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The Slocan Drill 1901-07-05

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Full Text

VOL, IL, No. 14.
si.ocan,   B,   0.,   JULY
~- ■*"■ '. •*>
$2.00 PER ANNUM.
If you havB a mini, or prssKtsss't. f„r uie, lend un ti full report, with lamslos uf
orss, .stntmi: price mui tnnus,
Onr (BolllUM fur islisclnu a prniserl,Y qnit:kly ttrt* unoioslloti
We make a t,pflciult.y ssf frs*si niflllng kuIiI proper! IM,
Corresjiiiniliinee attllciltvl, _AtjdrMii
ANDHKVV P, ROSKNHl'IMII'll, Mitimirer.
RsiOH 4, K-WO Hlock, NuIhsiii, R ('.
are now arriving dally and are the
best to be obtained. Our Confectionery has a reputation second to none.
Sole agent Tor celebrated Brsntiord Bicycle,
Men's Furnishings.
We have just opened:
Miners' Overalls, 8 and 9 oz Denim
/liners' Shirts, 8 and 9 oz Denim
Hen's Black Shirts, in all weights
and many other furnishing lines.
These goods bait the UNION LABEL and in quality
and load.   Try them.
W. T. Shatford 6c Co., General Merchants,
Slocnn, Vernon, Fairview, and Camp McKitinev, 1!. (;.
A. YORK & Co
Dealers in Fresh and Salt
Heats, Vegetables and Provisions. Goods shipped to
any part of the Slocan.
Highest cash price paid for
raw Furs.
Victoria Hotel,
SLOCAN,  B.   C.
Has ample accommodation for a large number of Ouests and supplies the best of
everything in the Harket.
SLOCAN,   B.  C.
Offers up-to-date accommodation for the
Public. It is the home of Travelling,
Commercial, and Mining Men.
QETHING & HENDERSON, - Proprietors.
The ;
Hotel Slocan
Slocan, B. C, is under the
Sled ai Personal Management of Jeff Baty,,
Who is ever ready to make life pleasant for those
who tarry within a while with him.
Is reached by any trail or road
that runs into the Town.
Do not go  past  its door When
you are dry, weary or hungry..
mayor and ai.|)Ri:*ii:n  AUK imi v
Miiyssi*Ysssk'< [nattBurnl Addren—Vatl-
iiih pomniltteaa Appointed .City ('lives nt nss'iil l.rail imlly ('s'ttissi; I is Its Sis" ;ss*
-.1. A. I'i.Is'.v City Olwtk,
Pursuant to proclamation,the. newly elected members of the citv ooufi*
cil met in ll. It. Jorand'a office on
Saturday aftornooii, at - o'clock. li.
D. Curtis, .1. l\, wns present to administer tbe oath of office, which was
taken first by Aid. Bradshaw, fallow
cd by Aid. N'iciini, Bralth, Wordeu,
Barber, Mayor Vork, arid Ald.Wood
cock. II. I;. Jorand acted as city
clerk pro tsii'. •
.Maytii* fork, on taking tbo chair,
rongratulated tbo aldormen upon
tln-ii' fleet inii. The formation of tile
first city council was a most Import-
.*int step in tbo history of Blocan.
Many Improvement*" would havo to
im andertaken by tlio city, such as
sanitary arrangements, life protee
tion, water "service, etc. Tb 6Ucc»*
fully perform their duties, it would
require the utmost harmony amona
all, s'ias to promote the welfare of
thc place, ami he was certain thi,*
condition would obtain. The inayoi
then announced the appointment of
ilie fiillowlng committees: Finance—*
Aid. Bradshaw, Worden sand Wood*
cock, i'ulilic Works—Aid. Barber,
Smith and Bradshaw. Health, Fire
and Light—Aid, Nichol, Wood«K5k
ami Barber. Police and Relief—Aid,.
Smith, Worden and another to bo
On motion of Aid. Bradshaw ntnj
Barber, tho council adjourned till
, Bvenlnc Seiilnn.
When the council assembled in the
evening, nil wen' present save Aid.
Worden, who had been culled up ti
em k.   Application ifor I he ;■
nf eily clerk wero rend from A. !'
rlothermel, J. A. i"' ey and Ben H
ei'! m.
Aid. BradshawUiQnghi ii w ml'
-.vi-11 fol' tbo ■•■■•'I.is 11 tn
M be hunched o I
r,|io   clerk u.s.*   <l l : It .1 s.;s.    May   i
Vol'!; nilvai cc ! tlie idea thai     would
a!-' bo well ui Btato the ol I er ill i
the clerk  would  bo cxj i ci ■'. to ::'l
Aid. Woodc vk and  .Nichol m    i
that tho npplieati na teu I   be   laid
over for a not her his-. ting.-, t Inn
Aid.  Bradshaw   in ivcd,  8 >conded
by Aid. W ' i Ico k, thai npplie r.
ha invited far tho e unbilled office** i:
clerk, asse ■ ir, c ■ h stor, nnd p I
magistrate, applicants 11 state sal irj
remiired,   (larrie I.
The question of a suitable place for
holding the meetings of council wns
then taken up and debated, ll was
was moved by Aid B**,rberand Nichol
that tiie. Hua nee committee bo cm
powered to Beoura and furnish a suit-
able place.   Curried.
Aid. Bradshaw and Smith moved j
that Monday  nights  be set for the
regular meeting t f the c uncil, al
o'clock.   Carried.
The clerk wasanthorized tos
from tin* king's printer, Victoria, on
dozen copies of the Municipal Clnus -
Act, and six oooics of the Slocan In
c irp ration   Vet and   tho Am uded
School Act, for the uso oft! icou
Next caiine up th ■ question of l
necessary bvlawsfor the governmcni
ot'tlip city. instructions were givi ,
the clerk to write is"' Is in an I G-n n*
wood and secure copies of their muni*
eipal bylaws.
At this juncture John Bull n
leave to address the council upon the
question of his nppllc r ui for l h
sition of citv clerk, which  he had
made through Aid. Worden.    i lie
latter put in an appearance al thai
moment and Mr. Bull's applicati n
was read,   li was left over till n< •
meeting ofthe conncll.
The appointment of n trcasun r
was also left In obeyance till I io
council met again, on motion of Aid.
Bradshaw and Worden.
Aid. Worden and Woodcock m vi d
that tbe public works committee he
empowered to repair the dam
sidewalk on Arthur street, leading
to the depot    Tarried.
Aid. Bradshaw suggested thai tlie
health committee enter upon tin Ir
duties at once and ordur a general
cleaning up of the city, A motion to
this effect was bi conded by Aid. Worden and carried.
A vote of thanks was tendered the
dork pro ii m for '.•'■ bi rvlcea to date.
On motion the council iidjournt ■•
Tuesday evening al 8 p.m., Monday
being a public holidav.
'I'm •, '.:is      S, ^vliiit.
Council met In thc Musie 11 ill, >n
Tuesday evening,the mom ho t
all   present,    Boutlne   bush m$ >'■ ■
i    • I of,thi! tiui ' the
chief of police wa i takuti u| nnd d ■
bated,    i he Incuraboni 11' thai
will,be expected to act In a thousand
and one capacities and be under the
direction ol the mayt r and elt) clerk,
when ho has a    ;>ire i iomi nl    • >n
motiqn of Aid. Bradaljaw and Barber.  Lavell? W. Foley.   Same for girls, |QU'R    ORK   SHiPMENTS
ilie-iiarv for the position was fixed Gertie Foley; Flossie Forin. Boys
at $7*5 pef month at the start, Other under 12, A. Foley; Emmet Tutoiier,
matters, together with the appoint* (jrlrls under 12, Gertie Folev; Flossie
(inontofu ottv clerk and treasurer, Forin. Boys under'.', W. Stevenson;
Were again left over,   Council ad-1 A. McCallum.   Girls under',), Nettle
*.i IS.sTANTIAI.   SSIOWIMi    MAUI*    I'.V
journed to meet on Wcdm  day even
ing ut 7:80 o'clock.
Wrliiesslivy'" St. nss lull.
The council got ''.own to business
Wednesday evening and got* through
a lot of work. After the opening, applications for tho combined offices ol
city clerk, assessor and collector, ami
I   In-" ■;. I'i-'rate, wero rea I from J.
\. i'oley, at :!'7,"i per month; Ben
Robertson, :*".> > pt i month; John Bull,
io per mouth',with additional salary
Hull; Bess Forin. Hoy* under 0, N.
Voii;; Elmer Barber."   Girls under C,
, Mary Stevenson; Mildred Barber.
■Boys under 15, three legged, Terry
and Foley; Tatoherand York,   Boys
j under LO, three-leggt d, fork an I
Tutcherj Tipping and Stevenson,
Girls under 10, three legged, Gertie
i Foley and Alice. Bull; Gortlo York
md N. McVicars, Hoys' sack race,
under   15,   A.    Folev;   !'.   Tipping.
for  police  magistrate
suck raco.undor LO, ^.Tipping;  i-**..it.\- toni
las. Tipping.    BU'vele  race, i-irl*-
submitted ti Becond tender, in en
h   •-'.'■■   . vi ■■■■ clivi led,
Report was prcse.ntod from the li*
cense and poiioo commissioners, which
was ordored filed.
An account Of $510.95 was present'
ed by il. !,' Jorand, being the ens! of
iae.srp iratis.n and holding the elec
tion. Of this ?.'!"() had been paid on
account, leaving a halanceof 3160.95,
Bill was r iferred to the tttianc i com-
tnittee, they to report at next, meet-
tug ofthe council.
Tho applii ttions foccity clerk were
thou taken up. John Bul) was gram
■ I | irmission to address the council
relative to bis application, alter which
a ballot was ordered to bo taken.
The first ballot resulted: Foley, 5;
Hull *_', Robertson 0. The second
bnlli ' Bl id; Foley 5, Hull 2. Mr.
i'.'Ii y was tin n declared elected, at
a salary of $75 U month.
II'-- Worship appointed Aid. Nichol
as the third member of the police and [adjoining thi
i ;.., t 15, B   ile  Forin;' lertio Ifork.
Same for boys under 15, J.Stevenson;
,J. McCallum, Same, slow, glfls un
der 15, Flossie (Covin; Bessie Forin.
Wsis'cl'.iaifo'.v race, boys, W. Foley;
Fit i" York, Potato race, boys, 1'.
I'oley; E. Tutelier. Egg race, F.
Vork; J. Terry.
At the conclusion of tbo races, the
committee purchased fruit fit-rail the
children, winding up with a general
scramble for nuts.
U 1N.N tils API'EAX.
,1, Ir I'M Ilk OolIOItl tit'l s .1 sne;ss,s sit Iti'v.'fHS'sl
lis Nat I vs. Silss-i- I I's.i-t inii l'ii-.is.
J. Frank CsJlom, managing director of the Arlington, has won his ap
I.Htrt Vfjit-'M Sii!|itsss*iit s AVs'S'i* !iSI7 Tistsss—
A Healthy tSviUoaw of tlio urti iisssl
"tsVi'iillts ssf tit.' i'aisi], Arllti'^lsiis tliu
Jti.v.:i.»t Slilpper.
Both tho Enterprise and Arlington
figure in tho shi| meiits this weclc.tno
former having sent out 20 tons yes1.
•erday, making its total 210 tons,
f ore   was shipped from
the Arlington, raising its total fu-the
ye r to i.sit,*s tons, making It oasliy
tiie leading shipper ol tho entire Slo-
i .'Hairy,    ['evelopineiit,  13 being
carried on mi an extensive, scale
throughout;the camp and-everthing
|a In a prosperous condition.
Last year the cxpbrts from this'di-
vision amounted to 2847 tona, made
np from 1(1 propt I'tlcs. following i.s
a list 61 the shipments this "jl'iir to
I'iiitei |irice	
Two friends	
Dladk I'ri.H'f	
peal in tlio case of Martlcy vsCollom.jJ
affecting the ownership of a half iu
i.ere-1 in the  Native Silver fraction,
Arlington.   The oriel*
riual case  was  iu  tin
nature of an
relief committee.
On  motion  of  Aid. Worden  and j.adverse, to the-; defendant's
Nichol, A.li.Bolderston was appoiut- tion for a crown grant for the pro
ed city treasure"', l he Bame to be an i perty,be having restaked the ground
honorary  position.   All.   Bradshaw I under  another  name;   and   it was
...     .*-^.**>v •*»^..'*v "*V•"**«. **>...*«V .\v   .
**■'..--    -%s>- «r-   «v- ^f* - «*Si* estaJS .V
*-•■*' j'-jS -,jr •^■•jf-.er■*.*:&■ -^^
.<N.%   •**5».-'*»IK.*"*», .'V••**■.. «*..f"   »
Pore Feller Back on de Farm.
I'm lir.'iv me jus' now, dere'ti heug Btrak on ds road,
An' aortlon hi ■ nte an' say.
Dat'fl ..oi-.- nil tint :.'■•' ;.. ■'- Ihik hoe in, Bu ^osh!
1 !"'s wssrl: hevm to i hartl for le pay.
pat h not fun :ie I ilia 1 ir ; no ;-• ■ u-r ut till,
■ keep;
I i.   ,. ii ■ ion do ctoro
i tin   IhI  logood, siio'a n i\ cheap.
Ai '. !-.  .' ■■'■ ry '..;■, I .i;n rend on du pap':
r ■,-.' ■':•.s': Iisj   .   r .i.s oh  de Stal';
-..-.■ lie i- out oi boua Job,
'. .'.       I' -!,-•'. jjone lint.
■v.!'' prap' tut      l     i ia     ■ : affer all,
When ri . ■ . -   o'h muse ail dat harm,
But il seem nil  lo; sop, doy can goon de struk
J'.at poro feller Ixi :k on do ta tu,
For : irmairo havo nlwavs emploiniPiit le croB,
What neod beum hot* earlee ah' late;
\n'dei*o'*"iiovairno clinnee wheu)   . . i all your own 'jofl
mak' you do bppjj agitaiti
■ b ro tiBO for shak' yo i '■■ flsl ou de sir
An' fly Ott s.mi" :. "i •: man's trout,
An.' jump on tie platform an' tear vo i de air,
When you're Labor on' Capital bot'.
;■    ii :!,'; any use, when do raonea ain't ilnph,
Por su.'i.r you \\":) stop - not at all:
You pis' got to wait till slut drop pes come ofl
An' 'Is- inonce come in on de fall.
I'   i, s'po  i you aro fin dat vou'ro awful bad case,
An' ymir Hnance i ee rank' ymi alarm.
Ton better fteev up an'go sotii  * lace
When you're pore fell r back on do Carat.
-  tt. T. ANDKBSO**!.
I. ra «Creek, B.C.
tlSsF-g*.^'.Jf.jtf.^.JP.jT./9.*.*... ,,.»,.'»v.-Jives', tf.^cr.^r.^:^!', .:'■
^>k*"«li,->s**l«.*>«fv.* •W Nfc**-.*"*7 •^•.J ?.y *V**.'*«.-,Jk->*-.-'1l*.- **s.
nov-td, seconded .by Aid. Smith, that beard at Nel    i   I   I fall.   The do-
the '.v.  arcr bo asked   to   famish fendant contended th t the mineral
bonds to the extent ol r 1' * • *- tho city lilaim of the plaintiff was fraudulent
•spay the premium therefor.   Car- and  Invalid, ou  account of having
ried.ai" was also a similar motion by bi in   located  In the interest    ofa
Aid. Woodcock and Worden relative previous owner withont having ob*
Work started this week on the Calumet & Il'.'Cla.
Ward McDonald has relinquisiieo;
his bond on ilie Transvaal group, on
Ten Mile.
Por the year thisdivUion has siiip
ped more than twice as much ore as
ilie other lake camps,
AI Teeter .-..d Dick Butncr start.d
work on their lens*** on iho Fourth of
July, bViday.   There are tour meu '
*\f/' 'i'v.i. i■;' ilie new lin,!iTii gs at the
rj&| Hampton are up and the third is un-
,*>."• der way. A gjiodtMrzod force is to be
W autployed at the property.
y ! \V. D. Wrighter writ,cs from Spo-
W]'Ka*iu'tii;it his company is about to
•s*j>|itu*n over nn Interest in tin*. Iron
•iiiV •■''l'*"''" I'ittsburg peoplo, He wi.ll
?lf bo hero again in a i'e.v days and will
Mf enlarge the scope of operations on
^j"-; that pn ii-i'tv.
w. School I'iiomotion.
wi Appended is the result of tl.jlT"'"|'-
tjljf I motion examinations at the "JMiuo
yi< school:
•il/! ^;:X!",: Dlvisiox—-Junior Third -
r/. lanuie l.'ol'i its hi, Alice Bull, Mttbcl
w. Hall, Eflie McVicars, Gertie York. L.
W Hull.
ii*     Senior Thini -Florence Forin, II.
W  Undo:-: ( . [■■ ley.
*v     Fonrth, junior -Hazel Wichmann,
•\"g>! Alma !•'' bs, Harry York.
tv^J*-,    Fourth, senior—Wonetta Tipping,
!  Ina M.'v i, ar.
Fifth   i Inrei i i Bull.
Honor    Boll—Dftportmenti   Jessie
Mc   alia:,"        'i:ari'\,   Hazel   Wieh-
inan; proticiencyi Fannie Robertson.
i the c nsent of the gold com
fi Ifslonet",   and   through   defet i   in
i : it sl    - ing the up| roxl*
mat in pass bearing of tho location
line.   It wa * also contended that tl ■
did ii I show any mineral in
■■■'.   : rk.
<>:i motion of Aid. Nichol and Bar*
ii.'!', the citj dork  was Instrui ti d to
c a proper seal f n I he coi pora
:i ai.
Aid. Barber gave notice that at the
next, or at some subsequent, meeting p ■   i on the claim, and lhattliofrw
if the council, he would Introduce Dilners'certificates wore defoe   ■
eight diiTere.nl   bylaws, dealing with having been  issut I by I    M. Sandi
avarietyof subjects    BvlawNo.2, lands of Sandon, who   "as   neither,
luting the sanitary nnd health gold commissioner or minlngrecor   «na proper .
condition of tho city, and No. 8, reg der.    Mr. Justice Walkem took the *';l!"  "!!l,v'.   \ho   rumo1'   i1"1"1'^'
ulnting licenses being d emed  nr case   under  advisemenl   and after* »rose out ol the statement, maUe to
gent, tbe rules or order were, on mo* wardsgave ludgmenl  for the plain* !l": Knglneerlng and Mining .hmmat
tion, ordered suspended, to permit of till' ' of New Turk, that $20,000 had been
tiicm being read n  tlwttiine.   The     Th   defendant then appealed the  PaW "P1^ thf lirM  mortgage fleben
l.ylnw-s were ordered to bereadu case to the full Court at Victoria,  ,,UI,S    ion know, ol course, that U.
'ecoudtime nt   tho next meeting of uhe ■• ho was represented by E. P.   Kydd, manager of tlieboyal llankot
the council.
Council then adjourned.
DoiiIqh 11"' Pari iss.-nt.
The following circular was Issued
this week to tho shareholders of the
Arlingtou '!';.■ -.  its  import  being
explanatoi v:   "Wc have noticed
article   tn   several   newspapers
■ ly  which stated that  this ci m
i anv   had   reci ntly   paid u $20,« 00
dividend. We would simply say thut
there la uo authority whatever for
this report, a-* we  have not paid any
• nd yet; and, when we do, ail
t • i   ,. in holders will be duly
v not!(Jed from this Slo-
DOMINION  DAt Sl-uilis.
i) imini ' i tl iv was celebrated hero
Da* . K.i'., and W. A McDonald, .' "•"atlfl- "' ;" '' "■ '';( •• l? tr*wte.0
K,C, There the evidence wascure under the mortgage ot all the assets
rullvsifted and the previous verdict "i'!l;" eonipany, and that it would
d In favor of defendant. The ; ""' '"' possible to pay any dividends,
plaintiff wns represented by L. t», I or make any distribution of profltn, to
[)uff, K.C , i.i.l .1. II, Lawson.   V<*
the  debenture
el...  anyone, other  than   tne
by  the  luveniles In a   right :royal  heavy costs are attached , !    !«■«. null
'    ...   ,. ,.        On   Monday   the   plaintiff,   Mark
r Manley, stated that ho hnd mad
rangement •   to  at on so appeal the
ra-   to thc supreme court at Ottawa,
1 nvl i :  so in 'I "lie s f the foremosi
themst lve9 and   pleasure for  thch'
; ,Heists      Thanks   to  the   efforts   ol
'' . i'.'rip, D, McVhuhoI and others,
i ii mi :.v; wus collect' d for games,
which occ tplt <'. tlu whole afteri
d in thecit", was present and
tl Htrit s in the varioii  i \ ent*. wt re
I iv   the v. Idttl Of the
;       I   i       f«| ■' i     .  I '. i
are all paid. Ynu:
Arlington Mines, ltd
llroke III- i ' it.
It spect-
ni li per
lawyers in the Dominion.
The rnnior CI *or So*
nox church li l the
Peter Sk iglund, employed at t!..
Arlington, was brought down lo tin
1    I  I \    '   .   I\ III l.\   s ills IS ,1    .1.1-  ■   'i       .:*..   ui.' .       .        c ,,,,,. 1 ,,• .,,P',,,.  ,,,.
'      -d   Saturday,   BttfferlnB
vi;i:':   M,':. i! i ■ ! '     riRnt eg.   Hi'
ii-j iiea-s Hum, ia.        i     '■ ■   ; ■' '■'■-' lading u
i*i    lianwasinevidetice.nl   Florence Forin, vice president; Jes tunnel, when a cnve-ln ocoum-a,
oelcb       .    hold  ho-e in tho past.   McCallum,   secrotarv;   Maggie Ste   thcfallina ngandjammin-*
'ollowing wero the prize winners:
.   rn     for b i* a undi r ,15, Fred n
trca lurer; Lottie York, or
in-, log. The Injui d man came fro"*
■ -.
«•; "■
^, ■
'• w*
„ , ■ 1
I  X
Hetwlit td* blown until and the tttrini net
Via Howl it nlKlitlall.   In tlio liollow wont
Tlie ultimate torch ol day fturcil fur a space,
Sank   and   expired.    A wind  Whined  round  tlie
il uttets,
And ragged shreds of vapor, palt and chill,
Went liy ua ln the flaw.   We had no tear
To shed, no word lo say.   Onr stricken heads
Were bowed together, and her suramin;., hair
Swept o'er ray cheek,   Swiftly the gray night fell
And like a huge hand blotted aca aud shore.
I heard her garmenta rustle tn the gloom;
A moment on my breast she laid her brow.
Then turned, and (rom the darkness whera she
A bob csme down the gust,   ""'was ages since,
But memory still broods on that black hour,
—James 11. Kenyan la Mpptncott'a Magazine.
The 8tory of a Kiss.
It was a quarter to 12 on Saturday
night—a time when, standing as one does
on the threshold of a new week, It Is only
appropriate that new resolutions should
he formed. This, at any rate, was Pbyl-
llda's view of the matter, and no Saturday within my memory had ever been
permitted to join its predecessors until
she had solemnly registered a determination to lead a "higher and more purposeful life" for the future. Prom previous
experience I knew that I should bo pressed into subscribing to similar protestations. It was therefore with no feeling
ot surprise worthy of the name that I
heard my,-dcparturc prohibited, as, on the
date In question, I made a strategic movement, hat in hand, toward the door.
"You mustn't go yet," observed Phyl-
ltda, laying a detaining hand on my arm.
"But my train will," I protested
"Never mind that—you can catch another."
I resigned myself to the inevitable and
sat down again. The pause that followed
was broken by my companion.
"I called you back because you'd forgotten something," she remarked Insinuatingly.
"I don't think so. My overcoat Is ln
the hail, and I've got your letters for tbe
post alt right."
"It's something more Important than
letters," returned Phyllids.   "Guess."
"No—nor telegrams, either.   You know
week"/   Now, be candid.    tSxiimtnc yourself thoroughly."
1 com piled with the rerpie-tt. In fact,
I tllil so with smell completeness thai my
ciiiiipiiiiisin thought it necessary to repent
ihe question.
"I hnvo given the matter ray attention,"
I returned at length, "nnd find that I
have only erred anil strayed in one single
"Hn!" Inquired my Inquisitor sharply.
"So you udmit that you have been misbehaving, do you*?"
"Don't make me regret my conlitlence,"
I pleaded. "I wns not wholly to blame,
I assure you. The Incident occurred some
time ngo; three days nt least."
"It's inexcusable," was the stern retort. "I declare, you're not to he trusted
out of my sight for more than nn hour or
two nt u time. You illdn't go the lengih
of proposing matrimony to tho lady who
was fortunate enough to win your--ur—
regard, though, I suppose?"
"Certainly not, IMiyllisla," I replied.
"Your question surprises me."
"Well. I'm glad to find it's not so had
as I thought," she went on unhcedlngly.
"I don't suppose you had time to get ten
der enough for that, though?"
"I only saw her for live minutes or so,'
I explained. ''Upon my honor, Phyllldo
you hiiie no cause fsir alarm on my account. I assure you thnt nothing beyond n
hasty kiss passed bet ween us."
The self appointed guardian of my morals sprung to her feet.
"What!" sho exclaimed. "Ynu—you-
klssed her?"
"Only  once."   I   answered   soothingly
"You must consider, I hadn't been Introduced to her long."
"Oh, this Is too much!"
"My own, you asked for frankness," I
Tli« Era Ushered In bv Jesus Will End
by Making Matt Rival or Angels— Dignity and liruissli'sss' of the Soul'a Fossl-
Islllll.sa. ti'etltii-s-sl by Nis Dogmas, Hut
I.ove Ossly.
Even   as   your    father   which is  ia
heaven is perfect.--Matthew v., 48,
ln the long' past, of htiinun his
there has been but nm. Ideal man
caino;  lie startled lhe world; Ho.
appeared,     His stay  was just
enough to drop a few seed pi;
into unwilling and barren
they took root, grew Into
Stately  trees, untl  now
del* and progress thrive
grateful  shade,    Nov
said  ho   littlo  untl   i
much.    Every tin
tion;  every      wor
like the     blastij**P of
llllllerilll   of
The I'bri
was a  h»il.
too.   OJr,
; desfrtty.
ivoyj very
"Yes, hut not for callousness too,
how could you; how could you?"
"You will excuse my seeming
but your question does not ciinvc*
much to me.   How ctiuld I what***
Phyltlda'a lips shaped themse/es to answer;  her tongue,  however,  (helled  at
the words.   I leaned forwnrtjfinquirlngly.
"Yes." I repeated encoura/ngly.   "You
wanted to know how I coi/d"—
"K-k-kiss her?   Yes." /
"My own, it was qtffte easy," I answered reassuringly. J
"What!" wns the/*lndlgnant response.
"You actually booit of It I Why, you
must be brazenl'y
"Not at all," /returned, stung by the
unworthy lnsln*attion.   "I am pained that
you should /wndemn me unheard.    You
do not Uno*v all the circumstances."
"The/*-er—extenuating ones."
"I sfon't believe there were any."
"Jfardon me; there were several."
"♦Tell me one of them, then."
/-"Well, the lady didn't object."
|/ "Then she was brazen too.   1 knew Iti
You were both of you equally guilty."
l^Sr—UV/l     UR|S.SMS.     ■■ . _
perfectly well what you've omitted to do./ ™Vwas"ovcrsteppins"the "bounds of
1 m not going to give you the opportm 0,.d*nnry acquaintanceship. Something
nity of -raking soother silly rema-**, wns dne t0 mygel- t00< In a moment j
though, so I'll tell you at once.    V"U ""*""
haven't made any good resolutions!"*1"
next week yet."
"Quite so; I'm afraid It slipn-s my
memory. Have you noticed how tie wind
is rising? I see thst the meteorol/V'ienl office says"— /
"Yes—It will probably be fine If It
doesn't rain." broke In Phyliaa. "1 dou't
think we need talk abou> the weather,
though." /
"It Is nnspeskahle." Vgreod.
"Then perhaps you JM "five me your
attention for a fewssWaates.    Do you
know what day ***•**•"■***■
Ttebook.    "It Is the
I consulted my,
15th of the mont
"Yes, snd It I
returned my
you can vol
or so we sh
should like
"I thinl
. Saturday evening."
, nion In a deny it if
n a quarter of an hour
nter on a new week.   1
jow, therefore, what your
ts proper observance are?"
_llidn." I remarked dlplo-
at it would be as well if you
n the more conspicuous of
frae for self examination," she
verely.   "Still, perhaps It would
. If I did as yon suggest."
. afraid that Phylllda misread the
sion with which I received this re-
wr i
foo needn't look so relieved," she con-
t"|Ued.   "I'm only going to tell you your
f/ilts because I don't believe I should
<|t tbe truth ont ot yon."
, "That Is not the way to Invite confi-
Idenee," I replied with dignity.   "A mo-
fment sgo and 1 was more than ready to
reveal the Inmost workings ot my mind
to you.   As it is—well"—
Phyllids rose trom her seat and crossed
over to my side. Looking at the matter
impartially I cannot regard her subsi*-
quent action as being strictly in accordance with the dictates of propriety. It
was. however, distinctly tranquillizing—
■nd then there were no spectators.
"Very well," I observed, as sbe returned to her own chair. "Ask me anything
yon like."
"Now, you're nice again." she answered
smilingly. "You csn't think how attractive It makes you. Welt, wbat 1 want
you to do Is to describe all tbe girts you've
fallen In love wltb since last Monday."
"All of tbem?" I echoed, somewhat disconcerted at the unexpectedness of tbe
f'byllida nodded scqulescence.
"I'm afraid I shall have to go In ten
minutes," I 'replied, looking at my watch.
"I suppose tbat means you couldn't ci-
haast the list before 12 o'clock," she answered sadly.   "I'm disappointed In you
—and after all your solemn promises too."
"I have no wish to deprive you of any
legitimate grievance," I  returned, "but
you wrong me tn thinking"—
"Then   you   haven't—er—yon   know—
wltb any one?"
"Oh, I'm so glad," she exclaimed
brightly. "I knew I could trust you. You
csn't think wbat a weight you've taken
off my mind, though. Do you know,"
sbe sdded softly. "I think I admire your
frankness more than anything else."
"I hope, Phyllids," 1 answered proudly,
"that you will alwnys Und me meriting
your good opinion In this respect. Such
experiments ss from time to time 1 have
conducted in the matter have ever convinced me that a rigid adherence to truth
Is tbe mora excellent way."
"One should scorn resort to falsehood
from higher motives than those ot mere
policy," retorted Pbytllda severely. "Isn't
there a proverb about It?"
"I hsve heard It said that ■ lie In time
saves nine," I observed.
"Don't be frivolous, or I shall think
yon're not serious In your promise to be
frank with me. Besides, I've got another
question to ask you. It's this—I don't
went yon to mention any names, of
course—bat have ynu seen nny girl whom
yon liked very  much during  tbe past
had resolved upon my course of action.
"I cannot permit you to asperse an innocent lady who is not here to defend
herself," I observed. "The blame, if any.
was entirely mine."
"Ah, you only say that because you're
a man," returned Phyllida, obviously
softening a little.
"It is the truth," I asserted proudly.
"Never sball it be said of me that I stood
by and saw the character of a woman
assailed in her absence without raising a
voice in her defense."
"Rubbish!" wns the inelegant retort.
"She's a designing minx, I'm sure—and a
cat tool So there! I expect, though,"
she added in another tone, "if only tbe
truth were known, she led you on."
"Well," I admitted reflectively, "her
behavior might certainly be considered—
"There! I was sure of it all the time,"
cried Phyllida triumphantly. "Tell me,
new, wbat did she do?"
"My dear," I expostulated, "yon really
oughtn't to ask me such things."
"Why, was it so bad as all that?"
1 am afraid I must have unconsciously
nodded an allirmative.    Phyllida came to
my side.
"You poor old  thing,"  she whispered
softly.    "Did  she put ber arms  round
your neck like Ibis wben sbe kissed you?"
This time I notified purposely.
"Oh. the minx!"
"Don't condemn her unheard."I pleaded.
"Yon dear, good natured old goose,"
said Phyllida gently, "it's only your generosity that makes you lind excuses for
"But she was very young." I urged.
"Young, Indeed! H'm—quite old enough
to know better, I'm sure."
"Indeed, Pbylllda. don't think tbls was
the case."
"Well, how old was she?"
"Oh. I don't know exactly; It's not considered polite to ask a lady ber age, yon
"Well, you seem to bsve got on such intimate terms with her that I should bare
thought you would have aaked ber anything."
"I did ask ber mother." I admitted.
"Ah—well, that's something," returned
Phyllida  in  a  decidedly   more  satisfied
tone.   "Tell me, though." she continued,
"slid you ask on the day that she made
this disgraceful exhibition of herself?"
"Oh, you know perfectly well—the day
when she kissed you?"
"Weil, how old wns she then?"
"I don't think I ought to tell yon. Phyllida.   Consider, bow woultl you like"—
"But 1 want to know such a lot."
"How much?" I demanded sternly.
"Very much Indeed—please."
"All   right.  I hen:   but  promise you'll
never tell her."
"Of course I  won't— now!"
"You don't want to know out of mere
curiosity, I hope?" I asked anxiously, as
I made room for her iu the chair beside
est of
 Ull or-
"hdor    t heir
ins  a    man
iplished     so
wus a rs-velii-
ook  the    ear', h
rocks for    tho
tooil nt ii point which
   _        -ay   stnl ion   between   the
siiiiinal*s*fin of the past untl the ids-nl
iniui sjrtlio futures Humanity begun
as nfrivnl to the brute; it. will aid
us ills* rival of angels, Hy slow de-
gr*tVH it bus achieved an upwind
e.fjnib, and every step has brought it
JfoToser to heaven. Tlie untold millions who have fallen by the waysitlu
will continue the Journey In another
life. Generations have been KnulTed
out like a candle, only to be transferred to large*; opportunities antl ti
better environment. We also shall
drop our earthly work to complete it.
in the iinmeasurouble eternity toward which Wo are surely drifting.
Without that eternity this lift* would
be a grim disaster, but. with it wo
use to-duy, if wo ure wise, as a
stepping stone to an endless series of
Tho    dignity  and  grandeur  of   tho
soul's   possibilities   are   beyond     tho
reach of the Imagination.   Every age
pushes  us forward  into  a wider   development.      Every   experience,   whether it is     followed with smites    or
tears, with leisure or Htruggle, is intended a**|d is lilted  to give us    new
strength  for  the now  outlook  which
it  yields.     The   divine   consciousness
is  always  present  thutt  we  can     do
more and be more.    A glowing ember
from    the altar of Ood  is the soul,
and  though  it now  slumbers it  will
some    time  be  ftinntd   into a  flams*.
The  earth  may  for  a  while enchain
our attention, for it is a fascinating
novelty Xo be alive,  as  the traveler
toward    the mountain top may rest
satislied     with      the  prospect  which
stretches  before  his   wondering  eyes;
but there is an inward voice    which
tells us that we must keep our steady
way until the summit is reached, and
that the toil will be repaid by what
is  waiting for  us  there.
What you are now is as nothing to
what you will be. and vou can never
find  perfect  rest   until   the  throne  of
God   is  in      sight.     When,  therefore,
you  think  of  the soul's capabilities,
of this earthly  life as the dedication
of a    book  to  be  hereafter  written;
when you     see that the laws of the
universe,  stern  and   implacable,     are
nothing  more  than  the  strong hand
of a father     who restrains his child
from  indicting an   injury upon   himself,   then you are  in harmony   with
the    divine      order,   then  you  get a
glimpse   of     true   religion,   then  you
are  working side  by  side  with     the
Christ.     To know   what  God   wants
antl   to  discover  that   you can never
be  happy  until  you  aLso  want lt  is
to learn the secret of usefulness and
We arc too perfunctory in our religion. We think to buy heaven by
tin obedience which is often irksome.
Ws- imagine thai if we believe certain
doctrines our belief will offset a selfish life, lt is not belie* that saves.
There arc no dogmas in heaven, but
love only. Creeds are well enough
ns a pastime, but the serious business of life is to be your better self
in temptation antl to grow larger
and nobler with every decade that
(lies into the past. Growth is the
watchword of the soul.
That     kind    of     manliness which
knows how to keep its cheer in    ad-
vs-rsity as     well as in good fortune,
Which  cares     for nothing except its
own preservation and increase, which
lsissks  on unsulli"*-d  honor and integrity as the only priceless jewels earth
can      afford—that  kind  of manliness
untl womanliness is unother mime for
g6dl!neSS,    and      the      only  religion
which knows     no change is securely
basetl on it.        You may be rich or
you may be poor,  it is a mere incident,    nut If you are true, faithful,
loyal to your destiny, seeking to bo
of service to the world  because it is
God's world,     you belong to Christ
and he belongs to you.    You    may
weep or you may laugh, you may sit
In the sunshine or thc shadow.   You
have what money cannot purchase, a
peace,  a serene joy,  a. pose,  a    self-
possession which  are a foretaste   of
the     eternal life.—From sermon    by
Uev.  Dr.  George  II.   Hepworth.
Wlsrsit    Ksts-s, nss etst'ls Ml.L' s.l   Use  Iliiund-
ttsy  1.1 ne.
A New York paper, which seems to
be interested in decrying Canada, allows that there Is every -Jromiso of ti
magnificent crop in Manitoba, but
takes upon itself to say that the
Manitoba farmers "will receive precious little benefit as the proceeds
will bs* devoured by thc Canadian
Pacific monopoly, whose rates are
Without doubt Canadian Pacific
wheat rates are higher tliun rats-s
for a corresponding distance in Eastern Slates and the Eastern States,
_ut this is merely saying that rates
ln a new and sparsoly settled region
am higher than rates in oldor and
more thickly populated countries,
which Ih not a grievance peculiar to
Manitoba. A fairer test ia to woo how
rates from Manitoba to Fort William
compare with rates from Minnesota
and IHikota to Duiut-h.
Here, too, one would expect to find
Manitoba rales somewhat higher.
While wages are pi-ui.tieully the Hume
In Manitoba as in Minnesota antl the
lliikot.ns, llu> cost of l'olling slock,
fuel and rallwuy supplies generally Is
dearer in Manitoba. Moreover, those
states contain a fur larger population than Munilohn. tint output of
grain from them wit'll the volume of
return freight from Lake Superior iH
vs-ry much greater, and the amount
of local t rattle more considerable.
Nevertheless, rates from Manitoba,
that is, the rates in force last year,
to Fort William compared very favorably indeed with rats* from Min-
ncHotn and  IHikota to   Duluth.
A glancu at the map shows that, the
wheat   belt south of the line is considerably  nearer  Lake .Superior  tliun
the  wheat, belt   ot   Manitoba, which
may be said to begin at Winnipeg, or
rather at Portage and Brandon.     It I
is  impossible,   therefore,   to  compare
rates  mile  for  mile.     For  Instance,
Deloi-nine, an important wheat  point
in Manitoba,  is 021) miles from Fort
William,  bin if for purposes of comparison,  wo sought a point   on the
Great Northern, Mr. J. J. Hill's rond.
equi-distant  from  Duluth,  wo would
find    ourselves   landed  in   Montana,
Where no wheat to speak of is grown
and  where,   consequently,   no  special
rate is quoted.   A nominal local rate
for wheat is quoted, but it would be
clearly unfair to the Great Northern
to compare it with tho through rate
on the Canadian Pacific from  Uelor-
aine  to  Fort William.      It  is  necessary,   therefore,   :'n   order  to  be  perfectly  just to    con-fine     ourselves  to
rates from points  in Minnesota and
the Dakotos that are well within the
wheat   belts of those states; In other
words, to compare rates on the shorter hauls of the Great Northern with
thosi' on the longer hauls of the Canadian Pacific.
Tlie Croat Northern is selected for
comparison because it used io be
charged that thu Northern Pacific
was in league with tho Canadian Pacific to oppress the farmer. The wheel
tariff in force lust fall on the Grs'iit
Northern was known as G.F.O. <14(K),
which took effect on August 1, 18!)8,
with three amendments dated May
aO, Nov. a, and Dec.  '2a, 1900.
Manitoba by C.I'.ll. to Fort William :
Miles.  100 ptls.
F. W.
For Prize Lists, Programmes, and  all   information,apply  to
THOMPSON, President, Wlnn'pog, Man.
F. w. 1IEUDACH, General Manager, Winnipeg,
Tho Association undertake,the payment ol the inward frolght charges
on axh'blts from the last shipping point, provided that such exhibits an*
returned "to the original shipping point Immediately after the Fair without ownership changing hands. The Association wish it to bo distinctly
Understood that this is not to be a precedent, but that it Is being done
this year owing to tbo partial failure of last year's crop and the consequent shortage of money amongst exhib'tors.
Winn'pcg  ;  420
Carman   484
Emerson     400
Gretna      440
Morden     f>07
Brandon   059
Killurney    500
Iloissevaiii   008
Deloralne   620
Dakota anil Minnesota by G.
to Duluth :
N. R.
Miles. 100 pds.
Grand  Forks  	
Bt.Vincent  (opp,  lin-
Neche   (opp.   Gretna)..
St. John (opp. Killar-
The rates on thc Great Northern,
given above, ars. pronounced reasonable by the state railway commissions as well as by the interstate
commerce commission nt Washington. This biting the case, it is hard
to understand how any fair-minded
newspaper can say thnt. Canadian
Pacific rates are exorbitant, or tbnt,
by comparison with the farmers of
Dakota and Mlniu-sotii, the Manitoba
farmer   s  in an unhappy condition.
Minnie (to Effie)— Doesn't be find thai
writing for the papers is rather a thank*
lees task?
Effie—Oh, no, not at all. Almost everything he writes is returned wltb
Pointed Paragraph!.
Too many prophets spoil the weather.
The early circus catches the small
boy's quarter.
An awkward boy is a chip off the old
stumbling block.
Marry in haste and let your father-la-
law repent at leisure.
Love's supposed blindness has cost the
gas companies many a dollar.
Man proposes—and the girl sends him
around to papa to see If he opposes.
Wise men nre conservative. Only fools
givs their candid opinions on all occasions.— Chicane News.
The Family Silver.
"Fer the land's sake," said the woman
In tbe blue Mother Hubbard as she fattened the clothesline to the division
fence, "what do you think of them
Joneses telling around thst the burglars
got la their house an stole the family
silver?   Family silver!   Huh!"
"It's so, though." said the woman In
tbe next lot "Tbey had a dollar an a
quarter piled on tbe mantelpiece fer the
grocery bill, an it was all In silver."—In-
dianspolls Press.
—Chicago News.
"Ilirnin, I am considering a proposal
of marriage, and ns ynu huvo been coming tsi 6ce me for nearly six years I
thought it woultl be no more than right
to tell yoi; of it."
"Why. Delia, 1—1 have always wanted
to ask you myself!"
"Why haven't you done so?"
"1—1 haven't dared to. Will jrou mar*
ry me, Bella V"
"You dear girl! (Pause, properly fill«?d
up.) Tell me, now. Delia, whose proposal of mnrringe yon were considering."
"Yours, Hiram."—Chicago Tribune.
Wlir He Broke ft.
Hampson—I hear your engagement
with Miss Minks is broken off? How's
Hill-Well, you see, thnt benst of a
parrot of hers wns always yelling, "Oh,
Charlie, you shouldn't!"
Hampson—Itut whnt difference did
that make? Your engagement was not
n secret.
IIIll-No. nnd my name Isn't Gbsrlle.
-Glasgow Evening Times.
"Oh, don't he aggravating. If you still
care for me at all. tiinl don't want me to
withdraw my forgiveness, loll me at once
how old thnt horrid girl was wben tbe
kissed you?"
"Put your head nearer."
Phyllida Inclined a shell-like ear to s
suitable proximity.
"Just 3 years." I whispered Into It-
Trials or a Carter.
"In tbe denunciation scene you must
rnlse your hum! tn high heaven." mi iti
the stage manager.
"Dut If 1 do," protested the leading
lady, "the calcium light will not strike
my diamond rings."
Ah. we petty people who merely pay
admission and applaud at the proper intervals 1i:tvi* no (den of the trials ot st
utttite career!—Dulliiiinre Amerlcuu.
Good Color Schemas.
A careful study of color tines and
combinations would bring much more
effeotlve results in many homes. For
instance, blue and white Ib a favorite
color scheme for bedroom furnishing
and is often chosen and ns often
sps.il. <1 by incongruous surroundings.
Japanese rugs arc tho best solution
of tbo difficulty of floor covering
with blue sand white furnishing
schemes, or lt Persian rugs are chosen, to givo a touch of warmth, they
sliould ha ve predominating blue tones
und all subdued colorings. Then confusion should be avoided and a majority of plain stuffs prevail, Pldin
poti isies of solid oak color are restful lo tlio eye.
London, June 26.—In the Old Daley court yesterday tho grand jury
returned a true bill against Enrl
Itusscll for bigamy and ths- recorder
announced that thu trial would take
place in the house of Lords.
Thc recorder said the divorce* might
be valid in tho United States, but
was not here.
Montreal, .Tune 25.—C. P. R. traffic receipts for the week entling June
21 were f081,000) for the same week
last year,  ''•594,000.
New York, June 20.—The Stondnrtl
Oil company formed a National Kale
company to control the out put of
tho United HtatcH, Canada and England.
Moiirj   1... ssil ens'  1'isi nsl l««.
A money lending case was heard In
Dublin In which the Interest ch irged
amounted to 2,800 per cent. This in-
ti rest was reduced by tho Judgo to
live per tent.
London, Juno 20.—Vivian Bart oris,
and Archibald Balfour found their
courtship and engagement so squally
that they decided not to venture upon the stormy sea of matrimony.
This Is the explanation of the broken engagement their relatives give.
The granddaughter of the late Gen.
Ulysses H. (Irant and tho brothen-in-
law of Alfred Lytt.Ieton, and distant
cousin of Arthur Balfour, leader of
the house of Commons, hail so many
quarrels thut they concluded not .to
Ancemia, or thin, watery blood, is increasing to an alarming extent among the school girls and young vromen of our
land. Pale gums, tongue and eyelids, muscular weakness, in-
ability for exertion, deficient appetite, impaired digestion, short
breath, palpitation of the heart, attacks of vomiting, swooninir,
hysteria and irregularities of the feminine organs are among the
unmistakable symptoms of ana-mia or poor qualify of blood.
Anaimic persons arc frequently said to be going into a decline, and as a fact do usually contract consumption or some
fatal constitutional disease if they neglect to restore normal
vigor. Fresh air, sunlight, moderate exercise and the regular
use of Dr. Chase's Nerve Food after each meal will restore new
vitality to the body and new color to the cheek of any ana-mic
person. Gradually and thoroughly it forms! new red corpuscles
in the blood and wins back perfect health and strength.
Fifty cents a box, fl boxes for SS.fiO ;   at
'rom Etlinanson. Hales «V Co., Torinto.
nil dealers,  or
post   pah' The Drill.
X pi.icky Young Lady Takes on
Herself to Cure Her father
of the Liquor Habit.
\ portion of her letter rends as
(iilhiv. i:—"My lather hud often proni-
U-tl mother to atop drinking, and
would slo so for a time, but then ro«
tinned to it stronger than ever. Ono
lay, after a terrible spree, he said
.0 us: 'It's no use. I can't itop
drluktngf.' Our hearts rtepmet! to
turn to Ktono, and wo decided to try
iho Tasteless Samaria Prescription,
nrhlch wo had rend about In tha pa-
pers. Uu guvo h'm tho remedy, en-
tircly without his knowledge, in hla
ti'ii, i'il'i', or food regularly, according tn directions, and ho never knew
lie ".v.is taking lt. One package removed all his ds'siro for liquor, and
he suys it is now distasteful to him.
His health mui appotita aro also won
His health and appetite aro also
wontls rfully improved, and no ono
would know him for tho snmo man.
It is now fifteen months since we
itiivo it to him and wo feel suro that
Uio clmrigo is for good. ricose send
mo one of your little books, as I
want to give it to a friend."
SENT FI.E8 TO ALL.—A sample
nf Tiistsl.ss Samaria, Prescription
gladly Sent Free with full particulars in plain sealed onvs'lopo. All
letters esinsldored st.crcdly confldon-
lial. Address Tho Samaria Remedy
Co., 30 Jordan street, Toronto, Ont.
Woman's Christian Temperance Dnioi
Letter from Mrs. George Grant, of
Paitley, Out,., giving particulars of
a cur effected by "Suiuuriu. Prescrip-
11' n. ' rssjjuli ing in its uso nnsi adoption by tho Pais*v Woman's Chris-
iiau Temp'franco Union.
Taisley, Ont., Pecimber llili, IOOO.
Tli". Bamor.a, RotneUy Co.,
30 Jordan Street, Toronto, Out.
H'.ir Sirs,—1 penned a few lines to
ynu sumo time ago,—Ofl a member of
the  l. in| 'franco   CauSO,   1   wrolo     for
Ibforniaiidn; at that time I hud    in
my mind friends whoso son was   a
""real cause of anxiety unit trouble on
muit sif i.is    drunken habits.     1
iMrongiy urgi.fl tho frii nils to try lhe
feuii'dy  1 saw advertised  In  Hits   T.i-
roiitu fllobo.   They  did  so.   It   was
the Ramaria Remedy    tlmt was ad-
I mlnistertxl and l wa pleased to    m-
I tiirui nlt. company tho medicine wns
helpful; Hi,, young man hns not
drank a drop nines, breaking otT from
okl companions.' ami special prayers
on his behalf, all aided in breaking
i lhe chains;
At the lost meeting of the W.  0.
{'• U. here,   I   iniroducetl  ysstir  uietli-
Mtw tor the cure of the liquor habit,
l(' a resolution was passed,   "That
Inasmuch oa it is tho aim of this or-
|Wni*4iion to help ihe poor ini'briate,
We should rei'omm. nd this remedy in
homes wuero pomooj „ro addicted to
'   uso   of    Intoxicating liquors."
I,"*v. Mrs, wishing you a successful
career n yum- noblo work,  and feel*
11K that assist ante can be given    In
'!"■ precincts of homo by the bund of
fnother or wife,    trusting Qod  mny
*l"ii up us,.fni avenues for your    la-
*""s.    Yours very respectfully,
(8'.Xn.'d|      juts. GEOIIC.'E ('KANT,
(,'i behalf of Paisley W. C. T. U.
FREE SAMPLE ?ndWl?lt,tBlY'
in „ . ,,****■***■+**** lug full Inform
"' n. t'tllm.snlftii, antl -trloe sent ln plati
Til • w'I'.'s' 'I1?*'". Knelt-*** '"-* "tamp. Ztl&nsi
"»■•• M.VMAHIA HEMKDY Oi>.,*i Jordan Bt.
.  TOUONTO, Ontarlt
lie rivo his eyca to Use ttkiuB ol blue.
Ilia van to tlio Mri)» and been,
And Is,, (.ins. Ida heart to thc winds that flew
Aivuy OVW empty scan,
And lie iisw thc depths that he could not nouns",
And he heard thc unwortilly aonits,
And hia heart, imfctti-rctl, fled past the bound
Of a tired life's rljlsta and wrongs,
And ne neither wrought nor played nor alept
Nor troubled with good and 111,
And hla dreams were vagus* aa the acenti tkaf
And sweetened the lonely hill,
And there from morning till eve he lay,
And never a Joy he tsouglK,
But he came homo glad at the closo s: the day
Decauie he had lived for naught.
-J. J. Hell in Chamber**.' Journal.
Mr. Ciuvdle—I wish you wouldn't
mterrtipt mo every time I try to say
•■■tiii'iliinp*.   Do I'ever break in when
Ins     , ........
I i
j loine
\y<i> nn. taiui--^?
.vMrs     ('uwdle—No,
1 '"" go io sleep I
you    wretch I
'•I"' Uusslan minister of tho Intor-
"r hns ss-nt a circular to all print-*
jn8 "Mires and  libraries,   prohibiting
"iilo of Tolstoi's new  book,   on-
"It costs Too Much."
Every year tho German empress bo-
•sHiB n  ,„,w diary  am\ m.nds  an  old
I ">". clasped and locked,  to join  its
'"'"leiessors In a safe.   Not even the
npinir may see theso minuto records
"' dally life.
Ni'iuly all the irtotorir.cn eiriployed
11 lhn new trolley   lines in Buffalo
' Uv' young Canadian   formers
railway olncinls mv    thev aro    th"
"" "t satisfactory  of    all  their    em
CemntsMk Lede Discovered Aft**
Hard "Work and I'erseveraiser,
Just beyond "the divide" two men kep*
• store. They wero Jumcs L. Flood nu'
Willinm O'Brien. They had saved soma
money after a few years of trading witli
the uiiuers, Were ready for a deal ln one
of the milieu uml had faith In Mackay
and Fair. So, when Mackay walked int»
their store one morning and remarked,
"Jim Flood, if you nnd O'Brien will put
up the money, Fnlr nnd 1 will put up ths
brains, nnd I think the four of us can buy
Ihe 'Con' Virginia and umka something
otit of It."
"How much do you want, John?" said
"nighty thousand dollars."
Tho tleiil waa cIuhiiI on the spot. Tha
history of tho "Con" Virginia Is as well
known almost as the story of Washington and Iho cherry tree. Before the four
miners had struck the "load" they had «•
hnustcd their money and their credit.
There seemed to be nothing in the rock
they broiiuht out of tho earth. Other minors met them day after day and laughed
at their apparently hopeless task. They
were jeered and made fun of. . ut they
ki'pt serions faces and sober minds and
were not to be thwarted by the idle talk
ef idlers.
One morning, when the prospect seemed Ihe blackest, a friend suid to Mackay:
"John, luck hus gone ngninst you. Why
don't you quit and go prospecting?"
"The man who figures on luck in mining," snisl Murkily, "is a fool. The man
who figures on doing a lot of hard work
nnd not losing his grit will get something."
Tho four partners did not lose their
grit, nor did they rely on luck. One afternoon the rumor sprend over Virginia City
thnt the " 'Con' Virginia men" hnd struck
a bosly of ore. It spread as wildfire often
swept over the Nevada prairies. The foul
men left their mine at sundown and
walked down C street amid a babel ot
cheers. The next morning the ConBolidnt*
cd Yirginin stock hud gone from 80 centl
to $-."iii a share anil in another dny up ta
$r*00 a share. In three days it was an-
nouncesl thnt the body of rock wns s«
large that its vnlus. could not be estimated. In two weeks the Uuited States gov-
eminent wns negotiating with the owners of the mine for the retlemption of
bonds whoso vnlties had been affected by
the civil war. ln two months the financial centers of oh] Kurope hnd felt thi
shock, and nbout the same time Mackay,
Flood, Fnir nnd O'Brien wero able to an*"
nounm thnt they wen* millionaires beyond tho dreams of avarice.—Success.
Pear Sirs,—1 cannot ipeak too
strongly of the excellence ssf AIIN-
AUIl'S l.TNIMKNT. It is TIIF. rviii-
s*sly in my household for burns.
sprains, etc., nnd we woultl not bo
without it.
It is truly a womhrful medtolne.
Publisher Arnprior Chronicle.
Thc llt.noa of the Conqaeror.
A aplendld monument .brilliant with
gems unsl gold wns erected by William
Unfits over lhe ashes of his father, but
in the Huguenot wars uf the sixteenth
cent uiy tho Abbey of St, Stephen was*
plundered aud partly destroyed, tho
shline wus wrecked, uml the bones of tho
Conqueror were Muttered about the
church. A. thigh bone of such size as to
indicate a man of great stature was saved nnsi pluced in a new tomb when the
church wns restored in llil"*. About a
century later this second tomb was removed to another part of the choir, nnd
in 17113, during the ruthless days of tho
terror, it, too, was rifled, and the last
relic of "the famous barou" disappeared.
Tin* s-lnli ot black marble alone remains
• ii mark the spot so tragirnliy associated
with thu memory of Uuliwluius Con-
qucstor.—Good Words.
New  Curate   (to   boy)—Then,   do   T
understand that your mint is on
your father's sitle or on your mothers '.'
Country Scholar—Sometimes one,
and sometimes other, 'n*ptln' when
fey ther whacks 'em both, sir.
Is the deadliest and most
painful nialad*/ to which
mankind is subject. Dodd's
Kidney Pills will cure any
case of Hrigrht's Disease.
They have never failed in
one single case. They are
the only remedy that ever
hiss cured it, and they are
the only remedy that can.
There are initiations of
Dodd's Kidney Pills—pill,
box and name—but Imitations are dangerous. The
original and only genuine
cure for Bright's Disease Is
Dodd's Kidney Pills lire II
fifty cents a box at all II
druggists. II
SO   SAlil    TIIUEK    DOCTOUS     IN
let   Oi •     istl.iil  litis    Bern   Restored   to
lli'iilils anil Mrs-siulls Through this Ag-
fiisty  ofllr, Willi, us, 's ris.lc I'llls.
Among tho many many persons
throughout Canada who owe good
health—perhaps even life itself— to
lir.Willinins' I'ink Pills In Mrs. Alex.
Fnlr, a well known and highly esteemed resident of West Willinms
township, Middlesex Co., Out. For
nearly two years Mrs. Fair was a
great sullercr from troubles "brought
on by a severe attack of lugrippe.
A reporter who called was cordially
received by both Mr. and Mrs. Fair
and was given tho following facts
of tho ease; "In the spring of 1890
I was attacked by lugrippe for Which
I was treated by our family doctor
but iiiKti'utl of getting better I gradually grew worse until my whole
body became wrecked with pains. I
consulted one of the best doctors in
Ontario, nnd for nearly eighteen
months followed his treatment, but
without uny material benefit, I hatl
a terrible cough which caused intense
pains in my bead ant' limns; I be-
ciinie very wenk, could not. slooop,
and for over a year I could only
talk in a whisper and sometimes my
voice left DU entirely. I came to regard my condition us hopeless, but
my husband urged further treatment
and on his ndv'ce our family doctor,
with Iwo others, held a consultation
the result of which was th*at they
pronounced my rase incurable. Neighbors ndvisetl tiie to try Dr.Williams'
I'ink Fills, but after having already
spent, over $500 in doctors' liuili-
ditl not have much faith left, 'n nny
medicine but as a last resort 1 finally
decided to give them a trial. I had
not taken ninny boxes of the pills before 1 noticed on improvement, in my
condition, nnd this encouraged me to
continue their use. After taking the
pills for several months. I was completely restored to health. The cough
disappeared ; I no longer suffered
from iho terrible pains 1 once endured; my voice became strong again ;
my appetite Improved and I was
abls* to obtain restful sleep once
more. While taking the pills I gained
37 pounds in weight. All this I owe
to Dr. Williams'i'ink Pills and I feel
that I cannot say enough in their favor, for I know tbat tliey have cst-
ta'nly saved my life.'
Tn ensos of this kind Dr. Williams'
I'ink Tills will give more certain and
speedy results than nny other medicines. They net directly on the blood
thus reaching the root of the trouble
and driving every vestige of disease
from the system. Sold by all dealers
in medicine or sent post paid al 60
cents n box, or six boxes for $2 .r><>
by addressing the Dr. Willinms Medicine  Co.,   Drorkville,   Ont.
The  dentist  should   go   in   for  politics.   He has  a strong pull.
A KOfxl memory is one that  ennbls'S
a man to ftu-gs*i unpleasant things.
tinm LiUMENT is i-ed tr msicuii.
A goosl many actresses seem to favor long engagements and short
ner, Langton, writes *. "For nbout two years
I waa trisiitslt'd with Inward Piles, but by using Tarroelee'a Tills. 1 was completely cured,
and although four yours hnvo «-1 ii i •>—«*tl since
then they havo not returned." Parmelee's
Till* uro anti-bilious und a siseeitte for tlw
euro of tho Liver and Kidney Complaints,
Dyspepsia, Oost.vontss, Headache, Tiles,
etc., nnd will regulute the Deeretionss and remove all bilious matter.
At tin* age of sweet sixteen a woman's rights nre sevs'ial ls'iigths
illreinl   Of  a  mail's.
Do your own thinking if you don't
find tin* thoughts of other people satisfactory.
HE HAS TRIED IT.-Mr. John Anderson. KinloiM, wrltvsss: "I venture to say
few, If any, have reoelved greater benefit
from the use of Dr. Thomas' Eoleotrlo OU
than 1 have. I have used lt regularly for
over ten years, and have reoommended lt
to all sufferers I knew of, and they also
found lt of great virtue In cases of severe
bronchitis aud Incipient consumption."
Stale Ilread r.ctsnstmy.
A Long Island man who was showing a friend a couple of hunting dogs ut
his place the oilier day looked up ns lit)
heard tho sound of approaching wheels.
"Here's the bread man," he remarked,
and aa his friend gazed in surprise nt the
open cart laden with bulging sacks, thinking it the strangest baker's outfit he had
yet seen, the owner of the dogs bought a
barrel of thc merchant's stuff.
"It's for tho dogs, you know," he explained as the wagon drove off. "Broken
up and mixed with other tilings it makes
good food for them. That ninn does very
well with his stnle bread business. Ho
buys the brend at a low price In the city
when It Is too old to sell to customers
there. But it hasn't reached the dog
food stage then by nny menns. He
first retails it ns long as ho con to the
Italians who work on the toiuls und do nil
tho hard labor hereabouts. I believu
they wush it down with beer of about
lhe snmo state of freshness, Well, when
the bread gets so stall, tluit even the Italians enn't eat It it is ready to be peddled
around among the villages iu the neighborhoods Tlie fanners liny it to feed
their pigs nnd chickens, and a good iiiiiny
people use it, as I do, for their dogs, so
there is no loss or waste to cut duwa tho
dealer's profit."
In a special workshop at Oonntan*
tinople more than ."iO men nre 'Mii-
ployed In milking the various objects
which the sultan given nwuy ns pes
s'lits. Ho usually examines Lhe designs and sometiinrn makes suggestions.
ASM*   As
£(rv*sf *f f£±^/
MtsJlJU) **4s I*™ *^ ^^ *-
C- I ashAs <wtrns
wtM> Ci*<#&
The work of ile police judg.i is line
[MP slllARD'S UNIMEIT ll til Hoitl
A  man* must  dun  ills  brain   if
would collect his thoughts.
Triplets aro problems that, can
solvetl only by the rule of three.
peoplo suffer untold misery dny after day
with Headache, There is rest neither day or
nighl until tho nerves are ull unstrung. Ths
cause is gs'iiernlly a disordered Htomiich, nnd
a cure cun bo effected by using Tarmelee's
Vegetable Tillis, s'ontaining Mundruko and
Dandelion, Mr. Finley, Work. Lnandsr.
F. Q., writes: "I Hnd Parmelee's Tills a
flrat-clnss urlicle for Bilious Headttcho."
Every Inventor worthy of the name
has produced at least one car coupler.
The fool bus his own private, opinion about, the retlhot horseshoe, but
he soon dropped it.
The best chest expander is n large
Pleasant ns syrup; nothing equals it as a
worm medicine: tho name ia Mother Graves'
Worm Exterminator. Tho greatest worm
destroyer of the age.
Tin*    flows*!*    of     the
makes poor bread.
family   often
Courage is a plant, that, cannot be
dswtroyt'tl by i>lucking up
Ask for Minard's and take no other.
Liberality consists less    in    giving
much tliun in giving wisely.
The race-goer should never attempt
to pick winners before they are ripe.
The most expensive chair in existence belongs to the pope. It i.s made
of solid silver, and cost $."0,000. An
American banker presented it to tlie
pont ilT.
S.S.   M.-irle, Owen Hound,  Tor.snto
tinrtK.".:-.., Via Lakes,   Mon., Thurs
is nd sot	
Tues , i'*ri. and Sun.	
Uontreal, Toronto, Sew York and
east, via all rati, diily	
Kat     lYrtngo    nud    Intermediate
p. "nts.Mun., Wed. fcFrl
Tuetji'liurs. ii Sat  ....
Rat    Wrtnpre     and     i-.iterinediito
ii ilnlsITue8HThvr.i, nnl Sat.
Mon.-, wed. nnd Fil.
Uo.oOii, Lno liuB'ninct and intt*r
raeil.atn Points. Thurs only	
Portnge. laPrnlrie, Brandon, Calgary
Nelson and nil liootonay and Coast
points, daily  .....
Psjrtngi. li Prairie, Brandon,nnd intermediate polntl.dnlly ex Sun....
Portage la P.-a rio. Brandon, M"oe-
jaw nnd intermediate points tlally
ox Sunday  •
0: iltone, Neepawa. Hmneoosa and
.iitorm.iliiitopol its, daily ex Sun.
SU :il Lake Yorkton and iiiti-rmeili-
rvte porata, Mon., wed, ar.d Frl ....
T lies. Thur*,., and Sat ur Jay	
Ranld   City,     Hiralota,     Minot.i.
Tues., Thurs. nudSat	
Mon., Wet nnd "frl	
Mordra, DelorainonndlntormeJia.e
points daily ex:,un
N'pinlia, Atattetla nnd intermediate
lsOlUtaTMon., Wed., Thurs. & Sat
Mou.,TusS.,Thuis. and I'M ..„..
Gls<nl>oro, Sourls, nnd lntorrat*diats
points, dally ex Sun	
Na si.ika.Ms'Ht.**,, Alameda and Inter
mediate, points, Mon., Wed,, Frl
Titos., Thurs. and: nt	
pin, stone, Kcon, Areola nnd Into-
mod ato paints, Mtm, Wed., Frl.
Tues., Thurs. and sit	
Frobysh'.re, Hlrsli. Bienfnlt,  Bite
vn'i, Sat.	
nrelna.Sf- Paul, Chi. ago daily
Stonewall Tuclon..Turs. Thurs, Sat
WsstHel'ilrk Mon, Wed, Fri
West Selkirk Tues. Thms.Snt
E 'ier'on  Mon, Wed n-'tl h r
18 00
13. f
lien. Supt
c. e. Mcpherson,
On. Pass. Agent.
vnoNs and Days.
Leave from Canadian
Northern depot—
Winnipeg to Morr'B.E:::
srson.St, L". nl otadly
it Paul to Enters n
Morris, Winnip si dlv
V, i 1'iipeg o It-si-,iu],
Miiiuit, rtol ront Jlnrt-
my sic Brandon, Mon.,
Wed and l'rl.    -   - -
Brandon, Hnrtnoy, Bel-
iiu.nl, Miami, llolnnd,
to Wliinijien, Tues,
's hura ami sat.   - -
Winnl eg to P. srI.ii(i*l.i
P. fttid Internieillate
B aliens, daily ex Sun
Port go la P. nnd Inter
meilnite staiijns t
Wintstp.its.il. ex Sun
Winnipeg to stations on
iserivcrand Delta lirun
elm, Tin .. nmi Tlinis
Beaver and Delta br'cli
stations, to Winnipeg
Tuos. and Thurs.    -
IVInuipeglo Portage in
P.,Gladstone.    -   -   -
Dauphin, ete., Mon.
Wed. and Frl.     -
da iphln. Gladitone. IV
la Prairie, v. innipeg
iU.S.. Thurs. i   Sat.
Winnipeg to W'p'gosi-i.
TIMS, and Tltura.  •   •
iViniitpcgosii to Wpi;
Mnn. and Frl	
Winnipeg to Grant)
View, Hon. nnd Frl.
}rnud View to W|ig
Tues. and Sat	
Daunhtn to W'p'go-sis
i nd return, Sat	
Dauphin to Swan River
Ss I'.lwood, Wed	
BSlwpou t« tjwfj"* 'B.ver
& I'll'.., Il;i','.'':l	
Leave fr'sni 0. I. depot
U'iniilp"*;-  Im Warroinl
I'ftuit'lefto nm"  Int. r-
mo llatssj nt-if 1oitss,Mi n,
Wet., am. .'"rU 	
Bi'-i-eleHo. Wuiiaad.ets
to  '■/iils.lpc'g,    Tues.,
Thlti .. and K"*).  .
». B. BANNA,"
Uen. Supt
13 00
li n>
5.0 I
I2.s 0
"Oh-er-paitlon nie, Miss Maudie,
hut, at. what age do you think a woman shsiuld marry. You know, the
newspapers are discuasing tho question."
"At nhout my age, I think, Mr.
Timid,"  sho replied,  sweetly,
Mrs. Newly wed—Do you know, my
husband never even thinks of going
for a seuttlo of coal without, first
kissing me !
Mrs. Oldgirl—Tn about two years,
my dear, you may consider yourself
lucky if he gets the coal.
Emulation may be all right In P.t
way. but. it. has a peculiar way Of
gelling  "n  the  way of other people.
So ntptdly tlnr k lui'g Irritation spread nnd
deepen, that often In n feu weeks n simple
tough ell minim*.! in tule rcnliir consumption. Clivs- heid tunc mil. there is iilwuyS
tlnnger in deny, gt t u bo tie ssf Bckle'a
Anli-ConHtiniptive Symp und cure your-ulf.
It is it in slicine uiihui pttstjt'd for nil tlirout
nnd ning troubles. It is compounded from
wvi ml herbs, i nch one of which stands at
the h.'tid of the I st us oxerting a wonderful
influence in curing cuniumption und all
lung diseases.
On the battleship Maine, sunk in
Havana harbor, are 10S! complete engines, and the contractor who is
rais'tig the wreck is confident that
all ure uninjured. The ship is worth
|2,000,000  if sho can be patched up.
There are a number of varieties of
oorns. Holloway's Corn Cure will remove
any of them. Call ou your druggist and
get a bottle at once.
A Glad Boy.
Mr. Newcome—So you're glsd your sister's got me for ber steady company, eh?
.lohnny—Yep. Tommy Brown's sister's
got steady company, ao Tommy works
bin) for candy an things to beat tbe band.
—Philadelphia Record.
"Looking Backward.
Languid L«ary—Do youse believe
in reincarnation, Pete, an' dat we
was  once  different sorts  of animals'
Perambulating Pete^—Cert. By d«
way, I am leary of dogs an' water,
I bat I used tn be a catl
What He Regrette-l,
"Baxter says he eanjrht you carrying
around the umbrella that he lost two
months ago."
"Yes. nnd thp mennost part of It Is that
I hnd been fool enough to go nnd have it
repaired."—Cleveland Plain Dealer.
Trtsf. M gt
They   Arc  Moro   Serions  For  Adults
Tlsnss For Clilltlren.
The sifrht of n person in convulsions is
terrifying, hut in the great majority ot
eases the sufferer is in no Immediate danger. Whether or not the convulsion foreshadows u serious eiuling depends upon
n variety of causes, As a rule, convulsions are more serious in adults than in
children, especially very young children.
Two tilings arc necessary tor the occurrence tsf convulsions—first an unstable
condition of the uerVOUS system—the predisposing cause—and. secondly, some exciting cause sufficient to disorder the
weakened nerve centers. The instability
of tlie nervous system is more pronounced
in children than in adults ami seems of-
icn to he hereditary, the members of certain families being more prone to fits
than others.
Certain chronic diseases of nutrition,
such «is rickets, nre associated witk nn
Irritability of the bruin nnd spinnl conl,
mil convulsions nre peculiarly frequent
in slsilslien snlTeiiiig from such diseases.
Convulsions In children nre very common nt the onset of one of the acute fevers, such ns scarlatina or measles. At
that time the convulsions have no special
significance, but when occurring Inter
liming in attack of scarlet fever tliey
mny point to the existence of a kidney
disease, In whooping cough convulsions
nre sometimes produced in conseQuencs
of deficient aeration of tbe blood, owing
to a partial collapse of tbe lungs.
In children convulsions nre perhaps
most commonly the result of some disorder of the digestive tract, caused by tbe
presence of Indigestible material in the
stnmm h or bowels, or sif Intestinal
, Inllnmmiition of the car is another com-
iiism exciting cause of convulsions, bul
toothing, which is blamed fs>r so ranny
fits, very seldom causes convulsions unless the eruption of the teeth is exceed*
ingly difficult uml painful.
In children, as in adults, convulsions
niuy he tine to hysteria or to epilepsy.
They mny be caused by n great shock In
the nervous system, such ns a severe
fright. Meningitis or n tumor of the
brail] may nlso cause them, both in chil
Iri'ii nnd in adults.
Whatever the eanse, it will be safe to
put a s'hiid with convulsions Into s not
too hot bath—soy nt a temperature of
ibotit Hi! or i>" degrees.
Nerve sedatives are usually prescribed
in the hope of preventing ,". second convulsion, but the cause, if discoverable,
'mist of course he removed.**Youth's
i 'impniiion.
A    Portuguese     bsiy    in    a    public
school nt Malacca wns told tit writ.'
nil  lis. kns'W  about  the English,    Thi*
is what he wrote: "English is very
proud und very white. Tbey in'e
mostly goyerftors, school masters,
policemen, nuigisirules, nnd few ar
lawyers, doctors and banks, and
many oilier things.   Thoy neverwovk
Tbey wenr bats uud boots nud rid"
in dociiis (dogcarts). Soma English
go to church, but only once. Thoy
nrs* clover tennis nnd bull gamos, uml
('Ills   mUCll   beef     tl lis I      O tiler     tilings,
Homo nrs> married, English nre very
fierce, if anybody does something
they swear," _
The Imperial library in Paris has 20
books printed on white silk.
A new law in Montana provides that
Ihe Judge's charge sball precede tbe
arguments of counsel.
A Klondike linker wbo has been
burned oi't three times and lost a
whole cargo of coal has nevertheless
cleared $30,000 in three years.
Many of tbe Welsh peasants live almost wholly upou oatmeal cakes and
buttermilk. They do not suffer from
Indigestion. The acid in tbe buttermilk Is regarded as a promoter of digestion.
The Jury In a recent trial In Wales
comprised one man named Hughes and
11 tunned Jones, -seven of the latter
bore the Christian name of John. Tbe
prisonous name was thc same as that
of seven of the Jurors, John Jones.
The Indiana state prison has three
electric buttons, by pressing one of
which the gallows trap la sprung. At
the signal three sheriffs will simultaneously press the three buttons, but
not one of them will know who actually contributed to the hanging.
An Italian wbo bas returned from
Abyssinia declares that In tbe more
distant parts of that country there are
still a large number of Italian soldiers
living In slavery. Tbey are mostly
mer. wbo were wounded at tbe battle
of Adowab, left on tbe field and subsequent ly taken prisoners.
A Mormon, no matter wbat his age,
wants to be buried ln a pare white coffin.
There isn't a lighthouse In all Alaska except one little "bag" light at Sib*
The average depth of the ocean Is a
little less than three miles, or 15,000
What on English paper says Is tbe
greatest Incubator In tbe world is at
I'utary, near Sydney. It accommodates 11,440 duck eggs or 14,080 hens'
Recent discovery ln Jerusalem
proves that tbe ancient aqueduct
which brought water from Bethlehem
through tbe Hlniinb valley, thought
to be tbe work of Herod, was built by
Emperor Severus, 105 A. D. Inscriptions to that effect bava hsaen fanoA-
It's  a poor  genealogical  tree  that,
bears no dates.
A. Perfect Liquid Dentifrice for the
Teeth •»■■* Breath
Tooth Powder
Both forms ot Sozodont at the Stores or try
"BaU; price, iXic.each; LargeSizes, together, Ht
HAU. * RUCtUL. New Vom
*& Sewing Machines
Office r-nd Warerooms C'T'TT T    T X* A Tl
2"3 PorLig •  Av, nu,*. ■*•> "■ Axil"   LtLili.iJ
AGENTS     -WA.*N"T"B*D.
We aro in need of n few reliable Agents
thrssughout the country to handle our
flood protit and quick sales.   For parties,
lars addresH
313 Mis I si St., Winnipeg.
ALL-WOOLMTCAROOFING r?r;;;,l-!r-;i,.,\i't;
MUiUhid. 10rears trial A oome la-UHtrjl
Encourage it. incWAKK of Ameriosn Pn|H'i
Tt lllng, which crack*, tn onrclluiule.   Ifor tail)
i,i.. un i lattbnoalsisapply io
W. G. FONSfcCA, iso o Aient.»
lifsl  Mill ll St rest, Vs INNlrl.Cl
iHtsll.r nl .M.-sri'lisc" I.los-lstscsl
I Koroiiiini'iiil
to all mothers whsi want ths-lr Isaltie-
to have pink, clean, els nr. and
health; ~L. in.
Mulls, nf th" Unfit ttmti'rt.it*
No *siS|i, «lieri'ver inisilss, (.. I*' is"
M»nuf»ctis.-er» of trsii Celeb ..,-.'
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•■a ♦«
W.   N    ll    Nss.  .'t.-l(».
. ?,"""■
. »'*•"'
■ t'."J
'*■•*-, .J."
•   :- ■•■
:   '
n 1  il *,>S'
.f -ri*.
I 1^
•1 ■ ♦*:.-•
sa al
r** I »
J| .J
■ II
'       fl
Tin-: D*R1LI., STLOCAIS.'B, C. JtW 5. 1**"M.
C Fj. SMii'iiKitiMi.vi.K, Editor aod Prop
IS rl'lil.lSUKIl 1CVK1-.V  I'l'.IIUY  AT
"SLOCAN,      ...       -      B. C.
Legal Advei'tisini" 10 cents a line for
*lhe first insertion niid ,r> cents n line eneb
ejuhsequebt Insertion.
Certificates of Improvement, $7 each,
Transient advertisements at siune rates
as legal adve. Using.
Locals will lie Charged  10 cents », line|
•for each insertion.
Commercial Kates made known upon
The Subscription is $2 per year, Btipt-
,1 y in advance, j ISkoO a year if not SO paid.
Address all letters to—
THE SLOCAN 1)1111.1.,
Slocan, 15. C.
" ruiiiAY,'jn.v oih. iooi.
A pencil mark in lin- B.paon
opposite will be an indication to you lhat je editor
considers tberelB something
•coming to iiini on your BUB*
tscrlptlotit KiiullvacUnow-
aedge   in easb antl oblige.
Slocan was Cheaply Incorporated.
.Loss than $T0Q was required from the
initial btcp if. tho movement till the
council waa scaled and ready for
The advantage of liviiif**' in the
mountains la mado proniinent just
.now by the intense heat pi-fivailing
in the east. People livinfr in Slocan
.liave a great ileal to be thankful fur.
City government bas been organized durinf* the week and the proper
-officials appointed, One feature is
noticeable in the proceedings of the
councih they lire acting carefully
and with a strong leaning to economy. If errors are made by the a 1-
-lcrmaiiic board, tliey will net cuuu-
under the head ol'extravagance.
The bonds On the Iron Horse.Blnck
Hawk and Republic groups have
been taken up since the winter; a
number of bona fide bonds have been
made, and several cadi Bales of'-jros-
pects consummated in the same period. Does that look as if mining was
dead in the local division, or that
there is any reason for a blue-ruin
Btory ?
Nek-ton's celebration of Doruiatop
day was a lame effort ibis year, notwithstanding the big sura raised for
prizes. Lack of outside advertising,
faulty train service, and a poor class
of sports resulted ina t|jjuall attend*
ance of visitors.  Sl'ic-irflM"' the 1 ulk
A Miners   l.ition has been organ
ized at Atlin.
There was a heavy fall of snow in
the hills YV eiliiei-.il.iy.
The special train to Nelson Monday
tnadq the trip in ctU minutes.
The painters have beeaat work on
the Slocan for a week or more,
Mrs. ('. AV. FTatTlngton left for
Seattle Mondav, to visit friends.
iiev, Ml", lledley, liosslaml, will
preach in St. 1'aul's church, on July
Bishop Dart was the guest of Dr.
lientley, during bis short slay in the
A number ureases of robbery have
been reported lately by the demimonde.
The local Orange lodge will send
n big delegation to the Nelson celebration on July 12th;
Dr. Milloy, the leading demist of
liossland, paid a professional visit
here during the week.
L. A. Thurston lias won his appeal
ease against (i. L. R, Weyl before
the full court ai Victoria.
Bound -On Delaney ave., oil July
1, a gentleman's tie-pin. Owner may
Obtain same, at the drugstore.
Strawberries from Rosebory and
Lemon creek areontlie local market,
displacing the foreign article.
Tbo appointment of I. Lougiiced
j and Aid, Smith as license and police
commissioners has been gazetted.
Rev. Mr. Roberts, New Ds'iiver,
will preach iti tho Methodist church
next Sunday, morning and evening.
Fred Collins,wllO was to have been
hanged at Nelson shortly, has bad
bis sentence commuted to lile imprisonment.
Rev; A. E. Roberts, New Denver,
will preach the annual sermon lo the
Orange Society next Sunday afternoon at 'd.
The voung daughter of M. Lavell
was admitted to the hospital this
week, suffering from tuberculosis of
tbe knee joint.
The football boys this week presented Judd Byrnes, of New Denver,
with a gold chain for helping tbem
out here on June ,26th;
The public schoul closed for the
holidays on Friday. A successful
public examination, was held, though
tlio Attendance oi parents was small.
Tho election of a school trustee on
Saturday, in succession to \V. S.
Jnliii'son, resulted in the elevation of
Alti. Barber, lie was elected by acclamation.
Jack Moore was bcre Wednesday
and gave orders for repairing thc
trail from tbe Speculator and Up Ti n
Mile; also from the Two Friends to
the .M-rond iioitli fork Lemon.
A meeting oi* tbe licensn coiiiinis-
ofthe spectators. Nelson businessmen ' sionert for tiro city was held in 11. R
.    '        ,    ,.  . ,       ..   it   ,.   Jorand 8 office, Saturday right, wotfl
and sports should take a tumble ;,,,,,„,,„,,,,. jjranied to eachofth"
themselves and start in to patronizi
.the little shows sometimes given in
the one-horse towns in the district.
Nelson has earned the name ol hog-
nine hotels doing busini ss here.
Bishop Dart of New Westminster
administered the rite of confirmation
to a number of candidates in St.
Paul's church, Tuesday evening.
There was a large audience present.
A special train loaded with people
left here Monday to attend the Nel
son sports and to encourage the football imvs. The big turnout was in
marked contrast to the way NelBon
acts to the towns up this way.
The football team put up nn Interesting fame nt Nelson on Monday
afternoon against a team from that
city. It was only towards thc end
oi'tlie second half that Nelson managed to get in two goals, so winning
the match.
Madame Camilla Urso, a leading
French violiniste, and troupe, -.'ave a
concert recital in the Music Hall, on
Tuesday evening. They were greeted witli a fair audience, who much
The annual rgporj of the minister! appreciated   the  entertainment.   It
Was the most nigh-Class atlair given
By tho evidence of the dividends
declared this year, British Columbia
mine owners have' small cause to
complain of tho mining laws ofthe
province. In return for the taxes de
rived, the building Of trails and
.roads is carried on on a fairly liberal
scale, affording facilities of comtnun-
.ication advantageous alike to mint-
owner and prospector, A wider in
terpretation and rendering of the law
in relation to trails counting as as-
ifjoifflment would lessen the irritation
felt by the prospector and the strain
on the provincial exchequer.
of mines for 1900 has been issued and
it tells a tale of progress and prosperity throughout tho province. With
line maps and numerous excellent illustrations, together with a marked
improvement over previous efforts in
rthe composition and arrangement of
thc reading matter and statistics, the
report will prove Of great Interest tu
thc public. Bearing tho official stamp
as to reliability, investors can easily
lind Inducements enough in the report to invest their capital here. The
-department sliould distribute the
,book where it will catch the shy but
much-wanted <-apitali*>t.
from in front of .tbe S„locan Hotel on
the evening of ,tuns- 26, The flag
was an heirloom In the family of
Mrs. Bennett and was highly prized,
No trace of it bas been found. If the
Hag is returned a suitable, reward
will be paid and no questions asked.
Slur Fssiists'i* Croup.
Bert McNu*d'js?ht and Goo.V'airbairn
of Silvxrton, are developing,the Star
Pointer group,at the head of Sprlfjiger
creek. There, are seven claims in
the group, adjoining the. llampt/m,
and but 2060 feet from the Black
I'rince. The claims are comparatively new locations and have promising surface, showings. What work
has been done this year has exposed
the, lllaek Prince lead on the grotfp,
so it is claimed, and the owners feci
they have the making of a mine,
Appended is a complete-list °f the various records registered at the local registry office, H. P. Christie being mining
June L'!—Snow Hill, divide Springer
and Ten Mile creeks, ,! Q Butler.
Gl'ftllite Hill, same, same.
Mineral Hill, same, same.
^ii—Lu Lu fr, 1st n f Lemon, ft Kennedy.
Lion, same, Y\' E Newman.
27—Btosspm, Springer creek, AV E
Anchor, Twelve Mile, fame.
June li-l—Alma for two years, .lennie
I.'Uitr, 4th of,I nly.
25—- Hoodoo, Free Gold, Governor Alt-
2()--Lu Ln, Morning Star.
29—G II. Silver Star fr.
June 27—International ar.d Happy
Medium, agreement to bond, VV Hindi*
tiff and F Benson toR E ftshrmrri.
Gwilliai 6c Johnson,
Sloean,        - - -        P. C
j. i. ihmob, a a:
Provincial Land Surveyor & Mining
B. C.
Tlie Mtwontt Branch
Meets the second Thurstlnvinti-nch month
nt :'. p.m. Ni' .i niiciui'Tii, (he 1'i'ss-
I'V'S'M iaOcl.lli'!!. All llll'ft'. I. US Slj.s'l!
tsi those wisdii:;: t   join:
Mas. W..J..V i. ::.',..,   Mr .M.ft.Ab KeI
I'l'v-uli'io. Cor. Seerititirin
■- ■'■ '■     j      .   4°'-
Provincial Secretary's Office.
WIS   HONbOB   l!i"   L, . ,<*-,.-ri*..;-   in
Ci       ;i "   ■ I .".'.I i'i. ,i  id ;,, make  .in. f..1-
lov.in:.- uppoint3nt*nt»i—
"flth June, IflOl.
At.i'r;:;. 0.  Smith aid IlUAfj   I..11 .1:1 e:*i>. <„"
tin. 1      .   Sim in, ." -sjss*'-..-.. to bo M.'nil ,m ■■ nf
1 is. ,:.'m.i- of Mcen 1  CouuniH*}iont.rs aus. ot
Comtnis io 11     ,.i I'sslics- for the saiil 1 'its.
Alex. Rogers,
Tonsorial Artist.
The Leading Parlors:
No. 62, W. F. of n.
Meets every "Wednesday eveniiifr;
in the Union Hall, Sloean City, at
7..-50 p.m. Vis'ttinf** brethren cordially
invited to attend.
Financial Secretary
Pioneer Livery
and Feed Stables,
Slocan,  B. C.
General   Packing  and Kor-
wardlng attended to at tho
shortest Notice.
Saddle and  Pack Horses for
hire at reasonable rates.
He-opened under
the old management".
Former customers
cordially invited to return
The Royal Hotel,
Cor. Arthur Strs.*«*t i.si.t !>>• Ii.ii.j- Avenue, Slocnn.
Building thorptJsghly renovated
and re st eked with the best
\l E. ALLEN,
New Carpets
and Oilcloths..
Just Arrived
Half a carload of Steel
Ranges and Heating
Stoves. Call and see
our display before purchasing elsewhere.
Dealers in General Hardware,
Agents for Crow's Nest Domestic
and Blacksmith Coal.
, „..■.■—. —■..   ,        ,.„  WW—.-I----*.. -1.1 *—.—■■—.11       ■—■■■■■■    ■    ■***■■"" '   '""*"•■ ■' " '■■'  ■»■■■» '■■'■'     ■'■'-  "i  mi   I 1.^^
CiiiffiGaW -HHimk
Just Arrived.
Furniture, Crockery, Glassware, etc., etc.
C'oi-ks-s-Nss. '." Missus-til Clulm.
Situate in the Slocan City Mining ^Division ot Woat Kootenay District.
*\\'lieri' locatod: -On the lirst north
fork of Lemon creek, iidjoiniiig the
T.UsK NOTlOi* thnt I, J. M. McGregor, acting as nsrt'iit (or Joseph Davis,
tree minor's certiflcate 1128689, untl Wm.
Findhiy,free inint'i'see; tilifatt* No.r.3!)02ll
intt'iiil, sixty slays from lhe dnti* hereof,
to apply to the Mining Recordo*1 for n
eettilii-ate s>f iiiiprovcments, fsir tlis.* purpose of obtaining a Crown grant of the
above claim.
And further take notice that aetion,
under section 37, must l». commenced
before the issuance isf such certiflcate of
Daied this tBthdaf of May, 1901'
24-5-oi, ■ j. m. McGregor.
Mines,   Real Estates  Insur-
auee, Accountant.
Abstracts    of   Titles   Furnished.
Slocan,       - B.  C.
We carry a large
assortment oi flies
fly books, minnows, lines, etc.
.Ilutuss llsrls ."iliiu-sisl t lis. 1 ui■
Situate in the Sloean City Mining Division of the West Kootenay District.
Where located'—Pour lliilcH from
SI jean City.
TAKF, NOTICE that I, William A.
Bauer, acting aa tlie authorised agent of
.Tames I) Byrne, freo minor's certiflcate
No. B44971: Bolts Svenooakijroa miner's
eertili ate No. B2066* and John Wafer,
free miiiei's curtilicute No.1J.IH*':''*,intend,
sixty slays from the. date hereof, to apply
ts tin* Minim.' Uecorder tor a oertifioate
of improvements, for the purpose of ob-
talhlhg a Crown grant of the above
And furth-.-r take notiee that action,
tinder section 37, muni be comio«need
before the kssuaaoe of such certiflcate of
improve tOedts,
Dated tliis 3lst ,lav ni *Iav, 1901.
31-5*01     WILLIAM A. BAUER, P.L.B
"Iin;st*oliois s,r ■.IiliilllfsTiiiiii Mines  A.t
Ametitlitiunt .\et,1901."
M'lT'' siren tbSI copies of the
'* C!o4o ot Mint. Sitftial   provided bj ; ie above
1    h      ' ircn mi tin  \~< pnix..r:iii
i■■• stbtained frsstn tin? Kitip'a Printer, \ ictorta.
C'/opiest ou paper vlil be (nrolshod fri>»,bul ,-i
[iycent   ■•■'."■ i    made for ilie e on
■■ il     ri loth,
BICnAKDMi lilinil",
Di nai traont i r Minos,
: il . .1  o    ll  :.
Mini '.st sif Miiis.-.
of the Mlhinc
days ago in the
tli.-it, "Walter (.'.
Mortimer Lamb,
He-cord, said a low
■Victoria Colonist,
Adnins, known in connection with
.the Arlington, Informed him "the
outlook in the Sloean was more un*
Katisfaetory tinm ia (renerallv sui>*
posed. Apart from the conditions of
the lead market, there is a pervading feeling of unrest, and nt any mo
ment labor troubles arc to be-feared.'1
Mortimer must have reported Walter
wrongly, for he knows ns well ns any
other resident of the camp that there
is not the slightest Indication of labor
.troubles. The miners aro satisfied,
but the section men are twisting the
(U.P. U. up into a knot.
A meeting oi tbo -Kiliee com mis
sio'iers wirs held mi Wednesday afternoon. Applications for the position
of ehlei of police wore reccivi si from
due Law, John Campbell, Thomas J.
Armstrong .-md .1. W. I Hark. The
latter was appointed, at a salary pf
i.s i er month,
li, 11. 'i ruernan, tbe v ell-known
Vancouver photographer.wlll be hen-
for four days, commencing Joly •!.;
His work on pievibus visits here has
given perfect satisfaction, while his I
prices are reasonable. I is rtudlo
will bi* found on main slxoet,opposite
tho siocau Hotel.
Huasel Robertson won the l*00*ytrrd
race for boys at Nelson   Mondav, se-
cqring a  $20 gold   piece.     They
brought in  nn  alleged  greyhound
from Nm th; nn to nm against him,'
but he. gazed on Rustv'scoattallsdur-:
Ing tlie sprint   When  tho lad re
turned here next day Ins young com-!
panions gave him an ovation.
A rather unplengnht reeling has
been ers-ated in the city through  the i
iliel't of a  largo  American ensign
Notice to Contractors.
—   .
CI'.'slsKH ;.'"iIII     ,. slil.'si   fr.:-  till'  fomplfltioil
*-'   of certniii worl. i" lis   tluhfl  111 i sunecl	
.. Ith ajooHti Public Ufli i •' Hrm Imit-o
-iih plan iii,,       I by I lie
I.uml- uml W6l I     l ■  •      ". ii . \ li  '.i in, in lis.
.•"is;" tin. B tt .  ,ii t    i lis '■. Tin IowohI pr nuj
r not in-'''- larlb at et ■ u ..
Tuudnri .\ill be receive I Dp (111  12 o'cl ick
noon, Jul.. ..Hi. ISO),
i   W. 8. JOHNSON
Tru.-t.-.w     i\.Vor!\
/   ,l.i*J: Mci.'AI.'. '.".!.■
Dissolution of Partnership.
NOTICE is hereby given that tho part-
rietahip hereto! lilting botween tha
nndersigoed, in a eontftct ior getting
oni mining timber at tho Speoulator
iiiine, In- this day been dissolved by
mutual consent, The contract will be
id oul by Henry 8ti reni"on,tn whom
all accounts must be paid and who will
liquidate all debts contracted by the said
1 RED 8. 8AMMON8,
lll'.NKY S'l'l-AT.N.-'UN.
Hat-'dat Blocan, B.C., this "1st dav of
Mav. 1(101. 7-ft
Tis a feat
to clothe the feet.
Year., ni experience In the
shoe business have tattght nn
to become adepts iu clothing
the feet.    Our stock  is new
nnd up-to-date and is especi-
tiiy sell cii-ii for comfort, finish
and   durability,   while,   the
prices nre equal to those paid
for inferior goods.
New lines
in ladies' shoes
have jiisi been opened up.
They nre this seasort's good*
and tin; best ever seen here.
i.'eiiit'liibi I', oill':. is the only
exclusive slioe store iu the
Repairing a -specialty.'
W. J. Adcook
Bamboo Hods,
2h cents up.
J. ta WHITE & Oo.
DBUGGlSTSi si.oi'AN, H. c.
1, F. C. Green, Hctin-j ai agenl for
"Tie Enterprise (B.C.) Mine*. Ltd.,'1
give notice tbat two rnsinths afterdate I
intend to apply to the Chief Comrois*
sioiier of I.aiulR nnd Works (or permission to pup-base tlie following described
tract oi land, containing 10 acres, more
or lees, situated on Ten Mile creek, one*
quarter mile northeast of Enterprise
mine, in West Kootenay district : I lorn*
mencihg nl a post marked "E, Mines,
Ltd , 8.W. Cor "*, thenea along north
boundary oi Habanatnlneral olalra in an
easterly direction to Intersection with
Slocan' Queen; thence northerly-along
weatorly boundarle's ot Blocan Queen and
Iron Horse mineral elaiiiis lo Southerly
bounilarv of-Homestead mineral claim;
ths-iive we teily along said southerly
boundary of Homestead to Montezuma
mineral claim; thence southerly along
easterly boundary of Montezuma mineral claim to point of beginning.
Dated this 25th dav of May. 1901,
H.,-,.ni i-\ C.GREEN
Se:s>ll<- Mlet-nil Cliilsss.
Situate in the sloean City Mining Division of West Knots-nay District.
Where l-Dcatsd: On tin- north fork
of Lemon crack, north and -.vs-st oi
tlie Chapleau mineral claim.
TAKE NOTICE  that I, Arthur   It.
■arrow, ns agent forGeorge E. Weinant,
. :ee Miner's i.'ertilicatc No. llilMWH,
.-'lillnian ('. Jackson, I-'rtts.! Miner's
l.'irtiti.-ate No. iJ'JiiSl? and John Dump*
.-'V, Free Miner's Certilicate No. 113893*1
i.tetisl, sixty days from the tlate bereot,
to apply to tin* Mining Uecorder for a
Certiflcate of Improvements, for the
purpose of obtaining a Crown Grunt of
the above claim.
And further  take- notice  that action,
under 87. must be Commenced before the
issuance of such Certilicate, of Improvements
Dated this 4th dav of.I line, 1901.
7-6-1I1 A. B. BARROW.
Notice to Delinquent Co-owner
To M. II. Merritt, or to any perBon or
persons to whom Le may have transferred his one-tlfth interest in the Nix
Fractional mineral claini, situated at
tlie head of tho last south fork of Ten
Mile creek,Slocan City mining division.
You aro hereby notified that we havo
expended the sum of two hundred and
five dollars in labor and improvements
upon the above mentioned mineral
claim, in order to hold Baitl mineral
claim niitler the provisions of the Mineral Act, and if within 90 days from the
date of this notice you fail or refuse to
contribute your proportion of such expenditure, together with all costs of advertising, your interest in said claim
will become the property of the subscribers, unsler section four of an act entitled "An Act to amend tho Mineral
Act, 1900."
Dated this 30th dav of April, 1901.
b. o'nkil,    j. m. McGregor,
3-!-,   P.NOLAN,      .1. KADCLIFF.
No More
Have installed a new machine
for lnanufacturinsr Stovepipes
and AirpitX's. They go together
like a charm. Patronize home
Industry and havo an unruffled
H. J.
BUIlllgllt I'iis.'l liiniil 11 in. risI ( lislm.
Situate in tht Slocan City Mining Division of West Kootenay District.
Where located:—Bounded on the
northeast by the Bell, on the south
vest by the bonanza, southeast by
tin- Republic; one half mile west of
th • headwaters of Robertson creek,
a tributary of Springer.
TAKF. NOTICE that 1, Herbert K.T.
Ilaiil'.ain, of Nelson,I'.C.ai.tint: as agent
for  the   Hastings (British   Columbia)
I Exploration Syndicate, Limited, frs'c
miner's certilicate No. B8871U, inteii.l,
sixty  thiys   from   the  date   hereof,   to
apply to the Mining Recorder or eerti-
lii.itesof improvements, for the purpose
of obtaining a Crown Grant of each of
the above claims.
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, must he commenced
before tlie issuance of such eertilieatea of
Dated this 11 th day of June, 1901.
H-<i-01 ll.'K. T. JIAU1.TA1N.
, We have moved into our
handsome new store, on
cor. Baker and Stanley
Streets.   Call on us.
Repairing: a specialty antl nil work
forwarded will be f-uaranteed, and
mail orders promptly attended to.
All Union workmen employed, thus
ensuring skilled attention.
and Jeweler.
Nelson, B.C
Notice to Pre-emptors of
Crown Lands.
Til io iii i rni it iii nf Pre ''in pi nr- ssf Crown lands
ill  llCI'S'l'V   S'ltlil'l!     Ill   llll    ,'IIIH'lllllll'    |l    IIS    III'
"l.llli'l Act,     I'll   -ill   III   (.BO   ItlSl   -!•■..inn nl    n».
I.,  ..;i:.|'ll IU'|.,  WlliCIl   |.l'iivil|l'S II- [OUOWH,  li.'.. I
"9. Pro-omptorsof ('rnwii landw, wlictlipr in
arrears In pnymnnt of Inntniiin ntit of ptircflass
iiioiicy ur col. wlm ill tlie time of comIne Into
forcttof this Act have olrtaint'il Cert idcti tits of
[miiroviuni'iit, or wl n shull Istivo obtained (Vr-
; un,,,.-. sit I •., i ■. ■.. v. ■ 1 s 1 * - s. t "villi In t..vt*l v.. fnontliH
t,hi iNiftcr, shnll on t-iitiformmn ssiiliilr. prorl*
ilon ■ "f lin- -| .a 11'1 Act,' I'xi's'jii mj iiirs'ii.v alter-
11I, i,i. ..nt ii I,. I 1 > >. si iin in < 1.1 nn iti;iiils,.f their
pro-t.sniitisiu clntmtt upon coinplt<iinn 1 ,,-isi-
ssf |iiiri'li:i-.'   liliilis-.v   111   Hi" ratn  nt ' i.M'iity-llve
s-fiii- per in'!'', .in I ' r.,.\ n , in-.!  is... which
,,.. mi nt   1..:.v 1.1 .mi i'' ns fi llou  :
'"Jfwnntj in swill-   pur ticrt' on 01 bi ft ro ihi
:;i , .1-,  .ii 11 comber, Hull 1
"Twin\ livi-1- 'i'i*■ p'-r iicri'on orbof  Hn-
Mill li sliy s.f .Inns', Wil:
"atnl i'i" riiinuhiiint
"Xwonty-flvo cnuta por ttcrc on sir betorrttlifl
31 1 rlaj  o(  lis. 1 inlis.r. 100'", mvl without
mil fni'lli";' 1 •!•>■ its -is I it iiiliici ss;- , nr si-
1st' lllllTt-sSt."
W. S.I it lit 1:.
i)i.|iin,v ('iiiiiit'i--iiiiii-r is' Laud• i Works.
I.:iii.i  nun Works Dopnrti 1.
Vtctorln, H.C,' tjunn, IWt. ll*0 ■
You Can Mako
A  Striking  Effect I
liy wearing a perfect litliiii*. Suit,
cut in tbe latoat atylo ami elegantly
trimmed.   Such can  ho |inri-lnisuil
A. David, the Miner's Tailor,
in ar tho I'oi'ti'llii-e,
Pan*American Kxhlbition,
June IS; July 2. IB; August f>, 20.
Kpworth Lea-juo Meeting,
San Francisco, $50,
vluly 13, 14, 15.
(:iiri,stinn lOndcavor Convention,
July 2, 3.
National Education Association,
DETROIT, $71.25.
July 2, 3.
Foi time-tables, rates, and full information call on or address nearest
local iifrcnt, or—
ARent, Slocan City
J. 8. CATiTEK,     E. J. COYLE,
I),1*A., A.O.P.A;,
Nelson. Vaneouvci


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