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Similkameen Star 1907-01-26

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 Vote for Smith Curtis and Honest Government,   on  Feb. 2
Published in the interest of Princeton and Similkameen district.
Vol. viii. No. 4.
$~2 a Year, in Advance
Government Meetings at Fair-
view and Keremeos Won
by Opposition.
Large Attendance at Both Meetings
and Electors Cheer Liberal Candidate's Able Addresses.
Learning that Premier McBride intended to visit the Similkameen in' the interests of the Government candidate, L. W.
Shatford, Smith Curtis, Labor-Liberal
candidate, challenged the Premier to
meet him in joint debate, on fair terms as
to time, as he, Mr. Curtis, was making
serious charges of maladministration
against his Government.
When the Premier arrived in Fairview
on Monday, the 21st inst., he was met by
Mr. Curtis, to whom the Premier agreed
to allow half an hour at his meeting to he
held in the afternoon, to which Mr. Curtis objected, stating it was far too little
time in which to prosecute his case
against the Government. The Premier
was obdurate and so was his opponent.
The local Conservaiives realizing the justice of Mr Curtis s claim, and that the
Premier's failure to treat him fairly would
have a bad effect, prevailed on McBride
to give way When the meeting got
down to business there was a large attendance of electors present. P^S
Mr. Curtis opened the ball by a flank
attack of the McBride Government, showing that the p-.omises of the Premier and
his colleagues were unreliable, and proved ttat while the taxes on the masses-
had been increased, certain large corporations and coal companies and certain
land companies were lowered or not
levied at all. He ribbed up the Government on the Midway & Vernon muddle,
which is projected through this riding,
and exposed the Columbia & Western
laud steal, which grant is largelytaken
out of this constituency, and pointed out
how McBride and his following in the
House last session had voted down the
proposition that the 800,000 given by the
Columbia & Western bill should be in
full of all claims for the C. p. R. for
building to Midway, on which the C.P.R.
had often tried to induce an additional
900,000 acres. That the Government intended later, if retained jn office, to hand
this out to the C. P. R., Mr. Curtis drove
home forcibly, and challenged Mr. McBride to pledge himself to the contrary to
the electors, a pledge which' he had refused to make in the House or else
where. Mr. McBride on being thus
challenged, stated that so long as he was
at the head of the Government, he
would not grant the land.
- Mr. Curtis now feels that by entering
the contest and   meeting   the   Premitr,
and extracting this promise from him, he
has made it certain that the Province will
not be robbed of land worth at least
$4,500 000.
Fairview was supposed to be a Shatford
stronghold,'but it was demonstrated on
Monday that it is not. During Mr.
Curtis's speech he was repeatedly applauded and at the conclusion he was
loudly cheered for his masterly exposur.-
of the maladministration of the McBride
. At the conclusion of Premier McBride's
speech—which was his same old "prosperous times" talk, full of glittering generalities—the Conservative faction were
so utterly disgusted and demoralized that
they had not the heart to even give vent
to few faint cheers for their Premier, and
had it not been for Mr. Schubert, a strong
Curtis suppotter, out of sympathy for Mr.
McBride, coming to the rescue and proposing three cheers for him, the Premier
would certainly have caught a severe
At the conclusion of the Fairview
meeting, a start was made for Keremeos,
meos and Fairview. The Government's
gross administration of the public affairs
of the Province and Shatford's graft
throughout this riding are being shown
up in their true light, with the resuh
that the people are determined to stamp
it out, and on Feb. 2nd they will place
Mr Curtis, Labor-Liberal candidate, at
the head of tbe poll with a substantial
majority, and show to the rest of the
Province that the electors of the Similkameen are in for reform heart and soul.
W. Zimmerman Murdered onf
Night of J 6th in Hjs^Sfiop
=^Murder Escapes.
A quiet wedding was solemnized on
Wednesday afternoon at the home of the
bride's parents, on- One-Mile Creek
when .Elsie, youngest daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. W. H. Hagerrnan, was united
in the bonds of holy matrimony to Mr
Thomas Baird, of Phoenix, tbe Rev. Mr.
Bartlett tieing the knot. Only a few intimate friends were invited, and the
happy young couple were the recipients
of many useful and handsome presents.
Mr. and Mrs. Baird drove to Hediey in
the evening on   their way to   their   new
where a meeting was held  in   the   even-1 home in Phoenix,   carrying   with   them
ing.    At this meeting Mr. Curtis was al    the best wishes of a host of friends,
allowed 50 minutes and the Socialist can
didate 20 minutes in  which lo speak, the
Premier taking all the  time  he wanted
A great many electors gathered at this
meeting, some coming 20 miles, to hear
Mr. Curtis expose the Government's misdeeds. Mr. Curtis gave a rousing address, going over much the same ground
as he had taken at Fairview, and from
the hearty and frequent applause he received, it was demonstrated that the
meeting was greatly in his favor. The
people are rallying to the Liberal platform and the moderate Socialists are giving Mr. Curtis their support, as they realize he stands for laboring interests.
Mr. Winkler, the Socialist aspirant for
political honors, spoke on Socialism.
When Premier Richard McBride rose
to speak it was apparent that the cool reception he had met with in Fairview.had
had the effect of lowering his spirits,
and be was beginning to realize that his
cause was receiving poor support in the
Similkameen. and in consequence he
made a half-hearted appeal to the electors in support of Mr. Shatford and the
McBride Government. He stated that
the non-taxation of the C. P. R. land and
Heinze's land was due to his not having
time to look into them, but that his promise to the House last session with regard to taxes and arrears from corporations and grafters, would be exacted from
them at some future time.
The meeting broke up at midnight,
and it fell to the Liberals, as at Fairview,
to cheer the Premier's drooping spirits.
The Premier in turn proposed three
cheers for Smith Cnrtis, and one of the
largest and most enthusiastic political
meetings ever held in Keremeos came to
a close. The contest is exciting great
and growing interest in and around Kere-
If the electors of the Similkameen de-
siie to see some overbearing, meddlesome
and discourteous officials placed where
they can do no more harm nor foment
discontent, then they will vote for Smith
Curtis, who is an avowed advocate of a
courteous and efficient civil service. The
official service of the Lands and Works
Department is most dilatory and aggravating; other departments are in much
the same condition. Mr. Curtis has
stated that he will remedy these evils of
which so much complaint has been
made if he is given opgortunity by placing him at the head of the polls—therefore vote for Curtis and clean out the
Government offices at Victoria and
wherever required. It costs no more to
have courteous, obliging and attentive
public servants than to have sneering,
arrogant and "important" ones. The
public pays for these officials and they
should insist on having the proper men
in office.    Vote for Curtis and an efficient
civil service.
\LS  =
If the voters of the Similkameen want
this Province to be robbed of its lands
and timber and the C.P.R. allowed to go
Scot Iree of taxation on its wild lands
then vote for the candidate who gives a
slavish support to McBtide. Remember
that the Andersons are camped under
the shadow of the Government buildings j
on Birdcage Walk, Victoria, and they
only await the election of Neil F. McKay
(Bob Green's deputy in tbe Lands and
Works') and the McBride Government to
ply their former vocation of robbing the
people. Vote for Curtis and have no regrets in the next four years. 1
Leaving no   Clue   as   to Identity-
Crime Enveloped in Mystery-
Detectives on Scene.
One of the most brutal and cold blooded murders in the histosy of British Columbia was committed at Penticton on
Wednesday evening, 16th inst., when W.
Zimmerman, jeweller, was fouly murder-
in his shop, and as yet no trace of guilty
party has been found. The crime was
not discovered until the following afternoon, when the corpse was found lying
on the floor with wounds on the head
which were evidently caused by an axe
and in the back and abdomen were deep
gashes inflicted by a knife.
■ The impression seems to be that the
ghastly deed was committed by someone
who had entered the nremises with the
intention of burglarizing the store, and
Mr. Zimmerman coming home sooner
than was expected, ihe robber was caught
red handed, and rathei than face arrest
and exposure he resorted to the desperate
means of murder in order to get clear.
The affair has cast a gloom over Penticton and the people are anxiously
awaiting the detection of the foul fiend
who committed so dastardly an act. Dec-
tives have arrived from the coast and
some light will probably be thrown on
the case in the near future.
Commencing February Ist a tri-weekly
mail service will be inaugurated between
Princeton and Hedley. Thereafter the
stage will leave Hedley on Mondavs,
Wednesdays, and Fridays at 6 a. m.
Returning the mail leaves Princeton Tuesdays, Thursdays and Satu:days at 2 p m.
This will be welcome news to the public,
and may it not be long before we will
be blessed with a daily mail service.
The extremities to which Mr. Shatford
has been driven in bolstering up a hopeless cause is apparent when he has to import into the riding a paid touter in the
person of Rev. Dr. Rowe of Victori
This ex-divine has the reputation of
being an orator who hires his talents to
any party who will pay the price. A failure a j pulpiteer, the rev. gentleman now
descends to the poli.ical stump as an
apologist for Green and   the   Andersons
s in th    i°TUpt aCtiDns'    Mn  Shatford
is in the last stagts   of   a   forlorn   ,
when he has to employ a paid  orator of
the stamp of Rev. Rowe.   The intelligent
electors of   the  Similkp.meen, however
will not be influenced bv such a man
The Similkameen Star
Published Weekly at
— BV—
The Princeton Publishing' Co
B   STONE KKNNiCDy, Editor.
Oue Year,    -    - ....   $2.00
Payable in Advance.
Subscribers prill confer a favor on this office by
promptly reporting any change  in  address or
irregularity in receipt of their paper.
Advertising rates furnished ou application.
Legal notices 10 and 5 cents per line.
Four weekly insertions constitute one mouth
platform told the voters that unless
they can give him   an   honest, conscientious vote he   does   not want
their support.    Nothing  more  fair
and honorable could    be   expected
from any candidate, and Mr. Curtis,
so far, is the only candidate tomake
the above   declaration.    The   Mc-
Bride-C.   P.   R,   candidate   cannot
win if honest methods are  adopted
and he knows it
Mr.    Macgowan
Under the   heading   "Let   it" be
clean," the Hedley Joke of January
3rd said:    ''Nevertheless his (Shatford's) opponent will have no cause
to complain   of  any  treatment   he
may receive from the   Gazefte,   for
nothing will appear  in   these   columns concerning him   unless   it   be
absolutely true.    Abuse  is not   argument and the Gazette will neither
employ such  nor will   it  deign    to
notice such   from   others     Therefore nothing false, nothing  abusive
or low will be allowed in these columns   during   the   contest."      On
Jan. 17th,   the   Joke,   in  speaking
editorially of the Curtis meeting in
Hediey on the 10th inst said:    "AD
that remains is some greenbacks in
the pockets of the faithful to   buy a
few votes that will still  be   marked
against them and to blow   in   over
the bar with   a    'never   mind   the
change.' ' "When     local     men
, whose frugal habits are  proverbial
and   whose   bar   expenditure  will
rarely exceed 63 cents in a year are
seen   immediately after   the  departure of Curtis to lay down  a $5 bill
and tell   the  bar tender   'never   to
mind the change,'  it is   pretty safe
to say that   it   is   G   T. P. money
that is being used.    That one act is
so dead a give-away, that if Smith
Curtis comes here again  he  ought
to be   booted   and   jeered   out   of
town."    Did  anyone  ever  read   a
more contemptible, untruthful piece
of slander.    Itdidn'ttake tbe Joke
many days to scramble down   from
off its "Let it be  clean"   stool   and
regain its natural level in the mud.
It is quite evident  from   the above
that the editor of the Joke  is   well
up in the art  of corruption   in  its
lowest form, and  we would   advise
the Liberals of Hedley to   keep   a
close watch on   such  characters on
Feb. 2nd.
or     Vancouver
says he prevented the Government
fom giving away $1,600,000 of the
people's money  to   the C. P. R. in
connection with the Spence's Bridge
to  Nicola   railway.    In    the   next
breath he says it would be a calam
ity not to return   the Government.
xVTr.   Macgowan   should   take   the
electors into his  confidence and ex
plain himself.
-ay;9ooooo°^e   --llyglven
*>■*.,, in tt£LTrLto be
ea'gn fund and free  trf C3ffi
1 fill RHPSt
-taxes not collected^ <*%'?>
Ka'en Island given  am        L P-R''
A^erson and  ;als-   M.^  t0  Mr"
Ver«on railroadV    ,      dWay  a»d
a°d   McB   ^ h TkCd ^ Tatl™
cent- for which we   hav/     5 Per
Du,Wingroadsande   ^ve   Pj   use;
tiQ3e'to-tch   votes.   aiate]eCt,0n
mmm social^ hre with
obJe« is to hold on   o r ma'"n
see ^at the  m, P°Wer   and
areWked after    ernmem'S  ^^
for improved grades on   the   main
trunk   r«»ad   and   new   roads,  but
without  effect     A road   up   One-
Mile   to   connect    Princeton   with
Nicola   would   save   15   miles   of
travel, and a road up the Tulameen
river with a water grade would   be
great benefit to settlers.    Mr. Shatford is too muclj occupied "with his
Hedley townsite'and South   0kan-0
agan land schemes to give attention" j
to Princeton and tbe needs   of   the
surrounding   country.     | And   yet
some people are so hidebound   and
partizan as   to vote   for   him   and
against their own interests
That financial genius,  Hon.  Mr.
Tallow, the man who keeps tab  on
the strong box in  the  McBride-So-
cialist-C.P.R.   Government,   would
hive you pay an income   tax on ah
incomes over $500, while the C. P
R. owes  $750,000  on    uncollectec
taxes. This financial freak borrowed
$1,000,000 at 5 per cent, when   the
first    Conservative     Governmenl
British Columbia ever   had"   came
,nto   power.       Half   that  amount
lies idle in the bank, and  the  rate
payers are compelled  to   pay interest on money which was "not  need
ed, except in the minds of the Mc
Bride frenzied financiers.
The Conservatives of v   •
"ominated ras   c .     °       mir ha^
a^"t at Tra ,   to?°ffield'  C' ^' R
H The :i::wntest n| 1
a tion
ThP fi   u   r     '"cst   tnat
The   Government party   are   a
ghast at the action of Messrs.   Mc-
lunes  and   Henderson.     One   ha.- '
:hrown away a salary of $12,000 in
the Yukon and the other  a   salao
of $3,500 at Vancouver  to  re-enter
politics.   Was ever such an instance
of self-sacrifice heard of in the Gcv
ernment ranks?    Did a   member oi
that party  ever   throw   away anything?    Did  he  ever   let   a   good
thing slip through his fingers unless
tie  had   first   bargained   that   his
brother, bis cousin,   his   uncle,   or
his aunt should succeed him?    His
tory contains no   instance   of  self
abnegation on tbe part   of  a   supporter   of the   Government   party.
They have always held on to what
they had and reached out for more
P   between^ HUPP
■ member; ■■■|
*nd a *<* %ht it wa7' ^hoffield.
| ^e delegates were I h 111
H§ were prepared  l"' d^
ioaje other man   fl ^   on
ei,dorsethenomi decJ'ned   to
our   candidate   a   n M%% as
si*ply obey the in.t        • Wh°    WliJ
we w,ll Vote       .        'on> »   elected
*uie and work  for T   i    ,
Hume, the Libert J' Pred-
c--^ det;ie rr-''Tht
Walk*d out of t?e d6legatei
9m frankly that ipl|l de"
those oi   their   V " V°tes M
m 1 fflmKm g°
^stance of the C   P  j? WjP
the McBride On,,'    '       S   hand  in
ue Government.
Notice is hereby given that 30 dsiys from date
I intena lo apply to the ChiefCommissioner of
Cands and Works for a special licence to cutand
oarry away timber from the following described
lands situated in the Similkameen District: JKKmE
1. Commencing at a post planted on the north
jide cf the Nicola  wagon  road, about six milts
fioni Princeton, and marked "Adelmer Snyder's
north-east corner," thence west 80 chains, south
80 chains east 80 chains along bank of the Tufs • -
meen  river,  north  80  chains to point  ofcommencement. ADELMER SNYDER,
Dec. 13, 1906. J. M. Wright, Agent.     .'
2. Commencing at   a   post  planted   near the
S.E. corner of lot 151. marked  "Electa Snyder's
soulh-wtst corner," thence east 80 chains, north
80 chains, west 80 chains, south 80 chains to point
ofcommencement.      ELECTA SNYDER.
Dec  13  1906.    [38—47]   J. M  Wright, Agent.
Certificate of Incorporation
T HEREBY CERTIFY that "The United Em-
* pire Company Limited." "Non-Persona! Liability." has this day been incorporated under Ihe
"Companies Act 181,7," as'a Limited Company,
«-iih a capital of five hundred thousand dollars,
iirick-d into five hundred thousand shares of one
dollar each.
Tl.e Company is specially  limited  under  sec-
tic n 56 of'the said Act.
Oix-en under my hand fell of office at Victoria
Province of British  Columbia, this  4th   day   of
December one thousand nine hundred, and six.
Registrar of Joint Stock Companies.
The following are   the   restricted   objects   for
which the Company has been incorporated:—
(a.;   To acquire the properties" of the United
Empire Company (Foreign), situate at   or   near
the town of Princeton  in the Province of British
Columbia,   and   to   acvuire,   manage    develop,
work and sell mines mineral claims and mining
properties, whether heretofore   the   property of
the said United   Empire   Company [ForeignJ-or
to win, get, treat,   refine   and   market   mineral
therefrom :
[b J All other powers, rights and capacities as
set out in Section 56 of the "Companies Act,
1897," aud Section 6 of the "Companies Act,
1897, amendment Act, 1900," or other amendments thereto.
Princeton. Jan. 5, 1907.      , 1-4
Mr. Neil McKav    ^ H
and wort neputy 1the
been  noa.ina^'^T1, H
W —- I machine in Kaslo th Bn'de'
NOTES AND  COMMENTS       ^ 1 ^ ■«§■
  •     I Government  feels   th The
lJt IS understood that 1  Cr ,rgC
^ Government   r       tuT^^'
hy Anderson will L       J^' JinH
tfi the Provinaa|Pfr duces   revenue
Ing to over ^o^o11!!8^ amount-
r'^d Pnncipany7r°Per a?nuffl. de
jng licenses,   mln7n7 ^^ Prospect-
fee*> ^nd. and ZnlT™ and
gra«ts, property tfv J Crow"
etc- ^ return for 7^' P°U tax,
0ne:te"th   is   spent        reVemien°t
:°,ads-    Petitions ot-SeTUaUy   on
f lut.orv of   the  1   ?ers and re-
„>>^ ne  Government
Chfcago mineral claim,  situate in  the Similka
meen Mining Division of Yale District.   Where'
located :   On Bear Creek.
Take notice that I,   F.  W.   Groves,   acting   as
agent for William Henry Armstrong  Free  Miner's Certificate No. B2805, intend, sixty days from
the date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder
for a.cert-ficate of improvements, for Ihe purpose
of obtaining « Crown Grant of the above   claim.
And further take notice that action, under section 37, must be commenced before the issuance
of such certificate of improvements.
Dated this 29th day of Deceml er, 1906.      2~io
ON to these premises or or about Dec. 15, one
light buckskin colt, branded G [squre] on
left shoulder; one sorrel colt, branded double OO
(the letters being on top of one another] on right
hip; one dark buckskin mare, with colt, no
b-ands visible. Owner may have same by proving pi operty and paying'expenses. If not re-,_
moved within 30 days will be sold
Gold Bank-Farm
January 15, 1907.
Present canmof dur,n£  the
v   »ent campaign.    So far as  h„
concerned he   intends   to    U "
<*ean election and   has   f ^   a
nas   froni   the
D<»''' "^ ■   »ist,te, I b„y
m      ALEX.   BELL
January 26, 1907
Unearthed   in    Government's
Nest—Gigantic Scheme to
Rob Province.
Another scandal has been unearthed in
the   Lands   and Works   Department   at
:< Victoria which will put in the   shade all
former  disgrace  occasioned   by the Andersons and Bob Green.    It now appears
that a. company was   formed   some   six
months ago with Bob Green as a director
whose   purpose was   to   secure   all   the
Crown lands remaining in the  Province.
To carry out the scheme Green   has   put
up his deputy, Neil F. McKay, to  run in
Kaslo, hoping to secure a seat for him in
the House and having him to promulgate
such legislation as would   favor   his   gigantic land  steal.    The   documents   relating to the foimation of  the   company
have been photographed and will appear
in the coast papers in  a   day or two.    If
the   McBride   Government   is   returned
there will only be a few snow peaks left
for the people     The .electors alone are to
blame if the Andersons  and   Green   get
their claws on auy  more of  the   public
domain.    Vote for the Liberals and  stay
the hand of the corruption ists and robbers.
tion at the expense of other portions.
Mr. Shatford is a parish politician pure
and simple and makes all things under
his control gravitate toward Shatfords,
Limited. If the electorate want a statesman who has proved himself such, and
will do the right thing to all his constituents, then their choice must be for Smith
Curtis on Feb. 2nd, whose motto is "For
the people, by the people."
Between the McBrrde Government,
the Andersons and the Grand Trunk Pacific the people of British Columbia were
robbed of $40,000 on the Kaien Island
deal. Even the Indians made a better
pargain for the land they sold the G T.P.
than Bob Green did. Green only got $1
an acre for the land he sold, while the
Indian chief got #7.50. If McBride is returned ,to power the Grand Trunk Pacific
has another dollar-an-acre scheme to put
through. Turn the rascals out .and. stop
the graft of the C.P.&. and G.T.P.
The utter falsity of the statement made
by the Tories that Premier Laurier would
not do justice to B. C.  because the Government was Conservative, is  proven  up
to the hilt by the fact that  the Conserva,
tive Premiers for Ontario and   Manitoba
were perfectly  satisfied   with the   terms
agreed   upon   by   Sir   Wilfrid   Laurier
Better terins   for   B. C.   will   never   be
gained from any Government at   Ottawa
by a   petirlent, door-slamming   Premier
who goes to Ottawa looking for trouble.
Scrutineers will swear all strangers
asking for ballots. Names have been
discovered on the voters lists here that
are duplicated in other ridings, the evident intention being to give two votes to
one man.
If electors want the lands and Works
Departmeut run by an adventuress and
petticoat Government instituted for this
Province, then vote for Shatford and the
Anderson regime.
The road recently built by the Government for Five-Mile settlers is causing no
end of criticism by those having to use
it. With tbe sharp curves and depressed
bridges it is a most difficult road to haul
a load over. Bungling is a characteristic
of the Lands and Works Department
and this road will have to be reconstruct-
if it is to be. of real service and benefit.
The road at Bushy bottom below Hedley is another evidence of the incompetence and bungling of Mr. Shatford
and his officials. ■ Some $1500 were spent
on this piece of road and still it is almost
impassable and cursed by every teamster
on the road. Mr. Shatford has shown
himself to be incompetent and of course
what more natural than that he should-
have incompetent appointees.
The People s Choice
by reason of its
purity and flavor'
Celebrated Scotch
Hudson's Bay Company
Smith Curtis has land and mineral interests iu the Similkameen and will
shortly become a resident. He will work
for the interests of the whole riding and
not build up any particular town or sec-
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[Princeton, B. C.
Mr. Robt. Stevenson has sold his ranch
near Ashnola to Eastern capitalists for
the sum of $15,000. Mr. Stevenson is at
present in Spokane undergoing medical
Who to Vote for
But there is no question who to deal with. Suffer not from mistakes and poor articles sent from distant Departmental Stores.
Visit us ahd see what you are buying.
THIk"rY days from date I intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner  of Lands and  Wcrks
for a license to prospect for coal on the following
described lands:—
Commencing at N. W. cor. of Lot 43 aud  running 80 chains south;   80 chains west;   80 chains
north: and 80 chains east, back to post; 640acres.
S. Spencer, agt.
And 80 chains east; So chains north;   80 chains
west; and 80 chains south, back to post; 640acref.
S. Spencer, Agt.
And 80chains west; 80 chains north; 80 chains
east; and 80 chains south, back to pest; 640 acres.
S. Spencer, Agt.
And from N.E. cor of Kj le's location 80 chains
W; 80 chains north; 80 chains east; and 80 chains
south, back to post; 640 acres.
S. Spencer, Agt.
Located this 20th day of Jan . 1907. 4-8
—w^—■■■^■^■^■w—»■■   ■■■■■mm  11—1111        ■■■—iimi
Feed   Stables
General Liveiy Business carried on.
Horses for hire, single or double. Wood
or coal delivered on shortest notice.
Prices' right.     Satisfaction   guaranteed.
The man  with the   C.P.R. boodle
bag a located in  Princeton.    Th s
SaLennt"dr m0n°POlyhas a ' W
cial agent   m every town and city in
the province for the purpose of cor"
ruptmg voters. The C P.R l^uL
rob the people cf another WM
acres 0f and and also wants to evade
paying taxes already overdue I
years hence its g^/deS^S^
McBride - Hawthornthwaite - Mr and
■Sn£TSr ADderSOn com^aSon
returned to power. If electors will
or must, take C P.R. money the" the r
only offset to the evil is in »„?«. f
Smith Curtis, the LioerS candifa^
Vote right in sptte of the money and
have no regrets in the future thlt you
were a tool of the C. P. R. and the COr
ruptionists. cor
p^stosoe^rfoedm^ x°b-
' ,a^"" 4,0-3.- '
Advertise in the 5ta
.^ :■.....■■ V^.....ir.-.J..~       . -v .V'.. ■■--'•'■.■    » ..   ■•
■_.i ——       •   >—^.- 'will
January 26, 1907.
Of Smith Curtis' to the Electors of Similkameen  Riding.
To the Electors of the Similka-
- meen District :—
Gentlemen :
Having been unanimous]}; nominated
by the Liberal convention held at Keremeos on the 8th inst. to contest this Riding at the general provincial elections to
be held on the 2nd February next I ask
your votes and active support. In accepting the nomination I stipulated that I.
must - be- permitted to run as a Labor-
Liberal. My claim to run as a Labor
candidate is founded on my standing for
Labor in the House iu 1900.3 when Linitiated or aided iii passing far more beneficial measures for Labor than all the
labor legislation previously or since enacted in British Columbia, and is also
founded on the many labor planks contained in my platform, which is as follows :
No boodling or grafting. An Anti-
Lobbying Act. Making it a criminal
offence for corporations to contribute to
election funds or, give free transport to
the polls.
New voters' lists within six months
previous to a general election. New
stringent provisions against personation
at the polls and bribery.
No member to be interested financially
in any charter or subsidy he proposes or
votes for, or to furnish large supplies to
the government through any trading
company he control-; or is largely interested in.
Crown lands for the settler, i.e., for
use, not for the speculator.
No cash bonuses or land grants to railways.
Exploit our natural resources to produce largest revenue and so greatly reduce taxation on farmers and industry.
Assess wild lands at the price asked for
them by their speculator-owners.
Assess railways five years after construction at their fair value.
Protect, examine and map forests.
Publicly, sell timber as needed by mill
men,the main idea being sale to offerer of
largest stumpage royalty, thus eliminat
ing the speculator and obtaining millions of dollars lost to ihe people by the
stupid system now in vogue. Reforest
ing timber lands unfit for agricultural
More equitable taxation  and  insisting
on all corporations paying their full proportion.    Putting the ore tax on the net
Repeal of the recent School Amendments, which! put taxation on rural com'
Relieving  bona fide  prospectors  who
are free miners from poll tax and protecting their claims from lapse during serious
Amending laws as to contributory
negligence and common employment so
as to make them fair to injured workmen
as well as to employers.
. Establishing a Labor Arbitration Act
on the lines of the New Zealand Act,
thus doing away with strikes and lockouts, enabling a living white mail's wage
to be established, thus  driving out Chin
ese, Hindus, &c, and encouraging without peril to labor the immigration of
desirable white settlers; enabling shorter hours to be got when right, in any
trade, and tending to unionize all wage
earners and make them v;he political
power their numbers entitle them to be.
Enact the Initiative and Referendum.
Amend the Interpretation Act by declaring that no exemption of taxation or
gift of privilege given by any Legislature
shall be binding after the lapse of a generation.
Public ownership of public utilities
where possible. The telephone system
to be acquired immediately.
The immediate reservation of a portion
"of every Crown coal area to enable when
necessary state owned coal mines to be
Providing that in all future grants of
coal lands that the maximum price to be
charged for coal to B. C. purchasers
shall be fixed by the Government.
The immediate setting aside of a large
area of Crown lauds to aid public schools,
establish technical and mining schools
with cheap correspondence courses for
all citizens and to establish experimental
farm and other stations.
Free   compulsorv   education    for   all
children under   14   years.    Free   school
The. immediate setting aside of a sufficient area of Crown lands to  provide  in
surance against illness, accident and   old
age in the case of the deserving poor.
Reorganization of the moribund Mines
Department with a capable staff large
enough to make it a real aid to prospectors and mine owners.
Appoint an Irrigation Expert and revise the Water Acts     Foster irrigation.
Immediately survey and describe
Crown lands easily accessible to   settlers.
Simplification of Supreme and County
Courts, greatly reducing costs of litigation.
Establishment of a Provincial Exchequer Court, enabling Provincial Government to be sued without first getting i'»
consent by fiat.
Establish a Board of Fire Insurance
Underwriters that will fix maximum
rates to be charged insurers.
Appoint a Railway Rate Expert to examine into the excessive-rates charged in
this Province and to get redress if necessary by contesting the rates before the
Railway Commission at the expense of
the Province.
Open Indian Reserves to mining and
have portions of reserves not used or
needed by Indians open to set'dement.
Provide needed bridges, roads and
trails impartially.
Leaving nothing undone to secure
Better Terms for the Province.
The McBride Government has never
initiated a_single progressive measure,
and ,t"he recent lengthy written appeal of
the Premier for support is very barren
in this respect. The length of the pla.f
form given above, most of whose planks
will I believe appeal strongly to most
electors, indicates the opportunity the
Government has had to pass reform meas
ures and proves its sluggish incapacity in
that direction
I am in entire accord with the terse and
progressive' platform enunciated by the
Liberal leader, Mr. J A. Macdonald, who
has my hearty support. He is an able,
energetic man, whose private and public
record is without a stain. I honestly believe that when he becomes Premier he
will give the Province an honest, capable,
sane and progressive Government. The
suggestion that the Liberals desire to
change the leadership is foundationjess.
Yours faithfully,   tfu
10th January, 1907."
tS .Williams'
I    Pmmis
mUXSti 1st quality
Cold Waten Sanitary Calcimo
Has now in stock and is constantly receiving large shipments of
and is prepared to supply all
kinds oi goods at lowest prices
Mai! Orders Promptly Filled
60   YEARS'
Trade: Marks
Copyrights &c.
Anvone sending a sketch and description may
quickly ascertain our opinion free whether an
invention is piohnbly patentable. Communications strictlyconfldentlul. HANDBOOK on Patents
sent free. Oidsst agency for securing patents./
Patents taken through Muun & Co. receive
special notice, without charge, in the
Scientific American.
A handsomely Illustrated weekly. Largest circulation of any scientific journal. Terms, $3 a
year; four months, $1. Sold by all newsdealers.
illNN&Co.36,B-d^ New York
Branch Office. 626 F St., Washington. D. C.
Great Northern
i   I
January 26', /sk>7
Synopsis of Canadian Homestead
First Class Room and
Wines,   Liquors   and
Princeton, B. c.
■ ttes^B
: is 1
ailable Do:niiii$|.-'%aiM!?/$uhin
Iway-'Belt  in   Britisjj>|£61utnbia,
|iMjesteaclefi'by  an.vJpersQg ijiho;
jglad of';%-frf^nly,:-oa::.:a-i.i.y''ni'4Tt:
I "'     ^^^^^!°^- a&f' W thei^j'ejtWf one j
P#* S^-fl^f^f1 of/SpaacresAioreor less 1
'^'frf^MStflf- b.e itiad'e   personally at  the
■ lucitl. land'llfe'e for the di$pi'pt in whie'h'
thevj^fid is situate. fw^'&'Mi
The homesteader is required to perform
the conditionscpnneofed therewith under
one.of tJ^SFbllowing plans:
I.'. At least six months' residence upon
and Cultivation of the laud in each vear
for three years. V~W$M?r -'   ;   * '   '  '
2. If the father (or mother, if the tath
.er is deceased), .of   the homesteader   resides upon | farm in the   vicinity of   the
land entered for, the requirements as  to
residence may be satisfied  \?y such  per
son residing wifti the"faHier or mother.
3. If the settler has his permanent residence upon farming land owned by him
in the vicinity of :his homestead, the requirements as to residence mav be satisfied by residence upon the said land.
Six mouths' notice in writing^bould
be given to die Commissioner of Dominion I^ands at Ottawa of intention to applv
for patent.
Coal lands may be purchased at $10 per
acre for soft coal and $20 for anthracite.
Not more than 320 acres can be acquired
by one individual or company. Royalty
at the rate of ten cents per ton of 2 00b
pounds shall be collected on the cjross
output. w. W. CORY,
Deputy of the Minister of the Interior.
N. B.—Unauthorized publication of this
advertisement will not be paid for
■W d
need ar pair
some sort and
Rubbers   of
make a
Sold bv all Dealers.
% j
your requirements,
received a large
we  are in  a
suit   men, wo-
The only Reliab:e Standard Brand made from the
highest grade of Manitoba
hard wheat,
II  Analysis of Coal and Fireclay a Specialty.
Complete Coking Quality Tests.
Reliable PLATINUM Assays.
guarantee that no bleaching
either by CHEMICALS or
ELECTRICITY is used in its
Accept no Substitute.
A. R. COLL., SC.   D.,
Civil and Mining Engineer
Map of Surveyed Claims on Copper
and Kennedy Mts. and Surveyed
Lands around Princeton: Price, $2.
PRINCETON,     -        - b. C.
I   w
ZJv ■
Paid-up Capital. $10.CC0.C00.     Reserve Fund, $4,500,000
B. E. WALKER, gig !„»,,,■ ALEX. LAIRD
Ja® Irlij   U _si IT J:
A general [diking
t. Gen'l Manager
:::iout castada, and in
•ates and england
HI IliSI   W$M¥m b3 °P°ned and conducted by
wai. with all branches of this tank.
DeSr;,;;frSsai1^;"dv" Bill! M$$ -wed at
ever  ,n  the  tfT^'Sltor, I SM !o »" &EP what-
ever  m   the   ui.hdrawal  or   t.ic   whole   or  auv
portion   of   the   deposit
g Manager.
Largest Sale in Canada
:onen waofMll a few left
1     tff "■«■«    ^^     ^^   ^     J ^* ■' '■'■■■■■Mil ■ Br     M||
Assoc. Inst. M M.,Mem.
Am Inst. M.E.
Assoc. Inst.-M.M.
Late Assayer LeRoi.
POPfPfllfS, $C I Mines and Mi,,s Examined, Sampled
and Reported on.
Photos of Families taken at their M Samples   by   Mail   Receive Prompt
ponies-Views of Princeton Attention-Correspondence
and Surrounding Camps. Solicited.
Address   -    PRINCETON, B.C. j PKINCETON  and ROSSLAND, B.C. I
In Xchange for all
kinds    of   Meats.
Keep warm by eating lots
of good Juicy  Beef.
Thos. Hunter, Proprietor..
iLowney's Qocolates
I Manicure Sets
Toilet Sets
Fancy Perfumes and
Children's Toys
PRINCETON- - -.    Jill    B.C.
-   |p      . . . The Town of 1 . jK-;-B^--'.•■■■
Xnuary 26, 1907.1
British  Columbia
Sir- * i
At    confluence of the Similkameen and Tulameen Rivers
Send for Maps
t&      *&      *3p
and Price List to
Resident    Manager
iimi it r -■■-' .-Q5~",r -^s±r±


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