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The Slocan Drill 1903-03-20

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BLOCAN,   B.   C,
We have Just placed In stock a consignment
of ladles' and Children's Shoes. Have something neat In -Ladles' Fancy .Beaded Slippers,
just the thing for special occasions. Also some
new lines of Dongolas, in Lace and Button.
This weather suggests the need of good toot-
wear and the .best can be had at
MARCH   20.   1903.
12.00 PER ANNUM.
T. Shatford & Co.
,. York <fc Sons,
Are r.erfal s>f Fleesle Tlis-*/ Ali.Wa.t
Iieeda te Mlllalte-Uellnsiaent Ltcenae
Haider* Mnat Pay Dp sat Once -Exteu-
.!•■ of Time Ulven Aaaeaaer.
Dealers In Fresh and Salt
Heats, Vegetables and Provisions. Goods shipped to
any part of the Slocan.
Highest cash price paid for
raw Furs.
B. C.
s*************************-"******—————ma —*
[reached by any trail er road
it runs into the Town.
Do not go past its door when
yon are dry. weary or hungry.
SLOGAN,   B.  C.
Offers up-to-date accommodation for the
Public.     It Is the home of Travelling,
Commercial, and Mining Men.
miNQ s_ HENDERSON, - Proprietors.
peied ■nder
Former easterners
cordially invited to return
The Royal Hotel,
Oor. Arttaar Btreet mm* Delaaey Itaaai, II...D.
"ng thoroaj-hly renovated
8 st'-cked with the best
uit, Confectionery, Tobacco
You can get anything in these lines that you
require from us. Our stock in each is always
kept fresh and well assorted. We handle the
beat the market affords.   Prices are right.
Every member of the city council
wag in his place on Monday night,
when tho regular meeting wan held.
Correspondence read: From David
Morris, Nelson, enclosing tender from
the General Electric Co. for a 500
light plant for the city, the price be
ing $2422, the bulk of the outfit being
f.o.b. at Peterborough; also stating
that he had written the Pelton Wheel
Co. to forward quotations on wheel.
Mr. Morris desired instructions to
proosed with the plans for waterworks
and electric light.
In this connection was read a letter
from Dr. Fagan, Victoria, containing
result of official analysis of water taken from Goat creek. It was declared
as pure as other creek waters, but it
contained a certain percentage of albuminoid ammonia, arising from decaying vegetable matter. A bill for
$ 10 accompanied the letter.
The mayor suggested getting an-
Ostlisai- sample of water from the proposed point of divurgencc on the
.week and having it analyzed. They
would not Iks able to do anything with
the system for a few weeks yet.
The communication from Dr. Fngan
was ordered filed and the bill paid.
Aid. M<*Callum and Worden moved
that Mr. Morris' letter be filed and
that the clerk thank him for the information afforded, but nothing could lie
done with the scheme just now. Carried.
A letter wa.s read from the Canadian
Bank of Commerce, Nelson, regarding
the Fletcher agreement on the mill-
site. They wished to kuow what the
city wanted, in order that they could
bring Fletcher to time, so ensuring
the purchase money lieiug paid over
to them. Letter laid on table, pending the major going lo Nelson.
Two communications were read
from the Ontario-Slocan Lumber Co.
The first inquired wheu the deeds of
the millsite would lie turned over to
them, as they did uot feel like pro-
s3eeding with the erection of their
main building, putting in sidiiigs,etc.,
till the whole matter was settled. The
second letter asked the council to pro-
ceed at once with protective works on
Springer creek, so as to safeguard
their site. The snows were deep and
they were apprehensive of a disastrous
Aid. McCallum was not aware that
the citv had agreed to flume Springer
ereek, but rather to save the site from
The agreement between the city and
tho com*>any was read, the aldermen
seeing things in a different light and
realizing what they were up against.
The mayor thought the company
was worrying over nothing. There
was no fear of the creek doing any
harm to tho millsite, but rather the
town need fear, as the creek was constantly wearing this way.
Various aldermen thought there
was nothing iu the agreement compelling the eity to flume the creek.nor
did it specify any set time in which to
construct protective works.
Aid McCallum moved that the clerk
notify the sawmill company that the
council were considering the question
of protective works. Seconilwl by
Aid. Smith.   Carrii I
The other letter regal lltu* the deeds
was received and filed, the clerk to
answer the letter, staling that the
deeds to the millsite were expected
alxmt the 15th of April.
Finance committee reported in favor of bills amounting to $12.85. Ordered paid.
Bills presented: R. I. Bentley, medical evidence at the Trombley inquest.
S5; payroll for February, Sl-K-i.fili, re
turning officer, $10.   Payroll ordered
Aid. McCallum moved that all bills
in connection with the Trombley in
quest be turned over to the Miners'
Union, as they had paid all the expenses of tho funeral. Seconded by
Aid. Teeter and carried.
The returning officer's bill was referred to tho finance committee.
Clerk produced a list of traders'
licensos which had not been paid, and
asked what should be done towards
•collecting them.
Aid.  Arnot   and   McNeish   moved
that the delinquent traders lx; notified
that thoy were given five days' grace I
in   which   to   pay, otherwise   action)
would be taken against them.
Aid. Toeter moved in amendment j
that   the   delinquents   lie given  one'
week's notice and  then action would
be taken at the next meeting.
No seconder was found for the
amendment and the motion carried.
The assessor asked  for one week in
whieh to return his assessment roil.
Granted ou motion of Aid. MoCalluni
and McNeish.
Aid,   MoCallUIB   urged   that   tbo
board of works look diligently after
Springer creek and guard against any
danger from floods.
Meeting adjourned.
Dlaaatreu* Fire Viaits.it the Lucerne Laat
New Denver experienced the worst
fire in her history last Thursday evening, resulting in the destruction of
property valued at fully .$21,000. It
broke out about 8 p.m. iu the Windsor
Hotel, owned by McLachlan & Mc-
Gillivray, having caught from a defective chimney, and before it could
be reached had spread beyond control
all over the building. A slight wind
was blowing at the time and actively
fanned the flames. McLachlan's
gents' furnishing store went next aud
then the big general store of J. B.
Smith & Co. Next the blaze spread
into the vacant Slocan Hotel, on Sixth
Street, owned by Henry Stege; then
the Teasdale block, alongside the
bridge, fell a victim. It was occupied
by W. Jeffrey, tinsmith.
The citizens worked with energy and
great judgment and succeeded in saving the * Clever property, St. James'
hotel, and the Bank of Montreal, each
of which was threatened by a continual shower of sparks. There being
no system of fire protection or a brigade, the citizens worked at a great
disadvantage, but they did nobly.
McLachlan saved aome of his stock,
as did Smith & Co. The loss on the
Windsor wa.s $5500, Smith s*c Co.
$10000, H. Stege S-3000. aud the Teas-
dale block $2o00. Smith & Co. hue!
an insurance of Sf.200, the only policy
carried iu tin* bunch.
Smith sfc (Jo. and McLachlan & Mc-
Gillivray will rebuild at once.
the lessees of the Meteor from the ore. OUR
shipped by'them to the Nelson smel
ter. The figures were fully up to expectations and are to be classed
among the best recorded in the camp.
They gave .490 oz in silver and $14 in
gold per ton, or a net value on the
shipment of .12600.' There was a little
over 11 tons in the consignment, so
the returns figure out alioiit $'£H to
the ton, which is highly encouraging.
The lessees realized pretty well on
their work.
I.K.II) OOKB l'l*.
ImprAveinentsaiat Trail Smelter.
The inauguration of important improvements at the Canadian Smelting
wosks, Trail, is announced. The experiments in the refining department
of the smelter are practically completed, after having extended over a period
of nearly a year. N.-iw drawings ami
plans are being made for a refining
plant to produce from 10 to 12 tons ot
pure metallic lead per d.iy. An interesting feature of the plans is that
they will probably include apparatus
to treat the slimes for tiie production
of pure silver, pure gold and copper
-sulphates. Two large electric generators Iiate lx-*an ordered for the new
plant aad it is probable that two generators of twice the capacity of those
used for thc experimental work will
be purchased and installed at once,
making a battery of six generators.
The generators are utilized for transforming the alternating or three phase
electrical current into the direct current used exclusively in refiniug. The
electrolytic method of lead refiniug in
practice successfully at the Trail smelter has beon described at considerable
1 *ngth from time to time in the technical publications. Its merit lies in
economy of application and excellence
of results obtained. The statement is
made that the metallic lead produced
at the refinery in connection with the
smelter is of no less than .999 purity.
Sucs'eaaful Bund Dimes*.
Completo success, financially and
otherwise, fell to the lot of the Slocan
Brass Band with their annual mas
querade ball, given in the Music Hall
ssn Tuesday evening. The floor was
crowded with dancers, the costume.,
lieing varied and attractive. There
were a number of visitors present from
Silverton and New Denver and they,
with the townspeople, thoroughly enjoyed themselves, The music was fur
Dished mainly by the bnnd, relieved
just liefore supper by .Mr. and Mrs.
Adcock on the piano and violin, and
it was excellent. An abundance of
refreshments were served aud everything passed off without a hitch, the
net result lieing a handsome sum in
support of the band funds. Tho band
boys wish to especially thank the
ladies of the town for their generous
contribution of refreshments, nlso
Messrs. Ham, McNeish, Hicks, and
Adcock and Mrs. Adcock for favors
l.slBiili.r fair Nortlswaat.
Ws fi. Clashing, one of Calgary's big
lumber dealers, came in on Tuesday)
and made a contract with W, Koch
for 200.(100 feet of lumber, lo lie obtained from th.** hitter's mill on Ten
Mile. There will lie a limit IB carloads
in the lot and they are to I*** loaded
here for immediate shipment. Mr.
Koch was in the city Wednesday, hiring men to get out tlio material. Mr.
Cushing, on his way in, also placed an
order with G. 0. Buchanan, of Ka ilo,
for 175,000 feet. The boom times in
lh''Territories have had some effect
Meteor ON W bis Ki. h.
Koturui were received lust week by
The Smelter Trutt Glvea More Money te
the Producer.
The price of lead has been raised in
the United States. Eugene Braden,
manager of the works of the American
Smelting & Refining Co. at E.ist Helena, has received notice that his company had increased the price of lead
25 cents on the 100 pounds, that is $6
a ton for the metal. Silver is also
strong and there are evidences of continued advances.
For a long time the price to American lead producers has been .$3.50 per
hundred pounds. The price was fixed
by the American Smelting & Refining
Co., whose interests are so vast that
they practically control the market.
Of late the demand for lead and lead
ores has increased and thev determin-
d to raise the price. The shippers
receive the benefit. It appears
in era of prosperity is openinj*
■  ' .*!*'.
I.aat Year'* Shipment*' Were 8333 Ton.*-
•A Healthy Kvlslen.ce *»f the Life, ansl
Wottlth or the Camp KutiTKBlae th*
for the silver-lead miners, for not only
have the prices of their product been
raised, but the cost of treatment has
lieen lowered.
"Treatment charges are considerably lower than they have been," said
Manager Braden. "This, in connection with the increased price for lead?
makes tha outlook particularly good
to the mineowners at the present time.
Undoubtedly the favorable conditions
will result in the development of many
low grade properties now idle, anil
will also put in the dividend producing class mines that are not now paying profits,
"In raising the price of lead and reducing the treatment rates the Amor-
i -an Smelting ,& Ifafuiiiig Co. has in
mind the lwnefit to the ininvow"nj*r.
No part of that increased price is Te-
tnincd by the company. Iu the case
of large shipments it amounts to no
inconsiderable sum. We cannot predict what the price of silver will Ik*,
but indications point to advance. The
demand is strong, and that is about
all I can say about it."
This week the smelters raised the
price of lead another 15 cents on the
100 pounds.
Another blank is to lie recorded for
the week in local ore shipments, there
being i.o exports of any description.
A little moro ore has come down from
the Republic and Ottawa, but uot
enough for shipment, Next week the
Ottawa will probably have a car out,
as they are breaking down plenty of
mineral in their'stopes.
For 1902 the ore shipments from
the local division amounted to 88J38
tons, made up from 12 properties.
Following is a full list of the shipments this year to date:    .
Enterprise  145
Arlington!..'  40
Ottawa  lOi
Black I'rince  17
Bondholder'.  1
Dayton  4
Republic   2C
Ifeteet  12
Bar -silver dropped yesterday to 48|
The big Dalhousie slide, Ten Mile,
came down iast woek.
It is unite probable the Kilo group
will again lie in active operation this
season.   .
W. S. Johnson has been at the Ottawa this week, making a survey if
the workings.
The crew at the Fisher Maiden al!
came down last woek, owing to the
fear of snowslides.
A slide came down at the Idaho
last week nnd' burissd th** men in tho
•bimklfqtis**-. 'Th'-y MB...to dig theii
wa-y.oui.' }Lt«mV - <C ■'•'•- ******
Bob Allen brought his packing outfit back from Ymir on Friday. He
had caught up on the oro reserves at
thc Hunter V.
Pat McGuiie and "Red" Gordon
went ui) to th? Enterprise again ou
Saturday, to save what they could out
of the suowslide. wreck and to get
things in shape to resume operations.
About the last chapter in the affairs
of the Two Friends Co. was enacted
at Vancouver Thursday, when O.Plun-
kett Ixmght from the sheriff the Great
Western claim, in the McGuigan basin, for SIKH). Originally it cost a
big sum, .besides having much money
spent in developing it. The Two
Friends Co. was called into being lo
work the ' Two Friends property in
this camp.
rr**Tlsi.'iiil Mining Aaaoclatlon.
Wednesday evening n public meeting of the citizens was held in the city
hall, to hear the report of the delegates to the Provincial Mining Association convention at Victoria. There
wns a large attendance. W. D. McGregor read a long written report of
the proceedings of theconvention.out-
lining the work done and noting the
various -resolutions passed, Addresses .
on the subject Were also given by
Delegates Ymk  ansl Purvi.inco.   Ths*
report was rs*ccived with applause and
accepti-d, with thanks to tin-delegates.
It was decided to call another meeting
mi soon as the printed report of the
convention was lwived from Victoria,
wlisiii permanent organization would
Ik- s'ff.vtesl and olliceis elected.
Another Harrow Eis-nps*.
Clair Wood came down from the
Sandon camp this week and related
the story of a most narrow escape be
and his companions had in tlie Idaho
basin from a snowslida. The men
wero iu their bunkhouse when the
slide came down off the Cumberland
claim. Hearing it coming, they made
a rush to get out.lmt had jinst reached
the door when the slide passed right
over tho building and buried it completely. The men were compel lwl to
dig their way out. and then decided
that discretion was the better part of
valor and immediately left the place.
The fad of the bunkhouse being built
with the roof running Into the rocks,
so offering no ol ist ruct ion to the sliil.*,
saved the building from destruction
and the men from death.
lliili* Aoiis'iatien MsMtlaf.
The annual meeting of ths' Slocan
Hille   Association   was   held   at the
Royal Hotel last Thursday evening.
The treasurer's and auditor's reports
were read, showing the finances to Ih*
in a very healthy condition, viz., receipts,   $Wlu;   expeuditlll's's,   $486.25:
leaving a balance sin hand of -iys.?.").
Next cunie the election sif officers, as
follows; Captain) W. 8. Johnson;
treasurer, F. Dick; secretary, 11. D,
Curtis; exociitivo rommittvee, J. Cross
and D, S. McVannel; auditors, John
Pinchbeck and cls-n. Clement, Instructions were given the ssvret.iry to
apply to the militia authorities for ten
new '[{nss rifles, in exchange for ten of
the rilles at present hold. There is a
bright season ahead of the Association.
It • ix II."I t ef Hist is Graile Ore.
During the lasi few days the Ottawa stopes have opened up a splendid
body of very rich on-, similar to that
which yielded such big returns at the
Trail smelter. When lirst encountered
there was but a small seam, but in two
days it opened out to IS inches, mak*
ingas pretty a sight as one would
wish to see.  Several loads of ore have
been brought down ami the manage* I	
ment expect to have a carout before     It is probable the Liberals ofthe
the end of the month.   Fourteen men [provlnco will hold a  cOAvenllon at
are employed at the mine. Revelstoke, to reconsider the qu-ktion
" ;  of party lino politics! also thai .of a
The I Mtlfellows purpose holding an! leader,' theiv  Iving a  movenvnt Op
iiu.si Attured.
Mayor York received a telsagraw
from Toronto yesterday morning) assuring him that the Crown Hank of
Canada Would open a branch here.
The bank had been fully orgiini/.i'd on
the day previous at Toronto and thev
would get into shape for business
without delay.
MINI*"    •■.■■.ci>i:-lV
Appended is a «*ompl«te tint of the various record! ret-i-'.freil atthe IochI ri*(-,.-
try offlir, II. I*. Chriitie beiug mining
Mar 18—ilatibalili, Rome.
Mar!- -Vernon, •' P Driscoll to Chat.
Snyiler anil 9 Johnstoh.
11    Don, K MeFarliiiid to \V Ilii'kn.
At Home at hu early date,
1 foot to dethrone J'-n- Martin, LIEUTENANT
Copvriaht, 1901, bv W. A. Page
Tbe well groomed and picturesque
young girl wbo bnd just ascended tbe
imposing flight of stone steps lending
to the northern eptrauee of the state,
war snd navy department building in
Washington paused nt the watchman's
desk Just inside the massive doorway.
"I wish to send a card to Lieutenant
John Hinds of the navy department,"
sbe said, with just u tinge of tbe aristocratic arrogance often to be found
within tbe exclusive circles of army
and navy official society.
Tbe watchman pondered. "Don't remember the name, miss," he said,
scratching his hend. "Are you sure It's
the navy and not the army?"
"Of course I am—the navy."
"Well, take a chnlr, miss, and I'll
look through the navy register. I
thought I knew most of 'em, but sometimes a new one comes from China or
tha Philippines, where he's won a commission, without ever entering this
bere department building."
"Lieutenant Hinds has not been
away from Washington ln four yenrs,"
said tbe young lady, "lt seems strange
you do not know him."
"No sucb name," declared the guard-
Ian of the door, slamming tke naval
register shut. "And let me tell you.
miss, you must have the name wrong,
since if he ain't In tbe naval register
be ain't any lieutenant in the navy of
your Uncle Samuel."
The young ludy became visibly annoyed.
"Kindly direct me to yonr superior,"
sbe said decidedly. "I bave made no
mistake fn tbe nnme. It is Lieutenant
John Hinds of tbe navy. He told me
to himself."
"Well, If you are so sure, it ain't for
me to say you're wrong," waa tbe kindly answer. "You might see the chief
clerk down thnt corridor to the left."
"Thank you," wns the reply, and tbe
young lady, evidently relieved, started
In the direction indicated. Sbe turned
tbe corner into the loug and dimly Illuminated corridor on tbe navy department side and run plump into a young
man who was acting as the motive
power for a rubber wheeled truck loaded with several stacks of books.
"I—I assure you—I beg your pardon"— he began.
"Oh—forgive me—It Is so dark"— she
liegan. Then—
"Why. Jack, here you srel"
The man uttered an exclamation of
surprise and annoyance. "The deuce"—
be began. "Why. Uettie, what are you
doing bere?"
"I wanted to see you," she commenced, "and I couldn't wait until after office hours. You see"—
"But, confound it," began the man—
• I mean, forgive me. Only you know
I always said I hated to receive visiters nt the office."
"I know, Jack, but mother ls ill. You
left tbe house before I came down to
breakfast Mother was worried about
tbe boarders and was afraid they'd nil
leave when they heard she was sick.
If you stay, they will all remain, because they all like you.  Besides"—
"Besides what, Uettie?"
"Well, I've been thinking about last
nlght-nnd the future—and—well, you
know, I Just couldn't stay away from
"The dearest little woman in tbe
world," be responded tenderly. "I was
a brute to speak so to you, but I wns
surprised at seeing you here tbe first
time, nud, besides, these books must
be taken Immediately to tbe secretary."
"Why, John," said tbe girl, "are you
carrying books and pulling that truck?
I ulways thought lieutenants and nitval
otiieers bad men to do things for tbem.
And do you know that horrid man at
thc door didn't know you and snisl
there wnsu't any Lieutenant Hinds."
"My dear girl," hurriedly ejaculuted
the young man, "do you mean to say
you have been asking ln tbis building for me?   Why In the world"—
"Oh. I'm sorry I enme now," murmured tbe girl, with a suggestion of a
sob. "I thought that my own lieutenant of the navy would be glad to see
"Of course I am," suit) the man
tenderly, yet anxiously. "There, forgive me, and I'll explain this evening
why I must not have any one culling
here at tbe office. The secretary becomes simply furious If nny of the
clerks—I mean any oue—receives com
puny. Even uow I am late, and the
secretary wants these books. Goodby.
dear, until Ibis evening."
The girl turned to go. A resonant
footstep on the marble floor of the al
most deserted corridor Interrupted
tbem. A tnll and dignified mnn strode
hy them In the soin Ida rk ness By the
feeble electric light he Saw the two
people and the truck of books.
"Hinds," broke In a steru and commanding voice, "take those books at
once to the office. When you have done
so, I wish to see you." And tbe secretary of tbe navy continued on bis
"Oh, Lord!" cried the mnn. "I'm done
for now! That was the secretary.
Hun along, quick.   1 must go."
"If you go, so will I. And 1 sball
tell tbls secretary wbnt I think of him
for being so rude to you. I see nothing wrong lu your speaking to me."
The man turned. "Walt for me here.
I might ns well fuce the music at
once." And, grabbing thc hnmlle of
tbe truck, be strode rapidly nfter the
vanishing figure of the secretary. He
reached the outer office of that official
without once looking behind blm. Then
he entered the secretary's private or-
(ice. The secretary had Just seated
"Hinds," be commenced, "1 am sorry
to see thnt you are entertaining Indies
lu the department during office hours.
Are you married?"
"No, sir." •***
"Then tbere Isn't even the excuse
that you are receiving a visit from
your wife. But I must have you distinctly understand that I do not approve of strange Indies or any kind of
ladles visiting meu In office. I don't
care who the lady is, and I don't wish
to know. I just want you to understand"—
"But you shall know who the lady
Is," broke In an Indignant voice. "I
urn Miss Hettle Neville, and I nm the
(liincee of Lieutenant John Hinds of
the United Stntes navy."
The secretary seemed puzzled. Hinds
sank Into a chair. The secretary was
the first to spenk.
"My dear young lady, I do not know
how you entered here or why you are
so indignant toward me. I do not wish
to secni to criticise your conduct, but
Hinds here has always been one of my
most faithful aids, and I do not wish
him to set a bad example to the others
in tbe office."
"Do you call getting mnrri, 1 a bad
example?" cried Hettle. "Why should
you find fault witb Lieuteunut Hinds
if his affianced wife wishes to speak to
him for a few moments?"
"Lieuteunut Hinds?" repeated the
secretary politely. "I do not know any
such lieutenant."
"No such lieutenant!" was the
amazed ejaculation. "Why, here is
Lieutenant Hinds before you."
The secretary leaned back in his
chair, laughing. Hinds seemed embarrassed. Hettle was becoming more
and more angry.   Hinds broke in:
"I am very sorry, Mr. Secretary," he
commenced, rising to his feet, "but I
have an unpleasant confession to make.
You see, sir, when 1 first got my Job
here some years ago we messengers in
the department fell to calling each other by titles, the same as the officers.
Three or four of us lived In the same
boarding house, and just for a lark we
used these handles at tbe dinner table.
Then I moved to the bouse kept by
Miss Hettie's mother, nnd the very first
day one of my chums touk diuuer with
me. All through the meal be kept on
using that Infernal "lieutenant.' I never
thought uny harm would come of it, so
I never contradicted it I never intended to deceive you, Hettie, and I was
going to tell you all about it tonight
I'll never do it again, sir, and if Miss
Hettie will accept a $000 a year messenger of the navy department Instead
of a real lieutenant, wby, sir, I'll promise sbe will never again interrupt me
when I'm carrying your books."
Tbe secretary was smiling. "Aud
will Miss Hettie accept tbe $900 a yeur
messenger?" be nsked.
"Oh, Blr," cried Hettie, "indeed sbe
will, nnd she's very sorry she was so
The secretary took up a pen aud
commenced to write. "Then that's all
settled." he said. "Now, 'Lieutenant'
John Hinds, take tbls paper to tbe appointment clerk. You are plnced on
the rolls as a special clerk at $1,200.
and are detailed for duty in my private
office. I wish you good morning. Permit me to congratulate you both."
rerlqsno  Strong SUB   Poison,
In many of the tobacconists' shops
periis-tie tobacco chopped into granulated form is displayed for use by pipe
smokers. This Is the same perique tbat
has been grown by Frenchmen and
Spaniards iu Louisiana since beforo our
Iterolutionary war. It Is n Jet black,
intensely strong tobacco, famous for
its flavor and its ability to wreck the
It is grown and made in St James
parish, Louisiana, and tbe crop only
amounts to about 100,000 pounds a
The makers follow the primitive
processes which were in use 150 yenrs
ago. The stems are taken from the
leaves and the latter put into a box
under a heavy gradual pressure. This
causes the Julco to run out even
through the wood of tbe boxes. A
gradual process of fermentation and
curing takes place.
At the end of three months tho tobacco ls rolled Into "carrots" and wrapped In cloths tightly bound with ropes.
It ls left in thnt wny for a year before
It Is ready foi market.
The flavor of perh] ue Is considered
delicious by nil pipe s**mokers, but Is
too strong. The tendency of smokers is
continually toward lighter and lighter
toliasi'ss, anil perlijue Is now usesl almost solely for mixing with very mild
tobaccos to flavor It.
The Ilisllj"   For Libert*/.
"Gentlemen," snld the speaker, rising to his full height nnd almost carrying bis hearers off tbelr feet with his
matchless eloquence, "the time bas
come for us to assert our Independence.
We are freeborn citizens. God has
given us ns n birthright the privilege
of governing ourselves ns we Hue fit.
We bow our knee to no kings and ro
princes. We hnve only ourselves \#
blame If we permit others to deny the
liberty that our fathers hnvo bequeathed to us—tho liberty innile 6a-
cred by their hallowed blood. I appeal
to you, my fellsiw citizens, to arise In j
your might. Let us exhibit our man.
hood. Let us tench the world the great
lesson of Indcpi'iiilcncc.   Let us"— I
"Sny, gents," yelled the Janitor ns he
suddculy stepped out upon the pint-
form, "I'm goln' to shut this hull up i
now. Clear out o' bere. I've been up ]
three nights with tho toothache, and
I'm gisln' to bed early. (Jit, beforo I
turn out thc lights on you!" j
One minute nnd seven seconds later
the doors were locked, and the great
rally for liberty was one of the things
thut had been.—Chicago Hceord-Her*
Distrust   of  l.e It   llu nils-.1   Bnrlscrs.    j
*l bavo struck all kinds of barbers in j
my nips nbout the country," said the
man who travels, "out the one kind
11:.t always makes nie feel as if I wits
liulnncctl on the very brink of eternity
is the left handed barber. I have been
shared by several of their class. Tbey
hnve been good barbers, too. every one
of them, but no matter how well they
knew their business they always gave
nu* a bad turn, und every tiiiie they
drew the razor across my face I felt ns
if life and I were nbout ready to part
COlnp.'lliy. Of course It Is foolish, but
nowadays when 1 find myself assigned
lo a left handed barber 1 leave the shop
on sotne pretext or other and go else*
whore to be beautified. Other men
whom I have sounded on the subject
have confessed to tbe same weakness,
and women have told nie that they
huve n like iiuexplalnable dread of left
handed hairdressers. In the dressmaking business, tsio. I am (old, n left handed cutter and fitter is pretty sure to
give the customtr n crop of goose flesh,
while even n harmless occupation like
manicuring can always lse relied on to
produce real shivers If pursued by a
person whose cleverness lies in her left
A Fine Piece of Work.
"I tell you," exclaimed the young
medical student, "our professor is an
eminent surgeon."
"How's that?" asked his chum.
"Well, a fellow was brought In with
a crushed leg. The professor said it
must come off. But by some means or
other he cut off the wrong leg."
"Do you call that a fine piece of surgery ?"
"Wait a bit. The professor snld it
would be terrible for the poor fellow
to go about witli no legs at all, so he
splintered up the crushed leg instead
of cutting that off, too, and now it is as
good as ever. An ordinary surgeon
would have left tbe fello-w legless.
Wonderful skill, the professor's!''
An   Effective  Threat.
•A youth was engaged as junior clerk
by a tlrm of lawyers, and by way of
filling in his time and testing his worth
on his first day be was told to write
a letter demanding payment of a debt
from u client who was long in arrears.
To the great surprise of his employers
n cheek for tho amount arrived the
next day. They sent for the young
clerk and asked him to produce a copy
of the letter which had bad such an
astonishing result. Tbe letter ran as
Dear Sir—If you do not at once remit
payment of tho amount which you owe us,
we will tnka- Bteps that will amaze you.
Patches   That
"One dav three sir four years ago,"
said a Pittsburg lawyer, "I received
instructions to notify an old shoemaker living lu the suburbs and pegging awav for a bare living that he
had become heir to $75,000 by the
death of a relative in Ohio. I Jumped
on a car and rode out to his place, and
I wondered whether he would fall off
his bench or swing bis hammer and
cheer when I broke the good news to
him. He did neither. He just sat aud
stared at me, and gradually a look of
trouble came into his Ijaco,
" 'What is it, Uncle Jerry?' I asked.
'You don't seem to be a bit pleased
over the great news.'
" 'Yes, I am pleased, of course,' he
answered, 'but'—
" 'But what is it?' •
" 'Why, I was Just thinking that I'd
probably bave to have oysters at every
meal if I wanted to be an aristocrat,
and I'd give more for one piece of
corned beef than for a whole wagon
load of oysters.'"
Fannie—My big Bister Is coming out
this evening.
Katie-Dat's nul'lng. Me big brudder
Is comin' out tonight, too. He wns up
fer six months.—New York Times.
An   Event   Wilh   Hlm.
Si.rtor—Tbe well drs'ssed man Is oue
wl.ose clothes do not attract unusual
Kiiuiley—It isn't possible for me to be
well dressed, then?
Sartor—Nonsense I Just get a neat
new suit.
Fnmley-That's just It. I couldn't
get fl new suit without attracting unusual attention.
Illl Ins-   SIisislllnK.
We doubt if any ri'partee ever surpassed iu delicacy the reply made by an
Bast Indian servant of Lord Duffeflfl
when he was viceroy of India. "Weil.
what sort of sport has Lord Blunts
had?" said Iiuilciiii oiu> day to bis
"shlkarry" or sporting servant, who
had attended a young English lord on a
shooting excursion.
"Oh," replied the scrupulously polite
Hindoo, "the young sahib shot divinely,
but God was very merciful to tbe
birds."—Forest ninl Stream.
i result of the introduction of
the BwUlUon system by the Zurich
nuliiv tho town hns practically cleur-
, oul au its bad characters.  Even
,,,,„,„ give the town a wide berth
*or as soon  us  u person is arrested
M rs pnotographod and his inousuro-
c,,t„ takon,    even if the charge..*.
oi serious. Of late the police have
°ad 80. little to do lhat there, is talk
of leducing the number of the force.
So few jiinie? are committed In the
town that Zurich is considered to be
ine most .usual town In Switzerland.
.   A    writer ir.  ,   .,,
cribos    a    whit,.   ,„„"!' 'SI
inches thick n,ul jS* 1
is suppoited on .st,,,,'   ''■■V
in    tho    middle ul "',sts*si
iovel.   lt I'umishi's oviit '"til(*J
ble is in renin*.  ., ,,,\ ?t(H
viscosity.   Tins |1(ls ',' °'«n
the question of ,iit.    "M^4
rocks    >.omposii,K    u.p   -'"*•'I
earth andI the grnduau'V
the   earth's   .-unto,,,     •"'•"a
The slab  was ZZ "?3
position in 185a. "* ■
With Coughs and Colds, and Parents Everywhrgj
Proving the Wonderful Curative Powers of
Dr. Chase's Syrup of
Linseed and Turpentii
When grown people neglect their
aihnonta and allow thorn to sievelop
Into serious diseases, they have no
one to blame but thoniselves.
With chlldron it Is diffeivnt, b-j-
cause they do. nol '•oall.te the seriousness of a iTBi'Jsa t.d valid iio'r-tlm
menus' of Obtain me," a cure, and
imuiy'B child, as ho grows older and
funis' himself a viclii'" of pneumonia,
consumption, .lii'iuii'Ii'lis, astnuia or
throat trouble, e.Vninit but see that
his parents Were rew'ii.s ble for 'neglecting treatment wlii'ii iiis ailment
began in the form of a cold.
Today the Bchools have muny a
vacant scat on account of coughs
anil colds, nnd many chlldron who
are tbere should le at home. Whnt
treatment ure these children getting ? Do their parents realize the
seriousness   of    neglecting to cure a
the -
told ?   Have ths*v proved
Of Dr.  Chase's **•..*.,•„,, (lf ,
Juipeuliiiu as a curs |ur co
colds,   bronchitis, irouu   Li
cough, and all kindred li|,il
Very   ...any   have, for lh
preparation for t|„-0llt ,.,„. 1'
ens.-* that hus am thing hu7
ol J)r. Chase's Syrup m LuismI
'turpentine. *
He    careful    when ynu buy b
that' the . poitruit  ami si-^J
Dr. ("base is on tin* wrapper
send the children to i|„. blo|iti
them not. to iiccpt „„>■ j,,,;,%
substitution.     Chihiren iiuto"
Dr.    Chase's    Sj •   p  of Lli
Turpontlno, and there is g
so prompt and effei live,  I
bottle;    iiiunly    size   three
much,    00 . cents; at nil -j,,
I Kdmanson.  Dates &  Co , *hi
One   Little  Uny.
"It is n blessed secret." says one,
"that of living by the day. Any one j
can carry his burden, bowever heavy,
until nightfall, ntul any one can do his
work, however Imrd, till the sun goes
down. Any one ean live patiently, lov-
Ingly and purely for one day. And
(his is all life means to us—just one
Utile day."    Why not trv this truth.
When the urgent call was received at
the doctor's office, be was smt attending another patient anil consequently
did not reach the house until two hours
afterward. As he entered ho met the
undertaker coming out. "Ah!" he exclaimed, with a look of deep chagrin,
"this ls bad. I am, then, too late."
"Don't blame yourself," said the undertaker composedly, "It is not your
fault. You were not here."—New Vork
A  Still  Grenter  Contrail.
"Are you going to take that ugly pu_
dsig  with  you  again,  Carrie?"  asked |
Charles.    "I  really believe you take
him simply to make yourself look prettier by the contrast.
"Don't be jealous of poor Pui.', Charlie," replied Carrie. "I'll tako you
some time when I wnnt to look especially handsome."
"Everybody has his little peculiarities," said the broad minded man. "I
don't doubt that you have your own
way of looking at some things."
"My dear sir," answered Mr. Meek*
ton, "I wish you wouldn't tuik about
my having my own way In that offhand manner. Henrietta might hear
you."—Washington Times,
The Wny of the World.
"There ko the Rplcer Wilcoxes, mamma!   I'm told they're dying to know ua i
Hadn't we better call?" j
"Certainly not, dear!    If they're dy- ,
iiif to know us, they're not worth know.
Ing.   The only people worth our knowing are tbe people wbo don't waut to
know us."
A  Mailer of Tart.
Mrs. Hlghblower —'BIlie, you never
spenk outside of the (juiirri'ls between
your papu and myself, do you?
Dude—Ob, no, mamma, but whenever
you are pleasant to each other I always
mention it.
A n-is-i.Miiii.n- Explanation, ■
"She has some queer freaks about
"Wbat do you mean?"
"Well, last night she ordered nie to
take my arm from her waist."
"I should think that an indication
that she didn't want a queer freak
about her."—Chicago l'ost.
Crawford -Why do lovers sit and sit
and sit in blissful silence?
Crnbsliaw—Because, as a general
tblng, thoro isn't room for either of
I hem to get a word In edgeways.—
The Vlscncha.
The vlzeucha of the South American
pampas has exactly tbe same trick of
COUocllng blight objoels that we know
so well in the magpie. The vlzcacha is
a badgerlike animal.
Keeileil   ill*   Help.
Hostess-Won't you please sing something, Mr. BcreecherJ
Screecher-Biit there ate so many
people here I really-
Hoitess- That's Just   It,    |   W;ii,t  fn
get rid of Home of them. — Chicago
ThOUght   He   Kbiimv.
"A learned Boston professor has car*
fully expfhlm d what It is thai causes
an Intoxicated man to sue double."
"Well, well! I always supposed it
was drink that did If'-Cleveiand
Plain Dealer.
!*sr«rii   COOlCS.
Negiws are good COOkS in Africa as
ws'll us in America, a recent tourist
declares that the average negro family
in the Sudan enjoys much better cook
ed meals than the average America I
family, ralm oil nnd cayenne poppet
are Ingredients In most of their dishes,
ami these are considered almost a sps>
cKic against dyspepsia.
A  Bard  Job.
The   .Mimnoilii.
The mnu'iiolhi  has a  more powerful
perfume than any other (lower.
Date's i:ii.|SBa'ii...
in  Hoii,nisi an  unmarried lady In
variably walks on Ihe right of her es
curt,  wliilc a  married one takes he*
husband's left arm.
GIRLS, WMiMy.iilike
beautiful dres* al doUj  ]f m
your name iiii'laalsin ncraii
arid uo will sand       sine i!
bsi'suutifullvs'isl i psskMMM
Tea Seeds post]..,'. m
l0Cs»eeeh, retuiu ui 51.201
iininwli.tts'ly «"!:•! j,,u t|**j|
hc.iuii.'i.l distil loiibanij
Hreiu afJoUy afullyssi
dii'uscd, iiis'lu'l,: .■ a sivlish
ders* ear trinria si v. th lace,
and cuto little (-'.a(.purs on
with silver b« ;i■•-. Mat hi
golden i-ur*yk ,r, |»*ir!ytt«^ilj
t-iful eyus and    inted t>*!v,
K.aCalT. *,■ »•»'        -alar, i's'.a
matS MSftVasHfJ a .►
• libit.    Illl. ^ffTS   1 1   . .'.JSivilVa
am]*ri«t'atn. *
lx-.-:<- J»i oasts., Vm'.>. Mm   i'>,i"tl*
liasMs assist sinntt i: u *. lurnaaml
kTtll-'ttllolll'aav-a. 'il..!.-
sVrtl* Ua*IVn,'.!, 1 • ...  , l.'.f*
Salsls "l.s.,11., ts-i   : r Is.. .
aUa Asair©ti..*ij . iaad I 'Ml."
Gin.1.3, juat li  p anil
truly •"aVondi ;:ul turpi! 1
ofl'i-ring v '!.   Toil**ll"l
till-"  lovely big la]
cutnplelelv drrwti
"♦flflii'Mt only *fr.VK T*"
K.vli j"K""sgi .n-
Jof ili«rntf*,J
n.. p) frif.Tsnt wiss
evs-ry in sgil    '■.'■■
Ore wuii-lerl'il Mill
Everybody I'ii"*.  .
Jaian-ia 'liMlalr.RlwlminH.. n l   .1,1 :i*lssusda..iusal
Bit'aiira.   it iftjtaaMaatosaStaaiBi,
Usaerafssalal M«ns. IIHK sua . '■ I *i«sss*-"«■
Oa   '..,B1 Ili»JallllB.l*.avi<,.l.t.    n V*"M    '-•      '
A jo.1. etirUftnito free v Ih t ■     1      -"*•
•>■.! ■'• "is lit 1111  s'.'i'! Ihl» hfl-sntlfsil Pelt;
.'■ sar s i*r« oun l» aah< rtsiis .
Pr'-to So«d Co., Hasps.     -*-•
Doctor- Your   digest „    „,.„,,,.,
ruiiii.,1.   Wlint bnvo you been dolugV
Pntioul I'm the mnn tbey (rv ,,ew
'''-''"V" !lt * 00kl»8 •cbool.-Saa
■*i"4iieisio Kxiiiuiisoi'.
Free-Gratis-For Nothing
YOU  CAMKOT Lo>q luOL A WolafA.**.
Whf-n the •ftiiite man    wants    tht
Mack man's land he spproOohsM the
iuiios.B-111  l.iaiJk  with  ' luiseuta"  u
beans,  rolored cloths,  ribbons,  ai.
uther useless trinket* thai latch tl.
eye of the poor hlf-*-***,—but that ui
no earthly us* to Mm.      These ri
all    " glfis-iree-grutla—for    notl,
lag I   I   !"   Wo all know who soo
owns the black mau a laud.
Yel this system of conciliating tl.
intioivnt  iu not  practiced  alone  o
the    negro.      How    many    womn
read that they caa   get   a   certs'
"present"   with  u  certain   uiircha
and   forthwith   they   make   the  pu
chase  to gat  t,„.  -.present^-free
gratis—for  nothiUK ! I !      Tho  pre
ent may or ra.iy not bo tiss'ful— 1.
In this twentieth onto*— are thei
those  who  li.Ils.ve    tiny    have  no
In the purchase paid  for and ofta'i
dearly paid for tho "pr.sent"?
When you want ft horse you cnu
not   buy  hia   tctii  at   ten  cents  i
tooth, -gnfl   gpt  the   nnrse   throv.i •
Into the bargain.
When you buy n tfrp,,,, ym, a„ „,
buy the buttons, ami havo the sjr.-
thrown In.
And no more than  you ran fhtt-
get the present of a horse or a dre*
fan  you  get   a    " pta-jflt "-free-
m.ills-for    no'lilng-of    diamonds
: gold, Jewellery, and cutlery, with th
, niirchasoof a bar of con "m soap
When you buy Btmlrghl tfoap y()li
.ire presenteil Vuh pu'ie quality In
| tho soap itself, v„i, g0 Do| pay forv
loading rifiise nt the prb.' of soap
You don't wear out your cloths-**1 h
half the time, and ruin your hntul*
with Sunlight Soap, as with common
H yon want loftp, buy Btinllgh
Soap-Octagon Bar*-and you ban
paid for nothing but pure soap ll
you want something .'Isn than soap
•my It Independently of the sogp nm"
yoi: know whnl It hM cost you
you may fool soma people nil tin
F°U !U*?i ,n!,] n"  •■'° W«*l« »"mn
01 sl.o time.
You  c-stm-.f for,! nil tho Osohis all
thai time :
You cannot long fool a woman.     fi!5
Thu   1'is.l, I'fsrrnalsssp.
[   Al Un* .'',,1,-1 | ut iv 11 house alien! 3fwl
j'"' -vnti'lies un.i 00,000 wedding iii.,.
ins' deposited every year.
SHE  SAVi '   H'S Lh"
Alio   Won    i.i. • He '■    ■ '  '"'''
i*i,::b.'::    ■ >    I >' "
It  Was a  tr
road, ind iis II ■ •[■ '
(.•ui n man • lib '
•'••i"i!iUil ii One i" ti i''''' •'
and mm-
"Madam. JTOU see thai r-'» '"""
against the <h»ir ov*i "■'■"•"
"Yep, sir."
"If you will lean oul °tj)*%
and bow  to him, fou •*"
eternal gratitudi
J-isimi'Wbat  i*oi:i'■-"'  """■ "!r,H'
she obeyed th" I'i'l
—"   *'"• .>*" ■"    •   ' • .11
th.. door stra chi   ■ I
pulled off his i.t >•
bowed almost las lh. .
'•Madi-in. .... ■ : ■ '■
•aid the man
whole K.-.tiiBii    f Aial
Is •roloncl  Oon-1    I   "*.«*! " , *..
fir** II,,,,' be hlf       I     -"l":'IS   d
bis   pucUelx   f-r   .-•?•'    ™J1
Th.tnlui-tluii.k*.' .V-a ■■J*»"l.iJ
life!"      i ' ■y g
'       r*i
HulilBi.   l'l."''""'
DiK'toi•- Your  ti iuiiei'fll"re
1»7* , .   ,-,,„sir.''"i
Auctioneer  (drov. ■•'■'     , ^ipf-M
seven.   Hiindnd an* * > \'•'•     .,, M
Ing at hundred an' aVtatxlJ"     >vfi|
it n hundred an' f*lglltM
it aw
When n boy Is ^f>**> J^
gootl den I if you feed I"-1-'
' Ulobe. e Drill.
Dan. diutish Columbia.
{■.vo. Hamilton, Secretary of
.,• linliu, in a speech Ueliver-
Lonuon, declared that Oreat
was almost at tho end of her
, ilie matter of voluntary en-
iitt tho army. He hoped to
,,„v  when every male In the
Isles would be compelled to
military training.
] A wcitcv in London Health says
that in no sense of the word is the
I American  l'aco  distinctive,   unit  there
. is nothing that will cull it up in the
mind from the world's group of Cau-
• cam an luces. The answer to this Is
that the American fuce is a composite, necessarily.
Minard's Liniment Relieves Neuralgia.
Prince Joachim Albert of Prussia,
hns w.itten both the scenario and
i.'usic of a ballet entitled "The Miracle ot Spiing."
(villi's LINIMENT is tho only
.Mt nsked for at my store and
lV one we ke-ep for sale.
|lhi' peoplo use it.
isniit Hay, C. D.
llui,.. annoys the youth with.a
u| keys ut the ond of his
• iuiin    like beliiK usked what
,uii is generally her heavis'st
., i loth  yeur.
la more cisturrh  in  this ace Hon
uinitrv   than   all   "other   dlsearM
ei hi-i.   anil     until     the    lust   few
,.   supposed  to be lncurahls*.  For
manv   vi'urs  sloctors  pronounceal
al   ilisssssse   and   preHCrllieil   locul
uml   Is.v  I'sBiistiintlv  fulllne     to
Ininl  treatment,  prsinounccd  it
Science hus proven catisrrh to
n  constitutional  disease  anil thcrc-
,>iiniri's    constitutional    treatment.
Catarrh Cure, manulaclurcd bv P,
a,i",■   <Sj.   I'o     Toledo.   Ohio.   Is    the
.institutional  cure on  the  market
taken  ii.ii'innlly   in  doss>s Irom    10
...  ii   ti'iiMHionful    It   acts  illrectlv
blood ami mucous tsurluces oi tha*
I hey  si'lTer  one  hundraed  dollurs
v   ..is?  it   tails   to  cure    Hend   for
,s   and   testimonials.       Aililress.
,1    (HKNI'-Y A Co.. Toledo. O.
Iiv  'iruL'irists.  7Bc.
j i*1*.    i v  l'ills  are the best.
la will prevent smali-pox. Well
, over doubted but thut they
sinia' enough t» prevent some-
,ta' blood is the breeding islace
numerable illnesses.     When we
yliaiil..'  suffering  from  ihs.-uma-
limping on crutches, or find on
|\ a\  .i person covered With sores.
tempted to call out to them,
ii as    to those siiffs'rinsa; from
iuna,   m rofula :    "Poor   man   the
s   within your reach, and you
continue to  sulTer I "   Wc  have
ii   in Bay thut, sins-e we have
tne   history  of this popular
e,  hardly  uny  other medicine
a .. iili'd  in  achieving such   rs>
ulile and thorough cures us Dr.
■    Koenlgs   Humhurg   Drape.
■    eloquent.      Thousands sif
als  bring news of cures by
iKe-dropa''  as.a gratcfu" pa-
||t i.,u: "il them, and every day the
ni   i.s  increasing.    It   must
ther    said     in    praise  of  Dr.
Kin*uig'8    Hamburg     Drops
tt  they are prepared from plants
 is without any admixture of
•• ii substances, such ns mercury,
etc . mui therefore do not have
ii'i'ii iisnnt after-effects resulting
i tin" use of isther so-culled blood
li:a is and purgatives,  which often
ovo    small     ills  and cause much
iter   ones.   We   are  often  asked :
fhon    should   the system  be  puri-
Thls must be h*ft Vo person-
■udgiuent,  nmi ws* can only  reply:
|eii nature demands it.   Tlis* spring
generall*.    considered the proper
'■ lor  purifying the system.     We
not    .vaiit   ti)   upset   that  theory.
It     we must   |ioint out  that  lilsissd
piilil    an*    isurilled   also    at  other
es,  when there are signs thnt it
lii"t clean  and wants regulating.
Manj • latins hnve hsvn made on best'1 "i ino iiiibsIbtii newspapers it is
f' ■ forward ns the only reason-
He mn both for cssid uml poverty.
you si uich it over you at niirht
1 • I ■ ttcr than a warming pan, bet-
li iti.u, un ciilonbiwii i|uilt if you
pll it up into wet bolls ond put it
tin' fire it doM iiistoiKi of roale.
il 'I
■?%_■') *is 1&4B*    x/./.
ws  mm
iKlbN^   BOWEl*
"•"-*.     -.1****' VtJ""t
*"". .L!'!.S'*AUDBUG6ISTS.P-;iCt50c.Pf.Rf'i*Tnt
Thei's) never was anil never will be a
univs'isiil panacea, in one.remedy, tor all
Ills to which flesh is heir—the very nature of ninny curatives lieing such that
were the germs ol other nnd different I.v
sesilisxl discuses rooted In the system of
the patient—what would relieve ono ill
in turn wouisl agcravuto tho other. We
have, however, in Quinine Wine, when
obtainable in sound, unadulterated sluts*.
a remedy Ior many nnd grcvious ills. Ily
Its gradual and Judicious use tin. frailest
systems ure led into convalescence and
strength by the Inllueuce which Quinine
exertH on nature'B own restoratives. It
relli'ves the drooping spirits ot those
with whom a chronic stnte it inorbial
despondency and lack of intoiest iu life
is a slisease and Isy trnnqiiilizing tlie
norve*, sllsposos to sound and refreshing
sleep—impart* vigor to the uctissii of the
hlood. which, being slimuinti'd, course*
through the .eins, Itrengtheninfl Unhealthy animal function* of the system.
thereby making activity a necessu'rv re.
suit, strengthening tlie from* and givtnf*
life to the digestive airgisia.s, ss hlch iiiiiu-
rsslly demand  inrressned  substance—result,
Improved appetite,   Northrup  is  Lyman,
nf Toronto, have given to the public
their Superior Quinine Wine nl the iisunl
rate, and, guaited liy Ihe opinions ol
scientists, thi*s wine approaches nearoal
perfection of ssny on the market. All
druggists  sell   It.
Fino clothes may not make the
wife, but they often unmake the husband.
Minard's Liniment for sale evervwbaere.
The older u girl gets the more respect she has fsir the. wisdom of her
The road to success is open to all,
but too many want to get thero
Without   the trouble of going.
Oliver liopers, a seaman, adopted a
peculiar method of ending his life ut
Southaui] ton, Kng. He put three
pennies into a slot gas machine, und
then lixcsl a long piece of rubber tubing lo .i butner. Turning on the gas
h.' placed n pillow slip over his head,
uito .tliicb he put the end of ths'
tube Then, lying on tho bed, he
sl.iwiy Millorated. He waa slead wi.en
disco vci'iju.
Xet it May Lead tss Consumption anil  an
Early Grave.
If your blood is poor or watery, a
touch of cold or influenza will settlo
In your  lungs,  und the slight cough
of    today   may   turn to the racking
consumptive's cough of tomorrow.
Weak    lungs    are caused  by weak
■ blood; weak blood is an open invita-
I tion    for    consumption to lay upon
you the hand of death.
Stop that cough by enriching your
blood and Strengthening your lungs
with Dr, Williams' Pink Pills. They
make new, rich, red blood. They
add resisting power to the lungs.
Tliey have saved hundreds from a
consumptive's grave. Here is a positive proof that Dr. Williams' Pink
l'ills euro where other medicines fail.
Miss Katie Henry, Charloltetown.
P. B. I,, says: "Some months ago
I got caught in a rain storm, and
the wetting wus followed by a cold.
At lirst I paid but little attention to
it, but as tho cold clung to mo and
finally developed into a harking
cough, 1 became alarmed and consulted a doctor, who gave me a bottle of medicine, Unfortunately, it
did not help me, and I begun tsi
grow pule, lost in weight and niy ap-
petlte completely left mo 1 was no»v
regularly under the care of the doc-
ii*', who (old me my '..mgs were affected, anil that 1 was threaten' d
With consumption. The doctor's
treatment did not seem to ben fn
me iii this least. 1 grew BtsMtdily
Weaker, and finally was compelled to
remain In bs*d. At this time a friend
urged me to try Dr. Williams' Dink
l'ills. and erven brought me three
boxes before l finally consented to
take (hem. I have reason now to
bless my friend's persistence, because
1 felt better before the pills were all
gone, and 1 gladly continued the
treatment, and wus soon able to be
out of bed und take a walk every
day. I am now in the best of health
and weigh ten pounds more than
1 did before I took sick. I feel that.
1 owe my life to Dr. Williams' Pink
Dills, and hope my experience will
benefit some other sufferer."
All diseases which come from poor
blood or weak nerves can be driven
from the system by the use of Dr.
Williams' I'ink Dills, which may be
had from any dealer in medicine, or
will ha* sent post paid at 50c per
box, or six boxes for $2.fill, by writing direct to the Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont. Remember
lhat substitutes and ms-dicines said
to tie just as good do not cure.
Some dogs are almost, human.
'i'iiB*y (,-iowi over their meals just as
Borne ni,'ii do.
Fifty thousand stand of arms have
baton sec .ii s'sl as the result of the dis-
ainiamant oi  the Transvaal Kaiiits
We have nss hesitation in sayini* tbat
Pr. ,1 11 Kelloirir's Hvsentrv Cordial is
sMlsisBUl dOUbl the liesi meslicine ever In-
iruiiureil for ilvs.'ntry diarrhoea, cholera
isnss ull summer complaints, sou sicsnoi-s
eii. li promptly eives relief and never
fails io .'Hees a positive cure >*aCothori
should never be without a bottle when
tneir  children  are  teethinir.
According tsi the Daily Mail Mr.
Iiiistinik bus bought the London
*/'.oos mggeit elephant, .lingo, and
will Lrunaport the animal to ths1
L'nited '.-.lull's Immediately. .liimo
ims a baby when the elephant Jumbo' was shipped to the I'nitsil States.
1 !e ia UOW 22 inchs's taller than Jumbo wa.s, and is still growintr. Ths
piles paid ie not ktfowa, but is said
isa have been four ligures In pounds.
For a Cold
that hangs on
For obstinate coughs and
colds there is nothing equal
to that old reliable remedy
Gray's Syrup of Red Spruce Gum.
Prepared from Red Spruce
Gum it is soothing and
healing to the Lungs and
Throat. It stops that tickling in the throat, and after a
few doses that tight feeling
in the chest is relieved and
the cold and cough pass
Try a 25 cent bottle.
Gray's Syrup
Red Spruce Gum
Horse Health
Is one of the most important
things for every fsxmer to
Blood Purifier
will build up a run down horse.
It tones up the system, rids
stomach of bots, worms and
other parasites which undermine an animal's health.
50 cts. a package.
AO"lNTe.    -    •    •     MONTREAL.
There was once n man who admit-
trd tlieis- wore others us smart as
himself—bul  he died before the flood.
Thomas 9 Itulien Sunderland, wdtas:
• 1 or faiurtos-n vs*ssrs I wus afflicted with
i'i|eg: mi.I fieuuenllv I wns unable to
walk ur sit, but four years nsro I wisp
isiri'il hv usiiip' Pr. T'-oinns' Ei'lectrii'
im I bave nlso lieen suidect to Quincv
'",sr over fortv years but Kclertric (Ml
sined it. ami i'. wns n permanent cure in
both cases, as neither the Pies nor
1 Jiiii'.i'.v hnvo troubled me since."
An.eni'ans have the franchise for a
railway from Amsterdam 12 miles to
H.i.irls'in. Even the Hutch entourage
Vnnkec enterprise.	
ilinard's Liniment Curvs Dandniff.
A pressure recorder attached to the
lowlocJ*. of the racing shell will hero-
after lie used to determine the work
i Is me by each oarsman.
H>re'« n tisseer i'!*>li.
Each one of us hus nt some time
eaten too much, but we have surely
not gone to such an excess as this lish
has. It is called the "black swal lower" and ns a swullower takes lirsjl
place, for ita stomach is much larger
than its body. It will seize by the lull
a lish eight or ten times Its own size
and work its way over it by repeatedly
sliding forward one jaw and then the
other. Before taking a meal the swal-
lower Is a very respectable looking
fish, except for a voracious east of conn*
temince, but afterward he certainly
has the appearance of having eaten
too much. Then thu walls of his stomach ure so stretched as to lie transparent, Later dlgs'stion begins and the
swallower ls turned belly upward by
the Imprisoned gns and his Btomach
becomes a balloon, which lifts him
from the depths of the ocean to the
surface, and In this helpless condition
he Is thrown nbout by the waves, per
haps cast ashore and left high and dry
by the receding tide, ln which cuse lie
does uot swallow any more, for tlie returning tide finds hlm a dead fish.
The Siiiiniliiiila.il  In  Practice.
The theory of the constitution Is that
tbe three departments of the government-the legislative, the executive and
the Judiciary-are Independent of one
another. In practice the government
is not curried on in hnrmony with lliis
theory. The system of checks und balances does not operate ns its Inventors
Intended. The president was to have
hud the power of selecting his subordinates; the senate, through the exerciso
of the power of confirmation, wus to
prevent the appointment of unworthy
men, especially of men who might connive Willi the president to usurp power. In practice most of the president's
subordinates ure forced upon him. lie
usually selects after consultation wltb
a senator, who stands for the whole
senate, for lis' bus its power behind
him through a custom which bus grown
10 be a rule of conduct, known ns tlio
"courtesy of the senate."
l(iB\r tss Make  I li-iis  P.i l*;lit, il.iisal   Nntur-
S'.l StSBfll   Wa II.
A crying baby is an unwell baby.
The little chap is not cross for the
fuii ol it. He cries because thut is
the only way he. has of expressing
the tact that he is either in pain or
discomfort, Most of his little troubles are due to sonte disorder of the
stomach or bowels and if Baby's
Own Tablets are given both ths-
trouble and resulting crossness will
disappear; Vou can take a mother's
word for it, and Mrs. John T. Suth-
erlund. of lllisslield, N. B., says :
"I think Baby's Own Tablets the
best medicine in the world fsir little
ones. My baby wits very cross nmi
used to keep me awake half thc niuhl
before I got the Tablets. Now she
Bleeps soundly, is uood n.ttured and
is growing splendidly." Vou can
givo these Tablets with perfect safety to a new born babe. The.v are
guaranteed to contain no opiate or
poisonous sleepy stuff, anil aie a
sure cure for all the minor ailments
from which little ones suffer. Sold
by medii'its.* dealers or sent postpaid
at 2o cents a box by writing direct
to the l»r. Hilliams' Medicine Co.,
Brockville, Ont.
l.i'Kl'l'.t'KlA    AND   INIiHIKSTIoN -l'
w   Snow .t t'o    Syracuse. N. *»    write
Please  Bonfl   us  ten  irross  of  Pills    We
me Balling more sif Parmelee's Pills t!.iiii
anv    other    Pill   we  keep   Thev  hare a •
meat reputation  Ior tlie cure ol  Dyspeii-
aiu nmi Liver Complaint."   Mr   ci ns   \
Smith.    Lindsay,    writes :     "Pannslee a
l'ills are an excellent  meslicine.   Mv sis-
tsT  has been  troubled   ssiih  severe headache,   but  these  l'ills hts.se cured  her."
__——— —
Seventy    poets   ot   Germany hnve!
agreed with ono another to sell  no
poems Im   less  than  12 o-n's a  line
1 I
t here  co
isl   s
Mr    T    .1    Humes,    Columbus,    Ohio,
writes:     'I   base  been   afflicted  tor  Some
time wPh Kiiiiiev unit Liver Complaints
and luul I'ii 11 ns lee's l'ills the boat medicine  for  these  ilisenses.      Those   PUIS  do
nol came pain or griping, ssml should be
u-eal wnen a cathartic is required, Thoy
isre gelatine coated, and rolled in the
Flour of Licorice to preserve their pun
ly. and give them a pleasant, ncreeaiile
Trillions*  Dlanirrecd.
Although    Anthony   Trollope   never
smoked, he liked being with those who
did.  It soothed his nerves, he said, nnd
sent hlm to Bleep.   On one occasion,
when be had just returned to London
from Smith Africa   lie was l*.'king at
tii.- Cosmopolitan club to Lsoru Coma*
von, Lord Derby, Fronde, tho historian,
Lord Wolsekj and one or two others
equally famous sm t.is- future of that
country. In ihs- midst of the discussion |
Trollope fell asleep, and after a <iunr- ■
t- r of an hour's dose he awoke, shaking
himself   together   like   the   faithful, |
growling   Newt'iiiindhind   dog   he   so I
much resembled.   Dissentient even In
bis   uticonscionsness.    he   spluttered
forth: "I utterly disagree with every
one of you. What Is it you uald?"
Too  Sensitive  hf  Hnl(.
Terence (with the hod) -Yer not work-  i
in'. Dlinile,   Are yer, out of it Job?
Don Ills- Sura', ni fell off 11 nine stho
ry builillii' yisterilay. nn' 01 no' "Had
nn' split.
Tenure- Aw, go on! Yer too sltisl-
tlis*'.- Judge.
ror Eilloiss snd Nervous Disorders, such as
Wind ami rain in the!Stomach, Sick Headache, Giddiness, Ksilriessand Swelling after
meals. Uij-dness and Drowssiness. Cola] Chills
riushinRS of Heat, I.c-ns of Appetite, Shortness of llrenlh, Co-livenefs niot.hes on the
Skin. -Disturbed s*..-er>, Frightful Dreams,
and nil Nervous ami Trembling Seii.jslions,
TWENTY, MINUTES- Tfijs is no fiction.
Every biifTcicr is earnestly invtteil to try ons
Box of these l'ills, nnd thoy will br ns*k-
no« lode.d 10 br*, WITHOUT A RIVAL.
BEEC IS A "it's PILLS taken 113 dlres>
Ud, will quickly restore Females to BMmplcta
health. Tlie>~prs*mptlv remuve any obstruction or Irregularity of the system,   l'ur a
Weak Stomach,
Impaired Digestion,
Disordered Liver,
tbeynctliUemniflc-a few dn«es will work
woniiers upon tlie Vilal Orfdui-; Strengthen-
Ine lhe muscular System, r. storing the lamg-
lost Complexion, bringing b.irk the keen
else isf sbpetlte, ar.al bioumiisx with tht
Elssaolssisl a.r llenlth t!ss> wlsole I'hy
»la 11I oiss'S'uf sit Uie human fiame. Tliea**
are "facts ' admitted by thousands, lu sll
classes of sifliiifiv, nud one of the best guarantees   to tb" 'Nervous nnd  Debilitated U
Ibat BEECHAM'S PILLS hnvothe
Lorgcnt Sslo of any Patent
Medicines In tho World.
Hceelinm'a rills linvss boon lsefsrre
tlso    publia   fair   linlf  n   fnlsiry, ansl
isss. titan most i'.'ls'.l.sr IlllllHv Ill.'.tl.'lssaK,
Nn tOKtimonlllhl nro pulillahesl, M
Uttecshniis's I'illa
rrcTinra-d a.nlr by Thomsa Hcs>rham, St.
llcls'iis., I.iis lasial.
t»«.a! os.-,, ,1 here In fanatU anil 11. H.
America.   In buses, i!i cula.
Keep    nn    eye    on    the mnn who
boasts o( hia honesty.
The   iiiu-xpi'iti'il   lini'iions  nnish   less
frsssqiiently  than the expected fuils to
'rsTsMTTfiiTiiiTlli ii 1  JniiaMl
YVGsSsir ! That's " the greatest thing in the
world,"—in anything that's worn. You get stylo,
fit and finish too, in
Granby lubbers
—But the one thing we emphasize 18 their
Wearing Qualities.
"Granby Rubbers wear liKe iron."
Oil in lenther makes cold mitts or gloves, because oil is a
"good conductor" of cold. That's why Indian tanned buckskin is warmer than common oil tanned leathers.
But buckskin is porous, and lets in the wind and absorbs
wet. Now " Pinto Shell" Cordovan is tanned without oil or
minerals, and it is absolutely wind, water, boil, scorch and
cold proof—it is the toughest glove and mitt leather tanned.
It can be had only in H.B.K. mitts and gloves.
Will not crack or harden, always flexihle, warm and dry.
Bold by all deals-tra.   Set this traslo mark
If your slimier lifts not got theni write uh and send hlfl name.
Every ptalr Stunped ''Pinto  Shnll"  Cordovan by
Hudson Bay Knitting Co.
SO 8t> accrue Street, Montreal     128 Princess 8trtet, Wlnnlp****.
Makers of Warm CloUilng, Mitts, Olovea, Underwear, (3oi, Moccasins, etc     Ml
!   i.s always the kinsi that rewards th*
housewife an- rsusk  for usiiiR
Flour. It is always sure to give the
ui most, satisfaction.
Ogilvie's Tl uns' iirian I'lout i8 used
in tiii' Royal Household by Royal
U hut's nood enough for Royalty
oughl  to be Bond enough for you.
*-* —j  -- _____ m . **m_mmmmM*m*
Jlomekevpersqejicralfy ended ior
tcYSvaift'/fitihesiyi{qlue/n tea; but
Arrow    Laksa,     BS.O. j
Arrow    l_-»sVas»,
Tkess   miraculous   sprlnRS.
Mlnlatar to a mind dlsaased,
riurk IrosiB Uss saesnory a rooted sorrow
lu,i    ant   the    wrivtea   trstablsa  of   tks
And  wltb  sweet •bllvloins antidotes
Oleanaa   tbs   ataff^ bosusa   of  tkoss  pec
lloua  stuffs
Whirls   wa.i/h   beaTlly   apaa   Kidney.   Ut»
siaS   Kiomach
• Tkars'fora.  all   ye  who suBer—Olvm »kjf-
■lc  te  tba   dna;s    have   noae of  W   Mt
some and  he cured  at
The flalcyo. Rot Springs Suitariu, IX
TERMS—116 to |1B per  week
Orsln and Oommlssion Misrohantf..
Hlsilaeat iBrlcs-s palsl for wheat, oat»
hsrlev or fla!» ln carlnts Wire or write
ine lur nrlcea liefore oellir.sz Liberal
advantee mails on cmssisinmsnts artf
Dandled on soinmlealon Llcenaed ana
ts.* mi i'al
/   0   Bas,  S30.  Wtnrslpes.  Mas.
/3    *TC
W4, r,,.„t        WL^-
Are   You   Going   to
Ccmputo ?
Thero will  also ho offered :—
Three Prizes at Brandon
Fair in iyi)3.
os follows !
Fl . T p.-izs;.
For the two beat  Bacon Hoys, any
ni'i' or uia'i'il,  i.il am Carnefac Slock
Food  5">*'• lx; GOLD.
• £01 ND I'.'ii''.* -
Kor the second two best Bacon
llsigs, um ago or breed, ted on Cur-
nefnc Stock Food  J25 IN GOLbD.
Ti.!       l>. IZE.
For tho third two best Bacon
Bogs, anv age or breed, fed oo Uaft*
nefac Stock Fond  -Sla IN GOIJD
i Only one entry will be nllowi'd
from Vnih Farmer or Stuckiunn, and
tho stoik niHHi be exhibited at the
Brandon oxhityUon,
ISvidenCe must he |iroduc«l nt
thin- of MhlbltlOn tO slinw that thi)
animals were fed on  I'urni'fuc Slock
Try   Carnefnc
for   your
gome w.iiueii have tn.ui.is' nullum  v,  „   n-u.,ia*-*.  fV^-niifactisrer,
hubbauds   and    nothing im.  troublo.I™* «• jggjgjj^ wnnnipeg.
when ihs>  Kt't theni. !    , ,... .. *. .,_,..
Minard's Liniment Cures Burns, etc
It,* \ i,iu tinmt* n brand of cigars
ailor ii iuiin. i"it foi'tiiniitelv, thoy
. .,n t   oiuke hiiis Miioki' tlu'ui.
Ii thore is nny petty meanness about
,i win.',un it is sure to crop smt al a
euchre party.
  j "i Vn"*v- isii'i' at  tin' Haiiin' liini' that  It slls-
No woman caros so much aboul the   ln w "  _______
i over's   Y-/.   iWis."   Hi'au!)   Dlslnlectanl
Soan  Powder dosledln the imth ioftons
loss  Ol  hot* purse  as slw  docs  about I
IosIhr the lucky penny It contained.
itxS       r»s,     U.     t\trr.     «1B. Till'. DK1LI.. SLOCAN, B. C, MAKCH 20. ISO?-
/J. K. laHTasniMiuaL-s, Editor ajid Prop,
is rosLisaaD avaar rttrnxr at
,aL0CA5,      .      •       •       •      B. C.
Legal Advertisini 10 cents a line for
the first insertion and i cants a line each
aubfsirquent insertion.
Certificates ol Improvement, #7 each.
Transient advertiseuentsat-wmerstes
At legal advertising.
Locals will be charged 10 cents a line
fer each insertion.
Commercial Rates made known upon
Th* Subscription is 12 p*r year, atrict-
Jy in adranc*; $2.50 a year if not so paid.
A*Mr****s all letter* to—
Slocan, B. C.
FRIDAY. MARCH 20lh. 1903.
A pencil mark in the space
oppesite will b* aa iadica-
iioa to yeu that y* editor
considers thereis something
•earning t* kirn on your sub-
•sription. Kindl?scka*w-
4*dg*  ia cash and oblige.
.Senator Templcman, of Victoria, is
credited with having secun*d from the
Japanese head consul in Canada a
pledge that emigration from the Mikado's kingdom to the Dominion shnll
csease at once.   Encore.
New Denver last week had the experience of what is seemingly inevitable to every town in the west, that of
a wholesale ctfnflagmtion. ■"Rossland.
Ymir, Kaslo, Sandon and Three Forks
. hare each had their trial, and all have
Buffered greatly. The Lucerne received a bad scorching, but its citizens
will not permit that to lessen their
faith in their pretty burg. Slocan
nay take to heart tbe lessons of New-
Denver's experience, realizing that in
eternal vigilance alone lies the surety
of escape from *. siniikr conflagration.
One hates to contemplate the destruction that would be wrought here were
a fire to break out on Main street, and
it behooTes the officials to keep a vigi
lant lookout.
The mail
of late.
has beeu very irregular
"The end justifies the means," cried
tbe Jesuits of old, aQd the Grit government of Ontario have adopted the
' same tactics. A. while back they were
hard pressed to figure out a working
majority in the legislature, then re
course was had to the never-failing
influence of money. They succeeded
in buying the support of sGamey, the
independent Tory of Manitoulin, for
.$4000.   He made sure of the greater
' part of the money and then split on
the gang, and has raised all kinds of
a sensation in that supposedly moral
province. Sutherland, another member, says the Liberal machine attempted to seduce him from the paths of
' rectitude, but he stood proof against
them, probably, because the price was
not big enough. The longer those
Grits are in power, the more reckless
they become in their schemes. The
people of Ontario must hare either
st roug stomachs, or morals of the most
corrupt d<8scription.
Ex-Premier    Dunsmuir,  the   one
bloated capitalist of the province, is
acting like a spoilt baby with his coal
'miners.   Recently they voted to join
forces with the Western Federation of
Miners, just as their Nanaimo brethren have done, but the action displeased  their employer, and  he has announced that on April 1  he will close
tho Extension collieries down  tight,
throwing 1000 men out of employment
and bringing rui..  to the rising town
of Ladysmith.   There has Ix-cn   no
dispute between  employer   and em
ployees, tho situation lieing   simply
that Dunsmuir imagines he owns his
men, body and soul, and has, therefore,   the  direction   of   their    wills.
Dunsmuir objects not to the men having a union of their own—one that he
can dominate—but he is opposed to
them affiliating with an international
liody.   What rot.   Are not all frater
nal societies international affairs, and
are men condemned for joining them ?
'Then, why prohibit labor unions? The
gauntlet is down, and not for a moment is it to be imagined the hardy
coal miners of Vaucouver Island, now
that they are face to face with the issue, will foreswear their liberties for
the  sake of  the few paltry dollars
wrung from the unwilling hands of
the Chinese-loving James Dunsmuir.
Whore aro now tho brave James' protestations of love for his  white employees that were heralded over the
province at the last general elections—
.pass-ied into the boneyard of forgotten
pledges.    Dunsmuir, first,   last and
always, acts up to tho reputation of a
The machinery is being installed at
the shingle mill.
Aruot will open his spring stock of
dry goods on Tuesday next.
Try a box of those XXX npples at
$1.75, at Arnot's.   Host in town.
Born.—In New Denver on March 14,
the wife of John Dawson, of a son.
Frank Culver returned on Saturday,
having spent the winter in tho east.
The owners of the skating rink have
erased their operations for the season.
If in need of first class groceries or
provisions, try Arnot. Satisfaction
Tom Mulvey and wife returned on
Monday from spending the winter in
Vinton, Que.
Sherry Burchall came in on Thursday evening, having spent the winter
in Nova Scotia.
The band boys turned out on Tuesday and honored St.Patrick's memory
with several tunes.
The Nelson Economist has been enlarged into a four page newspaper nnd
looks the better for it.
Look at the address laliel ou your
paper and see if you owe the printer
anything.   If so, pay him.
Harry Bell, a C.P.R. brakeman, was
killed on Thursday near Eholt, by
being run over by an engine.
Rev. Mr. Mclntyre, Sandon, preached in the Methodist church on Sunday, Rev. Seymour oi*erating in thc
Silver City.
S. B. Clement returned on Tuesday,
having spent the winter in Burforcl,
Ont. He came back by way of Chicago and Spokane.
The. C.P.R. will spend considerable
money this summer in improving the
roadlied of the Slocan River and the
Nakusp <& Slocan roads.
Messrs. McPherson and Leatherby,
of the sawmill company, returned to
their homes iu Ontario this week, well
satisfied with the result of their visit.
Another car of machinery arrived
on Tuesday for the sawmill companv
from Toronto. It contained among
other things a planer and n couple of
Mrs. Covington announces that she
will hold her spring millinery opening
today and Saturday. A cordial invitation is extended to all ladies of the
city to lie present.
The engine of the freight coming in
yesterday morning broke down at
Lemon creek, delaying traffic several
hours. A freight car got off also at
the roundhouse siding.
J. M. McGregor got away on Friday
for Japan, his intention being to sail
from   Vancouver.   He has   accepted
Auction Sale.
NOTICE is hereby given that under
tbe provisions of the "Cattle Lien Act,"
I will sell bv public auction on Monday,
the sixth day of April, 1903,at 10o'clock
a.m., at my stablei in Slocan, one bay
horse and saddle, left with me by the
Chapleau Consolidated Mining Co., ltd.,
default having been made in payment
fer tbe food, care, attendance and accommodation furnished said horse for
upwards ef three months.
Dated at Slocan, B.C., March 14, 1903.
Certificate of Improvements.
Calodoala Mlaaral Claim.
Situate in the Slocan Mining Division
of West Kootenay district. Where
located: South of Silverton and half
a mile east of Slocan lake.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Kenneth L.
Burnet, of Rosstand,B.C.,acting ss«*zent
forGeorge F. Burpee.of Vancouver.B.C,
free minsrs'certificate No.B0382H,intend,
sixty days from the date hereof, to apply
to the mining recorder fora cert i Heats* ol
improvements, for the pnrposo of obtaining a crown grant of tbo above claim.
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, must bs commences!
liefore the issuance of such certificate of
Dated this l'Jth dav of March, 1902.
20-.3-03 K K N N KT11 L. B D R N ET
1'roUo. ei  MliB.-r.aBl Claim.
Situate in the Shiran Mining Division
of West Kootenay District. Where
located:—South ol Silverton and a
quarter ofa mile cast of Slocau lake
TAKE NOTICK that I, Kenneth  L.
Burnet, of l.'ossland,I'.C.acting aa agent
forGeorge l\ Burpee.of Vancouver,!) C,
free miner's certificate No. B62S29,
intend, sixty days from the date hereof,
to apply to the Mining Uecorder for n
ceitilicate of Improvement*, for tho purpose of obtaining a Crown grant of tbe
above claim.
Ansl further take notice that notion,
under section 37, must be commenced
before tlio issuance of such certificate of
Dated this 19th dav of March, 19C3.
Cameroalan Miassrnl Claim.
Situate in the Slocan City Mining Division of West Kootenay District.
Where located:—On the first north
fork of Lemon creek,
TAKE NOTICE that I, M. L. Grim-
met t, acting as ag' it for The Cameronian
Gold si Silver MiningCo.,limited liability
F.M.O. No. B89220, intend, sixty days
from the date hereof, to apply to tlio
Mining Kecorder fora certificate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining
a Crown grant of the above claim.
And further take ns,t;ce that action,
undsir section 37, must ba commenced
before the issuance of such certificate of
Dated this 7th dav of October, 1902.
20-3-03, * M. L. GMMMJDTT
the position of district manager for
the Manufacturers' Life Insurance
The liand has purchased two splendid instruments from Whaley, Royce
•ft Co., Toronto. One is a cornet and
the other an E flat bass. Thc latter
is an Imperial and an expensive instrument. ,
James Baker, of this place, representative in British Columbia of tho
Western Federation of Miners, is kept
pretty busy these days. He settled
the Nanaimo trouble, then went to
help out things at Femie, and now he
is looking after Dunsmuir's bairns at
Ladysmith. The latter have joined
the W. F. of M. to a mau.*
Last week's B. C. Gazette was half
filled with applications for coal and
petroleum licenses to prospect in the
Flathead country, in Southeast Kootenay, most of them being from Nelson
people. There were also applications
to purchase lands for townsite purposes.
John Houston was a visitor in the
city Monday, en route to New Denver
on a business trip. It is ten years
since John last visited this section and
he observed the camp had lx-en saved
much trouble. Ten years ago Silver-
ton had no lieing nnd Slocan was not.
Then John had to shank it up the
valley now the C.P.K. placed their
incompamble service at Iii* disposal.
Then John's latent capabilities as a
politician were not suspected, now ho
cuts considerable ice in Conservative
ranks.   Change is our portion hero.
Gwiilim & Johnson,
B. C
Timber Notice.
X*-OTICE is lia*rph) bIt.ii that thirty days after
ll date I intcnsi to apply tsi the Hon. thr
Chief Commissioner of Lands A Works at Victoria, B.C., for a special lis-eiii-e to cut anil carry
away timber frsim the following described
lands: CommeiiciiKr nt a post murlsesl W, H.
Tndliopo's southwest corner mist, .situated on
the north side of the south branch of Evans
creek, nbout two miles frnm the forks; thence
oast lsjOchaius; thence south HI chains; thence
west lf'0 chains; thence north Is) chains, to the
Dlac* of commencement, roiitaiiiitiK 0411 acres.
Dated this lSth day of February. ltXB.
Alex. Rogers,
Tonsorial Artist.
The Leading Parlors:
Stan Gitr miers* uaion,
No. 6a, W. F. of H.
Meets every Saturday •▼•ning
in tlie Union Hall, Slocan City, at
7.30 p.m. Visiting br«thren cordially
invited to attend.
Financial Secretary
Pioneer Livery
and Feed Stables,
Slocan,  B. C.
General Pack ine *n(* F01"*
wardiiii,' attended to at th*
shortest Notice.
Saddle and Puck Horse* f*r
hire at reasonable rates.
Tim .ber Notice.
""PAKE NOTICE that thirty days- after .Intel
J intend to apply fo the Hun. the Chief Cairn-
musionisr of Lands & Works, at Victoria, BX'..
for a special "license to cut anal carry nway timber from the followins described lands: Commencing ist ,s pass', on the in rth sitle ofthe south
branch of Evans crs*ek, near the wisterly boundary of \\. H. Tiidhopo's location, and marked
S. Chew's northeast csirm.r |H.st: thence south
40 chains; thence west 100 chains; thence north
liii'lusin?; ths'iBce east ItVl chains to place of
commencement, containing l*'U acres,
Dated this IPtli day of February. 191X1.
Timber Notice.
NOTICE ll hereby stis-enthat thirty days after
.lata I intenal toapply tothe Hon. the Chief
Commissiuncr of Lnmls & Works nt Victoria, II.
C., for a special license to cut and carry away
timlssT from the following described lands:
Comniencinu at a post marknsl Howard Chew's
northeast csarns-r paist.situate I on the north sisle
of the smith branch of Ki'ans cra'ck. near the
westerly bonndar? of S. Chew's location j thence
sontli \'l chains ; tha-iiee west l*0 chains; thence
north 80chains; thence east HO chains to place
of commencement, containing liill acres.
Dated this 211th alay of February. Iim.
^Advertise your
in these days of progress and competition
no man in business
should neglect an opportunity to keep his
goods before the people.
Modern usages proclaim advertising the
one road to sii-xess;
neglect of it invariably
ends in disaster. A
merchant's standing
in a community may
be judged from the advertisement he carries
in a local paper. To
sell goods a man must
advertise. All live
men seek the aid of
tiie printer
to all ppisis-
tent and [Jjj.
oral advertin*
ers: it [g y,,M\
by everyone.
At All  Times
Rev. William Simons, Pastor.
Sunday, at 11 a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
Sabbath School at 2.30 p.m.
Prayer Meeting, Wednesday, 7.30
■Strangers and young m*n
art cordially invited.   .   .
J. Pinchbeck, Proprietor
Having opened a first-class
establishment 00 Main Street,
the patronage of the public i.s
solicited for Home-Made Bread,
Whole Wheat Bread, Cakes,
Pies, and a full line  of  general
#14 l.siisvr.iif Itrrmil fnr SI.
Fall Weight ansl Quality
Representing the strongest c*»m-
psnies dr.in.ir  business   in Canada,
SEE NEW An i.-iKNT iM.ii v, with participation in profits, c^y-jrinff sickness and cps.niti-.il-,.
H. I) CURTIS, Kotai'y Pnblio
Steel Ranges
for $18.25.
OjQ Subscribe for
local paper: LJj
y THE DRILL,   $2  per year. H
Why b* without a raner* wh*«
you can get on* so chr-ap? The*,
are preferrable to store*and jiy*
better satisfaction. These rangM
burn wood or coal and will be
set up free.
I. J.
Slocan, B. C.        j
Garden Seeds
Flower Seeds
Timothy Seed
Clover Seed
Grass Seed
Seeds in bulk
Jiiflt arrived from D. M. Ftrry'n,
the gr*at Seed Hoims?.    Kor sale
Agents for the Ileinlzman & Co.,Gerhard Ilcintznian, and Kara Pianos
I.oalaa  rractlaa,   RIU,   It*.. »mi   |.,,.|
MlarrwK laliaa,
Situate in tho Blocan City Mining Pivi-
sion of tha W'eit Koottuiv District
wh*r* located:— Fly* mints u|i tint
north fork of I.eiiifin crark.ailj ining
th* Viol*t mineral claim.
TAKK NOTICE that I, W. 8. Johnson, for mviflf, F.M.C, ll.ri!l7:'l ; and na
agent for W.J Johnson, F.M.C. B59722*
A. S. Johnston, F.M.C. WB728] Frank
Dick, F.M.C. .969777; J E. TattarM.ll
F.M.O. B69703- ami A. B. Bol-ientoo,
Free .Miner's Ctrtificat* No B69809
Intend, sixty slave from the slate hereof,
to apply t the mining racordar for certificates of Improvement, for the pur-
pose of obtaining Crown grants of ths>
above claims.
And further tnko notice that Mit ion
under section 37, must he commenced
hefore the Issuance of suchacortificatau oi
Dated thii l.ith dar of .lanimrv, 1908
23-1 03 W, 8. J0HM80N
Craaale Mlnrrat Claim.
Situate in the Slocan City Mining Division of the West Kootenay District
Where located:—On Lemon creek
1*2 miles from the mouth,
Take notice that I, J. M McGreeor
acting as agent for W, |). Mcintosh p'
M.C. No. B78892j 0. 8. Baxter, K \i p
No. P.70K.I, and P, W. George, lire
miner's certificate No. B51840, intend
sixty days from thealute hereof, tosnplv
tothe Mining Rocoid*r fora rartiflcata
of improvements, for the purpose ol obtaining a ciuwii grunt fur tli*
And further  take  notice  that action
uniler section 87, mint  he commencarj
before the Issuance of such eti tiflcste n|
Dated this 12th day ol Februarv lnni
27-2*03 J.MaM^Kt'JuK.
Do You
Want a Home ?
Then come to Slocan, for it ii
one of the fairest spots on this
earth of ours. Levelness,
Room, Scenery, Health, Fishing, Huntir g.Rcads, Railway
Steamboats, Churche8,School
Hospital, Publio Halls and
enterprising citizens are some
of the advantages enjoyed bv
this City, backed np by Unsurpassed and Proven Mineral
Resources. Nature and Han
hath decreed that
Slocan is
the Burg
Come and be convinced that this tale is
no mere idle dream, but a stern reality-


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