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Railway at Princeton in Less than 18 Months,
Hope's Bright Rays Illume the Dark Pathways.
Conditions are Ripe for Investment of Capital in the Great Mineral Deposits of the Similkameen; Delay means Higher Price.
Two greatest Power Resources, Coal and "Water, have been Stored here with Unstinted Measure, Ready to do Man's Bidding.
Vol. vi.   No. 23.
$2 a Year, in Advance
Scientific Examination of Mineral Resources of Similkameen Needed.
T. J. Smith, the  well   known   mining
broker of Vancouver was in  Princeton
this week, having driven with S. B. Ells,
of the geological department, from Nicola.
Mr. Smith is largely interested in coal in
Nicola and the Similkameen and is exer
cising his influence in  the direction of
securing reliable information  as to the
mineral  deposits  of these two districts.
He is introducing Mr. Ells to this section
who will  report   to his department at
Ottawa on the.need of a scientific examination and mapping of the«tnineral areas
here.    With  mineralogical  maps of the
district prospectors and others  will have
a ready guide as to the probable location
of certain ores, thus saving much valuable  time and labor.    The   member for
Yale Cariboo  will,   no  doubt,  favor any
reasonable  means for the information of
mining  men which will tend to the development of our vast mineral! resources.
Next year a staff of geologists and experts from the  mines branch of the department of the Interior should be sent
here for   the   purposes   indicated     Mr
Ells took specimens of coal and ore with
him from  Princeton  for analysis at the
government laboratory.    His   visit here
must result in  endless   benefit to this
section.   Mr. Smith and Mr. Ells left on
Tuesday    for    Hedley,   Keremeos   aud
Olalla. ' Y
The mysterious drowning of Chas.
Schilling on Dog lake last week has cast
a gloom over a wide circle of friends in
the Similkameen. It appears that he
was going to Penticton witjh a friend in a
buggy which Schilling left to take a skiff
on the beach, agreeing with him that
whichever of them should arrive at the
head ot the lake first would wait for the
other. Schilling never arrived. His
friend gave the alarm, when diligent
search was made for the missing man.
The boat was found adrift and waterlogged with which were two watertight
empty coal oil tins tied together, evidently serving the purpose of a life-
preserver. It is supposed that the unfortunate man was caught in a violent
catspaw, for which this lake is noted, and
thrown out of the boat before he could
slacken sail. The body has 'not been
found and probably may never be as the
water has the peculiarity of retaining in
its grip any drowned person. The case
of young Dutton drowned at Okanagan
Falls some years ago, whose body never
arose until a diver brought it up, shows
how tenacious this lake is with its victims. The deceased Mr. Schilling was
unmarried, about 30 years of age, a native
of England and a bright and popular
young man.     »
The work of grading on the V., V. &
E. west of Midway is progressing slowly
at the various camps owing to the con-
tinned scarcity of laborers. Rapid progress is not expected until a few weeks
later although good wages are offered to
induce men to work.
On the C.P.R. from Spence's Bridge to
Nicola there is also a serious lack of
workingmen, although advertisements
for them appear in the large city newspapers. The work cf grading is not
going on as fast as contractors could wish
and at the present rate it will not be possible to reach Nicola lake for more than
a year with the roadbed.
The Midway & Vernon has had better
luck in the supply of men than other
roads and now has five large camps established with laborers arriving daily to
join them. It is said the grub on this
road would do credit to a first class city
restaurant and the hoboes are flocking
there in large numbers to get their skins
Engineers Tracy and Amburn have
concentrated their forces on the west
slope of Hope mountains, the latter having been shifted by packer Gibson this
week. The Coquihalla is undoubtedly a
feasible pass, it being onlv a question of
distance to secure an easy grade to Hope.
Chief Engineer Hoagland and A. E. Baldwin, C.E., went over the line to Hope
and are satisfied with the route although
there is some heavy construction work to
be encountered.
Gold commissioner   Tunstall    was in
town Tuesday.
A. E. Howse, of Nicola, arrived in
town Tuesday on a business visit in connection with his various interests. He
reports the prospects very bright and
hopeful and business much improved
since construction of the Nicola railway
began. Buildings are being erected in
the town and the demand for real estate
is increasing. The bank of Montreal
alone has expended $10,000 in the establishment of its business. Prosperity and
contentment are observable everywhere
and the reward of years of patient toil is
at hand. The mineral and agricultural
resources of Nicola are among the richest in the province.
Dr. Foster of Greenwood arrived in
town yesterday on his way to Nicola
where he may locate.
G. W. Edwards left for Mexico last
Tuesday and will be absent 3 months.
It is said that he will bring a life partner
back to share his joys.   So let it be !
A d.&d., arrested by constable Hewat
Thursday night, was fined by Magistrate
Thomas yesterday and set free.
Rev. A. J. Fowlie has gone to the presbytery meeting at Kelowna.
The Star has been requested to announce that the Ladies' Guild of St.
Outhbert's has recommenced work and
will take orders for making and mending
all kinds of garments. Stockings and
socks darned at 5c. per pair.
Dr. Schon is in receipt of a letter from
Archdeacon Pentreath who states that
the Rev. E. P. Flewelling, late of Dawson, Yukon, will arrive here early in September to establish the church of England at both Princeton and Hedley.
The road near Kwong Yuen's is so narrow that teamsters complain of the diffit
culty in passing each other with wagons.
Will the road officials kindly widen the
road and thus earn the blessing of the
jehus? There are many such places
along the main road which should receive
like attention.
Men employed on the roads in the beginning of summer complain that they
have not yet received pay for their labor,
now some three months overdue. Can
anyone tell why a government should not
pay its hired help as promptly as the
business man or the contractor? Should
not the provincial government be an example of business promptitude and aptitude in the payment of its accounts, especially those of the poor daily wage-
earner ?    Pay ! Pay ! Pay !
Invitations to the banquet to be held in
the Hotel Similkameen, Hedley, on Tuesday next, have been received. The card
bears the inscriptions : "No Closed Door
Policy for British Columbia," "Travel
by the V., V. & E." The menu is printed
on the back and begins with V., V. & E.
cocktails, the whole making a bill of
sumptuous fare worthy of the occasion.
A number of prominent Conservatives
have signified their intention to be present and there will be man v Liberals in
attendance. The Labor Day celebrations
could have no more appropriate termination than this banquet to Mr. Ross, who
is a friend of labor and the Similkameen.
Superintendent Morrison of the B.C.
Copper Co. has recently examined a portion of the Five-Mile district, his attention having been directed there by the
successful prospecting of Messrs. Uhler
& Cox. The laudable enterprise of the
B.C. Copper Co. since the acquisition of
the Sunset a few months ago and in purchasing the Apex group, as well as investigating the mineral resources of the
district generally, will be of much benefit to the country. This company now
operates five separate groups of mines,
viz: Sunset, Princeton; Apex, Keremeos;
Mother Lode, Deadwood; Emma, Summit : Grant, Chesaw.
Resident Manager of Okanagan Land
Co. in Contradictive Mood.
Editor Star—Sir: I have been for
warded a copy of your issue of the 19th
inst. by a friend in Hedley who thinks 1
should reply to the one-and-a-quarter col"
umn effusion of "Ajax." I had previously heard of the article but decided
not to even read such malicious falsehoods as I was informed the article contained, but to treat the article and its author with silent contempt. My friend at
Hedley, however, thinks the outside public should know the truth and in deference to his wishes I shall narrate facts
which I trust you may give the same publicity as the Ajax article. I thank you in
anticipation for your valuable space and
assure >ou that I shall not again take advantage of your kindness in connection
with the matters I am at present writing
of, as my statements cannot be assailed
by anyone with the slightest regard for
the truth.
Mr. Editor, the words displayed in
prominent type on the front page of your
paper: " Men use their brains; fools wag
their tongues and knock," I commend to
the careful consideration of Ajax. He
and his ilk are not only knockers but
"deliberate falsifiers" and unlike the ancient valiant warrior whose name he borrows—when he shall slay himself—will
not turn into sweet scented flower but
rather poisoned oak or a noxious weed.
Fancy, friend Ajax, how inconceivable
for you with your distorted vision and
misrepresentation and untruthfulness
coursing rampant through you to become
—when your short day is ended by yourself—anything so sweet scented as a violet.
Ajax refers particularly to an article
which appeared in the Hedley Gazette
headed "Axe Still Falling" and states
"perhaps it emanated from the office of
the Southern Okanagan Land Co." We
have other and more important matters
to attend to in our office and I knew nothing of the article until my attention
was called to it at the Penticton hot,el, a
day or two after the paper was issued.
To relieve the minds of some of the
Liberal friends of Mr. Ross, I might say
that had matters been represented truthfully to that gentleman I do not think
he would have recommended any changg|
in the post office. I know positively that
all matters appertaining to the post office
were misrepresented to him by those he
considered friends and he acted upon
their misrepresentations. I think though
that any government, Liberal or Conservative, should adopt business-like methods and I do not consider it very wise for
any government to send in an inspector
to report on a matter and to act before
receiving their inspector's report. It
looks to me as if they felt the inspector's
[Continued on page 3.]
September 2, 1905
The Similkameen Star
Published Weekly at
The Princeton Publishing' Co.
A.  IB.  Howse, Manager.
One Year,
//Payable in Advance.
Subscribefkiwill confer a favor on this office by
promptly Reporting any change in address or
I irregularity in receipt of their paper.
^y£Ctig'.'!'.g.nat:es.furnishedon application.
Legal notices io and 5 cents per line.
Four weebiy insertions constitute one month
r^ISIlJcHeq ues to be made payable to
Since  the  agitation begun some
1)4M"-fffiftfs ago to construct a Coast-
Koqj&ijjay.railway strenuous oppo-
•/(S^tiojSdhas marked, every step taken
dJija 3jftst furtherance.      Political in-
I ^rgWef, jugglery, deception, bribery
".and corruption, all begotten of tha,t
t^pnjSter—monopoly—have   threat-
-afiSCd   the life  of this  great under-
-nbabJng :  Great,   because   it  would i
open the door to a   field for profitable^'investment    an(j   development
_ which has no equal   in resources in
a^liis   province  of immense natural
dwealth.     It   is  still   green   in the
"'ifiemory of thousands how the peo-
'ple's  money   was  squandered  in a
government survey of Hope ruoun-
.-t^ins   to  not find  a  railway pass.
bsHow the present provincial govern-
:0"ment deceived the people by'iinfuj-
.filled promises  of a special railway
I session and of its  false pretensions
, to   assist   any   legitimate company
■  that would build  through the Similkameen, are facts too well known
to require further mention.
Residents .and  investors  in   the
Similkameen   know  now   who are
their friends, and those who are the
enemies  of  progress  and   railway
competition.    They have  observed
imaginary   obstacles   piled high by
venal   legislators  in the provincial
and federal houses  whose sole aim
was  to  serve those  who had paid;
the price of their subserviency.   Regardless   of tbe   country's  welfare'
and  development these  men stood
up in their places and voted against,:
propositions which favored the'construction of a railway into the Sim-
ilkasn'sen.    Even  when   no bonuJV
land  grant,   subsidy, concession or
any  such ■ thing   was  not  sought
the friends of monopoly offered the
most  flimsy  of'all  arguments by
their    pseudo-patriotic   utterances.
No  child  could  fail to fathom the
intent  of such  arguments.     It. is
hard  forjanyone  to fefcgs^tbe hand
that  smites and   it  wrlPbera long
span of time ere the inrunSu^atti-
tude of those ob^r^ctj.y^Aerrj^grg
-toward British. Columbia; andgithe
Similkameen in- par-tiie&te«s$ii'tl'be.
forgotten1 By voters? B \ s •'-"s^***- '^. ■
JcVMen'who£aranot rise above taerej
partja^m^v^ben  a question of na--"
tional advantage  and  development
of a  great   mineral  district  arises
should never be allowed  to touch a
ballot box, much less represent the
people.    When  electors  will-learn
to  discriminate  between the political grafter  and the  genuine representative  there  will   be an end to
such flagrant  hypocrisy and inconsistency as was observed in the railway committee and in the house of
commons last session.    There were
members  who   in    previous  years
were loud-mouthed anti-monopolists
in a night   turned  stalwart  friends
of the enemies  to .the _V., V. & E.
packing the backbone to withstand
the seductive influence of a powerful    lobby   "Billy"    Maclean   and
men of his stripe  fell  an easy prey
to the wiles of monopoly.    By their
senseless opposition'to the railway
bill  introduced   by   Duncan   Ross,
M.P., the  hands  on   the  clock   of
progress  in   the Similkameen have
been   turned   back one-year.    The
delay thus  caused is an'irreparable
injury which no'amount'of apology
or  defence   by  a fulsome press can
in the slightest atone for.
Roberta,  Robert Bryant, Garden City, Mary V.
Victor, Falum, No. 28, No. 31, No. 32, No. 50
Fr., No. 51 Fr., No. 52, No. 53, No. 66 Fr , No.
67, No. 68, No. 69,  No. 70, No. 71 and No. 73
Fr. mineral claims, situate in the'Similka-
meen mining division of Yale district. Where
located : In Voigt's camp.
Take    notice   that I,  C;   JB.   Shaw,   acting
as  agent  for  M. A. Voigt,  free  miner's   certificate No.  679944, intend, sixty days from the
date hereof, to apply to the mining recorder for
certificates of improvements, for the purpose of
obtainingcrown grants of the above claims.
And further take notice that action, under section 37, must be commenced before the issuance
ofsuch Certificates of Improvements.
Dated this 23rd day of August, .A.D. 1905.
11-4 C. JB- SHAW, P.L.S.
>on hire
Thos.Hunter, Prop., at Hotel Jackson.
Two Brothers Victoria and Orlando Marguerite
... mineral claims. . Situate in ' the. Simtlka'nie'en
.mining division of Yale district.   Where locat
ed : On Sixteen-Mile creek. ^f^
Take notice that I, F, W. Groves, acting  as
.agent for .\,. Scrapelli,...£r.ee._miner's. certifiga_te
No. B86157,  intend sixty days from date hereof,
to apply to the mining recorder for certificates
of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining
crown grants of the above claims.   ■   j
And further take notice that action, under section 37 must be commenced before the issuance
of such certificates of improvements.
Dated this 26th day of July, 1905.  .
Regarding the dismissal of postmaster Wade from the office at Penticton   the  following, extract from
the Boundary' Creek Times justifies
the action of the'department:  "Mr.
Wade, who has been postmaster for
fifteen years, and is   not lacking in
intelligence, did know that no post
office could be removed without the
consent   of the postmaster-general.
That consent' was  never  asked for
nor granted and when he refused to
remove the post   office  back again
until   such  time   as   an application
for  removal  could" "be  considered,
there  was   no  alternative  left but
dismissal.    The  people   of the old
town   of Penticton   have   rights as
well  as  Mr. Wade, and tbe  S. O.
Land Co".    They were promised by
the  member for Yale-Cariboo that
those rights would be protected and
that promise was kept.    Mr. Wade
has  only   himself to blame  for his
dismissal.    It surely cannot be contended   that   Mr.  Wade   is a privileged persbn, not amenable to well-
known  rules .of the post-office department.    If p'ostmasters were allowed to remove postoffices without
the consent of the postmaster-general, the convenience of the public,
in  whose  interests" postoffices  are
established,   would  often be sacrificed in the interest of the townsite
•boomer    and    land  company .promoter."
International and Constitution mineral claims,
situate in the Similkameen mining division
of Yale district.. Where located : .On Boulder creek.
Take notice that I, F. W. Groves,'.acting as
agent for Albert Klockmann, free miner's certificate No. B86564 intend ' sixty days from date
hereof to apply to,,the mining recorder for certificates of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining crown grants of the above claims.
And further take notice that action, under section 37, must be commenced before the issuance
of such certificate of improvements.
Dated this 6th day of J uly, 1905.
■jfK-" ^W™ESQ "^"■Jl,: g-t Jr *riJiPfin.l.--i»i".3*y n
Analysis of Coal and Fireclay a Specialty.
Complete Coking Quality Tests.
Reliable PLATINUM Assays.
111   m 11     in 1 1   inn      111 111 1 1   1 iiiimn—1111
1VOTICE is hereby given that sixty days after
* ^ date I intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of I.ands and Works for permission to
purchase 320 acres of mountain pasture laud de-
scril ed as follows : Commencing at a post marked southwest corner of Henry T. Thrift's purchase, thence north 80 chains, east 40 chains,
south 80 chains, west 40 chains to point of commencement. Situated on Moody's prairie on
Five-Mile creek and adjoining Hugh Finiiegan-s
preemption on the north. ,
June 7, 1905. HENRY T. THRIFT.
Also, commencing at a post marked southwest
corner of C. J. Major's purchase, .-thence north
80 chains, east 40 chains, south So chains, west
40 chains to point of commencement','in all 320
acres, adjoining Henry T. Thrift's purchase on
the north. C J MAJOR.
June 7, 1905. • *H. T. Thrift, agent
TpHIRTY days from date I intend to apply?to
■ the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works
for a license to prospect for coal on the following
described lands situated in the Similkimeen district :
Commencing at N.W. corner of lot 43 and running 80 chains, east, 80 chains north, 80 chains
■west, 80 chains south, in all 640 acres.
Located 9th Aug. 1905. S. Spencer, agt.
And, commencing at S.W. corner o{, Harvey's
claim and 'running north 80 chains, west 80
chains, south 80 chains, east . 80 chains, in all
64oacres.     r'.' J. S. LOUGHNAN,
I .Located 9th Aug. 1905/      S. Spencer, agt.jV.<
j And, commenciugat S.K. cornerof Lcughhan's
Claim and running south 80 chains, west; 80
chains, north 80 chains, east 80 chains, in alt 640
acres. W. G. BREEZE,
Located 9th Aug. 1905. S. Spencer^ agt.
• And, commencing at N.W. corner of Harvey's
claim and running 80 chains north, 80 chains
east 80 chains south, 80 chains west, in all 640
acres, W. H. FULTON, -
Located gth Aug. 1905.        S. Spencer, agt. 3
5 Also, commencing at a post marked southwest
corner of R. L. Reid's purchase, thence north
40 chains, east 80 chaius, south 40 chains, west 80
chains to point_ of commencement, in all 320
acres, adjoining" C. J. Major's purchase on the
north. R. L. REID.
June 7, 1905. -   ■ji-SI&i        H. T. Thrift, agent.
' Sixty days after date I intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works "for permission to purchase 160 acres of mountain
pasture land situate on Five-Mile creek, about
5 miles from Princeton, described as follows :
Commencing at post S.W. corner Of Gordon E
Corbould'S'purchase-a=n<3 running 40 chains north
40 chains east, 40 chains south. 40 chains west to
point of commencement and adjoining R. L.
Reid's purchase on the north.
, June, 23, 1905. C. M. Snowden, agent.
.' Also, commencing at post. S.W. cornerof Thos.
R. Pearson's purchase and running 40 chains
north, 40 chains east, 40 chains south,'40 chains
west to point of commencement, in all 160 acres
and adjoining Gordon E. Corbould's' purchase
on the north. .  . THOS. R. PEARSON.
June 27, 1905. C. M, Snowden, agent.
NOTICE is hereby given that sixty days aftei
date I intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner
of Lauds and Works for permission to purchase
160 acres of mountain land, situate and adjoining J M. Wright's purchase on the east, and running east 40 chains, north 40 chains, west 40
chains south 40 chains to post. Tuiameen river
meandering line on the south. About ten miles
west of Princeton.
J. C. S. CHENHALL, locator,
CO. French, agent.
Located May 18, 1905.
Boards of trade are often the subjects of scornful criticism and seldom^ are given'full credit for the
good Wjgrk accomplished by them.
There-fare .many questions which
the local board of trade can forward
that.'..aW'',individual would be powerless to effect, ..It would be a
fc@fce.of much local help in mat-
feVs'affectihg the needs of this section if better patronage were extended in increased membership.
Sailor Jack mineral claim Situate in the Similkameen mining division of Yale district.
Where located : On Roche river.
Take notice that I. F. W. Groves, acting as
-agent for J. B. Wood, free miner's certificate No.
B80546, intend, sixty days "from the date
hereof, to apply to the ■■ mining recorder for
a certificate of improvements, for the purpose of
obtaining crown grant of the above claim.
And further lake 1 otice that action, under section 37, must be commenced before the issuance
of such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this 6th day of May, A.D. 3905.
Valley Hill mineral claim. Situate in the Simil-
. I. kameen mining division of Yale district.
Where located: Adjoining the townsite of
Allison, on south side of river.
Take notice that I, W. C. McDougall, acting as
agent for M. L- McDougall, free miner's certificate No. 78878, intend, sixty days from the
date hereof, to apply to the mining recorder for
certificates of improvements, for the purpose of
obtaining a crown grant of the above claim
And further take notice that action, under section 37, must be commenced before the issuance
ofsuch Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this 10th day of July, A.D. 1905.
Synopsis, of Canadian Northwest
Homestead Regulations.
Dominion Lands in Manitoba or the
Northwest provinces, excepting 8 andj26,
not reserved, may behomesteaded by any
person who is the sole head of a family,
or any male over 18 years of age, to the
extent of one-quarter section of 160 acres
more or less.
Entry may be made personalty at the
local land office for the district in which
the land is situate, or if the homesteader
desires, he- may, on application to the
Minister of the Interior, Ottawa, the
Commissioner of Immigration, Winni
peg, or the local agent, receive authority
for some'one to make entry for him.- ■
The homesteader is requited to perform
the conditions connected therewith under
one of the following plans :
(1) At least six month's residence upon
and cultivation of th'e land in each year
for three years.      -    -■'
(2) If the father (or mother, if. tbe father is deceased) of the homesteader resides upon a farm in the vicinity of the
land entered for the requirements-as to
residence may be satisfied by such person
residing with the father or mother., . •
(2,) If the settler has hvs permanent
residence upon farming land owned by
him in the vicinity of his homestead, the
requirements as to residence may be satisfied by residence upon the said land.
Six months' notice in writing should
be given to the Commissioner of Dominion Lands at Ottawa offintention to apply
for patent. W. W. CORY.
Deputy of the Minister of Interior.
N.B.': Newspapers inserting this advertisement without authority will not be
paid therefor.
September 2, 1905
[Concluded from page i.]
report  would  not justify their contemplated action.
^   "  The  petition   referred  to by Ajax wts
^^af"^M signed by a hundred and fifteen males,
of voting age, residents of Penticion,
whom he brands as '"transients." Wake
up Ajax ! Your sleep certainly has been
long. Realize a new condition ot things
and that those you term "transients" and
"strangers" are here to stay and  will  le
pSK; the  backbone of the prosperous Pentic
ton that is to be. They are not of your
type but loyal to the interests of the
place they have made their home.
Ajax would  have it appear that the S.
O.L. Co. was a "tory clique or company."
He  is   ignorant   in   this  as in all other
things.    Our president is one of the leading Liberals in the city of Toronto.   One
of our directors is  president of the  Liberal   association   for   Yale-Cariboo   and
other  directors,  as well   as most prominent stockholders, are to be found in the
Liberal   ranks.     Our   company  is  non-
political and on fair ground   in the open
(but not in hole  and corner meetings) it
can, I  flatter  myself,  exert  much more
political influence, even in Liberal coun
cils, than Ajax and his fellows.   *   *   *
Yours very truly,
W. T. Shatford,
Resident Managing Director.
[The  above  is  a small portion of Mr.
Shatford's  letter  to  the  Star, which', if
published in extenso,would occupy nearly
the  whole   of   the front  page.    As the
subject is a matter of local and   not gen
eral  interest,   it  cannot  fairly claim the
space stated.    The  copy consists of over
six  pages  of MS., one third of which is
now printed.    Not  to be considered partial the Star gives  the  same prominence
and a little more space  to Mr. Shatford's
letter than to that of Ajax.
The statement made iii the Hedley Ga
zette that the manuscript of Ajax's letter
"never saw Penticton" is false.    The letter was mailed at Penticton.
The rumor and imputation that G. E.
Winkler is the author of the letter signed
Ajax is also false. Proof of falsity in both
instances can be given.—Ed.]
Miss A. Allison has returned home from
W. Charters, an old resident of Nicola
;died suddenly there last week, aged 64.
F. W. Groves, P.LS.,   went  to Asren
I Grove yesterday.   •
C. A. Stoess,   P.L.S.,  is  surveying  on
Dividend mountain.
J. Hislop, P.L.S., has gone to Manitoba
to work on the G.T.P.
Sixty days after date I intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works to
purchase 160 acres of land, and more fully described as follows ■ Commencing at a stake
placed at the north-west corner, of Lot 254 and
marked Jackson purchase: Thence running
south 40 chains, west 40 chains, north 40 chains,
east 40 chains to place of commencement.
Located this Seventh day of July IQ05.
Barrister and Solicitor
Corbould & Grant
Barristers, Solicitors, &c.
New Westminster, B.C.
They assure you of a
Offices: Penticton
and Princeton.
old in neat leaden packets
half and one pound each
Capital all paid up, $14,000,000.       Rest, $10,000.       Balance to Profit and
Loss Account, $373,988.        Total Assets, $135,624,452.
PRESIDENT, Rt. Hon. Lord Strathcona and Mount Royal, G.C.M.G.
VICE-PRESIDENT- Sir Geo. A. Drummond, K.C.M.G.
Savings Bank Department %F%Z£? jM
credited twice a year.    Withdrawals without delay.
Banking business of every description undertaken.
D'n*^ 1^1 *->#*• l-v*7   A/Toil   Deposits may be made and withdrawn by mail.   Out of town ac-
tSailKlllg  Dy lYiail counts receive every attention.
The Nicola Branch is now Open.
G. A. HENDERSON Acting Manager.
Can be had at all first-class hotels through
out the province.
\» Sl e
Sole Agents*
CAPITAL==$8,7oo,ooo REST==$3,500,ooo
Total Resources (Nov. 30, 1904) $91,000,000
5,*kS"ur M
*s&vinns Bs^kInterest aUowed on deposits of $I and
<&J* upwards.     Depositors subject to
no unnecessary delay in withdrawing funds.
\\ Deposits may be made and withdrawn
* by mail. Special attention given to this
class of business.    Drafts and Money Orders issued on all points.
A General Banking Business transacted.
W. H. SWITZER,       -       - Acting Manager.
PENTICTON BRANCH—A Branch of this Bank is now open at Penticton.B.C.
Accounts of parties living at a
. distance receive our special attention. Deposits can be made through the mail, and sums added
thereto and withdrawn at any time. Drafts issued payable at all points
in Canada and abroad.
L. G. MacHAFFIE, Acting Manager.
M.A., B.C.I,.
Otter Flat Hotel
Headquarters for Summit, Rabbitt mountain, Tuiameen river, Boulder, Bear and
- Kelly creek camps.
Good   Fishing    and   Boating
P. O. Address, ASPEN. GROVE.
September 2, 1905
Has now in stock and is constantly receiving large shipments of
General Merchandise
and is prepared to supply all
kinds ot goods at lowest prices
Mail orders Promptly Filled
The Electric Process
Tic Vancouver ireweries, Lie
Cascade Beer    & Alexandra Stout
Queen Beer       £ Alexandra Ale
For sale throug hout British Columbia in all the first-
class Hotels, Liquor Stores and Saloons.
The Amalgamated
Wood, §::■
Vallance &
MURAIO'S 1st quality
Cold Water Sanitary alcimo
The Hotel has been thoroughly renovated and refitted.
Everything First Class.
No pains spared to please the "public.
Table supplied with best the market affords.
Fine Wines, Liquors andw:Cigars.
Headquarters for Princeton, Spence's Bridge and Kamloops
Stage Lines.
CIGAR. c^,
September 2, 1905
She—And did you ever propose to a
girl in. a canoe ? He—Yes, and I'll nev< r
do it again. The girl jumped at my proposal and upset the boat. ,
Irate Father—It beats all where my
umbrellas go. I left one in the rack last
night, and nowit'sgone. Willie—Alice's
beau has got it. Alice—Why, Willie, the
idea ! 1 Willie—Well, last night when he
was going home I heard him say that he
was only going to take just one
She—Why  are all vessels spoken of as
she?   "Is it because they glide  so  grace
fully ?    He—No.    It's  because their rigging costs so much.
''You   say   he   is a  financial   wreck
Then   why" is   it   that   he   appears   so
happy?"    "Well, I guess his  credit's so
poor that he can't even borrow, trouble."
Fancy Goods,
Mail Orders Promptly Attended to.
Largest Sale in Canada
The only Reliable Standard Brand made from the
highest grade of Manitoba
hard wheat,
guarantee  that   no  bleaching
either   bv     CHEMICALS   or
ELECTRICITY is used in its
j' :      manufacture.
Accept no Substitute.
A. R. COLL., SC. D.,
Civil and Mining Engineer
Map of Surveyed Claims on Copper
and Kennedy Mts.: Price, $2.
j    PRINCETON.     -    -     B. C.
Synopsis  of Kegulations   Governing
the Disposal of Dominion Lands
within the Railway Belt in
the Province of British Columbia.
A LICENSE to cut.; timber can be acquired only at piiblic competition. A
rental of $5 per square mile is_charged
for all timber berths excepting those situated west of Yale for which the rental is
at the rate of 5 cents per acre per annum.
In additiou to the rental dyes at the
following rates are charged : Sawn ium-
ber, 50 cents per thousand feet B.M. Railway ties, eight and nine feet long, i)/2
and i%( cents each. Shingle bolts, 25
cents a cord. All other products, 5 per
cent on the sales.
A license is issued so soon as a berth is
granted, but in- unsurveyed territory no
timber can be cut on a berth until the
licensee has made h survey thereof.
Permits to cut timber are.also granted
at public competition, except in the case
iof actual settlers who require the timber
for their own use..
Settlers and others may also obtain permits to cut up . to 10.0 cords of wood for
sale without competition.
The dues payable under a permit are
$1.50 per thousand feet B.M., for square
timber and saw logs of any "wood except
oak; from V2 to iy2 cents per lineal foot
lor building logs ; from 12% to 25 cents
per conl-for wood; 1 cent for fence posts;
3 cents for railway ties; and 50 cents per
cord on.shingle bqlts. »
. Leases for grazing purposes are issued
for a term of twenty one rears at a rental
of two cents an acre per annum.
Coal lands may be purchased at $10 per
acre for soft coal and $20 for anthracite.
Not more than 320 acre^may be acquired
by one individual or company.
Royalty at the rate of 10 cents per ton
of 2,000 pounds is collected on the gross
Entries for land for agricultural pur
poses may be made per.-onally at the local
land office for the district in which the
.land to be, taken is situated, ok if the
homesteader'desires, he may;- on -application to the minister of the interior at
Ottawa, the commissioner of immigration at Winnipeg, or the local agent for
the district within which the land is situated, receive authority for seme one to
make entry tor him.
I A fee of $10 is charged for for a homestead entry:
A settler who has received an entry for
a homestead is required to perform the
conditions connected therewith under
one of the following plans.;. \ a
I 1. At least six months'residence upon
and cultivation of the land in each year
during the term.of three years. It is the
practice of the department to require.a
settler to bring 15 acres under cultivation, but if he prefers he may substitute
stock; and 20 head of cattle, to be actually his own .property, with buildings for
their occupation, will be accepted^imffiad
of the cultivation.
2. If the father (or mother, if the father is deceased) of any' person who is
eligible to make a homestead-entry under
the provisions of the act, resides upon a
farm in the vicinity of the land entered
for by such person as a homestead, the
requirements of the Act as to residence
prior to obtaining patent may be satisfied
by such person residing with the father
or mother.
3. If-the settler has his permanent residence upon farming land owned by him
in the vicinity of his homestead, the re
quirements of the Act as to residence
may be satisfied by residence upon the
said land.
Application for a patent should be made
at the.end of three j'ears before the.local
agent, sub agent or a homestead inspector.
' Before making an application for a
patent the settler must give six months'
notice in writing to the commissioner of
Dominion lands at Ottawa, of his intention to do so.
Deputv of the Minister of the Interior.
Ottawa, Feb. 4, 1905.
" centrally located. Membership solicited.
- F. W. Groves E. Waterman,
President. Secretary.
H. Cowan, Treasurer.
Of excellence which characterize the
are sy metrical and staunch main frame, simple- and
powerful gears, perfect and frictionless bushings, direct
stroke pitman, and long steel wearing plates for the
knife. The McCormick line of mowers, embraces the
Vertical Lift, New 4, New Big 4, and Little Vefftical.
These machines are illustrated and described in^detail
an the McCormick book for 1904,'."It Takds the
Palm, | which will be supplied free Upon requesf'.
 ^m ^--m. •■*£•* m. k %,    m •$%
'#HE ^LM4-L4SiA MEEN    STAR S3 1 1905
§        The
&           . .wi^£44%
. ■ •tfto*\,+\{r-'£M
af*f-i-^*j v^sj
, .   , •   . .-■■    .
5. *p"?iL* #-^l£*#
a*m ** /. ****** h*
■*«*■• V-MCn-M-lHsl
'iS'^^fc *»<tip . jtiffi
j^^IFl^^^prUATEt^at me Mb oftfhe Similkameen and Tuiameen leavers.   The ^JSINESS CEN-
■^tRE f^r the followirig~-Mining;S^Mpstr^^"'P?JjS^f'"' ■!^0fi^^S!
Kennedy,   Mountain,  'Friday, Boulder: and' Granite' Creeks,
Summit, TttSSKe 'RrvlSF,  Uppef 'Tuiameen and Aspen Grove.
£s& $w^»£'wS]- *»£:-&& .^^SwS* *~r*;-
l^^^,Elor,.Jhe Similkameen District
.. -^I'
>•*** sy*-tT^», -»HP*»i
Btie^mou^^feici^W^L Area to Draw from     „
^k-#r a^pt?   tm l3_        . ... .   .    ,
PRESENT PRICES OF LOTS—From $3.od1 far $10 Per Frbrit Foot|i Size bfrrlfts
50x100 Feet and 33x100 Feet. Terms-=-One=Third Cash; Balance Three and Six flonths
with Interest at*Six Per Cent Per Annum.
f- I ' "ii"- »' - J^    ^&* ^ i
.jVItS ft
Send for Map. and Price List | to
Resident  Manager        -^Jlll§| i
Agents for the CANADIAN ORB CbNCB|TJI^^X0"^K:MlTBD (Blmore Oil Process;)


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