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The Slocan Drill 1902-01-31

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OfvW   i^^-M
^Jy      .
YOL. II., No..44,.
SLOCAN,   B.   C,   JANUARY   31,   1902.
12.00 PER ANNUM,
Arrived In:
100 cages 40 per cent. Giant Powder
25 capes Gelatine Dynamite, Giant.
60,000 feet Gutta Peroha Fuse
2Q.000A1 Blasting Caps
8 €«zen 5-lb Verona Picks.
Hard-arc Merchants. - SLOCAN, B.C.
What about a Mackinaw or a pair of Rubbers,
or asult.sf Underwear.   Don't forget us.
W. T. Shatford 6c Cc General Merchants.
Slocnn, .Vernon, Fairview, and Camp McKiuney, B. C.
A. TORE <fc CO.,
3**-alers in Fresh and Salt
ClSeats, Vegetables and Pro-
v^ions.   Goods shipped to
■any  part of   the Slocan.
*.;tt**ghest cash price paid for
~«**w Furs.
B. C.
SLOCAN,   B.  C.
Offers m--to-date accommodation for the
Public.     It is the home of Travelling,
Commeroial, and Mining Men.
<JETHING-&-fffiNDERSON, - Proprietors.
City to IUIiss S700 In Support ofthe rub**
llo School-CItIc Treasury Ha. Only
• Few Dollar, on Hand—llaachere
afa.t Pay Wood Llcea.e.
Aid. Barber was the only absentee
at Monday night's meeting of the
city council. Aid. Nichol presented
his certificate of qualification and
took his seat.
Bills presented: Mrs. Tutcher, for
meals to prisoners, $6.65; J. V. Pur-
vianoe, poll clerk, $5; B. C. Gazette,
notice of election, $5; H.J. Robertson,
stove to relief committee, $7; Elliot
& Lennie, Nelson, advice to A. York,
as inavor, relative to the ' famous
34," $50. Ordered referred to finance
committee on motion.
Geo. Kydd. mgr. of tne Royal
Bank, Nelson, wrote, asking for the
names of the newly elected mayor
and aldermen, officially certified to
under the civic seal.   Ordered filed.
The trustee board of the public
school submitted the following estimate of expense for the year
Principal's salary
Six double desks
Cabinet for ore samples
Sand table
3 maps
Repairing stoves
Grading school grounds and
Estimated gov. grant
Balance from city
^ii-can, B. C, is under the
lili am Personal laiapiit of Jeff Baty,
'Who Is ever ,r$M-ly to make life pleasant for those
who tattry within a while with him.
Ms reached by fhy trail or road
ithal; Ejmj. h-jjto £he Town.
Do not go past its door when
■*       you are dry, weary or hungry.
A. E. TE-bTER,
Gent-" Furnishings.
Just opened up in my store, on Main
street, a full \ine of Gents' Furnishings,
Clothing, e&,; also Rubbers, in women's,
men's, and fl'ildren's sizes. All are to be
disposed ai-jlose margin for cash and one
price only. .Orders taken for ci^om
clothing. hMI work first-class at*! fit*?
guaranteed. \
in question, so that notices may be
published only on the first of May in
each year, and not quarterly.
Aid. McCallum brought to the attention of the council the condition of
a poor family living near the roundhouse. The mayor replied the family was being looked after.
Next the clerk wanted instructions
in dealing with ranchers bringing
wood into the city for sale. After a
family chat of half an hour or more
on the subject, it was suggested the
matter be left to the discretion of the
clerk, he to collect licenses Irem all.
Finally the clerk was so authorized
by the council.
Aid. Robertson said something
should be dene to make arrangements with the local hospital for indigent cases from the city.
J. V. Purviance, of the hospital
board, ssid no agreement had been
made between the city and the hospital.
Aid. Worden was surprised at this
news, as the old council had appointed Mayor York to arrange the matter.
Aid. McCallum thought the institution was a general hospital, as receiving aid from the government.and
so would admit any patient.
Aid. McCallum,Smith and Worden
were appointed « committee to inter
view tbe hospital board and make
suitable arrangements for city cases.
Council adjourned.
JUain StreeVSl* an.
B $700
Mayor Bradshaw said arrangements would have to be made at once
for payment of salaries fur teachers.
He thought it was possible tlie gov
eniment would make an advance allowance uf their grant, which was
payable montlily.
.*iId.McCallum hardly deemed th*t
His worship hinted at the clerk applying to the government uj-atii fur
rebate still due city for re I estate
taxes. The clerk said he hud received no reply to his previous letter on
the sutsject. He was ordered to apply a train to the provincial secretary,
Aid. Worden was ofthe opinion, the
city could not collect taxes until all
back taxes had been paid the government. He so understood the law
on tin subject.
Aid. McCallum, on behalf of thc
school board, said the estimate* presented was based on last year'* expenses, with the exception of the increase in salaries.
The clerk answered a query to the
effect that there was$2-1.35 in the city
treasury, but there was money aow
coming in from licenses. There
would not be sufficient, however, tor
school purposes.
His worship said there was only
one course open, and that was lo
raise a loan from the bunk until the
real estate taxes could be collected.
The money raised from liquor licenses for the first six months, had
been practically wiped out by the
expenses ofthe old council,
A desultory discussion arose aa to
tlie amount of money to be raised by
the loan, winding up by Aid. MeCnl'
lum and Worden moving lo borrow
•J500 from tlu bank for three months.
His worship, on behalf of tho clerk,
brought up the question of purchasing a voucher register, the books on
hand not being 'ar„"e ctiou:-h to hold
tho necessary columns for all the accounts. Tho cost of the book would
be about $35. The clerk was instructed to write for quotations.
In the matter of dog- taxes, the
mayor pointed out that tho rates had
been collected for the first six mon Mis
by the old council and spent. Bn this
they had exceeded their rights.
Aid. McCallum thought it would be
a good scheme for the collector to col •
lect taxes for the full year 08 1302,
and refund for six months to those
who had paid. .Suggestion adopted.
Mr. McNeish addressed the council
on the subject, stating he had. seen a
similar difficulty arise on the count.
They had difficulty there in straight
cnin'g out the tangle, and he believed they would here.
On motion of Aid. Smith and
Nichol, the clerk was instructed jn
accordunce with Aid. MoCalluin's
The pound and dog tax bylaw was
next in turn for discussion* ttie clerk
desiring instructions to publish not
ices in accordance with itvpnovisions.
Members of the council wanted the
bylaw amended so as to save cost ol
publication, and suggested changing
the clause dealing with advertising.
The clerk read the bylaw throughout.
Aid. Worden gave, notice of a mo
tion to amend soc^n. 1!" of the. bylaw
prkk -jeed for ranchkrs.
Editor Drill:
Sir,—By instructions of the lion
minister of agriculture, another dis
tribution will be made this season of
samples of tbe most productive sorts
of grain to Canadian farmers for tbe
improvement of seed. The stock for
distribution is of the very best and
has been secured by the director of
experimental farms from tho record
breaking crops recently had in the
Canadian Northwest. It will be
worth while for farmers generally to
renew their seed of oats when varieties which have produced more than
100 bushels per acre can be had. Thc
distribution of seed* this spring will
consist of samples of outs, spring
wheat, barley, field pease, Indian
eorn and potatoes. Every farmer
inav apply, but only one sample can
be sent to each applicant, bene* if an
individual receives a sample of oats
he eannot'also receive one of wheat,
barley or potatoes, and applications
for more than one sample for one
household cannot be entertained.
These samples will be sent free of
charge through thc mail.
Applications should be addressed
to the director of experimental farms
at Ottawa, and may be sent in any
time before the 15th of March, after
which the lists will be closed, so that
all the samples asked for may be sent
out in good time for sowing. Parties
writing should mention the sort or
variety they would prefer,and should
the available stock of the kind asked
tor bo exhausted, some other good
sort will be sent in its place.
Wm. Saunders,
Director Experimental Farms
Ottawa, January 15, 1902.
shares of 50 cents each. John F.
lioldcn is attorney for the company,
with head office for the province in
this city. Tbe object of the company
is to carry on a general mining business.        	
Bsaiolt.r. Cut Rat...
There was an important change ln
the smelter situation for the Sandon
camp during the past few days. D.
Johnson, ofthe Everett smelter, hat
made contracts with the American
Boy and Last Chance properties on a
basis of $11 for freight and treatment
on ore going 20 per cent lead or less.
For ore running over 20 per cent, 20
cents a unit will be charged for each
per cent up to 40, making tho rate
for that class of ore 1515 per ton. All
ore going over 40 per cent will get
the $15 rate. A zinc penalty of 50
cents a unit will be charged on everything over 8 per cent. The settlement is on the London market quotations, less shipment deductions. Ten
per cent of the price will be held out
for 90 days to protect the smelter
from fluctuation. The American Boy
and Last Chance are already shipping on the new basis, and several
ether properties are expected to drop
into line. No settlements have yet
been received from the Trail smelter
for ore shipped since thc first of the
year, and inquiries haveonly elicited
a reply tbat the rate for freight aad
treatment has not vet been settled
for the year.
J. Roderick Iloburtaosi Killed.
The people of Kootenay generally
will learn with the deepest regret of
the death of J. Roderick Robertson,
of Nelson, general manager of the
London * B. C. Goldflelds, which
controls the Ymir, Whitewater, En
tcrprise and other mines. Mr. Robertson met his death in New York
city on Monday, having been killed
in his room in the Murray Hill hotel
by flying debris from au explosion of
dynamite. The powder was beiug
used for blasting in the Rapid Transit tunnel near by. Deceased was
one of the prominent men of the
country and did much to advance Its
mining interests. Ho wus universally respected by nil classes of tbe
riols-Uss-j Get. Aft.r Walion.
Big Mossey for Isnprovemente.
In view ot the extraordinary rapid
growth of the Canadian Northwest
in recent Tears, culminating in the
harvest of 1901, whxh yielded CO,-
000,000 bushels of grain for export,
the public will be quite prepared to
learn tkat the president ofthe C.P.R.
has asked tbe Dominion government
to approve of a resolution authorizing
the board of directors, with the sanction of the shareholders, to increase
the capital of that comrany to the
extent of $20,000,000. Tbe money is
to be used for baying new locomotives and cars, lay heavier rails, arrange in due course for the doub'e-
tracking of certain sections and provide such other improvements as
may be found necessary to cope with
tbe large increase in traffic which
has already taken place, as well as
with the still greater increase confidently looked forward to in the near
future, The amounts applied to each
of these departments is: New rolling
stock $7,000,000, double tracking
56,000,000, new works at Montreal
$1,500,000, new elevators, etc., $3,-
000,000, miscellaneous improvements
$500 000. 	
Slocnn as as Company Centra.
There is one feature of the mining
situation in the camp lhat is generally overlooked, and that is, the rapidity with which the city is liccom
ing the headquarters ""or mining
companies. Apart from the exteu
sive advertising tho place will receive from this means, there is the
immediate local benefit to bo considered, as tho operation of the mines
will necessitate offices and more Or
less of a staff. Slocan is now the
provincial headquarters for the Arlington Mines, Limited, the Ricowilabi Mining Co. operating the Speculator, the Slocan-Kilo Co.,the Viking
Mining A Development Co., the Tamarack Mining s)t Development Syndicate, and the Sloean-Republic Mining & Development Co. Later on in
the year there will be half u dozen
moro companies added to the list.
Com Fielding has filed his answer
In Spokane to thn suit brought by
j Frank Watson against him, and he
;makes a counter claim for $32,000
Watson's claim against Fielding was
for $9700, rendered for certain ser
vices performed. In his counter action Fieluing makes somo strong
charges against Watson, alleging
that through misrepresentations on
the part of the latter he was defrauded out ot stock valued at $32,000.
Fielding, who resides in Grant's
Pass, Oregon, wus nn><*f the original
owners of the Arlingto i mine, in this
division, and the suit arises out of its
Tamarack Company Llcen.ed.
A certificate of registration has
been granted the Tamarack Group
Development Syndicate, the head office of which is in Spokane. The
amonnt of the cnpl.nl of the company
is $7j50,0(XJ, divided  in.io  1,503,000
Impersosiatlea Ca.o Appealed.
On Wednesday D. Si McVannel
had papers served on him in an appeal in the case of Thomas Watson,
convicted here last week of impersonation at tho municipal elections.
Watson was fined $50 or two months,
and is now doing time at Nelson.
The appeal will come before Judge
Forin, in tho connty court at Nelson,
on March 10. H. R. Jorand is acting
for Watson, while Nelson talent will
represent the prosecution.
Laat Ye**.r*. Shipment. Wore estst ToBf-—
A Healthy Kvldenee of tho Life aad
Wealth of tha Camp-Arlington the
Biff-eat Shipper.
The outlook for ore shipments from
tbe local division has brightened considerably aud exports may be expected to show a respectable tonnage
from now on. For thc week 120 ton*
was sent out, tke Enterprise making
its appearance for the first time (his
year. From it 60 tons was exported,
40 tons of which were concentrates,
being the first silver product of that
kind to be shipped from the division.
It is expected the mine will continue
to ship heavily, both of etian ore snd
concentrates. The balance of the
week's output came from the Arlington, whose ore is running pretty high
in silver values. Next week ths Neepawa will figure in the shipping list.
For 1900 -the exports from this di*
vision amounted to 2-347 tons, mad*
up from 10 properties. Last year
thc exports totalled 6529 tons, from
14 properties. Following is s fall
list ot the shipments this year to
MINI. Will.        TOTAL,
Arlington -    60 440
Enterprise      60 60
~120 600
Neepawa Croaecnt Flal.hed.
During tho wcelfc the crosscut on
the Neepawa, which was run from
the side to avoid the dangerous snow-
slide, caught the ledge and opened
up a fine chute of ore. The drift was
commenced about a month ago and
affords absolute protection to the
workmen. As a result of tapping thc
tedge, ore is now being broken down
and sacked and* shipments will bo
commenced ht once.
This Friday evening a hockey
match will take place at the rink
between the Silverton-Now Denver
combination and the local team.
A. B. Gray, of Nelson, Kootenay
representative of Rithet & Cj., died
of henrt disease on Wednesday, lie
will.be greatly., missed.
Bar silver this week dropped below
55 cents.
Pig lead and copper arc strengthening in price.
A force of seven men is employed
at the Transfer.
Last week the Hewett mine shipped out 111 tons of ore.
The Marion ia to make a lOfr-tals
shipment from New Denver.
The Rambler-Cariboo stock is at-
86 and trill soon bo at par.
The lake mines, np to Saturday
ni*r.bt, shipped 7C0 tons ©fore.
A certificate of improvements hu
been issued to thc V A* M group.
The Arlington is the leading shipper ofthe Slocan so far this year.
Development  is to   be   actively
Eusbed on the Fisher Maiden, Fonr
Ore shipments from the entire Slocan total close to 2000 tons for ths
Two teams are employed hauling
ore from the Arlingtew. 'iiisaj are
bringing down 17 tons a day..
8hi|"-*ing ore has been strnek on
the Real Idea, one of tbs Mollis
Hushes group, New Denver.
Tbs local smelters claim their rates*
on ores from the Sandon camp are
the same as those ofthe Everett smelter.
W. Koch will handle ths orb from
the Neepawa mine, en Ten Mile, several carloads of which' is* to be sent",
Four and one half feet of high'
grade galena is exposed in the drift
on ihe Silversmith, one of the Slocan
Star group.
The vein on the Legal, Lemon*,
creek, la*, steadily improving, tho-
paystreak becoming widbr and more
Some very prominent financial inen<
in Michigan bave become identified!
with the company formed to woric
the Champion group, on Twelve Mile-
The shipment made by the Enterprise on Saturday comprised the first
silver concentrates to be sent ont of
the division. It was an' intimation-
also that tho mill is dolngf pretty fair-
Wbat is known ss the Galena vslm
bas been struck on ths Hast Chance,,
at a vertical depth of 1600 feet, and*
a promising ore chute exposed. The*.
crosscut is 1800 feet long snd took a*
year and a half to ran, costing rally
Appended is a complete list of the various recorde registered at tb» local registry office, H. P. Christie being miuing*
assises*, aim.
Jan 22—Ilecla fraction, Baialo, Moon--
cmiTiriCATi or mraoTr.M
Jan 22-V A M. Occidental, P I. C,,
Reno, Get There Eli.
Jan 26—Gold Viking, New Phoenix fr,,
aud Vikiog fr, relrase of lasHtyar-' on
•aim-, Geos.HAy.lard to Thomas S Dim.
but. ■_■
C*opyri,-ht. 1901 by Thomas P. Moutfort
A flnsb of anger swept over Slra.
"Mary Mann," he said, with sonif
spirit, "what I do Is my own business.
an as long ns I don't step on yonr corn**
yon nln't pot no cause to squeal. No
mntier wlint I do nor whnt Loueesy
does.-It nln't Inkln uo hide off of your
bur***, as I kin see. so I reckon you
flint"'"'!'} list rs well save yonr brent!
fin stum* oilier pn.poRi*."
"''.iiin:ili! I reckon you mean to snj
r   ■ 1.1 nin't Done of mr business."   -
•'I do, Mls'us Mann; I mean Jest that
"Waal, mebby It nln't my business;
but, for all thnt, Sim Hunks, I'm bound
lo say thnt you're n fool an thnt ev*
er'body knows .vou nre."
'".Vn.'il, If 1 am It's the Lord's iloln's.
He made nie that a-way, nn I cnn't
help It. If you got uuy quarrel to
make about it, you better go on te
"You're slcb a sot an determined
fool," Mrs. Mann said, Ignoring Sim's
last remarks, "that you wouldn't believe a. tblng ag'ln Loueesy If you see
It with yonr own eyes. Them words I
told yoa are (lie truth, the plumb gospel truth, an I'd be willin to sw'ar to
'em with my hand lifted up to heaven
an tbe Bible open before my eyes."
"I don't b'lleve nnry a word of It,
Mls'us Mnnn. nn I wouldn't b'lleve
nary a word of It If you was to stan*
up here an sw'ar to It till you drappcd
In your tracks. It's ever' speck a nils-
'able lie!"
"It's ever" specie the God's truth."
"I say It's n lie'"
Mrs. Mann was silent for a little
while, but hers wns not the silence of
the vanquished.    She was only pre-
"/  don't  b'lleve  nary a word of it,
Mls'us Mann."
paring to deal a harder blow. As she
stood with ber eyes fixed on Sim she
marveled at the change that had come
over ber. Sbe thought of Uow dearly
she bad once loved tbat man and of
how thoroughly she now despised him,
of bow ouee she ha'd longed to make
him happy and of bow now she delighted In making him suffer. Of a truth
"hell has no fury like tbat of a woman
•corned." Truer words were never uttered, nor ever was Ihere a woman to
whom they more perfectly applied thnn
tbey did to Mary Mann.
Calmly, far more calmly, than she
felt, ahe said:
"I reckon you know Sam Morgan,
Sim glanced up In surprise.
"Me know Sam Morgan!" he exclaimed. "Laud, what a question to
ask! Ain't I knowed Sam Morgan
from tbe day be was horned?"
"An, knowln blm that a-way, 1 want
to ask if you ever knowed him to tell a
"I never did. Sam Morgan ain't no
liar, no matter what, else you enn sny
'bout, him."
"Then If be was to tell you anything
you'd b'lleve It?"
Sim began to suspect to what Mrs.
Mann's questions were leading, nnd a
sensation of fear came over blm. However, after a little hesitation be answered.
"Yes. If Sam Morgan was to tell me
anything for a Bible truth, I'd b'lleve
"Even If It was them words 1 spoke
to you 'bout Loueesy an that Mr. Mel
Sim's, face blanched to a deadly
whiteness, end a dreadful trembling
seized him. If Sam Morgan said those
tblngs, be couldn't doubt them, and in
spite of himself, In spite or all his earnest desires, he would hnve to believe
all Mary Mann bad told him. It was
bard, bowever, to relinquish tbe last
vestige of the fond faith be bad In his
wife, and, beaten back to tbe last
ditch, be made a final stand la ber defense,
"Sam Morgan won't say mm slch
words!" be cried In tones half pleading,
half defiant "Sam Morgan won't never do Iti"
"He will," Mrs. Msnn persisted, wltb
unrelenting cruelty. "He bas said 'em
already, sn he'll say 'em ag'ln."
"I don't believe It.   Sam won't lie.'!
"Sam won't lie, but "_t**ll say tbem
words." .
"How do yon know be wilIT"
"'Cause he has already said 'em, an
be won't never take back bis words
It was blm that seen tbe meetlo lie
tween Loueesy an Melvln. an it wus
hlin Hint henrd them two tnlkln love.
If you "wa'n't a fool, Sim Banks, a
plumb, senseless Idiot, you'd kuow
from what you've seeu an heard tbat
Loui'esy loves that mnn. My Lord,
ever'body else knows It an has knowed
It for weeks!"
Sim shook his bead.
"I don't b'lleve It. I don't b'lleve It,"
he repeated. "Loueesy wouldn't never
do no slch a thing."
"No. you wouldn't b'lleve lt, I guess.
If sbe was to tell you so herself."
"She ain't uever a-goln to tell me
"I guess not. She'd be a fool If she
did. What she'll do will be to deny It.
A wife ain't likely to stan' up an tell
some man she loves him, then go an
toll her husband all 'bout it"
"She never told thnt mnn tbnt, an
you'll never mnke me b'lleve sbe did."
"Waal, you ask Sam Morgan. That's
all I got to sny.   You jest nsk him."
"I will, an I don't b'lleve he'll say
It's so."
"lie will sny It's so, ever' word of It.
"If be does, may God bave mercy on
cn APT Ell XV.
"I'm. no mv ihty."
Sure enough,  as Jacob  Hicks had
predicted, a circular en me hen ring the
information thnt oue Krnuk Shell on
ivns wanted, by the authorities of another county and that n liberal rewnrd
would be paid for his arrest. The description of Bbelton ns given in the circular tilted Melvln so perfectly as to
leave uo doubt of his being the man
flint was wan ted.
Hicks very prudently decided thut
the less noise made about the circular
nnd the fewer people who were Informed of It the better. So, iu nccord-
iiiue with this decision, be took Pap
Sampson, Jnson Roberts nnd Snm Morgan into bis confidence nnd excluded
nil others. Pap and Jnson he knew be
could trust Implicitly, nud. while he
was not so sure of Snm, he was compelled to let him Into the secret on account of his being the township constable, for wben It came to making tbe
arrest Sam would have lo take the
That night he showed the circular to
those three men In bis store nnd nsked
tbelr opinion on lt. After rending lt
over carefully they nil agreed, with one
accord, tbat Hicks was right In his
view and that Shelton and Melvin were
certainly one nnd the same.
"Thnt," Pap Sampson said, with an
air of Clear conviction. "Is as plain Ss
the ears on a mule. Thflr nln't n shad-
der of doubt In my mind on that score.
But what I'm pestered 'bout is what
we ort to do next. That's the p'lnt I'd
like for some of you to mnl.e clear to
Tbey all exchanged nn Inquiring
glance, but no one spoke. It was evident that none of them had any very
well denned Ideas as to whnt would he
the proper course for them tn pursue.
When the pause hnd begun to grow
awkward, Jason Roberts broke It by
remarking Irrelevantly:
"Lord, Jest to think of thnt feller heln
wanted for murder!   Ain't if nwful?"
'"Tis so," Sam agreed. "Wonder
who It was be murdered. Does thnt
paper tell?"
"Of course It does." Jason replied.
"Dhln't you rend It'.'"
"Not all of It, I didn't. I never read
notbln 'bout that."
"What was the feller's name, Jake?"
Jnson asked.   "I've done clean forgot."
"Marchand," Hicks replied.
"Right putty name, nln't lt?" Jason
observed, "{tale high soundln, too,
like It might belong to some of them
way up kind of |»eople."
" 'Tis shore," Sam agreed, "an I bet
he was a good sort of feller too."
"Mought 'a' been." Jason replied.
"I duiiuo notbln 'bout that though."
"No. but 1 bet be was. Wonder
what thnt feller killed him for anyhow?"
"Lord, Sum, I reckon It'd be putty
hard to tell wbnt made him do lt Mebby tbey got Into a fight an jest fit an
Ut till one killed the otber. I guess It
was that away or some other."
"Must 'a' been. I bet he Jest got
him down an stabbed him with a
"I guess that's jest 'bout wbst be
done, Sam—either that or else he shot
him or somethln. It's an awful thing
any way you fix It."
"Ain't It. though? Lord. I'd hate awful to be done nuy slcb a way."
"Yes, but I dunno If 1 wouldn't bate
most as bad to be Ihe feller thnt done
It. My laud, dou't you know he's
moughty nigh skeered to death all the
time for fenr he'll beUetcbed nn bung?"
"C'ose be Is. Then I bet he's ha'nted
"To be shore be Is. I've beam It
said that when a feller done a murder
he wa'n't never free from a ba'nt no
more. Day an nlgbt, dny an night,
long as he lives, the spirit of the one
ho killed Jest hangs round after him.
never enyln notbln, never mnkln no
complaint, but JeBt o-kecpin Its eyes
on blm nn n-lookln so sad an mournful
It's Jest plumb techin."
"Lord, ain't that tcr'blc? Wby, I'd
ruther be dead than to have a ha'nt alius a-pesterln round after mo that
away an know I wa'n't never goln to
git shet of It no more. My land, I'm
nwful glnd I nln't never killed nobody
an you bet I nln't never a-go!u to kill
nobody uuther."
Suddenly ond unexpectedly Pap
Wampson brought bis cane vigorously
dowh on thc floor, causing Sam nnd
Jnson to Jump nnd putting an end to
their conversnllon. Pap and Hicks
had been holding n consultation apart
relative to Melvln and, having reached
nn agreement, were now ready to take
the others Into their confidence.
"You uns has said a-plenty 'bout
them dead folks an ba'nts." Pap remarked, "seeln's It ain't them things
we una air specially Interested lu Jest
now. So. If you uns please, we'll talk
'bout that Mr. Melvln." •
Mr. M. A. Gauthier, of Buckingham,
Given His Experience For the Benefit of Other Sufferers From This
Teirible Malady.
From The Post, Buckingbum, Que.
We venture to say that iu our town
of 3,000 inhabitants few business men
are   better   known   that   Mr.   M.  A.
UauLhier,   the   young    and hustling
butcher,   of Main  street.   He  wasn't
however, as energetic or as hustling
a couple of years ago   as he  is   today,    and for     a   good   reason—he
wasn't well. Having gone into business ere reaching his majority his de-
B're to succeed   wus   sucb thut    no
li.'i'sl   wub paid  to keepiag tiie  body
in   the stale of health necessary   to
stand u strain, uud in consequence of
the extra demands  upon  the system
it   became run down lo such an   extent tliut epilepsy or falling sickness
resulted,    and  these lapses   into unconsciousness    becoming    alarmingly
fivqus in  he   consulted physicians nnd
took   .some   remedies,   but    without
benelicial  results.   Finally seeing Dr.
Williams'  I'ink  1'ills ndvs-rtissxl as a
cure for tailing sickness he decided tu
give 'the— a trial.   As to the result
Uie Post cannot do better than give
Air.   I'aulhier'H    story    in   his   own
words:    "Yes,"'   suid    Mr.   t'authicr,
"for nearly four yeara I suffered from
epikpsy   or   lulling fits, which took
me without warning ansl usually   in
most 'inconvenient places.   I am just
twinty--l'our years of age, and I think
I started business too young and the
fear ot failing spurred me to greater
efforts  perhaps    than    was good  for
my constitution, and the consequence
was that   I  became subject to those
attacks    which came    without    any
warning  whatsoever, having me terribly sick and weak after they    hud
passed.   I got to dread    their recur-
rs-nce very much.    1 consulted doctors
and   took   their remedies to no purpose,  the  fits   still  troubled  me.      1
saw  Dr   Williams'  I'ink Pills adver-
tisod and determined to try them.   I
did sis. and th.s undieine helped me so
much that 1 got more and kept   on
taking  them  until    today    I  am  as
well, yes better, than I ever was, and
am not troubled at all by epilejiay or
the fear of Ihe ills seizing me again.
Thinking   there may  bo others similarly ulilictkd, I g vs; my story to the
Post ;    it may perhaps lead them to
gi.-e this great medicine a trial."
Dr. Willinms' Pink Pills are a positive cure for ali diseases arising from
Impoverished blood, or a weak or
shattered cond'tion of the nervous
system. Every dose makes new,
rich, red blood nmi gives tone to the
nerves, thus curing such diseases as
epilepsy, St." Vitas' dance, paralysis,
rheumatism, sciatica, hear', troubles,
anus min, etc. These pills are also a
euro for the ailments that make the
lives of so many women a constant.
mii*t-ry They are sold 'n boxes, the
Wrapper around which bears the full
■nine—Dr. Williiuns' Pink Pills for
Pale People. Can be procured from
druggists, or will be sent by mail,
po.-st paid, at 50 cea-aa «. box, or six
boxes for $2.50, by addressing the
Dr. Williams Med cine Co., Broe-k-
vill*.   Ont.
Fellows who travel on their facee
may be_ said to have mains of support.
Chrouie derangements of the stomach, liver,
and Mood nro *.po dily ron.ovod by the active
l.r.nciple o( tbe insrsxlitiDts eutenutr into tlse
compo-ition of Funnels***'!! Vegetable Pills.
These jsill i act spi-ciilcally on the deranged
organs, .stimulating to action tlio dormant ener-
/:i. s of tho system, thereby removing disease
and renewing li fl and vitnli.y to the nfflictcl
In thi i li09 the great ivtwrot ot Uie popularity of
Parmelee's VogeUsble Pills.
Cold cash is a thing it givsa us
chill to part with.
6><*tille am.—TbU Is r.i*huppi!y an ago oi
scepticism ; but thero i< oue point isponwhisl
persons acsiuainterl with tho subject agree,
namely, that Dr. Thomas' Kcloctrlc Oil is a
medicine that can ho relied npon to euro n
sisiigh. remsjvo pain, he-il 'siren of various kind?,
nnsi U'l'i'fit any inllamtxl rsjrtion of Uiu body tc
which it is applied.
The only way to make eoms men
acknowledge the corn is to stamp on
their feet.
Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator has tht
lirgcst salo of any similar preparation sold in
l 'isiinsiii. It always givs». [satisfaction by potior
ing health to the little folks. .
With     the   dealer  In    -wcond-hand
goods it i« never too lata to mend.
MINARD'S LINIMENT Relieves Henralgla.
When it cornea to telling their ages
most women are old enough to know
A paper of pine is not without ite
fins point*.
Beat  I'a os Tlsif.
"Oh, come now, I s'y!" exclaimed tbe
Britisher. "You must Admit we're
■ bend of you In a grlte many w'ys."
"lu one great particular I admit you
■re,", snld the Yankee'.
"And tbnt IsV
"Time. It's 8 o'clock In London, and
It'* only 3 bere."*        i  •
(To bo Continued )
Juvenile Hraaontaa.
Mr. Wlee—Johnny, can yoo tell me
wby tbe little band on my watch goee
faster than the big one?
Johnny (after mature reflection)—
I'tipa. Isn't it for tbe same reason that
I have to ruo wben I go walking wltb
Aa Important Oacatloa.
'-This," said the guide, with an Impressive flourish, "Is tbe famous Bistine Madonna by Raphael, tt la valued at close
to a million dollars."
"Ah," remarked the American tourist,
"and docs that Include the framaV"—
Philadelphia Press.
9aeb an Aceldent la No More Likely
to Happen lo Them Tbau In Milk
llo Ill's or Salt llnt»a—Wins I Doea
Happen *n Caae of Fire.
The proneness of tbe average newspaper reporter to attribute cellnr con
flagrailona to the explosion of giis me
lers represents what appears to be au
Ineradicable race trait No amount of
contradiction nnd no accumulation of
proof that sucb an accident is an Impossibility seems to reach the news-
gatherers, wbo go on reporting tbe explosion of gas meters, doubtless because the 8reineti have a tradition tbat
meters are explosive and. give tbls ex-
olanatlon of every fire which tbey can
not otherwise account for.
Kor the reassurance of nervous peo
pie It gives us pleusure to say that no
gas meter ever exploded since the
world hegnn, and until they are made
on very different plans and contain
gns of very different.composition from
tbnt now used for Illuminating purposes sucb an accident Is no more likely to happen to tbem than to milk bottles nr salt bags.
Tbe domestic gns meter bas a more
or less well deserved reputation for
habitual 'mendacity, though as likely
io He against tbe gas company as for
It; but It baa never done anything to
warrant the suspicion that It Is liable
to go off with a bang. It 1b a tin box
of a little less than one cubic foot
capacity, put together with soldered
seams and japanned.
Into and through It passes the gas.
which enters through tbe service pipe
connecting tbe main with tbe bouse,
usually of half an Inch diameter. It
has very little copaclty for gas storage,
aud la not strong enough to carry gas
under a greater compression than, say,
half a pound per square Inch. More
than tbls would bulge Its sides. In
point nf fact the pressure of gas in
meters Is rarely more than enough to
balance a column of water two or three
incbes high.
If a gas meter Is exposed to great
beat from external ore. nothing very
serious happens. The soldered (wains
will probably melt, allowing Hie gas
to escape. Tbls gas Is not explosive,
bowever. If becomes so only when
mixed wltb air In certain definite proportions.
Should tbls admixture exist In a
meter, wblcb Is almost impossible. Ite
sbell Is not strong enough to offer any
great resistance, and should an ex
plosion occur by reason of fire reaching this admixture of gas and air the
meter would be wrecked, but It Is
doubtful of any other damage would
result None bas been wrecked from
tbls cause.
If tbe seams of tbe meter are opened
by tbe melting of tbe solder or by fracture from accident tbe gas within it
would escape, and. if It bad tbe chance.
burn. Outside the meter It might bave
opportunity to form tbe explosive mixture with air and do some damage.
What actually hnpnens In tbe case
of fires attributed to tbe explosion of
gas meters Is usually tbls: Gas wblcb
has leaked from defective pipes or
worked Into tbe cellar from broken or
defective street mains accumulates ln
pockets formed by rafters and elsewhere and remains there until It comes
In contact wltb ao accidental fire
of some sort A fire starts In the cellar and (she temperature gradually rises
until tbe smoldering rubbish bursts Into flame. Tbls reaches tbe mixture of
gas and air along the celling and an
explosion follows.
The meter, naturally enough, is
thrown down and probably torn from
Its connections, aud tbe conclusion le
reached tbat Instead of being tbe victim of tbe accident, the Inoffensive meter Is tbe cause of nil the trouble and
bas Indulged Its Inherent propensity to
set tbe boose afire after lifting It from
Ita foundations.
It la a perfectly safe generalization
tbat tbe eas wblcb makes trouble Itt
cellars Is wholly outside tbe meter and
never Inside of IL Grindstones sometimes explode with fatal results In saw
factories, but tbe excellent old ladv
wbo, after residing of sucb an nccldent
and recalling that tbere was an old
grindstone in ono corner of tbe cellar
wblcb bad been there twenty years,
hired a couple of tramps to carry It to
the extreme corner of tbe garden and
pour witer on It for an hour, meanwhile giving thanks that It bod not
blown herself nnd family Into eternity
"unbeknownst to any of us." was of
tbe type of those wbo. through fear or
gas meter explosions, are all tbelr lifetime subject to nervous chills.
There Is not a gas meter In nam nnder
wblcb It would not be perfectly safe
to build a bonfire, provided, of course.
tbere wns not a quantity of gas out
side of It which tbe same fire could
reach.-  ,
Why Snow la Not Black or Had.
Wby Is the snow whl'e? Is n ques
Hon frequently asked. Because hwck
snow would be dangerous; so would
red or yellow. These are •'wannim*
up colors.'' and tbey change the sun's
rays to beat. Sucb snow would soon
melt again and prove a very poor protection. But white snow throws back
ibe sunlight In Just the form in which
It receives It, and thus tbe snow can tie
long on the ground. Throw dirt on
the snow and Its dark color quickly
makes It eat Its way In whenever ihe
sun eblnes on lt After a snowstorm,
once let tbe horses' feet mingle the
dirt of the rond with the snow and
•Jlelgblng will soon be over.-Professor
8. a Scbmucker In Ladles' lloine
To be sure, faint heart never wop
fair lady, buL on the othn band, dis
cretlon la seldom sued foi breach ol
oro in lse.-
Conilltlons Which  Make  (he  I'rofea-
alon a World  by  Itself.
This condition, which from some Important poluts of view Is fortunote,
from others unfortunate and from nearly all Inevitable. Is unique Indeed.
Here we have tbe only large class of
workers which keeps tha world at
arm's length. Clergymen, physicians,
lawyers, architects, merchants, tradesmen aud laborers of all sorts, by tho
very terms of iln*lr toil are brought
Into constant pi'tuotiOl contact wltb
parishioners, patients, clients or customers. Even painters and sculptors
must needs be In touch wltb tbelr patrons.
But that thin. Impassable row of
blazing lamps which rims the front of
tbe stage accomplishes what the great
wall of China was built to accomplish.
Behind them Is the sole "profession,"
In front of them tbe barbarous laity.
If the player desired to break down
the partition, lie would scarcely be
able to do so.
From tbe more Important social gatherings which take place In the evening
both actress and actor arc necessarily
absent. Tbe actor may vote If he can
acquire a residence and contrive to he
In bis own city on election day. but
It Is Impossible thnt he should tako
any active part In politics or participate In preliminary meetings, caucus
es nnd rallies which are held at night,
and ns to attendance at church, the
player encouuters, In the first place,
the difficulty. Inseparable from bis
wandering life, of milking a connection
with n parish and. besides. In recent
years. Is almost constantly required to
travel on Sunday, passing from a Saturday evening's performance In one
(own to a Monday morning's rehearsal
In another.
A  MIchlKnn   Lumber  Camp   Delicacy
Tlsssl  Aissssard a  !Unr> Innsler.
"Although 1 nm a Marylander aud an
Eastern Shore one nt that." snld an epicure from that state, "and consequently kuow what good things to eat nre. I
want to tell yon that I'll hnve lo take
off my bat to thc lumber camp cook of
the upper Michigan peninsula as the
discoverer, fabricator and dispenser of
a dish that knocks the Eastern Shore
cuisine silly. And that rure lumber
camp dish Is beaver tail soup.
"I was with Colonel Park of Colutn
bus, O., deer bunting in the Italny lake
rcglou of Michigan one fall. We lived
at a lumber camp boarding shanty.
"There were signs of beaver at the
upper end of tbe hike, and a trapper
succeeded In trapping one of the wily
dam builders.
"Wben the beaver was brought Into
camp, the camp cook went nearly wild,
nnd so did the lumbermen when they
heard tbe news, all because they bad
been trying to trap a beaver* for weeks,
not for Its fur, but for Its tail, us they
were pining, they said, for beaver tail
"The cook took that broad appendage
of tbe beaver, mailed like an armadillo,
took from It tbe underlying bone ami
meat, and from It made such n soup as
never came from any other stock nt the
beck of tlie most expert and scientific
chef that ever put a kettle on.
"We could do tbe same tblng and
perhaps better on lhe I'asti'ni Shore,
but we lack oue thing. We haven't got
the beavers to yield us tbelr tails."
Providian l*s,r a Wayward Hon.
Lord Chesterfield gave advice lo hi*
son In sundry letters, Which might or
might mil he followed, but In his will
he look good care thai "my ginlsin.
Philip Stanhope," should have strung
luilui'i-incui lo follow his advice on at
least one point All the lii'i|iii'HiH nre
sillsIih-I iii tin* condition that  If Philip
should keep race horses or bounds or
stay one night at Newmarket, "that Infamous seminary of Iniquity and III
manners," during the course of tbe
races there, or should lose on any one
day by belting or gaming as much nr,
£500, then 111 such case be shall forfeit
£5.000 to the dean nnd chapter of
Westminster fnr every sucb offense.—
AU the Year Round.
Know   "sour Own  Capacity.
If the people about you are carrying
on their business or tbelr benevolence
nl n pace which draws tbe life out of
yon. resolutely lake a slower pace; be
called a laggard, make less money, accomplish less work than tbey. but be
what you are meant to be and can be.
You have your natural limit of power
as much ns an engine—len horsepower
or twenty or a hundred. •*»You are lit
to do Certain kinds of work, and you
ues'd a certain kind and amount of
fuel and a certain kind of handling.
Cleaning Jewels.
With the exception of pearls Jewels-
may he washed with worm water and
pure soup. They should then be put
In boxwood sawdust to dry. If this Is
done, polishing will be unnecessary.
As boxwood Sawdust Is very line. It
will  not scratch,  and as  it absorbs
j moisture rapidly It helps'to give Jewels
n high polish.   It call be procured from
, any denier In Jeweler's supplies or or-
! dcred through a Jeweler.
Tissue   Koollals  Questional
Fenevi lent Old  Lady-How old at*
you. slt-V
The YoungstiT-Thlriy five.
Benevolent  Old   l.ady- Bachelor?
The Youngster- Alas. yes.
Benevolent Old l~d"s***-Ah. *"0 bad.
How long?-
Their  Mttlr  Spnl.
Boggs—I bi'sir vou have fallen out
wltb your sweetheart
Joggs-Yi's. Shs* got an Idea Into
her head that 1 was angry ill her, and
It made un* angry lo have ln*r think I
was iiiinasuii.lisle enough tu get angry
at her.
Romance of the Corinthian Colnmn.
Iii ihe winter a young girl had died
Iu Corinth. Some time afterward her
innlsj iviihiTid together various trinkets.aud playthings which tbe girl had
loved and brought I herb to the girl's
grave. There sbe placed them iu a
basket near the monument and put
n large square tile upon the basket to
prevent the wind from overturning It.
It happened tbat under the basket wns
a root of an acanthus plant. When
spring came, tbe acanthus sprouted,
but Its shoots were not able to pierce
the basket, and acrordlngly they grew
around it, having the basket In their
midst Such of tbe loug leaves as
grew up against the four protruding
corners of the tHe on the lop of the
basket curled round under these corners and formed pretty volutes.
Kalllmachos, tbe sculptor, walking
tbat way one day, saw this and Immediately conceived tbr'notlon that the
form of tbe basket wltb the plaque
on top of It and surrounded by tbe
leaves and stalks of acanthus would
be a comely heading for columns In architecture. He from this Idea formed
the beautiful Corinthian style of capital. Such, at least, Is (he story as the
architect Yltruvlus told It 1,000 years
To* Maeh Apathy.
Couldock's coin pan? wns once barnstorming through Virginia. It wns at
Petersburg, aud tbe piny was "Tbo
Chimney Corner." All through tbe audience sat In distressing silence, neither
laughing nor shedding o tear, although
"The Chimney Corner" abounds with
humor und pathos and tbo company
then producing It wns of great merit
for those times. Couldock appeared to
pay no attention to the npnlhy of bis
audience until Just nt the close of the
performance. The concludlug lines of
the play aro somewhat to this effect:
"You. John, ore happy, and so arc you,
Ellen; so am I, and so ore wc all. Let
us hope that our friends the public-
share our happiness."
But, to the surprlge of everybody,
Couldock foil Into a towering passion
when he reached these lines, and In
thundering tones he sold, "You, John,
nre happy, and so are you, Ellen; so
nm 1, and so are we all except the fools
that bave been sitting like stnughton
bottles In front of tho footlights tonight!"
A  Personal  Imprcaaloa.
"Did Nosh only take iwo o' each
kind o' animal In de ark wlf 'Im?" said
Mr. I'rasliiH Plnkley.
"Dot's what I un'sfan's," snld Miss
.Miami Brown.
"Well, course. Noah was runnln' de
boat, but I would er 'spected dat he'd
o' laid In an extra supply o' pork au'
Hoarseness, Dry Throat, Sore Throat, Bronchial Tronhleo, Couha. Cold- ard A.tkw.
Dr. Chaw'. Hyrum of Llaaood and Tnr**«t«nel.; *****
Cnro of Proven Herlt.
There ere more ministers, singers and public speakers usinir Dr   nhn-M'a s™..n „# t i_    «       .. _
than any other similar pr,*,„u-atlo,,,  because It Is Exactly rt& ^ t^&sSHL^ft?-/* TU7e0t,M
paration before going on tho platform they feel certain of freedom from drt ihro/i   t "g * d<MW ?' -" •"*
ritutlon, than which then, con lie nothing more embnrrasaing Z?a Sr  or ££k*."T*?"! *T thr0*t lr"
Besides the annoyance of throat  Irrltat-ion public speakers seem to h. «.n«ri«n„
wble, pneumonia and lung dls-ases.  ond for this rJJL'it 9.*_,_ ?8p!Clal,*r   •«»«-Pt.ble   to bronchial
trouble, pneumonia and lung dls.^es, ond for "thi. rcoU ',t ™ZW£ fH^„**M!.l' fi ^^^
>tte of Dr. Chase's Syrup of Linseed and Turpentine *wh"-*ta hevonH .VT S"'P. Wh°n leaVln''
■etlve treatment for bi„nehlal and W trm.hiL .-,..' .^"J*   'V?p-vond.  *»   doubt   the most   thor-
hom.» a not .  , lM      ,„  ,,,„.„.,.., „„,,   , ,,,,„.„, IM     u..n,.,    .    ,....  n ,
oughly effective treatment for bronchial and lung trouble, that Is to be! obUmsxl
Dr. Ohuse'a fiyrup of Linseed an«| Turpentine aWs expectoration .1,,,,., .*,„ ,,„...,
and qnleu- the nerves which cause coup-hlrg. and thoroughly w,- al \ !o, „ ' , i""1 *Jf ?****«•'■ 'ooin~
are other preparations of Llnseod and Turpentine put up In ln.it, tio^o.rrisn •0"nh,nl lr°M<*- ^^
trait and signature of Ur. A, W ihase are on the bottleI vou buy _°JJ£ ™Z,n °V "T lhtt* ,h° P°r'
tlm-ia as nr-'!.. 00 cents.   At, all dealers, or Bdmanson. Bates A Oo    tISJo ;      a,""y   ""^    ih™ I
The Drill.
InUaenee of Food.
"What do you think of tbe theory that
food bus a potent influence Id determining
s-,mn:s ter?" asked Mr. Smithtield as be
put iii ree lumps of sugar In his coffee.
"I guess it's all right," replied Mr.
Wooil as he severed a portion of bis beefsteak. "It always seems a little cannibalistic In me when you order lobster."
"Well," retorted Mr. Smfthfield good
biiniiiit'dly, "I ought to bave known it
was slangerous to lend you money after I
sliss-os-i'i-esl yonr fondness for beets. Bnt,
seriously, if there were anything In tbe
theory wouldn't It make a man sheepish
to eat mutton?"
"It would, and prizefighters ought te
restrict themselves to a diet of scraps."*—
l'ittsslitirg Gazette.
Hla Private Opinion.
Little Willie—Pa, is it true tbat a mau
convinced against bis will Is of tbe same
opini..ii still?
I'm -1 guess it Is, my son.
Liti Is* Willie—And does it apply to women 11 Ixo, pa?
Tu -Certainly not, Willie. It is simply
Impossible to convince a woman against
ber v. ill.—Chicago News.   -
Vie publish simple, straight testi-
moninls, not press agent's inter-
vls*ws   from well  known people.
Frs in all Over America they testify
to thu merits of MINARD'S LINIMENT, this best of Household Remedies.
0.0. RICHARDS & Co.
Pipe dreams are not restricted    to
The mining expert is not necessar-
**y a melancholy individual bucause
It Is natural to associate him wilh
the dumps.
As P.-.rmelee's Vesjctable Pills oontaln man-
ilr.thu ind dnndelion, thoy euro llvurand kidney
•Kimp! ,ini-s with unerring cortaialy. Thoy alsc
cuius: i rnola nnd herbs which have siocilU
virtue i truly wonderful In their action on tin
■tonifl.-h and Is.-v.i-1h. Mr. K. A. t'oirncros-s.
Shake poisro, writes •—"I consider Parmeleo'a
Pilla r.rx cxcollenfc ren-ady for blllonsneaa and
dornn .-ni-iit i 11 he livox, lin viae UMd thin niy-
aelf tot sums time."
If You Cftuld tddk
into thc future and see the
condition to which your
cough, if neglected, will
brine* you, you would seek
relict at once—and that,
naturally would he through
SHILOH cures Consumption, Bronchitis. Asthma*
and all Lung Troubles.
Cures Coughs and Colds
in a day. 25 cents.
Write to S. C. Welis & Co., Toronto,
Can., for free trial bottle.
Karl's Clover Root Tea parities the Blood
That woman was created from a
rib is p,Tliaps the reason that she Is
even unto i Im-*. day a bone of contention.
The   ulilist  secret trade process   is
the manufacture of Chinese vermilion
Yon need cot cough all night and disturb you*
friends ; tliero i-s uo occasion for you running
tho risk if c nlr.-.c-tiiiK Inflammation of the
lungs or consumption. wuUsjj-onoon get Bickle's
Anti-Contmnsptivo Hyrup. lliis medicine cures
roughs, colds, inflammation of the lungs, and
sill throat nmi chest troubles. It promotes a
f rs*> and ensyexpectoration, which immediately
relieres the throat and longs from viss-id
The average young man's hopes
aro raised more often than his salary.
It If hard to bring either a pri/.e-
Sglit- r ot a bald-headed man to tho
Minanrs linimt Cures Bonis, Etc.
It i-. funny that the people whom
•octet*, hus thrown overboard are
not in  thc swim.
Th■■ man who marries a spirilual-
tat g. nerntly only gets a medium
My creed is vs-ry eimplo—thut goodness  is  the only reality.-*-Emerson.
Through diniof*- and sleeping   cars
With close connection for Chicago
and  all  points   iu
Ontario. Quebec, Maritime Provi-aesa
Eastern nnd Western States
and  Paciflo Coast.
I'or Further    jntormatlon   apply to
any Canadian Northern Agent
Winnipeg City Tirkot, Toloffrnph and Freight
•III.--., 4.11 Main 81.      8E0. H. SHAW.
T..I Mil. Trnfllo Mana«**r
Sault Hie. Maria, Owon Sound, Tor- i LV i All
onto nnd  Eirsttin Lakes, Mon-1
day, Thursday nnd Saturday    16.00
nss. Fri., aud Sua.  10.1.'.
Montreal, Torsinto, Now Vork and I
East, Tla all rail, daily.         lo.OO I0.1S
Itat l'ortaaTnandintaumoalatepolaU'
dally ...- JV.,...    8,00 1S.0C
Molssm, Lao du llounot and Intermediate poinU, 1 hurs. only "1.30 Is*..*.
I'ortntio lu Prairie,Hrnndon.Calgary.
Nolaon and all Kootenay and
alt coast polnts.daily	
Port.iKA In Priiirie. llriuiilun anil in-
tnrniedlate points daily except
Glails.i istio, Noopnwn, Mlnncslosa ami
mi siisiodiuto points, daily oxcssl't,      .
Hi-nday ......TT.........7:    'I-SO !"_»"
SsUc.h I l.ako, VoiVton nnsi intormcsl-.1      .
into points, Mlsn.. V'ed:, find Frl. f 7.J0
„   Tiiom  Thurs., and Sat	
Hnisi.l City, llaiaisila. {disiM.tii.Tiir •   .
day, Thur. ami Bat,  I ".SO
Mori.. Wed., and FrL  ......
Morilnn, Dflloralne and Intormodlnto
IHsintu daily except Sunday  I H.d1
Napinkit, Aliiiiiedn auil lulrniiodisil.i
s«.*rittts. daily oxs-wii-" BsiikIis** virt
lli.siiilon..    LoV
_, Tueii., Thiir..aud8ut„ 	
Ulosiliiiro, Hnuiis and 4s*t»»mosl lata
p.siiiU.slailyoxcispt Sunday  j 9.0".
1 Ipeitone, Return, Arsoln aiidiuler
musllate nojnta, Mon., Wed., an'l.
i'i!. »l« IlriiiislsiM   | J.S0
Tiii)!i.,Tlnir.,aiid Sat. vln llramlon
Proli>Hhlro, lllmch, llloufnit, K-iio
•"•■.u.Tuos.,Tliur«. ""nt., ria Brand
Tin's. Tlsur. Biit.,vlali:Mndon..
5wiiii.-i.Ht I'nul <:|il,-ii«..,sl,sllV ....
Wo»i Snlklrk Men., Wed. and Frl...
u.  ''.'•-)..Thur«. niiUK.it	
■J1 - all. Toulon. Tu»K„ Thur., Sat.
,J2^*_V•__ Weil., und Frl	
enr rEoTjAKi),      fl; Jt ifeVinsRSdM
li'-si   t>ni>t U'iU   I'i-  ■    fu
16JJO il'.Sr
7 301'S.JK
li. .1
How's This?
We ofJet Ono Ilaudreil Dollara Beward or
anv .*as-s i f Cutarr s t_ cannot Le cured by
Hall'is Catarrh Cire.
_    W. CHENZY & CO., Props., Toledo O.
We, tho unde*-air»l havo Known F 3.
Chonoy foi th-. last 15 year-., hnd belieye hlin
pence Jy hoiiora') o in oil I1usnc.--sfras1sactir.n3,
and financial ly i*!>le to slurry oui any ubligatii'-
madoby their'-rin.
v.jut&'Ji.i; vx, V.'iiolcsalo "Dni*?<flsts, Toledo,
O. Wamiino, Kt:.'.i/Ui st aUiivin, Wholswaio
Dm»f<ribU, Tofodo. O
Hall's CatisiT:, Ciii-o i^ ta'scon internally, act-
inRslirectsj usscn Ih - bloodiindmacosjss.iirfacej
of the FyFtem". I "rice 7"o per bottlo. bold by
all draw st-.  Ts. : iujoaials fs-eo.
Uail'a Faiiuiy Fills ars> tha bast.
It K unfair to say that your wife
is given to incendiary Speeches .'list
iA't-aiis-e she asks you to Ret up in
the mornin*r to maks* .the lin-s.
Alloway ib Champion |
Writo to ns (or p.ices of SCBU*.
Get our List of Lands.
Stocks aad  Dondj Bought and  Sold.
Wo con furnih llio exact amount ot
s3crip tor any payment oa Dominion
L:.n.dt!,   Do not i>n/ cash.
MEN AM WOMEN   ^S"nge°nu.a
$12 00 A WFE[ Some to travel, oth
„„, _„ _;, , __     ers for lsjcal work.
BONA TIDE SALARY      Rapid   promotior
"      i.iisl increase of Bal
«' y.  Ideal employment, new brilliant lin.*..-;
bebtplHasj old catablishcd Honso.   .
Hradtcy-Gamttmt Q>., IML, Branljont, Ont.
150 Kinds for 20c.
Itiiaf.t'tthat.-•* i./i-rt-r-'aU'taMPMdflower.
r** •■ Is :iir fiitii.tl in ni'.!t*v*»■'*•«'»■•     _
am) on inui« l.u-ii*- t!.,.n ■*.-.■ y oiltrr %__
In AimTna.    'I'!.- .■•■is miM.;i ft r thla.
IhoHodQetlonof oar <inn«'f-*»Til-». In
iTiii-r to lndtice you to try thflna /
we make tl. • foliowtng uupnoo
•deiilul oil*- :
ForS-n Cents RoBtimU^
His kltsif, nt nrr*l lasMlaaa r
IX •man.i m r. is «s aMlsasaa
ia.^,1. sUr."iJ.U«..lor., j
Bi |>».rls... Irllata issiMlah
St r.r»»oo.lj Iwacuial Baaaraea-Ia, *
• In all 110 Wnils potltlTclTfnmlabtna;
I iHialsfla of   chansilnu  llunna ana,
lists and Iota of s-lis-i.-a »i-sii lalL-a,/
losntlirr with oor an-ut caials-Kiwif
|.-llliii.' nil atsoiit T.*o«liili. anil I'.i» "
Dal ssnsi llrssssisia isiiu Him-IU, onion
aerd sst Usso. a puusisl. «iu.. all for
SOc. la Cuiussllan iiisinua.
      U Creiia, Wit
fcWCniPWWf   Kisssl.etssur In the homo Oi
innrkot (rnrslssn, wlii .«s'.m the bent rosnltu from
from J. M. Pf»Kllt8,'"'*-''^iuan. 120 Market Bt,,
WimtlPEa.   lUlK'icod.Vnnuallro**.
Isoilar atari. No Bsiaa to run or
laak. shan't blow up. Uuansntecsl to
eook V, Isii. faed lu I bs.urs, s ml to
.Soli tramtiaioto »5-..00.   Mada ol
*  111    — ■   — * —* —
III ___________
svHik tShil. taodliil h'Urt, sn
iHHstwatssrla atook tanka *>" I"••
•way.1 Will Beat slain rom na. Oat.
aloaTia and prlcaa snallod trt*.
1-s.ya.s'y.saiaam.iU.) L»a.U.0it
Queer Namea the Sallora Give to Ibe
Inpalatable Kood — Dos Chowder,
By the WinsI Sou**, Topgallant Tea
and Cow Jlpper.
Some ships are known as "mean
ships" by sailors on account of the
food that Is served to the forecastle.
They are chiefly, deep water sailing
ships and trump -.learners, of couis-
what a sailor shull have to eat is provided for by law, but the law sometimes gets badly mixed up on blue water. The strange dishes served to sailors on "mean ships" are no stranger
tbau the names the sailors give them.
One of the commonest of "mean ship"
dishes is "by the wind soup." This
delicacy is composed of well polished
mutton bones, stale meat trimmings, a
handful of potato parings and scraps
from the captain's tuble. The mixture
Is boiled vigorously for two hours, ut
the end of which time the result Is hot
water of a light brown color with floating Islands of grease on its surface. A
little hardtack Is added, aud there you
have your "by the wind soup."
When a "mean ship" gets well out to
tea, one of the lirst dishes to appear Is
"dog chowder." lt Is u sort of resurrection pudding, made of-"scraps that
the cook does not dare to serve up as
they are, but which be shreds finely or
pounds In a mortar until all semblance
of their original state is lost The mass
is well mixed wit'i grease and served
Grease plays an Important part In all
the "mean ship" dishes. Another standard Item on the bill of fare of these
ships Is "topgallant tea." It is served
to the men In tbe dog watches, and the
recipe for making it is tbls: Three
times a week weak tea, made from
fresh tea leaves, l<* served. The leaves
are saved and mixed with the tea
leaves from the captain's table. Brown
sugar or molasses Is added, and from
tbe mixture Is made a decoction which
Is served four days In the week and
which the sailors coll "topgallant tea."
"Cow jippcr" Is a common dish on
all "mean ships." lt Is made by boiling beef bones for six or seven hours
with ull the senilis left over from former meals. The broth so obtained Is
well seasoned with salt and served out.
asartber dish Is "Jumping Jenny," sometimes called "double belt pie," from
the fact that the sailor has to take In
• cnuple of holes in his belt after eating It in order to stay him until the
tiPNt meal. It is the result of a week's
leavings from the cabin table mixed
with six or eight ship's biscuits and
half un onion. It Is not at all a nice
dish, nnd a sailor with epicurean tastes
always makes a row when the cook
serves It.
On some of the "western ocean"
trumps n dish Is served known to the
sailors as "hide stew," and the toughest old salt that ever was drunk on
shore or mutinous at sea Is subdued by
It to a atiite of lamblike docility, for It
Is sure to double him up with Indigestion and make bim think of the here-
afts'r. It Is made from a collection of
the skins of everything — pigs, potatoes, fowl (from the captain's table),
bacon rind and well picked chicken
legs. This Is boiled for six hours and
plenty of thick grease added.
The captain of a "mean ship" always says, of course, £iat his meu are
well fed and tbat they only growl and
grumble because they are a bad, ungrateful lot of abandoned wretches.
In proof of It be will tell you that he
gives them plum duff twice a week.
The duff he gives tbem Is known to the
sailors as "bowline duff." It is made
from the scrapings of pudding cloths
that once held the puddings consumed
In port—when tho captain gave bis men
real duff, so that they might not know
that ths*y had shipped en a "mean
ship' and muko u "pierhead Jussp" for
liberty. These scrapings are made
bulky with biscuit puste and flavored
with cloves. "Bowline duff" Is tho
least unpopular of nil the dishes on the
bill of fare of thc "mean ship," and its
actual cost is 'i ccuts for every three
The Spoiled Child.
Ones upon a time a young kingfisher
went to the fattier bird and usked for
his Qahlng rod, tlmt he might catch
some choice trout he had seen lu a
Beat by at ream.
"No!" answered the stern parent.
The young blrsl went his way aud In
au hour returned shipping wet, saying
(lint be had tried to catch he lish
without a pole aud had fallen luto tbs
* "There!" said tlie mother bird tt) thc
fnt her. "I knew ynu would spoil the
chilsl If fou spared the rod."
Moral.—Tho mother can ulwajr* find
B way to place UliiiiU- on the father, rio
matter what happens.
Fouls mako fnnhisTiiB unsl  \vi»* msm
follow them.
' lin i     iiis a.    instead of being born
1,-nils is,  are followers—of women.
The man with, fringe about the
bottom of his troiiners has *a pocll-
CaTsl loolt,-
Soins* *pt'oplo go abroad to complete ihs-ir ssdiictttis* nasi Homo to
bogln  it.      *
i1 i *    " ' ■
It's a pity Iho average mun doi-a
■ot lose Iiis tongue when he losef
his head
Wlisn u young main calls on" ft girl.
and she says fans f-vlfi im if she fsud
been t"l> la'e •**• >■■ ""•'■■ l>efon>, It i»
time for him to trot along t aware"
•Last   yenr  the sale  of agricultural
nias-hinery   in   QPSeCO     wns   foiir-folsl
thnt  of the previous yenr.
I.i sets nro always In the wrong.
Tooth      ORc
Powder    *F&
Good for Dad Teeth
"Not Bad for Oood Teeth
Snr«Ions I.li'SiM >5c ' im.i* Liquid .iss.I Ptswdar yje All
.u sea o' by mail lor tho prl.o.   Stim|ise lor poalagt y.
is AH  & UUC'Kl'l.     Maw York.
This Man Was So Bad That He Was
Almost Faralyzs/d—A Wonderful
Case and a Very Happy Cure By
This Excellent Remedy.
North Tetniscamingue, Que., -Jan.
6.—(Special)—*At the Douglas Farm
near hero lives Mr. W. H. Jotanston,
who today considers himself a very
iiappy man indeed.
Th'i cause of Mr. Johnston's 'happiness is his somewhat sudds n and
very remarkable recovery from the
most 6evere case of rheutiuatism ever
seen in this county.
For a long time he auflercd with
tho rheumatism which gradually
grew worse till it threatened his life.
His principal trouole was ln his left
sid», and it was ao bad that his neck
NtiiUas-d so Uial he could scarcely
move it, and was beginning to IV*. 1
Paralysis. The pain would go away
for a time, but return with greater
force, and a strange feature of his
case was that after the pain would
leave any part, it left behind it that
prickly "pins and needles" sensation.
He thought that perhaps his smoking tobacco had something to do
with it. and he gave this up, but re-
received no benefit at all until he
used Dodd's Kidney Fills.
This remedy he found to be a complete and absolute cure for his malady, and very soon after commencing its use, the pain be*gan to leave
him and now he is strong and well.
Thai »uch an extreme case should
yield so easily and quickly provs-e
that Dodd's Kidraey Pills W 11 Cure
any case of Rheumatism.
A married man Isn't necessarily a
Hercules because he's fond of his
club. Nor is he an Atlas .because he
carries a heavy load.
Of'en Leads to Serious trouble Unless Prompt Steps Are Taken to
Chock it—How This Can Best Be
Done. v
IndigcstioB is a trouble that is
very common ia iufuncy and early
childhood, uud unless prompt measures are token to control il the result is very often serious, lt prevents the proper growth of the child
and weakens the constitution, so
that he is unable to resist other disease that are more dangerous, i or-
tunately, hovvover, the trouble is one
that is easily controlled. Proper
food—not too much, but aiDtfoluiely
pure^—plenty of fresh air and Batiy a
Own Tablets, freely administered according lo the directions, will aoon
put the sufferer right, and make
doth mother und child happy. .Mrs.
IV. E Bassam. of Kingston. Ont., is
one ol the many mothers who hus
proved the truth of this statement.
She suys : "Whin my little girl was
about three mouths old she had in-
digs-stion very badly. She was vom-
ItlOsf, und hud diarrhoea almost constantly. Hhe was very thiu, welghud
only lour pounds, ami although she
nasi a ravenous appetite l.:*r food
did l.er no good whatever. 1 had
tried several medicine*, b'st tin-y did
not help lur. Then I bdard of Buby s
Own Tablets, and piocui -d a U><.
Aft r giving her the tablste inr a
few days, the vomiting and sii.ir-
ihoea ceased, she began lo iiiipro»e
at once und grew plump ami fut. 1
always give her the tablets n<A\
when she is ailing ami the riistilt is
always gosrd. Baby'fl Owa Tablets
nre the lest iiwdicine 1 have evir
iiss.il fur a child."
These tablets will promptly cure
all the minor ailments of little oni*.
such as sour stomach, indigi*stion,
colic, csiiistajwtiori, allay the irritation uccompauying Uie euttlng of
ie *lh. etc. Tbey sue-go.tl for c.hild-
is n ot nil ugis, and crushed to a
powthir or dissolved in water con be
given with absolute safety to the
youngest infant. If you cannot ols-
tnin llaby's (iwn Tablets at your
druggists, thi-y will be a»*nt postpaid
at 2"i iiiiUi a box by udilreajnti-ag the
Dr. Williuma' Medicine Co.. Brock
ville. Ont,
A GUARANTEE*- '1 hereby certify
l hat 1 havo made a careful chemical
nnislvsiH of Baby's Owl Tabls*ts,
which I personally purcJia*«*e In u
drug store in Montreal. My uaalysis
hns proved that the Tablets contain
absolutely no opiate or narcotic ;
that tlioy can be given wilh |serfect
safety to the youngest infant : that
they ate u sufsj an I efncis*nt medicine
for the t roubles they are lBdicaf*d
to relieve and cutt1."'
Provincial   Armlyat  for   Qaslsea.
Montrs-nl, Dec. 1.1, 1901.
A  woman never    puis   eft till tomorrow what sho cau ws*ar today.
MINARD'S LINIMENT for Sale EreryiHere.
The photographers' show eruv*
whsrs couples are quits takve with
each crthPT.
Monkey Brand oloana aaa Matatens era—*
■v ;nKl hut won't «isi,h clothos.
A million dollars a w«x*k Is th# SOS*
tl thn United States nrmy.
SSsisl ..T-*-*^"-
Jolly Evenings
will be insured lt among other good things yoa
have provided a WILLIAMS PIANO, aa than «
Joyous climax is sure to be yours.
Providence has Mossed you with a good crop, SS
surprise your family, who have also worked, by or.
derlng a new
Williams Piano.
All makes of organs for Bale.
Won nally Ins vo is number of good pianos and
organs slightly used, for sale cheap.
Forrester & Hatcher,
Free to Men!
Are you a weakling? Are you one of those unfortunate
young men who, through ignorance and bad company, have
contracted nervous spells, weak back, varicocele, gloomy
forebodings, loss of courage and ambition, loss of confidence,
bashfulness, despondency and weakness ? Dr. McLaughlin's
Electric Belt will cure you.
Are you a middle aged man suffering from varicocele,
prematureness, indigestion, constipation, rheumatism, lame
back, etc ?    Dr. McLaughlin's Electric Belt will cure you ?
Are you an old man, declining before your time, having
lost all ability to enjoy life, with prostatic trouble, lost
strength, debility, pains and aches, and general decay of
organic powers ? I can cure you with Dr. McLaughlin's
Electric Belt with free suspensory for weak men.
I will send you, sealed, free, my beautiful book telling
about it if you will send this ad.    Send for it to-day.
dr. m b. Mclaughlin, ,tt¥M-?a«.t.
Office Hours-8 A.M. to&30 P.M.
For Sale Everywhere
Try our Parlor Matches.
They produce a quick LIGHT
without a n y objectionable
fumes.     •••.•.•'■**!
E. B. Eddy Co.,
CANADA.        '
One ounce of Sunlight Soap is worth more than     REDUCES
Two ounces of impure so.ip. EXPENSE
Aa!c for tha 0ct..(;r.i Bar. U >.)«: grcoor cannot supply, writo to
l—VJ.'X BROTHKRS, LIMITED, Toronto, c .iiluif; his name aad adtlrau,
i'Jid   a   trial  ...smulp  of   Sunlight Soap   will  t>o lent yon  free Of east
wi nm for sunn th.s o.str.ct TWQ HUNDRED THOUSAND ACRES
of wthat we thlak la the fuistil gra_-groVRin|| laml in lhe Northwest. The
IsiikIh Under cultivation in itsin Hi-jl net hu\i* ■ninjni*«titmutily givsii during ths Isihi 9s.*\i«ii •rears, u blgtief avi-r,i*s's* yield »' Krain thnn nny other
slistris-t s-iths'r In Ojuuuila or tlie l'nils*<J yiutsa. We think tiint urtiiu (trowing cim Ik* conducicSt more Hii'dy   in   this district,    mid  wilh  u ivrtuinlj-
ol Htirer returns than in any other district where wheat Im --frown.
When it in conisidoi'ed ISnil the nvcruge wlienl crop of the I'nitosl
States is LI"tsS TJIAN EOUHTBEN lUSHin.S TO THE At III* Ill's year,
and tlmt wh.-at haa averagod I W HN T V -XIN I* IM.silKI.S TO Till* Al'I'l.
in Uu** district, tlio ralus* sif it as a «lii*al-gi iiwlng sli.slriel is at once
BUUilfeal. Several fanners in this (VlStrtcl huve over FIFTY TIIOI'.SANI)
I1LS1IKI.S  Of  WB—A.T tor Bale  this spuBoii.
We huve BoM about ONl; IIIIHuftEU TIIOl'SANU ACRES ains-c tho
1st of October, l'.K'i, inosih- in American fiVmers,    This is a ffrpal ojv
|iortunity fssr BJiyona wi'liitiR to Ret pnni- what IiiimI 'ii ii district whldi
la frs*s* from eurlv frost . whueUOOIi WATER alioumls and whicli i»
well   supplied   with   It AIRWAY   FAl.'l 1,1 IIIV**.
Write u.s for parllculars. mups, etc. SECURE I.AXH AT ONI'10, IU**t-
FOIti: THE HIS)*. Our prie.s are from |4 6fl to $0 (K) nn acre, with
BA8V TKHMS of payment.
Il U only niy-swsfiry to rensl tho tswtlmoBlali
tw Ihi rsinvllirecl tlsi I Ho'lsiwiiy's t'orn I'ura It s
tinesiunllail fssr tlse romnvnl nf corn-, wisrtn, oto
: I i.s ii csiisiiilsitii ml uis.-iii.Jior.
Never quit  cert unity  for  hops.
Mil's is ii'*\isr satisfied, Jmt when | No sooner does one physician di»-
he tit\t aequired ekougk money to re* cover ihiiiu* new diwasc than all* —s
Um on hsi jssins another lu-Jgo. nth-rs try to suppress-it.
II tss Mini Uis.t a St.  Paul fclrl »**e- |    A  rood    compftuion    innk.'s    good
c.-atly     im.ved  lor  a  hasl-an-l,   but, compi-.y. 	
then.' ms-st  8t.   I'nul hinrtiHiuts    need . ..,       ,  , "   0 -
,*•**•-*, fr- ' W' N" U' N* TM« DRILL, 8L0CAN, B. C, JANTJARY 81.1902.
. if'
- c
I 1
j' I
I ■}'
.C. E. Smithkkinoale, Editor and Prop.
•6LOCAN,      •      •      • B. C.
Legal Advertising 10 cents a line for
c'.he first insertion and5 cents a line each
rsubsequcut insertion.
Certificates of improvement, $7 each.
Transient advertisements at same rates
„»s legal advertising.
Locals will be charged 10 cents a line
(for eath insertion.
Commercial Kates made known upon
The Subscription is |2 per year, strict-
jly in advance; $2.50 a year if not so paid.
Address all letters to—
,   Slocan, B. C.
FRIDAY, JANUARY 31st, 1902.
.A pencil mark in the space
^opposite will be an indication to you that ye editor
.considers there is something
coming to him os yonr sub-
..auription. Kindly acknowledge in cash and oblige.
George Riley ..-Liberal, hat been
.-elected to tbe Dominion house from
Victoria, by a majority of 421 over
JrYank Barnard
According to Bradstreet'g financial
•report, .80 per cent of tbe bnsiness
failures in America last year were
/due to tbe lack of advertising en tbe
.part of those assigning. At-Mat to
rtbe wise is sufficient,
Yielding to numerous pro'esta
an by the faithful from all over the
^province, the executive of the British
Columbia   Liberal Assoeiation   bas
made a number of. alterations in its
.programme, and hat postponed the
.-date of the convention at Vancouver
till February 6th.
jk great expansion in the output of
ore in the Boundary country may be
.expected this year, as the Phoenix
, mines alone are shipping a thousand
-. tont a day to the Grand Forks smel
-•tor. Next month tbe shipments are
expected to reaeh a daily average of
,1500 tont.   It it a cheering record.
'Premier Dunsmuir kpparently has
-a mania for writing—to be mere cor-
--reet, perhaps, .for   signing—letters
-through the medium of hit family
journal, the Colonist.   Hit latest ef-
, fuaion it directed to Sir Wilfred Laur
•ier, in which he invites the Dominion premier to come into camp and
settle hia account with British Col nro-
••bit.   These letters give one the lm-
. pression that Jimmie it preparing a
-way -for a  graceful,  but possibly
.-batty, retirement from office toon
- afler the legislature convenes.
—   s/    '        ■'
, Rowland it certain of peace again
-witbin her borders, the serious labor
.•troublee ef the patt tix months having been almost adjusted.    By the
■-business interests ef tbe  province,
■•tbe newt will be gratefully received,
.as, apart from the-aaettineat the dit*
,-pute canted locally, there wat a
grave danger of the trouble spread
-lag out to ether camps.   More than
.one bumptious and fractious mining
.official loat bit petition for hit actions
.during the struggle,and many othera
■ were made to realise that exclutlve
■-intelligence and right are not always
the property of the classes. Tbat the
trainers gained no more than they did
-is net to be wondered at, teeing that
• the official machinery of both the
federal and provincial governments
.was used against them.   A greater
.outrage than tbat of the wilful and
..contemptible   tampering   with  the
.Alien Labor Act waa nerer perpetrated in Canada, and for il the Liberal! will be held to atrict account.
'For the men, they realize that tbe
road to victory  lies not with the
strike, but through the ballot, an
.agency which they are determined to
, ate to the uttermost.   Tbe labor organizations of the province are not
..-asleep, but are ceaselessly-working
.for a special object, and they will
..-■win it, too.   Once more the lesson
of a  mighty  industrial  dispute is
.-.brought prominently to the front—
..the need of compulsory arbitration,
Thousands of dollars would bave
--"been aaved to the people and much
.-misery avoided had auch a law been
>in force when the trouble broke out.
•Jtftnot too late even now for the
legislators to heed the lesson and In-
,traduce fhe desired legislation at the
..approaching session of the provincial
s wn ■■   ■■. ...   ■■
The cold tpell hat frozen over the
s lake at Nelson, and boat eennectlona
^aie.Bow^ade at Flya -Mile point.
Subscribe for The Dbiix.
E. F. McQueen, druggist, Sandon,
has made an assignment.
W. Koch sent 17 head of horses up
to Ten Mile on Saturday.
W. H. Davidson returned Tuesday
from a business trip to the cast.
A matrimonial fevor has become
wildly epidemic in New Denver.
The sum of $22 wan collected at the
hospital At Home Tuesday night.
Charles Dempster is at present in
Detroit, but expects to be bere next
The recent cold snap played tbe
mischief with tbe Brandon waterworks.
Tbe management of the Silverton
rink will hold a carnival Saturday
The Knights of Pythias, New Denver, will give their annual ball on
Feb. 21.
Mr. and Mrs. James Croft, New
Denver, spent Friday and Saturdar
fn the city.
All the hockey teams in the district will participate in the Sandon
For Sale.—A cottage at New Denver. Is drawing a good income. Apply at this office.
The skating rink people and the
coal dealers have been particularly
happy this week,
Charles C. Daley, of Kaslo, has
been appointed collector of taxes for
the Slocan district
Mrs. Covington's prize-winning
costnme at the recent carnival was
tbat of a Faro Queen.
The main line of the C.P.R. was
blocked a couple of days this week,
owing to the blizzard.
Rowland citizens are gathering
funds for a suitable monument to the
memory of Father Pat.
Charitably disposed citizens will
find scope for their generosity in several instances in the burg.
The Quadrille Club held their last
assembly for tha season on Friday
night.   It was well attended.
Tbe new government circulating
library has arrived, of which the citizens will kindly take notice.
Harvey Aitchison has returned
from Frank. The wages were not
high enough in the ceal camp to suit
Roy Troup has been in command of
the Slocan nearly all week, Captain
Seaman being laid up with a lame
All taxes in the Slocan assessment
district for the current year are now
due and pnyable-*«iJ'"tff'e]gsvernnn-nt
office at Kaslo. - . . -.
Rev. J. H, White, of Nelson, will
address tho Socialist League next
Sunday afternoon, on the subject of
"Development Work."
A combination hockey team from
New Denver and Silverton is being
made up to com* here and attempt
to beat the local team.
Word has been received that Harry
Gibson arrived at his hone in Quebec too late to see his mother alive,
the having died the day previous.
The provincial government has let
the contract for building the steel
bridge oyer the Fraser at New Westminster.   It will cost about $700,000.
J. Pasi, an employee atthe Arlington, was admitted to tbe hospital on
Thursday, suffering from blood poisoning m the arm. It resulted from
a cut finger.
A meeting of the Liberalt of the
city waa held laat Thursday night.
D. S. McVannel will likely go down
as a delegate to attend the Vancouver
eonvention on the 6th.
The western half of the Canadian
Mounted Rlflea, in which are Messrs.
Clarke, Lake and Law, of this city,
sailed from Halifax, Tuosday, for
South Africa, oa board tho transport
J. Prentice, formerly employed at
the Chapleau, and wbo was married
in Nelson last summer, bat been in
the courts there for not supporting
his wife. It was the lady's fourth
matrimonial reatare.
An arrangement bas been made
between tbe city and the management of the M. IT. General Hospital,
where the latter will accept charity
patients at a dlsconit of 26 per cent
from the regular rates.
Navigation It very difficult on tbe
Arrow lake run. The water It low
ln the Narrows, below Nakusp. and
much trouble is experienced with ice,
Tuesday's boat having to break four
inches of, the congealed aqau.
An energetic committee haa in
hand the preparations for the annual
ball of tho Miners' Union, whieh is to
be given ln tbe Music Hall on the
evening ofthe 7tb. Supper for the
occasion is to be served at the Hickt
Rev. Mr. Irwin, familiarly known
throughout the west as Father Pat.
died in Montreal a few days ago. Ho
was on his way to the Old Country.
His death occurred in a hospital,
where he waa token with both feet
A furious northwest gale and blizzard raged here all day Friday. The
mercury fell at a rapid rate, the
glass resist ring 10 degrees below
.zeroat night, and thlt^eontJnnedfor
several -days.   It  was  the coldest
spell of tbe season.   .
The foreman at the Transfer called
■on Thi* Drill Saturday and explained that the reason two men were let
out at thst property was not because
they came down to vote at tbe recent
munioipal election, but because they
lest to much time over.it.
The second At. Home to be given
st the hospital for the season was held
on Tuesday evening, and was enjoyable affair. Progressive whist was
the main feature of the entertainment provided. A liberal collection
was taken up in aid of the fund for
decorating tbe institution.
Anniversary services will be held
in the Methodist church next Sunday,
the preacher being Rev. J. H. White
of Nelson. On Monday evening a
public meeting will be held,at which
addresses will be delivered by Rev.
Messrs. White, McKee and Pye.
Local musical talent will assist in the
Passengers down from New Denver Tuesday stated the bridge over
Carpenter creek at that place had
been carried out during the day by
a freshet. The water bad become
dammed up at Box Canyon by the
iee, which suddenly gave Way, precipitating the entire mass On to the
bridge. Another government subsidy in sight.
Alex. Rogers,
Tonsorial Artist.
The Leading Parlors:
Dissolution of Partnership
NOTICE is hereby given that the
partnership heretofore existing between
the undersigned, under the firm name of
Sloan & Schonberg, market gardeners,
b>s this dav been dissolved by mutual
consent. The business will be continued
by John Slosn, to whom all bills owing
said firm mint be paid and who will
liquidate all indebtedness.
Dated at Slocan, B.C., thie 7th day of
January, 1902.
New Carpets
and Oilcloths..
Just Arrived.
Furniture, Crockery, Glassware, etc., etc.
Pioneer livery
aad Feed Stables,
Slocan, B. C.
General Packing and Forwarding attended to at the
shortest Notice.
Saddle and Pack Horses for
hire at reasonable rates.
fl. D. CURTIS,
Mines,   Real Estate, Insurance, Accountant.
Abstracts   of   Titles  Furnished.
Slocan,      -      -     B. C.
Sold by All Newsdealers
iif le sll Urrara el Song
and Mule a fat*) volume ef ""■*», Ch.lce
Cr-plr-hl Cm-'eeltleae by til* mr/M popular aathom 04 Cages mr fXmmm Ma-ale,
halt Voorst, ball InMrumtatel-ai Cmmpl.Xm
Plsca* tar rUao-Onca a Month for eg
Coats. Ytarl*- BubacripUoo, »».••. I'jrou
will mbi) na the matmm and mMrarn of ma
■rMMMsea) the "*__•» Onr—, we w—SMd
Ton a M ol tha Ma«a—»e frmm.
j. v. nrrta, rwbiioh-*-,
tight-* a le.is.i tu., rhMae«l-tbla, fa.
Gwiilim 6c Johnson,
B. C
Steel Ranges
for $18.25.
Why be without a range iwtosi
you can get one to cheap ? The**
are preferrable tottovesand give
totter satisfaction. These ranges
burn wood or coal and will be
set up freo.
IJ. ~
J. M.
E A. Sc.
Provincial Land Surveyor & Mining
B. C.
The Muroutt Branch
of the W.C.T.U.. Slocan,
Meets the second Thursday in each month
at 3 p.m. Next meeting in the Presbyterian church. All meetings opes
to thoae wishing t. join.
Mis* E. Stoughton, Mrs.M.D.McKxx
President. Cor. Secretary.
Stai City Miners' Din,
No. 6a, W. F. ofn..
Meets every Wednesday evening
in the Union Hall. Slocan City, at
7.30 p.m. Viaiting brethren cordially
invited to.attend.
Financial Secretary
Spruce and
Cherry Pectoral
will cure Coughs
Colds, Bronchitis
and nil affections
of the Throat and
For sale
J. L. WHITE 6c Co.
Do not send
East for your
Furniture !
We can supply vou in High
Grade Furniture, Carpet-*,
Oilcloths, and Linoleums, at
lowest prices.
Parlor Suites,
Pendesote Couches,
Wicker Chairs,
Iron and Brass Beds,
Bedroom Suites,
Rockers of all kinds; etc.
We handle everything to
make a home comfortable.
Write to os for prices.
Nelson. B.C.
Removed to
new quarters.
Customers will now find our
Tailor Shop on Delaney Av.,
next to tbe Oddfellows' block,
where commodious quarters
bave been secured. You will
get better satisfaction than
ever- We have also put in an
elegant new stock of
comprising aM the latest stylet
The prices are very reasonable*
We always'guarantee satisfaction.
A. David, the Miner's Tailor,
Slocan, B.C.
per annum.
Re-opened under
the old management
Former customers
cordially invited to return I
The Royal Hotel,
Car. Arthar Straat aad D.toa«v Av*"*»•■ tUaaa.
Building thoroughly renovated
and re stocked with the best
Fruit, Confectionery, Tobacco
Yon can get anything in these lines that you
require from us; Our stock in each is always
kept fresh and well assorted. We handle the
best the market affords.   Prices are right.
Stoves!  Stoves!   Stoves!
Just look up MeCailum A Co.'t assortment of
Heating Stoves,   for either coal or wood.
Prices, from
Steel Ranges from
$5 to $a5
$16 up.
This is the best assortment of first-class
stoves that ever came to Slocan. They burn
any kind of eoal. Call around and satisfy
yourself and we will do the rest.
McCallum _ Co.
General Hardware, Slocan.
Agents for Crow's Nest Coal; price delivered, $6.25 per ton.
Do You
Want a Home ?
Then oome to Slooan, for it is
one of the fairest spots on this
earth of ours. Levelness,
Room, Scenery, Health, Fishing, Hnnting,Roadst Railway
Steamboats, Charohes,Sohool
Hospital, Pnblio Halls and
enterprising citizens aresome
of the advantages enjoyed by
this City, backed up by Un-
Resonroes. Nature and Han
hath decreed that
Slocan is
the Burg
Come and be convinced that this tale is
no mere idle dream, but a stern reality.
Iroa "Ursa Mo. 9 aad L.atlasa rra.il.aal
Mineral Claim*.
Situate in the Slocan City Mining Division of ths West Kootenay District
Where located :—On Ten Mile creak,
ssljoining Enterprise mine.
TAKK NOTICE that I, F C. Green,
aetiug as agent for W. D. Wrighter,
Free Miner's Certiflcate No. WW636,
intend, sixty days from the date hereof,
to apply t. the Mining Recorder for certificates of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining Crown grants of the
above claims.
And further take notice thst action,
under section 37, roust be commenced
before the issuance of such certificates of
Dated this 28th dsy of December, 1901.
10-1-02 F. C. GREEN, Nelson, B C
Notice to Delinquent Co-owner
To A. E. Hillman. or to any person
or persons to whom he may have
transferred his one-quarter interest in
Ihe Great Northern mineral claim.situ*
atsd st the hesd el the fifth south fork
of Umon creek, Blocan City mining
You are hereby notified thst we have
expended the sum of four hundred and
ten dollars In labor and  general   improvements upon tiie above mentioned
delta, in order  to hold  said   mineral
claim under the provisions of ths Mineral Aet, snd if within 90 days from tho
date of thia notice you fail or refuse to
, contribute your proportion ef such expend it tire, together wltb all costs of advertising, your intsrest in  eaid claim
i wilt become tlio property of the sub*
| seribers, under section four ol sn act entitled "An(Act to amend the Mineral
Dated this 2nd dav ef December, 1901.
J-ll-Ol     *T. BLENCH, E. ,U. STUBBi
World's Scenic Route
Direct Line; Lowest Rates
Otta- a
New York
San 'oisoo
St.  Paul, Chicago,   and  all U. S.
Tourist Sleeper Service
EA8T -Leaves Kevelstoke Wednesday. Friday and Sunday. Leaves
Dunmore Junction on Monday.
Thursday, Saturday. Leavee
Kootenay Landing Fridays.
WEST-Leaves Revelstoke Monday
Wednesday, Friday.
Vaneouver, Seattle, Coast Steamship
Serviee: From Vancouver to
Alaska, Hawaii, China, Japan,
Through bookings to Europe via all
Atlantic iinee. Prepaid tleret-s
trom all points at lowest ratea.
J.s-8, CARTES,     I. J. COTLI,
P.P. A., A. OP. A*,
JULim*. Taaoetjvar.
,OBO. T. MOIB, ■
Agent, Sloeaa Cttf


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