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The Slocan Drill 1902-01-17

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VOL. IL, flo. 42.
SLOCAN,   B.   C,   JANUARY   17,   1902.
Arrived In:
100 ©a»es 40 per cent. Giant Powder
50 caw 60   ^   *
25 oases Gelatine Dynamite, Giant.
60,000 feet Gutta Peroha Fuse
20,000 Al Blasting Caps
8 dozen 5-lb Verona Picks.
12.00 PER ANNUM.
Hardware Merchants.
What about a Mackinaw or a pair of Rubbers,
or a mit of Underwear.   Don't forget aa.
W. T. Shatford 6c Co., General Merchants,
Slocan, Vernon, Fairview, and Camp McKinney, B. C.
Dealers in Fresh and Salt
Heats, Vegetables and Provisions. Goods shipped to
any part of the Slocan.
Highest cash price paid for
raw. Furs.
B. C.
SLOCAN,   B.  C.
Offers up-to-date accommodation for the
Public. It is the home of Travelling,
Commercial, and Mining Men.
OETHINO & HENDERSON, - Proprietors.
Slocan, B. C, Is under the
Slit ail Penal laiapnmt of Jeff Baty,
Who is ever ready to make life pleasant for those
who tarry within a while with him.
Got Can*-** t In m Bllzzard-Cainped In the
Snow For iwo Nlghta-Terrlble Snf-
f.rlagi or HI. Companlon-s-Bo**/ Be-
eoT.red and Brought Hare.
The city waa shocked Saturday
mornin'*' by the news that a miner
had been frozen to death on Bond
holder hill, about six miles from Slocan. Last Monday J. Stevens, M.
Walls, Samuel Hockaday and W. G.
Thomas, all of Nelson, started oat for
the Bondholder mine, they having
takea a lease on the property. Hav-
ing to break a trail to tha mine from
the Springer road, thev found traveling pretty hard, and after 2J hems of
it and not being more than half way
there, Walla decided to go'back.
After another four hours' struggle,
Thomas played out, so the men decided to build a fire and rest. Then
the three again pushed on, bnt had
not gone far till Stevens got bis foot
frozen. They then camped for the
night in a clump of bushes.
| |As soon as daylight came, the men
flushed on for the mine, reaching it
landily. Wednesday they aet out
for the road to bring up supplies,
meeting two men on the way who
h d come up to see if tliey were all
right. Tho three men took heavy
packs and started back. Beforo going far they misted the trail and became hopelessly lost Thev wandered around in all directions, and to
add to their troubles a heavy blizzard sprung up.
The men were again forced to camp
nut fur the night, digging holes in
the snow fjr protection from the
storm. Hockaday l> came delirious
from hi* s inYrin-*n, but in the morning attempted to follow his cmpa-i
ions to the in ine. All were well nigh
exhausted, their doilies being wet
throngh and l>ocauseof their beiiig
unable to build a Arc Uockadav
bt-ciinic plaved out and his companions started to pack him. Seeing
that it meant another night in the
snow if they persisted in this and
probtble death fur all, Stevens and
riiom.ts decided to leave Hockaday
in a sheltei-sd position and strike out
fur the mine f >r food and dry clothes
This thev did aud returned as
quickly as possible with n sled for
Hockadar. Sad to say, however,
they missed him and it was not till
Saturday morning that thev found
where they had left him. Poor Uockadav was beyond all help, having
died from exposure. Word was sen*
into the city as seen as possible and
Dr. Forin, coroner, notified. Early
Sunday morning a number of men
went up to the Bondholder and
brought the bed v to town.
Stevens and Thomas underwent
terrible hardship and it is a marvel
they, too, did not perish. It is the
first instance in the history or the
Springer creek camp thai such a
fatality has occurred, tlmuirh an Italian named Angclo lost his life from
exposure on Ten Mile some years
Monday morning Dr. Forin summoned a jury at the hospital, to view
the remains of Hockaday and to
hold an inquest A verdict was given
in accordance with the above. The
body was shipped to Nelson f.-r interment.
Is reached by any trail or road
that runs into the Town.
Do not go past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
Gents' Furnishings.
Just opened up in my store, on Main
street a full line of Gents' Furnishings,
Clothing, etc.; also Rubbers, in women's,
men's, and children's sizes. All are to be
disposed at close margin for cash and one
price oaiy. Orders taken for custom
clothing. All work first-class and fits
-Vfrin Street Slooaxu
Wrighter Ms.s.1 Another Ileal.
Pittsburg, Pa., capital is being Interested iu a northwestern mining
I roposiiion that Is attracting considerable attention. The matter has
been under consideration for some
time, W. D. Wrighter, of Sjpokane,
being tho moving spirit. Thst property is the Snowshoo, a silver-lead
and gold producing mine in the Mon-
tana-Kootenai district. Originally
the mine was owned and operated by
an English corporation, but the owners rocently sold out to the Bustler
Mining and Milling Co.,the principal
managers of which are Mr. Wrighter
and I). P. Bowers, a prominent mining expert. Pittsburg interests purchasing stock nro to have representation on the board-of directors and the
mine is to be operated immediately.
It is now equipped with a fine mill of
200 tons capacity, operated by steam
or wnter power, nnd practically a
complete outfit The main tunnel is
1700 feet long and runs 800 feet under the mountain surface. An Immense amount uf ore is now blocked
out and will be milled as soon ns operations begin again.
Mr. Wrighter Is prominently Identified witli the Iron Horse,
in South Africa. The boys were to
leave next day for Halifax, preparatory to embarkation for the seat of
war. The well wishes of their fellow
citizens will follow tbem, and may
they have a safe return.
hut Meeting of the Old Board ain Hon*
day Nlgbt.
Last meeting of the old city council
waa held Monday night, every member being present, which was, in itself, a noted event.
Accounts presented: T. McNeish &
Co., coal oil, $4.25; H. Guest, stationery, U3.80; McCallum & Co., coal,
■16.65; J. A. Foley, salary, $75; J.W.
Clarke, salary, up to the time of his
leaving the citv,$87,50. Referred to
finance committee.
Bills presented at previons meeting
were reported correct from committee and ordered paid,on motion. The
other bills were then passed by the
finance committee and also ordered
Eaid, thus winding up the financial
usinessfor the term.
Clerk Foley made a report of his
tour of inspection of the city under
the provisions of the fire limits bylaw. He stated that in a number of
instances it was impossible to get
stovepipes 18 inches away from ceilings or sidcwalls, and recommended
that these sliould be protected by tin
After discussion the report was accepted and the recommendation pass
ed on to the new council.
A lengthy report was read from
H. D. Curtis, auditor, upon tho condition ofthe clerk's and treasurer's
books. lie criticized pretty freely
the system of bookkeeping in force,
noting that some of thc vouchers
weie not duly receipted for, and that
other errors and mixtures existed.
He found, however, that the clerk's
and treasurer's books tallied to a
cent. Mr Curtis gave a deficit for
the term of $141.58.
The alrterm.inic hoard ts-*ok up the
report and disens-sed it fully, mutual
.explanations following upon the
ifius touch* d en. Tiie mayoreon-
cloded the remarks by savins: that it
Wns s.'it is''net 'iv to note that the
hooks of Mr. Foley and Mr. Bolderston tallied, that the accounts were
correct, and that e ver j thing was in
honest shape.
Council adjourned.
ers, fearless in upholding what he
thought was right. These chivalrous
traits inherited from a big-hearted
mother, and ki-pt up to tho mark by
an equally high-minded wife! What
was good enough for hia forebears,
was good enough for him, though
unconsciously marching on with progress.
When we see bis funeral let us take
off our hats to the earthly remains of
a noble character in the less prominent walks of life, bnt whose spirit has
gone to join his peers with the Supreme Spirit.
A type of a splendid specimen of
British nobility, who have carved
out an empire throughout the world.
Let us lay hfs good qualities to heart
and follow his fine example.
K. C. Campbell Johnston.
Nelson, Jan. 12, 1902.
A   ill ort    bnt
Pretty   Warm
To right the Hoers.
A telegram was received here on
Saturday from Fort. .Steele, Btatlng
that Messrs. Clarke, Lake and Law
had bcon accepted as recruits for the
Canadian Mounted Uiiles for service
Editor Drill:
Sir,—Samuel Hockaday, miner,
diee on the trail going to his mine;
caught in a blizzard in the snow,
overcome by fatigue, becomes delirious, d ies from ex posure. W hat d oes
this convey to the average mortal,
wbo knows not the miner, with his
good and bad qualities? His temp
tations under which tbe weaker one*
fall, and over which the high princi
pled ones prevail. This man was
known to the writer, who counted
him as a friend for 15 yeara.
Out in India under a boiling sun,
working for John Taylor & Sons, a
household word to miners in West
Britain, they workcl together as
miner and manager There all work
is done bv contract with native labor,
as caste prohibited natives from raining. The white miners are in con
stant temptation to bribes of whiskey
and presents from the contractors, to
induce them to put in a good word
to the manager. The white miners
live together in a bungalow, having
a common mess. One Incident showed Hockadav's fearlessness for his
principles. His wife in Devon sent
him some wearing apparel of her
own making. They were of the old
fashioned mako and were not as sty 1
ish as those made by the native tailors. The other miners laughed when
the new garments were donned,
though they wore tho same pattern
at home. Sam's Jana sent them,and
he valued his wife's loving thought
of him, so lis wore them, and fought
every mother's son who criticised -a
worthy tribute in a little thing to tho
noble British women who have mothered the British empire, not forgetting the United States.
After leaving India, in due time
Sam came to British Columbia, still
advocating good over vice, A member of the Sulvation Army, and cornet player in the band. Yes, bo
cause ho recognized the dailv good
the Army is doing and wished to
help. A member of tho Miner's Union—yes, from the first In Devon,
when he felt proud to be helper to
his father underground, as a fullblown miner. However, fearless to
criticise their policy if he thought
such policy was not for the miners'
best Interest,but believing in the Idea
they wero elevating the miners' oon
dition of life. Died in harness, working a mine on tribute. This showed
his dogged determination, He backed his own opinion that i'i'.' was there
and though It took In id work to
back it, he wns not afraid of this. A
typical Briton, possessing all tin- sterling qualities* of theso empire build-
The campaign for the municipal
elections was short, but pretty warm.
Like every other event in the city,
sides were drawn, one side supporting Mayor York for reelection, nnd
the other Aid. Bradshaw for the post
tion,the latter entering the field only
on Thursday last. There has been
more or less feeling aroused over the
contest, but it will soon subside.
At the nominations on Monday, A.
York and ll. A. Bradshaw were pnt
np for the mayoralty. The former
lodged a protest against Iiis opponent's qualifications. The old government assessment"' roll was the basis
upon which the nominations were taken, and Mr. York maintained Mr.
Bradshaw did not reach the necessary assessable property limit. However. Returning Oflicer Foley passed
over the protest and accepted the
Those nominated for aldermen
were: D Arnot, A. Barber, George
Hi ndersnn, J. G. McCallum, Dan
Nichol. D. D, Robertson. A. C. Smith
and W. E. Worden. For school
trustees.* A. Barber, J. G. McCallum,
T. McNeish and A. York.     -     • *    i
The campaign wound up by a public meeting in tlio Music Hall, Wednesday night, when a real nice time
was put in.
The result of the elections yesterday are:
Last Tear'. Shipments Were. B5I4 Tons—
A Healthy Kvldence of tho Lifo nnd
Wealth of the ("amp-Arlington th*
Biggest Shipper.
The lack of snow haa almost paralyzed the shipments, from the mine*
in thia division, there having been
bat 40 tons go oat during the week.
All the roads at the lower end havo
been  laid   bare, though   the upper
parts havo splendid sleighing, and it
is impossible to get the ore out.   Tho
Enterprise has not shipped anything
this year and shipments from the
Neepawa and Ottawa have been delayed.   Ore is being brought down
from the Arlington to tbe end of the
snow and-piled up there for tbe time
For 1900 iho exports from thia division amounted to 2847 tons, made
up from- 10 properties. Last year
tho exports totalled 6514 tons, from
14 properties. Following ia a full
list ot the shipments this
year  to
H1NB. WSlg.
Arlington     40
The new council, as elected,stands:
Mayor, Bradshaw;aldermen, Barber
(by vote of the returning oflicer),
McCallum, Nichol, Robertson, Smith
and Worden; school trustees, McCallum, McNeish and York.
Eighty-nino votes were cast in all,
with but one spoiled ballot and that
for the aldermen. A large amount
of money changed hands over tbe
Trail Smelter Closed.
The lead and copper furnaces at
the Canadian Smelting Works, at
Trail, have been blown out and will
remain cold till the first of February,
or as soon thereafter as alterations,
now well under way, are comploted.
The old sampler, with a maximum
capacity of 1000 tons in 24 hours, is
boing replaced by a thorough modern
automatic cru.-iher and sampler of
1500 tons capacity in 10 hours. Surface, mason and carpenter gangs,
with the operators for eight hand
roasters, are the only men now at
work, Tho surface gang is clearing
a site 400 ynids from the main w rks
for the new refinery, on which work
is to bo pushed ahead as rapidly as
possible. The sampler is being rushed through, as the Centre Star and
War Eagle mines at Rossland expect
tn commence shipping on a large
scale as soon as the machinery is in
Copper has dropped to 11.25 and
silver to 558.
About 40 men are now i mployed
at the Enterprise.
Tho Goodenough mine, in tbe
Sandon camp, has closed down.
Fourteen baby drills aro in operation at the Enterprise and are doi ig
gocd work.
An experiment is being made of
concentrating the Enterprise ore by
the oil process.
It is stateS the'Champioo grour*.
T****elv-rAl.l"f, wilt Be started up the
first of February,, •
Two hundred and fifty tons ot zinc
ore ia to be shipped to Europe shortly
by the Minnesota Silver Co.
The main drift on the Transfer is
in 100 feet and a crosscut is now being ran through the ledge. The rock
has become very hard.
Another report has arrived here
from England that the Kilo and
Chapleau groups, Lemon creek,have
been amalgamated, and that the properties will certainly be worked next
Appended is a complete list of the various records registered at the local regis-
try jtOlce, H. P. Christie being mining
Jan 7
-Elk for two years.
Jan 6—Truro, notice by J P Driscoll
that he owns a half interest.
8—Independence J, J Crawford to A
10—Lady Franklin, Crazy Jane, Colby
and 49, j in each, M Manley to Oscar V
Port Hopa *» and Yernon all, T J
Batv to J P Driscoll.
Midnight, J Law to W E I.ee.
Ilookcy Club Organlai-d.
Wednesday evening a meeting of
the hockey enthusiasts of tha city
WM held in A. David's tailor Bliop,
v. nen it Was decided to orgiiniz** n
club for the season. A. York was
electod president, R. Brndshnw vice,
J. Pinchbeck captain, and- W. ILcks
secretary treasurer. It is hoped to
gut on a friendly game here next
week with the Mosun team of New
Damaging Keport* About Arlington.
There have been a great many
wild stories iu circulation recently
about tho Arlington, ono being tbat
the mine had run out of ore. It is
satisfactory to nolo, however, that
there is not the slightest foundation
for any of the statements mado. On
the contrary, the inino has two parallel chutes to draw upon and is ia
excellent shape. It has been in hard
luck with its shipments, owing'to the
bad roads, but there W nothing to
fear from the mine because of tbo
want of ore. Other stories of the
mine being in a bankrupt state are
tho outcome of pure r*pito and malice.
The Arlington j8 capable of and will
meet all its obligations. It is quite
probable the ininc will pay a heavy
dividend this year.
Scared of Bondholder.
The Nelson outfit that had the lease
on the Bondholder did not stay long
at the job, tho disaster of last week
having taken the heart out of them.
Their stu* was brought down to the
city on Tuesda v. Next day James
Livingstone and P. McGuire went up
to tho mine to take a look at it preparatory to getting a lose.
.Subscribe for Tiii* Dkill.
In wii'i several Dominion bye eleo-
tln.iS Wednesday tbo Liberals won
live out of tight seats. They captured the Tory, stronghold of Woijt
York by 150 ni"*J'**rity. AN
Copyright. 1901 by Thomas P. Motstfort
Turner knew Hint Melvln was not
fjolnj* to Beckett's Mill. He was as
well assured of Hint fact as he would
have been luni Melvln told him so. He
knew, on the contrary, that he wns going to HI Jenkins' place. Why he was
going lie did not know further than
thnt he knew the ne**v stranger hnd
something to do with lt.
The Important Information possessed
by n little coterie ot Beckett's Mill
concerning Melvln had not renched
Jonathan Turner. In fiict, and for a
wonder, it bad not spread beyond the
row persons to whom Sam Morgan had
related it that night at Hleks' store.
The reason It. had not spread, and the
only reason doubtless, was attributable
to illeks. With an eye single to business he had seen a likely chance to
turn a few honest dollars only If they
would all keep quiet nnd patiently
await the development of events. Taking the others fully Into his confidence,
he hnd Bald:
"If that feller's done somethln dret-
ful for which he hns to hide out from
the law—which, of course, he has, or
he wouldn't 'a' said so—why, It Stan's
to reason thnr'H be n reward out for
him, If it ain't out nlready. Now, most
giner'ly when a reward Is offered that
n-wny circulars arc sent out to all the
postoffices round whnr the feller Is
likely to go, givln the amount of the
reward, the feller's nnme an description an tellln whnr lie's wanted an
whnt he's wanted for."
"Jest so," Pnp Sampson had agreed.
"I've seed them papers n-stlckln up In
the postofflce here lots of times."
"Now." Hicks resumed, "my plan Is
for us all jest to lay low nn keep our
mouths shet, not sayln a word of tbls
to nnry a livln soul, an wait to see If
one of them circulars doiFt come along
here putty soon 'bout Mr. Melvln. Then
when tbe circular does come we'll Jest
nab Mr. Man an rake In thnt rewnrd."
They nil saw the wisdom of Hicks'
plnn and readily agreed to it, and for
n while they kept sneredly to tbelr
agreement. Tlie teniptutlon to talk
was great, It must be admitted, but
thnt rewnrd wns n greater temptation
So It had come about thnt Turner
was still Ignorant of everything concerning Melvin and ln forming his
opinions was acting nltogethcr on mere
surmises. He hnd never chnnged from
his first formed opinion thnt tbere wns
something hark of Melvln that was not
exactly right, but he hnd never succeeded In getting beyond that point
He readily conceived the idea that
there was a connecting link somewhere between Melvln and Walte, but
wbnt that link wns he could not tell.
He bad no lilcn whether the link wae
one of friendship or enmity, but be
was Inclined to the belief thnt It wae
the former. In fact, be Inbored under
the Impression tbnt tbe two young men
had been associated together In tho
commission of a crime or were leagued
together for the purpose of committing
some crime nt n Inter dnte. He did uot
place their crime or contemplated
crime beyond robbery, however, but he
fixed It at robbery on a large scale.
When Melvln rode away from the
houso that night, Turner believed he
had gone to meet and confer with
Walte, but he was partially mistaken.
Melvln had gone to Jenkins' place, and
It wns on account of Walte that be bad
gone, but If his surmises were correct
Walte was one of the last men In the
world he would care to meet or with
whom be would seek a conference.
As Melvln bad told Mrs. Banks, be
had taken the life of a human being.
In the heat of a quarrel be bad shot
down and Instantly killed a young man
named Marchand. He Justified himself for the act on thc ground tbat he
had acted lu self defense, and lu a way
bts claim wns true. Just at tbe time
of the killing It wns merely a question
of who could lire first, aud If Melvin
bad not killed he would have been
killed. But, on thc other band, Melvln
was .responsible for thc misunderstanding, for Marchand was seeking to
avenge tbe honor of his sister, whom
Melvin had betrayed.
While Melvln might justify bis act,
he knew public opinion nor the courts
would Justify It, so be fled from the
scene to escape arrest Having met
Louisa Bunks and learned to love her
while sbe was a girl at school, his first
thought when be began his flight was
to go where he could be near her. That
she bad mnrrled mattered little to him,
. except to the extent thnt It removed
her out of his wuy, for he bad no very
high regnrd for marrlnge nor n very
strongly developed sense of honor.
His plan was to Induce ber to elope
with him. If possible, and, though she
had refused to marry him when she
waa freo to do so, he hnd no dotibt of
bis ability to Influence her now since It
bad biKH-mo known to him  Unit sho
had learned to regret the step she bad
taken when ste had declined him for
Blm Bunks.   If she would elope with
blm, tliey would go to some out of tho
world  ptnoi* out wpst niwl  tin*'" lone
tnemseives to every one who nntl ever
known them, as Well as to the law.
In all his planning Melvin did not
lose sight of tbe fact that the mini he
bad killed bad-a younger brother living nnd thnt the brother wns n iletur*
mined, ds'spi'i'iito cbui'tctcr who wus
not likely to wait ror the slow process
of law to right his wrongs. From the
first Melvin hail feared Robert Marchand more-than he feared the law,
and dny and night lie lind been haunted wilh a dread thut that man would
hunt him out and kill him. He had
covered bis flight well, he knew, but
he was also aware of the tireless energy and set determination or young
Marchand, nud this, added to the anxiety a criminal always experiences,
kept him in a continual state of uneasiness.
His purpose ln going to Jenkins' waa
to discover, if he could, witbout making his own presence known, whether
the man giving his name as Walte had
stopped there aud whether or not lt
was Robert Marchand. The wuy he
had planned to do this wns very simple nud nt the same time comparatively safe to himself.
He proposed to tie his horse somewhere In the woods near Jenkins'
house, then creep cautiously forward
under tbe cover of the fences and
shrubbery until he reached a position
commanding a view of thc house and
Us surroundings.
He was well aware that It was a universal custom among the people of
Possum Ridge to sit out lu their front
yards after supper on hot summer
evenings, and be felt assured that he
would find Jenkins and Walte so sitting If tbe latter was there. In this
way he could satisfy himself ns to
whether Wnlte wns the mnn ho feared,
then stenl softly away ngnin.
And If thnt man should prove to be
Robert Mnrchand tbere wns but one
thing for Melvln to do, and that was
to lice from tbe section. He bad that
all planned out too. He would return
to Turner's for bis tblngs, claiming he
had received a letter calling him back
home, and he would go tbat night
There would be no waiting for the
morrow, not an hour's delay, If Robert
Marchand was there.
However, be was saved all the trouble of putting bis plans Into execution,
for ns be passed along the road a mile
from bis destination a voice hailed him
from tbe woods, and, looking around,
he saw old III Jenkins sitting on a log.
"My Lord, young feller," Jenkins said,
"but I'm pow'ful glad to Bee you shore.
I been settln here for two mortal hours,
od I got to thlnkin thar wa'n't nobody
never goln to come along."
"Why bave you been sitting there all
tbat time?" Melvln asked.
"'Cause I  couldn't do notbln else.
Reckon I was do!*- It for fun?"
"Why cnn't you do anything else?"
"'Cause I can't git n-loose from this
dad burned log, an I ain't big enough
to walk off with It"
"Are you fast to the log?"
"Waal, sorter, 1 guess.   Leastwise I
been kinder under that impression the
lnsl two hours."
Melvln rode over near the old mnn.
"How did you happen to get fust to
the log?" he nsked.
"Why, I wns lixln to split It tip for
rails," Jenkins replied, "an I'd drove a
wedge In, startln a right smart crack
In one eend. Feelln sort of tired, 1
'lowed I'd set down on lhe log lo rest,
an like a durned fool I set right on that
crack. I'd been settln thar a Utile hit
when the fust tblng I knowed that mis*
'able sneakln wedge flew out. an the
crock closed up, a-ketcbln the sent of
my pants an a-holdin me thar bo fast
an tight that I couldn't move."
Melvln laughed. The situation was
bo ludicrous that be couldn't help ll.
He would bave laughed If Jenkins had
been dying. Tbere was notblng funny
In the situation to old III. however,
nnd wben Melvln laughed It made him
"Reckon you think It's domed smart
to stand thar that n way an laugh like
a blame fool at a poor, helpless, Buffer-
lu feller crllter, but I bet If I wns oul
of this I'd make you laugh out of t'oth
er side of your mouth."
"1 can't help laughing." Melvln replied. "The Idea of u man getting Into
such a pickle as thnt! It's the most
ridiculous thing I ever knew."
"Waal, you'd Boon bear of somethln
a doggone sight wuss ridiculous," Jen*
kins said, "If I was jest loose from here
"/ ain't help lauahlno," ilclvtn rcvtlcd
for 'bout a minute. But. say. dad burn
your onery bide, nln't you goln to do
nothln but sian' thar nn net n fool
n-lniighln at me? Ain't you goiu to help
me out?"
"Couldn't you get loose In nny wny?"
"You reckon If I could I'd 'a' set here
all this time waltln for some durned
Idiot to come along an help me?"
"Did you try to get loose?"
"Did I try to get Iooko? (Jeeinenettyl
Did I try? Lord, what senseless qiiPS*
tlonn a blamed fool can ask! Rt'ekon
If you'd 'n' seen me tryln to tear my
witts off an ii wicglln round here till 1
most wore myself out a-tryln to gll
oul of 'em you'll 'u' had some notion 1
tried to git loose. Did I try? Lord,
sleli a i|iii\siiou!"
"But you couldn't make It, eh?"
Tlse ll.ssiil of Ilia King, Without a < rnivu,
Will Klgsire on Tbem— M. l.sisil.-
Fuels* tis.- livssltfsier.
According to recent arrangements
some- of tho new British postage
stamps' will be issued early in the
Now Year. The original intention
was to put them on sale at the principal postoffices on ths*. King's birthday. This, however, was found to
be impossible, a sufficient number of
sheets not being ready at the time.
The designs of the new stamps havo
been prepared by Mr. Emile Kucha, a
nculptor, some of whoso work wns
exhibited at last yetir's Academy. As
with tho Victorian stamps, tho head
of the Sovereign will figure on each
stamp. Merely the head of the King
is shown, and ho hus been drawn
bareheaded without the crown. This
i.s a departure from tlio accepted custom when ' or lato Majesty was on
tho throne, Queen Victoria always
being portrayed as wearing a small
crown or diadem. King Edward's
choice, however, is in accordance
With the general practlcs of reigning
Kings and Emperors, thougk the
young Queen of Holland follows the
example of Queen Victoria. The design of tho stumps has undergone
changes also In mutters of detail,
and it has been decided to abundon
some of the colors formerly in use.
The halfpenny stamps will be green,
as hitherto, but the design that Mr.
Emile Fuchs has prepared is of a
more elaborate character than that
with which the public is familiar,
and the effect is to give the stamp
the appearance of being in a green
of a deeper shade. In the penny
stamp the existing mauve color will
no longer be used. Its placo will be
taken by stamps of a dull crimson,
a color which has been found by experiment to bo the most suitable for
the purposes for which it is required.
It is in contemplation, in fact, to
use the color for other stamps of
higher valuo, the price being plainly
indicated in figures to prevent confusion. But this is a matter that is
understood to be still under consideration.
At Dickens' Grave—A Hoy's Tribute.
On Christmas Eve last year a lit--
tie fellow, apparently about 10 years
Of age, was seen to enter Westminster Abbey shortly before evening prayers. Going straight up the
main aisle towards Poets' Corner
with a directness that showed his
knowledge of tho position by custom, he stood bareheaded and reverently over the grave of Charles
Dickens. Then, looking around in
evident doubt as to whether his action might givo offence to the authorities, he produced a tiny bunch
of violets with an envelope attached, and, kneeling down, placed his
tribute tenderly upon- the tombstone.
The littlo fellow hovered affectionately round the spot for a few
moments, and, glancing round to sea
that his tribute remained undisturbed, went with a happy, satisfied look
ansl took his place for the service.
Curiosity led a newspaper, man, who
Happened to be present at the time,
to examine thc childish offering, and
this wus what he found written In
half-formed characters on the envelope attached to the unassuming
"For it is good to he children
sometimes, and never better than at
Christmas, when its mighty Founder wus a child Himself."—Dickens'
"Christmas  Carol."
singular Transmission of Sound.
A member of the faculty of Moscow Imperial Technical School recently discovered that a microphone
attached to an electric arc lamp
by wire will transmit sounds through
the medium of another electric arc
lamp. Repeated experiments were
made in which tho two lamps were
separated by a thick wall, Thc inventor read in a low voice a lecture
on his discovery nnd his words, spoken to the microphone, were comfortably audible in thc next room.
With characteristic carelessness tho
Russian newspapers failed to state
whether the lamps were burning, but
it is probable that this is to bo assumed.
"Piss Money."
In days long ago pins were M expensive that husbands gave their
wivos certain allowances just for the
purpose of the costly luxury.
Hcnco we call tho money given to a
woman for her own special uso "pia
money." Fivo centuries after pins
wore invented tho peddlers sung the
following rhyme* as tliey went
through the streets in London:
Ten rows a penny, Ol
Isn't that a many, 01
Silver heads, golden pointa.
Ten rows a penny, O!
The llelclst of Vs nrs-n.
At ths Glasgow meeting of the
British Association For thc AcVvanc*-
ment of Science Mr. Vaughan Cornish read a paper on the size of
waves at soa. Ho gave the following table as tho average of the
heights of a number of successive
waves : Hurricane, 38.54 feet ;
strong gale, 20.00 feet; gale, 1&.42
feet; strong breeze, 10.83 feet.
Atmosphere ol* I'lmset Jupiter.
Mr. rerrivnl Isowell, director of
the Flagstaff observatory in Arizona,
hns recently published a slelcriiiinu-
tion Of tho refraction of the iitmos-
phero of tlie planet Jupiter obtained
from occultatlons of tho sulelliics.
The resulting value Is eight, minutes
of arc for tlio cxt.orior layers of the
atmosphere. It also follows from
tho observation that the atmosphere
is of great depth.
l.iitest I.i.iiiI-'ss 1'iiisrfes.
Tho ladybird is tho latest fnncy
In trinkets In London. "Lucky ladybird" brooches ure. gelling very rapidly. Tho Insect Is imitated in col-
ori'd enamel on tlio centre of a gold
safety pin. Muuvo and pink furniture is tlm laii'si fancy of tha artistic—tiuuivo wood, pink sal in hro-
cade and curtains Which are shot
with both colors and figured with, a
pattern of sweet Duns.
Tliousunsls Who Went Oat Oats' to
AtlcsssI Itclliclous Services—A Uissl-
Is'isl Wbo Heoonsuieis*jI>-sl the Skipping Hope.
In looking over n file ef old Connecticut newspapers I came across the following excerpt from na English treatise m*
"Diet und Regimen" that warmed the
cockles of my heart:
"The skipping rope, a toy which Is dis-
carded by the young girl when entering n
premature womanhood, hut which ought
to be [nuked upon us a necessary article
in every boudoir or a private room oeeu-
pis*sl by a woman of civilized life uud civ-
ilizesl liuliits, is one of the best if not the
very best kiud of gymnastic exercise that
I know. It exercises uluisist every muscle
in the body. There are few women who
do not neglect exercise. Thousands upon
thousands of English women never cross
the thresholds ot their houses oftenor
tliun once u week, and then i*. i» to attend
to the public worship of diplr Maker.
Ami it is seldom that in town the distance to the church or olntpel is such ns
to occupy more thuu ten minutes in going
It may be presumed that this extract is
intendi'sl to draw the attention of American Women not only to their neglect of
physical exercise, hut also to tbe superiority of the skipping rope ns au implement to assist in stirring their sluggish
From the lips of an old lady who was
in her early girlhood nt the time this
treatise was written (1835) I obtained the
following graphic description of one article of dress worn by women in every station of life at thut period:
"I was a vigorous!, romping girl of thirteen, who hated restruiut of any kind,
above all thnt of dress, nnd- was commonly in disgrace because of my careless habits in regard to clothes. However, my
older sister, Martha, was determined to
bind me into a proper shape with 'stays.'
"One Sunday, in spite of protestations,
I was laced into that cruel instrument of
torture and started on a two mile walk to
'meeting.' Did you ever see a pair of
stays?' "
From a drawer in a mahogany chest
the old lady drew out a pair of old fashioned corsets beautifully made out of a
kind of buckram, covered with fine white
linen. Small gussets were set ia the
front, audit wns stitched betweeb the
materials. Thc opening wus in (he back,
where ivory or horn eyelets were provided for the lacings. The front was re-enforced with a sort of pocket two mclies
wide, open at the top for the insertion of
the "busk" or "board," which was literally ft piece of (bin board, a "straight
front" such as we never dreamed of. The
stays measured sixteen inches around the
"Such agony as I endured before that
long morning service was over!" continued my old friend as sbe carefully replaced the stays. "Noon came at last, bowever, and when I wcut out to eat my
cookies I rushed behind the meeting
house, jerked out that board und, after
breaking it in two, threw it away. I was
soundly whipped for doing It, but children
iu those days expected whippings.
"When I wns tifteeii or sixteen years
old, my sister aud I used to help eueh
other laee our stays on Kuuihiy. and we
did not take tbem off until the uext Saturday night."
An examination of the fashion books of
that period confirms this story of tight
lacing. The imagination conjures a comical spectacle when it pictures those tortured matrons, with their wasp waist*;.
tiny enps with Sowers "drooping in tlie
neck" and voluminuos skirts "gatigi-d
with one or two rows half on Inch apart
with care that they hang evenly nnd
well," solemnly skipping the rope in tho
privacy of their boudoirs.
The prevalence of recipes for lotions
and pnstes for thc complexion and the
universal use of paints and powders leads
to the conclusion thnt there were defects
■to be covered that might have been removed by the use of the skipping rope or
other exercise assisted by the lavish use
of soap and water.
The girl or womnn of this generation,
moviug about with the glorious freedom
made possible by the short skirts, loose
waist nud stout shoes, is as different
physically from lhe woman of preceding
generations as the bird that enjoys the
full freedom of the heavens is different
from the one that is caged aud whose
wings are clipped.
The ten minute wulk taken once a week
tn "prunella shoes" has lengthened to a
ten mile walk taken in shoes her brother
might wenr. Thc skipping rope wielded iu
tlie privacy of ber boudoir has bsiea replaced by the golf stick wielded in tho
open nir. The sixteen inch waist has expanded to twenty-five inches. It is within
the power of this fine creature to overcome tier Inheritance of weak nerves nud
the tenils'iiey to hysteria, the natural revolt of nature against tight lacing, thin
shoes and link of physical culture. It Is
also within her power if she will cultivate
repose as ussisluouHly as she cultivate*
out of door exercise to eliminate "nerves"
end "hysteria" from her vocabulary, nud
the chilslri'ii of future generatlnus might
search with curiosity for tbe meaning of
those obsolete Words In old dictionaries
that hnve found *i place by the side of the
"stys" and llis- "Trrntlse on Diet and
Iti'gims'is" in the nnciciit slis'st sif drawers.—Agues E. Blnucliiird iu New Vork
Some Vnlnnble FujiBc-stlor.-s ns to the
Use of the  Urns.li.
In washing ami I'ttudihig the bntr it is
well to rs .iio-.ubef ftmi ihi* <>p...n :-i ■ nud
coritiin of the sculp are,not supported by
a thick layer of sulitissue, usis lbs* ivst
of the skin of the liody: So *Ui washing
and drying the hair one's eagerness to be
clean should uot cnusq one to. scrub the
hend as if strength wero the otfe essential
in obtaining good results.
Ofltiincs one rends thnt brushing the
hair every night will develop the muscles
of the neck nnd arms, nnd at once the
woman who wishes to be beautiful seizes
n hairbrush and even takes one iu each
hand for symmetry's sake aud goes
through a regular Iudinn club exercise on
her head. After some liioutbV faithful
devotion to the cause of muscles she
proudly shows n finely rounded arm; but,
alas, the hair is hut n wisp! It is fiiction
of the scalp, gentle and regular, that acts
as a tonic. Brushing tho hnir will uot affect the scalp, and the old saying .that
"you cannot brush the Bcnlp too much or
the hair too little" is to be needed. Hair
needs nir as well as brushing. The custom of braiding it at nighl is conducive to
bnd results. It mny be n little uiicomfort-
able to have one's tresses Hying around
the face, but If one throw them over the
pillow they will not interfere with one's
comfort nfter tbe lirst few nights. It will
be surprising to find whnt good results
will come from this habit of ullowing the
hair freedom from twists aud braids uud
uluni dissolved in water and npply glycerin, with u few drops of water of benzoin,
the lips will be Ui'pt fresh and red and
without injury.—l'xchuuge.
Women and the Rifle.
The p'uturesiiue old Surrey town of
Purnhnin. l'ngluud, has taken a step to-
ward encouraging mnrksinnuship among
women. It has the Ivy House Ride club,
to which women are admitted, and the
first lady member was the Lady Mary
Arl;w\right, a daughter of the house ot
There nre hours on two dnys of tho
week during which the use of the range
is specially reserved for women, aud at
nil other times it is open to them in competition with the men. — Philadelphia
Nor*.h   American.
Expensive  Wedilln* Present*.
One of thu most striking features of an
up to date wedding is prrtent giving and
receiving. Wedding pn-septs .." late hnvo
become a positive tax on society.
They are not given because ebe donor
is fond of the bride or thc bridegroom, but
simply because It is the fashion, nnd each
year as luxury Increases wedding presents become inore cosIIf.
Whlsus and  Moods.
If we want to be liked, we must not allow moods, emotions or whims, to come... the application of steart to boats. Thayer
The Invention of the Panorama.
The panorama was invented by at
Scotchman nnmed Robert Barker, who
obtained a license in London in 1787 and
erected a rotunda on.Leicester square.
He was associated wltb Robert Fulton,
the practical inventor of tbe steamboat,
who introduced panoramas into Paris ln
1700, but resigned iu favor of Thayer
perhaps iu order to give bis attention to
nlways to the surface. The friend who
meets us with, "Oh, I'm so annoyed, I
must tell you how I've been worried!"
and such like excl.i.:ialin:.s is not half so
welcome as the one who conies to us telling only of the bright happenings, who
seems to give rnther thnn to draw from
us. Aud from this face we cuii learn one
obvious lesson.
And another grent secret of charm is
charitableness and scrupulousness in not :
saving behind a person's back whnt one ,
would not suy to their face.  It is so easy !
to make unkind fun, and sneering and ,
witty  remarks  about  others  sometimes
evoke much laughter, nnd people are ds> I
ceived into fancying tbat such laughter
means popularity.   It may niinise us for
the moment, but these are not the people ,
one is anxious to meet  again,  for one ,
feels that the chances arc that we may |
serve at some time or other as material
for other witty Btories.   And, deny the j
fact though we mny, there is uo doubt I
most of us do object to be held up to ridr
cule.—Philadelphia Ledger.
raiss'd n rotunda on tbe Boulevard Mont-
ninrtre. whence comes the-nunie of the
Passage des Panoramas. Bonaparte caused plans (o be drawn up for eight panoramas iu which his conuuests were to bo
shown to the Parisians, whom he alwaya
tried to impress with the magnitude of
thc nchis-veinents in order to keep tbem
I faithful to his star.   But these projects
were uever rei.li7.cd.
Ilia Clever  Scheme.
It wns just n lesson in table manners.
Tlie boil piece of-toust was about bnlf
way slun u the pile, nnsi he started to tnke
"Willie-." said his mother, "yon
shouldn't slo thnt. Take tbe top piece always."
lie made n hasty n,i, ,. al calculation..
"Ail right." he returned. "Pass it to
the others lirst."
Mra. Aldermnn'a UIk Apple Orcharda.
Out in a country of large things Pvcq
such au apple orchard as that owned and
managed by Mrs. Laura A. Alderman of
Hurley,  8.   I*.,  stands out  in  the  first
rank.   It contains l.'ll) acres in full bearing of the finest fruit that thc latitude
affords.  The laud wns taken up in 1S7(!
nnd was gradually converted to the busi- I
ness of fruit raising.  A scourge of grass-
hoppers which nearly destroyed all other
crops in South Dakota left the country
nearly poverty stricken for n time, nnd
fruit dealers suffered with the rest.   But
pluck and energy savesl the day for Mrs.
Alileruian,' nnd  for the  past  fifteen  or
twenty years her work has beeu a coutiu-
uous success. The npples from the Alder- '
man farm nre gathered with special care
and uever fail of a gssod market.   From '
8,000 to lO.lJOO bushels are gathered each |
ys-ar, and in the harvest, season forty or
more persons are employed  iu tbe busi- .1
ness.   Mrs. Alderman's father was closely relats'd to (Jsslonel Kthan Allen of Vit- j
iiusiit.   She is now n resident of Detroit,
Mich.—Leslie's Weekly.
Facta Abont  Old Lace.
In fixing the approximate dale of afly
given piece of lnce it is well to remember
that machine made thread was not used
until after the beginning of tbe eighteenth
century. Before tlmt time the thread*
ran In lengths of about twenty inches, for
tho worker could stretch no farther than
her distaff and had 11 break off and join
again; if after unraveling some twenty-
five inches of thread no joint is found,
the lace Is surely after the introduction
of machine made thri'nd. The "bride's
orncc" alone nre enough to go by; tn tbo
The  Parrot.     I
With the nm-ii'iits the parrot wu not a
bird to be revered, so far aa can be learned, lt is lust dcpii-tfd on any of the sacred scenes lu stsiuc that tell the strange
i-tiirics of Ihe religions of the nations of
olsl. nor has it ever been founil mummified
iu the tnuibs of Egypt. Most likely tbe
ancients thought It an uncanny bird and
also a dangerous one, with Ita capabilities
ssf repenting what It heard
"Jnat I.lUe a Womnn***
"Just like n woman." What's jnst like
a woman? Oh, everything that is small
and narrow minded and childish nud irrational, evidently. Pooh! How about
meuV You never heard of n man who told
little white fibs or looked under a bed for
n burglar, did you? Ob* no! Perish the
thought! The troth Is there nre womeu
nnd women just ns thee are manly,
splendid men and men of little contemptible souls. If you ever hear nny one sny,
"That's just like n womnn," light into
him nnd tell him a thing or two or three
or four or eight or ten.—I'lniira Telegram.
Drink Water Regnlnrlr.
If you do not accustom yourself to
drink water regularly, you nre liable to
haVethe waste products of the tissues ot
the body form faster thau they arc removed. Gri'ut weakness nnd languor on
rising in the morning is generally due to a
Inrgs* secretion of these waste products,
ansl the remedy Is to drink a tumblerful
of water, either hot or cold, just liefore
retiring. This materially nssists la the
pioci'ss sluritig the night nnd leaves the
tissues fresh and str<in*g. ready for the active Work nf the next day.—(lieguninu.
Banning No Rlak.
I A troupe of wandering musicians
fifteenth century the "bar hnd only'a knot were playing before a Swiss hotel. At
or dot as ornament; in the sixteenth, a the end of tbe performance ono.of the
double or single loop; in tlie seventeenth, members left tbe group, approached the
a star. The edging nlso helps; a shnrp lender of tbe band and pulled out a
angle in the scallop fixes the date in the mtln paper box, which be emptied Into
middle ages; the rounded scallop came in   h,    ,^rt fc     ,      h||    tb f th
with  the  nineteenth  century;   with  the   ,     .    " Z       ,      "C lU* f'°* oz lno
seventeenth century u dotted scallop; the   -ent,er -Bow«> "W movement,
eighteenth one is more elaborate, a largo |    «e took » Platc' ln hla right band,
alternating with a Bimill scallop ami dots   passed It around, and a large sum wns
along the center of each.—St. Louis Be- ■ collected,  every one. meanwhile  won-
dorltig what he held .In bis left hand.
"Why, It's very simple," said tbe
leader, when questioned. "We aro all
subject to temptation, and to.be sure
of the fidelity of our collector he bns
to bold five flies In his left hand,, and
Beantr Hints.
Cultivate expression of the eyes.  In a
short time tlu*y will speak more eloquently than your tongue.   Do not drnw your \
eyelids together or pinker your face when.
exposed to n strong light.'  This innkc-J, wo* count theso first wheu he returns
wrinkles.   Shade  your  eyes   with   your ! to muke sure of tho money."
hand.    Dark   eyebrows, and ,lashes  are
marks of beauty.  When lighter,,"*bnn thfi, jf   |'Nvl*rty is no crime; but, nevertheless,
hair, they may lis made darker by npply-: . it (, punishable by hard labor for life.
Ing green wnlnut juice with a small com- *"        *» ■      >.       '   ., —-
el's hair brush.   Do not pencil them.   A Helps to Rdnrntloa.
slight arch and a line line may be given      A too'oglcal K„rde,. |8 „ great oma-
to  the eyebrows by  pinching them  be-   „„„,,„ . „„ . .;. s .-.■..      •
tweeu the lingers several times end. dny. J00"1 *? tt C ty al,(1la U1081 de8lrab,e a*'
Never bite the lips to mnfie them red. "t^',,'ct to scll°ol education. The child
not only mnkes thnn dark nnd sore, but It | "*vl'0 *-••■■ Boe ,,lul B«*'dy u moose, an en-
mnkes your face look drawn and distort-, Pi**, nn alligator or niiy otber strange
ed while you are biting them, if you beast of the field gets whnt uo book
baths' ysiur lips occasionally with a tittle   can toncli.—Mcctmti'a HTDnthlv.
Croup, Bronchitis-, Whooping Cough and Severe Chest
Colds are Threatening.
is scarcely] to bu wondered at that mothera look upon it with confidence antl satisfaction.
J,hla Tt ^0nLmnfdl,eiln';for *:hirarcn bflCaUB-1 ■* lfl f-markably ploaaant lo tuko and is porfootly fret, from Mor-
Vell ui ii", ooTi-5. mm r*'raodl?3 tm disuses of tbo throat and lungs which (horoutyhly cures the cold oa
nnd Turpintlne wltb Z?r, T °,h?'' PreP«at»W-* <»' Unacod. Do miro you get Dr. Chaso's Syrup of Linseed
Shreo tta_, „« ,nZ orPs ""' and ■-«•«■«■" ol n>*. A. W. Ohaeo on tha>tioltU*. Fvice*. 35 Wats j family si»'.
Wirco times ns much, oo coats.     All dealers, or DdmaasoB, Unlet* & Or, „ J'oronto. - The Drill.
Didn't  Car*  If He  Did.
Over in West Virginia on one of the
rallrqads is a little towu called Sawyer.
Close to the town the train pusses
through a tunnel. One day a nice look-.
ing young couple were on tbe train,
nnd they never seemed to know tbat
then* was anybody else on tbe train.
Oblivious to their surroundings they
were like two souls with but a single
thought. While tbe train wns passing"
through the tunnel, those near the
yoiin;' couple heard n succession of suspicious smacks something like a kiss
with n dozen echoes. After tbe train
bad passed through the tunnel the.
braUomun came through the onr and
ciilh'si out, "Sawyer," and the timid
looking young mun looked up and said:
"I don't give a durn If you did. We are
married."—Bristol Courier.
A Different Bump.
"Yiit-ng Brngg seems to hnve a Big
liliiii;. of conceit."
"< .1, no: that's thc bump I gnve him
tryin to taks* (hs* I'siiiccit out of blm."-
l'Lil ..lelpliia r.ulli'liu.
Wi* publish simple, straight tostl-
mun'uha, not. press agent's interviews, from well known people.
Fn ui ali over America they testify
to tlss merits of MINARD'S LINIMENT, the best of Household Rcine-
ti. C. RICHARDS & Co.
Cures Coughs and Colds
at once. It bu been doing
this for half a cxntoty. It
has saved hundreds of
thousands of lives. It will
save yours if you give it a
chance. 25 cents a bottle.
If after using it you are not
satisfied with results, go to.
* your druggist and get your
money back.    .    .    .    .
Write to S. C. WBtta & Co., Toronto,
Can., for free trial bottle.
A woman's touch is known by her
wu.shbou.rd. her piano or Her husband s pocket-book.
Karl's Clover Root Tea corrects the Stomach
i : /
Many a man gets to thc top by
using bhe elevator instead of climbing thc ladder.
The best red sealing-wax is composed of shellac. Venice turpentine,
vermilion nnd u little gypsum.
Iirazilian railways are the dearest
In the world, tho cost of carriage for
coitus, amounting to $2 a hundredweight per 100 miles.
Faookd Our.-None but those who have become fugged out know what a depressed, miser-
Ma lesilini* it is. A 1 strength is gone, and
des**ondeucy [sua taken hold of the sufferers.
1 hoy feel us though thcro is nothing to live for.
1 liore. however, its a sure. Oneboxof Parme-
lee s Vegetable Pills will do wonders In restor-
■ng health and strength. Mandrake and dandelion are twss of ths; articles entering into the
composition of Parmelee's Pills,
Th ■ United States has now the
third largest Hebrew population of
any country in the world. One in
every 70 ia a Jow.
The doctors aro the pillars  of society.
All some people do for a living is
II! fl ' i iic boots nnd shoos cause corns. Hollow:!, s Cora Car* It tho artio'a to use. .flat
a boitlo at onco and eure your corns.
A c-lis*stiniit tree, planted by the
Trine • of Wales, now King Edward
of England, grows beside- the tomb
of WiiKhington,  at Mount Vermin.
The creature most tenacious of life
is the common sea polyp. One mny
be split into half a dozen sections,
makini/ as many animals. They may
be turned inside out, when they ai>-
parently enjoy themselves just as
well as Uefore. If two be divided
and placed end to end, the result will
be a monster, having a head at each
Th.* fellow who is out after the
douc.li only sometimes misses the
Minard's Liniment Cnres Burns, Etc.
A man who loved and won says
that ills* best man at a wedding isn't
tlio groom.
There is a vast   difference between
Bs3C0ii.|    thoughts    and    second-hand
Through dining and Bleeping   cars
With close connection for Chicago
nnd  all points ln
Ontario, Quebec, Maritime Provinces
Eiu;tern and V.'estern States
and  Pacific Coast.   ''
excursion* Tickets via Great Lakes
For Further Information apply to
any Canadian Northern Agent
Winnipeg City Tlsksst, Taluiiraph and Freight
oil's*... -si Mail* 6t,    BEO. H. SHAW.
Tel. 891. Triijlln Manager'
Sault Ste. Marls, Owen f*ound, Toronto and East via Lilkos, Monday, Thursday and Saturday	
TuMu Frl., and Bun	
Montreal, Toronto. Now York and
 ...   t.'jyw    (sssi
Knat, via all rail, dully,
t l'ortageand lutormsyfiatoi
Rat l'ortase and Intermediate points
dally.. .,  	
Uol-ii.is, Lag du llonnot and lntorme-
dinto points, Thur.-i. oidy
Portisge la Priiir'c,llrandnn,Calsarv,
Nelson and   all  Kootonay and
all const poinU, daily  ....
"Portrtge la Prairie,-Hrandon and In-
tnrmediuto points daily i*xcupl
Hsiiiilay '	
.Qlaststono, Neopuwu, Mhinodosa unsl
iiiloTiu<xllato points, dally except
Sunday ......;.  	
Shoal Lako, Voikton and inlormod-
into pointa, Moil., "Wed., aud Fri.
Tuos.. Thurs., ana fiat. ;....
uatii.l City, lliiiiiisitn, Mniis>t:i,Tiies-
,       slny, Tlinr.iussl rial,	
Mon. Wed., ana Fri	
Monti'ii, Dolnriiiuo nnd inlarmodliito
■_i points diiily except Sunday	
'NUpsnltsY, Al.'imrda .-n,.| intermediate
isijntii, daily ssxi i*|,*, Bumlny tin
li'.llssluu .
1.30 LT2.S.
i'uiM., Thur:. nndBuT.
Qloniioro, Ssriuilu una intermediate
pi'iiiita.diulyexsjeptbuni'iiy ..'...
vipu.stono, Itostou, Areola and Intor
mediate points, MOB.,•Wed., m.d
I       I e'u via flriinilsiii	
_.• ,Tu(1s)„Thnr .nnsISist. via Hrunilon
vtol-yulilro, lllv.sr.li, Hleufuit. l*,-.lii
-.    \uu.Tus'S„Tliiii-.,t..it,, viulti-isini .
cu  ,...,.-,    ., '
Tuos. Tluir.. Sat..vlnIlnindon..
Grot,. ;St I'unI t.'hlriign, daily ....
W«f.l.iSsill(lrli Mon'., Wisl. nnd Frl...
c Tuo».;TI|-,ir-s. r.nitS.,1,   	
HtoiiflWiiTJ. Toult.n. T*hoh., Tliur., Sat,
•Ksnuinols, Mon., Wed, and l*il.
•ion  Supt
(Jen I'liia. br\
Tho Cry   of  An   Infant   Is Nature's
Sign til   of   Distress.
llabies never cry unless there is
some very (food reason for it. The
cry of the baby is nature's warning
signal that there is something wrong.
Every mother ought to got to work
inun. dial sly to find out what that
something wrong may bo. If thc
frotfuluess and irritation are not
caused by exterior sources, it is conclusive ovidence that tho crying baby
is ill. The only safe and judicious
thing to slo is to administer Baby's
Own Tablets without tho slightest
For indigestion, sleeplessness, the
irritation accompanying the cutting
of teeth, diarrhoea, - constipation,
colic, and simple fevers, these marvellous little tablets'. havo given relief In thousands of cases and saved
many precious baby lives. Do not
give a child so-called '•.soothing"
medicinee; such only stupefy and produce unnatural sleep, llaby's Own
Ta-bletb ure guaran'Uxxl to contain no
opia''j or other harmless drugs; they
promote sound, healthy sleep !..*
cause they go directly to the root of
ban.v troubles. Dissolved in Wilier
these tablets can be given to Ihe
yOungs-st infant. Mrs. Walter lirown,
Mil by, Que., says :—"1 have mver
used ilny medicine for baby thut did
us much good as llaby's Own Tablets. 1 would not be without Ihitn."
' llaby's (iwn Tablets are for sale nl
all drug stores, or will lie sunt sli-
revt on receipts of prico (2T> cents a
box.) by addressing tho Dr. Williams
Medicine Co.,   Urockville,  Ont.
Bricks are now being burned by
electricity, which promises to revolutionize the industry by greatly reducing the labor and cost. The wet
clay is put into a covered iron mold
which holds 1000 bricks, a strong
current is turned on and in a short
time bhe bricks are dried and burnt,
and are ready for sale.
MINARD'S LIKMENT jgjjg toalgfc
Australiis. now breeds considerably
over doubls* as muny sheep as the
Unitesl States, the numbs-rs being
100',-i millions to 8U>4 millions.
How's This?
W» offer Oil is Hundred Dollars Howard or
an j' >5S»*J i f Catarjr i t^a cannot be cured liy
Uall'. Catarrh (>ir».
_,    FfJ. UJILNjc!! A CO., Props., Tolodo 0.
^VsJ, tho uiido!s!;nel havo known F J.
Cheney for thu lu.*t 13 yoar?, nnd bolievo him
pence, ly hoiiorali o in all business transaoticoi,
and flnanciall'' able to carry out, any obUgatu".
masio by the ir *   sn.
Wbbt *Tiii;m, Wholesale D-*jf*i*i<:ts, Toledo,
O. Wai.bi.nu, Kivhaj AMabvin, Wholsisale
DrasKists, Toledo, O
Ilall's Catarr), Cure 5s taken internally, e rt-
Ing direct ly upon tin blood and n.uroussurfas.es
of the rysteiu. Trico Ijo por botUe. Sold by
alldrsigrf st*.  Tn«;.imoDialu f-ei.
HsUI'ii Family fills ate tha !.';-,c.
In the year 1750 the Loid Mayor
of London died of jail fever caugi.t
during tha assizes at Newgate. Jail
fever was a form of typhus.
Mr. Thomn? Bnllard, Syracuse. NY , writes :
"I hnve been afflicted for nearly a year with
that mnst-to-be-drssiidod disease, dysspepsia.and
ut times worn out with pain and want of sleep.
and after trying almost everything reeois-
mondod, I trisxl one box of l'armelee's Veno-
tahlo Pills. 1 am now nearly well, and Lilieve
they will rmro me I would not bu without
them for any money."
When n man fails he will tell you
that he i.s u victim of circuiiuitloiiccs
If yonr children are troubled with worms,
givo them Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator ;
safe, sure, and effectual. Try it, and mark the
improvement in your child.
The verso writer is not necessarily
When you say that a young lady
looks like a poster girl do you meat!
that sin* is stuck up ?
MINARD'S JJIMENT lor Sale Eferywhere.
The coming man has often a bill to
Too any cooks may spoil the
broth, but expcrii«cc will teach you
(hat one can do the samo.
Bo rapidly does lung Irritation spread and
dssepen, that often in a few weeks a simple
cough culminates in tubercular cssnsiimptiois.
(live hoed Us is csssigh, thero Is ulwnys danger iu
delay, (let a boUle of llicklo's Anti-CoLsump
tive Syr u>. aud cure yourself. It is a moslirinc
unsurpassed fsir all throat nnsi lung troubles.
It is i-onipoiiiiilosl frssm several hsirhs. each one
of which stands at the hnisd sif this list ns exerting a wonderful iiillu.'iu-.i iu curii „• cotuump
tiou aud all long diseases.
It's a lucky thing for tho average
man that bo doesn't know some of
tho things that other people know
about him.
Everybody is wishing they ha'1
pull  when a little push is the    vet
thing  they want.
Th** man who gets out the weather
report*, easily distances all oilier
authors us n writer of fiction.
A wise mnn speaks Well of his
friends, arrd oi his enemii's he sppiiks
not at all.
(Jetting (tie Unalcal   Pitch.
Musical pitch bus u curious tendency
to creep up. It is said that Bach's music soiiiuls. ..ii.i h differently now from
what lt s. lu when Bach wrote it, because the instruments arc now pitched
higher. In 1SS2 it wns found that thc
pitch of high A nt tbe Vienna Court
Op< ra had crept from the prescribed
435 double vibration*' a second to 443,
r.ud in 1885 this uumher bad further ln-
criuised to 450.
-Accordingly a musical conference
waa held, aud a resolution v. is tukeu
to re-establish the old pitch ot 435 vibrations per second. . Upon this announcement the Relchsanstalt, the Imperial physical and technical institute
of Genuiiuy, set up standard instruments and has since tested and corrected timuy hundreds of tuning forks,
shortening tbem If "they are too low In
pitch and thinning the arms If they
nre too high.
AM. the military orch.-itraa of Germany are pitched alike, and tbe Relchs-
anstadt keeps 'hi tuning forks correct.
This solhltou* care of the government
In preserving stuudarila Is one reason
why the world now goes to Germany In
musical matters.—Pearson's.
A   cool    head is bettor    than cool
-  .
All  men   havo aot    rcachid a ripe
old ugs: when llu*y begin to fall oft.
In courtship affection is often over-
dons.; alter marrlagb It Is apt to be
The revolver's claim to being n •*"-
rlflble weapon lls*s In the fact thnt
It never goi's off by itself.
Tho dressmaker may rip and  tear
and still not be mini.
Iticb people aro never liars. They
aro just enthusiastic.
The stage nand Is not noli-d for
rowdyism, but ho occasionally inlMl
a scene.
No century has ever begun on n
"Ai'ili'i'Mlny, I'rldny or Sunday, und
the samo order of days Is repent oil
every  20 years.
Willing to Accompany  Mini.
A poor old Irishman, with an old nmi
ba'tered cornet, wns making night hideous one evening In n quiet Kdlnliurgh
Biitinre. A smart young "guiirilliin of
the pence" stepped up to blm nnd In n
very peremptory tone snld:
"Come, come, my man, you must
stop tbnt or accompany mi'."
"Wid nil the pli'iiHiire In lolfe. sor,"
replied I'nt. "Whnt nre ye goln' to
slug?"—London Telegraph.
Ilia Conscience Clear.
"Can you truthfully sny thnt you
went Into ollice with nn absolutely
clear conscience7" Inquired the very
fumljlnr but unworldly friend.
"Of course I enn," niiswcrril Renn-
to Sorghum In it time of slight Irrltn
tion; "1 never yet fulled to pny every
cent I promised for it vote."— Washington Star.
John I). Kockcfeller has purchased
a 2000-ncre tract of land along thc
banks of tlie Hudson. He intends
erecting a million dollar palace, constructing waterfalls, artificial lakis,
miles of tine roadway, and when
coiu-plctvil will present il to hi-s son.
It is a line tiling to be Hie son of an
Suffersd With That Dread Malady for
Fifteen Years—Treatid by Five
Different Doctors—Literally Rescued From Death by Dodd's Kidney Pills.
Middleton, P. E. I., Dec. 30.—Mr.
M. II. Conntak, the well known
blaiUs-inith of this place, known all
over the Island as the man' whom
Dodd's Kidney Pills savsd from death
as by a miracle has often been inter-
views-d regarding his case and is ever
ready to supply the facts.
"I had been a victim of kidm-y
trouble for fifteen years before 1 took
Dodd's Kidney Pills," said Ml. Con-
nick  in a rcent conversation.
"Did you know it was Bright's
Disease, .Mr. Connick ?"
"•"Well, one day a customer and I
found it out I was startled, I can
tell you. In those days, you know,
Bright's Disease was incurable. I
went to five different doctors. They
could do no good. Finally my wife
and I went to-ajether to one who told
us right out there was no use taking our money. I could not be cured.   I felt that it was all over."
"How did you come to take Dodd's
Kidney  Pills?"
"Well, one day a customer and c
were talking'of the death of a neighbor, tuid my customer said he was
quite sure if he had taken Dodd's
Dodd's Kidney Pills he would have
bien cured. That sot me thinking.
For *ihe lost sipc yevurs I had been
fon-ed to hire a man to do my work.
Well, I began to take Dodd's Kidney
Pills, and before I had finished the
third box I was again at work. I
ran shoe a horse as well today as
ever 1 could in my life."
"Do you mean to say that three
boxes of Dodd's Kidney Pills cured
you of Bright's Disease of fifteen
years    standing?"
"Yes, sir, that's exactly what I
mean. I was so stiff and sore I could
not stoop to pick up anything—
couldn't put on my shoes. If my wife
was here she wosild tell more about
Dodd's  Kidney Pills  than  I con."
Mr. Connick is now 57 years old
and the picture of health and
T-.nth and  Hepoae.
A aclf denial no less aiiBtere than the
naiut's is demanded of the scholar, ne
must worship truth and forego all
things fer that nnd choose defeat and
p ,o that his treasure !u thought la
thi-veby augmented. God offers to every inlfd Its choice between truth and
repose. Take which you i-'eai-o—you
cnu never hnve both.
Bs'tween these ns a pendulum mnn
os"lllutes. He In whom the love of rc-
pi.se predomliintcB Will nccept the first
civid, thc first philosophy, he meets,
moat likely his fill! er's. He gets rest,
commodity nnd reputation', but he
s huta the door of truth. He In whom
the love of truth predominate! will
k ep hluiitlf alooi' from nil moorlngi
nnd niioi'.
Ho Will abstain from dt'Kinntlstn and
recognise nil the opposite uei-ntlons between which ns walls his being Is
swung. Ho submits to the Inconvenience of suspense and Imperfect opinions, but he Is a cnndldnto for truth ns
the other Is not nnd respects tbe h'gh-
est Inw of hl8,belng.-KiiieiB0ti'a ' Us-
say ou Intellect."
About 450 tons of gold are yearly
dug by ninn In various parts of tlis*
Yorkshire ironstone is the richest
in England. It averages in Value
ten shillings a ton.
The 163 foxhound packs in England nnd Wales contain 6,172 cbuplea
of hounds.
Of 85 warships built last year in
(ireut Britain 18 only were for ths*
British government.
For every 100 people who live in
the country in the United Kingdom
268 live in towns.    .
,,...- ii ...     ,£•..*.•
on a good piano—the piiiho* Is rot to blamo
but. you can't get nny mnsio out of a poe
pi 'in. If you want a really good piuau a
lowest possible cost, try tho
We are selling frcm <250 to $600, according U
Its matchless musical quality, its parity o
tone, ite durability, all commend it.
All makes of organs for sale, also sonv
good organs and pianos, slightly used, ver]
Y. M, C. A. Block.      ■      ■      W1NNIPK
Kldredgo " B " Sewing Machines.
For Sale Everywhere
Try our Parlor Matches.
They produce a quick LIGHT
without any objectionable
fumes.     ::•.•.•.:
E. B. Eddy Co.,
CANADA.        '
The Year Just Closed Has Been the Most
Successful fn the History of s
FitF,*tlII !H    IXCOlfft'
It Standci Unrivalled.
Sha-rrecn, now mask' from the skins   ;
of sharks nnd rays, was a name or-  *
isginully applied to a substance nnvdi
from ths; hides of horses and asses.
The *RrlRHts*st 1'Ioirern must fade, bnt
young lives eot&.'gered by severe <x>u(?hs i nsl
colds may be ftrntervM by Dr. Thomas' Bclcc-
trio Oil. Croup, whoopinsj coi*y;h, bronchitis,
in short all ali'?ctions of tho throat and lanr?,
are relieved h? this sterling preparation, whii h
also rem-x^e-. rV'im'.i p-ins, s ret, lrnises
piles, kidney diliicuhy, auo. b mo.-i economic.
1»     (   S'l'I'lfll/llI
a Ui-iiuUUIH
If \vr< Could see ourselves as others
see us nil oculists would have to
work overtime.
Gel oi
Good for Bad Teeth
Not Bad for Oood Teeth
Sozodont . • 25c
Sozodont Tooth Powder 25c
Large Liquid ar d Powder 7***c
Nill trv.ii»HUWc.> H1..0O. JUstoost
iiss.ii-r steel. No Hue* to rest or
lomlt. r«n't blowup. BMMWM
conic •*-. bu. feed In S hours, wsd to
best water lo stork tanks "*>,"*•
ewav. Will beat dairy rooms. t*aV
alsssssie .and prleea snailed free.
s~J Rim.ET NMBWUE CO.. hi35»
,(U.d.ract'7,sit«ISoa,Ill.> sMfMsHt
HALL St KUCKl-L. New Ycik.
'llu. ival eyiiie never thinks that he
is one.
VV. N.  U. No. 358.
eoJL 4 £_?____< mkn/ /* ft;
How many men are suffering miseries for the want ol a simp'e
remedy? They do not live ; they simply exist. In the la.e-. ot
thousand* can be read the story of a watted life and blighted
hopes. Joys and pleasures are unknown to them because ther*
vitality It being- sapped. Varicocele, wasting dtnins have exhausted nature's electrical forces and left them wrecks upon ths
shores of life.
Dr. McLaughlin's Electric Belt
Is the grandost remedy of tho ago for building up wrecked humanity, It fills
tho exhausted nervo.t and organs with tho fito of lifo. If you will uvo it while
you sleep for two months it will restore youthful vigor to every nrjjan of the
body. It is the only electrical body appliance in the world to-ilny that will infuse tho life force into the wuakened parti.
It Is curing thousandn.    I enn furnish  you  with   testimonial's  from  those
whom I have cured.    Perhaps somo of thorn yow nci^hkurs.
Read these Encouraging Cures
1 am mill wsmrlrsK It, and will tell
yon about tho result. I have pained about fifteen pounds, and my
back doea not both-ar me now.—D.
C.UIHI'S. i5;i«'lp... Ont.
Your belt Ivia helped my nerves,
ansl I luive K«lnpd In flesh, and my
i'i! its sire looaor.-Ct-AUDB COOP-
i-ll. lHox 18'", Clvfitham, Ont.
lVetoris uelng your Dclt I was
given up by elghsl doctosra. and was
reducod to UB pounds, and confined
tosmy bed an wsiuk as an Infant. It
la now tlvo months Binco 1 stffrtcd
ths uie ot tho Halt, and am completely cuircd, and have galneil HU
|»un<ta.-T. N. HtflOWN, Colling-
wood, Out.
I have been wean-In? your Ilelt
nlehlly for nraiiy a month. I am
uihissj It tor constipation, unsl I am
nlso applying thu sugpensorv wills
good ro mils.-W. V. allAIlAM. Pit-
iip.s-i'ii,  Mam.
M'liso palnB und wcakns'sa havs latt
my back, and to tell th- truth I   have-
Iks, ps.iln.8 or aches .it   ll   sin-    u.l %
your llolt.-T. J. l'A'lll CH   Uoslst■■   .
If you vahis yonr health, slsi nut iseiiept nn Imltistioii of my  Hell.   Thero are ninny on ihss nsai
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offered wlli a ohaap Imitation of my t'UHhioii Kli'itrnili'.   Ilul It l-s n. *.Iimmi.   Uou'I  arccpt It.    I
li in.nu loo guild when you want your health, your vigor; so avoid Imitation...   Thr oushlon eleettede l< my *- i s .lI t*>vefiUo|l.   W . 11 •
I: i.i! eleulrlu heltts blister and burn holes ln the flesh and can do no good.   I take toe ether bolts In-trade,
Every man who admlroi the perfection of physical strength should read   mv Ixiuillfi
-lllustratoil.book.    It tolls how stmiigth U lost e.iisl howl reslme it   s.llh my   Kleclrli   H
I will send this hook, >-l 'y sssislesl, free upon request If foil will s,und till- ad.    ll \ sm u,.
the man you sshouhl hu, write, lo-slay.
r. wi. b. Mclaughlin, '
30   YONCE   STREET,    TOR0NT.,   O...
oilU's* Hours 0 to 8.30 p.m. THK DRTEL, SLOGAN, "B. C, JANUARY 17. 190'.'.
,C. E. Smithkrinoalb, Editor and Prop.
BLOCAN,    "•      •       •       iB. C.
Lssgal Advertising 10 c*sints a line for
utlie first insertion and 5 cents a line each
■ subsequent insertion.
Certificates of Iraprosrenient, $7 each.
Transient advertisements atsame rates
t*s legal advertising.
Locals will be charged 10 cents a line
rior each insertion.
Commercial Bates made known upon
The Subscription is #2 per year, st.'ict-
,-iy in advance; $2.50 a year if not so paid.
'Address all letters to—
Slocan, B. C.
FRIDAY, JANUARY 17th, 1902.
' A pencil mark in the space
-opposite will be an indica-
/ tion to you that ye editor
. considers there is something
, .coming to him on your sit b-
isoription. Kindlvacknowledge  in cash and oblige.
February. 13 has been set as the
..date for the assembling of the Do*
,minion parliament. Tbe session is
Expected to be short.
Hon. Mr. Dobell, a member of tha
■Dominion cabinet without portfolio,
*was killed on Saturday, by being
-thrown from his horse. The. accident
occurred at Folkestone, England,
where deceased had gone for the ben
*flt of his health. Much sorrow is
expressed over the sad event.
The provincial legislature has been
summoned to meet for the dispatch
of business on February 20th.   This
■disposes of the cry that Premier Duns-
jnnir was afraid to face the house and
■wonld not call the members together
.till tbe last moment.; What will h p-
pen after the, bouse assembles is a
.subject for spirited speculation, the
-odds .being in favor of an early dissolution.     -••   •
is i i  i   ■•-.»)'.-ess
Tha Vancouver Province has just
. sprung a real surprise of its own on
,' tie public, to the effect that the Lib
era Is mean to absorb tbe Labor party
througliout the province. Interested
Ll berals are said to be poshing the
scheme for all they aro worth. There
is just one little weak spot iii tlie proposition—the Labor side of it has not
been heard.* Bet two to one they tell
lhe Liberals to go chase themselves.
Tbe Labor party intend to do a little
skirmishing in the next provincial
election, nnd the Liberals had better
. "go 'way back aad sit down."
Premier Dunsmuir hns come out of
. his hole-and given tbe public a four
.column letter, explanatory of his past
.actions and outlining the intentions
of his government.   He denies Joe
Martin's controlling influences and
holds to it that all parties should
, work together for fce best interests
of the provinoe, which was rapidly
(becoming the most important section
■ofthe Dominion. In his outline ofthe
government's programme, Premier
J Dunsmuir advocates to a limited extent the state ownership of railways
, .and promises a fair and just redistri-
, bution bill at the approach ing session
•of the legislature.   Ha also favors
tbe re-adjustment of the two per cent
. tax on tbe mining Indu try.and aims
.at a  lessening of railway freight
' rates throughout the province.   Thc
encouragement of the shipbuilding
industry, control ofthe fisheries, and
various other matters are touched on.
Mr. Dunsmuir puts up a strong talk
and now it remiins to bt seen what
' the legislators will do abont it.
Managing Director Frechcvlle of
| tbe Le Roi Mining Co. has submitted
c his report on the situation at Rossland
and Northport to tho stockholders.
In it he goes rough shod for Barney
McDonald  and   Bela  Kadlsh,  ex-
{managers for the company at the respective places named.   He remarks,
"My investigation shows that thero
has been very great extravagance
and loose management, resulting in
.unwarranted expenditures aad high
working costs; also that under proper
control your property would have
^pald dividends from the start." After
.other kindred strietnres, in which ho
'faccuses Bela Kadlsh of being nothing
/Short ofa common boodler, Mr. Freeh
jovllle says Of tbe labor troubles between tbe company and its employees
. "I am of tho opinion that the strike
was mainly brought about by ths injudicious and arbitrary action ot Bela
Kadlsh."   Now, who's the liar? Certainly not the Miner's Union, for
4hus, afer many days,' have their
^•artiest assertions been verified.
Rossland has developed a fourth'
case of smallpox.
P. W. Murpbv has leased the Filbert Hotel, Sandon.
The Monitor, at Three Forks, has
resumed shipments.
The Sandon Review is offering its
plant and rtock for sale.
Smallpox has broken out at Nelson,
a case developing this week.
There will be one or two good residences built here in the spring.
People were too excited Monday
night for the board of trade to meet.
The Sandon hockey club will hold
a big tournament on February 12-14.
Sandon is making big preparations
for its winter carnival next month.
The average daily attendance at
the public school is now upwards of
The Orange Grand Lodge of the
province will meet at Nelson on Feb.
The dance by tbe Quadrille Club,
Friday evening, was an enjoyable
John Buckley has resumed the
management of the Clifton House,
A. David hai added a stock of
gents' furnishings to his merchant
Freight and passenger traffic up
and down the lake is not very heavy
at present.
Fernie is badly scourged with the
smallpox, upwards of 15 cases being
An important meeting of the Mine
Owners Association was held at Nelson on Friday.
Harvev Aitchison left yesterday
for Ftvnk, Alberta, whero he will reside for some time.
Rev. M. D. McKee preached a
strong sermon on the municipal situation Sunday evening.
The local Miners' Union escorted
the remains of the late S. Hockaday
to the train on Monday.
Thanks to the recent cold snap,
the skating rink was able to open for
business on Monday night.
Dr. and Mrs. Gomm, Sandon, are
mourning the loss of their little one,
it having died last week.
Several voters from the outside
camps came in to vote at the municipal election here yesterday.
For Sale.—Best dry wood, 18-inch
lengths. Orders to ine left* at Shatford st Co.'s.   Hobbs&-Fair.
Fred Fraser, Revelstoke, has been
appointed gold commissioner and
government agent at that place.
James Hnrrle has taken over the
management of the Royal Hotel, T.
Lake having gone to South Africa.
Harry Gibson left for Quebec Wednesday, having been summoned
home by the serious illness of his
mother. '*,
Alex. Rogers has purchased the
old Mikado laundry building on Delaney avenue. He will fix it up as
a barber shop.
The Liberal Association meets this
(Thursday) night, for the election of
officers and the consideration of tbe
Vancouver convention.
District lodge of the Orange Society was held at Nelson on Tuesday.
Messrs. McVannel and Cooper represented the local lodge.
Several parties are figuring uren
going to the new Cariboo gold fields
in the spring.   Anyone desirous of
EDWARD VII., by the Grace of Qosi, of the
United Klnfdom of Great Britain and Ireland and nf the British Dominions beyond
the Reai. Kims, Defender of the Faith, etc.,
etc., etc.
To Our faithful the Members elected to serve In
the Lerlslatlre Assembly of the Province of
British Columbia, at our City of Victoria.
11ITHBREAS We are de-
.J VV    sirous nnd resolved,
D. U. Xa-M-ra,
as soots at may be, tss meet Our people of Our
Province of British Columbia.and to have their
advice ln Our Le«islature:
NOW KNOW VE. that for divers causes and
considerations, and taklua* Into consideration
the ease-and convenience of Our loving subjects
We have thon«ht fit, by and with the advice of
Our Executive Council, to hereby convoke, and
by these presents enjoin yon. and each of you,
that oa Thursday, the twentieth day of Febru
ary. one thousand nine hundred and two, you
meet Us in Our said Lealslature or Parliament
of Our said Province, at Our City of Victoria,
FOB THE DISPATCb OP BUM] .** K33, to treaL
do, act and conclude upon those things which
In Our Leciilature ot the Province s>" British
Colombia, hy the Common Council of Our said
Province may, by tha favour of God, be ordained.
In JbStiuonv Waaacor, We have caused
These Our Letters to be made Patent and
the Great Heal of Our said Province to be
hereunto affixed:
Witmbss, the Honourable Sir Hrmi Gva-
tavb Joi.t na LoTBiNiaaa, K.C.M.G.,
Lieutenant-Governor of Onr said Province
of British Columbia, at Our Goverament
House, in Onr City of Victoria, In Our
said Province, this 8th of day of January,
in the year sif Our Lord ona thousand nine
hundred and two, and In the first year of
Onr Reign.
By Command.
Acting Provincial Secretin-)
examining the government map and
the report thereon can do so at this
Next Tuesday evening the management of the hospital will hold another "At Home" at that institution.
A cordial invitation is extended to
all the citizens to bo present and a
good time ts promised.
J. 8mith, of New Denver, employed at the Arlington, was brought to
the local hospital, Tuesday, for treatment. He had fallen down a shaft at
lhe mine and got badly shaken up
and braised, though no bones were
A grand carnival is to take place
at the skating rink next Tuesday
night, when handsome prizes will be
given tor the best lady's and gent's
costume. The band will be in attendance. General admission, 25 cents;
skaters in costume free.
A meeting of the congregation of
Knox church was held on Tuesday,
to consider the advisability of issuing
a call for a pastor for the church.
Dr. Wright, of Nelson, moderator of
the presbytery, was present. It was
decided that the congregation was
not yet prepared to issue a cajl,
Dr. Forin received the following
lotter Wednesday from R. L. Gal-
braith, Fort Steele: "You will be
pleased to learn that the three men
from Slocan, Messrs, Lake, Clarke
and Law, were accepted for South
Africa, and left for Halifax on Sun
day evening. Please let their friends
know. The recruiting officer, Major
Howe,was much pleased with them."
Alex. Rogers,
Tonsorial Artist.
The Leading Parlors:      v
NOTICE is hereby given that I intend
to apply at a special sitting of the Board
of Licensing; Commissioners for the City
of Slocan, to be held after the expiration
of 30 days from the date hereof, for a
transfer of the retail liquor license for
the premises known as the Lakeview
Hotel, situate on Lot 1, Block 1, Slocan,
to Ales. Stewart.
Dated at Slocan, B.C., this 23rd day of
December, 1901.
Witness: Wm Ipb.
Dissolution of Partnership
NOTICE is hereby given that the
partnership heretofore txist'iig.'ltftween
the umlemitned, under the Arm name of
Sloan & Schonberg, market gardeners,
h s this day been dissolved by mutual
consent The business will be continued
by John Sloan, to whom nil tr.l|s owing
mid firm must lie paid ans} who will
liquidate all Indentedness. ,
Dateil at Slocan, B.C., this "lli day of
January, 1902.
New Carpets,
and Oilcloths..
Just Arrived.
Furniture, Crockery, Glassware, etc., etc.
Pioneer Livery
and Feed Stables,
Slocan, B. C.
General Packing and Forwarding attended to at the
shortest Notice.
Saddle and Pack Horses for
hire at reasonable rates.
Mines.   Real Estate, Insurance, Accountant.
Abstracts   of   Titles Furnished.
Slocan,      -      -     B. C.
Steel Ranges
for $18.25.
Why be without a range whet
you can get one so cheap ? The**
are preferrablc to stoves and give
better satisfaction. These ranges
burn wood or coal and will be
set up free.
Gwiilim 6c Johnson,
B. C
J. H.
B. A. Sc.
Provincial Land Surveyor & Mining
B. C.
The Muroutt Branch
of the W.C.T.U., Slogan,
Meets the second Thursday in each month
at 3 p.m. Next meeting in the Presbyterian church. All meetings open
to those wishingU join.
Miss E. Stouohton, Mrs.M.D.McKei
President. Cor. Secretary.
Slocan Git, Mini' Din,
No. 62, W. F. of fl.
Meets every Werinesday evening
in tho Union Hall. Slocan City, at
7.30 p.m. Visiting brethren cordially
invited to attend.
Financial Secretary
Spruce and
Cherry Pectoral
will cure Coughs
Colds, Bronchitis
and all affections
of the Throat and
Lungs. For sale
J. L. WHITE 6c Co.
Do not send
East for your
Furniture !
Wc can supply vou in High
Grade Furniture*. Carpets,
Oilcloths, and Linoleums, at
lowest prices.     ' ■ .*•' '•■    :
Parlor Suites,
Pendesote Couches,   -
Wicker Chairs, *
Iron and Brass Beds,
Bedroom Suites,
Rockers of all kinds; etc.
Wo handle everything to
mnke a home comfortable.
Write to us for prices.
Nelson, B.C.
You Can Mak*
A Striking Effect!
By wearing a perfect fitting Suit,
cut in tbe latest style and elegantly
trimmed. Such can be pun-hated
«y*,"i. .s
A. David, the Miner's Tailor,
near the Postoftlce.
per annum.
Reopened under
the old management.
-Former customer* ■
cordially Invited M-fetam
The Royal Hotel,
Cs»r. Arthar Strict and Delaa*-/ Av*-a««, Sl-Mwa.
Building thoroughly renovated
and re stocked with the beat
I* '■■."'if*!
Fruit, Confectionery, Tobacco
Yon can get anything in these lines that you
require from us. Our stock In each is always
kept fresh and well assorted,. We handle the
best the market affords.   Prices are right:
Stoves!  Stoves!   Stoves!
Just look up MeCallum A Co.'s assortment of
Heating Stoves,  for either coal or wood.
Prices, from - •*••■• $5 to $2$
Steel Ranges from      - «j $16 UP-
This  is the  best assortment of first class    v     '-"'
stoves that ever came te Slocan.   Thev burn
any kind of coal.   Call around and satisfy
yourself and we will do the rest. '-,*..
McCallum & Co.
General Hardware, Slocan.
Agents for Crow's Nest Coal; price delivered, $6.25 per ton.
Do You
'> ":        '•    .
.   s" . .' .!***>''       ;..,'-
Want a Home?
Then come to fllo-naii, for it is
one of the fairest spots on this
earth of ours. Levelness,
Boom, Soenery, Health, Fishing, Hnnting,Roads, Railway
Steamboats. GhnrohesJSohool
Hospital, Public Halls and
enterprising citizens aresome
of the advantages enjoyed by
this City, backed rip by Unsurpassed and ProvenMineral
Resources. Nature and Man
hath deoreed that
..  ... j
Slocan is
ths Burg*
Come and be convinced that this tale i
no mere idle dream, but a stern reality.
Certificate ofjopeiiiii
Iron Harse No. S and  Loadoa rraatlunal
Mlnaral Claimi.
Situate in the Slocan City Minin-* Division of the West Kootenay District
"■Where locnteil:—On Ten Mile creek,
adjoining Enterprise mine.
TAKE NOTICE that I, F C. Green,
acting as agent for W. D. Wrighter,
Free Miner's Certiflcate No. H.W636,
intend, sixty days from the date hereof,
to apply ts tha Minin-* Uecorder for certificates of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining Crown grants of tha
above claims.
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, roust be commenced
before the issuance of such certificates of
Dated this 28th day of December, 1901.
10*1*02 F. C. GREEN, Nelson, B C
Notice to Delinquent Co-owner
To A. E. Hlllman. er to any person
or persons to whom hs may bave
transferred bis one-quarter Interest la
Ihe Great Northern mineral claim,situ-
ated at tbe head ef the filth south fork
of Lemon crack, Blocan City mining
You are hereby notified that \tmharm
expended the sum of four hundred and
Un dollars in labor and general improvements upon the above mentioned
claim, in order to hold said mineral
claim under tbe provisions of the Mineral Act, and if within 00 days from the
date of this notice you fail or refuse to
contribute your proportion ef such expenditure, together with all costs of advertising, your interest in said claim
will become the property of the subscribers, under section four of an act ea-
titled "An Act to amend the Mineral
Act, 1900."
Dated this 2nd day ef December. 1901
6*12-01      T. BLENCH, E. U, fiWJUiS
World'* Scenic Route
Direct Line; Lowest Rates
Otta* a
Now York
i    .Seattle
San 'elsco
St.  Paul, Chicago,  and  all U. S.
Tourist Sleeper Service
EAST-Leaves Revelstoke Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Leaves
Dan more Junction on Monday*
Thursday, Saturday. I„aves
Kootenay Landing Fridays.
WEST-Leaves Revelstoke Monday
Wedassday, Friday.
Vancouver, Seattle, Coast Steamship
Service: From Vancouver to
Alaska, Hawaii, China, Japan,
Through bookings to Europe via all
Atlantic lines. Prepaid tickets
from all points at lowest rates.
J. B. CASTER.     1. J. COYLI.
D.P.A., A. O. P. A.,
Nelson. Vaneouver.
Agent, SlocaaODf


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