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The Silvertonian 1901-02-14

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M^tmmm.mmiiPi**t*tmtPttm >i i
1 .5 'io      'a.'ri.jv
.15 aro rxt e-1 © rw.
i.hi i.
i     We Have the Goods the
WVV    People want.
general line of
-rocexie©, Boots <3c Slioes
ibp   o-ent©* DT"u_.misli.ia_agrs.
*tp*tm*f*ammpmmmamnana mn  _a.su **.> wan—— m ___.ni mwaaia
ices And Quality Will Be Found Right.
BURNS & oo
Silverton, Nelson, Trail, Ymir, Kaslo, Sandon,
New Denver, Cascade City, Grand Porks, Sirdar
Midway and Greenwood.
t       ^•HOTEL.
SILV E It T 0 N     B   C.
:•:   JAS.     15 0 WHS    Pro prl ot or.   :•:
to cohncsce at mce.   .
The first of whnt promises to bo a long
seiiea of deals in Silverton property this
season was closed this week, C C. Bennett of Vancouver, representing a large
syndicate, having secured a bond on (be
Prescott group, Tha owners aro N F
_JIi.Niiin_.lit, who has ii oue half interest,
■I A Mcjdunon, Hugh Brady and F II
The PrcBCott group consists of four
claims, nil crown granted, the Prescott.
Prescott fractions No's 1 and- 3 and the
Fotirinile fraction, and is located below
the Alpha mine and lying pnrullel to the
Km ily Edith group. The main claim,
the Prescott, wss located under the old
mining laws and is one of the oldest
claims on record on Four .Mile creek.
The bonding price has not been made
public, but a ■ it hns been given out th.it
$10,000 must be expended on the jronp
this year, under the terms of tho bond,
the amount involved is doubtless a large
one. Work on the property must be
commenced before March 1st.
Tht; Highland Mill.
One of the most successful und satisfactory   pieces  of mill building tb*t I as
1 vet lieen accomplished in the Slocan in
Ship.iif.titH of ore fram Slocan Lake tor
the year 189!). totaled 3078 Tons,
Shipments in  1900 totaled 4080 Tons.
The shipment   ot  ore   from   Slocan
Luke points, np to and Including  the
present woek, from Jan. 1, 1901.
From New Denver Tons.
Hartney 00
From Bbsun Landing.
Bosun  140
From Silverton
Hewett 390
From Enterprise Landing
Enterprise  00
From Slocan City
Arlington  480
Two Friends 40
Black Prince 20
Bondholder  20
Work on tbe Queen Fraction has been
recommenced. There is a rnmor of 0
deal being made for this property.
The Paystreak annonnece that work is
to Xte recommenced at ouce on tlie Noble
Five. The work i« to be done through
one of the Last Chance tunnels.
Tho citizens of Kaslo are preparing to
vote a bonus of $50,000 lo their prospective smelter. They evidently moan business. Kaslo's position in regard to tbe
mines ot Sandon and the Ainswortli Division and her independoncn of tho C P It
ure good reasons for tbo establishing oi
it smolter there.
WLsVti-t,    ALL    WEIGHT*
IN i(| K SLOCAN. 	
Jacob Dover,
The Jeweler.
tho   Highland   mill at   the    Ainsworth
entip. a large amount of credit fur which
D-ust be given to J.A.Kelly,  formerly
of this place.   The  building   was   built
for a 21X) tot: mill and machinery installed
for   100  tons,   and   arranged    so    thot
additional machinery could be put In at
any time and  the  capacity   nt  the mill
increased   to   the   200   Ion limit.    The
erection  ol this mill  was started about
tbe middle of last  September and  wss
""""      a        nru    att I'onnina in fii'l blast by the UOth.   ofliial
ALL SHADES, ALL j „,„,,,!,_   \\\wn Ilie water was turned on
j and.the machinery   started   every pit-re
worked   like  clorkwnrk   no   stoppages,
shifting of machinery or changes wire
necessary every machine propeily doing
its intended work.   This mill,  equipt to
put through 100 tons of ore per day, in,
without crowding, putting through   from
; 125 to loO Ions of ore nnd  ia saving over
j 90 pei cent of the values.    Working one
'shift, in the first 10 days'   ruh   lhe   mill
I produced 235 tons of clean concentrates
and bus proved ilsell tbe biggest I.ind  of
I a success.   It  is nonnested   with  the
' mine bv n single tope tramway and with
C,ww*.*-»^*K*o*.*i*- o«_c»3«_».'K»»»c««»-««».»3«»--«)«t»^«»:»»:^ the whiitf. which belongs to theyBOtnpaM,
* _        ...   1     j    1        ai    !___._-_       IO(in * j by a gravity tramway nnd is able to load
Established In Nelson 1890.
....... »«
Carries the Biftcest and Best Stock In Western Canada.       All Jewelery Repairs are Guaranteed, as only the most expert band  are employed.
Careful and Prompt Attention is given to all  Mail Orders.
I dliectly on to barges Irom tlu ir ore bins.
I The machinery with which It is equip!
consists ol one Gates crusher, three sets
in" rolls, live trommels, seven Jigs and
six  Whiflcy tables, nil  driven by water
power of whieh Ihere is nn abundance.
The erection of this successful mill is a
_r—_n."..,j..«   mini ti'u'im i.'d    WTQftv   li   f i good   thing   for  the   Ainsworth   camp,
Adilreai Orders to   JACOB DOVER, THEJLtthLbH, NELSON. B. ajJJ^ ^ w lI1(.t,,, ttitllit
from the general manager to thn cook
and allows ihat when iu competent hands
and under propei management lhe
mining and milling industry of the
Slooan can be made a big success.
Everybody Satisfied.
The large number ol Silvertonianswho
crowded the Union Hall on St. Valentino's night weie well repaid for attending
by the splendid urogram rendered. Tho
tableaux nnd fnrce were lew in local
urograms and correspondingly well
In tin- first of the aeries of tableaux,
"Moses in the iiulrnshes." Miss McKinnon. an Pharo's daughter and Master
Dfek Benedum. were tho canter ol the
picture, with Mrs. H Thorburn and MisB
Calbick as maids of honor, while Mrs.
Benedum, ir. lhe background looked the
anxious mother of Moses. Colored
light* thrown on the po6eis added to Cue
pntiiness ol the scene. Tlio oilier
labhnnx, "King Ahnstierus and Queen
Father," and 'T.uth Cleaning," were
eqilillv as well posed.
The duets ol Mesdanies Gardiner and
Bacon, and Misses Hunter and Brandon
received hearty encores as did also Vr.
('handler in his solo. The littlo Misses
Law-oii gave a ptetly exhibition of club
swinging, apd lire. Gardiner pleased as
usual in ler so o. "The New Kingdom."
Mr. II West gave two comic readings
while the smoke from the colored fire
tlitir-d away.
The farce, "Box and Cox" was a good
eniling lo Ihe excellent program. The
characters were played by Mrs. diddle,
as Mrs. Bouncer; Mr. West, as Box,
while Cox wns rendered hy Mr. Chandler. Bach of these churacteia was
well tak. n, tlie audience lining kept in.
roars of laughter at the dilemmas lhe
trio found themselves in.
The orchestra wa-*   in   splendid  foim
nnd played several brillinnt selections.
Headquarters   in
Stetson Hat
is as good as a nugget.
They're worn all over the
world by men who work mostly
out-of-doors, because they are
durable and protective.
Our  stock of   this  famous
brand is now complete.
»We have many styles, ma;1
up in several gratis an'* ;_oiors,
from which yor. r  : choose
A Firm In Diffftiillii's.
Tlw slock of .1. A. McKinnon k Co,
une ul the principal firm of this place,
WU seized last Monday under a chattel
mortgage held by John Chohlitcb k Co.,
ef Nelson. Tho store is now closed and
stock ia being taken. No r.tatenient of
liabilities or assets has j-«t been made
Mrs. Carey is,visiting in Kelson.
Francis  J.  O'liielly   is  in   town on
Slocan City's incorporation is olT'for
tha present.
C. O'Brien dropped down Irom bandon
on Tuesday.
The sleighing on tlm lako shore road
is broken up.
i. C. I. McCiure made a  trip to Slocan
yesterday ou important business.
"Scol.ty" Wilson was down from the
Monitor for a few days this week.
The iie'vspnp.'i-a have slopped building
new smelters for the last ton days.
A barge load of coal for the Wm.
Hunter Co. was unloaded here on Tuesday.
H.  It,  Kingsbury,  the   well-known
Slocan miuing export, was in the  camp
this week.
A scow load of ice Irom Summit Lake
was unloaded here yesterday for Brandon
& Barrett.
Up to date no imitator of Mrs. Nation
has arisen in the Slocan. Slocan City
jet to hear Irom.
Tho Sandon Juniors won their game in
the Kosslnnd Hockey Tournament with
a score of 5 goals to 0.
Coal from the mines at Blairmore,
which are being opened up hy Montana
capitalists, is being sold in Nelson.
Grant Thorburn und Jim Bones took
in the hockey tournament and other
sports ut the Boasland Carnival tbis
Oo to tt. O. Daigle's for all kinds ol
fresh fruits. He H receiving sliitmieuts
duily. Fresh confectionery, choice Hue
of fresh groceries. •
I'. Linquist wilt transfer his hotel
licence and the Basin Hotel to Driscoll
k McKinnon if the Commissioners are
willing ou iVarch 'Jud.
H. il. Beeves will be the manager of
the Three Foiks branch of tbe Wm.
Hunter Co. .Mr. Kelly, the iormer manager, will go to PboSniz,
Our member in the local House will
visit thc town before lie leaves lor Victoria to take part io the opening of the
Legislature on the 21st inst.
If you are suffering from la giippe or
any kindred utlliction. take lVrfcct
Waters.' Oue box w ill effect a cure.
Four-bits nt The Silveiton Drug Store.+
Business is reported uadull in Sandon.
On the Lake the same complaint is heard,
in fact il is reported that only thu cold
weather has prevented putrefucutiun,
some places having been dead so long.
Bye elections to fill tbe vacancies in
j the Provincial Legislature, caused by tlie
resignation 0i Gatden,  Vancouver, and
Hall h Smith, Nanaimo, will bu  held on
the 19th inst.
One of our local fishermen came in
(rom a trolling expedition last week with
ah tight pound rainbow trout. This is
said to bo the largest tish of tho species
ever caugl.t in these lakes,
lu spile of considerable opposition
from some of the business men und the
' pretests ol the clergy aud W. C. T. (J. of
Slocan City the Board of Licence Commissioners ileci led laat Saturday that
W A Alexander was entitled to an hob 1
licence for thu International Hotel iu
thut town.
It is reported that the K k S Railroad
is aliout to run its trains fur ■ lie convenience of s.nc.iii passengers and will mnke
close conrection with the Kooienay Luke
sieun ers for southern points. To do
this they will reverse Ibeir order of
running (rom Sandon, leaving therein
the morning und returning at night.
Man thut is Inn nf v.-Shiun is small;
potatoes and low in a hill; in infancy bo
is full of colic and catnip ten, and in old.
aga he is full of cuss words und rhenma*
ti_.ni. In youth his mother tnkcth hhrt
across her knee unit sweetens his life.
witb her slipper, and when he is a man
grown tbe sheriff puraueth him all tho
days of his lifer He spreadeth like a
bay tree. He getteth into office and his
friends cling to him like flies to a sugar
barrel. He ewellelh with vanity and
cutteth ice ior a while, but is hewed
down al the next convention and is cast
into the salt box, and his namo Is
Dennis. Out of office and out of (rienda
he soon gets busted, and lieth down in
tho cow pasture beside the still waters ot
the brook.. He dicth out of the world and
goeth where it is warm enougii without
clothes, The last end of this man is
worse than the beginning.—Ex.
A Plea For Tlio Negro.
From the Canebrake (Alabama) News.
Tho open season foi niggers is now on.
Our much-respected fellow-towusmah,
Colonel Jackson, went out for a few
hours last week and bagged three fine
bucks. The Colonel says Ihe sport is
unusually good this season, but that tbe
woods are full of hunters.
This makes us want to say something
concerning the wanton slaughter of
about the only game left ns. While we
do not wish to cast any reflection upon
Colonel Jackson as a game hog, still it ia
plain to be seen tbat something must lie
done or this sport will soon be a thing of
the past.    *
Tune was when niggers were so plentiful in Alabama that it wasn't even
considered sport in kill oue. There I*
something wrong, and the trouble lien
with our game laws. While other gsme
is receiving the limit of protection at tint
hands of the slate, the genteel pastime
of bunting the frolicsome nigger goes nu
in a manner that threatens the end of,
tbis noble sport within a short time.
Where ouce crowds of jovons men anfl.
boys were wont to gather in the night io
the bark of the dogs and chase tin,
cunning and lucioiis 'possum over hill
and dale, they now assemble to tree thn
Ir sky nigger. Something must be done
and at once or this game will soon join
the bnftato and the moose nnd snoile-r
inspiring forjn of recreation will he only
a memory.
We call on all true sportsmen to join
ns in this move which has for its object
the preservation of an edifying spun,
l'rotect our game!
l.even M. Slug.
Butte, Montana.
The Chap'eau mine, on Lemon creek,
has shut down and there nppeais to be
no hope for a resumption of work in tha
near future. It was on this property
that a 20-stump mill was so recently
completed and it has only taken six
weeks to show that the expensive machinery was worthless as far as tlio Chap-
leau was concerned. The mill would not
save the values in the ore, even if tlie
output of the mine had allowed ol the
continuous dropping of the stamps. The
result though unwelcome was not unexpected.
The Chapb an fiasco is one of those
cases, of which the Kootenays furnish
many oilier examples, of putting up a
mill flrat and experimenting afterwards
The bills ar.i   full  of   shutdown  mills,
A Fire Alarm.
How to Live A (Vntiiry.
Don't try to show people bow gracefully you can jump off or on moving
Don't try to save three-quarters of m.
second by running in front of a trolly
Don't go downstairs in tha dark tu.
hunt burglars.
Don't stav to find out whether the
other fool's gun is really loaded or not.
Don't rubber through deserted tunnel-*
or shafts.
Don't handle "gi nu" or "caps" with
a meat hook.
Don't slap a lar."- person on the shoal-,
der and yell"lleii . bil1," un'il von am
sure It isn't a case ot mistaken identity.
His vaccination n ny ba working:
Don't try lo show y< n are used to cily
ways by lenping out 'f thu elevator before it stops.
Don't take everything people recoui-t
mend to you for lim gilp.
Don't try moral -msi >n on hnlldow
Don't forget to p i\ up jour hiil*ciip-.
tion to the local pup r.
Sew  York,  Feb. 14.—Bnr Silver. OOf-a
Luke copper,   (10.50.
Lead-The firm that fixes the selling
price for miners snd smelters quotes lead
at. *4.00 at the close.
Hardly   A   Surras.
Last Saturday's Carnival was not a
success. Had it not been for tho presence .if a number of New Denventes in
biney costume the affair would havo been
u lizzie. Somo prettv costumes were
worn by tbe visitors.   The pilr.o winners
Last Friday night thn cabin occupied
by the MeMurray boys, known as tho
"1'etcrboro House" wus destroyed by
fire. None of the occupants were at
home when tl.e blnzo stinted, having
gone out leaving a lire in the stove. Nothing was saved, the boys losing c.othes,
blankets and mining outfits. A heart
solo, held hy one of the owner*, ia also
Included among tho losses, the alarm
breaking up the giunc and preventing it
from being played.
standing as monuments to the Incoinpet-1 were : Mrs. Brown, liost lady's costume;
enof of those who fell, that their position I Mis* Byrnes, best lady skater; Mist- Bffa
STOKES IN  NELSON.  ALAMO, AND demanded tho superintending of a mill, j Bvrnes. children's costume; K  M  Brin-
regnrdless of the pr iperly supposed tu bo Idle, best eoiitu.iie; C Copp, best comic
i). A. Van Dom is Dead.
The fact thnt the  forward  pnrt  inl.eii.
by the Canadia ps lit  lhe battle  n|
Paa?3eberg wos lamely instrumental itv,
foicmg Genera' Cnn ju to suiomler ha*
now become accepted hiato-y The W eek-.
ly Globe is presetting its yemly subscribers with il picture of that niciiinrubhi
scene. Their correspondent, Mr l-'icd-
erick Hamilton, and otbeis, vtim »n-o
eye-witnesses oi that memorable battle,
suy it gives u ui"»t intelligent idea of
their position and thul of the Hoer caui| ^
A copy of it can be seen at lhis ollice.
While Monli'cii was being inmed
down in one of the tableau scenes at thn
concert, a man in thu audience rt-uunkeik
thut this was Iho origin u( the word
Word was received on Monday by the
Secretory of the Silverton Minors' Union,
of the death of D. A. Vandorn, which
occurred iu Wallace, Idaho, last Sunday. Tho deceased waa one of the
pioneers of the Slocan and in partnership wilh J. C, Boluuder opened up tbe
now i ialena .Mines, making a good-sUed ' tu^ ^.ttSC
stake when that property was sold. | ?,u01in, „( .jst.
The snow-slide season   is  on.   Tiiore.
whose work culls Ihem iul" thn   b.'M ar,
um tlw ftvcqm*
■; ..-.'*;
. u
■ n
Tbe Chinese Ste anxious tliat the foreign soldiers should be removed from Pekin.
The liuke of Cornwall will be present
Knrms nv twt?"wnvfn mr hptt?t? 'at the America'4 euprecea which begin
NEWS OF THE WOULD IW BRIEF.  off g^y Hook on August 20.
A passionate appeal has been made from
A Complete Review of the Event, ot
the Put Week—la Thia and fc'or-
etfltn Landa—Taken From the
Latest Utapatehee.
ifiiwi in ii
The legislature ot South Carolina
for the second time has killed a bill
prohibiting child labor in cotton mills.
The anti-Jesuit demonstrations,
which began in Madrid in connection
with the anticlerical play, "Blectra,"
have spread to Valencia.
The French torpedo boat No. 24 sank
recently within a mile of shore at
Havre as a result of the boiler exploding. All the crew were lost with the
exception of two.
John P. Mason, 48 years old, the alleged defaulting clerk of the Continental bank of New York, committed
suicide by shooting himself in the
Fire from an unknown cause destroyed the large plant of the National
Wire company of Falrhaven, Conn., en
tailing a property loss estimated at
Official orders were received by Col.
Mills from Adjutant General Corbin to
take steps to graduate the first class
of cadets on Monday, February 18, at
Weat Point
Fire at the W. B. Barthman Lumber
company's plant, at Nashville, Tenn.,
destroyed lumber, ware houses, 12 tenement houses and nine freight cars.
Loss, 1100,000.
At all the blast furnaces throughout
the Mahoning valley, Ohio, the bottom
fillers and helpers have accepted a reduction of 10 cents per day in wages,
taking effect immediately.
Recently John Greer, a woodchopper,
sleeping by a campflre, awoke to find
hia garments were ablase. He tore oil
the remnants and walked two miles to
Kndicott, Wash., in the cold for relief.
The number of vessels built ln Canada during 1899 was 277, measuring
21,098 tons registered. Estimating the
value of theae at $49 per ton, it gives
a total value of $949,410 for new vessels.
The German war office haa received
a dispatch from Count von Waldersee,
dated Pekin, which announces that
railroad communication haa been restored between Pekin, Feng-tal and
Pao-ting-fu. ^^^_
lt is asserted that Russia and tbe
United Statea have concluded a secret
agreement, admitting Russian sugar
tree ot differential dutlea to the United
Statea. Russia ln turn makes certain
concessions to America. B
No promotions yet for Hobson, Clark
and others, as Secretary Long intl
mates that when congress recognizes
the president's wishes regarding Rear
Admiral Sampson, heroes of Santiago
will be fully rewarded.
The bill for a pension court ot appeals, which has attracted considerable
attention aa a G. A. R measure, met
a reverse in the house committee on
invalid pensions, where, by a vote of
6 to 7, a motion to report waa defeated
David B. Hill is not a candidate for
president. This announcement three
years in advance of the national con
ventlon la not a result ot pique. He
says his law practice ia so lucrative
that he haa no time to idle on presidencies.
Five thousand new recruits are want
ed by Uncle Sam. Army reorganization law is giving the military author!
ties much concern. The prealdent will
have to appoint about eighteen nun
dred officers. The principal ones have
been decided upon.
Congressman Shafroth of the com
fmlttee on coinage, weights and meas
ures, has prepared the minority report
upon the bill directing the secretary
of the treasury to exchange gold for
legal tender silver dollars, when pre
sented to the treasury, and filed the
same Monday.
The State department has received
a report from the consul at Chungking, China, to the effect that the German steamer Sui-hsiang haa been totally wrecked in the rapids of the
Tang-tse, 60 miles above Ichang. The
captain waa loat, but all of her passengers and the remainder of the crew
were saved.
Andrew Carnegie spoke in Carnegie
hall laat Sunday afternoon on "Tbe
Moral Character of Queen Victoria."
"One of the Important traits," said Mr.
Carnegie, "of Queen Victoria was her
large, liberal and generous toleration
of all sects. Queen Victoria kept ber
court pure. The chief Jewel in her
dower waa purity. No scandal or loose
living waa ever tolerated there."
The house committee on buildings
and grounds acted favorably on what
ls known aa the omnibus public building bill, Increasing the limit of cost
of a number of public buildings. Tbe
following revision of increases was
made before the bill waa reported:
Cheyenne, Wyo., $325,000; Helena,
Mont. $350,090; Salt Lake City, $500,-
000; Seattle, $760,000 and for sites,
Bids for the construction of three
protected cruisers have Just been opened at the navy department Neafle *
Levy of Philadelphia at $2,740,000, the
Newport Shipbuilding company at $2,-
741,000 and the Bath Shipbuilding Co.
at $2,760,000 appear to be the successful bidders for the three cruisers.
Reservations made in each bid, however, prevent a positive statement at
Miss Olga Nethersole, the actress, is
seriously ill.
Colonel Albert (HartzufT, assistant surgeon general, has been  retired.
Tli   British third class cruiser Pyramus
has lieen ordered to sail for South Africa.
The New York Typographical union lias
taken off the boycott on the New York
Piet Dewet, chairman of the peace commission, to his brother Christian to surrender.
Andrew Carnegie has, through Senator
Pettigrew, made a proffer of $25,000 donation to the city of Sioux Falls for a public
At Glasgow 20 fresh cases of smallpox
and nine deaths from that disease are reported. There are now 433 cases in the
Hie state emergency board has authorized Governor Nash to expend $50,000, if
necessary, in calling out troops to stop the
Cincinnati prize flght.
The Northwest Fruitgrowers' association
has decided that hereafter all boxes u*ed
by assoeir'ion members in packing fruit
should contain an exact bushel.
Cu'ba's debt is over $000,000,000, snys
Senator Frye of Maine. He is in favor
of repudiation. If it is not done, he says,
the burden will crush the republic.
Eugene I. Gowell visited Chicago police
headquarters and announced tliat he was
the long sought for Charlie Ross, who wax
kidnaped from Germanton, Pa., in 1874.
Edward T. Elom committed suicide at
the O'Donnell ibuildlng, Wallace, Idaho,
by shooting himself through the head,
There is no known reason for the act,
A very rloh discovery has been made
in the Atlin district near Discovery, on
Pine creek, owned by Fritz Miller. Gravel
going $3.50 to the shovel has been found
on bedrock.
A new 'battalion of infantry recruita, to
be known as the Third Provisional battalion, has been formed at the Presidio. It
is organized into four companies of 50
men each,
General Dewet, according to Cape Town
repoi'. itends, to anenx various districts
of Cupe ''olony and then to commander
the men end supplies, although he is not
urging the colonists to join him.
At Lorain, Ohio, the blast furnaces of
the Lorain Steel company have resumed
operations after an idleness of over six
months. The entire plant is now working
to its full capacity, giving employment to
3300 men.
The county court of St. Andrew county, Mo., offers $500 reward for evidenco
that will lead to the arrest of the man who
fired the shot on Chrismas eve that caused
the death of Frank Richardson, the millionaire merohant, at Savannah, Mo-
Eleven prominent citizens of Centralia,
Wash., were arrested, charged with inciting riot. In tho effort to prevent liquor selling on Sunday, it Is charged, they
endeavored to get evidence by peaking over
a transom.
A serious election riot has occurred at
Massar Vasarheliy, Transylvania, capital
of the province of that name. l_arge
crowds of people threatened the gendarme*
and the latter fired, killing 3 and wounding 20 persons.
Charles A. Hinckley, alius C. R. Morris,
was lured across the line by Bert Miller
and others and is now in jail at Con-
eonully on the charge of stealing $87,000
from tha Westside bank of New York in
1884, of which bunk he bad been the
A Northern Pacific freight train ran
away Tuesday while coming down a grade
at Weston, at the summit of the Cascades.
One man, a brakeman, named MacDonald,
was instantly killed and the engineer,
Iloyce, was badlyi injured. The air
brakes refused to work.
Advices from Batavia (Island of Java)
capital of the Netherlands Indies, says the
expedition sent against Samalanga, Island
of Sumatra, has captured the Achinesc
fortress of Batorilik. The Dutch loss was
G killed and 40 wounded. The Anchinese
lost 70.
Burglars bound and gagged the postmistress at Rossford, a suburb of Toledo,
and robbed the ollice of $150 in stamps
and $5 in coin. The postmLitress at first
refused to divulge the hiding plac^ of the
valuables and lighted matches were applied to her feet and she was Btruck over
the head and brutally kicked in the side.
She may die.
Negotiations for the sale of A e'rew
Carnegie's controlling interest in tl .o,ck
of the Carnegie company Im*. n. ■:.
brought to a successful conclusion. J.
Pierpont Morgan and his associates being
the purchasers. Mr. Carnegie held nearly
54 per cent of the $100,000,000 stock of the
Carnegie company. This stock haa not
been listed on any stock excnn *r bl>_.
$1500 a share was recently pa,., ior J'**)
shares in the company. Assuming t.'iat
Mr. Carnegie has disposed of his holdings
at par, he will receive fully $85,000,000
for his inteiesl, while at the same time
he will retain his 53 or 54 per cent interest
in the $100,000,000 bond issue of tlie Carnegie company. The object aimed at by
Mr. Morgan and the interests allied with
him when treating with Mr. Carnegie was
the assurance of an enduring peace in the
steel industry of the United States, and
this condition is now believed to have
been obtained.
Four Hundred Families Rendered
Homeless—A Panic Prevailed—
ill n u ii ,.l ne of Petroleam Caairht
Fire — Fin mea      Are      Spreadlng-
Buku, Russian Transcaucasia, Feb. 8.—
A fire broke out in the magazines of the
Caspian &• Black Sea company, which contained 0,000,000 pooda of petroleum. The
conflagration resulted in great loss of life
and widespread damage.
The flames spread to other depots having a capacity of 1,000,000 poods of naphtha, whicli poured out like a stream of
lava, inundating mid setting fire to the
dwellings of the workmen, which were totally destroyed. Many persons perished.
Twenty chaired bodies huve been found
and upward of 50 people are terribly
burned. Four hundred families lost everything they possessed.
The magazines are still burning and
neighboring reservoirs are in great danger.   A general panic prevails.
Eight naphtha springs belonging to the
.McliknlT. Uulski and Caspian companies
caught fire February 8.
Mat of Chinese Crimea.
Pekin, Feb. 7.—As had been arranged
fit the meeting of the foreign ministers
and Chinese plenipotentiaries, the entire
proceedings wero conducted orally, no
svritings 'being presented to the Chinese.
A formal indictment against the At oiliciais
whose punishment had been demanded by
the powers was rwiH, however, though
Rang Yi and Ll Li Ping are dead.
The priclpal oiliciais whose punishment
ha I' "U demanded are: Prince Chung,
coii.n ,. ulcr in chief of the Boxers, who
had a large share in the responsibility for
promises of reward of 50 taels for the capture of ' reigners and the death of persons pt   i.cting them,
f i-.. t> Tuan, the principal Instigator of
the iw.-ibles into which he dragged the
Chinese jtovemment; who was appointed
president of the tsung li yamen after giving advice to the Chinese government;
who was responsible for the edicts against
the foreigners issued between June 30 and
Auguwt 16, and was mainly responsible for
the massacres in the provinces, especially
Shan-si; who ordered the troops to attack
the legations in opposition to the advice
of his mandarins, who were looking to a
cssiitinii of hostilities; who secured the execution of members of the tsung li yamen
who were favorable to foreigners; who is
the recognized author of the ultimatum
of June 10 directing the diplomatic corps
to leave Pekin within 24 hours, and who
ordered before the expiration of this decree firing upon all foreigners found upon
the streets of the capital, and who was
practically the author of the assassination of Ilaron von Retteler, the German
Qlrl Silk Workers on Strike.
Scranton, Pa., Feb. 3.—The silk workers on strike here number almost 4000, involving all the city mills but two, and
these are certain to join. All the affected
mills excepting those of Klotze k Jo. made
a voluntary advance, but the strikers refuse to return to work until they are organized into unions of textile workers. Ths
mill managers declare they can make no
further advances. 'Many of the strikers
are girls under 16 years of age, many
scarcely 10 years old.
Ralaed   Ten  Million  DolUra.
Washington, Feb. 7.—Secret*.' ■ Gago
has written a letter to the chairman of
the house Louisiana Purchase exposition
committee saying he had received satisfactory evidence that the exposition compuny had raised the $10,000,000 required as
a prerequisite to the government aid oi
$5,000,000. The special committee on Ihe
St. Louis exposition voted to report favorably thc bill appropriating $5,000,000 for
tlie Louisiana Purchase exposition.
KIiik Kdwnrd Preaents.
Portsmouth, Feb. 3.—After the arrival
of the Alberta with the queen's body on
board at the Clarence yard the 10 petty
officers who assisted in the removal of
her majesty's remains and the sailors cm-
plo-ed in arranging the Chaipelle Ardente
v lev "ml on the deck and the king
|'i' Ved Ui each of them a royal Victor-
is 'i * id and addressing them briefly,
tha. r them for their services and stat
ing i ha. presented the medals for the
sake of his beloved mother. The king has
also presented medals to the officers who
attended at the Chapelle Ardente.
Under Government I'ontrol.
New "i ii-k, Fc'b. 5.—A special from To-
ronta siy.i.
The dominion government has practically taken steps to purchase the telegraph systems of aCnada, extend them
enormously and operate them in connection with the post'.iiiee department.
It is also seriously proposed to follow
a similar course with the telephone, but
in case of the latter's municipalities will
be licensed as in Great Britain, to operate the system within their own areas.
Boera Are Retiring.
London, Feb. 7.—General Kitchener in
a dispatch from Pretoria says:
"Smith-Dorr .en has occupied Like Cha-
"French s driving back the enemy to
"Dewet's force is still north of Thaba
N'Chu. HSs men damaged a trairl of transport wagons at Pompey's siding this morn
The Final Rltea.
-Windsor, F(»b. 5.—The rtnul rites over
the dead queen were concluded at 3:30 p.
in., and the body was laid to rest in the
Frogmore mausoleum.
King Edward, Queen Alexandra, Emperor William and others of the royal
.'■'uii'y attended the services beside the
cofflin at an early hour this morning.
Colonel Schofleld Dead.
Washington, Feb. 3.—The war department was informed by cable that Lieutenant Colonel Charles B. Schofleld of the
Second cavalry died at Matanzas, Cuba,
Saturday night of heart disease. He was
a brother of Lieutenant General Schofleld
and for many years served on his staff.
To Snrvejr the Boundary.
The secret.-ry of state and the British
government has reached a conclusion that
a new commission must be sent to establish definitely the boundaries between the
United Si - es and British Columbia. The
disputed line is that separating Washington and British Columbia.
VtotX.e.  of   Senator  Woleott.
Spri ,Md, "Mass., Feb. fl,—Mrs. Samuel
Wo'i •, /& years of age, mother of Senator lv. . Woleott of Colorado, died in Long
Meadow Tuesday.
Water front organizations of San
Francisco are forming a federation.
Services   at   Waahl »*ton   Very   Im.
preaslve- Others.
Washington, Feb. 2.—in the presence
of u distinguished assembluge, including the
president of the United States und his entire cabinet, an impressive tribute today
was rendered to Englnnd's dead queen.
The ceremony occurred at St. John's Episcopal church, beginning at 11 o'clock this
morning, and was distinctly official in
character. The British ambassador, Lord
Piuinccfote, had been directed by the London foreign oflice to observe this last mark
of respect to the dead sovereign, and the
time was chosen so as to correspond exactly with the solemn service in London.
Within the sanctuary were great musses
of flowers and tall palms and potted
plants and purple badges of mourning,
instead of somber black, in accordance
with tho precedent established in London.
The Hague, Feb. 2.—Representatives of
the queen and the diplomatic corps attended u service of the English church today.
Lisbon, Feb. 2.—Portugal observed the
day as a day of national mourning. Everywhere flags were draped.
Cape Town, Feb. 2.—The city was
draped today with mourning and from
early morning streams of people placed
wreaths at the foot of the queen's statue
in parliament house garden.
At noon 100 members of the Loyal
Women's guild sang a hymn, a procession
was formed and marched past the statue
with bands playing funeral marches.
Manila, Feb. 2.—Services were attended
by military and civil officers in memory
of Queen Victoria today. Salutes were
fired at intervals.
Copenhagen, Feb. 2.—King Christian
IX., with all the other members of the
royal family, the members of the cabinet
and diplomatists atteuded the services held
today in memory of the queen.
Adelaide, South Australia, Feb. 2.—
Dispatches received here show that business was entirely suspended throughout
the colony today. Train traffic ceased
simultaneously for 10 minutes.
Paris, Feb. 2.—Memorial services in
honor of Queen Victoria were held at Men-
ton, Marseilles, Pau, Bordeaux. Niece and
many other leading places in Frsnce.
Bombay, Feb. 2.—Thc mourning here
was universal. The banks and stores were
closed and trains on the street railroad
were mn on Sunday schedule. Services
wore held in temples of every caste or
creed. The state memorial service waa
held at the cathedral.
Constantinople, Feb. 2.—Memorial services for the queen were held today in
the chapel of the British embassy, the
Crimean Memorial church and elsewhere in
the city.
Madrid, Feb. 2.—The ultramontaine
press comments that the Spanish ministers
did not do right in attending the services
of the queen, saying thut "it wus a scandal for Catholics to aid in a heretical ceremony." However, all the members of the
ministry attended the services iu the
chapel of the English church this afternoon.
Mra. Nation   W reeked Snloo.na
Topeka, Kan., Feb. 6.—'Mrs. Nation
launched her crusude against the joints at
an early hour this morning. She arose ut
4:30 und soon afterward started out on a
tour of joint smashing. Accompanied by
Mrs. J. P. White and Miss Madeline
Southard, she uttempted io enter the place
at 830 Kansas avenue. The man on duty
managed to disarm Mrs. Nation and bolt
the door before uny of the party could
The next place visited was the Senate,
on Kansas avenue. The women entered
without resistance, but a colored mun
quickly seized Mrs. Nation and took her
hatchet away.
She turned over two large slot machines
and smashed the glasa in front of each.
She soon made a wreck of the large refrigerator and after thut turned her at-
union to the liquor and fixtures behind
the bar. A keg of beer came in the way
of her hatchet und the contents drenched
the skirts of Mrs. Nation.
At this juncture tho colored porter fired
his revolver at the ceiling to frighten the
crusaders and attract intention from the
outside. Policeman Graham wus attracted
to the place by the noise and escorted
Mrs. Nation to the police hi >iinn. Here
Mrs. Nation and her little band of followers had a short praise service and lectured
those in charge at the time.
The Senate saloon, which was wrecked,
was one uf the handsomest and most complete in ils equipment in the city. A graat
mirror, which hung in the hallway, was
valued at fully $500. Probably $1500
worth of property, mostly made up of u
cherry bur und fixtures, was destroyed.
At thc police station Mrs. Nation was
booked as a "joint smasher."
The others were released. Her case was
continued without bond, the charge preferred being "instituting a riot."
Pat liny Killed a Saloonkeeper.
Grunts Pass, Ore., Feb. 6.—Pat Gay shot
and killed M. McNamara, proprietor of
the American hotel and saloon ut Crescent
City, Cal. Gay had been burred from playing curds by McNamara. He shot MoNa
niara in the breast, killing him almost instantly.   Gay gave himself up.
Rnforce the Canteen Law.
The war department expects to issue
immediately a general order to the army
reciting the enactment of the army canteen
closing law and enjoining upon all army
officers and enlisted men observance of its
(tenia Gleaned Vrom Late Reports—
All Dlatrleta Are Helm; Developed
—A Proaperons Year Ia Predicted—
Mining Notes and Peraonala.
Two fatal accidents in the Klondike
and a third, which will probably result
in the death of its victim, are reported
from Dawson. Superintendent Lester
of No. 2 Bonanza fell .nto the shaft of
the mine, being literally roasted to
death in a fire. Two days previous to
tne Lester fatality caving earth ln No.
4 Bonanza crushed the life out ot Albert Kronqulst. William Dousherty, a
miner employed on No. 24 El Dorado,
was struck by a falling timber, the
blow crushing his skull so thai recovery Is next to impossible.
In the Black Tail mine work Is still
confined to crosBcuttlng for the vein
east of the fault, on the main tunnel
The Chlco ls Improving steadily. The
north drift iB being extended along tbe
footwall of the ledge, the roof of the
drift cutting the under side of the
It is reported that the No. 1 Consolidated mine ls to be reopened by continuing the lower tunnel 100 feet, ln
which distance lt Ib expected to strike
the vein.
The shaft on the Mountain Lion was
down 91! feet below the 425 foot level
yesterday morning. Work is progressing quite rapidly, when the site of the
shaft is considered.
At the Ben Hur shalt the water Is
being raised to the surface from nine
feet about the 230 foot level. Superintendent George Miller stated that as
soon as the water is out he will begin
stoping out ore for shipment from the
level mentioned.
At the Quilp Superintendent Crum-
mer says that three wagon loads or
about seven tons, of ore went out to
Grand Forks by team last Saturday,
making the monthly total between 60
and 75 tons. There are over 20 men
employed in and about the mine at
George L. Hedges, superintendent of
the Wauconda mine, states that rapid
progress Is being made on the big tunnel. It Ib ln 380 feet and progress ls
made of from flve to. six feet each 24
hours. The ledge will not be explored
until %fter the tunnel Is completed, as
the company desires to push the tunnel
forward as rapidly as possible.
In the San Poll mine two men are
running the north drift on the No. 2
tunnel level. It Is now in a little over
300 feet and bas only 100 feet farther
to run to the north end line. The ore
in this drift has been much broken up
and bunchy. It lately passed through
25 or 30 feet of a low grade pay shoot-
not such ore as would pay to ship Just
To Adjudicate Spanish War Clitlma.
Washington, Feb. 5.—The house passed
the senate bill for a commission to adjudicate the Spanish war claims with an
amendment to refer the claims to the court
of claims.   The vote stood 123 to 88.
Waa 103 Years Old.
Springfield, 111., Feb. 3.—Mrs. Mary
Lucy, the oldest resident of Illinois, died
Saturday, aged 103 years. She was born
in Tippcrary, Ireland.
Luclen Weigl, manager of the Chap-
Ii'jiu, states that a cyanide plant will
be put In at the property to treat the
tailings from the mill.
Word has been received from E. J.
Roberts, who is interested in the Brooklyn and Stemwlnder group at Phoenix,
that a big strike has been made on the
Brooklyn claim, and that a large ore
body has been encountered on the
Stemwlnder. The ore body on the
Stemwlnder was encountered on the
200-foot level and is reported to give
promise of making the best on the
On the Green Mountain at Rossland
the diamond drill has been kept steadily at work for the past month snd borings have been made in different directions. On the :.()<) foot level one boring
Is ln 150 feet and at the end ore of a
pay grade was encountered. The ore ls
copper-gold and similar ln many respects to that of the larger mines of the
camp. The management regards the
find as an important one.
The new Goldfields syndicate of London, England, has taken a bond on two
groups of claims near the Sullivan
mlae at Kimberly. The general opinion Is that the new company will commence extensive work In the spring.
In fact the terms of the bonds are that
work must commence by May 1 and
continue during the life of the bonds.
The new Goldfields syndicate owns the
Velvet mine and other properties on
Sophie mountain, near Rossland.
During last year 48,600 shares of the
Hritish Columbia Copper company's;
stocks were sold on the New York
stock exchange at prices ranging from
$8.25, which was the lowest quotation,
reached ln January, to $21.25, the highest, reached ln December. Sales on the
Boston stock exchange totalled 44,613
shares and quotations varied from
$8.63 to $21.75. The par value of the
shares Is $5. The company owns the
Greenwood smelt er and the Mother,
Lode mine In Deadwood camp.
Two deals of Importance have Just'
been put through at Sandon, making
three this year.   The two Just complet-!
ed involve the   Ottawa,   on   Springer,
creek, and the Myrtle group, In the ba-.
sin at the head of Twelve Mile creek. |
Both were put through by J. W. Williams for his brother, J. M. Williams,
representing English capital.   The well
known Ottawa claim was secured for
$33,000.   The deal ls In the nature of
a working   bond,   running for twelve
months.   The first payment falls due ln
July and the balance next Jaunary.
The St. Eugene concentrator at
Moyie has started up nd a full force
of men ls again employed. The com-|
pany has signed a contract with a firm
In Antwerp, Belgium, whlcn will last
for several months. The concentrates
will be sacked and tbe shipments will
be up to the full capacity of the mill.
Before the shutdown the company had
275 men on Its payroll and fully this
number will again be employed. There
is little doubt that by the time this con-
tract lit•fti_.isJu.ti ^y-'tt'ilWsifiW'TiStweeu'
the American smelters and the Canadian Pacific will be settled and another
shutdown will be avoided.
A complete settlement has been
reached out of court between Alexander McKenzie and the defendants in
the suits over the mlneB for which Mc-
Kenzle was appointed receiver by United States Judge Arthur H. Noyes of
the district of Alaska In wht'.h proper-
ty valued at over $10,000,000 Is involved. By this settlement all the rights to
the famous Anvil and Dexter creek
mines are vested in the Pioneer Mining
company and their titles to these properties have been so perfected that there
Is no possibility of further contest. The
property Included the famous Discovery claim, which has produced more
than $1,000$00 worth of dust.
The Evergreen mine, near Grange-
ville, Idaho, has been bonded for $125,-
A mill ls to be installed on the Jumbo
property, Buffalo Hump district, Idaho,'
in the spring.
The Alamo lead at Sumpter, Or., is
cut. The lower tunnel ls reported ln 18
feet of the best ore ln toe mine.
From present Indications Walla Walla, Wn., and vicinity ls about to Join in
the gas and oil excitement with possibilities of large coal bodies being discovered.
Two miners, W. C. Fisher and George
Gregor, were killed last week at Franklin, Wn., by a caveln at mine No. 7 of
the Pacific Const company where they
were employed.
Another Wehevllle property that
started up a short time ago, and that
has an excellent showing ls the Bright
Spot, about X\., miles south of the Wehe
John Kennedy of Pipestone, Mont,
was killed the other day by falling
down an old slope in the Ruth at Sandon, B. C. No blame ls attached to any
one for the accident.
The vein cut ln the Q. S. tunnel early
last week has been gone through and
showB four feet of solid copper-gold ore,
assaying $30 per ton. The tunnel is ln
560 feet and the big lead that Is being
driven for should be cut at no great
The Coeur d'Alene Mining k Milling
company has decided to build a concentrator on its Elk creek property early
in the spring, and as a preliminary
step has bought the old mill in the
same neighborhood which was built for
the Alma & Nellie Wood Mining company.
An Injunction case which may result
in closing down the Republic mill has
been Instituted In the federal court.
The action ls based on an alleged infringement of patent rights In the ore
roasting furnaces, said to be used at
the Republic property. The Bult ls
brought by Horace F. Brown, through
his solicitor, Samuel R. Stern, of Spokane.
One of the Golden Zone mills was
started last week and Is running satisfactorily. The other mill will be completed in 10 days, when the force in.the
mine will be largely Increased. The
1,000 foot crosscut tunnel, which Is being run to cut all of tbe veins on the
Golden Zone properties, Is in 300 feet
This tunnel will give a depth of about
1,000 feet and will be the main working
tunnel of the group.
Ex-Senator W. D. Washburn of Minnesota says that Minnesota will soon
bo producing enough lignite coal to
supply the needs of North and South
Dakota and possibly Minnesota as well.
It ls reported that the Helena mine,
about seven miles from Cuprum, Idaho,
In the Seven Devils, will begin shipping ore this week. A cable tramway
was installed last week from the mine
to the Blue Jacket ore rood.
The Buffalo Hump Mining company
has reduced its capitalization from $3,-
000,000 to $1,000,000, consequent upon
the sale of Its property at Burke to the
Empire State-Idaho Mining k Development company. Thn company has thus
discontinued operations ln the Coeur
d'Alenes and will confine Its attention
to gold mining In the Buffalo Hump
district Charles Sweeny Is general
manager ef each company. The headquarters are In New Yo-k city.
At Wallace, Idaho, the consolidation
of tho Humming Bird and Canyon
Creek mining companies, which has
been under way for a couple of months,
has lieen completed. Under the netv
arrangements the Humming Bird Mining company has Increased Its capital
etock from 1,000,000 to 1,500,000 shares,
the additional 500,000 being paid to the
stockholders of the Canyon Creek Mining company ln return for the ground
claimed by the latter company.
B. C. Van Houten, who ls well known
In Spokane, has made a good Investment In Montana. Two years ago he
organized the Bear Gulch Mining company to buy the Legal Tender mine on
Bear Gulch from Receiver Wilson of
the First National Bank for $90,000 on
a bond expiring November, 1902. Today tho balance of nearly $55,000 In
principal and Interest, due on the bond,
was paid 21 months ahead of time. All
the money was made out of the mine.
The 20 stamp mill and concentrator ta
running steadily and treating 100 tons
of ore per day.
Metal Report.
New York.—Silver certificates, 62<g>
63c; bar silver, 60%c; Mexican dollars,
San Francisco.—Sliver bars, 00%c,
Mexican  dollars, 50><@51s.
London.—Bar silver, 27%d per ounce.
Volunteers Dlaehnrared.
Washington Feb. 4.—First Lieutenant
Thomas llyan, Fortieth volunteer infantry,
and Sceoqd Lieutenant J. H. Bycrly,
Twenty-eighth volunteer Infantry, hsve»
been honorably discharged. The Stimulus
of Pure Bloat!
That Is what Is required by every
organ of the body, for the proper performance of Its functions.
It prevents biliousness, dyspepsia,
constipation, kidney complaint, rheumatism, catarrh, nervousness, weak-
ness, falntness, pimples, blotches, and
all cutaneous eruptions.
It perfects all the vital processes.
W. P. Keeton, Woodstock, Ala., took Hood's
girsaparllla to make his blood pare. He
wr|ti..s that lie liml not felt well but tired for
noun' lime. Before he had Unbilled the first
Imttli- of tills medicine he felt better and
v\im be bad taken the second was like
mother man - free from that tired feellni;
mill able to do his work.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
promises to cure and keeps the
promise. Accept no substitute, bul
get Hood's today.
1111 flSIR 81 WOMAN'S DUTY.
Coin aire br the Mints.
The coinage statement for January
(hows the total coinage executed at the
mints of the United States during the
month wus $15,523,690, as follows: Gold,
$12,667,2001 silver, $2,723,000; minor
coins, $1511,480.
Torpedo Boat Didn't  Sink.
Piiri-i, Feb, S.—The announcement in the
Ei'ho de Paril this morning on the foundering ol a torpedo boat off Havre with the
loss of ull but two of the crew proves to
be without foundation.
Lorenzo Maruaea Kxeltc.l-llrlti_.li
Siiimdi oi, In Si,1,1 i„ Hme neen Ordered to Deliiumt Iluy, i,,,, official
Confirmation ot the Hiport Ia Sot
Corporations nnd  Railroads.
Senator Chandler has introduced a MR
to prohibit corporations chartered or controlled by the United Statea from making
contributions for campaign purposes.
Beware   of   Ointment*   tor   Catarrh
That Contain  -Mercury.
As mercury will surely destroy the sense
of smell and completely derange the
whole system when entering lt through
the mucous surfaces. Such articles should
never be used except on prescriptions
(rom reputable physicians, as the damage
they will do Is ten-fold to tho good you
can possibly derive from them. Halls
Catarrh Cure, manufactured by F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, O., contains no mercury, and ts taken Internally, acting directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the system, ln buying Hall's
Catarrh Cure be sure you get the genuine.
It is taken internally, and made ln Toledo.
Ohio, by F. J. Cheney & Co. Testimonials
Sold by druggists; price. 76c per bottle.
Hall's Family Pills are the best.
Children Sulliicnl.-.l to Death.
Mihi.iukee, Feb. 3.—Five young children of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew F. Lucbk,
living nt 420 Russell avenue, were suffocated to death and Mrs. lieiwater, who
van .iili them, waa seriously burned as
the result of a lamp explosion.
This signature ts on every box of the genuine
Laxative Brorao-Quinine Tablets
'he remedy tbat cnre* n eoM In one day
Annexation   Indefinitely   Postponed.
Olympia, WuRh., Feb. 5.—Monday afternoon the resolution of Merritt of Spokane,
providing for a committee to visit the
Idaho capital, providing a similar committee tie appointed by the Idaho legislature,
came up under special order. Merritt
moved that the resolution be indefinitely
[uMponed, because of the opposition whicli
bad arisen in some quarters. It was unanimously carried.
II yon bate had la grippe, a
tew doses oi UarHeld Tea will
b« benlflclal, as It will cleanse
ths system of all Impurities.
Bunk  BUI  Paused  the  House.
AVimhington, Feb. 6.—The house 1ms
plowed the bill for the extension of the
charters of national banks.
Cbronle Constipation Cnred.
The most Important discovery of recent years
U the poalllvo remedy for constipation, Caa-
careti Candy Cathartic. Cure guarantcod.
tiruKglati,  10c, tbe, Wc.
A report from Honolulu states that
the anti-trust law has been so vigorously enforced there that all trusts or
combinations have dissolved.
i.ira or quern victoria.
Compute life of Queen Victoria. Best
»""__., beat terms. Outfit mailed free.
Address I. O. Miller * Co., Portland, Or.
The first trades union in the United
States was formed   by the tailors ln
Uncle Sam Alms
to buy the best of everything which Ik why
b» uses Carter's Ink.    He knows what's good.
Ixiiulon, Feb. 0.—U is reported in London thut the lloers, commanded by Hluko,
are threatening Lorenzo Marques unu thut
Portugal has requested British assistance.
lt is furl her asserted thut u British squadron has been ordered to Lorenzo Marques.
No ollicial confirmation of the report is
The Bluke referred to in the above dis-
puteh is probably John Y. Fillmore Blake,
Who wus in coinniund of u regiment of
Irish-American rough riders in the service
of the Transvaal. Blake, who is an old
West Pointer, first went to the Transvaal
in 1804 to 1805.
l_«tcr it became known that the British
foreign ollice had received Semiofficial confirmation of the report that the Boers
were threatening to enter Lorenzo Marques
und thut the loeul Portuguese authorities
were asking for British assistance. The
foreign office hns beard nothing of the
developments of the last 48 hours.
Severe Storms in Middle States.
A severe blizzard occurred during
the first of the week among the middle
states and ln Texas, aud doing much
Six inches of snow on the level and
drifts In many cases in the outlying
districts, plied as high as second-story
windows, is the condition Chicago is
ln. The snow began to fall early ln
the day, and by the middle of the afternoon a regular blizzard was raging,
with the wind blowing a gale from the
The snow and wind storm was general throughout Nebraska and northern Iowa. The worst snow storm in
several years raged ln northern Kansas and southern Nebraska.
The snow storm that struck Des
Moines is the most severe of the winter. A strong northwest wind has been
blowing all day, drifting the snow.
A blizzard from the northeast raged
all day in Milwaukee. Only a few
street cars are running. The snow is
drifting badly.
A tornado did great damage ln the
western portion of Delta county, Texas. The home of James Moody, at Honest, was wrecked and his 4-year-old
daughter fatally injured. Tlnk Sur-
rett was killed and two daughters seriously Injured at Rattan, where a number of houses were wrecked. At Denton an oil mill was wrecked, but no
one was hurt.
Battleship WI_.eoii_.in In ( uiiimlnHioii.
The battleship Wisconsin has gone into
eoiiiniisnion and will join the north Pacific
squadron. Captain Bitter will tuke command of the vessel. Lieutenant Com-
tiiaiiilei- Milton will be executive officer and
Lieutenant Mayo navigator. There will
be a score of junior officers and oo") men
in thc crew. After the crew becomes familiar wilh their quarters and their duties
on tlie vessel she will go to Port Orchard
to bc docked and cleaned, after which it
is expected she will be sent south for
target practice.
when you take Orove'a Tasteless Chltr Tonic,
because the formula Is plainly printed oa every
bottle, showing that lt la simply Iron and Quinine In a tasteless form.   No cure, no pay. 60c.
Will   Be   Made  a  Cardinal.
Paris. Feb. 0.-— The Rome correspondent
'of the Temps says a letter from the Vatican hns been posted to Archbishop Mar-
tinelli, the apostolic delegate in the I'nited
States, notifying him that he will be
created a cardinal.
The machinists' unions of San Francisco and the bay cities report a great
boom in organization.
Two billion passengers and 960,000,-
000 tons of goods are carried ln a year
on the world's railways.
Plso's Cure Is the best medicine we ever
used (or all affections of the throat and
hints.—Wm. O. Kndsley, Vunburen, lad.,
»b. 10, MM.
There ls a tremendous chasm between the poetry we applaud and the
prose we apply.
Mothers will find Mra. Winslow's Soothing Syrup the best remedy to uae for their
•hildren during the teething period.
Many preachers yield to a reversed
tfimptatlon; they turn the bread into
FITS 'srmanentlr Cured.   No flte or ncrYousncsa
III. £**" tlrst Jay'B ttscof llr. Kline's Ureal Nine
..   ,r'r;,ty"',for*BBKW.OOtrliilliiittl..aiiiltrei,t.
"•• na.It.ll KuM,Ud..lBlArcta8t.,PUI_adcl|ililii.l,i_..
You will not make heaven less your
home by making home heavenly.
No External
The blood may be in bad condition,
yet with no external signs, no skin
eruption or sores to indicate it. The
symptoms in such cases being a variable
appetite, poor digestion, an indescribable
weakness and nervousness, loss of flesh
and a general run-down condition of the
system—clearly showing the blood hat
lost its nutritive qualities, has become thin
and watery. It is in just such cases thai
S. S. S. has done some of its quickest and
most effective work by building up tht
blood and supplying the elements lacking
to make it strong and vigorous.
"My wife used several bottles of S. S. S.
as a blood purifier end
to tone up a weak and
emaciated system, with
very marked effect by
way of improvement.
"We regard it a
great tonic and blood
purifier."—J. F. Duff,
Princeton, Mo.
——^ —**. 0t*. is the greatest of all
^^ ^^ ^.^ tonics,   nnd   you
^^/^^^liml lhe appetite
^P Wm mm rn       '
returns, and nervousness vanishes as new
rich pure blood once more circulates
through all parts of the system.
S. S. S. is the only purely vegetable
blood purifier known. It contains no minerals whatever. Send for our free book
on blood and skin diseases and write oui
physicians for any information or advice
wanted. No charge for medical advice.
In Justice to Herself, Her Husband and Her Children, Her
Health Should Be Her
First Consideration.
Thousands of women endnre the tor*
tures of living death and at last sue-
oumli to the diseases peouliar to their
sex without knowing of the life and
health which might be theirs if proper
treatment had been nsed. How pathetic is the story of thousands of
young mothers who every year are car*
ried to their graves leaving little children to struggle alone in the world
without the tender oare and wlte conn*
•el of • mother. And hov» deplorable
when it is known that there is a remedy so exactly suited to the needs of
suffering women that it cures the
most stubborn of their diseases.
Immediately after the birth of her
first child in 1800, Mrs. Grace Campbell, of Mo. 391 Logan street, Grand
Rapids, Mich., now 28 yeurs of age,
was afflicted with a complication of
diseases. Her story, us told in her
•wn words, follows:
"lhe birth of my first child left nie
in a deplorable condition. My system
was broken down and I suffered from
general debility. I was exceedingly
nervous and rheumatism also troubled
me. My appetite failed and the most
delicate and inviting food failed to
tempt me. I was thin and pale, and
had neither energy nor ambition. My
case had been growing steadily worse
for two years. I had used several so-
called remedies but found no onrative
qualities in them.
"In the summer of 1898 I was visit*
ing my grandmother in Ludington,
Mich., and there learned of tbe wonderful eures effected by Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills for Pale People. I tried the
pills and had not finished one box before I felt much better. I continued
taking them through the year and the
result was a perfect cure. I am no
longer nervous or rheuamtic and have
more than regained my lost flesh. I
certainly recommend tbe pills to all
who need them and their results have
always been beneficial."
Subscribed and sworn to before me
tbis 26th day of July, 1900.
Seal. Notary Public.
At ail druggists or direct from Dr.
Williams Medicine Co., Sohneotady,
N. Y., on receipt of price, 50 cents pe£
box; six boxes for $2.50.
Dewet Bas Three Thouannd.
Pretoria, Feb. 4.—General Dewet had
:ttMMi men in his command when he crowed
the Thaba 'Nclm line, going southward.
The Hoers have disbanded one force in the
eastern Transvaal, in order to facilitate
their eseaiie. The horse siekm-BS now prevails in several districts and is making
communication more difficult. Organized
attacks have been made along the eastern
line and a large combined movement has
been arranged against those taking part
iu lliiin, wilh the object of clearing the
whole region of the lloers und of supplies.
Columns commanded by Smith-Dorrien
from Wondi'ifunlein, Campbell from Mid-
dleburg, Aldenon from Erstfubriken,
Kn ix from Koolfontein, Allen from iJuur-
fontein, Dartnell from Springfield and
tluell from Greylingstad, all in touch with
each other, were moving in an easteily direction.
French Moving Eaat—Fonr Ainbn-
Inncea Captured—Dewet Reported
to Be South ot DeweUdorp—Two
Officers Killed and Two Wounded
at Moddemfonteln.
Five   \ in iii en in. Killed.
Manila, Feb. 3.—Lieutenant Hicken and
a detachment of 30 men of Company M,
Thirty-fourth regiment, while crossing a
river were surprised by insurgents gathered at Fiesta San Lucia, Island of Cebu.
Tliey were uttacked in front and both
flunks by a hundred rifles and more bolo-
men. Five Americans were killed, tour
were wounded and two are missing The
Insurgent loss is believed to have been
heavy. Captain Malley, with a detachment, reinforced Lieutenant Hicken. They
recovered some bodies, which were mutilated. Additional detachments were sent
and are endeavoring to surround the insurgents.
Ike  Kill.-,! a  Faithless  Man.
Lebanon,  Ohio,  Feb.  3.—Dora  Craeger
shot ami killed Charles Thompson,    lkilh
.ue prominently connected.  The girl is 18
anil the man .'ill years old. Thompson died
ill uhiiiit two hours. Miss Crucger at-
tempted suicide by taking laudanum, but
was sa\cil bv physicians. The couple had
been living together and when Thompson
threatened to desert her the girl shot him.
Y.  __»,  S. C. K. of Portland.
Portland, Me., Feb. 3.—Tiie crowning
SVent ol the 20th anniversary of the Young
People's Society of Christian Endeavor occurred at Williston church, the birthplace
of the society, Saturday afternoon, when
I large memorial tablet, thc result of contributions from members ull over the world,
uas unveiled by Cenerul Secretary John
Willis  Haer.
«im Hlce Utility T
Senator Teller has introduced a resolution inking tlie. secretary of wur if George
T. Rice wns deported from Manila, and if
so, of what crime he was convicted to warrant such punishment.
Atone th., uough mn.
Work. Olf tho Oold.
Laxative Bromo-Qnlnine Tablets enn
• eeld ln one day. No onre, Ne Pay.
Fries IIS oe_ata.
The general Btrlke of the Lathers'
I'nion of Chicago, has been declared
off, the bosses agreeing to pay $3 for
eight hours.
London, Feb. 5—Lord Kitchener, commander in chief in South Africa, reports to
the wur oflice as follows:
"PRETORIA, Feb. 4.—Campbell, south
of Middloburg, engaged 500 Boers, who
were driven back with loss. Our casualties were 20 killed or wounded.
•"French is near Bethel, moving east, and
driving the enemy with slight opposition.
Four of our ambulances, while seeking
wounded, were captured. The doctors were
"Dewet's force is reported south of
"Our casulties at Moddersfontein were
two officers killed and two wounded. It
appears that the post was rushed on a
pitch dark night during a heavy rain.
The enemy numbered 1400 with two guns."
John Marahall Day.
Washington, Feb. 5.—John Marshall
of Virginia was installed as chief justice
of the United States 100 years ago Monday,
and at 10 o'clock on thut day the
centennial anniversary of that event was
commemorated with impressive ceremonies in the hall of the house of representatives at the capitol.
The program arranged by the joint commit tea of congress and William Wirt
Howe of New Orleans, president of the
American Bar associuliun, was simple ami
dignilied, as became the life of the great
The president and liin cabinet, the members of the supreme court, tlie members
of the senate and house, thc diplomatic
corps anil members of the district bar as
sociation attended as invited guests. Many
other dh.tiiigii_.licd persons were in the
galleries, which were reserved for those
holding cards of admission.
Representative Dalzell of Pennsylvania
called the assemblage to order. He stated
briefly the action of congress in provid
in;: for the ceremonies and the selection
of Chief Justice Fuller as presiding ofli
cer. The chief justice in his judical
robes was escorted to the chair by Repre
sentatives (irosvenor of Ohio and Rich
ardson of Tennessee.
Rev. Dr. William Streeter Jones ol
Trenton, N. J., a great-grandson of John
Marshall, invoked the Divine blessing. The
chief justice, in introducing Hon. Wayne
MaeYeagh, who was to deliver the orution
puid eloquent tribute to the great work
of Murshall, which evoked hearty ap
plause from the assemblage. His addres-
was devoted almost entirely to the consid
oration of his predecessor's cureer as an
expounder of the federal constitution.
At the conclusion of Chief Justice Fui
ler's remarks, Mr. MaeYeagh delivered hit
oration. It was a thoughtful, scholarh
production, and was several times inter
rupted by appluuse.
Mr. MaeYeagh spoke for an hour and
three quarters. His peroration provoked
an outburst of applause, which was led
by thi president, hia cabinet and tin-
members of the supreme court. The ex
erciscs closed with benediction by Rev
Couden, the chaplain of tne house.
In one of thc galleries was F. Lewil
Marshall of Virginia, the oldest descend
ant of Chief Justice Marshall.
I ompllrlty   In Goebel Aeanaalnntlon.
Frankfort, Ky., Feb. 5.—Captain Garnett
Ripley, arestcd on the charge of complicity in the Goebel assissination conspiracy,
is in jail here. Colonel W. C. P. Breckinridge will defend him.
Thc Power of tht Prut
Ia a common expression, but tew realize
Its actual power. Great as is the intluence
ofthe press, it cannot begin to equal the
power of Hostelter's Stomach Bitters over
disease. The Bitters strengthens tbe stomach, purifies ths blood, and cures dvspep.
■ia, indigestion and constipation, tt will
tone np the iierTes, stimulate inactive kid-
nf ts, and as an appetizer, it is unequalled.
If you want to get well, and^kecp well, use
Hostettsr's Stomach Bitters.
Tie Preoervlnir riant.
The Great Northern has 1st contracts
for machinery to be used in a remarkable
tie preserving plant to be erected on Clear-
water lake, 10 miles south of Kalispell.
M.mt. The cost ol the plant, in running
order, will be about $100,000. Tlu rail
road connecting the site and Kalispell ha_-
been completed. A sawmill will be fleeted
on the bunks of thc lake and the luinbei
rafted to the mill. Thc capacity of the
plant will be about 5200 ties per day.
Suicide of II. D. Everett.
Washington, Feb. 0.—A cablegram from
Minister Hunter at Guatemala City states
that Henry B. Everett, secretary in charge
of the United CJtutes legation there, committed suicide there by shooting himself
in the mouth. He hail suirurud a long illness, und it is said tlie act was commilled
during a temporary aberration of mind.
'Mr. Everett was appointed from Massachusetts, lieing u son of u former chief of
the diplomatic bureau of the state department. He was appointed to the consular
service as consul to Bats via in May, 1897,
and wus appointed to Guatemala City June
10 last. His parents are residents of Wash
The Beet Preparation for Malaria,
chills and fever ta a bottle of drove's Tu e-
k-u Chill Tonic. It la limply Iron ami quint tu
la a taateleaa form.   No cure—no pax. Prlea Mc.
Right  Hour   Inn   In Montana.
Helena, Mont., Feb. 4.—The eight hour
luw has been signed by Governor Toole
and goes into effect May 2. Three persons
had asked him for thc pen with which he
signed the bill, and to satisfy all he used
three pens and guve one to each.
As a lateguard against la grippe
It li wall to cleanse tbe system
With Garfield Tea, tha Wonderful
Herb Madlelne.
Jefferson D. Pierce, organizer of the
American Federation of Labor, Is meeting with great success ln hfe work In
Ban Francisco.
Mlaa Astor I.iiunu<il.
New York, Feb. 4.—The announcement
of the engagement of the duke of Rox-
luirghe to Miss Pauline Astor, daughter of
Willium Waldorf Astor, did not come as a
great surprise to the friends of the prospective bride in this country. The duke
of Roxburhoe has recently returned from
South Africa, where under General French
he did distinguished service. He was a
lieutenant in the Royal Horse guards.
Ten thousand murders were committed ln the United Statea laat year.
President to Come West In May.
Berkeley, Cal., Feb. 5.—President
Wheeler of the University of California
bus received a letter stating that ^'resident McKinley will accept his invitation
to address the students of the unversity
on commencement day, May 15. This is
taken to indicate that President McKinley's proposed trip to thc Pacific coast
will be made despite reports to the contrary.
Youtaey Sentenced.
Georgetown, Feb. 0.—Henry E. Youtsey
was arraigned before Circuit Judge Oant-
rell and sentenced to life imprisonment. He
"I am innocent. 1 have been convicted
by base and infamous subornations of perjury." No appeal will be taken and the
prisoner will be taken to the state prison.
Sunk nt Sun  Frnm-lacO.
San Francisco, Feb. 4.—The steamer
Kvichak. belonging to the Alaska Packers'
association, whicli was undergoing repairs
at the wharf of the I'nion Iron works,
-auk at her dock from some unknown
cause. iSlie is of aliout (i.")0 tons displacement and was launched about a yeur ago
in Portland.
The head of one of Queen Victoria's
prize Hereford steers has been bought
by tho British Museum as the most
typical of its class ever produced.
Little Liver Pills.
Must Bear Signature of
tot Facsimile Wrapper Below.
Terr ■■sail and aa easy
to take as sugar.
m . , <i_.C7tl.I_>,I; UUtTMVt
tTttmXVtvteXT YejettMe.,
It cancel of tbe Qneen'a Memory.
Chicago, Feb. 3.—Hoth the Chicago
Stock exchange and the bourd of trade
were closed in respect to tlie memory of
Queen  Victoria.
take Laxative Hromo- quinine Tableta. All
drutsxIslB refund Uie money It It (alls to cure.
B. W. Grove'H Bignmure la on each box. He
No picture is hung on the walls of
the Louvre in Paris until the artist has
been dead 10 years.
The Kind You Havo Always Bought has borno the signature of Chnf. Hi Fletcher, and has boon made under his
personal supervision for over JtO years. Allow no one
to deceive you in this. Counterfeits, Imitations and
" Just-as-good" are but Experiments, and endanger the
health of Children—Experience against Experiment.
What is CASTORIA •
Castoria is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Paregoric, Drops and Soothing Syrups. It is Pleasant. It
contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotic
substance. Its ago is its guarantee. It destroys Worms
and allays Feverishness. lt cures Diarrhoea and Wind
Colic. It relieves Teething Troubles, cures Constipation
and Flatulency. It assimilates tho Food, regulates the
Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep.
The Children's Panacea—The Mother's Frieud.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the Signature of
•J '*%W*'-
''/SH BRM*°
Oiled Cloning
a__ay^v«'S       •**    the
^Bs$&*.   Hardest
take No Sues-riTUTtv    rut Catalogues
Smowino rui.k_.iNr *r   i-.o-hmhtj and Hats.
 A.J. TowtK, Co. Borrow . Mam,
tt yon havcii'i a r- v.iiir healthy movement of tht
bowels every day. you re Klck.ur will bv. Ktcp y<> ji
Dowels 0|ion, and be well. Force. In tbuhbipoo!
rlolent phyblc or pill polton. Is daruernus. Tbt
smoothest, easiest, must perfect way cf Icftping itu
bowels clear aud clean Is lo take
ppnnria ■■■■■■bbw
Thlsliadsrlntc Htstemriit, tint Sal- ■
sw'sswhIs bt'fcr it out e»t-ry Um*.     P
Combination  Corn. C I
GreMcMPornonearth.\\ illixjultiTely '
revolutionist corn growing. **
Billion "Dollar Ornst-
QrvatMt marvel ofthe«irt>;
U tons of hay p«r acre i ■ -t
aroptfx weelu alter sowItik
What IS It ?
till. N.'-lli I. »• null
•Md mUlof, 10 llr. n
S«uii'l..li!. !u.Iii,t- .1 .-..;." ]
8l»IU (HO Im. fw A.) I Ul., I
(160 bi_.li.I   |...  A.) K.; .. '___
tsthfttXntLitmA) .'«_»>•_, aleWoiilHO. ■ l*• M«rt. I
John A. Salior Seed Co. li CmH,
m~XM ■ ■ a ■ ■ ■ ■ ■"■"«
PlC-ldAllt. PhlatA.'ll
Notit Slckeh, Wi'Bki
for i.iv namiile. Ami Im.
Itorll.R It.*... C.ap
iHimii Tnrfoflood IviOniKI,
nMirliie. He.. Si* Wrlu
klfiuti hi'Aitb.   A'Mrc-i-.
, I Iir..-., H..n...»!, .law Tsrfc.   971.
Hold  rrimii   and   llriilm-   Work.
entrance BOl-SOS-flOS Mohawk nick.
Spokane, H mth.
imi. m vr .v i60T,
11. In.
mirk   neatly
from UWiI.Mbs ,i..t month by »
b.rmHna irent-iinn-   TliuiKaiidi
ourotl.  Mra. MA Mail roue. Sii
llawley  Bi.,   KiK-lmiier, N. Y.,
willta:  "Konr _■«"• M0 1 "»•_*
reduced ih pouuila by your t»1o-
Mll treat-limit    Mr eiperlonoe
as Trained Niuae titt laittibt me thedanBeri ot rant
Deiieiioraili'it  Have nut gained."  I'ailenta treat**
by nuii.C-iiillileiiiiai:*. 1'or iiarllonlarraddren.wll*
•tjjif, HS.H.C.vMl'tH 13U Mnaiic T«pU.thiMg^__JS
It nit« ot Union BoldUfl who homsteailed 1«M
thaa K-Oaorn b'loie June tt, llM(no matter 11
abaailoned), ilioiild address
iik.nky N. COPT, Washington, D. O.
ITCHING I'llfi |ir..i|iit-e iti.ii-nir" una i.ni-c iu nin«.
*.l.l«i form. iliVi I u Blind. Bteedloa or KSSSS?
I'll •• are cured hy Dr.Boaonko'- *lle Pernod)!.
BlopaltchlnitAii.il tn«.   Abeorul lutnon. Jin; a
Jar iir iiriii-ci.iM ur
nie about your ca»e.
■'   i   UK       ni'm.i...    .- — n~i.
■nt by mall. Treat metre*  Write
in;   miiSiVSKU, Philada. Fa,
done  anil   prlcea
All   kind*  of
Konme H-4-S-* BnKle tllock, Snoknne
N. U.
No. 6, 1901.
CtllltS WHtHf ALL LLSt IMS. „    |
t Ooofa Syrup.  Taeloe Hood. Uie I
In lime.   Hiilil by ilrtmiflsls.  I
without na
miles, auceeaefal
-irmi    description
ami fetfrae opinion
MILO,   li.   si r.vK.SS  *  CO.,  Kalab. UM.
8 It. 4. «17-14tli Street, WASHINGTON D. O.
ranch offices: i hi. ago, tier eland and Detroit
WM A luaranuad Cara lor Catanfc and
a0MB»?tlea.   |1N.   ll Look Boa ltt.
i*^My>ii|;MMWi'__inWliii»i_>iiii|iwliiiiiiViiid_iiirtili> If-
.. I ;•;.
9&> J
Satiihday, FuBiiUAnv 16   1901.
IIATHC^ON BROS.,   I.tlitur*   Si Props.
!    Blocks and
Advertising rates will be mado known
upon application at this oflice.
• (•
paid, tbey can advertise tlie provincial
resources by making an exhibit at, the
Toronto Exhibition or the Buffulo
Exposition, where capital for mining,
fishing or lumbering is available.
Australia has undeveloped resources
of its own and cannot be expected to
devote any capital for British Columbian enterprises. Business is
business and lacrosse is fun.
The Montreal Star, in speaking of
the building of the Lardeau k Arrowhead railway, informs its readers that
t'lis will enable many if the Slocan
mines to ship their ore, including the
famous Payne mine. A map of tli"
mining districts could be studied with
advantage by the Star's mining editor.
turn- in NEW DENVER wiu m; pork
o   R. Thorburn,
O ,:•'•■_. ..:t-*Kt:*
(Laundry Work Called For and Delivered Weekly.)
-  B. C.
-ifline Watch Un>« » Specialty, square
"*      AUWo^ir^n^eview PAYAB?*   IN   ADYAM'E.      « «-«
Hotel, Silverton, will be forwarded and promptly attended to.
t3t. Ek KwlqwI^®.
SANDON,   - 7 ft 15, C-
y J PPT?fc
Conveniently gifnated near
Railway Station and Wharf.
m» jtiOOD
*   )    TalileB supplied with 'ill the delicacies
°! ,; of the season.
\uuuiumm iauiiU*
When your watch goes wrong or
|our clonic refuses to go bring it to nie.
If fou have a piece of jewelery in
peed ot repair, hrint; it to me.
I am prepared at all times and in
every case to guarantee iny work.
)E. Me Brindle,   Jeweler,
- B. C.
SILVERTON,      -      ;       -       \). 0.
£LOCAN,      -       -       -       B
Sandon Miners'   Union
Subscribers, fl. per month.
Private Patients, f2. per dsy
exclusive of expense of physician or surgeon and drugs.
pa. W. E. Goinin, Attendant Physician
Miss K. M. Chikhoi m, Matron.
J. D. McLaughlin, President.
W, L. Haolf.h, Secretary.
Wm. Donahue, J. V. Mahtin,"R. J.
McLean, A. J. McDonald, Mikk Bi:. dy
pi rectors.
and Soo line
During the last three yenrs the
Silverton camp has produced more
ore than all the halance of the Slocun
Lake region, miles of underground
development work has been clone on
our various mines and thousands upon
thousands of dollar? expended in waR&i.
The other camps in this region have
had roads and trails built for them by
the Government, while Silverton's
roads, streets and trails have been
built by private enterprise with little
thanks to the powers that be at
Victoria. Robbing Peter to pay Paul
may be right enough from Paul's^ point
of view but it ia hard On Peter nnd
Silverton people are growing tired cf
playing the latter character.
Jiiji Hill is up against a combination
of newspapers, who are fighting to
keep the 0. P. R. monopoly in power
in the Kootenays. Tliey ere waving
the (lug and yelling patrotism, regardless of the fact that we are badly in
neei of more railroads and railway
competition, that it U a question of
business and bread und butter for Unpeople and that no amount of jingoism
will make them believe we do not
need   more  railroads.    The    (malting
The missionaries favor the plans of
the allied Powers in China, whereby
several Chinese nobles must commit
suicide. According to tlie teachings
of the Bible these suicides will roafit
in hell. Forgive your enemies is no!
applicable apparently to the position
of the missionaries. Fir>.t rob them
and then (o'lisign them to 11 rnal
damnation is now the plan. In tin
mean while the Sunday School children
are worked for their coppers as usual
fjr the foreign missioo.
According to the sny of such men
us Smith Curtis, ,los. Martin ami
hundreds of others the Crow's Nest
Pass coal fields ore iiiimeusi.-. They
were described lately as having
millions of tons  in  sight, and none of
Oh! why should tho spirit of mortul be
proud ?
Like a swift .fleeting meteor, u fast flying
A ftath of tbo liglitninir, a iireak of the
wn ve,
Man pussetli from life to his rest in the
The  leaves   of  the   oak und tho willow
shall fade, /
Be Scattered around and together lie laid;
And -the younsj and the old, the  low'  and
the Idyll
Shall moulder to (just and totiell'i'er shall
The infant a mother attended and loved ;
The mother that  infant's affortion hud
The linsliiind that mother and infant who
Each, all, are uwav to the dwellings of
i est.
The hand of  the king that  the sceptre
hath borne;
The   brow   of   the   priest that the mitre
hath worn ;
Tli3 son:: of the sage, and   the   heart   ol
tlie brave.
Are hidden and lost in the   depth  ol the
The saint who enjoyed  the communion
of heaven ;
The siio or who dared to  remain  nnfor-
civen ;
The wisu and the foolish, the guilty and
Have ipiietiy mingled their bones in the
So tile multitude goes, like the flowers of
the weed
That wil her away to let others succeed ;
So the multitude comes,  even   those We
!n hoi -I.
To repeat everv f.de that  has  ever  been]
Por we are   the  same our fathers have j
been ;
Wesee lite same siirhts mn- [allien  bave | •     (_OOI> SADDLE AND PACK   HOUSES   lOl;   MlliE    AT   PKASOX.WU.E
Agents for CAtGARY BEER*
Full Line      Lumber,
Dry   & Mixed Sash and
Paints. Doors,
MuCallum «$? Co,,    Slocan, B. O.
i«»\2j fw__i_.C_i.-_.
Wo diinU lite Same stream, and view the |
same Bli'i,
Anil run the Same Course our fathers have
Thev li.ved, but the Btorv we cannot tin-
f, Id .
contradicted | Th(,, ^..^ifl,',,   „„   W!li|   fr,ln,   lhelr
them:    And   in   addition   to the then I sl-.inilier< will conn*;
known  coal   fields,  others,   have been   T»w-V J ""'..'"'J-'>"' ■«■«%"« '»''■■>»'■' «''^-
11ess is tllimll.
discovered     in     Alberta    and     But  T|1PV di id, sye ! they died ; and we. things
Kootenay, requiring only development I ihature now,
the now pro-C. P. li.   organs   objected l They s'-nrned, but the heartof ilie
to   the   statements   or      *--,! |! '>■ i        i
Qi'tt*t<le Parties
Can   li.iye   Them
Ih iriiig IIi'1-.es in ."Hit lti li
l.t\-ei\i"i  By   Wiiting Tn—
t + + +
Ml VEllTON. - - l:
® •n5-TS--'T&<^-rs<^ tr> <r> *r> cn-&m>-*r> &
S     A Seasonable fluids.
in order to have   an almost 'Unlimited
output.     Why   this tjreat   commotion
turf that lies over tl.eii
now about the scarcity of coal? If tiie
fields are as we have been led to
believe there is many times more coal
there than British Columbia can need,
even were her smelters increased ten
fold in number and capacity. If tha;
section is to prosper nod open up n
market much bigger than British
Columbia cm hope to Im for some. ?r?p Uie ,,,„*,,„„ ^
time   to   come    must he ftuntl.    The' il(lm» «>l di'Hlli.
| Who wallj ou tin
I Who make in their dwelling a  tr.in_ ient
Meet tli>- thin.'s that tliey nut    in   tlu-'i
pilgiiiimg" mad
Y -a!   hope   anil   ilecpiiiidiMn-y, p>minre
and I'liio.
We niingl-3 io tether in sunslilne ami rain ;
And the iinilw anditlin tears, (he  wna
nml lh" diiee.
S'.ill I .Pow e.iell oilier,   lilie   Ml'-^e   upon
'Tin the «ink nf en eyp,'lis the iliaii.'i'i
f a i reiiih,
paltll to die   p.i
-*-^mu*ziwxr.™i?z.z: mmWWaam
Of the liutidri'il of lliedieiliel on ih.. ii
I ' • I  •    i~    I ol e     H e    i ah    H ii llliiiellll
iliithSy   io our en .ton.er s and    Lii-iil
' Im..
Syrup of Horehound & Tolu
lui: COEGHs.   AND i (il.Ds.
<AK%t/V>/WiAlfJ>i/'A.*\i<*/W.r>,K*S^^ **^,j
® Tn i! ;:i(i bj ean\fi;c:d tf ita Hi«thi«. &
[<»:• >al  U
Pennsylvania coal irines supply Ea*t-
eril Cumiln,  tie' Nanaimo  eoal   luinM
industry   will   never he   tostered     by | supply San Francisco  nnd no ohj
leaving it at thp mercy of a single
railroad, the whim of whose president
can shut them nut of business nt any
time. All talk of railrcad trusts is
rot when uttered by those who are
fighting for the greatest cinch on the
continent. Let Jim Hill co.no and if
he does half as much for British
Colombia as he has dune for Montana
and Wushingtoti we will dou'.le in
wealth und populatijii within two
•\ tion
U nude by eiiHef iinp.ii-trr nt i\
porter. Why then all the present
ernptioii of patriotism) (...iiiiio'- ilt.i
Kootenay ami Alberta -uppiv Montana
iu the s.iiie w«y| Tiie 0 P. It. is
only working (he country again as ii
did when Corbin was denied a charter
for the Kettle River Rii!road,
Froiii ilie ui!'ed'iiioon   to   ll
Ibe sllliiinl-
Oh! whv slioiiMtliu spiiit ,<f mortal he
—Wm. Knox.
Sivne  people   are  m   b>v   Ihrnkiua
li.idfi.r \vllMl l||"V u'''t    in   »',t    lll.it    lliel
fi.i• :el tu [hiv the g iu-it.h —.', x.
Stock   AND   Cistoms     IlROKKB,
Ki:m.    I'statu    ami    UttXHRAL
Iii!   SLV8RT0S   bm mtn %
o <£<&-'<j»%^ <jstz> <£te■■ <j *\m><*dn*.^ •-
> A I
^_/ *ms*wS Vva_ww y*+syAf**r-\
Within a few days the. application
ofthe promoters of the BilvertOu-
S.iv,lion mining tuiiiiel will ciiino up
before the Le^islulure, and the
curiosity felt by so muiiy i».s to the
personality of those who wish to
undertake this gigantic enterprise will
be satisfied. Wo are quite in accord
with   the    views   expressed    by    our
Sew Coiisorviiliv.. Loadw.
The Conservative party has chosen u
leader to take the place of Sir Charles
Topper, liart. Tho new loader is
Robert Laird Borden, K. 0, Mr. Borden
was horn at Grand Pre, X. s., tin I
place made famous hv Longfellow'.,
immortal "Evangeline") on June _.'ii:b I
IS54. He was educated nt Ac.idia Villa
Academy, Houghton, snd a!ter«rard*
became nrofesRor iu the (ilenwood Institute, New Jersey.    Returning to N IV« i
lAKKB  Sit .
I- NOW L!'. til
ni.\::t_i. :•;•
  -H A I.
1^1 rst *cU_asi_»
for   '
■' : :;
H <
t; i
Mlf I'LU-liN \l.
I f f r.v	
.        .        .        V.. R
neighbor, The LedgH, regaiding a time jsrnth,   h).   Ml„lie,]   lluv   „.it|,    MeMrg t
limit   being   included    in     whatever I Wentherben and (■riihum, and Was called
charter is   granted   to    the     Tunnel j,0 'ho bar in 1878   ^fter praelicinK his]
Company.    If   basincss   is meui.t. the j l,»»'«'"«ion  for some  time  In Kontvllln,
ll    .,   .•,,   .'   . . ., ho removed to Halifax, where he bee one
lime   limit  wil,  not   einbarass   them,        , .      , .     .
'|a   law   partner   ol   Ihe   late   Sir   John
merely a stock ThompMU,  and   of   the  r-reaenl  Mr.
jobbing proposition the more  barriers | Justice Graham, nnd later of sir Clisrles
placed in t'.ieir road the better.    Prom   HlbbeM Tupper. K.  C.    At   present  he
and if the   scheme he
On all Trains from K km-: i.s ion:
and  Kootknay Lanpimi	
i     » .
'ass Di'.smomc Junction for St.
'anl   on   Sunday*,   Tuesdays,
Thursdays and Friday a	
Tononto on Mondays ami Wednesdays .  	
Mostbkai. and A-mrros o» Sal-
what little we have lieen able to learn
respecting the Intentions of the promoters however, we aro convinced
that the application is made by parties
who have the necessary capital at their
command to undertake the work and
who are acting in good faith.
Niedless to nay, Silveitonians are
intensely interested in the mutter as
the beneficial effect* of such an undertaking would be first felt here and
would be i>r.'ntly instrumental in
making a permanency of our town.
is head of the linn   of  Borden,  Ritchie, I
Parker and Ohlsliolm, nnd president 01 j
the Nova Scotia  Barristers' Bnblely, He
was ereaied a tl C, by Lord   Derby In'
1890 --Nelson l'*coiionii»l.
Yor rates, tickets, and full infoimntion
call oo or address
G. B, ( ii iMii.i a,
Ageut, fillveron, B. C oi
D. P. A . A. G. P. A..
titlaop, Vancouver
Tho lacrosse player* of Vancouver,
Victoria'and New Westminster probably think that their preience in
Australia would he a good advertisement for British Columbia, but they
cannot expect the mining districtsNo
put up for their trip. Here, when
requests for appropriations for roads
Olid traily are turned down for economical reasons by the   leg'Slatore,   the
■waMwiiiwi. **mtMtffA\V!*\ii!V, "~~,- , -
If there is a post office in your
neighborhood and you have ;i
jewelry want of any kind, wo
can supply it almost as well ua
if you visited ua personally.
Writu for fur 1901 cst-iloftin
nml thai I: ive, 1 1 iti' .1 l.v.o.o
fill'-.l ItOCfa ' I J   xrii.j In't-i.ll-
esXt ta ebouM (rom,   Baildn,
r.ur  :ivi'.ii:i   (if ono   price fn
plaii Bfvre< .--111 oar en, us*
tec ta to quill' mean 0 finch
to out-of-town bu>_i.i
Wc prepay all (!.'!'■ .'.ycharges,   I
and if what wo send .Iocs not
please you in every 1 artico
will  cheerfully  1 el und your
Win   Be
l3romptl.v   alltnHcl
^r<>  Ily
PBGT1NCIAL    LAND     HCltVllYfllt
SLOCAN CITY, .    J{. ('.
I'eter Idnqnist has mnde nppllmtloD miller the provision ol the 1.Scene Act,
lIHin, for a tratisler of his licence for ihe
•tanin Hotel to Drisi'oll & McKinnon and
iiliuin meeting of tin- Board of Licence
Commissioners will b" held  to  cinmider I ''!iVi"K a   r,ow"   <'r''l",   "'   '*>•  »bore
1 lit i in
i] __E_tt___Hi uiuuwiav j£i!xms*mns*sauz
Yonae and Adrtnldc Sis.,
NOTICK .— "Lure Ciumi-No. II,"
(Silver Nn^iiet,) Mineral Claim, iltuata
In the Simian Minimi Division ol VVojI
Kootenny Uml ml
Where located :*0n the divide belwron
Biiiht and Ten Mhe Creeks
Tulie Notice that. I, J. M. Mefiie«or,
netting 11* iii'ciit. for Uenij.:.' Kidd. Prei
Miner.* Certldcat* Nu U8G360, Intend
cixty day* fiom I tie data lien-ol lo tlpplj'
to the Mlniiiu'It'crder for a Cerilflnate
.f Iinpioveinelii. for ilie  ptlrpOH ii  oil
NOTICE:— "St. Hklima" and "Tnov"
Mineral Claims; fltiime in Die Slocan
Miiiini; I'iviHlon ol Went   Kootenay
Where located 1—On l-'onr Mile creek,
relocation*ol the "Flllll 1 .Maiden" 1.111I
I nke notice that 1, N. V. ToiiiiHend,
acliliK a* iiL'ei.i lor the l'i«her Minded
Uonaolldited Mining A Bmelilng Company, Kiee Minera Certificate Ne.
111115.1. int' nd Hixty diiy-fn in the date
audi  iippluaioii   at the ('..mrt  tionir.
Ni w Denver, fth flalunlny, the second
peopl) decidei lv object to »tuh a trip'iiiiy ol Marcii 1901, at 10o'clock a. m.
lieing made ll the public expense. If
the government ha* money to spare,
after legitimate cxpeii*'* have   li.cn
Chief I li'i'iihe Inspector.
New Denver, Feb, Jtnh liKU.
And (ur'hi'r take   notice
Under keutlon ."•",  uiumi  in
that   in tion
III 'eoieliied
before the Ita ua nee oi ittch Oertlfluate ul
Dated IhiM Oth day ol Nnveiuhcr,l.)0O.
' .1. M. Mc'iitr.noH.
I!. <:.
T(M.i. Km tin    „   10   M,y   person nr
persens to m I10111 he limy have transferred
T,i,""V'" 'S   "v "',"  f'jllu«'"K Mineral
liuni'M „!,«„ No. '2.    Coinmaiideraiiif
iih.oI  .ui   Uv,l MontAln, near Wilvertou
U.O., Mocan Mining DlvUion.
Jen  „.,.  berel.v   notified that I havo
cx.en.led thru hundred dollar* (1800)
In li.iior  and   Itlipiovcneiil*   upon    ihe'
lahovu meniloued   .. Ineral Olalini    in
11 1 . 1.1... 1111    i.u   ni»ty (itiv- in III   llieuiie   I ,,1,1..,. ,„ |„ 1,1   .   1,1       . •••"._.....»       111
hereof, to apply toihe Mining Beoorder l"l<l H"'" ml"(•r,,l <:la''"» "nder
for iiCVrtillciilc <>l IinniiivemeniH, for the I'"'"V"",".'M "' 'he Mineral Act and if
I iii|.o«eofohtttiiiiii«ii('iinvn(iiiint olthe! Wl! "" """'ty duy* /rom lhe date of thia
■ In.ve (lain*. notice  yon   1,,   ,,r   refuge to contribute
And further take notice ihat action mTJti.Sp™^^ ,.ii0' "ai'1 ,«Pen<litnre'
underaeetlon 87, muM |* oommenced Xtm *lil,,L,i,flf/*i °f"l!1Vlrli»,i»«.
before the Inuance ol such  OertJflcate ol   1 e  ■•-- -   '   ']*U"H *'" bccome
Dated thm 1st day
'J4 j 11 It) 1.
Propei.y  ol   it.o  subserlber under
at October,  1IK)().
N F, Towxhi mi.
to  Amend the
Section   4.   nl   an   Act
Mineral Ait 11100.
fUAitk 1,. TtsTtaa,
Dated thisL'flili. day uf December 1900.
ra]/'S    I'll!:   SILVERTONIAN.
-    - OKUMAN -   -
For Sale ai-JAII DiUK«l«t».


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