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The Slocan Drill 1900-11-02

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VOL  I., No. 81.
C,   NOVEMBER   2,   1900.
T. D. Woodcock & Co.,
Oiant Powder,    Gutta Percha Fuse,   Jessops' Steel,
Stoves and Tinware,    Gasoline and Coal Oil,
Miners' Supplies.
Just received a large quantity of Dimension Glass, large size; also a quantity cf
Iron Pipe, all sizes.
Dealers in Fresh and Salt
Heats, Vegetables and Provisions.
Goods shipped to any part
of the Slocan.
B. C.
Our Stock is Complete.
Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots and Shoes,
Rubber Goods, & Men's Furnishings.
A Recent Arrival.—A Carload of Fresh
Vegetables, comprising; Pumpkins, Squash
Citrons, Cabbage, Beets, Etc.
Try Veal Loaf :   the latest delicacy.
W. T. Shatford 6c Co., General Merchants,
Slocan, Vernon, FVrvlow, nnd Camp McKinin'v, B. C.
"Victoria, Hotel,
SLOCAN,  B.   C.
Has ample accommodation for a large number of Guests and supplies the best of
everything in the Harket.
SLOCAN,   B.  C.
ANOTlU.l'. 8HIPMKNT MA Id". 11V   Till.
Suinplo Assay Gives 800 ox to Urn Ton-
Blolteit Prospect In tbo lump - Largo
Amount of Ore In Sight Dlsoovory ol
n Si'i'oiiil Vein.
Iii the general advancement made
in tho camp this Benson, nothing
Btandsout with greater prominence
than tho bucccbb attending tho working of thu Hampton group, on Springer creek. It is situated 1 \ miles
eastoftho Arlington, and embraces
a number oi claims, some of which
are old locations. This spring N. F.
McNaught, of Silverton, acquired an
Interest in the property,and his usual
good luck has been with hlin in a
marked degree While prospecting
the ground ho uncovered a small
vein ni phenomenally high irra leore,
which lias been opened up in u num
ber of [duces. A shipment of three
tons from this vein was made In the
early Bummdr and returned 790oz to
thu ton. In September work was
commenced on the property ar.d new
buildings erected.
Mr, McNaught was here Wcdnes
day, to superintend the I ading of
another small shipment from the
Hampton, consisting of 141 sacks
Lie accompanied it yesterday to the
Trail Biueltei. The first samplings of
this oro went 1040 oz and a gener..!
sample -'iii;:. There is no pr perty
In this camp cf rich things that can
make Buch a showing. Mr. McNaught stated tho main tunnel on
this lead was In 10 feet, with the ore
carrying a 1 the wav in from the surface. After allexpenses he estimates
the drift has netted him fully .„:;.'• a
foot. At the present time, Mr. Mc
Naught estimates he has $25,U)0
worth of ore blocked out
Tin- oilu-r day, he made nnot.1 cr
fortunate llnd, a pnivllcl lead having
been ox] osed about 150 feet to the
■a-'. This lead can ius wot ore.thi r
being a foot of mineral in sight, of
wliic.ii six inches is cl.-all
The two veins eat, across the ci uni r\
much like tlie Arlington, the ai iki
being east 10 degrees. They arc
heading across Springer nnd towards
.- .nn-lithe properties cast of the Enterprise, "ii Ten Mile. Tin ro have
been ii number of grass-root prop -:
tiona in this camp, but nothing has
yet been uncovered to equal the
Hampton. !: is a must easily work* -i
property, too, the drifting costing
only .".'• por f'"'.- so far. Mr. McNaught is of the i clicf thnt he lias,»
big min*» in the Hampton, the successful development ot which will
materially benefit tho town ond advance the good name of the camp.
Ovi i-ti-i".!-il Their Powers.
At Thursday's sitting of the assizi
court, Nelson, the recent conviction
of lohn Bulko, a lad bel mging to
this town was brought to the nttcn
tion of Judge Walkem by •! EI.
Bowes. Bulko was convicted by J.
i r.'s Eoley and Bull of theft and was
given two years in the reformatory.
The conviction was quashed on tin
ground thaj tho |usticea had over
stepped i heir powers. Young Bulko
returned here on Friday.
od by tho committee, in charge and
they deserve all tho credit ooraing.
The hall was most last, fully decorated, the music by the Misses Funk
orchestra of tho best, nnd the supper
lit for n king. There was a bin crowd
in attendance, though few from the
outside, and the fun was kept up till
morning. Tlie Oddfellows have a
great name as entertainers and Friday's function added materially tu
their record.
Business ?ii,-u lieallxe lhe Advantage ol
ilu- Laborer's Trade.
"I would rather have 50 laborers
as customers than 500 capital! t cist
omet'8," was the surprising statement
ul a lending Nelson business man tl e
other day. Asked for an explanation, he sialed that thc laboring man
always spent his tuonev at home and
paid the price asked for goods without haggling, while the customer of
the capitalist clar.s was prettj certain
to attempt the "Jewing'' process,
winding up with tho remark that
similar goods could bo purchased
much cheaper in the east. If the
price'is not made  to suit hi*1 views.
then it Is safe to assert the capitalist
customer would semi east lor his
goi ds,
Sli can mi rchants voice similar experiences to that related above, ami
it goes to show that the laboring man
is, after all, the mainstay of tho
country. He not only developesthe
resources of ttio camp, through the
medium of his employers, who make
tlie profit from his toll, but la- provides themnj ir portion ofthe revenue
derived by the business mci of all
classes, it is the laborer that builds
the h imcs in tin- various camps and
his family makes up the bulk ol tho
stable p ipulation. lie and his loved
onesstiind by thc country through
adversity and prosperity, nnd it is
his influence lhat stands paramount
in the general progress of the camp.
• in the other hand,the nv nied man
snj urns but briefly in the land, for
ho and his family prefer to dwell in
the city, with its alleged culture and
satiating environments. Seldom are
they to bo found as pioneers in any
ivimry, and seldom i* t 'u man with
lie wad to he fonnd numb ircd
among i ns i hardy men who * rospi ct
the hills I' n" precious minerals, thus
proving the means of establishing
liainlels and towns. They are ever
those who travel when the read i-
uiade easy I i' them. The capitalist
grinds the merchant down : ithe small
ci nt.-ige upon cost only, and he it
i- also wi i m mopolizes the grumbling and Jewing.   In this there is an
, et le-* .ii for all and it behootes
the thinking man ; i take advantage
of it. it also presents a striking contrast: the influence < f tho man with
moncv is to cheapen, while that of
the laborer is to encourage liberality.
ties are seeking  to  buy  the  entire
Active mining on the, Unco commences in December, and shipments
will follow.
New ore bodies have been encoun-
tered in three of the. tunnels on the
Emily Edith
A strike of 10 inches of high grade
ore has been made in the Reco-
i ioodenough,
Work is progressing rapidly with
the Silver mountain vtogon road, at
New Denver.
The tunnel on the Silverton Boy,
near Silverton, is to be extended another 100 feet.
T. Avison and A. Tunks are working tlio Moilie Hughes, ncir New
Denver, under lease.
St'lisTANTIAl,   SttOWINO   MADE!   HV
Taii Benson I* *"a,rtue Besl on Kooord—A
Healthy Isvldehoe of the I.if.* and
Wealth of tho Camp ISnterprHe tlio
Biggest Shipper,
Seventy tons in all was shipped
from the division during the week.
From the Arlington 15 tons of ore was
sent out, live tennis being engaged in
the hauling. Five more tons of high
grade mineral from the Hampton
was exported to Trail. It was packed down by Bobby Allen. Tlie Enterprise also added n carload to tlio
(I. Grant has a contract to run 200 \\>u tt DejnD. sontto Trail.
feel  of a tunnel  on   the  Donnelly
group, near Sandon.
ti. Clark and .). Chlsholm have
contracted to drive 7f> feet on tho
Philadelphia, on Fennel I creek.
W. Stein, of Vancouver, is asking
tenders for tbo purchase of the Coin-
stock property and mill, on Four
The new find on the 850-foot level I ;Yu.'.l',,u
of the [tambler is turning out a bonanza.    A 88 ton shipment has just
yielded $14,568.20.
following is a list ol the shipments
this y ear to date:
mini:. WKEK.
Enterprise     20
Arlington     45
Black Prince	
Hampton     5
, Two friends	
A  pleasant  party given   by
Mr. and Mrs. Felt on Hallowe'en.
J, M. "Williams,  manager of the
Chapleau, leaves for  F.ugland   in a
lew days.
The youngsters were much in evidence Wednesday night, but little
damage was done.
Locomotive 319,froni the Boundary
MINK.-*   AM)    MINIM..
There is about a foot of snow in the
Arlington basin.
The workmen at Camp Mansfield
have received their pay.
Billy Thomllnson is now superintendent at the Speculator.
Ore assaying as  high  as 700 OZ is
being taken from tbe Speculator.
J. M. M. Benedum  has suspended
country, passed north yesterday to! work on tho Hoodoo for the present
Revelstoke repair simps.
Offers up-to-date accommodation for the
Public.     It  is the home of Travelling,
Commercial, and Mining Men.
QETHING & HENDERSON, - Proprietors.
Slocan, B. C, Is under the
SIM ai Personal if Jeff Bill,
Who is ever ready to make life pleasant for those
who tarry within a while with him.
Is reached by any trail or road
that runs into the Town.
Do not go past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
ttwrrlod In Vancouver.
A Vancouver despatch of Oct. 25th
savs: .1. C. Gwiilim, C.E., ofthe I leo
logical Survey Department, Ottawa.
was on Tuesday married to Miss
Birch, better known as Nurse Jenny,
of this cltv. Mr. Gwiilim was nursed
through ii Bivcro attack ol typhoid
two years ago, when an attachment
wns'formed. Mr. and Mrs, Gwiilim
left for Ottawa to spend tho honey
mo n. li th panic-, are well known
in Blocan.
SI pike mi tho Kni* rp    u i
Word came down Saturday even
ing that another ore chute hnd bi nn
encountered In the N i. 2 drill on the
Enterprise. This tunnel is In ov< i
Boo foot, and for some distance has
had im ledge, Tho vein has been
caught again with, It la said, a f o
of ore.
Out on Hull.
Officer Black, ol New Denver, i -
c irted VV. Harris to V 1- m Saturday.
On Tuesday tho latter appeared before Judge Walkem nnd elected I'i r
speedy trial on a charge of attempt! d
suicide, lie was granted bail in the
sum of .i''i 0.
O1I1IIVII11U 1'  ('..ill.
The fourth annual ball given by
tho i Iddfellow , In Schonbi rg's hall,
on Friday evening last, was a pronounced Bucecss and the tiptop nfluii
of the year, No pains I nd been spar
Chris Foley was born In Toronto
in 1848. Five years later his parents
removed to Paris, Ont,, where he
worked on his father's farm until i I
vearsofage, when he started out in
\ lite for himself,going to the S mthern
states, win re he travelled extensively until I860, when lie wen! west,
bleaching the mountain country, he
• immenood prospecting, and has
mined and prospected with varying
. iccess from the l it v of Mexico to tlie
Eraser river. In 18 ifi he settled lu
Vancouver, where he engagt d in
contracting, and su tcecded by close
intention to business In accumulating considi rablo m mey,  which he
1 in Vancouver real estate.
111.* panic in '.Tl hit Mr, Foley hard,
ami lie was compelled I i sacrifice
much valuable property and seek
new fields Two years later he went
l . llosslaud and commenced w it'. h i
ii miner in the Commander mine.
Since then he has : Howe I tho occu
pation of a miner and has worked in
ioveral mines in that cnmp,nnd w ben
nominated wa - empl »j ed on the < !en*
tro star. A lew months alter his arrival he became a member i f Uoss
'ar.d Miners' Union No 33. lie has
steadily refused tho higher offices nl
the Union, but has aim • his
admission been a member of the exe
cutivo committee, a mo t ipsp nsiblo
position, and  one  which often calls
'. for the most hard practical business
inn so, which Mr. I'oley has In n remarkable degree. The recent convention ol the Western Federation of
Miners hai < In sen him to rcpresi nt
■his province on the executive I "ard
of tint organization, and  in
thnt position  he  has shown marked
'. PPKH    *-l lie «.\    HIXKS,
The recent Bti Ike on  the lloco it
iiiys trom 111 to Ml) i ...
It is claimed the Amcri tan Boy has
br ki .i inn f ur feet of galena.
The last carload < f or • fn m the
Mountain <Ion averaged 217 osc silvi r
and .' I per cent lend,   English par
The sale of George Gorralev'e in-
The lumber arrived in this week terests lias again been postponed for
tor the government repairs to Dehv |n mouth,
ney avo. and Springer creek bridge.
AN'.nillCK DAY OF 1.A1N.
The mist is on the mountain tups,
Ami sinkuth lowei yet;
The few and straggling dilasly drops
llavi- mado the timber wot.
And from tho south and from the west
Tho dark clouds loom again,
Bespeaking, as wo might uavo guessed,
Another day of rain.
The owl hoots from tho dry trootop.
His mate, bIio answers back;
Thoy aee tbo clouds como trooping up
That imike ilit* heavens black.
Ami. "Hoot t i limit" across the night,
km-* out that old refrain,
Which tells we now liavo guess'd aright,
Another day of ruin.
Far down along the river now
The liimi is laughing lou I,
[Ie Bees upon iho mountain brow
Tho sideling Bable cloud ;
And laughs to think tomorrow's sun
May downward look in vain,
And men may bold their work undone
Throughout the bonis oi rain.
And, the bullfrog's voice proceeds,
Prom oul the dingy marsh,
Sounding amid the grass and reeds
Mi* -1 dissonant and host.;
Yet, voicing ardently enough,
If noii c can thus i tcpl. in,
iliseager expectation ui
Another day of rain.
The creek, with loud and angry tones,
Hurls down bis torrent wide,
And rumbh a o'or the mighty stones
P. 'tieath his swollen tide-,
Knowing no burner in his course
That can Ins might restrain,
And adding volumes to Ins force
With uvory dav ol rain.
The ;'■>• is growing blacker now,
Theurops more quickly play;
\\ e'ro ofl t" bed now anyhow
And lot il rain away.
But, When tlio hours of night are thro'.
And davlight we regain,
Once more we will awakon tu
Another day ol rain.
P. T. Amu kson,
Lomon i'rook, P. i'.
M iMM.   ma <>i:i>*«.
Ike Loughesd will have charge of
the new government sleigh road to
Lemon creek.
Bur silver touched Go cents during
ihe week, tho highest price reached
in many years.
It Is thought Nov. 1"> will he. at
hand ere. the Chapleau mill lie in
shape tu treat ore.
The Two Friends  has nearly  two
carloads of ore OUt. Tile property
never looked better.
The government has been asked
for an appropriation to repair the
trail to the Two Friends.
Tho upper level on thcTaraarac
has broken into ten inches of lino ore
and the ehowlug is sieadilv improving.
The lessees on tho Bondholder
went up again this week to take out
more ore, They will continue work
throughout the winter.
The en-e of Cameron vs. Kirkwood.
affecting the Eda fraction,  will not
come up till the next silting of the
supremo court at Nels in.
The government donated $125 towards constructing a trail to tlie Copper King and Canadian Star groups,
on the summit near town.
According to the outside press, the
Mabou and Ohio group, under bond
to J. Frank Collom for $B5,000, is to
be floated in Englnud for a largo
li. ('. Campbell-Johnston, owner of
tho Bondholder, is developing tho
Iron Queen group on Rover creek, n.
new and promising camp, opposite.
Slocan Junction.
Joe Sanlter Ins left nt this office
Borne specimens of ere from the Erin
group, The ore is a steel galena,
mixed slightly with quartz, carrying
high value- iu cold and Bllver.
Several parties went from here to
attend, the s! cliffs snle of the Mar-
pole interest In the Two Frien Is, at
Nelson, Friday. The sale was postponed a month by order oi the court.
Wm. E. Bole, manager at Cnmp
MnnsHeld, speni Sunday In town. I!<*.
feels eonfidenl Ernest Mansfield will
rise superior to the machinations of
OctJ"2   Potomac fr, SpiIngor creek, C |,i» enemies nnd will yet prove a po-
II l^cueon. werinthe land.
Pome, same, i   M Gothing.
Naples, divido Ten Milo and Springer,      Geo, Lonfif -and  Nat Tucker have
(.' I! Locuson.
Venice, Springer crock, O Henderson
Appen le I is a complete list of the varum i reeonls registered at tho local reg b-
try ot!: •-. ll l'. Christie boing raining1
1 mi   M IO\*i.
ju-i completed assessment on tlie Silver Feat, adjoin! g tho   Vrllngton.
2"   Woodstock fr, Ten  Mile, P Swan   They cut through  30 feet of wash,
without catching  bedrock,  but ex-
p .-ed consideral le float,
27—Loder, Springer, W !■' DuBois.
\v i 68M1 S is.
22 Blackjack.
23 Chapleau fr No 2.
TH \s
The Knights 11  I'ythias al  New
Denver will hold their annual ball in
their hall on Nov. IB.
Oct22   IronHorso K, C Andorson to     C. B. Taylor and  wile, of Enter
A McLean. prise Landing, will spend the winter
■::.   Two Friends  \ . T  McNeish and , iti the ci   I
Annie I' dvosI tu A Vork. Work wa- e uuneiiced Monday on
2*1   bald Mountain fi %, II Cameron  the waterworks svstcni for Brandon,
toPetoUnddiiistialso \ in same t,. .1      BltvcVton Mtncra' I nlon  are hold-
('l'nl         .          ,,              ,   ...           ,  . ing a dance ami supper tonight.
..ion. Rono ami   F tas, Jol n "      „,             ,     ,      ,,,.,.
I   t]     C P Hittlc, P Nolan aud 11 Hob I lu- frail smelter handled 218 can*
ciiait* of material la >t week ; 1
GAIN 13,000,000
Increase ot Population in I.
S. During Last Decade.
THE TOTAL IS 76,295.220
New  York  State   Has  7.268,009
People,    an    Increase    of
Washington, Oct. 30.—The official announcement of the total population of tbe United States for
10,00 is 76,395,330, of which 74,-
627,907] are contained in the 45
states representing approximately
the population to be used for apportionment purposes.^There is a
total of 134,158   Indians not taxed.
The total population in iSqo with
which the aggregate population ol
the present census should bejeom-
pared \vusj13,009,756. m Taking the
1S90 population as a basis there
has been a gain in population of
13,335,464 during the past ten
years. Representing an increase of
nearly 21 per cent.   .
The tabulated statement shows
that the population of New Vork
state is 7,208,000 against 5,997,-
953 in 1890. The number of Indians in the state not taxed is
To Tiike   I'roi a-i'-iu*-.*
Brockville, Out., Oct. 29. — Senator Fulford has instructed bis solicitors to take proceedings against
Hon. Clarke Wallace, for having
stated that be'(Senator Fulford)
had paid lor bis seal in tbe upper
< ni lut*. in Conflict
Madrid, Oct. 29.—A conflict between twenty-four armed Carlists
and a detachment of gendarmes -occurred^ yesterday near Bad&lona.
The chief of tbe Carlists was
killed and another was wounded.
The Remington rifles were captured.
Homeward Bound on the
Steamer Idaho, from
Capetown >
Ottawa, Oct. 30.—Among the
British Columbians] on the transport Idaho as cabled yesterday trom
Capetown are the following.
Sergeant J. A. C. Northcote,
Fifth C. A., Victoria; Private Stewart
C. A. ;PrivateA. S. Lee, Nelson rifles;
Corporal S. H. Odell, Fifth C. A
Tbe Idaho is expected at Halifax
Knglueer     Kill.-il'
Hamilton, Ont., Oct. 39. Wm.
Ilolden, engineer of lhe Grand
Trunk, is dead trom injuries received Saturday by his engine
jumping the track just as the train
was coining into thc city. Fireman
Southearst was badly scalded.
Tin* Voters* mm
Toronto, Oct, 20.—Official registration of voters closed Saturday.
Over 16,000 new names were added
to the list.
Now that there is talk of a mint,
the question ol location presents
itself. Vancouver claims it, and so
does Victoria, and both by virtue of
being the chief shipping and commercial points.
Hullilliia»,    Wrecked-The  Injured minors.
Wallace,Idaho,Oct. 27. — Seventy
five hundred pounds of giant powder exploded this morning at the
Mammoth mine here. Two men,
named Davis and Forcier, struck
by flying timbers, are now in the
Wallace hospital for repairs. Pieces
of the storehouse where tlie powder
was kept are now of value only as
IN  noon  8PIB1TS.
Arnold,  tin*   Alleged    stri-miier,   in
Now %ork.
New Vork, Oct. 29,—Julian Arnold, son ol Sir Edwin Arnold', the
author of "The Fight of Asia," arrived in this city yesterday with
two Scotland (yard detectives'who
will accompany him to London
where he will be'tried on charges of
embezzling $140,000.
For Aerial
Prof.   Bell  Thinks  Pro
blem Will Never Be
Solved by Baloons
London, Oct. 30.— Prof. Alex.
Graham Bell leaves for America
today, where he will continue his
experiments in aerial navigation.
Prof. Bell said, "1 dont believe
that the great problem of aerial
navagition will ever be solved by
balloons. While you may successfully navigate a balloon in light
currents, it is obvious that any
floating body lighter than air is at
the mercy cf the winds. Such a
body cannot carry tbe motive machinery of great power. It
is little more than a toy. I have
been experimenting several years at
my laboratory although I never actually carried my theories into practice. Tbe theoretic results 1 reach
will be in time published in book
form. I believe tbe problem of
aerial navigation will be solved, hut
not by the use of balloons."
Don't  Want   tinn xhIIiiii
St. Thomas, D. W. 1., Oct. 30.
—At an extraordinary meeting of
of the colonial council at St Croix,
Danish West Indies, Monday, the
vice chairman denounced the strte-
ments made by Mr. A. J. Blackwood the I nited States council at
St. Croix, and chairman of the Colonial council, that the sentiment of
the people of the Danish West Indies was strongly in favor of annexation, A resolution was adopted
to cable King Christian of Denmark
"Submissively expressing" the
wish of Ihe inhabitants ^to continue
under the Danish crown.
Sales today on the local exchange
were: Rambler-Cariboo,2000, 25 <4 c,
I.OMMIN    <»■ Oil I ION*.
Mr iinii, (Bill.- 10 Brnesl Kenned) a
London,    October   30, — Special
LcRoi, £8.
B. A. C, 16a Qd,
Le Roi No. 2, £»$,
Athabasca, jQ\  17s od.
Ymir, £i 15*.
Athabasca     $
li O.Qold fflelds	
Hi,: flint*   	
Black Tall	
Ursiiiinn ,v Golden Crown,
Canadian (Jold Kit-Ids
Cariboo I Camp McKinney]
(Viure blur $
Crow> Nest Pass Coal  .. i\
Over Truil No. 2	
Dundee    ...
Evening isur	
ttomestaka (An«e*v*. paid)
iron Mask   Assess,  pant
Iron Colt	
I. X. b 	
Kiii«(Oru Denoro) 	
Knob Hill    	
hone fine CODSOl	
Monte I'liriulo	
Montreal Uold Kit Ids	
Mountain Lion	
Noble Five   	
North Star (East Kootenay)
Okanogan (Assess, paid) .
OUl Ironsides	
1'avne $
Peoria Mines	
Princess Maud	
Ht. Kinui Consolidated ...
ruiiiiirac, sss'l paid	
J oin rhumb	
\ an Anda 	
War Ka^le Consolidated. * i
While Hear	
11  OS
I 63
s    III
The Bank Teller  Caught in
Had a Back Room in a Cheap Lodging House.-Spent Last Night.
In Prison.
Boston, Oct. 30.— Cornelius ].
Alvord, jr., the embezzling note
teller of the first National bank,
New Vork, was arrested at the
South End yesterday. Alvord took
his arrest quietly.
He arrived in Boston last week
and went to the Hotel Touraine,
but did not register. On Wednesday be engaged a back room on
lhe second floor of a lodging, house
on Huntington avenue near West
Newton street, where he went under
the    name   of Mr,   Smith  of  New
New York, Oct. 30.—Alvord
passed a restful night in a cell in
the police headquarters. This
morning he was allowed the privilege of the corridor and he sat out
in his shirt sleeves reading the
morning newspapers and   smoking.
Koul rim Feured.
Toronto, Oct. 30.—A farmer
A. Grant, of Tbornhill, who came
into the city Saturday morning has
not been seen sincejnooti that day.
foul play is feared.
Nn 0|,|i.i*.lliiill.
Rodney, Out., Oct. 30.—West
Elgin Conservatives has'e decided
not to oppose the election of A. Mc-
(iuggan, Liberal.
T«tlStOt*S   Lull-Ill.
St. Petersburg, Oct. 30.—Count
Tolstoi is engaged in wrilingadrama
intitled   "A Corpse."
IU 1 li'.n PoMtpoued
Ottawa, Ont, Oct. 30.—Election
in Nipissing has been postponed,the
date to b; decided later, on account
or the improper election lists.
T*        •
rain in
None Killed,Rut Ten Or
Fifteen Passengers
St. Louis, Mo., Oct. 30.—A
south bound Chicago and Alton
passenger train which, left Chicago
late last night, collided with a
freight train near Mitchell, III.,
early today. According to the
Alton officials nobody was killed
but ten or fiil'teen persons were injured. Ambulances were sent to
meet tbe train here and take care of
the injured.
'lull Merit Killed.
St. Louis, Mo., Oct. 30.—Later
—(ieoige W. Corsan, a mail clerk,
was killed aiuLsix others were in-
lured in the collision near Mitchell,
III. Behind a passenger engine
was a mail car in which several
clerks were asleep. The car telescoped and none oi its occupants
escaped uninjured.
'■'lie   New   .terse)'   I.ill   Died   Irom   IU
New York, Oct. 29.- The only
link that seems to be lacking in the
chain of evidence against the alleged murderers of Jennie Boss*
chieter, the Patterson mill hand, is
ihe identification of the purchaser of
the drug, There is no question
that she died from Ihe effects of
chloral poisoning, but it is not
known where thc drug was bought
or by whom it was obtained. There
is no law in New Jersey against the
sale of chloral.
I UlOUlMt   l-.llll
London, Oct. 3a—Returns of
the election in tbe Orkney and
Shetland districts show a Unionist
gain. J. C. Wason, the candidate
of that party, defeating Sir Leonard
Lyell, his Liberal opponent.
WAS    l'1'.lt.ll K'.lf.
Teatiinonj of Telegraph Operator in
the t.oeliel ('awe.
Louisville, Ky., Oct. 30 The
Louisville Evening Post today prints
an affidavit ot Finley Anderson, a
teiegraph operator, upon whose testimony Caleb Powers was convicted
of complicity in the murder of Governor   Goebel;   in   which   Anderson
swears his story told at Georgetown
was perjured.
■ *. Not III
London, Oct. 30,—There is no
truth in the report that Queen Victoria is ill, though naturally she is
affected by the death of her grandson, Prince Charles Victor, of
More Mines    *
Start Work
Additional     Differences
in   Some Colleries
Are   Adjusted.
Hazelton, Pa., Oct. 30.— The
Oneida and the Derringer colleries
began operation today and the
Cranberry mines operated by A.
Pardee & Co., which was idle yesterday on account of thc refusal oi
the men to return to work until the
suspended "Lokie" engineers
should be reinstated, also resumed,
I hough not with a lull force, Tbe
Lehigh and Wilkesbarre companies
mines are still  idle.
Itleli I'll)   Pound  on  Trihiilur) ol  lhe
I'll 1111 in* (reek.
Dawson, Oct. II.—A placet-
strike has just been made on a hillside of a creek emptying into the
famous Hunker on the left limit
sixteen miles above the mouth ot
Hunker. The stream has been
named Goring creek, alter Theodore Goring, jhe discoverer. The
strike was made last Friday, and
already sixty claims have been recorded. The best paj found on the
creek was 14 cents to the pan. Tbe
best claims are on^the hillside, and
nearly all claims recorded are on the
Fifty claims have been recorded
which were staked in the stampede
last week to Moosehide Bench,
only four miles down the Yukon
from Dawson.
The storm on Lake Lebarge two
weeks ago is said to base wrecked
20 scows enroute to Dawson with
hay, feed and merchandise. Hansen
& Tennant lost two scows worth
$3200 each, with their cargoes.
The Vining Hardware company had
S500 worth of goods on one of the
scows. Lilly Bros., Skagway and
Dawson dealers, lost one scow, together with its cargo, worth $2000,
Names of other losers have not
been learned here. Three scows
which survived the storm have arrived in Dawson, having much
damaged goods. No one was
The body of Martin Stone,
drowned in Thirty-Mile river Oct.
6j arrived here today. Stone was
male of the steamer Sifton. He
was taking a line to a stranded
scow, when the line becan c entangled in his feet and dragged him
from the boat into the swift current.
The line held him last, and his shipmates drew his lifeless body back
to the boat by it. Stone's home
was in Victoria,
Thc last steamers to leave Dawson for thc outside this season will
probably get away within a week.
All save one of the number are in
port. The fares 1 o White Horse
have been advanced to .Sum iirs'
class and $75 second by the Canadian Development company. 'They
were $50 first and $.10 second not
long ago. All accommodations are
being taken.
It is Estimated That Twenty
Were Killed.
IK IT 11    HO AT*    l.ovi-
THE     LOSS   $1,500,000
Over A  Hundred  Injured  People
Taken to the Hospltal-The
New Vork, Oct. 30.—All night,
a gang of several hundred laborers
was at work among the ruins caused
by the explosions in the building
occupied by Tarrant & Co. Not
a body was recovered and it is believed that none will be recovered
lor over twelve hours at least. It
is not believed that the list of dead
will exceed 30 and some place the
total dead below 20. One hundred
and twenty seven injured persons
were received at the hospitals and
most of them were discharged after
their wounds had been dressed.
The property loss is variously
estimated at $1,500,000. Chemicals were probably the origin of the
fire. 'The exact figures in the
amount of insurance carried upon
the destroyed buildings and
their contents will not be ascertained for a week or two. Tbe
president of one of the largest fire
insurance companies in this city said
the total loss would   be   about   $1,-
One Tlioimaud ut Work.
At 0 o'clock this morning about
1000 men were at work on the
wreckage and firemen were playing
streams of water into tbe half burned building, on Washington street
below Warren. Seven fire engines
were still on the ground. The body
of a women was located under the
wreckage. 'The list of missing up
to 9 a. m. numbered 39,
The I x plosion
New York, Oct. 30. — President
Main of the Tarrant company admitted th,if there was in storage on
the third and fourth floors man;,
barrels of chocolote of potash
which become highly explosive
when overheated.
Gas Explodes
in a /Hine.
One Body   Recovered
Twelve   /Wen   Still
Wilkesbarre, Pa., Oct. 30.—A
terrible explosion of gas occurred
in the Kingston mine of the Kingston Coal company, this afternoon,
One man has been taken out dead.
Twelve others are 111 the mine.
Celebration Postponed.
London, Oct. 27. --'The celebration ofthe occasion of the return
to England of the' City of London
Imperial volunteers has been postponed until Monday, on account ol
the lateness of tbe arrival of the
steamship Aurania which has the
troops on board.
lu Doable Bole
London, Oct 27.—Tbe Standard,
in a paragraph obviously inspired,
announces that Lord Salisbury
will retain the double of the prime
minister and secretary of state for
foreign affairs, and that Joseph
Chamberlain will retain portfolio of secretary of state lor the
Kesellinu     t'reWS   llioUlleil.   tJeriUau
ship Wrecked.
Hamburg, Oct.—The German
ship !•'. Biscoff, Captain Sclnvari-
ing, has been wrecked at the en-
trance of the Elbe. A boat contain-
ing eight of the crew put off from
the vessel and another boat, in
which were four men, left the liir|,t
ship for the purpose of rendering
assistance. Both of these boats are
missing and have.been given up for
for the Hed from*
St. Petersburg, Oct. 30.—The
government has imposed upon rail-
way tickets and licences to travel
abroad, a special tax for the benefit of the Red Cross society. It is
expected to yield $225,000 yearly.
Kll lie rill*-.   I'l-OIII   I'rii'l.
London, Oct. 30. -A dsipatch to
the Central News from Capetown
says Cecil Rhodes is suffering from
and Murder
Outrages    During    the
Flight of the Chinese Court.
Pekin, Oct, 38.—Prince Su, who
accompanied the Chinese court iu
the flight to Tai Yuen Fu, and afterwards returned here disheartened
by the anarchy existing among
those composing the immediate advisers of the throne, gives
an interesting account of his
"On the first day," said Prince
Su, "the court traveled in carts 20
miles north, escorted by 3000 soldiers, who pillaged, murdered and
committed other outrages along the
entire route.
"The fight was continued at the
rate of 20 miles per dav to lisuau
Hua l'u in the most terror-stricken
manner. So little authority wa*.
exerted that the soldiers even stole
tne meats prepared for tbe emperor
and empress dowiger. The execution of several for murder anu pillage eventually brought them under control. The court remained
three days at Hsuan Hua Fu, and
then, owing to the tear ot foreign
pursuit, the flight was re.uimed to
Tai Vuen Fu, with 10,000 additional troops, who added to tbe discord. 'The empress dowager did
little else but weep and upbraid her
advisors. 'The emperor reviled
everybody. The journey occupied
2<> days, lhe longest route being
taken owing to fear of pursuit.
"On arriving at Tai Yuen Fu
difficulty was experienced on forming any semblance of government.
Many edicts were ignored and al-
fairs reached a slate of absolute
chaos. The emperor would have
preferred to trust himself to the
allies, hut he was compelled to join
in the flight."
Ball ior Gibraltar,
London, Oct. 27.—Joseph Chamberlain, secretary of state for the
colonics, and his son, |ohn Austen
Chamberlain, civil lord of the admiralty,  have sailed for Gibraltar,
Whence they Will proceed to Malta
to visil Sir Prances Wallace Green-
tell, the governor ol Malta.
mi:  « 111 BCHII1I1   tPKAiit.
■ie  ueellnee to withdraw 111* Mate
London, Oct. 20.—The solicitor**
of Mr. Winston Spencer Churchill
have written to the solicitors ol the
Earl of Rosslyn declining, in the
name of Mr. Churchill, to withdraw
or apologize for Mr. Churchill's
statement at tbe banquet of the
Pall Mall club, thai Lord Rosslyn
in dispatches and letters from South
Alrica to English newspapers that
libelled British officers, and mad'
assertions that were not short ol
falsehoods, 'This morning Mr.
Churchill writes to 'the daily mail
repudiating the suggestion that he
is moved hy personal feeling against
Lord Rosslyn, but pointing out that
the earl is responsible lor "a libellous Statement concerning four famous cavalry regiments."
■turned 11   Million
Dili ban, Oct. 27. - 'lhe Hoers are
raiding in the northern part ol
Natal. They have burned the railway    station   at    Waschbank   and
blown up .1 culvert, i in: mii'I'MKHN  pacific
VBuderbllW tore sul.l to HaVe Obtained
*■ New York, Oct. »6.—the Times
' the Vanderbilts have obtained
control ofthe Southem Pacific system. Conspicuous in the syndicate
obtaining the new control are  Wil-
,-,m ft Vanderbilt, E. Harriman,
nam ■,-'
Norman B. Ream and James   Spey-
rr. , . *
Captain *■"•*   Clalnw He wa. Not
New York, Oct. 26.—Francis R.
pelley,0f the British cruiser Psyche.
wWcn has arrived at Bermuda, says
the Psyche did not fail to Hre the
international salute of at gune when
|he entered   the   harbor   of   New
Captain Pelley expresses his regret that there is any misunder-
standing of his conduct, as he intended no discourtesy to the American flag. 	
New Road
in Montana.
Railway    Planned     To
Connect Great Fall
and Billings.
Salt Lake, Utah, Oct. 26.—A
special to the Tribune from Helena,
Mont., says that articles of incorporation for the Cireat halls and
Hillinys railroad will be filed ir
Helena within a few days. The
company will have a capital stuck
of $4,000,000, The plan contemplates a railroad from Billings,
connecting with the Northern Pacific and Burlington roads, to lireat
Falls, connecting there- with the
tireat Northern and Great Falls *.V
Canada. Kx-Senator Washburn,
of Minnesota is building from Bis-
march west, and with tbe tireat
Falls Canada will connect with
the Canadian Pacific. The plans
contemplate the use of the old Burlington survey and the application
cf electricity generated at Great
Kails and Billings as the motive
power. If built the road will be
about 200 miles long and will run
by way of Lewistown.
Kianeror    William* Order   lu    Honor
ol Villi tloltkr.
Berlin, Oct. 2<>.— The anniversary
ol the one    hundredth   birthday   of
the late Field Marshall Von  Moltke
was marked today by Emperor William, who   issued   a   general   army
order enrolling Von Moltke, thanking Providence tor giving the fatherland such a man and expressing tbe
hope that tbe army will emulate his
martial    virtues    and    thus   derive
strength for the   fulfillment   of  the
exalted   and difficult    mission    assigned to it.
Iron on- Discovered
Toronto, Oct. 25. —News has
reached the Ontario bureau oi
mines that a gigantic body or iron
ore has been discovered close to
Lake Tamagali, about fifty miles
above North Bay. on tbe Canadian
Pacific railway.
nasoule] Supreme council
Toronto, Oct. 25.—Thc supreme
council of 33d degree, Ancient and
Accepted Scottish Kite Masons is in
session here. Among the (x> delegates present from all parts of the
Dominion, is Mr. McKechnie,
Grand Master of British   Columbia.
BecetveU Three •Tears
St. Thomss, Ont.,Oct. 25. -Mrs.
Harry Halbert was yesterday sentenced to three years in the Kingston penitentiary for having two
months ago thrown .1 pail of boiling
water on a voung man named
Gendie Tyler because he entered an
OUthouse on the  premises.
For Hn-  Arm}
Ottawa, Out., Oct. 85,—The
British war ollice authorities have
awarded a contract   to a im firm ol
Quebec   lor   B   thousand   I'm   capos
>nd 1500 pair of gloves for the
British army In China. The goods
sre likely to be shipped to Vancouver tor transit to China.
They Capture the Town of
Thirty Four out of Fifty Three Men
Go  Down in the
Capetown, Oct. 26.—The Boers
have captured Jacobsdal, southwest
ol Kimberley, after stubborn resistance on the part of the garrison,
which consisted of a detachment of
Capetown Highlanders. The latter
suffering severely, losing 34 out of
53 men.
luajtua rated
Paiis, Oct. 2G. — Dr. Leyds, the
Transvaal agent, says the stories
published about Mr. Kruger are
imaginative. Mr, Kruger is an old
man and not accustomed lo a cold
climate, so it is likely that he will
sojourn in the neighborhood of Nice
for the winter.
The   t'
Maseru, Basutoland, Oct. 26.—
It is reported here that former president Steyn and the members of
tbe executive council are at Four-
iesburg, south of Bethlehem and
that he has declared Fouriesburg
to be the capital of the Orange
Free State.
Hati Into a Train.
Brantford, Ont. Oct. 26—Eva
tinmstead, aged eight years, was
fatally injured last evening by her
wheel running into a moving train
while wheeling over a railway crossing.      	
Want* a Clean Fight
Kingston, Ont, Oct. 2b.—J. VV.
Bell, the Conservative candidate in
AddingtOO county, has just issued
an address calling upon his friends
to run a clean election without re-
sorting to illegal or corrupt practices
Posed as
Thieves  in   New   York
Have Worked a New
New Vork, Oct. 2(>.— Operating
under the cloak of agents oi the Republican campaign committee,
rogues have probably succeeded in
securing $100,000. Their method
is shown in the case ofC, M. Cook,
who is under arrest on the charge
ol passing bogus checks bearing
the name of M. L. Muhlman, treasurer of the republican campaign
Cook, it is alleged, induced William J. Wright to deposit checks
purporting te represent $1100 to
his account in the Mount Morris
bank. These bore Muhlman's name.
The committee not desiring to let
the amount of subscriptions be generally known, had arranged to cash
the checks in different banks.
Wright gave Cook $1100 in cash
and a few days ago tbe prisoner appeared again with $170x3 in checks,
The hank officials began an investigation and found the checks had
been forged.
Other similar transactions have
been reported from the interior
which lead to the supposition that
the total receipts by the forgeries
will not fall short of $100,000.    .
St. Thomas, Ont., Oct. 20,—
West Elgin Liberals have chosen
A. D, McGuain to contest the riding in their interest in the place of
Ceo. E, Casey, lhe former member.
Nlrliki'U   Willi  Fever
London, Oct. 24   H Is reported
that Prince Christian Victor, who is
with the troops in South Africa, is
suffering from lever.
Issued an A (Id re**
QuebecQue., Oct. 26.—V. Cha-
teauvert, Conservative candidate in
Centre Cjuebec has issued an address to the electors in which he
intimates tbat, if elected, his main
object in parliament will be devoted
to the interest of Quebec, irrespective of the pirty.
Want* a Lnau.
Berlin, Oct, 26.—The East China
R. R. Co. is trying to effect a loan
of $55,000,000 in the Unites States
and France through the Russian-
Chinese bank.
With HI* Face Covered.
Frankfort, Ky., Oct. 24.—Henry
E. Youtsey, sentenced to life imprisonment at Georgetown for complicity in the Goebel assassination,
was removed froirf Georgetown'and
placed in the jail here today. V He
lay on his cot with his facVcoverod
as he was removed from the'train to
the jail.
He Made the
King Halt
Paris  Policeman   Gave
Royalty a Lesson in
Obeying Law.
Paris, Oct. 26.- The king ofthe
Belgians, while riding in an auto
car yesterday in the* Bois de Boulogne, was pulled up by the police
tor exceeding the regulation speed.
He was going at the rate of 50 kilometers an hour.
A policeman was about to lake
down King Leopold's name in his
note book, when the driver of the
auto car whispered in his ear, and
an explanation followed that put
things* right.
Mori* Troops Out
Montreal. Oct. , a6—The <>5th
Mounted Royal rifles'!French Canadian regiment which did service in
the Northwest rebellion) has ben
called out to go to Valleyfield this
Ontario'*   Mortality.
Toronto, Out., Oct. 2b—The
health report of the province for
September shows 2490 deaths, an
increase of 523 as compared with
19O7 for September 1899.
Indian **ietv»paprr.
Ottawa, Ont., Oct. i(>.—The first
newspaper in the Iroquis language
has appeared/m Ottawa under the
name of "Onkweonee," published
by the Indian department.
Win Ui* Home Next month
London,"Oct. 25.—The war office [announces J today that ', Lord
Roberts hopes to leave South
Africa for home about November
15, and thai General Lord Wolscley
has consented,[ti\_coiitiiiiie#to][per-
lorm tliep*duties*\)l commander-in-
chief of tbe army until the end of
flnerrllla   Warfare
New York, Oct. 25. The revival oi guerrilla warfare iii South
Africa, Ins lighttned up English
sentiment and especiail) in smart
society, which is divided 'into military cliques and factions. Lord
Roberts' leniency  is condemned by
impatient parti/.ins as a source of
weakness in South Africa and the
opinion is expressed that a general
as cold blooded as Kitchener is
needed to suppress the lawlessness
now in progress.
t'liarai'tl W It Si AIiiIiii Hun.
Halifax, N. S„ Oct, 25. — Rev.
E. Ci Burgess, a retired Baptist
minister, 35 years ol age, was arrested at Moser's river yesterday,
charged wish the abduction of Nellie
Buck,£18 years old, of Dorchester.
Burgess now resides at Woltville,
N'. S., but formerly held the pastorate at Dorchester.
old Telegraphor  Head
Quebec,  Oct.   24.--W. Duches-
peau, late manager of  the C. P. R*
company's telegraph in this city,
and one of the best known telegraphers ot this district, is dead,
Suggestion   That  it .Is National and Patriotic.
Princes and Ministers to Be Punished According to the Degree
of Culpability.
London, Oct, 26.—Sir Robert
Hart, director general of the Chinese imperial customs, in an article
in the November Fortnightly
Review, take a pessimistic view of
the Chinese situation. He frankly
declares his opinion to be that the
Boxer movement is national and
patriotic. It has taken hold of the
Chinese imagination and will spread
like wildfire'throughout the length
and breadth of the empire.
"There is not the slightest
doubt," he says, "that fifty years
hence there will be millions of Boxers at the call of the Chinese government. '
Discussing the alternative courses
open to the powers, Sir Robert
Hart sees a very real "yellow peril"
ahead and ho hope of a permanent
.,::.   Perhaps Bolllag OU
Paris, Oct. 26.—According to a
dispatch from Pekin, Prince Ching
and Li Hung Chang have communicated to the legations, the imperial
decree, in accordance with which
the princes and ministers responsible tor ihe recent troubles in
China are to be punished, according to the respective degrees of culpability. The emperor charges
Prince Ching and Li Hung Chang
to fix the penalties to be imposed
upon those for whom the Furopeans
No   I iilliliilnl,
Perth, Out., Oct. 24.- South
Lanark Liberals have decided not
to put a candidare in the field.
Last Day
of the Races
Winners at the Newmarket Houghton Meet—
The [Handicap.
London, Oct. 26,—At the last
day of the Newmarket-Houghton
meeting today Mr. Whitney's
Spectrum took the Old Cambridgeshire handicap, ridden by Maber.
Tbe r ice for the Houghton stakes
was won by II. I\. II. the Prince
ot Wales' Lord (Juex. The race
for the dying handicap plate was
won by London,   ridded  by  Maber.
A free handicap of 100 soverigns
was won by Britannia, ridden by J.
Martin, Lord Ellsmere's Incombe,
ridden'by Sloan, won the Criterion
Nursery handicap oi 500 sovereigns.
Macon, tin., Oct. 25. -Word
reaches here from Wellston, in
Houston county, thai a negro was
lynched by a mob of his own race
for assaulting a colored girl. Another negro was lynched near there
for a similar crime last week.
In the Dry Dock.
Glasgow, Oct. 26.—Sir Thomas
Lipton's yacht Shamrock was placed
in dry dock at Grennock this morning, preparatory to being refitted
for racing.
A Lot of Hlllllou.
London Oct, 26.—The amount of
bullion withdrawn from the bank of
England on balance was 22,000
Will Oppose Sir W'llreld.
Quebec, Ont., Oct. 26.—J.
E. Chapleau, a young French Canadian advocate, has been nominated to oppose Sir Wilfred Laurier
in Quebec Fast.
('mui itniiii a
Halifax, N. S., Oct, 26.— Nine
schooners moored at the wharves
here were robbed last night of
many watches and much money.
The crews were chloroformed while
sleeping and clothes   rifled.
No Terms
With a Thief
The Bank Officials Hope
to Recover Some of
the Money.
ii,, 11 in 1   Sentenced
Chicago, Oct. 2:. —William A.
Paul-on, convicted of receiving a
deposit in the Cent ial Trust &
Savings bank, ol which he was
president, while  knowing  the bank
was insolvent, today  was sentenced
to serve   an   indefinite   sentence   in
New Vork, Oct. 26.—The capture
of the defaulting note teller Cornelius L. Alvord, Jr., has been officially left in the hands of Captain Mc-
Cluskey, chief of detectives, It is
said that a reward would probably
be offered today by the bank.
Developments this morning indicate that the whereabouts of Cornelius L. Alvord, the absconding
note teller of the First National
bank, are known both to his attorneys and to the bank officials. That
no warrant for, his arrest has been
asked for has been dae to the efforts
of his friends.
Negotiations are now on with the
bank officials in their behalf that
will lead, it is said, to the restoration within a lew days of almost
half the amount stolen. Alvord's
arrest would be an immediate bar
to restitution on his part, In the
meanwhile the man, who is said by
intimate friends to be in his hous
at Mount Vernon, and by others to
be somewhere in the vicinity, is un-
under close surveillance by detectives. His escape is said to be an
Alvord is said to have had an
enormous sum in ready cash when
he took his departure from the bank.
This, with his real* estate holdings,
several blocks of securities, his
wife's diamonds, his horses and livery and his interests in several New
York business concerns are under
considerations in the negotiations
between Alvord's friends and those
Irom whom he stole. One of lhe
absconders'friend's asserts that Alvord's holdings, when realized on,
will make him only $100,000 to the
bad on the amount   of  his   defaica-
Connael Huki-r Drill*** it.
Fisher A. Baker, counsel for the
bank, and one oi its directors, said
today that there was no truth in a
report that Alvord had gone to bis
home last night Or that the bank
officers knew where be was. Mr.
Baker was asked:
"Is it true that the bank is Irving
to make an arrangement with Alvord through Lawyer Miller for thc
return ot a portion of the stolen
"We would be foolish not to re-
covet all we can, but would not
think of compromising with a thief."
"Why has not the bank asked for
a warrant for Alvord's arrest?"
"I won't say lhat a warrant has
not been requested."
<ni 1 ion,in**. Population
Washington, Oct, 35.    The pop-
lation of California, as   officially an]
nounced today, is 1,485,053 against
1,2oS, 1 ',0 iii   1900.    This in an in
crease ol >7''<9'3 oi   22,11 per cent
1111.ii   rim i.
Ralool 11 Portion of i.oni Roaebury'e
si table
oi ai.
berry has disposed ol a portion ol
hi*.stables at New Narket. Seventeen horses fetched 7<i<k> guineas.
Mr. Richard Croker's representative bought I'lambard, for 946
Insurgents   Lose   Over     a
Thousand Men.
Details of a  Terrible   Battle  With
the Phlllpplnos and Its
Washington, Oct. 26.—The war
department received a dispatch from
General MacArthiir giving an account of a fight in which a detachment of American troops attacked a
superior number of Filipinos. The
dispatch is as follows:
"Manila, Oct. 24. — Kirst Lieutenant Febiger with 40 men of the
Thirty-third regiment United States
infantry volunteers and Second
Lieutenant Grayson V. Heidt with
60 men of the Third cavalry attacked the insurgents 47 miles east
of Narvican Iloiles, province of Luzon. The insurgents held a strong
position occupied by about 400
riflemen and 1000 Bolomen under
the command of Juan Villamer, a
subordinate of Timos. Desperate
fighting ensued, which was most
creditable to the force engaged.
Acting Assistant Surgeon Bath and
a civilian teamster^ were captured
early in the fight but were released
by Villamer. According to the accounts, the insurgents were much
stronger than was reported here
and their loss, at a moderate estimate, was over iooo. Our loss
was: Killed — First Lieutenant
George L. Febiger, Charles A.
Lindenberg, Wm. F. Wilson, Thirty-third regiment, United State.-,
volunteer infantry; Andrew T. Johnson, farrier; Guy E. McClintocke,
Third regiment L'nited States cavalry. Missing—John J. Boyd,Samuel B. Harrison, Thirty-third regiment; Sam Davis, Fred Schwen,
Third cavalry. Twenty-nine horses
are missing, some of which are
known to be killed.
Going to the
Two Thousand Recruits
Will    Start   Within
Three Weeks.
New Vork, Oct. 26.—Col. Kimball, assistant quartermaster of the
united States army, today announces that 2000 recruits will leave
for Philippines in the next three
weeks. The first thousand will
leave on the transport Buford on
November 5, The second transport
carrying the second thousand will
he the Kilpatrick, which will leave
OU November   10.
Convicted 01 Manslaughter.
Rockland. Ont., Oct. 25.- Jos.
Guidon bas been convicted oi manslaughter lor having caused the
death of a fellow workman, James
Rochon, as the result   ol   a   quarrel
on Tuesday.
A 13600 Call.
Toronto, Oct, 15,- St. James
Square church Presbj leiians, extended a call to Rev. Alfred Gandier, M. A., B, D., ot Massev
church, Halifax, N. S., to succeed
Rev. I. ILJordon, resigned. The
stipend is $3500.
v. 11. C. Men
Ottawa, Ont., Oct. 25—The
militia department gave oul a list
of names oi the returning Canadians
on the transport Idaho, due at Halifax in a lew days. None of the
British Columbia men are on the
One iioiinr vantages,
Woodstock,Out., Oct. 24.—Mrs.
Elstone, 70 years of age, was yesterday awarded one dollar damages
for breach oi promise oi marriage
from J. King, a lew years her
senior. Action was instituted tor
$5000. "HIT. DB1LX, SLOCAN, B* C, ROVEMBEB 2. 1000.
,C B. Smithi:iun«iai.k, Editor Rod Prop.
SLOGAN,      -      -       -       -      B. ('.
Legal Advertising 10 cents n lino for
the lirst Insertion and 5 cents a line each
Subsequent insertion.
Certificates of Improvement, $10 each.
Transient advertisements at same rates
as legal adve. Vising.
Locals will be charged 10 cents a line
for each insertion.
Commercial Kates made known upon
The Subscription is $2 per year, st.ict-
■ly in advance; $2.!>Q a year if notso paid.
Address all letters to—
Slocan. It. C.
Kiiiriimu.  UUOPflNUS.
Socialism preaches the equality of
man; also, that man shall enjoy the
fruits of his labor in perfect freedom
and tranquility.
Shame upon tho white man who
would patronize an Oriental in preference to hard-working, honest and
respectable men and women of their
own race.
There is this difference between
the candidates.   Chris Foley appeals
<*to workingnien as a workingman;
his rival candidates as "friends" of
labor.   Do you see the point ?
Not content with stealing British
citizenship, the Japanese hordes are
applying at Vancouver for a place on
the voters' list. It is no wonder the
workingnien arc becoming alarmed.
By actual investigation, 120 Orientals are engaged in the merchant
tailoring for men and women in Van*
.couver as against 80 whites. Think
of tho liability to disease and the
menace to civilized workingnien.
Judged by their individual merits,
•Chris Foley is head and shoulders
above his two opponents. The Queen's
English suffers less at his hands, his
arguments are more incisive and
clearcut, nnd lie believes what ho
Western life inculcates and encourages independence, as much in the
thought as in the action. It is but
fit, then, that the Wes.. should be the
birthplace cf the Independent Labor
Party and witness its greatest glories.
Perhaps the chicfest of these glories,
will bo the election of Chris Foley.
Many profess alarm in the prospect
,of Chris Foley going to Ottawa, in
that he could command no pat-ro age
for the constituency. At the very
extreme he could do no worse than
llewctt Bostock or John Andrew
Mara. The alarmists also overlook
the fact that Chris Foley is gifted
.with brains and a tongue,
Public ownership of public franchises has never yet failed of practical achievement and success, turn
where you will or bluster as you may.
Why, even in this monopoly bound
Canada of ours, government ownership of tho Intercolonial railway i»
pronounced a success; and, if the
government could afford to build tho
C.P.R. and give it away to men who
have since made colossal fortunes out
of it, why could they not afford to
operate the road along with the Intercolonial ? The exorbitant freight
rates of a greedy corporation like
.the C. P. It. have done more to
retard the growth of the West than
any other factor, but the time is at,
hand when a government road will
give us the relief needed. Thc Intercolonial is reaching out for Pacific
connections, and n vote for Foley at
this juncture will help the thing
We Canadians are wont to boast of
our country as a land of peace and
order, where the presence of the military is suffered simply for exhibition
purposes. Recent events, however,
have forcibly dispelled this pleasant
illusion and have brought tho public
face to face with an element of dan
ger in the growing power of corporations. The strike in Vallevlield,
Quebec, last week, of a couple of
hundred laborers, resulted in several
battalions of militia being sent to the
spot and a score or more of persons
being injured. As in the case of the
Steveston fiasco last Bummer, the military were really not required, Por a
little tact and judgment would have
settled the whole matter. Canada
loses greatly in reputation by these
.unseemly affairs and, incidentally,
the Laurier government will suffer at
the elections. Compulsory arbitration
cannot be too speedily placed upon
.tbe statute books.
man of modern and progressive
ideas. Ho will doubtless secure a
fair share of patronage.
J. J. Walker, of Nelson, whose advertisement appears in this issue, is
one ot the best jewelers in the province. He carries a large and elegant stock of goods and does a tine.
business. In seeking patrdnago here
In- is confident of giving satisfaction
lie makes a specialty of repairing and
all orders sent him will be promptly
Tho attention of tho citizens ofthe
town is directed to the advertisement
ol C. F. Nelson, New Denver, in this
issue, lie. carries the only line of
Jananeso ware in the camp and it
embraces a large assortment. As an
Inducement to see his stock, he will
pay the fare to and from lake towns
and meal while in Denver of all customers purchasing $12 worth of his
Alex. Rogers,
Tonsorial Artist.
The Leading Parlors:
and Glassware.
Wo arc the exclusive dealers In
these goods in the town. Largest
Btock on the lake to select from.
Large assortment.   In
also we have some, special bargains.   Latest Patterns.
No. 62, W. F. of n.
Newspapers of ancient date for sale
at this office*.
R. A. Bradshaw will he tho returning officer for the Dominion elections
J. Crawford has taken over the
dining room at the Two Friends
Miss L. F. Moss, formerly school
teacher here, is now domiciled at
Frindale, Ont.
Next Wednesday is the date of the
elections in almost" all the Dominion,
Mrs. W. Harris and daughter have
gone to England, where they will
reside in future.
Otis Adams, of tho Adams Bouse.
Kaslo, viewed this town for thc first
time on Monday.
Fred Smith, the popular represent
stive of Gage & Co., Toronto, was
here on Friday last.
Last week thc C.P.R. on its southern B.C. branches moved upwards of
10,000 tons of freight,
Quito a number of men have come
In hero lately from the Trout Lake
country looking for work.
W. T. Shatford & Co. have just
installed a new safe from' the Victor
Safe Works, Cincinnatti, Ohio.
A larce number of Slocan people
were, in  Nelson during the week,
principally in attendance at thc assizes.
II. P. Christie, wife and daughter
returned on Wednesday from England, feeling greatly benefitted for
their trip.
E, It. Purdy. of Nelson, representing Hradstrcet's, was hero Wednesday, sizing up the financial standing
ofthe business men.
John Popham.nno "f the old-timers
in the camp, was hero during the
week. He is now practically a resident of the Similkameen country.
II. J. Robertson has the contract
for furnishing the pipe for the Brandon waterworks. It takes three-
quarters of a mile of two-inch pipe.
A meeting ofthe Brandon citizens
was liehl Thursday night and it was
decided to proceed at once with the
putting in of a Waterworks system.
The Ontario powder Works, whose
goods are handled here,has contract
ed to supply $100,000 worth of explosives to the Rainy River Railway.
The infant daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. T. Linton died at Rossland, on
Thursday night. Mrs. Bennett, mother of Mrs. Linton, went down on
Friday lo the funeral,
Chris Foley is meeting with unex*
pected success in his campaign tour-
Everywhere tho friends ot Labor arc
working assiduously in his cause and
are confident of succr-ss.
The Orangemen have issued Invitations to their At Homo, on Mondavi «*   y-    ■rarvTTnfTC'1  £-r t*"**.^
night, in the Music Hall.   Those inHi. JL<>   V/..5M.J.AJE- C\4 \jC
charge arc J. T. Beauchesne, l'obt.
Andrews and A. B. Barber.
A. S. Mncdonald will spend the
winter In Winnipeg, in tbe employ
ofthe Hudson Hay Co. In the Spring
he will trade for the company with
the Indians in tho far north.
W. A. Galliber, the Liberal candidate, informs The Drill that he will
be In Sloean about the tail end of the
campaign. He will speak in the
towns along the main line of the C.
P.R, lirst.
Thc annual meeting of the Gymnasium Club will bo, held tonight in
the reading room and a full attendance of the members is requested.
The boys want to start up the fun
next week.
This evening the City Hotel, on
Arthur street, will be formally opened to the public by a ball, to which
everyone is invited. Frank A. Card
is the proprietor and  he is  a   hotel
J. 1.1"
Provincial Land Surveyor & Mining
S"*"'v--T   - -   ',   A.C. SMITH.
Mutt Oi liMBllltS. re
.A/p-ples,     -A-ip-ples,
Kiln Fractional Miner*! Claim.
Situate In the Slooan, City Mining Division of West Kootenny District.
Where located !-*-On thw north fork
of Bpringer creek.
TAKE NOTICE thnt I, Arthur S. Far-
well, acting ns agent for Robert I. Kirkwood, No. B26881, and Charles B.Smith-
eringale, No. B28819, intend, sixty days
from the date hereof, to apply to the
Mining Recorder for a ceitiflcste of Improvements, for tho purposed obtaining
a Crown grant of the above claim.
And further take notice tbat action.
under section 37, must be commenced    ^
before the issuance of such certificate of (CaiUl-Su UOOllS,   direct
Dated this 15thday of September,1900
21.9-00 '   A.8.FABWELL
Leave Your Order With
A. David,
Wc uso only Al.
Meets every Wednesday evening
in the Music Hall, Sh can City, at
7.30 p.m. Visiting brethren cordially
invited to attend.
financial Secretary
S|>eoulator sllnorttl Claim.
Situate in the Sloean  City Mining Division of the West Kootenay District
Where located:—On the north fork
of Springer creek.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Arthur S. Fur-
well, acting ns agent for Robert I. Kirkwood, No. B26881, and Thomas Kllpftt-
riek, No. P4s;i:i", intend,sixty ihiyn from
the date, hereof, to apply t the Milling
Uecorder for a certificate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a
Crown piant of the uhove claim.
And further take notice thnt action,
under section IVT, must he commenced
before the issuance of such certificate oi
Dated this 18thday of Beptemhor,1900.
21-9 00 A. s FARWELL
We keep Pure. Drugs, Medicines, Chemicals, Choice Perfumes, Toilet Articles, Ltc,
Carefully  Compounded.
Mini-"""Mountain  will  Spi-i-nlaloi-  I-'i-ac-
tlon Mineral Claims.
Situate in the Slocan City Mining Division of the West Kootenay District
Where located:—On the north fork
of Sprlngor creek.
TAKE NOTICE that 1, Arthur S. Far-
well, acting ns agent for Robert 1 Kirkwood, Free Miner's Certificate No.B26881
intend, sixty days from the date hereof,
to apply to the Mining Uecorder for uer-
tiflcntes of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining Crown grants of the
above claims.
And further take notice thnt action.
under section 87, must he commenced
before the issuauueof such certificates oi
Dated this 18th dav of September,1900
21-9-00 A. s. FARWELL
For a Nice Fall Suit. Perfect  Fit Guaranteed.
Trimmings and tho Finish is First Class.
MAIN STREET, SLOCAN.        Three Doors South of Postoflice.
-     ~    ■■    ■■ ' '"'       '   ****—**■*•—- 11
Canned G-oodLs.
Our large Stock has been increased by a carload ot
from Ontario. They are this
season's pack and we guarantee them. All kinds of
Vegetables and Fruits.
T. McNeish 6c Co.
Your Feet
Will be kept warm this winter, if you buy a pair of our nice,
comfortable Shoes. We have Dress Shoes.Street Shoes,Working Shoes, Miners' Shoes, and, in fact, any kind of a Shoe you
want. All new goods and a large assortment kept in stock.
Come and see our display and you will have no trouble in
finding exactly what you want.   Prices, right.
E. JVV. Shupe, Clothier,
Main Street, - Slocan
Mall  Orders receive
and careful attention.
Ti, Independent Labor Party Supporters.
THE imiiressioi
the coming
on prevails that voters In
lominion election can
vote any place In the Riding. This is not
so, All Independent Voters take notice
thnt you must vote In the Provincial
Riding In which you are registered.
Also, take notice that the Yale-Carl-
liiio-KooteiKiy election lakes placi* on
Nov 21, or about that dato, due notice
of which will be given when definitely
Independent Labor Party
Slocan, Nov. t, 1900.
J. J. Walker
and Jeweler.
A full line ol
Watches, Diamonds,
Clocks, Jewelry, Plat-
edware and Spectacles
always in stock.
Repairing a speclaltv and all work
leftat Tun Drill office will be for-
warded.    Mail  orders promptly   lit*
tended to.
liaker Street, Nelson. I
NOTICE is hereby given that we intend to applv to the Hon the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for a special license in cut and carry away Umber
from tin* following described land, situated in th" Slocan City Mining l>.v> on
ofYV-st Kootenay District, Province of
British Columbia:—Commencing at a
post on the north side of Bpringer creek,
about iooo feet north from the upper, or
"Provost," bridge; thence south-easterly
at right angles to Springer creek *>*v>
1 glee north-westerly 60 chains; thence 1001
chains lo the  point of connnencem nt,
containing 960 acres more or less.
Dated this 24th davof August, 1900.
Ron-Personal Liability,
By J, Frank Collom, Managing Director
for 51ocan.
Closing Out These Lines :
Forty simile Gasoline Lamps, original
price, i,*l'J 50; now. 68,   Ten double Gas-'
1 niii.e Lamps, original pries |15;now,tl2.
■ $lo Mcdii inal Belts, now |5; $10 Medici*
I md Batteries,now $5: (15 Medicinal Batteries,  now  $1; 40 children's   Novelty
Safety Swinga, $1.   100 Hand Oil Paint*
ingSflf Kootinav, s.ze  15x20 and 20x30,
worth (25 and (50 each, selling at (10
and (15. including beautiful burnished j
gilt frames; mu-i suitable present of the
day  All kinds of Pictures selling at cost.
Picture   Framing a specialty.     Prices,
guaranteed the lowest in Kootenay. Rov-I
city Scissors, Novelty  Electric Necktie'
Lamps,etc.   Goods sent C.O.D. when,
donositaccompaniesorder and all mail oi
dors will receive prompt attention, at-
l Nelson, ll. I'.
Just Arrived
Half a carload of Steel
Ranges and Heating
Stoves. Call and see
our display before purchasing elsewhere.
Dealers in General Hardware,
Jl/AIN STREET,        •      BLOCAN
Agents for Crow's Nest Domestic
and  Blacksmith Coal.
-OF nn;—
it   angles   to   Si-ringer creek  till   T1 iittl ni
?:fcs.;«,rA,K5:|MpW Lalior Parti,
Adopted in Convention at Nelson
on the 3rd of October, 1900
Gwiilim 6c Johnson, The Mureutt Branch
Slocan, - - - 11.
Pioneer Livery
and Feed Stables,
15. C.
General Packing and Forwarding attended to at the
shortest Notice.
Saddle and Tack Horses for
hire at reasonable rates.
M a nas-er
Nelson's Japanese Goods
are here at last and he invites the good people of
Slocan to come and see
them. Space will not permit just now to give prices
and range. Come and see
for yourself.
As an Inducement) Nelson
will pay fare Up and return
and   meal lure to  all   who
purchase $12.00 worth of
1 foods from him.
s Drill I
New Denver, B. C.
1.   Free compulsory education.
'j.    Legal working day of light hours.
li.   Government inspection ol all industries.
4.    Abolition of contract  system On I
all public works.
6, Public ownership ol all franchises.
. n. Prohibition ol Asiatic Immigration and the regulation ol all immigration by an educational teat as toiniml»|
grant's fitness, and tne abolition ol all
special Inducements and privileges i"
foreign immigrants lo settle In the Do*
7.   /• bolltion ol child labor under 12
s.   Abolition ol the I2B0 deposit required of ull candidates for the Dominion
9,   Compulsory arbitration ol all lalior disputes.
10. Prohibition ol prison  labor in
competition with Ire i labor.
11. Ail election days to be made public holiday!*.
1.'.   Abolition of Dominion senate.
Fellow-Laborers,your vote
and influence are solicited on behalf of:
Chris Foley
The Labor Candidate.
Worden Bros,
Teamsters &
General Draymen.
Boarding Stables; Saddle Horses lor
Hire at Reasonable Kates.
Wood and  Coal for Sale.
Agency for the Gait Coal Co.,
Orders for Coal to be accompanied
by cash and left at. the Office:
Meets tlie second Thursday In each month
at x i>.m. Next meeting in the Pr*
by terianchurch. AH meetings open
to those wishing t  Join,
Mas. YV. J. Anbeswi, Mas. T. B. Bui
President. Cor. Bocretsr*.
Kii.iIiuiI, Qraphlo, Urspble Pimollonii4
itiiisiiin .ilIiwthI claims.
Situate in the Slocan City Minim; Diri*
sion   of   West   Kootenay    District,
Where  local *d :   I >n  the divide DM
tween Ten Mile and Sprinter creekt
TASK NOTICE thnt 1, Archie Main*
waring Johnson, free miner's oert
No. l'oti'.ini. intend, sixty days frooi |be
date hereof, to ii|>|i)y to the Mitiini
Recorder for Certiticates of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining*
Crown Qrant of lhe above claims.
And further take notice thatactiorii
under .'17, mum bo commenced before tn«
Issuance of such Certificate of Improvement. m
Hated this 8th dayof Bepfember.iW''
Gaiia Pad Mil
Mines,   Real Estate, Insurance, Accountant,
Abstracts    of   Titles
B.   C.
My third big shipment of Heating
Stove;, and Ranges for the season
will soon be here.
MeClary's Stoves took the gold medal
at tho Paris Exposition.
Sole Dealer in Slocan for
these Stoves.
Still continue to operate
first-class Sleepers Oil
all trains from Revel'
stoke and Kootenay
Landing; also Tourist
Cars, passing Dunmore
Junction daily for >*■
Paul; Saturdays for
Hontreal and Boston;
Mondays and Thursdays for Toronto. in«
same cars pass Revel'
stoke one day earlier-
No trouble to quote
rates and give you a
pointer regarding tw
Eastern Trip you con
template taking.
Elections, Nov.  21*1     main street, blocan,
and  Winter schedUV
now effective.
For time-tables, rates, and fa.l«jj
format ion call on or address ii''*-1"
local atfont, or—
Agent, Blocan CM
E. .1- ,'()YI,K|
T. P. A.,


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