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The Slocan Drill 1903-08-28

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Full Text

Don't forget us when you are
in need of fruit jars. Large
stock just received. Shipment
duplicated, so goods must be
sold.   Buy now.      .      .    .
Pints, Quarts & Half Gallons
12.00 PER ANNUM.
|W. T. Shatford & Co.
Having "wcured premisses on Main etiTat, we are prepared to
haiidla' ;ill kinds of Garden Truck, Farm Product.', and Dairy
Products, and ate ojieu ta receive shipments from any of tho
ranchers iu Blocan Valley. A full strjck will be kept on hand.
Householders will be sopplied daily with Crash goods by wagon.
PRICES REASONABLE.    Will handle in quantity for mines.
British Columbia
lis reached by any trail or road
Ithat runs into the Town.
Do not go past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
SLOCAN,   B.  C.
L. H. KNOWLES, Proprietor.
Couislsy Kn.y to I'lisapar.t anil Caiamuai-
Oiitloisa r.oesl -A Ituoifll Autlcl-iated -
NsbI»„ii People Ksssls*»vs»rlug   to  "Jala
Control af the Trad*,
Pew people as yet on the outside.or
for that matter in thu camp, appeal to
reali/.e to the full the nature and ox-
tftnt of tke immense and valuable exposures of ore on the various claims
ritual-*-*-] iu tlm Lemon oreek camp,
more particularly in the vicinity of the
h ladwaters of that stream. A glim-
ma;; of the possibilities of tho conn try
i*1 beginning to appear among Nelson
folk and there in an impression growing that that rich section la nhout to
expi'liijticja boom. Inanticipation of
;i stir, the Nolson people aim to have
the on Six Mile road to Oro opened
Up mid no divert all possible trade to
Kootenay lake. At the same time,
they are claiming all the leading properties in the division as tributary to
that route, which is erroneous. Here
i* the point from which to handle that
trade, an a good trail, on a level grade,
extends from'Slocan right into the
heart of the district, with numerous
branch trails leading up to various
groups; and it Stands the business elc-
iiiBiit iii hand to see that thev do not
claims, to the _ ,„.„..„,.,,,
The lead Is a huge affair and Is ap-1 hadtube MnetratecT beforo the rifld
parwitly the mother lode of the coins- U^ WJta _net, but now the drift is
try, ore cropping out across a width of goils .liaead _,_ ,_,00,-_ K,mp_,. ■*,,„„
seyeral hundred feet, while it is ex- surface stripping done lately on the
OMed for more than a mile in length. No. 1 lead ban exposed 14 inches ol
in character the ore resembles that of r_c|_ 8Ul„hidc oro, the opening being a
the Kossland camp article, and carries now exposure. When met in the cross-
head of Union creek, crosscut tunnel.   A great deal of wash
ITbis popular hotel is convenient to tho boats and trains
iurinlv u_. to -inte while the bar is applied with the best in the market
overlook their opportunities, Most of
the claims are owned here, better
m 'aiis of transportation exist here,aud
full lin?s of supplies mav be purchas-.
ed here just .us reasonable as at Nelson.
Tin* exposures of ore on Lemon
oreek will attract attention, and ciipi->
tai i* certain ti enme is. Free milling'
gold quartz exists ru abundance, as
much so tis at I'oplar creek, while it is
much more easily got at. Specimens
may lx* secured from the Alpine, Cli-
max, Crusatier, Nansen, etc., etc., running thousands of dollar* in gold,
while coarse coll rs may lie panned
from thv wash on anv of the ledges
ami in the creeks. There ar.' scores
■>f formidable exposures of ore to bo
fouud on the mimernii' claims, and
there is still much virgin ground
awaiting the hardy prospector Prom-
Inent claim owners predict an early
stir oa the erec'.;, and every effort
should bo made to divert the tide of
travel from Poplar cr*V.* to this more
worthy section. An extensive collection oi ores should In? put on exhibi
tiou ia Nelson and Spokane, with all
Uhe necessary information, and tin*
The dining room j results will siton ba npparout, Sloean
j should seize her opportunity and make
the most of it.
gold, silver, copper, and some nickel
The deposit is the biggest thing iu the
Folio win,,' is a list of the Conserva
tive candidates nominated in the several ooastitusnoies to date:
Slocan    Win. Hunter.
Greenwood   Dr. Spankie.
Kaslo   Hon. R. F. Green.
Revelstoke   Thos. Taylor.
Nelson   John Houston.
Ymir   Harry Wright.
Yale -T. McManatnoii.
Okanagan   Price Ellison.
Similkameen—L. W. Shatford
Giand Forks- Geo. A. Fraser.
Cranbrook   Thos. Oavin.
New Westminster   T. Gifford.
Bkeena -C. W. Clifford.
Kamloops   F. J. Fulton,
Richmond   P. Venables.
Cowichan   E. M. Skinner.
Chilliwack -J. L. Atkinson.
Travelling men, using Sample Kooins, $2.50per [lay!
without Sample. Rooms, $2; hoard $8 per week-, meuis3.ii!
U-oprsM iimler
I tht old oui.ii t-fment.
Former customer*'
cordlallv Invited to return
The Royal Hotel,
Cor. AH hair Street mat llrluasiy Areune, Sloean.
IB-tWiar thoroughly renovated JAS. CROSS,
\m reil eked with the best   Proprietor.
Fruit, Confectionery, Tobacco
You -an get anything in these lines that you
require from us. Our stock in each is always
kept fresh and well assorted. We handle the
bwtthe market affords.   Prices are right.
I>i» iaUiisla iss Missing.
Appended is a healthy list of dividends thai have been paid by the sil*
vi'r lead mines of tho Slocan camp:
Antoine ?    10.000
Mlalisg Aflflxias-listtsBiB at Itoaalsinil.
At« meeting of thu ex-jcutive committee of t!i«i Provincial Mining Association, held iu Rosslaad thin week,
the appended resolution was adopted:
''Resolved, that this executive of the
Provincial Mining Association of British Columbia urge such government
as may lie in power after the pending
provi-icial elections, to formulate without delay, a policy for tho opening up
and development of all coal lands:
and further resolved, that this executive suggests that, with respect to coal
lands in Southeast Kootenay (not affected   by   any   valid existing legal
claim or right of any person or company)   he government retain the title
io nil Mich, and develop the coal measures contain id  theri'is. by a svst«in
of lea--ing to actual  operators, such
Irrissvs. to contain .stringent provisions
for thy proper equipment, development *"nd continuous operation, aud
fir ths- full protection of ti** British
Columbia consumers of coke aud coal,
as to supply and pri-a.-: and,  further
rcsohvd, that tbe poli y above siir-
' gosted Ih) extondsu to all coal and
! petroleum lands of the province."    it
| wa-; also agreed  that, a letter shoulil
j be (■.-nt to each provincial candidate.
| setting forth tho views of the associa*
< tion with regard to certain reforms
', und asking their opinion ns to thi
I wisdom of tho same, inlbruiing hiin at
1 the same time if a reply was not re-
coivsd within a certain period thai
silence would Ik- taken to mean that
tin* party addi*essed was not in sympathy  with  the association.    It was
also resolved that the assessment act
should be amended to make taxes on
crown gra nt ixl property npportionable
and no tax levied  prior to grant, and
12,000] that the water clause*' act should lie
18,1851 amended to remove ambiguities aud
cut, it will open up a big stoping territory.      	
Acting Mayor .Smith roceivaid the
following letter Monday, from J. E.
Annable, secretary of the Nelson Agricultural -Society, and it affords an opportunity that ahould be lucognized
liy claim owners here:
"The Nelson Agricultural aud Industrial Association hold their first
mutual fair in this city on Septemlier
24th and 25th, and it is tho Intention
to make, along with other things, n
big mineral wxhihit. Arrangements
have been made with the C.P.R. and
the Dominion Express Co. to carry all
specimens free of charge. The specimens from each camp will lie kept together and a diploma will lie issued
for the district miking the best display. Any valuable specimens which
you mav want kept will lie returned
after tho fair, or kept in Nelson as a
permanent exhibit. We will boar all
the expenses in making the exhibit
after the ore has lieen shipped to the
society. Trusting that you will interest your people in helping along
this undertaking, which cannot fail to
be a good advertisement for the Kootenay country."
Idaho Mines      400,000
Last Chance	
Noble Five	
Queen Boss	
Humbler Cariboo.
.Slocnn Star	
27.51 m
■1 inflict of jurisdiction now existing
Aid. VVs.rsl.-Bs Mitrrleil.
The surprise   of   the   season   was
sprung on  the inhabitants hero on
• •;, 11, i,) I Friday morning, by the receipt of the
22().(KKi news that Aid. \Y. E. Worden had
287,000 joined the ranks of tke benedicts the
126,000 evening before at Calgary, his bride
500,000 being Miss Milno, formerly nurse at
20.(XtO: the hospital here.   The bride had left
55,0001 here to visit her relatives in Toronto,
8S,(KK) i previous to going to   Dawson,   but
Whitewater      19*1,000 Cupid willed the northern trip should
wot lie taken.   Not one of their num-
Greatest Attractions and the Big.gest
Amusement   Features  Ever  Secured
•^•n Town Street Carnival Every Night, Vaudeville Specialties and
High Class Circus Features
Special Low Rates on Railroads
oucessbn Privileges for sale.      Write, for Premium
H. O. STIHIVIEL, Sec. and Han*
Uifli- Sbsaa-lhit.
At .Saturday's practice
Rifle Club the following
j made:
j 21**.)   BOO
J. Cross 27     :H
W. S. .1 oh nson.. 25     25
D.S.MoVannel.29 ****-•
Br. Keith 24 21
W. H. Davidson.28 16
,1. McVicar 21 29
H. McMillan..?.21 21
R. MeFarlane... 28 22
J.Wafer 18 17
C.Barber 20 19
H.D.Curtis....— 11
J. Law - 10
H.J.Robertsou..- - —
shoot of thi'
scores wnv
moiis friends here had had the slitfht-
s**-t intimation of the happy event.
However, all join in tendering Mr.and
Mrs. Worden sincere congratulations,
•.ssuriiip. them of a warm reception on
iheir return hither.
2T.1   217    198      879
Silver QnetMtlMS.
Spiitsaue IssUsalistr Fair.
There is every reason to expect
larger crowds at the Spokane Interstate fsir this year thau ever before.
Laat year the attendance from outside
the city was quite remarkable, but
will probably be exceeded by the poo
pie who go to Spokane this year. The
fair opens October 5 and by thnt time
the crops will be cared for in almost
every section of the country. There
.\ill lie prosperity on all sides and
everybody will lie ready for a few days
rest and recreation. Those who have
lii*»n to Spokane recently say nr-
t'knsrements are made for a larger and
Following are the quotations for bar better exposition than at any of lhe
silver on the various days during the
j week since last issue:
i Thursday  5Bi cell
Friday  661    '*
| Saturday  BBS
I .Monday  661    "
■ Tuesday  66J    "
previous fairs.
Aid. Worden and bride are returning here at au early date.
Dave MeKsT-chnie aud wife left en
Saturday on their eastern trip.
Lord Salisbury, England's leading
statesman, died Saturday night.
Dr. Brotise, New Den-rer, was here
Wednesday on professional businesa.
The Brunswick hotel, at Three
Forks, is to lie re-opened by A. Mullen.
A. C. Allen, of Twelve Mile, will reopen the Denver House at New Denver.
Nelson beat Victoria at lacrosse in
Nelson, Weduesdav, bv a score of 11
to 0.
New Denver wants a now principal
for Its school, Geo. Pedlar going to
The Ontario-Slocan Lumber Co.
has placed some large orders for lumber in the Territories.
Liptou's Shamrock has lieen outclassed en all points by the Reliance
ami the cup remains in America.
Born In Silverton.on the 17th inst.,
the wifsts of Wm. Mcintosh, of a son.
On the 28rd, the wife of Hugh Highland, ef a daughter.
Seneca (1. Ketch um, the wandering
printer, and at oue timo chief of police
at Nelson, is dead at Sedro-Woolev.
Local South African volunteers are
receiving many tempting offers from
the outside to part with th«ir land
Col. Holmes came in on Saturday
and spent Sunday here. He inspiicted
the eiiuipment and raugw of the local
gun Club.
Martin Mauror returned on Thursday from a prospe-ctiag trip into Eastern Oregon. He has sine** gone on to
Poplar creek.
On Saturday Wm. Harris shot a
hawk, in front of the Royal Hotel.that
measuiail four and oue half feet from
tip to tip of its wings.
Ou Monday net! the court of revision on the voters' list for the Slocan
riding will Iw held at the record otlice
by Collector Christie.
S. A. Shatford. of Vernon, has lieeu
appointflil returning otiicer for Okanagan. He is a brother of B. A. and W.
T. Shatford, of this city.
The Misses Pochler. who have been
visiting Mr. and  Mrs. Boie for a fort-
I.siat Yi-ni-'a tSlilpiiis-iita Were 0338 Tom—
A Healthy Kvlilenea of tha I.ir« and
"Wealth of the Camp-Kuterprlie tbfa
II ic seat His i ppf. r.
For tho week ore shipments from
this division consist of 40 tons, which
the* Enterprise sent out to Trail. So
far that mine has shipped 515 tous.th*.
bulk of which has been from the los
sees. The latter are understood to be
seeking an extended lease ou the property, which would ensure its operation for a long time to come. Recent
shipments from various properties
have given satisfactory returns, and
the stiffening in the price of silver is
putting more heart into mining men.
To date shipments from th<> division
total Kill tons.
For 1902 the oro shipments from
the local division amounted to •''>.'•.''
tous, made up from 12 properties.
Following is a full li-*-1 of the shipments this vear to -date:
Enterprise '.      40
Black Prince	
Westutiort ,.
Highland Light	
MI*4KS   ANI)   all NINO.
The force at the Reco mine has bec-n
The force en the Republic hai* been
slightly reduced.
Boundary mines last week shippud
1G,3G0 tous of ore.
Last week the Sandon mines shipped 210 tons of ore.
Last week the Rossland mines ship
p**d iWKO tons of ore.
The Star sgroup, near Nelson, Las
been sold for $30,000.
The .loker and Cody Fraction esse
is Hearing a settlement.
Galena ore, worth over 1100 a toil,
has been s'ruck on the Ymir.
Ore shipments from tho entire Slocan have -paaaed the 8000 ton mark.
Tlie Payne has its ziuc roaster iu
operation and it is working satisfactorily.
A car of ore reeentlv shipped from
the Rambler netted ?«XX) over all e.x-
The Ottawa people expect to tap
their ore body in the lower tunnel this
On the Dayton the lessees have a
paystreak of 14 inches of extra high
grade ore.
Chas. Nicholson, New Denver, was
here Wednesday. He purposes developing his Ten Mile property this winter.
A pack train load of shakes were
takeu up Dayton creek -yesterday for
the now cabin on the McMillan pro*
It is reported the Speculator cut
into a fine streak of shipping or*, two
weeks ago, and that it continues iier-
Two high pressure air compressors
at the Granby mines, Phoenix, exploded on Friday. G. W. Fraser was injured by Hying pieces.
J. Wafer, A. R. Bolderston and W.
B. George went out on Monday to develop thn King claim, on the w-ond
north fork of Lemon creek.
Samples of ore takeu from the Mer-
eurv. near Sandon, in which the late
A. David held a third Interest, assay
1150 OX of silver to the ton.
Harvey Aitchison brought down on
Saturday n line sample of gold rock
.... _    a1*: I.      TU..
Uie Iress Cup l.ansl.
Jackson Radoliff and   his  several
tners have been working of late on
lead running through
ilg iron cap lent
Wnssta Walrr IHgllt.
S. Banks and  .1. Fiukun have made
application to lhe gold commissioner
for 100  iuchsis  of  water, to  be taks-n'
from an un named eri.ck.2J miles south
of Lciiiou oreek.   The water is to be |
used for agricultural purposes.
Work at the llewnrsl la aial ...bi.
night, departed on Tuesday for Spokane, to visit their sister. .        . ,
,   ,. , ...   „    . from his claini on   liger creek.
LeB. de \ eber,manager ef the Bank ,myHtieak is eight inches wide.
of Montreal at New Denver, ha* been '                                          ,
transferred to Owenwccd, Wnfsue* Tattersall B**ofcand Tom Wuing
ceeded bv  A. W. Strickland, of Ross- arc returning to the Myrtle group this
JS       • week, with the intention of developing
Max  MoSwevn and  D.  A. Curie «* P»P«*J <•'•>■•'* "**xt wint(;r-
cam''in from Nelson this week aud     Mining men were jubilant Tuesday
s.H'iiriii three line timber limits enl when bar diver passed the 68 cent
Evans creek. Something will lie heard mark,  that lieing the highest  price
from in that quarter shortly. I reached in a year.   It is expected to
_  _ go to 86 es*nts.
siocan oa, Make, a win. Scvoial specimens of molybdenite,
Hiram Robertson was a proud man   |_aV(, been brought iu during the ws*i>k
Wednesday, having received a tele*; from the head of Lemon etaA,   Big
gram from Rossland, announcing that' J»uldero of It may  ■>■' «-«»»« ~
•:   ...       . .■    .   , the viciiutv of the Lone l'litcliiu.in.
his son
race at the summer carniva
1,defeating I    The Nelson News is astray in stat
dl oomers, mci
lulling a YiinkeH sprint. \ ing tht* Li'y  B group, on s!>'W*,r
k, has iVen purchased by Prank
Twelve men are employed at •tl'O| ianda the priMwfamover hoBat-ompetaw.I Oollom. To the contrary,the property
Howard Fraction mine and a substa.n-   He will  take  part In  the  sports at, has not been sold and Mr. Collom wa**
the  Lone  Dutchman a
1 start ha* been  made on th"  long' Phoenix on Labor day.
not seeking to pun base
■_■■■•■ . i_l. i I.J.J. jl.,1 .ii~-y.—jmmmsmmmMmM **■
1VI LoKe Match \\
2| « -Ml   ••
! | Aothsw of "The Cunmaker of Moscow," "Thc For-
« ^ tune* of Conrad," "The Shadow of the
I GuHotlne," Etc, Etc.
tmmm w**..---)?*-^^
"Deloro proceetilng  further,"    pur-
suosi madame, "I would have  those
wills destroyed.    I think that would
be proper."
"Entirely proper."
"Then you may burn them."
Then* had  hes'ii  a lire in the mar-
ble-tramed fire-placo, as Rachel   had
felt chilly, and  embers      wero     still
alive upon the hoiirth.    Halford had
arison,   and  was proceeding   toward
the fire-place wiih  the papers   when
his clerk touched him upon tho arm.
"Would it not be well, sir, to have
a witness to this deed?"
Tho lawyer turned nnsi looked upon
his clerk.
"You and I," pursued Hugo, "ns
attorney nnd clerk, have a cortuln le-
gul interest in this mntter. Our venerable and respscted client may not,
when the time of need shall como,
be with us to declare that sho ordered tho destruction of those important Instruments, I might summon tho womnn who brought mo
•'It may bo well," said the attorney, after a pause. "You may call
the servant."
.So Casper Hugo went out and
found Lora, and brought her In,
and she was made to understand the
nature of the work which wivs to be
done, and to ulso understand thnt it
was dssno by order of madame. Then
the papers wore cssnsigned to the
(lames, and when they had been utterly consume-!, Lora was suffered to
And now came the making of a new
will—tho work for which tho lawyer
had been summoned. The work was
simple. Of debts, 'thero wero none
to pay. A legacy of two thousand
dollars was set slown for John Downey, the faithful gardener, and a legacy of one thousand dollnrs for Johanna, hia wife. Then ten thousand
dollnrs were set down ns a bequest
to her faithful friend and attorney,
Adam Halford. A few minor legacies were noted, and then the great
bulk of propeity, of all kinds and descriptions, was given to "My adopted and well-beloved child, called
Christino St. t'luir." And said
Christine was chnrged that the servants of the household wero to be
her sacred charge while they lived.
Madame Rachel dictated the chief
points; Mr. Halford suggested the
proper legal phraseology, and Casper Hugo wrote it down upon the
white, parchment-like paper. When
this had been dono, the will wm
ready for signing and witnessing.
Madame Rachel was notional upon
this point. She did not caro that
hor neighbors should know her business. She proposed first that John j
Downey and his wife should come in
and bo witnesses, but Halford Bug-
(tested that as thev were interested :
as legatees, it would hardly bo pro- j
per, so two men who were nt work
under Downey's charge were cnllcd in,
and with Casper Hugo, three disin- |
tcrcstcd witnesses were thus obtain- !
cd. These two men were Kben Sanders and Seth I'uvis.both New Hampshire men, who had worked in the '
gardens and upon tho lawns of the .
Drook8ide for two or three years.
Rachel St. Clair wroto her own j
name against the blue senl, and the I
witnesses then subscribed their |
mimes, after wl ch the luwyer gave |
tho legal finish.
"You will take the will," said
Rachel, "nnd make nn attested copy,
nnd, utilil 1 call for i'. you muy
place it with  my other papers."
When tho business luul hi*cn linish-
ed, the attorney and his clerk withdrew,
"Miss Christine is quite an heiress," remarked Casper Hugo, sis they
sti'|i|ia.ai mit from Ihs* piazza
"The richest of nny I know," ro-
sponded Halford "And she is worthy, tiso,' ne added, with emphasis,
Tho clerk was lust in Lis own
thoughts, und muili) no further remark.
It wns very neur nighl when Mr.
Halford and his clerk alighted from
the street-car ut Bcollay'a Building
and proceeded tai ths'ir lail'ico on
Court street. Ths ollice was on the
second floor of a block since torn
away to mako room for a barnlike
structure of marble—an office dingy
and littered, but easy of access, and
in the centrs of much business. The
lawyer unlocked an iron door upon
the face of the rear wall, and having sn ung lt opeb, another door,
ulso of iron, was revealed,
ansl this waa the entrance
to a fireproof safe, when' valuable and important documents
were kept. When the newly mads
will and accompanying papers hud
been deposited in un oaken drawer
upon which was pasted a slip of paper bearing the written name "St.
Clair," and tho doors hnd boon re-
closed and re locked Halford turned
to his clerk.
"Hugo," he said, "you will understand that this client ls ono of the
most valuable on my list. 1 think I
may say the most valuable. I shall
not live forever, and who knows but
that you may succeed ms ln business—"
The clerk Interrupted his employer
by a shake of tho head.
"No, no, Mr. Halford. I shall not
settle in Doston. And let us hope
you may be spared for many a long
yonr to come. You arc still hearty
nnd strong, and your temperate life
gives promise of increasing usefulness
ninl honors."
Tho said  lawyer was ris.t   Insensible j
to sucli Mattery, und her regarded his
clerk w,th a benign appreciation,
lie your choi'.e uf local i am what
it will," he said, "you Will BUrol>
sinsced. And yet I could wish that
vbaii might consent, to remain with
me. Dut wo will let that Pass, nines-*
you shake your head ugain. I wus
remarking to you concerning our
client -Madame St. Clair. She has
her peculiarities, us you may huvo
observed! and you nre awaro that tho
lirsi study of an attorney should be
to ciTommoclate himself to tho Idiosyncrasies Of those whom ho wsiulsl
truly servo. Mailaino St. Clair is
anxious that her pri-. ali' uffalr-e
shoulil not bo known. .She shrinks
from lining mado the theme of gossip,
as she shrinks from public gaze, You
will  bear this in mind nnil  keep your
knowledge to yourself. Thero is one
s.ifo rulo to follow—1 hnve followed
il ull my life, und you can adopt it
with profit: When you huvo takon a
client, consider that the details of
sai.I client's business are locked In
your inmost bosom, and that your
client alone hus the key."
Hugo intimated that lie hud nl-
ready resolved upon such a course.
"And," ho added, "be sure that I
hold Iho privacy of your business, to
which I am necessarily admitted, us
something sacred and inviolnte."
"I think we understand ono unother," snld Halford, with a commendatory smile- "Of course, people
hnvo seen us go to Madame St.
Clair's house; nnd it is generally
known that sho is failing. The. curious will bo inclined to usk tpies-
tions, and those who are not. curious are very few."
"I understand perfectly." returned
Caspar. "Thai which is locked in
yssiir safe is to ine a sacred mystery."
As    Adam    Halford    regarded   his
rl rk, ho beheld a mnn in appearance
littln  less  than  u  saint.      So  Adam
Halford    himself thought.    You may
say,   perhaps,     thnt    Adam  Halford
wus not  a student of human  nature
—that   he    could not rend physiognomy.    Allow mo to say that in  an
adjoining otlico was a professor   who
had mude physiognomy a study, and
who hnsl often been called Into court
to    testify   as   un     expert  upon the
j Character of hand-writing.     The pro-
! fi'ASor  hud  marked  Hugo  well,     and
i luul  studied  him  carefully,   und      hi'
i had said of him:
"That man, If he had an end to
| accomplish, would admit no obstacle
j which ho had power t*> overcome, It
! his s'tid wen' a great one i shouhl
deem my life us a fleeting shadow if
I it sloaiil in his way.".
"Dut wouisl     you trust him?"     a
I neighbor hud once nsked.
Ainl  the professor had  replied:
"With bis Interest secured, I would
trust him to tho uttermost bounds."
"But with his interest in opposition to .vou'.'''
"Tai trust hlm then would be \u
slci'p upon a mine to which the match
had been applied!"
And among them ull there wns not I
a suspicion that I aspar Hugo had an '
interest     in opposition to ths* Interests  of  his  employer,   or  to   those  .if
his clienls; nnd so the belief was
general that old Adam Halford had
gociired the services of a most excellent und trustworthy clerk.
II was dusk when tho luwyer and
his clerk hnd completed their business for the day. and they came out,
from the ofliro together. A brief
es inference nt tho lower sloor upon a
paiticular item In the morrow's routine, and then they separated, Mr.
Halford going toward Washington
street, as his dwelling was at the
South  End.
Hugo stood upon the sidewalk and
watched his employer until be had
turned tho corner from his sight, ufter which, ho took his own way up
Court streot, He stopped In at n
saloon and got a glass of brandy,
and as ho ..une out he turned down
llanos or Street, thenco into Portland,
until ho arrived at a narrow, dingy
alloy, the entrance to whloh was beneath a dilapidated wooden arch.
Down this alley ho found a door
which ho opened with a latch-key,
ninl, upon the si'consl floor of the
dwelling thus entered, he found the
apartment he sought, It was a respectable furnishi'd room, and opening from it were two small bedchambers, which appeared to com-
pli'lo the suite. It wus a retired
place, shut out from ull passing observation, und tho outer door by
which Hugo hnd come in and the
stairs he hnd ascended had no other
1180, but to give access to these three
apartments, Thcro wus an attic ov-
erhoasl, but it was in uso only as a
stow-holo for the las'-ees of the rooms
in the chief apartment mentioned, a
mun was silling when the clerk entered,     llo was a  man  past  the micf-
lo*age—fifty,  perhaps, und    he   may
P ■■ ' e*'A| more • res'ii'Ctublv hnbltesl
in dressing-gown and Slippers, Ho
was a mun of .no'liuni height, heavily and strongly built, his only
be.inl a heavy must'iclie sif jetty
blackness, while his hair, curling nat-
■II-,illy ubout his ears unci neck, wus
uf i he same ui-iiiit huo. Dut it wns
to be soon .it a glance, by ono at ull
observant of such mutters, that tho
Jetty hue of hair and heard wus the
ics.iit of artificial dye. close tss tho
Skin, upon the upper lip, might havo
i.ecn discovered elght-and-forty hours
growth of leard of silvery gleaming.
The 1 un. jaW was broad and strong,
the nose prominent, tho cheek-bones
high, and the I row Isjw nnd receding.
The Ayes seemed, at Urst glance, to
be sm.iii bin the appearance wns
owing to their being so deeply sei
beneath thu overhanging brows. Tbey
w.re of the very darkest hazel.
As thu two men can it* together in
the light, there wus to bo obaorvod a
strong resemblance between them.
Thero' wus the same Shape of hend I
and the sumo general contour of fea- j
tures; and in form they were much
alike, allowing for tho tendency to
corpulence in tho elder. It is safe to
say that they wore father and son.
He of the dressing-gown and slippers
culled himself "Alexander Hugo."
Dut his name was not in the city
directory, nor hud the wurd committee or tho district assessors ever
found him. If he was known outside
of his lodging-place. It must have
been by another name.
"Caspar," spoke tho elder man,
after ho had caught a view of the
other's fuce by tho fading light, "you
havo been fortunate."
Tho young man, who had drawn  a
chair    for    tho    purpose    of sitting
down, stopped in his movement, and
regarded his father attentively.
"What makes you think so?"
"I can see it in your eye."
"Do   I   show    any sign of jubilation?"
"No. You are too woll schooled
for that. Dut I can see that a bur-
don of doubt hus been removed. I
should judge, from your looks, that
you had discovered a now aiid promising path."
""riou think so?"
"I think so, my boy. Am I not
"Let us out first, and we will tnlk
afterward. 1 think I can interest
A light luncheon sufficed for their
supper. Tho larder of thoir chambers was not extensively supplied,
but this was not from a spirit of
penury nor yet from a lack of tho
love of creature comforts. They
feasted claowhere. Ths meal was dispatched, a candle and pipes lighted,
and then Caspar remarked, with a
darkening smile:
"You are a good reader of physiognomy, governor. Can you tell me
what particular stone I have turned
over in our path?"
"No, Caspar," replied the parent.
"I wait to learn from your lips.
Your face simply reveals the existence of a fact; your lips must eluci-
"Well," suid the son, with another
smile—a smile <if sinister import—"I
have got our work well in hand. By
an extraordinary stroke of good fortune, I have been enabled to select a
euro vantage ground, and when the
timo comes. I think wo shall be oblo
to strike an effectual blow."
"Go on, my boy, let mo hear the
whole story."
Caspar seemed miserly of his good
news. He had a budget so much
ris'her thnn conld hnve bi'cn possibly
anticipated, thut he wns slow to open it. Ho disliked to give to his
father sucli a volume of golden promise at a single sitting, but after n
time he conce tinted his thoughts
ami  finally answered:
"Well,    governor,    In   a nut-shell,
then,  hers it is     This very day    wo
have been out to the Brookside—Halford  ssnd I—and  we hnve dono   some
very importnnt  business for Madame
Rachel.    First, hy her order, we destroyed two old wills—the only wills
of  her  making  tha'ii  existing.     After
that, she dictated a new will, which
I wrote out in form."
"And by that  will—"
"As wn hail supposed," replied Caspar t.i his father's implied question,
"she leaves everything to her udopt-
ed child,   Christ ine.     A  few  legacies
nro given  in  olher    directions;     hut
I they     are    picayunes  iu   comparison
I with the bulk of the property."
"Uss you know, my son, how much
property there really ls?"
"It cunnot vary much from the es-
timnti> I gave you a week ago. It
will foot up not far from two millions."
Alexander Hugo rubbed his hands
ta>t;ether with a griping motion, and
his slark eyes gleamed expectantly.
"Where is tho new will?" he usked.
"In our office. We are to make a
copy, nnd return thc original to Madame Rachel."
A brief silence ensued, which was
broken by the father:
"Have you planned further? Will
the copy be made'"
"Not if I can prevent it," answered Caspar, "Dut, if I am forced to
make it, be sure I shall inform my-
sell of the place of its deposit. However, wo must act in tho future as
circumstances shnll direct. Our work
is well commenced, and we will not
"Thero were witnesses to tho will,
of course?"
"Yoa, two hayseeds who n * employed upon the place. They are
from Now Hampshire; and I doubt if
they nro known in this section be-
yonsl tho Drookside. It will not bs
much troublo to silence them."
Another pause, at tho end of which
Alexander nsked:
"Did you see the girl?"
"You mean Christine?"
"I barely caught a glimpso of her
as I was coming uwny.
"And do you think her very handsome'.'"
" 'Handsome' is no word for It."
"Do you still think of hv as you
Caspar's eyes finshed nnd the warm
blnosl mounted to his cheek nnd temple. His hands were clutched nir-
vously, nnd he ground his feet upon
the floor.
"1 will havo that airl." he said,
"if the deeti ls within my power. I
want her for two reasons: In ihe
first place, 1 want her for her beauty; und, in tho next place, with her
in our keeping, either us my wife or
otherwise, our work will be more
safely accomplished. If our work
eucceods us 1 hope, she cannot stand
in our way. If 1 can so manage that
all traces of this new will are obliterated, we may snap our fingers at
all the opposition the law can put in
our path. But let her pass for tlie
present. She is engaged to a young
man of the name of Waybrook—I'aul
Wuybrook—son of a Milk street Jobber. I have seen ths fellow, ond he
is of good blood. Wc mny have to
tackle him beforo wa are through
with our work. If we do, I shall
leave him to you."
"All right." responded the father.
"ilo sure I Will do my part. Dy my
life, I'nsi.r' we begin to see light
ahead. Our labor is likely to bo
raw ard ed."
"If we are persistent and circumspect yes," replied tho son, With a
firm closing of tlio lips, "llut we
have work before us; and we must
shut onr eyos to all conseipiences except success.'
Alexiimler Hugo nrose and laid his
hand upon his son's shoulder.
"Depend upon me, my boy, for
any work you mny huve in hand."
"t told you of the two witnesses
to tho will," snld Caspar, looking
up. "Will yon tako them upon your
hands? Remember, I have the old
luwyer and the written documents to
euro for."
"Put mo on their track, and I will
he responsible for them."
"Then let us spot thorn at once. I
must go out to the Drookside this
evening to look nfter Madamo Rachel's health.    If you  will come   with
consultation. Her own physician had
pi Utilised (hai ho would call again in
the morning. The rsfult of the conference hud not been told to hor, but
she had fniK'iod sho knew it well
enough. After thev had gono she
slept; and when she awoke it wus
well into tho night.
"The doctor said, if you awoke, I
was to give you tho cordial."
lt wus Christine who spoke, ana
sho stood by tho bedside with a glass
in hor hand.
■Tho doctor, said it would
1 "Did he say that?" demanded Rachel, earnestly. Who spoke as though
her thoughts hud taken a new turn.
"Will it give me strength?"
.    "Ho said so."
I "Then let mo have it—fill the glass,
Christine. 1 have that to say to you
which may require renewed
strength" .
Rachel drank tho cordial, and she
knew from its taste that it had been
proscribed only us a generous stimu-
bei .in
torward he called,
formed    him thut
come ut uny time.   ]|(. ff„
thirty years of ago, ami v
the handsomest men i
Moreover,  ho possessoil
electric vitality whlih
it charms and fasclnati
he wns of my own ego,
te'l you one thing niori
had not faded,   At tho
four, mun called nie a
livid temperately, nnd
been pleasant, ro that
come to beat upon mu
'Mh short, my <luiiin_
I'aul ('uinbtuy, and, fo
time in iny life,  I knew
1 had In I
 'I he h
"i i
■'■■ \\
''i',■   ('f   Ull:,,,
CPH'Oll    1    I
tll\ ilf,
I oil I
■Mini l a
nie,   l   will point out Eben Sanders   _ant—gentle in its influence of sooth-
and Seth Davis to you." I ingi and generous    in its   pervading
"Do    It as you  will,  my boy.      I   warmth,
hnd thought of the night at Cary's       "Will you rest now, mamma?"
No,   my child.   I have something
crib; hut this will be better.    When
will wo start?"
"At onco; but not as we are. We'd
betier don our working-rigs."
They adjourned to one of the
smaller rooms, and when they enwirg-
rd thence, there had occurred a
transformation as surprising as it
wos caiinpleto. Caspar hud donned a
rough suit of soiled and patched cotton stuff, such as was worn by the
very lowest rank of day-laborers,
and upon his head he had placed a
wig of matted, sandy hair, with
deep side-whiskers to match. He hud
soiled his hands and penciled dingy
lines upon his face; and, as he now
stood, even Adam Halford could not
huve discovered a single trace of the
likeness of his confidential clerk. The
further waa equally well disguised,
and together the two set forth, taking a Roxbury horse-car on Cornhill, and riding upon the platform.
Arrived at the end of the rail, they
left the car, and made their way to
the Drookside, proceeding directly to
ths dwelling of the gardener,
they found at home.
"We havo come," said Caspar, assuming a coarseness of speech, "to
see if we can hire some men to go
out to Kansas to work on a railroad."
"Ye can't hire me," replied Downey, emphatically.
"Wo had not thought of such a
thing," sold Caspar, with a smile ;
"but we were informed that there
wero two men at work here whose
.iob with you was nearly at an end.
We want to hire Americans if we
cun, because we can offer them inducements tn settle out there."
Downey looked curiously at the
garbs of the two men who thus proposed to otter big inducements in the
wuy of settlement. Hugo 'noticed the
look,  and understood its meaning.
"I am doing an errand for my employer," he said, "and am myself
just from the gravel-pit. He heard
the names of the two men who were
at work for you—"
".Sunders and Davis?" interrupted
the gardener.
"Yes, those are the men."
"Well, they are in the house at
this moment., and you can see them
for yourself.   Como in."
The tw0 Hugos followed Downey
into tho cot, where they wcere introduced to Eben Sanders and Seth
Davis. The New Hampshire men listened to the proposition of the visitors, and respectfully declined to entertain the terms.
"Dut," suggested Caspar, "s ippo e
wo should    have   something    better— !
something worth  your    while—whero
might wo find you?"
" 'Tain't very likely you can   have
anything  o'the  kind,"  answered Kb- j
en  Sunders,     honestly:     "but    you'll
find us here,  if you  wants to ss o   us,
aay time afore the snow flies."
And with this information, the \ is-
itore arose to depart.
"Don't be too sure," said Caspar,
with a smile, as he stood at the
door. "There's big pickings out in
Kansas and Colorado, Mun grow rich
there in a year. But never mind
now. If I hear of n better chance,
and our employer has the bestowal
of it, we may call again. If I
can't come myself, my friend, Mr.
Stepper, will come"
Going out from the gardencr.'s cot,
the father proceeded to the highway,
while the son went up to the stono
cottage, whcio he contrived to rul!
Lora to the door. He pretended that
ho had been sent bv a neighbor, to
seo if John Downey could be hirsxl
for a fow days, to work in a gnrslen;
and the servant was able to answer
him emphatically in the negative.
Then tho tramp ventured upon tho
sickness of the mistress, of which he
had heard, and before he went awuy,
he hud learned thut Madame Rachel
was no better, und that three doctors had been th"io during the evening. She hnd hud another fit, and
for a time she hud been git en up as
dan al.
When Caspar Hugo rejoined his
father, he soldi: .
"I think our work has commenced
in earnest. Madame Rachel is near
her end.   You must stay here and es
'to say—I have a story to tell you.
Hush! lt will be better for me to
■leak now. It will not harm ine.
Ruise my pillows so that 1 can look
easily upon you."
I With gentle touch, Christine arranged the pillows, after which she
took a seat so that the woman could
look easily into her face. Riuhol
had, on several occasions, Intimated
that she had a story to tell, but hod
heretofore shrunk from the task from
a disinclination to give voire to the
by-gone memories. She had thought
much of the matter, and had resolved that she must speak soon, if over.
"Christine," she said, after she
had regarded her adopted daughter
for * time in silence, "1 am going to
tell you the story of mv life. It Is
right that you should know why I
have lived as I have, and why my
heart) remained for so muny years
closed up. 1 had thought to write it
down, and leave It for vou to read
after. I had gone; but when I took
my pen for that purpose, I found
myself unable. But 1 ran speak it
to you, durling. You are so near to
msj—so dear and so precious—that I
should not die content if vou wero
left in  ignorance of mv  life story."
Christine would have interfered at
this point, fearing that her guarsii-
an's strength wus not oapial to the
task, but the latter, divining her
purpose,   smilingly   said:
"It will do me good to speak. I
shall feel better after the stx-try is
Christine drew nearer to the side
of her foster-mother, and took ono
of her thin hands ami pressed it to
her lips.
"Bless you, mv darling! May a
kind Providence shield you from sorrow always!"
As she spok# Rachel raised her left
hand tss the maiden's head nnd
smooth.'d back tho shimmering waves,
and finally  she said;
"Listen to me, darling. 1 ha\e
been thinking of the story—T have
told it over to .myself many times—
and 1 shall tell you all that you Deed
to know. It will not fatigue me. Do
not worry."
W  ""
to love with that all-pervud niv Wm
rapturing love which ihangn JjiSj
ltiugic touch the Whole current n
ing. 1 loved with mv who'-, ,?i
and strength, and whon Paul n, I,
confessed his own love, uml lsZ%
to be his wife. 1 sank „,„n M
om in nn ecstasy of happiness
"Of co-ise, 1 could not  ho ,„»,,.,_,,
whilo I'utillne wus away, um) [   .
for her to come homo. It ivas 0.S'!"
spring when  sho arrived  bom l"
nnd   when 1 saw her,  1 thought  bv
eyes had never rested upon ativtl.i^
half    so bs'autiful.     Ren i „,.'    ,
months had been passing, and'Ptril
inn was now seventeen, |usi ,jl0J
at which I hud married \ ,,■*,„. Sj
Clair. Dut I did not think 0f _hai'
I saw hor us my child, uml i pre8Mt|
ed her to Paul as one wlm wnH ,
in* our ' hild. I observed lhat h.
dui/llng beauty startled hlm,   awn
did not wonder. Dur homo MSUnuj
new charms. Paulino Bang like
raph, und her porfornini
lute und upon the harp; i imd w
wonderful. I'aul Cambria.*, , ;llne 0,
ti-nor to our house than belorts;
at length 1 knew that I
"I was born in New Orleans." Madame St. Clnir began, "und at the
age of fourteen was left an orphan i'n
charge of a maiden a'mt. My family
name was Arnot. My father le't a
small property, the bulk of whi. h
my aunt dovotsil to my education
When I was seventeen years of age, I
became acquainted with Viator St.
Clair, a French refugee, of middle
age, and of immense wealth. He had
sought refuge in New Orleans with
no friend save a faithful servant. By
chance ha found a home beneath my
aunt's roof, and it fell to my lot to
afford him occasional entertainment.
He was a true-hoiirted, generous man,
and ln time he proposed to make me
his wife. 1 loved him und we were
"We hnd bei'n married about four
months, when my husband's sister,
named Theresa, come over from
France. She came in companv with
a man named Jus*»cr Murdoch, whom
imm.)diatoly upon her arrival, she
married. He was mato of a ship,
and was dissolute and unprincipled.
I afterward learned that Theresa had
made this man's acquaintance two
years before, and thnt Victor had endeavored to draw her nway from
him; but sho had been headstrong,
and would not listen. When my husband knew thut his sister was in New
Orleans, he sought her out. but she
was not inclined to be friendly. Victor would not associate with her husband; and she, with a spirit which I
ran easily understand, would not ar-
copt a friendship Which she might
not share with the man whose nume
sho had taken. So an oMi'isngomeiit
come between brother ninl sister; and
1 do not think Victor wns to blame.
He would have helped his sister with
half his fortuno, but he would not
put money into the hands of her dissolute husband.
At the end of a year—-when I wns
eighteen—a ehlld was born to us. It
was a    daughter,    and we    called It
verdict of the doctors. They have
held a consultation t/his evening, and,
of course, they know very nearly
what the result is to be. If we make
a false move at this point, we loss
tne game, (is.,a. s,.n'. . Mi .*,, >...o.v
in the morning how ii.a- n.alter
stands.   Will you see ubo..i a? '
Alexander Uu__;o replied in iho uf-
"And at tho some timo," said Caspar, "you can be looking out for ths
two witnesses."
'1 won't lose sight of thorn," said
Without further remark, except to
arrange for further intercommunication, tho two separated—ono to return to tho city, hnd the other to
lie ln wait for information.
tabllsh communication with the gar-   Pauline.      The infant was    drawing
doner, and I must be Informed of the   us closer and closer  together,  and    I
I'Oil    ih,
iiud |
■ ame wlthJ
lining 1
must tell  it I
more of th.
out seeing mc.
"Not now, noi now," uhi
Cluistin", binding over un I k
Rachel's cheek.
"'Yes, yes, darling! 1
now or never. (Jive msi
coidlal "      lb
The cordial was poured out, nm_
whon Rachel hud drunk it she be nni
moe somposod.
"I   have but Utile    more to' tell.
dulling; and 1 know that  ,011 gee tig
end    i'aul Catnbrnv had turned his
love fiom ine to my daughter,    And
sht—she-loved  him so  Well  thai *he
sloped with    him.    Aye.   I awoke   to
lind myself    bereft   oflo\.r   anil  ol
child*at   a   single    blow    They   Ceil
from tny house,  und    lli-d    from Sfw
Orleans; und ere long afterward, 1 re-
ceived u letter from Paulii •. dated at
St. Gabriel, telling me thnt she Ud
married Paul   Cambray, and as in**
my forgivi>ness.    1 could    forgive usv
Child; but 1 could not     forgive him.
I wrote so to her.   I tsahl hei    if she
would leave   lhe   mnn    who had   so
i-uss'iy deceived me, I would lake her
to my bosom and forget  and forgive,
hut 1 would never see Paul C m r.c.
mo'o    She   answered mo   thai   -h.
would not li'avc her husband, and 10
she bu. le me farewell.    Ths pun  liad
entered my soul, and I w.i-- broken li
heart and in spirit.   I grew s ddnly
ssid ,ind pule, and life had   heroine»j
I iirslen.   1 cannot tell you hew I mi*
fered.   I only  wonder that  1    lived
Years subsequently   i    learned   that
Paul Cambray hnd died of f   ■
traded in New Orleans    After that
I .01 glit fair raulino. but 1 could rot
find her.   When 1 knew thai h
band was ds-ud mv la-art Boftcned   I
wo Id have taksn har  hack     Dut   It
was not to be.   She dis*<l, mid   made
no  sign!"
"Hied?" repeated Chii tine
"It must have been  so,"   returned
Itachel.   "Hnd   she   been    Mvlnj I
.. h mid have found some trace ofhir
but none such wns cor [.. nd,    Ani
so, anew calamity befell me, rjulil"
■ iirrent of my 11f«•    llowed  In n rhall"
nel of decpfl'st melancholy. The hom"
of mv youth hnd lost its chann*. and
all its  associations  had  become painful: and     after    a   time,    I   left my
Southern home and Came thither.'
f'hristlne bent forward, and .laidher
hea'l uison  the   "pillow,    and    1'achol
wound her arm about tho girl « lorm,
and drew It lovingly to l"'r   "l'"'r *
time, Christine drew  buck,  and    I*»-
chrl again slept—slept until tlie   da*.
b:o e.
Farly in the day, tho 1!" lor rame.
and spent nn hour with his patient
When he loft, Christine followed him
to the outer door, whore ho a^*(1
him to tell  her the truth
"Mnke her ns comfortable ns veil
ran," the physician replied. "linJ
satisfy every whim Hor life is swing fast."
"Do you moan  thn*  'ha' i    '1vin,-,
ask.-d   tho maiden   wiih   a   *-"■'
"Ho you understand what deats
to a   iM.ison of   her, ago?" 'aid
doctor, professional!     ' ''" w" rM.
Ilzo thai  it is th,* gradual   •••■i'i
of a  mm hint- that Is worn out?
dame Rachel Is dying, and     "'
vital spark muv remain at h'r  h''1'
for hours-pei Inns for  dai ■   end*«
mayslnk before ibis s- is    1 ran oniy
thai she will pnSS a."-"'
full I1.1t "■
nil  ,|i-t'ir!l*l(!
It waa well into the evening, and
Madame Rachel had sunk into a
quiet slumber after thu departure of
tho doctors, who had been with her—
throo   of them—for    the   purpose of
was growing strong and well again,
when my husband fell sick und died
Dy his will, he left his whole    largo
rroportv to me, for me to dispose of
t as 1 pli-u'i'U. Ann thus, at tho
age of elghtcm, I was k'ft „ widow,
with un infant shild, unsl a fortune
larger than 1 could properly .outputs' but my buiikor wus an honost.
man, and my estate 'was in safe
"You can Imagine, my darling, that.
when I had put oil mourning I had
offers for my hand; but 1 was not in
the mood to listen. None proposed
for whom I could euro. My little
Pauline had gown to be a beautiful
child, and in her instruction I found
plenty of occupation.
"When Pauline was fifteen, 1 allowed her to go to Havana with some
Sisters of ths Order of St. Mary,
there to finish her education. When
Pauline had been gone a year, I became aoquaint<*d with a French officer named I'aul Cambray. He called
upon me first to look at some papers
assure you
very quietly und pui'
if you I iv;* from hi
Not ino'-s* tliun nn hour
after the   departure   of
When Rachel as' sil  lhat
might)  come   to   har 1 edclde
meant thc    faithful    '*'"'s
known no    other   Boi 1 lee , ,
went out and summoned ihem,
they .ume.   Tom leaned h avll.v ujwj
'lis orango-wood   staff;     Hogar
supl 01 tod bv Lora.
1...».- . w/.s-rumin.]    ,%t „
Spssn«<*  Orowln*.
Rponges arc cultivated In WW ••"
dlun waters nnd tho Medltcn"'"f" ■
In Its natural stnte the bothiorW-*«'
sponge Is fleshy nnd covered '"■
0 obtain the llgM «'
oreil,    horny    and    clastic
I I  elaPs*"***
(he   doctor
her servant"!
lh. 1st l'l'*
sponges nro left In shallow sea
for several dnys In n Staked I
blnck skin
--.a     nliatle     SKI
until the rotten nnlmnl matter CM
beaten out.   Kor nrtlflclnl cu,11 ■■»
a living sponge Is rut Intosiiuill u
\ ' These.
1 (rclN*;
nbout ti cubic inch In SIM.
tion of the outer skin on em
fixed  to a  friiiuc of welghtM
work, nre sunk Into n few
clear water,  where they
on   a   bottom   of  green
in about seven .v
from mud.
floiirwl" l"'st
sen* ' «J
irs a*1"
which my husband   had left; and ef-  oblo size
uttlngs grow Into sponge.1'
of in"
rliet- -fHE drill.
Three  Carton*  E|ilt.ipha.
In a cemetery uonr Dublin the fol-
lowing words appear on a tombstone:   j
"Heito lies John Hurley, whose lather ,
am! mother died while on their way i
libuio froiii America. If they hutl lived j
tlu-y would have been burled here."
riic   following epituph adorns the
,,.;li  deal  about  the
Oi'" l,t,il'\i,',slu-. and it is satlafttC-
r..n.'i'"'s'"      nmi Uncle 3am   pes-
n i" •*■■"'''     'Viaiit ico rivers   ol ; *«••-' "' •> gnifoiliggor ln tho Talbach
■"■' ' e-'imtery In the sinilli of Wales:
r0w important
But few Pea?1*
:'.:->?:. -.p.
tre aware
," Montana soiue   of
In the world, even
,    tl.B
c. c
pell I'
[cured n '"
(ve bottles
■ tiril VIM'S & Co,
"■     |  naV0 groat fiillh    in
'", ISIMK.NT, as last year
th   Ibero was
King bono,   with
horse,  but   m   n
UO ring-bone nnd
"llitrriih, comrades, parson Is dead!
If ho luul lived ho would huve burled
i nil ol' us."
Hero   In   unutber   curious   opttoph
which   was   recently   discovered;   It
! marks the grave of an Indefatigable
| mnol-cr uml contains only the following
j lour words:
"My pipe Is om.''
Strait or Gibraltar.
The entrance to the Mediterranean
sea at Gibraltar Is twelve miles wide.
Earnest Qrant took  Dodd's Kld-
ncy Pills   They Removed
the Cause.
no li>"u'IH's
Four Fall
.   N IV
I iHtnl  Gifts  In  Spiilii.
It  Is   the   custom   in   Madrid  for
friends and ucnnnlntances to send pres*
I ents of bonbons on birtiuluys, name
I Uttys nnd festivals.   A large silver tray
 . ■'  | Is piled with sweet:; of various kinds,
,, ,|   ii. Ford, oi'1'onn-    With n enke made of eggs in the een* j
fl*c c'x''        ,,„„! '„i  to und a mil-   ter.   This Is often surmounted with n
silk (big or n pretty porcelain figure.!
Ws'il known people receive us liiimy as ,
fifty Of UlsSSe trays ou their birth und i
iiiiiui' slays.
Ila. Ilisait Backache and   Urinary Trnublta
lor   Twelve Vcara before lie uaajsl   Mi*
Knot    Hrsiiflly.
Montreal, Aug. 17.-(Special)—Ernest Qrant, 2H7i Urbaln street, this
city Is among those who nover lot
un opportunity pass to say a good
word for Dodd's Kidney Pills. lit
has hli reasons tor this, and here
thny nro lu his own words:
"I bud been troubled with Backache and Kidney Disease for twelve
yours," nuys Mr. (Jrant. "My urine
very   dnrk  and  high  colored.   I
A   I'niiBiile   lit*.ort.
An Englishman of somewhat ques-
tionabli' reputation, who wus criticising
the American way of spelling, once
turned   to   Maurice   Barry more,   the
| Wiih the object of inverting the
stream of emigrants that now trav-
to America via Germany the lluugai-
'iiui government proposes to establish
' a line ot steamers running between
j Flume nnd tho United States.
actor, and said: "I'll leave It to Mr.
Dnriynioie. Is It right to lenvo out
the 'if In such words us harbor, neigh*
bor, honor, candor, etc"." "Well, about i
harbor nud neighbor I am not sure,"
replied Burrytnot'e, "but when lt comes j
to honor and candor I leave you out.
The largest automatic wolghlug
machine Is on Ds way from England
to  Natal.   It  has  iv  total    weighing
uapuclty of 120 tons, and is fitted
with automatic indicators, so ar-
langeil that when an smgine is run on
to the machine the weight carried
by each wheel is automatically rtnd
Instantly  exhibited.
llritish railway capital has increased during tho last ten years by no
less than  £1CO,000,(K)0.
■Unnir, v
liiiiiniii'1' o
|too'*l<* "
at TD und a mil-
tbat nobody Is
^sLkiBiMt Cares Garget ta Cowl.
not afft'if*
t weok.
ripe trying '
it may '"
Had " '"
■vour ling"
I   mid    me boss  I  OOUld
.  wi rl'  for  t'we dollars
what  dial be suy 1
,.,i  ho hadn't    noticed
Wlsy It It ss Dangeroal Time (or the I.ttin
llaby's second suiiuiier is eonsid-
erod u dangerous time in the life of
every infant becuusu of the disturbance in the difesttvc (unctions caus-
Ito i>r
Ita haiva', co
llVlaial   thCI
lasinu'  I""'
|th.    (fl.*** 1 Sl BI
Jto tail i» '
I anil "'I "''
lanil chenl
Fifty tons
linlles the •
lflfhlch  he
jl'Oricnt    li
lost ia    '!''   '
nlv is trillini: cold, hul ntH*
ba ill futon Hs fan.'H in
a vim v ill *'>•>" no carr(a 1
s ,/rave. I" 'his country cd by cutting teeth duri.ig the hot
. '''nTSl'S." "wo' oinnol vVmXlm. In Slightly less degree
,• we can a'lTi.at ii eure ly every summer is a time of danger
\Tlti-i'sBii*iami itlvo Hviiiia. f0„ Uu bios as is shown by the in-
ll'.:,l(,u"i..AsIU>-obiM'T"..MaTin'*. creased death rate among them dur-
lonii i,l ilu* throat. Whits lag the heated term. Uf great inter-
  est   to  ovory  mother,   therefore,   is.   a
the   ws-iglit   und     ll
i  iiaA.>n    mounted   al
tated to be tho lurg-
. rich cons' ■
recent    discovery   ol
s  mc  weiK.ii   .ss...     *-•   whlch   Mr8    l)ilvM     , (,C|   of  *._j_l(_.___v
ive range of a cannon   ,,,.,     wrlt08f .ls ro__owa .
".M.i little girl had a hard time
gi'tting her teeth. She was feverish,
her Isingue was coat-oil, her breath nl--
fonsivo and .she voinltod 'iiidled mill..
On tho advice sif our doctor 1 gave
her Daby's Own Talilets and she bs-
, .- Line bs*en taken by a Ka_, improving at onco. SJhe had not
i av lling from    Monkden,  slept  well    at night for aboul  three
|5I(U.r!.A"' a
limri's Liniment Cures Diphtheria.
If'tAa'liall   I.I
Irraiit" thc '
I weeks
, Norwich, via ihe trans   months, and 1  w.is almost worn out
way.     By the old    s'a caring for her,   Nothing   lisl her any
wsiuld lose my rest at night on account ol having to rise ho often to
iiiinatw. I could get nothing to help
"1 tried several remedies, but all
failed until I used Dodd's Kidney
Pills. When I hud taken four boxes,
I wus a i .Is- to go to bed and take
my rest, my flarl.nche left me and 1
was cured     lt hns never come back."
When  liuild's Kidney Pills euro, the
disease never comes buck.   They
move UlO cause.
Orunaca  anal  Tobacco.
"Did you ever nol ice," usked a well
known physician the other day, "that
men who cut oranges ure uot much
Injured by smoking? It ls a fact.
Orange Juice has tlie faculty ot neu-
truliv.ii g nicotine, and that Is the
reason, I have seen meu weakened
and even made Ul by excessive smoking, and a few oranges wero all that
was necessarj to straighten them out."
—Philadelphia Hecord.
would have beofi seven  K,na\  nut il  I gave her    tho tablets.
Nsiw her food digests proporly,   her
—  breath   is   sw'ect,    her   tongue     clean
When a " mien's house is pertVctly an__ _<___■ _s quiet and good. I can
lipotless likes t') "**"*oei the com- strongly recommend the Tablets to
I pany with ' e i". if you r.un get other mothers, as they cured my
111 through the dirt." baby when nothing -jlse would."
   I    Daby's Own Tablets are sold by all
A spoonful ol help is better than u   dealers In medicine or   will be sent
|d:'hlnl Of
What  la
I-final' ■ '
laMc to ko
a  IVll-O.
at   which  the most    im-
\ ining  men   ure  always
?   I.ate hours.
.postpaid nt twenty-live cents a box.
by thc Dr. Williams Medicine Company,  Brockville, Ont.
Ill ,Ht r a .nti ies mors* a,iarriu,es
Itakeplaci •; .1 une than in any other
I nrnMii
With ii girl in a hammock it   s
case of suspended animation.
.1   lh"
|-rila. wha*-
I a caso ■
Itreditors   ,   11,   tell
la"  ii    ■ 'lit ion
Tha'rs*   ni*\t'i   .vis's   ntul   never   will   l-e    si
universal oanacoa   in uiis. remedy, for ul'
I UK   Iii   l*.hlch   (ls?nli   ifs   holr— the   vers     n..
  ture aaf manv curatives tn'insr sia-ii th,.'
|via.r<-   ihe  srsTins   of other  isnsi  difTerentl*.
sick    man   t*)   his I k.-isI«*st   s'iss-sshca   rootesl   In   the  system   a.I
e doctor pronounced   it }h*»''ot,enJ_-»h**t """i"1 |;lm_.""( .J1'
1 In   tine   wviulil   nccriivatc   I lip   other     Us
all  pox.   'if  nny  i*.   my I have   however,   in    Quinine   Wir.e.    whei
them I um    at
to    uive    tha'in
Daard's Liuimeit Cures Wstcmper.
has    a    grutlgo
obtainable in sound, unadulterated <-111i•
.a remedy lor manv anil irrlevaus ills n.
its gradual and ludiclous use ihe fruflesi
svsleins  nre  lesl   imo  convalescence   ism.
stleslclla    lav    lhe   iinllll'tias'   sshipla    'Ju lliiia
pxpri*. a.ii iia'iirp's awn restoratives I
relieve! 'li** dnuminff spirits ol thus
will, whom a chronic state of morbid
___,__! aii-ea-.v neal laicli ajt Interest in bis
is ai disease, and bv iranauiluilnn thi
r she i" laying for   [nerves   disposes t<> snuna!  mal  refreshino
[ SlcCM     ilAl|Aa:!s   viiror   to   thp   BCtlOD of thi
tfllaaaaal      irlltch,     Ill'ia.C    Sat ilillllat S*al.       C.lUI'li'.
through the veins, slronetlacnlng th*
healthy aiinmil functions of ilm a stem
ila..!!.. mnklna ssHivlty n necesaur*/ r<-
>ii!i . 11 engl liBMiine tlie frsnne nnil srtv|*is
life io i'n' digestive organs, v.tiis-li ,,nu,
r.ai!\ demand Increnised substance^-resuli
;nai.ia...ai auoettte Korthrop **< Lyman
of Toronto, have ei.cn to tho in lh
their Superior Quinine Wine al ihe asur.
rn'a. iiral i_'Un'-'.''l hv llis' opinions o
Scientists, 1 lio wine approaches nrara'S'
perfection ail hiiv it, the mnrl.pt Ai
di*uiratsts •*<•!I it.
Catarrh Cannot be Cured
»l;h Li"  .] \i PLICATIONS,   an   they
tjanot ,„.,,t      <>i   ilie   iliBe.sse
Calarili ,|  ,,r cofislltuUontU slis-
"■tr   ai I ii i   to  cure  it   vou  muist
jjuisi Inte ■ rpinedlcs      Hall's  Uatarrh
J-aire is icrnally, uml sictss direct*
jj on ths !  aiiei    iiisnims surfaces
•Bias i c .. i  ua is mil is auack mod*
'™'   li ■   escribed   bv   one of   she
t**t phys , m  iiijh country  for vpnra
*"» i» a i-b'i .a   preurlptlon.   it  It com-
J?*"1 ol thi ■■   to aics   knosvn    i-omlsiii-
J* """Ui  ' m   blood   puriliers.   acUoR
:'r'**(''    i lhe   nausaiuH   surfisa-ps       Ths)
JJ,   .' ',; I'lnatlon of the two  inarodl-
■nia" i "'"' produces such wonderful ro*
■u',s.  !i b  Uatarrh.   Bend for tesii-
V,,1'"1''1 V * CO.. iflropa.   Toledo.O.
BOld ■     a mgigts,   price  76c
H*       ! ly   l'ills  are   thp  bent.
bid sl
the ■
the p
snt S,
hoi I,
the i
to a
the  body   hi'ulthy,
ai. the heart whole, nnd
'  11,
> '/■  (Wise Hend)  Disinfect-
iwdor is u boon to   any
Infects und cleanses ut
The Kins Snake'a Proweaa.
The most relent less exterminator of
reptiles Is a member of the family lt-
scif-the beautiful, lithe, yellow and
black kini* snake, the friend of mnn
and the avowed enemy of anything
that creeps or crawls regardless of size
or poison fang, A native of our own
sou ib. the klni* snake ls between five
and eight foet long and no thicker
around than a man's thumb. Built ln
every muscle and bone for spe^d and
tremendous constricting power, there
Is mit another snake on earth that can
withstand his assault. Ho ls immune
to the poison of the cobra and of the
rattler alike, and the strength of a
thirty foot python has no terrors for
hlm. Within Ave minutes trom the
opening of the fight the klnic anake
eould kill the biggest python that ever
lived. Ferocious as the little constrictor Is toward bis own kind, toward
man he is friendly and rarely tries
to escape when met afield.—A. W.
Eoker In McClure's.
s siss-as* Kor Prlile.
Wantono— What's the matter, Blank-
ley'. You're ull cut nbout and your
niu* In a sling, us though you had beeu
In a tight, and yet you look beaming
and Mulling ovor It nil.
Bin nkley-The fact Is I have all ulong
thought uiy boy Harold a sort of muff,
and the other day 1 undertook to give
hlm some boxing lessons. This Is the
result of the tlrst lessou. Oh, I'm
proud of that boy!
Tlse  niiiiulorei*.
Bhe—Of course, he bored mo awfully,
but I don't think 1 showed lt. Every
time 1 yawned I just hid It with my
He (trying to be gallant)-Really,
I don't see how a hand so small could
-er—hide—er—that .s—beastly weather
we're having, isn't it?—Philadelphia
A Chronic Case of Twenty Years' Standing
Cured Permanently by
Piles    or   hemorrhoids aro   among] most favorably spoken of, and on hia
Mosli-s-n Sun  Worsililpera.
In Europe several persons now sedulously pay homage to the sun, and ln
a learned journal, entitled L'Ecole
Nouvelle, one of tbem maintains tbat
the s.in should be especially honored at
'•Christinas should be regurded as a
festival for the benefit of humanity,"
he says. "In this way we ean ouee
more become united with the Aryuus,
our ancestors, who worshiped fire aud
who celebrated the birth of the divine
constellation, who ls the father of
light, of heat and of life."
He then suggests that the following
prayer be said dally:
"0 thou who causest lies to vanish.
who drlvest away the evil Influence of
prodigies, of malignant predictions, of
dreams and of wicked apparitions—0
thou who bringest to naught the plots
of tbe wicked, to thee we pray, Lord
Sun, since thou art the light of the
Want* and WUlici.
"There's a strange man at the door,
sir," announced the new servant from
"What does he want?" asked the
master of the house Impatiently.
"Begging your pardon, sir," replied
the servant a shade ef disapproval
manifest ln bis voice, "he wants a bath,
but what he is asking for la something
to eat."
the most common as well us the
most torturing ailments thut HUlitt
humanity. The keen distress caused
by the itching, csperially whon the
body gets warm, i.s almost bo ond
the powers of description.
The very mention of Piles sugpests
Dr. Chute's Ointment as It ia beyond
denial the only actual cure for this
loathsome disense. It you ask your
doctor, your druggist or your frtynds
what to' use for piles they will in
nino cases out of ten advise Dr.
Chase's Ointment.
Mr. Alex. McLauphlin. for 30 years
a resident of Bowmanvilie, Ontario,
writes !
"For twenty Ions years I sufforod
from Itching piles, av." only persons
who have been troubled with that,
annoying disease can imagine what 7
endured durinR that time. About
seven years oro 1 nsked a druggist
If ho had anything to cure me. Ile
said that  Dr.  Chase's Ointment wus
recommendation I took a boa.
"After three iipplicullons 1 felt battel , n i.d by the timo I had used ons
box I was on a fnir way to recovory.
1 continued the treatment until thoroughly i iiri'il. und 1 have not sintered
any since. I am (irmly convinced that
tho Ointment made a perfect cure.
" 1 consider Dr. Chase's Ointment
an Invaluable treatment for piles. Io
my case I think tho cure was remarkable when you consider that 1
am getting up In years, and had
beon so lung a sutierer from this disease."
Or. Chase's Ointment is the only
absolute and guaranteed cure for
every form of piles, lt has a record
of cures unparalleled In the history
of medicine. CO coats a bcx, at all
dealers, or F.dmanson, Bates Jt Co.,
Toronto. To protect you against imitations the portrait and signature of
Dr. A. VV. Chose, ihe famous "ecelpt
book author, are on every box.
real  troubles <u    this
i ti ni ti must usually go
■ he is not sloepy ami
he Is sleepy.
GreoCO holds the earthquake record
with -'1,187 shocks In five years.
Uurtl'i Uotaflt Cifts Celts, 4$.
"Oisssiiip" trees hns heroine so
large a business in California that n
Los Anglos mnn hns an outfit for it
whish cost S10.000. Tents are used
to confine the gns to the trees, and
to protect, the operators from the
deadly prussic acid which is llherated
from  n  snurer nt   the five's root.
llnW TO i'1'lll*. >lK.\|i\'*lll" -- Home-
people viiiTiT initoiai niisi'iv sinv after 'la.*
.villi lIiA.isliiclio Thore is res', m-itl-r .hsv
a.r   niulit   until     llis-     iii'i-wis     ails*  all   Ull*
strung   The iisuse its gwior.illv a nlt.or*
tiered itomaeh   and u s-iin* cun i «*
fl.,1  by using  ranoelea's Vafwtabla PI
contiuntna  Mandrake aim! Dandelion   M
ilalllV    Work.    LvHalllllaT.    I'.IJ  .    SVI'lt.'H
(iml Panneloo'e Pills n I'nrt clew article
or iniiiAiis Headache."
$J*y ■» it that Ayer's Hair
v'Eor does so many remark-
we t!iingS? Because it is a
"Ir food, it feeds the hair,
PW« new life Into it. The hair
Hair Vigor
cannot keep from growing.
JJJ Gradually all the dark,
™Ji color of early Ufe comes
°ack to Eray hair
Wl -
'"•a- maaaXSoVJn*** AypT't n»** Y."f"*" "*i
,'cl' Mart „',*" *':<7- Hut now It la » tiles
".'MH-i _'DaI!.,"i?.1 n'lrk •**• I Mnlta wUlt."
XI. uaiAArs   1.„iii a L...,:,...    a. ...,aa .
A_l) flu,   ,
tUOrrSKITIBS, lusaiasobia.
l^swmi.  Men
^_^      ——— _,_j| mtxmrammmamm—
Slay Hair
■elf Convlotee.
I    "Ssy,   ps,"   queried   smsll   Bebby.
"what'is gosslpiiiB. anyway?"
I    "Gossiping, my son," replied the old
i man,  "if wo get right down to tbe
plain, unvarnished facts, Is lying.  But
I wby did you asU?"
j "Because," answered the young "n-
i vcstlRator, "mn snys yon do a lot or
I gossiping  every   time   your  hmlnets
keeps you  late at  the offlce. -H-***
Her rrrfsirm«ne«*.
nellows-Doos your daiiyhtcr play on
the piano?
old Parmer (In toncj of deep disgust)
-No sir. She works ou it, pounds on
It rokea It. scriipr'a If, Jumps on It and
roils over ot. it. hut there's no piny
about it, sir.
••no vou bollevc." said tl"* hviy with
the senr and yellow, ''that tho good die
y°.*H?w could ir exclaimed the flatterer.  "How soul,-' i, and you so eooa
-er- that Is"—
-nir*>ra ra   from thla   nisease sirss In Ossiat
Peril  and Slioi.l.l   Rut Kx|ierlm<.iit
With Ollsir  •Mfillflliisa.
From the Sun, Seoiorth, Ont.
The kidneys are ths' most Impurtaut
organ. They must filter every diop
of blood in the body. If the liloajd is
Weak the kidneys cunnot do their
work, so the blood is loft unfiltswed
and foul, and the kidneys are left
clogged with poisonous impurities.
TliA-n csiine the backaches that mean
fatal kidney disease. Don't neglect
that backache foi a moment. Strike
at the root of the very lirst symptoms of kidney trouble by enriching
the blood with Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills—the only medicine that makes
I the blood rich. r«.d and health-giving.
| Mr. Wm. Holland, .if asaforih,
lint., has proved that Dr. Williams'
I'ink Pills will cure'the most obstln-
'.itc cast- of kidney trouble. To a reporter of the Sun he freely gaVe the
particulars of his case : "1 havo s..f-
ftirod from kidney trouble for about
iwo years," snisl Mr. Holland.
"Sometimes the backache which accompanied the troublo would le so
severe that l would be unable lo
work, and 1 hnve often sufter.'d severely for weeks nt a time. I tried a
number a>f medicines fcaid to *'0 .1
cure for kidney trouble, but I found
nothing •_> help me until on lhe advice of a friend I began the use ol
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. Theso pills
MMsii began to make their fjoi.l work
f.'lt, and after using them for about
ai month every vestige of thc '.rouble
had disappeared, and I have mil
since had a single symptom of the
disease. Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
have proved a great blessing to me
and I am always Kind to say a good
word in  their favor."
As a curative medicine Dr. Williams' Pink l'ills have never yet been
a'liunlled. They build up the blood
and nerves, give new strength and
.liable    tho body  to    resist   disease
\mong the complaints cured by the'.sj
i pills are rheumatism, nervous disorder, paralysis, St. Vitus' iUtn*ie, in-
iligcstion. anaemia, lung troubles and
jthe troubles that make the lives of
so many women miserable. Sold by
all medicine dealers or sent postpaid
nt f>Oc. per box or tt:*f boxes for
."■•.I .r>0, ;,y writing dirvt to the Dr
Williams' Medicine Co . ItrockvHle,
Ont. Don't take u saibstitute at uny
price—.only ths* genuine pills uin cure
"The hworable genU-mes
opposite ouy facarosly ctasMt
this, but it ia my ftm belief
that if m. few boxes of theee
most excellent dgara bad beea
judiciously _!i-*tributed among
the Boer detierale tbelr savage natures would hnva be«a
soothed and that cruel war
might never lir.-re taken
The   acknowledged   Leader.
Fjurtler, Limited, Me., reel.
THE FINEST 1"L0UU ls conceded
to be Ogilvie's Tl .nRurian—not that
lt isn't good for bread—it'a that,
too, but that il is prs*-eminent as
a pie and cake maker. Take it any
way you like O'lILVIE'S HUNGARIAN FLOPlt na a ' top-notcher."
"We've had to dismiss our coash-
mun." "For what reason '." "Oh,
he pot too ambitious. He waiilial to
be [laid regularly."
lh. c.1.1 sollabla ransflfdy toi Bp«»ln», BU^boOM. BplInU.
Oarbl. alcanal alllorm. ol L.m.n.aa. Is wa.kat»Aoaa*.nala
atSumxaa—lj. Cbiw wbUhh.. . i*s.».*ls.ss-baI-**' l~—
It takes a man with WOndSrfil] self-
control to look sad in a poker gains
when  hs' knows lie can't possibly lose.
The proprietor! of Parmeles'i i'llle urn
constantly racelvinff letters s-imiinr to
i lip foflowlnsa which explains Itself Mr
. r oli ti a. Beam, Waterloo, inn. writes:
"l never nss*ii nny medicine thnt can
osiunl Parmeles'i Pills for iivMia'tasia or
Liver ninl Kislney l*sBniplniiit*s 'I lie r«*llof
experleniMMl .aft«*i- uslnsr ths'in wns wnii-
ilerful." As a snte fn mil v ina'diaine Pnr-
nielee's l'ills rnn be Riven in nil enses is*-
qutrina n catlmrtls*.
Tt is the man on
reels tho first puff
the fence who
Of a     political
Arc you going
to start a
Newspaper ?
% Then write io u» for prlcei and
term* upon TYPE. MATERIAL snd
MACHINERY.   ..:::•:   : !
•J Wc carry Ihe only itock In ths
Northwest, and can furnish complete Job and Newspaper Plants al
short notice t also Rudy-Prints in
all sizes and stylo. ...--..•.:
Toronto Type Fdry
Co'y, Limited.
175 McDermot Avenue, Winnipej.
Complete Cure for Bon* Spitia.
Ilu.a, 11. Masillflsba. Jan. ao, taa;.
Dr. B. J. ltanatall Co.. Casallrmf aa i I h.at 10 try*! a »caaaaa«
eoni ol* laaiifl- fAaaas year. aa.o whi.Is la..al a Bosio BpaTlrn aaafll
ros kickiMl ..aa ilio a-ia.r lek* .Bail wa. .fry la.aalls; awollcBij aola.il
that 1 had lo lathe Ifl In wains walat, Shfn apajlaaal KaniUI a
Spavins aire. 1 la..l Tynhoal I'c.tr she una wlnler aaad oaalaa
(a«a lha Ken,I .all". Siuvln Caaao la -if a claan.e. and II only I ".-a
onaanaSah.Bll l.aaltle.tocuro hit Ira." with very .llan IBeaalraaatal,
and Is allal so .. ni .'r ■ .-I v lhat srou wnaal.l navar know shaS ho Ud
a spavin ; ha aaevrr hat Konat.nae tinea. aitiH
Verylsulyyoajsa, CEO. S. HARRIS.
Such endoMemenlt at Iho alaavvo ata . f aa.rantaa of mtstt
Price Sl ; ail for SS. At a liniment fair f.anllr m* ll Jtiee
aaiai.l. Ask yaaaar alaaa«a.ln far Keiiala.ll-. H|aavIII Cssre.
.Uaa "A Trenllso on th* lloraa," Ilie baaok (tee. a.r aalalrau
" Pure soap I"   You've heard
;the words.   In Sunlight
the fact.
A womnn:8 Iilea ol a true friend  is
lone   who   admires   her   children ns
much ns she dom herself.
Patient—Aro you sure you can put
my teeth into satisfactory eondlllon?
Dentist—Yel, sir; at any rale. I will
spare no pains to do so.
Sarnia Line
Htxronic, United Empire
cNlon&rch, §NLa.jestic
Leave DULUTH, I p. m« Tueedtye
and Friday*.
' Leave PORT ARTHUR, Wedne«.
days, 12 noon, and .Saturdaye, at 11
noon and 2 p. m.
PaaMtinctrs »ntl Bandage trom C. N. awl C
t. R». weatem polnta landflnl ilirsMt at ataamar
dock at Port Arthur.
Lesve SARNIA, S  p.  m., Monday*,
j Wedneedaye ejd Friday* upon arrival
, of Qrantl  Trunk Railway train* from
Ea»t, which lana pnssenfter* and ba-f-
' gfiKR nt Bteamer dock.
For lurlher liiforir.ntlon, foldera, etc., apply-
Nfl.rttiM.eat"*t-ri  Arent.
339 Main Street. Winnipeg.
| ___ _   __       _ '        ■
is more hlttUed
"Hid  ynu  say  your  husband
these clinging powns ?"
"Yes.   he likes  one  to  clinR to  me
for about  four seasons."
Aak for Utc Oct«on Bar,
Allhoui;h the Sue/, canal is onlv il'.i
miles lone;, lt reduces tho distance
from England to Indin by sea ii'-nrly
'.(lOO miles.
\Vs> nil know that it
llo give than to receive—but ssuiie o'
us know it only by hearsay.
Till". CUM. Ill **.''■ siml s■.■lirs*/ii'..' Of l*JM*
saons trouhli'il with bronchltl* or tint
ostiums  Ih MceeilvelV linrrnsA hai: lai I hajni-
eetvea    unai    anno.vlnir to    ottiere.     iir
Thoraa*'  Eclectric "il  olsvlalee «"   '{■"
entirely, anli'lv nnsi apeesllly. nnsi la M»
niirn reiniMlv fnr gnre*.  I*mens-jwi   lial'iris-s
liilrss.   klttnev  null   upliiiil   IronnlW
W.N. VJ- No.   at**** 2-
V—rAWSv-Ut*,-**-  -'SW THK DRILL, SLOCAN,, B. C, AUGUST 28. 1«W.
|l 'I
fi. E. Smitherinoali*, Editor and Prop.
BLOCAN,      •      -       •        •      B. C.
Legal Advertising 10 cents s line for
.the first insertion ami 5 cents a line each
.subsequent insertion.
Certificates of Improvement, *$7 each.
Transient advertisements at same rates
ns legal advertising.
Locals will he charged 10 cents a line
/or each insertion.
Commercial Kates made known upon
.application. *
The Subscription is |2 per year, strict-
ly in advance; *2.50 a year if not so paid.
Address all letters to—
Slocan, B. C.
FRIDAY. AUGUST '28th, 1903.
. Dr. King has secured the Liberal
nomination in Cranbrook. His rivnl,
xl. C. Drewry, wnlkeci out of the convention and took his friends with hiin,
ns a protest against machiae rule.
The Grits nre up to their old trickB
again. Not lining satisfied with their
platform, the loaders met in Vancouver last week and tacked on six more
planks, the material for the principal
of which they opmily purloined from
the Tories. They now favor opening
up tho country by an extensive system
.of roads and trails, something the
-Tories have been preaching for years.
The least Grits might do is to endeavor to be original.
Public advocacy of the government
ownership of telegraphs nnd other
utilities was mooted I y Sir John Mac-
doaald antl his Tory followers in the
.•first Dominion parliament, hence tho
/consistency of Conservatives in having
that strong and popular plank iu their
platform today. The Grits opposed
the idea in Sir John's time, and now
their highest grasp of the principle is
an abortion like the Grand Trunk
Pacific railway scheme, a proposition
condemned by friend and foo alike.
Paul Hauck has opened a bakery at
Tho coal strike nt Cumberland has
been declared off.
Sandon's tnx rate this year is 26$
mills on the dollar.
The Rackliff family left here on
Monday for Spokane.
Monday is the last day for receiving
a rebate on city taxes.
W. T. Shatford returned from Vernon on Thursday evening.
Punk Perkins and Ollie Covington
have goae to Poplar creek.
C. B. Taylor, Chas. Barber and J.
Blench left for Poplar creek on Monday.
Rev. Father Berthiaume is the new
Catholic priest in chargo of the Slocau
Dr. Keith and Russel Roliertsou
took in the Rossland summer carnival
this weok.
No meeting of the city council was
held this week, a quorum not bt'ing
John Keen has bought the Poplar
creek townsite and lots are selling aa
high as $20(1.
Joseph Morton, representing tke
New Westminster Columbian, spent
Sunday here.
Harvey Fife returned from Poplar
croek Monday, reported progress and
went back again.
The Similkameen Valley Coal Co.
will hold an extraordinary msoting at
Nelson on the 1st.
Rev. Mr. Simons attended a meeting of the Kootenay presbytery at
Rossland this woek.
Chas. Dempster and family came
over from Rossland on Friday, and
spent Sunday here.
Geo. Aylwin has rented from C. B.
Taylor tho hotel at Enterprise Landing and will re-open it for the public.
Look at the label on your paper. It
marks the date up to which your sub-
sciiptioa is paid. If you owe anything,
pay it.
Grit affection for organized Labor
may be judged from their treatment
'of the printing fraternity. In 1872
the compositors of the Toronto Globe
asked for an increase of wages, but
were thrown into jail by Hon. George
Brown for conspiracy. Moreover, it
was not until 1.382 that a Grit daily
paper first recognized the Typographical Union. Another forceful illustration was furnished not long sincti by
Sir Wilfrid Laurier, who refused to
make the government printing bureau
ft. Ottawa a union office, and declared
' that it should remain an open office,
Moiern Liberalism is a veritable sham.
Episodes like the past troubles in
the Slrjcan and Rossland, when the
Alien Labor Act was permitted to be
flagrantly violated by the importation
of foreign miners, testify to the brotherly love of a Grit government for
organized Lalior. The calling out of
the militia at Steveston during the
fishermen's troubles was another vivid
example. And, as if to clinch tho
matter, just gazo on the* report of
Lauder's Lnbor commissi on la»t week,
wherein it is stated the Western Federation of Miners aud the United
Brotherhood of liailrssad Employees
should lx* declared illegal, because
they are international Ixxlics and be-
cans.' they have Socialistic tendencies.
Workingmen, what do you think of
that? Ya» cannot further be blind to
the liolluwness of Grit pretensions of
friendship for you. Note the ahoy*
facts and mark your lajllots accordingly.
The labor oommiaaioa, appointed to
inquire into  industrial  conditions in
this provincs*. has made its report, and
full w.*;ll has the  Grit appointees carried out the ideas of their Ottawa ro*
periors.   They acknowledge the right
of mon to organize and favor the union
label    Conciliation should beencour
agsxl, but sympathetic strikes, Ixiycott
and  the unfair list are condemned,
while counter moves of the employers
BKSpe unscathod.   Trade unionism is
to lie encouragod, by having its foun
tainliead in  the department of labor.
All international organizations are to
be eoud.'.mii'*d and prohibited, particularly   the   Western   Federation  of
Miners   and   the   U.B.lt.E.,  Ixvause
their movements  are directed from u
foreign country and  because they incline to .Socialism.   The report is very
much biased and itu findings tyranai-
cal and bigoted, as  well  as injurious
to a large section of the populate.   It
will turn the  Labor vote against the
Grits and strengthen  the Tory cause.
Workingnien. hs»w do you  relish this
latest Grit dextrine?   Swsvct thing.
Should any of "the local South African veterans have nay Boer Bibles in
their possession, they will find a government notice in this issue that will
interest them.
Frank Provost and Grant Cox returned last week froni a prospecting
trip ro tke headwaters of Poplar creek,
coining out by way of Koosknnak
creek and Nakusp.
Harry Wright, the Conservative
nominee in Ymir, has resigned his
government position in Nelson. Government Agent Renwick has been appointed to his place.
R. H. Trueman, the photographer,
is spending a couple of days here,
Aug. 27th and 28th. This will be his
last visit hero for tho season and those
desiring his services should bear this
fact in mind.
Fall and winter goods are arriving
daily. Call and have a look at those
fancy waists ends, at $2.40 the piece.
Have ako a nice line of flannelettes,
from 7c. to 20c. per yard. Will be
pleased to show goods if you will give
us a call, at Arnot's.
The -populace has been much interested all week iu tbe great interim
tioaal yacht races off Long Island.
Bulletins of the various races were
posted in front of the postottieo and
were eagerly scanned. Quite n lump
of money was wagered.
Appended is a complete list el the various records registered nt tlie lecal registry enice, II. P. Christie being miiiilijr
Aug 15—Empire Stnte, on n f Lemon,
J X Beauchesiir.
19—New York, last s f Lumen, W C
Black Diamond, 1st n f Lemon, John
I-ouiee, Ten Mile creek, W A Harvey.
Four O'clock, same, .1 M Benedtim.
K & 8, Springer creek, R A Bradshaw.
2l*-»*»Victor, 2nd n f Lemon, J B Foley.
Mask, same, John Foley.
Aug 17—Kitchener.
18—I.ln, Winfrod Alberta, Red Rock,
White Beauty, Black Beauty.
21-Snowflake, Middlesex fr, Ore.
Alex. Rogers,
Tonsorial Artist.
The Lending Parlors:     *
Timber Noti.ce.
VTOTICE is horehy Riven that 30 days nfter
il date I intend tss apply tss tlisi Chief Com-
inissioner of Lands it Wssrks for a sps*cial
license, tss nut and carry away timber frnm the
fiillnwiiiK sli'si-rihrst lands,sitiinti* in West KsM.t-
enay district:
('iiniini'iii-iiii.' nt a post situated abisut thrs-c
miles from Slocan lake, tin the north side ssf tho
south fork ssf Krans crenk, thencs) oast Had
chains; thencs. ssitith 40 chnius; thence wi'st 160
chains; tlience north 40chains, to the place of
boirinninir, containing 840 acres.
Il.-itesl the 2eth day of August, twill.
Timber Notice.
V*OTI('E is hereby (liven Hint 30 days after
ij date I intenal to apply tss Use Chief .Commissioner sif Limits «". Wssrks for a spes-iisl license, to cut and carry away Umber fraam ths*
following describoii lands, situnte iu West Kootenny ilistrict:
Commencim; at n post situate I about three
miles from Slocan lake, on tho north side ofthe
south fork of Evans creek, near n post marked
"Mux McSwuyu's ussrth west corner post:"
thence south 40 chains; thence west liK)chains:
thenee north 40 ohaintl thenco east 180 chains,
to the nlacsi of begiiininir, contaiuins; 010 acres.
Dated the aitli .lay of August, 190...
Timber Notice.
\-*OTICE is hereby Riven that SO slays after
il date I intend tss apply to the Chief Commissioner nf Lands A Works fora special license to cut ansl carry away timber from the
following described lauds,situate in West Kootenay ilistrict:
CsssismeuciiiK at a post situate nbout one milt
from Slocan lake, on the north side of the north
fflirk of Evans creek, thence south 40 chains;
thence west 40 chains; thence north 20 chnins;
thenco west 40 chains; thencs. north 30 chains:
tha*nce wi'st 40 chains; thence north 20 rlii-siiss;
tlienco west 40chains; thenco i-orth 40 chains;
thence enst 40 chains; thonce south 20 chains;
thence oast 40chains; thence south 20 chains;
thenee east 40 chains; thence south 20 chains;
thence east 40 chains, to the place of bcgiuninK,
containing (UO acres.
Dated the L'litli duy ui August. 1D03.
K IS HONOUR the LleuteilHUt-(Jiflvernor directs the publication of the following elr-
eiilar, issiieil by the Commnnilor-Inat'lsinf, and
alesirns lis expre>» tlse luape. lor rensssns that
will appeal to every reader, that the resjuest for
the resturatiaan to the Haters of prizesi fnmily
llibles lost hy Ihem iluring the lute war will
meel with a Matrons response.
Any stich llibles may be sent tss the Prsflriucinl
Sscri'lary'aOllli'iB, anal tbey will Wss fssrwardod
las the Sucretury ssf State of Cauasla for transmission tss l.lflllflloil.
Provincial Seeralnrv's Ollice.
Uth Auguit. I'.'i.i.
Wae Ofsvicr.
Loiulon, S.W., Juno, 1903
Sir, l_ am dlreoted by the Comtnnnslor-in-
I'ltinf ua itifiArni you that it has been brought to
his n'stice that, on the casnclusion ssf the recent
wur in South Africa, is large number ssf Hoer
famillea found, on returning to their farms,that
tluair family Bible*, had slisappeured.
It appears that the Hoer inhabitants of the
Sasiith African Colonies sel groat store by their
family llibles. which often contain family re-
eonls of ssimn anli unity aad eron iu sssnie enses
* ' repositsiry s»f such records in conse-
iis unavoidable destruction of church
if  ll
are the oiil^' rcpsssitsary s»f such records in conse-
Lord Hflilterts feels sure that if any persons
have in their paissessiasn any ssf these llibles
thoy will willingly return them when they learn
liosv thoy nre raluod hy their fisrmer possessors
nnd he thinks il unnecessary tss emphasize how
much such a kindly aa't woulal bo appreciate!
by oilr new fellow subjects.
His therefore wishes it to ha* known as widely
as possible among all officers au I sislsliors who
are niBw serving or have boon retired, dischnrg-
a I, or relegate I to the RsMorfe, whether they
belong or belonged to tl"' lti..alaa Army, Auxiliary', air Ooloalnl Corps, and also among any of
llieir friends.lo whom they may liayegivnii I hem
us relics, that Mr. \V. II. Alexander,ol li, His.li-
opsgato   Street   Without,   London,   E, ('..   hns
kindly oooseated lai receive and dlspntoji to
thoir owners an** Such llililns whieh may have
lnson taken fraam IJaior fnrms.
He foils sure that lhe nb.iye facts and lhe
knowledge that it is his wish thai all such relics
should final tliadr way buck to llieir former own*
ers will he siiirieient to onsure that their present osvnors, however much they value timm,will
roaalily purt with them for this purpose.
I nm, etc.,
I). A. 0,
Tli'.' 'lent'ral Oflicer f'osmnn'ling.
Gwiilim & Johnson,
B. C
Your Vote
is cordially
on behalf of
W. -Hunter
| Afllopteal at Revelstoke. September  nth. I tai"'. |
1. That this convention reafllrms the nsilio-
of the party in matters of provincial roads anal
trails; the siwnership and control of railways,
and tho ilevelopment of the agricultural re-
sours-esof the province „. |aj,| ajiiwn in the platform ndopteal iu Os'tsibnr, WW', which is as follows!
"To actively aiil in the constructifl>n of trail*
throiighiBUt tlio undeveloped portions of the
province nnd tho building of provincial trunk
roaals ssf public necessity.
"Tsi adopt the principles saf governsnent ownership of railways in so fnr as thecircumstani-es
of the nrovlacs will admit, nnd the ndoptissn of
the principle that no hssiins shoulal lie granted
Isa any railway oompsni which due- nol givu the
government of the provinceesmtrol of rates over
lines bsfliiused, Issgether with the option of purchase.
"To nctively assiat hy state aid in the development of the agricultural resiBiirces ssf the province."
I.   That in the meantime nuil until the railway policy ahsive aet forth can be accomplished
a general railway act bo paasesl, giving freedom j
to construct railways under certnin approved i
regulations, annlagssus to the system tliat has|
resulted in such eiteusive railway construction
in lhe l'nited Stntes, with   ao much advantage
tss trade nnd I'oiiiinerce.
3. That to encourage the mining industry,the
taxation nf metalliferous mines shoiiisl bene
tho basis sif a percentage sin the net prsiftts.
Med. Supt., S. W. Keith, M.D.
RATES- Regular subsorlbors, $1 per month
sir*io a yoar :nisn-siibscribors (exclusive s*f
u,e.lical attendance) "■'■ per•duy . Private wards
flI per alay extru. Special facilities for maternity casoa. t
For ftirthtr particulars apply to.
D. B. O'Neail, Sec
Insurance !
Representing the strongest cem*
panics d»lng business in Canada.
See new accident POUOt, with participation in profits, coverinr sick-
noss and operations.
II. D. CURTIS, Notary Public
Pioneer Livery
.and Feed Stables,
Slocan, 13. C.
General Packin-j and Forward ins attended to at the
shortest Notice.
Saddle and Pack Horses for
hire at reasonable rates.
Steel Ranges
for $18.25.
Why bo without a ranee when
you can get one so cheap? The)
aro prcfcrrable to stoves and give
better satisfaction. These ranges
burn wood or coal and will be
set up free.
4.   That  tha gsBvornnitiit sswnerahip ssf tola-
RInitio syMtonis shssulal be hroiifrht ahstut  .-as a
rat ktop in tha as-s*uisition uf puhlis- utilitiaa.
•j. That a portion »>f arerycssal area hnroaftnr
to hn ilisptisi.il of shoulil In) rsssssrs.eal from milt
or lease, so Hint state ownesl mines may he easily accosjihle, if their BBperation becomes necessary or aslvisnble.
A. That in the pulp land lenses provision
shoulal b» mailo for reforaitlng anil that stops
nhoulil be taken for the srenernl priisnrvntiflan of
forest-shy (fMirdlnff against the wasteful ile-
atruelioii of timber.
I. That the ItwUlstur* ami irovcrnmeiit of the
province shoulal persevere iu the elTairt to secure
the eicliibisan of Asiatic Inbssr.
8. That tlifl. matter of better terms in the way
of mibsialy nntl appropriations for the proylncsi
shoulil be vinoroiisly pMUOd upon the Dominion
9. Thnt the silver-leail iinluslrins of the province be foster-si .-■ n * I enc<iiira_.eal by tha imposition of Incraisad custom.*! sluties bbii le.nl anil
lend nraa Incls iiniaorlc I into f'annsln, .-.nsi Ihut
this iBinsorvalivi* nirmbeis of the Dominion
Housfl' bn nrsiiid lo stipporl nny insstion inlr.-s-
Huceil fssr such ti purpaaan.
10. That ns Industrial disputes almost invariably resull in front loss and injury both to lhe
parties directly concerned and to the public,
laglllotlon shiiulil be passed to provisle ins.tine
for an nmicnhlia iidjuslmenl. of such disputes lasi-
twoen employers and employees.
II. Tlmt it is iiiivisnblii tn foster thsi manufacture or tin* rnw products of tbe province
within tlie province as far ns practis'iihlc by
aim.'ii.:, a.f taxation on the snid tsvt produots,
subject to rebate of the same in whole or pari
when nianufncturc'l iu British Columbia.
J. Pinchl>eckr Proprietor
Fresh Fruits of Every
Kind Arriving   Daily.
Our Ice Croam   Parlor in
now o['ca and will br kwpt
riiiiniiiifl* all tin* Summer.
14 I.nsaveaarilraafli f«r •!.
Full WelRlst and ajsielll*/
Slocan, B. C.
J, A. Anderson
Dealer in:
Kodaks and Supplies
K A dvertise yo ur \
in these days of progress and competition
no man in business
should neglect an opportunity to keep his
goods before the people.
Modern usages proclaim advertising the
one road to success;
neglect of it invariably
ends in disaster. A
merchant's standing
in a community may
be judged from the advertisement he carries
in a local paper. To
sell goods a man must
advertise. AH live
men seek the aid
the printer
to all persistent and liberal advertisers: it is road
by everyone.
It guarantees
At All  Times
Subscribe for £
local paper:
gj THE DRILL,  $2 per year
Csriificatfi 1BHI^^^^^
THlilsar.lclc.   lull. View >n. t, anal  Tussis.- |
raolc Nu. n Kraell.sa M laaai.il Claims.
Situate in tlie SlaM-iin Citv miiiini; division of West Kootenay olatrict. wli»rt
lociils.il:—About lour inilea up Springer creislc.
TAKE NOTICE tlmt I, J I>. An-
■ lersiin, P.L.S., of Trail, B.C.. agont fnr
JnO l''.lloli,en,frpeiiiiiier'i,oortitii.*atH No
1*04700, inti'iul, sixty alius from the data
hereof, ts> apply tss tbe Mining Kerorder
for i-ertifk-'itee of iniproveinenta, for the
purpose of obtaining crown grants of tha
above claim*.
And furtlior take notico tbat action,
under Fiction 37, must he cotnnienceil
Imfore the llltuurjeol aiicli coitificatea of
Dated this ;ir.l day of June, 1903.
Paris) Mlaarrul llalia.
iiitiuit* in the Sloean City Mining Division of the West Kootenay District.
Where locates!: — Near the Arlington
basin on north sidaof springer creek
Take node* that I, Dan Hatiloa,
acting as an agent for D A. I.oss,
free mi tier's certificate No. II" 1.'176,in tend,
sixty slays from the slate hereof, to applv
tothe .Mining Kecoidrr fora certificate
of improvements', for the purpose of obtaining a crown grant (or the above
And further tako notice that action,
under section .17, must be com mt need
belore thc issuance ofsuch ceitilicate ol
Dateil this llth day of Julv, l'.ni3
17-7-01I DAN HANI.ON
llfl>i>i|il«M. KI I. rl K, ssml ring Tang ri.r-
tlumil Sllssprsal t'lulsna.
Situate in the Slocan City Mining Division of lhe West Kootenay Ilistrict.
Where located:—On Springer creek,
about eight miles from Slocan City.
TAKK NOTICK that I, Francis J. ()'-
Itcilly, of the city of Nelson, as agent for
N.F.HONailght, Free Miner's Certiflcate
No. i.iii:tK7, intent), sixty slays from .the
date hereof, to apply to the IMining Recorder forcertillcatesof improvement,for
the purpose of obtaining Crown grants
of tlio above claims.
And further tako notico that action,
under section .17, must be commenced
before the issuance ol such certificates of
Dated thia llth dav of July, 1008.
Psarsa Mineral Claim.
Situate In iho Blocan City Mining Division of West Kootenay District.
Where locnted : —At hend of north
fork of Ten Mile creek.
TAKF. NOTICF. Ihal 1,1 rank C.Green,
acting na a^ent for (iston-e I'i ine,
free miner's certificate No. II71IIS4, in-
lend, sixty slays  from  tlio  slate  hereof,!
toapply tothe Mining Recorder or a certificate ol improvements, for the purpose
of obtaining a Crown Orant of the above
And further take notice  that action,
pill .fl-lllfl-lAS**. _i
D teslthi* ;.lrsl dav of June, l.Ktt.
8-0.1 F. ('. (i'RKKN, Nelson, I..C
Notice to Delinquent Co-owner
To J. F. Armstrong, administrator ol Ilie
estate isf Martin Murcliiion, ilecuiisfl,
or to any person or peiaons lo whom
ho may have tranefeneil the inlcroit
of Martin Murrbiaon, amounting to '«
in each of the Nansen, Fram aid Bar*
al.in mineral claims, situated on tlie
head of Lemon creek, Slocan City mia*
ing division.
You aro hereby notifies! that I linve
expended the sum of three handred ainl
seven slollars ami fifty cents in labor ami
iniproveinenta upon the above mention*
esl mineral claims, in order to hold Hull
mineral claims under the provision! ol
the Mineral Act, and if within OOdiji
from tho dato of thia notice yon fail or
refuse to contribute your proportion 01
such expenditure, together with all cost*
s>f ailvertising, your interest in the mW
claims will bei ome the property ol tl"
subss-riber, under flection four ol an Act
eniith*al "An Act to amend the Mineral
Act, l'.KK)."
Dated Ibis 8th day of June. 1003.
12-6-0.' U.K. YOU.N0
Notice to Delinquent Co-owner
To Hugh S. Neleon.or to any per-oa
or persons to wl.iim he may kave Iran*
fcriesl Iiil.Intereat in the Weymouth
mineral claim, situates! on teu Mil"
oreek and recorded hi ihe Bccoideri
otlice for iliu Slocau I ity mining dm'
You are hereby notifiesl lhat I, C. &
Sm'.therlngale, F.M.C No. 1)110007, nw
cailHcal to be rxpemlesl the sum ol <"'•
hundred and Iwi* dollars and liftv rents
in lalior and improvementa on the abort
mentioned mineral claini, in order to
hold said chiim tinder tho provisions ol
the Mineral Act; and if within Wd»yi
from the slate of thia notice you fail, or
refuse, to contribute your proportion ol
audi expenditure,together with all colli
of advertising, vour interest In WW
claim will becon'io the propeity ol IM
subscriber, uniler section 4 of nu Act
entitled "An Act to amend the Miner»*
Act, 11100." .
Dated at Slocan, B.C., this Uth day 01
August, A.D. 100.1. _., ,,,.
flftenta pays for thran ■jsonlhi'mensl*"*'*'-
liswh momlMar rei-i-,1*. na thooHlcial silalsorsTan
sasan Inatruisiental new niualo •oaali BOOln,
placaia (si all: *lao sa t'ertlfloate of M"l","'r;.hr'i
'    l***a tho pritllrgo of Olnb Boom in ""•*
tr. »n.l of buying llts)r«tiir». «_;»j_SSl,
trumenta ..f anr daacrliitlnn »*"h''lr"
■nd '
plac... ... -	
which ilaia tho priTllrgo of Olub Ko'1
York <Titj,a--' ■■'' si.»-..„«. nn
alossl Inatrui
prlcea, aarii
aAlaii.a't.. Daaai',.... 	
moro than rnurmonrr'aworth. Uu'"'*'i',-"ji! V-
. llsONaaaisunt■■"   _
AliY-MiiHieri.un, Dsjpt.
menta a,f anr daacrlpsinn »»■*--     ,.
nn ,o,s frnm *)V to KM SStSStJK
.n..,n,r.fl,..'a.worth.   MUTUAI. !'!"»
SnMiie for Tie Drill: j?


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