on
in mining there, inasmuch as the nows
you giv.-* is always reliable."
BatterprlM Radaeea Faroe,
On Saturday three parts of the force
at the Enterprise were let out of employment, some of the men going to
Rosslaud, some to New Denver, and
the balance comingber i. The impossible Mate of the roads, preventing
the ore going out, is the given reason
for the reduction. About '•> men
were affected. At tbe mine affairs are
in good shape, the bins being full of
ore, and line showings in all the principal workings. The reduction is but
latrahaa- llitiaaa I'aill'.oli.llU.'.l XSi«a».
The    Idaho-Alamo    Consolidated
Mines was last week licensed to do
business in the province. The bead
.illice of the company  :
is situated in
local headquarters
W. S. Jenkins as
Scotland, while the
are al Alamo, with
attorney. The capital of the coinpanv
is .sol at £180,000, divided into ill
shares. This coinpanv succe ds the
Scottish Colonial Goldfields in the
ownership and operation of the Idaho
Alamo group of mines In the upper
Mantcll'ltl OI»UlM Amalillllirllt*.
There bids fair to be quite a bit of
tinkering with the Municipal Clause*,
Act by the legislature again. One set
of amendments calls for the full set
of police commissioners to be appointed bv the council: also that the council shall fix the salary of the police.
Another clause provides thai n pur
chaser Of land at a tax sale may draw
•..iv per cent per annum on bis investment and for taxes paid should the
land be redeemed.
>f ribbon thi''* or
and half a yard loug. Wash 'i,>*';t>i*s.
ma 1 • of piaiie or heavily corded mua-
lin; one and a third yards is the correct 1 -ngth. Shoeing**, «f linen, cretonne, or oilcloth, bound roun 1 with
anypre'ty color, arc a necessity for
each individual in a house; tin* upper
row of snia'l pockets for Btockiugs,
handkerchiefs, etc.: the lower big pockets for boots and shoes: try them.
Black cotton elastic sutpendei's, with
•i Ion,'-necked button on th.' lower end
for the strong button-holed vain loops
of the stockings. A neck-kerchief of
cream silk-striped flannelette, cash-1
mere, a pretty phiid. of black silkoline
or silk. A pasteboard frame covered
with embroidered linen, sllk,velveteen,
cretonne, wallpaper, gilt or silver paper, or crepe tissue paper, holding a
mother's, father's, brother's, or sister's
photo, or a pretty magazine picture
even. A saw and hammer. A box of
water colors. A box of colored crayons. A pair of old fashioned knitted
cuffs for the  boy  with the chapped
wrists. Handkerchiefs galore. A
length of an old broom handle, covered with anything pretty, with a long
ribboU, tape, or string to hang it by.
for neckties to Ik* hung over. In making handkerchief, tie or glove boxes,
try a layer of sheet wadding both inside and out under ilu* cover, with a
sprinkling of sachet powder. A magazine makes n boy feel his manliness:
it is an Incentive,a weekly or monthly
reminder to live up to this manly importance.
For th.' mother and tin* girls Ends
of ribbon, preferrably three or four j
inches Wide, ftnd washable, from one,
to one and a half yards In length.]
Muds of Ince or Insertion, at least
three-eighths of a yard long. Sets of
ribbon for neck, hair and waist. Odd
yards of riblx-n for hair. Stock collars of every color and material. One
plv of collar Stiffening, covered nicely
with velvet, velveteen, silk, muslin, or
sllesia, made to hook neatly at the
back, servos either as a collar or n
foundation for the lace. Insertion, or
ribbon ends; the move the prettier.
White Brussels net, plain or dotti '
made into ties with Valenciennes lac*
of beading frills to lie washed ns of
ten ns the linen collars. Pot-holders,
made of four piles of old cloth, canvas, ticking, anything tklok,six inches
long by four wide, and stitched
through and through, with a loop to
hang them up; six of these, three for
use while threo are ill the wash; oh.
Ihe comfort of them.
For thi- we • tots A ball, mude of a
small tin Ikjx, holding some shot, and
wound round with the  ravelled vain
Of Cltlixna HclU tu 111.a,las the Manlcl-
pal Silunlliiu.
Last Friday evening a meeting of
the ratepayers and those interested in
the well-being of the place was held
in the city hall and was largely at-
tendeda Acting Mayor Smith occupied the chair and opened the meeting
with n short speech. After that the
proceedings hung fire somewhat, but
got wanned up a littlo towards the
last. Short speeches were offered bv
Aid. Teeter, McNeish and Worden; if.
V. Purviance.D, Araot.R, I. Kirkwood,
D. S. McVannel and others.
From these it was learned the position of local affairs. At present there
was but u bare quorum in the council,
and there was very little likelihood of
a new board liein-j: secured for the mi-
suing year. The idea was to endeavor
to prevail upon those eligible for office
to accept and fill up the full board. It
was poiuted out that the town was
free bom all debt except that of the
mill debentures. At the same time no
public Improvements could jjo on because of the non-collection of a large
part of the taxes. Various speakers
urged that steps be taken as soon as
possible to collect these; and also to
adopt measures leading to the instalment of a waterworks system and an
electric li^ht plant. All the speaker.-.
agreed that, whereas discord had prevailed in municipal circles in the past,
it was now time that harmony should
exist, and that the incoming council
should lie (*ouiposn>d of men who would
work together for the welfare of the
Finally, upon motion.Acting Mayor
Smith appointed D. Arnot, Al. Teeter
ai'ii C. fi. Smithftring-jle a committee
to interview thc eligible* for office and
endeavor to secure a full set of aldermen for the ensuing yonr. tlvy to report at another nieeting to be held on
Friday evening, the 18th inst. On
Saturday the committee started out
on their labors and hunted up all the
available material and subjected them
to the sweating process. What success was met with will be made known
at ths nieeting.
*2.00 PER ANNUM.
Last Yanr'a Slii.,„.,.ial» \V«ra 0S33 Tonn-
A lliaallliy Kvldaaat, or the l.ir» uml
W.altli of tha Cairap KmUtm'rlat the
Bl(g«ii Shipper.
The Enterprise managed to gut out
a carload of ore this week, lining tho
first to Im* handled this month. Were
the roads in shape, there would lie
quite a tonnage going out. As it is,
this week's 20 tons raises the grand
total to 117<) tons. The Kilo ore is
down and awaiting shipment, and
there should soon lie a movement with
the Black Prince, Ottawa and Neepawa stuff.
For 1(.K)2 the ore shipments from
the local division amounted to 6888
tons, made up from 12 properties.
Following is a full list of the ship-
meats this year to date:
Slocnn Diatrlct UoaniMa
W. H. Davidson and Wm. Brandon
presided at the nieeting of the Slocan
district license commissioners, which
was held at New Denver on Tuesday.
C. Avlwin withdrew his application
for a license at Aylwin,while a license
at Rosebery was refused, owing to disorderly conduct in the house. The
license at Slocan .1 unction was issued
to Lambert, the owner of the hotel.
A protest was entered against au applicant from Three Forks, but it was
passed over, because the board felt
thev had nothing to do with a man's
private life. All other applications
were granted.
Ki-futea IlHvUUaB'a StateatiruL.
A few davs ago W. Davidson, niem-
ber for the Blocan, stated in ths legislature that the lead bounty had lieen
of no benefit to tho country. Ou
Tuesday the mineowners met at Sandon and passed a resolution condemning this statement, saying it was
directly contrary to facts; that it was
due to the bounty that much work and
improvements were now going on. A
resolution was also passed, condemn
ing the associated boards of trade for
asking for a bounty on /.inc.
Chllilinil. Trro KutorlaliiinaBiit.
The annual Christmas tree and entertainment of the Presbyterian Sun
dav   school   will   be   held   In Knox
Move Capital for «. 0.
Montreal capitalists are organising
the Imperial Coal & Coke Co., with a
capital of $4,600,000, to operate tie
posits in theOrow's Nest^ltuated near
those now being worked by tbe Canadian  Pacific  Railway Co.   A large
yens will be erect*  with paper, rags or sawdust, is a
lovely as a Sally Ann or   Maria made
from strong unbleached cotton.
number <>f coking o
ed In the spring.
Kvvrrtl Siniallri- Sold.
Tlm American Smelting Tntst paid
the Federal company $1,025,000 for
from an old sock, and covered with
sections of nny bright colored mater
ial, pleases Ixllh eve and ear. A black
Dinah, Sambo. George Washington
made from  black  i-.ib--.in and  stuffed
,0c.   In the cast     .
three children's tickets will admit all
the children belonging to the family.
siifcr Qustatlotu.
Following are the quotations for bur
silver on the various days during the
week since last issue:
Thursday    ••*■■. cents
Friday..'     r**l\
Saturday    •">•'■'
Monday ...
56 J
Troubled With Wstev.
lessees of th" l'ort Hope have
Wednesday     66J
Move Kirh Ore.
Win.   Davidson   brought   down    a
large sample of ore from the Dayton
on Tuesday, being one of the finest
over seen here, ft carries much grey
copper and native silver nnd will assay up iii the thousands.
MINK.                                    WKK1C.          TSTA1,
Enterprise     i!u            866
Black I'rince	
Highland Light	
Cripple stick	
Ml IKS   AM)   SI1MMI.
Sufficient snow has (alien for
The Payne's works are turning out
3 )0 tons of zinc per month.
For last week the Boundary mines
■hipped 16,064 tons of ore.
Tlio Rambler-Cariboo has, ^hipped
250!) tons of ore during the year.
A supply of ore sacks was sent up
to the American Bell during the week.
All the properties in the camp will
close down for the Christinas holiday**-.
The Oyster-Criterion stamp mill at
Camborne has commenced operations.
Last we.'k's ore shipments from the
Rossland camp amounted, to WHO
Sandon mines last week exported 68
tons of ore, going out by the Kaslo
After two or three years of steady
operation, the Red Fox shut down last
M. Cameron went up on Wednesday to rawhide ore from the Black
The Granby people are preparing
plans for the enlargement of their
One of the properties close to town
secured an assay last week of 11.810
OZ of silver.
The Snowshoe company will erect
a sinultei- at their mine, in the Boundary, next year.
The new tunnel on the Chicago.near
Sandon, has cut the vein, exposing
two feet of galena.
The second clean-up from the Eva
stamp mill, at Camborne, has yielded
gold bricks valued at over 98500.
F. II. Chadbourn, of Nelson, visited
the camp this week for the purpose of
Inspecting some mining property.
The McNaught party came down
on Saturday from examining the Kilo.
.1. F. McNaught left at once for Spokane.
Trouble over the grub supplied was
the cause tor part of the Payne force
quitting thi* week. The matter was
afterwards adjusted,
Good progress is being made with
the main drift on the Bank of England. By spring Manager Moffatt expects to show one of the biggest mines
in the division.
The sawmill at Winlaw is lieing run
to its full capacity.
The heavy thaw has played havoc
again with the snow.
Wm. Harris has bought .100 acres
of land down the valley.
Tin* hunting season has closed. A
few deer were killed In this section.
The Dominion government has an
a -a-nt in the country arranging for the
payment of the lead bounty.
T.B.Atkinson's case against various mining and railway cotnpanie^.for
non*conrpliance with  the  provincial
company act, wna thrown out of the
I supreme court at Vancouver hist week
Perhaps some busy tiee may lium
Krom whom tht'se airy vprsi'S come.
Or jut, perchance, a ixinsclencc true
May whisper Wbo "talks hack" to youl ,
Ah, let that voice a 6lory tell
Ot ono who loveit you Ions snd well,
Wbo Raw your childhood's tender green
Hurst in tiie liual of sweet sixteen,
And upward reach until It stood
Thc perfect flower of womanhood I
Then may the lilies of the »alc
Blow home to you on every gale.
And Cupid sweet, fair roses straw
Where'er your gentle footatepa gol
When sailing over Life's great deep.
May Love yonr every voyage keep
And bring you safe Ihrough storm snd brine
llaik to tliis loyal heart of mine.
11118 WH
conmanT, iooo, ht c. •*.. lbwis.
It wasn't what a conservative nl<i
lawyer would cnll a straight case. I
hail been sent to London to look un a
sharper and make hlm disgorge for the
benefit of tho heirs of nuother sharper.
The wife of one John Saunders, an
Kngllshmnn who had died In Buffalo
several years previously, had put her
clnlnts In the hands of a New York
lawyer. This Saunders had been mixed
up ln a big swindle before leaving
Em-land. Something like £20,000 had
been reaped from It, but his partner In
the transaction had gobbled on to most
of It and hail also managed to pull his
neck out of the noose, while Saunders
Imd been hunted out of the country, lt
was the claim of one swludler against
another—no more, no less. Tire leverage we had consisted of a number of
papers to which both names were attached. The nnme of the living partner was Smallwood, and it was understood that he had set np as a money
lender. These papers criminated Small-
wood In n sense, but ln ca?e he wns defiant we conld not push the case ngnlnst
"ifier some littlo trouble I found
Bmallwood and his den. He wos a burly, big man with a loud voice nnd a
domineering way. In assisting to par
as a bluff, however, and 1 promised to
reward Duff If anything came of It. In
the course of a couple of hours I returned to the money lender's ollice. He
greeted me affably and laughingly said:
"I have heard thnt you Yankees are a
persistent race, but In this caso you are
sliiiiily wasting your shoe leather. I
suppose you hnve come to make a new
"I have como about that Liverpool
affair," I replied, and I went on nnd
stated the nature of his crime aud the
name he used to sail under.
The shot told. The mnu grew nervous and pale faced, and when I hud
concluded he said:
"How you secured your Information
I do not know, but 1 will frunklv admit
that lt Is partly correct. I havo Utile
fear that the police would meddle with
mc at this lato date, but I do uot care
to have the affair stirred up. I nm willing to make a fair financial arrangement with Saunders' widow."
That; was a matter to bo talked over
at another meeting.   I was n bit sur-
fle  Delivers A Lecture
co SticHiQS to It.
[Copyright. 1903, by C. B. Lewis]
ITIZENS of Jackson's Corners-
It cost mc the sum of $1.00 to
bill this town for the enter*
talnment now awaiting you,
but I have a feeling deep down in my
breast that after the usual collection
has been taken up I shall come out at
least a quarter ahead nud be able to
move on to the next town.
The subject of my lecture, as yon
hnve been iifformed. Is "Perseverance;
or, Sticking ■**) It." flivc me liberty or
denth, but also give me a mun who
won't let go after he gets hold. Truth,
ambition, virtue and honesty are goo.l
building stones, but you must have the
mortar of perseverance to cement them
prised that Smallwood should give In j together,
so quickly, but concluded that the Llv- | ■*** "8 take tlle cl*8« ot Csesar- n°
eroool affair was rather serious nnd , oe«ttn looking ahead when he was ten
that like a man of sense he preferred . J-1''-1-8 old- At flfteen b-8 fl,Ulor Wllllt-
to part with a couple of thousand soou- ] e(l t0 apprentice htm to a cobbler, and
er than havo It resurrected. He hs<" I m nm!*"-'*" wanted to establish hiin In
rooms over his ollice, and I was *o nui)
with him on the next evetflng but oue
at 8 o'clock, and the matter of restitution would he arranged.   I went to the
| a Troy laundry. He hnd made up his
mind to be a ruler of men and events,
but for five years every sort of discouragement wns thrown ln his way.
Ills  father got  him  tnto a   bnsebu'1
place appointed by Duff to moo* hlm, Iills tamer 501 uiui mm « «««.»<...
but ho was not there. 1 had given hlm team, hoping that would sotlsfy his
my address, but ho did not call on mo. 1 ambition*, his uncle got him a country
As a matter of fact. 1 never saw him    school to teach, thinking he would in
again.   After he had played his part
he vanished.
When I made my third call on Small
time become nn Uncle Itube; his brotli-
er-lu-law tried to get him to go partners In thc windmill business, nnd the
iie.tih'il boy who is bnlf asleep, He is
redheaded, freckle faced nnd stub
uosed, nnd he bus probably never hi'i'U
to a circus or luul his till of lemonade.
but run I say that thirty years hence
he will not be a greater ninn Hum
Tom Piatt Of Murk llnnim": If he's
got the stick lo it uniler all Hint red
hair, he's bound to get there, and only '
death can keep hlm back.
My friends, I dou't want to hurt
your feelings by making comparisons.
I have no doubt Hint if you had been
born when George Washington wns
you'd huve been us big 11 mail us lie
wns nud perhaps bigger, it wasn't
your fault thut you hnd to wait 100
years Inter, nnd I'm not tho mun to humiliate you. I simply quote hlm ns 1111-
other successful specimen of tlie stick
to it policy. After be hnd determined to
become the father of His Country he
never let go. He got the worst of It on
a hundred occasions, but he felt that
bunging on would bring success in the
end, nnd he hung.
And I now come dowu to Q. llopo
Jones, the man who stands before ymi.
1 um a living Illustration of what perseverance hus done and can do. When
■you look nt me you see perseverance
itself. My parents were honest und
respectable, but my fnther didn't know
enough to sharpen nn nx or my mother
enough to mnke enl nil) tea.
As a baby 1 wns lop shouldered and
knookkneed; as u child I was hump*
backed nnd had the earache, When 1
was five yenrs old I didn't know n
goose egg from n barn door, but down
in my own mind 1 hnd a plan. I had
determined to become great  nnd  fa
>VUen 1 mane my miru u«u uu 01a......     	
wood, I  wns cordially  received,  ami    family doctor snld he wns threatened
...:.»*    „~.,n,,,„,,,;„„    nn^    nhnulll    nilt    ill
whilo waiting for supper to be served
we came to an understanding. He was
to give me $10,000 for Saunders' widow, and I was to give him a receipt In
full. He grew sociable and Jolly ns
the affair was concluded, nnd my gins-*
was no sooner empty than ho pressed
mo to drink again. Of n sudden thing'
began to whirl, and then came a blank.
When 1 recovered consciousness. It wns
morning, and 1 wr.s lying on a cot bed
pnper, nnd as	
attempted to stand my knees pi"e way
ond let me down. A strange man came
to me and talked, nnd I was given
something to dr'nk, but lt was late ln
the afternoon  before  my  brain  was
with consumption and should put in
most of his time fishing.
•Some yonng men would have given
tip and started out ns tin peddlers or
Joined n circus, but Cieanr hud the root
In his teeth, and be never let go.
It was sticking to lt thnt shoved him
along until he reached the position
where he could send a thousand people
to Jail by a nod of his head. Tliey
bored In on hlm at last and finistu*d
Tbe Story of an Absent Minded llua',
Si'lieme ond (ho Itpaalm.
"Confound It ull." exclaimed 11 frleul
with whom I wns going home the oth
er evening. "1 have a package of pp..
pers at the otrlco I wanted to tnka
home. Hut I'll miss the boat If 1 gt
back for it. Guess I'll drop uiyscll
a postal curd."
"Drop yoUrseK a postal cnnlV" I
asked.   "Whut do you mean'*"
He thrust his bund into his pocket
nnd drew forth n package of curds.
and ns he wns scribbling n few words
by the light thnt shone from the windows of n cafe he began:
"Hest. cbenpest und most effective
memory Jogger lu the world, l um a
very absent minded person, and nil of
tho old schemes nre of uo avail. I
found tbo string on the finger wouldn't
work, for I'd forget what I intended
lo recollect So l hit on the Idea of
Bending myself postal cards.
".lust before I left the ollice I addressed one to myself nt the lions;*.
writing on It 'Umbrella.' That curd
will be delivered lo me at Clio breakfast tnble, n reminder that I shoulal
tuke the old umbrella over to town uml
get it fixed. Lost night at borne I
wrote 011 a curd 'Chicken,' etc. That
cunie to  my ollice curly tu  the dny,
mouB and to place the nnme of Q. Hope j a"'1 If >t ••■•(*»'t we would hnve been
shy of stuff for dinner tonight.
  "It's n Simple system, costing only :i
Once I bud made up my mind I al* \ «'e"t   for  t-''*cl*   service,   uud   for  ibis
lowed  nothing to  discourage  or  dis- j small otttluy I hnve my lagging meim
suade me.    I was fed ou johiiuycnke !
■ MfB'    '"
Jones beside that of  the greatest of
Mfl.LUlU->,   MMV     •      ......    ......5-,
11 n strange room. My head buzzed j him off, but tbnt simply came from
ind racked, my throat was as dry ns ' Jealousy. He hnd lived to elucidate
inner, nnd as I rolled out of bed and | my contention thnt sticking to it bents
even a beef trust.
Some of you here nt Jackson's Corners, which I find consists of fourteen
bouses, a store and a blacksmith sho;.,
and Is picturesquely situated on three
I   IJ"C I'U-, Ilia,,, ......... ..     „
clc-ir enough to understand things.   As ' sides of a horse pond, must have heard
I Bat un ou the edge of the bed and ' '    "  '—    "••* — •■•'■•
SAT a**"**"*!"* B**ISID** ME AND FBLT M*4* PULSS.
potrnte that swindle ho had had a narrow escape, and be realized that lu a
way lie was still uniler the surveillance
of »he police, but I put hlm down as a
man not to be easily frightened. 1
found 1 was right In this. When 1
had stated my errand, he laughed In
my face nud called me a fool. Between
ourselves he did not deny the swindle.
On the contrary, be boasted of the slick
way la which It hud been worked. He
had furnished the bruins, and John
Saunders wns the catspaw. lie had so-
cured £19,000 of the money and escaped the law, while his pnrtii"'. had fled
to a fomlgn lund with tho remnaut and
died among strangers.
"My dear sir," he sold as he smiled
and rocked to snd fro, "you wero a dolt
to come on any such errand. You have
papers, but I would not give you the
urk-e of a dinner for them. I am solid,
and you can't disturb me. Oo to Scotland Yard, go to the attorney, do what
you will, aud 1 shall only laugh at
Neither Scotland Yard nor the attorneys could belp mo In tho case. While
It couldn't be called blackmail) It was
un attempt to squeeze money out of a
swindler. The one interview satisfied
me thut my mission wns n failure, and
1 bade Mr. Smallwood go-id day with
as much courtesy as I could assumi*.
It wns about liiiichtime when I left his
otlice, and I dropped Into B modest restaurant for a light meal. I had scarcely got seuted when 11 stranger who hnd
a seedy-genteel look about hlm nsked
permission to take the opposite side of
the tnble, saying he hnd some Information to give me. When we hnd begun
on our meal, he snld:
"I saw you leave old Smnllwood's office nnd followed you. Ilns he done vou
a bod turn?"
1 did not give my case nwnv In replying, but gave him to understand
that the money lender hnd refused tn
do the square thing by mo.
"He's a enr, n client, n swindler nnd
nil Hint's menu and contempt! ble I" continued the stranger, with n good deal
of feeling, "lie hns cheated nmi
wronged me, nnd I enn get no satlsfac*
tlon. Today, however, I learned Of nn
Incident In his past life that will give
me a good hold on him. I must go to
Liverpool to complete my Information,
if you will go along and become responsible for expenses, I will share the
Information with you."
For awhile 1 was chary of the man,
thinking he might be In the pav of
Smallwood, but I finally decided that I
conld I'-se nothing by trusting him.
Smallwood had once lived lu Liverpool
under another name nnd bad been
gnilly of ft crime for which he had to
lice to r.rnzll and remain for several
years. This man, who gave the name
of Duff, proposed to go down and looK
wondered what had happened and
where I was a quiet spoken man who
had the look of a doctor ertered and
sat down beside me nnd felt my pulse
and said:
"Yon "**lll do now If you keep quiet.
Let me say for your encouragement
that cases Just as bad as yours have
bc>°n cured In thr**-e months. The great
point Is to avoid excitement."
"In the first place.'where nm I?" I
"In Dr. Colwell's private lunatic
asylum," ho replied.
"Who brought me here?"
"Your friends. The loss of your money ln that Peruvian speculation unbalanced your mind. You will be well
cared for here, nud If you aid me as
you should your detention will not last
over three months."
"I see how it Is," I said as I looked
hlm straight In the eye. "I am indebted to Smallwood for this. He drugged
mc and had me brought here that he
miflibt have time to fix up his affnlrs
r-nd Bklp. I demand my liberty this Instant:"
"Come, come," he replied In a coaxing way ns he patted me on the shoulder. "I know no one named Sm<*ll-
wood. Your friends In Beacon street
brought you here, and Dr. Henry made
out Ihe papers. All was perfectly regular. Let us have uo excitement Dinner will be ready In half an hour.
Meanwhile think lt over."
In that half hour I figured It out.
Smallwood had drugged nnd abducted
me. It might or might not be a private
lusnue asylum, but tbe mon had surely
been bribed to bold me fast for a time.
If I raised a row, it would be the worse
for rae. If I remained passive, 1 would
be set ct liberty us soon ns the money
lender left the country. 1 decided to
mnke the best of things, and when the
doctor returned 1 wns very quiet. The
two of us ate supper together In a
small room and were waited unon by
nu old woman. Ho called rae Mr. I'er-
rine, aud, according to his talk, I was
a member of n mercantile lirm In London. Next morning ' was taken to walk
In n narrow garden surrounded by high
walls. I got sight of no other person,
nor could I make out wbat. sort «>f
place I wns In. Dining t'.e day X had
the use of a silting room off my bedroom. It looked out ou the rear yard,
ami the windows were barred, I was
given plenty of rending matter, and the
doctor played chess with me. and tek-
"u altogether the time did not pass un-
pleasantly, Iu the three weeks I was
in the house I saw only the doctor and
the old woman. At 0 o'clock ono ev-n-
Intr I was told thnt my cure was complete nnd ten minutes later was being ,
driven nway from the building In a
closed carriage. After an hour's ride I
wa« set down In a street In Whll"-
ch.ip.'l. nnd hnd 1 been hacked by nil
1 of Christopher Columbus. At any rate.
I will tnke it that you have und call
***our attention to the fact thnt if he
hadn't stuck to It wc might have been
iKirn in Africa Instead of the United
He  first got  It  into his  hend   that
there was un acre or two of laud out-
11 nd buttermilk. I went barefoot In
wiuter und bareheaded in summer. 1
got up nt 4 o'clock iu thc morning to
feed the hogs and snt up till 10 o'clock
ut night to feed the cows. The only
schooling I hnd wns whnt 1 taught myself from reading over the tnx receipts
nnd mortgages on my father's farm.
As n young mnn I wasn't looked
upon as unything too good to hoe corn
at 30 cents n day. and those who didn't
predict that I would go into the drive
well business Wire sure that I would
eventually open n side show with a cau*
nlbul for the leading attraction. Tliey
threw ine down and piled It on to me,
hut they could not hold mc down. I
got up to stick to it stronger than ever,
and you see the result before you.
Q. Hope Jones stands before you ns
n mnn whose name is known from pole
to pole, and it is known nowhere but to
he honored. Be like me. You can if
you will, ami it is not too much to hope
that my remarks here this evening will
incite such nluis nnd ambitions thnt
twenty years hence North America
will be ruled from Jackson's Corners.
I will now close and pass around tho
hat, and it ls needless for me to say
that if any one here bas made up his
mind to drop In ns much ns n dime I
shall expect him to stick to it and not
put me off with three coppers and half
a dozen buttons. M. QUAD.
ory prodded by n special government
ollicinl under bonds lo perform Ills
"Sometimes I think this new scheme
of mine saved my life once. It wns
not very long ego. I hnd n bnd cold.
My doctor gnve me some medicine
Which he sold I must tnke every two
hours, it wns absolutely Impossible
for tne to remember to do so, so I took
u pack of postal CO his nnd wrote on
each, 'Tnko your medicine nnd mail
yourself a card.' 1 started tho ball
u rolling by dropping n card In n box
and taking the lirst dose. The deliveries at my office ure exactly two hours
apart. Whenever u currier appeared
he handed me the reminder, and I
swallowed my medicine nnd handed
him a fresh curd. Besult, prompt
By this time we were aboard the frr-
ryboat nnd on our way down the bay.
"It certainly Is nn admirable Idea,"
I said. "But, by the way, what do ynu
Intend to do with those postal curds
you showed me?"
"Confound the luck:" he said, looking chagrined. "I forgot to mail
side of Spain. It took him ten years
to make the Spanish believe It, and to
this duy they haven't got over their
surprise. After once getting started he
never let up, nnd he wu.s llunlly furnished with nu outfit and told to sail
away and he hanged to hiin. They hnd
got tired of his gub and wanted to send
him to the bottom of the sen, but he
didn't go there. He headed straight
for America, sure thut mnple sugar nnd
miiskrut skins awaited hlm here, and
even when his sailors threatened mutiny If he did not turn buck ho would
not yield.
No American ought to lio down nt
night or rise In the morning without
blessing thc memory of the ninn who
mnde it possible for us to be bom here
and grow up to be big enough to weur
tail coats and suspenders.
Some lightning rod man may have
come along here some dny and told
you of Napoleon Bonaparte. Ile probably told you ten lies to ono truth, but
the truth is interesting enough. There
wns 11 boy born on the farm, and n
mighty poor farm at that. His parents
hardly knew enough to figure out how
much four dozen eggs would come to
at 13 cents a dozen, and tho nearest
schoolliouse was three miles away, nnd
the teacher wns druuk half the time.
There wasn't one chanco fn a thousand of that boy making anything of
himself above u chicken raiser, but ho
suid to himself that ho would rulo the
AnLi'il  Vllte'a  Assistance.
Mrs. Hayfork (in country post office)
—Anything for me?
Postmaster—I don't see notbln'.
Mrs. Hayfork—I wns expectin' n letter or post curd from Aunt BptiggS tell-
In" whut dny she wns comin'.
It 11 nil Postmaster (calling to his wifei
—Did you see n post curd from Mrs.
Hayfork's Aunt Sally?
His Wife—Yes; Bhe's coinin* on
asked the
Mere Conjecture.
"Have ynu ever known nny one," she
asked, "who wns actually killed by
"Well," replied the crusty old bachelor, "I can't sny positively ns to that,
hut I did know n chap once who wns
found dead on his mother-in-law's
grave."—Chicago Record-Herald.
No  (lew.
"And huve you no clews?
"No," replied the new detective. "1
thought nt first that 1 hnd, but it
wasn't one nt all."
"What wns It?"
"A mask thut I picked up nt the
scene of the crime.   But while I  wus
examining it a tough looking fellow In
the crowd snld it wns his and took lt
BWaj   frotu   me."
In  a  Local  Rratnurant.
.Stranger—Are tho wallers here attentive to you?
Pretty Cashier—Sir-r-r r!
Stranger—Oh, no offense, I assure
you. I wus only currying out the Instructions as printed on the hill of
fare, which snys, "I'lense report nny
Inattention of waiters to cashier," nnd
I thought If they were inattentive to
ynu 1 would report them; Hint's nil.-
'I'he bodies ni niuhB) kiiiikosT**;
bat .mi.lity -saw utael, „n „" ,,|(r
pars his lntoritnoi with lies, -.•,«,,
I hoy havo pas!    r..n i-iiaaaaaai,,.h—m
Pot BUnds. Nlokoled Towel Cf'^V
iuh.Ibb ta. 1 iii-n nny kind ol coal r.nk.?'«
ni t>v"i>Biii»t s to I urn SliiicliwaaS'n'-J
iili'knloil throughout, W1, sii
Ker   mil   particulars  'ou<l f0, na,,.,
tKiukk't. m '"Mini
NOTE <  TiflOf«iio,u,,R,.,|Cfl,
IiIrIi   (traulo   ia„i*,»„»   lUMS*iT"
KlalBB'Baala.flll. '"a
No n-lK oven  ISiSUUlg Hsu I
N.. Oil.  i.v,,, SOsSUuKBjfl
IF, (>. ii„ Wlunipej,)       '
Auk   your ,l,ul.i  for 1 l.a-m orxnt,,,
'•'*' * ■*■*'•   '-■""-»"■'   St.,   WluniL
11 is ■aasentlal i<i IUppU«M*J
i'.'iiaiiv circle,
There  Is   no  pluce  where than
greater need of true, refined,e-renfl
cotirtef*-"  or  where it will be
greatly appreciated lhan la the 1
circle.  Yet In bow many lioiiseboUi'l
we see uu entire lack of it.
The husband comes In tired and!
ly, hurries down his meal, gtmj
cnt n kick ninl departs without <
kind word or gracious act tn nnyi
The children are noisy uml qts|
some. Tho mother, tired ami uen
has only sharp, recriminating tt-i
I'or her husband, the children andt
servant. The whole atmosphertl
penrs surcharged with the very qui
essence of lllsturblug und
ing elements.
la't  11   visitor  come in to matej
neighborly    call,   however,  ami
Bliiickly everything is cbntigi*d.
husband ond wife welcome him 1
tho sweetest of Kinila-s ami courti
When the visitor departs, lie is best
out with the most charming picij
In sliver tones invited to call 1
This Is eminently rijtlit nmi pro
but why shoulil not the same 1
oration prevail among those wh
bound to each other hy tii-s of fits
relationship—"out- own, wliotnwli
bosti" Why should not the wife, 1
child, the servant, whom you 1
i-ry day In the most Intimate '.'laU
-why should they not, I nsk.
vouchsafed some aaiiitesy 11s «'"lil
the guest who calls for a brief ImA
"Charity begins at home," ire ml
told, nnd I think courtesy shouldS
No  one  be  he  man <*r womnn.
stnnd  weeks nnd years of la-niiii
fault finding or habitual illscoura
You bow to your n«*xt door nelfl
when you meel h -r In Ilie street 1
give Iter a kind or cordial word. Wfc!
not be respectful to nicmbenofll
own   ran,ily?    Try  it.    You wil! f
you will be happier for It Vourlx
will become nu Idonl one, tsd "fll
one will be Influenced W good ti "l
light which will radiate from It
Taking Nn  ( linnrrs.
"Y'ou love your country, don't you?"
snld the sincere statesman.
"Certainly," answered Benator Sorghum, "but I'm not losing my head nnil
tnklng chances on suffering the pangs
of unrequited affection."—-Washington
Will  F.Ten  Cp.
Beryl —Mrs. IJeavyswell wears so
many diamonds nt receptions that she
Is frightfully overdressed.
Sibyl—Well, she makes up for that In
her decollete evening gowns. — Baltimore Hern Id.
■r*******Mr*************fffffffBrffff»j>     .. , <ro1'1'1  •'"""' '*".''' »ml he stuck  to It
the police of London I could not h.ive 1 unt„  1)0 ,11(1    lIn  ,vag cufr(,d b_  u|9
fouud the house where I had been hch-
captive.   Smallwood had been gone a
week—gone no one knew where.  While '
I do not believe there wns anything In
tho Liverpool story told me by Duff, |
mother, licked by his father und rolled
In the dirt by all tho other hoys for
a mile around, but he never let go of
his Idea.
He hung to lt nnd pushed lt nlong,
the money lender wns more nfrnld of    „,„• foot -jy -00t ho climbed np.  They
me than ho need bnrvc been and hnd
nlayed me a pretty little trick to give
himself time to settle up his affairs
and move on. I did not go to the police
ofllclnlly, but I did tell the story to a
detective on the quiet, How they
wonld hnve regnriled It nt Seot'onil
Yard mny be Judged from whnt the
tied grindstones to his cont tails, but
they couldn't hold hlm down. There
was no one to pnt him on Ihe head nnd
talk nbout "Kxcelslor," but ho wouldn't
let go. When ho did get a start, there
were those who did their best to stand
him on his head, and he hnd to fight
against envy and niullce.
From n fanner's boy to the ruler of
Live and  I.vl  l.lvi*.
"now did you happeu i"
sitB'h a pronounced vegetarian'
tlie city physician.
"Oh,"   replied   tbe  country
"that's the way a majority of my sub
icrlbcrs pay  me."
' asked
Probata!*/ a Lmssmey 10 1. Pta* s,,*|
Amcrlia  or .■.»■•'•
Once upon a time the namerfWL
■jeen vary a**]
Hie   uicmorj 1
Jul*""" ™
Dlxriinteut, *
"You're discontented."
"Well, I've noticed that tho contented
man doesn't often  gal  ahead   In   this
world."   Chicago Tost.
Drain   Wm-U.
"Why do you always smoke that big
pipe when you're golllng, Mr. Fudge?
I should imagine it would he lu tho
"I smoke it because 1 am n religious
"Where's the connection?"
"Well, whenever I  foozle badly, the
up the matter nnd put Hie police on tho oflicer snld to me.   At the end of tho ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
scent.   He was going to do this out of j s'ory ho winked and grinned and ob- tlle woria-8 destinies!   'Ihink of that!   P'P*»  prevents  me  from  opening  my
revenge, but In mv case I hnd DO re- : nerved: Ho had ambition nnd energy, but, bet*   "Ps •** Swear words, nnd by the time
venue to gratify.   I thought It might' "What n rnco of natural born liars tftr thnn all, he hud the slick to It.          J, nm nhle to remove lt from my lips
town   must   have
shortened.    VTlthln
many  people now  llvlt.
pronounced "Jeems;" In fact,
lieve that Hint was the ttCceW
nunclntlon  of  our  Virgin.**** ■»
theni.  But "Jim" must have 1
diminutive of "Joctns," «» ""•'*'
James; ut least we Judge » wj
whnt is popularly known as >
UQ   weed"   really   is  the ft***
weed. , ..ani
N,ir Is there any reason to «H
that this contraction was
mgly or ineorlngly. Mors £*«
grew Into use "Jess so.   see
Intelligent Americans lo "*»•»
never occurred that there "» "J-
,,,,'tiou whatever between WJ-]
and Jlmson.   All the sums,
tbortties say lhat "Jim*0" "„,-m|
for lhe name of lhe 1'^   fllt,
English made their Urst I*''"11-1"
Slates nnd where the
ilement  In  what Is now    *.0t
States nnd where the Old Dt*
Urst cnpltal was located.       ^^t
The Jlmson wed. Il""'°' ,,,;mcto0*
native plant, but probably «     „,
     ....... I.     ia.aa.fl'lial   IIT   A51"' hall
America or
believe it Is coneeo
4ei)iil!S to Vitrioi-'
"Now, I wonder what my witn means
by culling uie 11 shiftless good for iiaith-
Iiik? l'.ui't I sit hero ull dny think
Ing up ways for her to ecoiuuiil'/.e on
the  household expenses1/'
be n good thing to hold over Smallwood   rou Yankees are!"
I notice among the uudlenco a red*   •,'TC conauercd the tomiitation.'
A   rlfl-1-.liiH   Opponent.
"You seem to like playing billiards
with hlm.   Do yon admire Ids piny?"
"Immensely! It's good enough to be
I nt crest Ing and bud enough lo mako
hlm liar for the us me."—Brooklyn Life,
from South •*.-■■ • --. mf^**wii,
nuesUon how it got ["J-JJ,« U
ir it i""
I.    ll   ''    .t(aj j
Uberatcly nnd design--'!'* ™Jk
must hnve been because0*   ^^
[„n| value; certainly no  >       -,,
which Is vile; certainly o°11    j01
-rs and  leaves,  ■^"^frflj
'oinpaie In BMUty W»» «JJ ,„„«*
,,- soint f
„f Dative plants. And,
Is now
recognized as ••■'■jjj^dij
dlcinal value, It may not Im'  **f
li -WrPr*S
1 in
reputation "then" wil
Chtneso. however, use *•*.,, '-J*
Umt medicinally Olid WSJ* ^
so from lliuc iromcnio 1 '• 1;llll<
little given to tl>o  fU*
new li
cnl) or in w roffl0
-1,1 like to exclmnso h«.fltcfcd,
woman who the olh« W
retail bookstore. ii,Q buudls*1"
The clerk onwrsPP™ -u
fl-lnnccd at Its contclds.       ^
•Tm sorry, u>'lllu1"'
-but rHE     DRILL
i i  i " ""
SLOCAN,   B.   C.
undo *■*«" C-saaon Dalle ""It.
.,,,,. urst buttle of the war or 1812
n,s fought nt Backet's Hurbor. .inly 0.
!'.'., „mi consisted of an attack mnde
.non the Village. The luhubltants hnd
I oue K*"1  of "UlHclmit   size   and
aLaa.-th 10 Intllct ihunage, n yj pound.
' (J",, which they hnd uo shot. This
IltillcuUy was overcome by the patriot*
, '   0f the housewives,  who lore up
"mats from tiie floors uud with strips
wound tbe small bulls to lit the can*
Do You Want
■hooting crocodile* "-J- Lamplight,
In the West Indies crocodiles nre of-
.,.„ shot at night. The hunter, with a
lantern, sits iu a cniioe In one of the
.^kB which the crocodiles infest. The
....ocodlles nre nttructed by the light
gnd swim toward the canoe. Their eyes
Hhlae out In the darkness and form
cued targets for the hunter's bullets.
Houietlnies a dozen crocodiles sro shot
lo a niuht.
liiaars s Liaiiuent Cures Diphtheria.
Utliiwu tinivi-rsily will he rebuilt as
Ma,ii us puselble.	
>jt,if uf i'hlo. Clly of T.jli'ilo,
Uucss Countr, n.
PRANK J I'UEN'KV maki-iB oalb that h* la
wntor portnsr ot Una nnn of t>, J. che.NET
(•j   dolus wslnsss in ih'   City of   Tolstld,
I'.iUl.lV llial BtStS ttfOIVMll'l,   nr.il  Unit  Wllal tll'lll
Hill pey lhe sum of   ONI* HUNDRED   li>'!.-
I.A11S   faal   flila'h   Olid   «Vl'l>'   C'I1BH>   Of   CATAlll'.ll
•jut cannot bs oured by tin* use of iiali.'s
Strortl  lo  bsfors   me  sr.il   Hutmerlbed  In   iny
nfMencs this (lh aiiiy of Dseambsr, a. ii. um.
' ,;,.„!, A.   W.   OtaBABON,
N'.t-tiy l*iibllc.
Ilsll'l a"8lnrrh Cure Iti takin  Internally, anil
uta dlrca-tly <*-n the l.l«xxl anal mucins mirfacei
•r ih.' •)'sta*ni     f»'nal for lay.tlmnnltil». fra*e.
F. J. CHt'NKY A CO.. Toledo, O.
Sai'„l hy nil druBavUflBtfl*. JSft
Bsll'l Fatally fills aiv ths best.
lskuuo dugs have been driven **-
miles over tho Ice in live hours. A
imkaiil letun of these dogs once tinv-
allajii  m<  mil ow   in   :.S  minutes
.i.i*.  McKee, Llninvood, Out.
Utklin MiNiol. Mubou, ("   Il
John A   McDonald, Amprlor, Ont.
i'  li   Wiling, Markham, Ont
Jul,n Wader, Mahone Bay,  M.S.
Lewis 3   Butler,  Burin, Nfld.
Thi'M'   .well   known gentlemen   j.'i
a»*<*rt that they were    cured by M1N-
\ man "ho is thrown un his own
resource* is n]>t to make nn oocar
siouat ii.nl on the resources ol
SI -a
ait ll
t ue,' nnd iiihv expectorui 1'flii Immediate*
;> re'levea am.i Irerst tin. throat snd loturs
iiniia viscid phlegm, and i. msdlslne ih.ii
|iioinnta--i    this is     ih« b**-.t  medietas Ub
Une   for   COUffhS,    colllh.    lllttlllnlllailiflill      bt
lhe lame-, and all oll.**-t ions of tbe throat
arflt a*lae^i 'this is precisely what Itickla*'a
Antt-Cohsuinptlvs Hvrup is a specific for,
nital tther.a.\er tv-i*.! it tins civ.'n unliOUud-
eet  Mtlstsrtlon     I hilUri'li   like   it   terunsi'
k is pleasant,  n<luitt* like it  because  ii
aaHie\a-s   nnil   run'**   the   diSeaee.
BtOp  aliirkh   111   ll   Wull   With     |allistl\'
Baf puns, but mix the plaster' with
MraB.|fi*,i nut with water, for vinegar
prevents its sottling too quickly t lid
uiuki-- it  easy ol inanlpulatlon.
IT REACHES Till",  SPOT —Ihere  iare
let rira-iies before Iho laUlllil- Ll-llllV us
tulfaclous m reiii.»\lnc: niiiii nnil !*i iiltav-
ibiu un.i preventing pulmonary djsnrdi-rs
•• I" Thomas' F'clertrie Oil It hits
asmonstralsri its powers in thousands of
lnstanre<i nnd :i Iari»i! number Ot tesli-
monlalp ,.- u. its trout value ns » med-
l'ir.. r..i,i(| i,,. got wer,. there occasion
'"'  i'    It  i- fur unlfl* everywhere.
I'he   nmn    who poos   to    the had
nevei    thinks   of   providing  himself
"''li ii return ticket.
Conduct is    three-fourths
Mmilaa.w   Arnold
Ws srs Selling the Best Cleetrit
"•It In tha World  at •   Prlea
Within the Beach af tha Poorest
Ow l-Hilir yufp j4q
Oui No 7 EUctrie Bill (vllh suipeow**/ fa
•».*• * Istlltt iitichnwal) ii |U-arsntts' ts poi-ii
■»» power, m e. ciirnnl, nun* equal diitiibutioa
'"•*""• »«t*' S'*»'ity »«' finiih th.n an** olUn
*•«•'.•: Ball ,r«<|r, rt|»rdl«i of pri'.*.
«• Pixf. K«:a Ptli ii > ims cun for N«r»oiii,
•■".nm. KV-J**,**, L.vir and Snsmich Compliant,
aiBi-Af.iilm, Una Ble'/., Pain or Aclitl in ail pirli
, :h' ^1    ■*'•» tHe Kelt whilt yoix lieen, and la
I IS HMslag ; on will f.tl yMr| yoi.n.et thu vlicai
•">-"♦.<. of ahoii .ho a,k y,u ,0 p,y rr0IB |it „
*.*7"* El-Wlrie Bill, not half N (oodaiili* Prcf.
•*"» I vhii.K we aell for only |5.00. Ws h»YS «i|!r
•«• *-...•.   Wt do not uli r<*u tS dollsn fint, «ad
tViU not iuy, trr tad ..11 yea. tlis was ball sl
'"> old frke
Our Hsae-.|OI.r._l*youdon,>. „„ i, M„d ...
'» d*al!«, „ V||, Mnd you mt cf m MfJ |o
•«'"l.,re„ en,,, c.O.D. $5.0«, wilh pri.ilsj.
•'•.■"•sties, if i.ii."«t,ry. p,r ,h, ,xprta, a|(n|
"isiSiSKSl-SSWMWI Pt, oi. tsm.    If y...
Wi.,.» ***;-•"w* **t*v,h* •'*'•»"•■
•nllsae?. ■""'■'•■•'•••rt ct a.11   kind!  sr sltrtrie
iM'i.tafl!f'»""" """■
^ *»to-Ur;vsSsN*T HiBh °"d*
Bald? Scalp shiny and thin?
Then it's probably too late.
You neglected dandruff. If
you had only taken our ad-
, vice, you would have cured
Hair Vigor
the dandruff,saved your hair,
and added much to it. If
not entirely bald, now is your
opportunity.   Improve it.
"I have nieit Aver'i IKIr Vigor for oyer ID
yean. I am noa* || yenra ..Ut anal, have a hsa»f
fa   T \i "a I,p.'1 I"""!' I'i'Ir. dun, I tlll.lk.xil.
If so, ll.., nn<lerslgn«ilwaula yiaur baslassa r.nil will endsasor to K:»e sntlslmtluo*
Uasti advanced on conaigunisDts,     Refsrsocsi   L'uloo Bank ot Cassda.
Tbs oldea •Htalilislifd dm in Commission
Men-Jiunt in Wluuipe«.
Qraln   Exchange,   Winnipeg.
tlrelj to Aver -a flair Vli.ir."
| AllalrunKliis.
ms. M. a. uki'tb, BsUevUtSi IU.
J.r. a Ten co„
--tOWtlIs  Mui,
IGood Hair
Maclennan Bros.
TSLFPIinNB 1190. P. O. BOX laSi
Malntyra Blosk, 804,  Winnipeg.
Wheat and grain o( all kinds. Car
I.bbhiI Lots a S|ae<la.lty. Regolar *d-
vaaicflniiu Bills of Lading.
Wi iir ...- wire us for T.aek Blda, or
Consign Your Grain to as. whloh wt
will sell for ymir »ccohl>, on your approval to hlghtst bidder.
Dodd's   Kidney  Pills arc   dear,
in**; out Kidney  Disease.
Milan ii uuiiuiii is no lontfof able
in mako ai Hum Jealous nhu may «s
woll «'i'.<- it up as a bad job.
Thp   I'.li.. Il-rflinl.
Tbere in conclusive erldenee to show
Mint In one unbroken noctumctl flislit
ilie l*iifu|ii':;ii bird known tis tlle noitli-
i-iii bluetbroat poases from control Af-
rlcn to the (lerinon i*pii, h distance of
1,000 mill's, making Uie Journey ln nine
hours I'l-oni its winter liorae In Afrlcn
obsf*rrnttons linve determined Unit It
sturis sfier siiuset, nrrlvtntj nt Its fur
northern summer linuuts before dawn
on the next uioriilnit>
A woman's Idea ol an aiinexallon-
ist ii* n mn ii who lias boon married
iliii'o times,
onw inl flgureA show thut during
Iho yoars iSaSs to 1900 tlio luoi'tnUty
in the I'la'iuii army was uibro th.tii
iliiiilili) Unit In the (ii-rniiin army.
\VliB*ii n young inun i.s reully known
tiy thia company ho kii'ps slu' usually
prefers to bo a Bister to hlm.
Vibii cannot  he hapnv whllp vmi   hnvt
a*nrns    Tlu'n   ilo   lint   dfl-lnv   in   j«**l'nif   n
tiaiui" i.i Ifolloway's Torn Cure. It re*
inaavB's 1111 kinds ol cairns without pein
Failure  «itli   it   i*.  unknown
Eiaard's Liniment Cares Distemper.
There nre nhout ,150 volcanoes on
this earth that have porformed In
modern times. Thoro are many hundreds mora' that have limu liecn extinct
Uliliaaal yul.il. Olio of la Hewn fura'Al In
Oni. Ni'lulilMirliiMiil, Tells lli.w Pains
Of   Tw.r.iy   fears  SlnmUng   *lunlslu.l
H.lfl.lfl.  lha: laa.nt  Klalll,'}   Ill-aila-aly.
Fortune Harbour, Nfld., Doc. 6 —
(Bpeclul)—There me a score aaf people
in tins neighborhood ntua sullered
frnm lam.. Duik and uthei syiuptoma
ol Kidney Uihcitsu und \\im am now
Btrong und healthy, thnnkH to Uotld's
1 Kidney l'ills, One ol tho most serious cases cured Is ihut ot Mr, Itlch-
| aid Quirk,  and  in an  Interview    he
S.I>S    —
I suffered 1 >.r more thun twenty
years inun LumbttRo uml Kidney Dis-
bm". 1 hJiiidsI ulways huil u severe
|ibiiii in my bock, si, severe that during Intervals foi   yeurs I  was t<>ta.)ly
llllullllj    ly    Uaal'U.
Iloctors and uicdielties nine ine a
lltilu relict and iiflcr ton or twelve
years 1 luul almost mude im mv mind
tli.it  niy trouble uns Incurable. Then
IO.biI'Iil;    aaf   1 nil's    b>    llll'lia    ll'll    1110      to
try Hodd's Kidney Tills 1 hud not
taken half ii 1 i.iv hafnru I ox|ior!enc-
ed relief and ufler usiiig seven or
eight boxes I was a pot-feel, e.urc and
n   iia'ii   mun    The a ure  was pcrinaii-
a'lal ,"
Ina.*   v.nn    II,., I.,a a hS      villi     Hodd's
Kidney l'ills an vou will uever have
Origin's Disease
n>y a new Dutch process it is claim-
i-il tlmt n moose hide cun he turned
mt ib leather ready for tho saddler's
and shoemaker's use in from one tu
threo days,' while, by following tho
usual method c,f preparation, it Jake-,
aliout six months.
Kidney Cry.  Pal a In tie lack is ths
crj nl tin* kiflliiH\ti for h?lt' To neuli*ci
the a-all Is to deliver the laoalv over to .i
disease cruel, ruthless, nnd finally- lifs
dcstroyinif. Sannh American Kidney
Curs hn» powor akin to miraculous    in
lel|aii.i* ilu- n lv kidneys out of the mire
of  ili.ca.e.   It   relieves in  nix hours.—8a
If a p.iil throws a mnn over it's
because she isn't hopelessly in lov«
with him.
Minard's Liniment Cares Colds, etc
Of the \irimis of  Bright's   disease
4; per    cent,    arc   over    throe score
\ cars  old.
"Ono Foot In tho Grave "    1.
tlie lliniisaiula a.f people who ru«h In so
worthy n ieiiu*ilv ss South American
Nervine ns m In*-! resort ..o'.lal ret it n»
ai (irst resort hnn much i.dsery imd au(-
ferlllB wir.ilil he siuueil. Ii *>ou I..IV* anv
nerve disorder you needn'v fnftcr a inin-
)jte lonKei A thousand testitn.intei to
t.rov» It.—.in
I'llK MOST riil-ll.AH PILL..—The pill
is the must iui|»i!ui- nl all tonus of nii'il-
icino, nnd nf pills Iho most popular met
Parmelee's YoectHtBla. Pills, hecause th*v
I'.n ivhnt it Is asserted 'hey run do and
arc not put forward on unv Sellttous
claims oi excellence Thpv e.re compact
r.nd portable. the.v arc easily taken they
do not nauseate nor erita,-. and Ihey eive
r.a'.ior  In   llae  most   stubborn   c*iHa'n
Nature oiten lets a er«*iiins ill on the
I ground floor, hut necessity compels
I him to dwell in tho attic.
sii.NAls OF DAJ*OER—Have vou lost
>iaur    appetite?      Iluvn      vuu   :i     >. on f «•<!
tonsue ? Hnvo vou nn unpleasant t.af.'.-
In Uu* mouth 1 I>nes vour heiiil iiche nital
is nut ol order and vou need medicine,
hii.e you dizziness? if sn. vour stomach
IS    aallt    Of    OlilaT    llllll    yaiu    IH'.'d    .Bia-licina'
lint vou bIo not like inoaliflir.c Ile thnt
iirclflu's sickeca-H lo mi"licine must suiTa-r
but under tho circumstances the wise
mnn wtaulal iBiociue a box of Parmelee's
\'«aja'tiai'ie l'ills nnd speedily '-et himself
in health uml Btrlve to kneejiB
Rnnninti   Sores,   tbe a.uta'nms a.
iia*a;'cci. or had Mood, have a nevsr-fatl-
inir halm in in- Aanew's Ointm.*nt Will
heal lhe most stubborn cases Soothei
iiiiiaiir.n aaliiiaa.-i Instantly after first
application, lt re!le\es all itchlnc ami
btimlne skin diseases In « d>.> It cure-
j piles i".  ;i io  "i nii;l'.!s.   i", cents.—89
\    Paraguay cotton grows on  imslios
which produce for from seven to ten
■ years.
Recently Lord Itoliorta received
congratulations on his seventy-first
birthday It was In iS.ia lhat th.i
present commandor-in-chlef 'if th.-
liiitisii ninn was born in Cawnpore.
I UXTAUlO, l-'flar Ibe irttalmsnl of all
[ormsofbPar.CH DRPKOiB. VPs iteat lbs
liauie, n i *.iiri'ij ih- habit, nnd llisrsfois
pruduea miiirHl -naih    W lite (bu pSrliralais
"Ryrie"  Cut  Glass  is  the
purest of Crystal
Oiflr handiomrlv illmtraUfll a««
Catalocue shews a very larfa snori-
aacnt iii choicl pitcM.
This 8-inch finest Cut Glass
Berry Bowl we send to any
adtlr'ess for $8.oo.
We pay express charges
and guarantee safe delivery.
Write for our Catalogue.
Ready for delivery Nov. 15th.
118, 120. ISS and 12*
Yonie St., Toronto
Ol J, IM St., NswTtarta.Sspt.-k MS.
na ti J. KENDALL CO,
Oenllemen 1—I hurra uie* yoor SpSTta Cms sn
my tionn for ths pa»t fourteen years and II pu
ilwars gl»an me b«<hI rctulti la eTerj partlonlsr.
1 alio havo ono of your Imoks lhat 1 Save found
very Bjvful. If you have any lstss edition cf
Hie "Trestlsa on tlis Horse and ali Dlssssss,"
will you kindly tend ms on*.
BMpsotfuUy yours,        B. F. fTUI""*"".
Itliaa absoutsly rellaMarernady fori
Bpllnls, Ciirb*a,   lllnila nn, "' "
Imnclt and leaves no tear.
A» a liniment for family Ufa ...
vour rtnisstit fer KKSDALL _ . .
a* ho "A Traattison Um Hon*," ths
I a.aMreu
dr. e. i. «no»u co., ENotBuita faus.vt,
Count I.eo Tolstoi has will ten a
treatise on BhaUespearo, whose works
ho crltlclloi rather adveitioly.
Unless the soap you
use has thjs brand you
are not getting the best
Tlu-y Slay Explode and Canse !iijn.-y
lo Tbose Wbo Slay He lfenr.
Do you know that the siphon battle
ordinarily useil for vlcliy, soda water
nnd other effervescent drinks Is usually
Charge*") with n pressure of from 120 to
100 pounds to the squnt-e Inch? The
danger likely to result from on explo-
siiui of one of these Utile household ur-
ticles Is by no mentis inconsiderable,
uml yet tbe overage person handles u
siphon ns thongb It were the must
harmless thing In the world.
There are Iwo or three tilings to remember In handling slphous: Never
keep your siphons near tho range, for
the unusual beat Is more likely thau
anything else to cause an explosion.
I'on't subject the bottle to any sudden
change of temperature whatever. For
Instance, if you keep your siphons In
the ice box—and thut ls the best nnd
-.aTest place for tbem—don't grusp the
-,'lass part of the bottle wilh your warm
hand, for the sudden change of temperature is apt to cause tin explosion. The
hest way to carrv n siphon nt nil times
is hy the metal top in the head of tbe
bottle, lt ls needless to say the greatest care should be taken not to drop a
siphon, for an explosion Is the Inevitable result. When empty, tbe siphon
in, ot course, quite harmless.
That these bottles are considered a
great source of danger ls evidenced by
the fact that thc courts Inevitably hold
the bottlers strictly liable for all dam-
nges resulting from tlie explosion of
one of them if even the slightest defect
in the manufacture of the bottle can
be showu.
Ask l»t ths tyatmmsm, Bat.
This Horse Knew.
A doctor was returning home from
visiting a patient late one night In
company with a clergyman, when the
horse stopped short at one of the most
dangerous grade crossings within the
city's limits. Absorbed in lively con-
verflntlon with his clerteail friend nnd
seeing no gate down, fce mechanically
touched tbe horse with the whip and
urged It by his voice to go forward.
But the spirited animal for once would
not respond and Instead of obeying
stepped briskly aside nnd turned his
head as far as possible from the train
which just then whizzed by at the rate
of forty miles an bour.
It was a close call for tbe occupants
of the carriage, wbo sat breathless
through the moments of terrible suspense, but the horse maintained Its
attitude of a half circle until the danger bad pnssed. It seems tbe gatekeeper was asleep at his post uud bad
neglected his duty, but the delicate
ears of tho horse had detected the
sound   of   the   coming   train.
Wlien the Poor Ride In  Coaches.
In tbe east side tenement house region conches are associated witb only-
two things—weddings and funerals.
Tbo coach is an indispensable feature
of tbe wedding, and only the very
poorest nre buried without tbe attendance of a mourning coach.
The whole block knows wheu a wedding is to take place, and everybody ls
on the watch when the coach and pair
como dashing around tbe corner to receive tbe bride. The vehicle draws up
beforo thc narrow entrance to a tenement and presently Is entered by the
bride, half hidden In her white veil
and all nodding with orange wreaths,
while a gaping crowd looks on. The
\10rses are lashed, the coach turns nu-
other eorn'er, and in three minutes the
bride is at the place of ceremony. The
ceremony over, the coach tbls time
swallows up both bride and bridegroom. Everybody Is charmed at thc
sight.  The gossips are busy for a day.
Canlue  liiielllateiu-c.
A striking instance of canine Intelligence is reported from l'arls. A male
schoolteacher named liillaz was waylaid one evening lieart'hnrenton bridge
by two roughs, who set upon him nnd.
niter rifling his pockets, flung hlin Into
the Seine. A collie dog that happened
to be near, without being encouraged
to do so by auy persou— Indeed there
were noue who saw Hie circumstance—
at once plunged Into the water and,
catching tho man by tbe coat, aided
him to keep afloat until tlie river police, attracted by his cries, arrived to
his assistance, M. Dlllaz was subsequently able to furnish tbe jwllce with
a description which led to the arrest of
his assailants.
Hank Heresy.
He—So the engagement is broken 01X1
She--Yes.    He told ber be thought
she should stop reading novels and
rend something more substantial—
something tbnt would Improve ber.
She—Woll, the Idea of a nmn intimating to his fiancee thnt she could be Improved   In   any   wnyt
Her 1.oat OpporlDnltles.
Mrs. Noolywiil-And If 1 had really
thrown you down (hen would you hnve
given me upl
Noolyweil- I shoulil s,v,' not. I would
hnve kept right en trying to win you
even If ynu had thrown -ve over half a
dozen times.
Mrs. Noolyweil ily, «hf.t » lot of
fun 1 missed!
Pinto Shell
Mitts and
Gloves      ^
—-Toughest wear, flexible, warm, light
—Boil and ueorch proof
—Rip and tear proof
—Rain and wind proof
—That's what H.B.K. Pinto Shell Cordovan mitts and
gloves are
—Made from the hide of the  Western   Bronco, tke
toughest animal with the toughest hide,   light
enough to make mitts and gloves.
—Sold by dealers everywhere.
Genuine only with this brand.
Write for "Strayed," the funniest piece of
litertture ever written about a Bronco—Fril
H.B.K. Warm
Duck Coats
' H.B.K. Duck Coats are warm,
hard wearivig garments. They
are made in scores of styles—
fleece lined, mackinaw wool lined,
leather reversible—high storm
collars, large "Kantilever"
nnsagable pockets.
Made to keep out the wind and
the cold, the rain and the sleet. Made to keep people warm
Branded with this brand.
Sold  by  up-to-date  dealers
Hudson Bay Knitting Co.
Are yoa Rolng homo for Chrlstnini*. on tlie
$40.00 Eicareion ? Why nut go by w«y
of St. 1'iia! and Chicago, uoinc the Burlington
Route—8L0I&iltl duylisht rldo along tlie bank.
of the Scenic Mie<ii-aippl Hirer. Elegant Fro.
Reclining Chair Cnrs.
Write ihe undersigned tor all detail information in arranging (or your trip. You will rec.i»t
prompt attention.
Travetltet Psssene^r Agent, Box No. 1315, Winnipeg, Man.
P. M. RUOQ, N. W. P. A., St. Paul, Minn.
Indispensable in Winter.
There's a ne*ad in every home for
Gray's Syrup of Red Spruce Gum
A few doaea, at the first aign of a cold, will ollajr all throat
Irritation—Uke away hoarsenets—check thc Inflammation—
atrengthen the lungs— ward off the -*oogh.
AU the healing, soothing, curative properties of Canadian Spruce
Gam—combined with aromatic*.   Pleasant to take.   »S cts. bottle.
No imitti'r how ip-fnt « phllpaophei' The assertion Is made by a nai"*
n man nmv ho ho can never iik>"" rulist thnt tilghtingalci devour th**
out how he caught a cold. drones of a beehive, but never iiu*i8»ti
the workers.
Lever's   V-y. (Wise   Head)
Disinfectant . -      —
Hoiip'riwrta-r" alustfil iii thu l.i.th. wift«*ia» !
i*i»  v.fl.tvi   ".nil  riintntiH-t* I
-W.N. O. No. a**»Rl3. TT1K DRILL, 8tOCA», b. C UKCEMBEK 18, 1903.
C. E. Siiuthkbin**.ale, Editor and Prop.
^OCAS,      •      -       •       •      B. C.
Legal Advertising 10 cents a line for
tho first insertion and 5 cents a line each
subsequent insertion.
Certificates ol Improvement, t" each.
Transient advertisements st same rates
AS legal advertising.
Locals will be charged 10 cents a line
Ior each insertion.
Commercial Rates made known upon
The Subscription is |2 per year, st.ict-
Jy in advance; $2.50 a year if not so paid
Address all letters to—
Slocan, B. C
FRIDAY, DECEMBER lKlli, 1»0.'.
K-t-flTOIUAL   CKOl'l'lNUS.
Tho closing months of tho year have
witnessed the introduction of considerable, capital into south eastern British Columbia, the Boundary and East
Kootenay camps being the principal
beneficiaries. Development of the
country's coal measures is proceeding
atdtin unusual pace and good times
are resulting. Tho Granby people's
operations at Coleman promise big
things, and now a Montreal outflt.wlth
a capital of $4,500,000, has been or--
fa-anized to work areas close to those of
the C.P.R. The Clow's Nest has made
great strides during the past five
■years, but it is only a circumstance to
what is before that section. It takes
the sting from the situation experienced just now by dwellers in the Slocan
io know that sister camps are enjoying
.real progress and prosperity.
Next year the Boundary mines confidently expect to produce one million
.tons of ore.all of which will be treated
in the country. It will lie a marvelous achievement, yet it will lie by no
means beyond the capabilities of that
section. The development and advancement of the copper resources
have lx*e,n as remarkable as they are
gratifying, and the influence exerted
is lieing felt on the world's mai'Vets.
The leading mines of the Boundary
have ceased to draw from outside financial sources for support, for they
.tuve r ac'ied the stage where they can
take care of themselves, aud a little
better. Coincident with the advancement of the Boundary comes progress
in the coalfields of East Kootenay.
One section is ls-ound up with the
destinies of the other, and both combined furnish much of the material
prosperity attributed to Diitish Columbia.
It would be well for those who may
lie secietly aspiring to fill the seats at
the aldei manic board next year, to
thiuk well and wisely of the task that
is set before theni, for the position
promises to be anything but «i sinecure. To commence with: At tho
present time the city exchequer holds
.roughly 5205, against which is drawn
the payroll for November, and against
which also should lie charged the
salaries, school allowance and small
incidentals for December. All the
money derived from the sale of tho
mill debentures is gone and nothing
remains with which to purchase the
balance of the property in the mill-
site, (lone also is the portion collected from taxes to meet the first debenture payment. As a live asset, there
is tho .Sloan building, which should
realize (BOO. The revenue that stands
before the incoming council is, with
liberal allowances -Hotels $1100, traders' licenses %WQ, taxes $1200, and
incidentals $,'MK), making S:uoo in all.
On the other side of the ledger are the
expenditures, placed at u small esti-
nute School STOO.piling creek $1000,
debentures $1000, salaries Si 150, rent,
repairs and otlier incidentals SfiOO,
totalling $1350. Fortunately the city
hns no outstanding debts beyond the
debenture liability, and it has back
taxes owing of upwards of $2000, with I"" "
,the certainty of another SKXX) or more
Pay up your subscription.
Only one week more to Christmas,
The public school is clostug for the
Remember the fire brigade's dance
on tho 29th.
Next week the days will commence
to lengthen.
Geo. Stoll is spending the winter in
Kiona, Wash.
Vancouver is experiencing an epidemic of highway robberies.
Sandon Knights of Pythias hold a
dance on New Year's night.
Kiii Maida, a Japanese murderer,
was hanged at Nanaimo last Friday.
W. K. Cameron is rapidly recovering from tlie effects of his recent accident.
Manager Reeder, of the Crow's Nest
Coal Co., lately appointed, has sent in
his resignation.
Mrs. Wichmann, formerly of this
place, has removed from Sunderland.
Mass., to Tacoma,
The annual Sunday school entertainment will lie held in Knox church
on Christmas eve.
J. A. Anderson has received his
stock of stationery and is now prepared to fill all wants.
D, D. Rolieitson went to Kamloops
on Saturday, to size up the place with
a view to locating there.
Father Joannotte held service in
the Catholic church on Sunday. He
will visit hero every month.
The annual meeting of the Cnna
dian Mining Institute will lie held in
Toronto tho first week in March.
H. D. Curtis has purchased the fire
insurance business of R. A. Bradshaw
and is now the solo agent in town.
Koch's sawmill, on Teu Mile.is shut
down, though logging operations are
continuing.  Several men were let out.
Preparations are lieing made for
the annual Hognn's Alley banquet. It
will likely be held in tlio Miners' Union Hall.
Ralph Gillette left for Spokane on
Monday to secure treatment for his
eye, the sight of which has been injured by dirt getting into it.
E. McFiulyen has got back from
East Kootenay. where he encountered
a rare streak of hard luck. He lay 62
days In the Moyie hospital, seriously
ill of typhoid. He is recuperating oil
his ranch at Gutelius.
Tom Ward, one of Kootenay's first
inhabitants, died in Nelson on Tuesday of pneumonia.
A party of Nakuspites, headed bv
Thos. Aliriel.liave staked a fine bunch
of timber on Mosquito creek.
Tho public school at Winlaw has
started up, with Miss Anderson, a
teacher from the coast, in charge.
An electric light plant has lieen installed at Winlaw, for the lighting of
tho mill and the private dwellings.
The legislature adjourned ou Saturday till Jan. 11. The governor signed
the loan bill, assessment act, railway
assessment act, and the land act.
J. Brown, a deckhand on the tiij*-
Valhalla, was drowned off Crawford
bay on Friday night, by falling overboard. He was a single man and
came from Fernie.
Warrants have been issued by the
Crow's Nest Coal Co. for the arrest of
J. H. Tonkin, their late manager, on
several charges of embezzlement. Hi
has skipped the country. How are
the mighty fallen.
Appended is a complete list ot the various records registered atthe lecal registry efnCt, 1I.P. ChriBtie being mining
Dec 11—Tort Hope fr, on Erin mountain, 0 Snyder and II 1) Lea.
Dec 7—Carron.
Auction Sale.
• a p[v% rv« •_••» m>« »
,»Al''» ..-':.**•».'' ■»*.•.'..#'*'.»>.-l*i.l»'':*A»i»l'V:l
On receipt of your
name and address wc
will place before you
for selection the greatest assortment of
Jewelry, Silverware,
Leather Goods, etc.,
in Canada.
In this new edition of our
Catalogue, ready Nov. ij,
we have made special effort
to display extra value articles
of very moderate cost.
In it are presented
hundreds of opportunities for selecting Xmas
gifts at money-saving
Ws pay all eiprtai chufaa.
I 18. UO, 123 and 124
YoDf***i St., Toronto
V virtue of n Distress Warrant issued to ma
rent, unit will odor for stila on tlia premises by
public auction, the furniture anil fiirnUhiiiKs of
lira Royal Hotel. Slocan, on Tuosclny next, December 29th, nt 2 o'clock p.m., or so much thereof as itie.ll ha suHicieiitto satisfy amount uf rent
due and ciists of <li-atri^s.
Terms -Cash.
Dated ol Slocan, B.C., thia lGth dayot De-
cemt-mr, 19113.
"Price Responsibility"
The price branded
on the sole of the
Goodyear Welted
"Slater Shoe" by its makers
is their (not the dealer's)
valuation,  and they   know
the wear value put into the
Fop Men
$4.00   _
For Women
The Golden Crown
Hineral Claim. . .
Situated on the Arlington road. Heavily
tlraberetl, Crown granted Make cash
offer to—
322 Cam bio Street,
Vancoivkii. JB4*?
Ixmgc _m
cjii'M 'in* i iti -frmua
Slocan Electoral District,
R. 11. HSNlflKHKON,
Returning Ollicer
siaiciui Electoral D lit riot i
I (TESTIFY that the npiieiidefll stnlemi-iil U a
*■ true, full anal faithful aeeount iaf my ••»-
pnnMi daring the campaign, which ended with
the lata electiiin lael.l aan Oat, Sard, I'.mS:
Hotel board and raaann   til 00
Kui In and mtleaga     ;*,, ui
Pottage mil tela-a-rnuis      Ill On
Tutal    jus mi
Silverton,Not, i.s, 1903,
1II. GIIlliL »ML
Med. Supt., J. P. CADE, M.D.
1JATE8. Regular rahstrlbftrs. $1 per month
1\ (11*10 a >o;ir: noii-*ubsoribtra - ■xcliUfive «»f
m«tilciil atUndHiic«)|2 ptr dnv. Private wordi
$l p-tr day tBxtrs. Hpcolul fuclUtlM for Maternity *"a*ir*CS.
>r fi.rtlit.-r particulars ftpp-T to.
D. B. O'Neail, Sec
WK. the inifllarilgiinil, thirty dny*. uftau date,
intern! to apply to the Chief Comaila*
•inner of Lands 4 Works, at Vietiii-iii, ffl.r Spo-
cinl llasnses to cut anal carry awn? timber frnm
tin. fflillflflwiiiif alamribeil trnct, nf land, sit nntnrl
on Mosquito creek, in West Kooteiiay Ilistrict i
*'lr»t I.ui'atla-a.
Commencing at n ixist nn the wa'al side ot
MiaS'initaacraek. running HO chains sibbiIIi | llienrr
nilrliiiiin west; thenra HU ohatlll nnrlh ; tliano*
SO chains enst. tai point of cniiiineiiri*nit'nt.
L.icntad Nov. t',1,1808,
Second Locution.*
('omiDenciiifi nt n post adjoining lir*i locution
on northeast cornar. running so chains north)
thenceWlrliiiltis east; thence HO chnin. soatli;
UiiancoHlichsias west, to point of rummence-
LflBintsd Nor. Id, lOftt.
Third l.aacatlon.
for VXrl, all  forming a most valuable    (fcm»M«liitiit« rost planted on north-Mil
nmmatk     SiipIi     thnn    ia    thn    fiaanaa.i.al ' i-orner of lloon I location, running HO   chnin*
MM**,   nticn,   tm ii. u   tne   nnanciaiUorthithaneaM ohains shIi thraoalOcbsini
•tandlng of the city, nnd it rail* for ""nraitn-MMW chains west, to point of com*
n ** mancsinant.
J. Pinchbeck, Proprietor
Fresh Fruits of Every
Kind Arriving   Daily.
A full stools of the lx'st
line* of cigars and tol-ac-
cos always kept on hsiul.
I 4 I.nnraa af Rranal far SI.
Full Weight anal <-i«ul!tjr
Representing the strongest companies d>*ing basiness in Canada.
I Sick nkw accident policy, with par
ticipaliun in protlts. eoverin** b'.ck-
noas ar.il •pcrtitiani.
II. D.CURTIS, Nfl.ii.rv Public
Pioneer Livery
and Feed Stablest
Blocan, B. (.'.
General Packing nnil For*
warding attended to at the
shortest Notice.
Saddle and Pack Horses fer
hire at reasonable rates.
New Residence for Sale
One of the Newest Residences in Slocan is offered for sale on easy terms. It contains five
rooms, hall, pantry, wardrobes, china closet,
large garret, good cellar, is lathed aud plastered, and is the best .inished in town. Water
service, fine lawn and garden, fruit trees,
etc.   A SNAP FOR ANYONE.       For term,
Apply at Drill Office
Gwiilim. «& Joknson,!
-»•••*»»<>»'.*•>»*> •♦♦»*♦♦»♦*
B. C
•"/Ta.viii'fliit'1 Mlnnral Claim.
the most careful and oarne*>t considc
ation of the aspiring candidates. A
.council, with confidence in themselves
and their town, and actuatinl with
courai-couH and progressiva Ideas,
would quickly put .Slocan on its fi*Ht.
The proaent rate of taxation in a ne*
.. j i    . i.i „„_,. i„:,,      Commaucln« ut n post planted on tut niila ial
eesi-iity una  no one  hIjoukI complain | Uoaqqito creaV, running no clialni wst; thencs
-" .-lit. na ■ ila: tlipni'i*. »'i onslns 1'iist | than
l.'n'iflts.l Not. 19. I'jn:t.
I'aflirtli I.oiatlan.
Commsnelna nt a pott planted nt snntliwosi
rornar nf thinl luration. rnnninallli'liains wast;
iiiana-aa -a,, !,,,„ i „,,ni,; tnanoa so pfinlnssasti
tlianca ISO clinins vantli. to point of commence
Located, Not. 19, Wm.
Plflh  l.oentlon.
thereat, and wore nil tho taxes available there would lie ample for every
purpose. The city miint compel the
outsiders to liquidate their Indebted*
lieHn. Stick by the burgftnd work for
it constantly. Don't be impatient, for
brighter days wil1 surely come. Don't
)m a pessimist.
in chains awuth, to point „t oonnnanoanant, ad<
Joining M. Sopor's limliHr limit on tin* enst.
Klll'l'lt KTOltO
Looated Nov. ai. 1MB,
si.ih   I.aiMtlaii.
Commsnelna at a   post planted nn tlie south
east corner of flflli locution, running laii.t m.
cliein:a; tlienco Binntli Sll clinins; thsni-n w«sl v
ebtills; tlinncs north fU) chnins, lo point of oom*
iiy Ti os. AnaiiL, *g 'n'
IvoimU'J Nov. JO, HKW,
Slocan, B. C.        I
Toilet sets
Travelling Sets
Smoker Sets
Cigar Cases
Handkerchief Sachets
Perfume Atomizers
Fountain Pens
Xmas & New Year Cards
Fancy Stationery
Bituats In tlie Blocan <"i'.y Mining Divi*
sion ol ths Wesl Kootennv District
Wharg located:—On Printer crssk,
a triliutnry of Ttn Mile creek.
TAKK NOTICK that I.W. D. Millrc-
ifor, actiint ns ggentfor John l.. Farwlg.
free miners' ci-rtifnate  No. liVKli'i, nini
0. E. Btnithorinoala, fn*i? miner's rertiii-
cate No.B69007, intend, i'*n days Irom the
aluta hereof, to apply to tlio Mining He-
corder fora certificate of Improvomentafor
tha purpose of obtaining a Crown grant
ol the ahove claim,
And further take notice thnt action,
under section '•)", ihmhi be commenced
before the issuance of such certificate ol
linteil this I2ih ilavof November, 1003
18.11-08 \V. l». McOHEOOH
Urasadsr, Hiiiiian Trsasara and Boulder
Mineral I'lnlnia.
Situnte In the Slocnn  City MiniiiR Hivi-
siott of tlie West Kootenny hiitrii't
Where located-,—Between the first
and  second  north  forks of  L-emon
TAKK NOTICK thnt I, W. D. Mc*
(iregor, ai-tini* hr m-eut for Clias. l-'aas,
K.M.C. 867607, and Wm, II. Crawford,
Kree Miner's Certificate No 1157008,
Intend, sixty days Inun the data hereof,
to apply t< the mining recorder for cer*'
tilicntes of Improvement, for the purpose of obtaining Crown grunts ol lhe
fibove clnitns.
And farther tnke notice that action,
uniler lootlon I'.T, must be commenced
before the Issuance of such certificates of
Dated this LSthday of November 1908
for $18.25.
Why be without a ranee when
yon can get one so cheap? The\
are profoiTnble to stoves and civi
liett.-r satisfaction. These ranpss
hum worKl or coal anil Mill be
set up free.
Will buy Et comfort able
Cottage and two corner lots in New Denver. House contains
four large rooms, hall t
♦ and wardrobe. For J
I other particul-ir-swrite ,
Notice to Delinquent Co-owner
I To Wm. ,1. Andrews, or to hny i1""0"
or persons to whom he mny I ;'v" [r'f*'
Ii-ni'.l his inU-rcM In lhe lllsw I"1"
llioml nr.neriilcl.imi.Mluil'"1 "I'l-1']"^
ere. k an-l i-.-cairali-.l ill  lini  Ueroilo'«
ofliee for tho Blocun l liy miiihigu'*-'
Vou   nu-  hereby notified lh«» '■
Andrew Provost, K.M.C No.IW4i07.ww
cauied to bo esnendod tlie sum u ««
hundred   snd   live   «l°l-«™  '"     ''
ami luiprovomonta on the
tii nod   mineral   claim,
liolal laid claim  iimler llio  prpvt
within OOdays
vou Inii.0'
ill   oi-'lei*    .
This Snap
THE DRILL hns mad* an
arrangement with the To*
routo Mail 'Empire, so
that its weekly edition may !m*
clubbed with the forner.
New subscribers, therefore,
may obtain the Woekl*f Mail*
Linpire scknowledgBtd to Ik*
one of the liest  papers in the
Dominion amiSlocaa's la/iiil-
Ing journal, Tm Drill, from
now till .Lin. I, 1906, for the
sum of 18. With this exceptional nflVi- will lie given as n
premium, a beautiful arto-
f*ravure, entitled "The Victoria ('inSS." The picture depicts ;. iceno in the late Moor
war. dene in ten colors, and
well worth framing. Sead in
vour orders at once to
Un* Mineral Act; and II
(rom the ahite of thin llOllce
refnse, to contribute your proi
such expondlture.together with »Ji«"|j
of advertising, your Interest '".:.,
claim will become the propetty"' ^
inbscriber, under section ' '-1 ° \
entitled "An Act to amend the »""
Act, HUH)." .    , , j,y0|
Dated at Slocan, B.C., this ut W
Decembor, A.l>. 1.008. ,.,,,,vosT
4*12-03 ASPBKW YW^^
TAeorfi/,sto«in. per annum-


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