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The Silvertonian 1901-06-08

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 \ K^vnwjluaJL,
'   New Line of Fashionable Oam-
Shirt*.       The   Very Latest  in
-.^a.     All Colors.
Htetson's Hats.    Known Wherevir
Good HaU are Worn.
Spring and Bummer Underwear.
jNfglige Shirts for Warm Weather.
A   Full Line Of Delicacies.
Preserved Ginger.
California Olives.
McLaren's Cheese.
Eastern and California Canned
Crosse k Blackwell'a Pickler.
Christie's Fancy BuUcuits.
Heavy ant' Substantial Miners and
Prospectors' Shoes.
Football Shoes,   Light but Durable.
Enameled and Patent Leather Shoes
for Town Wear.
Ladies' and Children s Shoes.
il A ll I) W A R E.
Made This Wiek At
Th» Hewitt
Headquarters In   Silver!un, B.C.
Silverton. Nelson, Trail, Ymir, Ksslo, Sandon.
New Denver, Cascade City, Grand Forks, Sirdar
Midway and Greenwood.
Another rich hody of tore hns heen
uncovered in the Hewitt mine. This
Strike in an important one and waa made
ilia oruM'Oilt tunnel driven north inlo
the lntnidi.g-wnil fiom the No 2. tnnnel
at u point in some •!00 feet, or just
beyond the upraise from Noll The
tiiii-.,. ihis made nl u distance in ol
eleven feet, and consists ot u body ef
galena ore three leet. in width. Itup-
In-aiB to lie a parallel ledge or hotly of
ore with the main vein nnd may be a
continuation of the rich body Of ore en ■
countered in the lower workings at nhoul
the same distinct) from the main vein.
Tlm ore iu this new strike c -tries i-on-
siderably more lead than any heretofore
uncovered In this property.
No assays have as yet been made on
It. but it is doubtless very rich us crev
copper ami ruin- silver is present in large
quantities iu the ore.
Tho Hewitt lias a large amount of ore
blocked out und ready fur Sloping in nil
three of ita levels and this new strike
but adds value loan s I ready rich mine.
A good force of miners is employed by
the company in doing development work
in (he upper levels ami lhe contractoi
who is driving the eleven hundred foot
tunnel, the No (>., has a full force at
The right-of-way for the tramway-is
now ready and the crew are only
awaiting Ihe arrival uf the cable to rush
the woik to completion.
-*      O.HOTEL,
JAS.    BOWES    Proprietor.
Many to choose
Irom, at
Jay r. Grafts Talks.
Up to the present time the Miner-
Graves syndicate has had its hands fall
witli it* extensive operations in the
Boundary ami its oilier holdings have
In-en neglected, says Mr. Jay I*. Graves
litis wt-ik to a Spokesman-Review rot-
tmrter. New that 'lie consolidation of
all (lie Roonoary properties, including
tlie smelter, haa heen iiei'ninplislietl, an
ii|iportnniiy is afforded lhe syndicate to
devote sott.e attention to its ether
The syndicate will  commence operations   sboillv   on   the  Kcckliiiid iroup.
the  only   property  it has in Uie Slocan,
Tin*  Rockland   has a remarkable gold
copper  allowing and considerable was
expended iii its development last season
under the direction of W. Yolen Williams
The   government   promised   to  luiild a
wagon roatl to  the property, hut up to
lhe present   lime   no   steps   have  been
j taken towards fplOIling this undertaking,
and <iie lack of transportation facilities
j has delayed the resumptions! operations.
' particularly  re tbo property is situated
i at a high elevation.   The snow has been
slow-   in  going oil this spring, and this
i fact  lias further  delayed operations,    It
i is expected, however, that a crew of men
| will   t?o   in   shortly   and  that a further
extensive appropriation will be expended during the season.
Ore shipments this week 120 tons; Enterprise 20, Bosun lO, Arlington 80.
ItiiriiiK the week (be Rosun mine
shipped another cur of ore to the smelter.
The me of some, of the claims in the
Tunis Group was cut down considerably
by a survey recently made.
A. Jeffrey left on Thursday for the
Lardeau country nnd expects to put in
the htiniiiii'i- ia tbat district'.
Tom Reed is up from Ten Mile where
he has heen doing development work ou
his claims tbe (iaiiiit-uu and Simeoe.
S.iine work will lie done on the Canadian Group this season as soon us the
.-now allows nn   approach   to  the   mine
KriieHt Mansfield is returning from
Europe to reeugrtge in mining in Ibe blocan ami hit al ivpuitcis are sharpening
up their pencils.
WurU oo the Condor Group is being
pii.-ntd ulieud as fast ns possible mnl a
a lull force ol miners will boon he employed at that propelty.
Last Saturday the Boson mine joined
ihe lamentably one list o sin down S)o«
can properties, ihe low price ot leatl to
Canadian producers makes the working
oi the property unprovable at present.
The work of clearing out the trail to
ihe South Wales Group will bu tont-
ntenced withiu a. few days. When this
trail is cleared uf windfalls and slides
pack animals will be luken up with supplies itu-l work resumed on the properly.
Tim buiiilitig (or the Enterprise concentrator, on Ten Mile, Is about com*
pleted and the placing in position ol
the machinery will commence utouce.
Nearly all the machinery has a I read)
arrived and is lying ou the duck al the
Among the public works promised this
section is u li utile Intiti from tlie end ot
the I-our Mi e wagon road to the In ad ui
the creek. Ellis trail, lor which the governuieiit has promised $000, will servo a
lar^o tract of country in which several
Claims ate opened up and baying many
exceptional!) go-id prospects.
The Aftermath is another Silverton
piopcrly thut gtvos promise of making a
mine. It lies between the Torpedo and
the VuncT'iiver Group and the Torpedo
ledge has been traced across the claim
ami considerable surface work bus heen
done upon it. A tunnel is now being
staited that will he driven illicitly U|ioti
tins vein and which will ennbe tbt;
owueis to prospect it  to a good depth.
HoDonald'G Xdl^ox-y
Hampton Group.
Work on the Hampton Group is now
to be vigorously pushed hy the Bilverton
owners. A Substantial cabin nnd ore-
house will he built immeditite'y, the
lumber for which has been- cut into Ihe
niCfEBii-hJetiL'tli* .md made up into bundles Ior transportation Ity boat ami pack-
train to the mine. The owners, Messrs
McNaught nnd Melvinnon, are taking up
a etew ol men trotn here. The Hampton
is situated near Slocan City and is a valuable property.
Theci'.i/.ens of Slocan will join wilh
'.lie Miners' Union and ho d a celebration
on June 26th, instead of on Dotllii ion
Day, aa previously announced. The celebration will take the form of a Miners'
I'nion picnic with a program of sports
A number of union orators will he present, including I'd. Boyce, President
ol tiie West.iu Federation of Miners.
The Knglish price Ior lend is C12 lis 3d
Silver, 27,'.A.   Copper, JCfiO'u.
Sew York, June 6— Bar Silver,595u'
Lake copper,   $17.00.
Lead—lhe firm that lixes the selling
price lor miners antl smelters quotes lead
at $1.371... at the close.
Outside Partim Desiring Horses in Silverton
Can Have Them Reserved By Writing To—
* t ♦ t t +
a. p. Mcdonald,
Thistle ++ Hotel.
Kir»t-Oia»s     accommodation
for Tlie    l?iit>lio
Silverton •
Tlie Torpedo.
Work la being pushed on the Torpedo
claim up Four Milo ereek. This is a
property upon which considerable development work has heen done and some
rich ore encountered, which gives assay
values of 19(1 ounces in silver to tho ton
and 40 per cent lead. The work now
being done iatlm ilrivinc of n cross-cut,
which is in some 10 feet, from a point in
the Nol. tunnel some 800 feet in Iron-
its mouth. The owners have pinned
their faith to this propel ty and a bin
strike ol rich ore made ut any time will
not surprise   those   familiar    with the
Shipments of ore fr.im Slocan Lake for
the year 1800. totaled 3078 Tons.
Shipments in   1000 totaled 4030 Tons.
The shipment   ot   ore   from   Slocan
LakepoInU,  up   to and  including   tlie
present week, from Jan. 1, 1001.
From New Denver Tons.
Hartney    140
From Bosun Landing.
Bosun  200
From Silverton
Alpha  40
Hewett   570
Emily Kdith      40
From Enterprise Landing
Enterprise   200
From Twelve Mile Landing
V & M      20
From Slocan City
Arllnuton    l">sr>
Two Friends 40
Black Prince 100
Bondholder      50
Chapleau    15
Speculator     20
Phoenix 20
, Total 3100
____.___ % ''..;'
Floods and hi«h water have thejr
advantages as well as disadvantages,1).
The high waters of Carpenter creek,
which mutes fording impossible, alone
paved Silveiton from witnessing one of
the greatest stampedes since the Isralites
fled out of Egypt. Grant Thoihtuiit.
started a report in New Denver that the
red flail were r'tnnine in Four Mi.lo
creek and at once every one there headed
this way, nnd only their inability td'r
cross (he creek stopped the stampede.
Here they were collected on the further
hank, nnd accirding lo Jim Bowes,.it
wns pilltlll to seo their disappointment.
Larry Knowles tried to lasso a couple of
the boat looking ones across, but Jack
Rohertn got in his way, and he failed
mnch to bis and tbeir chagrin. The
Government crew are working night and
day to repair the bridge.
One mnn got me into trouble this
week: He said that the water in the
lake was so high now that a good
rubberneck could lie on the dock and get
it drink. I lost no time in getting down
to tbe dock, and talked a short time
with several of our most prominent
citizens, hut saw no drinks insight.'
Then I braced myself, ftr a final effort
aud began to tell nbout a snake n'jth two
heads thut Charlie Glidden saw.over on
the Yellowstone, but it didn't work and
I have come lo (be conclusion that the
man who told uie thst think yarn didn't
have to go down Id the dock td'ffe-'-ao'y-
more than 1 did. -
We to-day offer tbe readers of the
Silvertonian something new and en'irely
original in the inissimc word contest business. Itistbis: The captain of a-neigh-
horing baseball team during a recent
gair.e in Silverton listened jpen-motitbed
to several decisions of the umpire and
then threw down his bat. Two words
slid sideways from hie mouth, ., Ouo of
tlie words was '"it." Any person guessing the first word and sending us *2 in
cash will tie entitled to The Silvertonian
for one year,  Thia contest is not confined
to the Slonran.
Injjl o>"^.:;.'_4>__,
.'. .**■ *t- Jfe  ;<tl
A WoiiuH On Women.
In almost every walk of life there have
been grent women. But has there ever
heen u woman who lias reached the highest pinnacle in any ln-ld? - In- the June
Cosmopolitan Ella \\ heeler Wilecx *n-
sweis this question in the negative ahd
de.-1.ites that even in the essentially feminine vocations of cooking, dressmaking
and millinery men excel women. "Women," says Mrs. Wilcox, "have not tbe
concentration which gives a clear prospective. Tbey lack system and patience
and ire distracted by details' or^fni'neil
aside by vanity.
Mary had a little calf, wbicb_ivav'eb
awful lean, that everywhere that Mary
went it scarcely could be seen, ., But
Mary stole her ma't? pillows, which; she
placed inside her hose, and now, tiie dQf
is plaiuly Beeu wherever Mary goes.
Reduced Rates East. On May .'list
and June 8th Agents Canadian Pacific
Ky at Kootenay common points -will
issue round trip tickets tofet Pautfat
$50.00 good for sixty days with corresponding reductions to all Kustcrn points
Irom all stations. For 1 au-Aiierie^n
Exhibition, Tickets will be sold June 4th
ISth, July 2nd, lOih and An* Oth'snd
20th to Buffalo at *70.00? Full particulars from local agents. ".*•■•
A force of men under Duncan Grant
are ut woik putting tbo Four Milo wagon
mnd into a state of repair, it is already
paaaable for pack-trains antl in a short
(Ime it will be pot-Bible tu tuke wagons
over it.
There has been all kinds of gush about
the man who is behind,
And the man   behind   the  cannon   hss
been toasted, wined and dined.
There's the man behind the musket, and
the man behind the fence;
And the man behind  his  whiskers  and
the man behind his rents;
And the man behind the plow beam, tbe
man behind lhe hoe;
And the u.an behind Ihe ballot; and the
mau behind tbe dough;
And the man behind the counter; and (he
mau behind the hill;
And the man behind the pestle; and the
man behind tbe pill;
And the  man  behind the jimmy; and
the man behind tbe bars;
And thu Johnny who goes snni>piiig_oii
the stage behind the stars;     Jj
And the man behind the kisser; and tha
mau behind the fist; .
And the gill behind the man behind the
gun ie on the list;
And  the   mun   behind  the bottle, and
when they were short of men,
Captain McMonis ol the steamer
Moyie is now in ehuige of the steamer
Slocan,  relieving captain Seaman who is jTliere, ^^^l^j/JiW^ warb,e,i
on   tho   sick   list.    The   Slocau   is    to
receive a new coat of paint nnd n general
; overhauling   und   may   be laid up (or a
'short time.
of the until behind the pen;.
But Ihey missed the honest fellow,' and
I'm raising if a kick;
They didn't r.iake a mention of the man
t I'hitnt the pick,
•   -
A Complete Review or Ilie KveuU of
the Past Week—In Thli and For-
elan l.ninln—Token from the
Lateat   Dlapatehea.
Twenty-two shops have signed machinists' union agreements in San
Franclsoo. *
The Bradner branch of the Mechanics' bank of Fostorla was wrecked by
robbers using high explslves and f 4,000
At Manila Commissary Sergeant Henry Wilson has been sentenced to three
years' Imprisonment ln Blllbld prison
for stealing supplies.
Two hundred Boers have surrendered at Palapye, Palachwe, Bechuanaland
and 42 wagon loads of men, women and
shlldren have surrendered at Fort Tull,
The jury trial of the suit of Mrs. Josephine A. Woodbury, claiming $150.-
000 damages from Mrs. Mary Baker G.
Eddy of Concord, N. H., founder of the
Christian Scientist sect, for libel, has
begun In the Suffolk (Mass.) county
superior court
The Piatt amendment was accepted
by the Cuban constitutional convention
by a vote of 15 to 14. The actual vote
was on accepting the majority report
of the committee on relations, which
embodied the amendment with explanations of certain clauses.
The French agriculturists Intend to
flght frost and grasshoppers, as well as
the hailstorms with cannon and smoke,
according to an Interesting report received at .the state department from
Consul Couvert at Lyons. It has Just
been determined to hold an International cannon congress at Lyons ln November next, and Consul Couvert ls authorised to. extend an invitation to Americans to take part.
The girl strikers at the handkerchief
factory of Acheson, Warren & Co., at
Passaic, N. J., made a riotous demonstration recently. One hundred girls
reported for duty, and despite the police protection, several of them were
roughly handled by the strikers. The
latter then stoned the factory, smashing many windows. The police arrested four of the strike leaders, but lost
one of them in a charge from the strikers.   The strikers number 4,300.
A rowboat containing a party of
eight young persons was swept over
Flat Rock dam in the Schuylkill river
recently and seven of them, five girlq
and two boys, were drowned. The
victims were all of Philadelphia.
The department of state has been
Informed reliably that the Chinese government has issued a decree agreeing
to pay an indemnity of 450.000,000
taels, equivalent to about $337,000
000 at the present rate of exchange.
It ls known now that the whole subject of indemnity will be closed up
before the end of the present month.
James A. Hearne, the well known
actor and playwright ls dead.
Chinese have agreed to pay Interest
on the Indemnity at four per cent.
Recently the Latah, Wash., po3tofflce
was broken Into and robbed of $210.
The town of Jasper, Texas, bas been
wiped out by fire. It is believed that
burglars set Are to the place.
During desperate lighting near Johannesburg over two hundred British
■were slain. The Boers le/t nearly two
ecore dead on the field.
Customs officers made an Important
seizure of Chinese silks and a quantity
of cigars and wines ln the quarters of
the Chinese crew on the steamer Tartar
at Vancouver, B. C.
In the municipal elections, Senor
Gener, the nationalist, was elected
mayor of Havana, recently, receiving
11,115 votes, against 7,533 for Senor
Mora, republican, and 3,211 for Seuor
Garcia, democrat
Oflieials of the administration, for
the first time since the announcement
of the decisions of the supreme court
ln the Insular cases, admit that there
Is a possibility of an extra session of
congress In July.
Dal Hawkins, lightweight champion
of the Pacific coaut, and Billy Armstrong, tho popular manager of the
Rossland Athletic club, will meet ln
Rossland In a 20-round contest June
18 for a $600 purse.
Further details of the great Are
which raged on tho Isthmus of Tehaun-
tepec for several days have been received. Over 70 people were unable to
escape the rapid progress of the flames
and were burned to death.
Rev. Thomas Pearne, aged 81, and for
61 years a minister ln the Methodist
church, ls dead at his home in Cincinnati. He was United States consul
In the British West Indies during part
of his missionary service.
•In Covington, Ky., Mrs. Kate Hester,
aged 32, after a quarrel with her hus-
i -band at the supper table, shot and killed him, as well as their 3 year old
daughter, after which she put the revolver to her own head and blew out
her brains.
Pooatontas, a pigeon owned by S. J.
Shreck, broke the homing pigeon record Sunday by flying from Alligator
lake, Miss., a distance of 400 miles, on
. an air line, ln 9 hours and 41 minutes.
The speed of Shreck's bird was 1,918.82
yards per minute.
At a meeting of the generals of the
allied troops at Pekin, it was decided
to transfer the administration of the
city of Pekin to the Chinese oflieials
gradually during June. Coun von Waldersee, accompanied by his staff, will
leave Pekin -Monday.
The strange sliding movement of the
city of Butte, which has been noticeable at Intervals for several years, has
again manifested Itself by flve large
cracks ln the earth In different sections
of the city.   The largest crevice oc
curred on Weat Galena street, where
a crack 12 Inches wide and of considerable length and depth has appeared.
A heavy rain and hall storm covered
a wide area recently and did great damage to all crops In Texas, especially to
fruit. A special from Palentlne says
the damage to property Inside the city
and to crops In tho surrounding country will reach $150,000.
Lieutenant John M. Nell, an ex-offl-
cer of the regular army, stationed at
the Presidio near San Franctsco, was
arrested In Minneapolis by a deputy
United States marshal on Instructions
from San Franctsco, charging him with
forgery of vouchers in the army three
years ago.
Incomplete details have heen received at Bieber, Cal., of the lynching of
five men at Lookout, Modoc county.
The lynched wero Calvin Hall, 72 years
old, his three halfhreed sons, Frank,
James and Martin, aged respectively
26, 19 and 16, and B. D. Yantls, aged 2/.
A cable message has been received by
William Cramp & Sons announcing
that the first payment for the cruiser
contracted for by the government of
Turkey has been paid hy the Imperial
Ottoman bank. Until now there has
been an element of doubt us to whether
the cruiser would ever be built, but
with the first payment made, the work
will be carried forward.
"I am Elijah, the prophet, who appeared first as Elijah himself, second
as John the Baptist, and who now
comes ln me the restorer of all things.
Elijah was a prophet. John was a
preacher, but I combine ln myself tho
attributes of prophet, preacher and
ruler of men. Gaze on me, then. I say
it fearlessly. Make the most of it, you
wretches In ecclesiastical garb. I am
he that ls the living physical and spiritual embodiment of Elijah, and my
mission on earth a second time has
been prophesied by MalachI, by God
himself, by his son Jesus, by Peter,
and 3,000 years ago by Moses. All who
believe me to be In very truth all of this
will stand up." And over 3000 people
rose to their feet and greeted the declaration with cheers and handclap-
pings. John Alexander Dowie, true to
his promises, made this statement from
the platform of the Auditorium In Chicago Sunday night In the presence of
5000 people. It was the culmination of
a frenzied speech 1n which he denounced everybody and everything not
In Zlon, cursed the pope and the Roman Catholic church, spat literally at
Masonry, the newspapers and the backers of Chicago, and raged and tore up
and down the stage like a mad man.
Item* Gleuned From Late HeporU—
All Ulatrlctii Are Helm; Developed
—A 1-roNperotiM Yenr In rretlleled—
Mining; Note* and  ivi-moihiIn.
One of the largest oil deals that
have been put through In tho Washington has just been made by R.
T. Dabney. He has sold a half interest
in 20,000 acres of oil land, scattered
throughout Spokane. Whitman and
Adams counties, to D. C. Corbin of Spokane.   Tho price Is not made public.
will be boring a hole at the place where
the high derrick ls now erected.
There la great activity In Meteor and
the Cedar canyon mining districts.   A  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
large number of people from the town  WANTg    mn    SUE   F0R   pP4m,
of Keller, on the San Poil river, pitch-   WAJ,1S    iU    BUJ1    *°»   ^ACE.
ed their tents ou the opposite side of j   .
the mountain, laid out a townsite and    horil  Kitchener Said  to Have Given
began preparations for building. Pawnlsalon u> Adopt Thai Conrae
The Snow Storm Mining company of       ^        u
Mullan, Idaho, expects to ship two cars ",,,»«
of ore this month, and regularly there-       B.ttle-OMier War N«w,
after.    Shipments will be necessarily
small for months to come, or until the
ledge ls cut in the lower tunnel.   That
will be GOO feet long, and work on It,"     g^ ^ ^^ at.standerton anil
under contract began a few weeks ago.  ^ 0OmJnunloatlng ,.y t(,,,,,,,,...,. „..„_  X||.
Kruger through the Netherlands government, appealing tO Mr. Kruger to sue for
London, June 2*—The Sun guhllshes a
sensational  story   to  the eltVct  Unit (Jen-
He j, iili lie.
Teams are hauling quartz from the
Tom Thumb mine to the Republic mill.
How large a cftntraot has been entered
Into cannot be learned.
A reliable man who came down from
the placer mines states that over flve
ounces of gold was taken out of the
Discovery claim In onu day.
Boarding house antl bunk house at
Republic mine were burned recently.
Loss on buildings is about $ti,000, partially Insured. Dodgers had barely
time to save a few personal effects.
The lire department could not reach the
Secretary Mahon of the international Mining congress, which meets in
Dolce, Idaho, July 23-24-25, has received a letter from Elien E. McLeod, chairman of the Western Passenger association at Chicago, announcing that the
lines have agreed on a rate of one faro
plus $2 for the round trip for the congress.
From a smelter test on 300 pounds of
ore taken from the King Gold & Copper
•Mining & Milling company's property
at Valley, Stevens county. Wash., $385
ln gold nnd $80.75 ln silver was returned The management has refused an
offer of 6 cents per share for a block of
200,000 shares. The property Includes
five claims.
I tirt'i'i-    ot    I ii |il ii I n    llmvttnle.
Captain Howgate, U. S. A., retired,
who died recently, had a singular and
eventful life. While a trusted officer
of the signal service he was charged
with appropriating a large amount of
government funds and placed under arrest. His escape and flight were attended with many dramatic features.
By a ruse he got away from a government officer having him ln charge while
the latter supposed his prisoner was
taking a bath. For years he remained
ln hiding, and not until four years after his e.scape was he located by secret
service detectives as proprietor of an
obscure book store in New York.
He was taken back to Washington,
D. C, tried and convicted. After serving a sentence in the Albany county
penitentiary he returned to Washington last December. Captain Howgate
was known as a scientist of ability.
He gave much attention to Arctic research and was the author of what is
known as the Howgate colonization
plan for reaching the north pole by
means of stations along the route. His
attainments were such that he doubtless would have made a name for himself In the scientific world had It not
been for his misfortunes.
Captain Howgate was born ln England. In 1862 he was appointed a second lieutenant ln the Twenty-second
Michigan volunteers and served to the
end of the war with distinction, earning promotion far gallant and meritorious service ln the battle of Chicamau-
ga and In the Atlanta campaign. At
the close of the war he entered the regular army and rose to the rank of captain In the signal corps.
In l.'liliin,
Washington,   June   3— 'Mr.  Rockhill,
special United States commissioner at
lVkin, lias Informed the state department
that the departure of Field Marsha
Count von Wiildcrsce from China is the
result of acceptance by the Chinese government of the understanding tn pay thi
indemnity of 480/100,000 taels, the Her
man government regarding the pledge a*
-uiiieieiii to warrant tlie withdrawal. He
further states that the German force,
which is lieing rapidly diminished, will br
limited to one brigade.
Mr. Conger, minister to China, has
written to the state department that lie
expects to sail for China aliout duly 7,
which is the date of the expiration of his
two months' leave. Mr. Rockhlll's departure for home may be expected soon.
Itrvnii DlNiipprovc*.
Lincoln, Neb., June 3.—Taking for
his text the words, "Emperor McKinley,"
W. J. Ilryan gave out an extended statement bearing on the supreme court decision in the insular cases. Mr. Bryan
frankly admits that the court's verdict is
extremely distasteful to him, and the l.m-'
gUUge he e.mplttys is more vigorous than is
eiistiiiiiaiv even fur him.
i ilie boldly declares that the stipjeinc
court has joined hands with the president
nnd congress in an effort to change our
form of government, and he calls on the
I people to repudiate the verdict.
i|ii<iii Helena Him a linnuliter.
Rome, June 2.—Queen Helena was accouched of a daughter, Hoth mother and
daughter arc doing well. The princess
will  lie ii.lined  Yoland.i  Maiglieiitu.
liiirrisii COLUMBIA.
Heavy rains recently caused disaster
along Boundary creek which boa risen
Havelock Glllan, a miner employed
in the Nickel Plate mine at Rossland,
received injuries last week which resulted ln his death.
A most remarkable showing bas been
made on the. Rawhide, which is owned
and operated by the Dominion Copper
company, in Phoenix camp.
Free miners who forfeited their
claims through neglecting to take out
licenses for 1901-2 may get their rights
restored hy a $15 special license.
The amount to lie paid out ln the
Arlington dividend is $20,000, being on
the basis of 2 cents per share on the
company capitalization of $1,000,000.
The profit practically conies from one
year's development.
Despite heavy burdens, the sliver-
lead mines of British Columbia still
hold rank as the richest properties In
the province. Thus far this year they
have managed to pay two-thirds of the
dividends from all the mines in Kootenay.
A big strike Is reported from the R.
Bell mine at Summit City. From the
main shaft at a depth of 210 feet a
crosscut was driven 124 feet to catch
tho vein. The ledge when encountered
was only four feet wide and did not
contain any values.
Word has reached Sandon that the
Payne is closed down. There is much
uncertainty as to when lt will be reopened. The contract for the concentrator has been let, nnd it is hoped that
tho shutdown Is temporary, pending
the completion of the plant
The North Star, the famous silver-
lead property near Fort Steele, will
soon pay another dividend of three
cents a share. That will be equal to
$39,000, for the company has Issued
$1,300,000 In capital stock. The new
dividend will be payable on June 15.
The Hewett Mining company, near
Silverton, of which Holman and Insinger of Spokane are the principal owners,
has purchased the Rlncon and the Rln-
con Fraction, thu3 giving the Hewett
title to the whole of the hill, from the
top of the flat, and allowing plenty of
room for the tramway which Is being
The new machinery plant for the Chicago & British Columbia Mining company has arrived, and is being taken to
the property, two or three miles from
Phoenix. It consists of a 60 horse power boiler, a hoisting engine, a No. 5
Cameron pump, a steam drill and other
accessories. The company owns the
Ijake group of claims near the Last
Chance In Skylark camp. A double
compartment shaft has been sunk for
70 feet
Since the first of the year the silver-
lead properties of the Slocan and East
Kootenay have paid $398,500 ln profits.
The Payne has paid one dividend of
3 per cent on Its Issued capitalization
of $2,600,000, which gave $78,000.
The St. Eugene has paid $210,000.
The Arlington has given $20,000 ln
The Boston has netted $12,500 to its
The North Star has paid $78,000 to
Ita owners.
In addition to these, the Ymlr mines,
which are working on low grade gold
ore at Ymlr, B. C, have paid $96,000.
The Centre Star at Rossland has given profits of $105,000, which is equal to
3 per cent on Its capital of $3,500,000.
The combined profits of the principal
mines of the Kootenay have been $599,-
500 since January 1. That ls at the
rate ot about $1,500,000 a year.
The situation at the Northport smelter ls unchanged and all is quiet. Four
men are busy moving ore. Shipments
must soon be suspended, as the yards
are being; filled.
The 200 foot level on the Vesuvius at
Buffalo Hump was reached on tHe 15th
of last month. The ledge Is being
crossed and It is reported tbat the mill
will start the first ot June.
Articles of incorporation have boon
filed at Pierre, S. D., for the United
Copper company of Montana, with a
capital stock of $80,000,000, one-half
preferred and one-half common stock.
The machinery for the Home and the
Diamond Oil companies of Spokane, accompanied ty four expert drillers, arrived from Chicago at Wild Rose prairie.   By the first of the week the drill
Und   Kitchener is  said   [()    jl;lVl,
I int ha   permission   to   adopt   this
The  Sun  further hears that  III.IMX) Zulus  have gone nu  the  warpath, owing to
Boer raids ill  Zululand.
Tells of a Thrilling Experience
in the Civil War and How
a Newspaper Article
Saved His Life.
i-Vntii tht I'encon, Letmarditovm, Md,
Many veterans of the rebellion can
recall incidents ns tliiiling as the i-tiv-
iiI ry charge in which the narrator of
the following experience nearly lost
bis life, and, unfortunately, many of
the old soldiers have disabilities that
me unpleasant reminders of their days
in the army. To nil such this story
will have a peouliar interest and may
show the way to restore health,
strength and energy. Mr. William 11.
Whiting, of Mt. Holly, Va., snys:
''When the Civil war began 1 wns
living in Ilnrt'iilo and there I joined
Co. F, of the Tenth New York Cavalry. In 1868, while serving with my
company, I received a sabre cut thnt
caused paralysis. For eight months
I was obliged to lie in the hospital at
Washington. 1). C. I afterwards
tried many doctors, but  the paralysis
remained as bad u ever. 1 suffered
from chills and my general health
was not good.
"This continued until about eight
years ago when I rend in a newspaper
of the elites effected by Dr. Williunis'
Pink Pills for Pale People.   I  began
taking the pills und soon found they
were doing me good. In six months'
timel wns completely cured. The
paralysis lias not returned and I never
have the chills now. My general
health is also better than when I lie-
gan taking Pink Pills for rale People.
I alway keep them with me and, in
the eight years that bave passed since
I first took them, I have never bad
occassion to call on u doctor,
"I have  recommended   Hr.   Wil-
linms' Pink Pills to many people, and
good    results  have   always   followed
their use."
Subscribed and sworn to before me
this 14th day of January, 1001.
John I., Beale,
Seal Notary Public
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pule
People are sold by all dealers, or will
be sent postpaid on receipt of price,
50 cents a box, or six boxes for $9.60
tbey are never sold by the bulk or by
the hundred) by addressing Dr. Williams Medicine Company, Schenectady, N. Y.
Win-   Ollice   Silent.
London, .lune 2,—-The reticence of the
government regarding the battle Vkdfon-
lain anil other military events of ionic
Importance which have recently occurred
at widely separated isiints in South Africa has It-it to considerable anxiety.
This is ill nn way allayed by the Curloim
answer <>f the war ollice today to a question regarding the accuracy or otherwise
of the recent report thai the British went
severely beaten near Pretoria, May 2, Ion
Ing JO killed, 80 wounded, txm prisoners
and six guns. The reply which the war
oflice viiuili-afed, "We have no uiliei.il information," has iirnii-ed feme misgivings.
John u. Rockefeller's tun.
'New York, .lune .1. - --Having conferred
with many nf the eminent pathologists
ill this country as to the hest method nf
setting on fimt un original scientific research Into the problems of medicine mid
hygiene, John 1). Rockefeller has placed
at the disposal of a lxnly nT prominent
medical men (800,000, to he available fnr
Immediate expenditure by an association
Incorporated under the name of "The
Rockefeller Institute for .Medical Research." Tl.e Inline nf this iiistiliilt
be located in this city.
IntereHl'  Itevlveil.
New York, .lune _!. A dispatch front
London My'Sl
General Kitchener's account of the bat-
lie of Vlinlf lutein served Iii light up public interest once mora in the Unci' war,
Two facts stand nut. Kirst, thc determined nature nf the Boer assault upon nn
Intrenched position, •*) miles from Johannesburg, and secondly, the heavy loues
suffered by Uiis side.
This has been the brst real engagement
whieh has been (Ought Int' many months,
and it is decisive proof tllut the Roen,
When led by I cnnl and wary general liktl
Delarey. can .-till offer strenuous iiw-l-
aiicc to Hiitish linns. The details of this
battle may indicate that (ieneral Dixon's
force was surprised snd that tlie casualty
Waa mn up to 174 iu this way. Hut t ie
Boers,   ill   any   event,   were   the  a-r-.iihiiits
and   were  not   repulsed   without   severe
The Hoers are also report id tn have
fought with exeeption.il gallantry while
in pursuit of Oeneral Plumer's convoy. A
British officer, who is on furlough after
lighting from Colenso to Lydenburg, has
been predicting thai the closing
skirmishes oi ths campaign would occur
nn the line of tbe Durban Johannesburg
railway in the vicinity of Heidelberg and
Standerton. Beth of these affair* were
within the thci-ier of v\,n defined by this
officer months ag't as tli} last   Hoer ditch.
The natural cxplanatiioi of the lighting
is that one mine ufter another i- Opening
and the refugees aie returning to Johannesburg in small groups, and tbe Boen
have   been   making   dc.-pci.ite   efforts    t"
frighten and prevent resumption ot industry in the gold licit. Vla.lf.iiitein \..is
probably designed tote a loud warning to
the refugees that the war had not ended
and that Johannesburg waa still nu unsafe place. j t ,;>   .
On July 4'next the town of Natlck.
Mass., which was founded by John
Eliot, the famous apostle* to the Indians, will celebrate itB 250th anniversary. On July 3 there will he a
gathering of the descendants of John
Eliot himself, who t>ave scattered into
widely separated parts of the country and . who ca^l themselves indifferently Eliot, KIHof m^llott.
Wheat.      ■	
Portland.—Walla Walla\^9<g)C0c
Tacoma.—Quiet  and  steady
stem, Gl^c; cliib, 59^c.     .
Tn  ll..1-1  Control nf Culm.
Washington, June :i. It it officially
stateil that the United States will lent.tin
in control of Cuba until the I'latt amend;
ment has been "substantially" adopted.
This was communicated tn Oeneral Wood
by Secretary Root, and his net ion bus
been improved by the president,
i'i'umkIii'n iron Shortage.
Berlin, June 2.—-Prussia's losses on nc-
rount of the crop shortage are estimated
by the president of the standing committee of the Prussian board of trade and
agriculture In his report to Count, von
Huclt.w In he: Wheat. 168,7110,000 marks;
rye, 'lOS.OtKyiOO marks.
When you take Orove'a Tusteletn Chill Tonic,
Docfiii-te tho formula is plainly printed on every
liot tie tiltim ■ine Hint it. It xlinplv Iron unil Ipil-
•ilno In uiutiifli'ss form.  No tiuro, No l'ny. COO.
The stranger who came to a hotel In
Fergus Falls, Minn., and registered as
Georgn Gilbert if Portland, Oregon,
was found lying on the floor of his
room with a bullet hole ln his fore-
I'rleiK    I'nlil    Pmilileern.
Poultry and Egg»"-Chltkens, old,
Id to lie per llf life weight; ducks, %i
per dozen; geese, dressed, 12c per Ib;
turkeys, llv«K.10(8i2c; dcessed, 12@
13c; eggs, fresh, $5 per case.
Vegetables-^sPotytoes, 65c per cwt;
onions, $3.60 vet c"wt. **>  I
Live Stock—Beef, live steers, 4V&c;
drcssod, .#c; live -cows, IMs; dressod,
7^c; veal calves,/flfesKejf, 7@9c; mutton ewes, 3c; wethers, 3V&c; hogs, live,
*4-75@5.00 per cwt; dressed, $7 per
cwt. ' ' "* i*1!*W. C"*"
The local mills pay the following
prices for grain, ,-dellvered: Cluh
wheat, 44«4c hulk, 4_6VaC sacked; hlue-
Htem, 47c bulk, 49c sacked; red, 43c
bulk, 44c Backed.
Sheepskins—Shearlings, 10c each;
short wool .pelts,- -34@l_0c; medium
wool, 5Q@75c;,i long .wpjfy 7f>c@$l.
Hides—Green hides and calf skins,
B@6e per lb; dry hides, butcher, 10@
12e, per lb.    ..,.•■ „.-, ■■<,
1 ■'   r ,'.yy<   iu'.	
little   \Vlilrl>vli!jl    Ptirtlnnril.
Helena, June 3.—Governor Toole Its'
granted pardon, subject,to the spproviil
of the slate board of pardons,    to  Li I He
Whirlwind, tlie young Qhoyennn Indl	
who has been In the penitentiary at l'''|,r
Lodge, Hlitler -eiitenee of. life Imprint!"-
ment lot 'liie""^TflFftHWilin Boovey. »
sheepman, near thc Cheyenne reservation.
In ljHl.8, *''
'•"■"•' ^"»,*f
llolyoki;,. Mass.,   June   8.- Two  11""1
iinil  cittpltivc^nf the paper mills iii
I Illl
today uh ordered
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^       citv  wlli'l ^tifl 'on  strik .,   ..
head.   A revolver was found near tho  Dy Kl^u, ,„,,,,,. (lf ,.,,.„,,. Mak(,rrt lin,i mu
body and the man had evidently killed  tlpnery WmkinWra,jiJ)jitf.«.,
... -■'
'A   Perfect  Cathartic.
Philadelphia    letter    carriers    will     „..,,.,,,    _.,      ,    ,      ,   .. ,_i«ui-
._.,,,. ,, ,    , , , Not  vl(.l_<iiily, i*! i itv I nit thi ImwelH or em*
have  lighter    uniforms,  but no  shirt   Inn bin iKnlvTRimulatlns, tontnu. slrjiwii""
eninu   lit"   InIchIIrnil   uwIIh—i.imenrijtii    tun"/.
I Cntliiirtle, Kit-, 20c, OOc.
waists. ill to
Things Looked  Gloomy, but All Was
Mitiafactorily Exp nine '.  .
He was waiting on the street corner,
„,i,l us she got off the street ear be
lifted his hat nnd stiilly saluted;
••'jieeveulu', Miss Wharton!"
•"Deevenln', MlHt.il) Uurr!" she replied, with her nose In the air.
•Miss Wharton," he continued, as he
swallowed at the lump iu bis tfiroat,
"when yo'r sister don tole me yo' was
at :1c candy pull will dat low-down pus-
son named Jackson I cotildti't skassly
believe It."
-Mistah Cnrr," she replied, as her
nose went still higher, "when Linda
Smith dun tole me dat yo' wanted her
to help yo" git up n cake walk 1 lost
my brelf fur live uilnlts:" |
■Miss Wharton, I 'lows no worn
trifle wid my heart."
"An' I 'lows no man to trifle wid
mine, Mlstali Carr."
"Under de circumstances, m.ss Wharton, It will be belter dut we meet as
st ni tigers."
"Dai's me, Mistah Carr."
"Kut as life will have no more charms
fur mc, Miss Wlmrtiin. ns each succeed-
in' day would only add lis burdens to
my grlevln' heart,  I  will bang myself
in .ie woodshed to-night."
"An' I will take ply.en. Mlstnli (
Sooner dan live on feelin' dut no
luhs me I will destroy myself."
"Who iloun' lub yo"/"
"Yo' tloan'."
"Who said so?"
"Yo* did."
"Miss Wharton—Maggie—I nehlier
axed dat Landa Smith to git up a cake
walk wid me."
"Mistah Carr-Moses I ,rdn't go to
de party whl dut pmson Darned .lack-
"Hen I won't hnng myself."
"Hen I won't lake plsen."
And the cuckoo clock In the nearest
house struck Ihe hour of ~ In Joyful exultation, ami nil was love ami peace."—
Washington Post.
n Must
*vold Narvocv Prostration.
the if,^' VS da.n»e«»»»ly Mck what is
Sets th- "/--"  y(mr &**<■**■*■ »   Ho
o nervous .system, he deadens
lepain, and yon sleep well
^>u ought to ki,o-wtU..t
ceased to bo regular in
grow  Irritable
when you
your courses,
without   cause,   and
pws sleepless nights, theru is scrioua
Few are entirely free from it.
It mny develop so slowly as to cause
lltll" K any disturbance during the whole
period of childhood.
It may then produce Irregularity of the
stomach and bowels, dyspepsia, oatarrh,
uui marked tendency to consumption
Iiefore manifesting itself in much cutaneous
eruption or glandular .swelling.
It i.s best to be sure Hint you are i|iilte
tr>. from it, ami for Its complete eradication you can rely on
Hood's Sarsaparilla
1    best of all medicines for all humors.
/  A
MltS.  11A IIT LEY.
trouble somewhere, und nervous pro*
tration la sure to follow.
You ought to know that, indigestion,
exhaustion, womb displacements,
fainting, dizziness, headache, and
backache send the nerves wild with
affright, and you cannot sleep.
Mrs. Hartley, of 821 W. Congress Bt,
Chicago. III., whose portrait we publish, suiTered all these agonies, and
was entirely cured by Lydia E. Plnkham's Vegetable Compound ; her case
Bhould be a warning to others, und
ber cure carry conviction to the minds
of every suffering woman of tho unfailing efficiency ot Lydla E. Plnkham a
Vegetable Compound.
■MHO   HI. WA It II   i-lini.
Tl... renders of liiin p.-inor will be pleased to
tasin tl.Hl there In ut leant one 'treaded cIIh-
'■-' Unit eehmc* hits lieen alii,, to cur.- In nil
its itajfM_i Jl,i,i  itiut i" Catarrh.    Hull's c.i-
''■■!i I'llr*. In the only positive cure kti'i.in to
iti»- medical frtitnnliy. Catarrh b.-lng a con-
ititutlanal dlsius*. requires a oonetttutlonal
treatment II.ot • Ciitjirrh Cura l.i taken In-
t'Ttiully, acting directly upon the bl<»,>d and
ti111 ■ ohm surfaces of tlie ay.stem. thereby tle-
mroylnif the foundation of the disease, an<l pK'-
ItiK *ho i .nl' tit Ktrennth tiy building up iho i-on-
riil utlon und tisalHlliiK nature tn "lur ita w rk
'! li.- proprietors have ho much faith In It.-i ctlru-
tlvi powers Unit tli.-y otter One Hundred Dol-
lurtt fur any pane that II fnlla to cure. Sent
for lint of ti-fitlmontitla.    At]i!r.-.-_a
F. J. CHBNBY A CO.. Toledo,  O.
Sold  l.y  "truKKlnt^,   TV.
II ill.i 1'uinliy  I'IIIm are the beat.
I ttae   of   th,.   |
Chicago,   June   .').
Washington says: Tin
A    special
Qeorgd Oi Smith of Washington.
who Is the geologist detailed hy the
government to make a survey of the
I'nited States-Canadian boundary, Is
a native of Skowhegan. Me., and a
graduate of Colby college. "93.
Thia almialure Is on every boi of the feoulnt
Laxative Bromo-Quinine Tebieu
•Im remedy tbat rnren a fold In (MM sl*y
Norway ls the only country In the
world whose hanks hold more specie
in their Hafos than they issue. Hiitish
hunks have only £10 In hand for
every   £100 of Issue.
eourl has
another surprise in store for thi untie.
Unless it changes its mind betwee iw
and Oetober, the dale of it~ box I meeting,
the  COUrt   will   ileeide   lite   Philippine t'.i-e
in fttvor of the government, li will be another decision by a divided beilch and
upon most extraordinary grounds, tow it:
Plrsl 'lit,n the I'niieil st. tea lias never
declared it- Intention to retain the Philippines Indefinitely, and 11 nliii.irv declaration of policy wjtitli had been made
wm in the other direction, looking to-
wiinl a mere temporary occupation, the
United Slates being a -mi of trustee for
ihe people of ibe Philippine*, as it wat .1
trustee for the people ol Cuba,
Second Thai in any event the united
suit'* at the lime duty complained
if wn- Imposed (ihe li diamond rings)
was not iii the actus! possession of the
Philippines, Imi the United States waging war for sm-lt possession snd such eon
nol as tbe United States had was limit
to the operations of military authority.
Mra. H'Klnley Sufl'era From Hume Com
I'liiuil »a .H lien III I 1 '■_■<-.. l'i«■ i.li.nI
Ken,ulna l>y Her Bedside — Doctors
Utlil Consultation.
Washington, June 2.—Mrs. McKinley
continues weak, but each day that
elapses without a gain In strength lessens her powers of recuperation. The
complaint which came near ending her
life in San Francisco Is still present.
It is a slightly less aggravated form,
but gives the physicians and the president mucn concern. Mi-3. McKinley
has shown remarkablo vitality, but her
illness has so reduced her strength as
to leave her very feeble indeed. The
news given out by the physicians in attendance today was not. reassuring,
though hope of better things still continues. After a consultation between
the doctors, the following bulletin was
"Mrs. McKinley passed n comfortable
night, but her condition has not ma-
terlally changed since the report of
yesfa nlay."
There were no further consultations
of the physicians during the day, but
I>r. Rlzey called during the evening
and spent some time with the patient.
In response to inquiries from time to
time the statement was made that there
had been no change. President McKinley spent most of the day at the
bedside of his wife, though late in the
afternoon be went out for an hour's
drive. He departed alone, but met
Judge Watson of Ohio, au old friend,
on the way and the latter accompanied
him to the White House.
Deters Itixey and Sternberg both
were in attendance at tbe White House
dining the evening, although the latter
did not remain very long. Dr. Rixey
was at the mansion for over two hours,
and when he left for the night, shortly
before 11 o'clock, h" announced that at
that time Mrs. McKinley was resting
comfortably, as she had done all the
Senator Elklns called on the president during the evening and was with
him for about 15 minutes.
Twenty-One Aliierlt'iina Representing;
Mnn.. millions Were (he Klnic's
Quests — Visitors Impressed and
Klnu; I'li'iised—1|iii-en Also Present.
Windsor, June 3.—Twenty-one American gentlemen dressed In the deep
black of British court mourning, men
representing many millions of money
and vast commercial Interests, wero
the guests of King Edward recently at
Windsor. They were the delegates of
New York chamber of commerce. The
visit was arranged by the London
chamber of commerce, the president of
which, Lord Bressey, accompanied the
American party. The visitors were impressed and pleased hy their audience
with the king, who, the Associated
Press learns, was just as Interested at
meeting them as they were at meeting
him. The king had expressed considerable curiosity to see what manner of
men these multi-millionaires might be,
especially Messrs. Morgan and Carnegie.   As regards the latter the king was
R: G1STm?flf-ffifASURY.
Hon Judson W. Lyons, -Register of
-the United State Treaury, in a, letter
from Washington, D. C.;'sayt:••-
Hon. Judson VV. Lyons, Register of the
April 23d, 1899.
Pe-ru-na Drug M'f'g Co.,   Columbus,
Gentlemen—I find Pe-ru-na to be
an excellent remedy for the catarrhal
affections of spring and summer,   and
disappointed, for Mr. Cargegie was un- thos0 wll() suttVr from depression from
able to be present. | the licat of the 8lminier wm  find  n0
From the king down allthe officials re,ne(]y the equal of Pe-ru-na.
Judson W". Lyons.
concentrated   their  attention  on   Mr.
Morgan.   Their curiosity was not unmixed with awe.   One of the high officers of the household humorously eon-1 Lyons,    His name on  every piece of
fessed that an inspection of the list of [money of recent date, makes his signature one of the most  familiar ones
No man is   better   known   in
financial   world   than    Judson
visitors made   them   tremble le3t Mr.
Over  Slimiiruek   II.
New York-, June 2.   A dispatch from
Glasgow SaySi Designer Watson is greatly worried by criticisms passed on liis
11 orkmanahip on the challenger, lie told
sir Thotnas Upton he did not place any
value on the result of the trial races on
the European Sids. He built the yacht
with an eye to American sailing conditions snd nothing h.ts happened to alter
bis judgment that she will prove thc best
challenger he ever sent across.
The fascination of flashlight photography is greatly enhanced   by one of
_ the-new electric Hash   lamps.      Costs
11.60,    At nil dealers, or Kirk, Geary
k'C, SflO Sutter St., 8. P., C|ll.
' A« advertisement in a Hamburg pa-
1 wire (tytfa.il 1S01 shows thnt cigars were
ui itsy (though very little, ns com-
'parent with pipes) in (!erniuny n een
tnry ago.
lu future Tommy Atkins Is to be sup
piled wltn hoer Instead of rum rations
when .he voyages to stations abroad.
th* Cough and
rA* Off tho Cold.
Uxatlve liioii.o-ijiiiiiliti' Tablets euro a cold In
one day.. .Jto euro, No Pay    Price 26 ocnu.
Ib'glnnlng with January 1, 1003.
Knilt) and flour must br* sold In Hits
na  by  weight  Instead  of measure.
TITO .Permanently Cured.   No (Its sr MTTOIHB-M
'HO    after llrst aai'MiMssflir. Kllsn'i Ureal Nerte
lliwlnn-r. Semi rnrFKKKW.OOtrlul lie tlcaml treat-
, *«». pR.ll.lt Kl_iNS.Mil..1MAndiHt.,Phi.adel|.|ila.Pa.
Although Jupnh Is Bmaller thnn Cn!-
If"inla, and only one-twelfth of her
area Is gtltlvated, It him a population
°f 44,0.00,000.
Moibert+will liml Mrs. Wlnslow's BonHi-
onr .Syrup Ibe best, remedy to use for their
dlillilreii tinting il tiling period.
'It-reipHrefl more than 100 gnllons of
"" ft. year to keop tho largest loco
'unlive In smooth running order.
Sillelile  ut   1 lit,-.i:.11.
Chicago,   .limit   2.—Confronted   by   a
|Kilit-e  oll.ccr   with   his   pistol   hull' drawn,
.md with a crowd of men and boys led
by another officer closing in on him from
behind, Aurlius W, Qriffln turned a revolver against his temple nun committed
suicide. He was seking to escape arret] on a charge of horae stealing, nnd
when brought to bay en.led his nf,. rather
than submit tc the disgrace of capture.
Kivc hundred persons witnessed tbe sen
sational deed. (Irillin ut one time had
considerable money, but lost it nil in a
Venture in the Yukon district in IHOii.
After his return from Alaska two yens
later lie went to woik .is .1 detective in
San Francisco, He performed detective
work for the authorities of Ogden,
According to the report of a United
Slates consul, there are In Brazil 300.-
000 Germans, 1,300,000 Italians. 800,1	
Portuguese nnd 100,000 Spaniards.
-Million-, for r.ii-.lKill
A million nf dollar-, are spent every year
upon tin (taint ul baseball, nut large as tins
until is. it ■ mu not begin io equal i he amount
Bpenl by people in search of health. There
11 i> a Mire method of obtaining strength,
and u is not a costly one.   We urge those
who hnve snent much antl lost hope to try
Hostetier's Stomach Itinera, [(strengthens the stomach, makes digestion easy and
natural, and cures dyspepsia, cnustipalion.
biliotisni'-s ii'nt weak kidneys.
Taku I.R\ntive Bromo Quii.'ne Tablets. All
druggistn refund the money il lt falls lo cure.
E. W. Urove's Jignature Isnu ench box.   _.'.'»■.
Next to Warsaw, Berlin is the larg
est Polish city. Among its Inhabit
ants there are about 70,000 Poles.
If you use the K. G, toning solution you will never be troubled With
faded prints. 8 ox. bottle, 30 cents.
At all photographic supply dealers, or
Kirk. Geary A Co., 880 Sutter 8t, S. F.
Russia kills 3,000,000 ermines, 16.-
000,000 marmots and 25,000,000 squirrels in a year.
The r.e-t  i -i •■-•' ipi ior for Malaria
Chills ami Fever Isa liottlcof (irove'H Tasteless
Chill Tunic.   It ll limply iron ami quinine lu
a tasteless form.   No cure, No Pay.   Price 60c.
Hiituin brews ;lll.500.000 barrels of
beer in a year ami drinks them all
but the odd half-million.
Your Guide and Guard
Ia tbe  funions Oregon  Wood  Purifier,
tested and true.   Vne it now.
Villa formerly
not ii house.
meant  a  farm  nnd
The coinage
E i ti.oiio,000.
of India last year was
A Constitutional Affection.
Sprays, washes, powders, salves, medicated j-
tobacco nnd cigarettes, however long and persistently 1/
used, do not cure Catarrh. They relieve tcmuorarily \
the Inflammation in the throat and nose, nnd enable 6,
you to breathe more easily antl freely, but tbe con- W
tinual rush of impure blood to these parts keeps up
the irritation nnd ultimately produces ulceration of
the glands, when the breath becomes exceedingly
offensive and the soft bones of the nose are frequently
destroyed. The catarrhal inflammation extends over
the entire surface of the mucous membrane, or inner skin ; the stomach, kidneys
nnd lungs are often involved ; the whole system soon becomes affected by the rapid
absorption of poisonous matter into thc blood, und tlie disease that you had hoped
to cure with simple local remedies, assumes a dangerous form.
Morgan or one of the other millionaires
should take a fancy to Windsor and
buy It. Apart from this personal point
of view, the Associated Press was officially Informed by Lord Pelham-Clin-
ton, the master of the household, that
the king regarded the presence In England of such a representative body ot
American husiness men as highly significant of the close and friendly relations existing between the two countries and in furtherance of that feeling
he was delighted to welcome them to
his castle and make their acquaintance.
After an Inspection of the grounds,
the delegates were taken to the east
terrace, where they were received by
the king. They were surprised 'to find
that the queen was also present, for
her appearance was quite unexpected.
With the king and queen were the
Princess Victoria and the children of
the duke and duchess of Cornwall and
York. Each delegate was formally presented to both the king and queen,
shaking their hands This ceremony
over, the king asked the visitors to replace their hats on their heads and both
he and the queen then commeneced to
chat in the most friendly way with the
little group. The king remembered
meeting previously William Butler
Duncan and James W. Pinshot, much
to their astonishment. The king apparently avoided business antl politics, beyond reiterating how glad he was to
ment so many well known men from
America. When the audience was over
the delegates partook of a small feast
and repassetl the king and queen, who
were having tea in the garden. The
king stood up, took off his hat and
bowed his farewell. The delegates then
returned to London.
in the United States. Hon. Lyons'
address in Aiuigstii, Gn. He is a
memberdf the National Republican
Committee, nnd is a prominent and
influential politician.
Hon. Judson W.,- Lyons recommends Peruna for spring catarrh.
If you do not derive prompt and
satisfactory rt suits from the use of
Peruna, write at once to Dr. Hart-
mnn, giving a full statement of your
case and be will be pleased to give
you bis  valuable advice gratia.
Address Dr. Hartman, president of
the Hartman Sanitarium, Columbus,
"I laSbrcd the tor tn re. of the dsautS
*ltb protruding pile* brought on by oonstlp*.
Horn  with which I  wu •filleted  (or twenij
ttars.   I ran aerosi jour CASCARETS ln tha
iwn of Nawall, la., and naver lound anything
M ((Hal Ibam. To-day I am entirely Ira* Iroa
atlaa and (ael Ilka a oaw man."
O ■. Kbit*, Ull Jonaa Si., Slou OUy,Its.
mot nt Preaidlo,
Francisco, June 3.—A mob mini-
sot) indulged in a riot and wrecked
Mrs. Power's saloon, one of the many
drinking places just outside the Presiilio
reservation. There are conflicting stories
as to the origin of the trouble. The soldiers of the Forty-sixth volunteer infantry vers mustered out of the service and
the men given their discharges and pay.
Most of the men liml several hundred dollars coming to them and tiny did considerable drinking in the Presidio resorts. A
man named Morgan of the Forty-sixth
was found unconscious in tbe front of
Mrs. Powers' saloon. Two company
mates took him to camp for treatment.
The doctor pronounced it a case where
drugs had lieen administered. The news
spread rapidly tilKiiit the camp, and soon
there were a dozen or more men running
to Mrs. Powers' saloon. They demanded
reparation for the drugging of their comrade, but any knowledge of the affair was
denied. Two or three ex-soldiers lounging
about in the place sided with the woman
unl ordered ths
soldiers  from  th
-is, and  a  riot
followed  ami  tli
wus demolished.
I had Oatarrh so bad wa* entirely
deaf in one ear, and all tho Inaide
of my noso and part of the bone
slouRliod off. The phyaioiana leave
me up oa incurable. I determined to
try S. 8. S., and began to improve at
onco. It deemed to get at the Boat of
tho disease, and after a few weeks'
treatment I was entirely oured, and
for more than soven years have had
no sign of tho disease.—MRS. JOSEPHINE POLH1LL, Due West, S. O.
I «n ., Cure fnr Cnnaiimptlon In nn Infallible
"I'-'ll.'ltii. r,,r riniKha nn.! oold*,- N. W. Maimii'l,
'"•nn llruve,  N.  J„ Feb. 17, ltKW.
New York hns a policeman who can
fll»'ak seven languages. I
to cure
I had Cutarrh about 16 years, and
tried during tho time everything I could
bear of, but nothing did me any good.
At laat I enmo to tho oonolmion that
Catarrh must be a bldod disease, and
decided to givo S. S. S. a trial. X could
see a littlo improvomont from tho flrat
bottlo, and continued it three or four
months, or until I was oured. Havo
not taken anything for si*, yoaru, and
am ,|u«t a* well as I evei* Wbs.*M. MAT-
SON, Lapeer, Mtoh.     '   ■*. ...,
Cntnrrh is a constitutioml disease—a blood disease which is frequently
inherited nnd only a blood medicine, such as S. S. S., can remove the hereditary
taint destroy the poisons that have been accumulating in tlie system for years
perhaps and restore the blood to a healthy and pure condition. The inflamed
membranes nml di eased glands nre healed by the rich, pure blood which is carried
to them nml the offensive discharges from the nose, and thc terrible headache and
ncuralinc pains cease. Chronic cases of thc most desperate character and apparently boneless have been cured completely nnd permanently by the use of S. S. S.
Write our physicians fully about your case and thev will cheerfully nssist yon
by their advitc. We dwrse nothing _whateve^for_this_service. Book free oa
Un Mm  lu Alaakn.
Seattle. .Iiine 8.—Fifteen hundred |«t-
sniis [eft this port for northern ports on
the steamships Oregon, Centennial iul
Valencia, Over 100 stowaways weie clean.
eil out from the various vessels during the
course of the dsy, The docks were blsck
with people, fully 18,000 having gathered
on lhe water fionl to wateh the three
sailings.   The scenes were like those of the
first great Nome and Klondike rushes,
tin the Oregon a brass band bound for
Nome enlivened the hours of the afternoon
I with   popular  airs  and   played  a  farewell
'piece as the great crafl swung ool Into the
stream.   The Oregon carried about half of
the 1600 passengers.
*    **^^pp*  \.*\, riASTio ^
TBAoi mmm maeeeme
Wlm THI H*»
»r"i*llXl^5. M
_n*a*ant,  Palaubla.   Patent,
•ood, N*r*r lleken. Weaken, or Orlpe.
...    CURE CONSTIPATION.    ...
MM-lef a._..4, twmtwsy, BttspAt HeeWeel. *•* t.rt, em
vo-To-BAc sftttffsm&iur
.SEj\F£RING men
, ..,„   M„, ,   ,__ ^CATALOGUES FREE
3HOVWN6 ryu EtoE or garment: and hats.
III llllKH
Don Stop Tobacco Suddenly
It Injures neivoui ijitem lo do io. HAftl-
I'ltllO la lhe only cure Uiat r. __.li> curaa
and nottlles you when to mon. Bold with a
fimriuitee lhal threo boxen will cura anr case.
BiCO-CURO »s vegetable »tid liuriuleas. It bu
" " »«Q" ciiri-,1 thmiKKiula. it hi II cure rou.
At all dr
At all drui-'itists or by mall prepaid, II a box:
8 boxes 12.50. Booklet free. Writ* IVBtKA
ChmicvL Co., 1* Crone, Wis.
W. H. ST0WELL & CO.      *
Spokane, Wash.
l.i'iiil,   50c;   ellvpr,   60c
ttiil.t  nml silver,   11.00.
Wo i,in n's    Holly
Topeku, Kan.. June 8,
I nnnil.
iiifu'iMi, iMiti.. .nun' .i. A special  tn the
State Journal from Hoi ton, Kan., i&ysi
The dead body ol Mrs. \v. ii. Klusmire
was found buried in a shallow tnnrli le-s
than a 1 ut in I rid yards fnim her liniite. one
mile north of Holton,   The dead woman's
lie.nl  \ias  found  to have lieen crushed, as
if she had been struck with a club or
somo (heavy hlunt Instrument   The crime
«as I'liintnitted un Sunday, May 10,
KiliiHlon   Una   lieen
Washington,  .lutm  :i.
renins wnniever ior mis service,    nooit iree
Brigadier  Qen
oral Frederick Funston has been aaaignoi
tn command the Fourth division nf  the
department   of   northern   Luzon,   with
headquarters nt Snn Isidro.
N. N.  U.
Is bent time tii cure Catarrh,
llroiiilillts mnl tknisumptloa
Our remedy Is guaranteed, |1
r. o. um"»7.'i.
TH l\ CO., Buffalo, N. Y.
No. 23, 1901.
in    PISO'S  CURE   FOR
| Heat C'ouuh Byrnp.  Tainan Good. Das |
la time,   s.iin by dniaalsts.
1    ■
eft SHSC
— i ~-w> —>
Conveniently Situated near
Hallway Station and Wlmrf.
Tables supplied with <tll the delicacies
of the season.
Saturday,  Junk   8, 1901.
published every saturday a'
MATHESON KK08..    Editors « Props.
throat and Customs   Broker,
Real   Estate   a*d   General
PAKP& St.,   -   Z   NELSON, B. 0
Advertising rates will bo mado known
upon application at this office.
Reduced Rates
31 *IT ■' j_ 8 JUNE.
to Butfajo_
JUNE 4, 18;        JULY 2, 16;
A U G U S T 6, 20.
—w<"w>ii..iij._iui'iiixu.uuu».sj.ijiu. .ti i   'i..I A.ii.i'    . iiiiiiiiaMtiiiiiiij.11111111 .m-d ■■
tlio time being, still we have other
resources besides silver-).-mi properties.
Unlike some of tlio other less tortunato
Slocun camps wo havo dry silver ore
properties such as the Hewitt, which
will continue to work, and the Eisher
Maiden which is to be started up at
Our main hope however nt the
present time rests in tae development
and working of our numerous gold
and gold-copper prospects and properties in the lied Mountain section
nf our camp. Theso properties are,
for the amount of work done upon
them, second to none in the province
in point of size and value and that
tliey should have been neglected by
the enpitilist for so long can only be
accounted for by thn fact that the
Slocan has been looke I upen as a
silver rather than a gold country.
It looks now as if our gold region is
this summer about to receive tlie
attention that it so Well deserves ami
a large amount of woik will be done
on Red Mountain, notably upon the
L. II., a gold prcperty, and the Rockland iitid Congo, gold-copper propositions, Thero in ro apparent reason
why with the development of Red
Mountain Silverton should not rival
Iliit-.slaiul as a gold-copper producing
i I
0««*««0   OR   IN  ARREARS    A
*• <*
•) •)
Green   or   Black.
Trade Is Confederating The Empire.
Krilain Is Canada's Best Customer.
liiiliiin Cannot Buy if She \Docs Not Stli.
Use    TEA     drown     In    a   British    Colony    By    British
Green.       Samples on application.
at Ceylon  Teas  are sold   in   sealed  lead
*' packet!       onlv        never    in      hnlk.
lllack,     Mixed   or   Uncolored   Ceylon
Address "SALADA," Toronto.
••u.um a am *u ***'••ir.
\'..uumuu'.' mum
——>■ ■       —
Vojrates, tickets, and full inhumation
call on or address
0. B, Chahdlkr,
•   Agent, 8ilveron, B. C, or
"*:       D. P. A.. A. G. P. A..
Nelson* Vancouver.
i       ' ' ""    —
Ii yon want to advertise out a
Co-owner in your t. ineral claim,
pend $10 to this ollice, giving
name of claim, date of record location, and period for which the
delinquent co-owner hns failed lo
'" do his assessment work, nnd we
''■'.*"   " will do the rest, including send-
ingyou the affidavit lor recording
We will write the notice and do
the work correctly.   Address:
'   Silverton,B.C.
Full Line    j Lumber,
Dry  & Mixed Sash and
Paints. Doors.
To M. E. BitMiDtiN. or whom it may
concern. You are iioreby notified that I
have expended One Hundred ami Two
Dollars and Fifty Cents in labor and improvements upon the i-oldcn Chariott
Mineral Claim situated near Silverton in
the Slocan Mining Division and recorded
in the office of the Mining Recorder (oi
the Said division, being the nmount required to hold aaid claim under the provisions (If the Min< r.il Act for the year
ending May 10th 1901,
And If within ninety days from the
data ol tbis notice you fail or refuse to
contribute vour proportion of sm-h ex
penditure together with all cost of advertising, your interest in said claim will
become the property of the undersigned
under Section 4 of An Act to Amend the
Mineral Act 1900.
W. H. Bramdox.
Acting as agent for D. F. Burk.
Dated this 8th day of June 1001.
"Tis always darkest before thc
Far off pastures look green, and so
does the one who is always chasing off
to them.
Some men use Unionism to collet
good wages for themselves and let it
go at. that.
The probabilities are that the weather, like our bills, will remain unsettled
tor some time.
"War is hell!" So is trying to run a
newspaper in the Slocan during a depression in mining.
lt ii the man who cannot even make
friends with a stray dog who is always
boasting of his contests umong women.
Carrie Nation would be delighted to
know that a former bar-room in Silverton is being fitted up as a place of
Puring the week the mercury
has hovered around 40. If we livelong
enough or die eoon enough we will
have wanner weather.
Two weeks ago the Nelaon Council
prohibited Sunday ball. Last Sunday
a game wa? played and now the boys
ask what ore they going lo do about
When our interested citizens were
work'.ng waist deep in water last week
trying to keep the Four Mile creek in
the channel, many good intentions were
formed to begin an immediate campaign for funds to properly crib the
creek bank. Wince the water has gone
down nothing more it heard of the
matter. Good intentions aro said tn
answer for pavement in spots but we
doubt if they'll keep the water out of
town next spring.
To John Tini.isu or whom it may
concern, You are hereby notified
Ihat I have expended One Hundred Dollars in labor and improve
raents upon the We Two Mineral Claim
pn Ked Mountain in the Slnean Mining
Division, located on the 24th. day of
.Inne 1809, and recorded at the record
office ol said Division on the 24th, day
of June 1899. in order to hold said claim
nnder the provisions of the Mineral Act,
being the amount required to hold the
same for the year ending lune 24th 11)00.
.Aod if within ninety days from the date
of this notice yon fail or reluse to contribute your proportion of such expend-
■ ffure together with all costs of
advertising, yonr interest in said claim
will become the property ol the undersigned nnder Section 4 of An Act to
to Acftend the Mineral   Act   1900.
J. W. Kyte.
Dated this sixteenth day of March 1001
Nonce:— "HAZAnr>"  Mineral Claim,
situated    in   the     Slocan     Mining
Division  of West Kootenay District.
; -.Where located:—On tlieti.M.i na Farm
adjoining   the    "Cubi.ky   Mineral
- Claim" on the East.
take Notice that I, FranciB J. O'Reilly
efSllvertoo. B. C.   es   agent for Frank
Owen,   Free  Miner's  Certificate    No.
. 44003, intend sixty days from  the date
hereof, to apply to-the Mining Recorder
for a Certificate of Improvements, for the
purpose of obtaining a Crown Urant   of
the above claim.
~  •■   And further take notice that action
under section 37, must  be commenced
"T^eToKe'the issuance of  such  Certificate
of ImprovementH,
Dated this 22th day of February, 1901
Francis J. 0'Rkiu.v.
Some day there'll come a turning in the
long nml weary lane.
And the knockOS aggregation will ri joice,
In  releasing  all the   vengeance they've
consented In  restrain—
And they'll do it. with a glad'tumultuous voice',
I tee tumble in the air
For (In- knockers everywhere,
For Vendetta's starting titter them to drag
them from their laii,
And a mighty chorus
Will shunt for uu
In onr joyous
When   we   kiek   Hii«   g ing ol knot-tors
from the feature* nl i|te earth.
—Toronto World
MoCalltim «Ss Co.,   Sloean, 13. O.
?vwwv wwwWQCs/wvw www Wva'ww www••
t JP^oa- o. /Xvo__n.io
I l_J«SCi Alr^yr O*
I The
\ iWMW^VWW* i<S»WWi VW^A^W,
Perfect Bitters,
Jamrtlca Sarsaparilla,
HIE r.i>; t)''.\:.E sAits.vi'Alui.l.A KXTRAUT8,
Syrrmnat Syrup of F*if£(»,
/ NATURE'* K'_\lil>Y KOlf CON8TII,ATlO>
*P.*\r.ne    P/Minho     onrl      Pntrlo        I «     I
They Are All Good \
Spring   Medicines, jf
| a For CqugHs and Colds. Is Recommended (;
Lost:—In the Slocan, the reputations of several mine managers, brought
nil the way troin England. No reward is offered.
Strayed:—Ad appropriation of
?3000 made some months ago hy Hull. C. Legislature for a wagon road to
Red Mountain. When last Been it
was disappearing in tbe labyrinth! of
the Lands and Works deparrnient.
Any person having knowledge of said
appropriation will oblige hy informing
Road Inspector Moore.
Stolen:—In Silverton on Victoria
Day, whilo the keepers were asleep,
several hates.
Found:—A way to increase husiness
Advertise in The Silvertonian,
An extra of the 15, C. Gazette was
received this week announcing the
incorporation of the City of Slocan.
Nominations for mayor and aldermen
will he ln-ld on the Kith inst, and
elections ono week later. I). D.
Robertson and A. York are the
mayoralty candidates. Hoth candidates are in favor of municipal ownership of necessary public utilities, both
will have a waterwork Bystetn installed
if tliey can borrow the money, but
Candidate Yotk goes farther than his
opponent in promising a fair wage
clause in municipal contracts and a
smelter for the Baby City, lie also
promises to work for nothing.
In spite of the fact that nearly all
the silvnr-lead mines in the Slocan
havo closed down, and Silverton, like
tlm other Slocan camps, had been hit
n body Wow paralysing tlie  camp  foy
Grunt Thorbnrii is making a trip iu the
3 iiiilk-iinteii district.
Slociltl sports have organised a liase-
luill ten in with I.   11'"'son as till t,un.
Mrs. Hill left Neu Denver on Thursday
'o join her husband in Kl l'u-o, Texas.
(). \Y. Giimtuttt is suing the Corporation oi Sandon for damage done to his
store'dming the high Hiiter.
On Wcdnesi'av Mrs. Harry Thorlmrn.
left for lh ti'tiix where she will visit
with friends lor a few weeks.
(Jenrte Cieech, ol Grand Porks, anil
Miss Mniy K. Crswfo'd. of Sandon, wt re
married in the latter city lest Thursday.
In addition to the averape displace*
m m ****** **a*wv m m
Wwww _vww\9(_)
By   Hundreds.
The Silverton Drug Store,
SILVERTON    •    -  I •     B. C.
Blacksmith line, which has j'lst heen
turnul out ly W. Scott snil Samllo'd
l),iii|le, "iim-iteH of a steel ore carri'-r to
0j used nn the sella) tianrvay being
ericted at the Hewitt mine. This
carrier bus a   cspnu.ly  uf.flfieen Sacks of
men   tri|i   ti iul   is   ho itniiHtriicleil as to
ment of cuticle the footliutl praclUe of ilia I enshis it to tuke  up all tiuitieis and
week is responsible for onu hioken no.<e. | Mlj.|ilifB for the iiiiiih,
The   wtiters   of   the  hike, which hail |
reached   the   highest  point attained lor
the   pant   three years,   have   bei;uti to
Ci-rpcntcr Creek hns be?u disporting
on tlie Poverty Flat division of the N>-w
Ot nver townsite and bus taken away a
couple of cabins,
James Bowes visited Slooan this week
to «e what arrangement* wnld be made | wl|| „,.,,,..M,..  ,i„. i:„ ,,»„,  ,.„.
for [.laving off the tie there between  the : entte Oiiiniissioners for Ilia SIoimii   Lit:-
Bilverton ami 8sndon footballers, |enee District el the Court House, New
IVliver,  on  Saturday, ihe  15th   duy of
The following applications have been
fi-ived for ltetiil l.upior Llnenuei and i
Thanks lo an Bppfefl.'atlve public, R,
G. Oaiulo aniiouiice.'i Ihst he has been
eiuilile.il to Increase bis slock, ol fresh
'rnits ami iiroceries. His juices are
reasonable, his   stock   fiesh.        t
The ss Sloean surprised everyone bv
coining in one trip this week within half
an hour of scheduled time. Lately lids
hunt has been tunning one to two hotirti
behind the lime table.
There will be no Cliun-h nf Kngland
service in ttllvertonnmi) Sunday June lm,
by which time it is hoped that a room in
the Hart Hotel wiil be made reedy for
use as a mission room. Hour of service
will bo an non need,
W. II. Brandon returned on Saturday
from the llliiiriiiore coalfields, where he
succeeded in securing come good coal
land. Ill'rr;uii-ts l.hiiiiiuiitt as building
up rapidly but the payroll behind the
town is small as yet.
A good piece ol workmanship, in the
Mrs. Jeffreys
-   -   - GERMAN -   -
For Sale nt All LVttggi ,ts.
June 100
.lames Howes, Silverton.
Urant l'limbum, "
Brandon k i'srrett "
Knowles & Finlayi "
Pat Griffin, "
A. 0. AiInn, Vevey.
George Aylwin, Enterprise.
Hated at Silverton this 1st day of .lune,
.loll.N  T.   Ill.ACK,
Chief Licence Inspector.
i •Tret.
Steam Hoit.Kii Inhi-hi.-thhs' Examination.
APPLIOAriONS for ext.tiiin.ition for
Steam lloilet Inspectors will be received
by the Clliel Inspector of Steam Hoilers,
New Westminster, II. C, up to.lune 10lh
10J1. Applicants must be between the
lilies of 25 and iiO years, Ihey must have
hnd Ht least llv« years' practical
workshop experience as machinists or
boiler makers, and mnst also haven
thorough understanding of steam cinrin-
Koi ins of particulars may be obtained,
on renueM nf intending applicants, Irom
the Chief Instector of Sleam Boilers,
New Westminster, B. C, nnd must be
property AlleiMn und returned to him on
or before the above mentioned dale.
Til* Candidate! selected for exnmln-
11 Ion will then he notified as to date and
place of eXKiniiialinn.
Tlie salary will be fW0 per month.
w.c. wr.i.i.s.
Chief Commissioner of Linds
and Works.
Lands and Wmk Dsparlment.
Victoria, U p., '2'2nd Mny, 1001,
Mining J°m
With Canadian Supplement
283  Broadway.
New York, U. 8. Al
--- -- ' I  9WS
npHK  Beat  and   ISott   laaoeatlal
mining Paper   Us. (ke   VfotXA.
Sample Copy Free.      I   I   I   I   I   I   •  '
Weekly Kdltlon...$u.nopor annuni,postpaid.
Monthly      "  .,.1,00" t    i    *L	


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