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The Silvertonian 1899-04-29

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hr&ecid  111©
srs-2 per Annum
Neatly& Promptly Done
We can quote you bedrock prices
ttfard   Seasw li   B*tardiog
Development   Work*
L.     Sf ILL     1HVR0VES.
,,„ w.nts to  )»*••••   »    »»•<■—•"--
^ ihe Noonday Mine, moat of the
H.e .--gaged in driving * crOI",c,,l
.u.|, which hMlwt. tapped  the  ore
■ft,, the ore at this point giving away
lrns0i 130ooncesia silver  per ton.
lv two men are working on ore at the
ent time.  Tha alae and value of the
finliiy ore body in abown by  the fact
these two men  alone are  mining.
ins- and sacking over a ton of clean
■,,t.i day, running over 100 ounces in
Jer and 00 per cent lead per ton. more
li  enough, to  psy  all  the running
1,-nAi-H ol the. mine while It  is  being
[.lniied.   _tis   the  intention  of  the
p merits' to divert the watera of
M creek, which nn*- across lhe claim,
I ground -luice off the top of tlie ledge
tl i re Is known to be a  large amount
liiUaloaa lying lo tho BUrf.KC dirt,
v.-rsti... topof the   le<1t*e   io  l'10
,tit otfcveial feet.    Besides showing
[the le lg- an  the  surlace,  several
I ,i,.is n( .loan om are expected to In
|i i-led and shipped asa rosu'.t of  tl.e
i'iin|.|..ud iiround sluicing.
beloncs, ...t.i will I.e ntted es a millsite
and terminus for tlie i oou.any's tramway.
The preparation for the Immediate
Imilding of a railroad into the Lnr.lo,
now iintlt-r way, will revive the Impe l.ttlg
HtlliUllil.'l III-.' in lilt- IneiiHlH   of   lhe   l-htllli
owners and citizens of that section. It
should also have tin inyh-oiating eflecto.t
tl.e Inn-mess of lva«lo ami Ni-lson.
A deal conttiimsted last week will
result in auoiher working property on
four Mile ereek Chat. A. Mariner ami
Jos. MoNiiuiilit have taken up all lhe
stock of the Prescutt ti'sini, porcl.astng il
from N. V. MeNasiiiht, H. Brady an<l the
esiitie ol lhe lute VV    McKinnon.     Work
on tho property will commence as soon
un ihn i-ea-ttii will permit,
O. H. D-iwsi.it, the owner of tin* Essex
Group, on w11leh considerable work wus
tlone lust t-nniiner, returned fr in
Mon'real .ust Hiiinl ty. lie «a-> considerably sUprised In ini'l tluil the slides hud
uot yet come down1 ami that about eight
feet pjjinow still covered the saifctce at
the mine. He 1* ft on Titi-ed-v for tin*
Coast, uitei.'liiii* to return und recommence work on the Ksnnx as soon us the
approach to the mine is open. He
expects to e.ect tuiihlings ut tl.e mint'
and work a considerable crew this
tion and Ihll of Kaslo is being nrrin^-l.
Gtisty'a buckets helng  the challengers
Sando.tites are prepare.I  to  htti-k  th-ir
man ugainst 111 her (*_ i.pbel) or Thompson >*f N.-l..on. It is quite profwlile that s
these Speedy Mien wi I tlle.-l here in the
hii.nlretl.ysr.1 .lush, the pnr-e for which
will he in Ihe neighborhood of $50
Tlm Horse Riees, esiii-t-.iallv lhe Free-
for-all, shitiiiil prove <-x.-i>i>i_. With
suhsttiutiiil purses tn be won. h i* exp-'i*-
ted I hill some lusi horses Will be hr'otlul.l
in. The Local Race fur Hlncilh horses
will he. among local sports, one of tin-
even's of the tiny. Silverton will hnve
two or lliree entiles in this event.
The 'ruck over which the rsees will he
run, is known hy local horsemen as a
good one it.nl it is beli g fin thee impr >ved
hv sunn* aililitiocii', giadini! at tho north
rim lo. \l liy.it
The Drilling Contest is in the hands of
tho Miners' Union, which is au assurance of its success.
I|,e IJinnbolt claim, on wh'cli Messrs.
. „ iiuo sre driving a tunnel, under
tract, is situated about lour miles
Dvi- Silverton  and lies  between  the
iiiioiivi r Ul-oop snd the Loornti Doone
lim.   This claim  about  which  very
|le is known, even locally, has every
I'l-aii-iu   oi   developing  into  a  big
lining proposition.   Tl.e vein is proved
I.,, a largo one, lying  in   the  Sandon
l.i'e formation, with a strike northeast
Ind - • i: 11 ■.•.<-***t and dip|.ing to the north
tunnel las lieen driven   on  the  pro-
fcrtvover  140  feet,   the  first   part  of
^luch is a crosscut    Tlie tunnel is now
uiir driven on the vein aad is following
In- f iotwallj tliJB^whoie face ol  the  drift
in-- ledge -qatter juid  there Is  a  two
b-.l sneak  o;  good  concentrating  ore
t-xt to the footwall.   No crosscuts have
lieu run as yet from this tunnel and  it
mot known whether* the  ledge  la  all
i.i-i-utra.ii.g ore or not.   The contrac-
uis believe they are Hearing an oro ahnte
I vie need not be surprised to hear ol a
ii-• body of clean ore  being struck  in
u'u property at auy lime.
The shipment o| ore Imni Slooan
Lake points, ilp to an! Including ihe
prcsen   week, from Jan. 1, 1**>99.
From I'l-un I. ill-ling. Ton*.
Bu tin      .'  400
From Ni .*, K-nur. Tons:''"   »   •'«'  !•••*"■  l""""'
jlui-iu'y 20    i thoitiii'.'lily equip! for lhe limiting of Id
E  Patterson, msnaver of the Wske-
(ii'hl mine  reiiirnctl   Irom   Victoria  on
Cnnsia'.le F ii bes expects t') he shortly
•emoved from Tinee Forks and stationed
on Slot an Like.
C Vim Ool'linz, who liuol-ron workinir
foi-lhe lust year at the Emily Edith
mine, h ft on Monday fo. Cldoe.O
L. II    Rii_".'-t  and   M   Grady   w. nt
d-iW.I lo Twelve MltftOU Tuesd'.v, I-.   pOt
lavs   hunting     They
Silver is 61, Let her elimol
Cu-eade will celebrate the Queen's
G.ird-ninie* is the fushionablo pantiu.e
jus. now iu tow...
Mts. I'uimer 1-1 on Friday to join her
husband in Rossland.
Speak Ing of the weatlter, "f curse you
will he in Siiv.-rttiii ot. May, 24lit.
Several ilisci|i|eB of Isuuc Walton are
meeting with fair lack mnong the
lipl'les and pools on F"..r Milt*.
Weiloesduy was _en'rnlly observed hv
the liii-itn-ss m--n of Like Ave as Arlmiir
Day. Aiio.lt ifiilty trees were planted.
l,fl the good woil. ko on.
Do You Know
From Silverton, Tons
Co*, stock      20
"        concentrates  100
En ily Edith    00
Fidelity     -".
Nooudav      2)
Vanou-nr 320
Wnkelleld 580
A Furiiier, but i ot i. farmer, jiurn.-yed
trot i isilveroii to tl.-ii-v liitiit* of U"**t—
Irtlnl. He bore with iiim a Vallsei. (illeil
with han.lkeiihlefs md a revolve.— i
deadly eonil.i.iuiion. For s few sh- r-
minut-s he withdrew hi*, gsae from hi*
eticiis, h'-tfiuh'd hv tin- eiiy soenerV. For
a few momenta only, hut ilme enough
ior sn .i.terprisiiii/ Ros-I.u d.-r to rid
the vahsc Deprived ot bin tin, our
lownsnni.i could nut avenge the l->-s ol
his h l'ttlkerehiefs, ind wi'htilit lllOae he
con!.I not gruc,-fully weep for the loss ui
his wuii.
Hubert F, Grsen Is now on his way to
Vi.t-.ria, a special delegate sent  by the
ilv uf Kat-lo, to interview the Minister
lof Public  Works  on tl.e question  of
jliMililniw* a waggon   road   uo  the   south
Ifijik of Kaslo creek,   Tl.e city ia willing
J to advance tbe cost of tha ro A,  the
■ amount    being  $10,000-   provided  ihe
|'. -v. 11.m nt.   will agree to re-rmborie
tin-ill with  a like amount  within five
year-..    Tha  building    ot this needed
road would he ol great value  to  Kaslo.
The road ns  contemplated, would  start
irom the Montesmna mine and run past
such   properties  as   the  B. k. A,  tl.e
Silver Bell nnd the Silver Bear ami make
un outlet to Kaslo Ior the Jokar Group.
The company operating this group have
agreed to spend |250,000 Id doing  dev-
"I ipeuient work on this and the Derby
Chas E. Hope,  of
mine,     alio   .hirii-i
Muii.mer Bammelmeyer was in charge ol
Ihat proper'v,   left   for   his   Vane uv. r
home on Wednesday.
A pnhlle nnliee is posted In town Call
ing tho attention of the public to the
establishment of the Silverton Sell.
District, comprising all that tract of laud
lying within a circle having a radius of
three milo* with the centre located at the
Victor... Hotel.
Further notice Is given, that nn election for choosing three fii and proper
tiersnns to act as Irastees I <r the coming
school venr.   Tie* date of election  is se,
for Saturday, Mav 6   Balloting will take
place at the school house
The present Bourd of Trustees is composed of only two members, Messrs
Bowes and McKinnon. These genile-
men have devoted considerable lime t"
their dutie-, and II Is chiefly owing to the
eflorts of Trustee McKIni on that the vole
of $1,500. for a school house wa Included
in the Provincial eatlmatee, lt wouldb*
a courteous recognition ol their sendees
torc-eleet them by acclamation, finding
a third member to assist them The
duties of tbe next "ourd will he more
important than those ol any previous
year ami goo.i men will be needed. It
would be -veil to secure as a third trustee, someone, the father ol a family,
All resident householders f>r freeholders are entitled to a vote, Chinese und
Indians excepted
N l-oti ml! bave a street railway ays
tl tu.
Silverion i- to h.i--o a celebration!
Ks-dn ttill have **■ *-'■ lO-ll
So win New Denver?
Krislo*vrH lim* a Boom (capital"h"
i,-M.ii,i ii m summer
li -iili, in spue ul iM newspapers.
New Denver will have at. awakening
some dav.
Sandon will have i od lime when it
moves to Silverion on Il.e -4t'.i.
Nelson Will have a new pust-ollice—
after • >*hi o
Ne« D. nver will have its Are hall  on
till- S.llii'   uH".
Bl.K'Sn City will have a substantial
pavioll before ik-x. wiuter.
Sandon will have sonie Spring, if they
si .ul enough to go round
S vi-rul of our enterprising merchants
und hotel keep.'i-. now light their places
ni business with gasoline, ll gives a
good white light, much to be prefered to
All work in the Jewelry Repairing
line, left nt tlu- Silverton Pnu Store, wil
In-promptly forwarded to Jacob Do vet,
tl.e well-koo» ii Nelson jeweler. All re-
p.urs ure QtMIUKTEKD roi oxa year. *
N w Denver's merchants are introducing un curly .Whig moVetn 'lit. We did
uot think it was as bad as ihat. Will il
lie .inly io M.iy that they wiM close,
or eooiier?
Win, Hunter has  been   doing   some
extensive Oribbtng along  tho   hanks  of
Four Mile creek, shove his powder home.
He belli ves tie i ;wn to  be  in   perfect
WHllt |Safety now fi->m htjfh water.
W. J. Twist* i f Kuslo paid Silveiton  n
| flying visit -te&'e.dav.   Mr  Tuiss looks
Ihn  Emilv   Edith j'"' waul lo a hus\ season in Kuslo during
II."    ftlrsei.ee   of \ 'hi- .''uuiug sumtn- r. und is doing some
n; dog then.- to show his good   fttilll.
A Bill   has  hren   introduced   in   the
Senate by The Hon. Mr. Mills to prevent
ilie repetition of such flagrant abuses of
employees by contractors, i»3 was shown
lo exist during  ti.o   Ciow's  Nest  Pass
The numb -r of Silvertonians who at-
leinlel the performanco of the Metropolian Op-ra Company ih New Denver,
could be ett.ii.t.-'l upon lh • liugt is of one
liutiil wjtiinul,Teaching lhe lliuui .. Tlfy
t.'poit tin- ehow as having been an ex-
iilk-ut oie.
The N.w Denver L*tlge spetiks oi
* fake rep irts uii.l U-le_riiuis" Sent on'
fr-.-iii Silverton. We tlo not intend lo
deny ihe report. The piiblieatiou pu!*.-
lisid.'g il will doubtless have Ihe good
-race to lake it back when its sense of
t.u I. reassert.! iiself.
Chiiil's Burt,representing the Koot-
etiay Cigar Manufacturing Co. was in
town on Wednesday. This OompaUV is
usirictiv local one, employing union
men ami turning nut a high grade cigur.
Il.e deserve ihe mpport of lovers ol
i, cal iieiusiiy and good sii.ok.s.
Membi-r Green paid Silverton a Visit
on Tl.ursil iv. He has been suffering
from in health, this accounting for his
not being here before since the close of
the s ssion. Mr. Green talked Informally ol ihe doiugs oi the Legislature and
expressed a determination to keep
l-ii.icing uI- his iin-'ion r.garding dc-
liinliing     eo-OMlie**.     uui1     he     cun
Where   TTo   Oet
■ i.
General Merelicmts
Silverton,      _E5.   O.
Silverion,       ....
Xj.   3x/-C-   ZE-i-OsO-w-le©-   t__?ro"g>.
v Patronise Home Industries..
®5 S £ S i I i *? i t i 8 i I i * 11 i I i 8 * 8 i 8 i I i I i 8 S S 8 8 i 8 8 8 8 8®
.'.'.'.'.'.'. *.*i *.*i8 i 8 S 8 8 i8 8 8 8 8 8®
Tlie examination for asaa}'*-**, who art
nractiaing   lli-ir   proteasinn   In  Brhtali
I'oluniliit, un-1 lurthoaed *dro..3.it8e.'or
in. aeeriflcte, uill t e in tlm folioWimij pe-nnt.de « majority 01 the  m-»mbersto
gtil-jecta; fajjree aith Wm.   He .eniuine.1. here Ior
(A.SiinipliiiBi-S.tin-i'iu^ ore m* furnace I a sliort time only, heing ou   Ids   wny   to
pndtit-t-* aini tl.e r.ilui'i-.n  und i >' t.*i*:tr— j iliu coast.
utinn of samplafor aa-tav, Including alao
Enuliah capital baa bean again
hro..«ht into the Sloi'tm. tbla time in
connection with thn Mountain Cbiet
mine, lyin. below the California, aebort
distance from New Denver.
Ralph Gillette in back In town from
tho Hamilton Group. lie report* tliat
all la well on Twelve Mile, the Llarnilton
looking Wei'.. Tne horae that waa encountered in tlie tunnel has been driven
through and tl.e ledgo aud ore baa again
been found in place.
F. J. O'Rielly, has just complete'! the
survey ol tho Bornal
Mile creek.   Thine!-.,
'he creek lioitom mid directly holow   tho'11
Wakefield Miuot*, to which company it
Tlie Celebration Cunmittee b*ive not
been idle darini* the pa«*t week. A Riant"!
at the prograui prppBred by them. «hieh
ia printed in another column, will show
that if good purees can ..'tract good contestants, there will ho un ex.-itlng day
hereon the 24th !..■■--'•
Already entries are being mode for Uie
nnd induing
tin- inching of i:old dnst and sampling of
liar f'.r aasay.
(lOQuaiituliv- DotiTniinalion :—Iu ores
or fitrnaco producta of tl.e lollowlim; copper, iron, nlckul, antimony, araeblc ..ml
(c*Qiiiiniitiiti\*c   Delerminatlott—-Assaying;
titi.i. os—Gob' bullion, for gold k silver.
Copper  "     for   enpper,   gold
nnd i-ilver.
Lead-oooper huliion, fur leail,
copper, irohl iinii silver.
Co„_—Determination of moisture, volatile, eombnatlble matter, fixed carbon,
ash und nul|ihiir.
Fire Assav—Gold, silver und lead by
oruolble method,
Goid   und   silver,   by  loorlflcatlon
Wot ui-says—Copper, l.y electrolitic,
giuviineti'ie, eolerinctiie and volumetric
(cyanide or   other approved) methods
Iron, by   volu.i.ctiic  und   gutvImetrlD
Niekcl, I.v electrolitic method,
LeA.I, lime, zinc,   sulphur   and silica.,
by any approved met hods.
The entrance fee will be $10.
The fee for a Certificate will be *|1".
Examiners; tho  Provincial Mineral-
end   Mr,
It is not the fiiult of the SilvkrtosiaS
ii the <li*iriet arumd Slotan Uike
which it same la not well advertised,
And reullv witli over 1.000 tons oi or-
lo,the shipping credit of that plane und
New Di nver this si-ukoh tliere is reason
why people, should tie-ire to hear  of  tbe
Silverion, Nelson, Trail, Ymir, Knslo, Sandon,
New Denver( Cascade CRy, Grand Forks, Shdar,
Midway aod Greenwood.
varions Caledonian sports
frnmtho nimerous in.iuiries heing re- oglst. tho Provincial   Assnyer
ijust complete-! tbe j!^i5fcS*S»h« cream ol the Pellew-Harvey.
Ida  claim  on  POMI^T^tofr^rplty of Hie Kootenays will The Mlnbter ol  Mines  .nny
um. lays  nuc'ily  nil'11"1 oihcr  exinniners,   to acl   wltm
A match race
iiotii  fee,
between Gusty ol Bun- j receiving a ceriilicutu for their  services.
Use   None   But
The  Best!
Js» ixrw oi3 ar ilia.
B, 11 E U M A TIS M   AND  ALL
$1,750 jn p™8
Sole Agenteloif'
Try It-Prove It. silverton townsite,
■*y'^afsy.',:.ma,^am^ttmm mh rVW MH\»ammi;
vtMrwe* Mr.
-.mv ....«^»»r-. •w,-.^m**msmst-.^*_*>,.-Jtt,iH«'e«io(N.*-,iw^^rttat#»%sm**mmttm
' •**m*smwmwmwrfm^m'
mass ticks fbom ths wiee.
A Complttw B»l» or Ut* X-a-ta tor
Ut« P«st Week la Ihta an& -Foreign
Rt. Hon. Sir John Robert Mowbray
of London Is dead.
The condition ot Vice President Hc~
bart continues to improve.
Ernest Roeber, the champion t'raeco-
Roman wrestler of the world, haa Issued a challenge to Hyder All, the
"terrible Tur_," to wrestle Graeco-Ro-
man style for the championship.
to a tug for a distance of a mile and a
In the 60-kilometre bicycle race ln
Paris Tom Linton, the Englishman,
won In 66:30 3-6, Edouard Taylpre was
second, and A. F. Walters third.
The Miasouri river has continued to
rise steadily and is now above the
danger line.
Every now and again some prominent Spaniard calls upon Major General
Brooke and endeavors to learn in a
War Is on between the ship owners'  m0re or loss diplomatic way how long
the first payment to be made on the
battleship Maine.
President Rafael Iglesia, of Costa
Rica, has arrived at New York on hia
return from Europe.
A new first class theater to cost,
with the land, $400,000, ia to be erected
in San Francisco.
W. B. Storts, wanted in Saline county, Missouri, for embeaxlement, haa
been arrested in Los Angeles, Cal.
Coast survey steamer Patterson ls
being fitted out for survey work at the
mouth of the Yukon and in Bering
D. C. Corbin has withdrawn his application pending before the Canadian
dominion parliament for the Kettle
Valley railway charter.
The large tannery and yards of the
United States Leather Company at Lincoln, Maine, have been destroyed by
fire.   The loss was $160,000.
The Army and Navy League of Chicago will close Its affaire and disband
on May 1. This action was decided on
at a meeting of the executive committee yesterday.
Katie Dibble Baker, aged 14; Mamie
Braddick, aged 16, and Delia Taylor,
aged 7, inmates of an orphan home at
Berne, Adams county, Ind., were burned to death.
Four spurious $5 gold pieces were
passed on a San Francisco barkeeper
laat week. John Keogh, a recent arrival
from Puget Sound, an associate ot the
man who passed the money, is under
Simon Hotonia, a Cherokee Indian,
confessed to the murder ot a man and
two women at Cold Springs, I. T., last
week. Sickness among the Indians
was ascribed to these supposed witches.
So he killed them.
Mrs. Catherine A. Gilbert, police matron at Four Courts, St. Louis, is dead
from an overdose of morphine, taken
to relieve pain from a recently vaccinated arm.
The steamship Glenogle of the North
American Mall Steamship Company's
Tacoma-Orlental line crashed into the
big steamer City of Kingston about 4
o'clock Sunday at Tacoma off Brown's
Internal revenue officers have seized
In Denver 140,000 cIk-tb bearing counterfeit revenue stamps.
Sergeant Major Albrecht of the One
Hundred and Twenty-ninth regiment,
who was arrested at Bromberg, Prussia, and waa being taken in chains to
Spandau, nine miles from Berlin,
where the state prison is situated, has
escaped from his guards and has not
yet been recaptured.
"Kid" Laveile. of Chester, Penn., ls
believed to be dying at his home from
the effects of a knock-out blow delivered by John Cavanaugh during a prize
fight last week.
The Third   Georgia   regiment   has
been mustered out at Camp McKenzie.
The First North Carolina regiment
was mustered out of the service last
Point, cutting the City ot Kingston ln
two Just abaft of the boilers. The 12
passengers and the Kingston's crew of
70 were saved through the prompt action of officers of the Glenogle and
Kingston and ships lying in the harbor
which lowered boats and assisted the
people on the Kingston to reach the
Glenogle. The Kingston is a total loss
and the Glenogle ls damaged.
Mrs. R. H. Martins, of Colfax chose
a horrible but certain method of ending
her existence. Seating herself ln a
chair beside the kitchen stove she placed the muzzle of a single barrel, breech
loading shotgun against the bridge of
her nose and pushing back tbe hammer with her foot blew her brains into
the ceiling.
Rear Admiral Melville will shortly
submit to the board of construction a
proposition for fitting the proposed armored cruisers with triple screws, and
it la believed that the suggestion will
be adopted promptly.
Unusual Intereat Is attached to the
return of competition of Arthur A.
Zimmerman, in the bicycle races, who,
more than any other rider, possessed
the right to sign himself world's champion.
The North Atlantic squadron, the
flagship New York, the Brooklyn, the
Indiana, the Massachusetts and the
Texas hare sailed from St. Lucia for
St Pierre, Martinique. The squadron
is now working slowly northward.
Unusually elaborate preparation was
made for the reception and entertainment of the duke and duchess of York
by the different Welsh towns where the
royal pair visited this week.
Four young people were run down
last week by the Chicago 41 Northwestern fast mall at Crawford's crossing In
Wisconsin. Three were Instantly killed, as follows: Bennle Tullbs, Kittle
Marshall, Nellie Welch. Injured, Frank
John McCann, a laborer In Oakland,
Cal., was beaten to death last week
during a quarrel which began during
a game of dice ln a barber shop. Cornelius Townsend, democratic county
central committeeman, Is accused of
striking the blow which proved fatal.
Professor Jerome J. Green continued
his experiments in wireless telegraphy
Sunday with uniform success. He sent
signals from the Illinois Savings bank
association and the seamen's union in  the United States government intends
San Francisco. to occupy Cuba.   Such a caller usually
The navy department has authorized J Bays that his stay will be only as long
"as that of the American troops, and
that when they go he will go.
M. Cantacuzena has formed a cabinet
to succeed the ministry of Demetrio
Strudza, which resigned on April 11.
The premier will also take care of the
portfolio of the interior. M. Lavovary
will take care of the portfolio of foreign affairs.
In accordance with the action of the
executive committee of the council of
administration, G. A. R., at Philadelphia, April 12, Senior Vice Commander
in Chief W. C. Johnson of Cincinnati
has assumed command and established
the national headquarters at No. 321
Pike building there.
Selborne school for boys, an Episcopal Institution located one and a half
miles from San Rafael, Cal., was destroyed by fire and one of the pupils,
Felix Armstrong, perished in the
flames. The loss on the property, which
was owned by William Babcock, is $30,-
000, insurance $20,000. The origin of
the flames ls unknown.
B. F. Patten of Terre Haute, a specialist in the care of cancer, and proprietor of large sanitariums, is lying
dangerously ill from the effects of arsenical poisoning, which he claims was
administered by his wife.
An official denial is made at the Chinese legation of a published statement
that Minister Wu has resigned or been
Representative Cannon of Illinois
has announced that he is a candidate
for Speaker Reed's place.
Rev. G. J. White of Stanford, 111.,
known for 60 years as a speaker and
writer against the Roman Catholic
church, is dead.
It is reported in Europe that Archbishop Ireland will deliver the principal discourse at the Joan of Arc celebration on May 8 at the old French
town of Orleans, which gave the name
of tbe Maid of Orleans to the girl saint
and soldier.
The warehouse of the Kingman Implement Company, located ou Pacific
street between Ninth street and the
Burlington station, Omaha, was totally destroyed by fire, together with all
contents. The loss is $170,000, of
which $100,000 is on stock. Insured for
three-fourths of the value.
The Missouri river bas reached three
Inches above the danger line ln Kansas City, and was still rising.
Jack McDonald, of Victor, Col., a cousin of Alex McDonald, the Klondike
king, was killed last week by rock falling down a shaft of the Little Montana mine. A top man named Crary
has been arrested for carelessly handling the ore car.
General W. R. Shafter stopped In
Denver en route to San Francisco. He
took dinner with General H. C. Merriam.
In the presence of nearly 2000 people at Newman, Ga., who sent aloft
yells of defiance and shouts of joy, Sam
Hose, a negro, who committed two of
the basest acts known in the history
of crime, was burned at the stake in a
public road one and a half miles from
there Sunday.
The senatorial elections for the new
cortes were held in Spain, passed off
tranquilly throughout the country.
They have resulted in giving the government a large majority in the chamber of deputies and senate. It ls asserted In different reliable quarters
that the attempt of Don Carlos to raise
a loan on the security of his Italian
and Austrian estates has failed.
A drykiln and storehouse at the St.
Paul k Tacoma Lumber Company's
mills at Tacoma burned Sunday, entailing a loss of about $60,000, partly covered by insurance.
For some time there have been rumors of probable trouble between the
management and miners of the Bunker Hill k Sullivan at Wardner. Idaho.
Items Gleaned From the Late Beports—
All Districts Are Being Developed—A
Prosperous teat Is Predicted—Mlnlng
Motea and Personals.
T-relre ot Crew Drowaed.
Jacksonville, Fla., April 23.—A special
from Oak Hill, Fla., says:
The steamer General Wheaton, Captain
Hawthorne, sank 60 miles east of Cape
Caii.i vitrei today. One boatload of 16 men
attempting to land at Mosquito Lagoon
house of refuse. rp-et and 12 men, includ
ing the Hpti.in, were drowned. The chief
engineer, assistant engineer, fireman and
one sailor were saved. The captain's body
ha* been recovered. Fifteen men in another boat are still unheard from.
Pnrson Palled Hie Platol.
Parkereburg, W. Va., April 23.—Al
Spnnishburg two mountaineers were arrested in church hy the minister. The
minister was also a deputy sheriff. During the services he saw two mountalneeis
for whom he had warrants in the congregation. The minister drew his revolver
and handcuffed the men. He then placed
them near the pulpit, finished ths services
and took his prisoners to jail.
Mew Roads la  Minnesota.
6t. Paul, Minn., April 21.—The Minnesota Railway Company has filed articles
with the secretary ot state increasing its
capital stock to $7,5-00,000. The fee paid
to the state amounted to $3750. The company will retire some bonds, and use the
surplus for improvements and building an
extension into the iron fields of northern
A decision of more than usual Interest has Just been made by the commissioner of internal revenue at Washington, who declares that deeds for the
sale of unpatented prospects must be
stamped at the rate of 50 cents for each
$500 of the consideration. The ruling
ia an Important one, for in sales of
mining properties where the price runs
into the tens of thousands, the necessary revenue stamps will be an item
of considerable expense.
The Okanogan country extends from
Lake Chelan on the south to the Canadian boundary line on the north, and
from the Colville Indian reservation on
the east to the Cascade mountains on
the west. This territory Is larger than
the state of Massachusetts and embraces a number of different mining
districts, known as the Twlsp, Methow,
Simllkameen, Chelan, Horseshoe, Ruby
and Slate Creek. The ores of these
districts are gold, copper and silver,
the two former metals predominating.
Gold and silver are always weighed
ln troy—12 ounces to the pound, 480
grains to the ounce. Gold is $20.671824
per ounce and $0.0430663 per grain.
One grain r<ild button from an assay
ton of ore, 437 Vj grains, one ounce
avoirdupois, is $1,38712 for the ton of
ore, 32,000 ounces and 32,000 grains of
gold. One one-hundredth of one grain
gold button from same assay ton ls
$13.7812 for the ton. One-tenth of one-
hundredth of one grain gold button
from same assay is $1.37812 for a ton.
The management of theZela M. Gold
Mining Co., of Sheridan camp, in the
Toroda district, is shipping about a
ton of sacked ore to the Tacoma smelter for a test. It is said it will average
between $300 and $400. The districts
of Toroda and Sheridan are within 30
miles of the Okanogan river, where a
good wagon road can be operated, and
if the river is opened for navigation by
a small amount of dredging necessary,
the ore from many large properties in
operation can beshipped to the Sound
for treatment, at an advantage. This
improvement will be done by the government this summer, as the appropriation ls available and the survey made.
Work has again been started on the
Plngo, a goll and copper property located about six miles west of Bossburg,
on the slope of the Kettle river. About
300 feet of work has been done on this
property, and there Is considerable
good ore in sight.
The experience of Jimmy Doyle, the
millionaire mayor of Victor,    in the
Cripple Creek district, also Illustrates
the element of luck In mine finding In
Colorado.    Doyle, who had learned the
carpenter's trade, but did not follow It,
was driving a hack in Manltou when
tbe Cripple Creek excitement began in
1891. In Colorado Springs was a young
plumber named Jimmy Burns.     The
two were acquainteo, and together tbey
went to Cripple Creek   to try    their
luck.     Neither knew anything about
mining.     Battle mountain, near Victor, was then covered   with   location
stakes.       There was a piece of land
comprising about one-sixth of an acre
that had no owner because it was considered worthless.     Doyle and Burns
took up th.s land In the   belief   tbat
something was  better than  nothing.
They sent for John Harmon, who was
employed in driving a street scraper
In Colorado Springs, to come and help
them dig on their claim.     Harmon's
mining   exper.ence consisted of what
he had learned as a child In picking
slate for tne screens of Pennsylvania
coal mines.   For months tbe trio put
in hard work sinking their shaft without a sign of pay ore.   Their acquaintances sought to discourage them, but
they persisted, and were rewarded by
striking a vein tbat made them millionaires.
The Last Chance Is keeping up Its
splendid record of one car per day and
from the appearance of the mine lt Is
safe to say that the record will be kept
up during the entire year. This ore
nets from $1,200 to $1,600 per car.
At a meeting of the directors of the
Boston k Montana Mining Co., the regular quarterly dividend of $4 per share
was declared, aa waa also an extra dividend of $2 per share, an Increase of $1
per share over previous dividends.
The shaft at tne Hunter ln the Coeur
d'Alenes, Is now down 16 feet. It Is a
double shaft and some remarkably fine
galena shows all through It.
On the Winnipeg mine in Wellington
camp they are down to the 300-foot
level and have crosscut a six-foot ledge
and drifted on it ln a southerly direction 80 feet The other workings con
slst of levels at the 50 and 100 foot
The ore shipments for the week ending April 22 and for the year to date
(from Rossland mines) are as follows:
Le Roi, 2,620 tons for the week, 21,530
for the year; War Eagle, 1,360 for the
week, 7,165 for the year; Iron Mask,
36 for the week, 742 for the year; Evening 8tar, 36 for the year; Deer Park,
18 for the year; total tons for the week
3,916; total for year, 29,491.
The raise on the Morning Glory has
been completed. This connects the
tunnel with the surface, and affords
good ventilation to the mine. The
work of driving the tunnel will now be
rushed. Foul air caused a suspension
of the work for several weeks.
It Is the general Impression among
those who claim to be familiar with
the matter that tbe tunnel on the RI
Caliph will cut the ledge within the
next few days.
The machinery at the Mountain Lion
mine is working to perfection. The
cross tunnel has been driven 126 feet.
The rock is exceedingly hard, almost
as the reef that was passed through
just before encountering the first ledge.
It seems quite probable that the ledge
that is being run for will be found as
soon as the hard rock has been passed
through. The south drift is in 100
feet. The quartz steadily improves in
value ln the face of the drift.
The Rebate shaft ls 70 feet deep.
The ledge has been crosscut at the bottom of the shaft and there Is 12 feet
of good ore. The average assays are
$10 per ton.
The mill at the Republic mine is doing better work and more of it than
ever before tn the history of the mine.
The mine is looking better than ever
before. Preparations are being made
to resume work on tunnel No. 4.
There was some cleanup necessary before the actual driving ahead of the
tunnel could be commenced. The
tunnel will tap the ledge at about 800
feet deep. It seems quite probable
that the big 1,000-foot shaft that has
been mentioned heretofore will not be
undertaken for some time. Actual resumption of work on the tunnel has
begun and will be pushed to the utmost.
The Insurgent shaft is down about
40 feet. The bottom of the shaft is In
fine looking quartz. The assays continue to show high values. The last
sample received at the office of the
company ran $330.
The winze on the Lone Pine has
reached a depth of 30 feet. It has
been crosscut and found to be 14 feet
in width. The average assay of the
14 feet ls $36 to the ton.
The last contract on the Monroe has
been finished, and the superintendent
is awaiting instructions to let another.
In the meantime the work is at a
The clos ing down of the Bryan k
Sewall ls due to the fact that a few of
the stockholders have been furnishing
all the money to carry on the work
and are tired of doing so.
Brlllsh   Col-mula.
The White Elephant, situated on
McDonald creek, a tributary ot Horse
Thief creek, in the Wildemere country,
has been bonded by T. Starbird for
$50,000, from Fred West and B. Washburn.
Throughout the Slocan the trails
and wagon roads are rapidly breaking
up. In bu* few cases ito is possible to
employ animals. For this reason the
Whitewater has been forced to temporarily discontinue shipments.
The Slocan Star has a force of men
putting the mill in shape to resume operations anout the 20th.
The Slocan Siar started its concentrator last week.
Work on the Turrls group, on Goat
mountain, back of New Denver, has
commenced,    several    men being em-
ployad.       They  hare  a  good  ledge  to
commence   on,   containing very high
grade ore.
The ore shipments over the Kaslo k
Slocan ior the week ending April 20th
amounted to 545 tons, being made by
the following mines: Payne, 313 tons;
Last Chance, 80 tons; Rambler, 41
tons; Whitewater, 96 tons; and Jackson, 15 tons.
The No. 2 tunnel of the Mascott, at
Rossland. is in 630 feet. There is no
Important change In the ground. Tbe
winze is now down 80 feet on the hanging wall, and there is a showing of
three feet of solid ore In the bottom.
On the Rathmullen group, in the
Boundary, development work at present Is confined to the Maple Leaf claim.
The shaft is down 66 feet.
Work on the Ellse, near Ymlr, will
be continued on tbe drift along the
hanging wall which is in 65 feet. The
shaft and the tunnel have been connected at the 125-foot level.
Union group, situated on Wildemere
mountain, B. C- a large copper proposition, will commence development
work about April 20th.
The first shipment of ore from the
Slocan Star that has been made ln
many months was sent out last week,
and consisted of six carloads. This
ore was taken out ln the course of recent development. It is now thought
possible to start the mill on the 25th
Another strike has been made in No.
4 tunnel of the Payne.
At the Tamarac, In Ymir, drifting is
being continued on the 200-foot level.
The Whitewater is now working 130
men, with a contemplated Increase In
the force.
The assays from samples taken from
the new ledge of the Great Western, at
Ymlr, returned $12.30 and $20.
Development work Is to be resumed
lmmedistely on the Nevada mineral
claim, near Ymlr, which recently applied for a crown grant
tJnqu-liflod  Succass of Lydla EL
Pinkham s Vegetable Compound.
Mrs. Eliz-Bftb Wh-E-OCI*. Magnolia. Iowa, in the following letter de*
icrihes her recovery from a very critical condition:
" Dear Mits. Pivanan*—I have been
taking your Vegetable Compound and
am now ready to sound
ita praises     It
has done wonders for me In
relieving   me
of a tumor.
•My health
hns been poor
for three years
Change.of life
was working
upon me    I
was very
mnch bloated
and was a bur-
Was  troubled with
•_._w.v.._B _____ also palpitation of
the heart and that bearing-down feeling, and could not be on my feet much
"I was growing worse all the time
Jntil I took your medicine.
•After taking three boxes of Lydia
E Plnkham's Vegetable Compound
Lozenges, the tumor passed from me
'• My health has been better ever
.ince, can now walk quite a distance
-nd am troubled no more with palpitation of the heart or bloating I recommend your medicine to all sufferers
from female troubles "
It is hardly reasonable to suppose
that any one can doubt the efficiency
jf Mrs I'inkham's methods and medi-
:ine in the face of the tremendoua vol-
ime of testimony.
den  to myself
•mothering spells,
A special from Kamloops saye that
Casimir, the Indian who murdered
Philip Walker a short time ago, has
been captured.
The Chinese of Vancouver are sending circulars to their friends In China
endeavoring to stop the Influx of the
Celestials Into Canada.
Two men were badly Injured ln Pat
Welsh's camp on the Canadian Pacific
railroad construction work by a pre-
meture explosion last week.
The Alaskan Steamship Association
which met last week, decided to make
a change in the rates. On May 1st,
second-class passenger rates from Puget sound and British Columbia ports
to Skagway will be advanced $2.5) The
rate on cattle will also be advanced
$2.50 per head.
About a week ago an Indian named
Jim Lake, took out of Bridge river,
British Columbia, a nugget weighing
five and five-sixteenths ounces, valued
at over $80. The place where lt was
discovered is just below the Horseshoe,
bend, on lower Bridge river.
The bank of Montreal at Nelson has
shipped out by Dominion expreaa a
gold brick valued at $8,200 from the
Athabasca mill. It was consigned to
the United States assay office at Helena The value of the February run
of this mill was entered as $6,900.
Nelson's personal property and Income assessment for 1899 Is $2,000
more than that of Rossland, Kaslo and
Sandon combined. The figures are:
Rossland, $2,813.50; Kaslo, $1,203.66;
Sandon, $817.38; Nelson $6,823.62.
These figures are compiled from tbe official figures of Mr. John Keen, provincial assessor.
and Ore Testing Works.
-8.abHph.xl In Spokane
Dust antl Bullion bought,
list and nvillInK ore sacks.
In   1889.     Gold
Send tor  price
Fls-ri-i-  Dottle With a Mob.
Chicago, Apiil 24.—late I ihi night foil,
robbers were arrested hy three pjlieemen
While the pnliie.nen were taking their
prisoners to a patrol box to call a Wagon
they were attacked by a number of friends
of thc primnprs, who woie let! hy thn wife
of ./inter Anderson) one of the prisoners.
A general fighl i-i.--i.iiI. Tl.e oflhers, by
the vigorous use of clubs nnd revolver!
managed to keep the mob at bay.
Suddenly Anderson broke away from his
captor, Policeman Garret ty, and nn. G r
retty drew his revolver antl fired nnd An
demon fell. At this juncture thc gong of
the approaching patrol wagon wns heard
and the mob scattered. Anderson WAS
taken to the hospital, where his Wound
was pronounced  fatal.
James Johnson, of Miles City, has
purchased the ranch of H. W. McLaughlin, on Powder river.
Robert Nelson, of Miles C.lty, has
been sentenced to eight years in the
About 300 Italian laborers have arrived from the east to work on the
Montana Central, in repairs and construction.
When the Anaconda volunteers at
Manila come marching home they can
have anything they want, says the
A party oi 15 timber inspectors In
the service of the Northern Pacific has
arrived in Missoula and will spend the
summer in the region west of there.
Tbe colored cltirens of Helena last
week tendered a public reception to
the colored soldiers of Company D. of
the Twenty-fourth infantry, who recently arrived at fort Harrison.
The Western Ranches, Ltd., have
purchased 4,000 bead of cattle from
Scott k Robertson, whose range is near
Colorado City, Texas, and will bring
them to Custer county the coming season.
Articles of incorporation of Flint
Creek Lodge, No. 11, A. F. k A. M.,
have been filed with the secretary of
state. The incorporators are James
Hanson, Valentine Jacky, W. L. Power, E. R. Thompson and Lawrence
A large force of laborers bave been
engaged ln the Kootenai canyon, above
Jennings, clearing obstacles for river
traffic. The work is under the supervision of the government, and several
thousand dollars are to be spent In the
The enumeration of the people of
Lewiston has been completed by D. J.
Kane, and the total Is 982, within the
limits which It Is proposed to incorporate. With the people living immediately adjacent to the town the population Is placed at 1100.
The articles of incorporation of the
Matheson Ditch Company have been
signed and are now ready for filing
with the secretary of state. John
Matheson, Charles Archers and Thomas Dowen are the directors chosen for
the first six months, and the capital
stock is $5,000, divided into shares of
the value of $25 each. None of the
stock is for sale.
John S. nnker, of Butte, has been
adjudged a bankrupt. His petition
stated that his debts amounted to
$1724.64, owed chiefly ln Pocatello, Idaho, while his assets amount to about
$400, all personal property, covered by
the exemption clause in the law. C.
M. Williams, an electrician of Helena,
who formerly resided in Butte, has al
so been adjudged a bankrupt. His liabilities are aocut $600 and assets unknown.
Still Th I rat  for HrrrsKC
Palmetto, Ga., April 24—The body of
Lige Strickland, the negro implicated by
Sum Hose in the killing of Alfred Cran-
fonl, wus found swinging to the limb of
a tree about a mile from toivn this morning. Tl.e ears and fingers were cut off
and on the body was pinned a placard
hearing these words:
"We must protect our southern
Strickland was a nc; nii.i-.Ur 00 ye ra
of age. Sam Hose, just as the torch was
about to be applied to thc pile of wood
under him yesterday, admitted that he
killed Cmi)ford, but said Strickland had
given l.iii. $12 to do thc deed. The con-
fi>s>ion of Hose caused great excitement
here nnd a crowd left for the plantation
of Major Tlio.....*, for whom Strickland
worked, and at dusk took the negro fr ....
the place and brought him into town.
Major Thomas made a speech to the
mob while they were on his farm, urging
them not to take the negro and s.ying he
belie.ed the fellow was inm coil. An impromptu trial was held in the public
-w-ttaie. Everybody who knew £ rickl.nl
was called upon to give testimony as to
his character. Several negroes employed
hy Major Thomas said the negro waa a
law abiding i-iti/.en and waa not impl cited
in lhe t'ranford affair. Other people living near the Tin,iili* place gave Strick-
l.iii.l ■ b..d name.
Ton must walk alone and you must
think pleasant thoughts.
Kaslo & Slocan
Trains Run on Pacific Standard Time.
Leave. Arrive.
Doing West. Dally. doing East.
8:00 a. m   Kaslo    3:66 p. m.
8:._ a. in  South Fork  3:10 p.
9:30 a. m  Sproule'a   2:15 p.
8:46 a. m  Whitewater  1:10 p
9:66 a. m  Bear Lake  1:00 p.
10:12 a. m  McO-lgan   1:46 p.
10:25 a. m    Hull, ys   1:34 p. m.
10:33 a. m— Cody Juncth n .... 1:13 p. m.
Arrive. Leave.
10:40 a. tn  Sandon  1:16 p. ni
Leave 11:00 a. m..Sandon..Arrive 11:40 a. m.
Arrive 11:16 a. m...Cody...Leave 11:26 a. m.
Q.  r. COPCLAND.  Superintendent.
Navigation and Trading
To   llr   lirni-rnl   Smith.
Washington, April M.-Tho presldeal
has appointed Colonel .Tame* F. Smith, if
the First California regiment, a brigadier
general of volunteers. His regiment is
now in the Philippines. (!onor,.l Smith
will be assigned to one of the brig.nhs  ,f
"Both sir wife and mysrir ha-<- been
-slug CASOARE'l'S aod tlirv are th*  best
medicine we have ever had in (he house. Laal
week my wife waa frantic with headache (or
twodays. she tried some of yotirt'AHCAKET-,
and thev relieved lhe pain In ber head aim in.
Immediately. We both recommend Caacareta "
Cms. M-ii-rintii.
FllUburg Salt A Deposit Co, Pittsburg. Ps.
_^^^   CATHARTIC       _-y
I General Otis' army.
Pleasant. Pslatable.   Potent   t«.i_ «__.   •*.
flood. NeverSlcs.n. WetMtTet JrTp?aS_ft *_?
..wis*.**«»-<*-la*■sjK-^sae-s-jt..«**. ;' .mmar*+ ._*_«* *r»   *-•
Steamers "International" and "Alberta"
on Kootenay Lake and River.
Five-Mile Point connection with all
pj-wenger trains of N. k ¥. 8. R. R. to
and from Northport, Roaeland and Spokane. Tickets and baggage checked to all
United States points.
Ijeave Kaslo for Nelson and way points,
daily, except Sunday, 6:4". a. m. Arrive
Northport 12: IS p. m.; Roseland, 3:40 p.
in.; Spokane, 6 p. m.
Ijeave Nelson for Kaslo and way points
daily, except 8unday, 4:38 p. m.   Leave
Spokane. 8 a. m.; Rossland, 10:30 a. m ;
Northport, 1:50 p. m.
Leave Nelson for Kaslo, etc., Tuesday,
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
at 8-30 a. m.: arrive Kaslo, 12:30 p. m.
Ijeave Kaslo for Nelson, etc., Monday,
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday,
4 p. m.: arrive Nelson, 8 p. m.
Ijeave Kaslo Saturday 4 p. m.; arrivs
Boundary midnight; arrive Bonner's Ferry 8unday 10.30 a. m.
Leave • Uonner's Ferry Sunday 1 p. at.)
arrive Houndary Sunday 6 p. m.; arrira
Kselo Sunday 10 a. m.
Close ooii-ection at Bonner's Ferry wilh
trains easthound, leaving Spokane lite
a. m., and westbound arriving Spokeae
7 D. m. ? TT
O. ALEXANDER, Qsn. Utntget.
J-mJo B. 0, Oct 1, IN). J
msaHW'. -•»«*>«
stHutm***t*mett>'. ■**.**>■■ ten 4teW*rtv»>- ,«*■•••>»-. «•> «•«*<»-** THE SILVERTONIAN, BILVERTON, B. C.
Durability is
Better Than Show."
The wealth of the multimillionaires is not equal to
good health* Riches without
health are a curse, and yet the
rich, the middle classes and
the poor alike have, In Hood's
Sarsaparilla, a valuable assistant in getting and maintaining perfect health. It
never disappoints.
Scrofula—"Three years ago our son,
now eleven, had a serious case of scrofula
and erysipelas witli dreatlful sores, discharging and itchiugcousti.ntly. He could
not walk. Several pbysiclaus'dld nut help
for sixteen months. Three months' treatment with Mood's Bur.sa'i-.riltti nnide liiin
perfectly well. We are glad to tell others
of it."-Mas. David Laird, Ottawa, Kas.
Nausea—"Vomiting spells, dizziness
and prostration in milled me for year*
Had neiiritlgiii, grew weak anil coul'il nut
sleep. Mv age wan against mc, but Hood V
tjarsapurilla cured me thoroughly. Mv
weight increased fro... 125 to 143 pound*. I
am the mother of nine children. Never
felt so well and strong since 1 was married
as I do imw."—Mrs. M. 0. Waters, 3320 P.
street, Washington, I). ..'.
Eoiatna—"We had to lie the tl.e hands
of our two-year-old son on account of
eczema on face ami limbs. Nn niadtfliliS
even helped until we used Hood's 8_nwp_.
rilla, which soon cured."—Mrs. A Van
*Wrc_, 123 Montgomery St., Paterson, N. J
Hood's Pills curs liver Itlj, His non-lrrltnllnz snd
saly ca.har.le Us lata with Hood's Harsapanlla]
Tomasso Salvini, the Italian tragedian, acted the other night ln Florence
iu aid of a charity. The veteran actor
was called before the curtain five or
six times at the termination of each
act, and was enthusiastically applauded.
E-aelly What Von Wan..
A handy little box Oust right for a
holy's purse or a gentleman's vest pocket) of Caacaret's Candy Cathartic, prevents Illness.   All  Druggists, 10c, 2Sc, 50c.
Unit-   ot   Volunteers'   lle.uru.
*   . ....
Washington, April 21.—Secretary Alger
j has received a reply from Oeneral Otis to
ihis inquiry as to whether the reinforee-
| ments proposed to be sent to him to relieve the volunteers would be sufficient for
1 the purposes of tl.e campaign. Otis replied
I in the affirmative the estimate of 30,000
i men to constitute the anny agreeing with
OWn calculations.
The program lor the movement of the
' regulars out to Manila and the volunteers
| homeward therefore will he carried out according to -eiieral Otis' statement con-
i luincd in his dispatch of yesterday.
General Otis adds to his message the
j hopeful remark that he expects very short-
| ly to he ahle to repurl a decided improvement in lhe situation in the Phi ijipines.
The volunteers will return home in the
I order in which they sailed for Manila. The
date upon which troops sail follows:
May 25—First California, Second Ore-
: gon and a detachment of California artillery.
|    June 25—A and B Utah artillery, Tenth
Pennsylvania,  First Colorado  and  First
, Nebraska.
June 29—First North   Dakota,   Thir-
i teenth Minnesotu, First Idaho and First
. Wyoming.
I    July 111—First Montana.
July 23—First South Dakota.
October XX)—First Washington.
October 27—Twentieth Kansas.
October 30—First Tennessee.
November 3—Fifty-first Iowa.
November 0—Nevada cavalry.
November 9—First Wyoming battery.
Murdered   by  Relative*.
Pana, 111., April 21.—The mutilated
body of Miss June Brunot, a we lthy woman of Dana, Ind., was found buried in an
abandoned well on tbe farm of her sister-
in-law today.
W« offer One Hundred Dollars Rewsrd for
any case of Cstarrh that can not be cured by
Hall's Catarrh  Cure.
P. J. CHENEY A CO., Toledo. O.
Ws, the undersigned, have known F. J.
Cheney for the i.i-t 10 years, and believe him
perfectly honorable In nil business transactions
and financially able to carry out any obligations made by their Arm.
WEST A TRUAX,  W.olesale Druggists,    Toledo. O.
Druggists, Toledo, O.
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The sensualist haunts the slnkdralns
of the house of life, self banished from
the upper chambers.
To Cars ts Cold la o_«* Day.
Take  I-iatlvo  l.romo Quinine Tablets.     All
druggists refund money If It falls to car*. Be
Many a matrimonial craft is saved
from shipwreck only -because anchored
to a cradle.
There was a young man from Lenora,
Who boldly went off to the war;
The "beer' made him sick,
He recovered quite quick.
By the prompt use of old Jesae Moore.
Horace L. Hlgglns, director of the
only railroads In the Philippines, ls an
Englishman by birth, and tbe husband
of a grand niece of the last king of
CIT1 Perni_—-illy lured. Bo nuur nervootset
tllm aner Brs. day's use of Dr. Kline's Urea
Nervr jlestorer. Bend for rKK.st S< till iris
Dottle and treatise.   I.K. R. H. K-JSI, UA., *»
Of the whole population of the globe
about 90,000 die every day.
Minnesota capitalists are trying to
steer a bill through the legislature to
make boycotting a crime.
A powder to be shaken into the shoes.
At this season your feet feel swollen, nervous snd uncomfortable. If you have
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KiH.t-r_.se. It rests and comforts; make.
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package FREK. Address. Allen 8. Olmsted. Le Roy, N. Y.	
The first woman pensioner of the
Spanish war Is Mrs. S. C. Bibrreath of
Austin, Texas, whose husband, a major ln the Eleventh infantry, died in
Puerto Rico last summer.
Plso's Cure for Consumption haa been
a Godsend to me.—Wm. H. McCIellan.
Chester, Florida, Sept 17, 1895.
Over 1,000 persons die of delirium
tremens in this country every year.
Itsadc Maaa.I
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Cured of Rheumatism.
Swansea Rheamatlo Curs f*e., Chlc-af o, Oen.lrmen:-! .hough, that I would write you a statement
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•til once mure, thanks lo your w,,inli-i-.nl reined y. It .i.s .ccoinpli-.it,.,I more foot. Irntn tits
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J11' relief from I lis* iIk-huTuI ttiff.i I nil .111 I cut* sample but tie >>!') i>ur ".*> I HUM'S."
■*"' after taking ths same lor a lew _sys 1 begsii to have less of those si-vert* pain-, ru-kiDa tbrouyb my
\    Ari*** 1 fwi the saorpls bo.Us most used up 1 could beg in lo res. some evt-ry instil; afler I bad
sstdsbou. halrihe dollar bottle then all my paint loft uis.   oh I what i«  f,,ti It was! when I
*>uid iioep .tain al u.gbt without .ny ■ ,rs sumjrlnt. i am ,u ihankfu. to yet sod your "6 Mini's*'
last I canaot Aud wur,is enouab In prstss of your wonderful rentetly for Iho cure tt. .l>t«winiatlsm, and
I east safely racoiii—innil It to all suffarlnaT humanity and say ilt.it .hoy csnooi pitt-clta-,*- any
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Frosldosl Swanooo Rhoumotlc I'ure t'o , ('hlraeo. My Oear Hn—-After a-fr>rl—I the tortaretof
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met rever. Catarrh. Blaeplassness, N«r-ousiitto», Namm* ami Neuralgic lli-atl-
••■••l Earache, T*o.had*. Heart Weakness. Croup, 8wetl.ua, l.a l.rlpu*. Malaria,
£__•(*»■■ Numbness.
FBI   TMllTV   niVt    |nB_r;0  .oeasblsstiffl-rers toflve'•» lilttil-*-" at   li-atl a trial, we will si-n.l a
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Chinaman's Writing.
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Funny booklet" How to Make Ink Pictures n Itee.
CARTER'S INK CO., Iloston, Mass.
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!'•>., Fltlliti.n.. IVniiii.   Hold In liruiivists
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dealt si, Itrhina
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■ ji-tses-* «»s.«.t^« -
Wo. IT, 1K»,
*o*l**\.-t^»».-JK,,l__f*' ..joss*.- *^«-*.**„-W*_ -*jM
it Has Complete Control or Four Hundred Million.-Scheme Completed by
Hotliohllds and 8ta third oil Com'y—
Will Dictate Prices-Other Trusta.
Chicago, April 24.—Definite information
reaclied Chicago that the contracts had
been signed in London on Friday which
formally transferred to a single organization practically all of lhe large producing
copper mines in thc United States, The
details \i ere meager, and came through the
brokers who hud handled minor parte o£
tl.e deal in this city. It is understood
that the mines under contract produced
about 425,000,000 pounds fine of the toml
output of 583,000,000 pounds fine that
Were mined in this country last year.
These mines, it is claimed, will produce
fully 47.3,000,000 pounds fine ot the output of 000,000,000 pounds fine estimated
for J HDD.
According to estimates made directly
after the negotiation for the big producers became public property the actual
vulue of the mining properties taken over
will exceed $400,000,000. The particulars, ho.iever, will prub-bly be made public during the coming week, and thc
forma, life of the company will date from
May 1.
International Trust.
In effect, the organization is an interna tioiiiil irust in copper. The organization will protect the price both in Kurope and America, and give to the coin-
p.my poiier to distribute the output intelligently and economically to the market.-.
where it i* most in demand. It was thc
latter consideration which brought into
the combination some of the interests that
were previously an.ag.nistic. The Rothschilds furnished the funds and made tl.e
stipulations for thc European interests involved, while thc Standard Oil Company
was credited with acting in the same capacity fur the American side. The Rothschild interest had its main leverage in its
holdings on the Isle I loyal, in Lake Superior, known as the Wendigo Copper Company, the stock of whieh concern is nut
listed on any American exchange, and the
Island Royal hi ml Company, limited.
Among the other properties named n yesterday's private cables were the Clark-
lligelow and the Marcus Daly interests in
.Montana, the Arcadian and Centennial in
the Lake Superior region, and the Old Dominion, in Arizona, but it is known that
several other properties not named are
Snd-  and   >.o«-k  Coniblnn.lon.
Cleveland, Ohio, April 24.—Tlie safe and
lock manufacturers of the United States
are about to form a combination, and it is
said the arrangements will be completed
within 30 days. There will be 13 companies in the organization. The caiutal
stock will be $17,500,000, of which $2,500,-
niiii will be common stock.
Steel und Chain Combination.
Dover, Del., April 24.—A certificate of
incorporation of the Union Steel Chain
Co., with a cipital stock of $00,000,000, the
largest incorporation thnt has yet come
into existence under the new state laws,
was filed tonight with Secretary of State
Hiriliss Telegraphy.
Chicago, April 23.—Professor Jerome J.
Greene, thc new disciple of Marconi, sat
with his receiving nstrument placed on
thc eighth floor of the Marquette building and received telegraphic signals sent
by way of the air line from the Tribune
building two blinks away. It meant success for his wireless telegraphy experiment
for tliat dstaiu-e, and was a triumph for
the young scientist over condtions which
were exceedingly unfavorable.
The first test of the dsy, when en attempt WAS made to communicate from the
Dearborn station, at l'olk street, to the
Tribune l.uildng had proved a failure.
SubFeqiicnt invesligalion di.-closed the fact
that locul disturbances at the sending
station  probably  were responsible.
in lhe second experiment Bignalswere
transmitted clearly and accurately from
one room to another through walls and
three thick doors. The second test sent
the dots und dashes to the sounder across
Dearborn street without a break.
tinny   Ia   Ac-lllll.tvd.
Philadelphia, April 21.—Matthe.v S.
Quay waa today declared by the jury to
be not guilty of the charge of conspira-y
to use for his own unlawful gain and
profit the funds of the state deposited in
the People's bank of this city.
The court officers were unable to keep
back tl.e struggling chowd that pressed
forward to congratulate Quay when the
verdict of the jury was announced. As
soon as Quay could get away from those
anxious to shake hh hand and congratulate him, he made his way to the e'evator
i to descend to tl.e street from the sixth
floor of the municipal building.
Here the scenes in the court room were
repeated. As the senator emerged from
the door of the building the enthusiasm
was intense. A group of enthusiasts
rushed forward and attempted to hoist
him on their shoulders, but the senator
waved them back, saying:
"Oh, no; oh, no; I'm too old a man for
Quay walked with his friends down
Broad street to the office of his counsel,
where he made his escape from the surging
Appointed to the Senate.
Harrisburg, April 21.—Shortly after
noon Governor Stone appointed Matthew
Stanley Quay as senator to serve until
the next session of the legislature.
The appointment is addressed to the
president of the United States, and it is
stated in a letter to be made under the
authority of clause 2 of section 3 of article 1 of the constitution of the United
Q^l^fr^iZj^^ *^^^fisr>w^yi^m.}
TL    ___
Gerninn   Captain   Under Arrest.
Victoria, B. C, April 21.—The steamer
Aorangie, from Australia, brings news of
the arrest of the commander of the German warship Falke at Apia for supplying
arms to Mataafa. The arrest was made by
the British commander.
Hritlahers Won at Chess.
New York, April 22.—The first international chess match between American
and Hritish students, whicli was begun
yesterday morning, ended tonight in a victory for the Oxford and Cambridge combination by 3 1-2 to 2 1-2 games.
Peter A. B. Widener, the Philadelphia traction magnate, has an art gallery valued at 12,500,000 and believed
to be fully worth that amount.
£ The N-vtural Cure
for Indigestion.
Oo you have pain In the stomach after eating
you have a yeiiov, tongue? Wind on the stom* /(T
i?   Constipation?     These things arise from  v>
&ch?   Constip-'t
Indigestion   and  Dyspepsia.
Digestion depend, on digestive fluids or - „
ferments secreted by certain dlands. When %.
the secretion becomes insufficient, Indidestion H*
results.   Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People    >*»
cause these glands to resume 'their
action and good digestion follows.
Artificial   ferments (of which most so-called
Dyspepsia  cures  are composed) may dive temporary  relief, but Dr.Williams' PinK    Pill* for
Pale   People  afford  a permanent cure.
Toor digestion often causes lrrerularll- of tha heart's action.
5hla lrragularlly may  ba mist—ken for reul, organlo heart
l.teaM-.   A cits* lu point:   Mrs. Ellen Colsom, New-point, Ind.,
bad suffered for four years with stomach trouble.   The gases
f:enr i ii ttil by tbe Indigestion pressed on the itenr I, and caused an
rregularlty of Its action. Mho had much pain In her stomach
and In-art, and was subject to frequent and severe choking spell!
whicli ware moat aevere at night. Doetora were tried In vain; the
patient became worse, detpondent, and feared lin pending death.
She noticed tbat ln Intervals ln which her stomach did not
a^:oy ber, her heart'a action became normal, Reasoning
correctly that her digestion was aloce at fault sbe procured
the proper medicine to treat that trouble and with t mined lata
good results. Her appetite came back, tbe choking apella
beuiiino less frequent and Anally ceased. Her weight, which
had been greatly reduced, waa restored and aha now welgba
more than for years.
That others may know the meant of cnre we glv* the name
af tin- medicine used—Dr. Williams' Pink Fills for I'ale People.
1'h—i* pills contain all the elements necessary to give new
li.'- .nil rlcbneaa to tbe blood and restore shattered nervea,
—iViv Era, Urtenburg, ind.
Sold by all druddists or sent postpaid by the    ^^
-*ji   Dr. Williams Medicine Co., Schenectady.N.Y.. Price,   M\
4   5o*per box, b boxes,*25--. A diet book sent f REl. M
Rudyard Kipling la something of an | Senator Hoar will be 75 when hia
artist, and amuses himself during hia ; term in the United States senate ex-
convalesence by drawing caricatures | pires in 1901.
of all about him.
Mothers will find Jl.-a. Win-low's Soothing Syrup the best remedy to use for the'r
children dinng the teething period.
The movement for the study of Irish
in Ireland is opposed by Professor Ma-
hafty and Dr. Atkinson, both of the faculty of Dublin university.
In the spring cleanse your system by using
Dr. Plunder's Oregon Blood Purifier.
The   unproductive are reproductive
enough and to spare.
Use Dr. Plunder's Oregon Blood Purifier now.
A crank is a being who doea not revolve in our orbit
Kctr Trust In Beet Sugar,
A entitra, Cal., April 21.—The Oxnard
beet sugitr factory and 3000 acres of land
in this county huvc been transferred by
the Pacific licet Sugar Company to the
American Beat Sugar Company. The deed
bean revenue stimps indicating a miisid-
eraliun of $1,500,000.
The step is one of lhe most important in
the consolidation of the four Oxnard companies. The American Ileet Sugar Company, recently organized in New York
with a capital stock of $20,000,000, now
owns tl.e factories at Norfolk and Grand
Island, Xch., besides the 760 ton factory
at Chino and the 2000 ton factory at Oxnard, just conveyed.
Plenty of Money.
New York, April 23.—The Financier
Tlm New York banks added $3,804,400
to their cash holdings lust week, making
a gain of about $ti,o00,000 since April 8.
Within tl.e same period reserve requirements, oiling to the shrinkage of $5,050.-
700 in deposits, decreased about $*_,(W>0,-
000, so thnt thc excess reserve ha9 expanded $15,000,000 in the comparatively
short space mentioned.
Rindent Rlote In  lluss.it.
St. Petersburg, April 20.—Serious student riots have occurred at the University
of Kief, the rioters smashing the windows
with stones. Troops dispersed the mob
and arrested 400.
TnllnlVr-  la   Senator.
Tallahassee, Fin., April 20.—Taliafero
was elected United Stntee senator on the
first ballot of the joint assembly yestcr-
d*y- .   .   .
•an*'- *»■«*—s.aaw- **jsM_i«/-*---*»***fm*w\
AN totNs^OMLMol
"THE pleasant method and beneficial effects of the well-known remedy, SYRrp of Figs, manufactured
by the California Fip Syrup Company, illustrate the value of obtaining the liquid laxative principles
nl plants known to be medicinally laxative and presenting them in the form most refreshing to the taste
and acceptable to the system.    It is the one perfect strengthening laxative,
Its perfect freedom from every objectionable quality and substance, and its acting on the kidneys,
liver and bowels, gently yet promptly, without weakening or irritating them, make it the ideal laxative!
In the process of manufacturing figs are used, as they are pleasant to the taste, but
by a method known to the California Fig Syrup Company only. In order to get its beneficial effects, and
to avoid imitations, please remember the full name of the Company printed on the front of every package.
Consumers of the choicest products of modern commerce purchase at about the same price that others
pay for cheap and worthless imitations. To come into universal demand and to be everyvhere considered
the best of its class, an article must be capable of satisfying the wants and tastes of the best informed
purchasers. The California Fig Syrup Company having met with the highest success in the manufacture
and sale of its excellent liquid laxative remedy, Syrup of Fics, it has become important to all to have a
knowledge of the Company and its product. The California Fig Syrup Company was organized more than
fifteen years ago, for the special purpose of manufacturing"and selling a laxative remedy which would be
more pleasant to the taste and more beneficial in effect than any other known. The great value of the
remedy, as a medicinal agent and of the Company's efforts, is attested by the sale of millions of bottles
annually, and by the high approval of most eminent physicians. As thc true and genuine remedy named
Syrup of Figs is manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Company onlv, the knowledge of that fact
will assist in avoiding the worthless imitations manufactured by other parties.
'°-J,SWLbE,vCt    »*'_*<«•-,    -V* ww.ttf
For Sale by All Drujftiste ,   Price 50 ?• Per Bottle.
.-»*trme-. *-^a_-s w- -«»_. *_*»,
•. >»»»*f'«'*»«*.*** **-.
«, v*^vi»i*V^*»>-A.
X_t_e W**i. Hunter Oo.. JUtxI.
We 3 re now agents for
2v£_T^ Companys
Sewing Machines
8 8.8 888888 88 8888888888888]
EMM1AL onniorriMs.
il888888888888888888S88S .'■*- i
considerable experience in this line
antl is a good num ior tho job. We
wish him   luck.
Just Arrived *
o you   ^want
A T\yr t In In gtf?
in watches,  clocks or
JEWELRY,   ------
"PIANOS I-------
It has bpen kindly suggested by
some of our no^hbora that Silverton
should "fall in lint-" and celebrate on
the 25th. of May, instead of on tbe
24.h-»i« intui.d-d, Willi nil duo
respect to thu originator of this
charming idea and with thauks for
thost- that would impress upon us the
desirability of tbe scheme, we ohall do
i,o such thing. Assured, as we are,
of, much the largest gathering of
holiday seekers ever before congregated
in tho Slocan, with our plan definite.)
deoided and with entries for the
various athletic sports already booked,
wo would not be acting fairly with
either tho public or ourselves in
postponing-our  celebration.
Silverton invites tho public to
attend her celebration, believing that
the best attractions will be found here.
Wn ore Bi'tinc in a thorough!)
.■trainhtforward way and not askn g
favo.S on tl.e strength on «htt wc
claim to have done in former years,
Our invitation goes out unaccompanied
iiy a whimper
JacobDover,   * THE  JEWELER,
Box 31     .   .    Mm, B.C.
Notice:—"Dayton"    Mineral Claim,
Hiii.atel in ihe Slo.-an* City   Mining
Division   nl West   Kootenny   District.
■Where located-.—Al Il.e mouth of Dayton Creek, *.<*:ir Springer.
Tako notice that I, <»eo. IL Aylard act-
i ns asiiKo.it for E. S. Ku-ni-y, Free Miu-
•ii't- Certificate No.  11000. Intend sixty
tliivs Irom tin  tlatt* hereof,  to apply to
His .'>1!'iin^ Recorder to. a CorUtti-ata of
1 ii it-ove n'tit >, I ir thi purpose   ot   ob
luini'.'i; a Crown Grant   of the above
And inrth**r take notice that sction
t.ndr hee.ti-.n 37, mtiat b** commenced,
hoforntheUs.iai.ee ol such Certiflcato
ol Improvement-.,
Dated this 6th   day of March, 1899.
11 | 3 | 99.
jN'Ol'IUE:*--   "Cnliii*"   Ui.t.*r.tl Claim;
Hitua.e In the 81 -nan City Mining Div
i-tori of West Koo'enav  District.
Wiiereli.i-.ited:—Vt the lieail   of the
North Fork of Lem >n Cr -ok.
Take n.'icn that I, J. "-I MeGretP.r. act-
in-; as Hif-nt for J, A. Fini-li. Free Minora Cerliflo-itn No. 1674\ ami E. J. Dyer.
Free Mii.er'H Certificate m 6651a. int- nd
eixty dav*. fr<m tl.e date hereof, to apply
to ihe Minimr Recorder for « Qertiflcale
ol Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of thi*above cla'.m.
And further lake notice that action
under section 37, must be commenced
berore tl.e issuance of such Certificate of
Dated thia twentieth day of-lanusry
J. M. McGreoob.
28 111 99.
C A_VAl>liV-V
And SOQ Line
BR.D)H&ll\U:iT  • .
B. C.
East and West
Auctioneers, Customs Brokers,
And General Real Estate Agents,
Omca In Scalar Hlock    .   .     itakcr It
NELSON,   B, 0.
J. m.McGregor
Corbin1- applic.t "ti hns been
shelved fur the t n.e being at lews',
Ihis is entirely owing to the forct-n
HOii-.ittiidiiice    at    Ottawa   of    iln
It is perhaps ns well that malter-
itave tnken this course, aB it is by no
mean, certain il.at the npphoeUon
would have been ,-atisf nt'.uily
received by the House of 0omn>9»*i
although it would havo had a riroch
better reception than tl.e one of lust
s.*ss:on. Public opinion on tlii>
iinpnrtaitt. question is gradually
changing in favor of the granting of
the charter a. d when it is asked foi
next Bess ion, as it undoubtedly will hi*.
it will be much easier to havo it pu>*
than it w.uld be at. the present. It
requires one or two years for Catnul.t
to accustom itself to any innovation
and the building of an unsul'sidized
railivn- t» -t-rilinfi in its novelty.
In tho meantime tho Boundary
counry must do without railroad
or to RENT.
For fall particulars write to or apply
at tbe Office of
Silverton, B. C.
General Freight and Transfer
Tickets Issued And Baooage
— Checked To Destination. —
(excepting  Sunday;
Reveletoke and Main Line Points.
Nelson,   Trail,   Rossland, kc.
10,15—leave— Si-vkiiton— arrive—13.35
Ascertain present rates and full in
formation by addrcBhing nearest loco
agent, or     '.	
W. B. CLARK, Aj-ent, Silverton
Trav. Pass. Agent, Nelson.
Diet. Pass. Agent, Vancouver
Orders left at  News Slnnd will   be
promptly attended to.
  |   i
SILVERTON,        -      -       -      P. C
Letter and Note Tablets, Papeteries,
Bill Heads, Memo-books, Time-
Books,  Note Forms, Order
Blanks, Receipt Forms,   Drafts,
Scribblers, Blotting Paper, Erasers,
I* ii"H, Rulers, Penholders, Pens,
It.ic,     Pencils,    etc.    etc
A notice in the last issue of the
B 0. Gazette directs Mining Record rs
not to exercise the powers of Gold
Commissioners, ns under the amendments of the Mineral and Placer Acts
they were civen the power to do.
Thi* notice comes from »he Ministei of
Mines and is appan n ly a hop-f»l
attempt to adjust a previous blunder
of the Legislature. Just what effect
this will have in the Slocan is hard to
say. Here-we have a Gold Commissioner with no salary, who it is
presumed will be forced to resign at
the end of the fiscal year or work for
the pure love of serving the people.
No one appears to know just what imposition will be. This last action of
the Minister of Mines still further
complicates it.
FoUowlnur is a complete list of tbe
minims u'■ui-at- ioi.B recorded during 'he
week Ior the Slocan Mining- Division:
April 13-Lilllf Ruth- Omit Mt. Win.
Barker, blue Bir-I.-.une. KllleUer II niter
Molly liuwii und Pi Me of .be Well,
lliive Forks, R C Cameron, M.iloli-a,
Carpenter, D. Cameron,
\,„il l4__Canadlan Roy Fraction,
No le Five Hill, Wm. Braden,
April 15—Lone Star, reloc. of Texas
Boy, J Tinling.
April 18—Silver Key Fraction, Galena
Fat m, T M Clement.
April 21—Hidden Treasure, Carpenter,
Joint Sheridan.
April 24—Sweet Grass, Goat Mt.  M E
April 15—Echo, Hillside, I C R.
April 17—Malvana, June, .Maple, San-
linuo. Snow Storm.
April 18—Glim, Smuggler,
April 21-Mu Mere, Mineral King,
Mascolt, tWo years, L II- Cut-cade, two
Aprii 22—Will nd, Hiiisard  Biirnslde.
April 85—*Frank Fraction.
Ap.il 14—Portland, K > Willi mm. io U
B Dean, |7Q00 bond, due June 10, extension ii| lime in M v 10.
0 K N'>. 2. C _ Fails to R Cameron.
power of tiliorney June 2(1 1897
April I — Nt■■.'le.'teilJii. S T OwingS and
W I! Wiiliiini io II M WHlkir, agree*
meiii In trfusfer of interest irpott comple-
.ion ol work, Fi-ii 18.
Snine. II M   Walker tn  Norman  McMillan  --9,   *•> 1' Walker 2 0.  C ti Bilker
2-11   ti'.rienii-nt   to   tra.icf-.-r    lutelTSts,
• lull l->.
;',iow (->toini ami Santiago Fraction, !?
i \1 Bon-iiud to F D U'mgrtrd, all iutor.'st,
'.Inly 25 '08
Silver I*I.ii_ '.j'. sum., t- sum*), J ilv 25.
Chiettgt. Nn 3, l.{.   M M  Fry to   A  1)
Copier, July 1"), 'Ho, fu
Cldcaito No 2. >{, A 0 Fry to   A D
t '-'plan. April -I, $f>.
Ap.il 18-W:illni*e ).. J Wilson to R
WTlioinpson, Nov 25 98.
Mount-In VI w i„..l MeMaitin tjM.nj
C McMailin, Maicit 10.-flllO.
Anril 21—Alplia, Aliil. i Fr.ieiion. I/iUe-
! vieiv No 12. I.itki-vietv Fracllon, l« in
each, I. .1 Thomas to Northwest Mining
Syn   Ltd   April 15.
Colorado, Andrew J, Uti-n, Roekty
Boulder, Allic-. P Mit'tii! and Bridget
McOuo to J W Peyton, D C Carbcry and
ACarlery. Itond ijG'JjO.
April 22-C k R. Annie 0, '.' in each
W H Brandon lo C Kloeph, r. Feb 4.
Convention Fraction, poiter of uttor-
nev. A C Behni to Y H Behi.e, March 14
Sit-hee Fracliot., \V Niven to A C Belme
Aug 10, '98.
June Bug, J II Moran to ACBehne
Aug 19,08.
cc.oao.eao. THE B A R  18  FURNISHED   WITH   THE
_- sen •; *'' • •
c!.      cc      oco      nFT   OF LIQCORS AND   CIGARS.
Joio        K.«3        o**"
22     SS      SS Cl'Nl'RALl.Y   I0CATED   ON   LAKE AVE.
_*-# QwCAt •"•3
cc      ^**°      og      ON   THE   BUNNY   SIDE.
PROPS.   sl-*VEBt0*''B„:
Wilson Hotel.
Teeter   Bros.   -  -   Props
00C0CC  IMqnarter. Foi Mining And (ommcrcial Men.
Wv Everj tiling First-class In All Respects.   *^vw,
SLOCAN   CITY, - - - B.   0.
The Bill introduced it. the Hoime of
Cotmnoita l.y McL-nes, of Vuncouv-r,
and entitled "An Act to impose
oeriain restrictions on Iramigrution"
should by all means bo paired at the
present session of Parliament. There
iB need to safe guard Canstlidii citi*-.o!--
ship and keep it on the high piano it
has always held. Without some such
restrictions, as proposed by this bill,
Canada in a short time trill become
the dumping gcound for the dregs of.
European emigration, having already
become the Mecca for a class of
religious fanatics that would be
received by no other country. In our
haste to fill up our boundless prunes
with homesteaders, let us at least
discriminate between the free-born
Briton, the hardy Norse and the
pauper emigration of southern and
eastern Europe. It were better that
our profit b remain wild and teuantless,
a grand heritage for Canadians yet
unborn, than that the standard of
Canadians be lowered, by filling them
with a race that in alien in manner,
speech, thought, and indeed everything
except the  bond of humanity.
Printer Ev*»n8i 'ate °f the Ledge
start;', will in future wield tho scissors
in tho editorial rooms of the Kaslo
Koo'.eii-ian.     Mr.   Evans   has   had
W. Pellew-Harvev, F. C. -., Member
inst. Mtnin-i and Metallurgy, London
and for many years witli Vivian & Bona.
Swansea, und al present tin ir representative in thia country, h.»* extensive
Metallurgical Works at Vancouver, nnd
is making a Specialty <>f advising on lhe
cyanide treatment oi ore*, and making
lefts l.y amalgamaiion, chloriiuiiioti and
coi.cei.tr.nion. Another feature of the
business ie chocking e.uellor pulp'', assay
ing in ull its branches, «iti. chemicalan-
Having dad ten yeaiw' ex per it* nee with
•he ores of B. C, in nddltiot) to a long
practical training in Europe, tl.e n-stili*
reported by the above can I.e entirely ie-
lie;lupnn. i hero are no pupils kept in
the bnsinexs, ibe asMHtants being;
Metallikoists    Cecil  Bryant, Asso-
AND AesAVEns.    cute Royal School tf
Mines, London.   A. F. McEwen, fellow
Chemical Society, anil late Chief OllPm
iht und   Metallurgist will,   the Cist-i.tr
Central Railway Company.
AXALVttOAI,       A. A.  Watson, Fellow
Chemist. Inst, of Chemistry, Lon
don, and Bachelor of Science, with honors
In Chemistry, who haa had a long anil
varied experience in Chili und Qiieeun--
W, Pel tew* Harvey represents the lolloping firms in Canada, viz:- Messrs.
Vivian A Sons, Swansea; The Elliott's
Metal Co , Bnrry Port; The Cassel Gold
Extruding Co , Glascow; Messrs. James
Bros. M. E. London; and is also special
Government examiner for Il.e Provincial
Ast-ayerH' examination.
Further particulars on application at
the office, Fairfield Block, Vancouver,
B. 0.
Divine Services will be conducted in
the Silverton Cbiircl. on the second and
fourth Sunday oltl.e month by tl.e Rev.
C. F. Yates, at 3 p. m. You aro invited
to bo present.
Beginning on Hundav, November, 6th
the Rev. R. N. Powell will hold services
every alternate Sunday at II p. m. in the
Silverion Church. In addition to these,
services will U* held on everv alternate
Monday evening nt 7 p, in.,commencing
Monday, November 13th. Everyone is
cordially invited to attend.
Onlsiile Parlies Desiring Horses in *-ilverli-n
Can Have Tlnni  Reserved By Writing To—«
+ t t t + t t
a. p. Mcdonald,
<!_> flSTO K !_}, 9 <J   IJ*
SYRUP Of IIDEEHM t\B TftUJ,   hv (.'onghx and (ol»U.
LILAC CREftffl, unequalled for the skin.
0>i Mvy Taa 24th,
C-A-LXd    XsKT    -A.T     THE
Thorburn *****^
James Russell Lowell ii'i-tl lo till lhe
s.ory that one of tl.e ironic.nen he met
In Chicago bud a gre..' d 11. eav of bm
travels in Europe, Lowell remarked
that -eor-jes Sind wan one ef his
tnvoiiteauthors. This referenoo to iln-
ureat Fren.'hwoman called lorth :t
iliuracteriHtic rejoinder. "0i>, yes!''
i-xclitiined iho represent..live of Oldcagu
culture, I have bid many a hi.ppy bou--
will. Snid." "Yon knew (leorrfen Sandt
then Y'- ssked f/.woll sdlh nn ejpres-
.■jifin nf Ktirpii-ie,     "Knew him   ? Well  I
.honld Hny I did," ciietl Ilie Chioaeo nn.n
and (1 ii*u he added us u clincher; "I
roomfid w.ili him in Paris."
-    FROP.
:-; lli'.vljuiirli'M For Mining Men :•:
May, 24th, 1899.
HORSE wmusi™.
13 A i"\ F?U      FRF'E F0R ALL.     *200- & *loa
lv_-__vJt__o#  S0AL ,<AGE.      175 * • 25'
PONY RACE, I 50. k $ 25.
•tr.*.- bio iivents.   CA LEDQNIA N
PUttSE ?300.
icil Garni! of BasHmll   -- -   \\m Re«( Haws-
Siiiidim Bund Will Ho In Wimhm
»**mAit^*Mum»t* lUn,
•WWWW "mmntet mn <*> w^v, -.«*.,!-,-_«,
•"**"**• ■-' i«MriA.<
r*yem»mese4tm  •*-**-*■ -*< -•*-*-■  ••*_- -_■ j_-.-.._....._._j.
■ I xmi i mm,, f% ^w^wmxamjptsm ^ taWAWAW^ammm
.etM^stOMMstaatmatsm >-&MNMMM«-NM»(i mmwmmmVm*mev<w»t;


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