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you in.  No. 45.
PRINCETON, FEB. 21, 1903.
The last issue of the Rossland Weekly
Miner contains the information that an
English company has bought the Spit-
zee, a well known Rossland mine, and
that preparations are being made to develop, and work it on a big scale, Alexander Sharp, M. E., for some time a resident of this district, was one of the largest shareholders in the Spitzee company,
and will benefit by its sale.
Friends in the Similkameen are pleased to hear of Mr. Sharp's good   fortune.
The correspondent of the Inland Sentinel at   Lytton writes   that paper   as foi
" The feeling in the Lytton district if
that it would be folly to perpetuate the
present unstable government by ret
ing a government supporter. I
thought that by electing Mr. Semlin the
government will be defeated, and a gen-
eigJ. election, run on party lines, be the
result. For this reason many voters who
have hitherto always opposed Mr. Semlin will now support him in order to
bring political affairs to a focus. The
same feeling is evidenced all along the
C. P. R., both east and west of Lytton,
and Mr. Semlin's election by a large majority is assured.
" Dr. Sanson, the government candidate, is said to have unlimited funds provided by Dunsmuir."
A checking account with a bank is a
great convenience, not only to business
men, but to others as well. More people
would keep such accounts if they knew
just how to go about it. We gladly assist
those who need help in getting started.
Deposits received by mail.—Bank of
Hamilton, Kamloops.
Dr. Sanson, the government candidate,
while on   his way in   to   Princeton last
week, was recalled   home by a wire j
veying the sad news of the death of his
Princeton meteorological   readings for
week ending Feb 18, 1903:
Maximum      Minimu
Thermometer Thermonn
Thursday,   Feb. 12— 16 -21
Friday, "      13— I5 ~21
Saturday,      "     14— 23 9
Sunday, "     15— 3* I2
Monday, "      i°— 2° ~°
Tuesday,       "     17— 3Jt -4
Wednesday,  "     18— 30 ~2
Mean 24.57 -4-57
Hon* Richard McBride and John Oliver of
Delta Address Crowded Meeting in
interests of C. A* Semlin*
The meeting held Wednesday night in
the dining room of the Hotel Tulameen,
at which R. McBride, leader of the opposition in the provincial legislature, and
John Oliver, member for Delta, discussed
the political situation in this province,
was largely attended by the people of
this place and vicinity, and the revelations made there of the corruption and
mismanagemeut of the Prior-Dunsmuir
government, were such as to amaze the
electors present who had not been following closely the trend of the *legi§lai
tion introduced during the last session of
the legislature.
If the speakers stated but a fraction of
the truth, British Columbia has never
its history been cursed with   such a  d
honest and   incompetent government
now seeks to control its destinies.
Judge Murphy of Granite Creek, acted
as chairman, and introduced the speakers of the evening in a neat little speech
that was straight to the point.
Mr. McBride was the first speaker, and
he dealt at considerable length with the
railway bill introduced last session.
The Canadian Northern, Queen Charlotte Island, and Kitimat & Hazelton
railway charters, which the government
proposed giving, were taken up in turn,
and the manner in each case in which
the government intended robbing the
province of its resources for the benefit of
a crowd of railway promoters, was pointed out in strong terms.
According to the contract made with
McKenzie & Mann, the government intended giving that firm lands and cash to
the value of between 25 and 30 millions
of dollars for the construction of the
Canadian Northern line, which at a high
estimate would not exceed in cost over
18 millions.
In return for this generous gift of the
people's heritage the Canada Northern
was to make Victoria its western terminus, and buy the unprofitable E. & N.
line.from ex-Premier Dunsmuir for two
million dollars.
Mr. McBride showed conclusively that
the present government led by Col. Prior
differed in no particular from its pred«
cessor, and that the railway policies of
the two were practically alike.
He criticised strongly the disfranchisement of North Victoria during the last
session of the house, and the attempt to
deprive West Yale of a representative by
making away with, the  first writ   issued.
He claimed credit for the opposition
for having forced the present election by
taking proceedings in the courts to compel the   government   to   issue a   second
Mr. McBride read a letter from ex-
Premier Semlin, the opposition candidate, and one from Smith Curtis, the
member from Rossland, copies of which
appear on another page.
Mr. Oliver, who followed Mr. McBride,
"vrent into the Canada Northern contract
at considerable length, and illustrated-
with maps the round-about course
road would be compelled to take in order
to make Victoria its terminus. He also
gave a good idea of the immense acreage
of valuable land the government proposed to alienate.
In addition to other favors   to railway
corporations, Mr. Oliver accused the ministry of dishonestly attempting to give tc
the C. P. R. what is known as  the   Columbia & Western land grant, a grant to
which that   company is  clearly not t
titled, and of  placing   obstacles   in t
way of the Great Northern   Company
prevent it building the   Coast Kootenay
line, a   road which  is essential   to   the
prosperity of this section, and which the
Great  Northern   Company is willing t
build without a   dollar in   the way of
He made a forcible criticism of the
scandalous manner in which the Prior
Government has bartered off valuable
foreshore rights on Vancouver Island to
a number of favorites for a mere tithe of
their actual value; the increase in salaries to government officials, while the
grants to roads, trails and bridges
being reduced,and the broken pledges of
Col. Prior and his colleagues in com
tion with the filling of the seat made
cant in North Victoria by the death of
Speaker Booth.
He characterized the Prior-Dunsmuir
combination as the most barefaced crowd
of swindlers that ever attempted to
ern B. C, and called upon those present
to administer a stern rebuke to the methods in vogue at the capital, by electing
Mr. Semlin with an overwhelming majority on the 26th inst.
At the conclusion of the addresses a
vote of thanks was passed to Judge Mur
phy, the chairman, and also to Mr. Geo.
Aldous for the use of the Tulameen dining room.
Arrangements have been made to bring
Hedley voters here on the 26th inst.
C. De Barro, proprietor of the Otter
Flat Hotel, has been suffering of late
from a very severe cold.
J. A. Munson, the Hedley City contractor, was a visitor to   Princeton early
, the week.
Al. Johnston, who has been engaged by   (
J. A. Munson, of Hedley   City, to   take
charge of his sawmill, left here   Sunday
for that place.
Quite a number of Princeton people j
left Friday morning to attend the grand ;
ball at Hedley in the evening.
W. W. B. Mclnnes, Provincial Secretary, held a meeting at Lower Nicola on
the 9th inst., in Dr. Sanson's interests.
While the electors present listened attentively to his address, no conversions
from Semlin's following are reported as
having resulted.
"Dick" McBride   and  John   Oliver,!
who are stumping West Yale   in the in- \
terests of  ex-Premier Semlin, drove in (
from   Spence's Bridge with   Mr. Curnew I
of that place, reaching here on   Monday ]
last.   Thgy addressed a meeting at Hed-  1
ley Tuesday night, and one here on Wednesday night^n   account   of which appears in   this   issue, and   left   Thursday
morning on the return trip.
W. H.  Wheeler  had   the   misfortune \
early this week, between this place and
Granite Creek, to have a load of lumber
slip off the road and down a steep bank.
Miles   Silverthorne, proprietor   of the  \
Hotel  Jackson, and  Jas. Wallace of the
Hotel Princeton, visited Hedley City to- J
gether last Tuesday.
Freighters report that a band of Nicola
Indians.have been slaughtering deer on
Granite Creek mountain.
Frequent and prolonged applause testified to the sympathy of the audience
with the views put forth by Messrs. Oliver and McBride at the Wednesday
night meeting.
The Similkameen is solid for Semite—
10 others need apply.
The " Princeton   band " filled the i
tervals   very acceptably.
Hedley is in line for the winning (
What a pity there are not more Olivers
n the local house.
Princeton will   give Semlin   five votes
to his opponent's one.
Published Weekly at
promptly reporting any change in address
rregularity in receipt of their paper.
ing rates furnished on applies
All cheques to be made payable
Following are the letters from ex-Premier Semlin and Smith Curtis, M. P. P.,
which were read by Mr. McBride at the
opposition meeting held on Wednesday
evening, Feb. 18th :
Agassiz, B. C, Feb. 8, 1903. .
To the  Electors of   the West   Riding of
Yale, residing in the Nicola and Similkameen Districts :
Gentlemen,—It is with   extreme regret that I find that I am   unable to pay
your districts a personal visit during this
campaign.   Mr. McBride   of  Dewdney,
and Mr. Oliver of the Delta, have kindly
consented to   go in   on   my behalf, and
others may follow.
I recommend those gentlemen to your
kind consideration, and when you have
listened to them I trust that you will assist us in our endeavors to obtain better
political conditions in British Columbia.
I beg to remain,
C. A. Semlin.
, i9°3-
Vancouver, B. C, Feb.
Richard McBride, Esq.,
New Westminster, B. C.
DEAR Mr. McBride,—I regret
ceedingly that a pressing business 1
ter prevents my accompanying you
your trip to Princeton. I feel confidi
and certainly hope, that the electors of
that locality will give a pretty unanimous vote in favor of the Honourable
Mr. Semlin.
That Princeton is not now a city of
2.000 people, is' solely the fault of the
present Provincial Government, which is
nothing more than the Dunsmuir Government with a change of head.
Although to many of Mr. Dunsmuir's
colleagues and supporters it was not apparent during the second session that he
was quite insincere in his pretence of
favoring the Coast Kootenay Railway;
. subsequent events demonstrated beyond
a shadow of a doubt that he was hand-
in-glove with the C. P. R., and opposed
to 4fhe building of that line until it suited
the C. P. R. to construct it.   X$ȴ$r,
We all know that the V., V. & E. Rail
way Charter-was controlled by Mr. Jam<
J. Hill, and that he has been most an:
ious all along to build that line froi
Coast to Kootenay. After you left the
government it showed its opposition by
refusing the right of way to the V., V. &
E. in the Boundary country, and later,
the Honorable Mr. Eberts as Attorney-
General, and in the name of the Province, joined in proceedings impeaching
the validity of the V., V. & E. charter,
and in obtaining injunction proceedings,
which prevented it from building from
December 1901 until October 1902.
Had the government favored
tion, it is certain the V., V. & 1
the Boundary country would have been
completed early last year and the construction of the road from Midway westward, undertaken last summer, and probably one third of the line towards Princeton-be now constructed Although the
government continually shouts for and
emphasizes the necessity of railway construction, not a single mile of railway except a short C. P. R. branch in the Lar-
deau, has been built in the province, except in the face of the strongest open or
covert opposition of this government.
In view of these facts, I cannot believe
that the electors of Princeton will ever
condone the offences of the government,
or will place the slightest reliance upon
the profuse promises that will now be
made them, and give any support what-
the government candidate. AH
opposition members are to a man, in fav-
of the immediate construction of the
Coast to Kootenay Railway, and the election of Mr. Semlin will be, I believe,
the death warrant of the government,
and make absolutely certain that the V.,
V. & E. Railway will not be obstructed
in the future as it has been in the past,
ind so will insure its immediate construc-
The  evidence   is   overwhelming, that
he government is the   mere   tool of the
C. P. R., and will again endeavor to give
that company nearly a   million   acres of
land, to which it is not entitled, in blocks
ten miles square, whereby all the vacant
coal and other choice lands  in   Similka-
and   Nicola   may be   gobbled up ;
that the Canadian Northern will be   giv-
millions of acres of land and millions
of money ; and that the band of boodlers
id  grafters who   are   now fleecing the
ovince   through pulp   land  and other
:, will be given still greater li-
d the heritage of  the people be
largely dissipatec1.
Princeton can largely influence this
election, and the eyes of the whole prov-
turned to West Yale to administer a killing rebuke to bad government,
ly by electing Mr. Semlin, but
by giving him an ^overwhelming major-
ty, and causing his opponent to lose his
having considerable interest in
the Similkameen District, I cannot too
strongly urge upon the electors there the
importance of turning out the present
corrupt and moribund government.
very truly,
Smith Curtis.
Feb 22. Princeton—Service 7:30 p.m.   S.
School 3:30 p.m.
Mar. 1. Princeton—Service 11 a.m.    Sunday School 10 a.m.
Granite Creek—Service 7:30 p.m.
Mar. 8. Nickel Plate mine—Service 2:30
p. m.; Healey City 7 p. m.
' 15. Princeton—Service  11 a. m.   S.
Granite Creek—Service 7:30 p.m.
' 22. Princeton—Service 7:30 p. m.; S.
School 3:30 p.m.
Creek Valley, situated about fouri
of Princeton on the Wolf Creek w£
bounded on the west by the  Ashn	
coal lands, starting from  the  southeast
And running 80chains north, 80 chai:
Dated Jan. 21,1903.
THIRTY days from date I intend to apply t
the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Work
Starting at a post at the  northwest  corner c
W. H. Haegerman, Applies
Dated Jan. 19,1903.
Starting   at a post
Dated Jan. 19, 1903.
District.   Where located:—On Copper Mon-
Take notice that I, S. R. Almond, for myself,
and as agent for James Snowden, Free Miner's
Certificate No. 356489, Free Miner's Certificate
No. B54414 intend, sixty days from the date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for Certificates of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the above claims.
And further take notice that action, under sec-
of such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this 12th day of December, 1002.
Rearguard  and   Warrior   Fractional   Mineral
Claims, situate in Olalla camp, Osoyoos Mining Division of Yale  District.
Take notice that I, W. C. McDougall, Free Miner's  Certificate  No.   B40072, as  agent  for W. J.
Brewer, Free   Miner's Certificate No. B40076, intend, sixty days from the date hereof to apply to
the Mining Recorder for certificate' of improve-
fg n 37, must be commenced before the
of such certificate of improvements.
Dated this 30th day of December, 19
THIRTY days from date I intend to apply t
the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Work
license to prospect for coal on the followin
orth, 80  chains west to  point of com
nt,  and  containing 640 acres  more 01
Dated Jan. 1
Tohn Brown
s coal  claim on the   north   bank oi
iVhipsaw Cr
and  containing  640 acres   more or
J. O. Draper, Applicant.
Dated Jan. 1
8,1903.                                             f-21
■^   date I w
herefly given that sixty days from
ill make   application   to   the Chief
=r of Lands and Works for permis-
and, the lai
describrd as
al Post norlhwest corner, and   situ-
east of August   Carlson's- southeast
Located D
Notice   of Forfeiture.
To James M
itthews, or to whomsoever he may
nsferred   his  interst  in   the' Wet
Day '* m
neral  claim, situate   on  One   Mile
Creek, 0
ie mile from Burn's ranch, Similka-
You are h«
reby notified that we have expend-
>ned mineral claim   under  the pro-
visions ofth
Mineral Act, and   if within ninety
days from the date of
 med sum which is now due, together with
all costs of adverti-ing, your interest in   the said
ill become the property of the undersign-
Notice of Forfeiture.
> John Lamont and James Jacobs, or to whoir
soever they may have  transferred   their ir
on Wolf Creek, adjoining the " Copper King.
iderthe provisions of the Mineral Act, and if
thin ninety days from the date of this   notice
iu fail or refuse to contribute your por   propor-
..jns of the above mentioned sum, which is now
due, together with all costs of advertising, your
interests in said claim will become the property
of the undersigned, under Section 4 of an Act en-
Dated atPrinceton, B. C, this 24th day of Jan.
Victob Ryder.
>rn,   Surprise,   Olalla," Iron   King, Home-
ead. Fraction and Hillside Mineral Claims,
i   Min
?d :—At Olalla,
Take notice that I, Richard H. Parkinson, as
agent for J. M. Sharp, W. C. McDougall and W.
J. Brewer, Free Miner's Certificates Nos. B40058,
B40073 and B40076 respectively, intend, sixty days
from the date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificates of Improvements, for the
purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the above
And further t
NOTICE is hereby given that an application will be made to the Legislative
Assembly of the Province of British Columbia, at its next Session, for an Act to
incorporate a Company with power to
construct, equip, operate and maintain a
line of standard or any other gage of railway to be operated by si earn, electricity,
or an)' other motive power, from a point
at or near Princeton, in the District of
Yale, Province of British Columbia, and
thence by the most feasible route to a
point on Nicola Lake at or near Quil-
china, and thence by the most feasible
route to a point on the Fraser River at or
near the City of Kamloops, with power
to construct, equip, operate and maintain branch lines and all necessary roads,
bridges, ways, ferries and other works,
and to build, own and maintain wharves
and docks in connection therewith, and
with power to' build, equip, operate and
maintain steam and other vessels and
boats and operate the same on any navigable waters within the Province; and
with power to build, equip, operate and
maintain telegraph and telephone lines
in connection with the said railway and
branches, and to generate electricity for
the supply of light, heat and power ; and
with power to acquire and expropriate
lands for the purposes of the Company,
and to acquire lands, bonuses, privileges,
or other aids from any government, municipality, corporation, or other persons
or bodies, and to levy and collect tolls
from all parties using and on all freight
passing over any of such railways, tramways, ferries, wharves and vessels built
by the Company, and to make traffic or
other arrangements with railway, steamboat, or other Companies, and for all other usual and necessary powers, rights or
Dated this 27th day of January, A. D.
Morrison, Whiteside,
McQuarrie & Briggs,
m-14 Solicitors for Applicants.
A. R. COLL., SC. D.,
Civil and Mining Engineer
PRINCETON,     -   -    B. C.
An Excellent Report.
A satisfactory state of affairs was
disclosed as to the Cariboo, Camp
McKinney mine at the annual
meeting held on Feb. 3rd. It seems
that the mine earned during the
year 1902 the sum of $136,000
Which has been the net profit on
the ore shipped. Of this sum some
.$60,000 has been placed into the
mine in new development work
which shows up very well indeed ;
$50,000 has been distributed as dividends, and the balance has been
placed in the bank where there is
now a sum of $50,000 to the credit
of the mining company.
The meeting was very harmonious, the shareholders being perfectly satisfied both with its condition
and with the manner in which it
has been worked. All the old di
rectors have been reappointed.
Mother: "I wish you would
rake up the dead leaves in the
Small son : " I've got a sprain
my wrist, and the rheumatism in
my back, and growing pains in my
right leg, and—and cramps in my
left one, and headache and toothache."
'' After you have raked the leaves
into a pile you may set it on fire
and jump over it."
"Whoop! Where's the rake?"
To the Electors ot the
west Yale Electoral District.
In response to the solicitation
of a large number of electors in all
parts of this District, I beg to announce myself a candidate in the
pending bye-election.
I shall take an early opportunity
of meeting you and laying before
you fully my views upon the different public questions at issue in
Provincial politics. In the meantime, as an indication of my position, I may briefly state that I
recognize the prime importance of
having greater railway facilities in
this Province, and will, accordingly, do all in my power to assist in
the immediate construction of railways. The assistance, however,
that is given by the Province must
be in such form  as  not to increase |
taxation, while  it  must be accc
panied by  such  conditions   as will
make the railway,   when  built and
operated,   a  real    benefit    to
country ; in other words, the Government must retain  sufficient c
trol of the railway  and property of I
the Railway  Company  as  to  prevent any  more of   such   railway
monopolies as we now, unfortunate-1
ly, suffer from.
As regards our great mining industry, I consider the Government
can do much to restore confidence |
in the investing public, and to that
end will insist upon the Government repealing the two per cent. I
mining tax and issuing Crown
grants for hydraulic properties.
The question of immigration is also most important  and  should  re-1
ceive    careful    attention.      While |
tens  of thousands  of  people
pouring into the North-West Ter: |
ritories it is a  reflection  upon conditions  in  this   Province that our |
immigration  is so small.     This is
especially so when we  consider the
enormous  wealth of our Province
and  the  natural    inducements   of
climate, soil, timber and  mines.    I [
am thoroughly  in   accord with the
proposition  which  has  been   suggested by Premier Prior : to ha-
thorough exploratory survey  madel I
of the Province, so that we will be 11
in a position  to  accord  intendin
settlers the fullest information as to 11
where they can best locate.    While |
immigration, however, should thu
be encouraged, it  is  also  most de-1
sirable that due  attention be paid
to the class  of immigrants.    More
particularly  is  it  imperative   that
Asiatics should  be prohibited from
our country.    I shall use every effort to prevent the immigration and
limit the employment of this class.
The appropriations accorded this
large and important District in
past years, for roads, bridges and
public buildings, have not been
adequate to the needs of the District,
and I intend to urge that the present necessities of the District
these  matters   be   attended   to at I
In conclusion, I may say that I
consider the above objects can be
most promptly and surely attained
at the hands of the present Government, and accordingly I intend
to support it as far as is consistent
with complete loyalty to the above
Soliciting  your  support  and in
fluence,   and   hoping  to   have the
pleasure of seeing you individually
before election day.
Believe me,
Yours faithfully,
Ashcroft, B. C,
January 30th, 1903.
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bility, prettyftints, and the easy mode of mixing and applying. Put up in 23 beautiful
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Wholesale and Retail Hardware Merchants,
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From London to New York.
Seeing that British capital is so
deadset against British Columbia,
would it not be good policy to give
British capital a rest, and look to
other quarters for money ? Agent-
General Turner should be moved
from London to New York. Judging from recent reports, New York
capital is not afraid of British Columbia mines and smelters and kindred industries. Were Agent-General Turner installed in handsome
offices on Broadway, New York, he
would do the Province of British
Columbia more good in a month
than he will do in London for the
next ten years. The Prior government will not make the change, but
its successor may.—Nelson Tribune.
Copper Rising,
The rising copper market and
the practical extinction of the supply of that metal is already having
a noticeable effect on the copper
producers in that they are more
hopeful for the future than they
have been for a year and a half.
Copper is now quoted at i2}4 cts.
per pound, and it is prophesied by
authorities on such questions that
before twelve months are out the
ruling price will be 15 cts. This
opinion is based upon the now nearly indisputable claim that the market is but scantily supplied with copper, and there are those who even
go so far as to assert that there will
be a copper famine within the next
eight months.
How the Scotch   Fight-
Many stories have been told of
General Dewet and the latest from
The St. James' Gazette is as follows :—One-of the leading officials
in a refugee camp was a Scotchman, who, during the dinner, took
occasion in offering the General a
drink to say he must have got a
fair amount of whisky among his
captured convoys. Dewet was
much amused at this, and said that
before attacking a convoy he made
inquiries if it were guarded by
Scotchmen. If this were so, he
further inquired if it contained any
whisky. If the second condition
accompanied the first, he always
gave the convoy a wide berth, because he knew the beggars would
fight to the last man.
He had come on her dozing in a
hammock, and when she woke up
she accused him of stealing a kiss.
"Well," he said, "I will admit
that the temptation was too strong
to be resisted. I did steal one little
kiss.'' " One ! " she exclaimed, indignantly ; "I counted eight before I woke up.—Household Words
• laat       JT3
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0)    w ©
■ I
I t/) §
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Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
Saddle Horses to All Points in the Similkameen.
Advertise in the " STAR."
Hotel Tulameen
The Largest and Most Homelike Hotel in Princeton is now
open for the travelling public.
Our bar is stocked with the
Best of Wines, liquors and
Cigars. Special efforts will be
made in the Cullinary Department, and tables will be furnished with the best the market
 - *   i'
feb 21 19.3.                                      THE    SIMILKAMEEN     STAR
;l                                                                                             1
Princeton's Leading store!
A Large and Complete Stock of
GENERAL 1    j
I      1
I                            HERE IS THE PLACE TO BUY
11      Groceries,  Hardware, Clothing, Furnish=
1                ings, Boots and Shoes, Hats and
1                         Caps, Flour and Feed.
1    A Specialty is Made ol catering to the Pros-    |
1                   pectoris wants.
i             Lake of the Woods==The Best Flour in the
tl                         World, always carried in stock*
i     i    11
1          *<*
FBB   21, IJ03
The Town of
British Columbia.
Lots for
a a • A^dlC • • •
From $2.00 to $10.
Per Front Foot.^*£
She of Lots 50x100
Ft. and 33x100 Ft.
Terms: 1-3 Cash;
Bal. 3 and 6 months,
with interest at 6 per
cent, per annum. '&
Government Head-
quarters F# the Similkameen District.
BEAUTIFULLY SITUATED at Storks of the Similkameen and Tulameen Rivers. The BUSINESS CENTRE for the following Mining Camps:— Copper Mountain
Kennedy Mountain, Friday, Boulder and Granite Creeks,
Summit, Roche River,  Upper Tulameen and Aspen GrovejJ
Send for Map and Price List to *£ <£ «# S> *&
Resident Manager VERMILION   FORKS


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