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 Vol. iv.   No. 7.
$2 a Year.
McLean   Brothers and Great
Northern, are Both to
Build Railroads.
Prom opposite sides of the continent
news comes this week of the railways
that are soon to give this district much
needed transportation.
D. G. Macdonell, solicitor for McLean
Bros., who has just returned to Vancouver from Ottawa, is reported by the Province as saying that the indications are
the Dominion government will grant the
aid asked for by the promoters, and as
they have other financial arrangements
practically completed, the granting of
the subsidy will insure going ahead with
the Coast-Kootenay immediately.
The proposition for the subsidy will
come before the Dominion house
as the application of the Grand Trunk
Pacific has been disposed of.
President Hill of the Great Northen
is credited by the Spokesman-Review oi
Spokane with   having said in
New York interview:
" We shall extend a spur to the Granby
smelter at Grand Forks, B.C , at
It is our purpose also to build into the
Okanagan and Similkameen country,
I am not prepared to say now how soon
we shall extend the line to Phoenix.
But we must develop that northern territory. They need coke. There is fine
coking coal in the Crow's Nest and We
have a fine road there now.
ready to haul the coke and coal, but it
has to be made first. We are going,to
extend two branches up north. We will
build into the Okanagan country and the
Similkameen. Yes, it is the V.V. &
but most of the line will be on this side
of the boundary."
Granby Coke Supply.
On account of the uncertain supply ofl
coke from the Crow's Nest Pass Coal Co.
a company closely identified with the
Granby Co. has been organized to develop coal lands near Blairmore, Alta.,
for the purpose of furnishing the Granby
smelter a regular and sufficient supply ofl
coal and coke.
A. force of men is now at work developing three different seams. It is reported
that a contract has been let for the erection of one hundred coke ovens.
After losing its best customer the
Crow's Nest Pass Coal Co. will, doubtless,
realize that it does not pay to be continually at war with its miners.
The force of men working for the
Nickel Plate Co. in Hedley camp has
been increased to about fifty.
Our Olalla correspondent reports work
being pushed ahead as fast as possible on
the Bullion mine and all the workings
looking well.
On  Boulder Creek,  Will Be
Extensively  Developed
This Season.
Mr. A. Gallinger, manager for the
Boulder Mining Co., was in town Wednesday and returned to Boulder camp the
following day. While here he engaged
Jas. Snowden and Gus. Savage, who are
leaving today for the Cousin Jack, where
they will continue the tunnel started last
Mr. Gallinger intends also to drive
another tunnel lower down, which will
give a greater depth on the lead, and will
then work two or three shifts instead of
Last year's development work on
Cousin Jack was most encouraging, and
the work now being started should demonstrate more fully the value of the
Resolution Endorsed.
A prominent Kootenay member of the
executive of the Provincial Mining Association writing in connection with the
resolution passed by the Princeton
branch regarding the Provincial mi
alogist, says: "I think your branch has
done well in calling attention to the gross
shortcomings of the Provincial mineralogist, who is nothing but a detriment to
the industry he ought to encourage."
It Shows Up a Promising Ore Body
-Under Work.
Bert Thomas returned late last week
from doing assessment on the Diamond
Dot claim on Copper mountain and reports great improvement in the appearance of the claim as a result of the
work done.
He extended an open cut 12 feet and
now has about 10 feet of good ore un
ered with only one wall in sight. The
cut is s}4 feet deep and 6y£ feet wide.
The matrix of the vein is a felspathic
rock and the wall discovered is diorite.
The ore shows large quantities of magnetite and hematite through which chalcopyrite is well disseminated. Assays
show from $3 to $7 in gold and 3^ t<
4 per cent in copper. Baker & Co.
platinum refiners of Newark, N. J., also
reported platinum in commercial quantities in the ore, which could be saved in
treating it for the gold and copper contents. 	
A General Banking Business
Is transacted by the Bank of Hamilton.
It has a reserve fund of over three-fourths
capital. Interest allowed on Savings Bank deposits of one dollar and
upwards from date of deposit to date ol'
withdrawal. A. H. SKEY, Agent, Kamloops, B.C.
Are Obtained from Reco Claim
in Combination Camp,
Copper Mt'n.
A. Bryant, one of the owners of the
Reco claim in Combination camp, situated about two miles up the Similkameen
river from the Sunset mine on the
has just finished
on the property
e carrying excep-
n gold and 18 per
Copper mountain side,
the fourth assessment
and reports striking o
tionally good gold valu
One  assay  ran  $45
cent copper; the other $28.80 in gold and
7.5 per cent copper.
The lead is about four feet wide and
has been traced by open cuts a distance
of 700 feet or more.   The vein matte
a limy quartz well mineralized with i
and copper pyrites and showing in pli
arsenical iron and  pyrrhotite, the latter
running 7 to 8 per cent in coppei
rule.   The vein appears to be a contact
one - lying   between   a dyke of diorit
heavily   impregnated   with iron, and
About ten claims have been staked
the camp so far, some of which have
good showings, but as yet very little
work has been done off any of them.
The large gold returns from the Reco
should have the effect of stimulating th<
development of nearby claims.
The Day Celebrated by Sport and
Dance at Keremeos.
Owing to Fairview celebrating the
same day the crowd at Keremeos on the
25th and 26th was not a very large
The baseball match between Hedley
and Keremeos was won by the former
with a score of 13 to 5. The football
match was played by two teams chosen
on the grounds.
V. Ryder, the only Princeton sport
taking part, won the high jump and the
hop stepand-jnmp and made a tie on the
standing jump. He and Ed. Richter
also won the three-legged race.
An enjoyable dance was held in the
Conkling-Richter hall on the evening of
the 26th.
Jas. Snowden, who has spent the winter at Mt. Vernon, Wash., returned to
town Tuesday last, coming in over the
Hope trail.
Rev. Mr. Stewart, late of Wapella, in
the Northwest Territories, arrived in town
late last wesk and will take up the work
of the Rev. Mr. Mason in this section.
Mr. Stewart has been over a good part of
,C. and is favorably impressed with the
possibilities of the Similkameen. Particulars as to services will be found on
another page.
Brief  Local News Items and
Personal Mention of People Here and There.
P. N. Ham, who has been connected
with the Star for the past two years, left
On Sunday's stage for Vancouver where
he will engage in business for himself.
While in Princeton he made many friends
who wish him well in his new undertaking.
Alex. D. Macintyre, the well known
barrister of Kamloops, will be here to
attend county court on June 9th.
A meeting of the Princeton Mining
Association will be held in the dining
room of the Hotel Tulameen on Wednesday evening, June 3rd at 8 p.m. A
full attendance of members is desired.
Church services will be held in the
school house here in future.
F. W. Groves, P.L.S., left on Thursday
for the head of Otter Creek where he
will survey some mineral claims belonging to Snowden Bros.
J. B. Wood of this place killed a cinnamon bear on Tuesday last about two
miles from town up the Ashnola road.
The bear was killed with a single shot
from a 30-30 which broke its back.
Fred. Richardson, representing the
Ames, Holden Co. of Vancouver, and
E. B. Richardson, his brother, were
driven up from Penticton last week by
Angus McLean, of the Welby stage line,
reaching here on Saturday. They re- /
turned the following day.
T. Sloan came up from Hedley on Sunday last and will spend a few weeks on
his Five-mile ranch doing some fencing....
Ben Baker returned Monday fro\n*'«
doing assessment work on the Klondykfth
claim on Copper mountain belongingH^.
A. E. Howse. ^
C. O. French r^gp^lT^liday from
Pendleton, Ore., wUere he has been on a
visit to his family for several months.
Spearing and Pouwels who have been
bear hunting on Wolf Creek, trapped a
large black bear last week.
E. F. Voigt appeared before Magistrate Thomas on Thursday to answer a
charge of assault on a Chinese cook
named Jim Bole*, who had been in his
employ. The evidence was very conflicting. The magistrate adjourned the
case for a week to allow of the attendance
of another witness.
Wm. Law, an employee of the Chas.
Woodward Co. of Vancouver, made a
trip through the district this week, stopping here for a day.
E. J. Dunsmoor is removing his entire -
drug stock to Hedley City, as he finds it
difficult to look after two stores so far
Published Weekly at     _
A. E. HOWSE,  - Manager.
lyable Invariably in Adva
All cheques to be made payable fc
Sir Thoinis Shaughnessy, President of the Canadian Pacific Railway Co., stated in his evidence before the committee of the legislature investigating the C. & W. land
scandal, that the reason the C.P.R.
would not agree with the B.C. government to construct the Midway to
Spence's Bridge line, was because
their B.C. lines already built were
not profitable.
As an instance, we suppose, he
would refer to the Shuswap and
Okanagan branch, which was built
by an independent company and is
now operated by the C.P.R., the
annual losses on which are paid by
the government from the pockets of
the taxpayers of the Province. ,
The Slocan branch is another
short line that may show a small
balance on the wron'g side, but
when Sir Thomas included all their
branch lines he surely forgot the
Columbia & Western, or else his
statement was made for the purpose
of deceiving the people of the
We are credibly informed that the
C. & W. was earning 6 per cent, on
its cost before the big mines of the
Boundary had shipped a pound of
Ore over it, and mining statistics
show that during- the year 1901
nearly 400,000 tons of ore were carried to the smelters at Grand Forks,
Greenwood, Boundary Falls and
Trail, besides the large quantities of
coal and coke'brought in from the
Crow's Nest Pass for the use of the
smelters in treating this large tonnage.
Another thing that tends to cast
doubt on the statement is Hill's
anxiety to build into the Boundary
in order to get a share of this traffic.
Hill is not generally looked upon as
a fool in money matters and it is
not likely he would wish to divide
a business that is already unprofitable to the company at present controlling it. It would be wise therefore for the people of B.C. to take
Shaughnessy's statement with a
large pinch of salt. He probably
made it for the purpose of discouraging rival roads, and as a reason
for  asking   the government  for a
large subsidy when the C.P.R. i
prepared to build.
Apropos of roads and road making, it might be well to call the
attention of the Lands and Works
Department to the desirability of a
road being built up the One Mile
Creek to Aspen Grove in order to
give the settlers between here and
there a chance to get in and out in
some less primitive way than on the
hurricane deck of a cayuse. Some
forty-seven people live between here
and Aspen Grove, and they have
built themselves a road about eight
miles up the stream" which serves a
number of them, but should be
extended through to oenefit all.
The road could be cheaply and
easily built, about $4,000 being the
limit it should cost. It would also
lessen the distance between here and
Nicola about twelve miles and give
an easier road to haul freight over
than the present one.
President Shaughnessy's evidence
in the investigation of the C. & W.
land grant shows that members of
our local government are little better than thieves and liars. Mclnnes
appears to be the only one whose
reputation has not been besmirched
and he is a recent addition to the
cabinet—which probably accounts
for his escape.
Editor Star—Sir : Having seen in an
advertisement in the Rossland World a
statement that a large smelter to cost
$1,000,000 was going to be erected at
Similkameen City, I should be obliged if
you would kindly inform me through the
columns of your valuable paper what
company proposes to erect this large
smelter, and when construction will start
on same? -Also, what sized town Similkameen City is, and is there much building going on there at the present time?
Is there a post office at Similkameen
City, and if not, what: is the nearest ?
B.C , May 18, 1903.
[In reply to ^Investor" we mightstate
that we know of no proposed smelter at
Similkameen City", the only project of
the kind near Hedley camp being that of
the owners of the Nickel Plate mine, who
recently acquired Indian reserve land
near Hedley City for smelter purposes.
When the construction of this plant will
commence we are at present unable to
say. - We have not heard of any recent
activity ?n, the building line at Similka-
; meen City. The nearest post office is at
Hedley City, three miles distant—Ed.]
May 31—Nickel Plate mine: Service   2
p. m.;   Hedley  City,  7:30  p.m.
Princeton, 3 p.m., S.S. 2 p.m.
June 7—Princeton: Service  11 a.m., S.S.
2 p.m.    Granite Creek, 7:30 p.m.
June 14—Princeton : Service 3 p.m.  S.S.
2 p.m.
June 21—Princeton: Service 11 a.m. S.S.
Granite Creek, 7:30 p.
sandWcolts of advSfsinl?16 by  paying
ton, May 9,1903.                                    j.27
TPHIRTY days from date we Intend to apply ti
for a quarry lease on the following describee
• Commencing; at a post placed at the southwes
corner, marked "O. & W's S.W. corner," anc
running; 20 chains north, 20chains east, 20 chain:
south, 30 chains west, back to post; in all 40 acres
Dated May 25,1903.
TpHIRTY days after date I  intend to apply t
Located 25th May.
Located 25th May. 1903.
Take Notice that wr, William Alfred Cooper
id Alfred Joseph Cooper, Free Miners' Certifi-
ites B54742 and B54743 respectively, intend,
xty days from the date hereof, to apply to the
lining Recorder for a Certificate of Improve-
..lents, for  the  purpose  of obtaining a Crown
NOTICE is hereby given  that sixty days after
date I intend to apply to the Chief Commis-
marked "G.M.," southeast corner,' and running
Princeton, May 20th, 1903.
aG""on the lettshouiclen   Owner ran 1
oving property and  paying  for
. COM,., SC.  D.,
Civil and Mining Engineer
PRINCETON.     -    -     B. C.
I PERCY & Co.,
Clothing, Top Shirts and
A sitting of  the County Court will be
held at   Princeton on   Tuesday, June 9,
1903- - ,   jf
By Order,
Registrar County Court.
Princeton, May 16th, 1903.
or  the Vermilion   Forks   Mining and Develop-
iga Crown Grant of the above claim
of such  Certificate of Improvements.   V
Dated this 28th day of March, 1003.
r the purpose of ob-
of such' certificate of improvement
Dated this 28th day of March, 191
:ouver, Home Rule and Jubilee No. 2 Min
ing Division of Yale District   When
lent Company, Limited, Free Miner's Certifi
ate No. B56486, intend, sixty days from dab
ereof, to apply to the  Mining  Recorder  for 1
Copper Cliff and Copper  Bluff Mineral  Claims,
ionUof Yale6 Distrirtr^here^lorated^
Copper Mountain.
Take noti< e that I, Peter Edmond Wilson, Free
Miner's Certificate No. B51146, intend, sixty days
rom the date hereof, to apply to the Mining Re-
iurpuse of obtaining a Crown Grant of the above
' And further take notice that action, under sec-
ion 37, must be commenced before the issuance
)f such Certificates of Improvements.
Dated this 29th day of April, A.D. 1903. j 20
NOTICE is hereby given that sixty days after
date I intend to apply to the Chief Commis-
For    Connoisseurs   Only.
Can be had at all first-class hotels throughout the  province.
Sole Agents*
" Bats " in Mining Properties
We never knew a mining property yet
that hadn't a "but" in it. Some flaw to
qualify its perfections; and why
speaking, or reporting, or describing
such a mine should it be considered
treasonable to mention the "but?"
it not a mark of straightforwardness and
truthfulness? Tennyson says "he is all
fault that is no fault at all."
If we read a prospectus of a mine
which makes that mine absolutely perfect, we mistrust that prospectus.
We should think more of the mine,
the prospectus, and the framers of that
prospectus if they frankly stated the
"but," the qualifying flaws. The mine
is all that could be desired, but it is
somewhat distant from a railroad, or,
but there is a scarcity of water, or, but
there is a scarcity of fuel, or but there is
a fault in it.
The promoter may tell you that if he
mentioned the qualifying conditions the
public wouldn't look at it. He must
make it  all  "coleur de rose," or they
Does he mean to say that the public
are afraid to look facts in the face, in
other words, that it loves, as Barnum
said, to be "humbugged?" We beg to
differ from him, and believe that if in
the long run every prospectus was absolutely honest and stated the whole truth,
both sides of the question, the merits as
well as the demerits of the property, the
public would have much more confidence
in prospectuses and mine descriptions
than they do have.
Can truth and facts hurt, and should
we be afraid to face them ? Will they
not pan out in the end ?
We think it was the late John Ruskin
who, after a seemingly merciless criticism
of a picture by a certain artist, concluded
his remarks by saying that "on the whole
the picture was the best work in the exhibition."—Rossland Miner.
A Great Corporation.
A great corporation is the Crow's Nest
Pass Coal Co. But if it had not wasted
so much time in fighting the miners, it
would now be in a condition to give an
adequate coke supply to Boundary and
Kootenay smelters. It requires 2,600
tons of coke weekly to supply the seven
furnaces of Boundary smelters, and at
last reports but 1,800 tons were being
manufactured.    In three months or less
three or four more furnaces will be ready
in our smelters, requiring some 1,400
tons of coke additional per week. New
coke ovens are being built, and it is to be
hoped they will soon be completed and
in operation.—Phoenix Pioneer.
New Iron Process.
An experiment that may revolutionize
the iron and steel industry of the country was successfully made at the plant ot
the Valley Iron Works, St. Paul, Minn.,
recently. Titanic iron, of which there
are billions of tons in northern Minne-i
sota, was smelted by a new process, and
turned out pig iron which polished up
like steel, and which, according to those
interested in the experiment, is better
than the finest Bessemer steel.
Advertising Pays.
Advertising certainly pays. In Florida not long ago a family lost a child
which they supposed had strayed away
from home and got lost. After searching
for three days the frantic parents placed
an advertisement in the nearest newspaper. Imagine the surprise of the parents upon going to the door the next
morning to see a monster alligator crawling upon the doorstep, where he disgorged the child alive and then died
himself. The "ad" cost but 25 cents,
it gave them back their darling
child ; they sold the alligator's hide for
$25, and the parents are showing the
child at a dime museum in that country
at $150 a week.   Does advertising pay ?
it's see. The Conservatives are divided between Dunsmuirites and the
other fellowites, the Liberals betwixt the
followers and cursers of Martin, the Labor party between the Foleyites and the
Debsites, the Mainland against the Island, the Kootenay against them both,
the C.P.R. against Jim Hill, the canners
against white labor, everybody against
the Celestials and the Japanese, the lead
smelters against the lead miners. The
lways are stealing all the land and the
grafters are dodging around the outskirts of the combatants picking up the
offal. Charming province British Columbia, and what a real lovely time we
going   to   have at the next general
ion.—Rossland World.
^^^***A*A^^^^^ *+/*+*+*++***+++++++/*+*****+/++/*++.
This Hotel, having
passed into new management, will be found first
class in every department.       *2      33      3
Hot and Cold Water
Baths.     JS      32      3
The Hotel has been thoroughly renovated and refitted.
Everything First Class.
No pains spared to please the public.
Table supplied with best the market affords.
Fine Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
Headquarters for Princeton, Spence's Bridge and Kamloops
Stage Iyines.
Subscribe for the STAR, andn&lUhNew*st
This finish is more popular this year than
ever, and has won its popularity by its durability, prettyjtints, and the easy mode of mixing and applying. Put up in 23 beautiful
shades and white. As your dealer for a
color card or send direct to
McLENNAN, McFEELY & Co., Ltd.,
Wholesale and Retail Hardware Merchants,
 May 30 1903.
Art of Making Friends. '
Margaret Stowe writes: There is
a man, woman or child among us but
who wants to be loved. It is born in us
—onejof the strongest instincts we have.
Even the gruffest and rudest of us will
thaw under the ray of true loving elfort
ou the. part of one who, seeing through
the external coating, loves the true being
ties which command the respect, adr
tion and affection of those with whom
we come in contact.
Brusqueness and gruffuess are not
signs of strong character or superiority
as so many are satisfied in believing, but
they are simply forms of laziness and selfishness which blind us to all the various
chances that appear continually for saying and doing kindness for others.
One who affects those characteristics
or allows them to remain in evidence
will soon become hardened, narrow and
mean.    ' 'Disagreeable,'' will be the nick
Before you leave your home each
morning set a guard over your motive
for the day. Say to yourself: "1
fair minded, tolerant, charitable
magnanimous toward all with whom I
Learn to be large-hearted with youi
rivals in business, and treat them fairly.
You will find this policy pays in the end,
and by it you will yourself become a
nobler man.
No one can give anything worth having to this world who is holding thoughts
of malice,   spite,  jealousy   or  revenge.
-Ignore such thoughts in others.   Hunt
for the good in people and you will bring
out the good in yourself.
-   It is contemptible to build up y
self by pulling others down.   Be glad of
the good fortune of others.    If some ot
in your  office   is advanced to a high
position   than    you,   congratulate   hi
heartily.   Do   not be narrow, mean, 1
allow petty jealousies to exist.   Be bros
and generous.
No   one   has   ever   known   a   mea:
stingy or uncharitable person to advan
very far in the world,  and even if they
happen   to   make   money they are despised in spite of it.
Many   a   man   has  gone  to the wall,
financially, because of his rude and gruffl
manners.   Nobody likes to patronize
mannered people.
The successful man, successful in
true sense of the word, turns the ct
monest events, the homeliest things, i
that which is beautiful in his life.
If you infuse the sense of beauty,
pleasure and harmony into the purpck
with which you follow the various en
ployments and professions of life, 11
matter how humble they may be, yc
are transformed at once from' Sn artlda
Any discontent you feel wftlTthe' 'work"
you are compelled to do comes from
your doing it in the spirit of a drudge.
Sydney Smith, when laboring as a parish
priest at Foston-le-Clay, in Yorkshire—
though he did not feel himself to be n
his proper element—went cheerfully to
work in the firm determination to do his
" I am resolved," he said, " to like it,
and reconcile myself to it, which is
more manly than to feign myself above
it, and to send up complaints by the
post of being thrown away, and being
desolate, and such trash."
j So it is true with the attracting qualities—if we resolve to bring them forward we can do it—and it is just as im-
' portant to set apart the time for the development of those qualities as for culti-1
vating the money-getting" instinct.
The most fascinating person is alway.
the one of the most pleasant
not the   one  of the greatest   pKyi
Copper Mining in California.
Alexander Sharp, of Rossland, B.C
well known mining engineer of the far
north, and who represents P. Burns of
Calgary, Alberta, the original invest
the copper   mines at   Santa   Cata
Lower California, is a guest at the Bi
ter hotel,   having  come   up  from   the
lower coast yesterday morning.
This is his second trip to the mines1 and
he will make another before returning
north with his report. His duties are tc
make a careful examination of the Burns'
interests at Santa Catarina, the understanding being that mining operations
likely to be resumed there with vigor
1 the n
Mr. Burns has put much money
the enterprise, and he has more for the
same purpose. He is called. "The Can
ada Cattle King." It was he who seni
Charlie Benton to the copper country of
the lower coast. Much will depend upon
the report of Engineer Sharp.—San Diego
Producing Zinc hy Electricity.
The   enormous deposits   of zinc
which have been discovered in British
Columbia promise to bring the province
to the front as a producer of this article
of commerce, as it is. now one of the
largest producers of the precious metals.
The question of cheap reduction of the
ore is then.a matter of importance to the
mine owners of this province, and they
will accordingly be interested in the
ports regarding Dr. DeLaval's success
this respect.    Experts in metallurgy
now satisfied  that Dr. DeLaval has s
ceeded in producing zinc from zinc i
by   electricity.     His experiments   took
place at Onan, and  the  manufacture  of
carbide, which has been  on a fairly extensive  scale  there   has,  it  is reported,
been discontinued and the production ofl
zinc byTJr: DeLaval's method adopted.
Taval   waif T&robably   led to his experiments with zinc  after  trying to separate
iron from ores by electricity.   An examining  board  has  reported favorably on
the method and the  result has been the
organization of a company to exploit the
invention.     The   minimum   capital has
already been subscribed and the compai
will start operations at once.
"Sir," began the crippled beggar, "I
have cork legs and "
"Don't need any today. Good day"
Lntwjfupted the ; busy merchant, absent-
Seals, Stencils, Price Markers', Printing Wheels, Numbering Machines,
Band Dating and Numbering Stamps,
Check Perforators, Rubber Type, Printing Presses, &c, &c.
Vancouver, B. C.
Largest Sale in Canada'
A Strong
Manitoba Hard Wheat:
and, tfie.'.JLake of the
Woods   Milling  Co'y»
Combine to produce the finest grade
of flour on the market.
Try Best Patent Brand.
JAS. J. LOUTIT,   Agent,
Box 158 Vancouver, B. C.
Hedley Meat Market,
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
Saddle Horses to All Points in the Similkameen.
Wood, Vallance & Leggat, Ltd.,
MinersV Lumber and Mill supplies.
B.   C*   Agents  for   Black  Diamond  Files*
Send us your orders by Mail, and they will receive Prompt and Careful Attention.
Hedley City Stored
A Complete New Stock of General rierchan-      f
dise always on hand, f
Groceries, Dry Goods, Men's Furnishings, Boots and Shoes; also 5
Builder's Supplies, Shingles, Doors, Windows, Paints, Wall a
Paper, Hardware, Stoves, Nails, Drill Steel,    ' T
Harness and Saddlery. f
Headquarters for Enderby Hungarian Flour, Northwest Oats, &c f
Advertise in the " STAR."
Hotel Tulameen
The Largest and Most Homelike Hotel in Princeton is now
open for tie travelling public.
Our bar is stocked with the
Best of Wines, liquors and
Cigars. Special efforts will be
made in the Cullinary Department, and tables will be furnished with the best the market
 May 30   1903.
First Condensed Balance Sheet Shows
That the Great Mining Concern
is Decidedly Prosperous.
The first condensed balance sheet of
the Granby Consolidated Mining, Smelting and Power Company, the mines oi
which are located in Phoenix camp, has
just been made public. It is dated lanu-
ary 31st last, prior to the big advance in
copper. The statement, showing a surplus of over $563,000 is as follows :
Mineral claims, 338 acres
$ ",674,506
Plant and equipment
Real estate and lands
Accounts and bills rece
Ores on hand at cost
Inventory supplies
Capital stock
*Accounts and bills payable
cent, copper and $2 to $2.25 gold and
silver. At 12 cents for copper, profits
are estimated at $1.80 per ton of ore.
The company appears to be in capable
hands. A listing on the Boston stock
exchange will be had in a few days."-
Phoenix Pioneer.
Total $14,587,549
*This item represents copper in transit
between the smelter and New York. The
company has no debts.
The Boston News Bureau recently published the following in regard to the operations of the Granby Co.:
"The managers of the Nichols Chemical Co. in New York, interests identified
with the American Metal Co., and John
Stanton, early in the year acquired a million-dollar interest in the Granby Consolidated Mining, Smelting and Power
Co., paying $4 per share for their stock.
The Granby Co. is an immense low grade
copper proposition embracing practically all the proven properties in the
Boundary district of British Columbia.
Last year the company produced 10.000-
000 pounds of copper. This year the
company expected to produce 15,000,000
pounds, as by June I the smelting capacity will be increased to between 2,200
and 2,300 tons of ore per day as against
1,600 tons at the present time.
The company has 1,500,000 shares, par
$10, of which 1,300,000 are outstanding.
Ore reserves are estimated by an official
of the company in excess of 20,000,000
tons.   The average of the ore is 1.76 per
Enormous Copper Production.
The Lake Superior copper district is
now making 350 tons of copper daily,
much the largest amount for 55 years, or
since the time when copper mining was
first actively prosecuted, in 1844 and 1845.
The daily rock shipments of the mines in
this district aggregate 26,500 tons. Seventy-five powerful stamps, capable of
treating from 300 to 500 tons of rock
each, are dropping, and upwards of 325,-
3oo gallons of water are used each
day at the various stamp mills in the process of separating the rock and copper.
The increased production of the Lake district is the result of increased productive
capacity brought about by the development of the new mines. In 1901 the new
producers made in excess of 5,000,00c
pounds of refined copper, in 1902 about
18,000,000 pounds, and this year their
production will amount to nearly 40,1
000 pounds.—Mining World.
Most Interesting to Women.
A practical woman remarked the other
day, says an exchange, that the most interesting things in the newspapers to her
are the advertising columns. "Long ago,"
said she, "I quit buying of those who did
hot advertise. It always seems to me
that the merchant who advertises invites
me to trade with him, while the one who
does not advertise impresses me with the
idea that he doesn't care enough for my
trade to ask for it. Then, too, I have
found that the merchant who advertises
has fresher goods, for the reason, I suppose, he sells more."
Giles—Take two letters from "money',
and "one" will be left.
Miles—Is that a joke? "Yes, verily."
Well, I know of a fellow who took money
from two   letters,
either.   He got one year.
Poor cook we've got just now,
Can't cook to save her life.
I'd like to fire her; but, gee !
I can't, for she is my wife !
If you want First Class Footwear
Insist upon   -------
Nothing equals them for Style, Fit, Finish and Wear.
flaple Leaf and King Quality Rubbers.
Vancouver, B. C. J. LECKIE CO., Limited.
The Vancouver Breweries, LM.
Cascade Beer    S Alexandra Stout
Ginger Beer      S> Alexandra Ale
For sale throughout British Columbia in all the first-
class Hotels, Liquor Stores and Saloons.
The Amalgamated
We are
Closing Out'
to Make
The  Town of
British Columbia.
Lots for
• • »^ClIv • • •
From $2.00 to $10.
Per Front Foot.*£*£
Size of Lots 50x100
Ft. and 33x100 Ft.
Terms: 1-3 Cash;
Bal. 3 and 6 months,
with interest at 6 per
cent, per annum.. *&
Government Head-
quarters for the Similkameen District.
BEAUTIFULLY SITUATED at the Forks of the Similkameen and Tulameen Rivers. The BUSINESS CENTRE for the following Mining Camps:— Copper Mountain
Kennedy Mountain, Friday, Boulder and Granite Creeks,
Summit, Roche River,  Upper Tulameen and Aspen Grovej
and pure WATER
Send for Map and Price List to M m m <* W
Resident Manager VERMILION  FORKS


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