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The Silvertonian 1900-11-24

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 i hi; siiakp.tunian.
—'H.       .I'M*
usiness jTUNnei
ner ease Daily,     andjdump.
Past ihe 4030   Mark.
laily   -i* JBPFRBYS'  for Mot
fcoocls*   are    Good   and   Prices
•ing iSi'iismi Opens.
iv YOU ABE NOT A CUSTOMER OP   HIS YOU ARK LOS-1 J'!? '"I0 }"'H7 ""7 Ml It* mad« Il
P'aetl.'able t.j bring   do'.vn    ore Imm tin.
THK DIFFERENCE MBTWEEN  HIS   PRICES   AND   THOSE ' „„,,.„ „„„.. „,;, nan^lSea!
PAY  ELSEWHERE Poll YOUR DAILY   PURCHASES. lust as  posaihle.   a. p   McDooeM. o(
thia pliu-e, has He contract tor deliver-
to* hoi ich mine tn tbjMe catnpaj the
Pali-mind value, the smeller to whieh
the same him been Bblpped, whether in
Catia lu or tho United States or clso-
ffbere, the tonnage tiiot may bo milled
or concentrated, ami 'nine, also the ton-
imge of concentrates snipped and valno,
ul.-o the tonnaiie treated by the cyanide
or oilier processes and value.
'■•■ This inlormation will be tabulated
hv tl." otlicers of the Cha.-.hor of Mines
■mil cabled through the press iigene'-es to
How   CaniHiii Is Advertised.
Mr. .1 C. Holden, president of Amee-
Holden Company, who recently returned
to Montreal after a two-and-a-half years
tout around the world, concluded an interview in the Montreal (..unite by stating:
'•Two things (n particular are making
Canada more widely known and more
hinhly considered the world oyer. First
her part in  the  »v.ir,   whieh has exeited
\ Reporter's Store.
Silverton, Kelson, Trail, Yinir. Kaalo, -Sandon,
New Denver, ('.isi-ade ('ity, Grand Forks, Sirdar
Midway and Greenwood,
\ii,i)I:di-.ks I'ltu'ii'ir.v \nd carefOlly atti ndi:d to'.'.'..
.NELSON. 1!. C.
I Ing u.e ore al tbewharl and baa.crected
j a camp at the end of the wagon road at
the foot ol  ihe  Inil   directly   below tlie
mine.   There Is piled   up   on'tlie dump
at the He well mine over -)0jj sacks ol
.on  and   already   the ruw-hideisute ut
JWork rawhidlng it down to the head ■ 4
, the wagon road.   It  in principally a dry
Hover or.- ringing In value from 115 to
'2h> ounces   iu   silver  to the tun and ait
; has heen  sceumrauUted  while   doing
development work U|ibn  the  mine ihis
| this .season.   The   Hewett    ls   undei
.practical management and is ono of lbs
most enterpii-ing eompnijiea operating
in  the  Slocan.   Taking    hold  of  the
Hi'Wfttiisa  promising   prospect   tbey
.    have succeeded in leaking a   ^->.»t   ship-
piog property-oof of it In less tbuu two
years.    They have   I ui!t   a   wa 1:011 load
, to connect the property with silyerton,
built good rawhide traHe trotn the mine
London. Berlin and t*.,ri_i. and  hv Asso- i ""ei('8t not eny in England hut 111 even
,.l.t.. 1 ..r,,i f,. „ 1: 1       ." 1 nan of the globe, «ee.on ilv,   the   wid*-
• ..ted  nd Canadian press despatches to L|irwUladratlaenents of ihe 0. P. B.
Ill"   daily   papers   of the United Rates I Wherever .Mr. Holden went he found the
nn 1 Canada. I puniptlleta   of   the   great  railroad,    lie
■J.   Topnhli»h»nch Information bit !i?u,?d  tl,e,T. '"   $"*)*'  '»Norway In
_, „;,.    ti,,      . ..    ilurkey.    V\ h.-n  | ,a  1*.  an.   U. stcam-
.•r... of lette-s from i.r secretary  .0 the | „,jp „.„,.,.„, n,)W, K„n). ilH ,he pH* eh
lu dma  financial   and iiiinir.g pspeia in  engers wished A noaslnle to go on by the
•In- vai ion* ren *re» of Ore it Britain, Eo    Empress nogta; for, after experience of
-ope United states and Canada, iheshlpsofinaiiy linesandmany nations
T  , . ...      '"r- Holi.t-n declares them unsurpassed
.1.   iobrlngtot.be notiee  of mining lor comfort, table *ud attendance.   Even
Investor* any new camps  which may he in  out-of-the-way   up-country   inns  111
Mmi-.-..red. and al«o  to   aid in directing !''"I>an,   where   guests   are forced to to t
•iie„'t,.nti,ii  of the public tocau.psRl- I'"'1 .sl"ep   on    t].«   floor   and their di-1
,      .,,,,,,.,,        . consists of lish  in overy possible form,
reailv established, but which bavj been j ihe C.P.R advertisements were found,
neglected. ! Canada's reputatiou   bus  never   stood
B    IV> present  to tho transportation | higher than now."
I'oii"! mips onerating in the  district
01 form 1 tion tiius obtained.
Been asked to drink	
Requested to retract	
Did retract	
Invited to parties and receptions
by parties fishing for pulli..
Took the him	
Didn't take the hint	
Threiitbened to lie whipped  	
Been whipped	
Whipped the other fellow	
Han away	
Been asked "what's the new*'.'"
Didn't know.	
Lied about it	
Been to church	
Changed politics	
Expect to change still	
Gave to charily	
Gave for Terrier dog	
Cash on hand	
I tli
. 3,338
. 3,300
...      .
.       Ilk,
Galliher'B friends claim that he will
j have a sweeping majority iu lhe upper
7. ro promote tariff nnd oilier legis- country j Eoley men say that they bave
•i'tioi. which will he of advantage to the! enough votes in E.st and West Koot-
nloing and sme'titig industries of i!n*Ll)ay t0,;arrv ti,u Hiding; McKaue, with
I Wince and to aid tne Dominion and one eye on each oi his opponents and
(Wincial governments in their efforts 1 h\. m'in,i oll his deposit.hopes to slip iu
to promote these interests. between tlie two. .   .
0333333333339333303009000 QOOOOOOOOOOOOCOOQOCOOOCOCO
mm mm.     8!S   the local layoit.    I
10 the foot of   the   hill   and   have lately  0303OO009S00OOuOO0OOOOO0OO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
completed « li.' bunk houae 21 % 00 feet. 	
On Monday Hill Bros, delivered a
biune load nf lumbar hsre for the Emily
Edi li mine
SILV ll It T <> S
The properly ts now in shape to give
employment to i'"> miners and Ims
enough  ground blocked out to enable it
to ships . a ini- lor k me time.
Binanan,   grupes, apples and   nweet
I otatoes nt Reeves',
Till: li'.- l i'('i:NlMir.i» HOTEL IN THB8LOCAN.
•|.U, a I'ten 1 _(>:>' TO TUE TI.ayeli.ini; PUBLIC.
ll: FI'ENLSHEO Wfi'll Till- BEST I'll ICfltRAtJLE IlRANDS.
:•:   .! \S.     B0\| IIS    Pfo|>rici or.   :•:
1: -
\ nl     11  ha V \our tail ;:ing A un
< n fui;  hoc it SOQTCH WOK
ARANl'EED  first-cla-s.
1   rVVE. D
Kiirly Bird to be Worked.
Tl|e 1 "ai iy Bird property  0.1 Ten Mile
creek   is   m   be opened np aud wm ked
t.,i, v.int.-r.   ,1 M M l!c ledum und U II
Ahir.-iomii.e,    uf   Silverton,     bavinn
neciired   a   lease   and   bond    uiion Ilia:
propeity.    Oie claim  is siiuated about
tn.  :u d   onu  hall   miles up the ere k
bum Ten Mile landing and consists of s
.:ir_' - mineral '• 'iiriug lim< stjiie   ■!. . ■
twenty : el wide.   1   - a dry ore    - .
proposition i-arr,«ji,goreitlnuingas
ns j.. 1 ounces in ullver   in   the   t ui . ml
finespeciiueiiscan   be  Ku d   ol naiive
silvei.   A  tn uel  li >s been 11 n un tlie
property a dtstauce of 100 leet and it i-
the intention ot the   pre»enl  leasei - J
further explore the prop 1    , iMiniueiic-
ing nt  a   point   in   the cr ek bi il
dnvin.'u tunnel direct 1 o   the vein.
Tiie Minister of Mines will tour the
S.ocnn au 1 wil! be 111 Silverton within 11
few days.
Fred Fingland.   who bas charge of the
Uonl'or   mine  at   Three   Forks,   spent '
rt sdnesday iu town.
A Loss All Around,
A report prepared by the Civic HeaUU
Department for use of the Mongolian
commission shows that uluiit three
thousand Japanese and Chinese reside
in Vancouver. In G2 Japanese loduiin:
houses 1,200occupants wero touu.l, and
l.oUO in 105 Chineac lodging iionsea.
Besides these there are many living iij
priyate houses ns domestic servants, etc.
The Health Department derives about
|320. revenue from the Mongolians,
while thn expenditure in sii|iervi_.iiig
.hem is about $1,000,
Liebsciw  The  iaiiar.
Vi-.xt  !• >■>.- 1 ' thi
t or
WWW.. .*\*tr*sAe**r
^K   A
I'll V11GR nl-    	
 p a T.   O II I F E I N.	
Al Ibe l.'iiKMiiver
The ernes-cut  tunnel,    now    being
driven   at  lhe  VdlCOUVer  UrOUp,    I .'1-
reached a deptn of over 2501 el and
hhouiil soon encounter the vein From
ihe point win rs ihe ninnel will sliiku
the vein atnnuel will be dn\en, ou the
ledge, soine 300 feet to reach a puim
directly below the old workings, tbi-
will giv,- li depth m il n rich ore elm e 01
over 600 fyvt and upon up n large block
of Sloping giound. The Vancouver
hoi.!-, a record as a steady shipper ol
high grade ore and this new tunnel will
give it a long lease of life before iI
becomes necessary to go any deeper.
(jitolt. O. Ditigle's for fresh fruits
m.d confectionery.  Near I'oiioffice.*
There is n movement being made here
among the skaters to form n hookey
Jos. Brsndon has been iu Sandon  for'
ro ne days leaving a   trail   of   Foleylsm
Tom It ted lias s.,M s one h.ilf interest  behind him.
in tlie Montezuma, s Cen Mile claim, to     Walter Smith, who has been spending
the Enterprise people, 'a few  weeks  at   the Ilslcion springs,
Tii- Fislier Mai 1-n M. A M Company | returned to town Monday,
are   advert «iug for Certillcatea ol Im-,   Tom  and Jerry,  thetjongv4dance
provejueuts   i >r  the  Helena  and "Jroj   tulitits,   are   due   to nrrue in Silverton
rial o -,   fui iierly    th     E ll
■r   Maiden
■" ip
Onr I able of ore shipments this weekl"**
shows a total of «W1 tons sent  out  this ! charge ol tlm s. s
within thn text lew days.
Captain   KeuiiKin,   who
i-ar as 1,nii.-i  with a total h.r last j    Marshall Y. Adwii". formorlj
v. ill. his wife
east  on    11   visil, is ag .in in
Ku* in.
of  Kus
ih.. de*
year ol ■':>'-• tons.    Bet ire December :!Dt i lo. died in Spokane tl i.s <ieek.
Ins total will easily reach -'iOOO. cewnd «as well known beio.
For Iheqnarl ir eliding S ptember 301 h i    *»"■ is prenaring fpr tlm ('in,-to,as;
theTavno mine shipped 8820 tona of ore. trodo,n'1 1,1S u" •' " ! u"  i''"iu-diate
letting a profit of $113 200.     From  thia consumption a lot ul   ho- leu. ins ami
divi lend" for Octobor in the amount of I oranges.
|"8,000 were paid, and (35,000  was put j    Operatic tronpes make a point of Sun  !
In the treasury. Maying in  Silveiton   1;   possible    They
aim that the ln.tels  hen-  are  better]
in  the   III ig.nioi
1,111,iis oi $78 60to the ton     This pro
lierty, recently bonded Irom the Silver-
\ to Ipoundsami le 1 iken across the 1
i than those ol anv ton-
Widttt of the Iron II irse  ledge   gave   |1(11J|#
All work in the Jewelry Repairing
line, left at the Silverton Din-Store, will
he promptly fi r ranted to Jacob Divei
the well-known Nelson jeweler.    All re
;o Ition is o in_: ii >.
PiUaburji       < pairs are (H'.ut.i\'Ti_ici. k.iii rote vi; ut
A Bis Lid.
for  Tli^
comes but once
A Year.    t
Am once more Iiefore you, alive and
B. 0
"Established   m N«li
ls my duty to let you know' tbat   I
''"light    goods   D1UKOT  FU(»M
The cross-cut tunnel, run nt the fso
ol the main tunnel on ihe Storm olaim
has proved that me li dg« is ov 1 20 1. 1
wide. The vein is ..ell di Iln. 1 nnd
iioed with l°dge matter, itonoentrntiut
ml occasions! bunches of • lean on
'. Wood winter qosrttrs have been erectei,
'on this propei ty and a force of men wih
he employed upon itnllwinter. Tli
Storm gives every indication of nmkini.
one of Silverton's biggest
ton owners, is now h ioc stocked on the
Eastern market for $150OJO.    The t.ro-
George Williaii-SOn and  (icorge Long.
; 1 wo oi New Denver's pioneer*, made the
plunge this week.    '1 he (onicr ws mar- 1
I ried to Miss Vargaret Monroe,  nf ln.'cr- I
Bsr Silver, (MWI soil, Ontario, and tha latter made .Miss,
1 Maud Bagley his bride.
dim 1    -^ '**',r"'" *'"' be put on in u few j
. j dnvs between  Spokane and   Kuskonook1
„ miner- and s,n,lters quotes lead j ||)(] ^ ,. & „ ^^ ^j ,|(u| a..,, |i(i _.„„ j
I to SUtt it.    By this passengers from  San  |
; don and K .s ocan  i-o  IbrOUtfll   to   Bpo-
I kana In one day, avoiding the lay-over:
! -n Nelson.
Nov. -J'.
,   110.89.
tinn that liX''
New York.
l.ik ippei
I   .i.l -Tii
,.: M.00 al the close
-, ipmenls  of ore  ft
die year 1809. totaled.,  ,
\;i other Lake p ilnh
lhe ship.,.ent    nl   ore
: ike i> lints, mi  lo
\VA{\ LATENT MADF.   I want to sell thew
';'|-W INC  iTflEE OF OHAllOE    and   PRF.PAY all   .
•it • lo oni-of town points',
savn all kinds cf goods in a thousand   dilTereut  styles,  and   solicit yoar
1 guarauteo all (loods bought from      &
me to bu
^©mlI: cheaper mm
»" auywhero else in tbe Kootenoy, and the very best quality.
Jaoob Doyer,   I III J ti IV K LI W,
nmm.-     -     J    -     ..     ~      «
Chamber cl Sines.
"the Chamber ol .Minns ol Sonthern |
British Columnia" is tlio name given 1   |
ai asfoclatlon reccnty   formed a  ore
Hossiaiul ininiiig ni.-ii for th ' advancement   of the   mining industry.      The |
fouiidqrs ask the earnest ami   aclive  cooperation 6! all traiiaportallon, minlni
and sineltiug comtuuiiea and  indiviihiai-
Interested in Rsit and Wesl  K wteiia;
and Yale.  The objects ol the OhauiUei
..IMines will ne:
1 Vo obtain accurate nn l reliable In
formation ol the developmeiii work him.
the installation of mucbinery In eaol
Itw mines 01 ulfliuts In all 0ani|JS
- .nih.-rii Biiiish Oolum iastnl In 1 ui ,
10 un ntua live to,in .eforo mining In
vestorsin the large Qiunciul oentr 1.
2 fo obtain weekly ihn phlpnientfl ol
,111 Silveiton foi
 I00U Tons.
.. ,1383    "
from   Slocan
and  inch, ling   the
1,resent week, from Jan, 1, IflOO.
(."rom Bosun Landing. Pons.
Bosun 1040
Prom New Denver
lla.ll.el    30
Cspella  "
, 1 nn Siivt-rlon Tons.
Emflv Edith,
. 1.)
Wakefield, (concentrales)
(Ialena Mines    	
prom Enterprise Landing
Neepawii    1
1'i.iin Slocan Citv
Arlington     W8
Bli. iv Prince    80
Kil '-•.)
Tuo I-lien.Is 20
Bondholder  20
Hunplon  10
Tho "ad
OP thu b Ul
1 _f the Silverton Drug £ton\
pRM, Is worth reading.
James Walnwright, a miner employed
by the Arlington Mines was  severely
liilit at that mine last week .    A boulder
fell from the roof of the il, il't  and  utrnck j
liiio 10 Iln'small of the back,  Inflicting
injuries Hal will keep him  in  the  hns
pital tor some weeks.
A. I- Sifton. Df. I.. A., from the Territories, ami s. s. Taylor, 0. C, ol Nelson,
intend touring the blocan. Thev will
address the elector in New Denver on
Monday next in the afternoon snd will
hold a meeting here in tile Union Hall
St 8 o'clock 111 the evening of the sum.
day Roth ore Bald lo bc excellent
speakers ami will donbtlflsf have an opportunity of presenting Candidate Oal-
lihf r's ci.se I el'oie a crowded hall.
"The Circus  liir!"  us pr. sented here |
laat   Saturday  evening  by the   McCoy I
(■onie.lv Company prove I 11 good draw-.,
er, a large audience being present.     In
thO absence of music of ally kind  all  the
songs god dances were out out, which 1
emphasized Ihe lew approaches to rank- |
nes* in the play. Tne Company how-'
over thr ugh li- r acting scored ftl
success. An unsuccessful attempt was |
made ta plai ae iln on Sunday nigbt,
"The Snug of lhe tuns."
Quebec and Montreal.
Peace was our portion, but a whisper cams
\\ bictl stirred the elements, Lord Durham knc.v
What time he labored  for onr country's
When Canada was new.
We call to London as an elder son.
In hybrid language speaks liis stronger
With loyal love, and yet in unison,
The song ol France admire.
Hot headed, witli  a  .-axon want ol la.JA
We could not see where modern issues
Hut tool: brave atepj to Imi I in laith tinj
The battle oi theCBoyue.
from  Fast to West o'er Canada has
A sig ml   that the test of time Is true,
Q ebei- H loyal, th 1' her vole st last
Hah turned to It mge from Bleu.
II.il Mother! tho' ye leave me half forgot
1  am   more Lnglish than the English
I he flag of Tupper, when his tribe is 11 it,
Yet wives on Beacon Hill.
('live kissed me oo the month, and oyeti
and brow.
With   gia'ii->r of the  mystic,   blaring
But,  i!H«ljug  vo.eafor Hal pi I, we taught
,    him bow
We valued him— and Sloan.
New  Westminster.
Where run the sockey w.tu < 1 - * 1 .1 n-r
And fat spring  Salmon   vanish   ma by
We heard the song of Edgar, Wll > eft o 111
gave way to Morrison.
Nelson and Itosshuid.
All hail, Did .England ! and not a'l in vain
Le Koi gives greeting to l«s It.'ine fr.nu
itraiidcliildren.jwlio have slioilted, "L!.is
Let her. go, (ialliher!"
J. II. M.
''Pai'U, Willi i* .1 imv i.e: cent?"
* .1 uoiiviilaseeiit, 111} eo.., is u paticrl
l»h > Is not dead yet."
One    (null     Turn     Hioou   Amilhi-r.
La.licH oi Canada—Sitters 1
(ireat Britain takes nearly nil U.e exported produce of Canada. English,
Scotch and Irish hoys produce the lurts
of Ceylon and India.
Canada consumes (1,000,00(1 pninds nf
colored and doctored Japan OlWrll leas,
(ireen less of pure, natural vreen leaf,
are being introduced from ('nylon and
India, They aro now on sale with all
Statesmen see obstacles to preferential
trade within the Empire. You ladies can
sweep aside all ob-truution.
Bring patriotic sentiment on yuur
breakfast tahle. Yuur grocer will get
thorn! pnie leas ii you only iusist.
Tho balada Tea Company bave placed
them in hundred 1 ol at ore,-, Die Blue
Kii.boii is also obtainable.
Many other loading linns bave shir*
iiv.its coming.    Only laggard* await t_v'
tumping ul tbe cat,
in __■
A Terrible Tale of Brutality
and Cowardice
London, Nov. 20.—The daily Ex-
press"publishes the following ^from
A   party   of   thirty-eight   Turks
wishing^to^leavej Russia  secretely
sailed at the   dead fof night   from
Tschurushu to cross the Black  sea.
A storm arose]and^the" boat (filled
First the baggage was thrown overboard, then the children and  finally
the women'were committed   to   the
sea, but this did notjprevent the vessel from foundering and all perished
save one ladjwho clung to the mast
and was washed ashore.
The'Toronto^Liberals arc arranging for a banquet in honorJof Hon.
Clifford£Sifton, ^M.V'P. _elect for
Onslow Presbyterian^ church at
Truro,"N.jS., wasjotally destroyed
by fire yesterday. t|| Loss*$6ooo, 'insurance none.
Par* Indemnity
London, Nov. ar.—The award of
$3,062,800, with interest at five
per cent from June 25, 1889, made
by the arbitrators in the matter of
the seizure of the Delagoa Bay railway by Portugal,   will be   paid   to
the claimants today or tomorrow
t_-    ...-.
tsote or money
Toronto, Nov.   19.—At the annual general meeting of the   Canadian     Bankers'    association     Mr.
Clouston, genera! manager   of   the
Bank of Montreal, in the course  of
his address referred to the numerous
evidences of the expansion of trade
and commerce in Canada, as shown
by the growth of the  note  circulation and bank deposits, and by  the
immense   development   of   foreign
Referring to the proposed  establishment of a  mint,   he  expressed
the opinion that decision   to  do  so
had been arrived  at   without   due
consideration.      He feared it would
lead to some disturbance of our currency system.     The use of gold instead of notes   as   daily   currency
would cause heavy loss by abrasion,
and was not appreciated  generally.
On the other   hand,   bankers  were
only allowed to hold gold to the extent of 60 per cent of their cash   reserves,    the   remainder   being   required to be in Dominion notes.    If
banks, on the other hand,  exported
gold, which   they  would  doubtless
be driven to do, they would be subject   to considerable   loss   on   exchange.     There was some profit in
minting silver, but this came to the
Dominion  government  from   England,in any case amounting to $70,-
000 yearly.      Minting   of gold entailed actual loss.
Filipinos Will Have a  Taste
of Real War.
In addition to the principal of the
award  and   the   interest   thereon,
which makes a total of about   $5,-
000,000, Portugal paid $140,000 on
account of the seizure in 1840. The
Portuguese   government   has    deposited security valued at $5,000,-
000 in a London bank in  the  name
of Ambassador Choate.     A  large
proportion of the award goes to the
widow of Colonel   McMurdock,  an
American, who, with a  number of
English capitalists,   built  the  road
A Southern  Cyclone
Birmingham, fAla., Nov. 22.—A
Columbia, Tenn. dispatch says:
"A terriffic [cyclone moving in a
westerly and northwesterly direction
I struck this place at 9:30 o'clock last
night and left   h ivuc   in   its  path
New York,   Nov.   20.—Forbearance has  ceased  to  be a  military
virtue in the Philippines, according
to news from the   war  department,
says a Washington dispatch to  the
Herald.     Lord    Kitchener's    plan
of operations in South Africa, harsh
though  it appears  to  be,-appeals
to  officers of the war department,
and during  the  coming  campaign
no mercy is to be  extended  to  the
Filipinos in active rebellion or give
aid and comfort to the   insurgents
The administration,   according  to
a high official, has become weary of
the long drawn   out   war.    It   has
been    conciliatory  in  dealing with
the insurgents   and the   efforts   to
accomplish   peace   by   this  means
have met with contempt.  It is   now
proposed to give  them  a taste  of
real war, and though  the innocent
may suffer, it is only by this means,
it is believed  that  the guilty  may
be    punished.      When    Secretary
Root returns  to  Washington  final
instructious will be cabled to Major
General MacArthur relative  to   the
operations   to be conducted.     Ag
uinaldo is believed   to   be   in
mountains of Benguet.
HOI hlvlKLIdiit   UMTS    IT
Transfer   of   Big   Fleet   or   Thirty
Dultifb, Minn. Nov. 17.—The
Bessemer Steel Ship Company, of
which John D. Rockfeller owns
practically all the stock, has transferred the big fleet of 30 walebacks
to the Consolidated Iron Mines of
which John I), Rockieller also owns
about all the'.stock.
Greenboro, N. C, Nov. 17—
Judge Thomas J Shaw of the superior court has issued bench war-
'ants for six men alleged to have
been implicated in the recent lynching of a negro near Rtitherfordton
for killing a white man.
Bank of Montreal Makes   a
Tremendous Gain.
. —  .„•.._. I Was Diown awa
and operated it until the Portuguese   remained intact.
CrrWI.rr.wr.. — .  __.__.!_.-.
government arbitrarily violated the
concession it had granted and seized
the line
The northern and western sections
of the city, populated by negroes,
was almost entirely swept away.
Fifteen  persons   are   known   to
have been killed,   and  it is  feared
that this number will be largely  increased   by  later   reports.     Many
houses, including  a  large  number
of negro cabins, were blown down,
and many others unroofed and otherwise damaged.    The fencing surrounding the United States  arsenal
was blown away   but  the  building
Hearst of San Francisco, will
statt a new daily paper in Washington  with   William Jennings Bryan
as editor at a salary of $25,000 a
George B. Reeves, formerly traffic manager of the Grar.d Trunk has
succeeded Charles M. Hayes as
general manager of that road. F.
H. McGuigan, general superintendent, refused the appointment.
The cyclone lasted for about five
minutes and Jts path, about one
hundred feet wide is clearly marked
by devastation. A freight train on
the Nashville, Florence St Sheffield
railroad was lifted from the track,
but as far as reported no one was
ffletnpbls   Tornado.
Memphis, Tenn., Nov. 21.—A
tornado struck the town of Lagrange, forty  miles  east  of Mem
South  .Ill-Iran  A (Tain
New York, Nov.   17.—A London
cable says:
The scene at the reception of the
Colonial   troops   by  the Queen in
Windsor   castle yesterday   was   a
heart    stirring    one.      Men   who
marched   into   St.   George's   hall,
where her majesty was seated, came
from  places  very  far asunder geographically, but they represented a
unity of the British  empire.    Many
limped   and ail   were   invalids, yet
they looked an exceedingly serviceable  body of men.    They included
members  of the  Canadian contingent.    The  queen  asked   after   the
welfare of the men with true woman-.
ly interest   and   every word of her J
graceful little speech was  distinctly
heard   throughout   the fine   hall in
which   emperors   and   kings   have
been repeatedly entertained.
Cbluenv   Aftklrs
Paris, Nov. 17,—A*diapstch re-
eived'j here from Pekin says the
Russians are I abandoning surveillance of the railroad from Taku to
Tang-tsun and that (Count von
Waldersee has telegraphed direct to
the Russian minister of war complaining strongly of this measure,
of which he had not been previously
The Penalties
Washington, Nov. 17.—Minister
Wu has received direct from Director General Sheng the following
telegram, which he communicated
to Secretary Hay today:
"An  imperial  decree of Nov. 13
deprives   Prince  Tuan  and  Prince
Chwang of their  ranks  and offices
and orders  them to  be imprisoned
for life ; Prince   Yih and secondary
Prince   Ining   to   be    imprisoned;
Secondary   Prince  Pien   to   be deprived of his rank; Duke  Lan and
Ining Nien to be degraded in   rank;
Kang Yi being dead no penalty can
be   imposed   upon  him, 'and Choa
Shu  Chian to be degraded, but retained   in   office ; Yu  Hsien  to be
exiled to the fartherest boundaty.
Montreal   Nov.     ao.—The  half
yearly    statement    of    the    Bank
of    Montreal,     shows    the     result of the   business  done  by  the
bank from April 30 to  Oct.   31,   is
a  very  gratifying   one  to   review,
and is evidence   that   the   tide  of
Canadian prosperity  is not  yet  on
the wane.     Until  last year,   1893
has been    the high water mark ol
the bank's earnings  for the  summer half year, but  last year  these
were   exceeded  by  $23,151,    and
this year are exceeded by   $47,893.
The A< luut;i-:»rulDgB
The actual earnings for the corresponding half-years since, and
including 1893, are as follows:
Net earnings half years to October
'893 $635,010
1894 604,826
>895 608,150
i°9° 603,350
1897 609,940
1898 629,118
1899 658,161
i9°o 682,090
"•••tin. «-^rr
At Old „,a|e      W *H
.   Braz!l- hd-Nov      '
'"& engineers-0f  ,„• .Kkl
—beri„g8ai;; \r::\<\
"ease from $7s t0$?f°ra"ii
andsh0rtening0f    ^PerN
ei*ht hours, declared , W°'k<«
and returned to work ?'^
at the old price, * **%
* «nr «,,„„„ Um
NewVork, Nov. 17 T, I
excellent authoritv f„ ' „>«
•nent that the proposed R6%i
be floated in this
'■ country,
Seattle, Wash.,   Nov        \
steamer Oregon; has fc^J
Nome    with   mo  J       " f'»»
:ers H
$300,000 in treasure.
It is stated that the Duke of Manchester and Miss Zimmerman of
Cincinnati have been married. The
young lady's father denies it.
—     m-. —/   .....wn   cast   ui mem-       "■« /j
phis, on the Southern  railway and   wounded.
3«   _i   racll        ■_.____-_      - « a . I
Boera Lose Heavily.
Bloemfontein.   Nov.    17. — The
Boers heavily  attacked the railroad
at   Edenburg   Nov. 15,  Thursday.
It is reported  that the  Boers were
completely cut up.    One report has
it that 75 of the party was kilied or
_._,-,_ .j  «
as a result,   not  a   church   is   left
standing except the Episcof a'.   The
streets are littered .with   the  debris
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^m of destroyed buildings, merchandise
Two women,   disguised as nuns,   telegraph and telephone wires  and
have been swindling the charitably   pojeSi    Several persons   are   dead
inclined in Greenwood.    They were   antj injured.
 o  '
inclined in Greenwood. They were
exposed by the mission priest from
St. Eugene.)
today's htock ailki.
White Bear—30 days,5000, 3>£c,
J4c down.
I I 30
WO 00
4SKSD Sill
Athabasca I fi 00
B C. Gold Fields	
Bi(?Thres         2%
BlsckTsil        11
Brsndon k Golden Crown.        8
Csll.omia         0
Canadian Gold Fields	
Cariboo ICsmp McKinney]      7fi
Centre Star $1 45
Crow's Nest Pass Coal.... |5C (X)
Deer Trail No. 2         3%
Dundee        Ifi
Kveninu Star  i>u
Giant         2%
Homettske (Assess, paid)        'ly.
Iron Mask  [Assess,  paidj      36
Iron Colt :         2
1.X L       10U
Jumbo       30
JCing (Oro Denoro)        J>
KnobHIJI       66
Lone Pine Consul         9
Monte Christo         4
Montreal Oold Fields         3'A
Morrison         3
Mountain Lion        60
Hoble Firs        tu
North Btar (Fast KootenayW 10
Okanogan (Assess, paid)..        lu
Old Ironsides       70
Payne f    88
Peoria Mines         \u
Princess Mand         8
QnUp       26
Kambler-Cariboo       >£>%
Republic       70
BL Klmo Consolidated....       4
Sullivan       16
Tamarac, nss't paid         v,
Tom Thumb       16
Van Anda         :".» \y.
Virginia         4 'iu
War Eagle Consolidated..! 1 12    $ 1 OS
Waterloo        :t\4
WhiteBear        3fc
Winnipeg        4
The cyclone's advance was foretold by a roaring, rushing sound
followed by quick, heavy reports
which gave the inhabitants warning
and they rushed out of the falling
To Pacify Them
Durban, Nov. 17.—Among the
measures to be adopted in order to
pacify the Boers is the reconcentrado
plan of Lord Roberts. Lord Kitch-
ner has decided to take this step
owing to the difficulty of dealing
with the armed Boers, while hampered with the civilian people in the
outlying small towns,
Ontario vital statistics for 1899
just issued show: Births in 1899,
44705 as against 46599 in 1898, a
decrease of 1894. Marriages in
1899, 16514 as against 15,375
in 1898, an increase 1139. Deaths
28607, as against 36670 in 1897 an
increase of 2238,
The will of G. H. Lovett of Yarmouth, N. S.| disposes of $7,000,-
000 worth of property. All but
$100,000 goes to relatives.
Alllea PlKbtlUK
Shanghai, Nov. i7.—it is report.
ed that Gen. Ma, with 10,000 men,
Gen. Flang with 8,000 men, Gen.
Yu with 5000 men are marching
towards the borders of the prov-
ince of Chi Li, to check the ad-
vance of the allies westward. Li
Hung'Chang and the Yang Tse
viceroys, it is said, have guaranteed
the empress dowager's personal
safety. She will return to Pekin
but she  believes  that they  are in'
heeargUeTtthphe  au,lie,S  t0  CaPtur«
Her.     The   French    force,   which
A .11 in-k  Election
Victoria,   Nov.   19.—Telegraphic
advices from the Yukon capital   tell
of   mock   elections   held   there on
November 6,   coincident!)'  with the
United States elections.    The Dawson   Nugget    held   the    election.
When  the   votes   were counted it
was   found   that   the country had
gone   pell-mell   for   Bryan.      McKinley   was   snoaed   under by  an
even   larger   avalanche   than   that
which buried   Bryan   in   the United
States.    There   were   3,337   votes
polled,   and  of these,   2,404   were
for the  Democratic candidate, W.
J. Bryan, and 933 lor William  McKinley,   the  since-elected   Republican president.    The democratic majority  was   147.    By  the  terms of
the   election,   Bryan   will get   the
Klondike souvenii which is now being prepared at a cost of over $500,
The   Democrats   held a   big   time
after  their victory.    They paraded
the streets  in  crowds and cheered
for Bryan.
Skagway also went for Bryan,
and Juneau, too, declared for the
Democratic nominee.
Hank Failures
Cincinnati, Nov. 20.—"This bank
is closed by order of the comptroller ofthe currency.
"O. P. Tucker,
"National Bank Examiner."
The above notice appeared on the
doors of the stately building of the
German National bank of Newport,
Ky., prior to the time   for  opening
yesterday.     The salient facts of the
cause of the notice had been known
since Sunday morning,and therefore
there none were of the  scenes  accompanying a run on  the  bank   by
depositors.   The alleged defalcation
of  Assistant    Cashier   Frank   M.
Brown  to   the   amount   of  about
$200,000 was a fact so overwhelming that no  depositor  was   foolish
enough to suppose  that  any good
could be accomplished by   attempting to get   money  from   the   bank
London,    Nov.   20. — Director
Nelson and Manager Shannon, who,
with the auditors of the institution,
were found guilty November   14  of
falsifying  the books  of Dumbell's
Bank ot   Douglass,   Isle   of   Man,
which   recently    failed     for    over
;£too,ooo, were today sentenced to
five   years'   imprisonment.       The
others received  sentences  ranging
I from six   months'   to   18   months
■eduction i„ w,Mi
F'orence,   Col.,'(Nov,
'ocal ore reduction mi„. £1
nounced a cut in the  Waft, ' *
borers and carpenters angi| ^
crease in the number of *M 1
hours. The wages o( labo^l
now receive  $2.25- and *
eight hours' work are redu^!
$'•75 and $,.85 for I0 hou„ J
carpenters'wages from $3 t0 j*
with an increase.from eight to,
hours. Labor circles are muck(|
cited over the matter.
Objects to Croker
London,   Nov.   17—There t
trong intimation in many quit
that   Lord   Durham  is partict
anxious   to   curtail   Mr.   Rid,
Croker's English racing careen—
that  the fight  against the toil
horse, the  Scotchman, was larjol
due to* his  being the owner of m|
Hon. Wm. Mulock, P. M. G.,
has declined to represent Canada at
the Australiasian confederation ceremonies on account of pressure of
business. Dobell of Quebec city
will likely be selected.
T. B. Kock, Conservative candidate for Nipissing has taken legal
proceedings to enforce his righ ts to
the seat. Kock will fight it out in
the courts without reference to the
'.u\ election on Dec. 12.
went to the relief of the Catholic priests besieged at Chen Ting,
in Chi Li province.succeeded in rescuing them.
FaU the Penalties.
Paris Nov. 19.-The French
minister advises that Prince Ying
has allready been degraded and imprisoned; that Prince Tien has been
ordered not to leave his palace,
and other princes have been b*
Ernest Mansfield, the Nelson
mining man, has issued writs in the
supreme court for$85,ooo,chiefly for
damages, in connection with his recent arrest and imprisonment.
Hill Burs the N. p.
New York,   Nov.   ,9._Two   gigantic railroad deals  involving  the
North        Pacific,   Great  NoJ
and Umon Pacific on the one  hand,
and the Atchison and Southern   Pa.
effic systems on the other, have just
been completed and will shortly  be
This statement is officially  made
by one of the highest executive officers of the Northern Pacific com-
Pany, who admits his company is
about to pass under the   control  of
he Great Northern, according to
the long cherished plan 0f I. I hi!
of the latter road. 3-h HIM
Mn   Hi" ls "ting in close har-
T'  W/th J-   PiereP°"t   Morgan
who ,s the chief factor in the  £ „!
agement of the Northern ParfS
•"" 'tis for the purpose of pu!
>ng through the big combinaS,
that the Northern Paciflc ££"
trust has been dissolved. g
Fatal Callslon
Spokane, Nov. 19—A fatal wreck
occurred on the Spokane Falls &
Northern railway two miles south
of Dragoon station. One man was
killed and two others sustained serious injuries.
The train was the  regular  south
bound freight   consisting  of   eight
cars and a caboose.    When  at  the
point where  the  tragedy  occurred
the rails spread because of the action of the snow and rain under the
ties,  and four cars  were    thrown
down a   rather steep grade,    The
engine and tender were left on top
of the grade,   also'the   remaining
four cars of the train  and  the caboose.
The four wrecked 'cars contained
sacked lime. In one of these cars
seventeen men were stealing rides.
One of these, John Klein, was
caught between a pile of wreckage
and crushed to death. Several
others were pinned .down by timbers. Patrick Welch and Richard
Hocking were dragged out later by
the trainmen, and the rest escaped
by a miracle without injury.
■■IIwny Aniiim,
Oil City, Pa., Nov. ij.-*A ht
end collision between a Pennsylvi
ia extra freight train and tht tm.
lar Lake siiore passenger trail, *••
curred   two  miles from  Polk IK
night.       Both    engines were M
molished,     all   of    the passenpr
coaehes left the  track and forty i
and coal cars   ot  the freight tei
derailed.    The wreckage destroyd
all the telegraph  communication
The killed are:
Thos. Sutton, baggage man,
Ashtabula; JohniKane, brakesn
of freight train, of New York;
gineer Pitzer, of the freight,
Newcastle, two male passenj
and the newsboy, names unknonl
are supposed to be dead beteM
the wreckage.
Negros Wanted
Limon,   Col.,   Nov.   17.-Noli*
were posted today warning Negf«»
of bad character   to  leave Lincoli
and Elbert counties,   and declaring
that if they do net go the|will be*
corted across the  border.   Officii
of the Union Pacific and the m
Island railroad have also   been |*
titioned to remove from these cim"-|
ties all the imported  colored «**•
J This action   is   taken in  pursuance j
of resolutions adopted at the m**
meeting of citizens at which an **•
ganization   was   affected   for  1
purpose  of lynching  |ohn Port"'
the colored boy who had confei*'
to the murder   of Louise Frost m
who was  burnedat the stake M| |
Chinamen  linng
Vancouver, B.   C.   Nov.
Yip Luck,   the   Chinese
- -y   —M«.n,       1111;      v lli.ii.-'L      III"'-       I
of Chief of Police Main  of Sti»*l
The latest news from Montana is
that H. L. Frank is announced as
Clark's running mate for the senate. F. August Heinze's candidature is thus overshadowed for the
time being.
~. ». u.e. 01 ronce   iviaiii   i»   ►»■»•-
ton, was hanged yesterday morniitf
in the yard ofthe provincial  ja'1 J
New Westminster.    He  coufei^l
his guilt.
Ltd., with $.00,000 capital.
The Erie and Wabash  system  I.
Germans Like Wlilakr
New York,   Nov
is   rapidly becoming   - ---    _ ,
a nation »f
whiskey drinkers. More di»till
spirits are exported from this country to Germany than any o'h'r
foreign country, For the ye"
ending June 30th. last 411.489 t1'
*misiii^   jiiut    yjKlk*   taactt.  ^f* -n    r    -    .
Ions of Bourbon and  i^7»578 &'
police   andani Adams'exchief of Ions of Bourbon and  itfi
dead. °"eer   of   Kasl°   ■»   'ons ef rye whiskey were sent
the German empire.
of C
I «n r,
L si-ir.-t a leader
tomi6, Ont. Nov. t5.-Mem
L of the Ontario wing.of the Con-
tvative party »"<"ld «!linS a
Ling of supporters, to take
Le in this city "ext month for the
Loose of discussing the question
If (he  leadership in   succession  of
ir. Charles Tupper.    Among the
j,mes  prominently   mentioned   in
Jat  connection  are those of Hon.
Clarke   Wallace    and    E.   F.
narke.    For (Juebec the  names of
lonk and Casgrain  are mentioned
id for the maritime  provinces R.
Borden, Q. C,. of Halifax.
It is   also   proposed to  banquet
\r. Charles Tupper.
V   l In,....mil   llujnrlly,
I Perce,  (Jue. Nev. 15.—Later re-
irns from (iaspe  county give Ro-
|,!ph Lemieuex,   Libeial, over 1,-
1 majority.
1 ounert min* Klerled.
ICharlottetown,   P.   E.   I.,   Nov.
-Vesterday     was    declararion
iv in west and east Prince.
ackett,'Conservative, was elected
the former by nine majority, and
furgey, Conservative, in the lat-
hv .'25 majority.
oin-iul PlKures.
(Sydney,   N.   S.,   Nov.    15.—Of-
iul figures in  Cape Breton county
re Keiulall^aiid Johnston, Liber-
respectively 3900 and 3922;
upper, (Sir. Charles) and Mc-
Dugall, Conservatives, respect-
kly ;,ii7_> and 3606.
*oi«ht mm tiik Btimis
Sew Vork Wedding
|New York,Nov. 16.—Miss Louise
trpont Morgan, the eldest daugh-
ofj.  Pierponl  Morjjan,   banker
capitalist,   yesterday   became
ibriile nl Herbert LivingstonSat-
Ilee, .The wedding took place in
thi' afternoon kin St. George's
lir.h, ^The guests numbered
tr .'oo.
Uppoaed to Ihe illlnl.
iTiironto, Out., Nov. 15—One of
It questions to engage the atteu-
pn of tbe Canadian Banker's asso-
ation is that of a Canadian mint,
lich is strongly opposed by B E
alker. general manager of the
inadan Bank'of Cammerce.
'Iiirr Uro In* Tales.
[New Vork, Nov. 15.—There is
kw a Iresh outburst of the periodi-
"spy Mania" ii/Paris, and sen-
jtionar'accusations against the
pited States war department are
Jcepted by Boulevard papers as
• gospel truth.
They    Murder a Trder and
Steal Firearms.
San Francisco, Nov. 15.—The
schooner Mascotte, wliich^has ar-
rived here from the South seas,
brings tales of cannibalism and the
massacre of blacks on the Savage
For the past two years the Mascotte has been trading between the
Solomon islands,^New£Guinea and
New Ireland. Its deck rails and
sails bear the marks* of the canni-
balVspears and bullets.
The*steamer*arrived at Komali,
in the Admiralty group just after
the murder of Herman Matzke, th*
trading agent there. This was on
Aug. 29. Capt. Maceo and a boat's
crew went ashore and found that
the copra house had been looted
and the trader's home was a wreck.
In the yard of the latter a big pot
was'still sizzling over the dying
embers of a fire, and in the pot were
found some of the bones of the
trader. The cannibals had not gone
They had found   in   the   agent's
house 15 guns, and with tbese they
suddenly appeared and  opened  lire
on Captain Maceo and his crew,    A
hasty   retreat   was   made   to   the
schooner.      The   bullets from  the
islanders riddled the rails and  foresail.    Captain Maceo brought  into
play a small gun and its noise, more
than effectiveness, scared the cannibals off.     The Mascotte,   which  is
an auxiliary schooner in   the Caro-
lias,'notified the officers ofthe German sloop of war  Zeadler   of   the
murder.    Both schooner  and  warship returned  to   Komali   and  the
native villages were shelled. Eighty
villages were dtstroyed by  fire,   it-
natives were killed and 20 prisoners
Delegation or the lrM. Brigade Uracil
New Vork Nov.    16.—On board
the   liner  Furst  Bismarck   which
arrived at Hoboken last night, w»Je
44 men of the  Irish  brigade and
eight American scouts, who fought
under   Colonel   Blake    with    the
Boers in South   Africa.    The  Irish
soldier are part of a detachment that
came out of south Africa by way of
Delegoa Bay and reached Hamburg
by way of Trieste.    The Irish  Brigade took   part   in   the  campaign
arouud Ladysmith.    "Long   Tom"
the Boer gun of history,   they said,
has been manned   from   their  brigade.
The Caruegli' Company
Pittsburg, Pa., Nov. fid.—The
initial quotation] on, the Carnegie
company stock was made at the
Pittsburg stock exchange today,
when one share was sold for $1,500;
500 above par value,"% At this figure the total capitalization of the
Carnegie company will be valued
at $408,000,000 of which Andrew
Barnegie owns 53 per cent.
U'atd  r.i-e'* Malar)
jBerlin, Nov 15—The Reichstag
fixes the salary of Field Marshal
Count Von Waldnrsee at 150,000
marks annually, with large extras,
the division commandera will receive '15,000 marks aiul.Vxtr.is.
Kngllng S)iii|iiiili)
London,Nov. 16.—Public anxiety-
remains strained until that none too
robust monarch, the Czar of Russia,
recovers. In political circles any
other issue of his majesty's malady-
is regarded as a nightmare.
The I.ondon^newspapers comment on the czar's illness with peculiar sympathy. The Times remarks that it has always been believed in Kngland tbat the czar "reciprocated the national sentiment
toward him and cherished great regard and reverence for our beloved
The Times also says: "The czar
has exhibited consistent attachment
to the cause of peace. It is hardly
necessary to say that any event
which will lead to a change in the
occupant of the Russian throne at
tbe present anxious state in the far
east might very gravely prejudice
the situation."
Strange Revelations In Papers Found in Pekin.
Monterey, Mex., Nov. 16.—The
report that American officers have
unearthed ancient recorts in Pekin
showing that the Chinese discovered
America 1500 years ago and erected
temples in Mexico, has aroused the
greatest interest among the scientific men of Monterey and throughout this country.
The Chinese temples alluded to
are in the state of Sonora, on the
Pacific coast. The mines of one of
the temples was discovered near the
town of Ures, in that state, about
two years ago. One of the large
stone tablets fonnd in the ruins was
covered with carved Chinese characters, which was partly disciphered
by a learned Chinatmn, who visited
the ruins at the request of the Mexican government. This Chinaman
made the assertion at the time that
the ruins were those of a temple
which had been erected many centuries ago by the Chinese, but his
statement was not received with
It has long been claimed that the
Indians of the state of Sonora are
descendants of these early Chinese
settlers. They possess many traditions and characteristics of tbe Chinese. If the report ot the finding
of the records in Pekin is verified,
an expedition will go from here to
explore further the ancient temples
of Sonora.
The Chinese Typhoon.
Hongkong, Nov. 14.—The bodies
of 22 persons who were killed by
the collapse of houses on the shore,
in the typhoon which struck Hongkong last Friday night, have been
recovered. More than fifty bodies
have been taken from the harbor,
and tbe remains of many victims are
still to be found. The damage to
property and crops is enormous.
Ktralli roua  Une* iu Kngland
Montreal, Nov. 14.—Strathcona
sails for Kngland from New York
on Saturday by the Lucania.
i'iiiii|iiiiii» iu seMiou.
New Vork, Nov. 16. —Prominent
Filipinos are collecting at Hong
Kong to hold an important meeting
to decide upon a future course to
pursue in the Philippines.
Sliver ((notation...
London,   Nov,     16—Bar   siher
closed steady, 29 n-i6d, per ounce.
IIMI11.UI..II    ll.k.lullu
[Port Said, Noy. 15.—The Dutch
uiser Gelderland, with ex-Presi-
lol Kruger, of the Transvaal, on
Pard, will leave this afternoon,
fie destination or the cruiser is
bknown. Mr. Kruger refuses to
: interviewed.
An Ineane Attack
Breslau, Nov. 16, — Kmperor
William was the object of an attempted outrage this morning
which, however, failed. As he was
driving in an open carriage to the
cuirasser barracks, a women in the
crowd hurled an axe at the carriage.
The rapidity with which the vehicle
wes passing saved its occupants.
The ax fell just behind. The women was immediatelv   arrested.
Won li)   liin.M , in ...
London, Nov. 16—At thc second
day's racing of the Derby November meeting today, the Derby cup
of 2000 sovereigns was won by Innocence. Second, Syerla, and Refractor third.
Alatkau  lntli_.ii*.
Chicago, Nov. 16— Unless government aid is extended the Alaskan Indians the death rate tbis winter will be appallingly large, says
a government ollicial who is on his
way to Washington.
»'.Hia Fire.
Chicago, Nov. 15—Fire totally
Mroved the farm machinery plant
•l'« Appleton Manufacturing Co.,
Geneva, 111.    l,oss, $250,000.
,u ''""l   Die  Hoer ImmUrauta Br-
London, Nov. 15.—In the south
W families already have crossed
•frontier into German territory
South A«rica. The immigrants
'" be Quired to undertake obedi-
ce 'o German laws and promise
al 'heir children will become Ger-
P1"1 subjects.
Association    of
, Tl,e    National
y?nnien l»as recognized the Nation-
11 Association of Colored Women.
W»rk of building the new chal-
,n&*r, Shamrock II, has been
'artetl in t
'he infant son of John   Dayman,
•oronto engraver, upset  a  lamp
"'ftday and was burned to death.
he mothers injuries were also fatal.
"ere is a serious apprehension
lat 'he czar is suffering from ty.
loid fever.
''rincess Victpria of Wales is en-
Wd to be married to Prince
l'orge of Greece, governor general
Xno Duke and Duchess of Vork
1,1 b« invited to visit Ottawa when
1 route to Australia.
Huaalaua Are Looting
London, Nov. 16.—Dr. Morrison
wires saying:
"The Tartar general commanding in the province of Szee Chuan
has been nominated governor-general of Manchuria, in deference to
Russia's invitation to China to resume the government of that territory under Russian protection.
"The Chinese peace commissioners have received a telegram from
the empress dowager, dated Nov.
10, censuring their failure to prevent the dispatch of foreign punitive expeditions into the interior.
The empress dowager continues to
issue decrees appointing officials to
office. She is unable to realize her
position, and has even appointed
literary chancellors to conduct examinations in the provinces.
"Trustworthy assurances from
NiuChwan assert that, despite their
assurances that they will not loot
the railway, the Russians are transferring material from the Shan Hai
Kwan line across the river at Niu
Chwan to the Russian Manchurinii
Over Ttvcul)   Million*
Chicago. Nov, id.—More than
$20,000,000 in gold dust and bullion came out of Alaska, British
Columbia, Northwest Territory^
Washington, Idaho, and Oregon
between January 1 and October 24,
this year. Tbis is from a report of
the assayer in charge of the I'nited
States assay oflice at Seattle.
Weyler Talk* Big
New Vork, Nov. 16.—General
Weyler has granted the conespond-
cnt of the Figaro a long interview,
in the course of which be is quoted
as saying:
"If 1 had been able to get together a strong conservative party-
after tbe death of Canovas I should
have prevented the loss of Cuba.
At the head of the Spanish troops
which were I hen on the island I
should have driven the Americans
into the sea. I should never have
nuked for a tleet to be sent to me,'
A mold Committed.
London, Nov. id—Julian Arnold
son of Sir Edwin Arnold, was
brought up on remand at Bow
street police court today charged
with misappropriating trust funds,
on which charge be was recently extradited from California. He was
committed fo- trial.
Spokane to Sandon.
Spokane, Nov. 16.—A local train
service will be put in operation in a
few days over the Great Northern
from Spokane east as far as Ron-
ners Ferry, Idaho. This is one of
the considerations which has induced
the. putting on of the new train from
this place to Sandon, B. C, by way
of Hoi in ers Ferry.
a HriiaioiiK stowaway
Liverpool, Nov. 1(1 -A magistrate
here, with the view to checking the
increase in the number of stowaways on transatlantic vessels,
yesterday sentenced Henry Moot'c
of Chicago, to four day's imprisonment. Moore was found Starving
in the hold of the steamer Teutonic,
when that vessel was in mid-ocean.
He said that he determined to visit
Rome during the Pope's jubilee
year, and being penniless, resolved
to stow himself awny on the Teutonic and thus get a free trip to
Kurope, His pockets contained
various religious emblems. He declared in court that bc would get to
Rome  somehow before Christmas.
Jonathan Wilkinson, founder of
the St. Thomas Times died suddenly of appoplexy, aged 73  years.
ooni Paul Kriiaer
Suez, Nov. 14.—The Dutch
cruiser Gelderland, with ex-President Kruger on board, bas arrived
New   Vork,   Nov.   14,—Mieheal
Davitt, M. P.,  cabled  from   Paris:
"It is a unique testimony to the
great    individuality     of   President
Kruger that his voyage  to   Kurope
is  watched  with more   interest   by
the  continental   press   than   is   the
progress of the war in   China.    All
speculation agrees upon two points,
There are   to   be  important revelations.    In one informed  quarter   it
is ascertained   that   Mr.   Chamberlain will soon have   an   opportunity
of reading private   letters   found   in
Johannesburg that   will   place   the
active   complicity   of   the   colonial
ollice in the  Jamiesot\ raid   beyond
further dispute.    Proof will also be
adduced that Kruger purchased the
ammunition for   the   Boer   armies
from   Birmingham firms,   in   which
the family and friends ofthe  colonial secretary have a large direct   interest.    The   Gelderland   will   stop
nl Port Said only   to   receive   dispatches,,    and   will   proceed   in   a
few days to   Marseilles, where she
is expected to arrive on the lytb.
A noble figure i.s taken out of
the public life of Canada by the
withdrawal of Sir Charles Tupper
Irom public politics. No country
can be the richer for the loss of a
man of great ability, true patriotism
and dauntless courage.
Lord Roseberry made a stirring
appeal to the Knglish race today on
his installation as Lord Rector of
Glasgow university.
Allail.  lu f'hlna
London, Nov., 14.—A dispatch
to'the Standard from Shanghai says
that Sir. Robert 'Hart, director of
the Chinese imperial maritime customs, has-been appointed to arrange with the ministers in Pekin,
the amount of indemnity to be paid
by China and the~method of payment. An imperial edict has been
issued appointing Li Hung Chang
general issimo of the Northern
army, vice Vung Lu.
A protracted conference of the
foreign ministers was held today,
at the conclusion of which there was
a generaLexpression 01 gratification
at the progress made toward reaching a settlement. It was stated
that most of the minor points had
heen disposed of and that an agreement had b_>en reached upon several essential questions. The meeting disclosed fewer differences over
essent'al points than had been expected, largely due to the fact that
the ministers had received definite
instructions from their home governments. Minister Conger said he
was] encouraged to believe that
propositions woeld be ready to be
submitted to the Chinesejplenipo-
tentiaries at an earlier date than he
had heretofore hoped. The ministers will meet again tomorrow.
Reliable information from Nieu
Chwaug indicates a disturbed condition' of affairs there,^Robbers
and pirates are carrying the region
and paralyzing commerce. The
Russians are making no' effort to
suppress the troubles except along
the railway. The weather is becoming colder and there'are nightly-
frosts, but the supply of fuel i.s good
and the troops are not suffering.
Makes a Statement Regarding English Railways
In China.
New Vork, Nov. if).—The British government having called tbe
attention of Count Lamerdorf to the
manner in which the Russian tioops
are holding * British railroads in
China, and the Knglish papers having made atticks on Russia, which,
if founded on truth, would place
this country entirely in the wrong,
the following statement has been
made by a Russian officer :
"Russia." he said, "was the first
to arrive on the scene after the -outbreak in the neighborhood of Pekin.
She found the railroaJ destroyed
and abandoned. It was a question
about wnich there was no time to
waste or to go'and ask the advice
of the Knglish who showed no
anxiety to come and guard their
road. We proceeded forthwith,
using the utmost speed, to make repairs, manned it, and placed it iu
ruuning order.
"Did tbe Knglish expect that
after we had expended an extraordinary amount of labor, and after
large money expenditures, we are
going to hand hack tbe railway at
their request. Would anyone expect that?
"We had and have no intention
of keeping the line, but certainly we
did not propose spending our energy and money for tbe benefit of the
"We, therefore, held, and are
holding the sections until an estimate of cost has been made out.
As fast as this is done, such sections,
with estimates, will be turned over
to Marshal Count Von Waldersee
for him to deal with. Tbis is our
plan, and it is a very simple one."
.TIcl a  Hunk,, nau
Rochester, N. V., Nov. 14—Two
Canadian youngjmen named Wm.
and Walter Bromley, who reside in
Colborne, Ont., were on their way
yesterday to Avon, N. V,, where
they expected to find employment.
A stranger met them at the Krie
depot here, and after engaging
them in conversation, said be lived
in Avon, where he conducted a machine shop and thought he could
give the brothers work. Shortly
afterwards the stranger said he bad
almost forgotten a piece of machinery, which he intended to purchase before leaving the city, and
asked Wm. Bromley to accompany
him up town to get it. Upon arrival al the machine shop he asked
Bromley to loan him $10, all the
money the boys had with them,
saying bis wife at the station bad
his pocket book. William gave the
stranger the n oney and has not
seen tbe man since.
The port ol Glasgow, Scotland,
has been declared free Irom plague.
The cost of the Boer war will   be
;£, 100,000,000.
Mayor Prefontaine will sit for
Terrebonne and Mackay, defeated
in Montreal, will run in Maison-
neuve. Mackay is an Knglish
The population of Hawaii is 154,-
000. as against 109,020 in 1896.
Attorney General Griggs has
made formal announcement that on
the 4th of March he would
retire Irom President McKinley's
Col. Cooke af Montreal has been
released from arrest. Gen. Haley
says there was a misunderstanding
in tbe matter.
Tbe superintendent of the Zala
M., in Sheridan camp, says that
there arc great quantities of ore at
the mine, sacked ready for shipment to the smelter, but he is experiencing considerable difficulty in
getting teams to haul it to Midway.
Mai-Neill Withdraw*
A. H. MacNeiil has withdrawn
from the contest in Vale-Cariboo
and will be succeeded by John Mc-
Kane in the Conservative interests.
In retiring from the field Mr. MacNeiil has given his reasons in lhe
following letter addressed to the
To the electors of Vale-Cariboo:
It is with regret that I find myself unable to give that time to the
conduct of the present campaign
that its importauce demands. Sirce
I was nominated matters bave arisen
in connection with my professional
practice that require my attention
to such an extent as]to make it im
possible for me to visit the different
parts ofthe district as I desired and
Having conferred with the executive of the Yale-Cariboo association
and stated my position to them, it
was agreed that I can honorably,
and while retaining the confidence
of the Liberal-Conservative parly,
withdraw from the campaign. I
therefore asked the executive,''after
conferring with as many of tbe local
associations as time would permit,
to name a candidate in my/ place,
and I am happy to inform you that
the Vale-Cariboo executive have
chosen John McKane of Rossland
as tbeir candidate tu represent tbe
party at tbe election to bc held on
the 6th of December next.
I have known Mr. McKane for
more than 15 years and feel that be
is well qualified in every respect to
be your representative. From his
prominent connection with the mining industry he i.s particularly well
fitted to represent this riding anil to
call attention to its many needs. 1
hope the friends who have so loyally supported me in ibis cause will
give tbe same support to Mr. McKane, and 1 can assort them tbey
will never have cause to regret it.
Thanking my friends for the
hearty support tbey have given me,
1 remain,
Yours sincerely,
A. II. MacNeiil.
1       %
King Oscar of Sweden is in a very-
low state of health. Tbe tacts are
being suppressed. I -j
m \-
S.in ran \v,  Ni'Y) nui:n 24   I'JOO.
 ——r- —r—  -" -
1 thocontesl in   Durrani.     This  is eon
teiuptibje on Hie eve ni the twenljhsthil
, century.—Vancouver Independent
,.+..*.■■*••>  ..*—."****.*
fornOertili.ifcnflnHirovomnnfe, tortile
ittlnluu'a Grown orHntot tne
above t'hl.'uiH.
To Jambs A'xMusojf,   Von nro horeby
notified Uml  »'• have expended Ono
Mm [sin ii ::v'-i'.v satckuay
'i    A coniimui is lieing formed in put «I undo* sect ion 37,  must he comjpenoec
W.e.tefworki"system Into Slocan City, before the issuance of such  Certificate o
VV. Tboiui'roii Ins been putting up ii ; "j^dX'g 1st duy of October, 1800.
MAXIU.-SON IlIlllS..    K'litirs .t Prop*.
range in the boarding house ut tlm Ilrv-
I    W F Anderson, the genial 0. P. R,
|Truveiling Prtwieuiier Agent,   pold tin
town u visit .ve-t<-plav.
iM ill   ti i.
Advertising rates will be made know:
upon application at this office.
Pocks snd
fim Watch kipairipg a tyieialfv.
Tin v. bad been If Nine big Irco lies.
j and after the until on tbo counter hud
tnl.I ol ono Iii! bail rill il.'w n  li.ul   ttieuB*
ii UUi.UiiU..a.iiUii'  „red iiiasty feet in dlwra^frr, everyone
f I took a U/Baflling s|*-U
!!m!^ii,!!iill,iik'l>iirly Supporters.];;^,
5 8
mh Raft Falling.
All Work Left nt Tin- LaWvlsw
Hotel. Silverton, will I c i-.rn.,i.l-
ed and prompt I v attend.- I i".
large   and  comfortable
rooms tablk   jjnsuit-
fassed   in   the
The Ontiiiio vital statistics lor   Xr.X;\i
j have just been compiled, showing tiie
I I'tiilim-inu : Ruths iii Ifitlfl, 44 70j, iim ii
gainst iO.bOO In LSQSk a decrease •>( 1,^94;
iimrijhigeshi 1809, if! .''II. ..h against 15,
O. H*   KllOWlOSi!378 iii li>i.-i, an increase of 1.130; deaths.
SANDON,   -    -  -    II,   H. ! I'S.tJO", n« against B8.870 in 1808.   nn   in-
' "     ricase of 2.23".
These vital satistiori of Ontario nre
anything ''Ut encouraging. Tlie people
back there evidently think that because
i hey have succeeded in populating the
biggest part of Michigan, Minnesota,
the Dakotas uml Montana, that the-
call for young Canadian,s lias ceased
and thi! inarkut overstocked, and an'
ready to rest on their laurels. They
never made a bigger mistake. Tiny
have yet to do their share towards
supplying young men and women to
settle up Manitoba, the Territories
i and British Columbia, and not leave
1 if all to the Marintine Provinces.
Thin decrease in liirt'i  rate may   be
! fashionable   and    all   that,    but, it is
: inconsistent  and   verv    inconsiderate
j towards   British   Columbia   to    shut
down just Ill-cause   the United   .States
j demand    is   smiplied   and   t^ie   onlv
market  for our  young men is in our1
j own land where t-fiey are and should be
appreciated as superior to the imported article.
Th.'it  a  \oil---
I'.-ime from In hiinl ihe stove,  "I saw  n
I tree once in Alameda county 'that  W*fi
| ho big that on fl miil   night j:s   berk
■could be heard for •»■ Ive miles."
Mlii'iT HV Sii Voto,
Tbe Sflocan Electoral District in known
ai pulling division No. 9, In tho Dominion constituency. In ir there aie 14
polling stations, as follows J
No..', New Denver, Government build-1
•j, Bilverton, McKiiinouv II ill.
3, Bandon. Crawford's bnlldinv,
4, Three Forks, tlijerich's store,
5   U'hilewrter,   0,   Kaslo,     7,  .Aitui- I
And further  >akn   notiee thnt action   a„aJrea pollars in lallOl and  improve-.
nienfsnpon lhe Oakland Mineral < hum
nn Four Wile Creok in theslo.-.m Mining
Division,  located on  iho 30th. day oi
August lA'ii snd recordoil ill the reeonl
otlii-e ol Bald Division ou tho 12th. dav of
September  1 st>::.  In  order lo hold sal.l
claim   mi'l'-r   tlio    provisions    of    tllli
Mineral Act, being tho amount required
in   bold   the   Name   I'nt'the .v.'iir eliding
September I'.'ih    JO00    And   ii wit|i.n
.lavs Irom the date of Illi'fl notice
; or refnsn to contribute your
propoition of such expenditure together
Ti... liTinioisioti i levaila that voters in j wiih all pi si of advertising, your Interest
,,     ,-,.,„ eiMUlon can vote In said claim will beoome the property
the coming Dotntn on •lection can * oro Mlliw,1|,,,rt  llm|,,.  Section 4  of
in the Hiding,   ?hl.s is nol so. | An Afl. u> g|JiMld „>a MlllPnl| Act   ,,M)
indent Voter$ take   Notiee | I'. F. LisiiscHBti,
: thnt  you iiinft voto  In Ihe Provincial T  II. Wilson
I Hiding in  ivliicl.  seam r^««J- D.l(u} „,„ liflt.„„tll ^VsJSfeiw
Aisii taku   notice    that    tt.o   ian  Unnn
Uurlboo-Kootenay election  takt.s  plaoe       ■ i      i i       «n ■
lonDKi FMBFlt 6.
By order oi Committee
Independent Labor Party.
Silverion. Oct 24)tl, 1000.
- any pbc
I All   lm
Sandon Miners' Union
OI'I'.'N   To  tiik   wm.ir
Unhwrlbersi *i. ,*., II1Dnlt,
I'liyaiel'afienta.fo. ,J(.r(,uy
fcieinn or Hiirgeoii «m.| ,irl,RHi
Dn. W. '•'■«omiii.AlrnilnntPhVi;,i
3, D. J|cImi'oiii,in, PrnaiJRIIt.
W. I-- Haiilkii, Secretary
U'm. Dona,,,',!,  .,. v. Mm    ,
Directors. 'S
,........*..*......... . .
For Purchase of filBtfiil rininiN.
r.. c.
II nbrnhle Mr. Junlice lr\ ine dated I9lb
Septan.■i"., A. D 1900,Tenders wilt h*
,,,    ,. , ioceiv.il hy tlie iiiid..i-_.ign.'d up to tie
ttortn,   (J, Pilot Bay,   U, Eohsoh. tweadiih if ay of Novi-mbvr. A. D. 1900
1(). Slocan .'unciion, .1 unci ion House.   ! for ,|„, |,|irol.u«e ol ihe Mineral Claims ul
11, Blocan Oily, Government building, libo Cnnisioik Mines (British Col um Ida
12. Deer Park,   18, Argi-uta, 14, New-
linn's Kan.-li.
6 6A. Cetr*lo_aci of *
Coiii^ecl Goods,
„ Have Arrived for us—Fmli iUfitt „
THIS VKAK'S FIIEIT.   SO Pl.H-STOOK MNKS ON olllt .mn.'f vrr
Fresh Buller and Eggs.
We make a «p cia'ly of
Cnstoim*is wiib u„. ,'|
DRY GOODS.    '^i,'"'"]yfa'>"'"p,"kof 1,rv';"o,,,,'
lOPplyloH unr
I l.iii.it.,1, silnato nt or n«'..<- Silvert- r, B i ,\.* Uui,v. a specialty much appreciated |>* 0ilf |aiiv
C., ill tho Di-tii.t "f Sloean and RlioWP
I as   "Uuhv    I'riist,"   'K'eiilnrkv   tlirl,'
A fuse aaupt cncA« or T»nT»a poa/scn
"Silver   l.'llief,"    "( .'pistock "
I'.-ii-r   Iraelion."  "Silvir   Clip,"    ami I .eptionsl ta l(Sa in all kind of Boots and Shoeg
"ImiIi-i   Fraclion.'' al!   Crown Orsnted
-* "^^••'-es,;.;;';.:M;x,T,i:H7
••'*■  gi\>  n-
My Xmas Stock Of
H H Reeves,
Silverton, B.C.
Highest Honors, World's Fair
Oold Medal, Midwinter Fair
Avoid Hatting Powders containing
nlu.-n.   Tlif-v ire l:_,|nrlou» to health
Conveniently Situated near
Railway Station and Wharf.
Tables supplied with nil the delicacies
of the season.
HENDERSON it UKrHIN.J, - Pkoi-m.
SLOOAN CITY,   ....   B. O.
L-    - GERMAN -
With MacNeiil out of the  running
iu  this Riding  and   M.Kane   in   his
place, tbe prospects forthe opposition
I is not a bright one.    By thn withdraw-
j al of their  candidate   tin;   Consurva-
l tives acknowledge a weakness that wil
'not help them   among   the  doubtful
If lhe Liberal-! win  it  will  he   be-j
- I cause they are   the  Govern.nent,    not
j because of the number  of  votes that J
their candidate may yaiu in his ttotilp-
ing tour.    The fight will develops into,
one between (.iulhh'T ami his majority
in Yale, Cariboo and Lillooet ami Foley, backed ity majority from lvist  and ,
West Kootenay
The Lib,.i-  workers,   bere at   least,!
are hardly devoiii.g as   much   interest
to their rampaigniiigas they ordinarily
do to a game nf sola    What work they j
ure doing is confined too much among j
[ those wboie votes they t,re reasonably J
j sure of getting,    Jf their man is beat- j
I en through not carrying the Kootenays j
• by a big majority that will he the rea- I
' son why.
IClaiuH, ii".i iiluo the Concentrator
I machinery and plant thereon helonuiug
: to the said Com|..-iliy either together 01
I in p reels , the said .Mineral Claims to b.
sold .sin i. cl to a  charge.
(lllieial   Liquidator
Dal.-d this Itith. diivi.t October, A. D.
Fader Building, BOO Qranrjlle Slroet, I
Vancouver, U. C. (
i     '■■   ' " »■>'        '
,,)   U.GORDON,
i»ai s, iiKAi. r:sriii:,ro.\VEVA.\<;KK
■ sir.viiMdN,     ...v. r.'
; .1.11 McGR 11 ci:
AN i MIXING r.Mii.Mi.li.
SI.i (' \N Cl I Y. li   ('
ourne Bros.,
^ 9     New
C* *■* * *m* *.** * . * . .
Denver,   J*, c,
ri'TD-DAil' IN FVKRY IlKAM l|,
WoiiK urr ,u K. Am,iu.v„nV h.Ui.,
»«» w NEW DENVER *iu n. ms
v, nipitiTO UK ^^^ l'Ki.»:»Tl.v   BKTl'SMB
hi* Thorburn,
• »■»•••••
[I imndri \V,..k I'SIIhI l'..r ..ml Deliver.-.* We.kl
ll 0,
r i
Witli   i>i:r   njorlo   of   fiJ!in|
mall oi;.-   ;:, a  man living .
th* -heart  oi tho Rockies" ; IJA58    ti ii *'..*  Tfi  OniL
can   do   bualn9«S   with   uo .    .         Hi*.V       li.'l   IlH
almost os Mttefaotorlfy as ., | WUfI £**?*l*   IU IJUIH.
living in the <  '   .
If It's <-i Diamond Rlnar, a I
25c. Collar Dutti n c- nny *
artlclo ni tho jewelry |lna, S
All C00.J3 marked In plain
figures - otrlctly on-, price.
Carri.-.;o charpua 1 .-.'it i.-j ^<i
and mon y rcfundi d l( v^'.i
desiro It,
Cur hiyndcoraoly lltuatrated
catalciruc cent freo.
NELSON, li* Ce
t^O peroentoff
\aso.vs mm k \um vm.
IEV DESIZI, -  aa IM'.
General        Fuji Line      Lumber
Dry  & Mixed Sash and
Paints. Doors.
Tor Sale at All Druggists.
and Soo line
St^ll Continue To Operate
Ftrtt-clau Sleepera on  all trains from
Aldo  TOURIST   CARS .. .l'aaalnK
 Dunmore Junction	
ilaily for St. Van!, Hatunlaya (or
Montreal anil Boston, Mondays
and   Thursdays   for    Toronto.
Same ears pat's Revelstoke one
day mirlier.
T R 0 » B L K
(i 1 V K    Y 0 [I
V 0 I N T I'. II
Regarding The Kastem
T ft I 1'
Yo'.i   t/'ontemplatc   T.tkinjr.
For rales, tickets, and full information
.tpjil.v to 0. B, CiiaSDI.br, A|?ent, Silver-
^>n, R. C, or
Trav. Pass. Agent, Nelson
Xt}. 3. COYLE.
A. <3. F, Agent,V*nconvpr.
One of our exchanges wants to I
know Jiow long it will be before tbe I
Lord's Duy Alliance, after Sunday i
funerals Ime been stopped, will be I
putting a stop to Sunday births.
''^uIvronto.\   VOTE AND      I
Are solicited  for
Lstcbliikei Hi 1
vv^^^srsr? _aaftL'sr.'«,w
A3oe/»Iltttia^VCo.,   Slocan, 11* O,
;;'V'i'>vi)i..,:.\M,,.A(;K ,f0MK8 roa M1I;].   vf RKJU0SABU(
111.6 __.v (ll:NI |(V|  ,,,.,.„,,,.,. ASI) TBANMKK B0SINW,8 do.nk.
The year 19C0 was declared   a year
of peace   I y the Pope,   who   Wfa r.ftt J S^lC«
represent d at   the peace    conference .
at the Hague, and during the year the \ *°   w%"^U*Br^ ''"''":"
GREAT    ffbjjn   t'ksiag
Slaughter   o„(
Til('.<:'    li'-Ui'S.
Chris. Foley
THE    CANDIHATK    OF     Till;
I.M)EPKN'Di:NTLAI5(Ul party
OiitMnleVart,,.. ..irina ||,„.,. |„ Kllrerton
Cm Huve Tl„in ||,.,m,„| |:v  Writing to-*.
+ ♦ . t t "
A, p. Mcdonald.
*ILYI RTON, - • li. ('
art i.tins of the Hague conference we ri
signed by all thc creat powers. Put
what do we find? The Christian world
slaughtering the Chinese, men, women
and children, in China,    The  Atner-
10   p.mi.le   (,,.H,,iii,„   I.i.i.i.w   Original | IROH PAHTV
Prk-e-HStlO NOW t\2.m ' •'' ■
$10 MeiHcltuil Fleet tin Belts, Now (500 	
110,    Midieinal     l_.iii«ry,   Now   ......     T^S pln'forni adoptitl eonnlsts o| lb«|
U'Tni.ro;;-. x..v..:,;s;.r...,. ^:-i..;-,i'f,,!lowi,,;:Hu^" "i""1-
10tt HAND OIL FAINTIMis        I    N«V*>Free rauipala/irr eilivmtlon
icans, boasting  of   their   constitution  ^ j^-'-, g> J;^ n^ m      No,-A  le.,1   uorkin, d,r of •«!.« |
and $1S, Including l.e;.nti.iii buniisb,.,|
i-'ilt iiiiine.H, most suitable piesent of ii,,.
and freedom, hunting the Philipinos
through their native mountains for
refusing to have a foreign yoke placed
upon their necks. And lastly the
greatest Christian power of Europe
battling uith the most Christian
people in Africa, and gleefully cutting
ench others throats, while the blaek
Zulu' applauds then hoth. And the
year of peace terminates in a rejgn
of blood.
\,i fl—Government Inspection of al
ffliaf Often Arc Saying.
Those Victoria and Vancouver papers
do not know enough to let sleeping doge
lie. As goon as we eet three consecutive fine days they begin to boom lhe
climate—and then it rains again—Nu-
niiiino Herald.
Novelty Scissors, Novelty Electric SpcU
tie Lamps, etc.
 Goods sent  0 0. D.   wi.cn   deposit
SJObmpstilei order     All muii orders will
receive prompt attention at—
p.   C.   N O V K L T V   0 0.
NOTICE:—"St. Helena" and "Tnov"
Mineral Claims; sitiiim. |n t|10 S|,„.Rn
Mining Division of West   Kootenav
Whore located:—On Four Mile creek,
relocations of the "Fisher Maiden" and
"Silverton "
Take   nojee that I, N   F. Townsend,
actinir aa airent lor the Fisher M.ii.l<.l
C.iii.iiili.luted Mining k Smslflng  f;.itn-
pnnv.     l''.eo   Miner's   C.-rtitli-Hte   No
riie prospects are that the Protestant »D 15! it'iul sixty dav- fr m the date3
"^iwo" horao will be jotted out durioiij here0'» *° "PP'y to the J^lnlug Recorder
All kind uf Pictures selline at Cost,
Picture (raining a  Specially.   priVoJ    No'1-11";  atwIRiou ol ibe contrstf
guaranteed lowest in Kootenav. ! H3'M,0I» "ll "" public works.
No o- Tlie pnbllo ownership <,f n||
fi-.incliise.i, such us lailways, lelegraplu
waterworks, liu'l.iiiig, eic.
No 6—The iiimlitioii of Asiatic imini-
liralion, the application ol the cine, tion-
al test snd tlm abolition of inducement*
to foreian immigration to settle in the
No 7—The abolition ol child Inlander 1-1 ve.iis ol n;ie.
No 8-Tho abolition ol the e'i'rO depos-
i! required of ..andidates for the Domiu-
Ion House. j
No»—Compilsory arbitration of labor
NolO— Prohibition of prison hmor in
competition with free Ubor.
No 11—Compulsory uftruliq „f t|lf,
-A. S 3 a T 33 Mm
Silverion        , , .
TO ALL. * ** **
JJND before laftnj „f  then,  have nasse.l   wn  will I*
HloiiiiiMliol.,., ,,,,,.,,,.,,.., (ot 0,   <;iiriMlim_,   ,.linK,H„v„
bronitht into ||„. ^
'"'.in.    We I.hvm  onnrilera lino of
"n".li;!' :';;" l,"r.(i ' — tr„v-Mi,.« nn.l  drossbm c^es-
MWSH a* the d„i„ty Celllllohl Set-.        !.,„„„„„ ,o   suit
Hiomostbstlilious.   i'ii,,
is lo Mm uoy hinir.
'  31* .vers ^ BsntuOlsiM sppninted us bis Silver-
""•»",. thin we «ili have;.,.,, wlialbe knows tin,
Ho bus   prutniseil   a lino
ones why tOCSlVS  Iheir lirst  visit from
littm men an
outfit for die «,.,.
Wm thi. vear    tee the K(rls be sends .lolls, games, A^
fcr the boys. sleiKbs, walchM| WMi dtumit £
YKmj^QKK^^    A|fF0|U| T() OVKUL0QK cfl.
<m   Muijmir WW  STORE,


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