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The Silvertonian 1899-06-03

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V Kavw^judi-1> J>Axtfl
And Up To Date
Mining News
Of The Richest
Camp  Of British
m>     '..   'sen
Properties Anpi Im ttf Mat
Is Boing Done.
un WM8 W1LU CLil1,
|f>,    **o#_4»»-»*«
»djsc#_t   rroptrtlM
The starting up ol the Willa property,
|n„ Wodnosday tart, meane »nother
working mine ia thli vicinity. This
m0ve, just at the present time, was an
...n-ealile suprise to our business men.
f,ic W.lia Is situated on Bed Mountain
.nd like rat* of the properties In that
neighborhood to • -old-copper bearing
proportion. It 1. owned by a Joint
Jk company which I. controlled by
I judge Spinas of Vernon and bis friends.
U ihe Vancouver mino, above tov.ii.
..Vvclopinent work is steadily going on.
J Irom tin- No 1 tnnnel a cross-cut is bolng
I run to tin- hiii'k vein, which rune paratkl
I to tluj Vancouver vein, and is now in
i 300 leet.   ln (he No 3 tunnel a cross-cut
• it being ruu, from the east drift to  thu
I htck vein, and is now in over  100  feet.
At a distance in of 40 feel in tbe  wext
driitof theNo 3 tunnel an  upraise  is
Ivinj* i-ut through   to  the  Nol
:.' '..ive, and is now up 66 leet,   Tbo lots
by fire, I abort time ago, ol  tbe bunk
:,:i",-e, has not caused any delay   in the
I wurk at the mine, as the office boildin.
-''-i-ii found  to be big enough  to
Iui-cnm-odate the men until a new bonk
houso ran be erected.
. This mine, which laat winter shipped
100 tons ol the blgbert grade ore sent
out of the Slocan. will be found in ottr
hst, » oteady shipper again next winter
und uiuler its present capable manage
ment, an equally as good a showing is
expected to be made. The change to an
eight hour basis will have no effect In
the stetdy development of this property,
ns most of the development work hss
heen carried on under a system of eight
hour shifts and the union wage of 13 50
per shift tuts always been paid by this
Lying iu the granite formation, about
i lout in'ilen up the wagon road from Ten
Mile l.'miliug and on the north side of
thi-eiL.-., in a group of claims,   that   for
tlie amount of work done, hss  as  line a
shoHingasany on Ten  Mile.   Tbe two
principal claims of this group are tbe
May Flower snd   Black Eagle.   Oo Ihe
HIsekEagl** claim, a two loot ledge has
been exposed  and shown  up on  the
surface in several planes, apd a tunn**! |s
now being driven on the ledge,  that at
present is in 28 feet.   The ledse has ore
scattered through it that gives high assay
values.   The strike oi this vein to north
aud south wiih a dip to the east.   On
the May  Flower considerable  surface
stripping has been done  and tbe ledge
traced lor somb distance.   Those Interested in these  claims,  P. Linquist, D
Mc hereon, D. McDonald and  D.  Mc-
Q'la'g, intend to do considerable work
on them this season.
The Noonday ml-- above town to
running along as II such a thing as a
labor trouble did not exist. This
property is a onion mine anil at present
is employing seven men, but this force
wi" ll1' lively increased soon. A large
amount ol concentrating and second-
'•1ii*b ore is being dally added to the ore
dumps and two men are kept busy sorting and sacking shipping ore. The ore
■■ holding its own both in \a\iw and
-toe, and another carload win bo shipped
'rom this mine at onto.
The men were all paid off at tlie {tosun
mine on Wednesday.
Work was reci-mmenced on the Hum-
bolt claim on Wednesday.
In about a month, $15,000. will be
expended in the Slocan, on bridges, roads
and trails, but just where or how, no one
appears to know.
A party of snrveyors arrived in town
with   their   instruments on Thursday
They left for the Wakefield  .'.ine soon
alter their arrival,
J a McFi.rlane and John Popham are
prospecting in the Similakameen. Tbey
were heard from last week. Their advice
is "Stay in the Blocan."
F. L. Byron returned from Twelve
Mile on Thursday, where he had been the Hamilton Group o'
claims. He speaks highly of tl.e excellent showing made on that property.
During the summer the Slocan will be
visited by tl.e member*) of the Canadian
Mining Institute. Tbe programme for
their excursion bri.i_a them to Rand jn on
"September 15.1., and lo Silverton on tl.e
A leiiel* Was received last week from H
Brady, who left here some weeks ago
for Atlin. He declares that country to
I*!* no pood for prospectors, the whole
country around Atlin l.ein-j s'aked und
no huvers or capital iu the district, His
party are thinking ol goiosiip into il.e
Klondyke, the chances there lieinn bet
t.-r. He advises his Silverton friends to
keep out of Atlin.
ManV of our cltlSODS journeyed to the Office on Wednesday to tnke
out new* Miner.-.' Licences. It appears
that c insideri.llo misunderstanding exists as to the change of law requiring all
licenses to he renewed od May 31st. All
the rompa.iiesopi-ri.ting hero have been
advised hy wire to re.uew their licenses
and many others took out ney** ones
rather Ihn. risk Heir holdin-r*. We
understand that an effort will be made to
secure a rebate lor tho unexpired time of
all licenses renewed
Over li.000.0J0 tons of ore have been
taken ont of the Anaconda proper!i.s
sin e work on them Qrsi l-eaan' In l-.'-.
The rom pan vims paid nut |78.00O,O(W
for labor in that time. The minimi* and
reduction ■*_*>eri*M*n alo*>e for '.lie pas'
year agirreiiated $12 000 000; the 'imlier
for the mine*, alone ttsti a'»«nt ty-Od.OOO
each year. Tho company also pays out
about 160:000 each Year to persona
injured iu the mines or to tlie families of
miners killed in the employ ol the
Some Mines Shot Down nnd Others
Continue to Work.
gloean Cilj   fur  Colon Rates—Thc  O-n-
rr-1   Gossip   of The   Week.
On The Willnrd claim, on Alpha
Mountain near town, a fine shnwintr, of
lean ore has been made lately. A
short time ago work was started on this
property and a tunnel driven some 40
feel on the ledge. Considerable ore was
encountered, but it was mostly of a con-
■e.itratiug nature. In   Ihe  floor  of  this
ni.iii-l was a streak of clean ore and the
owners came to the conclusion that they
were runnin. over the top of.... nre shute
So to prove the truth of their theory they
aent down the mountain a short distance
nd proceeded lo .round-sluice off the
surface, so as to expose the ledge. Wilh
the rerult that they have been rewarded
v fio.linn tlie ledue and exposing a fine of clean ore, similar in character to
hat uf the Lone Star Group, which is in
die same neighborhood and by Home
tliou-lit to be the Mime ledge. Work
will be pushed on thia property and a
tunnel driven in on tho new find,
The strike situation has not assnmed
the    serious    proportions    that   some
predicted.   About one hall of t he miners
employed have   been  laid-off in  consequence of Ihe  Wakefield  and  Emily
Edith mines  virtually  shutting   down,
only caretakers being left at these p ro-
perties.   At the Vancouver Qroup  work
is progressing as usual and   a   full   force
employed.   The    Noond.iy    mine   has
been adding to its force and will continue
lo employ more miners at wto, can be- for them.   The starting np ol the
Wi'ilu, on Red Mountain, will  give   employment to i.   few extra mfn.     More
prospectors than usual are laking to the
hills and  few   more   idle   miners   than
urdinnry are visible on our  streets.   So
far only two of our mines have closed on
account of the eight hour law, all oilier*,
are  working   ns   usual    The   best   of
feeling prevails between the mine managements aod the miners, both believing
that each are acting within  their rights.
It is to h? hop -d that  their  differences
will speedily be adjusted snd that work
will be resumed shortly.
On the Kssex Group, below the Wakefield mine, development work is being
pushed along and seven me- given employment.
K. Rammelranver, manager of tbe
Emily i-.dith mine, irliolelt for Roesland
on Wednesday retorned yesterday,
accompanied hy bis wile and family.
Several ot the yoongef generation
havo indulged in swimming in the last
lew dayg,   They did no.t sbrinls much.
The Silverton Football Club was for
mally organised at a well attended meet
ing held in the Victoria Hotel last Wednesday evening. Tbe following officers
were elected: Wm Hunter, President;
Jaa Bowes, 1st Vice-President; J A McKinnon, 2ml Vice-President; J Kirkpat-
rlck, Secretary-Treasurer; R O Matheson, Captain; R Thorburn, R Malloy,
J Brandon, 8 Watson and B McNanght,
Commit too oi Management.
Tbe Secretary was Instructed to correspond with the neighboring clubs for the
purpose of forming a Sloc.m League.
A match will be plaveU this afternoon
In New Denver with the stalwarts ol that
town, the return gume to be played here
in two weeks.
At the meeting it was decided to withdraw Vie oiler to play Sandon for a money parse, it, being considered that such a
match wonld lower the game. Tbe Sandon boys wero communicated with and
I agreed is thc wisdom of this action.
A* 8 public meeting held hut the
following resolutions were passed and a
copy ordered sent to tho Sandon, Silverion and Neli-on Miners' Unions and also
a copy to tl e press.
6locan City, B C. May 27. '99.
Where-1* certain mine owners hsve
publiely announced their intention of
reducing the wages ol all mine workers
upon tl.e taking effect of the Eight Hour
law, and whereas their reasons, as set
f-i-th in such annonni --ni-in for attempting such are either tl.e result of
selfistiness or lack of sound reasoning
and shows unfair.less in an attempt to
arbitrarily establish a reduced seal** ol
wages. And we further lielieve that
wellpaid, healthful, intelligent workers
make desirable of a count.y
and Ihat humanity an.l civilization in
North .\iiie.iii-a now denunicl better
conditions unit better wages (or it*
workers than prevail in European and
other countries, and that tho Government has done a commendahle act in
establishing the eight hour law in mining. And l-elievina that the best interests of tl.e country will lie promoted
hy the e. forceuient of the Eight Hour
law and maintaining the regular rale
of wanes as heretofore paid iu mines.
Therelore be it resolved;
That we, the miners, prospectors and
i-itizei.H of SloCU City, hereunto subscribed, pledge ourself to abide by the
actions uf tl.e Miners' Unions of the
Slocan and we extend to Ihein our
sympathy and support in their efforts
to maintain the piesent scale of wages
in thu mines, aud (hut we will not
work for less nor pay less than the
Union rate,
(Signed.)      A. E. Teetkh,
R. M. Covington,
J. E. Skinner.
Six Mile creek is receiving the attention of the gentle craftsmen just now.
Chester F., who has been spending the last few weeks examininu
mining properties in tbis vicinity left
yesterday for Nelson.
W. S. Clark, local C. P. B. e^e«t, has
beeu notified that ho will tie allowed to
retain the agency here, in place of being
removed to Three Forks as I.e had pte-
vionsly been notilied.
Attorney-General Martin should summarily cancel the commissions of every
justice of the peace who swears in
special constants nt the bidding of
privale individuals— Nelson Tribune.
Ralph Gillette bus struck out for the
Lardo-Duncan country, to work on the
new railroad. Ralph is a good miner,
but he savs "bo never scabbed vet and
lie won't start Ir. hero,"
It would seem that summer haa really-
decided to visit the Slocan.
Wm Hunter is taking a run-around in
the Lardo-Duucan country.
Several bear hunting parties have gone
ont from town in the last few days.
Wm Brandon is doing some building,
making some additions to the Brandon
Mrs Scott of Nelson, who has been visiting here with Mrs. Jackson, returned
homo on Tuesday.
Fred Fingland, Superintendent of the
Monitor mine at T hree Forks, is spend
ing a few days in town.
Green-roods are being sold on the
street bt local gardeners 'I hey make
a welcome addition to the table.
The Wakefield Company are fitting tip
un office in one of the large rooms on the
ground floor ot their Lake Ave. block.
The Slocan Pioneer informs us that
the first of April has been chosen as the
data for New Deuver's next celebiation.
J. I. Mcintosh returned Thursday from
Craubrook. He was accompanied by
his mother who will remain here for som.
The report that R. Tennyson Lowery
was to print an issue of his great moral
encyclical on blue paper, iu memory of
the "Jubilee", seems to be unfounded.
F. L. Ch.ii-lie, Barrister ot Sandon,
U. C. will I* at the *3**lairk Hotel eve'y
Friday iu tl.e futuie. Anything requir-
ing his 8«*ivices will be attended to by
bin:. t
Silverton people seem to, baye the
happy faculty ol knowing how to treat
visitors, as many expressed themaelves
on their return.—Sandon Mining Re.
Harry Pyman, who has just returned
from Los jVngelos, Cali., paid the Btfc-
-ektonian a visit on Thursday. He reports having had a rough trip from 'Frisco
to Victoria.
All work' in the Jewelry Repairing
line, left at tl.e Silverton Drug Store, will
be promptly forwarded to Jacob Dove.,
tl.e well-known Nelson jeweler. All repairs are ui aiiantkeo k-jk onic ykak   *
The players who represent Si.verton
ou the football field to-day ate: Forwards,
A McDonald, Lade, Matheson, Barclay,
Walker; Hall-back*., Liicbtl.all, Mc-
Naught, Wutbon; Backs, Mal'.oy, .'inlay;
Goal, Bowes.
A change in the rnnning time of the
ss. Siocun will probably take place alter
the Hili iust. A Sunday service will
then be recommenced. This change will
be a rc.-ult of the fast transcontinental
service promised by tha C. P. R.
Word was received in town on
Thursday that Frank Ryan, well known
in Silverton, was in the Sandon Hospital
down with pneumonia. Fruuk wa*
workiug at the Payne mine >\ hen taken
sick. His Sjlverl-i. friends, of which he
has m..iiy, hope for his speedy  rec .very.
M Grady's bear dog "Silver" broke
loose f.oin his kennel last Saturday and
trailed off about eight feet of chain Into
the hills. A reward of $20. was offered
for his recovery He was lound on Tuesday on the lake shore, bis chain caught
in some brush, nearly dead from thirst
within eix feet of water.
An open hundred yard dash was **uu,
here on Tuesday over the race track,
which -to -.1 the strain well. The entries
were numerous, but only Bowes, Thorburn, Brandon and Jackson faced the
starter at the scratch. Considerable
bucking was dono before the breakaway
but at last the sta.ter got the field off in
a bunch. Jackson interfered and also
pushed his feet down so hard that he
lost considerable ground. Brandon did
not step out far enou-h, although he was
taking two jumps to the others' one. His
traincm should (it toe weights on him.
Thorburn showed fine action, gracefully
wavinahie aims like a turkey's wings*
He entered the stretch neck and neck
With Bowes, who niiaht have saved a
second by not doing figure 8'a as he ran.
Bowes won bv a shirt stud, Time 24>£
seconds. Wm. Hunter challenged the
winner to run u quarter mile uphill but at
tiie last minute his backers pulled down
the six bits stakes.
*0_VIO_V   M_B>J*
Dear Aurit Sallie: What is a sure cure
for freckles?, Mary.
A,ns — Remove the Irecklei carefully
with a putty knife, -oak them in suit
water over night, then hang them up in
the smoke house, iu a good strong smoke
made of sawdust and slippery elm bark,
for about a week. Freckles thns treated
.   - il t- he th*ir.-)>! ■ .    mro I
Smoke   Union.    Made  Clfica-t'f-M
Royal Seal,
Kootenay Belle
Little Gem,
and Blue Bird,
are  the Best Union Made Cigars
On the Market, and are   •
Kept at   all  tlie •      •      •
irv si_uv__s*e'_ro_v.    •    *    •
See Tbat Tbe BME LABEL fe Oo Each «oi
„D<1 That Tbey Are Made By
The Kootenay Cigar Mfg. co.,
P. O- BOX;i26,    	
■ i'
Xj.   -L/C.  5Ca__.QT?7"le©,   Fzop,
Patronise Home Industries.
08 88S8888888»-S8*tt_888--88-88g-8S8 8i-88888-(l>
®8 8S8888888888SSS88888 8888 88888888888888888®
I*. BURNS &co
•  .**..
Silverton, Nelson, Trail, Ymir, Kaalo, Sandon,
New Denver, Cascade City, Qrand Forks, Sirdar,
Midway and Qreenwoo*!.
■*• fi
Sole. Agents For
i»s.w*m*trm m*s*mJ*Jate%teetAAm^ ^w^r**:^^-*'^' v**mm'>*w ,rYw«aM»M-> «•* '■^mf^^^esmm»- ttm  — *»***«t»y».
* <0ttm f-WHW»-y ^«r**A»- ■«»**~jvsisass-issssr %.-.*■«% * >w»v. .-*.*. < ,'-r«Ws.-«'.;'4M» «»«•*«<< «M««'V«-1 ■
Captured Americans Ar* Tortured—A
Number or Bodies Found Mutilated -
your... lufantry Will A. t -Rebels Attack from a White Flag.
New York, May 30.—A letter received
in Pateraon, N. J., from Alexander Oul-
ross, now in the Fourth infantry in the
Philippines, tells of the tortures inflicted
upon captured Americana by the Filipinos.
"Two of our men," says Culrosa, "str_y-
ed from camp yesterday and did not return. Today we found them in the woods.
Their foreheads were slashed in the form
of a cross, the skulls being split The
tongues and heart bad been cut out and
their legs hacked to pieces.
'"The boys of the Fourth infantry have
resolved to give no quarter hereafter, for
they have reached the conclusion that everyone else will soon reach—that the only
good Filipino is a dead Filipino. They can
not fight in the open, but steal on us at
night and pick on* our men. They seem
to be better shots at night than in tbe day
S-v-sre i.rut-ii.jr.
New York, May 30.—A special from
Washington says:
Information received here in private letters from officers serving in the Philippines
state the Filipinos show no respect to the
American dead. In one instance an officer
who was on the firing line says he was
shocked to see three bodies of American
soldiers who had bsen killed in an advance
and were brought to the American lines
badly mutilated. The ears of each of the
corpses had been removed, the noses cut
oft* and the hearts torn out.
Such mutilation disproves Aguinaldo'a
claim that the insurgents are conducting
a civilized warfare. The 'American troops
give the Filipino dead a decent burial and
provide every comfort and medical treatment possible for the wounded.
Morder of a Soldier.
6an Francisco, May 30.—The steamer
China, from Hong Kong via Honolulu,
brings news of the murder of an American
soldier named George Ryan near Malolos.
His frightfully mutilated body was found
on April 17. The body was lashed to a
raft floating in the river. The skull was
crushed and both arms had been cut off at
the elbow-
Ryan was the msn who in 1893, while
serving in the provisional army of Hawaii,
stole the crown jewels. He was sentenced
to a long term, but wns pardon, d last December. He stowed on a transport for
Manila, where he entered the ranks.
ll-s-d-r the White Fla*.
Manila, May 20.—11:25 a. m.—Captain
Tilley of the signal corps, with a detachment made up of other members of the
corps, landed at Becalante, on the Island
of Negros, to pick up snd -repair the cable.
Tbe natives had a white flag flying over
the cable house when the party landed,
'lhe latter, however, were no sooner on
shore than they were upon by the
natives. Tbey at once took to the water
and a number of them were picked up in
a boat but Captain Tilley and two native
men of the party are missing.
General Smith with a detachment of
troops has started on board a gunboat to
investigate the affair.
Isla-di-rs   Bow   to   the Rule   of the
"ManllaTMay 27.—President Laosm and
members of the cabinet of insurrectionisU
on the island of Negros have signed and
issued a proclamation fully accepting the
constitution prepared by General Smith's
commission, acting in conjunction with
themselves. The constitution is similar to
that which haa been offered to the warring Filipinos on the island of Luzon.
The instrument confers ou the people the
power of electing executive and judicial
officers and members of legislative branches.   The proclamation concludes thus:
"We are thus governed by ourselves,
under the wise guidance of the great American republic. To all inhabitants of the
island of Negros is given equality before
tbe law."
It ia believed that the island will settle down peacefully under the new regime.
Affair* In l.usoii.
Manila, May 27—The insurgents are
returning to the outskirts of San Fernando, where they are making persistent efforts to harass the Amercan garrison.
American troops are being shifted about
preparatory to the establishment of northern garrisons and reorganization of General Law ton's division south of Manila.
Hying by the Track.
Ritzville, J_ay 30.—With his right leg
and right arm cut from his body Alfred
Barton was found alongside the Northern
Pacific railroad track by a train crew
about two miles west of Ritzville. The
poor fellow was feebly waving a handkerchief to attract the attention of the
men on the passenger train. This was seen
by the fireman as the engine came alongside the place*1 where the body lay.
T'he train waa stopped and Conductor
Shannon went back to see what had occurred. Tbe train was backed to the spot,
the young fellow was tenderly lifted to
the rear platform and carried into Ritzville, where he was placed in the care of
the railroad physician. If he is not dead
already, he can not live much longer, as
his recovery is despaired of.
Alfred Barton is a boy only 15 years
old. He was coming to Spokane from
Ellensburg, where be has been attending
Sheridan has raised $200 for a 4th
of July celebration.
Eastern Oregon barbers are taking
out licenses.   They approve the law.
Commencement exercises of Drain
normal school will be held June 11th.
Ex-Senator John H. Mitchell will deliver the 4th of July oration at Rose-
The Coos Bay chamber of commerce
ls considering the question of harbor
lines for tbe bay.
Over 400 coyotes have been killed in
Morrow county since the new bounty
law went into effect
W. J. Shipley haa been appointed by
Governor Geer as commandant of the
Oregon Soldiers' Home.
R. J. Gorman, of The Dalles, bas
been appointed deputy game and forestry warden 'for Wasco county.
More land ls being cleared in Tillamook county this year than ln any two
years in the history of the county.
The new ferry across Snake river,
near the mouth of Connor creek, has
been completed, and is now ready for
A. W. Rynearson, a prominent pioneer settler of Grand Ronde valley, was
accidentally drowned ln the Grand
Ronde river.
Clatskanie reduced its Indebtedness
$650 during the fiscal year just ended.
Fall-sown grain in Wasco county looks
healthy, anu tbe spring crop is making slow growth.
Indications are that the peach crop
of Oregon, outside of Rogue river valley, will be light. Horticultural Commissioner Casey, of the third district,
advises growers to be on the lookout
for the peach scab.
The Evans creek ditch, which has
been talked of for some time, ls again
under consideration, says the Ashland
Record. It will require about $250,000
to complete this ditch, and if put
through will be of great value, both
for mining and irrigation purposes.
Solomon Bachart, who dragged Miss
Hilton from her horae and a quarter of
a mile through tbe brush, near Aurora,
the other night, and afterward shot
himself in the tbroat, is dead. Coroner Strickland held an Inquest on Da-
chart's remains, and a verdict of suicide was returned.
f Smelting Company.   It is claimed the
1 sand is worth $10 per ton.
The production of pig Iron in Belgium In March was 116,660 metric
tons. For the three months ending
March 31st it was 306,850 tons, as compared with 242,670 tobs in 1898, showing an increase of 64,180 tons this year.
South Dakota's new mining law,
which will become operative July 1st,
provides among other things that any
mine employing men upon the property must first post upon the mine a
Alaska may have been a little slow notice of any mortgage or other ex-
in coming Into the race for fame and! istlng encumbrance,
fortune, but that territory ts now mak- Graphite Is one of the forms of car
ing great headway. One of the latest bon, the same as the diamond and char-
propositions for rapid transit there Is
Items From the Bleh B*Bio_s of the Pa-
olOe Northwest, Hews Wrote AU the
Principle  Mining   Osmot-Psnoiislf-
To Greet thc Prealdent.
Washington, May 30.—The president
bas been anxious to meet all the troops
who served in the Philippines, if this were
practicable, and he has agreed to go to
Minneapolis and St Paul to greet the
Minnesota volunteers.
With the possibility that the president
might be unable to continue his trip farther west the Twin Cities have undertaken to arrange for the mobilization of all
the volunteers aa their guests. The first
troops are expected to arrive at San Francisco the middle of June and the last by
August 1. The jubilee therefore will occur probably early in August.
The president's acceptance of this invitation does not -necessarily mean that he
has abandoned his contemplated trip to
the coaiit.
Stoeklac  Full  of Powder.
Pittsburg, May 28.—Seven men were injured in a powder explosion at mine No.
2 of the Youghiogheny River Coal Company at Scotthaven, Pa., yesterday. The
men were badly burned but all will recover except William Baird, Jr., whose injuries are believed to be fatal. The explosion
was caused by a match igniting an old
stocking filled with blasting powder whieh
an Italian had carelessly thrown amon+r
powder cans in a mine car in which the
men were riding. The mine was not damaged.
All   Favor  Arbitration.
The Hague, May 80.—A brief official
record of the doings of the peace conference during the last week says:
"Provisional   proposals   for   mediation
Faierewakl   Ia   Married.
New York, May 30.—A dispatch to thc
World from Paris says:
The World's representative here learn-
on unimpeachable authority that
Paderewski, the eminent pianist, was secretly married last December to Mroe-
Kleanor Gorski, the divorced wife of
Ladislas Corski, a well known violinist,
formerly a member of the La Moureaux
Mme. Gorski and Paderewski are now
living quietly in Paris together, awaiting
the pope's dispensation before having an
ecclesiastical marriage.
I.lner   Parle   Irrsis   I.ooased.
Falmouth, May 27.—Another supreme
effort to float the Paris was made this
evening, but resulted in failure. Six tugs
were made fast to the steamer's hawsers
and anchors put out astern, the chains
from which were attached to the steam
winches on the stranded steamer.
Herr Oil Well Ia • Wonder.
FuuYrton, Ohio, May 28.—A wonderful
oil weil has been struck near here. The
well h now spouting 400 barrels of nil a
day, with no sign of diminution.      'fit's
I lurioiuum tra uj-jussss »<•■ ■, 11 »i nt i ,' 'ii       a °
and arbitration have been submitted by  ■** .the n,0Bt promising well yet found in
the repreaentatives of Russia, Great Brit-  ■'■''      '
ain, Italy and the United States
The statement that the Americans have
submitted an arbitration proposal is correct. Their proposals for a permanent tribunal are not ready, as a French translation is necessary.
Foundry Sappl-r Trasl.
Pittsburg, Pa., May  30.—A combination of the foundry supply manufacturer.-*
is in process of formation here.    It will
They will probibly be be capitalized at $2,000,000.
submitted on Wednesday.
ii,   .                     Fire la Flttebnra*.
The F-jrla etteUm Fast. Pittsburg,May 26.—The fertilizing plant
Covcrack, Cornwall, May 20.—Another of Walker Stratmai * Co. of this city
attempt to fioat  the Paris   took   place was destroyed by Are.   Edward Probst, sn
without result.   Tbe position of the steam- employe, is missing.   It la feared he was
er haa not   altered,   but the conditions burned to death.   The loss is about $1,-
are looked upon aa being less favorable. 000,000.
a new tramroad scheme, which has
been placed before the Yukon council.
The plan is an extensive one and embodies a system of roads running from
Dawson, up Bonanza, Eldorado, crossing the Stewart, and across country to
a point on the Yukon above Selkirk.
Upon receiving the grant from Ottawa
this company agrees to have the road
in operation by December from Dawson to the Stewart river. An estimate
of a million and a hali dollars Is given
aa the probable cost of the road. The
company wants exclusive privileges
and the use of the Dawson water front
for an entrance Into the town and for
depot, warehouses, etc.
The appearance of the porphyry In
the face of the Reindeer tunnel has
changed materially.
There was four feet of clean quartz
in tbe face of the Princess Maud drift
last week.
The Chespa Blue Jay shaft ls going
down beside the ledge and nothing is
really known of the value of the quartz
or the size of the ledge.
Crosscutting on the Lone Pine continues. The middle ledge, from which
the rich Insurgent ore is taken, will
soon be reached.
The Mountain Lion drift has been
extended along the south 260 feet and
ln the face of the drift the same high
grade ore Is found that has been followed from the start.
Monday morning 25 employes of the
Noble Five will be notified that they
are laid off, and the mine will close
down pending settlement of the wage
question. This company will pay $3
for elgbt-hour shifts.
At the Blacktail mine tbe shaft on
the cross vein, discovered several
months ago, is down 40 feet.
A three-foot vein of good looking
quartz bas been opened up on the Summit claim, above and ln line with the
crosscut tunnel on tbat property.
The Flag Hill tunnel which will tap
the vein at a lateral depth of 160 feet,
is now in 50 feet and timbered to the
It is rumored tbat a 15-inch stringer
of quartz has been encountered ln tbe
Dora crosscut tunnel, which assays
The shaft on the Big Four, In Klondike camp, is down 18 feet, and full of
good looking white quarts, the extent
of which is not known.
It is still impossible to secure tbe
least Item of news regarding the Morning Glory. A force of men is kept
steadily at work, but no Information
as to the mine's showing can be gleaned either from the company or tbe employes.
The Sally Ann, at Toroda camp,
owned by the Mountaineer Mining Co.,
Is to be further developed by a crosscut tunnel which will tap the big vein
500 feet below the surface. An air
compressor plant is to be Installed, and
fast work Is expected.
The Republic mill is running like
clock-work, and treating ore to its full
capacity. The lower tunnel Is being
driven rapidly Into tbe hill. This will
tap the ore body 200 feet below the
present workings. The seventh Republic dividend—$35,000—was declared last week making a total of $225,-
000 to date.
British Colambla.
The first shipment of concentrates
from the Ymlr mine was made last
week, when 43 tons were sent to tbe
Nelson smelter.
The Ymlr mill was shut down last
week on account of an accident to the
rock crusher.
The great electric hoist of the War
Eagle has been so far a disappointment Sometimes it works and sometimes it does not This does not agree
with economic mining.
The lower level of the Bonanza at
Rossburg is producing richer lead ore
and carrying more silver than any ore
heretofore hoisted out of the mine.
The Wonderful haa shown of late
considerable activity In the way of development.
It is said tbat during the recent activity in Le Roi shares a large holding
was transferred to French Investors
who are satisfied with smaller chances
of a further rise and smaller dividends
than the Englishmen.
The Hall Mines smelter at Nelson
made an shipment of copper matte
Monday to the refinery at Newark,
New Jersey.
During last week   tho   Iron   Mask
again became a shipper, and sent 126
tons to the smelter at Trail, and will
now Increase Its shipments rapidly.
Mi-mo NOTES.
There Is much excitement In the
Boise basin country over the discovery
ol a rich gold ledge three miles west
of Idaho City.
The recent discovery of gold near
Cape Nome, In Alaska, throws some Interesting light on the distribution or
gold in the Arctic region.
It Is reliably reportod that the rich-
coal. It is not affected by any degree
of heat, nor by acids or alkalis. This
property makes it of great practical
value, and enormous quantities are
used ln the manufacture of goods for
a thousand different uses.
Two carloads of ore are in course of
shipment to the East Helena smelter
from the Gold Dust mine in the Park
district, Broadwater county, Mont.
Shipments are also being made from
the Little Annie ln the same district
It is reported that the owners of tbe
Gellivara iron ore mines in Sweden
have offered to supply all the iron ore
required by the Upper Slleslan pig
Iron makers during the next six years
on the basis of 15 marks ($3.57) per
ton f. o. b. Stettin for 60 per cent ore.
This is an advance on the price at present being paid in Germany
The owners of a mine contracted to
sell it on time, and authorized the pur
chasers "to enter into immediate possession, and proceed to work and develop the same in such manner as may
be deemed most expedient and advisable;" and one-fourth of the gross product of the mine was to be paid on
purchase price. It was held that the
owners had sufficient notice of Improvements to entitle those who performed them to a mechanics' lien.
One who performs labor on a mining
shaft, tunnel, level, chute, upraise, or
incline, Is entitled to a mechanics' lien
on the mine for such service.—Hines
vs. Miller (55 Pacific Reporter, 401);
Supreme Court of California.
A patent for any land claimed and
located for valuable deposits may be
obtained as follows: Any person, association or corporation   authorized   to
locate a claim, having so claimed and
located a piece of land for such purposes, and complied with all legal requirements, may file ln the proper land
office an application for a patent, under oath, showing such compliance, together with a *>lat and field notes of
the clatm or claims in common, made
by or under the direction of the United
Suites Surveyor General, showing accurately the boundaries of the claim or
claims,    distinctly  marked  by  monuments on the ground, and post a copy
of sucb plat, together with a notice of
such application for a patent, in a con'
sdIcuoub place on the land  embraced
in such plat, previous to tbe filing of
the application for a patent, and file
an affidavit of at least two persons
that such notice has been duly posted,
and file a copy of the notice in such
land office, and thereupon be entitled
to a patent for the land In the manner
following:    The registrar of the land
office, upon the filing of such application, plat, Held notes, notices and affidavits, publishes a notice that such application has been made, for a period
of sixty days, in a newspaper to be by
him designated published  nearest to
such claim; and he also posts such notice In his office for the same period.
The claimant at the time of filing the
application, or at any time thereafter,
within the sixty days of publication,
flies with the registrar a certificate of
the United States   Surveyor   General
thatn $500 worth of labor has been expended or improvements made on the
claim by himself or grantors; that the
plat is correct, with such further description by such reference to natural
objects or permanent monuments as
will identify the claim, and furnishes
an accurate description, to be incor-
poraed ln the patent.   At the expiration of the sixty days of publication
the claimant files his affidavit showing
that the plat and   notice  have  been
posted In a conspicuous place on the
claim during such period of publication.   If no adverse claim shall have
been filed with the registrar and receiver of the proper land office at the
expiration of the sixty days of publication, lt is assumed that the appn
cant is entitled to a patent, upon the
payment to tbe proper officer of $5 an
acre, and that no adverse claim exists;
and thereafter no objection from third
parties to the issuance of a patent can
be heard, except it be shown that the
applicant has failed to comply with
the above terms.
la Interestlnc Oolleetlon or Items Iron,
the Two Hemispheres Presented In a
Condensed Form—Culled from the Tel-
elg-rap- Reports.
Slosson won the second game of billiards
in his match against Schaefer.
The Harlem racetrack in Chicago is almost completely destroyed by fire.
Jacob Wolfer, a German, 73 years of age,
committed suicide in the jail Monday
night at Moscow, Idaho.
Captain Fisher of the Yale athletic
team accepts the challenge from Oxford
and Cambridge universities.
During a sparring contest in St. Louis
between James Jackson, white, and Mar-
eellus Morgan, colored, Jackson fell dead.
George F. Lewis, who is wanted in Los
Angeles and Des Moines, la., for passing
forged checks, has beeu arrested in Seattle.
The mine owners of the Coeur d'Alenes
propose to co-operate with the state authorities of Idaho in preserving order, and
will immediately start up ill the mines in
the district
Frank Krne and "Kid " Lavigne have
been matched for a 20-round contest at
133 pounds for the lightweight championship.
General Gomez has said in his manifesto that if the occasion required he would
go to Washington and plead for the welfare of his country.
State Horticultural Commissioner
Baker of Washington reports the fruit
crop in worse condition than generally believed in eastern Washington.
A public funeral was given to Thomas
Neville, A. J. Honeyford and James O.
Palmer, three of the men killed in the recent mine accident at Rossland, B. C.
The state department has cabled to
United Slates Consul Hanna at San Juan
de Puerto Rico, and to United St tes
Consul Williams at Manila to close u,
their offic,- July i.
The president and Mrs. MeKin'ey gave
a dinner to Mr.and Mrs. St.Clair McElway
of Brooklyn. The other guests were the
members of the cabinet, who are in the
city and their ladies.
Six complete skeletons were recently
unearthed at the site of old Fort Mark!
naw, Mich. This is possibly the burying
place of some of thc victims of the massacre whicli took place 130 years ago.
One of tl.e worst tornadoes that has
visited Texas passed over a considerable
portion of Frath county. One man was
killed and three injured near Dublin. It
is leported that several were killed seven
miles northeast of Stephenville.
The estate of the late Adolph Sutro is
soon to be sold.
I Mrs. Mary A. Livermore, the noted lecturer and literary woman, is failing in
With a capitalization of $7,0t:0,C00, the
Chicago Laundry Company is about to
become a f.ictor in the ljcal sti ck ma ket
Representative Sherman of New York
has formally notified the president of his
.'audidacy for the speakership.
Kaslo & Slocan
Trains Run on Pacific Standard Time.
Leave. Arrive.
Going West. Dally. Going- Kast.
8:00 a. m   Kaslo  3:55 p. m.
8:32 a. m  South Fork  8:20 p. m.
9:30 a. m  Sproule's 2:_> p. m.
9:45 a. m  Whitewater   2:10 p. m.
9:66 a. m  Bear Lake  2:00 p. m.
10:12 a. m  McGuigan   1:45 p. m.
10:26 a. m   Bailey's  1:34 p. m.
10:33 a. m.... Cody Junctl. n .... 1:23 p. m.
Arrive. Leave.
10:40 a. m  Sandon  1:16 p. m.
Leave 11:00 a. m..Sandon..Arrlve 11:40 a. m.
Arrive 11:16 a. m...Cody...Leave 11:26 a. m.
G.  F. COPELAND,  Superintendent.
Judge John Mackay, one of the foremost lawyers cf Ohio, Is dead.
On May 24th the body of a man was
found In the Columbia river about two
miles above Scott, Wash.
Two brothers named Anderson were
drowned Sunday near Astoria, Ore., by
the capsizing of a sail boat.
Brigadier General George W. West
Is dead, aged 67 years. He was promoted to brigadier general for bravery
at the battle of Antletem.
The ninth attempt to float the American liner Paris was made and proved
an utter failure. Her bottom la absolutely Impaled by the rocks.
Among the passengers who arrived
in New York Sunday on tbe Lauen-
berg, from Matanzas, were General Joseph P. Sanger and Colonel George R.
Advices from Hardeevllle, S. C, report the burning to death of Jacob Sol-
onion, his wife and Beven children In
an accidental Are that destroyed their
The ships of tbe North Atlantic
squadron, the cruiser New York and
the battleships Texas, Indiana, and
Massachusetts, Admiral Sampson commanding, have sailed for Newport, R.l.
Angus McLeod and Anton Pesenda,
working In the Diamond' mine* Butte,
Mont., while drilling a hole where the
blast had not been fired, were blown to
pieces by the explosion of the powder.
The International 100-kllometer bicycle race, ln Paris, was won by M.
Bourette, in 2:17. The winner was
seven laps ahead of C. W. Miller, the
Chicago cyclist, who secured second
A terrific hail storm struck Hastings, Nebr., and continued fifteen minutes, during which time over 2,000
panes of glass were broken, fruit and
grain destroyed, chickens and birds
killed, and several persons hurt.
T. P. Robinson, of Oakland, Cal.,
who has just returned from Copper
river, Alaska, says that be knows of 80
prospectors ln that section wbo are
missing. If not already dead they will
die ln an efflort to reach civilization.
ilia through train from Chicago to
Minneapolis over the Rock Island k
Burlington, Cedar Rapids k Northern
railways, was wrecked at 1:15 Sunday
morning at the crossing four miles
southeast of Waterloo, Iowa.
Word has reached Cbamberlln, S. D.
of a disastrous and fatal tornado that
passed across the country In the vicinity of Bijou hills, 25 miles south of
Chamberlin, resulting ln the death of
seven persons and tbe serious injury
of two others.
Howard Kretz, a young mam about
22 years old, who says he Is an art student of the academy of design of New
York, made a startling and successful
jump from the Brooklyn bridge just
before dusk Sunday, and came out ot
the river uninjured.
The report of-M. Ballot De Beaupre
says: "If the court adopts the conclusion of Its reporter. It will order a revision of the case and will send Dreyfus before a fresh court martial to be
judged according to' the law." In that
case acquittal Is certain.
Dr. Richard Cornwall,'a prominent
physician with a varied career, committed suicide at the- home of his
brother-in-law, Dr. J. C- Whlttler, in
Kansas City, dying almost Instantly.
He left a note saying- that despondency
over financial affairs prompted tbe act
Lena Bouts, aged 14, and a younger
brother, children of Frank Bouts, of
Rapid City, S. D., are under arrest, the
girl being charged with murdering her
father. She shot him through the
head while he slept The man was
cruel to his family; who lived half
starved much of the time.
Probably the most destructive tornado that ever visited Nebraska-passed
through the northern part of Hamilton
county, destroying from $75,000 to
$100,000 worth of property, Including
15 dwellings, one church, one 'school
house, two Iron bridges across the Blue
river, barns, corn cribs, outbuildings,
orchards, fences and stock.
Wos't Share the Work.
Minneapolis, May 26.—In the Presbyterian assembly D. W. Glass of Baltimore
caused a surprise by introducing a resolution advocating a conference of all Evangelical churches, including the Roman
Catholic, to discuss a harmonious arrangement and distribution of foreign missions.
It was referred, without debate, by an
overwhelming vote.
St. Louis was chosen as the next meeting place.
Will 11 .-.urn to 1 riaoo.
Washington, May 30.—Secretary Alger
has received •» 'cablegram* from General
Otis, in response to his inquiry,* announc-
Ing that a majority of the Oregon regiment of v. prs at Manil.1 have elrclol
to return by steamer directly to Portland.
The Washington regiment decidid to come
first to S.m Franci-iii.
S.-1...1.-   Car'Ran   l»..«n.
Seattle, May 30.—An electric car containing 2. persons was run into by a
Northern Pacific train, killing Fmanuel
Brand and injuring. 14 others, some fatally. ■    . .
Molcrman Sharp S;ved h's lie by jumping into the bay.
The four members of the law firm
with which Speaker Reed ls to be as-
aociated are John H. Simpson, son-in-
law of the late Keorge I. Seney, banker
and philanthropist; Thomas Thacher
Yale '71, son oi the late Professor
Thacher;   William M. Barnum,   Yale
Navigation and Trading
Steamers "Internai-onai*' and "Alberta"
on Kootenay Lake and River.
Five-Mils Point connection witli all
passenger trains of N. k F. 8. R. R. te
and from Northport, Rossland and Spokane. Tickets and baggage checked to all
United States points.
Leavs Kaslo for Nelson and way points,
daily, except 8unday, 6:45 a. m.   Arrive
Northport 12:15 p. m.j Rossland, 3:40 p.
m.; Spokane, 6 p. m.
I>eave Nelson for Kaslo and way points
.tail-   »tp«t,i  a i.,.   j (■       _     . I'  " "■    -""-' VI'"*} oi me vessel »'"
ZLnTe'lTXiAn^O ft.  «**« 8"d "S?WW « M-*
Northport, 1:50 p. m.
Leave Nelson for Kaslo, etc., Tuesday,
Wsdnssday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
at 8:S0 a, m.; arrive Kaslo, 12:10 p. ra.
Leave Kaslo for Nelson, etc., Monday,
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Fridayi
4 p. m.; arrive Nelson, 8 p. m.
Leave Kaslo Saturday 4 p. m.; arrivs
Sulphur Canto on   Fire.
Algiers, Miiy-30.—The French steamer
Alysia, from Marseilles for Palermo ami
New Orleans, uith 233 passengers on
bourd, arrived here, with her cargo of sulphur on lire.   The cpok of the vessel wns
The right to use tho namo of a corporation Is held, in Armlngt'ori'V-.' Pal-
mor (H. I.,j -43. L'-r-jHfc- />5r*o -he dl»7<
tlnet frota tfa right; t^.use.itbe,-same
•77. son of the late Senator Barnum, of Boundary mTdiiight,' mivs -onMr-T.? '!' "'""'^ mwufa<*ti**l Vy It, apd not
Connecticut, a millionaire   who   was ry Sundsy 10-30 a. ra Itff "J*88 wlf'b.«^e.Ja.»rter>)p, a purchase ,.,
prominent in the councils of the demo-1   Leave Bonner's Ferrv s,.n.i.- i - _.     ?.' the ■)lant' machinery, Stock and vis-   '
■-i.i-._i.- »nu Soon to Close.
Seattle. May 21).—The Washington Red
Cedar Shingle Manufacturers' As o iation
at a recent meeting decided to form a
permanent 6>ga*nl-.atiori.
£_« _ir«is=r-i,_i cr - « • • =•■■ e__K^7f-, as * >-wsk
Mont      w»a    _---..-,«._ji  -_..—.... ,_ I Kaslo Sunday 10 a. m. „,
Mont,   was   encountered recently In
the 200-foot level.
The steamer National City has ar
jt-MR*-- ,*!1W. •.rtm-e^mmv*' *t*j*f*>
Rtehard Mansfield has paid I^^SttMj^E
randsco    from    _Bi_ S^WfiSHS J*-* »^^W
Bland with a cargo of 460 tons of gold- ductlon of "Cyrano de Bergerac" in Q ALEXANDER n.- u
bearing sand, consigned to the Shelby America. "j   ft& %5ljE^i2J 1Um««-
**•* *tey ^4mr mtw jut\\\t^»et>' .**•*- ■*•*• mer**.*
Governor Roosevelt favors a restoration of thn whipping post for wife
beatei-a and for those who treat children and dumb animals with cruelty,
promising to sign a bill with such purpose In view If passed bv Mie leglsla-
mte*a>m>*»***+'; -sslwmwt* mmMom.*****-■»■**»*.*i POWERS   INVESTIGATE   WAR.
Tlie Decision <>r the Commission will be
,\.-.-.''.l—A Letter from MiiiunfiiThe
1*1,ilistls-11,1>In will soon Return —Tha
Actions ur Kuiil/. will be Approved.
Evil Dispositions
Are Early Shown.
Just so evil in the blood comes out Hi
shape of scrofula, pimples, etc., in
children and young people. Taken in
time it can be eradicated by using Hood's
Sarsaparilh, (America's Greatest Medicate.   It vitalizes and enriches Ihe blood.
Washington, May 20.—The navy department has received the following
cablegram Lorn Rear Admiral Kauta*:
Apia, May 10, (via Auckland).—Hadg-
er iiiiived May 13.—Philadelphia will leave
so us to reach _an Francisco about June   bag,n ey       d
-5.    The commission  ...ay  desire  to return on tlie Badger.
Admiral Kauta will return to the Unit-   _t ^
ed HI     ■***  t'e^aladephia,  winch   b cert, mBer'
tw.i bu replaced at Apia with the cruiser'
Newark.    The  latter started  from  New
Settlers are coming Into the Judith
During the last month six wolf and
forty-six coyote scalps were presented
Pe-ru-na in All Their Peculiar Ills.
Theobald Chartran has gone to
Washington at the request of President
McKinley, who is to sit for him for a
large picture upon which he Is now at •nww ls No Remedy the Equal of
work. It will represent the signing ot
the protocol, and all the persons who
took part In that Interesting event will
be depleted ln life size. Besides President McKinley, there will be ex-Secretary William R. Day, Jules Carabon,
the French ambassador, M. Thlebaut,
first secretary of the French embassy,
and Messrs. Moore, Crldler and Adeo.
M. Chartran will finish the picture
when he returns to Paris, and lt will
be exhibited in New York next autumn.
Vork about six weeks ago and is due at
Samoa about the middle of June.
Apia, Samoa, May 17, via Auckland.)—
The   baiiioan   commission,   consisting   of
H. R. Phillips, of the Phillips Cattle
Company, has returned to Miles City
from a trip to the range where he
found stock in good condition.
Preparations have been made by
Charles L. Cowell, of Missoula, to dip
3,000 sheep at the Btock yards.     Mr,
Plans and specifications have been
received In Tillamook city of the combination snag-puller and pile-driver to
be built by contract for tbe government, to be used In the Improvement ot
Tillamook bay and Hoquartoa slough.
The hull of the scow will be rectangular in plan and 70 feet long by 30 feet
wide on the deck, and about four feet
Jinitlctt Tripp, former United State* min-, 0°well recently purchased the flock in
inter  to  Austria-Hungary;   Baron  Speak IM__8.
\ou Steinberg, representing Germany,
and 0. 11. l*.liot, C. «. of the British embassy at Washington, representing Great
Britain, arrived here May 13.
The llrst sitting took place May 10.
The commissioners were engaged all
i mn ii ing iu a conference witli (J.iicf Justice Chambers.
.Nothing \.as disclosed regarding thc deliberations but it ib reported they will uphold tne action of Admiral KauU, the
American naval commander.
Mataafa sent the commissioners a letter of welcome and expressed the bojM
they would satisfactorily end the irouble-
iu .--.iin-'.i. ll is understood MaUafa will
obey the unanimous order of the commission" though it is doubtful if he wi.i order
his folio.vera to disarm unless ilie Malic-
loan* are first dUamicd.
Tlie MaU.afans will probably .disperse to
their homes if ordered to do so but tbey
will never nc. guize M.ilietoa as king and
doubtless there will be further trouble in
the future if the kingship is nuiiiUined.
Only one or two cases arc known of
the wounding of natives by the shell lire
of the warships, and as they have not realized the strength of the Kuropeans they
ma) go to greater extremes if war aiises
The rebels remain outside the lines in
dicated by Admiral Kautz and have
strongly fortiliid a new p.sition whi.e ihe
loyalist! art- being drilled and have forti-
lied Mtilinuu. A considerable number of
loyalist* have been brought by the war-
sir ip* from other islands.
Half the male adults of Samoa are
awaiting action on the part of the coin-
mission in order to support M.ili.tao. The
Germans are preparing comjK-nsation
To a correspondent of thc Associated
Press Mil.i.iii -aid it was thc chiefs and
not himself who began tl.e war. Mataafa claimed he has upheld the treaty
and said his orders throughout were not
io the upon the Europeans and that but
for this order the whole of the party of
blue jackets would several times have
Ik in shot down by large b.idies of natives
concealed in the bush.
Armistice   Not   Disturbed.
Berlin, May 20.—A dispatch from Apia,
Samoa, says the armistice was not disturbed by the arrival there of the com-
mission and that letters were being exchanged with the view to disbanding thc
rival forces.
Strike   1 ,   In   the   Mo.-i.n.
Sandon, B. C, May 29.—Intense inter-
c-t is developing in the opuration of the
new eight-hour law that must go into ef-
fect not later than thc 12th of June. On
the streets and hotel lobbies, it li tlie only
subject of discussion, and Thursday next
is anxiously awaited for the decision of
the miners' union us to win tlie. m-mkcis
will accept thc $3 rute offered by tha mine
o-.ncrs' association for eight hours' work.
On ,md after the 1st of June only those
willing to work under the new c inditi >ns
will hnve employ in. nt in the mines of the
—Hi i iition.
Opinion is largely divided here as to
the outcome. Some believe that the union
will prohibit its members from accepting
less pay than they at present reeci.e for
a 1(1 hour shift, and will order a general
strike, in which event practically all thc
big mima will close il >nn until such time
as they can get enough non-union men to
accept their teim*. In this cmncction the
I'M nl merchants, who arc mostly in syin-
pathy with and controlled by mine owners, will probably refuse further credit to
any who strike.
Scientists] ll.-uln a Voyage.
Portland, May 20.—The steamship
'ieoige W. Klder, chartered by K. H. H.u-
riman of New York, for a party of eminent scientists who arc going to Alaska
to examine thc natural resources of that
territory, has sailed from this port Tlie
Klder will go to Puget sound and tho
parity will sail from Seattle June 1.
rix-lnfl.-sr    ...    Clone    llniili.
Pittsburg, May 29. Practically all
window glass factories in the country,
with the exception of thc cooperative
'"iiceins will close this week. The
shutdown will throw 7000 skilled glass-
workers out of employment, and about
10,000 more who are dependent upon the
operation of the fiu_orlcs for employment.
The right of a married woman, to
nwlntnjn an action li| her own name to
recover, damages for tile alienation of
her hiiHlmnd's BJffrctlofis Is sustained In
"ench vs. Brown (Wash.), 43 L, R. A.
HI, under statutes abolishing dlsabll-
I'endehte lite of an Insolvent bank and
held thai procuring a divorce will not
Preclude the action.
A man was run over by the cars, cutting him In two. The accident occurred on the G. N. track, about three
miles west of Kalispell. How he was
killed was a mystery.
After an extended trip lasting about
four months, C. E. Conrad and family
have returned to Kalispell. County
Treasurer King and family have returned from Hot Springs, Ark.
A report from Fergus donnty states
that the loss of Iambs sustained by tho
sheep men during the recent storms
ls very heavy, In some cases as high
as 50 per cent.
J. D. White, of Utlca, says the loss In
lambs In that country will not exceed
30 per cent, and his own loss will be
far under that figure, as he had finished a part of his lambing before the
storm came.
News from horticulturists about
Victor la to the effect that the fruit
trees there wintered a good deal better
than expected, and the loss from the
unusually hard winter will prove very
The last Montana legislature passed
a bill authorizing the several counties
to build free county high schools, and
an effort is being made to have one
The sufficiency of presentment and
demand of payment made on a receiver
pendente lite of an insolven thank and
of notice of non-payment by him, to
bind an indorser of a negotiable certificate of deposit Issued by the bank
before its insolvency, ls denied in Jackson vs. Mclnni-i (Ore.), J_. R. A. 128.
A Large Amount ot Money Waiting to
be Divided-It 1- well Oaurded—The
Cuban officers Jeered the Action of
Their Soldiers.
Havana, May 28.—Only seven soldier*
have appeared at l_t 1'iiiil.a to receive the
honorarium of $70 allotted by the United
States for tlie .surrender of arms and dis-
baiulment of the men composing the Cuban
'At three minutes of 10 o'clock in the
morning, the hour set to begin the payment of the troops, Major Francis S. D^dge'
of thc paymaster's department drove up in
■ion _yr back tea and
baking powder at
"four Grocers
Filipinos Gone .Home.
Manila, Mny 20.—The Filipino commissioners left by special train. They will be
escorted to their lines under a flag of truce.
It is expected they w'ill return soon.
In his weekly financial review of
a four-mule team with $30,0U0 in gold.and Wall street, Henry Clews, the veteran
WOO in silver. Six guards accompanied broker and banker .estimates* the
him, und details of men from the Eighth t wealth of John D. Rockefeller at $300,-
infantry were under arms to preserve or-  000,000; of William, his brother, $150,-
The French statistician, Dr. Llvrler,
says that half of all human beings die
before 17, tbat only one person in 10,-
000 lives to be 100 years old, and that
only one person out of every 100 HveB
to be CO.
IH-:*il-'.M-:ss  CANNOT   UE  CURED
Py local applications, as .hey ennnot reach the
Ulscaned portion of the car. There Is only one
wny to cure diafnem.. nnd that Is hy constitutional remedies. Deafness ls caused by an
Inflinred condition of the mucous lining of the
Bastaehlao Tube. Whan this tube Is Inflamed
you have a rumbling sound or Imperfect hear-
ItiK, and when It Is entirely closed. Deafness
Is the renult, and unless .lie Inflammation can
be tak.-n out, and this tube restored to Its
normal condition, hearing will be destroyed
lorever; nine cases out of ten aie caused by
Catarrh, which ls nothing but an Inflamed
condition of the mucous surfaces.
We will give Ono Hundred Dollars for any
case of Deafness (caused by catarrh) that cannot lie cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure. Send for
circulars; free.
P. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, Ohio.
Sold  by Druggists,  75c.
Hall's l-'amlly Hills are the best.
Tests have been made in Finland to
decide the comparative value of iron
, and aluminum as materials for horse-
built ln Kalispell, that place being the [ 8hoes. After six weeks' use by the cavalry the aluminum shoes proved, it is
said, to be in much better condition
than the others.
county seat and the proper location for
It, as it is centrally located.
The fire adjusters working upon the
fire loss of the Kalispell & Brewing
Co.. wbo had a fire loss last week,
reached an agreement, and the brewing firm were paid about $5,000. The
firm expects to rebuild, and will put ln
some new machinery and make a better plant than they had.
H. W. Hutchinson, of Stanford, is
the victim of an accidental shooting
under     somewhat    peculiar   clrcuni-  , 	
stances.      He was duck hunting and   WLn_ t«*«monia|s    Try it today.   Sold bv
. I **S*I1 (Tl-laa *_>   ,..,,)    .   V    .    i  . . _. _• ,lr-_ lit     •       1
A powder to be shaken into the shoes.
At tiiis season your feet feel swollen, nervous and uncomfortable. If you have
smarting feet or tight shoes, try Allen's
Foot-Ease. It rests and comforts; maker
us spots.   Relieves
'—"'l'i? *"" * Cures swollen and sweating
feet, blisters and callous spots. Relieves
Corns and bunions of all pain and ls a cer
tain cure for Chilblains, Sweating, damp
or frosted feet.   We have over thirty thou-
was carrying his gun in _ buggy. The
horse ran into a ditch and thc gun was
in some manner discharged, the charge
entering Hutchinson's breast.
The Woman's Club of Butte has
elected the following ofllcers for the
ensuing year: President, Mrs. F. P.
Holbrook; vice president, Mrs. Q. T.
Colyer; recording secretary, Mrs. Philip Wiseman; corresponding secretary,
Mrs. A. S. Christie; financial secretary,
Mrs. Charles Schatzlein; treasurer,
Mrs. H. P. Heldrlck; chairman of the
membership committee, Mis. J. R.
Wharton; chairman of th« program
committee, Mrs T. W. Bvi»»
I druggists and shoe stores for 25c. Trial
pa... i;re FREE. Address. Allen 8. Olmsted. .' o Roy, N. Y.
Lord Chief Justice Russell was
obliged to take part in a coroner's inquest at his own house recently, one of
his guests having died suddenly ln an
epileptic fit. As lord chief justice of
England he is the chief coroner of the
Miss Susan Wymsr, teacher In the
Richmond school, Chicago. 111., writes
the following letter to Dr. Haitman
regarding Pe-.u-na. She says: "Only
those who have suffered with sleepless
ness from over-work in tlie soliool-
lo.un, such as I have, can know what
s blessing it is to be able to find relief
by spending a couple of dollars for
some Pe-ru-na. This has been my ex-
peiience. A friend in need is a friend
indeed, anil every bottle of Pe-ru-na I
ever bougiit proved a good friend to
me."—Susan Wvmar.
Mrs. Mnrgaretlia Dnuben, 1214 North
Superior street, Racine City, Wis.,
wiites: "I feel so well and good and
bappy now that pen cannot describe
lt.    Pe-ru-na is   everything to me.
000,000; the Astors, $250,000,000; the
Vanderbllts, $400,000,000; Carnegie,
$150,000,000; the Goulds, $100,000,000;
D. O. Mills, $40,000,000; and C. P. Huntington, $40,000,000.
der among the mobs which it was supposed would gather.
Colonel Oeoige M. Randall of the Eighth
infant ry was present us commissioner of
the United States.
Oeneral Ruiz Rivera, who was today inducted into the ollice of civil governor of "Thrums" has grown too strict even
Havana, was there to receive the urms, for its master. The Rev. W. C. Conn
with a representative of General Gomez, has resigned from the Original Seces-
four or live Cuban otlicers and 15 report-1 sion Kirk at Kirriemuir and applied
erg. Half a dozen American clerks, with for admission to the Presbyterian
the rolls of the Cuban anny, sat about a j church of England being ln search of
long table at the headquarters of the
l'-ghth regiment. A bag of gold was displayed, but there were no applicants for a
share of it.   The inspectors spent the time
"a larger outlook."    The number    of
"Auld Liiliis" in Thrums Ib now 37.
A Pennsylvania trolley company had
in discussing why  no Cubans appeared. J to pay a young man $1,200 because its
Oeneral  Rivera said  that  though  there  electricity got into a barbed wire fence
were 4310 enrolled privates and noncom-1 near the track and when he took hold
j j missioned otlicers in the Fourth corps, few j of the fence to climb lt he couldn't let
I should ,of tllem bved in Havana.   He explained  go until has hand and arm were shriv-
(eel healthy  and well, but if   know   what to   take.    11 they   were  outside   the  city, and would  eled.
have taken several bottles of  Pe-ru-na I Plobably appear at other places in the
for  female   complaint.    I  am  in   tlie
change of  life and it  does   me good."
I province   and   get   their   apportionment.
Nearly all the otlicers, he added, are in
Send for a free book written by Dr.
Hartman, entitled '"Health and Beauty,"
Address Dr. Hartman, Columbus, Ohio.
Enthusiastic Over   I'u.-r...  Rleo.
Washington, May 20.—General Guy V.
Henry, who has just been superseded as
governor general of Puerto Rico by General Davis, called on the president to pay
his respects.
General Henry talked enthusiastically
of the island. He believes it has a prosperous future and that the people will eventually make good citizens.
I la I inn   Parliament   Reamem-led.
Rome, May 20.—Parliament has reassembled. The chamber of deputies declined to accept the resignation of President Zanardelli, which was tendered owing to the reorganization of the cabinot.
The premier announced that negotiations with China regarding concessions at
San Mun bay would be resumed at once.
A llcsri-r („r Roosevelt.
A Pare, Veicetnble Compound.
No mercurial or other mineral poisons ln Candy Cathartic, only vettelnble substances, late medical discoveries. All druggists,   10c.  Z":c.  Wc.
In an outburst of enthusiasm a negro
divinity student in a North Carolina
missionary college uttered this earnest
Pos.msuiters  to Contribute.
Y.'ashington, May 2S.—The thtgge-jtlon
that postmasters participate in the Dewey
inline movement, has already brought contributions from Postmasters Canty, at Tor-
•ington, Col.; McNeil, at Way Cross. Ga.;
lihick, at Lowell, Wn.; and Weaver, at
Rapid City, S. D.
Big Fire nt Harrison.
Harrison, Idaho, May 20.—Tlie Eureka
shingle mill was destroyed by fire. Two
Northwestern freight cars on a sidetrack
close by were also destroyed. The plant
was valued at $10,000 with $5,000 insurance.   Thc cause of the fire is unknown.
New Vork, May 30.—It is stated that prayer: "Give us all pure hearts; give
Oovernor Rocievelt is to receive the de-1 us all clean hearts; give us all sweet-
gree of LI,. 1). from Columbia univer-ity hearts!" to which the congregation re-
during the commencement exercises next t sponded "Amen
Hro....    Put    to    l.l-IM...
New York, May .10.—Adrian H.aiin was
put to death hy electricity in Sing Sing
prison today for the minder of his wife.
The cxecuti. n was successful.
Tbere was a young man from L«nora,
Who boldly went off to the war;
The "beer' made him sick.
He recovered quite quick,
By the prompt use of old Jesse Moors.
and the
Miss I.ncy Tucker the dmKtlitcr ol
a prominent fiirmer of *> eri.utll.-s,
Ind., wMtliovlctl.n ofnerVOIli pros-
[ration. Most of the tune she wns
confined (n liml, ..nil wiih on the Wat
of HI. Vims'dnnee. II was n piliriil
case which ineillcnl science fulled to
conquer. I'*innlly n doctor prescribed Ur. Williams' Pink I'llls for 1 uie
People.   II or father said:
•' We began giving Iho pills nt once,
and tho next day vo could teea
change for Iho hotter In her. WS
gave her one pill niter each meal
until she was entirely well. M'" "«
not been sick n dnv since. Wo think
tho cure uluiost inlriuulous.
•Thank Ti*CK_n, Mrs. I-*.TrrKKn."
Mr. nnd Mrs. Frnnlt Tucko*>i*,'.>lm*
liulyswiirn, stnli« thnt tin* lorcgolug
li truo lu overy particular. .Unisunn, Justice of the Pence,
from the Republican, Versailles, lml.
J. A. MacNeil Whistler is to visit
the United States, his native country,
next fall. This will be his first trip
here ln many years.
Mothers will find Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup thc best remedy to use for their
children durug the teething period.
Jean de Reszkc is, unlike most opera
singers, afraid of the camera, and it
was not until last season that he ever
had an American photograph taken.
CITV Perms,.--.iilv I'urro. ~« Oisor nerTonsns,
f 110 »ii,t ni*i day's uss or Dr. Kllos'r Urns
Mrrv, iti-itori-r. Send for FftKB 9S.00 trla
bottle and treatise DR. R. H. K__N_, Ltd., S3,
-re-alree., riilU-lelDlila. J-
In the rock of Gibraltar there are 70
3128  te'"%-~   .^sawuasa    ~*a
Joseph Jefferson, who reached the
age of 70 years last February, says that
he Intends to act as long as his
strength will permit.
Victim  ot n  Kent-cky  Fend.
liarlioiirsville, Ky., May 20.—Thomas
Itaker, one of the primipals in the famous
Howard-Baker feud has been assassinated
by unknown persons, while seated on his
■ureh at his home.
Mrs. Hofl_aan Describes How She
Wrote to Mrs    Pinkham for
j.dvice, and Is Now Well.
Pence and Iron Works-.
and iron fencing: ofllco railing, etc. :i:;i Alder.
The young duchess of Marlborough
and several other ladles of much
wealth and rank are going in for falconry.
T shall recommend l'lso's Cure for Consumption far and wide.—Mrs. Mulll-tin,
Plumstead,   Kent,  England,  Nov. 8.  189J.
fjOts of men go where duty calls,
then stand around with their hands ln
their pockets after they get there.
To yourself you owe the duly,  purify your
system by Pfunder's Oregon   IHood  Purifier.
A horse Is never sick at the stomach,
because that animal is not provided
with a gall bladder.
tested and truo.   Oregon Blood
Deab Mr.i Piskhaii —Before using
your Vegetable Compound 1 was a
great sufferer T have been sick for
months was troubled with severe pain
id botb sides of abdomen, sore feeling
in lower part of bowels a.:■<■ suffered
with dizziness,
beadache. and
con.ii not sleep.
1 wrote you a
.etter describing my case and
asking your
advice You.
■^ replied tell
Ing tne just
what to do. I
followed your directions, and cannot praise your medicine
enough for what It has done for me
Many thanks to you for your advice.
I.ydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound hascurcd me, and I will recommend it to my friends—Mrs. Fi.orkxci
R. Ooffmas, 51- Roland St. Canton. O.
Thc condition described by Mr* Hoffman will appeal to many women, yet
lots of sick women struggle on with
their daily tasks disregarding the
urgent warnings until overtaken by
actual collapse.
The present Mrs Plnkham's experience In treating female ills is unparal
leled, for years she worked side by side
with Mrs Lydla E. Plnkham and for
sometimes past has had sole charge
of the correspondence department of
her great business, treating by letter
as many as a hundred thousand ailing
women during a single year
"•    F-IS.Q'5  CUR.-   FOR "r
Queen Victoria Is preparing for publication another volume of her Journal.
■ -*4mmt0tet mk.tosyW.**eSAw< ate. <f» ettem
Best Oousl- syrup   TssMs (Jooa. UM I
tn «ms    Sola bT driiisls*-.
■ ,ja>**A*H+.?
The representative of General Gomez,
who has beeu acting for the latter in the
interviews with Governor General Brooke,
took a gloomy view of the affair. He
said the Americans, in stipulating that the
Cubans must give up their arms, had
caused a 'bad impression among the Cubans.
A group of Cuban ofllcers, who proved
to be some of General Mayla Rodriguez's
staff, had in the meanwhile assembled.
They smiled at each other, twisted their
mustaches and grew confident as tlie
"quarter hours passed and no soldiers appeared." Finally they jeered in a quiet
way at the whole proceeding.
A   1'ii.s.-   Claimant.
Towards 11 o'clock an unarmed colored
mun in a Cuban uniform, came across the
dusty square, attended by ull the American spectators. He was shown to the paymaster, but turned out to be an "assistant*' or eunip follower. Tlie American
military men consulted, and it was
thought he was not entitled to a share of
the ijill.iiiKi.iKKi, and his name not being en
the rolls he was dismissed.
Major Scott, General Ludlow's adjutant,
sent word tliat a man named Harris, a
Cuban-American, serving a sentence in the
penitentiary, would be sent under guard
to get his *-'7"i. so at least one man wia
sure to take the gratuity. Abmt 4(1(1 nun
had been expected, and pos-ibly many of
these will come later. Hut the scheme of
payment, so far as Havana is concerned,
looks like a failure. Quite different results are expected in country districts,
where tlie Cuban military assembly and
the anti-Gomel influence is not so strong.
At noon (Uncial Rivera left, remarking
that it was wasting time to stay there,
and Major Dodge went to the lintel
Trocha, inf. rmiug Governor General
Hrooke of the state nf affairs.
Four professed privates appeared nt
aliout 11:30 without arms, but as their
names were not on the rolls they were
not paid.
Hnrrlson nnd I....1I..-..
1 aris, May 28.—Former President Harrison, accompanied by General Horace
Porter, I'nited States ambassador, this
morning 1111 Interview listing 20 minutes with M. Del Cusse, mini-ter of foieign
affairs. 'The interview was of the most
cordial character, Mr. Hat-toon and Mr.
Porter culled upon President Loubet After a ceremonious introduction, the former
and the actual president dropped all informality and conversed in the most
friendly manner upon topics of to
thc two countries.
Gold in transit across the Atlantic
"sweats," no matter how tightly lt may
be packed. There is a regular allowance for loss by attrition upon the voyage and this loss amounts to a large
sum to the commercial world.
"I hs-e gone 14 stays at a Hum —, in t st
■ sissies, of ibe iM.Mi-ia, not IicIiik sIjIo to
move tin-in escept by using lint waier Injections.
Chronic constipation 'orauteu years placed me Id
this terrible coiiilliloii; during tliut lime. I did ev-
err i liirn. I heard of but never round anr relief; suob
was mr enso until 1 began using IASCA IlKTr). I
now have from one to three pasaagea a Ou v aud If I
was rich I could give t'OUlM for each nioTemenli II
Issue*) a relief.'' a \ i out I, Hex r.
IfH) St.. llelroit. MIS*.
i     m.   +*w-   CATHARTIC -t
Plsasant.   Palatable.   Potent. T.-i'le   Good.   Do
Oooo. never Sicken. Weaken, or 01 ns. lUc. 30c. Mo.
SUrllag >»..; Caasaa,, -Uaafa, S..r,..I. J,. last.   MS
For Oop~rrli,i-ii iui.I 'I1.-.-I g.-t l*«.-r. ilkay Kpi-ln- II
A tha OtilA metlit-iiie which will cine ea.-h and every
—uw. NO TASK known It haa ever f.-ill.-l to cure, no
matter how arr-oua or of liow luiifx standing. Retains
bom Aa uss will astonish Too. It Is absoli—ely safe,
pr»Tpn— stricture, and can bs u»li'n tncon —*
Oi cur.- and d.U-llli<-n from hUKLD.-Ha THICK, fJOO. Fgf
s—te by all n-llatil.. tttestmt*. or ai-nt nrvj_id by unlaw,
p——uy wrapped, on r.i-e*pt of price, by
 , PaJI8fCI-_U.U_oa,C-li»t_e.I-_
G-~a—- —vaUed ao reoMss.
< nril.-.l   Awuy   Gold   \iiku.i«.
Oakland, Cal, May   30.—During   the
progress "f n lire which partly destroyed
the fine residence oi Willi,un c. Price in
East Oakland, thieves entered and looted
the building. Among other things they
carried off n case filled with gold nuggets and other valuable specimens. The
Value of the missing specimens is nearly
■*      FOR
Pftrtl-iilara an«]  tti>tt
iiioiilftl* in plain -**»aleU
letter 3Uii.i-.ij Vnr.%
FRENCH DRUG CO., 381 A 38 3 Pe«rl St., New York
... M AN-trFAOTTJ HKH   BT...
iriyoTr.Tin m-i
Tliniisanils of people an- -raftering nntnid
miseries lui-aitst- of tlie poor condition of their
blood—are In almost COntinooui •fODJ*.
Moore's Revealed Remedy
will cure them—will   do II i|iilcklv and picas,
antl-r as It hits cim-il tli. ii-rinds ot others.  |l.O0
tie at yourdrUKK'.-
I.I...I..-.I the (iovernni.-n..
Chicago, May 30.—.Sergeant Cliarle-.
Campbell, assistant quartermaster at Fort
Sheridan, has been arrested charged with
defrauding the government by issuing
"raised receipts'* to contractors to the
amount of .flU.OOO.
I., ■........   Strike-is   iinl.l...
Caddo, I. T., May 30.- This city was
visited by a destructive tornado followed
by n teirilic hail storm. Few buildings
escaped without some damage. No lives
were lost.
Use I'ic ti tor nDDatnra
,11., tisrr',..  i-.tlamtiiatlcn.,
i Irritations  ur ulceration,
of  mac ii as   membranes.
Painless, anil not aatria
ItneE»SI_»-ich0o. «*"" or ro-sonons.
Sol* hy llraul'as
or sent ln slain wrapper
l.y erpreas, prepaid, foi
IIOO, or I bottles, |3.7*.
Circular Mat CB l
Ailvniife  In   Tine  Lumber.
Pan Francisco, May 27.—At a uuetliig
of the Fine Manufacturers' Association tlie
price of pine lumber was advanci-d $1 per
11100 en rough mercantile material and ?2
per 1000 on uppers or the better grades.
Kind words never die—except whon
killed by ingratitude.
ONE FOR A DOSE. C»re Sick l|.-.i,Ui-ha
?,V l,,-"',,M:1'"1*' I***m«».'l,lniplr.saiiil I'urifj tb*, Alii lilKi'stiiinaiiilPret-rtit llillousness. Do
not (trips uralr-ken. To.-iiiTlnce ynii, we will msll
Sf^t-H1*. OTtu]l '"J* fi>r2V. DE. IIOSANKU
OO., Fhllad-., reium.   8,,| j 1,, Druggliia,
s*. Pilesnriitltit'i- ni'il-.'nr.' snacaiiHoK.-hina.
,>rtn,aH w, II as Blta—,Blssdlng or 1'rotmiliiijr
Hllea are iraro.11.> Or. Boannko's Pile Remedy
ntot-s Iti-hlnp; still trli-eiltns. *.h-,-irl>rt tumors. *s>-a
Jar at ilrns-ais.anr sent l>7 inn, :.'i'r.-stis>-free. Wnla
ma about jour i-aaa,   DR. B.JHA NKO, I'lnlaila . Pa,
This fo
Good  things go as easily
things come.
•*« WMI *"»*S»
Cutler's eTioein. Pocket Inhaler
All I>r,iK_lsts, at. brllrlllllll
_8     bad ' W. H. ..Mm! * CO.,  Buffalo, N.  T.,   Props.
I N.  N.  V. NO.  Ti,  -9U.
*tte*. »..;*»•   •>*•>;.-* *♦**«.j»«sv!«a»«■__«. «-^._r_v seas
*_-__- j____J_,*ff--'!'-''.-
lie VP'.-a-u Ht-uite--* Oo.. J_,tc*.
VVe 9 re nqw agents for
Sewing Machines
just Arrived *
f_J° yo«   'want
*^ j-\.n_Vt]-4lnfi^
JEWELRY,    ______
PIANOS ?--__--_
^iiiii Sit,} ft is)iiii]tt.iiii\
Py article? appearjpg »P Mme papers
|t is made to appeaj* thc>t the Coeur tl'
Alene miners' wear horns. Such is
not flip case as the Coeur d' Alene
miners, with which thia coiintry is
-lied, have proved themselves to be
mdustppus and law abiding citizens,
•nd a class of emigration much to be
Jtioot* Dover,
Box 31     .   .   Nelson, B. G.
The much talked of "lead problem"
appears rp have yirtiially settled itself
for the time being by the abrupt
shutting down of the big lead producing mines. On the American side of
the boundary by orders from a military
despot at d on our side of the> line by
orders from the Lead Mine Owners
Protective Association.
Spokane, a good many time* over,
than in the Coeur d1 Alene*. And
yet people on the outs,ide do not look
upon tho people of Spokane as a lot of
bloodthirsty savages, on account of
the crimen committed in that city.
If the Spokane paper would be a little
more consistent and give both sides of
the story, they would have less of the
taint of yellow journalism about thero
and csrry more weight with the public.
Finance Minister Fielding will
doubtless feel terribly mortified when
he learns that tho New Denver Ledge
.-till insists on establishing a Canadian
Mint. Toe Government should proceed st ohee to\rYat(ii building tl.'s
mints to satisfy the Ledge if foi else. like a stray puppy
howling fur the niuon,"it wont
happy 'till it gets it."
B. C.
B. C.
JAM f$ BOWE8    -   -   -   -    PROP.
:-; Headquarters For Mining Men :•:
and S00 Line
Auctioneers, Customs Hrokehs,
And Guifim Bkai, Estate Aqbntb,
Offlce la Barter SS    -   -     Maker St.
NELSON,   B, 0.
J. m. McGregor,
We are iu receipt of the revised ed
itiun of the descriptive pamphlet of the
Trout Luke Mines and   Prospects,  is
sued from the office of the Trout Lake
Topic and compiled by  instruction  of
tbe Truck's Com mit ten  of  that  town
Au excellent map, showing the location of the  various  towns of tbe dis
triot and the relative situation of the
mines, accompanies the pamphlet. The
issue shows a careful preparat ion and
should do much to advertise that por
tion of Kootenay.
The reorganising anil par tooting lithe Silverton Miners' Union lately, is
but another straw ts show which way
the wind is blowing in the different
mining camp* of the Province. R is
bt*t an unswer to the ultimatum issued
by the Lead Mine 0 wners Protective
Association. The miners of Silverton
are to be congratulated on their choice
of officer* for their organization.
Individually or collectively they are
men wbo command the respect of the
whole community for their intelligence,
honesty and other sterling qualities.
IGeoeral- Freight and Transfer
Business Done.
Orders left at  News Stand will   be
promptly attended to.
SILVERTON,        -      -       -      IX. C
Tickets Issued And IUnoace
— Checked To Destmatioii. —
(excepting  Sunday)
Revelstoke and Main Line Point*.
Ne\spo,   Trail,   Rossland, Ac.
Ascertain present   rates and full in
formation by   addressing   nearest Iocs
»t,or     ......' :	
W. 8. CLARK, Agent, Silverton
Trav. Pass. Agent, Nelson
E. 3. COYLE.
lust. I__3. Agent, Vancouver
W. Pellew-Harvev, F. 0. fl., Member
inst. Mining and Metallurgy, London,
and for many years with Vivian <_ Sous,
Swansea, and at present their representative in this country, bas extensive
Metallurgical Works at Vancouver, and
is making a specialty of advising oo the
cyanide treatment of ores, and making
tests by amalgamation, chlorinaiion and
concentration. Another feature of the
business Is chocking smelter pulps, assay
ing in all ita branches, with chemical an-
Having had ten years' experience wilh
the ores of B. C, in addition to a long
practical training in Europe, tl.e resiili*
reported by the above can be entirely relied upon   '1 here are no pupils kept in
be business, the assistants being;
Metallurgists    Cecil  Bryant. Asso-
ani) AbsayeM.   ciate Royal School of
Mines, London.   A. F. McEwen. Kell.vw
Chemical Society, and late Chief Chern
ist and Metallurgist wifjh   the Cassiar
Central Railway Company.
Analytical      A. A. Watson, Fellow
Chemist. Inst, of Chemistry, Lon
don, and Bachelor of Science, with honors
in Chemistry, who haa had a long and
varied experience In Chili and Queensland.
W, Pellew-Harvey represents the following firms in Canada, vis:- Me-srs.
Vivian A Sons, Swansea; Tbe Elliott's
Metal Co., Burry Port; The Cassel Gold
Extracting Co , Glascow * Messrs. James
Bros. M. E. London; and is also special
Government examiner for the Provincial
-seayers' examination.
Fnrther particulars on application at
the ofllce, Fairfield Block, Vancouver,
B. 0.
A short time ago, anyone who wouh]
question the securing of justice from
British Columbian laws, would be
laughed at. This week saw fully half
a hundred bilvertonians, who had the
promise from the government of "all
tho rights and privilege* of a Free
Miner, for one year" express their
unbelief in the good faith of the
government by hastening to take out
new licences. Any question in their
minds a* to government justice was
settled by the course taken against the
foreign licence holder* in the Atlin
A* to the intent of tbe amendment
regarding the lapsing of licenses on
May 31st., the legal lights of tbe
province disagree. Like all the acts
of thn present legislature, thi* one ia
tangled and misleading.
Hewitt Bostock is making himself
solid with the people of Moyie and
Qra-id Forks His plain talk ii} regard to the way the Canadian Pacific
Railway is treating these places
touches a responsive chord in the
breasts of his constituents, and has a
welcome sound, coming from a chamber which appear? to bo dedicated to
the land, grabbing monopoly.
The Rossland Board of Trade hss
taken the initiative in an appeal to the
franiers of the Redistribution Bill to
yive Kootenay repreentation at Ottawa
as a seperqte cftiistitueney. If 15,000
Canadians in Ontario are entitled tn
a member for themselves, we fail to
.■<ee why three or fqur times thst
number in Kootenay should not be
t.'i ated as v. ell.
,9 I^3lTr0X3r
Outside Parties Desiring Horses in Silverton
Can Have Them Reserved By Writiiig To-,*    A- ?• WcpONALD,
t t t t r t t 8ILVERT0N, - * B. C.
There was a youth who kept a cton?,
.-Viiil though some might be grander,
He kept n store nil (lie war
And his name was Alex tu.ler.
He mixed his no ids will, a cunning hand
Antl wss a skilful brnntler;
While oft his sugar half wns sand-
Some called him Alex minder.
One day hia loved one lo him came,
Then lovingly he -.canned  ber;
He ssked ber would lhe change her name
Atjd u, ring did Alex-hand-her.
"01. yes,'' she Ftiid, w.tti -jmiliug lip,
"Jf 1 cm bo co-maunder;"
Tbey boll, then formed i. partnership
And t-alle I it Alex-and Her.
If the Spokane paper*, who are
using so much of their valuable
editorial apace in abusing the labor
union*, more especially the union
miner* in the Coeur d' Alenes, laying
every outrage that haa ever \>een
committed in that country at their
door and calling them every abusive
epithet that the English language
commands, would turn their attention
a little nearor home, they would find
that in proportion to the population
tnero ha* bean a much larger number
of outrage* and cripie* committed   iu
Another amusing story come* from
back-co-ntry district in Australia. -At
midnight on a bleak rniny night tl.e
doctor and bis wife were slumbering
peacefully when tbe telephone aroused
them. Thn good wile reached for the
telephone at the head of thn bed, and
repeated the message to her husband:
"I'm J—; wife is taken ill; come at
"Oh, hang it all!" replied the doctor;
"Ull him I'm gone to Melbourne, and
shan't tie back Ull the day after tomorrow."
Some days later the doctor met the
importunate telnphoner and apologised.
"I'm sorry I happened to be away when
you telephoned for me," he said affably,
"Are vou positively certain you were
away that night?" inquired the other in
a tone of voice which showed that glare
and Urrible questions were involved.
Tbe doctor felt uneasy In hia conscience, htyt be could not go back now.
"Certain," he replied, looking the other
full in the faco.
"Well, doctor, it's no business of mine
and I don't wish to interfere, but, d'you
know, I distinctly heard a man's voice
in your room before vour wife answered
me on tbe telephone,—Saturday Night.
Thorburn ** ■*■«*•
Do You Know
Where   T o   Oet
Oeneral Merchants
Silverton,      _B.   C.
Definitions  and Axiom*.
All boarding-houses are tl.e same
hoarding house.
Hoarders in the same boarding house
and on the same flat are equal to one
A simple room Is that which bas no
parts and no msgnitude.
The landlady of a boarding bouse is ■
parallelogram—that is an oblong angular
figure, which cannot he descibe'l, but
which is equal to anything.
NOTICE Is Hf.rkby Givsn That the
undermentioned persons have made application under ihe provisions of the
"Liquor Licence Act 1890" for hotel
licences at the places set opposite their
respective names.
John Madden at Glocftn City.
Joseph Vayne at Slocan City.
G.eorge 8 Avlwin at Aylwin Town
'site near New Denver.
Keefer and Walbey at Collin*
Rancbe near Nelson.
A meeting of Il.e Board nf Licence Coin-
missioners of the Slocan Licence District
will be held to consider such application*
at the Court House at New Denver on
Thursday the fifteenth day of Juno 1809
at tbe hour ot eleven o'clock In the fore-
T. D. DesBrisay,
Chief Licence
Provincial Police Office,        Inspector.
Robeon, B. 0.   ^
May 27th, 1809.
Gri_eig:er -_r__.le-
St _A.llce al^gS
TTTft 4-«__i-T'      HARRISON
Ye Olde Fashioned English
Ginger Beer.
Use   None   But
The Best!.
The shipment   ot  ore   from   Slocan
Lake points, up  to anil Including, tbe
preeen  week, from Jan. 1, 1899.
From Bosun Landing. Tons.
Bosun  600
From New Denver. Tons
Marion 20
From ^i Ivor ton. Tons
Comstock   20
"        concentrate*  1.Q0
Eir ily Edith uo
Fidelity     3
Noonday  20
Vancouver 320
Wakefield 580
Total H03~
Try It-Prove If.
General Care Of Gold  Hills.
A Practical Book for Va/ ctical Ml"-
Should be in the hand* of overy
Mining Man ahd,Metallurgist.
"■  ..I       ■    .1'   . 1 . -■ ■
It Is not based on laboratory teats, but on
the practical hbsultb obtained by the
author in an experience of otbb twikty
years, and tel's bow best to omploy thst
which is already in um. not in any ent
locality, but all over the world.
216 La Salli Btwmt, Gh cam, U. 6. A.
•,m»AsV<   •■*»<*•»•!•*.■ • Jk**f*4.'X-*-.-4smmtr'.a.'. * *MM*»"^S*»*V
^•s-^jPtts-^Wa*-*-*-**. *r*****_n«*.V'ifc'*a«NRI_^ »WWWs» w* mem,,, ^VWW»^-IMI«Mt --«l»_a»*^:*.*Ma-iH»-»*-'«--j*i**k-s-** *


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