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The Slocan Drill 1902-04-11

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VOL. 111., F«. 2.
SLOCAN,   B.   C,   APRIL   11,   1902.
12.00 PER ANNUM.
T. D. Woodcock & Co.,
Slocan, British Columbia.
Hardware, Tin and Qraniteware
Paints, Oils, Huralo, Fishing: Tackle
Wire Netting, Ore Cars, Rails, Track Iron
Sole Agents for California Giant Powder,
Gutta Percha Fuse, Giant Caps, 3 6c 4
x Caps.
Our first Spring Shipment just in, comprising
Shirt Waists,
Corset Covers, &c.
Top Skirts,
Night Gowns
P*"i"*e and quality are both interesting.
W. T. Shatford & Co., General Merchants,
Slocan, Vernon, Fairview, and Camp McKinncy, B, C.
A. YORK <fc CO.,
Dealers in Fresh and Salt
rieats, Vegetables and Provisions. Goods shipped to
any part of the Slocan.
Highest cash price paid for
raw Furs.
B. C.
SLOCAN,   B.  C.
Offers up-to-date accommodation for the
Public.     It is the home of Travelling,
Commercial, and Mining Men.
GETHING & HENDERSON, - Proprietors.
Slocan, B. C, is under the
SIM ai Person Hanapent of Jeff Baty,
Who is ever ready to make life pleasant for those
who tarry within a while with him.
■   .
I Is reached by any trail or road
that runs into the Town.
Do not go past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
■ • nt-.
NSW Kl.l'CriO.N*.
Will Tuko plnce on or Alsesst tlse »3ril—
ltuto of Taxation Struck for the Year
—Aldermen Thluk 14 Mill, on Dollar
Will b« Sufficient.
The city dads are attending strictly
to business these days, so every man
put in an appearance again on Monday night.
A. Campball Reddle, deputy provincial secretary, wrote: "With regard to iho resignation ol Mr. ii. A.
Bradshaw on the 10th of February,
KI02, of the office of mayor of the
corporation of tho city of Slocan, and
to tlit* fact tlmt the municipal council
of Uie said city has not proceeded to
nn election within the time appointed
by thc .Municipal Elections Act, to
lill sucli vaeu. icy, I havo the honor
to acquaint you that, en complaint of
Mr. Herbert D. Curtis, an elector of
the said municipality, iiis honor tlie
lieutenant governor in council lias
thought fit tu issue the enclosed warrant to yourself, as city clerk,calling
upon you, at the expiration of ten
days from tho date hereof, to fix the
day for the nomination and election
of a new mayor. You will observe
that the warrant provides that such
election shall be held in accordance
with the provisions of tlie aforesaid
The enclosed warrant reads thus:
"Whereas the mayor of the corporation of the city of Slocan resigned the
said position on tlie tenth day of Feb
ruarv, A.D. l'J02, and such resignation was accepted bv tlie council of
the said citv on the 17ih day of Feb
ruarv. A. L). l'J02; and whereat, In
pursuance of suction 81 *»f the Municipal Elections Act, a complaint lias
been mule that the council has nit
proceeded to fill tho vacant position
ct mayor within the t mc api-ulni**")
by the said act: we command you,
Jul.ti A. Foley, clerk of iho municipal council ef the corporation of the
city of bit-can, at tit** expiration of
tun d-iys fvort the date hereof, us fix
tho dav for the nomination and election ofa new mayyr tot the. corporation of tlie city of Slocan, und that
you do cause sucli election to he hold
in accordance with the Municipal
Elections Aet. Given at our govern
ment house at thc citv of Victoria,
this 4th day of April, l.)0*_."
The educition department officials
at Victoria sent a cheque for $.S;>4.Ij">,
being the first quarterly grant to the
school, the average slaiiv attendance
ofthe pupils being 70.93.
Communications ordered received
and tii*il.
Finance cjtninitt.ee reported In favor of last week's bills and the same
were ordered paid.
Tho committee also brought in a
report upon the estimates for the year,
recommending a tax rate of 13 mills
on tiie dollar.
Aid. liarber strongly advised that
the iiii|)i\iveincnts be levied upon for
only 25 per cent *.f their assessed
value, thu-i creating an inducement
fur people to come hero nntl build.
Vacant lots were enhanced iii* value
by adjoining Improvements and they
should stand the increased strain.
Aid. McCallum deemed the discus
sion somewhat premature, till the
clerk's statement was laid before
Aid. Smith and McCallum moved
that, when the proper mauient arrives, the council go in committee of
the whole to consider tlie striking of
a rate.    Carried.
New bills presented) T. D Wood
cock sS Ch., supplies, $13 15; II
,'uest, supplies to treasurer, $3 10;
T. Armstrong, police, and .J. Foley,
clerk, salaries, $75 each. Referred
to finance committee.
Clerk Foley presented the ful lowing financial estimate!
Hotel licenses $ 1|]00
Traders' licenses 600
Dog tax WO
Government refund on real
estate tax 100
Real estate tax 2200
Reopened under
the old management
Former customei-s
cordially invited to return
The Royal Hotel,
Car. Artlsar Street aad Delaney Ayniia, guoan.
Building thoroughly renovated
and re st-eked witl*.*thc best
Fruit, Confectionery, Tobacco
Yon can get anything in these lines that you
require from -us. Our stock in each is always
kept fresh and well assorted. We handle the
best the market affords.   Prices are right.
a, c. smith; slocan
This,loss the townsite company's pos
sessiwns, which pay nothing, would
make $1580, or $700 less than tho es
timated expenditure.
Aid. Worden and McCallum took
exception to tho strictures passed on
tlie townsite company, who did pay
their taxes,as the receipts were forthcoming to prove. Aid. McCallum
said ii was the council's duty to estimate on the assessed values beforo
them, whether all tho taxes were
paid or not.
An incipient discussion arose over
delinquent taxes and the amount still
duo tlie city from the government for
realty taxes.
The council then went into com
mittee of tlie whole and discussed
the rate of taxation.
Aid. McCallum finally reported
that the committee favored striking
a rate of 14 mills on the dollar, with
the assessment en the improvements
at 50 per cent of their value. The
yeas endorsed it on a division.
Chairman Robertson reported to
council the verdict of the committee.
Tho report was accepted, on motion
of Aid. McCallum and Nichol.
Wednesday night was selected for
holding a special meeting of council,
in order to pass a bylaw governing
the levying rf the tax rate.
Reports of health committee and
board of works were further laid
over till special meeting.
Aid. Worden moved that the clerk
write provincial health officer, Dr.
Pagan, at Victoria, that the council
were keeping an eve on tuberculosis.
■Seconded by Aid. liarber and carried.
Aid. Nichol wanted to remove the
rocks on cast Ward street and use
them in rip-rapping the piers on Delaney ave bridge,but Aid. McCalluin
could see no sense in doing that when
there were, plenty at hand in the
Aid, Worden asked the clerk the
probable date of the eleClien, and
was told about the 23 rd.
Council adjourned.
the lead.   A much   larger force of
men will also be then employed.
The management ofthe Speculator
and Arlington,working In sympathy
are discussing tho advisability of
prospecting their ledge or ledges
witli a diamond drill, and it would
not bo at all surprising to see a drill
installed on each property next summer. It is maintained the cost of development would be greatly reduc
A yonr ago tho company secured a
valuable timber limit on tiie divide
ofthe south fork of Ten Mile. A
road will eventually be built to the
limit along the summit and thc timber brought to tho Speculator for its
sole. use. At thesawniill, on Springer
creek, the Arlington people have sufficient logs on hand to keep the plant
moving almost all summer on lumber
for the two mines. Ultimately the
management expect to obtain their
timber, squared ind ready for use,
direct from ihe coast mills.
Taking all in all the outlook for
the Arlington hill is cheering for thc
opening of the summer season.
Deficit from last year
$ 673
School appropriation
Flection, municipal,
Election, school trustees,
Printing and stationery
Health committee
City band
Streets and sidewalks
Fire department
Oilier maintenance
Fuel nnd light
Total, W«»
The clerk also read his basis of
levy, which was 15 mills general, 9
mills for school, and  1 mill hospitals
■joins,  VTunie nr Cheer  From   Musiejin;;
Dir.rt.s- rellesss.
J. Frank Co'lt.m, managing director of the Arlington and Speculator
properties, returned on Monday from
a three weeks' trip to Portland, Ore.
Things have, gone well with lhe Arlington of late and >lr. Collom is feel
Ing jubilant. March was one of the
best months In the history ofthe mine,
giving the highest net results the
company has v< t had. Though the
tonnage shipped was not very large,
yet the grade of the miiieial sent t
the smeller was much higher than
usual. The ore for the month aver
aged upwards of 150 oz to the ton,
while 0110 car of 20 tons netted the
company <3sX)0, and a 30 ton car
The mine is in excellent shape,
splendid success being met with in
the development of what is known as
the east vein. As this lead is now
carrying a well defined wall and
none has ever been shown in the
main workings on the west vein, the
management have come to the conclusion that the banging wall of the
zone is that now being followed on
the cast vein. This would give n
mineral-bearing zone of about 200
feet or more in width. The mineral
being found on the east vein is the
lirst there met with in quantities and
is of extra high grade. One big
bunch lately encountered gave the
phenomenal returns of 8100 oz.
Another point 111 favor ofthe mine
just now is tlie timber, the menthly
cost of which has been cut in two.
Instead ef timbering a Stone of 20 or
.'JO feet, the system cf taking out ore
III small chambers and leaving pillars of ledge matter in support, is
being followed, resulting in a great
saving of material. Timber is now
being obtained down the Slocan valley, where a ten year supply has
been corralled. It is of ttrs'-elass
quality and costs landed litre only
two cunts per running foot Ily the
time It is Bt the mine tho timber
costs much less than that obtained
from claims on the creek.
The management anticipates this
summer building a new wagon rsjad
on the south side of Springer creek,
from the mill east, and then crossing
at a point opposite the mine. It
would give a better grade and also
avoid the bad sand pit on the north
side above the second bridge The
road would also open up the timber
limit en the Aunty Leila group,
which the company will use for lagging. At tlie niino there is a supply
of timber on hand suflicient to last
five months. The Arlington is starting tlie season in fine shape.
Ou tlse Viiiiillater.
Hig things may be expected of the
Speculator, adjoining the Arlington,
during tlie rammer. Mr. Collom stat
ed a hoisting and pumping plant had
been ordered and would be in just as
quickly ns tlie roads \>ouhl permit of
it bein's hauled up. SinUintr would
then lie resinned on tic west vi'in
and a thorough exploitation made ol
Wealthy  Vankuea to Oporisto In lisItii.li
The prospectus of the Olalla Copper
Mining & Smelting Co., capital $3,-
000,000, appears in recent New York
papers. The directors include II. II.
Armington, attorney, Boston; Hon.
Chas. Royce, ex-member of the Vermont State senate, St. Al ban's, Vt.;
Hon. Thos. Z. Lee, of Providence, R.
I.i J. H. McArthur, K.C., Rossland;
F. li], Morrison, New York; and W.
0. McDougall, of Olalla. B.O., who is
also the company's general m mager.
F. M. Tottinghani, of New York, for
many years witli tlio General Electric Co., is tho company's electrical
engineer and Wayne Darlington, E.
M., of Philadelphia and Antelope,
Idaho, the company's consulting min-
iii!" engineer.
Tlrs company was incorporated
last October for the purpose ol completing the development and equipment of tho extensive properties
which the company is said to hare
acquired. "These properties consist
of over U0 mineral claims, townsite of
Olalla, charier for tlie Similkameen
and Korcmoosrailway.and telephone
and telegraph franchises, the coin
bined interests being ef enormous
value and capable ef being developed
into one of thc most magnificent and
profitable combined mining, smelting
power and railway enterprises ovei
brought under a single control,"
The property is located in the
lower Similkameen valley, in south-'
urn British Columbia. The town ol
Olalla forms the natural centre fur
one of the most extensive and rich
districts, and promises to become an
other Rossland or Butte, with this
advantage, that it possesses a splcn
did climate. ,
The company's railway route extends throughout the entire Similkameen and Kereincos districts, and
will open up nearby co.tl fields. The
smelter site adjoins the town.
The properties contain inexhaustible supplies of self fluxing ore, which
ean be mined, brought to the smelter
and smelted at a cost not in excess of
$8 per ton. What is of equal importance, the possession of these remarkable supplies of self fluxing ores
will enable the company to do a
large custom smelting business in
the ores of the surrounding neigh
borhood, which are ofthe nan-fluxing
kind and require to be mixed cither
with the Olalla ores, or similar quantities of barren lime for fluxing purposes.
Thc company has in completing its
organization complied with all the
requirements of the Boston and New
York stock exchanges, so that the
stock of this company is not only eligible for listing 01 these exchanges,
but on every prominent exchange
throughout the world where, mining
stocks are dealt, with. The Corporation Trust Company of New Jersey
has been appointed the company's
transfer agent, and the North American Trust Co. of New York register
of transfers.
Musis* Uei'l, 1'lls-clsisas.a.
A. York and W. T Shatford have
added te their mineral possessions by
purchasing from the llec.kni.inn boys
a quarter Interest each in tho Alpine
and Mountain Lion claims, which
are part of thc celebrated Alpine
group, on Lemon creek. The other
owners in the claims are Mark Min
ley and Annus McLean. Hr. York
aleo purchased from Max Ileckniann
a quarter interest in the Suniiyside
fraction, adjoining the Eva and lying
to the east of the Speculator. The
various claims mentioned are valuable heldings.
Operations were resumed on the
Bosun, Wednesday, with a small
A scarcity of miners oxiits in  the
Boundary carapt*
I.iset Year'e Shlpmenta Were 051 * Tone—
A 11,-sillliy j.'visltiiii'o of the stir* an<4
Wealth of the Cauap-ArilBgtoa the)
Biggest Shipper.
Bad roads militated against heavy
shipments this week, exports falling
away to tiO tons. Twenty tons of
concentrates was sent out by the Enterprise to the Trail smelter, and 40
tons of oro from (he Arlington went
to Nelson. Shipments will continue
small till the roads get dried up.
For 1900 the exports from this division amounted to 2847 tons, mado
up from 10 properties. Last year
the exports totalled 6529 tons, from
14 properties. Following is a full
list ot tho shipments this year to
allNB. VIK.        TOTAL.
Arlington  40            1051
Enterprise  20            2C-0
Ottawa  7
Neepawa  (50
May  6
Paystreak  b
Duplex  7
GO 139*>
Locations are commencing to come
Tho ore chute is stay ing with them
at the Ottawa.
Ore shipments from the whole Sloean total 7015 tons.
It will be June before the Fourth of
July ore can be moved.
The Bosun will ship another 100
tons of zinc ore to Antwerp, Belgium,
Tho Arlington has a number of
men employed fixing up the wagon
The Nichol bo\*B are working on
their property, near the first bridge
i4\: Springer.
Jack Driscoll is doing assessment
on the Golden Wwst, adjoining the
R. I. Kirkwood took np three men
on Wednesday to do some work on til*
Mabou group.
Neil McMillan has finished his eon-
tract of hauling 1000 tons of ore from
thc Molly Gibson.
Alex. Rogers and Sid Cooper have
purchased Lance Hillnian's interest
in the Paystreak, Twelve Mile.
The Whitewater is the heaviest
shipper in tho country, having sent
out IG98 tons. The Arlington ranks
John F. Holden h s raisod *?.r>Q,00Q
in Chicago to develop a property iu
Nevada. He expects a like amount
for tho Tamarac.
Al Teeter ais« Martin Isaacson purpose working the Combination all
summer. A new tunnel will be
started down near the creek.
Tho Byron N. White Co., of Sandon, areapplving for 1000 inches of
water from Box Canyon, near New
Denver. They purpose installing a
plant te generate electricity for light
and power purposes. All the mines
and towns In the Slocan aro to be
supplied, including this burg.
Appemle.l ii a complete list of the various recordi registered at the local registry office, 11. P. Christie being ruining
Mar 2D—Niagara, Lemon creek,  D C
lirant, same, W T Jlitehaui.
Mur 2'J-Joc Baley.
A pi I —Wave 1 tree.
•1—Paris. Loudon, (iranite Hill, Snow
A pi 1—Black Bess.
Apl—Mountain Lion "*», Mark Manley
to M Heckmann.
Francis M V, and Little Giant MS,
L K Larson toO W .Tas^kson.
2-B T, J Law to T McNeiah.
3—Mountain Lion and Alpine, % in
each. Max Heckmann ansl Louis Heckmann to A Yurk ansl W T Shatford.
Bunnyilds (r«etlon *}, Max Hook-man"*,
to A Ysjrk. ___^__
I.aoka I.Ike Itsialaeaa.
This week a little Btir was made in
mining circles in regard teoperatioss
on Republic liill. Tender; were asked bv the Sloeaii-Rcpublic Mining &
Development Company for the construction of a standard sized waeon
road from Slocan to their mines. The
Crade is surveyed ard laid out and
the tenders are for the complot*?
work. I ■
g By & Hair's
-    Copyright, 10O1, by D.B.TalroadBH
It onco happened that a boy wandered away from his home, thus producing distraction therein. lie was n little, hoy, and his years were few. lie
waa Rone for ho*irs, many hours, of
daylight and darkness, and during the
Interval between his going and his
coining, for he returned safe and sound
ct last, his mother was prostrated with
nervous apprehension and his father's
face aged plainly. The alarm hells
were rung; the community postponed
Its huslness affairs antl joined fu thc
Search; the schools were dismissed,
aud Children vied with men and women
to And the missing, but they were unsuccessful.
They found upon the river bank tracks
made by the boy's small shoes; they
found his straw hat limiting upon the
surface of the stream lu a heap of
driftwood; tliey found, trampled In the
Band of the shore, a paper hag bearing
the name of a local confectioner, who
testified tlmt the boy hail purchased a
penny's worth of caramels Unit day.
Anil suspicion became conviction—tlie
boy had been drowned!
Tho river wns dragged until tlie
night came down, and ono boatload of
determined spirits worked grimly with
the chains and hooks by the flickering
light of lanterns until the clocks struck
12. Then, discomfited, they retired to
u wait the Runrlse.
That was' a night long to be remein-
•bered In tbe town. It was a night of
Speechless agony In the boy's home and
of sorrow broken slumber in tlie homes
of other boys. Tbere Is something peculiarly sad lu the thought of a child's
form alone lu black waters under a
starless sky or—and this was the faintest of hopes—in tl.e thought of a elilld
wandering alone In the darkness, crying out his territis ' little heart, stumbling here and there, not knowing
which way to turn.
Tears wero many In the town that
night, but none flowed In the boy's
home. Eyes were dry there and hot.
Lips there were dry nnd burning.
Hour after hour the father paced the
Moor, looking neither to the right uor
to the left, his sweat cold hands
clinched, bis breath bursting from him
tis from one who strives to tbe limit of
endurance at some manual undertaking.
The clocks struck 3. The front door
opened nnd closed with a bang. A cry
Indescribable was sounded. The boy
was lu his father's arms.
At daybreak the good news weut
forth, and the story was told and told
again how the boy had cone to the
river to lish ond hnd crawled out upon
o log tho better to get his ridiculous
bent pin of a hook within reach of the
big, big tlsh. Thus he told the tale
himself. The log had not been fastened securely, and It had sailed away
with him, far, far away, miles and
miles, almost to Europe, he thought.
He wns not frightened much. It was
fun until the river ran between high
bluffs over great atones and the log
dipped and pitched nud rolled. Ue fell
Off at last, and n man who had been
watching him from n cave up in the
bluff came rushing down and waded
and splashed and swam after him and
pulled blm out, and turned him upside
down and spanked blm to get the
water out, and carried blm to a cave,
end built a Ore and dried his clothes,
and fed bim some luscious dried beef
and crackers, and Anally, long, long
after dark, put him upon hie back and
gave blm a dandy ride home.
"He wns a real nice man," said tbe
boy In concluding the account "He
told me stories of kings who hnd heaps
of money and of queeus who had so
many Jewels they didn't know what to
do. I told blm I'd bet they didn't hnve
any more money than my papa or any
more jewels than my mamma, and he
seemed greatly Interested. He didn't
come clear to tbe bouse with me. He
pat roe down at the corner and told me
to scoot, and I scooted."
"Heaven bless him!" said tbe boy's
parents fervently. "We should like to
see blm and thank him for the great
service be hna rendered us."
"I wish you could,"' returned the boy
earnestly.   "He wns such a nice mnn."
One night nbout two weeks Inter the
boy's father wns n wakened by thc
sound of n rising window cash, nnd he
crept from his bed ninl took a revolver
frnm' a   bureau   drawer.     Softly   be
passed down the stairs, but not so softly thnt he was not beard by a man
standing liy the sideboard Id the dining
rodm. The man fired a pistol, and the
buy's father Bred in return. Tlio first
shot had no effect. The second had.
When the buy's father turned on the
electric light, the man was lying upon
the floor bleeding.
"You've fixed me, I guess," he said,
grilinfug in a ghastly sort of way.
"You've hit me In a nerve center or
sotnethlns", I'm paralyzed. I can't
"Serves you right," grimly comment*
ed the father of the boy, and he telephoned for the police,
Hut la-fore tlie police came there was
a s.iinid of swiahlug garments upon the
stairway, nud tlio poy entered the
room. His eyes were wide with wonder as lie looked from his father to tbe
form upon tlie floor. Then with a little cry be run to the form aud knelt
beside It.
•'Hello!" he said.
"Hello!" wns tlie groaning response.
"How nre you, kid?"
"Ileal well," replied the boy. Then
lie turned toward his fnther. "This Is
him," he announced simply.
The boy's father was much affected.
'•What!" he ejaculated.  "Him! oh!"
He nlso knelt hy the wounded man's
sidi*, stiying nothing, only trying to
Stanch the flow of blood, and while he
woi .'ed the police arrived.
Ile urose, confronting the officers. "1
have made a terrible mistake," he said
to them. "I thought this man wns an
enemy to my household, nnd ho was
not. You are not needed. I'm sorry I
put you to so much trouble. If one ot
you will step to the telephone nud tell
Dr. Bigley to come here at onco, I
shall be obliged. After that you may
The burglar was nursed back to
henlth lu thnt home. Ho was there
three weeks. He should, for the sake
of the story, have gone Into the world
a better man, but be did not. Six
weeks afterward he was arrested in
another city on a charge of burglary,
convicted nnd sentenced to seven
years' penal servitude. A short time
prior to his arrest the boy's father received a letter from blm, Inclosing $15
iu currency.   It said:
Dear Sur—Ilerca for my bord durln my plcaant
atay at ysire bouae. Isle like to equare the doca
bill to but Ime flyln to lite. Regards to kid.
Yurca truly, Jauu I1uocki.es.
The fnther of the boy read the letter
several times and pondered much.
"The man's bad tendencies," he told
himself, "outweigh the good by only
tbe fraction of a hair.   Toor fellow I"
fisoklnf-,   Tlss*a«  "Tlj.esa  of  tlio  Sen"
lss Moat Ii*.stcHlii*A  Sport.
Shark fishing is royal sport, ami
those who have once Indulged In il
hold all Other piscatorial adventures a*
mere child's play compared to It. Not
iu years have sharks beeu so numerous
lu the Inland waters of the Atlauti.'
const from Bar Harbor to Cape Muy
as din-lug the Inst few weeks.
Only a week or so ngo a party con-
slating of Mrs. Frank M. Rogers, Mrs.
Draper, sou of the recent embassador
to Italy, ou board the yacht Mo'itauk.
off Bnyshore, N. Y„ captured lour
sharks, one of them being very large.
To Mrs. Rogers belongs the honor of
landing the big fellow.
Tills party were fishing for blyoflsh
in tins Fire Island channel on Great
South bay. The "i-iiek," or oil. from the
chiini, which consists of ground up
menhaden, extended far down the bay.
Every one wondered why the blu Ish
. *,j*>*V-.-?■':i,-k--"-
*•-.* ••■'-■••'^ *}',£#■
Gordon'* Way.
Lord Wolsclcy used to tell of three
subalterns who were In the trenches
before the Redan — Wolseley, Gerald
Graham and Charles Gordon. When
they were relieved nt night, the gigantic Graham, the perfect type of the
Bworder, used to pick himself out of
the trench and walk straight to bis
tent, careless ot the fact that be was
making himself a cock shot for the
Itusslan marksmen. Evening nfter
evening the Russian soldiers used to
gather more nnd more thickly, but
Graham would take no advice. Ho
wasn't going "to bother about those
Garnet Wolseley, wltb ambition even
then to be one dny the comninnder in
chief, used to crnwl through the very
slush of tho trench ou his hands nnd
knees for a hundred yards or so before
he got up and made a bee Hue for his
tent. He did not mean to be shot if he
could help lt
"And Gordon?" the listener nsked.
"Oh, Gordon," snld Wolseley; "Gordon
was funny. Sometimes he would crawl
with me and the very next evening get
up, book arms with Graham nnd go off
tnlklng eagerly."—Cnndid Friend.
Jancl'a  Way of Growing Yonn.gr.
As a matter of fact Janet was born
exactly two years beforo her brother
Fred; therefore In the natural course
of things wben be* was ten she wns
twelve nnd gloried in It. When Fred
wns known to be fourteen, she still
confessed to sixteen. When Fred
bonsted eighteen yenrs, she timidly ne-
knowledged herself just over nineteen.
When Fred enme home from college
nnd bad a party In honor of his twenty-lint birthday, Jnnet Bnld to her
friends: "Whnt a boyish fellow Fred
Is! Who would think he Is only a year
younger thnn I?" When Fred declared
himself twenty-live nnd old enough to
get inn riled, Janet said to a gentleman
friend: "Do you know, I feel very
jealous of Fred getting married. Hut.
then, I suppose twins nlwnys aro more
attached to one ntiotber." And two
years later nt Fred's wedding she snld
with n girlish simper to the guests:
"Henr olsl Fred! To see him married
today, nnd to think wben be wns only
five yenrs old they brought him to see
me, hla bnby slsterl I wonder If be
thinks of It now?"
The Old Conalltntloa.
The Constitution Originally cnrrled
forty-four guns. A particularly Interesting history is connected with this
ship. During the wur with the Uurbnry
powers ln 1803 she wns Commodore
Treble's flngslilp in the Mcdlterninenn
and played n conspicuous part during
the whole war. Lieutenant Wndsworth,
who wns blown up beforo Tripoli In ihe
111 Tnted Intrepid, wns one of the olli-
ecrs of the Constitution. Iu tbe course
of the war with England In 1812 the
English papers laughed nt the Constitution and spoke of ber as "a bundle of
pine boards stilling under n bit of striped bunting." Hut when under Captain
Hull she enptured tbe English frigate
the Guerrlcrc, a vessel of nearly equal
force, the people wbo had before ridiculed her called her "one of the stanch-
est vessels afloat." A few months nfter thlB victor"/ Iho Constitution, then
commanded by Captain Bnlubrldge,
.•(impelled one of the HncBt frigates In
the llritish mivy, tbe Java, to strike its
did not bits. The reason was soon
made plain Suddenly Mrs. Rogers'
line was almost Jerked from her hand.
Captain Ketchnni cried: "Look out'
It'N a shark!   Hang on to him!"
The fight wns on. For half un hour
lish nI'd fisberwomon struggled. At
last the shark tired. Captain Ketchnni.
watching his chance, plunged n long
Icnifc lino the Ash's body repeatedly
liil lie floated limply and was pulled
Sins-e then half n dozen sharks hnve
beeu captured by Ashing par'Ies along
the south shore of Long Island and at
various renorts along 'lie sound and
down Uie coast toward Cape May.
The newest diversion is shark fish
lug. It bents tarpon fishing, according
to all accounts, for the "tiger of the
seas," so named on account of his love
for blood, will pursue a wounded lish
■iii« 1 devour it. even though It be oni* of
his own kin. aud give his would be cap
'or nil the excitement to be desired.
There are many species of the shark
family. Many suppose all sharks man
eaters, but this is Incorrect, Man eat-
in;; sharks love the warm water too
well in venture as far northward as
the capes. But this season has been
an exceptional on,.. Like tlu* duck,
tin* shovel nose, whlptnll or hammer
h.'iid. as they are commonly called.
migrate with the change of season
The wild duck follows its fond (the
"lid celery ami leuder roots of swamp
grOHSJ as it ripens from south to north
So, also. dsi"s the shark. Though a
scavenger by nature, lie Is particular
when food la abundant.
All sharks of this description feed on
th..' smaller fishes, refuse from vessels,
docks and the mouths of rivers, bul
the menhaden, or niossbiinkers, are
the shark's favorite morsel. These
small fish travel ep tho coast in sum
mer, returning to tbe south and warm
er water In the winter. They are a
school fish, ami, huddling In great
numbers, become easy prey for sharks.
Each species of shark has Its own
way of pursuing nnd killing Its food.
For Instance, lhe whlptnll shark, so
tailed trom tlie shape of his elongated
tail, which resembles a coach whip, ou
scelog his prey makes sine mail rush
Into the closely packed school. latblug
his powerful mil rlghl and left till he
has killed hundreds of them. Then he
devours his dlnni-r at leisure.
The shovi'l in.si1 uii'l hammer head
sharks attack the school from underneath. Rushing up with extended
,1:ivs, they go clear though the school,
throwing many high out of wnter and
filling their mouths with meuhadeu.
Which they swallow alive. Constant
raids by the sharks soon brenk e.p the
big schools into little ones. The victims of the voracious "tigers of the
sea." finding thamselv'ss helpless, seek
the shallow wnter of tlie inlets and
sounds. Thither the sharks follow
them.    Here, ln the shoal  water,  tin
shark is unable to get under the schosii
and has to attack from the side. This
Is not a success, mi he goes in search
of other prey nnd thus furnishes spoil
for the summer resnrter.
One of these shnr!;s In quest of n
men I nt a nearby resort swallowed the
baited hook nt the end of n line which
was fastened to the waist of Alderman
I's'ter Ehrhnrt of New York. Quietly
sloping In thc stern of his bont snt ths.
Presto' The nldcrmnn wns wide
awake. Tug went the line. Trying tn
pull In bis catch, but finding the slunk
was too much for blm, and dreading a
hntli In the same water with a shark,
he cut the Hue with (he bait kulfe.
Which lay ou tbe thwart by bis side.
j      m » OF CUPE
•i   Tlio Story s.f a Tosir Tosiii*t Man'a
!? Vlilt ts> the Country Beat
;<! of a Kisl. Friend.
X By   S*.   W.   AltNO-D,   Jr.
The lace curtain wns limp with rain,
the windows of the house opposite reflected the clouds, nnd Little Cupe's
own window sill was blistered with little backs of rain on which floated tobacco atoms. Little Cupe felt uuich as
Iho day looked. "Go anyway," ea-
couraged the medical students.
The day before Little Cupe hnd seen
Eb (all the medical students knew Eb,
for he had been one of the more distinguished men In college), nnd Cupe
had told his medical mates that Eb
hud invited him to spend Sunday at
his home in tlie country. The medical
student knew that Eb had colored carriages and when at college had dinesl
with the most exclusive families.
They said ho wns "a darned bright
man" and always talked earnestly and
bravely when they met him.
Eh was now a lawyer ln his first
.war's practice "and doing darned
well," they had wisely agreed.
Little Cupe hnd begun the recital of
his Invitation as if "it was nothin',"
but had grinned with delight before ho
had ended lt. and had dilated that n
lot of girls from. the neighboring
houses would bo there with a young
The fact that Eb had once given a
theater party was the basis of Cupe's
belief that he always entertained.
But now Little Cupe wasn't sure if
he had been invited. Possibly Eb had
said. "Drop In Borne time, and we'll go
out for Sunday," or, "Let mo know
how you're doing. Drop ln some Sat
urday, nnd we'll go out Sunday."
"Go on, Cupe!" the medical students
yelled again. They were doubtless sincere.
Suddenly a puff of determination carried him to the closet. He had decided
nothing consciously. From Its drawers
be pulled two white shirts, seven single
cuffs, six collars and two changes of
other clothes (only 3 per cent, diluted,
of these thingB bore Little Cupe's own
red stamped mark) nnd was shaking
the creases out of n dress suit—
"Drop It!" yelled one medical student. "I've got to wear lt this evening." All the rest bad to wear theirs
too. "Lord, we're sorry." Cupe's own
was torn and hadn't been mended. "I
can't go," said he, depressed nnd looking frightened.
"Sure you can. Eb and the girls will
Eb sat ln his own "box," his desk
topped by two rows of fresh leather
books nnd a black tin box, "Re Moul-
ton." The senior offices opened through
tha eunny doorways back of him. With
business precision he was deciding that
he would not stay In town thnt night,
but would go to his home for a nine
hours' sleep and ln the morning drive
to a friend's for the day. With a business chlrography that bad made Little
Cupe when he had seen It predict for
him a trust presidency be started to
write to his friend to said effect (see
above). But be noticed the door.
"Come \nT said Eb.
For thirty secouds a shadow hnd
been hovering over its gray glass. Lit
tie Cupe was outside trying to matter
courage to knock. At Eb's voice he
couldn't go down the elevator, so he
pretended be hnd not beard him and
made thc glass shiver.
"Come In!" again called Eb.
With a frightened little grin Cupe entered. His hands felt cold. He shut the
door so tbat It would not disturb anybody. He held behind him hia birthday
dress suit case.
"How are you, Cupe?" Eb was always glad to seo his friends. "Sit
down. I'll be with you In a minute."
And be bnnded him a fragrant box of
cigars.   "Have one."
Cupe took one and held bis dress suit
case In his lap, but bo didn't smoke, for
he had no mutches. Those cigars had
always Impressed him, and be had
often told hig medical students that
he occasionally dropped Into Eb's office and smoked his clgara.
Eb continued writing to his friend
that he would bo there tomorrow and,
handing the note to n messenger who
came from the main office—Cupe was
greatly Impressed-said, "Special delivery," and then, leaning back, added:
"Well, Cupe, what ean I do for you?"
as If surveying n client.
Tho etoiio faces through the window
grinned fiendishly.
"Nothln'," nnswerod Cupe. "I was
brlngln' this empty d'-ess suit ense
from a "■tore"—ho pointed Indefinitely
out toward the street—"and Just stopped In.   I'm goln' right along; got to
„„,... rie arose meekly and held
"•' "■■..,. ,.,■.„. When be said "empales*f suit case, the two white
Sirta seven separate cuffs, six col-
tai and two changes of other clothes
wcb-'ied heavy Willi PtUllt.
«C„n't'you come out todln.nerr Hb
thought Cupe would enjoy thai more
fhnn his hoarding house.
•'•Ilnveu't any dress suit" Eb assur
ea him it made no dlfferouee. not Hie
least He believed all Little Cupe h::d
sai.l Cupe., after deliberating a prop
er while whether he could get nwuy.
said he guessed he could go; he'd be
glad to.
El*,'** house bid In a park and wan
dwelt In liy two maidservants, one
niaiu-ervant nnd a chalty honsikerp-
er. There was ha IIKlo entertaining
though Eb Occasionally brought honu
W I !l
:itle C.'*ie ni'-
flowert .1   w:
nnd a flower
,'i* I a.! hern shov
a mun wiih •hi
• '..:,• i!ie.--s Stilt Ulld
lite,    When ll..-
npe's dress suli
"No.   no.   no
lind Eb nnd the
who wero also In
tome friend for il
The room hi v,
stood wns plnh
pi. pi r, tl.--.vsT. .1 i
quilt on the bed
Into this bower
whiskers ami a Minus
rvho had been very p.
inno had bent lo I'.fj <
case, Cupe bad said
thanks," and told htiu
chatty housekeeper
the hall, that l.e would carte** It up
stairs himself, for lie needed the oxer*
i ise.
His unrolded dress suit case surged
willi his two White shirts, seven sopa*
line fi.il':'. six collars nnd the two
change of oilier pldtl.es. Then he
beard girilsh voices In the hall: they
must be the dinner guesia chaperoned
by sunn' young w le from across the
hedges, They *■
rally   the   two
deferentially on
raid Cupe. In poked the
kercd in ad of the butler or
•Will   you   have   a   cocktail,
the door
side  w'.i
Cupe's own head wns full of dress
suits, so he thought the buller said,
"Will you have a eoattall?"
"Yes. please." answered Cupe. and
while waiting for lhe dress suit to come
began deciding between Lis two white
shins in the ease.
'Knuckle, knuckle," again on the
door. Cupe hoped the suit would fit
Rut It was Eb who entered.
"Knuckle." The buller entered with
the cocktail.
"And tlio eoattall?" Inrjulrod Little
Cupe. He said this partly to Eb. He
would let him upbraid his own servant. Eb stared; the butler stared; the
house seemed to sigh to Little Cupe.
There had been no relieving feature
to the situation. Eb thought Cups
might have meant to say some IndeU-
p.ite jokes; the butler or porter probably thought so too. Cupe was now at
the dining room table wltb his napkin
fallen to his feet, where he was unable to pick it up. He had eutcred the
dining ro-iu very erect, for he bad expected to find tho Invlteu girls there
nnd wanted them to be favorably lm
pressed and whisper to ench other, but
be learned he was to be alone with
Eb nnd bis only conquest tho courses.
He didn't know hew to tako all of
them out of the platters, but that same
porter or butler was a valuable man
and did it for him.
After tlie dinner Little Cupe felt
ranch relieved. lie discussed the paintings, for be had taken a course In
"line arts" once us a "snap" and smokes! many cigars. He didn't know when
to stop smoking, nnd Eb marveled.
Thnt'a about nil that happened to
Little Cupe. Eb. who nt Inst realized
that Cupe had expected to stay over
Sunday. If uot n week, explained to
him tbat" he himself, unfortunately,
had to be nway for the day, but urged
Cupe to remain and have nt hla disposal tlie bouse und horses.
"No. thanks; no," said Cupe. "I
promised the fellows I would be back
for church."
This latter tale wns unfortunate, for
Cupe had to rise In the morning earlier
than he would have otherwise.
He felt much like this story, which
started with graphic enthusiasm and
then wilted nway like a bashful school-
hoy. But you should have heard the
reasons he gave the medical students
why he didn't slay over Sunday. Nice
Littlo Cupe! —New York Commercial
who in action wero, as a rule, place"
In bodies among tho musketeers to
stand the brunt of tho shock of the
cavalry attack.
And we learn from history that these
pikemen did valiant service on occasion; for Instabce, when tho plkemea
of the London trained bands withstood
the repeated and desperate assaults of
Prince Rupert's cavaliers. But tliolr
drill was no child's play. For example,
ln the pages devoted to "The Postures
and Charges of the Pike" wo find the
"And hero, Fellow Souldler, whoever
thou art, thou malst perceive that there
aro no more than eight Postures of ths
Pike and foure Charges, that Is to say,
to tbe Front, Reer, and both Flanks,"
—Contemporary Review.
-peealiarltlea of Lichens,
The lichen Is remarkable for the great
ago to which It lives, there being good
grounds for believing that the plants
endure for 100 years. Their growth
Is exceedingly slow, almost beyond belief, Indicating that only a little nourishment Is necessary to keep them
olive. In a dry time they have the
power to suspend growth oltogethsr,
renewing It again at the fall of rain.
This pecullorlty alone Is enough to
mnko the lichen a vegetable wonder,
ns It Is a property possessed by no other species of plant.-
Another Interesting fact about lichens Is that they grow only where tlio
air Is free from dust uud smoke. They
may be .said to be a sure indication of
the purity of the air, us tbey are never
found growing in cities Bad towns,
where tlie atmosphere Is |mj**regti:it |
with dust, soot, smoke nnsi plher impurities.
Ia Usi*  rnl:<*r-.Iiop.
"Dear me." sighed the bread dou;h,
"I would like n raise."
"All right." said the yeast coke,
"wait a minute, nmi I'll set you <o
work."-Phlladelp!ii:i Bullet'.-.
The Old Plkemea.
In the days wben tbe musket was In
Its Infancy ns a defense against charging cavalry It was almost useless. It
was as much as could bo hoped for If
the musketeer got off ono shot, to a
certainty badly directed, owing to the
eccentricities of his weapon, before the
horsemen would be on him. Consequently we find that the plkeman was
a person of considerable importance,
and ln n volumo of 1059 tho most elaborate Instructions are given to govern
the drill and tactics of the pikemen.
Roys have no more business with tar-
•t guns and nir rifles thuu men with
,'istols,—Xnshville Amerlean.
u Ark   AdmUalOB.
"Yes," said tlie Sunday school teacher. "Noah had two of every animal,
bird and creeping thing lu the ark."
•i'i,nse. ma'am," piped a voice at thc
lower end of the class, "how much did
ie charge ter git In?" —Ohio State
The Eye*',  niled Spot.
The blind spot In the eye Is where
the optic nerve comes through the retina about one-tenth of an Inch nearer
the nose than the center. To test it
close your fists with your thumbs outside and held against each other. Ex*
teud your arms. Shut yoe.r left eye
and look fixedly with your right eye at
your left thumb. Separate jour hands,
aud when they are nbout six inches
apart the right thumb will go out of
liiis-iiii'x-s temporarily, for Its plsiuro
will fall upon the blind spot Now,
here's the curious part of It: Though
men have tried all sorts of experiini'iiia
on themselves for unknown thousands
of years, this phenomenon was not discovered until the time of Charles II. of
England. The blind spot leaves uo
hole In the picture of the ssutsisle world,
but, there being no stimulation on that
spot, there Is not consclOtunc-S of a
lack, but a lack of eousi-inusiiesB.—
Ilnrvey Sutherland In Ainslee'a.
She   \Vn*s   O.-n".
At n marrii.ge service perfouncd a
few days ago lu a little country church
in England, when Die iiiinl-tcr said in
a solemn tone, "Will Ihou have this
man to be thy wedded husband?" Instead of the woman iniswi-ring for herself n gruff mun's voice answered:
"Ol Will."
The minister looked up, very much
perplexed, and paused. He repented
the seiits'iice, and again the same gruff
voice answered:
"(il will."
Again the minister looked up. surprises!, uot knowing what to make of
it, when one of the groomsmen ut the
end of the row said:
" 'Er bo deuf. Ul be unswerin' for
Odd  Cits', Nniisra.
There arc a number of societies In
the world Hint bear strange names,
but probably one of tbo most curious
wns a club founded In 17,'l5 by nn English actor. It was called the Subline'
Society of Beefsteaks' and had among
its members the Prince of Wales ninl
other royal personnel's. They met la
the painting room sif ths* Covent <!ar-
di'ti theater and dived upon beefsteaks.
"he club was iu existence for mote
than a hundred years nnd becamo
quits uoteil because of Ita odd customs*. Another in range name was that
of tho Bcrlblerim club, which Hwift
founded In 171*1 and to which Pope,
Hay and other literary men belonged.
Is Too Well Known to Hosts of Nerve-Exhaustod Men and Womon-The Fatal Error
of Using Opiates.
the^lir^ -"   ".onght,   fashing Wore
During such night. nV"fie It co°*JSed^atTScndousTte ""^ *" W<''lk tt"" CX"n"H
•dtSldSa^^ r-*in"<,,,vr u,° "ody ,s f,"-Uier w("ik"'"
idly burning out. unbalanced by thia terribl-* waste of energy   which tho lamp of life l» ra|>-
It is in this despairing condition-that many men nnd w
thc uso of opiates.
ms>nt •"**_
tho wasted m-i ,s  <■,.
omen attempt  to   drug   anil deaden the nerves by
oi opiates.   This '„ a -,Unl Btep whi(.h haHt(.n8 nerV(, (|(1(. ' •*»
ly it IB Wiser to build up and completely rest oro tho nerves' l.v imliu- Tlr   rt,n
&\KX ',"W" l° th0 f°Undati0n °f th° «**5r^SSf P-rman';
CbaECrFoo,,0,;\^Tn! So^O^ffSSS I^f ^ ^ *»"*    «-***W W»*  «
because they almost invt   „'""       IT   ,,foJlMl?" ..   ""^ «!'*' »<'<<>'•    <""'    ■«   ■PeClflC   for
se's Nerve Food, a treal-
ent results by revltalizi"'1:
or Edrnnnson. Dates & Cc'!".,&»"£ ^"^ ***■*'*** *"
tho uso of Dr.
woman's ills
BO its. n box, o boxes for $2.50, at nil dealera The Drill.
You p*.ay talk ogbQUt your summer an' tho
i 'ostium of a spoon
On th ■ porch or In a hammuck by the
p'llnln" of tht: moon,
When the UrcbiiBs Blanc* an' glitter 'g'ln
no shrub'r'y by ihe fence
An' ll.a owl boom in the wood lot, an'
you'N young an' gut no sense,
It's all right an' line, 1 reckon, but there's
i !lus sUi'site'.s round,
An'   ll'I  long   odds   that   tho  hnmmuck
s nmeB a-tumliliii' lo lhe ground.
If you're la.l'ty like, cs I be, an' tha gal la
1 .-fty loo:
Put, anyway, the winter Is the time I liko
lo woo.
A hri,
A   BO"
I'ou ll
Vn' :•
bit i
,-s.l up ln a neat cutter, where thr
■it nln't none too -wide,
[lit i ycd, red cheeked, laughln' nl
.iitiln' by your Hide,
dy, ono hand drlvln' hosa, the enow
i'U trodden down,
s.stono ln the la probes—an' a good
IV ways from town.
sik crbout the weather, an' the llt'ry,
■i' the bee
luid down to 81 Hosklns'—an' your
i in keeps workln' free.
v she looks up at you In a cunnln'
Iml of way,
ur lean bents liko the mischief, sn'
ou don't know what to say.
arm slides 'long the luzyhack an'
' . n draps doivn to hern,
o Jest sorter snuggles, an' you do
i live a Hern,
ma   Thai's when I'm happy, an' I
i'ji Unsl way ontll
. U i>> the stable an' the llv'ry kiep-
< * bill.
Al  She   Would   llnvr   IIs*.*ss.
A 11 utleiiiun lu Paris pnld a visit to
In lady, In whose parlor he saw a por-
|lraii 'if a lovely woman of, say, five
:ul t-vcnty.   Upon the entrance of the
lady her visitor naturally nsked ber If
llu* pieture wus a family portrait nud
kvas told thnt It represented  ber de-
leased daughter.   "Is It long since you
D.st her:" nsked the gentleman.    "Alas.
lir," replied the lady, "she died Just
|fter her birth, and 1 bad u portrait
tinted to represent her as she w uid
Ive appeared if she had lived until
The Publisher of the Ilest Farmer's
kper In the Maritime Prsivinces in
prit ing to us states :
Jl would say that I do not know
|f n meslicine that has stood the
est in time like MINAHD'8 L1N1-
I MN 1     It    lias   bi-s'ti    an   unfailing
lemedy  in  our household ever   since
can  ri'member,  and    has   outlived
dozens  of  would-be competitors and
Cure. Coughs and Colli■
al once. It has been doing-
this for half a ccnt_ry. It
has saved hundreds of
thousands of lives. It wil
save yours if you give it a
chance* 25 cents a bottl*.
If after using it you are not
satisfied with results, go to
your druggist and get your
money back.    »    .    ♦    .
Write to S. C. Wat.ijl & Co., Toronto,
Can., for iree trial bottle.
Karl's Clover P.oot Tea cotrectsibe Stomach
"Doesn't the soprano's voice sound
aietn'.lis  to you ? "
"Yes; but then you know, tWt*r<"**S
money in it.    .
Fever and axme and bilious sjenrgcinenls
aro positively cured by the uso of l'iirmelix*'"
fills. 'Hay not s.nly clea*_=e tho stomach
and bowels from all bUions matter, lr.it tlu y
Dpcn the excretory vessels, aiming them to
psmrcopioni effusions from tlio blood Into
[ho bowo_"i after which tho corrupted ma s
Is thrown out by the natural passago of the
poly. They aro usod es a genurnl family
acdicino wilh tlio host results.
iniobb«v-s--''Do you believe in ihe ef-
rney of prayer ? "
Isisd.l.H—"Well, I belivc th.*.'„ |f>-*u
|nv ti.r ruin it's bound to coin*,  if
iu pray long enough."
A Common
Bred Cow
When toned tip by
Dick's Blood furl
tier  will   give  as
mus.li and as rich
milk asftbigbly
Jersey cowgivi s
upon or*
d i nary
feed, and
a Jersey
row wben
will wonderfully increa*'* her yield
cf milk. It saves feed too, because
a smaller amount of well digested
footl satisfies tlie demands of the
system and every particle of nour-
sishment sticks.
50 cents a package,
Lcemlng, Miles d- Co., A teals,
Writs* for Book ou ... Jam ar.d BottMa fret.
come into possession of $14,000
—wishes to correspond with honest,
intelligent man, who would '"appreciate a good wifo. Box 2,538 Toronto
When a widow calls a man by his
first nnme it indicats-s thsvt she has
designs on 1..    la/.t name.
The stingy man wbo gives away
th? things ho can't use imagines he
has a strangle holsi on charity,
-HUD'S ITtm la t>» Houes.
Gossip    uncovers   a   multitude   ot
ninny    a   man who thinks he is a
ttartyrjs only a chump.
Such us Scrofula,  Bezemu,  Roils and
Pimples—The   Blood   Should   De
Purified During  tlie Spring
Thrro Is moro r"n'*rrh bt •**,!; awsrio.-*, «' tbs
Joiintiy than :,ll  ull.er di SO-Sl  put  .•'..,'■;
■Hi until tl,o laat few foots w«» csn:'    •' :■• I
fiournU.-t.   I s.ru gror.1 usury jco;    ',..-.
Oiiiired it ll Irani siiii.ss*-. s .  i .*.,'■■■ i   .' ■.■■•
•isn-sli,:., mui by UuusUnilly (■> lill*<et I r<)*> ,ll.
Will    Iponlmcot,   projumnrcd    it    in.nri.i Ifl
Eionco has proves ess tart Is t-.> be a ■• ■■•.,• titnil .■■•
IdinsiiM), nnd ties ■ts.T rnquiroa e.«i< -.':. ti  i
\ troiiiuioiit.    Hall's Catarrh Cum, m.snofuc
red bj K.J Cheney & *.'>.., T.s'olo, Ol-.iu, it
Issnly constitutional euro00the minks t.     ll
alsou liitorseilly in doies frnm io di-op* to n
sixsonful.    Haots directly ou th** I jit •■ — * on I
ous surfaces of tho bysslcsss.   I le**. mffmt oi t
jrnrl slolliirsfor esiy cie-o it tails tu cuio.
1 for circulnra and tv'Jmoiiinls
.ddrem)    F J. CHEMEY_CO..Tolfcd;., O
] tiy DrniotlsU, 7."sc.
Is Fumisy 1'ills aro tho host.
Hsmietiniea happens that elus-a-
imlils   a   man   for cnm'ng an
eal living.
here    are    two    snli-s    tss    evsry
ry—and a lsst of tbem ahnuld I e
anva on Ilnssst-Mr, Tlimsno" If. r..rter,
r Irs'liincl. 1", y., ffritaai "My ssm, 18
Baold, had cr nip mi bail that. iintlsiiiKK.-no
olirf until a nelskoOT brodebt mimo of Dr.
ia.' >*claotricC_Lwli'rh I Kayo Iiini.iinil i.i
fcour,-,lio waaoarcd.  It in tiio I"" t modlolM
* nm liss-sl, uml 1 woulil nut Iso w tl.oiita
lie u( il i n my I um ■>«."
Ic who pokes li ih nose into every-
ing will occaaiotuilly poke it be**
recn a thumb and finger.
Wiae    is    tbo    candidate that can
ivince tho votem that the ofliee ia
peklng him.
Private    Kolly, of tho 2nd D.ittal-
[lo_ Northumberland Fusiliers,   is of-
Ificially  dead and buriod.       The war
[ofliee says so, nnd lt ought to know,
i Yet there la Joy in Kolly'a home at
Dyker, for Privale Kellyls alive and
in   the floah—unoflicially, of course.
Word   wns   sent from Nooitgcdacht,
after thc fight on December 13, 1900
that Kelly had beon killed.      However,   it    waa   tho wrong Kelly who
had been buflod with military honors on the. field, and so Private Kelly   ta   homo, - alive   and   well,, even
though   a   disgusted insurance company   has paid ovor the amount duo
upon bis death:
The spring season is the time for
bliisid els.ansing and blood renewing,
i r.liiissj troubles are many—anil dan-
[geious-nnd manifest the-aaelves In
a score of painful and olTensive ways
sucli ns scrofula, ie/s*ina, boils ami
i pimples. Tin- impurities that get
I into the blood pursue their poisonous way all over the body and are
responsible for a largo portloa of
all diseases, various in their nature
but dangeroui in the eztrsame. To
ha\o pure blood and plenty of it,
y.i'i neeii a tonic and blood bui'dei*.
and for this purpose thoro is noting can equal Dr. Williams' i'ink
Pills for Pale People. These pills
curo sill diseases duo to impurities in
tho blood by promptly cleansing ami
Ireolng tlie blood from nil poisonous ami ofTonuive matter. If yuur
blood   is   thin ssr Insufficient; ii juu
suffer fisini s'xhiiustioii at the least
oxerlion,    if you are pals*, easily get
■out oi breath, anil feel constantly
languid anil fagged oul, Dr. Williams
, i'ink 1'ills will cure you by filling
your veins with new, rich, red blood,
Mr. Itobt. Lee, New Westminster, 11.
C, says:—"Before 1 began using Dr.
Williams' Pink 1'ills, my blood aeas
in a very impure state, and as a result, pimples, which wero very itchy,
broke out all over my body. My appetite was ilcklo and I was easily
tired. 1 tried several medicines, but
they did not help me. Then my
wifo urged mo to try Dr. Williams'
I'ink 1'ills. 1 got a half dozen boxes and by the tiino i had used them
I was completely restored to health,
and my skin was smooth and clear.
1 shall always speak a good worst
for these pills when opportunity offers."
lt is because these pills make rich,
red blood that, they cure such troubles as anaemia, shortness of breath,
headache, palpitation of the heart,
rheumatism, erysipelas, St. Vitus
siniii's*, and the functional ailments
that make the lives of so many women u sourco of constant misery.
The genuine pills always bear the
full name. "Dr. Williams' I'ink Pills
for Palo People," on the wrapper on
every box Sold by all dealers, or
sent by mail at 50 cents a box, or
six boxes for $2.50, by addressing
tho Dr. Williams' Medlcino
Brockville, Ont.
Tbe United Btatsse market tor
wheat dropped to the lowest figsiro
for the present crop hist week. Tho
quotations show a decline of 2c per
busied from a week ago. The cause
oi the decline is attributed to the
favorable weather for tho winter !
crop in the States, together with an !
absence of buying for export. At the
same time it may be noted that
within the last fortnight there have
been reported large ojuantities soli!
for export, and many reports from
the winter situation contradictory ol
the probability that the winter
wheat crop as a whole is in a nourishing condition. The facts appear
to I e that ualess each day as it
comes shows enormous sales for export and at the same time gives
large crop damage reports, there are
parties owning wheat who get nervous and let it go at a loss, and
others ready to sell short, and on
the oilier hand as simn as anything
OCCUl'S to prompt the idea that
wheal may advance these same parties get. on the buying side and of
ciiiirsi- an advance takes place? The
truth ol the situation seems to be
that stocks, visible and Invisible,
aro not extra large, that exporting
countries outside ol North America
have in the aggregate only very moderate supplies in evidence to sell to
Europe, where the surplus is needed.
That   the requirements ot Importing
Countries ere fully larger than usual
between imw and September 1, and
that present prices, though fair, aro
not high, and besides this, thu present prospect for the ensuing season's crops, though not diSCOUl*ag-
ing, is not particularly bright, and
that unless there is very favorable
crop weather during the growing
seuson the ultimate aggregate yield
may be such as to cause present
pried* to be looked back upon as extremely moderate.
Manitoba wheat has been exlrems*-
ly dull. Owing to the decline in
United States markets, and the fact
tluit exporters and buyers generally
are well loaded up with wheat,
which they cannot get turned over
before the opening of lake navigation, buyers have held back this
week from buying more persistently than they have done at any time
during this season. Prices at the
end nf last week were : No. 1 hard,
spot, 72*r_c; No. 1 northern, 70'/2C at
Fort William.
roads have stopped farmers' deliveries to ti great extent, and wo note
a light movemeat this week. Prices
range from 55 to fiOc per bushel for
bs*st wheat to farmers.
Liverpool Prices—No. l northern
spring wheat sold at Liverpool on
Saturday at (is id.
PLOUR-Ogilvlsja Hungarian Patent
$1.95 per sack of tsis lbs.: Qlenora
Patent, $1.80; Alberta. $1 (iO; Manitoba, $1.40; Imperial XXXX, $1.20
MILLFI'KD—Br.vn, in bulk, per ton
$14.50; shorts, $18.50. Delivered In
bags,  the prices are $1.50 higher.
GROUND FBED-Oat chop is quoted at ?27 per ton delivered to the
trsisle; barley chop, $'2'2 pel ton:
mixed barley and oats, $,'25 per
oil cake, $27 per ton.
Oats—Farmers' deliveries are
light, as the roads are bad
then* is plenty of oats in country elevators to meet the demand, ami
business is quiet. There are a few
orders csunin-g in for oats from Qus*-
bec at last weeks price. Seed oats are
being freely ensi'uired for but so far
there has been very little actual buying done. Sellers are asking 45 to
50c per bus. for seed oats; 85 to 86c
bushel fs>r fi't'd grades in car lots im
track in Winnipeg. Prices being paid
to farmers at country points for No.
_ white oats range around 2S to
Uie,  Brandon rate of freight.
DARLEY—There is but very littlo
doing in barley here. The market is
dtnu't" and we epiote now 37c to I'.Sc
per bushel of 48 pounds for feed
grades, and 40c per bushel iur malting, on track in Winnipeg,
HAY—The market for bay is sis-ad
Offerings are large and owing to
poor roads, etc., there is but little
demand. The general idea of the
value is $4.50 per ton for frs'sli baled on track. Loose hay is worth
about tho same us baled.
DRESSED MEATS-Beef, city dresa-
od, 7 to 8c per pound: country, !*4c
under these prices; veal. 8 to Uc;
mutton, 8c; lambs, He; hogs, 7'_<
pol l.i' tV-l'iesb killed chickens li
tss iii1 .<■ per pound, delivered here;
ducks and gOCBO, 10 to lie; ..nd tm-
keys, i'2\, to 14c.
lU'TIEIi—I'limni'iy—There is vnv
little creamery to be bad as milk is
scarce and local factories are only
making a very small spinal ity of
buller, not enough for their regular
customers, Winnipeg buyers are paying 34c per lb. net tor their supplies at present.
HU'lTElt—Dairy— There is almost
a famine in the dairy butter market
and prices have moved up -0 per
pound this week in COnSequenco, The
reason for the shortage is to be
found lurgvly in the fact that cssun-
try roads are in very bad shape and
farmers cannot market, even the little that they are making. Wholesale dealers are paying '--'' I"'1'
pound, commission basis, for fine
butter in tubs, bricks or prints; 10
to 18c. for ordinary qualities, While
seconds aro only worth 10 to 12*'
per pound, and some s>f the receipts
do not bring that much.
CHEESE—Jobbers are getting ll'/a
to lS"/2<* per pound for cheese
Stocks now in hand are from Ontario.
BQQS—The market has been weaker this week and 11 lo 12c per dor-
en for fresh case eggs, commission
basis, has been the price throughout
the week. - This would moan about
Sic to tho farmers at country points
POTATOES— Farmers' loads, delivered in Winnipeg, are worth 20 to
30c per bushel.
CATTLE-l'ecf cattle are scarce all
over the country. Buyers ure paying as high as 4:;,'|C per pound for
fat cattle for their regular trade,
and the range 61 prices Is l to 4:):'c,
according to quality, off cars here.
Btockers are worth $14 to ?10 per
head for yearlings, and $18 to S20
for two year olds,
SHEEP—Sheep ure not plentiful,
and the regular quotation is In the
neighborhood of 6c per pound delivered here.
,  but
Now an Absolute Cure for Itheuma-
tism has been Discovered—It is no
Experiment, having been Successfully Proven in Many of the Very
Worst ami Apparently Helpless
Sunilriilge, Ont., March 20. (Special).—Physicians and others who
study the treatment and cure of iii-
seaue have been greatly Interested In
Lhe ee.se of Mr. Wm. Doeg, a farmer
living iu Strong Township about
lour miles from here.
Mr. Doeg had Rheumatism so bad
as to be a cripple for years and Was
completely cured by Dodd's Kidney
Iii order to verify the report he
was visited at bis home and the following sigiied statement of the facts
secured :—
"Fsir four years i suffered excruciating torture. 1 was scarcely an
hour free from pain. The trouble
commenced in my back where it often remained stationary for months,
and BO intense wns the pain that 1
could not. lie down or take rest, but
had to sit night and day in a chair.
"The pain would then move to
other parts of my body and wben in
my knees i was unable to walk and
confined to my room.
"1 was treated by several doctors
and also tried many medicines without receiving any benefit, Almost
in despair I feared 1 would never
again experience the pleasure of being free from point
"My attention was at last directed to some remarkable cures of
Rheumatism by Dodd's Kidney Pills.
1 bought a box and began to use
them. I soon found that they were
helping nu* a little and so I continued the treatment.
"In a few weeks I was v.i'll ami
able to go about my work which 1
not been able to do for over four
"This was years ago ar.d I have
not since had the slightest set urn of
the trouble. 1 have worked on the
farm steadily ever since and have always felt strong anil well.
■1 know that Dodd's Kidney Pills
saved my life ar.d restored me to
health and strength,
"1 believe they will cure any case
of Rheumatism, for 1 never knew as
bnd a case as my uv, n and thOJ
cured me."
Never tell a man that he has made
a fool of himself, if be knows it lie
will get angryi—and he will g.t angry also if he doesn't know it.
Tells How She Keeps Her Little One
Healthy and Happy.
All prudent mothers always ks*ep
at band the means of treating Uie
minor ailments of her little ones the
moment the emergency arises. For
this purpose there is nss medicine
run oq.ua] Haliy's Own Tablets, ns
has been proven by many a Wlnsti-
peg mother. Mrs A .1. Waite, 50
Victoria St., says :—-"Some time ago
I s,.iit tor your little book on the
care ol Infants and young children
and have found il very useful. 1
have also used Baby's Own Tablets
and can truthfully say thai 1 would
not hi' without them in the house for
nnything. My baby is nine months
old and she has never been sick a
slav since I began the use of the Tab-
lots, l have recommended tho other
mothers who have had similar good
results, and ' thank you for all the
Kood    your wonderful Utile Tabb ta
haVO done  my  bale.   "
Daby's Own Tablets are o positive sure for all the little ills of
children such as Indigestion, colic,
sour stomach, constipation, Blraple
(ever ami diarrhoea. They break up
colds    ansl    prevent  croup ssnsi allay
tlie Irritation accompanying tho cutting of teeth. Cuurantccd to contain   no   opiate   or   harmful drug,
Sold by all druggists at 3Sc per box.
nr sent post paid by addressing the
Dr, williiuns' Medicine Oo., Brockville, Ont. ■	
There's no fool like a young fosd
who tries tsi acl   like an old fool.
QiV6 a baby half a chance and it
can smash more dishes tlitm an imported domestic,
It doesn't matter how pretty a
girl looks ot the piano; if she dOOS
not  sound well  it spoils the effect,
A    man     Seldom says what peopll
expect bim to say.
Who are Old While Young,
Whose Vitality is Wasted,
Whose Nerves are Shattered,
Who Find Ufe Burdensome,
I can euro you with Electricity, as
I have cured thousands af others.
I can make the blood circulate in
your veins, the nerves tingle with
vig-roul life and the spirit o!
energy show itself In every move
of yoar body.    My
Dr. McLaughlin's Electric Belt
Is a Model, a Modern Home Treatment
My twenty ysan of study are ahown la thla a****-,*. M*pU»qs». Yon waar It with comfort
at nTchtJ anil tha Ilaotrlolly Infsjjwd Into HtfflMar *»•»• »U NtrrQUS »tJ,sl viUUroiiWcsa,
Kldnay stnd Bladdsr troulslos. VarJoooale. RhenM»Uarjn, Iarnn Back, IiUlgoatlon. Ws-ait
BUiaise.'U snd all forma of pain and waoknaaa. lt. rattoraa the Ufe whllo you alecs. a~
uuai. oure,     Any one who will leoura m» «*»n us* my Bait and
Pay When Cured.
D* Vau Sutler T If ao, don't hesitate, don't waate your time on dru*a, whloh girt, no
itrenfth    Wear thla llfe-rlrlns appliance ai I dlreot and lt will cute you
SPIOial N0TI0S—It you hare an old belt of another make which lusts burned and
bll*t<*rcd you, or one that did not poaaaea eltotrioltfr, bring it ln and I will allow you one-
half the prloe of mine for It
I tflvij a free test to all who call.
Uluatrated book with full InformatlM V
It you can't oall I will aend you my beautifully
nth lull tnrormatltn If jit C.   Call to-day U poaatble and I will prove to
you that my belt Ie all I represent lt te be.
DR. m. p. McllUBHIWs 180 Ywgl Street, Toronto.
Ams fi+^c& rf wmbris ol^tlc^£_\______Y
-MUtf/ MMi,
For Sale Everywhere
Try our Parlor Matches.
They produce a quick LIGHT
*w ithout any objectionable
fumes.     :    :    •.*.•.   :
B. Eddy Co., "BJ"".:
Upward of 16,000 maimed, irip-
pli'il uml siisi'iiBs-sl horses are shuiijli-
tered annually In unsl Immediately
ubout Chicago, and, according to
Assistant Pure Fofod Commissioner
Rudolph M. Patterson, much of thc
llosii funis its way to tin' public market, pri'Si'iilt'il as a lis-'ultlifnl fooil
product, under tho guise of Uressod
csirn lu*of. One lnrRO Institution is
located within a stone's throve of
the wi'Stern city limits of Chicago,
and to gather a simply of diseased
and decripll animals, receiving stations    havo   been established In all
scrtions of Uie City.
T-ir. Brat "fiu.**— Mr. Wm. Vnndorroort,
".*• lucv s.'i-.s. tins,Ont., writs-.:   *\Vn have »  a
ii sPnraelooi l'illsiinsl Una them t > fartj o
,. l i ill ■ ,,!• ov. •!• i-.-.sl."   For delicate .iml de*
•ii.i!   conitltutloni   theao ttll    net Ukp n
rsrra.  Taken in "small <l.>»*-; tho effect is both
i rjlo i: -i.l a stimulant, mildly exciting tlio
oi Ions ul mo Uxly, giving touo und vigor.
There is no more land open for entry in Purl*, lake land district.
Last year thcro wore ht new
schools osganized and opened in tin*
Hookey Brand Boap i* n eloanor uml poUauot
s.. • .     .sss,!, but won'!. W'Ssti oloth-li
Dr.    Forbes, of Macleod, lias lioen
appointed    Dominion medical officer
tor Soul hern  Allii'ita
I ■ tlicro nnytiiinfr mnru annoying thnn hnv-
Ina ,,.in-,-,,:n Bts it ! upon '/ 1*1 thero liny-
thina mors-si. UgUtfal li.nnuetiiiic rid of u f
DoUc-sray'i I' • n I ow will uo it. 'i'.y It uud
be i-jonvinisvd.
rugnynnny who riant* boo-i of nny
ClCnltHIIII Had,, tlwr intlie homo or
'insrisntffariloii, willuecuro tliebn<t result s freai
from J. H. PEIK'.iiS, Ss adsm a, tX Market St.
WINKiP"*-.  lOTIJeod Aimuiillioo. -
Friend—" Was it u serious accident ) "
Chilliffcur—"Not at all. Only two
pedestrians killed, aani the a.it.. i,o-
jiile wasn't even scratched,"
■**■*■ To prove to yon thin Vrr.
avllAf** Chaso's OinUnciitisacertair.
B^ ■■»**■, 1_"| and nb.-oluto curo for oarh
■ ■■^ssf*SS» and every form .ji itching,
bloedinsrivnd protr.idlntj pile*,
tho manufacturers havo K*_nrnntood it. fcSeo ten-
timcniaJn in tho dally rsre-v-s an.l ask j onrncish-
bore what thry think of It. xou can US it and
get) your money bas-k if not, cured. Wc a box. aO
all dealers or KDM_NSON,IlAT_d & Csa,Torc_l!!,
Dr. Chase's Ointment
When    doctors    cannot   otherwise
ngreo thay call it heart failure.
Ki arlv nil inf uitj re more ou lass snMoet to
diarrhoea ai l wich comploint- whilo uietlmiK.
nd as thla ■    iod nf their lives i-i tho tnotl
ritloal. n       hoidd not lie will-ant it. K* le
, . |)r J li Iv !! ,. 1'..-i tstfiy C-.slial. -his
medlcino i-s a - ■-.. . ir such complaints anal**
highly apoki n ol bv those who nave u«eil it
ll.  pro]  i.-'.■-..''.;.'. i   will euro onr omso ol
hols i s  ■:   l**__i i' a ,i;.i'i!.'-
Judge a man liy tho depth ssf his
knowledge rather than b> his wast
As_ Ior Kinard's snd fete no otter.
A small boy doesn't care for a
b ink that is Instrurtive as well as
Centos   cannot supply the place o,
The Colonel us bachelor)—-"Ah,
Professor,    here's    to    woman   and
'wine, equally Intoxicating, und al-
w.t.'.s Inseparable."
j The L'rofessor (benedict)— "Quito
so;    ii'   ever   you marry, you'll Had
Uh.it    no    woman    is    without    her
Iwhlno,   and  like  your port- as she
get him to procure it lor you,
People Who  have  tho  hast   to  S J*
Invariably talk the most.
Inventors   ol new wrinkles nre not
popular with the ladles,
"SfflUCfflTSOAP    \
wis oilier she -jets crustier."
EUBII-b LIMslIT Is B8d mr rayslcians.
That plackgunrd's booking it vi tl.
vou   of    my eoais on.   Fire at hitli
trousers, tkey,
Ono woman with Sunlight Soap will  do
better work than Two will with impure soap.
Ask for tho Octagon Bar.
If your grocer cannot supply, write to J.KVEU *6'R0TE*e__
I.TMITFII,  Toronto, sonding his n.ir.io r---.il mliln ■■■', and a
trial samplo of Sunlight Boap will b.i mnt you freo of coot.
HtiHtilng,   bustling nun  waste li  11
their energy in kicking up dust,
*Mt-.    Fljjlt— I    wonder   whol  l oi
snid   when ins wifo turned to still I
Mrs.  I'i.iiit.—I  presume  ho saisl    'I
tolil   Villi   KO  !   "
The Caller—You are never naughty
nro vou ?
Margery—-Well,    1  Bhoul n i   li-.lnk
you'll    ask me eliat I      Ma"ini:i  s ys
it    isn't godd manners to hurl peoples'   fss'litlRH.
W. N,  U. No. ^70 im diui;l, SLOCAU, B. C, Al'KH. 11. m.
C. E. SmiTnERiNOAi."", Kditor and Prep.
SLOCAN,      •      •       -       -      B. C.
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tho first insertion and5 cents a line each
subsequent insertion.
Certificates ef Improvement, (*7 each.
Transient advertisements at same rater
as legal advertising.
Locals will be charged 1-9 cents a line
•for each insertion.
Commorcial Kates made known upon
The Subscription ia fS per year, strictly in advance; 12.50 a year ii not so paid.
■•'   Address all lottera to—
Slocan, B. C.
FRIDAY, APRIL 11th,  1802.
A pencil mark in the space
opposite will be an Indies*
Sion to yon that ye editor
considers there is something
earning to him on your subscription. Kindly acknowledge   in cash and oblige.
KOITOKIAI.  caorriNus.
The redistribution bill pissed its
.third readiii-j" on Tuesday.   Joseph
Martin, it's up to you, so piny  your
hand like a little man, and jammed
.be he who first cries Held, Enough!
Given a chance to reconsider their
/former verdict, the people of Mani-
' toba have decided that tliey do not
desire prohibition of tho liquor traf-
' flc just now. Thoy have had too
'many elections back there of late.
>>■'• —    im
The recent voto in Manitoba on
prohibition gives rise to the conun-
lirun as to who is responsible lor the
changed temper of the electorate-
Premier Koblinand his Tory minions
or Clifford Sifton and his Grit hirelings. _
.JR. F. Green, the local member,has
.succeeded in passing his resolution
"through the legislature for a govern-
' ment reflnory.   Public ownership of
' public utilities can now be claimed
as ope of the cardinal points of the
'Dunsmuir    administration,     which
should be worth something.
To the well-wishers of the camp,
there is much in the situation at pres
•tit to cause them satisfaction. The
contemplated developments and improvements at tho Arlington and
Speculator assure lively times on
Springer creek; added to which will
'.both* operations at the Hampton,
Ottawa, Tamarac, and other claims.
Close to town will be the working of
' the Pheenix and Kepublic groups,the
latter oven now asking bids for their
* new road.   All the other creeks are
.shaping up well for the summer. The
' outlook is good.
They are having a sweet time
at thnt royal cosamission in Victoria,
' inquiring into Smith Curtis' chirgcs
against Premier Dunsmuir over the
Canadian Northern railway deal.
The latter does not take kindly le
cress examination and is giving much
'trouble to Justice Walkem to maintain order and  decorum.   In  fact,
' Smith Curtis came near being Bent to
the hospital, the premier having
sandbagged him with the assertion
that he was a "crazy loon."   Curtis
1 has long legs, sure, but as for being
' a loon, ipso facto, and a crazy one at
that, there is margin in the assertion
tar an argument.
A feeling of genuine   pride   has
thrilled tho he irts o*' Canucks during
the week by the magnifleent exam
pie of bravery displayed by thc Can
* adinn Mounted Rifles at the battle of
Hart's River, South Africa, en March
31. Once more have the doughty
Boors been taught that the lion's
whelps from the Land of the Maple
are more than their equals on thc
field of battle; while to the Empire
at large is again conveyed the ear
nest of Canada's fealty to the old flag.
With the exhilarating feeling of on
thusiasin and pride aroused by the
C,M.R.'s bravory, comes the expression of heartfelt sorrow for those who
'mourn the lo s of their dear ones
'slain, nnd sympathy with those lying
wounded. But surely to the stricken
ones there is consolation in tho na-
' tion's words uttered by Hon. Joseph
-Chamberlain: "I congratulate thc
Dominion on tho heroic conduct of
the Canadian Rifles in the action with
'Delarey. 1 deeply regret the heavy
casualties, and desire to express my
'.heartfelt sympathy with the relatives
of these who have given their lives
"io maintain the splendid traditions of
Canadian valour."
Subscribe for Tae Driij,.
The smeltor talk at, Sandon lias
end ul in talk.
Work on thc Last Chance has eased
off ton whisper.
There are a number of small deals
being negotiated.
The Fisher Maiden, Four Mile, has
a foot of ore in sight.
Con Murphy has put a new fence
in front of his residence.
An incipient blaze occurred at the
Wilson House yesterday.
Fred Johnson is fencing in his new
purchase on Harold street.
Born.—In Slocan, on April 3, the
wife of J. llaslam, of a son.
The York-White block is having
its face polished by the painter.
A number of vags have found lodg
ment in the local bastile of late.
Capt. McLennan, late of the Nel
son, ts at tho helm on the Slocan.
C. S. R'sBhdall, New Denver, was
a visitor in the city over Monday.
J. A. Anderson has had his drugstore renovated and generally slicked
J. Aitchison is contemplating a trip
to the Stewart river, to prospect for
Today the Miners' Union are hold
ing their district meeting at Kamloops.
Miss Edwards was elected treasurer
at the recent teachers' convention nt
Fred Johnson has purchased the
cottage en Harold street owned by J.
G. McCallum.
Ted Eyten was in town Friday, for
the first time in live years. I-jo required a guide.
Ping pong hns succumbed and a
craze fur paint has taken its place. It
will be more lasting.
An English layout has leased the
Wakefield, on Four Mile creek, and
will work it shortly.
W. T. Shatford and wife, accompanied by Miss May bee, left en Tuesday for a short trip to Vernon.
April 18th has been set as the date
for holding the Socialist concert. It
will be held in the Union hall.
Service will be held in St. Paul's
church next Sundav, morning and
evening.    W. ll. Hedley, ylcnr.
Thc Oddfellows are keeping pace
with the general improvements in
thc city and painted their block.
The piers on the Delaney avenue
bridge, endangered bv the creek,
have licen rip-rapped this week.
Bert McNiuig-ht snd George Fair
bairn, of Silverton, were here on
Wednesday, humping the camel.
The concert given in the Presbyterian churell, Friday evening, by
the Junior Endeavorcrs was well attended.
Capt. Shortt, of the Kootenay, has
retired from the scrvioe, and Capt.
Eraser, of the Kokanee, has taken
bis place.
The delegates from Slocan leave
tomorrow tu attend the labor convention at Kamloops, which assembles
on Monday.
Last Thursday the engine on the
Nakusp train jumped the track on a
trestle near Denver, almost causing
a bad wreck.
Mrs. Geo. Lyons came in from Nel
son Tuesday, Jo join her husband at
the Arlington mine, where they have
erected a residence.
The painter and decorator has been
at work on the office of the Royal
hotel and transformed it into the
nobbiest place in town.
T. Brown and A. Docksteader, of
Sandon, and D. Weir, of New Den
yer. have been gazetted license com
missioners for thc Slocan district.
In the rush of general improve
ments the government ofliee has not
been overlooked, for it has had the
paintbrush applied inside and out,
The crew of thc8locan areaverng
ing about 24 hours a day lately, running sometimes with double barges.
It is (lie meanest run in the service.
On Saturday afternoon the rifle
club held their first shoot of the season at the new ranges, Good practice was had at the 1000 yard target,
The rifle club havo their new
ranges in position en tho lakeshore
In obtaining; their distances, they
have cleared the lower end of Hume
Judgment is expected next month
in the appeal caso of Manley vs Collom, over the Native Silver'fraction.
It is before the supreme court at Ottawa.
In order to permit of a larger attendance, the meeting at the Halcyon
springs to organize a press association, will bo held today instead of
J. Wicks, mate on tbe Slocnn, left
on Friday to take a similar position
on the Moyie at Nelson. He was followed here by W. Wright, transferred from Arrow lake.
J. C Crome, mgr. of tho Toronto
Type Foundry Co., Winnipeg, spent
Friday In the burg. J. C has been
In poor health of late AnoXs recuperating at the Halcyon springs.
Peter Thisted accidentally shot
himself at Fire Valley last Wednes
day, in carelessly handling a gun
wide  hunting.   Deceased  was  23
years of age and a -native of Denmark.
A special meeting of thc Socialist
league was held on Saturday night
to select a delegate to attend thc convention at Kamloops on Monday, J-
M. McGregor was thc delegate dulv
Gee. T. Moir, C.P.R. agent hen-,
has been transferred to Nakusp, and
leaves at once for his new billet, 11 i»
friends are tendering him a farewell
entertainment in tha Music Hall this
Thursday eve.
Jas. Baker, J. V. Purviance and
Fred B nson were chosen delegates
by the Miners' Union to attend the
convention at Kamloops on Mondav.
The alternates are T. Tobin, W. H.
Davidson and II. L. Fife.
Capt. Seaman left on Friday to
take command of the Kokanee. on
Kootenay lake. He has been in
chnrge of the Sloean ever since she
was built, five years ago, and his removal is deeply regretted by many.
Telegraph rates between Kootenay
and tho coast have been largely reduced. Heretofore the tolls have
been CO cents for 'ten words and four
cents for each word over ten in day
hours, and the night rate of 40 cents
and three. Now the figures will be
50 cents and three for the day, and
30 cents and two at night.
Lifo insurance has come to be regarded nowadays as an investment,
sale and certain, and which robs old
age of the fear of want and depend
enoe. No company offers better inducements in this respect than thc
Mutual Life of Canada. Its dividends
are larpo and yearly payments low.
W. J. Twiss, of Kaslo, who is the
general agent, will tell you all about
Gwiilim 6c Johnson,
B. C
J. I.
B. A. Sc.
Provincial Land Surveyor & Mining
Pioneer Livery
and Feed Stables,
Slocan, B. C.
General Packing and Forwarding attended to at the
shortest Notice.
Saddle and Pack Horses for
hire at reasonable rates.
"I believe that the coining twelve
months will see a great improvement
in the market price and demand for
all the metals," said Simon Guggenheim at Denver last week. Mr. Guggenheim, who is chairman of the
executive committee of the directors
ofthe American Smelting and Kefln-
ing Co., is making a tour of all the
the smelters in Colorado, and will
then go to Utah to see the new smelter there. "The outlook I'or silver
has, I think, improved, because the
prospect of passing the Philippine
coinage bill is good. The measure
will provide a new market for the
metal and will, I think, materially
affect thc price. Just what price may
bo reached I am not prepared to say
"The lead situation is more favorable. This is caused by prosperity all
over the country. The fanners arc
painting their houses nnd that means
the consumption of an in.mnise
amount of lend used in making w-ltiti.
I«ad. Then the Immense amount 'ef
construction which is being done all
over tho country will require a corresponding amount of lead pipe. 1
believe that the market for that metal
will be much improved.
' Copper, I believe, will rise in
price somewhat, because of an agreement between the various Interests
which will probably bg made within
the next few months. I do not be
lieve copper will go back where it
was before; that is not reasonable to
ex-wet, but it may go to 13 or 11
cents, which is perhaps a normal and
natural price. The outlook may ap
pear a little blue for some of the
metals just now, but I believe that
the future holds much better prospects."
The Murcutt Branch
of the W.C.T.U., Slocan,
Meets tltt second Thursday in each month
at 3 p.m. Next meeting in the Presbyterian church. All meetings opts
to those wishingtJ join.
Miss E. Stouohton, slRS.M.D.MeKljI
President. Cor. Secretary.
Alex. Rogers,
Tonsorial Artist.
The Leading Parlors:
Dissolution Notice.
OTK'R lss liarabjr ttivan that tha parttsarihip
lieretssfssre suls.sistiiss Imtwaaii the miller-
signail, carrying on tmsinas. m I)riia;i.'l>*ts, at
Sliis'nn. in Wost Kniitaiiny. siniior the firm name
of J. L. White 4 Co., Is this slay dissssNasI liy
aiutiinl rriiismit.
Ail debts slsie to the said Arm are to be paid
to the undersigned, John A. Anderson, who will
piiy all ths. debts of the said firm.
Dated the 1st day of January, A.D. 1902.
H. 0, G. Whits, J. L. WHITE,
A. Yoik.
for $18.25.
Why be without a range wins
you can get one so cheap ? The**
are preferrable to stoves and give
better satisfaction. These ranges
burn wood or coal and will be
set up free.
EJ. ~
Mines,   Real Estate, Insurance, Accountant.
Abstracts   of   Titles  Furnished.
Slocan,      - B.  C.
You are Invited
To examine the best line of Scotch
Tweeds, English Worsteds and
Irish Worsteds ever shewn in Sle*
ean; also all the latest designs In
Panting*.   Remember,
We are Custom Union Tailors
and tho Union Label is a guarantee of the best workmanship, We
guarantee satisfaction nnd a perfect fit.    _______
We have added a select line of
Compare our reasonable prices—Fine
White Shirts, $1; Collars, 15c; Regatta
Shirts, in fancy stripes, wilh collars
and cuffs attached, 7f>c eaeh; Under.
wear, from $2 a suit; California flannel underwear, $4 a suit, this line being imparted direct bv ourselves, the
best qua'ity Black relt Hat, Union
label $3 50, equal to tbe Stetson Hat
in every way.
A. DAVID, Slocan
Store: Opposite The Drill Office.
■tare alee al Sandon.
To the Ladies
of Sloean   .   .
The season for Wallpaper is
here, ami we have received
a fine line of papers from
one of tho best tirnisin Csn-
ada. The prices will bo
found very reasonable, especially as all customs sltities
will be saved. Splendid assortment and first class
goods. We represent no trust
but trust solely to the judgment of thc people.
Slocan City Iters' On
No. 62, W. F. of H.
Meets every Wednesday evening
in thc Union Hall. Slocan City, at
7.30 p.m. Visiting brethren cordially
invited to attend.
Finnneial Secretary
Do You
Want a Home?
Then come to Sloean. for it is
one of the fairest spots on this
earth of ours. Levelness,
Room, Scenery, Health, Fishing, Hunting,Roads, Railway
Steamboats, Churches,School
Hospital, Public Halls and
enterprising citizens are some
of the advantages enjoyed by
this City, backed up by Unsurpassed and Proven Mineral
Resources. Nature and Man
hath decreed that
Sold by AU Newsdealers
Furnishes Monthly to all 1ot.ii ol 8onf
and Hullo a Tut volume of lew, Choice
Copyright Compositions by Um mat pop-
alar authors. 04 Pages of Plane Music,
half Vocal, bait Instrumental—ai Complete
Pieces for Pl«no-once a Mont- (or as
Cents. Yearly Subscription, Sa.oo. Ifyou
will send as the name and address of fits
performers on the Piano or Oman, we will send
you a oopy of the Hagasine Free.
j. W. PfPPIR, Publisher,
Slghth * Locust Ste.. Philadelphia. Pa.
D. n. Ferry's Famous Garden Seeds, Flower Seeds,
Grass Seed, Seeds in packages and Seeds in bulk.
Our Potato Onions ,iad
Dutcli Sets have arrived
in good slmpo. Leave
your order and ensure
an early supply.
Special Sale!
Furniture !
Slocan is
the Burg
Ccmeandbe convinced that this tale it
no mere idle dream, but a stern reality.
World's Scenic Route
Direct Line; Lowest Ratei
commencing April 1. ()ne
of the largest stocks of furniture, carpets and linoleums
in the Kootenays will truly
Go at Cost Price.
Now is your chance to have
your homo furnished complete. Mail orders promptly
attended to.
Nslson, B.C.
L- ocan
Tors u to
Nsw York
S»n 'einM
St.   Paul,  Chicago,
and all U. 8.
per annum.
Tourist Sleeper Service
EA8T-Leaves Dunmore Jonstion
daily. Leaves Kootenay U»»*
Ing Tutsdays and Fridays.
WEST-Leaves Revelstoke dailT*
Home Seekers' Excursion tickets on sale,westbound, Mareh 1 to April
Through bookings lo Europe *■• •■■
Atlantic lines. Prepaid Hs-c*
frora all points at lowest rat**
J.BCARTiaa,     I-^OOTLI^
'   i.'imoo. T«**
Agent, SiocamOW
■ ••


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