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The Prospector 1895-04-11

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���1 i-v~   ^ : C-IA-^
70L. 11,40 37,
���8*.80 per Year.���
Prosperity  tinning Aeiin open tne
City oi Kaslo,
Vim KIbb In Silver,  and  Early  Railway
Construction Inspire Confidence.
Local Mown Items.
Some Kaslo-Slocan Railway Co.
money is circulating in Kaslo this
week. It was paid by the company to G. 0. Buchanan for lum-
t ber, and by him paid to his workmen. 	
^ Robt. Irving,   secretary   of   the
Kaslo-Slocan R'y Co., is  heartily
" welcomed to Kootenay. He has
tipened the offices of the company
in what was formerly the post-
viffice buildi'.ig.	
J. H. Gray, the new engineer of
ihe Kaslo-Slocan railway, arrived
Ibis morning and will immediately make a trip over the proposed line. He will then run the
final survey for the road, It is reported on good authority that
other engineers and the contractors
iire now on the way here from St.
A gentleman in Duluth concludes a business letter to a West
Kootenay business man with the
following remark: "A few weeks
itgo Messrs. Foley and Guthry of
St. Paul, old acquaintances of
mine, informed me that during the
'coming summer they would build
the line of railway from Kaslo to
Slocan lake, They have abundant
means of their own to build and
'equip that road and I have no
doubt of their doing what they
Work oh one ot the scows being
built here by the railroad company
is well advanced, and it will be
completed in three weeks. These
scows when constructed will be
Used to transport tho locomotives
and building material of the Kaslo-
Slocan railroad from Bonner's
Perry to Kaslo. They will each
be 75 ft. long by 26 ft. beam and
have a carrying capacity bf 150 to
175 tons. Malcolm MacAskell is
the chief builder. He is assisted
by Capt. Buchanan, T. W. Gray
and several other carpenters. Geo.
Newman is the oakum expert.
Travel by rail and steamer is increasing, and in another month
every steamboat arriving in Kaslo
will be loaded with passengers.
Louie Lebert came here from 3
Porks two weeks ago today, built
it large blacksmith shop in two
Hays and has had plenty of business since.
The Kaslo creek improvements
undertaken by Kaslo's enterprising
Mayor and City Council are near-
ing completion. We hope in a
future number to give a detailed
ilescrlptlon of these valuable improvements.
Two Dromios are not more alike
than are the Trail creek ore and
that found in the King Solomon
and Gplden Rule mineral claims,
pnehalf mi'e from Kaslo. Customs
Officer J. F. Mcintosh is interested
in the former, and the latter was
located last wee'k by Ben Pinnfellj
a Veteran prospector.
. Sec.MlSS LINDGREN   at her
,'........v... .for>	
v.:... new styles .,....;.
of Every Description. i..
: .   opposite p; o;,1 x Ave;.. *..
Brush up>
Paint the houses;
Make the city look newi
Give it a neat appearance*
Prosperity is at our doors.
Our M. P. was in town yesterday.
Hotel keepers report an increasing business.
A number of new advertisements
in this paper;   Read them.
Court convenes at Nelson April
18th and at Kaslo April 22nd.
A card game at Three Forks last
week lasted 4 days and 4 nights.
The contribution entitled Inger-
soll for Silver is held over until
next week.
Idaho Restaurant for a good meal. *
If the editor has forgotten anything that should have been in
this paper, jog his memory about it.
Idaho Restaurant for a good meal. *
The mellow snow and mud in
the KaBlo-Three Forks road seriously interferes with the business
ni the best transportation company
in the province.
Idaho Restaurant for a good meal. *
A light placed at the entrance of
Kootenay outlet by representatives
of the Dominion government is
welcomed by steamboat pilots ahd
the travelling public.
Idaho Restaurant for a good meal. *
Several interesting cases have
occupied the attention of the police
court the past week. Judge Wright
has presided with dignity and with
due regard to the interests of the
Idaho Restaurant for a good meal. *
Prof. Liddy is a close observer
and a logical reasoner, and it is to
these characteristics, rather than
any occult powers, that he owes
his reputation which is becoming
widespread. His interview published in the Spokane Times two
weeks ago was one of the best advertisements the Slocan country
has ever received.
Col. S. M. Wharton of Spokane
arrived in town Sunday morning
on his way to New Denver. We
feel sorry for the Col. We really
do. He Cannot get anything in
the Slocan that is any good. Of
course h6 owns a third interest in
the Reco, but what does that
amount to? Ii he could oniy get
a mine that has high grade ore he
would be all right. $9,200, to the
carload iB ft bagatelle. The Cliff
in Trail creek he thinks is a great
mine. It goes $200 to the carload,
less $250 for mining, shipping and
ti-eating; but then, it is in Trail
creek district and that makes all
the difference in the world. Col.
Wharton will erect a hotel in Rossland, and as he doesn't do things
by hdtveB it will be a magnificent
one modeled after one of the finest
hotels in Spbkane.
More Money for Lardeau.
Simultaneous with the rise in
silver, Messrs. Wagner & Kennedy
of this city received a telegram
from Spbkane stating that the.
money, had been deposited to their
credit to secure a bond on the Duncan and Lardo, two claims of the
Wagner, group. The amount of
the bond is $15,000 and the purchaser is Col. Peyton of the LeRoi
mine., 'The Wagner group is in
what is locally known as the high-
grade belt of the Lardeau, and is
reached by way of Nakiisp, Northeast" arm and Trout Lake.
A Bigger
Mgr. .Satolli,
has issued   a
suspending the
which relates to
ship in the
than l.co.
papal delegate,
dfecrce  temporarily
of   Pope Leo,
Catholic member-
Knig its of Pythias.
A Death at Saudon.
Allen McPhee, a prospector
about 68 years of age, was taken
sick on the morning of the 2nd
inst. and died the same day. He
had neuralgia of the stomach,
which caused violent pains. When
not prospecting, Alien McPhee followed logging and [sawmill work.
He was one of the discoverers and
owners of a promising property on
Little Benheti Scalded.
Little Reuben, the five-year-old
sort of C. A. Woods, the steward at
the LeRoi, met wit! a very painful
accident last Friday. Racing
around the house, he made a trip
through the kitchen, and accidentally upset a kettle of boiling water
over himself. He was badly
scalded, but is progressing nicely
under the care of Dr Keller.��� Rosb-
land Record.
British ColuiuUla'K Only Smelter.
Five hundred tons of silver-lead
bullion have been shipped from
the smelter at Pilot Bay. E. W.
Herrick, president of the company
and the man who furnished a large
part of the capital to construct and
operate it, has been viewing the
property this wee^. He is from
Minneapolis, and -is greatly impressed with the limitless extent
of the mineral resoirc.es of Kootenay- ������I	
Kant Kootenay Development.
Quite a little delegation of Spokane prospectors will start for the
Port Steele country about the middle of next montri. There would
be a great many more of them if
money were more plentiful, but
the merchants ofj that country
have a habit of charging about five
prices for supplies, and this has a
tendency to discourage the prospectors who don'f, have enough
cash on hand to l|uy a season's
grub in Spokane and pack it with
them into the hills*
Most of those wlift will go intend
to hunt for placer properties, although there is likaly to be more
activity in quarta jircspecting this
year. This is owing to hopeful
signs that the Canadian Pacific
will actually extend its Crow's Nest
PitsB line to the Kootenay river
this year, along the lines surveyed
last autumn.
"There are plenty of quart* properties along the Upper Kootenay,"
said an old proBpector today, "but
they have always been neglected
because there wan to way to ship
but the rock and feiip in machinery and supplies j xcept at enormous expense. Bjjf once let the
railroad graders birrn work ori the
C. P. extension,.ani quartz locations will be in liv��ly demand". And
there are good sigrife that the dirt
will fly this year .-j-Chronicled
Wm; Sajids,
and genera:
Horse-Shoeir; a Specialty.
4th St. Kaslo'.
Whom Will They Marry?
It is very difficult to get at court
secrets in England, but there is
every reason for believing that a
difference exir-ts in regard to eligible partners for the two remaining
unmarried daughters of the heir-
anparent. Princesses victoria and
Maude are very desirous of remaining English women and of living
in England, and it is stated that
both young ladies would welccme
offers of marriage from English
noblemen of sufficient rank to approach their royal state and of suf-
ficieh income to support a spouse of
royal birth with becoming dignity.
Unfortunately there does not appear to be any strong desire on the
part of the unmarried members pf
the higher nobility to become connected with the royal family. Qf
course only a peer of the thiee
higher ranks, or the heir to such a
peerage, could possibly be acceptable, and there are not many such
gentlemen still unmarried in the
ranks of the aristocracy.
The Prince of Wales, it is believed, favored the proposals of the
Prince of Naples, but the Queen
would not hear 6f it, and Princess
Maude herself expressed the strongest objection to being a Convert to
the Papal faith, even to become a
Queen of first claes rank.���Cor. Examiner.
Front St., Kaslo.
Hotel  in   Kaslo
B0'      Doing a Good Bunineai,      -^KJ
Apply to   -   -   -    O. T. Stone.
H   ���      M   ��� M   Mi ' M   ���
KflRR * man,
Books, Stationery and
All the Latest Leading Papers a-id
periodicals kept in stock.
JUP^Ordcrs by mail promptly
attended to. JJ.J
Front St., KASLO, B. C.
Mortgage Sale,
Under ant) by virtue of the power of sale
contained in a certain mortgage, which will be
produced at the time of sale, there .Will be offered for sale bv Public Auction at the office of
the undersigned on KoUrlh street City -'
k-naltv B. Cob Thursday,the lGth day Of M
      ...HltTMKllt-.l     till     i.'i.iin    .-....-.      v....       Of
Kaslo, B. C., oh Thursday, the 16th day Of May,
18115, at 11 o'clock in the torcuoon; the following
situate in the City of Kaslo, B. C, and described as Lot 15 in Block Hand Lots 8 and 4 in
Blocks in the said cits' of Kaslo, according to a
map or plan of said City of Kaslo deposited In
the Land Registry office at Victoria and numbered 308.
Terms of sale': Twenty-five per cent of the
purchase money to be paid Vendor at the time
of sale, balance in five days with interest at 8
per cent per annum.
The conditions ot sale will be made known
at the time of sale.
For further particulars apply to
Vendor's Agent,
Fourth Street, Kaslo, B. C.
Whit till Professor Thinks of tin Out-
look This Year.
Great Activity in the Mines of tht  Slocan aud Tributary Districts.
Kaslo, Apr. 5, '95.
Having returned from Spokan-
I have been asked the question:
what are the propects for Slocan
for the year?
Well, I will base my remarks on
two things: 1. The present rise
in silver, which will be 70 cents
before the month expires. 2. The
R. R. from Kaslo to Sandon,
Well up till now, I thought like
a great many others: that is paper
talk. But now it's a go. The lack
of this road was one of the greatest
drawbacks we had and, coupled
with the fail of silver, kept the
camp from being one of the greatest silver-lead camps on earth, that
I know of, and I have been to
every silver and gold camp of any
note in the States and foreign
countries. But at the same time
there is very little scientific mining
down here yet. 1 mean by that,
getting depth���running probably
a thousand feet through formation
to be rewarded by large bodies of
ore. This isn't idle or imaginary
talk, as my remarks have conic
true notably on two mines, viz: the
Alamo and the Slocan Star; Several mining men told me the Alamo was no %06d and did not go
down. As Boon as I examined the
property I pronounced it a rich
mine by getting depth, comparing
with the famous Idaho; and at
present writing the Idaho aint got
nothing to boast over the Alamo.
Reference to the manager, Mr. Jno.
Vallance, will reecho my sentiments.
It is a great country and as good
a breaking ground as e'.^r I worked
in. Wages are $3.50 per day for
miners���not a cent too much for
good men. In some they pay
muckers or trammers $3 per diem.
For a new country, and considering transportation of provisions,
etc., accommodations for miners
are all that could be desired.
I understand Jim Hill is back
of the railroad project* from here
to Sandon, which to me is sufficient evidence that it will get
Of course I could go on enumerating the many fine properties
here for Capitalists to take hold
and make pay from the start, but
I will close by suiting that around
3 ForkB and especially Sandon
there will be great activity in mining, also in the 4-mile country.
Tributary to Kaslo is the Lardo
and Duncan country* Later on 1
will speak of that. cotfn1��-y. In it,
starting in on base ore and low
assays, when a depth of 30 or 100
feet is gained the grade runs up
into 300 to 1000 oz. assays,
Strange but true, without bcinj;
egotistical, I can and will state you
Will have a prosperous year.
Since I came here an old prospector took me for about 2 mile*
from town and showed me mineral
of the yery same external characteristics as Trail creek ore���no
difference, between it and the fain
ous War Eagle or LeRoi ore* It it-
covered.over with a rich iron capping. Depth can be gained., bv
drifting on it. There is and will
tbe for the uext 2 weeks snow ����
this mountain. The lead ifi 2'
feet wide, This is something new
and a new Btrike, and Kasld will
be the winher. .,   ��,.
I look for a rush here by K
More anon,   ,
Prof. J. J. LirftV THE '��� PROSPECTOR
This is going to be   a   business
year in Kootenay.
Considering the present and
prospective rise in silver, the mineral belt of the Slocan still offers
the best field in the northwest for
The indefinite postponement of
the Dominion election will give all
an opportunity to attend to business instead of the less profitable
calling of politics.
\YrirAin a year two serious steamboat /ires in West Kootenay have
originated in the galley, and have
directed the attention of owners,
insurance men and timid passengers to that portion of the steamboat.
The Manitoba school question
may be, as the Tribune says, one
that concerns the people of Manitoba alone, but the action of the
Dominion' government regarding
the disposition of the school fund
is the concern of all Canada.
A prime factor in the growing ill
feeling between the governments of
the two great English speaking
nations is owing to the neglect of
the United States government to
pay the award for damages in the
seal fisheries case. Uncle Sam
should pay up promptly.
While Rambler T. Lowery was
out riding the circuit, C. Encored
Smitheringale, being a politician
and a Conservative, has committed
the Ledge to the support of John
Andrew Mara. The financier and
humorist is not so imbued with
politics and may see neither
finance nor humor in the transaction.
Living burial, by placing the
victim in a dark cell, and beyond
the hearing of a human voice, and
keeping him there for months and
years until death affords relief, is
a system of torture too cruel for
even the darkest ages. Yet it still
exists in Belgium, and a woman
has received that terrible sentence.
Humanity should cry out against
From holding a high place in
the eBteem of the American people,
Secretary Gresham's narrow-mindedness has sunk him to the lowest.
It is because ex-Consul Waller was
a friend of ex-President .Harrison
that Gresham refuses to extend to
him the protection which every
American citizen, regardless of
party, has a right to claim and expect. .
We have known ex-Consul Waller for several years. He is the
ablest colored mar. We ever 'met���a
greater orator than Fred Douglass,
a greater statesman than Bruce.
He is an honorable man, and we
cannot believe that there are any
just grounds for his imprisonment.
The governments of the United
States and of Great Britain should
arrest the hasty court martial sentence of the French government in
Madagascar.    ,
The Montana Mining and Market Reporter classes The Prospector among "excellent papers"
of the northwest country.   Thanks.
Let the Ledge ask itself whether
it died when it moved from Nakusp to New Denver, and whether
it will be any deader than it is now
When it moves back to Nakusp���
the only place left for it to move
It is hard to keep track of the
Slocan newspapers���they appear
to be on wheels. The Slocan Prospector, late of New Denver, but
later of Three Forks, has moved to
Kaslo and will, try that field for
awhile.���Bonner's Ferry Herald.
Tie conduct of the United States
government since the Paris Arbitration has given its decision has
not been very encouraging to the
philanthropists who are agitating
that nations should settle all their
disputes with one another by arbitration. In order that such a system should succeed the nations
must agree to carry out the decisions of the arbitrators promptly
both in their letter and their spirit,
and in good faith.���Colonist.
The special edition of the Prospector,
containing a complete description of
the Slocan and its mines. Hand in
yonr orders to this office. 10 cents per
copy.   Send it everywhere.
*^ K
AH work guaranteed.
Watchmaker and
mum m diamond sntm
All Fine Work Finished
in an artistic manner.
i s, c,
fred j. squire,
Merchant Tailor,
A choice collection of worsteds
serges and tweeds always on hand
and Notary Public
Strv"W. Hunter"
Leaves New Denver daily
for all points on  Slocan
Slocan Trading & Navigation Comnaay.
n/l   W. BRUNlCR, M. D.
*" " Bowenjllouse, THREE FORKS
!!: Attounijy-at-Law,
Three Forks, B. C.
Special Attention to Mining
��� ��� Interests.	
Office, Front Street.
Board and Lodging $1.00 a day
 AT THE������
Pacific Hotel.
A msnCDDBU.     #    S#S    #      W. E. ISBULLi
N. D. Moore, Pres,-
R. McFerran, Sec't'y
The Slocan Store Co, (Ltd.)
All goods at Rock Bottom prices.
Neither Bostock nor Mara are
properly before the people as party
The matter-of-course manner, in
which both claim the suffrages of
the members of their respective
parties is an .exhibition of confidence���not to say,. gall���which
challenges our admiration, but
tb'era is no reason why .they may
r>f)t both .fee left out In the*, sold, hy
the conventions of both panties
yihicR may be called for the . pur-
jascuof placing candidates in the
It l�� hereby mutually agreed by the under-
sighed that the partnership existing between
us, under the name and title of Lovatt Bros., is
hereby dissolved and hr-night to an end, and
that the undersigned (Jeo. Lovatt will receive
all monies, and pay nil Indebtedness of the late
Arm. [Signed)      (Ieo. Lovatt,
Rout. McTAtia��itT, witness.       Samcki. Lovatt.
Dated nt Th.-ee Forks this Kith day of Mar. 1S95.
N. 11.���Business carried on as usual by Oeo,
Lovatt, proprietor.
Spokane Falls
2?��2aon & Fort Sheppard Kailv&y.
all Hail to
WherbaS it is deemid expedient to impose n
tax upon the owners, possessors, or harborers
of dogs, and to provide for tlie impounding,
selling and killing of dogs on the tion-paynieiit
of such tax. by the owners, possessors or harborers thereof:
The Municipal Council of the Corporation of the City of Kaslo enacts
as follows: ���
1. Every owner, possessor or hnrborer of a
dog in ihe City of Kaslo shall annually, ou or
before the first (lay of May in each year, pay
unto the Chief of f'olioe of the said City of
Kaslo, for the general purpose or Ihe said City,
a tax or fee of one dollar for eaelt male dog and
two dollars for each female dog owned hy him,
or in his possession, or suffered to remain
about his house or premises, and upon payment of :uioh tax shall be entitled to receive
from Ihe said Chief of Police a metallic plate
having raised or stamped thereon the loiters
"C.T. P." (city lax paid), and the figures indicating '.he year for which the said tax has been
paid, together with a number corresponding
with the number under which the said dog is
registered In tlie boot kept for that purpose by
the said Chief of Polite.
2. It shall be thudufy of the Chief of Police, the Police Constable and the Pound-
keeper of the said City of Kaslo to impound
any dog found'running at largo in the said
City of Kaslo which Is owned, orin the possession of, or sufferei to remain about the
premises of any resident of the said city, nnd
lor Which dog such owner, possessor or hnrborer lots not paldthe tax or fee required of
him by clause one i>f his by-law, in the public
pound of the said Cily, and of the said Pound-
keeper to keep any such dog so impounded for
seventy-two hours, and if the owner wilhin the
said seventy-two houis produces to the said
Pound-keeper the reel ipt of the said Chief ol
Police showing that tlie tax payable on account
of the said dog has bten paid, or a metallic
Slate iu accordance ivith clause one of this
y-lftw, and shall also.pay to the said Pound-
keeper the sum of one dollar for his fee for so
impounding the ��� said dog, and twenty-five
cents per day for the expense for the keeping
and feeding of the said dug, then the said dog
shalibe delivered to Ihe said owner or claimant; otherwise the said dog, at the expiration
of the said seventy-tvo hours, shall be sold or
destroyed hy the said Chief of Police or Pound-
8. The Chief of Police shall in the months
of April and December In this year post up
notices in at least sla public places iu the City,
warning persons ot the provisions of this bylaw, and In future years in December only.
���1. It shall be the duty of the said Chief of
Police once in every month to make a return
or report, in writing! to the Municipal Council
of the Corporation ot the t;i ty of Kaslo showing
the names of all pfr.-.nis who have, during the
proceeding month, paid the tux imposed by
this by-law, logel her wiili the date of such
payment, and the amount received from each
such person, and also once in every month to
pay over to the City Treasurer all moneys received by him during the proceeding mouth,
uridor the provisions of this by-law.
6. Any person refusing or neglecting to
pay such lax, or guilty of any infraction of any
bf the provisions 61 thja by-law shall, upon
conviction before the Mayor or Police Magis-
trale, ou the oath or allinuation of uny credible
witness, forfeit aud pi.y over, at the discretion
of the said Mayor or Police Magistrate convicting, a penally not exceeding twenty-five dollars for each offence, exclusive of costs, and in
default of payment thereof forthwith, it shall
and may he lawful for the Mayor or Police
Magistrate convicting as aforesaid to issue a
warrant under his hind and seal to levy the
said penalty and costs, or penally or costs only,
by distress and sale i-t the offender's goods ahd
chattels, and In case of ins u indent distress to
sail, fy tho said penally and costs, or penalty
or costs, il shall and nmy be lawful for the
MaVor or Police .MiigBtiste'lotivicting as aforesaid Io commit the ofender to any lock-up in
the si.id Cily of Kasli or to the district jail for
a period not exceeding one calendar month
unless the said penaiy and costs, or penalty
or costs, be sooner ptid.
Passed the Mnnichsil Council the 22nd day of
November, A. D. IBM.
Reconsidered, finiily passod, and adopted by
the Municipal CounW on the4th day of March,
A. t). 1806, 1
Largest and Best Hotel.
Rates $1.50 to $2.00 per day.
Three Forks Sawmill,
We are able to supply at short notice all kinds 0IKiln DrJGCl
Flooring, V-joint Ceiling,
Rustic, Dressed Boards,
Ship-lap, Moulded   Base,
Quarter-round,    Stair Balusters,
Jambs & Caseings,
Ploughed Pulley Styles,
Corrugated   Caseings,
O. G. Stops, &c, &c.
A full line of Rough and Dressed Lumber and Shingles constantly  oil
hand or Cut to Order, at Reasonable Prices.
GEO. LOVATT. Proprietor.
Terrace Lodging House.
On the Upper Terrace,
Quiet, Clean and Comfortable Rooms ty Day, Week or Month.
Beautiful View. Reasonable RateB.
Mrs. A. Schroeder.
Stationery, Candies,  Nuts, Fruits, Cider, Fruit Juices, Tobaccos; Cigars, Books, Novels, Novelties.   |P^""Illnstrated Papers.
Agents for Coast, Canada and Eastern Papers.
THREE forks and sandon.
leave 7 a, m. NEMOS Arrive 5:40 p. m.
ON TUESDAYS and Fridays trains will run
through to Spokane, arriving there same
.day. Returning will leave Spokane nt 7
a. m. on Wednesdays and Saturdays, arriving at
Nelson tit 5:40p.m. same day, making close'connect; 6ns with steamer Nclsoti lor all Kootenay
lake points.
PRsScngers for Kettle River and Boundary
Crfioi connect at .Marcus with stage on Men-
day?, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.
Passengers for Tra'II Creek mines connect al"
ntvrth port with stage on Weuaesdays aud Sat
W. II. Mavwell,
0. M. C.
���p.. B.J
John Keen,
The above is a true
by       the mun
the City of Kaslo
A. D. l8i��, and all pel
to take notice that nil
to have ��uch by-la'
quashed must make
purpose', to lli
within ' one mon
publication of l.hls
Columbia Gazette, or
heard in that behalf.
Iiopy of ft by-latf passed
ilpai council        of
>h the 4th day of March,
Kins arc hereby required
I'ono desirous et applying
,   or   any, part  thereof,
is application for that
Supreme        Court
i     next,   -lifter      the
by-law   in   the   British
e 'will be t'-o late to be
W. H Max will. "'
C. M. C.
##   Richelieu Hotel.
A. McCOMBER, Proprietor.
The House will be Entirely Renovated and Conducted  in
First-Class Style.
Sample Rooms
Stocked with Best Brands of Liquors and Cigars.
Special Mining Edition
The Prospector
A Complete* Comprehensive, and Accurate, account
of the SLOCAN from its discovery Until March
1st, 1895.
Send It Everywhere;
SOLD at 10 cts. PER COPY.
Send in Your Orders: Let st. Follow.
The petition sent from Victoria
to the Minister oi Justice at Ottawa, praying th^t the extra three
3'ears imposed upon John Simpson
by Mr. Justice Crease for replying,
after the sentence of five years had
been pronounced, "Thank you,
s_ir," be remitted, has had the desired effect. Sir Charles H. Tup-
per, the Minister, has remitted the
three years. This action on the
part of the, executive is very unusual, but, of course, the circum
stances were unusual, and the
whole press of the province, endorsed the prayer of the petitioners.
It would not be surprising if Hon.
Justice Crease's resignition followed.���Columbian.
Not- Next, Bat First.
Rossland Record.
Since the nations have agreed
upon an international monetary
conference, and it is known almost
to a certainty that something will
be done in aid of silver, capitalists
are again turning their attention
to silver investments.
If anything is done for silver the
Slocan country presents an unrivalled field for investment in
that line. It is almost an assured
fact that the Kaslo-Slocan railway
will be built during the present
year, and, with the Pilot Bay
smelter running, next to Trail
Creek, the Slocan has a brighter
��� future than any one of British
Columbia's many campn.
BY-LAW NO. 24.
The Municipal Council ot the City  oi Kaslo
enacts as follows;���
1. There is hereby settled, Imposed and
levied, and there shall he raised and collected,
au equal rate of fifteen mills on the dollar
upon all land on the Assessment Roll for the
year 1898 of the Corporation of tho City of
Kaslo, at its assessed value thereon.
There is hereby settled, imposed and levied,
and there shall he raised and collected an
equal rale of one mill on the dollar upon all
hind on tlie Assessment Roll for the year 189.1 of
Corporation of tlie Oily of Kaslo, at its assessed
value thereon, for board of health and hospital
2. There is hereby settled, imposed and
levied, uud there shall be raised and collected,
au equal rate of fifteen mills on the dollar
upon all improvements upon tho Assessment
Roll for the year 1898 of the Oorpqration of the
City of Kaslo, at their Assessed value thereon.
There is hereby settled, imposed mid levied,
and there shall be  raised  and  collected,  an
equal rate of oue mill on the dollar  upon   all
improvements upon the Assescment Roll  for
, the year 18115 of the Corporation of the City of
r Kaslo, at   their  assessed  value  thereon,   for
��� board of health and hospital purposos.
3. The aforesaid rates and taxes shall be
due and payable to the Collector of tho said
corporation at his office, in the Council Chamber, at Kaslo, on the 1st day of June, A. I).
1896, and all persons who pay lhe aforesaid
rales and luxes on or before the said 1st day of
.lime, A. D.189.1, shall be entitled to a discount
in reduction of one-sixth of lhe amount thereof.
4. The terms "land" and "improvements,"
used herein, shall be deemed to have the same
meaning and construction as they have in the
(-Municipal Act, 181)2," and its aniendments.
fl. There is hereby settled, imposed and
levied on all and every male person resident in
tlie City of Kaslo a rond tax of two dollars,
payable immediately after this by-law comes
into force; provided, always, that persons assessed for lands, improvements or real property, or are under 21 years of age or over 50
years oi age, shall be exempt from such tax,
but not otherwise.
II. There is hereby settled, imposed and
levied on all persons, resident or non-resident,
who are assessed for, or possess any property
under the assessed value of live hundred dollars, two days'statute labour; and on all persons, resident or non-resident, who are the
owners of assessed property over and above the
assessed value of one thousand dollars, three
days'statute labour; undone day's additional
statute labour for each additional live hundred
dollars of assessed value which they may. own
or lie assessed for.
The aforesaid statute labour may bo commuted for the sum of two dollars for each and
every day's labour the commuter is Hablefor,
7. All and any by-law or bylaws containing any provision or provisions which may be
or which are inconsistent with or repugnant to
the provisions of thin by-law is and are hereby
repealed In so far only as they are incnusisiuut
and repugnant hereto, but not otherwise, so
that full force and effect shall bo given to the.
provisions of this by-law.
8. This by law may be cited as tho "Tax
By-law, 1895. '
Passed the Municipal Council 4th day of
March, 1895.
Reconsidered and finally passed and
adopted the 7th day of March, 1895.
[L. B.]
Acting C. M. C.
John Keen,
The above is a true copy of a by-law passed
bv       the municipal council        of
liie City of Kaslo on the7th day of March,
A. D. 1895, and all persons aro hereby required
to take notice that anyone desirous of applying
to have such by-law, or any part thereof,
quashed, must make his application for that
purpose to the Supremo Court of B. C.
within one month next after the
publication of this by-law In the British
Columbia llazettc, or he will be too lato to be
heard iu that behalf.
Acting CM. Oi
Kmau onm
To tho Eleutors of Yalo-Carlboo;
Gentlemen:���In response to the
widely expressed desire of representative men in various parts of
your' district, I have decided to
come forward as a candidate at the
forthcoming, elections, in opposition to the present government.
As this is such an enormous district I am, of course, personally
unknown to a large number of you;
but I may state that I have large
interests at and around Ducks and
Kamloops, and am very desirous
for your welfare and mine, to see
this province progress more than it
has done for the last few years.
I am opposed to the policy of
protection which has been pursued
for the last sixteen years, as being
unfitted to the requirements of the
country and benefitting the few at
the expense of the many.
I join in the condemnation of
the corrupt maimer in which the
administration of the affairs of
this country has been carried on
during the time that the present
party has been in office.
I consider:���
1. That a customs tariff, if imposed nt
all, should only be for the purpose of raising a
revenue, not for the purpose of protection.
2. That free trade relations with Great
Britain and the United Slates would immcdi
ately benefit this country.
3. That ��� under existing circumstances
and the peculiar nature of the country mining
machinery should be allowed to come in free of
4. That the natural resources of the
country should be the first to be developed.
5. That iu order to accomplish this end
the country should bo opened up, the rivers
made navigable, and increased facilities for
communication and transportation afforded.
6. That the mail and other contracts le
by the government should be put up in public
7. That the strictest economy should bo
observed in the admiuistratson of tho public
service, and all unnecessary expenditure
should be stopped.
8. That all complaints in regard to the
disposal of government lands and issuing of
titles should be inquired into and any grievances redressed, and the surveys in the railway
belt completed as soon as possible.
As this district comprises so
large an extent of country it will
be impossible for me to visit every
polling division and become ac
qu tinted with the electors, but I
shall make a point of visiting as
many as possible and holding
meetings for the purpose of placing
my views on public matters before
you, and learning from you the
local requirements of each  district
I have no objects of my own to
serve by asking you to support me,
but I have time that I can give to
promote the interests of this district, the province and the Domin
ion, and I shall devote it to that
For these reasons I ask your
support at the approaching Dominion elections, and trust you will
see fit to give it to me.
Yours  faitlfully,
Hewitt Boseock.
Kamloops, Feb. 28th, 18Q5.
Rate, fl.oO to $2.00 per day.
SAN)0N, B, C.���
Atlantic Kxpross arrives 10:10 dally.
l-neilie " "        17-10       "
Cheapest, most reliable and safe route to Montreal, Toronto, St. Paul, Chicago, New York and
Boston. Rates 18 to flu lower than any othei
Specially fitted Colonist ears, in charge of a
porter, for the accommodation of passengers
holding second-class tickets.
Passengers booked tcahd from all European
points at lowest rates.
Low freigt rates. Quick despatch. Merchants
will save money by having their freight routed
via tho C. P. R. H
Full and reliable information given by applying to
Asst. Gen. passenger tgeut,       Local agent,
. .   - viiivouver,        Revelstoke.
Just run your eye over this list of
And see if there isn't Something Here You Want.
Finest French Peas
"       "        Beans
"       "  Asparagus
"       " Mushrooms
Pate de foie Gras
Sardines de Sportmen
"       in Mustard
Herrings in Tomato Sauce
Preserved   Bloaters
Mushroom    Catsup
Anchovy Sauce
Indian Mangoc Chutney
Preserved, Ginger
Dundee Marmalade
McLaren's Imperial Cheese
Canned Soups.
C. & K. 8. Ni Co.,
TIME   TABLE   NO.   5.
In eifect Wednesday, Aug. 29,1894.
Connecting with the Canadian Paeilio railway (main HneVfoi- points east and west.
Leaves Revelstoke on Fridays at 4 a. in.
Leaves Robson on SEturdays at 6 p. in.
Leaves Nelson
Mondays at 4 p. m.
Tuesdays at 4 p. m.
W'nesdaysat 5:40 p.m.
Thursdays at 4 p. m.
Fridays at 4 p. in.
Saturdays at5:4u p.m.,
connecting on 'Saturdays and Wednesdays
with   Nelson &  Fort
Sheppard railway for
Kaslo audLako points.
loaves Kaslo for Nelson
gtmdays al 8 a. m.
Tuesdays at 3 a. m.
IVednesdii; s, 8 a. m.
Thursdays at 8 a. m.
Fridays al 3 a. m.
Saturday 5:40 p. m., connect ing onTuesdays and
Fridays with Nelson A
Ft.   Sheppard   railway
ior Spokane.
Tho company reserves the right to change
this schedule nt any tilno without notice.
For full information 03 to tickets, rates, etc.
apply at the company's MHoos, Nelson, li. C.
Secretary. Manager.
The Kootenay Lake Saw-Mill,
G.O.Buchanan, Proprietor.
Lumber, Rough and Dressed.
Laths and Shingles, the best in the country.
Doors, Sash, Mouldings, Brackets, Balusters, &c, &c, on hand
in abundance, and made to order.
April, 1895.
Adams Hotel, ���r^
7    o �� o �� o o
A FirsMlass Hotel at Reasonable Sates,     3 Square Heals for 11
Our Guests have always had Something to Eat and Comfortable
Rooms. The only hotel in the city whose management
never closed its Dining Room,       We are here to sv?>y.
Your Patronage Solicited.
Hoping to see you,
Adams & Cummings, Propr's.
reen Bros.,
General Merchandise.
We are selling goods at rock bottom prices for cash and while not selling goods below cost, we
Will not be undersold by any competitor. We are offering nails and hardware very low as
we are closing out this line. Call and see our nice line of Men's Furnishings. A large and
choice consignment of pants expected daily.  	
This space Engaged far the   z
Kootenay Land Company. IDLER'S VIEW OF DOMINION   POI.I-
���   TICS.
The Dominion is apparently
about to make some history. The
Manitoba school difficulty has
reached an acute stage.
By an order in council dated
March 21st, 1895, the Dominion
government practically command
the government of Manitoba to restore to the Roman Catholics the
fight to maintain and control
schools such as meet the approval
of their clergy, such schools to receive their full share of public
The Manitoba legislature having
received the mandate had adjourned without taking action.
They propose to await the result of
the consideration of the question
by the parliament of Canada,
which is called to meet on April
This body has power to grant
the remedial legislation if the provincial government neglects to do
so; and the Catholic leaders seem
to be urging the Government to
finish the job they have so well begun, hy the passage of an act
through the present parliament.
This step once taken would be.
irrevokable, as such an act would
become a part of the constitution
and could never be repealed.
The Ministers who have Protestant constituencies to face have
yielded 8��. *ar to a clamorous
minority to avoid an immediate
rupture of the party, but with the
understanding that parliament
would be dissolved and the people
consulted before the final settlement of the question. Now that
the Premier has announced a session and not a dissolution, several
pf his warriors are sulking in their
tents. The latest rumour is to the
effect that the Premier will a^gree to
take no action during this session
upon the question,
Mr. Laurier is ill and has cancelled all speaking engagements.
The ties of church and race will
probably impel him in this case to
support the action of the Govern'
raent, and thereby jeoperdise the
unity of his own party.
The star of Dalton McCarthy is
in the ascendent. He is. an advocate of Tariff Reform, as ardent and
as able as Mr. Laurier, and he has
been an eloquent champion of the
Tights of Manitoba. He is now in
a position to mount the Protestant
horse and ride to victory,
It is needless to remark that
nothing has been heard from the
representatives of B. C. at this
crisis. They have simply waited
for orders. They have expressed
no opinion as to whether the Government should or should not interfere with Manitoba, or as to
whether there should be a session
or a dissolution.
Some day we may regret the attitude of selfish isolation in which
our province has been kept.
Ministers visited Kaslo and spent
an hour in the city.
The Hon. J. C. Patterson met
the Board of Trade and listened to
their representation of hardship in
customs matters and promised relief as soon as he could reach a
telegraph office���a promise which
Was well redeemed.
" The Hon, Mr. Haggart took in
the sights, the Comique among the
Both have had their names in
print this week. Mr, Patterson is
to become governor cf Manitoba in
July next; Mr. Haggart" has
punched, two of his French colleagues in tho nose, or noses, as the
case may be.
Municipal Corporation of the
City of Kaslo,
Balance Sheet fpr Quarter Ending, March 31st, I3&5.
���     KASLO.'
T. A. Garland,
Just received a large lot of Fine Clothing
-���Tweed Suits, light and dark colors.       Rlack Worsted   Suits!- '���
Black-Morning Coats and Vests;      Summer Coats and Vests;
v���all well lined and trimmed garments in the lates^ style.
Pants in all sizes.        Vests in all sizes.
HATS^r^  tfATS-���- Sr-rvHA/M
���Grey Stetson Hat3, wide and narrow brims. .  . i -.
Black Stetsdh Hats, wide and narrow brims.������
        Fur Felt Hats, all shapes	
:.. Fedora Hats, English and French brakes, in Black and Brown.
���Tweed Caps,       Navy Cloth Caps.       Black and Navy Silk Caps.
Crush Hats, at all prices.
112�� 70
,lan'y 1 To Balance in hand     229 30
" Billiard table license 10
" pravtpens       "   2 SO
" Land agents  ".  12 50
" Liquor  "  fiOO
" Police court linos.... 20
" Retail traders license 153
" Wash house "  6
" Real estate and iin-
prov. tax (1894)  321 70
February" Dog tax  2
" Retail trade license 25
I' Liquor    "....300     '
" Wash house "  10
"Theatre  ".... 18
" Police court fines.... 21 75
" Real estate and im-
provt. tux 1894   6
March    " Theatre liconso  12
" Police court fines.... 3130   	
" Real Estate and Im- 	
provt, tax 1894  317 62    360 92
382 75
By Expense   finclnd-
Ing prisoners keep) 65 37
" Legal  expenses 1894 76
"Officefurniture.... " 8
" Public works " 299 65
"Salaries " 262 20
" Stationery " 21 55
" Telegrams �� 1 25
" Water works  [charter and working]  100
eft's 1894
February" Expense
t  :   ���'     "Salaries.
" Salaries.
" Public works
" Office furniture.... f
" Ollicc rent
��_2099 73
Cheques issued but
not cashed
O. C. MacGregor ....    68 70
Pav Roll Dam    268 97
Chas. Wheaten       60
True  Cash Balance
on hand      14 64
-      -      -     -      -      412 31
March    " Salaries.
833 02
.. 1894
'* Expense .
" Petty cash
" Public works
" Telegrams
" Stationery
" Printing.am
" Balance in hind ���
19 05
45 55
201 25
20 05
10 38
8 66
512 4!
341 95
412 31
I 2099 73
Real Estate ��nd Improvement lax arrears  1  3310 43
Liabilities E94 outstanding .. J  3383 05
Arrears of License
Roll".. 1    57 50
Mr. Bostock has passed through
the district and has taken pains
to meet as many as possible of the
people. To the Liberal association
nt Kaslo he expressed his willingness to abide the decision of any
representative convention of the
Liberal party of the district, as regards his candidacy. He is a man
of 30, educated as a barrister,
modest, unassuming, and in financial circumstances that put him
above the necessity of going into
politics for pickings.
If the district had been divided
into "precincts" with an arrangement of "primaries" and "proxies,"
a la Arizona, and such a candidate
had been the outcome, he would
have been heralded as a Jim
In the summer of '93, just before
Burke's bank broke, two  Cabinet
Kaslo, B. C,
30th March, 1895.
Certified Correct.
I        Auditor,
J. Chisholm,
General Grocery Store.
Idaho Restaurant
For a  First-Class  Meal,
Meals 25 cts. and up.
The "KASLO" Dining Rooms
The Kaslo Drug Co.
Front St., KASLO, B. C.
Mrs. Cockle, Proprietress,.
Table Board, $1.00 per Day.
Everything First-class.������-���s-1
        SHOES, HATS	
(Branch at Three Forks.)   ���
John B. Wilson, ...
April 6, '95.
-Carry WALL PAPER with their complete |
���      stock of Drugs, Medicines, etc.       | j
Leland Hotel
Is Prepared to take care of the Traveling Public and
Treat them as Well as any Hotel in West Kootenay.
Rates Reasonable.
James Delaney, Manager.
Do You Eat?
Noble 5 Bath House AndLADND|
Mrs, A. C. PEARSON, Proprietress.
First-class Accommodations.
Open Day and Night.
corner of 3rd a c, near kaslo creek.
W. Perdue, Nelson.
P. Burns, Calgary.
Perdue & Bufns,
Wholesale & Retail Bu
Are prepared to supply every town, mining camp
���South Kootenay with beef, mutton, veal, pork,
������-���'' also, with side and breakfast bacon  ana sugi
��� smoked hams.     Orders by mail carefully filled
��� " ' forwarded	
nd mine in
tnd sausage;'
r-cured  and;
nd promptly ���
If you do, buy your Fruits,
Vegetables and Confectionery fron)
3rd St., KASLO.
At his store you will also find Poultry, Oysters, etc. ��JMI
Goods at Wholesale or Retail.
r t - ��� ��� t t r i  t i -
Good Saddle Horses to Let,
And will Run
Daily Stages
As soon as the road is in suitable condition.
 StableB at Kaslo and Three Forks.......
A. J. SCOTT,   Manager.


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