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Similkameen Star 1904-12-10

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Nature has Endowed Similkameen with Vast Riches.
None So Blind to Reason as those who Stubbornly Resist It.
Having all the Natural Resources for Making: the People Prosperous it is almost Criminal for Governments  to Passively Witness the Similkameen Made the Plaything: of Rival and Procrastinating: Railway Corporations—United Effort of the People and Legislators Can End it.
Vol. v.   No. 35.
$2 a Year, in Advance.
Water Shortage in Twenty-
Mile Curtails Mine and
Mill Output.
The Boundary is Prosperous and the
Mining Industry in Flourishing Condition.
Owing to the shortage of water in
Twenty-Mile creek, the Daly Reduction
Co. of Hedley, may be obliged to tempo-
■rarily stop the stamp mill and cease work
in the Nickel Plate mine. It would be a
misfortune if the stoppage were prolonged as this company gives employment to a lot of men and is today the
backbone of the Similkameen.
The Mountain Lion, Republic, is send-*
ing out 90 tons daily.
The capacity of the lead refinery at
Trail has been doubled.
A new era in mining in the Boundary
has begun by the digging out of the
ground from.the grass roots sufficient product to meet the payroll. That is what
is happening in a dozen high grade properties around Greenwood today. Immense capital was necessary to put the
Granby and B.C. Copper Co. and Montreal & Boston in their present paying
positions, but nerve, faith and good management are a kind of capital which
bring success.
The new vein on the Providence in the
Boundary is growing into a wonder. The
lead has been exposed for 400 feet. The
vein in one place reached a width of 7
feet.   It runs about $80.
Good reports are continually coming
from the Strathmore property in the
Greenwood high grade belt.
The Lucille Dreyfus mine near Danville has resumed operations with a force
of some twelve men and is now shipping
ore to the Granby smelter.
Prof. R. D. Brock, of the Dominion
geological survey, who has already spent
several weeks examining and sampling
the Snowshoe will shortly proceed to
Rossland to examine the Le Roi, War
Eagle and Centre Star mines.
It is reported that the Maggie mineral
claim near Ashcroft owned by Messrs.
Smith, Bryson, Hocking and Henderson
residents of that place, has been sold to
M. K. Rodgers, of the Daly Reduction
Co., Hedley, for the sum of $75,000.
For the week ending Nov. 30 the mines
in Rossland camp shipped 5.985 tons of
ore. Bad roads around Rossland affect
the ore output of the camp. :
Skylark camp, Greenwood, though long
neglected, gives evidence of becoming
the banner one of the district. The Bay
is the finest producer of gold specimens
yet exposed. The E.P.U. is a producing
mine and the Skylark and Silver Cloud
have been yielding some high grade ore.
Larger smelters on Boundary creek are
the order of the day. The Montreal &
Boston will have their second furnace
running shortly and the B.C. Copper Co.
will soon install two more furnaces.
Work is progressing on the prospect
tunnel of tbe Spallumcheen coal deposits near Enderby. The contiactors,
Messrs. Swallow and Johnston, have a
6x7 drift in about 35 feet and at present
are working through a stratum of sandstone overlying a sort of fire clay with a
well defined seam of coal in the face of
the tunnel. lv$4-   ^
The Revelstoke Liberal association has
sent a resolution to Ottawa urging the
appointment of W. A. Galliher, M.P. for,
Kootenay, to the portfolio of minister of
mines. Mr. Galliher has given proof of
his ability in behalf of the mining indus
try by having a lead bounty established.!
No better appointment could be made.
A bunk house is being erected for miners on the Granite Creek Gold Group
tunnel. Supplies for the winter's work
are being packed to it.
Misplaced Confidence.
Jetson W. Beaver, prospector, and a
former resident near Princeton, whose
wife died over a year ago and was buried
near his cabin on the Diamond B mineral
claim, has gone crazy. His first wife had
only fairly set out on her eternal journey when Beaver began courtship with a
businesslike woman in Spokane. By the
way, Spokane is said to have a lot of
women whose capacity for business is
exceptionally well developed. Beaver
represented to the woman that he had
mineral claims near Princeton which
would make him a millionaire as soon as
Jim Hill had his railway running up the
Similkameen—all of which is correct
enough—whereupon she fell deeply in
love with him. They were married.
Mrs. Beaver, with that womanly instinct
for self preservation which takes no
chances, persuaded the 'old. man' to give
her an interest in his mines and ranch.
While his ranch would scarcely grow
bananas it is favorably situated for the
goat industry, and the rock on it contains the right proportion of grit for
"billy" to sharpen his toe nails with.
The Diamond B is good property. With
Mr. Beaver there was associated as co-
owner one Winkler who disappeared
from here in the summer of '03. The
charge of insanity now resting against,
Beaver while he is a prisoner in SpoKane
could hardly be substantiated by his con-<
duct here. His temper was irascible and
on one occasion is said to have levelled a
Winchester at someone, but that is neither here nor there as the sanest of men
do that sometimes. The only thing in
Beaver's conduct that looks like insanity
is his giving anything to his wife, for she
had no sooner got her clutches on his valuable mine than she told him to go to a
place where snow cannot exist.
Topics in  Brief of Local and
General Interest   to  the
Moving Throng.
The Telephone Line Receiving Finishing Touches—Wire is Now
Being Strung.
Tom Hunter, superintendent of telephone line construction, was'in town last
Saturday and reports everything on his
division as well on towards completion.
The wiremen are making good time and
it is believed that they will be in Princeton for their turkey dinner on Christmas
Born—On the 7th inst., the wife of
Ernest Waterman of a daughter.
F. W. Groves, P.L.S., surveyed Tom
Arnold's ranch on the west side of China
creek this week. Mr. Arnold has got a
good location with plenty of water which
with its proximity to Princeton will make
it a valuable homestead.
An interesting event to some particular friends of the happy pair in Princeton occurred at Silverton, B. C, on November 24, when J. W. M. Tinl.ing was
united in marriage to Miss Jennie A.
Brandon. Both are very popular in
social and musical circles and enjoyed
the good will of everybody. The Star
joins with other friends here in wishing
them an unruffled passage over the sea
of life and good-anchorage in;the harbor
"*Rev. A. J. Fowlie will conduct divine
service Sunday in the court house at
7 p.m., to which everybody is welcome. Mr. Fowlie made a trip extending to Fairview recently as the result of
which he will likely locate at Princeton.
He will visit surrounding camps occasionally and endeavor to establish public
worship in as many places as possible.
Service will be held tomorrow at 3 p.m.
in Cook & Co's store, Granite creek.
The deal for the Ellis ranch at Penticton has been so far advanced as to be
tpractically a bargain. The amount to be
'paid for the land is $300,000 and $100,-
000 for the stock. The company organized to acquire the property has a capitalization of $500,000. The shareholders
are made up of men in all parts of the
jDominion. It will be one of the greatest blessings that ever happened the
lower Okanagan valley when this estate
is subdivided into small fruit holdings
and cultivated by progressive owners.
The deal is being promoted by L. W.
)Shatford, M.P.P.
It sends a shiver up one's spinal column to read of the rigorous weather they
are having in the east. In the Similkameen no storms, nor stress of weather of
any kind has been felt; only balmy at
mosphere and Italian skies the whole
livelong autumn. Ah ! the blessings of
a glorious climate; how it rejuvenates
as one takes in a lungful of the circumambient air. Only the peaks and the
higher divides are clothed in winter
array. Mo witch, sheep and goat are all
in the higher altitudes and are pot likely
to descend until the snow deepens.
Over at Summerland they have-'a* saw
mill which has baffled the ingenuity of
mill experts. As a last resort the owners
sent to the makers in Alabama, U.S., for
help to set it aright. On examination it*
was found the mill had been set up backwards and was throwing sawdust in the
eyes of workmen so bad that they had to
wear specially constructed goggles.
' Mrs. Arthur Reith and daughter were
guests of Mrs. Gordon Murdock this
Billy Summers sailed into town the 1
other evening on shank's mare from Hed- ;
ley to take an important position in the I
sausage department of his brother Kit's /
butchery. Billy and Tommy Day have
quite abandoned the idea of going to the )
assistance of the Japs since Port Arthur I
seems likely to fall most any day.
Dr. Whillans of Hedley was in town
this week.
Born—On the 3rd inst., at Hedley, the
wife of Rev. Mr. Docksteader, of a son.
As will be observed by the recherche
programme printed in this column the
Christmas tree entertainment by the
•children is varied and well arranged. It
will be presented in the court house
thus affording comfort to the large audience sure to be present. A wireless message from Father Christmas states that he
is anxious to have all the children of this
section present on the occasion. He will
have a lot of nice things to give them
and will have a cheery word for all.
Jack Way came up from Hedley on j
Wednesday's stage to take in the sights I
and size up the town. Mr. Wjsy isama-
chinst by trade but recently was running
a drug store and now has a paperhanging
job on hand after which he will go trapping and prospect in the spring. .
Xmas Entertainment.
The children of Princeton invite one
and all to their Xmas entertainment at
the Court House on the evening of Friday, Dec. 23rd, 1904, at 7 o'clock. The
programme is as follows:
1. Carol—The Starry Portals.
2. Drill and Tableau—Joan of Arc.
3. Carol—Oh So Sweetly they are Ringing.
4. Baby Polka—The Wee 'Uns.
5. Motion Song—Rock-a-Bye Babv.
6. Tableau.
7. Carol—What Do They Say, Those Bells
to Me.
8. Recitation.
9. Christmas Cantata.
10 Tableau. [■<#
ii Song—Kris Kringle.
12 Distribution of presents from Tree.
13 Chorus—Hark the Herald Angels Sing.
December io, 1904
The Similkameen Star
Published Weekly at
The Princeton Publishing Co.
A. E.  Howse, Manager.
One Year,
Payable in' Advance.
Subscribers will confer'a favor on this office by
promptly reporting any change in address or
irregularity ip. receipt of their paper. ~
Advertising-rates furnished on application.
Legal notices io^ands cents per line.
Four weekly'fnsertions constitute one month
All cheques to be made-payable to     .
The application for extension of
time wherein to build the Vancouver & Coast Kootenay railway
addsanother to an already long list
ot legal notices regarding railways
to .the Siinilkameen and the Kootenay; Why all this sparring for
time is required or granted is a
question no fellow seems able to
answer and how long this temporizing with the fortunes of the people
will be permitted to continue depends entirely on the attitude of
the governments. Certain it is
that there is no justification for the
delay when the dire need for a railway is so painfully manifest to all
acquainted with the unlimited mineral and other resources of the Similkameen and Kootenay.
If the  Vancouverites  were  sincere in  their  alleged  desire  for a
coast  to   Kootenay   railway   they
-should apply the: leverage necessary
to boost it.    With  five representatives in the local legislature, two of
whom have all the rank and authority of cabinet ministers, the citizens
of that  unambitious city could accentuate  railway   building with, an
irresistible roar.    But they are callous  to  the   importunities   of   the
people here and they halt arid stammer at a proposition  that will add
fifty per  cent, to  the wealth and
population of their city.    The province is loser by  so much revenue
and  development  from   the delay.
The  prospector,   miner, merchant,
investor,    capitalist,    farmer    and
wage earner are all on tenter-hooks
as   to the  probability of construction.    It is  the  duty, therefore, of
the  governments  and    representa^
tives  of this   district   to   allay all
anxiety  by  breaking the deadlock
and building this road as a government enterprise if not  immediately
undertaken by  those having charters for it. . ,.,-   r.-iri
Dr. George T. Moore has been
conducting- experiments for the
U.S. government with a view to
discovery of a preventative of typhoid in water. Boiling of water
is a well known safeguard but impracticable in reservoirs. It is now
known that the sulphides of copper
will destroy the fever germs as demonstrated by the. experiments.
There is abundance of copper sulphides on. Roche river".:
John Morley, the "great English
writer and publicist, in a speech at
a New York club applied the newly
invented name "Usonia" to the
United States. The people Jdo not
take kindly to the invention, claiming they.have a distinctive right to
be called Americans. Their argument,; however, lacks confirmation
from the fact .that the Patagonians
or the Eskimo are as much American as the citizen of New York.
" America" is continental, not provincial. Single names are much
to be preferred for the names of
countries, cities and districts both
for ease of expression, and brevity,
to say nothing of the tedium and
waste of time which the printer
experiences in setting a long name
in type. How much handier it
would be if this province had but
one name, "Columbia."
The trade journal, Hardware and
Metal, publishes an important article by Jos. Warton, the millionaire
metallurgist of Philadelphia, reporting tbe discovery of palladium,
a product that is more valuable
than gold, in the nickel ores at Sudbury, Ontario. He says that out
of 300,000 -tons of nickel copper
ore treated he obtained 3,000 ounces
of palladium. '".The "color of palladium is steel gray, inclining to
silver white. It occurs in Brazil
with gold, and is distinguished
from platinum, with which it is associated, by the divergent structure
of its' grains. As there is platinum
in the Similkameen it follows there
is also;palladium-.""•'•■■ --r&tt %? W^s^M
The demand for copper is extraordinary. There has been no attempt made to corner copper for the
simple reason that there is no copper to cofner. Stocks on hand
amount to practically nothing and
the price is rising. All the copper
taken out of the ground now is
being rapidly put.onto market.
Shamrock and Billy'Goat''nKn'eaal claims, situate iu the Osoyoos mining division of Yale
district.   Where located : On Riordan mountain! '
Take notice that I, R. H. Rogers, as agent for
Robert Gaede, free.miller's certificate No. B78828,
ar.d James Riordan, free miner's certificate No.
B78824, intend sixty days from the date hereof, to
apply  to -the Mining Recorder for   certificates
of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining
Crown grants of the above claims. . ,
.And.further take notice that' action,, under section 37J rr/list be commenced bj[|ore the issuance
of such oestificates of improvements.
Dated-this 1st day. of December, 1904,
Reginald H. Rogbrs.
To STEVE" MANj5p.T or whomsoever he may
have transferred his .interest in.the Gold-
PlaUaufii,mineral claim, situate on Champion
cieek^Sr tributary of the Tuiameen ~river,
in the Similkameen mining division ofJYjale
district. --
Take n6tic®£hatjafter the publication hereof
once^Jeach-week-for .ninety days, j pu fail or refuse to contribute your portion of the expenditure required by section 24 of the ".Mineral Act,"
being ehat>ter\ i3S^Levised Statutes of-British
Columbia,-1897,- in.'respect of fire Gold-Platinum
minerat/jB^^g^git^tg on Champion creek, in
the Similkameen Mining Division of Yale District, British-iG&umbia', together with all costs of
advertising, your interest iri said, cl.ajm. shall become vested in -your co-owner,1 Daniel Coute-
nay, free miner, who has made the r^gjiired expenditure. .
The amount due by you" in respep£j>9rohe
said mineral claim, not including,.costs, is
$33-33- I ''"""     „        ----- ; '-'•  '
•  Dated this 24th day of October., 1904        •; ..' •
I.XX. mineral claim, situate in the Similkameen
mining division of Yale district. Where located:  On Copper mountain.
Take notice ihat I, H,H. Thomas, free miner's
certificate No. B72190, for myself and as agent for
W. H. Thomas, free miner's certificate No.
B72189and S. h- Allison, free miner's certificate
No. B79914, intend, sixty days from the date
hereof to apply to the Mining Recorder for a
certificate of improvements, for the purpose of
obtaining  a crown grant of the above claim.    .
And further take notice that action, under section 37, must be commenced before the issuance
of such certificate of improvements.
Dated this 28th day of November, A.D. 1904.
Princeton mineral claim, situate in the Similkameen mining division of Yale district.
Where located : Kennedy mountain.
Take notice that I, Ernest Waterman, agent for
the Vermilion Forks Mining and Development
Company, Limited, free miner's certificaie
No. B72174, intend, sixty days from the date
hereof, to apply - to - the mining recorder for
a certificate of improvements, for the'purpose of
obtaining crown grants of the above claims.
And further take 1 otice that action, under section 37, must be commenced before the issuance
of such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this 21st day of November, A.D. 1904.
TPHIRTY days after date I intend to apply to the
* ;Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works
for a license to prospect for coal on the follow-,
ing described lands:
Commencing at a.point on the west line of lot
300, 20 chains south of the north-west corner of
lot 300. ■■'.
And running north 80 chains, west 80 chains,
south 80 chains, east 80 chains to poiut of commencement, containing 640 acres.
F. W. GROVES, Locator.
Princeton, 7th Nov. 1004.
Commencing at a point on the west line of lot
300, 20 chains south of the north-west corner of
lot 300,
And running south 80 chains, west -8o chains,
north 80 chains, east 80 chains to point of commencement, containing 640 acres.
:   . T. H. PARR, Locator,'- \
Per F. W. Grovef.
Princeton, 7th Nov. 1904.   ^S-i?
St. Lawrence, St. George and St. Helen mineral
claims, situate in'the Similkameen mining
division of Yale district. Wnere located :
On Bear creek.
Take notice that I, F. W. Groves. Acting as
agent for William: Henry Armstrong, free miner's certificate No. B78498, and.Charles F. Law,
free miner's certificate No. B72rig' intend
sixty days from the date, hereof, to apply to
the mining recorder for certificates of improvements, for- the purpose of obtaining crown
grants of the above claimsCX^
And further take uotifpSsthat action, under-see-
tion 37 must be .comttiencjed before trie issuance
of such certificates of improvements.
Dated this 29th day of August^. 1004.
TAKE NOTICE that sixty days after date I
intend to apply to the Hon. the Chief Commissioner, of Lands and Works for permission to
purchase 100 acres of Crown lands for pasturing purposes : Bounded on the north by lot No(
969, on the west by lot No. 257. on south by Chas,
Asp's preemption on east by China creek',, in all
100 acres more or less.
'       E. E.TlURR, Locator.
Dated this 25th day of September,igo4.
OTICE is hereby given that sixty days after
date I intend to apply to the Chief Commis-
sioner.ofi-Xands and Works for permission to
jSuficjiiKe 160 acres .-.of. mountain pasture land
situated in the Nicola division of Yale district,
north of and adjoining Boulter's preemption;
lot No. 1155, starting from his N.E; corner, the'ne'e
west 80 chains, north 20'chains, east 80 chains-,
south 20 chains to point of commencement,, and
containing 160 aeres. '■*Siat;-i*f<i i5f&S3K'?,t,T^
Dated.this 17th day of September, 1904.   -.'   '
Silvei sides and Ironsides mineral claims,'situate
in the Osoyoos mitting: division of Yale dis-
. .;. trict. , Where located : Camp Hedley. [   ijg»j3
Take notice that I, j. Eraser Campbell, agent
fdrSydney M. JdhfiSorJ; 'free miner's certificate
No B4i75i;H. W. Yates free miner's certificate"
No. B78808 and J.. Fraser Campbell, free miner's
certificate ..No. .•'378807,:' 4ntend$rtSixty ,'■ days
from the date hereof, to apply to the Mining
recorder for a certificate of improvements for the
purpose of obtaining a crown grant of the-^b_6ye;
claim.     •
Aud further, take notice.that action, under section 37, must be commenced before the issuance
;of such Certificate of Improvements.
bated this first day of November. A.D. 1904.
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Vancouver and Coast-Kootenay Railway Company
will apply to the parliament oi Canada, at its
next session, for an Acf to increase its capital
stock, build branch lines, and to extend thetime
in which it may construct its works.
Solicitor for Applicants.
Dated at Vancouver, B.C , this 19th day of November, 1904.
HpHIRTY days after date I intend to apply to the
*     Chief Commissioner of Lands and ' Works
for a license to prospect for coal on the following
described lands:
Commencing at a point south of B. White's
claim, -
And running north 80 chains, west 80 chains,
south 80 chains, east 80 chains to point of commencement, containing 640 acres.
W. J. WILSON, Locator.
Princeton, 28th Nov., 1904.
Commencing at a post near W. J. Wilson's
And funning 80 chains south, 80 chains west, 80
chains north, 80 chains east, to point of commencement, containing 640 acres.
P. BURNS, Locator.
W. j. Wilson, Agent.
Princeton, 28th Nov., 1904.
Commencing at a point near west end of Wilson's claim.
And running 80 chains north, 80 chains west,
80 chains souffi78o chains east, to point of commencement, containing 040 acres. —
W..J. Wilson, Agent.
Princeton, 28th Nov,, 1904.
' NOTICE is hereby given that sixty days after
date I intend to apply, to the Chief Comraissioner
of Lands and Works for permissiajutoej<fuirchase
8o'acres 'of mourifein pasture land, 'described as
follows ■ Commencing at a post marked W. D.
Y. and running 20 chains north. 40 chains east
20 chains sbufhi,. 40' chains, west,"back to point of
:Conjmencement,cpjitainiiig8o a.cres,n:oreor less
Srraated about St-rffires dTroffi^P'rihcetSri'bii Wolf
creek. ■■}*•■.:'?X.'-r-H   .."  :. W; D..YOUNG.
Princeton, Nov. ir,:Tqd4.
Commencing at a point near George Urqu-
hart's claim, .
And running 80 chains south, 80 chains west,
80 chains north, 80 chains east, to point of commencement, containing 640 acres.
ALEX; SHARP, Locator,
W. J. Wilson, Agent.
Princeton, 28th Nov., 1504.
THIRTY days from date I intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Wcrks
for. a^icense to prospect for coal on the following
described lands :— ., .   •
'. Commencing, at  the S.W. corner  of lot   300,
thence.east 40;chains, so.uth 80 chains, west 2.0
chains   north 40 chains, west no chains along
the. north line lot 230, north 52 chains along the
east line lot 71, west 20. chains to the S.E- corner
of lot 75, north 125chains along the east line of
Jots 75 and 74, east 19 chains along south line of
lot 246, south 160, Chains along the west line of F.
W. Groves' and T. H. Parr's coal claims, east 80
chains along the south line of T. H. Parr's coal
claim,  north-2o chains to'"point of commencement and containing 640 acres i ■-•-■fr'^fS'^iSi
C. H. TY3, Locator.
SZZiffi  per F.-.W. Groves,- -
.- 7th November, 1904.
THIRTY days after date I "iiitend to apply, fo
the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works
for a license to prospect for coal on the following
described lands :—      .-;' *,'C' ■ • .-.
Commencing at. a pp'sPmarked E.SVN's southwest Qorn-ef;.;-.       '   : ■ 'IzZsj&jUBSi S^SfHJfe
And running 80 chains north, So chains east,
80; chains  south, 80  chains west,- -to.point .'of
commencement, containing .640  acres, and ad-
Jdirfiag J. Lang's locations ou the "east boundary.
E- S. NEAVE, Locator.
Ernest Waterman, Agent.
Princeton, October 10,1904.
Cousin Jack, Ymir, Morning, Oshkosh, Winnebago, Blacklird and,Berlin.mineral claims,
situate in the Similkameen mining division
of Yale   district.    Where located:   Boulder
creek Mountain.
Take notice that Alexander Gailinger,.acting
as agent for the Boulder Mining'C6   Limited,
free miner's certificate No. B72141, intend 60 days
from the date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for Certificates of Improvements, for the
purpose of obtaining Crown Grants of the above
claims.: '  "•,' - - -
And further take notice that action, under section 37, must be commenced before the issuance
of such-,Gertiflcates of Improvements. •£$    ■    1
Dated this 3rd day of October, A.D. 1904.
Take notice, that sixty days after date I intend
to apply'fe the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works- for permission to purchase 320 acres of
crown lands for pasturing purposes : Commencing at a-post marked F.L-H's S.W. corner:
Thence running 80 chains west, 40 chains north,
80 chains east 40 chains south, back to point of
commencement, in all 320 acres. Situate about
12-miles west of Princeton and is boundedt>n the
south side by the meandering line of the Tuiameen river. ■?•'£&. '■ I'", s£(?fcJ2
•'. • ' F. L.HAMMOND,
$0h-v{'•'.•■ c- 9- FRENCH. Agent.
Dated 7th September, 1964.
Northern mineral claim, situate in the Similkameen mining division of Yale district.
Where located : On Copper rnountain.
Take notice that I, F. W. Groves acting as
agent for J. S. C. Fraser, free miner's certificate
No. B42433. Joseph.Wright, free. miner's oertifi-
.cate^Nb. 875373, and L. G. Barron, free miner's
.certificate No. 657500, intend sixty days
from the date hereof, to apply to the mining^r'er..
cofder for a certificate of improvements, fo£-jtr&.:
purpose of obtaining a crown grant of the atioye^
And further take notice that action, under section 37, must be commenced before the issuance
of such certificate cf improvements.
Dated this 13th day of October, 1904.
December io 1904
A prominent English clergyman orce
congratulated an old lady on her bravery
in fighting her way to church against a
terrible tempest, but received the disconcerting reply: "My husband gets so
cross grained after meals that I have to
get out of his way, so I might as well go
to church."
The weekly shooting matches on Thursdays" are well attended. Try your aim
-for a turkey.
Baled Hay For Sale—Apply at Central
stables. *
A General Banking Business
A general banking business transacted
by the Bank of Hamilton. Capital
all paid up, $2,229,280.00. Reserve fund
and surplus profits, $2,067,080.95. Interest allowed on Savings bank deposits of
one dollar and'upwards from date of deposit to date of withdrawal. A. H.
SKEY, Agent, Kamloops, B.C.
Came to my ranch on the Similkameen river
in the winter of 1903 4,
One Soan Yearling Steer, no brand.
The owner of the above anVmal may obtain the
same by paying expense of keep and cost of advertisement. If not claimed within 30 days from
this date and charges paid, the animal will be
Keremeos, 1st Dec., 1904.
William A. McLean, of the Commercial Hotel,
Hedley, intends to apply to the License Commis
signers for the Nicola district for permission to
transfer his hotel license to William J. Henderson. Signed,
Dated at Hedley, Dec. 6th, 1904.
NOTICE is hereby given that sixty days after
date I intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner
of Lands and Works for permission to purchase
80 acres of mountain pastuiieTiand, situated and
commencing at the southwest corner of lot number 1937 and running south 40 chains, tast 20
chains to lot No. 1037, thence north 40 chains,
west 20 chains to point of commencement.
December 6,1904.
A Sitting of the Board of License Commis-
sioners for the Nicola district will be held at the
Government office, PrincetSn, on
1 o'clock, p.m.
to consider the following applications for renewal of hotel licenses:
James Wallace, Princeton hotel, Princeton.
John H Jackson, hotel Jaxon.
Goldsbrough & Worgan, Similkameen hotel,
Mrs. Alice James, Granite creek hotel, Granite
Charles Debarro, Otter Flat hotel, Tuiameen.
H. S. Cleasby of the Coutlee house, Nicola valley.
W. a. McLean, Commercial hotel, Hedley.
Thos. Bradshaw, of the Bradshaw hotel, 16-
mile creek, Similkameen.! j     £}+!££
Ambrose McDermott, Similkameen hotel, Hedley.
David Hackney. Hotel Hedley, Hedley.
Herring & Winkler, Grand Union hotel, Hedley.
Chief License Inspector.
Nicola Distncjir?j
Princeton, Dec. 1st, 1904.
Court of Revision and
g AppeaMorth Yale
-NOTICE is hereby given that Courts of Revision and Appeal for North Yale will be held at
Court House, Kamloops, on Thursday, December 15th, 1904, at 11 a.m.;
Court.House, Nicola Lake, on Monday, December 19th, 1904. at 11 a.m.;
Court House, Princeton, on Wednesday, December 21st, 1904, at 2 p.m.
Dated at Kamloops, this 19th day of November,
1904.    '
Judge of said Court.
A. R. COLL., SC. D.,
Civil and Mining Engineer
Map of Surveyed Claims on Copper
and Kennedy Mts.: Price, $2.
PRINCETON.     -   -     B. C.
M.A., B.C.L.
Simikameen, B.C.
>W    1
Druggist and Stationer
!§    HEDLEY, B.C.     ;
Drugs, Medicittes,
Stationery and
Fancy Goods,
Cigars, Pipes and
Mail Orders Promptly Attended to.
Analysis of Coal and Fireclay a Specialty*
Complete Coking Quality Tests.
Reliable PLATINUM Assays.
Yates St., Victoria, B.C.
Mining Machinery
and supplies
Tenders on Engineering Contracts
Quotations on all kinds of machinery
The Vancouver Breweries, ul
Cascade Beer    M Alexandra Stout
Queen Beer      *& Alexandra Ale
For sale throughout British Columbia in all the first-
class Hotels, Liquor Stores and Saloons.
The Amalgamated
Vallance &
MURALO'S 1st quality
Cold Water Sanitary Calcimo
Harness, Saddles, ^^^B
Harness of any Description and any Price Made to Order—Send for Prices.
[Established 12 years in Vernon.]
KELOWNA, B.C.    |     M
^aW Freight Prepaid to Penticton on all Orders from
Princeton and Vicinity.
is situated at the
foot of Nicola Lake,
which is one of the most beautiful lakes in the
Province, and from which flows the Nicola
River, which is noted for its excellent trout
fishing. NICOLA is also the key to the great
Similkameen, Granite Creek, and Aspen Grove
Mining Camps, and is the nearest point to
1~I1G       ^aSa ML    m        *V*      *^     fS^     6^     tfi*     ftp*     t5*     t^*     'V*     6^*     fi£*     fi5*     tfi&
50  YEARS'
Trade Marks
Copyrights Ac.
Anyone sending a sketch and description may
quickly ascertain our opinion free whether an
invention is probably patentable. Communications strictly conudential. HANDBOOK on Patents
sent free. Oldest agency for securing patents.
Patents taken through Munn & Co. receive
special notice, without charge, in the ■•-'■;
Scientific American.
A handsomely Illustrated weekly. Largest circulation of any snientlHc jonrnal.«pTerms, $3 a
year; four months, tU Sold by all newsdealers.
MUNN & Co.36lBwadway« New York
I Branch Office. 625. F St.. Washington, D. C.
f|t Flour^
LAKE OF TBE WOODS Milling Company
JAS. I. L0TJTIT. Agent.
Box IBB Vancouver, B.C.
* centrally located. Membership solicited;
I F. W. Groves, E. Waterman,
President. Secretary.
H. Cowan, Treasurer.
December io, 1904
December io 1904
One day in Shanghai, when feeling ill,
I called a Chinaman to me and said:
"John, do you have good doctors in
China?" "Good doctels!" he exclaimed, China hab best doctels in the
wo'ld!" "Mr. Eudon, over there," I
said, pointing to a house covered with
doctor signs, "do you call him a good
doctor?" "Eudon good doctel!" he exclaimed. "He great! He best:aoctel in
China. He save my life lonce." "You
don't say so," I said. "How was it?"
"Me tellee," he said, very confidentially.
"Me velly'Uck. Me callee Doctel Han
Kour He givee me some medicine. Me
get velly, velly sick ! Thenjae.cajl Doctel Sam'Sing. He givee more medicine.
Then me get worse. Me go die ! Bime-
by me call Doctel Eudon—an' he no got
time an' no come.   He savee my life !"
Charitable Old Lady—But why do you
go tramping through the counrry like
this, my poor man ? The Vagrant—Well,
mum, the truth is, I've heard that these
'ere Pullman cars is rather stuffy.
Miss Greatheart—I gave you that quarter because you said you hadn't had anything to eat since yesterday morning, and
here I catch you going into a saloon.
Weary Willie—Lady, I said I h'adn't'had
anything to eat, but I didn't say I wanted
anything to eat, did I?
Binks—The Russian fleet hasn't scored
a victory for a good while. Jinks—No,
the weatherJbas_been so bad j lately that
all the fishing fleets have had to stay in
Tom Fogarty, the illustrato:, was talking about modern fashions in dress. "It
is hard to keep up with the fashions, he
said. "They are certainly confusing. I
remember one night in my.boyhood at
the theatre a man in a rear seat all of a
sudden jumped up excitedly. " 'Down
with that red umbrella in front!' " "But
his wife pulled him back into his chair."
" 'For mercy's sake, hush !' she whispered. 'That isn't an umbrella; it's a
new winter hat!' "
Edith—The idea of calling marriage a
"lottery!" Olivia—What's the matter
with that ? Edith—There's a law against
using the males for a lotteijyr*'
'Squire Terwilliger, the village oracle,
had returned from his first trip abroad.
"How did you like London ?" they asked
him. as he sat on his old seat, the vinegar barrel, in the corner grocery store.
"It's a mighty fine town," he said, "but
hang it, the people over there can't talk
their own language so's an ejjicated man
kirr understand it."
Jaspar^-I often wonder why Jenkins is
not more popular, for he is the most polite
man I know. Jumpuppe—THat* is just
the trouble. He is so confoundfiettg?
polite he leaves the impression that he
wants to borrow money.
Susan B. Anthony, on her return from
Europe, talked in an engaging way about
the things she had seen over there. Of a
certain slum she said : "The children in
this slum are dirty, xe,ry. d.i|jty\ I hardly
know how I may make clear- to you the
superlative degree of dirtines&that marks
them. I was told, for one thing, that a
mother in this slum often goes ont on the
street and washes half a dozen Siildren's
faces before she is able to find her own
Little Johnnie—When Miss Nextdoor
got married^ her mother threw an old
slipper after her. What, was that for?
Little Ethel—Oh, they always do that.
That means that her mamma isnVt never
going to spank her any more.
"You cannot eat your cake,"
They say. "and have it, too,"
And since I took an ocean trip
I believe the saying's true.
Just Opened
"5    HOTEL *
First Class Dining Room
Newlj HIM
Good Beds
 No Chinese Employed.	
HUSTON & McLEAN, Proprietors
Can be had at all first-class hotels throughout the province.
R. P. RITHET & CO., L'fl!
Sole Agents*
Style, Comfort and Durability |
 —I  I
Jl   Company
piyrfie j
tNavg i
Largest Sale in Canada
The Hotel has been thoroughly renovated and refitted.
Everything First Class.
No pains spared to please the public.
Table supplied with best the market affords;
Fine Wilies, Liquors and Cigars.
Headquarters for Princeton, Spence's Bridge and Kamloops
,.••..•-..:& Stage Lines.
Items of Interest.
' A good boiler coal. should not contain
% ■ more than from 8 to io per cent, of ash.
^ An increase  in the amount of ash areans
•fh'at the fireman has to more frequently
""^f* handle the fire to break up clink.ers,
thereby letting in a large volume of cold
air and throwing more unburned coal
^m into the ash pit. Princeton coal ■ gives
off from 3 to 5 per cent, ash aud therefore has little clinker.
-' One thousand feet, board measure, of
.well seasoned mountain lumber - will
weigh from 1,200 to i,8oo pounds, according to the proportion of resin in it. The''
yellower and browner the pine, the more
i;esin it contains.    Freshly cut green lum-
■j:ber from the hills will weigh nearly twice
as much. -The whiter the pine boardrs
when produced, the more water it will
give off during the process of seasoning.
The timber in the Similkameen is a deep
• yellow*
/ Most productive nickel mines are located on New Caledonia,'an "island in the
Southern Pacific ocean situated about
r,20o miles from Australia. It is roughly
250 miles in length by thirty in width,
it was : discovered in 1774 and appropriated by the French, who still hold it as a
penal colony. The' island is mountainous with peaks rising 5,000 feet above
sea level. The nickel deposits' are near
the coast and extend along'^t^pme. fifty
or sixty miles.
'Linseed oil, when of A-i quality, has
a pale yellow color, with1 no brown or
gfreen tints in it; is clear and litnpiSj'has
a pleasant, nutty taste without any bitterness, dries well, and when dried shows
a rich lustre. For good work, better buy
the raw oil and boil ic yourself, stopping
when the oil is hot enough to scorch a
Subscribe For the STAR
For  tfe STAR
To keep iron piper from rusting it is
recommended tq coat them, with coal tar.
and then fill them with light wood shav.
ings, then set the latter on fire Provided
the heat is not^too intense or prolonged,
the tar will be "absorbed hy the pores of
the iron and rusting will be prevented
for a long time.
Although the total mileage of the railroads of the United States exceeds, 200,-
000 miles, the building of new roads
shows no signs of abatement. The total j
length of new road constructed last year
was 4,774 miles. The cost of the rail-1
roads- and equipment amounted to |
fri,000,000,000. On this huge system
there were carried over 696,000,000. passengers and about 1,300,000,000 tons of
freight. Passenger earnings were $429,-
000,000, while freight brought in revenue of 11,338,000,000. The operation
required the services of 44.529 locomotives, 28,648 passenger cars, 10,000 baggage and mail cars, and no less than
1,524,154 freight cars.
The O.I.C. fractional and Crackerjack mineral
rdaims situated in the Osoyoos mining division of Yale district. Where located: Camp
Take notice that I, Louis O. HedluiiJl,.F.M.C,
No. 878963, for myself and agent for John Green-
hill, F M.C. No. B78964 and H. P. Nelson, F.M.C.
No. B62074, intend, sixty days from date hereof
to apply to the mjLniiiJf'(recorder for certificates of improvements,, for the purpose of obtaining crown grants of the above claims.
And further take notice that action, under section 37, must be commenced before the issuance
of such certificate of improvements.
Louis O. Hedlund, Hedley. B.C.
e ficicni Hccnon is over m H
Everybody is satisfied mi
Will Supply them with the
samejhigh class goods  in
the future as in the past at prices
srile the Purchaser
|f   But   they   see   the  cause—good ||
»\    times—plenty of ready money and buy- fj\
_.,'.   ing in large quantities fr      .-Ifo   '-§•■
Smiwes the Problem
NOTICS is hereby given that thirty days after
date'I intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner
of- Lands and Works for a license to cut and carry
awa-y timber from the following described lands,
situated on the east side'of^tfreTiiram^fegygKgtn
commencing at a post by the Nfw. corner post
of lot 252, running- east 20 chains, north 126
chains, west 140 chains more or less, to a point
on river, thence following the line of river to
point of commencement.
Princeton, Nov. 19,1904.
utt in now and get your winter's supply*    We guair-
tv^^Ai     antee prices and quality   *:jfp|. -, jf||§
T H E:
 MMa%- sM&&M$£M$lk WaW^
Decbubbr io, 1904
•<* CJIiJ* «^!>'<**>'t>'<JI<*<*<* ^^J^JM^^J^^^^X^^OCJ'*^*^*^^^
«,     x  :  ;  ..„.., British Columbia*
Lots for
From $2.00 to $10.
Per Front 1*00^^^
Size of Lots 50x100
Ft. and 33x100 Ft*
/Tej$ri&,, m ^-G^gbgS
BaL3 and 6 montniSj
with interest at 6 per
cent* per annum* pi
parters jor ie Jiiiiiiieen^isfrlct
BEAUTIFULLY SITUATED at the Forfe^ the' Simii-
Jameen and Tuiameen Rivers. ^^befBUSINESS^ CEN-
|;fI>ffi|B?kJie t^I^^gif^|!^ng;.Ca&&^ Cbpper 'Mountain
Kennedy Mountain, Friday, Boulder' and Granite "Creeks,
Summit, Roche River,  Upper Tuiameen ;|^d As^ei^^^e^
1 ti.-.
Send tor Map and Price List to d^*& *& <&-&*p
I^siden^anager VERMILICpC^P^
" Agents for the %*&
(ElinWe Oil Process.)%&£L
1 vg§


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