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Princeton Coal Analyzes: Fixed Carbon, 54 per cent; Ash, 6 per cent; Moisture, 5.
A Happy and Prosperous New Year to AH!
British Columbia is the Richest in Minerals of any Province in British Dominions and the Similkameen is the Richest District in the World
in Variety of Minerals: Gold Platinum, Silver, Copper* Lead, Zinc, Iron, Coal and Fireclay—Great Opportunities for ground-floor Investment.
Vol. vi.   No. 40.
$2 a Year, in Advance
Grand Trunk  Pacific Enters
Into Competition with the
Canadian Pacific.
Will Get Share of Telegraph Business
as well as Command Fart of the
Trans-Canada Freight.
The Grand Trunk Pacific is going into
the telegraph business. An application
appears in the Canada Gazette for an act
of incorporation by the Grand Trunk
Pacific Telegraph company. Power is
also asked for wireless and cable busi
ness. Canada is gradually choking off
monopoly, the baneful effects of it hav
ing retarded the whole country and the
Similkameen in particular. The company or the individual who undertakes
to monopolize at once becomes an enemy
of the public weal.
Mr. Cranshaw's party of surveyors ran
a preliminary line along Vermilion ave
nue to a point beyond E. Waterman's
residence where the distance is least to
the Tulameen river. This route would
necessitate building of a tunnel a quarter
mile long through to the Tulameen, at
the same time it would obviate some
serious curves by the all-Tulameen line
just west of town. It is a question of
cost and utility which way will be chosen.
In any case it is hoped that Vermilion
avenue with its magnificent proportions
may be spared the unsightliness of an
ore or coal train bumping and puffiing
along its whole picturesque length. How
would Broadway, the Strand or the Rue
de la Paix look under such conditions ?
There is room enough along the Similka
pieen for the road and it is hoped tha'
President Hill, after reading these "few^
remarks" will ahift the Vermilion avenue
line a chain or two south.
' P. H. Burnham has been appointed
district freight and passenger agent 01
the Gsjjw| Northern railway, his duties
'• Vicnding over the Kootenays and from
->kane to Princeton. His headquarters
at Grand Forks.
#'-,yApplication will be made at the next
session of the Dominion parliament to
incorporate "The Vancouver & Northwestern Railway Co." to build a line of
railway from Vancouver eastward to Pitt
river, then to Harrison river, on to 141-
looet thence northerly to the 6oth degree
of latitude, with power to operate steamboats.
Hon. R. G. Tatlow has returned to Victoria after having with Premier McBride
interviewed Presidents Hill, Shaughnessy
and Morse. He says that 1906 will be
a big railway building year.
The annual general meeting of the
Boulder Mining Co. will be held at
Oshkosh, Wis., on the 2nd January, 1906,
for the purpose of electing officers and
receiving reports. This company owns
the Cousin Jack mine situated on Boulder
creek above Otter Flat. The Cousin
Jack has been experted .and developed
to such an extent as to prove its worthi
ness for the installation of a large operating plant. This will be decided at the
meeting next Tuesday. A large number
of stockholders here will be pleased to
learn that expert reports of the mine are
favorable and that an average assay of
$17.50 in gold has been obtained.
Angus Lamont was a passenger on
Thursday's stage, bound for Ontario,
going by way of Rossland. He goes to
his native home at Eramosa, near Guelph,
which he left some 44 years ago and will
also visit relatives at Woodstock. Mr.
Lamont is one of the pioneers of British
Columbia and was one of a hardy band
of goldhunters who tramped into Cariboo
during the first big stampede, packing
blankets and grub on their backs for
over 200 miles and depending largely for
meat by their unerring aim with the
rifle. He will spend the winter amid
the scenes of his youth returning to
Princeton where he hopes to enjoy the
remaining years of his natural life. Mr.
Lamont has sold his ranch to Louis W.
Hill, vice president of the Great Northern Railway Co., the price paid being
over $n,ooo for 320 acres. Many friends
of Mr. Lamont wished him goodbye and
a happy New Year as the sterling old
gentleman departed.
f D. M. French and J. Tway arrived in
'town last Saturday by stage from Nicola
and left on Monday for Copper and Kennedy mountains. Mr. French has mineral properties in thie district which he
is desirous of developing. For that purpose he has secured the services of an
expert and one who represents eastern
capital to inspect and report upon them.
Mr. Tway is pleased with the mineral
outlook of this section and • will carry
.away with him a lot of samples for assay.
While here, as a sort of side issue, he will
investigate chances in real estate with a
view to erecting a large building on it
for spring business which promises to be
brisk. Mr. Tway goes from here to
Granite creek to examine mineral and
other ground. He is very much im
pressed with the possibilities of this district and will return again when he has
more time at his disposal. Mr. French
expects to resume his citizenship of
Princeton after about four years absence,
his present hurried trip precluding a
visit with many old tilicums hereabouts.
He expects to return in two weeks.
Festivities of Christmastide Followed by Dearth of
Local News.
Regular Meeting of Board of Trade-
Princeton is Musical Town-
Write 19-0-6.
Court of revision opens at 11 o'clock
today in the court house.
Christmas Day was observed in an unusually quiet manner in Princeton. Invited guests at the hotels and in the
homes enjoyed bountiful repasts which
with the merry conversation, songs and
music made the day pass very happily.
Board of trade meeting will be held
next Thursday evening when a full attendance is desired as there is important
business on hand. It will be the first
regular meeting of 1906.
( The hospital ball at Hedley was a great
'financial and social success, the net receipts being estimated at close to $500.
Bob Cramer has received a letter from
Jack McFarlane in south eastern California in which he describes that country
in plain and emphatic terms. Evidently
Mr. McFarlane would readily exchange
the blistering heat, bad water and little
of it, tarantulas and rattlesnakes for the
crisp ozone, sunny days, lashings of pure
water and grand prospects of the Similkameen. Come back Jack and settle
down !
) Gordon Murdoch received a fine Mason
j& Risch piano last week which he intends as a Christmas gift to his family.
.Princeton has more pianos, it is believed,
Jin proportion to population, than any
other similar place in the world. The
[musical tastes of a people indicate a high
'state of civilization, Princeton being
well supplied with instruments for the
development and cultivation of musical
Be sure yon write it 1-9-0-6 after Sunday. New Year's Day is next Monday
and a statutory holiday.
The annual statement of the Canadian
Bank of Commerce for the year ending
Nov. 30, 1905, shows that the net profits
for the year reached the handsome total
of $1,376,167.63. The premium on uew
stock amounted to $564,996. No less an
amount than $1,000,000 has been transferred to Rest Account, bringing the Rest
up to $4,500,000, while the paid-up capital of the bank amounts to $10,000,000.
The deposits of the bank, including $19,
425,688.84, not bearing interest, amount
to $74,373,490.96 The notes of the bank
in circulation total $8,738,670.68. Dividends at the rate of 7 per cent., aggregating 1666,784.27 have been paid.
Suffering from the horrors of delirium \
tremens and  laboring under strong de-   I
lusions of a fearful character John Swans-
borough attempted  suicide  last Sunday
night  by   cutting   his  throat.    He  was
alone at the time in the house belonging
to Geo. Aldous on his ranch and but for     \
his  timely  discovery  by J. O'Neil  an*&5£
subsequent attention of constable Hewat
who quickly  brought  Dr.  Schon to the
bedside, he must have perished from loss
of blood.    The temporarily insane  man
had slashed his throat with a razor leaving a gaping  flesh   wound and making-a
small  orifice   in   the  windpipe, luckily If
missing  the jugular, veins.    He was removed to the  lock-up and  there placed
under the vigilant eye of ''big Bill" Martin.   If no complicating illness sets in
the  patient  will  soon   recover and poor
Swansborough  will have another opportunity to reform, which his many friends
hope to see him do.
Gus Pouwels, or "Beige," as he is
known to his tillicums, is a generotrs^
hearted soul. He caught a coyote in a
bear trap he had set for a big black bear
which was lurking around his camp and
instead of despatching the thief then
and there as he now wishes he had done
and been made richer the bounty of
$2.50, he made an effort to make the
coyote- a prisoner. A second thought
struck him which spurred him on to more
determined effort to corral the brute.
He conceived the philanthropic idea of
sending it to his native Belgium there
to be presented to the big zoo at Brussels. Taking his lariat off his shoulder
he gave it a twirl and caught this 'dog of
the desert' by a hind foot. Then the
struggle began. The coyote was over
and under "Beige" fifty times, until
finally the brute was bound by its hind
legs and Gus started to drive him home.
He had only gone the length of the lariat
when the animal turned around and sat
down where it ought to and snapped the
tough lariat between its teeth, at the same
time putting its paw to its nose and giving a grin man fashion. It bounded out
of sight quickly leaving "Beige" uttering
some strong words in two languages.
Moral: Don't ever monkey with a coyote
but kill him. and kill him quick, and
claim the bounty before the carcase is
Dr. Schon has received authoritative
information that Rev. E. P. Flewelling
will not return to Princeton, owing to
his removal to Cranbrook. It is not
known >et - whether any person will be
sent to the Princeton parisK;' ||««
F. M. McLeod, barrister,|||ft onThurs-.,'\
day's stage  for Rossland,-Trom there he
3gd3go to New York, returning to Prince  \
ton in the  early spring.^  He. wjll lo^8
here permanently with his family^
The Similkameen Star
Published Weekly at ,
The Princeton Publishing, Go.
A. B.  Howse,  Manager.
One Year,
-^Payable in Advance.
-    $2.00
Subscribers will confer a favor on. this office by
promptly/reporting any change ih address or
irregularity iu receipt of their paperv^JT' ■■ '■!~^~' •"■
Advertising rates furnished on application?.':.;.
Ivegal.notices io and 5 cents per line. . vg
Four weekly insertions constitute one month
advertising. : ,
All cheques to be made payable to;.
' :f I   A. E. HOWSE,
The immutable laws of time have
• riaye brought   the   year   1905  to
within   a   few   hours   of  its  close.
All the world stands'on the threshold of another year in gladsome expectancy for  the  advent  of Anno
Domini   1906.    Looking backward
through   the   vista  of days   at the
declining year great events stud thje
-time  with   the  frequency  of'milestones on life's broad highway. The
close of a great war with honorable
terms' of peace   had   scarcely been
recorded   when   the   embers   of   a
- bloody revolution were fanned into
the blaze of battle and murder, and
the throne of a once mighty line of
rhbnarchs   weakened  to a swift ap-
, proaching   deathfall.     The   end of
the year finds all the great nations
of earth armed to the teeth and still:
arming with  the   most destructive}
■weapons  of   war   which   inventive^
genius can  suggest, until? it seems1;
that peace   hangs by a hair-trigger-
which   the slightest diplomatic jar
may at any  time set off and cause
universal   war.      But   the victories
of peace in  the past year-outweigh
those   of   w,ar.     The   triumphs   of
literature,   commerce,   science   and
the    learned   professions   generally
have not been  equalled in any one
year so far in this young century.
If progress and enterprise have
marked the year 1905 to the outside
world, in the Similkameen there
have also been advancement and
persevering endeavor in the development of its vast natural resources. T,be., prominent mining
sections of■■ this district are now
undergoing -thorough test. Development has shown that immense
.ore bodies are common and in great
variety. Withal there is an abundance of cheap power and material
for the operation of mines or any
manufacturing "industry; Some
large mining transactions have been,
consummated during the year and,
others are in - progress. The interest manifested in the Similkameen
has had nnusual proof in the visita-
jtions of many mining men and,
experts during last summer. ..All
of these men were deeply impressed
sjvith the latent resources and vast
"Nullities of the district and all
^l the lack of transportation'
expected to return when the railway afforded more speedy means of
transit." "
Coal   lands  have  been in active
dfeiand all the  past year.'   Sellers
prefer holding  until  the railway is
ready to ship,   expecting  then  to
see a  sharp  advance in prices for
eligible'claims    situated   near' the
iirte of'>raiiway.    Nearly   all of the
Princeton eO.atfbas'in is now covered
with lease   or license and'therecan
belittle doubt of the ultimate suc-
cess, of   these   holdings   when   in
actual   production—the-first   class
quality'of the  coal ensures it.    At
present there is only-one coal'1 mine
in operation", its output   being confined to local Consumption  throug'h
the- inadequacy   of   transportation
facilities in ordinary wagons.
Agriculture is fully established a:s
a profitable and successful industry
in the Similkameen. Last season's
crop 'was the biggest on record.
When all the cultivable land is
brought into subjection of the
plough there will be enough and
to spare for a population of half a
million. In the southeastern pdrr
tion of the Similkameen^ riding
hundreds of acres of J desert land
only require water to make.them
most. productive of fruit and farm;
stuff: ,. Irrigation works on a large
scale-will be forthcoming as soon as'
the=population increases to a point
to demand the product of the now,
waste acres. The. quality ' of the
soil is unexcelled for mixed farming, its . adaptability for dairying
and grazing being especially good.
Farming aiid fruit .raising: in the
Similkameen are very much in their
infancy while cattle raising is as old
as the country is settled and is very
profitable.   ■■■' ■• M
The building of the telephone
line into the 'Similkameen in 1905
by the Dominion government and
extending its ramifications to the
Okanagan has proved to be a most
valuable convenience. - It has lessened the despairing isolation with
which this country has hitherto
been afflicted and facilitates business
wonderfully with all' parts of the
outside world..   ^$£3
Atotbis time last year the Star
predicted that railway construction
would be begun in ,the Similkameen "in 1905. That prediction has
been fully verified, the pessimists
and knockers to the contrary, notwithstanding. A year hence the
rails).;wi,li3nbe; .in. Princeton if they
can be manufactured fast enough.
1906 will be^ the most prosperous
and: progressive year yet attained
in tiriiSj: district, but the following
years will be the greatest in the
history of mining development.
That every person. interested in
the Similkameen may share in the
prosperity now advancing, is. the
earnest, -wish  of the  Star and bids
'Cut- GJtfss
Berry Bowl
The best 'five dollars'
' worth of Cut Glass in
I Canada—is what, we are
able1 to say of this Berry
;;AV"' -' ■.
And its exceptional '
value is another "proof
of ho-yv customers benefit by Diamond Hall's
increased manufacturing- facilities.
This special bowl is of
clearest glass, brilliantly
cut, and of full 8-inch di-
DECEMVJER 30,  1905
Thos. Hunter, Proprietor.
NOTICE is hereby given that sixty days aft^^r;
date I intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner
of Lands and Wd5"ks for permission to purchase '
400 acres of mountain pasture land, -described as
follows : Commencing at the nortbreast comer of
lot 1192 thence north 60 chains, ihe'noe-'west 60
chains, thence south 80 chains to north line.of
lot 1402. thence east 20 chains to the east line'of
lot 1192, thence north 20 chains to the north-west
corner cf lot 1192, thence eaft 40 chafts to point
of eommencemeiftf Said land- is situated in.
the Nicola division of Yale district., <   ,
L. GIBSON,.Applicant,
per I^uke Gibson, Agent/*\
16th Deeembe.r, 1905.     '
Duke of York and Blue Bird mineralj.clainis.
situate in the Similkameen mSBTngWivisioii
^ of Yale1 district. Where loca'ed :'QnjCoppej-
mountain. ■   ■?'■    "    '
Take notice that I, M. A. Voigt, f,-ee miuer'i
certificate IsToi B79944, intend sixty days from dati
hereof to^apply to the rrlining recorder for certificates of'improvements, for the purpose of cb:
tainingf ctjo.W.n grants of the above clt^jms-. - -j.
•' And further take notice that action,'iiuder section 37, .mu.st'becoram"enced" before ■ trVeTjHy^uahctl
of such certificates of improvements.'*'"'
Dajfcedit'fojte fst day of December, 1905;.-;  ,- j
l   '    '<_■„    ^.   pj-.»*i -   , .JC. ffi. Sff iW, P.-.I..S. J
Notice is herel y given that sixty days (from
date 1 intend to apply to the Honorable Chief
CommJssipner of I.ands and Works -for 'permission to purchase 160 acres of'mountajnj^n.d .
situattd in the Similkameen land division of
Yale district. Commencing at a pest^c chains
tast of C C. Clay's S.W. corner, thence south 40
chains, th'ence west 401 chains, thence north'40
chain's, thence east 40 chains to point of commencement. ,   J  D. YOUNG, Locator.
Lvj. " ■ .,  per W. D. Young..   A   •
■ Dated RtK November, 1905.
No. 38 Fr., No. 40 Fr., No  54, No. 55,-No. 56,  No.
.57, No, 58,^0. 59, No. 6r,VNo. 62, No. 63.  min-
igEal claims, situate in the Similkameen miri-
' ing djivisioti of Yals district.   Where Icteaterd:
In Voigt's camp.     .V'5'2!, ,u- , c
Takejiiotice that I.C. JE. Shaw, agent for M. A.
Voigt      free   miner's,    certificate     No     B79944.
intend   Sixty   days   from   the   date   hereof,   to
arjply  to the Mining Recorder  for certificates
of improvements, for. jhg purpose of obtaining
Crown grants of the above claims. *
And further take n'otie'e that -action, under sec
tion 37, must be commenced before  the issuance
of such certificates of improvements.
.. Dated this 30th day of November. 190s.
No. 2, J. W. Hill, United arid Verde, mineral
claims, situate in Similkameen mining division of Yale district. Where located : In Voigt's
Take' notice that I, C JE. Shaw,' acting
as agent for M. A. Voigt, free miner's certificate No. B79944, intend, sixty days from the
date hereof, to apply to the mining recorder for
certificates of improvements, for the purpose of
obtaining crown grants of the above claims.
And further take notice that action, under section 37, must be commenced before the issuance
of such Certificates of Improvements.
Dated this 15th day of November, A .D. T905.
'. 36 C. JE. SHAW, P.L.S.
Maple Leaf, Pine Knot Martin, Daisy and Min-
• nehaha 'mineral claims, situate in the Similkameen mining division of Yale district.
Where located : On Henry creek.
Take notice that I, H. S. Cayley. acting as
agent for John Gladden,'free miner's certificate
No. B79071 : Edward A. C Studd. free miner's
certificate No. B79016 and Chas. E- Oliver F.M.J.
No. B79072, intend, sixty days from the date
hereof, to apply to the mining recorder for
certificates of improvements, for the purpose of
obtaining crown grants of the above claims.
And further take lotice that action, under section 37, must be commenced before the issuance
of such Certificates of Improvements.
Dated this 2nd day of October, A.D. 1905.
J^etus to investment.   They j all a very "Happy New Year.
Sixty days after date I intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for
permission to purchase 640 acres, more or less,
of pasture land in the Nicola division of Yale
district and described as follows: Commencing
at'a post at S.W. corner of lot 1234 thence east 80
chains, north 80 chains, west 80 chains, south 80
chains to point of commencement.
Nov. 23rd, 1905.
ap.ptycaFtypii:  will  be made to the Legislative 'AssejQibly of the Province of British
Coluufbia, at its  ne^xt session, for an"Act
to incorporate  a company with power to
acquire, purchase, construct  and operate
the   undertaking's  of the1 Vancouver and
Coast Kooten#y$Railway Company ; the
Alberni ianrj,, Cowi.chan. Ra-ilwav   Company ; the  Kamloppsjand Atlin Railway
Company,-"iricf''',the 'Midway and Vernon
Railway\Coni-paltoy'; "and   to  acquire all
the rights, pow.ejSi and  privileges of the
said companies ; and with power to exer/-
cise all'the powers  contained in the Acts
of Incorporation of the  said companies ;
and   with   power   to  acquire,   purchase!-
construct and operate the undertaking of
any other  Railway   Company or Compaq
nies; and   with   power  to  subscribe for
and  purchase  the  stock,   bonds, debentures or other securities   of any'- Railway
Companv ; and to exchange* the stock or'
other bonds, debentures  or other secu:i
ties of the  Company to  be incorporated
for the shares, stock,  debentures,   bonds
or other  securities of any other Railway.'
Companv ; and   with   power  to increase
the capital of the   Companj'  to be incorporated ; and with   power to issue shares
as fully  paid   up ; and to borrow money
on the-Company's  assets byanv form of
security ; afnd with power to promote any
Railway  Company  or Companies,  or to
amalgamate with   any Company or Companies ;    and. «.with     all      the     other
and     necessary.,   powers   conduciV--   to
the  carrying out of the Company's undertaking.
■ Dated at  Victoria, B.C.,  this 22nd day
of November, 1905.      -JsPr--' " f
'Solicitors for the Applicants.
application will be made to the Legislative'Assembly of the Province of British.
Columbia at its next session for an Act
extending.the. time within which the
Vancouver and Coast Kootenay Railway
Companv has to complete its line of rail-
wav. and empowering the said Railway
Companv to build from some point on its
line of railway to Kamloops in the Province of British Columbia.
Dated at Victoria, B.C., this 22nd day
of November, 1905.
 Solicitors for the Applicants.
Advertise in the Star.
Buller, Colorado, Edward 7th, No,-6. No. 7,fNo.■■
24, No. 26,  No.   27, No. 43 Fr., N6. ifi'Fr , No.
45 Fr. and No. 46 Fr. mineral claims, sjtij'ite.j
in the Similkameen mining divisioii. of Yale
'  district.   Where located: On the northeily
slope of Copper mountain.
Take notice that I, G. Evert-Baker, free min-"'
er's certificate No. B80091, intend. 60 days from
date hereof, to apply to the mining recorder for
certificates of improvements, for the purpose  of
obtaining cfown grants of the above claims.
And further take notice that action, under section 37, must be commenced before the issuance
of such Certificates of Improvements.
Dated this 16th day of November, A.D. 1905.
December 30, 1905
Ed. Tingley arrived on last Saturday's
stage on a holiday visit to Princeton and
L    Hedley.
A goodly number of ladies and gentlemen went to the hospital tall at Hedley
on Wednesday night and there were several went up to Otter Vallev last night to
attend the annual dance given by Mr.
and Mrs. J. Thynne.
1 M.. and Mrs. E. Waterman have gone
^ to California on a visit to relatives, going
/ by way of Penticton.
Custom assays  have beeii discontinued
at  the  Sunset  mine,   Copper mountain.
.The position of a public assayer is one of
the  most  difficult  and   thankless  to fill
-•-hQnestifJ and fairly.    Unreasonable persons expect high grade values  from   low
grade ores and unless theassayercan pro
duce that result he  is condemned.    As a
rule, however, assayers  pay no attention
to this  class of men, but  keep  right on
telling the truth without fear or favor.
Bible study and worship tomorrow at
2:30 in the court house, conducted by A.
Born—On the 20th inst., the wife of
William Allison of a sou.
Duncan Macphail is the teacher of a
new public school established near Mc-
Cullough's on the Nicola road.
The wife of Frank Garcia died recently
at Aspen Grove of pneumonia.
The closing exercises of the public
school, Miss Schon, teacher, gave evidence of bright young intellects being
guided onward in the path of a sound
and practical education.
Hogmanay is.the name of the last day
in the vear in Scotland.
Assay Office.
ASSAY OFFICK at Sunset mine is nbw open
for custom work.   Prices on application.
Bought &Sold
Offices .'Penticton
and Princeton.
a. r. cow,.,' sc. c, '
\g Engineer
Map of Surveyed Claims on  Copper
and Kennedy Mts.: Price, $2.
PRINCETON.     -   -     B. C.
Corbould & Grant
Barristers, Solicitors, &c.
Ne w W e s t m i n s t e r, B. C."'
are grown and packed
among the Quaker commu=
nity of Prince Edward
Colony, Ontario,
of the Bay of Quinte District
celebrated for growing
the finest flavored fruits
and vegetables
U in the world.
llw8^ ft     A
t m mi
All reliable grocers sell them,   ask for them,
and take no substitute,
for there's none just as good*
<£§* op m
You cannot miss it when 3'ou select
from Our Fine Assortment. We
have them in all styles and sizes at
very reasonable prices.
3,000   shares  Diamond   Vale   Coal   Stock.
Write stating lowest price.
Hub Clothing Store, Vancouver, B.C.
centrally  located.    Membership   solicited.
E. Waterman, W  H. Switzer,
President. Secretary.
H. Cowan Treasurer.
CAPITAL==$,o,ooo,ooo   =
W.H. SWITZER, Acting Manager |    J.
Capital all paid up, $14,000,000.    Rest, $10,000,000.   Balance to Profit and
Loss Account, $373,988.        Total Assets, $135,624,452.
PRESIDENT, Rt. Hon. Lord Strathcoua and Mount Royal, G.C.M.G.
VICE-PRESIDENT Sir Geo. A. Drummond, K.C.M.G.
lavings Bank Department HH| Rf
credited twice a year.    Withdrawals without delay.
Banking business of every description undertaken.
R«lt-llrinr»- tv*r   Mail   Deposits may be made and withdrawn by mail.   Out of town ae
Dd.lIK.IHg   Uy  llld-ll counts receive every attention.
The Nicola Branch is now Open.
I   REST==$4,5oo,ooo
M.   CHRISTIE,   Manager.
I Savings BankhtQmt aI,owed °n deposits of & and
no unnecessary |M ,„ K"?.8' , DfP^ors subject to
upwards.     Depositc
no unnecessary delay in withdrawing funds.
tv^^tllrillflr h\7 'Mojl Deposits may be made and withdrawn
^aMWg  &y Jiail b/maiL Special attention given to this
class, of business.    Drafts and Money Orders issued on all points.
A General Banking Business transacted.
Accounts    of   parties living   at   a
distance   receive our   special at-
through  the   mail, and sums added
Drafts issued payable at all points
MacHAFFIE, Acting Manager.
■ tention.      Deposits  can  be  made
' thereto and withdrawn at any time,
in Canada and.abroad.
L. G
JHUKlillfc    tir0Ups
Photos of Families taken at their
Homes—Views of Princeton
and Surrounding Camps.
Address   -    PRINCETON, B.C
Otter Flat Hotel
1 Headquarters for Summit, Rabbitt mountain, Tulameen river, Boulder, Bear and
Kelly creek camps.
Good   Fishing   and   Boar
P. O. Address, ASPEN GROV]
December 30, 1905
J. A.
m Geoer
Has now in stock and is constantly receiving large shipments of
and is prepared to supply all
kinds of goods at lowest prices
Wood, I
Vallance &
Pa mis
Nail orders Promptly Filled
MURALO'S 1st quality
Cold Water Sanitary Calcimo
Notice is hereby given that sixtj days after
date I intend to apply to the Hon. the Chief commissioner of Lands and Works for permission to
pu'chase 120 acres more or less of pasture land,
desc ibed as follows: CommEncing at a post
ma ked "Angus Lamont's N.W. co.ner,'? at the
S.W. corner o" A. Tremblay'S preemption and
running Fodfh. ao chains thence 60 chains east,
thence 20 cbrins north, thence 60 chains west to
po'nt of commencement.
J. G. McDonald, Agent.
Dated Dec. 2nd, 1905.
Sixty days after date I intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner  of  Lands  and Works to
purchase 160  acres  of land,   described  as  follows t   Commencing at  a post on Skaist creek
sabout 1 mile from the Skagit and running south
ins, east 40 chains, north 40 chains, west
1 to,point of commencetreat.
J. G. McDonald, agt.
50   YEARS*
Trade Marks
Copyrights &c.
Anvone sending a sketch and descriptlon'may
quickly ascertain our opinion free whether an
Sliivention is probably patentable.   Communica-
Jtfons strictly conlldential. HANDBOOK on Patents
'sent'f ree. Oldest agency/for securing patents.
Patents taken through Munn & Go. receive
s&ec'ttil notice, without charge, in the
:-.;. .^TvTJ^v^.
The Hotel has been thoroughly renovated and refitted.
Everything First Class.
No pains spared to please the public.
Table supplied with best the market affords.
Fine Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
Headquarters for Princetpn, Spence's Bridge and Kamloops
Stage Lines.
A handsomely illustrated weekly. Lnrgest circulation of any scientific Journal. Terms, $3 a
year; four months, ?L Sold by all newsdealers..
IUNNMo.?6tBroadwa*' New York
Branch Office, GSt&V St.- Washington. D. C.


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