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The Slocan Drill 1903-08-07

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Full Text

 -ruit Jars
Don't forget us when you are
in need of fruit jars. Large
stock just received. Shipment
duplicated, so goods must be
sold.   Buy now.
Pints, Quarts & Half Gallons
. T. Shatford & Co.
Having sefjored premises on Main streot, w« are prepared to
handle all kinds of Garden Truck, Farm Produce, and Dairy
Products, an<l are open to receive shipments from any of tho
ranchers in Slocan Valley. A full stock will be kept on hansl.
Householders will lie supplied daily with fresh gcjod*. liy wagim.
PRICES REASONABLE.   Will haudle in quantity for mines.
British Columbia
reached by any trail or road
lat runs into the Town.
Do not go past  its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
.r ling-ton    Motel,
SLOCAN,   B.  C.
L. H. KNOWLES, Proprietor.
ill popular hotel is ciiiivenient to tlio bouts and trains.   The dintnff room
itrittly up to date while llic liar is supplied with the best in the. market
A "TC <"""• .   Travelling men, using Sample Booms, $2.50 per day :
.*! I CxD .    without Sample Rooms,$2; board$8 per week; menlsaSc
ip'-ticii uusler
'M maiiiisrenicnt.
Former customers
cordially invited to return
The Royal Hotel,
Cor. Arthur Street mid O.lnnus .a ramie, BlOsan.
Itiinjf thoroujfhly renovated JAS. CROSS,
|l'i re tt oke.ii with the best Proprietor.
:ruit, Confectionery, Tobacco
You can get anything in these lines that you
require from us. Our stock in each is always
Kept fresh and well assorted. We handle the
beAtthe market affords.   Prices are right.
 a   iMaa.ni ■__i—r^^—a»am **
und*r the auspices of ths Major and Citv Council
1 251, 1!
PATRONS!   Tlio Brotherhood of Railway Trainmen and
Rossland Miners' Union. No. !JS, W. F. of M.
Grand Parade, lacrosse and baseball tournaments, firemen's coi
l-PliHons, tugs of war. horse racing, boxing and wrestling contests,
''i'i tt.* sports of all kinds, machine and doable and single handed
"•■•••ing. and speed exhibition by tho guideless wonder, Dr. M., {gaud
*-*11''nairniflceBt pyrotochnio display, and performances by tbe Robs* 3
•"■'l Dramatic Club.   Railway rates loss than oue fare for round trip *
"'K    OF   KIHK    1CNU|\K    FUK   THR
.* CITY.
•'•'"-/c&   _
Quaatlon Tliajrotifhly ljlaoii*ss*sl by liie
Ahieiini-ii *,iiisfil to Protect (lie llus-
ifissaa Be<>t'on—Committee to Interview
iters: Inset as an the Malls :r.
Aid. Worden was the only absentee
from last Monday night's meeting of
th** city council.
Conniiuniciitioii.s read: From Me-
Callum St, Co., submitting quotations
for bandpumps and liose for lire, protection, front $160 for the pumps up
to ,$6.90, and SHI per 100 feet for first
class hose. Also expressing willingness to tender for supply of water at
two points oil Main streot.
Aid. Tester suggested referring the
letter to the fife committee, they to
report at next meeting.
Aid. McNeish estimated the total
eost of an engine and hose at about
•iflOiK). it was a ijii">itioii of finance
with the city and if money were available it would not take ion™' to decide
ilu* question of purchase. The receipts of th*- city from taxes would
only pay running expenses; therefore
it would require another bylaw to
raise money. As things were now lie
had grate doubts of the ratepayers
accepting it.
The clerk submitted the ratepayers
would object to the proposition, in
that the service was intended for the
business portion only.
■7. (5. McCallum, who was prea-eut,
addressed the council in support of
his letter. He had looks-id into ths
matter pretty thoroughly. The two
points for wells for the supply of water would be i:i front of his store and
ia front of John Bull's, the cost being
$2i each. These would guarantee an
ample supply of water; or they timid
get their supply of water from ths
fiver, but this would rsaquire 269 foet
more hose. If the largor eugine Were
gtlectcd it would require two mouths
to iuv.i ifru'tutv. while either of tho
-mailer machines could be had ai
once. The prke of the smaller pump
vou'd hi wlthiu .'■i"'.i of tho cHt, and
deau branch of the C.P.R., together
witli those holding checks for lalior or
time checks, tire requested to send
them at once to W. A. Galliher, M.P.,
at Ottawa, for the purpose of procuring settlement of the same.
Tlsiiuaasiil Foot l'oisuel to lie   Kssss sin the
■laniard Kl-BCtleu.
•J.M. M. Boned um arrived   in  on
Monday's train from West Virginia,
accompanied   liy  his   wife, and it  is
their intention to take up their resi-i
deuce hero.   It will Ina remembered
that Mr.  Beaedum  and  his brother,'
with an expert, visited  the camp two:
months ago aad inspected the Hoodoo
and    Howard    Fraction   properties.
Samples of the ore were taken and
then the trio went liack  to West Virginia, where a company  has been organised to operate the combined properties.
So well pleased  were  the compsay
with the reports and returns on the
ore that they at once subscribed a liberal  treasury  fund  to develop their
holdings. They desired Mr. Benedum,
as manager, to construct a wagon road j
and erect a mill to treat the large re-1
serves of second-class ore lying on the'
dumps, but this his would not consent
to, aeoming it wiser to expend thi. a
money on   the ground, and holding
the ore back as an  asset available at j
an*,* time;
The company  then  appropriated
$10,000 for the driving of a long cross-1
cut tunnel to tap the ledge, or ledges,'
at depth.   The tunnel  will be driven
on lh.'Howard   Fraction ground aud
will be 1000 feet  in length.    In  that
distance no less than   four ledges will
be cut, at a vertical d -pth approach-1
ing 700 feet.   Tbes,' ledges have been
exposed on the surface and eaoh one
proves to carry pay ore.   While portions of tli.' ore  streaks  will  stand
shipping, the bulk will be of milling;
quality, and tlio quantity   available,
.vi 11 be simply immense.   Until room
i* provid ■ 1 for a large force, Mr. B*a-.
.plum will c mfine h'.s operationa to 101
men. who will go up ut once.   New
quarters will be built and every pre*]
paii'.iori ia ;A • for active .] •■ i*lo_na'.';it i
tlKOttathout tho cimi-jg v-'ni.-*i*.
they weuld twjuii'j about 400 feot of     The decision of the comptny to ex-
hose.   He was aware (hat civic funds rand such a large sum of money on
scarce. The prices quot -i would  lh • Howard Enaction,and their deter-
1 particulars from:
A.J. DREWRY, Secretary
^rw-a^yjr-a-- -*-■_! |s*— I li  ■ rarfiSC»lT-« -JL "TttTSZ.--xUJ "HOIMVM
include the delivery of tho machines.
An out lit of tii" kind would c irtainly
help out the fire brigade. The hose
would b> an asset f.u' the city and the
snginc could easily bo disposed of.
Six to eight men would be required
fur the small ir pumps aud 12 lor the
The major thought the business
m*ii should buy it for themselves, i:i
which Aid. McNeish coincided. There
would be uo wells in other parts of
the city, bo the residential sections
would get do protection.
Mr. McCallum said tha suction lift
oF the pumps was good at Ki feet, but
not over 27 fe •{.
Hi* worship had grave doubts of
•mother money bylaw passing the
Aid. McNeiih moved that a committee be .ipp-iint.Nl ti ia ter view the
business men with a view to purchas
ing an engine, equipment and hose.nl
an estimated cost of $1000. Seconded
by Aid. Teeter and carried.
Aid. Arnot. Teeter and McNeish
worn named to tlie committer, thoy to
report at next meeting.
Bills presented: McCallum s'c Co.,
supplies, $5.(55. Beferred to finance
Council adjourned.
Ill 1 liBUlia'.isni; Sll ill".
The annual me itiug of the Rambler
Cariboo Mining Company was held
nt Kaslo last Thursday, ll was an
enthusiastic gathering of those interested. The reports of tho secretary-
treasurer, John Daly, and Manager N.
E, Zwicky were received and adopt id.
The old board of directors were all
■•e-elected. A. F. McClalne will ba
president, J. D. Chaplin vice, .lailm
Daly secretary-treasurer, and N. E
Zwicky mauager. Considerable new
work i.s proposed and the board of
directors is to decide lo what extent
developments are to bo carried on.
Surface workings will ba carried on
rather extensively this season, nnd one
und perhaps two fine ore bodies thorough!*" exploited, Dntil this new
work iui' been laid out, it is not intended to appropriate any of the company's reserve funds to the pavm 'tit ,
of dividends. It will be the policy of |££!! ' 'K-
the directors to have a strong reserve
fund available for emergencies. Th ■
mnnngev's report waa satisfactory In
respect to present conditions at the
I min.". The last two months' ship*
I meats were particularly pleasing, over
$50,000 worth of ore having been soul
to the smelter. The benefit from the
lead bonus will run from $1500 to
I $2000 a month. Zinc products will be
held for better market conditions,
minati >n t > drive such a Ion;;- tunnel
nil] have a very stimulating effect on
mining interests on Lomou cieek. It
i> tho most ambitious project yet un-
lertaken in that section of tiie camp.
•il th" depth gain id will effectually
demonstrate tho continuity aud merit
if the veins. Lemon creek is receiving
niiich attention this season, which will
be aeceatuited by the developments
ui the Howard Fraction.
Veters on the Bell.
During the week ending Wednesday 78 names have been added to the
v iters' list of the Slocan riding, bringing the total number of registrations
up to 701. Of these the major portion
came from Nakusp aad vicinity. In
this place the l>"-nd was increased to
214, and there are -*til! more to come
iu. To thoee who an* gathering votes
it would be well to remember that
all names must be in at th<- office here
on Friday next, the 14th. otherwise
they caanot be registered for this
clsvtiou. Many a man will be missing
from th" list through carelessness. As
it stands the hst ia thusly:
aro almost completed  for  a   further
larger sale of power. A small revenue
is being received from the Enterprise,
which is ut present being worked on
Ily the Lubes- Hen hs  Their Css.sdlslute isi
Slocan Killing.
Twenty or moro delegates from the
various branches of the Labor party
in the Slocan riding met in New Denver on Saturday, to select a candidate
to contest the constituency in their in
terest nt the forthcoming elections
Practically ovary pollinj? place was
represented. The unanimousa choice
of the convention f«ll on Win. Davidson, of .Sandon, he lieing the ouly
DOminee suggested. A campaign eona-
tnlttee, embracing a member in every
town, was formed, and a plan of operation mapped Out. Tho remainder of
the time ot the convention was oceu
pied in drafting a platform, consisting
of 11 planks. The party will go into
the fight an the Independent Labor
Tlis, Spsikiiiss- Kills'.
The management of tho Spokane
Interstate Fair, which is held thin
ywu* from October o to 13, has wisely
decided to mako a far better exhibit of
th**. mining r«3SOUrces of the country
than anything that has been shown
at Spokane iu the last few years. \V.
A. Coplen, formerly of this place has
been appointed to gather anil arrange
the exhibit. Halias already been hard
at work ou tho project for several
weeks and has personally visited
many of the camps, receiving assurances that the exhibit this year will
be from ten to twenty-live times as
large and diversified as it was a year
ago. One very small corner of tin-
main exhibition room was given to
that department last year and many
people did not discover it at all. This
year the entire south side of the niaia
exhibition building will Ik. devoted to
the mining department. The fair
management, rerognizing the importance of this department of the exhibition, his agroed to*see thai the mineral exhibits are sent tothe fair without
n«iy sxpense to Ihe mineowners for
freight chargus.
..     92
...   181
..    104
ileliui -aa	
.Throe Forks	
..     81
..     88
...     19
Votti Ht i.hsI r.
There will be cjuit.*
.1 S'tla.K.
a difference in
Cisii.-iit Ottawa i.sisd.
Dave Arnot. Tony Long and .John
Blnish are poss<'-.st>d of a likely piece
of ground below the Ottawa group.
Lnown aa the Winter fraction. It was
staked last fall during the construction of the Ottawa sleigh road, aud
work done on it la'.»ly has proven it to
be valuable ground. A shalt was sunk
justabo\e the mad and the Ottawa
vain encountered, having high grade
ore ou thari surface. Tin* ore is identical to that of the Ottawa in character
and villus'.
Kills* Sbselilli,-.
At Saturday's practice shoot of the
Rifle Club the following scores were
J. Cross 21
W. 8. Johnson..84
Dr. Keith 23
G. S. Johnson..28
.1. McVicar H)     ta
E. Mailer 25     10
Last Y.ar'a Slilpnsi'Sits Were, 0333 Tons-
A Healthy Kvlilence of Use Life anil
tVsmith ut tlse Camp— Uuterprlse thai
IliKCeat Shipper.
Owing to i hi* Sandon replacing the
Sloeau on the lake run, wo ore has
bea'n shipped from the Enterprise this
week, From tin* Meteor 40 tons was
shipped, the ore going to Nelson. To
date shipments total 7.31 tons.
Tor 1902 the ore shipments from
the local division amounted to li'SXl
tons, made up from 12 properties.
Following is a full list ol the shipments this year to date:
Black Prince	
Highland Light.
7s i
The force on the Idaho will be increased to HO men.
Last week the Kossland mines ship-
lied 7770 tons of ore.
Tlie Mabou and Ohio group is to be
surveyed for a crown grant.
Th" Boundary oro shipments last
weok amounted to 14,291 tons.
Frank Dick has been of late developing th** Rosedale group, on Lemon
Jack Skinner went out on WednfW-
day to represent the Independence,on
Lemon creek, for the year.
The Reco, Jackson, Blue Lini and
Noonday mines, in the Sandon camp,
have a'I resumed tspsTiitions.
C. 15. Taylor went to Nelson Wednesday, with two cars of Meteor ore.
It is expected to giv,-* high returns.
Local creditors of the Chapleau pur*
pi-wo entering suit against thn main
men in tlis company at Paris, France.
F.C.Green of Nelson, acting for
Geo. Brine, is applying for a crown
grant ou the Para, on the north fork
of Ten Mile.
Wm. (icorge went over to -Viasworth
.Monday, to do assessiiniit. llu was
accompanied by W. Tattersall, Fred
Tatters:!II an 1 T. Waring.
The owners Of the Two Brothers
have driven their crosscut 110 feet.
They have cut through one lead and
are on the edge of the other.
Two men are working on the Legal,
on Lemon creek. They ure running
in tin' lower tiiDiiel. in which there is
six inches of pay quartz. Some surface stripping last wnk exposed two
feet of promising quartz farther up
the hill.
the vote c.isl at (his election aud that
of I It. 10. Then there were 785 votes
cist, moro thaTii the tot:*.! number of
names liable to bu on the list this
time. Here are the totals in HtoO:
Sandon    270
150   127    180      407
Conservative rrhssasle..
Saturday evening is the date set by
the provincial executive of the Conservative party for the holding of the
primaries in each polling place for tbo
selection of delegates to attend the
nominating conventions. In this city
ths' meeting will be hold in the committee rooms, tifxt to lhe city hall.
All supporters of the cause arc urged
to lie present, as a thoroughly representative meeting is d ssi red.
New Denver.
i Three Forks
Bt.ttrprlsi raying a i.utio.
The liquidator of the London & B.
C. Goldflelds haa issued this circular:
"Development al the Ymir hats dis
elos sd much higher grade ore at the
fourth, liiih and sixth levels than has
lately boon treated.   Considerable ore
Dees This liitovest Y..is .' r03ei'V*» h:iv iv.-.v   be-n added to   the
. „ ,    .       , . .   _  mine, but the benefit ol the richer ore
All pel-sons having claims against ^n not bo folt till the end of .Septem*
Carlson .V* Porter, for labor in connec   her, Newa from the Kettle river power
tion with the construction of the 1 .ar-' works is satisfactory, und negotiations
A Na.v Finis.
A new firm has located here and is
making a bid for public patronage.
Messrs.G. W. Phllpotts&Oo,owning a
ranch month of the town, have started
in business as commission agents, and
will handle the produce of their fellow
ranchers in the valley, carrying all
kinds of fresh vegetables aud dairy
products. Thev handle in quantity
for the mining trade.
Silver QaoUltlOllli
Following lire the quotati
ins for bar
silver on the various days
luring the
week since last, issue:
549 cunts
54     »
f.l|    ••
VA   "
55J     "
A report was current here lliis week
that tbe Lily li group was about to
be sold on a cash b.i-i--.
Busi noes is rapidly reviving in iho
Upper C.llllp.
Travel is on the Increase.
minimi;   ki.i'ouiis.
Appended is a complete list of the various rceords registered at the Wal registry • flii.t, II. P, Christie l)cin_; mining
July 25—Emerson) Dayton creek, T
28 - Hon Ilur, Bpringer creek, 0 McNicholl.
Valkan, same, N 1* McNaught,
29—Venu«, on Gold Hill. 3 W Kyte.
Silver Moon, on Ten Mile creek, A
July 25 —A T, Federal, Maggie A, Pester, Metrics i r two years, I'romier for
three years.
27—CHpper.Black Ptinca,Littla Giant,
28—Maple Leaf, Soldier Boy, My Norway Quoen, Ivy, lltillv, Myrtle, Mistletoe.
80—Eye fr, Colorado. Silverton.
July 80—Ontario No 8.
July 27—Winter fr, W K I.ae t.i Dave
Bame '>., 1) Arnot to Tony Long.
Same j>, same tai lohn liinii.li.
31—Shannon ',_, Julm A Kinnian to
Mra 1! Covington,
'/ip Ir, A M Johnson to PioHuer Min-
injj Co., ltd.
SlOS-MII llisl Well.
Reports have been received from
Ottawa of tie' l'osults of ti.e Dominion
Mill* Leoguo matches.in which a team
fiairn Sloean competed. Among tho
civilian teams Hespeler,Ont.,was first
with 8506 points. Trail was 9th, with
3308 poiuts; Nelson w:n 17th. Slocan
32nd, Kamloops 85tb, Rossland 44th,
and Golden •l.Hb. Ti
•jila-siliil''1,1-'* iii-is.-"'*i-"*'"i"ijitj-*'4
R   THE A. AND B. |
CaipMrii/ht, lSOs\ by T. C. itfcaurc       C
• irri»''ii"'|Mi'i«n'ii)-pwpi*«i||S|i||ipi|t**wp*f)t
The G. P. A. put bis head into the
general superintendent's doorway and
"Old Tyuipnn's out there again, I
see, Palmer."
"No use," replied the general superintendent. "His name enme ln two
hours ngo. I told him to report here
next time he got drunk. This finishes
Five minutes later old Tynipan, after forty years of service for the A. and
B., went tumbling down the stairs because he wns drunk at tbe Hancock
street switch the day the directors
went up the line. Palmer had glveu
hlm n puss home, eighty miles up the
road, and then tired him with ten of
tbe words Palmer wasn't accustomed
to using on ordinary jobs.
Train No. 8 pulled In while Tympan
fumbled the pnss on the platform, and
he climbed in and found a double seat
In the smoker. lie knew only tbat he
was out of u job, with a full pint in
his coat and Palmer's transportation
to take hlm up home, where he could
camp down for the winter with the
boys. He had threatened that many
times. They deserved it for letting
bim work for a living.
"Taking vacation, Tympan?" asked
Hennessy of No. 8 when he enme
through for tickets. Tympan admitted
he wus off for a bit of time up tbe
"Guess you ain't coming back right
off," tnunted Hennessy. "The return
check on your pass don't seem to be in
sight.   Long lay off, eh, Tympan!"
Tympan sat up, pulling bis hat over
his eyes.
""Dick Hennessy," he said, "you go
slow ou yer klddln' 'r I'll roast you one
o' these dnys fr bein' so smart. They've
fired me, you c'n bet—yes, they have;
fired me good, but I'm next to Palmer
yet. An' I heard what Palmer told
the G. P. A. this mornin' nbout your
runnln' over orders twice last week. I
know somethln', an' don't you kid me
no more!"
Train No. 8's conductor Ignored the
challenge, partly because he dared do
no more. He knew the whole operating department had been knocking everybody ln sight because old Tympan,
Invariably drunk and disorderly, held
his Job while better and younger and
sober men were overhauled in Palmer's
office for nothing more thnn leaving
stations half a minute iihead of orders or falling to vise the annual of
some of tho spying directors who went
up and down. H. II. Palmer got u
master tongue lashing those days from
the rank and file, and now that the
dismissal had really come Hennessy
was no more skeptical than any of the
others concerning the general superintendent's honest Intentiou of keeping
Tympnu out of service.
Hennessy tried to conciliate Tympan
on his next trip through, but tbe old
man ley with bis hat siver his fuce,
steaming with rage, too angry even to
curse. No. 8 was making beautiful
work, and Hennessy felt better thnn
usual. He bad eight cars with a hig
load of women nnd kids and wanted to
be on time anyway because lt was his
Iny off that Saturday ami there was an
all night game in the "club" at home.
At Inchburg Hennessy got bis usun)
orders, everything all straight, and left
on time. Therenr braUeinan found hiin
just afterward and said:
"Hear about the wild freight went
np ahead of us? She's a big one, and
lt wouldn't surprise me If she got
stuck on the Long Misery and held us
at Lyshon."
Hennessy know his man was right.
Lyshon station ls at tlie foot of n
thirteen mile grade known for good
reasons as "the Long Misery." If u
freight got hung there ahead of No. 8,
lt meant everything balled op, for the
A. nud H. is a single line, and the directors won't stand for n Killing between Lyshon and Oldtown, the station at the crest of the Long Misery.
Hennessy took tbe plat forin ut Lyshon before No. S's brakes held her and
sought the dispatcher ln the dingy station.
"Wild freight?" echoed the telegrapher. "Yes, weht up au hour ngo. Ulg
train? Yes, big train, but she's got u
good rail, and 1 don't believe she'll
hold you a minute."
Hennessy went out and looked In the
book by the statlmi door. He fouud
where the wild freight had reported
and saw with satisfaction that she was
In charge of Bitters, one of the ring
and sure to do his belt to get that
heavy train out of the way long before
Henni'sHy enme nlong.
Lyshon was on the card for only
thirty seconds, but Hennessy risked a
trifling delay and went buck to the operator:
"Can't you nsk Oldtown, jusl for a
chance,   If  that   freight's  showed   up
yet?" he asked.
a      a      a      a      a      m      a
Wild freight B43 started over the
Long Misery ln (tood order that Saturday nnd made excellent time for eight
miles or more. Then she wns Stopped
by ii shaky Injector ln the mogul. Hitters left his caboose nnd ran up ahead
In time to see his redheaded engineer
grub up the wrenches and start from
bis seat.
"Go nbead lively as you can, Mike."
ne ibputed,
Mike guvs tho mogul sand nntl steam.
She Strained for a moment while her
drivers raced and then shot abend so
hard thai Mike bounced out of bis seat
The train had broken apart si'ven can
dowu,   lulslug   thirty Lbreu   detached.
Befssre the mogul could gather herself
to buck up and catch the breakaway
lhe fugitive section was slowly moving
off. very slowly, down the bead end of
the Long Misery.
"Buck up. Irish! Back up and catch
Vtn!" screeched Bitters.
"You can't do It!" yelled n breathless
lirnkemnn who came up from the rear,
"because the gear's just completely out
o' the head o' thut section and there
wouldn't be notbln' to make a couplin'
to If you caught 'em, which It ain't
likely you'll do any wny."
Bitters wns thinking of Hennessy
and No. 8. If No. 8 were on time, she
wns just leaving Lyshou. Chances
were she wus late. He knew [Icillies-
sy. It wns for him to reach Oldtown
In time to slop No. 8 at Lyshon. Hitters sickened at the thought of tho
Saturday night rush of women and
children which had given Henni'ssy's
train the nnme of the "nursery express."
They worked quickly then. In thirty
seconds Bitters was in lhe cab. and bis
Irish engineer was giving the mogul
steam enough nud some to carry. Bitters figured It wus four miles to the
goal, and the way tbey paced It off
mnde it impossible for him to sny be
was disappointed when he jumped off
at Oldtown.
"No. 8. hold her nt Lyshon. My
freight's bu'sted, nn' thirty-three of
'em nre on the grade, goln' to beat
"No. 8!" The dispatcher's face wus
pie crust. "She left Lyshon six minutes ago, late." He went buck to bis
Instrument and sent "Seventeen." tbe
clear out signal, to warn the road
south of him, but as be did so he knew
tbat No. 8 was coming up Long Misery
ten minutes late, strnight Into the
teeth of the worst runawny tbe A. nnd
B. had knowu.
•       ••••*•
Hennessy was fuming at Lyshon,
for he couldn't afford another second,
yet Oldtown hud seen nothing of tlie
Wild freight.
"Better wait for unother report from
Oldtowu," said the operator. But
Hennessy was six minutes late then
and resolved to go on up the grade.
He signaled bis engineer and jumped
on the rear. The brakeman was there
and grinned when the conductor cursed
bis luck.
Hennessy, half way through the
door, wheeled. There, away bnck by
the station platform, only a fading bit
of dismal detail iu the familiar view,
was old Tympan standing in the middle of the track and waving crossed
"Left and signaling us to come buck
for blm," said the rear brakeman.
Hennessy spoke eloquently, looking
at Ids watch. The time frightened
him. "I'll not go back for bim," he
cried.   "I cau't be"—
There wns thut lu the reur brake-
man's eyes whieh stopped Hennessy.
Suppose he should leave Tympan at
LyBbon over Sunday, witli no trains
either way, nnd suppose the old man's
pull with B. II. P. were still working,
and suppose tbe young husband of her
who was Nell Tynipan, ho who worked
In the G. P. A.'s otlice, should—
And there was old Tynipan himself
standing In the middle of the track
and signaling, "Back up, back up,
back up." Could he afford to ignore
tlie old fellow? Though It hurt him to
do it, ho said:
"No. 1 beliove I'll go back for the
old guy. Bill."
The rear brakeman pulled the cord,
nnd Hennessy went ln to reckon just
how much over thirty minutes late
he would be into Oldtown.
There was no denying tbnt old Tympan was exceeding drunk. Hennessy
smothered his wrath with difficulty as
No. 8 backed Into Lyshon, for he
hndn't relished what he bad heard going through thc duy couches. He leaned
out toward the .dirty figure reeling
ueross the plutform and beard Tym-
pan's idiotic laugh as he boasted of
having called back the biggest train
on the road. "I jus' went out there—
rl' out there—and signaled, 'Buck up,'
and yer backed up, didn' yer? I tell
yer. gents, there ain't er mnn o' the
ro'd darst ter dis-dlsobey my orders."
There was a scramble on the platform behind them, and the dispatcher
can.is shrieking like n plow train at a
blind crossing.
"Back up, Hennessy. for all you're
worth:" he shouted. "Runaway freight
—thirty something enrs off the wild
train coming down the grade—be here
In less than a minute. Oldtown wired.
Oh, Hennessy, look up the line!"
It was n cloud of snnsl uml dust at
the lirst curve in the Long Misery,
three miles nway.
Hennessy's knees wavered. The dispatcher struck him with his list between the shoulders, crying: "Quick,
mun! Kim her buck Into the siding und
let the freight go by."
The passengers knew only enough
to complain that they were horribly
shaken up that afternoon near Lyshon.
It was Hennessy himself who switched
No. 8 into tbe silling and who thanked
heaven with all sincerity that it was
Just long enough to take his trnln nnd
leave the uiuin line open. As he threw
the switch his head went dizzy wltb
the whirl of the freight. When the
threatening thlrty-thri*e banged past,
Hennessy gnve not one look nfter, but
fainted over the lever nnd hung like
a uniformed scarecrow until they gathered hlm up.
llis:r-'-:-,swii **yi-la.h«s.
"Art eyelashes" are    tho lutcst invention of u hair specialist in Great
rustle street.
Before noon yesterday, six ladies
wilh downcast eyes emerged from
the specialist's establishment. They
hud long silken eyelashes.
An Kxprs'.ss representative who entered the Shop gleaned some interest ing information. On tbo counter
were cardboard boxes containing
countless cnrtls. On oach card wns
a di'licate set of lushos, attached to
a scarcely Visible strip of fish-skin
A small boi Lie containing a "skin
fluid," patented in America, und two
cards complete the outfit. The eyelashes are 2s. Cd. per pair for "society wear," and Is. 6d. por pair
ior theatrical wear.
"On our customer's first visit,"
said thc manager, "we fix the skin
on the eyelid with the fluid, and the
false lashes mix with the lashes of
the lady. It is beautiful—beautiful!"
The lashes last 10 days, usually,
but ,'20 with care
The manager declared that the 2s.
Gd, pairs were proof against even a
prolonged fit of hysterics, but he admitted, of course, that ho bad no direct evidence to that effect.
The theatrical lashes arc black and
very long, and made of coarser material. The huirs are of vegotahli*
origin, nnd of every shade. They can
be curled with tlie tongs when they
become aggressively downcast.
Eyebrows at. Ids. fid. per pair,
lusting from throe to six months, nre
another specialty at this shop, anil
into thoso sold to elderly ladies grey
hairs are cunningly insortcd.—London  Express.
IiBillviflliiHlliy ln Tree*.
Those who are planting hardy varieties of apple trees for the purposo
of top-grafting them with the best
vnrioties of marketable apples, aro
working along right lines to sccuro
profitable orchards, providing other
details, such as    pruning,    spraying, |
The Quest* l<*or a Place to Bat.
He wns hungry. Before he finished
bis morning's work he consulted his
wntch with n frequency born of gas-
tronomlc longing. The perfume of
Hamburger stunk wufted through the
ofliee window from un adjacent German restaurant convinced him that he
would not hunt long for n pluce to get
luncheon. Onve out of the ofliee, however, the old Indecision returned. The
Teutonic repast did not seem half so
attractive as lt hud twenty minutes before.
He went on up Nassau street. Bes-
taurnnts to the right of hlm, restaurants to the left of blm; signs in big
letters told of the joys of living. He
passed them by. Cafes, three to a
block, told bim wbere he jtxiuld dine
like a prince on anything from roust
beef lo ennvasback duck.
What did he do? He rushed Into a
dairy lunch room.
"Give me n bnni sandwich and a cup
of coffee!" he cried to tbe waiter. "It
does bent the deuce how hurd it Is to
get something you wunt to eut."—New
York Press.
i    There is some hope for a  man as'    A  mun named  \\,
'long ns he    knows     how to  take a  London l() Brighton
hint. °*, bl'.icks'   in olKliti
At Leicester,  England,  a    crippled 	
bridegroom rode into tho church and Tho   eelobrated   i
up the aisle on a hand-propelled til- Chwlaa *Uvcoii,...|
cycle.          _^________
'  ******
 " 4
ii'i ii
The oldest map of Rome, which is
preserved, is the Forum TJrbls. oul
in 140 pieces of marble.
I'or ,£366 recent).
Some  men   let   ,|.n
BtrOfflfjllnj* to su\    i
'""III. 5
Tell of a Run-down System and Exhaust  i Ner '
Strength Comes With the Use of Or-. Chas-Vc
Nerve Food. s
I  have    used   four  boxM.,
hase's    Nerve    Food,    ',„/**
l.ont   tlisisry  Market.
London is waking up in rather amusing astonishment to the fact that lt has
ceased for the time to be the "money
market" of the world. Just us Mr. John
Hums asked, "What has I'.attorsoa to
do wltb the llritish empire'." so ri'iul-
rrx might ask, "What have we to do
with the money marketV" In u com-
plox civilisation like ours the money
market rules everything reluliug to
busiuoss.-London Pilot.
cultivation, fertilizing, etc., are at-j
tended to. But there is a pointer
here lor the grower: Whether he intends to do bis own grafting or to
employ someone olse to do It, he
should be casting his eye around at
this time of yoar to ss*e where he can
secure the right kind of scions with
which to top work his young orchard. Not only shouhl ho bo on tho
lookout where to Becure the proper
varieties, but there Is unother point
of very great importance to the future bearing oi his orchard. Ho
should observe the individuality of
the trees from which he intends to
cut Iiis scions.
This     is  n  new     theory     to
there can
She   line sv   11,
"The longer I live." sighed the sage,
"mid tin* more I learn lhe more nnnly
nm I convinced thai I know absolutely
"I could have told you lhat twenty-
live years ago." wild his wife, "bul I
knew it would be of no use."— Loudon
I   All -WITS
They Havfl* Heinlashi a and llisa kin ln»Are
I auquli! ninl Unable to Stand Kxrrtlois.
From the Sun. Orangeville, Ont.
Yam inii ulw.ivs tell anaemic men
is a new    tneory    to    most j...... ...,,,,,._,.    T,,,.v a,._, |mll,, WPak __,,,,
"'•'i nuiny ar.. ini-i','«ii.ioiis, but |__nBuld<   -n,t,v  **ave headaches   and
.      ,   , , ,.    i liai'l.iiilu'S.    Tiis'\   can't   est—or   tbcj
. dence gained by experience that.this        ., ,,,        w,      ,jul(. lh<... d
!  is not u  theory, hut u ".veil-establish-    ,    .   ..    _., . . ,      .
1 Find   it   all   conic/   from   poor   blood
md unstrung nervos,     Danish anaemia ut onco i'V enriching your blond
ii.l  tniiiiiii   up your  nerves  wilh   llr
ed    fact—the Individuality    of   fruit |
trees—that some Individual trees will
far surpass others a»i  the    same   va-   '
rielv under the very same conditions
as to soil and care, und that scions jWillIan,a   ■''"•*   l>llls     Thousands  ol
obtained from such u treo and graft- grateful women have Bald that these
cd  into  unother will curry    thut  in-]l"lls  ■■■•>''■'  restored    them    after   all
'other  menus   Irieil   hnd   I'nileil       Mrs
Jobins  \I;liri.\, ui Orangeville, (bit .
dividuality with it nnd pet pet unto j
it. Here is simply unother evidence |
of our ability   to control  the    forces
of nature for our own benefit, nnd
the fruit-grower .should not bo Blow
to take advantage of it.
' Van-
i C irls-iiturin^ ( l-CflsskflflAa.
j    Sir William  Crool.es.   F.R.S.,
subj'-ct of ii geniiil    caricature
I "Spy" in a recent number of
j ity Fair," was born one and sa*venty
! years ago, and at sixteen, after dam*
; aging much of the paternal  lurniture
i by  acids unsl explosions, be was    an
active student In tlie Royal College
' of Chemistry, sine when ho has dono
i much to advance the science of chem-
i istiy and  physics.     He  invented  the
radiometer; he discovered thallium ,M ,,,.,,. ,, ,,,,„...._,■
.mid radiant matter generally; he s
I evolved the genesis of the elements,
j and founded the "Chemical News."
' lie is a past President of all our
I best Scientific si i ia'ties, and he has
j published many practical works on
I many applied sciences, Without tho
' Crookes tube the  I .out gin rnys were
unknown;    and     ho   has    this   week
shown  at  the     Hoyal  Society      his
newest invention,  the spinthariscope,
by which the curious scintillations of
the newest clement, radium,  may be
readily seen    Altogether he Is a very
great  man  of science,  who  has done
much to benefit the world very practically.—London Star.
wus u great sulTorcr In Boverul
years and spent much money looking
for ;i cure To a reporter nf tl.e Sun
Mrs. Mcllroy Buid: "Several years
ago my  health  gave out  completely.
I    \'.;is   SO    I' ■'.!!     ll, il     I    COllld   IWU    il a
my   housework      If   I   wenl   upstairs
my lieai i   would  palpitate  violently,
and  sometimes  I   would   faint    away
through   weakness.    My   nerves   were
unstrung,  and  I   Buffered  much  from
dizziness    1 tried many remedies, but
thoy  did  nol   help  me.   Then  1   was
advised   to   try     Dr.   Williams-' Pink
I Pills and  il.'rifled tn  do sa,       i  am
jglud   I   did.   for   the  pills   s ma   limit
j nn' up and made me a  wa'il  woman
'I -I il    l.isl
j spi ing, when  I wns again
I weakness,    I now  knew  bj
j the   value  nf   I);-.   Williams'
and at once irot a Biipply.
was as beneficial ha; before nnd I can
conscientiouslj say thc pills have
done mo untold good I am grati ful
for this, mid hope uij experience will
benefit some other BtifTerer."
Dr. Willinms' i>i,ii< i'ii];. havo cured
more sickly, pale-faced girls nm! women thnn nny other inerHrlne iivor
discovered, for they Bupply new. rich,
red hlood, and so strengthen every
purt of the body They nra* equally
suitable for men, women and child
ren. and sure not. only anaemia, but
decline. consumption. Indigestion,
rheumatism, St. Vitus dance, and the
ailments    which   all   woimn
These      p|]l        con      |„.     I,,,,)
al<en with
Pink Pills
Tho result
Karly Klssftis- Proverb*.
A fathor was telling bis son of the
advuntage of early rising,    which   he  special
emphasized  by using the    well worn j dread,
(but much appreciated) udage, "It !■: through any druggist, or wil
the    early    bird    that    catches    the   postpaid  at  .*iOc a box,  or six  hove,
worm." The precocious juvenile    re-' for  S2.C0    by  writing  dlrecl   to  the
plied, "All rigid, father; you got up.Dr    Willinms'   Medicine   ('.a . Brock-
in the curly morning and catch    the ' ville. Out.    Look for   full nnme on
worms,  and I'll go fishing with them   every hex, so   that  m, worthless* miIi-
in tho afternoon."    Chnrles    .Sothern Ist.tlllo maj   bo palmed ..IT on \ou
(of illustrious    memory___  in  his    fa- j	
inous character play of "Lord   Dun- }    The United  States  lifc-savlnn   ser
dreary,"  used to quote the proverb,   vice costs $1,700,01)0  nor annum
"Early to bod, early to rise, makes  '        '      annum.
man   healthy,   wealthy  and  wise,'
on which he commented as follows:
"Now, there's my brother .Sam; he
used to go to bed early, sometimes
as early as 4 o'clock (in the morning), and ho was not particularly
healthy. As for being wealthy, he
would borrow a half crown from
anybody without the slightest hopo
of being ablo (or even willing) to
pay it back. And I nover knew him
to be wise, but confoundedly otherwise."
illl. Pl ni, ic sliould hear in mind thai
Di.  Thomas    "".electric   Oil  lins nan hin..'  Iii
common with tin. Imuura deterioratliw
rtusss of so-called medicinal,oils it la
eminmlly pure nmi sfflcacloua -rollevine
iahi.i and lameness, ntlffneii of the Joints
iiihI mut-clM and mirei nr hurls laf-hiilr-,
1.1*111..   si rs    excellent   S|>s*ilfir    for
Elleu Terry's Toe.
When Rlleii Terry  was u II
about te'n years old -lie played
Ile girl
I'nek ln
HU sT'rent Opportunity.
"Ah, ine!" Blgbed the nervous author as he trimmed the midnight lamp.
"I've Just been reading tin article
which says the sun's light will be extinguished In n million years from now.
Ain't that terrible to contemplate?"
"It certainly Is," replied the wife.
"Hut you won't take niy advice."
"Whut do you moan'.''
"About saving money, Now Is the
time to lay by, with it view to taking
slock In the gas companies."—Atlanta
Ilpanlatn St. Helrnn.
A recent lending article in the only paper printed on the Napoleonic
rock advocates tlio conversion of .St.
Ilclenu into a sort, of penal snttle-
i ment us the only mode of salvation.
St. Helena hud an extraordinary
boom of prosperity during tho .South
African war, when thousands of Doer
prisoners were Isolated there. Now
thero is no market for tho local beef
and vegetables, and tho agriculturists uro in dospair. "Their lands aro
full of weeds, their gurdons implanted."
| "A Midsummer Nij-ht's luvaiu" nnd
j luul to ninl.*. her ui jjcui'iineo through
I ilu' K'age Moor on n ti.,; dour. The trap*
' sl .or wns shut loo soon, und one of tbe
shll.l's feet was caught.   She screamed i
pniit.   um
'.red   lo   I
.   I'iiii.'li your part
Mrs.   Chnrles   Keun
r;  "He u  brave girl,
md you shull
Trouble lis Ant Colonlna.
The chief r(1nso of tho  hostility of
different  colonies of ants  is found to    finger has been 7 fi   t u Inches
be difference of odor and of af-ci*.
|dn.v Arthur in King .lohn.'" The
Llllpthiiir by Ibis Ume was opened, but
the child's Ine WUS broken. She, how-
s'ver. plucklly pulled herself together
unsl finished her speech,
I'-lssufs-   Null,,,
A man of sevnniy hna renewed his
finger nulls no fewer than 180 times
Taking the length of each nnil as half
an Inch lhe t..t,-, | lebgtb grown on each
To many people peculiar spells of
dizziness and weakness aro a source
of almost dally annoyance nnd distress. Some see flashes of light before them, and become blind and
dazzled ; others experience severo
attacks of headache. The cause is
exhaustion of tho nervous systom
and deficiency In the quality and
quantity of blood. In all such cases
Pr. Chase's Nerve Food is tho most
certain as well ns the most thorough
cure obtainable.
Mrs. Symons, of 42 St. Clair street.
Belleville, Ont., stntes : " Some
weeks ago 1 begun a course of treatment with Dr. Chuse's Nervo Foosl.
and found It a very satisfactory
medicine I wns formerly troubled
with nervous exhaustion nnd a weak,
fluttering heart. Whenever my heart
bothered me I would have spells of
wenkness nnd dizziness, which were
very distressing. By means of this
treatment my nerves have bocomc
strong, and the action of my heart
teems to be regular. I can recommend Pr. Chnso's Nerve Food as an
excellent medicine."
Mrs. James Clancy, 714 Water
street,   Peterborough,    Ont.,   states :
A flClevfltr ■■—■»-*..
I Prince Louis Nap"1'"'-' ".f^rwrrd Napoleon III., effected his escape from
Ham In lMrt In a singular manner. He
wsb Imprisoned for his uttempts
sgnlnst the French government, mado
at Boulogne In 1S4<). At 7 o'clock one
morning the prince, having shaved his
mustache nud thrown n blouse and
workingman's trousers over bis own
elaithes und ■wearing wooden s'.ioes,
quietly walked out of the prison, carrying a bookshelf over bis shoulder to
complete h\* dl**gnisr. lie wu. taken
to bo e!i' of the pnlntPi'ii then at work
lu the prison and was a-- I by several persons, a carriage w.is waiting
In the neighborhood, ansl by 3 oVlsss'k
In tin- afternoon be was at Valenciennes,
where lie took n train to Bnuse!**,
uml lie arrived in London Iwo days
later. Meanwhile in Has prison Or.
fjonnenu, tin1 priiua-'s pl:. Iclnn, li''I
placed n dummy In tl p prtnci "s bed nnd
told the governor thnt tbe prince w:,s
confined to his room by lib.-ss. This
suiisihii the governor until 7 o'clock In
the evening, wben he In Isted on seeing
the prime nnd discoveretl :' e fraud.
By this time, of cours:*. the prince was
over the frontier, l r. Contienu got off
with three months of pi i wn. Within
thirty-one months Trine:* N'npoleon WHJ
the tli-st president of a French republic,
Supplanting King Louis Philippe, who
bud abdis'tited.
" I  have
Cn— w    ..,,.,     i , , ,.
them  an excellent  , 1|(.im,u
troubled   more   or   less f,
yeurs with severe   heartaches
made me usolcss   as
plishing my ,,,„•!.  ,.„    C()
The  Nerve    _**„,___    . ,.      *•■
me up generally. „,.,. ,, " «m
thorough cure of my old , " I
would not think of |,i r ,M
Pr.    Chuse's     \,.,,,.   ,   ,„,    MN.
' '■«
' :*«
and   would   strongly
'    I   'U   I
wloii \i\
' ■ i rl
mend anyone puffi
give it ii trial.   It
cuss-  ufter    a   great
luul railed,"
I   To   the thousands n
i are    victims     ,.f     ,:, ,    .  .    ,      J
[this   letter   should   pr  u   „|
able  villus*     If  thej   v ill  hul   .,VJ
the advice of m- ''"
J be certain   of   great     anil    lli
, benefit.
Pr. Chuse's Nerve Food   50 ctd I
box.   nt   ttj]   .la.,,'a . ,;,,     •*"
lirsIoislsBK  anil   IVntrr.
It Is not unusual to hear a Bedouin
upon reaching a en nip wlipre water Is
offered hiin refuse it with lhe ro
mark, "I drank only yesterday." <tn
the Bedouins' long niurelies across dry
countries the size of the water s',:ins Is
nicely calculated to just outlast the
journey, nnd they rarely allow themselves to break the habit of abstemiousness, us this would he sun* to mnke
tlii'lr next wnter fast nil tl e iuivsler.
They are acc'istomed from lllfaucy to
regard wnter ns a most precious commodity nnd use It with religious economy. They know evpry hollow and
nook In the mountains where wnter
may be found. Their camels and goats,
whish they take with tbem on tlii'lr
marches to supply them with milk
r.nd ment. live principally on the
•canty herbage und foliage of the
thorny mimosa.. Neither men nor animals drink more thau once lu forty-
s'ight hours. No wonder they can subsist where invaders quickly perish,
Rata ansl  Tlii'lr  fosssl.
The capacity of ruts for discovering
fresh stores of foot] Is astounding und
often lends to those  united tnlgrutery
movements   that   periodically   create
nhirin uud nre described as "plagues
of ruts." These grent movements ure
undoubtedly Initiated nnd "personally
conducted"   by  old  nnd  experienced
rats, the aldermen of the colony, at
oni'o a proor of highly developed lu-
telllgenee and unselfishness. Huts In
huge centers of Industry. If not present lu commercial plague form, do a
great deal of good as consumers of
gurbuge that would otherwise become
a perilous nuisance, it Is nlso u popular
delusion that n ral bite is unusually
iliing-Toiift from ihls fnct of sewer
giii'linge eating. On lhe contrary, rub*
••ul ns clean us a 11<■ vv hi licet.
Ilea  iiiid  Arm*.
Iii thirty-two out of UM) cases o
nuin's left urin is stronger thuu hi*
Dls orees.
It Is snld tlm: Switzerland grants
more divorces nml linglnnd fewer thut
nny other rnunlry,
Tor nn.i Feathers.
Tnrrlng and fenllieriiig wns n plc-i-
lug custom of the Eugllsh ns early t
the slays of Itlclmrd Mon Henri.
"a a n.illflion.
If Is one of tin* peculiarities of tniv
el by Imlloon lhat you do not feel huv
thin:. All U still with vou. im Hint let
if you nre in the teeth of the hurricane
Itutes ."i Co.. Toronto
you  nguinst  Imitations
nnd signature   of   r
the famous receipt  boi
on every box.
To -rroja
lhe iiirif_n
■ «i um
■ author, A
Eighty-fivo  ia.'i    ,,.
who   have   been   repi
Orange River Colons ;   .        ,
work  on  Farms
Don't try cheap co.:gh medi-1
cines.   Get the best, Ayer'i
Cherry Pectoral.  Whan
record It has, sixty years of||
cures!   Ask your doctor if I
he doesn't use it for coughv(
colds, bronchitis, and ill
throat and lung troubles.
" I hava fonnil tha.*. Ayer'i Cttam Ml I
la |M issaat mcdlrtna Iran prt-i«*nM*t.:tifS*. I
a lilUa.tlUliiaiiiv .   ..el • l.a:.1 .ol-l.'    I
M. Loia-SUa*., M P. ll!.aca.I.!.|
_*e.,S0e..»l DO.
All fllragizlala.
I.SJ    iTIBall
l..,:: KbssJ
Correct any tandem / to conitiPJ'l
tion with small doses of Ayer'i Pill I
ForBlllouj«ndN>:v'.;, Dll r!*-<,wA_
Wl*Maadliulat*-«8ton   \ "*: .k "**£;
■Che, GMrtlneM, Fiiltie..- a-a ^-'t'^t •"*_
metis*.. Diizhis-M Sad Iirowair-«.CJ.slC»|J
RhUmts of Heat, I,o»i of A*-pm*"**"
naaiof fiirath, Cciivci-.-v Hla UWJ*_1
Skin. Dittsirbed Ma-rp. Prlghtfnl sWJ
•ud all Nervous-.ia I Treml I'X-mmoI
TWEs-HT. MINUTES-   jm* .«•■»"•
Kvesy .ufftrer "a e.irnesitly ln____~*?Ji2
fc..iof theas* MU, nnd lhs>; w*_lft,.'r
uouH-xJa__i.dK) tie WITHOUT A HUl
Ba***fc**CIIA"*T*«FIM.-*. uk" *'<L*
taxi will quickly rratme Feins'**" '"""JE
health. "rh-^promiBtlyremaavetov^-W
Uoa tv "mgiiWity of the tj mem, W»
Weak Stomach,
Impaired Digestion,
Disordered Liver,
Or.eTSctlfksiiu-'lc-.few '' '"'^J^
wonderiupontlieviusion: ^JfgHJ
Id( the uiuaculer Bvatera. l*»Wi WJJ J3
lo* ssomplexloti, brtDKini* b§« '»"<JV
td_*e of .pps-tlte, filial «;""'"? ,V,"_,hP
HoMbud osf SIs-nHli tli. J** IS
■leal energy oft -
•re "f«ct»" admit
of Use bet ffl
claaaea of »ociety, sand one ol IMomn ,
•nice* to the Nervoisa mi I i1**]''"** ,*
Largest Sale, of •"»/•*
Medicines In th-* World
Ilsaochasn'i   Pllla
tlse    publlo   for   lintl*
•____„   h^ii t***l
' "%i
■ a
ara tlio unset populnr fcmlJXHjff
Mo teetlssioisflxla »r« _.ubU»I>sni,
Baaeham'e I'illa .
Pnr-amd onlr by Thnmai Dm"1*
Helena, r««lm»il.      , . _• t
Sold eferinher. In r.n.ilx Utv,
".•aerie-..   In bsiiea, ««**•*"•"•
Of tho 2,Hill Conga",   I •  .,
ts'i'.s   in      Kiit'liini!   ni"1    "8
are teetotallers e Drill.
fcove l» '•'«!'Ist'isi.
Innliinil the crime'which, after
,,,,. is punished with the greatest
Lltv is that of uiarryltig a girl
sliist   the
wishes of   her  parents.
i,_.n ii unit'"' »»'*-*<-s lllH aiipeurunco
g8ya nothing to the maiden, who
,,,_ Uan'S not kuow who he is, but her
_eDts Inform her that she is Bought
marriage. Shortly afterwurd. on a
v appointed, the girl, her parents,
ends und suitor all meet together at
Apist, nud the young man nnd maiden
_* placed opposite, no thnt they can
,__ (1t each other freely and can talk
tt, comfort After the meal Is over
B company repair to un open space,
Le "the race for a wife" is run. Tlie
mil distance In nhout u quarter of a
le uml the girl l» placed n third of
> distance from the starting point.
Bl„. be fleet of foot she can easily
uli the coal before ber suitor, und
thnt ease be Uiuy never trouble her
uin If, however, be has found fu-
r in lit r ej es, till she hns to do Is to
gouii'wliat in her flight, so that be
9v overtake hoi'. If she desires to
ilQiatu lo 1.im that his love for her
returned she may run a little way
(1 ii. H turn with open anna to ac*
pt IllBl. 	
Bnltlllll   *'"r  aTrenstll  Toairaes.
I',,,., who have worried through
I■.■..;. li Miiminl" may get sotue sat*
faction from the thought that witli
iwn In axunge tbey ure revenged
i n the Parisian. "Methods Avec
•ouoiiclntlou" is a little book which
H_ps straight the way of the Eng.
li language for I'rencb tongues.
,s one wish to say, "How is it. miss;
harming and pretty walking
, (which,  of  course,   wouisl  lie
ic ni i: i. first remarks a French trav-
Pf would have evasion to mnke) lt
,,n', ■:.•.a'-'-ary to s-onsult the "Noil-
hies Methods:" "Aou lalto, mlss;
i ,   iiriulnngue amide protu
nli lie uluiitieV" If the traveler
„, tn the theater the mnu ut the box
lii> : j say, "Oul have onll orches*
I s'.:i i I llfte. '.« ale allow ine tou
-■■ lini se bes| srltcp for
''. v iti 'inene."    Kvldently
Ttsrlllliiaj     I. lehlnir.     l'M>-*rlrui>e    Im
I Northern  Michigan.
Upon one occasion In northern Michigan I was trout fishing in company
with a veteran timber cruiser, a mun
who knew everything about the rougb
bush life, says a writer ln World's
Work. In time we reached a bend ln
the stream where a lot of small logs
hud Jammed during the spring freshet.
My comrade unconcernedly ventured
upou tbe logs, and before I could follow by some mischance he stepped
upon a loose one and Instantly disappeared. Had I not been looking at blm
It is likely I should have Imagined he
had crossed and gone Into the brush
upon the farther Bide. One log of all
the mass was rolling, and a band showed at one side of lt. To dart across and
seize the bund occupied very few seconds, but to uiy horror I could not pull
him up through tbe narrow space
through which ho bad slipped. To set
a foot upon the log either side the opening und shove with ull strength was the
only hope. For seconds 1 clung to tbe
wrist und strulned mightily. Slowly
the logs separated and up he came till
he was able to twist upon his stomach
across a log. Hulf drowned as he was,
he had not lost his nerve. "Dodon't
let 'em squeeze buck on me!" be gasped, und a moment later he was ou bis
feet. Most men would have weakened
then, but be was Iron. He bad swallowed a lot of Water, had been cheek
by jowl wltb an nwful death, yet he
had no Idea of proving false. The logs
were slowly slipping further apart and
I was standing like u certain large gen
tleinan of Uhodes and unable to stand
I much more spreading or to spring to
either side, while, of course, to slip
j Into the water meant to enter the trap
, be bud Just escaped. In a few seconds
be seized my bund and one quick haul
| carried me to firm footing. The logs
at once closed like n gigantic trap.
, When we reached solid ground my coin-
rade almost collapsed, and for half an
, hour he was n very sick man. Later
be said: "I held my breath as long as 1
, could, ealculatln' you might try to get
I uie, an', purdner, I'll never forget that
I little turu. 1 reckon I was ln a mighty
. tight place."
Hew Dodd's Kidney Pills Quickly
Cured His Lame Back.
William N. K>.kin,of Nor.Ti.i.il, gives gosid
AdViM sssaal otlicrsure InllsswtngU wills
Splenitis! Results.
Norwooil, Out., July 27.—(Special)
—William N. Baskin, the well known
lumberman and railroad contractor
of this place, tolls of an ex -crlonce
with Dodd's Kidney Pills that ls
bound to be ot interest to the public
"For two years," says Mr. Buskin,
"I was laid up with Lnme Buck nnd
Kidney Disease, 1 would at times
become woak and hnve to leavo off
work. People who know mc as a
lumberman und contractor on the C.
P. It und Pirry Sound railways
knew how sick 1  was.
"Reading of wonderful euros by
Dodd's Kidney l'ills led tee to try
them. 1 used three boxes iui'1 am
completely cured. I can suy now I
have not hnd any pains since 1 used
Dodd's Kidney Pills "
Others who have followed Mr. Das-
kin's advice nnil tried Dotld's Kidney Pills report similar results. No
form of Kidns**,- Ili'-rase can stiinil before them.
The ycur's business   of    American
hens will amount to $284,000,000.
About 4,750 tons of llritish money
is constantly in circulation.
Miaari's Liuiineot Cares Diphtheria.
■Germany   sold    llustia $4,700,00*'
worth  of electrical  goods   last year.
Thero i.s only one good rulo to
follow in order to live long and happy, and that is, let the other'.fellow
do the worrying.
1 U
i :i bid j.i'iB. and "j'
h'reiii'iinittn us foi
a i; 'i":i,: "i inanu: '
••   ' •'•■ i r.,.i,i"
'll*    "a     a'.r    1'la  XSI1    Illfllw.
! ii   (punks   of   knockout
i!i Inr plexus, but it Is
■•'■';   l! ;il   receives   tlie   sl.au 1;
;t   t: •  nervous disturbance
■ ••.  •-*  i ;.i  i:.'.-.imil.
ti ;   : •-   n  L.nj_.luiid a pile of
.■:-:,es or ti  tick tilled with
■ It       i Ial of hemlock boughs was
I own 111 il coiner of the living
al" ii mi.
I lank  ns -1   Te iili-rlnin.
|A dime's worth of Bank beef fur-
ilics   ."*! pound  of sustenance, but
p value In tenderloin furnishes
■ loan one-fourth r.s much.
English  Coins.
1 li      lig the values of her cop-
\t a tl t .dou't nuioiu't to a rap
Id ' ■ ! iii the value murk on her
lias     gold ni.I silver.
Lots of people who would not kill
anyone themselves like to see la-
crosse matches.
KlHlaaamla-      1 lass-jl llfl'Sl l loss      of      Ills silt
Tbnt  Hull**  In  Denmark.
The Danish classification of rank ls
a very elaborate one, built up of offices, orders, birth und titles, writes J.
Broebner in "Danish I,lfo In Town and
Country." There ure nine classes,
which are divided luto us many u* a
dn/.i'ii subsections, each of which may
again comprise u score or two of different titles and offices, yet there was a
coiuphilut In one of tbe Danish papers
the other day that it was anything but
Holders of titles have to pay an annual tnx ranging from $44.50 In tbe
first class to a miserly $3.33 iu the
ninth. There are ubout a score of different titles, several of which are again
divided Into "real" and "others," the
"real" being several shades belter thau
the "others."
These titles are always used In conversation, as, for example, "Will not
the chamberlain have a cigar?" or
"Mr. Chamberlain, will you not have
a cigar'.*' And It requires a fairly
clear head and a good memory to give
everybody his due In a large party,
especially as some of them ure decorously long, as, for Instance, gehelme-
Then there are ladles, who generally
huve "Inde" (the English "ess"i ndded
to their husbands' title or ollice.    A
colonel's  wife,  for  Instance,   Is culled
oberstlnde, and the wife of the chamberlain to the king kamnierherrelude,
and so forth.
[    But the subtleties of the additional
: titular address in writiug even excel
( the verbal form.   That persons of the
; lirst  rank  are  "excellencies"  is  only
| natural, but gentlemen of the second
class bave ou documents addressed to
I them a "high well born" prefixed to
j their title and name, and those of ihe
third class fl "high and well horn."    I
much regi  . that I cannot explain why
the   addition   of   this   "and''   should
somewhat detract from  the value of
tbe same words.
Gentlemen of the ninth class are addressed as "well honorable and well
bred," which Is, I tblnk, almost more
than they could expect for tbelr $3.33.
of what the best flour will do for
will make light, white, delirious
bread. Tn absorbing more water
ln Its mixing It will produco a
greater numher of loaves per barrel than any other flour. Tt ls
the most economical flour for
these and other reasons, than any
of tho common hrnnds.
All hest grocers keep it.
,,s .. A - ■; ■.;. '.
0/n> ii\\s net Ay////v tixMahmic/ssciu
tc distinguish thc A&MtMMo/
Gdld j^——--
'J7te di ft create is so marked.
pil til lis OP CHILDHOOD.
■   the insist deadly season
i* fur littlo ones.   The little
i :"•   h\   n   mere    thread:   diar-
ant   cholort.   und   other  hut
outs como quickly, and
s in it few hours, extinguish
ittlc life       Every mother
in   a    position  ts> guard
ure these   troubles,, and
no i edicine known lo medicare  will    act    so    surely,    so
 I sn safely ns Baby's Own
t\ hex nf the Tablets should
1   i"  every   home  where  there
Uie inns, and by giving an oc-
'"•''   Tablet,    hot    weather   nil-
-   will   be   prevented,   and   vour
! "    "ill    be    kept    well    and
Hoii'l   unit   until  the trouble
thai mny bo   too    Inte.    Ro-
lhat   these  ailments can  be
ted by keeping   the   stomach
prevented   by    keeping   the
1       h iwels      right. Mrs.      A.
My baby wns arose, restless
diarrhoea   I gave her Ba-by's
lets and they helped her nl-
mico    i think tho Tablets a
'] medlcino ror children."
hints nre guaranteed to curo
linor ailments of little ones;
tnln nn opiate or poisonous
1 ran  bo given safely  t«*,  a
" '   hni,,..    Soisl   by   medicine
"I   mailed at   25  cents n box,
•' to the Dr. Willinms Meili-
" ' " ■  Brockville, Ont.
^•"ountoas  Middleton  died  tit   *>■
;   '/'"ow, (iodalnilng,  Sii.uv.v.    on
Uor  ladyship wns    In
Vr.  Ilrodrlck, soere-
War   was her eldest,    son.
/.    ,;" daughtor of    the lirst
*->ra i oitesloe,
Hope ls thc heroic form of despair.—
"Tbe School For Saluts."
The most agonizing fear of a true
lover Is that his lady shall think bim
s weakliug.-"Ou Satan's Mount."
Sentimental people ace sure to live
long and die fat. Keeling—that's the
slayer.—"The Ordeal of Richard Fe-
Wben prudence and reticence are off
guard the man himself, past, present
and future, comes Into view.—"Kent
Fort Manor."
You never could bet on that woman.
If there was one or two things she'd be
likely to do she wouldn't do either of
Things always run ln streaks—don't
matter whether It's politics, love, farm-
In' or war. They don't travel alone.—
"Before the Dawn."
flSununi culque— to the man belongeth
courage In great things, but in affairs
of small moment woman Is pre-eminent.—"The Wheel of Love."
Success undoubtedly often covers
mistakes, but human nature Is on tbe
whole generous, or at least good tempered.—"Retrospect and Prospect."
I In proportion to its size a mosquito draws better than the average
j    All  the navigable rivers of  Russia
are connected by canals.
■Hurl's Uataat Cirei toto, eta.
The greatest number of suicides occur in those between 30 and 40 years
of age.
Stateo' OiV ,(. ty of   s.!s>.lo, a
a lira;. CoUllty ' **a
Frssiia. .1 Cliens**,- mske*. oath tluit ne Is
•s-i.il.! puitiirr ssf ihs. tinn of I* J
l.'hsanry A Co . doing liusinrNsi in the Citj
s»i Toledo, County ansl stsste aforesaid,
and '.hat said linn will nay tke sum of
UNE HUMORED DOU.AHS for each ansl
ait.d a«,ei.v tase ol Catarrh thai t-isiiiiot
ee iuismI hy the use ol Hall's I'utiirrl
Cure PRANK   -T    ''III.Ni-*,-
Swssr'.i to liefore me ami subscribed ii
.iy ,ireseiii-e this tlih >Jav of DflKember
>    0    lSSfs
A    W    (llflEAStlN,
AHeal; Notary I'u'.'iiB
Flail's Catarrh Cure is takon internally
»id   oris  tlirertly  on   lhe blood   and   mu
.OI18 surfaces of the sy»t»ui. Scnal for ies
• Itnonlals, frs?»*
V   .1    CHENEY * CO . Toledo. O
Sold   lay  all  di-UK-jins,   75c.
Hall's   Fainilv Pills, are  the best
Thfl» Cause ot the  Delay.
Mrs. Ptisse was in a hurry. She was
going to a concert, aud the friends who
j were to accompany her were waiting
! downstairs. Sbe was dressing and
making things most uncomfortable for
her maid, unaware of the fact that
everything sbe snid was audible downstairs.
"Anuette," sbe cried, "how slow you
are! Have you the flowers for my
"Ah, yes, madame, but"—
"Well, well, well!" sharply. "Where
are they?"
"They are here, madame; but, pardon, I've mislaid the hair!"
I    Whist  a  pity it  is that our   neighbors don't  know    as well  as  we   d»
jwbnt's gosid for theni.
tUiai-i's Lhinett Cuts Wste*fer.
Many a man hns rui ed his eyesight sitting in a bar-re in looking
for work.
| Heists of gratitude are usually compromised for about ten ce.its on the
V    Ist
■"•' h   yen i
The   r.lvc
I""1'   docl.H    one   of     the
■fi "f modern commerce extend
r   i    iho M.'i'sy „ distance   of six
ta "he-hall miles.
llth I.
Ii'!', ,.'';"",v"   •*•«• Breaso" "wiih" th
i   •'"  ' ease.
,   ;,,v:"v dishes,  pom ,„•   pans
Mi   ,.'.„..'.''.s "'.y SoaP. n powdpr. lt
vis' "\vnll CM-'l,re*1 s>"'"hl use Mother
<*'  Ilia   ii'.'i,'''V■"•!'••• inn!or     Worms are
Ha ,,','.i„"*"':""",U(11' worms are
i , incipal causes of suffertan
...     ' »nd should bs expelled from
Union  an • "Smoker."
In his early days Sir Thomas Upton
denied himself almost every pleasure
except tbat of amassing a fortune.
Calling one day on a consul on business
mutters he was offered a cigar by the
"No, thank you." said Sir Thomas
(then Mr.) Lipton. "Although 1 am the
biggest smoker In England I never
smoke s'lgars."
"Wbnt do you smoke?" was the sur-
prlss-d query.
"Uticon," was the prompt reply.
Aa Alaskan Smoke.
How would you enjoy a pipeful of
wood shavings, saturated with a strong
] solutlou of pepper, us an after dlnuer
smoke? Strange as this may seem for
' a substitute for tobacco, lt ls, suys the
j Family Doctor, nevertheless used ns
! such   by  Indians along  tbe  Alaskan
coast. Their mouths nre often mnde
I raw by the prnetlee. and the eyesight
J of  many   is  affected  by   the  strong
fumes.        '
Justice l» nilnil.
"It ain't no flgger of gpeecb," commented the philosopher, "tlmt Justice
ls blind. Nothln' happens to the man
that makes the toy pistol, the feller
that sells It or the guy Hinl buys it
for his little boy. but the kid. who don't
know no better, glti thc pmil-huient
that's COtnln' to nil the others."
I    was   cured    of   a    severe    Cold
Oxford, E.S.        R. F. HEWSON
1  was    Cured  of a  terrible   sprain
Yarmouth, NS. Y. A. A. 0.
1   was cured   of nius-k   Erysipelas
!   [nglesvillc. .). W. RWlfiLFS.
Wise girl'- see lhat their powder is
dry liefore they go gunning for hus
I Mr. Thomas llullard Svri-.i-iiHi*. H V
.writes: "I have been afflicted for nearly
* \esir with that most-to-be dreaded disease Dyspepsia, and at times worn out
with pain nnd want of Hli'ee unit atiri
jtryini* almost eyerythins. recommended
I tried one box of I'armelee's V Wot able
I tried one box of Parmelee's Pills,
I am now nearly well, and bei ies e thev
svill cure rae. I would not be without
them  for any money "
College professors and the bootblacks both strive to polish the understanding.
A shrimp canning factory will bP
built on   floating   bargee at,   Ocean
Springs,   Miss.
; is hns  i ,'"'■_' "K •im(-''R boys that
i font  , r,,n'y f,'0!fh °W ln
L,'k ia     ', '' "ml f,,rP,,t  them.   Tlie
I'llo   resh V!    ""' *«■ '■'•«    not
10 the luck.
'  worse the eggs (he
Itenile   For   I tie   l.mi-i |je:s«*y.
"If yotl Hnd it lui"'i'-'l'dt' to keep
open your line of i-etl'-'Ht." s':d Ihn in*
htruitor in the military sehnol, '•whnt
taught you to do?"
"Open up the line of uuviiuce," wus
the prompt reply.—Kxcluiuge.
Shirt waists and dainty
linen are made delightfully
clean and fresh with Sunlight Soap.
fapsf. Tt ls Imperrlouj ko wind, keeps on* oold, keeps In heat, oarrtee DOflBU
•f saVa afcsaorfce no molature, Imparts no teat* or flasror to anything wit*
whlek It oonaoe In oonUaast. It le mrgelv used not only fnr shoetlns Isomtoe. Wt
tmm Hsllnf oolit etorv.se bflBllillDgs, r«Trlj<_r»tiira, dairies, ori-asmerlee, «asi •ll
■lasss wloro Uu otsjeot U to koep nn even mui swlforas Usuparatat*, nasi nt
Use) ssaaea time nTOtsilng atnapnese.
Wrtta mmxt l|ssU, TBII * PKBSSB, Wlnnlpsaf, for samples.
THB WC. m. KDDV OO., sUlmraltc-sd, MUUb.
Ladies do uot attend fuuerals.
Children kiss the bands of their
The bridegroom purchases h's bride's
The hostess Is servssd first at is Mexican tabic.
When friends pass each other ou the
street without stopping they say udios
Curds are sent to friends upon tbe
anniversary of their saints' day and
upon New Year's day.
Even the youngest children of the
family are dressed in mourning upon
tbe death of a relative.
The pronoun tu (thoui ls used only
among very intimate friends and relatives or wheu uddrcssing children or
Never allow a caller to carry a package of any size friJm your house; always send lt to his home. Mexicans
do not carry parcels.
If you change your residence you
must notify your Mexican friends by
card; otherwise they will not feel at
liberty   to   enter your   new   home.
Great Miakronm Garden In Prance.
The strangest of the underground
worlds In France which I visited was
one devotixl to the raising of mushrooms. Its limits seemed unbounded,
as Indeed they were, for lt pierced the
hillsides in every direction. We entered
through an opening under nn orchard
of cherry trees. During "harvest time''
a crop ls gathered every twenty-four
hours. Three men, with their great
baskets, make tbo rounds of this underground farm every morning, and every
dny ln the year can count on an immense crop, which they sblp to the
large cities near by and even several
miles awoy. The discolored and Inferior mushrooms are sent to the canneries,
but for his best growth the producer
receives only 20 cents a pound.—Scrlb-
ner's Magazine.
Lacngth ni the rays docs not a(Tc<*t
tha. iiia'iiiiiiil activity of ii^'hi. although  it  determines   iheir color.
Mr. Thomas UHll-ircl. Syracuse, N. If.
writes: "I have liosm stUlicled for nearlj
a vB*ur wiih tins*, mos* to-be dreaded alls
disc* Dyspepsia, anil at times worn out
witb pain and want of sleep, ansl aftei
trying almost evervtlijiiL' reian in-anlia!,
1 tried one box of Parmelee's Vegetable,
1 tried one box of Parmelee's l'ills.
I am now nearly well, nnd believe the.v
will cure mo. 1 would not be witbout
tinm  for any money."
I"n. -..s recently published in Christiana show thai tin1 amount ot
ne. iv sent lumie (roui the I'ni;o..'
States by Immigrants from Norway
lust   >ear   was   $8,780,000.
The star Canopus surpasses the sun
in brightness by more than ten thousand  times.
A Matter of Time.
"The reason why I quit shaving,"
said Rivers, "was tbat I figured up enc
day the amount of time tbnt lt took. I
used to spend a little over fifti*en minutes every day of my life shaving myself. 1 found that tbls used up ten or
twelve working days every year, uud 1
decided I simply couldn't afford the
"Well," responded Brooks, "you spend
at least half an bour three times a day
eating your meals. That makes ten
aud a half hours a week. There nre
fifty-two weeks ln a year. Teu and a
half times fifty-two—let me see-ls ,r'40.
Allowing eight hours to a working day
you spend sixty-eight days, or over two
months, every year at your meals.
Why don't you quit eating?"
"A university." said Jobn Henry
Newman, "is in its essence a place for
the communication and circulation of
thought by means of personal intercourse."
That wns some years ago.
Now a university Is lu Its essence n
group of buildings costing $15.(100.000.
containing apparatus costing IjilO.OiR),-
000 and ln thc custody of n faculty
whose salaries foot up $.r),0lX>.0iX», where
young persons, regardless of religious
beliefs, provided ouly they have the
dollars, may learn to use tobacco and
Hie Bnelneee.
"Ves, gentlemen," snld the newly
nominated candidate. "I am opposed
to bolsling public meetings and rallies.
My Idea would be to bave a bouse to
house canvass."
"That might be all right for you,"
objected another candidate, "but how
about us? We are not used to It, while
you are nn awning maker."
Flamlniii.i**.' Tossnea,
The beastly Vitelllus, as Gibbon calls
him, spent at least six millions of
money on table in us many months. He
Invented, or his cook Invented for hlm,
a dish which lie designated "the Shield
of Minerva." One of Its principal Ingredients was flamingoes' tongues, of
which both Pliny anil Martini speak in
encomiastic terms. I lumpier says that
tho flamingoes have "large tontines,
and near the root Is a piece ef fat
which Is accounted a great dainty."
When Captain Owen was surveying
tbe east s.>a-;! of Africa his sailors shot
down hundreds s>f these beautiful birds
in order, with nu extravagance worthy
of Vitelllus. to make u dish of the
tongues aloue.
Ch.slera and all summer complaints are
to quirk in their action that the cold
hansl of death is upon the victims bs>
fore thev are aware that daniier is near.
If attaikeil do nut ilelav in netting the
propei- medicine. Try a dose of Dr. J.
1). Kellope's I'vsentery Cordial, and you
will net iiuineafiate relief, lt eris with
wonderful rapidity uml never ft.i's to el-
fi'i-t a cure.
A in.in who will buy u coat fiff a
■ a nd hand sl - s l.*i because he f.'els
- u •■' hing like a pockctl nol, w. ih"
|a'h I a.i nf the coal rtosorven his fate,
namely, the discovery that thoro's
nothing in it.
Flolloway's Oorn Cure is a speclfloS fa.r
the removal ol corns and warts We
have never heard of its failinu to curt
even   the  worst  kind
A number of wooden-legsged mei.
li a' o arranged a walking match at
Cardiff,   Wales.
Historic Albania.
Albania lies ISO miles on the Adriatic
s*.*n and is lit'ty to a buudrcd miles
wide. It was formed orlginnlly. says
William Jackson Armstrong In his "Heroes of Defeat" from part of llyrls, all
of l.mrus and pari of Macedonia lu the
eleventh century. From tbls i»rritory
siiriing I'yrrlius, who defeated lbs Roman Invader; Philip and Alexander of
Maei'tlon. the conquerors; Perseus,
whose fame as a Boldlcr covered the
world sixty years after t'liiist, and
Bkanderbeg. wbo for forty years defeated armies s ul against blm by tbe
Turk. Ainii'iit Albania lay in Asia, just
east of the Caucasus.
Mn ike!   advices    state that  cheese
has a tendency to go high.
There nia' now a number o" boarding Ileuses in Switzerland where
Iii.aiiiI and lnti_;ii.A. can be had for
only si\t .  is a das
Tlse Wbole Uslisat.
"Then you've been to Niagara?"
"Yes. i was iptletly married last
Tuesday week, ainl tho n m day we
reached Niagara. Soon as we p>t tbere
I started out to see the falls with uiy
"Magnificent i'h?"
"You bet: You should have Been all
the sillier men turning around to look
nt  her as  she  passed."
Clnt> DeneBta.
"It's a shame the way those Squallop
Children are growing up without any
parental restraint whatever,"
"Yes; when llielr mother joined the
Woman's Liternry society and brgan
attending nil the nieetlnga Mr Bqual*
lop got sort of reckless and Joined n
Don't Worry club."-Exclinngc.
Aunt Bophla—Before engaging yourself to Henry 1 would advise you to
take him to a palmist and learn something of his life and character.
Grace—I saw the lines ln one of his
hands last evening when we were out
driving, and I was perfectly satisfied.
Ills   It si«y   Uny.
sOustomer (to printer)   You promised
to have my work llont* .vs' terilay. nud
you haven't t6ucbed It yet
Printer My dear sir. we've bet n so
busy lu ihN ,i",i',A Hint you oiighl t.i be
very thankful that we took the thau to
make yen a proinl
Don't consider everything Itnpossl
ililo that you are unable to perform
fl;*  Burned   l.nl« of Wood.
i a veraclo ; i hi' i ' Ier of tbe times
■ cf ."lonnthitn Ed\ urds gives figures
: whirl: prove a lib . il consumption of
fuel .'I the household of the great theo*
lo - ii, lu the winter of 1740-41 the
town of Northampton supplied the Ed-
| w.'Mls parsonage with seventy-five
loads of wood. In the next season
eighty-two loatia were delivered, i'or
lhe BUs-*wr-dlng winter the total was
seventy-eight, and a year afterward tbe
astonlsblug tiunntlty of ninety-live
lo.iils was supplied. There was uo lack
of lire nt the Edwards hearth. Is lt
wonderful, thsn, that he preached
burning sermons'.'	
■nffar cane.
In Cuba sixteen ions of cane yield
one ton of sugar. In 1'eru it requires
only twelve uud n half.
Plant* In Switzerland.
In Switzerland the law protecting
rare plants is so strict that to be found
lu possession of specimens illegitimately collected is a penal oll's'iise.
Ilsiw  SHU  la "W«**-*r**d."
Tlio satin weave throws the tine warp
threads all upon the right side. Twills
have the warp lu three sheets, whereof
one is drawn down and the other two
are left on the top. Watered silk ls
made by passing the fabric, double, between hot rollers under pressure.
"Aii> you married yet old chap?"
"Yet"? Of course I ara.   Did yoi) think
had   been getting a divorce'."— lOx*
Fsilly   I'laislsiliic.l
"S.iy. pn."
"What's a favorite sun?"
"He's generally n dend one nfter tho
fl"»t ballot."-l'bicago Ueconl llsuald.
lls**ll   Steal  >'■>  More.
In Starnrostn, Qallcla, a peasant
thinking it contained money, stole a
box of dynamite whieh exploded at the
tirst blow of a hnnimcf, blew the man
nud his wife to atoms ami wrecked
their borne
\A/.   fl-NI.   CS. Mo.  *-"*3.3. Till'. DRIf.l., .SI.OCAN, h. Ci AtKsfJST 7.
C. K. gMrriii'iiiisiiAi.i", Editor and Prop.
is publish hi* rvitnv rum ay at
8L0CAN,      • -       -      B. C.
Legal Advertiuinp 10 cents s lino for
thc lirat insertion snd5 cents a line each
•aubsiquent insertion.
Certificates of Improvement, |7 each.
Transient advertisements at same rates
as legal advertising.
Locals will he charged 10 cents a line
ior each insertion.
Commercial Hates made known upon
'    The Subscription is (-2 per year, st.-ict-
4y in advance; f'J.50 a year if not no paid.
Address all letters to—
Slocan, 15. C.
FRIDAY, AUGUST 7th, 1903.
KU1TOHIAI.    I HOri'lNliS.
Ho who would introduce personalities iutii politics should bo treated as
a criminal], whilo lio who would permit
politics to Interfere with his social and
business relations with his fellows
should lio sent to an asylum.
The elections committee at Ottawa
has decided to locommond to the
Commons a law for compulsory voting
at elections. Any qualified Toter who
fails to vote will bo deprived of tho
light to do so at tho next goneial
elections.   That's the ticket.
Coast Grits nre ashamed of their
platform, and the Province nlle,*»rs a
niiTemeiit is afa,ot in Vancouver and
Victoria to call another convention
and niai'ii'.actiii'o new articles of faith.
Leadorloss and with treacherous aoa-
lauiiition, the Grits present a sorry
Bpeotaole to go into a light.
—   'I   ' '   -"-        '
Local Grits have assorted with erory
confidence, lii^ht from tho first, thnt
tho Labor m. n would not nominate a
candidate in this riding, knowing lhat
such a step meant the deathblow to
their aspirations, Now that tlm Labor
mon have brought out a candidate.Um
infatuated and misguided Grits aotik
refuge in th.*- i toi'y that the Labor vote
is hopelessly split, endeavoring lo win
over the alicgsnl disaffected Labor
men with the issertioa that they are
the true exponent of Labor belief. In
this tho Labor men arc Certainly not
the fools Conservatives relish the
situation, .... their fight i.s beiug fought
for thorn. Thoy are saying little, bin
sawing a hoa *> of wood.
AsmigL' have besn expected, the
li'iiderless (jiits nre rapidly becoming
demoralized, if indications from the
various ridiags count for aught. Over
in Oranbruok the Grits met in eon*
ventioa last weelt for the g<econd time
to choose a caiididntisi.but another row
ensued and an adjournment was had
again for throe weeks to enable the
hotheads to cool off. [n Greenwood,
Tho 1 lardy, failing lo land tin* noni
[nation, is being urged by his friends
to run as an iiiilcpendeiit Liberal, in
iJeltn, Oliver and Poster will ruu,each
claiming the support of the Liberals,
kin LillsBoel, Di. Clarke, president of
"the Liberal association, has broken
nwav from and denounced the party.
lu Victoria,tho Boil roll Grits threaten
to nominate candidates and cut into
the regular party vote. Verily, yea
verily, the (bits do Ua happy family.
Subscribe for The Drill.
Dr. Harvey, tho optician, will be at
the drugstore today.
.T A. Anderson returned on Friday
from his trip to Manitoba.
The boiler and machinerv of the
str. Slocan are being overhauled.
Prize lists are out for the fust fair
to bo hold in  Nelson, on  Sopt. 24-21"),
The steamer Slocan wns tied im on
Monday, tho Sandon taking her place.
The new traveling library has arrived aad is open for tho uso of the
Thos. Chew, of ths Ontario-Slocaii
Lumber Co., arrived in from Ontario
on Monday.
The mill people have been having
considerable trouble with their engine
aud shafting during the woek.
Those desirous of getting on the
voters' list should call at this otlice
and thoir wants will be supplied.
Just one week more in which to register your vote. If it is not on by the
Uth, you will not be ablo to figure in
this election.
A moonlight excursion is to bo held
Wednesday night, on the str. Slocan,
to i'osebery. The baud will accompany tho crowd.
Thirty thousand persons iu the Dominion of Canada alone will testify to
the benefits derived from wearing
spectacles prescribed by Dr, Harvey.
The government work on the road
between hero and Lemon crook was
finished .Saturday. It was confined to
tho blowing out of stumps and boulders.
Instructions havo been given the
provincial police to arrest all boys under 14 who may lie using firearms, unless thoy bs accompanied bv their
[in rents.
Tuesday evening was a busy time in
town, tho Tories, Grits, and Labor
mon all mooting to explain how thoy
were going to win the election. The
firemen also mauaged to squeeze iu a
The ladies of thi* Methodist oh inch
will givo a concert in the Mltsic Hall,
on Tuesday evening next, Aug. 11. A
Brat-class programme is in courso of
preparation. Refreshments will bo
Married —In St. Paul's, church, on
Aug. 3rd, by Rev. Mr. Mount, CH.
Palmer to Mrs. Russell, a former re.i-
il'-nt of Nelson. The bride and her
little daughter arrived from England
laiaat woek.
Don't wait until you aro totally
blind before vim have your eyes examined, but have thorn attended lo
when it is possible to effect n complete
cure. Consult Dr. VV. J, Harvej, at
Slocan City, one day only, Friday.
Aug. 7. .
Rossland will hold a bi*- summer
carnival on August 2.r> and 26, under
the auspices of the Trainmen and the
Miners' I'nion. Slocanites will now
have an opportunity to repay the fa
vors extended to them last year by the
Dr. Harvev, of the Empire College
of Ophthalmology, Toronto, who is
scheduled for a visit here on Aug. 7th,
has a numlior of special appliances
loaned from the college for his present
trip, which makes his outfit tlio most
complete for ophthalmic purposes ever
carried by any eye sight specialist visiting this part of Canada,
Marshal Petitt and wifo, of San
Francisco, Lyceum entertainers, who
aro holidaying in the mountains of B.
C, occupied the Music Hall for four
nights during the week. Mr. Petitt
lectured oa a different subject each
evening, while his wife assisted with
recitation and music. The entertainments were first-class and thoroughly
Slater Shoe Advertising
Identifying the "Slater Shoe"
Short talks by the Sister Shoe ad man, No. 8.
Alex. Rogers,
Tonsorial Artist.
The Leading Parlors: m
Med. Supt., S. W. Keith, M.D.
RATES: KeRiilnr Jsjhseribers, %l yer muntli
tir-al'la*. yuur: miii-suli.se. iburs (eXB**lllsive of
ini'ilical Bttsndnt.ee)$'' psir day, Privhtewnrdi
ll per dny extra.  Special facilities for lnutorn
ily ruses.
For further particulisra apply to.
D. B. O'Neail, Sec
Representing' the strongest com
panios cluing business in Canada.
Ske xew accident policy, with p:ir
tlclpation in protits. covering sickness and opcratis-ins.
II. D. CURTIS, Notary Public
At N«iv Denver on Saturda** the
Labor men of the riding took the step
that has landed them aa n fighting
factor in the "politicalbattle for atipre*
mac**, to be determined on tIctobor .'fl.
Their choice of a candidate fell uuoi
Wm. Dnvidaon, of Bandon,than whom
there is none mora conacientioua ymi
consistent ia tan country in upholding
tho rights nud claims of his fellows.
He is a practical miner and a member
of th«' Western Federation, lu the
Sandon camp ho is well known and it
is from there In... will draw hia chiel
support. In tho othor towns he i*
practical]*- unknown nnd therein • i<*.-.—
his weakness, though that is offset to
a certain degree by the influence thai
will l*« exerted on his behalf by tin
.several unions.    Here  ths** union voto
is somewhat broken, though tu noth
iug near tin* extant olaimed by tho
Liberals, against whom Labor will
wage tho iii.iin part of their fight. H
A. Bradnhaw, the Lilwral candidate, i*
a popular man here and may lend thi'
papular vote, but that is open to quel
tion.    In tho other parts of tho riding
tlio oontest will lie between Labor and
Oni-ioivativs's, .between whom thoro
exists naught but the moat friendlj
rivalry. As it stands, those who know
tbo riding thoroughly assert tho Con
servntivos have thc command of the J ';
situation and slimild placo their can Isi
Dissolution of Partnership
N'OTM'K is hereby riven Mint th*. partnership
heretofore existing between tin' undersign*
a*al. in lli" IrliiiKtaau Hotel. iinilnr tlm IIrm nainii
■ >f Knaawla-sa*. I'.itn*a|iiiii. is this ilaj- dissolved
lay mutual consent. All accounts owing tin1 saiil
ilnsi ara; payable to !,. M. Knowlss, who will
continue the business; anal nil debts contracted
lay the saiil linn will DO paid liy tlio said L. SI.
i*. nowlos.
Dated al Blocan, B.C., this Brd iaf .Inly. liWi
Slocan Election District.
Notice ot llatss ot Pablta -licet issgas fisr Ills*
I ■. I - -«• t s i.i of   jla-la'^islcs tss tlu* Nomi-
nntliifz Convention,
Pioneer Livery
and Feed Stables,
Slocan,  li. C.
General Packing and For*
warding attended to at the
shortest Notice.
Saddle and Pack Horses f&r
hire at reasonable rates.
I. F. ALLEN, * Manager
Furnishings .___>*
Slocan      1
Bakery ^   I
J. Pinchbeck, Proprietor I
Siiirp.-rU-r**. uf tin' Llbor-AI-ConSttrTatiTB party
will Imi 1 public ratottngs ut tin* .following nam
cl placoi in Slooail rlM'tinn  ilistrict  on S'ltur-
■In.v, Auj-rii-; **>tli, 1003, for tlm purpose of o.coti;i.; I
ielegfltoi to a  nnm".ition  to l"1  In1! ' 'it NV\ [
Donvor,   ia   tha   rot mi.-, of tho New Denver
[ilberat*Conflorratt-/e rVflsoeiatlon. on Sfttur ij>,
Auffnst I j tli, IOCS, at 2.30 o'clock p.m,:
No, of delegate!
to bo electa I.
Sandon        ■
Slocan City     j
New Denver..	
Bllvartou     1
N.tli nsp. ,      __;
Throe Forks     i
McQulgnn     1
Enterprise     l
Winlaw Siding     l
Hart.hi City       1
Tho delegates to tho convention will nominate
a candidate for tho legislative Assembly to con-
test Slocan election (li.strirt in -the Interest of
thu Liberal-Conservative party.
The chairman a:i I socrctnry of the public
moot Inge shall Issue credentials to the ii(>ii<.
gatos elected*.
The Slater Shoe trademark is practically a quarter million
dollar guarantee behind every pair of " Slater Shoes,"
—because measured in cold commercial parlance that is the
value of the modest little mark by which ** Slater Shoes " ere
The Slater Shoe makers have the sole and exclusive right
to use any combination of words containing the word "Slater"
as applied to shoes and this right is duly set forth in imposing
looking legal documents with large red seals and much
vermillion tape,
—but the exact wording to be found on a genuine " Slater
Shoe" are the three words "The Slater Shoe" in a slate frame-
no initials, no other words, no marks of any kind.
This particular and precise form of words is rigidly adhered
to by the makers of the genuine " Slater Shoe " to enable the
wearer to easily identify the real i' Slater," though the makers
have the exclusive right to use the word "Slater" with or
without other words.
And to you that identification mark " The Slater Shoe,"
has a protective value which no other shoe without these precise
words can have,—
—because behind it is the commercial value of a trademark
worth $250,000.00 in cold cash.
—and be it remembered that the value of a trademark is
measured exactly by its ability to command trade,
—'because no matter how popular a trademark may be or
how skilfully or largely it may be advertised
—'it could be robbed of its value in one short season by
inferior goods made and sold under it,
—'and do you think the " Slater Shoe " makers who have
for so many years been building up this valuable trademark
would entertain any threc-cent-saving proposition to skimp the
unseen vitals of a shoe in which so valuable an asset as a quarter
million dollar trademark is wrapped up ?
Not likely is it ?
The Slater Shoe
Made in Canada 40 years.
For men $4.00 and $5.50.
Goiodyear welted.
For women $3.50 and $5.00.
oshleul nf tlia- talbornl-Cousorvativc
Union s.f British Columbia.
Dati'.l -sl New Di 'liver, July 23th, 1903.
*»./-j1q .A.f**)s6H*fc *
Grwillini & Jo-hnson, Subscribe
[Adopted nt ReTelstolce, September ISth, 1002.1
1. TIitu this contention reaffirms tlie .policy
of tlie party tn matters of nrovincia) roaosand
trails; the ownership nn.l -control of railways,
nnd the derelopment of the Rffrlcnltural rr-
loorcesof the prurlnco os laid down in -tlie plnt-
rurm adopted lu October, 1«W, whlcli .■* as follow
SIdC.'I 11,
Steel Ranges
tnrinignout i'ii. unasrsiopen  portions ol tiir]   ~ ^^    .   ^—     ^_   —
province ond ths* building of proviuciul trunk  ♦ r\mta     iP  *1   £?    ^m tZ
roads of public noeosHit*/. Iaf IT      ft   flX      / *\
"Taa 11 |opl tlia' |arilil*i)llc« aaf   l>all'pril1lls*lll 1SWII- '   |j   B  1 j • | T     B    11  ¥ a   Z-4 .   S m
orslilppf rnllwrnrsinsofflrastltcBcircumstans-oa   A\JA       \y — ■^r m *u yrf* •
i. ( The Drill: S2.
itifinnto nf linnrr
■ "Tn actively a) I in the construction of trails
th much-nit the undsreloped  i
I Fresh F:ruits of Every
I Kind Arriving   Daily.
< in ii'c ('ii'-jui Purlor i*
now open nnd will be kopt
ruiiiiins .-ill tlia' Suramer.
i i i.fl>iis-fl*« or r.insfli fats- ia i.
full WViRlst   asiiil SfluailUj
■   .   aa .aiala a'.l .
Slocan, B. C.
'.. i1Mm)mW«Z(Q,'M*2€*ll*9*m)Q*
ut I l:o |ara.\ ini-aa wUl a I in it. anal   Ilia* DdoptloU aaf
tbs princlpls that na bonus shoulil boffrsntal
to nny railway company wlilcbdoosnot jpvs tlis]
ftovomroaul saf tlit* urovlnfaB control of rates oror
1 in.-- bonuscdi togolbsr witli tliaa option aaf pur-
•"I'n Rctivsly a*-aUt by staiai «i-l in tha develop.
nioiat aaf tins ngrloultura] rsnourcssof tha it..
2. Tliul in tin. luoantlms (lisl until tho niil-
wny policy tslfliBsai set fnrlli can hi* nccomplinhed
ib gi'nurai! railway wet In? pnsssKli srivini,* frscidoin
tooisustruct railways uodor certain .'i|i|iiiasa-t
rejpilntiotis, Biialagous tn iliss aystem tbat has
resultesl In such fl-xit.ii.sivs* railway construction
in ilio rniit?il Stnti's, svitii 1.11 nuii'ii advantsgo
in ir.'ils* nnil oommsree.
3. That In a.iia-aiiiriii.1* lin* milling iii.lss-.tr>-.!lis*
taxation of mstalliferous mines shouhl boos
tlisB basis isf n percentage on the net piaiHt..
s. That tins government owncrshln aif latin
isliaiiio systems *,lii>sst.i lss* brought .'iliai.it n.n
first nliA|i in tlis. ,'ir |tliiltlon of pul<lloutilities.
5. That a portion a if sivsts- caaal m.'a heronftor
to be dlsposeti of ahould bo resorvosf from sals
nr li'iivn. *sib Hint ..tiits-i owned iniiia:* nia\ las- Bns*
ily accessible) if tluiir operation becomes neces*
..nry sir advisablo.
f). Tlir.t in tho pulp l'in I laa^r-ai provision
should be mndo f. »r reforesting and Ibat steps
should la.) taken fnr tlia. general preservation nf
fnru-ts by guarding against tlm wasteful destruction a.f timber,
7. That tbe legislature nnil government or tls<-
provlncs should persevere in tlie eObrt to secure
ills- BXCtllslOll iaf -\>i;ll la   lailliar.
s. Tint the niailtir of batter terms in tho wnj
ut milisi lv and apprnprlntlons for tho proi Ince
•aliaanli| lac vis* iiaiii'.Ij |irs.s.iB I lljifl,n t!ir> llaaininiaaii
P. That the sIlvoMead Indnslrles of tho province im r.>*,ta.n-iI ami encourage 1 \,j ths lmpo>
•.ition nf Increased customs fllntia*, on least ami
lead nroduats Imtsortail luto (una.In. ,.n.l llut
tin* Conservative members i<f tin' Dominion
llnii-i* l». nrs.'i'il to support isny inuliflin intrci
duced f'ti suoh a purpose.
in. That tu, Industrial dlsputsi almost Invariably result in great  Ims  and injury liiatli la, tha'
parties dlroctly concerned nud to the public,
legislation -.In•>sl'l be passed i" provide moans
hn nn amicable ndjuitmont of such dl putea bo
twson employers and employees,
ii. Thai ii Isadvlssbla to faastiir Una manufacture iaf the raw products of the province
within tlie province as far ai practicable by
nia.insnf taxation on the -aial raw proiluots.
mibjecl to rebate of the aame Is whole or part
\vhcii manufactures! in British Columbia,
I'liitiiirisfl.'s, Falla *s'lvsr %«.'*, hiisI  Thisi.i-
..•.-:       ."•.  .*,   !' lllflAlln.t    Mlllfl-I .1 ,  S   laa 11 a i a.
TAKENOTICE that I,Fmncit J* •->'■
Iti'illv, sif Iha ritv sit .\'s*lson, us ngi'iatlajr
iS.F.J>IcKni1-"ht, Kii'o .Minor's Oilili.ii1"
ND. B0-13S7. Intend, 8ixty ilnyi frsun thu
alutfi hereof, to apply lo the Mining Re*
cisriter ForcertiflcatMol Improvomentjor
thr purpose of obtaining Crown -jranU
of tlita BllOVO sluilliB.
Ami further tnkss notice tlmt action,
antler rection :i7, must be rommenciisi
lirfiiro tlii> isfBiiunco of such cortiflcatBB01
Ji.itfsl tliis llitislnv of Julv. 1003.
I'.sr.l Mh,.-ml (IsiIsbs.
Situate in the Slooan City Minin Oivi-
■inn of \\'i*»t Kootenay liiitrict.
Where locnteil:   At head of north
fork ol Ton ilili* creek.
Sltuato in tlm Sim-ail City mining slivi,
eion of Weat Kootenay ulatrict. Where
located:—About four miloa tip Sprin
mer creek.
...,',  .,.,,.,.   ,      ,    ,   , TAKEKOTICElliatl.FninkC.Gi	
,    IAI!;N"11   ! "L  "'   ■• A," ; ictins "•   amtit   (or   Oeorga   Urine,
• a. !  i    .. of 1 rali, r..( .. ajfont i*t \ fr,._,  mil,PI> oartiacate No. B710tM, li--
tend, sixty daya from the data hereof.
Why im without n. rnntre when
you can got one so oil en p ? Th** v
are proferrable toatovcunnd »ivn a'11" F-Holdenitreemincr'acertificate No
Tho*-.* ran-ns !'',",r!';'' '""'"'!• *'N,y i{V," ,.^","Illl*, ''1{e I ioapply to" the'Mlniiig Recorder or a ctt
I hereof, to apply to tha Mining Rtcorder. i\fh£u,ol Improvamenta. for the purpow
better snti>t',ictiun.
limn wood or coa
bet no free.
ami will be j '°rn™*^^ \\i° | of obtaining a Crown (.rant ol tho alwvo
H, J.
pm pose .if obtaining crown grant! of tha | ,.|„jni
iiliaave rlaiius. |     a_(
Ami furthor taku notiuo that action
under section .'17, must bo commenced I j^
lirfuro Una issuance of Hiioli corlillcatei sif
HhIhiI tltih Brd day of June, 1903
26*0*1 3
fnrlhrr tako notice Ibat action,
lection ."7, mint be commenced
ihe inuanco of mch certlflcato oi
Ditedthil 23rd dav of .lime, 1003.
7*8*03 F, ('. GREEN, Nelson, !■<'
Dealer in:
POI lv Ml ti;i| I   Ih nn.
Kodaks and Supplies
Hunts* in thu Blocan City Minim WvW
aioii ssi the West Knuteiiiiv Ilistrict.
Where located i -Near tbo Arlington
basin on north siileuf springer creek
Tuke notice that I, lian lli.nl,>*.,
isitiiiaj n*. nn agent for |i A. ItuiN,
fiee miiiei 'scoitilbnte No, B71876, intend,
sixty slave from tliealnle hereof, to apply
tnibo Mining Recoider for a certiflcate
of Improvement!, for tbe purpoie ol ob-
tabling a crown grant for tbe above
Ami further  tnke  notice  lhat action,
under notion "7, ii.mt he commenced
liefore tbe liatiance of lin-]
Daledthli llth day ol Jul?, 1003
17*7*08 |i.\,N IIASI.on
Notice to Delinquent Co-owner
To.I. !•*. Arinstroii**,administrator of lhe
eitate of Martin Murcliiion, deeeaiMi
or to any person or perioui to ivlnnu
bo may have traiiBferied thelntoreit
of Martin Murrhieon, Rmotintiug ••' '
in each of tin. Namon, Fram ami l'1"*
dan   mineral  clulull, pituatcd  on  tl'B
bend of Lemon creek,Slocan City n|IM*
iiii* division.
You nro hereby notified that IhaV(S
!• n
llllisiploss, I'llsi'l Is. nsail I'm,,. [-.,■,__, r,n,
H.'ii.ii Mineral cinlsna.
Situnte In thp Slocnn i'ii\ Mining Divi
lion cf the Weil Kootenay Dlitriel
Where I li   "      •■   '.a ,*,.,,.,,■,•
exponded tbeiumof three hundred oi
leven dollar! and fiftycente In labor inti
Improvement! upon tbe above montton■
ed ininernl s'laims, in order to bold Bali]
i certiaoata ol ( mineral olnlmi under the provision*-
j lhe Mineral A.*t, and if within W'.1**,
from tho date ol tbiH notico you fall "'
refine to contribute vour proportion cu
i inch eapanditure, together with a'1 co,'|
I s.f adverililng, vour intoreat in tin'"1"
I claimi will bocome the property of tno
iiilnurlber, under Motion lourol nn nc
entitled "An Actio amend tho Mlnorm
Act, 1000."
Dated tlili 8th day of June, IWw.  K.r.


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