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The Slocan Drill 1901-06-07

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VOL. II., No. 10.
SLOCAN,   B.   C,   JUNE   7,   1901.
12.00 FER ANNUM.
Dealers in Fresh and Salt
Heats, Vegetables and Provisions: Qoods shipped to
any part of the Slocan.
Highest cash price paid for
raw Furs.
B. C.
Seasonable Goods.
We Have Just Opened:
All at Lowest Prices.
Ps IL, etc.
W. T. Shatford 6c Co* General Merchants,
Slocan, Vernon, Fairview, and Camp McKinnev, B. C.
Has ample accommodation for a large number of Ouests and supplies the best of
everything In the Jlarket.
SLOCAN,   B.  C.
Offers up-to-date accommodation for the
Public. It is the home of Travelling,
Commercial, and Mining Men.
OETHINO & HENDERSON, - Proprietors.
Hotel Slocami,
Slocan, B. C, is under the
IM ait Personal laiaiiitit of M Baty,
Who is ever ready to make life pleasant for those
who tarry within a while with him.
Is reached by any trail or road
that runs- into the Town.
Do not go past     s door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
Incorporation Date. From Jan* 1-*•_*-
•nation Take. Pine* mm Jim IS, the
Bleetlon on Juno SS, aad tha Vint
Maatiaf of Goanell oa -Tana SStk.
Slocan is tt length a city, in deed
and in fact. The proclamation announcing the long-expected news
was issued in an extra of the B. C.
Gazette on Saturday, and the official
documents were received here on
Monday evening. H. It. Jorand has
been appointed returning officer for
the holding of the first election.
Nominations are set for the 15th of
Jane and the election on the 22nd.
The first meeting of (he council will
be held on the 29tb. The nominations and election will be held in tbe
building occupied as an office by the
Pioneer Livery & Feed Stables, while
the new council will assemble for
business in H. R. Jorand's office.
The list of voters is now open and all
persons qualified are requested to
register without delay.
No town of progress or importance
in the west is complete without a hospital, and certainly Slocan has reason
to be proud of the local institution,
known as the Miners' Union General
Hospitsi. Tbe Union members were
the prime movers in the establishment of the hospital, and they were
supported in their efforts by liberal
contributions from the citizens, followed later by a grant from the government. It thus follows that while
the hospital is controlled by the Union, yet the general public are not
excluded trom its privileges, nor yet
from the aovlsory board, as two
prominent citizens are sharing in the
responsibilities of government The
institution is in capable hands, is
conducted on a satisfactory basia,and
is proving a great benefit to the town
and camp. Through its agency several persons have located here and
its monthly expense account, as distributed among the business men,
adds considerably to the revenues
of trade. The hospital is worthy of
generous support, as it is doing 'ts
full share towards thc upbuilding of
the town.
Slocan's hospital is located in thc
old Gillis building at tbe upper end
of Main street, and is owned by the
Miners' Union as an incorporated
body. The building is two stories in
height and since lu acquisition hy the
Union has had many improvements
effected on it. Later on it is the intention to move the building back
from the street and erect a balcony
in front, and the whole structure is to
be pla tered throughout and painted.
As it is now, the first floor has on the
right the attending physician's office,
surgical room, ana general ward.
The latter is large aad cheerful
looking, containing four cots. Last
Monday three of these were occupied
by Messrs. McKinnon, injured by a
cave-in at the Speculator; Creilin.
who felt through a stop* at the En
terprise; and Kerr, suffering from
rheumatism. The patients are all
convalescent and speak in complementary terms of their treatment.
On the left of the hall is the general
reception room,' dining room and kitchen, with a bathroom to one side.
Upstairs is a very pretty parlor, a
private ward, and two maternity
wards. The latter have Just been
fixed up and furnished and are a
credit to the institution. Two more
private wards will be added shortly*.
While the general furnishings and
equipment of the hospital are not
sumptuous or expensive, still tbey
are substantial and good; and the
institution is kept spotlessly clean
and neat, making it a pleasure to
visit the place.
Those in charge of the hospital are:
Dr. Forin, medical superintendent;
Miss Milne, head nurse, and Miss
Lowe, assistant. On the advisory
board are Dr. Fsria, J.V.Purviance,
J. A. Foley, W. J. Adcock, J. A.
Skinner, James Baker, S.B. Clement,
and II. L. Fife, representing the Union; R. A. Bradshaw and another to
be appointed acting for the citizens.
The fees are 91 per month to workmen, or $12 for annual tickets to the
public. Non-subscribers pay $20 per
week. Maternity cases are 95 per
dav, or $30 per week. These charges
include board and medical attendance.
Orders for all
Kinds of Job Work
Quickly Attended to:
The Drill, Slocan
Gentlemen :
As I have been requested by s numerously signed petition to become a candidate in ths coming inuuicipat .lection
for Msyor of ths City of Slocan—whilst
1 sm not now, or ever will be, sn aspirant fnr public office—I will, in deference
to your wishes, sllow my nsme to go iu
nomination as a candidate. As you are
nil well scquaintsd with my opinion on
public questions, I will merr-lv outline
tbe policy I intend to pursue, if elected
by the people of the City:
1. I .Bi wi uncompromising advocate of
elvle ownership.
.. tn the matter of finances, I will ssppsws*
any attempt to create a civic debt, eicsspt
where th. mult would be . revenue-producing
suMt far th. people.
t- Begarding asm-producing improvements,
laeh *• streets, sidewalks, etc., all such must bo
sustained by local assessment and tales.
4. In the matter of the proposed loan of $■*>,-
I1D0, provided for in section SO of the Ineorpora-
tion Act, tha understanding was that this loan
wns intended for th. construction of a water
system. I wish, therefore, to state that before
raising the saiil Issnn, or any part thereof, a
careful estimate must I* prepared, gWing osssl
of salsl water system: also.price and terms.wlth
rate of Interest ssn city debenture*. Then the
whole question should tw submitted to the pess-
ple, not in such a way as to cause sloUy,ssr in
any way Interfere with tho right of the council
tn proceed should the people so decide, but, sm
the principle that a vote of the electors shnulsl
be taken on all questions afflicting the future
revenues or rasousrecs of tbe city.
I may say, in conclusion, that I fully
appreciate tbe renonsibilities sttesdant
on the duty of tne first Msyor of the
City, especially on account of tbs loan,
which, if council so decide, can be raited
without conditions. But, if electesl, I
will devote mv whole attention to the
protection of the civic rssourcei, which
should always be preserved entire (or
the benefit of the people.
Faithfully Yours,
Blocan, June 1, 190JL
Appended is a complete list of the various records registered at the local registry office, H. P. Christie being mining
Mav 29—Rose, divide between Robinson snd Twelve Mile, T H Waring.
Muriel, ssme, B W Walter.
Cobourg, Springer creek, T J Armstrong.
TAB, same, H L Fife.
30— Trilby, same, John Wafer.
North Star, same, same.
31—Esther fr, Ten Mile, T Avison.
May 89—Midnight, F.mpress fr, Miner
fr, Summit fr, Ethel K, Camp Firo,
Hampton, Silver Bow, Bleufield, Reno,
Manilla f r, City of Spokane.
2s—Silver Bell fr. Nightingale, Butte.
28—Coronation, Memphis No 2, Ha-
lw.na, Brooklyn, White Rose, Tea Tot,
Star Pointer, Frying Pan.
30—Somerset for two years, Silver
Crown for three years, lit.known Group,
Evening Star No 8, Eclipse No 2. Liverpool, Scorpion, Dixie.
31—Sunlight fr.
June 1—Brnc*?, Morning Star No 6.
Evening Slur No 4, Pretoria, Yicksburg-
May 27—Quien Sabe 1-6, C M Gething
and K ti Henderson to W Thomlinson.
K S %, M Damico to N F McNaught.
Colorado No 2 %, R Gillette to same.
Monterey J, It W Malloy to same.
Bancroft ht, L Doirion to earns.
28— Rother 1-0, Ranirer fr S, Sussn G
and Superior fr %, Bsssett 4, Wedge fr
4, Rother fr %, Superior 1-0, Susan M
all, Wm Harris to James McNaught, for
29—Hampton, Ethel K, Plunger,Rainbow, Camp Fire, order from Supreme
Court re McKinnon estate,
Tea Pot, Tea Pot fr, Vt\ ing Pan, Star
Pointer, Colorado No 2 and K S, 1-6 in
each, N F McNaught to G Fairbairn.
Colorado No 2 >.,R Gillette, to George
Fairbairn and N F McNaught.
K S 1-2, M Damico to same.
30—Eclipse No 2 fr, all, D A Ross to
Hugh Sutherland.
May 27-Eda fr.
The Hn.suptoss Kesntnvs.
Operations have been resumed on
the Hampton,at the head of Springer
creek, and owned by N. F. McNaught, of Silverton. A small force
was sent np Tuesday to open up tho
trail and get things in shape, so that
more men may be added shortly.
Lsast year's operations opened up a
phenomenally rich chute of ore on
the surface, from which two small
shipments were made. The smelter
returns ran as high as 690 oz to jhe
ton, which is the record for the local
Farewell Social.
Monday evening the members of
the Muliodist church tendered a farewell social to Mrs. W. J. Andrews,
who goes to join her husbanil at Vernon. There were many people present and an enjoyable time spent. At
the conclusion of the programme a
complimentary address was presented to Mrs. Andrews bv Rev. Mr.
Sanford, of Sandon, to whloh Rev.
Mr. Roberts replied.
President Hoyee Cuming.
The feeling in the city is growing
stronger towards joining hands with
the Miners' Union and making their
picnic on the 25th a big celebration,
and so forvfro Dominion day. Tho
Union committee nre energetically
employed arranging the details for
Uie picnic and they aro receiving" as
surances of a large attendance from
the neighboring organizations. Considerable enthusiasm in the scheme
has been aroused bv the following
telegram, received Wednesday from
J. A. Baker, the Union delegate to
the annual convention of the Western
Federation of Miners at Denver, Col.:
"President Boyce will bo there on
Tuesday, June 25." Mr. Boyce is
one of the most prominent men in the
Western States and is an ablespeaker.
His presence here will draw a big
crowd. It is the intention of the
Union to make the picnic an annual
The force on the Speculator is being gradually increased.
The Arlington put on ft few men
this week to ground sluice.
Harry Gibson took an outfit up on
Wednesday to commence work on the
The sum of $3000 was distributed
among the creditors of the Chapleau
this week.
Frank Dick and John Wafer went
out Monday to work on the Rose, close
to the Kilo group.
J. M. McGregor is surveying the
Monterey, in the Arlington basin, It
is owned bv T. Tobin.
Charley Martin and partners intend opening up their properties adjoining the Bondholder.
M.Mowgues, engineer of the Chapleau, was here Friday, and hired a
few men to do some outside work at
tbat property.
Dan Cronan was here Wednesday
securing supplies for opening up the
Independence group, close to thc
Half Way camp, Ten Mile.
Good news comes from the Morning Star, where a foot of fine ore has
been struck in the long drift. It has
120 feet depth from the surface.
A certificate of improvements has
been granted the Eda fraction, as a
result of tho settlement with the owners of. the Bald Mountain fraction.
The ore chute- has widened oat-at
the 70-foot level of the I-on Horse.
Native silver bas made its appearance in the ore, the grade cf which
is improving.
Ernest Mansfield is returning from
Europe and will push his mining interests. It is stated here that he has
.secured an option on some claims at
Camp Mansfield.
The Kuslo & Slocan railway notice
regarding sale of land will affect a
number of claim holders on Twelve
Mile. The notice posted should read
Slocan City division instead of Ains-
Work is being continued on the
Combination, close to town, with in
creasing success. The ore streak is
increasing in width and native silver
and copper are freely sprinkled
through it. Some very pretty samples are on view in town.
Work on the Red Mountain road
commences this month,
A dance was held in tho Music
Hall Monday evening.
Jas. Bowes, of Silverton, was here
Tuesday, trying to arrange for a
football match here between Sandon
and Silverton.
Carl Lindow and J. Terry hold the
record for catching the largest number of fish by trolling. They have
landed some beauties.
The provincial librarian has written II. P. Christie that other applications from town for free libraries will
be favorably considered.
Mrs. T. B. Hall, first vice president
ofthe W.C.T.U., will preside at all
meetings of the socioty in the absence
of the president, Mrs. W. Andrews.
Dividend. From II. V. Mlaea.
British Columbia mines are coming
in for a great deal of attention of late
because of the profits paid by them
since January 1. Sinee the first of
the vear the silver-lead properties of
the Slocan and East Kootenay have
paid $398,500 in profits.
The Payne has paid one dividend
of 3 per cent on its issued capitalization of $2,tKX)1000, which gave $78,-
Tho St. Eugene has paid $210,000.
The Arlington hfis just given $20,-
000 in profits
The Bosun has netted $12,500 to
its shareholders.
The North Star has paid $78,000 to
its owners.
The Ymir Mines, which arc working on a low grade ore body, have
paid $%,00O
Thc Centre Star, nt Rossland, has
given profits of $105,000, which Is
equal to 3 per cent on its capital of
The combined profits of tho principal mines of the Kootenays have been
55'.»'J,500 9inc(.i tbe year began.
La.t Tear'* Shipment. Were, SS4T Tons-
A Healthy Evidence of the -.Ir* and
Wealth of th. Camp—Arllngt.a tha
Biggest Shipper.
With this week's shipments, the
mineral exports from the division for
the year pass in excess of 2000 tons.
Two properties are to be figured in
the list during the week, the Enterprise and Arlington. From the former 20 tons was sent out, while the
Utter shipped four carloads, or 60
tons. The Enterprise is the only
Ten Mile property shipping and its
exports average only 40 tons monthly.
During the past month a much
larger body of ore has been bloeked
out at the Arlington, which ia is
about the best condition since its
Last year the exports from this division amounted to 2847 tons, made
up from 10 properties. Following ia
a list ot the shipments this year to
Arlington      .90
Enterprise      20
Two Friends	
Black Prince ...
Following is the standing of the
pupils in the various divisions ofthe
public school for last month:
First Division.—Fifth Class—R.
Robertson, Jossie Tipping. F. Lavell.
Fourth Class-Edna McVicar.Hazel
Wlchman, Wonetta Tipping.
Third, senior—Herman Lindow,
Gertie Foley. Nettie Bull.
Third, junior—Fannie Robertson,
Mabel ball, Kflie McVicar.
Slocan, B. C, June Ith, 1901-
A. YORK, Esq..
SUscau, RC.
Su,—Whereas the date, June litis, im, has
been set for the nomination of Msyor and Aldermen for the City of Slocan; and whereas it is
the earnest desire of the undersigned that jrou
offer yourself as a candidate for the office of
Mayor of thc said City I We, therefore, respectfully request you that you allow yourself to be
nominated as Mayor at the said nominations,
we hereby pledging ourselres to gire you our
Thos McNeish J. 6. McCallum
David Arnot George  Henderson
C. M. Qething H. D. Curtis
W. J. Adcock J. A. Anderson
J. A. Fisher W. T. Shatford
A. C. Smith J. T. Beauchesne
J. Campbell J. K. Tattersall
J. Pinchbeck W. K. Worden
K. B. Danlnp W. S. Johnson
Dick Rutner James Crawford
J. W. Clarke Len Howson
A. E. Teeter James E Orr
R. I. Rentley, M.D. Joe Law
John Blench.
Gentlemen i
In compiians-e with tbe above extensively
sign.-d requisition nf property owners and eloe-
tors, I beg to announce my Intention of offering
myself as a candidate fur tho Mayoralty at tha
forthcoming civic elections. Having been a resident of Slocan for about five yean, and being
conrersant with the requirement* of the City, 1
feel that I can safely rely on your support at tbe
forthcoming electissns. Should I be electesl, 1
nm in favor of:
1. Inserting n fair wage clause for all public
works which the city may niter into, whereby
laboring men may be paid at the rate of ta per
day. I believe, further, that with a competent
foreman the city can get as good value for this
money spent by having the great bulk of its
work done by slay's labor as by the contract system; ansl I MUI not advocate the latter unless
it is cloarly to tho Interest of the city.
2. Organising some system of Are protection
compatible with the city's finances.
3. Submitting for the approval of tbe ratepayers a bylaw before borrowing "U's.OOO, which
the "Slocan Incorporation Act" gives the council power to borrow. The council, in my opinion, should not borrow large sums of money
without the approval of the people.
4. Should the people bo in favor of borrsswing
the above sum of $15,1X10,1 believe that this
amount, or so much of it as may be necessary,
should be s-xpendod in securing for the peoplo a
system of waterworks.
5. Inducing manufas-tsiring enterprises, particularly worlss fsir the treatment of ores, to locate here by granting mis-Is institution*., within reason, certain privileges. Wo have ut husid
untold mineral resources which, no doubt, before long.will result in the erection of a smelter.
If such an enterprise is s-nrefully fosteresl by
the city, a substantial payroll will go a limit
way towards building up tlis* pluce.
0. Public ownership of all tranrhisos and
preference always given tss reslsleuts desiring
6. The insllvidttal rights of particular citisens
should uot bo curtailed nt the instance of si'.lsor
citisens holding sllfTereut vlesvs, and within
bounds, I believe a spirit of tsilerution by the
couueil should be encouraged.
7. The Mayor and Aldermen shall be non-
snlaried positions.
In conclusion, If elected Maysir, I shall slevote
all my energies to the welfare sif the city, nnd
will do my best to make Klsscnu more prosperous
ia the future as a city than it litis been in ths
past ns a town,
Yours Truly.
■fc-N J
':      *■     ',
• *•_,
Sloc.B. JUB-C  1X1.
A. TOIU-- 81 llWKSt .
I    *}' #§§■ r~g."
1 H
t  ■ r
t    ^
**. ■* ■',
■jV   ■
'■ "
-   r|-
"'    "-"..si'
*. ■* j^;
, t! *'•!'•:•
.   If
!'■ •'•'
.    V
" •*-}•*
1 ■
4    ,!"".'.
'■}■ ."
■     -J.
1 '":*■-
, •»
• ■
A Daughter of Mr. 1>. F. llssrk, of Port
Arthur, and a Native of New Ontario,
Who Has Inspired, and Justly, th.
Muse of Old Ontario —A Poem of
A    .siw <solan.. . lo\,ir  tsi  sssins.
Lines   improvlBsHl   on   gi>elpg   the   abovo
\ hat are yon walling for, my pretty maid?
Why would ynu pnz-ls* tbe honcybect
Were the nectar's worth by my judgment
The clover  would  yield  to the  rosebud.
But  what are yon waiting for?    Settler,
Great New Ontario', lands to till,
Aud  oue,  just  one,  who shall be  t-ove's
And cull that  blossom wltb right good
l'hen come from the crowded city street,
All who would win favor from Fortune's
Make   hay   while      there*,   sunshine,   for
clover's 8Wi*et,
And New Ontario's a favors*d land.
Ts-en  It's hey! for the forest and ho!  for
tbe farm,
Hurrah! for the sawmill,  tbe mine, the
'    store,
And  It's ah,  my  heart!  for  the  clover's
As she waits at eve by tbe cottage door.
What nre you waiting for, my pretty innltlf
Waiting to rc» the rnsh begin;
For   the   setl'i*r'*i    axe   and   tbe   miner",
And  the  net gath'rlng    (old  from  tbe
shimmering fin!
Waiting   for   those   for   whom   Fortune's
Now swell. In flood, till they put to sea;
Wealth they may win, but what else beside,
In New Ontario, pray don't ask me!
—Frederick L. II. Sims, ln Toronto Globe.
Old English Usisklug-Stool.
This illustration shows one. ot tho
old-time ducking stools. This relic
of by-gone duys stunds in tho Priory
Church, at Leominster, Bngland. Regarding this particular stool. The
Antiquary says: "In 1809 a scold
named Jenny Piper was ducked at
Leominster by order sif the magistrates.    In     1817 Sara]*, Locke,    of
Leominster, was condemned In like
manner and wheeled around tin; town
In tho chair, but not ducked: wuier
was too low," It seems hardly possible that it was less than a century
ngo that this almost barbarous custom was followed. Ths; s:hair looks
far from comfortuble, but it must be
remembered that comfort was the
last consideration in this case.
Th. Date of Adeline Pattl's Illrtls.
A discussion as to the date of
Adelina Patii's birth has persuaded
The London Daily News to reprint
tho lady's birth certilicate, which
may interest tho curious:
"Book of Baptisms, No. 42. pngu
158. In the city of Madrid, province
of the same name, on April 8, lH-l.'l,
I, Don Josef Losuda, vicar of the
parish of St. Louis, solemnly baptized a girl, born at 4 o'clock in the
afternoon of the 10th of February of
the current year, the legitimate
daughter of Snlvutor Patti, professor of music, born at Catania, in
Sicily, and of Catherine Chicsa, born
In Home.
"The paternal grandparents were
Pletro Patti and Conception Marino,
and the maternal were John Chiesn,
born at Venice, and Louise Cuselli,
born at Marino, in the Pontifical
"The child was given the name of
Adola .fauna Maria."
Huslnass Women aa Wives.
A feminine writer does not regard
the business wsiman as unlit ted for
tho duties of a wife and mother, She
regards it ns a mutter of personal
taste upon the part of the man in
the ease. If he wants a clinging vine,
some one who will put him on a pedestal and bs grateful that fate has
glvi.n her a god—usually tin—let him
knep away from the business woman.
But If he wants a chum who will
take him for what he Is—and In spile
of It— who will be a wife und pal,
unsl wl|] te a solid comfort to him,
li-t hlin rhoaM a woman who Iuih
hetj-j ssui into tin* iiiif-ln.(*h world and
guliifd ii    breeder vIotI of the wssrlti
Jllrtl   of  Mi.ll.
How   They   Have   Pnsaled   Old  Time
Students! of l.t-onsisplsy.
Why, where is Patagonia? was the
astonishing query recently put to nie
by an old schoolmate, as, carelessly
turning tbe leaves of his little son's
geography, he suddenly came upon a
recent map of South America. The
boundaries which we boys had once regarded as Immutable have changed,
and the map which the vivid Impression of youth had engraved firmly up-
ou our memory was no longer ln exlst-
nce. The experience of my friend, n
man of considerable Intelligence, Is not
an Isolated Instance. The rapidity of
our geographical progress within the
last decades has rendered It extremely
difficult for the layman to follow the
course of events. ■
In 1825 three great continents were
practically unexplored. Australia, or
New Holland, as It was then called,
wns nothing more than a terra Incognita—a mere geographical Idea; the
vast expanse of Africa, with the exception of the Mediterranean region
aud the little settlement at the Cape,
wns still the land of wonder and conjecture and as lt hnd been In the days
of the Itomans, while central Asia,
with Its millions of Inhabitants, was
effectively closed to Europenns. In the
south nature hnd reared her mighty
barrier, the Himalayas, and In tbe
east we find Chlun Immured, both ln a
literal and figurative sense, within that
gigantic wall of excluslveness which
seemed designed to screen forever from
the prying gaze of the civilized world
the sacred and inviolable "empire of
the sun."
Yet It ts upon the American continent
that the most marvelous changes have
been wrought—changes whose magnitude we, the living witnesses, can
scarcely appreciate. As the rising
flood Imperceptibly, bnt steadily, advances the water line, thus constantly
altering the contour of the beach, so
the swelling tide of population, surging westward, has through this entire
century surely, but Incessantly, pushed forward tbat long western boundary
line of 1,000 miles, the outlines of
which have never for a moment remained the same. — Scrlbner's Maga-
Finding Dl.tant Thunderstorms.
An Instrument to which considerable
Interest attaches has been devised and
described by M. T. Tommnsina. Its
object Is to detect distant thunderstorms. The apparatus consists essentially of a self decohering carbon
coherer placed In circuit with a dry
cell and ah ordinary telephone receiver.
The grains of carbon are hermetically
sealed ln a glass tube attached to a
telephone magnet so ns to lie horizontally when tbe receiver Is placed to
the ear. The Impression produced upon
the observer Is that of being transported Into the neighborhood of the
thunderstorm, which might yet be hidden below tbe horizon. To strengthen
the effect the author used three copper "antennae," each 30 m. long, ln
this manner it was found possible to
observe the development of a violent
thunderstorm at a distance 12 hours
before It broke loose at the observing
station, which was situated on the
Lago Mnggiore. A distant rain Is Indicated by a rattling sound before a
cloud Is visible.—London Engineer.
Ape. and Hta,
A correspondent of the Cleveland
Plain Dealer says that Professor Ernst
Haeckel, tbe great German Darwinist,
who sailed last September for the Malay archipelago, protests In a letter
against a newspaper statement according to which the object of his journey
was the continuation of the researches
for tbe fossil ape man, the Pithecanthropus erectus, which Eugene Dubois
discovered In 1894. The discovery by
Dubois, the learned doctor says, bas
definitely settled the question of human
ancestry in the minds of all unbiased
scientists and competent judges. The
dreaded descent of man from the ape
Is now, he says, a matter of fact, and it
matters little whether the constructive
anatomists were still In want of this
or that bone or whether tbe ontogenlsts
bad not yet succeeded In establishing
our complete lineage and that they
were still in need of the connecting
A Lemon Prom America.
During the Paris exposition an American firm obtained permission to drive
an artesian well in the Bols de Vln-
cennes, near Paris. Tbe city of Paris
bas two artesian wells which required
respectively nine and six years to be
driven. The American well was sunk
to a nearly equal depth, 1,935 feet, last
summer ln two months. The French
were surprised by the rapidity of the
work as well as by tbe homeliness and
simplicity of the apparatus. The American company bas since offered to donate the well to Paris as an addition
to Its water supply, and some of the
French scientific journals express the
hope that "the practical lesson whlcl*
the new world thus offers gratuitously
will not be without Ha fruit"—Youth's
Oor Moat Important Inda.trj*.
It may seem like a. broad statement,
but It Is probably a safe one to make,
that tbe railroads form the most stupendous and Important Industry within
thc United States. Tbe capitalization
of the railways of tlie United States Is
(11.000,000,000. Those railways employ moro than 875,000 men, and for
the fiscal year ending June 30, 1898.
they pnld to their employees as com
peusntlon for services moro than
1490.000.000. There Is an Indescribable fascination nbout the railroad business for nearly all who have once embarked lu It. It sleinands a degree of
close application nnd forgetfulness of
self Interest which is nut demunded
or accorded elsewhere.—National Mag
Satin Slippers will be campaigned as
a trotter in 1901, it Is said.
Ed Geers Is quoted ns expecting Tlie
Abbot to tako a record of 2:01% In 1001.
A. II. Tyson of Wilmington. Del.. Is
the new owner of Forrest Herr, 2:10,
trial 2:07%.
Domera T, by Domineer, dnm JoBeph-
iue Young, dam of Joe Patchen, 2:01*74,
won the American prize of 0,000 franca
nt Nice In Mnrch.
Easter Girl, owned nnd driven by W.
T. Smith on the bench at Atlnntlc City,
hns defeated Charger Wilkes and Lizzie B.
O. F. Groff of West Chester, Ptt., has
purchased the Indiana pneer, The Hector. He has shown quarters In 81 seconds.
Samuel Leaver Is now training Happy Lady, 2:10Vi, bv Happy Russell,
driven to her record by John E. Turner
of Ambler. She still retains much of
her former speed.
The speedy Prince Alert, 2:0*2, that
holds the world's half mile track race
record over the Bethlehem track, at
2:00, will be trained by Mart Demorest
Bay Star, 2:08, cost Penn Valley farm
$1,800. She won over $4,000 ln 1900
aud was sold for $0,100 at auction, a
rather profitable Investment'
A match was pneed at Los Angeles
Mnrch 2 between Hanford Medium,
2:11V4. and Electrn, a green mare by
Sllkwood. Sbe won haudlly ln 2:lsi
2:20%. 2:19% and is the first newcomer
of the Benson.
M. M. Potter of Los Angeles holds
the record for matinee drivers on tbe
Pacific coast with the pacing mare
Primrose, which be drove recently ln
a race in 2:15%. 2:14% and 2:13%.
Point d'arabe laces in the ecru
shades are very popular for dress trimmings.
Small buckles used as slides on silk
bands and velvet ribbon are one feature of dress decoration.
Tbe foundation skirts of the new thin
gowns get the fluffy effect around the
feet from a two inch pinked ruche set
on the edge of the plaited ruffle.
Traveling dust coats of black taffeta
have a place In the fashionable summer outfit Tbe prettiest are tucked
nearly all over, but tbe tucks add
weight and warmth, neither of whicb
is desirable.
The flare ln some of the tailor skirts
is produced by opening tbe seams on
either side of tbe front and at tbe sides
and inserting a plaiting of the material.
In dressy thin gowns this fullness is
sometimes of lace.
The Louis XV coats are to be one ot
the features of dress tbls spring, und
tbey are made of plain taffeta as well
as brocaded silks, fall fully 14 inches
below tbe waist line, and the revera
and broad collar are of lace.
Fancy boas are one of tbe season's
fads and show great variety. A novel
combination Is a ruche of plaited white
chiffon wltb loops of white satin ribbon and lace Insertion. Long scarf ends
are finished with frills of ribbon and
Pretty white gauze scarfs dotted over
with printed flowers ln natural colors
add novelty to tbe department devoted
to neckwear. Scarfs of every kind are
In demand, and another pretty variety
Is In thin white silk wltb chine borders.
Others are striped with cashmere designs.*
Jessie Bnrtlett Davis la going back to
opera next season.
James A. Heme will not retire from
the stage on account of HI health, as
was rumored.
A Hebrew version of "Trilby" was
given recently In New York. Svengall
was made tbe hero.
Maude Adams is building a barn on
Long Island tbat Is to beat all creation for artistic beauty.
A Boston man bas brought suit
against a theater because he was not
allowed to enter tbe place while wear-
lug a sweater.
Mr. and Mrs. Ruse Whytal will be
seen In a romantic drama, entitled
"Out louder," next season. Tho
scenes are laid In tbe southwest
At tbe two imperial theaters In
Vienna, the Opera and the Burg, applause Is not allowed until tbe conclusion of an act and encores are strictly
Zelle de Lussan, the grand opera
singer, will. It Is said, appear with
Anna Held In a new comic opera by
De Koven and Smith, to be brought
oat* in New .York shortly.
Henry Lavedan. tbe French dramatist wbo bas been very successful. Is
tasting a little of tbe bitter with the
aweet Hla latest, play, "Lea Medlcls,"
produced some time ago In Paris, la a
The French government has Interdicted the performance of a new pin**,
"Decadence," wblcb Mme. Rejane bad
planned to bring out The play satirized the Impoverished and decadent
nobility and on tbat account has been
The man who la never Idle baa no
time to be mean.
Probably there Is nothing so uncertain as a sure thing.
The poor man'a story—usually tbe
one next to tbe roof.
A small boy's Idea of forgiving an injury Indicted by another boy Is to lick
blm first nnd forgive blm afterward.
It Is not tbe height some men attain
that makes them giddy—It Is looking
down with contempt on tbe crowd beneath tbem.—Chicago News.
Fssrs*l«ns*ra    In    Mexico    Who    Keep
Full of tbe Druv All thc Time.
"The quantity of quinine taken by foreigners on thc southeast oonut of Mexico
is something simply Incredible,'/ said a
resilient of this city who is interested in
coffee culture in the sister republic.
•"There is a general belief among the
Americans nnd English all through that
region thnt the drug is necessary for the
preservation ot life, nnd they keep full of
it from one year's end to another. The
first time I visited the coast I stopped at
Frontern, the first port east of Vera
Cruz, and ns soon ns our ship tied up it
was boarded by a tall, sallow man, who
turned out to be an American engineer,
In charge of a big sugar plant up tbe
country. He made a bee line for the purser. 'Hollo, Billy,' he said; 'did you
bring that quinine?' 'Sure,' replied the
purser, and diving into his cabin he came
out with an nrmful of tin boxes about the
size of tea canisters and japanned green.
Each of .them held a pound of quinine. I
never saw it put up that way before, and
naturally I was surprised.
"I soon scraped nr Acquaintance with
the engineer and mude bold to inquire
what in the world be wanted with such a
supply. 'Are you getting it on a speculation?' I nsked, with a vague Idea that it
might be intended for some Mexican
m my contractor. He laughed heartily.
'Speculation nothing,' said he. 'This all
goes to our little colony of Americans
hack in the Interior, and it won't last
very long, either.' With that he drew a
penknife from his pocket, opened a blade
thnt had been ground off round, like a
spatula, and thrust it into one of Che
enns. He brought out a flaky, white
mass—enough to heap a teaspoon—put it
on his tongue and swallowed it like so
much sugar. "Have you any idea how
many grains you are taking?' I asked in
amazement 'Only approximately,' he replied carelessly. 'A man quits weighing
quinine after he has been down here a
few months.'
"That was my first encounter with a
bona fide quinine eater," the coffee planter went on, "but I met plenty of them
afterward. They generally keep the Btuff
in rubber tobacco pouches to protect it
from perspiration, and when they feel
like taking a dose they dig In with one
of those spatulated knives that they all
carry and swallow as much as they see
fit. As they go entirely by guess, it Is
hard to say how much will be taken in
the course of a day, but I have weighed
the amount that can be lifted on the
ordinary knife blade and found it to
range between 25 and 50 grams. Yon
sec, quinine is as compressible as cotton,
and two wads of il that look about the
isame size will vary a hundred per cent in
"One would suppose, as a matter of
course, that such enormous quantities ot
tbe drag would produce an intolerable
ringing in the head; bnt, strange to say,
they do nothing of the kind. The average white man down there who keeps under the influence all the time experiences
nothing except a slight feeling ot exhilaration—nt least so I wns assured by
dozens of habitues. Whether the use of
the stuff Ib of nny real benefit is something I am skeptical about. I never took
a grain of it myself, and I was the only
man on onr plantation who didn't have a
touch «* fever."
Daring War These Animalt liecub
to Hanger nnd Fatigue.
There have been many instances Iq
which fights have been lost or won according to the number and condition of
the horses engaged. When the siege of
Plevna commenced, the Russians were
bringing all their stores and food from
Siitova by the aid of 06,000 draft horses,
and at the end of the siege It was found
that no less than 22,000 ot them bad
died from hard work and exhaustion.
The want of rest and food tells on a
horse far more than on a man, for in
tbe case of the latter there are stimulating influences of patriotism, the glory of
victory and other feelings which aro not
existent in the nature of a horse. Quite
half the horses in England sent to the
Crimea never returned, most of them
having died from hard work and starvation. Indeed, only about COO were killed
in action.
So reduced and starved have the poor
beasts become on occasions of this kind
that tbey have been known to eat one another's tails and to gnaw the wheels of
the gun carriages. Napoleon took with
him across tbe Nieman 00,000 cavalry
horses,.and on his return in six months
ho could only muster. 10,000. More than
half the horses which were engaged in
our Egyptian war of 1882 were disabled.
Six hundred of these were killed and
only three-fifths slain in action. - In the
Afghan war of 1838 lt is said that 3,000
camels and half the horses engaged were
lost in three months.
It will thus be seen that actual fight'**!**
does not claim bo many horses as starvation or overwork. Defective shoeing,
■ore backs, want of food and rest and
other similar causes go far toward rendering horses useless for practical warfare. Ono more and Important cause
needs careful attention, and it it the
danger of injury horses run wben being
shipped across the sea. They are In const a ut motion. They continually fall,
many of them to be trampled to death,
and tbe rest become frightened, kick and
batter one another about and are rendered useless. As an instance of tbls, It
was found that one regiment on the way
to the Peninsular war was deprived of
ait half of its horses on the voyage.—
udon Golden Penny.
Monrnlnc Clothe* In Sweden,
In Sweden mourning clothes are somewhat peculiar, according to onr way of
thinking. For women a long veil is absolutely necessary, as are also a black
dress and a crape bonnet, but a jacket
or mantle of any color may be donned
with these, and It is by no means unusual for a widow to wear the regulation
weeds in conjunction with a brilliant red
jacket. Men also will dress in black
trousers and hat and a colored waistcoat,
or possibly even a colored coat
llnjaat to the Caterpillar.
Dr. J. G. Wood, tbe scientific lecturer.
once explained the structure of n caterpillar to an English clergy mnn. With slue
astonishment at the revelation, the clergyman exclaimed, "1 always nupposed
that a caterpillar was only skin and
Already Informed.
Disappointed Ailnflrcr—Yo' kin tell
Diriah tint if she wants dat chump. Sam
Johnson, she kin isnb him.   *J**T
Mm mil rii-ini -lie done tole her dat
The Possibilities of Water Color Falser Broiiuht to tight—TWO Typical
Ueslgnu Illustrated nnsi Described.
Bow to Hang Frames,
Every nmnteur photographer will up-
predate anything new thnt will ndtl to
the Interest nnd decorative value of a
kodak picture. The Designer suggests
frames ns infinitely bettor tlitui nl-
bums mui mounts and tells of very
dainty oues, two of which nre hero
s   ■ f:\   t i,  ••■-
shown, thut mny be made of water color pnper at a trilling cost, nor need the
maker be an artistic genius to reproduce them.
A piece of heavy cardboard 8 by IQ
Inches will serve ns a good foundation.
To this may be fastened another piece
of cardboard 2 by 5V. Inches, for an easel rest. After the wnter color paper
hns been decornted nnd nu opening
made for the photograph tbe whole
mny be glued to the foundation, -leaving nu opening nt tbe top or bottom for
the ml mission of the picture.
The first cut shows a frame In poster
style for a baby's picture. Bright colors only should be chosen for this. Tbo
background 6houl(l be white or colored, tit'cordliig to taste. The child's hair
might be a bright red or yellow, the
dress blue, the napkin tied about the
neck white nud the chair green. An
open splice should be left In the chnir
for the picture. Each color: should be
outlined  with black.
The second design Is one described
ns suitable for a frame intended for a
picture of a marine scene. Thc hack-
ground In this Is n dellctite pink nnd
green, while the leaves nnd stems are
of gold put on solidly. The background should be put on lu n simple
wash over the whole pnper. leaving uo
spaces of white for the gold, ln tbls
way a clear and satisfactory result
tuny be produced. When the bnck-
ground hns thoroughly dried, the gold
lenves nnd stems may be put on with
*.liiootli. broad strokes.
These designs are not beyond the
ability of even a very Inexperienced
amateur artist, for the colors nre Iniu
on perfectly flat without-any attempt
at shading. A broad, fiat sable brush
should be used, and plenty of the tint
required should be mixed at one time,
so Unit the color will be quite even.
ir small rings lie nllixesl to the still
cardboard bucking, tbe frames may be
hung Instead of stood up, nnd a pretty
way to arrange three or more oblong
frames Is to hang each from n separate
c-til'ii of colored silk, making each cord
a little shorter tbnu the other, the first
of nil being nbout 18 Inches In length,
then hang all the pictures from one
hook,   nnd   they   will   have   a   panel
with designs of u similar character, or
If a 'lower design be used, tho sprays
and blossoms may be carried from ouc
frame to another.
Cere of Artists' Brnahee,
All brushes thnt nre used for oil must
be carefully washed out first by agitating the brush ln a vessel of turpentine.
then drying It with a cloth. To further
cleanse tbem tbey should be washed
with soap and water. Do not scrub or
bend the hair unnecessarily. Give the
soap time to amalgamate and destroy
thc oil in the paint. Dry so that the
hair remains straight All soft hairbrushes when not constantly in use
sliould be dipped In gum wnter to keep
tbe balr straight nnd packed atyay In a
tin box, says Art Amateur. •'
An Appetising Breakfast Dlah.
To make a simple cheese toast take
thin slices of bread and tonst them to a
delicate brown, spread tbem with bin.
ter and then cover them thickly with
grated cheese and sprinkle lightly with
paprika. Lay the slices upon a tin and
place them tn a hot oven long enough
to melt the cheese. It Is best to make
only a few slices at a time, as the
cheese hardens quickly. A slice of
crisp bacon lull) upon ench piece uinl;e»
nn excellent breakfast dish.
Seal Hingis and Fobs for Women.
The "nil gold" seal ring la affected hy
some women—a bit of style after the
same order as the adoption of the
watch fob. says Southern jeweler. This
'utter article, by (ho way, Is very daln-
t'lv prepared in gold and Jewels tor la*
*•■.-*' una.
■   ■   ■■       '    '.   '
quite Enough of a  Fraetnre.
Flushing—You were pretty badly cut
ap wben yon took that cropper at (lie
chase.  Any booea broken?
Elmhurst (gloomily!— Well, When the
doctor got me patched up it broke a ten
bone bill to settle with him!—Brooklyn
Eagle. .
Knew What He Waa Abont.
Rivera—If you paid 10 cents for that
cake of maple sugar, you threw your
money away.
Brooks—Not much. It bas (puff, puff)
paid for Itself already. I use it fox
scratching matches on; saves trousers.
—Chicago Tribune.	
An Enrlr Bluer.
"Pat," said a manager to one of his
workmen, "you must be on early riser.
I always find you at work the first
thing In the morning."
"Indade and Oi am, sor. It's a family trait. Oi'm thlukln."
"Then your father was an early riser
"Mc father, Is It? ne rolt-.es that early that if he wcut to lied a little late,
he'd meet himself gettln up In tlis
A Ilnhrlals Hoax.
Itnlielnls, being out of money, once
tricked the police Into taking hlin from
Marseilles to I'tirls on a charge of treason. He nmde up some packages of
brick dust and labeled them "Poison
for the royal family." The officers
took Hnbelnls 700 miles, only to be
told at the ond of their Journey that it
was April 1 aud the affair wns a hoax.
Of course, ns ltnbelnls wns the privileged wit of thu royal family, ho was
Had What She Wanted.
Papa—There,    there!     You    needn't
j kiss nie any more.   Tell me what you
| want.   Out with It.
Daughter—I don't want anything.   I
want lo give yon Roinethtug.
Papa—You dpi   What?
Daughter—A son-ln-lnw.   Jack asked
me to speak to you about It.
illect   Of course for such an arrangement the frames must all be decorated
"Sot Prcnllar.
Toss—I rco n notice.In the paper of
the wedding of Mrs. Nulrris's*.
Jess—Yes; I know her very well.
Tess—Do you? What waa ber maiden name?
Jess-1 suppose her maiden «lm win
to get married.
Captain John Smith never during his
lifetime succeeded In convincing tin-
Ktigllsh that Virginia was not nn Island. In vuln he wrote home, "Virginia Is no Isle, as many doe Imagine.''
In 1800 the'first pntent ever Issued to
• woman was granted—for straw
He Cures Every Form of Piles Thoroughly and Well
Without the Danger, Expense  and Pain   ''
of an Operation.
It la surprising what a large number of men aud women suffer from
the wretched uneasiness and tortur-
ing itching of piles. You may be
among those who, through modesty
or fear of the aurgoou'B knife, have
been prevented from appealing to
your physician for a cure. Ifou havo
tried the hundred and ono things that
friends have recommended anil have
become discouraged. You say, u»
many have said before you, that
there is no cure for piles.
Now is the time for you to turn to
Dr. Chase, whose famous ointment is
recognized the world over as the only
actual cure for every form of piles.
The real substantial value of Dr.
Chase's Ointment has given it a
unique position among medicines, lt
la used In nearly every neighborhood
on this continent and has become
known by word of mouth frym friend
to friend and neighbor to neighbor.
Ask your fris'tids about it, ask your
druggist, ask your doctor. Othcre
have been dlscouruged, and aftor
years of misery have been cured by
Dr. Chaise's Oinlment. Here Is one.
Mis. James Drown, lllnlonburg, mar
Ottawa, writes :—"1 have been a
constant    sufferer from a-orly every
form of piles for the last 20 years-
and during that time, both here and
in the old country, have tried almost)
every remedy.
"1 am only doing Justice to Dr.
Chase's Ointment when I Bay that I
believe ll to bo thu beat remedy obtainable for bleeding and protruding
piles. 1 strongly recommend Dr.
Chase's Ointment to mothers, or Indeed, to any person suffering from
that dread torment—piles."
Mr. Ueorge Thompson, a leading
merchant of Dlenheim,- Ont., states :
"I was Irotiblod with itching pile*
for IS years, and at times they were
bo bad I could scarcely walk. I tried
a great many remedies, but never
found anything like Dr. Chase's Olntr
incut. After the third application I
obtained relief, and waa completely
cured by using oue box." Ask your
neighbors about Dr. Chase's Ointment, the only - absolute cure for
You can obtain Dr. Chase's Ointment for 00 cents a box from any
denier. If you. prefer, em-losie this
ainount to these offices and the remedy will be seat* postpaid, to your
address. Edmanson. Bates A Co.i
J rac
The Drill.
Cossl luli'ir Muo*** Iisfssrmiitlon   ssa to thc
"Ctiis- of Children, i nd I lis. Treatment of
Ilia lhat Cosuinonly Atfltot Little
Ones   st.lvssis Vne.
"Baby's Battles ; A Message for
jlotluirs" is the title or a very liand-
Bomo little pamphlet just issued by
tlie in-. Williams' Medicine Company.
jt, in devoted entirely to the cure of
Infnnts and small children and tells
*_■,.. niothor how to aid her littlo ones
In ti,o emergencies of everyday life.
jt tle.-icribos the Ills that commonly
afflict children aud tells how to treat
them, This little book is one that
should be in every home where there
are infants or small children. All
nioihs're who send their name and ad-
dri'ss on a post card to the Dr. Wil-
linnm' Medicine Co., Brockvlllo, Ont.,
will receive a copy of this book free
of charge. Mention this paper when
It's a poor rule that won't  work
both wuys.
Idleness is tho rich man's bano and
the poor man's curse.
Proverbs are but the offsprings of
practical experience.
Stratford, 4th  Aug,,  18U-8.
Messrs. C. C. Richards & Co.
('snt.lemcn.—My neighbor's boy, 4
years old, fell into a tub of boiling
water and got scalded fearfully. A
(aw days later his legs swelled to
throe times their natural size and
broke out in running sores. His par-
rents could get nothing to help bun
till I recommended MINARD'S 1.1 NI-
MENT, Which after using two bottles, completely cured him. and I
know of several cases around here
almost as remarkable, cured by the
same liniment, and I can truly say 1
never handled a medicine which nns
had ns good a sale or given such universal satisfaction. M. HTBERT,
(lenertil Merchant.
A blunt man frequently makes   the
most cutting remarks.
Boundless enthusiasm is tiound    to
get a rebound sooner or later.
It is difficult for a man to be hon-
eet and selfish at the same time.
A Free Press Reporter's Interview with
Mr. John A. Msyne, the Well
Known Contractor—The Power of
Uie "Oxydonor."
Cures through thc agency of Dr.
Hanchtt's "Oxydonor" have been so
Ir.ely discussed that tho attention of
tlio Free Press was drawn to a ■_*_£«
where the recovery of tho patient
was thought wonderful by his
friends. Tho story of this case wns
related to a reporter by Mr. John A.
Miiyne, who was founsl at work in
bin duties as a contractor. Mr.
Mayne was the beneficiury and his
incount of the manner In which the
sure was effected  is as follows '—
"I was obliged in July of last year
to give up my business    as a grocer
In this city owing to lung trouble.  I
did this at thc doctor's orders, wha
1'onBidired my case so bad that  the
only hope for my life was a change of
climate and ordered a trip south for
the winter.   At that time my sussm-
ach was in so bad a condition  that
1 wns unable to take any medicine. I
gradually  grew  worse  until  I     was
compelled to tako to my bed. In November I heard of "Oxydonor," and
sent for Mr. liibbons, who repress'tits
the linn  hero.   People   who saw    me
at  that  tirm* advised     me to    nmke
my will.   I know  I  was  pretty bad,
as I could not sleep for more than a
lew minutes each    night ami -it was
wearing mo out.    As soon as 1 start-
cd "Oxydonor" sleep came to i..o at
once.   It   seemed    really    wonderful
how quickly  it did come.   Since then
I have ban  growing gradually  better nnd this spring I  was examined
h.v the same doctors    who had  previously  pronounced  on my case and
"■hoy said it was really   remarkable
"i('    improvement   that    had    takvn
I'luco in my condition.   I used    the
"Oxydonor" in my bed for   throe or
four weeks and Hnd It a ready relief
whenever I    urn troubled with    in-
■"'■ninla.   1 might say that I ls*nt the
"Oxydonor" to a friend of mlnowho
was troubled with nervousness    and
Was unable to sleep.     She   told me
that the relief was  instant."
Mr. Mayne is well known In the
''''.v. lie resides at 381 Henderson
block, He was a grocer for some
yoarB, but was obliged to give up
Ills business und is now a city contractor.
Wr. W. T. Glbbins. Grain exchange,
Winnipeg, Is representing Dr. Hunch*
•n tho sale of Oxydonor.
A Hovel Alarm Clock.
Many persons to whom the bedroom
candle Is still a familiar article of use
must have noticed how apt the flicker-
log of a caudle at the point of extinction la to awaken a light slec**er. Act-
lhK upon the enme principle is an
flnrm clock that hns been suggested,
consisting of a small electric lamp
occluded rhythmically by a sectoral
■butter, constituting the balance wheel
of au ordinary alarm clock. This
1,1'"P. automatically switched on nt
■no predetermined bour, Is focuBed on
"ii' head of the bi-1. and thus It silent-
'-V* but (bo the Inventor declnres) none
'lie less surely, nwnkeiis the sleeper.—
London Optician.
It Ought to Show Where Lies the
lls.nsl to Success.
"You may do this errand for me, if
you will. Go down to the front of the
store. Near the entrance you will find a
box with a cover. Open the box and
bring me what you (ind in it"
"Ys*s, sir," came back the ready answer from the boy addressed. He had
applied to the gentleman who had sent
him on this errand. Shortly the lad came
hopelessly back. He had not expected
to be given work so soon.
The gentleman took the package the
youth handed to him and sat at his desk
for a moment. Then he turned to the
young man and said:
"I am sorry to tell you that I fear you
are not quite the boy we need. You
wonder why. Let me tell you. It may
help you. When on the way down to
the box, you stopped to stroke tbe kitten's
back. That told that you have n kind
henrt and that you are in the habit of
going about whatever you have in hand
promptly, for you did not stop while you
touched the kitten. You came back
quickly. That was good, but do you see
that you did not close the box after you
left it? There it is, wide open. Ths
cover was down. You may think It a
simple matter, but we are oW'yed in this
world to pay all possible atte_...a." to little things. No, do not go back now. The
time has gone by. Try to think that this
la said to help you another time."
The great man turned away, and that
was the end of tbe Interview.
"That boy will win," the gentleman
■aid when the door had closed between
the two. "He is ln earnest; he Is ready;
he has a good heart. His failure to shut
that box was due to his dejlre to do
promptly what I asked, but just there
he failed. Had he closed the box I
would have given him a place In this
store. I am not troubled to find plenty
of young men who are good and kind
and ambitious, but I do meet with difficulty iu getting those who wlH do their
duty clear through to the end. Stopping
half way Ib not the key to success. Many
youths are tn a burry to get their work
done and be off. The next thing—always
the next thing—fills thc mind of many.
There is a lack of deliberate, persistent
following to tbe last detail.
"I might have lectured that boy for
halt an hour on the importance of thest
things. He might have forgotten it all
the next day. ne will remember the
cause of his failure here. It will minister
to his success elsewhere. To such a boy
failure cuts deep. He will work hard to
keep from doing a thing like tbat again.
So, you see, failure has its uses after all
tt shows where success lies."
Weather Worn  Ilonrils Itetalnrd la
Spite of Chanacs la Firm Names.
People who think that there is no sentiment in commercial life need only wander
about any of the old business centers of
New York to have ibeir beliefs chi.nged.
They will see old signs, some of them in a
stnte of decoy almost bordering on dissolution, on tbe walls of the houses ot the
older firms.
In Borne Instances these signs remain
even though the name of the firm hat
been changed. In cases in which sona
have succeeded to the business many of
the old signs of the firm which established the business are still to be seen. Many
are weather worn and the lettering is almost indistinct, but the present firms do
not permit them to be retouched.
Occasionally the boards split and the
edges break. These ravages are repaired
for safety's sake, but the dim outlines of
the lettering remain.
A sign writer who hnd been called to
repair one of these ancient landmarks In
Greenwich street ssked the head of the
firm, who represents the third generation
In ths concern, if he should not reglld the
"Certainly not," waB the answer, "if I
consented to your doing that, I should expect the business of this firm to fail."
In some cases In which new names have
succeeded to tbe business old signs have
been removed trom the outer walls and
placed Inside. In an office In a Broadway
■tore there Is an old wooden sign suspended over the desk of the grandson of the
founder of the firm, who is at the bead of
the business.
"I couldn't think of leaving the old sign
out of doors at night," said the young
man, who looked ut It with a glow ot
pride. "I hove heard my father Bay that
when that sign was first pnt up by his father all tbe merchants ln this part of the
town came over ond looked at It and admired It, and my grandfather gave them
a dinner on account of it. If I ever go
out of business, that sign goes to my
There Is an old sign over the main entrance to the office of an old concern in
William street which has no connection
with the firm doing business in the place,
bnt the firm has steadfastly declined to
have it removed, although thc old firm
went ont of existence nearly SO years ago.
Hew Use For Necktie.
"While I was over in the Arkansas
mountains one winter on a bunting trip
my guide and I came across a sugar maple orchard where two men were collecting and boiling down the Bap," said a
Memphis man.
"We sat around with the native awhile
and ate maple sugar. Wben we started
to leave, one of tbe men who had been
regarding my tie very closely UBked the
guide In a low voice why 1 wore that rag
around my neck.
" 'That's to keep his nose from bleeding,' replied the guide, who was a man of
Borne humor.
"Ab we walked away I heard the natives telling each other how sorry tliey
felt for me on scs-nsint of my affliction."'
Experience of Both his Wife and
r.as-l, lm*s Teste.I the I'nwer ot Ootid'* Kld-
lls-y I'lllis Kuril Imss As'lilrss.sl lilts SS1S1IISS
Ks-ssslt— Uoslsi'.. KlUsiey Pill* have curl-it tlieiss lis t s.
Dromore, Ont., May 27.—(Special)
—Mr. George Sackett drives the suigc
between Dromore and Holstein. That
he is known throughout the country
side goes without saying. When ho
was in trouble a short while ago ho
had the sympathy therefore of more
than thc few iminediato friends and
neighbors a man in another walk
would have.
Mr. Sackett thought at one time he
would have to give up the stage. Sitting up on the driver's seat day in)
and day out, rain or shine, hot or
cokl, he contracted a serious disorder. His kidneys became weakeasjd
from the continual exposure. They
gratluully gave him more and isiuie
trouble. He felt that he couldn't
keep up a.uch longer.
It is nine miles from Dromore to
Holstein. That means a round trip
of eighteen miles. Two trains a day
would make thirty-six miles of driv-
s s- iiuui*'ino this in a wet, driving
snow storm of March or February to
a man in a delicate state of health.
Mr. Sd*ckett did not give up driving the stage. Instead he sought the
help of Dodd's Kidney Pille. Did he
line help ? Read his own letter, a
letter which tells also that his wife
proved the truth of the »aylug:
"Dodd's Kidney Pills are woman's
best friend."
"Having used other largely advertized rsmiedies and all the mi-di-'ines
recommended to me by my friends
for Kidney Trouble and cxcrutluting
Backache without the slightest relief,
I was in despair. In the nick of time
I was induced to try Dodd's Kidney
Pills and can never be too thankful
for tho advice which prompted rue to
do so. They simply took hold of
my trouble and lifted it off me. I
never heard of anything which gives
such instant relief.
"My wife owes even more to Dodd's
Kidney Pills than I do. Her case
was worse than mine. Mrs. Sacks-It
would not be alive today only for
Dodd's Kidney Pills. Both my wife
and myself can truly recommend
Dodd's Kidney Pills for they do what
they are claimed to do."
Willing to Help.
Struggling rastor— Nearly all the congregation have Bubicribed liberally for
the building fund, and I feel sure that 1
also have your hearty co-operation. How
much will you—
Mrs. Leader—I-et me see. Oh, I am
the only member who has a carriage, 1
Struggling Pastor—Yes. The rest are
Mrs. Leader—Well, I will drive round
and collect the subscriptions.
Mrs. Snakebite—Well, come now—
nobosly could tell by my face that I
had a fiery temper, could they ?
Mr. Softy—No. certainly not. But
they might from tho face of your
McDeod, Severn Bridge, wrlto.: "I owe s
debt of gratitude to DR. THOMAS' ECLECTRIC OIL for curing me of a severe
cold that troubled me Dearly all last winter." Io order to give a quietus to a
hacking cough, takst a dose of DR.
day, or oftener If tbe cough spells render
It necessary.
God help the sheep when tho wolf
is shepherd.
Young doctor—Did you ever make
a mistake in a diagnosis ?
Old Doctor—Yes. A shabby old
fellow came into my office one day,
and nfter T had tola him he had a
stomach ache and charged him two
dollars, I found out that he was
rich enough to have appendicitis.
Deafness Cannot Be Cured
by local applications, aa they cannot reach tha
dbaaied portion of the s*ar. There la only one
way to cure il*-afness*., and that ll by constitutional rems-dls-s Uoaineae la caused by an ln-
tlamett eondltlan s>f the inui-oua Unlng of the
Ktutarhian tube. When this tube gets Inflamed yon have a rumbling found or lmpertect
licnring, and when it ia entirely cloeeu ds-afneaa
la the result, and unless the Inflammation caa
tie taken out and this tuba restored to Its normal condition, hearing will be destroyed forever) nine oaaea out of ten ere caused by catarrh, which la nothing but au Inflamed condition of the mucous surfaces.
We will five One Hundred Dollars for any
cane of Deufneat (caused by catarrh) that can
not be cured by Hall's Uatarrb. Care. Head for
elrcelars, free. j CHEM-,T ft ^ Toto4o 0
Sold by Druggists., 76c
Ball ■ Faml_r_»lll» art the
The Doomed Doar.
Indignant Ike— Dot cur o' yeurn bit
me. lady.   Wot ye goln to do'bout it?
Housewife—Oh, I shan't do anything
for him, but just let him dis. We were
going to polioa him anyway.—Chicago
To I.lvss Diss* Hiisislrr.l Yean.
These are Sir .John Sawyer's nineteen     rules     -for living one hundred
1. Eight hours sleep.
2. Sleep on your  right side.
8. Keep your bedroom window
open all night.
4. Have a mat to your bedroom
5. Do not havo your bedstead
against the wall.
0. No cold water In tho morning,
but a bath at the temperature of the
7. Exercise beforo breakfast.
8. Eat little meat and seo that it
is  well cooked.
9. For adults.    Drink no milk.
10. Eat plenty of fat to feed the
cells  which  destroy disease germs.
11. Avoid Intoxicants, which destroy  those cells.
11!. Daily exercise in the open air.
13. Allow no pot animals in your
living rooms.
14. Llvo ln tho country If you can.
15. Watch tho three D's—drinking
water, damp, drains,
18, Have change of occupation.
17. Take frequent anil short holidays.
18. Limit your ambition.
10. Keep your temper.
OUT OF SORTS—Symptoms, Headache.
loBHof uppctlte, lurred tongue, and general
Indisposition. These symptoms, If neglected, develop Into acute disease lt Id a trite
saying that " an ounco of prevention is
wsiith a tvound of euro," and n little attention at this isolnt may save months of slck-
ni'Bs nnd large doctor's bills. For this com-
plaint tako from two to three of Parnielce a
Vegetable Pllll mi going to bod, and one-or
two for three nights In buccohsIou, and a
euro will bo effected.
-mm Au^cii
Mme. Modjeska is no longer under a
decree of banishment and may return
to her Poland If she will.
In his boyhood laziness was the pre-
vailing sin of Kitchener. His father
sent, blm to a school for girls aa a heroic remedy.
(Senator Warren of Wyoming la tbe
only man of his business In tlie senate.
He Is an undertaker In Cheyenne, although proprietor of a general store.
Baron Armand Rothschild of Paris,
the nephew of the late Baron Rothschild, will take over the direction of
the Rothschild banking bouse ln Frankfort.
Former Speaker Thomas ft. Reed
says tbat be is eschewing politics uot
only in his actions, but ln his conversations. He is a lawyer now, and a lawyer only.
Two of tbe very greatest men of the
nineteenth century were born on one
and the same day—Charles Darwin and
Abraham Lincoln, who both first saw
light on Feb. 12,1809.
Captain Nehemlah Mayo Dyer, who
commanded the cruiser Baltimore during the battle of Manila Bay on May 1,
IS98, has been placed on the retired list
by reason of the age limit
The Duke of Abruzzl, in honor of his
own expedition, was tbe other day declared by tbe local government a citizen of Rome upon the occasion of his
lecture on the polar regions.
Charles a Francis, the new TJnlte**.
States minister to Greece, is a splendid
oarsman and ln 1870, during his senior
year at Cornell, won the single scull
championship in tbe Intercollegiate regatta.
Reformer Rils thinks that if Mrs. Nation were to use her hatchet tn smashing the frying pans of Kansas she
would accomplish more lasting good
than can come from demolishing saloon glassware.
General Joe Wheeler ln tbe course of
a recent Interview remarked that It
was harder work being a soldier now
than of old, because there were not so
many autograph collectors ln the days
of the civil war.
Dr. James Warrenne Sunderland,
founder of what Is believed to be the
world's first college for the higher education of women, recently celebrated
his eighty-eighth birthday at his borne
In Collegevllle, Pa.
The will of the late General Leonard
A. Dickinson of Hartford leaves half
of his residuary estate to St. Thomas'
church In that city nnd one-fourth each
to the Hartford hospital and tbe Hartford Orphan asylum.
Colonel Curtis Guild, Jr., of Boston
protested that he could not accept the
brigadier generalship of tbe Second
brigade of tbe Massachusetts militia
and was nevertheless chosen to tbe position. He bas now declined It, saying
he could not nccept It without too great
a personal sacrifice.
Love mny be blind, but in financial
matters  it has a sensitive touch.
No man is truly wise who has never
awn up ■ ngninst at least one Ounco
casloned by the want of action in tho billiary
ducts, loss of vitality in the etoratich toee-
cre o the gastric juices, wiihout which digestion cannot go on; al t> being the principal
cnueeo. hcadtiche. Parmelce'e Vegetable
1'iIIb taken before going lo bed, for a while,
never fail to give relief and effect a cure.
Mr. r. W. AfhdOwn, Ashdown, Ont.. writes!
"Pannelee'a Hlisaie taking the It-ad againat
ivn o.her makes which 1 have in stock.
(From the Angelus.)
I stood by the window one evening
Ah the sun wus sinking low,
And  the    shadows    a   mantle    were
To cover the earth below,
And the crimson gates of the west
Were flooded with amber and gold-
A gleam of the home of the blest,
Whoso glories to us are untold.
And I wondered if thc bright angels,
When    they boro   our    loved    ones
To the beautiful home o'er the river,
Where life Is nn endless day.
Passed through these    cloud.H  bright.
and golsien
As they went to   tho land of   the
If heaven  lies just  over yonder.
Near the golsien gates of tho west.
the Ils-sst Doetoi a' and Hoepltal Trs>atiiiossi
rail-il to Help Her, unsl Sli« Uud -VI-
mssat l.ss-t Ilsspe of livir llelug Well
Again Hst Km sss-Nt Advice to Other
Su Heresa.
One of the most common, a '"■
same time one of the most to „_,
dreaded ailments which alllicts the
people of this country is nervous debility. The causes leading to the
trouble are various, overwork or
worry being among the most prominent. Dut whatever the cause, the
atliiction is one that makes life u
burden. Such a sufferer for years was
Miss Margaret Gillis, of Whim Road
Cross, P. E. I. Her life was one of
almost incessant misery, and sho had
come to look upon her condition as
incurable, when Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills were brought to her notice, and
to this life-giving, nerve restoring
medicine she now owes health and
happiness. Miss Gillis tells of her
illness and cure as follows : "For the
past eight years my life has been one
of constant misery. My nervous system was shattered, and I was reduced to a mere physical wreck. My
trouble began in one of tho ailments
that so frequently afflict my sex. I
was irritable and discouraged all the
timo, and life did not seem worth
living. For seven years I was under
trisatment by doctors. I even went
u> Boston and entered a hospital
where I remained (or some time.
While there the treatment temporarily benefited me, but soon my condition was worse than ever. Finally
my nervous trouble took the form of
spasms which caused more suffering
than words can tell. When thus attacked I felt as though I was literally being torn apart. I would frequently became unconscious and some
times would remuin in tbat condition
for half an hour. I have sometimes
had as many as six of these spasms
in a week, and no one who has not
similarly suffered can imagine the
titvd. woriiout, aepressed feeling
which followed. Doctors seemed ut-
ts*rly unable to do anything for me,
ansl those years of misery can never
bo forgotten. Then I began taking
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, and in a
short while found them helping mc.
Then another doctor told me he could
cure me. 1 (topped taking the pills,
and liko the dag- in the fable, while
grasping as the shadow I lost thc
substance. I was soon in as wretched condition as ever. The pills were
the only thing that had ever helped
me and I determined to begin them
again. I continued to take them for
nearly nine months, the trouble gradually but surely leaving me, until I
am nn .v in almost perfect health and
fully released from what I at on*?
time thought would prove a life of
constant misery. 1 cannot praise Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills too highly, nor
can I too strongly urge thase who
are ailing to test their wonderful
health restoring virtues,"
In thousands and thousands of
cases it has been proved that Dr.
Williams' I'ink Pills are the greatest
blood builder and nerve restorer medical science has yet discovered. Tho
pills act spst'slily and directly upon
the blood and the nerves, and thus
reach the root of the trouble, effecting thorough and permanent cures.
Other medicines merely act upon the
symptoms, and when the patient
ceases using them they soon relapse
into a condition as bad as before.
Thi-re is no trouble due to poor blood
or weak nerves which these pills will
not cure. Those who are sick or ailing arc urged to give this medicine a
fair trial, and are cautioned against
the nuiiuTous imitations which souls'
dealers offer. The genuine pills always hear the full name. Dr. Williiuns' Pink Pills for Pale People" on
the wrapper around  the box.
Talk is cheap, but it's votes   that
■HARD'S LHHEKT ll tse. HT F_YS.Clail.
•AOIJH ii jo uq ibtioj nqi sinS <si|H jj
'A\miA"tnt ino ii pup; n.oiis inq no_J ing
'A\ou*.| O) TsqSiio oi|s mini |,sunsk b.ii
tllltnoM Tl   SMI.I.IisA*.   SuttnA'Utl   B.O-.Iln   n
•pu.itj jaij. U0 pintis oi ptiq BOB ji
'MOUmilOH  1)   I'll  l.llf   p,0l|8   Mllll**   om
' pmu /CpiKuru s,oi|s mood siqj,
-pip  V  BO KIU.IO   UOl   JOflWAV   II,OM 'AVON
MINARD'S LINIMENT Lumtierian's Friend.
Thi-re is a lit He sottlement of N,-w
Hampshire people in Kiowa county.
Col. Among other things, they
brought with them the New Hampshire aversion to using any more
worsls in conversation than are absolutely necessary. Two ssf them met
on the ronsl recently ami imlulgtil in
the  following dialogue :
"Mornin', Si."
"Mornln', John."
"What'd you givv* your horse for
bots ?"
"Tiirpi'titlne." *
A few days later the men met
again und here's the way a bard luck
story was told in mighty fow words:
"Mornin',  SI."
"Mornin', John."
"What'd you give your horso for
bots ?"
"Killed mine."
"Mine too."
The noblest pursuit    of woman is
an honest man.
Ask for Minart's ant take bo otter.
The dog that speaks with his tail
Is something of a wag.
It's easy raough for a man to   be
satisfies! with his lot when it is seu-
trally located in a large city.
Worms cause feverlshness, moaning and
testiest ness during sleep. Mother Graves'
Worm Exterminator is pleasant, Blue and
effectual. If your druggist has.- none ln
etook, get him to procure it for you.
A new broom may sweep clean,
but in the hands of a woman who
hns had an argument with her husband an old one is equally effective.
Are you a sufferer with corn* f If you
are get a bottle of Holloway's Corn Cure,
lt has never been known to fall.
Dashfulness and awkwardness are
Cholera snd all summ r comp'aints are so
quick in their action thst the cold hand of
iis-ath Is upon the victims before they are
aware that danger is near. If attacked do
not delay in getting tho proper medicine.
I ry a dose of Dr. A. O. Eellogg's Dysentery
Cor J ial, and you will get immediate ledef.
It acta with wonderful rapidity and never
fn.lit to effect a cure.
The   course   of   true love   hae too
many sidetracks.
lie) HUBF. USfMOt IB til Hi-tit
Mistress—What are you staring at,
Nellie ?
Nellie—Oh, please ma'am, with
your hair like that and your diamonds, you do look so like Lady
Plantaganet Gingham that I was
(Jwn maid to I Are you any relation, ma'am ?
Mistress—No—at least, no near relation. But you can have that pink
ailk shirt-waist of mine, Nellie.
a perfect liquid dentifrice for the
Teeth ami Mouth
Large LIQUID and POWDER, 75c   (b V
At all Stirji, or by M sil for the price.
HALL -.RUCXEL, New York.
&LL.W00L MCA B00FIN& EteS&i®
estal.Ur.hs-d. ID ys ure trial. A home industry
Encourage it. NEWARK of American Fmpei
Pel ting, which crocks In oar c-Uuato- If or aaiD
piss au l testimonials opply tp
W. G. FONSECA, (So'e Agent)
G04 M.iln &tres*t, WINNIPEG
lsausr of Marriage Llocnaea
Supplies fur nil ni-kes sif sewing machines I
M Poring,, nre. MWIW MACHIII CO. )
Brass Band
Inatrniisfinu. Prussia, Unlforme, Eta.
Loweat pricea ever quoted. Fine catsslogoa
60u tlluatratlonn mblled tree. Write tu fer ear
thing In Muale or Mual. al Inatru-aante.
Whaley Eoyce * Oo., ^fc^;; u*\.
lis1—Let mo kneel in the dust nt
your feet, Maggie, and tell you htsw
much I adore you I
iShc—I bop your pardon, but tlii're
is no dust on our carpets.
I Kcconiinciid
to all mothers who want their babies
to have pink, clean, clear, and
healthy akin.
Made of tlss* flucat materinla.
No as .ap, wherever made, la lietter.
liaaufactu.-cra of the Celebrated
* .♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦!
Wo nre in neoil of n  few  reliable agente
throughout the country tss hnnills* our
Good profit and quick wiles.   For particu.
i'U*. itsldriwM
till-: INOARDBIOBNt OAfl LAMP   Co.,
81S >iisiis st., Winnipeg.
W. N. U. No. .120.
:t: i'"'
•' •
Sozodont fortneTeethandMouth 25c r
i ,».
J1  .*■
■ *;•    ■■;
;  ■;■-
•1 "HI'f'L
■ .*■*"
t "'".
1  n
\      1 "1
1      ■
1   v-1
1        11
* .', : -
-C. K. Smitherinsulk, Editor and Prop
•SLOCAN,      •      •       -       -      B. C.
Legal Advertising 10 cents a line for
the ffrat insertion and 5 cents a line each
eubsequent insertion.
Certificates of Improvement, $7 each.
Transient advertisements at same rates
ma legal ad ves Using.
Locals will be charged 10 cents a line
,.or each insertion.
Commercial Rates made known upon
The Subscription is |2 per year, strictly in advance; »2.50 a year if not so paid.
'   Address all letters to—
Slocan, B. C.
FRIDAY, JUNE 7th, 1901.
A pencil mark in the space
.opposite will be an indica-
WB*. to you that ye editor
-Considers thereis something
-doming to him on your sub-
SUription. Kindly acknowledge  in cash and oblige.
The lake has dropped a little darning the week.
Miss Hammond was visiting friends
;in town this week.
Mis* Funk and her grandmother
left on Thursday for Seattle. Wash.
Supt. Downic, of the Kootenay division of the C. P. R, was here on
Ed. Haley shot a young bear close
to the Arlington wagon road, Friday
1 evening.
B. S. Birchall, of Sandon, has taken
a position on the clerical staff at the
M. Cameron had one of his best
horses killed by a train, Friday, just
below the Y.
The Royal Hotel has been closed
down and the furniture  removed
[ from the building.
Mrs. Bentley, wife of R. I. Bentley,
M.D., and child, returned home Friday from a visit to the coast,
The demand on advertising space
this week has crowded out several
squibs of more or less interest
Many names are being added to
the muster roll of the rifle club, there
' being 43 signatures on Saturday.
Five bridges in all were taken out
on Lemon creek, besides much dam-
'■age don**) to the road by high water.
DaveWbiteley returned from the
. Kettle river country during tbe week,
j bringing some rich ore from his
Nurse Milne, of the M. U. General
Hospital, has declined a flattering offer to return to the Toronto General
Capt. McMorris is in temporary
Dissolution of Partnership.
NOTICE is hereby given that the partnership heretofore exitting between the
'undersigned, in a contract for getting
out mining timber at the  Speculator
' mine, lias this day been diasolved by
mutual consent.   The contract will be
'carried out by Henry Stevenson,to whom
' all accounts mast be paid and who will
"liquidate all debtscontracted by the said
Dated at Slocan, B.C., this 31st dsy of
M»v, 1901. 7-6
Notice to Delinquent Co-owner
,To M. B. Merritt, or to any person or
pemons to whom ke may have transferred his one-tilth interest in the Nix
Fractional mineral claim, situated at
the head of the last south fork of Tea*
' Milecreek.Slocaa City mining division.
You are hereby notified that we have
expended tbe sum of two hundred and
I* five dollars in labor and improvements
"upon  the above   mentioned    mineral
claim, in order to hold  said  mineral
' claim under the previa ions of the Mine*
' ral Act, and if within DO days from the
date of this notice you fail or refuse to
contribute your proportion of such ex-
' penditure, together with all costs of advertising, your interest in  aaid claim
'.will become the property of the subscribers, under section four of an act entitled "An Act to amend the Mineral
"Act 1900."
Dated this 30th day ef April, 1901.
B. O'NEIL,      J. M. Mc-GRBGOK,
.3**   P. NOLAN,      J. RADCLIFF.
-^.quor License Act, 1900.
*THX   follow'-**-   applications     have    been
received   for Retail   Liquor    Lioenaea,
and Will lie comideresl by the Board of Li-
eenae Conmlaelooera for the  Sloean Lioanae
* metric*., at the Court Hones*., New Denver, on
Haturdar, the 15th day of June, IB01, at Ten
■ o'clock a.m. :—
Oethinc * HenderasHi, Blocan.
W. A. Alexander,
Teetere* Butoer,
'eft Baty,
Alex. Stewart,
fl. A. Hleka, »
David Sloan,
M*t4a Lavell,
Uriaaotl * McKinnon, ArUnetoo Baiin.
H. Oi Keefor, Lemon Creek.
A. O. Allan, Vevejr.
Louie LeTeaque, Robaon.
S. A. McsUout, Slocan Junction.
Dated at the Cllr of Blocan thla 80th .la»- of
Mar, WM*
Chief Lkem*> luapector.
command of the Slocan, Capt. Seaman being laid off with a lame back,
having got injured on the barge on
Fred Sammons and Harry Stevenson, who were getting ont timber at
the Speculator, nave dissolved partnership. The latter will carry on the
W. E. Newman and Mrs. A. E.
Blench were married in Spokane last
week. On their return heroThurs
day, the band tendered them a complimentary serenade.
Owing to the press of other duties,
H. D. Curtis has resigned from the
advisory board of the hospital. His
successor will be taken from the new
city council, when elected.
Next Sundav wlU be the last for
Rev. Mr. Roberta as pastor of the
Methodist church here. F. S. Okell,
the newlv appointed pastor, will be
here for tbe following week.
A baseball club was organized here
on Saturday, with D. S. McVannel,
lion, president; F. Rothermel, president; L. Howson, captain; J. Fisher,
sec.-treasurer; St. C. Wood, N. McMillan, and Harry Cleve, executive
committee. A complete outfit of
goods has been sent for.
Steam Boiler Inspectors' Examination.
APPLICATIONS for examination for Stenm
» Boiler Inapeetor8 will bis received by the
Chief Inapector of Steam Boilers, New Wssst-
minster, B.C., up to June 10th, 1901. Applicants
muat be between the aires of SS and 50 years,
thoy muat have has) at least fivo years' practical
workshop experience as machinists or boiler
makers, and must also havs* a thorough understanding ot steam engineering.
Forms of particulars may be obtained, on request of intending applicants, from tlie Chief
Inspector of Steam Boilers, New Westminster,
B.C., and must be properly tilled in nnd returned to him oo or before tbe above-mentioned
The candidates selected for examination will
then be notified as to date and place of examination.
Tbe salary will be S10S per month.
Chief Commissioner of Lauds A Works.
Lands anil Works Department,
Victoria, B.C., 22nd May, 1901.
DUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given to the elec*
ton of tho Municipality of the City of Sloean, that I require thn presence of tbe said electors at tho bntlding situate on tho north half of
Lot 8, Block A, Slocan, on the 15th day of June,
1901, at IS o'clock noon, for the purpose of electing persons to represent them in the Municipal
Council as Mayor and Aldermen.
Tbe mode of nomination of candidates shall
be aa follows;
Tlie candidates shall be nominated in writing;
tbe writing shall be subscribed by two voters of
tho Municipality as proposer and seconder and
shall bo delivered to the Returning Officer at
assy time between tho date of the notico and 2 p.
m.of tho day of the nomination; and in the
event of a poll being necessary such poll will be
open on the Snd .day of June, 1901, nt said
building, of which everybody is hereby required
to take notico and govern himself accordingly.
Tbe persons qualified to be nominated for and
elected Mayor of such City at the first elections
and bye-olectlons to be held during the yen ra
1901 and 1902, shall be such persons as are male
British subjects of the full age of twenty-one
years, aad are not disqualified under any law,
(a.) Are at the date of nomination the assessed owner of land or real property in the
City of the value of one thousand dollars
over and above any registered Incumbrance, and are otherwise qualified to
vote at such election; or
(b.) Who are at tho date of nomination tbe
sole tenants in possession of land or real
property in the City of the value of two
thousand dollars under lease* in writing
for not less than one year, and are otherwise qualified to vote at such election;
(c.) Who are at the date of nomination the
members of a partnership firsts, or shareholders of a joint stock company, which
is at the said date of nomination the assessed owner of land or real property in
the City of the value of one thousand
dollars over and above any registered
incumbrances, and whose individual interests in ssid partnership or company
land is of not less value than one thousand dollars, and sirs otherwise qualified
to vote at such election.
The persona qualified to be nominated for and
elected as Aldermen of such City at the said first
election, and at all elections and bye-elections
to be held daring the yean 1901 and 1902, shall
he such persons as are male British subjects of
the full age of twenty-one years, and are not
disqualified under any law, and
(a.) Aro at the date of nomination tbe assessed owners of land or real property in
the City of the value of fivo hundred
dollars over and abovo any registered
iucumbranee,and are otberwiae siualifiod
to vote at such election; or
Who are at the date of nomination the
sole tenants in psiasessionof land or real
property in the City of tho value of one
thousand dollnra under lease in writing
for not less than sine year, and aro otberwiae qualified to vote at aueb election t
Who are at the date of nomination the
memburs of a partnership firm, or shareholders of a joint stock company, which
is at the said date of nomination tbe as-
Missed owner of Isnd or real property In
the City of the assessed value of five
hundred dollars over nnd abovo any registered incumbrances, and whose individual interest in said partnership or
company land la of not less value than
five hundred dollars, and are otherwise
qualified to vote at such election.
Given under my hand at the City ot Slocan,
British Columbia, the 7th day ot June, A. D.
Returning Officer.
Province of British Columbia.
KDWARD VII., by the Grace of God, of the
United Kingdom of Great Britain and
Ireland, Kimu, Defender of the
Faith, Ac., Ac, Ac.
To all to whom these presents shall come.—
. „*?" *• •*■■"■»■""*.. ', WHEBEA** it la provid-
Attorney-Oeneral,' VV ed b, ie0ti01l .. of
obaptertp, of the Statutes of 1901, being the
"Slocan Incorporation Act, 1901," that it shall
be lawful for the Lieutenant-Governor in Council forthwith, witIsssut requiring tha Inhabitants
jf the hinds proposed to bo iuoorporatod to ob
serve the provisions of section S of chapter 143
of tho Revised Statutes of British Columbia, being the "Municipalities Incorporation Act,'as
enacted by section 2 of chnpter 55 of the Statutes of 1(199, by Letters Patent under the Public
Seal, to incorporate under ths said "Municipalities Incorporation Act" Into a city tho tract of
laud hereinafter set out; and that such Letters
Patent shull have tho same foroe and effect us
Letters Patent issued under the provisions and
nfter compliance with all the formalities of the
said "Municipalities Incorporation Act," savo
and except as provided in said "Slocnn Incorporation Act, 1901":
And whereas tbe Honourable Sir Hrnri Uus"
tavx Jolt oa Lotbiniebe, Lieutenant-Governor of Our Province of British Csslumbia.by and
with the advice of the Fxecutivo Council, under
and by virtuo of the powers and authorities conferred upon him by the said Acts, and of all
otber powers and authorities him in that behalf
enabling, hath ordered that all the following
fsarcel or tract of land situate, lying and being
n the District of West Kootenny, in the Province of British Columbia, and more particularly known, described and numbered as Lot £92,
Group 1, upon the official map of the said District, containing 196 acres, more or less, and tho
inhabitants thereof, shall, on, from and after
the 1st day of June, 1901, be incorporated sis a
City Municipality under the said Acts, and hath
made further provision to the tenor and effect
hereinafter appearing:
NOW KNOW VE, that by those presents WE
do hereby order and proclaim that tho locality
hereinbefore described, und the inhabitants
thereof, shall, on, from and nfter the 1st day of
Juue, 1901, be incorporated as a City Municipality, uuder and subject to the provisions of the
"Municipalities Incorporation Act," and the
"Slocan Incorporation Act,1901," nnd under and
subject to tho provisions hereinafter contained
or referred to.
The said Municipality shall be called and
known by the name and style of "The Corporation of the City of Slocan."
The said Municipality shall comprise all those
pii*ces or parcels ssf land hereinbefore described.
The Council shall consist of a Mayor and six
Aldermen, and tho whole number present at
each meeting thereof shall not be less than four.
The nomination for the first election of a
Mayor and Aldermen shall be held at the building situate on tho north half of Lot 8, Block A,
Slocan, on the 15th day of June, A.D. 1901, at 12
o'clock nsK.ii, and the polling (if any) shall be
at said building, on the 22nd day of Juno, A.D.
1901, and shall continue for ono day only, and
tho poll shnll be kept open between tho hours ot
10 A.M. and 4 p.m., and Henri Robert Jorand, of
Slocan, Barrister-at-Law, shall be the Returning
Officer thereat.
The persons qualified to be nominated for and
elected Mayor of such City ut the. first elections
and bye-elections to be held during the years
1901 and 190S, shall be such persons as aro male
British subjects of tha full nge of 21 years, and
are not disqualified under any law, and
(a.)   Are at tbe datoof nomination the assessed owners of land or real property in the
City of the value of one thousand dollars
over and above any registered incumbrance, and are otherwise qualified to
vote at such election; or
(b.)   Who are at the date of nomination the
sole tenants In  possession of land or
real property in the City of the value of
two tlsousnnd dollars under lease in
writing for not less than one year, and
are otherwise qualified to vote at such
election; or
(c.)   Who are at the date of nomination the
members of a partnership firm, or shareholders of a joint stock company, which
is at the said date of nomination the
assessed owner of land or real property
in the City of the value of one thousand
dollars over and nbove nny registered incumbrances, and wlisise individual interest in aaid partnership or company land
is of not less value than one thousand
dollars, and are otherwise qualified to
vote at such election.
The persons qualified to be nominated  for
and elected as Aldermen for such City at the
said first election, and at all elections nnd bye-
els*ctions to be held during the years 1901 and
1902, shall be such persons ns are male British
subjects of the full age of 21 years, and are not
disqualified under any law, and
(a.) Are at the date of nomination the assessed owners of land or real property in
the. City of the value of fivo hundred
dollars over and above any registered
incumbrances, and aro otherwise qualified to tote at such election; or
(b.) Who are at the date ot nomination the
sole tenants in possessiosi of land or real
{iroperty In the City of the value of one
housand dollars under loaae in writing
for not less than one year, and are otherwise qualified to vote at such election;
(c.)   Wbo are at tht*. date of nomination the
members of a partnership firm, or share-
holiters ot a joint stsiek company, which
is at tho saiddute of nomination the assessed owner of laud or real property in
the City of the value of five hundred dollars over and above anv  registered incumbrances, and whose individual interest in said partnership or company land
is of not loss value than five hun.ired
dollars, and aro otherwise qualified to
vote at such election.
The persons qualified to vote for Mayor and
Aldermen at the first election, and at all elections and bye-elections to be held during the
year 1901, shall be all persons who aro male
British subjects of the full ago of twenty-one
years, and have resided within the limits of tho
City for the three months next preceding tho
date of such election, and
Who are tho assessed owners of lands or
real property situate within tho Munici-
are the tenants in possession of
lands or real proporty situate within the
Municipality, paying therefor a rental
having a monthly value of at loast fivo
and who shall, before the day of sneh election,
have applied to tbe Returning Officer and have
had their names placed on the list of electors
for such election.
Until the said Municipality is divided into
wards, the Mayor and Aldermen shall be elected
by those qualified to vote in the whole City.
The Mayor and Aldermen elected at the first
election shall hold office until his successor, or
a majority of their successHsrs. have boon sworn
In, unless he or they shall die or resign or become disqualified.
It shall no tbe dutv of the Returning Officer to
enter in a book, in alphabetical order, the
names, addresses and occupations of all persons
qualified to */ote as aforesaid, who make application to him, as aforesaid, to have their nnmes
fslaced on such list, and such list shall be the
1st of the electors for such elections.
Before the name of any parson shall be placed
on the list, ho sball make aad sign • declaration
tn writing, before some person authorised to
administer oaths, setting fssrth his name, address, occupation and qualifications as aforesaid, which declaration shall be filed with the
Returning Officer.
Such list and declarations sball be open to inspection by any person withiu lawful hours.
Any person may complain that his name is
improperly omitted from the voters' list.or that
any other name Is Improperly inserted thereon,
and may apply to any Judge of the Supreme or
County Court to haye bis name inserted thereon
or to have any names improperly inserted
thereon struck off the said list. In such latter
cam reasonable notice, to bo determined by the
Judge applied to, shall be given to tbe person
whose name is proposed to be struck off. The
Judgo shall hear and dispose of all such applications in a summary way, and tbe Returning
Officer shall amend the list In accordauco with
the Judge's decision.
At least six days' notice of the time and place
of nominntton nnd of holding the poll (if any)
shall bo given by the said Returning Officer;
such notico to be posted during that period in
the monnor provides! by section SO of the "Municipal Elections Act."
The Returning Officer shall, on the day of
nomination, at 2 o'clock p.m., announce the
names of the persons put In nomination in that
behalf as candidates for the offices of Mayor aod
Aldermen, as prescribed by the "Municipal
Elections Act."
At the close of the timo for nominating the
candidates the Returning Officer shall deliver
to every candidate, ot agent of a candidate, applying for the same, a duly certified list of the
names of tho several candidates who shall have
been nominated; and any votes given at the
election for any other candidates than those so
nominated shall be null and void.
If, at tho expiration of the time appointed for
the olection sis aforesaid, no more candidates
stand nominates! than there aro vacancios to be
filled up, the Koturning Officer shall forthwith
declare the candidates who may stand nominated to be elected, and return their names to tho
Registrar of the Supremo Court.
No speeches or interruptions to the proceedings of nominating candidates at the hustings
shall lie permlttedby the Returning Officer between tho reading of the notice of elssctissn and
tbo closing of the proceedings on nomination
day by tho Returning Officer.
If, at the expiration of such time, more canst*
idsstes stnnd nominated than there are vacancies to bo filled up, the Returning Officer shall
declare the names of the candidates, and publicly declare the day previously stated in his
urocluruatlon, and the place or places at which
the poll shall be so sipened in the Municipality,
for tho purpose of taking the votea ssf the electors accnrsling tss law: and shall then usl'ussrn
the election, and shall take a poll by ballot.and
shall causa to be posted up notices of big having
haviug granted such poll, indicating the names,
residences, lind occupations of tho candidati's
so nominated, in tho i.rsler In which they shall
be printed on tho ballot papers, which notices
shall, as soon as posalblo after the nomination,
in* placarded in all the places whore the procla
mation for the election was postosl up.
If, after an asljourument of nn election by the
Returning Oflicer for the purpose of taking a
poll, ono of the candidates nominated shall pit
before the poll has commenced, the Returning
Officer shall, upon beiug satisfied of the fact of
such death, countermand notice of the poll, and
all the proceedings with reference to the election shall be commenced afresh; Provided that
nofresh nomination shall be necessary in tho
case of a candidate who stood nominated at the
time of fhe countermand of tho poll.
In case of n poll bssing hold the candidate*
(dulv qunlifled) who shall obtain the greatest
number of votes shall bo Mayor und Municipal
Aldermen respectively. ', ■
Every person qualified to vote shall have
seven votes, being one for each Alderman to bo
eleottsd, and one for Mayor, but he may vote for
any lesB number than seven; Providesl always,
that he shall not cast more than one vote in favour of any one candidate, or vote on more than
one occasion. sVnd In the event of tho numbor
of votes being found to have been equal for nny
two or more candidates, one or more of whom,
but not all of such candidates, being by the
state of the poll entitled to be declared elected,
the Returning Officer shall by a casting vote or
votes, as the case mny be, decide which of the
candidates for whom the votes may be equal
shall be elected; Provided thut tho-said Returning Officer shall not vote except In case of an
equality of votes as aforesaid.
All expenses attendant upon the said election
shall be borne by the said City.
The opening of the ballot boxes and the
counting of the votes shnll be in the presence of
tho candidates if they attend for that purpose.
The Returning Oflicer, after tbe declaration
of tho poll, shall retain the ballot boxes and papers until a Clerk shall be duly appointed, to
whom lie shnll forthwith deliver tho same.
Every person who shnll hnvo presented himself for nomination, and who shall have beeu
elected a Mayor or Municipal Alderman, must
serve for the term for which ho has beeu elected
unless in the case of sickness, nr in default pay
a sum of fifty dollars towards the Municipal
Revenue; such sum, with costs, shall be recoverable by the Clerk of tho Municipality, summarily, before any Justice ssf the Peace.
Any vacancy in tho office of Mayor or Alderman sliall be filled as provided by tho "Municipal Elections Act."
The first meeting of the Council shull he hold
on the first Saturday after the day of election,
at the building situate on the north half of Lot
9, Block A, Slocan. at 2 o'clock In the afternoon.
Until provision be mado by bylaw, in that behalf, all proceedings nt and relating to the
meetings of the Council shall be held and taken
in accssrsinucn with the provisions contained in
tho "Municipal Clauses Act," and all the powers, privileges, and duties of the Mayor and
Council shall do the same as those prescribed
by the said Act.
At the first meeting, or as soon thereafter as
possible, tbe Council may elect a Clerk, Treasurer, Collector, and Assessor, or such other officers as thoy may deem necessary.who shall hold
such office during the pleasure of tho Couucil,
and rocoivo such remuneration ns the Council
ssay by bylaw appoint.
In Testimony Whk»eof, We have caused
these Our Letters to be made Patent, nnd
the Grent Seal of the snid Province to be
hereunto affixed; Witness, the Honourable Sir Hkhki Gdktavr Jolt de Lotbi-
nikre. Lieutenant-Governor of Our said
Province ssf British Columbin, in Our City
of Victoria, In Our said Province, tbls first
day of Juno, one thousand nine hundred
una ono, and in the first year of Our
By Command,
Provincial Secretary.
Gwiilim 6c Johnson,
B. C
J. M. Hiunuuun, * a. s*
Provincial Land Surveyor & Mining
B. C.
Alex. Rogers,
Tonsorial Artist.
The Leading Parlors:
Pioneer Livery
and Feed Stables.
Slocan, B.C.
General Packing" and Forwarding attended to at the
shortest Notice.
Saddle and Pack Hones for
hire at reasonable rates.
New Carpets
and Oilcloths..
Just Arrived.
Furniture, Crockery, Glassware, etc., etc.
fl. D. CURTIS,
Mines,   Real Estate, Insurance, Accountant.
Abstracts   of   Titles  Furnished.
B. C.
We have Just received a
large shipment of
from D. M. Ferry's celebrated Seed House. We sell at
Eastern Prices.
J. L. WHITE 6c Co.
If you have a mine or prospect for sale, send us a full roport, with samples ot
oro, stating price sua terms,
pur facilities for placing a property quickly ar. nnexceUed.
We make a specialty ssf free milling gold properties,
Correspondence solicited.   Address
Rook 4, K-W-C Block, Nelson, B. C.
are now arriving daily and are the
best to ibe obtained. Our Confectionery has a reputation second to none.
Sole agent for celebrated Brantford Bicycle.
Just Arrived
Half a carload of Steel
Ranges and Heating
Stoves. Call and see
our display before purchasing elsewhere.
Dealers in General Hardware,
MAIN STREET,        •       SLOCAN
Agents for Crow's Nest Domestic
and Blacksmith Coal.
The Muroutt Branch
Meets th. second Th ursday in «ach month
at 3 p.m. Nest meeting in the Pres-
byterinn church. All meetings open
to those wishing ti join.
Mas. W. J.Andrews, Mrm.M.D.McKek
President. Cor. .Secretary.
Corker S«. S Mineral Claim.
Situate in the Slocan City Mining Division of West Kootenay District.
Where located :—On the first north
fork of Lemon creek, adjoining the
TAKE NOTICE that I, J. M. McGregor, acting as agent for Joseph Davis,
free minor's certiflcate B26889, and Wm.
intend, sixty days from the date hereof,
to apply to the Mining Uecorder for a
ceitilicate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown grant ot the
above claim.
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, must bo commenced
before tha issuance ol such certificate of
Dated this 18th dav of Mav, 10C1.
24-5-01. J. M. McOKKGOU.
.ilocasi Hols Miut-rn.1 Claim.
Situate in the Slocan City Mining Division of the West Knoienay District
Where located:—Four miles (rom
Slocan City.
TAKE NOTICE that I, William A
Bam-r, acting as tlie authorized agent of
Jamas D. ltyrne, free miner', certificate
No. B44971; BolisHvenceski,froe miner's
certificate No. B3055; and John Wafer,
free miner's certificate No.B38232,intend,
sixty days (rom thn date hereof, to apply
ts the Mining Kecorder (or a certificate
of improvements, (or the purpose ol obtaining a Crown grant of the above
Aud (urther take notice that action,
under section 37, must be commenced
before the issuance of such certificate of
Dated this 31st day of May, 1901.
31-5-01     WILLIAM A. BAUER, P.L.8
SsMttle Mineral Claim.
Situate in the Slocan City Mining Division of West Kootenay District.
Where locatad: On tbe north fork
of Lemon creek, north and west of
the Chapleau mineral claim.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Arthur R.
Barrow, as agent for George E. Weinant,
Free Miner's Certiflcate No. B3H933,
Stillman C. Jackson, Free Miner's
Certificate No. B2H817 and John Damp-
sey, Free Miner's Certiflcate No. B38934
intend, sixty days from the date hereof,
to apply to the Mining Recorder for a
Certificate of Improvements, for the
purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant oi
the above claim.
And further take notice that action,
under 37, must be commenced before tbe
issuance of such Certificate ot Improvements.
Dated this 4th day of June, 1901.
7-fWll A. R. BARROW.
You Can Make
A  Striking  Effect!
By wearing a perfect fitting Butt,
cut in tbe latest style and elegantly
trimmed. Such can be purchased
A. David, the Miner's Tailor,
near the PoitofBce.
Stan City MM Du
No. 6a, W. F. of n.
Meets every Wednesday eveninf-
in the Union Hall, Slocan City, tt
7.30 p.m. Visiting brethren cordially
invited to attend.
Financial Secretary
No More
Have installed a new machine
for manafacturintr Stovepipes
and Airpipes. They go together
like a charm. Patronize home
industry and have an unruffled
We have moved Into our
handsome new store, on
cor. Baker and Stanley
Streets.   Call on us.
Repairing a specialty and all work
forwarded will be guaranteed, and
mail orders promptly attended to.
All Union workmen employed, thus
ensuring skilled attention.
and Jeweler.
Nelson, B.C
Reduoed Bates
May 31st, June 8th.
to Buffalo:
June 4» 18;
July 2,16;
August 6,20.
"Imperial  Limited"
•JUNE 10.
For timetables, rates, and full information call on or address nearest
local agent, or—
Agent, Slocan City
J. S. CARTER,     E. J. COYLE,
D.P.A., A.O. P. A.,
Nelson. Vancouver.


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