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Slocan Prospector 1895-02-09

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701, \A\ 30.
Ove Shlpnionta.
The ore shiprisents by rail from
Three Forks during the past week
have averaged about 60 tons a day.
Double that amount might have
been shipped as it is in the ore
sheds, but mine owners are disposed to give the grangers who are
transporting the ore from the head
of Arrow Lake to Wigwam a
chance to catch up, so that future
shipments may; go right through
without delay.
���     Feb. 3, Idaho 20
Feb. 4,   " 20
Reco 20
Nnble Five     85
Feb. 8, Slocan Star 100.
Noble Five    15
Idaho 20.
Reco 15
Feb. 9, Idaho 35
Reco 15
Wonderful     35
Total No. tons
Sept.-Dec. 2,151 tons,
Jan. 1,397     "
Feb. (to date) 330     "
Total since Sept. 1st 3,878 tons.
Worth nearly half a million
dollars.      .
Our   Valentine.
The season
when the
mails are
burden ed
with valentines is at
hand. 'Formerly most
yalenti nes
were of a
order, but
pictures are now most in deman"
for valentines. The news stand8 "*
Kaslo, Three Forks and New Denver are well supplied with them-
The accompanying picture is a copy
of one which the editor has received.	
On the Verge of a Sale.
New Denver, 8 p. m., Saturday,
Feb. 9th. [Special, telephoned to
the Prospector.]���Negotiations for
the sale of the Cumberland to the
Duluth syndicate, represented by
Capt. Moore, have been pending
all week and were very nearly concluded today. The sum to be paid
is not a large one considering the
location of the mine and the
amount of high grade ore in sight.
Fifteen thousand dollars of the
amount is cash and the balance
payable in six months.
War Eagle Jumped.
The War Eagle mine in the
Trail creek district is reported to
have been jumped by a man
closely associated with lawyer Mc-
Arthur. The technicality on
Which the proceeding is based is
that the man who sold or bonded
to Patsy Clark and Finch let his
license run out, and that as he had
hot been paid in full the property
Stood in his name. Finoh & Clark
are working the mine, taking out
h 40 or 50 tons a day.
Interests  Ha.
A Stevens county company proposes to connect all the Stevens
county towns with Spokane by
telephone. With the present activity in telephone circles in West
Kootenay it would not be long
before the systems on either side of
the boundary would lie connected,
giving the Slocan telephone connection with Spokane, Portland,
Seattle and Vancouver.
The Bowen Kfouse put in a
phone today.
Private 'phones for five dollars
a month by the Telephone Co.
Telephone connection was made
with Sandpn yesterday.
Jim Clark and Tom the black
steed have a job in the Slocan Star.
Seats in the stage coach are
likely to be at a premium for the
next few days.
The Toronto Presbyterian says
the moral tone of Kaslo; has been
perceptibly raised,
Pete Angrignon continues to run
a stage twice a week between New
Denver and Three Forks.
Randall H. Kemp will spend the
next week at Judge Abbs' villa
compiling his mineral report.
Dr. Edwards of Kaslo is now
located in Three Forks with headquarters at Livers' drug store.
Eighteen loaves of bread
for one dollar at
Jas. Woons' bakery.
It is rumored that the Steamer
Idaho has been chartered to haul
rails from Bonners tferry to Kaslo
for the Kaslo-Slocan railroad.
J. A. Finch has secured an
option on a nice block : of   ground
Old   timers   are' predicting   an
early Bpring; ���   -J    ��� ;'
' DrC. Clark is   shipping   a   carload of ore from the Ruth mine.
Some fine specimens of ore from'
the Yakima were 'shown around
"town Thursday.
A. J. McMillan, chief engineer
of the Kaslo-Sloea/i railway, is expected in Kaslo from the coast in
about six weeks.
Tho Alaskan Lung Balsam, a
sure cure for coughs, colds, etc:,
Ctc, at Holden's Pharmacy. *
The Pkospeciou is at the top of
the heap. If "old John" wants to
bring the Tribune into the Slocan
and try us a round, let him   come,
JimGilhooley, Tom Avisnn and
J. Gordon, all experienced mill
men are stationed in the different
compartments of the concentrator.
The announcement that the
Comique would reopen on the llth
awakened a responsive chord in
Cole Murchison and he took tlie
next stage for Kaslo
The German Steamer Elbe, an
"American liner," was recently
sunk a iew miles off the German
coitot by u collision with the British Str.' Crathie;   Only 2J   escaped
Houston   versus Hume.
It has been apparent for sometime that the astute editor of. the
Tribune is not satisfied with the
man whom hc Drought out,
groomed and championed for the
Provincial parliament. Several
spiteful flings at Mr, Hume have
appeared in the Tribune
arid now., it openly. denounces
hi,uvajl l\ecaiige.he didn't vote' to
suit the autocrat on every bill that
came before the house. It is sad to
witness these dissentiotis- among
brethren who should dwell together
in unity and perpetual harmony.
Mr. Hume voted with the major-
We now have telephone connection witb-Three Forks, New Den
ver and Silverton;.
Johhie Harris is doing the assessment work on the claim on
which the town is built, It is
hoped that he will be able to secure surface rights and sell lots
Colorado's Gjovfcnn,r   Speaks.
���*���Tn'his imuigPral address Governor Mclntyre handled state questions in an able manner, and concluding said: '���'
"We do not expect [national]
legislation favorable to   silver   be-
ity of the opposition   members   on ;x-u4*e U is a morey of the wnstitu-
the bill on which his  vote  was   so *m' "��r becaU8e we tXPect   ^
pathy or charily from any   source;
nor because we, as  producers,   are
interested in enhancing its  value:
but Letause its restoration is   abso-
iffensive to the Tribune.
Works Clke a Charm.
The concentrator is running.   It
was started up  Monday,   and   the lutely tlecreed by the  natural  law
celebration over the event was   no of commerce thtft cannot   be   diso.
tame affair-   The mill works  like beyed without punishment follow-
a charm, so far as  the  machinery 1"?.'r.    . , .    ,
��� i. .     ,   ��� '     -  ,   mi "Punishment is beinsi   inflicted
and structure are concerned.   Ihere ��������   %   .      ��� ������, b   i "���     j
., now and   will   become  more   and
is a lack of water which   may   be m0re   grievous   until    endurance
remedied by fluniing from Carpeu-( must   cease,   and   blindness   and
ter creek.   There is plenty of water 1 redjudie'e, design   and   selfishness
in Three Forks1 and   is   likely' to |,rm" tlie E;1,e' al,d 374  passengers
establish his'headquarters here.
Col. Wharton came  down   from
and most of the crew were lost.
in Howson creek 10 months in tin
year but it is now very low.
Dr. Roll's   Celebrated   Stomach
,,     i,��� i , ,   and'Liver Fills lire to   be   had   at
the Keco yesterday   and   reported  t] ,,    ,   ���, ,m    .    *   ���,,
,    ��   ,.       ,       ���     ,    , Holden's Pharmacy    Fhe best pills
the finding of ore in the lower tun- 0��� tn3 nia,.i<et today for kidney
n'el, after a deadwork' run of 350 and liver ailments. Try a box and
feet. . be convinced. ''' *
Constable E. M. Sandilands hasi With the desertion of Slocan
oomfortabie quarters in the new, Avenue in Denver by the Nelson!
gaol. Though the gaol has been wreckers, Sixth Street comes prom-
completed three weeks no one has inently to the front again and the
been locked up yet. Its existence enterprising men who have iiij
seems to have a salutary effect.        j vested their money on   that   street I
Ladies, at Holden's Pharmacy : "W J'et 'realize on their invest- \
you wiH find a good assortment of mellts- II11'1 have the satisfaction |
perfumes; toilet soap; combs; hair, R? *eemg it become the 'ending'
nail and tooth brushes; toilet pow- thoroughfare of the capital city j
ders; vaselines; cold creams; face. The boys are all down f">m the ',
powders; rouges; Florida and Ivanhoe except Foley. They had,
Cologne waters; etc., etc, firunsho-t  of   supplies   ami   snow
Judge Carson of Montana has an ',Mln,:e c"veml the u'ail 8 lhnt '**
interesting lot of stereoptican views *** ahmwt '"'possible to freight
which he will exhibit at Bowen's P��"d-? UP' T!,a WWiMfi*, !"<>,
hotel this (Saturday) evening and hnve " ll,a-'ful WH^ "f mal >"^��P'
again on Sunday evening, the haZHr{1 l"'m"<"1!"'PH '"''"'(1 'he
Judge is an entertaining conversa-, ^'anll'rf 1lhi,t iS "ot at
tionalist and public speaker.
Itnther Complimentary.
The Slocan Piusi'ixTok, of Thret
Forks, B, C, conns to (ur table
marked exchange. We complj
with pleasure as it is one of tht
brightest publications in tins
great northwestern country.���The
Leavenworth (Wash.) Journal.
n-Uft all yield to the crushing force
'f natural laws. This country
must submit first, heeause its great
growth of population ami consequent greater need of commercial
expansion wil make the friction of
clogged exchanges more and more
intense. The nn.re acute the trou->
ble the more active the effort to
find out the cause.     ��� '-
"The troll hie ia, exchanges cannot be freeiy maile because the
tiiiinciai'tnediutii is insufi'cient in
quantity'.'' When this is known
and appreciated by a majority of
ihe ) ci),le of the United States,
the only remedy there is or can bo
! Will be applied and silver will be
restored at a gptio with gold of
rpi ���   .���      ... ,   ,      : sixteen p�� one, or   perhaps   fifteen
This town is beginning to feel as i(llfl one-hall to one    That is   the
though she is worthy of note. ratjo which their   relative   quanti-
Another store and a news stand ties in smre indicate is the correct
are to be   started   next   week. m��'    With silver restored and  hei
i-iher resources   developed   Colora-
Rawhiders and   freighters   have do's people will have   an   enviable
kept the town lively all  winter,       l"t."
Too Late to    Clu����lfy.
15 or 20 arrivals  in   town   this
Holden's Pharmacy for "Pick Me
Up*' and all Sure Cure Remedies fur
the ailments many are subject to. \
W. L. Smith received a letter
yesterday from Jim Wardner. The
letter was written  from   Philadel-
ui reassuring, Foley remained at the mine
to see that the tunnels didn't run
into each other n-.r a snnwslide
s\yipe the woodshed,
Jack McKinnon who had such a
tussle with the Noble Five snow-:
slide at the time that his  compan-
. .       ,���.     u ��� ,  >"ri Oillis   lost   his   life   says   he
phia.    Ihe  "promoter"   expressed h���..ma ���   ,���,..���   f,       ax. i
f        .,      .    r      ,        ,      K, Knows no more of how it hainened
himself as being pleased  to    earn  ��u������ ,u      i i    i    ,  ,    , ,
,.    ��� ���. ?  v than though he hadn't  been   there,
that   Slocan   is   nrosnerous.   He  li��� ., -.i ,       ���   ,
...,���,     , .,,       .,, V ,   He neither saw nor heartl the slide
thinks Leadville  will   be   a   good  ,���,���,: ���    ,���,,     ,       ,.
.. b      , conung   antl    doesn't    remember
camp this year, ...u.��-.   .... u  l-        n
1 J     ' I when it struck   him.    He   rem em-
If you have a back ache or pafn berg nothing that occurred untjl
in the side or chest you will find he saw Ed Kelly down op the
plasters at Holden's Pharmacy sleigh road, three-fourths of a mile
that will cure you. * from the trail where he was caught.
Some Kaslo men and women are I Jim Black, of New Denver, is
enraged because the Rev. John' out on a trip to the coast. At
Hunter wrote to an eastern church Vaanoouver he will pay up his
organ this setltenee: "It was only dues at the I. O. G. T. lodge, have
at the manse that he was made to a good time with the old timers
think of home and that men and probably get shanghied for
should be true and women pure," China. Jf he escapes he will on
It seems that West Kootenay his return leave the main line at
preachers usually "put their foot' Ashcroft and visit the scenes of the
in it" when they attept to write for j golden days of Quesnelle and Bar-
the press. | kevville.   Stopping   at   Kamloops
No house should be without a.[ he will engage a berth in the Old
bottle of Alaskan Lung Balsam and j Mens Home to be reserved for him
a box of Dr. Roll's Celebrated Sto- pending the few more years he will
mach & Liver Pills. A life may be spend promulgating spirit-ual con-
saved by keeping these on hand.   * solution in the Slocan.
Lodging Rooms,
Bath Rooms.
Opposite Prospector otlice.-
^v^va. .
B. C.
And Post-Gffice, U|v, HlUtv V4MHIM
BY  W.  n.  PRATT.
It costs the big corporations
more money than formerly to purchase the election of a United
States senator.
"Wings" will have to repeat his
lectures to his countrymen once
a month for a year to have any
perceptible effect.
England and Russia have, it is
said, locked arms, but that would
not prevent them licking horns
when another dispute arises on the
Eastern question.
Follow Mexico. It is costing
the United Slates more to maintain
the parity of gold and silver than
it would to purchase gold at a
premium to pay maturing obligations.
scene of action being merely shifted
from the Balkan peninsula to that
of Kurdistan.
Were   Armenia  or,  more  properly speaking, the   region   inhabited by Armenians of les3 extended
area, or could the Armenians them*
selves be attracted to   one particular part of the country, the task  of
governing them would offer less mi
superable     difficulties.    But     the
trouble is that they   are   numeri-
daily few,   and   scattered   over   a J
large extent of territory; the ponse-:
quence   being   that. the   form   of j
government extuht in the Lebanon
represented by a   Chrisuon   Gov- j
ernor-General,  nominated   by   t^lie
Porte but suctioned by the  Powers,'
which has been found to  work  ad-,|
numbly in Syria, is not practicable
lis regards Armenia.
Let it not be' imagined  that the
Armenian   peasant    ^ufi'ers   more
than hiB Musselman fellow-subject.
The one is no worse   treated   than j
the other.   The only   difference   is '
that the sufferings of the Christian ;
���ni many eases,' grossly    exuggeivi
ated to suit political or journalistic
exigencies-" reach     the     cars     of|
Europe, while th se nf the Mahometan are never heard of.    It shun d
aisii be  borne in   miml   that   the
niiuns'prii'ig   of   the   agitation     in
Asia.Minor today,' as   it   was   in
Eastern Europe twenty   years  ago
is political. - Province,
nuggets over one ounce or $20. All
ttrewiry. up the river T find men at
work gophering, as they call it,
and iff rfearlj-every case making
good money, averagir g from $25 to
$30 per week,; At; the 'falls, nine
miles frorn the lake, large nuggets
have been found, one going near
three ounces. Taking into consideration the natural advantages
this district possesses in the form
of water power from the side creeks
on the mountains, I 'am surprised
that hydraulic power haj? not been
in use long since, as the auriferous
benches are sufficient to last a
number of. years. This, taken with
the etsy cost of laying down plant,
makes it an easy field to Work and
one that wiU'lie pushed' on in the
coming spring, I have no hesitation jn sayipg that the Lardeau
district, after it has been fully ex-
plored, will produce some of the
richesi qwartz reefs jn B. 0
�� fin$ ��uit, Wait for
* s   *���������   ���:
Of Revelstoke,
Who Visits THp.E Forks EyERY Two Months.
Tl,e l.ardeau  rini-.-i-M.
Mr. Tims. It. Davey, mining engineer of Revelstoke, contributes Io
the KamluopB Inland Sentinel tho
fi'lii wimv description of the Lar��
deau placers, which are beginning
to attract attention:
Having visited th > placet dis-|
triot on the Lardeau river, Trout]
a'-e. I ih tight   it.   might   interest
I iirticulars.
roitched from evelstoke, ilQ miles
by steamer and 1J nines by   wagon
The London correspondent of the
New York Sun cabled on the. 3.0th:
Last Sunday Mr Jos, Chamberlain and Mr. Arthur Balfour were
guests of Lord Salisbury at Hatfield from Saturday to Monday,,
and it has leaked nut that they devoted the greater | art of the San-
bath to the consideration of the
Opposition tactics of the coining
Parliamentary session. Theie i-
also good reason to believe that
other decisions of vital moment to
the in,mediate future of British
politics were taken at that remarkable gathering on the assunij tntn
that the Liberals will be defeated
at the next election, 'Ihe Tories'
in fact, are so confident of   victory
that they are already  alloting   the| Bli,���0 of v,,ur ,-enclere  i    1   gtiv.
spoils.    It seems pretty  clear  th.i|f,w     , arUvulaiv.        Lardeau
Lord Salisbury and Mr. Chamber.?
lain argued op Sunday last that   a
coalition ministry wood be   ne.es-��� n,}l(,     ln |tfalUv  lhe  pj|Uftti,m   0f
eury, and that the Duke of Devon,|Tn,ut ll)Ve {a). e;,,el(1 mMj ni)1||,p
shire would pres.de over   it,   with districts I have vi-ited.   flw lake,
Lord Salisl.ury as foreign riiini��ier,(lvi;t.ul||t,    ���,,,,    ^r.ll:<l,    ifl    hUJ
Mr. Chamberlain as chancellor fif V0H.nrje,|   |���   majestic   mountains
the exebequor and Mr.  Balfour  ��r" ,.���,,,,,.{i w���|, eternal  snow,   giving
leader of the  House of   Commons. one lhe deling'of quiet   and   rest.
Premature counting of chickens  is Ll,np ug0 the }.vmx]X towiisite  win*
proverbially unwise,  hut   it   is   atL ]   ,.���������   ,���   lhe   )llk��   ������,,.,.,,,,e:
least a sign of   confidence,   ami   it {l.eghen,    lu,vin!:    |.,, n,nt     ,,,,���,,
is significant that, i,t >s   now   coti-|gn-V6i ftn-(J punc, ^-^ it im,,   ���
fined to the Tory side.   Signs at- ��:,;���, (,������i,���,,,, 0f aurifertius gra-
cumulate, in iact, that the Liberals  v(.L    Vnm   j ft,inin}1   [   ^   ���,������,,
Will go int.. the  coming  electoral ^.ntf gold.   'Ibis ed me to look
fight with little hup?  of  winning, at ,he various benches on the bank
ami this feeling of discouragement 0f the river'which ffeds   the   lake.)
will have an   important   practical rj,^     ^    ,    f|lUn()    (,,nt!li,,,(l
aurifurmis gravel with g"l'l scattered through it. I was immediately convinced the district was a
good one. An examination of the
first claim, the 0, A K- P. M. Com-'
'��� party's, fully Imre out this idea.
The men in working down on bedrock washed several pans of dirt
which produced on an average 45
to 50 cents per pun. This satisfied
me that in the millions of yards]
of gravel on each side of the river
an immense amount of  riches   lies
A. C,   A BUS,
Three Fours, B. C.
Special Attention to Milling
���-' Interests.	
'   ' TgREE FO^KS. '
This Large New House is Now Open for the Accomodation of the Public
G       T G       R G       R
O      % O       O O       A
0B 0       Q                         O       T
D       L DM                         D       E
m s s
f.vehythino first-class.
Lowes and Crane,      Proprietors.
rout Street,
The  Pacific   Hotel,
'I. KKIll.
Hud Notary I'ubltc.
iS'KW   PKNVEK,   B. 0,
B Shannon, Pitor,
���il��r"rKi:sii i- :m\ DAY.JjfcS;
and Taffy.
Patronnue solicited.
New   Denver.
In   Every   Particular.
Rooms in charge of Mrs. TerrilL,
a mmun m n mm. ma & u,
Front Street, THREE FORKS, B. C.	
J.WOODS,  Bakery,
EGresh Bread Always on Hand.jpf /IHTIS Loaves for $1.00.
effect upon the result. L.ord Rise-
bery's speech at Cardiff lart ilight
was the speech of a man with lime
heart for the work before him, and
it will certainly encourage the
Opposition to force the \ ace from
the very commencement of the
session. The short speech which
he delivered today was not a bit
better, for it consisted of needless
asservations that the ministers
Would not resign or dissolve Parliament except at their own   time,
and of exhortations to his followers'! ^^ f(ir ,*[      ((( um| {u ;,(,���,U1|1
not to relax their discipline or  lose,., he river ig U)(, lftrge ft)}d rftpW   |(11
'lealt-       __^_______�� j be easily  handled,  therefore   little
_     ,        lor no work has been done   by   the
  I ordinary   prospector.     Advancing
Time was, not so many years!to the canyon and looking at the
Ago, when the Eastern question en- general ge 'logical formation of tho i
joyed as long a run on the stage of strata. I wondered why some pros-
European politics as any fashion-, nector had not tried the natural
able piece upon the boards of a riffles at its mouth. The strata
London Theatre. It afforded cony being clay slate with hard bands
inexhaustable to the diplomatist of quartz crossing it, the softer por-
who knew something of the subject, tions had been worn by the action
to the newspaper correspondent: of the water whilst the harder
who knew little, and to the editor ] withstood the action, thus forming
who knew less. The Russ-Turkish | natural riffles, which shouid be
war of 1877-78, in which it for the' rich in the noble metal. At the
time being culminated, laid it [ head of the canyon I find a water-
temporarily  to   rest;   but,   it   has fall of 4 or 5 feet, in   which   men
Spokane Falls
toU?pt vhwwdSailwiy.
l.i'iivc 7 ��. in. NKO<>\   Arrive 5:40 ,>, in.
OS T0B3DAY8 and Fridays trains will run
througn in Spokane, arriving there same
day, iieturnihji .vol leuve sppjeano al 7
ii. in. on Wednesdays and Saturdays, arrivingnt
Nets ill at 5:101>.in. -ained.iy, inaUiiiL' alone ouhj
niii'iiinis with ntuAiner Nelson turall Knntenay
illKO points.
I'mseiiBCi's Inr Kettle lliver hiii! llnuiulary
Ci-euk onnnci-i nl Mni-i',is Willi suim' on Mnn-
days, aeilncdays, Thursdays and Fridays,
l'asseuners tor Trull Creek mines connect at
K&TttipoFt with stage oil W edne,days and Sa>
Hunter & McKinnon
; Large Stock of Miners' and Builders' Hardware, Nails, Tinware, Paints,
Oils, Varnish, ti lass, etc. (iftOOHHIKS���Hungarian and Spokane  hard'  wheat flour,   salmon,   mackerel,  bacon,
butter,   ham,  canned  g oils,   potatoes,   etc
Also an assortment of
Dry Goods, Boots and Shoes,
4<T*A11 of which is offered at a low price for cash,
Canadian HaoifipR
AI la i�� He Uxpi-fsn arrives 111; 10 daily,
I'lii-iiU- " "        17'IM       "
Iheapest, most reliable and safe route to Mon-
jal, 'loronto, St. Paul, Chicago, New York and
cropped up again, as it was inevit
able that it Should, under the guise the bank, giving them   good   pay,
tof   the   Armenian   question!    the
tre   .
Huston.   Rates $8 to J10 lower than any other
Specially fitted Colonist cars, In charge of a
porter, for the accommodation of passengers
holding second-class tickets.
Passengers booked to and from all European
points at lowest rates.
I,ow fretgt rates. Quick despatch. Merchants
will save money by having their freight routed
via the C P. R.
^*   Richelieu Hotel,
The House will be Entirely Renovated and Conducted   in
FlIIST-Cl.ASS   Styi,k,
Sample Rooms
Stocked with best Brands of Liquors and Cigars.
are constantly washing grvel from
The Kaslo Drag Co.
Full and reliable intormation given by apply-' -Carry WALL PAPER with    eir complet  lTl"ki-c\r\   Cz-M-l^O
ing to j���.       atock ol Drugs, Mtdiclnes, etc.        ||   1   I I I C/C   rUI rVO��
and in some instances   they   find
Asst. Gen. passenger agent,       Local agent,    I
Vancouver. Kevelsttike,' NEW DENVER NEWS.
The Cumberland boys are in the
j. Concert at the church next Tuesday evening.   ���_    <; ,   -..
, Danny McPherson is  as  meek
and quiet as a lamb.
, Clarence Teasdale, of the  daily
bulletin, is still, a boomer.
i The tears shed when   the   Times
plant left could have, been held on
the point of a needle,
t The effort to g^ UP   an   am!\"
teur ..theatrical club has   not   been
erowned with success,
��� Capt. Arthur Dick and  the   Rt.
Hon.   Benjamin   Henry   Lee   are
bound for the Big Bend.
i James Marino, of the California,
is down from the Payne where he
has been working for two or three
months. .   ,':..<
' H. F. McLean, the druggist, is
recovering from his injuries. Thefe
is general regret that he has decided to go elsewhere.
' Harry Slienin's love' for fine
hor:-es crops out in the display of
pictures of fine animals with which
he decorates his hotel.
' The spectacled humorist is about
to make the greatest effort of his
life. He will probably live through
it if properly accouched.
Jack Delany has secured  control
of the Fletcher building, and in   a
few weeks will put in   pool   tables
;and make it.an attractive resort.   ���
Capt. Estubrooks has plenty of
time this winter to spend with his
family, but there will doubtless be
plenty of business for the Steamer
W. Hunter before the present year
is far advanced,
W Thomlinson has purchased
an eighth interest in Slocan City at
the foot of Slocitn bike, ami visions
of a city with electric lights and
railways ami palatial buildings
doubtless rise before him Uke
buffalo chips in a mirage.
Ed Stewart has been appointed
chief of police.
Nick Dinginan will operate the
tramway at the Alpha.
The Kalispell shipment of 8 tons
of ore will run over 30.) ozs. of silver to the ton.
A sled road, from Silverton to
New Denver would be a fine thing
and wouldn't, cost much.
Thor will ranch this summer. Her cows and pigs will roam
the hills in the neighborhood of
Silverton. 5
Beneduiu and Thompson have
leased their half interest in the
Kalispell to parties from Montana.
Six men will work the mine during the year. Thompson will go
east and Reneduni will keep a tire
roaring in the assay ofiice.
Pete. <Jrant,., owner of a half
interest in the Baby Ruth, ,on the
north slope of Granite mountain,
will begin work again in April,
The Baby Ruth is only three miles
from Silverton. It lias a "strong
ledge anil an assay obtained last
year went 400 oz, in silver.
10, inctrumental,   Brindle,   and
��� ���    McKinnort.'
11, Seng, M'-- Thpmlinson,
12, Dialogue.
13/.   Instrumental,    Miss ' Esta-
brooks, ;'
14. Song, Mr. Smitheringale.
15. Violin Solo, W, 0. McKin-
16. Instrumental,    Gates     and
Delaney.  . ' ;,
17. Quartette, part of Choir.
18. Instrumental, Brindle, \V. C.
McKinnon and Rev.' Gaebel,
f; pyiviain[
Prictiuil - |evelhr, - Watchmaker - ni
%���'���'<       Outidm, -#
Boots and Shoes Made to Order
First-class Work and Best Material
Qre Street, Three Forks.
-New Denver and Three Forks.-
Orders for Repairs to be left with
I, S. Freeze &-Co. at New Denver)
' -: ���and���
^-C. BOWEN at Three Forks,-;
You Will Find
You Want
In the way of
-and-   FANCY GOODS   ��� at���
m % % mm ���
Bolander B'ld'g,        New Denver.
Merchant Tailor,
Nelson, ti. C.
W, BRUNER, M. D. A choice collection  of worsteds
uowen House, three forks gerges and tweeds-always on hand
Star  c\u
TfT Hotel,
Rate, $1.50 to $2.00, per day,
���SANDON, B. C���
���Has Ladies' Fancy Dress Goods,
Muslins, Laces, Delicate Flannels, Gloves, Mitts,	
Musical Instruments.
Fresh Fruit.
all kinds of
Sewing   Done.
New   Denver.
rngi-fiimmi for Concert,
In aid of Denver church, Tuesday evening, Feb. 12, at New Denver:
Chairman's   Address,    Rev.
Mr. Gaebel.
Sacred Chorus, by the Choir.
Dialogue, Messrs. Gaebel and
Reading.-Mr, J. Currie.    ij
Song, Mr. Smitheringale'. ;
Trio, Messrs.  Smitheringale,
Brindle and Teasdale.
Instrumental,    Miss    Esta-
Song, Mr. R. B. Kerr.
Chorus, Choir.
Str."W. Hunter"
I  EAVES New Denver daily  for
���,   Silverton tit 7  a.  ni., and for
Wilson creek at 8:30 a, m.
Leaves Wilson creek for New  Den--
ver and Silverton at 4 p. m.
Show Trading I Iwjin Cjsny.
C. & K.S, N.Co.,
TIME   TABLE   NO.   5.
In effect Wednesday, Aug. 20,1894.
Oonneottng with tho Cunriilldii 1'aeille. railway (main line) fur , oints east mid west.
Leaves IteveUtoke on Fridays at 4n.ni.
Loaves Rotison on Saturdays at 0 p. m.
Leaves Nelson
Mondays at 4 p. m.
Tuesdays at 4 p. m,
\V'nesdaysat5:40 p.m.
Thursdays al ���! p. ni.
Fridays at 4 p. m.
Saturdays at 5:40 p.m.,
oonneottng on Satin-
days and Wednesdays
with   Nelsun & Fiirt
Sheppard raihwiy lor
Kaslo andLake points.
I Leaves Kaslo for Nelion
Sundays at s iu .in. ��� ���-.
\ Tuesdays at 3 a. m.
1 \\ odnesdays, 8 a. ni.
[ Thursdays ai 8. a   ni.
Fridays at 8 a. m.
Saturday:!>; 10p. m,, con-
nec.tiiigouTuesilui sand
Fridays witli Nelson &
I Fi.  Sheppard  railway
lor Spokane.
The company reserves the right (o change
this schedule at any lime without luiiicO.
For full liifnrmatinii as Io tiekels, rales, etc.
apply al lhe compahy'Solnces, .Nelson, It. C.
T. ALLAN, '   I. W. TltOt'I',
Seci-olary. Manager.
mm pros.,
General Merchandise,
When in 3 Forks Don't Fail to Give Us a Call and Examine
Our Genf,s' Furnishings, Boots and Shoes, and  so forth, and
See ��� Bargains We - Offering.
Idaho Cigar Store.
The Largest Stock and  Lowest Prices in Kootenay,
If You want a Good Cigar, Tobacco or Pipe, Call and See Us.
Thrss Forks,
H, F, Wim, M'n'g'r.
Geo, Lovatt.
Sam Lovatt,
Three Forks Sawmill,
We are able to supply at short notice all kinds of J^jJ ft Dried
Flooring, V-joint Ceiling, Jambs  & Caseings,
RuBtic, Dressed Boards, Ploughed Pulley Styles,
Ship-lap, -Moulded   Base, Corrugated   Caseings,
Quarter-round,     Stair Balusters, ' O. O. Stops, &c., &c-
A full line of Rough and Dressed Lumber and Shingles constantly on
hand or Cut to Order, at Reasonable Prices.
LOVATT BROS.. Proprietors.
Largest and Best Hotel. '
Rates $1.50 to $2.00 per day.
N. D. Moore, Pres.
R. McFekran, Sec't'i
The Slocan Store Co. (Ltd.)
All goods at Rock Bottom prices.
Terminus of Nakusp & Slocan Railway,
Situated at the Forks of Carpenter creek.
CHARLES J. LOEWEN, Real Estate and Mining Broker,
m*mi.aii.trmti. WlliWftli
Vol. I.
Kaslo, B. C, Friday, Feb. 8, 1895.
No. 6.
Mrs. Mack is paying
Kaslo a brief visit and
is welcomed by old
Tom Wells of Ains1-
worth came up early
in the week to delve
deeper into the Masonic mysteries.
Travelling     Freight
Agent Stimmel returned  from   the hills   on
Sunday and went on to
���ranbudget Nelson on Monday.
MAN IN _,      ^        ...      ,
F. E. Ward, ore
buyer for the Tacoma
smelter left on Tuesday morning for another tour to
the ore producing mines of the Slocan.
Capt. Troupe hopes to be able to
bring the Kootenai oht of captivity
during the prevailing soft leather.
Mike Flaherty is one of the pilgrims who will migrate to the new
Mecca. He leaves ft,r Rtssland at
an early day;
Volney Williamson has gone out
to Spokane, and i n nis return will
visit the Trail Creek camp with a
view of locating there for a considerable tine.
Billy Kellem left for Rossland on
Tuesday morning, tni.ing with bun
the necessary outfit to open out
there a branch -i his well known
Idaho restaurant
C. W. McAiiu ieli. on Friday
morning last i ' a nr.ef visit to
his home in New Brunswick, His
office will be i.ei i . en for business
during Ins absence,
Rumors are in ;iie air "f another
fashionable wedding in the city in
the near future. At leasi certain
bouse furnishing arrangements
point in that direCti&n.
Capt. Troupe ul   the   C.   &
Navigation t , ai y and C,   P.
Freight Agent Amlersnii were in
the city on Monday and went to
Three Forks mi 1 nonuy's stage.
Cameron Bros are cutting ice
in the litt e ml e about two miles
from the city. Ii will lie loaded
on a large fitnt carrying about one
hundred ions and will no towed U[-
by the Ainsw rth.
Arthur B. Anlerson has been
appointed ussessor by ihe city
council ami is litisilj engaged in
preparing the assefsment roll fur
1895. The civic byiaw requires' it.<
return to the council by the 2Dth
C. L. Arnold and Bob Williams
were in the city eariy in the weeK.
They have been working interests
in the Lucky Jim. A larger force
will he engaged, us K J. Matthews,
the ore buyer, has secured a ieftse
of the Kilbourne interest.
The local Literary Society has
been revived with G. 0. Buchanan
as President, Robert F. Green ns
Vice President and Horace W,
Buclce ns Secretary, The society
is arranging for the liteiary entertainment of the citizens during the
remainder of the winter evenings.   '
Local politicians are not pleased
with their representative in the local legislature because of hir vote
on the Red Mountain Railway
bill.- Legislators are not immaculate, and are nut always to blame
because they do net see eye to eye
with the bulk of their Constituents.
The peripatetic press of the Slocan Times was shipped for Rossland by way of Waneta
on Sunday morning last. It is
reported that its fate editor, Mr.- D.
B. Bogle will have editorial charge'
of the Tribune, while Mr. Houston
ill personally conduct the Ross-
nd revival of the Times.
A. J. Scott made a businessvis it
to Nelson for a day or two during
the week.
Mrs. A. W. Wright, with her
two sons, has returned after a visit
of several months duration at her
former home in eastern Canada.
J. S. Holland arrived Thursday
morning with an armful of posters
announcing the reopening of the
Comique on Monday the 11th.
A petition was circulated and
numerously signed by lot owners
asking the license   commissioners
T. A. Garland,
M T?. . ^ .��� .JL I_ J tn the
J. L. Pierce went up the road on i to grant a license to John S. Hol-
Wedhesday and wiil   spend  a few land,
days in your vicinity looking after I The local lodge of Free ahd Ac-
the interests of Mr. Giegerich's. cepted Masons is prospering be-
businesS. jyond expectation, and  a consider-
The Transportation Co. deserves "We number is being initiated into
the thanks of the   travelling   com-, the mysteries  of the  craft.    Some
munity for their   energetic   efforts prominent gentlemen  have lately
to keep the road open during   the taken the earlier mystic fide,
recent slides. The reorganized fire department
William Baillie, secretary of the of Kaslo is thus officered: Duncan
of the Kaslo & Slocan railway, McMillan, chief; James Ryan, sdlw
who has been in Kaslo for two or chief, and J. W. Cockle, eeeretary.
three weeks, left for the coast on It is proposed to make the depart-
Tuesday morning. j ment   efficient   and   powerful   for
J. R. Wyant has returned   from jBooa'
Spokane and thicks there are fair      Friends of tne   Kaslo   Hospital
prospects that his nephew may   se- ��fe preparing for an amateur   dra-
cure the inheritance to   which   he, mfftie entertainment in aid   of the
claims to be entitled: funds of that deserving institution.
After several weeks spent in the Borne of the best talent in the city
Okanogan country in search of ha* heen engaged and an enjoy-
desirable beef cattle, Billy Perdue !li,le pa*IrmaiW* ��'"y hj> conti-
i.assed through the  City'  on   Mori- de,,tly expected.
day en rou.e for   Nelson;
Charley Kent, who has been
foreman at the Goodenough for
some time, i? in town enjoying a
vacation. J<.,hi A. Whittier is
now in charge at the mine.
Some of the ore shippers are
complaining of delay on life part
of the railway in forwarding ore
sacks, and fear it may rtsult in
serious inconvenience ami less.
Dr. Keller, a physician from'
Vancouver, spent Monday in Kaslo
and went south on Tuesday. He
will establish himself at Rossland,
which place has need of a doctor.
The legislmure having made the
necessary appropriation, the board
of trustees is considering the early
removal of the school house to
higher and more eligible ground.
Arthur Gootiem Ugh has let a
contract for the removal of his
resilience from its present site on
Klislo street to a more elevated
position on the north side of the
W. J. Goepel has completed his
audit of tin accounts of the city of
Kaslo, since its incorporation. The
result Will not be detinitely known
until Mr. Goepeis report bus beeii
formally presented to the board of
aiuerineii. One result of ihe audit
will be that the new board will
have h'o'fte of the sins of their predecessors either of omission or
commission to answer for.
KENNED? & F9B.T8&.
Books, fcT.vrio.NERY and1
All the Latest Leading Papers and
periodicals   kept Hi Stock.
^P~0r<lers by mail promptly
attended u>._ifjrjf
Front St., KASLO, B. C.
h K
All work guaranteed.
Edward Watts of the Welling-'
ton made a shipment of ore to the
Ti'icnma sniel" r on Monday last.
,1.' wdl pay another visit to the
mine, a'l.d leave f.r his Ottawa
home in a couple ol weeks.
RTarsh ill V. Adams has resigned
from the police force of Kaslo anil
Charles Wheieu bus been temporarily appointed to the position
pending the action of ihe Council
in leaking a permanent appointment-.
The remains of (lie lute James
Gillis were brought to Kasio oh
Sunday, and taken to Neisou by
the Ainsworth, on Monday, accompanied by a number of his brethren of the order oi Odd Fellows..
Gillis was widely known and we'll j
liked. |   . ���    -,.   -
John  H.  Thompson   leaves   on; jfjf   STRATHERN
Friday   morning    for   California.; <
Rumor has it that he will   remain
for a time in   Spokane   where   he
will be one of the principal actors
in an   interesting   ceremony.    He
Will then move southward   in   fair
Ed Atherton and Hugh Mann
returned from Nelson on Tnesifay.
and while Hugh took in. the city
his companion returned on
Wednesday to the smelter town.
Both left for home on Thursday,
Ed, as usual, holding the ribbons
over a fast team.
CARPETS���in Brussels, Tapestry, Wool, Union, and Hemp,
BLANKETS���in White and Grey;  All Weights.
LACE CURTAINS���all prices,
WINDOW SHADES���in Light and Dark Colors;
Kaslo Provision Co-
Three Forks.
A Bio Supply of
General Merchandise!
Gents'  Furnishing Goods, Boots ami Shoes, Glass, Nails, Building
Hardware anil Tinware.
John B. Wilson
Three Forks
'    ooo ooc
dams House, i
A FiiT.'Ch's to at Rranato Un,     3 l\vM 'Mi (or SI.
Adams & Cummings, Propr's,
Every Day
Is   Now lli'i'ii'i'inir:
Daily Staged
'    ..'       , .1 ' ,    .. '.     ,;   )   >.  .i.k:
Stables at Kaslo and Three Forks,
Saddle Horses to Let At Both stai.ies.	
Watchmaker and
All Fine Work Finisfaed
lu an artistic manner.
Notice la hereby nivon, That at the brd'ent
session of the Legislative Assembly nf the Pith
viiicenf British Columbia, application will be
made for an Act to incorporate a cini'piinv fin'
the purpose of constructing, operating ami
maintaining a railway, commencing at a inilnt
at or neur the City of Kimli-, in the Province of
hrltlsh Columbia, thence running. u|. the
Mirth Fork i f hn4n Hlver to the head of the
divide between Fish and Hear lakes, ineiico
to'I hive Forks, thence to the heart waters of
of the South Fork of C.iriicutur Creek; al or
near a settlement called "Sandon," I hence
westerly and south easterly to lhe head waters,
of Four Mile Creek, with power to build branch
linen to any or all mines adjacent to the liini ol
railway, at d also with power io build wharves
lind di ck��, and to creel, maintain mid operate
'lelegraph and Telephone lines and all ..tiec^-
aWy works in connection therewith. ": .' ���'."
' Dated at Ktwlifthls 10th day of December,
1MM. ' .-���'.        t
.lOHN   I.F.Y  llKTALLACk,
Alfred William Weight,
Hamilton Utkhs,
John Keen.
Slocan News Co,
Stationery, Candies,   Nlits, Fruits,
". '���' jSider, Fruit Juices,
Tobacco?,  Oigj'rs,   Books,   Novels,
Novelties.  /j^Brillustrate'd Pajero
At Nokquav Block;
uarters for
Fruits, = vegetables, ��� coNFEOTioNERfk
T.   ,   -POULTRY,   OYSTERS,   Etc.
Gdbds at Wholesale or RetajL  ,., ...      -   -���-.���.,. ..        s   .... ,
feEO MlNIELif/
3rd St., KASLO,


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