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Slocan Prospector 1895-03-23

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TWE ua^X
(-Me  MARa7- 1895   **J
70L 11,40 38,
PRICE m csm
viver Two Thousand Tons of Slocan Ore
Dehyed*  SiacTsed Up in Warehouses
and at Sidings Like PaloweWkt
Output Would   Have   Been   Doubled   If
the District had been Provided with
Proper Transportation Facilities.
For weeks past ore from the
Slocan mineB has been accumulat-
f~r mg at Three Forks and at the concentrator spur faster than the
:: flakusp & Slocan railway can
handle it. At the present time
there is about 700 tons in the
Slocan Star warehouse, 150 tons
each in the Reco and Noble Five
warehouse and 700 tonB of Alamo,
Idaho, Cumberland and Yakima
ore at the concentrator spur.
About 400 tonr remain, at Nakltsp,
making over 2,000 tons ' in the
As the Nakusp & Slocan. when
cunning, moves only four loaded
oars a day, the blockade is likely
to last for some time.
But this is not the worst feature
of the case. There is nit half as
much ore mined ns there would be
if the district had good railway facilities. The Kaslo-Slocan railway
is greatly needed and its construction will be hailed as a boon to the
Strainer Spokane Itnrnrtt,
The steamer Spokane burned
about!) o'clock Monday morning.
She was lying at the wharf at
Kaslo, where for months she has
been used as a bonded warehouse.
' Fire caught from the stovepipe, the
watchman having been nobjkiiig
his breakfast. When first seen the
fire mifiht easily have been extinguished, but iV> buckets we're at
hand. The fire spread rapidly and
wassoon beyond control. Total loss.
No insurance. Owned by the C.
& K. S. N. Co.
Clean up*
A vigorous cleaning up of back
alleys and and otner places where
refuse matter has been thrown during the winter should be inaugurated in every town. The statutes
are explicit regarding the condition
Of habitable premises, and officers
pro| ose to require a due observance
of them.
In one day���Monday���552 saokB,
were tilled with ore at the Slocan
���A director of the Pilot Bay
Smelter Co. visited the Star, Five
and other Slocan -mines iii the
early part of the week.
The railway officials say that
trains will lie run every day now,
leaving ^akusp in the forenoijn,
arriving at Three Forks at 1 p. m.,
���.returning to Nakusp the same
For health, Wealth and happiness strike' for 3 Forks. No more
epidemics, no more terrorism, for!
another 40 cases of disinfects,
health-restoring and disease-dispel-1
ing remedies, h.ive arrived at
Holden's Pharmacy. Th not delay.
Procure at once; By- so doing
peace will assert his power and kind
affection'rule the house, Holden's
P-haxmacy for health, wealth and
happiness. *
John Houston's trained and vigorous hand is again steering tho
Tribune after his two weeks' absence
Mrs. Brownrig and family, including the first baby born in Silverton, have moved to Pilot Bay.
We have for sale a few more
"supplements" containing Kemp's
write-up of the Slocan mines; ten
cents each.
There will probably be an excursion Monday from Denver to
Ten mile to view the new strike on
the Kalispell.
This is the fourth issue oi Thk
Prospector this month. The next
number will be issued from Kaslo
the first week ih April.
Mr. Kemp's editorial supervision
of The Prospkctor during our absence across the boundary has been
a treat to our readers and duly appreciated by them.
There is something wrong with
the way through telegrams from
Slocan points to Spokane are
handled at Nelson. There is a hitch
in the transferring that seriously
impairs the usefulness of the "hither,
thither, clear and quick"   process.
Board and lodging $1 a day at
the Pacific. *
The shortage of reading matter
this week is due, first, to the pressure of leaal notices upon our columns' and, secondly, to going to
press early, so that the press may
be ready ��o ship to Kaslo on what
will probably be the last freighting
by sleds this winter.
John Regan has discovered
another ledge on the Last Chacce.
About fifty feet from the mouth of
the incline shaft he ran a tunnel
into the mountain, and in twenty
feet crosscut a vein carrying four to
nine inches of high grade ore. The
new lidize thus developed is parallel
wjth tho one upon which he has
been working, but djps slightly
more into the hill. He. will run
another cross cut to it from a point
ah mt thirty feet further down the
A Timely  Warning.
S une predict the world will soon
cuine to ah end. Over this we have
no control, Our ills, however, we
may stay. Friend, remember
sickness comes when least expected.
What are you going to do about it?
Are you points to wait until it overtakes you before procuring the
necessary remedy? Do not hesitate.
From Holden's Pharmacy secure at
once remedies that will give instant
relief. For coughs and colds aitd
colds and affections of the lungs
and throat the Alaskan Lung
Balsam acts like a charm���a sure
cure. If you have a sick headache,
a sluggish liver, pain in the Kidneys, impoverished blood, use Dr.-
Potts' celebrated Stoma''h and
Liver Pills -the best selling to-day.
For all aches and pains use Planter's Pain Balin, an internal and
external remedy giving instant relief, a curative that will prove 4
real.friend to every household. For'
summer complaint, diarrhoea,dys- j
entery, pains and cramps in the
stomach use Dr. Roll's Vegetable
Cholera Cordial, the never-failing
and best known remedy on the
market. For'purifying the blood
use our compound syrup of sarsii-
p'arilla, a pleasant, safe and effectual
The above remedies can only be
procured from Holden's Pharmacy,
3 Forks. *
Extract   From the Suppren��ed   Edition,
Two copies rtf the Kootenay
Mail, dated Revelstoke, March 9th.
1895, have been received here. One
copy was issued by R. YV. Northey,
the editor, after he had been "dismissed," arrested and tried for
trespass; the other copy was issued
by the directors of the printing
company after they had "fired"
Northey, obtained possession of the
office and. suppressed the Northey
edition. From the suppressed
edition we learn that Northey was
brought before a certain justice
named Fraser on a, charge of trespass. Fraser appears to he a
judicial rosette who outcreases
Benjamin Hefiry Lee; our own
Benjamin, comes upon the scene.
We let the' suppressed edition tell
the rest:
Mr. Northey requested that Mr.
Lee be allowed to act as counsel
for him, which was granted.
Mr. Lee objected to the jurisdiction of the court, and claimed that
there was no statute in British
Columbia under which one J. P.
could try such a case. The objection was overruled.
T. L. Haig, sworn, said: I know
the defendant. By the instructions
of the directors of the R. P. & P.
Co. I discharged Mr. Northey by a
letter written by Mr. Holdich, the
secretary. Since then I told him
that the company wished him to
leave at once to arrange for another
editor. This he refused to do, and
I laid information of trespass tci
gain enforcement of the company's
wish. ���
By Mr. Lee: Mr. Northey's refusal was civil. Mr. Northey was
occupier of the room by day, by
night it was shut up.
By Mr. Fraser: The company
rents the office referred to. Owing
to the refusal of defendant to leave
the office the action for tresuasss
took place. In my opinion he was
hot then in the employ of the com-
1'iiny, :    .   >--.-.   ��� .; ..
Mr. Lee: But you have a doubt
on the subject.
Witness: Yes, I have a doubt on
the subject,
Mr. Fraser, in reading over the
notes of witness' statement,
omitted the hist answer. Ml*. Lee
drew his attention to the omission,
and again put the same question to
tlie witness, eliciting the same
answer. Mr. Fraser '-aid he was
not there to take down "di.ubts."
Mr. Lee claimed that the admission
was material evidence, and demanded that it s.lioiild be insetted.
Three times in reading over,his
notes of the evidence Mr. Fraser
omitted those won Is. Finally Mr.
Lee asked tin; witness to dictate to
him what he meant to say.
Witness: Mr. Northey, to the
best of my belief, was not ii. .the
employ of the company; but I have
a doUbt upon the sub'jeot.
Mr. Lee read this over to witness,
who said it was perfectly eonect. '
Mr. Fraser, on reading over hie
notes, again omitted the words
"but I have a doubt upon tlie subject."
Mr. Lee: ; With .the greatest respect for file bench, I must Day
that your honor is perverting the
evidence. <
Mr. FraBer:   Leavo the court.
Mr, Lee at once walked out, after
which the magistrate inserted the
Bentence which   had  been  omitte d
After further evidence from witness Mr. Northey asked him if he
[defendant] did not still own some
of the effectB in the office, to which
the witness replied "yes."
Mr. Northey [reading the notice
of discharge]: The secretary here
gives me ohe month's notice to
leave tne company's employ. How,
then can I be a trespasser one day
after the notice is served?
The magistrate then adjourned
the case for eight days.
Fracticil - Jeweller, - Watotaaker'- and
0 Qpticha. *
-New Denver and Three Forks-
Orders for Repairs to be left with
I. S. Fref.ze & Co. at New  Denver,
"-C. BOWEN at Three Forks.-' |
Tlie special edition oi the I'ltospEr-roi:,
containing a complete description oi
the Slocan and lis mines. Hand In
yonr orders to this office, io cents per
copy;  Send It everywhere.
r\\\. A. S. MARSHALL,
��� K
All work guaranteed. ���
Watchmaker and
mum m mm mm,
All Fine Work Finished
in an artistic niuiuier.
I, S, I
. i     '    You Will Find
You Want
;    ��� In the wav of
���and-   FANCY GOOI S   ���at���
Bolander B'ld'g,        New Denver.
Will nil perrons who suhscribed toward thi
Special Mining Edition oi the Prospectou
kindly call at the office and procure theii
extra copies, ns we. are anxious to close all
matters of mis kind at as early a date as possible. W.D. l'HA'FT.
It. H, Kemp.
it is hereby mutually agreed by the under
sighed that the partnership existing between
us, under the name and title of Lovatt Bros., !
hereby dissolved and brought to an end, an1
that the undersigned Geo. i/ivatt will receivi
all monies, aud pay all indebtedness ol the tali
nrin. [Signed)       Oeo. Lovatt,
Rout. McTaooaht,witness,i     Sa.mi-ei. Lovati
Dated nt Three Folks this 10th day ol Mar. 189D
N, 11.���.Business carried on as usual by Geo
Lovatt, proprietor.
�����"���--' mBf
' Special Mining Edition
The Prospector
A Complete, Comprehensive and Accura.te account
of the SLOCAN from its discovery until March,
1st, 1895.
It Everywhere.
'  SOLD at 10ct->. PER COPV.
Send in Your Orders.
Board and Lodging $1.00 a day
Pacific Hotel,
ITOST3CKED BAR.     *    \ki     %      W, IfflUL
Stationery, Candies;  Nuts, Fruils> Cider, Fruit Juices, Tobac-
vob, Cigars,, Books, Novels, Novelties.   iPP^Illustrated Papers
Agoftti for Com., Canada and Eaiton Papers,
BV  W.  D.  PRATT.
may be removed, abated   or  pre-'penalty and costs,   or  penalty  or
vented, in addition to   what   may j costs, be sootier paid.
be declared such, being   those  o'f-|    17.   This 'by-law shalj come into
fenses which   are   known   to   the full  forcp and  effect on   the   Jst
common law of the land   and   tjie April, 13S5.
Statutes of the Province of British !    Read a first time 16th February,
Columbia, jas   nuisances,   may,   in j 1895. ���  * ������'���
case the  same  exist   within   the!    Read a second time 18th   Febru-
limits of the City   of   Kaslo,   be. ary, 1895. "
treated   as   such    and    proceeded I    Read.'�� third time 20th   Febru-
against as in this by-law provided, j ai7. 1895.
or in accordance   with   any 'other |     Reconsidered and finally passed
law which shall give the officer try- 23rd February, 1895.
iiig the same jurisdiction
9. It is hereby made the' duty
of the occupant or occupants of
every stable, house, hotel, 'saloon,
restaurant, lodging or bo'arding-
huu.se in the Corporation of the
[l. |:1 John Keen,
W. H. Maxwell, Mayor.
'������������' CM. C.
The above is a true copy of   a
BY-LAW No. 2V     '"*
Whereas it is necessary to pasE
a general by-law for the preservation of the public health, and to
regulate and govern scavengers in
the City of Kaslo:  '���'���;    '
, Be it therefore enacted by
the Municipal Council
of the City of Kaslo as
1. When it is deemed indispensable for the preservation af the
sanitary conditions oi tnis ny
it shall be lawful for the Municipal! j**j
Council to appoint a member of
ure ot the said municipal   > ninini,   ,      ,   , ,     ,-,      ,,    , .    ,       - ��������� ��������� ������������ ������������   ���
and whose duties   and   remun^ft-l?lr.?C^i���L^e,5ealth  lf?.^eot(>rf j Whe^fd in that behalf.
W. H. Maxwell
���jfTn *'   ' .'���'."���'���.'���J^^>-1.'.'-'"^.^-*-"1 ���<..'��� .'-I *���'  *������'���.���.;-. - '.-V, ���.
,ir       ,      , ��       ., .,     ,, 'lit  ��WVC II     it     uuu    copy     OI      Jl
of Kaslo to provide a  suitable by-law passed   by   t|le   Municipal
vessel or place in   which   the Council of the City  of   Kaslo,   on
occupant or occupants shall   cause the'23rd day of   February,   A.   D.
to be deposited all  the   offal,   gar- 1895. and all   persons   are   hereby
r, : .,,,1^: ���,���.>����.?"d")J'wjhen   refuf   of   the required to take notice  that   any-
.lie health, and   for   fche   niore: femises    Si eh occupant or   occu- one desirous of  applying to  have
dually carrying into  effect  the Pf'^^all nlsu cause the  contents such by-law, or any  part   thereof,
itary conditions of this' by-law, -J'* BUul> h". .y^el, or pace  to   be quashed, must make ltis   applies-
hall be lawful for the Mq&jjdl ^'^Bit^ fiT^/T  ^ U"n    f"r   thut    purpose ' t��,    tho
iricil to  appoint a  memher of ����l?Sf ^W   i        ?,       *?' Supre.he Court within one  month
medical profession to be   Medi- ��.rJ**nj K- W ���\t *�� ��� "^  f"'" -! "��t after the  publication  of   thin
Health Office/ during the pleas- trSt uT J^ember to  the   hrst   ot hy,la��! in   the   British'  Columbia
ofthesuid Municipal   Council, ��*7-��U,W.Mr 1��. i**?*   P'UCe gazette, or he will he'' too   late   to-
m  Richelieu Hotel,
 A1. McCOMBER, Proprietor.      '
The House will be Entirely Renovated and Conducted   i
.. '. '    First-Class Style.
Sample Rooms
Stocked' with Best Brands of Liquors and Cigars,
THREE FORKS,    '��� !��
tion shnll be specially defined from
time to time.
2. The Medical Health Officer
shall have power to stop, detain,
and examine every person coming
from a place infected with a pestilential or infectious disease, iu , order to prevent the introduction of
the same into the City.
3. Every physician shall report
to the Chairman of the   Board   ofl
Health or to the   Medical   Health:
Officer of the  Corporation   of   the1
City of   Kaslo,   in   writing,   every,
person having a contagious cjisease, |
such as cholera, scarlet or  typhus
fever, small-pox, diptheria, or   any
of the grades of such  disease,  and
his or her place  of   dwelling,   and
name, if known, which such physician has prescribed for, or attended
for the first time since having such
C. M. C.
ami there deposited
10. 'lhe Municipal council shall,'
have the power to grant.a   license,, I
at a cost of ten dollars, to any per- _
son,   company, or   corporation for,
clearing or removing   the  contents
of privy-vaults, and every   person, B
company, or   corporation   engager!    !
in 9Uch business shall   he   deemed
a night-scavenger within theinean-
ing of this by-law, and none others
shall net ns such scavenger. g
11. The Chief of Police shall
have the power to enter Upon, between the time uf sunrise\aiid the
tune of sunset, and examine any
vault, privy or private drain.
1^. The contents of any privy-
vauit so removed by any scavenger
shall    be   conveyed    in    air-tight   NO.    1       BAKFRY
Uinksor vesscis, .-...i ^-.n   I-   -?=���-    I'V!    *       Ui"ir\L*ni
(j .,f in ii111-!
11. KERR
-     and Notary Public.    ' >
NEW   DENVER,   B.'p.
and shall   lie   tii��.
,)o.-eii oi in siii'ii a   miinner,   under j
,. ,    . ,    f   i tiio directions oi the Chief of Police I
disease, during any purl of the pre- ���. , ' ,   " 1V~>
,. .ci .  las to jiause no oitence; said   tanks
ceding twenty-four hours; every at- ,,_ ���      ,    u ,. ,    ,    '.    ,     L?V"K!*
I     .. '        .��� i        ���     ��� or vessels shall lie kept rleitn   and
tending  or   practising    physic an ���    H ' """
*,'      r       . ���;. ..      "., '   -     . ���     lnoheubive when ma. in actual  use.
thereof must, at his pen ,  see  that,     ...     ,,,,   _M ,.,,,,
, .       _ l     i ,    . l-^.    v\ lien ie(|ue��tei  the scaven-
such report is or has been made by I    ���  ..,.,. . "
'      ,. |     . ��� J Igei bhall clean or empty any nrivy-
gonie attending phvuciun. T..,. i   .. ,,
p   ,     v '   ' u u   vault,  and   remove    anv    or   all
,   4.    No person or   person?,   shall I     ���    , - .
,  .     ��� . '..   tvi    t ���     nuisances,
bring into the City from any infected place, or from any vessel or
building in which had lately"'been
any person sick of n contagious
disease any article or person whatsoever, nor shall any such pi-is n
come into the said City of Kaslo
without permission, in writing, of "' :U
the Medical Health officer.
5. No owner, tenant, or occupant of land, house or premises
within the City limits shall   suffer
E. Shannon, Prop,
and Taffy.
Night-sc.ivengers   shall  re- \ Patronage solicits
���    New   Denver
i cene five dollars tor any pnvy-
y��ult cleaned out or contents removed aud they may demand and
receive their fees for such   services!
I in advance;  provided,   when   such i
deiiiaiided and rtceiveo   in!
uiivance, the  work   tor   the   .-time \
juust be .'completed wuhin   twenty-'
four honi'f, of such receipt.
Ut. Ail rates and charges authorized under tins by-law, unless paid,
(shall be collected by summary process helore the Mayor or Police
Mugistrule, or any Justice of the
Peace having jurisdiction, trying
tiit' case, in ih,' seizure and sale of
tlie giiods and chattels of the per-
Si'|) Or persons eolitied l.y tiiis bylaw to pay the saiue.
in. Any person or j)ersoiis
guitty of un infraqtiqq of any of
the provisions oi this'by-law shall,
For pi Fine Suit, Wait for
r.s. wilson/
Of Revelstoke,  '
Who Visits Three Forks Every Two Months,
Lodging Rooms.
Bath Rooms.
Opposite Prospector office.-
the accumulation upon his or her
premises, or deposit, or permit to
be deposited, upon any l"t or premises belonging to or occupied by
him,-oi anything which may endanger the public health, or deposit Upon or into any street,
square, lane or highway, pond,
bank, Ka?lo river or Kootenay
lake, any dead animal, lish, dirt "i-
rubbish, excrement, dung, manure,
offal, or other refuse or vegetable or
animal matter, or  otiv.r   filth   or j upoh ptinvictiuti befonp' \\\e  Maywi-, Leave 7 ��,.m. nelson Arrive fli4o p.m.
offensive tiling. ! Police Magistrate, or Any Jqst.iceor 	
6.   If theoccupant or proprietor, .Jusiices'oi the Peace having junior his lawful ag(;iit or  I'epi'csenta-' flictioil in the 'Corporation   of   the
live, haying charge or control   of
such   building or   premises,   after
Spokane Falls The Kaslo Drug Co,
Nehon & Fort ^hsppard Railway.
all hail n mm nmnm
-Carry WALL PAPER with their complete | T^U ycXCX   l*rwlrO
        Block ot Drugs, Medicines, etc. ||   1   I 1 I tJtJ   rUfKbl
having had iwenty-foiir hours'
notice from the Cluei of Police, or
from the Health Inspector, to remove or abate such mailer or thing
as aforesaid, shall neglect or reins',-
to remove or abate the same,
he i-hdll be subject to the penalties
under this by-law.
7. Whenever any animal or
ftnimals shall die within the limits
of the Corporation 'if lhe City 'f
Kaslo, the owner, or persof) in pos-
City of Ka.-ir, ou the oath ���>���' af-
nrmaiio'ii n| hiij credible witness,
forfeit anil pay. at the discretion of
the said olay. r, Police Magistrate,
Justice or .iii.-Lice.-. of the peace convict ing, a . penalty not ejtceeding
th Mini of lU'.-nlylive dollars
($25.0(JJ and culls for each (J'Beiise,
and-in default of payment piereof
it shall be lawful for the Mayor,
Police Magistrate, Justice or Justices of the Pence convicting as
aforer-aid. to jgsue a warrant under
lus hano ami sett I, or in case the
Mild    Mayi r,     Police     Magistrate,
N TtlfiSDAYS and Fridays trains will run
throujtli t�� Spokane, accfvtiig there mime
day. Iteiurnlng��il] leave Spokane al 7
a. in. on '.'. edneada> * and Saturdays,���arriving at
Kelson41 5:10p.m.stung lay,maklng'Close <on-
necllons v. ilh steamer Nelson lor all Kootenay
lake points.
J.WOODS,  Bakery,
j^*Fresh Bread Always pn Hand. JRf fJP*20 Loayes for $1.00jpf
Passengers for Kellle River and Ilountlnry
Creek c.iiii.ect ut Mi .ens with stage on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.
PasBengora for Trail Creek mines edunect a,l
Na.'llipurt Willi stage on Wednesdays and Saturdays,
Session of  it, shall,   Within twelve
hours thereafter, cause the carcass Justice or Justices of the Peace,   or
to lie removed outside the limits of any two or more   of   them   acting
the said city of Kaslo ami buried or  together theiem,   then   under   the
cremated,   or   deposited   in    the hand and seal of one ot   them,   to REVELSTOKE
Kootenay lake not less than one levy the said penalty with csts,
mile from the shore, or at some'or penalty or costs only, by dis-
point to lie appointed by the Coun-; tresBland sale of the giiotlg ; a-ii'd
cil from time to time. | chattels of the offenders or offender,
All privies with vaults or pits, and in case of no sufficient dis-
any part of the contents of which tress to satisfy the said penalty
are above the surface of the earth,; and costs, or penalty or costs, it
and all other privies that are foul, shall and may belawlul for the
emitting smells and odors that are Mayor, Police Magistrate, Justice
injurious to the public health, are; or Justices of the Peace convicting
hereby declared to be nuisances, | as aforesaid, or any one ot ihim, to
and the chief of police shall have
A Man tic ICxpi
I'H.'ilio "
���io. arrives 10:10 dally.
���     "       17-lt      "
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Boston, Rates til to $10 lower than anv other
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porter, f���r the accommodation of passengers
holding second-class tickets.
Passengers booked to and from all European
points at lowest rates.
,  .,       iv      r ... Low freigt rates.   Quick despatch. Merchants
Commit the offender or offenders  to ; will save money by having their freight routed
the common gaol or any lock-up in via ''ie c''''R-
the   Corporation    of the    City    of ' jnFut����I"��r��!l|ib;��: Information given by apply.
Vision is herein made defining what j Kaslo for any period   not ' exceed-, geo, Met. brown,      i. t. brewbtkr
are nuisances, and how   the  same, ing thirty days,   unless   the   said)   As4t'0en-pMseXuSoSv��r.   ^lu'vXoke.
power to abate the same.
8.   In all cases   where  no   pro-
Terrace Lodging House,
. On the Upper Terrace,
Quiet, Clean and Comfortable Roams by Diy, Week cp Month.
Beautiful View. > Reasonable Rates,
Mrs. A. Schroeder.
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BY-LAW NO. 21.
for the purpose of closing and using the western portion of Water street, Kaslo City, for
wharf and warehouse purposes.
Whereas all that portion of Water street lying west of Fifth street, Kaslo City, and acros-
Kaslobay, and the short .unnamed street running south to the bank of said bay, more particularly shewn upon the map of the said City
deposited in the Land Registry office, in Victoria, B. C, and therein numbered 393, is by Its
location valueless for vehicular and passenger
traffic without the expenditure of a large
amount of money;
And whereas the area occupied by sucl.
street can, at some expense, be utilized foi
wharf and warehouse purposes, which will afford much needed accommodation for the
shipping of ore, and generally till a long fel.
Be it therefore enacted hy the Municipal Council of the City of Kaslo as
1. On and after Monday, the 1st of April'
1895, the whole length of Water street west ol
Filth street, within lhe City of Kaslo, shall be
nbsoluteiy closed to the public, including Ihii
small unnamed street running south fron
Water street across the water to the soutl
bank of Kaslo bay aforesaid.
2. On and after the 1st day of April, 1895, th,
area of the closed street shall be absoluiely a
the disposal of the Council for lhe purpose
hereinbefore recited.
3. It shall be lawful for the Municipal Council, and they are hereby authorized and empowered, to enter into any and all contract
with any person < r persons, Incorporated oi
unincorporated, for the purpose of grantlnj
the use of the said closed area to such person
or persons who are prepared to undertake am1
execute such works iu constructing wharve
and warehouses ou such terms and condition
as the said council shall decip best In me Interest of the citizens, and for such period c
years as they shall see fit.
4. It shall be lawful for the said council ti
fix the grade of �� aicr street prior to any grading works being ci mmenceil, so thai the be
possible elevations shall be established for ii-
gressand egress to Front streel ever 5lh streei,
ith street and 3rd street, respectively.
5. This by-law shall come Into full force am
operation on the Isi day of April 1MI5.
Read a first time lilth February, 1695.
Read a second tune 18th February, ltflS.
Read a third time 20th February, IM'fi.
Reconsidered and finally | assed rfrd February, lo95.
W, H. Maxwell,       [l. s.]        John Keen,
C. m.C. Mayor,
The above is a true copy ol a by-aw passei
by the municipal council (,| tne Corporation c.
the City of Kaslo ou the'23rd day ol Februar. .
A. 1),; 1895, and all persons are hereby requirec
to lake notice thai anyone desirous ol appiyiu,
to have such b,-iaw,, or any part toereo..
quashed, must make ins application for Hit.
purpose to the supreme eoun of ilritis.
Columbia within one month i.ext alter ll..
publication of this by-.aw iu .the . llri.i.M
Columbia Gazette, or he will be too late to hi
heard in thai ueiii.li.
W . II. H AXWEt.L,
C. i\i. C
llowen House, 111iik& FORK
'l 1,1,1-1.  I'I bl s,   fl. I
Special Atienu- u u   Mm in (J
OfLcej Front Mi ecu,
The partnership heretofore existing betweci
Crane & Lowes, hotel keeper.-, oi 'Ibree Forks,
has this day been dissolved by mutual agreement, j. \Y. Kiwis,
Vt , A. CllANK.
Witness:   AiC. Ann's..
J. W. Lowes assumes nil liabilities and al.
debts due the limi are payable to him       mil
C. & K,S. N.Co.,
T1MK    IA l.l.l,   N< .   ft,
In effect Wednesday, Aug. 29,189-1.
Connecting with the Canadian Pacific railway (main line) fbr;p5|lllsuasl and west.
Leaves Revelstoke on Fridays at 4 a.m.
Leaves Robsoti ou Saturdays at 6 p. in.
Has Ladies' Fancy Dress Goods,
Muslins, Laces, Delicate Flannels, Gloves, Mitts,	
Musical Instruments.
Fresh Fruit.
all kinds of
Sewing   Done
New   Denver.
��� Leaves Nehlbh
Mondays at 4 p.m.
Tuesdays at 4 p. m.
Thursday* at 4 p. m.
Fridays at 4 pi-ril.
Saturdays at 5:40 p.m.,
connecting on Saturdays and Wednesdays
with   Nelson 4  Fort
Sheppard railway for
Kaslo andLake points.
Leaves Kaslo for Nelson
Sundays at ha. m.
'1 uesdays at 3 a. m.,
U c'liicsiliiys, 8 a. m.
Thursdays at 8a   nu
Fridays at 3 a. m.
Saturday 5:40p. m., onn-
necting onTuesdays and
Fridays with Nelson <fc
Ft.   sheppard   railway
for Spokane.
The company reserves the right to change
is schedule at any time without notice.
For full information as to tickets, rates, etc.
apply at the company's offices, Nelson, B. C.
Secretary- Manager.
Star  S*
yfc Hotel,
Rate, $1.50 to $2.00 per day.
���SANDON, B. C���
3oots and Sbces Made to Order
Str."W. Hunter"
I EAVES New Denver daily foi
^ Silverton at 7 a. m.) and foi
Wilson creek at 8:30 a. m.
Leaves Wilson creek for New  Denver and Silverton at 4 p. m.
Wirst-class Work and Best Material $]����������   Jjijiijg ��   NlVigltiOB   COSDiHy,
Ore Street, Three Forks.
this Large New House is Now Open for the Accomodation of the Publi,
Idaho Cigar Store.
The Largest Stock and  Lowest Prices in Kootenay.
If You want a Good Cigar, Tobacco or Pipe, Call and See Us.
Three Fork.,
B. F, B3U0CK8, U'i'f r,
G      T
O       A
O       B
D       L
G       R
O      O
O      O ,
D       M
O A -
I) E
Lowes & Clair,  Proprietors.
Three Forks Sawmill,
We are able to supply at short notice all kinds flJKiJ Kl  DrleCi
Flooring; V-joint Ceiling, Jambs & Caseings,
Rustic; Dressed Boards, Ploughed Pulley Styles,
Ship-lap, Moulded   Base, Corrugated   Caseings,
Quarter-round,     Stair Balusters, O. G. Stops, etc., &c.
A full line of Rough and Dressed Lumber and Shingles constantly on
hand or Cut to Order, at Reasonable Prices.
GEO. LOVATT. Proprietor.
Largest and Best Hotel.
Rates $i.o0  to  $2.00 per day.
ife Worth Living
AT The
N. I). Moore, Pres'
R. McFerran, Sec'tN
NEWMARKET HOTEL, The 8'ocan Store Co, (Ltd.)
^l���^\��� dk    * k. . ���.
Which Under the New Maoilg, ine i   . the
, ., LEADING ���-��� HOTEL ���-��� on ���-   \\ iXI' ���-��� -   (V| V; IS READY' ���
Popular  Resort of All who visit !h<> >���  -cui iVl !)��� ������ i
T-KG-E iv WIN   ' IL
Ali g6b)s at Rock Bottom  prices.
Tertninus of Nakiisj) & Slocan Railway.
; v<
Situated at the Fdrks of Carpfenter creeks
������������* Ml' i      hi mmMtllm^mMmJmmltmmmmmmmmt , ,     i   immj
i LOEWEN, Real Estate and Mining
  ��� i
BY-LAW No. 23.
The Municipal Council of
the City of Kaslo enacts as follows:���
1. There shall lie established in
the City of Kaslo a public pound,
and it shall be located at such
place and upon such premises as
the Council shall from time to time
by resolution appoint, and it shall
be designated "The City Pound,"
and the keeper thereof shall be appointed by the Council, and act
under the Chief of Police.
2. It shall not be lawful for
:tny person or persons to suffer or
allow his, her, or their horses,
mules, oxen, bulls, cattle, goats,
sheep, or swine, or any one or
���nore of them, to run at large
within the limits of the City of
Kaslo at any time.
3. It shall be lawful for the appointed pound-keeper to impound
my and all animals mentioned in
the second section hereof if found
running at large within the limits
of the City of ka6lo, and he is
hereby required to impound such
animals and detain same" until the
owner or owners thereof shall have
paid, over and above any claim for
damages for trespass and the
charges over and above the penalty alone, where no trespass has
been committed, the sums following, viz:���
For every horse, mule, or head
of cattle, pig, sheep, or goat, the
sum of one dollar, which sum shall
go to the pound-keeper for his fee
for impounding same.
4. Whenever any animal shall
have been impounded as aforesaid
it shall be the duty of the pound-
fceeper, daily, to furnish such animals with good and sufficient food,
water and shelter, during the
whole time such animals continue
impounded, and for so doing he
shall be entitled to demand and
receive the following allowances,
over and above his fees as pountL
keeper, as hereinbefore provided,
For every horse or mule, per day    $1 00
For every other animal   ....     050
And such allowance as aforesaid
may be recovered with costs by
summary proceedings before the
Mayor or Police Magistrate in like
manner as fines, penalties, forfeitures for breach of any by-laws of
the said City of Kaslo.
6. It shall be the duty of the
pound-keeper immediately to inform the owner of any animal impounded of the fact, or if the
owner be not known, to advertise
the same in one of the local newspapers, &nd to cause a notice
thereof, in writing, to be affixed on
the pound gate and post office, and
in such notice to give as nearly as
possible the marks, colour and
probable age of the animal, and if,
after the expiration of six days
from the date of such advertisement, no owner be found, the
pound-keeper shall advertise the
sale of such animal by public auction by posting notices giving at
least three days' notice of the sale,
and shall accordingly sell for the
best price that can be obtained for
the same, unless the owner of such
animal, or some other person on
his or her behalf, shall, prior to
such sale, release the said animal
by paying the fees and charges of
the pound-keeper, and the penalty
and damages, if any, and the said
pound-keeper, after deducting his
own charges, shall pay the damages (if any) to the person entitled thereto, and the penalty to
the Treasurer of the said City of
Kaslo, and if not claimed within
three months after being received
by the Treasurer the same shall. be
applied by him to the credit of the
public works account. If the
owner,or owners of any distress
taken while doing damage, or any
person on his or her behalf, shall
appear and dispute the amount of
damages claimed, it shall and may
be lawful for the pound-keeper to
apply to the Mayor or any one of
the Aldermen of the said City of
Kaslo, who iB hereby authorized
and required forthwith to summons
three disinterested inhabitants,
householders of the said city of Kaslo
and such three persons, or any two
of them, shall, within twenty-
four hours after -notice of their
appointment as aforesaid, view the
ground and premises upon which
the animal was found doing damage, and shall appraise the dam
age committed, and the determination of a majority of them shall he
conclusive as to such damage, and
they shall, within twenty-four hours
after having made the view, give in
writing to the pound-keeper a statement of the amount of damages so
assessed by them, and of their lawful fees and charges.
6. The owner of any animal
mentioned in the second section of
this by-law, and taken running at
large within the limits of the said
City of Kaslo, shall pay the following penalties over and above the
charges of the pound-keeper and
and the damage claimed or assessed against such owner as hereinbefore provided, thatr is to say:
For every stallion, ($5.00) five
For every other horse or mare,
gelding, colt, filly or mule, ($2.00)
two dollars;
For every bull, ($5.00) five dollars;
For every cow or other head of
cattle, ($1.00) one dollar;
For every boar pig, ($2.00) two
For every other pig, sheep or
goat, (50 cents) fifty cents:
to be recovered before the Mayor or
Police Magistrate, either upon the
Confession of the party complained
of, or upon proof upon oath of one
or more credible witnesses.
7. It shall be lawful for anyone
to drive any animal mentioned in
the second and fourth sections of
this by-laW, if found running nt
large within the limits of the City
of Kaslo, to the city pound, and
such person shall be entitled to be
paid therefor the fees following:
For every horse, mule, cow, or
other head of cattle, pig, sheep or
goat, seventy-five cents [75 cents];
and it shall be the duty of the
pound-keeper to impound the same
until the pound-keeper's fees and
charges, as allowed by this by-law,
and the fees in this section mentioned,, have been paid, and the
pound-keeper sliall proceed in the
same manner with such distress
and pay over the penalty iii the
same manner as directed by the
njnth section of this by-law.
8. The pound-keeper shall be
allowed, over and above the fees
hereinbefore mentioned, the following fees, that is to say:
For posting the requisite notices,
as provided by the ninth section of
this by-law, [50 cents] fifty, cents;
For attending for the summons
and serving the same on, the appraisers of damages, [75 cents]
seventy-five cents;
And for every sale of distress,
[50 cents] fifty cents, and no more.
. 9, If any person, without the
authority of law and Without first
paying the penalty, damages and
eostp, takes such animal or animals,
after being impounded, out of the
possession of the pound-keeper,
without'his consent, such person
shall be liable to be punished therefor by fine not exceeding fifty dollars, or by itiiprisoninent not.exceeding two months, in addition to
the penalties provided for an infringement of the other provisions
of this by-law. ;
10. It shall be the duty of the
Treasurer of the City of Kaslo to
furnish each poUnd-keeper with a
book, in which .he slwijl enter, the
number and description of every
animal impounded by him, with
the name of the person who took
or sent the same to be impounded;
the day and hour on which he received the same; the day and hour
on which the same was redeemed,
and the amount of damages or penalties and fees paid by the party
redeeming the same, or the proceeds of the sale [if any]; and
each pound-keeper shall, on or before tne first day of every month in
the year, make a return to the said
City Treasurer, in writing, of the
number and description of all distresses received by him during tho
month preceding each return, with
the names, of the persons taking
same to the pound; the amount received, and when the same was re-
deemed; and any other information
he may deem necessary, which return shall be verified upon oath.
11. Every pound-keeper . shall,
When making his return on the first
day of each month, pay to the Treasurer of the said City of Kaslo all
moneys received by him during the
month whicti are directed to
be paid to said Treasurer by this
by-law, and shall at all times produce his books for inspection of the
said Treasurer, or of any member
of the said council when so  requested.
12. It shall be the duty of the
pound-keeper and every member of
the Policb force to ascertain the
name or names of any owner or
owners of any animals mentioned
in section three hereof found running at large within the City limits,
and to lay an information before
the Mayor or Police Magistrate
against any such owner or owners
for allowing such animal or i��n-
imals to run at large within the
City limits, ahd it shall be the duty
of the Mayor or Police
Magistrate to impose a fine not less
than fifty cents or more than one
dollar and costs for each offence,
which fine shall be paid to the
Treasurer for City purposes.
13. This by-law shall come into
full force and effect on the 1st
April, 1895.
Read a first time 16th February.
Read a second time 18th February, 1895.
Read a third time 20th FebrUr
ary, 1895.
Reconsidered and finally passed
23rd February, 1895.
[l. s.] John Keen;
W. H. Maxwell, Mayor.
C. M. C.
The above is a true copy of a
by-law passed by the Municipal
Council of the City of Kaslo, on
the 23rd day of February, A. D.
1895, and all persons are hereby
required to take notice that anyone desirous of applying to have
Buch by-law, or any part thereof,
quashed, must make application for that purpose to the
Supreme Cuurt within one month
next after the publication of this
by-law in the British Columbia
Gazette, or he will be too late to
be heard in that behalf.
W. H. Maxwell,
C. M. C.
Kiffiw & Marat,
Books, Stationery and
All the Latest Leading Papers and
periodicals kept in stock.
Orders by mail promptly
attended to.. "^ ~
Front St., KASLO, B. C;
��� Notice is hereby givcti that a Court of Revts
ion will lie. held In the council chamber,- on
Monday, sth day of April, 1895, at 10 o'clock iu
the forenoon, for Ihe purpose of hearing complaints against the assessment as made by the
Assessor, for the current year, and for revising
and correcting the Assessment Roll.
W.H. Maxwell,
C, M. 0.
Kaslo, B. C, Feb. 20th, 1895.
fred j, squire,
Merchant Tailor.
NILsrw, B. C.
A choice collection of worsteds
Serges and tweeds always on hand
T. A. Garland,
The Most Complete Stock of
Dry Goods in the Country.
Ladies Fine Imported Dress Patterns, Henriettas, Satin Finish.
Evening Shades in Cashmeres.       Cream Cashmeres.
        Corsets, Underwear, Hosiery, Gloves, Etc., Etc;
A Big Supply of
General Merchandise,
Gents' Furnishing Goods, Boots and Shoes, Glass, Nails, Building
Hardware ahd Tinware.
John B. Wilson    *    Three Forks '
dams House,
k FiriiClui House at kunalili Hates,     3 Sqnara Heal: for SI,
Adams & Cummings, Prop's.
Do You Eat?
If you do, buy your Fruits,
Vegetables and Confectionery from
3rd St., KASLO.
At his store you will also find Poultry, Oysters, etc. jgit
Goods at Wholesale or Retail.
Every Day
Is Now Running.
b&Uy Stages
Stables at Kaslo and three Forks,
Saddle Horses to Let
At Both Stables. ���
Hunter & McKinnon
Large Stock of'Miners' and Builders' Hardware, Nails, Tinware, Paints
Oils, Varttishj Glass, etc. GROCERIES-Jtfungaiiah, and Spokane hard wheat flour,   salmon,   mackerel, bacon,
butter,  harri, canned goods,, potatoes,  etc
Also an assortment of
Dry Goods,
All of which is offered at a low price for cash


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