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Slocan Prospector 1895-01-26

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 VOL, MO 28.
1,052 Tona of pre Shipped In One Month
From Pec.  26th   to  Jan.   26th
there were shipped 89 cars contain?
ing 1402 tone of ore, as follows;
Dec. 26-31, Idaho   285 tons,
Slocan Star
Last Chance
Jan. 1, Last Chance 15
'      Idaho 27
Jan. 3, Slocan Star 100
Idaho 60
Jan. 5, Noble Five    60
Jan.   8,   ���'     '
Jan. 15,   "
Jan. 19, Noble Five 45
Jan. 22, Cumberlan 15
Slocan Star      100
Noble Five        15
Alamo 45
Jan. 24, Slocan Star 100
Reco 30
Idaho. 40
Alamo    ��� 15
Jan. 26, Noble Five 20
Reco 30
Last Chance      30
Idaho 40
1402 tons.
To which add 250 tons from the
Surprise, Goodenough, Payne, Dardanelles and Blue Bird shipped via
Largest shipment by railroad in
any one day was Jan,. 24, 185 tons
valued at $18,500.
Total shipments from district in
one month, Dec. 26th to Jan. 26th,
1,652 tons.
Estimated value, $165,200.
Iligheat Retm-ns liver Received.
The owners of the Goodenough
on Reco hill, Messrs. Whittier,
.Thompson, Kent, Martin and
Goodenough, have received smelter
returns for 21 tons if ore shipped
this winter. The galena ran 768
ounces silver and 66 per cent lead.
A test run of carbonates averaged
375 ounces filyer and 17 per cent
lead. This exceeds any former
Bhipnient in carload lots from the
Slocan by nearly iOO ounces. A
cheek was received for very netfly
$5,500.00���this was the actual
amount raid for the 21 tons after
deducting freight, treatment and
.Other expenses.
Sandon needs a hospital.
Ed Atherton has moved into his
new store at Sandon.
Frank Johnson, the pioneer barber, is still doing business at the
same old stand-.
H. F. Horrocks, of Kaslo, pame
up on Thursday's stage and ib arranging to get his business started
in Three Forks.
Col. S. ftj. Wharton and Capt-
Geo. Wharton, of Spokane, are at
the Reco loohnng after their interests in that valuable property. '
Robert McLeod returned this
week from a trip to Nelson and is
preparing to open p.is new hotel at
the junction of the Alamo and
Idaho roads.	
The new strjke in the   Alpha   is
reported to be   8   feet  of   galena.'at the Nelson hospital is again  o
Whether it is that much or less, it
is certain that a good body of ore
has been found.
J. Fierce, manager of Henry
Giegrich's Kaslo and AinSworth
stores, and John Giegrieh have
been jn town the P',st week getting
everything in readiness to open
their mercantile business here.
There is no happier man in the
kingdom than Geo. Hughes. Coming into the camp when there was
scarcely a trail in it, contending
against a thousand difficulties he
has won the struggle for fortune
and has a right to feel good.
No house should he without a
hotlle of Alaskan Lung Balsam and
a box of lJr. Roll's Celebrated Stomach & Liver Pills. A life may be
saved by keeping these on hand.   *
It has been the boast of Colorado
that the Mollie Gibson mine at
Aspen could produce silver'for  less
225 miners and 50 teamsters are
working for wages in this district.
The fireman who fell from the
train last week and was injured is
Insect powders, sebadilla, and
new line of drugs at William's
drug store, *
Geo. Clark, better known as Red
Clark, had a thumb und two fingers blown off today at the Alpha.
Several from New Denver and
a large number from Three' ���' Forks
attended the dance at Sandon
Wednesday night.
W. K. Will was ip Alaska four
years, He says that when one has
the Alaska fever once and gets over
it, he never has it again,
Rob Kjrkwood, after six months
his feet and in the Slocan, where
he he is greeted by many friends,
A C. P. R. telephone connects
the'depot and concentrator. A K.
L'. C'-'l telephone connects Three
Forks, New Denver and   Silverton.
Randall Kemp has returned
from Reco hill and next week will
visit the Founnile and granite
belts in the interest of our special
F. Pyman, watchmaker, at Bow-
en's next Friday. *
Charity concert and ball at Nakusp, Friday, Feb. 1st. Railroad
will give a rate of one and one-
third fitre for round trip if fifteen
go���seven couples and a tiddler,
Perfumes, soaps and hand mirrors at the drug store. *
The Tribune in its issue of Jan.
19 reports the shippjng of one carload of ore from the Slocan since
January llth.   The Tribune   is   a
than four cents per ounce.    Slocan | ^ ^ foj Jw f���lU(lu|ent ,,ep0,.t8 iU
! scores one  better.    Molinny" Har- fl ti(ne ^ tj)e gUfflftn if} shippillf,
ns, manager, started   from   W Uiiw tharj^ver liefo're. are an-inhtth
> roots on the Reco-Goodenough  and ;.   ,jie ();s{rjci
' has extracted 2-">,000 ounces of   sil-j '���_'������_ ,      , .'     ..'
, dl..AI,       ��� v. Fvnian, watchmaker jtnd opti-
ver at an expense of $o00, or 3 Ots.    .      ���'.,.',        ,,       , ,
' , .     .,,        , ' , t  ,    emu, wo! bt at Bo wen's hotel next
per ounce,    this will no  doubt  be'.,
f , �� | Friday,     ll    your   watch     needs
kept up for a long time to come as .:     , , ,
i    u     ,mt(   ,i     ,i       i mending leave it there  to   be   te
lle has 1000 teet in length ami sev-    , ��� .  , *
oral hundred feet in depth of such '	
If you have a back ache or pain
in the side or chest you will find
plasters at Holden's Pharmacy
that will cure you. *
A llltf Showing.
650 tons of ore have been shipped from the Slocan Star since Mr.
White's return from the east. 2o0
tons are in the ore house at the
depot, and 200 or 300 tons sacked
at the mine. By February 1st
2,000 tons will have been shipped
from this one mine since the railroad was built into Three Forks.
Ladies, at Holden's Pharmacy
you will find a good assortment of
perfumes; toilet soap; combs; hair,
nail and tooth brushes; toilet powders; vaselines; cold creams; face
powders; rouges; Florida and
Cologne waters; etc., etc. f
Postmaster Thomlinson having
got his money order ( business in
successful operation, the Denver
office is now on the same basis as
the Kaslo and Nelson offices. A
poetoffiee order is the safest way to
transmit money (where drafts are
hot obtainable) and the office at
New Denver will be a convenience
to the entire Slocan country.
To the Citizens op Thhbe  Forks
and Qthers qf the  Si.oca.v
;    I beg respectfully   to   announce
tliat on Wednesday or Thursday of
���Hie iTibun���'K Report*. j coining week (Jan. SO or 31) 1 shall
The Tribune says the Prospector open up with a full line   of   drugs, I
is not a newspaper,    If the Tribune patent medicines,  perfumes,   toilet
bases its claims to  being   a   news-Sartic^'?oaH> brushes, P^i
., , Stand shall be known as Holden's,
paper on tlie way it reports the ore  ���, ,,,.,���
Pharmacy.    Place  ol  business:    1
shipments   from    the   Slocan,    itj4oorBmUh o{ Norquay HoU8e,
might as well throw up the sponge.      i p,irpoee as   early   as   possible1
By its own admission it has   taken having the store neatly   and   com-'
it four weeks���its issues  being   on fortably titled, and shall   endeavor,
Dec. 29th, Jan. 6th, Jan. 12th  and to keep constantly on hand  a  lull
,      ,,,., , . ,  .   . ,,    ,   .,    line of such goods as are found in a
Jan. 19th���in which to ted  of   the  .,    ,   . ���
. No. 1   I'rug Store.    Do   not   wait;
shipping of 226 tons of ore between ^ yoU nfe fe need o{ something,
Dec. 26 and Jan. 5, when every- ,��� uW hm ,)e{l)re calHng at the
body knows that during that time pharmacyt Will be pleased to see
one mine, the Idaho, shipped yoU ftt any ^ and whether y()U
nearly double that amount. To its an) wanti|lg g()ods or ^ ������ sha|1
report the Tribune, a newspaper?, always ,,e made wel(,01)ie>
in its issue of Jan. 19 (note the, i ���hau endeavour to please and
dates) adds this, -'with all ship- give eati8{ttC^on i,y. being attentive
ments transferred at Nakusp be- t() 1)UgiueS8 and gUpplving all goods
tween Dee. 31st and Jan. 5th yet ftt rea8ona|)le prices, and dealing
to hear from." Probably some {air,y with a], My m()Uo. ��Live
time next summer the Tribune will ^ Let Live ��� pnv8iciail8> pre.
tell its readers, if it has any then,! Fcriptiol)P and farinly receipts care-
how much ore was   shipped   from full   prepared.
Rawhiding from the Wonderful
to the sled road began Thursday.
Geo. Simmons has made a nice
display of goods in the front window of Green Bros, store.
Capt. Ilolden has secured a business room in the Will & Wallace
building for his drug store,
F. Locasto has irjuved into his
new huilding'on' Silver street. He
has ordered a large stock pf choice
EnyjoUs eyes were cast at Ed
Atherton yesterday as he spun
along in his cutter with a lady at
his side,
The engine and boiler are being
placed jn positjon at the 'concentrator and the machinery will be
put in motion ;n about ten days.
Dr.' Roll's Celebrated Stomach
and Liver Pills are to be had at
Holden's Pharmacy. The best pilis
on the market today for kidney
and liver ailments, Try a box and
be convinced. *
With fifty tons of ore a day com.-
ing down to the concentrator,
thirty tons a day coming down
from the Slocan Star to the depot,
and large amounts from the Noble
Five and several other mines,
teamsters are \ retty busy.
Why We Smile.
We smile because Houston is
hot. According f- his view, no
other editor has a right to publish
a paper in Kootenay without first
obtaining his content in writing, a
formality which we entirely neglected. His first reference to the
Prospkcioh, a year and n haif ago,
was in his usual churlish maimer.
He has treated it in tne same wuy
ever since. Its success worr.es
him. Its rapidly increasing circu-.
onion and growing popularity excites his envy, ihe more so when he
contempliiles the diminished and
dwindling list of the Tribune. Recently two of his most valued contributors have deserted him and
are writing for the columns of the
Prospector. He couldn't stand
that without squealing,
Here is his latest squeal.. W()
quote it so that all may have an
opportunity to see it. It is t u
rare a note or gem to be left in the
unfathonied obscurity of the Tribune, besides, it's an advertisement
for our forthcoming special edition
for which Mr. Kemp is preparing
the copy;
Randall II. Ktmp will hereafter
be connected with the Sl/iQAN
Prospector, If he were substituted for the present editor of ihe
PuospKCToit it would be a substitution of brains for belly.
Evidently lean and hungry Cas-
sius Houston, tit only for "treason,
strategy and spoils," is hot. That
is why we smile,
Two columns of reading matter
in type stand over this week because of htck of space.
The depot officials, Messrs,
Thomas, Grove and McLeod are
obliging and well liked.
The fire wardens, Herbert Pitts.
Jack Lowes and Ira Black, are
talking about brick chimneys.
Everybody in Denver feels an
interest i" Mr. and Mrs. Clever's
new baby us it is the first girl baby
born jn the town.
34 representative citizens of New
Denver celebrated Bobby Burns'
birthday with songs, recitations
and flow of beverages.
Mr. S. A. Drake, of the Kaslo
Drug Co., has been in town the
past week arranging fop the opening of their pharmacy.
"Deiidman" Cutler has ordered a
skii'.l-und-eross-bones stencil with
which to mark the ore sacks of the
Deadman and Wild Goose.
Our travelling representative
found no one at home at the Chambers group-on his recent trip, but
made himself at home. The boys,
however, had left plenty of grub,
bedding and rtove wood at the
cabin; but no candles. The evening hjurs were passed 111 darkness,
except the firelight. The next,
time our tilakum goes ti/ an isolated
camp for the night he will carry a
Tne Alaskan Lung Balsam, a
sure cure for coughs, colds, etc.,
etc., at Holden's Pharmacy. *
'���J.ici-." Whittier, one of Slocan's
pioneers and a genuine rustler, is
about one of the luckiest boys in
the camp antl deservedly so. He
tliseovered the Blue Bird in 1892,
and on Sept. 10th last found the
now celebrated Goodenough. Besides th.s he is interested in the
Ai.toine in Ruby Silver basin, and
several other paying mines. Mr.
Whittier soon departs for a pleasure trip to the oiits.de world.
Holden's Pharmacy for''Pick Me
Up" and ad SureOuie Remedies for
the ailments many arc subject to. \
it oi .1 for Kali),
A hotel situated on the Kaslo-
Slocan road is offered for sale at a
reasonable price. For particulars
inquire at this office.
Pnctinl: Jwilla,: WiWwr ani
* Optim #
-New Denver ami Three Forks.-
Qrders for Re-pairs to be left with
I. S. Frkks5E,& Co. at New Denver,
���and -
s,0�� BOWEN  at Three Forks.-*
the Slocan during the laBt week in
December and the first week in
Respectfully  Yours,
Capt. W. J. Holden,
The Big Number
���i WITH A 1���
Full Account of the Mines
Will Be Sold at the   Usual Price of
10 cents per copy.
Leave Your Orders Now ,vJfr>*fr,
BY  W.  D.  PRATT.
Spokane has turned another red-
handed murderer loose. The jurors
nre said to have had wine suppers
after the verdict and to have had
the bad taste of having themselves
photographed in a group with the
murderer in the center. The members of that jury should be blacklisted and shunned by decent people. .
If there is a crime worse than
murder, it is that of kidnaping
children. What parent wou'd not
rather follow his or her child to
a grave, than to have it suddenly
"disappear, kidnaped by villians
'and subject to all the cruelty and
infamy that villians may choose to
heap upon it, and never again to
be seen or heard of by its parents
or friends?
This terrible crime is on the increase. In San Francisco alone
'over twenty little girls, ranging in
age from 4 to 14 yeiirs, have suddenly and mysteriously disappeared during 1894 liiid ho clue to
their whereabouts has been. obtained. Some of them have been
the children of wealthy parents,
who have offered large rewards for
their return. But even that inducement brings no word of their
a reef of great size bearing a low
grade free milling ore is reputed to
have been discovered.���Miner.
What a pity it is that British
Columbia's ores have to be sent
abroad to be smelted. What a
source of Wealth the establishment
of smelters will be to own province
in the near future���when they will
li.l1.   II.MIl"1     'T
Feed and
The Largest Stock of Feed and
Provisions in the Slocan country.
l.S. Freeze &Cd.
��� Attorney-at-Lavv,
Three Forks, B. C:
Special Attention to Mining
Office, Front Street.
Hoh. Mr. Turner in moving the
second reading reading of the bill
to provide ��420,000 for the public ��� be started in Kootenay and other
purposes of the Province, said he localities throughout the province,
thought there need be little said in Not until this is done will we be-
explanation of it, the principle of come the great mining country
the bill being bo simple that he nature designed Us to be.���Van-
who runs may read. It authorizes couver World;
the Province to borrow ��420,000
in the form of inscribed stock:
This method of borrowing is, as
all members Well know, one that
places oUr loans in the first position in the best markets of the
world and enables us to get money
at the very lowest rate of interest
and at the least expense. The provisions of the bill tire almost ex:
actly the same as those of the 1891
Loan act, which was the first one
under the inscribed stock plan. The
necessity of raising the money being well known, he thought anyone who considers the situation dispassionately and fairly will feel
that in asking for this sum the
Government is not in any way exceeding what the assets of the Province can fairly stand;
* �� * *
The last balance sheet show!
that the total liabilities of the Province, including all debts, in excess
of the assets, were then about
$2 400.00 \ but in reality as before
stated, we have not fully valued
otjr assets, though we did not knoW
why tliifc $29,000 a year shou d be
valued as an asset while the $218,
was not so valued. Were we to
put down tHe,value of all our subsidies we should have many millions of dollars to our credit oyer
all liahities. The purpose of th^e
I'oiin first of all is to pay off the
overdraft, but the remaining and
main portion of it is for expenditure on further public works. He
had tin another occasion during
! the session demonstrated that the
' effect of expenditure on ;public
works foi'opening up the Province
is highly beneficial and has been
followed by steady increase of revenue. .He ad vised I v suit! a steady
increase; fin- he, did not think that'
th" abnormal fall in .receipts for
the hi si year at all indicates. thai
the revenue of the province is ile*|
dining. On the contrary there isi
till   of steady   advance-;
11. KERR
From Mr. Donald Graham, M.P.
P. for this riding, we leitrn that
there is little likelihood that the
present size of mineral claims will
be reduced by the Legislature, both
Messrs Kellie and baker being
Btrongly opposed to the idea. The
committee on mining, however, approved of the fight to all timber on
the surface being granted to claim-
holders, and appeared also to be
Willing to return to the recording
law of 1891 as to the number i
claims which can be legally he'd
in the same district. The legislature will, of course, have to approve
of the | reposed amendments to the
act, but the recommendations of
the committee are practically certain to be carried.
Mr. Graham has worked hard  to
have these  amendments   made   to
the law, and deserves credit for. his i evidence
Action in the matter���.t  fact which   |m.nf^
his constituents   in   the   southern ( *
jportit.ii id  the   hrling   should   be     If the Prftvince is temporarily j
Blow to forget .--Midway   Advance; (l aeni,e ���n(iei. ��� (.joud (,wil,   tl)' t|1(,
and Notary Public.
E. SiiANNON', Prop.
and Taffy
Patronage solicited..
New   Denver.
me Falls
Universal financial depression, thai I
cloud certainly has a silver lining.
���::  The first thin ti to  look   forward I (Hear, hear,)    Indeed, in   British
to when the frost leaves   Us,   pl'nb- j Cidunibist it has a goideti lis well as
ably about the be]
Will be the commencement *>f  work  riio'tis wealth.in silver mines in  the
by the Nelson   Hydraulic1   Mining
Co. at Forty-nine creek.    It will be developed, and they are just begin-
ttmve 7 a. m. NET.SON Arrive 8:40 p. in.
New Store in New Denver.
Fruit, Produce, Staple Groceries.       Live and Dressed Poultry.���
Also, NEWS DEALER: Daily and Weekly Papers and
Stationery supplied to Miners.
This Large New House is Now Open for the Accomodation of the Public
G      T
G.      R
G       R
O       A
0       0
O       A
0       B
b    o.
O       T
B       L,
D      M
D       E
E S S   -
Everything first-class.
Lowes and Crane,      Proprietors*
The  Pacific   Hotel.
In  Every  Particular.
Rooms in charge of Mrs* Terrill
A WEllMCD BAR IN OT2CWN, Hidden & Twill,
Front Street, THREE FORKS, B. C. >
Ji WOODS*  Bakery,
Fresh Bread Always on Hand.
13 Loaves for $i.00.jp^
N TUESDAYS mill Fridays trains will run
.-,.,ni..;: of March, I a.silverlining, for while the er,o,-.:VJ T^&ft^^JiSStf
at 7
a. mi on Wednesdays.aiidSaturduyi., lirrlvingat
Ncl��nn at ��;I0 p.m. same dav, making oloflrcore
Province is just commending to be nwAk,w wlUl 9U'ft,"ur N*ls"li f"r,ul Kw����w
Passengers for Kettle River and Itnundary
remembered that when  the   wnterjnirig to ship in   large  quantities,.g^^S^^JM^n^S!^
failed them  In   the   autumn   they our.gold mines arejust.starting up
had just  uncovered   a   Very   rich with renewed energy. '��� (Applause.)
bank of cement gravel   and   this. Many strong companies,   Bringing
bank will be the first  to  go   down j In foreign capital, have commenced
through the   sluice   boxes,   which working   by    the   best   approved
Hunter & McKinnon
Large Stock of Miners' and Builders' Hardware, Nails, Tinwaf'e, Paints.
Oil��Varnish,Glass,etc. d,ROGERIES~Hungarian and Spokanehard  wheat flour, ��� salmon,   mackerel,  bacon;
butter,   ham, dinned, g.ods,   potatoes,   etc
Also an  a&ortinent of
y#  , , j.   .     _ . i)..
Drjr Goods, Boots and Shoes;
gl^All of which is offered at a low price for cash.
have been altered rind enlarged so
as to j,ake almost any hbiilder that
may present itself and to avoid
disaster from the floods  that come
methods, and the Steady increase
in the output of gold; as is Showh
by the mining report, cleitrly indh
cates tnat w&- have   commenced -a
Passengers lor Trail Creek mine* connect at
ahbiiort with stage on Wednesdays and Sat-
later  oh.   Trie   public   wlH   then i fresh era iiigoid mining.    Worked
on the present large scale, the
mines will not only pay, but pay
handsomely, in good wages to'
operators as well ,as profit to investors; . The development! of the
mines and the increase in the mining population means continued
aritj greater prosperity for the agrl;
eagerly watch developments at
Hall creek, where the first part of
the bond has been taken Up on the
Fern and Eureka; claims, the
quartz ledge having ,widetied out to
four feet. The doings .of< the Kootenay HydraUlic Mining Co. tm the
Pend d' Oreille will be narrowly
scrutinized its well as the develop'
ment of placer ground recently discovered on the South side of that
river. But perhaps by Nelson
itself the greatest interest of all
fill be taken in the Ray of Hope;
a claim on Sevenniile creek, where
Atlantic Impress arrives 10110 dally.
j>aelrio        " "       l.TH'i     '���
. Cheapest, hioslreliableand.salc-TOUte to Mon
treal, Toronto, St. Paul; Chicago, Sew York ana
lloslon,   Rates U,to$10 lower than any other
specially fitted Colonist tarsi thi charge of ii
orter; for the accommodation of passengers
**   Richelieu Hotel.
A. MoCOMJiER, Proprietor.
The Hourb will be Entirely Renovated and Conducted   iri
FiRBT-CUsa StyLe.
Sample Rooms
Stocked with Best Brahds of Liquors and Cigars;
���;.;  :-;i..     s        COURTEOUS TREATMENT TO ALL.
three Forks,
Passengers hooked Io and front all European
points at lowest rates, ���"   ���'�����,    u      " > .��
cultural interests; which Will haVS'ffiW'nBsedmiicianstioiteis.
to. produce the food". puppies.   HJj
feltj .confident   in    predicting. H.ri
early increase in revenue of   frd.fn
50 to 75iper!cent., arid therefore he ,,,,,,,,
,,,,    i.  i��Sifiri      j,       t-   _   t     i Full and reliable information given by apply-
had no hesitation id presenting to ipgto
the   HoUse   the   application
authority for this loan,
! Low freigt raffia
jvill save money by having thoir
via the C. P. R.
Qdtck despatch. Merchants
'   freight routed
for | b^O. MCL. DROWN,-        1, T. BKEW8TBR, ���������
Asst. lieu, passenger agent,       Local agent,
| Vancouver, Revelstoke,
B. C��
GENERALStORE n) t>6stOfficii IB
fcife    orl   the     No-Man's-Land     of    the
Gay times are coming for the
people of the Colville Indian reservation and the eettiere just outside
its borders. Their hopes that the
land would be thrown open this
Spring were given up long ago���
March, 1896, is the nearest date
they dare fix for that event now���
but they Will have plenty of fun
this year anyway.
Capt. Bubb, the Indian agent,
started it. The time limit will
Soon expire on his famous order
that all whites not married to
squaws must leave the reserve.
Nominally, of course, there are no
such white men on the reservation.
In reality, it is said, there are
dozens of them there. Home are
miners quietly prospecting to get
the bearings of good ledges before
the land is opened. Others are
young fellows out for adventure or
trying to be "sooners" in selecting
Finally, there are the "toughs"���
free and easy gehth men who for various reasons are I usily encaged in
'Shunning the corrupting influences
of city life. Deer run in plenty on
the reservation, and skinning venison is nicer work than biking jute
bags any day. [There is a jUtt
bag factory in ihe Washington
���penitentiary.] And as for nectar
and other luxuries���there the ever
blessed tariff system comes to theii
relief. A fat steer is worth $10.00
'on the reservation and $r>6iOQ just
across the line among the mint's.
It's a long line anil can be en ssen
almost anywhere. Further explanation is unnecessary.
"Nobody cares much about tht
'captain's order," said a Stevens
county man today, "at least si
long as only the, native police an
directed to enforce it: One dollai
will make the average Indian si
gloriously drunk he couldn't see a
regiment of sooners. Even if tin
soldiers come to drive out tin
whites, I don't think it will inattei
much. The prosi ettors will just
cross the line into British Cnluin-
bia. The toughs can't, follow-'-ont
did try to settle on the other side a
while ago ami 1* ni.w doing ten
years time���but they can ritli
across the Okanogan river am
wait till the clouds roll by.
"Of course there's another alternative���marrying a Squaw���but
most of the hoy* don't take  kindh
to that plan, and some who might
can't find ii decent sjuaw wli
wants' to take them up. So I don'i
think the order will cause any
heavy boom in hiatrihn.ny yei
There is plenty of trouble with
these international marriiin.ee as it
is. Of couive the half breeds anon the reservation in full force.
Until the order was issued granting
each Indian eighty acres of reservation land, many of the squaw
men were living in Stevens county
���some even holding office and exercising all the rights of citizens.
That order caused a rush to the
reserve. Now, much complaint is
made that these "squaw men" have
picked out all the best eighty acre
meadows for their half breed children, and when the land is opened
the white settlers will have to take
what is left.
The opinion of Secretary Hoke
Smith, published in Tuesday's
Chronicle, hits caused ho little debate. The secretary held that
membership in. an Indian tribe
may be established by the laws and
usages thereof in spite of the general rule that among free people
tjhe child of married parents follows
the condition of its frither;'
. Now the question is, where does
that leave the half breeds? Are
���{here an# "laws and usages" which
make them members of the Colville tribe? If so, each will have
eighty acres. Or do they "follow
the condition of their fathers," and
have to take their chances with
other white men on the islands?
But the latest sensation along
the border is the attempt of the
Indians to collect fees for pasturage. The settlers on the British
side of the line own cattle and
cayuses, which with true Canadian
instincts like to "tray to greener[?]
pastures on the Yankee side. Thai
was all right until a short time ag<
when the old chief appeared ujitu
the scene and rounded up about
100 head of straying cayuses, am
demanded pay for their pasturage.
"He got two of my colts," said i
man from Midway last evening,
"and wanted a dollar or two apiece
for the grass they had eaten. Did
I pay? Guess not. I took my
other 'Colt' and went over the line
after them���and the chief didn't
say 'boo.'"
Altogether, the people- on the
reservation are having plenty of
fun this winter.���Spokane Chronicle.
*~/ M. M.  WILLIAMS,
        THREE FORKS;
Boots and Shoss Hade to Order
'" i
First-class Work and Best Materia'1
Ore Street, Tiirke Forks.
You Will Find
You Want
In the wav of
-and-   FANCY* GOODS   ���at-
ES, w, w, ouun
Bolander B'ld'g,       New Denver
Mail orders forwarded;
Star   ^iy
-?1V Hotel
Rate, $1.60 to $2.00 per day;
Merchant Tailoi
Nelson, 1!. C.
A choice collection  of Worsted,
i serges and tweeds always on ham
Mrs. J. H. We rely
Has Ladies' Fancy Dress Goods, |
Muslins, Lares, Delicate Flannels, Gloves, Mitts,  :
Musical Instruments';
Fresh Fruit.
am/kinds of
Sewing   Done.
New   Denver.
i r
-SANDON, B, C.���
Str,"W. Hunter"
I  EAVES New Denver daily  for
Silverton at 7  a.  mi, and for
Wilson creek at 8:30 a. m.
Leaves Wilson creek for New  Denver and Silverton at 4 p. m.
Jta Trading & Nation Cnouji
C. & K. S. N. Co,
TIME   TAKI.K   NO.    5.
In effect Wednesday, Aug. 29,189J.
ievei.stoke route-steames: lvtto^
Connecting with tho Canadian Piiclfltl rail
vny (main line) lor points bosi and west.
Leaves Keyeistokii on Fridays at I a. m.
Leaves Lbbson  on Saturdays at fl p. ni.
Leaves Nelson I Leaves h'a-dufiir Nelson
Mondays at i p. m.      I Sundays at K ��. ni.
Tnt-siiii ������.- tit <| n, in.      j ���] (tesdays at :J n. in.
��� 'ne-tuvsaiSiiOiuii. I Wednesdays, s. a. m.
Thursdays at 4 p.m.   |    hur days in 8 u   m.
Fridays at 4p.lit. I Fridays at sn. m.
Saturday,hi jtiOp.m., ! Sninrliiy r,;. Op. m.,cnn-
coni.cctingnn Satur- in ill igon I i.e.idavsioici
days and We'duesftnys I Fridays with Nelson .'
with-.Nelson. & Fm-t I Bh shcpiurd railway
Sheppard railway for for Spoknno,
Ki'shiaiidl.ttke points, |
The company reserves
this schedule at any time
the right Io change
without notice.
For full Information ns in tickets, rates, etc
apply al the company's offices, Nelson, II, C
T. ALLAN, J, VI, TKOf.lI>,
Secretary. Manager.
S. McKinnon,
J, Levi.
Norquay Restaurant.
Board by Day or Week.
Open Day and Night.
Larcikst and Best Hotel.
Rates $1.50 to  $2.00 per day.
quarters for
ioode at whdlesale or Retail.
3rd St.,  KASLO.
V. D. Mooue, Pres.
l\. McFf.rran, Sec't'j
The Slocan Store Co. (Ltd.)
All goods at Rock Bottom prices.
3 Forks Sawmill,
Kiln Dried Lumber a Specialty.
We are now. able to Supply Kiln  Dried Flooring, Rustic,
Ship-Lap,   V-Joirit .Ceiling,   and  all   kinds  und   sizes of
���   Dressed Boards on Slioft Nut ire and nl Reasonable Prices.
A Full Line of Rough Lumber mid Shinnies constantly on hand or
Cut to Order.
LOVATT BROS.. Proprietors.
Terminus of Nakusp & Slocan Railway.
Situated at the Forks of Carpenter creek,
������For prices and particulars apply to-
I LOEWEN, Real Estate and Mining Broker;
605 HASTINGS STREET, VANCOUVER, B. C.   ���> ^^ p6
D. M Baumgarde is down from
Bellville for a day or two of city
The dancing club has fitted up a
M. Ediams returned from a business trip to Pilot bay on Tuesday
R. E. Lemon,  the   Nelson   mer-
room on A Avenue in  which   will | chant, was in Kaslo   on   Tuesday
be held their   weekly   services   in
honor of the nimble goddess.
The straightening and confining
of Kaslo creek and the prevention
of damage from its   erratic   move-
0. G. Dennis was in Nelson on
business the early part of the
Mr. Van Giisken, of   the   Konte-
ments will receive early attention nay Trading Co. at Bonner's Ferry,
from the new city council. It needs has been spending a few days in
it. Kaslo. "���'���
The Hotel Slocan  has   a   newly      Mrs. Bemis  and   daughters   left
imported    cook,   and     a     young f���r Three Forks on Tuesday  morn-
woman waiter,    McPhee and Roatb  [ni, alter spending a "day or two
ley are making strenuous and  sue-  the city.
cessful efforts to place their  popu-      preliminary   steps   have    been steps t-i Kectiie the pay mi nt of
lar hostelry in the forefront  of its taken for an appeal fr.mi the judge-  men.           ' ";  "
Kind. ments of the convicting justices  in   ���~ ���~	
There is   an   untraceable  rumor the case of Charles Plyinkett.
afloat that the proprietor of cue of      j  g_ 'Holland', late   manager   of
discuss the action of the President
of the Council in appearing'against
the Province in a law case.
Mr. Speaker was still undecided,
when Hon. Mr. David rose, as he
said, to-rescue Mr. Semlin from the
difficult position he had got into.
He said the Government had taken
the matter into consideration before
Mr. Semlin had ever thought of it.
Mr. Semlin asked if the Attorney-General, as leader of 'the Government, would giye his word that
he would see the men were paitl
before settling with the company.
Mr. Davie���J say that all   neces-
n sary inquiries have been made, and
that   the   Government   will    take
T, A. Garland's
FRONT ST., KASLO, B. C, IN C- Vy Wrl Wfl Etfi
;. '.' Sri
For���    MEN'S ROOTS and SHOES.   Heavy grain leather shoes.
��� Heavy grain leather nailed shoes,     3-buckle  lined over shoes.
2-buckle gum shoes.    1-buckle gum shoes.     GERMAN SOX !
Largeststock in the country. -���p>     German Sox!   ���
the journals of the district is desirous of trying Kaslo as a newspaper field.- He is in a position to
know something of the chances of
Alex Smith has received the certificate of incorporation of tne Slocan Surprise Mining Company and
has gone to New Denver, to* look
after the Crown Grants of the various properties belonging to his
William Hargraves of Winnipeg
is   the   first   of   the   commercial
travellers to make  his   appearance ter|11 l(, ai| tne prfegeut  holders   of
in the Slocan country   during   the
current year.   Thomas Blackwood
llow'en House, TUKEE FORKS
the Theater Comique, has been
''sizing up"-the Situation with regard to re-opening that place of
John A. Finch was in Kaslo last
week and paid a hurried visit to
his properties in the Slocan. He
has great hopes of the wealth-pro-1
ducing qualities of his Trail creek
At a recent session of the licensing board for the city of Kaslo, the
commissioner* directed. that licenses should issue for the  ensuing
Slocan News Co.
���;������ AOKSTS,	
Stationery, Candies,   Nuts,  Fruits,
Cider, Fruit Juices,
Tobaccos,  Cigars,   Boo kg,   Novels,
Novelties.   jj��<ff"T!lust.rated Papers.
At NpftQijAY Block.
S. B. Shaw,
Commission Merchant.
* PtETEUTOUW   TSSil, ftlll't, PKJ,   l�� PIWE, *
Lowest Market Rates.
Correspond; uoe Solicited. KASLO, B. C.
Kaslo Provision Co,
Three Forks.
of the same city is also visiting his
customers here.
Word comes from Banff of the
death there of John Walmsley, a
citizen of this city. He was formerly chief of the Kaslo Fire Brigade; and has a brother and many
warm friends in Kaslo, and
throughout the Slocan district.
A quaintly written notice posted
at the street corners invites everybody to meet at the Lakeview hotel
for "social and literary recreation^"
This, I suppose, is the resurrect ion
of the Literary Sociely of last win*
ter to which alluion was made in a
Nelson paper a week or two v,-p>.
Robert Jat-kson has settled most
of the indebtedness incurred by Dr.
Kilbourne and the bonders in connection with the Northern Belle
mine, and will Boon be in ttiii
possession again of that valuable
property. He was ii
Monday and Tuesday
Among the unfortunate   victims
pftha terrific disaster at Butte was
W. II. Nolan.    Young ^gian   was
a student   at   the   Butte   Business   rettu i
College,   and   a   brother   of   Mrs.  '"
Robert Jackson, of  this  city,   who
saloon licenses.
It is repotted that an application
Notice is liuieliy given.  That at the present
f.ession of ihe ! emulative Assembly of the Province of ilrilisn Culninbiii, application  will be
. ,.     . , made for an, Act To incorporate a company for
win oe miule to one tit   tne   judges  ae purpose of puiuirugtirig, i.Berotiiig and
... -. ,      V,       ,    maintaining a r&flw&y, contmencTng at u point
of the Supreme Court to   tet m'iiiik  at or near the Oiry.'of hu��L. fa the Province of
, ...      , ���    ,i iiriiish  Culuiult.il,   mo..en riMiiiing   up    the
ftUglieS OUt Oil hail,     tie was  colli-   NorUi Fork nfKa'jfo Rive* to-.tlio  head  of the
,*���       ' ,   ,     ; ,'������''   divide betveen l-'i-h and  Hear   Lakes,   Ihence
lllltteil tor trial after   ail    examina-   lb Three Folks, thence til the  head  waters 61
_f      . ut the oolilh Fork  of Carpenter  C.-eek,   at   or
ti->ll     by     Stlpenilllir.V     Magistrate   near  a  seftlepont called  'iSandon,"   thence
westerly.and south easterly to the head waters
of Four Mile C.-eek, -.��� i Ii power to build branch
lines toany or all in nes adjacent to tne line of
railway, and aisowio. power to build wharves
and diets, and to erect; maintain and operate
1,'Jeg.apu and'Iilepn,-ne lines and all iiec.-t-
sury ivories in connection therewith,
Daied at Kaslo this loth   day   of   December,
John Lky Ketali.ack,
UliOltOE OWEN   lltlL'HAKAN,
alviieii William Wbiohtj
HAMILTON ilVKliS,   ���
John" keen.
For a Fine Suit, Wait for,
Of Rkvklstokk,
VVno Vwm Tiikbk Forks Evkrv Two Months.
There is a Trail creek epidemip
abroad in the coininunity which
threatens to draw away front us
some of our worthy citizens.
Ever since the return of-a prominent barrister from Rossland ihe
very air has been resonant with
"War Laglc," "Le Roi," ''Columbia," n.i.l the splendid properties
which lie around and about the
new customs town.
���). !���). Mc Arthur contemplates,
removing to Rossland in the ci urse
nf i.iv.. or three weeks, where he'
will look after the various mini, g
properties in which he iB interested.
Some will doubtless follow the
enthusiastic legal apostle to the
new .Mecca.
i it; can McPhail,   the   tailor,   Is
already (here and   is   expectetl   to
V, ifn a later midget of   news
a day or two,
iiliy Kellem, ihe popular pro*
has the sympathy ol the entire prietor of the Idaho restaurant,
Community in her terribly sudden left for Rossland on Tuesday and
affliction. Mrs. Jackson left for wiilnote tho situation,
the Montana ciiy on Monday :,. i;. Wilson, the Kaslo and
inorning. Three Forks merchant, also   weht
J. R. YVyant went to, Spokane on in ihe same direction, and will
Tuesday to look after the interests open a branch at Rossland if the
pf a nephew, who claims to be the circumstances seem to justify such
JJo'.e legitimate heir of John VVyant'a movement
who was murdered  some
i    JNeiSOn    ^ii
on   business.
Books, matiomcuy anu
II the Latest Leading Tapers and
pirn tlicais   kept in stock,
/��^y"Onlcrs by mail promptly
atteiideii to'���jggfl
Front, St., KASLO, B. 0,
0KT-K Big Supi lv or >
Groceries Hardware
General Merchandise,
Gents'  Furnishing Goods, Boots and Slues, Glass, Nails, Building
Hardware and Tinware,
John B. Wilson
Three Forks
o o ooo o
A [inl-Giu Sa-i tt Ei��nsKi kin,     ! tyire Hitli in IL
Adams k Oammings, Propr's.
All work Kuarunlced.
Will  I'hj- II..- M��-ll,
[CurreRIioiiileiice Coluinbian.]
Mr. Bemlin moved  the adjournment of the House to  discuss   the
two or
three years ago at S] angle in
Washington. Considerable .property is involved. The nephew
resides in Kaslo and bis prospects answers given by the Attorney*
of succeeding to the property are j General to question* asked yester-
fcaid to be good. ! day respecting the Imlance  due   to
The new city council held its'the Nakusp & Slocan Railway Co.,
first meeting on Monday afternoon, and the amounts due to workmen
Mayor Keen delivered a brief in- j remaining unpaid. Mr. Semlin
augural in which the civic situa- said the Government should see
tion and the civic wants were the men paid before paying bal-
clearly stated. Committee on | ance to the company.
"Public Works," on "Sanitation,"! The Siieaker asked for a prece-
���nd on "Finance" were   appointed. I d he m()ti(,n
The city's affairs will not suffer for " ..    _*  .....
Want of energy   and   care   on   the
part of the new city fathers.
\, atchmaker and
Is  Now damning.
Daily Stages bltwkkn k^lo andthuee forks
Mr. Semlin cited a   similar   motion of Mr. Cotton last   session   to
Faelo. IC.
Stables at Kaslo and Three Forks.
All Fine Work Finished
ill BH artistic manner.
Saddle Horses to Let
At Both Stables.


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