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The Slocan Drill 1903-12-04

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fOL- lv-
, Ne. 36.
SLOCAN,   B.   C,   DBOEMBER   4,   1808.
*2.00 FEB ANNUM.
Clearance  S&1$.
beginning on rionday, Nov. 9, and continuing.
Our Dry Good Stook will be sold for
Spot Cash,at wholesale prices in the
gist. Our Stook is composed largely
of Staples, aud you are uow given au
opportunity to obtain nearly anything required in the Dry Goods line
at Sacrifice Prices. We need Gash.
No Goods will be charged.
•    a    s
|W. T. Shatford & Co.
li retched by any trail or road
lrj-.it run* into thc Town.
Do not go past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
Arlington    Hotel:
SLOCAN,   B.  C.
L. H. KNOWLES, Proprietor.
Thia popular hotel ia convenient to the bouts s*A trains.   Tlie dininpr room
l**ii«'.,y u-> to date while ilie bar is shim lied with the best in the market.
P A TP C •   Travelling men, using Sample Rooms, $260 por thy-*
A/1 1 CO .    \vlt^ent8»wploT<oom^$2;htiard$8perweek;nieHl8*l5-
\m^  A FIRST-CLASS STOCK.   .   .   2
^   REASONABLE PRICES.    .    .   ^
Fruit, Confectionery, Tobacco
You can get anything in these lines that you
require from ut. Our stock in each is always
kept fresh and well assorted. We handle the
best the market affordf.   Prices are right.
"-'■mil-l arable Att.fl~.tl.il Puld to Financial
PotltlOR of the Province—Treasury
Warrant! lo be limed to Meet Current
Kxpeiu.i-M.w Uevenue Lmri.
Tho provincial legislature opened
for tlm dispatch of business laat Thursday, th** ceremonies being of the usual
showy description. 0. E. Pooley, of
Esquimalt, was electeii speaker. In
the general arrangement of the house,
\V. Davidson, member for this riding,
sits with the government, while Haw-
thornthwaite and Williams, the two
Socialists, sit with the opposition. All
three will give th-* government an Independent support. Following is tbe
speech from the throne:
"I have much pleasure in welcoming
you to the first session of the tenth
parliament of British Columbia.
'•Our financial affairs demand most
earnest consideration on your part,and
I appeal, with hope, to your patriotism and to your love for the province
whose future destinies, under provi-
(leiie3, are ia your hands. There is no
reason why British Columbia, with its
great natural resources, should not
occupy in the Dominion of Canada a
position of which we may all be justly
"You have therefore lieen convened
thus early that my finance minister
may make such fiscal arrangements as
may lit* necessary.
••Having iu view the immediate requirements of the country, and the
unfavorable conditions for obtaining
a loan on the London market,you will
be asked to authorize the issuance of
treasury warrants extending over a
abort period of years, and repayable
in annual instalments.
"A ronsid arable increase in revenue
each year will, in consequence, lie ue-
eessafT, not onlv to meet ordinary expenditure, but to provide for the redemption of warrants. The legislation
proposed will therefore include a new
UsscsiiUient aet, nud iiinciid'.iieuts to
the land act. the railway aS8"""*ame&t
act and the school art.
"As part of th'* p'.an for financial
reconstruction, subst r.itial economies
in the civil service h ivc already lieen
effected and material reduction in the
expenditure on public works brought
about, These will be continued with |
a due regard to the requirements of
the province.
"My government has already taken
up the proposed readjustment of the
financial arrangements between the
province and tne Dominion, fis also
the question of control of our fisheries
and tke regulation of alien immigration, These subjects will lie earnestly
and persistently pressed to a settlement satisfactory to the province.
"As a result of the recent decision
in the .Alaskan boundary inquiry, a
strong feeling exists in favor of the
all-Canadian route into the Yukon
and northern British Columbia, and
my government will co-operate in any
reasonable efforts which may In- made
to bring about the construction of sueh
a railway.
"1 am pleased to nota- the probability of the construction, at au earls-
date, not only of another Canadian
transcontinental system having its
terminus on the Pacific ocean.but also
of other important lines within our
"You will be pleased to know that
the British Columbia Immigration act
passed last session has been successful iu excluding undesirable immigrants.
"I now leave vou to your ueuuera*
tions, trusting that they may receive
the divine blessing and result in much
benefit to the province."
local mill have earned a great reputation, lieing classed as second to none.
On tho strength of them, the company
is now booking many orders for spring
de-ivory. The mill will lie in operation again next season. There are 1,-
500,000 feet of logs available at the
head of the lake and they are to bo
towed down shortly.
of gold, 4150 oz of silver and 280,656
pounds of copper. There was a loss
for the month of $20,500. Thero was
shipped from the dump to the smelter
during the same month .5615 tons of
ore, containing 1250 oz of gold, 3300
oz of silver and .37,500 pounds copper.
Estimated profit on this oro .$2750.
TAILOR. . . g
We carry a full line of "VJ
Imported     Worsteds, 54
Serges   and  Tweeds. VV
Latast designs shown Q*"J
ia Bantings. pj
Fit, Finish, and Work K
are guaranteed
a —■ ° _,   . as
| Gents' Furnishings Selling at Cost H
Kg fri .....I. -* lx . i_i_   I    rv-_:.l :„ txttarmA fnr mile at IT"
The stock of the late A. David is offered for sale at n n
eost.       It comprises Top Shirts, Underwear, lies, {jry
Collars, Working Clothes, etc., etc.       Como early ^
tV and get your choice. ffl
g Main Street, - - slocan H
Will Resume I" the Spring.
0. A. Hurlburt returned to his home
in Detroit Monday, after having got
the affairs of the Sapphire straightened out. He was greatly pleased with
the recent strike on the Republic
group, as also the shipment from the
Sapphire, and when he conies back
hern next spring lmth properties will
be worked. It is likely reduction
works will be established to treat the
ores, an investigation being made into
the merits of a new process now in
successful use at Boulder, Col.
Sloi'atu Voter*' LtSt.
Last week's Gazette contained the
following announcement; "Notice is
hereby given that under the powers
conferred bv section 20 of the Provincial Elections Act, his honor the lieutenant governor in council has lieeti
pleased to order that the date for holding a court of revision for the purpose
of revising the register of voters for
the Slocan electoral ilistrict be fixed
for Mondav, the first of February,
Kitrni.il a Cintat Rapatfttlotl,
The two carloads of shingles shipped to Toronto last summer by .the
Returning llltlm A ppolntr.l fur the Coming Election.
The first meeting of the city council
in three weeks was held on Monday
Bight, all the members being present.
Communications read: From Agent
General Turner, London, Eng., asking
for a map of the city, photographs,
and general information.
Aid. Arnot's resignation again eame
up, and a letter was read irom him
asking the council to accept it at oneo.
The clerk was instructed to secure
half a dozen maps of the city from
Mr. Fletcher and to forward oue to
the agent general at London.
On motion of Aid. Teeter and McNeish the resignation of Aid. Arnot
was accepted. Aid. McNeish deeply
regretted Aid. Arnot's step in the
closing months of the year, especially
as tho council was so short-handed
Aid. Teeter inquired what st-'ps
were necessary to be taken to prepare
for the forthcoming annual election.
On lieing informed, he moved that the
clerk lie appointed returning officer,
the nominations and elections to lie
held at the city hall. Seconded by
Aid. Worden and carried.
The clerk brought up the question
of auditor and stated Mr.Curtis would
go at the books at once.
Aid. Worden Inquired if anyone
was supposed to look after the sidewalks during the winter; also if some
means could not lx* adopted to protect
the fire ladders from the weather. The
board of works are to look after the
ladders and report.
Replying to a query as to the collection of trader.) licenses, the clerk
stated there were a few outstanding,
but that he thought he would get all
i In tho discussion that followed,
he aldermen expressed their dissatis-
f.iction at this state of affairs, stating
it was very unfair to those who paid
their lieenses promptly.
Aid. Worden stated Manager St.
Denis, of tho local mill company, had
asked him to have the council place
their selling price on the Sloan building. Moved by Aid. Teeter and Worden that a price of $500 be set upon
the building.   Carriec*.
Aid. McNeill, for the police commissioners, stated that the chief of
police was not hired to clean sidewalks, and if he did siit was of his
own free will. His worship concurred
in those remarks, but Aid. Worden
thought the chief should do something
for his salary.
Council adjourned.
A Serieuit Fall.
A serious accident befel W. K.Cameron on Tuesday night and as a result
he is confined to his lied. The night
was extremely dark and the accident
occurred in crossing the bridge over
the river leading to his home in West
Slocau. He had crossed the maiu part
of the bridge in safety but, in turning
off the farther end, made a misstep
and fell over ou to the rocks in the
river bed below, a distance of 10 or 12
feet. He lit ou his head aud chest,
inflicting a nasty gash on the forehead
and receiving internal injuries. After
somewhat recovering his breath, he
had strength sullicient to stumble to
his home, though almost blinded bv
the blood streaming from his head.
Hor husband's appearance was a great
shock to Mrs. Cameron. .Medical aid
was at onee summoned ami the injured man quickly attended to, it taking
eight stitches to draw together the
wound in the head. It will be some
time before Mr. Cameron will lie able
to be around again. Had the proper
guard rails lieen in place on the bridge
tho accident would not have occurred,
but as it is there is capital ground for
basing a heavy suit for damages
against the provincial authorities.
Local Scotchmen Ouly Honor Memory of
Patron Saint.
Local Scotchmen celebrated the anniversary of St. Andrew with great
eclat on Monday night, the event being much more successful than either
of the two previous efforts. As was
the case last yoar, the banquet was
held at the Arlington hotel, 10 persons
sitting down to the feast. The tables
wero shaped after the manner of a St.
Andrew's cross, President MeCalluiu
taking the main end and Vice Johnson
the other. A rich array of distinctly
Scotch edibles, flanked by many delicacies that were not Scotch,loomed up
liefore the assemblage, and the dispatch with which those dainties disappeared was a marvel to behold. Some
kind-hearted friends in Nelson sent up
a haggis for the occasion that was the
real thing, and a savage attack was
made upon it by the clans. The feast
was a grand one, calling forth warm
expressions of appreciation.
The inner man satisfied, there followed toasts, talks, sangs an' a' that,
the programme lasting for hours.
Capital speeches were delivered by the
numerous orators, among these being
Uev. Messrs. Simons and Scott, R. J.
McPhee, D. S. McVannel, R. C.Campbell-Johnston, John Foley, W. S.
Johnson,L. J. Edwards.Actiug Mayor
Smith and others. All the speakers
expressed their gratification at being
present, and warm and loyal were the
sentiments voiced to native land and
King. R. T. Anderson, the society
bard, excelled himself with his original compositions, and was cheered to
the echo. Messrs. O'Callaghan and
Webster were no mean seconds either.
A piano had lieen provided for the
occasion aud many were the songs
submitted, among those contributing
Ixiusr Messrs. Arnot, Worden. Davidson, Lea, Snyder and Campbell-Johnston. Geo. Philpot contributed his
mite with a cornet.
To tell of all that was said and done
at that spread would fill a book, but
it sure was a memorable occasion.
There was a strong under current of
good fellowship displayed, and even
those preseut who were so unfortunate
as not to Iw Scots, could not but feel
its influence. Many cycles after midnight passed ere the company dispersed, the clatis being loth to sever
their harmonious relations. There
was only one drawback to the general
happiness, the usual franking of tele-
triiiins between sister societies on St.
Andrew's night lieing this year deuied
by the C.P.R. for the first time. Sir
Thomas Shaughnessy is no Scot.
Taking Oat Uulllon.
Every few days news is brought to
town of somo find of marvolously rich
ore having been made on sonic one of
the various claims working in the
camp, lessees lieing the responsible
agents. The latest excitement is at
the Port Hope, which is under lease
to C. Snyder, H.Lea and C.McNichol.
The boys came down on Mondav eve,
bringing a pack load of magnificent
samples of ore, which had lieen taken
from tho main shaft, commenced bv
the owners. The quartz has a mixture
of sulphides, sulphuretsandargentite,
and will run over 2000 oz in silver, besides gold. A picked sample will
yield 13000 oz. Several tons of ore have
already Ihh-ii taken out by the lessees
for shipment. The specimens are on
view at A. C. Smith's store and are attracting much attention.
To Construct an Oprrn llnme.
The owners of the Music Hall
have it in miud to convert that building into an up-to-date opera house.
Their idea is to tako out the second
Boor and to erect a large gallery in
thr* front end, supported by iron pillars. The ground floor would be the
hall proper, while the stage would be
placed at the back end. An addition
would then be built on the rear for
commodious dressing rooms. The
main entrance would be from the
street, A new floor would Ih* laid
suitable for dancing and the whole
building finished up in fine stvle. If
these plans be carried out, the city
would possess a valuable attraction.
r.nd foi lUe !..■ H..I.
During October the Lo Roi mine
shipped to the smelter at Northport
1!11,825 tons of ore, continuing 4310 oz
Hciadryx Process In Illopute.
Word comes from Vancouver that
H. Dekeyser, who has formed a company thero and erected a test furnace
of .r.O tons daily capacity, at a cost of
$13,000, has instructed his lawyers to
proceed against Dr Hendryx if he
proceeds with his contemplated works
at the Republic mine. Republic, and
the Arlington mine, in this camp. It
is alleged the Hendryx process is stolen from Dekeyser, the latter claiming
that ho is fully protected by patents
in all countries. His company, so
soon as his test furnace has made good
his expectations, will build a 5000 ton
per day custom smelter in Vancouver.
Schnbert Symphony Club.
An evening with the Schubert Symphony Club will mean an evening of
delight. Their programmes are always of the highest merit and enthusiastically received. Unlike the con*
vential musical organizations, this
company possesses vocal and dramatic
as well as Instrumental ability, and
hold their audiences en rapport to the
end. December 7, In the Music Hall;
admission Sl and 75 cents.
The snow has disappeared.
Last Year's Shipments Were 8333 Tens—
A Healthy KvUteneo of tlio Lire and
Wealth of tlie Camp -Enterprise tis*
Biggest Shipper.
During the past week the ore shipments from the camp amounted to 40
tons, lieing consigned from the Enterprise to the Trail smelter. Unfortunately the recent raius have agaiu
spoiled tho roads, preventing larger
exports. So soon as the snow comes
sullicient for raw hiding and sleighing,
there will be shipments from the Ottawa, Black Prince and Kilo, the first
two having a respectable tonnago in
sight. To dato exports total 1179
For 1902 the ore shipments from
tho local division amounted to 6333
tons, made up from 12 properties.
Following ia ti full list of the shipments this year to date:
Enterprise    ' 40 8SJ
Arlington  HO
Ottawa  12ft
Black I'rince  17
Bondholder  2
Day ton  12
Kepublic  70
Meteor  52
Hamilton  14
Westmont  2
Highland Light  2
Alberta  3
Cripple Stick  •"?
N'susen  2
Hampton  i
Sapphire  5
40 1179
Last week Sandon mines shipped
84 tons of ore.
The Ottawa has a carload of ore
ready to come down.
The force at the Myrtle has been
increased to five men,
Upwards of 60 inches of snow fell
at the Mayetta group during November.
The White Bear mine, Rossland,
will instal the Elmore oil process at
M. S. Logan, Nelson, is working the
Slocau Sovereign, near Sandon, under
The Sapphire group was bought
in on Friday at the sheriff's sale at
A certificate of improvements has
lieen granted to the Falls View and
Seven feet of molybdenite, assaying
21 por cent, has been discovered near
A shortage in the supply of water
has caused the Rambler concentrator
to shut dowu.
The soft weather compelled a cessation of rawhidiug operations from
the Black Prince.
IX C. Johnson, the well known ore
buyer, is now purchasing agent for
the Northport smelter.
Last week the Boundary mines sent
out 17,6(18 tons of oro, being upwards
of 000,000 tons for the year.
After a thorough Overhauling and
remodelling, the concentrator at Alamo will be ready to start up in January.
Joseph Ryan says he has seemed a
site at Kaslo fora smelter* grading on
the foundation for which starts this
During Novemlier the Hall Mines
smelter at Nelson treated •'US': tons of
ore. The bullion shipped amounted
to 538 tous.
The Kilo men came down during
the week, haviug sacked half a car of
oro. It will Ik; brought down when
the snow comes.
The Dominion Copper Co., ownisg
the Stemwiuder group, in the Boun-
darv camp, have raised a mortgage of
$100,000 on their property.
Molybdenite is a scarce article in
the markets and agents are iu the
province looking for a supply. Hero
is a chance for local claim owners.
Hope, Oraveley Si Co.. Vancouver,
are offering for sale the Golden Crown
claim, situated on the Arlington road.
It is heavily timbered and carries a
crown grant.
Silver Quotation!.
Following are the quotations for bar
silver on the various days during tho
week since last issue:
Thursday    — cents
Friday     57      "
Saturday    57    "
Monday     5<U    "
Tuesday     5(iV    ■*
> i
Wednesday ...
Ml A
On u.is evening, two officers with a
warrant mado search for Alexander
Compton and Caspar Compton, the
tut tor morn commonly known in Boston us Caspar Hugo. But the two
nun were not to be found. They
wire not nt their chambers, though
they had been there nnd taken away
their Uu*lit valuables.
\:id \vi> mny horo remark thut. the
iwo Comptons wero not found at ull,
'Ih'.v were tracked to Now York, and
theme to Buffalo, and tlience to St.
Louis, and thenco over the plains to-
Munl tin* Osage country, whew trace
i.f them was lost.
• * » « <•
And on that same evening, two fe-
males, with two policemen in company, wero searching up mid down
tho highways und tlie by-ways of the
• iiy ier one who wns lost: uud nt a
i.ne hour, far, tar Into ih" night,
Uuy cunio nut from un upper cham-
I cr. where n nmn iii u linen bUiuse
I ended bin-, und Wliora cards were
scattered upon a tnble und upon ihe
lloor, uml us they gullied tho streot,
Iho younger female cried out, in
wailing agony:
'•Oil, I'nul! I'nul! Cud help nie
iii.w !"
1'ir.I wns more than beside himself
willi liquor nnd wus despoiled of his
l.ast dollar by ihe three sharpers. On
runIIzing thi' fact tlmt he wus beir-
garcd, Paul htirriod fi'om the plan*.
I'.uin, ni Ier nnd blue!;, wns upon hiim,
and oftly sliaino und tlogradatlou
Were before hiin. Love, honor, hope
■ all, nil gone!
The clock of u neighboring church
struck one. lie heard it, and ho
wondered what ii meant. His watch
wus in his pockot. und not yet run
down, 'llo stood beneath a gus-.iel
mui looked nt il. ll was one o'clock
--nu hour past, midnight! For u
time he leaned against a lump-post
with both nis bunds pressed upon his
leveled brow, und then he started
up, clasped his hnnds upon his bosom, ntul groaned:
••This is lhe end!"
Tbe words burst from him as
though ground out by a great agony; and when they hud been spoken, be dropped his bunds by his
side, and walked rapidly uwuy until
he had got clear of thut street, niter
which his pace wus Blackened. Still
he moved steadily on. und bis course
was toward the water. At length he
reached n wharf, drear and deserted,
I'pon one hand lay a few small vessels, but upon tho other n pier extended out into the Hea, to which no
vessel Was moored. To tbo far end
iaf this pier he wont, uml gazed down
into the dark flood. How solemn—
how awful, in its m.vstoriou.s stillness'! 'Here was rest—here oblivion
--here n cooling stream for all earthly fever. He looked into the inky,
.sullen depth a long, long time, nnd
then u deep. Smothered groan escaped him; down upon his knees he
sank, and pressed his brow upon the
cold iron of the anchor. And thus
bo prayed, Ho arose, und looked up
ut the sturs.
"I wonder," ho murmured aloud,
'will 1 ever meet Christine there?"
And with the thought, u sublime
radiance rested down uimn llis face.
The light that shone upon his countenance dill not seem to come from
within, but from without and above,
us though nn nngel hnd touched hiin
with its wings, lie hud bowed his
head once faar nil upon his clasped
hapd8, when ho felt, a tpuell upon his
shoulder; first a lijrht touch which he
shrank from, nnd ihen n fervid, con-
vulsivo grasp, and the angelic notes
niiiio to Iiis ears, nud to bis sense:
"Paull I'aul! Oh, my own! Aly
own foreycr!    Paul! I'nul'''
la'e lurhed, and by the dim slur-
light ho saw nn nngel form, und nn
nngel looked upon him—an nngel of
lino and of mercy. He saw other
forms—a form us of another female,
nnd tho forms of men- but he hnd
only tense to pronounce tho nnme:
•■Christine!" and to fed a pair of
warm arms encircling his neck, and
the same bwcci voice sounded anew:
'■Havodl Saved! oh, Oodl help hiin
Iflli.l     lalllfS!"
» « • fl, »
Paul awoke from n doep sleep, nnd
looked   up   into   l l.e   fail'   of   Christine
• u fare as of ono glorll'ii d.
"Paul!    Uu ymi know me?"
Chi isi ine!"
i'ii'    Savodl    Saved!"
Ami sho raised his hoad to her
Ins.nn, and kissed his fevered cheek.
Ills si'iisis very soon returned t'i
l im. nnd with ihein came tbe inciu-
ury of tl.e great ruin.
' Mas: poor i hrlst Ino! I um no
llioro Worthy! You know not whnt
I biixa' suffered; you know not whut
1 havo lost!"
"I know nil. dear Paul. lt. is you
who do noi know, 1. too. havo Btif-
fercd.   W'O  have  heen   the  victims  ofa
wicked conspiracy, Uut Ood bus
i wn merciful and just. Vou are al
He   Urookside,   I'nul,   unal   lhe llrook-
• Ida Is mlno. I cun toll you now
how much I lovo you. will you not
irusl ni'. mad give me still your truo
i.n i noble hem t?"
I'aul sobhod his nnswer in poniton-
ilul lenrs upon tho bosom of his bo-
l.ava. i- lonrs hallowed und sanctified
.n i hut thoy wero tho out pouring of
annul iIsing io redemplion.
ly und by, li- Arkwright mine;
but he carno rather ns a friend than
us ii physician; for Paul's youthful
I e.ilth nnd \igor very soon asserted
• wny o\it u system thai bad never
bi ei poisoned nt iis fountain.
And othor friends came. Mr. l.c-
f.ire, nnd the administrator, und
tl.e judge—the.v enme to share Paul's
friendship, nnd lo give hlm strength.
And iu tiui'B Nathan Waybrook,
feiowu   tvondrously   old   in    a brief
space, came and nsked that lh.' past
might bo all forgotten, und thut he
might  bo ii father sl III.
a\:H later, when lhe old w.ounds
were honied, Nathan Waybrook uc-
compun'e l Christina to tho altar,
and Pauline, happier far lhati she
had been for long nnd woury yenrs,
led i'nul by the inuhlen's side. And
there the solemn service was performed, which plated a seal upon tho
new and hopeful life,
And when the union hud been consummated, and l'nulino wns fully ns-
Blired thut old evils hnd been put
away forever, she did the crowning
dood—she gnve to Christine und Paul
tho estate which her mother bad
left. Uut sho did iu>i I hus give
nwnv her home. No, n'rt: she won a
home brighter nnd happier than sho
bod ever known, for she lived in the
luxury of love nnd filial adoration
from thoso whom sho had helped to
save and to bless.
Happy Christine! Happy tn the
lovo of a husband whose heart is
all her own, and in whose truth and
honor she can confide with never tho
Slightest   shadow   of   n   doubt;   happy
In the sunshine of a friendship that
is growing broader nnil broader; nnd
above all, happy In the thrice blessed
ability to curry joy nud comfort iuto the hearts nnd the homes ofthe
poor mid needy who surround her on
every hand,
A  rromif.lni;  Pupil.
xxcuar i- ■*■**
Fond Mother (who Is sure the visitor would like lo hear her infant prodigy on the violin)—Johnnie is so far
advanced Unit now we enn almost tell
whether he Is tuning or playing.
At  tlie  lllnii-r  rarty.
".Surely you nre not going yet, Mr.
Pnrvy Noo?"
"1 must, ma'am."
"But won't yon stay for the feast
of reason ntul tho tlow of soul?"
"Thiinky, ma'am, but I reckon I've
already et an' drunk ull that's good for
Plato died In bis eighty-third year,
and his last hour was devoted to intellectual work.
Isoci'ates wns ninety-four years old
when be wrote his famous work, "Pa- j
Teres! ins Varro lived to be nearly n
hundred, and be continued to write up
to the day of bis death.
Hiero, king of Sicily, lived to be
ninety, nnd Mnsinlssu lived to be still
older and ruled for sixly yenrs.
Quint**"" Kahilis was appointed augur
when he wa.s past middle age. nnd be
held the ollice for sixty-two years.
Calo Censorius transacted business
until bo was nearly ninety and retained to the oud all bis old time vigor.
Gorglas LamUum, the teacher of
Isocratea and other distinguished men,
was In excellent health at the age of
107 years.
Chryalppus began to write bis work
on logic In his eightieth year. Clenn-
thes taught his pupils up to his nincty-
ninlh year.
Sophocles lived to be nearly a hundred, and dining bis lust days he wrote
the "OCdipus Coloneus," one of the
greatest tragedies ever written.
Argnnthonlua begun to rule when be
wns forty years old and held power
for eighty years, and In tbe third book
of the "History" AslniUS I'ollio tells
ns that he did not die until he was past
his one hundred aivl thirtieth year.
Valuable  Innerlx.
Perhaps there nre few substances
contributed by animals io the materia
mcdic.i of greater value or more extensively benellclal thnn certain species
of insects. Of these there are none
more highly esteemed for medical purposes than those beautiful, shining,
green colored insects known as blistering beetles, or cuntliiiiidcs. Their corrosive action Is so grant that they frequently   inflame   and   excoriate   tho
hand! of those who collect tliem. nnd
on this property tluit* chief medicinal
virtue depends. They nre generally
used in the form of plasters or Ointment, nnd in cases of violent vUcorfll
Inflammation their external use can
scarcely be supplied by any otlier inedl-
Cilla>. .
< urtiiii*   Mode   of   i ntelilnic   Tnrlln.
a curious mode of catching tattles
Is practiced lu tho West Indii's. lt
consists In attaching a ring and a line
to the tail of a species of sucker lish
known ns the remor.'i. The live lish Is
then thrown overboard and Immediately makes for the first turtle he can
spy, to which he attaches himself very
firmly by means of n sucking apparatus arranged ut the top of bis head.
Once attached to the turtle, so flrin Is
his grip that the fisherman on drawing
the line bring! home both turtle and
the sui-ker.
Keiilifliml.nl   In    I In -irr.
Hill—I suppose niy wife is the most
economical woman tbnt ever stepped.
Dale—So 7
Hill—Yes; she never Spends money
for anything thai she does not **.iy she
will save it in something else.
Dale—And does she?
Hill—Well, you see, we never liOTQ
got so far as that yet Itut It ls Uu
principle I wa.s talking nbout.
Hin Ptarsonallt*/ i o*n latrrtttlng nnd r»a-
t'lll .tlfllK-A l.utafl Bltfljr,  lint tUglm
ulit M oil. in Bsd,
In uilalition to basing ihe greatest
llritish statesman of the day, "dt.
Chamberlain is one of the mosi, iu-
ti'iesting and fascinating personalities. 'Jo-day, when tho name o.
Chamberlain, tii*- statesman, Is on
everybody's lips, tha* following anecdotes of Chamberlain; the mun, will
bo of peculiar Interest:
Most statesmen work hard, but few
work ni hard us the late Colonial
•Secretary. The stall of the Coloniul
Office doclaro ihut ihey never hud a
chief who got through sm h a quantity of work. 'Ihey speak feelingly.
for when a Qoveipment office i.s presided over by a chief of unusual activity und energy (he stall have to
a'Xhibil un activity und energy in
Mr. Chamberlain is a Inte riser, but
to counterbalance this ha' begins "his
work while he is still in bed. lie
reads newspapors and o quantity of
Official documents before lv rises. In
this ho dilfers from nnotllor famous
Statesman, who, has put it on record
that he nuvor reads the newspapers.
When Mr. Chamberlain sottlcs down
to work for the day ho does i. swiftly and methodically. All his papori
are kept, in boautiful order, and his
SOCJ'etary cun lay his bund in n mo
ment ou 1 hi* most important blue-
book or lhe most trivial tnonioraii
As is notorious, Mr. Chamberlain
lakes little or no exercise. He Is i\
glial smoker,however, and does most
of bis wprk with thc ni.i of a cigar.
The advocates ol physical culture
and tho oppon nis of tobucoo will
both lind matter for reflection in the
fact that, cli'spite hifl abstention from
tho one and his devotion to the other, Mr. Chamberlain enjoys excellent
health. Ho is vigorous physically,
and a good deal mora' vigorous mentally than many athletes of n third
of bis age.
Thore, is one form of exercise in
which Mr. Chamberlain does tako an
intereat' however. Ho hju-nn expert
swiiumer. A gentleman who happened to slny ni the same hotel ai Scarborough as Mr. Chamberlain years
ago, when the now leading statesman hnd only just entered thn House
of Commons, bus related that be
used to seo Mr. Chamberlain, tow!
in band, setting lortb for lha* Boa
every morning, though il v.ns UlQll
lute iii tho year, in impromptu
swimming an I diving competitors
tho future Cabined Minister usually
came In first) with Mr, Austen Cham.
beriuin. then n Ind. u good second.
In public Mr. Chamberlain, as his
Opponents know host, is determined,
hard-headed, mil essentially practical— n typical Englishman. In pri-
vato he is very human. 1 *• - is fond
of children, for Instance. He iul.es a
grant interest in thc small members
of his family, with whom in' is us
popular as be is with his constituents of Wesl Birmingham. No
stronger siniiia* could be used than
lhat, by tho way. Thoso who have
n.it seen the member for West Dlrin
Ingham addressing a nieeting of his
supporters have >. ■ t to learn what
popularity is.
To return to the children. Here is
a quaint anecdote illustrating Mr.
Chamberlain's kindness to the little
people. Ii is told by a Indy who
was once a scholar in it Birmingham
Sunday school. Thai Sunday school
had tho privllego of holding its an
i> ul treal in the grounds oT Highbury. Mr, Chamberlain enjoyed
watching tho small children disporting about his grounds ns much as
the small children enjoyed it themselves. One of tin. games was an old
kissing game, something like kiss-in-
tho-riug, One of tho children Btnttds
iu th" centre, nnd tlie others sing a
ditty calling on her to "Choose you
one, choose you two, choose you the
fa ires I of the three." Mr. Chamberlain took his place In tho ring, and
was chosen by the small maid iu th.'
i.'i,11 e. Hi* i iss il lha* lilt la' mui.I
gallantly, io lhe delight of lhe players.
An anecdote Illustrating Mr, Chamberlain's business side: Onco at a
banquet an old goblet wus exhibited,
and curiosity was expressed es toils
ng.3. There was n BCI*0W in lb" gob-
let, and looking at tho screw, Mr
Chamberlain was able to inform his
host that tlm goblet dated hack I i
th*' eighteenth century Thero was
nothing very remarkable in this, pci-
haps, bul it shows thai Mr. Chamberlain is no theorist, but a man
who knows his business practically.—
London Daily Express,
Some  Koflfltaaia Df  Olnr.
An   Interesting   enumeration    has
I ti   given   of  III'    BOlirCOS   of  color.
1'i'aaii, this it appears that the cochineal Insects furnish th1* gorgeous carmine, crimson, scarlet carmine, und
purple lakes; iho octopus—gives sepia
—that K thai inky fluid which tho
a ..alun- discharges In order to rciiJ-
er the water opaipia* when attacked;
lhe Indian yellow comas from Uu*
camel; ivorj chips produce the Ivor.,
blurt mui bone black* th" exquisite
Prussian blue conies from fusing
hnrSPS'   llOOfS   end   pigs'   blood:   blue-
black comes from th" charcoal of thu
vine-stock; Turkey red is mado from
lhe madder plunt. which grows ui
Hindustan; the yollow sap of u
Siamese tree produces gamboge; raw
sienna is the natural earth from (he
neighborhood of Siena, Italy; law
lilllbi r is nn b'ui Hi lound n.'iir I lu-
I i ia; Indian ink r> made from burnt
camphor, mastic is made bum the
gum of the inaslic tree, which grow**
an ih.' Grecian Archipelago; bistre hi
iho soot, of wood ashes; very lllllo
real ultra-marine, obtained from the
precious lapln-luzull, is found in the
I'jni. Rtpsassa
Tho opa.ru' ing exponso of a bank
With    n    capital of 9100,000 in 284
par  cent   of  tho  lonns   and   discounts,
but the operating expenses aro onlV
i ,88 par cenl. if the bonk have a
capital of -Vi ,000,000 or more,
Morn than 300 varlotics of plants
aro in use In various trades in this
Dr. O. Honnrrt'i I.e<u«i» »" Frel* »Cal«*»-
1.1,tl* luteals   •■Hi..   DSStrOJ Or.lu.nlt
nu.l H ull-- "TIi-jio Mature I oiuet III.
The lirst of the series of lectures,
endowed by Sir SancUord Flenliug.
imdoi* the auspices ol the Canadian
Institute, wus delivered on Waliu-
day night in the new medical building, Toronto, by Dr, L; 0. Howard.
chief entomologist of the American
Bureau of Agriculture, upon "Somo
International Work With insects."
Sir Sondford Fleming being unavoidably absent, the chair was occupied
by the President of the Canadian
Institute, Prof. Coloman, who spoko
briefly in Introducing Dr, .Howard.
Ur. Howard is one ol the greatest
living authorities on the subject of
entomology. Referring to thc principal insects which ufi'ect agriculture
and horticulture in North America,
he stated that they ara not native
species, but have been imported from
abroad, and mainly from Kurope. He
said lhat European species when accidentally imported into the United
States, particularly into the southern States, seem to thrive ond multiply with extraordinary facility and
fecundity. One reason for this is the
longer summer and the greater sum
total of Ina! during ihe breeding
period. Another reason Is that the
natural enemies which keep them In
check in their native home huve been
left   behind.
Enormous sums have been spent by
fruit-growers in their attempts bv
spraying and other means to destroy
noxious Insects, The orange and olive
trees in California were almost destroyed by various kinds of scale.
Twenty years ngo the white scab'
was overcome by a ladybug from
Australia. The same insect was af-
terwards sent to Egypt, Portugal
and South Africa whore it accomplished the sumo beneiicial results.
More recently the olive trees have
been similarly relieved ol the white
Ho told In some detail ot th'*
search for thn parasite that is the
natural enemy of the a**'un JoSo BCalo,
lirst in Japan and then successfully
In China, where tho home i.i the
scale was found, and along with it
the insect that feeds on it und keeps
its ravages within bounds Twi of
theso insects were brought to Washington two years ago and <ured for
until they multiplied and proved
their worth, nnd this year 400 colonies of theso insects were sent out,
and on the whole tho results have
been satisfactory, altogether satis-
fr lory In certain States, investigation is to be made in South America
for an insect thnt will destroy the
San .lose scale in northern as well us
sou thorn climates.
AllOthel beneiicial importation from
abroad was described: iho Smyrna
lig crop of Mediterranean regions iv
the .standard crop of dried ligs of
the world: .unerica hud never been
able to raise any Smyrna ligs: at
several points In California tho tree*.
had bi - n planted, but thn fruit
would fall without ripening*: an Investigation sliowed thai in AMa Minor it is the custom of tho natives to
tiring wild flga umI hang them in
the branch's of the Smyrna (las.
'.'.hereupon minute inserts Issued from
tho wild ligs and covered with pollen, entered tho Smyrna, tics and fertilised them; wild fig trees wa ro then
imported into California, nmi after
several failures the fertili irg Insect
was also Imported nnd established.
The result is; that in certain places
in California many tons of dried
Smyrna ligs ol a superior finality
nre now put upi n the market annually.
'1 laaa Sr\ ObsllftaB,
Thi* King has approved the Issue of
letters creating tho Seychelles (hitherto a dependency of Mauritius) a
rsparato colony. The formal cere
luouy of publication was postponed
until November 7. when Sir C, Bruce,
ttovernor ri Mauritius, arrived. Air.
1' li. Sweet-Escott, the present Ad-
ininlstrator of the group, will ba* ihe
: i t Governor of the new colony
Thn Seychelles are among tho hundred or more islands scattered over
the Indian Ocean, which have hitherto been dependencies of Mauritius.
Thoy are between the parallels or S
Int. 4 deg. and ii dog., 984 miles
irom Mauritius,    «oo from Madeira -
ui, end 070 from Zanzibar, Their
total area is 50,120 acres and the
population Is nearly 20,000 the lare
crt end ino-t populous : land b"ir,'-
Mahe, which is about seventeen miles
long nn.l four to seven mllee broad
Maho was originally captured from
the French in 17'.H, nmi on the capture of Mauritius in IF in the   who!
group was formally taken  possi	
.if. The flnauces of tho Sqychclli
were separated from thoi*o of ths
Mauritius in 187:.'. and in iksh thev
wore given .\ si-pnrale Administrator
nnd Council, while in 18D7 tha Ad-
mlnlstrntor was given tho full powers
'if a Governor.
KtaCaTtiail Our Tiacllnl  King.
There are times when tlm moat
tactful of men are taken aback by
somo imoxp&ted retort. Such nil
experience befell King Edwa d ol
England, in connection vv,ih the visit
colonial troops to London at the
of tho .Smith African contingent of
termination of tho Doer War, Uns
of tho ('ape Kouts was nu unmistakable mulatto, with n magnincetil re
t rd for gallantry, however, The
King was reviewing the men, walk*
Ing down their extended line, and
occasionally   speaking    i,,   ona*    0|
them.    Opposito the colored man   he
sl oppi'd.
"And who are vou, mv man?" he
'i he soldier stral* in nod up ia<
lull li,  and ropliul graVclj :
"I'm a nigger, j ouah Mnjnt ly."
Tha- "most tactful mil r In Kuro\ ts"
wns nonplussed by tbo unlookod-for
reply    Dut be managed to saj
"CI ood I 'I Inn remain Ko, my bravi
fellow."   Wiib thm lie poi Bed on
Iliai Hns: ml,   Mllf.
Tho English statue mile  was    first
defined    In   ih.' thirty-fifth year   a>i
j Queen Elizabeth,    Doforo that   time
it was put down at f>,000 foot.
A brilliant signal light at Atlantic
City is visible ninetoen miles nt «*».
Each year it burn*, t.aoo galioM   of
There v. ns n, ilirrenye of i.vur i«i
per ci'iil. in lb" exports of cheese
from the United Htafos In ihe Ascni
vear ending .lu.io .v. 1903, hu compared w Hi the year preivdiiig.
Iwelre million pounds' 1,
leather is required even .,. '
vida booth and shoes ('„,• .i"
tunU of <.Voat llritnin
The first prune tree wus 11
California   in 1K70 in n |,!
who brought, thu i,-,.,. .,, ,,''
nent from France. '| i„. i,,.',
-of 10 ucre-4-bogau t„ ,i,.M
" Pr».
Allied j,
s fi nu.
ui ij-.
Then the Liver and Kidneys Have Failed to Pe**f0
Their Mission and You Need
If you nre not well there must be a
reason for it. Most of tho common
ills of life arise fi om poison In the
system. If you would be well you
must remove this cuuso of d sense.
Thu vvoii. of thu blood is two-told.
It supplies nourishment to the body
and collects Ihe impure aud poisonous wastO mutter. This poisonous
mutcii.il i*. removed from the blood
by lilt action of lhe liver and kidneys. When theso organs tail the
poison is carried buck through tho
system In the circulation of thu
blood nnd causes disease,
Where is vour weak spot ? Jmt
thero you may lirst expect to feel
lh.' olTocts of poison 111 the B"8t0ll1
It muy be stomach troublo or lung
trouble, kidney disease or henrt dis-
euse, but the beginning is with the
Inaction of the great (lltorTng or-
tjans—Iho liver nnd  kidneys.
Nine-tenths of   tho llu .,,
ifu may bu cared   by   n,    ,-)llay
Kidney-Liver   l'ills,   boc,,,,,,. £™\
the liver, kidneys m.d b,,ui.|    >>;'
and   so cleanse „,„!    |nx „,„.. ,"»'
system.  """uu   m
Have you come  to real ■,. i|,„
portiinco 01 keeping tho buwela ;
lur   nnil the liver ami kidneys ...jK
^ou will appreolato Dr, Cling..-, iv,
M.-.V-I.iver   fills,  not  onlv   ,„. _£*
o     their  wonderfu)   ,.„,„,,,,
also, for their  lasting effect  on   t
system.   They get at the verj (,„„''
ution of ill-healili. and i.v rcmovtal
the  rnuse   bring  cure.
l>r. t'huso's Kidney-I.ivai pm, ,,
comfort of old nge. ono pill n jos'.
2.S cents    a  box,    nt   all  d-*alors   m
Edinanson, nui.n & c,, , i'lm'ml'0
To protect you against Imitattoiu!
the portrait ami signature ol llr .\
W.  Chase,  tho famous  Ipt   book
mil hor, are on every box
4247 Opil and 6 Fine lJcar!»,
4222 14 k. Rine, 3 whole Pearls,  -
40s2 J4 fc. Ring, 3 Turquoise and Pearl*,
395? Diamond Ring, 3 l'ine Diamonds,
5 CO
10 00
10 00
25 00
Some  children  comfort   th.de    pur-
ents w h. a 1 T,i  ago overtakes    theni a
and some pi.• \.• ■.t  old nge (1 om 0 • 1
taking  them
PAINS, 1 1K1-: nn POo'h, ARE ai.-
W.'.\N \\n 11 I'y.—Thnt uortlon of ninn'n
life «1,1.1, k di ' mad,- up a.f plea ur* In
lai  'v  rointioMKl of pain and  '.a  i,. inv
from   pain   a-a   a   pleaii     Blnuile   ia-inu-
ain-, nre ulwiyi U..* l; • -. t In treat inn botJ*
H.V pnln, nnil n Bofe. dure nnd ..nui.!..
romeili ^ llr Thoinns' farlectri. Oil Y<au
ratinni ile «ron« in b/ItIuh ii ■ trial
••liM. required.
No man 'm'uvvh whnt   it  is i,, |l(. n
woinan—und nujrht lo bi> glad of i>
Minard's Liniineot Cures Colds, etc
l.ovi' uauatly renders n man   color
blind us io complexloiifi
A physician who Is n 9p*fciallsl in
nervous diseases Bays that nervous
women   nhould    sl««p al   leael    nine
hour-,   .it    nighl   and   000   in   Iho    duV-
i line.
Wha'ti a ii.vi  {,«* nn a eruUe   th.
b'hv.'s ^o ou the fleet
If n plnj  has a short inn it  usually
means n long walk for the players
The woman win, ,: Hrsl  1.• inh.pl  n
new fud is also lhe Urst to draw the
ait  n new wrinkle
I I        lS'tl't I lla'        Shall tl Ollli    a' I  1
v ou ng man thai   lh i girl's f.
a a    H    Ua.    lis   hia   1  ing   st.T.   i gs
$100 Re\v?.rd $100.
The rtaden of Hiin (.Kf-r will b« r'-JKi ti
Iran-, that  ','.    I-. ul 1 ... l    • •    '    i '   '  I ■ ••<
Ihnt   ". lain   lain   Ll'Bl   a a.a-     1 I
ct;,,-.».   anal  llaaii   I-  Catarrh
Cat* l« tlia only poeltlt* cur* now m »   '    '
......:...! fraumity.   Oaiarrti 1 ■     i
•    ■,  I   ,i!wiiK,   rrqiilrm a cotia
ment illain Caiatrh Core u
iiaili.il dlrectlja ui«'ii tlu '■:
r „,■- et tl    tyatem ,• ;'
(oundatlon ..r th* Haras*, an   •■   '■       P
llcnt it.ar.i--h by i Hl*lnt o
unal inUUtifl n:'.-i-'i ■  In a-ioli •'
(....I.. Mom la-,ve w much f- ',   '
,„,„Vi,.  mat ihey •***!"'  On         ;   J!
tor an) ct  •  I    I   I t*tU lo cun    Ben'W   '•
,.   ,   CHBNEI « I 0   rot*"**1
FnM lav rll fl'.iaii:".'.*!-. 13c
llall-ii Family Pllll tt* tht bul.
It'., ii.a ;>-Ns for ■■ e women to
.hi.-, thai they married fn laonf
after you see their husl nndf
l.leul    Vi,   I-'..    Sufforil       .nil) ":
the navy, bin now of i
of   Agricultitro   .it   Wn>l
about   :<jo books from -:    Iitirarj -
Robert    Louis    Steven n        Nl'"';
ihein is the Bibio which ' ■     - ' '
Rlevensou's fntlicr
Ciyps>  Smith well says lhat ho bo-
li'".i B     in   a  fence  at     Ole  -di •'   ol   n
preetpleo rather thnn a hospital    ai
tin.  bottom
Worry won't cure a cough.
When you find a couah holding on
—when everything cKe ).<i
faded    try
CUre    The LufiC Tonic
It ii guaranteed to i ura
Try a bottle—
If it doesn't cure you
v\'t:",\ refund jour monry.
Prices 2Gr., 60c. and $1.00
8. C, v.::i.i i *, i o,
T'jarar.lo, Can, l.B-Moy, N.V. 4
nrir.l. .1  liy n  MUapeK  Word.
in a ense of political Importance, lhe
whole enso of which hinged upon the
question of the geuulnenen of certain
letters, tho most Important wltncii
w:im, while under examination, suddenly
takOD by surprise by being enlled upon
lo write down n particular word which
occurred In lhe letter!, Tho filiii of
pnper wns lin tided luicU with Iho word
misspelt in un Identically ilrollar fash
ion to tlmt iu which it appeared in the
cormpondence, nud ibe clever forger
wus ioon afler dftecled lu tho witness
So matter which    wa    nn j
»    the members of .a '    '
i'ie   imiully sure ol n  |i
I Inn .'ir'.i'i    is   tho   I'OOI    11
,.,11 s tSf
If vou bate another, it >- ' ' ' '
idi" for votirsclf.
M.-ii cull their own nu        ' " "
uinrt 1 v M.v    fatO.
The   lucky  nnn  is    the   "•'•
:i asps  bis  opi'.ii tUllit)
• Wlml  d0  v,,.i   e,,.  lai  H'lict.'l -*
fin .  littlo girl '• "
"Uoeausfl mj   mnniina ma I s* '" •
"What   dp you do    when >'.'    **!
thei' ?"
' l wall nil it's oul•"
...   .   .,■ nil
I'lriiMinl    ns   svi-.ip I   main   a       'a^,,:',-
is ai .• aui.i  tnedlrlne ;   lh« ' :l"' ''.',.,.
(I raves'  Worrn  Bieterndna101
•si  ..linn destroyer ol lh* ''-''
Sometimes 11  Is dllllcull '" ff^,
etilah  between contentment "	
People seldom apprei late an)
thej  cun afford.
A     won an's    Idea   of   B    *•"'''
lomethlng worth ti'llinn
Results from common soaps?
eczema, coarse hands, raggj
clothes,  shrunken   fl**--nels'
1,1, tor tU» O-U.""** vv
,      mriiln   on   Uie  I**-***.
*?,,," i-.-iison why ii muscle or
,',..,. ,..(• should not be fag*
'out jwl ns U"' "'"*'"'" 0l,ewUere
l.rt one
i ia* not
•Biclie to the
li Beeius ^^^^^^
I"*1 , ,,„,!<! conceive of the re-
'fallowing upon prolonged use of
-;'":1.,,.,,, luisdone nil she could
■■'■■"• : ,.m* prolong the usefulness
I"'"' " No earthly architect ever
'structure that would not
iaII. nnd the house
,!,. ai- ti weight till dny long,
nttrlbuto bis consequent
heavy bullion be has
without elaborate
tuo e.ve*
nil;iiiii"d n
uhle nnd
80 exquisitely uplifted In curl
"3 iitystclotis ways.
fulls and r
more rapidly nnd surely
an 11,:l
eitson Hint we do
,,!„.. for the ren
.,. |,oW much one purt is bus-
■",■ ..'overthrown by another.  One
IT,?, t.i.poleiil enough to disturb
K;, ;,;;.'„,„:,,.,■,.,". especially if Inter*
K'   ',,.,..,., exist  la addiUon to
|Bj(M,t   llissi."
tSa* tr**§ I f"***   to n strict'.v commission firm—Trt
Write to-.lny for    GRAIN   COMMISSION MERCHANTS '
Do You Want
If io, tlio uiideralgnuiluaiiiU your uusluest! r.ail will enilea»or to jj've iatul»i tion-
CusU ttdvauca-il on conaiijiiraents.     Ruferenoe:   Union BuDk of CMiad*.,
I'l'-S aalalo.t n■.talali lini  i.i.ain ('iimmi.-bioii    _m*B "BS   V>>k| 1^1 *~—**
Merchant in Winnip.-ir. 2SHfc Sl^fr Pawl |^**fl B*^*W
Grain   Exchange,   Winnipeg.
Koop tho bowels open with ono of
Ayor'a Pills at bedtime, Just ono.
rxtremely  Small.
m     Vi-,1, i-.l'ed <"* *N1I**S Mll.vunlast
-<  ||       1   111      ,aaa
.•  ,!!,1    I 5011.'
,.;.'     Vl'X.
Ti ii ■<   :
,i;. mil;.'
I, ■. Well, I   •• 'ii
  Blw ■    !
: iho
■vcnlng Indulging In
wits cntirel" "oo
. ,. i   f :, eommorcia
.     .   ;.       ' lllllO.
I us vv
'toji'i Liniinent Cui-s Diphtheria.
h. i
■ dog.
• i
dog is taxed aocOrd-
• ire; a little tax (or u I it—
.. ii  big  IObX for ii  bil- dog.
, ,n ,;: ii i: vi.'in V SKIN - Kriiu-
' ' . . ■ Dnd ih.* blolobea wlmli
"'"..   ..' mo  ihe  result  ol  Impure
unhealthy action
il   Ki v-     1
i   uml
Ihi>ii   normal   i
pi  iilc   PI
,, ■ ,,. blood
....    ..ill     .1.
Iiiuc r'1
sd fi»
Ol     III..'
correcting    this
•a in ine    i hfl   erudition,    I'.inii.-
i  ni  tin*    same
, ml  ilu* hlotchea
aiil'B'nr      without
ii n
lound lu hft.vo
Ibe lnsi
il  thej   havo to
turn   to
1    .
.a    a book.
■'/. i VV i
, ,   I
Held)   Ibsiiii
lietter limn
llfllli'     .S.lal|l
edit h-
'tVhatevei  ik   is right," bHj.s l'o|ia
iintiii nuiKt hv right when salv
*« U-Prics, ir.w
This handfome.-r-ptrce Tra Sei—
r.oo-hflffat-. ondurtm-^ I*. a milts,*,
finest quality tolwf plate—U a
marvel of good value
Rilaclerman Bros.,
TiLBenoHi 1190. r. 0. Box MS
Molntyre Biocli,  304.  Winnipeg.
WI ont nnd grain of all kinds. "Tnr
1,011(1 LoU ii Bpei lull)'. Kegutur nd-
v.uicfi-a oa Bills of Liadldtf,
Write or wire ai for Tracii m<in, or
CiidiIru Yaaur Oral a to u*. winch we
will soil for your upcottut. on your ap-
Ii.-.ival to tiintiest bidilor.
Otir new Catalogue will be
ready Nov 151I1. Wiite for
a copy.
I in, lato, I'U an-" I'M
Yongfl*, St., ToraalltO
Ili.it   Dodd's Kidney   l'ills   Cure
when Oilier iMcuns Falla
Mr. •'. J. Poikliia lllxaulod liy Klibiey Falni
Fluiln Sew lli.iltli lai Uia Ureal Caua-
•tlan Kiil'iny Itemed*',
Tyndall, Man. Nov, 23.—(Special)
— VII 0 ,-er Miinilobo and tli 1 Territories people ur.' telling 01 hcncllw
received from tho use ol Dodd'a Kidney l'ills, und ibis place furnishes u
strlk iir i'.\'i!'i|ilu of how they will
a!i an1". I- mentis liaive.f.iil-
person  of  Mr.   J.   .1.  Ver-
cure   1
fl'd   ill
VI illl   ll.V
• 1  got
te id ra',
Iwo    viu!:; 1   was troubled
Kidneys," Mr. Perkins says.
.ii li.ui thai   the doctor    nt-
1111' declnreil niu Incurable.
"At times, I laud ijiich severe pains
in mv   back Hint   1  thought I  would
huv    taa    !• i\ '•    tip    hopis    mill    die. 1
w..s i able 'a* work and wus becoming  al. b| it ute.
"One aiaa.v a friend asked nto, 'Have
you ever tried Hodd's Kidney l'ills*?1
I an ivered 'No,' and in* persuaded
in.' to try theni.
"The (irst Imbx made mo fool like 0
new ii..in. live ba.*. is cured 1110 cont-
pletcly. Dodd's Kidney l'ills sava*.l
my life
Dodd's Kidney l'l is curo the Kiil-
tia.y*. Bound kidneys take all impurities 0 I ol 1 he blood. Thus Dodd'n
la itli '. Pill • cure Lthuuinaiisin, Sciatica, und other diseases caused by
uric acid  ill  the blood.
(Complltsd from The Commercial*).
Last   weok recorded u gradual   decline   in  tlio    American    speculative
I market,  but    this woek  tho 1 Ida    of
I tl"'  rkot    has beon    running   thu
other    way, and   a gradual advance
I hn    taken plan' alnuo Monday, which
j bus resulted In  prices show'ng 3c  t.i
jjc big-her tlmn „ weok ago. Tlm sen
II Inn nl in these markets from boiiii*
moderately bearish and Inclined u.1
the end of last week to look for
low .!• prices, has turned quite bullish und stiiiii/j,. The general vlo«
taken of tho .Northwestern spring
wheat situation i-. the cause of th«s
Htrength in speculative markets, an.l
there is also tho comparatively small
visible supply, und the conUru'vd
Rood demand for cash wheat. '.'"! '• -
arc RTeai   posslbil lies in  this sltita
1 tion for tho woulthy and experienced
si>eculative  oporatora     manipulating
Itho  market,    and    whip-sawing  the
wide-spread    urniy of small spccula-
Itors v.Iiib    forever continue to come
.forv.Mril  tn   ljB' shorn,    l.i    tin'    trade
of actual  vvi'.a'ni   the net ion of speculative markets is having a strengthening effect  over  America, but makes
little difTcrcncc tai iho irado abroad.
Thc  interior   movemont  ol wheat   in
the States during the week luis been
1     ■   • a :.'..'  of   Dlphtlli't-lH.
giaiwih of
a    HAS.
I'i  i
MIX VltD'S   I.lMMl'N I
1 ou icliold   ri-iiii'ilj    on
M \ I! ill \S FOLEY
Rubbsr    Ui-jiera
m agt ne tbi
: than it  li
In  riil-
a fl-..-:i\  cured hv tbe
'       uniptlve Syrup
a Kiraoriiimii *.   penetratitia
It   li. ui'i.iiiivv
TtB-.ie DUperi aire
*ia<iecf the fiue^t t|U4-
I* y, titiai while rubber
..:.;'i n:e .; ry nimble
sn I o'.fi-.' be i.:/a-'.a*.l
c rl t t>'il dlt,;Tr 10
f.iect b:.l ca."!**e»
an) drr*fc«. They
...th Suite ci If a ■If in aaii.'l. medium
;f. 1 ,-, ^ nv..^-.ift to uothen. nae
kA-.i**.-r »*'*.-' ..' lasta k'-ii.'rUbibi ».!oz.
uralniri Ntt a..- iv .ii«.'. pill t.a;U-;f cts.
V- - far i'iva«*rrud c«.it'a';«e of MnlUry
iaipplii.  ?:ci::hao<i Amtricuu 1 ibbei s *i<l»,
lui'. st Saaditct, tlflS.  UU free. AJJieii
1 rat i*i*iiTinT sum* co,
txi Vteroau a-t., ioa.an.To, tx..
'aA, tKenli wtalfll
The weretary of   the  Aarronautleal
S of (Jrent   IJritaiii expects tho
klti   ■ 1 lie the base ot ihe future In-
stn "I    aei al  1 ayigat 1 in,    tho
■ lane.
EJr    Von
Tab!ot9   Mo iicais
a av PlYll    the    pot a'al'V
.b    , a   aa aai   for   HtOlllMi'h    I : DUlilcs
lltttltC   nl    v ava'' able
iiu'it   in   ila*  iruit   makes  it
Sian s
. |.y nccldn.it   .ii ■
tlio  plncnpple
cu  al*
ilv   .
aalla 1
I    ■       I-     i-'lV      til     i:. >.-.-.     aif
•j..-in   uml   .   :   ■   lion        One  tablet
earli   n.eal  will  cure chronic cases
1 a box, ll.'a cents.—112
London is suppoxed 10 have 170,000
Inhabitants lo  the square mile,  but
on  the  1 .. '   1 Ide,   N"v.   *v ork,
nre ."Us 000 p.'.apl.. 10 the siiuari
1 •• averagu |iolitical complexion
I'ldoni more th'..1: whitewash «i<*.*i».
ai.aa'al   tho snnio as u
this w<*ek'8 exports
ebl.'  fulling  off. In
l'/iini|"    keeps well
ot liar countries, and
new crop front Arg
year ago.    hul
show consider
the    meantime
supplied  from
ii   is  reported
 llline   and   Aus-
for   .January-February     sin
hipnicnt   is freely offi n d    1 0
1   rnstn 1 - 1 enilnd i;s lhat the a\ ■■■■ ■
age mnn isn'I  as white ns ho i.  ^a ulp-
• 111 • il
Liverpool and other ports. Russia Is
til*-11 reported ns offuring freely and
stocks at libu'k Sea ports are extra-
ordinurilj hcttv*, F.very d.iv ai. pi-i*.*.-
b'ih the news from Argentine Is eagerly v. a ichfl'd for, Late reports aro that
liar vesting is progressing satisfactorily It is estimated thai tlw Argentine will hnvo a probable surplus for
export ni' ur.hi nl 110,000,000 bushels
11 harvest 's coiupletod under ordinary conditions, but Ihere is always
tlie risk of weather Betting in to
damage the crop. In t h<* vear ending thc actual exports from Argentine have been around 6o,oou,oao and
last year only 18,000,060 bushels. The
crop situation ih other countries is
generally favorable. Seeding coudi-
• ons have improved in Europe, and
the Winter wheat crop in tho United
States seems generally to be in verj
rnvorablo condition, wiih the area
planted about Ua.. same as last yeur.
Manitoba wheat has been llrm all
the woc*k ami prills huve advanced
under thc influence an' the American
advauci. Tho demand, howoyer, ia
m.i so iia'iive as it usually is at thi.-.
-il tria
iv'i   l.'ora I urr a 11 inl     It
fi 0111  on* I'Biir ib' (>'>•'
Wlia-    it.   lias   il "te
■    hns n praying em-
behl :.l  hlm   be  doi*"i'i
•• ai night worry***.
no equal
The bu ees'   room in  tlio v 0
tbe room for self improvement
..    aa   I   IT— a.tl  f,   .  I '.-.a*   l.a   1  ,av.r Kf-W't   1
Bill    u
il  he
. la.aws when
,    I'.VVllV     uu
I',. B. I.Kfl*    .
fun i  r : • ;-•'. *'';• '   ■'.
I    ■      ■   IMl    Ht   JIB   I IW
,    , .':•«■ h.  v      ran
a, .-.'., .fli    a  U ■
tar at.   * *..'.■'*,.'' .'■'.'; ..„„..    ...
JCT5A. ' Dr. B. ifKenrTrdi Co., "TnotAurj F.IU, Vt
te, k:
".-ai aia/i.Valft etmtey.
1 .., ■, oti limnm
,,.., pjyiriB'Ten*.
.■ a FrlneSl •■• £
sive, Friday aftornoon nricvft clos-
• I nl No. i uorthern 7','',c. i northern
•'a-.  3 northern,  7.1'c  No,  .)    wheat
i,l.i.{U0Min* wm
fcnua-rly k.no»a itt C*ua.:a «» rowley
For  Liquozone—Yet "Wo
onn Into the
i Lte.ulfled ot.ee )
D  SOc.   Dottle  Free.
• ||c,   feed     vv heat   51   [c,
|i jc, spot or didiv cry by
in sia.re Fold   William or
ihur.     Navigation  at   Fo
« ill probably close    nut
ill two wivl-s t im.*.
I ed ^^
^ Sl il   illast..
Port Ar-
t    VV ill lam
later than
w iNMrr.ii   ,n
Win: i
.v5'-1'' •   :iv, nftrr testing I,iiiuozouc
IJftwo yearn In the most difficult germ
irs In the most tii
paid fl 0,000 foi lhe Aineiican
I"".**.   Viiat i, I y far the highest price
iuiilat lighls on uny scieii*
I'^'paiilf.. .
**'*c r.i-.   ,. I
thia fact to Miow you the
loiotic.   The moat worthleM
ft may Imv,* great  clalaiu ina.le
,    ' '  i  i men don't pay a price HUe
"M '.me for a discovery of ramarkable
■"-'•    tnully.
*'i th to h
Inside Germs.
1   '
I "fUlii ihi
.  .   one alone kills genu in the body
I "mihout kitli
lhe tissue-, too.    It is *0
we publish on every buttle
I '"offei of Ji.ouo'for a disease genu that
"    I   i'."a,I.    J;  -r ^^
iquozone destroys at
orever tiie c.mse of any gerai
'   -
I ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Aii.1 there i*. ro other wnv tai do it.
»Jiiruo ihat kllli gcrnn isa polion to
(, a mid it cannot be taken internally.
II ftltack n tr,iiilil<: that
e (■erms ; ami it cures
i iiuiliciue never cured.
ihe worl
are vcgrtublts
is su giRid (or yoUl
ami this i: ■ ess l f OXJgcil
-is deadly to
tbe very life of uti aiimii
vecelablc matter. ,
we sremt .1 d«y* «;'«?
bottle of r.iqn-woito: but me r«
liapii.l oxygen—a pro*
diseases which no medic
without it.   ItU bow employed itt ewy
great hMplUl,  nn.l  IndorK.
medical r.ulho.ity, the world over.
iuet which will cure
1 skill can cure
by every
;•':■'  ti alone•
r«    I   - insl
■■   nhicl
Liquid  Oxygen.
nlcohol in il   --■-*•
M |r™i'a"'"'™"01 in It,   It is the discovery
iu, the greRt Ge -sunn chemist, who
ki!.,, i "'""' 0" '*.   Hi* object was to
,u**u u» *«cmi of oavgra in tataple
Germ Diseases.
These are the known germ di:eases.
Ail that medicine can do for thene trouble*
is to help Nature overcome the gertfu,
and such results are itnliiect  and  un*
'"--.      I.iii'.hi/oue   kills  the  germi,
cirlnin.     I,ii|'.hi/on
wherever tliey urr, aud the result* are
Inevitable,   Hy destroyliig th
ne oi
ineviuiiie,   «y .ai,„»;
lhe trouble, it invatialily ends the di tBM,
ami forever.
Ilav I'trci—ttifliienin
KI illB*y  lU-a-alUa «
AMlnua ,
At'src«H -Aiuenil*
Blood I'fliisna
llrlKht'» IIimbbM
llowrl Troiat'I**
CoiikIh -C»lat
a  ai,Mil"1'
StsnyH*»it TttjoDles
Vilf.a   I'liriiinulila
llli.a.liaatl' .'1
■kill UilMMI     .
Uysprps!*       ,
Rcttma—Rrr*ip« «»
fertr*—Oali tj'.occi
Ftomtcli TronMt*
'a"luoit i'rciiblti
, lll-eiCllloaaia
tVomeo'i DlK****
All iliarase*. Hint 1*rIii vti'.Ii fjvtr-nll tullani*
allal 'aa It—nil Ctlt-r-'ll-BB  I flXBIilla^'CafiatlSCIISC**—all
the iciuIUaaol ImpareoT |io.ioii<.lb'.ooal.
In ncrvaj'i.a diaality blqUOtoar «fl'ta bsS»1UI-
lltr, tccuUllflliaUlll,; '..!;.■'. I..I .'.I    ;" .a'l 'ta.
50c. Bottle Free.
If yeu necal Uquozone, and have never
tried ita please tend us this coupon. We
will then mail you an order OU your local
druggist for a full size bottle, aud we will
pay vour druggist ourselves for it. This
Is our free rj't, made to convince you ; lo
show you what I.iipio/ouc is, nn.i what it
en d'. In justice to yourself, please
accept it today, for it places you under
no iiiaiijaatton whatever,
I.lquozone costs 50c. and $t.
Tlie    follow ing ar
'aal. nu; prices :—
1 'lour- Oglli le's Hungarian
J.".,*i*i per -ink .ai i*8 pounds
;  a■', -. uccordlngl'i.
.'.iis—\n.  .* while.   i.!c,   ;n car lots
3   t'i   ?U   CCIltS   I'aa;       i,.a'il   ;.-l'aa!i"-;      at
• mntry  points  fanners an* rccii. ina
, a'lit.S    pUI'    laiisl  ad
Uailoy—Malting  grades,   <|6 to  .",7c
:    ri    i'. in 33c,
Kin*'-.a bI-Sih-  par bushel  for  fiirm-
1 : •'   I'litalo   nt   count ry   points,
Kpoltz—35c per bttdhcl.
lia.v — iiaii'.i, 58 to S«J per tam
ItuUei—Creamery,  :.•',,■  nei   i'..*n-id
dairy, besl   In bricks,  soc; tubs,   :k
ntiiin.uv  grades, 1 - t<> 140,
1 ii.. 11    1 •-1 r per pound,
Poultry—Chickens, ducks end
ior per pound;  t urkej s;   1:  lo
Potatoes—4"(  to ,S'i cents reiki YK  STOCK.
Pinto Shell
Mitts and
—Toughest wear, flexible, warm, light
—Boil aud ."scorch proof
—Rip aud tear proof
—Rain aud wind proof
—That's what H.B.K. Piuto Shell Cordovan mitts and
gloves are
—Made from the hide of the  Western   Bronco, the
toughest animal with the toughest hide,   light
enough to make mitts and gloves.
—Sold by dealers everj* where.
Genuine only with this brand.
Write for "Strayeal," the funniest piece of
literature tfttt written about a lkonco—Krt«
H. B. K. Warm
Duck Coats
H.B.K Duck Coats are warm,
hard wearing garments. They
are made in scores of styles—
fleece lined, mackinawwool lined,
!eather reversible—high storm
collars, large "Kantilever"
unsalable pockets.
  Made to keep out the wind and
the cold, the rain and tie sleet. Made to keep people warm
Branded with this brand.
Sold   by   up-to-date  dealer;?
Hudson Bay Knitting Co.
istbc PRmRtWTIALio^cit^R
YtJiiH   Enjoy Every BitfOf If,
(at ile-Hulrlaers'
nor pound.
I-''..'- !-   3J    t>'
a' per pound.
4c per pound
weights, sir
foi thUolTtrumy net nppeftrtnlii. i-'iiicut
Hi- liUllkH Bird mall it in tile 1  .].]..'. Oioue
''•>, tSl 321 l-.in.-a.' Bt., Chi'-Hgo.
Uiy diflXiicc ll	
1 hive never ideal i.lquoiooe cr rowicy'i
I Iqulflcd OzaMie, bill if yon will iU|i|ily tue » I
f.V. Utileftec 1 will liiLe 11. ~~
\1C    A
lllva. full lflala!a-aT.,-Bi'rltl>lal»llalyL
Wlml   IllO   1 I'.a'aa   Aliaau
"Wiiiii's the moml of Hint
nsked tli*** young man.
"Oh," replied Mrs, Kn Flippe nbsenl
niiiiil illy. "1 ila*Bti't know na It litis on***
but tie*- immoral ef It li ji-si loo llirlll
lug for unythlng."—Chicago I'.ceord
_y_     '**^mwav m
1 "Well begun te half X
y done.',
Start Hie day well. Much depenils on
eating u good lveallhful, hearly breakfast.
l;ood Pads, l'lakekts, Pfe-dlgesteds, etc.,
served cold v.ith crenui lo "excuse hasic,"
will not serve the place of a good hot dish of
thoroughly cooked
Tasty and Invigorating.
-BiheOGiuriE Flour Mills Com
iiil .»/,KiwinFri ■■"*—      MONTREAl    *
■ft:     •  WINNIPEG CANAD*v   »_,„*UUS_M
l.lquotoue**Olir trinlriiiuik luinc- njw RppMTI
iau cvciy tuttlc ul gMlllnt Ilqutded uii^uc.
Qultf*  I'll  to  Dltti
Pay i Bnd tlieri> II •■ $2,!i00
gngp on Ilie properly you i -'ial me
never wild nuytliliu; nbout it.
Cay- Certain.] I did. IMiln'l I rjli
tlm ti.v lell you ii Imd all luodorn In
Some   men   ti'uat   to luck in this '   As ii rule nn helrewi is more Inter*
world, and some othera aro lucky to eating thnn she looka
p'l  trtiBted. *
Board's Linimcut Cores llistcmpcr.
Tlicre nre ,'Ho packs ol lioitmls -iiuiii-1 Iho bnck of your neck,
tnineil   iti    Ilie   lnilcl   K in*l' .Bin      for
huntiuK the f'-x,   tho stnj;.    the lime,
mui  Uia otter,
■ ai       	
Minard's Liniment Cores Garget in Cows.
A   boll   ill   Ilie  pot   is   worth  two  ou amt. DRILL, 81.OUAN, b. 0., DEOBMBBR 4,-1908.
C. E. 8nJ'reB«isaALK, Editor and Prop.
is r*jsusn*u> imr xkiday at
1L0CA5,      •      •       •       •      B. C.
Legal Advertising 10 cents a line for
ihe first insertion and I cents a line each
'juosrquent insertion.
Certificates of Improvement, $7 each.
Transient advertisements at same rates
.as legal advertising.
Locals will be charged 10 oents a line
'er each insertion.
Commercial Kates made known upon
The Subscription is $2 per year, strictly in advance; $2.50 a year if not so paid.
Address all letters to—
Slocan, B. C.
FRIDAY, DECEMBER 4th, 11)03.
Those wicked Tories down at Victoria have actually had the audacity
to hie the Dunsmuir interest's io the
courts again for employing Chinese iu
the collieries at Union, and havo had a
fine inflicted. James will soon learn
that he is no longer It.
Canada is to have an all-rail route
to the Klondike, giving her control of
the trade of that important section.
The Dominion government will father
the scheme and the legislature of this
province will lend its aid. Such a
road would open all the northern section of British ColuiKbia.so attracting
population and capital. The building
of tho road is a direct result of the
Alaskan boundary award.
Last Thursday the local legislature
opened for business andjudgiug from
the text of the speech from the throne,
the Conservative government has fully
grasped the needs aud requirements
of the province. That the government
mean to work was also exhibited by
the budget of new bills and amendments laid liefore the members next
day, the customary adjournment to
the following woek boing done away
with. It is the intention to wind up
tho session, if possible, liefore Christmas, and the leaders promise no dallying with public matters. The session will be a noted one, as the legislation submitted has taken the Opposition by surprise, being at the same
time more drastic than the Conservative followers generally thought would
be the case. An earnest endeavor is
being mado to keep expenditures inside tho revenue and to improve the
financial positiou of the province. A
short-termed loan of a million dollars,
by treasury warrants, is asked for;
while sweeping amendments to the
Assessment and Land acts are introduced, the aim being to increase the
revenue derived from tho coal and
timber resources, the railways, and
the income tax. Pulp reserves are
cancelled, but the famous two per
cent tax on mineral is retained. The
legislators will earn their allowances
this session.
It is high time the citizens were bo-
stowing some attention to the formation of a lioard of aldermen for next
year. It is aliout time also that burlesque gave way to the stern realities
aud responsibilities of a self-governing
community. With the present council reduced to a bare quorum of four
nnd minus a mayor, and with the outlook extremely doubtful for even a
working complement of aldermen for
the coming year, it must be admitted
the situation is at least unsatisfactory.
What is required i.s a set of enterprising and resolute men, who will conscientiously shoulder the responsibilities of the city and legislate with justice to all and favors tn none. As all
know, it is necessary that the utmost
economy shall bo practiced with regard to expenditures and, equally so,
is it essential that tho various sources
of revenue shall lio strictly and fully
developed. Thero are now outstanding several thousand dollars in back
taxes and prompt and effective moans
should be taken to collect them in,
outside property holders lining thus
compelled to bear thoir just share of
the expenses of civic government.
Were all available revenue collected
in, there should lie sufficient funds
each year, not only to meet general
expenses and the debenture debt, but
also to provide for public improve
meuts, which are sadly needed, The
city has an excessive assessment and
si high rate of taxation and something
tangible should result. Every effort
should Ik. made to attract population,
by constructing good walks and line
streets. In time electric lights and
waterworks will follow. Slocan needs
n complete and energetic council, and
to that end a move ought to lie made
at once to induce those eligible for office to stood for election.
■ a    an
,^... .i jaoaaflTflBaaaaai
Pay up your subscription.
Just threo weeks to Christmas.
Slocan ore shipments total 13,521
All tho Ice molted off the rink this
Jeff Baty re-opened the Slocan hotel
this week.
There is a good opening here for a
Kossland mines last week shipped
8260 tons of ore.
George Clurk has leased the Sandon
hotel at Sandon.
James and Pote Foley aro holidaying at Vancouver.
Three condemned murderers are in
the Kamloops jail.
The zinc market is weak, as is also
the demand for silver.
Sandon hockey players have re-organized for the season.
The Last Chance is again a shipper,
thanks to the recent strike.
The Payne's zinc mill is producing
an article 65 per cent pure.
Sandon Knights of Pythias will hold
a grand ball on New Year's eve.
For last week tho exports of the
Slocan miues amounted to 276 tons.
The C.P.R. will open up the large
bodies of anthracite coal near Banff.
David B. Bogle has been let out of
the editorship of the Victoria Colonist.
Wordon Bros, have received the
contract for teaming to and from the
More or less sneak thieving has been
going on of late iu thu business part
of the town.
Alex. Rogers has moved his barber
shop into now premises iu the Wilson
House block.
Alf Frith was hanged at Victoria on
Friday for the murder of F. J. Bailey
at Esquimalt.
Preparations are being made for the
usual Sunday school outertaiiiment ou
Christmas eve.
The creeks, lake and river have
risen a good deal this week, owing lo
the heaw rains.
Tom Taylor.menilier for Revelstoke,
has been chosen Conservative whip in
the legislature.
When here lately the Cosgrove people strongly endorsed the Schubert
Symphony Club.
During the month of November tho
C.P.R. sold 2.25(5,305 acres of laud,
worth 5107,363.21.
The local mill company have received an order from the east for another
carload of shinglos.
Al Teeter has lioiiglit Dick Butner's
interest iu the Wilson House and is
now sole proprietor.
The eastern representatives of the
Ontario-Slocan Lumber Ca>. have not
yet put in an appearance.
J. A. Anderson is overhauling the
interior of the drugstore to accommodate his stock of stationery.
Rev. Father Jeannotte paid his first
official call here during the week and
held mass in the Catholic church.
T. B. Hooper, of the International
Correspondence Schools of Scranton,
was here ou a rustling trip Tuesday.
John Taylor was here yesterday.
He has decided not to open a shoe
store here, but will locate at New
J. Teir fell through a chute at the
Monitor on Friday, broakiig his leg
iu three places. He was taken to the
Sandon hospital.
One of Slocan's well known characters, who went by the name of Annie
Rooney, is in an insane asylum at
Stellacoom, Wash.
Aid. McNeish  was surprised the
other day to receive word from the
department of education that he was
not a school trustee.
Last Saturday an express traits was
badly wrecked near Cranbrook by
running into a cow. which threw tho
engine from the track.
Local visitors to the K. of P. liall
at New Denver, last Thursday, state
it was a big success, upwards of 50
couples being present.
The local lumber company have
finished shipping for tho season from
their mill at the head of the lake.
The product went to the prairies.
W.H.Yawkov, principal shareholder
iu the Minnesota iSilverCo., owners ol
the Ivanhoe group and mill, died last
week in Detroit, of heart disease.
Regular statutory nieeting of the
license commissioners will bo held
next Wednesday. Renewals for the
next six months will l>e. passed upon.
All shingles used by the C.P.R. in
the Kootenay division are purchased
from the mill here, the local article
Ix.ing considered the best in the market.
Field-Johnston, of Vancouver, has
tendered an abject apology to Hon.
.Jos. Martin, for libelling him through
the press. "Siseman" should go and
bury himself in some convenient hole.
It is with pleasure that the au
nouiicement is made that the famous
Schubert quartette has boon secured
for an evening's engagement at the
Music Hall. This means a great treat
in store for the citizens. No lover of
mu ie can afford to miss it, and thero
e.Ttainlv should be u full house. December 7.
Better timo is now being made with
the train service in tho Slocnn, tho C,
P. R. having issued hurry-up orders.
A shipment of iron ore passed down
a few days ago from the Payne to the
Trail smelter, whero it will be used as
a flux. It was extracted from zinc by
the magnetic separator.
Appended is a complete list ef the var
ious records registered ntthe lecal registry edict, II. 1'. Christie being mining
Nov 2*— Forest King, on Erin niours
tain, R C Campbell-Johnston.
Ernest, same, same.
Keystone, same, R A Hradshaw.
Nov 23—St Lawrence for two years.
Tamarack No 8 (r.
Nov 28
No 2.
Falls View No 2, Tamarack
Nov 23—Black Cloud, all, R Thompson
to 1* W Kllis.
Young Bear 1-tl, Murillo fr 1-0, Bright
Light 1-ti, Lsrk %, Linnet Vs. D G Mc-
Cutig to J Welsh,
Gwiilim & Johnson,
B. C
The Golden Crown
nineral Claim. . .
Situated on the Arlington road. Heavily
timbered. Crown granted. Make cash
offex to—
322 Cambie Street,
Vancouver, B. C
Slocan     1
J. Pinchbeck, Proprietor |
Fresh Fruits of Every |
Kind Arriving   Daily, <"•
A full   stock  of  the best g
lines of cigars and tobac- &
C03 always kept on hand. §
1* l..»uv.amt ll renal fair SI.
rii'.l Waiglit antl Qaullly
" Price Responsibility *
The price branded
on the sole of the
Goodyear Welted
"Slater Shoe" by its makers
is their (not the dealer's)
valuation, and they know
the wear value put into the
For Men   -   |£oo   -   For Women
Slocan, B. C.
1 have just received a
large assortment of
Xmas Cards, of the
newest designs	
Also a few packs of Con-
Kross and B. C. Souvenir
Playing Cards, with f-old
edj-es and gold borders
--the most attractive edi
tion of playing cards
ever issued.
Our Xmas Goods will
arrive in next week.
"Ryrie"  Cut  Glass  is  the
purest of Crystal.
Our handsomely itludtraicd new
Catalogue* ahowra a very large aaaurt-
naeait of choice pieces.
Ro. lit
This 8-inch finest Cut Glass
Berry Bowl we send to any
address for $8.oo.
We pay express charges
and guarantee safe delivery.
Write for our Catalogue.
Ready for delivery Nov. 15th.
IIS, 120,  133 and 124
Yonje St., Toronto
Med. Supt., S. W. Keith, M.D.
])ATF.S: Ragnlar suhssrlbsrs, tl   psr  month
\   nr$io a yam*: non-subscribers (exclusive of
ma.liral 1 ttsndfltlC*) f2 par ilny. Private wnral*.
VI )/<r alny extra. Special fltctUtltl for uiuiyrii-
iiy cam.
For further particulars apply to.
D. B. O'Neail, Sec
Insurance !
EMPLOYERS' liability:
Representing the strongest companies deirig 1)Hmiicj?s in Canada.
Seknew accident policy, with par
ticipatioii in prottts, coverinr sickness aud speratlens.
II. I). CURTIS, Notary Public
Pioneer Livery
and Feed Stables,
Sloean, B. C.
General Packing and Forwarding; attended to at the
•liortest Notice.
Saddle and Pack Horses fer
hire at reasonable rates.
New Residence for Sale
One of the Newest Residences in Slocan is offered for sale on easy terms. It contains five
rooms, hall, pantry, wardrobes, china closet,
large garret, good cellar, is lathed aud plastered, and is the best finished in town. Water
service, fine lawn and garden, fruit trees,
etc.   A SNAP FOR ANYONE.       For terms
Apply at Drill Office
^f''£v JOINING^.
Mutual literary music club
Way mo uth Mineral Claini.
Situate in the Slocan City Mining Division ol the West KootfMinv District
Where located:—On Printer cresk,
a tributary ol Ten Mile creek,
TAKK NOTICK that I, W. I). McGra*
for. ncting as silent for John I,. Karwig,
free miners' certificate No. 1171025, unal
C. K. Smitheringalo, free miner's certificate NO.B59097, intend, CO days from the
date hereof, to npply to the Mining Kecorder for a certilicate of improvement,for
the purpose ol obtaining a Crown grant
of the ahove claim.
And further take notice that action,
tinder section ,''7, mum he commenced
hefore the issuance of such certificate ol
Dated this Uth dav of November, 190.'!
13-11-03  "W. n. HcOREUOR
Crusader, Hliiilan 1aeu.ua, end lleuliiar
Mineral « lulmi.
Situate in the Slocan City Mining Division of the Went Kootenay District
Where located :—lietween the first
and second north forks of l*mon
TAKK NOTICK that 1, W. I). Mc
liregor, acting im tgent for Chas. I'aai*.,
F.M.O. B57607, and Wm, II. Crawford,
Kreo Miner's Certificate No. B57698,
intend, sixty days from tin*, date hereof,
to apply ta the mining recorder for certificates of Improvement, for the purpose of obtaining Crown grants of tlie
above claims.
And further tako notice that action,
under section 37, miiHt bo commenced
liefore the issuance of such certificates of
Dateii this 12th day of November 1903
Kill 03. W. I). McGREGOR
OC Ontfl pays for throe month ft* membership,
&V Lueh iii-- :il)i*r rff«irpH t *,i> ullii -inl club 'ir^an
©Tory month,including picce-i of bich-clusTocal
nnd itiUrumetital new musio each month, 18
Iii.'•■•!•* in all; ilto » Certiflcate of Membrrtbtp
which gives the privilego of Club Room lu New
YoTk City, nnd of burin* literature, mualr or musical initruments of any description at wholowle
price*, saving you from %<% to W-% on your purchase*,. Don't(ailtojoinatonce.Yoawillgrt mnch
mor-n than your money's worth. MnVAi- I.n kr-
a-UiI-MttJicCLrn, Dept.     . ISO Nassau 8t.,N.Y.
Steel Ranges
for $18.25.
Why be without a ranee whea
you can get one so cheap ? Thet,
ara proferrable to stove** and give
better satisfaction. These ranges
burn wood or coal and will be
■et up free.
Notice to Delinquent Co-owner
To Win. J. Andrews, or to nny -term
or persons to whom ho may Lava tni-""
ferrcd his interest in tin' Black Diamond mineral claim.situated on Union
rre.*k and recorded in tlie* i'***.*o der s
office for the Slocan i ity mining din*
You   aro   hereby  notified   \a%\ I.
; Andrew Provost. F.M.C No.B64707,lil«
Icaused to ho expanded Uiasumoitw
, hundred    and    live    di.ll.im   in   l»**°r
and improvement! on the above tntn*
liaiie.l     mineral    claini,   in   0ro«   *
hold said claim under the proviiwrt*
the Mineral Act; and if  within WMJ1
irom the date of this noti.-e >"« »". N.
return*, to contribute yuur proportion*"
sucli expenditure.toijetlier witli "••fl"j
of advertising,  vour interest   in mm
claim will become the propeity •! j"
subscriber, tinaler  section  i el •*" A<,
entitled "An Act to amend the Miner'i
Act, 1900." .     .
Hato.l at Sloean, B.C., this 1st w."
December, A.D. iuo:i. ,   .. .,
4-12-os anpbew riunog
H. J.
This Snap
THE DRILL haa made au
arrangement with tbo Toronto   Moil-Empire,   so
that itu weekly edition may lio
clubbed with the former,
Now subscribers, therefore,
may obtain tbe Weekly Mail-
Empire acknowledged to bo
one of the bout papers in tho
Dominion -aad Sloeaa's leading journal, Tun; DRILL, from
aow till .Ian. I. 1905, for thn
sum of $.'1. With thia exceptional offer will be given ns a
premium, a beautiful arto-
gravure, entitled "The Victoria Cross." The picture depicts a scene in the lato Ho«*r
war, dene in ten colors, and
well worth framing. Seed in
your orders at once to
The Drill, Slocan.
per annum


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