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The Silvertonian 1901-04-04

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 ^i  h
^   I^ooal
Tlie     True
We Want Your Order For   Groceries. • Fresh
Stock At Reasonable Figures.
WMM^MW^I^_^_____—.atia  i    ■■ m.i im——i»^t——m
[joiners'    0*u.tfits      SP-ux-
ciias©cL From. 2v£e Chi^re
Fresh Fruits& Confectionery.
Stoping Diseimtiiiui'd at the Hewitt'
Bud Roads Delay Shipment)).
Mining Locul* Umbered Prom This and
IMIii-i     Ill-Uriels.
p. BURKS &co
Silverton, Nelson, Trail, Yinir. Kaslo,  Sandon,
NewJDenver. Cascade City, Grand Forks, Slrdsr
Midway and Greenwood.
SILVERTON     B   0.
During the week the Emily Edith
mine sent out a carload ol gal-ni ore to
the Nelson smelter. Thin shipment is
(lie initial one lor the year (or tins com
pany und in to be followed Ly sevi-ral
more timing the season. It will however
not l<e until a concentrating plant ii>
Wetted upon this properly thai it wil,
lluuie us much of a shipping mine, as ii
is a concentrating proposition. A large
aiiiuiitit of ore is now blocked out in this
proper'.y und the long, looked fur ore
body 1ms b. en encountered in ibe No 4
tunnel which gives a depth on the ore
sufficient to justify the erection of a mill
to treat und prepare tue ore for market.
Choked With  Ore.
At the Hewett mine the ore bouse and
nil the available space outside is piled up
high with sacked ore and an the lack of a
tramway and the had state of the roads
mikes it impossible to ship ali tbe miners have been put on development work
No stoping will be done Irom nuw on al
i his property mil il better transportation
lacililies are iitr.iriled.
:•:   JAS.    BOWES    Proprietor.   :•:
Many to choose
irom, at
Frank Watson Will Be Manager.
The Fislier Maiden group, which nil)
be started up Ibis month, has been
acquired by a Spokane syndicate from
tbe Bauk of Montreal, who purchased A-.
property a lew mouths ago at Sheriff's.
sale, the price leing kept private Tin-
mine will lie woiked by ibe Fisher
Maiden-Troy Mines Limited, iheOom-
pany leirg now loriuid. wiih thefollow-
ii'g officers, all' of Kpiikane: John
Hunner, president; .Iul. s Prlckett,
secretary snd treasurer; Frank \\ alson,
This group was originally located in
1893, by John l'npliain and A. A. Webb,
aud up to date ban had fSft.OnO expend, d
upon it in development woik. 2U0 tona ol
ore having been shipped, giving smelter
leturns if from 1J25 to 350 ounces in
si; ver to the ton.
MIEW LOCALS.        §
The Saiiilnii mines turned out 350 tons
of ore tor Rliipuii.'iit lasi week.
A good allow ni'_' h reported on the
Ruby claim, which lies near lhe Bosun.
As-i ssinent work ia being done on ihe
RapllbllUUII, lying between the Queen
Frmitiun ai.d the Echo.
A new body of ore has been encountered in the bosiiu ami lim force ol minera
at thai property Is being added to.
A piiyui'-nl on the Harlm-y bond fell
due I his week and was promptly met by
■ he Company. Over two- Inula ol tho
purchase pi ice hns non been paid.
The Alphi ori\ which Ii.is been lying
at the dock here for several years, will
iio out next we<k. The shipment wi.l
consi.-t of nearly one hundred tons.
J. M. M. Beiiednm and Walter Smith
4re d-iiiiK some pros(a cling Work on tin*
•-ttirin claim, near town, with a view ol
securing a lease und bond upon that
T i-iiny the big delegation leaves for
Ottawa, to impress upon the Premier
and l.is associates tlie necessity for doing
something at once for tlie lead mining
industry,   Good luck lo them.
In order to retain as much of the metal
as possible iu the country, lb-. Venezuelan government has enacted au export duty on gold bullion of about |9
tir pound (Troy). A pound of gold is
Wtb $243. The tax. therefore, amounts
to about 3^ per cent.
Several American metal mines are
consideiably below ocean levi I, notuhly
in California aud MicU.iii. Toe but
torn i f lhe deepest shift of the Calumet
and Hecla is nearly three-fourths of a
mile below the level of the ocean. The
bottom of the Kennedy mine, Californiai
is nearly 1,000 feet below sea level.
3w£«:D©3a.aldL*f3 Livery
Outside PartU* Deiring Hoises in Silverton p   McD0NAT<|Di
t an ^Have Then, ^ By Writing To--       • ^^  _ . , Q
* .
Of  our Customers and   the Public in general to     *
the fact tbat We carry the Most Completc'.Line and      *
carried by any firm in the Slocan District, and are      #
prepared to fill orders of any size at short notice.
and others, who are in noed of supplies, to inspect our ;stock and secure our prices before
purchasing elsewhere.
THE WM. HUNTER CO.. Limited.
Ucattynarteni  In   Silverton, II. 6,
Warn The Minns' Union.
As a result  of  the stagnation of the
mining indu-tiy and the taxing of tin*
industry to-dealli by our government
the big mining companies nf Rossland
have been force I to post the following
notice addressed to their employees:
"Il being a matter of common report
that u certain element in the Ron-land
Miners' union is insisting upon Ibe
abrogation of the settlement that was
entered into n year ago at ihe instance
of Messrs. R. O, Chile and Ralph Smith,
we think it only right to all concerned
that we should state at the eailiest
Opportunity offi red, that if any nctinn is
taken by tlie Miners' union tookini! to a
change in the existing labor conditions
in thia camp, we, the undersigned, will
have HO alternative but to clone down
our minea and re-opeu only under a reduced eesle of waijes
"The accumulating burdens Ibat Iisvp
have neen imposed upon the mining
industry in tbis province are already
heavy to bear, and if these burdens sre
increased it will be impossible to operate
these mini sou a business basis.
"We have been struggling for a long
time past io put these mines on a paying
b.isi.-, nnd have been devising all mannei
of ways nnd means forthe accomplishment of this end without resorting to
the reduction of wsges.
"Conseqiien^.v. any further trouble or
expense to iin> companies at this time
will leave no alternative but to abandon
our efforts to tnaintsin wages at the old
slandurd, and we will be compelled to
adopt tbe long considered plan ol reducing miners' wages to $3. per day,
and muckers snd unskilled surface labor
to*2 per day.
"LeRoiNo. 2, Ltd.
"RosHland Great Western Mines,
"Kootenay Mining Co., Ltd.
"Hy Bernard Macdoiialil, G. M.
"Wai Fugle C.M  & D Co., Ltd.
"Center Star Milling Co,, Ltd.
"By Edmund B. Kirby, G. M."
Too Tree.
It miy safely be enl I that mining is
lite industry upon whieh the tutiire welfare of Britisii Columbia chiefly ilepen s
Our mineral lauds form .pari of a ln-l
which in the United States Inn lieen
proved lo lie ex eedingly rich. The ii.-
irodiic'ion of foreign capital into the
province should therefore-be encouraged
in every possible way. especially in vie«
of Iho fad that even Iho beat prospects
it quire un expenditure of lunnv thousands of dollars before they can be ranked
na pacing mines In ti e light of «-xis
ing conditional however, lli> stream ol
capital can hardly be expected to be directed Into Britiah Cofatnbia iu any appreciable quantity. The numerous methods uf taxation that are directed un the
mining industry Increase the expenses of
minimi companies bv fully one half as
compared wit1' the (Totted Stales. Mining is still au Infant ndnstry in tne prov
luce, slid as mii li it should be treated,
and iil>t' ad of having ils growth slanted
b.an Intolerable Uinl. n of taxation
should receive the fostering care thai
sueh an Industry demand . The pursuit
of sucb a policy would be fully rewarded
lu the course uf a few yi-ars, wh.-n tbe
min ng Ind list i y befog full v developed,
could without hardship yield u n-iuli
greater revenue than is being squeezed
out of it to-dav. —Lardeau Eagle.
Shipments of ore from Slocan Luke for
the year 1890. totaled 3078 Tons.
Shipments in  1900 totaled 4080 Tuns.
The shipment   ot   oro   from    Sloean
Lake points,  up  to and  Including   the
present week, from Jan. 1, 1901.
From New Denver Tons.
Hartney    120
From Bosun Landing,
Bosun  200
From Silverton
Hewett 526
Emily Edith      20
i-'r nu Enterprise Landing
Enterprise    120
From Slocan City
Arlington    1060
Two Friends 4(1
Black Prince HO
Bondholder      60
Chapleau    15
Speculator '...   20
Total 2251
J. Norrls came down on Monday from
the Idaho mine.
Wm. Scott and family returned (rom
Ainsworth yesterday.
Saiiford Daigle returned from tbe
Boundary diatrict yesterday.
Ferry's garden and fliwer seeds for
aaie at die Silverton lb ug Store. t
Pat D.vyer, foreman of Ibe Hewett, will
bring bis family to Silverton to live.
Mrs Fletcher will move to Ksslo to
j in her husosnd, who is employed
S. T. Walker, lately returned from
l'ocoma, Wash, visited friends here on
Foreman Alex. Dodds came down
from the Red Fox on Tuesday to enjoy
ihe sunshine here.
Mr. and Mis. Criddle left on Monday
.or Nelson, where Mr. diddle bas
secured a position.
F. L. Byrou spent a few days in the
cnmp this week. He returned to Three
Forks on Wednesday.
E. Jack returued from his visit to
N.iiiaimn this week. He visited all the
Coast cities while away.
The coudision of Herb Reevea is practically uiictianged. Tbe pioapect (or tiis
recovery is still hopeful.
Frank Culver, wbo baa been spending
tbe Winter in Seattle and Spokane,
returned ou  Wednesday.
Chas. McLaughlin was taken to the
Siocau Hospital on Saturday, suffering
noiu a sligiit attack of typnoid fever.
A meeting uf  those interested in the
ioi inaiion of a baseball cluo will be held
to-night in tbe Victoria Hotel, at 8
Go to R. G. Daigle's for all kinds of
lies!) fruits. He is receiving slupineuts
daily. Froali cuultciiouery, clioice line
ol tresb groceries. •
-To-morrow ia tbe day looked forward to
ov Uie tair Bex, when Die spi iuu bat can
bo worn in puulie after having been admired iu private f ji many days.
U. B. Taylor, who left tbe Slocsn recently for Uie East, has bought iu on
some miuing property iu I lie Joplin,
.do. district, aud will dig for lead.
R. T. Lowery has turned liis face to
ibe East (or a short visit. On his le-
luru lie 1 iireatens to bri ng out a monthly
magazine, which, if allowed the use of
tue mails, is promised to .e a "hot one".
For tne first time in many years Sii—
vein ii is without a butcher shop. Ueo.
A. Jackson, who represents the P. Burns
Co. here, is away on a trip and it is nut
kn -wo when another representative will
Old Jim Ilewson drank a gallon of
whisky tbe other day to waid off the
giip, and next day be had delirium
iifiiii.na and grip, too, mid at this wrii-
ing is seeing snakes and calling lor his
The gentleman who wrote us a letter
■ rum Three Forks Isst week saying tbat
he would lie down the hrst of May and
shoot our anatomy lull of boles is in-
toitiled that we have made a roemor-
auduai of the date aud will be out of
Some of our exchanges are tellinz of
books of ancient date which they have
seen. In this office we have a parchment covered volume printed in Venice
in 1SS1, As it is published in Italian we
have omitted reading it, but judging
flOW the illustration we suppose it to be
the catalogue u( some Roman departmental store.
Mm.day the unmarried ladies took to
the woods (earing to meet the census
man and divulge their ages. Now tbey
are all mad because he bas not come
yet and they sre growing older every
dsy. One young lady in desperstion
was heard to remark :   "Let   the  census
man come, for if I live a hundred years I
will never be over 27 years old!"
A Mining Man Marries.
S. C. McClure, who is well known in
Silverton, having for a long time had
charge of lhe Galena Minea and who left
here to take charge of the Watseca mine
in Mmtans, was married In Butte City
on March 7th. to Miss Ethel Ledmgbam,
daughter of Alex, Ledingham of Salt
Lake City, Utah. The news of Msc's
marriage comes as a surprise to his many
friends here, but all join in wishing him
and bis bride a happy and prosperous
voyage down the tivtrof life.
Why Some Nines are Failures.
The London Mining Journal, in an article beaded "Quacks in Mining," gives
the foliowinir as sn example of bow some
Boards of Directors conduct their business. As to the effect ol such "management" upon the mines, we in tbe Slocan
do not have to lie told. It is too obvious
to require telling. "Some of ua bave
doubtless been present at these entertainments," says The Journal, apeaking
of board meetings, "when a series of well
dressed gentlemen rush in one after
another, exchange commonplaces, light
their cigarettes und proceed to business.
'Nothing new, Mr. Secretary? Well,the
manager's report, 1 voto that's taken as
read, pass on to the n"xt. A series of
letters. I say, you'll look inlo them,
there's a good fellow; important you say
never mind, they'll wait, I must catch
the 12 50. By jove, I must be off; see
yon all next week.' The chairman i
off and all the bu°iness is shunned. The
poor manager is left to shift for himself
and Inter on he will be badgered for not
bringing something or the other to tha
notice of the board earlier, thereby wasting precious time We are quoting now
from actual experience, which teaches us
that it is a rare thing to find a board take
an uctive and intelligent interest in tbe
business of a mining con-pany In aboit
they are quacks. Nor is tliij surprising
when one remembers that the half dozen
directors are prolmbly men absorbed in
in their own respective occupations, and
that the technicalities of minea, mining
reports anil plans are as so much Greek
to them- The fault lies in tbeir pretend"
ing to know and to be able to direct
when tbey are utterly ignorant and in-
A Horrible Accident.
TbeObapleau mine was the scene Of
a fatal accident last week, in which Mrs.
G. B. Bonr, the wife of one of the employees was burned to death. The nn-
foitunate woman waa alone in the camp ■'■'
and fainted, fa ling upon tbe cook stove.
Her clothing took tire and so severe were
the i juries mt!vied by the flames that
she died before any medical assistance
could be given her.
The English price for lead ia £13 10s.
Silver, 27}i/d., Copper,  £69 12a.
New York,   ApriU—Bar Silver, 58%
Li.-!' copper,   117.00.
Lead—The firm ihat. fixes the sellioir
price for miners and sin .'Iters quotes lead
ut $4 37>^ at the close. i entire tiip,
Onion   Sets,  st tbe  Silverton
Store, 25 cents a pound.
Time is an expert beauty   slaughterer.
Envy no man's talent. Impiove your
Adam bad bis trial a but he never had
to face a fool jury.
Rome people can't stand prosperity,
but tbe majority don't get a chance to
Life is s Journey—and from the wav
*n_ii.' people eat min would suppose they
weie taking piovi.-inus to la.it during the
Three  Chollies  went   railine  out   into
the West,
Out   into   the  West,   where   the sun
goes down.
Each  csrried the dollars with which to
In   ranching, or mining,  or rushing
"boom" town.
For the sharks were many, and ChoLiea
were few,
The   chances  looked  slim   and    the
prospects were blue,
At the bar there was sighing and groaning
Three Chollies were caught  by  an uily
old shark,
And relieved of their dollars in double
quick time;
They never suspected his methods were
But invested  their csah   to the very
last dune.
For the shark must win and the tenderfoot lose,
When the prospects are brightened by
oceans ol boose;
And tbe "champ" at Ihe bar is fizzing.
The   Chollies  turned    back    from   Ibe
illusive West;
Tbey   travelled on   brake   beams  or
mixed up with tbe freight;
Their pockets were empty, their feelings
Tbey thought of  club  dinners    and
cursed their   bsrd fate;
For the Chulhes were anxious to atrike
a square menl,
But   the  fhark   chuckled    fiendishly
over the deal,
As be sat at the bar in the gloaming.
_E. W. H. in Victoria Outlook,
I was forty v'ara old an'thought dar
was mulling mo' fur nie to I'arn when tie
hv stepped In an aent me to jail fur
thirty days lur leavln tracks in de snow
around Mother man's wood pil#.
mmmmma*mm*mm *************
Issued Weekly.
A Cuiuplete Review of tbe Uveitis of
the I'OMt Week—In Thia and For-
elan I.muls—Tnken Front the
_Lateat  Dlapntchea.
The cruiser New York has been orVr A
to Manila.
The employes of tha Pittsburg Traction
company will order a strike.
No show of force will 'be made to collect the American claims against Morocco.
Colonel Joseph tinnier tif Sherman,
Texas, says the entire wheat and oat crop
of northern Texas is threaten d with destruction by the Ily peat.
At New Orleans John Favalona and his
daughter Annie were murdered in their
home by burglars, who ransacked tlio
premises and escaped without detection.
At Berlin the Vorwaerts publishes "inside news" from Kussia to the ellect that
the number of students enrolled in the
aimy ia still increasing and now exceeds
Charles D, Pierce, representative of the
Orange Free State, says that there was no
truth in the story circulated in Paris that
Mr. Kruger was to come to this country
to give a series of lectures.
The monthly _t ate ment of the collections of internal revenue show that tor
the month of February, 1801, the total
collections were $22,000,437, an increase
of $1,850,771 over the corresponding month
last year.
It was reported recently that J. Pier-
pont Morgan had postponed the date of
his sailing for Europe owing to advi r.
received from Scotland aYrd, London.
which told of a plot against his life. Mr.
Morgan could not be seen last night, but
Charles Stelle, one of his partners, said
there was absolutely no truth in the report. Mr. Steele said ke did not know
when Mr. Morgan intends to sail.
At a meeting of his parliamentary adherents at Yokohama, the pnnrer, Marquis Ito, referring to foreign politics, s id
Japan had attained a posit-on enabling
her to protect her legitimate interests and
to take whatever steps the exigencies nf
the moment required. It was inipos-iile
to deny that Japan feels the inlluence of
the complications connected with her
neighbor, and she does not ignore the
clouds on the horizon.
The president has pardoned Wiighi
Lancaster, who waa convicted in 1801,
with a number of others, of comp'i ity in
the murder of John C. Forsythe in southern (ieorgia. The pardon is grunted because of the insufficiency of evidence upon
which he was convicted. John C. Boley,
convicted of embezzling mi n-y order
funds while he was postmaster at Paris,
Ky., also is pardoned on the ground thai
no fraudulent intent waa sho.mi at the
News has been received at Dawson
of a big strike at roily.
Oxford snatched victory from Cam
bridge In the boat race.
Oeneral Funston ls to be made brlga
dler in the general army.
James Stephens, the well known Fenian leader of the 1866 movement, ls
dead ln Dublin.
Of 15,000 bakers threatening to
strike ln Manhattan and Brooklyn on
May 1, 6,000 have already decided to
Active preparations are being made
for the holding of the Pacific States
floral congress ln San Francisco during
May 14, 16 and 16 next
A terrific rain and hail storm passed
over northern Texas recently. Damage
at Dallas from water in cellars and
stores is estimated at $100,000.
The Jefferson hotel of Richmond,
Va., which waa erected and furnished
by the late Louis Glnter, at a cost of
$1,000,000, was destroyed ,by Are recent-
The Northern Pacific gross earnings
for February were $2,066,718, an increase of $210,999. The net February
earnings were $942,626, an Increase of
Joseph A. Conlin, the postoffice clerk
who was arrested recently In San Francisco, charged with the robbery of $43,-
000 In registered mall laat fall, pleaded guilty.
At Frankfort, Ky., the court of appeals has granted new trials to Caleb
Powers and James Howard, under sentence as having been connected with
the Goebel assassination.
Steps have been taken to establish
a diocese of the Protestant Episcopal
church of America ln the Philippine
islands, with a resident bishop and duly appointed ministers.
A dispatch to the London Leader
from Kieff says that it la reported that
an officer of the household attempted
to assassinate the czar. He fired at his
majesty, but missed.' He then shot and
killed himself.
At Buenos Ayres It is estimated that
In the last year about 14,000,000 sheep
perished, including almost the whole
product of 1900. The loss ln wool is estimated nt 35,000,000 kilos. Cattle also
suffered, but less than aheep.
Joseph H. Millard of Omaha and Governor Charles H. Deldiich of Hastings,
Neb., were elected United States senators respectively for the long and short
term by the Joint session of the two
houses of the legislature In Nebraska.
Announcement is made that the
Schenectady locomotive works have secured the patent right to build rallrond
engines of the so-called prairie type.
In this same connection the Burlington |
management haa given an order for 60
engines at a coat of $760,000.
Mrs. Emma Robinson, a widow with
(our children, living ln Rochester, N.
I Y., has received from a Washington
lawyer the Information that her name
appears among the list of heirs to a
vast property Bltuated ln central Pennsylvania, valued at nine liiffTIohs.
At Columbia, S. C, the Bank of Columbia forwarded to the Bank of Commerce of New York $5000 ln paper
money. When the package arrived at
Its destination Saturday it was discov-
ered that the money had been removed
and brown paper substituted.
Money still piles up In the U. S.
treasury.   Tho surplus, If tied up, will
! cripple business. Secretary Gage says
reduction of taxation will draw money
out, and he refuses to buy bonds.   Nor
, does he think it wise to increase government deposits ln the bunks.
j The steamer Amur from Skagway
'■-. ings the news from Dawson that dur-
I ing tlio recent stampede to Gold Run
and Eureka 80 men staked one claim
i and made a rush to record It, while at
the mouth of Gold Run 100 men made
a wild scramble for three claims.
j    Peter Karpovitch,   tho   assassin   of
' Bogoliepoff, Russian minister of public
j instruction, has been sentenced to 20
years' penal servitude, with a loss ot
civil rights.    The announcement thut.
j he had been sentenced to life Imprisonment in a fortress was erroneous.
At Mobile, Ala., detective Morris and
| Policeman Bresslnger recently attempted to arrest two negroes suspected of
the murder of a marshal at Gulfport,
Miss. One negro named Davis resisted
and shot Morris and Bresslnger, prob-
I ably fatally. He ln turn was killed.
The other negro was captured.
As a result of a quarrel over the
right to graze sheep on a strip of practically worthless ground near Cisco,
Grand county, Colo., John Selnian of
Payson, Utah, Is lying dead, and E. E.
Campbell, surveyor of Grand county,
ls under arrest at Moab, awaiting a
preliminary hearing on the charge or
A middle aged man was drowned in
the Spokane river under the Monroe
street bridge Sunday. A score or more
people watched his frantic struggles as
he was swept to death In the raging
waters, but were unable to render him any assistance. Who the vlc-
time was, whence he came, and whether the tragedy was the result of accident or premeditated Buicide are questions yet to be answered.
A $30,000,000 syndicate deal is pending In San Francisco, and with its successful consummation the entire fishing and packing Industry on the Pacific
coast will be controlled by one big corporation. The principal stockholders
In this new syndicate, should the deals
be closed, will Include the well known
New York financiers, J. Pierpont Morgan, August Belmonth, W. Seligman.
J. Seligman and the presidents of several of the most extensive banking
houses In New York city.
(-cncrtil I'liiiNinii TellN the sinrj o(
the K\ iieilil-lill— linn > Mil i li-li. |l •
I'.lK'iniiitcrcil—Auiilnnlilo amy* It
Won  ii   Smooth Trick.
1'i-CNl.leiii McKinley's Tour.
Washington, April 1.—The work of arranging the itinerary of the pres dent's
Irip to tlie l'a. 'ie eoa<t is proceeding
slowly at the Wiu;a House, and a'niost
everything on the progrilm up to the pies
int time is provisional and sithjc.-t to
change. The trip is to bc in no s'nse a
-pcechiiiiiking tour, it being ihe pei
dent's desire as far us possible to avoid
addre-sing the crowds which will congregate at the various places at which he wil
stop. Some set speeches at i-eveial places
are already arranged fur, but the president
will make no rear platform sj coelies t.i th
multitudes. Another feature of the trip
will be the substitute n of a drive throug
a city fo.' a public reception. The trip will
bc so arranged that there w ill lie no traveling on tiundiiy. Secretary C rt lyou,
who is planning the itinerary, is not able
yet to give out even an approximation of
ihe route and stops.
Unlveralt)' of WiiahiuKtoii liei.ni.
Moscow, Idaho, April 1.—A tilegiam
was received announcing tliat in the collegiate debate at ijeittle Friday night the
University of Idaho had been victorious
over the University of Washington, tne
judges having been unaniiuou- la their de
lisinii. The news cnated tlie gicitesl en-
tliu-iasm. The e niioii on th' . aiupus wa-.
fiied several times and a crowd of student-*
cheered wildly for half an hour. This is
the lirst debate held between te ms from
the two universities, Mess-s. French,
Reed and Gibson of the victorious icim
arc members of the senior class. The cl ss
will give them a reception on their re urn
Monday night.
Mltjor    XiiiIi-i-'m    Dill r > .
London, April I.--TI11. diary of Major
Andre, after lying hidden for KM) yeais,
has been discovered in Kngland. This interesting Und was made by Lord Grey the
other day while he was going over a 1 t
of old family papers, that probibly had
not ben disturbed since the conclusion of
the American war of independence. L< rd
Grey's great-grandfather was a commander
of British troops in America at thai time,
and Andre served on his staff, and this accounts for the diary being in the j.os es-
sion of the present jieer.
Ilnliiiiil  need Ik Demi.
New Yoik, MarCi 31—Uolind Peed,
the actor, died in t' is city Sat rd y. Mr.
Heed died at thc home of his mother in.
law, Mrs. Rush. The actor's deulh was
caused by cancer of the stoma: h, /um
which cause ho bad been Suffering for
some time and for the smell niton of
which he hud -ubinitt'd to several operations.    His death was peaceful.
Cnl I for ii I a Athletic Teimi.
Oakland, Cal., April 1.—Ten pi ked men
will leave here May 4 lo uphold the OOlorS
of the University of California in Wa b-
iiigtnn and Oregon. Th y will c-nlest the
Oregon university men on May 7, nnd wit i
the Washington university men May 11.
No woman ever wrote a novel where
at least seven men didn't propose to
tbe same girl who was too good to flirt
with any of them.
General Frederick Funston, who on
March   23   captured   General   Emilio
Aguinaldo,  when   interviewed  by the
I representative of the Associated Press,
: made the following statement concern-
I ing the capture of the Filipino leader:
"The confidential agent of Aguinaldo
I arrived February 28 at Pantabangiiii.
, In the province of Nueva Ecija, north-
, em Luzon, with letters dated January
11, 12 and 14.   These lettei'sswere from
Emlllo Aguinaldo, and directed Baldo-
mero Aguinaldo to take command of
the provinces of central Luzon, supplementing General Alejaudrlno.   Enillio
Aguinaldo also ordered that 400 men
be sent him at once, saying that the
bearer of the letters would guide these
men to where Aguinaldo was."
General Funptoh secured the correspondence of Agulnaldo's agent and
laid his plans accordingly. Some
months previously he had captured
the camp of the insurgent general, Lacuna, incidentally obtaining Lacuna's
seal, his papers and a quantity of signed correspondence. From this material
two letters were constructed, ostensibly
from Lacuna to Aguinaldo. One of
these contained Information as to the
progress of tue war. The other assorted that pursuant to orders received
from Baldomero Aguinaldo, Lacuna
was sending his best company to Presi-
dente Emilio Aguinaldo.
His plans completed and approved,
General Funston came to Manila and
organized his expedition, selecting 78
Maccabebes, all of whom spoke Taga-
log fluently. Twenty wore Insurgent
uniforms and the others the dress of
Filipino laborers. This Maccabebe
company, armed with 50 Mausers, eight
Remingtons and 10 Krag-Jorgensons,
was commanded by Captain Russell T.
Hazzard of the Eleventh United States
volunteer cavalary. With him was his
brother, both boys from Tacoma, Washington, of the same regiment. Captain
Harry W. Newton, Thirty-fourth Infantry, because of his familiarity with
Sasiguau bay, and Lieutenant Burton
J. Mitchell, Fortieth infantry, went as
General Funston's aides. These were
the only Americans accompanying the
leader of the expedition. With the
Maccabebes were four ex-Insurgent officers, one being a Spaniard and the
other three Tagalos, whom General
Funston trusted implicitly.
General Funston and the officers
wore plain blue shirts and khawl trousers. Each carried a half blanket, but
wore no Insignia of rank. The Maccabebes were carefully instructed to obey
the orders of the four insurgent officers
On the night of March 8 the pany
embarked on the United States gunboat Vicksburg. It was originally intended to take cascoes from the Island
of Polillo and drift to the mainland,
but a Btorm arose and three of the cascoes were lost. This plan was abandoned. At 2 a. m. March 14 the Vicksburg put her lights out and ran in
shore 25 miles south of Caslguran,
province of Principle. The party landed and marched to Casiguran. The
Americans had never garrisoned this
place, and the inhabitants are strong
insurgent sympathizers. Having arrived there, the ex-Insurgent officers,
ostensibly commanding the party, announced that they were on the way to
Join Aguinaldo; that they had surprised an American surveying party
and that they had killed a number, capturing flve. They exhibited General
Funston and the other Americans as
their prisoners.
The Insurgent presidente of Caslguran believed the story. Two of the Lacuna letter?, previously concocted, were
forwarded to Aguinaldo at Palanan,
province of Isabella. General Funston
and the others were k."pt Imprisoned
for three days, surreptitiously giving
orders at night.
On the morning of March 17, taking
a small quantity of cracked corn, the
party started on a 90-mlle march to
Palanan. The country ls rough and
uninhabited/and. provisions could not
be secured. Tho party ate small shellfish, hut were almost starved. Wading
swift rlvei'B, climbing precipitous
mountains nnd dense jungles, they
marched seven days and nights, and
on March 22 had reached a point eight
miles from Palanan. They were now
so weak that It was necessary to send
to Agulnaldo's camp for food. Aguinaldo dispatched supplies and directed
that the American prisoners be kindly
treated but not allowed to enter the
town. On the morning of March 23 the
advance was resumed. The column was
met by the staff officers-of Aguinaldo
and a detachment of Agulnaldo's bodyguard, which was expected to take
charge of the Americans. While one
of the ex-insurgent officers conversed
with Agulnaldo's aide, another, a Span-
lard, sent a courier to warn General
Funston and the rest, who, with 11
Maccabebes, was about an hour behind.
Having recelvedi, this warning General
Punfcton avoided Agulnaldo's detachment and joined the column, avoiding
observation. The Tagalos went ahead
to greet Aguinaldo, and the column
slowly followed, arriving finally at
Agiilnn.ldo'8 household troopR, 50
men, In neat uniforms of blue and
white and wearing straw hats, lined up
in receive the newcomers.
Gonoral Funston h men crossed the
river In small boats, formed on tho
bank and marched to the right and
then In front, of the Insurgent grenadiers. The Tagalos entered the house
where Aguinaldo was.
Suddenly the Spanish offleer, noticing that Aguinaldo s aide wbb watching
the Americans suspiciously, exclaimed:
'•Now, Maccabebes, .go for them."
The Maccabebes opened fire, but their
aim wns rather ineffective and only
three Insurgents were killed. The
rebels returned the fire. On hearing
the firing Aguinaldo, who evidently
thought his men were merely celebrating the arrival of reinforcements, ran
to the window and shouted: "Stop that
foolishness; quit wasting ammunition."
Hilarlo Placido, one of the Tagalo
officers and a former insurgent major,
who was wounded in the lung by the
fire of the Kansas regiment at tho bat-
I tie of Calooean, threw his arms around
I Aguinaldo, exclaiming:    "You   are   a
prisoner of the Americans."
j Colonel Simeon Villia, Agulnaldo's
i chief of staff, Major Alambra and oth-
1 ers attacked the men who were holding
i Aguinaldo. Placido shot Villia ln thc
; shoulder. Alambra jumped out of the
'■ window and attempted to cross tho
[ river. It Is supposed that he was
; drowned. Five other insurgent officers
I fought for a few minutes and then Hod,
i making their escape.
I When the firing began General Fun-
I ston assumed command and directed
I the attack on the house, personally as-
; sisting in the capture of Aguinaldo.
The Insurgent bodyguard fled, having
; 20 rifles. Santiago Barcelona, the ln-
1 surgent treasurer, surrendered wlth-
j out resistance.
When captured Aguinaldo was tre-
; mendously excited, but he calmed
; down under General Funston's assur-
' ance that he would be well treated.
General Funston secured all of Agulnaldo's correspondence, showing that he
had kept in close touch with the sub-
chiefs of the Insurrection ln all parts
of the archipelago. It was also discovered that Aguinaldo, January 28, had
proclaimed himself dictator. He had
been living at Palanan for seven
months undisturbed except when a detachment of the Sixteenth Infantry
visited the town. On that occasion the
entire population took to the mountains and remained there until the
troops retired.
Aguinaldo admitted that he had
come near to being captured before,
but he asserted that he had never been
wounded, adding: "I should never had
been taken except by strategy. I was
completely deceived by Lacuna's forged
He feared he might be sent to Guam,
and he was quite glad to come to Manila. Palanan "wds guarded by numerous outposts and signal stations. During' the flght none of the Maccabebes
was wounded.
The expedition rested March 24. and
then marched 16 miles the following
day to Palanan bay, where General
Funston found the Vicksburg, which
brought him to Manila. Commander
Parry of the Vicksburg rendered General Funston splendid assistance.
Aguinaldo. who talked freely of past
events, said he supposed General Trias
would proclaim himself dictator, even
not knowing that Trias had surrendered. He behaved courteously and
gave no trouble.
General Funston says Aguinaldo li
above the average in intelligence and
hns prepossessing manners.
U  \SlllM_TOV
Davenport is to soon have electric
lights and power.
Reuben Wright, a pioneer of Whitman county, is dead.
The name of the little town of Guy
has been changed to Albion.
No trace of Laura Morgan, the missing Colfax girl, has beeen found.
Steelhead salmon are beginning to
show up in Puget Sound waters.
W. L. Brown, a Northport man, was
brutally assaulted by thieves at Pasco
Several, dogs owned by Spokane people will be seen at the big San Francisco dog show.
Burglars' booty hae been unearthed
at Colfax, consisting of gold watches
and jewelry.
Chinese are coming Into the United
States over the Washington line in defiance of .law.
Three months' racord of building
this year indicates expenditure of $350,-
000 at Spokane.
An Immense area of the Yakima Indian reservation at Toppenish Is being
planted to onions.
Henry L. Wilson, the Chilian minis
ter was given a reception by the Republican club of Spokane last week.
Knidlah lleiitriij Ink.
Londrn. April 1.—A Rpecal from
Standerton says tnnt the Imperial Light
horse have ciptured C mm n'ant Piinzlo i
and a cortt'oy of 28 wagons. Commandant
KnglcbrecM. 'the dispatch says, has surrendered.' liie Hritish are sweeping the
eastern Transvaal cleiir of everything us -
fui to the 'Hoers. All standing crops havo
been <lefttrnjri)d.<1j)tyfj.itlhe women and children are being eared for. Five hnndied
of them have been conveyed to Utrecht,
where their wants are,well atten'el to.
Pretoria, Aprir 1.—The Ik ers derailed
and plundered rt freight train near Johannesburg 'Saturday nlfifht.
.Offlccm   l'i iiiniii il.
Washington, April 1.—The following
important army appointments were announced .ot the White HOUM tonight:
To he major general V. S. nrmy—Brigadier General Lloyd Wheiton, vi e Mil s,
promoted to lieutenant general.
To he brigadier gencrils in the regular
army—Colonel Jacob II. Smith, Seventeenth U. fl. infantry, vice D'g'dt, retired; Urigudier General Frederick Funs-
Ion, U. S. V., vice Wheaton, pruno'ed.
Ileum lileimeil From I.ule llt'iiorls—
All Dlatrluts Arc IliliiR Developed
—A Prosperous Yenr 1» Predicted—
SlIniiiK Voles anil  Personals.
The Coeur d'Alene mines will elo.su
Sundays. Thoy adopt this method of
reducing output, on account of lead
News from the Hawkeye Is more and
moro encouraging.
A strike of unusually good ore Is reported from thu Iron King, hulf a mile
north of Holster.
No little Interest centers In the report that the Poland China, than which
there is no better or more favorably
spoken of property in the camp, will resume operations at uii early date.
Undiminished work continues on the
Monterey Hold Mining company's prop
ertles on Copper Mountain. The tunnel Is In about 500 feet and the indications are that the ledge of cluilcopyrilo
ore for which the drift is being ruu
will' soon bo reached.
Everything points toward a good
year in mining in the Myers creek district. As the snow begins to leave the
mountains there has been considerable
movement toward the prosepcts and
chances for the assessment work being
done early this year seems particularly
good. Some little activity in the transfers of property and bright prospects
for development on some of the best
properties are apparent.
Peter McCormick came in from Sheridan camp the first of last week. He
brought with him sacks of ore that
were taken from his Phil Sheridan
claim. He had flve samples assayed,
with the following result: No. 1,
$134.60; No. 2, $287.50; No. 3, $455.34;
No. 4, $157.44. The fifth sample was
taken from a section of the footwall
and showed a total value of $5.SO. The
ore is a combination of silver, gold and
copper. While silver is the predominant metal the others were no mean
factors In the total values. According
to the assay certificate the gold values
ranged from $13 to 41 per ton, while
the coppper values were from $1.75 to
$17 per ton.
The Golden Monarch mine, near
Ymlr, Is to be a shipper this summer.
Work of enlarging the Granby smelter at Grand Forks will be commenced
this week.
At Ymir the Silver Crown Consolidated Mining company is resuming
work on the Shiloh.
The ore on the Aurora property near
Moyie, on the west side of the lake,
has been encountered.
Work has been resumed on the nruce.
This property, which Is situated close
to Midway, has considerable work done
on It already.
Jack Aitchfson has secured a lease
on the Sloean Chief, at the head of Ten
Mile creek, and owned by the Warner
Milller syndicate.
Now that the blower has been Installed in the Iron Horse on Ten Mile,
neur Slocan. more satisfactory progress
is being made with development
A strike of considerable importance
wns made last week on the Blanche
mining claim, one of the Mineral Hill
group, adjoining tho surprise mine,
nenr Nelson.
Jay P. Graves is planning a big excursion of investors to come west to
visit, the principal mining districts of
nritlsh Columbia, and possibly Republic, In a body.
An application for a water right was
filed in the Slocan record office March
19 by the Enterprise (B. C.) Mines.
Ltd. They seek to obtain 000 inches of
water from Ten Mile creek, to be used
for generating power.
The Slocan creditors of Ihe Chapleau
have received their checks for ",0 per
cent of their claims against that property. In accordance with the agreement
made two weeks ago.
A number of unforeseen circumstances have hindered the commencement of
shipments from the Tnmnrue. nt Ymlr.
These difficulties have, however, been
surmounted nnd shipments are to commence this wool..
The eompnny building a railroad to
Kootenay lake has consented to acoepl
the amendment, and build to the foot
of the lake this season, and Ferguson
nnd Its mines will forge ahead with celerity and renewed confidence.
The Norway Mountain district promises to be the scone of much activity
this summer. This section formR the
northeast corner,of the Trail creek division and Is at present reached by a
86 miles trail from Rossland or by the
Columbia & Western railway to Gladstone and thence by a four mile tralb
The Ymlr mine, near Ymlr, Is planing to make an Immense proposition
of the mining industry. Th^y are now
planning an electric tramway from the
mine to the town of Ymlr, a distance'
of four miles. The tramway Is to be
used for the hnullng of concent rnteftll
and for transporting supplies and timber to the mine. The mine nlso expects
this summer to Increase their mill
from nn 80-st.imp to a 120 stamp mfll
nnd mako other Improvements thnt
will make the property much more valuable.
per chare. The last dividend declare
was $20.. rea
Word comes from the Hidden Tress
ure, near Lane, Idaho, thnt tho sinkln
of the shaft on this promising propert*
ls progressing satisfactorily and win
soon bo completed.
The Northland, adjoining the Q. g
about 10 miles   from   Conconnlly u
Okanogan county, Wash., has ordered'
a compressor plant, which will be In.
stalled this spring.
Beaumont, Texas', now has tliren
gushing oil wells. Its output will equal
that of the Laucas geyser, from whl0n
it is distant about a quarter of a rnll(>
Tbe well's valve was closed and com.
patatlvely little oil was wasted.
At Murray, Idaho, after yeurs of
search the Mother Lode vein hits at lust
been found south of the "big ledge"
and there is rejoicing ln many ipiai-u.rs
other than among the Mother bode
Ono  of the largest mining proposl-
tions In which Spokane men have | „
interested for some time Is the organl.
zatinn of a eompnny with a capital nf
$6,000,000 to operate in the Salmon rlv-
er district.
The boiler house and shaft house on
the Blue Dragon, recently restaked as
the Republic, near iClk city, Idaho,hai
been destroyed by fire. Tho property
Is under bond to the Etaperanza Mining company.
At Wallace, Idaho, a report has been
received from the Amador that the
crosscut from the bottom of the shaft
| had cut the ledge and four feet of ore
had already been found without getting
across the shoot.
The flue claims of the King Gold &
Copper Mining company, nine mlle9
west of Valley, Wash., are showing
some remarkable vilnes that begin to
prove far more than the original prom-
lae of this excellent young copper pros-
W. P. Wells of Moscow, Idaho, has a
model of his gold saving machine, for
which he hopes to take many orders
among the miners on their way tft tho
Klondike and Cape Nome. It saves
$15,98 out. of $lfi In fine gold dust mixed with a yard of gravel and sand.
At Trenton, N. J., the court of errors
and appeals recently, by a vote of 7 to
5, decided to reverse the chancellor's
decision In tho American Smelting &
Refinig company, and the decision orders the Issuance of nn injunction restraining the American Smelting & He-
lining company from taking any further action in the matter of increasing
its capital stock or acquiring by purchase the property of M. Guggenheim
& Sons.
Twenty tons nf ore from the Dewey
that, is expected to net $10,000 is at
Stites. Idaho, on the way«to the smelter,, according to Otto Abeling. the engineer for the Dewey Consolidated company. The assays from the shipment
have run from $200 to |7.000 per ton.
This brings the total output from the
mine to 118 tons, which will nd the
company fully $23,000. Tin' Dewey
group is on the south fork oi the Clear
water river, about six miles cast of
A smelter is to be Installed in the
Seven Devils country. Idaho, and will
be put In on the property ofthe Boston
& Seven Devils Copper company, operating a group of mines on Indian crwk.
The smelter Is to be built at Ilceorjih.
Idaho, and will be for the purposenf
milling tho Immense bodies of low
Krndo ore In thnt. camp. Grout Interest
Is now centering in this rich copper
district. It has long been regarded a
most promising objective point for a
branch railway from some of the main
lines pcn'tratlng the northwest.
The Rebecca mjno at Nespellm.
Wash., has resumed operations. The
present force Is smnll. but lt Is the Intention of the management to Increase
It In the near future. This probably
makes an important movement In the
history of the district, as much depends nn the succors attained. Attention baa been drawn to this mine on
account of the excellent ore found nl-
mo'it from the grass roots. It wns the
flrHt claim In the Nespellm district to
be bonded. The locator. S. Stevenson.
Is In charge of the present work..
The AJnx, Finch & Campbell's splendid
property, is in excellent condition.. It
Is probable Hint, this mine will I"'
equipped with 40 stamps this season.
A Iiii'ko body of nre has been blocked
out. under tjie superintendence of Will
Springer nnd ns soon ns'the mill can
be taken In tbe mine will be ready U>
supply tin- lo stamp! without dlfflciiliv.
An excellent showing Is being mnde in
tbe crosscut on the Big I run, on Flit
ereek, Stevens county. This crosscut
Is being run from ..the sluift nt the 10
fool level. The nhafl has gone to a considerably greater"tfepth, but It passed
through the ledge at tha ileptkof this
.first cross working pn tne crosscut
was started there its n preliminary test
Metal  Itcport.
New York.—Bal"Silver, 59%c; Mexican dollars, 49c.
Lomlor)'.i-,_3l$ir,Hlly_.r, Bat, 87 5-lGd per
0!lll<1ri i <  ■ i ii ','.  '  '      ' *
Sun KniiicWfT-1W-Wei-■'■hire, 59%c_
Mexican dollhrs,-'Wi'^iir.le.
lor   I'in-1 lie   llllile.
Victerln, B. C, April 1.—The dominh n
government steamer Qundr.i hns left to
begin the purvey for the Pacific cable.
mi mm: NOTFia.
The TT. fl. Marble eompnny of Spo-
k-ine Inst week paid Its second dividend
of >4 of a cent.
Tt wns reported that nn Important,
strike hnR been mnde on the Cryst.nl.
nenr Fort Spokane.
The dlfeCtOri of the Calumet & TTncln
Ti»inititj comnnnv. at. n recpnt. meeting
In Boston, declared a dividend of $15
■  iii-   hi ii it-   in   jiM'im   i'i   1 111    in nn  ii"""'
of Its great soldier, General Finisim. nnd
urges that ha hnve fitting recognition f"r
lin reeenl hnve net in the enptmc "■
The sentiment of the council Is tnfll
nothing lc*s ih.in ■ hrgulier gettv.ilshlp
would he flltiug recoguitii 11.
lull  Itlvei   UUI*  (lime.
Pall River, Mn<«„ Aprl 1—Ti'O'dy
cnllon mills in this uly weie -dint down
today and will remain dosed until April
6 for curtailment,   Thc-c mills employ
nbout 8000 hands. SAW DARK SPOTS
,\ Victim of Biliousness and   Influma-
tory   Rheumatism   Tells   How
He B ciinc Free From
A recommendation that is not based
upon experience is without value but
In the (allowing interview the reader
will nt ouo recognize tho force of advice that Is the resuit of personal
Mr. Ned Yerkes Hawley ls a travel-
lag man whose homo is at 1020 W.
jiiiim Ave., Bpokane, Wash. He has
,, iiiy had un experience of more
i..iin general Interest and In an in-
i . ,w with a representative of the
gl ice.stiKUi-iteview,   of   Spokane,   he
"In June, 1809, I became bilious and
.; i,j it to dizzy spells. I bad no ap-
petite, my heiit seemed to flutter at
i aies and beat Irregularly, and dark
, ,i., Beemed to lloat before my'eyes.
This continued for about six months,
I :   that tlmo I was troubled,with
I . iess in my back and pains over
my    ddneys,     I   was   under  n   physi-
II tn's care and he told mo my trouble
i- b biliousness and Inflammatory
i,:, uiaatlilio, 1 was In bod tar over
four weeks and did not seem to be
getting any better.
• i te day I saw an advertisement In
wiih h it was stated that a case similar io mino hud been cured by Dr.
William's Pink Pills for Palo People.
I procured some of the pills and with
In tuo weeks tbe Inflammatory rheumatism which had become very acinic and caused me tho most Intense
suffering, was entirely cured.
■Vou will therefore realize tnat I
nni u fli-m ueliever In Dr. William's
Pink Pills. They cured me and I am
sn sine that tiny will prove equally
valu. ble In other cases that 1 havo
i in,ended them to a great many
Ur. Wil Ham's Piuk Pills for Pale
People are an unfailing specific for
bu( ii discuses as locomotor ataxia,
partial paralysis, St. Vitus' dance, sci-
Btlca, neuralgia, rheumatism, nervous
headache, after-effects of the grip, pal-
1 ; on Of the heart, pale and sallow
complexions and all forms at weak-
tic, s cither in male or female. Sold
by all dealers, or sent direct from Dr.
V. iili.'.ms ..it'fllcfnfe Co., Schenectady,
N. V., 50 cents per box, or six boxes
for $2.60,
. |
There ere only two possible things
thnt a woman can do if a man proposes
to her. but there are moro than two
million she can do If he doesn't. ,
Ih deeply Guarded—He  Seems  Ner-
voiin    nml    SllluLcs    1)11 en—S|ieiiLn
On I j-  a  l-'etv   Words
I'l-niNi-M li'iiiiHlon—Null ten Jeer Him
t il A i>i>: IlDl'OIlT.
Bradstreet's report for last week ls
au follows:
A rather cheerful tone was apparent
In general trade and the close of the
first quarter of the year finds the b'lsl-
hes World contemplating a total tritde
for that period in many cases in excesB
of aU' preceding periods, while the fu-
i- kiikUmIi— 'lure> witl> BOme excePtions> ls viewed
I with   apparent   confidence.     The   ad-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^k]vance of the spring season Ik, of course,
I partly responsible for the feeling above
Manila, .June 1.—In company with Col-j mentioned, allowing, as it does, better
onel Yelli.i, his chief of stall', and llr.' opportunity for a wider range of opera-
Ciii'col.iiiii, ex-Ui-amitcr of the Filipino go\--'1 tlona than was possible In the winter
ernment, Aguiiwldo now oic:.pirs o%e ol''months. First Indications as to crop
the nicest iip.irtinenis of the Mu it an.i"iig prospects and the outlook are ln the
palace. He Is closely guarded und course- main favorable. Bank clearings are
mi^ly treated. Captain Francis J. Kern n showing steady gains over unprecedent-
of the 8eotnd infantry, C.pt.in \\ il'iaiu edly large totals a year ago. Railway
I.. Keiiley of tiie Blrtt artillery, members, earnings testify to an immense volume
01 Particular   Interest   to   i hreihtrmtn  ind
Rumftl & Co., of I'oftlnnd, Ore., the
/crri st rleHlera in ii-uobiiieiy ou the'
I'fcitic Onset, have just Issued ni con-
- .erni.ii> e\i i-iihc a mat and veiy pom-
piete Hceouiit book for up-to'-dnte
Inreeheimen, etc. The bcoks are ior
(fee di-triliutioii snd nil people who
want them -elioulct write immediately
to" Kun.ell * Co., l'ortlnnd, (Ire.
The first two years she is married, a
woman tries to make her husband a
letter man: after that she is generally
F.-itlsfled If she can make him save part
of his salary.
This ulimntnr" is on ever) Ik>< of the gooutm
Laxa I ive Bromo*Quinine Timet,
'lis reme'ly that estee* n rt,,,, In one tiny
A frugal housewife says there Isn't
much venison In market, but there Is
plenty of dear meat.
In th* spring mkn tlarflel I Ton. ,
11  - i mu]   (in rb m illclm pur-
1- I----I mill sii  - i cw iiu4  ,
\     .■        - l.i-       . -\   ;.      . id-; li,-|. . '
eU ll'   lli" T-il f '«   lili'l .M-UHJIJ, ._,.
About all the things a mnn gets In
this life are the things he doesn't want
and the things he takes.
suffer Irom  It   another   i ay
I nol
Vun   tie
prompt «<■ sontluuiMM r« le] rS«d smoiIj cure,
Nod lot Ing.   Ttlel psefcsjco ttte.   ' ■ BBTKULY,
tlU i'arroit Bnlldlltf, San t-'ritlielscii, tai.
Storm lhe Cough and
Work. OH th. Oold.
1 nvatlvo Hi -cuiio-tliiliilno Tablets euros cold In
.me iluy. .No euro, No 1'ay.   1'ricu 'lbcouta.
The nvernge mnn would never wear
his neckties out If ho let his wife pur-
i hate them.
CITQ P*rtnniirntlT Cured.    No (tin or MfVOUHiMI
'HO     aftar ni-l.l ..     n».   ■! I". Min.-'- i:r.,.l Sen.
i.   i. i ■,   k, „.i lur FK ICK!» Mill 11 ml Utile ami tr.-i.s-
tm.   I'ii.ll II  Ki.isk 1.1.1 .'.i.-ll At, liSI , I'lnl.i-I. l.i...  l'a
A small boy Bometlmes gets nil the
candy ho can eat, but never all he
-   Curler's  inl.
I - "t  for m-honl,  homo unit oflice.    It enst. no
in  limn poor Ink.   Alwuy. nsk for Curtei'K.
The  best place  to  get good,  plain
board ls at a planing mill.
I am Mini Pisa's Cur* for Consumption sariw)
my hfa ihreo years iigu.—Mr.. Tho». rtnhblna
Maplo irtriwt.  Norwleh N.  T..  PVb.   17.  W00
Politeness ils a coin that passes current In every land.
A strong will Is firmness; a strong
won't is obstinacy.
■f (ieneral MicAithui's ntufi. (J pt.iin Ben
jniiiin H. Randolph mid Lieutenant tiil-
of merchandise passing ipto consumption  ahd as for some time past the
bcrt A. foungberg of the ThirOfUUery,' active demand at advancing prices for
with live guards, sre watching him. j iron and steel is regarded as a reliable
Aguinaldo, narvojisly pacing the Hi or
und ile ply thinking, thrum hi- hinds
through Ids li.iir.   lie siimke- many ci-
gan and cigarettes und iit- ul* 1 h s Ml
hearty n|>]> tile, lie speak* i.nly a lew
words of HSsgl.gh,   He is conscious of ids
index of good general trade to come.
Building Is becoming more active
and promises this spring to be the heaviest for many years past. Hence, the
lumber trades and all lines of builders'
hardware   note   continued or growing
dignity, but tries to i.ilk iihaa n ly with \ activity,   lhe demanu in the latter line
_____HH._______________III________L_.-il ,   i __■_____■________________■_-___________■
and in agricultural Implements at the
west is, in fact, most notable.
1 As pointed out a week ago, there has
been an apparent turn in the tide in the
wool trade, even while some quotations
are technically lower. A good volume
of business has been done at the leading eastern markets and values as a
hi.< guard!). He often praises the skill an l
audacity of General funston In affecting
his capture, saying tliat on y by stint gy
could fas have been c.iptiiie.l. It, Is snirt
iiiii Aguinaldo is stiohgly adyerse to retreating from his foimer attitude, but tyia.
he must regard the best interests of Hi-
Filipino p onlo. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
The tisters i f Dr. Hare, lana h v.'-call d wllole *re <l"'t fl™- Proton Baies this
on him. bringing a -upplv , f linen. Am.i- Wfipk !lre estimated to amount to near-
iia'.do is well sui.plie.-i wi.lv in-nev and liej'y 6,000.000 pounds, bought by two
ordeml a supply of ww *lbthA H" U lar*e miUs' an(1 the st0('k8 of Montana
careful of his peiwmal upp„,.,:.ie. Bb w°° **" ,">pn, wp" ,,leared »»•
.-elcbr.it, d his 32d birthday before he km I The boot and 8hoe tra(le is ln E00,,
captured.    'J'iie  bi'nlplay  festtXltles   weie
piol.-iioed  1 only li-i in nit d up m the. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^—^ , ,,
1        n        ^^^^^ -j.   reals last week, corn uelng especially
read  tho Ailierican  newsp p is ' aPtlvP' and ln the hands of a bu» cli(»ue
There was u little more doing in ce-
advanced to above 50 cents. Wheat has
been In better export demand and
strengthened slightly In sympathy
with the coarser grain.
Iron and steel have made steady progress alike in the volume of sales and
ln the matter of prices. The long expected advance In structural matter
came last week with a gain of $2 and
arrival of CTensKil l-'unsioii.
tries   tj 	
and ig anxious to learn the state of p ib
lie opinion pi th» i'nited siites concerning Philippine aStrifp. He bad a conference with tiem'ial'- Trias ami ihe chief
justice, Arellano, but his futu e mentions have-ujt.'been announced. •
He spends much tbuc seated by s barrel
window   wal.ijjiiig...tbc  boats  pasting  up
. tnd down 'the l'.i-i'f river. i». . .     _**m^^m^^^^^^^^
.... . ..-. _,. ■?_■_.. .. .,!?■! in beams, channels and s milar pro-
V   llns murmur AffUlnaldo nras recogmzedJ inet_
by a e,-ow-avoi'....i^e, .,„:„, np the iiv-rj Wmt (indudl flo„r) shlpment8
... « bghtcr ,.l,.e nat.vis g/ed on him for thp week aggreKatp 4 494 635 bu8h.
,,«-,,„. ,n -ilen.,'i and than began to jeer, e^ Frf)m Ju,y x to date th|g geaBOn
Jullftg him ln,l,o_and Vile n me in the ,heat exporlg are 15u22735 bushels
rtagalof l.iji-ju.ige. yhe guaros ipm-ted thi
disturb mi' and Aguinaldo left the window  iu di'gtnit.
<'nii' tiativ. $ in MaillOaare niuleuenstr.i-
ilve .-cotiei-i nil g Agiiinahlo'-i capture and
it i- dillii nil to ascertain what tl.e nit-
joilty of tliein le.iHy think of it. It is
eirlnin ili.it Agtiinulilii's influence is le-s
itcong than formerly, though it is stli
"The represent ,livi> of the A—oeinb d
I'ii"- li,t* Interviewed miny l-'ilipi os, in-
eluding both bufinens and profes lonal men
iu M.mil.i. us wellms rcp.e-cniuti- e- ol tli
lower classes amf f riuer inaurgenti, cn
thi1-Capt urc" of .Vjfuin ildo. Tlie niujority
of the persona questioned wire unfeign dly
glad thai Aguinuhlo hid been iapt,iel
and siid thev considered thai Uie wort
olMueh' to the speedy pacification of th-
Islands Ind been r moved.   Borne m n di
Failures for the week numbered 189.
Canadian failures for the week number
I'riera i*niii Producers.
Poultry and Eggs—Chickens, old, 9®
10c per lb_ live weight: ducks, i\ per
doz.; geese, dressed, 12c per lb.; turkeys, live, 10fl2c: dressed, 12@13c;
eggs, fresh, $5 per case.
Vegetables—Potatoes, GOc per cwt;
onions. fS.iiO per cwt.
Live stock—Beef, live steers, t%c;
dressed, So; livec owe, 2%*", dressed
1%; veal calves, dressed, 7@9c; mutton, ewes, 3c; wethers, 2'oe: hogs, live,
f 4.75C&5 per cwt.; dressed, $7 per cwt.
Sheepskins—Shearlings,   10c   each;
short wool pelts, 30® 30c; medium wool
50@75c; long wool, 7nc@$l.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^    Hides—Green hides and calf skins,
trust-Agiiinnlilo uml advise his laimedl te 5@6c per lb; dry hides, butcher, 10@
Fire Was Dlnooverad In the Sail It oom
of the l'i ill ill KiiIhii- First, to ■). si-i.ml
Smoke and Heat lirove Him Back—Ue
Tried to Iteaeue Uthsm—Loat Ills Life
Cavite, April 1.—At 7 o'clock Sunday
morning a fire was discovered in the
sail-room of the United States gunboat
Petrel, Lieutenant Commander Jesse
Mims Roper, commanding. The sail-
room is a small compartment adjoining
the magazine. The heat was intense,
the smoke suffocating and the flames
difficult to extinguish. Lieutenant.
Commander Roper was the first to descend Into the hoid, but he was forced
to return to the deck. Others then
went down. Seaman Patrick Toner was
prostrated and about to perish when
Lieutenant Commander Roper endeavored to rescue him and was suffocated
in the attempt. Lieutenant Joslah
Stutts McKean and Cadet Lewis suffered severely In bringing the body of
Lieutenant Commander Roper to the
Twenty-two of the crew were prostrated, Evans, Flaherty, Larsen, Kess-
ler, Tony, Cahey, Burton, Smith, Sullivan and Forsboon seriously, but all will
recover. The contents of the sailroom
were destroyed, but the damage to the
gunboat was slight,. The origin of the
fire has not been ascertained. Possibly
it, was a case of spontaneous combustion.. The death of Lieutenant Commander Roper Is greatly deplored. His
body will be spent to the United States
April 5 by the Buffalo.
Mlie \\ im lliniHil to Dentil.
Slocun City, 11. C, April 1.—A horrible
acciuent occurred at the Chapleau mine oi
Lemon creek Saturday night, re ulting in
the death of Mrs. (Jeorgc Hour, wife if th'
storekeeper at the prcperty. She was sub
jeet to epilepiic fits und in preparii g supper for her husband she is supposd to
huve been seized with an attack and fell
on the hot stove. When discovered son e
minutes later the woman was burned to a
crisp. Her clothes were un fi e and t e
cottage was in a blaze. The poor woman
wus removed outside and the tiie on h.r
clothes and the building extinguished. Dr.
Forin went up with assistance, hut found
the Woman dead, she having expired two
hours after the accident without ri-g ining
consciousness. No inquest was deemed
necessary. The victim had a.rive 1 only
recently from Puris. nance, and was aged
23 yeurs.   She had n > family.
spiii.mi,- Next Time.
Moscow, Idaho, March 31. -The next
annual m cling of the Iul ml Empire
Teachers] association will be held in Sjhi-
k.nie next spring at a date hereafter to ie
determined. Spokane and LewUton were
the places voted on, tlie former receiving
in re than three fourths of all the votes
rtation.   Others believe he can ran-
dirtsfswt^assi-t.ii c.' by urging his country-
linen lio acquiesce to Aiiieiicni authority.
All pen agree that the outlook today is
much brighter.
Thc position of the United 9( te- In
reference to the pris n r teems to have
lieen misunderstood in some quarters and
tin re was nu impression thai our officers
v. ne ready to in.ike terms with A.-unuld i
in order to sc sue hs scrvi es fo t'-ie
pacification of Ilie islands. It :g evident
that any ovcrtuies to bring about this
result will have to come from Aguinaldo.
No doubt hc'will lie given .hi opp mini y
to in.ike a proposition of thnt kind, but
until he does he will be considered as .1
i ipniied Insurgent,
I nniiiilMHloiis fur St. I.in,is l'a I r,
Washington, April 1, -'ihe pre idcnl
has made the following appointments;
To be delegates to the o ng s ■ of Am r
icun statea Oyrui Northrop of Minnesota,
ll. t;. Davis of West Virginia, William I.
Um hiin.in of Iowa, t'har'cs \l. Pepper of
ihe piatrlel of Columbia and Volney U.
Poster of iduio's
To be members of tho Louisiana purchase c mini si n John1 M T nr ton o'
Nebraska, Thcnup 11. CaMrlbf Montana,
William Uiinis.iy of Kciitintv, 0, \V. Me.
liride of Oregon, I-'. V Betta of Connecticut, John M. Mien of Mississippi, Martin
11. Glynn of Nc'# Vmk. John I-'. Miller of
Indiana, apd Philip t), Rcotl i f Afkana i.
The president!  ann luncemenl   11   th
membership of the-e two (mB°rtant commissions completes a work thai has been
receiving bis. ntto-itii/n f. rsoinc time, anil
in  the case of thc St.  Liuis cn.iiini-sioii
mpsl iinpreceilt'iitcd. "J
be held at 'Afrifiiyi .Citv-next October Is
Phurdly less iiupnrl iftf.'- however, ind in IU
iiiteiualii il'l inspect ft | rinse- to bo lo
the western heiiii-phcie whnt The 11 glie
cijngress "i^s to Kiiroiie and tne fc,\ western countries participating in il.
Minieil II Sitokitiie.
Pan I'T-.ineis-u. vpr'' 1 —The oleimcr
sp k.uie of the 1'iciih- Coasl company waa
launched ut the Union Iron works Saturday, The c ■rem nv wns icnrr d by an accident in which John T. Seoit, superintendent of tic. works, had his light leg
broken and was -tunnel.
rnrnenie'M tiifi lo Portland,
Portland, April  L—Andrew Oarnogio
| has offered to give $1isioiki to tho olty »f
Portland for n free public library building provided the ciiy will guarantee a
sile nnd snlficicnt n.inuul ine mc for its
I maintenance.
li'c per lb,   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
The Spokane mills pay the following
prices for grain, delivered: Club
wheat, 4tc bulk, 43c sacked; bluestem,
47c bulk, 49c sacked; red, 42c bulk, 41c
Tacoma.—Quiet    and     unchanged;
bluestem, 59'<.c; club, 57c.
Portland. Ore.—Walla Walla, 57^c
A nl 11 in |it- rhi I IhI   Mcctliinf.
Boston. April l. -President McKlnley'a
administration was denounced uml Agui-
i t.i 111. ■"- nunc loudly applanded by a large
audience thai liatentd io the -p ukcr. at
the Antiin.p riu'i-tc 1 igue meeting in
l-'iinciiil hull Saturday night. Colonel
Charles If. Qodnun presided, and npm th
platform btsldes tie speakers weie Edwin
\ikin-. ii, Rrving Winiow. Mborfleld
si ri y. Robed Treat Payne and other g. n-
tlenieii of well known antiimpciiiistic
The audience was very snthusiastic ind
ut times w.is wrought up to a high pitch
of excitement by remarks of the apeak-
Bra, i "I■ ni'l li.-diii ninopeniiigiiiciu.it
ing iii.id.- a fiicilile address. As he concluded he pre entid ex (iuveinor B lltwcll.
Ma strongly aritlciied the attitude of the
iidli'n'stnition toward the Filipinos.
I'leree Iili/.- nl KmiNiiH ('Ity.
tCansas t'itv, \ jn il 1.—A fire in which
s-..(.iMuiti worth of property was destroyed
.nd live flrrmi-n, including Chief Hale,
wefc injured, occurred fit the Jacob Dodd
Pn-kiiiL' ('iiinpanv's plant on Eighth sire t
jissr the Knn-fls lin-.   The Injured flreini'i
Samuel E. Morss of Indiana, who is
already being mentioned as a possible
democratic candidate for president ln
1904, has never held any political office
except that of consul general at Paris
In Mr. Cleveland's second administration.
Says:    Peruna has greatly helped me in strength, vigoo and appetite.
Hon. W. it. Roach U. S. senator] In the first place, it should be noted
from North Dakota, in a letter written' that catarrh is one of the most prev-
from Laiimore, North Daaota, says:    |alent and universal maladies known
to medical science. Nearly everybody
has catarrh in some degree or phase.
In the second place, It should be
noted that Peruna ls the only scientific, Internal catarrh remedy yet de-
This explains the almost universal
use of Peruna. Everybody uses Peruna, high and low, rich and poor,
great and Bmall. Peruna has fought
Its way out from among the host of
catarrh remedies, and stands unique
and alone today as the catarrh remedy par excellence. By its well-
earned merits It has attracted the attention of the greatest, and the busiest, and the wisest people. It la
equally applicable to all ages, to both
sexes, and to every climate.
Nothing In the history of medicine
has ever equalled Ue growth of this
remarkable remedy. Catarrh has
become a national disease. Peruna
has become a national remedy. Dr.
Hartman, the Inventor of Peruna, has
became the best known physician ln
the United States.
All this is explained by the fact that
Peruna cures catarrh wherever located.
tmmmmmmmmm^^^^^^^ jCntnrrh ls liable to attack any organ
"Persuaded by a friend I have 0f the human body. Catarrh Is jiot
used Peruna as a tonic and am, a local disease, but a systemic dis-
glad to testify that it has greatly ease.   Peruna is not a local remedy,
helnrd m* in *-tri*rst,th  vivnr and but    a    systemic    remeay.      Peruna
helped me in strength, vigor ana        s catarrh by eradlcatl     ,t ttom
appetite.    I have been advised by. the system.
friends that it is remarkably ef-     Such cures are not temporary but *
ficac o is as a cure fer the almost I pef.m^ent:
V. a. Senator Koacii, of North 1 nintn.
uniiersal complaint of catarrh."
glance at the history of Peruna.
Never before in the history of medicine has any remedy received so many
endorsements from people of national
Importance, as Peruna.
The explanation of this remarkable
circumstance can only be found by a
If you do not derive prompt and
satisfactory results from the use of
Peruna, write at once to Dr. Hartman,
giving a full statement of your case
and he will he pleased to give you his
valuable  advice  gratis.
Address Dr. Hartman, President ol
the Hartman Sanitarium, Columbus,
Wbm Will ii.-,-iiiii. of China?
None   inn  foresee  the  outcome of the
uuurrel between  foreign  powers over the
iivi.-ioii of Cliiua.     li   is   iiiicsesiing  io
watch lhe going to nieces of this ancient I
bin unprogressive race.   Many people in i
America ure also suing to pieces heeuuse of'
dyspepsia, coustlps ion. blood, liver and j
stomach iti-rusm.    We are living IOO  fast,
but itreiurtb, vlgnrsud good healibcan he
retained if we l.i-cp offeild cure lhe above I
diseases with Uoiiieuer'i tjtoinacb Bitters.
Some girls get so in  the habit of
blushing while they are engaged that
it might as well be painted on them.—:
N. Y. Press.
Scandal at Manila.
Manila, April 1.—Interest in the capture and fate of Aguinaldo is well nigh
overshadowed in Manila by sensational
developments, present and prospective,
of frauds in the commissary department. How widely these extend has
uot yet been ascertained, but enough
is already known to Justify the belief
that they are fa/ reaching.
Captain Frederick J. Barrows of the
Thirtieth volunteer infantry, quartermaster of the department of southern ,
Luzon, together with several commis- j
sary sergeants, several civilian clerks,
a prominent government contractor,
the assistant manager of the Hotel
Orient, the proprietors of three of the
largest bakeries in Manila, a number
of storekeepers and other persons have
been arrested. The Investigation has
scarcely begun, but thousands of sacks
of flour, a quantity of bncon and wagon
loads of other gooos all bearing government marks have been found in the
possession of unauthorized persons.
It is alleged that the contractor ln
person, who has been doing a business
approximating $100,000 a month, has
spent huge sums in entertaining officers.
A prominent commissary officer is i
accused of leading a scandalously Im- ■
moral life. It Is asserted that large
quantities of stores have been lost or
stolen In transit and also that there Is
a shortage in the commissary depot.
New scandals are developed daily.
Illicit transactions have been traced
back to June, 1900. and it is possible
there are others of earlier date. Tue
exorbitant tarilT on provisions makes
the surreptitious sale of commissary
supplies immensely profitable. It is
understood that prominent officers of
the United Stntes army may be arrested.
Lieutenant P. K. Street of the Forty-
sixth volunteer Infantry is prosecuting
the investigation under direction of
Colonel Wilbur, chief of police.
A woman has the advantage ?ver a
man; when she laughs when she ought
to have acted sorry she can always
claim It was hysterics.
Now that tlie winter season ta
pant  It is will to clean e the
system iiml purify the blood with
(■artlill Ti'ii-an Herb MedicSne
that in int- _:,.,.,i health.
There Is something fundamentally
wrong with a woman who has no use
for a man who smokes.
The I'e-t I' rliittoi' for Malaria
Chills and Fever Is a bottle of Grove's Tastelese
Chill Tunic. It is simply Iron and quinine ln
a tasteless form.   No lure. No Pay.   Price 60e.
High water doesn't necessarily raise
the price of milk.
Tested und True.   Try this Spring.
A man should have a pound of common sense to each ounce of learning.
When vou take Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic,
because the formuln is plainly printed on every
bottle show-inn that It is simply Iron and Quinine ln a tas'elets form. No Core, No Psy. 60c.
Tell your pipe stories to the plumber.
He enjoys them.
.hc'iiira-oire for uppoiniincuts hr.s be P «V(Karei    Chief   Hub'.  M»lp cut   by  telling
_i..:i_.i-"lel • .*'-X IlJi-i.-.   c>j  n... -   ..n.- t.-..b..«.   \l.t-n  M.i-
Mrrtnks! id Dyer, ribs broken; Mike Ma-
I'he congress nf Aniericn npub'ies tp'f^pty, back (ind limbs iujrred by fulling
walls; TJl'omus P. (onsidine, head cut by
jjviMj dolin Nolan, lig snd toot hurt. Tho
cause of the lire is not known.
Sitllxliiiry'ti  llliiess.
London, April 1 — The Weekly Dispatch
repeats the story published in the Daily
Express of Sutunliy tlnl Lord Salisbury
is suffering from kidney nlfei-ti n which is
likely to Incapacitate him fir some time
uinl says il 'eiins that the premier's ill
ncss his t.ikcn so nnfavoia'l' a tii'n thut
his proposed visit to tiie'RIverla has b -
conic almost hopeless and Ihat the un
ii"iiiiieiiiciit of his ies:gnition of the pre-
mlership uml his refinement from polltlosl
life nny be anticipated before the end of
A fee simple Is money given to the
ipi.-ick doctor.
The rain falls—but lt gets up again
In dew time.
Take Laxative llroiuo Qtiiulno Tablets. All
druggists refund the money if It fails to cure.
E. w. Grove's signature is on each box.   25c.
As soon as a man seems to know a
lot about women all the women who
aren't Innocent think he Isn't.
Prince Eui Wha, second son of the
emperor of Corea, has entered Roanoke
college. Virginia, to perfect himself ln
a knowledge of the English language.
For eight years past this Virginia Institution hns had Corean students under Instruction, and they have made
creditable progress In scolarship.
Confidence ls the champion of success.
h *\v^\vv^^ss*s^
Tho Kind You Havo AhvnjH Hought lias borno tlio signa-
turo nl'< Im-. II, Fletcher* nml lms boon iiuwlo uiiiler his
personnl supervision lor over ;tO years. Allow no ono
to deceive you in this. Counterfeits, Imitations and
" .Tust-as-g-ooil »• nro but Experiments, and endanger the
health of Children—Experience against Experiment*
What is CASTORIA *
C'asforin is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Paregoric, Drops mid Hoothinur Syrups, lt is Pleasant. It
contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Nan-olio.
substance. Its npo is its guarantee. It destroys 'Worms
and allays Foverislinoss. lt euros Diarrluea and Wind
Colic. It relieves Teething Troubles, cures Constipation
nnd Flatulency, lt assimilates tin- Food, regulates tho
Stomach and llnwols, giving healthy and natural sleep.
The Children's Panacea—The Mother's Friend.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the'Signature of
Or in fact anything in the Machine line,
write us (or Catalogues and Prices.
Portland ■»<# Spokane.
Good, Live Agents Wanted
Iu all nniirrii|iivil trrrliory, fur th*
Ilrm » lu-i'la mi K».lh, tho 1901
^mr        biouO
$20 • $25 - S35 - $40
105-111   Sixth Street. PORTLAND, Ort.
A mlxtnrsotdi t>p rout Inn grata nedlMtiatwo
will iimrainee io trow on At, (found thai will
| not produce ■ .'reals of anv other Iclml of Kraia
Will uiaki'ithIi "I liay. anil (uistor..' all iphhohs
of Uie vour    Yon mvir Investsd » dollar In
four Hie llial «'ll *t*t yon rash rptnilt": price
I., i ii pit loo ni J" i-i-ni» pit pounit. SiMid ua an
opIit lur ".im p" indil wp will hpiii! Inmrurtloni
lor sowing, \ddreei w. J. siHKi.ns * CO.
lirowrTi mi'l  Imporiors of all klnita of Grass
and Field Seeds   Moscow, idaho,
Hairs sf Unto* Holdlers who horastsaded lsss
Ua. IM aor.i <•'"" ->»"• "■ 1,7« <»• »•»«•» •*
•feasdsned), should addraaa
____ E.NHT N. OOrr, WaiWaiUi, ». o.
miion. 0. C, tliey will ra-
3. Mli N. M  Volt, SUM
In Use For Over 30 Years.
All  klndB of work neatly dona and  prloas
"""" V.:'..;.is M ■■» K««t. Block. Spokasa.
L Wrl't loN» HAM _^_^_
If   BICKFOHM. Wtthlnjlon. 0
II celvequick replies.   3. M    __„.---,_,»
SDth Corp*    I'roaecutlnt claims alnca 1«S
UUI A guaranteed Cure tor CaUrrh and
Oontnmptlon.   lim   D.^k80'14*-   ......
W. H. SMITH A CO.. Buffalo. N.Y.. Prop't
iN.N.U. No. 14,1901.
■ i ■'.--
,ii , ,i > n 11 imi—aNs
*mm.tetwttmt>>:<> lemm-w**--- Kl
iiimjii *g£!S8*S.lltM *''■'"
_,_,, ■.._■■■■   j___ _..,._■_.  ■■■.-■fi... --.—si.-.   ■■■»■■ ■.!- ■"." Lli!»U.-Lm.M.L-
»i.i m i. ww^BBmawwy^
1 1
Clocks and
All WorkUft "t^V^^'T
Hotel, Silverton, will he forward-
ed and promptly attended to.
SANDON,   ---:»• 0- .
Saturday,   Apbil 6,     1901.
l'Ulll.mill.I)  1.VK11V    SATL'IIDAY   AT
MAIHtSON nilOH.,   ICclltors A Prnpa.
Advertising rates will be made known
uiion application at tins oftine.
Gnnyeniently Situated near
Railway 8tation antl WliarL
Tables supplied with all the delicacies
pi tho season.
8U00AN CITY,   . . . v  BO.
When your watch  goes wrong   or
your clonk refuses to go bring it to mt-.
Jf yon have a piece of jeweler?  in
need ot repair, bring it to tne.
_*! am prepared at all  times and in
every case to guarantee my work.
E. N. Brindle.   Jeweler,
NEW DENVER,  - B. 0.
(BILVERTON.     -    i*      -     B- c
Sandon Miners'   Union
Subscribers,  fl. per month.
•-•' '•* Jitfv&te Prttienls, A3, pet day
axclusiye of expense of physician or surgeon snd drugs.
Pa. W. E. Gonim. AttendantPhysician
Miss S. M. Ciiibhoi.m, Matron.
J. P. McLaughlin, President.
W. L. Haolbb, Secretary.
Wk, Dovahuk,  J. V. Mabtin,' K. J
McLka.n, A. J. McDonald, Mike Bi-/ nv
pi rectors.
Mining JO
jWllh Canadian S«pplenwnt
■    »83  Broadwpjf,
Now York, U. 9, A.
a******. Baal prnk   *****   laflneatlal
mining Paper   hs th.  World,
nple Copy Vree.     I   I   I   I   I   I   I   I
Waeklr Edition...$4.10 per aoanm, postpaid.
... 1,60  " *       ■■
0«**««0   OR  IN  ARREARS    A
| %   BLUE   CROSS    WILL
OS-»«»«§   BE  FOUND    IN  THIS
towards tli
cover the coi
having it is worth paying for and the
dancers must pay the tiddler.
« fund to   be   collected   to||\    11r»_rsi-i_or»4-
costly *ar.   if it is worth) yCJin.ljUCnt
|       Qo-ownerS,
Jt is reported that Finance Minister
Turner will announce biB own retirement troiA politics wfien he delivers
his next budget speech, which will be
shortly after the members reassemble
Premier p.insmuir's retirement froni
politics will not be announced until
after the electors have lud a whack ut |
Via Soo Line
Cap* Nome, Al-
aika, Australia,
China aod
;  v hrotoh rioters 70 amd waow kkgi.awo
Vor rates, tickets, and foJHnfoimation
Pf II 00 or udtlrcse
0. D. OflAXDLBR,
Agent, Sll veron,R. Cor
P. P. A., A. O. P. A.,
jjaj*»n, V*ncouve»:
The Lands and Works Department
ot our Government is sadly out of
touch with this p.rtion of our Province and in spite of the fact thnt in
this camp a latge amount of money
has been expended by private enterprise in the building of roads aud
trails and the opening up of shipping
mines, which has res-ulitd in the payment of much taxes and royalties into
the Government coffers, tho Department has done absolutely nothing in
tbe district for the laat three years.
Of our shipping mines thero is not one
which has not paid in royalties ou the
ore shipped by it more than the
Government has expended altogether.
Tbe system under wh:ch our taxes are
collected and expended is simply
rotten ar.d it is no wonder that our
mines, which are being bled to deathi
are shutting down and that capital is
being withdrawn from the Province
for investment in Idaho ar.d Wash
ington. Tbe stupidity or it-justice
shown towards portions of our Province by this Department is such
that all fair minded men are losing
faith in British fair play. Instances
can be cited where the Government
has expended thousands of dollars
building roads to boom property for
political favorites and wasted on roads
that were never us-d, while mines
with ore to ship have bad to build
their own roads or shut down, lu
this district less than $1000 has been
expended by the Government in roads
and trails in the last three years and
uot one foot ot new ro ul or trails has
been built by it,. To ofFiet tins, our
iniues, struggling with all kinds of
restrictions and taxes, have tried to go
uhead aud ship out their ores to the
smelters, three of our mines during
that time having built more roads
than all the Government roads in the
whole district, and when they haul
their ores down over these the Government stands with outstretched
hand asking for its royalties, as a tax
upon the enterprise of these individuals. Tbis portion of the Province
asks for no favors but simply for
justice at the hands of the Government)
which by its shortsighted policy
appear to be striving to drive out
what little capital we have here out of
the country and make tho Blocan once
more a quiet retreat for the Siwash.
The Easter Number ot the Montrea1
Star, which reached u? this week, contains 72 psges of well illustrated reading matter. It cousiits of a number
of articles t'esoripuve of Canada and
her resources. It is a credit to even
Canada's largest paper.
jf you want to advertise ont a
Co-owner in yonr ii ineral claim,
utnd $10 to this oflice, • givfng
name ol claim, date of record location, and period for which the
. delinquent co-owner has failed to
do hiM assessment work, and we
will do the rest, Including sending.von the affidavit for renoi ding
We will wiite the notice and do
the woik correctly.   Address:
Silverton, B. C.
Speculation is naturally life concern-
,ng the present population of thc Dominion, which will be announced souii.
To make the population six million,
the census takers wili havo to find
1,166,761 more people here than there
were 10 years auo, representing a gain
of 2-1 per cent. The last decades have
shown the following in the census:
Pop. lucr use.       1 er cent.
1871   3,6__5.0_M ..".	
1881   4,324,819 680,786        .   18 97
1891   4,833,239......51)8,429  il.Tti
11)01 ti
During the decade preceeding the
census of 1891, this province increased
in populatiou from 50,000 to 98,000,
a gain of 97 per cent This was the
greatest increase except in Manitoba
where the gain was 145 per cent
Nutick:—"HAZAm."   Mineral Claim.
Plltiaied     ill    lhe      Slonili       Mining
Division   nl Went.  Kootenay  District
Where located:— On theUALSHA Fabm
'adjoining    the    "Cvki.uy    JMinkkal
Claim" nn the Fast.
Tnki- Notice Unit   1, Francis J. O'Reilly
of bilvdrton, B t!.   ns   stent   for Fianlt
Owen,   1'Vi'O   Minei's  Uviiificaie    No
445H.I. intend sixty ilavs fri-m   the dHte
lien-i'i,M apply to ihe Mining Recorder
fot iiiVrtilii-uii' of Improvements, forthe
pin pone of nhi.lining a Crown Urant   of
tht; uliuvtj cluim
Ami further take notice Unit action
'.liuli'i' M.i'li'in 37, must   be   commenced
hel'.ri'  the i-'simiice of   such   Certificate
ot Improvements,
Dated this 22th day of Fehruary, 1901
Francis J. O'Rkiixy.
28 I 2 I 01
Green   or   Black.
Is DPexfect Tea.
It  In Perffd iteeause It Is Pure. Wlioksoitio, Clean, Delirious,
It reaches you in its natural state.      Prussian Blue,   Soapstone,   etc.,
are iiot used, as in other teas, to hide defects.    It has nope.   ,
) fnxi sample or delirious S A L A I) A Tea sent on receipt of postal
mentioning which you drink—Khitk, Mixed or Green Tea. Address
"SAUDI," Toront. or Montreal.
The copper cent has struck this already unhappy Province and is now
legal tender at the Coast. In their
wake, if they take hold, will come the
ten cent shave, the five cent cigar, tbe
9!) cent bargain and the $1. a day maw-
May we be without any of them for
many a year. ■ >.
Oeneral Kitchener's terms in regard
to wages, which he attaches to his
permission for resumption of work on
certain of tho Rand mines, is meeting
with considerable opposition on the
part of the miners and mine-owners.
As the foreign miners and mine-owners
in that country were the principal
cause that led to the war in South
Africa it is no more than right that
they should stand tbeir share of tlie
grief. There is no use of their starting
to whimper now for the mines will be
made to pay a proportion of the expense incurred aud the miners m-iy
look for a put in wages ta their   share
The Trade Budget iiifaUts that. we
favor the exportation of local ores to
American smelter* for treatment. Why
we should favor such-a course and
when we ever did so it does not say
but it is news to us. Now, The Sn, -
vkutonian does uo such thing, but because wb fail to see the benefit of an
export duty on lead ores us our Coast
friend sees it we are blamed for it just
the ssme.
Tbe Trade Budget seems to think
that if more lead stacks were in operation iu the Province the load of the
lead miner would be lessened. This
shows that the Trade Budget is not
familiar with its subject, as its surges
tion of a smelter for Silverton led us to
suspect once before. The editor munt
know that the pro lucts of our smnkers
must go to the Uuited States' refineries before being marketed, and as long
as this is thu case, Canadian smelter
can only give the American rate. At
the present time the situation is; the
local smelteN cannot handle our ore,
the American smelters will not. What
are we to do? "Put on an export duty,''
shouts the Trade Budget, forgetting
that it is because we cannot export we
are in our present dilemma.
The true solution is in the establishment of a refinery to handle the
bullion, Then the smelters can do business without depending upon foreign
refineries. Even in that case we doubt
the expediency of an export duty a*
long a« tho Government was bonuain ■
the refinery and tho United States was
charging an import duty on lead. Surely that would be protection enough.
A protected industry always tskes advantage up to the limit and the protection shiulil not be overd ine
The worst feature of the export duty
talk at present is its effect on capital
Capital is already timid of the Slocan
and nny further experimental legislation or a discussion of it will increase
the alarm. J.et us work tor the rt-li.i-
ery and when we are in a position to
do so without harming ourselves we
:au ihi'-li mil the export du'y question,    'fo do so nqw is idjocjr.
NOTICE :—"Ubt Chance No. II,"
(Silver INni'iift.) Mmpiiil Claim, situate
in Ibe Slnciiii Mining Division ol U'e*t
Kiioeimy District
Wliere located :-On the divide between
EUlit iiinl Ten Mile Creeks.
Tuke Notice Unit. I, J. M. McGregor,
Kiting as sireiitfor Oeorg" Kvdd, Free
Miner.H Certificate Nn bS088O, intend
fixty tints frmn tne date hereof tu appii
to the Mininu Ri-e> nler for u Ceriifli'a'e
of Inprovemeut, for ilie purpose ot obtaining a Cnnvn Grant of the above
And fin-'hi'r take notice that action
Hurler section 37, muft he commenced
befoie the Issuance of such Certificate of
Dated this 6th day ol November, 1900.
.1. M. Mc'aBEOOB.
To in s Kmonit, or lo nny person or
perm mn to whom he msy have traiiHti-rreil
lira inte'eMs in the following Mineral
Cliiinix.l'oii'.'ii No. 2. Coiiiinuiider and
Biisol on Ked Moutatn, near Ullverton
B Oti,Slocan Mining DHUlon.
lYtfti nre hereliv nntilieil Ibat 1 hsve
eXVeiidetl three hundred dollar* (1300)
in Iul ior snd Improteineuts upon the
aliQve mentioned • icerul Claim* in
order lo hold said mineral claims under
pitHMoiih nf Ilii Miiienil Act and if
within ninety days from iln- ilaie ot Ibis
notiee vou l.iil or lefnsp to contribute
your proportion nf t-aid ex[>eiii!itiiie
io-ietlier vt ii 11 all t'osis of advertising;
vour internals in *uid claims will become
the property ol il.e miIim'iHut mulei
Section 4 nl an 'ct In Amend the
Mineral Act 1900.
FRAKK li,  r'. ;■':.'• •
Dated tlii«28 li. .lay of December 1000
TXTI^TES iindCia-iiBS
Agent   for Calgary Beer,
Full Line    j Lumber,
1 *
Dry  & Mixed Sash and
Paints.        I Doors.
McCallum dfe Co.,    Slooan, B. O.
for    COUGHS
Syrup Of
AndTdlu.   ?
^ a. ______ ______________________
To John Tinliko or whom it innv
concern, Vou nie hereby notiHed
Ihat I have expended One Hundred Dolliirs in labor and improve
iiieiitH upon lhe Wu Two Mineral t.laim
on Ked Monntain in the Slnfun Minim.'
Dtvislon, loi'Hied on Ilie 24th. day of,
June I8!Kl. and recorded at lhe recorl'
office nf sh Id Division on the 24ih. day
of June IB!).1 in order to hold said claim
miner the provisions of tlie Miiienil Act,
beiiiL'tlie iimoiiiit required to bold the
same for tlie year en.ling Inn.- 24th 1900
And if win in ninety data from lhe date
uf this inniee you fall or relii!«e loeon-
trilinle ymir priiporlion of mich 1 X|iend-
iiniu together with all coriii of
mlvi-rlisii-g. your iiitereMt. in said claim
will nee.oine ibe iiioperty of the nnd r-
signed under Section 4 of An Actio
to Amend the  Miimr.il   Act   1000.
J. \V.K>le.
Dated this sixteenth day nf March 1001,
A Spring:   ooti(£h   is*   JtiarCt
to stop, bntHA T %vill clo it.
Sola   at
The Silverton Drug Store,
SILVERTON    •    •    •     B. C.
^ ^mAadm -*- m\ -*■*•■■■*■ *■ ■* —    mm, >A_AAAA_( * um. **. .m. a ______ _. ^m*.    —   .
x^r*m**\***a**w*a *wW*w*ww^*l^m mm*a iAwm * * * *9 w m>   v v w v • p n gmw
* ft t*i a*. A ft 4 *■ j*.**. m. ^.^.mmM mWM _______ m. ______■ ____.____. ______  _a__. _____________ ^ » ^ WW WW
TVTyVW ^m^9*wy**W*m*w ^m ^Wm9my*^rwm rTTTVTiv *mwt
Notice U hereby given Ihat all sc-
OOUnts due me muv be paid to H.Thor-
hnrn, ol Silverton, by whom receipts
will be given.
Uosti Thorburn.
Thistle *<*■ Hotel.
Flrst-oltiss        aooommodaton
for Ttie    I»nl>lio.    .
Rilverton,    . H     H  ■'■
Joo Printing
VITill    Bo   Promptly
^C*o   By
•••      PROMPTLY BOI^B?.
B. 0.
Btock   and  Customs
Rill.     I-BTATK      AND
Bakrb St.,   -   -   NELSON, 11. O
- GERMAN -   -
...... INGREDIENT.......t..
.SLOCAN CITY, .    B. C.
For Sale at All Druggists.


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