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The Slocan Drill 1903-06-12

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jl'rov. Libra
loL. IV., ?»•• »•
SLOCAN,   B.   C,   JUNK   12,   1903.
12.00 PER ANNUM.
,ook Over This List
and see If there Is not something you require:
LnvB Balbriggan TIndemear  fl.25 a suit
Ln's natural wool      do.     light  2£0  do
•;.;.• outing shirts  1.50 to 2.50
(oil's .-.ashmere hoaie.  25c. a pair
fcadies' summer vests  20c.
.•uiis s' summer blouses  90c to 2.50
. [Lea [Hint wrapper*  1.25 to 2.50
•adies' belU, collara and ties	
V. T. Shatford & Co.
. York & Sons,
Dealers in Fresh and Salt
Heats, Vegetables and Provisions. Goods shipped tc
any part of the Slocan.
Highest cash price paid for
raw Furs.
B. C.
|    r-Mched by any trail or road
&t runs Into the Town
Do not go past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
^rling^ton   Plotel,
SLOCAN,   B.  C.
This populsr hotel is convenient to the hosts and trains.   Tlie dining room
-. tried"* up-to-siate while the bar is supplied with the bsst in tlie market.
I TCC e   Traveling men, using S; mple Room*. $2.50 per -lay's:/I 1 JUoD •    wlthentSaiple Rooms,$2; hoard $8 per week; nrmalf*85j
■r--*»*"*t under
.-id iiiMnngemeat.
Former customers
cordially invited to return
The Royal Hotel,
Oor. AHTsstf Street •■<* BoUaejr irasaa, Sleeen.
•lin*- ili'sroaghly rer.ovated •J*-***--'- CROSS,
re. ki s*kod with the beet,
uit, Confectionery, Tobacco
You can get iny thing in these lines that you
i ecniira from us. Our stock in each is always
kept fresh and well assorted. We handle the
best the market affords.   Prices are right.
o. &.Mrra,
nsu ranee!
^presenting  tho   strongest   com-
' i'« deing  business in Canada.
•'•>■*.•'• NEW A.'aDE**T •poticr, with participation in prolu. coverlnr sick
:'''**.' and opcratUns.
IJ. P. CURTIS. NoUry Public
Pioneer Livery
and Feed Stables,
Slocan, R C.
General Packing and For.
warding attended to at tha
•hort*""rt Notice.
Saddle and Pack Horses fer
hire at reasonable rates.
Trealnu*nt of the Us aa Is u fl resit Success
-Saving ur 85 per sen! or the Values le
Aseursssl- Prof. Parke' Frocess Is to be
Pateated at Ouee.
That tho Arlington reduction works
for the treatment of their low grade
ores sirs •*, certainty, may bo judged
from the words uttered in Spokane
this week by J. Frank Collom, the
managing director. The new treatment, as designed by Prof. Parks, is
a modification of tha Pelatin-Clerici
system, with the assistance of electricity, and is so successful as to warrant
the movers in tho idea in having the
process patented.   Mr. Collom said:
"For some time we have had a small
plant capable of handling alxiut 2-J
tons a day on a pinch, in tho barn at
the Fairwoather house, in Browne's
addition. Things have reached such
a stage that wo expect to secure larger
and more permanent quarters. Our
tests have been made with a complete
unit, and the larger plant which we
will orect at tho mine, with a capacity
of 50 tons a day, will be merely an aggregation of these units. We feel,
therefore, that with tho success attending our experiments here there is
no doubt of the success of thc plant.
"I do not care to say what the results have beeu, except to say that we
have saved U5 per cent of the silver
values in Arlington ore—an unheard
of thing in milling ores. Wo have
saved 97 per cent iu the gold values.
I expect we shall effect a saving of
from Sii to $7 per t'jn under tho present cost of treating our ores. Wc
shall also handle custom ores that inav
offer. Wo expect to get our mill
buildings under cover this season, and
shall have the machinery in shape to
commence operations next spring."
Alive to r.sl.l.i' li.terests.
Last Thursday business circles rostra
much agitaUd over numerous local
men having to go to Nelson for supplies to t*ke luto their claims on upper Lemon ci*e«k. owing to several
bridges having lieeu washed out along
the trail, so preventing theni going in
from here. Orders given here had to
bo cancelled. The result was that a
telegram was sent to R. F. Green, M.
P.P., at Victoria, asking that the government replace the bridges at once,
in the intoi-est of Sloean. The telegram
was signed on be-half of Iho board of
trade, the city council and the Conservative Association. That evening
a reply was received stating that Uoad
Inspector Me-orc had lx*en instructed
to make the repairs at once, much to
the satisfaction of the townspeople.
This prompt nction shows the new
government to be fully alive to the
interests of the public.
Slocan, Fred Johnson; Hicks, H. A.
Hicks; Madden, A. Madden; Victoria,
A. Stewart; Arlington, Knovvles &
Patrequin; Windsor, M. Lavell; Wilson, A. E. Teeter.
The Arlington Ores can bo Suecessrully
Wm. Thomlinson, who has been in
Spokane for several months past assisting Prof. Parks in his experiment*
on tho ore from the Arlington mine,
returned on Friday,aud is now spending a vacation at New Denver. He
announced that the experiments on the
ore were practically concluded and he
is hopeful of the complete success of
the treatment. When officially announced as a success, the now system
of treatment will enable profits to be
won from very low grade ores, of
which the Arlington and Speculator,
and tho camp in general, hold unlimited quantities. .So soon as Prof.
Parks demonstrates the feasibility of
his treatment to the public, he would
be able to command Immenao capital
to invest iu the dry ores of the Slocan,
and tha future of this camp was undoubted and sure.
Mr. Thomlinson hail no hesitation
in expressing his belief that the Arlington mill would be built, but when
construction would commence he was
not in a position to state. At present
he is not connected with the Arlington
but he may return here in n month or
so to again assume charge of affairs at
tho Speculator.
coast steamship service, with office at
Victoria. Captain J. C. Gore is made
superintendent of tho lake and river
service, with office at Nelson.
Soeaethlng for  Clalsiiowners  to   Puntler
Klflo Shooting.
The second league match was shot
off by tbe local ride club ou Saturday,
on the old ranges down the river. The
aggregate tliis time is 32 points better
than the last, the average lieing much
lietler in consequence. Th,- scores
mado were:
W. S. Johnson. .88
Goo. Nichol 'M
.1. McVicar 27
W. H.HavriBou.28
.1. Cross	
D. McVannel.
J. Beau	
J. Milne	
D. Nichol	
H. McMillan.
Following are some new amendments to the Assessment Act passed
at the recent session of the legislature,
which will prove of interest to claim
Sec. Ci, amending old sec. 19.—Provided, however, that if the owner of
any such claim shall establish, to the
satisfaction of the assessor, that thu
sum of $2(K) has been expended upon
such claim in mining development
work during the year preceding the
date when the tax becomes payable,
then the tax shnll not lie levied in respect thereof; and in order to entitle
the owner to benefit by this provision,
he must produce to the assessor a detailed statement, showing the nature
of the work performed and the amount
expended on said claim, duly sworn
to as true and correct, Ix-fore the assessor or a justice of the peace, and
this statomunt must be filed with the
assessor on or before the said iitlth day
of June in each and every year in
which he claims exemption from the
"Provided further, that any owner
of adjoining crown granted mineral or
placer claims uot exceeding eight in
number of such claims, shall lie allowed to perform in mining development
work during the year preceding the
date when the tax becomes payable,
upon any one or moro of such adjoining claims the full value, at the nitc
of «?2(X) per claim.to entitle all of such
claims to exemption in lieu of the tax,
but subject, however, to suid owner
producing to the assessor a detailed
statement showing the nature of the
work performed and the amount expended, duly sworn to as true and
correct, before the assessor or a justice
of tlu. penes;, which statement shall be
filed with thc assessor on or liefore the
i\ I said 80th dav of June iu each and
76 i
*veiv vear.
Med. Supt.,S.W.Keith, M.D.
KATKS: Peirnlnr sjul"*erll«rs. tl P»r month
, orell) it yeur: non-asibwriberslt'i.- n-sivsiof
me.licBlnttenal,iuc«)»|scr .'.y. rrivi.tevi^
fl |*or dny extra. Speclnl fi.s'illues fssr mills*™.
Ity etses.
For "urtlissr partloukM Upl y Wa
J. V. Purviance, Sec
Zinc Refinery for Vancouver.
Thos. Jones, the Kansas zinc man,
is credited with the intention of erecting a zinc smelter and refinery at
Vancouver, drawing his principal supply of raw material from the Slocan.
Ho is also credited with having secured three zinc properties near Vancouver, the output of which will go to his
works. The C.P.R. are supporting the
scheme and will grant a rate on the
Slocan ore of much better thun $11.50
per ton.	
Buthuelastle (Irlt Meetlusf.
On Friday evening the local Liberal
Association held an enthusiastic rally
at the office of McVannel & Fife and
discussed thepolitic.il situation. The
party has complete unauimity here
and are prepared to make their intlu-
ence felt when tho election comes. A
new roll of members was signed and
arrangements made for holding the
annual mtsetiug on Juno 28, when the
election of new officers will tuke place.
Tl'.-sissiiii-s.'a KxoUTOlOU  tss Hiss silt SI.
The Broth-'rhood of Railway Trainmen resident in Kootenay purpose
holding their annua! excursion to Slocau on July 22. Grand Forks and
Proctor were also in the swim for the
event, but this place has wou out.
There will be upwards of MX) people
in the excursion and they aim to put
in a good time. The loeal fire brigade
will have charge of the sports aud a
general holiday will be proclaimed.
It is proposed to give the visitors a
short trip ou the hike, prepare a dancing pavilion, have water und Caledonian sports, baseball and footliall. In
addition thero trill be a procession, iu
which two bunds will participate.
Slocau has a great name for entertaining.     "        	
ttepuhlic Ore Returns.
Returns have lieen received from
(181 the lust carload of ore seut by thc Re-
60 j public to the Nelson smelter, and the
figures aro eminently satisfactory. Deducting all outside expenses, there remains a net profit of $2000 for the
shipment, which is away lietter than
previous efforts. Ore is being sacked
at the mine ami it will not lx* long till
another car is ready to go out. Chas.
Qurlburt, the managing director, is
expected out from Detroit this month,
to stay for the snuuner.
Sllser "Jsietatieae.
Following nre the quotations for bar
silver on the various days during the
week since last issue:
Friday     &2J cents
Saturday    68     "
Monday     KI      "
Tuesday     521    "
Wednesday     621    "
Thursday    o2J    "
Hampton Starts N«xt Week.
Operations for the season will commence on the Hampton group, at the
head of Springer creek, next week. N.
F. McNaught, the owner, intends to
operate on a larger scale than formerly, and is sending up three men to get
the workings into shnpo, Shipments
will be mude during the summer.
l.|s*»SI* .'-  ll.'.'.'SS S*'l.
Tlis* board of 'li.v'.i'i:-:' I  •"■  '■■■
ers met on  Wedni   .
renewal   ;
i.,,'.!. .   ".        U  ||     a-        -v.-   (1, 3
t*BBCll»«*l<*fll a Now  l.s-ala-l'.
A now lodge hus been uncovered on
Erin mountain and promises to develop into something much above the
average, lt has been exposed on the
wagon road and cuts into the Erin.
Kepublic and Sunlight Fraction. The
ledge is easily eight feet in width and
carriei much ore, being of a character
Identical with that iu the rich vein on
the Malxiu group, adjoining the En*
terprise, The ore is heavily charged
with copper, much of it lieing in an
oxidized state. Assays give also 1ST
oz in silver. The Kepublic people are
prospecting the ledge with success.
i.s-sssoa Croak via Nelaon.
On Thursday, Cal Hittle, Tom Beu
Cnssslitlnss uf Kloeds
The danger stage on all the creeks
iu this division has been passed and
no more damage is anticipated. It
lias beou unusually hot all w-*ok,eaus-
ing the snow to disappear rapidly.and
keeping the Urgerstreamsprettv full.
The Like has been climbing all week
and is higher now than in seven yeurs.
In town the water is up on Main street
us far as the Madden House and tho
cellars are all Hooded, while the wharf
and track nre submerged. The water
will soon start to recede.
Coisccrratlve Meeting.
A preliminary meeting of the Con-
servativi's was held in H. K. Joraad's
otlice on Wednesday night, and the
political situation discussed. Cheer
ing news hns beon  rc'-aWcd  from all |
Last Tour's SHlpments Were «:t:i:i Tons—
A lla-lillliy Kvlsls-ncv of the I.lfo HIBal
Wealth ur tltfl Camp— Katci'psise tho
Bigger) Shipper.
Ore shipments from the division for
the week amounted to 15 tons, all of it
coming from the Enterprise. Twenty-
five tons of it went to the Nelson
smelter, all the former shipments having gone to Trail. There are shipments iu sight at the Wostmont,Ham*
ilton. Republic und Meteor, und it is
altogether probable something definite
will eventuate at tho Speculator on a
large scale. To date shipments total
641 tons.
For 19D2 the ore shipments from
the local division amounted to .''133
tons, niiule up from 12 properties.
Following is a full list of the shipments this year to date:
mini:. wf.kic.      totap.
Enterprise     45 two
Arlington  40
Ottawa  126
tilack I'rince  1"
Bondholder  2
Pay ton  4
Republic  50
Meteor  13
15 541
New locations are very few this yoar.
The Bosun shipped a car of ore this
Last week Rossland's mines shipped
7."i.">5 tons of ore.
The n'*w trail to Tw.-lve Mi le is almost completed.
Boundary smelters are still suffering
for the want of coke.
Tho Boundary mines List wuek sent
out 11,446 tous of ore,
Ore c*unmen"ed coming down from
the Republic- ou Saturday.
Three feet of ore is showing in tho
No. 8 tunnel of the Payne,
Something interesting isdueto happen very shortly at the Meteor.
Thy ore shipments from the Slocan
have passed the 6000 ton mark.
Th-* Mercury, near Sxndon, has resumed operations with three men.
The White Bear min" ut Kossland
will sink its shaft to the 950 foot level.
The Rambler has put on more men
nnd will shortly  increase its force to
The Ruth sawmUl was starti*4i last
week, getting out material for tho
W. W. Warner is ground sluicing
on the Wonderful and recovering a
good deal of ore.
Fivo hundred more coke ovens are
to be added to tho equipment of tho
Morrissey coal mines.
A contract hus l*on let by the Lo
Roi No. 2 for the buildings _to cover
its Elmor,- oil plant, to cost S7000.
The Copper King mine, near Kamloops, will shortly commence regular
shipments of oro to the Crofton smelter.
The Western Fedrrution has sent
several thousand dollars to Ladysmith.
to be distributed among the locked out
partaof the province and victory at I ooal mlnwi.
tin* elections is a surety. On Saturday     j-j. *s aaxpected the bts ore chute will
ui-'ht a general meeting of the associ- . •„. (.ut j,, the lower level of the Ottawa
ution will  be  held  at the same place j _ -,•)„■,•„..■ nm foft. They are running
and  a   full  attendance  la requested. I q_ a, ggod strong ledge
Mutters of great  importance to the
party will come up.
forQovorawon* its|s»ir«
Road Inspector Monro came in ou
ton,   Jim   Smith, Charley   Brandt, Tuesday to dxe up the damage dona
Harry Lea and several othurs left for! by the floods on Lemon and Bpringer
the headwaters of Lemon oreek, via creeks. George Nichol and a couple
Nelson und Six Mile oreek, some to of men will go out next week and rework on claims aud the balance to | pair the Lemon bridges and put the
prospect for boar. They were forced i trail Into shape, lie heavier repairs
to take this circuitous route, owing to to the Lemon  and Springer wagon
several bridges on Lemon crock hav
ing Ik'-mi wash-id out. The town lost
heavily by tho deal, as tho men were,
forced to cancel their lo.-al orders for
supplies aud obtain the same, with
packhorses, in Nelson. It will not occur again.
A Wlar Wosssan.
The Wise Woman company played
roads will be undertaken in .luly.when
the estimates become available.
New llussks.
The banking and commerce committee of the house of commons has
reported favorably on bills for the in*
.- i , saw.   it is a gr*.
corporation of the Pacific Bunk of j B*ritls)h Columbia.
Cinadn.with headquarters at Yictoriu,
,    ,. ,,      ,       ■  ,.    ,; ..also the City  and Country Bunk of
to a packed house Monday night, lhe (Vn.u,.( will* headquarters at Ottawa.
The Beiieduin party returned from
the Hoodoo and Howard Fraction on
Wednesday evening, bringing a largo
number of luunplefl for assay.
Two men hnve lieen doing good
work on the Black Hussar, ou Lemon
creek, and some nie-* ore s-nt. They
have driven 26 feot nnd will go another 20.
W. 11. Thomas, manager of the B.
0. Copper Co., operating in the Boundary, announces the affairs ot hus coni-
pan'v in n nourishing condition. Dividends will shortly Ik* comnvmeed.
The Miner party or capitalists who
visited the Cranbv copper mine and
plant Inst weak are filling the papers
with the account*- of the wonders they
It is a srivat advertisement   for
play is light in construction, but do
ieidedly amusing.   All the parts are
1 taken smoothie v-1 tho audi ince sv
.,:a,-1,- .ii h--it- .■ '-lei issd had
men entitle I tl
tl   •'   .- .al .
.- 'I
•■    ordi       to    Wedue.-d.iy's   dis-
" f  ■•■'"< ".te NTmand'sh M.W
W. B. Young, of New   Denver, was
here Monday on hi* wuy io the Ocean
rLemoa creek, work on which
is toi x* pushed thla summer ana ow
shipped.   He hM to gombvwnvot
m C V -of Vancouver,
Capt. J
1 il i
B i
,    . . i hi | |« •.'•!* by
i ' ' ■Pf-
■' : '
Copytlgkt, 190l,byChMles*W. Heoka.   3
; ;»■*» •„»,•,.» ^♦.^■».l■♦♦■^^♦■^»■^♦■^♦^^■»»
Neale stretched out his hand with n
quick motion mui laid it upon Blair's
Shoulder, to that Individual'*] great surprise, for he thought himself far out
of roach. They stared at each other
with equal Intensity.
"Can you be square?" said Blalr as If
he were consul ting an oracle and not
the man at whom he was looking. "Is
there nny way to make you ? I believe
there Is. And you've got the money
"I've always got plenty of money for
a good thing." said Neale. "Now, Speak
up.   Did Alden tell Maclane?"
Blalr shook off the hand upon hla
shoulder by the exercise of gnat agility, and then he strode across thc room
lo n desk, from which he took a small
blankbook and u stylograph!? pon. He
Opened tho book upon the table nnd
wrote h!s name on the first page, wilh
a word or two nfter lt; then he looked
nt Neale, holding the pen toward him.
Tlie captain nodded, and bo also wrote
in tho book, t'pon the page tlierc then
appeared tbls:
Annan G.mnaiN Pi.aib, I _     . „   , __
J.sKra Hsau, f El'u" r"r,ner«*
"My friend," s.ild the captain, "you
ask mo If I can be square. Well,
there ain't nobody that can be squaror
than what 1 can. nnd you'll find that
out If you stick to me and don't try to
get funny nor play no tricks."
If Blnir's acquaintance with Nenle
had been more Ultimate, he would
have recognized sincerity ln this redundancy of negatives. The reporters
who have followed Neale's career assert that he once put seven Into one
short sentence while engaged ln denouncing a certain well known reformer. As a rule, however, his language was not grossly inaccurate. In
this Instance It was the ring of tlie
words that appealed to Blalr. Ho took
up the book and wrote upon the page
that bore tbe names, his petition being
sucb that tbo captain could uot seo
what was set down.
"Now, my esteemed business associate," said Bluir, laying down -the
book, "tbls Ib the English of thc matter—Alden hns told Maclane where
he was that afternoon und Maclane
bas told mc. I didn't go up there to
get tbe secret; I went for a little cold
money. Circumstances had made it
agreeable to me to put Miss Maclane
out of this ease, and as I was going
to do lt anyhow it occurred to nie
that I might ns well be paid for It"
"It's a pleasure to be In business
with a man like you," said Neale, with
a grin.   "How much wns the touch?"
"Only $2,000," replied Blalr. "It is a
loan. I told him a pitiful story of misfortune and mentioned that 1 was
being bounded by the police. Well,
he's bad a little of that himself, ne
sympathized witb me, and when I said
I wanted to move, take a better otlice
and all that be very kin.ily consented
to help me out. As to his daughter, 1
told bim frankly that I believed Bbe
was the woman I had seen, but that
1 had no Idea sbe wns directly concerned In tbe crime. I believed that
she bad gone to that house, bad seen
fie looked al Scale.
Alden there nnd thnt she knew hlm to
be guilty; lu short, thai she wns Alden's
accessory nfter the fact, making them
joint holders of the secret and"—
"Equal partners, as we nre," snld
"Precisely," was the reply. "Such
being the case, I could not become a
third partner. In brief, I wouldn't
give out that lnts'i'vlew which you saw
In the papers this morning until I was
sure Alden was Innocent."
"Clever rascal!" said Neale.
"it was a sudsieu Inspiration with
me, I'll admit," responded lilulr, "but
It worked. Of course I was a long
while getting at the facts, for nt first
he wanted mo to tnke his word, which
1 gently but firmly declined to do.
Then, In the strictest confidence, he
told me what I'm going to tell you
"This Is a big thing," bo continued,
bis face suddenly growing pale "I'm
afraid you can't raise tbe money to
swing It, for It cnn't be done without
money. That's why I'm laying myself
open to you. It hnd to lie somebody,
and tbe devil sent you In."
"I'm obliged to blm," .said Nenle.
"Go on."
"Mr. Alden spent the critical  time I
that afternoon," said Blnlr, "In Ibe of   I
flee of a genllemnn named Marcellim
II nl'ss ui.   Ever bear of blm?"
"One of tho smartest trust lawyers |
In this country nnd a man worlh mil
lions," 6iild Blalr "And this Is what
Alsia'ii was il .in-' there: He has organ*
hied a combination of the companies
In his line of business,"
"Alden has?" exclaimed Nenle, ninn?.-
"Yes, sir," responded Blalr.    "That
mnn Alden, the bead of a little, tottering concern  that  is on tlie edge of
bankruptcy, has got all the big fellows  in  line, and   lie glands to  win
mlllirns In the closing of the deal.   It's
pout'lug money into this ileal that bus
I put his own business where It ls.   He
{ must wiu uow or go to total ruin."
"Well,   what's  going to stop  hlm?"
demanded Neale eagerly.    "Where do
I wp couie lu?"
"He's rounded  them all  up except
the  Holbein   Manufacturing company
of Newark," said Blnlr.   "Without that
company in, the thing breaks and Alden goes to smash.    But on the day
j when be sent that note to Miss Miller,
! on the day wheu she was stabbed, Al-
j den got a verbal agreement witb tbe
. president   of  tbe   Holbein   company
! which practically clinched the thing.   It
j clinched It except for Just one chance
i — there's an option out on the Holbein
j business. Some time ago a combination
j was made to buy the works, nnd a le*
: g.il  option  was  nken.    The  price  Is
j fivio.ooo, of whli '1 ono-thlrd must he
I paid in cash four days from this Pies-
I ent dnte or thu option Is forfeited.   It
I will b« forfeited.   .Mm Y. Rowen, the
banker, who was pt thc head 'if 'lie
combination, has died, nud tbo whole
ihiiif- has fallen through,   Thc 'iptlon
Is in ih" hands of Bowen's son, who
i bns been trvlng   »o   push the thing
along, but bas now dropped it.    We
j must buy that option."
"Why doesn't Alden buy It?"
"Ho Is making n gamblo. If the option lapses, he enn get the concern for
half a million The Holbein people
know nothing of the trust scheme.
They think Alden merely represents
capital Bcekini' nn Investment. They
are all old men In the company and
willing to -.ell out. But If new capital
nnd new men go' bold of the concern
It can be forced into Aider's trust on a
valuation of a clean million, and there's
n prollt of $400,000 for us."
Neale twisted a newspaper Into rags
with his gigantic hands.
"This thing neixlfl Investigating," he
said, "and there Isn't much time."
"lnvestigatlm-V" echoed Blalr. "If
old Duncan .Maclane says it's all right,
do you suppose there's anv doubt about
"Why doesn't he buy lu?" queried
Nenle nnd then answered his own question     "I   see.     He can't,     He's prot   it
confidential from Uden. it wouldn't
do for hlm to show up wltb the proper
ty. But you're tn'kine big money, nnd
we mustn't go too last."
"Don't you see." snid Blnlr, Bpeaklng
slowly, but In n voice thick with ex
■■I'cnient, "that nil we've gut to do Is
to buv the option*' Show 00 With that
on ♦lie day before it expires, and you'll
mver Vave to put up the 1200.000 of
purchase money. You'll only hnve to
prove thut you can. Aldeu \till have to
settle nt your own figures. If I"' does
mat, Ills game Is up. By heavens, we
can take more thin half the prolits if
ibis transaction right out of bis hands."
"But wbere'll Aldeu get thc money to
icttle with us?" demanded tbe captain
"We cnn't take nu promises."
"That option Closes the deal," said
Tlalr. "With the ileal closed, Alden
(•.•in command all tho money he wants,
fur the thine will go right Into the
binds of a trust company to be
Pus need."
"Then why bnsn't Alden bought the
si ition himself?    You say It's n gam
"Not altogether that. Young Powen,
so Maclane said, hates Alden and hns a
suspicion of what's up. He has turned
di'vn certain parlies because he bus
pected Alden wis back of them. But
you can bring blm (o terms. All he'll
want to know Is ihnt you don't represent Alden."
"If iis ohl John Y. Bowon's son,"
snld Neale, with u smile, "I reckon I
ecu f.lcb blm. I happen to have n
hitch or two ihsre. He's n pretty liv«>-
Ij boy."
••Ths1!! (ho thins Is as good as done."
responded Blnlr.
iS'onlc took n turnaround the room.
•'I'll go und sec Bowen this afternoon," be snld, "and if this thing works
I'll make Alden b< Her. I'm uo friend
of his after thai liitlo affair the other
day Tbls will <ut that honeymoon
|i in iny of his il '« iri:ii'. I'm think
ii .-. when Utile H le Miller gets well.
I'v Ihs- way, BlOlr, vou nWO isis* 11 limn
Blalr look on pi
•'   10k from Hn>
• n nnd 1 nisi ilu
■''•ii'ii ibe woll
tin .''Minimal v.:
it.rt, the binnkl
>rmous, ragged po. if
bT'slslr*   Of   his   WBl it*
money   Thun be re-
1   nud   Showed   Ni'.lli'
lilng thai be bad put
"shove Hie part-
Us'i'sblp ■greemeni was this:
I'oi the psirsisSK* ssi the lini!' 111 M'siufacturtiii*
ti;r.|.iny anal furila.-r otMfitlonfl on UlforntStlon
lunsialir I bl   *a   Q   ll
"I don'l si a* bow you happen to i>"
poor." said  Meals., regarding tho other
llialr ground bin bands together.
"It's Ihe Start," he said, "Ilie cursed
11 oupj to mnke lhe lirst move, I never
Collld ret llii'se nil imIbjiis ou It."
"There's something In that." rejoined
Neale. "I hope you've go) a safe place
fur Unit book. I Shouldn't cars' tu have
11 printed iu lhe newspapers after this
n itue Is over. I've got a pretty strong
pull, but it won't stand everything."
Blalr went buck 10 the desk, which
was n heavy, ohL fnsblonod affair, and
locked up the book lo one oi the draw
"And now, mv friend," snld NOfllO,
"one li tin J word. I! you play any gnuies
Wltb me, I'll do a trick with ymi thnt
-.ill wind ynu up. I have It 011 the
quiet that this Miller girl Is going to
die    Now, I've been turning Dp n little
evidence, making muni of it myself out
ol the raw goods, of course, ninl I cun
make evidence that would hang a man
torn murder committed bofore he was
born.   How would you liko to have me
figure you out as the mau lhat did this
The breath went out ot BlBlr'i body
ns if noun' one had struck blm In the
region of his sola 1 plexus.   •
"You're craxy!" he gasped.
Neale laughed softly.
"1 went through her trunk," he said,
"and got some uotes thut you wrote 10
Her awhile ago It Isn't generelly
known thnt you were ao well 111 quaint-
id "
"Isn't generally known?" echoed
Blalr. "Why not? I lived in that house
for awhile. Certainly 1 knew her and
look ber out to dinner a few tiniea.
But, holy heavens, why should I want
to kill her?"
"Well," said Neale, "there's the money."
"Nonsense! You know where the
money went, and you know who committed this crime."
"Perhaps 1 da" responded Neale,
with a grin; "but, at any rate, please
remember that I have acted ln your interests throughout."
Blair took him by tbe topmost button
of his sack coat.
"In the interests of Joseph Neale,"
be said. "My Interests and those of
justice haven't bothered you much.
Why, this case reminds 1110 of the old
college football games 20 years "go.
Somebody kicked tho ball once, nnd
then the hoys began to tight, and nobody paid nny attention to the bull after that. Usually some mucker from
Enst Cambridge stulo It, nnd the loss
wasn't discovered till nfter the game
was over."
"The football being the criminal, eh,"
pnisl Neale, "Just nominally a part of
the proceedings? Well, thero may be
something In what you say."
And lie grinned serenely ns he walked backward toward the door.
SOARING the time wben
Dr. Blalr and Captain
Neale were concluding
their small matter of
business Detective Elmendorf was waiting
In Alden's office, having reason to believe
thnt he would make a flying visit thcro
during the forenoon. This expectation
wns realized, for Alden entered hurriedly about 11 o'clock.
He greeted Elmendorf In very friendly fashion, the detective meanwhile ns-
sumlng a somewhat apologetic air.
"I hate to bother you," he said, "nbout
my troubles wben you certainly bavo
plenty of your own, but there ls a llt-
He examined tlie break in the chair.
tie matter, not connected with this case
nt all, that you can help me about If
you feel like it—at least I think you
"With all the pleasure lu life," responded Alden. "I feel like helping everybody, with one exception."
And as he spoke the last words his
hand, that had been resting upon the
back of a chair, closed with n sudden,
convulsive movement Rnd ripped oue
Of the wooden rungs out of Its fastenings.
Elmendorf slowly crossed the r.-,ora
nnd examined the brenk In the chair.
"if you got br.id of the gentleman Id
ouestlon," said he, "I think he would
never come to trial. By the way, I
em pleased to learn that Miss Millet
Is doing well this morning."
Alden lapped his broken ebalr as if
It had represented tbe individual te
n !  m Blmendorf had vaguely referred
"That doesn't bu hlm out. however,11
■ on.'
•But tell nm what I can da
I you havo Rome denllugs at un»
II 'villi a linn of tho name of How
01 -. & Bain?"
"I bells've I did," replied Alden.
"They failed nnd skipped."
"Have you any documents bearing
the linn's Signature by either partner?"
asked Elmendorf.
"Yes; I have one," snld Alden, "but
1 don't know Just where It Is. I'll look
through my desk. .lohn"—addressing
Robinson, who sat In bis usual place—
"do you know where that contract Is?"
Robinson replied In the negative, nnd
Alden polled out the contents of some
drawers nnd pigeonholes In n vniu
search, Finally he enme to one link"
drawer which Mr. Elmendorf hnd once
"Hero's tho contract," ho said, "and-
Hello, hero's something of yours,
And he tossed nn envcIoDP across to
Robinson's desk. Robinson glanced nt
It hastily and put It Into bis pocket.
EltnoLdorf appeared to be busy with
tho old contract which Alden bad
handed to him, end, having received
permission to keep It for a few days,
be pnt the useless document luto bis
".lack," said Alden, "will you ask
Mr. Wlllett to come In here?"
Wlllett was thc firm's accountant.
Robinson walked toward the door, and
as he did so Elmendorf half rose from
bis chair and then sat down again.
The accountant presently appeared.
He received some memoranda from Alden and went out again. There was
an interval of silence, while Elmendorf
devoted himself to the enjoyment of a
largo cigar afid Alden Jotted down figures on a allp of paper.
"Wonder what's become of Robin-
con," said Alden at Inst.
The detective offered no opinion
' upon tbla point, and Alden stepped to
the door and glanced Into tbe large
room. Elmendorf heard some one say
lo response to a question that Robinson had gone out Alden seemed annoyed as he returned to his desk,
whero he hastily wrote a note to Robinson.
"Now," be said, "I'm going op
"fit.   Winifred's?"   queried   Blmendorf.
1    "I sball call there about 1 o'clock."
"If you'll go over to the Astor House
with me," said Elmendorf, "and wait
about three minutes while I transact
1 a little business, I'll go up wltb you,
and we can talk on the way.  Tbere
are a few questions that I'd like to
ask after I've straightened tbem out
In my own mind a bit."
I    Alden saw no objoctton to this ar-
j rangement, aud so tbey walked over
to the old hotel together.   Elmendorf
glanced nt bis watch as they entered
and then npproached tbe attendant lu
1 charge of the telephone booths ln tbe
"There will be a call for Mr. Blmendorf from  Philadelphia   in about   a
; minute," he said.   "I am the man."
The call came wlthi-a the Interval
stated, and Elmeudorf entered the
booth, where he gave the customary
greeting, which waa returned ln a familiar voice.
"I've got track of your man over
bere," sal* the voice. "B. appears to
be his real name; didn't suppose It
wag. He was In trouble over bere a
little more tban a year ago and had to
get out of town; borrowed some
money on bogus security." And the
voice furnished a few details of tbo
{ transaction. "He bas been trying to
straighten It out lately and Is not in
danger of arrest bere; has been over
several timos. There are rumors that
he got Into similar trouble In Washington, but I'm not down to tbat yet
One man wbo knows hiai bere thinks
he bnd letters from a girl named Miller; doesn't know whether she was
on the stage or anything about her, ln
fnct; Isn't even sure of tbe name, but
I'm going to get more Information
nbout that. As to otber Inquiries,
nothing as yet but will write you thla
"All right." responded Elmendorf.
"Hustle, old man. This thing Is getting pretty ripe over here. And, remember, this is personal business; lt
Isn't official. I may want to cover the
whole matter up."
"Tbe man is no good, I guess," said
the voice.
"I don't care anything about the
man," rejoined Blmendorf, "or the
other one either. It's the girl I'm
Interested ln. Nothing Is too good for
ber or ever waa, and If thc worst
cornea I want to be In a position to
wring somebody's neck end wring lt
hard. I don't know whose It will bo
yet  How about the records?"
"Nothing la sight"
"Well, tbere must Im somewhere. Mr.
Tantalus has got to be accounted for.
Much obliged to yon.   Goodby."
Elmendorf rejoined Alden. who ln the
meantime had engaged a hansom.
"Your secretary, Robinson, seems to
be a bandy man," said Elmendorf after
some desultory conversation.
"He's very obliging," replied Alden.
"Perfectly honest I supposo?"
"Never knew anything to the contrary," said Alden. "He doesn't handle
any money."
"He handled (WOO the other day,"
suggested Elmendorf.
"But he didn't know It" replied Alden. "I don't mean to Imply anything
against Robinson, but I know very little about him, and I never trust a man
any further than I know him. I never
trust a man with money unless I know
the money side of him. It Is possible
to be a good, straight fellow about everything elso and have a weakness
"I Shook think you ought to be a
pretty good business man," said Elmendorf.
"I suffer from the name troublo that
you have," replied Alden; "I'm too honest."
A   Hs-llg-lon  Thnt r.rurr..
The idea that Mohammedanism Is
"plnyed out" would be a dangerous one
for statesmen to bank upon.   It Isn't.
Mohammed began his career as a
prophet moro than (JOO years Inter than
the beginning of the Christian era. At
present he has 176,000,000 disciples,
more than one-third ns many ns thero
are Christians ln the world.
Nine hundred years ngo there were
in India no MohammedanB. Now there
are 50,000,000, and they arc Increasing
in number constantly. Tbey are hy all
odds tho most energetic subjects ln
British India.
The western wave of Mohammedanism rolled up to the farthest comer of
Spain, up to the wnlls of Vienna, and
then began to recede, but the shrinking process wns accompanied by expansion elsewhere. In Africa Mohammedanism ls Btendily proselyting. Russia In Europe has 3,000,1)00 followers of
the prophet, more than there nre In
whnt is colled "Turki'y In Europe,"
Asia, however, the realm of future
growth, ls the Mohammedan stronghold. To less than 4,000,000 nntlve
Christians there are 100,000,000 Mo-
iVIthough about 45 per cent, of
married couples colobrnto their silver
wedding, only ono in a thousand hvo
io celebrate thoir goldon anniversary .
Men and bnd eggs are all right till
thoy go broke
If thc conceit wero taken out of
some mon their friends would be unable to identify tho remains.
Think twice before oxt,."7
nUghty  dollar  from  y^"
nvost    in u geUr.chH'ui-i0
' Profs]
When a meek man niarrle,
oi" woman he .soon diseovl! « \
is outclassed. *"'el's Hi,*]
It  isn't  always safe ,0 ,
against a train ol thought ">
in motion. " l ^"nu
A Trying Time
On  Feeble Person
All Who Are In Low Vitality Havo Reason to Dr*
the   Coming   Weeks-Fortify   Your  System
An Excellent Rear-on.
"Why do you call it a feminine compliment?"
"Because there is a sting In it"—
Minneapolis Tribune.
If you watch thc newspapers for j
the next few weeks you will find
that tho death record is a largo
ono, nnd made up largely of persons in advanced years and of weak
const itutions.
Vitality seems to Uo at low ebb
at this time of year, and the Hiiddon
changes of temperature sad humid
atmosphere are more than a weakened system can withstand. A little over-exertion, n little unusual
exposure, a lil tie neglect of tlie
body, and hoalth Is undermined,
physical  break-down  inevitable.
If you could but realise the reconstructive uml upbuilding |n-
lluencc of Ur. Chase's Nerve Food,
lt would be easy to convince you
of the wisdom of using this preparation at this season of the year.
When the bloosl  is    thin,  weak    and
watery, Dr.  Chafe's Nerve Ponsi
riches   it by   increasing the n_\
of rod corpuscles. \\ 1,
are exhausted, energy
strength declining,    th]a
i'ii th
■ tan
K'i'at I
curo  builds  up  thc  system, lttl(.
lovlluli'/es     the    wustod
and rokindls.s tlie spark ol-
No  physieian  can  give v„u , I
ter   restorative    thun     |ir     e_\
Nerve Pood,   (or it   is pro,,,,-*
uccordunce    with   thu    most mejm
and  most    scientific prim ,|,|M
contains ih Condensed form they
pots-nt   restoratives   known to -J
cal science.    Ily  noting  Die   ,,,,.*
Ol  weight  whilo    using  Dr.   (*y
Nerve Food you can prove foru«
tainly   that  now.   firm  (lish uA_
sue iS being ad.led to the body
Fifty cents a box. six t,„x« _
*2 r>0. at all dealers, or ■•■,„,'
Bates & Co., Toronto.
Sevrn Msmbsrs isf tho 1'ar.luluaT.iit of Cmn
nsi a. isaa, v.i lh:■....
A correspondent wriies in The Toronto yjobo: lain ing the latter pait
of I'.Ti-iia'i.'r, 1*357, und •'miliary
ls.'.'i, a general election 01 members
f ir tin- I'iii'iiiiini nt of tL'unuila, then
•unbracing Uaiutda east nnd Canada
west (iQuoljec uiiJ Ontario), wns hi M,
a;i'l was of imit'r than usual Ihtersast
owing to the demand for 1 s-;*ri*.'-siitn-
ilon by population and other ftiea-
B'lrcs adviiA'at-il  by the Reform (lul'ty
11 d r tho leadership of Ur. i.a-a,'.
Urown. There were B'xty-tjve mi tubers from Canada east und an equal
number from i'munlis west, the representatives of ilu* latter being, at
the termination ol the polling, which
then lasted during n period oil uiaont
three weeks, 88 Reformers and 127
Conservatives. Mr- Brown, hours a ,
being (fleeted in trvro constituencies—
Tor no iaiuI North Oxford,—but oven-
: ial!..- 1 • tigniiig 1 i 0 Ial tor con itu-
oniy,  -.1.    . i' .a... ai.. ,; 1: -a 11   1 elng
l.'ctnl in I "  Stei .i In Mi   .  IP'sH.
ill   C Illl ■'.,   ..a- !    tlis-     Cb    icrt .a! ila'.1*
svere lai •.ily iu tht) majority, unti
thuu- va.ii's, added tss their aliics 111
tho wc3tem Pro\in(*e, gavo the existing Marduiial l-Ci'ilkr (mi.oi'ii-
unfaii n substantial majority. Parliament met in Toronto in February,
1868, nnd of the l'a.ri motflbeia fnun
Canada west who were Ihen sum**
mutual to meet In deliberation 68, I
thinl%, were in attendance, Dr,
Church of North Lcods nmi Oren*llh*
having died iticnnv bile, e.i d Nnrlh
Oxford being without a r prescnta*
live until tho following May *>:r o.
11. Cuwun was subsequently cinag.-n
to succeed Dr. Church. < f the 6.1
members alluded t., 1 believe only
seven are now living, they and their
then conetituenciea being us follows:
Pool, J. ('. Aikins; London, .lohn
Curling; Vest Vork, W, P. I lowland;
North Oxford, Wm Macddugall,
South Ontario, Oliver Mowat; mtu-
>va.   1!.   W.   .Sco't;   South   Wellington,
p. Stlrton.
of tlies-a seven two were Biipporters
of the Mm duliaW-l'art ier llovern-
inent nnd live were opponents, 1
have written the foregoing purely
from memory, but ha**e no ds-rabt
that the fmts J have stated are correct, nmi 1 allude to them solely as
Intorcstlug romlniJcences,
t lluiaflln ol tlss K;<aiu:i|,e.
.Speul.ing  Of  t1 o    cliiiinli*    of    th.-
Kloiidfl.',   Mr: Stnpiu 1, db« tor   ol
the Canadian   Meteorological Service,
ii.'Aviitly snhl:   "The   average iinriual
mean   t,.i:. ;..■-,, 'in,       , .   ,,i„,-,|    BM-*      ,1,,.
give-: the moi a ,.f n,.. n,,-^ summer
months is abovl 57 dtgrees, duly b.-
I' 9 01 de -. .. ;,....1 tha three winter
months in ii**gne*i below ,,;-r,. sVph
January •.■:. il ...•., below, Spring
may be said to i.e open towards the
end nf April the ln-i nero t«tup-svr-v
tine of tho winter usually occurring
about the 5th uf tins month May,
•.vith mi average temperati ro of 44
degrees, is by no means an unploa-
siuit month, and lhe 23id is tin* average dale ol the Inst frost of spring.
Ilaily observations dining live
summers Imllcate that nu the average the temperature rises to 70 degrees or higher nn 48 slays an I to
no degrees „,- higher on 14 dnyij 90
degrees was i*ecot*dod in Dawson    In
. I une,   18.MI,   and  *>f,  dr,.,!,-,-;  i„  July
of the stunn year,
Those Uuf-ioraturea win, much
bright Bunaliine nnd nn absence of
frost during three months, together
with tlie long days of a latitude
within a fijw degrees of tlie Arctic
circle, amply account for iho success
so fur ttchliv..d by market g-b-doacrs
near Pnwson In growing n lai'ijo
variety of garden produce, Including
lei 1 ure, radishes, cabbages, ba'ull
flower, potatoes, and warrant the
bollef that tho hardier cereals might
possibly  bl  11. BllCccSSfui  ilnp  biilh  111
parts of tho Yukon Territory uud in
ths far Northern districts ' of the
Mackenzie Basin,
The   Ia*nii  of M.
A young man """rites to me:
"Is it proper to kls'i n young lady to
whom you na engaged If she says you
mustn't 7"
"No, sir.    it Is decidedly Improper.
That's half iho fun dr it."
Should tho Fs-,p.. lis,, anotherjj
he will colewatu his diamond \m
a? a bishop,    Ids golden jubilee
ca'dinnl,  and silver Jubilee as pJ
Na».   need   leur  cholera   01   ssnv ■
coniDlaint il the*,- have n instils, ol fas
II    Im-IIol'ii'h Pvsiviti*iv i\ nlial isahiIiI
; is*.,*    it afreets nil loosensss nt :;,.\M
1 els   promptly  mui   causi*s u hanlihr ■
j nnt urnl   ssction.   This  is  u  nifsliriml
sijsled   for   the  yssuns:  ansl  riKI   ruh ■
; iioor.  uml  is  rsapiillv  bsvaminc the  ,
OPi-nlar   inesllcin.*  tor  cholera   dTMH
Mi-.. in the market,
Out of every hundred young ■
cnMnsI tifi for military service inl
aly nearly ot* per .cs*nt have to i
extfiwed  for plijffical in fitness
MIN \K1>'S I.IMMIA I la the m
l.iniiui'tit asked for al mj store j
the only one we kst-p fur Bale
All the neopli' iiso ii
HAW,IN 11 I'l'iiS
l'lBA;"'..iiit    lta\     1' it
With  a   population  nf   II  111 llioa
onl;   441 Japanese have fortunes*!
|*t6O,*000 or ovor
Ask for Minard's aa4 take Metktr.
White    Highland    wool brirspi
I shilling a pound,    ths- rsKerd •«
: Oaf Iliil i.sb wools.
\ am ran got  more  wind out of 1
tO-ce"nt  fun tban you can out oli
[$10 une—and  the sana' mny beSVJ
'of 11   ten-cent  man
Ht.  Andrews i.s    th.*   longest
I a nu: :-!• in  Ihe world.
'!\\si court   Injunctions sro *\v'n
i"ii   in a  i,air uf suspenders,
Si'iinitinaa Ian 1'nrsln*.
!    "'roni earlli'*-t times carving Msl
I celved great attention In SwmllinJ
Ono sees I'videnee of tills I* MByW
I dish churches, bulb in W I SBdSW
i slating back mfluy centuries.  Is am
• holm ure ninny to bo found. no**>*tJ
I.v enri'd for iu u well known ms*"**!
i SsBine sif iiis'*- northern cl ai*ds*J
bly  those of  I'lirguii'l slid ll-M**1]
nre quit.' s'ovoriil willi such flBsWJj
iiMiii.'utatlnti.   Hi\votul mn*n pob"!
p-i-'.mloii of pnlnslnUliig l.it»-r oii«' o"
»..(. In nlinu-st any aBomforUbl; l»n
ed Iiibiisi' wooden furl.-*   "nieos •
bo*;s*s nnd platters, hul ■--*i" w" '
trusting   nltcntlon   nre   1 »«*<" "''"
InnUanlH.   nnd   Ihese  u'11 ""''" 5
ela.s,. study both In design Boam'
lls-sl Kill si nsi « ssrrs »s'r.        .
A Ss-ots'b missionary lo " jjiw.
Binall   Islands   111  tbe BOIlt"  '"" ^
great many years ago round bltt",,
Hnnnel circulating as money. ■"
ren.y ennui to tbem 111 n curlotn
iis-r.   Tbo body of n shlpwrecKM
hnd drifted ashore, nnd to i*""
tsired savages, wbo had neVSf   £
seen clothing of any kind. ■'■■ "    ,|
nol shirt was an object "f wornn n
admiration,   ity common eoom
cut   Hie   gnrment   Into  ■""■;"'„,»
which thenceforth became ta»
cy of tho IslandL .—
U»l«* Op|ls■■■■"'"•
Pludent-Whnt Is P,,s*,""!sl"wl,nH'
l'lillosopher-Tlie faith Of C"
"Then wbnt Is optlmlf""'
"The   ful lb  of   foul«^_
SmiUI Bits ssf li.'"*1-       pi,-)
Oold Is so very tenaclsuin ins ,
Ot It drawn Uito wire one'"^ •,„,-, 1
an Jneb -ht-dliitnoter wl» .iltfjP
weight of .It-XTpound!* "'"" '-,;„( tn*'
llig. Its mnllcnbllliy Is "JJ SjJJ \ay
a single grain may he > '' i|( |-|
2,iKH),iKK) parts and n cub IC    i  ffl(,
0,628,^,5510 parts, onch of »" tflt
be distinctly seen by the n"Bl
a-rMMMMaHMHa** he Drill.
[ma^si^ horse
are's Trip to the Horse Sh-m •nd
L, It Ended So DUnstronsly-Tei-
viua Bide I« » Wheeled Bos
,er « Hothaat-u-e Trmlnlni*'.
e story of what happened to a
bred hackney when he was sent
«U to the Madison Square Garden
e show is told by Sewell Ford ln
rscs Nine." Bonfire was the hack-
■ name, but be did not look at all
. nt the moment The author says
■ bis stomach was a queer feeling
ch be did not at all understand, ln
bead was a dizziness which made
wish that tbe stall would not
e about so. Streaks of pain shot
g his backbone and slid down his
Hot and cold flashes swept over
body, for Bonfire had a bad case
car  elckness-a   malady  differing
seasickness largely in name only
i a well developed cold cotnpli
fu by nervous indigestion,
med to the key, he had left tlie
e stables. Then they bad led blm
I that box on wheels, and tbe trou-
[had begun.   Men  shouted;  bells
ged;   whistles   shrieked.    Bonfire
the box start with a Jerk and,
-iiping, rumbling, Joltlag, swaying,
>e somewhere off Into tbe n'ght
an agony of apprehension—neck
tched, eyes staring, ears pointed,
rlls quivering, legs stiffened—Bon-
waited for the end. But of end
e seemed to be none. Shock after
ik Bonfire withstood and still found
lelf waiting. What it all meant be
d not guess. Tbere were the other
ies that had been taken with bim
the box, some placidly munching
,, others looking curiously about
>|rc were the familiar grooms who
i soothingly in bis ear and patted
I neck in vain. The terror of the
lg, tbls being whirled noisily away
i hoi, had struck deep into Bonfire's
ti, and he could not get it out. So
tood for many hours, neither eat-
nor sleeping, listening to the
ies, feeling the motion and treni-
• as one wltb ague.
. course it was absurd for Bonfire
to to pieces ln that fashion. Yeu
i ship a Missouri Modoc around tlie
rlil. and he will finish almost as
Ud as he started. But Bonfire had
_, and breeding and a pedigree
cb went back to Lady Alice of Burn
, Yorkshire.
i coltdom had been a sort of hot-
Jse existence,  for Lochlynue, you
a|w, ls the toy of a Pennsylvania coal
on who breeds hackneys  not  for
Bt, but for the Joy there ls ln it,
_ us other men grow orchids and
Id cup defenders. At the Lsochlyni.e
liles they turn on the steam heat in
(•*«■ nsi.t-r. On rainy days you are ox-
si'il In a glass roofed tan bark ring,
_ hour after bour you are handled
|r deep straw to improve your ac-
You breathe outdoor air ouly ln
fenced  grass  psddocks,  around
Jch you are driven ln surcingle rig
|a cockney groom imported with the
Skin saddles nnd British condition
rders.   From the day your name ls
Itten   ln   the   studbook   until   you
ve you bave balanced feesl, all wool
nkets, fly nettings and coddling that
for ceases.   Yet this Is tho method
t rounds you Into perfect hacUney
II this had beon done for Bonfire
(with apparent success, but n few
nrs of railroad travel had left him
tli a set of nerves ns tensely strung
those of a high school girl on grad-
tlmi dny. That Is wby a draft of
Id nir bad chilled blm to the bone;
nt is why, nfter rencblng the Gnr-
pi. he bad gono as limp as a cut rose
I u ball. 	
A   Ws*ll    I a. rial   Secret.
fn 1S.V.I a  Milan Hitisleut Is said to
discovered Ibe secret of petrify*
f human Ilesh.  In LSGiS bo was drown -
hi a shipwreck on thc Moditerrn-
""""* sea, ibe wonderful secret perisb-
wltb blm.
Few people are aware ol the enormous military strength ol Antweri
Since    1800   $1.",000,000 hns been
spout on her fortifications,
Keep Minard's Linimeiit in the House.
Twsi tbounnnd foot of air mixed in
the proportion uf 7 to 1 with coal*;
gas will produce an explosion oquaJ
to that of !*i0 pounds of gunpowder,
A. Young Ij»<ly Tells Un. Torture f-lie Buffered from l'ln-innall an.
Miss Myrtle Major, Hartland, N.
B., Is one of tho thousands who havo
proved that Dr. Williams' Tink Pills
will cure rheumatism. Miss Major
says : I suffered from thc trouble for
nearly a yoar. I had the advice of a
doctor and took his medicine, but It
did not help mc. The troublo was located chiefly in my ankles, and the
pain 1 suffered at times was intense.
As a ma'tter of fart at times I was
quito unable to walk across tho
room, and for some six months I wus
confined to the house. I used lini-
I moots ami other medicines proscribed
for rheumatism, but tliey did mo no
good. Then some of my friends urged
me to try Dr Williams' Pink Tills. I
acted on their urivico and before 1
luul usesl throe boxes I began to feel
I otter 1 tonl< nine boxes of tho pills
altogether, nnd before l finished the
last box not a trace nf ill,* troublo
remained, it la now nearly twoyoars
•ince I tool; the pills nnd ns there
has not been n symptom of the trouble    since  It     proves     tlmt    the    pills
make perrisanent cures.*'
Itheiininlisiii   is   a   dlSOslse     of     th«i
blood   and    cu*.    only be    cured by
fronting   It  through   the  blood    That
is why  llr.  Willinms'   I'I,.l<   fills    always cures tliis trouble.   Good blood
makes    every    oignn     in     tho  body
strong    and   healthy,   and    ns every
tsso oT Dr. Williams' Pink  l'ills make
,-ure, rich blood,  it follows thnt they
•ure such   troubles us  anni'inia,   mm-
algin,   indigi-si Ion,     heart      trouble,
kldnoy nilmi'ii.s. erysipelas, tin after
iTs'cts of In grippe    and    fevers, etc.
'hey nlso  relieve and  cure  tbe    ail-
fl-nts   fro'ii   which   so   man*/    women
.instantly  Buffer    Sis   thnt vou   get
'ho genuine pills with  the full  name,
Itr.   Willinms'   I'ink   l'ills   for     Pale
Vuple."  on  Ihe wrnpper amiintl  ev
iy  box.    Snlil   h\   nil  meslicine deal
ii» or sent   post  paid  nt   f.n cents ri
.i\  ssr six  boxes  foi   82.150 bv  writ
tig  Hi' fu-   Williams Medicine    Co
.lockville. tint.
Dodd's   Kidney   Pills  Cured  His
Lumbago and he is a Souud
Granton  Mnn Shouts Use ('ood NoivS Hint
Tiissrs. la, a Cure for Kidney D'seats aud
Unit Cure Is Dodd'a Kidney l'ills.
(irnnton, Ont., Juno 1.—(Special)—
There is no uncertain sound about
the statement ui .lohn Fletcher ot
this place. "I um glad to lot the
public know that Dodd's Kidney
Pills havo cured me ol Lumbago uud
now 1 am perfectly sound," that is
tho way he puts it. Qucstionod as
to tlie particulars of his cure Mr.
Fletcher said :
"I had been troubled lor a year
With Lumbago and Kidney Troubles.
My urine was of a very bad color
and 1 could get nothing to help mo.
'I consulted doctors but thoy could
not help me and I was not in a very
cheerful Frame of mind when T div
cldod to.try Dodd's Kidney Pills,
"nut. it wns ii lucky day for me
when f did. Almost from the first
they gave nie relief and I was soon
entirely cured
"Vis, my 1.ntul.ngo Is gone, my
Kidney Complaint is gone and Dodd's
Kidney Pills did it all."
Dodd's Kidney l'ills never fail to
cure Kidney Complaint, whether tho
COttplaint dikes the form of Bright's
Disease. Diabetes, Diopsy, Rheumatism,  Sciatica,  Lame Hack, etc.
Huron ih' Hirsch's bequests to odu*
:ation support fifty schools in Cla-
licla. There nre 5,634 pupils and
217 teachers.
ffinard's Lfaimeirt is t&ed by Phj'siciaiis
Tho oldest warship in oxistence is
tho "Victory," She was launched in
ITii.", it.iii is therefore 188 years o.'.d.
'lhe biggest town In NVw sioalund—
Auckland—has    07,220  peoplo;     bul
Christrhurrli   is n   good  second     witli
over ",7,0tHi.
Dei''"*"** Onnot Be Cured
by laicail anpUoatloiis, na tiny cannot
resell His- iliA-i-nst'il portion nf tin* ear.
I'lH's-si is only sine v.,y tu curo dssafnefl
tsiaii linn is lay constitutional romesliee
Deafness, is caused by nn inU.iincil condition a.f Uii* mdeouB lining of tlis* i,-ai!-.
tnvhinn Tub.'. When this tube i:>*is In-
tlniuad ymi liaise si rumbling soiinil or imperfect he.irlng. isiiu when it is eiilita-:.'.
A-laisaal deafness is the result, ami unices
the lnl1iMuni.ition s-iin be tnken oil anil
ishi*j tubs* restored i.s itk normal consJi.
[lion, hearin/,* wil! bs* destroyed foi over .
' nine cases siul sal ten sirs* cansul ly en
ttirrh. u Islets is nothing but on Inflames"
s'Aititlitioti ot the mucous surfaco
iVs* v.ill Hive One Hundred Dollars for
iny ruse uf Dosifness (caused by ratnrrh)
Uml I'linm.i be in.'"! by Hull's (*..!s.rrl-
Ours.  Sssnii fsir circulars,  free
address,  !•'. ,1.  CHENEY  .v.  Co
do, 0.
.Sislal  Isy drug gists,  7,ric.
Mall's  Fi.iiiih   Tills ss re tlis?  be.-l
are llle proprietors of Dr   Thomas'   En
'i   'i'i-   Oil,   which   is  maw  bein a  sold    I"
■,: '.,i •.■ •■  nuantilifls  throughout   the    Dominion    it   is us'ia(.nii'ii by ths Buffering
In   .ai everywhere  with emotions of ds*
light, li.iiiuv.. ii   banishes oaln and'glves
Instant   relief.   This valuable specific   'or
a'    a'   "ever*?  Ill  thai  flesh la heir  io,"
i-  valued  bv  the  sufferer »s   moro precious than cold     H is the elixir of life to
mri'.v  A*   wasted   frame     To   Mn."  farmer  it
i-   Uidtspensable,     und     il    should  le  In
every  house
'*'••'■.t mtin ft'lid dto ni tho right
linis- arc mosi likely tai gel niiuiu
li's no disgrace for a mnn to be
poor unless li.* bocomes SO because of
Idle,  BhiftloSS  or  vicious habits.
There ia tia.thiiig equal to Mother
Oi*a\es' Worm Exterminator for destroying worms. No nrticle of its kind hns
liivs-ti   Buch   sat isfarl ion
I HIM SAM.;-   I if  MOTIll'ltS
otumend Bab) s own Tablets.   "I
hild   lint   be   Without   tlli'lll."      IS     a
r.v familiar sentonco iu their letters
ns    Tho TnblutS   gitt   I bin praise
liplv   bs'iuiise ui, OtBCV  ini'ilisine lius
fi   ihiiie  ssi  niiiili      in   relieving   Mini
ring tin* minor ills of Infants   and
iung children.
ills Levi Perrj*, lloKi'Wiiy. N. B.'i
>'s . "I tnke gient pleasure in re-
tuiuonding Bab)'it Own .Tablets fssr
lie and s'sinslipiitlort. I hnve never
uiui anything to ci|uul them for
boo IroublM." Besides .curing colic,
umipnimn and Indigestion, Baby's
vn Tablets prevent croup, break up
Ids, expel worms, nl)uy tho Irrlta-
on accompanying    the cut tint;    of
te'li.  sweeten  the Stomach  nnd   prn-
•tc hi'iilth-giving slcop. (!niir.iiilei"l
contain  neither    Opiates or  other
kindil  drugs.    Hold  nt  2.pi cents    n
by nil druggists or tuny be bud ,
writing the Dr, Williams Medlcino j
Brockville, Ont,
Dutch people consume over I6tt». of
codec n head yearly—twice ns much
as their neat est competitors, IhCBcl
n i.ir wn kihm:v nu-i-iii i.tv -
Mr.  .1.   \V    Wilder,  J     I' .   l.a;an-.-Aii|a. *.
V    wrin -     "l  rm bud eel  in   se i re   i
tai'!,. of Colic ami Kidney  "iit'i.'.iltv   and
H".l  Parmtnee's  l'ills afford  Ino greal   re
tea. silii'i' asll  i'tKit  remedies have  fitllsrd,
They aro  the best   mosllrlno   I  have evei
llffl-.l "    III  lai't.   in  Meal   in   tho powor of
this ineriielno to cleanse am.I nuiifv. "th*st
il -a-usi's   ol*   nlii.oi I   lu i*r\'   name   aad   i: ■
turn a ss* driven from tli<* body
ll its. 2d. is the Kr r'.i htuun's
lls]Uor bill per ni num ' ■'• is I •
tbnt. of the    Scotsman; hnd >:- ivs
tbe   Irishman's
Minard's Liniinent Ludibcrniaa's Friend.
'l'l.a' total iiiitioiial debt of tho
tjoven greal powers is only about $38
la snib $500 of their national wealth
llollosvay's I'iaiu Ouro is the mssdlcine
in remove nil Llnds ol corns und «■ rls
iiaa.i oulj eosta the email mini ui im.iiu-
li m
Viol's' hundred and Beveuty-flve mil
in.ns nl herrings wero landed al hn
mouth,   I'.iiglnnsl,  lust   season,    Lhai
bi'ing ii record up t.> date
Wasli  greasy  dishes,   psils  or pans
.villi  Lever's Pry   S.'np.  a   powder.   It
will   remove    tho   grease    with    the
greatest   u-.,yu.
Typhoid goi*ms have Iwem faniiid t'i
ret uin  their  vitality  for  21   days  i:-
garden earth; for 82 days    fn sand
and In ice for a yonr or more.
|MB-WEI'.KLV sellins; Acma* Pump Gov-
«♦'"»*» ornors lhe. iiniaio all pumas work
■ .sy, iiud Hi al; kinds (iron or wood). Mills ran
Witb half it-ss wind. Asrents a'xclu«ive ta'rrilo'*v.
In merits sell ii. PUMP GOVERNOilS,
17'- Princess Strent. Winnipeg-
•NO*    2
• v^-dB'A-SS'''*''
/:#•' ' S-YEl-KT'S"
. Ilclglum bus Jul head ol cattle pi r
1 min ncrrs. Wo hosVc oni) I I-**1 bond,
Iipiiipii, in Peru, Ims uovor Been u
shower  of  ruin.   \i-l   hns   14,000  p."
pie,  .	
Twont) one dilToronl  Kinds ol fungi
ure Unnwii tO be liiiniii'Biis in the
The world uhcs up 4,000 tous ol
qutcksilvof in u year, nnd ol lliis
amount Great Britain's shure is
1,800 tuns. It, is worth ?11,000 a
I Soft Loop Eyelets
A Wonderful Medicine.
I'lliiA dentb rate of 271 of the liii'K
|t liims ,>f Europe and AmerIpa bus
Blen from 3] per 1,000 in 189B tss
Per  1,0(10 |n IJOO.- -.
^"' Iiiinily liviiiK in is hllloilH roiintiv
ijiuld he wlthnsil -f»-irriieli>s*'ri Voiotabb*
111h     A   few   ab.sa.H   tiikan   now   nnd   then
iii  keep ths* ffvsr  nrtiv.'.  etninSo    the
■''iiiiiili      nnd   Ibows.Ih      triiui     nil   bllioi".
""••r     „,al    |,,..,,.i,I          Mr-* .7  '  I.
pee, HiinniH.  vn,Hoi  Co    ind    writes I
1   biivi*  1 rls*i|   n   box   pl   ParmsslcS'S   l'ills
■"J hnd .theni lbs* bfst ihi'illrine lair Tcver
il  safim  I hnvs* s*vi>r USs'rt,"
[HiiBsla has  more Worses'thnn  any!
Hher nation,  nearly 21   millions    In
Bilious and
Nervous Disorders,
Sick Headache. Constipation,
Wind and Pains in Stomach,
Impaired Digestion.
Disordered liver and
Female Ailments.
I'ltF.i-A nun only nr mt PBorsiiTos,
Thomas Beecham, St. Helens, Cnj.,
Sold by all Drii{-KlstB
In Canada and ll. S. America.
In boxes, as cents.
Tlss   Ki'd   Man   UBS is fCseil  Eve   for   the   j
Beautiful lis Nut urn—The Happy
iiiini la^ si rounds.
It ia dawn when tbo Inrliun   trap-
per loaves his lodge, in midwinter oi i
tke    far    north    dawn   comes*    late.
Stars,    which   shine    With    a hard, j
clear, crystal radianco only   seen    in i
northern    skies,    pale    in the    grny  j
morning gloom;  and  tlie sun   coinos !
over tho horizon  dim through  mists
of frost    smoko.        In an    hour  tho
frost mist, lying thick to the touch,
liko clouds of steam, will have chared,  and there will  bo nothing    from
sky lino to sky lino but blinding nun-
light and snow-glare.
The   Indian  trapper  must    bo     far
afield beforo midday.    Then tho   sun
casts no man-shadow to scare   gnmo
from his snares.     Black is  tho    flag
of betrayal in northern miuvinler. It
is   by   tne big  .liquid   eye,   glistening
on the   snow    like    a black marble,  I
that the trapper detects     tho    while |
hare; and a Jot tall-tip streaking ov- I
er  the white    Wastes  in    dots     und  |
dashes tolls him    tho little    ermine,
whOse coat must line Some emperor's
Coronation robe,   is  alternately  scud- I
ding over tlie    sliifln unsl diving be-
low thn snow with the forward wrlg-
gllng ol a snake under uovor.     Dut !
the    moving man-shadow Is    bigger
and plainer on the snow    than    tlie j
hare's eye or  tho oi mine's jet  lip; so
the Indian trapper sots out    In    tho j
gray darkness of morning and  musi
reach his    hunting   grounds    before'
high noon, I
With long snow-shoos,    thai   carry
him over the drift*! In swift,    coast- j
ing  strides,   ho  .-wings  OUt     In     Hint!
oasy, ambling.    Indian trot,    which
gives liiiver a .'ni' tu the runner, nor
resls lung enough  fur tlio snows    to
crunch biuieath his Iri'tnl.     Tho    Old
musket, which he got in trade   from
the fur   post., is over   bis shoulder, I
or swinging lightly  in  one hand.    A I
hunter's     knife    and     short-ln-indlcd ■
woodman's    axe   hung through     the
beaded    scarf,  belting  In  ills     loose, !
caribou capote.     Powdor-horn    and j
heavy muskrat gauntlets arc attached to the    cord about his m*ck;    bo
Without  losing    either  he  can     light i
baiv-hsuided,  froe  und  in  motion,  at |
m moment's notice.     And somewhere, j
in side pockets or bunging down iiis
buck,  is his skipei lugnn—a skin   bag
with amulet    against evil,    matches,
touchwood,     and  a scrap  of peintni-
can.     As he grows hot,    ho    throws
back his   hood,    running bareheaded
and  loose about the chest.
laach breath clouds to frost against I
his    fuce    till    hair and brows    nnd ;
lashes  are (ringed   with  fro/en  moisture.     The  whit'j  mnn   would   hugger
his face up with scarf r.nd collar the
more for  this,  but   tho   Indian knows
better.        Suddenly    chilled     breath
wouUl soak scai f and collar wet    to
his skin;  and  his  fuCO  would   bo  frnz-
on before he could go five paces; Bnt
with  dry  skin  anil  quickened     blood
hn  can  defy  tbe  keenest   cold;    so  he
loosens his coat and runs the faster.
As  the    light     grows,    dim  forms
shape  themselves   in   the  gray     haze.
ConA's nmi    domes    and cornices   of
snow    heap     tha*     underbrush    and
spreading larch bows. Evergreens aro
edged     With     while.        Naked     ttvi'S
stand liko limm-d statuary    with   an
ontlored    crest    etched against    the
white    glare.    The    snow    stretches
away    in  a    sea  of billowed,     white
drifts that seem to hsuve and  full to
the motion of    the runner, mounting
and coasting and swimming over tho
unbroken  waste  like a  bird    winging
the ocoan.    And against this endless
stretch of drifts billowing nway to a
boundless circle,  of which tbe man is
tlie centre, his form is dwarfed    out
of all   proportion, till   he looks   no
larger than a bird r.bove the sea.
When the sun rises, strange color
elT-ots are caused by the frost haze.
Every shrub takaS ttt~ for the ice
drops arc a prism, nnsi the result is
the same as if there bud been a Star
shower or rainfall of brilliants. Does
the Indian trapper seo all this? The
white man, with while man arrogance, doubts whether his tawny
brother of the wilds sei'S the beauty
about bim, because tho Indian bus no
white man's terms of expression. Dut
usk the bronzed trapper tho time of
duy, nnd he tolls you by the length
of shadow the sun casts, or the degree of light on ihe snow. Inquire
thn season of the yi nr, and ho
knows by tho slant Bunlight coming
up through the frost smoke of the
southern horizon. Anil get him talking nbout bis Happy 11 mil ing
grounds, nnd after he has tilled it
wiih the impli'iii'i.ai.s and creatures
and peoplo of tho chaso, h.* will >li*-
scribo ii in the metaphor ol what he
has seen nt sunrise nud sunset under
the Northern lights, lie does not
see these things with the gabbling e»
clamatorles ol a tourist. Uo sees
thom because lli.'.v sink into Iiis nature nnd beoomo pari of bis mental
Thn most brilliant description Iho
wiiier I'Ver board ssf tho horonfter
was from nn obi Cree squaw, tooth-
less, wrinkled like leather, belted nt
Ibii waist like a sack of wool, with
bunds of dried purchineiit ansl moccasins some five months too odoriferous. Her version ran that heaven
would bo full of music of running
Waters and stmt Is winds; that there
would always be warm golsl sunlight
Ulce a midsummer afternoon, With
purple shallows, where tired women
could rest; thnt the trees would be
covered with blossoms, anil all tho
pebbles of the shore like slew drops.—
Miss A. ('. IjiuI, in "The Story of
the Trapper."
It's worth Its weight in gold. It'a
thc best seller because its quality is
host. It Is made by Ogilvie's mills,
and it is made right, of the best
wheat. It will make the whitest,
sweetest, most healthful bread and
the finest cakes imaginable.
Hungarian  Flour
and have THE BEST
•-aw-r ~tsstx
It Tells in the
■Show Ring
If von hope to exhibit your stock at the
Pall Pairs, start now snd get them in perfect healtli by using
Dick's Blood Purifier
It will h*lp yrovx to esrrjr off tHa»
Bits*  Ribbon.
Fifty Cents per package.
LKKMINO, Mil.1*3 Ss CO., Motitrtsl, Agents.
jjomefi <!?i>en qQhj^tt}! fearer
■-....—     -f   -—/--V   :      '■•■*-'■;J  ' *        **•      ,■ -•-  <:-■'" 1:.-     _a_.   ■*'-•■.■   ■       •£'-■*-       >
. „-:•*., '■•J-k- ■•'"•y • ' —     . ;     ,      , .       —±.~-^*< ■■■■»'*****«*-.i> '«■■' ■"T'T ■--   * V-   '
IS Is very mush stronger nnd thtrks*r than snjr other (tarred or biilldlns]
paper. It Is Imporrlons to wind, keeps out ool<l, keeps In lsest, rerrles no smsll
•r oslor, akasorks do moisture, Impurta no taste or flavor to anything srltk
whieb It ooniei In contact. It ls largely uaesl not only for sheeting Uonaea. tat
tot lining oold   storago  buildings,   rTfrlgerators,   <lalrl«*s,   ors.ameries,  ami all
{ilaoes where the object Is to keep an evsm   end   r.clform   temperatures,  aad  at
ha same time avoiding dampness.
Write onr Agents, TEEN * FRItSBH, Winnipeg, for Mamples,
■TMar K. a. KDDV OO., fulsmlftoci, M<V
Near Glasgow, Scotland, an olil-
latshioned Newcomen engine has been
at wsirk ut a mine cuntiiuuiiisly since
J*?09.   lt. develops 27 horse-power.
A*, every Asthmatic knows all too
well, uttiuks nl asthma come on
I without warning, usually frnm two
I to throe In the morning. 1 Btrongly
bdvtse nn luunddlate Investment ssi
**i •-., in the three following rem**-
dtes — Mr. iVugUit lvoenlg's llainburg
I*lreasl Tea, L)r. August Koenig's
Raniburg Drops, mui Bt, Jacobs Oil,
from your druggist sss us lo have
them in thi  houw ready for use   ut
Treatment Take Dr. August Koenig's Hamburg Breast Tea at niglii
nn going in 1'i'ti, hot, unsl slowly, st.
■Jacobs 'Hi sl .mill In- usesl ai* mi nut
ward application across tbe (op   portion "i the chest. and >>n the throat,
ollowing lhe bronchial tubes su- air
,\s the Btomach is alw'i> ■
mora or lA•^^ atToctod, i>ml constitute.
a,in. ni tba' iiniii'ii causes of asthma,
It. ia , i Koenig's Hamburg Drops
khould be tuken regularly The i.mb.i
ul tho asthmatic should bo carefully
consider .i Tai a plain, noui Ishli ;
food, avoid rich dishes «»i- starchy
iiisBiii.. . - polatooB, mui white i.iv.ui
li.-lli. n.l ■ '    iL.sl    limn      ilu-   food     till1
blood is fed. uml (rom the blood lhe
I Issue*, ina formed. Thia should
nevor be forgotlin. The diet which i
have advocated ii the proper food for
the blood of the Asthmatic who bus
is tendency to dyspepsia, constipation
and  nervousness.   The blood  is    the
iti', nin
1   wIipii*     11
Hungarian Qrstai.
if  Hungarian   gnus wore cut   fsir
hay us early us it Should bo—-that is,
in lirst blossom- it would lie more
highly regarded, for while it bus not
been ranked Willi liny niiule from
the leguminous plants Ita analytical
classification approaches so nonr to
them that it is worth considering,
Its habit of quirk growth makes lt
especially valuable for planting ufter some eatlis-r crop  li  removed.
Unless the lund is very rich all
these crops will manlfoat appreciation of un application of about 400
pounds acid phosphate, 40 pounds
miniate of potash and 10 pollndl
nitrate of soda and heavy applications of tbo manure of tlllage."-W.
l'\ McaSparran ln titockman and Farmer,
,., ,,         is debilitated    it
H,ust 11»- made rich nnd puro, hence l
recommend Dr. August Koenig's
Hamburg Drops, In conjunction with
Hamburg Dreast Tea and si. Jacobs
The vara inarlnn is tho largos! aaf
fresh walor Halt, n weighs up i > *
1,200 (annuls It. is found onlj in
the Amazon and Orinoco.
ro   ENCOURAGE   ITS   USE   are  glrlna
the   lollowlng   prizes   (or   tun.petition   at
tss WiniiitissK   Eshibition  ol  lWUS.
$176 1^^0 ^i!,':;^
Tor the heaviest calf, any pure brood,
er grade, boru alter the 1st January,
1903. fed on Carnsstac Stuck Food. S100
In  gold.
For the ees^ond llesvlost Celt, any
pure bi-sed, or Rrnds, born alter 1st ol
.leuuarv. 1U03, (nil on isriiaji'ut 3tocls
Tood.   f-faii   In  Hold
For   the   third   heswlesst   ral(,   anv   pure
breesl, or ni'iule,  born  alter  1st  ol Jsnu-
sjv.   1B03,   led  on   Caiisslac  Slock   Food.
125 In K-'Id.
Only  oiss    sntry   will  be  «iiaa.*a-i    (rom
aech   Farmer   or   BtoekmaO,    ond    stock
umat   be   eiblblteil   at   ' n-   WtiitUpet    El
l.vldriias must  be produced  at   lhe time
of   <* ■■ '.:'■■:' i.a I,   to   sliiv.    Unit   the   snlmals
were leal on  I'ssrns-fna! Sia.ak  Fossd
I'siiiidir has provtn a. decided mocsss,
SlinalOg I'll o s'sHs.ln i.in sinil f..' a.-:.hi«
whtre   olhsr   (oaiala-   (nil    Hensl   lair   leallet,
rlviaa the vtpsvts nf eeterinarlam ss to
th* merits o( r.mr'a Tbey all sp<sak
hlsihly   of It.
W. 6.  Douglaif, Manufacturer,
Prlnoe**s Strest, Winnipeg,
Yon  can   obtain  It  (rom your  dealer.
Rest Sslllnt Skirt Sunvsner and Waist Aslt«*«i
nr« IntfxliK-esl.   Sella st slehi.   Ockji) proSt •
'"s.n.1 ■"■• --'ila lor sample snJ lersna to ajvn'a
BRUSH ft   »., Ocpt. \V. TORONTO.
■ I'sileiits-il April 24, IsSJO.)
AttacliAililaa tn TisbiIs Pipe nr Parrel
Never,} ts. nt of s.rsls*r;nora pnirHiieccsssirri
aa tin p|« is rln.il tain iiltuch It; 'n.-iain .1 i.iiiably
tin. oiii.s **siti*.facliAry Wilt ror nimlsi.
Kyis, y fitriuor tseMssl.-s one or nvaieol thorn eren
If bo duel nut miss moro thnn i- A'l'it HOQt*.
Sunlight   Soap will  not  injure
your blankets or liunlen them.    It
will  mako  tlicm soft, while and
fleecy. tb
Much    i'i' Hi'   world's
suits i  lark ni push
povorty rs'-
\A*-.  IM.  VJ.  No. 431. THE DUttiaL, St.OCftN. B. (• , JUNE 12. 14H*i>-
C S,. gKiTfl*4w**'*iA".*i*, Editor and Prop.
u> »ef"*""*a!ifi*> EvaitT ran at at
SL0CA5,      •      •       •       *      B. C.
Legal Advertising 10 cents « line for
tbe lirtt insertion and 6 cents a line each
subsequent insertion.
■Certificatesol Improvement, |7 each.
Transient adrertisemtnts at ta uie rates
as legal advcrtiaini".
Locals will be charj{ed 10 cents a line
fer each insertion.
■Commercial Kates mode known upon
The Subscription is 12 per year, st.ict-
ly in advance; 12.50 a year if notiopaid.
Address all letters to—
Slocan, B. C.
FRIDAY, JUNE 18th, 1903.
Capital's side of industrial disputes
will not be hurt much by the lalxir
commission uow sitting in British
The Grits are doing a groat deal of
talking just now and proudly assert
they will sweep the province at the
coming elections. It's a wise mau
who saves his ammunition till the
fight is on.
It has been decided to dissolve the
legislature nest Tuesday, the 16th
inst. This will make the elections
c jine off at the end of September or
the beginning of October. Get your
houses in order.
If it were possible a thick veil should
be drawn over the prciceedings of the
last session of the legislature, never to
be disturbed. It would hide from the
g.ize of future generations a ghastly
array of intrigue, corruption aud dishonored reputations.
a The royal commission appointed to
inquire into the Gamey charges
against the Ontario government has
reported, completely exonerating the
Liberal leaders from any wrongdoing.
The whitewash was a foregone conclusion from the outset, and no wonder
the accused rested easy. Royal commissions come iu handy.
After all the estimates and supple-
mental ies have been passed, together
with sundry private bills.and the house
dissolved. This milling division will
now get some attention paid to its dire
wants and liixr-sssities of two years'
standiug. In two days liefore closing
the legislature did more business than
. in all the other portion of the sessiou.
F. J. Fulton has been dropped from
the cabinet slate, the ministers as
sworn in being: McBride. premier and
lands and works; Tat low, finance;
Green, mines, education and provincial secretary; McPhillips, attorney-
general ; Wilson,president of the council. As uow constituted, the cabinet
is consider-*! exceptionally strong and
a sure winner.
By an act of overt treachery to their
own party, certain Grit  manipulator**
- in Victoria made it possible for the
reins of power to be thrust into the
hands of the Tories. Thc Grits now
seek to cover up the contemptible
scheming of their own hacks by anathematizing the Tories for seizing the
advantages pli«-ed withiu their reach.
-Tories generally know a good thing
when thev see it.
Victoria is dying hard.struggling to
tho last for a vestige of power to be
granted some memlier of the old fam
ily compact. But it ennnot be, for the
days of coalition monstrosities are
happily traded in British Columbia.
Private gain and corporate graft have
ceased, and the era of intelligent and
responsible government arrived. With
party line politics individuality is lost
'sight of, inasmuch as the party must
be responsible to the people for the
actions of its members. That is as it
should be.
Joe Chr-w return-id to Vancouver on
A very serious hay  famine exists iu
the city.
A. W. Allen is Kaslo's new police
Sandon was almost wiped out by a
flood last week.
Hebtu- Baker took a trip out to the
coast on Saturday.
A choice line of old papers is for
sale at this office.
A large storage shed for shingles is
being erected at the mill.
Clara Mathes and her company are
again touring the country.
Several of the shackers along the
river front have had to move out.
Wanted to Rent.—An upright piano.
Apply, stating torms, at this office.
The old boathouse on the lakefrout
has l*een pulled dowu and removed.
The high water is flooding out cev-
eral of the ranchers down the river.
Thomas Chew left
Midland, Ont., to lie
on Saturday for
gone some time.
Rev. Mr. Mount is expected to hold
service in St.Paui's church ou the 14th
The C.P.R. has paid the back wages
of tho U.B.R.E. strikers at Xelson.with
There was no meeting of the city
council Monday night, a quorum failing to appear.
The lake is filled by an enormous
quantity of driftwood, making navigation dangerous.
A. Louie, an Indian, will lie hanged
at Kamloops on the 19th for the murder of a womau.
The Bank of Commerce is closing
its branch iu Sandon and opening one
at Morrissey Mines.
Sandon'* hospital has received a
loan of S2000 from the W.F. of M., to
fit up that institution.
Bishop Dart laid the foundation
stone of the Father Pat memorial at
Rossland ou Suturday.
Provision has been made in the supplementary estimates for the opening
of a school at Roselicrv.
R. B. Sparkman, Eholt. is acting
acting agent at the depot during the
absence of h. J. Edwards.
.lames Bakor has resignid us a
member of tho executive of the Western Federation of Miners.
The Anglican synod of Kootenay
met in Nelson this week, Kev. Mount
representing the local church.
D. A. Currio and ,1. Wilson, of Nelson, have staked two timber limits oa
the north fork of Evans creek.
C.P.R. Agent Edwards loft Monday
on a vacation to the coast. He muv
also extend it east to Montreal.
The sum of $14,000 bus been passed
in the estimates for repairs to road**
and trails for the Slocan riding.
Charley Co'ik, of New Denver, was
marrised ia Kevelstoke last week to
Miss C. E. Chandlers, of Detroit.
A majority of the shingle mills of
the province havo shut down for a
month, owing to over-production.
There is a strong probability of another lumbering outfit coming in to
operate on Slcscnn lake.
The mill tug got tangled up in some
driftwood here Saturday and got her
propeller off. Damages were repaired.
The shingle mill has lxien shut
down for a couple of days, to permit
of some needed carpenter work lieing
Aid. Worden went to Rossland on
Monday, taking with him his four
heavy horses, which he disposed of in
that city.
R. Frsrtser, bookkeeper fpr the mill
people.relumed to Toronto on Friday,
he having boon nipped iu the great
Amos failure.
Rev. Mr. Scott, the new Methodist
clergyman, arrived iu on Saturday
evening, preaching his initial sermon
the next day.
South African veterans are wanted
to take part in the Dominion day parade at Nelson. Slocan could supply
quite a bunch.
The Sandon has liecn kept in com-
i mission lowing logs for the mill and
' relieviug the freight blockade caused
| by the washouts.
J. V. Purviance left for Vancouver,
i Saturday, via the Great Northern, to
j represent thc local Oddfellows at the
meeting of the grand lodge.
The "Wise Woman'' troupe enme in
Saturday and spent Sunday here, lieing unable to make Sandon owing to
tho washout on the Nakusp road.
A meeting of the Mining Association was held on Saturday night and
a committee appointed to size up the
repairs required on the Lemon creek
Next Sunday is decoration day with
the Oddfellows, aud the local lodge
pui*poses marching to the cemetery to
decorate the graves of the departed
brethren. The baud will lead the procession. .
No mail train arrived in last week
from Tuesday till Friday. Mail and
passengers were transferred between
here and Lemon creek by hand car.
facetiously dubbed the Lemon Crock
The first train in two days came in
Thursday night, the repairs at Lemon
creek haying been effected. The
worktrnin went on through to the
Nakusp road, to repair some serious
Th-** boom placed across the bend of j
the river by thc mill people broke
away Monday evening by the weight j
of driftwood pressing against it.  The
mass lodged against the upper bridge
and had to be dislodged by dynamite.
Tho Spokane Review of Tuesday!
contained notice of the death of A.
David, of tuberculosis. Deceased had
lieen ailing for a year past aud had
been in different places in search of
health. He had run a tailor shop in
this place for three years, besides one
at Sandon, and a host of friends will
learn of his death with sorrow.
Appended is a complete list of the various records registered atthe local regis
try ofliee, H. P. Christie being mining
June!—Pershore, south of city, Geo
3—Tamarack No 8 fr, Springer creek,
J I) Anderson.
June 1—Kimberley.
3—Coronation, Hose of Nubia, Dixie
Monterey fr, Alms, fMiiloh.
4—Emile Mansfield.
June 4—Toronto.
June 3—Coronation and Rose of Nubia
all, J 1* Driscoll to T D Woodcock.
Timber Notice.
X-OTIC'K ll hereby ifiven that 30 rliiy* after
il iluli* I intern! tn ni'l'ly to the (.'hiuf Com
mlssloner of Lands all Works for is specirsl li
cenM, toi-sitaiiil carry away timber from tlio
faalliaiviii,'; described lands, situate in West
Kootenay ilistrict:
Commencing at a post situotoil about tli rea>
milos from Slix-uii lake, on the uorth side sif the
norlh fork of Kvans creek, thence isouth SO
chains•, thence west fiO chains; tlienco north SO
chains; thence east NO chains to place of begin-
nlnff, containing Oto aoroi,
Dateil the tth day of June, 1903.
Alex. Rogers,
Tonsorial Artist.
The Leading Parlors:
Gwiilim «fe Johnson,
Notice to Liberals.
\*OTI(.'K i.s hereby given that the annual meet-
-**1 ing of the Liberal Association of thiscity
will be helil in McVannel at FifeVsiflii's*. Arthur
slre.t, on Tuesday evening. June SS 490*1, fair the
elsc-linn of olliccrs for tha* ensuing year and tho
tran-actia.n aaf goisrri'.l business. A full attend-
ance ol members is roqaestod and all those
seekirg to join tlie Association are cordially invited.   Meeting will commence at Si p.sn.
R. A. BBAD8HAW,        D. S. MiVANNEL.
Secretary pro tent. 1'rsi.sjdent
11. C
Some of the sorehead Liberals are
rejoicing, for they havo Joe Martin
out of the leadership of the party in
tbla province.   A movement was oo
foot to force the executive  to call an- j
other convention, but he forestalled ,
the scheme and nisigned.   By his no*
tion harmony ban lioen partially f"ain-
od in tho ranks, but the party will go
into the coming fit^ht miuus a leader'
—ouo     who   possesseil     uniloubt' rl
atrength   with   the  jieople nnd pronounced ability as a politician.   The
soreheads have at last gained  their
point, but at tho expense and to tbe
'detriment *jf their p»rty.    Without n
leader the Liberals will   lio like unto
hh army without a genoral, no oue to
hold tho several  units  together and
Rev. William Simons, Pastor.
Sunday, nt 11 a.m. anil 7.30 p.m,
Sabbath Schoel at 2.80 p.m.
Prayer Meeting, Wednesday, 7.30 p.m.
Strangers ami young mon
am I'sii'iliiillv invited,   .   ,
Wanted at once: 3 shingle packers, 2 saw jointers
and 3 men to run Dunbar
shingle machines. Highest
wages paid.
Ontario-Slocan Lumber Co.
Slocan, B.C.
Bakery^   |
J. Pinchbeck, Proprietor |
Garden Seeds
Flower Seeds
Timothy Seed
Clover Seed
Grass Seed
Seeds in bulk
Just arrived from P. M. Ferry's,
the grunt Seed House. For sals*,
Onion  Sols have arrived.       Leave
yeur ei'der earl v.
Timber Notice.
VfsOTICE is lisrflij- (s'lvrn Hint 30 dnys nftsr
l\ Hate 1 intend to ;ai.|alj tii tlie Chief Com*
niissiianor nf Lands at Works for Bipedal license, to OUt and carry nway limber frs.ni the
fallowinff rloscribcal lands, situate in West Kssot-
ssiiny disl ricl:
Commencing nt n post sitiistc slas.nt sine snile
from Slocan lake, asn tl:o nsirtls si'le <sf tlie north
fork aaf Brans creek, thence south 4ii chains;
thfiici* sic.-*. 40chains; tlii'iics* north 31 chains:
thence west 4(1 chains; thonce north "Ml chains;
thence west -Ochaius; thence north 20 chains:
thenee west 10chains: thencn north 40 chains;
thence east 40 chains; thence south 20 chains;
thence east 40chains; tlienco south 2U chains;
thonsseeast40chainst thence south 20 chains;
thence east l'l chains,tss place ssf lasviiaiirc. containing tMO ncres.
Dated this st tl) day of June, 1203.
Notice toDelinquentCo-owner
To.l. F. Armstrong, administrator ol the
cit-ite of Martin iluiihisnii, deceases!,
or to nny parson or perrons to whom
Im may have transfericd tlis* InterM)
o( Martin Murchiton, amounting to \t\
in each ol tliu Kniitscn, Fram ainl P.ur
dan mineral claim*, situated on the
lieail ol Lemon creek,Slocan City min-
in<* division.
You are hereby notified that I have
expended the snm bb( three hundred and
ROVCn dollars nr.sl fifty conts in lalior ami
improvements upon Iho above menion-
iil mineral claims, in order to hold saisl
mineral claims under lhe provisions of
the Mineral Aa*t, and if within DOtiays
irom tlio iliiis- uf tliis notice you fail or
rofuse to contribute your proportion ot
sucli expenditure, together nit li all costs
of advertising, ymir interest in the caisl
claims will heroine the properly of the
■ubsitrlber, nnder section fouroi an Act
entillral "An Act to amend the Mineral
Act, 10U0."
I luteal this 8th dav of June. 11113.
12-ft-O.'* M.K. YOUNG
Cericate i liiieieits.
iSssBusgisr Mineral Claim.
Situata in Slocan City Mining Division
of West Kootenay District. Where
located:—On the'slope of Tsn Mil*,
about three miles from the lilack
I'rince M.C.
TAKK NOTltJJ* that I, W. I) Mac-
Kay, acting at agent for J. J. Godfrey,
frei miner's certificate No. 1*6308;',
intensl, sixty days from the dale hareof,
to spplv to the Mining Recorder for s
ceitilicate of improvements, for th* pm-
poeeof ohlaining a Crown grant of tht
above claini.
And further tak* notic* that action,
under section 37, must b* comm*nc*d
before the lisnanes of mcli certificate of
Dales! this -tlli dav of April, 19C3.
10-4-03. W. I). MacKAY
Slater Shoo Advertising
Wearer's Satisfaction
Short talks by the Slater Shoe sd man. No. 4;
—Because the "Slater Shoe" is vldely
'because a hundred thousand dollars has
been spent in making it known,
'the makers could not afford to risk the
entire loss of this expensive reputation by turning
out shoes which do not in every particular back
up the makers' advertised claims.
So that the wearer secures through " Slater
Shoe " advertising assurance that the shoe is not
skimped in the hidden parts, that wear-worthy
materials are used throughout, that the shoe
must give entire satisfaction,
'because an advertised shoe which does not
satisfy, is subject to ten times as much criticism
as a shoe whicn merely wears but does not
make distinctive claims of superiority, such as
those made for the " Slater Shoe."
And this large advertising expenditure, besides forcing the makers to maintain the quality
factory out-put—permits specializing, with all
that means in economy of making.
The Slater Shoe
Made In Canada 40 years.   Goodyear welted.
For men $4.00 and $5.50.
For women $3.50 and $5.00.
Sole Agent:
David  Arnot, Slocaul
We have just opened up several new lines
of summer dress goods, of the latest designs; also many pretty dress novelties.
We -.anr the btust stock of summer hats and trimmings iu thr country.   Prices are very rssasonahlt'.
D. B. O'NEAIL,   -    HAIN STREET,    -    SLOCANl
B A dvertise your\
H Business
■ Fresh Fruits of Every I
Kind Arriving   Daily. |
Our Is3o Cream  Parlor i«>
now open and will be k«pt
i".ii)iiiii;,r nil tho Summer.
1 * 1,-aaVfl.a, S>r lit',**
1 1. I "flVri|r|tt ;»i,il
OMS ru ti ii't'il.
.1 Isil-Sl.
Q nulla*'
prevent frictions The coast camps an
woetLiriy with unrest.
Slocan, B. C.
Steel Ranges
for $18.25.
Why im without .1 ranea whoa
you cun ".ft cm«so cheap? Tlis****
are prePerrfible tostovesand p.ivu
lAettrr satisfaction. These ranges
burn wood or coal and will bo
net up free.
J Is       Ul
Ositisi io Nst. 6 Mil.etui Claim.
Bitnats in Ihs Slocan City Mining iHv!-
sinii ol ill*. West Kootenay District.
Where lus'ateil: -On s south lurk ol
1 .siiion creek.
TaksnoticsthatI,WiniloTf ''.Worde**,,
icting as •'•-'iit for Chsi, W. McMillan,
freetninsr'scertifloata No.B67147,intend,
•ixty days from tlidlnte hereof, to apply
to the Mining Rccoider fur* certificate
of improvements, fur the purpose of obtaining » crown grnnt fur tlie above
And fiirtlier tuko notice Hist nction,
under lection 37, must be soinmenced
before the issuance of sucli certificate ol
Dated this ",0th ilnv of April, 1903
Buck rrins'o Fraotleaal Mineral Claim,
Situate in the Slocan Citv mining divi-
aion of West Kootenay district. Where
located:—On ths summit oi Sprinrer
and Lamon crpeks,.
TAKB NOTICE that I, H.R.Jorand
acting as fluent for John Klli-it, free
miner's certificate No. 1)51103; Robert
Alexander Bradshaw,F.M.C, No.B6978d'
Lea Delron, F.M.C, No, B608UA; Archibald York, K. M, (.'. Nu. B5B033; and
Prank Sherry, P, M, C, No, B69888, in-
tensi, sixty tiayi from tlie dato hereof, to
apply to the Mining Recorder (or a certificate of Improvements, for tho purpose
of obtaining a crown grant on tho above
And further take notice that action
un Ier section 37, muni ho commenced
before the luenni  - ul im-h certiflcate of
Dated ihn* Oth dai of Mnv
tf>B*03 11 ']
in these days of progress and competition
no tr.i>n in business
should neglect an opportunity to keep his
goods before the people.
Modern usages proclaim advertising the
one road to success;
neglect of it invariably
ends in disaster. A
merchant's standing
in a community may
be judged from the advertisement he carries
in a local paper. To
sell goods a man must
advertise. All live
men seek the aid of
the printer
a Marl
to all persistent and lib-
oral advertisers: it is road
by everyone.
. .MliANP
ft At All Times
0 Subscribe for
local paper:
SS THE DRILL,  $2 per yeat_
Job Printing; at Drill (W


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