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The Silvertonian 1901-05-11

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:■■■■ S i,-'?*A>*;*w"»ir*»-'
kc. kc
Activity on Twelve Mll,.-Tlic Yan-
mi:* Shuts Diwn.
23Ice to a, X-iarwaa. KCiOTsrer.
Hcadtinartcrs  In   Silveituii, It. 0.
r». BXJKBJ® & co
Milling Local* Gathered From This and
Olli.r    Illxtrlct
Wi'bin a few hundred foet of the
Twelve Mile Landing hiuI near the hike
Hhoie J, Connor and A Allen huve
diacovered stnl Inrated n big vein of rieh
dry ore. They have christened it the
Belle-n'-Buy and intend to do COJielder-
able   i It-velum neu t   work   ii pun   it   this
On Twelve Mile, b<s!'«a the V k M
is alre.idj shipping, tKre ure
other properties in n position to com*
tiiiMiee taking out shipping ore. The
Hamilton group, which has a lur_:e am
ounl of development mi it tlone upon it,
bae fn m one lint to IS IdHu*s of rich
shipping ori- i-xpi-vd it. sevei d places.
Ami in the faceoi thu ttinnei run nu the
Batcheltir claim is over a foot of clean
Bilverton; Nelson, Trail, trair, Kaslo, Sandon,
Hew Denver. Cascade Cit/, Oruiid Forks, Sirdar
Midway and Greenwood.
Dividends   f;ir   April.
The dividend disbursement* in April
Were Ihe second Ittrypel Ibis yen, 81
mining ami' rnetallmgtcal cemnanteS
rep .r11>in to tbe Engine-ring Sn I Mini tig
Journal, 'o'al payments of 111,5 l.i OTO for
tho mouth. Ot thia amount 50 copper,
gild, silver, lead, zinc and quicksilver
companies piid $11,184,773, nr 59 i per
cent, while.the balance "f (6,863,3 0, nr
140 9 ner oent, ie credited to 81 in n and
steel, coat, petroleum natural imb and
clieiiiica! compinlea.
<■>      «^QHOTEL.
SILV E RTON     B   C.
Vmwonver Hosts Howe,
On Monday Leslie Hit', manager of
the  Vancouver   mine,   arrived in town
and   went   Up   to   thut property.    A- a
consequence <v bis visit lhe yanconvir
mil e wna *ha| il .« n '-md till Imi dn pniil
nff    At lhe  present   wiiting the rea*o*
for thi- nii'Ve on the part nf the tnaimce-
inenl Imi   imt   breii giwn to the public
! It intiy Le  smelter  tiou1 Ih, liiek of funds
or a stock deal,  rumor litis credited it to
! all Of these.    That it i.-i hick of confidence
- in like inlnn is nut believed hi re. for the
long tunnel  which wss being driven yet
'aeks t-oni" -00 feet of being in to where
ore w.is expected to bo stinck.
Sandon sent out 1(17 tons of ore
All miner's licences expire on the 31st
of (his month.
No nre was shipped this week from the
Slocan City division.
limine the week the Hewett mine has
1'i-en adding a few men to its force at the
N F. McNaught bus acquired E Jack's
Interest in tlm Frying P.iu group near
Slocan City.
During thr week the Hewett mine
sent out Hitntlier carload of ore to the
Nelson  smelter
Men sic at work clearineoffihe right-
of-wuy and preparing forthe construction
of the Hi-wett tramway.   '
Assessment wink is being dene on the
Anacwtia claim which lies below aud
adjoins the Alpha mine.
Tlie St Eugene, at Moyie, has an-
nnni-e. i! anodicr 8% dividend, making
$210 000 already paid I y tliat mine.
Tne owners of the Hampton claim on
Springer creek sre making preparations
to woik that property on a bin scale tliis
Y -sienliiv a strike of eighteen inches
of "hipping-ore was made in the lower
tunnel being driven on tho Wllltt'd
claim near town.
The Ivanhoe mine nnd mill al Pnndon
have closed'down, throwing 60 men out
i f employment. The reason given is
lhe usual one t f Ibe price of lead.
Tllesduv men were put to work on the
Hewett wagon hod pulling i' h to n
t-taie of 'cpi'ir ami extending it tn the
site Selected for the foot of the  tramway.
Tl e Idaho mine is among ihe idle pro-
due, rs at present. Tin- snowslides were
• •ecotning too dangerous around the
work inns and Ibe force has come down
ibe bill.
The Sloean Drill reports a most im •
pnrtiint sttike in I hi cross-cut rim from
the main shaft on the St eculatnr A pur-
illiil veil, was struck, li ine feet across ami
emrying good values.
The Iiominion (}• yernnient has appropriated ilo 000 a year f.r lhe inain-
tenance of a branch ol the Imperial
Mint, which will be located at Ottawa
Amay offices will he pot into Vanconvei
and Dawson.
JAS.    Bd WES   Proprietor.
Verdict For Marine.
: But the Troubles of the r.irtnersbip Will
Le Further Inquired Into.
Arraiigiriifii'iS Progressing.
ring   e?
Mr. Justice   Irvlnit bunded
long swaite I verdict in tli»» ac
j r'.no *h. Alexander et nl on M'
i'ase gross out oi the working -
Many to choose
irom, at
LAKE -WI'..,
down  the
Ion of M.i-
nibiv. The
if lhe Mar-
I Ion cluim, a prominent Silver Mountain
: property owned by the parties in tie ac-
I lion, n   which   Marino   was   suing   for
wages tine him for development work.
The lodgement goes Into the evidence
[ submitted et the trial of the case some*
' what vulmninously,occupying sixty type*
written folios, .Indue Irving gives the
plaintiff a verdict for $500 each as against
the other members of tin partnership
and rules ili.it be is entitled to remtin-
i ration for hi* Servians as superintendent
nt the woik al tlie properly at the rale o"
in |*l dav. All accounting of the affairs
of the partnership is further ordered.
Tiie tiiinii Takes a Stack.
, l'uls   160.0LO   into  the   Copper   Trust.
Outside Parth.n De.-iring Horses in Silverton
Can Have Them  Reserved By  Writing To—
t ♦ t t + *
a. p. Mcdonald,
silverton, - - b. c.
Thistle *
Tho Amslgnmnted Copper company
made an offer to «ell BOO slums of its
Block to the r.titte Miners' union at $100
rs'rsliarc, s.iys tl e but eTril uiie-Ki-view.
The offer provided thnt the union should
not dispose of the shares for one year at
the expiration ol that time (he compsny
would buy the slock at tf-lOO per share, or
the union could dispose of h ut the advance price that might rule llirii. The
union was also guaranteed that the Investment   woulil brini! eight per cent.
At a meeting held Tuesday nlghl the
union voted to accept tho offer, and
Wednesday morning the dud wss consummated with the Daly bank k Trust
company of Liulle,
Those who nre interesting themselves
in the Celeluation of Victoria Day in Silverton are Workii g the program into
shape and it will be definitely announced
next week.
Nelson, Sainton and Slocun City are
being corresponded whh to see what may
he expected from them in tho way of
[uOtbull and haaehall tctms. The sports
of hew Denver, acting under n misapprehension, bave niS'le fome small arrangements toe li I rate at home, but Ihey will
doulitless j'iu In with Silverton when
they Irani what arruliiren et.ts have been
ntaite bv thn Silveituii Cntiimt'tee.
For the Football Tournament a set ol
eleven Individual prises will be put up.
for which the Committee has set aside
$100. These piizes will thus he well
wnitli cnnipetini? for and tin excellent
contest between four nr more teams is
assured. A telegram, just icceived from
A. R. Teelers, manager of the Slocan
fi othall Club, says to enter Slocau for
the prizes.
A handsome trophy hss been put up
fora baseball natch between two Visiting
teams, and the usual sere s of athletic
spor'S will be run off. In these, foot
rices will predominate, as being most
interesting to the spectstors.
Concentration By Oil—Used Imm*
fully in Wales.
The   Elmore   I'rocess     Will   Doubtless
Solve tho Concentration Problem.
A  npw   process whieh lias passed the
experimental   stage   and   Is   now being
used anccesfullv at Dolgelly, North Wales,
being apparently what is needed to treat
Slocan   ores,   is   the Elmore process of
concentration  ol   minerals  by oil.   He
great feature,  lo this section, is that by
this process minerals that flmir too finely
tn he saved hy any other known process,
such as sulphides,  grey   copper, tellor-
ides and  kindred  ores,  can be concen-
tiated   and   their  values   saved by this
new   invention.   Tl.e  cause which has
led   tn  eo  manv ol our Slocan concentrating   ilants  having  to  shutdown—
their inability to save the  values in the
ores owing   to   the mineral (louring and
floating  off with the watei—can now be
remedied.   Ae this mw discovery is of
mcb in pirtiiitce   to   this  section  a full
rtescri) tion   of   what   is   heing accomplished   by   it   at   the   Glafdir Copper
.V ii es in North Wales will be of interest:
The rock fiom the mine, af'er passing
throngh   the   usnsl   stone-breskers,  is
enisled in  a pair of Cornish Bolls, and
rni thence  to   two   Huntington  Mills,
» l.eicin it is reduced lo   pass through a
30-bole   srieen,   and   issues   therefrom
with |nst h fhciii.t water to make it into
a frceh flowing pulp.    Fiom  the Ilun-
lingtin   Mills   11:«■ i uli■   pas>es directly
iiiin tbe open end ot a horizontal n tatimr
itti'.m. iitt-ide ol   which   is   fixed a helix
with cress bit des or  lockets, which lilt
up the milp to certain height and drop it
again,   ut   the   same   time pronelling'it
forward to the opposite end of the drum.
ibus   keeping  the   polp  in    constant
I'gitatii n for lie few si conds   whicli are
OiCnpicd   in   ils   progtess   tl-.roni.-b the
dium     With the i nip is also admitted a,
snail quantity of a tbiik, sliiky  oil (the
icsit ue li It in the .-i ills in the n fining ot
panffiar ti!).   TWs  nil   is,  of eonree
sid jt et to the Fame agitation ns the polp,
and is cot S'quei.tly tumbled   shout with
it,   and   exercises   the remaikable property of sticking  to and buoying np the
1 articles   of   mineral   thnt   are floating
ulnutor   suspended   in   the pulp; but it
does   not   stick   lo or   have   any effect
whatever  upon   the   particles of rock
whieh   are   present   in    much   greater
number.   The oil mid pulp automatically
discharge   fiom   tbn opposite end of the
drum inlo a pointed box or apifzkasten,
in which   the   tailings   cr   ruck at once
settle tlown and flow off with  lhe water
at the bottom, whilst the oil, by reason
of its buoyancy,   floats   to  Ihe   top and
raines   np   with it   practically  all the
values which the  ore  contained.   From
the pointed box the oil with   its  load of
mineral   flows   off   continuously    to   a
specially constructed centrifugal machine, where the oil is   extracteJ from the
mineral  (which  is left in the machine),
the  oil   being  at once ready for re-use.
Tiie concentrates are   left in the machine, dry and almost free fiom oil.
The loss o| oil has been found to be
at (ilasdir 1L4 gallons per ton of ore
treated, and may be taken as varying
j according! to ore and other conditions
between one and three gallons per ton.
Tlie oil is of a very cheap class.
CIIAKfil". 0
•P AT.
O 11 IFFI N	
_F*lrst-01tt«»       acoonimodotlon
for  Tli©     !_*tit>lio.
aiLVEKTON,       ....
1! C.
The Knglish pi ice for lead is C12 12s Od
Silver, 27?vid.   Copper, £70*,',
Sew York, May 0— fUr  Silver,6tt?4
Luke copper,   $17.00.
bead—The firm Hint fixes  the selling
in ice for miners and Hin.dters quotes lend
at tl 37,lt ut the close.
Bhiptftsnts ol ore from Slocan Lake for
the year 1890. totaled 3078 Tons.
Shipments in  1900 totaled 4930 Tons.
The shipment   ol   ore   from   Slocan
Lake points, Up to and Including   the
present week, from Jan. 1, 1001,
From New Denver Tons
Hartney    120
Front I'm nn l.aieiin.'.
Bosun  240
From Silverton
Alpha   40
Hewett  540
Kii.ily Kdith     40
b"r.iin Enterprise banding
Enterprise  160
From Twelve Mile Landing
V.& M      20
From Slocan City
Arlington        13.r»5
Two r riendB 40
Black Prince 100
Bondholder     50
Chapleau    15
Speculator     20
Phoenix 20
As Others View It.
Owing to lack of support, The Silver-
Ionian, a very creditable publication, ban
been coinp-lled to reduce its size. This
is not a good advertisement for Silverton.
—Nelson Economist.
O  hush yonr cries, my baby,
And rest your tired head,
For every tiny   thing has crept
Into  its  cozy bed ;
O hush ! thu winds o' night will hear
Yonr pluntivo cries about,
And tho Christian  man  will get you it
you don't watch   out.
0 hush your cries, your father dear
Is hiding in tho hills:
He's hilling from the priests that make
Our fields run bloody   rills;
With  bible  and  with  musket,   they're
Converting all about—
The mission man will get you if
you don't watch out.
And if you're caught, the lovo wherewith
The I'.inlillia fills (lie mind
They'll turn to smiling falsehood,
Covering hatred of your kind:
O hush I wilh cross and bible they
Are prowling all about—
And they'll civilize you baby, il
yon don't watch out!
—I'n-diick Munley  iu Life.
< I
■ ■_■*_________*___
A Complete He view of the Krtuli ot
the P«at Week—In ThU and Foreign ILanda—Taken From the
Latest  DUpatehee.
Theodosius Secor, one of the earliest
American builders of marine engines, is
dead at his home in Brooklyn, aged 93.
Be leaves an estate valued at $1,000,000.
Mr. Oudahy will not compromise with
the men who abducted his son. He turned
down a proposition and aaid "I feel as if
I would follow thoee men to the ends of
the earth."
Owing to the danger of importing
smallpox from the mainland, tlie Honolulu
board of health has decided to fumigate all
mail* coming there by steamer from Hun
Terry -McGoveni knooked out Oscar
Gardner in the fourth round recently at
(Mechanics pavilion, San Francisco. From
the first minute until the und came there
was never a doubt i nthe minds of the
spectators as to the outcome.
At Oayueos, Cab, the merchandise store
of Degettardi k Higlietti was robbed recently. The burglars managed to open the
safe and secured over $8500 in cash. Negotiable papers and securities and aliout
$200 in the money drawer were left untouched.
The gates of the Pan-American exposition at Buffalo were thrown open Wednesday, May 1, and notwithstanding that it
had rained all night and conditions were
threatening, the various' routes to the
grounds were well patronized by those who
desired to be present at the opening.
At San Juan, Porto Rico, the new $150,-
000 pier caught Are and was destroyed in
half an hour. A large stock of sugar and
rum was lost in the fire. The lire cor.'i ice
to rage and the flames threaten to .-.pre ui
to the stores of the customs house. Laws
may have been lost, but this is not certain.
Robert A. Maxey, manager of the Pond
Lumber company, committed suicide at
Arkansas City, Kan., by shooting himself
through the head. He is short in his accounts. The amount of the shortage is
$3040.87. Ho left a note to his bondsmen
saying that his blunders had cost him his
The leader of a band of Yaqui Indians,
who as-captured a short time ago at Cuesta
Alta by a detachment of government
trodps, haa been executed at Antejuda by
order of General Lorenzo Torres. Prior
to his execution he was positively identified as "Apache Kid" by Alexander MacDonald, an American scout in the service
of the government, who says he know the
"Kid" well in Arizona.
Twelve hundred machinists in Buffalo,
N. Y., and probably 300 more in Erie county, outside of Buffalo, struck May 1 to secure a nine hour day without a decrease of
pay. It is understood that the local movement is the forerunner of a strike that may
extend all over the United States and Canada and Mexico, on May 20, when a general
demand for a nine hour day will be made.
The California supreme court lias reversed a former decision and declared that
the trust clause in the will of the late
James G. Fair is invalid. In his will Fair
left hia estate, valued at $15,000,1)00,
in trust, the proceeds to go to his heirs,
but the principal to bc kept out of their
hands. As a result of the decision of the
supreme court, the estate will now- be divided among Fair's children, Mrs. Herman
Oelrichs, Mra. W. K. Vanderbilt and
Charlee Fair.
Saloons ln Kansas City were closed
as tight aa a drum Sunday tor the llrst
time in elx years.
After a careful consideration the administration has decided to reduce the
army In the Philippines to 40,000.
Forty thousand Italian emigrants,
according to the Faufulla, are booked
to leave for the United States thia
W. J. Footner, vice president and
general manager of the Great Northern
Express company, died suddenly of apoplexy recently.
In view ot the favorable developments here, says the Pekin correspondent of the Lokal Anzleger, it ls possible that Count von Waldersee will
return home about the middle of June.
The much discussed question .to
whom would fall the honor ot launching the battleship Ohio at San Francisco, has been settled by the announcement that this function will fall upon
Mra. McKinley.
Mr. Taggart, mayor of Indianapolis,
Ind., atopped a runaway ln Chicago
He raced ahead with his automobile,
Jumped out, seized one of the horses
by the bridle, was dragged more than
a block, but curbed the horses.
Sergeant Bretsch and Trooper Jan-
isch of the German cavalry, have been
condemned to death for the murder of
two Innocent Chinese, while doing patrol duty In December at Pao-tlng-fu.
They await execution pending Emperor William's sanction.
At Chicago Armour k Co.'s beef
house, one of the largest buildings at
the stockyards, caught Are recently and
was damaged by flames and water to
the extent of $100,000. On the fourth
floor, awaiting slaughter, were 100 head
of live cattle, which were rescued with
great difficulty. Tbe building also contained 4,000 carcasses.
Sailor Tom Sharkey put out "Big
Fred" Russell, the California heavyweight, In the fourth round of What
was scheduled to lie a 10-round go be-
- fore the Colorado Athletic association
at Denver recently. It was characterized by rough and tumble tactics, engaged In by both.   There was much
the end of another week.   The deal in-I
1 eludes all -the leading mines ln the
Hocking valley fields and a number In
the Sunday creek district, Ohio.
The first Sunday of the Pan-American exposition's official existence
brought out a good-sized crowd. The
exhibits were closed and guards stood
by the doors of the great buildings and
prevented anyone from entering. On
the midway two shows whloh opened
were 'promptly closed toy the exposition
Governor and Mrs. Hunt of Idaho
have left for an eastern trip. They will
go dilreot to the Pan-American exposition where the governor will acquaint
bimself in detail with what the state's
representatives are doing toward making a display of the state's resources.
Afterward he will visit a number of
eastern cities and will not return for
thirea weeks.
Recently three pupils of the Fort
Spokane Indian boarding school were
drowned in the Spokane river neaT the
school. One of them was a 12 year
old white boy, Harry Wiggins, whose
father ls employed In the school as a
baker. The others were Indian boys,
aged 11 and 8 years respectively. Both
were the children of Alex. Strenger, n
member of the Colville tribe.
Seven people were burned to death,
tbTee fatally Injured and several others
slightly burned and otherwise Injured,
In a fire that destroyed a three story
apartment building at 3916 Marquette
avenue, South Shlcago, Sunday. The
origin of the fire Is unknown. The
bulldilng was an old one, built of wood,
and burned so rapidly that all avenues
of escape by stairways were cut off before the occupants were aware of the
Items Gleaned Prom Late Reports—
All Districts Are Being Developed
—A Prosperous Year Is Predicted—
Mining. Notes and Personals.
ration three years ago from the Turner-Peyton Interests of Spokane. In addition to this tremendous advance ln
value lt ls ol Interest to note that $1,-
305,000 In dividends have been paid.
The last dividend was 5 shillings, or
$1.20 per share.
The well known Buckhorn group, 18
miles north of Bonner's Ferry, Idaho,
ls soon to resume work.
The Frisco Consolidated Mining corn-
One of the greatest bodies of gold ore ' pany has closed its mine at Gem, Idaho,
being exploited In the northwest is that   for an indefinite period,
shown In the Chickadee group of the |   The Okanogan Gold Mines, Limited.
Great Northern Mining and Develop
ment company at Gilt Edge, Fergus
county, Montana. This company has
been operating about three years, and
has a cyanide plant on Its properties
that is reducing about 4,500 tons of ore
monthly. The mill has worked more
than 100,000 tons of ore, and there Is
at present an estimated body of 600,000
tons In the mines, blocked out and
ready for extraction, an amount sufficient to keep the mill running steadily
for ten yeans. The ore in the vicinity
of the Chloadee Is nearly all of a higher grade than the general average of
the cyanldlng ores of that part of the
state. It Is the opinion of nearly every
mining mnn acquainted with the district that the ore bodies follow the contact of the lime and porphyry around
the rim of the mountains for several
miles. This theory has been verified
many times of late, as ore has been discovered along the line of the contact
at various places for nearly five miles.
Bradstreet's report for last week Is
aa follows:
The sanguine feeling as to the trade
and speculation fluds reflectb n 3 the
enormous activity iln stock spe^. Ution,
which has attracted much money from
the usual commercial channels and expanded darings to unheard of total
Warm, sunny weather is help'_LU retail trade in the cities and is I .. wise
affording the farmers favorable i.iuor-
tunlty to complete crop planting. General business the country over must be
classed as satisfactory. The Iron and
steel trades, though reaching somewhat
of a lull In the country, continue to
furnish thc best reports, while the textile Industries return the least favorable accounts. Wool ls quiet, mills buying to fill only Immediate wants. There
is more movement at the west and on
the Pacific coast, however. London
prices are 'higher for finer merino
grades and lower for crossbreds.
The crop situation at present is quite
encouraging. Warm, sunny weather Is
helping corn and cotton, and wheat
maintains a generally good condition,
notwithstanding reports of damage by
Insects in the southwest. Grain planting is almost finished in the northwest
and liberal rains In California have
helped the situation there. The Iron
trade production naturally appears to
be catching up with demands In the
cruder forms. Bessemer pig Iron ls
25 cents lower this week and sales of
southern pig have been 50 cents below
the asking price of some weeks ago,
although Birmingham reports schedules adhered to. Other metals nre quite
steady, except as to tin, whie' * slightly lower on the week.
Wheat (Including flour) Jil ir.ts
for the week aggregate 5,100,. <ush-
els, against 4,282,129 bushels laix K
4,537,033 bushels ln the corresponding
week of 1900, 3,484.081 bushels In 1899
and 2,923,775 ln 1898. From July 1 to
date this season wheat exports are
176.916,238 bushels, against 166,035,602
bushels last season and 201,198,4«r in
Failures for the week number 10S ae
compared with 214 last week, 173 ln
this week a year ago, 164 In 1899 and
240 In 1898.
Canadian falluree ln April numbered
23, the same number as a week ago,
but liabilities aggregated only $790,485,
a decrease of 20 per cent from 1900.
Suffered Twenty-five Years.
Washington, D. C, April 1, 1898.
Dr. S. B. Hartman, Columbus, Ohio,
My dear Doctor—It gives me pleas-
ure to certify to the excellent curative
qualities of your  medicines,   Peruna
Met a Horr • '» Peath.
Salt Lake, May 0. ' special from Rich-
fleld, L'ta'h, says tl He >>ig screen machine belt of the Annie u... '" mine Hew
oft*. When the engineer anil assistant attempted to put it back they heard groans
from the screen room above, ind on investigation found Mirt'ti '.' iiipller in 'ie
cogs of tlie higgcir _ii_...'s iin to hi- thighs,
Wliiplh.r died sonn nn r being extricated. The unfortunate tuan had attempted to remove some obstruction in the boxing when his foot slipped und he wus
slowly drawn into the wheels. His screams
for help were drowned in the roar ot the
machinery end it was not until the cog
wheels    had    crunched  against  his thigh
bones that the machinery stopped. Whip-
ller is supposed to huve a sister living in
The tunnel on the Gold Ledge mine
at Gold Hill is now in over 275 feet.
The first ore from the Son Poll was
shipped to the Republic mill last week.
The Black Tail will ship a test lot
soon and will probably ship regularly
if the San Poll does.
Messrs. Bedler and HolTstadter, the
lessees of the Caliph mine, have shipped ten tons of ore to the Granby smelter at Grand Forks.
The plant of the Tacoma Smelting
company ls to be Increased by the addition of an extensive copper converting
plant and lead refinery.
The shaft at the Trade Dollar mine
is now down 67 feet, and sand and gravel ln place of clayey silt show the near
approach to a solid formation.
On the No. 4 level of the Republic
mine, when finished, the station inside
of the timbers will be from 12 to 30
feet high and from 8 to 16 feet wide.
The Quilp carries too much silver In
most of Its ore to allow milling at a
profit, hut there is considerable ore In
the upper levels which are chiefly gold-
At the Ben Hur mine there is no
change to report, but Superintendent
Miller expects to commence shipping
ore to the Republic mill Immediately,
the custom ore bin being finished.
The last of the ore shipments from
the Morning Glory mine, nearly 20 tons
In all, have gone to Grand Forks, Superintendent Boyer having secured
teams earlier than he had expected.
At the Flag Hill mine a complete
drainage has heen effected and work
Is progressing In the winze, the drift
from the bottom of which Is 15 feet,
with the vein opening up in good shape.
Charles P. Robblns, president of the
Lone Pine-Surprise company, has been
busy surveying, with a view to making
certain connections and doing additional prospecting and development work.
It Is understood that lots of from 100
to 200 tons from the Tom Thumb,
Quilp, Trade Dollar and probably others will be run through the mill, and
the outlook for a regular output from
them all is regarded as good.
Suit Lake, May 5.— Wii.Held J. Hunt,
said to be the son of a wealthy contractor
of Decatur, ill., and Miss Clara A. Rogers
of the siime eity, were married in the county juil by Justice Loclirie. Thursday
Hunt, who hns 'been known in .Sill Like
us Harry Wilson, was found guilty of highway robbery, und pending sentence was
committed to jell.
Dntterlne Plant Destroyed.
Chicago, May 15.--Kire destroyed the butterine plant of fhe a. B. Friedman Manufacturing eompnny, situated in the heart
of the stock yards district.   1/ ss, $150,000.
Wool Hunsc    .ticned.
Philadelphia, May 5.—i\ i\x story brick
Molding at 110 C'.i'stliut street, occ ipied
rough work throughout and lt seemed j by Charles Webb & Co.. Importers of wool,
that each had a chance to win by land- is burned. Loss, $7(5,000
ing a wild swing at any time.
Prospects are bright that Kaslo will
have a smelter ln the near future.
The agreement between the Greenwood-Phoenix Tramway company and
the city was killed In committee of the
city council at last week's meeting.
The assurance that the Canadian Pacific will build into the Lardo diatrict
this mmmer has had a remarkably
stimu.atlng effect on the outlook for
the season.
"The contract for the construction of
a tramway for the Hewitt mine will be
let chls week," said C. T. Cross of SU-
vrrton, B. C, part owner of the well
known Slocan lake i-roperty.
A force of 14 men under Superintendent Sam Hall is at work on the
Ilomestake in the South belt. Ii. is employed in the raise which will connect
the tunnel with the old shaft.
F. C. Oliver, the manager of the Morrison Mines, Limited, says that the recent assessment of two cents per share
was made at the urgent demand of the
principal stockholders.
Jay P. Graves and A. C. Flummerfelt,
ma.iagcr and assistant manager respectfully of the Granby smelter at
Grand Forks, are arranging preliminaries looking toward the construction of
a smelter and refinery ln Vancouver.
Wayne Darlington, the mining expert of John W. Mackay, will arrive
ln Rossland this week to examine the
Centre Star mine on behalf of certain
of the shareholders. The mine was
purchased of Gooderham & Blackstock
on his recommendation.
During the month of April the Greenwood smelter treated 11,322 tona of ore,
an average of 377 tone dally, with one
furnace of a nominal capacity of 225
(tons. The receipts of custom ore were
1,150 tons. The balance of the oro
treated came from the company's mine,
the Mother Lode, In Doadwood camp.
The reports from London announc
situated near Orovllle, Is again to resume work on a large scale.
The Black Tail Mining company Is
putting up a stamp mill at its property
in the Fisher River country, near Kalispell, Mont.
The Hawkeye ledge on Lambert
creek Is 114 feet wide. The Hawkeye
is a purely copper property. It ls well
equipped with machinery and cabins.
Work on the coal prosipects on Oro-
flna creek, 16 miles above Oroflno, Idaho, is lining steadily prosecuted by ths
corporation formed by Colfax, Wash.,
Another marble quarry has been discovered In Stevens county, Wash., and
the peculiarity of the marble Is that It
Is almost pure white In color. The
ledge has been located near the United
States marble quarry.
J. D. Flenner, of Boise, who has been
In the Coeur d'Alenes collecting for
the International Mining congress
which meets in Boise during the coming July, reports that much interest ln
the congress is developing In the Coeur
Extensive development in a new
camp of the Coeur d'Alenes has been
determined on by the St. Paul k Idaho
Mining St Milling company, which
bolds a group on Pine creek, Yreka district, about six miles south of Wardner,
under a $60,000 bond.
Mr. Cole, one of the Boston men Interested in the hydraulic elevator plant
at Murray, has Interested some of his
fellow townsmen in silver-lead properties near Burke, and a bond has lieen
taken on two groups of claims with the
intention of working them this suin-
Negotiations are under way for the
sale of the Silver Butte group at North-
port, Wash., to Philadelphia people. It
ls reported that $200,000 is to be the
purchase price. The prospective buyers already own the Great Western,
which adjoins the Silver Butte. It Is
presumed that the two properties will
be consolidated. The Silver Butte lies
in the Deep Creek country, aliout eight
miles from Northport.
Orders have been received to close
down the works of the American Smelt-
lng& Refining company at Kast Helena, Mont., employing 600 men. The
eight hour day law, which went into
effect. Is responsible for the shut down
in a measure, as the company undertook to reduce the wages of the blast
furnace men 20 per cent In consequence
of a shorter day. The men agreed to
work for 10 per cent reduction and the
company offered to compromise at 12.
An agreement could not be reached
and an order to shut down was received from the Now York oflice.
The sensational reports that have
been spread broadcast that the Butte
miners' union Is going Into the Amalgamated Copper company have simmered down to the bare fact that the union,
which has a large surplus fund lying
Idle In Its treasury, has Invested $50,-
000 ln copper shares. The miners were
a unit in voting for the purchase on a
straight husiness baslR. There are no
individual holdings, all the stock bqjng
held In the name of the union. The
Investment gives the thousands of miners In that district a personal Interest
In the Amalgamated mines, and lessens
to a great extent the danger of future
labor troubles.
iimi J. i>. Botkln.
Congretaman-st-Large from Kanam.
and Maniilin. I have been afflicted
more or less for a quarter ol a oentury
with catarrh of the stomach ami
constipation; a residenqe in Washington hns increased these troubles.
A few buttles of your medicines
hnve given me almost complete relief,
and 1 mn sure that a continuation of
their use will eli'ect a permanent cure.
l'eruna is surely a wonderful remedy
for catarrhal affections.
J. I). Botkin.
If you do not derive prompt and
satisfactory results from the use of
l'eruna, write at once to Dr. Hartman, giving a full statement of
your case, und he will be pleased to
give you bis   valuable   advice  gratis.
Address Dr. Hartman, President of
the Hiirtiiuin Sanitarium, Columbus, Ohio.  '
lli'iiiiliiulini   to   < n    Home.
Washington, May 6.—A dispatch from
Admiral Kempff to the navy depart ment
brought   word  that  the gunboal   llciining-
ton would lie detached from the Asians
station  and  would  sail  for    the    United
This is a movement in ths general reduction iii Asiatic waters which has been going ou for st tine time, both ships will conic
to Male Island and  Undergo repairs.
lluiiil lo National Turk.
Helena, Mont., May 0.—A contract lias
been  let   to (iearge  A.   Miller of   llilliiif:s
for a government rosd   in    Yellowstone
Park, .'III miles long, to connect with the
stage road from Cody, Wyn., the terminus
of ihe new Burlington branch,   The road
will inn from the lake outlet tn the lte.nl
of lhe Shoshone riiei.
One woman to every ten men worked
for wages fifty years ugo, but now the
ratio Is one to four.
The demand for automobiles Is so Immense, it Is said, that all factories are
behind with their orders.
The bread enters of the world require
more than _.',:UM),()00,0I)0 bushels of
wheat every twelve mouths.
Frauce consumes more wine than
Gcrmnny, the L'ulted Stntes and the
United Kingdom put together.
The building trades unions In Brooklyn have Started a movement to kill off
rivalries between unions liy an agreement to adopt the same rate of wages
and to recognize each other's union
cards. The First National Union of
Plasterers, with n membership of 1,500,
and the Italian Plain and Ornamental
Plasterers' Union, with n membership
of 700, have Joined hands.
The sweatshops of New York City
will be abolished if agitation cnn do It
The Brotherhood of Tailors hits nsked
Bishop Potter, President Gompers,
President Adler nnd several others to
bend a movement of 200,000 Fust Side
men, women und children. This movement will extend to other cities of the
country until the "hunger, poverty nml
dirt" of thc sweatshops will be a thing
of the past.
The Bonrd of Control of tbe Louisiana State penitentiary closed a denl recently for two Immense plantations,
nnd uext yonr over BOO convicts will
work them, the crops going to the
Stnte. This notion wus tnken under
the new law providing for the handling
and care of convicts. In this way It Is
expected to work extensive prison reforms, the convict lease system being
abolished. The plantations are In
West Fellclun nnd Iberlu parishes. On
the former cotton will be raised, and
sugar on the hitter. Louisiana bus
about 1,000 convicts.
When von tako Orove'n Tantoloaa Chill Tonic,
i ..■!• iniue tbo form tils la plainly printed on every
bottle hlniwliu,' Hun It la simply I run and Qui-
Blue lu a taaieleaa lorm. No euro, No Par. '**"'■
Sugar Is found ln parsnips, mallows
and almost all vegetables.
Tlio  llrllinh   Seamen  Sin.I.
Tientsin, May (I.- Smite (Icruiaii soldiers
who were guarding a German bridge across
the IViho river at the south end of the
liritisli concession here. Hied on the British tug, The I'-gu, WOundlng two of her
crew. The bridge Impedes river trallic and
the tug touched it.
Montana Handler MImkIiik.
Butte, Mont., May 0,—A special from
Missoula says (leorge ltecder, a rancher on
Trail creek, lets Im-oii milling three weeks
ami his friends fear he has met. with foul
play. He stinted oil' hunting in company
With his dog and neither have been heard
of since.
One of the largest deals In the his-
It has been found ln India tl   f 'noc-
l)i.nl.I.-   Murder.
Little Falls, N. Y.. May (I.—A double
murder occured in the town of Warren,
hear Richfield Springs. The victims were
Benjamin lloyt and Mrs, John c. Wallace.
Ing that Le Roi stock ia selling at a "°.vl hiurdered Mrs. Wallace and was af-
trlfla less than £10 per share, have dl- forwards ihol by Mr. Wallace.
rected   considerable   Interest  towards
the great Rossland mine.   On the basis
of the etock quotation,  the mine ls
riuiirniiil.rr   MlanlnK.
Wallace, bin ho, Mny 6.—Thorval (Hsnn
worth a shade  less than  $10,000,000. of Mullen is hunting wr hi* brother, Louis,
tory of the coal financial world ls now ulatlon against rinderpest w<'' (.rot«!Ct That Is practically three times what who has inislerioiisly dimppeared. tie is
on, and all Indications are that lt will an animal for a period of sc »uty or was paid for the property when tt was n member of the blgarmaker'i union at
he brought to a successful close before   eighty days. i bought by the British-American corpo   Victoria.
In many forms
main-up a large part of human
aiilTcritiK. They come -.uildenly,
but tliey   go promptly  by  tbt
use of
St. Jacobs Oil
which la a certain sure cure.
N.N. u.
NO. 19,19"1' Loss of Appetite
Is Loss of Vitality, Vigor, Tone*
That stuutls to reason. '
It it, common in the Spring, when
On- blood, which needs cleansing, fails
(() give the organs the stimulus nee-
,,,,„;, iy for the proper performance
0( their functions.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
clciuiscs the blood, restores appetite,
gives vitality, vigor, tone — this is
one of tlie reasons why it's called tho
Greatest Spring Medicine.
Take it.
•' I hnve taken Hood's Sarsaparilla and
If has created a good appetite and cleansed
,„y blood." Adolph Khooe, Plattsmouth,
" My little brother had no appetite. He
lias taken Hood's Sarsaparilla and now
gets hungry like any other boy." Maud
KiitiniiK, Alden, Kan.
Hood's Sarsaparilla promises to
cure and keeps the promise.
hAca ostium
Stowing Full Line of Garments and Hats
Not a Perfect Specimen.
The little girl whom the New York
Times tells about Ib only D years old,
but she litis sucb a large experience of
dolls that she feels herself to be something of a connoisseur in children. Recently there came a real live baby luto
the house.
When It was put Into her arms, this
real live baby, the 5-yeiir-old surveyed
It with a crltlciil eye.
"Isn't that a nice baby?" cried tbe
nurse, with the joyous pride with
which a nurse always regards a new
baby, in which she feels that she bus a
proprietary Interest.
"Yes," replied the little girl, hesitatingly, "It's nice, hut Its head's loose."
Mr. Balfour aa a Musli-lnn.
Jftufc Is A. J. Balfour's chief indoor
bobby. He plays the piano extremely
ii til. and ls very fund of nil Classical
sod grand opera music. Ills great forte,
liuucvdr. Is the theory of music, and
be never misses any chance whatever,
vhen In Loudon, of attending ii gootl
concert, and he Is n regular member of
the Handel Society, seldom missing Its
A girl's letter always reminds us of
a girl's Joke—never much iu it.
rows -mis:
U'e oiler One Hundred Dollars I'.ovmnl (or mj
ease of Catarrh ibat Can no: bo cure 1 by Hall'a
Catarrh Cur*. _ ,  .    _
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Propii., Toledo, O.
We the undeniirned, huve known P.J. Chanty
drtiic oast 16 veara. and bcllevo htm perlcctly
bonorabl' in'Sll bunln a* transaction . tied lln-
ii-.. nl - utile tof'Hr.Y out any obllgnUoua made
ti>- tit-fr firm.
Wist A Tm'ax,
WlMilei*li; Druii'.Uts, Toledo, '\
WaUdKO, ^iNKAN&Marviis.
Vmolsjals DniK lata, Toledo. O.
Hull's Catarrh Cure lit ken n    rnally. acting
t'.lreotly on ihe lilisid and in coua aurlacca ol
tlivayatrm.   Hrl -e ~.lz por bo'tie.    feo.d by AL
drug, lata.   Tvatlmqnl Ulrflc.
U*llatftiii;lyi-iil    r  Us   l«aU
One hundred farmers near Keota,
Iowa, have planned te build a telephone
line In the spring. It wll be nine
miles long, connecting Keota and South
Knglish, at both'of which pointa It will
loin long distance switchboards.
Uiat Ive
imo day,
o-gulnirie Tablet* cure A cold In
cum, Nu Pay.  Price 26oenta.
Iron ore to the value of |44,226 was
Imported from Spain by the United
States for the Quarter ending September 30, 1900.
If you nrP'n photographer and havo
not received u copy of our l'.IOl catalog you have missed u good thing.
S nd'ftir it ut mice. Kirk, Geary &
t'u., 380 .Sutter Bt., Sun Francisco.
The ..United Kingdom of Great Britain and' Ireland has 118.000 miles of
Aetlve man by larre manufacturing home;
I ' 'lulu eanlt paid lur l-'iluvi trial; promotion
•ml permanent pnnltltin ll aallalaetory. Ad-
0"-s. U. 11. V. I'-v,. 73!)Chestnut St., Philada.
The Hindoo chronology extends to
6174 B. C; Babylon, 6168 B. C; China,
6167 B. C.
Will March.
Pottsville, Pa., May 0.—National Organizer Dougherty, Secretary Hartline of the
Ninth district und President Duffy of the
Tenth district have held u conference und
arranged for a march of mtneworkers to
Harriuhurg for the purpose of urging the
passags of hills recoiiiinended bv the Unit-
cd Mineworkeis. It is proposed to rendezvous the miners from Hazelton, Mc-
Atloo. Panther Creek valley and Schuylkill
legion at Pottsville on Tuesday, They will
take six days' rutions each mid will inarch
to Milleisbiirg, where they will he joined
by those from Northumberland and Columbia counties,
At least 10,000 men will leave when the
orders to march ure given.
CITQ PurmanentlT Onrnd. No Ilia or nWYOinnwa
■• I © after HrtiliIiiT'iiti_K«of Dr. Kllne'-iOr-.*! Ner»»
H«l.,r,r. g«nd for FKKK ft'J.OO trial tfc_ittl_.ai.il treat-
*»■   IIU.lt. II   Kl.lNU.[_4.I..V.1l an-llSI., I'lillailrll.llii.. I'u.
Among the students at the University of Paris laat year there were l,2o0
from foreign countries.
When  your liver la out ot order do not
dole   ii.iiiM-ii »1 Hi   polaiiiiiiiiH   drugs
tlittt lint in and never cure, but take t.ar-
BsldTea.anfl IlKltHretsmlt. liml I'UKKS.
Japan has 6,300   kilometers of rail-
W|t.vs, or about as many as Bavaria.
Grout Mountain ot lliiiirlt.
Victoria, B. (J., May 5.—The steainei-
Danube brlngl news of the arrival at Dawson of Peter Dow and party from the
Xanana after two years' travel through
that district. They tell of the discovery
of a great mountain of porphyrlte quartz
west of lhe Tulviinu river, whieh could he
seen for many miles glistening like now
on the mountain. The quartz was pure
white and there were pinnacles standing
tO the height of DIM) feet on the mountain.
Two miners were lost during the search
for this ledge and lived on 'berries for four
days before they weie fonnd. Gold WM
found in nil the pieces of quartz tested In
11 crude manner by tlie miners.
l'i.1.nl In   Mnnt,mn.
Helena,  Mont., May  6.—There  is  the
highest flood ill the Helt river known in
Id yens, and the passenger train lo Nei-
liiirt, which left Great Kails, is stalled between two washed out bridges. When the
crew found the bridge ahead gone, it backed the engine Up only to liml ihe one over
which the train hail passed over safely had
nlso flouted away.
The pasaengera and crew walked to Neihart ami sent a wagon for the baggage.
Eighty feet of track near Armingtoh is
washed out. Serious washouts have oc
curred along the line of the Montana railroad.
Confidence Is the champion of success. .
The rain falls—but lt gets up again
ln dew time.
It's Impossible to kill a suspicion begotten of deceit.
High water doesn't necessarily raise
the price of milk.
Politeness Is a coin that passes current ln every land. .;
A strong will ia firmness; a strong
won't is obstinacy.
The best place to get good, plain
board Is at a planing mill,
"All flesh la grass," remarked the
hungry vegetarian as he tackled a Juicy
The Tennesaeee house has concurred
with the senate in forbidding the em
ployment of white teachers In negro
public schools.
Ll Hung Chang ls ao deeply commit
ted to Russia that he is no longer a free
agent, says a correspondent, and lt le
Impossible to evade authorizing Bus
sla's wish.
'lh.- sl.iiin   Locomotive   Doomed.
11 is claimed that wit.liiu a few years the
electric motor will completelymipDWIltllu
Hti-n.ni locomotive, ami uui us will then rush
along ui u speetl of ion miles an hour. / Ti
travelers this will   prove a  ({rent  blessing.
but no mora io 1 ban Hoatetteri Stomaoli
Hitters, Int- nisi veil a blasting to those who
wish to reiri'iu iheir helth quickly, Tint
Hit ten cnI'l-iiyspf psiu. imlipiMion, biliousness, nialutia', lever and tittle, also tm«
proves the tu.petite and purli.ei the blood.
Seventy-one new banking Institutions
have been authorized to do business in
Missouri in the last two years and a
large number ef banks have Increased
their capitalization.
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. All
driiKKiHts reluml the money lilt tails to cure.
E. W. Grove's signature In on each box.  26c.
The population of London has Increased from 958,788 ln 1801 to 4,600,-
000 in 1901.
School Pupil*' Dissipations.
Teachers generally agree on one
thing—they suy let night entertulu-
nieiiis, if they have to occur in the
school child's life, come ou Friday or
Saturday ulght, but do not let thcui
break In on study days. One teacher
tells uie she would much prefer It did
not occur at all, and she points out 11s
her best studeut the rosy-faced, plaluly
gowned little girl with her tmlr neatly
parted und bunging iuu loug bruld dowu
her back. "Not only my best pupil,"
she adds, "but my best girl; sweet-tempered, courteous, and kind to nil her
fellows, rich or poor. She Is simple In
her milliners ns In her clothes, and just
a girl, uot a young lady yet. You ask
why? Simply because she lias a lovely,
wise, womauly mother, with tbe best
Interests of her child and the interests
of the whole school nt henrt, yet she
Is one of the wealthiest Women In the
city."—Good Housekeeping.
To Mothers oi
Large Families
In this workaday world few women
are uo placed that physical exertion
ls not constantly demanded of them in
their daily life.
Wo make a special appeal to mothers
of large families whose work la never
done, and many of whom suffer, and
suffer for lack of intelligent aid.
To women, young or old, rich or
poor, we extend an Invitation to accept
free advice.    Oh, women 1 do not let
The treasury department has Issued a warrant In favor of Admiral
George Dewey for $9,570 or account of
prize money found to be due him from
tbe court of claims for the destruction
of the Spanish fleet ln Manilla harbor
May 1, 1898.
The Best I'rescriptlor for Malaria
Chills and Fever ls a bottle of Grove's Tasteless
Chin Tunic,   it Ib simply Iron and quinine in
i tusieless form.   No lure, No Pay.   Price SOC
The oldest known artesian well was
sunk at LUlers, France, in the twelfth
After-Effects Are Often Worse
Than the Trouble Itself  How
They May Be Avoided and
Good Health Restored.
>'n>m Ul Jniirniil, Knn'im City, Mo.
Following every epidemic of the
grip tbere remains a truil of after
effects which are often worse tliiin
the trouble itself und which seein to
baffle nil efforts of physicians. A
(peoiflo, however, bus been found
which not only will quickly restore
the health after an attack of grip
nnd cxjm'1 the lingering germs, but,
working through the blood will render the system proof agaiust the disease. In hundreds of cases it bus
been shown that l>r. Williams' Pink
Tills for Pale People have accomplished this result. One of the many
recent cures is that of Mrs. J. II.
Shaw, of 2101 Bellefontain avenue,
Kansas City, Mo., who says:
"When the grip was epidemic here
I Mas one of its victims uml the disease
left me   in   ii bad   stute.    I  formerly
hud un excellent memory, but ufter
the attack 1 could scarcely remember
anything. I bud severe puins in the
top und buck nf my head and wus
dizzy by spells. I would lie awaek
until lienrly morning und then full
into a sleep that was not restful. My
heart action wus weak nnd 1 wus u
victim of nervousness. In tact my
health wus shattered by the attack ol
the grip and recovery seemed hopeless.
"After being afflicted in this man-
ncr for several weeks, I happened to
read an advertiseiiient of Dr. Williams' Pink Tills for Pale People.
Thinking they might do nie good, I
k'gan taking them at mice. In three
days I was much better und could
sleep like a child ut night. After
using a box of the pills my memory
waa restored and 1 felt .greatly encouraged. I continued taking them
until I had used three boxes nnd
was in better health than I had enjoys
ed for several years.
"If a stumped envelope is sent for
reply I will gladly answer all inquiries relating to my case."
Signed,        MHS.  J.  B.  SHAW.
Subscribed uml swum to before me
this 12th day of February. 1901.
(Seal) Notary Public
At all druggists or   direct from Dr.
Williams Medicine Co., Sclieiiectiidy,
N. Y.      Price   50   cents   per box; tl
boxes, $2.50.       	
Our 1001 catalog contains a full list
of everything needed for photographic
purposes. The fullest line of umiiteur
gOOQS in the west. Kirk, Geary k
Co., 330 Sutter St., San Francisco.
The rearing of silk worms and the
production of silk during the years before the revolution promised to become
one of the moat Important Industries
of America.
An im Friend
S. S. S. bas been
before the public
for many years;
from a small beginning, it has steadily
worked its way to
the front, and is now known in every dty, town and hamlet in the country. Its
ataunchest friends are those who have known it longest and have witnessed its
wonderful curative powers in their own families or among their friends and
acquaintances. Grateful patients in all parts of the country tell of their restoration
to health and happiness, and tbe testimony of these is the highest evidence of the
medicine's worth. S. S. S. is more popular today than ever in its history—no
other remedy stands so high, has ever given 6tich perfect satisfaction or is so
reliable in the cure of Cancer, Rheumatism, Catarrh, Contagious Blood Poison,
Scrofula, Eczema, Psoriasis, Salt Rheum, Acne, or any disease that originates in
the blood. Deing strictly a vegetable preparation, you will find it agrees with you
much better than a drug store concoction or any of the widely advertised potash
and mercury remedies, which affect the bones, muscles and stomach, causing
Rheumatism   or  Dyspepsia.     If   you
UOn't Experiment-—   have never tried S. S. S., you will be
surprised at the immediate good effects,
7"«i_frC S* S* S* for no sooner does it get into the circulation than the
appetite increases; you grow stronger, and gradually
but surely it drives out the poisons and restores the blood to a healthy condition.
If there is a sore or ulcer on the body, it begins to heal around the edges, the discharge finally ceases and the place gets well; muscular nnd bone pains vanish, and
the skin is relieved of all itching, irritating eruptions. Nervous, run down and
anaemic people will find S. S. S. just the medicine they need, for blood poverty
and illy nourished nerves are responsible for their condition. For old people and
children S. S. S. has no equal; being free from all minerals, it does not nauseate
or have any injurious effect whatever, and keeps the blood in good condition, thus
fortifying against disease. Experience teaches whut is good and what is not good;
this applies particularly to medicine, and S. S. S., a remedy that has retained the
confidence of the people for nearly 50 years, must have merit—IT CURES, is the
secret of its success. When you call for S. S. S.
don't be persuaded to accept something else—
there is no substitute for S. S. S. It is the only
guaranteed purely vegetable blood purifier, and
the safest and best for all blood and skin
troubles. Do not let them force an inferior
mineral remedy on you because there is a larger
profit in it. It you have any blood or skin disease, don't hesitate to write us about it; our physicians will carefully consider
your case aad advise you without charge. Book on Blood and Skin Diseases free,
your lives be sacrificed when a word of
advice at the first approach of weakness, may fill your future years with
healthy joy. Address a letter to Mrs.
Pinkham's Laboratory, Lynn Mass.,
and you will not be disappointed.
" When 1 began to take Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound I waa
not able to do my housework. I suffered terribly at time of menstruation.
Several doctors told me they could do
nothing for me. Thanks to the Pinkham advice and medicine I am now
well, and can do the work for eight ln
the family.
" I would recommend Lydia E. Pink*
ham's Vegetable Compound to aU
mothers with large families."—-Mas.
CaiiBis Hi-.li.kvii.i.f, Ludington, Mich.
Spokane, Wash.
Lend,   ROc;   silver,   flOe;
Oold  ami silver,   $1.00.
Miule new with Ptran ine.    Cleans antl
Bleacbei any Straw Hat.    By mall, a
cents.   Send Itamps.
WOOD ARD, CLARKE & CO., Chtmiats
Portland, Oregon.
In tii'i-i time to cnre Catarrh,
Bronchitis and Consumption.
Our remedy Is guaranteed, |1
P. O. Box B73.
W. H. SMITH 2 CO., Buffalo, N. Y.
Mothers will find Mrs. Wlnslow's Booth-
iiia Svrup the best remedy to use lor their
oiiiltlren during ths teething period.
Home men Impoae on themselves
when they tax tbeir momory.
Phis signature ii on every box ol the genuine
Laxative Bromo-Quimne T»bi«ti
h. r_,.n«_iv that eysvra a colli In •■• .*J
he remedy that rure* a
Contract surgeons ln the army are
employed to assist the regular surgeons. They recelte a maximum salary of $150 a month.
People expert miieli trout l.nrflelil Tea,
and ihey are nevardlnapqlntofll It ourei
mmiiach, liver ami bowel disorders and
cures cou«tl|i»llini and sick headache.
Tell your pipe stories to the plumber.
He enjoys them.
Puffs under the eyes; red nose; pimple-
blotched, greasy face don't mean hard drinking always as much as it shows that there is
BILE IN THE BLOOD. It is true, drinking and over-eating overloads the stomach,
but failure to assist nature in regularly disposing of the partially digested lumps of food
that are dumped into the bowels and allowed
to rot there, is what causes all the trouble.
CASCARETS will help nature help you, and
will keep the system from filling with poisons,
will clean out the sores that tell of the sys-
stem's rottenness. Bloated by bile the figure
becomes unshapely, the breatn foul, eyes and
skin yellow; in fact the whole body kind of
fills up with filth. Every time you neglect to
help nature you lay the foundation for just
such troubles. CASCARETS will carry the
poisons out of the system and will regulate
you naturally and easily and without gripe or pain. Start to-night—one tablet-keep it up for
a week and help the liver clean up the bowels, and you will feci right, your blood will be rich,
face look clean, eyes bright. Get a 50c box of CASCARETS, take as directed. If you are not
cured or satisfied you get your money back.   Bile bloat is quickly and permanently
25c 50c.
all bowel troubles, appendlrltln, bll-
louaiii'M, bad breath, bad blood, wind
on the ■tomiii It, blonled bowela,  (onI
UUI __.___■        lllOlllll, ll.ll.lll,   1,1   ,  lll.li.   -lll.ll,  |lllll|l||.H,
|inlii« ultir iiiiiiilt, liver trouble, mi flow complexion
and illz/ln. •». W Itrii ftitir bowi'ls ditn'l mo v« regularly you are netting alck. ComatlpHUon kill* more
in iiple than all other dlmeaeee together. It la a
■inner for the chronic atlmonta and lone year* of
aii-Terlnii Ihat come afterward*. No matter what
alia you, start taking rAsi.lltlTs to-day, for you
will never get well and bo well all tho time until
you put your bowela right. Take our advlcc| *tarl
with I'AM'AHl-iTS to-day, under aa absolute guarantee to euro or money refunded. lat
TO CUREi Five yrnrs »■•
thr tlrat boi of CaHVAWL-*
ET* wm sold. Mow It U
over sla million hmci m,
year,    greater   than    amy
Tiiii li nhaotnt« proof of
otilal.    V r l.avn faith and
alinll.ii- medlrliie In thc world
iri'tit merit* nml our beat teatli
Will   sell   <   AS<   AKI'TM   iihaoliiltlv   ifimt-iiulrrd   to   nr»«  or
money refunded. Clo buy today, iwn AOo boiM, |It«Uma
_A»lr, noueat trial, hs per simple directions, and If you aro
in* antlaflcd, after h|u oue oOcboi. return the naused&we
box and (he ctunty bor *•■ us by "" ''• or Ibe drunlit (Vom
whom you purchused I., and get ymir money back for both
boxes. Take our advice no mutter what alls you atart today. Health will quick) v follow and you will bless the day
Imi »li-i aim 't-dthcmeitf ( A si till I'M. Hook free by Mali.
Uilreui   MUtMNU HKMKHV CO., NKW lOUh. or CHICAGO. ii i .'..!t..'._yL I'lAl .__.■.■'■-■'''-' ■■'""
...j i.jijj'ii.i.ij.■'.."-'■.■-.-' "■'
.11111..».' ■ i    ." ■ ;.?"
.. ■— -♦	
Conveniently Situated near
Railway Station and Wharf. '
Tables supplied witti nil  the delicacies j
iDl the season.
HENDER^nT^ETHTnO, - Proi-b.
SLOOAN CITY,   ....   B. 0.
THE SILV K1-f If IW   I   A Scw Denver Jlo^e-warming.
Saturday,    May U, 1901.
MATH I SON I.1M1S,,    Editors £ Props.
Tl.e residences of J K Olark and Mining Recorder Mclnnis in New Denver
were destroyed bv do on Sunday morning.   The fire originated in  the kitchen
of the Clara dwelling fr,,m 8om0 """
known cause, and wiih discovered only in
time to allow the occupants lo escape.
Die furniture of Mr Melnnls wan partially
caved, hut both houses were burnt to the
j ground. Mr. Mclnnis will rebuild at
Green   or   Black.
Is    SPerfect    Tea..       »
It is rcifec! Because lt Is rure, Wholesome, Clean, BeMoiw.
i      It reaches you in its   natural state.     Prussian Blue,   Soapstoue,   eto.,
aro not used, aa in other teas, to hide defects.    It has none.
fl. H. WILLIHT>.
Stock, and  Customs
Real   Estate    and
JBakkb St.,
Advertising rates will be niitde known
upon application tit this office,
_   _   NELSON, li. 0
3M. McGregor,
Evened jMngs ^-
The home team won the baseball name
played here last Saturday with the New
Denver nine, Ihe score belnil 2_ to> 12.
Both tennis went on the field minus their
regular pitchers, Nesbitt going on the
slab for the visitors ami Linton throwing
ihe curves Ior Silveiton. Tl.e game was
an improvement-over that played in New
Denver, there being lees fumbling, leBS
Green.       Samples on application-       J
Cei Imi   Teas  are sold   in  sealed  lead
packets       onlv        never    in      hulk.
Blaok,     Mixed   or   Uncolored   Ceylon
Address "SALADA," Toronto.
■■*■■"—■■"'—   — '"    ■    "'   ■    ■ ■      —1 ■■■■■■■ I I! I	
SILVERTON,      r       **      -      B. C.
aj\aklw*Bt j wuvnf i«"-p
If there „ one thing that the Slocan Uflln?. mo^.i.ew.Sliei £ h«H M
can be congratulated upon it ia the
fact that panic in the country canned
by over-speculation or otherwise can
have no bud effect upon business here,
j which has' been dead for gome time.
An inquest on the ISlocan would
produced verdict of killed by agitation, Bailey
h. sitation and legislation. ' ■"
tunny runs.   Dan Brandon wus tuiipinc
t:ivim! general aatiatuetion in his decia*
L-   -   - GERMAN -   -
Silverton   12   8
ttheson  1
For Sale at All Druggists.
Wut son 1
Fletcher 1
MoNatiuhtO   0
Covington 1   0
fcliW YORK
N Denver
Via Soo line
Capo Nome, Alaska, Australia,
China  and
Last year, uion«"y waa  appropriated
by our Provincial Government for the
construction  of  a wagon road   from
this  place  to the   Rockland   mine on
Red   Mountain.    Por   come    reason,
which   has never been   made  publie,
this road has as yet not been built nor
has  any   attempt   been made to start
work   upon  it.    If  it is   not built by I Gibbs
the first of July of this year the money '
voted   for thia   purpose will revert to
the Government and there will be  nc
funds   available   for   the  work.    On
Red Mountain a yery large amount of
money has been expended in developing
different quartz   properties and    that
part of our camp  is entitled to a road
so t'.iat  these   mine; can bu put upon
a shipping basis.
If our memlvr, Mr. Green, would
devote a little more of his attention to
seeing tint justice was done to this
part of his Riding and less to the
promoting of railroads in other
members' Ridings, he would be better
received by hia constituent* on his
return home than he otherwise will.
4   5
1    1
0   0
7   3   8
8 Total.
Full Line    I Lumber,
Dry  & Mixed Sash and
Paints. Doors.
"The acorecard shows the following,!     | MoOolltllXl *$& CO.,     SlOOfttl, H. Oa
.     ..      .     r.     .:     *l     ft Tntnl. ! •"" ■   ^^
7   0   0   2
5 0 7 8 9
1     1
0 0
0       o
0     1
0 1
0     0
0       o
0    0
0     0 0
i™^ wmw0w^*A*mtrwmrm wmmwmAWs\wwmww mw
l   4   2   1   0  010 'A      V2
A Strrnnonx Too.
Everyday   Life  in th•• City of Pa.idon.
WWW*WV r'v-^-v^-w.   —       —   .   w   w-   -
t i^o_r ea Tonio
I These. M »"»»'•. Good \
v<^^v*^Al^•vvl^Al'W^vvv**w^p^ln§      IflBuICfH6S.   t
▼or rates, tickets, and (ull iufoimalion
pell on or aiddresa
G. B, Chandler
Agent, Silveran, B. C. or
J. 8. CARTER, E. J. CbYLE,
D. P. A.. A. (i. l'. A.,
Nelaon. Vancouver.
II you want to advertise out
The citizens of Sandon celebrated Ihe
firm abnlyenarj ot their the by all tai knit
to ihe tide hills in fear ul a flood. A bin
slide dammed the creek above town mil
a reservoir begun tu form. Tor ii time it
wii* feared that tbe water w.till be
hacked up in pucll quantities **\ tn hieuk
away in a bunch and sweep tin- gulch.
Fortunately iheibim was plori'fd lufor.-
Ihe wuter piled nu.
A niiitll li'.ndlide diimpcil itself on the
.lowiiMlo nn  I'lii-.tsdav   in lhe  height or-
I hoot I of lust j em's   f .t.i!  slide       A   few
wero mashed Int  hoIhu'v
Perfect Bitters.
Jo trillion S_4«i*sriporilltt,
UH   lil-'.sl ti-  AIL KAItSAPARlLI.A   EXTRACTS.
w   ftSyriiiticiL S^jvrvtp of Flyjs,
tSlt'UUK'it REMEDY l'i»i< CO.NSlU'ATIOS.
Horehound ApSS^roi^u *f
j For Coughs and Colds. Is Recommended t
■» ••--____._.*• T
Cy   Hundreds.
^  ahaeka   were iimwhe'l l-nt  nijniwy  wan
The City Couneil of Ni Uon has for- kWwt. W''M" "'-'^ ■** »^-'ir •' "'"•' ••»
bidden the playltlfi ol  any nton-gainia S,",,°"-   T''« "if'ir i« r.-wanle,! „., a n i-
,,     .,,.„ , ... earnaire nl I iftif.'na ll «u* evldeiillv In-
in the Athletic GiOOtiai  on  ouudays.   ,     ■   , ,    ,,     ..        ,    ,   ,      ....
'     tended by I'rovliwnc  tu destroy the P*y<
This is in answer to a demand   ot  the  ^f,.,^ ^tllca
LoidSi Day Alliance, backed np by the      Below the rfeadlttt* there are ilulitly
"     tends, "vlih an m-tcasidonal "n_lHD<t" crnie
to bieak the hiodoUrtiv,
a*. ««_viwn 'l^^vw*|l|VVl^^vv^l^>M,**
The Silverton Drug Store,
B. C.
wishes of tbe Tramway Company, who
di-.-iie Sunday pleasure seekera to ride
on their cais. The good people of Nelaon, aa elsewheie, htrain at the gnat
and swallow the ciimel. Nothing haa
bfc'en done to see that the saloons are
shut till' from iheir regular Sunday
' trade    ai.d   piano-town   will   do   ils
II you wain i»«uiiii»«—  ■ ,       .
Co-owner in your i> ineral claim,   business as   usual   seven  d.iya in tlie
stud $10 tn thia oiliee, glvlnti
name of claim, date of record location, and period fur which the
delinquent co?owner baa failed to
do his assessment work, and we
will do the reat, including sending you the affidavit for recordum
We will write the notice uml do
the work correctly. Addreas:
Bilverton, B.C.
week.    But healthy und harmless athletics are to be barted.
Une of the Nelson paper* remarks
that it is noticeable that those who are
loudest-mouthed for Sunday observance aie those who occupy the hill-
sideB and house tops when a game ia
being played atrl manage to see whatever is going on without paying for it
Thc bov  who tinned out hnd «an ralae.l
by patents good and tine;
They pondered what wum ynod for him
and what thev Otlght to do.
And   they   ul   lust   decided Ihey would
keep him hums al uiithia
Tne average nntnbir ol pasaengeri \****
iiigf.iitiedi.il tha St Slocau hat. greath I
ii;cre;H..l thin ti|t>nlli.
Win llunt.r, j'let returnnl Irom tbe j
Ronmlfry.iayi that llioeitki in ihe live-- >
Ileal iimii to-day in the interior.
Travel Nebouuarda waa I rii-le llrfaj
iwe^k.     A prize tight   and   a    Methodist:
! Conference «ire the attraetioiu, i
Kelson whl hold a big Dominion Dn
Celebration Ibis year as nana), Slocun
City will doubt lea also have doing*.
^^p-".i -^^^^^^^^^^^_ Kaslultea  irpmt   rejioit ilmt the pros-
So he could mil take part iu all the other > ,,.,,., ,,f ,|„.[f |, lV,Il;. ,|lt.ir iuii«ltfr IS  now
boy's delights. u u«rU:nty.   Tina  is guml news to ibe
They never let him play with boys wlm |,,! ilv Blown.
went in their bare leet, l-'iesh Strrnvbeiries |    Will he found al
They kept him from tlie swiinmllig hole B. G. Datgla'sina few uiij-h. Ilxzle-
. mnl ki'pt liiin '-If HlO Street 'wood lee ere.un M   aoon ua   the   mtriii
lie never hud a single tight, untl on All   wtatlier arriras. *
Hallowe'en j    The touv at   the Bosun were engageti
la lighting bush Dro« on Sunday     Tlv
IV■• !!.ivi' RcopniiMl Onr Mure ut ll
By selling for Caah we can nM
you cheaper than erer with your **X}*
This week we make a specialty
of  Frese   Fruits und   Vegetables.
To John  Tinlino or whom  it   may
concern,   You      are    hereby   notitied
that  I    have    expended  One    Hundred   Dollars in labor  and   improve
ments upon tho We Two Mineral Claim
pn Bed Mountain iu the Slocan Mining
Division,   located on   the   24lh.  day of
June I8flfl, anil recorded at the record
office ol said  Division on the iMin, day
of June 1899. in order to hold said claim
nnder the provisions of the Mineial Act.
being the amount   required to  hold the
same for the year ending lune 24th 1900
And if within ninety days (mm the  date
ol this notice you fail   or  reluse   tn contribute yonr proportion of such expenditure    together    with    all    costs    of
advertising, your interest in said claim
will become the oroperly of the ondsr-
aigned nnder  Section  4 of   An Act to
to Amend the Mineral  Act  1900.
J. W. Kyte.
Dated this sixteenth day of March 1901
"Lowiey'a Claim,'' a n ontldy msg-
ar.ine to be isi,ued from The Ledge office, is rcheduW-d to mnke its sppeer-
ance this mouth. The "Colonel'' intends to put his brat work into this
publication, aud if he doea so the public may expect some good valuea from
this piineer magazine of the Slocan.
Lowrey's first claim pinched to a tombstone fini_.il, but this one is expected to
furnish monuments to ''Lowrey, the
Notick:—"IIazakp"   Mineral Claim,
situated    in   the     Blocan      Mining
Division   of West Kootenay  District
Where located:—-On theUALUHA Farm
adjoining    the     "Crm.KY    Minkrai.
Claim" on the East.
Take Notice that I, Francis J. O'Reilly
of 8ilverton, B. C.   as   agent  for Frank
Owen,    Free   Miner's  Certificate    No.
44693, intend sixty days from   the date
hereof, to spply to the Mining Recorder
for a Certificate of Improvements, for the
purpose oi obtaining a Crown Crant   of
the above claim.
And further take notice that artinn
nnder section 37, must be  commenced
belore the issuance of  auch  Certificate
pf Improvements,
Dated thia 22th day of February, 1901
Fbancih J. O'Rkii.i.y.
28 | 3 j 01
The requited bonus for pig lead of
|B a ton is practically assured by
members of the Government at Ottawa
Thia should have a refrehhing and immediate effect upon the lead mining
industry and put back the 1 in.nth of
life into the Slocan.
He With the other littlo boys wus never,
never seen.
He never stole an apple from a neighbor's iipp'c tree,
r.eciiii-e his mot tier's eagle eye n aa on
him eoiislanily.
He never auw a "show" liffan.se Lis
parentN always said
Thev didn't wunt extravagance in
Tommy lobe hied.
But   alien   be   grew   up   into years, he
lighed one dty : "I see
The very h«eeteHt  j tys in life have heen
denied to  ine."
And ull  ihe  pent-up spirit of the fellow
broke and ran,
And What is mischief In a hoy is criminal
in a num.
—Iinlianapoli.s   Sun.
Mrs. Jeffreys
Tho Government of British Columbia has made urrangements with the
Deaf and Dumb Institution at Winnipeg whereby all deaf children living
here may receive a free education there,
A new building han ju»t been completed and made ready for occvpvicy, and
i hildit ii from British Columbia and
the North West Territory can now be
taken in. Those living in tiiin province may receive all desired information hy corresponding with Alexander
Robinson, Superintendent of Public
Instruction, at Victoria,
mine Mil' lings   were  saved  only  with
oouslderable difficulty.
Mrs I' Griffin, who has heon an invalid for some ti.ne, lett on Thursdav lor
Winnipeg,  where   she    will  undergo a!
owns ni tiictii.-.ii treatment.
'Ihe Sandon veteran Dill players ure
iiiixi.'il.s In ulvc the Silverton colts sumo
ohji-ct leaaons in bow to play tlio guine.
Ti.ey «ill vmi Ihis town soon.
The Nelson Economist speaks about
tlm fiie in New Denver, in whieh "two
resiilencea were burned and ball the pop-
uldiioit were rendered homeless."
Invitations to Kaslo's celebration of
Victoria D ty have lieen received bv numbers of ours citizens. The football chili
haa been invited to send over a   team.
Road Inspector Moore visited the camp
this WMk. His plans for the iiniiii"'i>ite
lOtnre ate tlirei'led to the Kour Mile mud,
lhe Hurt nev, \\ ilson creek nnd ^iivertiui-
New Denver roads.
The Kootenaian Is advertising an Am-
eiican publication and advising its reud-
' rs to subscribe and keep posted on the
I'reseth-niial election. The Kootenuiao
is either iiHuy ahead of or nway behind
the times.
• f ■ in.--.   Otto   and bride returned from
w'uveiely, N. S. yesterday und  wen
given a rovul recptjou by lhe hoys
among whom Jim is a favorite. Mr.
ami Mrs, Otto will bike up their resid-
iiu'e in the handsome hull 'c nuiv n»ni-
i g completion mt K'. h hill, savs Hip
Lurde-'ii Eagle, Tin. P:i vkktoman j ii s
liin's   in.iiiv   St i-a i i'n.1
L   Tllli LOCAL LAYOUT.      |
R. T. I.nwery ia hack io the Slocun.
W. Kyte isspeiiiliin: u few days at the
S. Nturch, who wintered in Sloean
City, hits returned to town.
C. Mt'biiiiuhlin is expected hack today from the Slocan Hi spital.
G. P.. Taylor tnlks ol reopening his
holel ut the mouth  ..' Ten Milecreek.
The Carpenter Creek   brides on the
Bilverton •Hen Denver inad is finished.
W. VViiinslev spent a (• w hums here on
W.diiesihiy.    He Mire far a snt.-l.atli     iwi,|.   ,im.„   milMV   Hl ..,, , „,,., ,_„,.„, n
E. M. Brindle. the New D.-i.ver jw-| friends In wishing bin-mid Mrs Otto a
eler, is laid up with a alitfl.t itllack of a Inni.', happy and pn i»-i u mild d
typhoid, | lid,
INTERGST It Ms* dlsplsjred !»'J|
I iim ol smokthM  powd- "."
I ■-.■. _j ___._._.>* t_ t -   br - rinf*
I  •acud bullru In lirte cunt-'   ";-„I
IA  48 cillbre bullet *ei|hln_| 9_"l
| inliu fives i shock lo Itret «■"" ','A
• mill bore* can not ilwira b« df P'   -''"I
ua«   ws    enivasieee    f **• ** •*-     _•«**. I
ticketed bullets Ip Itrp ciltH ' ""r. ■
-»    _>■   —...— ^ullet  —■•sti
tmau ooret can not ■tways rs* u, ,■• -■ .
for. Mirlla Model ISH5 Rapes",» "Z
" Speclsl Smokelete Steel" btrre't. J"
un indue Islornstlsa eee our cr •"'
Milled tor S stampe.
Thi Marun nm aha   co.
Wiih Canadian Sappi'^
383   Drcsmdmiay,
New York, U. «. A.
/pifK   llr.t   •_»4..JIost_lnS'",i]
Mining  Pepeir "isi  **« *'
Sample Copy Wte*.    ill*'
Weekly hilltlon.
l&M) per taavB,
... IM     ^.


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