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The Slocan Drill 1902-09-19

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;- *•* i
▼OL. I"-. »••»•
SLOCAN,   B.   C,   BBPTEMBER   19,   1902.
12.00 PER ANNUM.
W« are In receipt of a large quantity of
T. D. Woodcock & Co.,
Slecan, British Columbia.
Men's Rcady-to-Wear Clothing.
We have Placed in Stock the very finest
range of Men's Suits ever shown here.
Equal to the best tailor-made and at half
the price.
Try One, - $8.00 to $23.50
W. T. Shatford & ("o.
A. YORE <fe CO.,
Dealers in Fresh and Salt
Heats, Vegetables and Provisions. Goods shipped to
any part of the Slocan.
Highest cash price paid for
raw Furs.
B. C.
Coders for all
Kinds of Job Work
Quickly Attended to:
The Drill, Slocan
The Workmanship is Good
.and Prices are Reasonable
SLOCAN,   B.  C.
Offers up-to-date accommodation for the
Public.     It is the home of Travelling,
Commercial, and Mining Men.
Is reached by any trail or road
that runs into the Town.
Do not go past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
Nothing Utyond Koatlise Husiisoas Cosnos
1'P   \g,« 1,1  wills   Sawmill fom-
liaisy   Again    Presented—Mnyor   Has
Arrangod for Halt- nf Bend*,
At Monday nights meeting; of tht
city council there were present Mayor
York, Aid, McCiUlum, Nichol, Smith
nnd Warden.
Aid. McCallum drew attention to
the fact that the draft of agreement
sent to Ontario-Slocan Lumber Co.
and the initial letter from tinm
should be spre d on the minutes.
Agreed to and tlie minutes ef the tpe*
cial meeting will be signed at the
next meeting of the board.
Correspondence read: From A. R.
McKinley, for tha John Taylor Safe
Works, wrote re safe for the city;
frem citv clerk of Rossland, asking
for copy of curfew bvlaw, which had
been sent; clerk also presented books
for inspection lie had been ordered to
get from Toronto, and letter re same,
the ledger, however, being billed at
$5 instead of $2.50.
Communication re safe was ordered
filed, an the citv was uot in a position
just now to purchase one; latter from
city clerk, Rossland. also died.
(tills presented: Carswell Co. for
books, left over; H. D. Curtis, auditing books, $.''; payroll for August,
$121.66- H. R. Jorand, copying bylaws, filing same, etc., S31.49; Pioneer Livery Stable, teaming, $21; A.
York, telegrams, $11.05. Bills referred to finance committee, except*
Ing paynill and telegram account
which were ordered paid.
Copies of the citv bylaw*, as revised and typewritten by II. il. Jorand,
worn presented to the board.
Finance committee reported in favor ol bills previously presented,
amounting to $102.22, which Included a $.r'0 grant to the band. Ordered
paid on niuiion.
Aid. McCallum wished to know re
the I'isk*- account wivU vlis* hospital!
whether the patient was to repay the
citv. Fiske intended leaving the city
shortly, and ns he had good health
lie should reco*up the council. The
inavor said lio would send the cliiel
nf police to interview the young man
on the subject.
Draft of agreement with the lumber coniuany wa* again read, for the
edification ut the mayor and Aid.
Worden. who had been absent from
the citv.
Aid. MeOalluni said ha would like
to see the city, at the next session ef
the legislature, sucOre power to acquire lands other than tor municipal
purposes. As it waa now. in the
event of lhe SS winill scheme, once cs
tabllahed, failing to continue, the site
would revert to the city, which had
nu power to hold same,
Mayor York said he had made arrangements in two different places
fur the placing of tl'.e debentures to
be raised under the proposed sawmill
bvlaw. The whole $GO0O could be
disposed of nt prices ranging from 92
to 91 and bearing not more than six
percent interest. Ile thought that
wns a very good showing Indeed, as
proving the standing of the city's
In answer to a question from Aid.
Smith, Mayor York said Frank Flct
eher had stated he was coming up to
8locan to arrange about the cemetery
site. He would examine the two
sites chosen bv the council nnd make
his choice between them.
The  board of works promised to
havr a railing imt
prise concentrator is not tlie Elmore
project, but ono that is being perfect
ed by II. E. T. Hniiltain, M.E, The
principle of the new process, however, is also grease, as applied to an
endless belt, which catches and htilds
the finer values lost by the Willley
tables. Mr, Haultaln expects to have
his new idea perfected nud patented
Charlas IV11 mm Kl.-sls.il Leader and Jelta
llsiiialosi President.
Ke opened under
tht old management.
Former customers
cordially invited to return
The Royal Hotel,
Gar. Arthar Straal aad Delano? A»««u», tloeaa.
..„.,„ „   ,      on  tlie sidewalk
near the  Mctho.list church; also ti
The Conservative convention held
at Revclstoko on Friday and Saturday was quite a harmonious affair.
About 100 delegates were present, besides Hon. Mr. Burden and party.
Charles Wilson was re-elected lender
of the party in the province, John
Houston president, and R. F Green
a member of tho executive. The
convention declared .'or the introduction of party lines at tlis next provincial election. Following is the platform adopted:
That the policy of the party in
in matters of provincial roads and
trails, ownership and control of railways, and the development of agri
cultural resourciS, as laid down in
tho platform adapted in October,
1899, is hereby reaffirmed.
That to encourage the mining industry the taxation of metalliferous
mines should be on a basis of percentage of net profits.
That the government ownership of
telephone systems should be brought
about as a first step in the acquisition of public utilities.
That a portion of every coal area
hereafter to be disposed of should be
reserved from 6ale or lease, so that
state owned mines may be easily possible if their operation becomes necessary or advisable.
That in pulp land leases provision
sliould lie made for re-foresting, and
that steps sheuld be taken fssr the
general preservation of forests by
guarding against wasteful destruction of liui her.
That the lesrislatu:--* and the {-ov
ernnvnt; of the province should persevere in their efforts to secure the
ex'-tusion of Asiatic, labor.
That the matter of better terms in
the way of subsidies and appropriations for the province should be vig-
arously pressed upon thc Dominion
That the silver lead industries of
the province tie festered nnd encouraged bv the iiiiixisition of Increased
customs duties on lead and lend pro
ducts Imported into Canada, and that
the Conservative members ofthe Do
minion house lie urged to support any
motion introduced for such purpose.
That as industrial disputes almost
invariably result in great lois and
injurv both to ths parties directly
concerned and to the public, legisla
tion should be pressed to provide
means for an amicable adjustment of
such disputes between employers and
The old platform clauses nre:
To actively aid in tho construction
of trails throughout* the undeveloped
portions of the province, and the
building of trunk roads of public necessity.
To adopt the principle of govern
ment ownership of railways in so far
ns the circumstances of the province
will admit, and the adoption of the
principle that no bonus should be
granted to any railway company
which does not give the government
ofthe province control of rates over
lines bonused, together with right »f
To actively assist by state aid in
tho development of the agricultural
resources of the province.
urday with their Twelve Mile holdings. They examined things pretty
thoroughly, tho results proving far
ahead ef their expectations. While
hero Messrs. Krapp and Wunsch displayed great aptitude in eliciting Information as to the resources of the
countrv, and expressed themselves
as being delighted with the outlook
before the campnnd the kindly treatment accorded them. As to their
own investments, they are fully satisfied and are confident of good returns. They gave assurances that
the ramifications of their several or
ganizations here would be on a large
scale in the future, realizing benefits
alike to the people and themselves.
Messrs. Wunsch and Krapp arc men
of repute in Detroit and their influence will bear very favorably for the
dry ore belt.
Black I'rince Crosscut Gets tke Ore Hody
at Depth.
The ledge has at last been encountered in the long crosscut on the
Black Prince and the results are eminently satisfactory. Sidney Norman
the manager, stated before leaving
for Spokane on Saturday that the
other wall had not yet been on-
countered and it looked as if the ledge
would be fully as wide as on the surface, which is 25 feet. On the hanging
wall six inches of galena ore mixed
with quartz had boon met with, and
five feet farther on another streak 18
inches vide had been cut. This last
carried galena free from zinc and
literally plastered with native silver
and copper pyrites,making it certain
to be high grade. Tliey were then
pushing on to thc foot wall and
hoped for another good chuto. The
gangue matter and ore streaks are
akin to the Arlington article, being
very ailicious.
When the other wall was encountered it was the intention to drift
both ways on the vein and open it up
in thorough shape, Later on the
company would instal sinking machinery and follow the ore bodies
down, so avoiding long crosscuts. A
hundred pound sample of the ore will
be tested by the Elmore oil process at
Mi*. Norman has sinee told the Spokane Review that an upraise is to be
run 127 feet, connecting the lower
with the upper workings. If the
present ore bodies prove permanent,
the mine will then be in a position to
become a steady shipper. Within
the next few weeks the property will
be surveyed, preparatory to applications for crown grant, Application
his been made to the provincial government, for a grant to improve the
trail between the mine and the Arlington wagon road, and the result
ofthe appeal will be known in a
short time. If the application is denied it is probable that all shipment*
will be held back until a new trail
ean be built to connect with the present government road down Six Mile
creek. This will make Nelson the
headquarters for operations, will eb-
viate tho necessity of crossing the
divide between Lemon and Springer
creeks, and will give the advantage
of an outlet accessiblo to both the.
(treat Northern and Canadian Pacific
Mr. Norman expresses himself as
more than satisfied with the result of
recent development and believes that
the Black I'rince is now on a fair way
to make a big mine.
Last Tsar's Ship-meats Wars HUM Tunis -
A llsaltltjr fcvisleus-e of tha Lira aad
Waaltli of tha Camp-Arlington the
Biggest Shipper.
Ore shipments for the weok are
the lowest from the camp for some
time. Only 80 tons was exported, of
which the Enterprise sent 20 tuns ef
concentrates to Trail, The Arlington
shipped GO tons to thc Nelson works.
The outlook is not favorable to heavy
shipments being made till winter
comes, when the Black Prince, Bondholder, Exchange and Republic will
enter the list. To date shipments
total 4705 tons.
For 1900 the exports from this division amounted to 2847 tons, made
up from 10 properties. Last year
thc exports totalled 0529 tons, irom
14  properties.    Following   ia a full
list "ot the shipments this yeur
Arlin|ton  60             2H00
Enterprise  20             1760
Ottawa  7
Neepawa  101
May  S
Paystreak  m
Duplex  7
Fourth of July  II
Florence - I
Speculator  4
Hampton  4
80 4705
root out some stumps iu
block 1.
Council adjourned.
the alley of
_________________________________   JAS. ____\
Building thoroughly renovated                                       Proprietor!
and re st-cked with the best   —        ~~
Fruit, Confectionery, Tobacco
kept fresh and well assorted.   We -^ |lt>
A.C"SS^ket ^CAN
H.iii.lU.il.Irs- Man Ore.
W. Harvey, who has a lease on the
Bondholder) has that property looking pretty well. When the first!
lessees quit thoy left ore in the floor
ofthe. drift for 210 feet, with a fair
amouni in tin* breast. The late Sam
Hockaday commenced a crosscut under his lease of last winter to strike
the lead farther below, but death intervened ere ho accomplished it.
Harvey has continued it and last
week broke into the ledge. He hns
also started another drift on the lead
below the crosscut and has oro in
sight. The ledge has widened to
eight feet, with an eight inch pay
streak of 270 oz ore, Harvey has a
depth of 110 feet on ihe vein to Steps
out and he will shortly engage men
to break down ore. lie now has half
a carload in the bins ready for shipment. R 0, Campbell-Johnston, the
owner, expects tho Bond holder to
ship 10 or 15 carloads of ore  next
A New Treatments
lt. turns out thnt the supplementary
process being  installed at thcFnter-
-sVaisli Bine Or... -
Thomas Jones, representing a zinc
smelting outfit in Iola, Kansas,visited
the Wakefield group, on Four Mile
creek, during the week, and on Saturday went up to the Fnterprise
minej on Ten Mile. His mission is
to secure a supply of zinc ores for his
works arid to that end is contracting
with all the mines in the Slocan having the desired article. His negotiations are meeting with favor from
the mine owners, as it enables them
to get rid ot wliai lias been considered a negative product. The prices
obtained from the Kansas works are
much better than from Belgium and
no penalty is charged for an excess
of silver values.
Miners continue scarce through
the country.
Last week the Sandon mines shipped 250 tons of ©re. j*     ,
Work On the Mabou and Ohio has
ceased for the "-easoe.
The force on the Meteer baa beear
slightly increased during the week.;;
Jas.Campbell has charge of a gang
repairing the trail on the upper end
of Ten Mile.
The grading on the Republic wagon road has been finished, the rock
work alone remaining.
Six inches of galena has been opened up in a crosscut on tha Maud E,
one ofthe Noble Five group.
The management expects any day
to break into the ore chutes on the
Bell and Republic claims of the Republic group.
In August tbe Whitewater milled
3929 tons of ore, yielding 218 tons of
concentrates. The profit for tlie
month was $4092.
John L.Retallack sent a Chinaman
up to cook at the Washington and
tlie men all came down the hill. No
men can be hired to eat the Chink's
Wm. Lardner, of Deadwood, South
Dakota.owner ofthe Kalispell group,
on Ten Mile, was visiting the eamp
during the week. Ho was conferring
with Al Teeter regarding the lease
held by the latter on the Kalispell.
Will aid thf* Sawmill.
1'erale Troulsls* Passad Over.
Moro Detroit visitors.
Charles Dempster arrived in on
Friday With two more ol his associates frem Detroit. They were Ernest
Krapp, who is Interested In the Ra-
pnlilic, Sapphire and May properties,
and Henry WnnS-Jll.an attorney, who
holds c nsldsrable stock In the Sapphire.   It was the lirst visit the gen
At tbe solicitation of the city council, Supt. Downlo came up from Nelson Wednesday, to inspect the site of
the proposed sawmill, with a view to
George F Dauyhcrty president of I ^^thZ^^aZmZ
District No. (.. W.P. of M., tells thej McCallum, Mr.Downie went all nver
Phoenix I'ioneer that he has it on the] the ground, and then stated the C.P.
verv bc6t of authority that the Crow's i R would do all In its power to en-
Nest Pass Coal Co. will live up to the! eouraK« «nd assist the sawmill ranter-
*. , . prise. 1 hey could not give up the
Inter of the agreement to go back to, J.* ,)t of * 0V(.r blook •*-*-■ but thev
die old system of time and wages at I wou)d ,(.,se' thc „ottnd to the iniU
the end of the present arrangement, |       la for K non.ina| 8UIU.   Tni,re
in October, if the coal minors 80 de i
sire. Manager Tonkin made this!
statement without reservation to the |
smeltermen, who wished to know
positively whether they could depend
on getting a continuous supply of
coke. Otherwise they would not
have resumed operations. In regard
to importing men from Pennsylvania
which it is thought would only make
trouble, Mr. Dougherty showed a
letter from the secretary of the Terms' Miners' Union, stating that there
was absolutely no truth in tlie report.
Dog Poisoner at Work.
Mondav morning there was some
feeling shown up town over tlm fact
[of a number of dogs having been
poisoned during the previous night.
W. Davidson lost his English terrier
Hilly, Bobby Allen mourned for poor
jold Uilry, and .Mrs. Tutcher grieved
for her pretty canine
■ ins: man »ib*.v v..v-,.,.. ,„. ..... ,   _        It Was ads*
tlonieii had inado to these parts and ; apicable act, the more so because the
thev Same for the purpose of making j poisoned animals were considered
n personal inspection of their invest- valiitble. The trinity partv, If tap-
ments. Friday afternoon thoy visit- prehended, should be severely pun-
ed the Republic and then spent Sat-1 ished.
would be no difficulty about the sidings, as the railwav would put a
gang of men on grading just ns soon
as asked for. Thc C.P.R. bad had
overtures made to them from rival
sites up the lake, hut they preferred
to sue the sawmill located at Slocan,
as it would be more convenient for
the railway people in every way.
The C.P. stood ready to aid the citizens wilh its power and influence to
make the sawmill  project a success.
Goosl Ore oa Uso Kxohange.
Some very fine ore is being broken
down at the Kxchange, a great deal
of native silver having made its appearance. The geld values aro also
increasing, much of the ore going as
high as $80. Three men are employed underground and tbey bave five
tons of ore sacked and ready for
shipment. It will net tako lor.g to
fill out the car.
During August the O.P. land sales
amounted to 130,723 acres for 8473,-
064.85. against only 50,717 acres for
$165,871,16 a year ago. BOWSERAFTEB.ROOTS
I  i'
lie does Ont to Uo Soma Dinulnu ansl
Until.-*. With is Farmer— Latter Is
Convinced Tlsnt the Searcher'a Actions  Are  Suspicions.
[Copyright, 1902, by C. B. Lewis.)
IT was n morning of glad sunshine
nnd soft skies and singing birds,
but  Mr.   Bowser got   up  feeling
logy.    At breakfast he hnd  little
appetite, nnd he drugged his legs ns hn
went up stairs, nud Mrs. Bowser linn!
ly said:
"1 think you ought to let up on smok
Ing tor a week or so and get the nico
line out of your system."
"Whnf hns smoking to do with It?*
he at once demanded.
"I think you smoke t„o much. It
may be, however, that you huve grown
too fat ngnln."
"Too fat ngnln! When wns I ever too
fnt before?   There isn't nn ounce of ex-
tro fat on me, and you know It. You
seem to want to pick n fuss this morning."
"I don't wish tluit. of course, but if I
were you I'd get n ionic or something.
I'm quite sure your blood is out of or-
Mr. Bowser looked ut his tongue ln
the glass over the mantel, dallied with
n pimple on his chin and finally turned
und observed:
"Wbat's tho mntter with me is thnt
spring ls bere, nnd I need an old fashioned tonic made of roots. It's worth
forty times anything a doctor can pr»>
seribo. I used to always dig the roots
for mother wben 1 was a boy. She
made a sort of beer of It, and It wns
the greatest thing for tbe blood you
ever saw."
"Well, you might engage a farmer to
dig you 3ome roots," suggested Mrs.
Bowser. though feeling certain in advance of bis answer.
"I think I see myself! I don't cnre to
dlo of poison Just yet. Whnt I propose
lo do Is to tako the day off anil go out
nrtor my own roots. 1 wart dandelion,
snrsnpnrllla. sassafras, sweet sleily
spieebush and several otber kinds, nnd
tlie walk will nlso do nie gootl I can
show thc cook how to ina Up a keg of
beer, nnd It'll be the thing for lioHi of
"Very well, but of course you'll be
careful. It Is many yea's since yon
were a boy."
"Yes, n thousand or more," he sar
castlcally replied after a glare at b-r.
"If you didn't tnke advantage of every
possible occasion to en 11 nn* a rede of
lhe Mayflower, you wouldn't be happy. Bowever, If I don't bnppen to
know snrsapnrllln from thistle I'll tnke
the consequences."
Mrs. Bowser hnd nothing further to
sny, while the cnt sat up with a solemn look on her face, and Mr. Bowser
donnesl an old suit of clothes nntl got
ii basket und a spade nnd Blurted out
on bis trip. He looked quite bappy as
be fairly got started, nnd he paid '-o
attention to the two or three wicked
boys who yelled ufter him anil wanted
to know if be was going out to dig for
woodobuoks. A yellow car was soon
speeding hlin countryward, and bis
logy feeling wns quickly replaced by a
ptcnlcky one. lie enjoyed every rao
ment of tbe run to the terminus, and
He woultl bavo gone on looking for
bluebirds if the conductor hadn't poked
his nose In. He was n mnu working
for $1.(18 a day and consequently had
no sentiment nbout him
"You don't expect to Hnd clams out
this way. do you'.''' he asked ns Mr
Bowser pot olT tbe eitr
"Who snld I did?" was tbp reply
"Nobody. I only 'wined sn from
your looks. You'll hr disappointed
old man. I'scil in be million's nl t in
roosting In tbe in'."*. Inn nu rpHletiili
of whooping cough hii'i« muim i'ii-
choked >m to dentb tun iniolii run
Qown n mud turtle, though. If your
wind Is gootl."
Mr. Bowser wns hopping niatl In n
minute, nnd ho put down basket nnd
spade witli the Idea of punching the
man's head. Then be suddenly realized
thnt It wns ull Mrs. Bowser's fnult nu'l
that be'd make her pay for ii when be
g<* home, ;iiitl he picked up bis utensils
nnd Journeyed on. spring was certainly at bund. He saw robins flirting,
and he found miidhulvs twenty feet
across. He saw lambs frisking and fell
oft ii fence and split his coat up the
back. The buds were bursting into
blossom and the niendows tatting on a
vivid green, but these things were
somewhat offset by an old one* horned
cow running lilin nlong the highway
for n quarter of u mile and splashing
bim with mud from head to heel. It
was only after nu hour's walk that Mr.
Bowser gained the primeval forest. It
was primeval because there wns us
much ns three acres of it, nnd the
acres were under mortgage altogether
nnd under wnter to n large extent.
However, It was in the primeval forest
tbat bo used to dig rools when he was
n bounding boy, nnd He looked iiround
him with expectancy. The mud dried
on his eyebrows und the wnter squashed out of his shoes ns lie searched
iiround, but he didn't permit those
trilling Incidents to Interrupt the harmony of tbe occasion. It wns only
when be paused belore u milkweed
pluut that wus getting ready for a
spring boom tbat be began to doubt his
knowledge of rootolog.v. He was digging It up to see whether It wns sarsa-
pnrilln or sweet flag when tbe old
farmer wbo owned the primeval, subject to mortgage, cniue that way looking for a stray hog.
"What ye lookin' for?" be queried,
with suspicion In his tones.
"Boots." brusquely replied Mr. Bowser—"roots to mnke a spring beer for
the blood."
"And   do   ye   want   milkweed   and
skunk's cabbage  to make yer tonic?
Them's the only kind ns grows around
here.   Who be ye anyhow?"
"My.nnme is Bowser."
"I   never  heard  of It  before,  hut 1
don't like tbe sound of It.   Sounds like
the name of n mnn who'd steal hogs.
I I'd be mud: obleegt-tl to ye If ye'd root
! yerself out of this."
"1 want to tint! some spring roots."
j protested Mr. Bowser us he choked bis
j anger  back;  "snrsupnrillii.   spi'-ebnsh,
sassafras and so forth.   You must bave
heard of root beer.    Our mothers used
to mnke It for the blood, yon kno>v."
"Y'es, I may liev." replied the farmer,
"but I've also beard of hog thieves.
I've missed a spotted hog, nntl If ye've
stole him I'll fol Ier ye to stnte prison."
"Sny, you old pudding bend, do you
mean to Insult Hie?" shouted tbe rool
seeker ns be boiled over ut last.
"Git outer my woods or It'll be tbe
wuss for ye!"
"I won't do It!"
"Then I'll make ye!"
Thore wns a mortal combat. The
farmer wns the oldest und hnd n bow tc
his back, but Mr. Bowser was the fat
.'est and bad less wind. It was an even
tiling for live minutes, nnd thou Mr.
Bowser got up and climbed tbe fence
ind started for home, leaving spade and
basket and the farmer behind. Ho brd
been rolled in the soft niiiok. uud be
bad been rolled In the ponds of water.
"snd at 4 o'clock in the afternoon a dilapidated, dejected something appeared
iu tbe front ball of the Bowser innu-
aion without having rung the bell.
Mrs. Bows°r looked at It, and tlie cat
looked at it. and while they wore still
peering nnd wondering it suddenly ut-
U'totl these words:
"Woman, your murderous plot bas
been laid bare in all its wickedness,
and ynu and 1 will have a settlement
this evening!"
Then it dragged itself up stairs, and
the cat winked nt Mrs. Bowser und
Mrs. Bowser smiled iu return.
1 nsnspes-llise   Victim.
The Mosquito—After you, my dear
Alubouse.—New York Journal.
A  Question of Notes,
"Ys-s, sir." saisl the man with a
frnyed coiinr, "that land is worth Si.-
•Silo, a foot, aud only u year ago I could
have bought it for a song."
"i'.ut you conldn't sing, oh?" cackled
the funny man.
The man with tho frayed collar eyed
111 in distantly and haughtily aud replied in cold, cutting tones:
"Oh, I could sing, but I couldn't get
the right notes!"
And the funny umn looked as crushed
ns nn overripe strawberry at the bottom of the basket—Exchange.
Must Have  rii.Hiulii Her olsl.
Miss Clara—I declare I was uever so
Insulted in my Ufe.   Oh, bow I bate
hi in!
Miss Angle—Whom?
Miss Clara—That young snip of n
Miss Angle—What lias lie done?
Miss Clara—Why, he asked me this
nfter noon if I thought thero was much
difference between Ibe people ten yours
ago uml DOW,   .lust thiol-    ii n years!
I'ii»sl>   Atl]usls*il.
"I  have come to tbe city wltb my
sum. who is about to enter the law
School, Tin- tlrst thing is to lind n
boarding place. Do you know any
place thnt you can recommend?"
"Well, no; not m-iir the law school
But I know u gootl placo Hear tlie Hied
leal school."
"Indeed.    Then I'll have him study
111 I'll i I'i III!."
Iliisil   lss   Satisfy.
Sin* - You will love mo always, won't
you. deal if ,
Hi*   Always, diirllng.
she (pptulantlyi—Oh—
He—Wbnt lu the world Is the matter?
She— Wby on earth dou't you sny
twice as long ns always?
| A Saving
Copyright, lan-i,
r   By the 8. S. McOltire Company
"You did lt ou purpose"—
"Believe me, nothing was further
"I shall never believe a mnn so long
ns I live"—
The bands fumbling with tbe entangled skates closed convulsively over
the gleaming stool of the smaller pair.
"The trouble was that you never did
believe In blm really. You were always unjust"—
Ills voice was low nnd tense. The
girl drew nslde Impatiently.
"Mr. Ludlow, will you kindly disentangle those skates, or ut leust let
us step out of people's wny."
Her chocks wore alia ine. Noll
Priestly bad Just leaned over the side
of her cutter to gnzo nt llieni curiously, stflUliing thus beforo the I'nlnce
"I am doing niy best," came the humble reply, lie Jerked off one glove,
antl Helen could not refrain from glancing down at his long, shapely baud,
with tho seal ring she had given hlin
the Christmas just after their engagement was announced. He had not scut
It back with the other things.
Tlio two pnlrs of skates swung apart,
but he kept close to her side.
"As long us we've gone this fnr-1
moan—or—we've been seen together
sgnln—1 might ns well walk with you.
1 tnke It we nre bound for the same
place, tbe park."
Helen stared straight ahead.
"I believe you did It on purpose," she
remarked irrelevantly.
"1 couldn't." he responded, knowing
full well whnt she mennt. "It woultl
tnke months of practice to entangle u
pair of skaios like thai Just in passing
you. and you've given tue no chance to
got that near you lu—how many mouths
Is it. Helen?"
She ignored tbe question.
"But you came Into the store on purpose"-
"Vain child! I needed some potnsh
tablets for niy throat."
"But." sbe persisted, "you did not
discover the fact until you caught my
eye across my cup of hot chocolate,
and then you hesitated."
"So you acknowledge that you wore
watching me?    Well, that Is a hopeful
Tlse   l.uracst   Insect.
Tho stick insect of Borneo, tho Inr
gost insect known, Is sometime! thirteen Inches long, it Is wingless, but
some species of slick Insects have
beautiful colored wings thai fold like
not understand that It was for you. nil
for you."
Thoy had reached the lake In tbo
park. Helen sunk moobiinlcally on the
froxen bank anil with tlie old .•hlld.sh
gesture banded him her skates, Il>'
fastened tbem with bonds thut trem
"Cun't you understand. HelenV"
Still she sat staring dumbly across
the glittering expanse of Ice to the
woodland with Its glistening, ghostly
trees. Never hail he talked like this
before, and the scales had fallen from
bor eyes with it suddenness I tutt toll
ber fairly dazzled. No: she had never
understood blm. He bail soomoil to
take their engagement so lightly, lie
had hurt her again ami again with his
perpetual Joking, lt had all been so
serious u matter with her, and she hinl
thought be placed too light nn estimate
on her love because— because— well, no
sane man should treat lightly so sort
ous an atlllcilon as a retrousse nose.
Sbe rose and poised gracefully on
ber skates. Ludlow stretched out his
bauds, and her own cuddled Into his
conllsllngly. Across the lake tbey spoil,
looking straight Into each other's eyes.
"You understand uie belter now.
Helen." he pleaded. "Toll tne, dear.
that you believe I loved you always" -
8be really wanted to reply In the
"Y'es" he longed to boar, but It was a
novel experience to see blm so deadly
lu earnest.   She shook her head slight
"Ob. Lester, you've not been practicing law In vain! As a pleader you're
A pained look came into bis Inmost
eyes. Ills clasp on her hands loosened
and with a coquettish glance sho shot
away from blm. Sbe shouted some
tblng over ber shoulder, but he lost tlie
words in a sharp, ominous crackle ot
wenk Ice. Tbere was a shrill scream,
and a second later he was cllt'llna
round a black bole where u crimson
Tain O'Sbauter bnd disappeared.
•        ••••••
They est by tbe park keeper's flro.
wrapped In strange, unsightly gur-
moots. Tbelr bost had bustled out In
to bis bachelor kitchen to brow a hot
Helen faced Ludlow abruptly. Then-
were dai!: circles under ber eyes uml
ber chin quivered pathetically as sho
"Lester, dear, dli you bear what I
called to yon Just before" —
"No," be said moodily. "A man
drenched to the skin Is not susceptible
to coquetry."
She continued bravely:
"I said that 1 knew you loved me always better than 1 deserved. Yes. I
salt! that, dearest before you Jumped
In after me. You believe me. don't
He looked Into ber eyes. Thoy glowed softly, tenderly. He took her In tils
"God bless you, girlie, nnd those
UK    1'ASTIiXKl)    Ull:   HKATI'S  WITH   I1AN0S
symptom. Somehow lately when we've
met I've felt that you saw nothing but
"Do stop raking over dead ashes,
"Are tbey really dead. Helen? Isn't
there Just tbo least little spark still
burning?" This was not banter. Ile
was thoroughly In csrnest.
"You must know that I love you;
that I loved you even when you doubted tne. Ami you were so unreason*
able.   You would not lot me explain"—
Sho glanced at blm critically, he
thought colslly.
"You have survived the episode excellently.    You are looking very well."
There was Just a suggestion of a
sob In her voice. People had said thnt
Helen had fnllon off considerably In
tbo Inst few months.
"Yes, I havo honestly tried to forgot
my disappointment. I hove Worked
hard. The gotl Mammon has rewarded
mo better than did the little fellow to
whom I formerly paid my devotions."
"1-1 thought wc—you—were very
happy while it lasted."
"Happy and yet miserable. Helen,
can't you sec that your lack or faith,
your fooling thnt I ills! not prove my
devotion to you, were torture to me?
You could not or would not understand my temperament. Because I did
not tell you every timo wo met that
you wore tbe most adorable woman
(■oil had ever mado, that I COUld not
IIvo without you nnd all tlie rest of the
childish, pretty compliments mon pay
to a certain sort of woman you snld I
did not love you, and yet in a hundred
wuys I showed you tluit you wore thc
ono woman in the world to mo. I
never called on nny other girl-no,
donr, not even since you broke our en-
gngeniont. I haunted your home until
I wns nshsmcsl to look your fut her In
the fnoo. I tried to show you I bul I
Deeded you every lioui of my life. I
gnve up my pipe because you did not
liko It. I cut tbo Athletic club because
you objected to tbat gang uf follows.
But becnuso I did not announce my
reasons from tbe housetops you did
Moot Point ot Law.
An English writer gives u good ex
ample of those quibbles In legal prno
tlce thut have n sort of fusclliullon foi
certain minds. Some years ago. while
traveling on the continent, be met tbe
principal lawyer for tbe government ot
one of the principalities, who told bim
of n curious legal question It bad rot'
erence (o a rallwuy station at the
boundary between two principalities.
Some one standing outside tbo win
dow of the ticket office bud put his
hand through ami robbed tbe till Inside.
The boundary line lay between whore
Ibe thief stood and tbo till, so thut bv
was actually in one territory while the
crime was committed ln the other
Here was a nico not for the gentlemen
learned in tbe law to crack. Wblcb
of the principalities should undertake
the prosecution of the culprit?
At It tbey weut In gootl earnest, nud
tbo arguments on either side wore long
and vehement tin tbo whole case was
embalmed in many volumes. At last
one side yielded so far as to sny:
"We will permit you, as an act ol
courtesy, to prosecute, while at tbo
same time reserving all our sovereign
At this point of the rccltul the Eng
lish mini asked, "And bow did tbe pros
edition end?"
"Ah, tbat Is quite another mntter!'
said bis friend. "There wns no prose
ration; we were only arranging, wbai
we should do when we caught Ihe rob
ber, but we uever caught Id in."
Too   KITes-llv*.
The German proprietor of a sawmill
In n Mlnnosotn lown used for fuel lbs
refuse from the lumber, Tbo fuel cost
nothing, but It took four meu to pro
vide It, because tbe machinery was oltl
An agent for mill machinery permed
ed tbe (Jorumn to put In now equip
ment wblcb would reduce tlie amount
of fuel one-half. It looked like a good
proposition, snys tbe Duluth News
Tribune, ond the agent, sure of success
called on the German after the iiiiichin
ery bod boon liisinllesl, expecting to bo
congratulated. But the (ierinan gave
blm a gloomy slurs-.
"Wbat's the mutter? Doesn't tbe ma
cblnery do all I claimed ror UV" asks-d
the agent.
"Ya. but I overlooks somotlngs."
"What wns that?"
"Veil. It dakos only dwo men lo linn
die de fuel, but ii llilkt'S do udder twt
men to haul avay mii vo didn't use po
fere und a team pesldes."
A   Mllllnr*-   Ossiihl.
"Did yon see a boy about my size
round the corner?" a boy Inquired of nn
elderly gentleman who was passing.
"Yes. I boliove I did," wild tlie num.
"Did he look ngly?"
"I didn't notice."
"Did lie look sen rod?"
"I don't know.   Why?"
"Why. I board be wns around thoro
and I don't know nrbelber lie wants n
lick uie or whether bos arruld I'm go
Ing to lick blm.   Wish I did."
llr.Tttj  >•••>•   '•*"'-  irolness, Tims, tluir*
astlrriso.l lord  Klie*i**i"*r'a • p. .cli .*..--
rrpllllll I reesl .sis >>f-ssssllss.sssis ,„•
When tlie freedom of the Town of
Southampton wus tendered to 1 ord
Kitchener the victorious i\*eii':ul delivered a little speech, whi'h ls a
..em of modesty and thoughtful ness
for his men.    It is worth quoting In
"I am very proud of the great honor you have conferred upon mc in
presenting me with the freedom ot
this flourishing city. 1 fool sure that
the army will recognize it ns titom-
plimoilt and us tin expression s)f that
kiivil welcome that 1 am sure you aro
nvxlous to give them on thoir return;
My first duty on landing is to express the heartfelt thanks of the noncommissioned officers and men to
their countrymen and countrywomen
who Im s- subscribed so generously to
assist ami support their families
while they huve been awuy. The men
will lil.o me to add that they are
grateful to those ludies who have visited their people, written letters tolling them how I hey have bs-oii getting
on. and have curried tbem news ol
their doings in the Held. The noncommissioned officers and men huve
their own special anxieties und responsibilities iu time of wur; und I
assure you that it tightens their cure
nnd helps them to go cneerfully
through all they huve to do lo feel
that if nny thing happened to them
thi pain that would be suffered by
tin* dour ones ut home woultl be tempered, if such pain can be tempered,
by the comforting and sympathizing,
who I hey fes-1 sure would look utter
those whom tbey leavo behind. You
will now have the pis-using opportunity of seeing many of those men returning Joyfully to their homes, un 1
I hope you will remember Lord llo*
belts' eloquent appeal and let your
kindne/s take a non-alcoholic direction, l also u-s-l confident that ctnj loy-
ers of labor will not leave those re-
servists who hu*.e slone so much for
the honor and glory of ths-ir country;
for, after all. ladies anil gentlemen,
is is through tin- tank and die of the
nnny that the nation now has the
joy of securing u peaceful conclusion
of the war. 1 am very glad to congratulate you,  Air   Mayor,    and the
people of Southampton upon  the ' ery
efficient way In which this splendid
port bus fulfilled all the mllitaty requirements for putting an army In
the field some 7,DUO miles away.
Considering the vast number ssf men
nntl the amount of material that bus
passed through this port, and the
enormous spe i il claims that have
been made upon it. l consider that
Iho result bus been nothing less then
wonderful; and 1 feel sure that you
will be pleased to think that we at
thc front have appreciated the ef-
foits which-you have made, and l am
anxious to give you my grateful
thanks. My time is very short, so I
will tint say any more than thank
vou very much for special kindness,
and beg you to convey to the people
siutsisii. tho hull  niy appreciation of
the   warm   Welco    they   lui*.e   given
nn* on mv coming homo.
Ilsf   , ,, ir..r.s ssss.s the crown,
in those days when the camera
misses lio'h'ng, it may seem hardly
credible that tbere is only ot/i king
in the world «ho has been pholo-
gc.v; h tl wearing his crown. Yel it
is sis. King Oscar of Sweden lathe
exception. No more democratic king
Bits mi u thrbne than he. and his memo rs. which be is writing for posthumous publicist is ii, will probably be
mora appreciated t v ordinary fol'<
than tho memolia of royalty usually
arc. They will tell, no doubt, of
K r»t Oscar's dn ier with the sailors
nt V.o.-t Indi.t Mocks, whin, iall-
n; by limn-o ,ii the Temple Homo,
as the dinner hell rang. His Majesty asked leave to sll down wiih lhe
mm and talked with Engl Ith, Oer-
ttinii. Norwoignn. Swedbh nmi Dane,
i:i   b   in  his o« i,   Is li:* is*      W'' Shall Ik*
i,.id   too,  perhaps   on lha authority
,,i h- Kin,' himself, of lis muting
with M (loston I'otiiii'i'. the .iinous
: oliini* I.   win.' I   ' h ■   Kin |   met   It i'iiii
i.ii.g n.-nr Stockholm v.h n ont him-
sell nu ii similar occupation. Their
mutual iiiidi'si led in conversation
mid M, Bonnier, nol recognizing the
King, suggested a lunch nt Ihe Inn
"N,,: tone home wiih me," moI
Kiig Osui". rn I as ilis-.v reached the
pnluCe gate. Iho famous botun'sl realizing th* identity uf his frl n1, begged a thousand pardons and became
reluctant lo mter "I'm sorry," said
ihs Majesty, "but I hap]en t i be
ih ■ l< ing of Ibis count rj . and Ills is
i he oi,'\   i Ince  I 've co'   lo out """■ n'n
l|iybi>.l*i   sn "      M     !'- ii'ner V.;|. ul  bis
■ •■i*»-, nn i ; ho i v n «• ii    In • nd laU -
d     I ni any    lot    Ih.-   rest  ol   th' ultci-
i,o. n
1'" recent |tt.
I isss '       <s       -I..U-S    - ■ .!•■-.
English Spoilt fug rounliics have
In ir ihlTi'i Pill mile i he oi tlinaty
nub- of S,2Hi) fool snid the ii fraph-
I nl null- of i'i.li -i i lei t, mal ing a difference of siiiss i ono-KoVetith between
the two; tin ii i here are the Scotch
mils- of .-),'.in*: i ei nnd tho Irish mile
rn'   li.T'Ju    fool    four   i ail ius   miles,
overy o if which  Is sii I    in    uu.
Then almost every loiinlry bus Its
own standard mile, Tile Itomuns laid
their   mil     passim m,     1 titio   pa, s.
which    i i   have been about    I,nun
feat in length 'ihe German mile today Is 24,,118 feel m l,.nKih, more
than iiiui and ti hall i linos us li-i a
us ours. The Dutch, Unnisli mid
Prussian mllo Is 18,4411 foot, (litre
nnd a hall I Imes as long as ii.us,
and lhe Su i n i.ii niolo oxer is.- iii
walking one ol their mtlPH than wo
got iii walking five mllos, for Unir
mile is '.), 168 yards long,
A  't isltlnH |.   ,.,
An  I'ngli.-h  | nper  (el's a  sti ry   of
■<  rhlldn u'*. thoatrlcn's    A  party
of children were giving „ tfttla drainn
o) Ihclr ou,,, in n-hlrli courtships and
w.-.li!,i,gH  P'-ftcd  u lci'lng    par,    ln
""'    I'1"''        While    the     ty       wa-      ,
in..gross    o..n    ol ihe "-frown  ,l|ls-
w.-n.   behind   lhe r-renes and  round   a
very small girl sluing In the cornor
•Why aro you  lofi  0utl" ho said.
'Aron t you pliij Iny  t,,,,-!"
"£*■■ !.';'.' ""! ''" '"" " <"""•   lhe
ho'i'LosI- -     ^        ' b"''y  WUUill«   lo  W
A ns.ns.nt tss ras-ineih.
Tho benoiits that will
result to runners from the
corporation of the International n,
vaster company, which took overth
business ol tho flvo leading harveats*8
manufacturers havo probably ,/',
been considered by a Urge portion ul
farming community.
Tho economical necessity ul a cou.
solidation of tho interests uf rnanu-
facturers and thoso of their   farme,"
customers must be upparent to
one who understands the present sit-
Tho increased and increasing cost
of material, manufacturing and Belling—the latter in consequence ol extreme and bitter competition betwaen
manufacturers and their several sell,
ing agents—hus made the business un-
The two alternatives left for ulc
mnniifucturors wero either the increasing of tlio prices of machines ur
the reduction of the cost of munu'ac.
turo und sales. The latter could only
be accomplished by concentrating the
business in ono company.
As cun readily lie seen, the Forming
of the now company was not a stud
jobbing operation but a centering 0f
mutual interests. Thero is uo watered stock: the capitalization is con*
'.ervutive and represented hy actual
unit tangible assets. Thore Is nu
stock offered to tho public, it huiinij
all been subscribed and paid for hy
tlio nuiniifuctiirers and their associates!
'iho management ot the Intcinational Harvester Company is in the
bunds of well known, experienced
The officers nro ' President. Cyrus
II. McCormick; Chairmun Kxecutlve
Committee, Charles Deorlng; Chairman Finance Committee, Ueorga ll
Perkins; Vice-Presidents, Harold F
McCormick, .lames Peering, Wm. II
Jones nnd John J, (Jlessner ; Secretary und Treasurer, Richard f Hum.
The members of the board ol directors ure us follows ' Cyrus llontloy,
William Peering, Charles Deorlng,
James Peering, Eldridge M. fowler,
K. II. t'ary, John J. QlOBsoer, Richard Vi Howe, Abram M. Hyatt, Wil-
linin 11. Jones, Cyrus II. McCormick,
Harold V. McCormick, Qeorge \l
Perkins, Norman B. Ream, Leslie ti
Ward,  Paul 11.  Cravath.
Tho International  Harvester   Cow-
pany owns five   of   the largest harvester plants in existence, The t'lmiu-
pion,   Peering,    McCormick,    Milwau*]
keo nnd Piano—plants thut have been
producing nearly or quite 9<i percent]
of   tho   harvesting machines of    the |
It also owns timber und coal land)
blast  furnaces and u steel plant :    ill
has a  new  factory  in process uf construction in Canada.
It is bolieved that the cost of producing grain, grass and corn harvi-M.-
ing machines Will be so reduced lV.ul
tho present  low  prices can  bo cisiitiu-
ued,   und   that  consequently   the   re
suits cannot  be otherwise than  bene
lirinl    to   the    farmer.   To maintain
tho present prices of these machines
moans  to  continue  and  increase    the
development ol the agriculture ot the
world,  for no one cause has contrils-
uted  or rati  contribute moro to this
development   than   tho cheapness   of
machines  for harvesting grains
An litt.rcs.tlnK Ts*sti-lier.
Ths* slssinliils* w.is trying tu cipllBJ
tbe Darwinian th ory to his class uirJi
De observed tluil thoy were nol i -
proper attention "Hoys." be bH
"when I ii in tr.tliig to explain to jstl
the peculiarities of tho motiltoy I wi**4
you would look right nt uie."
I.ravr   It   Out.
There   ts   but   ono   art—to  omit   I
would   ask   uo  oilier  knowledge.   •*
mnn   who  know   how   lo simit   would
itiiihs- un "Iliad" of a daily pup-r--!'•
L. Stevenson
Thero never was, and never v.Ill !"• *
unlvsrsal panaeea, In one remedy, furs"
ills to which flesh Is heir—the .cry n«-
ture of many curatives beinsj such this.
wero the Rcrms of olher asssl ililK'rent.v
seativl sliseases rooted In the system oi
the patient—what would relieve OH W
In turn would aseravate the otlii*i »'
have, however, ln Quinine Wine *■■
obtainable ln sound, uaadulterateil f'"1*,
a rsnnedy for many and grievous ills ">'
Its crmltial end judicious use tin- l™11'
est systems are lad Into rnnvalesence
and strength by the influent's- which Q**""
nine exerts on nature's own rsstoratl*/*
It relieves the drooping- spirits s.f tne"
with whom a chronic stale or monw
despondency and lack of Interest I" "''
is a disease, and, by tranquill'itii! ,n"
nerves, disposes to sound anil rs*frs*Hhins.
sleep imparts vlsror to the action of m'
Itlood, which, taunts' stimulated, rutins--".
through the veins, strengthenlnc ule
healthy animal functions nf the lySUJ"
thereby making sctlvlty a BMSSlir] "
•ult. strengthening the frame, ami s'vl"'
life to the dlgsstlve organs, which '»■*"'
rally demand Increased su island'-resin ■
Improved aiuietltc. Northrop A Ivin"1
of Toronto, have given to the pUDl«
their superior Quinine Wine at the VAW
rate, and, giniirsil by the oplalOO_
scientists, this nine anoroarlies in'""*1'
perfection of any In the market »"
druggists  sell  lt.
riajfsii Honkers.
Apes and gorillas nro usually VlcloOi
nnd resentful and loss addicted to ploy
ful tricks tliafi the coiniiuu tnonke"/.
Indeed ihe ino.d.oy. ns we ull know, 1
a trickster both la his wild nntl ao-
meitlc stnte.    In thoir witlw' l"1'1''
tbey spend hours in swinging from tM
br.-inolios of troos. suspended by H"1
tails,   and   chntloi Ing   nnd   (tTl>D"cl™
With evident signs of delight-    ll'1"
boldt n lions seeing over » l,ant-fv
so employed In n South American f"r*
tiolt  tu   lll.si.ss*   Tor  Her I,s.sss*llns*««-
A  Usher mnn noticed n lonely ■""J
sitting nu n rota* at North ■■prff'
knitting, und remarked to his 'I'1"1'11'
Ioni •'Tluit's n lonesome lookin" ffU
mini.   She slls on that rook "' """-v..","„*
knlttln', sho novel' ipenks i<> n "*
sowl; un mild ttlilId, I suppose.''
"Auld multir ri piled Iho Other. •
bor: I keil her tilld. Ui r '»«"B
Canaila'a forests.
It is estiniflted Hint Canadian fore
will furnish wood for tho pulp 1*>*-U!)*
for IHO ■'curs. The Prill, j   TWO LETTERS.
Notices   of   dismissal    have    been i
,, vs-tl on the colliers in the Bochum I
H'nj  Dortmund  districts,   Westphalia,
where it has been divided to restrict
the output ot coal.	
N„ liimilV living in a bilious country
i , ,|,i be without Parmelee's Vegetable
5!S|is \ few tloseB taken now anil then
1 keep tbe liver active, cleanse tbe
Si iiini'b and bowels from all bllloufmat-
! ' iii'l prevent Ague. Mr. .J. L. Price.
Shoals.   Martin   Co..   Intl..   writes:      "|
This CorrMpoiislesiee TeUs More Euphnt- it i .
Ically Tban l'erliaps  Anything Could, ,. '
tlse Perrect Perusaisency of CuresMada      "U "*'
by Dodd's Klduey rills.
1ISU. v."       ww..      .......       .. ..vvn
hi.e tiled s» box of Parmelee's rills ami
Vs'nsi tin in the betst meslicine lor Fever and
Ague I  have ever used."
Parsnips, it is contended by scion-
lists poaseaa almost the smut, virtues
8|al 1 for Snt-Haparilln.
given  hit
K«|aarl <• „t HuddersBeld  In Waisua!"*:
Kuter|sri**a-aas Prafitable »i 08s*.—
■Ug Water storks l.-nk.
In the past three years the vigorous action ol the Council of Huddersfield has greatly improved the l'acil-
tor living and doing business
and it has undertaken enterprises the profits of which the ratepayers hope In the near future will
greatly lessen their taxes.
The Town of lluddei'slicld has a
population of about ono hundred
thousand. For years It has carried
on the gas works as a municipal enterprise, and has made a good profit
-—«'n humanity, I at a Price ol  08 cents per   thousand
Ks-rnnhan had been very ill, In-    foet.   The  water   works   iH  also   one
so   ill    that  the    doctors    had ! of tho older  franchises, and one thnt
has hitherto  paid    a good profit on
Clelort, Ont., Sept. 8,—(Special)—
Mr, Samuel Kernahan, of this place,
is u wonderful example ol what.
Dodd's Kidney l'ills will do for sick
nnd suffering 1
Doctors UiafgstsMsid UU Curse as Catarrh of
tlm Stomach, but Palled u> Help Him
—Man) Bemedloi Were Tried Before
u Cure \Vu» Pound.
Spinach   has   medicinal
equal to all blue pills ever
Messrs.  tl-  p.  Kichards &. Co.,
i lent lemon—In Jts**e 'OS I had my
huntl and wrist badly bitten by a
vicious hone. 1 Suffered greatly for
several days, and the tooth cuts refused to heal, until your agent gnve
roe « bottle of MINAltll'S LINIMENT, which 1 began using, and the
effect  was magical.    In  live hours the
pain had ceassdi uml in two weeks
the wound   bnti    completely  healed
mid  my  hand  unit  arm  wen.* us  well
us ever. Yours truly.
A. E. HOY,
Carriage .Maker,  St. Antolne,  I'.Q.
tip  as    incurable,    lie had
.spent a  great, sleal  of money in try-
ling to obtain a cure, but all in vain,
until    nt.    last    n    friend   suggested
[Dodd's Kidney l'ills.     This wonderful  remedy soon    made    him a  well
man,  nntl  although    this was nearly
! seven    years ago.    he   has    scarcely
; known what illness   has been   si-ace,
and   has  never   hud  a  return   of  his
oltl   trouble.      The     following  letters
which  he  has  addressed  to  thu  proprietors of  Dodd'l  Kidney  Pills,   tell
the story : —
From the Bulletin, Brldgewater, N.S.
We suppose there is not a corner
in this wide Dominion In which will
not be found people who have been
restored to health und strength
through tho use of Dr. Williams' i'ink
   — r     _ „—   . l'ills.     There are many   such   cases
the investment, but last summer, tlm'-j here in Brldgewater and its vicinity,
Ing a period of drought, a leak   was   unu we ure    lnis weuk
discovered under the rock border of|8jon i0
reservoir, which came near caus-
u  water  famine.       To stop   this
;  und  put  the works beyond   the
I peradventure of another .amine, Hud-
I tlerstield  ie  now  asking     powers     to
j spend   "•500,000.   This will keep   the
j ratepayers busy for some time, but
i iii the end they will have one of the
Ogilvie's Oats
Delicious flavor.   Free from hulls      Warranted Pure.
Put  up  in  all  sized  packages.
Ogilvie's Hungarian
An now manufactured.
Insist on getting "OGILVIE'S
"   ns they are better than the Boot.
have: no
Ml Ulllit 1
^^^^^^^^^   given permis
record one for the benefit of
...........     sufferers.     The case is well
known in this vicinity and the tenacity of the disorder was remarkable.
' For six years Alfred Vienot, a surveyor of lumber for the great lumber
firm of Davison & Sons, was a victim uf a serious disorder of the stom-
lluilway mileage in the United
States bus passed the 200,000 murk,
which is considerably more than two-
fifths nf tlie entire railway mileage of
lhe world,
Minard's Liniment is best Hair Restorer.
If you had as mnny lenses in each
eye ns iho common dragon fly   has
each of your organs of sight would
le us big As a box cur.
Lever's   Y-Z  (Wise Hood)  Disinfectant
?*iiis|i PoWder Is listter thnn other sisun
nnwdera, us it also acts as a <ii*iinfest-
Lieutenant Persvel has been expelled from nn Austrian Hussar regiment lit'cnuse he did not use his
sword  on a laborer who struck him.
I Celert,   Out.    Oct.   12,   1896.
In lies-. 189,'l, I was taken sick and
laid up, unable to work for 14
months.    I was confined to my house
' anil  lo  my  bed.    I  was attended    at i
various times during these months by |
j live different doctors. Three of tbem
decided that my ailment was float-!
ing kidney and incurable. The other
two said that it was spinal disease,
but all live of them pronounced my
case absolutely and positively incurable. My money wns nearly all gone, 1
for 1 wns not a rich man. Some one
advised mo   to   try   Dodd's   Kidney
, l'ills.   ii nil  us   a  lust  hope  I   tlitl   so. '
i After  I  bail  taken three boxes I  wns
nble to  walk  about,  but   I  continued
the treatment until i had taken   is
boxes.    Now I can say 1  am entirely
cured nnd able to do my work as well |
■ ns ever, Samuel Kernahan.
Qelert, April 21, 1903.
I   am  ns sounsl  ns   I  ever was  and !
have not had  the slightest return ol |
my old trouble, since Dodd's Kidney i
Tills cured nie away back in '9*1.
Samuel  Kernahan
best water worl.s systems in the
country, and tin,- that the citizens
hope will be operated profitably, The
rates ure about $10 per year for a
house ol  ten   rooms  antl  gulden.
Leake of another kind, but none the
less Incompatible with profit, were
I discovered last year in the tramway
department, The result was a thorough house-cleaning, and a remodeling Of tlie system. Cars used formerly to run once in half an hour, unit
now they run once in ten minutes,
with the result that the traffic has
greatly Increased. So far the tramways have not paid, but at the end
ol this year il is hoped there will be
a balance on the right side.
Th-- latest utlilitism to the list of
municipal undertakings is electricity
for both public and private lighting.
This is sold very cheaply, and it. will
undoubtedly pay
ly introduced, 01
ach.  His sufferings were excruciating
und  be had wasted to u shadow.  Doctors prescribed for him, yet the agonizing pains remained.    Many remedies
were tried but to no avail.   The cuse
was    diagnosed    as    catarrh    of thu
stomach ;     food   became   distasteful,
, lifo a burden,   The trouble   went   on
for   nearly   six yeurs,    then a   good
\ Samaritan    advised    the uso of   Dr,
■ Williams'  Pink Pills.   The pills were
given a fair, patient trial, Mr.    Vei-
not using about a dozen boxes,  and
i before they were all gone a permanent cure was effected.   Mr. Vienot is
now   uble  to  attend  to  his    business
| when  It looked as if he was doomed
to die.      Ile i.s grateful to this great
I medicine for his cure and has no hes-
i itat'.on in Baying so.
Because   ol     their    thorough    and
,'.y'. 'Vs." 1\Za,   ; prompt  action    on    the    blood     and
^Jciit MuuM tupo t%m_y
tL*A<nA-uHiv,   -riMUy  W U *s
Hatrlusssuy— Ivss'w to.) Gentlemen should j Tin* i|i,nllty Mmiiluril I'v.sssi   Ocean   t<
Join th«> llritish < nri-.»i>..ml.•„,,< liurs-nss. • !)<-s>ssn.   Vnur iisssssny bus-It If uot  sat
54 ICIsiii-y Street, l.iiiiilun, 8. IV.  Kngluml. s lulSsctisry. ....
•urti.sslusK frs.«. I hose * LAKU1D1K, A******, MONT11K A I
THY IT—It would be a cross Injustice
to  roti'nunil  that  stantlanl   hs'tsllni* as*i*tit
—Dr   Thomas'  Electric Oil—with tbo or-|
Olnisry     unguents,    lotions,    antl     salves. I
Tbey are   oftentimes   Inflammatory ami I
astringent. This oil Is. on the contrary.
eiiuiii'iiilv soollne and soothlmr when applied externally to relieve psiiti ami |
powerfully remedial  when swallowed,
Du .Ill's
Kislney   Tills  cure  to    stay
When u man propOBee he doesn't
'aeiu in realise that it may result in
his losing control of himself.
Prince rtmrlic's tartnn clonk.which
he wore sluring the rebellion in 174.*),
is now being exhibited in a tailor's
window nt Pitlochry, Perthshire.
scrofula and eruptions of the skin,
erysipelas, kidney nnd liver troubles
und the functional ailments which
makes the lives of so many women a
source of constant misery, (let the
genuine with the full name "Dr. Williiuns Pink l'ills for Pale People" on
the wrapper around each box. Sold
by meslicine dealers or sent post paid
I at 50 rents a box or six boxes for
|S3.50 by addressing the Dr. Williams
Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
A  man's word in business is better
thun lus word  In B love affair
Minard's Liniment Cures Ulirippc.
Two torpedo boats of the Imperial
German navy will always be stationed in future on the Rhine.
Au  optimist  is
winter's coal  in.
man  who hns Is
After  one   mnn   hns   snisl   a
t-hing    lots    of    others    wonder
ths-y   never thought   Of  it
Mine. Isacescu, the Viennese swimmer, is training for another attempt
to swim the English channel.
Germany's annua] consumption of
Weer works out at over 88 gallons
per head  of population.
We   lis?e   no   he^ltnlion   in   snyinr   that
jlir  J. f)   Kellosre's Dysentery Cordial is
■lever j without doubt the bs^t medicine ever In-
why I traduced for bvsentsrv, diarrhoea, cholera  nntl    all     slimmer    comnlalnts,     sea
I "sickness,   etc.    lt     |.rsiailitlv  eives    relief
and   nefer  fail-s   lo  effect   a  nnsitive cure,
stothera shotilit   never  lie   wit hunt   a   hot-
Mr when  their rhiltlren  are tsethuur
ing tO it  very kindly. i anaemia,   rheumatism,   sciatica,   par
Some years ago Huddersfield was eial paralysis. St. Vitus' dance
prohibited by the Government from
turning its sewage into the River
Oolne, which in consesmence of sewage had become polluted antl offensive. The ratepayers of Huddersfield
hinl therefore to install a modern
sewage disposal plant, which, in addition to improving the health of the
town, turns back a clear stream ol
water into the river.
Summing up the whole situation,
Mr. Woolger of that city, who was
recently touring In Canada, says that
while these municipal enterprises are
now bearing somewhat heavily on
the ratepayers, the expectation is
that they will shortly lighten the
rates by their pronto. Huddersfield
is one of the most progressive towns
in England In this respect, and hav-
. intr been a pioneer, it bas had to buy
' its experience at lirst hand, and rather expensively. The most expensive fault was the employment ol too
cheap men, who have proved dear
enough to the municipality.      Hud-
iliMsf'ulil has been tlve "Mecca ol late
yenrs for municipal experts from
other parts of England, ami from the
Continent, who are profiting by the
experience for which Huddersfield bus
When the millionth visitor passed
through the turnstile nt Dusseldorf
exhibition he was presented with a
valuable gold watch and chain,
Watercress  ls  a  "good,   all-round"
brace-up for  tho systi*m.
ii. iii
I.litis*  Babies ami  Big ClUldren
nil Their ttinor .ailments.
I'ii*sli-il   Hit*  Other   llo*.
Johnny —I wish I Waa Tommy .loin's.
Mother—Why? Ymi mi* airoiig-*r
thnn be Is, you have :i i titi-i tinim*.
more toya uml wore pos-l.s-t iimiiisy.
Johnny—Yea,  I  know,  but  bo wn I
wiggle bis ears.
The German government bus decided to start a system ot motor cars
in German Fast .Africa, supplementing the main railway.
I"tperl-*or-* ISO Ossl*.   Ts-isrlssr
Sbc-Tberv's  milly   »«•  rsitsm
ninrriesl folks to i|ii:iri.l
He   No. except  thnt  thi"J P■'■
need a tew quarrels to find ibui
i It
No Hussian is allowed tsi return to
his native country if he has while
away changed his religion
Minard's Uutaani is tbe best.
When a baby girl is born she at
once begins to yell for clothes, and
she never gets tiver ths* habit
Rali..ur'« Miter i<> Hut,
At 11 o'clock on the nights when
the House of Commons is sitting. .Mr.
Balfour, if he is not already in the
Chamber, saunters in. takes aq*aarto
sheet of note paper with the official
crest of tho House, from the table,
antl a, blotting pad, seats himself on
ihe Treasury bench, produces trom
his waistcoat pocket a fountain pen
gold tandem
When your child—whether it is a
big child or little baby—suffers from
stomach or bowel troubles s.l any
kind, is nervous, fidgety or cross ami
doesn't sleep well, give llaby's Own
Tablets. This medicine is the quickest and surest cure—and the safest,
because it contains no opiate or
harmful slrug. No matter how young
or how feeble your little one is the
Tablets can be given with a certainty that the result will Ir' good, l-'or
very young infants crush the Tablets
to a powder. Mrs. lletirge W. Dorter, Thorold, Ont., says:—"My baby
had indigestion badly when he was
I about    three   months    old.   He v as
Wheiiiisin^Cpmmon tea
yoii may mistake hit terness
0 ii£hg0M^ S T A N
D AR D TE A is unequalled
Arrow Lako, B. O-
n»ilist   MTiiiTi    unrivalled
Situnt...!   „ ,    _ 	
scnsiiils'iir.   Tlse inimt i*ssniiils.ts>   1,,-alili
Hurt ssn tlse rssntiiinist ut N.srtli Am. rii-i..
Its liistliH cssrs* ssll Ns*rvssiiH uml Muscular illss-aiss'S. Its wotft-t li.sil all liiilns.y,
Liver unsl Stossssscls allnsesitit.
Tb«.y ssrs* a ni'vs>r-'sslllssK: rs-ius-sty fssr all
Hlss.sssssss.ttr troubles.
TEUM.-*  $l"i to $18 i»-r week,  asjcorsling
to rc-islniis-is lu Ho:el or Villas
The mnn who his Ibe m-i W •*}
nbout charity rawllinlnp <" •'.m.- Is
generally the one who iblnli* uml ■**
form ought to begiu on Use o'.lni  •••■•
of tlie world
There is more joy over
who itinkri up a quorum
ninety and  nine who coin
ono  sinner
than  over
.. regularly.
An Ohio woman recently preachod
her husband's funeral sermon.     She
was bound ts) have the last  word.
is    an    ss'
knowledged   nerve
sKTSGEMTlY    A   M^T"'
overcomes     sT,pATI0N
Fsslltrnrxs   la   Moils-o.
Qentlotneo In Mexico tip hats whenever they nee s*ncli oths-r, ths-y Shake
hands whenever tbey meet nnd part,
ih >> do nui ronsldi r it land foi in to
siniitl in line on the sldewsl.. nnd
stars nl the la lis, tlu-y weur Hi
bais in a theater until tbo curtnlu i-is. s,
uud. luiirntsir. liny put them oil be
tween tie- nets nnd staud up to look
ill Ibe nudli-lieo, and after n s.p.iia
ilun ibs'.v phi l.i tice ami p.tt each otber
sm the bnck If thoy bnppcu to be lntl<
Hints.- fiis-ntls.
Tbey    Mil-.l.e    es .'I'*. M lli-fe,    s\sn    III
sunn* ibentcrs, Thoy uever carry bus-
dl.s In Ibe street, but iiis-li is nttelidod
by a servant, who entries even the
smallest packago, Tiny nre wonder
fully courteous to each other, aud two
friends will spend a goad ileal .if time
in deciding which Hbnli enter n ruun
or carriage tlrst.
Finally, eVety Mexican gentlemai
when strolling on a street insists oa
giving ilie inside of ibe walk to ids
companion us n murk of pjlltencst.
This point is quickly decided if there
Is n difference in station or nge, but If
then Is not. nnd the two frlcmls go
down u street ninl cross often so that
•sllloiiH nre changed, a
^Id^oSS"ttotoS  o      so   constantly  hungry  and  his  food  did
chain, and dwot*   he ^ no      „ M he romlted ,t ;l? 800„
' "lt,h;r 1,'   se          h     v."ting of    a   as he took it.   He was very thin and
0|    the  HOUSO 10  x»w ji    nlit   i^ an(i got but mUe ,.loep    iis    ,u,
'cried  nearly  all  the time,   ooth  day
'and night.   He was constipated;  lis
the rehitlv,
uew sliss*ll; -*■ i
copy the lusltlt
,.vi-iy coriu-r
„„ to Which HluiU oc-
, ,M,(,(„nes necessary fs*
His* .Inisnises**.
.il III the
A white fox la often luentl'mH
•,1""""s" ri!,"'r let iofTnten
nppeari. Ill tllfll i.i.tnK-*"     '   „...
;'!,,|ess  Of   fOltUllO.     A-      '
aii.-se.iis "»«'!','.»,iri;;,:i1.;,,:,,.,!„„..,i
, the
the .lap
nils ,nd
L-t-ythlnna. white lio-wj. ,„„,
1° «■* ^li:'I thc-olimrj'   1
the lurtier IMiililW *»*•!' ,V.L.
mill, and biitti'i of
white i'oWl
Wp Mt[VBY ait _____U -MlstlUgll-si   foruierly {ttimnl u
i a iiu'i
letter. Though few are aware of it,
this letter is an account of the
nicht's proceedings in the House,
which the leader of the House sends
Io the  King.
It will be asked, why should lhe
leader of the House of Commons
write for the King a nisihlly report
of the doings of tflP House? Is it
not, in view of the reports published in the mornin- newspapers. a
Shear work of supererogation? The
King, no doubt, rends tho Times. In
that journal His Majesty often finds
as ninny as ten or twelve columns
tilled with the proceedings of the
House of Commons tha night Isefore.
Surely such a report ought to satisfy
i\iti  the mosi   voracious appetite  for
intelligence ol lhe sayings and doings
of the representative Chamber. In
truth 'he writings of that nightly n-
poi". by the leader of tiie House for
the Sovereign is one of the uinny Illustrations of the tenacity With
which Parliament clings to Forms and
rorouionios which have come down
from the far of* past, no mat tec how
remote they may have been made
from tho realities of i In- present day
in the revolutions accomplished by
tune - -London Tisi-liits.
•- Matter" itssi **»i •• Ulwrt."
Lord Roberts    race found himself
the centre of a circle of m-w friends
in a London Club, There was n very-
tall gentleman present, who, evidently believing himself to shine as a wit,
ssu/.id every opportunity, to raise a
livuah ut the Other people's expense.
On being Introduced to Lord llolieris
the wit bent sUswn patronizingly to
his lordship, nnd remarked;
"I have often hoard of you. but"—
shading his eyes with one hanU, as
though the famous general, Iseing so
small, eotilil be seen only Willi dilli-
culty—"I have never seen you."
To this Lord Roberts promptly replied:
1 have ofti ti seea you,
have  never heard of you."
Everyone prosont was dolighl
with Lord Robert's.reply, and tin
"wit" soon iiftcrwnrds disappeared
-Loadoa  Answers.
 ^^^^  was
tongue coated and his breath bad.
Nothing did him any goosl until I
got llaby's Own Tablets, ami alter
giving him these a short time he began to get better. His food digested
properly; his bowels became regular,
he begun to grow, and is now n big,
healthy boy. 1 always keep the tablets on hand nud can recommend
them to other mothers."
The Tablets cun be obtained at any
drug store or you can get thorn by
mail, post paid, ut 25 cents a box
by writing direct to tho Dr. Williams
Medicine Co., Brockville, Dnt., or
Schenectady, N. Y.
To Assimilate Food
see that your stomach and
liver are in proper condition.
To do it easily and pleasantly take
8old ETssrywliere.   In boxsss, 85 cents.
A   whale can  remain
for nn hour and a half.
under  Water
and myself ulsvnvs smoke  LCCIKA
riuurs ju,i. for tout sweet tlisvor
Vou aud your friend will enjoy Ikoui
Just thn -i.iiiiii.
MANTTFAsTrcnrn bt
W. N. U. No. 393.
Tslr. .1. W. wilder. J. P., Lufarneville. N.
\- , writes : "1 um subject tu .severe iii-
tiseks oi Colic ami Kidney Difficulty, ami
linsl l'unnelee's Pills aflurti nu- great relief, while all other remedies have fullest
They are the hest meilicino 1 have ever
usesl." In luct so great lu the power ol
this medicine to cleunHo atul purify, that,
diseases of altiiottt every name nmi nature are driven from the body
A homing pigeon flew -100 miles,
from Listowel, County Ker,*y, to
Baling, near London, in 0 hours IU
A record in courtship and proposal! has occurred at Luheck, in tier-
many, where resitles a hotel proprietor with n family of six children—
four sons und    two   daughters—who
.were all betrothed in one day. The
hali docen happy couples were alsis
■tarried  on  the same duy.  and    one
I Wedding breakfast served for them
It costs on an average £"11 to
out a ure iu London and £138 lot
tingiiish one in Xew  York
Minard's Linitnent for K.'iciim.'iiism.
it is estimated by engineers ih.it
tin- leakage from tbe gns pipes ol
London equal 9 per cent, of the total manufacture.
but    1
Take a piece et woollen cloth, or •
piece of a blanket, and boll it thoroughly ln a strong solution of caustlo
soda, and you will find the wool will
gradually be eaten away, leaving
nothing but tho skeleton. Women do
not realize how " soap substitutes,"
which are generally surcharged with
soda, or how common alkaline soaps
destroy their clothing; consequently
they, week hy weok, subject costly
| fabric to such treatment. The hands
! also are Immersed for hours ln such
solutions, resulting ln eczema, coarse
skin, und brittle nails. The caustic
ooda may loosen the dirt, but it eats
away tho fabric and ruins the hands.
There le no economy In such work.
It ls so easy for a woman to test the
difference between an alkali charged
soap and a neutral washing soap, that
lt is strange that there is room tor
any but a pure soap en the Canadian
market. Sunlight Soap has beon
tested by chemists and analysts the
wor'jl over, and Its freedom from freo
alkali or caustic has been demonstrated
III Manila most, of tbe bouses and
offlooa have tiny window panes made
of translucent oyster shell Instead t f
glnss. An average window lift, high
by 4ft. wide contains "Jlili shell panes
which temper the heat and light ol
the sun  nud  prevent  blindness,
Arc you going
to start a
Newspaper ?
•[ Then write to us for prica and
terms upon TYPE. MATERIAL and
MACHINERY.   :::::::::::
*', Wc carry thc only stock in the
Northwest, antl can furnish complete Job and Newspaper Plants at
short notice; also Ready-Prints in
all sizes and stylo. :::::::::
Toronto Type Fdry
Co'y, Limited.
175 McDcrmot Avenue, Winnipeg.
In Russia when a weapon il any
ki ml is purchased a permit must bo
■ecured from the local authorities.
The name of the man who makes the
purchase, with the number of tin*
weapon is recorded, if the purchaser
over wants to dispose of the weapon
he must notify tlio authorities and
cause the transfer to be recorded Oil
the books of the firm which sold  il.
With Uu' present low price of fruit
it is nu compliment to cull a girl a
|*s>*»<'fc It ia equivalent tu saying sbe
h'oki like thirty cents.
'•The lltieen."
Ilv   tin    time   the   new   battleship
■ The Queen" Is ready for sea- iti" 1 aikall or causuc nas B"fJ»**"^:-15i7
,,'e.l   n twelve or eighteen months by   the  highest   medical autho iti.*..
, - si - will represoAt a   cost     oi ^equently tho true saying,    Sun-
Cl, 100,1)1)0,    apart   from her arma- -^.t soap rodueoo expenses.      6QZ.
Italy  is not the only country  thnt
can boast of its burled towns    and
villages. In Scotland there are tin-
Culbin Sands, covering a large tract
of country, under which many dwellings lie entombed 1 while In trelnnd
there is the ancient town of Putmoti.
situated on a once fertile tract between Wexford and Waterford, as ef*
fectrnlly covered with sand as mer
Pompeii was with rod-hot cinders or
Ilerculnneiim wilh lnvn.
In the Hock of Olbrnltnr
seventy miles of tunnels.
then- ore
Fly Pads
.  .  (POISON)   .  .
Sure Death to Files
Clean,    Safe,
l.ffecttial. THE DRILL, SLOCAN, B. C, SEPTEMBER 18. 1002.
iC. E. Smithkkinssai.i-., Editor and Prep.
•SLOCAN,      -      -       - B. C.
Legal Advertising 10 cents a line for
the lirst insertion snd5 cents a line each
subsequent insertion.
Certificates ol Improvement, $7 each.
Transient advertisements at same rates
•as legal advertising.
Locals will bs charged 10 cents a line
dor each insertion.
Commercial Kates made known upon
Ths Subscription is $2 per year, strict-
Ay in advance; 12.50 a year if not so paid.
Address all letters to—
Slocan, B. C.
,A pencil mark in the space
•apposite will be as indication to yeu thst ye editor
csssiders there is something
ceasing to him on your subscription. Kindly acknowledge  is cash and oblige.
The Liberals and Conservatives of
the province have declared for party
line politics, and the Provincial Progressives state they are ready to
*me*Jt all comers. It's np to the Social-
lists te say something and then, on
.with the fray.
II1.     f I     *"•        13
J. H. Watson.ef Vancouver.speei'a!
.organizer of the Dominion Trades 4
Laber Council, takes exception to
The Drill's criticism of Ralph'
Smith. Ina ion**; screed he denies
The Drill's story and then launches
into a tirade of abuse ef the Socialists.
It ia all very well for Mr. Watson to
rant, bnt the facts are against him.
The miners of Nanaimo have voted
against further affiliation with the
Dominion Trades & Labor Council;
and Mr. Smith's love for tbe Independent Laber cause was exhibited
by his celebrated Kamloops speech in
•the Foley campaign two years ago.
The miners ef Kootenay will never
-forgive Smith for his conduct then.
As for the Socialists, they will doubtless attend to their own knitting as
against Friend Watson.
Postmaster-GeneraI Mulock has returned from England and gives him
self ont as a firm believer in government ownership ef all public utilities.
He says matters in Canada are today
shaping towards that end, and th.-.t
jin time there will be complete government ownership. Furthermore
/he asks, "What is the matter with
Socialism if it is on a good foundation ?" Minister Blair has long been
an advocate ef government ownership of railways. Minister Tarte believes lhat manufacturers in certain
lines are not getting nearly the protection they should have and favors
a higher tariff. He also lays down
the maxim of Canada for the Canadians. These are samples of what
is known as Progressive Liberalism
and the new teachings go down with
the bulk ofthe faithful, though to the
.old greybeards of the pairty the
ideas are rank heresy and little short
ef treason. With many Liberals
anything  approaching   Socialism—
U*h! ■-•       •
The  one  objection   to   be raised
against the  Conservative   platform
adopted at the Revelstoke convention
is its lack of definite and clear-cut
pronouncement.  The various planks
are hedged around with vague and
.uncertain language, but no one can
deny that the subject matter In each
admits of great strength, carrying
with them the elements of success
and abiding good,   lt would have
more fully met the situation in the
province had the platform come out
fixedly for absolute government ownership ef public utilities,compulsory
arbitration, and   tbe exclusion   of
Asiatics.   These three principles in
.themselves would prove winners all
along the line, and they are what the
people wants, deplte thc efforts ef
.politicians who use obscure language.
The platform as it stands is abont on
a par with that of the Liberals, and
has much of an affinity to the articles
,of faith of the P.P.P.'s.   Se much in
accord Are the three that one would
think the same hand had to do with
the shaping of each.   There can be
no doubt that the people of British
Columbia want a modern and progressive policy and they will stand
for no shuffling.   The Conservatives
have as good working material in
their lumber yard as the Liberals,
!     ''•!'."_ |-it-l'ciim*< care may give
■■>        ' -
Slocan will send a goodly crowd
to attend tbe Spokane fair.
Moi-risssy is the boom town ef the
country and it is a hummer.
After manv moons the sidewalk on
Arthur street is being fixed up.
Very little freight, other than ore,
is being handled through the camp.
Born.—In Slecan, on Sept. 11, the
wife ef J. E. Tattersall, of a daughter.
Something for the ladies. Dongola
Congress and Felt Congress shoes, at
Archie Ma in war mi: Johnson anil
wife, of Nelson, spent Wednesday in
the city.
Rev. Mr. McKeo will preach his
farewell sermon on the first Sunday
in October.
The last Imperinl Limited train
leaves Montreal today nnd Vancouver tomorrow.
The government free library arrived in on Friday after oeing lost
for two months,
Keep your feet warm this winter
by wearing a pair ef lliose Felt
Hoots, at Al uot's.
Faas, Crawford & Co., of Kitchener
have dissolved partnership, ths former dropping ont.
Silverton Miners' Union hns elected
Sam Watson president and J. Tvrec
secretary treasurer.
Sidney Norman went out to Spokane on Saturday, having beon called to serve on a federal jury.
Cote k Co. are closing their shoe
shop here next week, Mr. Cote being
ordered east by bis physician.
Worden Bros, sent several horses
to the Arlington sawmill Tuesday,
to haul legs, stalls and lumber.
Miss Lowe, of the local hospital.
leaves for Winnipeg next week, to
continue her studies as a nurse.
Thos. McNaught, of the Halcyon
sanitarium, was married lately te
Miss M. A. Herner.of Southport, Eng.
For the week ending August 31,
the C.P. traffic receipts were $1,113,-
000; for the same period last year,
John Manning has been elected as
president of the Sandon Miners' Union and Anthony Shilland financial
The work gang did not stay long
at the Arlington sawmill. Something
got out tof gear and thc outfit was
fired Friday.
W. C. B; Koch secured the contract
for building the government bridge
across Carpenter creek at New Denver.   It will cost $3000.
The ladies of Knox church netted
a good round sum bv their ping pone
tournament Tuesday evening. Tlie
money gees towards the bell fund.
Dave Arnot received the sad intelligence en Wednesday of the death of
a married sister in Toronto, of consumption. Deceased left two children.
Two trainloads of Rossland people
oxcurted to Nelson yesterday. A
number of the local band boys went
down to assist the Rossland aggregation.
Clause 6 of the agreement with the
sawmill company refers to bunk-
houses, which shall not be established
within two miles of the eity; stores
five miles.
Jos. Chew is selling out his town
residence and farm at Orillia, Ont.,
preparatory  to   taking up his resi
dence here in connection  with the
Fred Simpson, of the Cranbrook
Herald, has started another paper at
the new town of Morrissey, calling it
the Miner. It is a no wspaper in
every sense ofthe word.
Rev. Mr. MeKee leaves here early
in October, to take a post graduate
course in the McCormick Theological
Seminary in Chicago. He will return to this presbytery in the spring.
Mayor York received a wire from
the sawmill company Mondav, asking a definite answer to their propo
sition. He replied that thc necessary
data was mailed to the company on
the 8th.
Mav or York and daughter and
Aid. Worden returned Friday from
their trip to Calgary. His worship
also visited Edmonton and states the
whole country is enjoying great
Everybody will go to the big Spo
kane Interstate Fair this fall. The
fair opens Oct.6th and closes with the
dav Oct. 14th. Work will all be
done nnd a great handshaking time
will take place. All the surrounding
ceantrv will be there.
Just as the neon beat was approaching the wharf on Saturday, the
youngest son of Agent Edwards fell
elf a barge Into the lake. He was
rescued by W. Davidson, who jumped in after him.   The liftlo chap had
a narrow escape, as he wis lying on
the bottom when rescued.
Appended is a complete list of the various records registered at the local regis
try office, 11. P. Christie being mining
Sopt 8-C & D, Ten Mile, C Chisholm.
Elgin, same, Jas Campbell.
Kyton, same, E Kyton.
Norths*rn Light, east of lake, W L Cot-
Morning Shower, on Mineral creek, D
B O'Neail.
No Name, same, A Rogers.
Aggie, same, E Lemieux.
Paradise, Tiger creek, J McKinnon.
M C, Tonin creek, J G McCallum.
Gold Hill, 1st n f Lemon, R E Allen.
Tobiquo, tam n cri>ek, R M Webster.
Waleski, same, J A Foley.
0—Bessie, Ten Mile, R Macdonalsl.
Minnie Mack, Arlington basin, George
Silver Band, Lemon creek. L M York
and R C Andrews.
Babylon, Dayton bill, W Cotterill.
10—Tlielma, Skinner creek, A Hobbs.
Zip fr. ilivitli) Lemon and .Springer, A
M Johnson.
11—Louvre, Lemon creek, C Ilittle.
Sept 8—Middlesex fr, Conromarn.
10—Montreal, Crusnder, Boulder, Hidden Treasure.
Sept 8—Nels Nelson to Q Henderson
Sept 8—Calumet it Ilecla, AV R Clement, T Mulvey aud Nels Nelson to H
R Jorand.
11—List of exemptions for assessment
work under the Canadian Contingent
Exemption Act.
12—Ute, permission to McGregor Bros
for trail to count as assessment.
Josie, all, Thyme, *-4-, agreement by T
Mulvey and F Johnson to pay F Culver
14 ef all monies received over $660.
Grwillim 6c Johnson,
J. I
B. C
B. A. Sc.
Provincial Land Surveyor & Mining
B. C.
Fall Prices:
Freneh   Kip, hand  sewn, miners'
hoots,   band   welted,  giiRrtintee.l,   .
made to order ._   $7 00
Veal kip,hand made miners'boots
well made and guarantees!      5X0
These lines nre guarantees! for six
months und kept in repair for that
time freo.
Men's hootisoletl from       75c
I .ail ies' Imots solesl from       50e
Children's) boots soled from       25c
Adcock's Shoe Store,
Next I'ostoffice, - Slocan
for $18.25.
Why be without a range when
you can get one so cheap ? Thev
are preferrable to stoves and "jive
Letter satisfaction. These ranges
burn wood or coal and will be
set up froe.
a j.
-. '•'
*% "**--*•&■
Prowial Tai Sale Notice.
NOTICE ii h-nrciby firm that all property of
every dOMriptlon in tlio Slocnn AstaifltnoDt
1 District. UpOQ which  tlirrn  wen*, taxc.i  in fir-
I rrar-i and r-fitiatuiii-ir  unpaid, ninl  rill* thc Pro-
| vincinl (Jovurnmnnt on tho .1K1  day of Dttcemi-
bcr. I'.KH.wil] ho advertised for sale for the same
nfter th« 80th (lay of September, 1002.   All pw
I sons in nrreurn for IVrsunnl Property OI In corns
Tax will hu distraiiio'l upon.
Tbii lithe FINAL NOTICE nn.l coitsof the
sale or di-trarifcrcinerit can bo ISTS-d by paying
the sail]  nrrmirs nt  the Government OflicH at
Kaslo, B.C.i before, the nbi.v<* Inst named dato.
AfMtior & Collector
Certificate of lipreveiaeais.
Mnrrls Mineral f.'lstlns.
Situnte in the Slocan City Mining Division ol the West Kootenay District.
Where located :—On the north side
of Bpringer creek, near tho Argo
mineral claim.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Arthur 8, Far-
well, acting as agent for the Arlington
Mines, Limited, F.M.C. No. B69896, intend, Hixty days from the slate hereof, to
apply to the Mining Uecorder for a certificate of improvements, for the purpose
nf ohtaining a Crown Grant of tlie above
Anil further tnke notice that aclion,
iimler section .17, must lie commenced
beforo the issuance of such certificate of
Dated this 28th day of August, 1902.
f>*9 02 A. S, FA it WELL
Furnished Rooms, by day or
week. Second to none In
the city. Enquire en the
H. Terry
Arthur street, near Depot.
ATex. Rogers,
Tonsorial Artist.
The Leading- Parlors:
Furnishings _^>
Pioneer Livery
and Feed Stables.
Slocan,  B. C.
General Packing: and Forwarding attended to at the
shortest Notice.
Saddle nnd Pack Horses for
hire at reasonable rates.
To Organized Liftor:
YOUR attention is re-pectfully called
to the Custom Tailors' Union Label, a cut of which appears below
It is the only sign whereby a person is
Mire of getting clothes mado in a fair
By leaving your ortler for a Fall .Suit,
Trousers or Overcoat with
A. David, the Miners' Tailor,
you will tint! tl.o Union Label on all
Clothci mtislo by him Stores at Slocan
and Sandon.
ranging in price from
$2 to $35. We have
also a full stock of all
the necessary supplies
Agents for the Ileintzman k O.,Gerhard lleiiitzinan, and Karn Pianos
Excursion rates
Sept. 29-30,
Washington, D.C.
and return,
from Rossland,
Nelson, etc.
reductions from
all stations.
Leaves Dunmore Junction daily for St
Paul; Kootenay Landing Tuesday and
Saturday for Toronto, Montreal, etc.
Leaves Revelstoke daily for Soatilo and
Through bookings to Europe via all
Atlantic lines. Prepaid tickets at
lowest rates from all European
countries. For rates and full particulars apply to local agenta, or
J. S. CARTER,     E. J. COYLE,
D.P.A., A. OP. A.,
Nelson. Vancouver
Agent, Slocan City
The Reason Why
We ars (raining trade every day Is-net hard to understand. Our Groceries
have Blood the test—our method of deing business ia right, and we are
daily adding to our list of appreciative and satisfied customers. Try our
Canadian Butter-Dairy, 23 ceats by the tub, and Creamery, 25 cents by
box.   The best in the market.   Also cheese and eggs.
Co-operative Association,!^.,
Slecan, British Columbia,
■JSTsfisTltf   HORSES, HOGS,
.*"*< I WIN.   I'ATTLK, 8HKKP
rK-UI I   tXnlrJl I *"*» thk northwest
FlfiHT nAV DAriNtl BIS event each day
C1VJI1I    U/\l    Kn»wll*lU   -joo HORSK8 ENTERED
$25,000 IN PREMIUMS.
BEST MU8IC— Amusement extraordinary. Concession privileges of sll X
kinds for ts8|p.    Write for catalogue GEO. 11. MARTIN,
FRANK LEAKE, Advertising A|7«nt. Mgr. and See'y
Do You
Want a Fome?
Then come to Sloean, for it is
one of the fairest spots on this
earth of ours. Levelness,
Room, Scenery, Health, Fishing, Hunting.Roads, Railway
Steamboats, Churohes,School
Hospital, Public Halls and
enterprising citizens aresome
of the advantages enjoyed dy
this City, backed np by Unsurpassed and Proven Mineral
Resources. Nature and Man
hath decreed that
Slocan is
the Burg
Come and be convinced that this tale is
no mere idle dream, but a stern reality.
Insurance I Slocan WS DE
FIRE        ACCIDENT.    '      N°* 6*' W* F* °* "*
Representing the Rtioii-fest companies deing business In Canada.
Seic nkw ACCIDENT POLICY, with participation in profits, covering- sickness and operations.
II. D. CURTIS, Notarr Public
Delaney Ave, Slocan.
We have been long- enough
in this city for everybody
to know that our work will
always be of the strongest
and quickest done.
Hand Made Work is our
COTE & Co.
Meets every Wednesday evening
in tho* Union Hall, Slocan City, at
7.30 p.m. Visiting brethren cordially
invited to attend.
Financial Secretary
Notice toDelinquent Co-owners
To.I. W. Millard, Kate Scott ami Thou.
H.iil, or to any person or persons to
whom they may havo transferred their
several interest's,  in whole or in psrt,
in Ihe Slug Ten mineral elaim.sititsted
near the Enterprise mine, in Blocan
Citv mining division of  West Kootenay, located Septemliur (ith, 1895, ami
recortlod September 9th, 1895:
You are hereby notified Hint I have
expended the sum of one hundred ami
two dollars and fifty cents in  performing and recording assessment work lor
the nlinv*   mentioned   mineral claiw,
since the 9th  day of September,  1901,
and if within 00 days  from the date 01
this notice you, or any of you, fail «r
refuse to contribute your several proportions of such expenditur**, together
with all costs of advertising, your interests in said claim shall  become the properly of the suBscrioer, utider section
2511 of tho Mineral Act. , a
Dstetl at Slocan this 11th day of September, 1902. _, ..., ,a
12902                                  P. W. LLL1S


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