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The Prospector 1895-08-01

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vol nun. i **
\ ��95
Locomotive No. 1 of the
K. & S. R'y.
tad a Carload of Railroad Spikes Here
with ii It will Handle the" Con-
struotion Train and
Next Week mill   l.e    Vigorously    Pushed
till Hi.' Line in Finished.
Last evening at !��.'24 the Str.
Kaslo arrived at and passed the
3rd Street wharf, towing barge
K. & S. No, 2 New Westminster
having aboard the locomotive No.
1 for the Knslo ife Slocan Railway;
and, then, for the first time the
long awaited ringing of the locomotive hell sounded upon the air
of Kaslo, and sent cheer to the
hearts of her citizens.
Everybody turned out to see it,
either an it passed the 3rd and 4th
St. wharves or after it had reached
the railway company's wharf in
the hay, where it was met hy Supt.
of Construction Ffolliott, Secretary
Robt. Irving of the K. & S. R'y
Co. and many of our prominent
citizens. Draughtsman Wilse was
on hand with his camera and secured a good view as it neared the
The barge had aboard, besides
fhe engine and tender, 100 tons of
rails, a carload of railroad spikes,
fhree hand cars and one iron car.
The railway officials say that,
traok-lajing will commence next
week���before the 15th at the latest.
Kaslo is at last getting a railway
���a real bona  fide railwav���built
for traffic; and not as was the
Nakusp line built for bluff.
And the builders will have the
iron horse hauling ore into Kaslo
from the rich Slocan mines at the
earliest possible moment.
Two more engines will be
brought in as soon as the work is
far enough advanced that they can
be of use,
Green Bros.' window display is
nothing out of the ordinary this
week, but you only have, to step
inBide to see long rows of shelves
just loaded with the thingfc you
Confectionery and fresh fruits���
new stock just received at Kennedy
& Porter's. *
Rohertson church [Presbyterian]:
Sunday services 11 a.m.; 7'30 p.m.
Evening: "Progress of Christianity."
Sunday School and Mr. G. 0. Buchanan's bible class at 2:30 p. m.
Week night service Wednesday 8
p.m.    All are cordially invited.
Charley Trumbull got in 20,000
cigars yesterday.
H. B. Ingram says his Toronto
is looking better as the result of
assessment work.
Billy Adams has bonded the
Porcupine from Billy Mathesop
and will commence work at once.
Rob),. Jackson went Wednesday
up to the Northern Belle. He purposes to commence taking out ore
at once.
Steve Bailey is gathering a force
of workmen at the Paine mine and
work on that property ..will be going full blast in a day or two.
Ed Becker, Charlie Roster and
Joe Hetherlngton are happy as
larks in the springtime���something
bigger on the Montezuma than
they expected.
Johnny Harris, manager of the
Reco, was in the city Spnday, having just returned from Vernon
Mills, Va., where he spent the
summer season at home.
In the interest of Porter Bros.,
IL E. Porter of Kennedy & Porter
is superintending development of
the Daisy and Black Fox on South
Kaslo creek. Trail and cabins lire
being put in readiness for the
working season. A strike of
another good body of ore is ?-
ported the last few days. Bob
Youill is foreman at the mine.
Water Works.
The citizens seem pretty  unanimous in the opinion that the   city
(���        i<i i ���
needs and must have at once a system of water works, some saying
that     all     other     improvements
should wait till water  is  provided
i *
for.    Water works are a   necessity.
Quit Kveuthhig.
Chas. Lundholm and his pettier went just after supper Monday
evening into upraise No. 3 in the
Blue Bell mine to go to work on
night shift. They were overpowered bv gas and fell, lodging part
way down the upraise. They were
gotten out quickly and every effort
made to resuscitate the,m; but,
while the partner recovered, Lundholm died in about ten minutes
after being taken out. He , was a
Finlander, 32, single. Inquest
was to have been Tuesday evening.
Mrs. Roberts, wife of the superintendent, took active part in caring
for the unfortunate men and trying
to revive them.
Hlise.   Hull.
Kaslo extemporized a base ball
team Thursday evening which went
over the road the next day and
played the New Denvpr niiip oh
Saturday afternoon, getting what,
because of having had no practise,
they expected���defeat.
But the boys don't regret it at
all. The Denver team and citizens
gave them such a hearty welcome
���a reception the like of which
they say they had never seen���
treated them all the time in so
friendly a manner, banqueted them
at the close of the game, and gave
a most enjoyable dunce in the
evening: that the Kaslo boys think
the Denverites the best entertainers on earth.
A return game will be played in
Kaslo in the next two or three
weeks, when the Kaslo boys will
try to equal the hospitality of the
Denver boys.
A ball ground is being fixed up
in Kaslo and will soon be in shape
tor our boys to get a little practise.
Barrister Kerr Write* One  to  H|s   For-
i j
mer' Letter,
New dInver, J uly 28, '95.
To the Editor of the Puosvkctor,
Sir^���As your correspondent "Pioneer" has not the courage to sign
his name to his confession of faith.
I cannot notice him at present. I
always fight ill the open, and anyone who wishes lo meet me must
meet me there.. But the opening
of this subject in your columns
gives me an opportunity of adding
a postscript to my last letter,
which I hope by your kindness to
take advantage of.
I wish to ask il plain question.
Let us all clear our minds of cant,
and answer it to our consciences
like honest men and women.
Would West Kootenay bq better
off without these women than it is
with them?1 Here is the situation.
Every new mining' camp is first
discovered and opened by a number of hardy pioneers. These men
are nearly all of one class. They
are not married men, for married
men do not leave their wives and
families, and throw up good jotis
to try their chances in a new camp
hundreds of miles away. In most
cases their livelihood is so precarious that they would be fools to
marry, and criminals to have
children. Even if. they did wish
to marry, they preponderate so
much in numbers that the country
would have to be scoured for a
thousand miles around to find a
sufficient number of wives.
And now, what do these men do
for society? They go out into the
mountains, endure the greatest
hardships, and jften suffer disappointment. But their work as
pioneers enables a large class of
married men to bring in their
wives and children, and make a
living and a comfortable home.
Then these people, having all the
pleasures they want by their own
firesides, turn round and try to deprive the men to whom they owe
everything of the few pleasures
which it is possible for them to
I suppose pvery man in his
senses will at once admit that, if
all the women of every kind were
removed from West Kootenay,
there would still be plenty of un-
chastity left in the district. Only
the unchastity would take a more
debasing form. The man who
does not know that knows nothing.
The man who does know it, and
who yet equivocaf.es and dissimulates over a matter so vital to society, is a much more dangerous and
w.'cked man than the one who
draws a six-shooter in a bar-room
To those who admit the fact I
have mentioned, it must he clear
enough that nothing could possibly
be gained by ridding the country
of these women. But I go farther,
and say that the country would be
very much the loser by their absence. To many men the society
of these women is for years the
most refining influence in their
lives. Where there are many hun-:
dreds of men, a handful of married
women, and scarcely any unmarried women living in families, it is
clearly impossible for most of the
men to have any more than the
inost casual acquaintance with a
woman of the conventional class.
Yet nothing can be worse for a
man than to separate him for
years from the tender influences of
feminine society. Any woman is
better than   no   woman.   But  of
(Concluded on 4th page.j
W. D. Pratt is this week in the
Trail district.
Cockle Bros boat house has been
removed to the foot of Fourth St-
Charlie Hammond  came   down
and did the city Saturday night.
A few are anxious to see construction commenced on the city
Have you tasted any of those
fresh delicious candies Kennedy &
Porter keep? *
A. L. McClaine, of the Pardan-
ells mines, now lives in the IIo..-h-
criift house,
Prof. J. J. Liddy came un from
the Blue Bell Tuesday eveiiing returning; the next morning.
��� Mr. and Mrs. Kennedy have removed from the Presbyterian parsonage to a residence on C ave.
It is whispered   in  social  circles
that two are to be made  one.   Thj
happy event will transpire iu a few i
N. D. Miller, formerly chief engineer of the Great Northern, is
now chief engineer of the K. & S-.
Mr. Tye having resigned and gone
Ml'. Twiss, the handsome salesman at the Byers store, wishes it
distinctly understood that his
initials are W. J. The Prospector
is a good judge of beauty.
Slocan stur Concentrator.
A concentrator is soon to be
built for the ores of the great Slo-'
can Star mine. Last week the
civil engineer was engaged in locating and measuring grounds in the
vicinity of Sandon. The exact
site seeded we do not know yet,
nor the date on which construction
will commence.
Kaslo Literary Society.
A meeting called to form a literary society met Friday evening in
the Presbyterian church. Among'
those present were Messrs. (t. 0,
Buchanan, C. W. McAnn, Chief
Justice Wright, Bucke, Tuck, Fawcett and Rev. McKeracher. Messrs.
Buchanan and McKeracher were
appointed to draw up a constitution and submit it the next meeting to be held on the third Thursday in August. A program wjll
then be rendered and officers for
first two months elected.
The Mammoth Beer Hall
New York beer on  draught, 25 cts
per quart.
Lodging at the Lakeview Hotel
the quietest place in   Kaslo,   no
noise of any kind.    Lodging 25c.
Keneiium Tells i's More About the   11, i!
Mountains  unit   Mueh Ooncei'iiing    -I
the Stampede t'o Springer Hint
Lemon   Creeks.
Silverton, July 3D. [Special to
the Prospector.]���Evidently my
last report was given little credence
by the large majority of your readers, the reason why being, 1 have
much reason for believing, that :-'
barlly bred public is more inclined
to heed the Blunders of a tin-horii
['capitalist" and all-around blackleg blatherskite than the simplest
truths of a humble but honest
sssayer. However, against neither
the'said tin-horn nor the said public do I hold any malice; for both!
have acted in accordance with the
natures of the beasts and different;
action could not reasonably ha, ye
been expected of them. Thomas
Ciirlyle, who certainly was pretty
well acquainted with the English
people, w-ns bold enough to say
that he believed them mostly fools:
and other philosophers of 'a 'more
cosmopolitan knowledge than he
have declared that 'the remark is
appropriately made of the citizens
of civilization. ' Coupling these
charges against the public with lhe
more common charge that "every
man has his price," we might be
inclined to conclude that the percentage of fools and knaves in
some countries is large enough to
pay for shipping.
But, for my part, though I think
the charges not groundless, I am
not a believer in total depravity,
nor do I believe in Universal de-
biiiity of the brain. 1 still oling
to my boyhood belief in the story
of Washington and his hatchet.
People are what they are as a result of their breeding and after environments,    and    I    as    firmly
(Continued on page 2.)
Reception All, Everything works. Firewood
rut mill Mining tunnels rim. Cooking. Any
company having contract go to o. T.Stone, A
ave., ana he will lei you know tor how ranch
laborers to suit you may be hml, uiul us soon n>'
lie run.   '
Ciive Me a Call. 4th St,
Prank Aistisom.
Ed Baum, Prop,
Pack and Saddle
white mi mm
Rates Reasonable.
Three Forks, B.C.
Best Accommodations, and  Finest Trout Fishing and Hunting.
Oood Dining Room, especialty.
Fi A. BbEHLOFtef. ?"���*
"��� "         ���" ���������"    llll""*B
BY  W.   D.  PRATT.
(Continued from front page.)
believe that there are evils and foi
'.ies which some cannot commit  as
inch streak of almost metallic  arsenic carrying also some antimony
was found next the foot  wall,  and
assays of this, one piece  by  West
at New Denvey, another hy Wilson
at Three Forks, gave l',0G8 ozs. and
810 ozs. silver per ton respectively.
At a depth of  fifteen   feet,   and
two feet.away  from   the   arsenic
streak in face of tunnel the ore
: im, convinced that there are1<$0W8 considerable copper and as-
noble thoughts that manv minds 6av�� about 10�� ��V���ea pilver aml
have never had and 'good deeds *10 gojd per ton. Tests as far as
that millions could never do. development has   gone   show   the I Will'be offered For sale ,'y   Publio
whole huge body of the ledge to be'     Auction on	
hi due time, should   cireumstan-
For sale
By Auction,
All the right, title  and   interest
of the firm of
In the
Hotel - Slocan
Building and it's Contents,
>r sale ,'v
For Sale or Exchange:
90 Lots, Block 45.       Lot 209.
Original Kaslo City Townsite,
aPSfWj!) Exchange for .Mir.es and Goon Mines, Too.
Auotjoneers, Commission and Real Estate,
Metropolitan Club Building,  VANCOUVER. B. (.'.
bes prove favorable, the percentage ore that   will   bear   shipment   ��o.1Ql    Day ot     *                    j                   -���      "    _    "
of fools and knaves will diminish, belters and leuve a profit above ASl   ^-r-   illlgllSl j N�� P^W  , ^    ';,������.,.,,���
dteunwbilewe must accept "thingB W6 and probably .��50'per ton.                 >}895Vt   4 oclocl? gj                            ;CAN BORE  riROUGH
 ��� ."..,.i ,i _ i ..,..;,���.,������. i.��� This   body   of   ore   is    plainly,.,.   .    ,,             ..       ,,                BflV   HPH   RHiPlk   PHi
wefi,Klthem--and write; for he I     uns   nouy   ,,f  ore   is    P^Jy I UdMb in tbe meantime ^6%^  MV  Bed   ROCk  PnCGS
who would  refrain   from   writing, traatoble for 600 feet on the L. H. Lhalr be��j](l K.y.privilte 8ale, Which have^n Adjusted'to SqitEverybody,
enniiH�� mottevB "or�� as tlinv nm" ancl it appears to me to be bv far     ,.,,       ,     .,, , ,    ,   . ���' -
ecause matteis    aie as inej am   |^    ,.''.,,.       .      ,,       *     ^ i     1 he sale will be conducted upon ��� Importer and Dealer in���
'',1("'Mn: the premises, and the building and ! ' '.. ', ��� ���      '   ���
<��'t ex- \ contents will be'offered' en bloc.      | CLOTHING, Gent's Furnishings, Hats and Caps, Boots and Slices.
Blankets and Quilts, &c, &c.
would be silly enough  to dispute the biSSest  thing   u
the existence of the inevitable. country,   the  Slocan Star   n
I state!  in  my   former   article cepted���and  its   probabilities   tilth at one claim in  the   Red motin- lowf/ throwing in the  Homestake        , .
"tains had a vein of ore that I  had min*   (,f   the   Bhlck   U']l]*>    the Security will be  required  for   the JjQQ,  X'Clllll
,'��� ,��� i-       i- -   .Tren dwell    of    Unska    the   Ana- cleferijea payment,
assayed in sections, jpriding 1 t feet | xreauweu   oi   Ai,i��ua,   uw.   mm , ,
; conda mines ar.d some others along 0. 0. BUCHANAN,
un   even '
The terms will be One-half Cash.
and the* balance in  three months.
in width of it averaging   $85   in
-old, the ore being   susceptible   of I*i!l' '���>"���   '''l:,r   "   ")'iV
-oncentration to a product
as bullion;  anc
other claims with showings almost
us large and son
is rich thing. And still the people '6/
Slocan are sweetly unconscious of
his   wealth   at   their   di ors   and
Estate McEachren & Co,
* ���Cheap Cash store1
between Third and Fourth Sts,,    KASLO, B,C.
Tho regular meeting of Kaslo Lodge A. P, & , ^tr*. *���*-** m-iix*-���*!&&
A. M. is.hi'lil on Hi.' iir.i   Monday  evening  In I ffi|W   8s3H��  JjtSj  &&
,               ,             ,                    1           11      ',      1 A.  .M. IS lll'lll till Hi.'   III'.I     .Ul.'.lUilY    .'Yl'MIIIU'    ill   '   *j 4.V      il.-..*     ��'-^.->     & <.0            ~           I.  ���    t    ���     .1.1,1
.�����   ii,,,.,,   linvino  Stand pool, culm and col.ected, aye  "auli month,   Viiltingbrethren in good stand-     -       "��~
e ui    uii-.ii    nnvuig ing eordinlly invited lo'ttllena. ! . ������..��� lf ��� .,,. ,������,. ,,, ,. .���.,,,  ,,,., . ,. ,,���, ,.,, .������
cher. I dejected, in Us very presence. ; n.V. u^a; ., W. m.    K, K. pitman, Sec', \ $��� ^^A^t^i^^h^iKnS,
ire very much rii
'      Now! when it   is  known   that   ii     And   >"et>   stranSe   ��s   5t    lntty I" 	
had resided in nine different states seem> ,they are ,lnt   'capable  of application  for   uoron  license
of the Union and had borne a good ; agnation.    It  simply   takes  things I   gotiegta^^ ffifc^^^'2
,.���,,.;,*;,,,,*'���,.   i,.,,il,    ..i,,l    vorooiiv   Of lesser magnitude to Stir them   to   tluj Stipendiary Magistrate of Weal  Kootenn-j
reniiiatioii tor   Until   ami   veracity ��� ���    : . district for a license to sell liquor at retail  in
in each of thcni before  I   came  'to  the depths.	
���Canada it seems just a   little   odd \    Wfth t!u: fore8oing fllt'ls Plain!i'
'ili.it my story   of  the   mountain (Concluded op 2rd page.)
seemed a story of a   mole-hill    and
' that instead  of visions of  Wealth
Mon., Wi'il , Siit: I Thursday, ' Tuei,, Fri.
  8a. in '  '.I.i.m. i ... 8-h. in.
 8 p. in    | ��� :i ii.ni. i    . ii p. in,
.01' se conncclion i* thus made between Lake points and all incoming uml outgoing
irn'inaiif tliefc,!'. R. atNelson. TheiibJV^acuedulo Is In offertlfl Muv 1S9B, subjccl
iioit'hunge,        Jas. Wacuh, Purser. civ.r li.\ywAU>, Miutvr,
his iloti'l nl Watson,
Dated:  Watson, June 12,1895.
L. WlIl.l'.Y.
AssfKstiiriit V/orlt.
Heretofore  the  government lias
your renders  saw  onlv   ghosts   of . .
'., ..      , ,   ,..,��� been lenient atiout   enforcing  tho
- Annanias,   Munchausen   and   M\\     . . .-J        1 Ti/7
���   , ���       ,      .,   ��� -n       .!     strict letter of the law requiring an   IVlE RCH V\
Perkins when their eyes fell on the , ���   ,' ���    -'   ,    *j#-'-'��vj    >
| annual assessment of  tplOO   worth
i    r," '      . . ,. -,i        of work.    But it is not wise to pre-
lliH    story   might   easily   have. , '
.,,   ;       ,.'..        . ,' slime too much on the leniency of
been vended or disproved by   anv- ,
,    ,     ,      . ...  . '     the government.    1 he dav m com'
body  having  sufficient  energy   to  .     "     , .  ,,        ;
.,       , r,.,  " ,     ling,  and no one knows   how  soon
walk   live   miles   from    Silverton  .  b'
,'.,,.,        ��� it may be here, wlien .t20 or ^dl) or
over a good trail to the vein, Bam- ��� .
,. , .,    t,  .      ,   j     ��>99 will not answer  when !H00   is
pling and assaying it.   But nobody .    ,
.,,      , " .     .     required.
With so large  an   amount   ot   vim j     '
has   yet   shown   up���nobody   has
T A 1
NswoN, II. C
W. PMHDJJE, Nelson. P. Buhxb, Calgary.
Perdue & Burr
Wholesale & Retail Butchers.
A choice  collection  of  worsteds
serges and tweeds always on band
Are prepared to supply every town, mining camp and mine in'
'���' 'South Kootenay with beef, mutton, veal, pork, and sausage;'
''���'also, with side aud breakfast bacon and sugar-cured aiid'
���'' 'smoked hams. Orders by mail carefully filled and promptly'
��� ���' ��� forwarded,        	
called upon the writer for proofs of
his statements. The newspapers
were not by the story provoked to
any comment or investigation
whatever, but have preserved 11
stolid silence���and it was with
mtich reluctance that the merchants advanced the owners of the
big vein a small amount of food
and tools wherewith to begin development of it.
To the contrary, though nobody
whatever has even a shadow of
reason for doubting my statements,
it is generally asserted, with the
assurance of absolute certainty, in
tlie saloons, the stores and the
offices of the Slocan that I am a
fakir and that my story is a lie.
Verily we arc living in the deepest shadows of the "age of chivalry"
when reputations are held cheaper
than Chinese labor!
However, the day of vindication
and reaction is pot fur off; for the
public, though gullible, is not
malicious, and success never fails
to charm it,
The owners of the "L. II." believed my story nnd, getting grub
and tools, as well as securing the
services of three good miners to
assist them, they ut once began to
run a 60 foot tunnel to cross-cut
the ledge,
The work is now well along and
will shortly be accomplished.
Assays have been made as development progressed, showing
that instead of having only 17 feet
of shipping ore they have probably
iio feet more, or 40 feet of shipping
ore altogether.
Up to the time   of   my   former
��� .communication my tests had  been
.confined to the 30 ft. of ore next
ihe hanging wall, and   there   was
iio silver in  this, on the surface,
������ivorth   mentioning.   But  a    four
KS1BJV1 mil
Books, Stationery and
All tlie Latest Leading Papers and
1 c rii tjieals  kept in stock.
jJfflF^Orders hy mail promptly
attended to.,
Front Btij KASLO, B. C.
Watchmaker and
mmm m diamond krm,
Knslo. Si I
ISP-All Fine Work Finished
in an artistic manner.
m   D. iciiint
and Notary Publio.
NEW  pENVEtl)  P.. C.
wa 1 mnini
AssiiyH.      Analysis*      It ������ porta.
Tdn years experience rolnink nml concentrating lead and silver otob.	
Oilice and Laboratory front bt., k \m.h, i:,c-
Noble 5 Bath House::randLaund,y
fe L (!, ?EASOT, Propjjtp,
EmsT-cxABs Accommodations. Opek Day am> Nioi.t.
Estute nnd Commission Broker.
Loams Negotiated.
Fourth street, ....Kaslo, B. C.
Upper story in  Moore b'ld'g, cor.
A ave. & 4th st.���5 rooms
4-roomcd House, C ave'
Large office, 4th street.
Furnished and unfurnished lloomt".
Store Building and  Lot,   a Simp,
easy terms, must be sold  at  once.
Established Saloon   Business.
.1X0. C. HAYES.
With their complete stock of 	
J. W, Livers, M'gr.
Comique Cafe.
The Only Place in Kaslo
Where Hot Lunches are
Served all Night	
H. C. ROSS, Phop,
Str. "W. Hunter"
Leaves New Denver daily
for all points on  Slocan
Slows Trading & Hivijitioa Company.
AU work guaranteed,
The Kootenay Lake Saw-Millj
KASLO,   B. 0.
G.O.Buchanan, Proprietor,
Lumber,'Rough and Dressed.
Lutlis and Shingles, the best in tlie country.
Doors. Sush, Mouldings, Brackets, Balusters, &x\, tfec, oh hand
���      in abundance, and made to older,
April, 1895,
Terrace Lodging House*
On the Upper Terrace,
Quiet, Clean and Comfortable Rooms by Day, Week or Month.
Beautiful Yiew. Reasonable Rates.
Mrs. A. J. Becken
(Concluded from page 2.)
before them some half a dozen
lushed away, away to the Okanogan country, because they heard
���of a two foot vein of five dollar
yold quartz being struck there two
���or three years before.
And this week the're is a real
genuine Simon-pure excitement
-and stampede to the Fo'ot-of-the-
���Lake, thence to upper Springer
iind Lemon creeks. Fully 200
prospectors are there now, and
more nre going every day. The
���Str. Hlin.er carried dowh 3u prospectors the 24th.
Nor is Ihis rush to Springer and
Liiiion without good reason. Jn-
"ilced I do not know of any other
section in which so many good
strikes have been made in so short
a time. I think it quite safe lo
that nt least .r;0 prospectors nre
now interested in half that number of first-class prospects discovered on those two creeks within the
last three weeks. The ore is found
in porphry dykes in the granite1
and several assays of it have
shown above. 1,600 bzs. silver and
'$100 gold per ton. The ore is nil
high grade with very little galena
ami some copper. Some specimens of very rich native silver
and gold rock have been found.
A trail from the Foot-of-the-
Lake is to be built at once, a hotel
wili immediately be opened tit
Slocan City, a railroad will soon
lie built up from Slocan Siding���
such is Ihe talk, and everybody
feels sure of it.
Everybody is feeling better over
this way���and I think it would be
a shame if they did not.
J. M. M. Benedum.
We khow there is some gold in
the Red Mts. south of Silverton.
We believe there is an enormous
quantity; but liie Prospector
thinks Mr. Benedum a little too
soon in comparing the value of a
prospect to the value of a developed mine like the Slocan Star.
By the rule of estimating the value
according to the amount of ore of
known richness actually blocked
out, the Slocan Star is still worth
a large number of L. H.'si Value
should be measured in do.ll��trs ami
cents rather than in Treadwells
and Ilomestakes���don't make your
unit of value too large.
These Red mountains do offet' it
better field for the prospector' and
miner than Coolgardie or South
Africa; but, since they are so close
to us, actual smelter test will have
to be made before runny will believe, aud we hope that the owners
will soon make a Shipment to
some reliable smelter, as no doubt
they will do, and set all doubt at
B. C. Restaurant
Since we are handling the reins at the B. C. Restaurant alone things are  booming.       It  has  been
whispered (but not hy angels) that we were liable to take a trip on the hog train, but not so long as we
continue to receive the liberal amount of patronage we have ai present hath the hog train any horrors
for us. We use the BEST OF EVERYTHING, treat our customers ami everyone else the best we
know how; and are prepared to get up especial dinners for small parties at short notice, in good style
and at reasonable price.       Hoping to receive your patronagei       Yours Respectfully,
C. E. Stauffer,
Gents Furnishings
Boots h is hoes
?f: Hotel, Northern
Rate, $1.50 to $2.00 per day,
-SANDON, B. C- Runs
The Short Fast km hw,
f TO N
Seattle, Victoria,
Vancouver & Puget
Sound, and all Pacific Coast Points, St.
Paul, Chicago and Points Beyond
Modern Equipment.   Rock-ballast
Attractive tours via Oulutli ami the Groat
Lakes in connection with exclusively passenger, bunts ni' Northern s, s. On.
Direct connootion via Nelson & Port Sheppard
railway nt Spokane; nnd via c A k. s. n Co,
at Bonner s Ferry	
CROCKERY;   S�� K*:r--1r*^r>/-   |ft. m Minneapolis buliitb,
1 .
miners b
(let Prioos Beforo I'uroli.is.ng tsisewlter-o.
| Fargo, Grind Forks, Crookstonj
Cheapest, rnosl reliable and safe route to Tilon* j
Ireal, loranto, s.t, Paul, Chicago New fork and , Winnil e(r
Huston.   Hates $3 to $10 lower [ban any other r'
roUlo. ,, , , ,.     '
,.,,���,,. Helena unci Butt \
Specially fitted Colonist cars, in charge of a
porter, fur the accommodation ni passengers
boldl ig second-class tickets.
Passengers booki 1 to and from nil  European ,
puints ni lowest rates.
i   J.ow freight rates, 9ulok despatch. Mprch.ants   THrBu'gH Til KBT5.
(Branch at Three Forks.)
John B, Wilson, . . . Kaslo
will save money by having their freight ruuuiid
via the C. I'. It.
Full inn! tellable information given by apply-   1 ��
.Moi���iiRowN,       i.T.rrewster,      Chicago, Washington',
t, Gon. pussouger agent,      U>ealagout,
Vancouver. KoveiBtoko.   nt'i   1.1   L' \-        \'     i
  ', Philadelphia,   New York,
Fur maps, tickets, ami complete liifnnnntinn
call mi Agents (j. it   . S. Nil v. Co ; N.Jc F, S. r'y
mi   C, G. Diyon, Gon. Agent, Spokane, Wash.,
!���'. I. Whitney, ti. i'. it t. a., st. Paul, Minn.
F. T. Abbott, Travelling Freight & Passenger
Agent, Spokane, Wash.
C. & K. S. N. Co.,
I  TIME   TAHI-K   NO.   7.
Ill effect Monday, A pill 29, lwi.'i.
Kaslo route���Str. Nelson,
i.v. NEWoft. i.v. K.isi.n
 Monday 4 'a. ra.
5'40 p.m Tuesday	
1 p. ni WedneBilay ... .4 a. m.
���VIO p.m.... Thursday 8 a.m.
 Friday 4 a.m.
5'40 p.m.... Saturday	
Connecting un Tuescays, Thursdays and Saturdays with N & F s i'al|way for kahi.ii anil lake
points, Connecting mi Mondays; Wednesdays anil Fridays wiili N & F h r'y fur Bpokane.
ClOBO I'unueelluns with Columbia A: Kinitciiiiy
r'y at Nelson fur pninls north ,1 south,
Bonner's Ferry route���Str, Nelson
Loaves Nelson fur Ilnnner's Ferry Mondays and
Fridays at Ml ii. ni.
Leaves Kaslo foi Bonner's Ferry Mondays nnd
Fridays at 4 a. m.
Leaves Bonner's Ferry fur  Flint Hay,  Nelson,
Ainsworth and Kaslo on Tuesdays ami
Saturdays at 2. a. in.
Connccls'wlth east- and west-bound trains  oil
thu Ureal Northern Railway,
Revelstoke route���Str. Lytlon.
Leaves l.evelstokci southbound, Tuesdays and
Fridays at 1 a/'tn. for all points in W est   d
i Kootenay and .the Seuth,
Leaves Robson, northbound, Wednesdays and
Saturdays al 8 p. m. for all points east and west
1 via the U. 1'. R.
Northport route���Str. Lytton.
Leaves   Nortnport,  northbound, Wednesdays
and Saturdays at 1 p. m.
Leaves Robson,    southbound, Tuesdays  and
Fridays  at II p. m.
Stages run, in connection with steamer, from
Trail creek Landing to Rossland.
The company reserve? the right to chajigo
.,this schedule ftf any time without notice.
r itiHln nrmiMlon as to tickets, rates,   t  ,
Tpplv at tlte ciiiupany's ollices, Nelson, II, C.
T. AlJA*, J. W. THOl'l',
O-.-.-.T-. �� __ ��.      Tb1_.11      Boston and all  Points  east,   wesj
- [Spokane FaUsL-*.
owen House.
Larcikst and Best Hotel.
Rates $1.50 to $2.00 per day.
Jas. Chisholm*
General Groceries.
Mm i Fori Sheppard Railway.
all m n mn% rara
Daily   [except   Sunday]   between
Spokane and Northport.
Tri-Weekly between Northport andiFor information, time cards, ma] ���
Nelson. |and tickets, call on or write
I.'ve S'llt a. in. Nl.l__.ON Arr. 5-8B p. in. '
U. G. Stimmel, T. P. agent,
,,., ,,.,,.,     ,     ,,...     .     ,., Nelson, B. C.
ON  Mull, s Nedues. s iinil Fri s I ruins will run I
through to Spokane, arriving there .same !
day.   Returningwifl leave Spokane at 7  Tn   n  flrunn  Hcnm'til lmni
a. m. un Tues'sTh ins 'sun dSattir's, arriving at   r' u' VlIBBB, l_.eilCl.il agent,
Spokane, Wash.
Nelsuii iu 6:U6 p.m. BBtuoday; making close eon'-
nectlous Willi .leioia-i'Nelsuii fur nl ui.KU'.uiy
hike points,
Passengers fur   '���',       River and llmindarv ,
Dreek connect al Marcus with stage on Mon-  ou  A. ". C ��� Il A HI.TOK,
,.:,>-, \\,'Uli,-,l���y.., ri..,,'...l:l>>  I    l''.i,!:,y.. aggt(   Qg,.      jj..^^   &^
. Fussonaera tor Trail Cileek mini's ennnect at
Northport wi l> singe Dally.
Portland, Oregon,
This space Engaged for the
* ..nn,nuu an ^-jr.Mt n.
-rj-WMUB-aMWiroi n_ti.Mr..��g^lau.
i g nwwudiWHHfi'ofw i'>��^ nihuiiin i r ��� ��� ������"*
KASLO-Kootenay Land Company ^____-
(Concluded from front page.)
Vtiurse it is ridiculous to represent
these women as monsters of ini-
���quity. There are many perfect
ladies among them, and the man
who has never met with such has
missed an experience in life worth
Remember women are susceptible creatures, and are very much
what we choose to make them.   Let
���a man go to his lady friend and
i rent her always as a gentleman
���hoiild do, and he will find her  an I
'elevating and ennobling influence
in his life. Let him go to her with
i bottle of whiskey under his belt
and insult her, and he will drag
her down  quickly  enough   to   Hie
' i wn level.
It is because most women are so
suceptible to influence thut I say
they should always be treated respectfully, and never humiliated
by being made to exhibit thenar
i cives iii a criminal court. Tell b
woman she is degraded, rub the
fact into her whenever you have
lhe chance, uiul you will  scon suc-
"cced   in    making   her     tlegriided
'enough. Then take another woman, and always approach her
with respect, as you would your
mother or your wife: and, whether
.he be a prostitute or not, she will
be a good woman all the same, and
have a sweetening influence on
everyone who comes in contact
���.villi her. When this simple law
of nature is understood, we shall
bear no more of these revolting
exhibitions before criminal courts.
In conclusion, 1 would ask those
who still disagree with tne to read
i be first eleven verses of the eighth
chapter of the Gospel according to
St, John. Yours truly,   ,
R. B. Kkhk.
To the above, wc know not what
answer, if any, "Pioneer" may
choose to make.
Concerning the action of the
Kaslo authorities: it i" not theii
policy to molest thet'e women so
king as they remain in (heir own
���portion of town, but the matter
had received no atteHtion in so
long a time that these women were
lo be seen parading the streets in
all parts of the city displaying
their charms and bidding for custom���to the annoyance and disgust of respectability���and were
in the habit of going into business
houses and along tlie business
streets in loose costume. To check
. this nuisance the authorities took
the only effectual means at their
disposal, and acted with the approval of all who respect virtue.
This purpose accomplished, the
matter rests, as far as they al'e concerned, until the transgressors give
further annoyance and need further restraint.
Concerning the moral question
involved: I have neither time nor
space to discuss it with MeBsrs.
Kerr and "Pioneer." I do not say
that, under present circumstances,
Kootenay would be any better off
without these women. I would
only deny Mr. Kerr the privilege
of judging all men by the standard
he has chosen. Treat men as individuals, not as a mass. I admit
that when a man eats more of
animal food than is riquired to
give him strength for his work and
.fills up oni beer and Scotch (or
other) whiskey,)he needs and will
have a sewer���thus far, and thus
far only, do I admit Hie need for
-these women for whom l Mr. Kerr
plead*; howeve-jt, I not Only believe
but knoy that ������. man healthy in
mind and body, who exercises good
judgement in his eating, drink|ng
,'ind thinking is free from the
ihecessity oj committing one sin to
nvoid another.     ,   .
Ro��s II. Pratt:
Notice is hereby given that persons desiring
to locate lund, or take timber within the Kaslo
and Slocan Railway Reserve, tire requested to
communicate with the Company's Office at
Kaslo, tn avoid the penalties ot trespassing.
The Kaslo ami Slocan Railway Co.,
a8 Robt, 1rvi.no, Secretary.
Kaslo, B.C., July 1", 1805.
Thirty dnys after date I intend  lu  apply   to
the Chief Commissioner of  Lauds and Works
fur a license to cut and carry away limber from
a tract of land described as follows:
Beginning at a stake on the shore of
Konli'iiiiy lake about two miles nurtb of my
mill; llii'iiee west su elniins; thence north V..0
chains; theuoe east to the shore of Kootenay
lakei thence following said shore to the place
of beginning. CI. O. III'ciia.nAn.
liquor ticENSE Application.
Notice is hereby given that thlfty days aficr
the dale hereof I shall apply to i ho  Board  oil
License Commissioners for the Corporation of
the Cily uf Kaslo fur a license hi sell spirituous
and    fermented    liquors,   by retail) on   the
premises silnine on 1.ut-Is in   Block  il  un   me ]
corner of Fourth street uud A  avenue in  the1
cily nl Kaslo being the premises known as the !
"Sideboard" Baloon.
Outed Ihe loth July A. 1). 1896,      W. Hanson.
Notice is hereby given Unit Ihlriy diivs after :
the date hereof we shall apply to the Board ol
License Commissioners for the Corporation of
Cliy of Kaslo for a license to sell spirituous uiul
fermented liquors by retail on tho promises
sitinile un Liu l''uur llluek Kleven hi me Uny
oi kuslo aforesaid,
Dated the loin day Of June A. D. 1895,
ALU (111 BIG I
Wood Working
J{W"In  First-Class  condition���
has only been used a short time.
28 lengths leather belting, 2, 3, (1% I, 5 * 0 inch.
I saw, Swedge. (Hove valves, }.��, ���''.,. A '2}-.j "
1 Dado head. Slicker A planer knives.
Sei nl' tenon and grooving saws.
1 emery wheel $x%.     2 oomor block cutters,    I
Hand tightners. Bench screws.
Circular saw clump*.        A quantity ot bolts,    i
1 Iron pulley liixliii.,. I split pulley 28x10,
1 built   ''   20x12. 1 Dodge   "   '211x11.    I
1    "    "  '."Jxi-i. 2 snatch blocks.
1    "     "   20x10}$.
��|p-l'> oirculor saws frtiui n to 20 Inches."Hfci.
1 simper and countershaft, Cam Bros' Co,
1 Busss Planer uud countershaft, Cowan ei Co.
1 cut-off saw, Cowan & <'u.
1 wood frame sash sticker,   "     "
l combination saw table, fJant, Qomlaz & Co.
:iu feel steel shafting, '.!;,H Inch,
2 shaft couplers,
1 saw arbor and countershaft.
i Hangers)   211 inch drop,
1   Linliu met  frame   complete.
Write for Particulars.
Wilson & Hooper
Auetionol's;   Commission
and Real testate.
--Metropolitan Club Building;
A Large Lot of Shoes Just Received; -
T. A. Garland
���     KASLO.
Good Saddle H��rses to Let
And    Runs
H. Gil
Supplies for Mines,
Choice Groceries,
fMTTable Delicacies.
Boots &. Shoes.
ClSeS    BETWEE& KA.'-'/.o ,',;]; THttEE l-'OUKS
.Stithies at Kaslo and Three Fori;
A. J: SCOTT;   Manager;
'i   z:
Theatre Comique, Kaslo, B.C.
it, S. Holland Proprietor and Manager.
Ji J.  Belladettu Stage   Manager	
0mT'0$0Fi Dramatic, Bui'luiiquc nnd Variety. - -jpff^rjf
Doors open,  7 o'clock.       Performance commences,  8:80,
  Admission:    FREE.    FREE. 	
Week begining Monday, August .".Hi, Arand first production of the
"MULDqON'S PICNIC." Also, (iirst appearance oi Lorain''. & Howell, and Bruns and Nina.
ggf~ __        (!'.) fO THE
Idaho Restaurant
For  a   First-Class   Meal.
Open Day and   *r*J Night   g$$
Meals 25 cts,   and up. CHAS. SCHEEL
k FiMt'Clas! Hotel at lm>& "J.n S ?qn��s M for S I,
(Irii Guests have alyvays had Something Good to Jj_at and Comfortable1
Rooms.       The  only hotel in the  city whose   management
never   cli sed  its Dining Room,       We arc here to Flay.
Your Patronage Solicited;
Hoping to sec You.
Adams & Cummings, Propr's.
Board and Lodging $1,00 a day
 AT THE '���
k mimm ml*    s * s  * w, e, mm i j;s,
THREE forks, ... c,~-
N. D, Moons, Pres.
R. MoFei.hax, SecY
The Slocan Store Co. (Ltd.)
AM) LOT.- OK IT,    AT Till)
Makers of Mining
Boncentrators,   Stamp Mills,
Send for Catalogue A.   .
n>if�� ��� r��(,-.iJ!_��t.iiii'iMM.
Prices Down so All Can reach 'em
7%   Leiand Ho
Is Prepared���to take care of the Traveling,Public an'd
Treat them as Well as any Hotel in West ootenay.
Rates Reasonable.
James Delaney, Managen


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