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The Slocan Drill 1903-02-13

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TOL I"-. *■••40-
SLOCAN,   B.   C,   FEBRUARY   13,   1903.
I'tr-A*. J.Hirnry,
.ian i on*
$2.00 PER ANNUM.
Did you try our genuine
Ontario Honey?
It is pure and unadulterated.   5-lb.
tins lor SI; also in small jars.   .  .  .
Try a tin of Schillings Best Baking
Powder.  None better.
.     .     .   .
W. T. Shatford & Co.
A. York <fc Sons,
Detlcr-** in Fresh and Salt
Heats, Vegetables and Pro-
visions. Goods shipped to
any part of the Slocan.
Highest cash price paid for
raw Furs.
B. C.
a»T  A FIRST-CLASS STOCK.   .   .   3*5
£E high grade work 3
fc  REASONABLE PRICES.    .    .    -g
81X111   Allll'tUlAN.
Oaneellatlon sir Bylaw ;i is Beeaived*^]
Waterworks and Electric l.lglitJiut-1
tiiiu Advanced » lt«se—Bleoliila 1.i«1 ■-1
C0.1t *S4 3oo Complete.
Regular meeting oi the city council
waa hold on Monday evening. Present: kid, Wordon, Smith. McNeisl*
und Arnot. in tin! absence from tha
oity of Mayor York, Aid. Smith was
voted to tin- chair.
Moved by .HI. Arnol uml McNeish
Unit k, E. Toeter be appointed to the
vacancy on the aldermantc board.
Aid. .Teeter then presented his credentials and took his seat.
Instructions were given the clerk to
sond into the government the election
returns without further delay.
Communications read: From Royal
Bank, Kelson, asking for list of officers of cits for the current yearj also
copy of th" resolution appointing J.
A. Anderson dty treasurer.
Aid. Worden noted error in the list
of officers, H. R. Jorand not having
been appointed city solicitor. The
matter was passed over and the kilters
Bonds of the collector and treasurer
wero presented and accepted on motion of Aid. McNeish s*nd Teeter. The
Ix'iuls w 'te ordered sent  lo the bunk',
for safe keeping.
The seen tary of the Bureau of Pro- j
vincial   Information,  Victoria, wrote
for statistical information on city affairs.   Filed und the clerk ordered toi
reply. _    j
k letter was road from theprovinH
cial socri'.-. y, Victoria, stating that au j
order in council had beou pascediui
lho'.'i:'in.' ilie cancellation   of bylaw
No. 1 ! .
Aid. Arnot asked if .word bad been
received r, «a A. C. Gait, solicitor for
the 1*. < • Trust Co , who aro purchasing '!.''■ CltV de'ient'..:'■-'.
He was {"-formed that Mr. Gait had
passed favorably on the now bvlaw
I»-t j-:t:•- si Lb*',' ,'i was then oro ■ I
Ltoiniu'.taication read f -om tho Bank
trausformevs, e^ioh $49,60, $227.50: five
iOOO traufrformers, eueh $100, $500;
three 751)0 transformers, each $160,
$480) No. (i weatherproof wire, per
mile, $104; No. 8 weatherproof wire,
per mile $70. Transformers and wire
are f.o.b. at Rossland.   Glass insula
tors per UK) at Rossland $9
toppms, or insulator pins, per loo,
$2.20. I think that the total cost oi
Installing tho plant would be about
$4600, this of course being exclusive
of I he cost of the Pelton wheel, the
price of which you can got from F,
Darling, Mol ou's building, Vancou
ver, ana who, I am advised, Is a responsible party in regard lo hydraulics, Of course you would have to
give him the head under which it is
proposed to operate. If there is anv
other Information I can give you, I
will be glad to do so. P.S. One 10
o.p. lamp requires about 50 watts,
therefore il would require n little ovei
100 h.p. to run 1000 16 c.p, lights."
Aid. Arnot apokooi lhe information
gathered In by the lire, water and
lighl committee, bul di bhi d it uuwiss
in act till thero was a full mei tiug of
tke board! lie moved the letters lay
on the table.
Aid. MoNeUh, in seconding tke motion, said the letters should be referred to the committee, to be incorporated iu their report,
Aid, Arnot said thore would be no
report brought in. The various letters were strong enough evidence for
the council to work on.
Motion carried.
Wm. C, Brent, Toronto, wrote that
ic would like to make a bid on the
city's debentures. Filed, and the
clerk in-': ■ icted to r. ply that tho debentures had been sold.
The question of rent of city hall
was laid over for another wi ■'...
i'ii'" pn ented: Clerk, to petty
1 ish, UO', !'• D. Woodcock & Co.,
supplies, 30 cent**; Mra. Hick . mi al
to prisoner, $1.70; McCallum & Co.,
suppMc-, $1.00; T. McN ish, coal oil.
$1.25, first : ill v I and t] e oth ■;■•
■■.... red in finance committee.
Owing to tke concert ia thi ball
Overhead tho   .ouncil  adjo iru -I
1 nesday i**:
l'ii".':l..' *:!'.'i:'.
and relief committee and Aid. Teotor
The clerk was  instructed to obtain
200 road tax receipts.
Council adjourned,
i.ix'ni Bchoel Board Progressing Towards
Free Text Books.
An advanced and thoroughly up-to-
date movement has jusl been inaugurated by the board of trustees for the
local public school, being alopg the
I'm of providing free text book-, for
the various pupils seeking tuition. It
i felt that some children are debarred
from regular attendance at the school,
owing to the difficulty experienced by
the parents in providing funds for the
purchase of the necessary books.
Moreover, manv pupils are prevented
by the self-same reason from furthering their education as far as desirable.
To parents of large families the annual expenditure on school supplies
fsir their children is necessarily targe,
and where the head of the family has
to depend on his daily wags* for sus-
U nance, the burden of educating his
progeny becomes heavy.
The local trustees realize the truth
of the foregoing and are determined
to lesseu the burdens of tlie parents.
At a meeting of tin* board held last
week, a sum of money was placed in
the estimates to purchase a supply of
text, copy, scribbling books, etc.. which
are to lie placed under the care of the
teachers, The supplies will be pur-
ckased at wholesaleprioes and will bs>
sold at the same figun a to the children, thus resulting iu quite a saving
in the aggregate, The trustees are
"■•'livnu'-'d the idea will be readily accepted by the parents and will prove
■ great success. Ware the finances of
the city in a stronger, position, the
text books would be provided free of
ill] charge to the pupils. The state
compels children to go to school and
it should, to In* consistent, provide
fr-'.* books.
Many of the cities in Canada are
following out the same idea, particularly   i:i   Victoria,   ln   Toronto fret
Last Yuur's Shipments Wore Sn.'l-! Tons—
A liii.iiliy I-:*, Min,-!* er this Mfe ansl
Wealth sif  tlse Cainp-Katerprlse tke
Biggest Shipper. ,
An Improvement is to be noted this
week in ore shlpments,three properties
having done, a little. The aggregate
was 42 tons, all of which weut tt. Ncl-
sun. The Kepublic sent out its car,
being the lirst for the year and the
second under the present company.
Another 20 tons was added to its total
by the Ottawa, with mors' in sight.
Yesterday the lessees of the Din ton
made a second small shipm mt of 2
tons to the Nelson smelter. The property is paying its way right a loug.
Shipments to date total ill)" tons.
For 1902 the ore shipments from
'he local division amounted to 6883
ions, made up from 12 properties,
Following is u full list of the shipments this year to date:
Black Prince	
Dny tun	
TUT A l,.
siocm, b. c.
Is reached by any trail or road
tttat runs into thc Town.
Do not go past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
SLOCAN,   B.  C.
Offers up-to-date accommodation for the
Public.     It is the home of Travelling,
Commercial, and Mining Men.
QETHINQ & HENDERSON, - Proprietors.
g '      ■ ■.-
He-opened under
tr.e eld management.
Former customers
cordially Invited to return
The Royal Hotel,
Cs»r. Arthur Street mon Tt.tmu.j Av**n««, Slocan.
•"laildlnfj" thoroughly renovated
and rest*cke<t with the best
Fruit, Confectionery, Tobacco
You can get anything in these lines that you
require from us. Our stock in each is always
kept fresh and well assorted. We handle the
best the market affords.   Prices are right.
N ilson, statin 5 thoy
there deeds to certain lots iu Slo-1
ean mid; out to the Ontario Sii i
Lumber Co., which wonld beturui ll
ovt"* v. th" payment ol 51600; also a j
not" from I'r.' ib Fl itcher,autborizing
tin < ,..-k to handle the transfer.
Thc tho townsite company's '
lists embraced in thc millsite, which at
first were offered tree. Thenademan I
waa made on the city for $160), $100
of whieh Frank Flotcher agr sed to 1
mit, a- quarter owner. It will now be
.seen that he ia holding ont for tho fuii
The clerk explained  thai May<
Yo:'. would call at the bank at Nekoii
and examine tho deeds; also would
interview Frank Fletcher on his Bud-
il.'n change of front.
On motion of Aid McNeish and
Teeter tin* letter was laid on th 1 table.
A. L. McCulloch, Nolson, wrote,
offering to make an examination and
report on .1 waterworks system for the
.sum of ,5200. David Morris, of the
same city, offered! to do the trick for
" and expenses.
Th following letter was read from
W. Harris on tne question of install
ing an electric lighl system:
"Igive you herewith approximate
figures In regard to oosl of installing
an electric light plant suitable for all,
11 "I'.iiri'iueiits for public and private
lighting of Slocan,   Af: •■■ luocousld- ion 1 have come to the conclusion
the system boat adapted to the needs
of Sloean is the transformer system,
as it only requires one dynamo and
uiueli lighter wire than any other •>•-
tern, which makoi a great saving, as
the cost of heavy copper wjrn i 1 oue ol
the main Items in conue ition with the
first cost of installing a plant wher
tin' streets and houses aro Bprc id over
a large area of ground and quite a dis* j
Iniuv from the centre of distribution.
1 figure that n thousand ilghtdyuama
110 c.p.) wouisl be amply sufficient for
the present  needs of Slocan, ami in
fact tor some time tocomo,but 1 thlnli
it advisable to have a reserve to draw
upon ns occasion requires,   The Inr-
ures 1 give you 1 got from tho General I
Electric Co., one of the largest olectri*
cal manufacturers iu Cauada and tho
States.   [ have no doubt cheaper dynamos ean be bought, but my experi
enee i.s that it is poor economy to buy
cheap electrical apparatus,   Vou will
notice that 1 have given prices for a
full complement of transformers, cap
able of transforming current for lornr
16 c.p. lights, but of course all that
would be ueeded would be enough to
supply present  requirements) the rest
being Installed as required,   A train
former is a device for reducing current
from high pressure in outaido mains t"
low pressure on entering buildings.
Prise of dynamo and other apparatus:
One ."lit K.W. 11000  l'l o.p, lamp     I
tcrnator. complete with exciter, etc..
f.o.b. Peterboro. WOOOj Bvo 1500 Watl
eocictr at largo,
I'sstsl  lisliiuli!.
["be adjourned mot-ting of tu  cpnr   :,      , have been In vogue, for the past
rdl was held on Lu- da;- uyht, all -to*       ,      ,-s and the annual cost  -per
■   •; pre t'ice-piin / A.i. ■.-,..-.•: ;  but eleven cents*.   T^emove-
":'""i'''- [moa,t for freo text bcoks is in the in-
AbUlfromGurd&Co.,Londou,ror  „....-. ,,1   |x>th  the   individual and
dog  ta :■■■ aud  a   rocelpl   from   lhe
Iviug'a printei'j '. ■■ etaiutes, wcr 1 laid
Crane & Co., Portland, wrote, asking if tho council wanted any waterworks Bupplii 1. Th • 1:3i rk was instruct '.1 to obtain thi ir price iist oi '■■
G and-1 inch pipe, hvdraute and pi.;:
The letters on tho waterworks and
electric li','':.*. scheme came up, and
Md. MeCJallum regis-tered a kick
against them being published, as he
deemed them in the nature of private
tenders. The other aldermen did not
M'i- it that way, as it "waa to the city's
interest to have Iheso tilings made
fitter more talk, \! I. Am it and McCallum moved that Mr. Mopris'offer
for a preliminary survey on thepro-
p -si 1 waterworks, he to commence
work at one.-, k' accepted.   Carried.
The letter from the Bank of Commerce re th*' millsite was taken up
and discussed, tho opinion expressed
being that the city would be let in for
the full S160Q,d -Mi- F. Fletcher's
rorbal promises to the contrary.
Aid, McNeish and Worden moved
that the mayor go Lo Nolson and examine the d leds, and if necessary employ a solicitor; also to interview 1'.
I*:::.,.|, r about the rebate of SI'*1*
promised,   Carried.
Tuesday afternoon a very sad and
shocking accident occurred at Winlaw's siding, i*: miles south of here;
resulting In tne death of W..Quigley,
oaqof the brakemon on the regular
Nel-on train. The accident occuxred
on tho return trip of the train from
this city and was due to Quigley slipping off the platform. A--, the train
was drawing into the siding,he jumped from thc engine to do some shunting, but his foot slipped on the ies*
and he fell under t!i<* moving train.
th ■ trucks of one of ths- Im ears pass-
iug over him. His right leg was severed clo '' to tho knee, his left leg and
arm crushed, Bhoulder disloeated,head
nut and body bruised. Quigley was
at once lifted into the baggage ear,
where conductor Joe Bradshaw did all
he could tor the poor fellow. The
trair. made a rush trip lo Nelson, and
the injured man taken to the hospital,
but bodied shortly aft":*. Deceased
had Iii- home in Nelson, but had :■■■ en
running ou this branch only a week
or so. He has a brother in Nakusp
and other relatives in Alberta. None
of the train hands witnessed the accident, .1 couple of pi ngors on the
Tho questiou of a permanent audi-1 platform giving the alarm.   Quigley
tor came up, and Aid. Arnot and Mc-1 was 23 years old and highly respsseted
Callum moved that  H. D. Ciirti  be bv his eotnrad
appointed al a salarj of 850 for the
year.   Carried.
Aid. Wordeu gave notice that at thc
next me iting ho wo tl 1 introduc 1 bylaw l«i. repealing mill aid bylaw No.
BylSw No, 15, imp islng a rood tas.
ivns introduced and givon a lir-t and
second reading.
Aid. Worden, Arnot and McNeish
got into a tangle abo it the use of the
■'i\ hall, the council interrupting and
being Interrupted bj affair- in othoi
parts of the buildiug.   No results.
Bylaw No. 15 left over till next
we ia,
CouucU adjournedi
Wndnsytlsi) Mglsl.
City council met 11 -ain Wtidnosday
night, Aid. Teetor beiug the only ab
• >nt •". The chief business 01 the
meeting was the introduction and con
sideration of bylaw No. 16, repealing
ths* mill aid bylaw No. 1 1. lt was
given its flrsl audsecond readings.
The council next went Into commit
tt'e of the whole toe insider bj law No,
15, for Imposing a i»udtax, Aid,Arnol
taking  the chair.   It was accepted J. York )
without   amendments   and  reported  n. fork
back to  council complete and then I Wilsou  \
given its third reading.   It will com •  ■■ Quf)3t refeitn
up for reconsideration and adoption j j?'   \,,, ii," ws. A
at a Liter date,
(inist & ('■...'-■, bid foi' SB, for dog
taj-s, was referred to tho finance committee.
Aid. Arnot was taken oil „o health ' a substantial manner.
.1 uu lor 1 Ai;*lf« Vls'i.irleiis.
One again have the seniors of the
hockey club met the juniors tn fierce
battle an iy and once again have they
. ac tl ■■■ ■ to di feat, The rival teams
met on Thursday evening, before a
j .. .,■ ■ ub ; il . p.viatn. •. and the
victon * .11 won by a score of Ts goals
to8 It was the best game yet seen
at the rink, not an idle moment bein1,'
allowed trom the commencement. At
half time the Bcore stood at 8to .'.but
the juniors had the better staying
qxtalitics and so won out. The new
goal nel * proved ti great success,
There was a considerable sum of
money hanged hands over the result,
rVnthou.*, Madden celebrating his win
bv giving the boys an ovster supper.
The learns liued up as follows:
1„ York
barb, r
McMillan /
\  (.'over point   /
,     Christie
1 Milne
/ Doiron
McVicar, goal um
The .'ine troubles have been settled
and   shipments   are going forward in
11 mill so ubs*. Figure! Olitasnssl   un Car of
No. 1 Grstil* Ore.
ThsTe is much jubilation at the Ottawa this week over the returns re-
ceived from the Trail smelter on the
J.Vfci, ear of No. 1 ore sent out
two weeks ago. The returns were 560
oz in silver per ton, giving a gross
value for the shipment of Sr>f'i-i, with
silver at 17 ctiits. After the usual
ds-iluetions for freight, ti-eatmeut, and
moi^tHrsvtlifTeis a net value of $18(KI
for the owners. These returns ave by
far the handsomest t.i be received in
the .camp in a long time aud they are
received generally with every feeling
of satisfaction, demonstrating as thoy
do the exceeding richness of the dry
ore properties of the camp.
The Ottawa is shipping steadily at
the rate of a carload each week, but it-
is not ail of such high grade "jhoractfer.
it is expected, however, to shortly
send on! another ear of lliis rich stuff.
At pre-cut 16 men are employs-dat
the mine, mainly in the stopes at No.
8 tunnel. No. i tunnel is now in HiO
feet and will soon catch the lead. A
•-haft has been started on the lead 250
feet south of the No. 8 drift and is
down 10 feet, sinking in a fine 'chute
of ore. Some time ago an assay mude
on some surface rock, which had a
badly burned-up appearance, gave the
surprising assay of 1400 oz. and au
average of two feet of it gave 286 oz.
The Ottawa is regarded as the most
promising property on Springer creek.
Sandon mines shipped 171 tons of
ore last week.
Tin* Arlington put on a couple of
men this week.
Thi' demand for zinc is increasing
and prices are going up.
Geo. F. Parvish has been appointed
manager of the Le Hoi, vice .lohn A.
There is n big demand now for the
stock in the Payne and the price is
sailing skywards.
During the month of January the
Ymir mini' hud 50 stamps running 27
days. Net profit ?7ii71, after deduct*
ing J.i'.KXs- for development and S15i>0
for repairs.
Mining Isiltssistl.iH liuprovliBR-.
Two weeks ago it was noted in tlie.*e
columns thai then' was a healthier
feeling prevailing in mining circles,
and of late it has been very much improved. It is due to the stronger tone
of the metal market. Lead prices are
better, copper is advancing, rino has
gone up with a bound, nnd silver is
gradually improving. In fact,so much
BO that the smelters now make it optional for shippers to realize at once
on their ore or wait the usual three
months, which is a goixl sign. The
enstsims trouble over zinc hits been •
settled and there is now nothing to
interfere with shipments to Kansas,
where the ore Is In demand. Financial circles believe the chief silver
countries are arranging a basis upon
which to give the  white metal a sian
dord and permanent pries', which i.-*
just what the mine-; require, ft would
'end speculation and give stability to
the industry. The recent big strike
on the Payne has also nut more heart
into  the operators.   The  outlook  is
much better. aawmaawsm
Cupurieftt, 190!, bv A. & "ilchontson    ( |
It was the big doctor who found ber,
misshapen ami suffering, lu ber father's gloomy shop. In spite of Its
noise nuil dust, Jiuuy preferred the
shop to tbe tiny buck room, because
the customers spoke kindly to ber ninl
made her forget the ache In ber back.
When they gnve her candy enough to
start a make believe shop on the narrow Window ledge, she sold It for pins
to tbe children In the dingy court, just
becnuse she loved to watch these
straight limbed, bright eyed children
caper nbout as sbe knew she never
When the big doctor brought her to
the hospital, he said to Nurse Powell:
"I'll leave Jinny uniler your Special
care. Miss Powell. I am greatly Interested in her case, The expense is being met by one perfectly able to slu it,
and she Is to Want for nothing."
And thus were the gates of an earthly paradise opened to Tinny of Borden's
Caourt. First there was the cunning little room, all her own, with pictures on
the wall, nud the whitest of Iron beds
with shiny knobs on each corner, ami
a bright red wrapper, woolly and soft,
with knit slippers to match. Theu
came the pretty young Indies of the
Flower mission with thsir nodding
blossoms and occasional glasses of
quivering Jelly. Sometimes tbe big doctor's nieces brought their dolls and
spent nn hour at Jinny's bedside, nnd
happy Jinuy was permitted to bold as
long as she liked the marvelous Flor-
ette, who could walk and talk like a
real baby and whose dresses really and
truly enme from Paris.
But ln Jlnuy's mlud all theso things
faded Into Insignificance when compared with the big doctor and Nurse
Powell. These two formed a j^.int divinity before which Jinny burns>d lhe
sweet Incense of childish devotion.
Norse Powell had obeyed tbe physician's generous Instructions to tbe letter—at first from a sense of duty and
later becnuse she learned to love tbe
patient little sufferer.
And tbe big doctor? Even Nurse Powell, wbo knew bis deep interest in his
work, wondered at the attention he lavished on this denizen of the slums. Often when his rounds In tbe hospital
were over and he had time to spare he
would come bnck to Jinny's room for a
chat, and Jinny, her grent black eyes
aet ln a face of ivory whiteness, would
smile happily from one to the other, the
big doctor who ordered medicine that
eased the pain In her back and the
nurse whose gentle band could smooth
away wrinkles ln her forehead when
the pain was at Its worst.
Sometimes when tbey sat thus Jinny
was vaguely conscious that tbe big doctor was talking to her, but looking at
Nurse Powell. Put Jinny did uot know
how, years before, when the big doctor,
fresh from the medical school, had beeu
house physician in the city hospital, he
had met a sweet faced "probe" doing
her first night duty in his ward. The
head nurse bad looked scornfully at the
slender figure nnd the trembling hands.
but the young bouse physician had
said: "Give her time. She'll get her
bearings after a bit."
Nurse Powell had been grateful for
bis cheerful encouragement and the
many kindnesses which lightened her
burden during that tirst awful year in
tbe big wards, but when he nsked for
■something more than gratitude she
could not give lt. Now head of thc
nurses' staff at a sanitarium, sbe sometimes grew a-weary and wished she
hnd learus?d to love the big doctor whose
brown eyes seemed still to follow her at
her duties. Then ber heart would sny:
"No, no! His work would always eome
first, nnd I wouhl be second. Besides,
1 wonder If be has a heart! When I
see him undertaking those horrible operations witbout tu« quiver of nn eyelash, I think be has no feeling."
And so this nurse, who could unflinchingly assist at the same operations
waited Inconsistently for love to come
into her life, a love that would be nil
tenderness nnd thouglufulncss, a thing
apart from the scenes of suffering in
which she uioved.
It wns one afternoon when Jinny had
been almost a year at the bospltaL lu
the morning tlu* big doctor had said:
"I've changed tbe medicine ugain. Miss
Powell. I don't like that rise in temperature. If you note a tendency toward
coma during tbe afternoon, send for me
et once."
But Nurse Powell did not have to
•end for him. He came of his owu ac-
srorii just as tbe afternoon drew to a
close. Jinuy bad been sleeping rest-
lessly, and wben she opened ber eyes
with an expression of weariness that
bad not been there since sbe came to
tbe bospltnl tbe big doctor aud Nurse
Powell were sitting on either side of
ber little bed. At the foot lay a gayly
Illustrated copy of Mother Gooses
rhymes, which Nurse I'owell bad been
reading nloud before kindly sleep came
to the small sufferer. Now Jinny
pointed to it with n wan smile.
"I've bad tbe funulest dream! I
went to Mother Gsxsse's land. way. way
off. an' sbe was such a funny ole woman, an' she was right glad to .see me!
An' she says, 'Llttl» girl, would you
like to stay with me awhile?" An* I
says, Tin obliged to you, ma'am, but 1
can't stay long.' An' then she brings
out the puniest dress, purtier thnn my
nd wrapper, an' she says. 'Little girl.
would you like to wear thnt?* An'
when I see tbe little stick nil tied with
ribbons I know it were little Bopeep's
dress, an' I put It on an' chased tbem
sheep all roun' the field, an' It never
hurt my back a bit. An' I tried on Iota
sit cloti*es. Little Miss Muffett's ruffled
bonnet nn' Mnry. Mary unite ton-
trury's big hat, nu' the I'necu or
Heart's long train, nn" Mother Goose,
shi' sa.vs, 'Ain't you bavin' u goosl time,
little girl?'
"An' I says: "Yes, ma'am, thankee.
mu'nni, but I guess I'd better be
H-goln'. You see, my big doctor 'II be
rouu' pretty soou, an' he'll miss me If
1 ain't ln my cot- Au' Nurse Powell
will bring my breail an' milk, nn' there
won't be any little girl there to eai It.'
An' tben Mother Goose she sa.vs, 'All
right, little girl: Jus' Jump on my
broomstick, an' we'll he dowu there In
a Jiffy.' An' here I am, an' I'm glad,
fur the bed feels so cuuify, an', sure
enough, my big doctor ls bere."
The great black eys's glowed wondrous bright ns they met the big doctor's gaze, and he spoke very gently
while he stroked ber baud, uow thin
and transparent.
"Does your back ache after your long
ride on the broomstick. Jinny':''
"Oh. no! The ache's nil gone. There
ain't been any ache all dny."
The big doctor looked ncrsiss the bed
at Nurse Powell, but she was gazing
steadily through the upi-n window. And
something bright uud clear, like diamonds, shone on her long lushes.
A weak, piping voice raised ngnln,
"Ni'. I ain't achiu' any place today,
only I'm dreadful tired. An' every
onsv in awhile you an' Nurse I'sbws'II
go aslippin' an' a Slipplu' away from
me, an' theu 1 feel Iii..- 1 was a slippin'
too. 1 wlsht Nurse Powell would sing.
Then p'haps I'd go to sleep again."
Nurse Powell's iiuivering lips tiled
to form tbe notes of thi' nursery song
Jinny loved beat, but something rose
In her throat aud cbokt*d tin* melody.
'1 wisbt—you'd atog—that—sleepy
The tired voice trailed off Into silence, but not before tbe heavy eyes
were raised appeallngly to those of the
white capped nurse.
Tbe big dsx*tor sie*ems~d to rouse htm*
s>elf as from a dreain. lie leaned over
....". ,:.-:••.. .'.:.:.;. - M'ai". hand in
bis g*re«t, warm one and theu In a
dear tenor voice t-e-can to sing:
ttom ani *Mr, srsreet an.! low,
TV.:,: i.f the arcs: err. s*.-..
The m*s*,*x:c C«atifsd over the cot, past
Nurs* Powr-iL ttBoash the open door
and down iLe corridor t" lhe ward,
where «b*?r sufferers beard and unn-
vs-ii-J. and over tbe face of Jinny stole
an expression of Infinite peace
lu that distant ward men who had
been battling with death turned their
faces toward tiie sinking sun and felt
that even nniid pain it was good Just
to live, and iu Jinny's little room all
was silent. Nurse Powell was kneeling beside the bed, her face hidden In
the pillow. The little hand she still
held was strangely limp and pulseless.
Then a strong arm raised ber to her
feet, aud she looked straight into the
soft brown eyes that had followed her
all these years patiently, steadfastly.
Later, wheu she raised her head, she
turned from him to the quiet figure ou
the cot.
"1 almost wish she knew—she loved
us both  so ws'll."
And the big doctor whispered gently, "1 think she did know, even before you did."
The   I   i.rluiv.
There are numerous reliable Btat»-
ments of grizzly bonis having attacked
men. but nowadays the grizzly does
not Seek out his human victims, ns
there are credible statements that his
forefathers used to do. Neither does
he lie in wait and. pouncing upon n
hunter, tear bim iulo bloody shreds iu
delighted tiendislmess, us the ohl time
stories used to tell. The change iu
the grizzly's disposition Is likened by
veteran hunters to the change In the
character of the while cousin of the
grizzly, the polar bear of the arctics.
When the stations for the Hudson's
Bay company were established, the
diaries of the men there often referred
to the fright of ntlaek by polar bears.
Many a navigator in tlie arctic si as bas
been clawed and shewed to death by
polar bean. But for nearly a century
the polar bear has uot beeu regarded
as so very fierce, and nowadays it Is
looked upon as n cowardly beast. Association with armed men has mosli-
Ged the polar bear's disposition.—Outing.
SoMirri.MKS Wen I am playin' with
ao ..■  fs Iters nt I knows
.\iy ma  sll.- comes Iii Cal| BO,  'cans.'
slm i.'ants ms', I ■urpose,
An'   tin 'i  the  calls in this way:  "Willie'.
Willie, dear!   'Wlllco-e-ee!"
An'   you'd   he   surprises!   lo   notice   how
drciful slei'f I ha.
An' tin* fi-Ktrs 'at are playin' they keep*
mos  or inl still
WUsj tliey tell me, .1us' hi whispers, "Your
ma is r-allln', Bill,"
Hut my hsuirin' don't »it better, so fur aa
I can sec
Wile my ma Stan's there a-cullln': "Willie!   Willie, dear!   Wlllee-e-ee!"
An' soon my ma she gives It up an' says,
"Well, I allow
It's mighty cur'ua w'ere that boy has got
to anyhow.
An- then l keep on playin' Jus' the way I
did before;
I  know  If she  was  wuntln'  much  she'd
cal! to nie Borne more.
An' purty soon she comes ag'ln an' says:
"Willie!    \VI!lee-e-ee!"
Hut   then   my   lu-arin's   jus'   as   hard   us
w'nt lt meter he.
If a feller has gooil judgment an* uses lt
that way,
lie cuii a linos' alien manage to git consist blu play.
But Jus' w'ile I am playin", an' prob'ly I
am "It,"
They's sunn-thin' illff'rent happens, an'  I
have in up an' git,
Fvr my pa conns to ihe doorwuy. an' ha
Interrups our nice;
He   Jus'   suys.   "William   Henry!"     But
that's eiioiiKh fer me,
Tou'lJ he Hiipprised lo notice how quickly
I can heur
Wen my pa says, "William Henry'.'- but
never, "Willie, dear!"
Fer,   though niy heurln's  nilddllu'  bud to
hmr ihe voice of ma,
It's apt  to show Improvement  w'en  the
callln' conies from pa.
-New York Tlmea.
'E used to hold her In hla arms,
Her hiusl upon Ills shoulder,
And ne er nel weary In lhe leust
Nor cure how much his coat was creased  !
Or so he fondly told lu i.
Now when he haa to hold their child
He nearly falls lo pieces,
'  And many ar" the sighs he draws,
j And much lis frets* around because
llis com Is filled with creases.
—Chicago Rei'onl-Herulil.
Sod  Soap.
Uncle—Here's a penny for you, Bobby.   Now, what do you say?
Bobby—1 say you're a wonder, old
man.—New York Evening Journal.
A I'm nil. Sweet Sane-
A good old Herman lady who keeps
native wine and some chickens ln a
suburb was waiting on a guest when
one or two bens set up a cackling of
such vehemence that it suggested to
the stranger dire disaster—either already htppeiied or Impending—in the
chicken park. Immediately the big
rooster look np the refrain nnd In his
hoarse bass nnd inexcusable falsetto—
"malady and not melody'"—made more
rumpus than all of thc other fewls put
"What In the world Is the mntter
with those chickens, frau"'" asked the
"Ai'li! He sehicken, she haf de eggk
laid, an" venn she an eggk hnf laid de
rooster he bin so glnt be help ber sing."
—Philadelphia Times.
"Iriilliri:   It   Omtly.
Editor-Mr. I'liiiii.Iulf. you must
make ;: little change in your column
tomorrow morning, it taks>s up loo
much space.  Cut it down by oni'-luilf.
Mr. I'liiiiidulT- Ys s, sir.
"Ths'ii the other half won't neeil nny
■pedal heading.  Remove the beading."
"Tea, sir."
"And it needn't be spaced out. Hun
It elsjse and In small type."
"Yes. sir."
"That will make it tnke up about a
bird of n column."
"Y'es. sir."
"And then It can go ln any part of
the paper wherever there's room for
"Yes. sir."
"And if there Isn't room lt ran be
lefi out?"
Ad   Interim.
"What, dad?"
"I've been thlnkin' 'bout how you can
put in your time to best advantage."
"Yes, dad."
"Is tbe corn all in au' the potatoes
"The winter wheat sowed an' the apples barreled?"
"Then 1 dou't see why you shouldn't
go to town for a couple o' months
'tween now an' Christmas an' gtt you a
college degree. There ain't much else
to do."—Newark Newa
Very  Libel*- the Case.
"As I recall it, when men were making a fierce crusade against women
wearing their bats ln theaters the
women refused to take tbem off."
"They did."
"And then, after awhile, tbey took
them off."
"They did."
"! wonder why?"
"Jnst bes'.iuse there was no uatisfao
tion in wearing them after the men
•"topped protesting."--Chicago Post.
"There's one thing I admire about
you." said tbe frank friend. "You
carved out your own fortuni's and yet
you never brag ubsmt being u self made
•Ns.." answered Mr. Mr-ekton, "I
j shouldn't think ssf suggesting that Hen-
! lis 'tin wasn't entitled to ull the eri'dit!"
] —Washington Star.
"Y-yes. sir."
"And- it    hardly    seems—er—worth
I while to keep It going, dots It?"
"N-no. sir."
"Y'ou're right.   Mr.  riumduff!   Y'our
resignation is accepted."
•last the Other M'my.
"He looks us poosperous as a trust
i promoter,    la that his litis-?"
"i»h. na  Quite the contrary."
"What do you mean by that?"
"lie doesn't promote trust, he limits
j It.  He's tlu' credit man of a big wbole-
I sale bouse."— Brooklyn Eagle.
Cross   Fnrposea.
The young man Iti the guise of sn
old farmer was consulting bis particular girl, who was doing the fortune
telling act at the cunrity bazaar, nm!
each bad penetrated the other's disguise.
"Y'ou love n fair maiden," she said.
Inspecting his palm, "wbo will give
you n severe Jolt when you propose to
"Goosl heavens!" he exclaimed, quid;
ly recovering himself. "Tben she will
accept me!"—Chicago Tribune,
Unlay   Is   (ssisstslinirnlrd.
' I'hese string beans," snld she, "are
' hen-sea I j."
"Al.. mnm'selte," said the reatanra-
! tour, "tbat is Indeed praise, for who but
an au "I would know beavenly beanaf"
-Whut ti. Bat
Slu' lie's vity Ultlch 111 love with his
wife ||,> ways if she shun!,| ,1;,, i,e
doesn'i know what be'd 'lo.
Ib- Wbat's tbe insltei! Hasn't be
tfol money enough t.. bury her?  Ohio
Bl   I'' .lulll sail.
Color Line  In Culture.
A certain officer brought home with
liliu from South AfrU'a an Intelligent
inn Illiterate Kaffir as servant
line day recently as he wus rending
a buuk the colonel caught l'ete peeping
over his shoulders and nsked hlm wlint
he wanted.
"1 wants ter nsk yer o qiieshiini, sir."
"Well, what Is It?"
"I has seen folkl rending books und
de like, an' I Jess wants ter know
which is ll yer reads—sle white or de
blackf   London Answers.
Acid I.nve.
Miss  Dppanote—Tea,   I   am   going
abroad to complete my musical eslnen
Mis. Synnex—Ob,tbat will be aonice,
Miss   Uppnnote—Aud   when   I   conn
Mrs. Synnex—But Is It positively nee
essary that you come back, you poor,
fisolisb darling?—Boston Evening Trail
None to Spare.
"Tacoma H'leaks up nnd snys she ii
nut Buffering for sws'et girls fur
"Will, tbere Is one thing sure, and
that is that none of the other cilii's I*
suffering from an overplus." — Cleve
land Plain Dealer.
Clrounistaisces  Alter CMS**.
Tcs*. -l»o you believe iu long engagements?
Jess—It depends.
'less -Depends upon whnt?
Jess—I'pon how much money lie's got
to spend on you.— Philadelphia Tress.
Coal-less  l)i*s*,.'s-uti.isi.
Mrs. De Freeze—Wby, Egbert, surely
you aren't going to mnke Ice cream!
The bouse Is freezing cohl now.
Egbert—That s just It I'm going to
si* if I can get as hot over it as I used
to last "rammer.—Chicago Newa
I'nlsicsVy   0;i:sl.
Nell—I know a girl wbo accepted on
opal as an engagement ring.
Belle—How unlucky!
Nell—lea, wasn't It? She found out
afterward that it wns only an Imitation.—Philadelphia Record.
Wore  Approprlnti*.
Sympathetic Caller—What class are
you Iu at school, Bobby?
Young Hopeful—I usesl to be in the
A grammar, but since I had tin* hives
I've beeu put back Into the B class.—
Ohio Stnte Journal.
Wanted to Foraet It.
She —Those souvenir performance!
nre a goosl hlt*n. Ths-y give one some
thing to remember the play by.
ne—But I think, as a rule, I'd prefel
having something to forget it by. -
Brooklyn Life.
Ilia  Oul*.   HifiBte.
The Fnrson—Ymir wife, sir. ls trying
to run my church.
Witherby—If that Is really tbe case
tbe only thing for you to do Is to J.iln
my poker club.—Harper's Bazar.
Not   So  Dependent.
Mr. Jnhnslng- If 1 ibould kiss yo*,
Miss Vanilla, would yo' call foil assist*
Miss Vanilln—'Sislnnci'! Iiu \„' think
Ah Deed any 'alstance to rcci Ivo one
stingy little kiss?- Chicago News.
"Well, goodby, in see you at cburcb
on Sunday."
"Ys'i's. If my ns'W gown Is ready In
Mme."—Louisville Times.
v ii;nil Roller.
Crawford   WI al saved old Rocksey
from tic dl igrnce of sis,...: lick?
Crabsbow   li^ son In-law,   New York
riuu i
*»VI*rli    lli-i,   I .lltssssle.l.
"Pa, Vs lint's an lllllsli ull I man?-'
"**  «   "'   one,  gi n.       , •■    t'lilcagfl
Its'  . ial Mui.lsJL
^Sri "f ;> »
Oil in leather makes cold mitts or gloves, ber-ause oil is a
"good conductor" of cold. That's why Indian tanned buckskin is warmer than common oil tanned leathers.
But buckskin is porou.i, and lets in the wind and absoths
wet. Now "PihtO Shell" Cordovan is tanned without oil or
minerals, and it is absolutely wind, water, boil, scorch and
cold proof-it is the toughest glove end mitt leather tanned.
It can be had only in H.B.K. mitts and gloves.
Will not crack or harden, always flexible, warm nnd dry.
RoMby Mdealer*   Bee thU trwit mark     51 '■'
It" yuur * 1 ■.11 <• i- Im >,-s.i |hem writs* un nnd MOd hid namss,
K'.cry  pair sUllipdil  "S?irs*i.)   Shu.Il"   Ciirdovni
t\ hy
Hudson Bay Knitting Co.
3c s*,. i-a. .... street, Koji'.ri **'•    US Prixssui street, wiunipe-*.
Maker* otWarniCh hluR, Jll . i, I ior**, Underwear, (Jos, "occininn, c
\ -..*,-.-.»•«*•«- a.3
1'   is  bull I'liiutgh   to  kiiiiw  Vn
.1   fool,   bul   it  i*.   iviir-.e   to   let,  s
knoVi  it.
Worms iii'isini;.' tlm whole system
Met her Graves' Worm Exterminator ih-
runm's tvortni ssinl gives rem to Ihe out-
filer. It only cost! '-'.'i '..sits to try II
ssnsi  be  cnisi iiis-i-sl
i .ii-*.      Husbands and Wives bavi*
ihe.-.   nl u few times in »order i
t iis'iii-civis that it is fsinlisis
■ i| ia*4
*■ ii .
0 qii.L-.l
\     liill'.'    IV! its s   :      "l    WHS   S'lial
move the corns, root and brain
Ui«s ol llolloway'a Corn Cure
is ho hav !• tried it have the no
I'   I'V ttj
i *iyii
11' |f H
In tempered
•liinjj money in cirvula i n by
ik ilebta and depositing; all mv-
in the bunks is the RQfest way
promoting business activity,
v is of no ns.* unless it elrcii-
Wlint  is horded trade is liain-
1'Vw men,   who use walk 11
are aware that  tbe grow ln|
iuk linn's is n npecTSJ  ii,ili: i
ibat  cs'iiisin  kinds of canes
i erely    collected   as    they
inunil   growing   iti   fiii.'sts.
' ca r.'i|
'   Ws'.lJ
I.V ■
HOTE      X*
—< r?> Page* Acaie  Pot»ltry Netting!
XfOOOOoi   .... .... .  ll
*£vVw gatsM—they're bo-t-
£§VvS3 The Paca Wlra Tones Co. Uml'l'e&WB-Jk-'rrtlle, Oral
Montr-al, P Q , and St, John, H.B.
ROSS CLX ROSS. General Agents, "WINNIPEG. MAlf]
:s.-   I' - >..■£'.' In **.   !•
s  um]   l 111*   l!!B.*ISSIrt.
It IS tmilll     •    lli    :   lhal  sic   l'l -t   vi.'.,'
•.f a  \ .   ii .. terror a.a :■_
•'i ■ sttj' '-:..Isstis iiKii.-niH     ,\ atjrlkui;
ince  nf  this  occurr  I  ;.vi
"•■!.'..*     li •',;•   ■ : : i **-iw i 'ipi'tiii
■  nnd (Jills" • • '*■ dl
tion.    l !■'■ ' ■ '
mlsis nud nliay tl ■ ■ . i of tbe white
men, be p!i tin ■! lo .It i u i .!.--'■ i I
the Wallawnllns l> . re the .i t r: v:t I ot
tbe n>st of bis party.
With i 111     nd "i •■    '  '  " ' out '"
er..sK the I 'ol  ml •   In  tl  enn
taking three men  with bli i.   On tin
way hs- shot n uv. ne und a duck, hotl
of which i'. - near blm.   He landed i
fore tn •  '■! ''.-miis pi..i'i-'! cl ise to en
otber,  bul  n it  r>  person  wiu ■
and   t!',i   doors,  \ ■   at  •
were crosed   Kui    ..
ti an Iniiicatlon ... >. •■■.! will,ii      .
ed as!  ■ of tb   ,'loors Bnd eat< i
lhe lo '-.'.
luslde were thli ry ram, won rn ai '
children   bnddb ii   tog tin r   In   I ri >i
lie ws i.i  to ii   :... -:. ok eat b bj  ; ■■
hatiBi and -..i some frlsjudly words
• Nin'i sslng by   v,  rd  ood   nniiiner  1.
kindly   feeling.    Their  apprehensions
were    ■ 11   ;   ll    UPtll    he   to  '.    I 'it    h"'
burning •-•la*- and lighted ";i pipe I •
the  ra'.s  of  tho sun.    Consternii
agalu prevail' '.. and what mlghi , u
occurred but for tbo timely arrival of
tw i chiefs who knew the white m
ctuinot be told.
It ■ c:..< ihnl the Indiana hnd n >l
seen Captalu Clark, but they had sei?n
tlie white ii- nc which be bad shot
fall Just in • ire bis appearance, Thej
bad ali o m i tbe duck fall «t ti!« sb it
Thin- connected the fall of the blisl«
wltb Ills advent and thought in- had
fallen fi om the . I inds.
The sot il : the ride, *' loh t! •
bad i: ".■. I- fore beard they b !'■ i 'i
was a signal to announce ths. ■■
mini's comliiK Pranl! wnmler, lhs-»n
that their 1. inllj nlhiyed f**ars • ore
again aroused wl n he hnniglil lowB
fin* from h o ■ ■ . . mi an i nf I a hm n
IttK gloi ■    'i      l  . ' lomppnlon.
Oslsl \V»j  of *Sis..Isik "HOW D' llsBf
The people of Cairo salute you with
an odd question It means, "Do you
perspire?" it la • ., laffied by the taut
that regard n  dry skm us the
symptom of ii mortal ran lady.
Alice—Uncle On • whnl Would ysiu
do If ymi h.til a million dollars?
Uncle Oobe w ell. I tloan' rightly
know, UT nu—>; Iml B.f | had a tiillyun
dollahs  I  bs'licvi'  I'd git  my ole sho***"
half soled,
A new monthly devoted to the fai
and home,  entitled     The    r |
Threshermun, tnasle its appca
January,   npd   promises   to tnke j
place  imiiienlatojj'  us  ono ui the u
HtlttltlotlS   nt   I'ssliaua.    It    il ■   ;|
a ud published in Winnipeg, the ofBtfl
being located m the Mcrchanu husil
l*i.iiiliin_,r. 'ih>. Januarj numb I
, a i.s'.i  -i-\i ral   interest ing  iii •[
able articles, uns* dsaling with \it\
.isirk hi i in- Bxperiineutal Farm I
Hi mull a, I. mt of especial t .-'nt nud]
in blj    instructive.     Ihe    M.nuUs a
■ ! oi   !;•-, sa i,   Canada** A I . tii.if~.
!he Seed for the **grrctlltilra! I-a^r,
ansl ut her matters rdrftiod lhe    I   I
•if  \erv   valuable ivrt.tls's.     I   or'- sioil
a   pin. •   ior   wbrnea,   a  page shl I fl
' (llimpscS of the Worbi," and othaj
■'I'.iai!;. readable subjects    !••     ".-I
n.g is plear, mi good stuck. I :|
and t nrs pages aro beautli Ily Iithdl
iia  hed   ami    the   lllustrntloni h«|
.■ ' .'\   . !• Hi,. . i vera fs-
rin'   l*'ebi nary   numbi r : 1
40..1I     li   tssiitniiiH  a   1... I
ii;i   ul"   •!:<*   ("ily   of   V.   ■■ li     .'.I
omea opportunely before I
sian;. !'.i.i>|ii,.i wi^k. and is i-'.-l
lrated  v. n !i gome lies' I 1   \
■ in a. 'Ihere is an lllui trati "
■rtis'lss I,,, the "Pood i'1
< 'and free !'' 11 ':*l
I', uirlc " si. gci ",si Ivo noti
: rations 1.1' several  new   1    nufactu
I  nts established  ii 'I
> '• ■<! orj1 rn' absorb" ■ ■■ [
well     written    pa        '   'i;'l
" nmen of t he house   ai I 'T
's..-.t   ..11  stock,,  poultry    md hoc I
11 1   si    i'st    nl*   iiiisccllai'  "'I
« ill afford entei • ■ [
or  the winter   eve
I'obruar;     Issue    o(    The    i.tnutiiuj
Thresh irman is several 1 a :|
' i- si ti     the    .latitiai-y lss 11 ' '   '   [
iiijity of the matter is fu        '
1 1 ned.      It   is  a  li"i' •' i' 'I
■fn .it  1 'sait   which lias s , :     to 5t"J
■;'.- price ,-s onlj 50
\  s rnnU  wli.. una remoi 'v  •■
•■ red ii ■• royal palace at Ai I
" 11, is .1  is.   : .■ conducted "'|
• ne room «oa throne 1
A   uutillo-»plrlie<l   association,    »"?'l''!l
*m   r.'Uva   alclncfi.   will   l*t Itiail  t0.  .
bout I
»:' I
i'T»i«,ma «'i:r. ;.-■» an 11 In
a»lsl»liilna the cause sil d>s •*!*»•»■*
Isolnlln-- 01st a Ollr* It hns I""1"-'11 ,,,i;
and haalth to tbniisnnsN It 1- *■****»'"2
!t frae. Write to-day; ll> not f_\H
tht*. aenrrosis utter -IhUfrW" All*"1 '"•
l.'ialth ImprovamMt A~s,.i'l*stion. r. »
Hon   S31S,   Bsiiiton _^m
" — i 1       — j.11  '
Moie     I
lS''tl*     killl'l
hall eicrhV     h'U'l"  I !''-";;
■.I  sm    Amdrienn    ''"'^;
riui Ing i hi   throe iuomi us ending ■    |
teiiiber   I'.ti;   but.   the   dividend"!   «''
highly satisfactory.—Detroit v'v"
That's •« the greatest thing in the
world,"—in anything that's worn. Vou get style,
fit and finish too, in
Granby Rubbers
-But the one thing we emphasize is their
Wearing Qualities.
"Granby Rubbers wear like iron."
^ The Drill.
PON'T I'ltiiM'l-'SCK  IT.
, | in(ttiikwllgwyni»-ylijre4*N9rchwy.i'nd:
... ., ,isiiil-, silioyoKocli.    is the    eu-
' B name of a small village in
,. hortli of Wales.     It is supposed
, ||,e place was given that   naiiie
resentment for the objectlonable
',„sjntment   of a magistrate   who
,,1,1 ll(jt speak tho languago o*f thu
'(1| I,.      The inagistrato after     two
,,.,,,is nt writing the name,  sent
i, s* resignation,    The authorities,
li■*, characleristic stubbornness, np-
|il|U,,l a non-Wolsh   spfjnklng   Bunas, i    This gentleman made nn hon-
i attempt to prottourice tho name
,„l was seized with  lockjaw.      The
f%\ appointee could speak Welsh fPi-
,(|.,.   uml Iw shortened tha nume to
1,,,'iVnir,    tho    numo liy which    tlio
I,,,,  is,   now genorally known,,   nl*
.,„,.■ I, ihe reglstored    name Is    tho
.„ i    ,,!<..!■ given above.
pe,.i    sirs,—1   cannot   speak   too
,.,.   |,   of   tlie   excellence ol MIN-
|-i        i IN1MENT.    It   is Till'", reiii-
,i\     n   my   household   for burns,
etc., and we would not  bo
Iti - i it.
II  ,    truly a wonderful  medicine.
Publisher Araprlor Chronicle.
An honest  man would  rather    bo
. uVii'ati il  than overrated.
l'l IV
, r
11- '
lull I
-i  sal
nntl easy expectoration Immediate*
. i-s .nut frees the throat lint] luni's
.-' -I phlegm, mui ss. mi'diriue tinst
i.s Huh in  iiis* liost medicine to use
colde,  iiiHsLiiiiuuttoti   of   the
nri ail aftsjetloni ssf the throat nm-
This   is   precisely   whnt   Blckle'e
'misiiiiiptlve Syrup is a specific fur.
■ prevcr useil it hus riven unbound-
■ a" nmi.   Children like it  because
■   ant   sssiuits Hks* it because It
- aiai cures the disease.
If the   e I'erago  mun    would     i|
ool "i   suit  simps uml slick  to
its ri    Im   i'i, in- would he better ofl
ai"      Ily
TiiurtTs Liiiimeat Cares llipliihcria.
'Wi,'.   don't   vou   givo   ns   a   lilt i ■
si Lutin occasionally 1" ask*
Inn shioner of tho new miniate.'
ilu you    understand    thoso
■.    ores '»"
"N.i   Lu!  we pay for the best, and
'   tu have it."
■ 's months T Buffered with
tha i it ism; I could move nelt I ei
inds nor feet, und left, excruciating
■si - ii my whole body, A Herman
vp.i recommended St. Jacobs mi:
' astonished me. nil pain
ami i was cured —.1. I'
I my.  Now Vork.
Min v. ub small heads .iml pins
I'iiln ' .niy nre npt to venture oe-
"ial thoir depth.
\ niVNEn PILL—Many persons sufies
< i '<, mt inr isi*iuiy ufter partaking ul si
.'nu   illnner.   The   food   tiartnki*is   nf   is
'• u Isisll of lend upon  the Btomach, nm!
t'ii'1 uf being ii healthy nutriment it
incomes is  poison tu the system    llr   Par-
< - Vegetable l'ills nre nroodorfui
iticiilvssa of such troubles. Thev cor*
"; aridity, open secretion nmi convert
i" food partaken of. into healthv nutri
i.t'ie They are lust the medicine t..
s•'..* if troubled with Indigestion ssr Dv*.
" 'sin
I.»  Grippe or   liilluiii7.:l   Its'sponslhls,   Tor
lluiulrssils of Heaths.
La Grippe starts with u sneeio—
ami ends witn a complication, it
luys a strong mun on his back; it
tortures hlm with [overs and chills,
headaches nmi backaches, it loaves
hun a prey to pneumonia, bronchitis,
consumption and other deadly diseases. Vou can avoid la grippe by
fortifying your system with llr. Williams' I'ink rills. Thoy protect you,
thoy cure you; thoy up-bulld you;
they banish all evil after-effects. Dr.
Williams' I'ink l'ills ward off .nt
winter ailments, They euro all blood
nnd nerve disorders. They nie ILu
greatest blood-builder and nerve tonic Hint science has yet discovered.
We know this to lie the solemn truth,
tint, we do not ask .vou to take our
word alone. Ask your neighbors, no
matter where you live, nnd you will
learn of someone who ims been curod
by Ur. Williams' I'ink l'ills jilts r
other mi'ilii'iiies luni failed, it Is
upon ihe evidence of your neighbors
thut we unk you to give these pills h
f.iir triul if you nil- sink ssr ailing.
Mrs. Emma Uoucet, ist. ISnlalie.Que ,
bays :    "Worsls   run   linrly   (ell      how
pleased I um with Dr. Williams' pin's
Pills, i hud an attack ol la grippe
\\ hirli left mo u sufferer ft om hou '
aches snd pains In tho Btomach. I
used si'vi'i'ul medicines, hut nothing
helped me until i began the use   of
It. Williams' I'ink l'ills. When I begun tlii'in 1 was weak and verj imii h
run down The pills have completely cured me and I not only am ns
strong us ever, but have gained u
flosh." Tin' genulno puis always
bear tho i'lll mime. "T)r, William.;'
I'ink Tills for Palo Peoplo," on the
ial el around every box. Substitutes
Can't cure nnd to take them is a
waste of money and endangers life
I'iiiic vanishes with youth. As n
mail grows older ho quits hoping Iii gins to gather unto htmsi If
i*..s i y l hi ii;; in sii;hl thut isn't nailed
Mr.i   r.'iiRte   Coisn.    Syracuse,    N v
v litis       " Kos   years  I  conld   nol    eal
inisiiv KIissJm  of foml   ivithuiit   iiruiliii'insr is
burr.lmr,  excruciating  pain  in  the stomach    I   took   Parmelee's   1'ill*.  accordlm
tu directions under the head ut "Ovsi	
*l,i ol Indirection ' One imx en Irelj
ia.ri-l me l ran mnv ont anvthlna 1
choose I'ltlsuiit distressing !!,■• In llu
i l' ■- a- l*in*i du not cause an In oi
■Hi no .-. ml should be used when a i-a
:h iti.- is required
Invalids often think they need
more n-st. when all they need is less
i .. HI iand my One boot
ssli I'a'arrh tO  Hit 3l'*f*'i*-
-tm frs.i*s lhe iiis**.' • a.
ni; I ii'islli" or*- ■ '
us, - ninl owe '■ ':..
tuin'i.or sm tr,■ . !'.
;. f : ly llloet i"'i ••''
• lie .• l arl.i-'S. A'lilr.- s
. „■.    . -p   I,
.. ,i ■•  It., Ba : ■  .
"If   I COUld   "lll.V   Rel   0  bits'   In   ".! I ."
he whined,
"Whj  ib n't you work ?" she asl a |
■ IS ol hin' doin' In my line," ho an-
mm.'roil    ' I'm  a dime utuseun   glass
cater,  .in'   they  are geltin'   too   aUni-
"Poor man," ^lis. ...iiii synipatliot-
Ici 1 ... ' Come right In, und you can
hove   Ibe   twss   goblets   siusl   the  class
dish the girl broke ibis morning."
Short-sighted people are naturally
i   '■'■   olsi'l'VPl'S.
[inard's Liniment Cures Colds, etc
Tin*   Strimiils*  For Ollice.
ir tliis issv peopie, it' tnis uovernrncnt
Is ''sir utterly demoralized, it
i     .  uie from tliis liiitiinii wriggle and
.■   ier u'.lis-e - thai   is,  ii   way  to
.. i Ina.i work.
\ trlek i. like ii ehenp flrnrrnckor—
UM  tu   lis:', e sluiie   ns   iv. I'll
1,1 l    II   is :l|ll   III PS |'l ail*
■  i     : who m'I il oil    bat*
An   r.|iiul   Snfrty.
An Irish clergyninn during his first
'Unicy fiiinul the Indies of the parish
'io  helpful.    Hi' soon  left   the phne.
■ lay  thereafter he met his sue*
I'   ior
1   v  nre y nu getting Jin  with the
t        '' asked the escaped enrate.
"Oli very well," was lhe nnswer
l'l        s 8iifi ty in nninbi rs "
l found It in KxodiiB." wus tin.'i|inek
•*••»>» -»»»■«.»
Hinpinesj Is the absence of pain, sndmtl-
«'•••» have been mads happy throuBti belnf
utf,A,27t St Jb-cobs Oil of RHEUMATISM,
tiPRAlNS. BRUISES snd all pains (or which
•n eatemsl rsmedy can bs applied. It never
'"Hi to cure. Thousands who have beendo-
eiired Incurable at baths and In hospitals hare
"•own away their crutches, b«ln» cured after
£*'"• St- Jsross Oil. Directions In sieve*
• irui-res locompany every bottle.
•m-j- Gray's
$Lk Syrup
* * - ^rfcjr
so o l h e s
and heals
tbe    sore
and weak
1 lungs.      After  a   few
doses the cough is relieved, and the soreness
passes   away.
Gray's Syrup cures
to stay cured.
At all Druggists 25cts.
A Common
Bred Cow
Wheu toned up br
SrtcJt'a Hlood Purl
fier   will   givs   •»
much snd ss rich
bred aristocratic
Jersey cowgives
upon or*
feed, and
■ J«"e7
cow when
will wonderfully Increase her yield
of milk. It eaves feed too, because
a smaller amount of well digested
food •atisfies the demand* of the
iyetem and every particle ol nour-
tlahment stick*.
CO cent* • pack*ge.
Iteming. Miles ft Co., Ag*at»,
...At, .
:'i"iii'ili«il from The  <JoruiBuir.lis' I
WHEAT—Manitoba wheat declined
iu Bj-mpathy with tin. drop In othor
inarkots, but not to finythlng Uke
the seme extent. Tho highest price
for No, l hard wus reached on Monday, when l hard spot in store, Fort
William, sold nt 754c, unsl Muy delivery, 78'<:.
1'i.oiK—au Brands of flour are
nuw hlffhor, Ui\st Hungarian Patent.)
99 LO per sack of 9.S pounds deliver-
i*d to the trade; Glenora Potent.
11.96; strong linkers, 11,65; and
\\\x, tr-t.n,-,.
M1LLFJ3ED—Bran is quoted at
.-ii so per ton In sacks, und shorts
ul f'i('.,iu per ton.
OATS—The market for nuts is flrni
und feed grades In carlots are ic per
bushel higher, This advance has
boon mado In the face of the fact
Ihul there Is q very large stock of
t'uiH iu the country. The only ex*
I lanal Ion possible is that the largo
oxpori demand for oats Is keeping up
'In' ! li'-i' The United States i.s not
exporting nuts this season lo any
extent ainl Canada is getting the
busliusss Mo, 12 nuts are worth 2S)
per bushel nt Fort William, <>n
truck at Winnipeg this grado Is
iV' 11 li 'ji',; i o 27c per bushel und
about 25c is the iiris'.s.' for feed while.
In tho country tanners are getting
19 in 20c por bushel at central
iliUILI■'.', Brewers quote 34c for
ii'uli ni in carlots on track. Feed
barley  Is worth 2~> to 2'ii*.
I'I -A X ^r.l'.li—Market nominal.
91"ELTZ—The market holds stead)
ut 80c per bushel of 50 pounds, ds-
llvered In Winnipeg.
HAY—Dealers are paying ?."*.r.n to
8(*.r,(l per ton for carlots on track.
I'dTATOES—86o per bushel,
BUTTER — Creamery— Creameries
in* asking 26c por pound from cit,>
eustomera for choice muksss.
nUlTER-Dalry—Receipts are moderate and mostly of Inferior quality.
Dealers mi- paying lilc net (ssr dalr.v
separator in inicks delivered in Winnipeg, und 14 to 17c net for tub
bul ter,
CIIEF.SE— There is nothing ilsiin^
s.,-s..i>11 ,i iiuie jobbing trade at Utj
Us l is psn' pound for choice stuck de-
:i\11."I iii retail dealers.
l tins -l.^s are scarce at 2'2e per
dozei . net, delivered in Winnipeg,
<u'.sject I ii candling,
olTi-ring .ti u wholesale wuy l<k- pei
pound f"r chickens, dressed; vi4c to
10c du ducks and geese, ami l">c foi
Hl.KSSI'|i    MEAT*-*)  —   Beef,     citj
ilmssed, 6 to ~Je per pound; country
t, .,..  ',!• under these llgures; mutton.
to 9c: lamb,  11 lc; hogs, 7c.
H.DES- Country froien bidi-s en
in iiif:itu,r from u\ u, 6c per pound,
lei \ered al Winnipeg, lc«s •"> pounds
tare; Bbecp pelts   UO to 50c
\\i (Ol*—Market  nominal.
TALLOW—No. 1 tallow is worth
! 'r   par    pound  doliverod  hen', and
\ss.   2,   IJe
SENECA   K'aVI"—Marl."t   nominal.
CA l'l I 1'- Th   is   very  little do*
nu'   in cattle.    Fai   butchers'   sisu:.
is   sane  und    will   be   more     so.   IP
 luence  of  which    higher prices
me li si's'si ror.   Buyers new out foi
• ■iv  and lire taking nil they enn
"    prices.     Finest steers
ire worth 4c; butchers' ordinary 8Jc,
and   'rom   thut   figure     (liiwii   to   2!.,
according tsi quality.   Stockors.ycar-
III       *-1 I  'si 817; two year olds. SIS
to b'22 each.
SHEEP—Worth IHc per pound   ofl
1 in*-- here.   Lambs,   li to I Jr.
HOGS—racks?rs ure still paying <V pound for hesl weights of hogs
ii llvered Heavy und light weights
are Jc lower than choice,
MILCH COWS—Prices are Hint at
$80 in $45 each, according lo quality.
HOR8E9—Trade Is now confined to
n limited demand for general purposi
horses, for which prices s'ill rule
liiuh. Oood teams of work horses
are worth S800 to $400, according
to weight ami quality.
Cromwell'*   Mullier.
Tlu* sympntby exis(:inR h'tween thi*
u ■ . ,. i . i» one ' f thetnost beau*
tii s's 1 ■ Its In (llivi 1 a 1 s *r^s in it 1 history
1 ' loved onco other witb 11 pas-donate
ni'' ■; Ion tbat no time of change lessen*
ed, nud wben ho srrived »t thenmmlt
of his power, t! >ngh she wns then up-
v. 11 inl It.) years of n.4''. beappolntstd
1. r royal apartment* lu Whitehall ami
I :   ted lui s'Vi'iy sl'iy
Noble quaintly snys, "Sim occasion*
II Ily yet offered lhe Protector mlvice,
si lib li he always In ard with great at-
is tiiinii. hut acted ns he jndged proper."
hi* pleasant tss think that this lino old
Indy iliul happily before her son's power
1 /au to wane It is pleasant to think
of the great Protector kneeling to reel Ivn ber dying bli sslng and oi her Inst
smiling words to blm and his children,
'A good night, dears'"
There is yst n portrait of her at
Blnchinbrooke, which shows us a hand-
.'iii' woman, with a face full of ohar*
.11 ti r iliul n rutin 1 melancholy expre*-
^niii   Hit dress is that of » gsntlswoja*
un 1 f thn time 11 white sntin hood, a
pearl necklace nnd n neckerchief edged
s\i'!i liih lace The mantis in of green
■sntin edgs'd witli gold lace und fastened
with tl Jeweled clasp. • -Amelia Burr in
Harper's Mil ;.tz:us- For April
TWO   Ulssil-   nf   I'lirlsBslly.
Philanthropic   S'isltoi   nu Jnllblrdl—
My fi'K'iirt, muy I ilsk what brought -.sui
Jailbird   Thsysnme thing that brought
ynu iH'ii' tin* ih's i. tsi poke in,- nose
luto other |Hiipli>'s business imi; I
usetl gi'Ui'i'iill.v in go in by wkj ui ths
[snsi inetil window,
Mrs.   Bnrnett's   Sufferings  Happily Ended by the aid of
Dodd's Kidney Pills.
llsstt Hih Fssnr Y«*»rs osjo and now She Is
alslss tsi sny, ■■ I lu. Cure nan Periua-
J'lattsville, Ont., Feb. 1.—(Special)—"The cure was permanent ' in
this om* short, sentence Mrs. .1. Bar*
nott, of this plnce, (rives the sequel
to a long tale of suffering und misery. It. is about lour years since
Mrs. Harnett, nave to the public ilu
story of her sufferings und their
happy ending. In view of the sequel
given ubove it, is well worth repeating :
"i luul Ijtvn niHnr/ for years." said
Mis. Barnett. "My symptoms were
"Nervousness, Rheumatism In the loft
arm, pains in the small of the back,
11 the spinal column and back ol
the bead, through tbe eyes, left side
ol the    body    and   occasionally the
li ht. side. I grew weal;, fur ] luul
nss appottto und could not sleep. I
uns a  physical  wreck.
"I  wns  treated  liy  the doctors, bul
their medicines afforded nn' no relief.
Then i started taking Dodd's Kidney
Pills, 1 hnd finished one lm\
there v. us un improvement In ail
condition.   My appetite returned, the wa.s lessoned,  nmi  1  was ulile In
sleep. I took twelve boxes and was
completely cured. 1 ascribe my recovery to Dodd's Kidney Pills."
"Sny," exclaimed the haggard-
looking mun us he dashed Into ill'1
drug store, "got uny soothing syrup '.'"
'Sure."    answered   tne   druggist
"Whut.  ni/u  bottle,   please ?"
"Dottle be hanged !" rejoined he
t.f the haggard look. "Oinime a
two-gallon Jug full of tlie stulT. It's
A   LIFE   SAVED.—Mr.   .lumps   Bryson
0 .inroii, stntes : "I svhs confined tu ne
ted wilh of the LunffB. ansl
wns Riven up by the physicians. A nelirh*
l" c advised ine to trv Tir. Thoma-s' I'..-
Ii'ilrlr Oil statins' that his wife Ine'
usi'd it for a throat trouble with t».•
ie 1 !"aihs Acting on liiK advice I nro
.''i'"'l  the medicine   and  le*.s than r  hai
1 f* iis*   cured   nu*    1   certainly   believe    It
*a     a.    my    life It    SVHS    with     l'l,'"'
Hi, 1  1 consented to a trial   as 1  wus rs*-
s;" i*'l in such a stHti' that I dcubtpil thi
pouer   ni   nny   remedy    tn    1I0    mi'   nri*
IMs,.I "
Lovers,  like armies, get  along well
enough till the engagement  begins
Monkey Brand Sunt' removes nil stains
rust dirt ur tiirnish—liut won't wash
s'ls.i hei
' sua 1 •'ions have just lieen granted
ti ronstiuct uml inn twenty-seven
branch lines of thc Swedish railways
Th.. new lines wil] cover a distance
ui 2: 'i miles in ull. und it means
Unit Sweden will ugain have occasion t'> purchase n large quantity 01
roll ine stock.
Minard's Liniment Cures Garget in Cowi
Soggs—And a cure for Insomnia is
Physician     (facetiously)—An    old
fashioned    remedy is   to count   five
fsToggs—Very  good,   but  our   baby
1 .in t count.
is to BM Her Little   Ons*s liy,   Rosy
nnsi Happy.
All mothers delight in seeing their
Mule   iin.'s   bright,   rosy   and   happy.
,t unfortunately all mothers do not
use tho best methods to ic.iin this result. When baby is cross am! fretful
thej uin* him "soothing stuffs," i,u
lieving tbey are aiding him—hut tin.
issiilt. is jist the opposite, as these
soothing stuffs are poisonous ami
dangerous. llaby's Own Tablets
.-.hsBiilsl always lie used nnd thoy svlll
i.e found a prompt relief.and speedy
1 ure for all the minor ailments from
which little ones suffer. All oxperi
diced mothers use these tablets and
all mothers who use them praise
them. Mis. S. M. Black, St. Peter's
|s». ."v, says: "I hnve ustil Baby's
Own Tablets for most of the ailmentb
from winch little ones suffer and 1
find them the best medicine I tiaie
ever tried. Ns> mother should be
v ithout  11'.i'iu in tlie house."
Those tablets are good for children
tsi ni! a res,  ami 1 an 'ne given Wil h al.
solute Bafet] '• 0 a new born babe.
Sold by druggists nr sent bj mail .11
•.'.*> cents a box by writing   direct to
I he     Dr \\ illianis      Medicine      Co.,
lira kvilli\ Ont,   Send us your niuiie
OU  B   |iosl   s'aisl und  we  Will  mail you
.1 valuable little book on the caro of
Infanta and young children.
A good Btorj ts told In connection
with the recent explosion n t Departure Bay, Near Nanaimo, B.C After
lhe news reached Nanaimo a well
1 1,own Chinaman wus seen walking
up the street in a depressed state,
lie was asked If he hnd any relatives
killed in the explosion, uml ho replied : "Yes; henp hud Four lei
lows klllod, and one mnn he owe me
("20,    One  mnn   lie   0W6   me   830.   One
11:111 ho owe me $15.     one mnn he
owe me HO.     Too bud powder kill
all  fellows  siwe  me money.
Eve Tempted Adam.
And Adam has been tempting Eve
ever since. Imagine a ninn selling
a woman ranelil butter while keeping her attention fixed on a " prize "
given With the rancid butter I A woman may be tempted by " prizes"
to buy common BOapS, that sho may
not know will soon ruin her clothes
and hands. nut she soon finds out
the difference between common
soups nnd Sunlight Snap. She finds
SunliRht Soap Octagon Bar—a prize
In Itself. Her clothes last longer,
and her hauds are saved from
eczema. 220
OsiSvi©   Oat
Detlolous flavor.     Frae Irom hull*.     Warranted Pure.
Put up In all alzasl paokage*.
.itViSBVl     POH
OeilvSe's       Hungarian
km now manufnotured, tlse graat Family Flour.
Insist ors gutting " OGILVIE'S,'* as thay ara cottar than the
0/iuUH/ Ibuits l/oyxjtMjtes AftJCfU.f ltHA<Ul*J
CVtiaL AV^te-mtrtryS tiVvfartAj- JUAjMAstlAUs ,
aWxAL <MjsU   O^tS M^U/ 4i^llU4^ f"mt4TsXAZU
4*4, *4£^*^^
I Villi   m-vn-K, ■     u»tvn   mar    i-WsW   —*\*   nui    h-a wm m-
AtRfcf.    YOU    jr3U.L.OIIMO?
It Is sis-rj* issisrh Kti'osijjrer soul Ihlsk.T iIshu an. s»ths-r (lam-sl sir bsilldlnffl
pujirr. It Is Impervious to Wind, kaaps s.ssl oold, U**«»|>s In h.-ut. rsirrlns no small
or odor, absorbs in, ins.ftlture, Imparts no tstste nr tlsivsir tss nsaytlslng with
which lt csiirsrs lss osssitart.    It Is largely ssot sisiIt for slim-tliii*  hotisaa, but
for llnlns oold   storns^.'   butliiliins,   b . fsit>..i»»... k.   .'nisi.a,,   or, utii.-i t.-»,   and all*.o«.« wbs-rs. tlis* object Is to kai p
ha samo 'ississ dsisD(.ssess.
tlss* object Is to 1,." r ass • .. n   s.sul   uniform   teiuisei-atnra,   and   at
Writo onr Agents, TKKS A I'lillSSR, Wluntpi*r, (or sas.-ples.
THE  SC. ta.  EDDV  CO.,  i_S r-rv I ts* cl,  HUUL.
'lin*  workmen  emploviad    at    Clif*
ford's 'rower,    York,    found  In  the
Lottiitu    of    the ancient   well som
I'iics-s ol n'llsl  Isicc*.     The Yorkshire
Post states that they ure behoved to
It  the romnants    of    the   property,
which  Included n  great   deal  of jew
eliy    thrown     Into     the     well   when
some five hundred Jews wen' bestes*
.•it in York Castle by n mob iu   the
:,'i^n of Richard t, (A. D. 1100), and
and    when    they cut    each    othoi •
throats  to avoid  the fury  ol   their
Minard's Liniment Cures Distemper.
tlnalcnl l*.«ollsin.
A  n "   <     1 died   :ib'\  bis sleeping
Boi-1 wail   1   ! the gste
Tben >;iiil the angel "Run this man
sinm 1! •'
"'>'•-.' ati-swered the voices of the
neighbors "He bas played his own
works nil ilny
■•Wli'it nil-ill be his punishmentT"
saketl lhe sow l
"l.i.t him hear those works fuveverl'
cri'ai the v iici -
a , ti il wns awakened in hell bj
il:,. ,    utiu • of Its own mosi •.
■■■,, ., 1 . ii t  be beavenl" it "aid.—
Luici si \''i.ii'iuv
Arrow   Lake,
These   miraculous   springs,
Minister to a mind diseased.
I'luck Irom the inemury a rooted sorrow*.
Raze    out   the    written   troublsts  of  tha
And  with sweet oblivious antidotes
Cleanse   the   stuHed   bosom  ol   those  perilous  stufTs
Which  weigh   heavily upon  Kidney,  Liver
snd  Stomach
Therefore,  all  ye  who suffer—Olve »hy-
elr   to   the    does;   hnve    none  of   lt,   fesit
come and  be cured  at
The Halcyon Hot Springs Sanitarium, LC
TERMS—»15  to  $18  per  week.
W "55 T
1 orrespondeuce
Drug Using.
Over   Siii 1.000
URE        _
8.1 Oskorne  Street*
We offer  Ono Hundred   Dollar*  Itewnrd
(or any case "f Catarrh    hat  cannol   be
cured  by  liall a Catarrh  Cure.
•••   J,  Cheney .-*   Co.,  Propi ,   I oledo   O
We  lli.' uasiii.-iiiii'il,   lime   Kiumii   I'     .1
l'l,, v   foi   tin*   la*.t   16   v.-.ii-.    mi.I   believe hlm lierlectlj   honorable  In all busi
ns.>s  iiunsuctlonJ uml ntuuiciall)   able i"
carry ou's ,■'\  •bllgatloru made bj   theii
s^i'st  ... Tn   k, Wholesale  Druriristi   Toledo    0,
Waldlnjf,   Kiiiiiiui    &    Marvin,    wholesale
liruojtlsu,  Toledo,  0
Hull's Catarrh Cure is taken Internal-
v,   si. tinn  iiin'.'tiy  upon  the  blood   and
inucmi*i  surfaces  ol   the   iyatein.     Price,
75c  por  bottle,    Solsl  bv  all   Drup-jrtsta,
I'osttuionlnls free
Hull s   Kiiinlly   l'ills   are   the   l'e*st.
Tlse  \ s-jlslo.-s.
The l'czltlees, n peculiar Turkish poet
cut Off the h'-i'l uf uuy "'"' wbo Iliad
vei'teutl.v speiik8 tho word "devil,"
••^itim" "r atiytblng with u similar
Bllc'l IlilllJ-	
Unexpected Pleaenre.
"Can you do anything with thlsT**
asked the tall, tuln uinu us he hesitatingly banded a manuscript to the editor.
The latter looked at lt witb trained
"Vs's." ho su hi at he rang bts bell for
un ollice boy; "I'll print it tomorrow."
A  Head   Kor llss*siiicss.
"Its* seems able to drivs a pretty
good bargain."
"I Bbould say so. He spent $;;.i»n>
winning his wife, and now be hus sttcil
u man (or $300,000 for tho loss of her
affections."   New Jfork Times,
Grain anil Gomin!<**.lon Merchant:..
TTIi;'iest prices paid for wheat, oata,
t.arlev or flax in carlots Wire or writs
ine for prices befssre sellinsr Liberal
advance! masle on s-iuislirniiients and
hsndleil on commission Licensed ans
f. O. Bo*,  680. Wlnnlpeu. Mis.
O -A. P« INl E F A O
TO  ENCOUHA   I    ll*  t'SK  are siyuutthe
foll.'ivinK pnzs's  fsir coinpotitioii  st  thu  win*
nipeg I'xniisilion of Iw-'l
$175 BPl GOLD "bJMS
flKSl   PRlZi
lo, tbe Heavleal Calf, any pure bread,
or et ml.-, born afler the Imi Januai%
LPOo, fed on Carnafac Stock Pood, $!(io
in   irul'l
Ks,r the Second Heavleal Calf. oli.
pure breed, or (trade, born after Ut .*■
.lannnn IDOll fed on Oernefasi s'mV
i*s ud,  ISO in i/olil
ri11i:i> rKi/i:
Kit th.' Third  Hen*, li «l   Call   mn   pun
■ ri'i'.i   or uiii'i". born after '•', of Jnnu
i  ,     1908    fed  on   Camefac  Btocs.   Ions!
S;' -,   in   if old
(sols    one   entry   will   lse   iiUhsm-I     from
, ac||   r ,,,, or   or   Htoi kinan    and   store
,, ,, .   i ..  ,"i  ni   the  u iin.ii'i".'   Ex-
,i   ice mn-1  he produced al   tne llnj«
n|  exhibition   to   show   that   ,; ilinale
...    fed  on  du neiii'   stock  l  I
i    I'm'-.,   has  proven n  di'chleil --ii cesh
 'oi illl Ion     "''I    fattening
si ' her  li fall    Si li iflel
e\, ,■.■'  i he l lew ■- ol  i el '      a*  lo
iho  merits  ol  Cnrnefnc    Then   nil  sneak
lili i :.   of it
w. o. i;*i.*.j5»s, M-tnufaMturoPi
PHnoees st.-o t, *'■   i i, sg.
You con obtain it from your dealer
vssy,   «v.   i.*.   No.   «*»i*. Tin*: i*
KILL. -i LOU AS. B. C, FEBRt, AUY 13, 1903.
t H
C. Ii. SmitbebiNoalb, Editor and Trop.
6L0CA5,      •      "       *       *      B" C
retam the call* thej resolved on thai I Gwiilim & JohnSOU,
occasion.   AH worth v bcwbelota must >
  be "iii .home" in the Rfternoon, aa the
Bar silver is quoted at 171 ce^ ■'*'  &&» "® doubtiew lur" 0Ut " for°e*
l       . .      ™^, a.__,     Imn   +1... svuss-
Legsl  Ailrertininj 10 cents a line (or
ths first insertion and 5 cents a line each |      c.     ,
subsequent insertion. on Sutmllav-
Cartificatei ol luiprovement, $7 each.
Transient advertisements at same rales
as legal advertising.
Locals will bo charged 10 cents a line
far each insertion.
Commercial Kates made known upon
Ths Subscription is $'J par year, strictly in advance; 12.50 a year if not so paid.
Address all letters to—
Sloean, B. C
New Deuvev is troubled with a dog
Joo Purviance left  here  for Femie
A pencil aiark in th* spacs
opposite will ba an indication to yen tbat ye editoT
coraing to him on \ our subscription. Kimllvackaow-
tedge  ia cash and ebligs.
-editorial cnovriNtis.
Chris Foley gave, the Grit machine
a bad scare in Biiiraitl. but ho failed
to land the prize. His miming will
inspire the Grits to net-d the wishes
of the west, will tickle the Tories to
think they had sense enough to stay
out of the «aess, and will show the
Labor meu just how strong thev nre.
La grippe is claiming a number
victims in town.
Just received, fancy lace collars
Arnot's.    See then).
Wednesday night was the coldest
Bpasm of the winter. •
Ore shipments from the Slocan haw
passed the 2000 ton mark.
\Y. Koch has a number of men ,:< I
j ting out logs on Ten Mile.
Owners of dogs will  1»- called OU
now to pay theii* annual tax.
Forty tons of Fisher Maiden nro
passed through here tliis week.
\Y. T. Shatford returned  Monday
from a two months' trip to Vernon.
Miss May  Lyons was married on
Monday. *H Sandon, to J. Crawford.
Born.    In New   Denver, on   Feb, 5,
the wife of Jas. Croft, of a daughter,
\Y. B. George has gone to Green*
wood to work, leaving here on Saturday.
The hand Ixvys purpose getting sev-
sTal new instruments for that organl-
Tlie Sandon hockey team passed
through on Wednesday u> the Boss-
land carnival.
Bamembex Arnot when in need of
Brst-class groceries. He keeps the
best iii town.
The Miners' Union are advertising
on the coast for a physician for the
local hospital.
A. L. Thurston, who has lieen tnur
This (Thursday) evening the mas
querede ball of Uie Miners Union will
lie lu*ld in the Music Hall, commencing ahrtrp at 9o'clock. Every preparation has been made for a swell time
nnd there will bea number of outride
visitors. Supper is to be Berved in the
Onion Hall from ll to 1.
Wm. Brasoh, formerly of this city.
writes from Deadwood,South Dakota,
as follows: "1 am located in the best
belt in the Black Hills. It is a free
milling co'.nitiv and near the big
Homestake mine. My brother and I
have got a big group of claims since
we came here. Wehavea 40-foot lead
and it goes from H to S3 iu free milling gold. Ws* hive startssd on a long
tunnel on the lend and hope lo do
Slocan, B.
The Royal Bank of Canada.
(Ill U
No. 62, \V
f. of n.
Metis Cosics-rt.
Mods every Wednesday evening
in the Union Hall, Blocan City, at
7.30 p m. Visiting brethren cordially
invited to attend.
Financial Beoretart
Net profit! fur tlii> year, isftor cUdUOttng s*liari?**s nf iiiniiiigaitiaiii
ninl ai'i'nii's! inti'rsjst sin i!i'|iii'sii», ami tiftvr matins* full prrs-
\i-imi fur all luul anil doubtful debts, nmi fssr rebuts*, on bills
iiiiilssr iliM'uimt •'.	
I'ri'Tiiinm nn I MO BllUfOI s>f now Itocll nt $250 per sharo	
Drought forward frnm 8] Ili*s'i>nilss*r, 1C01	
Appropriated a.s follows]
Dividend Nsi. (A, tlirpis nnd niio-liiilf inr cent	
Dividend, fmir par omit	
Transferred toOffloers' Pension Fund	
Bxpendltare on new bank premises in I9ii''	
Tcsnsferrsil to Reserve Fund	
It'iliuirr carried forward	
-Mt7-*.7«0 S5
721,500 00
91,H82 00
t 70,000 00
SB),(«10 00
10,000 00
:i:i,r.l3 60
800,1100 00
119,621 84
Balance «i creilh on si-.t Dc-jember, nel	
Premium on new stock	
Transferred from I'mlit nm! Loss account,,
$1,700,000 Cfl
$7>1,'b00 00
78,"*sQO (!0
The Methodists were favored with a
large turnout to th.-ir concert, held in
tin* Music Hall on Monday night,and
eoneequently realized  a  substantial
net profit.   The programme wns a d. -
parture from the general rule, litt!s>
Beatrice Robertson  being  i!* i only
soloist.   A dialogue between Mrs. H.
Hicks nmi George Nichol made a do*
filled hit.   The attraction oi theeven*
ing wa.s tl; i Silverton quart* it.-   Mrs.
Wilson, Miss Brandon, J. Tinling
DJsBrandon   who were down for three
numbers.   They were accorded a fine
reception.   A local quartette also P.^-
uirea twice i n the programme.   Mrs.
W. E.Boie ofBciated as accompanist
ansl Bev. Seymour as chairman.
Unionism has won two important
victories   in Canada within the past,     _  .
few days: the street car men in Mon-ling all winter, arrived in from New
treal and the emiiloyees of the Cana- Yor1.*: on Fridaj**.
dian Northern Railway.   The former I    *■"■"*. Ferguson and wife did not stay
were out on strike but three days, but jloni: at Morrissey.    They   —* -*"■
the  tatter's  trouble  oommenoed  in
Appendix] is a complete list of lhe various records registered at the local regis
try office, II. 1'. Clirisstie be'ini; mining
Feb G—Combine.
June, 1902. In each case the men
gained all they sought. A compulsory arbitration law would have wound
up the C.N.R. trouble in a month, and
with much less friction and pecuniary
—* ■ ~mmm—i—J—~————r mmmm*1
here on Monday
The bye-election isoninWesi Yale.
Ex-premier Seinlin will walk away
with Dr. Sanson.
Don't forget the band intends lioltl-
ing their annual masquerade ball on
the 17th of March.
Several deaths have occurred lately
in Cranbrook from typhoid and scarlet
Alex. Rogers,
Tonsorial Artist.
In this issue will be ocen the finan report of the Royal Bank of Can
•acta, detailing its position for the year j    *l  ■*- *-*•»«■-•....,,— 	
1902. A comparison is drawn with the J"**-*- ou tlu>. arlfagtoit ow at Spokane
..      .TL,     ...    .,, ,       .have proved succeseftu.
operations in 1901 and it will be noticed there is a most wtisfacioryin-    The ore chute j^ntly struck in the
... •   i  i     i    a-.     N°* litunnel of tho Pavne has widen-
crease for the year just closed.   Two ,,d (ml to 0VVl. tll,.ce {o't
handsome dividends were passed, the      _,.    , ,    ,   .    ,.    .     ..,
, , , ., j , ., ihe framework of the big dry hub
reserve fuud strengthened, and theU^^^hythe lumberoompanv
general assets increased,combining to|ia up and ready for th,* i*oof.
- •*      i—i- :— rt PQ. ************
The Leading Parlorsi
Pioneer Livery
■j T—i        i  ris    t l
tiivl £ ecu Stables,
Slocan, E C.
General   Packing  sml For-
warding attended lo at lhe
sii ntcst Notice.
Saddle and Tack Horaiftr
hire at reasonable rates.
R.E. ALLEN, - Manager
sui.nikl UD
Balance at s'n*.lit sm Ust Ducambor, 1901.,
tC.M.OOO 00
lalu'r in *-is-,si. **'. «•-*	
Ti. i'ii* Public!
Nu'.i*. nf the lunik in i iiciilni imi	
Deposits r liill'!'' i"i demand    if 1,8*6,100 «»
lilst Iicr*»nibrr, 1901
$ 1.K17.15*" 02
Slst Decenibfr. 1901,
» 1,«'-1M13 15
iii Cranbrook from tvpii> nu anu i
fever and diphtherU. J   M   MpnDrjpnD   _
It is underatood that all the mill j u •  flli  Bi'jUilL'JUil]  u
A. Sc.
f*h 4 t?a
Provincial Land Surveyor (
?.. c.
-1-..N ■•*.     '
™lrxl assets increased,combining toi is „P and ready for the roof. !       ^^^^ . sv      pnTTT)nT[
XrietSns of the bunk in a very     C. F. Nelson, N,w Denv.Vs popular hifiOM I lililAfl      bl! lillbfl,
place tne aniiu ..le.^iiv- to n^umrist, "vas married on W ednesdaj
buoyant coudition.   It is pleasing io   uu ,r i ('al^uv. M.u*-J BTHKKT. slocax,
buoyant coudition.   iu» |js«k..uo..ju,„,0	
note also that the Nelson branch of to Miss I. Cuddie, of Calgary
the Royal Bank continues to do a]    The coldest senp of the season pre-
nafe and profitable business, and it is; vail.-d here last uv.'k.the thermometer
» •-■• sm rj„„™j| touching zero on Thursday eve.
A. David. v.ifi> and son come down
from Sandon Tuesday, to get oat of
the influence of the Bnowslides.
Tho Ontario-Slocan Lumber Co.has
66 men >jh its payroll or,including the
subcontractors in the bush. KHi in all.
FoUowing the action of the Ame
&CIIC  .l.tvi   ,,. ....	
.constantly expanding. The confidence,
reposed in the institution is expressed
in that the bulk of the mining and ,
mercantile accounts from this section
axe handled by the Nelson branch,the
management of whieh is as aocommo-
•dating as it is careful and shrewd
Rev. William Simons, Paster.
Sunday, x.'. il *ni! !."o
Sabbsth School .it 2.30 p.m.
Prayer Uetling, Wsdneiday, T.D0 p.m.
Straiincrs siml young man
ai« rordially invi;«*(!.
Why be without a r-ir-irt irlien
you can £C. one so cheap? Thej
art: preferrable to stoves and give
b<itt* r catlsfactton. These ranges
burn wood ov coal and will be
eet np free.
l>pii>its. payable afirr aotlee	
Interest aoorne I on deposits	
Balances slu.. toother bunks in Canada
B&lftncas dne to afsaolasof tho bank
ansl utlisT iBisnlis. in fnri'i^n OOnntrioS
Balances dna to aa*eats In Q. Btltatn
To tlie Slmrcliulslors:
Capital 1'iliil ap	
K.'m r.i* Vimd	
Dlvidenda Not. fil and 89, latter payable 'Jin! February, IIKB	
Former dividends uiiclniiiir.l	
Balance sit profits carried forward...,
(Isilil an*I ttllvor colu	
Dominion Qovornmedt uutes	
Nutrs sif aii'l cheques .>*.i other banks
Balances due sstlis-r banks in
ii.-.lj'.a-s'   slue frnm Bfienolea of tl.o
ban!; ami   other   bonks   ill fsiri;is:a
Dominion,    Provincial  ansl   British
Railway nn.l otlicr bonds, debentures
and stocks	
' Cull and short loans on s-tos*!;s and
Deposit with Dominion Qovarnmant
for security of note circulation	
Loans'..' Provincial Qovcn mcnl i —
c.   ri-i.i i."'.:.> and discount ■	
Less rebate ''f interest on uninatnfo I
Overdi ■• debts (loss provided foi i —
I' ,* tate (otlier than bank premisses '	
Kor!   ■ a■ - on r> ill I ^'..iif sold by tlsn
'... 11 lc	
'J .s.L prcmuas	
Safes ;.:..■ < Bice fumll i io	
g,9n,t78 *l
i;i7."iri :u
$ I.O.'l.'l.iiOl 35
»,-8i,ui:i 3H
131,lVi 87
13,3ft.*l,l-i* fill
ll,l.*.2 5!
lM.rfs n
HW^*-;! 00
' co
70,0**1 ro
91.SS2 (!9
Sl'.l,*l78,717 37
f    8113.1182 Til
1.172.M6 75
ri93,r.ll 42
113,572 22
I73AH) 8S
3lrU,652 08
2.8S7,r«) 52
i*u,vn vi
P8.1KJ0 00
$ K'336,193 71 io
siVbs: ji
rioi.i-si n
*i6,7i**. et
I.i si,noo no
2,ia),irj0 m
so.iiio t»
"-*l,86<.i. ra V,
i \ jtta.yi **s
X2-..572 'A
57H.255 o!
91,331 00
i.oaa.osi) 70
872.281 fl
3.072,821  t
2,790.753 r.
98.K77 j
$IIM117.**85 20 00
jsll.l'5,711 03
etuoo oo
lll.x.-,7.:.8*, 20
11,-22 '.ni
1.787 01
3.0*1) IS
oo.a o in
lil.Oltl no
'-'.i'« '',
2bU*b! !
t21 .SC9.9IV. «
GsrViu:.-.L-3 ii iiiMi?!!^-
Csenernl Munaictr
I'aiiit! :;r., Ilsnsilli'.iu   Z''raetii*ia', .linuls*.
Tursllllsl,   RI-.ll    ttlsy.H s*.      rsac'.lolBHt
Mineral Claims.
Situate in the ?!o.'**,ti  Pity Minire Divi'
timi of tlie West Kootenay I>isiri. i
H. Mortimer
cretary of the
ss-x'iation, re»x*ntly
toria, dot*3 uot
turps ou   the  eonibinauon.  ami   um^^^^^_^^
written to kuv **o.   What this paper i    The provincial librarian haa writte
s-iid two weeks ago it reiterates - the fl"-'";!''<" --^sti-* to r.-taint!..* present
.   .    , , ,    .     ,   .    travelim/  iibrarv  until  a  new mi.* 1-
associationsopemng reuiark.- in tn-ir f,,rrtiiriis-i
circular are untrutlifuluinil the ln-ople      _,, ,       ,- , ,-.
wAmm r , * rhe exjir.-ss frnni \ mc nver pat nil
*• * *    '" :liU„,   r„.
will, a  sruowslide at
Clanwilliatn • n
cars off th<
".liviuiis     rnmrn.-—    — -
of Kootenay are dubjousof anytliii!
originating iu Victoria.   As   to  the Mond\v, knocking three
first, there is abundant evidence that track.   No one waa hurt.
mining is not dead in British Oolum-I    The coal miners .,f  Fcrni3, Michel
bia and that capital is coining iut-1 the and  Morpssov are all 0:1 strike and
province.   Government returns of the1*-1"   ,'■,i,"'-   ('10"^
-oreis mined last year show a heavy increase over the  year previous, and
there is every likelihood of ,** further
increase during the  current   twelve
months. Various smelters are inert as-
the  mines  closed  down.   It ia not
known what the trouble is.
Died. At Sault St*' Marie,
.Inn. 23, Oiarlea Victor CliiTs*. aged
2" years Iveiir,* the oldest eon ol Chas,
Cli!T". formerly nf Sandnn.
ntroncest   earn
ing their capacitv.which demonstrateal, Oojptea have been numerous round
...       . .*     rr. ., __     , I here this winter and several times have 1
growth 111 mining.  Two or *^°M comedown close to town.   Thunday Rcpre«enting  the
these have had inucli new capital in- night they eerenaded the burg horn panics d-dng  buslncra  in Canada,
terested in them lately; new properties tbe bluffs back of Brandon. Si:-; tttvn ACCIDENT POUCT, with I'ar-
.are opening up at Rossland and the!    Marri(.(l   A, .,„. CVntral hote]< |nUjipalion  in prolta, oorerlng »;ck-
Revelstoke, on Jan. 1?J. by  H-v. t". I ness aud rprrati»n«.
Lad tier. Henry Lowe to Miss Alice M. .. ., .„.„.,„, „ _ ,,.
                                          Vedder, both of thia city.   They are           H. D. CURTffl, Notary Pablk!
fit have organized it 17,600,000com-15Jding l:"'"' hone^°°n ln P<rth" j-010„d'a
pany to develop claims aud build a'.      ' |-W*&uua
smelter at Kamloops.   Of course cap '.    Sandon people ha<l a had Bcare this
'ital is coming iu.   Then.  M to the ™** ^\»•»>««. **««L0**^ <»«">
. b   .     .... „. .down on Sundav and   Monday,   Otn-
■second statement.   Where in Koote-; (,,,ni. lluv|) |,. T1   tv,0 dwellings
nay, apart from the discredited Boss-I nnd another came over the top of the
Boundary; English money hta just]
purchased the Van Anda mine on the
coast; and a Montreal-New York out-
Tablets    i*^ •
the pnrposo o( obtsinini" Crown grauli
of the above claims.
And further tnke notice that action.
nr.i'.c:  lection 37, muit be couitntnccd
hrlore ths issuance uf tuch certificatti ot
Dated tiii* x'tii day of Deccmlser, 10i>2
Loals* Fraction, Rita, Rasa and  ' -!;.'i
»: 1 j. ■■ 1.1 Clatws,
Situate in \i,e Blocan City Mining Divi*
sis,., of the ^^'cst K'ints*iiay District
Wliaro located:—Five milsi up first
north fork s/ Ltmon craek.adj ining
the Violet mineral liaim.
TAKK NOTICE that I, W. B. John-
ion, f'" myself, F.M.C, B69721; ai d ns
•gent U>r W.J Johnson, r.M.c. 1 59722;
I .\. s. Johnson,  F.M.C.  B60723;  Irai.k
Dick, F.M.C.  1W.1777; J. V.   Tstterisll,
1 F.M.C B6O703; -.u-A  \. R, Bi Idsnton,
Freo   Miner'i  Cartiflcata   N'i   RSttsSflO,
intend, lixty dayi from tha 'luis hereof,
toapplyt   t!.o mining recnnlar fsir car-
lificatei ol Improvement, for tlio purpose of obtaining frown granta ol the
abovo claimi.
And inrther tako nsitis;i' thst Action,
stnil.-r lection u~, muit be commenced
l.piure tin' ismnnce of tuch certiflcates of
I'.itca tlii-i LUth ilnv of Jaamrv, 1903.
•23-1 (M W  B.-JOHNSON
land Miner/will you find any public! Union hoteL
endorsation of the Victoria scheme !      The   Dre   brigade   had   a genera
.en 10 „,.„ aii ak-mticalof li. practice on Thursday afternoon. I h-v
Mining men a.e all JgJ*""      „ fnmi „„. ,.itv  hall to the fire hall
The estimate of the movement is s/x-cl  n»» ^^ ^ ^  ^..^^   Q ,,„
up in the words of the Victoria Colon-   ^ rQrf r)f wWoh th(.v ,in(1 w;,t),r 1,l;i-> -
ist, which calls it "an association of  lng in ]. minutes.
calamity howlers"; also of the New     ^  .^.^  liiv(...,.v   ,,.„„, Wl,nt to
Westminster Columbian, which says., p^,^^ n||   \,VedtK.-di,v. to try ami
♦•it is a Victoria graft, leave it alone,  j S(.(y)p m B prize or two. Tin' team wa-
•Theobjeetsof theassc.m*mnaj.»o^
be commended, but until so.netfting   P tm^ & _^   ^  F  Mt.Kinnr>I1
more tangible is evolved there wi 1 bs-,,^.
no genuine support to the idea from I
jSubwri!"*-- for T»E I)IUU""
cure all fs.rnn of
liiitnis m 11 er eatil g
8o«r Stomaeh
ami Bilious He.idarha
l"er nala at—
Tomorrow bohrjSt. Valentine's dny DRUGGIST,
the ladies of ilx' burg are reminded of Agenti for ihe Heintzman & Co ,G< r*
their threat, made on New Year's, t.ij    hard Ilcii.izinan, and Karn I'ianM
in of 1,
goal; H. Barber,
( rools. Mlnrral Clisii-J.
Situate in tho 81ocan <";.ty Mining Dlvl*
lion ol thc Weal Kootenay Dutrict.
Where located : On Lomon creek,
]i., miles from the month.
Take notice that I, J. M McGregor,
artiin; bi agent lor W. D. Mclntoib, F.
M.C. No. BIUOOO; J.R. Greenfield, F.M.
C. Ko, B-32546; C. B.  Baxter, F. M. C,
No' B00810, ami  P.   W.   ( rge,  free
miner'i certiflcate No, BH 1241, Intend,
sixty davs from thedate hereof, toapply
to the Mining Recoidar for a certiflcate
,,f ImprovemeutB, for the purpoie of obtaining a crown grant for tbe abovo
And further take not co thnt action,
under section 37, must be commenced I
i.s.fiiif the issuance of inch certificate of j
Improvonients. I
Piitesl thii l'.'th day oi February" 1903.
18-2-03 it al- McGREGOR.]
a norne: ccma to Slocan, for it is
one of tho fairest spots on this
earth  of   ours.     Levelness,
Hocm, Scenery, Health, Fishing, Hnnting,Roads, Railway
Steamboats, Churche3,Sohool
Hospital, Publio Halls  and
enterprising citizens are some
of the advantages enjoyed hr
this City, backed np by TJn-
surpassed and ProvenMineral
Resources.  Nature and Man
hath decreed that
Slocau is
the Burg
Come and be convinced that this taw
no mere idle dream, but a stern reality-


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