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The Slocan Drill 1903-04-10

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 fOL. IV., No* 2-
SLOCAN,   B.   C,   APRIL   10,   1P08.
ust Placed in Stock.
The newest lines in Men's Felt Hats. Styles
are a tritle different from last season, so come
to us and get the latest.
Oui Ladies' Blouses, Skirts, Wrappers,- '
etc., to arrive shortly.       Wait, Ladies,
and see theni.
N'ssniumtlon for Nuw  Alala-riiiiin   Set   fur
Wsslsss'ssslisy   Next, With   Bleotloil ills
■ 'Billowing   SutlSBdny —Si'IlveilgS'l'  IVil-
insallim, Tisri.sifll   Daa-.vn.
dennan, wilh tho election, if neces-
8iii'V, on the 18th.   Carried.
Aid. Smith and McNeish inovcd
tliat li. I. Bentley br appointed re*
turninj*: officer.   Carried.
Council adjourned.
IW. T. Shatford & Co.
York &
Dealers in Fresh and Salt
Heats, Vegetables and Provisions. Goods shipped to
any part of the Slocan.
Highest .cash price paid for
raw Furs.
Aid. Arnot, Worden and McCallum
" ' 03 hu. absentees from Moti'lay overling's meeting of the council.
Communications read: Prom the
deputy attorney general, asknowlodg-
in;,r receipt of petition to extend the
jurisdiction of the local small debts
court,   Filed.
From department of education, on-
closing cheque for last quarter's due*
to school, amounting to $311.20. Or-
derod Bled.
From Goorge PhilpoLoffering io do
the city scavenger work for StlO por
month, the city to furnish the rigj for
removing garbage ha would furnish
his own rig, Aid. .Smith did not approve of tlie offer, a
B. C.
If, rt>ached by any trail or road
lth.it runs into the Town.
Do not go past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
Proprietor. •
I Irlotel,
SLOCAN,   B.  C.
Offers up-to-date accommodation for the
Public.     It  is the home of Travelling,
Commercial, and Mining Men.
QETHINQ & HENDERSON, - Proprietors.
Re opened under
Uie old "Management
Former customers
cordially invited to return
The Royal Hotel,
Cs»r. Arthur laitrrsl mill   IManay A vnisir, Slocan.
miming thoroughly renovated
and re st ■eked with the boat
jas cross,
Fruit, Confectionery, Tobacco
You can get anything in these lines that you
require from us. Our stock in each is always
kept fresh and well assorted. We handle the
best the market affords.   Prices arc right.
■:IRE        ACCIDENT.
Representing the strongest cttn<
Ponies doing business in Canada.
8eb new ArjrjiDBNT l'oi.it'Y, with participation in profits, coverine; sickness and opcrati-ins.
H.-D, CURTIS, Notary Public
Pioneer Livery
and Feed Stables.
Slocan, B. C.
General Packing and For-
warding attended to at the
shortest Notice.
Saddle and Pack Horsei fer
hire at reasonable rates.
si'i:i;i;n rjUOM TIU'ONI*,
(.sivarniiieiil'u Pi'SBUBninssss' Oflstllnvsl  far
tilt* l.oglslHlnro.
Appended is a copy of the. lieutenant-governor's speech delivered at the
opening of tho provincial legislature
last Thursday:
I have much pleasure in welcoming
you to the fourth session of tho ninth
legislature of British Cdlumfela"!
Thore is much cause tor us to be
thankful in Iho fact that Iiis mosi
gracious majesty King Edward VII.
Ims been restored to health, aad I am
pl'jit.M'i! Hint my first minister had tin***
honorof.being present at hia.corona
Although sonis* of the leading industries of the province have unfortunately, been seriously hindered liy
reasoij ot disputes between employers
he blamed the
tenderer for the unsatisfactory condition of things in thc city.so would not
recommend him.   Letter filed.
From D. Morris, Nelson, wanting to
get at the surveying for tho proposed
waterworks. The mayor said the snow
wa.s yet too deep for work, and there
would be no use doing anything till
another analysis of the water was obtained. Letter tiled and tlu* clerk instructed to notify Mr. Morris that
there was too much snow to prosecute
the work.
From City Solicitor Jorand, enclosing copy of letter from the B. CTrust
Co., insisting upon the city paying I
their solicitor's tees in connectiou with ' .,,,,-
the millsite debentures. A second
letter also read from thesame concern
asking the city to send th" signod def
beatures to the Royal Bank at Vancouver, as tie* Nelson branch did not
care to accept the responsibility.
Tin* mayor stated ths' foes of the
solicitor, Mr. Gait, amoanied to 890.
Ald.Teet-r inquired if ihe city lin**'.'.
anything abeut the  bank'** n*-goti;ii4i
of labor and employees, the past year
has been a fairly prosperous ono.
With a view to obviating and settling
these industrial differences in future,
a conciliatory nii'sisure will lio introduced.
I congratulate you on the fact that
enquiries respecting settlement in thii
province are so largely ou tlie increase,
and also that, as a consequence oT the
movement of population to Manitoba
and the Northwest Territories, which
is rapidly filling up and developing
that country, the demand for our lumber and fruit has greatly addod to the
prosperity of these industries in British Columbia.
Measures will be introduced for the
pose of dealing r.ith lands in a
manner that will tend to encourage
immigration of farmers nnd fruit
afi'oa'tji'g, and of satisfactorily adjust;
ing caisting liabilities for dykin;
against binds within certain dyking
Provision will be to (de, by survey
or i*.''' innaissiui v. tor tho mure aoou-
;si 'deliinkatit uand hotterltnowledge
tions with the company re the solieJ-
tor's foes, and was informed not. The
worthy alderman deemed ii a very
strange proroeding on !!•..• part of the
Aid. McNeish said it was evident
• i
looking: for tin addi*
district■•. available  for. wttlomtait
and dcvelopm■••■'.
H i-- sutai -r ' i i know that th'-
outlook in nihw] eou-rtructio*" i**. the
'province is prorubtug, «nd 1 hive
pl.'ir-ure in stating that bills will be
submittrl for t'i" purpose-of giving
tionaltakeoff of \ of  1   per cent fori
transferring tlie money from Vancouver to Ne'son.   It was a regular In 1
bio game, and he believed the
vid in thai direction.
An act to amend the Assosament
Act, in order to improvo the method
of tax collecting, will be submitted for
y.:)\r consid tratiou.
Legislation will be introduce having, in view, ths re-adjustment of the
prsjseni system of taxation of metalliferous mines, and to amend the Coal
Mines Ltogulation Act i.i accordance
, with the recommendations of the corn-
business. He also suggested chaug- mUsiciaors appointed la^t yeartoin*
ing the bank account ror the-city, as veatigate the exusaej o| accidents in
it was not right to stand theso manoeu coal mi ties, with a view toiwcuriug
vres of the bank. greater safetv of operatives.
shoulil look elsewhere for the sale of
the debentures.
Mayor York said it   looked as if tin
city would hive to pay Mr. Gait.
Aflsr more desultory talk,tho mayoi
urged the speedy winding up of lh
officers and members of the lodge.   Ii
is not often the public are given the
opportunity to so thoroughly enjoy
Messtlny s»f ths Executive „r I'rovlssrlul
A meeting of the executive of the
provincial organization of tho Conservative party was held in Vancouver,
just previous to tho assembling of tl.e
legislature, and every member was
present, including the leader, Charles
Wilson.   From the programme one
ean see that tho executive are fully
alive to the situation anil have perfected Ihe arrangement of the machinery for the forthcoming election. It
will Ik- noticed, too, that the executive
mean to remain in control of the campaign throughout the province, all
ridings co-operating on an even basis
aud at a set lime fur the nominating
conventions, Nothing could lx*. fairer
or more just to the rank and file of tiie
party than the arrangements mado by
the executive.
The province has been divided into
fivo divisions for Organization pur-
poses, each division to be in charge of
a member of
f the executive. The Koot-
euay-Boundftry division includes al]
the electoral districts of Greenwood
and Grand Forks, and will be in the
charge of R, F. Green. Conventions
for nominating candidates for the legislative assembly will 1:6 made up of
delegates chosen as follows: Tn city
electoral districts on° delegate for
■very BO aud fraction of 60 votes poll-
;• I at the provincial election in 1900,
and if.the city is divided into wards.
the proportion of delegates from each
ward shall be based on the rote polled
n each ward tit the last municipal
election. In other than city electoral
districts, on'i delegate for every 50 or
fraction of r*l) votes polled in the provincial election held in l'.WX). the delegates to be apportioned to polling
places, or as near thereto as will be
fair to tho voters of the different
The election of delegates shall lie
at tho public meetings neld at a des*
toiated central place in each polling
division, or in each ward in city
electoral districts if the city is divided
iuto ward-. At such public meetings
only those who^pledge themselves to
vote for the candidate or candidates
selsBcted til the coming convention
shall 1k> entitled to vote for delegates.
Two weeks' notic*? shall be given of
"'.in','- at which delegates arc
Nominating couven-
Tho aldermen thought n (thing •**
to bo gained by that just ncSW.ti - th
would soon bs* ;i bank here.
As nothing could be done till I
li'lu'iiti-aTe-i were r<tviivi',l and tigm
V.'ii  vrill  be asked to consider a
measure for tlu- adjustment of claims
of the pioneer Bettlers on tie* lands
1 I within the E^squimali and Natiaitno
!{-liiwav Company bind b'.'!t.
thi'clerk was instructed to wire the! A bill is now before tli" house of
Colonist to hurry Jforward^tho deben- commons oT .Canada, providing for the
turns. I increase in the bead tax sm Chinese
Aid. Teeter and MtJNeish moved from JflOO to <$500,being in accoixlance
that the clerk lie instructed to t^nd I with recommendations made by the
the signed debentures to theJKoyal l legWiuturo and ntpreseutiitives of the
No. 6i, W. F. of n.
Meets every    .Saturday   evening
in the Union Hall, Slocan City, at
7.30 p.m. Visiting brethren cordially
invited to attend.
Financial Secretary
Bank at Nelson, together with a drufl
for tin' money from the s:i!e of the
debentures, less Mr. Gall's oxpoiisos.
Carried, and the letters fila.il.
A price li-4 for supplies from the
Canadian General Electric Co. was
referred to  the  fixe, Water  anil li';'.:
Aid. McCallum wrote, tendering his
resignation from the council, busin	
affairs compelling him to take thai
His worship stated they alldeoph
Cs3gretted Aid. McCallum's action.
Aid.  Teeter moved, Berondnd   by
province, and I trust it will become
Tho acts of the last session disal*
lowed by th • Dominion government
will be submitted for re di.iotinent, ii)
the hope that the Dominion .govern-
ment mny. upon further sionsideration,
recognize the wisdom of such legislation, and that the rightsof the pro
villi's' may prevail.
Papers will be laid before you giving all information regarding th*' sev
s>r,tl important matters considered ai
the coniVrenee between the Dominion
Bovernment and my lii-t minister and
tions shall bo held in city electoral
districts two days after the day on
which del .'.lies are elected, aud in
other electoral districts sa-u'ii days
after. All nominations throughout
the province to be mado at a designated central place in each electoral
iii>ti''s'l and on the same date.
All notices of the date of public
mctings for the election of delegates
to nominating conventions, the apportionment of delegates, and the place
and slat., of nominating convention8
in the several electoral districts shall
Ik- prepared and issuerj, by the
members of tlie executive in charge
of the division in which the electoral
districts are siluats-'il and shall Im*
over tiie names of the president and
secretary ofthe executive of the lab-
eral-Coiiservative Union of British
l.unt Tear's Kliipmt-sitN Ws-rss 033.'! Tssiih—
A Hi-ill.hy l':vlsls>iicas or I liu Life assat
Wealth sir tlse Cituip -ISnterprlae th*
BlKKCSt aSlslppnr.
After a prolonged struggle tho Ot-
taw.i lias succeeded in f,'ettiu^' out ita
car of ore, amounting to 20 tons, It
is now sending down another carload
of mineral, which is being deposited
at the transfer shed for the time being, this end of the road being in bad
The Republic has its one load at
tho wharf, not having sent any moro
down of late.
For HI02 the ore shipments from
the local division amounted to 6388
tons, made up from l'l properties,
Following is a full list of the shipments this year to date:
Enterprise  14,5
Arlington  40
Ottawa      20 120
Black I'rince  17
Bondholder  ]
Dayton  4
Ri'imlilic  2(1
Mets*.sr  13
20 3.S9
MINKS   AND    Ml M.N'..
Bar silver selling at 49.^ cents.
Ths' Ottawa people have purchased
the Boswell fraction, adjoining their
own property.
J.J.Godfrey is applying for a crown
grant on the Smuggler, up near tho
Black Princes
The shadow on Con Murphy's interest in the Biocan Prince has lieen
cleared away aud the title quieted.
The lease on the Bondholder lias
been thrown up. The ore will not bo
brought down until after the suow is
Otto Broh'm, oue of thfv*e roseu**d in
the recent disaster at the Nettie L
mine, at Ferguson, died during the
week from the effects of the poisonous
gases inhaled.
The lessees of the Dayton are still
drifting across the vein, which is proving a huge affair, They expect to
tap the .paystreak in a few davs and
open up something extra good.
Aid. McNeish, thnt the resignation be attorney rganeral at Ottawa, in Fobru
accepted with regret,and that the seal
be declared vacant.
The inavor was very  loth tsi take
the step, but Aid. McCallum was tie
termitied to resign.   He had been a
valuable member and they could ill
afford to lose him.
Motion earris'd.
Chief Armstrong made his report
for March as follows: No. of warrants
served I, arn sts made |, BUmmons
served 11..small debts court eases"-.
police court cases 2, fines and co-its
colleeti'd |8, lire alarms 2.   Filed.
Letter read from Miners' Union.
stating that they did not consider
themselves responsible for the corn
ner's bills in connection with death of
Joseph  Trombley
be paid.
Bills presented! R. A. Bradshaw.
stationery, ?2.(iF>.    Referred to linnnca
Tho clerk wns voted $10 for hi-
petty cash account.
Owing to Aid. McCallum's resigns
tion, Aid. McNeish was appointed i
member of the court of revision.
On  motion of  Aid. McNeish   an
Teeter, Ihe   15th of  April   was set in
the date of nomination   for a new nl
ary la
Carefully prepared o timatos of revenue and expenditure will be submitted without delay,
With every confidence that yonr labors will Iw directed to the honor and
advantage of th'* province, 1 leave you
to your deliberations, and earnestly
invoke on your liehalf the Divine
Ofl-Jitl-.llowV At Hssm,*.
A very pleasant time Indeed was
spent In the OddfeUowV hall last
Thursday night, the occasion bein;'
an At Some hold under the auspices
Bills ordered to of the local lodge of tho society.   The
Amendment tu Assessment Act.
Owners of crown granted mineral
el .ims and general real estate will
lind something of material interest in
the act, introduced into the legislature
by the minister ol finance, to amend
il„. "uoeasment Act. It Imposes a tax
of 150 cents an acre on all crs.wti granted claims, payable on the first '.'>th of
June after the crown grant has been
ironed. The tax is relieved provided
Slimi worth of work is done on the
claim each year, and ths* work for not
more than eight claims maybeper-
formed on any one of the group. All
present   taxes   must   be paid before
Xti.T. 1. 1903. If taxes are not paid
before Aug. 1 in each year, the claims
will In* offered for sale, and tluise not
sold iw- rt to the crown. Where
claims are used for olher purposes
than mining, thev must pay an additional tax as real properly. Unpaid
taxi'- of all dsssoriptions ate delinquent
,s;i Dec. •">! in each )*ear and will beat
interest at 12 per cent. Moreover, all
delinquent real estate will be offered
for stile each year, and those lands not
sold revert to the crown at one;. This
will a Heel wild lands, ranches, town
lots, etc.	
BlHI-lB.  PrlBBS'B*  lllBSBSl.
The machine shop of the lumber
Company is in active operation, tho
machinery giving satisfaction.
D. B. O'Neail,representing the local
union, went to Nelson Monday, to attend the district meeting of the W.F.
of M.
Ai this ollice may lie seen samples
of the Early Thoroughbred seed potatoes, which yielded Watson Bros, a
tremendous crop last year. It will pay
gardeners to inspect them.
L"tters have been received from tho
Provincial Mining Association, stating
the organization was lending its aid
to collect lnins-ral specimens to be
sent to Ottawa, to be forwarded from
thonce to St. Louis by tho government.
The d«*pai*tment has closed the i>ost-
otfioe at Roeebery, and in their inli-
nite wisdsmi have ordered all mail for
that point to be Bent t.i Nakusp,
which is 84 miles awav. while New
Denver is but live. Verily the Canadian -postal people are bright follows.
Next Wednesday the ratepayers
will be called on to nominate a member for the city council to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of
of Aid. McCallum. There an* mighty
few aspirants for the position and
should an election fail, the council
will have to appoint a man.
Ys'-terday the well known Arlington
hotel changed hands. Mewrs.Knowles
& Patrequin having leasod it. Messrs.
Gcthing "v Henderson, the owners,are
leaving shortly for the far north.much
In the regret of their myriad of friends.
The new proprietors are popular
and will lie heartily welcomed to the
nail was crowded and amusement was
afforded for all. first there was a
variety of table games; then a short
programme of songs, readings and
speeches, the latter dealing with the
formation, aims and objects of the order; next refreshments on a lavish
scale:afta'i'that p!iiino,''raph si'leclidiih.   .       ,   ,
ami[finally a dance, music K-iu-r sup-1 of the property to Mr. Norman at a
piled bv the band and Neil M-jMillau. j ivdiiced figure, the cash to be paid on
Altog'lher it W.ts a swell lini.'aud re the above dale. Two men are em-
fletcdlhe greatest   credit   upon  the I ployed at the mine.
The Ixmd held by Sidney Nornnu
on the Black I'rince group calls for
payment on May I and it looks as if
it would be met.   During the -winter
DOW paper-* were made out, disposing
minim;  RECORDS.
Appended is a completn list of the various records register*-!! atthe local registry office, II. P. Cliristit* being Gaining
April 2—West 8isle, Lemon creek, H
L Fife.
East Side, same, same.
Aprill.-Tin Plate fr.
2—White Sparrow, Torpedo.
Mar 81—T J Lloyd to A Oweim.
Mar SI—Boswoll fr, T 1 Lloyd to A B
Coleman. S>^J^0*d^<>*O*i^Oiei^t>9O*)C4>OO4yO0OS)(i
.fl  * m
9 to m
Copyright.   1901,   by  Charles  W.   Hooke.
The doctor blushed ant] glanced uneasily at the captain.
"I asked hlm if be could pick that
womnn out of a crowd," said the cnptnln, "and he told me tbat be didu't
know: he couldn't be sure."
"I fancied that It might have been
something of the sort," rejoined
Brenda.   "And now, Captain"—
Sbe paused, and tbe olllcer supplied
the uame.
"Captain Neale, at jour service,*"
aaid he, wltb a bow.
"Thank you. And now, Cnptnln
Nenle. I wish you would get the message from the hospital for which you
are waiting as quickly aa you can, for
I am Impatient to go there."
"I'm expecting It any minute," he replied.   "Ah, perhaps this Is It."
A tall young man of a German type
of countenance, wltb wide blue eyes,
entered the room nnd stood by the
door, as If be hnd no erm ml. but bad
simply been Impelled by a gentle, su-
L>''i'lor force. There was silence for
b.'iP," a minute, Then the cnptnln advanced to the young mno snd led blm
by the arm Into the vestibule.
"Wbat are you here for, Blmen-
dorfy" lie demanded in s low voice.
"Headquarters don't need to mix up
In this case.   I enn look out for It."
"Orders.'' replied Elmeudorf. "That's
all I know. Tbe chief wonts a report."
"Well, hell get one. won't he?"
asked the captain. "Now, see here;
dou't take a step till 1 say so. 1 know
what I'm about."
Elmendorf strolled Into tbe room and
eat down in a large cbalr. wltb a sigh.
Then, perceiving tbat Brenda was
Standing, be rose hastily, very much
to tbe young lady's surprise.
"By the way." said the captain,
"while we're waiting I want to ask
you about Mr. Alden. We've sent word
to his otlice, but be Isn't there. They
don't know where he's gone. You knew
hlm quite well, didu't you? I noticed
how quick yon recognized bis band-
"Yes." said Brenda, "1 knew blm
quite well."
"And you knew Miss Miller?"
"I never Raw her." replied Brenda
nfter a moment's hesitation.
"Why, Miss Williams," exclaimed
Neale, with a grotesque attempt to
speak softly, "I thought you aaid you
were a friend of hers!"
"I hardly knew what to say to the
policemen at tbe door," replied Brenda
calmly. "I was very anxious tn get lu.
And let me add that I am ut present
very anxious to get out."
"Just one mluute." snid the captain.
"Ynu knew Mr. Alden. .Now. did you
hnppen to know of tiny young woman
that he was particularly sweet on?"
"I have heard." replied Brenda slowly, "thnt he was at oue time engaged
to a girl who had a grent deal of money
and some social standing, but 1 understand tbnt that hns beeu broken off. It
can have uo possible bearing upon this
crime, which was plainly the work of
a thief."
"You're thinking of the money," snld
Neale. caressing bis projecting chin
with a great. si|ii»rc hand, "the money
Alden Is alleged to bave put Into the
letter. It cnu't be found, nud that's a
"Is alleged to have put Into ibe letter!" exclaimed Brenda. "Wby. he
says so himself."
"Yes." responded the cnptnln, "that's
what be says."
An Intervnl of silence followed. Brenda wns leaning forward, her right linnd
restlug on tbe table, her eyes Intent
upon the officer's face. Tbe"* were
gray eyes ordinarily, and their expression spoke of the cultivated self restraint by which the natural dilutions
are held ln check. On this occasion,
bowever, they seemed to be of a dark
blue and to emit a light Wblcb even
Or. Blair, who saw thu lady lu profile,
did not fall to perceive.
OME one put a key Into tbe lock of tbe
front door, nnd the
faint sound of It wns
distinctly audible In
tbat room. The growling voice of h policeman In the ball said:
"Hold on!   You can't go"—
And seemingly In the same Instant a
young man appeared upon the threshold of the room. He took two steps
forward and then baited, the others
faciug blm.
He was one of those men whose tremendous vital energy declares Itself
unmistakably. As he stood there, perfectly still, the power within blm seemed to affect the air. It wus as when one
feels tbe tension of an engine tbat is
at rest, but ready. Wben such a man
advances, neither the ordinary obstacles nor even bis own will can stop
"Brenda!" he snld In a slngulnrly re-
strulnel voice, very 111 suited to his
words. "Why In tbe nnme of heaven
are you here'/"
"If 1  know," she nnswered, "It waa
bes'iinse I wanted to help ber. because
I couldn't have her die like this.   I"—
"Where Is she?"
"Tliey bave taken her to a hospital-
fit Winifred's."
The young man snatched up bis hat.
which had fallen to the lioor.
"Wait a minute:" exclaimed IVeaie.
"You're Alden-Clarence M. Alden?"
"Well, I want to talk to you. Waltl
If you go down there, you can't get ia
nor find out anything; that's orders.
You'll get more information here."
"Is she living?" demanded Alden.
"Yes," replied the captain. "If abe
diea, I shall know of It within five minutes, and that's quicker than you could
learn of It anywhere else. Let me manage this. I'll take good care of you.
I'll see that you get every word of
newa. Meanwhile let'B get down to
business.   You sent that note to her?"
"I did."
"With $000 In itr
"Yes." ""• . * '"".''
"At teu minutes after 2 I sent It by
John Robins.hi, a clerk tn my otfi«."
"Where la he now?"
"I dou't know," answered Alden. "1
didn't wait for him to come back.
Now, answer my question. Wbo did
this thing?"
Neale spread his hands abroad with
a grotesque gesture intended to disclaim the possession of tbe information.
"We're all at sea." he said. "Somebody got Into tbis room aud stabbed
the girl with this knife."
He suddenly lifted a newspaper that
bad lain on the table and disclosed
the weapon beneath It. Tbe long
blade was open and visibly stained
with blood. Brs-mla's band luul been
within six Inches of It. and at the
sight she started back witb sucb alarm
thnt Dr Blair stretched out hie nu.
to support her. She did not fall, bow
ever, but stood rlgisl. staring nt Aldea.
The eolot rushed to his face. He pui
up his bund und pushed hack the tan-
jrle of light brown hair that was lying
moist upon bis forehead.
*'Recognize It?" said Neale. wltb his
mirthless grin.
"It is mine." replied Alds-n In the
same repressed nnd steady tone tii.it
be had used throughout this scene.
"I gave It to her."
"a few days ago." said Aldeo. "!
don't exactly remember."
"Queer present. ' rejoined the cap-
taiu. "for a girl.'
"She was cutting some pictures «...t
of tbe magazines." replied A Idea, I
happened to bave tbe knife in my
pocket. She used tt, aud I didn't tnke
It back."
The captain slowly nodded his bend,
as one who bas reached tbe end of a
topic and Is preparing for the next.
"Aad now." said be. •how lung have
you known this young latl.vV"
He waved his bund toward Brenda.
"I have known Miss Machine a Ions
time." said Alden. "Why do you ask'*"
"Miss Maclane, eb?" suid the captain, elevating the strange tufts of
parti colored hair tbat were his eyebrows. "I understood that her name
was Williams."
"I have done an absurdly foolish
tblng," said Brenda, addressing Ahlen.
"I was afraid my name would be published, and ao 1 tried to deceive these
people." '
"Big mistake." rejoined Captain
Neale, shaking bla bead solemnly.
"This whole story will bave to come
out, and If tbe facts are known to the
police at the start It will come out
straight; otherwise there's uo telling
what tbe reporters will do wltb It."
"There Is no reason whatever." said
Alden, "why Miss Machine should be
brought Into tbla affair."
"There isn't, eb?" aaid tbe captain.
"Wby ls sbe here? Sympathy for a
woman that abe says sbe uever saw?
No; I guess we'll have to bave something better."
"If you don't get It," aaid Alden.
"wbat then?"
"I'll have to hold her as a witness."
"You menu that you will put me under arrest?" demanded Brenda, her
face aud even her lips absolutely colorless.
"I'll have to," said tbe captain.
"And suppose that I answer all your
questions now?" she asked.
Neale atruck his band down upon tbe
"You can go borne Just as aoon ss
you've done It," be declared, aud nt
that moment a man in plain clothes,
but with thc unmistakable stamp of
the police upon blm, entered thc room
and sainted bis superior.
"Excuse me for a minute," aaid
Neale, and, accompanied by the mau
who had Just appeared upon the scene,
be sts.pped out Into the hall.
Rri'iialii turned to Dr. Blair, wbo wus
leaning against the mnntelplece.
"Dr. Blair." she whispered, "you will
not sny that it wns I whom you saw
leaving tbls bouse?"
"No," replied the physician slowly;
"I will not."
"What does this mean?" demanded
Alden. j
Dr. Blnlr regnrded Alden steadily for!
some seconds bssfore he said with that
careful measuring of words tbat doctors learn:
"I have Informed the police thnt ns I
wns passing this bouse, very near io
lhe time when this deed was done. I
saw a person—a woman—come out and
walk away hurriedly toward Broadway." I
"A woman!" repeated Alden, as If
speaking without volition.
"She ennnot be accounted for," con-
tinned the doctor. "No oue knows who
she Is or why she was here or how she
got Into thc house. As to tbe Inst
point, however, I will say this: I had a
room ln this house for a few weeks
while repairs were In progress at No.
160, where I live, and I tben noticed that
the spring lock on tbe front door did
Ba took two steps Jorward and then
not always hold. If the lock has not
been repaired, there mny be an explanation of some mysterious points iu
tbls case."
If tbere had been an eye upon Detective Elniondorf at this moment, It
would bave uoted tbat he was much
Interested, but uo oue was looking at
blm. He himself wus observing Brenda closely.
Alden bad begun to pace tbe floor,
hla band upon bis forehead.
"I can't stay here any longer," be
aaid suddenly. "I must see Elsie. I
must know— Jack! How came yon
Tbe question was addrcf-ied to a
young man who entered v lib Captain
Neale. He was In his normal state e
rather handsome fellow, with the ox
eves that tbe Greek* dred (for wo
men) and a broad forehead above them,
but ln tbls moment bis face was distorted wilh exeiietneut and striped
witb perspiration that trickled from
his forehead. Tlie total effect was
somewhat grotesque, especially because the man was Inclined to fatness
and was a trifle conspicuous In the
matter of attire.
"This Is dreadful, dreadful!" he cried.
"I can't believe it."
"You're Mr. Robinson, who carried
the note to Miss Miller," said Neale.
"That's why 1 sent a man to your
"Yes," said Robinson, turning to Alden. "I didu't go hack to the ofliee Immediately. I went over to the place
where I live. 1 was Just going down
town again wben a policeman met me
at the door."
"Did you know what was ln that
note?" asked Neule.
"I knew ihere waa money," was the
reply, "but I did: t know how much.
It was sealed wheu Mr. Alden g. * It
to me. He said there was money in lt
That was wby I brought It iusiead of
giving It to a messenger boy."
"What happened here?" tbe captain
"Nothing," answered Robinson. "I
gave the note to I'Isle"—
"To whom?" sc -I the captain.
"To Miss Miller: that Is what I said.
I gave the note to Miss Miller, aud she
•pined It by the window. 1 didu't see
any money. I wasn't in tbe room ten
seconds—merely long enough to ask If
there was any answer, and she said no.
Then I went away."
"Meet anybody?"
"The servant wbo let me In was passing through tbe I all as 1 went out."
"That's Important," said the captain.
"It fixes you all right. Tbo servant
stopped at Miss Miller's door, knocked,
asked a question nnd got an answer.
Tben she went along down stairs."
"Fixes me!" gasped Robinson. "Is
anybody crazy enough to think 1 did
"No," said tbe captain. "You're out
of It. And now, Mr. Alden. let me tell
you that I've Just bad a report from the
hospital. Tbe girl Is alive, and the doctors think she has a fair chance."
"What does she say?" exclaimed Robinson.
"She hasn't said anything yet," replied the captain. "And now let's get
on with our littlo affairs here. I guess
you can't help uh uuy, Mr. Robinson,
so If you'll Just take a sent In tho parlor"— Ho waited till the young man
hnd pnssed out of the room. "Now,
Miss Muclane, I'd like to know a little
more about you If It's perfectly agreeable."
"I am tbe daughter of Duncan Mac-
lane," said Brenda.
At tbe meutlou of thla wealthy aud
widely knowu man Neale softly whistled.
"It ain't possible," he said, "that you
are the young lady with a lot of money
nnd n high social position tlmt you
muutloued nwhlle ngo as beiug engaged to our friend bere?"
"1 am the woman," replied Hreuda.
"Aud the engagement'! been broken
off?   When?"
"Cuptaln"— began Alden, but the officer rnlsed his baud.
"A bargain's a bargain." he snld. "1
wns to hnve the truth. When wus the
"iigagetnent broken off?"
"Tbls afternoon," nnRws>re,l  ltremla
firmly.   "1 went down to Mr. Ald"n's
ollice at half past 1.   I hnd expected to
See hlui Inst evening, but"—
"He didn't come?"
Brenda Inclined her head.
"1 went to his otlice," she said, "and
In tbe conversntlsin between us there
I relcnMd bin, from his engngumeui."
"Thut must huve been u bnrd blow
for you, Mr. Alden," said the captain.
•What do yon mean?" demanded
I Alden. "If you have the delicacy to
! appreciate my feeling"—
•I wns thinking especially about
1 your businesa." said Neale. "I'm told
'your (inn Is in the hist ditch, nud tbat
yonr engagement to Duncan Mas-Jane's
daughter Is about all that holds you
Up. That's what my man told me Just
•He told you a Ile." aaid Alden, but
with the same monotonous tone, ns If
his utterance was mechanical and his
mind upon another matter. "My affairs
svere nevor before so prosperous as
they are toslny."
"That won't do." responded the captain.   "I have positive proof"-
••You kuow notblng ubout It." Bald
Alden. "1 have other Interests than
those of my firm"
"What other interests?"
"1 decline to answer."
"Where did you go wben you left
your ollice ufter sending that note?"
"1 will uot tell you."
"Why not?" queried the captain In
his most persuasive tone. "Ob. perhaps you don't know theso other gentlemen. They'll step Into the hall or
out on to tbe balcony. I've uo doubt."
"It will make no difference" replied
•What you say will be confidential.
of course."
"Captain Neale." said Alden. "this Is
n business secret that Is worth n good
deal of money. If I should tell It to
nny man. be could force payment for
his silence."
"Yon don't mean to say tbat I'd do a
thing like thut'." demanded Neale.
"1 have uo wish to offend." suid Alden. "but you wnnt the truth, and you
shall have* It. Your reputation, like
that of many another man high up ln
the department. I* had-as bud us It
can be. Remembering thai this business matter Involves others thou myself. 1 won't trust you with a hint of It.
That Is my Inst word on that subject."
Nenle's face ttirtiesl red aud white ln
strange, Irregular spots.
"Now hear a word from me," he
said. "I've lieen looking you op. You
Hie a ruined mun Ynu were eugaged
to this girl, aud It was all that saved
you. But you couldn't be honest even
witb her. You made love to this Elsie
Miller, and you neglected Miss Mac-
lane, and she wouldn't stand for it.
But by that tline you •were so Involved
with Miss Miller that you couldn't
breuk away. So what did you do?
Why, you wrote her a note telling a
fairy story about a lot of money, knowing that the note would be found und
would make the case look like robbery.
You told her how busy you were, and
five minutes afterward yon quit work
and came up town. You bud a key to
this house; you came here"—
"Do you mean to accuse me of this?"
The words came from between Al-
den's teeth, and he strode toward Neale,
who put the table between them and
drew bis revolver.
"Wallace!" be called.
A policeman entered from tbe hall.
"That man ts under arrest" aaid
Neale.   "Take him iu."
"Tbls is monstrous," said Alden, bnt
be spoke coolly. "You shall answer
for lt."
"We'll talk about that Inter," rejoined the captain. "You go with that
Brenda crossed tbe room quickly aud
took Alden's band.
"I will do everything that I can for
you," she said, "and for her."
"Yeu're coming along, too," said
Neale. "No; I'll stand by wbat I said.
Go home."
Alden opened bis mouth to speak and
then closed It again. He tnrned and
went out of the room with the poliCO*
man, Brenda fs.liowlng Immediately
and Dr. Rlalr a moment later. Klmen-
dorf nnd Neale remained.
The captain dropped iuto a chnlr.
"I dou't know as I doue right," he
Elmeudorf walked across the room
and looked at a picture o:i the wall between the windows. It was a photographic copy of Nolersteiu's painting
of "Tantalus." Tbe unfortunate king
who divulged the secrets of Zeus was
represented chained to the rock starving while the fruit laden boughs wnved
just beyoud his reach. It was a painful picture, quite out of keeping wltb
all else In the room, and Elraendorf regarded It curiously. A few lines, telling the legend, were printed below,
and the detective read them.
"Well, he looks It," he snld, glancing up at the face of Tnutalus. "And.
by the way, Neale, you don't think Alden did this thing, do you?"
"Not on your life!" said the onptsln.
"The case Is perfectly plain. It may
be that I didn't do the smart thing."
Elmeudorf turned away.
"Arresting a man for murder Jin-t because he calls you a thief wheu you
know yeu are one," said he, "Isn't exactly my Idea of wisdom."
Neale sprang to hla feet and faced Klmendorf augrlly.
"Not with me, Joe Neale," snld thc
detective.   "It won't work."
"St. Winifred's," replied Brenda.
"Please tell him to drive fust."
Alden guve the order and then, addressing the young womnn, snld: "1
shall tie there soon. They dare not
hold me."
Brenda would hava spoken, but the
horse suddenly started under the whip,
and tbe cab lurched on the tough pavement. The last glimpse of Alden lifting his httt while the huge pollcemun
gripped his left arm remained wltb
Brenda like a persistent nightmare that
survives the dawn. The conventional
courtesy Btuck In her mind. It was a
little picture of the old days, the time
of small pleasures and easy living, so
sharply brought to an end. Everything in life had suddenly become difficult. Words must bo weighed and
one's conduct guided by a plan, not left
to mold Itself Into the forms of mere
usage. And thus she came to think of
what sbe should do and sny at the hospital. How meet the emergencies tbat
might arise? Had Elsie regained her
senses? Had she spoken, or did she lie
dead at that moment tn some small,
bare room, watched by a stolid muse
wbo yawned and stretched herself as
the day's work drew to a close? A portrait ln a velvet frame—Elsie's mother
beyoud a doubt-recurred sharply to
Bieuda's memory, and 6he shuddered.
It had stood on the dressing table-a
womau not yet old; a pretty, smiling
face. It wns dreadful to think of tbat
fuce smiling there all tbat afternoon,
the eyes looking, yet seeing nothing,
the lips unable to utter a cry.
"1 must put It out of my mind," said
Brenda to herself.
At the hospital there was little to be
learned; nothing to be done. An tlder-
ly man wbo seemed to be In authority
said: "The child Is still living. We
cannot predict tho ultimate result of
the Injury as yet. You ennnot see hpr
nor seud uny message. Leave your address, and we will communicate with
you In accordance with the event,
whatever It may be. It will be useless
to wait. If you are able to see her ut
all. there will be no great pressure of
Brenda rode to her home, nnd ns tbe
cab drifted through the clamoring
■vhlrliiooU of tbe 4 venue Bhe was
thinking that t!..* white haired man
had spoken almost tenderly of Elsie as
"the child."
There wa.s no mother In the Maclane
mansion. She had been dead ten
yenrs. There was an aunt, an amiable
old lady for whom Brenda entcrtalne-d
no little affection, but lu tbe serious
affairs of life she would as readily
have tnkeii counsel with her brother,
wbo was not yet 12. Her fnther. for
so strong a man as he was In tbe
world of finance, wns a weak man nt
home. He had no gift of sympathy, a
deficiency wblcb may have accounted
for both the strength and the weakness. Brenda tolsl him the story of
her adventures as It has been bere set
forth, and he received It with painful
surprise and lively alarm.
"Why did you go there?" he exclaimed. "Wbat possible Interest
could you have In this wretched girl?"
"My dear father." she replied, with
an excellent counterfeit of a smile,
"let me remind you that my affection
for Mr. Allien has been the one sincere emotion of a sadly artificial life.
When  I  saw  that terrible storv,  the
processes of enlightened 6 ,
therein implanted by nature ,,,,S|
comes a point of separation LS\
the mind goes Its own ffa, "SI
body likewise, to the great bs.it ""I
of the latter temporarily. Wl'1*"l|
After dinner Brenda and hs,,* *
went Into the library, a rooo* -   ""I
he made great use for sm0k|n«
preferring lt to the apartment eL, i
ly designed for the Indulgence^i
nernicloua habit r M
OL1CEMAN WALLACE slid oof ("insider it necessary to subject bis prisoner to
ths Indignity of ballad*
cuffs, but be kept a
firm hold on Alden's
left arm Just above
the elbow as they left the house. Alden seemed to be entirely Indifferent
to tbls attention. Wheu h« reached
the sidewalk, he paused, bringing his
captor to a bait. Tbe cab In wblcb he
bad come was beside thc curb, und Alden, using his free baud, helped Brenda into tbe vehicle.
It Is not customary for New York policemen to dally whlls their prisoners
perform the gentle courtnslca, of polite
society, but Alden's deadly calmness
prevailed In this Instance.
"Home?" be askod.
"Pacrmtf me to exmsider the legal atrpect
of tlu: OaSS."
. first feeling I bad waa sympathy   for
i Clarence.   I   wanted  to do something
j for hlm, nnd I couldn't think of anything else but to go to her."
"The papers will be full of It!" he
I gronneil. "I have always been afraid
of Alden. You know I could never
recotii'lle myself tai him."
i    "i remember (hut you always  ad-
I mlresl blm," saisl she.
"A good tnntiy people admire blm,"
exclulmed the old gentleman Impatiently, "am! they're all afraid of blm.
j Hi- Is a headlong, reckless, unsafe
inan,  and  I   never should  hnve per*
; milted you to become engaged to
Brenda smiled without effort tbla
time. Sbe know that her will would
dominate her father'! In any conflict,
ami Unit he would permit her to have
her own way to the end of the story.
"I am not engaged to hlm any more,"
said sbe. nud her father admitted cordially tbnt tbat wus sometblug to be
thankful for.
"Its- bus behaved most dishonorably
to you," be added.
"1 have no complaint to make of Mr.
Alden'H conduct," aaid Brenda. "1
t hall not break my heurt for him, but
I wish he might hnve loved me. Let
us go In to dinner."
Mr. Maclane was considerably surprised to observe ns the meal progressed Ihnt his daughter ate with a good
appetite, Having ii shrewd faculty of
observation, he perceived at last that
Ilrendn's body was attending to the
whole mntter of It* own sustonance
tnd thnt ber mind wns elsewhere. As
anxiety rises In Intonslty the thinking
part of us Interfere! more and more
with   the   grosser   envelope  aud   tbe
Brenda fell at once Into deep tha
and ber father, after several fmn."!
tempts to talk with ber, snt down hi
desk and endeavored to occupy __M
with certain household account**
was a man of large frnm,. and Um I
Cosh, rather handsome in , 'jP
aquiline style and with eyes like b_
da'B, but gentler and with moreofffl
blue tint In them. There was J?\
thing womanish about him, hard mI
trace, but probably In his manner .J
together and not In bis look... A D I
ous Irritability mode utter trifles iwl
for him. Everything worried hlm, '
or less. At the desk there, Hb h, D.,
tered wltb tbe accounts, bla pert d
from the rest where he bnd place"!
and he picked It up, with u groan
His pleasures were few IIIs homa
was something to hltni his prld^ofw
rlous kinds, a stuff to lean upon. n.
bad considerable affection for hia J
aud rather more for Uremia. ••■
thanked God dally that her health is**
so good; but, even so, bu was alv-an
afraid that It might fall,
Hla chief Joy In life wns a buain*--,
Journey. He could gat nothing out oU
pleasure trip because of tlie obvlon
waste of time. But to be ona of thr-
or four moderstely congenial men ii>
solutely forced to travel, preferably ■
some one's private car, perhapi to hi
a bit of industrial property in the wen
as even no farther than Wtuhlnjli
when there was a bill affecting bgfl
ness Interests before congreis-u**.
was genuine relaxation. It was ne****.
sary to go, nnd tbe responsibility („
getting there wns en tbe engineer!
the cab ahead. One might suioke i
good cigar meanwhile ninl speak o|
small mutters. When one has reachet
a ccrtalu atage of nervousneea, It i
more tranquilities te ride 03 miles u
hour under another man's gulda-a
than te sit still at home as a result n
•ae's own volition.
Te Brenda and her father In the".
brary entered Wlllett. the butler, witk
a troubled countenance. Ii iipp'-arsi
that two man desired to see (lin Mit*
laae and that their names were l'.arnn
and Haggtrty.
"They mentioned a Captain Neale,
miss," said the butler, "presumin: ti
say tbat you'd understand."
Brenda rose hastily.
"They have come to tnke tne to tl»
hospital," she said. "Tell tbem 1 wl
be ready ln a few minutes, and m
about the carriage."
"Are these people pollcsuienr it>
manded Mr. Maclane.
"Well, sir, I took them to be wtit
they call ward detectives." vctitua<i
tbo butler, "and I dropped tbe hint tl
James that he'd do well to hes**1 une'i
on them. There's tblngs In the anil
reception room, sir, as would go Into a
man's pocket."
"You did quite right, Wlllett,"1 tai
Mr. Maclane. "Brenda, my chili I
suppose It's entirely useless"—
"Absolutely.  I must go," she said.
"Then I must go, too," he groaned,
But Brenda put a firm veto upon ti
"It ls whslly unnecessary," ahe all
"With my maid and James I shall not
be afraid, even if these men are H
that Wlllett says they are. Tbere will
be the coachman and groom besides.''
Her father came up to her ami toucb*
ed tbe dlsmond ornament which '-•
wore at her throat.
"I would not put unnecessary temp'"'
tloa la the wny of the weak," he siU
with an attempt at levity. '"Sume of
these fellows are said to be very expert."
Brenda gave the pin to ber father
and also removed a ring of more tbii
ordinary value, which sbe knotted up li
a handkerchief and thrust Into Oil
bosom of her dress. Her maid enterea
at thla moment with such thin"*" u
were necessary to prepare Hreuda W
the ride.
After bla daughter's departure Mr.
Maclane paced the floor of tli» "*nr1
tar a long bour In rest lean anxiety-
Thee he received a telephone meisaP
from Brenda Informing blm that W
bad learnesl that Mr. Alden waa
detained at the police stailuu. wW
was an Injustice not to be overlook"'
by his frleuds. The finanrler then «
dsTHtood why be had been lfft "
homo. Aa n result of Brends'i P"»
enlstlon of tbe case Mr. Maclane cau-
ed upon his lawyer, who was a nc»
neighbor, and the two men rode do«
to the station house In a cab, stopplW
at a club on the way to caeh s cl"**
Upon giving their namus to the *•"
geant at the desk lu tbe station W
were ushered Into the captal"'9 r0^
where, to their surprise, they
both the officer nnd his prisoner.
was sitting by a desk In tbe corn■•
He had the cramped look and tlieo
eye of a man who has neither 0<T
nor spoken  In a  loug tlm1'
clgur'wlth a ragged e"ud wns W*#
bla lips, and It seemed to have
driven In with a hammer.   Any
who had known Neale for teu y<*»
would  have said  that this waa
same cigar be bad always been m
Ing.    There woh a tradition thai
had never been seen to Hg'1' •
An  Optimise.
"Is he much of nn architect?'
"W.'ll. sny. If  1   wanted  to W"
castle In the nir I wouldn't go to
ono else." ,
The actor orlss, "I ""> ""''l"^!.'ut*
"H« in sion*. up!" my neighbor sai
It'B mighty huril to keep Hi" "'"      I
Of langung* In these rap.il W* ■E DRILL.
whon scouring zinc,   use a     little
,,g01,,3 or bath   brick,     pulverized
' V'nnie    Wash in hot  water    and
;V,sii with common writing.
,,„.„  js  mors*   catnrrh   in   this   section
1,11     ..,,   .v  tlisin  all    other dlsearoi
1, ■",■; "  "     ami    uiiUl    th*   last tow
1' .''fu , MPPOStd  is. he Incurable.  For
'''  ',       iiiinv  vsurs d-wl-ctri  •srououiieoii
: : t,,,.,U   dlMMl   asnsl   i.rs*«ril*s*il   lotal
1 ,,..    anil by eossUnMjr fallinsc    to
"..illl IoshI  tress tusaiil.  pronounced tl
"   „s,i„    .Sriosice hiss provsn rsstairh to
' '     ,.  constitutional  ilissasti ansl thsrs-
'' -.ii uii -es    constitutional     treatment
' ',   L (',,'Mirl, (aire, manulact.ursil 1st K
',,„.,   ,1   Vo     Toledo.   Ohio,   is    the
constitutional   cure  on   the   inarkat
„ ,,,,„„  inissi'nall.y  in   doses  from    10
iu  a   iBttsiuionful    H  aclM  dlrMth
1    i",,. tslsioil unit  iimaoua surlacsH ol the
1 Tha.v   olTer   one   hunslisd   dsllsrs
'.* »iv caJH U  '•.I1" to cur<?'   a*"nd  for
'    ,i«rn   si,nl   tasUmonlalH.       Address.
"    "   .1    I'lir.N'KY A Co.. Taleito. 0,
aa   |,l    |,v    lll'lll'tiStS.    75c.
i'.n's i'i*   ; v Pills are the best.
!!, is better for being kept over
i in small tins limn if a larire
.|j|V  |h kept over in  one vessel.
-j-iard's Uoitneat Cures Buns, etc.
i remove tho .'unell of onions
, M saucepan fill it with water
drop Into it a red hot clndor,
Cured a Horse of the mange with
■ illtisroi'lll'.H BAUNDBRS.
1 nlhousle.
i Cured a Horse badly torn by   a
IM, rork,  with    M1NAIUVK LINI-
.11 ST
'   Peters, (■- B.
i em ial n Horse of a bad swelling
r.ailiuist. N. it.
ilt   should    always    be   washed
in    butter   beforo  it is used   for
|i      paste, us it retards its firing.
I ifebuoy Soup — disinfectant — is
fcttiBiigly recomuiendetl by thc raedl-
I-    profession as a safeguard against
■iifes*! ious ilisi'iisi s.
i boll cream the slny ibflsfore   on-
et I lu- richness s,f the eoiT(>e Into
lv I    Ii  ii   is pan,red.
p Vtisrust Koelng's Hamburg
pi |ss have Iuto,no an Indispensable
ll <   •• friend for sulTering women.
'       ii little lump of suniir among
|tla- turnips    while rookinu ;   it    im-
■ m i hem wonderfully.
It's   "i onsy mutter to   acquire    a
in  nl language.    All you hnve    to
to step on  u  tack  with    your
nie feet.
_ .ii    m^—
IIHmiu's l.mifpent Cures Hrinff.
vYhei      you     lio'.ir'     Q  man     nlwnys
I i.smt   honesty set  him down
li.* a  '!•■ '.illHont.
" hly mt slice of pineapple laid
■■ 'steak will, In n comparatively
I        i  tiina.. (-ni,si*  softenini', swelling,
'I partial dig-estlon of the ment for
idorable depth  from  the    sur
I fa.,'
\  combination lock makes n irood
rhest protector
Where  Hauls   Got   Her  Information.
"How did Columbus get the uionej to
"i]Uip his ships iiiiil pay other expenses
of his expedition?" asked the teas-lior.
a little nirl raised ber band, und the
teacber, noting tbe eager, animated
face, mild. "Tell us, Kulb." And Kuth
arose and answered in loud, clear tones-
"Queeu Isabella of Spain bocked ber
Jewels, and her husband. King 1'Vrdi
imnd, stopped smoking for a week!"
Witb twitching lips und a twinkle in
i a i ye the teacber said:
"Where did you get your Inforran
Hon, Ruth?" And tlie small maiden re-
P   il:
"I't-oni Bill Nye's 'History of tbe
United States.'
sun Undone.'
Wife—A woman's work !* never done.
Husband—You have anticipated me,
tlt'iir,   Tbat shirt of niine si.u lucks Its
Ul    'Is'l btlttOM,
No tnnn la n failure lis>s'iiiise be says
• ' in- iiiiuks. Tin* failure comes
when n man thinks of the wrong thing
t'l say.   lloslou C'lillstiuu Register.
9. o
5 O
Mind This.
II mslcst no dlffasrsanc-)
whether ll Is chronic,
scuts) or Inflammatory
ol that muscles or Joints
St. Jacobs Oil
cores snsl cures promptly.
1'rlce, SSc.asM*. SOc,
"    -i—i i       i      i  ..   ■
lo.   488.
and a Western Bronco's hide is the toughest worn by
any animal of his weight
"Pinto Shell" Cordovan ia tanned from his hide by
the H.B.K. Co., by their own process, without oils
or minerals. *
Used only in H.B.K. mitts and gloves.
Water, wind, boil, scorch nnd cold proof.
Never cracks or hardens, never tears or rips, always
soft and flexible. ~~
Bold hy nil dealers.   Koo thll li-adn mnrk     53'
If your dealer htsfsnolKni ilicm, writo us, nmi niuid his nnme.
Every pair braudod "'Plat© fvHwll" Cordovas*, by
Hudson Bay Knitting Co.
10 Bt Oeorco Ctroot, Hloutre&l.     128 Friacsss Street, Wmulpeg.
Malsors, of Warm Clothing, Mitts, Oloven, Underwear, Boi, MoocsmIds, eta.
Ctmda's La gist Exc naive VU__ a d Beys' Outfitting ___
A Pair of Ptnts
Made to your Measure
Thai  Growth  ot (lsi* Acurn.
The ncorn is tlie fruit of the oak.
The Boos.1 germ is a very imall object
nt the pointed end of the ncorn, with
tlu* future root uppermost. The neon
drops, nnd Us contents doubtless undergo Important molecular nud chemical changes while It lies under winter
covering of leaves or snow. In the
mild warmth of tprlug the ncorn
swells, the little root elongates, emerges
from the end of the shell and, no mat*
ter what the position of the ncorn,
turns downward. The root penetrates
the soil two or three lni'lis's belore the
xtniii begins to gliow lt.seif ami grow
upward, The "moat" of the acorn
nourishes both root and stalk, and two
years may pass before its store of food
' is entirely exhausted.
At the end of a year the youug oak
has n root twelve to eighteen Inches
long, with numerous shorter rootlets,
the stall; being from islx to eljfhl Inches
high, In this stage It differs from the
tree. To watch these transformations
under the leii3 ls a fascinating occupation.
v    I'-'.lii'.-  nf  as-lsailsiii,
BuiJ a ■ ,■ in .io gin, wh ' wus sneering
at cin tr
In   i ti'a.t   were   >v y   far   from
"Von i'.  . ' Rot no father; ynu nln t got no
i. ■ ,-:
•fou oln'l  i.ulhln' but n horrid 'aiai;.'*.d
child! '
"I'm .\i:. •    .- jjood as you," came Hi.* .m-
i     r Iron the other.
"I vv, -• • ir  : ully :-■ Isjc ' -' fr im li lot
But  ■ n •■■  li • i.  ni  you; your  11 hi r nnd
:,s   r t ■(■.!.■■;'
Husi io !.'•;■ you if they wanted to or
iiui 1'
r,i,tfl*sl   hy  n   **' ":''ssis.
,T.'!'.-:.'!■".■-  -Sn  I..'.-  I'llls'sl   I;.-  n   WOlillin.
I   never   thought   Ids  wife   wr.ft   thnl
Wnggles—She Isn't   it's the coolr.
Hundreds of patterns to ohoose from - fnncy Htriped
Worstodi or '. s-av.,i,'i,l i\!l-\vs:ul Bootch I wl'.siIh. W«
"uaisuliv las gtve > uii a per feel lit or re smb.I
y.ssir money. The 'lss; it i- Lnipertod lay iw fiom ilie
lns/ge ^\ sMt s,f f-n r'as'iil si. i\ '-'"','i'h mills ami we make
Thouaattda of fairs of thtst Pewit lair onr ',U'Fn*ed
liatrous; no would like to have you on our list. Our
r?K u.aa.-siiri'iiaiit chart enables y n la tnke your own
meagure as accurutety ai a tailor, ami wo will btiul ...suss.li". i-itS'.K sin rrqssvsl.
Writu to-day.   	
WM-J—1. s ■ ii,m«——w,   .■   i' ■■■■■—. ■    ..■ i^M.»  i i.j*..t^.-»^ .   .w i ■     .ii m^»^^»—cr
sfl.in    "' -. n   Icrtma   fn hll 11 ua   fn:' I l.J   l'B-|l'n '   -'■■..'.'!,. i'0,l!:lin','K f ll'.l dOSS-
Uur handsome catalogue ,.rj,,,,,.,„,,.,.,,,,..blng,„,,„orb0|*sliavi^
wear, and -'in,'.' Hi nn for la Hcm. wUl Ibc r ady shortly. Bead us your lusuioand
aslslrc^'- ami we .".'ill ll All. it .1.1.1'.. it', a mnnoy iiavtng propislllon lo you, tar
we avo ni.i',iiifii''luri'is ssn I soil v*" at wliolswale prloos—you can't ii'.lsud to be
without ii -it ci- ta nulls.nn t.i s;..'i -WItlTK TO l/.vv.
Importer and Manufacturer,
Toronto, Ont.
m   VOi-i   BUILDING?
___, 08E EffiSY^S
Ills ssts much «tr.io( »r *snil 'hs.-k**r ttun Snj nltiar (sUsTPoal of bsolldlnc] I
n«i>c<r. It ls unpstrrlous i» wind, lc. ••*,.* a.iit '-"if!, keep* ;p iss«t, carries u<> asuou .
<sr oslor, sab«.srl»« lis, uasil»tun'. Iiaiiss.iia PO l».>s» sss *sBsr»sr t.i nssylldiiK wit!:
wlsls-h It i-<>sai.:. lis s-ussl*iflt. It Is1 **-|i*!.l ""i'i ttnt ia'it> fa.r <ii<*'-sisiv lisliun, bu'
ioc llsilsii i-o'il «sa.ri*.j.-s bnllsslsip., , ssls-l(jvrsai.t<iis, tlalrlos, <sr- niis.*i Is s, snsl all I
plaaoas wlss-rs* th<. objict Is. tss kf«I* svo .».* .uisl ussllorsn twmpesrMars), »sid ml »
,„. wms tiissa avsaliltnj .1.....,.»..»«.
Write .our Stents, TKr"S <fc VKRSSK, IVlualpa-g, l«r MmptosA
THC bE. *s5. sV_C  ia*V OO-, Ulrrsltod, MULL 1
The beauty ol reading a tlreaoino
linsik is that you can turn over two
Is-aves at a time without realising
thc difference
The Forest ivservos of the United
states now aggregate on uren al
most twice thnt of the State of Pen
Thla la the Tsui's !»tisss'urt elo'on liar vrtrs* r. a.s.* OoU.smrlni wire 'not erlnpesU—sssV ea ne tho etscst
In anmao^r, alos*fl» not lia-s-.ssaa* taKi ls,-'it In sar s.la.r-rs:Bn,Al*-a III. aswn ,,.i,-ion alt ,1a' timss. 1 a.?*'
aprigtita in ons. pisMJc ai,.n-l aaa'.r.iin of sSall ,'."sisit-'.   I'ssissu.'.ii upn,:  t- -;.'i-i-.| nt S.1CB1 bar bteSam s» ■W .
nounsta.   p»3oaat«s*.^rn-iBiis'nlal fssnca^i. rso'i'it, ... 't is.a a-.' ...an-iar 1 ,la-v.orlil ovt r, |
Tho*?a«»WlioF"«cc(3o., Luaited, Wrl-ervlllo, Cat.    BtJoHn.HB.  Montreal, P.Q- U \
Never judge n man's    brlllnncy  by
his tsliiiiiiiH' nose.
It takes tho ofliee boj  to si't    tho
■ ' miller's verse alire.
llis satanlu majesty doosn't expect
to be invits'il Into tho parlor tho
lirst t hue he culls.
The calendar spring lieglns Mind,
I, the astronomical spring begins o
few weeks later nnd the genuine
F'iring begins when it nets ready.
The banana ansl potato riru .".linisi
lentical it, chemical composition.
$90 IN COL
Ace   Vou   «..;.i,j   to
'- '-.IS*|lsl|-      >
There will also be offered  —
Three Prizes at Brandon
Fair in 1903.
as follows |
FISLT  ?<:,',Z£.
For the two best Huion Hsigs, any
asm or I'sis'L'il. fed on Carnofav Siceli
Food $*>« LN  (iOl D
"Keoono p;.»iK.
For tho second two beat Bacon
Hogs, any age sir breed, d-d on Car-
nolac Stock Food  $25 IN HOLD
TKI  * P. IZE.
Fo, thd third two be-st Uacon
Hous, any une or breed, n**i on t-ur-
nefae :->iock Fo.id ... ... §lf> IN GOLD
Only one entry will he allowed
frs.tii each Farmer or StocUmau, ana
the stosk in,.si be oxhibitc-d at Um
Brandon exhibition.
F.vidence    nuial    bo    produc*d    at
time of saxhilmiiii; to show  tiiat  the
animals were  ts*d  cm  Carnefac  Stock
Try    aCariiefiic    for    your    St<.*ck
W. G. D-iuglas,  to  nufaotwrer,
Pi-lnonss "♦-   " 'iitiip''0*
ROSS (SX ROSS, General Agents, "WINNIPEG, MAN.
Any person who buys a bottle ol
luvir restorer from a bald headed
druggist has genuine faith.
The new crtilser Baltimore will he
tlie  tirst   wnrship  tsi  he  fitted     with
stei'l   furniture.
There aro ongols nnd anpelB—and a
man often discovers thnt ho married
the other kind.
Th,. rust question peoplo nsk aboul
m i,nni thai amounts to nnythlns; is
how much Is his  amount,
Cupid's scanty wardrobe compels
him to confine his operations to tho
pdi'lrtr dininn tho ivintor.
A woman never realises how many
men she esiuld have married until she
Cuds herself h'lt  at  the post.
When n married man  makes up hia
mind to practice economy he begins
by cutting down   hla   wife's allowance,
The tolephono enn no longer he
logaly used by Qerman physicians In
dictating prescript ions to druggists,
because of the chances ol fatal mis-
wn.!, Ein vr*i*r HOUtl of
FLIES k^ h Fr.V' '..iullS.
1/    /*Avw\w*Sj
Down Sid wiih a Cold
If we conld only con-rluce you how ci^.'y
yon could cure ft cough or a told Uy Htlol
Gray's Syrup
Red Spruce Gum
there wtiulal tss? Iris jsiir'urontn sss.* rnsi-
SllllH'll.sll.    It ta-i  Is-BSI** V's'SIl ..' .I«»'|i ■■• *
ly ss you csisglii It
All Pni(a{lats j , cents.
Arrvw    aUanhst,     S». an»
ThsM*   nsirseulons   s;isln«s.
' tllntslsr   ta  s nlm)  sllse*s*el,
i I'lu.-it Irusj, Us Msmatri a rootsrt sorrs»
! Bits    sat   tlis     tIiiw   trasablaM   of   llr
I bruin,
Ansl   wltb   -avssMs   aabllvtous s.ntls'.nlat
Ole«.rsa.    ths   b-'-jFi*^   bOS0H   r.f   Ikoss   i*e-
llous.   stuff*
V'l.lrl,    KSlK**.     a^«.l',     spos.    KlSttOf.    Ull
SasS   StoRMScb
Tsi«rrlor«'   s.P   y.  vh»   ■ nil., ■ ill*.  v*i
At   t«   ths    ■!:.-«    kaTI    na-ns   mt   It    »•»
"Bi  snd   »«.     stu  st
The BikyoB Hot Sfflags SjsfMtsuifni, IU
TKRIia-aie   t«  *>•>   ■*.,   srssssh.
ifs*^Ta»T»-BB»«** nasisss is   .mmmnmm^—*-
u_&-^miT6mi*myir,'.-ttr*\i \*i inMiniiri1 a
Vv CAr ! That's " the greatest thing in thc
world,"—in anything that's worn. You get style,
fit and finish too, in
 But thcone thing we emphasize i« their
Wemrln§ Qualit/**.
'Granby tjgMjgWjjgfj jjfcj fa"*n.'
will tell
V.'hfti un animal is all rau down,
his ■ rouf^h scauat and a tight hide,
anyone knows that his blood is s*at
of order. To ks»epsn snimiil ecoao-
rjis:/sl',j he tanst tie In good health.
Is a n**ces«ity where the best results
Irom fesrditiB** would be obtained.
It tones up the system, rids the
stomach of bots. worms snd other
parasites that elicit the life bias-sod
Nothing like Dick's powder for
a  run dows  hone.
60 cents a package.
LaetBlng, Miles at Co.   Agsnta,
t l
tSU'.iAl' DEED.
A Oreot Crow»er - Tlno
Shaped RsioU- Casslly
Harvested. Ofoxessptionsl
vslae for fsx-ilni: ta Oi.t-
ils.. Horsos, Hlieep, Hoars
snd Poultry. tHstlnnt from
ssjiy othar root In cultlvn-
tlon, of uniform Tsnlsarsl
laeps, ti*n\TB ulsnontenttrs-
ly oat of sronsid. Of lilsfliest
uimllty.i lb. 20c. i lb. S*Jc.
Pounsl 50e.   .
4 Pounds tl.80.*
Aid St. peirpmtnd if wanted
The Ornssilest
of all Susnms-r-
Islooiiitno It si lbs.
"i Cs.lori Wlisle,
-J l'.;ue, Sa.rtrltt.
PlnkiMauve, rr\e
for  «0
(Any two for IV )
1 Prlte lla-Konla.
I Giant Oloiinia 1
Sbolteal Oslls, 5
Slimmer H.VM-i'itha,
7 Siyiert) GlnsHallls,
(Hull's ready April 11. r. Itnri' Montbrrltss.
sVrJer to-day.) 2U Uulbs for iie.
The  Vasry  Beat
Purple Top Swede.
—Tbe remiltof Juallasi-
ona selection. Plash
sweet ami rii'h. Is
one of tbs hurillest,
mr.it prsductiv* aaa
nsoHt nutritions tsxIs-
tiea In rtilllvatlen.
Kicssllsut kaapar. I
lb. Ilk:., i lb. lio.
Pound 23c.
4 Pounds SOc.
J lid Sc per pound if
sssYsntetf tiy mail.
\ *6> '-.--v.    J-l
■" - B'*l6*5l'■.■^, "**'K
-""- .Ki-;'*--'-'•V.'Zfof
*rVrc/iu4er pats*. /Vein
Heads the list |
In a test of over
38 varieties  of |
earliest  potatoes   and  yield- I
Inn at lbs rats ot I
464 bushels per |
acre.     I'tnur-
lus-.r.o'l In .(imlHy I
by sny potato la
enrly atagss of 1
ga'nwth or unrips 1
ri'iiilitlon.   Cooks
t'.iy and  raealy.
II. !We.,31bs.7«e.,
PECK 70c,
HIM',: L*,i00.
la, risarijri.
TAivr VsTsnu  rissiBn: sav  ss * is    o.>s.s;.asb> dmU   \**W
IISmii*s,G.lilo.s sn«
lioel. C-S'.". r.'ia. I
S. SM***, rUt hR.I».ias.li
1 MvaSS, LOOS Slaaw/U
a. Cablnmo, wl-.mr..'
ttfAtAjma. roturra.
sUarrnt, IUIILssub
14'js.rrS'1 ■ r.eisorln-'.'i.
susitfiiuwcr, r..it
M. sCoir'ryjSsaVEIsatlilBsc.
11. t'ovn, -ftriyMlBBiisaasia.
11 st ors,, SrenriKiii.
11 srnciiassjtap. FsakSst.
ll <:saesiadatoe.l.'(OrMi<.
Cus-nnalser, wtiiu
Els.Sl.Bl. a' M -.
I1.*rl»^, faissry.
IJ.-i I-.. !.|-rj..anm.
I-S'llns-f, .*<• ssp.selL
I sa 14 uea-., IBs-UYST M VV
•Usssls Sis-lain, Karly
Onion. UrjaR.nl
ti",i,us I ''w Dssarsra
fMallont *J'lv-r-k,8.
Parsls\y, OurlssL
Pawsnlp, Hollow
. Vear., r\r..l ajai Boiv
I's-.-s:., ili'l" (lam.
Pe.situ', tubr kIbbc.
•I. Pisunklll. Urea
.':..!.. Basjy Ca*ra.
.aiSjl-ab. IBrs sikf-tfL
'th, ha.iss. l-rjrtet
J'. ksiisHy. Msamotlii
M  s*,iv..fl|.li, .wj-fw
.'a   !!SnBSsu.ls, n'sbtunl.
3t 'I iiri.lt.. l^l l-is
ss. lewatss, rtiMTsplsst,
ta. Tssnsatn, Enn. s'.-rly
no writs.
SI   Alyeiwins. s-weet
♦ 2. ,'.',.-s-.. saluesl
«! lauui, :.rlTpsi
st st uraastua, uu«l
t.'. * HsBsSrra, MllasJ.
stl. t:yes-lsss*>«t*jKS. ITx'il.|
t' »^ijtauas*sM^.sSflr«a,s. r
it ts.. ..sisu BasUory.
<<J. ta.iutartlnm.Tas.il
s.)  Nsu*l.saU''.IsBaaa. Uwaul|
s" l. l*ivii-y, ntxeix.
hi   f.-i..„tit*. Mti.'sL
6.1. PlTji-i'lils-nlliisal,
asN. r
6*.. «i»eet Pens.. Mti«f
I* Vsl-Viia. Milam
il. Vr'.M SMssli'S,
m. ZluaSM.Ulxa.aL
KRECT WM,RENNiB,Toroflti, $$>&%?*
■■Z-r. ;"**T-,v .r-w"«v(*»3
=== TO   YOU  —
that your bri*«d is the most esssjii-
tiul feature in your diet ?
tt is, consequently it should be
given the degreo ol attention it de-
Start right by using
ntul you'll have the bread that crit-
ical  tn8t<*e. will rave over.
You cannot    afford    to   uso    poor
flour  and hav* snur  breast.
4     WOK;
\%u ^(-teJJL^a wlu Sitw
CMU4 f**f~te/LMWM Mwu lUMMy
tf}P,    Shift trst*Affijl A   Xfl/Xsr-il JtJljfyuA' AOast1£tjd/lS
tCnits }
mW   fi
^m^h^mgwcrall^ endearcr
i&$M/vffa but
$jifiiis$nl\'those who buy
l*..> imi put your linhi under a
bushel, b il keep it Ln a can where
it ,,,." give light iii iill tluit art) in
tho house *al bo much pit.
i People'who ihink iho world is going lo llis- bad genorally keep busj
helping it aJong In thai  direction,
Miiiiird's Uoiment for sale cvery-Atoe.
A milk dealer 1ms given up hia
business because h..' has become converted Evidently ho iliiln't put
wntor enough lu the milk t,i wash
away his sins.
,V,:sard's Liiiiaiait Relieves Nuiralgia.
li is not surprising thnt molasses
I should prove to be good (ood for
'hs,,si's.   Children have thrived on it
I for i is hi 'V years
$6,000 Steward fflJ^SiS
Limited, Tort,"to, to any person who
can prove that this sc:ip contains
nny form of adulteration whatsoever,
or contains any Injurious chemicals.
.t<sk r«r ihi* Octagon Oaf. *»J
The ported  ol tin'    '.-•> Ine   havlnp
placed  Paris with posters describing
: Lho tr; "..i'i" oltet Ls (ii alcohol and ab
slntho drinking, thc cafe proprh tors
ench    died   n damage   suit   against
j hiin.
At, "imerleatn chomist h is liivontod
n tub'' for truth. Vou speak Into It;
'tl„. chemical solution changes color
Recording tn the tensity of your
emotions, and truth and mendacity
„,-.. tleseribed as being quite dlstinci
Mnii \ivisi colors.
lames Smlthson, tho founder of tho
Smithsonian Inst it nd'. is about to l<«
tunuxl out of his grave m Genoa,
t„ make room for a quarry. ;>
C. E. "Smitim'rin'ui.**, Editor nnd Prop.
IS rCBLieillatl EVi.RY ntlDAY AT
SLOCAN,      -      -       -       -      R. C.
Legal Advertisine 10 cents a line for
the first Insertion and 5 cents a line each
subsequent it net-;.-.i..
Certificates of Improvement, |7 each.
Transient advertisements at same rates
aa legal advertising.
Locals will be charged 10 cents a line
for each insertion.
Commercial Hates made known upon
Tke Subscription is $2 per year, st .'idly in advance! $2.50 a year il not so paid.
Adslresa all letters to—•
B. C.
Human chanK'ti-r infliioiics.il by
ideas of integrity will not bemean itself, cvon iii mining matters. Some
nn.n csiunt it a small tiling to iii.s1b-.k1
the public through .i newspaper by
wrongfully lvpoitiiu* nlioiit a property,
their Idea being to attract atta'iition at
any hazard. No camp without merit
can win prosperity, and the Slocan is
a country that will of itself attract attention at all times if tlie plain troth
Ik? uttered'crf its rusourcvs. Dishonesty
in idl walks of life, and milling is nut
excepted, ends sooner or later in disaster and oblivion.
Members of the Dominion house of
commons, irrespective of polities, have
agreed to put an end to electoral corruption, a step that should have Ixjen
1 alien years ago. If Conservatives
.erred when in control of the govern-
nis'ut uiachiuery, how much more so
have the Lilx*nds in the years they
have been in the seats of power, federal as well as provincial. To such an
extent has political corruption been
carried,that the good name of Canada
is l-»i3i-jg held up to ridicule and direful shame iimon'j civilized nations.
Party Bigotry should never lie permitted to Overrule conscientious scruples
of honesty; neither should it Ihi allowed to gloss over the wrongdoings of
friends while condemning similar
faults jn opponents.
Nothing of an alarming or radical
nature appears in the speech from the
throne deliver«l at the opening of tho
legislature on Thursday last. Anything of a fiercely controvertible nature appears to have been studiously
avoided, doubtless owing to the uncertain quantity of the government
support. The main issues foreshadowed are the skeleton of a compulsory
arbitration measure, re-adjustmenl oi
mineral taxation, re-enactment of the
anti-Mongolian legislation,and a gen-
tie hitit tu to railway propositions.
The latter are so feebly presented thai
there is not much likelihoo.l of the
BChemea being seriously pushed. But
it is the labor legislation that commands attention, it occupying the first
place on the legislative bill of ..fare.
The numerous imd comprehensive disturbances in business ami industrial
circles since the first of the year have
brought the affairs of the province to
Mich a pass that the government was
forced to meet the issue. At the same
time the government is taking a stand
on the question much in advance of
what niost people would have looked
for, and one that will make capital
campaign ammunition should the
house dissolve. The success of the
conciliatory board of the Provincial
Mining Association iu the Fernie
trouble has doubtless prompted tin'
govi'i-iiiiient to give a rimilarbodya
legal status. While not exactly com*
pulsory arbitration in fact, th" pro-
posed law aeknowli'dgi's ;lnsl accepta
the principle by declaring all strikes
and lockouts illegal until all the re-
s<»irc"s ,,f the conciliatory board hnve
been exhausted, ami it will provide for
the publication under certain circumstances of evidence adduced. It is
believed the meajrate will work smoother and with greater effect thin the
more drastic law of New Zealand. The
act will be pressed at once so as to
make it applicable to present troubles
in Vancouver nnd Ladysmith. Should
the law prove a success, and it is .sincerely hopod.it will, the country will
have just cause to remember the
fourth session of the ninth legislature.
As there is not much trouble in sight,
the session should be short, the main
point being the passing of the estimates. That done, tlie legislators
■should Ih. sent home.
NOTICE ii lBfTB*i,jr given that 80 days after
sluts,   wis  Intend  ,ai apply,  nt ss  spocial
meeting <if tin. Hminl ssf Licensing ('ninn i
its for iliaCiiv of Blocan, for ,i transfer of 11 ■ • -
retail llrjnot license f,.r lIn* Arlington   Hotel,
situ.'iti'on Lots' ini'l -'. Hlsss'ii A,Slocan, from
siBir-s'lsi's tsi Kiiimlcs A- Patroquln,
Dated at Slocan, B,0,, this 8tli dny of tnrfl,
E, ll. Tu, i.max. v, Itneu,
Aid. Arnot and wife spi'iit Sunday
in Nelson.
kid Allin left town on Friday, heading for Viildez.
What day is Slocan going to celebrate this year?
Ready-made clothing for men and
boys, at Bull's.
Ns-lsoii has determined on celebrating Dominion day.
The big dry kiln of the shingle mill
has received a coat of plaster.
A. David, wife and son removed
back to Sandon on Thursday.
Les Potter will <'iii* the camp and
go to his old home in Ontario.
Large stock of ready-to-woar clothing just opened up.   John Bull.
Several sessions of the small debts
court were held during the week.
Bob Cooper returned on Saturday
evening from wintering on the coast.
Beady-made clothing of all inscriptions; also made to measure,   <!. Bull.
The C.P.K. is asking tenders for the
erection of new machine shops at Nelson.
Dr. Milloy. the .Rossland dentist,
spent the greater part of the week
\V. 1>. George spent a tew days in
town this week.but will return again to
i i ceenwood.
Next Sunday i- Raster. Fresh eggs
in the morning, parade of new hats d
little later on.
Aid. Wordon was taken to tho hospital Sunday, Buffering from inflammation of the lungs.
Neil Gething purchased the Chapleau Co.'s horse and saddle, offered
for sale by E. E. Allen on Monday.
Tom Ward, of Nelson, acting for interested parties, has lieen rubbering
the tinilx-r lands in the Little Sloean.
If signs count for anything, there
will be a deluge of marriages shortly,
making glad the heart of fhe small
Harvey Fife went to Spokane last
ws*s>k to get treatment for his eye,
which had lieen injured by a saw tiling getting into it.
The initial shooting match for the
season of the Kill,' Association will lie
held on Good Friday afternoon. A
full attendant requested.
Tony Long left on Monday for Nelson, to assume charge of a gang of
men working on the improvements to
tin1 Columbia & Kootenay railway.
E. McFadyen has been nursing a
sore eye all week, having been struck
a smart blow by a branch of a tree in
going through the bush on Ten Mile,
Gwiilim r& Joliiison,
Alex. Rogers,
Tonsorial Artist.
The Leading Parlors:
timber Notice.
.i.i,KK nsit is'* that SO dan from alnte I Intend
I to apply to the Hain.tlis'Cliii'f Commission, r
„f Lands ft Worki ist VlotorlolB.C.1"or a special
license to cut and curry away timber from tha
following destcribed lands: Commencing <>t.«.
no • situated on tli,* east side s.f the main
branch of Wilson creok, above the Uin'., tans,
and marked K. Chew's southeast cornet post:
thence west SO chains: thence north H" chains;
thence oast SO chains 11 li.-n.-.* south 80 chains, to
place ol commencement, I'lmtuining 6W seres.
K, ill Ei.
Dated ilii< 28th day of March, I0O3.
Timber Notice.
,   *vOTiri* U hereby given Hint an days from
15. C   ,\   data I  intend  tai apply to the Hon. the
Chief Commissioner of [.mill's A worksat victoria, H.<-. fora special license to cut nmi cam
nn a' lii.i'." r t'i a mi i In- following described hums:
Commencing at a (-sost situated u„ tlio we^t side
i,f the inniii branch sif Wilson creek, above the
I fall-, marked B.Cbs»w'a southwest comer post;
<   thence north 160 chainst thence east iOchuins;
thence south 100chainsi thonce "west niclinius,
to-place if wmmenc«Blent,coiitalnlng UO ijeres.
Rev. William Simons, Pastor.
. nt ll a.n
. and 7.30 I
i   Ss'lllltll  H
t 2.30 p.m.
, 7.S0
and yonng
are cortlin
ly invites!.
feel Ranges
r $1(5.23.
■9am9&9&&&&sya&9tf»9*v*9&& ■'.'
I J. Pinchbeck, Proprietor
I ———'
s     Saving opened .i   first-class $
5 establishment on  Main Street, j-;
I the patronage of the public is 8
# solicited for nome-Macle Bread, 9
_ Whole   Wheat   Brend,  .Cakes, 1
Pies, and a full 1 iii*^ of general »
Why bo without a ranee wl.cn
you ean f*et oiieso cheap? Thej
are preferrable to stove* and s'ive
better satisfaction. These i'anges
burn wood or coal and will be
set up free.
5—af &~4
Garden Seeds
Flower Seeds
Timothy Seed
Clover Seed
Grass Seed
Seeds in bulk
.lust arrived from D. M. Ferry's,
the great Seed ilunssv. 1 ar tslu
a: —
Onion Sets have arrived,
rear erder early.
Patrsl this 27th day of Marsih, line.
Timber Notice.
V'lTii Els hereby given that BO dursnttor
A\ dato I intend to npplj ti> ths Chief Com-
i per of bunds i Works fur two spasclal
., i-es, to cut III i carry away timber from the
I cribed luiws.jttuate in WestKoot*
'■       - ;,:;l : ,        ,       ,        .   ■ i   >
('uromenctux nl n post planted mi tliooiist side
i | Little Sloean riv. r. marked "J-S.-DaMclmmps .
Boiithwi t corner post" i tlience mi obolnseasti|
tin iii-i- M)chains north: thence 80chains west;
r     -. socUnim south, to tlm place sif begin-
nlnffj .        .        .
Also, nmencing al :, post plantspa on tbe
neat side of l.ii'l Hocan rWer, marked "J. 8.
|, ,i . -■ hi ist corner post:" thence B0
,.' Jns wi  t: thence Nl chains north; thenco >t>
tl b 11 liaii'  south to ilu* place
i.i '.. ,:i- -in  ..
Dati :       -'   Idaj "f March, i'.".:'.
,1. II. ri.i.'-,.1. J..-. DKSCHAMPS,
AsTont. Lsocutor
Advertise your
in these days of progress and competition
no man in business
should neglect an opportunity to keep his
goods before the people.
Modern usages proclaim advertising the
one road to success;
neglect of it invariably
ends in disaster. A
merchant's standing
in a community may
be judged from the advertisement he carries
in a local paper. To
sell p;oodsa man must
advertise. All live
men seek the aid of
the printer
a reward
to all persis
tent and lib
era! advertisers: it is read
by everyone,
At All
Timber Notice.
vrOTICE i hereby given 11..:. SO days after
x\ siaia* ! ; . 1 to 'al. ■■ tlio Chief Commissioner of I nils A Worki tor two iia-i.il li-
cense .'."sa, and cam awa; timber ir",a the
f . .: g il . : ! inds, Itunte io W est
Ki j distrii I:
I'ommenclngal a post planted on tin' second
point on the wesl -nl" fr"„i ilaa' -..sit Is endof
Littleiilocnn lake, itirsrk*.-.t "I.. A. Campbell's
ti itlii ;-i i'sirni*r post;" thence Hi chains west;
tlii'itcc 160 chains north; tlienco 40 chains east
to lake shore; thence south along the lake to
plai* of lie^inninK:
Vlso, commencfifl at n imst planted on the
east side of Little Blocan lake, marked "L. A,
Campbell's southwest corner poet:" thencoslOl
chains cast; thence litss chains north: thence 401
ch       nest: thence south along the lake shore
to pl c  of ia. ginning.
Los    --! the 22ud day of March, l'."'i.
J. H. Cubist***, L. A. CAMPBELL,
Ageut. Locator
Timber Notice.
V'OTII Els '-.-''•. given thnt ::> ,I.i Itei
„> Intel iuten. tn apply tss the Chief Com-
in inner of Lausls A Works foi twospceial ii-
a-s i, to cut ansl earn nway limber lrom tli*
f   lai«ii ;de cribaed lends, situate la Weat Keot-
• ■: a   ilLsli Id :
Cismmonciug at .. \..>^i planted on tho east tide
oi Little Slocan river, marker! "K. Uuthte'i
.-yusMi'si-: s-.-iia. r i- '. thonce *0 chains north:
i'-." - ■ ■ ,: - \m- :: ■;, -,., •'' chains south;
theni       ns east, to pl t     ginuing:
Also, as.a, ,i,.s ..".:•..,.-■ i lai ;i-I on tlie
vast M'le .if l.ittli* u l       . mi rkoil "E.
li'.'.ti.is-'-. -' a-', -• cor oi i . Iieiicenorth
*uchain :  In u i tbtic!    -■!:■■■■ outli *-
• li-'i.-a : thi... i- \.'  I •   chai   ,, to the place "i
nil a.
■■■   cd the : :■! daj of Mat h, L-
j. h.< ...;i tie, k. ,.i ran.
As.-., it. I. 'fl.ii ir
"i'i.i:;;v-;- Notice.
Subscribe for
your i,
fy local paper: ^
$ THE DRILL,   a$2  per year. 0
Yat\_jm\pmr ^safmrr *-j^v ,.
C* tS* •—" 8,
fca:._>'iat. *sl*to-;   iM&ii
**IJOTI( i:: i  .: vi a thai
.1    date I iu'a    1 to ajpplj  ta tho I    ■•
14 Loaves of Bread f.irfll.
Pssll Weight ansl Quality
Slocan, B. C.
■ om-
LCalVi'   mlsfdoner of Lena-Is sk *s\ orks for two special ll*
censes, to cut and carry nway timber from the
following di  cribs rl 1 ind -. situate in Wi -, K.-'i
. nay distrii t:
1nTivifi.-,r.To    af   TTnTni'trrjii ni,l-.-i       ('""'■ sifgnt a post planted a.,, the west
■ PmlPJITr]    li!      Mill 'iiI/;-b Pl K1     '•■« of l.ittl- .*.l.«an river, market **C.C. Wol*
4 cbains; Uionco -<■ .*i m chi ins; thftnt'o wesl •*)
CreolO Slinrr,**! CI'iliM.
pTJBLIC NOTICE Is hereby given n> the fflec-
' tors of the Municipality of the City of Slocan, that I ra*.|iiira.- it,,, presonco of Uio s:ii'l
Electors at tl.s* Cit] Hall, Slocan, on tliolStli
day of April, 1903, from the hour of IL' o'clock
noon, till 2 p.m., for the purpo.seof electing b
purson to repro.ienl tbem in tho Municipal
Council as Alderman,a vacancy occurring there
in caused hy tho re dgnation ol AM. McCallum,
Tho mode of nomination aif eandldatei shall
sso a . T'i!; IW8 : •
Tl,,* rails Ial ■ ihall be nominated in writing:
tis.*, 'vriiias: ibnll be subscribed by tvv.i voters of
the M unicip si it3 r.> pronoBer and secoudor, nno
shall be detlvered to tho ttotnmiug Oflicer nl
any timo betwoon the dnto of the uotice nnd 8
p.m. of tlio 'l.aia' of nomination:
And in t!"- event of „ poll being neoei ir
sncl, piill will lio open on tlie 1 St.li day of April
190.1, nt mid building, sif whloh everybody i
ln'riiliy ri"|iiiri'i| to Inks* notioe ninl govern liia:-
arlf aooordingly,
The persons qualified to i,u nomlnatod for and
"ls*ria*d a an Alderman of such City nl the said
election shall h- such persona ns nre pihIo Urii-
i-li subjects of tho full iifc'f* of twonty-ono yenrs,
and am not disqnoliflod under any law, ami
iii.i Have been for the '-i*; months noxt preceding thn alay of nomination the registered
owner in tbe Land Registry ollim nf hind or
ra>'il proporty in tho City of the assessed valuo,
on lli" I ait   iBiiBi ifl-inal  a^ aient   roll, of $MW,
or more, over and above any reghstoreq Incumbrance or charge, end who nre othorwho duly
lualifled as muuielpal yota-r-.
Given nnder my hand and sealal tho City of
Blocitn, this Vtii day of April, A.D. 1803.
ReLuruing i .'hit or
chains:tuencx northHJ chains,tothe plasm of
llso,commeocing at a ps'-'  plant   I      *   •
east side of Little rtlocan river, markesl 'C. it.
Walker's southeast cornor post;   the,   ■ wsfstlO
Situate in thc Slocan City Minlntj*Divi* ehajiis; thencenortJi80 clialns:thci     ,   •   ■
, .,    ,,•    ,  ,-     , chains; thenci south SU oliains, to the place isf
sion of tne U (let Kootenny District,  beginning.
W!ia*ro   In.'ate I :—l.'n  l.'-'inon click, '    Oats.! tlio 23rd .lay ..f March, 1001 .
!'. niiler- froai the moiilh. i J. H.i',i,:,-,',:. C.C.WALKEH,
..-  . "        •         ,        ....... ..ityiit.                                     i   icatoi
Tnke notice that I, J, M Mirtlregnr.
ai'tin^; a*; n^ent for VV. D, Mclntoili, F.
M.O. Su. U72392: ('. S. Baxter, F.M.C.
No.  P,70'6i, and  P.   \V,   George, free! x»OTIri-j  t
ininer'a cerllflcnte No. 1)51840, intend, >   date I IntomI to hpplj totheChfeft m
lixtV days from tlio ante lioreof, to apply mlssionernf Lands A Works for two  ,"i\-iaI li
totlio Mining Recoi der fora certiflcate <'en--B-. t,.,-;„ ., ,.i ,.,,-..• ,».„>• timber, fi mtln
of Improvements, for tiie pnn>OMol ol,- on^diMrhTtf'          "  itunte in West Ko
tannin;*   a i-ruwii   prai'.t  fur   the   above     Com ncing at a post planted oo the oast  Ide
claim of Little Slocan rissT. marked "!,'.  Lamnnt's
And further take notice that action   J^almtTmmhT^
uniler lection  37, must  be commenced   thence south tu chaii -. to ihe place a.f begin-
before the issuance of such certiflcate ol "''.'i*1
Also,eommenclng at «, paa-t plnnti l .••. vf■••
Timber Notice.
given 'oa' 80 days r.,".a»r
I'ateil this 12th dav of Febrnary, 1903
27-203 '.!. M. UcUKEGOR
4 „iiia-rassii^is Hltteral aUlalm,
si Unite in ihe Blocan City Mining Division nf Wo«»L Kootenay l».*.: r• --1.
Where located:—On tho lirst north
fork of Lemon neck,
TAKE NOTICE that I. M, I.. Grim*
root t, in-tin^ as agent for Tho Cameronlail
Gold.'.- Silver Mining Co.,limited lisl ility
I'.M.C. No. B00220, Intend, sixty days
from tlie itut»- licia-of, to apply t.i tha
Mining Recordei f..r ;\ certificate of Im*
provements, for tha purpo eoi obtaining
.i Crown grant of tho above claim.
And further take notice that action,
under section ."7. must be commenced
before Iho issuance ol Bucli certilicate ol
imi ■ evetoitnts.
Dated this 7th dav sif October 1002.
20 8*03. ' M   I- OKIMMETT
Uttiaggler Mineral Claim.
Situate in Slocan City Mining Di vials n
of West Kootenay District,   Where
hn'.i,sal:   On the slope of Tun Mile,
lllmiil   three   DlilcS   IrOIII   I lie I'.i.H'k
Prlnco M.C,
TAKE SOT1CE that 1, W. I> Ma.
Kay, acting as a^oTst for J, •'. Godfrey,
fres; miner's certiflcate No. I'siiiuiHii,
Intend, pixty ilayn from the date hereof,
to npply to the Mining Recorder (or a
ceitilicate ol Improvements, for the pur*
pose of obtaining a Crown grant of the
above claim.
And further tako notice that action,
under section :i7, must be commenced
hi'fotc lhe ipHuunco of such certilicate of
Dated Huh 4th day of April, 1008,
10*4*03, W, l». MaiKAY
-■ dde of Little Blocan lak I ed   l: La
I iniani'- sontbeasl oorner post; Ihen > west Ht
dini,: : thence north Ml chnii, tlmni a-.,.', ^
a'linir i: thoi   •    ,ut),  0 chain   Ui   hs , i
-.. ginning.
Locals l Us.-:" r f .lay ..i Marc!   I
.1. ll. CnaisTia,
l ..,■   or
Court of Revision.
N'OTIaCK Is hereby given tlmt the annual sitting of tho Court "f Res l»lo;   fur the pur
pose of hearing all complaints again I  l
essmenl for tho y« ar Iftn, ns made It; iho 11
..-.r.'til... City isf Slocnn. ll.C, will hei     I
in llui Citv Hall. In the said Citj of HI n ,
Monday, May istb, 1908, al the honr of 10,
City of Slocnn, B.C., Mnr.24, I00S.
if. I. BENTLEY,Citj I     ;
Then ccme to Slocau, for it is
one of tlie fairest spots on tliis
earth of ours. Levelns3S,
Room, Scenery, Health, Fishing, Hiuitiiig,Roads, Railway
Steamboats, Churehes,School
Hospital, Public Halls and
enterprising citizens arosom©
oi. the advantages enjoyed bv
thiu City, backed up by Unsurpassed and Proven Mineral
Resources. Nature and Man
hath decreed that
KIvaTKI   I IM.   I llll'.l  It l.l« KNSKS.
N'OTIt'l'. i* hereby given. pB,r«iin,il to the |.rs,
visions of Section *<iaaf tli.* "Lansi Vet,"
lliat In fnlnri* no .-iweial licenses ,.. a-nl timber
.sn Crown lands «ifi begrante I a,: ,. newed nntil
nfiB'r the ai'i'lis'iini- have hail the limit atirvey.
ml by o slid) .|ii.-ililli'al Provincial Land rlurveynr
taa Ilia* -at i -fllitioll of till' 1,11,isI-  an.I W.srl,     De*
riii.-r ('ssi  sloni. ■   .'.   ids & Works
Landi and Works Depart men
\ lolorla, B.C., y,ih Mnrch, 11*03
Slocan is
the Bur
Come and be convinced that this tale is
no mere idle dream, but a stern reality-


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