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 V\ I!
Vote for Smith Curtis and Honest ^overnment,   on  Feb. 2
Published in the interest of Princeton and Similkameen district.
Vol.   I.   No. i.
PRINCETON, B.C., SATURDAY,  JANUARY 5,  1906. '$2 a Year, in Advance
Brief Outline of  Platform for
Coming Political Battle to
the Point.
In response to a request for an outline
of the lines he would pursue in conducting his campaign against the McBride
Goverment, Liberal Leader J. A. Macdonald made  the  following statement:
"Let me say in a few words now what
I shall enlarge upon later: The Government's policy is its record. That record spells high taxes; neglect of roads
and trails; a monstrous school act; neglect
to protect our forests; neglect to compile
and furnish information about lands in
aid of settlement; broken promises to deal
with the railway situation after proclaiming necessity foraction; back door methods of dealing with public assets; a barefaced attempt on ihe Premier',s part to
make better term1-■ u party issue and election cry iii face of what took place in the
h^rtise; subserviency to a railway corporation evidence'd by unsuccessful attempt to
give a million and a half iu cash, and actual grant of 800,000 acres of public lands,
and refusal to make it pay its taxes.
"Our policy is defined by our stand on
the measures brought before the house,
plus our aims regarding other measures
which cannot be introduced by an opposition, but only bv the Government,
which are: The creation ofa department
of labor and immigration, subjects too
important to be left as at present without
shape or provincial guidance,to guard us
against undesirable immigrants.
'Full inquiry into water records and
irrigation and while protecting prior
rights providing for a wider distribution
of water available for irrigation. . An
adequate system of forest protection;
surveys of crown lands available for settlement, and where practicable, parcelling,
them into small holdings as part of immigration policy; repeal of school act and
return to a system of state education;
revision of the terms of placer and dredging leases and lessening the danger of
inadvertent forfeiture.
/" No alliance with those revolutionists
ho would destroy our system of government and haul down our flag, but on
the contrary co-operation with that great
body of labor which would reform abuses
in a constitutional way."
A Big Success Financially and
Otherwise -- Good Time '
for All.
The first annual ball under the auspices of the Princeton Volunteer Fire
Brigade was held in the Court House on
the evening of Wednesday, Jan. 2, and
proved to be one of the most successfu]
affairs of the kind ever held in Princeton,
both from the point of attendance and
excellent management. The hall was ar-
tically and tastefully, decorated with
flags, bunting and Chinese lanterns, and
the floor was splendid ; also the music.
Refreshments were served throughout
the evening. Owing to the unfavorable
condition of the weather there was not
as large an attendance from outside
points as there otherwise would have
teen, nevertheless the hall was comfort-'
ably filled, and could not have accommodated a much larger crowd. Dancing
was continued into the small hours of
the morning.
i The Fire Brigade are well pleased with
the financial result of the affair and the
treasury will be handsomely enriched.
Ot the Great Northern Retires
After Long Service—Louis
J. Successor.
Jams J. Hill, president of the Great
Northern railroad . will retire from active
bushiest and active ti:;inagemenc of his
mammoth enterprises July 1. 1907. The
announcement comes from Hill himslf
His successor will be his eldest son, Louis
J. Hill, first vice president of the Great
Northern, who posesses to a great extent
the remarkable genius of his father and
who will still have at his disposal the
guiding hand of the empire builder of the
Hill himself named July r next as the.'
date for getting out of harness. He saicT:
" I have planned to retire as soon as I
could safely do so. By that time I shall
be able to leave the work '>f a lifetime on
a safe sound basis that will endure."
At the age of 18. Hill went to St. Paul
and became agent for a packet company
(From Our Own Correspondent.)
S. Brooks is in Granite spending the
Christmas holidays with old friends.
W. Manion, of Otier Valley, was a
guest of the Hotel Otter Flat, Wednesday.
Chas. Swedenark and partner retuned
to the city this week. They will now
finish their privaie residence, which will
be second to none in the Province when
J. H. Jackson having sold out his hotel
business in Princeton, is now erecting a
hamdsome residince hereon Otterave. Mr
Jackson is also erecting a store on the
corner of Strathcona and Second street.
Mr. Jackson intends putting in a stock of
general merchandise. This will be a great
convenience to the city and surrounding
W.J. Henderson, prop, of the Hotel
Otter Fiate, intends enlarging his hotel
in ihe early spring. Part of the material
is now on the ground.
Mr. Chas. Swedemark is making arrangements to put a sawmill here. Which
Roughly estimated, two and a quarter
milion dollars in excess of the returns
shown by last year's records will be realized from the total output of the mines
of British Clumbia this year. This statement was made recently by Provincial
Mineralogist Robertson.
Mr. Robertson stated that there was
a much improved condition evident
throughout all the mining camps. The
rise in the price had wrought a change
for the better. The majority of the properties were operating to their fullest capacity. Had it not been for the setback
received owing to the recent strike at Fernie there was little doubt that the actual
total output for 1906 would have been
above that of the previous year. He could
not make this assertion, as a definite
statement of fact because the figure", had
not yet been received. But it was his
personal opinion that the output would
by no means show a decrease despite the
handicap mentioned, and that it might
prove to have advanced.
is greatly needed as all lumber ba&to be
operatrng on the river.  To-day   he con-   hauled from Prnceton
f  Skating on Otter Lake is in full blast.
The roads are in fine shape for sleighing',
and the weather is fine.
J. Riddell spent Xmas as a guest of the
Hotel Otter.
! According to the latest reports from the,
trols transportation facilities covering al
most an entire continent, steamship lines
connecting with the orient and a hundred
other enterprises. His system covers
over 6000 miles of line, with over a
thousand miles of yards and sidings,
steamship lines on the lakes and Pacific
and controlling influences on connections. Hill himself is reduted to be worth
Attention is called to the notice elsewhere signed by the Sanitary Inspector,
notifying the public that the law relating
It is announced that the Hon. W. W. to sanitary matter is going to be enforced
B. Mclnnes has resigned the Governor- *a Princeton. This is a step in the right
ship of the Yukon and will throw in his direction and it should be to the interest
lot with the Liberals in the forthcoming of everyone to see that their premises are
elections. Mr. Mclnnis has proven him- properly fitted to meet the requirements
self to be just such a man as British Col-j of the law. This is a question that af-
utnBia need's at this time, and he will fects the health of the community and as
give great strength to the Liberal   cause.  sucn should receive prompt attention.
Messrs. J. Cawston and Frank Bailey
and Miss Heimiller came up from Hedley on Wednesdaj- night to attend the
firemen's ball.
Jack Murray, of Nicola, and Charlie
Henderson of Tulameen City, were
among those attending the ball on Wednesday night. •■
Government Agent Hunter left on
Sunday last for Kamloops on business.
That there are females among the Hindoos in British Columbia was proven beyond the shadow ofa doubt last week by
the arrival of a little baby Hindoo in
iheir camp at Nanaimo.
- Here's   your chance to get   cheap
and profitable   reading!
Similkameen Mining & Smelting Co. and'
the Swede Grjup), they are world beaters.
Gus Spearing waS in town this week
shipping furs. He \and Harry Grant are
trapping on Bear Creek this season.
Keep your eyes on Tulameen City ferflrj
mining centre of the Tulameen country.
T. Hunter was a gp=est of the Hotel
Otter Flat, Thursday on his way to
Princeton. He had with him one of the
finest turnouts in the Province which he
intends adding 10 his livery stable at
One of the most interesting and instructive treats in store for .Similkameen
electors during the present campaign is
the meeting of Messrs. Curtis and Shat
ford on the same platform in single
handed debate. Will Mr. Shatford then
tell his little fairy tale, entitled: "How
I brought the V.V. & K. into the Similkameen?" Perhaps he will also explain
The   Star   why he alone  of  all   his   brothers   was
and the Winnipeg Daily Free Press called to a relatives  bedside  far away
for the ridlCOUsly low figure Of 75 Cts.   when the Columbia &  Western   vote   of
for three months   You can't afford to 800,000 acres of land  to  the c.p.r. was
miss this Chance. about to be brought on.    Although   .Mi.
Smith Curtis, the Liberal candidate for Shatford shirked votes in the House he
this riding, will address the electors of cannot shirk meeting Mr. Cur lis ami ie-
Hedley in public meeting, in Fraser's tain the respect of his dwindling folJmv-
Hall, on the 10th inst., and tie has in- ers. Let there be fair play and both
vited L. W.SJj«trord to be present and I sides heard from the same platform.
discuss th\e political issues of the day. A public meeting will  be held  on   the
The date for the Liberal meeting in evening of the 8th, at Keremeos, after
Prhfcet6n has not yet been set, but will I the Liberal convention, when Mr. Curtis
Kkely be held in the near future. '■ and others will deliver addresses.
January. 5, 1907
The Similkameen Star mier's SQ^l °^r esP°nsibIe
u..Kii=i.-i „7._„i....— ! position he holds, tsjug;e   fanner in
which he  bungled British    Colum-
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Subscribers will confer | favor on this office by
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SATURDAY, JAN. 5, igofj.
Now that  the-' general   elections
have been   officiajjy-'&titi'ounced  ,to
take place, the date set   being Feb.
2nd, from now on McBride, and his
followers  will   be,, busy trying   to
pull the wool over: the eyes - of the
electors in   an   endeavor ' to   blind
thera to.the facts in'*regard   to   tbie
many scandalous  transactions   participated iri -by "the first Conservative Government Brjtish  Columbia
ever hay?^:ft'aiis'actiQns: that   have
been the.;mean.s of transferring miU
lions of dollars worth of  land   from
the Province to private corporations
and boodliiig individuals, nude and
female, simply for the  asking.    In
other words, McBride and his Gov-    .,^m^mmm
ernment have'robbed the ratepayers  entertain
of British Columbia to   that extent.
, by taking what   belonged- to  thern
and handing it over   to speculative
concerns,, who , reap   the  benefits.
If the trustees-of   a   private   estate
were  to   parcel    off   the   property
they held in   trust   and   scatter   it
among, their friends,   thereby robbing those  whom    they   were   appointed to protect, the only logical
conclusion is   that   they would   be
dismissed from office forthwith, and
furthermore  they would be held accountable for their misdeeds and be
forced to   pay the   penalty the)' so
richly deserved.    The Government
stands as trustees for the people and
when they   abuse   that confidence,
as the McBride   Government   have
done, they should be kicked   out of
office without delay.
Everyone is or should be familiar
with the history of the Kaien Island
scandal, when Cabinet secrets were
divulged tp the Mrs. Jimmy Anderson gang, which profited handsomely by the .information wrongfully
obtained. That gigantic give-away
of 800,000 acres of choice coal and
mineral lands in   the   Kootenays to
bia's case, for better terms, from ti e
Dominion, at the interprovincial
conference held at Ottawa, in October last. This conference was called for the purpose of affording an
opportunity to the Provincial Premiers to meet together in conference and discuss with the Federal
Government the financial subsidies
to the different Provinces.
During the last   session   of   the
Local Legislature J. A. Macdonald,
leader of the Opposition, introduced
a    resolution   touching   on    better
terms, pointing out   that   we were
entitled to   more   consideration   in
the way of increased subsidies, and
the resolution received the unanimous support of the   House.    When
the  interprovincial   conference was
arranged,    Premier     McBride     of
course   attended.      Had   he   been
anxious to make the  most   of. the
opportunity    he     certainly   would,
have invited Mr. Macdonald to 'accompany him   and   give support to
his claims.    But there was   a   method in his madness, as subsequent
events have shown.    He, therefore,
goes alone, submits the   Province's
case, with the stipulation that it be
referred  to  arbitration.    This   tbe
conference unanimously declined to
Premiers J. P. Whitney
the way of subsidy and I
for the maintenance of government. |
The   British    Columbia     proposa
comes entirely within the chief pur
pose of   this   Conference.    If   this
Conference, after hearing  Mr.   McBride's arguments in support of his
contention,   reach   the   conclusion
that   an   arbitration    should   take
place,   through   a   commission, for
the purpose   of   dealing with   the
claim   of   British   Columbia,   that
would present the.matter in a   new
light, and. while I am not prepared
to express any final opinion, I   can
say at once  that   any such   recommendation   from    the     Conference
would have great weight  with    us,
and we'should feel bound to give it
further consideration."
It will readily be  seen   from  the
above that Premier  Laurier was  in
no wa)' responsible for. the turning
down of McBride's arbitration   proposition, but on the  other hand he
was only too willing  to  consider it
should the   Conference   so   recommend. The securing of better terms
is  a question   entirely apart   from
party politics, and it   only serves to
show the despicable tactics resorted
to by this  most peculiar   combination—"the   first    Conservative-Socialist Government British   Columbia ever had'"
(Ontario) and R. P.  Roblin (Mani
toba) two of the foremost Conservatives in the  Dominion, were   members of the conference.    When McBride's   arbitration    proposa!   was
turned down   (as he knew it would
be) he got in his previously intended grand   stand   play and   stalked
out of the conference.    He  returns
to his native soil with the necessary
election cry that he was   in   search
of, and tries to make the  people   of
British Columbia   believe   he   had
been.ill treated by Premier Laurier
and his, colleagues  because he was
a Conservative.    And   his-  faithful
followers have taken up the cry.
.   To show the falsity of this assertion, we quote Sir Wilfrie's address
tothe Conference   touching British
Columbia's case: ^%-
*'I have given careful consideration to the memorial of . British
Columbia's Government, and particularly to the request that a com
mission be appointed for the purpose of inquiring into the financial
relations between the Dominion and
the Province. I have been unable
to reach the conclusion that the appointment of such a' commission
-1 would be the best way of dealing
the C. P. R., estimated worth   with a question   of   this   kind.    I
in the npiorhhnrhr*!-,/! *~.t#~~  -
in the neighborhood of $20,000,000,
we made extensive note of in our
last issue.
These are only a sample of the
many instances of gross mismanagement by this Conservative-Socialist
combination, but they give an idea
of bow the people's heritage has
been ruthlessly thrown awav     The
fear that.such  a course would    not
lead to the harmonious   settlement
of the grants  to   Provinces   which
all should desire   to   bring   about. 1
However, I regard   the' matter   at 1
present more as one for the opinion |
of   the   Conference   than   for   the
judgment of the Dominion Government.    You have assembled for tW
purpose of considering   the   sun s
,_-, -       jSKS w^'cn should properly be  pa'd   by
latest striking ex imple of  the Pre-1 the Dominion to the   Provinces   in
The Star would like to know the
reason why there will be no voters'
lists obtainable, at least by the   opponents of   the  Government,- until
within a few days  of   the election?
On the face of it it looks as though
some underhand  work   was   being
done.    The.lists for this district are
being turned out from  the office   of
the Hedley Gazette, and ' owing   fo
limited number of names contained
therein  it   should   not take   many
days to  complete  the  work.    The
public have a right   to   know   the
reason of this strange action on the
part of the  Government.    If there
was not some   ulterior   motive   in
withholding      them    they     ought
to be ready for distribution   at least
a   fortnight   before   the   elections.
It is just another sample of the way
in which the   McBride garig   have
of doing business, when it cornes to
being fair  and   square  and . above
rjoard.    Doctoring  up   voters'  lists
is an old Conservative game, and it
is also a very serious one.
Notice is hereby given that 30 days from date
I. intend to apply to the ChiefCommissioner of
Lands and Works for a special licence to cut and
carry away timber from the following described
lands situated in the Similkameen District:
t. Commencing at a post planted on the north
side of the Nicola wagon road, about six miles
from Princeton, and marked "Adelmer Snyder's
north-east corner." thence west 86 chains, south
80 chains east 80 chains along bank of the Tulameen river, north 80 chains to point of commencement. ADEJ^ER SNYDER,
Dec. 13, 1906. ■ J. M. Wright, Agent.
2. Commencing at a post planted near the
S.E. corner of lot 151, marked "Electa Snyder's
south-west corner," thence east 80 chains, north
80 chains, west 80 chains, south 80 chains to'point
of commencement.     ELECTA SNYDER,
Dec. 13  rgo6.    [38—47]   J. M. Wright, Agent.
SIXTY DAYS after datel intend   to   apply to
the   Chief   Commissioner    of   Lands I and
Works for permission to purchase   80   acres   of
pasture laud   situated in   the Yale   Division   cf
Yale District, described as tollows:
Commencing at the south-west .corner of lot
300, thence east 20 chains to the north-west cor.
of lot 124; thence south 40 chains to the. northeast cor. of lpt 230; thence west 20 chains; thence
riofth 40 chains to point of commencement, containing 80 acres. WM.' S. WILSON.
Princeton, B. C, 24th Nov., 1906. 36t8,
Sixty days after date I intend to apply to the
ChiefCommissioner of Lands and Works for li-'
censes to prospect for coal on the following
.lands: Commencing at N. E. corner of lot 933,
thence west 50 chains; north'5o<;hf^fis: east, j 13
chains; south 63 chains; west 63 chahj&ji.arid -
north r3 chains; back to post in all 640 aeres;s*v '
Located this SthlSby of Nov., 1906.       B3l!^§3§a!r
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January 5, 1907
L. W. Shatford,
Hedley, B. C,
Sir :    Do you ever read  the Similka-
meen SU V{    Did you  read   the   Star  is-
sued December 22, 1906?    Do you know
iinythipg-«fiijcernirrg the matters  that  J
speaA ol 111 the two letters written by me
—arhi published in that number?    Did you
prut/rise sortie of   tbe in the
Kingston .Mining, Co.- that    vou   would
heljj them to secuie;-/B,c|jne   of -the,, land
which was afterwards  transferfe"crvt6' 'M*
K. Rodgers, and if  you did, how did   it
come that M. K. Rodgers got a   deed   to
the whole tract ?   Do   you   know   what
the probable cost of   the 20-Mile   Creek
wagon road   will   be  When "completed?
Does   the   Qo.vernrnent   tf§u§|$^$j$s5kvja
■cook"at a road camp?    Why are  not'"the
Daily Reduction Co. . asked   to   remove
the slide'that   is? blockading   the   new
road ?    Why is not The   Same,  company
required to take   care   of  the   overflow
water where it crosses the road  into  the
eastern   addition ?      Answers v,,Xp)'these
questions are ot interest to theoj^blic^
I expect to see the answers to these
questions in the next issue of the Hedley
Gazette. •
5\ ,;_c. , >•*
velopment purposes could   be  conveyed
on a sled during   the   winter   by way of
20-Mile Lake, where a sled road could be
constructed at a small   cost.    There were
a lit'le over two miles of road built  at   a
cost of over #3,000 a mile, and the people
of this town were expecting to be able to
have the use of it this winter in  order to
get out  some   very much   needed wood.
But a break in the  Daly  Reduction   Co.
started an avalanch of   rock   and   earth
completely   blocking   the   road.      Why
does not Shatford or T. D. Pickard see to
it that the company removes  this   slide?
But no.    Shatford might lose  a vote  or
two by so doing.    As trlfe company would
put their own men at the work, of course
there-wpuld hot be anything in it for the
Shatford Limited.    Arid of course that is
to be-considered.    I wonder  if Shatford
US&W anything about the  probable  cost
of this road before starting  construction
flayjtljie opinion that he did'nbt.  -
:i<i%3^'       LOUISA H^pLU5jB:
Hedley, Jan. ist; £907:
The People s Choice
by reason of its
purity and flavor
The last nuuihef  of   the B//C. Mining
;£fPPf^lp|V i I Excha»Se contains an interesting article
^iorMt^^mm^^M^mMT"°as ""lustrations,  on " Prince
ave^»«^K%he western WMEm 1
of the cou«^&^^^^^^^^vn^?^^-!«^hiih pf
talked m ^^^^^^^^^^^^^!^mm. mm
would ^'l^^^^^^^^^M&^^^Cl.^of,
-era! tir^Ml^KA^i^^l^&»^Ww«
give the rem^mmm^mmm^^^^W^mi
to theprobab.l^^i^SMfeR'S^^Pi
to ^e:Pro^^g^^^p^o^.
W^ fie:?; 'j$c Bride
 fejEB&'fflr&iii fife
'Sd^!E»r-t -Sitnpsbikajiid the Mtiic disr&'nfc'e
L^Bffiffj^t ^Slngttjttgjit "is,' about   ;ba]lf
w^y heJHve£n Varic*o^%);^i4^?SJfagvay
Beginn^*^feld«l?#i^^$ '-'
and TepeMeaf^^sfps^d!^mj^^^A\^au'ir- 	
ing tp.urifft|^J||^|j^
the fork^^t^^i^^^^^^^^^^^^^^j^^H^j^^And Cano^Mg^«^^'l|
forks ont^0t^|i|a^*'u^
Lorje grpWspfmp^
relched^aheiu^f'f et to- laessrMto
AiftatV°^PmfcWtof the' road
Will have to be cons' fuc!STOrfl**VteiV
^eeP hillside, and after gai„ing lhe .£*
of the  mountain   severa^tata™h v , laces
i" order to be passafte^^ ,„ *JT
property which this road wo,! ^"
:':rans '-'"      "   a^^"       swawia
the forks of  the ' cS$gf ^   Golden
Lone grouped, U owned  by some of
L.  W.   Shatford's tillJcu'm^WhileV t**»
mineral showing at the  Golden   Lone" I
exceptionally fine,  still   und!   they have
been pr0perly developed.and   proven   to a wagon road, it seems  to   be   a
foohsh piece of   extravagance   to" spend
such a large amount  of money on  roads
whichmay or may not be   needed.    *„v|
machinery that may be.wanted   for "de
dian Bank'^oT^^mSii^^^^^&jit^p^^aT
^J^igg-No^o, 1906, shows  that   hrs'titu-
^utiqBvtqbe Yir'^a'-'floufislitt}^'" condition;,
the nVt profits forthfe^earj^afterprovid-
'M4jgjff<S(?aij-1 bad and (IpubtTul'-aebts, being'
- •»» <>tivi$1i3&}>9Sl-'l6i '"Fh&$f$s&vk   fund    has;
erty which   this   road   ^il-l. give^ bee.Yfi^reaM^^^femaking  it   no^
iportation faci|^^to, after m$m &2&0 <&> >' TbA,aiJ!BHaL meeting  of th!
°£,lf  ^e,'fc5e*k'*«' lhe   GoI'len   •'^phol.lers'wilYheliefrfiSii  Toronto on
Tuesday, theStb inst. '$ l|
■'Smith Curtis;i§.expected in Princeton
Oi the 10th inst. on hiiriiiig.' business in
connection n-ith the Sunset mine al Copper mountain. It is understood Mr.
Curtis has in hand the sale u£, .this property";"" "~"~^?^
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T.»KE NOT^HTE that by .or before trie 3dth"day
of April, 1907, all prjvy clc*ets-i»- ttrg^town
of 'Prinpeton must be fitted with a 'witter'-tight
receptacle pieced above the surface of the ground
ai$jd so arranged that it ^nay .1 e emptied or. removed through a hanged door or lid and must be:
''entptied once a month or oftener: and 'all privy
pits or vaults, cesstanbs or cesspools now iii use,
unless constructed according to a pattern approved by the MedicalUealth Officer, are hereby
detlBred nuisances; and the same shajl be thor
''ughly entptied,.cleasetred,and disinfected and
filled with clean:tar.fh in. accordance with Sections 38 and 39 of the Sanitary-Regulations of
the Provincial Board of Heal'h.
Sanitary Inspector.
Princeton, Jan. 5  1007. j-i
''companies;' act, fm>>
ONE BAY  HORSE,   branded   wilh  two   bars
within a horseshoe, on to mv place Novem
i ber last.  Owner can have same by proving property, and paying  expenses.     Unless   reedeemed
within 1 hirty days from date of  this   notice, the
[ horse will be sold. J. I) -McDONALD.
Princeton, Dec. 29th, 1906. 40-3
This is a probable slate for the
Provincial Government: Premier, J. A
I Macdonald; Minister of Fniance, John
' Oliver; Minister of Mines and Education,
I Smith Curtis; Finance Minister, Hon.
IW. W. P. Mclnnis; Attorney-General.
F. Hovvay.
Rember the day. 2nd of Feb.    It  will
be known   in   history as   '"ground   hog
- dav" for Dewdney D   k.
M)Mun ivHunea," "Non.Personal.Lia-.
bility," has this day been incorporated under the
"Companies Act 1897," as a Limited Company,
with a capital of five, hundred thousand dollars,'
di -ided into'five hundred thousand-shares of one
dollar each.
■ 'Tte Company isspecially limited under section 56 of the said Act.
Given under my hand seal of office at Victoria.
Province of British Columbia, this  4th   day   cf
I December one thousand nine utindr' d and six.
. ft s ] S. Y. WOOTTON,
Registrar of Joint Steele Companies.
The following are  the  restricted  objects  for '
which the Company has been incorporated:—       \
(a.) To acquire the properties oi the United
Empire Company (Foreign), situate at or near
the town of Princeton in the Province of British
Columbia and to acvuire, manage, develop,
work and sell mines mineral claims and mining
properties, whether heretofore the property of
the said United Empire Company [Foreign] or
to win, get, treat, refine and market mineral
therefrom :
lb ]   All other powers, rights and capacities as
set out in Section   56   of  the   "Companies  Act,.
i8g7,M and Section  6  of the  "Companies  Act,
^^^^   1897, amendment Act,   1900."   or  other amend
next I ments thereto.
Princeton Jan. 5, 1907. 1-4
Col. Tracey, C. E., of Vancouver, spent
several Nicola recently for the
purpose of investigating the plans iii
connection with the proposed waterworks for the town of Nicola.
Advertise in ihe STAR
January, j, :jjj
[as now in stock and is con-
• sfantly   receiving  large  ship-
merits of
and is prepared to supply all
kinds ot goods at lowest prices
nil friers proijriig filled
HpHIRTY days from date I iii tend to apply to the
*     Chief Cotruuissioiier   of Lands and  Wcrks
for a license to prospect for coal on the following
^described lands':—
Commencing at   the N.K   corner of lot 1823,
\group 1  thence west 80 chains along" the south
• boundary line of   Lot 43 to  the S.W. corner of
Lot g6q,  thence  south    80   chains,   thence  east
. down the Tulameen river to  S.K. corner  of Lot
1823. thence north 34 chains more or less to point
of commencement.
W. WILSON, Locator.
■^i! Prince to 11, Oct. 6, 1906.
jr NOTICE is hereby given that sixty days aftei
date we intend to apply to Chief Commissioner
..j&isan'ds and Works for permission to purchase
v'7ands situate in Yale division of Yale district and
on the Kleiskawa creek in the west Yale district:
Commencing at the N.E corner of M. K. Fryr
berger application thence 80 chatns south; 40
chains east; So chains-north- 40"chat£f§'west; in
all 320acres. F. W-. CARPENTER.
C  6. French Agent.
Sept. 18,1906.
Commencing at M E. corner  1;. W. Carpenter
application, thence running 80 chains south; 40
chains east; 80 chains north; 40 chains west.
C. O. French, Agent.
Sept. 18th, 1906.
Takr notice that wrhiu   two months   \ intend
to apulv   to  the Chi- t   Commissioner of Lands
and Works -for a timber  license  on 640 acres of
land situated abwnt 30 mi.lVs n^t '>f Hope on the
trail to Princeton, 611 the left hank c f the Ssais
cr'.ek in the Yale d sl-rict; cciiniieiicint; at a pos
marked W: K   C. Manh 's timber «. laim   runniiu
8° chains north    So chains  east 80 chains simth
So chains west t > point of coiimu'iu't'Tiic'it,
W. K. C. MAN!
C. O. French  Agt
Oct. 19, rqo6.
after datel intend 'o apply tu the Chief
C( nimissioner of Lands and Works for a licenst
to p-(jspecl for coal on the following ■'lescriberi
lands i i mated in tJie Vale Division -,f Ya e Dis
Commencing at the S W cor. cf Lot 257; then.or.
north 40 ehains; iticuce iVeSt So ch.ains; ilience
south 8j chains; tJi.nce ta-st 6n ciitUits"; thence
1101 th 40 cnains; thence east 2" chains to poiilj
ofcomiueuceineut and co'i'aining 560acres, tuort
or less. JOHN G   WILLIAMS.
by Wabun  JJ^vic   A   e   t.   ■
rrmceton, Dec. 1   ly 6. i-nu
Commencing N E-corner of II. B. Fryberger
application, thence 80 chains smith; 40 chatns
east; 80 chains north; 40 chains west; in all 320
acres. G. P. K£ VHlERSTONK.
C. O. French, Agent.
Sept.  i8th( 1905.
Commencing 40 chains south of the N.E corner
of G. P. H.eathVrslone application,   thence   running 80 chains south;   40 chains east;   8c chains
north, 40 chains west; in all 320 acres.
C. O. French, Agent.
Sept. 20th, 1906.
Commencing at the N.E. corner of M. N. Tay-
lor, theiic e running So chains south:   40 chains!
east; 80 chains north; 40 chains west; situated on
the Skagit river, 320 acres.
C. O,  French, Agent.
Sept. 21st, iqo6.
"KJOTICK IS HKRKiiY GIVEN that 30 flays
■*-^» after date I intend to apply to the Cm, I
Commissioner of Lands and W01 ks f.ji a lic'eiisi.
to prospect for coal on the following described
lands situated in the Yale and S.milkHineeii Divisions of Yale District:
Commencing at the S.W cor. of Lot 243; thenct
south 40 chains; thence ea: t :6 chains to ihe N.
E. cor. of Lut 157; th 11c- south vvesterlv follow
ing the east boundary t.f Lui 157 10 the southeast corner of Lot 157; thence we.:t 30^2 chains;
Uietice soulh iS chains; thence east 80 chains;
thence north 100 chain*; thence west 4:1 chains to
point of coin me net ment, contai ■ 111 if 400 acres
m  re or lex. W.a I .^ON  1JOYLK.
Princeton, Nov. 30, 1905.   . 371111
Wm Ef ^ I M lL K A ME JE N   I )A a
Itors, v&c.
U>, K.C.
Synopsis of Canadian Homestead
Any available Dominion Lands within
the Railway Belt in British Columbia,
may be homesteader] by any person who
is the sole head of a family, or any male
over 18 years of age, to the extent of one-
quarter section of 160 acres, more or less.
Entry must be made personally at the
local land office for the district in which
the land is situate.
The homesteader is required to perform
the conditions connected therewith under
one of the following plans:
1. At least six months' residence upon
and cultivation of the  land in each yea
for three years.
2. If the father (or mother, if the tath
er is deceased), of the homesteader resides upon a farm in the vicinity of the
land entered for, the requirements as to
residence may be satisfied by such per
son residing with the father or mother.
3. If the settler has his permanent residence upon farming land owned by him
in the vicinity of his homestead, the re
quirements as to residence mav be satisfied by residence upon the. said land.
Six   months' notice  in   writing should
be given to the Commissioner of Dornin
ion Lands at Ottawa of intention to apply
for patent.
Coal lands may be purchased at $iop<rr
acre for soft coal and $20 for anthracite.
Not more than 320 acres can be acquired
by one individual or company. Royalty
at the rate of ten cents per ton of 2 000
pounds shall be collected on the gros.-
output. W. W. CORY,
Deputy of the Minister of the Interior
N.B.—Unauthorized publication of thi
advertisement will not be paid for
you I m
need  a pair of  Rubbers   of
some sort and
make a
Sold by all Dealers.
can fill your requirement
haying just received a laroe
shipment   and we are in a
position    to    Si   Cf
*_ lo   suit  men, wo
men and children.
Mm     Em     HOWSkt
HIE Landscapes
Photos of Families taken at their
Homes—Views of Princeton
and Surrounding Camps.
Address.-     PRINCETON. H.C
Largest Sale in Canada
'rade Marks
Copyrights &c.
ig a nice I oh and description may
it our opinion free whether an
      hnbly p.-iientable.   CommuniCR-
fions strictly comldential. HANDBOOK on Patents
yent free. Oldest m*e-noy for securing patents.
.Patents taken through Munn & Co. receive
special notice, without charge, in the
Anyone nendl
quickly 'Xs'cfirTa
invention is pi'
Tic Kctel 1'as keen ihcrct.rhly rer.ovated and refitted.
i.-Vf rything; JCir- t Cla.:-*v'v;s|ij
le pains spared to please the public.
Table supplied with best the market affords.
Fine Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
Headquarters for Princeton, Spence's Bridge and  Kair.loops
Stage Lines.
KienaiiC junencam
A. hanosomciy illustrated weekly. T.nreest cir
dilation of any scientific Jon ma;. Terms, $3 i
year; four months, $11  Sold by all newsdealers
Branch Oi
25 F St  Washington, B- r
Analysis of Coal and Fireclay a Specialty.
Complete Coking Quality Tests.
Sellable PLATINUM Assays. ,
The onl}' Reliable Standard Brand made from the
highest grade of Manitoba
hard wheat,
guarantee that no bleaching
either bv CHEMICALS or
ELECTRICITY is used in its
OTICK IS HEREBY GIVEN that I intend to
make application to purchase the following i
described land situate in Kamloops Division of
Yale District, viz.: Commencing at a post placed
on the east bank of One Mile Creek, at the S. E.
corner of Lot 932, thence north 80 chains to lot
1193; theuce east 50 chains more or less to the
X. W. corner of lot q68; thence south 40 chains to
the S.W. corner of lot 968; east 20 chains
more or less to the N. W. corner of lot 115S;
theuc-'* south 20 chains to the S W. corner of lot
1158; thence east 20 chains to the N.W. corner of
SOUth   r>r\ i^tio.* —
A. R. COLL., SC.   P.C mm
Civil and Mining Engineer j
Map of Surveyed Claims on Copper,
and Kennedy Mts. and Surveyed
Lands around Princeton: Price, $2.
PRINCETON.     - B. C.
X lot 2048; then
Princeton. Sect ,5th. 1^6    N M" SMITH
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000.    Reserve Fund, $4,500,000
B. E. WALKER, General Manag-er ALEX. LAIRD, Asst. Gen'I Manages
A general Banking business transacted.   Accounts may be opened and conducted by
mail with all branches of this Bank.
Deposits of  $1 and upwards received, and interest allowed at
current rates.   The depositor is subject to no delayr'TS^it-
ever in  the  withdrawal of the  whole  or anw*^|P#p:
portion of the deposit \.     x
THIRTY DAYS after date I intend to apply t
the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works fo
a license to prospect for coal on the following
lands comraenceingat the S E. corner of lot 364
thence west 80 chains; thence south 80 chains
thence east 80 chains; thence north 80 chains
Lack to post; in all, 640 acres.
I,. L   FRENCH, Locator.
C. O. FRENCH, Agent.
Located Nov. 12 igo6. 39-42
vAdvertise in the stari
Assoc. Inst. M M.,Mem
Am Inst. M.E.
Assoc. Inst. M M '
Mines and Mills Examined, Sampled
and Reported on.
Samples   by   Mail   Eeeeive  Prompt
Solicited.       s^^_^
Thos.Hunter, Proprietor.
/At§ confluencelbf the Similkameen and Tulameen Rivers
e«£ ■      t&        ei£
and Price List to
Resident    Manager


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