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The Slocan Drill 1904-11-25

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NOV 881904
*****    *
t+trn j
o- /
VOL. V., No. 36.
SLOCAN,   B.   C,   NOVEMBER   2fi,   1904.
Fruit, Confectionery, Tobacco
You can get anything in these lines that you
require from us. Our stock in each is alypcvs
kept fresh and well assorted. We handled:
best the market affords.   Prices are right.
Rubbers & Umbrellas
Now the wet and slushy
weather is on, call and see
our lines of above goods. We
keep all sizes and kinds and
guarantee satisfaction.   .   .
David  Arnot,  Slocan.
Agent Slater's Shoes & Canadian Rubber Co.'s Goods
J. W. Crow, Proprietor.
THIS Hotel is one ofthe best known and most popular houses
in the country.     It i.i located adjacent to the depot and the
wharf, aud commands a magnificent view of the beautiful
Slooan lake.     Good fishing is to  be found close at hand, while
every facility is offered for boating.
Tourists will Iiud the Arlington aud ideal resting place.
Commercial men bave at their command new and commodious
sample rooms.
The dining room is strictly up to date and tlie bar supplied
with only thd best brands of goods
(lalliher Oot» n ltumyi'l Majority—II-hh,
in Yule, line a lliiriler Fight-Both the
'e Lose Their Deposits—11. C.
Ottawa, Monday, on appeal, and were
decided thusly: Sandon Waterworks
vs Byron N. White Co., judgment varied by refusing injunction; no costs
allowed. Giegerich vs Fleutot, re the
Cork and Dublin claims, appeal dismissed with costs.
The Liberals carried lioth Kootenay
and   Yale-Cariboo  in   the dominion
elections on Tuesday, so that British
Columbia sends a solid contingent to!
Ottawa to support Laurier.   In both
ridings the Socialists lost their deposits,   Baker, in Kootenay, making I
the, stronger run.   Galliher's majority
Is simply immense, approaching thej
KKJO mark, while Hoss, in Yale, had a
hard light.   Contrary to expectation,
Rossland went   Liberal, and Nelson
gave Galliher a  bouncing majority.
Almost all of the Conservative points
went Liberal.
It was a beautiful day for the contest and much spirit was evinced locally.   A small vote was polled here, I
117 ballots  being cast.   Three Baker j
votes were spoiled and 1 Galliher. Thej
Socialists rustled  their  votes in good |
style and led  the poll.   The Ottawa
mine and   the str.  Slocan  gave the
Lib( nils their lead over the Conservatives.   Returns were posted up at the
Arlington   and   Madden   hotels and
■were eagerly scanned by many.
Following is the result in the various polling places heard from in the
Kootenay riding, the initials standing
for the candidates' names:- -
Is reached by any trail or road
that runs into the Town.
Do not go past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
Pointer No. I—It is « purely Western C.itmlian Agricultural Paper for Western
Canadian l"uinic,** ami Stockmen..
Pointer No. 2-It i* U\Tfta. will primed, well  edited, well illustrated,  reliable,
proffQMIve ainl ft'iu less. a
Pointer No. 1-Its Fermi an- strictly e«lh in nflvance. ami the paper fa promptly
discontinued ut expi>T»llOlt "I mlbicriptlon, utiles* renewed.
Pointer No. 4-1'lie Noi   Wc-l  Fanner is Uie ouly agricultural paper printed iu
Oanada weat of Lake Superior.
Pointer No. S-U hs* '"ore paid iu advance subscriber* in Manitoba and the N.W.T.
than all other farm pepera combined. ,_„, .
Pointer Na.*-lts luneitloill ami lufonnatlon me worth many dollar* to each
Pointer No. 7   Morally it Is nliove reproach.
From Now to December 31, 1905, for $1.00
Inclutlititf tli. inifiit'  f titapci I.I Xttt.a
N ,,.. - ■ ai,.! tli. Italatu . o < ,9". fire.
Tliaau.inrt y..u acini, tilt mow mini I-.n
ynu .III i-a.lv..   Mail'* ',' ■ '" ..
B.iiil'l. OOpjl anal tt. ■■ u|<aiu letjuasl.
P. O. Box 1310. WINNIPEG. MAN.
Fort Steele..
C.i in borne...
"os'-liery ....
Rossland ....
Trout Lake..
Three Forks.
New Denver...
Slocan Junction
Oanuther's Mill
Mioux     12
Cast legar       5
Trail     69
Proctor       1
Ktislo Ill
Sandon     28
Carlson     20
Coal Creek    15
Revelstoke ....  190
Morrissey Mine     9
* !•*.
Fourteen "tla-n Lost- Their Lives by u Ona
Kxploalnn In foul Mine.
Morrissey was visited by an appalling disaster on Friday, when 14 men
lost their lives from an explosion in
mine No. 1, known as the Carbonado,
of the Crow's Nest Pass Coal Co. The
killed are: William Jenkins, Lewis
Carter, Peter Kennv. A. Johnson, P.
Dovle, VV. Piatt, M.'Uustick, A. Preb-
nick, V. Venerka, M. Tomseaeky, A.
Broiulse, J. Brondse, J. Sucky, A.
The explosion occurred just at noon.
Fifteen men were working in that
part of the mine and only one escaped. He was D. Dareev, a driver, who
was on his way out when the explosion occurred. He was thrown vio
lcntly down, hut succeeded iu reaching the mouth of tho entry and was
In view of the great force exerted
by the explosion, which appears to
have been in the nature of a blowout,
the mine is not damaged to as great
an extent as might have been expected. Mine Manager Simisler and
Supt. Drennan.who came from Fernie
Immediately upon lieing notified of
the explosion, were on the ground al!
afternoon directing the work of recovering the bodies.
This is the second serious explosion
to have occurred at Morrissey, the
previous one taking place a year ago,
wheu four men lost their lives. There
is one pathetic incident in connection
with the disaster. The family of W.
Jenkins, one of the victims, had only
arrived from the old country a week
ago, and the wife and four children
arc heartbroken.
The Drill: $2 per year
Med. Supt., J. P. CADE, M.D.
1).\TKS: Regular luhisrlbflrn,$1 per month
IV   nrJIO n your: nOU'lUDIOtlben (pxultlsiveof
tnnrilcal nttandanoe)(8 per ilnv, Privatewardi
I1 por day extra. Bpaowl faclllttai for mute in-
uy oaiei,
■Por further particulars apply to.
O. B. O'Neail, Sec
H. D. Curtis
Financial Agent
Accountant & Auditor
Notary Public
Fire and Accident
Abstracts of Hineral
China Creek...
Roger's Pass...
IV. User	
llo,r Ranch... .
Bea vermouth. ••
Illi.eillewaet.. ..
(I lacier	
> 'raiilirixik	
i i:i!,'iia Hav... .
Molly Gibson,.
."inii* Mill	
\iiiugtnu Mine.
0 •
Willow Point...
Fort Steele Jet.
Carbonado ....
Majority for G
Tli<* Final Splutter*.
The Conservative rally held in the
Music Hall, Friday eve:iii,',',was fairly
well attended. A. C. Smith acted as
chairman, ll. W. Hanningtou. of
Nelson, was the only s* Baker and he
put up a straight talk for Mr. Mackintosh. The speaker labored under
great difficulties, in that he was far
from being a well man. and several
times he had to take hla scat,'finally
delivering much of his address while
sitting. A strong .stimulant was procured for him and he eventually recovered his strength, concluding his
remarks with his wonted vigor and
force. Mr. Hanniugton's plucky con-
duet won the meeting, which closed
with three rousing cheers fur tbe Conservative candidate.
Saturday evening the Socialist party
held their closing .gathering of the
campaign, when Al Teeter and Candidate Baker addressed the electorate
iu the Miner's Union hall. There
was a full houseand much enthusiasm
marked the proceedings. Monday
evening Candidate Baker was in New
Hon- the Patties Nlanil.
Following are the corrected returns
from the different provinces of the
standing of the two great parties, as a
result of the elections to date:—
Libs.   Cons.
Ontario     39        47
Quebec     f>l 11
Nova Scotia     18 0
New Brunswick      7 6
Manitoba      B 2
Northwest Territories..      7 3
British Columbia      7 0
Prince Edward Island..      1 3
son. He and three others stinted out
lato at night for tho mine, but Roue
got separated irom his companions in
the darkness. His liody was found
alongside the road in the morning,
death having resulted from exposure
to the inclement weather.
Silver OuolntimiH.
Following are the quotations for liar
silver on the various days during the
week since last issue.:
Thursdav     r>8*( cents
Friday     68§    "
Saturday     581    "
Monday     681    "
Tuesday    r,8;j   "
Wednesday     59      "
Supreme Court Appeals,
A couple of cases from this district
came before   the   supromu  court, tit
Liberal majority, 6'.*.
Otinnge ut Agents.
L, J. Edwards, who has been CP.
il. agent here for lhe past two years,
left yesterday morning to resume his
old position at Nakusp. Mrs. I'd
ward-* ami children accompanied him.
their household effects going along
also. Mr. and Mrs. Edwards have
proven good citizens of the town and
they will lie greatly missed. For lhe
present Ceo. Garrett, so long the pop
ular agent at New Denver, is Installed
here, and it is hoped his appoint men I
may lie made permanent,
Snug Service.
Sunday evening a song service was
given in Knox church, and it proved
a successful and enjoyable affair.
Special music had  been provided  by
the choir, with solos by J. Anderson.
D. Arnot and 0. F. Sinitheringnle.
The audience was large and demonstrated their appreciation by a bumper
collection. Another service will pro
bably Ihi given on New Year's day.
Kuti in sight of Celebrated Cody and .inker luxe.
On Tuesday «*ui important appeal
case was decided by the full court of
the province. Docksteader vs Clark
was a case whieh, under different
names, has been before the courts for
many years. It has superceded the
Callahan vs Copeland case for practically the same property, the original
Cody and Joker claims. These were
restaked, Clark calling his claini the
Wild Hose, and Docksteader naming
his the Colonial.
S. S. Taylor, for Docksteader, argued tlmt the No. I stake of the Wild
Hose claim was on crown granted
land, as was also the largest portion
of the location line. Both contentions
have lieen upheld. Originally the
case was tried at Nelson before Mr.
Justice Irving, who decided in favor
of Docksteader. Judgment is affirmed on appeal, Mr. Justice Martin dissenting. The Colonial is held to be
valid and the Wild Rose nnil and
Fourteen similar suitsiare pending in
connection with portions of the same
ground, and all are practically decided by this judgment. The disputed
ground is situated near Cody.
.Settler* for Canadn.
A big influx of Frenchmen to British Columbia is predicted by A. Fox,
of Montreal, who is in Victoria inquiring alxiut land. He says 26,000
people will come to Canada as soon as
the arrangements which he is now
making are carried out. This emigration, which is being operated through
some big agencies iu Franco, is being
stimulated by recent differences between the government of France and
the Vatican, which devout Catholics
regard as persecution. Fox says most
ol the emigrants are agriculturists and
vine dressers, and he has opened negotiations for a large tract of land in
Okanagan valley, which will be devoted to vineyards, and where he estimates COOO of them will settle. The
tigriculturists will be settled on the
ranching lands in East Kootenay. No
less than 12.IKK) are all ready to come.
Cabinet Shuffle lu Ontarlat.
Premier Ros.' of Ontario has announced the members of his new cabin"!, and the following members have
been sworn in: G. W. Hoss, premier
and treasure'.'; Richard Harcourt.
minister of education; F.R. Latchford,
attorney general; John Dryden, minister of agriculture; W. A. Charlton,
commissioner of public works; a.U.
MacKay. commissioner of crown
lands: George P. Graham, provincial
secretary; .1. M. Gibson and F. E.
iv.antui'il, ministers without portfolios. 	
AsbeStOS .flout Found.
Asliestos has hitherto been au unknown mineral in this camp, at least,
close to hand, yet indications of it
were picked up this week. Geo.Stoll,
on Tuesday, handed into this ollice
some samples he had picked upon
the Kepublic wagon road, just out
from the town. It is in a schist formation and the fibre is short. It has
not been proven whether tin* mineral
exists in quantity, but there is plenty
,,f float lying scattered around.
$2.00 PER ANN UM..
LuRt Yeur'e Shipment,, Were 1339 Tom—
A Healthy ICvldence of the Lire and
Wealth of tlia. Camp—Ottawa is tha
ItiKKent Shipper.
The roads in the camp have broken
up and it has become difficult to handle any ore for export. During the
week 22 tons was sent out from the
Ottawa, it going to Nelson. Several
of the smaller properties have consignments ready to go out, but they
will hardly move before rawliiding
sets in.   Output to date 2078 tons.
For 1*908 the ore shipments from
the local division amounted to 1339
tons, mnde up from 17 properties.
Following is a full list of tho shipments this year to dute:
Enterprlsa  C80
Ottawa       22 1137
Neepawa  71
Port Hope  17
Kepublic  32
Blnck Prince  67
Sapphire  2
Argentite  5
Black Fel  2
Cliajileau  S
Alherta  15
Colorado  7
Highland Light  1
Blanfleld  2
Edison  15
Cripple Stick  12
Kilo  20
22 2078
Seven men are now employed at the
Silver jumped up this week to 59
cents per ounce.
Operations have been stopped at
tho Mountain Con.
The capacity of the lead refinery at
Trail has been doubled.
The force at the Ottawa was reduced
by seven men on Sunday.
Sandon mines last week exported
26(J tons of galena and zinc.
A heavy foreign demand has forced
copper up to 15 cents a pound.
More ore sacks and supplies were
sent up to the Graphic on Sunday.
At the Ottawa everything has been
prepared for winter, and the new ore
house completed.
One-third of the force at the Black
Prince was let out during the week,
there being now less than 20 men employed.
Billy Cotterill and partners are doing well on the Northern Light. They
have driven 18 feet on the ledge and
have eight inches of ore exposed. A
shipment will shortly lie made.
Eastern capitalists have bonded
the (Jrant, a silver-lead proposition on
the north fork of Woodbury creek.
It was owned by C. Rossiter and D.
Grant, and the property will be worked this winter.
Died fn,i,, KxpoNill-t*.
Alf Howe, a (brnislnii in, died on
the Silver King road, Friday evening,
while walking to the mine  from Nel
III); lllll Will, the Pot.
When the result of the elections was
made known on Tuesday evening,
showing that Big Bill Galliher had
won the political jackpot, the following message was wired bim from here:
"Congratulations, old man.   We are
yelling loud with ace in the hole. McPhee and Madden." Mac went to
Nelson nest day and look the hole
with him. 	
Hotel Arrival*.
Arlington Et. W. Hanningtou, J.
Walker. .). Kadcliff, W. Koch. Nelson;
Mrs. H. Wide, Kaslo; F. Summons,
Royal B, H. Holman, Nelsons J.
Baker, city) G. R< (Ireen. Victoria; T
M. Lldgate, Birmingham, Eng..; A.
Ross, Sandon: S. ('. Wing. Kaslo: Alf
Reeve, Arlington mine
R. Hilchey and wife are the latest
additions to the town's citizens.
Dan McPherson went to Slocan this
week on business conuected with the
Young Bear group.
Mrs. Angus McGlllivray and child
left for Manitoba this week, to spend
the winter with her mother.
New Denver folk are rejoiced to see
their old station agent. Geo. Garrett,
located at Slocan'.   He is a good man.
Flection day passed off quietly.
For the first time the town went Liberal, the cry of the lead Ixiuuty ''living
its effect.
Sandon Presbyterians have donated
$100 towards the purchase of n manse
hero.   There is a strong suspicion the
pastor contemplates matrimony.
Further progress with the waterworks has been temporarily blocked,
owing to protests having been lodged
against the company over the supply
of water.
Wednesday evening the K. of P.
held one of the most successful balls
in the history of the lodge, Sandon
Knights ran down a special traiu, and
visitors were also present from Slocan,
Silverton, Rosebery and Three Forks.
I Supper wtis served at the Newmarket.
I.oral I.i'giil lias....
A couple of local legal cases came
up at Nelson, Monday, before Judge
Leamy in ohambers, Bank of Montreal vs Arlington  Mines, et al. three
applications. Order made for commission returnable December 15. Order made for interrogatories and special leave given to issue summonses
for order for discovery of documents
returnable Deed. Shatford vs Bene-
dum, order made for service of writ
ex juris.
I ■ m,
j ;1;
i *li}'
,    .■■vfflfl
'    i^HJ
r '#
* li
Ab Illostrntlon That Gives Some Idea
of Its Llttleneaa.
How large is an atom? "Perhaps the
simplest though not the most exact
way of arriving ut a rough estimate uf
the kIzo of atoms is liy measuring the
thickness of a soup bubble film where
it is as thin as possible just before It
bursts," says u writer. "Sueh a Mini if
composed of aloms must be something
like a pebble wall. Now, a pebble wall
would not stand if it were not several
pebbles thick, and if we bad reason to
suppose that lt was about u dozen pebbles thick we could easily make an es
tiinate of the size of a pebble by measuring tbe thickness of the wall. That
i.s the case with the thinnest region of
n soap film. It is found to bave a very
definite uniform thickness. It is the
thinnest thing known, and by i 'lined
optical means its thickness can be accurately measured. It must contain
not less than something like a dozen
atoms iu its thickness, and yet it is
only about the twenty-millionth of an
inch iu thickness by direct measurer
ment. So that the diameter of an atom
comes out between one two-hundredth-
millionth of an inch. In other words,
from about 200,000.000 to 300.000.000
of atoms can lie edge to edge in a
linear inch."
The Reason Ther Grow So Abundantly Thrni,nini,il  the World.
Grasses are widely diffused throughout tbe world in order to provide
abundantly for the sustenance of a
very large portion of the animal king-
"Grasses," nays Pa ley, "are nature's
care.    Cattle feed upon their leaves, !
birds  upon their  smaller seeds,   men
upon the larger, for our bread corn is a
grass,    Tbey  thrive under treatment
by which other plants are destroyed. '■
Tbe more their leaves are consumed
the more tbelr roots Increase, nnd the
more they aro trampled upon the thick- ,
er they grow.    Many that seem dead
and dry renew  their verduro In  the
spring.    On   lofty  mountains, wbere
summer  beats   nre   not  suttlcleiit  to I
ripen tbe seeds, grasses abound which
nre viviparous and conseiiuently able
to     propagate     themselves     witbout
It is interesting to note In tbls connection that animals at liberty In their [
pasture to range and choose attack the
leaves and leave unharmed the stalks
which support the reproductive flowers.
The  .loll*.-111.,•  Amoeba  Has  Neither
Limbs, it,mill Nor Stoiunrh.
The amoeba, probably the simplest
form of animal life, bas neither limbs,
moutb, oor stomach. Its whole anatomy consists of a simple cell of the jelly-like material called protoplasm. It
moves witb a flowing motion. Just as a
drop of glycerin might slide on a slightly inclined plate.
It feeds by flowing over and Ingulfing and minute animal or vegetable
organism that may be In lis path.
When It lias digested Its food it passes
on ami leaves (lie residue behind.
The amoeba CtO be found on the surface of the mud lit the botlom of almost any stagnant pod ami is hardly
visible WitbOUt B inlCrOSCOpe, It reproduces irs kind by simply dividing
into two when it bas reached a certain
size.   Occasionally iwo amoeba merge
Into one, which breaks up Into many
much smaller ones. In Hmcs of drought
the amoeba Incloses itself in n hard
cyst and wails until Its home ls wet
I.lvnl Too Fast.
"Poor fellow, be Is <|iilte broken
down, and the doctor suys that bis condition is due to fast living."
"Fast living?"
"Yes; you see lie Is n traveling man,
and be was obliged lo eat so many dining car meals nml lose su much sleep
in sleepers that bis constitution gave
Tonic   Treatment   for   Indigestion—
Kew Strength for the Stomach
From Xefr, Rich lied lilood.
Tlio Tonic Treatment—that is tho
latest nnd only ecientific cure for indigestion. All the leading doctors of
Europe nnd America are using it
with sensational success. N6 more
purgatives, no more pepsin, no more
potent foods, no more long diet lists
saying "Tbou shalt not eat this or
thnt." No nioTO of all this—nothing,
in fact, but plenty of new, pure rich
red blood to tone the liver and give
•he stomach strength for its work.
That is the Tonic Treatment for Indigestion.
The tonic treatment is based CS
the new idea that drugs which digest
the food for the stomach really weaken its powers through disuse. Thc
digestive organs can never do their
work properly until they are strong
enough to do it for themselves. Tho
only thing that can give the stomach
and tho liver new strength is good
blood—and the only thing that can
actually make new blood is Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Tale People.
Tliey have long been known as the
greatest blood-building tonic in the
world, and all the highest medical
authorities agree that tho one scientific cure for indigestion is the Tonic
Treatment. The marvellous success
of the treatment has been proved in
every corner of the Dominion. One of
tho latest witnesses is Mr. Joseph
ltochctte, St. Jerome, Que., who
snys: "I simply hated the thought
of food. Of course I had to force
myself to ent, but afterwards I always suffered with dull, heavy pains
in the stomach. I seemed to be bilious as well, and this caused severe
headaches, which further aggravated
my unfortunate position. I grew
pale, fell away in weight and the
troublo seemed to be undermining
my whole constitution. I tried several remedies, but without success; a
doctor whom I consulted advised absolute rest, but this was out of tho
question, ns I had to work for my
living. Fortunately for me, one of
my friends advised me to use Dr.
Williams' Tink Pills, and I -Tedded
to do so. After taking the pills for
several weeks thcro was a decided
improvement in my condition. Not
only was my digestion better, h\i\
my genernl health improved in every
way. New blood seemed to be coursing through my veins, bringing new
health and strength every day. I
took eight boxes of Dr. Williams'
Pink Tills altogether, and those who
see mo now would never know I hnd
sen an unwell dny in my life. I owo
my splendid health to these pills, anjj
strongly advise overy dyspeptic or
weak porson to lose no time in taking thom."
Mr. Pochette's statement ls a
strung tribute to the Tonic Treatment. Dr. Willinms' I'ink Pills cured
him because tbey actually made now
rich blood for bim. Theso pills go
right down to the root of thc trouble in the blood nnd curo thnt. The
now bin,„| the.v make carries healing
health nml strength to every part of
the body. Thut i.s the new Tonic
Treatment, and the highest medical
authorities    now    recommend    this
t realm,'lit for all tho Common ailments such ns ana,'inin, headaches,
backaches, rheumatism, sciatica, nou-
rolgia, nervousness, dyspepsia and
general weakness. These nre all Caused  by bad blood nnil therefore are all
cured by Dr. Williams' Pink Pills.
Vou can got these pills from any
medlcino dealer or by mail at SOo a
box, or six boxes for |2.60 by writing to the Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.,
lirockvillo, Ont.
The   Serin,in.
"I certainly ilid enjoy your sermon,"
Said the bard case, who seldom attended cburcb,
"Indeed!" replied Itov. Mr. Tawker.
"And which part did you enjoy tbe
"I guess lt was tbe part wbere I
dreamed I bad a million dollurs."
A Judge fiiit 1 a party Of lawyers were
discussing vail >us maxims when one
of the lawyers said:
"Well, Judge, do yon  really  believe
honesty is the best policy?"
"I'll answer that question by n story," replied ibe Judge. "When I was
practicing law one day In lhe Interests
of a client 1 said to a mun:
" 'Do you ow-ii u largo black dog with
white spots'/'
•lio looked at me qulzslcally and
tben said:
" 'Oh, no. That dog Is merely n stray
canine that occasionally strolls into
my yard, You're tbe tax assessor,
aren't you'/'
" 'No. I'm only a lawyer. I came to
tell you thut n client of mine bad ncel-
iloiitall.v  shot  and  killed  the big dog
and authorised me to pay tbe owuer
fttS damages, But us (ho animal bus
UO owner, why. Of COUrSS (here's uotli-
lug to pay. Good morning.'"
He Waa Wounded, bnt Killed Six of
the McKnudlns Cans.
Wild Bill, whose real name was
James Hlckok, first came west iu 1807
and drove an ox team on the plains for
Majors & Russell in 1S00. He subsequently engaged himself to tbe overland stage company as stock tender nnd
was put in charge of a new stage station on Rock creek, near the old Mc-
Kandlas station, whicb was generally
known as Robbers' Roost. Tbls was
the headquarters for the McKandlas
gang, a crowd that bad held together
since tbe Missouri-Kansas border ruffian days and generally bad things
their own way. A man named Kicklin,
and n number one stagehand, was the
superintendent. He tried to buy out
the McKandlas station; but, failing in
tbis, be built a new one near by, putting young Hickok in charge. Up to
tbat time he bad uever experienced
trouble witb any one and was not likely to have friction, especially witb tbe
old station keeper, McKandlas, or his
In tbe winter of 1800-01 McKandlas
and his nephew and four other men
passed by the new station on horseback, leading an old man who was
afoot. Tbey bad a rope around tbe
old fellow's neck, and occasionally they
would take a few turns around the
born of tbe saddle, make a run on the
rope and jerk tho old man down and
drag bim on the ground until he was
nearly dead. The ouly spite they had
against him was that be was a North
Methodist preacher. If Wild Bill was
anything be was an abolitionist and
free soiler and loyal to the United
JStntes. The McKandlas crowd was
planning to mnke a raid on several stations to secure tbe stock and go south.
They told young Hlckok they would
take the stock. He replied that be
would be there.
Wben they returned late ln the evening two stopped at tbe corral, two
went to tbe front nnd two to the back
door of tbe cabin or hut. Hickok told
tbem he would shoot the first man who
took down tbe bars of the corral. The
elder McKandlas lired at Hickok, but
missed bim. Hickok returned the tire
witb a rifle and shot McKandlas in
tlie heart. The next shot from Hickok
killed the nephew, and the two fell at
tiie front door. Just then the two ot
the buck door opened fire. One shot
from a double barreled gun lodged
seven full grown buckshot Into Hick-
Ok'S right side and lu east, two of which
entered his lungs. The two meu who
Stopped at the corral came to the assistance of the two men ot the house.
Hickok was then in a hand to bund
light with four men. He killed throe
of tbem in tlie bouse and wounded tho
other so badly tbat be died on tbe
A P"-.'.. < ii nl n in That \ever Attained
Any   Very, Kilen.lie   l>n»r**.
Stiehothetry, from tbo Oreek stlcbos,
a rov. line or verse, ami metron, a
measure, is used in two senses. The
flrsi applies to tbe subject matter of
Ilcbr. iv literature, whereby tbe rhythmic hues which constitute the parallel*
i.Mu of the poetical books ure portioned
oil'   fi'iin  one  ain,Iher;   lhe second   lo
i'n entirely artificial method of measuring off tbe contents of i sch book by bo
many lines of fixed or average length.
The former is of great antiquity and
nay have been Introduced by the sacred writers themselves, The latter Is
due to Futlialitis of Alexandria, 438,
who applied It to the Pauline epistles
and llltet \J the gospels,
si. Jerome profp^sed to have founded
bis i!,"!iio,i upon u similar treatment of
tho text in existing manuscripts of
Demosthenes and Cicero, llis original
ni'i'iuigcment Is tbougbt to be represent*
c.l by ilm Codex Anilatlnus at Florence
■ 'i'i Uml of EiUliallus In the CodeX
Clui'omontiimis nt Paris.
.\.; ibis system lefl a lurge proportion i r ..'ii pngo blank and as vellum
was ' istly, audiometry never attained
any very extensive usage.
-j,        ,.: **.^..ri»*. rautvt ,.».».*
But Dodd's Kidnoy Pills Cured J. J. Perkins.
He was Unable to Work, ond Becora-
ing Destitute, Before He Used the
Oreat Canadian Kidney Kencdj.
Tyndall, Man., Nov. 14.—(Special)
Unable to work hec.ui.se of Kidney
Disease, pronounced incurable by tha
doctor***',, and fast becoming destitute,
M.*". J. J. Perkins, of this place,,
fecad new lifo and health In Dodd's
Kidnoy Pills. In his gratitude he
wants all Lhe world to know of his
cur.-, and that he owes it to Hodd's
Kidney Pills.   Mr. Perkins suys:
"After two years of Kldnoy Trouble
I Sot so bad the doctor'said I wip-
incurable. I got still worse, ar.d at
times had such terrible pains in my
back nnd kidneys that 1 thought 1
would die.
"I was una'ble to work and was.be-
coming destitute when a friend persuaded me to try Dodd's Kidney
Pills, Five boxes cured me completely."
A Pnrpeae.
A purpose i.s always a companion.
An earnest purpose is the Closest of
companions. To fulfill duties is more
than to enjoy pleasures. It carries its
own reward? There Is no bitter lono*
Uin'ss for thoso affectionately devoted
to blessing their fellow cicirnures. Tho
keeper of the lighthouse when night
settles around him and the tempest
holds revelry and he looks out on the
ghastly glare of the breakers and hears
the shrieking of the storm Hend, finds
good company in the th.night that the
friendly light he trims will warn endangered crows of their peril and perhaps  save  them  from   death.    I lilted
souis lind solace and companionship
in their works.
Mnlmil  I,npan*  of Memory.
Mrs. B„ wliw hus passed the meridian of life and Ls ambling down i »
western slope, had occasion to coasult
her doctor. liefore be diagnosed ber
illness he asked her ago.
"Doctor," said the old lady, with
some asperity, "I am just one your
older than I was this time last your
when ymi visited mo professionally
uud usked the sume question."
"Ilnw old were you then?" asked thc
doctor,   "I have forgotten."
"So   bave   I,"
A lli-nilliii-l..
"The only way to swim," said tlie
man who assumes to give Instruction
it-bout everything, "is to huvo confidence."
"Ves," answered the novice, "and
the only way to hav fflOdenco Is to
be   perfectly   sure   you   can   swim."
Method in it.
Miss Cabbie It's strange that n girl
who used to wear bor hnlr s i ne itly In
so careless nbnlll it now. She hns to
keep brushing Stray licks '« H'l; with
her   hand.    Ml*"l   I'ht'llus   That's   n.,t
strange, Bin 's got an engagement ring.
Manage us we may, misery ond suffering will always cleave to the borders
of superfluity.- Jacob!,
iirom Mount Oenevlevo, a pons iu
Oilpin county, Colo., u person can hob
into four slates und one territory, <>n
a clear day the observer can discern
the Uintah mountains of eastern f'lali,
the .Medicine How range of Wyoming,
the tips of the Rockies In Now Mexico
and Ihe principal peaks of Colorado.
Tho plains Stretching to tbo east are
plainly visible clear Into Nebraska.
Thoro Is no tolling when a medicine
mnv bo needed in homes whore i hen'
aro young children, ond tho failure
to havo n reliable mo.'lclna at hand
may mean much suffering, find, perhaps, the loss of ,1 priceless lifo.
ICvorj mother should always keep e
box ,,f llaby's own Tnblots in lho
house   This medlcino acts promptly
and   sp Illy, CUres  such   ill ,  ,r,  Ktoill-
■iii h and I,unci i roubles, to t hlng
i roubles, sjmplo fevers, colds, worms
iimi othor Uttlo ills. And tho mother has ii guarantee- thai lho Tublots
contain no opiato or harmful drug,
Ono «Iho mother, Mrs. <b.<, Hurdy,
Fourchu,   \. 8., snys:    "I  have us,'.,|
llaby's  Own   Tabids  and   find   than,   ,,
blessing to children. I nm nol satisfied without  a box in tha houso al
all times."    II your doajer d  nol
Itoep those Tablets in i lock send li.".
cents to The Dr., Williams' Mcdb mc
Co., nrockvlllo, Ont., and you will
get a box by mail post paid,
\A/o  Want  every Black op Ja^fT
Drinker in the Dominion to try      a
Geylon Tea.   Black, Mixed or Natural Green,
Sealed Lead Packets Only.   Never in Bulk,
By All Grocers.
A Boa Con.trletor That Ha. a Very
Deceptive Tall.
Every now nud then somo traveler
tells of a two bended snake which exists in Egypt, and whenever the uur-
rator hasn't seen tbe snake himself,
be is more or less disposed to assert
that thero really is1 a snake with two
beads in Egypt, because he has been
told nbout it by many reliable persons.
Indeed, sometimes a traveler who
bas actually caught a glimpse of the
snake is likely to declare that it truly
is two headed, for the serpent certainly
appears to bo so wben seen only by
chance.       • . .
It ls only when the snake ls actually
taken up and examined closely tbat tbe
truth is revealed.
i'he tw'o headed snako Is not a poisonous serpent. It is only a boa constrictor, and it is fairly common, llut
lt is so secretive that lUhldes away in
its sandy burrows almost constantly.
It is strangely formed in so fur that
its tail, instead of tapering off to a
point as the tails of other snakes do,
widens out into a bludgeon shape, thus
making it look so utterly unlike n tail
that it is almost impossible to think
it is anything but a bead when tho
snake is seen for only a moment.
To add to the deception, jugglers
catch these boas and paint jaws and
eyes on the tail. Tbe work is so carefully done that only a trained observer
can distinguish the real head from the
false. Thus the story of the two beaded snnke has obtained wide circulation, and has even crept into the books
of otberwiao accurate writers.
Cut the second "heaii" is ouly a tail
after all.—Exchange.
VICT. lux*
Mrs.   Annie M.  Wolsho,  ,,„„,.,
tho stnte prison at Auburn    \f S,'
wus  beaten    almost  to death hi   "
infuriated female convict ,„, _%,_
week       The    lattor is,,  u,„    1'lls;
great strength.   Mrs. Welshe
nnn  Iii
quested by the wm	
an interview   .n  the ma tic
nnd at oner, summoned tin
Room For Improvement.
At a dinner given by Sir Joshua
Reynolds, nt which were present Oar-
rick, Johnson, Eox and others, Ur.
Ilernard, the dean of Dorry, bad asserted that after tbe age of forty-live
a man does not improve. "I differ
witb you, sir," said Johnson. "A man
may ftnprove, and you yourself bavo
great room for improvement." Tho
dean was confounded and for tbo ln-
Btant silent. Recovering himself, he
remarked, "On reflection I see no cause
to alter my opinion, unless 1 wero to
call lt improvement for a man to grow
—whicb, I allow, be may—positive,
rude and Insolent aud save arguments
by brutality."
Folded  In.
"Mad,?*, Harry asked me to marry
him last night."
"Oh, I am delighted," replied ber
friend. "How did it happen?"
"Well, you see, be just usked me, nnd
I said 'Yes,' and then be stood up uud
folded bis arms."
"Well, I never! Was he not more Interested than that? Whatever did you
do nt such treatment?"
"Wbat could I do? You see, 1 was In
his arms when lu.'. folded them."
The Value of a l?am«.
Nelson, a thriving little English town,
ta a living instance of the value of a
name. Not long after the battle of
Trafalgar some tinker, tailor or othor
person established a tiny wayside inn
and called it after tbe naval hero.
There was nobody on the spot from
whom to expect custom, but the road
led to and from populous districts.
Travelers stopped at the place, and
presently a cottage or two begun to
rise, then more of them, und tho name
of tho public house nnswered for the
whole. That was the nucleus of lho
present town. Now 40,000 people 11 vo
around the site which the old Innkeeper chOSB and called alter Hit* name
of his hero.
I'n a alun ''nuntrrfelt..
Jobany Say, papa, passing counterfeit money is unlawful. Isn't lt? l'npu
- Yes. Johnny Well, papa, If a man
Was walking along tbs street and SAW
u ten dollar counterfeit bill upon the
sidewalk and did not pick lt up
wouldn't lis be guilty of passing counterfeit money and couldn't be be arrested and put In Jail? Papa-Moro
likely the lunatic asylum. Now you
muy  go  to bod,  my son.
'I'n nrms!
Away with p^nr* and Its alluring cliurma
We'll fel 111 in IDMl lha foe!
We'll bravely So
And never turn to rosl until we find
That enemy avowed of all muni,in,I,
Tht Mere,, mosquito, win,, win, dastard
Assaults Hie human race,  thai Slaps nnd
SQub mi
Ami I.ni-,',.i with expletives moil Impetus
To ahoo nwny these vami In s nr tha night
We will forge! theaq territorial hi  win,
Theso various diplomatic bluffs and call*.
Come,  Jain  the  movement  'gainst  Uicm
Hosts that plague you
Ami massacre by means of fsver and ague
We'll  kindle tires and variously smudge
Ami sea likewise if keroaena ean bud
And if these fall we'll nnd n parasite
Boldler of fortune und bring him io light
The ,,minimi foe.
What, lu,:
l.i i ui forget nil ntlier tnloa of nu.
And try tu give the hemun rue* « ->..,«..
ivaj ($
'/'Nt   he,
11 s   o|]iCf,
Without a word oTwaraint 2°3
man  picked  up a chnir when sintered the room nmi .shattered lu3
the matron's head, felling her ad
the  first  blow.    The  Infuri ,M
vict then began to beat Mra  u,.|!f
over tho heud with a club,    \notl
woman convict   who acted a. « j
vant hurried to the   scene oud Zt
was knocked down. But for tho tlal
ly arrival of the ehglnoer and thi!
gatekeeper the victims   would  hav*
boon killed. After a terrlfl,
the two men succeeded in
Ing the frenzied convict.
' '•mingle
iin  Monday    afternoon    fire biota
OUt  ill   .Mann's  planing mill i,,„| |lnj
factory at Peterboro, Ont., ami _
pinning      mill     wus    completely destroyed.   The loss is about $8,1	
four commissioners, representing
tho London Hoard ol Trade and o~.
ers, who wore sent to ascertain th,'
damage done to tho North Seatraw.
lore by the Russian second Padfc
squadron, have confirmed tin i
that, some ol the trawlers were seriously damaged by shells and niacMne
gun lire, while others also iuflerod.
Applied   Science. — Buxley:   "Why,
aeionaiiits toll lis that a uomaii's
VO ice can be distinctly heard iit an
altitude oi 8,350 yards," Trimble
iiieai Caesar: it niiiM have bees
my wlfel"
Lever's  Y-/  (Wise Head)  i    ■
taut Snap Powder dusted in thebatk
softens the water and disinfects      :i?
Thoy Were in luck.— 'What did the
ladies say when \oii told thorn I val
not at home?" .Maid: "Sine, waoai
ihUn said It's ufther bein' belter t'
bo born  lucky thain rich."
bu Mil' DELAY.—Do nut let » colt
nr ,, coturfa ihmi'i, upon you a* It mil H
neglected.     Dr. Thpmaa' Kcleclrlc OU efi
,,,,.'   a   Cold   nnil   Itreuk   Up  n  omul,   Ild
should ba reaorted to »t once »h«i u»
Oral ayniptoma app<sar. li can !»• '!>
gulied ao ilmt any unpleaaaat taiti ,;
may  im*.i*  will  ba Imperceptible   to tb«
del,,'uti*.   Try i(  und l.e convinced
In n  Hurry.—-Guttersnipe:   "Please
muvver wants sixpence on this 'ere
fryin' pan." Pawnbroker; "Hallo!
It's hot!" Guttersnipe: "Yus, muv-
ver's just conked   the   soslfues,   «"'
wants  the Mionev for lhe ber'"
Indi-estion, that menace to
human happiness,    pit  ■-* >•' >"
ft»sRuit». and no raepartor ol
hns met Its connuernr In S",fl, AnifO-
((in Nervine. I hin ci""' -'■ :: ico <'"•
ncrva remedy etlmtllatei riiRMt on. ion''
th« nerves, aids circulation drlvee "u|
Impurltlea, diepeli eroa, al on, am
brines back the flow "< perfeel heal'n
Cure" hundreds of "chronica" ii'al I""*1
bafflal   l>h\ siciaim — 08
In,iii,ue*.—The    scoii'iiiiar   nutowo*
bilist was about to run ov, r i
of Salvation Army people   ivl i  »'"'
holding u meeting at the stiwi  • '
ner,     "What   would  be 11 se?"   '"'
muttered. "These people nre prcpar*
ed for death." Whereupon i o* J
up aud  passed an,nnd  11
■.aii     i
[Move Scotia
/Neva Scotia she**p\
grow tha best Waiol
fln tho world.   Tlie sir
rcllmalo and prazlnj £:•
a strength, elasticity a  I
eilkineia lo lhe wool, th.'.l
cannol   bs  duplica!:d any-
whsro else.   Tho only underwear In Canada, mauo ol Novi
Scotia wool, Is
The wool — process — knitting- j
workmanship —all combine  to f
produce Iho best woolen Un**"""
wear Stanfleld'l.    CverV'gii'-
mont Is guinnitcd unshrinkable, by lha only guarantee
worth considering—"money
back If unsatisfactory.
Wesr "Stanficld'i"
this winter. £     DRILL
3L0CAN,   B.   C.
Korr, aged <i- years, watdh-
I',,„. the Pennsylvania Sweep &
tjnft Company,    was killed by ft
. while attempting to save   a
workman from boing murder-
i'jiavid   Bykle,   raiglneor tor the
Jua'y. enme upon two young men
freight en vs.     He attempted
Uli tliem,
h hen one of tlm rob-
lf   pllll   'J.1A1OA0.1   \1   AVJ.ip   S.l.l<|
o trigger Kerr    jumped   bo-
,l,,. burglar and   Bykle,     The
entered    Kerr's   breast,  killing
Tho robbers escaped.
l,|,S     K.    P.    CHANCELLOR
i,s B.   Shiveley,   of   Richmond.
Supreme   Chancellor   of    the
thi.*. of Pythias of the world, has
,,l ,1 military commission to in-
irmtc tho   charge    ot    partiality
Mil  against <!en.  .lames  lt. Car-
[n ,,[' Indianapolis, head   of   the
rank,    The charges were in
lCCtion with   the awards   in    the
contests at the biennial conven-
,,i   thO  order  ut.   Louisville,   l\v.,
VuRust, The members of the
Iniisslon are Gen, L, ll. Lyon,
.,,■. Charles D, Lisle, Wisconsin;
■mas P. Sutterwhite, Kentucky.
[Col. DaVld A. Meyers, judge ail-
_,,' ul' Indiana. The commission
col nt Indianapolis some time
I month.
I liy.—Mrs.  Murr.vnt:   "No,   I  didn't
Ipt my husband the first tin,,*   he
ed "   Miss   Flyrt: "Of   course
Vou  weren't, present   the    first
i  ■ proposed."
essful.—"I   don't   think  Crabbe
I    ever succeed.    He's  too  fond    ot
,:   .;   fault."      "Well,   he's    Rot.    a
b at   it  now."  "A  job nt finil-
ilt?" "Yes, lie's a spot ter   for
[way company."
ISouti   American   Rheumatic
uro Gu.-es  -Rheumatism -it is
arinlosi and   afcta  quick—Rivet  aliout  ,1'iii'i and ,in niiMiUiie curt
•  to  threa dayt—wort*'*   won*
| oul acute   formt   ol   rheumatism,
i'i testimony:   "I tpeut  li n kt
.■  before commencing Ita una—4 bot*
.    .: ed nie. '—6(1
iv of Advice.—"His trouble
. i due to n neglected cold."
l\ neglected cold? I don't believe
■ ver was such n tiling. No man
, i ,,d a cold without having at
i dozen friends attending it for
Those whom neglected coughs
have killed were once as healthy
and robust as you. Don't follow
in their paths o£ neglect.   Take
Cure T^
right now. It is guaranteed to
cure. It has cured many thousands.
Prices; S. C. Wells*Co. S>8
_25c. 50c. |1   LeRoy.N.Y.. Toronto. Can.
Tho cold storage of eggs has
proven unprofitable, sny wholesale
dealers, according to a despatch from
Pittsburg, Pa, Hence the Armours,
Swifts and othor Westerners are going out of the business of accumulating eggs in the summer and storing the sain,' for advanced prices iu
the winter. . The hens have broken
every corner ever attempted in the
egg market by western packers. Failing to handle the product at will,
Westerners will not spend any more
money in the experiment. Wholesale
egg dealers allege that thc packers
havo been Shipping eggs at meat
rates, which are One-half less than
freight rates on eggs. The Interstate
Commerce Commission was called on
to stop the discrimination. Kggs
may Ik* lower in price as a result
this winter.
MINARD'S LQnMBTCjlto Neuralgia.
Openings sometimes come   to   men
and oysters when least, expected,
We have no hesitation in siivlnc that
Ur. J, li, KeUogg'a Dysentery Cordial
is without doubt the beat medicine ever
Introduced   for    dysentery,     diarrhoea,
ilnli'i'a unit ull sun,mer complaints, BOS
sickness, etc, It promptly jjives relief
and never fiiils to effect a ooBltiva cure.
Mothers should never be without u bottle when their children are teething.
Unconscious Missionaries. — Some
scientist tells us that a steady diet
of prunes will strengthen the moral
character. Thus many a good boarding house mistress is unconsciously
a missionary,
At tho Reception.—Ox-oyn Daisy:
"Vou don't recognize mo, do you?"
Chrysanthemum (nodding graciously)
'Why,  yes,  of course;     wo belong   to
the same family.   You are one of my
country cousins.*'
MINARD'S LINIMENT for Sale Everywhere.
llut It's Hard.—When a woman
works two months on a tidy ior her
church fair, and sees it appear marked "in cents by a committee, she must
be compelled to remind herself thut
the Lord demands humility,
r is a  UVKit  PILL.—Many of   the
thai   a,.in  lias in contend  with
' elr  origin  tn  «  disordered   liver,
is a delicate  organ, peculiar)) sus*
.   to the disturbances   that   come
I a,    irregular habits or lack ol care i»
a    _  anal  drinking.   This accounts   for
■ mi    many    iher   regulators now
.I on the attention ol sufferers    Of
there  i-.  none  superior  to   I'arme-
Vcftotalile   l'ills     Their   operation
gentle is effective, and the most
• ■ can use tlii'i,,.
\\aa.id Work a Hardship.—The eml-
':• investigators were about to dis-
..",- the microbe of crime. "Don't
that, irciitlemi'ii. for heaven's
. I" instantly exclaimed the grent
I '   detectives.   poliri»lii''U.     w ar
ia,let's,    turnkeys,   and  criminal
ra     "What   will   We  do  to  live?"
'   IUCHARD9 i-v CO.
-. —A  few   days  ago I  wns
n severe   pain   and   con-
,  the curds  of my  lee,  and
I io takon home in n rig.     I
mid nol   sleep for pain, and was un-
[itil mv foot mi the floor.   A
•..hi   in,'   ol your   MINARD'S
IXIMKNT, and  one  hour from   the
i at Ion,   I  was aide lo walk,
pain entirely disappeared.
'.ii,   use  my  inline  us  freely  as
like, ,,s i consider   it   the   best
:■,   | havo ever used.
■ rsoll. Ont.
Tbere ara many persons of healthv m>-
petlte and good digestion who, after a
hearty meal, are Bubject to much suffering. The food ot which they have partake,, lies like lead in tbeir stomachs,
Headache, depression, a .smothering feeling follow. One so afflicted is unfit for
I,usii,ess or work of any kind. In tliis
condition Parmelee's Vegetable l'ills will
bring* relief. They will assist, the assimilation of the ailment, and used according to direction will restore healthy
"Ves," said the giraffe, "I've go' a
sore throat, fan vou imagine anything worse than that'.'" "Well." replied tho centipede.     "I had  my feet
I'rostlbitteii once."
A CPV for Help*-A pain In the back
is ,i cry o' tie kidneys for belp, South
American Kidney Cure is tho onlv cure
thai hasn't n failure written iniuinst it
in cases of Bright's disease, diabetes, inflammation of the bladder, gravel and
olher kidney ailments. 'Ilon't ncidect
the apparently insignificant "ngns.
This powerful liquid specific prevents and
cures —70
Side  Line.— "Smithers says his hotel barely pays expenses. Hum how
dues he manage tn bank so much
money every week?" "lie sells theater tickets to his miests."
Minard's liniment Cnres Barns, Etc.
Why Not?—-A .loplin (Mo.) young
woman bus been divorced twice in one
year and has collected $2,400 in alimony. She finds the business so pro-
liiaijlo that she may engage in matrimony as ii regular occupation.
\ telegram frnm Washington suys:
irnl Dewey will be a menibor   of
International Commission of In-
intn    the circumstances    Burling the    iirnie   by tho Russian
■ r    flool    mi    the    British  lisllillg
',,,,   iii the Ninth son.   A Paris
(ram    says    thttl   tho names   of
' .,1'. Fournlcr and Oerva are un-
onsldorntlon    for   French   fnom-
,,i  t ho  Inti rn.ii lonal convent Ion
.  I., investigate   the    North
ii ident      No final decision   lias
reached,   bul    the   ollleinls in
tiniik t'ournlor «ill he selected,,
K,temo*.p.i     sll     hard,    soft    or     calloused
limps   nnd   blemishes   from   horses,   blood
■spavin, curbs, splints, ringbone, sweeney,
stlt'*s. sprains;' cures sore and swollen
throat, COUght, eic. Save $50 by the
use of one bottle, Warranted the most
nondeiful  lllt'inlsh   Cirni ever  known.
Vou can depend on Ayer's
I lair Vigor to restore color to
vour gray hair, every time.
Follow directions and it never
fails to do this work.  It stops
! Mr Vigor
| f'lHingofthehair.also. There's
I great satisfaction in knowing
ou are not going to be disap-
)intcd.   Isn't that so?
" My hnlr tmlnl until It wn abontwlitla. tl
ok pint .me Imitle of Aver'« Hnlr Vigor lo
Itoff It io its fnrnicr alarlt. rich color. Yonr
'Ir Vigor . — vtoli.lv dnn wlmt you itUlm for
"-A. M. lluuoAM.IioeUngaiiiiii, N.O.
M n hotttn, j. 0. ATtHCO.,
l.oav-,11,   Ml**..
or —ui "
I Fading Hair
Tho Duchoss of Conna*ght has sever.,! limes motored over from liirk-
hnll to play Ki>11 on the new links at
Balmoral, and she had ono or two
rounds with Mr, Balfour while hefwaa
guest ihere. Thoy are groat success,
the ground being In excellent condl-
t ion.
Hefp tha Ovo:'woi*!icd Hocrt,
—Is tha ureal, angina which pumjii lite
through >ttir system hard pressed, o»er-
laM'il. groaning under lit load bocauM
ibsi'iisi' nai clogged uv Dr Agnew's Curt
for ih" lli'urt is natura'a lubricator ami
cleanser, slid daily demonaLrattt to
heart tullerera that it is the safest, unrest, und i„o-i kpeedv remedy that medical ' science  knows— (17
DIVIDE    $25,000    AMONG   THEIR
The  Wei in is   Steal,, bo at   I'limpiill.V of
Halt inn,re,   Mil.,   lias   set   mule   |25',-
uiiii of the 11,000,000 ii received for
its property rrom ihe new Chesapeake steamer trust for thOSO employees  win,  hiiM'  been   in   iis  pmplojr
for a long time,   it will be a glfl to
them, und will bo divided among
them as a reward for their faithful
Bcrvlcp. At the mooting of tho stock-
hnldei's ol the company a lew days
ago, when it. was decided to accept
the oll'er made by the syndicate for
tha Btock Of tlie company. Mrs. Henry a Williiuns. Wife 61 the president of
the company. and Mrs. Matilda
I'nliia'S. Ihe chief owner of the slock,
su!'.■'-',••■led llial there should bo some
■(•cognition of bho lonfl (idelily of the
a|,iplo\e,'S. The suggestion was I'a-
vorabiv received by Mr, Williams,
nud  it'was decided  lo divide $35,^100
iii cash,
Merely a Suggestion.—He: "What
can I do to prove thy love for you,
dearest?" She: "Well, I don't know
whether thero is anything In It or
not, but I have heard that absence
makes the henrt grow  fonder."
THK (. It 10A/1  KNIiMSll REMEDY.
TESTIMONIAL from the late SIR SAMUEL BAKER, the famous Nile Explorer.
"Newton Abbot, Devon. Pear Sira—I
have delayed my thanka aa I wlahad to
'.est the elTect of Illair'a Pllla by a auBi-
cient interval of time. 1
"Kor ten yeara I had suffered ae'*tely
from Coat and life had lost ita attrae«
tion owing to the uncertainty of health
and sudden visitations of tha enemy
which prostrated me lor months, or weeka
according -toUhe virulence of the attacka
"TUuir's Pills have rondered ma Immense
lervlce, a* I no longer fear an attack
Of (lout. I
"For the last twenty montha I bave
been comparatively fiite, as one or two
attempted visitations have been immediately Itamped out by the assistance ol
Blair's Pills.
"Truly yours (Signed) Saml. W. Baker.
Lyman Bona A Co., Montreal and Tor*.
onto; The Hole Ilrug Co., Winnipeg; and
Martin, Bole A Wynne Co., Winnipeg.
An interesting experiment is being
tried at Salmon pond, St. John, N*.
B. Every year some thousands of
salmon caught in the harbor wires
are placed ill the pond, anil when
th" spawning season comes they uro
stripped of their spawn and the eggs
sent tn hatcheries. The work for
this season elided last week. It has
been an open question whether or
not the fish came hack each year, and
this year eight hundred iislv- were
marked for identification, a Copper
lag with tho placo and dato indicated boing attached to tho dorsal fin,
and the fish being released. The
catch next year will be awaited with
much interest.
Superfluous Hair
■•moved by tha New Prlnelpla
llectrolyiai, X-ray or depilatorits Ar«
offered you on ths bars word of ths
operator* and manufacturers. D B
MIRACLE U not. It is the only method
which ia indoried by physicians, surgeons, dermatologist!, medical journals
and prominent magaxinei. Booklet will
will be lent Iras, ia plain, sealed
Your money back without question It
it fails to do all that is claimed for it.
DE UIKACLE mailed, sealed la
plain wrapper, oa receipt of fl. Write
for it to-day to DB MIRACLE CHEMICAL CO., 23 Qcish Stbui Wist,
Tobonto, or
Signets |
Not every kind of ring
seems in keeping on a -'
man's hand. Our Signet
Rings however are at Ss
once handsome and char-1*^
acteriitically masculine,    k .
Our reputatioa of fifty yeara ;,*•.*
■iwm aatixfaction ia deal- 2,*^
iaf here. Mail-order cata- y.';
lofuewillbeeialon rcqueit.       >e;
A  special Gold Signet IV
Ring set with Bloodstone
is No 17705 at $7.00.
Made big enough for a big
man to work in with comfort.
Has more material in it than
any other brand of shirt in
Canada. Made on the
H.B.K. scale it requires 39^
to 42 yards per dozen, whereas
common shirts have only 32
to 33 yards.
That's the reason why the
H.B.K. "Big" Shirt never
chafes the armpits, is never
tight at the neck or wristbands, is always loose, full
and comfortable and wears
Each shirt bears a tiny book
that tells the whole history
of the "Big" Shirt,* and
also contains a notarial
declaration thai the H.B.K.
"Big" Shirt contains 39*4
to 42 yards of material per
Sold at all dealers but only
with this brand:—
Montreal       Winnipeg       Dawson
An Easy Ono.—Schoolboy: "What
aro tho fortunes of war?" Papa: "The
money mnde 1 y government contractors, my boy."
It does not pay to breed a cow or
horse with an ugly disposition. Sell
tho horse to tho government and the
cow to tho butcher.
GHildren Had
Skin Disease
Itching   so   Bad  They  Would  Tear  Their
Flesh—An  Extraordinary Cure by
Dr*   Chase's   Ointment.
Too many children ara ln agony
from itching, burning skin disease.
Too many mothers are worn out l)y
anxiety and loss of Bleep in watching
over the little ones who aro tortured
by such ailments.
Dr. Chase's Ointment ls a prompt
and positlvo cure for every forny of
Itching skin disease, and has proven
its marvellous power in thousands ot
cases, similar to the ono described
Mrs. Lois McKay, Tiverton, Blgby
County, N. S., writes: "My children
were taken with an itching, burning
skin diseaso and toro their flesh until
lt was soro and their shirts would
sometimes bo wet with blood. The
doctor did not seem to know what
ailed them,  and could find no relief,
ibo I began using  Cr. Chase's Ointx
I ment.-
I "Wherever it was applied it did its
work well, and has entirely, cured
them of this horrible disease. They;
suffered so they could not sleep
nights, and I think if it had lasted
much longer I would have gone crazy
from tho anxiety and loss of sleep. I
cannot find words to praise Dr.
Chaso's Ointment enough for tho
good it has done my children, and
hope other suflerers will try it."
Dr. Chase's Ointment, 60 cents a
box, at all dealers, or Edmanson,
Bates & Company, Toronto. To protect you against imitations, the por-a
I trait and signature of Dr. A. Wj
j Chase, the famous receipt book au-
Ithor, aro on every box.
specialty   ot loir grade wheat.   Writ* na before shipping*
will show how we caa aarve you.
-Any Sank or Commercial Agency.
GRAIN j Jas. Richardson & Sons | ORAIN
(Until   recently   represented by the late  E.   O'Heilly, Esq.)
All kinds ol grain purchased in Car  Load   Lots.   Write us for top prices
and   shipping   Instructions, Any   grade of wheaf, oats, barley or flax.
P.  O.  Box G29,    Winnipeg,   Man.
you  grain to us to bs sold oa arrival or aftsr*-
warda, aa you may wish.   Wo do a strictly com*
mission  business,   in   which   wa hav* had 20
years' experience.   Prompt and reliable work guaranteed.
Liberal advancea.     Correspondence solicited.     Licensed and Bonded.
Reference,    Bank  of  Hamilton.      Exchange Branch.
DONALD MORRISON & CO., &,.....   416 Qra,n ^SSBba. man.
.lohn .1. Hartley, of Peterboro,
Ont., has been appointed lic'iiM' commissioner for Wesl Peterboro and
Mr. John Inksater, Paris, has been
appointed to tho board for North
A. (.'. Hun*, ilie, who lives alone on
his farm, eight miles north of New
Richmond, Wis., in the town of Alden. shot und ki.ted a gray eagle
that measured six feet and two
inches from tip lo tip. lie heard a
great commotion among his stock.
and running out, found this eagle
trying to carry away a yearling bull.
[Io tried to drive the ferocious bird
away, but did not Buccoed. Then he
ran lo the house, and securing llis
shotgun, fired at ihe bird, breaking
one Wing, It was then dispatched inter a  desperate struggle.
•moms law.       ship Your Grain to       iriLUAM law.
We handle grain strictly oa commission.    Higheet Prices •>btaloahl*s.
Liberal advances.   Tradea carried on margins la Winnipeg's future*.
Correspondence solicited.
IA M   THC   AI ftECT   Establishad fcrain Commissi** I
AM   111C   ULUE J1   Merchant in Winnipeg. O
Consign your grain ts me and get prompt serrice, careful attention
ana highest market prices. Q     Q DI IU If      DRAWBR(
Refercncs-UMON BANK of CANADA.   Wa    Ol     l|llfV,        1300.
SHIP       /^P At* mW*_a    Through    at    Strlotly   Corr
VOUR    jg r^^**%lS*^     m|st|on   Wlrm.      *«aA/rl*-»   *Tt
day   -Tor   F"ull    Prartloulara.
n,  Sons -fit Oo.
\*m* ■ N Nl PBOi
Sunlight Soap does not si
harden or shrink woollens
It Is injurious chemicals and adulterations in common soaps that
destroy your clothes. It is adulterations that harden your woollens
and the excess alkali that destroys and shrinks them.
Sunlight Soap
contains no adulteration ur excess alkali. It is just pure saponified
fats and oils. That is why it cleanses your clothes perfectly in hard
or soft water and does not injure them.
All dealers are authorized to return your purchase money if you
find any cause for complaint.
The Sunlight Meldi find that flanneli de not shrink when waihed the Sunlight waf
Orals Is *r lots beught oa traok or sold oa commissi**. ReaioaaUf
ssranflei toads.    Prompt returns.     Csrres^oajleBO* solicited.   Rslsreaoss
A" ***" " W*"'W UPOU 414, GRAIN EX. BLDQ., WIKNIPEQ.    _
IT IS AN EASY MATTER **«}* J&*£j* iffS/M
bring. If vou will ship your wheat to us wo will soil it with many
other cars cither locally or in the East, and you will get from i-ccntt.
1 cent per bushel moro for it than if you sold it on track at your station.
Wo havo had 17 years' practical experience    in    tho    grain   business.
This, also, is worth something to you.
Mclaughlin & e
Grain Exdiange, Winnipeg.    Rkkkrences: Any Bank or Commercial
If it is a Question of Warmth use
It Retains Heat and Keeps out Cold. '
Write  for   Samples   and Prices.
TEES & PERSSE,  Limited., Agents, Winnipeg.
Sugar-coated, easy to take,
mild In action. They cure
constipation, biliousness,
sick-headache.    -fc^T-0^
Want your moustache or beard
■bcantiftil brown cr rich black? Use
r—tt 9^*1 itmtim~Kt.maxm*t>Ktsl*tm,m,ai
if you whip n colt tor
you will soon develop a
being scared
chronic ruu-
riiiiiiot.   Point   With Prido.—Lady:
"Aren't you ashamed to beg?'1 Hobol
I "No, muni, but   l   sm ashamed   ot
jsoiiie Of de handouts 1 gets."
AmI slu* Did.—"WomanI" hissed
the villain between cigarette puns,
"do your worst!" Whcroupon lho
beautiful hand-palntod heroine meandered down to the footlights and la-
gun to Wall,le the latest popular
Unmusical, — "is
learning to play 1 li.
' "i hops
so," answered Mr, 1
"but   it
doesn't sound like i
1 to me
V-kS    IM    VJ    No    B07 THE SLOCAN DRILL
C. E. Smithkrin'.'auc, Editor and Prop.
SLOCAX,      •      -       -       •      B. C.
Legal Advertising 10 cents a line for
the first insertion and 5 cents a line each
subsequent insertion.
Certificates of Improvement, $7 each.
Transien t advertisements at same rates
aa legal advertising.
Locals will be charged 10 cents a line
for each insertion.
Commercial Rates made known upon
The Subscription is f2 per year, strictly in advance; |2.50a year if not so paid.
Address all letters to—
Slocan, B. C
The dominion parliament will be
called together for the transaction of
business early in January.
The struggle is over and victory
rests with the strongest. Let discord
give place to harmony and all work
together for the upbuilding of town
and district.
Hon. Mr. Aylesworth will retire
from political life and Laurier must
find new material for his cabiuet.
Aylesworth's defeat iu Durham weighs
heavily on his soul.
No important changes in the tariff
will be made at the next session of the
dominion parliament. When the session is closed an inquiry into the
■working of the tariff is promised. All
pre-election promises have been put
over the dump.
Liurier's victory is very popular iu
Portland, Maine, where the psople assert their town, as the terminus of the
Grand Trunk, will double in size and
wealth by the building of the G.T.P.
Canadian public money will build up
a foreign city at tbe expense of home
Things are not going well with the
Intercolonial railway, government
operation, since Blair dropped out, being very much of a failure. For the
three months ended September ilO.the
receipts of the road were $1,850,485
aud the expenses $2,052,4(55. In the
same period last year a profit of $569.-
50 was earned. Yet, despite this great
loss, the government will parallel
their owu railway by the Grand Trunk
To their honor be it stated that a
number of candidates are appearing
in the Quebec elections on behalf of
the Conservative party, despite the
decision of their weak-kneed leaders
not to participate. One has already
been elected by acclamation and there
are excellent chances of others being
returned at the polls. In eutering the
contest the Conservative candidates
«*ire doing so rather by individual action than as a concerted movement,
having been actuated by the laudable
desire to save the party from an everlasting reproach of cowardice. Hon.
Mr. Parent's trickery is uot to pass
Unpunished, as a large section of the
Liberals feel resentful to him, and
numerous anti-Parent candidates arc-
in the field. When the legislature
meets Parent's opponents state they
will have sufficient strength to force
him to retire. The wicked shall not
Tuesday's elections in Kootenay
and Yale-Cariboo for the dominion
house resulted, as expected, in a victory for the Liberals, and they have
their desire granted in that British
Columbia returns a full complement
of SUpporten of Blr Wilfrid Laurier.
As in Nova Scotia, a clean sweep has
Iwn made. In Kootenay. W. A. Galliher will have a majority of clou to
1000, possessing a clear lead over the
combined strength of his two opponent*, Over in Yale the Lilierals have
H narrow margin, and it has taken the
full power of the party leaders and
the Influence of Lauder's victory on
the 3rd to gain Hie ascendancy. The
.Socialist candidate in each constituency lost his deposit, the small vote
recorded marking the cleavage of
Socialism and Labor. The Conservatives fought an uphill fight and they
have nothing to be ashamed of. Whatever mistakes have been mado iu management or organization can now lie
mercifully overlooked nnd profit gained by the experience. Had the elections lieen on the .'hcl, there would
have lieon a much better chance, and
Yale-Cariboo at least would havo had
# Conservative member,
Pay up your subscription.
Just one month to Christmas.
For first-class bread go to J. H
Rosebery is slated for a new smelter
next summer.
The resident vote on Ten Mile went
solid Socialist.
The Lardeau railway will be kept
open all winter.
Road Inspector Moore, Kaslo, was
here on Monday.
Jack Welsh is now a full-fledged
subject of King Teddy.
Jackson Radcliff came up from Nelson Monday to see the town.
Service will be held in the Methodist church on Sundav next
Neil Gething left for the R«<i Fox
Monday, to spend the winter
Bob Cunning has assumed charge
of the Sandon hotel, at Sandon.
The K. & S. railway are putting in
a big span bridge across Payne gulch.
No meeting of the city council was
held again this week.   Too much poi
Miss Brockman, of Indian Head, N.
W.T., is visiting her brother and his
wife here.
McMillan k Pound's sash and door
factory, Sandon, was scorched by fire
last week.
Besides a full council board, a new
school trustee will Ik; required at the
first of the year.
Postmaster McVannel installed a
new safe Friday. It bears a Buffalo
maker's imprint
Robert Hilchey has bought a house
in New Denver and has movod'there
from the Enterprise.
Pat McGuire will spend the winter
at the Red Fox with George Henderson and Neil Gething.
The first real snowstorm of the season struck town on Saturday. The
flurry did not stay long.
The work gang are still busy at the
wharf yards, ballasting the track and
levelling off the grounds.
Five meu are employed at the mouth
of Evans creel; clearin,
for the proposed sawmill
Combined baby carriage and go-
cart, with handsome silk shade, for
sale.   Apply at this office.
A suit for da mages hns lieen entered
against the K. & S. railway bv the
widow of the late Matt Tapanilla.
An order confirming the local tax
sale will be asked for at the sitting of
the supreme court in Nelson, on Dec.
off the ground
Twenty-four men are emplove 1 at
Koch's sawmill, on Ten Mile." Most
of them are assisting in logging operations.
Thanksgiving day was observed nt
the postotfice, school, record office and
station. Otherwise the day was as
The license commissioners will meet
on December 18, to receive applications for renewals for the ensuing 6ix
E. McFadyen went over to the
Molly Gibson, Kokanee creek, this
week to repair the freighting stables
of W. Koch.
A heavy storm of wind and snow
prevailed in the hills from Friday till
Monday. Snow fell here again on
Miss O'Neil is to lie the new clerk
in the postoflice, Miss F. Bull leaving
next week for Arrowhead and eventually Vancouver.
Local merchants are displaying
their Christmas wares. D. Arnot*and
J. Anderson have au attractive assortment of novelties.
Provincial ratepayers received their
assessment notices this week. A general raise all round has lieen made
and great is the wrath thereat.
The traffic receipts of the C.P.R.
for the week ended November 14th
amounted to $1,085,000. For the same
week of last year they wore $<)7(.*,O0U.
St. Andra's Nicht is due between
sundown Wednesday and sunrise on
Thursday. Englishmen are not supposed to know what may happen
A third brother of the Lrdgate family arrived from England last week,
and is domiciled at lho prospective
sawmill site at the mouth of Evans
A big rockslide occurred lust week
on the main line of the C.P.B., at the
cast end of the Cisco tunnel, near
Lvtton, delaying traffic and mails for
several days.
On Thursday night, Nov. 24, the
pastor of the Methodist church will
give a talk on: "A trip through Australia and Palestine," illustrated by
fine optical lantern views. A few local
views will also be given.
Mis. John Bull and family leave
here on Thursday next to take up
their residence in Arrowhead, where
Mr. Hull is located in business, Thev
have been residents licit* for years and
their removal is regretted.
The DattiL will print- you. on short
notice and in anv amount, shipping
tags, billheads, statements,letterheads,
noteheads, memos, receipts, envelopes,
visiting curds, business cards, bills ofl
fare, dodgers, posters, etc., etc. Will!
meet any quality or price. '
• Several patches of land  have boen
bought lately down the valley.
Several voters from this camp went
to Nelson ou Tuesday to cast their
Appended is a completelist of the various records registered atthe local registry office, H. P. Christie being raining
Nov 15—Never Sweat, on  1st n f of
Lemon, W E Newman.
Nob Hill, same, James Smith.
Nov 14-
Our range in ebony
toilet articles is large Ig
and varied.
A favorite set, in handsome
case, ia No. 14807. It contain, hair-brush, mirror and
five other necessary piecea.
mounted with sterling ailver
shields, $15.00.
catalogue   will
of value when
[■& next you are thinking
>    about gift-making.
Send for it to-day.
Pressed Hay,
Feed and Oats.
In the Supreme Court of British Columbia.
In tin* mutter nf Min Corporation ol the City
of Slocan Tux Sale, IPtM.
And in the mutter of tlm "Municipal Clauses
Act" and amendments thereof,
TAKE notice tlial u petition of Herbert David
1 Curl is, Ciillectin'of tlio Corporation of tlio
Ciiv of Slocan, Ims been presented to this Honourable Court, lo oonflrm the sale of lands for
taxes, held by lhe said Corporation of the City
ot Slucun on tin.' Hill and -lith days of July and
tlie Srd day of August. 1HIU, under the Municipal
Clauses Act and amendments thereof, and ifiut
tbe Ot.li day of December, A.M. ISKU, nt 10.80
o'clock in the forenoon, at the Court House, ill
the City of Nelson, llritish Columbia, haa lieen
appointed for the hearing o'Said petition.
And further take notico thut the following
hinds, in which you appear to have an interest,
according to the assessment roll of the suid Corporation, or the books of the Lund Registry Office, are 11 portion of the lands which were sold
for arrears of tuxes at the said sule and are included in the said petition: Lot 6, In Block 2,
City of Sloean, being a subdivision of Lot 292,
Group 1, West Kootenay District, of the Province of llritish ('olumbla.
And further take notice that unless,at the
timeAUd place aforesaid,yoa chow cause to the
contrary, the said snle will he confirmed as
prayed for in snid petition.
1 luted nt. Slocan, B.C., this 28th day of October, A.D. KOI.
Solicitor for Ihe Collector of the
Corporation of the City of Slooan
Tl> S'l'El.I.A IlATLKV.
In the Supreme Court ot* British Columbia.
Is the mutter of ths Corporation of the City
OfSlocan Tax Snle. WOI.   ,
And in Iho matter of the "Municipal Clauses
Act" and amendments thereof.
'j'AKK notice that u petition of Herbert Duvid
1     Curtis, Collector of tlie Corporation of the
( iiv of Slocau, hu- been presented to this Hon-
Durable Court, to confirm tbo sale of lands for
taxes, held by the sold corporation of the city
of Slucun on Ilie 2."itli und -i.lli ilajs of July and
tlie Brd duy of August, UOI, unui r lhe Municipal
Cluu-.es Acl and amendments thereof, and thai
tlio6th duy m" Deecu.b 1, A.ll. IBM, nt K).:i0
O'clock in tin- forenoon, at the COUrl house, in
l'a' city ot Nelson. Hrilish Columbia, has been
appointed for the hearing of snid petition.
And further take nntice that tlle following
lends, in which yon uppenr to have an interest,
according tn the assessment mil of thesuid corporation, or Ilie books nf the Lund Registry Ofliee, an* a port inn of tlie lands which were snld
for arrears of luxes at ilm said sale and am In*
cluited in the said  petition I  Lots IU and Sl, in
lllock 2, city of Slocau. being u subdivision of
Loi 2D2, Qroup 1. V.',-st Koolinny District, ofthe
Province of Hrilish Columbia,
And further lake nolice Cat unless, tit the
time anil place aforesaid, yon show cause to the
contrary, the said sale will be confirmed as
pr.a.ved for in snid petition.
Dated at Slocan, B.C., tbls 28th day of October, A.D. l'.Kil.
Solicitor for the collector of the
corporation of the city of Slocan
To Thomas Lag Pbtbhs,
citv of Slocan, has been presented to this honorable court, to confirm the sale of lands for
taxes held by the said corporation of the city
n She 11 m the 23th and ftth days of July and
"l a i rd day of August, WW, under the Muuicip..
Clauses Act and amendments thereof, and that
Iml I. d«>' of December, A.D. WW, at 1O.S0
o'clock in the forenoon,, at the court house In
the city of Nelson, llritish Columbia, bas beeu
appointed for the hearing of said W'l ««■"■
\nd further take notico that the following
loads, in which you appear to hare nn interest,
according to the assessment roll of the said cor-
r or itioi "or the books af the Land Registry Office are a portion of the lands which were sold
fori'irrears of taxes ut the said sale and are included in the snid petition: lot 10.111 block: 18,
citv of Slocnn, being a subdivision of lot 2112,
griiup 1, West Kootenay district.of the province
uf llritish Columbia,     ,.,.-.      ,        ,..
lnd further take notico tbot unless, at the
time and place aforesaid, you show cause to the
contrary, the said sale will be confirmed, as
prayed forin said petition. -
Dated at Slocan, B.C., this 28th day of October, A.D. ltKM. „„...„
H.R. JORAND,     ,
Solicitor for the collector of tho
corporation of tho city of Slocan
ToS. H. Robinson.
In the Supreme Court of
British Columbia.
In the matter of the corporation of the city of
Slocan tux sale, 1901.
And in the mutter of the "Municipal Cluunos
Act'' und amendments thereof.
'1'AKK notice that a petition of Herbert David
J Curtis, collector of the corporation of the
citv of Slocuu, has been presented to this honourable court, to confirm the sule of lands for
taxes, held by tba said corporation of the city
ofSlocan on the 2Jthuud IStlth days of July and
lho Hid duy of August, 1901, under the Muuicipul
.  .e   ^
Clauses Act nnd amcndmeiits thereof, and tha
the Dili day of December, A.D. 1904, at 10.y)
o'clock in the forenoon, ut the court house in
the city of Nelson, llritish Columbia, has been
appointed for the huiiringof said petition.
And furthor take notice that Ihe following
lauds, iu which you appear lo have an interest,
according to the assessment roll of the snid corporation, or the books nf the Land Registry Ollice. are a portion of the lands which were sold
for arrears of taxei at the Mid sale nnd are Included in Ihe snid petition I lot 10, iu block IS,
oity of Slocnn, being 11 subdivision of lot MS,
group 1, West Kootenay district, of the province of British Columbia.
And further tnke notice that unless, ut thn
time and place aforesaid, you show cntise lo the
contrary, UI6 said sale will be confirmed, us
!■• ..led for ill said petition.
Dated at Slocan, ll.C., this 2Mb day of October. A.D. 1904.
Solicitor for the collector of lhe
oorporatlon of lhe city of Slocan
To \V. Wilson.
In the Supreme Court of British Columbia.
In the mutter of Ilm corporation of the city of
Sloaun tnx .-uie, 190!.
And in the mutter nf the "Municipal  Clauses
Act'' unit uuieutlinetns I'
1KB nntice thut a p-
tition of Herbert David
Ibe corporation of the
In the Supreme Court of
British Columbia.
In tiie rentier of the corporation of the cily of
Slocan tux snle. [001,
Ami in the matter of the "Muuicipul Clauses
Acl" and amendments thereof.
'I'AKK notice that n petition of Herbert Duriu
1 Curtis, collet t,,r of the corporation of the
city of Slocnn. hns liecn presented to ull honourable oonrt, to confirm tht sale of lands for
taxes, held by the said cor|iorntiou of thecity
nf Slocnn nn the-atli und 'Jtith dnys of July uml
the 3rd duy nf August. I'.'il. uialcr lhe Muuicipul
Clauses Aet und amentummts thereof, nnd thnt
tie iith day nf December, A.D. 1801, al  UL30
o'clock iu the forenoon, at the court house in
the city of nelson, British Columbia, has bean
appointed for the hearing of mid petition.
And further tuke notice thut the following
Inn,Is, in which yon uppenr to liuvn uu Internet,
10COriling 10 the asse.siueut roll of lhe suid cor-
Strath more
Dhawkr 551,
Calgary, Alberta.
Pealerg in Haled Uuy, etc., etc.  Prompt
Shipment, Reef Quality, Lowest
Prices, Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Weltia 11s ror QnotHl ion..
The Quesn's
Hotel ^-aa^
e. 6. CLAitKE, rnuriuErou
HATES:   89.00 PKIt DAY
First-cliiFs Dining Konni
Large and Comfortable Bedrooms
Sample rooms for Commercial Men
Nelson, B. C.
*■*-******»*** *-***
Curlis, collector
city of Slocnn. bus been presented tn this linn-1 Poratlon, or the bonks uf the Land Hcgisiry Of-
ourable court, to confirm tbo -uie of lands for ; Hee. nre 11 portion of the land- which were sold
taxes, held by the said corporation of thecity I for arrears of taxes at tha said sale and are in-
of ^locan ou the Oth nnd Sallb davs of July ami I eluded In the sail petition 1 lot 17. In block ih,
llu* 3rd day of August, 1801,under the Municipal i
Acl ;
... 1 XljUaa.
Mrs. A. Mason, Prop.
Headquarters for traveling men
Large, airy rooms
Best meals given in the town
HATES •»'! per day; arlth
uuinple rooms, !S".'..'.i). special riale* ta, Hteady hoarder*
Arthur Street, Slocan
J. A. Anderson
.did nun'n.iu.euts thereof, and liiut
ihe uth dny Of December, A.D.  llMi, ut 10..J a
o'clock In the forenoon, ut the courtuuase In I
the city of Kelson, llritish Columbia, bus been
appointed lor the hearlus of suid petition,
..nil further t.iko nolice Hint  Hie following i
lauds, in which yon appear lo h ive an Interest,
according to the aasoasinout roil of the said oor*
poratlon, or (he book- of the La id lioci.-try (if-1
Bee, ure 11 portion of t.ie lands w.iicii \,ere sold
for arrenrt of lazes ut  the sa4d snle and nro include.! in the s.iiil petition: lot 18, in block 11.
uud lol a, iu  block U, city of  Slocan. beTpKsl
>ubdi'. i.-ion i.f lot Tx.1, nn up I. West   Kootenny |
district, of'the pro vim 1 GritUtt Col uin bin.
And further tako notice thnt unless, ut the
lime and plnce atoresal .you -how cause to the
coiiti'.ii'y, li.e snid snl.< will he contlruiud 11-
prnyed for in sni.i petition.
li.nel ut Mo^iii'.ll.r., I is :nth day Of October, A.D. I'.M.
H. It. JOItAMl,
Solicitor for the .olleelorof the
corporation of the city of Slocan
To Wm. It. Rodkutsok,
In tlie Supreme Court of British Columbia.
In the mutter of Ilia corporation of the city of
Slocnn tux Mile. l'AU.
And in the mat '.er of the "Municipal l'lnu-e-
Act" and .-iinemlnieiiN thereof.
'(■AKK notice Hint 11 petition of Herbert Ilnvid
J. Curtis, collector of the corporation of Uii
nty of Slocan, hns been prooantod to this hon.
onrabls court, to confirm the -.uie of lands for
taxes, hold bj thesuid oorppyaUon of thecity
of Slocnn on the 23th nnd 20th daj'- of Jul}- nnd
ih- .':ril dny of August. 1001, nnder the Municipal
Clunsofl Ad aal amendments thereof, and tnnt
the6thday of  |i unbar,  A.I).  HUM, ut lu..«i
o'clock in the forenoon, ut tlm court honsaln
the city of Nolson, linii-.ii Columbia, has been
appointed for the hearing of suid petition.
And fun her tuke notice thut the following
lands, in which you appoar to hue un interest,
• ii .'lini* lo tne ;,«- .-n.eut roll of the said cor*
Duration, or Hie books of ihe Land Registry Of-
OCO, are u portion ef the bind-, wliich wero sold
for arrears of taxed a- the laid sale ami are included in the suid petition: lot II. In block IL',
city of sloean, boing a subdivision of lot20X,
group 1. Wet Kootenay district .of the provlnoe
of British Columbia,
And further tnke nolice Hint unless, at the
time uml place aforesaid,yon show cause to tiie
contrary, the said sale will he confirmed us
prayed for iu snid petition,
Datod ut Slucun. B.C., Ibis 2.1th day of October, A.ll. l'.Kil.
•Solicitor for the collector of tba
oorporatlon of the city of Blocan
To Robert Smith,
In the Supreme Court of
British Columbia.
hided ill   the Mid
city of slocuu. baina n subdivision of loi ac
gronpl. West Kooumay district, pf the province of British 1 oluiubiu. /
And further tnke nolice that unlaw-., at tilt
time nud place nforesui I, yonohow causa to tiie
contrary, the  suid   sule   will   bo coullrined, OS
prayed for iu suid petition.
Detail ul Slocuu. ll.C, this nth day of October, .l.il. Hill.
Solicitor for the collector of the
corporation of tin* city of Blocan
ToTno.M.iH R. i Aula tii.
In the Supreme Court of
British Columbia.
according to the a.  ,
porntion, or lhe b ,     S,"'," •?•! of tl„,v„
flee, are a portion o ,■, ,',< »'.Un,| fc V,
eluded i
aty o, ,fc:tLr; ■
group 1, W	
Id sail
And farther ca;     ■., (,
time and place , !m"   r.11'"' Unlc,, „,   '
contrary, the sai.l   ^   ' JSB ^e,„i*,« 4
ber, A,D. 1901.
fflth ,|
""»' WO*
,.  .. H- JOK.vnj,
Solicitor for tin-   .ou,. , I
In the Supreme Court
British Columbia.
•|'AKE notice that a petitionnfu 1
1 Curt is, collector ,',f, | ' , , /r»'» Dm
city of Slocnn, has been pre.. """!"'S
ourablo court, to confirm ho l'! lt*i
tuxes, held by the said corp,,r„ '',H£
of Blocan on the 25th and 21 .".'i' ■ »l
tha drd dny of August. 1904,underfislMH
Clnusei Act und amendments il,.,, r**m
the flth day „f December \ '?Sh**i_
o clock in the forenoon, at the i„ .,',al 9
the city of Nelson, Brit&h (• „ , < S*t
appointed or the bearing of .-.• i . i,'1'1' k*a
And further tuke notfee that Efej
lands, in which you appear In In,,, ,'"""»«.'
according to the assessment n, I, f ,i," "'Nt'
porution, or the books ,,f the I „ , i ^'"'l**
lice, aro a portion of the lands whi3rS5rl
for arrears of taxes at (ho said wCmH?1
eluded in th. said petition: lot ai iSwSfl
city of blocan, being
of llritish Columbi
And further tuke  nolice  Hint   unl
time and place aforesaid, you
contrary, the  snid   sule   will   In
prayed for in said pel il ion.
Dated at Slocan, ll.C, this 28th
bur, A.D. 1901,
Solicitor for tl ,
*.  „        „   oorporatlon of tho
To 1'it.iNK BoniWTaox,
iiii I
» runs
day of I
(Hector i.fy
citj of ft]
♦ ♦ ♦ ■*-** *■*■* *-*-*-* *-*** * * ♦ ****+,
B il]
Slocan, B. C.
ami Ilie
Comfortable Rooms,
Dining Boom Service
Best of Everything nt tl
— •—
I ♦♦ a ********
In ihe matter of tin
Slocan tnx salo, 1901.
And in Ibe matti ' I
Aet" and amendn
'I'AKK nolice lb
I Curli-, colln
city of Slocnn. In
oiirnble court. I..
taxi"-, held by tin
Of Shu'HIl ou lhe :
llie.'Iid duy or Aii
f'lnu-"* Acl uml i
tlio Ll li dny id
o'olock In the ton
the city or nelson.
uppoinleil foi- the I
And liiiili,',   taki
■ oorporatlon ol the oity of
r the "Muuicipul Clausal
ai ii petition of Herbert Dayid
Uir of the oorporatlon nf tha
- beon presented to thl> hon.
conilrm the gale of land* for
ild corporation of the city
Sth and "Uth days of July and
Ifllst, IKII, under lhe Municipal
intendments t hereof, and thai
Dei ember, A.H. I'.ml, m ii).;iii
teiioon, ut tlie court hoi: | in
liciti-h Colombia, hn- bean
sarins or suid petition.
• notice Hinl lho following
lauds, iu ivlai.li you uppenr lo huye au lutarost,
according lo lhe ,'i>.-.e- incut roll ot said Corporation, or Ibe books ol lhe I .nm I Iti'ifi-lr) (lllice,
porl ion id the land, which wot* sold for
f taxes nt the said tale and urn ineliul-
nid petition; loi I. Injblooji U, city of
group i
In th" mntier of the corporation of the eily of
Slocnn tux Mile. I'.ml.
And in the mutter or the "Municipal Clausal
Act" and aiuendinenl'. thoroof.
'l'AKE notice that n petition or Horbert lluvid
I i in ii.-. i-oiiciior of tha oorporatlon of the
oity of Siocan, haa been preaantbel feu this hon.
onrabl art. to confirm tlie sola of landi for
taxes, hold by the said Melioration of thecity
uf slocnn on tha nth and nth days of Jul] ana
tiie trd dny of August, IUN, uudar ihe Uimtclpal
ClansaOs Act unl amendment-, i.iereof, mut i.uk
the Sth day   of   Ileeeml»*r,   A.ll.   n«u,   ut ju..',.
o'clock in the forenoon, ul the court house in I
the cily of Nelson, British  (oluiubiu. has  been
appointed tor Hie bearing or suid petition.
And further tnk« notice thut thn following
lnnds. iu which ynu uppenr to have an Interest,
uei ordiiifc* lo the assessment roll of tha >:iid corporation, or the ImkiIis of the l.nud Registry Of-
Boa, aro a portion of tba hinds which ware sold
for Btroars ol luxes ut Hie said sale nnd are in-
cluda'd iu the said petition I lol (!, in block '£,.
city of slocnn, being n subdivision ol lot St,
froiip I. West Kootenay dbtrictiof the province
of llritish Columbia,
And further tako notice that uules... at thn
time and place uforrsuid, you show cause to tlie
oontrary, the mid suie will i„- coullrined. ns
prayed for in snid petition.
Datod nt Slocuu, IU'.. this :i*,th day nf October. A.lJ. UM,
Bollcltorfor tho collector of Hie
oorporatlon of tbe city of sincuu
To Annir Dan.m.k.
In the Supreme Court of
Brftish Columbia.
Notice toDeiiiiquentCo-onncr
To Joli n.i. Banfleld and J. M MrGitjor,
or in uny iiereon or |ierenui in visa
tliey may I nve tntneferreil their •«•
cnil imi'irnia, in whole or iii |nirt. in
the lllai'k nml White ll.auiv in;.
tionnl mlnornl claim, atiunted unr
the hciiil ui r>mon rrepk.aiidrwordaj
in the liei-o'ilei'a ollice for ihs Slum
I ily (pining ilivisinn.
Yntl arc hen-hy notilie'l tluit 1 )i»ie
CailMtl to he (•xiirrdoil III* llim ol DM
liiimlred nnd twu rinllari si ■! tifiy null
in lulxir ainl iiii|iriiMinp|ite on thc sum
meiiti iicil mineral (laim iu ordtr It
liolil Kflid claini under the prnviiioRiol
tlm Mineral Aot j ami if within SOdtn
from tiie date of tills notion yon fail, ot
rofiist*, to ciuiiiil'iiti* your proportion ol
moh expeiiditare.togeilier witli ill totit
nl BilvprtiHinjr, your intereiti In miJ
clnim will become iho pro|iertj »f ine
Mihecrilier, umlnr eertlnii -l ol i" a*
ontiileil "An Act to amend the Mineial
j Act. 1800."
Dateil at Slocan,B.C., tliii 3rd •liy0'
Ortolwr, A. D. IWM.
In the matter of the rorimralion ofthe city of
Slocuu lux sule. I'.ail.
I in
tlie matter of the "Municipal Clauooe I Mthf Maedonald
I amendments thereof oati No    B81709I
'|'AKK notice tlmt a petition of Berber! Ilnvid j A      |(     Colflliail
1    1'iirils, coliectorof tho oorporatlon pf the i ,,,.',„   v,,     ujuai*'
cdy of slocnn. hu, be,.,, prasentod to this hon" I ?8,fl   *s"     ■',•"'
irablacourt, tn oonflrm the »ule or binds ror I 'ruin    tho   diitu
Certificate of Improvements
[ Wonder, Aricle, Ann B, Locb-
mi.i.i:. Biloxie, Aggie, Altordi
Mavkta   FRACTIONAL,   A   U •'
ai., Mavkta, BILOXIE FraCTIOS-
.11.. I'l.VI'.TI'K.AltK I.K FRACTOSAb,
AMI   AliGIKRa   MlXKHU. < I..IM*.
Siltialo iii thr* Slocnn City .Minin; Pit*
sion ol West Kootenay Piilntt.
Where located:—At lieml of Tumi*
rac creek, near Ottawa Mine.
TAKEKOTICK lhat I, William Al«"
froi' miuer'i renin*
anting »* sgtni '<;r
fre •   mlner'n rerllll'
,   intend,  eixty i
hereof, t<>   •I'I'JJ'  '"
|er    or   certiflcate!
I improreroenta. for the P*"'P0*[
ofobtaiuing CrownGrantiol iheiDow
Ami fiirlher take notic" thai •'l"inj
under Notion :i7, initci he eommincw
hofore the iHsiianeo olntich certlflcat**1 m
Improvemenli, ,.
lined this llth day o( October, l« ■
•.M-lO-iH \V. A. MACPONAlf
•iili'livision of lot IPS
district, of the (irovincii"of Hrit
ed iu ll
siocuti, beins a
Wait Kootenny
Ish Columbia,
And further tuke notice Hint, unless, ut the
lini* and place aforesaid, vou -how cuiise to Ilie
contrary, the snld sale will be eoafln I, us
prayed Tor in snid petition,
Hated nl Slocnn, li.l'., this IMth duy ol October, A.ll. 1001,
11. It. JORAND,
Solicitor f.,r tba collaotor ofthe
corporation of tha city ot Blocan
Til lillllltllT <Ii;ok(;k.
In the Supreme Court of
British Columbia.
(Ill's, held by the  said  coroorHtloB   of tho oltf I the     .Mitlil!"     Kl'Cf.. i
ol Slocnn on the 25th uud Ktfa day*, of July und
Hie .Inl duy or AUfUSt, ll«il. under the Municipal '
( lausas Act uud amendments thereof, und thai '
thei'ili   day   of   llrccuihcr.   A.D.   I0ll|. nt lOil I
o i lock in the   forenoon, lit   lhe  court   house ill
the ids or Nelson, iiruisii Columbia, Ims boon
appointed for tbs hearltu of said petition,
And further take notice Hint tno foiiowlnf I
lauds, in which you uppenr In hnve nn interest.
ai rdiiia in I he assessment roll of tl,,. suid cor I
nnratlon, or tha books of ihe l.und Registry or !
lice, are u port! t the I in.I- which were sold
r,,r arrenis of tuxes ui i|„. s,iid  Mile and are In
eluded In the said petitioni lot a, iu block l'a.1
oity of Slocnn, boing a nibctfrlslon of lot au! I
group I, Wesl Kooleniiy dl-tncl,of the province
of linn Ii I olinnhln.
And further Inke notice Hint  union., ut the
lime nud plnce aforesaid,you show causa to the
contrary,tlia snid snle will be oonflrmod, as
prayed lor in said petiiion,
Hided at Slocuu, ll.C, thi- 2nth duy ol October, A.ll. not,
Solicitor hir tha collector of the
_   ,, .     corporalioii nt the city or SliM-nn
To Clash Darni/St.
In the Supreme Court
British Columbia.
orporatlon or ihe ulty or
In tin* matter or ilm ei.
Slocnn tnx sale, 1001,
And In the matter of the "Municipal Claufu
Act" uud niiieniiiiKuiM tharaofi
'I'A lil) noli- e Hint n pel It ion ol llnrherl tlinid
1    Curtis, collector of lhe curpornlion of tha
In lhe ninlter id lhe corporation of the eily of
Slocan lax sale, HUM.
And in lhe mutter of the "Municipal CllUlM
Act   and iiniendnienls (hereof.
'AK K nolice Hint a petition of Herbert Ilnvid
Curtis, collaotor of the corporation of ihe
('iiyofsiocnii,hu- been presented to thi-. hon.
ourable conn, lo confirm the-ale of hinds for
taxes, held by lhe suid eoriiorntioii ol lhe elty
ol Slocnn nn the L'.'pl.li und l/ilHi iIh)i> or July nml
the Srd dny or lucusl, |!Ki|, under lhe Municipal
I InUHen Act and ameudineiit. (hereof, mid tluit
the flth dny of Heceinber, A.D. ION, al II)M
o'clock iu Ihe forenoon, ut Hie rourl home In
Hie city or Nebon. llritish Culiinilila. hoi been
ippointsd ror thn bsarlnjtofsald petition,
And further take   notice   Iliul   the following
land*, in which you nppsar to have mi Interest, I
per annum


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