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Be a Booster—It Beats Being a Clam.
Let us have Railroads^Even though the Heavens should fall.
What Chicago is to Illinois, Denver to Colorado, Butte to Montana, Seattle to Washington, Portland to Oregon, San Francisco to California,
Princeton will be to the Similkameen, the Great Mining and Commercial Center—Just Watch Princeton's Smoke.
Vol. v.   No. 51.
$2 a Year, in Advance.
Hay is selling at $25 a ton.
The chief industry in town  at  present
is gardening.
The annual assessment work in back
yards is now due.
Today (April 1) is All Fool's day.
Don't get gold-bricked.
Editor Wright left Sunday morning for
coast cities on a business trip.
News this week is as hard to find as
Dick McBride's railway policy.
Miss Olive Lyall is visiting at the home
of J. Thynne on the Nicola road.
D. M. Cameron of Cypress River, Manitoba, was in Princeton this week.
The hand which rules the world is kept
busy these evenings dealing "flinch."
There were several big wash-outs in
Princeton   Monday.      'Twas   wash day.
C O. French left on Sunday's overlaid
flyer bound for coast points. He will be
away several weeks.
'. The Review says that a Spokane mining
man is missing. Different here. Prince-f
ton missing men are mining.
A. Morris, drummer for the McClary
' company, has his optics on Princeton,
and will probably go into the hardware
business here.
Fish lies are now in order. The close
season for catching the festive trout
closed March 25. This year it is unlawful
to catch any trout under the size of six
inches in length.
J. E. Gobeil of the public worics department, Ottawa, while here stated that
Duncan Ross is working hard for his
constituency, and Yale Cariboo will certainly get all that it is entitled to.
The Ogilvie Milling company has the
thanks of the Stajgjfj^a: beautiful picture
which has just been issued, advertising
their famous Royal Household flour.
The picture is a reproduction of a painting designed especially for the company.
Here is the way an envelope was addressed that came  from  across  the frog
pond:    "Mr. ,  the leading hotel,
Hotel Jackson, J. H. Jackson proprietor,.
Jacksonville, Princeton, British .Columbia, Canada." Strange how the letter
reached   it's destination, for  the sender
When the Similkameen is mentioned
everyone thinks of just one 'word—
Mrs. Findlay, living about six miles
from town, who has been suffering from
erysipelas, is improving. >
Mr. and Mrs. Gould and child of Toronto arrived in town Wednesday, and
went out to One-mile creek to visit Mrs.
Gould's father, William M. Martin.
A Spokane paper says "money is tight."
We thought there was something the
matter with money, as very little has
found its way into this printing palace
of late.
J. C. Riley, an old-timer of the1 Similkameen, who owns valuable mineral
property at Otter Flat, was a visitor
Tuesday. At p-esent he is located at
J. Mott, J. Boyd, E. E. Bars, L. H.
Porter, F. G. Burnham, and E. W. Beed-
ler, New York capitalists, are enroute to
Princeton to look at mining properties.
They are expected here in a day or  two.
f The Hedley Gazette came out last week
eight pages, all home print, containing
write-ups of Camp McKinney, Olalla,
Keremeos and Osoyoos, with several good
halftones.    Barring Love's Bulletin, the
!• Gazette is the best paper   published in
>that village.
Postmaster Bell has received instruc;.
tions from Ottawa that it is not the policy
of the postoffice department of Canada to
allow postoffices to be opened on Sunday.
At the instigation of the Lord's Day
Alliance an o:der has been issued by the
department ordering the closing of
wickets at all postoffices in the dominion.
Fellow pilgrims, hear this in mind.
North    America,
§ Weiqs-rn J3«7iisphere;"^
J. H?SF_oster, representing Kelly, Douglas & Co., wH^esale groceries; Fred A.
Richardson, Ames?tfi&lden & Co., boots
and shoes; J. E. Stephens, Gault Bros.,
dry goods; Fred R. Wilson, McLennan &
McFeely, hardware, and R. G. Simms,
J. Leckie & Co., rubber goods, were
doing businessfithis week with Princeton's
wideawake merchants, and report having
secured good orders.
It looks as if the Nickel Plate smelter
was only smelt.
So far this year Slocan mines have paid
$100,000 in dividends.
Last week Boundary mines shipped
over 20,000 tons of ore.
Soon the mines around Princeton will
be doing business with the smelters.
Granby shares are quoted at $6.12*4-
A few years ago they were worth 3 cents.
A block of coal land, containing 17,000
acres, in the Tilkina valley has been sold
to the Grand Trunk Pacific.
The prospects for mining in the Similkameen district look better this year than
any year in the history of the camp.
Prospectors are getting ready for the
spring rush to the hills. May they wear
diamonds the size of pumpkins this fall.
Radium slumped this week from $1,-
200,000 an ounce to $1,000,000. It was
a sad blow to radium stockholders in
The Calumet and Hecla mine has paid
$88,000,000 in dividends since it started
This is a few cents more than  the Star
has paid.
The Granby company is making $100,-
000 per month at the present price of
copper, and is turning out the metal at a
cost of 9 cents a pound.
A smelter is to be erected shortly for
the Iron Mask mine near Kamloops.
The first unit having already been ordered
for delivery in-six weeks.
J. Thynne of Otter Flat has sold his
claim adjoining Summit No. 2, owned by
D. Ross, to J. Lennicke It is a galena
proposition, and the price $3000. \
,A dividend of two per cent, or $19,164,
has been declared by the Reco in the
Slocan, making, when paid, a total of
$326,246 in dividends by this silver-lead
The Lucky Jim of Sandon has declared
a dividend of $8000. This bringing the
total to $24,000 since last June. It is of
interest to note, that these dividends have
been earned mainly from the shipments
of zinc ore.
P. Connolly of.Otter Fla,t is sinking on
rich looking ore on the Red Bird. As a
result Qf speriding all his spare time and
cash he has a splendid showing. The
Red Bird has the earmarks of a producer.
The Trail smelter has torn down the
last of the Heinze gold-copper furnace
and is putting in a new up to date furnace with a capacity of 350 tons a day.
The old furnace had a capacity of about
150 tons a day. The smelter has>aiow
three large gold-copper furnaces with a
combined capacity of over 1000 tons
daily.    It has also three copper stacks.
Word comes from Grand Forks that Ihe
Great Northern is sending out two survey
parties at once, about 16 men in each
party. One party will w6rk north from
the boundary line near Oroville, the
other south from Princeton, locating the
line along the Similkameen river.
A special to the Star from Keremeos
states that a Great Northern survey party
is outfitting there. That another party
is now en route to Princeton. This confirms the report sent out from Grand
Forks that the Great Northern would put
men in the field at once, locating the
line south along the Similkameen river,
and north from Oroville.
Mr. Callaghan, C. P. R. construction
engineer, is in the Boundary; but he has
given out verv little, railroad  news.
From Victoria comes the unwelcome
tidings: "Government railway policy
not yet decided."
Instead of building into Similkameen,
the C. P. R. is building into Spokane.
They now play quarter-cent ante in
town.    Our sports are certainly blooded.
Real estate is moving in Hedley. Dust
was blowing on Scott avenue this week.
Business is picking up in town. Last
week the proprietors of the Grand Union
purchased a new broom.
There is a* move on foot to organize a
branch of the Western Federation of
Miners here. It's a good idea—shove it
along.    In union there is strength.
Not an idle man in camp. The Nickel
Plate company have increased their force
and the Hedley Lumber company have
added 15 men to their sawmill gang.
The Twenty-mile creek band gave a
few delightful selections the other night.
.The froglets this year are larger and
more musical. Since the appearance of
these musicians the scheme to raise funds
for a city band has been dropped.
Frank Bailey will leave shortly for
Cocos islands to try and locate some of
the hidden treasures. If successful he
intends bringing back a ship load or two
of the yellow stuff and will then proceed
to place Similkameen City on the map.
Hughie Campbell, one of the argonauts
of golden Cariboo, now a resident of this
place, received word recently that a niece
of his had won the "gold medal and
highest honors at the Paris academy of
arts for the finest collection of paintings,
all her own work.
Arthur Clare, who has^een identified
with the Ymir stamp mill since it \jras
built, six years ago, arrived in town this
week and is now in the employ of the
Daly Reduction company. Before leaving Ymir his associates presented him
with a handsome tea service.
Thomas Bradshaw, proprietor of the
Fifteen-mile house, would, like to get
hold of the Princeton correspondent of
the Gazette. He states that after he
was through with him the correspondent would look like 30 cents with '
the three off. An apology is due Mr.
Bradshaw, for he had nothing whatever
to do witlvthe sending of the message.
Hedley is strictly up to now. Here we
have the Friday club, whose members
meet to criticize the authors; the Sewing
club that talks sewing; the Twentieth
Century club that is living in the second
century;!the Athletic club making future
champion prize fighters, and the Gamblers' club, studying hole cards and the
difficulties of making a four flush win.
I. Guggenheim, of the Guggenheim
syndicate, has donated $50,000 to the
Colorado school of mines. There's no
truth in the report that the great Hedley
editor and philanthropist will give a
similar amount towards the establishment
of a school of mines at Princeton.
April i, 1905.
The Similkameen Star
Published Weekly at
The Princeton Publishing Co.
A. E.  Howse,  Manager.
One Year,
Payable in Advance.
•   -   $2.00
Subscribers will confer a favor on this office by
promptly reporting any change in address or
irregularity in receipt of their paper.
Advertising rates furnished on application.
Legal notices io and 5 cents per line.
Four weekly insertions constitute one month
All cheques to be made payable to
Many people  have   many   many
minds, which has often been proved
in    mining.    How    different    are
opinions as to the value or  productive   capacity   of a   mine.    What
some  persons  would  regard  as  a
producing mine others would  look
upon as nothing more than a   prospect.    This   difference   of  opinion
often  creates  disagreeable    results
with co-owners and accounts  very
largely for   many  disappointments
which are often met with in mining.
Many   a   man,     unfamiliar    with
three to five years before  the  prospect can be classed as a  productive
and paying mine.    This  period   is
too long for the impatient ones,  for
those not familiar with   mine  practice and requirements,  and the  result is that  they drop  out  of the
venture disgrunted and  at  a   loss,
not being willing to give the  management the time necessary to work
the   transformation    required   and
which is necessary, when taking an
undeveloped prospect with the view
of turning it out full-fledged, into a
steady   producer    of   imperishable
mineral wealth. The buyer thought
he had a mine; instead, he only had
a hole in the ground.    His patience
or his pocket-book  failing,   he  let
his   interest   go, and   now   he has
neither   a   mine   nor   a   prospect:
although,    had   he   been  well   informed, he might today   have  had
an interest in a producer and in a
dividend payer.
THIRTY days from date I intend to apply to
the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works
for a license tc prospect for coal on the following
described lands:—
Commencing at a post marked W. Rice's initial post on the east bank of Coldwater river
Nicola, adjoining the Garesche Green estate,
And running 80 chains east, 80 chains south,
80 chains west, 80 chains north, to point of commencement, containing 640 acres.
W. RICE, Locator.
Jos. Graham, Agent.
February 10th, 1905.
Numbers 1, 4, 5, 18,  19, 23, and Yellow Jacket
mineral claims situate in the Similkameen
mining division of Yale district.   Where located:   On Copper mountain, Voigt's camp.
Take notice that I, C. JB. Shaw, agent for M.
A. Voigt,    free   miner's  certificate No. B72128,
intend,    sixty    days   from    the    date   hereof
to    apply    to   the    Mining     Recorder    for   a
certificate of improvements, for the purpose of
obtaining  a crown grant of the above claim.
And further take notice that action, under section 37, must be commenced before the issuance
of such certificate of improvements.
Dated this 15th day of February, a.d. 1905.
C. JB. Shaw, P.L.S.
Synopsis   of Regulations   Governing
the Disposal of Dominion Lands
within the Railway Belt in
the Province of British Columbia,
mining, imagines he has a mine
when in fact he has only a prospect.
Many prospects may be in shape to
produce but they are not mines.
For it requires a lot of development
before it can be rated as a steady
and large producer of precious
metals. Tunnels must be run,
shafts must be sunk and the property explored so as to establish the
continuity of the ore deposits.
The amount of ore in  sight  and
available   for   shipment    must   be
sufficient to warrant  a  production
of from one hundred to a thousand
tons daily for a  number   of years.
There   are   many   deposits  in  the
Similkameen" which   have  surface
indications of great mines, yet they
are only  prospects until  they  are
developed.    All   mines   were  once
prospects; but all prospects can not
be  transformed  into   mines,   even
with the most exhaustive  development and exploitation;   and   herein
is where the trouble  lies, as  many
people  believe,   when securing an
interest in a prospect, that they are
co-owners in a mine,  and they  begin at once to clamor for  ore shipments, for dividend  disbursements,
little   realizing   the  fact  that   the
finest and most promising prospect,
as a general thing,  although   there
are a few  isolated  exceptions,  re-]
quire a large amount of money and
time expended in their development
Defore they can even consign a few
tons of ore to the market.
Another feature connected with
the development of a prospect is the
fact that, under the most favorable
circumstances, with ample means at
hand for mine development and
equipment, and with a property of
undoubted merit and value to begin
with, it often takes a period of from
The story  which  illustrates   the
fallibility of successful mining  men
was recently told at a meeting, says
the Mining World.    Senator Clark,
who is perhaps the wealthiest individual   mine  owner  in  the United
States,   had a  development  option
on  some  claims  near  the  Copper
Queen, in the Bisbee district, some
years  ago.    His   manager  sunk a
shaft 400 feet and coming upon considerable   water    the    work    was
abandoned and the  option   thrown
up.      Recent   developments    have
shown that the shaft was within 60
feet of a bed of copper ore, and that
instead of abandoning the  development when striking water it should
have been continued, for the finding
of water is a fairly certain indication
of the proximity of ore in  that district.    It is likewise said   that  the
Verde   mine   at Jerome was twice
condemned by a leading copper expert  before  Senator  Clark  took it
up.    Many instances  of this   kind
might be told,  all pointing  to  the
fact that no man's judgment  is  infallible in the matters of mining and
demonstrating  that  all  the  mines
have not yet been  found,   even   in
districts long developed and extensively prospected.
R. S. mineral claim, situate in the Similkameen mining division of Yale district.
Where located: Copper mountain, Voigt's
Take notice that I, C. JB. Shaw, agent for M.
A. Voigt, free miner's certificaie No. B72128,
and J. W. Cook, free miner's certificate No.
B72127. intend, sixty days from the date
hereof, to apply to the mining recorder for
a certificate of improvements, for the purpose of
obtaining crown grants of the above claims.
And further take 1 otice that action, under section 37, must be commenced before the issuance
of such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this 15th day of February, A.D. 1905.
C. JB. Shaw, P.L.S.
NOTICE is hereby given that sixty days after
date I intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner
of Lands and Works for permission to purchase
640 acres of land situate on Verde mountain in
the Osoyoos division of Yale district and more
particularly described as follows : Commencing
at a post about two miles north of Voigt's camp
and running 80 chains north, 80 chains east
80 chains south, 80 chains west, back to point of
Voigt's Camp, Jan. 2nd, 1905.
Flagstaff, Copper Kettle No. 1, Searchlight and
Nevada mineral claims, situate in the Osoyoos mining division of Yale district.    Where
located:  On  Flagstaff mountain, about one
mile south east of the townsite of Olalla.
Take notice that I, Reginald Heber Rogtrs, as
agent for Robert Gaede   free miner's certificate
No. B78828 and Tames Riordan, free miner's certificate No. B78824, intend, sixty days from the
date hereof, to apply to the mining recorder for
certificates of improvements, for the purpose of
obtaining crown grants of the above claims.
And further take notice that action, under section 37, must be commenced before the issuance
ofsuch Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this 18th day of January, A.D. 1905.
Owing to the advance of 20 per
cent in the price of powder by a
trust recently formed, some of
Greenwood's millionaires have decided to go into the powder manufacturing business.
The Vancouver board of trade
has passed a resolution urging the
provincial government to subsidize
the Coast-Kootenay railway. The
New Westminster board endorsed
the resolution.
Honeysuckle mineral claim, situate in the Similkameen mining division of Yale district.
"Where located:   On Copper mountain.
Take notice that I, F. W. Groves, free miner's
certificate No. B72155 acting for self and as agent
for Thomas Day, free miner's certificate No.
B72123, intend, sixty days from the date hereof,
to apply to the mining recorder for a certificate
of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a
crown grant of the above claim
And further take notice that action, under section 37, must be commenced before the issuance
ofsuch Certificates of Improvements.
Dated this 15th day of November, A.D. 1904.
Macgowan, member for Vancouver, has been read out of the conservative party. Soon there will be
only a few of the poorest of the
tories left in the party.
Notice is herel y given that sixty days from
date I intend to apply to the Honorable Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission to purchase the following described
lauds, situate in the Yale division of Yale dis
trict. Commencing at a point on the west fork
of the Similkameen river, about 20 chains south
of the mouth of Bromley creek, thence west 50
chains more or less to the east boundary of lot
299, thence north 40 chains, thence east 50 chains
more or less to the west fork of the Similkameen.
river, thence south 40 chains along the west fork
of the Similkameen river to point of commencement and containing 200 acres more or less.
February 10, 1905.
George E.Winkler
Penticton, B.C.
Real Estate & Mining Broker
Correspondence   solicited    from
parties havingf]property to sell.
A LICENSE to cut timber can be acquired only at public competition. A
rental of $5 per square mile is charged
for all timber berths excepting those situated west of Yale for which the rental is
at the rate of 5 cents per acre per annum.
In additiou to the rental dues at the
following rates are charged : Sawn ium-
ber, 50 cents per thousand feet B.M. Railway ties, eight and nine feet long, 1%
and 1% cents each. Shingle bolts, 25
cents a cord. All other products, 5 per
cent on the sales.
A license is issued so soon as a berth is
granted, but in unsurveyed territory no
timber can be cut on a berth until the
licensee has made a survey thereof.
Permits to cut timber are also granted
at public competition, except in the case
of actual settlers who require the timber
for their own use.
Settlers and others may also obtain permits to cut Op to 100 cords of wood for
sale without competition.
The dues payable under a permit are
$1.50 per thousand feet B.M., for square
timber and saw logs of any wood except
oak; from ]4 to m£ cents per lineal foot
for building logs ; from 12*4 to 25 cents
per cord for wood; 1 cent for fence posts;
3 cents for railway ties; and 50 cents per
cord on shingle bolts.
Leases for grazing purposes are issued
for a term of twenty one years at a rental
of two cents an acre per annum.
Coal lands may be purchased at $10 per
acre for soft coal and $20 for anthracite.
Not more than 320 acres may be acquired
by one individual or company.
Royalty at the rate of 10 cents per ton
of 2,000 pounds is collected on the gross
Entries for land for agricultural purposes may be made personally at the local
land office for the district in which the
land to be taken is situated, r>r if the
homesteader desires, he may, on application to the minister' of the interior at
Ottawa, the commissioner of immigration at Winnipeg, or tbe local agent for
the district within which the land is situated, receive authority for some one to
make entry tor him.
A fee of $>io is charged for for a homestead entry.
A settler who' has received an entry for
a homestead is required to perform the
conditions connected therewith under
one of the following plans :
1. At least six months' residence upon
and cultivation of the land in each year
during the term of three years. It is the
practice of the department to require a
settler to bring 15 acres under cultivation, but if he prefers he may substitute
stock; and 20 head of cattle, to be actually his own property, with buildings for
their occupation, will be accepted instead
of the cultivation.
2. If the father (or mother, if the father is deceased) of any person who is
eligible to make a homestead entry under
the provisions of the act, resides upon a
farm in the vicinity of the land entered
for by such person as a homestead, the
requirements of the Act as to residence
prior to obtaining patent may be satisfied
by such person residing with the father
or mother.
3. If the settler has his permanent residence upon farming land owned by him
in the vicinity of his homestead, the re
quirements of the Act as to residence
may be satisfied by residence upon the
said land.
Application for a patent should be made
at the end of three years before the local
agent, sub agent or a homestead inspector.
Before  making ,#ii^applicatioH*HC
patent the settler ® ustgfv^-^jpTmon/ws^
notice in writing  to the comtnissionjpf of
Dominion lands at Ottawa, ofUiiswnten-
tion to do so.
W. W^.CiORY,
Deputv of the Minister of the Interior.
Ottawa, Feb. 4, 1905.
1     centrally  located.    Membership   solicited.
F. W. Groves E. Waterman,
President. Secretary.
H. Cowan, Treasurer.
April i, 1905
From off the running rivulet
The icy chain is thawed
And the quacklet of the ducklet
In the land is heard alroad.
And the songlet of the birdlet
Re-echoes through the air
And tbe bawlet of the bullet
Is heard in meadows fair.
Soon the croaklet of the froglet
Will make the evening shadows ring
All of which moves us to mention:
Gentle reader, this is spring.
Be a booster, not a lobster.
All of the sure thing games in Victoria
were raided last week, but the legislature
is still doing business.
A. B. Aylesworth, Q C, says the "bar"
should be open all the time to every one.
Aylesworth must have visited Hedley on
L. W. Shatford's paper inquires: "Has
British Columbia been gold-bricked?"
It certainly has—by Dick McBride and
his colleagues.
The czar has called in Kouropatkin
and has sent Linevitch to supersede him.
He should have sent Carrie Nation with
her little hatchet.
Ella Wheels Wilcox says people make
a mistake in hugging delusions. Ella
was always strong for having the hugging
done in the right way.
The British Columbia legislature, now
in session, in amending the game laws,
did not extend the protection clause to
safeguard the wolf and tiger.
Dr. Darlington of New York says a
germ will live a month on paper money.
So can the Star editor, if the denomination of the bill is large enough.
The Nelson board of trade refused to
endorse the resolution passed by the
Rossland board favoring a copper bonus.
So far Rossland hasn't asked for a bonus
on gold.
Recently a man in Tombstone, Arizona,
was fined $5 for killing his mother in-law;
and yet that territory, populated with
such fearless, peerless men, has been
denied statehood.
The Idaho legislature has appropriated
$30,000 for the establishment of a school
of mines at Moscow. The small bore
government in power at Victoria will not
even give a short bit towards a similar
institution for this province.
The Star's down the river contemporary is very much stuck on the local
government's education bill. By all the
learned men in the province the bill is
admitted to be unworkable and a calamity
to schools. What our contemporary
needs is education.
Our Twenty Mile creek contemporary
stated last week that the Vancouver Province expressed disapproval of the demand of the G. T. P. Had the Province
approved of it editor Nichol would have
lost his meal ticket, for the C. P. R. owns
that paper body, boots and suspenders.
The people of British Columbia are
getting tired of the McBride administration. Here is what the Star's chained
poet thinks of the premier:
Dick! Dick! give us a rest, oh do!
B. C. is tired to death of you;
So with those feet,
That never look neat,
Walk off this earth for a year or two.
AjL^a largely attended meeting in
Valdez, Alaska, the following resolution
was passed and sent to the president, on
behalf of 60,000 American citizens: "We
demand, in mass meeting assembled, that
Alaska be annexed to Canada." Some
80,000,000 people in the United States
will soon be demanding the same thing.
Nicola Lake and Princeton
mat a new sraw suit
A large range of samples to choose from. All the new
effects in English and Scotch Tweeds, Fancy Vestings,
Shower Proof Overcoatings, etc., etc.
New  Goods Arriving Weekly
Look out for our display of LADIES' MISSES' and
 1 J
April i, 1905.
April i, 1905
Typographical    Triumphs
turned out at the Star Office.
Largest Sale in Canada
50   YEARS*
Trade Marks
Copyrights &c.
Anyone sending a sketch and description may
qnlcldy ascertain our opinion free whether an
invention is probably patentable. Communications strictly confidential. HANDBOOK' on Patents
sent free. Oldest agency for securing patents.
Patents taken through Munn & Co. receive
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A handsomely illustrated weekly. I.nrgest circulation of any soientlUo journal. Terms, $<J a
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out the province.
F. P. RITHET & CO., Ld.
Sole Agents*
NOTICE is hereby given that sixty days after
date I intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission to
purchase the following described land, viz:
Commencing at a post placed 40 chains southeast of the north-east corner of lot 1825, thence
40 chains west, thence 80 chains north, thence
80 chains east, thence 40 chains south, thence 40
chains west, thence 40 chains south to point of
commencement, containing 480 acres more or
less. JOHN M. SMITH.
per W. C. McPougall. "
Jan 7, IQ05
The Electric Process
The Hotel has been thoroughly renovated and refitted.
Everything First Class.
No pains spared to please the public.
Table supplied with best the market affords.
Fine Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
Headquarters for Princeton, Spence's Bridge and Kamloops
Stage Lines.
| As Ithers See Him."
Editor Similkameen Star:
Sir: Your very apropos remarks in
your issue of March 21 relating to "the
Napoleonic genius" who does most of
the thinking for this district generally (?)
especially in regard to his well known
abilities (?) as a road boss on the west
fork of Kettle river some time recently,
have been keenly appreciated by the
readers and subscribers to your paper in
this district; more especially as we cannot fail to support your very determined
and praiseworthy defence of. Mr. A. E.
Howse in the ungentlemanly and behindhand attack lately made on him by the
military titled gentleman of Hedley referred to above. You may take it as a
fact that this letter does not simply express the feelings of the undersigned
alone, but is heartily endorsed by a large
number of those who are at all times,
even irrespective of politics in any way,
sincerely and heartily adverse to an unwarranted and scurrilous attack on any
man's character, and more especially so
in the case of our friend, Mr. Howse,
who is, and always was, above the
faintest suspicion of treason or treachery
to the cause of honesty and uprightness.
The remarks of the worthy '"Son of
Mars (?)" already referred to, cannot be
looked upon in any other way than those
of any enemy to truth and fair play and
unworthy of any honest man. I am, sir,
yours very truly,
C.  W. HoziER.
Fairview, B. C, March 22. 1905.
Kamloops is putting on city airs. It is
to have a $3500 fire hall.
Most of the lead with which the Japs
are at present filling the Russians was
refined in Trail.
The dominion government has established a customs office at Osoyoos and
abolished the Sidley office.
It will be 408 years next Thursday
since Canada was discovered, and she is
Still doing business at the old stand.
The opinion is expressed in Victoria
that there will be as much railway legis
lation this year as there   was  last—none.
A moral wave has hit Phoenix hard.
A branch of the Independent Order of
Good Templars was organized there last
Twenty years ago today (April 1) the
Indians fooled the white settlers of
Battleford, N. W. T., by besieging that
It is proposed that" the newspaper men
of the province meet at New Westminster
during the fair. It's all off with the /all
show now.
The provincial government's dyking
bill is most unfair to settlers. The measure discriminates against real settlers, in
favor of speculators.
At Ottawa it is reported that the government intends to urge the. early construction of the Pacific slope section of
the Grand Trunk Pacific.
An American syndicate has purchased
some very valuable cedar timber limits
up the north fork of Kettle river. The
limits comprise some 15 square miles.
Earl Grey will open the Dominion   ex
position at New   Westminster, and   lord
Roberts,   the   Boer   war   hero, will   be
present.   Tbe show opens on  September
27 and closes October 7.
Stuart Henderson M P. P. for Yale,
has moved an amendment to the supreme
court act, calling for the abolition of wigs.
They should be abolished. A tinhorn
lawyer with a wig on looks as graceful
as a frog with a pair of knee pants on.
For Sale—One thoroughbred field spaniel bitch, two cocker spaniels and one
Irish field spaniel dog pup. Further par-
ticulaifife-.apply to Box 17, Nicola.
M.A., B.C.L.
P.O. Box 44.
A General Banking Business
A general banking business transacted
by the Bank of Hamilton. Capital
ail paid up, $2,235,280.00. Reserve fund
and surplus profits, $2,140,176. Interest allowed on Savings bank deposits of
one dollar and upwards from date of deposit to date of withdrawal. A. H.
$KEY, Agent, Kamloops, B.C.
Wood, j
Vallance &
Analysis of Coal and Fireclay a Specialty.
Complete Coking Quality T(
Reliable PLATINUM Ai
MURALO'S 1st quality
Cold Water Sanitary Calcimo
m 1
mm m
Druggist and Stationer
Drugs, Medicines,
Stationery and
Fancy Goods,
Cigars, Pipes and
Mail Orders Promptly Attended to.
< A. R. COLL., SC.  D.,
Civil and Mining Engineer
Map of Surveyed Claims on  Copper
and Kennedy Mts.: Price, $2.
PRINCETON.     -    -      B. C.
Otter Flat Hotel
Headquarters for Summit,
Rabbit Mountain, Tuiameen river, Boulder, Bear
and  Kelly   creek   camps.
Tfie viewer ireweries, ill
Good   Fishing   and   Boating
P. O. Address, ASPEN GROVE.
Cascade Beer    M Alexandra Stout
Queen Beer      <& Alexandra Ale
For sale throughout British Columbia in all the first-
class Hotels, Liquor Stores and Saloons.
The Amalgamated
'"phirty days after date I intend to apply to the
* Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for
a license to prospect for coal on the following
described lands situate in the Osoyoos division of
Yale district:
Commencing at a point 40 chains west of the
northeast corner of lot 3178,
And running 80 chains south, 80 chains west,
80 chains north, 80 chains east, to point of commencement, containing 640 acres.
per F. W. Groves, agent.
March 11, 1905.
LAKE OF THE WOODS Milling Company
JAS. I. LOUTIT. Agent.
P.O. Box 1SB Vancouver, B.C.
Hardscrabble  No.   1   Fractional,  Bullion  Fractional, Copper Head Fractional and Elkhoru
Fractional, situate   in the  Osoyoos mining
division   of Yale district.    Where located:
At Camp Olalla, Keremeos Valley.
Take notice that I, Reginald Heber Rogers, as
agent for Robert Gaede, free miner's certificate
No. B78828   intend sixty days from date hereof,
to apply to the mining recorder for certificates
of improvements,  for the purpose of obtaining
crown grants of the above claims.
.ind further take notice that action, under section 37 must be commenced before the issuance
of such certificates of improvements.
Dated this 18th day of January  1Q05
Advertise in tne Star.
NOTICE is hereby given that sixty days after
date I in,tend to apply to the Chief Commissioner
of Lands and Works for permission to purchase
640 acres of land situate in the Osoyoos division
of Yale district and described as follows Commencing at a point 4c cLains south of the northwest corner of lot 3176 and running 80 chains
south, 80 chains east. 80 chains north, 80 chains
west, back to poimf of commencement.
March 24, 1905.
St. Elmo mineral claim, situate in the Similkameen mining division of Yale district.
Where located : Copper mountain.
Take notice that I, Jessie R. Hunter, free miner's certificate No. B72126, intend sixty days
trom the date hereof, to apply to the mining recorder for a certificate of improvements, for the
purpose of obtaining a crown grant of the above
And further take notice that action, under section 37, must be commenced before the issuance
of such certificate of improvements.
Dated this 13th day of February, 1905.
"Worth mg
April i, 1905.
i*    -»    J*     Li? .
The  Town of
British Columbian
BEAUTIFULLY SITUATED at the Forks of the Similkameen and Tuiameen Rivers. The BUSINESS CENTRE for the following Mining Camps:— Copper Mountain,
Kennedy Mountain, Friday, Boulder and Granite Creeks,
Summit, Roche River,  Upper Tuiameen and Aspen Grove.
I a Government   Headquarters 11
For the Similkameen Bistrict
Enormous Agricultural Area to Draw from
PRESENT PRICES OF LOTS===From $2.00 to $10 Per Front Foot. Size of Lots
50 x 100 Feet and 33 x 100 Feet. Terms===One=Third Cash; Balance Three and Six flonths
with Interest at Six Per Cent Per Annum.
Send for Map and Price List  to
.* .* ERNEST   WATERMAN, ^ .*
Resident  Manager
Agents for the CANADIAN 'ORE CONCENTRATION, LIMITED (Elmore Oil Process.)


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