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The Slocan Drill 1901-11-08

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VOL. IL, No. 32.
SLOCAN,   B.   C,   NOVEMBER   8,   1901.
12.00 PER ANNUM.
The Winter is at Hand
It promises to be a severe one. In order
to be comfortable, you will want a COAL
STOVE. We can supply you with any
Variety, Size orStyle; and will guarantee
Satisfaction. We have trimmings, too.
Prices are reasonable.
Hardware Merchants.
J. D. KING k CO.'S BOOTS have just arrived in fall styles.
They are the very best made t*nd turned out by Union labor.
See them and you will buy them.
C B. RUTAN & CO.'S IJATS are also Union made a id are
tbe best obtainable and yon can buy them from us.
If you are looking for a Union-made article,
remember the  one  store to get it is at
W. T. Shatford 6c Co., General Merchants,
Slocnn, Vernon, Fairview, and Camp McKinney, B. C.
A. YORK *& CO..
Dealers in Fresh and Salt
Heats, Vegetables and Provisions. Goods shipped to
any part of the Slocan.
Highest cash price paid for
raw Furs.
a C.
Offers n-p-to-date accommodation for the
Public     it is the home of Travelling,
Commercial, and Mining Men.
QETHJNQ & HENDERSON, - Proprietors.
.Slocan, B. C, is under the
SIM iii Personal Haiieist of Jeff- Baty,
Who is ever ready to make life pleasant for those
\%#io tarry within a while with him.	
Is reached by .any trail or road
that runs into the Town.
Do not go past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
Must lie Off tlie Street! by 9 O'Clook-
Qsss-ist loss of Fire Hn.ll Supplies Not Vet
Settled—Aid. Nlchul Supplant* Aid.
Woodstock on Finance Committee.
Those present at the city council
Monday evening were: Mayor York,
Aid. Bradshaw, Worden, Smith and
Communications read: From manager of Royal Bank, Nelson, asking
for a printed copy of the civic bylaws
also acknowledgement of clerk's letter in reply; from M. Bray, receiver
of the town of Wellington, offering
the entire fire apparatus of that place
for $3000, the same being almost
new and costing $4000; from H. D.
Curtis, secretary of the Rifle Association, thanking the council for the cup
The latter was ordered fyled, on
motion; also Mr. Bray's letter, the
council being ofthe opinion that the
city was not in a financial position
just yet to deal with the matter ofa
fire engine and hose.
The finance committee reported in
favor ofa number of bills previously
presented, amounting in all to$89.92.
Hills ordered paid, on motion of Aid,
Smith and Nichol.
Accounts presented: The Drill.
printing and advertising, $18.05; II.
Guest, stationery, $1.80; Postoflice,
stamps, $3; J, A. Folev, clerk's sal
ary for October, $75; John Clark, do.
as chief of police, $75; C. K. Skales,
sign for citv hall, $3; M. Costello,
burial of the late E. Brown, $3. Bills
ordered referred to tlie finance committee.
In connection with the petition present! d last week,asking for a refund
of tax imposed on laundry women,
the mayor advised an account being
presented to council for the amount
paid as license, and the council eoulil
then order it pai.l. Thi* would be
the easiest way out of the difficulty.
Aid. Bradshaw stated he had interviewed Aid. Woodcock on the matter
of the pails supplied the lire hall, and
the latter was not inclined to take
those back that were objected to.
The tinsmith would put handles to
the bottom of the pails for 10 cents a
Thc mayor suggested leaving the
account over, ard the committee procure suitable pails elsewhere.
Al 1. Nichol thought the pails supplied were all right and serviceable.
There was rim sufficient on thc pails
to aet as supports.
The mayor said Aid. Woe-dcock
was acting unfair by the corporation
in attempting to foist such pails on
the committee, knowing at the outset
that they were unsuitable.
Aid. Bradshaw said the 42 pails in
question were worth about $12.25.
Matter again laid oyer for another
week, and Aid. Nichol will endeavor
to straighten things" out with Aid,
Mayor York brought in a suggestion to have a bylaw introduced com
polling children under 10 to be off
the streets by il o'clock each evening.
There was no excuse for boys roam
ing the streets at all hours and they
were fast getting into bad habits.
The spectators said "Hear, Hear,"
to the suggestion, and the aldermen
all concurred.
Aid. Bradshaw gave notice of introducing a bylaw governing the
subject at an early date.
{lis worship also brought forward
the idea of building certain crossings,
which weitl as much needed as sidewalks. John Bull asked for one to
his store, but the council seemed
averse to granting it, as he was not
on a corner. Left to sidewalk committee to attend to.
Aid. Worden was granted the privilege of laying the plank of the new
sidewalk fronting his stable, lengthwise, so as to facilitate, entrance for
his teams,
Aid.  Woodcock having  resigned
from   the   finance  committee,  Aid.
Nichol was appointed to the position.
Frank Fletcher, not  having come
up from Nelson, ns promised, nothing
had been dono about the cemetery.
Clerk Foley stated that nil the assessment notices had been Issued.
Council adjourned.
to the Enterprise mill, Koch's saw
mill and the Iron Horse mine. Last
summer the Enterprise manasetnont
figured upon stretching a wire over
the hills direct to Nelson, but the
difficulty of keeping the line open in
winter defeated that project.
Pronpect* Encouraging for Much Work
Being Done.
A glance at thc situation in the
camp reveals the fact that the ensuing winter will surpass last season in
the number of men employed and the
volume of ore to go out. While the
expectations of the sunimcrfor a rush
here this fall have not materialized,
yet taking all in all, there is every
reason for congratulation on the advancement made. Two general facts
stand out in strong prominence as indicating the healthful condition of the
camp and the solidity of operations
herein conducted—firstly, close to
$100,000 has been paid out in the purchase of properties; secondly, tho exports of oro have passed the 5000 ton
m-irk, almost doubling last year's
output, and reaching the highest
point on record. These two facts tell
the talc pretty fully of what has been
done so far during the year, and the
end is not yet.
Ten Mile.
On Ten Mile, the Enterprise will
employ double, thc force it did last
winter. A vast quantity of ore has
been blocked out, and the values
have increased in company with the
reserves. The mine never looked
better.    A start has also been made
stay ofthe camp, as in the past, and
the outlook is cheerful. The Speculator will keep its regular force going, opening up new ground and getting thiugs in shape for greater
events later on. Money has been
freely spent there and the holdings of
the companv largely increased.
At tho Arlington operations will
continue to be conducted on a liberal
scale. Much surface improvement
has been dono since spring and the
equipment increased. The office has
been enlarged, a new biinkhouse and
orehouses erected, and several cottages built for the married men. Upwards of 100 men have been on the
payroll, but the number will be
slightly decreased during the winter.
Over 4000 tons of ore have been shipped, the mine's output being increased by the shipments made from the
dumps. Tho Arlington is the foundation of the camp.
The Hampton may run all winter
with a small force, as also the Ottawa, Tamarac, Exchange, Morning
Star, Bondholder and Lily B, Something may also eventuate at the
Transfer, bringing that property to
the front.
Promises of development at the
Phoenix have not yet come np, but a
strong company has got hold of it and
they will do something. It is to be
hoped also Chas. Dempster will enc
cced in his plans affecting the Republic and adjacent properties; if lie
does, there will be stirring times on
that hill this winter. He has an armful of properties under option, most
of whieh have received payments,
and it is fully expected they will all
bo lifted. It would mean a great
deal to the town to see the plans mature.
In Potato Digging Time.       ^
0, tlis lovely kin' of wedder, she is \v.it you call ze dnieee,
Mo e nicer lam, I'm tinkin', I don' nevair gee at all;
Wen dure ain' no small mos-kee-toe on sle night to drive you crazee,
An' yon sion' be feel Ink leev on bicedese days upon de fall.
Dis ees turn de ceety feller lines be eoniin'on do contree,
iso feeshin' an' go liontin'evrce place slat hees allow;
But, jus' now slo contree feller, lices be fillin' up decellar
An' peoktn' upde pommo de terre along behin' de plow.
Dure alu' no use on Catkin', but dsj contree life's de bi'ttaire,
More hell'y place for leevin' 1 don' tink you nevair tin'—
Kef you work lak farmoi-n follor an' kip at it to de letter,
An' nevair let de nioa' yonr work go droppin' all behin'.
Pin ain' no tam for feeshin', an' no maltair how you're wantin1
Kor tafein' leetle lay-off for some plaisair, anyhow,
You can't bo goiii' hontin' on do reevor or de montaine
Wen you're pcekiu' up de poramo de terre along behin' de plow.
Dere ees lots do man wat's poet have hees leetle chanson reasly,
Always singin' tolls sorneting on de Sommair, on de Spring,
An' do Kail, wen leaf ees fallin'—hees be kippin at eet steady,
Till you tink he don' be having noting Ier at all to iing.
Dat ees not de way wit' farmaire—be ees glad to come out even,
An' sle song dat heas been singin' ain' of small bird on sle bough ;
But <le taiikfulns'ss bees geevin' for sle plaisairment of leevin',
To be pe**k;n' up de poiume de terre along behin' dc plow.
You see whole lot of Nature on de contree wen you're stayin',
Kof you're goin' leetle somew'ere lak de ce'ety feller do,
But do contree man, I tink me. don' be get mooch tam for ptayin',
"Cause dere's always job dat's waitin' wen you tink you're nearly troo.
feller, eef you're wantin' leetle farmeen,
SJV. *» " **wv  •»*-•••  «  ••• ** —J
m So. I'm tor you ceety
iii Den you want to ho
_? Dat's sle work for mal
/|\ Wen vou're peekin'
/iS Lemon Creek, B. C.
j hoke do potato till all do sweat ees on your brow;
mak you bealt'y, s'ixjso eet's nevair mak' you wealt'y,
kin' up de pomme- (le terre along behin' de plow.
-R. T. Anderson.
Anyqne,wanting a good suit of tailor-made clothes, or
, an overcoat, mndo by Union Labor, can leave their
order .at my sample room for goods iaaimfiicturcd by
j D. G. DOUGLAS & CO., Toronto.
"Ehe Union Label is on Every Garment.
I have on ha-id snaps In unclaiwd customs goods;
also cheap roadv-madc suits, guxl Mnckinawu and
rain coAts. Agent for tho STANDARD GRAND
FAMILY SEWING MACHINE*^ two.in.one system,
lock andiiualn stitch rotary.
Main Street, Sloean. JOHN BULL
Kistissprisiis li'leplsons*.
1'ete Swan and Dan Nichol, who
haye been installing the new telephone system to the Enterprise,
reached town this week  with the
trunk line. The wire ia stretched on
thc same poles as the Arlington line,
but runs through to Ten Mile without
any connections en route. In town
one phone has been placed In Win.
Koch's stables and another at the depot, which meat's that tho Enterprise
will now be kept in "Ureal touch with
thc headquarters at Nelson. At the
mine a swltchl-owd is to bo Installed
and the system eventually extended
on thc big vein anil it is confidently
believed the lead will givo thc new
mill, erected during the summer, all
iho work it can stand. The mine
has also been equipped with a compressor plant, machine drills and a
tramway. Everything ia in first class
shape and a large tonnage of ore is to
be exported.
Of late the Iron Horse has boon
getting things into shape for the winter nud it will employ a fair force. A
new road, bunkhouses, ami shaft
house are under construction, nnd a
hoisting plant will be installed.
Those two mines will represent Ten
Mile's capacity for the winter, but it
is far ahead ofa year ago.
Twi'lvo Mils*.
It looks as if nothing would be
done on the creek, beyond iho working of the Myrtle group, where the
Tattersall boys are opening Up Ono
of the biggest propositions in the
camp. The summer promised more
for the creek, but it did not eventuate.
f. i* sn on Cri's-k.
The Cliapleaa difficulty has done
much to retard the advancement of
this promising section and the washing out ofthe. wagon road has helped
on the bad work. However, if re
port is to be believed, there aro great
things In store for the e.reek by the
amalgamation of tho Kilo and Obap*
lean grotijw. The ore is there and
the properties could suppout a large
force of men.
A couple ol men will work at both
properties, as also on the Legal, Duplex and Fourth of July. The two
last will make small shipments. During the summer there has been much
real work done on thc creek, and
the various forks ofthe main stream
have increased their showings of ore.
S|'i liiu.-i- OVMli
During the year tho- following
••roups have been bought up, apart
from a host of smaller propects: the
Black Hawk and Daisy, Iron Horse,
Speculator, Tainarae, Phoenix, and
Kepublic, The summer has been
prosperous and the winter will be
"Jsislgu" ll.srrU.sss Deasl.
L. R. Harrison, known as "Judge"
to everyone, died on Wednesday
evening, aged'>,'years. He has been j
a resident of this place for live years
and will be greatly missed. He was!
a native of New Brunswick and his
widow and grown-up family aro re- j
siding in St. John. Li his youth de-
ceased was educated as a barrister,
associating with lUOh men as Sir
Leonard Tilley, Sir.Johii Macdona-ld,
and other leading lights. Poor old
Judge ! Ot a most kindly and socia
ble disposition, nnd superior education, be was his own worst enemy,
his weakness for liquor estranging
him from his family and blighting a
promising career. The remains are
to be shipped to St. John fjr inlerr-
ltl«tiikt>ii forstsi Visui-i'lsiat.
J. II. Cameron, the Socialist organizer In the province, is lying in thc
hospital at Victoria, suffering acutely
Irom a wound iu the neck, sustained
in n mob row at Purlingtoii, Wash.,
ghort.lv alter tho assassination of
President* MoKmle**. Mi. Oiuneron
was accused of being a'l anarchist
isiul was chased bv a inob,who pelted
him with stones, ono of which struck
liiin in the neck, below the oar, in-
Dieting a terrible wound. After the
incident he lectured in Victoria and
then in the conl mining districts, the
I.st.t Tear'. Shipment. Wore 2847 Tan.—
A Healthy Evidence of the Life nnd
".Vsmith of the Cmssp-Arlington th*
Biggest Shipper.
Bad roads have interfered sadly
with thc shipments from the division
this week, only 180 tons being sent
out. Of this amount tho Enterprise
shipped 20 tons and tho Arlington tho
balance. Tho hitter's output has
reached the respectable total of 4548
tons, while that ofthe entire division
is 5423 tons. With the new yonr the
Enterprise will come to the front with
a rush,as it is ir. a position to keep up
a large output. .
Last year the exports from this division amounted to 2847 tons, made
up from 10 properties. Following ia
a list ot the shipments this year to
Arlington  160             454S
Enterprise  20            609
Two Friends  40
Black Prince  155
Bondholder  2ft
Chapleau  15
Speculator  10
Phoenix ,  23
V&M  20
Esmeralda  Z
Hampton  '                 12
Fourth of July  7
Tamarac  5
180 542$
Forty men are employed at tho
The Whitewater mine is employing 100 mon.
Work has commenced on tlm Payne
An encouraging showing of ore is
in sight on thc Ottawa.
Trouble is on between thc mine
owners and Pat Burns' meat trust.
Electric drills are in operation at
the Payne and giving satisfaction.
An important strike of clean oro
has been made on the Washington.
The roads have got into horrible
shape and are well nigh impossible.
Considerable ore is passing through
here from the Hewett mine, oa Four
About 50 per cent of the force cm-
ployed at the Enterprise hail from
this place.
A permanent force of about 85 men
will be employed at the Arlington
this winter.
The Rambler-Cariboo has just paid
another dividend of $12,500, making
$130,000 to date.
The output ofthe Arlington is running about 20 tons a day, and much*
of it is very high grade.
The case of Mourgues vs the Chap-
Icau Mining Co. is before tho court*
this week. The amount involved is*
Thc tangle involving tho Noon-
day-Carle** group at Silverton is being straightened out in the Nelson"
The Mineowners' Associotlon are-
creditcd with the idea of getting out
a pamphlet, detailing the mineral1
output ofthe province.
Sandon mines shipped 1118 tons of
oro during October. In the eanii*
tinie the dry ore properties in this
division piled up 1171 tons,
IM Kirkwood is applying,through'
■I. M. Mclrregor, for a crown grant
on the Summit Fraction, near the*
Speculator. Two elegant lejds havo
recently been opened up on the property, each containing oro.
Springer creek  will  be tho main-: wound not bothering him till lately..; camp.
1I1MMJ   HIS (Mills.
Appended is n complete list of the various reconls registered Ht the local registry ollice, II. P. Christie being mining'
Oot 29—Aston No 2, hist a I Lemon, S-
N Long.
81 MalBy, Bpringer crook, Jnmet K
Oct 28—Black .luck, Bt Lawrence.
Nov I—Summit fi".
Nov 1—Ethsl K, John W Whitehead:
to A K t'lisssctt.
Hampton. Camp Fire, Ethel K, nnd
Monger, order for judgment by supremo
court in favor ol N FJauEfauebt^ against
Harvey Van Norman, etal, for u quarter
Barney McDonald is packing up,
preparatory to leaving the BoMUUKt
> ■
•■ ■
• •
■*•'• -~_
*''-   '   • •   ■' —
ll' • ll ll'l—
l>s\' *#.-
is a.*'"
5k «.'..
.*»;l  .1
K ■
JS*'l. s'
■ i
r1 :
(g$2 JTlIl^txV/ BY THOMAS &t|
sv.**v*'.V *,,*v* •.*••#
James Melvln was In no very pleasant humor to begin with.
Since early morning he had been In
the saddle, and for 12 long hours ho
bad followed the tortuous course of a
dimly marked road which wound uncertainly up and down and In and out
among the rugged hills tbat border tbe
Missouri river.
Ills assertion that the horse he rode
possessed a gait like that of a cow was
not an exaggeration, and neither, was
tbat otber assertion, that be was hungrier than a bear. He had eaten nothing since early morning, aud his breakfast, secured at a log cabin back in tbe
bills, had not been anything like as
sumptuous as he could have desired.
And now, on top of these discomforts,
James Melvln had suddenly awakened
to a realization of the fact that be was
lost —lost, with night and darkness
coming on and nothing to guide blm
back to his course.
Since leaving Beckett's Mill he had
traveled the main road for a short distance, then bad turned off to follow a
path that led up a ridge through a
dark, heavy forest For a time be got
on very well, but by and by he came to
a point where the path gave out, and,
having notblng to further guide bim,
be began to ramble about the wood Id
an uncertain manner. This he continued for an hour before be discovered
that bo was merely wanderimr around
and around, and lt dawned on him that
he was lost.
He reined up his horse to consider
bis situation and to try to decide what
be had better do under the circumstances. He found that reining up his
horse was the easiest tblng be bad attempted that day. The animal may
bave possessed other strong points, but
tbe speed with which be came to a halt
was certainly far tbe strongest
While Melvln sat there puzzling over
bis situation, unabje to decide which
way to turn, bis attention was attracted by a noise which came from a point
Just beyond a clump of trees. That
noise sounded like some one coughing,
and It brought n thrill of joy nud a ray
of hope to Melvln's weary soul.
Getting his horse In motion as soon
as possible and nfter some effort, he
rode forwnrd until he hnd passed the
trees, Tbere, sitting on a log. with his
elbows resting on bis knees and his
face in bis bands, wns an old mnn who
bad every appearance of being a native
of Possum Ridge.
Melvln was glad to see the old fellow, for be had uo doubt that he would
easily gain from him tbe Information
necessary to guide him to a place of
refuge for the night. It must be remembered thnt Melvln wns a total
stranger to Possum Itidgc nnd to the
manners and peculiarities of its people. Had be not been be would have
been far less sanguine of tin* prospect
the discovery of the old mnn opened up.
Approaching to within Ipeakiug distance, Melvln passed the usual suluta-
Mclvln una ulnd lo tee the old fellow.
tion.   To his surprise, the other took no
notice.    Approaching still  nearer, he
tried again.
"A pleasant evening," he said.
Still no reply aud no movement oo
the part of tbe other.
Thinking tbe old man must be hard
of beurlng, Melvln advanced nearer yet
and, raising bis voice almost to a shout,
"Pretty rough country around bere,
Isn't Hr
No reply, and not even so much as
tbe stir of a band or foot Apparently
the old man was totally unaware of
Melvln's presence even.
Becomlug  desperate,   Melvln   drew
closer still and, raising bis voice to Its
highest pltcb, shouted:
"Are you deaf?"
Tbere was a momentary silence. Then
Slowly tbe old fellow raised bis head
and, looking Melvln over calmly and
deliberately from head to foot and
back again, said quietly:
"Young feller, air you a-sp'lllo for a
light r
Melvln started buck nnd opened his
tyn wldo lo astonishment.
"Why, no," be stammered presently;
•"why do you ask Unit V"
"Are you aebln to bo chawed up?"
tbe old man continued, taking no no
tice of Melvln's question.
"Of course not" v
"Are you wantin to be larruped
around bere among these saplln's till
your hide's wore p'lntnb Into fiddle
strings an tliur ain't a piece left of
you big enough to bait a fishhook?"
"Certainly not. What do you mesa
by asking such things?"
"Are you plnln for nie to tnke you by
ihe heels an thrush the hushes off of a
couple of ne.res of ground wltb you?"
"No.   But why"—
"Then whnt you mean by comin
a fool I n around me this n-wny? Think
I'm a denied fool an don't kuow nothln? Heekon I dou't know It's a nice
day? Reckon I dou't know It's a rougb
country? Reckon it's anybody's business whether I'm di*nf or not?"
Melvln wns so surprised at tbe old
man's word* and manner that It was a
full minute before be recovered sufficiently to make a reply. At last, bow-
ever, be said:
"1 am sorry If I bave offended you,
and I beg your pardon. I meant no
barm, I assure you. 1—1 bave lost tbe
"Waal, s'pose you have. I ain't
found It"
"1 thought you might be able and
willing to direct me so tbat I can find
"Did I cause you to lose It?"
"Certainly not"
"Am 1 anywise responsible for your
losln It?"
"Tben It hain't none of my duty ts
belp yon to find It I reckon."
"Don't yon ever do anything to accommodate people?"
"I 'tend to my own business."
"And you won't even so much as direct me to tbe road?"
Tbe old man was silent for a moment Then, straightening himself up.
be said:
"1 see Jest how It are, stranger. You
are gwlne to keep on a-foolln around
bere an cbawln on tbe rag Ull my
dander'll begin to rise, an tben I'll Jest
nat'rally light In on you an give you
tbe alltiredest wust llekin ever anybody got In all tbls world."
Melvln drew back from tbe old mat
and eyed bim curiously.    Be didn't
know what to mnke of sucn strange
conduct and he thought the mun must
be crazy. Had his situation been less
desperate he would have passed on
without waiting to exchange another
word, but uuder the circumstances he
felt tbat be must gain some information from tbe old man If possible, even
at tbe risk of getting a light on bis
hands.   So be made one more effort
"Say." he began, "darkness Is coming on, nnd I can't think of spending
the night here In this wood."
"Can't you?" the other said. "Waal,
In that case why don't you git out of
It then?"
"I would If you'd direct me."
Tbe native remained silent Melvln
waited a moment, tben added:
"I say. won't you open *-y6ur heart
just a little and tell me where I can
find a bouse?"
"Find It anywhere yon blame please
for all of me. Fust I knowed any
house bad been lost"
"You know what I mean."
"Reckon you mean what you say."
"I mean cau't you direct me to a
bouse where I can spend tbe night?"
"Mebby I could."
"Well, why don't you?"
"Don't have to."
"No, but you certainly ought to be
accommodating enough to do tbat
much for a strange**,'."
"Mebby I ouffht, but tbe fact Is I
ain't keerln a durn wbar yon spend the
nlgbt Tbe whole world's afore you,
an you can jest stop whar you darn
please. Now you bave beard me, an
tho best tblug you can do Is to git Yon
have picked an nagged at me long
enough, an I ain't n-gwlne to stand
much more of your foolln."
"And you won't direct me to a"—
"It ain't my busluess to direct yon to
nothln. You ain't got me blrcd for no
slch a purpose."
"But you"-
"You git!"
Tbe old man rose to bis feet and
started forward, bis eyes gleaming
with anger. Melvln scented serious
trouble and put spurs to bis borse and
moved on.
"I almost wlsb now," he said to himself, "tbat 1 bad taken the ehane-s
and stopped at Beckett's Mill. It
would be no worse to run a little risk
there than It Is to sleep out In tbese
woods and go without food. O God, If
I could Just recall that ono act which
shadows all my life I'd give the world!"
Tbere were three very thoughtful and
serious people at Beckett's Mill tbat
nlgbt They were Mr. and Mrs. Banks
and Mrs. Msna. Tbe rest of tbo population, both men and women, collected
la little groups, either st a neighbor's
bouse or on tbe street and discussed
tbe war and tbe events of tbat day.
But those three remained aloof, tbelr
thoughts centered on things of far
more Interest to themselves.
Mrs. Banks bad never felt at home
among tbe people of Possum Ridge, nt
least never since sbe bad spent a year
away at college.   Sbe knew tbat as a
class they were good people and well
meaning, but for ail that sbe did not
like them, and It was not because she
did not wish to like tbem, but because
she could not The whole trouble was
that she nud they were not congenial
spirits and there was notblng In common between them.
Unfortunately she felt toward ber
husband as she felt toward the rest
He was like them, and try as sbe
would she could not separate him from
them. She found between herself and
blm that same feeling of restraint not
to say jinlagonls.m, which held her
aloof from the others. Instead of his
presence affording ber tbat feeling of
sweet companionship which a wife
should find In the company of her
husband, It annoyed and Irritated ber
and made ber restless and unhappy.
Sbe bad married Sim when she was
a mere child. She hud liked him tben.
and she had believed tbat she loved
blm. She had attended school wltb
blm, and In his rougb wny he bad
always been kind to her, treating ber
wltb more consideration than she bad
ever received from nny one else.
At the age of 15 she received nn offer
of marriage from Sim, nnd, urged on by
ber parents, she had accepted blm.
Then came the year at college and a
few months later Ihe weddlug.
Then there enme nn awakening of
which she had never dreamed—a snd.
bitter awakening tbat wns like a cruel
.crucifixion. She realized that to make
marriage sacred and happy tbere must
be unit un I love, aud sbe knew that on
her part there wns none, and she felt
that tbe time would never come wben
there would be.
Sitting alone In ber room that night
she folded ber arms on tbe table and,
pillowing ber head on them, wept as
though ber heart would break. Sbe
bad known many unhappy hours, but
never any so thoroughly miserable as
Sbe felt toward ber husband as sbe
bad never felt before. Ofteu and often
she bad experienced a feeling of dislike for some trait of bis character,
bnt It was not until now tbnt sbe felt
tbat she bated tbe man himself. Tbere
had been many times wben his absence was a relief io ber, but It was
never until tbls night tbat she had
wished with all her heart tbat she
might never see him again.
Tbat James Melvln bad much to do
with ber feelings sbe could not belp
but admit'' although tbe admission
caused ber face to burn wltb shame.
Tbe knowledge tbat another man. and
tbat man at that conld be the means
of making ber despise ber husband wns
bitterly humiliating, and she wished
wltb all ber heart that she could dlsptse
Melvln as well; but alas, that was
something she could not do.
While sbe sat there Sim enme Into
tbe room. It was late, and tie nntl
walked two miles out Into the cnunirv
and back. He was restless nnd ihii-Mi
and far more unbnppy than he hnd
ever been in all bts life.
Mrs. Mann's prophecy, coupled with
the words Louisa hnd spoken, had
made a much deeper Impression on him
tb.iu he would have admitted to any
living soul, than be even liked to admit
to himself.
That tbere was something lacking In
his married life be knew only too well,
and be bad known lt from bis wedding
day, but never until now bad it occurred to him how serious that lacking
might be. That Louisa did not love
bim as a wife should be bad been long
assured, but the possibility of ber loving another man was something that
bad never crossed his mind until tbls
day, and tbe bare thought of such a
tblug fell on blm wltb a crushing blow.
"Great God!" be cried aloud as he
tramped tbe lonely country road. "Such
a thing cannot must not, sball not be!
It would kill me. O God, It would kill
When be entered the room, Louisa
did not look up, and wben be spoke
her name she paid no attention to bim.
He waited a moment then asked ber
what was tlie matter.
"Notblng," she replied between her
"Then what are you cryln forT hs
"Nothing," she answered again.
"Is lt anything I've done?" be questioned.
"Is It what Mary Mann said?"
"Then what Is It?"
"But It Is somethln, Loueesy. Ton
know It Is.   Won't you tell me what?"
She shook ber bead.
"Did you bear wbat Mary Mann said
tbls evenln down there on tbe street?"
he asked.
She shook ber bead again.
"She said you didn't love me an tbat
If ever yon got to know that stranger
you'd love bis little linger better tban
you love my whole body. Do you
know whot I told her?"
"Well, 1 give her a settler, I guess,
for once. I said, 'Miss Mann, you are
a-lyln when you say any slcb a thing
as that, au if you was a man I'd whup
you till your hide wouldn't hold
shucks.' Them's the very words I said
to her, au 1 mennt 'cm too."
lie paused as If expecting bis wife to
speak, but she remained silent He
hoped that she would be pleased with
blm for speaking so strongly lu her defense, and he fell burl when she took
no notice of his words. Presently hs
went on, saying:
'"l be'm wns hard things you said
about me down there today. Loueesy,
an I'd never 'a' thought you'd 'a' done
It 1 guess, though, you didn't mean It
did you?"
"Do you want mo to tell you a He?"
she asked In turn.
"No. of course not"
"Theu you'd better not ask such ""ues-
"You did menu It tben?"
She hesitated a moment then said:
(To bo Continued )
An  Article of Interest   to  Every
Atlba Winuipeueibibition last July hd ei
iiil.il that uttrnctwl u great deal of sstloatuin
from the public und msjdical men in particulni
was the Odorless Crematory Cloiel.   It lias btseti
Hor-ely snd criHcr.ll-' examined by many Rontl-*
meu of this latter profession and thev hnvp hos.ii
unanimous iu assertlu** tbat this closet is, bouiid
to revolutionise the sanitary s-ssisslilions In Ibis
country particularly in the towns and villnes**
where ihere is no sewora«*e. It is supeciall*
..dapt*d to public buildings, hotels, schools and
private residences. The closet is perfectly saisl
tary and absolutely odorless. No disinfectani
Is necessary. It requires no moro skill in Mttroi
it up iu the BOOM thao ao ordinary stove Ths
closet has proven highly satisfactory as nun
si reds of testimonials will show and is i hn mosl
valuable sanitary device yet offered Ui the pub
lie. If yon are Interested lu this siuestiosi let n.
^end you a doscriptiyocircularano testimonials
\sldresa the Odorless Crematory Closet Co.. Bol
l.ffl, Winnipeg Ageuts wautosl in mircpresiml
ml districts
Caldwell's Fright.
John Burns of Bedford had at oni
lime a very narrow escape from tht
Indians, the man with bim being
killed and sculped. One of Burns'
neighbor's neighbors, by tbo name
of Caldwell, used frequently to tease
him about the occurrence, and question his courage in the affair, and
end by declaring what he would have
(lone under such circumstancos. One
evening Caldwe'.l was at his neighbor's, and Burns found his boasting
rather hard to bear.
"I suppose you know Just what
you'd do if you met an Indian that
wonted your scalp?" Burns inquired.
"Well, I guess I do." was Caldwell's confident reply, and be soon
took his departure.
No sooner had he left the house
than Burns rigged himself up aa
much liko an Indian as possible, and
sallied forth after Caldwell. He soon
enmo near him. and without :nakiug
any other noiso broke some dry
twigs. Caldwell heard the sound
and gave one glance backward.
It was a clear, moonlight evening,
and Caldwell had no difficulty in seeing the Indian. Ho sprang quickly
into the bushes, whero he **tood still.
Burns, too, stepped into the bushes.
After a while Caldwell venturssd out.
and looking fearfully arcinnd moved
forward. Burns followed, breaking
more twigs. Caldwell again concealed himself in the bushes, and his pursuer did tho same. Several times
this performance was repeated.
At length Caldwell could endure it
no longer, and leaping from the
bushes' he ran forward at his topmost speed. Burns uttered a wild
whoop and pursued him. When Caldwell came to the brook, which waa
spanned by a single plank, ho was in
such hasto that he could not stop for
the bridge but bounded through the
He ran into the first house he came
to nnd gasped, "The woods are full
of Indians — more'n a thousand of
'em! And they'll be here in a minute! Where's tho gun? Where's a
gun?" He was in a terriblq fright.
While the owner of tho house was
trying to find out what really had
occurred, Burns appeared at the
door, laughing heartily. "I say,
Caldwell," he said, "I thought you
said you wouldn't run for nn In-
The Clcarett* Cats*.
Th* crusade against the Cigarette
says a contemporary, gathers forco
■Superintendent Farrier of the Mimico
Industrial School reports that out of
twenty-live boys recently admitted lo
that school eighteen were confirmed
cigarette smokers. This Is an alarming fact and should arouse the police
force of the towns and cities to such
action as will compel respect for tho
law governing the sale of cigarettes
to children. The Toronto News, in
view of Supt. Terrier's report, says:
"The use of cigarettes by children
is incrensing with alarming rapidity
and is far-reaching in its effects, in
that it undermines tho health at a
period when the foundation of physical nnd mental vigor is laid.
"Dealers ln tho deadly weapon ore
not sufficiently Interested in the future of the race to ho guard their
sales that no children will be their
customers. Thcro also seems to be
a carelessness on the part of the authorities in enforcing the statute,
which inflicts a fine of from $10 to
$50 on any person who sells, gives
or furnishes cigarettes to a minor under eighteen years of age. A prosecution for such an offence is soldom
heard of."
A Good Cat Story.
I once had a cat which always sat
up at the dinner table with me, and
had his napkin round his neck, and
his plato and some fish. Ho u-ed
his paw of course; but he was very
particular, and behaved with extraordinary decorum. When ho had finished his fish 1 sometimes gave him
some of mine. One dny he was not
to be found when tho dinner bell
rung, so we began without him.
Just as the plates were being put
around for the entree, puss came
rushing upstairs and sprang into his
chair with two mice in bis mouth.
Before he could be stopped he dropped a mouse on bis own plato and
then one on to mine. Ho divided
his dinner with me aa I had divided mine with him.
The r.rof i.i.
"He thinks he'a popular, eh?"
"Does he? Why, whenever hli name
appears III llu* paper be fancies Hie pub-
II" reasls It this wny: 'John [cheers] Hen*
iv lapplatiKi*) MuKnltl (loud Slid conlln-
ued cheering].' "— 1'hlladelphid Press.
Hometlslng   About  t)ie    I ei.Kiills Id    llifle
Whloh Hsmsi tin. Vankeej
Critics have lately been telling us
that tbe lxie-Enlield rillo is scarcely
good enough for the Canadian militiamen, yet with that same weapon
a team of Canadian rillomen defeated a picked eight of Yankee shots in
Now Jsrsey last week, says the Gait
Mr. James P. Lee, who is now residing in (."alt, docs not claim that
U10 British national arm—his invention — is the best one in existence.
Since the British Government accepted his model he has improved
tho magazine arrungemuiu, but when
conferred with, the War Office- refused to adopt thc improvement. The
latest Lee gun is tho arm of the
American navy; not, howover, .of the
army, which uses the American
Krag. People who. do not understand the ways of Yankee politicians
will doubtless be puzzled over tho
rejection of the Leo gun by the War
Department at Washington. Tho
manufacturers of the Krag rifle have
displayed a vast amount of finesse
in securing recognition for their gun,
but it must rather stagger tbem to
lind tbat in a duel between tho national arms of tbo two nations Canadian shots were able to prove conclusively the superiority of tbo Leo-
Knlield. At thc vongest range, especially, was tbo British weapon In
tho hands of our riflemen most effective.
Had justice been done Mr. Lee tho
United States army would to-day tie
using bis gun—-tbo weapon now In
the hands of thc United States
navy. As things stand, experiments
show that the weapon bearing **'
Lee's name, and which the invet ..r
claims as just a littlo inferior to tho
latest product of his mechanical
skill, has outpointed tho American
Krag in a test that must be regarded as a fair one, though the conditions favored the Americans, shooting as they were on homo ranges.
Wo don't think Canada is yet ready
to discard tho Lee-Enfield*-or look
with contempt on the Lec-Metford—
for the Krag-Jorgesscn or the Mauser. Tho gun now in our bands
seems to be just as good as any of
A Canadian Labor "->.l.-riitlnn.
Following is the reference made to
national organization in the Presidential address i>f Mr. ltalph Smith,
M.l\, the other day at the Trades
and Labor Congress at Brantford:
"I think it is of vast Importance
lhat this congress should accept
somo method of increasing its own
usefulness. There ought to bo a Canadian federation, for, whilst I believe that unionism ought to bo international in its methods, to meet
tho necessity of combating common
foes, this usefulness is only assured
by tho strength of national unions.
A federation of American unions, re-
presmted by a national union, ami
a federation of Ctiiiaitiun unions, represented by a national union, each
working with tbo other in special
cases. would bo a great advantage
over having loc*l unions in Canada
connected with tho national unions
of America. I think greater success
would be accomplished in tbe scllli*-
ment of disputes in each country if
tbo loaders of each wese the representatives of their own national
grievances. I do not reflect on any
Anii'iii an officials who have bauslled
our labor troubles in Canada, but I
am certain of this, that there nre such
distinctive differences in the condition of each that a presentment of
Canadian matters by Canadian li'ad-
ers, and vice versa by American trailers, would load to a greater success,
and would not in any way prevent a
federation of lhe national bodies."
Micsrp iii a tilaci>r.
The Dawson News prints a remarkable story about tho prospecting
tour, just completed, of II. W. Uruck-
en. who has returned to Dawson after six months iu Northern Alaska.
Bracken says that about 1,000
miles from Duwson he and his servants ascended a glncier S.000 feet
high. Thero tbey found a herd of
mountain sheep fro/en in the Ice. Tbo
theory is that some extreme midwinter blizzard caught them while
stampeding over the dome, tbo sheep
huddled together and perished, the
snow gradually forming an icy coating.
Whatever parts of the bodies were
abovo the ice had been devoured by
Arctic bears and wolves.
Bnickon is said to he a scientific
miner, of 25 years' experience, hav-
ing lived three years in tbo Yukon.
I*QW Klssslnru  llreesl, Kisulns,,,.
Like breeds liko. Canada's recent
expressions of good will and svi.
pathy towards tho Amorican pes,,,'
ure, it is satisfactory to* learn beimr
reciprocated in kind. Tbo Bulla „
Engineer replies in this wise to our
royal visitors: "In this great hour
of sorrow the citizens of tbe United
States will unito with their neighbors, the Canadians, to greet ini* * S
America tho Duko and Duchess with
enthusiasm, and will only hopo that
thoir experience in Canada be na
pleasant to them as it is to tho people whom they come to sue." ti10
good feelings thus exchanged may
have no marketable value, but thoy
uro bound to prove boneilcial to
both countries.
Ynkon I'lsiO'is.' I.onu l,lfs>.
The Manitoba Free Press publishes
an interesting Interview with Hir
Mackenzie Bowel], who stopped oft
at Winnipeg on his wny back from
tho Yukon. The ex-Premier, wbo u
remarkably energetic for bis years
seems to havo formed a favorable
view as to the long lifo of tbo Yukon placers. Tbo chief ground for
regarding the placers as virtually
permanent was tho many new situations in which gold was being discovered. In one mine a tunnel penetrated thc bill ooo feet, und m a
depth of 125 foot tl ■ . nvol gave
rich rel urns. TH **■ .f transport.
siii-.n nnd tbo I'ls/h auras wen. ,-e.
crorilotJ by .an ns tbo chief draw-
^.aoel—And Low did yon feel, Fred,
•vhen the steam launch capsixed yon?
Fred-! felt quite Tpset naturally.-.
London Fun.
Hew  the   Mraterloa*   Sealencca  Are
Preyai.'ed in Advance.
Spiritualistic slate wrltiug. If cleverly
dun.*, alwuys makes a marked impression on a magician's audience became
lt utterly bailies their efforts to detect
the trick. Tbey sec a small cabinet
suspended above the stage by means
of cords or ribbons, it bus an opua
front and Is empty. The maglcitn
turns It around so that every purt ot
It may be seen aud taps lt Inside aud
out wltb bis wuud to show that It Is
On a stand oucjc by be bas a fiii.Ml
easel, a comu j school slate, a bottlo
of India Ink witb a quill peu In It aud
a few sheets of ordinary white writing
paper. All these he passes around
among the audience for examination,
Tben be fixes a sheet of the paper ta
the slate by means of wafers, places
the slate on tbe easel and the ensel In
tbe cabinet, tof-ether wltb the bottle ot
Ink, the latter hnvlug the pen still In It
Having allowed thc audience to see
the articles thus arranged In the cabinet, he throws a large silk haiidkur-
chief over lt Mysterious sounds 3fir»
iiiim-sliiitely heard, and the cabinet
shakes ci If some living thing had <n-
tered It When tbe sounds and the
shaking cease, be removes tho haml-
kerchief, showing an Inscription written in bold black letters on the paper
aud the pen not ln the Ink bottle, but
lying on the bottom of thc cabinet He
theu removes the paper from the slate
and passes It around for examination.
When the writing Is Immediately recognized as having been done with India
The explanation of thc trick Is simple. The writing was done In advance
by tbe performer, tbe fluid used being
a solution of sulphuric acid of tbe purest quality. To make the solution 50
drops of the cone United acid are added to one ounce o filtered water. Writing done wltb ths solution Is Invisible
until exposed to heat When so exposed. It comes out perfectly black,
looking exactly 1 kc dried India Ink.
Thc heat is n* piled by menus of nn
electric current running over wire wltb
which the slate is wound. Tbe cords
by which tlie cabinet Is suspended conceal copper wires, which conduct tbe
current to the state. Black silk threads
suitably attached enable tho performer
to make the sounds lo thc cabinet, to
cause the cabinet to shake aid to Jerk
tbe pen out of the Ink bottle.
Several sheets of paper ore prepi.n-s'
In ndvnuce, each with a different Inscription, the performer telling one Inscription from another by secretly
marked ain pricks.
Health and Vitality
For the Old People.
Wasted muscles, shattered nerves .ind failing strength may
result from old age as well as from disease. As old age creep;;
on vitality is lowered, the heart beats more slowly, the blood
becomes thin and watery and the power of resistance is lessened. It is the old people .ibovc .'ill others who require th*:
new life and energy which comes with the use of Dr. Chase's
Nerve Food.
Scores and hundreds of old people depend on Dr. Chase s
Nerve Food to restore their exhausted nerve force and replace
their wasted tissues. 11 calms a nd quiets the nerves, gradually
and certainly enriches thc blood and builds up the system, aim
makes old people feel again the thrill of new life and vigor in
their shrivelled arteries. From childhood to old age this famous
Food Cure is the greatest blessing which medical science has
bestowed on mankind.
»0 eta., 0 1-Qiea fsir SlI.SO.   At all destlerss, or EdmaMOu, Bute* * Co., Ton.nto. The Drill.
Hysteria.,*, of Ilie Soil.
The mysteries locked up in ths soil
are only slowly being nindo plain.
Veur by year, ilecade by decade, century by century, tho work goes on.
!„ "nil civilized lunds uro scientists
applying thcmoelves to the problems.
Chemists, botanists, biologists and
geoli'i'ists all nnd In this quarter
room enough for their labors. And
tlie fnrmer has need of all thi* kind
of help'ho can got. To nearly every
cultivator of the soil to-day, as in
tlie past,.tho thing ho cultivates Is
„ii unknown factor. Ho knows it is
emiilv or clayey, wet or dry, rich or
poor, hut those things aro but the
beginning of wisdom.
I'lseitter Fur lirlow Ssssillglit
In Poland thero is a theatre which
was formerly a section of a nalt
mine. The queer playhouse lies some
600 foot below tho earth, and is
lighted throughout by electricity. It
holds nearly .1,000 people, and is one
,sf tlie most comfortable theatres in
the country. The Devonshire l'ark
Theni ro at I'lustiii'iimo, England,   is
in what appears to bo a comfortable
country mansion surrounded by gor-
(reou.i ^aniens with Winding walks,
'iho Mississippi lliver has boasted of
a flouting theatre in tho form of a
river steamer carrying a dramatic
comp my, —id moving fiora place to
C. C. IllCHAltDS & Co.
Psiii Sirs,—I have great faith in
MINAKD'S LINIMENT, as last year
1 cur.d a horse of IUng-bone, with
five Lotties.
lt blistered the horse but In a
month there was no ring-hone, and
uo hinieness.
Four rolls, N. D.
Excesses in youth are drafts upon
old aire, payable about 30 years oiler tlillC.
TBI** PUBLIC sbonld bear in mind
thst Ur. Thomas' Eoleotrio Oil haa nothing li. common with the impure, detwi-
orating slui of so-called medlolnal oils.
It la ' minently pure and really emcaolous
-relieving pain and lameness, sttffaMt
ot tbe Joints and mosoles, and sons or
hurts, besides being an exoellent tpeolAt
for rheumatism, coughs and bronofilal
The N'cwry, Ont., cheese factory
raptured the gold medal at tho Ottawa fair.
A csiw which ate a lot of bank bills
was slaughtered by a farmer near Ottawa, and the fragments of tho bills
were litken from its stomach and
aent io the Dank of Ottawa. The
clerks found the fragments to bo of
bills worth $135.
Throssgb slississg aad ssleepissg  car.
With close connection for Chicago
and  all  points  in
Oniario, Quebec, Maritimo Provinces
1'astern and Western States
and  Pacific Coast.
Excursion Tlckots via Great Lakes
F"r Further Information apply to
ft'iy Canadian Northern Agent
WinnlMgCIt-* Tls-kot, Telci?r*iph and Prolglil
"";••■■.-to Mulust.    QEO. H.8HAW,
""'• SM. Trnllio Miinaf-er'
"■"nit sio. Marls, OwenSonnd, Ts.r-
■'iilsinisd East via "Lake", Mon-
{t'ly. Thursday and Suturdsy	
Moiilroiil, Toronto. New York aud
n»s s''.l"t* via all raft, daUr.	
"Ml *•! iiiKennaintoTOodiatepolnU
"■"•job, Lao du Bonnet end _terau>
p   iiulo points, Thurs. only	
1 ■'«'is*o la I'rnirio.Urnndon'Calfrury,
fti.isoa aud   all  Kootenay aud
„  nil coast point-., daily	
' w niro la Proirio, Ilrandon and in-
"'"nodiuto points duily except
0s 7""<lny   .
uiusi-touo, Noopawa, Minnodosa anil
JJ'[,,r»*odiato points, daily oxcopt
l«te pesints, Mon.. Wed., aud I'ri.
Ib,,! ?.-l?Wt.% nnd Snt.	
1 titv, Uamlota. MinioU.Tuos-
M,,r,   Wod..audF*i 	
""■""".ii, Doloralne nnd lntormodiuto
\,,,, ' llt\n,**'*yu*««PtBtu*day	
"1 iiikn Alismcdu nnd lutermodiislo
j'smts, dully oxcopt Buudny via
n   Jii.ss., Thur.,'and'aiit.!!.""';!!!!!
I'i.'' ■••*■*•* «l«ily oxcopt Sunday	
in,,','0, ,',wfons Areola an Jlntor
i'i ?i*friat?<M°*'<Wosl.. and
L'i. via llrunilsui	
Frol,vJaTiVrh'!V,'""^ Snt* «'lft Brandon
vis, >0' ,i,i,rsch' pM-U-ejtt. fieta
v«u,luog.,Tlnirs.,8ut., via brand
Orou","""!,'•*i!V'p7"Ji(t;' vln Brnndon::
<ion Bupt
7.30 22.30
«*. ii. Ud'HKItSONT
UOII.  1'l'SS.   \)\
Was in the Clutch of Bright's Dis-
ease-Sufiered All the Symptoms
of This Fearful Malady—But He
Took Dodd's Kidney rills in Time
Ottawa, Oct. :18.~(Spoc'sd)—A fortunate young man is Frank Char-
trand of this city, for by the merest
chance he was saved from that modern curse so dreaded by doctors,
Bright's Disease, the incurable mal-
udy of the Kidneys.
The story of Mr.Ohartrand's escape
from this dreadful disease is best
told in his own words :
" I had been greatly troubled by
my kidneys for two years, since having a dose of tho grip. 1 suffered
with buckache and 1 always felt
drowsy and very heavy in tho limbs,
with frequent severe headaches, and
oftener still severe pains in the top
of niy head which prevented me from
doing my work as I would liko to do
lt. Often my fingers and logs would
cramp and occasionally I folt pains
In tho loins, and a very heavy dizzy
feeling with shortness of breath, and
pain in the left side. Sometimes I
would eat very good meals and other
times I would take a biscuit and a
cup of tea. and that would finish my
meal. I had tender spots over the
back of the spine and felt very tired
in tho region of the kidneys, with a
dragging, heavy feeling across the
loins, in short there was no doubt I
was suffering from Bright's Dineaso.
"I kept taking the medicines the
doctors gaVe me all this time, but
they did me no good. A few weeks
ago I chanced to toll a friend that I
had given up hope.
" ' Why don't you try Dodd's Kidney Pills ?' he told me.
"I went directly to the drug store
an.1 got three boxes, Which I have
used and which have so much improved my health that without hesitation I aay I am sure it is but a
mutter of a short time till 1 become
completely and permanently cured."
In setting out nn orchard k**9 together
all of the same variety.
A sls-.isl limb is n source of disease, and
it shows lack of vitnlity in the tree.
Never crowd (lie fruit trei's. Give
plenty of room for nir nud sunshine.
If the cherry tree is set in ordinarily
rich ground, it will not need fertilizing.
The willow, elm, poplar or locust should
never he planted too closo to wells or
Rubbish of nny sort should not be left
iu the orchard. It harbors vermin and
A trs*e with an open hend is not os likely to lis* at lacked with mildew ns one tlmt
U crowded.
Pruning when the tree Is (trowing or in
lenf rfaecks growth. A feohle trs'c should
ni'ver l.e pruned nfter growth liegius.
In inking up a tree for transplanting
Ihe greatest care must be exercised to -secure as ouch of the root system ns possible.
Anything in the nature of lye will destroy the npple tree borer or the young
borer before it peni'trates the hark very
far. bul ones well in tbe bark a wire must
be used.
Di*ep holes In planting a tree arc a disadvantage, especially in a elny subsoil. It
is not wise to have a tree stand iu a well
from -which the water will not settle
away. The soil for trees needs to be well
All wounds on trees are the better for
being painted, tarred or covered with
some substance to keep out water. Then
the bark covers over the wound little by
little, and no rotting of tbe inner wood
lakes pluce.
Not i»|.ii.ii Knout**.
Sir I.oinstake—Waiter, bring me
some oysters. They must nut bo too
salty, and, abovo all things, they
small, nor too largo, iissr too fnt ninl
must bo cold, but not too cold, and
I want them quick!
Hammond Ai^s (waiter) — Yas,
snh; but yo' ain't dune Bpoclfy yet
whether you wants 'em Wil or wil
out pciirls, snli.
Tho Bank of Montreal r.*cenlly declared a dlvlds*ml of 5 per cent, on
(ts capital of $12,00(1.(X)0 for the
sturret t "in If year.
We bave no hesllaMon in raying that Dr.
f. D? Kcllsigg's Dy' nlery Oordml it wil .oul
oubt tho lis, t medicine over mlr.duced for
iMMtarr, diarrhoaa. chol ra and all sum-
oJmcoi^. alnu *ea sickness, tto. It prompt-
halves relief nnd never fails lo effeet a MS*
tlve cure Mothers should never be without
i bottle when their chlldwn are fcethlng.
The cntranco to Rideau canal from
thu Ottawa river is partly blocked
with sawdust. Many complaints havb
reached the government.
William Howard, of Ottawa, who
owns lot 14 is* tho first range of
Templet on township, claims to have
discovered a pot of gold on his farm.
Horofuses to tell what tho value of
tho gilded find Is.	
One of the greatest blessings to parents
le Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator.
lt effeotnilly espoU worm, and gives
health in a marvellous manner to the
little one. 	
Thc Bell Telophono company has Issued an order forbidding any of Its
employees to psay » football match
matches, on account of tho loss of
time occasioned by Injuries to players.  ^^_
MIKAHD'S LINIMENT for Sale Ererywlwim
A marrlogo license is a receipt in
full for tho promises a mnn nnUes
•luring courtship. '
'-'-»•" *—
A  Itrslon   sirmiKo  and  IntereedaSSs
Weird nnd Solitary.
The Great Dismal swamp is a region
strange and Interesting, weird and solitary. It occupies a billowy plain some 40
miles In length by 25 miles in breadth
along the Atlantic seaboard, extending
from Suffolk, Vs., in a eoutherly direction, well into the bounds ot North Carolina.
Its deep shades, great stretches of
brake and its solitude make it a region
of interest. To the naturalist and sportsman lt bss much to offer. In its silent
fastnesses the black bear finds a home
admirably adapted to his protection and
ln every way favorable to bis increase.
Here amid tbe dense growth of underbrush and timber he may live in comparative safety, and there is perhaps no
locality in the whole eastern United
States ot like extent which can offer a
larger bear population than this great
morass. The white tailed deer is also an
abundant denizeu of the swamp, frequenting the elevated parts.
In addition to the deer and bears, there
is a big game feature of a rather unusual
nature. The swamp abounds la wild
cows. These animals, ot a brown color
and somewhat smaller than the ordinary
cow, having for many years been under
the peculiar conditions of the swamp, until they are almost completely specialised,
are extremely wild. They are feralixed
from the herds of the farms adjacent to
the swamp, and are the descendants of
cattle which many years back wandered
into the fastnesses and were lost to their
owners, finally becoming wild. Being no
longer recognized as property the sportsman may call gome all that he may have
the prowess to shoot.
Lake Drummond, some ten miles from
Suffolk, Va., Is the only great body of
water in the swamp. It is a beautiful
sheet of water, of nn oval contour and
fringed with a heavy growth of timber,
mostly cypress, white cedar and black
gum. Its water Is of a dark color owing
to the decaying vegetation of the surrounding country, but is suitable to
driuk, aud possesses the quality of remaining pure longer thnn most other
water. For this reason It is often carried to sea by sailors on long voyages.
The characteristic mammalian fauna is
of a semitropical nature as regards the
smaller forms, while there are many
tropical plnuts. Of birds there are not
many kinds, pro'.honotary, hooded and
Swnlnson's warblers nnd the Maryland
yellow-throat being the principal smaller
forms. The trees, some of which are
primeval, nre large nnd bountiful, while
there is a luxuriant growth of ferns nnd
aquatic plants. Cane grows in profusion
Every Mother Should Be in a Position to Promptly Relieve the Minor Ailments of Her Little Ones.
The baby who is'always plump always has a good appetite, always
has a clear eye and a rosy cheek,
nnd is always active and playful, is
the choicest m*asurc this life affords.
Tlie m.ilichu* which steeps? babies in
such a condition or whii.li rs-stoivs
Uis'ii! to it when they are ill is certainly a priei'lsss boon to humanity.
There are many medicines which produce sleep, but their action upon the
child is similar to that which whisky
or opium has upon a full grown man.
They deaden and stupefy anil are the
most injurious things which can be
given to children.
Tho only safe course is to use nature's remedls-ss. Nature has provided a wgetable cure for every ill. unsl
her roniexiies for children's disorders
are scientifically compounded In
Baby's Own Tablets. For diarrhoea,
constipation, colic, simple fever,
croup, irritation when ti*etliinc, indigestion and all the disoids>rs of
children so familiar to mothers, I Iiis
remedy is conceded by thc medical
profession to be without an equal.
Its effs'Ct is gentle, soothing, promptly curative and never-failing. H will
save pain, anxiety, doctor bills and
perhaps a life. All mothers who
have used Baby's Own Tablets for
their littlo ones speak of them in
terms of warmest praise. Mrs. lien.
Seward, Forfar, Ont., says: "1 have
used Baby's Own Tablets nnsi can
highly recommend them to all mothers. My baby was cutting his teeth,
and was very cross when I lirst gave
them to him. They acted like magic;
he cut his teeth almost without my
knowing it, and gave him such s'ase
that they proved a blessing both to
ths child and myself. Ile has not
bs*cn sick since 1 gave tin-in to him.
and I would not be without them in
the house." Baby's Own Tablets can
lie pfbaured at, any druggist's, or
will lis* sent post paid on receipt of
30 conts by addressing the Dr. Williams' Medicine. 0o., Drookville, ont.
Tho man who praisi*s what he Intends to   purchase and   fnumorates
tends to PUFOBWS and enumerates
tho faults of what he means to sell
is honest enough to feci lonesome In
this dl'Azy old world.
Minart's Liniment Cores Bums, Etc,
A wise man enjoys the littlo'he has
while tho fool is looking for more.
Diplomacy le tho polite   name for
International lying.
Tho provident and painstaking
farmer has a placo for his implements, nnd he sees to it that they
aro housed and properly cared for,
when no longer required in the cultivation of crops. His Improvident,
neighbor sometimes leaves his inipls*-
ments where they aro used last, or
about tho premises, without shelter.
Even tho harvester or mowing machine is left In the field long after it
has boon used, subject lo all kinds of
wcath™ and Inevitable Injury. The
cost of repairs is necessarily increased under such neglect, and the period
when a now machine will be necessary is much shortened. The caro of
tools is an important, factor in farm
economy, ami a word In season may
be serviceable to such as arc too remiss In this direction.—Implement
Tli* A nill^U'Ct
Headaches, Backaches, Dizziness,
Poor Appetite and Insomnia the
Outcome—How to Avert These
From tho Review, Wi-edsor, Ont.
Only those engaged in tho teaching
profession realize how uiu.'h care,
worry and perplexity is met with
daily, it is therefore little wonder
that thero are so many health
breakdowns, especially among young
ladies who follow this calling. Miss
Christine Pare, of Ojibway, Ont., is
oni who has suffered much in this respect. To a reporter of the Windsor
Review, Miss Pare said : "For several years, while teaching school, I
ti ii d several doctor* and medicines,
but got no relief. 1 became ao badly
run down that I thought possibly a
change of employment would give me
relief. 1 gave up my school ami
ti i. si olher duties, but the result was
disappointing as the trouble seemed
to havo token a firm hold upon me.
Thu headaches grew moro and more
Severe, my appetite failed me, and 1
wus frequently compelled to take a
rest in order to overcome dizziness.
A friend advised me to try Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. I decided to try
a box, and beforo they were all used
I found much relief. 1 continued taking tlie pills for some time longer,
every day gaining now health and
strength, and now I feel as well as
over I did in my life, and am never
bot'ierid with tho old troubles. Vou
may say, therefore, that there is nothing I can recommend so highly as
Dr.  Williams' Pink Pills."
Young girls who are pale ami
weak, who suffer from backaches,
headaches, loss of appetite, palpitation of the' heart, and other symptoms that overcome so many in
early womanhood, will lind a certain
and speedy cure in Dr. Williams'
Pink 1'ills. These pills make rich,
red blood, strengthen the nerves, and
give new lifo and vigor to tho whole
body. The genuine bear the full
name, Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for
Pale People on the wrapper around
every box. Sold by all dealers or by
mail post paid at 50 cents a box or
six boxes for $2.50 by addressing
the Dr. Williams' Medctue Co.,
Brockville,  Ont.
Wealth is a bottomless sea in
which honor and consciousness may
bo drowned.
W. Snow *t Co., Syracuse, N. Y., write:
Please send us ten gross of pills. We are
selling more of Parmelee's Pslls than uny
other pill we keep. Ths-y have a great refutation for tho cute of Dyspepsia and Liver
Complaint." Mr. Charles A, Smith, Lind.
say, writes: "Parmelee's Pills are an excellent medicine. My si.-t,-r has bin troubled
with severe headache, but these pills have
oend her."
Koine nlsike clover 5 feet in height
was grown by J. II. Wright, of Red
Deer,  Alta.
Mr. H. R. Sloan, of Kimball. Man.,
had an excellent yield of grain. His
wheat avs raged 42 bushels to Uie
acre, while his oats went 55.
stats or Onio, Out ■*■» Toledo, i
Lucas i omn t, i
Fhakk J. messy nukMoath thet he Is ths-
senior ptrtnoroi lbs. linn of F. J. CmfST A
s_o , dos*g IsoMi'eMi in th* (Hey of T. silo
• ounty kisd stuM ifornusisi, snd that said flrn*
will liar the m;ih oi  u.NK BTJ14DKKD sDOL
A HS for euch and every s**<* ut ratcrrh Ul ll
rannot be cureu by the uraof Hall's OAfAMB
sworn to before me and subscritx-d In m*.
presence, tbls oili slar of Ds-i-rn Iscr, A. D., Its/,
, — , A. W. GI.EAM..N,
{scal} A'«''"V PatMc
Halle Catarrh Cure t» Usk n tsiternally ane
nets dlreotly on the l.i <kI (sn;l tr>: on-ig surface?
of the -.yelciii.   S>*n I 'or tswilinpnUte, live.
K J  CHF.NEY 4 OO., Toledo 0
Sold by DrnigieU, 7;c.
Hull e I* Hinlly Pills are the tsesit.
Brandon creamery turned out 214,-
000 pounds of butter from January
to Si'ptember. The largest output
one month was 57,000 pounds, in
The  average  man's  guardian angol
hasn't time to take a vacation.
You might as ws'll talk lo nn echo
as to a person who always agrees
with you.
Holl.sswiy'rs Corn Curo destroys all kinds
of corns and warts, n>ot and br.ineh. Who
thou would endure them with such n cheap
and enectuul remedy within rom h.
"Vot's his name," said ono English-speaking Monnonito to another
at Gretna, pointing to the German
Lutheran minister standing on the
mil wny platform. "Aksim," was tho
laconic reply. The questioner walked up to tho minister and repeated
his query in a more direct form.
"Vol's your name, Sir?" Tho minister, who happened to bo looking in
the direction of the first informant,
uttered thc »ne word, "Aksim."
"Vel, I did nxo him, und ho dolt me
to nxe you, und now you dells me
to nxe him. Vot I do ?"—Northwest
Ite view.
Tooth      Q/%c
Powder    *****
Good for Dad Teeth
Not Bad for Good Teeth
Sotodont Liquid i;c large Liquid and Psssvder jfc All
Mote* or by mail lor tlse price.   Sample lor poetagc jr.
HAM. & lU'CKlil.     Mew York.
There Is no hotter er more nsefnl gift than a piano
aud to be suro it is a fc-ood one buy tho WILLIAMS
and make no mistake. It is perfect Intone and action and It will stand tho hard usage of the begin.
nor. Prices mn according to caso. Workmanship
tho samo in all. We also sell organs, phonographs,
etc., and Eldredge "B" Sewing Machines.
Y. M  0. A Blk.,       Portage Ave,       Wlimlpti
Has won an enviable reputation in tho Si ovo world, in its
construction every important
improvement has been added
which has made it the most
desirable stool range for domestic use.
Every detail has been carefully stndior'i to mnke it efficient, and wc aro proud to offer
it to you fs3 b model of stsol
range conntraction at a reason-
nolo price.
Wo muku this magnificent
uteel range as Illustrated witli
fsiur or six No. 9 cooking
holes. It has a large cop-.er
rosorvcir, is fitted with improved duplex grate to burn
nny kind of coal: tho oven is
largo and is lined with asbestos board.
It will bnko biscuits In THREE MINUTES using a very small quantity of coal.
Price as illustrated,    (with 4 No. aoooBa   ' "_      "
(to burn coal or ws sod)}    "   6 No. 9
.with4No.acoolfiiiKii.slosfiiOI5.00 IF. O. B.
. J   "   6 No. 9     "        ■'      seO.OOSnt Wpg.
We giv.    gnarnnto wills overy rarisre Fold.     If not kept in stock by your local
stove dealer, Writes us f r further particulars.
I   THE    GUENEY    *FO*tJ*lSr_>I*t***ir    CO.,   Limited, Winnipeg
^r%4K/ M*iu JuriCuyj/ $*£ (HUS
av ftttKrUr i/ **w, WAT 'sWUKs .
If a man has no virtues of his own
he is apt to boast of those possessed
by his ancestors.
What do wc mean by money
back? Simply this—If you
should order anything by mail
from our Catalogue and it docs
not meet with your heartiest
approval, simply return it at
our expense and your money
will be promptly returned without any deduction.
You rest under no obligation
to us whatever, and have thus
the choicest stock of Diamonds,
Watches, Jewelry and Silverware in Canada at your very
door simply by dropping us a
post card.
A^de^et     Toronto.
If  then   iH  a  mirror   in  siylil   il   is
■imply UnpoMible for a woman    to
avoid  pi'i'sonul   reflect inns.
OUT OP S' It is-s,..m..i..iiii, Heednohe.
]u- of upp tile, mini L'.mno, nnd general
indlspcsltioo, 'lien' •ymploriis,if negleotr*
■d, develop Into bcute dwn ... il is a trite
•eying tlmt "im oo ou of prevention is
wo. the round of euro," and u little attention at tiiis iKiini may save months ol siedc-
orn sod large doctor s bills. F.ir this com.
paint take from two to thn out Parmeleo'i
Vegetable 1'ills en volnx 10 bed, and ono or
two for three nuMs In success-)', on, aud a
curo will bo effected.
A Hamilton family, not overburdened with wealth, was blOHOd with
six daughters. They were nil ingen-
ioiis-lhe kind of girls to make a
tlri'ss in the midst of fun and chuff
and dance in it nt nifjht. The cleverest, (laughter recently made n
beautiful shudo for the piano lump
from a i'ink evening dress, nnd trimmed It with roMI from her Inst summer's hat. The samo evening a
tuned music they chatted.
"How do you liko our new lump
shade V" she asksti demurely.
Tho young man studied for a moment.
"•'The last time I saw it." he replied,  "I was dancing with it."
It sometimes happens that a young
man loses his heart and his head
7 Wellington St West, Toronto
Will make clothes to order for
every man In Canada at lower
prico3 than any other firm, and
deliver at your nearest Express
* Station.
Drop a card for their
illoway & Champion
Write to us for prices of SOUIP.
Got our List of Lands.
Stocks and  Bonds Bought and Sold.
We can furnish tho exact amount of
Scrip for any poymont on Dominion
Lands.   Do not pay stash.
I'so tho All-Wool nnd onlyQennine
WinnipoK, July 5th, 1899.
t.Q. ionsoca, hsq.. . _. ■ . . _ .
Dear Sir—I am gutd to bo able to otato that
u Ail-Wool Mi.-n Boofins- which you have
 1.1 A t_*"      (.....     I........     *\n 11 rolff    art ttu.
W. G. Fonsoca, Esq.
tho   All-VSSSOl   HISI-H    XH1SJUUK    ., sssss,    jy'*    .......
suppled this company has Ixien ontiroly sntis_
factory and 1 < imsislor itsnporiortoany roof of
this 0—M on tho nisirkot.
(Signed)       J. WOODMAN, "Enginoor, W. T>.
ff. G, Nim,      176 HIKIDS ATS.     1 UllM*
for us at homo. Wo furnish yarn and ma-
rhino. Bur work. Good pay. Hand Knlttem
sil is wanted. Hi'nd stump t r particulars to
3TANDAHD IIOSK Oo , Dopt. II. Toronto, Ont
Don't Be Idle w.«im.ih *.iyT»» •»**■»•*
U     '....A      .1     ll.llISS #10     *M     _■*
to l*d>Hiw fct homo.   llflMpe-r
\r',\ .■..•.! |jr «rtrn-*d kuIUhitf Bui.   W* lupulr mtKtlM mui
 »iUl   si.t i^YlsT w„rlii-i.'"it!ii     » MUI'* iii-f.   1-«
iv 11-* •Kuril i.,,' tiyuillMt-f, Uiiin*--!. Turouto. Cin-klt.
Staple Leaf
Rubbers and
Overshoes ::
At tlie (Isnrs*li ricnlc.
Chorus of Ladles (to comely enrnte who
is nscenilin** the ladder lo bang (Jecowt*
tions)—Oh, Mr. Bweetlowi do take caro!
Don't go up! So dangerous! Do come
down!   Oh!
Hector (sarcastically!—Really; S\vs*<*t-
low, don't ynu think you'd better let a
warned man do tbat?
Advlee Scorned.
"You should bo thrifty and lay something aside for a rainy day," said tbe
man wbo fives advice ail libitum.
"Mister," snisl (In* KansPS fnrms*r,
"you talk likss a blame theorist What
we people need to do Is to lay something
•side against a drought."—Washiugtoa
A man should not be hlnnisil for the
mistakes he makes. lit- should be ert'd
Itod aa he profit's by them.-Aichlsou
■ '
; in
- •
mil i
I ,
' i
■-'■ r
W. N. U. No. :mh.
•I .-,.. * . ■    ,- .-■    ■'      ■>,-.■■ »;/: :i
li".;. .'
fl*. *
s.'s ■.: ■
tt,*).'!,. , 1
i? M
if I
■C. E. Smitherinqale, Editor and Prop.
•6L0CAN,      -      -       -       -      B. C.
Legal Advertising 10 cents a line for
the first insertion and5 cents a line each
.•subsequent insertion.
•Certificates of Improvement, |7 each.
Transient advertisements at same rates
.as legal advertising.
Locals will bo charged 10 cents a line
vfor each insertion.
Commercial Rates mado known upon
The Subscription is IJ2 per year, st.uct-
4y in advance; $2.50 a year if not so paid.
Address all letters to—
Slocan, B. C.
A pencil mark in the space
-opposite will bo an indication to you that ye editor
considers there is something
.coming to him on your subscription. Kindly acknowledge  in cash and oblige.
EDITORIAL   -JltOl'l'lNliS.
'The London Times editorially endorses socialism. All, bah Jove! the
bloomin' thing has become weally
infectious, don't cher know. ,
Last month saw more ore shipped
•from the upper Slocan camp than in
.any previous October since the white"
metal was discovered; thc lower Slogan has about doubled last year's top
record and is still {raining; and the
rC.P.R. reports that  it  is handling
.17,000 tons of ore monthly in southern Yale and the Kootenays,and that
next year will see the amount trebl-
. ed.   To mine that much ore means
many men are being employed and
.considerable money  expended.   In
the face of such facts, the man would
indeed  be  foolhardy  to pronounce
mining iu British Columbia as languishing because of bad laws.   The
.day of tho croaker is gone.
While other burgs are bestirring
* themselves on the question of municipal politics.Slocan is wisely refraining from agitation till the crucial
moment arrives. Thc new assessment
has put a different phase, to the local
. situation and there is now no lack of
material eligible tor the respective
. offices.   It is taken for granted that
Mayor York aspires to warm the head
chair for another term, but it is not
unlikely he will meet with opposition—for opposition   is a  long suit
•with Slocanites.   Ol the preseut aid-
.ermanic board, it is donbtful if any
will stand for re-election, the dads
being content with the work thev
have done in setting in motion the
municipal machinery.   There  will
.-also be a board of school trustees to
•elect, giving the electors a chance to
elevate ten popular citizens in all.
That there will be a contest all along
.the line is assured,  and candidates
and platforms will make their appearance in due time.
Vancouver Liberals have re-affirm
. ed their intention of fighting future
•■provincial elections on party lines,
. and have called a general convention
. ofthe pereuaslon to firmly establish
the movem nt. It is taken for granted that the Grits throughout thc province will acquiesce and sanction the
idea.   With the Conservatives all  is
..obscurity, they appearing to have
, no policy, leader, or heart, but the
clan can bo depended on to take no
back seat from their opponents.   In
.the Kootenays and lower Yale thc
chief figuring is as to what the Independent Labor party will do, and
the extent of their strength.   The
answer is easy and direct—the Independent Labor party will run their
.-own candidate in each constituency,
. and their strength is sufficient to put
their nominee atthe head of tho poll.
Different from the old-time parties,
the Independents have not slept since
the election  last December.   They
.have been working ceaselessly and
liave largely increased  their vote.
In each riding they havo paid considerable attention to the voters' list,
•something tho Grits and Tories have
neglected.   Coming between tlio two
. old parties, the Independents stand
.ready for thc fray, and when thc signal is given the rank and file will do
• their allotted work in earnest.   Grits
and  Tories  alike  may save  their
„powder in the mining constituencies,
, as the result, even at thiB distance, is
a foregone conclusion.
The new sidewalk up the cast side
.of Main street to the hospital  Im*
been  completed, being  ono  of the
fruits of incorporation.   The benefit
13 your subscription paid ?
Supt. Downie of the C.P.R. was
here Wednesday,
All the lumber is on the streets for
the new sidewalks.
Saturday is a public ho'iday.being
the King's birthday.
A heavy thunder storm passed over
the city Friday morn.
C. F. Wichmann has located at
Fernie and is doing well.
A. York & Co. is again supplying
the Arlington with meat.
A number of new residences are
liable to be started shortly.
Several improvements arc taking
place in the suburb of Brandon.
Very few objections have been
fyled against the assessment roll.
Mrs. Dan McLeod and f mily will
spend the winter in Fairhaven, Wash.
Rev Mr. Turner will lecture here
next week .on his return from Nelson.
Services in the Methodist church
next Sunday, morning and evening.
Anthony Madden is applying for a
new license for the Two Friends hotel.
J. Sloan purchased tlie old skating
rink from Sam Sturch and is pulling
it down.
New Denver Miners' Union holds
its annual dance tonight, in the Bosun hall.
W. T. Shatford and wife returned
from their visit to Vernon, Saturday
R. Machin, of Victoria, general
agent of Bennett's fuse, was here on
Dr. Millov, Rossland's leading dentist, was registered at the Arlington
Next summer the C.P.R. will run
two passenger trains daily across the
Several parties are going up to
Now Denver today, to take in the
Union ball.
Born.—In the suburb of Brandon,
on Oct. 27th, the wife of J. A. Pasi.of
a daughter.
Several street crossings are to be
put in on Main street—a much needed improvement,
The C.P.R. has orders witli every
locomotive and car works in America
for rolling stock.
The fleecy made its first appearance in the burg Saturday night, but
it did not last long.
The Rifle Association is to hold a
shooting match tomorrow in honor of
the King's birthday.
Quite a number of new names have
been ad'led to the municipal voter*-'
list during the week.
Ye editor would esteem it a great
favor if some one would supply him
with a Drill, of Sept. G.
Worden Bros', new I ivery stable
was completed this week. It is an
imposing looking structure.
Owing to the increase in freight
traffic tho Slocan gets but little rest
these times—none Sundays.
W. F. DuBois, superintendent at
the Arlington, accompanied by his
bride, arrived in on Tuesday.
New Denver is to have three weddings before the new year. The first
is to take place next Tuesday.
Servico will be held in St. Paul's
churcii next Sundav. morning and
evening.   W. H. Hedley, vicar.
Both the kids arid the band serenaded W. F. DuBois and bride at the
Arlington hotel, Tuesday e *eniug\
George Brine is applying for a
crown grant on thc Black Bess, situated three miles northeast of the
Neil McMillan will spend the winter on Kootenay lake, having secured a contract for hauling ore from the
Molly Gibson.
Thc regular meeting nf the board
of trade will lie held in thc city hall
on Monday evening next, after the
council meeting.
Lights have been put up at the
wharf for the protection of passengers
to the Ixiat, and other uccessary precaution's taken.
Thc Hicks House had a dangerous
chimney fire early Friday morning
Had it not been for thc heavy rain a
conflagration would have rrsuite-*,.
Mrs. W D. MoQreg't "-. /ester-
day for Montreal havl ,-1 called
thither by the illness of hir u. ghter,
who iu attending school <n thai, city.
King's birthdav excursion rates—
On Nov. 8th and 9th all C.P.R. ticket
agents will sell return tickets to and
from all points in local territory at*
fare and one third, good to return till
Nov. 11.
A shooting match for poultry will
he held on Thanksgiving day, on the
lake front. Shelter will be provided
for ladies. Sloan & Schonberg. They
will hold matches also at Xmas and
New Year's.
The K. of P. lodge, New Denver,
extends an invitation to all Knights
in this vicinity to visit them next
Monday night. The second and third
degrees will be put on, to be followed I
by a social re-union.
At Tuesday's meeting of tho Socialist League, D. 1). Robertson, J. V.
Purviance and S. B. C ement were
the speakers.   Next Tuesday a do
bate will take place on: "Should Socialists accept public positions at the
hands ofa capitalist government."
On Friday evening, Nov. 15th, an
At Home will be held in the M. U.
General Hospital by the board of directors, the object being to get tho
public m.re acquainted with tho institution. A musical programme will
be provided.
Thanksgiving day excursion rates.
For Thanksgiving dav the C.P.R.
will grant the usual fare and one-
third return rates to and from all
points in local territory. Tickets will
be sold Nov. 26, 27, and 28, good to
return till Nov. .30.
Charley Faas met with a serious
accident recently while prospecting
ten miles from Creston. He cut an
artery in his wrist and then started
to walk home, but dropped when half
way from loss of blood, his compan
iqns having to pack him in. Charley
nearly died before a doctor arrived.
A number of innocent pranks were
indulged in here on Hallowe'en.
Friday morning found the Methodist
church with a sign up, "Coal for
Sale;" while folk thought, judging
from the oro car at the office door,
that The Drill had gone into the
mining business. As a matter of fact
it has, but the proposition is tough
and the paystreak small and uncertain.
Guy Fawkes' day was celebrated
by the local Orange lodge by an entertainment in their new hall. An
address, suitable to the. occasion, was
given by B. Walton, followed by an
excellent musical programme, in
which Mesdames Adcock, Barter.
McKee, and Messrs. Adcock, Reid,
Kelly, Rogers, and Woiden participated. Refreshments followed, the
whole combining to make an enjoyable evening.
Passengers for the Old Country.de
siring to travel via thc direct and
com'brtable St. Lawrence route,
should note the following sailings for
the Allan and Elder-Dempster lines,
which are the last for the season of
1901 from Montreal to Liverpool: S.
S. Tunisfan, Nov. 7th; Lake Simcoe,
Nov. 8th; Lake Manitoba, Nov 15th;
Corinthian, Nov. 16th; Lake Ontario,
Nov. 22nd. The Tunisian, Corinthian, Lake Simcoe and Lake Manitoba are new 10,000 ton steamers and
rank equal to the crack liners from
New York. Early application should
lie made to the nearest C.P.R. agent
to insure accommodation via these
popular ships.
Alex. Rogers,
Tonsorial Artist.
The Leading Parlors:
Gwiilim 6c Johnson,
Slocan,        - - B. C
B. A. Sc.
Provincial Land Surveyor & Mining
SLOCAN, - - B. C.
NOTICE i- hereby given that I intend
to apply at the next regular sitting of the
Board of Licensing Commissioners for
the City of Slocan, to be held after
the expiration of thirty days from the
date hereof, for a retail liquor license for
the premises known ss the Two Friends
Hotel, situate on Lot 2, Block 1, in the
City of Slocan.
Slocan, B.C., Nov. 1, 1901.
Witness: J. F. Hakbottlb.
Corporation of the City of
Not ire ia lii*nby kWimi that the annual sitting
ot tha Court ot Rsjrislon, for the purpsusa of
Isnsi iii« all cisinplalnts iiK'iiust thn asissstisiii'.nt
fur tho year I Br.', ns mnsln hy thn Atssssus-ssir of the
('ity ssf Sloean, H.C., will lie hold in thn Council
Hall, iu thn ('ity of Slocnn, ou Frislny, Norem-
l» r ■".Mli, 100!, at 10 o'clock, a.m.
City of Hlocan, II.C, October 10th. HOI.
City Clerk
NOTICE is hereby given that 00 days
nfter dato I shall apply lo the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works for
liermission to purchase 40 acres of land,
more or less, in the West Kootenay district, and described ns follows: Commencing at k post about one quarter of
:i mile east of the city of Slocan, and adjoining the townsite of Brandon on the
north ; thence 20 chains west; thence 20
north ; tlienco 20 chains east; thence 20
chains south to the point of commencement.
Dated this 17th day of October, 1001
In the matter of nn application for a duplicate certificate of title to lot 1,
block b'i, Slocan City (map 49(1.)
Notic* is hereby given that it is my Intention to issue, nt the expiration of one
month from tho first publication heroof,
u .hiplk-nteof the ccrtiflcat'-of title lo the
" ('vs- mentioned lot in the name of Wil-
Inm Cousins, which certificate is dated
Iho 4th day of December, 1807, andniim-
b red 248 K.
Land Ri-uistrv Office, Nelson,B.C.,2*itli
October, I HOI.
II. F. Ma(Licoi>, Itiatrict Registrar
Certificate of tip?emeus.
Bonanza No. 3, KepHbllo No. a. Atnorloan
Basle. Bell Na. 8, and Ve Fraction
Hlueral Claim*.
Situate in the Slocan City Mining Division of tho West Kootenay District.
Where located:—At the head of
Robinson creek.
Take notice that I, W. D. McGregor,
acting as agent for L. J. Hanes, Tree
miner's certificate No. B426C8, intend,
sixty days from the date hereof, to npply
to the Mining Recoider for certificates
of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining crown grants for tho above
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, must be commenced
before the issuanceof such certificates of
Dated this 9th day of September, 1901.
13-9-01 W. D. McGREGOR.
Victoria,   Waia aud Skookuin   Mineral
Situate in the Slocan City Mining Division of the West Kootenay District.
Whero located:—On west aide of
Dayton creek.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Albert E. Ashcroft, P.L.S., as agent for the "New
Gold Fields of British Columbia,"
Free Miners Certificate No. B46030,
iutend, sixty days from the date hereof,
to apply to the Mining Uecorder for certificates of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining Crown grants of the
above claims.
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, must be commenced
beforo tho issuance of such certificates of
Dated this 9th day of September, 1901.
Baby   Boyal   and   Lexington  Fractional
Mineral Claim*.
Situate in the Slocan City mining division of West Kootenay district. Where
located:— On Republic hill, adjoining
the Phoenix-Viking.
TAKE NOTICE that I, J. M. McGregor, acting as agent for Fred G. Carlisle, free miuer's certificate No. B38371,
intend, sixty days from the date hereof,
to apply to the Mining Recorder for certificates of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining crown grants of the
abovo claims.
And further tako notice that action,
under section 37, must be commenced
before the issuance of such certificates of
Dated this 80th day of September,1901
4-1001 J. M. McGREGOR
Ex.,   BU  and   ICye   Fractional   Mineral
Situate in the Slocan Citv mining division of West Kootenay district. Where
located:—On Robinson creek.
TAKE NOTICE that I, W. D. McGregor, free miner's certiflcate No.
B5900G, acting for myself ami ns agent
lor J. M. McGregor, freo miner's certificate No. BoSMjOT, ami A. E. Rothermel,
free miner's certificate No. Bftitt'55, intend, sixty days from the date hereof, to
npply to the Mining Recorder for certificate's of improvements, for thc purpose
of obtaining crown grunts on the above
And further tnke notice that action,
under section 37, must bo commenced
before the issuanceof such certificates ol
Dated this 30th day of Septemlier.lOOl
410-01. W. 1). McGREGOR
F.Ik Mineral Claim.
Situate in the Slocan City Mining Division of West Kootenay District.
Where locatid: Between Springer
and Lemon creeks, north of the
TAKE NOTICE thnt I, Willinm
Thomlinson, as the agent for Herman
Clever, Free Miner's Certiflcate No
B38094, intend, sixty davs i.om tho date
hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder
for a Certilicate of Improvements, for
the purpose of obtaining a Crown Urant
of tlie above claim.
And further tako notice that action,
under 37, must be commenced before the
issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this  24th  day of  September,
Scorpion If lisernl Claim.
Situate in the Slocnn City Mining Division of tho West Kootenny district.
Where located: Near Robinson creek
adjoining the Rainbow.
TAKE NOTICE that I, J. M. McGregor, acting ns sg^ent for Thos. Amlrews,
free minera'certificate No.B40.''19,intend,
sixty days from the date hereof, to apply
to the mining recorder fora certificate of
improvements,for the purpose ot obtaining a crown grant of the above claim.
And further tnke notice that action,
under section 37, must b') commenced
liefore the issuance of such certificate of
Dated this 17th day of October, 1901.
25-10-01 J. M. McGREGOR
Summit Frantlonul Mineral Clulm.
Situate in the Slocnn City Mining Division of West Kootenay District.
Where located:—On the divide be-
twoen Ten Mile and Bpringer creeks,
TAKE NOTICE '! at I, J. If, McGregor, acting as ngent for Robert I. Kirkwood, freo miner's certiflcnte No. B.r>9538,
intend, sixty dnys from the date hereof,
to npply to the Mining Recorder for a
cettiflcate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining n Crown grant of tho
above claim.
And further tako notice that action,
under section 37, must be commenced
before the issuance of such certiflcate of
Dnled this 28th day of October, 1901.
8-11-01. J. M. McGREGOR.
Black Hess Mineral llisls,,.
Situate in tho Slocan City Mining Division of the West Kootenay District.
Whore located :—Three miles north
east of Slocnn City.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Francis J.
O'Reilly, of Hilverton. II. (!. acting as
uncut for Gaorgl Brine, free miner's certilicate No.  B_212, intend, eixty dnys
Reopened under
the old management.
Former customers
cordially invited to return
The Royal Hotel,
Cor. Arthur Street and Delaney Avenue, ■locan.
Building thoroughly renovated
and re stocked with the best
Fruit, Confectionery, Tobacco
Yon can get anything in these lines that you
require from us. Our stock in each is always
kept fresh and well assorted. We handle the
best the market affords.   Prices are right.
Stoves!   Stoves!   Stoves!
Just look up McCallum & Co.'s assortment of
Heating Stoves,   for either  coal  or  wood.
Prices, from
Steel Ranges from      -
This is the best assortment of first-class
stoves that ever came te Slocan. They burn
any kind of coal. Call around and satisfy
yourself and wc will do the rest.
$5 to $25
sie up.
McCallum & Co.
General Hardware, Slocan.
Agents for Crow's Nest Coal; price delivered, $0.25 per ton.
from the date hereof, to apply to the
Mining Recorder for a certificate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining
a Crown grnnt of the ahove claim.
And further tako notice that action,
under section 37, must be commenced
before the issuance of .such certificate of
Dated this 4th dav of November, 1901.
The Muroutt Branch
of the W.C.T.U., Slocan,
Meets the second Thursday in each month
at 3 p.m. Next meeting in the Presbyterian church. All meeting*! open
to those wishingtj join.
Miss E. STOconTON, Mrs.M.D.McKeiI
President. Cor. Secretary.
Pioneer Livery
and Feed Stables,
Slocan, B, C.
General Packing and Forwarding attended to at the
shortest Notice.
Saddle and Pack Horses for
hire at reasonable rates.
Mines,   Real Estate, Insurance, Accountant.
Abstracts   of   Titles  Furnished.
Slocan,      -      -     B. C.
New Carpets
and Oilcloths..
Just Arrived.
Furniture, Crockery, Glassware, etc., etc.
Slocan City Miners' Dm,
No. 62, W. F. of n.
Meets every Wednesday evening
In tho Union Hall. .Slocan City, at
7..30 p.m. Visiting brethren cordially
invited to attend.
Financial Secretary
Call and see our display
of Chinaware, including
Tea Sets, Cups & Saucers, Berry Sets, etc.
All new and up-to-date
Wo also carry Cameras,
Kodaks,   and  supplies.
J. L. WHITE 6c Co.
for $18.25.
Why b« without a range when
you can get one so cheap 9 They
are prefcrrable to stoves and give
better satisfaction. These ranges
burn wood or coal and will he
6ct up free.
H. J.
Notice to Delinquent Co-owner
To Thomss Henderson, or to any perioa
or persons to whom ho may have ti ^inferred his one third (*•£) interest in
the I.om* Dntchinnn mineral cliiim
situated on the last south fork of
Ix'tiisin creek, in the Slocan < ity min
ing division.
You aro herehy notified that 1 luve
expended the sum of one luindreil tad
two dsillurs and lilty cents in labor mui
improvements on the almve mentisneil
mineral claim, in order to hold said mineral claim under the provisions of ths
Mineral Act; and if within IX) days from
the dato of this notice you fail, or refuse,
to contribute your proportion of such expenditure, together with all costs of id*
vertining, your interest in said claim
will become the propeity of Iho subscriber, under section 4 of an Act entiile<l
"An Actio amend the Mineral Act,1900."
Dated st Slocan, thi* 18th day of .Sep-
tanner, A.D. 1901.
You Can Make
A  Striking Effect!
By wearing a perfect fitting Suit,
cut in the latest style and elegsntly
trimmesl. Such can be purchased
A. David, the Miner's Tailor,
near the Poalofflee.
Economy with comfort
for your
Eastern Trip_
Effective Oct. 13th.
Will operate In addition to tho usual
Crow's Nest Section:
Leave Kootenay Landing on
Tuesday and Friday to St. Paul
via Soo Line; Friday* only tn
Toronto; Montreal, Bo**ton, and
all eastern points.
For time-tables, rates, and full information call on or address noaiw
local agent, or—
Agent, Slocan City
J. S. CARTER,     E. J. COYLE,
1) p A A. O* P* A-
*   &*». Vancouver.


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