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Similkameen Star 1910-09-14

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Coal is the main vertebra of Princeton.
What one really is somehow or other will come out.
Land of sunshine and blue sky, land of a thousand hills and hoary peaks, land of the deer, bear, trout and wildfowl, land of beautiful scene and
rjppling streams, land of coal, iron, copper, gold, silver, lead, platinum, cement, fireclay, jasper and limestone, land of promise, Similkameen valley*
Vol. XI. No. 38.
$2 a Year in Advance
Big Budget of Correspondence
Dealing with Matters
of Interest.!
Inquiries  re   Smelter—Ore Samples
Wanted for Expositions-
Sheep Industry.
The postponed regular monthly meeting of the board of trade was held Mon
day night   in the court house.     After
routine   the following communications
were read :
From H. B. Brown, 536 Cambie St.-
Vancouver, stating that he would focus
attention on the necessity for a smelter
in the valley and asking for published
matter relating thereto. He also said
that real estate dealers were hanging out
mining signs now in Vancouver and this
spelt opportunity for Similkameen mining properties. Secretary to reply with
thanks of board for kindly suggestions
From E. E. Emmons, re smelter near
Princeton.   President to reply. / /
From Secretary Armstrong, Spokarfe
Interstate Fair, two letters, urging the
necessity for a mineral exhibit from
Princeton district and stating that these
would be the last invitations.   Fyled.
From J. E. Hedley, re stocking One
mile lakes with trout, the president explaining that he was asked orally to invite the board's assistance in the matter.
As a question of public benefit it was advised to help, the inspector of fisheries
' C. B. Sword, being quoted to the effect
that eggs of the Cutthroat or Kamloops
trout could be delivered next winter.
The board expressed appreciation of Mr.
Hedley's efforts
From H. H. Pitts, Nelson, re samples
of ore for exhibition at the annual fair to
be held on the 28th, 29th and 30th insts.
From the Department of Agriculture,
Ottawa, drawing the attention of the
board in a lengthy letter, re the development of the sheep industry in Canada.
Laid on the table.
From the Secretary of Spokane Interstate Fair asking that delegates be sent
to the Dry Farming Congress.   Tabled.
From the Canadian Apple Show, Vancouver, calling attention to tbe exhibition from Oct. 31 to Nov. 5.   Fyled.
The Origin of Forest Fires and their
Prevention will be discussed at the next
meeting of the board.
The question of excessive and discriminative rates on railways was also laid
over for future consideration.
Board adjourned.
Some additional results of the Labor
Day sports at Hedley have been received.
As mentioned last week Princeton gathered in tbe prizes for the leading events,
baseball and trap shooting to which must
now be added tbe following, Messrs.
Ryder and McCurdy of Princeton acquitting themselves very creditably:
Hop, step anil jump—1st, Vic Ryder.
Running high jump—1st, Vic Ryder,
2nd, W. Kruger.
Vaulting with pole—B. W. Knowles,
Vic Ryder.
ioo-yard foot race—1st, F. Brouillette,
2nd, D. G. McCurdy.
220 yard foot race—F. Brouillette, 2nd,
D. G. McCurdy.
Ladies' race—ist, Myrtle McLean, 2nd,
Miss Williams.
Cowboy race—1st, Tumas (Indian) 2nd
Hans Richter.
Ladies' turnstake—ist, Flo Daly, 2nd,
Miss St. Clair.
. 600-yard pony race—1st, Hans Richter,
2nd, W. Kruger.
TMe tock   drilling   contest was with
njachines and  was  won by a team from
^^WNickel Plate, H. Neill and Boomer.
/in  football,  Hedley  vs. Nickel Plate,
the town team won 5 to o.
P. W. Gregory, P.L.S., arrived in town
yesterday from Tulameen.
L. B. Howard, of Lewiston, Idaho,
land and real estate agent, is in town on
a business visit and is assiduously attending to it. In a short while be sold
eleven lots located somewhere in Washington. It is said he could sell lots in
the moon if they were on the market, or
to old Nebuchadnezzar if he could only
hear his sweet, persuasive language. Of
course Neb is no longer in the flesh and
Mr. Howard is too busy with a live
immigration scheme to bother with
a mummified Babylonian. As a result of
Mr. Howard's visit a new town or city is
likely to spring up on the mountains,
where the snowdrops bloom all the year
around. However, if Mr. Howard brings
capital and settlere into the country, that
is business, and probably more than the
knocker element conld do. There is
land in this country that has been empty
since Noah's flood and it is time there
were taxpaying settlers on it.
D. M. Kydd, formerly of the Bank of
Commerce here, bnt now of the New
Westminster branch, is spending his holidays on tour of the Nicola and Princetou
districts, going out via Hope Pass. Mr.
Kydd uotes the great improvements here
and still, as ever, has a hankering for the
old town. Many former acquaintances
gave him the right hand of welcome.
Vermilion Lodge "No. 24, Rebekahs,
will hold their anniversary services in
the court house next Sunday at 7:30 p.m.
the Rev. J. Thurburn-Conn preaching
Mrs. Stanfield will sing a solo.
Work Begun on Shaft for the
Coal Co'y*
Cement Works to be Installed with
Plant Having Capacity 1500
&|| Barrels Daily.
I Dr. Jackson, dentist, will be in Princeton this week, Saturday, r7th inst.
W. Wigner of Peachland was in town
last week spying out the land for brick
and tile making possibilities. He was
in that business for years in the east.
Avery & Avery report the sale of Lot
4, Block 15, Ashnola, from W. C. McLean to W. H. Holmes.   Price, $200.
Work was begun on the Princeton-
Chilliwack Coal Co's property across the
Tulameen river, about 300 yards from
Bridge street, last Monday morning. It
is the aim of the company to produce
coal for the winter trade and will sink a
4^x7 foot shaft to tap the coal in the
upper vein. The coal is of the usual
excellent quality, it having been tested
from the old (unnel near the bridge.
The shaft sinking will be done under
supervision of Biliy Knight, which is a
guarantee of its being well and correctly
Hugh Cowan is still confined to his
room with kidney complaint and under
the careful attention of Nurse Bartoo is
making a gallant struggle for recovery.
His many friends would be glad to see
him about town again.
In reply to the hundred and one questions being asked about the unfinished
condition of the sidewalks it may be
stated that the sole delay is for want of
lumber to complete them with.
Indian summer in all its glory is now
with ns. The woods are redolent witb
the breath of the pine, spruce and fir;
the poplar and sumach blush into beautiful tints, kissed bv bold Jack Frost and
crisp, rosy morn fills one with adoration
and gratitude forftlifc glorious npHJtf"'_f
the railway jl'were only finispea to the
coast this district would-be"" really Arcadian.
R. S. Smith, of the Bank of Montreal,
New Westminster, is making a holiday
trip through this section and is enjoying
the outing immensely. He speaks with
enthusiasm of New Westminster and sees
a great future for it. In company with
K. C. Brown and Mr. Kydd he was shown
the sights and was delighted with the
natural beauties of the town.
Sam Spencer sent some, fine samples of
zinc and silver-lead ore to the Nelson
Fair yesterday.
John George left last week for Winnipeg, where he will confer with ""<_____.
regarding the plant to be installed for
cement works. It is proposed to purchase the very best and latest designed
machinery. The capacity of the plant
Will be 1500 barrels per die_t_-__>t 1000 .
barrels as at first contemplated. Mr.
George is not a visionary in any sense of
the term. The opportunity discovered
him and he systematically, step by step,
has laid the foundation of a large industry. Opening up the deposits in readiness for actual manufacturing will begin
at once. An office building is being prepared preliminary to the employment off
a large force of skilled and ordinary
labor. The work will not be allowed to
lag from start to finish.
A. Murchie, of Westbank, Okanagan
lake, is in town on a bnsiness visit and
is also improving his house for the .pur,*
pose of making it suitable to rentu.. He
still has a fondness for Princeton and
will, no doubt, make good with his town
property. At present Mr. Murchie has
some 25 acres of a fruit ranch near West}-
bank which engages most of time and he
will in all likelihood settle down and
make his home there, relinquishing photography for the more lucrative apple,
plum and 'punkin.' He reports great
development and progress'"in the Okaua'-
gan, the country rapidly filling up^rith
a fine class of settler. Mr. Murchie may
return this fall to take some photographic
[From Similkameen Star of 1900.]
Day, Fielding and Barber returned last
week from a trip to the Skagit, bringing
with them a lot of huckleberries', fish
and game.
S. Spencer, manager of the Royalty
group, Friday, creek, accompanied by
Mrs. Spencer, have moved into town.
Dr. Whillans is having his house moved
from its present position to Kenley Av.
A public subscription fund has been
raised to provide Princeton with a' temporary school.
Chas. Powell bonded the PJincess May
to M. J. G. Lock of London, Eng , for
the respectable sum «f ,-,#35,000. The
Angus Lamont ranch was also sold to
Mr. Lock for #10,000.
Rumor has it that Jim Hill has an eye
on this district and intends reaching the
Pacific coast via the Okanagan and Similkameen rivers. [That rumor still holds
good and Jim still has his eye on this
district, so much so that he cannot take
it off long enough to write out an order
to complete the V.,V. & E. at once.
Come, Tim, wake up, you've playediRip
Van Winkle for ten years.—Ed.]
September 14, .i9IO«
The Similkameen Star.
J. M. Wright,
One Year,
Payable in Advance.
Subscribers will confer a favor on this office by
promptly reporting any change in address or
.regularity in receipt of their paper.
Advertising; rates furnished on application.
Legal notices io and 5 cents per line,
.our wee kly insertions constitute one month
No transient advertisement inserted unless
accompanied with the cash.
agement. Every dollar comes back
to the depositor with 4 per cent,
compound interest. The scheme is
worthy of encouragement by' all
leaders of public opinion. For
further particulars apply to S. T.
Bastedo, Superintendent Government Annuities, Ottawa.
.». __-_L__>___K_JL___-__u___-_<'__t.- A___ ______ _♦____*____>._♦__♦. _♦__%._>._». .___!___.__.___,___<_ _>-■__ __._♦?.♦__♦. __..__. ______ ■__-_•■ ■__■__ .-_._. ._■. j*.. __
I Beef, Pork, Mutton if
k .**
1    Ham, Bacon, Lard 1
' ' A
l'aying tbl-3 Foundations
of aj town.
With all the improvements now
in progress Princeton will not only
be a  'city beautiful'  but useful as
well.    The vast improvement made
in the appearance and utility of the
streets by grading with gravel and
sidewalks is noted by strangers and
citizens.   Such improvements, combined with  the  natural  beauty of
locationi and  scenic  surroundings,
immeasufably enhance the value-of
the town as a place in which to re-
■side.    A clean, healthy town, with
the  ornamentation  of shade  trees
and  hedges  along  streets begets a
worthy civic pride  in citizens and
evokes a high tone  of appreciation
from  visitors.     Every citizen can
do something to beautify the town,
to which he may  add his faith and
belief in  its future  and  talk it to
whining pessimists  until they shall
•catch his spirit and become boosters
instead  of remaining  insignificant
knockers.    Whatever tends to centralize    Princeton,   whether  it  be
-church, hospital or industry, shou'd
have general  and cooperative support.    All  pull  together,   in   that
way  making  the  work  light and
-agreeable.     The  laggards  in any
movement for  the  benefit  of  the
community are   mistaken   if   they
__ope to profit on  the efforts of tbe
public    spirited    and    progressive
—the  eternal  and unfailing law of
'Compensation  disannuls such hope.
As a rule  they  dwindle away into
infinitesimal  insignificance and are
never  heard  from.    Unity  of aim
and effort will bring certain reward
an prosperity  and advancement, in
well being and comfort.
It has been discovered that cheese
is a brain builder and as it contains
phosphates is an excellent food for
promoting bone construction in
growing children. There would
be danger in the first instance of
some foolish editors ot the toper
breed, who have neither decency
nor honor, making a complete diet
of this estimable food, thus acquiring such an amount of brains as to
swell their heads to tbe bursting
point. It is hoped they will eat
cheese enough to make them at
least gentlemanly, truthful and intelligent.
Fresh and Smoked Fish
P. Burns __ Co., Ltd.
We carry the largest stock
in Princeton of       -       -
The system of Government Annuities which has  been established
by the parliament of Canada is one
- of the best  encouragements for the
young  to  become  thrifty and economical that has yet been devised.
Its  effect is to put every man, woman and  child in absolutely independent circumstances in old age,
when the earning power of the person has ceased.   By beginning early
in life to pay  into the Government
a small sum an annuity may be
procured which will provide against
want, to which all are  more or less
liable.    The money may be paid in
at any money  order office ; it can-
t,?.not be withdrawn or seized for debt,
- or used in any other way, and the
Government pays  all cost of man-
Canada imported coal in 1908 to
the value of $2,850,000, constituting an enormous drain on our
wealth. And here in the Princeton district are hundreds of millions of tons of excellent coal and
not much doin'.    What's wrong.
If Jim Hill is not careful an  airship  line  will   be  in operation between here and the  coast before he
even  gets  the V.,V. & E. located.
It is all very nice  for  Uncle James
to talk vacuous  generalities  about
the trials and difficulties of railroad
building.    What   the people of the
Jimhilkameen valley want is direct
railway connection   with the coast.
And   they   want   it   quick,   right
away.    Building  a railroad with a
huudred  daygoes and a few mules
is slow and would require us all to
be Methusalehs to see the finish.
The  credit  system,  so  much in
vogue, is an incentive to dishonesty
among a  large class of people who
have a natural  dislike   for   payiDg
their bills.    If credit were abolished
altogether nine-tenths of the litigation and  worry  would be avoided.
With  everyone  working on a cash
basis, no bills to render, accounts to
settle,   collectors  to  employ,   duns
to make or books to keep, life would
then be  'worth living.'    The nearest approach to this ideal condition
is for all in favor of it to adopt the
cash system and pay  their bills at
We- have a large list of
Also Residence and Busi=
ness Lots for Sale
List your property  with  us.     We
don't keep it on our list, we sell it
—if the price is right.
H. K. Butcher, _f.se.,     A. E. foreman, B.sc,
P. W. Gregory, b.c.l.s.   ■■
Engineers and Surveyors
319 Pender St., Vancouver       Branches:
Kamloops, Vernon, Princeton.
B.C. & D.L.8., Orad. S.P.S.
Civil Engineer & Land surveyor
Princeton and Penticton, B.C.
C. Wiliarson & Co., Agents.
Money to Loan on Approved Security
Kamloops Division of Yale District, District
of Otter Valiey.
Take notice that I, Harriet M. McCullough, of
Otter Valley, occupation rancher's wife, intend _o
apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:—Commencing at a post planted
abont 18 chains west of Otter creek and about 4
miles from forks of Otter Creek, thence running
west 20 chains, north 60 chains, east 20 chains,
south 60 chains to point of commencement and
containing 120 acres more or less.
George McCullough, Agent.
July 8,1910.
Auctioneers        Notary Public
$  Order your
j)  Christmas
v Numbers of
4 English
i  Magazines
T ■» T    --N.    ■_■
Now that Princeton is putting on
some frills, waterworks, &c, has it
occurred to anyone to suggest the
electric lighting of the town. Other places of less importance than
Princeton have electric light.
It is the same old cry of the big
railway contractors about shortage
of laborers. They want JOrientals
brought into the country as in the
early days. The 'heathen Chinee*
■ must not be allowed to degrade the
j white man with his cheap labor.
at the
Drug and
Geo. Q. Lyall, Mgr
Nicola Land District,
Sixty days after date, I, as agent for Emily M o
Culloufjh, intend to apply to -the Chief Commissioner of Lands for permission to purchase 120
acres of mountain pasture land, described as follows :
Commencing at a post planted at the N.W, corner of Lot 1758, thence 30 chains north (more or
less) to south line of Lot 910, thence west 40
chains, thence south 30 chains (more or less)
thence east 40 chains to point of commencement.
Otter Valley. July 8,1910.
Estate of ANGUS LAMONT, Deceased
Notice is hereby given that all creditors and
others having claims against the above estate,
must, on or before the 80th day of September,
1910. present the same to the undersigned duly
verified by affidavit, and all persons indebted to
the said deceased are required to pay the amount
of such indebtedness to the undersigned forthwith.
Dated at Princeton, B. C, this 23rd day of August, 1910.
Undertaker and Fun=
eral Director
Coffins Supplied on Short Notice
Shop Bridge St.,. Princeton,
Big Time & Money Saver for Travellers
Merritt Auto Livery
Complete Auto Service to
all points in the District
riERRlTT, B.C.        Manager
September 14, 1910.
The new Avery block  is receiving the j
fi.nal touches of the carpenter and painter
and presents a neat appearance.
Bert Irwin has covered the engine
house for the waterworks.
The Granby smelter is running half its
battery of furnaces until the copper market improves.
It takes a good cook to fix up anything so a man can't tell what it is.
Estimates Given
Workmanship Guaranteed
Jobbing Work Promptly Attended to
Following is a list of subscriptions received toward the general hospital in
Princeton :
Vermilion Forks Mining Co. -    -   $50
C. Graham       - 10
Avery & Avery       - -       10
J. M. Wright       ... -           50
Groffman & Rose       -       - -       -  15
E. Barr Hall        -           - -        -    25
C. Willarson & Co -      10
P. Burns & Co.            -       - 50
Ronald Hewat         -          - -       10
A. j. Marlow           - 15
Martin Lundin       - 5
G. Murdock                 ....    20
H. Masssnat       -           -       - -         10
J. D. Lumsden       -           - -         50;
W. C. Brown        . 10 j
J. B. Wood              -           - -           5
A. Reith        -           - -   10
P. E. Rowlands      -       -       - -       10!
C. V. Semerad          -           - 101
C. O. French        - 5 j
G. L. Fraser         -         -        - -       10
Thomas Bros.             -           - -       25
G. M. Heinekey        -           - 10
The Canadian Bank of Commerce   -   35
Hugh Hunter         -       - 15
L- W. Shatford, M P.P.         - -        50
Manly & Swanson           - -           50
C. A. Carlson -         5
Robert Stevenson         -         - -        10
J. F. Waddell        - 10
T. M. Day        -               - 10
Wm. Summers     . -         - -           2
Princeton Board of Trade 25
A. L. White         -         -         - -       25
Geo. Hardy       -                     - -         5
Broomfield & Garrison -             15
'Eighty Six'             - 50
John Nicholson, Victoria, 5
The A. E. Howse Co., L'd -          50
W. C. McDougall           - -            15
Wm. Britton 10
Robert Naylor -          5
C, L- Cummings 10
E. Waterman          • 10
O. J. Bainbridge             - -            10
A. Hickling           -             - -        25
Samuel C. Pearce       -           - $2.50
Barrister and Solicitor
Notary Public, Etc.
PRINCETON,   -    B.C.
H. K. Dutcher, M.Sc,      A, E. Foreman, B.sc,
P. W. Gregory, b.c.l.s.
Engineers and Surveyors
319 Pender St., Vancouver       Branches :
Kamloops, Vernon, Princeton.  \
B.C. & D.L.8., Orad. S.P.S.
Civil Engineer & Land surveyor
Princeton  and Penticton, B.C.
C. Wiliarson & Co., Agents.
Dissolution of Partnership.
. Take notice that the partnership business,
formerly carried on in Princeton, B C., under the
firm name and style of "Huston Bros.," is dissolved from and after the date hereof.
All accounts due and payable to the said firm
hereby become payable to Nenian Huston and the
said Nenian Huston hereby undertakes, and becomes liable for, the payment of all liabilities incurred by the said firm.
Dated at Princeton, B.C.. this 3rd day of September, 1910,
BOARD OF TRADE, PRINCETON, B. C.   Meets first Monday in
each month.
J. M. Wright, H. H. Avery,
President. Secretarv.
Bridge St., Princeton
Fifteen   Years   of  Experience in
London, Paris and Switzerland.
Diploma at the Horological School
in Paris, 1896.
Undertaker and Fun=
eral Director
Coffins Supplied on Short Notice
Shop Bridge St.,. Princeton.
C. V. Semerad & Co.
a Specialty
Carriage Building
Painting, Repairing
AH Work Neatly and Promptly
Phone 28]      Done
A   - — A
... loiel...
oiler Flat
X       Good Fishing, Boating
♦*♦ Mining Centre
Mrs. W.J. Henderson
i«__. *__. A»%»*i t*B A<*fl*trVA AAA A t4^*^*^****** oqA*VJA
Variety  of  Rigs—Good  Roadsters-
Big Stables—Courteous Attention
to all Customers.
B. E. WALKER, President
ALEXANDER LAIRD, General Manajer
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000
Reserve Fund, -   6,000,000
Branches throughout Canada, and in the United States and England
■    BA£\_]_1 nioWEY ORDERS'-!!
$5 and under     3 cents
Over $5 and not exceeding $10        6 cents
"   $10        " " $33       10 cents
"    $30        " " $50        15 cents
These Orders are payable at pnr at every office of a Chartered Bank in Canada
(except in the Yukon) and at the principal banking' points in tlie United States. They
are negotiable at $4.90 to the £, sterling in Great Britain and Ireland.
They form an excellent method of remitting small sums of money with safety
and at small cost, ar».   SfiSJf ^ nbta:rt. .  withr.it dp-'av 121
5 IllS
irpel sale
20 per ecu. on
From Sept. 15th to 30th
Our entire Stock of Carpets and
Rugs will be sold at a discount of
20 p*c* off regular price*
New m M liisil Cash Store
A. L. WHITE, Prop.
Phone 29
Great Northern
MANLY  &   5WANS0N, Props.
First Class room and board
Wines, I/iquors, Cigars
Princeton, B. c.
The Princeton
I.O.O.F. No. 5_.
Regular meetings, 8 p
___   m., Thursdays.
Sojourning brethren welcome.    Hall situated in
Thomas Block.   •' Oddfellows Hall."
J. D. Lumsden, j. f. Waddell,
6 Noble Grand. Secretary.
General Livery business   carried on.
Horses for hire, single or double.    Wood
or  coal   delivered   on   shortest   notice.
Draying in all its branches^ Prices right
Satisfaction guaranteed. $ $R^
TUESDAY on or before the Full
Moon of each month. Sojourning brethren cordially invited.
  . —T-
14, 1910.
The Dominion government is making
an  effort to induce farmers to go more
•extensively into the sheep industry.   The
adaptability   ot   the grazing conditions
and climate in and around Princeton require only to be tried to prove successful
for sheep raising.     The dry climate is
nature's   provision  for the health   and
.thrift of the  lambs, and   the   nutrient
qualities of the   grass will   conduce to
flesh forming and fine quality of mutton.   In the Nelson district farmers are
introducing goats for their food and milk
qualities and also for clearing ground of
-shrubs and brush.
For a number of years it has been evi-j
■dent and it is now a matter of common
knowledge that the sheep industry in
Canada, particularly as  regards the gen-
~-~'  production  of market sheep and of
Companies Act, 1897.
Continued on page 5.
Re Estate op Angus Lamont,
Province of British Columbia.
No. 585.
' Princeton Coal and Land Company,
Limited,' is authorised and licensed to
carry on business within the Province of
British Columbia, and to carry out or
effect all or any of the objects of the
Company to which the legislative authority of the Legislature of British Columbia extends.
The head office of the Company is situate at No. 15, Great Saint Helens, City
of London, England.
The amount of the capital of the Company is two hundred thousand pounds,
divided into two hundred thousand shares
of ono pound each.
The head office of the Comyany in this
I Province is   situate   at   Princeton, and
Ernest Waterman, Agent, whose address
' is Princeton aforesaid, is the attorney for
( the Company.
I     Given under my hand and seal of office
Tenders will be received by the under I at Victoria, Province  of British Coluru
signed nntil tbe 30th September 1910,1
for the following described property, be-;
longing to the above estate, viz : [
One  brood  mare and colt, one I-year 1
old horse, one 1 year old filly. 1 cow and I
calf,  one  2-year old heifer,  one  i-year'
old bull, 1 buggy, I set double harness, 1
wagon, 1 plongh. 1 mower, 1 rake.
Wm. C McDougai, .
Wm. C. McLean
Jno. B. Wood.
Princeton, Aug. 29, 1910,       Executors
BY DIRECTION  OF the Board of Investigation Notice is hereby given   that the  Board will
proceed to adjudicate upon claims to wa.tei on
the followiug streams ahd  tributaries ih.reto in
the Similkameen  and Osoyoos Water Districts,
under authority of Part 3 ot the Water Act, 1909.
Pine Creek-
Spring on Pre-emption No 2986.
Spring en Ecks Pre-emption.
Shoot Creek.
Ellis or Nanisheen Creek-
James Creek.
Penticton Creek.
Spring on Pre-emption No. 2551.
Canon Lake.
Second Creek.
Cedar Creek.
Little Penticton Creek.
Sheep Creek.
VXM.ile Creek south on Dog Lake.
4 Mile Creek on east side Okanagan Lake.
Five Mile Creek.
Johnson Creek.
Spiing on Pre-emption No. 4507.
Spring near Pre-emption near 4 Mile Creek.
Spring near ist Creek near Pre-emption 138s.
Spring on Sub-lot 19, L. 2711.
Alder Creek.
Maple Creek.
Creek 3 miles south on Dog Lake.
McLean Creek.
Lake near Kelowna-penticton. trail,
•Spring, Penticton,
•Steward's Dam.
Creek, Lot 286.
.7 Mile Creek (L°ts 210 and 206)
Camp, Old Camp, 9 Mile or Arawana Creek.
Creek on Lot 211.
Spring near south-east corner of lot 587.
South branch of Ellis Creek-
Spring, Lot 2551.
Meeting for the purpose of adjudication will be
■ii^ld at Penticton on or about October 20th, 1910
Okanagan   Falls on or about October 25th, 1910
and Naramata ou or about October 28th, 1910.
Chief Water Commissioner.
Lands Department, Water Branch,
Victoria, B.C., July 15th, 1910.
60   YEARS'
Trade Marks
- - - Copyrights &c.
Anyone sending a sketch and description may
•quickly ascertain our opinion free whether an
invention is probably patentable.  Communlca*
tlonsstrictlyconfldcntlai. HANDBOOK on Patents
sent free. Oldest agency for securing patents.
Patents taken through Munn & Co. receive
special notice*, without charge, In the
-**w •*.— «--*r-*m*»*^m-%r   *y inin uvwial^
A handsomely Illustrated weekly. -Largest circulation of any scientific journal. Terms for
Canada, $_ .75 a year, postage prepaid.   Sold by
fill __L6T7S-lP__f1ePS
iyi.Mo.36IBroa^-New York
Branch Office, 625 F St., Washington, D. C.
bia    this  twenty-third  day of May, one
thousand nine hundred and ten.
[L.S.] J. P. McLEOD,
Acting Registrar of Joint
Stock Companies.
The  objects  for  which this  Company
has been established and licensed are :
To carry  on  in   British Columbia and
I elsewhere in any   part  of the world, the
• trades    or   businesses   of   land   owners,
I lauded proprietors and agents, coal mast
1 ers, coke manufacturers, miners, smelters,
engineers, steel converters, iron founders,
brick and tile manufacturers, proprietors
of works  for  the  supply  of water,  gas,
electricity (either  for power or lighting)
or  other  power  (in   all their respective
branches), ship owners iron masters, and
to undertake the purchase or sale o_ lands
of every description   (either improved or
unimproved), or agents for the same, and
t.o lend   money  on   the  same  bv way of
mortgage  or  otherwise,  and   to    act  as
mortgage or   discount   brokers, bankers,
financiers, capitalists, and to  make, purchase-, hire, let and sell railway or other
plant,   fittings,   machinery,  and   rolling
stock,  or  any  portions or parts of such
articles, and to carry on anv other operations or  business  which    the  Companv
may from   time  to time deem expedient
in connection with its main   business for
the time being, and   with  a view thereto
to inter into the  agreement  referred  to
in article 3 of the  company's  articles of
To  purchase, take  on   lease or in exchange, hire or otherwise acquire, (either
with or without the surface), and to make
sale  or  otherwise   dispose  of  the  same
from time to time any lands, forests, coal
mines, iron mines and other mines, mining,   properties  or  rights,    water rights,
patents  or  other rights or claims (whether absolute,  exclusive,   optional, conditional or limited) and any lands, buildings, or  other kind of property whatsoever,  which   the   company   mav  think
necessary or convenient  for the purposes
of its business, and minerals, clay, brick-
earth, sand, and  any lands or other pro-
| perty necessary to the advantageous possession and use of the  railway,  mines or
works   for   the   time   being   owned   or
worked by the  company, or any interest
therein   respectively,   and  to search for,
get, work, raise, win, mine, quarry, convert and  manufacture, use, crush, wash,
smelt, reduce, refine, or otherwise treat,
and render marketable  and sell, dispose
of, and otherwise deal in coal, ironstone,
clay, brick earth,  sand  and  other  ores.
metals, minerals and  mineral substances
of the earth whatsoever,  and to carry on
any other metallurgical operations which
may seem couducive to  any of the Company's objects.
To purchase and sell, as merchants,
timber, coal, ironstone metals, bricks,
tiles and any other materials, articles, or
things relating to any of the above busi-
nessses, either on commission or otherwise, and to sell, improve, manage, develop, or otherwise turn to account or
deal with all or any of the property and
rights of the company.
To purchase, take in exchange, or on
lease, hire or otherwise acquire in any
part of the world, for any estate or interest, any lands, buildings, easements,
rights,  privileges,  minerals, machinery, 1
plant, implements, conveniences, provisions and other things, stock-in-trade
utensils capable of being used in connection with the operations of, or D3'
workmen and others employed by the
company, and real and personal property
of any kind necessary or convenient for
the company's business.
To construct, erect, establish, maintain and
improve or aid in and subscribe towards the con
struction, erection, maintenance, and improvement of railways, tramways, roads, shafts,
wharves, canals, harbours, buildings, machinery, and other works and appliances which may
be necessary or convenient for the purposes of
the company.
To promote, make, provide, acquire, take on
lease or agreement, lease, let, grant running
powers over, work, use and dispose of railways,
tramways, and other roads, ways and means of
access to any part or parts of the property of the
company, and to contribute to the expense of
promoting making, providing, acquiring, working and using the same.
To make build, purchase, acquire, lease, sell,
exchange, hire, charter, use, or let, piers, harbours, steamers, ships, tugs and other shipping
appliances, or contribute to the cost of the making or repairs thereof for any of the purposes
of the company.
To make and carry into effect arrangements
with land owners, railwav companies, shipping
companies, cairn rs, and other companies and
persons, for any of the purposes of the company.
To acquire any concessions, grants, rights,
licenses, powers, privileges, or contracts from
any Government, authority, company, firm or
person in any part of the world which may seem
to the company capable of being turned to account in connection with the business <fthe
company, and to work, develop, carry out, exercise and turn to account the same.
To carry on and transact the trades or businesses of merchants, contractors, carriers by
land or water, farmers, graziers, traders in and;
manufacturers of all kinds of merchandise,'
goods, provisions, and ariicles, managers of estates, farms, mines, railways or other properties,
commercial, and financial agents and brokers in
all their respective branches, and the businesses
of engineers, builders, miners, and any other
businesses directly or indirectly connected with
or capable of betng conveniently carried on in
connection with any of the businesses for the
time being or objects of the company
To establish and regulate, whether in the
United Kingdom or abroad, agencies for all or
any purposes of the company, and to establish
and support, or aid in the establishment and
support, of associations, institutions, funds,
trusts and conveniences calculated to benefit
employees or ex-employees of the company or
the dependents or connections of such persons,
and to grant pensions and allowances and to
make payments towards tnsurance, and to subscribe or guarantee money for charitable or
beneficiel objects or for any exhibition, or for any
public, general or useful object, ana generally to
pay any sum or sums of money, whether the
same be paid for good consideration or not as
may seem direcily or indirectly calculated to
benefit lhis company.
To establish, form and subsidise or otherwise
assist in the establishment promotion or forma*
tion of any other companies having for their ob*
jects, or some of them, any of the objects mentioned in this memorandum, or the prosecution
of any other undertakings or ^enterprises of any
description h .viug objects which may advance
directly or indirectly the oljects of this company
and to secure, by underwriting or otherwise, the
subscription of all or any part of the share or
loan capital o any such company, and payor
receive any commission brokera_.es, or other re
munerat on in eonnectirn therewith
Td purchase or otherwise acquire and undertake all or any part of the business, property and
pliabilities of any person or company carrying on
any business which the company is authorized
to carry ou, or possessed of property suitable for
the purpose of the company.
To amalgamate with or enter into partnership
or any joint purse arrangement or any arrangement for sharing profit-, union of interests or
cooperation with any company, firm, or person
carrying on or proposing to carry on any business within tlie objects of the company, and to
acquire the goodwill of, or any interest in. any
business similar to a"ny business which the company is authorised to carry on.
To sell, exchange, let on rent or royalty, share
of profits or otherwise grant licenses, easements,
and other rights of and over: and in any manner
dispose of the whole or any part of the undertaking, business, and property of the company,
and in consideration to accept cash or shares,
stock debentures or securities of anv company
whose objects are to include objects similar to
those of the company.
To cultivate lands and property, whether belonging to the company or not, and develop the
resources thereof, by building, reclaiming, clearing, draining, damming, ditching, farming and
plantiug, upon such terms, system or systems as
may be considered advisable, and to stock, cultivate and farm lands, and to breed, grow and
.deal in all kinds of stock, cattle, sheep, horses
and produce.
To contra* t with or aid any sovereign or other
power, government or state, or anv municipal
or other body, politic or corporate, or company
or persons for or in relatton to capital, credit,
means or resources, for the prosecution bf any
works, undertakings, projects oj enterprises;
also to coutract for and act as agents or otherwise in relation to loans or securities issued or
proposed to be issued by any government or j
state, ou municipal or other authority, or company or corporation, or persons or person.
To lend or advance money on the security of
any kind of property, rights, stocks, shares,
bonds debenture stock, mortgages debentures
obligations, bills, notes, or other instruments or
securities, or on the undertaking' of any company or any part thereof
To negotiate loans of all descriptions, eithei
alone or jointly with any other company or person, to any state, country, municipality, railway
.company or any other company, or corporate or
other body or any person or persons and to act
as trustee or trustees for any such loans.
To advance money for or olherwis e assist in
making explorations and surveys of every kind,
and in promoting immigration into any country, colony or state.
To guarantee the performance of any contracts or engagements, and to become liable or
responsible for money, or for the fulfilment of
contracts entered into by others
To pay all expenses of, or incident to the formation, registration, and advertising of the company, and the issu of its capital, including
brokerage and commission for obtaining applica
tions for or placing shares.
To buy, sell, enter into contracts, either absolute or conditional, issue on commission or receive brokerage, or other remuneration or consideration, upon the issue or re-issue, or for guaranteeing the issue of, or the payment of interest
on any stocks, shares, debentures, debenture
stock, bonds, obligations, or other securities of
any company or public or local authority.
To bcrrow or raise money with or without any
security, and to secure the payment of money
borrowed or raised, and in particular by the issue of debentures or debenture stock, perpetual
or terminal, bonds, mortgages or any other
security upon such terms as to priority or discount or otherwise, as shall be thought "fit, and
to secure the same if thought fit by mortgage or
charge upon the undertaking of the company
and any or all of its real and personal property,
present and future, and all or any of its uncalled
capita], or in any other manner, and to purchase
or redeem, at a premium if deemed expedient,
any debentures, debenture stock or securities of
the company.
To sell, lease, charter, or otherwise disposeof,
absolutely, conditionally or for any limited interest, the whole or any part of the undertaking,
property, rights, concessions or priviltges of the
company for such consideration in cash, shares,
royalties, or otherwise, as the company may think
fit, and to abandon any part of the business for
the time being of the company, and to carry on
any of the objects mentioned in this clause, to
the exclusion of the others, and to acquire or
institute anv new business, falling within the
objects of the company, or any of such objects
To subscribe for, purchase, or otherwise acquire
the shares or stock, whether ordinary, preferred
or deferred or the debentures, bonds, or other
securities of any company, and to accent the
same in payment of any property sold, or business undertaken, or services rendered by this
company, and to hold, sell, or otherwise deal
with the same*
To pay for any rights or property acquired by
the company or any services rendered to the
company, in fully or partly paid shares or stock,
debentures or other securities of the company,
and to make such paymeuts or gifts by way of
bonug or otherwise, and either in money or in
any other value as may from time to time be
deemed expedient for information or advice
given or for services of any kind rendered to the
company, orin connection with which the corn-
pan v m ay be d irectly or indirectly interested, and
generally to make any payments or agree to pav
any commissions with or without any consideration moving to the company, if it is considersd
1 y the directors in the interests or directly or indirectly to the benefit of the company to do so.
To promote any eompany for the purpose of acquiring all or. any part of the undertaking, property and liabilities of the company. Also to
acquire the undertaking and assets, and undertake
the liabilities of any now existing or future com"
pany, and to conduct, liquidate, or wind up the
business of any such company.
To enter into partnership or into any arrangements for sharing profits, cooperation, reciprocal
concession, or otherwise, with any person or company and to remunerate any person or persons,
joint-stock or other company, by fixed salary or
specified remuneration, or by a share of profits
present- past or future, or part one way and part
the other.
To make and carry into effect or determine arrangements with British, Colonial or foreign manufacturers, railway and shipping companies, proprietors or charterers of shipping, carriers, proprietors of steam, electric, petrol propelled or
other mechanical power, and other persons or
To carry on, work or develop any property or
business of any kind, either as principals or
agents, or to concur with others in so doing, or
employ others to do so, as may be found expedient
To pay any commission or brokerage for the
purpose of securing the subscription of any pa_*t
of the share or loan capital of this company, or of
any company promoted by this company, or in
which this company is or intends to be interested,
provided-such commission shall not exceed 75 per
cent,, and generally to remunerate any personsf
for underwriting such capital, or fOr services ren"
dered in placing:, or assisting to place, or guaran~
teeing the placing, of any shares, debentures or
other securities of the company, or for promoting
or guaranteeing the raising of capital for any
other company, and to underwrite or otherwise
guarantee the subscription for or placing of the
share or other capital of any other company.
To procure this comdany to be legalised, domiciled or recognised In any foreign country or colony, and to pfbeure its incorporation in a like
character, or as a Societe Anonyme in any foreign
country, and to carry on the business of the company or any part thereof, in any foreign country
or colony, or dependency of the United Kingdom
or in any part of the world, under any other style
or name.
To draw, accept, make, indorse, discount, and
negotiate bills or exchange, promissory notes,
warrants and other negotiable instruments other
than bank notes.
To distribute among the members in specie any
property of the company, or any proceeds of sale
or disposal of any property of the company, but
so that no distribution amounting to a reduction
of capital be made except with the sanction, if
any, for the time being required by law. To issne
any shares of the company at par or at a premium
or as fully or in part paid up, and to transfer to
or otherwise cause to be vested in any company,
person or persons, all or any of the lands, mines
and property of the company, to be held in trust
for the company, or on such trusts for working,
developing, or disposing of the same as may be
cousidered expedient-
To exercise the powers given by Sections 34, 35
and 79 of 'The Companies Consolidation Act,
To do all such acts and things as are incidental
or conducive to the above objects-
Take notice that I, John Westwood, of
Coleman, Alta., intend to apply to the
Hon. Commissioner of Lands for permission to purchase the following described
lands :
Commencing at a post planted at the
S.W. corner lot 3030, thence south 14
chains, east 57 chains, north 14 charos,
west 14 chains to point of commencement.
John Nathan, Agent
Located July 28, 1910.
September 14, 1910.
From 4th page.
high class wool, has been in an increasingly decadent condition. Not only has
the number of sheep owned in the country been gradually lessening but the interest in sheep growing has itself been
on the wane. The census of sheep in
Canada reveals the fact that as regards
the number of sheep kept the Dominion
does not at all compare favorably with
other great agricultural countries of the
Canada has, undoubtedly, wonderful
possibilities and large opportunities in
connection with the development of its
sheep population. Investigations are
now in progress as to the adoption of a
permanent scheme for the encouragement
and upbuilding of the sheep raising industry. The Minister of Agriculti^re
will not be satisfied until there are ten
times as many sheep as there are at present in Canada.
The A. E. HO WSE CO., Ld
Yale Land District.
District of Yale.
Take notice that I, A* B. Nicholas, of Spokane,
s Wash.,  intend to apply  to  the  Hon.  Commis"
sioner of Lands for permission to purchase the
following described lands:
Commencing at  a post planted about 2 miles
nort of the mouth of Roche river, on the Similkameen river, thence 80 chains south, 40 chains east,
80 chains north, 40 chains west, back to post.
C, O. French, Agent,
Located July 24.1910.
Take noticethatl, W. A. Nicholas of Spokane,
TVash., intend to apply to the Hon. Com-
missioner of Lands for permission to purchase
the toll owing described lands:
Commencing at a post planted at N.W. cor. of
A. B. Nicholas'cor., thence 80 chains north, 80
chains east, 80 chains south, 80 chains west,
back to post.
C. O. Freuch. Agent.
Located July :4, iqio,
1 Take notice that I. Wm. H. Bell, of Spokane,
Wa h., stenographer, intend to apply to the Hon.
Commissioner of Lands for permission to purchase the following described lands :
Commencing at post planted at S.E. corner
of C. G.Laidlaw's purchase, thence 40 chains
east, 80 chains north, 40 chains west, go chains
south, back to post.
C. O. French, Agent.
•.  Located July 23, 1910.
Take notice that I, E. C. Laird, of Spokane,
Wash , intend to apply tp the Hon. Commissioner of Lands for permission to purchase the
following described lands :
j Commencing at a post planted on north side of
Roche river, about 7 miles from mouth thence
80 chains'east,. 80 chains south, 80 chains west,
80 chains north, back to post.
1 E- C. LAIRD,
C O. French, Agent.
Located July 23,1910.
Take notice that I, C. G. Laidlaw, of Spokane, Wash., intend to apply to the Hon. Commissioner of Lands for permission to purchase
the following described lands :
Commencing  at a post planted on the right
bank  of Roche  river, about 12  miles  from its
mouth, thence 80 chains north, 40 chains east,
80 chains south, 40chains west, back to post.
. C. O. Freuch, Agent.
Located July i<_, iqio.
Take notice that I, F. C. Laird, of Spokane-
Wash., intend to apply to Hon. Commissioner
of Lands for permission to purchase the following described lands :
Commencing at a post planted  on the right
bank of Roche  river,  about  12 miles from its
mouth, thence 80 chains south, 80 chains east, 80
chains north. 80 chains west, back to post.
F. C. LaIRD.
C. O. French, Agent.
Located July 19. i9io.
Take notice that I, M. Laird,  of   Spokare,
■ Wash., intend to apply   to the Hon. Commis-'
sioner of Lands fr»r permissipn to purchase the
following described lands :      *■ *
Commencing at a port planted on the middle
fork of Roche river,  about  13 miles  from its
mouth, thence 80 chains east, 80 chains south, 80
chains west, 80 chains north back to post.
C. O. French, Agent.
■ ; Located July 23, 1910.
Take notice that I, R. H. Morris, of Spokane,
Wash., intend to apply to the Hon. Commissioner of Lands for permission to purchase the
following described lands.
Commencing at a post planted on the south
side of Roche river, about 13 miles from its mouth,
thence 80 chains west, 60 chains north, 80 chains
■ east, 60 chains south, back to post.
C: O. French, Agent,
K   Located July 23.1910.
Take notice thatl, A. Nokes, of Spokane, Wash.,
intend to apply to the Hon. Commissioner of Lands
for permission to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted on the right bank
of Roche river about, 10 miles from its mouth,
thence 80 chains east, 80 chains south, 80 chains
west, 80 chains north, back to post.
C. O. French, Agent.
Located July 24,1910.
K___fc_fe __._____-______.__-_._ ___.___. AAA *** _..____y_ _ft. ___.___j__'_.__-_.__>
y^§w^$T^$f^*^4r^4^4y^47^B^*r^^^*7!S*\B'VTVr*V 4.^^^*mBVw7!'r^47^*y*f
¥: The Haying Season is at hand
Get your repairs for Mowers, Rakes, Binders
Never was more complete
No Spoiled Fruit
If you Use it
The Best Money
Can Buy
Headquarters for Eatables and
Splendid Assortment
Men's Tweed
Serge Suits
Quality that |BH
cannot be -; J.
Prices to suit
every pursje
September 14, 1910.
♦ ♦ I The Town of I ! *
•ritish   Columbia
■ _
At the confluence of the Similkameen and Tulameen Rivers
Send for Maps
and Price List to
Resident    Manager
jS_yga_>___wi."W_-_i—"-»-. iiinm, ^.jjgaae^-; Ijlegg™'tJWW_i_.,f up11"1""


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