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Similkameen Star 1905-12-16

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Princeton Coal is high in carbon; low in sulphur.
An unprofitable life is known by its meddling with others affairs
Government Revenue from Mineral Resources, alone, from this District amounts to $J5,000 yearly—Similkameen is believed to be the
greatest undeveloped Coal and Ore district in the world—The Railways now building: toward Princeton will begin era of prosperity.
Vol. vi.   No. 38.
$2. a Year, in Advance
That., is  the   Watchword   of
President Hill who will
Rush Construction.
Grading on V., V, & E. in Full Swing
in the Similkameen North of
Boundary Line.
When J. H. Kennedy,,engineer-in-chief
of the V., V. & E. railway now building
,-through the Similkameen, left Princeton
about three weeks ago he stated that the
worKWest of Midway was making good
progress notwithstanding the fact that
many more, laborers could be employed
. were they available. A total of 1200 men'
are now employed on the first 30 miles'
west of Midwsjy..;- There are_two tunnels
with an aggregate !length of 1250 feet;
It was at the mouth of one of these tunnels which was the scene of the sensa^
tional trouble  which  caused  the  whole
^jifcftiljpay world to look on in.amazement.
-The whole matter is to be 'decided in aj
:/ffewidays ' in the courts, tfi^^outcome of
^w,nich is most likely to be in favor of
The grading contracts are in the hands
of J. W. Stewart, who lets them out again
to sub-contractors. Simms,; Shields &
Co. arie the confidential agents and con-:
tractor^ of the Great Northern, through
whom all contracts must pass.- The contractors, with the number of stations of
sioo feet in length each areas follows:
Burns & Jordan,  259 stations ; Johnson
]& Anderson, 97 stations, including 859
foot tunnel; Johnson & Welch, 142 sta-:
tions; D. J. Brown, 58 stations; D. A.
"Rankin, 62 stations; Bole Bros. & Moran,>
66 stations; G. Chew, 104; Burns & Jordan, 56, including 400 foot tunnel; John--
son & Welch, 82; T. J. Gallagher, 123;
E. A. Carleton, 65; P. S. Hughes, 144;
Gorman & Pierce, 124.,.     [ ,,..
The distance of the line in U.S. territory, to where it again enters B.C. is
about 47 miles. Where the line crosses
the international boundary into the Sim
ilkameen district grading is well under
way as far as Keremeos. Abou,t 100
teams will soon be working on this sec
tion. From Keremeos to Princeton, a
.distance  of 45 miles,  the contracts will
j$9js$et at the beginning of the new year.
'For Strategical reasons Mr. Hill is anxious to have the grading completed to
Princeton as soon as possible and thus
forestall his rivals in the important advantages accruing to those first on the
ground with steel, saving cost of mamftgp
nance of crossings. West of Princeton
Mr. Hill will have'an almost undisputed
right-of-way in so far as a rival road may
interfere, it being almost certain that the
[Continued on page 3.]
Right-of-Way Agent in Similkameen Purchases Land
from Settlers.      k .
Railway will Touch Princeton to get
Share of Large Traffic Thence
Up One-Mile.
The arrival in Princeton on Monday
last of J. H. Logan, C.P.R. purchaser of
right of-ways, caused a genuine Sensation in the usually placid "old town.'*
As soon as the object of his mission was
generally known' groups of men could-
be observed discussing with ardor the
probabilities ofiitwo railways reaching
Princeton at the same time.
Mr. Logau stated without equivocation
or .reservation that the C.P R. would
build through the Similkameen as fast
as money could do it; thaV the line would,
touch Princec0n ; that he was paying
from five to one hundred dollars per acre
according to classification, and that he
was ready tp issue agreements' to pur-'
chase to all through whose land the rail
way line ran. J;ji?'.;.
On-his way to Princeton Mr. Logan
bought right-of-way wherever owners
could be found, intending on his return
from here to ^finish the work. Leaving
here after two days spent in negotiating
for right-of way owned by settlers eight
miles up One-Mile, he returned to Pen-,
ticton. From, there he- goes.to Nicola
and will buy right-of-way down One-
Mile from that end of the valley.
The oft repeated threat made by the1
high officials of the C.P.R. that the
whistles of their engines would be heard;
in the Similkameen valley as soon'; as
those of any other line now seems likely
to be carried out.   ;>n'J
The lack of handy information regarding the unsnrveved lands of .this province, thus retarding the efforts of settlers to procure homesteads, has been
forcibly brought to the attention of the
government by the Vancouver board of
trade. ■ Hon. R. Green, replying said:
"We will have to take up the matter of
surveying the whole' province and do it
right. British Columbia is badly in need
of a survey. The maps of the,province
are not correct." It is decidedly refreshing to learn that'"one commissioner of
lands is alive to the need of a survey.
E. Waterman, resident manager of the
Vermilion  Forks  Co.,  expects to. leave
next Thursday,   accompanied  by   Mrs.
Waterman,  child   arid  Mr.  Hunter, for
California, where they will visit relatives. Mr. Waterman may be absent for
about six weeks.
Great Race of Two Herculean
Railway Companies for
Similkameen Ore.
Engineer Parties Cover Line from Ch>
verdale to Princeton Locating
the Railway.
That two great rival railway companies
are about to begin the most unique race
ever run in any country is evident frotn
the lining up which is now going on at
the ^starting points The prize in this
raoe is Similkameen ore and-the goal is
Princeton. Both the Great-Northern and
Canadian Pacific have vast wealth at
their disposal and their giant strengths
may be expected to be Used to the very
best advantage. The Great Northern
is slightly in the lead starting arid has
a lot of grading done, but the C.P.R. has
shorter wagon hauls from its bases at
Penticton and Spences Bridge.
: A large engineering ;staS" is now covering the V.,V. & E. from end' to end.' A
party arrived in Princetdn this week
under S S. Cranshaw to begin the work
of locating, the line west of Princeton
along the Tulameen river. Amburn's
party is working east along this river,
the two parties expecting to meet at or
near Welldo. Tracy's party is now
working west from- Hope having completed* the Hope mountain section. He
will meet the party coming east from
Cloverdale near Chilliwack. AH. these
parties will remain in the field until the
whole of the V.,V. & E. is located, which
is expected to last all winter.
A. E. Baldwin, chief of the mountain
survey parties, returned from Hope last
Saturday where he had been inspecting
Mr. Tracy's work. He came back via
Nicola and chatted quite freely about
the progress of the C.P.R. there but had
nothing to give a hungry reporter about
theV.,V. &E.
Initial steps have been taken toward
the formation of a hockey club, a number of well known players including
J. McDonnell, A. Broadfoot, E. Kydd, J.
Campbell and others are interested in
the game and will be pleased to have
the addition of other names to the iis't:
Hockey is one of the most exhilarating
and • exciting of games yet so gentle in
action that ladies find jt amost healthful 'recreation. In some parts of the,
Dominion ladies' hockey clubs are quite
common and a..- challenge game, by them
is sure to attract crowds. Princeeton,
with its fame for sport and pastime, will
doubtless respond to the call for a hockey
club, in which young ladies and gentlemen may participate and enjoy during
the winter.
C.P.R*, Means   Business  and
may Honeycomb District
|jff with Railways.
Coal at Princeton is Drawing Card
for Railway Promoters and
High Officials.
H&vjuig in recollection the significant
utterance of President Shaughnessy two
years ago at a Rossland banquet that the
C.P.R. would build into the Similkameen
by a route that the public had no thought
of*'and suggesting Ruby Creek, below
Hope, as the diverging point'i.a clue is
obtained to present activities in this section. The C.P.R. undoubtedly intends
having an alternative route throngh the
Rocky mountains and the link from Ruby
Creek to Midway- with one or two short
connections in.,the.Kootenays would supply a continuous all rail, route when constructed. This route is tonnage producing from start to finish.
The coal holdings of C P.R. officials at
Princeton indicate .that this place was
long- ago contethplated as an objective
point for f the railway. Moreover, as the
centre of a large contiguous ore producing district, no road could afford to pass
Princeton by. At this present moment
no less than four 'roads have determined
on-making this place the object of special
effort to reach.
An assay recently made of King Solomon ore from Copper mountain returns
gold, $2.40; copper 3 per cent.; silver,
4.7 cents. The King Solomon is regarded
by experts as a mine of exceedingly
good prospects.
The dance to be given tonight by Mr.
and Mrs. Lyall in the A. E. Howse Co's
spacious new store promises to be a grand
success', a large number from far and near
coming to it. ;^#;!     £itiJ$i£i
Campbell's drug store is now open and
is well stocked with drugs, chemicals,
hooks and fancy articles. Similkameen
Star on sale.    See ad. next week.
The Hedley Lumber Co. has started a
logging camp at Norman's, below Princeton, and another near KeremeoS where
they-will operate a portable mill.; This'
enterprising company will establish
camps at various points along the river
in expectation of an increased demand
for lumber during railway construction
next summer.
Born—Oh the 8th inst., the wife of
F. W. Groves,.P.L.S-, of a son.
Born—On the 12th. inst., the wife of
Rev.,E. E, Hard wick of a son.-,
Born—On   the  12th
M. Wright of a son.
the wjfeor
December 16, 1905
The Similkameen Star
Published Weekly at
The Princeton Publishing Co.
A.  E.  Howse, Manager.
One Year,
Payable in Advance.
Subscribers will confer a favor on this office by
promptly reporting any change in address or
irregularity in receipt of their paper.
Advertising rates furnished on application.
Legal notices 10 and 5 cents per line.
Pour weekly insertions constitute one month
All cheques to be made payable to
The B. C. Mining Association has
been of valuable assistance to the
government in timely hint and counsel in determining a mining policy
and in shaping general legislation
for the benefit of the country at
large. To allow such a useful and
much needed association to lapse
would be an act of retrogression,
altogether unwise and destructive
of the highest interests of that industry which it was particularly
designed to serve. At the coming
session of the legislature a revival
meeting should be held in Victoria
at which an effort should be made
to place the Association on a more
permanent basis and for the formation of an advisory board which
would be the official avenue of communication with the government.
The appointment by the government of a member, or two, to this
board would give statutory recognition to the association and enhance harmonious working with all
concerned. The danger to be
avoided lies in any political hue
which may adhere to appointments
or utterances in connection with the
association. Public meetings in
mining centres could do much in
directing the attention of the government to reforms and in giving a.
cue to the mining association as to
the needs of particular mineral districts.
Some recommendations made at
public meetings held in Ontario
would be entirely appropriate as
coming from Princeton to the B.C.
department of mines or to the mining association. One recommendation was to the effect that the prospector shonld be given more protection, that he should be encour-
'aged to explore the country for
minerals, and, after locating claims
he be given possession of them with
as little delay as possible. In a new
mineral field, such as the Similkameen, the government might be
induced to provide free assays for
the bona fide prospector. This,
together with quick possession of
the ground, would, in all probability
be as great incentives to discovery
as anything could be devised, barring actual bonus. Recording fees
and prospectors' license are out of
ksro^rtion   to   charges   made   for
other licenses and fees charged in
trade and professional occupations.
These and other reforms important
to the mining industry could well
be effected through the medium
of the Mining Association were its
obligations well and truly performed. I^et there be a rally of all
interested in mining and put the
Association on an enduring and
active foundation.
The  province of B.C. is, at last,
to be surveyed.
The local legislature meets on
January n. Premier McBride is
in the east accompanied by Hon.
R. Green and this is taken by the
prophets as an indication that the
"sinews" for a general election are
wanted from theG.T.P. and C.P.R.
There is a lively demand for good
mines today throughout the west—
not prospects or prospectuses but
mines thatcan be examined by competent men and stand up to values
claimed. The question of price is
not important providing the property justifies it. In fact it is easier
to sell a big property than a small
one, ordinarily. This demand is
coming from the east and from the
mining sections themselves, for
there is a general awakening to
the fact that the prospects for a
prosperous period in mining is at
band. The general trade conditions favor the mining industry
in all its phases and the improvements in transportation and in the
machinery and methods of mining
as well as in the general understanding of the business, all tend to
make mining more stable and more
certain of profit to operator and
The Nelson Daily News will issue
its custonary special edition on
December 31st, devoted to a review
of the mining and kindred industries ot the province during the
past year. The annual review has
in the past been recognized as the
most comprehensive and reliable
record of the year's progress and
developments in the mining districts of the province published in
any form. Every phase of the
mining industry is covered and the
story told is based upon authoritative statements issued by the mine
and smelter managers of the province. The review reaches practically every mine operator in the
province, in addition to going to
thousands of investors in these
mines. Considerable space will be
devoted to the Similkameen and
contributions of* mining news from
this district will be inserted if
promptly sent to the News. The
review is issued at 10 cents a copy
and orders should be in hot later
than Dec. 28. The News is the
leading newspaper published in the
interior of B.C.
Fern Pot
of Silver
This 8-inch Fern Pot is
a striking illustration of the
unequalled values Diamond
Hall can offer customers
through having its own
The article is of first
quality silver plate in
Colonial design of hand
pierced effect. With a
lining1 of rich-colored
green pottery, it sells
complete for $5.00.
And Diamond Hall would
return the money if by any
chance you were not
134-138   YOMQE 5T.
TORONTO     -    ONT.
Duke of York and Blue Bird mineral claims,
situate in the Similkameen mining division
of Yale district. Where located: On Copper
Take notice that I, M. A. Voigt, free miner's
certificate No. 679944, intend sixty days from date
hereof to apply to the mining recorder for certificates of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining crown grants of the above claims.
And further take notice that action, under section 37, must be commenced before the issuance
of such certificates of improvements.
Dated this 1st day of December, 1905.
C. M. SHdW, P.I,.S.
No. 38 Fr., No. 40 Fr., No. 54, No. 55, No. 56, No.
57, No. 58, No. 59, No. 61, No. 62, No. 63. mineral claims, situate in the Similkameen mining division of Yale district. Where located:
In Voigt's camp.
Take notice that I, C. je. Shaw, agent for M. A.
Voigt free miner's certificate No B79944,
intend sixty days from the date hereof, to
apply to the Mining Recorder for certificates
of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining
Crown grants of the above claims.
And further take notice that action, under sec
tion 37, must be commenced before the issuance
Sfistich certificates of improvements.
Dated this 30th day of November. .190s.
C. M. SHAW, P.L.S.
No. 2, J. W. Hill, United and Verde mineral
claims, situate in Similkameen mining division of Yale district. Where located : In Voigt's
Take notice that I, C. JE. Shaw, acting
as agent for M. A. Voigt, free miner's certificate No. B79944, intend, sixty days from the
date hereof, to apply to the mining recorder for
certificates of improvements, for the purpose of
obtaining crown grants of the above claims.
And further take notice that action, under section 37, must be commenced before the issuance
of such Certificates of Improvements.
Dated this 15th day of November, .A.D. 1905.
36 " C. M. SHAW, P.L.S.
Maple Leaf, Pine Knot. Martin, Daisy and Minnehaha mineral claims,,situate in the Similkameen mining  division of  Yale  district.
Where located : On Henry creek.
Take notice that I, H. S. Cayley. acting as
agent for John Gladden, free miner's certificate
No. B79071 : Edward A. C. Studd, free miner's
certificate No. B7Q016 and Chas. E. Oliver F.M.O.
No. B79072, intend,  sixty days from    the   date
hereof,  to  apply  to  the   mining recorder for
certificates of improvements, for the purpose of
obtaining crown grants of the above claims.
And further take rotice that action, under section 37, must be commenced before the issuance
of such Certificates of Improvements.
Dated this 2nd day of October, A.D. 1905.
Sixty days after date I intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works to
purchase 160 acres of land, described as follows • Commencing at a post on Skaist creek
about 1 mile from the Skagit and running south
40 chains, east,,40 chains, north 40 chains, west
40 chains to point of commencement.
J. G. McDonald, agt.
Dated Oct. 25,1905.
Wanted to Purchase
lands preferred Owners only reply. Give full
particulars of location. Price for cash and price
For part cash with terms, improved or unimproved.      Address
378 Arnold Ave., Fort Rouge
Winnipeg, Man.
court of Revision and Appeal.
"Assessment Act I003."
NOTICE is hereby given that sittings of the
Coutt of Revision and Appeal under the "Assessment Act, 1903," for the Kamloops, Nicola and
Princeton Assessment districts, will be held at
Court House,   Kamloops,  Monday,  Dec.   18th.
1905, at 11 a.m.
Court   House,   Nicola,   Wednesday, Dec. 27th,
1905, at 11 a m.
Couit   House, Princeton, Saturday,  Dec. 30th,
1905, at 11 a.m.
Dated at Kamloops, Nov. 15th, A.D., 1905.
Judge of the said Court.
Sixty days after date I intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for.
permission to purchase 640 acres, more or less,
of pasture land in the Nicola division of Yale
district and described as follows: Commencing
at a post at S.W. corner of lot 1234 thence east 80
chains, north 80 chains, west 80 chains, south 80
chains to point of commencement.
Nov. 23rd, 1905.
Notice is herety given that sixty days from
date I intend to apply to the Honorable Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission to purchase 160 acres of mountain land
situated in the Similkameen land division of
Yale district. Commencing at a post 40 chains
east of C. C. Clay's S.W. corner, thence south 40
chains, thence west 40 chains, thence north 40
chains, thence east 40 chains to point of commencement. J. D. YOUNG, Locator,
per W. D. Young.
Dated 8th November, 1905.
application will be made to the Legislative Assembly of the Province of British
Columbia, at its next session, for an Act
to incorporate a company with power to
acquire, purchase, construct and operate
the undertakings of the Vancouver and
Coast Kootenay Railway Company ; the
Alberni and Cowichan Railway Company ; the Kamloops and Atlin Railway
Company, and the Midway and Vernon
Railway Company ; and to acquire all
the rights, powers and privileges of the
said companies ; and with power to exercise all the powers contained in the Acts
of Incorporation of the said companies ;
and with power to acquire, purchase,
construct and operate the undertaking of
any other Railway Company or Companies ; and with power to subscribe for
and purchase the stock, bonds, debentures or other securities of any Railway
Companv ; and to exchange the stock or
other bonds, debentures or other seen: i
ties of the Company to be incorporated
for the shares, stock, debentures, bonds
or other securities of any other Railway
Company ; and with power to increase
the capital of the Company to be incorporated ; and with power to issue shares
as fully paid up ; and to borrow money
on the Company's assets by anv form of
security ; and with power to promote any
Railway Company or Companies, or to
amalgamate with any Company or Companies ; and with all the other
and necessary powers conducive to
the carrying out of the Company's undertaking. '
Dated at Victoria, B.C.,  this 22nd day
of November, 1905.
Solicitors for the Applicants.
application will be made to the Legislative Assembly of the Province of British
Columbia at its next session for ari Act
extending the time within which the
Vancouver and Coast Kootenay Railway
Company has to complete its line of railway, and empowering the said Railway
Companv to build from some point on its
linet'of railway to Kamloops in the Province of British Columbia.
Dated at Victoria, B.C., this 22nd day
of November, 1905.
Solicitors for the Applicants.
' 5S?
December 16, 1905
[Concluded from page i.]
C.P.R. will prefer its One-Mile route to
Once Princeton is reached it will be
made the base of supplies for the heavy
construction work west and over Hope
mountains. Her-, also, the coal supply
for the entire route of the V., V. & E. is
both handy and plentiful and can be
mined cheaply. For these reasons the
work of construction will be unusually
hastened to Princeton, the only possible
contingencies to cause delay being a
shortage of laborers and heavy snowfalls. Ideal weather and firm roads have
been the rule so far this winter with indications of prolonged continuance.
Geo. Aldous went to the coast last Sunday to be in attendance at a surgical
operation upon his wife who has been a
sufferer from aprotracted illness.
Richard Armitage, of Manchester,
Eng., is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. J.
Gulliford, at Tulameen ranch.
Public worship tomorrow at the court
house conducted by A. Murchie.
C. Summers has gone to Osooyoos on
railway business and will return on Sunday.
Rev E. P. Flewelling, who has been
in a Vancouver "hospital for some time,
sends word that he hopes to be in Princeton on Christmas day and conduct service. His convalescence has been satis
factory and he hopes to be out of hospital in time for the day announced.
E. F. Voigt, of Voigt's camp, Copper
mountain, was in town yesterday.
S. S. Cranshaw, with his party of abc ut
twenty men, is now camped on the
vacant ground near the Tulameen in
town. He began work at Allison bridge
and will locate westwards through Prince^
R. B. Lamb, manager of the Daly Reduction Co , has been appointed to a like
position in the Yale Mining Co and is
now general manager of both companies.
Assay Office.
ASSAY OFFICE at Sunset mine is now open
for custom work.   Prices on application.
Bought &Sold
Offices: Penticton
and Princeton.
A. R. COLL., SC. D.,
Civil and Mining Engineer
Map of Surveyed Claims on Copper
and Kennedy Mts.: Price, $2.
PRINCETON.     -    -      B. C.
Corbould & Grant
Barristers, Solicitors, &c.
New Westminster, B.C.
on hire
Thos. Hunter, Proprietor.
Buller, Colorado, Edward 7th, No. 6, No. 7, No.
24, No. 26,  No.  27, No. 43 Fr., No 44 Fr , No.
45 Fr. and No. 46 Fr. mineral  claims,'situate
in the Similkameen  mining division of Yale
district.    Where located: On  the  northerly
slope of Copper mountain.
Take notice that I, G. Evert  Baker, free miner's certificate No. B80091, intend.  60 days from
date hereof, to apply to the mining recorder for
certificates of improvements, for the purpose of
obtaining crown grants of the above claims.
And further take notice that action, under section 37, must be commenced before the issuance
of such Certificates of Improvements.
Dated this 16th day of November, A.D. 1905.
M    !**!**
are grown and packed
among the Quaker commu=
nity of Prince Edward
Colony, Ontario,
of the Bay of Quinte District
celebrated for growing
the finest flavored fruits
and vegetables
ll$5        in the world.
grocers sell them,   ask for them,
and take no substitute,
for there's none just as good*
Z&fi     €«!&'
Capital all paid up, $14,000,000.    Rest, $10,000,000.   Balance to Profit and
Loss Account, $373,988.        Total Assets, $135,624,452.
PRESIDENT, Rt. Hon. Lord Strathcona and Mount Royal, G.C.M.G.
VICE-PRESIDENT. Sir Geo. A. Drummond, K.C.M.G.
Deposits received from $1
and   upwards.     Interest
credited twice a year.    Withdrawals without delay.
Banking business of every description undertaken.
JQ>,r.*,1^:<-.». K-.r  Mo.'l  Deposits may be made and withdrawn by mail.   Out of town ac
OanKlHg Dy   IVldll  counts receive every attention.
The Nicola Branch is now Open.
A.W.STRICKLAND,        .-        -       -       -       Manager.
Largest Sale in
CAPITAL==$8,7oo,ooo REST==$3,5<>o,ooo
Total Resources (Nov. 30, 1904) $91,000,000
f$wilffl8W^ B%$$wlkr Iflterest allowed on deposits of $1 and
<W.m"Jsf** ■*«■•«* upwards.     Depositors subject to
no unnecessary, delay in withdrawing funds.
Bvntritur W   Mail Deposits may be made and withdrawn
aUKlllg  Vy   Mail j,y maii Special attention given to this;
class of business.    Drafts and "Money Orders issued on all points.
A General Banking Business transacted.
W. H. SWITZBR,       -       - Acting Manager.
PENTICTON BRANCH—A Branch of this Bank is now open at Penticton, B.C.
BflnklM Bin  Hull—Accounts of parties living at a
^iffiasBlllhiJ     SF9|      ITHsisB distance   receive our   special at
tention.      Deposits  can  be  made  through  the  mail, and sums added
thereto and withdrawn at any time.    Drafts issued payable at all points
in Canada and abroad.
HEDLEY BRANCH L. G. MacHAFFIE, Acting Manager.
Photos of Families taken at their
Homes—Views of Princeton
and Surrounding Camps.
Address   -    PRINCETON, B.C.
Otter Flat Hotel
Headquarters for Summit, Rabbitt mountain, Tulameen river, Boulder, Bear and
Kelly creek camps.
Good   Fishing   and   Boating ||||i|
P. O. Address, ASPEN GROVE.   ]$$
December 16, 1905
Has now in stock and is constantly receiving large shipments of
General Mere
and is prepared to supply all
kinds ot goods at lowest prices
Mall Orders Promptly Filled
Vallance &
MURALO'S 1st quality
Cold Water Sanitary Calcimo
The Hotel has been thoroughly renovated and refitted.
Everything First Class.
No pains spared to please the public.
Table supplied with best the market affords.
Fine Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
Headquarters for Princeton, Spence's Bridge and Kamloops
Stage Dines.
five r«s hour
The only Reliable Standard Brand made from the
highest grade of Manitoba
hard wheat,
guarantee that no bleaching
either bv CHEMICALS or
ELECTRICITY is used in its
Accept no Substitute.
3,000  shares  Diamond   Vale  Coal  Stockj
'^"""•k-Write stating lowest price.
*v Hub Clothing Store, Vancouver, B.C.
Analysis of Coal and Fireclay a Specialty.
Complete Coking Quality Tests.
Reliable PLATINUM Assays.
Advertise in the Star.
December 16, 1905
"I understand your husband shot a
deer while on his hunting trip." "Yes,"
answered the woman, who is slightly sarcastic.    "Accidents will happen."
"Yes, my husband does an immense
business—just a rush all the time. He
sells everything just below cost, you
know." "But I don't see how he can
make any money that way." "Oh, but
he sells so much."
The following is from the Welldo Blatter. It is soaped that Col. French is a
truthful man, but this sounds like a concentrated lye : Seigle Eaton is mourning the loss of a nice batch of home
made soap, and incidentally, a cow.
The soap was "lying" idly by when
bossy began fooling around and got a
taste of it. It seemed to be a little strong
but she liked it and ate the whole works.
Then the soap got busy. It was a regular
Jonah for that cow. Things had gone so
far with the soap that there was only one
thing to do. So it began to eat the cow.
Within 10 hours bossy's soul had depart
ed from this earth, and still the soap ate
on. People say there is nothing left of
the remains but the bones and they are
going fast.
Teacher—Johnny, you may give me a
definition of "hypocrisy." Johnny—It's
when a feller says ne loves his teacher.
Druggist and Stationer
Drugs, Medicines,
Stationery and
Fancy Goods,
Cigars, Pipes and
Mail Orders Promptly Attended to.
Can be had at all first-class hotels throughout the province.
Sole Agents*
Synopsis  of Regulations   Governing
the Disposal of Dominion Lands
within the Railway Belt in
the Province of British Columbia.
A LICENSE to cut timber can be acquired only at public competition. A
rental of $5 per square mile is charged
for all timber berths excepting those situated west of Yale for which the rental is
at the rate of 5 cents per acre per annum.
In addition to the rental dues at the
following rates are charged : Sawn ium-
ber, 50 cents per thousand feet B.M. Railway ties, eight and nine feet long, i)4
and t.% cents each. Shingle bolts, 25
cents a cord. All other products, 5 per
cent on the sales.
A license is issued so soon as a berth is
granted, but in unsurveyed territory n©
timber can be cut on a berth until the
licensee has made a survey thereof.
Permits to cut timber are also granted
at public competition, except in the case
of actual settlers who require the timber
for their own use.
Settlers and others may also obtain permits to cut up to 100 cords of wood for
sale without competition.
The dues payable under a permit are
$1.50 per thousand feet B.M., for square
timber and saw logs of any wood except
oak; from V2 to iy2 cents per lineal foot
for building logs; from 12% to 25 cents
per cord for wood; 1 cent for fence posts;
3 cents for railway ties; and 50 cents per
cord on shingle bolts.
Leases for grazing purposes are issued
for a term of twenty one years at a rental
of two cents an acre per annum.
Coal lands may be purchased at $10 per
acre for soft coal and $20 for anthracite.
Not more than 320 acres may be acquired
by one individual or company.
Royalty at the rate of 10 cents per ton
of 2,000 pounds is collected on the gross
Entries for land for agricultural purposes may be made personally at the local
land office for the district in which the
land to be taken is situated, or if the
homesteader desires, he may, on application to the minister of the interior at
Ottawa, the commissioner of immigration at Winnipeg, or the local agent for
the district within vvhich the land is situated, receive authority for some one to
make entry tor him.
A fee of $10 is charged for for a homestead entry.
A settler who has received an entry for
a homestead is required to perform the
conditions connected therewith under
one of the following plans:
1. At least six months' residence upon
and cultivation of the land in each year
during the term of three years. It is the
practice of the department to require a
settler to bring 15 acres under cultivation, but if he prefers he may substitute
stock; and 20 head of cattle, to be actually his own property, with buildings for
their occupation, will be accepted instead
of the cultivation.
2. If the father (or mother, if the father is deceased) of any person who is
eligible to make a homestead entry under
the provisions of the act, resides upon a
farm in the vicinity of ttre land entered
for by such person as a homestead, the
requirements of the Act as to residence
prior to obtaining patent may be satisfied
by such person residing with the father
or mother.
3. If the settler has his permanent residence upon farming land owned by him
in the vicinity of his homestead, the re
quirements of the Act as to residence
may be satisfied by residence upon Itoe
said land.
Application for a patent should be made
at the end of three years before the local
agent, sub agent or a homestead inspector.
Before making an application for a
patent the settler must give six months'
notice in writing to the commissioner of
Dominion lands at Ottawa, of his intention to do so.
Deputy of the Minister of the Interior.
Ottawa, Feb. 4,1905.
centrally located.    Membership   solicited.
E. Waterman, W H. Switzer,
President. Secretary.
H. Cowan, Treasurer.
Prices are the j
Second Consideration! §
in our Grocery Trade J
si asww.
You miss many good things—you
don't have as much as you might-=
when you fail to send us your gro=
eery order* m
Just now we have lots of
good things coming in for
Xmas trade. '" lit
use €0.
■ i|ii'.,i       i>'    ■■ '>;ii'.-| i     <i<mu»m„..,Avmiff
DgCBMBER l6,  1905
PRESENT PRICES OF LOTS===From $3.00 to $10 Per [Front Foot. Size of Lots
50x100 Feet and 33x100 Feet. Terms===One=Third Cash; Balance Three and Six flonths
dwifh Interest at Six Per Cent Per Annum.
Send for Map and "Price List  to
Resident  Manager
g?i ts 1 tat Si *%i}>. ji* £ «
• 1   . i-xir*


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