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Slocan Prospector 1895-02-02

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..:���'���.. -J".'. -�� - -
�� '.iu     .-j-.'^m
*���*��     -C
r   j..'-,.'-"    ���-���    -;'-  -���      ' '.. ������"
,.'    1   \ *M       :.     J                     Y   ..       :.A  ..   6 .   -i  ...    ,      ] '  . . \       I
-;'��� *                                            ^
70L, feilB i %*[
mi w mi
Of a Terriblo 5&ov>��liit  Down the
Noble Five Sulci,
Burled Beneath, nn Awful Avalanche  of
;      Know.   .lack Mi.Klnnon Kecnv- ,
ered Alive.     James Gillis
Found nead. .   ,'
A snowslide did deadly work
this afternoon in the Noble Five
gulch. A rawhiding train of 15
Animals handled by four men was
crossing the gulch when the slide
came. Two men���Jack MeKin-
hon of Silverton and James Gillis
of Kaslo���and seven horses were
Caught by the avalanche and carried and thrown and tossed for
half a mile down the gulch.
McKinnon wa? rescued alive and
taken to Sandon. Dr. Bruner
found him bruised and his shoulder broken.
James Gillis was found dead,
under one foot of snow, his feet
' Deceased was a single man about
33 years of age, a contractor, a
resident of Kaslo and a member
of the Odd Fellows Lodge at that
Wilson Hill is visiting relatives
in Winnipeg and Toronto.
The Bachelors' Ball last evening
in the Locasto building was a suc-
cefBj so the buys say.
Chas. Hammond's brother arrived yesterday from Seattle and
will remain in their store here.
The editor o,f   the   New Denver-
Ore  Shipment
ail from Three Forks during
1-26 (reported
last Week)
877 tons,
Slocan. Star
Noble Fivp
ii ,
Slocan Star
Total for Jan. by rail, 1,197   "
Slocan ore shipped
by Kaslo during
January ..{estimated)    200   "
Total   -   -   1,397 tons.
Total   value   (a   low   estimate)
F. Pyman, watchmaker, at Bow-
en's next Friday.        -.    .���   .     ."*
Volly Williamson is off for a
two weeks trip to Trail creek.
Anderson, of the Pacific hotel,
is going into the dressed meat
The Kaslo Provision Co. will be
in the swim, by moving part ��f
its Kaslo stock to Rossland.    v
Among the passengers for Rossland last Sunday were W. R. Will,
C. Aylwin find Carpenter Sproat.
J E. Bowman's fifty dollar pup
is thriving on beef steak, concentrates and British Columbia climate.
A carload of ore from the Kalis-
The output q{ ore from tho Slocan. has not yet been large enough
to effect the markep value of that
product or change/in the; slightest
degree the relative value of. gold
and silver in the markets of the
Therefore statements regarding
the high grade of the ore of the
Slocan mines, the cost of mining,
etc,., arc made for the purpose of
comparing with other, silver mining camps, and to show that while
low prices may close up other silver-lead producing camps they
cannot have that effect upon this
camp. ,
. A Valuable I until uion.
Three. Forks would not have
beerf the same lumber built town
that it is- without Lovatt' Bros',
sawmill. That'institution has now
been running about, five months
and has turned out an average of
200,000 ft. of lumber per month, or
a total of about 1,000,000 feet. It
is run by a 25 horse power engine.
Fred Jenner: is engineer.. He is
also' an expert' shingleman. "Bob
McTaegart is the sawyer arid has
been with the mill from the start.
Lovatt Bros, are now doing their
own logging. John Cawthorne
keeps the boarding house in connection with tne mill. 16 is the
usual number at table.    ��� '>���
Though the mill has cut 1,000,-
000 feet of lumber in   five   months
I.'ltfilt Flo.ii Uu��l".
Kaslo, Sat., Feb. 2. [Special.]���
The perambulating press of the
Kaslo Times, Slocan Times and
other times reached here today
niouhted ojd a freighter's; sled and
guarded by Chief Justice Bogle.
It looked but little worse of wear
after having made the grand circuit, and was evidently but little,
used in the Slocan. It is now on
its way to Rossland to help knock
out that prosperous town.
At a citizens meeting, held in
Lakeview hotel Tuesday evening
to re-organize the fire brigade,
Dune McMillan was elected chief
and Jamos Ryan sab-chief.   ���   ,
Tie HwnpiMjta Cuunttitn kiit-
m the rtoWiig Touhii.   Soon
tlie Order Will Be;
A SjilendiO Structure Kreeted at  it  Coil
��!' Thirty Tlioukuno DoUmm ,  and
Having a Capacity of (tne Hundred Tons a Day.
'    A -Little Too Previous.'
The announcement in the Ledge
and the New Denver correspondence of the Nelson Miner that
smelting returns had been received from a carload of Reco ore,
showing that the ore went 1,000
ounces in silver to the ton, is a
little too previous. At the time of
the announcement the ore from
which'the high returns are expected was in the Reco ore house
at the Three Forks depot. It has
since been shipped and i8 believed,
from assays made, that it is as
rich as reported. The smelter returns are expected in aiiout two
Week's.    ' ���
The Humphrey-Moore concentrator, situated at the junction ol
Howsort and Carpenter creeks, one
m'iletroni Three Forks, is practi
cally completed; and within a few
days, probably next Monday, the
4th inst., a fire will be lit in the
furnace, water will be heated in
the boiler and the mighty power of
steam will be applied to the- machinery. Then the door of flu-
runway will'be lifted, tons of ore
will pour into the crusher and the
work of concentrating will begin.
The mill has been so ��often
described in these columns that it
is unnecessary to describe it again
We are informed that the cost
has been largely in excess of th<-
first estimate, and that the aggregate cost of machinery, freight,
building material   and   labor   has
imouuted  to   the sum   of ��� thirty
Accommodating. f'i "-,   ,',,
thousand dollars.
In connection   with  their   stage      Thut g() ,arge ftn expcnditure ha,
line the lransportatii.il Co.  is do- been made before a dollar could b,
nig a free  service  that   is   greatly  ^^ ^^ ^ {of   the   ^
appreciated by the  public.   They
receive letters at each   end   of   the
line, carry them in a small  pouch jxhev  will   be
and deliver them at the other  end
which    Messrs.    Humphrey    and
Moore have in the'Slocan   mines
pell, a Tenmile property, will he (only anoiit 30,000. feet remain in
shipped tomorrow from Wilson the yard. Three Forks "carpenters
creek. Jiave handled the rest.
Dressed   beef   is   hauled   from      Their drying kiln has a capacity
the Three Forks abattoir to   Kaslo, of 13,000 feet.    It is a success,
which is reversing the old order of;    Tbey have   in   stock   a   lot   of
things. [dressed lumber, mouldings,   corru-
The New Denver drug store is to gated boards, etc., etc., such as   are
lie removed to Rossland, as soorf as the carpenters' delight.   They   ure: a,lU ^��'t"er representative goes all      Th(J construction of the mill by
the building now being erected   is now filling a bill for boat building 6Ver Tlljee Fovks deUvenng letters Mr. Owen, representing Fraser  &
' in New Denver. ' -j to parties addressed, foj which ser-1 chiil!rifil.s   oi   Chicago,   has   been
first-class, and the wbrk  which   it
will do will be first-class.
rewarded,   for   the
concentrator will be the means of
Every evening a representative of Louring' great   wealth   into   their
their company goes all over Kaslo Q0ffers.
vit-e they  make  no   charge   whatever,
Cceur   d>     Alette    Ledge    passed R -      plm payroll has been a valuable contri-
through town  yesterday  returning' ,auJ   ,���,,; ���i ;... ��� ���..
.        ���,    .,        , I that will cure vou. *
irom 1 rail creek,
_ _  _ , . I    T.   L'   Mitchell,   who   returned
J. E. Poupore, the active  repre-U.  u i    t i j i
1 '       from Idaho tour weeks ago and has
Six hundred tons of ore are now
button toward its support.
ready to receive it
It you have a back ache or pain1    1!^de��   furnishing   the lumber
in the side or'chest you  will find fol'tbe budding of'the town,   their
A Now \Vay to r-ny Old Debts.
W. Carter Sampson,  paymaster [in the bins adjoining the mill.   It
on the Nakusp  &   Slocan   railyay can be handled in a few days.
Dr. Marshull.the dentist, will be construction   company,   advertises'    Fifty tons a day has  been   the
gentative of P. Geuelle & Co.,   be'-]'."",       ,  *""'   "in Three Forks Sunday   next  (to-, tnafc all accounts must he rendered \ average   amount   brought    down
lieves that the   Steamer   Columbia; JJJ" WjVJJ J^jJJJ*"���*'*?*' Tlt"v) t0 ���Tin iuv ��m J$\\     ' i�� P��U before the loth day of  Feb- from the mines, but by putting   on
will   be   re-built   at, Nakusp   tins,    ,.,.     ' " en ��� (    Holden's Pharmacy for''Pick Me i-uary at Vancouver-n;, in default, a lew more teams the contractors
spring. 1     rh> Stfamer' K< otenai   will   not Up" and all Sure Cure Remedies for the company will not be liable for cari easily br.mg down the 100 tons
The renort that   NeUon   U   ��n. *�� *W Vom HaU'a ianding until the ailmeut^ many are subject to. f payment of the   same.   W. Carter a day that will be re,,uired to keep
nn. n.i.nit mat   ,N. i,on   t> .ent I spring,    meanwhile    the     small'
steamers are having a harvest.
tirely deserted for Rossland is a
canard, for Marks, Madden and
Capt. Troup still remain in the
Silver King town.
The Pete Genelle Company are
in th.! transportation business ex-,
tensively. Besides having the contract for hauling the ore from   the
II. F. llorrocks and J. W. Livers Sampson should join It. T. Lowery the t:rusher going.   Hurrah for the
both make their announcements to anii travel with him on their joint
This old but expressive   epitaph the public this week   through   the &M a�� humorists.���Slocan   Times
appeurstobe a  suitable  one   for P1u,sm crou.   Their places of busi- T~T7~    ~
thu St.,fin, Tin.i.ic��� , Hotel for Sato.
tlie fciouiu limes. ness are in a gouU   location  in   the      , ,, , ,    ,    ,, ,,      v    ,
: !��� .,-,."'        -.      . ���        A hotel situated on   the   kaslo-
, new  liuiltling opposite   Noruuav s o, ��� i ���    ��     , r       ,
a,, ��    l' ,       ^    ' Slocan road is oliered for sale  at  a
on Silver street.   Give them a call.
first Concentrator in the Slocan.
If so soon I'm done fob,
Whai was 1 niiouN FOB?
J.E.Bowman,   bookkeeper   fur     mum  ""    reasonable price.   For particulars
1 ho facoma smelter is smelting inquire at this office,
The llowen   House   has   a   new
hotel register.
\\e are having the heaviest snow1
ot the season today.
Jap King has been   down   from
the Fisher Maiden for a iew days
��� my   tor   four     Tomorrow (Sunday, Feb. 8) Rev. enjoyment,
: and a half years with the exception Gaebel is expected  to   preach   in      Ed Thomas will strike out in the
greater part of the ore  which   his      w, , -J one month last   summer,   when Three Forks at 11 a. m. ' spring in search of a  laud   strewn
s ..tuiiutt. wniui   nas     Whenever you stop at the  con- tlle  u,l0lls   a"1-1   railroad   strikes     .,, .       ,      ���        ���...   , ,., nrt���nM.
centrator store you iind the  suave temporarily shut off the supply  of|      be Way to treat the galena arm With gold nuggets.
and gallant Major   McFerran   *i- 0V(!-h*- ; is to erect a concentrator at Silver-:    The Alaska.,   Lqng   Balsam,   a
lending to the wants of his nun.ei-'    ^ appears that Tom Ardiel had u,m �����   run   the  wlu,le   "fim"    sure cure for   coughs,   colds,   etc.,
I as great adventures as Yukon  Bill, through the concentrator. ���. etc., at Holden's Pharmacy. *
is alone in believing that the Chica-j A Kaslo freighter was so fright-' SJanThSfelfe reunite Silver /" *'"?' "f^*" ^^ 0^ for copies of the Pbos-
men will be victorious in their war' ened by one oi the snow slides two ^"> was a great surprise to ma,.y. Cian�� wui ne at JJowens hotel next pectou's special edition are coming
with Japan, and will eventually weeks ago that his hair stood ? V1!''1/"1 a,ccoUn^ of Tom'8 wo..-/1'1^- if your watch needs Itl Uoiii various places in Washing-
drive the invaders out of China straight out from his head and no u ^^dime'novet, ^^/^ ^ ' * ^1 ' ��� ' * ^
We base this belief upon the fact amount of combing and brushing the stde ^ "' ^''^ | RlUula11 K��mP- representing the
that the conditions of peace de- would make it lie down, so he r>���, w��� u* ��� r _, *oUowinBthe suggestion of the Puosplctou, has been at the Four-
_.j ii,i . . i ���....,. . i "Co. nugnes camps, formed
manded by Japan are such as can- parted with it by having it cut off. while he wa8 doi      an   extensive
not be acceded to, that the Chinese j Ladies, at Holden's Pharmacy! transportation business, are num-
emperor is raising larger armies you wiU find a good assortment of erous in the Slocan. He appears
and if he is able to keep down the perfumes; toilet soap; combs; hair,' now to have selected a place for
rebellious spirit in certain of his j nail and tooth brushes; toilet pow-| permanent headquarters and is
provinces, can marshal an army;ders; vaselines; cold creams; face' erecting several buildings, includ-
that will outnumber the  Japs   tenipowders;   rouges;.   Florida    and ing a large barn on the flat east  of
\ Cologne waters; etc., etc. f | the concentrator.
the Alamo and  Idaho, informs  us ���,,,���������   f .
Idaho mill   Alum,.   inii.n4   to   ti,,. .1   ,.i ,., ,��� liu tons of ore per   day,   and   has
xuaiio anu Aiamo   mines   io  me that there are 28 men working   at
concentrator, thoy have a tug-boat the former and 48   at   the   latter operated every  day   for   four
pn Arrow lake which is moving tho mine,
greater part of the ore  v
accumulated at Nakusp,
China (ifttlng ArouHod.
So far as known  the Prospector ous customeis.
i believing that the China-!    A Kaslo freig
lie victorious in their war ened by one oi the snow slides two lon was a great surprise to   mai.y.  """"'     "   "."""   	
m, and   will   eventually weeks   ago   that   his   hair   stood i IS*��"��� ^��1��* ^^   wou":        r     ,       T!v '
i ,     a   r��� ��� ,    ��� \ ^     ii        , ���   ,      ,        , terlul  hair-breadth eseaoes  would mending leave it then
invaders out  of   China, straight out from his head and no lay the dime novels of the  day in paired.5
Prospector and the   kick   of  the, mile mines this week,   and   is   at
Times, Premeir Davie has brought ^ew Denver today.   He will prob-
in a bill providing for a   uniform a!"y have hl�� ctW   prepared   in
about two weeks.
Id one.
system of counties in the province.
No house should   be   without   a
bottle of Alaskan Lung Balsam and
a box of Dr. Roll's Celebrated Sto
Dr. Roll's Celebrated Stomach
and Liver Pills are to be had at
Holden's Pharmacy. The best pills
on the market   today   for   kidney
mach & Liver Pills.   A life may be and liver ailments.   Try a box and
saved by keeping these on hand.   * j be convinced. *
} /
Tin M-��a.i ��muRsecuHd
��� t ig-JKwvCT.ag.-' dp- MtWti����aM
BY  W.   D.   PRATT.
The Slocan Surprise Co. (foreign)
of Chicago, with a capital of $250,-
000, has been duly registered to
transact business in this province.
have been made, the greater part! drawings and quarterings of our
of the area surrounding this peak first and richest" families. I"' only
has not  been   carefully   explored, hope that the match will come off
So far, gold',;' copper,   coal,   nickel
and iron have all been found there.
and that' it will pave the  way   to
other and equally  noble  alliances.
The prospectors' course in the
School of Mining at Kingston,
Ont., includes:   1.   Chemistry.   2.
Mineralogy.    3. Geology.    -1. Lith-j wooded and in  the higher   regions
ology.   5. Discovery and Winning it is badly scoretl and cut   by   the
of Ores.   (��. Milling,
ing.     8.  Assaying.
10. Advanced Work.
The copper is native and the per- The Maharajah of Tarraraboomde-
centage high. The iron is both po'ore, I am informed, is looking
hematite and magnetite. The gold for a sixth wife; King Lingerlonger
is both quartz and placer. The of Congo-Congo became a widower
district is easily reached from for the ninety-fifth time, last week;
either the N. P. or the U. "N. rail- and the tent of the Third Sheik of
ways, but the prospector will find Jackastrakhan is once more
it a difficult task prospecting, as late.���Town Topics
nearly all the country   is   heavily
7.  Blow-pip-
9. Drawing.
The Slocan Times contains a
Sensible article on the exnensc of
mining in the Slocan showing that
while there is little or no encouragement to expand large sums in
opening up and developing mines
with silver at 60 cents the mines
on which these expenditures have
been made and which have large
bodies of ore in sight, would   con-
Feed and
The Largest Stock of Feed and
torrents which rush down  from all
Eides   of   the   mountains   in   the
spring and early summer.
' We most earnestly   recommend
this   district' to   the   ^wfcttg^n'p^^riir1in\h^^neunntry
prospector, as being one of the
most favorable in the state in
which to prosecute the search for
minora!.��� Major .Lindsay.
Produclnk Move than Ever.
That the great fall in the price
of silver closed many silver mines
in Colorado and New Mexico is un-
I, S. Freeze & Co,
tinue producing indefinitely even j doubtedly true .but that there has
if silver were to drop as low as 55 j beei1 a decreased production in
cents an ounce.  | Id.lh , an(i y$\fn Columbia is  not-
T , .   ~, ,.      borne out  by   statistics    On   the
I am not one of   those   peculiar: J
i      ii,- ��� ��   ', i     i      coutrarv, it is  a   well-known   fact Office. Front Street.
people who believe, or affect to   be-, V .,       ,        "" . ! ���   ���   ��� ��^w"'<
ZZ Attorney-at-Law,
Three Forks, B. C,
Special Attention to Mining
lieve, that it is a bad thing   to
that the production ' of
rich, mv opinio,, ,<���,!,   ra;l,er   ihe 01'e3 is ��n the   I"*.!**"*   ?   Britil*
other way.    But   that    inconven- | C-,lum,.1'a"'lu"1 ,he ^bjoxned state-
knees attend too much   wealth,   is
evidenced in the erase of  William
Astor, formerly of New  York,   and ,
c   t      i m       �� i i  City National 1
now of   L'indon.    Mr.   Astor   and       J
his wife left New York because
repeated attempts to kidnap their
children for the ransom it might
be possible to extract from people
so wealthy. They found London a
more secure place, but the fear that
some such knavery might sometime be attempted continued to.
haunt Mrs. Astor, and worried her
bo much that the other day she
died, done to death   apparently   by
the care of   too
Toronto Mail.
nient shows an  increase .in   Ida'h
Alfred Eoff, cashier of the  Boise
liii'ik, has'''prepared I
f f.,r Weils Fargo a statement showing the Idah ��� mineral   product  foil
1894.   The total is   given   at   $7,-
804,000' as follows:    Cold, $1 879 -
000; Bil'ver, $2',359.000;   lead",  $3,"
(106,000.   The    increase   for   this
year as compared with Weils   Far-
go's report for 1893, is   $3,i.22,001).,
The un st marked   increase   is   ill
lead.    The increase of the  production of lead  in   Shoshone  county
alone over 1893 is $2,000,000.    The
increase in  silver   production   over
1S93 is $800,000 and in  gold  $10,-
an   ounce  aiVd
and Notary Public,
NJCW   DENVER,   B. 0,
New Store in New Beaver.
Fruit, Prodiick, Staplb Groceries.   I Live anp Dbesbep Poultry.--,.
A1bq,��EWS DEALER:' Daily and Weekly Papers and
'Stationery siipplied to Mi'rters,
AT TFIlYT     ��� newmarket
.     ;.. THREE  FORKS. -J
This Large New House is Now Open for the Accomodation of the Publit
O   '  B
��� O
D      E
Lowes and Crane,     Proprietors,
lea'd an three and ohe-half  cents,
""l.o year silver is figured at  six!y
The Ooour il' Mini-  Situation.
The Wallace Miner thus sums Up seventy-Urne cents
the situation among the miners
the great silver-lead camp: ; "L
During the past month fully five 'cents an ounce and lead   at   three
hundred  men  have   been   thrown  cents,
out of employment in the Coaur "'d' j
. . ,..,, ,. t\ Important Mull-iiii..liilt1  liftii.
Alenes, and with the exception   of
about one hundred men  u-iu,   last'    By far th'e most important
���month got $2.10 and {2.601 a day, ol 'n'M ' r,'-u '"^ '    "'
all were receiving $3 or $3.50 per
day.    With the exception of about
forty, practically all  of these  five
hundred men, ha/1   they   acted   in
accordance with their own   wishes
and those of their employers, would
have been working today and most
likely would base coutinud   so  all
An HnglUh view of it-
It is not thought in England
that the outlook for peace between
China and Japan its bright. The
English diplomats in China and
Japan, as well as London, are
greatly exercised in regard to the
Scope and meaning of the condition
of peace laid down by the Japanese, that China shall be opened up
Under the direction of Japan.
This proposal, though seemingly
moderate and even generally desirable to the interests of the world,
might involve the practical control
of the whole of China by Japan.
In the meantime, Japan is keeping
her own council and steadily closing in on Pekin.���Columbian.
E. Shannon, Prop.
and Taffy.
In 1893 silver was figured at Patronage solicited.'
New   Denver.
The  Pacific   Hotel.
In'Every  Particular.
Booms in charge of Mrs. Terrjll.
Front Street, THREE FORKS, B. C.	
J. WOODS, Bakery,
^���TFresh Bread Always on Hand. Jpf gtT\B Loaves for $1.00,
Spokane Falls
comes to us fn.m Japan
roundabout way of Vienna
in effect thai "there is a
chance of the {/Ukado'q sending nut
aiming the Americaii heiresses for
a bride for his eldest son. Such, ���
an alliance is quite wi'.hin the
possibilities, and I see no reason
why it should not lake place, We
have contracted a number of more
or le.-s honorable alliances. With
noble lords of hi^h and low degree,
and since, by virtue of his ability
y    the;
It   isi
Hehan & Tctt Shappard Rail7&7.
Leave 7 a. in. NISI..���,<):���;  Arrive 5:10 ]>. in.
N TUESDAYS uinl l-rkluys trains will run
through Lo Spokane, arrlvlhg ihure same
day, iteturniug win leave Spokane ui 7
k. fii, on vi edxieidays andSatufdflV3,*iriiviiig;at
NciMitiat 6;10p4u.?amedu}<( malcmu elotio coa-
noG(l0i)3 with stoftiuor-KofBou |6r ail Koyvenuy
I'usaengora for Kettle Kivor and lloumlury
Hunter & McKinnpn
Large Stock of Miners' and Builders.' Hardware, Nails, Tinware, Paints,
Oils,Varnish,Class,etc'. GROCERIES���Hungarian and Spokane bard  wheat flour,   salmon,   mackerel,  bacon,
butter,   ham,  canned  goods,   potatoes,   etc
Also an assortment of
Dry Goods, Boots and Shoes,
f^ST"k\\ of which is offered at a low price for cash.
Creek coiinoct at Marcus Willi slime on M6tt
ly iigliis aay'uj v, udnesdays, Tbiijiday* una Fridays,
ituM-p   Nai'thiioFi ivhh siuyo im Wednesdays and  But-
1'iiri.sciigei-, for Trnil Creuk mines notineot at
in a.0,1.
to  knock   the   celestial   i
out of China, we have accepted
.Jitii as a man   and-   brother,
need be no ethnological obstacle to
turning over a lew   millions,   with
a Christian girl attachment, to  the
Grandson of the   Moon   and   the
Heir Apparent to the Milky  Way.
1 understand  that  the   gentleman
in question is quite a  nice  looking!
child, that he has mastered the art 	
of feeding  with   great   regularity, REVELSTOKE   TIME
and that his use of  the" bib   is   a
marvel of princely courtesy.   I am
further informed that with the first
whisper of the hint that the father
of the dear child has been thinking
'���:#*   Richelieu Hotel,
'   VWAY
A. McCOMBER, Piiopiuetor.
The House will be Entirely Renovated and Conducted   in
First-Class Style,
Sample Rooms
Stocked with Best Brands of Liquors and Cigars,
Atlantic Kx]ir��HH iiiiii.-M liijio tlully.
I'li.-iin-        " "      17'i'i     "
Cheapest, most reliable and sale route to Mon.
trt-nl, 'luronli., St. l'au., Ciiieugo, New York and
lloslon.   uute.., f) ii. $iu lower than any other
Mount Sliiiu-t DiHtrlot.
Mount Stuart is a peak isolated'of his going woo-woo   wooing   (as route.'
from the main Cascade range   and! soon as this cruel war is over), the! ^��^^^^S^^StmtA
belongB to a spur   of  the   range, .run   on   Japanese   literature   in j aoiding neeond-oiiim tioketg.
I       1:lirnripu     hpparrifi      linnrece-      I'assengers booked to and irom all European
DrarieB     ueoitine      uopiei-c    p0i���taat lowest rales.
dented; that the price   of   Japanese,    lAiwtrclgtrates.   Quick despatch. Merchants
,    ,        , <nr. , , ! will save money by having their irelght routed
bric-a-brac rose 100 per cent;   and ��� via the c. e. r.
commonly known as the Weiiat- our
chee mountains; this mountain
seems to be a very favorable section
in which to prospect; for although
a large quantity of placer gold,
tome quartz and other discoveries
that  the   United   States   Heraldry!    Full and reliable Information given by apply-
��� . InR to
Office has been working over   time oeo. mcl. brown,      i. t. brewster,
Asst. Gen. passenger agent,       Local agent,
in polishing  up   the  hatchments,
GENERAL STORE ��! Post Off ice*
B. C. -      A Holiday at the Noble Five.
[The .following should have appeared a month ago. It is published at this late date because it
gives an interesting blirapse of life
in a mining camp 7,000 feet above
the sea.   Editor,]
. Christmas is generally a great
day in a mining camp, no matter
how far beyond the verge of civilization it may be.located. The occasion was generally celebrated at
all the mines in the Slocan. and bo
pleasantly that for many, years the
event will be looked back upon
With fond remembrances.
. At tho Noble Five mine especially, the boys will never forget
.Yule tide of 1894. The owners of
the property contributed a case of
Walker's club whiskey and some
of the finest cigars obtainable.
These luxuries were disposed of in
a great measure on Christmas eve.
The following day all work on the
mine was suspended, the force enjoying themselves according to
their separate desires.
i At 4 p m.. Miss Mary Ley ton,
who presides over the culinary department, announced dinner ready,
' The decorations of the dining room
would have been a credit to the
banquet hall of a city millionaire,
leaving out the fact that no high-
priced paintings adorned the walls.
A large card on the wall opposite
the entrance door bore the legend
"Welcome Home," in large letters
of native evergreen. All sides and
ends of the room were completely
covered with mementos, pictures of
friends at home and other embellishments which gave it a very attractive and inviting appearance.
The menu, prepared in the (inest
style of the cooking art, could not
be surpassed anywhere, as the generous owners of the mine had left
nothing on tlv.' bill of faro to be
desired by anyone of the most epicurean taste.
In the evening after the dinner
Was over the fun and jollity commenced and mirth and good feeling
held sway.
M. A. Bin ke, assayed proposed
that each man either sjng a song,
tell a story or deliver an oration.
The motion was seconded, and carried Unanimously by the nineteen
men present. Win. I'l-annan and'
Ned Uurney fun ished the musjc
With a harmonica. Neil Murchi-
���son���who is lame���surprised the
boys by dancing an Irish jig.
Wm. McAuliffe, the funny man of
the hill, sang ami acted a piece
entitled "The Canadian Fenian
Drill," using a broom in place of a
musket. Each verse of the song
ended "All Canadians ran away.'1
This performance frequently
brought down the house, but "Bill"
made a greater hit later on when
be sang a ditty of his own composition entitled "Mary, Give McAuliffe a Show,"
The song "Shulfl Agra" was warbled by the Irish contingent, all
hands joining in the chorus,
After each man hud done Ins
his duty according to the original
motion, Win. M. Heiinessy, citpiain
of the mines, was culled upon for
his contribution to the evening
entertainment. He started in a
way which made his auditors think
his speech was only Boine amusing
j:emarke, but  finally he  became
Sentimental and almost pathetic.
He dwelt at length upon the vicissitudes and chances of success for
young men trying their fortunes in
the far West and wound up by
Stating that each man on this, the
anniversary of the birth of the
Savior, should firmly resolve that
he would write a long and loving
letter to the dear old mother at
home so as to adtl at least one rny
to cheer her declining years and
let her know that her boy, though
perhaps seperated from her by
many thousands of miles, still held
her in happy remembrance. We^p
anyone present so unfortunate as
to have lost their mother,. a sweet-*
heart, ; .wife, or sister should
hear from the absent one.
After Captain Hennessy's speech,
M. A. Bucke proposed three cheers
for Mis6 Ley ton and the Noble Five
owners which were responded to
heartily. The festivities ended
with the song alluding to the Noble
five, "For They Are Jolly Good
Such was one Christmas spent
at a mine 7,��00 feet above the sea,
amidst snow slides and other dangers continually in the miners'
No doubt many tender missives
long ere this have found their way
to the distant homes of loved ones,
describing the methods of how the
greatest event in the world's history
Was remembered. The miner,
though.: his, work is hard and
hazardous, andhis exterior rough;
yet' he has a kiiid heart and gener-:
ous nature, reminding one of the
lines of the American poet:
The bravest are the tenderer,
The loving are the during,
First-class Work and Best Material
Ore Street, Three Forks.
; ���       You, Will Find
You Want
In the way of
-AND-    FANCY COO I S   ��� ATMS, w, w, mmm
Bolunder B'ld'g,        New Denver.
GREEN BROS.,    r-
General Merchandise.
When in 3 Forks  Don't Fail to Give Us a Call and Examine
Our Gents' Furnishings, Boots and Shoes, and so fonh, and
See w Bargains We k Offering.
Idaho Cigar Store.
Every Variety of Chewing and Smoking Tobacco, Cigaretts and Pipes.-
g/T     CIGARS and CARDS   WHOLESALE and RETAIL.     Jf$
Merchant Tailor,
A choice  collection   of  worsteds
serges and tweeds always on hand
Mi Forks,
H, F, Wm H'nVr,
Geo.  Lovatt.
Sain Lovatt.
JV/I    W. BRUNER, M. I).
* V " lloweil House, THREE
!     Three Forks Sawmill,
We are able to supply ut short notice all kinds "'Kiln  Dl IGCJ
-' ' '      DRESSMAKER.
Has Ladies' Fancy Dress Goods,
:  Muslins, Laces, Delicate Flan-:
nels, Gloves, Mitts,	
Musical Instruments.    * ' ���
Fresh Fruit,     j
Star  Sis'* Sewing   Done.
^ Hotel,1 to",Dw,m   _
Rate, $1.50 to $2.00 per clay.
-SANDON, B. C��� limited.
TIME   TABLE   NO.   ,;.
Ill effect Wednesday, Aug. :!), ]��91.
Flooring, Y-joint Ceiling,, -...-. Panels  & Caseings,
Rustic, Dressed' Bortrdg. Ploughed Pulley Styles,
MrS. J. H. Were!'"/      ��� Ship-lap, Moulded 'Me, O. C. Stops, &c, &c,
J Quarter-round,     Stair Balusters, Corrugated Caseings.���
A full line of-Rough and Dressed Lumber and  Shingles  constantly  on
hand or Cut to .Order, at Reasonable Prices.
LOVATT BROS.. Proprietors.
Str."W. Hunter"
I  EAVES New Denver daily
*���"*    Silverton at 7  a.   ni., and
Wilson creek at 8:30 a, in.
Leaves Wilson creek for New  Denver and Silverton at 4 p. ni.
(SUNDAY excepted.)
ta Trading \ Nniptia Craiuj.
LutoBST- and Best Hotel.
Utiles  $1.00  to  $2.00 per day.
C'liinee'lni; wlih tin- ChuhiII.iii Pacific rail-,
way (miilii Itjio) for points cam mill west,
Leaves Ke\-i Isiukeon Fridays tit -I u. in.
Leaves Rolisop on-Saturdays at 6 p. ni,       | JJ   ])   MrjORE
I!. McFerran, See't'y
i.i'iivim Nelson I Leaves Kimlofor Nelson !
Mondays hi 4 p. in,      'imdays al t. a. tn,
Tuesdays ni I p. m,     | Tue'tdayi at ���:. a. tit,
'.V'nesilaysiu���;iop.in. | Wednesdays, 8 a, in
'' hursdnys al i p, m.   | Thursdays ni .i�� hi.
Frldavs at 4 p, m, Frtdays.al 8 a. ii>.
Siilm-iln.viniS.IOii.iii.,   Saiii;-.'l���y;i;Uj|i. in., Pom
eiiiii.ci'iiiigon .iaiui-T   : -i-i| iBiin rueadaysana
days ant} Wednesdays   Fridays with Nelson &\
witli   Nolson *  Fori   Ft.   Sheppard   railway
Slicijpard railway lor   ior Spokane.
Kaslo and Lake pntnis.
The Slocan Store Co. (Ltd.)
The company reierr'e-i the right io change
Ums schedule ni any linie without hotioe.
For lull Information as In tickets, rates, eio.
apply at the company's office*, Nelson, ll.'C
T.,AI.LAN, J. W, Tllbci',
i ni-:
All goods at Rock Bottom prices,
Terminus of Nakusp & Slocan Railway.
Situated at the Forks of Carpenter creek.
CHARLES J. LOEWEN, Real Estate and Mining Broker,
He keeps the same order about the
council chamber which one usually
sees in -a lodge room.
At 9 p; m. Monday evening  the
oo.uncik'adjburned to meet at 9:$0
Kane, whose erstwhile youthful
face is now ornamented with a
downy mustache.
The trip to. Kaslo, is easily made
now. The snow, which, in many
places is. only a few inches deep
arid nowhere more than two feet,
is:beaten down in the road-track,
forming a smooth surface over
which the stage, drawn by four
spirited horses, glides a? smoothly
as the fabled swan glided over the
waters of an enchanted sea. Leaving Three Foake,at 9 o'clock Sunday morning, with Bob Woods for
driver, and eight other passengers,
we were at McDonalds, 15 miles
out, for an early dinner.. There
we met the ether stage, with an
equal number of passengers, con'i-
ing to Three Forks. Severa!
freighters were there with sleds
heavily laden with ore to bo
shipped from Kaslo. In aj.1, not
less than 35 persons sat down to
dinner, which shows the McDonald
Bros to be doing a flourishing business, Their house always has been
well patronized since its erection in?
the early days of the camp.
Kaslo was reached about 3 p. m.
and the nine.chilly passengers (for
the day was cold), sought and obtained lodging at the several hotels.
The location of Kaslo- with reference to the mineral, districts of
West Kootenay is admirable. Not
only must a large share of. the
business of the Slocan be transacted there, but as an outlitting
point for the Lardeau and Duncan
river country (a country which
will yet come to ihe front) its location could not he excelled.
To us there is something agreeable about a town that   has   been
built to accommodate a larger pop- ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
ulation than that which at present! Adams & Cummings are among
occupies it. People usually say of those having greatest faith in the
such a place that it iB "dull" ,������ future of Kaslo, and will stay with
'Mead," but to us the  absence  of I ��t until the good times arrive.
wealth in Slocan silver minesi E.
If.' Ward, ore . purchaser for tlie
Tacoma smelter; Druggist GibBoii,
of Nelson, and Edward Watts of
Ottawa, owner of  the   Wellington
Tuesday morning, at   which   time mine.   At the halfway and   along
the  road- were  many   freighters.
Three Forks was reached at 4 pr m.
W. J. Goepel, the expert account-?
ant from Nelson, would be present
and proceed upon his examination
of. the account* of the city as kept
by the city officials who have juet
gone out of office.
At the council  meeting  Monday ���,,,,.���
evening the audience   consisted   of PPlCtlOil - Jjffelk, : Wit'jhjilksi1 - and
only qbout a dozen citizens, among ^jfe'-? OplioilBi %-
them   being    ex-Alderman    Dave "*
-New Denver and Three Forks.-
Orders for Repairs to be left with
I. S. FreiIze & Co. at New Denver,
_^^_^^_^^^_ ���and--
R. Strathem has plenty of   busi- ������,������.,    .   ���.        ���   ,
....    '.. ���  '���     " h���C. BOWEN  at Three Forks,
noss in his jewelry store, ^^^^^^ ^^~
Rev. Hunter aids the   music   at
church services1 with his fiddle.
H. Griffith, formerly cook at the 510C3.H  N.GWS GO.
Alamo, is cooking at   the   Slocan j  aqfnts ��� '-
John  Keen expects   a   rush   of:    ���    !     -.    PAPERS,
business in the record office in  the Stationery Candies,   Nuts, Fruits,
i Cider, rruit Juices,
sIm"S' i Tobaccos,  Cigars,   Books,   Novels,
T. A. Garland places a new   ad- Novelties.  jJJF~Iiliistrated Papers.
the   Prospector
vertisement 'n^^^^^^^^^^_
every two weeks.
C. Coy is ' preparing to do a
ranching business at the head of
the lake.
The two cripples, Geo. Sloan and
. ,      ti.e purpose ol  const
E.   E.   Coy,    have    each     patiently   maintaining a^ruiltvuy
At Norquay Block.
Notice is hereby given, That at the present
sessioii ol the LenBiattve Assembly oi the Province of British Columbia, application will be
made for an Act to Incorporate a company lot
tl,e -purpose of construotlng, operating ami.
maintaining a railway, commencing at a point
,.       ,     ,    ,     . -,i     ,       al or near Ihe Cliy of Kaslo, in the Province  of
soeilt six weeks lined    OUt    Wilt    lie   British  Columbia,  thence  running   up    tlie
���*��� ���. North Fork of Kaslo River to the head of ihe
OUt in tWO more weeks. divide between Fish and Hear   Lakes,   thence
to'three Forks, ilience to the head waters of
An nmntt'lir theatrical troUBO IS of the South Fork of Carpenter Creek, at or
An amateur ni�����"u"        vw        llear a settlement called "Baudon,"  thence
l,oil,i.   nt>��uni7Rr1   bv   the    habitues  westerly arid-south easterly to the head waters
tieing   organizea   ny   uie    n.nuuirb  of 1,.(lur,MileCri,l,ki wl,npower t0 build brajioh
of Giiodenouuh's.    The Stars are   to  liuestoany or all mines adjacent to;lhe line of
ui uiiuuqui.v|wf railway, and iiLsowilli power lii build  wharves
l,o mioHii.lrl iinrl Mn.rt.in [ and docks, and to erect, maintain and operate
be MlCilitlCl itntt ntarcui. I felegrafh and Telephone lines and all neces
sary works in connection therewith.
Dated at Kaslo this 10th  day  of   December,
IbSH.    .    .      ,      .   .
.  . JOHN   f.F.Y   RETAI.I.ACK,
George 0-wbn lllCIIANAJf,
John Keen.
FtfOMT ST., &ASLQ, B. 57 ' ?'', I   ' '        .
CARPETS���in Brussels, Tapestry, Wool, Union, and Hemp.
BLANKETS--in White and Grey.;  All Weights. ,
LACE  CURTAINS���all prices.
WINDOW SHADES���in Light and Dark Colors,     .
Kaslo Provision Go.
Three Forks.
7,'       COUNTRY.     V-
CHOICE '������    ���
."-;-\ -,''���    YOUR   CAMP
For a Fine Suit, Wait for
Of Revelstoke,
Who Visits Thrke Forks Every Two Months.
��WA Big Supply op
bustle and hurrah is a pleasing
feature. There is a certain roominess about such a town that is a
relief from the cramped quarters
of newer places where there have
not yet  been  erected  a   sufficient
Miss Lingrert has purchased the
Fletcher building near the post-
ottige and will open a large millinery store in the early Spring.
Croiiin, the pioneer of all the
placer   miners,  and   purchaser   of
number of buildings   to   meet   Uiej the first ounce of gold produced  by
requirements of the population.
The story of the Kaslo tire and
flood has been many tinies told
and we will not nwell upon it.
The Kaslo of today is an inoor*
porated oit,v of 000 or 700 people,
It has eieht stores, six hotels, a
large sawmill, a large church
building, a public school, a government building, a record office, and
a, bank or brokerage office, Besides the stores above mentioned
are a drug store, and several shops
pf various kinds
Kaslo creek, is steadily at his desk
in Wilson's store.
J. B. McArthttr, has moved to
Rossland, and as C W. Mo A mi is
going east on a visit the only lawyers left in town will be H. Bucke
and Archie Fletcher.
Wm. Kellem has gone to Rossland where he has purchased a
bouse and will conduct a restaurant. The restaurant in Kaslo will
be kept by Mrs, Kellem.
Kmhdt ynp.
Books, Stationery and
All the Latest Leading Papers and
periodicals  kept in stock.
/^P~Orders by mail promptly
attended to. jiijf
Front St., KASLO, B. C.
Groceries Hardware
General Merchandise,
Gents' Furnishing Goods, Boots and Shoes, Glass, Nails, Building
Hardware and Tinware,
John B. Wilson
Three Forks
ooo ooo
H k
KASLO, 11. c.
AVe visited Wm.  Bailey   in   his
The recently elected city council ^eluded retreat at   the   depot,   on
is     a      business      one.     It     i8 the delta, and succeeded  in   learn-1
Straightening      nut      the      city's: ing    that    what    information    hej
financial affairs, arid getting it in wouldn't impart about the   Kaslo- j AUwqrkgUMBntcedi
readiness to start upon a   Bubstan. Slocan railway would fill  a large-
tial career of progress   and   pros- sized book,
perity. The council in session isj Goodenough showed us the
dignilied and imposing and wnuld smelter returns on tie carload of
he a credit to a city of 100,000 pop, ore shipped from the Goodenough 113 STRATH ERN
Ulation, Mayor John Keen sits at;,,,Ml(,. The ore was in two lots���
(the bead of the Jong table and is ft one lot of 7 tons and one of 15
first-class master and director of, tons. The 7-ton lot went 768 oz.
ceremonies. At his right sits | in silver and 60 per cent lead; the
Alderman Stone, who is also city j 15 tons went 87ft in silver and 17
treasurer. He, as do tho other i ,,er cent in lead. The 7 tons was
members of the council, gives cure-j tne richest ore ever shipped from
ful consideration to every  proposi- the Slocan on which returns   have
Adams House,
A First-ClasB House at Reuo&ibie Riles,     3 Squire Meals for SI.
Adams & Cummings, Propr's.
Every Day
tion brought before them. Opposite to him sits Alderman Fletcher,
whose many years expedience make!
him a useful member of the council. At the end of the table facing
the Mayor sits Alderman Retal-
lack, the youngest member of that
august body. He is a financier,
possesed of much business ability,
and unlimited faith in Kaslo, At
the time of our visit Aldermen
Byers and Cameron were absent.
.Clerk Maxwell read the minutes
ef the previous meeting, kept a
record of all proceedir.gs, and filed
all bills and documents. Marshal
Adams was attentive to his duties,
been received.
Watchmaker and
Keturning,    Tuesday,     Johnny
Wren held the   reins  and  cracked ;
his long whip when he wished the EHSMV1N5   AND DIAMOND  SETTXNU.
sleighbells to   jingle.   Other   pas-;
sengers were Sid   Norman,   a   re- \
Is Now Running ,...,.	
Dciily OLcl����eS   bktwkkn kaslo and tiikke fohks
Stables at Kaslo and Three Forks,
tired journalist who   is   winning ���
All Fine Work Finished
in an artistic manner.
The Kaslo Drug Co. |J\���7
-Carry WALL PAPER with il;lrcomplet IT"!-* V"00  PViKlfQ
        stock of Drugs, Mtdlcinen, etc.        | |   1   I 11 CC   ��UI  IVOi
Saddle Horses to Let
At Both Stables.-
Headquarters for
Goods at Wholesale or Retail.
8rdSt.t KASLO.


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