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Similkameen Star 1903-11-28

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 . Mineral Products of the Similkameen and Nicola Districts are Gold, Platinum, Silver, Copper, Lead, Iron and Coal.
Twice-a-Week Mail; Agricultural and Timber Lands; "Water Power; Splendid Fishing; All Kinds of Game; 144 Miles to Vancouver.
Vol. iv.   No. 33.
$2 a Year.
Princeton is Up-to-Date With
Its First Board of Trade
—Vigorous Railway
Agitation Foreshadowed.
The adjourned public meeting held
Friday evening the 20th inst. to further
consider the question of a railway into
the Similkameen was unanimous in a
vigorous forward movement for the early
construction of a railway. The chairman, C. E. Thomas, pointed out the necessity for thorough organization and
equipment for the railway campaign
. begun. There must be no looking back,
now that we have put our hands to the
plough and he felt sure that with the
help of Hedley and other sister tc
there would be such pressnre brought
into play as would remove all obstacles
to the end and aim desired.
The petitions to the Dominion and
provincial governments were cansidered
in committee of the whole and after s
amendments were finally adopted and
ordered to be printed.
On the suggestion of the chairmai
garding the style and designation of the
organization   it  was   moved   by  J.
. Wright seconded by A. F. Gwin that this
meeting resolve itself into the Princeton
Board of Trflcle wfth officers as elected 1
the previouBame«ing ana that in futui
it be known! asffiblytf-Carried.        <>
L. W. Shitfor^/MX.A., was invited to
become patron and honoj^rytjwesident
of the Princeton Itoagfl^rTradA       /
The secretary w^s^jftquested to procure'
a copy of the Kamloops Board of Trade
by-laws and regulations for consultat on
in the framing of one tor Princeton.
The meeting adjourned to meet on
the following Wednesday.
At the meeting of the Princeton Board
of Trade Wednesday night a goodly
number of members and others were
present. After the minutes had beeu
read and adopted the president, C. E.
Thomas, stated that he had intimation
from C. E. Oliver, Hedley, from whom,
as one of the petition committee appointed to interview Mr. Bullock-Webster regarding the circulation and presentat on
of it, a report was expected, that he had
been detained and could not be present
tonight. He hoped to be here at the
next meeting of the Board.
The membership fee was fixed at a half
dollar per month and nearly all present
signed the roll.
Judge Murphy of Granite creek, being
present, was invited to address the Board j
which he did by offering some sound
advice and expressing heaity approval of
the action of the Princeton Board of
Trade in petitioning for a railway. The
great need of the country today
railway through the Similkameen to the
coast by the most direct route, and if he
could assist the promotion of that project
by becoming a member of the Board and
signing the petition he would only he
too happy in doing so. His experience
with boards of trade convinced him that
they were most useful institution:
wished that he lived nearer Princeton
so that he might be a regular attendant
at the meetings.
Thos. Rabbitt of Otter Flat expressed
himself as in hearty sympathy with the
object and aims of the Board of Trade
and believed it would accomplish much*
good. There were many things for which
a board of trade was eminently adapted,
and he was of opinion that one of its
most useful purposes was in <
ing reliable information regarding the
resources of the country.
Permanent quarters for the Board of
Trade have been secured in what is known
as the Harris block.
The meeting adjourned to meet
Wednesday evening at 7:30.
His Sad End. j  *?
What could appeal to human sympathies more than the loss of friend and
playmate? How the tremulous chord of
affection vibrates and thrills our being
when the last farewell is given and the
last token of fond regard is dropped—1
tear! Those who had met him in thei:
hurried round of duty or others who
sought his company in playful mood from
day to day little weened his breath w<
be so suddenly wafted away on the crisp
November air, never, nevermore to reani
mate those lustrous eyes or wag its stunt
ed tail. At half past two on Monday th<
king of the zoo, "Denis Lynx," passed
in his checks and took his last leap, out
into the great unknown. His end wai
sad although it was caused by a rope'!
end in a running noose. It held taut
just abaft his whiskers and his name
surely "Denis" in a twinkling. With a tear
in one eye and the other eye closed, Tuck,
the trainer, paused for a moment over the
limp form then grabbing it by a hind leg
he flung it over the fence, exclaiming
"Ye divil, ye'll scratch me no more!"
Hedley Requires Better Hail Service.
It has been learned that the long expected twice-a-week mail from Penticton
not likely to be put into effect for some
me, at least. The P.O. department accepted Mr. Welby's offer of $500 for the
extra service, but he has now refused to j
sign for that figure. There ought to be
at least two mails a week for Hedley as
its importance fully warrants it and pub-
convenience demands it. There is
need also of better facilities for handling
mail in the Hedley office.
That is the Term Applied to]
the Similkameen—Hedley
has Work for  All-
Candidate for the
k" Robert Stevenson and A. F. Gwin ai
at Copper mountain and are running
100-foot tunnel on the Jubilee.
►—It is reported that the Nickel Plate
people have leased the Similkameen Valley Coal Co's diamond drill and will
prospect some coal claims in this vicii
t- Hiram L. Schisler, sawyer at Tillm
sawmill, was struck in the eye with 1
bounding piece of board from a saw
a serious wound inflicted. Mr. Schisler
strove to remain at his post but was <
pelled to seek medical aid later.*
The report which got into the press of I
last week that a closing down of work
on the Nickel Plate was contemplated is
authoritatively denied. The management has no desire to stop work and only
some unforseen circumstance will cause
any cessation. The Nickel Plate has
been the salvation of this end of the
district, the croakers to the contrary notwithstanding. Hedley is a hive of industry, and just now the pride of the Similkameen.     	
Similkameen Is All Eight.
D O. Day left here about two months
ago for Poplar creek in the Lardeau. In
a letter to Tuck French he states that he
had located a 30-inch lead of good looking quartz but had no assays. There arc
some fine showings in the camp and free
gold is found everywhere. The leads a
from 2 inches to 3 feet wide, which lie
white quartz with arsenical iron and
galena. A claim was sold for $35,000
which has an 8-inch lead carrying free
gold and native silver which certainly
was one of the prettiest showings he had
ever seen. At the time of his writing
the times were quiet and every indication of them remaining so this winter.
The hotel and saloon business is over
done, there being six in the camp.
Davy concludes by saying: "This country is all right, but with all its good showing I honestly believe we have just as
good, if not better, propositions in the
Similkameen, but as a specimen camp
this fe-surely a peach."
A Kan to Eepresent Us.
Editor Star— Sir: I notice in your
editorial last week that you voice the
sentiments of a large majority of the
voters of this electoral district when you
state the requirements necessary in the
man who would aspire to represent us
in the local legislature or in the House
of Commons.
He must be fearless and strong, and
not a mere tool of his party, placing the
interests .of his constituents and the
country at large above those of party ism,
a man not to be cowed or relegated to a
back seat because his party leaders may
happen to have big schemes of graft on
hand and no desire to waste their time in
considering the needs of a sparsely settled constituency that, in their estimation,
really ought to be content with the small-
Such a man is to be found in Dr. A. C.
Sinclair, who is among the aspirants for
the honor of representing Yale-Cariboo
in the House of Commons at Ottawa. It
is not necessary for me to enumerate the
services rendered, by the Dr. to the Liberal party in the past, as they are generally well known by those who have
taken any interest in political matters in
this province during the past decade.
Those who know the Dr. are aware that
he possesses the attributes that go to
make a successful representative of the
people. He is fearless and outspoken,
his keen perception enables him to steer
clear of all pitfalls. His long experience
in matters political, not only pertaining
to this province, but to the whole Dominion, renders him an authority. His judgment is quick, keen and decisive and his
honesty of purpose is beyond dispute.
Most of us who are personally acquainted
with Dr. Sinclair believe that he would
make a good representative.
It has been hinted that as the Dr. is nonresident in this constituency he should
be barred, but this is a foolish contention.
He has been for nearly ten years a resident in Kootenay, which, until the recent redistribution of seats, was a part of
Yale-Cariboo electoral district, and very
recentljv he has informed me that it is
his intention to take up his residence in
the Similkameen next year, chiefly on
account of the delicate state of health of
his daughter.
I have been intimately acquainted with
the Dr. for many years, and have always
found him to be a square man. I do not
think we could entrust our suffrages in
safer hands, because, with his nearly half
century of experience he is not likely to
make the mistakes that would be apt to
fall to the lot of a younger man. Besides,
the Dr. is not a nonentity and surely we
in Yale-Cariboo have borne the affliction
of being represented by a nonentity long
As  Dr.   Sinclair  is   so   well  known
throughout the province as the "old war
horse of the  Liberal   party" it will be
superfluous for me to say more now.
Yours truly,
Olalla, Nov. 23. R. W. Northey.
Snow is fast disappearing on the, hills
thanks to the balmy chinook.
Whist is in vogue at Hedley.
November 28, 1903
The Similkameen Star
. Published Weekly at
— Princeton, B. C. —
The Princeton Publishing Co.
A. E. Howse, Manager.
Domestic, One Year, fi.oo
Foreign, One Year (3.00
Payable Invariably in Advance.
Subscribers will confer a favor on this office by
promptly reporting any change in address or
rrcgularity in receipt of their paper.
Advertising rates furnished on application.
Legal notices 10 and 5 cents per line.
Four weekly insertions constitute one month
All cheques to be made payable to
More convincing proof could not'
be found of the incompetency of
our provincial governments than
the wholly unbusinesslike methods
with which the financial affairs of
British Columbia are conducted,
whereby the very foundations
of the country's prosperity, aye,
even its existence, is threatened.
Should the reckless pace of borrowing money (which it is now proposed
to continue by another loan of a
million dollars) be maintained it
will not be long until the province
is in the hands of a receiver. Or,
what would be rather unpleasant,
find the sheriff in possession of the
parliament buildings with its gilded
halls and expensive statue of Vancouver on the dome. In the end of
all financial crises of governments
the citizens are made to suffer by
increased taxation, or, if that fails,
seizure of private and public properties in satisfaction of debt, or, as
in the case of Venezuela, confiscation at the cannon's mouth.
For the past decade or more the
financial affairs of the country have
been entrusted to a class of men
who were void of the most ordinary
business instinct. The law of surplus and deficit they knew little
about and cared less. Each succeeding administration seems to
have vied with their predecessors in
power how near the verge of the
financial precipice they might venture without toppling over.' Now,
without any margin of credit, they
are at the very brink of the abyss ;
they have not that equilibrium of
brain which would enable them to
formulate a way out of danger, nor
have they courage to retrench and
return, forward is political death
and ruin to the province. Unfortunately for the present government
the day of judgment has fallen to
their lot, and all the blunders and
all the evils of prodigality have
cumulated upon the none too broad
shoulders of the present administration.
Nearly every finance minister of
the province in the past has made
an expensive pilgrimage to London
to borrow money. While there he
lives in regal style and banquets the
moneychangers with funds on which
the interest has not been paid. By
the time he gets back to Victoria
and has placed the money for expenditure by the government, ten
per cent of his million dollar loan
has been frittered away in so-called
"management." No country, nor
could any business concern stand
that kind of financiering.
No surprise is caused by the manager of the Bank of Commerce, the
principal creditor of the province in
Canada, expressing earnest solicitude for and warning to the Mc-
Bride government as to the financial policy to be pursued. But,
when that gentleman takes on the
role of censor to the Liberal party
and Liberal newspapers as to the
support they should give the government in their present dilemma
he has lost his reckoning and flounders in an unknown sea of political
ethics. Let him retire to his desk
and figure out dividends rather
than ask an opposing party to help
him "win his money back." Had
this and other banks withdrawn
their elastic accommodation to
B.C. governments there would have
been less of plunging into the vortex of financial degeneracy. There
has been a surfeit of dictation from
railway corporations in the past to
political parties and now the people
are confronted with bank domination and impudent suggestions.
If the banks and railway corporations would mind their own business as well as the Liberal newspapers attend to theirs they would
not have to invoke the aid of the
press when there are bad debts to
be collected or a loan to be made.
Only by lopping off useless expenses and the strictest economy in
every branch of government can a
sound financial status be given to
the province. There is no reason
why this province with its hundred
and fifty thousand or more of inhabitants should not be governed
proportionately as cheaply as a city
of that number of people. Half
the number of legislators (21)
with a cabinet of three would mean
a saving of nearly $50,000 per
annum, while another fifty thousand might easily be saved in cutting out the merely ornamental
figureheads with which each department is lavishly supplied. The
natural resources of the province
ought to produce revenue suflicient
for all public works and the development of the country.
To GEORGE H. COLLINS, of the City of Green-
wood, B.C.
Take notice that after the publication hereof
once each week for ninety days, j ou fail or rr
fuse to contribute your portion of- the expend
ture required by section 24 of the " Mineral Act,
being chapter 135, Revised Statutes of Britis
Columbia. 1897, in respect of the Little Pith,
burgh, Whale, Bullon Beck and Florence
mineral claims, situate on Twenty-Mile creek, in
the Osoyoos Mining Division of Yale District, British Columbia, together with all costs of
advertising, your interest in said claim shall become vested in your co-owner, Thomas Brad-
shaw, of Twenty-Mile Creek, Free Miner, who
has made the required expenditure. .$>.-
The amount due by you in respect of each 1
Queen Alexandria and Marquis of Lome mineral Claims, situate in the Similkameen mining division of Yale district.   Where located:
Copper mountain.
Take notice that I, Robert Stevenson, agent for
Ernest Victor Bodwell, free miner's certificate
No. B79660,  intend', sixty days  from  the date
hereof, to apply to the mining recorder for a certificate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a crown grant of the above claim.
of such certificate of improvements.
Dated this 1st day of October, a.d. 1903.
'.'• mineral claim, situate In the Similkameen
outing division of Yale district. Where
oca ted: On Otter, creek, west of and near
rfcPhail's ranch.
ke notice that I, Sydney R. Almond, acting
[ent for the other owners and myself: i. e.,
1 A. Cairns, free miner's certificate No. B
, James Snowden, free miner's certificate
372038 and Sydney R. Almond, free miner's
ficate No. B74427, intend, sixty days from the
a crown grant of the above claim.
And further take, 1
day of September, a.d. 1903,
Morning Star and B
: Summit camp.
the date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder
for a certificate of Improvements for the purpose
of obtaining a crown grant of the above claims.
And further take notice that action, under section 37, must be commenced before the issuance
Dated this 36th day of September, A.D*. 1903.  !
mineral clai
ie'Mining F
Where located : Kelly creek.
Take notice that Alexander D. Roi_,...
er'» -certificate No. B72016,  intends, sixty days
from the date hereof, to apply to "i-
corder for a Certificate of Impn
purpose ol obtaining a Crown G
And further take notice that action, under section 37, must be commenced before the issuance
rf soch Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this 26th day of September, A.D. 1903. -
_-■ appli
 jo acres, more or less, ofmoun.
land, described  as  follows:  Commencing
post marked V,EJn\ & D. Co., S.W. corner,
ortherly directio:
t bankol
o the m
of Whipsaw creek to the" intersection of the eas
line of Lot 148 with south bank of Whipsai
creek, thence due south along east line of Lot
i48toS.E. corner of Lot'*'"
due south to point of comm
Vermilion Forks Mini
Co'y, Limited. E. Waterman,
Dated Princeton, Oct. 27,1903. Agent
Sale of   Lands for Unpaid Delinquent Taxes in the
Princeton Assessment District, Province of Brit.
ish Columbia.
I hereby giv(
. „ock, noon T -
shall sell at public
.^. ^d }lst hereinafter
day of December, 1902, and for int«
 , the 7th day of D	
auction at Gov't offices, Princeton, the lands hereinafter Beset out, for the delinquent taxes unpaid by said persons on the ;
rest, costs and expenses, including the cost of advertising said si
Temple   mineral   claim,   s
liles fr
icreby notified that I have expend-
labour and improvements upon the
' nineral claim under the pro-
v.^.uuo ui imc mineral Act, and if within
ninety days from the date of this notice
you fail or refuse to contribute your proportions of the above mentioned sum, being $107.00,
which is now due and payable, together with
all costs of advertising,  your interest 111 said
'Thirty days after date I intend to apply to the
■ Chief Commissioner of Lands and works for
a license to prospect for coal on the following
'Thirty days afterdate I intend to apply to the
1 Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for
a licence to prospect for coal on the following
described lands:
Situated on the south bank of theSimilka-
it the S.E. corner of
80 chains east, 80 chains north, back to initis
post, in all about 640 acres.
C O. FRENCH, Locator.
THIRTY days after date I  intend to apply tc
for a license to prospect forcoal on the following
described lands :—
' Commencing at an initial post planted at the
N.W. corner of J. H. Jackson's coal claim (L 239
Commencing at an  initial post   planted  at
Bromley's S.E. corner, [L 406J thence south 40
Where located: On Kennedy mountain.
Take notice that I, F. W. Groves,, free mine:
certificate No. B72044 acting for myself and Jol
McLean, free miner's certificate No. B6i8io,i
tend sixty days from the date hereof, to abply
the mining recorder for a certificate of improi
ments,   for  the  purpose  of obtaining a croi
And further take notice that action, under si
tion 37 must be commenced before the issuan
of such certificate of improvements.
Dated this 3rd day of October, 1903.
Summit No. 2 mineral claim, situate in the Sim
ilkameen mining division of Yale district
Where located: Summit Camp.
Take notice that Frank Lambert, free miner's
certificate No. B77121, intend, sixty days from the
date hereof, to apply to the mining, recorder foi
a certificate of improvements, for the purpose ol
obtaining a crown grant of the above claim.
And further take 1 otice that action, under sec
tion 37, must be commenced before the issuance
of such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this 26th day of September, A.D. 1903.
Frank Lambert.
described lands:
e I Intend to apply to the
- of Lands and Works for
■ coal on the following
Commencing at a   stake (situate,
eing about fifty chains south from
Dissolution of Partnership
The partnership heretofore
s Thynne & DeBarro is this
ccounts are made payable to
 November 28, 1903.
Rev. J. Stewart, missionary at Prince
ton last summer, and recently at Fair
view, has removed to Truro, N.S.
Rev. Mr. Lang has the contract for
painting the large hotel at Hedley. The
bar will be painted in a fine style of
the art.
F. P. Cook of G
for a
/(~ Joe White is freighting coal to Oli
and gets return loads   of merchandise
from Penticton.
250 dozen of eggs received at the A. E.
Howse Co's store for Xmas plum pud
dings and cake.
y, Jack McFarlane, Jim Campbell, J
Gulliford and J. E. Coulter killed nine
deer the other day. Sam Spencer ant
Jim Campbell have gone into the Ash
nola country for big horn and grizzlies
Tuck French is getting his gun ready for
coon, lynx and cougar, Kit Sumi
is hunting goose for Santa Claus, Judge
Murphy has gone afishing with s
3 star bait in an inside pocket and the
old man Wright is watching a hen 1
in town. It looks as if there would be
no shortage of Christmas cheer.
AI Johnson   returned from the c
Thursday.     He  did   not  try the Hope
pass tearing the snow would be too deep.
Jim Jameson was arrested last Sunday
by high constable Hunter who took hi:
to Hedley and placed him in charge of I
special constable   Frank Bailey of ti
Similkameen city townsite company, who
up t<
who will h
> provincial constable Haynes
ale him before the magisi
who will try him for escaping from chief]
constable Nesbitt of Penticton who wtil
in a condition approaching the   bordei
land of   somnolency    his   charge   fled
and will now show cause for prisoner'
■ .further   apprehension    and   conviction
The  law  and justice though somewha
tardy and circumambient do not always
fail in their functions.   Jameson is (
on bail now and will  appear for trial
or about the 2nd prox. at Hedley.
Judge Murphy is a yisitor to Princeton
for a few days.
T. Rabbitt came to town on a business
mission last Tuesday.
Fresh raisins,   currants  and   candiec.
peel at the A. E. Howse Co's, L'd.
A General Banking Business
A general banking business transacted
by the Bank of Hamilton. Capital
$ Reserve Fund $1,700,000.
Interest allowed on Savings Bank deposits of one dollar and upwards from
date of deposit to date of withdrawal.
A. H. SKEY, Agent, Kamloops, B. C.
centrally lo
J. Waterman,
3 Otter Flat, the;
A sitting of  the County Court ol Yale
will be held at Princeton on  Monday,
January nth,  1904, at 10 o'clock, a.m.
By Order,
Registrar County Court.
Princeton, Nov. 7, 1903.
Hedley, B.C.
Also at FAIRVIEW, B.C.
A. R. COLL., SC. D.,
Civil and Mining Engineer
PRINCETON.     -   -     B. C.
J. PERCY & Co.,
Clothing, Top Shirts and
A Strong
Manitoba Hard Wheat
and the Lake of the
Woods   Milling   Co'y
Try Best Patent Brand.
JAS. J. LOUTIT,   Agent,
Box 158 Vancouver, B. C.
Analysis of Coal and Fire- |
clay a Specialty.
mplete Coking Quality Tests.        J
Reliable PLATINUM Assays.
Largest Sale in Canada \
Subscribe for the Star, only $2
per annum.
I Hedley City Stored
A Complete New Stock of General nerchan-
Jf dise always on hand,
P Groceries, Dry Goods, Men's Furnishings, Boots and Shoes; also
P Builder's Supplies, Shingles, Doors, Windows, Paints, Wall
1 Paper, Hardware, Stoves, Nails, Drill Steel,
i Harness and Saddlery.
i Headquarters for Enderby Hungarian Flour, Northwest Oats, &c
Wood, Vallance & Leggat, Ltd.,
Miners', Logging and Mill supplies
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flaple Leaf and King Quality Rubbers.
Vancouver, B. C. J. LECKIE CO., Limited.
November 28, 1903
Gold and Copper Mines In the Great
Coal Basin.
Charles F. Law, one ot the best knowi
mining men in British Columbia, has just
returned from a lengthy trip through the
Similkameen, says the Vancouver Province. The only thing, according to Mr.
Law, that is needed to make the Similkameen famous is a railroad, and he does
not see how railway construction can be
deferred much longer. There is no other
district in the province that is so extensively mineralized as the Similkameen.
There arc rich deposits of copper and
gold everywhere. What is more the
Similkameen has its own coal and can
make its own coke. Hedley City, for
instance, which will be supported by the
Hedley mines, is only a short distance
away from the coal deposits, which have
been developed enough to absolutely
prove the existence of immense quantities of fuel. Mr. Law believes that steps
will be taken shortly to work the mi
but it is hardly likely that any shipping
to the outside can be done until the building of a railroad. The Hedley mines
people will build a smelter as soon as
they Can get material. The work will
not commence, it may be, this year, but
they have a timber cruiser in the hills
selecting limits for several millions of
feet of timber already. There will be
enough outside business offered to make
-the smelter pay from the beginning, be
sides the large amount of ore that the
Hedley mines will furnish. Mr. Law
says that there are two mines in the Similkameen that have probably the biggest
deposits of ore in British Columbia. One,
the Portland, is a veritable mountain of
copper, and is so situated that it will be
able to be worked easily and economically. With the advent of a smelter,
which will have coke so near, the owners
of the mine should receive good profits
from the start. The other is a deposit of
gold, and is named the Cousin Jack. It
is over 300 feet wide. The gold can be
panned out, and, though the most of the
surface is low grade, there is so much of
it, the deposit is so vast, that it is almost
impossible to imagine what the mine is
really worth. In places, though, the ore
goes very rich, as much as two and three
ounces per ton being washed out. The
property is owned by some millionaire
lumbermen in Wisconsin, who apparently do not know what they have got.
She—Why does woman take a man's
name when she marries him ? He—Why
does she take everything else he's got ?
Doctor—Well Pat, did you take the
box of pills I sent you. Pat—I did that,
but I don't feel any better; I expect the
lid have'nt come off yet.
Teacher—What is a millionaire, Ras-
tus? Rastus—I s'pose it's a gent what
has all  de  watahmillions dat he wants,
Hotel Tulameen
The Largest and Most Homelike Hotel in Princeton is now
open for the travelling public.
Our bar is stocked with the
Best of Wines, Liquors and
Cigars. Special efforts will be
made in the Cullinary Department, and tables will be furnished with the best the market
Just Opened
Flrsi Class Dining Room
Ncwn fine*
Good Beds
..No Chinese Employed-■
HUSTON & McLEAN, Proprietors
The Hotel has been thoroughly renovated and refitted.
Everything First Class.
No pains spared to please the public.
Table supplied with best the market affords.
Fine Wines, Liquors and;Cigars.
Headquartersifor Princeton, Spence's Bridge and Kamloops
Stage Dines.
Hotel I Jackson
^^wv-The Leading Hotel^^w^
This Hotel, having
passed into new manage*
ment, will be found first
class in every department.       r> •*
Hot and Cold Water
Baths.     ** «■*
Good Stables
Hotel - Jackson
Princeton, B*C.
5 •
November 28, 1903.
Prospects For Bailway Into the Similkameen Valley.
The present status of the Coast-Koote-
nay railway situation is interesting and
not entirely unsatisfactory. There is e
growing impression among the well-
informed that the southern Okanagan
and west Yale districts'will see considerable railway construction accomplished
within the next twelve months.
There is a crying need for a through
line from Midway to the coast, and there
are several different outfits an
undertake the work of construction, but
considerable double-dealing is being a1
tempted behind the scenes, and despei
ate efforts are being made to gouge out of]
the Dominion as well as the provincial
government the fattest kind of fat subsi-
The Midway & Vernon Co., which is
generally supposed to be an offshoot of
the C.P.R., has secured a Dominion grant
of more than $6000 per mile and there
no doubt that Sir Thomas Shaughnessy
has already arranged for the fii
of the road. The road will follow the
east shore of Okanagan lake from V
to Kelowna and then cross the divide and
proceed to Midway along the west fork of
the Kettle river.
The Vernon and Midway lit
from being a coast to Kootenay road, and
it will be found very inadequate for the
needs'of southern and south weste:
in fact it will be of no benefit to any
point west of Okanagan lake. Then
there is the lower Fraser valley to be
considered. Chilliwack and the broad,
fertile, stretches along the south shore of
the Fraser are without any transportation facilities worth mentioning. Nothing short of a railway through this d s-
trict from the coast to the southern interior will be of any use to the farmers
and lumbermen thereabouts. A
Kootenay railway extending as
as Midway would traverse the richest
country in southwestern British Columbia, the Similkameen, and, in a comparatively short time become the most profitable line in western Canada.
At present there are two separate concerns that talk of building a coast to
Kootenay railway. One is the Vancouver, Victoria & Eastern' company, and
the other is an outfit nominally known,
as the McLean Bros. They are supposed
to bitterly rival each other and both are
supposed to have their origin in Vancouver. The V. V. & E. is generally thought
to have the Great Northern (Jim Hill)
behind it, while the financial backers of
the McLeans are somewhat of a
Thanks to either the stupidity
carelessness of Premier McBride and his
predecessors, these two companies have
jockeyed the legislature and the public
until everybody has become disgusted,
and the long suffering residents of the
Similkameen and the lower Fraser have
been driven to desperation. While it is
true that the V.V. & E. people have expressed their willingness to build a
through line without delay and without
subsidy, the provincial government continues to obstruct their attempts in that
connection. The McLeans are supposed
to have $100,000 deposited with the provincial treasurer as a forfeit if they fail
to do certain things towards constructing
a road. They are also supposed to get a
bonus of $4000 a mile from the province.
However, they demand more assistance
and have asked the Dominion government for an additional $10,000 per mile,
making the huge bonus of $14,000 per
mile, which they claim they would have
got but for the retirement of Mr. Blair
from the department of railways.—Rossland Miner.
THIRTY days after date I Intend to apply
the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Wor
for a license to prospect for coal on the following
Commencing at a stake marked N.E. corn
W. C. Lyall's coal claim,
And running south So chains, along the we
side of A. S. Jackson's coal claim, west 80 chain
Arlington, Canadian Belle, Canadian Boy Fraction, mineral claims, situate in the Similk"
meen   mining   division of Yale   distr:
Where located : On Copper mountain, east
Wolf creek.
Take notice that I, N. F. Towme'nS, acting
:ate No. B75477, Intend, sixty days from the da._
rereof, to apply to' the" Mining Recorder for a
Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of
3btalning a Crown Grant of the above claiir-
And further take notice that action, undei
lenced before the issi
Style, Comfort and Durability
For    Connoisseurs   Only.
Can be had at all first-class hotels throughout the province.
Sole Agents*
Fall & winter
Flannelette Sheets
Wool and Fleece=lined Underwear
Tweed and Wool Overshirts
Socks, Mitts and Gloves
Our   Stock of   Staple and
Fancy Groceries is
■ n ^* K &/
November 28, 1903
British Columbia.
Lots for
• • • aZ^cIIC • • •
From $2.00 to$10.
Per Front Foot**^^
Size of Lots 50x100
Ft and 33xJ00 Ft.
Terms: \ -3 Cash;
BaL 3 and 6 months,
with interest at 6 per
cent per annum. •#
Government Head-
quarters for the Similkameen District.
BEAUTIFULLY SITUATED at the Forks of the Similkameen and Tulameen Rivers. The BUSINESS CENTRE for the following,. Mining Camps:— Copper Mountain
Kennedy Mountain, Friday, Boulder and Granite Creeks,
Summit, Roche River, Upper Tulameen and Aspen Grove.
and pure WATER
wwwwww w wwwwww
Send for Map and Price List to «£ <*\*& *& *&
Resident Manager VERMILION FORKS


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