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The Silvertonian 1901-08-24

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| The WM. HUNTER Co., Lid. I
a* °*
OB8888f-S^M.t8.88*8.8888888888888 88 888 B>-88888880
Is Jfow Being BniK » Chits Kc.\iclio!
Willi aO Ik on ilie Jul),
|      hp mm.     |
mUUiUUUUUi.it tt,.....t.tt.t,i gissi
-   r*ar«:est stock of ::
Ss •
; Mining:  supplies £
ii In
I Arlington Bond Paid—Ileal on fan Mile.
A Week's Iliiin.u'K in the HIIIk.
 tlie     Slocan.
Sf 8 8 IM W M « 8-8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8*8 -8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 88 888
miiuuuuutuua. tt.......
I Stores in Silverton • Kelson ■ Alamo ■
I       Three Forks and Phoenix.
Silverton, Kelson, Trail, Ymir. Kaslo, Bandon,
New Denver, Cascade Oity, Grand Porks, Sirdar
Midway sod I reai - • nd.
At lust ilia Bad Mountain and Siirer
Baud  pnrt  of  onr  district  is   to have
transportation  futilities and   work has
already lieen commenced npon a wagon
road lo connectllt.it-portion ol our i.'iimp
with bilverton.   Word   was    received
last  Friday   hy  Road Inspector Moore
from the department a\   Victoria to so
abend wiili ilie woik nntl lie inst no time
ui getting things Into readiness, so that
ilie work of building   the   roarl was stor-
ted    on   Wednesday   i.i*t    under  tljo
j foremaoahip of Chas. McKicboll who is
I noikioL'a fori-c of over  thirty men and
I who wili rush the wml; to completion us
: fast ah ie consistent With good workninn-
! _j tii p.   The boarding camp lor the crew
: enunged is being run by Junius I.i.viM of
j lhe Victor! i Hotel of this place, who has
;ilarnl  Jim   I5e.II  assisted I.v A. V. McDonald over (lie culinary department. <"0
it is safe to  say  thut no ore* of men In
j this country will  have  iheir inner man
j better looked alter than the boys  on the
I U d Monntain mail.
Th" building of this road will mark u
i new eru in the hii-tory cf lhe camp am!
Mil raconrago thh opening up of those
iit^n bodies ol I .•• grade cold or ifl
that psii of Uie district, making it nitui
i'li-.-iiie to br; ig out ami ship at a profit
the rich silver ores ol the 8i.vor i'.....'l
: Basin.
Sixteen  men  now comprise the force
employed al the Queen l'.,s- mine.
Sandon ore shipments last week consisted ol _-'43 tons: Noble Five Id, Last
Chance '10, American Hoy 01, Slocan
Slur 120.
II. J Stewart came in on Thursday
from the Lardeau. iln reports the
towns as ijuiet hut much activity ib
apparent in the hills.
Considerable attention is at present
being paid tb tbo dry ore sh _wings ou
twelve Mile ereek, the most prominent
lif which is thnt exposed cn the V. k M.
and the Hamilton groups.
The lumber delivered here on Tuesday
fnr tho Hewitt mino is lining hauled up
to the mine as fast as possible audi*, to
bo used iri the erection of the new bunk*
house thut. i.s lieing put up.
Robert P. Green (Joes lo Victoria mid
Makes Tilings Happen.
\i rouTim dog day mm
The owners of th» Chiiplenu mine, nn
Union creek, paid another installment
on Iheir de!.' thi-i week, amounting to
*oOtiO, They.hrn iti'l oo tii sir creditors
books ior 18000, but
tilings up in 'AA iluys.
Abont tbe Vacant I'.nifuli..   .Inn  .il.trtin
InStlll   Itiiigniiiitcr ul the Mum.    J
The visit of H. F. Green to Victoria
la_-t week caused a few things to happen,
says the Victoria l'ost. It 1ml to a
cabinet meeting on Friday which remained in session over Saturday and
wblcb was so important tliat the Hon.
Rlobard McBride'S d"parture for Princeton wa" postponed a dav. It was the
meeting wnich was important, not the
Hon. Itichard. It also caused the
sadden appearance in Victoria of Joseph
Martin, Q. McL Brown ami W. VV. IX.
Mclnnis. What was St-all about? Hall
arose out of a definite request from Mr.
promise to even jit. F. Ci recti for a definite arrangement
Jack Nesbitt's partner in the Lardeau
is enquiring in the SJncaa as to Jack's (""embers
nhereabouts, Iii nppenranee in ihat
camp would settle a dispute over one of
tiie most important claims in (but
section'.   Hence iheir anxiety.
J.l). Kendall, cons'ilting engineer for
I the Emily Edith mine, anl Charles E.
I Bops, manager, spent a few dayi al the
I mine tbis week inspecting Urn workinga,
| paying also n visit *)l inspceti ,u  to the
Matters in connection with tlie final
winding up of the Comstock Mines
l.i.n led have advanced considerably
this'weekj sodas soon as tha lawyers'
recess Is ov-*r nnd Iho emits can do a
little buniness tbe mino will beowned
in Silvertou.
Win I {cuter, who has been in Vao*
cnuver for h week in coiitteetion wilh
|hn mutter, returned yesterday, Mr.
Hunter liad powsrs of attorney from all
the local creditors to settle their claims
against Uie Oompanv and iiut It the
tact tnatcotittactur Mitchell,   who built
aliout th? Shortly to be vacant portfolio.
Thut in iti-elf was nothing at a!'. The
of tlie (government bave a
system of dealing with iHinite requests
for ilcfiniio information which is masterly
Tbey pledge themselves Individually in
a certain course of conduct knowinsr that
collectively ihey nre going todo po'cisely
and exactly the opposite. The system
works very well for a while. It was
worked on II 1". (ireen til! be grew
weary and instead of retiring to Kaslo
uilh a surfeit of confid nee talk he raised
•ho Government bluffer's bet and At the
Same time showed a corner of his hand.
Asa oonsequepcethe question ofR.
F. Gieen's inclusion In the cabinet was
discussed hv the executive anil surd a
violent difference of opinion to >k place
there Unit the meeting was adjourned
t 11 lue next day. The members of the
cabinet who are iii favor of It. F, Grcqn'n
inclusion pointed out clearly anil succinctly   what   tbo  Government was op
SILV I'. R T O N      I!.   Q
:•:  JAS.    BOWLS   Proprietor.
^^^^^^ ] Hiecinc'iitratirat   the   mine,   )i»'l bis j ayiuii.st  if   hi   were - nol-talmivin.-  rb«»
Wakefield concentrator.     Mr. KendaU | olalan is the Coors  it is pioliable that |OPposiiion sppeure.1 to te silenced, and
lie would now be, Ibe owner of the assess j it was   generally  understood that R. F.
of tin Company iuclndln* the   mine and ftreen would get the portfolio.
mill.    He    thinks   however    that   Mr j    Joseph Martin,  however, appeared on
Mitchell's claim will soon be satisfied, the scene and he pointed out what the
^^^^^ ^^ thus removing  tne  only   hitch  in   tlie | Government   was  up  sgaipst   ifR.F.
Kittiuneliueyer was in favor ol buildingI ^^j ^^m
a mill and has bad tlie n.ill-site surveyed |
rstonii to London soon to tnske l.i-
report, and until presenteil at lite Compauy *S office it Is, ofcours', Impossible
to tell what shape il will take. It is web
known however that ex-superintendent
I (or some lime.   An offer was also made '
some  months fliro  by   tbo   Eu ily Edith
people to buy the Wukefield mill, so that
it is probable that a mill will go up there
I Ibis fall.
'Iho  syndicate   opernling    the   Iron
i Horse group on Tan Mils Creek secured
thia week  a 20 day option  to bond thb
< GatlDsao, Kimooe and Otillln claims  al-
I bo on Ten Mile creek, belongius tn Tom
Ueed  nntl   «'.   !•'..  Siiiilheringnlc.     The
deal is being made   through   Annus McLean ul  Bilverton,    The  bond Is a good
one, the t-inis bi ing ,r)'i|, in four  months
(ireen was taken inlo the cabinet. He
appears to po"seBs some pull over the
Premier, the nature of which is not very
clear but the effects of which are very
evident at every time. He is fully de-
termhisd to have a nominee in the
Diinsniuir cabinet or go out upon tbn
j warpath. Dunsmuir either cannot or
will not quarrel with Martin. The position of affairs m really extraordinary,
but   there   is   no questinu about Ibe fact
Tbo week's ore shipments Irom Sil-
\ oi ti ill wis limited tn 70 Ions, the
freighters being unable to bringdown
their usual amount because of the
necessity of going tip loaded. They nre
tr.ini.piiiling the lumber for the now
biiillli.iL"*   at   lhe   Il.-witt     iniue.    Tliel
Enterprise shipped two carloads Irom tliat the leader of the opposition has
Ten Mile and the Blocan City mines! mors to say about lhe -nuke-up of the
were  good for  125 Ions,  100 from tbo | cabinet than any member of it.
Tlie upshot of the whole toalter is tbat
things are pretty much where they wen-
Arlington and '_."' dom lhe Black I'riuce.
Silverton's  husiness  men  nre on thc
Outside Partiua Desiring lloises in Hlir tton
t'sn Have Them Reserved By VVrltina To-
H m%9 .--H
p. Mcdonald,
.v., i.i eight months und the balance lu-lrostle for basloaaaand when tbey can-
a M'ur, ilie lit'iire being a large om K uot satisfy all their wants at home tbey
the option Is taken up a Ion <• of men will
I he put   t"
| proporti.
work ul  .nice to develop* tbe
before R, P. <ireen came down to Victoria and his interest) are hot by any
menus further advanced,
It is generally admitted  that the Government   will   go   (0   pieces  duiiugtbn
show no hesitation in brimi'liincout into! "exf   8e8'ion oi   thi'  '-"iiislature.    The
other centres.   The Wm. Hunter Com-1 only question l» »l ether n combinatiou
pany, with its headquarters nnd depot
M A K I' R   0 !•'    P
\ 3 II 111 N A 11 LK
Iii l;    M I'- N.
iu   Bilverton, has    brunches  iii   Alamo,
riiree Porks, Nelson nnd Phoenix;  Jas
Bowes, proprletoi ofthe Victoria Hotel
lure, :s pita associated with the man-
en t ol a ttoisou Hotel, nml this week
ll vi.s the   ni n iif. Kn 'Wii-s iV   1'inlay  to
secnreiifooUoi»ln8aodon,lHvliwlMsi'd|Por,8r,tha ,B,lde ri,,lJ »Dd 'heprofent
,uci dn un Rleowilsbl Mining Compi if j11(l. iv,,.,,.,, Hotel and opened up tnr bus- Mn»Wo r,»i» Hie outside ring. This ifjas
of Rsn Fronolaco   This payment n pn    ,,,,..a | nut look feasible.   Another plan ia ihat.
The final payment on lhe Ppeculatoi
bond, iiinolliitii .'to $l'.l 00t), WIS niel   "it
Tue d iy bv .1. Frank Col lam, local n en-
will be formed-from among tbe present
members of the House to carry on the
I GoVSrnment of the country or whether ii
general slsctlon will follow. One theory
is thai n workable mschinn could bo
|pcnred I y making tlio present outside
rios of more or Ices Government sup--
s.'iits !•"%' of iho  bonding figure, tho]    Mr. Knowles, tlie senior psrtoer, will
' other 10'.';; having been previously paid, |,.,,,.,.,,.,.._..,,, ,,„. s.„. ,,,„ branch ol the
Ilrm and Mr. Finlay will look niter the
It isn't
That a tuan wbo lias been culling
wood nil allium, r, r,i one who bus
a faculty for cutting coupons, could
cutiisntisfact, iy unit lor yon. Now
Liebreher is aciiiiei. Has been
tailoring for particular people for
a number d years. lin ui 'I
shears. Ho doesn't ''eul" a nut
with an electric band saw. Iln
knows bis bniineH and doM it loo,
 Finest Slock in the Slocan    •
la/"avk     • 8,I!.V.E.HT0K
nud those who will shine in tlio tllslrlhu-
tn.it are it. Kirkwood nnd 0. R. Bmlth-
ciiiign'e, of Slocan, A. 'Funks ol New
Di ■nver, and T Kirkpatrick, a ('. 1'. It.
ibe speculatoi group hap. been developed by the present owners  dining tho I
homo end of lhe business.
Duti'iniiir will   resian   anil   leconiinenil
Joseph    Martin,   wbo   wil! form   agov-
■ ii  n! iif himsi'lf. Wells, 1'rentice,. W.
\V. I'. Mclnnis, .1. ('. Ulrown and  Duns-
iniiir.   Tbey  would cany on (lieGov
ernment   Ol   lhe   country   for   a     yen
WJ'liOUt     mooting     the    House.    Then
I Whc0    Ihey   weie   defeated   go   to    the
Tin- sawmill ami lumber ysrd ol Hill (country on a faked mi popular platform.
Bros', nt tin) be.ul  uf iho  Lake  wus in | Ihey would   leave   on   the   people who
Wood, i'ii::' AND WATER.
pnH  yonr,    \V.   ThoinliiiH'ui   being
charge of the work, snd the richness oflgreal denser ol beloa wiped ont by tlie I opposed them the odium of htving
that splendid dry ore property wss prov* (orest Ore whloh raged In ibnt netirhbor* I vatiflvd the OPR contract Tho fatal
en. With ibis purchase ths Kicowllabl hood Isst week and winch approached fdrawbaclj ta the scheme is thai time.
Company rounds oat wl.ni is probably the mill so closety at one time lbs) tbe P- B» contract wonld have to be itjllflsd
the largest group in tbs Blocan, consia- (enoaswere til (blase. Fortunately « : and tl.e estimates passed (irsi, But if
ting ul the Arlington nnd SpeculatorIgood itssm pump and plenty of hosajtho members ot the Honso arl> sillv
groups and several adjoining claims ami i mpra kept for sin li an OCCasaion and fOf j •noOgli to allow mutters to drill" until
faction* bought or tttked by the Com-j ten hours u Steady Stream of water was thn«e two inuttera are neeomplished
psny. j poured on the piled nu lumber at the I Ihey will have tlm pleasure of seeing tlm
I rate oi two barrels a mtnnte.    K\ou UitojDnnsmnJr Qovurnmeni disappearing in
THK   Ml.r.VI. MAUKKT. wonld not bare raved ths properly bsd eniohe and a Mwtln administration lake
1—1 not ii f.iv.iini.ie wind sprang up  and its place by mu>n*l oonsont
New York. Alii   '."J— Bar Silvor,   B8J4   lien' led off the Ihn.     All  danger  is now I    The tannin *ill never be straightened
Uko copper, IISAO. past nml the mill la again at work turn* ontnntll a partr and a leader ore born
Lead- Ihe ll.,,. i„.tt. fixes tbe selling,: _k  u _ ,        ,_    A|w,,0,v|„ lien. ,otha „„,  „im|1 R p,,,„
.-ind fimi'le dcclar tion  ol  tie principle.*
Hie linn ln.it. fix""  the  selling,,        ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
,,inr- nel'iii'lier" quotes lead   ,l,: '"''  ;" '''"''   '''   "'0 local Iradn.
,j »t iim elnuB l barge load for Ibe Hen Ut mine and lb«
or; i  ("i
The Kiigllsh prtoefnr laadls Cll I2»6d| \Vnten»otk«   Co mv   wiu   dthv^rtd I npon   which  Ihey  propose  to   govern
Silver, •2iX'.ii.   Copper, AW)*,. [hen.'.u I ..—lay. IBritllUCulumblk.
; ?'
Items CJcaned From Late Report*-.
All -DUtrleta Are Being Developed
—A Proaperona Year Ia Predicted—
Mining Notea and Personals.
.The pumps bave been pulled out of
tho 1600 foot level of tbe famous Drum-
lummon mine at Marysvllle, Mont.
Hereafter only the upper levels will be
worked. A vast amount of prospecting
work on tlie lower levels has failed to
show pay ore. The mine la expected to
fill with water to the 700 foot level, but
there is enough ore above that level to
keep the mill running for two years.
The owner is tbe 'Montana Mining company of London.
The Drumlummon Is one of the famous mines of Montana. It was discovered 30 years ago by Thomas Cruse, a
poor Irishman wbo could neither read
nor write, but who persisted in running
a long crosscut tunnel to cut Che vein,
ln tbe face of tbe ridicule of neighbors,
though he bad hardly enough to buy
bacon and beans.
He finally struck the vein and about
20 years ago sold the mine for $1,500,-
000 to the Montana Mining company,
organized by the Rothschilds. That
company bas taken about $20,000,000
out and has paid rich dividends.
During the week the Speculator at
Slocan has struck ore In two places.
The Tamarac group on Springer
creek, near Slocan, bos exposed two
■feet of ore, the bulk of which is of shipping grade.
Good results have been received from
the reoent strike on the Winnipeg mine,
in Boundary district One of the ledges
ie eight feet in width.
Tbe crosscut from the working tunnel In the Victoria mine at Christina
lake, and about 15 miles west of Rossland, ia nearing the main ledge and
mineralised rock has been encountered.
On account of tbe results which have
attended the deep working of the Highlander in Ainsworth district and the
results whic.i bave followed operations
In the Crawford Bay district, there has
been a revival of Interest In the district
surrounding Pilot bay.
W. M. Blackmore, representing a
strong Montreal syndicate, has made
tbe final payment of $80,000 on the Iron
group mine near Kitchener, B. C. The
properties, which include 15 claims,
were bonded last April with a cash payment of $17,000. A lode of 'hematite,
carrying 70 per cent Iron, runs through
the group. The lode ls from 50 to 200
feet wide.
J. J. Campl"... ore buyer of the Hall
Mines smeltei at Nelson, has secured a
contract for about 3,000 tons of second
class ore on tbe dumps at the Arlington.
It will be shipped at once at the rate
of 1,000 tone a month, or two cars a
day. About ten teams will be engaged
In the hauling. Special rates bave been
secured for smelting, as the ore is much
desired by smelter;.
'Boring for coal on Hamilton hill, six
miles south of Nicola lake ls being prosecuted vigorously and a depth of 80 feet
has already been obtained. Por tbe
flrst 50 feet the bore was ln coal, passing through the measure on Its dip. It
is expected that several seams will be
encountered before the drill is down
tOO feet. The land, consisting of several thousand acres, le owned by a Vancouver syndicate, at the head of which
la Captain Tatlow, M. L. A.
High values were received by Manager Warner of the Wonderful ln the Slocan from 38 tons of ore shipped to the
Hall minea amelter at Nelson. One lot
of 386 sacks of high grade ore gave
128.6 ounces In silver and 54 per cent
In lead. The total value was $2,007.86.
Another lot of 232 sacks of second class
ore went 98.7 ounces In sliver and 25
per oent In lead. It gave total value of
$620.57. The average value of the shipment was a little more than $80 a ton.
'At Ymlr an Important consolidation
has Just taken place whloh It Is hoped
will bave the effect of causing renewed
activity In the Nelson vicinity. The
Athabaaca Oold Mine, Ltd., and tbe
Venua Oold Mining company are combining under tbe name of the Athabaaca
Consolidated company, with head offices
at Ontario. The Athabasca la equipped
with a stamp mill and cyanide plant
which nave for eome months been practically Idle In consequence of the difficulty experienced in supplying sufficient
Pinch A Campbell have secured a half
Interest ln the Keystone group near
Nelson, and the final payments on tbe
claims were made the flrst of the present week by R. Ewart and Al Davenport
of Spokane. The claims Included ln
the purchase are tbe Keystone Praction,
situated at tbe bead of Whisky creek,
about two miles east of the north fork
of Salmon liver, and about a mile east
of the Arlington mine. The consideration for this claim was $15,300 cash.
Tbe other transfer was of the Cathie
and Tenbroek claims, adjoining the
Keystone Praction, and $5,000 was paid
for the two properties. The three claims
will form the Keystone group, and the
two Spokane companies now Interested
in tbe claims will develop the ledges
now opened up as rapidly aa possible.
Contracts have beeh let for the construction of two two-story buildings at
the California mine at Republic, which
will be used as bunk and boarding
The face of the Wauconda tunnel at
Republic Is still in good ore. The foundation of the oompressor plant ls laid,
and within the present week the building will be np.
Tbe American Flag company has received word that an ore body had been
opened up on the Hornet mining claim
in the Slate Creek mining district ln
Cascade range, showing free gold. The
ore la similar to that in the Flag mine.
j The long tunnel on the Springfield,
one of the copper companies on Stevens
peak, Idaho, cut the ledge several days
ago, and at last reports they had crosscut ledge between flve and six feet,
finding ore all the way. An assay was
I was made on some of It, which was
■brought down, showing total values of
$22.62 in gold, silver and copper, principally the latter. ,
Wallace, Idaho, Aug. 17.—-The shipments of the'Mammoth mine from mine
to mill for the week ending last Saturday were 1050 tons, an Increase of 100
tons over the previous week, bringing
the total shipments for the year up to
62,278 tons, and the shipments of ore
by the Standard Mining company were
13192 tons, a slight lo s from the week
'before. The total for the year to date
Is 99,629 tons.
I It ls currently reported that a force
of men will soon be put to work on the
Old Germany mine, near Cresaw, to
continue for the next six or eight
months at least. The Old Germany ls
located south of town and is among the
ibest properties in the camp. Considerable work was done last winter and tbe
showings are good.
There is now considerable activity ln
the Slate Creek mining district. News
bos been received from the Oold Standard that the force of men working last
week on the Tripod, one of the Gold
Standard group, bad encountered a
ledge of high grade ore, carrying free
gold and running about fihreo feet In
width. On the Mammoth -mine, adjoining the Gold Standard, work Is going
on steadily. Expert Ballard has been
sent to the mine to see what kind of a
mill ls most suited for the treatment of
the Mammoth ore. As soon as his report ls received a mill is to be erected
on the property.        ,
R. T. Dabney and D. C. Corbin have
bought a half interest in 2,700 acres of
oil land In western Washington. Mr.
Dabney and Professor Aughey 'have
just returned from inspecting and examining the property. They brought
back with them about 300 pounds of
sand rock, secured from the property,
which is strongly impregnated with petroleum and which has the appearance
of being a high grade of illuminating
oil. Professor Aughey will make a
thorough test of the rock to ascertain
the grade of oil.
The Allls-Chalmers company bas decided to locate its agency for the entire
northwest In Spokane. There was stiff
competition from firms In Butte, Portland and San Francisco, which wanted
■to get the agency. The new concern decided that Spokane is the center for the
mining Industry of the whole northwest,'however, and will have Its agency
in thst city. The big Butte mines ln
future must come to this city to get
mining machinery from the consolidated concerns. Spokane may not be the
hub of the universe, but it is the center
of a great mining country.
L. J. McAtee, who has returned to
Spokane from a trip to the Buffalo
Hump country, sayu tbat there Is a
much better feeling noticeable in tbe
"Those who bave watched the camp
carefully have more faith than ever In
its future," he said. 'The Sweeny syndicate, owning the Big Buffalo, Is going steadily ahead with development
Thirty men have been at work on the
Big Buffalo since the first of the month.
That Is In addition to the mlU crew.
'The Old Vesuvius mill commenced
crushing Big Buffalo ore on August 5
and ie 'handling about 30 tons a day,
chiefly from the 60 foot level. It Is understood that the ore will average $10
ln free gold, caught on the plates, besides yielding half a ton of concentrates
per day.
"The mill at the Jumbo began crushing ore on Monday. Frank Brown and
his associates have a magnificent gold
property. The old ore shoot has been
developed for a distance of 200 feet and
bas a width In the face of the drift of
12 feet going $16 a ton.
"The Wise Boy, owned by Moore ft
Kelly, is showing up favorably, A crosscut tunnel taps the ledge at 75 feet
depth. At this point the ledge has a
width of 12 feet, 18 Inches of which will
average $300 a ton. Owing to the San
Francisco strike a mill can not be put
In this season, but will continue development throughout the winter.
"Hawley ft Flint are still sinking In
the high grade ore they got recently.
Average samples from the bottom of
tbe shaft gave $480 and $520 in gold.
Mr. Hawley says they will put a 10
stamp mill on the property this fall If
they can get tbe machinery In before
the roads get bad.
Jeffries  and  Rnlilln  to  Meet.
0*0 KranciBCO, Aug. 20.—Jeffries and
Ruhlin have agreed to meet in this city
Iiefore the club offering the best inducements. George Siler has been selected as
referee. Pinal arrangements for the match
will he made on Monday, when each man
will pul up $2,riOO and sign the articles, Ths
COntsit will proliubly occur in Octolier.
Constitution Won.
l-arehniont, N. V. Aug. 10.—In the last
race between Constitution and Culumliid
it was only a matter of seconds. For the
fourteenth time the two yiiehts finished
a contest and for tlie ei/fhtli lime (><nsti-
tiition enme out a winner. Tbe margin
wns small, for she beat Columbia only 5H
seconds corrected time. In elapsed time
she won by two minutes 18 seconds.
Colnmliu* Theater Hold.
Columbus, Ohio, Aug. 10.—The Grent
Southern hotel and theater building was
sold nl sheriff's sale today for 9250,000.
The property has been in receivers' hands
for some time. |
Steamer Wat Struck by an Iceberg — A
Number or Llvei Saved-Sixty Fnioni
aboard-Several Wall Known People
Among Ihe Lout.
Victoria, B. C, Aug. 19.—The steamer Islander, the crack passenger steamer of the Alaskan route, operated by
the Canadian Pacific Navigation company of this city, struck an iceberg off
Douglas Island at 2 a. m. on the morning of Thursday last and went to the
'bottom, carrying 55 to 60 souls, Including passengers and members of the
crew. Some o f the survivors arrived
this evening toy the steamer Queen,
They report that as the Islander went
down her boilers exploded, causing the
death of many who might have escaped. Captain Foote was on the bridge
when the vessel struck and stayed
there, going down with his steamer.
The Islander was on her way from
'Skagway to Victoria.
Among the passengers lost on the
Islander were Mrs. Ross, wife of Governor James A. Ross of the Yukon territory, her. child and niece; Dr. John
Duncan of this city. W. O. Preston and
bride ot Seattle, F. Mills, Mrs. J. C.
'Henderson, W. H. Keating and two sons
of this city and Los Angeles, Cal., J. V.
Douglas of Vancouver, Mrs. Phillips
and child of Seattle. Mrs. Bell and Mrs.
Captain Nickerson, Mrs. W. Smith, Vancouver; J. A. Blethen, Vancouver; Mrs.
J. L. Wilcox, Seattle.
The members of the crew lost are
Captain Foote, George Allen, third engineer; Horace Smith, second steward;
S. J. Pitts, cook; two Chinese; Buck-
holder and Burte, oilers; two firemen,
one coal passer, Night Saloon Watchman Kendall, Joe Beard, second pantryman; two waiters, G. Miller, the
barber; N. L. Law, M. P. Jock, Porter
and Moran, coal passers.
P. G. HInde-Bowker, late manager of
the British American corporation of
London, who was a passenger, says:
"My first intimation of an accident
was the running of passengers on deck
which woke me up. I was ln a cabin
with Mr. Muchtln. I got up, looked out
of the cabin and saw the steamer sinking at the bow. I woke my partner up
and we dressed. By this time she was
still lower in the water. By the time
I got out of the cabin the water was
about level with the smoking room
floor. I went on the upper deck, followed by my partner; I saw the boats
were gone; I went to the side, but at
this time only the stern was out of water. I saw a raft in the water with
eight or ten peoplo on It. I slid down
a rope on to the raft and as soon as t
got on the raft the stern of the. steamer sank and sucked the raft and people
down. We were some time under water, tout I held on and when the raft
came up only two of us were left. We
hailed two men who were swimming
and got them aboard, also a Chinaman.
By this time the steamer had sunk out
of eight Many people hung onto the
raft at different times, but it was not
air tight and we had much difficulty
keeping afloat. We were turned over
once by others climbing on, tout generally managed to right ourselves.
"The scene was heartrending. The
boats were scattered and overcrowded
and people were adrift begging, pleading and crying for help. We gathered
lumber and made our raft float We
were picked up by one of the boats returning from shore. I can not speak
too highly of the ofllcers and crew."
There was $275,000 ln gold on the
steamer, $100,000 of which was carried
by passengers. H. H. Part, who has
spent 15 years in the Klondike, lost
$35,000 in dust
There was a heavy fog at the time
and Pilot Le Blanc was on the bridge.
Captain Foote was at lunch. When he
heard the crash, he ran on deck and
went down with the ship. It Is said,
however, that he reached a raft, but
when he saw the extent of the damage
he jumped overboard. No accurate list
of the dead will be available until the
arrival of the purser on the steamer
Furrallon tomorrow.
George McL. Brown, agent of thc
Canadian Pacific, after Interviewing
the passengers who returned, said:
"The purser ls remaining In the
north attending to the forwarding of
passengers. It is said he gave a partial
list of those lost, but It Is thought It la
below the figures mentioned. It ls my
opinion that the loss of life will not
exceed 20."
"Word of the disaster reached Tread-
well at 8:25 a. m. by a party of passengers headed toy an engineer, who walked up the beach a distance of 25 miles
to appeal to the city for help. The
Treadwell steamers Lucy and Jennlker
end the Juneau steamer Flossie promptly responded.        i
'The Flossie arrived from the scene
of wreck at 12 o'clock with her flag at
half roast and six dead bodies on board,
and the nurvlvlng passengers. The description of the disaster by tho survivors ls heartrending. They say that the
Islander struck an Iceberg and so severe was the shock that every door was
jammed fast ln the staterooms and the
111 fated passengers, numbering 107, and
tbe crew of 71, were forced to break
through the windows to reach the deck.
"Steward Simpson lost 10 ln hie department, and his description of the
wreck Is clearly given. He was awakened tby the shock and could not get
out of his stall-room until he broke out
of the window. He reached the bridge,
where the pilot, Lablonde, was on
watch, and, with the mate ordered out
the life boats. The vessel was then
taking water fast and the chief engi
neer reported the pumps unable to. take
oars of the water. He also went below
with an ax, broke down the lowar stateroom doors and atayed at this work
! until the water forced him to go on the
uppet deck.
"By this time the ship's boats were
loaded and had got away and while the
officers were getting out the lost life
raft Captain Foote called to all hands
to clear the ehlp, ".a she was about to
go down. This was the captain's laat
order, as at the moment the ship sunk
and the captain, leaping clear of the
wreck, waa picked up by a life boat
which In some manner was overturned.
The day was very misty, and all hands
were made to shift for themselves!
Seattle, Wash., Aug. 18.—A bulletin
to the Poat-lntelllgencer from Victoria
gives the following list of those lost In
the sinking of the Islander:
The lost Include 24 passengers and
crew, among them the following:
Captain Foote; George Allen, third
engineer; H. Smith, second steward;
S. J. Pitt, cook; two Chinese cooks;
P. Bucktoolder, oiler; George Miller,
.barber; Hugh Porter, coal passer; M.
Folk, saloon waiter; Mrs. W. J. Smith,
Vancouver; wife of Governor Roes and
niece; J. A. Blethen, Vancouver; Mrs.
,J. L. Wilcox, Seattle; J. V. Douglas, of
Kelly, Douglas k Co., Vancouver; W.
H. Keating and two sons of Kokslla;
Joseph Bard, second pantry man; A.
Kendalls, night saloon man; one fireman, one coal passer, one waiter, names
unknown; W. G. Preston and bride of
The following bodies have been recovered :
Dr. John Duncan, Victoria; P. Burke,
H. P. Burke, H. Porter, Nell Folk, and
two children.
l'relwht    Train    Was    Committed    by
Ashland, Ore., Aug. 10.—An explosion
of dynamite wliieli occurred nt tunnel No.
7, six and a half miles north of Glendale,
demolished an entire freight train on the
Southern Pacific, An extra train, composed of 80 cars with three engines, wus
just emerging from Tunnel No. 7, which
is a short -one on a sharp curve in the
trade about 100 feet long, when the train
parted, the air hose breaking and tlie sudden jar causing tlie dynamite in the two
rear cars to explode. The entire train was
destroyed, except the engine and that was
injured imme\tliat.. There were 10 cars
of melons, two of powder, two of fruit
and the remainder miscellaneous. The explosion was felt for miles around the sur-
roundlng country.
A car tilled with acid took tire and tlwl
Raines spread to the dry brush and timber, causing a tierce conflagration. Coiv
creek, which runs along the side of the
track at this point, was tilled with debris
a ml burning wreckage. The buildings of
the Victory mine, half u mile di-t.ini, were
badly shattered, and iu a house i mile
distant from the scene, a sick woman was
thrown from her bed by the fores of the
shock, her arm and shoulder being bndly
dislocated in tlie fall.
Train   C'rrw   Karnprtl,
The train crew miraculously SSOSpod
with only a few bruises and scratches. A
number of tramps, who weie riding in a
half cloned car, it is believed, asoaped, but
until the debris is cleared the loss of life
can not be known. ,
At least 11 ears were blown to atoms,
and can uot be accounted for, even their
trucks lieing missing. Wrecking crews
have been sent to the scene of the disaster
ami -isi men arc now clearing the track.
The tunnel, fortunately, appears to be uninjured, though the track and roadbed are
torn for a great distance.
Famine In Huaala.
I.oiiiliui, Aug. '10.—Advices frnm Moscow say that Kussia is on the eve of another famine. Nearly a third of the provinces of Ktiropcan Kussia are officially declared to have produced "insufficient" and
some oilier still "under the average" crop
of cereals. Only two provinces out of 70
hsve really ■.'mnl harvests. The ollicial
wind "insufficient" means utter starvation.
The (amine stricken area exceeds half u
million square miles and about the same
tret us that nf the grcut famine of 1801.
The population number* 43.UOil.0lX_.. The
hopes founded on the report of two
months .iL'n have vanished. The hovoe
has been wrought by the intense heat and
Ilie entire ahsense uf rain when needed.
Afterward there were torrential downpours and hail storms. The appearance of
innumerable pests is completing the destruction. 'Hie harvest is now in progress,
lint these arc final reports,
Fierce Haiti l.j Kurd*.
London.   Aug. 11).—A   dispatch   to  the
l'all Mall Qantts   from   Constantinople
says ii body of 40 Kurds has been raiding
the Diunizia district of Armenia und has
ilestroved !'__. villages, leaving nothing but
smoking ruins. Only the young «irls
were spared. 'Iliey were carried off to the
harems. All the males were ruthlessly
Mrs. Fiiank Castu,
8 Morrill Str.ot, Ameibury, Mass.
Tbla lotter ahould oarry Faith
andOonvlotlon to thoHomrttt
of all St ok Women*
" I suffered with inflammation and
falling of the womb and other disagreeable female weaknesses. I hai)
bad spells every two weeks that would
last from eight to ten days and would
have to go to bed. I also had head-
ache and backache most of the time
snd such bearing down pains I could
hardly walk across the room st times,
I doctored nearly all the time for
about two years and seemed to grow
worse all the time until last September
I was obliged to take my bed, and ths
doctors thought an operation was the
only thing that would help me, but
this I refused to have done.
"Then a friend advised me to try the
Pinkham medicine, whieh I did, and
after using the flrst bottle I began to
improve. I took in all five bottles of
Lydia E. Piu'cham's Blood Purifier,
four boxes of l.ydia E. Plnkham's Dry
Form Compound, three boxes of Liver
Pills and used three packages of Sanative Wash, and I am as well now as I
ever was. I am more than thankful
bvery day for mvcure." — Mns. Frank
Cabtkb, 3 Merrill St., Amesbury, Mass.
_ LyJlm £. rinkJiZtVMitJIoIno
A Private
For boarding ind duy paplli.
Opens Beptcmbfr 18. Fins
new building. Hi.- principal
had twenty-iliree yeari*
experience In Portland. Cor-
reapondeuce miliclted. tot
catalogue* addreia
J. W. HILL, M. II.,
P. O. drawer 17, Portland, Or.
(ntlle Were Shot.
Baker City, Ore.. Am:. X'.).- A ineouge
from Tine. Ore., say* there \< gie.it excitement mi Kast Pine creek on account
of the finding of seven head of c.ittle that
had been shot to death. Cattle owners
swear vengeance. It is supposed that the
killing of the cattle was the work of steep
herders, the cattle having deinolii.ie.l a
sheep camp. If it proves true lluti sheepmen are rssponsRils for this wanton set
serious trouble is expected, as hid feeling
has existed for a long time between cattle and sheep owners in this notion on
account of the encroachments on the ranjre.
ilnrr.   la   President.
Tucoina, Aug. ID.—The fire chiefs, after
listening to several    interesting    papers,
elected the following oflleerfei
President, A.    li.    Meyers,    Spokane
treasurer,  J,   H.   Oirlisle,   Vancouver,  II.
c.: Moratory, N. w. Brinahurst. Seattle.
The next convention will be held in Victoria.
Spoliiine   lin.-i_.iii..-   fair.
The ladies Art, Needle Work and
Ploral Departments at the Spokane Interstate Pair will occupy one-half of
the main floor of Exhibition ball. The
ladles of Nelson, Rossland, Walla Walla
Colfax, Lewiston, Keodrlck, Moscow
and many other cities will send exhibits to this department, for which exceptional fine prizes have been awarded.
Kiiuiiu.-iii.-iil With   l,ii,iir«. III-.
Manila, Aug. HI.—A company of the
Twenty-sixth infantry has luid un Ingage-
ment with the insurgents in OamellnaS
province. The troops killed Zcbiiste.in An-
gels, a brother of (Ieneral Angels, and six
privates, and captured a major, two captions and nine privutes. Another detachment oaptund 'Magn/.in Culm lies at Luin-
bung, and also seized a large quantity uf
i»r. w.....I <,.,.H «o Columbia.
Stanford University, Cal., Aug. in.— Dr.
T. I). Wood lias resigned his position ns
professor of hygiene and organic iruining
nl. Stanford university and accepted a sim-
iliar position in the teachers' college of
Columbia university.
Ilow'a  iltlnf
We Offer une li unit <-,| dotlan rewunl for any
lune nr Catarrs that i-unnut im eur«t hy Huii''
Catarrh cure.
K. J. CHBNBT * I'll.. I'rn|i« , TolSdo, 0
Wt,   Hie   uiiiletHlKii'a.   hnve   known     F     •'
Cheney   fi.r   lhe   liml   I.',   veins,   mil   hellew   him
|hi Tii tly    liiiniiriilili.    In    Illl    l.ii:.In. ■!■    tl" US'
tliiim   ami   llniinrliilly   ■■ 1,1.-   t„   ,„iry   uui   tM
i'hllK<iil'iiin mad* by Unit  iiitd.
WKM'I    tk   TIUAX,   Whulesuls   multilists,   T"-
leiln,   O.
WAI.I1INII,   KINNAN  *   MARVIN.   Wlu'ie"'1''
Iniirrii-i     Tuleilii,   II.
HalPi Cstarrh can i» tnken intamallr, **'■
Ink   directly   u|iiiii   the   l.|.,.„i    |   nun nu     »'"
lines of the »>Ht.-m    PrlOC *t,r  ,„.r bottle.   Bolil
in- iiii ■iii'in i     Testimonials free.
Hall'a  Family   I'llls  ate  iho best.
■pokaae Interatnta Fair.
C. B. Wade, of Pendleton, Ore., will
bring his celebrated Shorthorn herd to
the Spokane Interstate Pair, Sept. 10th,
to try conclusions with C. B. Ladd, of
Portland, W. O. Minor, of Heppher, Ore.
and other of the Shorthorn kings.
Holti'e   NohooL
it Menlo Park, San Mateo I'minty, Cal., With
I* hf ant I Iul, •iirniiiiiilltiKS, iiar._-._l CllSiet*
Sereful Miimrv ainn, thorough lnitruotlon,
complete laborainrliiH, ami fymnuium, ealllf
inaintaiiii it. poaltlon In flic front rank* «l
M.iooli lor bova on Ihe Paclflc Cstat Ira A
Valtt, Ph. I)., Wlnclpal.
It is stated tho 39,832 persons perished at the hands of homicides In. the
United States during the five years ending with 1900. The figures j»f punishment for the crime are not j made "P.
but aro known to be startllijgly small.
Laxative Ilromo-Qulnlne Tablets cure a ool'i in
ouodaj...Nocure. No Pay    Prloe26cents.
Dreams   tell   tales   which   waking
hours would consign to oblivion.
Mrs. Andrew Carnegie ls a very plain
practical woman, who buys carefullV'
Thufl, while her gowns are fashlonabl"'
sho wastes no part of hor money on Par"
(olllalon ot Trolley Car and Trulii
In fhleaso—Mleven Injured-An.
nlher < oIIIkIoh In Brooklyn— One
Killed.    \    -
Chicago, Aug. 19.—-By the collision
0f a trolley car on the Forty-seventh
gtreet line with a rapidly moving pas
stinger train on the Pennsylvania rail
road 11 people were injured and four
Killed.   The dead are:
Frederick O. Edwards, aged 37.
Harriet Sutcllffe, aged 50 years.
Ida B. Osier, aged 29, Connecticut.
Unidentified woman, aged 25.
The injured: Willis Bowman, fa
tally; Luther Jackson, internally in
jured and ribs broken; Mary O'Malley.
l,.ft arm broken and head cut; Kate
Greenfield, both legs broken and in
tcinal Injuries; Marion Branard, cm
on head and shoulders; James Gillette
cut about face ond head; V. P. Kulton.
conductor of car. slightly cut; Mar
goret Dwyer, internal Injuries; Mrs
Lizzie Coale, three ribR broken; Dr
Clarissa Bigelow, left thigh broken;
j. Urowdwllz, left leg broken.
The accident occurred at Porty-sev
enth streei and Stewart avenue, where
a large number of railroad tracks run
north ncid south with the street level.
Actoss these tlTe street ear line runs
at right angles. The car, Which was
filled with passengers, came up to the
tracks from the west. The gate*
across the street car line were down,
as a passenger train wns moving rap
Idly smith. Whether tho motorman
Willis Howninn, was unable to control
Iti:' car or whether ho became con
fused and turned on the current Is a
matter of doubt.
The ear paused a moment as It ap
prtiached the tracks, but before Con
iliiitiu- Fulton could alight to run
ahead of the car. according to tht
usual custom, there came a violeni
lurch, the car shot forward, passed
rapidly across two intervening traokt-
and crashed heavily into the passen
ger train. Had the car struck a pas
sinner coach In the side the loss of lift
would not have been so great, but ii
struck between the rear end of tht
second coach and the front end of thi
jhlrd. It wns caught up. whirled
iroimd. turned bottom Bide up and
[c/uried SO feet south of the crossing
hit's few seconds.
; $t the time of the collision nearl:
.tit the passengers were Inside the car
Sut ime of them    had    tlie slightest
In Dip loins.
Nervouaness, unrefreshlng sleep, despondency.
Il Is time you were doing something.
The kidneys were anciently called the
reins—In your case they are holding the
reins and driving you Into serious trouble.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Arts with the most direct, beneficial effect
un the kidneys. It contains tbe best and
safest substances for correcting and toning
these organs.
The Royal Italian Band which has
.been engaged at an actual expense of
:$5,i_f'0 by the Spokane Interstate Fair
management ts now playing at Willow
Grove Hark, Penna. It Is perhaps the
greatest musical organization on this
continent to-day.
This signature la on every box of the genuim
Laxative Bromo-Quinine Taweu
the remedy thai cares a cold la one day
According to the London Express, the
English Importers of opium have lieen
mlvlsed that the rains have greatly Injured the Turkish crop, and that what
there is of the drug has been "corner
ed" by American importers.
If SU KFUHU, Washington. 0. C. they will ro-
'• calve quick rc|ille". B. Mh N. II. Vols. HUB
*tli Corps.   Prosooullngolaluis since WTO.
Por tho flrst time this year the Grand
Combln In Switzerland has lieen ascended. This dangerous and fatiguing
climb wiib accomplished recently by six
Tannic Swiss, accompanied by one of tho
most Intrepid guides In tho country.
■ >«..•« Yonr Wile
nitlpatl in.
!.iill..i miffpr terribly from
neclaehni,       I 'iineiit it n    I'lUlly     I'lillllirll
QUI k   i,.\iet.     Keep a  box   handy.    All
Sum.  toe,  26c.   60c.
Another attempt to cross the Alps ln
a balloon ls to be made In August by
Captain 8pelterlnl. His first attempt
tailed, as he was driven by a strong
wind into Prenoh territory. Ho Intends
to start at Mortis In tho Engendine.
FITS 'ermcnenUj Oured.   No (IU « ServMfMS
{■••   *A*ih*tA*i\*motsit. KEswiOreelWerw
J«t.inr. Send for fi
f._i0'trial bottle and treat
N«'w South Wales hns 15,000 miles of
wire netting as fence protection against
. Moihers will find Mrs. Winslow'ii Sooth-
JM.ljyrup the best remedy to use lor Uiail
oiillilrcn .luring ibe teething period.
In Russia It is the custom of duelists
to breakfast together before going out
b> flght.
Little Liver Pills.
Muet Bear Signature of
See Pac-Slmll, Wrapper Balew.
Tsar aatafl aa4 i
OBSVOla UIM IMS flBt.m.l.
warning of the accident or any chanre
whatever to make nn escape.
Thc noise of the collision and the
loreami Of the injured passengers
(Ulokly brought a large crowd to the
icene and ambulances nnd patrol wag
ins were soon at the place. The car
was so badly smashed that it took but
t short time to remove the dead and
Towerman Albert Haas of the rail
road declared that the gates were
town nnd as the car passed the cross
ng he could Bee Bowman tugging at
he brakes and heard him shout that
ie could not stop the car. The train
nen and the railroad men are nol
New York, Aug. 19.—A car on the
•'ifteenth street Rapid Transit line to
light collided with a I.ong Branch
Hallway company locomotive at Ken
ington crossing in the lower part of
Irooklyn. Tne motorman. named Lee
.vas killed outright and some 20 or 21
lasscngers on their way to Coney
Island were injured. Three of tliOBC
t is said, will die.
Ill,II...ml   lo   lllnek   lliiin.
Minneapolis, Aug. 19.—II i* announced
thai final arrangements have recently
been concluded in New York whereby
Minne.i|Milis and St. l'niil tire to he given
direct railroad connection with the Black
Hills. The company all to be sailed the
T»in City, Rene & Black Hill*, and is to
lie limit frmn Aberdeen to Rapid city, in
the hills, crossing the Mtaouri river at
The road «ill Is' 20."> miles ioiifT and wili
eventually become part of .ne of the
great systems mid be a part of i short line
from the northwest to Denver, tlie gull
and California. The plan is to extend the
road from Rapid <iiy to t connection with
tie. Union Pacific at Orln Junction, Wyo,
wniti  in■!• -ni.-.i Bikes.
New York, Aug. 17.—Bobby Walthnur
HOred ■  signal victory OVer Harry  Kikes
iiii the Manhattan Beach cycle track t)ii>
il'leinoon. Tliey met in a one hour motor
paced nice snd Walthnur won by a lap ami
a quarter after traversing80 miles ami _; 3-1
lap! nn  the three lap track.
I'l-.-nlil.-i.t  of  lOeiliul.ir.
Guayaquil, Ecuador, Aug. 10.—The
Kciiadoteaii oongress, iii session In Quito,
hns declared (ieneral Plaza legally elected
to the office of president with a plurality
of ti,i,(KK) votes.
rt'lien rou take Qrove'n Tiutelcai ('hill Tonic
heCHittie tbo (omnia ia plainly printed on ever
i«ntie nhowltiB Imt it la fllmply iron and Quf
Dine ln a taatelim form. No Cure. No Psy. Mc
Women know how to inflict a wound
while paying a compliment.
Fortune's favorites frequently fall
from fueled faults.
i ■
Panengrr   Train   Wrecked.
Salt Uke, Aug. 18.—The Union Pacific westbound overland limited waa
wrecked at Table Rock near Green River,
Wyo. Three of the train crew and 13
passengers were injured, none seriously.
The accident was tlie result of a collision between the overland limited and two
Excitement ls running high around
Deadwood, S. D., over the unearthing
recently of the remains of a man.
Over 2000 carriage makers were
notified by seven shops ln Cincinnati
that their services were not needed
now and that the places would open
light engines, which were endeavoring to September 3 as nonunion shops.
make a siding. |    At San Francisco nearly 100 retail
Engineer Uarside, of one of thc light merchants, embracing all branches of
engines, was the only person in tlie ac- Bervj0e, gathered at Native Sons' hall
cident who was taken to tlie hospital. ...o Sunday to discuss ways and means
will recover. The wreck was caused by ,.„,. br]nglng the 8trlke to a speedy
the pilot and crews of two light engines termlnatlon. /, number of addresses
eastbound foigettmg all about the llyer, were made and mucJ., lnterest wa8
which was running ou time. 'manifested in the proceedings.
ihe three locomotives came together ( At San Francisco James K. J. Archl-
1.,'i.d on with great force, antl were bat- ^ the war corre8pondent. has re-
tered and  broken into an almost worth- , ee,ved   word   from   Bngland   that   he
ess mass o   scrap iron,    lhe track.waa _ has   ,)een ^   &n   hon fel.  am p]ea8ed to say  that  it  cured'me
ton. up and tiie   composite   car   badly fc , geo        hlcal „0.  entirely. a.nd   I have had   no  sympt
siuiislied.     llu.s   and   several   other   curs     . .      . , , - -
iclety of London for papers and writ
ings of South Africa, and Cuba.  There  glad   to
v   'e  are less than 120 of these fellowships   Morse.
hold in the United States. I     Address Dr. Hartman, President of
The   Freeman's   Journal  of   Dublin   The Hartman Sanitarium, Columbus,
Miss Evelyn Morse writes from 651
Adams street, Minneapolis, Minn.,
as follows:
"I suffered for nearly three years
with catarrh of the stomach which no
medicine seemed
to relieve, until a
friend udvii.ed.jiie
to try Peruna.
Although skeptical, I'tried it.aml
found it helped
me within the
first week. I
kept taking it for
three months,and
.Mis* Evelyn Morse.
left the rails, bul remained right side up.
The passengers, many of whom
asleep, while others were just getting up
were thrown against the seats and aides
of the cub as the train jumped along
over the lies. Wrecking crews were sent
out from (ireen River and a track was
ul om.e built around the wreck, trallic
being delayed ub.iut six hums.
oins of its  return.     I
am   only   too
Von  Wulilemee < enmired.
Berlin, Aug. HI.-—Since the funeral of
the Dowager Eniptws Frederick this haa
been Field Marshal Count von Waldersee'u
week. Immediately alter the interment
of the remains a chorus of criticism!! of
von Waldersee broke forth in tiie press,
owing to his speech ut Hanover.
Papers of the most different shades are
weary of Yon Waldersee's talkativeness,
which is regarded as not only in bad taate
in tlie allusion to other nations whose
"names paled in China," but us magnifying the Chinese campaign far beyond its
actual important, lt i.s a curious fact
that many papers ure discussing whicli
nation Von Waldersee meant us Ilie one
whose name paled. Tliey agree that it
could only have been Great Britain. Indeed, the reference is regarded as being so
direct as to be impolite. The unglophobe
papers, however, rejoice that Von Waldersee "expressed himself frankly." Even
llii-c papers advise him lo "speak briefly
or not at all."
Orim,,i   Timber   Fire.
Baker City, Ore., Aug. 20.—A special
from Pine, Ore., says there is a great lim-
iiei firs raging on North Pine and Fish
creeks. A vast destruction of forest is
threatened. The weather is so suitable to
fires in the mountains that it will be impossible to stop the conflagration.   Ram
would he the only cheek, and it is hoped
the threatened thunderstorms will faring
on the long hoped for downpour.  The lire
is likely  to prove destructive to much
ranch property,  One family was i ipellsd
lu move to save theinseleves.
I.h%vkoii   Won.
Buffalo, N. V.. Aug. lit.—The National
Cycle association bicycle meeting i- closed.
the iinil of tlu- lo mile championship wns
.ton by Ivor Liwson of Buffalo, who is
now a close follower of .Major Taylor in
championship column, in whicli Km-
■ ner maintains a good lead. A blanket
would nave cot end the three us they
crossed the tape. With Lawson leading by
half a   wheel.    Taylor  had  the same ad-
iiinlage over Kniiutsr.
Alimku'i. Kiirm Wenllh.
Washington, Aug. 11).—The census bureau has issued a report nn the agricultural statistics for Alaska. It shows tliat
Alaaka'a total farm wealth June 1, HHIO.
■mis (10,086, of whieh $2190 was invested
iii live stock, |600 in Implements and machinery and $]'_>,K0tl represented the value
if building* ami other ' Improvements
Poultry mising in itf»!) wns relatively the
mist profitable branch of Alaskan agriculture.
III! Hour,    for    ll.'Nliliile.
Washington, Aug. 111.—Tlio war department has directed the commanding
officer at Jackson barracks, at New Or-
e.ins. ti) issue ,")(H1 rations to deatitttts people who were driven inlo Fort. Phillip liy
the recent gulf storm.
In 18119 the territory west of the Mississippi produced 45 per cent of our cotton crop.
Practicability has merit over theory
when applied to everyday life.
An Old Friend
ttifc " Cur» '•"• Conmimptlan li «n Inrt '"
t£?J«n_,_ ,,,r coufh" »"rt ooMa-N. W. Saini"'.
u°«ui ilruv«, N. J., F«b. W, 1»00._
lowers carry from the heart sentl-
°*nUi which cannot be coined into
B. S. S. has been
before the public
for many years;
from a small bpfi.i-
uing, it has steadily
worked its way to
the front, and is now known in every city, town and hamlet in the country. Its
Itaunchest friends nre those who have known it longest and have witnessed its
wonderful curative powers in their own families or among their friends and
acquaintances. Grateful patients in all parts of the country tell of their restoration
to health und happiness, und the testimony of these is the highest evidence of the
medicine's worth. S. S. S. is more popular today than ever in its history—no
other remedy stands so high, has ever given such perfect satisfaction or is so
reliable in the cure of Cancer, Rheumatism, Catarrh, Contagious Blood Poison,
Scrofula, Eczemn, Psoriasis, Salt Rheum, Acne, or any disease that originates in
thc blood. Being strictly a vegetable preparation, you will find it agrees with you
much better than n drug store concoction or any of the widely advertised potash
and mercury remedies, which affect the bones, muscles ami stomach, causing
Rheumatism or Dyspepsia. If you
Don't Experiment— have never tried 8. S. S„ you will be
~ surprised at the immediate good effects,
TTg*lgm S. S* S* f"r "° sooner does it get into the circulation than tbe
* appetite increases; you grow stronger, and gradually
but surely it drives out the poisons nnd restores the blood to a healthy condition.
If there is a sore or ulcer on the body, it begins to heal around the edges, the discharge finally ceases and the place gets well; musculnr and bone pains vanish, nud
the skin is relieved of all itching, irritating eruptions. Nervous, run down and
anaemic people will find S. S. S. just the medicine they need, for blood poverty
and illy noui ished nerves nre responsible for their condition. Por old people and
children S. S. S. has no equal; being free from all minerals, it docs not nauseate
or have any injurious effect whatever, and keeps thc blood in good condition, thua
fortifying against disease, Experience teuches whut i9 good and what is not good;
this applies particularly to medicine, and S. S. S., a remedy that has retained the
confidence of the people for nearly 50 years, must have incrit~iT CURBS, is the
•ccrct of its success. When you call for 8. S. S.
don't be persuaded lo accept something clsc-
there is no substitute for 8. 3. b. Itis tl.eonly
guaranteed purely vegetable blood purifier, and
the safest and best for nil blood and skin
troubles. Uo not let them force nn inferior
mineral remedv on you because there 19 n larger
° )flt j„ it If you have any blood or skin dis-
mnae don't hesitate to write us about it; our physicion9 will carefully consider
_,..,_■' .-a..! and advise you without charge. Book on Blood and Skin Diseases free,
yotu catc snu       ^ sWIPT ,SPBC|F,C COMPANY, ATLANTA, OA.
publishes an interview between Mr.
Kruger and William Redmond in Holland in which the former president of
the South African republic, after expressing gratitude for Irish support,
said he regarded the Irish as "brothers
in oppressslon.' and urged the nationalist members of the British parliament to continue their efforts In the
cause of Justice and truth.
The steamer Vermont was burned
to the water's edge at West Seattle
Sunday. The cause of the fire Is not
known. Thomas McMillan, the owner
of the boat, wns the only person
aboard. Through the efforts of the
fin-boat from Seattle the engine and
machinery were saved. The Vermont
was 90 feet long and was recently
completed at a cost of $10,000. She
was Intended for the Puget sound
At Youngstown. Ohio, an explosion
of 10 tons of molten metal in the blast
furnace at the plant of the National
Steel com 'ny Sunday resulted in the
death of ' e workingmen and in the
injury of 11 others. Two men are in
a dying condition and at least two
others of the injured are not expected
to survive. The machinery which
connected the ladel connecting the
molten metal broke and allowed the
metal to drop into a vat containing
Commissioner Evans has prepared
a statement showing the operations
in principal features of the pension
bureau during the last fiscal yerr as
compared with former years. Most
of the data will be embodied in his
annual report and the statement is
prepared for the use of the national
1 ncampment of the 0. A. 11.. wnich will
be held belore the report is read. It
shows that the number of pensioners
on the rolla June 30 last was 9'J7,7S.r>.
a gain of 420U over last year. The
total net loss to the roll during the
year was 48,686, which Included ,1S.-
153 by death, 853 by remarriage, 1688
by minors reaching the age of IG, 153S
by failure to claim pensions and HtiO
from other causes.
Ohio, for free advice.
Wi.riil to Kml I lil. Year,
This is Hie recent decUlull nf one of the
prominent societies of the frorld, but tlie
exinl day litis nut iftbceu nxt-d upon, and
while there are verv lew people who lielieve
(bis prediction, tiiere ure thousands of
others wiio not only believe, hut kimw
Ihat Hosteller's tHniiiach Hitters is the
best medicine to cure dyspepsia, Indigesti.
tion, Colli.tipstintl, billiousness or liver
and kidney troubles. A lair I rial will certainly convince vou of its value.
The Imprudent man reflects on what
he haa said and the prudent man on
what he Is going to say.
The Bant i'reoi-nptior for Malaria
Chilis and Fever Is a bottlcof Grove's Tastelea
Chill Tonic.   It is simply Iron and quinine Id
I tasteless form.   No (are, No Pay.   Price 60c
France .consumes   more wine
Germany, the United    States
United Kingdom put together.
tt 70a haven't a regular healthy movement of IM
bowels nuery day, joore alel, or will He. Keep yoai
bowels open, aad be well. Force, In the shape ot
violent physic or pill poison. Is dangerous. Ths
smoothest, easiest, most perfect war of ke<spla_it___a
bowels clear and clean Is to take
■    m^ jp*)  CATHARTIC       ^
Pleasant, Palatable. Potent. Taste Oood. DoOooS.
(lever Nlnkiin. Weaken, or Urlpe.lUe,.   . __0o   WrlW
lor freo sample, and booklet on health.   Address
tori!.* Ur.,*.. I..,...,. I1.l-._wa, Baaltfaal, Saw Tart. Ma
Price S2.00.
This ls the genuine. It Increaii-
en llesh on any part ef the body,
develops bust tn nny desired size
and makes rnunil, plump face and
neck. Kemoves all blackheads,
inn. freckles, pimples, flesh
worms, anil makes the skin son and white. Writs
In auents' terms. MltS. K. JUNES tt CO.,
unices inn-till inter IK-ean Bldg.,Chicago, IU.
The athletic sports which will be held
on the two last days of the Spokane In-
terut'ite Fair will be the best ever seen
in the Northwest. Fine trophies have
been provided and each event will be
hotly contested by the different collegiate and athletic club teams.
The old Patterson home on Patterson
street, in Lexington, Ky.. ls to be removed to Dayton, Ohio, by Thomas H.
Patterson, a grandson of the founder of
Lexington. The home is one of the historical spots which makes the Kentucky town famous.
Countess Tolstoi, Sophia Anderona,
is a mild seeming woman who since her
marriage has demoted her whole time
to her husband and her three children.
For the latter she made all the clothes
until they were ten years old.
The Spokane Interstate Fair race
track Is complete and the swiftest runners and trotters of the Pacific Northwest are beginning to arrive. The
The purses for nine days' racing amount to $10,000.
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. All
iruiji'lMs reluinl the money if it lulls tocure.
K. w. J-ove's jlgnature lsoa each box.  26c.
Phoenix, Ariz., once a sagebrush desert, has 25,000 inhabitants and an as-
than sessed valuation of $10,000,000, all due
and tbo to Irrigation canals brought from distant streams.
iSXWWVW \YV *V. \^>s\^\v^>^^
«&) it j a h
ry/iiv>>.SSc*b*y*S*wSSSc^** ■ v»\ vv>SkSS'<vv>>>NS>^Cy_^V<V>_vs.<
Tin- Kind You lluvn Always Hought Iiu* borno the si^iui-
turo <il' (has. II, lliti lur, mill lias Imi 11 mailn under hitt
In rsmiiil  supervision for ever .'jo years.   Allow no 0110
o   ili'i'i'ivii  you  ill   this.    Counterfeits,   Imitations   and
".iiisi.-ns-^ooii" nro but Experiments, ana endanger the
health of Children—Experience against, Experiments
Castoria i.s a harmless substitute for (astor Oil, Paregoric, Props nnd Si milling Syrups. It is Pleasant. It
contains neither Opium, Morphino nor other Nun-olio
su list a nee. Its age is its guarantee. It destroys Worms
and allays Fevcrisluiess. It cures Diurrluca and Wind
Colic. It relieves Teething Troubles, cures Constipation
and Flatulency. It assimilates the Food, regulates tbe
Stomach and liowels, giving healthy and natural sleep.
Tho Children's Panacea—The Mother's Friend.
Tie Kind You Me Always Bought
- Bears the Signature of
In Use For Over 30 Years, r
")    PISO'S  CURE   FOR
* t'ouf ti Hjrup.   Twted Omul.
80I1I hy druiiKlntn.
11 belt time to cure CatMTb,
Hronchltlii mnl I'omuni.itloa
Our remrtly Ih KimrmUed, fl
P. O. Box V78.
W. H. SMITH I CO., Buffalo. M. f.
Jf. !». 17. l«0. 84, 1001.
• Si
Saturday, Auaust 24', lsXll.
(    Conveniently Situated near
Railway Station and Whirl.
—.  i ■	
THE LOCAL LAYOUT.      | \ 1A & lit \ OljR
MATHESON MKOS.,    Keillor* A I'iuik.
JiW3   >v:;i I, tii.vj' ES-QB W^...,,-
■  'o
■ i©
There wax trouble   nl tlio' /.rllhgton I fi q
this week iinii iokead oi blowing on: om . gooooooaoOOOCJOOOOOOOOOOOOO
at the in ive all the nifiii wero do'.yn blow*  ——
lnjt in Iheir cheques.    The cocdt »t tlie ;    ],-_ j O'Kielly C. E. is in tho cnmp.
mine, or rather hia cook inc. btegan tli8|
Tables supplied with 'ill tbt delicacies j    Adverijsi„8 fRtllB wii1 be maar> known
ot the season^ ^^  . j upon application at this office.
•   slooan ornr b. o.
R. H. Warns.
I     Stock  ard Cubtoms   Brokkii,
REAI,     ESTATK      ANIl      GlCNEKU.
Bakrk St., - - :;elsox, B.(j
August 6.20. Sept.3.17.
Oct. t. 15.
Excursion Tickets
Ull IJ    WlHUHfiMAUO.      .
Although the tin." is happily past
when to lie a recognised bum and grafter was to ho in tho lino of promotion
to the provincial police force and the
provincial magistrates were chosen because of the discrimination they showed
in the selection of their whisky, the
effects of the system nre plainly iu evidence in home recent police court
nfl'mr nnd tho domineering I'meunm
brought the tmitler to a head. "A huu-
t-M.v man ls nn ariirry man", and there
■vere nmiiv hungry men whom the cook
couldn't satisfy, the cuok'8 predecessor
hatl stiuck on his own hook a week or
two aco because ho couldn't tfet tho help
ho wanted nml alihoucli he was a good
cook he,was let out. Thin may havo been
another reason why tin- men murmured
so audibly ur to bring the foreman datvu
on them. A few incii weie Bred alter u
preliminary skirmish between the foreman mid-the "stipe," and then the crew
resigned in a body. An attempt wfts
made to settle the trouble by the president of the Sh can City union hut the
management refused to meet him,
The men are non all returning to
work after their week's layoff, Manager
Oolliini having mt-i lhe men mnl
straightened out. the tangle.
Accidents on the main lino of the C.
P. R. are reported nearly daily.
PORN:- In New Denver, on Ihe '.'8th
lust, to tho wile ofJohn Williams, a sou.
The C. 1*. R h. __ a gnng of the sons of
sunny Italy tamping ties on the Nakusp
and Slocan hranch.
W. J, Twiss, of Kaslo, spent yesteidnv
at the Hewitt mino on business for his
life insurance company,
Two Sislers of Charily soliciled con-
triliiiiious lor their urphauge at New
Westminster on Wednesday.
Sam Sliireh is on the sick list, having
h.id the misfortune to hnve his foot
mn over by an ore car nt the Ueuiti
A raid on iho h m-coons wns road;'
j this week by « batalliou of skunks mnl
| there are a few score less broilers in the
Confection ei^w
To ^^^
Union lllock,,
•   •   •   B. (:.
We s'ee a man wiih undcrlip that has a | camp.
downward droop,  •--
Upon his f.ice a scowl as if he'd fallen in      Tho pnblic appreciate good sen-ite and
the SOU pi BOod goods.   That ia   why   they  do their
Ho loams aliout  the busy streets in an Ira ing with R.G Daigle,    Fresh fruit
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Lm uneasy way,  I new groceries. the  latest mag-
a movement to establish a Journalistic j And puts a surly accent on the things he j seines,
Institute for Eastern   1>. C.     Wo are has to say, . „.
heartily in favor of sueh a movement, I He ^"'s ;,lt" ,l restaurant and drops Into |    J;. A. Brown,   who   built the Hewitt
particularly if the   Institute   can   do I        "Scat ..     .. I Irani way   for   the   Hewitt mine, left fm
Thos. McNaught, proprietor of the
\ Halcyon Hot Springs Sanitarium and
! an ex-newspaper man, has set on foot
T        It ..*_?_. S __«.   I1'"""" "•'    '   "",' """   "I And wonders why liii'\\'e no! a thing fit!,,!_. homeil) s.lml(,n i)n   Mon<j „    M
In    Ulllf'lin   i anrthmg towaid hhniuiii" certain pub- ,-,., „ ,.,„ ,,, ..... _ . ,. ,, <U VKttl'nV
S Ss    I^'-sDI"!   '•■' loiailngtocit, , Krown has proved himself u irond tr.im-!:M,'N HWUWi
1 lishers into raising the scab rates they
i are quoting on some  classes
advertising in this district.
Strange to say the first census hul-
m————^^^^^^^m^M proved himself      good train
ed   if you  care to seek tho^canse that WftyhBllUer iinil no better pikes „f rtork
n,_.hesl.r,i,lV,.|..l,,ni„ I in that line has tieen turned oat  In thiel
Vou II not have very far to look; his wile^ „„,.„.„,   .,   _   ,,     ,.    ...   .
:_^^^^^H llu*   Hewitt
lieing fully up to  all   spociOoalions and!
dreased tin un-| but run without nnv hitch since started, i
I'M. MclillKGOR,
-   --—■' ■■'"  - ——i——mm\ ii m
I   0. OORDOX.
-      -      TV 6.
i.i out. ol town.
ALL RAIL, LAKES Oil SOtf ROUTE, Jletiu's issued  contained  no mention of
(Via St. Paul or (hie.tco.; SloC&U City.    We un.'erstaiiil that the
I THROUGH  SLLEI'INii CAR. president   of tl.e Board of Trade ha,
—Kootk.nav   Laxmn.;  tb   Iowjsto.— {o£Boi«11y called the  Mayors attention!
osi:  ciiAxgK  to   ut'FKAi.o. ; to the ,pattcr and that an extraoidmaiy
incetins of tbe  Ciiy Council   has been
Wo   H   anothor   I   ^^^^^^^^^^
usually g.iy.
He wears a sintlo of rfladness ;.ul  a hut
toiiholn bouqne ;
Ho joins tho crpining init!i"s where ih
white-topi c 1 tc:. "'tiers sail,
-   -    - GERMAN -   -
Vorrates, tickets, ami full infoiniation
call ou or address
j G. 13, CllANDLBIt,
Agent, Silveron, B. 0., cr
D. I'. A., A. (J. f. A.,
Nelson, Vancouver.
j    Mr. nnd Mrs. W, A. Burton of Medicl.tft
j Hat, Assn.. speni riinrsd.iy in Sllvert in
Mr, Burt m has I ir j ■• irs lieen a poi .en-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^lr''r cwl'.'.-.-ir on r   l'. K.   bctwei'ii
And   goo-gons  all  tne   pretty girls wl licineHat ami Mw*u J««  and  tsin
chtuuv in .-ro.- i..s trail, many ways, thi . . .|,.,.,/.„„■,.,.,.,_.
At striking of tin, mi ini..-!it lirui he ye!   u,s .   |._.-,,i;,;   |  v.,|,    {-.,.   ',,,„[,,  „,„)
is ou the ist.eet, prosperity   nl  the  N-U   r ,,n.,ri«.    lb-
Is strenuous In his etforla tooonlrolhis and Mra, Bnrtonaro making n tour ol
. 1       wabbling feel: the^ Ktwienays and grenily mjojed the
|p wears hi* hat lipped sidewara i^n his ' Slocan Lai e scenun*.
The report of H  P. Green's visit  to i        beer-befuddled crown;
For Sale nt All druggist*.
called.    Canadian Pacific's have fallen
seven points as a cohsequeuce.
the Capita', as reported in the Victoria I The  ",or!"'y   -*0*6 ,h* ca,'H aw-:lv - W«
wile is out of town.
Post makes interesting reading, whether -Jmr.es 1'.. Atlamsin Denver Post,
it has foundation in fact or fancy. Ourj .
contemporary!., however, usually well IgJCSIXOS   OF frCR HORSE EMT0k|_Z^J
informed.      The ac.ivitv    along    tin
on road >
one etlect  ot Ins visit about  which
Co-owners I,o,itc °'th*ll,,(1 j',",,i,it:u" w»g«
,is ouo effect of liis visit about
If yen want to advertise out a
Co-owner in your i, ineral cluim,
pend ^10 to this oflice, giving
name of claim, date of record, lo-
there is no guesswork,
The  work  ot  U)ltij> phien for Silver-
ton's  najerwuiks system  willbecom-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^l    '"^f     wek,     alihougli     th.
  | Company.find Ihst the  main  pii*from
"I see by tb'ps^ers lbst they're liny- ,,!li' ''•*""'""' to supply the town will
; in't' for-rin a B-.ml iv Jlirade ot Hi' hit j1,UVB ht bo brought iu, the pipe pn hand
livth'Lakc " snid  Mr. H-nneasy ..* ke\~"*tl*  coin.ioVre.1   i,.0    tnmll.   Lnmhei
j joined Mr  Dooh ',
! for lhe silt cell ir
at tho bm and resclii .1
Then  ,-i    b.  watched
 Press  (le.-pnu'hes   intimate  the the i!'-.^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^b
cation, and period for which the] ,. .-,    „      ' " br.ziug, heaske l/'Phwat i --.'.i.t ml:' ■' u'" menced ut on.v.
dclinimcni co-owner has Wlei,l0|ni-xt comiuanding olfacer  of  the Can- ;    "If. a pliuw tbat Hi'married mi-, a ill
for ih.» r.servoir mis delivered   here un-
wevsi and ex.'iiv.t'hig tor   it  wili also be
.illncjucnt co owr.sr iiu-jiiiiieiiioi «■ __■  	
do his awessment work, and wejaclian militia will bo a Canadian.    A- ! ,1',v aflher lh' lb:; l»i.' Room an' lb'S..-      ' Tin y t.-M mn Ihat romn Eir lishmu
j bout time too, and while they ure at it' '*,i,tIc 1'-"'llK''-l.t Associaiimi has fulled  wril s fur lifting."'
|a»an ixcn«e wid  th'  «iini»i," said  Mr.|    "So he does
will do the rest,  Including send-
ingyouthealIidavitforrecordin«|whyIlotmakM a Canadian Governor- iVV 'aM"*«1-1 "•' "]'■"■"." «M "r.l "So He does."
We will write the notice and do',. ,    ... , o<*"ey.      IIa usnilly a quiet  phlace, "Whatdoiwhearlte'"
• i . .i        .ii Ijeneral.    W e are in a position to wel- i,«n.H- ir> ill' I-.,   uh.., . i   •!..,.,        .      I »ti       .,
the work corroctlv.   Address: ' nanui to in   oar, woeretli  bnsiurssminl       lhe old non, 'Dear Father—PImm
THE SILVERTONIAN, come our fellow citizens from  Great «*n meet an' arrangsi f link each others »nd me another fiitv '   II,',  in.-.,    ,
^^hi^^^^^^^^^h^^^^^^^^^^^^^^----------------------------^__________________________----------------------------^^^H^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^| <■ -
Silverton, 15. C.
Britain when they conic as immigrants] not-s whin th' bunk comes.    Tiny swar.
,  u
ut we have had all we want ond more
NOTICF    TO     DELINQUENT    CO- jtlm" v'e c'ou,rt ttftord t0 Pay for of {]ah*
To 31. E. Bi ao.'ion. or whom it may
concern. You are tiereby notified that I
have expended One Hundred uml Two
Dollars and Fifty < ents in la'ior and lin-
iiroveinenis upon the Golden Chaviutt
Mineral Claim siluuted near Silver'on in
the Slocan Mining Division and recorded
in the office of the Mining Recorder loi
tlm said division, b,-.i.e the eniount re-
<|uired to hold said claim under the pro- ,^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_
visions of the  Mineral Act for the year {la8t f°UrR years, although   a   determi-
endiog May 10th l'JOl, nation to change the date lines has been
And If mthin ninety   duvs   from   the .   , !!.,       ,     n
date ol tbis notice you fail or refuse to! carried out.    Like  thc Report of tlie
to manage our government, our militia
and our mines,
The  British   Columbia  Year Book
mi«ht   with   piopriety lie   called   the
Yearly Book as it   has been composed
{ of practically the same matter  for the
every month.
I keep body and Suitl to rethi r .
Muddy I.uns—Can't imagine.
Gritty rikiv—She gimrne a salety-pin.
contribute your propoition of such expenditure together with sll cost of sdver-
tiaipg, your interest in snid claim will
beisome the properly ol the undersigned
under Section 4 of An Act to Amend the
Mineral Act 1900.
W. H. Brandon.
Acting as agent for P. 1". Lurk.
Dated thin 8th day of June 1901.
Minister ot Mines, this book gives a
hint of what a serviceable publication
it could l«! if it were nroperly edited
iiti I issned on time.
The Mining
News of The
Slocan can be hadlEwofwwoiUtt.
at First Hand
and when it is
Kewsby Reading;^
In Canada there are .ri,.3.S8,88.'l peo-
] pie, or about half a million less than
i the census was expected to diow,     fn
the Went the gain has been appreciable, the population of this province
' having nearly doubled, jumping from
j 1*8,173 to 190,000.    Canada has crept
past some other countries  however, a
few of 1
ies there wid each other, an' that's  why
they call ota Board Ir Ilirade. Il's not] Grittr PHtes-Its a Geartlsas world
always that you c'n tee lb' boards tho* j pun r.iiuk what a womsn dom, when
frili'cu-iir Hthobs an' th' sawdust. 11J „8ud her to vlv.. me _h>mstblo_( lo
think nt sliud tale aell, 1 dinno."       ^^^^^^^mmm^
"'I'lvould be a foine thing Fr Kan Din-
ver tuhava Board!* Tiiraile, or Bandon"
said llennesv, to hitve h inieihi:ii» in say 	
"it wud niver ho a suroess. Blonlssy. 	
fr in Dinver thev niver llirade fr fear iv i     ,,     ...  .
u-            i      ,-.•...             .. "'r* Hlghsoti—W hat are von hltuhln
bunjr Mlmck,iiii'in ^.iiidou thev bavn't .             ,   .      ,    ,              }"" "'"■ ""'
...              ,.     • .. anoiu rn. Iiirionslv .b.hii.
got anything t thradc.   Juliuuy Jfiarrir- •.,   ... ,
ha-at all. i    Mr    *"';-' 1"" ^ppwed fuse.
, ■ . i ono of llioie drv uoods atlvertiseiiieniN ii
, the paper —Kx.
Harry  Thorburn   is   tho   happv pos-1	
sessor of a bird with a hill as cr.__ok"d fin i *"	
lawyer's.   Occassional!? he allows
cun it.'ell on ihe benches in fr-mt
Victoria   Hotel,   and   itseeiius miisiiii
dlspntably seiiied  on    one   of these
I oietisioiis  lately   by a (no of Cockneys.
The three lined up in  front the i.'.-.i and
thn knowing one said.
"My beye, I'low bat tbe beagle."
"T'aint a heti^le," s»ftl Ibe second,
"bits a howl."
"T'-iint   neither   a  howl nor a beanie,
hits an'swk,"   -ii-i Ihe laat of tbe trio,
and settled tin, .;iiesiion,
With Canadian Supplement
383  Broadway.
Now York, U. 9. A.
qpilK   Beat  and   Dion   Ini
'iininu  Paper   In  the   WmM.
.Sample Copy free.     i   i   I   I   I   I   •  I
Weekly Killiiun...JJ.noper annum, pettyelS.
Moi.'.hlv       "   ... IM -        "     I    "
^iCATOH    'EM   ALIVE.0.
Or Kill 'cm Off While Von Sleep.     H\i Ways arc H»nl m
IbelUK boi Mfor ik \MM\im\.
flypaper, ^^^
6,838,8881    Rliipments of ore fr.nii Blocan I-nke foi
4,471,9671th" ma 186!). i italed ni)78 Tona.
d$Ilv&i*tolxiu lie
Ireland  4,466^148
i Argentine Kepublic  4,086,493
, Denmark    2,186,199
i Holland  4,511,41.'.
Portuxal   4,808,694
den     'l,:!(iil,,-.l
sy  1,990,176
i Swilzciland  2,033,619
tireece .-.  2,lKi,L'U8
$eot to any adtircs,t in America [or
' 9%t V-ar for Two Mm,
■ In Advance.
ShipmenlH iii  1900 totaled l:i:;ti Tons.
• The shipment   ot  ore   from   Blocan Id,rt ***** annoyance bas ended
Lake pointa, up to and luclndlng   ilia1
present week, from .'an. 1, iwi.
From New Deuver Tone.
Hartney    jlH
Mat ion   '.. .20
From Boii'in Lniullnil.
Boson   jno
Prom Silverton
■Alpha   .10
Hewett  1600
Kinllv lOdith       _10
From Enleriirijc I.andinK
Bnternriss    ',,ho
Kroni Twelve ..Iii<_» l.uudini;
VAM     20
.'»   letter  has   bi;en  received in town
f'litn Iiouirloa Dcrg, who wee one of the
Silverion  boys to iii uptoCipH Xome  	
! lust Baring.   He Hiiyi that considerable! From Slocan City
^^m^^muwmmmmm Arlington        24'H)
Wto Friends ^^H^^^H_-_H
■is reported.   All the boys from here are
um kin,: anil receiving|100. per month,
■.'•hleh us the seiisoii  is Short   will not
ky paper
• ni lhe market. There are lot* of other
Rtlcky flypapaff made and advertised
but none have iniccendcd  In Hecuiinu
I tbe public favor like Tanglefoot, when
a Ily piil-i hi« lii'Mer-, on n • he"t of
Tanglefool you know thnt hia courao of
 ^^^^^^^ This
paper ia clean, handy and always ready
lo use Coining na it does in double
sheati with waxed elites, makes it perfectly safe to handle, there being no
danger ol H'.iiinj! the clothing orhavlog
the bands i-tuck up as there is with
oth r papers.
Five 1/onble Pheela for,...
j KOi J is being taken out  iu   tliat district,
| but that the country is nowhere aa tlcta
in ike i hum rich when transportation to
and from Nome in deihicl, d. Mn-t of
'them will bs back Id the BlOofto thi* f«,l.
llhielt I'ri'ico    ^^^^^^^^^^^^
It- mlhiilder      1! I
Chaplean     I(j
RlievnUlor      _j"
Phoenix      20
ll.i-i l-i-iii     it
»e<I by many careful housekeepers as being better than flypaper! Tide, however, is
only ii mailer of opiuion. Tbe Poison
Pad consist* of a circular aheotof blot-
linn paper (cut to III in nn ordinary
plate) which has been soaked in s
ftrone, poisonous solution. When to
bo used the pad in put in a plate aod
enoiijfli wa.er iKJurodon lo dampen it.
The flies are nltracted lo the poison,
take a sip of the Ilani,| and are almost
Instantly killed.
One of Ihro |'„,)_, |eft jn  „ ,wm ,t
nicht wili kill every fly, rnoth orcv*-
roacll in the mom before morning.
^^^^^^^^^^    Hix Pads iu a Package,.. .. Ifwia.
?npnt Meaicnes  &  Drugs.
Silverton, 11, e.


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