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The Slocan Drill 1904-07-22

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SLOGAN,   B.   0.,   JULY    22,   1904.
"ruit, Confectionery, xobaciu^"1 AB0R1DAVSP0RTS
You can get anything in these lines that you
require from us. Our stock in each is always
kept fresh and wellassorted. We handle the
best the market affords.   Prices are right.
J. W. Crow, Proprietor.
THIS Hotel is ono ofthe best known and most popular houses
in tho country.     It is located adjacent to the depot and the
wharf, and commands a magnificent view of the beautiful
Slocan lake.     Good fishing is to be found close at hand, while
every facility is offered for boating.
Tourists will find the Arlington and ideal Mating place.
Commercial men havo at theircommand new and commodious
sample rooms.
The dining room is strictly up to date and the bar supplied
wilh only the best brands of goods.
Stock-taking Sale.
resides the bargains in  Dry C >ods offered last week,
all the Shirt Waists in t-tx-k have been
reduced 'o cost price.
WHEAT CHICKEN FEED.      We have 12 sacks of
slightly burnt wheat that we will clear for $1 cash
per sack.
|David Arnot, Slocan.
Agent for Slater's Shoes, the best in Canada.
K A dvertise your
in these days of progress and competition
no man in business
should neglect an opportunity to keep his
goods before the people.
Modern usages proclaim advertising the
one road to success;
neglect of it invariably
ends in disaster. A
merchant's standing
in a community may
be judged from the advertisement he carries
in a local paper. To
sell goods a man must
advertise. All live
men seek the aid of
the printer
to all persistent and liberal advertisers: it is i'i ad
by everyone.
It guarantees
At All  Times
Subscribe for
and tXj
support j^J
local paper:
gj THE DRILL,  $2 per year 55
Samiiiii u Alio Celebrating and a Delegation Opine! ii.-rn tu Kin oir Local Ar-
fair-Arrangomeiati Will not Permit
of Cancellation,
Sloean is to have opposition iu her
efforts to fittingly observe Labor Day.
Sandon has appeared on tbe scene
since the local celebration was announced and Its people have become
as busy as bees in their efforts to skim
the create off the situation. Last
Saturday nighl they held a meeting
nnd claimed thoy had raised $1608 for
"ports. At the same time Messrs.
Oavflnaugh and TwogOOd were appointed n committee to proceed to
slocau, to try aad get tho celebration
there culled off,
On Monday the committee arrived
here, backed up by 11 telegram Unit
tin* Saiitliui Miners Union would celebrate al Inun.'. The executive committee here aud maiiy of the citizens
were interviewed, with a view to uniting forces with Sandon, but without
success. Tuesday evening the matter
was brought up at a public meeting
here, and the citizens decided to proceed with their show, arrangements
having progressed bo far that it was
impossible lo withdraw. It is unfortunate the two towns are bent o >
ebrating, as each will tend to mar me
otlier. Co'..' : .. '■■iii a'-o result,but
eueh place seams in be in the field to
stay. Sandon claims to have more
money than Slocan, but they do not
•possess us good grounds or facilities,
and tin- bulk of the outside crowds
will surely come hero,
The new turn in events has put the
Slocan foil; 0:1 their mettle and they
are now di terminedto put up a better
show than at iir-' intended. Tha
oommitte 's will work hard, with evm'y
chance of succes?. One 1 troug drawing card is offered Rossland folk, iu n
short spin on th 1 lake in the str. Sloean, tho small sum cf 25 ceuts being
charged Tor an hoar's sail. An efTovi
will be made to get thc worki n : ipii|es
along the bike to eeud team.-1 j com-
pete jn the drilling.
TIki programme, as mapped out,
giv s the Cil.vlnian sport* hewy'
prize;'. Horse racing sp< ia!ti - ■,.■•!.
also be an attraction. New Denver
will send a rill't -am down toe impete
wilh the !o \il men, and there will al 0
l>> football aad baseball matches.
Each moment of the day will be Geo
pied,the events winding up witn n
bail in the evening.
Slocan was first in the field with
her announcement of celebrating, nnd
her citizens feel sorry to think Sandon
folk cannot see their way clear to jOin
hands with them and make the affair
here even n greater success than il
promises to be.
A Huge Mi'l'iliT.
The largest mining deal in the history of British Columbia has been effected in the Boundary district. The
deal merges the interests of lhe
Brooklyn, Stemwindes group, in the
Phoenix camp; the Atbelstana group,
in the Wellington camp: Emma, in
the Summit camp: Morii-or,. in the
Deadwood camp; and lit Montreal .S:
Boston smelter at Greenwood the
whole comprising a very valuable con*
solidution. The merger is capitalized
at $7,600,000, under the aame of the
Boston ^ Montreal Consolidated. It
is financed by New Vork capitalists
close to .1. .1. Hill, of the  (beat Nor
thero Railway, which guarantees payment of all financial obligations incurred by the deal, liill is now pushing
branch roads to handle-the1 traffic ol
these properties. A smelter force is
being organized and arrangements
made to rush work al the mines. The
completion of the merger gives greal
satisfaction in the district,
Joint   installation.
The Oddfellows and Rebekknhs had
a gay time on Thursday evening, the
occasion being a joint Installation ol
the new officers of the respective
lodges, D; Arnot was the installing
officer of the Oddfellows mui Mrs. Arnot of the Bebekkahs. Tho officers
of the former are: N.C.. C. Snyder;
V.O., A Rogers; H.S.. II. A.Cleve; l\
S., P. J'urviance; Trea., 1). Arnot.
Por the Rebeklmhs th6 officers aver
N.Q., Mrs. T. McNeish; V.C... Mrs. A.
Mason: R.S., D. Arnol: P.S., Mrs. f).
Arnot; Trea., Mrs. 1). B. O'Neail, At
the conclusion of the Installation rs
freshmen ts were served and ii short
programme given, tire whole proceedings being thoroughly enjoyable.
Steadily Dotting Hotter.
As development proceeds tbo vein
on the Club steadily improves and tin*
amount of ore i-* astobishiiig.   Last
wick ii shifl or two was put in In the
old shaft, and the resull excited the
workers. A streak of ipiart/. was exposed in  which   IV."' gold is  plainly
discernible to tho nuked eye, and its
values are away up. Altogether two
men have taken out l,r> tons of ore. six
of which has been sacked. It is the
intention to ship a carload.
ltOAKD O*' TllAOK.
Increased Freight Untie Still Attract Attention.
Friday evening the adjourned meeting of the board of trade wa.s hejd in
the city hall, there being a fair attendance of members.
Routine business disposed of, acting
secretary H. R. Jorand reported for
the executive committee that Messrs.
McNeish and Arnot were appointed
flelegates to confer with the other
towns in laying the question of increased freight rates before the tail-
road commission; ulso, that the new
b\ laws for the board were nlxiut ready.
The committee were given a week in
which to complete their labors, follow
ing ii discussion of the proposed bylaws.
A letter wiis read from H.Giegerich,
Kaslo, outlining the plan of action of
Ka llo and Sandon merchants inlaying theit complaints before the railroad commission, sittings of which
will be held at Revelstoke and Nelson.
He did not deem it necessary to en-
gitge ;i lawyer to look after their case,
b'it he wouid Uke to see each town
represented at the bearing. Letter
discussed and filed.
Meeting adjourned for ona week.
Several of the ranchers in the neigh*
borhood have commenced haying.
The crop is very good.
Many outsiders are anxiously in-
quiring after land in the Slocan valley for fruit-raising purposes,
Mr. Die'.Mm. after spending several
weeks al the coast, recently returned
to Winlaw. Happy to say,he ( id not
return alone.
Wm, Bimichard.one of Mr.Winlaw'-
mist popular employees, has bee 1
called to his home in Soafottb, Oni,
'i.vi'.i ■; to theseriotwilliiess of Lis wife.
Mt. Winlaw ia greatly improving
his sawmill.   Tha frnm iworh on tin
-,. ar purt is baing iv du ecd. with
heavi'■»!• timbers and an iron roof pui
0:1. New machinery is also being added.
Mi.il.v tillisuii Oltangee Uaiide.
A new,company has been formed to
take over the {Jolly Qibsou mino, 0:1
Kokanee crek, to be known as the
Aspen Mining Co., after one of the
claims in tlu* group. The companv
is comprised pf Sherbrooke, Que.. Por;
Arthur, and Nelson people. Ncthing
has been done al the mine since the
fatal slide of two years ago. The old
company was in debt to the Ea tern
Townships Bank, which obtained a
judgment against the mine and sold
it at Sherbrooke on the oth. S. .lencks
of the -lencks" Machine Co., bidding it
in for the new peoplo.at a cost of $28,-
400. It is the intention to work the
mine at once.
il'iilil to It'll: li l'lllll'O.
The Pioneer Mining Oo. are laying
themselves out to commence the construction of their road to the Bank of
England and the Black i'rince at an
early date. It will be about two miles
long anil will follow up the south side
of Springer creek, crossing over by
the Baeiu hotel. That route will avoid
tho slides and give an even grade.
Financial assistance will be given the
road by the government. At the
Prince the camps are being fixed up
and when completed more men will
be put on. The management expects
to work 10 or ii. men this winter.
A l.riise Tlmt I'&ye.
Dave Sloan, a former resident, came
down from Three Forks on Monday,
to look after some interests here. He
and four others have a lease on lie*
Silver Bell. Hustler and Adirondack
claims, above the Idaho mine, and
stand to make good money oul >>f it
Tbey started In on •lime 15 and are
driving a raise for uir. In tluit time
Ihey have taken out almost a car of
ore, the raise more than paying its
way. Onee it is completed stoping
will follow and then the boys will pile
up a bank roll.
80,000 tons, the record mark. Last
month 2~>00 tons of lead was smelted
by the local smelters. That average
maintained and the dominion bonus
of 8500,000 will have lieou earned.
For the fiscal year ended June 30, the
mines had earned $183,000 of bonus.
VV. T. Shatford  & Co.  Will Clone Their
Slocan Ilranch.
Under date of July 20th, W. T.
Shatford & Co. make the following
announcement to their customers and
friends: —
It is with regret that we announce
our intention to close up the Slocan
brunch of our business. Coming into
this section with many—who still remain during the tirst days of the
"boom," we established relations
whieh, we flatter ourselves, are deeper
than mere business relations—relations which have caused us to stay
with the camp during manv bad business yenrs, through our reluctance to
break this tie of friendly feeling.
We have, as have always had, the
greatest faith in the future prosperity
of the camp, a faith w.hich is based 011
our mineral wealth -a wealth unsurpassed by any other section of British
Columbia, and which will some day
be developed and place Slocan where
she rightfully belongs: at the front of
all mining towns. Capital, however,
is corning in so s'owly that our population is decreasing rather than increasing. The business element must
adapt itself to changedconditions,and
it would 1x3 folly for us to remain and
conduct business at a great loss.
Although we propose closing our
business, our mining interests and
other property interests will lx* retained, so thnt we shall be as much interested in the growth aud development
of Slocan as heretofore. It is our intention to close up our business as
speedily as possible. All transactions,
therefore, in the future will be for
cash only. Wo must ask our customers to close their accounts before
August 15th,eitherby cash or by note.
endorsed by some reliable person acceptable to our bankers. Our customers will please accept this intimation
so there will be uo delay after the loth
•r August. Our stock is to be disposed of for cash.
We trust that our friends will continue trading with lis for cash as long
as we remain in Slocan. We will make
it an object, particularly in dry goods,
.uen's furnishings, boots and shoes.
etc. We want to clean everything Up,
tor we do not want to move anything,
rhe exact date of our closing will depend upon the way our stock moves.
We sincerely thank our many customers and friends for the wuy in
which they have stood by us. We
shall not forget.ami il is possible that
in more prosperous times our business
relations may be renewed.
I.iihI Year's Shipments Wero 1 :tSD Tons—
A Healthy Kvldence of the Lire aud
Wealth nr the ('amp-Ottawa U the
liijfgoKt Shipper.
Shipments this week equal those of
last, amounting to 86 tous. The Ottawa again sent out three cars, raising
it once more to tlie position of head
shipper in the division. The remaining 20 tons came from the Enterprise.
In sight for next week are shipments
from tho Enterprise and Neepawa, ou
Ten Mile; the Colorado, on Twelve
Mile; and the Ottawa, on Springer
creek. To date shipments total 1070
tons. Besides thero is tho output of
the Kilo and Chapleau properties run
through the Chapleau stamp mill.
For 1903 the ore shipments trom
the local division amounted to 1330
tons, made up from 17 properties.
Following is a full list of the shipments this year td date:
l'ort Hope....
Black i'rince.
Silver (llKltiillinis.
Following are the quotations for bar
silver on the various days during the
week since last issuei
Thursdav     58   cents
Friday..'     578    '■
Saturday     57|    "
Mouday    58
Tuesday     '^    "
Wednesday    58}   "
Lend output Increasing.
0.0. Buchanan, the dominion lead
botlntf inspector, asserts that the pro
dueti in of lead Is Increasing In the
province,  the output   HOW e|iuil!ing
Creating Much intercut.
The decision by the department of
mines that the majority interests in a
claini may crown grant, without waiting for balance of claim, is creating
much discussion here, where the point
arose. The Creole is the claim involved, but the majority interests have
not yet secured their certilicate of improvements, the authorities evidently
seeing the issue is an awkward one.
If allowed to prevail the ruling would
be fraught with disastrous results.
l.iimi Bargains on Monday.
Next Monday will occur the city's
lirst tax sale and an elegant opportunity will be afforded for people to obtain property cheaply. Two-thirds of
the townsite lias lieen advertised,niuch
of which is desirable inside realty.
Prospective buyers will play safe, as
all investments carry six per cent in
terest, or failing redemption, a dear
title. 11. D. Curtis, collector, will be
auctioneer, the side being held iu the
city hall.
t'lmiiif for I.i'inim Croek.
Lemon creek lias a chance for a stir
this fall, its gold values being the attraction. Several outsiders have been
up the creek and half a dozen deals
for claims ure under wny. Three different parties seem to want the Chapleau pretty badly, and adjacent properties would also go with it. Lemon
creek is different from Poplar, It has
developed veins nnd the ores stand
the test of mill or smelter.
QiiltlhiK I Ue Sloean.
After 11 years' residence in the Sloean, .lini Bowes is leaving Silverton
next month for Kelowna,where he has
secured and will operate a first-class
hotel. Jim has always Ixieii one of
the boys, over taking a leading part in
all kinds of sport, and he feels (he
blow of parting. P. Fletcher and II.
Thorbuvn will takeover his Silverton
Jack Beauchesne got the returns
this week On the Alberta ore and feels
satisfied. It went better than the previous shipment, and that figured out
at >'.i1 per tou.
Upwards of 30 men are employed at
the Ottawa.
Sandon mines last week sent out
241 tons of ore.
Rossland's ore shipments last week
rose to 7100 tous.
Last week Boundary mines handled
11,83(5 tons of ore.
The Monitor will instal a compressor aud ore crusher.
Several more men were put on by
the Pioneer Co. this week.
An increase was made agaiu this
week in the force at the Ottawa.
Numerous parties are running
through the camp looking for leases.
From three to six inches of snow
fell on the summits on Friday night.
Many more men have lieen added
to the forces of the mines around Sandon.
The St. Eugene mine, Moyie, is producing 100 tous of lead concentrates
An assaying plaut will be iustalled
at   the  Ottawa, with  J. McVicar in
Local mine managers complain of a
difficulty in securing capable and efficient miners.
For the lirst six months of the year
the Boundary mines had an output of
410,023 tons of ore.
Butte   men   have bonded the Ba-
yoimo group of claims, in the Goat
river division, for §60.000.
Twelve men are employed by the
lessees of the Mountain Con. Ore has
been exposed in all the workings.
The packtrain went up to Twelve
Mile on Tuesday, to pack down a
shipment of ore from the Colorado.
An immense amount of ore is passing through here of late. The Idaho
and Slocan Star are heavy shippers.
The Bank of England will do their
own assaying at the mine, an outfit
having been sent up during the week.
The Chapleau stamp mill completed
running through 100 tons of Kilo ore.
and the amalgam was taken to Nelson
F. M. Chadbourn, of Nelson, spent
two or three days in the camp this
week, looking at several claims oil
Lemon creek.
Tho zinc output of the Slocan is 45
tons a day and will Increase. Ore
buyers are being attracted from many
outside points.
The lessees of the Edison, ou Ten
Mile, have completed their new camp
and moved in. They built it from the
material of Farrish '& Co.'s old store
at Aylwin.
A great deal of interest is being
Centred on the development at the
Myrtle, where the long crosscut is rn-
I pidly nearlng Its goal. It Is confidently expect the result of the work will
be something big.
S. W. Jackson and partner, of Sandon, came down from Lemon creek on
Tuesday, having completed their
work   for   the year on  the Dorothy.
Their lead 's iU1 ,ron C*P i,,1(* ovt'1' '^'
feet wide and practically all ore.
Streak' of it gin* high values in gold,
'. I
■    i
i I
While the
Colonel Slept
By Sidney H. Cole
...Copyright, 1803, by T. C. McClure...
Dr. Theodore Miller was nervous.
Ills nervousness had manifested itself
some time before the heavy stone posts
of the carriage gateway appeared tc
view, and all the way along the dusty
road lt had materially Increased. Now,
at he stood at last before the entrance
to tbe Poplars, lt had grown to such;
proportions that he paused ln mentnl
Irresolution, which bade fair to de
velop into precipitate flight.
Indeed, so much had his courage ebb
ed thnt for several wavering seconds
he stood there looking despairingly a*
the trim driveway before hlui nnd
casting wistful glances at the dusty
road be had Just traveled. It was not
until he had called himself numerous
kinds of a moral coward and a procrastinating idiot, modified by vii negated adjectives, that he started re
luctantly up the driveway.
"See here, my boys," Ue observed, Involuntarily squaring his shoulders and
quickening his steps. "This will never
do in the world. You cnn't put lt olT
any longer, for the.v leave tomorrow.
80 be a little man.   Go up and get your
coup de grace and go home and con
sole yourself with 'I told you so.'
Gadl" he added, with an absurd
chuckle. "I believe I shall bolt before
I reach tbe house in spite of myself."
However, with all his qualms and
tremors, Miller marched sturdily up the
drive. Soon the path turned sharply,
and he stood before the colonial house.
On tbe front porch Miller beheld the
bead of the bouse, Colonel John Grew
Worth, TJ. S. A., retir*3d, stretched comfortably In a Mteauicr chair. No one
else was in sight. A closer inspection
disclosed the fact that Colonel John
Grew Worth, TJ. S. A., retired, slept.
The disclosure wns brought ubout by
the ears rather thau by the eyes, for
Colonel Worth had dropped his lower
Jaw and was sending heavenward 11 series of grunts und gurgles and snorts
wblcb would have done credit to the
most enthusiastic sawmill.
Miller mounted tbe steps nnd, drawing a cbalr closo beside the sleeping
man, sat down. He took no precautions as to noise in these movements,
for Colonel Worth, besides being a
sound sleeper, was so deaf that nothing short of a charge of dynamite
would arouse him. The doctor lighted
a cigar and looked thoughtfully across
the well kept Inwn and the trim
shrubs and hedges. lie was thinking
bow glad he w.is of this moment to
collect himself before he saw ber.
"Probably make nn ass of myself nt
the best," was his optimistic forecast.
"Hee —gur-r-r-r! Hee —gur-r-r-r!"
the colonel snored placidly.
Miller looked at tbe portly, liald-
beaded figure ln the steamer chair. A
humorous twinkle came Into his eyes,
and a quiet smile curved the corners
of his mouth.
"Hoe—gurr-r-r—ah-h!" tbe colonel
"It is, indeed," snid the doctor in
tones of grave acquiescence. "I don't
remember when w^'ve hnd such por-
f.ect weather In September ns this Is.
Beautiful air too. Have you noticed
bow clearly the hills stand out today?
Generally, you know, they nre nothing
but a hazy blue line ou the horizon.
Cast your eye, if you will, on ltaw-
aon's pond over by the woods there.
Did you ever see anything finer? The
way it shimmers und glinls in—why,
how rude of you to Interrupt!" he
broke off suddenly us a spusm of unusual violence shook the sleeping
mnu. The doctor waited patiently for
tbls to subside, leaning forward with
an air of Interested attention.
"Oh, yes," he said nt length; "I
know the nnny ls going to the dogs,
but I wouldn't bo ho vehement about
It If I were you. It won't do a bit of
The colonel seemed trying to shako
down tho porch.
"Really 1 must protest," snld Miller. "You see, I didn't como hero to
talk about the army with you this
afternoon. The fnct Is, I want to
apeak to you about-about" —be
paused and glnnced furtively around—
"Molly," he said, amused nt his own
temerity in thus alluding to the Imperious Miss Worth.
"Wh-r-poo-o!" the colonel gurgled.
"Yes; 1 thought you'd be surprised,"
Miller went on. "No; I shnll not ask
yon for her hand at present—nny way
not until I hnve asked the lady herself, which I intend to do some time
this afternoon. In all probability, if
I follow out this intention, I shnn't
have to trouble you," he udded gloomily*
"Gurr-r — gurr-r — gurr-r!" came
hoarsely from the colonel.
"Thanks for those cheering words,"
said Miller. "I wish I felt ns sure
nbout it. I think she knows I intend
to propose some time. I've been on
the point ot doing so n number of
tlm?s before, but something nlways
hindered nt the critical time. Once lt
was a cow, again It was a bee, and another time her shoe became untied."
If the colonel's throaty efforts hnd
been a trifle less vloleut at that moment Miller might have caught the
sound of a subdued titter behind tbe
closed blinds of tbe library, and a moment later he might have heard the
door behind him opened softly nnd the
tread of light footsteps ou the porch.
These were lost to hlm, however, as
he bent over the slumberer with a
whimsical expression on bis face.
"You've nlways seemed rather kindly disposed toward me," Miller said,
still addressing the somnolent warrior,
"and so I'm about to take the liberty
of asking you a few questions. I wish
you'd nnswer them without prejudice
as man to man. We'll construe your
answer thusly: That 'hee—gurr-r* (pardon the pronunciation, but those dell-
cute accents ure rather elusive) we'll
call an affirmative and that 'whir—
poo,' which you Interpolate once iu
awhile, we'll call n negative. Dear,
dear! How annoying to have you answer so indiscriminately before I've
nsked tbe questions!
"Now, if you were In my shoes
wouldn't you think Molly bad given
you—cr—encouragement? Ah, 1 thought
you'd agree with me. lint, really, your
nnswer loses force when you repeat lt
so Incessantly.
"No. 2: Knowing this young lady ns
you do, do you honestly think I'm the
sort of man to make her happy?"
"Hee—gurr-r-r!" It was u perfect
Imitation of the affirmative snore, but
it did not come from the colonel.
Miller turned nnd found Molly
Worth standing behind him. He enme
out of bis chnlr In nu uwkwurd bound.
He tried to say something, but lie
stammered so helplessly that he gave
lt up nnd stood staring nt her until
her face flushed crimson and her eyes
"That was the one that mennt 'yes,'
wnsu't ItV" she faltered; then suddenly
she found herself in the arms of a
young physician, whose power of
speech had been restored to bim.
Some moments later they remembered the colonel. Miller strode over
to the steamer chair and bent over
"Do I have your consent, sir?" be Inquired, with ridiculous deference.
"Hee—gurr-r-r—ah-h!" wus the benediction of the colonel.
Symptom* of Decay.
"I am afraid you are not so strong
as you used to be, John," said a foud
wife to her husband. "I tblnk It ls
about time you were getting some Insurance on your life."
"Insurance on my life! Wbat are
you talking nbout? I am ns healthy
as ever I wns.   Insurance, Indeed!"
"Well, dear, I only mentioned it, you
know, out of respect to yourself. I
thought you were falling."
"And whnt ln tbe world put It into
your head tbat I am falling? Me falling? Why, I am as strong as a borse
and can run up three flights of stairs
without taking a breath."
"Well, that mny be so, but I am
afraid you are deceiving yourself."
"Deceiving myself! Goodness gracious, woman, what do you mean?"
"Don't bo so impatient. Wbat makes
me think you nre falling Is tbls: When
you were courting ine you could hold
me on your knee for threo hours. Now
you cannot hold tbe baby on your hip
three minutes."'
Kelntlve   Slrenull*.  of Mnn'n  Limb*.
As n result of some wry Interesting
experiments mnde by scientists and
physiologists with 11 view to determine
the relative strength of right untl left
limbs lt has been ascertained that
over Mi per ceut of the men examined
had the right arm stronger than the
left, 10.4 per cent had the two arms
of eQUAl length nud strength and 83.7
per cent had the left urm stronger
than the right. Of women 4(1.0 per
cent bud the right nrm stronger than
the left nnd 24.5 per cent had the left
stronger than the right. In-order t>
arrive ut the average length of limbs
lifty skeletons were measured, twenty-
five of each sex. Of these twenty-
three bad tbe right arm und left leg
longer, six the left arm nnd right
leg, whilo ln seventeen cases all the
members were more or less equitl lu
- .    a*.'
Roods ond Tlrm.
Iii France every carrier's and every
market enrt Instead of Injuring the
highway Improves lt. Many of the
tires nro ten Inehes wide. Iu the four
wheeled vehicles of thnt country the
rear nxle is fourteen Inches longer than
the fore, nntl us n result tho renr wheels
run In 11 lino ubout nn Inch outsldo the
level rolled by the front wheel. After
n few loaded wagons hnvo pnssed over
a rond the highway looks as If a steam
roller had been ot work. A national
law In Germany prescribes thut wagons heavily loaded must have tires
not less thnn four inches wide. In
Austria the minimum for similar vehicles Is six nnd n hnlf Inches und lo
Switzerland six Inches.
■ome Happy  Notions About  Various
I'olnts of the  Home Wedding.
For n home wedding, especially If
the bride wears a white gown, a green
und white color scheme ls charming
und not difficult to arrange. However,
some brunettes, to whom white Is not
becoming and who wish to look their
best on their wedding dny, hnve chosen
a pink setting for their bridal, snys the
Boston Cooking School Magazine ln a
short chat ou wedding matters.
For an early June wedding, In localities where it Is abundant, the wild
pink azalea makes n most effective
decoration. Garden roses nre seldom
available until the very hist of the
month, but when they nre plentiful
nothing liner can be desired. A bride
may now wear or carry nny favorite
flower, the old time prestige of the
orange blossom having ln some measure departed.
It was a happy thought which gave
mothers a place in tlie bridal procession.' Fathers, sisters and brothers all
bad their duties In connection with the
event, but oft times tbe mother wns
left alone during the ceremony. Now
one or both mothers form a graceful
and dignified part of tbe procession.
A pretty idea for a borne wedding ls
to bave the young guests surround the
couple during the ceremony. This
eaves choosing bridesmaids, which is
sometimes a difficult thing to do when
one has many friends nnd relatives.
Every prtspectlve bride loves to
show her trousseau to a few close
friends. Thii ls sometimes made the
occasion of 11 smnll tea or gathering
and gives nu opportunity for bestowing any small and dainty gift. This is
a much better wny than the once popular shower, ivMch Is now thought not
quite good foi 11.
The refreshments for a home wed
ding may be passed or they may be
served at sn.all tables scattered
through tlie bouse, and this ls by far
the most comfortable way. If convenient, tables with twenty-four Inch tops
mny be hired for the occasion. These
may be covered with large napkins of
dinner size if the hostess has not a sufficient number of embroidered or
drawn work cloths.
For thc wedding reception In summer nothing more Is required than Ice
cool drinks, small enkes und sandwiches. Of course If one chooses a salad
may be added, accompanied with thin
cut bread and butter or wafers. Careful attention to all the smnll details
Will mark the perfection of the entertainment and add much to the comfort
of the guests.
A Hat for Yootbful Charms.
The rustic straw lint illustrated calls
for youthful freshness and charms In
Its wearer. A bandeau Of biscuit tulle
raises lt off tbe face.    Delicate pastel
tinted ribbon, blue, pink and biscuit,
lies In soft folds about the crown, together with n cluster of beautiful pink
roses and accompanying foliage.
How   tbo   Sun   Burns   tbo   Skin.
The sun does actually burn the skin,
nnd there Is no difference between Ita
bums nud one produced from any other kind of Intense heat. The, oils und
necessary moisture In the skin are
evaporated by the sun. The sun bums
the cuticle of the skin when exposed
to'its rays. The skin gets parched
and is rendered apparently lifeless,
uud then It peels or dies away.
The following ls nu excellent preparation to ulluy the burning of the
Milk, one pint; enrhonnte of soda, one
ounce; glycerin, one ounce; powdered
borax, one half ounce. This cau he
Used several times u duy If required.
t'uslnrd   Mm 111 nil.
When making custards for puddings
nnd the tilling for custard pies, If tlie
milk Is brought to the scalding point
und then stirred Into the beaten eggs
and sugar nud placed nt once In the
oven for baking it will require ouly
half the time usually allowed for cook-
iiig. A custard pudding muy be steamed and Is of ienl lines ulcer thuu baked,
being more delicate. A cup custard
will be steamed sufficiently lu Ufteeu
Household  Urrvlttra.
Use the potato rlcer for cheese that la
to be sprinkled on spaghetti, etc., Instead of spending time grating It.
Ham soaked lu milk overnight will
be found exceedingly tender und sweet
-Alien   used   fur   breakfast   the   next
Allow grass stained spots to remain
•aturatiil with alcohol for u little time,
then wash In clear water.
Whtfl the Angara are stained In peeling fruits dip tliem In strong ten, rubbing them well with a nailbrush and
iftenvard wash them In warm water,
Uld the Mains will disappear.
Any one who hus been eating onions
lliouhl eat a few leuves of parsley
Iteepeit    In    vinegar,      After    handling
mlona rub tne bunds over wltb rivr
"Where Shall
We Land?"
By W. W. Hines
Copyright, 1808, by T. C. McClure
"The clouds nre so white and the sky
so blue and I am so happy," enld tho
"The sky Is blue— so blue—almost as
blue as your eyes, but I don't believe
that I am happy," said tho man, trail
lug his paddle.
"But you should be happy," snld the
girl, "lt is a perfect day and tonight
we nre going to leave to tnke up our
work nguln.   You love your work, don't
"Y-e-s, I suppose I do," the man replied hesitatingly. "But tliere nro so
many other things I love; for Instance"—
"Tho white clouds, tbe blue sky anil
drifting in a canoe. You are a bit luzy,
I nm ufraid."
"1 didn't mean the clouds, nor the
aky, nor drifting ln a canoe. I meant
- but It ean mako little difference to
you what I did mean. Do you remember that littlo verse of Kellly's-
"Where shall we land?   Cod's grace!
I know not any placo
So fair as tills,
Bwiing here between the blue
Of sea and sky, with you
To ask me with a kiss,
'Where shall we land?' "
"Hint's a very pretty verse," said the
girl. "But I haven't nsked you with—
with anything where we shall land.
We shall land at the hotel from which
wo started nu hour ago, and it's almost
lime to start back. I expect my pari
ir. thu afternoon mall, and I am dying
lo seo it."
"You love you/ work so much, then?"
"Better than anything else In the
"1 have read the book and I think tho
part will fit you," said the mnn. "One
book reviewer said thnt the heron e
was the most appealing type ever prj-
sented in fiction."
"Vour speech wns almost pretty,"
said the girl. "At auy rate, It's by far
the nicest thing you hnve said to ine
this summer. But you say that I can't
"No more yon can," snid the man
cheerfully.    "You don't have to, you
know.   Besides, remember that 1 teir
pered my criticism."
"1 have lt by heart," said the girl.
"Vou did say some rather nice things
about my looks and my personality,
So I am inclined to be lenient wi li yon.
was. Once I had another first night
to cover."
"That's better, ever so much better.
Now it'll me why you dropped In for
the sixty times you didu't hnvo to
"Not for art's sake."
"Then it must have been for tho
same reason that"—
"I didn't admit lt to myself until I
met you this summer, but it Is a fact."
"The sky Is so blue aud tho clouds
nre so white and I am so hnppy."
Thero was the lilt of a song in her
VOlce as she repented the words.
"Of course you nre happy. You are
young and beautiful—nnd everything.
Why shouldn't you bo hnppy?"
"I am happy—for rnnuy reasons.
One of the reasons ls thnt you come
to see 1110 for the snmo reason that
other peoplo do."
"If we go back to the hotel you will
find your part waiting for you und will
tako the train back to town tonight?"
ns a question.
"Yes, rehearsals begin the first of the
"And if we go bnck to the hotel I
will take the afternoon train buck to
town und smoke nnd writo nnd be
lonely and miserable all this winter,"
as a statement.
"I can't help lt if you do. It isn't
uv fault that *«ou nro going to smoke
nnd write and be miserable."
"I was just telling you what would
happen If we laud ut the hotel."
"But where ln tho world would wo
land If not at tho hotel?"
"On thc other side of the lako Is a
village, n beautiful little village."
"Ycb, I have been there. But whnt
has that to do with tho question -of
where we land?"
"Thero ls a qunlnt, old fashioned
church In thc village and a quuint
priest In tho church."
"If we land at the village, you can
t?ond n telegram to your manager telling him that you have retired from tho
'"What a preposterous ideal Why
should I send him such a foolish telegram?'
"So that I need never be lonely or
miserable ngnln."
"Tako care or you will upset tho
canoe 1"
"Where shall we land?"
"In the river, If you are not careful."
"Will you he serious?"
"We will both be very serious and
very wet if you upset the ennoe."
"Whut ls your answer?"
"Are you sure there is a telegraph
Office iu the village?"
But do you really mean to say that
you think I never will become n great
"There ia about as much chance of
your becoming a great actress as thcro
Is for Duss going into musical comedy.
Borne people are horn stars, somo
achieve the lofty eminence, nnd somo
havo stardom throat upon them. You
were born a star, but you really can't
act a littlo bit."
"It's rather unkind of yon to keep
reminding me of lt. 1 have managed
to forgive you for all your harsh criticism of last winter."
"And If you forgive nie, what then?"
"Why, then we can be friends, can't
we? I've always heard that you would
never muke any acquaintance! among
tlio profession for fear that your criticism would ho biased by personal
prejudice. You won't be prejudiced
against me when I come out iu my
new play, will you?"
"Have mercy on your servant!   The
alarm you display Is flattering, hut not
convincing.   You know that I nm nuth.
Ing but a crusty old writer aud you
dou't cnre a hang what I say.    You
know that the public will go to see
you, even though you do net like a dramatic school  gradual!'.    It's you  they
go to see and you they care for, not ,
your art    And I don't see why you |
should   object   to   having   the   fact |
"It Is not kind of you to say that.
Why do yon come to see ine?"
"I'm paid to go," said the man, grinning.
"And do you only come when yon
are compelled to do so?"
"You played in New York sixty-three
times hist year. Of course, I was there
tho first night."
"Yes, to write your horrid criticism.
But didn't you come any more?"
"I dropped In occasionally. Hlxly-
ene times,  I think ths  'occasionally'
VIis and roar.
I am the owner of a pony and a smnll
black pig, which, nfter tke manner of
the country, runs loose nnd finds its
own food. The pony Is kept stabled at
night, but for part of the day is out
grazing and is fed with corn every
morning near the dining room window.
The corn is put iu n box which rests on
the ground. When the pony comes he
'. nlwnys accompanied by the pig, who
sits between his fore feet and occasionally takes a little corn himself. If
he takes too much the pony gives hlm
a gcntlo bite, ns a reminder not to be
greedy. The pig skeps against the
stable door (it Is not allowed to go inside), so as to bo nenr Its friend, and
when the pony i.s grazing the pig ls always Just alongside. When I go out
for a drive or n ride and the pony has
to wait, friend pig lies down between
ids feet until we start. On returning
from the drive the pig Jumps about,
making the most absurd antics to greet
Ids friend, and grunts a queer, sharp
grunt, looking for all tlio world like a
fat and clumsy old Spaniel greeting its
master. It then trots off to the stable
with Its friend. No otlier pig dare go
near the pony, as he has u great dislike
for nnimals ns a whole nnd bites them
savagely.—London News.
When the Hoslmnd Goes Marketing.
A well known officer has an Idea that
he can manage the affairs of the pantry better than his wife.
"My dear," said ho one day, "lhat
baker of yours ls cheating you. llo
ou'Mit to give you seven of these buns
for sixpence. I can get bcvco for that
So tho major set off for the baker's
On arriving he pointed to n pile of
buns on the counter and said, in his
severest wny;
"I want seven of those buns for sixpence."
"But"— said the girl In attendance.
"No 'buts' in the matter!'' roared tho
major.    "If you don't givo ine seven
I'll go elsewhere and get them."
"Well, sir, If you Insist," said tlie girl,
"I do insist," said the major.
So tho girl counted seven buns Into a
paper bag and gave them to the major,
who went home greatly elated with ids
"Look what firmness can do," he snld
to his wife.   "I got seven for sixpence."
"Yes," said his wife, "but you have
been cheated. "These aro ha'penny
buns!"- spare Moments,
Pots siiv. r in iiis Coffee.
Two business men were hastily eat
Ing their midday luncheon In a I'hr
nut street cafe a few days ago wh
ono of them, In attempting to drink
cup of scalding coffoe, set It down
With an exclamation of pain as the hot
lluld burned his throat, "it Is 0 poor
waller," remarked lhe other, "who
does not seo that coffee is of n proper
temperature before he puts It on tlio
table. But Just place 0 silver spoon
lu that und in 11 very abort timo lt will
be cooler." Ho explained that silver
Is n wonderful absorbent of heat nnd
carries It out of the coffee. lie added
that he had a friend who had n silversmith make Iwo small liars of solid ,
sliver whicb ho uses nt home for cool- I
Ing his coffee,-Philadelphia Record.
Bteteketwitb v_ttM p
Bight Lf,g. **
Mr. John Craig, a well 1
mer living near Kells   ni, i*11'*t*
tHct,  Ont.,  is another oM?"11
paralytics,   who   owes     1,     """'I
good heullh nnd ability tl ^
-if not lifo itself-io i„ „{•" *"*
Williams'I'ink mis ,,,, * _**« Dr.
his experience as tolluwH.^N
the blessing of (!,i,|
nT,the m
Ur."Williams' I'ink THls 1. .1
lieve that 1 would bo alivo tnT 1
wus stricken with that icrrtt'l
Hon, partial paralysis,  ifo? _l
lutely no power in my ,i,l       ^
log.     I was   not   «|,|,   [f ,.** '» «
fact if I tried to d«» 80 1 w'ffi
ovor.   I had to be lift,,] [l^M
«nd  my  family  ___   „.„,    <     H
death   wus   vory   near     'n^'N
told   mo that   ho could   do Von!
for me,   nnd   that   I   „„'°„__<
nny moment to havo another .ji
which  would curry mo oil     1 fl
this deplorable condition when 1 J
advised   to   uso   Dr.   William.
Tills.   I sent for three boxes tindi
fore they wero all used I could Z
the   lingers   on   my   hand whlch_
nithoro   been   absolutely nuuib fl
powerless.   You can scarcely lrn.il
my joy at this Convincing prootikS
the   pills   were   help,,,,   „,[,.■*
this on I kept getting Btronmr J_
the   control   of   my   pnrulywd _3
gradually enme   hack   until   1   2_
again ablo to walk about nnd i«J
tually to    work.     To my „t.i((hbo*
my cure seems like a mirnclo as m
one of them evr expected to u» 3
out of bod nguin.     i gludly glvonJ
mission   to  publish  the story ol my
euro with the wish that it may brio
lifo  and  hope  and  activity i0 So^
other sufferer."
Tho cure of Mr. Craig gives td
tional evidence lhat Ur. \\illiums'
I'ink Tills aro not an ordinary m*%
cine,   and   that their power to cun
in nil troubles of the bl I or um
places them beyond all other mJ
dues. Y'ou can get these lulls fros
any medicine dealer or diroct l.ymiii
nt 50 cents a box, or six bold foi
fli.r.O by writing The llr. WHUii
Medicine Co., Brockville , Ont, S«
that tho full name "Dr. w.Mm,
Tink Tills for Pale People" is prmvl
ed on tho wrapper around every 1)3|
The  I'niiioiis   Win in  Model Artist sll
ra iii nmi London.
Ume. Tuss.'iud was already ts*U
In Tarls before she went lu linnUodl
It was with two of i,cr waxen rip^l
ductiotis, seize.l by Hie people fori
parade through the streets of I'arl*
that the Trench revolution wanUita
The soldiers attacked the Ogam. Tw
days later followed the niemotm
•terming of the Bastille, UodeM
W0X had been the fasbiouablt cruiee(
tie court and the rlcb. It was nn
from a physician of Berne named On
tins, who turned to fine art bit »
markable skill in modeling unntouiiii!
specimens und was Invited tu Pirlilj
the I'rince de Contl. Mine. Tiisj«4
nee Marie Qreabolts, the child oi »*)
dler, wa.s bis niece and adopted ditf
ter, lirst his pupil nud Iii,ally iiis iu»*
ter. There were few personages IM
names are famous now in connect)!
With the revolution who did uut "*it"
to tlie young artist in wax.  TbeMM
of some she  had  to 1 lei after tbe
guillotine  hnd  been  employed upon
tbem. She gave lessons la the ort tt
the king's sister, Mine. KliwWk,
among other Illustrious person* sod
was Imprisoned with Josepblnii
i'.e.'iuhariials, afterward empress. E«i
lu those early days M. CurtlUI Iwli
"chamber of horrors."
But after the revolution Mnie. TM-
■and hft Trance forever. NordMil
ut first (Ind times lu England m*
more propitious. Alter trying M
Strand she moved to Bhicklieulli, tW
a pi,polar resort, but at last laid top
on tour from town (0 town. It *,
not till IS.''.*, that sho was able to aettie |
permanently in London.
Alnskn's Olficlrrs.
Glacier bay is the most »«"M
region In which to see large Ild**""
glaciers of Alaska. There «fl "H
glaciers which discharge licrgl l*'*«™
waters. The largest of these ll .■«»
glacier, which drains an m-caofrt""
BOO square miles, it la moving <™
maximum velocity of about **mJ_
a  day and  Is continually •,liW,l!['jJ!
large Icebergs from lis end.   H* «*_
.Mi.ms have been great within «■»
limes,  lino or two hundred ***"$
it extended, in common willi im«~
glaclcrs of the bay. twenty inlW ■*!
its present ending, and not long n~"
that tho glaciers were so small 1
valleys now barren and bleak V*
cupled by large forests,     __
■eceatrlc. «
Burgess-Oh,   ye.*,;   ('hurley  "'
right;  11 little eccentric, thottgDj '
noticed several times when lie ■■"!'
rowed a lead pencil, Instead uf P«««
ll   Into  Ills   pocket,  as  nay OW «J
would do, ho hands lt hack to the oi
er. _—
ills Conscience.
Tierce   as   he   was,   the   hJ_J
Chief Justice Jeffreys did no »~*
escape  the  sting of a  '•|'i""'t('t'ff|]er,
went to n country nssl/.e ones
nn old man with n great hciini
to give evidence, but had not tni»^
fortune to please the jmi.c'i    ^
quarreled With bis beard aad »'»' |f
your conscience li m laT8i*Jftm
heard you'll swear anything* .
blade wni nettled and brlskljMJJ-J
"M.v lord, If you go nbout m*.    m
conscience! by  beards yu*"" ■"
bns none." 'I'll..'
I ill
lage tr e;.tio...  is causing
" Btrlal crisis In Bpabr.
pleasant ohl World
his ns cheer-
Bill would 1'ci- I'■*■«"•'
], i would pay tfcelr*
n.hv laughs when mother gives
im Baby's Own Tablets; they taste
1 d ,nd make hlm well and happy,
'hev ere mother's help and baby a
rerv duy friend. Guaranteed to
nuin no opiate or harmful drugs.
L tablets aid digestion, euro colic,
.-event diarrhoea, cloanso tho bowels,
lav teeth Irritation, and euro
i (he common ills of childhood,
o cross, sleepless Children in homes
here Baby's Own Tablets nro used.
',•3 It Heady, Denbigh, Ont., suys:
t don't know what higher praise I
.„ give Baby's Own Tablets thau
, sny tha1 * would not bo without
ienl in iho houso. I have found
ienl all that Is claimed and keep
iem on hand to moot any cmerg-
,cv." Sold by all medlcino dealers
rerwheie, or sent by mail at 25
nts hy writing The Dr. Williams'
edicine Co., Urockvllle, Ont.
,,n.til.i has -17 pulp mills.
I'nnailti'x rovenuo from excise dut ies
i'i.ih.'I. was 113,000,000,
Panada's totnl revenue; In 1908 was
i(i nun nnn,   estimated   190-t,   $71,-
Everywhere Tlu-y Olve an Atraos-
Pliere Inlime, Delightful, Eutlsfr.
ins—Some Good Devices lu Shelves
l'"or At'commodutliis Tliem.
One phase of tho usefulness of books
that appeals in it very practical ninn*
ncr to home makers Is tho help-they
give In furnishing the boUM. When
this fact becomes more generally recognized und bettor  understood there
Canada   exported   In 1903,  nearly
•j iinii.iiiio   worth   of   fishery    (ii'ii-
[n I'm.", the l'nited States   bought
im Canada goods lo the value   of
per head "f their population.
Th,' increase of Canada's export
ni,' iii 1902 wiih Great Britain
tr ila United States was 143,000,**
ii   in lllo.'l, $57,000,000.
I'liiindii'. volume of trade per head
l'in;i wns $87; 1808,14.0.
.mail,is net  |inblic debt  is S2<i1 .-
I,nun,    .s.'iii    per    head.    Canada's
hiir   ii.'iit   at   confederation   was
,*i,m (Ml, S'J'J pre head.
lanadn's wealth is £2-111 per head,
iiinvi £210 in England, ll7."i per
il   in   tho   U.S.,   per   Sir Uobcrt
part's Liniment Cures Diphtlierla.
a.    confederation    the   exports
■tiii:* 'J7 nl the !17 years were great-
|i.i tirent Britain than in th.- Unit-
confederation    fill  per  rent,    nf
|ii.ul.i':. export   was tn the I.S. and
i"t   lint    tn   Ureal  Britain.   In
i.i   ,',s |>••!• cent, to (treat   Britain
\: 111   per cent.   In  the   I'S.
Dtifnea Cannot Be Cured
| local applications ee tiny cannot reach tt*
x,i poi Hon of th* ear.   Ttiera la only ob*
lo tun deafneaa, and that la by communal rtratdtra.   Deafnea* la caused by an lain*! r.mJiii.in at the tnticou* lining ot th*
htachlan Tuba    Whsa thla tub* 1* Inlamae
1 lut* a rumbling aound or Imperfect h«ar-
a ai,'. wben It la entirely eloaad, Deafneu la
i remit, and unite* th* Inflammation caa be
ten out and thla tube raalored to IU normal
Ylttlon.  hearing   will  ba  destroyed   foreran
ft cases out ef ten ar* caused hy Catarrh,
1ch is nothing but aa laflamed eoaAllloa at
i him .us surfaces.
V* will give On* Hundred Dollar* for aay
i ef Deafnea* (caused by catarrh) that caa*
I he cured hy Hall'* Catarrh Cure. Bead far
"*. free.
F. J. CBCNBT a (XX. Tolsee, o.
■I' by all drug (lata le*.
ill* •ainily PUia are th* beet.
m,nla's    main    Channel   of  export
iile ii now in Qroat  Britain.
In 10(13 Ureal  Britain bought from
lu.ni.i goods to tho value of $.'; per
'I nl her population.
pant's Liniment Cores Distemper.
'iuiin exported In 1008, $80,000,*
•mi ill of forest   products.
iuiailn tuis. it is est I ina ted, a mil-
l'1 I'l'i.n.' miles ot stnndlng timber.
iiliudn   has  the  largest   white  pine
■i lefl nn thr continent,
•in.nl.i'n inantifaeliiicrs have nn In*
Y'il capital ni  $500,000,000.
'hi   exported   in    1908 nearly I
}' '"" iu manufactures.
 In'n fishery Industry produced,
|i'ni;i   122,000,000.
The  llnpiiy Pari.
P'e Did your uncle die happy? lie
IVell. to tell you the truth. I didn't
P'M him, hut everybody else seemed
Vi' linppy.
pea ven will permit no ninn to secure
ll'Ulness hy criuie.-Alllerl.
The  I'miille.
roodlo Is derived from the German
l(1"l. u puddle or pool. This dog was
sKiinilly Qermon, nnd the inline was
Tuiably glveu because of being very
»s,,|y allied to what Is known ns tha
pr dog. I'otMlles uro without doubt
■nost Intelligent of all canines.
will ho a freer and more generous distribution of books through nil the different rooms, says the Delineator in
offering some hints in tills direction.
In one home the books make a characteristic part of the furnishings throughout the house. They meet one In the
front hull uml again in all the living
Moms and bedrooms, and on each stairway and landing arc more books fitted
along the wall, giving nn atmosphere
unique, delightful and satisfying.
In establishing the hooks throughout
the house no conventional arrangement
Is ns good as that which is origiated
to meet the special requirements of the
household. A corner in the living room
may be reserved for n revolving bookcase, in which the heavier encyclopedias and reference volumes aro compactly brought together. A largo dictionary laid on a steel frame where the
pages may he opened without lifting is
the best wuy to hold this useful family
If magazines are bound In half yearly volumes a set of shelves may he
built and a space found along the wall
of the hallway for them. The second
Illustration shows a bookcase made by
home talent, very simply and wilh little expense, but answering well for a
magazine holder. It is made of pine
boards and painted the color of the
woodwork ngainst which it Stands,
Thc case ls four and one-half feet high
and three feet long. The shelves ure
eight Inches deep and high enough to
accommodate thu magazines lu bound
form. There Is no back to these
shelves, and they are light in weight
and can be easily moved nbout when
•cleaning days come around. Any long
wall space is available for holding
bookshelves. If these are made without a middle support the weight of the
books will cause the Shelves to sag In
the middle.
Aii original device for utilizing a
closed chimney is seen iu the fourth
illustration, where three small shelves
nre fitted together below the mantel.
The base of the bookshelves is lettered
Iu burnt work with the motto, "Hooks
Are True Friends," embellished with
u flowing design.
The decorative effect of the bindings
of books, with their variety of colors,
Diabetes is again Vanquished by
Dodd's Kidney Pills.
lionet Ladathroe, of St. Marguerite, Que.,
tlie Mnn cured—Further Proof or tlie
Im- neaolltng Power of the Great Kid.
any Itemcdy.
Rt. Marguerite, Dorchester Co.,
Que., July n (Speciul).-That all
varieties and stages of Kidney Dis-
oaso yield readily to Dodd's Kidney
l'ills has been proven almost daily
for years, hut, when another victory
over tho deadly Diabetes is scored
it is always worthy of mention.
Such a case has happened here.
Donat Laflammo is the man cured
and the cure was quick as well as
complete Speaking of his cure Dr.
1.n(lamme says:
"For two years I suffered from Diabetes. I was attended hy the doctor
hut all his remedies did mo no good.
Then 1 tried Dodd's Kidney Pills and
two boxes cured tne completely."
What will cure Diabetes will euro
any Kidney disease is an old saying.
And no doubt remains that Dodd's
Kidney l'ills will euro Diabetes.
There  are
ployers      a;
ncn who look upon cm-
oppressors    under   all
When  a  young  man  works his way
through   college   ho demonstrates nt
leusl   Ills ahilily to gel   ll job.
Minart's Liniment Cures Garget In Cowl
According to tho Uupe Colony con-
pus returns, the population ol the
colony i.-; 2,404,876, of whom only
.ri7.'i,lii2 aro white!
Over 1,000,000 gallons of milk are
dally   consumed In the City of   New
1    was    cured    of    Bronchitis    und
Asthma  by MIN A111 >'S  I.INIMKNT.
Mrs.  11.  I.IYINCSTON*.
Lot ."., I'.K.I.
1 was cured nf n severe attack of
Rheumatism hv MTNAUD'S I.INIMKNT.
Mahone Day. john MADER;
1 was cured of a severely sprained
.losili A WYNACHT,
Canada's  revenue quintrupled since
confederal ion.
Canada's expenditure fnr 1908 was
$01,000,000; estiinat.il for Iliul.
MOT A NAUSEATING l'll.l..— Tin* ex-
rlplenl of n nill Im the substance which
enfolds Un* Ingredlouts mui makes ip
ilu* nill mas*. Thai ol Parntelee's Venc-
tablc Pills is so compounded us to pro-
servo their nioisi ure, ami they ran be
rnnii'il Into imv latitude wlthoul Impairing their strength. Many pills, in order
to* keep litem Irani adhering ere rollod In
powders which prove nauseating in tho
ta-.ii* Parmeleo a Vegetable l'ills ere bo
prepared Unit tho** are aareeablo to tli
most delicate.
l.nid liclaiiuTi' has purchased 100,-
ihiii acres of land in Kasi Africa, and
offers it free tn ."in suitable settlers.
Minart's Liniment Cures Golds, Etc.
Girls dressed In gaudy red, black
and white tinii'orn s are selling butter
and cheese iu ihe streets of Berlin
for n new company,
Lever's Y-Z (Wise Head) Malnfertant
Snap Powder dusted iii ilu- liaili, softens
ilie wiiicr ami disinfects.
Canada   hus  lhe   largest   pulp  Wood
forests in the world.
Hours la  (he Body.
P the bunion body there nro nbout
bones.   The muscles nre ubout MK)
I'uiiiibcr.   Tho length of the alliueu-
p ciilial Is U(10llt a2 f,,,,t>
. »lllo  ,|lr   All.l.lr.
riii. the fai„)US tltbleta of ancient
H^'ec. wiih victor at both the Olympic
I'jihlnn gurnet for six different
ws tu succession,   ills thief claim
I'une rests upon the rent of running
■'   niHes   with   a   iiirce-yeiir old   ox
7n hu ihoulderi,
touches of gold nnd attractive lettering,
ls only partially enjoyed when the volumes nre kept behind closed doors.
Hare editions that nre too precious to
be handled freely must of necessity be
put under lock unit key and protected
from the dust. Tor such works of urt
ns these the old mahogany cases, with
doors set with leaded ghisu, nre In
An Kmrrgrenoy Met.
If on washing day morning your
laundress, with doleful looks, tells you
thut the boiler, Oiled with clothes, has
sprung n leak do not despair. Bush the
clothes nwny from the side of the boiler nnd drop ln a handful of corninenl.
This Will settle nt the bottom of the
holler, will soon swell, filling the leak
entirely, nnd the meal cannot harm the
clothes. The effect Is equally good If
your pot with n boiled dinner or hum
leaks while In me.
The Queer Man.
Of all forms of temper there ls none
more tiresome to deal with than that
which ls known ns "queer." Down
comes a bolt from the blue in tho
midst of apparent sunshine, and a sudden gloom and moroseness hide our
friend completely from our view. An
injured attitude ls assumed, a martyr's halo cnrefully pinned on, nnd
happy, everyday lifo becomes an impossibility. People who want to be
loved or even liked should never bo
difficult. Society hns not time, even if
it had the Inclination, to study their
idiosyncrasies and play up to all their
petty prejudices. The passionate and
even thc sulky temper Is forgiven sooner thau tho difficult one nnd is perhaps
more possible to cure.—Edith II. Fowler In Loudon Mull.
Starting  a   Hoar.
Nell (pining for pleasa.it words)—Oh,
George, I cannot understand it. Why
do you lavish this wealth of love on
ine when there nre so many girls more
beautiful and more worthy than I am?
George- I'm sure I don't know.
A Hint to Headquarters.
Head of the Firm—1 don't see how
you nre going to support n wife on
your present salary, Smart Clerk—i
Neither do I, sir.—London l'unch.
Most people think too lightly of a
cough.   It Is a serious matter and
needs prompt attention.
(Cure ?£,cLung
I     when the first sign of a cough or
1     cold appears,   lt will cure you
easily and quickly then—later It
will be harder to cure.
Prices, 28c., 80c., aad tl.OQ. **'l
Uls Strength and All  Hound  Ability
Natl tbe Household Smoothly.
In these days of dissatisfaction with
women servants housewives shonld
meet the problem. Tbere ls a time to
stop this condition of affairs, nnd the
time is nt hand, it ls nn evident fuct
that servants must be forthcoming nud
not only servants, but satisfactory
servants. There is no use In dillydallying nny longer.
Men can be taught how to do any
kind of work, and a green man ls no
more difficult to teach than is n green
girl, but when *t is possible It is ulways
better to hire a man tluit has had some
experience in housework. Sometimes
an aged man can be secured for very
low wuges. He may be slow ln bis
movements, and yet becuuse of his experience ho will accomplish n great
amount of work. Sometimes there is a
poor man who has tried and failed to
get tho employment ho desires, but
who will take anything he cun get.
One such did the main part of the
work in a three story and basement
house, Including the washing, for a
family of three ladies nnd one young
man. Man is especially valuable at the
house cleaning period. The ease with
which he tukes down bedsteads and
puts them up again, the swiftness with
which ho carries mattresses to the
yard nnd the common sense way In
which he beats and suns them appeal
to nny enreful housewife, as does also
the man's thorough beating of the rugs
nnd carpets, his polishing of the windows, no mntter how difficult they aro
to reach or how heavy to lift.
A woman house cleaner, no matter
how willing she may be, could not
compete with such a man, for physically she is not strong enough to do what
ls denominated heavy work, nnd when
she makes an attempt nt heavy work
the usual result is unsatisfactory. Men
do not mind the taking down of stoves
or carrying coal to the top of a house,
whereas such work to the ordinary
serving woman brings seventy sharp
pain to her side or back.
Therefore, If only for conscience's
sake, employ a man, for If Bridget goes
to the hospital nfter her work is over
tbe blame must be put whero lt belongs.
Manservants have a larger aptitude
for work than hnve women. It Is rare
when tbey sny of anything, "That Is
not my work," nnd because they aro
so competent, because of their all
around ability, tbey make themselves
more valuable. Even catering and
marketing may satisfactorily be left
to the man at tbe helm. And why
should, a woman labor under responsibility that she can set aside?
Shift responsibility when you can
and keep the care lines out of your
face. Secure the most experienced man
that you can afford. Tut that man at
the helm, and you will have more
hours of ease tban you have hitherto
imagined were possible. A trustworthy mnn enn steer nny home safely
into the most comfortable harbor.—
Emma J. Gray in Ladles' World.
Many   a   candidate  who   runs  for
office discovers tbnt   his opponent has
u walk-over.
Ontario has set apart nearly 7,00(1-
000 acres us forest, reserve.
Canada's   forest   products   totalled
8o.(K.Hi.OOO in  1008.
Canada's imports for lOO.'t vvoru
$241,214,961, or this 20 per cent,
was from Qroat Itritain, and ,'U per
from the United Slates.
Canada's exports for 190H wer*
$225,840,724. Of this 68 per cent
were to Clreiit Britain and 31 per
cent, to the l'nited States.
Brain Controls
Every Muscle
Injury to Brain or Nerves, Deficiency of Nervo Foroo
Moan Paralysis and Helplessness.
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food.
Every muscle of the body controlled by tho will is connected with thu
brain, and every muscular action is
originated by nervous force, generated ln the brain and transmitted
aiong the nerves to tho muscles.
When the nerves are injured or diseased, when thero is a deficiency in
the supply of nervous energy, paralysis, locomotor atuxia or somo
form of helplessness results because
the brain has no longer control of
the muscles.
lt may bo weak heart action, inability to digest food, foiluro of tho
lungs to purify the blood or impaired action of any of the vitul organs,
but tho cuuse of trouble is with tho
tho nerves.
The restorative action of Dr.
Chaso's Nervo Food is soon felt
throughout tho ontiro system, bo-
cause it restores tho vigor and vitality of tho nerves—fills them with
new nerve force the vital power of the
body;   weakness,   nervousness,   irrita-
IHreornted  Wdlillna Cake.
Beat one pound (two cups) of butter
to a cream, then gradually beat Into
it one pound (two cups) of sugar, then
add the well beaten yolks of twelve
eggs and two cups of molasses, then
.. ii. .luni. 1.1,... .i.i.i.i
one pound (four cups) of flour, sifted
with one toaspoonful each of soda and
cloves nnd two teuspoonfuls each of
cinnamon nnd mace; tben beat In the
stiff benten whites of twelve eggs and.
lastly, two pounds of seeded raisins,
two pounds of sliced citron, two nnd
a half pounds of currants nnd one-
fourth of a pound each of candied
orange peel and blnnched almonds
chopped fine. If the candled peel be
hard, let soften In a few spoonfuls of
boiling water before chopping.
The cake shown tn the Illustration Is
one-half of the recipe.
It is eight and one-half Inches In
diameter and three Inches thick. A
round cake is prettier for n table decoration than Is the square loaf, but
the latter will cut to better advantage
when desired to pack In boxes ns wedding favors. The cake ls decorated In
n very simple manner. In the center
are the Initials of the bride's name in
German text. Outside of tbis and between two rolls of scroll piping arc
disposed smnll meringues shaped like
bells, with pearl headed pins for clappers.—Boston Cooking School Magazine'.
raahlon's Rchoes.
There Is no nrtlclo of a girl's wardrobe more satisfactory for comfort and
service than an easy fitting cout ln
long three-quarter or shorter length.
Another fancy of fashion ls the
dainty lingerie hat that ls made from
sheer mull or batiste preferably,
though silk, chiffon or even lace ls
Trimming makes tho gown this sea
son, above all previous years. There
ls DO end to the various kinds of
garnitures In vogue, and material!
hnve grown to be without limit.
Nets printed In cloudy Dresden ef
fects nro new and attractive dross
The flat "nun's tucks" from two to
four inches ln width aro fashionable
skirt decoration.
The new embroidered cotton mulls
nnd batistes show artistic effects und
ure by no means restricted to youthful
wearers, as one might Imagine,
bility, sleeplessness and low spirits
disappear and new energy and
strength take their place.
| Mrs. C. Corkoy, 32 Maine street.
St. Johns, N. B, states:—"I had been
j in   very   poor   health   antl   In   fact,
,when I began using Dr. Chase's
Nerve Food I had just got up from
a bod of sickness, my nerves wero In
a bad state, 1 was wmik and could
not sleep.     Now I am getting up ln
'years, and, of course, could not look
| for immediate results, but must say,
that 1 havo boen delighted with the
uso of this preparation as it has
dono mo a great deal of good. I am
now able to sleep very much better,
my n<>rves are steadier end my
strength is gradually increasing."
| Ur. Chase's Nerve Food 50 cents a
box, 0 boxes for $2.50, at all dealers
or Edmanson, Bate & Company, Toronto. To protect you against imitations, the protrait and signature
of Dr.  A. W.  Chaso,  tho famous re-
,'ceipt book author, are on every box.
Ar*   Vou   BulldlriK T      \*7  so,   \amm>
TH* Bwsm-t BulldlrkK
ip*r Made.
It It vary much ttronctr nnd thtckar than any ottwr (Urrtd er ball**
lag) papar. It li lmpervloui to wind, kaapi out eold, kaapa tn haat, ear-
rlM ne amell er odor, abaorbi no molatura, imparts ne laatt or flavor te
anything with which it come* ln contact. It ts largely used not only far
shifting houses, but for lining cold storage buildings, refrigerators, dairies, srsamerles. and all place* where Uie object Is te keep aa avea aad
aallerat temperature, and at ihe same time avoiding dampness.
Write our Aoenta, TEES * PERS8E, Winnipeg, Ier I
The E. B. EDDY CO., Limited, HULL.
Canada    has      1,688       steamboats
under government inspection.
Canada has 28 life-saving stations.
Canada's   volume  ol   trade   reached
$407,064,685 in 1903.
IN FIl'.l.PH I'WIt OFF.—Dr Thomas'
Ki'lediii' nu la known iii Auatrnllo,
South und Central America us well ns
in Canada und the United Slates, uml
iis consumption Increases each year. It
lias mode iis own way and nil that in'i*il>
to in* done is to keep iis uatne before the
i.iildii'. I .vi'ivoiie Knows that il is lo l.i'
hnd ut any store, for ull merchants Keep
Canada h.is a registered tonnage of
7,<iii<> vessels,
Canada has built 751 Unlit houses,
Stations and light ships.
Tliey that Judge of the powers of n pill
bv its si/i*. would consider Parmelee's
Vegetable l'ills to be lacktntr, it is a lit
tie wonder ainonx pills What it larks
in si/e it makes up in potency. The
remedies which it carries are put up fn
these small doses, because Ihey are so
powerful tlmt only s.;iall doses a**t* r*»-
qulred. The full strength ol ilu* extracts
is Becured in Uiis form und do their work
The Koto and Samlaem.
Japanese girls of the upper nud middle classes learn to play the "koto,"
while those of tbe lower orders usually
learn the "snuilsen." The "koto" is a
narrow horizontal Instrument about
five feet long with a sounding board
upon whieh nre stretched strings supported by ivory bridges. It is played
by means of ivory finger tips. The
player sits before tho Instrument on
tbe lloor iu the ordinary posture, and
when she touches the strings sho often
sings a soft accompaniment. Tho "sa-
misen" is a kind of banjo nnd ls often
played during theatrical performances
and recitations. It gives forth dull aud
monotonous tones.
TESTIMONIAL from the late SIR SAM-
UEL BAXER, the lamous Nile Explorer.
"Newton Abbot, Devon. Pear Sirs—I
have delnyed mv thanks as 1 wished to
lest the effect of Mail's l'ills by a sufll-
clcnt interval of time.
"For ton years I had suffered acutely
from Cout nnd life hud lost its attraction owing to the uncertainty of health
and sudden visitations of Uie enemy
which prostrated ine for months, or weeks
uicordinR to the virulence of the attacks.
"Blair's l'ills have rendered uie Immense
serviie, as I no longer lear an attack
of Cout.
"For the last twenty months I have
been comparatively free, as one or two
attempted visitations have been Immediately stamped out by the assistance ol
Uluir-s l'ills.
"Truly yourB (Signed) Saml. W. Halter.
Lyman Sons & Co . Montreal and Tor*
onto; The Hole Drug Co., Winnipeg; and
Martin, Dole & Wynne Co., Winnipeg.
Canada's exports have expanded iu
greater ratio  than  the imports.
Canada's    revenue    Irom   customs
duties in 1908, was $87,000,000.
A Pillar In  Norway.
Close to the old Augvuldniies church
on Karneon island, Norway, nnd leaning toward It is a stone pillar about
twenty-five feet high called the "Virgin
Mary's Needle." Tradition holds thnt
when the pillar touches the church tbe
world will come to nn end. The superstitious local preacher whenever he Imagines that Its point ls getting nearer
to the sacred building mounts the pillar, It is said, and chisels a bit oil the
top so as to save tbe world from au untimely end.
Why Is Itt
"Did you ever notice," snld an observant young man, "thnt men ns a
rule run down the heels of their shoes
on the outside, while women run them
down on the Inside'.'" lie was nsked to
explain the reason, but said he had no
reason, as he only mentioned It ns being singular, with no means of explanation,
Sunlight Soap wil! not Injure
■your blankets or harden them. It
will make them soft, while and
fleecy. ,9
There  never   wus  und   never   will   be    a
universal   panacea,   in  ure   remedy,   for
all ills to which llesli is heir—the very
nature of muny curatives beintf such
thut were the germs of other and dlBer-
ently seutinl disease rooted in tlle system of the patient—whut would relieve
one ill in turn would uKtfruvnte the
other. We have, however, in Quinine
Wine, when obtuinutile in sound, unadulterated stuto, u remedy for muny and
grievous ills. Uy Us gradual and judicious uso the (rudest systems are lwl
into convalescence and strength by the
influence which Quinine evens on nature's own restoratives, it relives the
drooping spirits of those with whom a
chronic state of morbid despondency ani
luck of interest in life is n disease, and
by tranqullitlng the nerves, disposes lo
sound and refreshing sleep—-Imparts vit;-
or to the action of the blood, which,
being Stimulated, courses through the
veins,   strengthening    the   healthy   animal
functions of tin* system, thereby m<aking
activity u  necessary   result,   strengthen-
euing the frame and giving life to the
digestive    organs,    whicb     naturally    ilc-
niuuii Increased substance—result, improved uppitite Northrop & Lyman of
Toronto have given to the public their
Superior Quinine Wine ut the usuul rate,
uud, guaged by the opinion of scientists, the wine approaches nearest perfection of anil ill the marUel. All druggists  sell  it.
Canada's fisheries havo yielded,
since 1804, 1877,000,000, Cod comes
fust, to ihe \;ilu.* rn' 1135,000,000,
salmon.  17*1,000,000.
Canada oflported in 1008 over $:i,-
000,000 worth of pulp wood.
N'o one need feur cholera or any siiii.-
uier complaint If lliev have u liollle t"
Dr. ,1. D. Kelliigg's liyseulery Conlii I
ready for use. II corrects all loosi'iic-i
of the bowels promptly and causes a
healthy und natural action 'this is ii
medicine iidii|ited for the young uml old,
rich and poor, and is rapidly becoming
the  most   popular  medicine  for chulera,
dysentery,  etc..  in  the market.
Canada's   volume   of    trade'    hua
doubled In eight years.
Canada's   trade   has   Incroasod 91
per cenl.  in  ten years.
Canada has  100,000 men omployed
in tho fislierv Industcry,
Nova Scotia ranks Oral In tho fishery indilsli'iy.    New Itriiiiswick second
ami llritish Columbia third,
Canada  ranks seventh iu the list of
maritime nations.
Canada has 1 It,nun miles of coast
line — 7.HOC being in llritish Columbia,
W    N    U    No    «t99
***&** THK ni.ii.i- S-LOOAJS, B. C, -il hs ss,
4   ^
I     I
C. B. BMlTiUUUNOALB, Editor and Prop.
SLOCAN,      -      -        -        -      B. C'
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the first insertion and 5 cents a line each
subsequent insertion.
Certificates of Improvement, $7 each.
Transient advertisements at same rates
as legal advertising.
Locals will be charged 10 cents a line
(or each insertion.
Commercial Kates made known upon
The Subscription is |2 per year, strictly in advance; $2.50 a year if not so paid.
Address all letters to—
Slocan, B. C
FRIDAY. JULY 22nd, 1904,
No summer session of the legislature will lie hold, railway matters in
the province not having reached the
stage whero the situation would warrant the expense of calling the members together.
The Drill this week chronicles with
regret tho intention of W. T. Shatford
& Co. to closo out their mercantile
business here. From the earliest days
they have lieen closely identified with
the development of tho camp and their
removal will be a distinct loss.
Yale-Cariboo will have a three-cornered fight ou its hands in the next
dominion elections, the Socialists having nominated a candidate. Their
choice fell on Ernest Mills, of Greenwood, who was a candidate in the last
provincial elections. .A similar experience will be had iu Kootenay, as the
Socialists are determined to nominate,
believing their chances good for electing their candidate.
It is amusing to witness the indignation of the Nelson wholesalers over
the action of the C.P.R. in giving the
Calgary houses favored treatment to
the Crow's Nest towns, territory that
the former imagined belonged to them.
Of course, it was all right when the
merchants of the Slocan were cinched
to help out Nelson; but oh, how different now! It is another case of the
biter bitten. No sympathy will ba
forthcoming from this camp.
Poor old Paul Kruger, formerly
president of whut was once tin* Transvaal republic, is dead, and, with tlie
gracious consent of the British government, the remains will be given
burial beside those of his wife in
South Africa. Time has healed much
of the bitter feelings and antagonism
aroused by the South African war of
three years ago—a war that was caused largely by Oom Paul's undisguised
hostility to everything British—and
Britishers, as conquerors.can afford to
be generous. Each nation has lost its
beloved ruler: England, Queen Victoria; Transvaal, Oom Paul both
possessed of characters that have
made their imprint on the world's history. Kruger lived long enough to
see his people settle down under a
fuller measure of liberty and justice
than he was wont to give, such liberty
as is enjo3-ed by all peoples and creeds
acknowledging the sway of the Union
Jack.        _________
It is encouraging to note the improvement taking place in the mining
industry in the various sections of the
province.     The best   indications   of
advancement are to be seen in the
monthly smelter and shipping n't urns.
Copper will probably have a .'10 per
cent increase over last year, silver will
show greater values, zinc is making
marvelous strides, and  the output  of
lead is quite equal  to the best record
the province has made.   These tilings
nre being noted and  capital is gradually loosening  up.    Locally, the output of ore  will easily top  last year's
figures by 35 per cent, coining principally from two mines.   Despite these
admissions, however, it  must  be acknowledged that   businessmen in the
Slocan lake  towns are experiencing
the worst depression  in their history.
Population   has  become  decimated,
veal estate and Improvements possess
no solid values, mining claims are regarded as  a   burden, and   business
avenues have become restricted. Why-
is it?    Surely there is a cause and  a
remedy should be forthcoming,   The
mineral wealth  is here and is being
successfully exploited, and one cannot
but believe that more Attended operations would bring the desired change,
There are still left those in the cainp
who believe Ihe dark clouds of adversity will soon pass away,   Thb Dm i.i.
is optimistic of lhe situation and is
confident ofthe Future.
Pay up your subscription.
Wednesday was pay day at the Ot
Boost for the local celebration on
Labor Day.
The strawberry harvest is over in
these parts.
Mrs. D. McKechnie left ou Tuesday
for Winnipeg.
No meeting of the city council was
held this week.
The Nelson Tribune is to appear as
a daily on Aug. 1.
Upwards of 100 men are now employed in the ■camp.
The second lead stack at the Trail
smelter is in operation.
F. Smith, representing Gage & Co.,
Toronto, was here Saturday.
Harvey Aitchison took possession of
the butcher shop on Monday.
John Micone was killed last week
iu the Michel colliery by falling rock.
Tlie Kootenay lake strawberry crop
is estimated at 8000 boxes for the season.
Express money orders are payable
everywhere. They are cheapest and
The heavy rains of tho week were
the salvation of the gardens and the
A. K. Bolderston made his initial
trip lo the coast Saturday, to spy out
the land.
Mrs. D. St. Denis and children got
back Tuesday evening from their visit
to Nakusp.
Jas. Baker went over to Moyie last
week and re-organized the Miners'
Union at that place.
Col. Lowery is advertising the
buildings occupied by the Ledge for
sale or rent after the first of August.
Calgary wholesale men have been
given favorable rates to Crow's Nest
towns and the Nelson fellows are in
Mrs. Boie accompanied her sister,
Mrs. Linton, back to Bossland Thursday. She will go on to Grand Forks
to spend the summer.
The mill tug got in Sunday with a
bargeload of lumber from the head of
the lake. High winds forced if to tie
up at Silvertou over Saturday.
If you are iu need of anv kind of
groceries, call at -\V. T. Shatford &
Co.'s. They have tho largest stock
and best quality. You will also lind
prices right.
Tiie Drill begs to acknowledge the
receipt of an invitation from the pre*
tnior and members of the executive
council, to attend the opening of the
new provincial bridge at New Westminster tomorrow.
The crop of huckleberries is limited
this year.
The telegraph gang shifted camp
last week to Twelve Mile.
Bed and white currants for sale;
$2.25 [ier crate. Watson Bros., Winlaw.
Next Sunday evening Rev. Mr. Mc-
Coitl will preach, in Knox church, a
special sermon to the children.
Wm. Davidson, M.L.A. for the Slocan, is working ns a miner at the
Mountain Con. Politics have not made
him rich.
Don't forget the snaps W. T. Shatford <.*i; Co. are giving iu ladies' and
children's boots and shoes. You had
better call early as they are going fast.
Friday's train from Nelson shunted
in a string of cars a little too lively
for the man in charge and in consequence a couple of them ran off the
track past the station into the bush.
Appended is a complete lint of the various records registered atthe local registry office, II. P. Christie being miuing
July 8-Dorn, on Ten Mile, T J Lloyd
and A Owens.
12— Duarte.on Twelve Mile.D Graham
and J E Skinner.
Lindsay, same, same.
July 9—Eva, En, Exe.
12—Florence, Black Diamond,Charleston, John K Mauley fr.
13—Qnlnte for two years.
15—A T, Federal, Hyderabad, Gertie
R *****   ■--■■■■,
HIMttMttl  I **
The Queen's
First-clues Dining Room
Large and Comfortable Bedrooms
Sample rooms for Commercial Men
Nelson, B. C.
Is reached by any trail or road
that runs into the Town.,
Do not go past its door When
you are dry, weary or hungry,
16—Times, Missing Link, Young Bear,
j City Bakery j
Guaranteed the Best Bread
in the Slocan camp.   .   .   .
Also carrying a full line of
*■*-*** *-****■*-*-*-*-*■*-*
fl. D. Curtis
Financial Agent
Accountant & Auditor
Notary Public
Fire and Accident
Abstracts of Hineral
I   Slocan      |
I   Bakery^,
I J. Pinchbeck, Proprietor
I Fresh Fruits of Every
| Kind Arriving  Daily.
A full stock of the liest
lines of cigars and tobaccos always kept on hand.
1 'i I.onves or It renal fair Sl.
I nil Wa-iftltt and Ouulity
• a, 1 ilC.
Mrs. A. Mason, Prop.
If you want a touch of
home life, come along.
Ikivs. The lust table
iu town; nice largcaiiy
bi'droiims. Special rates
to steady boarders, . .
The Ix'st Bnmple rooms
in town	
Arthur Street, Slocan
Damages for 812,500 have been
awarded the Centre Star people by the
.supreme court, in their suit against
the Rowland Miners' Union, arising
out of the strike of throe years ago.
An appeal will be made
"It was Summertime in Dixie Land"
is the latest song craze in the east, a
million copies having been issued. It
can be obtained from the Theatrical
Music Supply Co., ii) West 28th St.,
New York; price 25 cents.
You can get real bargains at W. T.
Shatford & Co.'s in men's summer
coats and vests. Here are their prices:
J?-! coat and vest now 1355; S*3 coat
and vest now 82.30; S3 coats $2.30;
$2.50 coats 81.90; 82.60 vests $1.80.
The Diull will print jou, on short
notice and in anv amount,, shipping
tags, billheads, statements.letterheads.
noteheads, memos, receipts, envelopes,
visiting cards, business cards, bills of
fare, dodgers, posters, etc., etc. Will
meet any quality or price.
Out-of-town visitors at the Arlington
hotel during the week were: .1. Mc-
Kaiiglian, E. Bammelmever, D. Stewart, J. W. Dunn, P. M. Chadlxiurn.M.
Gagnon, .1. Trace.-*, Nelson: F. Smith.
Toronto: H. P. Howell, Vancouver;
N. F. McNaught, A. L. Huberts. Mrs.
W. Mcintosh, Miss McMillan, Silver-
Postmasters have been informed by
the authorities that an organized gang
have been operating iu Canada and
th" l'nited States, raising the amount
nf  money  orders.   It  is requested.
therefore,that strangers who  applyi • »»—a.<<>-•-*•«r-****.-*.m
tor smill orders be closely scrutinized ' J,     A.    ANDjSRSON
so that it may be possible to identify I „  . „,.._ .».
tbem afterwards if such action should
be found necessary.
1        Slocan, B. C.   ^^
Certificate of Improvements
Black Beauty nnd Wliili* li»nutjr Mineral
Situate in the Sloean  City Mining Divi
sion of tho West Kootenny District
YYhtre located:— At the h**adof Min
cral creek and Lucky George creek.
TAKK NOTICE that I, W. D.  Mc*
Hi pan,', acting tm agent for J. .J. Mu
hull, F.M.C. N<\ B68082; S. 8, Pranter,
i K.M.C. No. B68900;  3.  .1.   l'.antield, F.
I M.C. No l*.riM47; Eric Lemieux, F. M.
O.  No.  I'l'iOOT'.),   nnd J. M.  McGregor,
! Free   Miner's  Certificate  No. limit)'.'!,
' intond, sixty dayi from the data hereof,
'to apply t  tin.' mining recorder for certificates of improvement, for the purpose of obtaining Crown grand of the
above claims.
And further take notice that action,
under section ul, must He commenced
before the issuance of snch certificates ol
Dated this 20th dav of Mav, 1904.
27-5 01 VY. D. McGREGOR
It promotes digestion.
improves the appetite,
and gives tone and energy to the whole system.
For sale by
vt    v.* •.:'-•.?*;**>,
BLOCAN, l'-.C.
£,jj To be held at Slocan, on Sept. 5,1904. g^
W$600 IN   PHIZES $6001
VJ Drilling Contest for large cash prizes,       Football Tournament for {VJ
 '      , H
11 H
**■*♦*♦*♦ ********* **-*■ *-♦♦♦>»♦♦ »i
Will buy a comfortable |
Cottage and two corner lots in New Denver. House contains
four large rooms, hall
and wardrobe. For
I other particularswrite
Clubbing Offer
**** **-*-*-+* **** *-*********-**
An arrangement has been made
whereby The Drill may be obtained with either the Weekly Mail
and Empire or the Weekly Globe,
two of Canada's leading papers.
Subscribers can thus get all the
home news and the events of
Eastern Canada at a small cost.
New subscribers may obtain The
Drill and the choice of cither of
the above-mentioned papers for
ictezee^sssohk-. ai-m-4
championship of Kootenay and silver cup worth £100.
Baseball Matches for handsome Challenge Cup. Rifle Match
between Biocan and New Denver. Bicycle Knees.
Foot Kuces. General Caledonian Sports. Grand Ball
"•_ .       7
JfS  Cheap rates and special service will   be given from all points liy rail
OS and boat promised by the 0. P. K.
g T. McNEISH, Chairman.   D. B. O'NEAIL, Sec.-Trea.
RJ For further particulars see small bills.
Respecting Conl mid Petroleum Lnndi in
South*Knit Kootenny*
N'OTICE ii hereby given that llceiuoa to i»ms*
pnt for coal uml petroleum npoi ana under lands situated wltb In Block 1,693, South-
East Kootenay* will I"' Issued forthwith tu ull
persona vrhp have made proper application, in
pursuance of tli*- provisions of tho "Coal Mines
Act" ami amendments!
The fee for each license will ba|100, and all
applicants who have not deposited accepted
banV cheques to cover that amount aro hereby
required to do so without further notice.
Licences will bo Issued In tne following form,
viz: —
"Minimi  Ll-pBNCE  tSBUBD  inker tub Co.w.
Minhn Act and Amknjimknih.
"In consideration of ono hundred dollars now
paid under the said Acts, and subject to the
provisions thereof. I, \V. s. Gore, Deputy Com*
missioned acting for the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works, licence
to enter, pro-port. Search and work for coal and
petroleum [but no other metal or mineral] upon, in and under ail that piece or parcel of
minrral   laud  Situate  in  nh»I   forming  part of
Woek   4,593, Easl    Kootenay   District, and   tie-
scribed as follow-: -
and not exceeding in the whole six hundred and
fortv statute acres.
"Owing to the number of applicants for li-
eenoes to prospect for coal and petroleum, and
tho peculiar curcumstouces surrounding the application for and Issuanco of theso licenses, and
the well-known fact that the issuance has been
unavoidably suspended for so many months,the
Government of British Columbia finds \\ hnpos*
Bible to determine tin* aouitablo rights of the
numerous applicants- Therefore, for the purpose of enabling all persons to ko before tiie
proper tribunal for the determination of their
respective rights and priorities, this licence is
issued and accentedSUDjOCt to such prior rights
of other persona 01 msy exist bylaw, and the
date of this licence i* uot to be talon or held as
in any sense determining such priority, ami further it shall not DO taken or held lo waive eu-
quiryby tho Courts into the proper performance of all conditions precedent as between adverse claimants| and further,on tlie understanding that the Government shall not bo held re*
sponsihU for. or iu connection with.any conflict
which mny arise with othor claimants of the
same ground, and that under nu circuiustane#s
will license fees he refunded.
".And the holder hereby waives any claim or
demand against the (ioTcrnuieut. and expressly
agrees not to tako any steps or pro. duigs, or
present any petition, to enforce any nllegmt
claim or demand against the Oovernment of thn
Province of British Columbia arising out of the
Issuanco of this licence or of any other matter
or linn;' appertaining thereto.
"The land boing under reserve from pre-emption and sale thii license does not Include any
rigid other than the right to prospect for Coal
aud petroleum.
fIH) sell fruit trees, rnsp!>erry, godieberry nnd
1     currant busbev, etc.       Good   pay  weekly:
outfit free.   There is big money in this Work for
trustworthy men.
We have under cultivation over r«00 aerosol
nursery stock, including the choicest and best
varieties for orchard and garden planting. Wo
will deliver goods to customers in good condition, freight paid* Our agents have every advantage that this Uns of business can offer
theni.   Apply now for terms.
Toronto, Ontario
N.Bv**—Will   make   arrangements for local
agency or for thn handling of exclusive territories, I\ N. CO
Med. Supt., J. P. CADE, M.D.
ATKS: ltt'iiuliir luhMrlbflrs,tl por raontli
. , nr$l0ii yi'nr: non-tabtoribert* (cxduitfaof
mi-ilirnl attendance)!!! per day.    Print*wardi
?*1 pftr ilny I'Xtra.   Spi'rinl fin:iliti***s fur ni,-itrrn-
it> cum'!-.
'rin. duration of tl
from tlm
lir»iic« is for nrii) yeur
, 1!K)   .
"Deputy Comm liilonsr of i.iiihIh& World.
"I.anil" iiii'I Works lli*|iitrlmimt,
"Victoria, B.Ci , iflo ."
It. !•'. GREEN,
Clii*f Commiiaionor of Lundl A Works.
I .ill.I'   aial Works lli'iiiil'lnii'iil.
Victoria, B.C., Old Jinn.', 1WU,
For furilior particular! apply to,
D. B. O'Neail, Sec
Notice to Delinquent Co-owner
To Aiinn Farltll, or to nny |>nr*on or
perioni to. whom alio may have trans*
[erred Imr Intereat in the Coronation
nmi Mi'injiliiB mineral claims, situated
on Twelve Mile creek, and recorded In
tlie Recorder's office for tho slocnn
lity mining division.
You are hereto notified that wp,
James Smith, F.M.C. N<>. B6D995, und
Charles lirand, F.M.C. No. B0OO37, have
'■niiHcil to be expended the sum of (our
hundred     and    ii-n    dollars    in    lalior
and improvements on the above men*
timed    mineral    dtiittin, in    Older    lo
hold said claims under the provisions ol
Bum of     ^^^^^^
located:—-On seconi
mon creek, adjoining n
fraction on the e.iKt.      ^_
acting as agent (or B. A. BraW g
vc \.v—n", -j ■"," •'."• ;" *" i miner's certificate  N"- ,'"' v,,'*!i;i$
the Minernl Act; and if within DO davs | shook, free miner's cert'"c4 ,ia«itiilW
John Elliot, froo_iniiier> ■■'•'•ri1((>i'niljer'i
NOTICE is hereby given tliatitjfi
expiration of :>( dnys frnm date, I intend
to apply, nt u ppecial sitting o( thehttri
of license commissioners of tin* «'iiy ef
Slocan, for « transfer of the retail h'l'ior
license held hv me for the Arlington
Hotel, situated on lots 1 and 2, Woek A,
Slocnn, lo J. \V. Crow.
Dated, July D. 1004,
Steel Ranges
for $18.25.
Why ho without a rangeww
you can Rot one bo cheap? """J
better BOtlafactlon.
hiifii wood or coal
set up 'rcc
•ness rmffi
ami will be
Blooan Prlnee Mineral Olslai.
Situnte in tho Slocan  City ™/n,*T|M[
lack PfWl
from the date of  this notice  you fail, or
refuse, to contribute your proportion of
suoh expenditure,together with nil costs
of advertising, your interest In snid
olaims will become the propeity of the
suhscrihers, under section 4 of an  Act
entitled "An Act to amend the Minernl
Act, 1!)()()."
Dated at Slocan, 11.("., this 1-th day of
HH17II.; Pioneer MiningO
certiflcate No. BBlflWs.'"
Mny, A.D. 1004.
"• f,,.r mi
sixty days from the *••}«,',c "
apply to the Mining Reco/J*"'10*
•WI .a
,, „ fcrli***
. —  ————————     i  ,   mc P"rl'(*
cate of Improvements, io      helw>
of obtaining aorown grant on
claim .  , ahat ectio"'
And further take notice h       j
under section  1)7, ''"'^^ ,, ,,.rtiliral«**
hefoie the issuance 0
iprovemeniB. ,    jjkii,   .-
Dated this 8th day o( Wij^B^n
15 7-01


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