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The Silvertonian 1899-04-08

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__     . . -    ■      '.'    • '•'■'■'ry  ■
§2 Per Annum.'
****%*-.■'* r.-tm+auatf**-  -
jot> -woi*.
We can qunto yon bedrock prices
Few Weeto Work l!»s WmM
Tims Favorably.
[mm im w m m-
tie urul
of    Tho
Notrs     .nil
The find rarlea-l of Noondav ore is
Low being hauled down from that mino
|or shipment to a smelter. Thi. ore i. a
-nl nu carrying high v-iluex in silver ami
Ipevlmens en bo * fihtsTT..- il.owi.i_
Ilenty of native silver and tfrey copper
Ib visible In nearly every piece. The
Tmotint of zinc in the ore is nothing near
percentage th'_tthe owner*   at   one
doubtful if tho per-
i.e p.
linn' feart'i and it is
ketiiiigu  is   sufllcent  lo cause a   _i»i-
nlty to be payable t<> ibe smeller.   If
, _inc nenalty i» to lie cbaraed, tbe ore
no doubt be shipped to Kmtls.nl for
h-atment. if not, it will   be   sold   to   a
btnl smelter.
A li'.tsi) and Innd was aciptirel  about
le first of Ihe year on thi. properly  hv4
M . M. Heiie linn and SteW-fl Rro». of
llvertnn,  lr«m   Messrs,  C.   McNtcoll,
Iffy, Spenser and l'u.'liU*'. for tbe sum
If l.'i,iK) i, iiiuuin/ ior eighteen   months
fith   east'    |in) ini'.i's   J,o   be  mu.lu ai
Iti-rv.lBduring the   life'  of  the   Ihjii.I.
nrk miis commeiiceil on tbe 2d!b. of
■tntiary Inst and has-since bee., pushed
•intitni iii.lv, -V tnnni'l bus been driven
In-! ii line nre body cut. ia which a r.Ue
unow Icing  driven.   Twenty Ions   of
•an ore eaeked, be.ides a large amount
If t-eeon.l class pre being piled ii'iou the
liuii)., is the result of the work done so
V. and several carloads* of clean ore arc
lisLnt. Accommodations for nior-o men
Ire to Ih. ctih-uhI at once and'the workiui! ,
lorce Mill Im largely a>lde<l tn. The
twsees lire now .on ii lent thuf tl.ay have
Iho making of a big mine and are n.apin-^
r:'. their Murk accordii._ly.
Tlie Noonday mine iB within thirtr
jinnies walk of Silverton's wbu.f und
Jinust adjoins the townsite, and lying
jitt.iii'_,Rl.ort di-jluncc of'the Galena
lilies.- This property .gives every
Jroniist'oM.ecdmiiig ono of Silverton-'s
st supporters and there are other
^■•■■cities   in   itys   vi-.-i.iitv that   only
.'k tl.e ciiidin/ hand and energy
|is;il,iyed by tl.e lessees of tl.e  Noonday
i shun up as good, results.
The Comstock Mine, are at present
shut down and will not be started up
again before the latter part of June, the .
mana.eraent Claiming that any difficulty
they mny have over the mill will be
adjusted by then. Tbe wagon road will
again be made passable, for their ore
teams and the eight-hour law settled
one way or another. They claim it.
would be foolishness for them tn continue
work under the present conditions, tl.e
waggon road being impassable and with
fear ot a strike on the part of the men.
owing to the eight hour law, hanging
over them.
Joe Brandon went np to the Canadian
Group on Sunday ami brought down
.one fine snmnle. of ore from tl.e nre
shnte lately struck in the lower tunnel.
Thi. tunnel is in a distance of OOfl fen.,
the first 300 fpet of which is a cross-cut
and Ihe remaining 300 feet bping driven
on tl.e vein. The last 20 feet of |hi«
tunnel has bpen driven in orp, the width
of whirl, varic- from 12 tn 20 inches, and
in tlu*> f.ice. of thi. tunnel i" » streak of
alout 20 Inches nf clean dtp. This ore
shnte is supposed lo be Hie same as flm'
exposed in tbe upner tnnnel. if this is so
it will prove of great value to the
W..IS-8 LOCALS.        jjj
The Standard Publishing Company n'
Uossl.nd are sparing no pi ins nr expense
In getting nptho July number of the
Kootenny Mining Standard, Thi. number will contain an amtrata write-up ol
all the camp, in the Kootenav. nn I
over one hundred views of tlie princ'na1
mine, and mining towns nf Southern
nriiisb Columbia. Proof .heel, of each
district are to be submitted to ll.ei**
respective Boards of Trade and every
precaution is being taken bv the publisher. t> make ibe de-cripl'vp matter
accurate and reliable. As an advertisement fo. tbe Konteti'iv. it i. the lies'
so far undo taken and should meet will,
hearty support from all nil-w}r-», pn.-
-lectors, mine owners and business men
who are interested in the growth and
prosperity of the Kootenuys.
Aim    §
Meeting     field
This" Week.
\     SUCCESSFUL     l,Ei,EC,TI0„.
lis     '' Short
Axel I.arsen left on  a visit to Nelson'
(.ii orce Horton has gone lo work at
tho Bosun mine.
Manager Patterson, of the Wakefield
mine, returned from a trip to the coast
on Wednesday,
Maitin Clair, one of Pilvrrton's old
time citizens, has concluded to try bis
fortune in the Atiin country, for a time.
Martin Clair and Sam Whitluker Bra
levelnplng tl.e Old Cumberland claim,
|«r Three Fork..
Tl.e Emily Edith mine Is at present
|mnlovin< 25 men and the force ii being
^'I'lcd to as .oom in made.
Tlie Vancouver Group is doinjc con-
fct.tt-rii.bl**. work on the Mountain
piuomer, oue of their group.
Again the rumor of Ihe sale    (f tl.e
-ntrrprise   mine   la   gaining  ground.
-niil it comes from some ttustworthy
^uurce, however, wc should not rejoice.
fonie fins specimens of gol.l-coppei
ore wary brought into town thia week
from the A. E. claim on Rod Mountain.
sr"0 ledge on this property is improving
fn Iwtli Hizo uud value ua depth is being
gained on it.
Mr. Koss, *^ho represents n .inciter at
MaucheBier, England, i* buying .im* ore
Ju tlie Slocan.   lie has been negotiating
"■ill. the owners of the Alpha in.no for
l"00 lone of ore, running  high   in   zinc,
lint tbey have on baud. Iln offers tu
l'»y for 1)5 per cent of tl.e eilver value.
[In the oro and exact no zinc peimlty.
(>o Wednesday P. Perkins went up to
W'« VVill.rd claim, near town, taking up
PUppttntol-tt a month. Considerable
l^ork will de tlone on tbat property this
Kl'ring. MrBragdon.of Greenwood, ls
lintereated with Mr PerkloB iu this
ll'roperly which adjoins the G. O. P.
Im the neigliborhood of the Emily Edith
I mine.
Hugh Brady bas received a letter
[bom his partner James Anderson who
B»t Atlln Lako. Jimmie says Ihat
jevory thing ict booming, with pU-.itv of
tbeysllow .luff  in   Bight,  and   telling
•Jj'igh to sell out and come, up at once.
-iospuaks of having seo_  J'-McMHIud,
The shipment   ol   oro   from   Slocan
Lake points, up to and including,   the
present week, from Jan. 1, 1899.
From Boeuu Landing. Tons.
Bosun 300
From New Denver. Tons
Murion 20
From Silverion. Ton-
Con stock...      20
•' concentrates  100
Kn-Ily Edith 60
Fidelity     3
Vancouver 320
Wakefield 680
The iiljoiirnpji meeting of Ihe citizens,
en lied for the.purpose of organising for
the Queen's B'thday celebration, met in
the office of the Victoria Hotel last Tuesday evening. Regular officer, and committees w re appointed and various delegation* were formed to Wait upon the
neighboring towns and invite them lo
part tat p tp in the celebration.
The officer- appointed were, Jas Bowes,
President; R. O. Matheson. Secretary;
Wm. Hunter.Treasurer. The following
Committee werp appointed to arrange a 1
•i-lails ol the sports; Messrs Hunter,
tr. Thorburn, Cross, McKinnon, Jackson,
Tinling. A. P. McDonald, Jos. Brandon,
J. 1. McTiitosh and L. Kunwlei.
Mr, Cross reported interviewing the
C. P. R. officials and securing a pintle
fare return raft* for the excursion. Tel-
e.-rnm* were read, received from various
towns, regsrding the sports.
Me".... Bone, nnd Thorhurn were sp-.
pointed a delegation to visit Sandon and
In dope arrangement, with tbe Sandon
Band and l'.i.sel...|i team.
M. ..rs. Knnwlep, McKinnon and
Matheson were appointed a Committee to
solicit piibscriptions for prize monies am!
Alter various other mailers had been
discussed, the meeting adjourned, euh-
;ect to tl.e call of the eh airman.
in fancy I still en see,
The bovs in Silverion,
Making merry on St. I'.lrick'e day
Aud blowiug in their raon.
Willi tin badrt-Oh their breasts,
And green ribbons nil serene,
There were arreslin. everyone,
In tbe name of our noble Queen.
Tbey secured a prominent merchant,
The doors were thrown ajar.
He marched up like a little man,
Paid bis seiiicu'v at the bar.
Tbey secured another  poor fellow,
Who had seen a better day,
They cast his lot wilh the C. P. K.
In the coal-bin be did Btay.
In fancv I st ill can hear them,
l'leadi. g each individual case,
lu fancv I still can leel them,
Giving ine the sellaame chase.
We all love to make merry, but
Boys be true and draw thu line,
Use. don't abuse the God given cup,
The jovial cup of wine.
NolBon, Apr!., 6. '99
Deleentps Bowes and Tborhnrn returned Irotn Sandon on Thursday, bavin ■
met wi'b sucopss, complete anil unlimited. '-Silvprton" Is it name to conjure
with in our neighboring towns. So say
onr delegate*. As soon us onr delegates
made known Ibeir wishes Hnd invited fin
good folk of Sandon to join with ns in
celebrating Ibe Queen's Birthday, tlu-j
were promised the hearty support of the
•r.-vii and the hand, the ball team am!
ihe r-ieinen promise to Iks on bund to
uphold San-Ion's honor In the carnival of
Tl.e result of tl.e deleirntion'j p.iccess
wa. telephoned 'o Silycton and, at once,
the news was fla*>hed over the wires to
tbe Secretary of the Nelson Ball team.
A let'er received later from Jas. Neeland
states tbat the Nelson tesm will meet
Sandon, wherever tl.e latl*»r le.im will
play. Th* title, "The Chamnion. o'
Kootenny" will not co uncontested. This
decides the questlun of the b-rebull
A« the Nelson Hose Team will accompany tlnir ball team, the Committee Is
prepared to hang up a good ptize for a
hub and bub ruco for oompetition between tl.e visiting companies.
During the month of March, Moyie
shipped twenty carloads of ore to the
su.elter ot Trail. This is in U*
neighborhood ol 412 tons of a gross ra ne
of t„g,90O. and a net pm-lt «' the mine
owner, of nearly »I6,O00. The St,
Eugeue shipped 370 tons and tho bake
Shore made up the balanci of 4.> tons. -
Miss Kuth Hhn.nu is spending a few
day. in Revelstoke.
Mrs, A bercromhie returned home from
Slocan City on Thursday.
Mrs. Beer and Master Jack Beer, of
Hobson, are visiting Mrs. Carey.
Joe Streitjwho is now holding forth at
Sandon, paid Silverton a visit last
U. Thorburn.passed the first part o'
ihe week in Rossland, returning on
D. R. Young and C. Dell Smith of the
Kootenay Minimi Standard, were In town
during tho week, securing views and
data for their journal.
Ii. Thomas, Superintendent of the
Comstock mines, left with bis family for
Vuncuuver on Tlm.sday. Mr. Thomas
promises to he back in a fow weeks.
Kerfoot A White left on Thursday for
Calgary with their string of work horses,
which they will turn out on their runch
to rest up. They expect to return to
Silverton ivithin sixty days, when everything at the Comstock Mines will again
lie running in lull blast. This firm bus
u contract, for hauling 15,(100 tons ol ore
from tha mine to the concentrator and
1000 tons from the mill to the wharf,
Wbtil we have, we hold; what we say
we'll do, we'll do.
in Celebrations, as in other things;
"beware of imitations."
From all accounts, our delegation meet
with n red but reception in Sandon,
Silverton will celebrate the coming
Queen's Birthdav. New Denver papers
please copy.
The collecting committee is canvassing
the town to'dav. Tiie.e is no rush over
thia part ot tl.e program.
Slocan City will fraternise with Silverton it. the future as in the past, 'there
is nothing that needs forgetting.
The local dancers buhl an impromptu
dance in McKmnoi.'s Hall last Monday
eveuiog. A very enjoyable time was
Horse Racing promises to be one flf
tbe big events of Silveiton's celebration.
The committee are prepared to hang up
some good Bi.l'Bta.itial puri-.es.
.'ilunatier May, of the Hank of British
Columbia at f-Wndon, aas a visitor in
town last .Monday. Bauk managers are
nearly as thick among our visitors as
Our delegation reports Sandon to be
preparing lor a hard game in Silverton.
When the delegation left Sandon, they
were piuctlsing, throwing from one
chiuimy to another.
A letter received by the Committee
Ian night, from the Secretary of tl.e
Sandon Baseball Club, says:—"Sandon
will be in Silverton on May 24th. four
hundred strong."
We will'not definitely announce the
urrival ol Spr ng until we see a game of
mar*>ics. Buruly. tic- yi linger generation
uf HilvertouiaiiH an* growiug up iu an
uueuliglited condition.
All work iu tin* Jewelry Repairiic
line, left at the Silverton l.rug Store, will
be promptly forwarded to Jacob Dovei,
the well-known Nelson jeweler. All repair-- are ut ab.v.ntekd fob o.nb veak. *
Tbe cj.tizeuH of Y.i.irand Nelson will
take r.d vantage of the Silverton excursion
to vUil the silvery Hocan. Nelson will
realise, much in the way of ttade by acquainting herself with the coming town
of Slocan bake.
We are informed that Editor Mc Adams
- 1 the Son-Oil I'ujstreak, has pU.cbaBed
that -apcr and will in future be the sole
proprietor. This being so, there is no
reason why the Pt.y8irc.ik should not
nave a Iwm,
Hill Bros' tug towed in a bargo load
of lumber fur local builders, on Tuesday.
It requited the best part ol two'days for
iho tug to force a channel through the
ice, still ut tl.e head of the lake. Mr.
I!iii look* forward to feeing considerable
..Milling iiutie in _ilverU>_ this summer.
I'ney Mill ieti.ru in a few days with more
lumber ior *rl.lve.tu...
The Wm. Hunter Co. are having the
second H'K'r of .heir More building, used
-or.ut-.ivaa a store-room, lilted up for
ihe display of their large stock of dry-
goods ami geut's furnishings. The first
ilmr h.is become too crowded to make a
sAiistitciorv display of the large stuck now
oeit.g carried by ihe Company.
Eur  a   mouth   or  so to come,  Joe
uilUvtnd Will be a Silvertoniun.    Delias
secured contracts for the re-painting of
ihe Victoria Hotel, (he Selkirk and the
I'huri"ii n House.      l'his in addition to
work un several private resideuctB.   Tl.e
*oik lieing done at present in  the Victoria, will be a standing advertisement
to the taste and talent of Mr.  Millward.
Miss   Luell.i   lttidciiHe   and    Maste.
Alexander Hope, aged live and four years
respectively,   ore  part ot  tl.e   working
lorce at U.e  Emily   Edith mine.     Lusl
Tuesday the youthful pair wandered of!
in search of adventure, reaching Silverton
about rive o'clock.    About th's tune they
were missed at tbe mine and search parties were soon scouring ihe surrounding
woods.    Part of the searchers camo lo
town nnd, by telephone, informed the
anxious ones ut the miue oi tl.e safety of
tl.e llitl* ones.
Til EM
Do You Know
"Vr/^fTT^      BOOTS AN D SHOES,
General Merchants
Sirvertori*      _B.   O.
1*1.  IVX.  -BRiVrePIXM:,
-A. S S *<£*- "ST 33 S3,
Silverton,       •      •      •
 Silver tot*	
Xom.   .MI.   _E2Zr_uo"^rleiS,   3E?xop.
'Patronise Home Industries.
•SmS88888888 88m 8 8888888888888|SS8iiiM8»
®8 8i88!ii8888!888888S88 8488 8888888888888888 8®
P. Burns & Co.
Silverion, Nelson, Trail, Ymir, Kaslo, Sandon,
New Denver, Casisde Cily, Grand Forks, Sirdar,
Midway anil Greenwood.
coughs  an colds
General Agents and   $•§      %m)
':•:     !•$ Mining Brokers.
Sole Agents For
'a*Ssw%*4iwm:r-'af+ itm^-'wi m,inmm^ ^jt-etat ml,******, ---»«««-_-■»--.Mmymf «r*»iiiiimi»s_s«ii * sm .
j?*Mij&&.;*m^+m jg aw-aiK*. ^ii^«3a.& THE flti.Vi-ft-tnMlAK.&lLV-iftyoy, B. C.
Aa IntoroeUng Collation of Itams from
tbe etrnm nausltpher*ut Frsasi-ted >~ »
Coids-Md VW-s-OalUdl ffOBS •»_• T el-
•Is-r-pb Roports.
A serious collision has taken place
between Bulgarian and Turkish frontier .guards at Ko.yl-Agob, between
Jam-oil. eastern Roumella, and Adri-
anople. on tbe banks of the Toonja, 56
miles south of Jamboll. According to
a dispatch from Sofia, capital of Bui
garla the Turks attacked a -weak Bui
garian, outpost, but the Bulgarian-,
aided by armed inhabitants, repulsed
ihelr *_8_ailants after a fierce fight.
Both sides suffered losses of killed and
The funeral of the late Colonel John
M Hamilton, of the Ninth regular cav-
' ulry *fiyo was killed while leading his
regiment up'San Juan hill on July 1st
last, was held from the state armory
nt Geneva, N Y. laat week.
Samuel Mailer, aged 38, a ticket sell
er wlti Buffalo Bill's Wild West show,
was shot and probably mortally wounded last week-by Wm. H. Holland.
The bodies of George and Austin Bid-
well, file*men who. asJeaders Of a gang
of confidence men, swindled the Bank
of England out of $1,000,000, reached
Chicago from Butte, Mont., where the
men died recently.
The ,-i-ong Kong authorities are
pressing for an extension of territory
ceded to Great Britain by the treaties
of Canton and Nan King on the ground
that more land Is needed for govern-
'men buildings.
Jack Carr. the Intrepid Alaskan mall
carrier, has broken the record from
Dawson to 8kagway, coming out In 10
Miss Lily Post, the demented actress
who was confined in the city receiving
hospital at San Francisco last week,
made a frantic attempt to gain her liberty while on the way to a private asylum for Insane persons at Llvermore.
She leaped from a carriage and almost
succeeded In escaping from her attendants.
One of the largest transactions ln
Texas cattle since the first of the year
was closed last week. Charles I. Ware,
of Fort Worth, sold to Humphrey k
Crltz, of Nebraska. 1,000 head of cattle
for $198,600, or $18 per head. Delivery
will begin May IT.th for shipment to
The. jury in the case of W. M.
Brandes, of Oakland, Cal., accused of
beating his daughter to death, brought
In a verdict of murder ln the second
degree.      '
Two bodies, found In the ruins of t_e
•Windsor hotel in New York laat week
were positively Identified as those of
Miss Dora Hoffman of Baltimore and
Mrs. Auseet Azee.
Tho steamer Newfoundland put into
Buen- Vista harbor with 17,000 seals.
She reports that the remaining steamers of the fleet are daily augmenting
their i al. li.
Not _*_ollar of fire Insurance is being written in Little Kock, Ark., and
the agents throughout the state have
lieen not Hied to suspend all business
and send ln their final reports so their
business ln the state may be speedily
wound ap. This Is due to recent tampering with the insurance laws in that
state.   :<*"
Superior Judge Muraskl, at San
Francisco, has dissolved the injunction
granted-to the Pacific Coast Jockey
Club against Chief of Police I.ees and
his officers, restraining them from interfering with the regular course of
business at Ingleaide.
The common council have, by a vote
of 21 to 11, appointed a commission
headed by Governor,-Pingree to negotiate, purokase and operate all the street
railways' of Detroit under municipal
The funeral train bearing the bodies
of 160*i^ldiertl, who lost their lives In
Cuba and Puerto Rico, arrived at Ross-
lyn, Vaif last week, having -tossed
through Washington without a stop.
The train wan heavily draped In
mourning and decorated with flags.
Rear Admiral C. C. Carpenter, retired, committed suicide last week in a
sanitarium in'Boston.
Ex-Secretary Sherman continues to
Improve steadily.
Miss Mary Wilson, a prominent
young society woman of Augusta, Kan.,
committed suicide on learning that Alva Dlx, her Tdver, had been killed on
the battlefield of Malolos.
Rlchara Chamberlain, brother of Jo
seph Chamberlain, secretary of state
for the colon.es, Is .lead in London.
Among the passengers on the A'ippon
Mar a irom the Orient last week were
Captain S. 8. Saxton, formerly chief of
General King's staff In Manila, and
Brigadier Oeneral Reeves of the Thirteenth Minnesota regiment. Both
have resigned their commands and are
returning home.
The Chinese authorities have notified the British consul at Tien Tsln
that the whole fore-shore recently
opened at Port Ching Wan Tao is reserved for a Chinese mining company.
A conflict occurred at La Machine
wharf, Havana, between the police and
some marines and sailors of the Resolute. The appearance of Oeneral Ludlow and thc police reserves quelled the
disturbance. ,
President Loubet was a spectator at
the Auteull races at Paris and was
warmly received by the people.
A powder car, belonging to a Great
Northern freight train* blew up at Everett, Wash., last week, killing one
tramp and wounding two others who
were riding lit-an adjoining car. In
tddltlon to the powder car two cars
! Windsor hotel In New York last week
found the bodies of two men nearly Intact One was practically identified
as that of Harry W. Loree. a mall
clerk. The Identity of the other is unknown.
Judge Silas V. Pinney, of Madison,
Wis., ls dead. He was a member of
the state supreme bench for seven
The steamer Tartar has arrived at
! Victoria, B. C, from the Orient after a
stormy voyage. She brings news of
the massacre of 29 farmers by aborigines at Byorsetsu, Japan. Germany
ls said to be concentrating a fleet at
Amoy with the evident intention of
seizing Futslen.
The Chilena bark Eliza, that went
ashore while on her way from Puget
sound to Shanghai with a load of lumber, waa to be sold at auction after the
Nippon Maru left Hong Kong.
Grant G. Oillett. the Kansas plunger,
who escaped to Mexico after absconding with 24 cattlemen's money, claims
to have made a contract with a Chicago stockman named Burke to look after his caitle Interests In Peru. Soon
after his arrival In Mexico, Gillette
purchased a hotel at Chihuahua, which
he is said to have just sold at a loss.
The pulpit supply committee of the
Fifth Avenue Presbyterian church in
New York decided to recommend that
Rev. Alex Connell be called as pastor
of the church to succeed the late Dr.
John Hall.
Judge William Cowles James, ot
Council Bluffs, la., is dead, aged 09
years, of heart failure.
A furious Easter snow storm raged
ln South Dakota all day, about six
Inches having fallen.
It Is announced that Count de Villa
Gonzalo, former Spanish ambassador
to Russia, has been appointed Spanish
ambassador to Great Britain.
According to a dispatch from Hong
Kong serious disturbances have recently occurred ln the vicinity of Canton and a British torpedo boat has
been sent to protect British interests.
The destroyer will soon be followed by
other vessels carrying troops.
A deed transferring the interests of
the Minneapolis & Pacific Railroad
company to the Minneapolis & St.
l.ottls company was filed In the office
of the secretary of state last week. The
amount of the transfer was over ft,-
Contracts have been let for the shipment over the Cheyenne A Northern
of 1,500 cars of southern cattle to the
ranges of northern Wyoming and
southern Montana.
Oscar Strauss, United States minister, had an audience with the sultan
last week at Constantinople. The interview, which was protracted, was of
the most cordial character.
The first shipment of cherries of the
season which has been made was a
box from the ranch of J. H. Otigh, going to Chicago. TBIS promlora lo bc a
record-breaking year fbr apricots,
whicli, with favorable weather, will be
In the market by tbe middle of April.
Archbishop Tovar, with the bishops
of Ballon, Arequlpa, Pulrredeon, Puno,
Falconio, Suillinao, Rlzco aud Chacha-
poyas, have left New York to attend
the council at Rome.
The I/ondon and Southwestern Rail-
w ay company's steamer Southwestern'
which was sent to search for the boiBes
of victims of the wrecked steamer
Stella, went ashore last week.
Baroness Hlrsch, widow of the late
Baron Hlrsch, the Hebrew philanthropist, Is dead. The baroness leaves
several million pounds sterling, chiefly
bequeathed to charities.
The naval store whip Celtic has
reached Manila.
It has been decided that Admiral
Howison's flagship Chicago will proceed to the South Atlantic station via
the Mediterranean and Red sea and
thence around Cape of Good Hope,
touching all the principal ports.
It was reiterated by two members of
the cabinet that no consideration will
be paid to any proposition for the Cu-
ban army outside the $3,000,000 fund
now awaiting their acceptance.
The schooner Gleaner from Parres-
boro, N. S., for St. John, N. B., laden
with coal, was last week given up as
lost with all hands. The crew has
reached Parresboro with news that
their vesel foundered In the bay of
The entire "8plder and Fly" company, Including 30 players and L. A.
Wing. H. C. Brundage and H. C. Graham, the managers of the Lyceum theater, were arrested in Tacoma last
week by the sheriff for violatalng the
Sunday theater law.
Mlllloaalrm   In   the   Kraal*.
The number of millionaires in the
senate stands in no danger of being
diminished by the new members who
have been elected to that branch of
congress. Already there are five new-
ones added to the list, with a possibility of the election of several more
men whose wealth aggregates over the
required six figures that are necessary
to keep up the standard of the millionaires' club, as the senate has been
designated by ex-Senator Ingalls.
Chauncey M. Depew of New York, John
Kean, Jr., of New Jersey, Nathan B.
Scott of West Virginia. Mr. McCum-
ber of North Dakota, and W. A. Clark
of Montana are the newly elected ones.
Wisconsin will probably send a millionaire senator, and several more are
expected from the western states.
MhMm-iI   lls-r   lliihliiiiiil.
Chicago, April 4.---During a quarrel a
the table yesterday Mrs. Joseph Brown, of
■il'*.-' Lcavitt street, stablted her husband
in the breast.   Brown died almost inst nt
ly.   an, Brown has heen locked up.
Great Britain has no fewer than 2290
magazines, 520 of these being of a religions character.
Items From the Blch Blglons ot tho Paella Horthwast. Hows rrom All tho
Prt-e.i.le Mlnl-s C__»»»-F0Tt«-»_l-
HI-I-- Notes.
The purchase of the Ducktown copper mines by a syndicate, which was
reported a week ago, ls cosummated.
The Lewlsohn brothers, copper kings
of New York, are the purchasers of the
Pittsburg * Tennessee Copper company's plant and the plant at Duck-
town. The price paid was $157,500 ln
cash. Other adjoining property is also
purchased at an additional expenditure of nearly $100,000.
Kilt-rift's.-  Camp.
W. H. Giles came In from Sheridan
camp last evening for the purpose of
obtaining supplies necessary to work
the Kittle Clyde claim in that camp.
The work that will be commenced
within the coming week will consist
of a small amount of preparatory
work and then a shaft will be started
and continued until the value of the
property ls established beyond controversy. The company that has assumed control is a Rossland Institution and is reputed to be amply backed
with cash. The Kittle Clyde is on the
same ledge as the Zella M. and carries
silver-bearing ore of high grade. The
ledge has been traced the entire length
of the claim, by cuts, which have exposed a ledge varying from fonr to six
feet in width. It Is fair to presume
that it is about five feet on the average. The ore body is from 21 to 36
inches In width.
I.old  and  Stiver.
A table showing the average yearly
output of gold and silver for Germany,
United States and the British colonies
and dependencies is analyzed by Consul Constable In a single sentence In
which he says: "Thus the United
States and the British colonies together produce somewhat more than
one-half of the total annual output of
gold, and nearly one-half the annual
output of silver throughout the world.'
A further analysis of the table Indicates that the Untted States alone produces about 22 per cent of the gold of
the world, and over 35 per cent of the
The coke production of the southern
states in 1896 was over 10 times the total production for the same section In
1880, while the production of the
United States in 1896 was less than
four times the output of 1880. The
southern states show a material gain
in 1896 over that of any year since
1880, having produced 3,817,255 short
tons, or 32 per cent of the total production of ihe whole country.
I.iiITii.o . I limp Xutfs.
The Big Buffalo people have their
new bunk house up and It Is quite an
Improvement over the flimsy tent
which has been ln use hitherto.
The gallows timber is up for the
hoist on the Big Buffalo claim and the
shaft ls timbered and everything
ready to begin sinking as soon as the
hoist arrives, which will be in a few
days. The ho.ler and engine are on the
William Wylie is working three
shifts on the Jumbo, driving In on the
lower tunnel ln a fine showing of ore,
which is improving as the tunnel approaches the ore chute already developed In me upper workings.
The Golden Lily shaft Is down 27
feet, 13 feet below the foot wall of the
ledge, which dips easterly Into the hill.
The south drift on the Trade Dollar
mine is forging ahead and sending out
quartz that samples from $40 to $50
per ton.
The North San Poll shaft is down 55
feet and looking better with the additional depth.
The tunnel at the Anaconda presents a change for the better, with water, quartz stringers and clay coming
In, the best indications of a close approach to the vein.
The Iron Monitor continues improving, with eight inches of ore in the
north drift at 140 feet deep on the dip
of the vein.
The Troubador vein still improves
going down. The quartz Is harder and
better looking and the foot wall Is
more permanent.
The North Star tunnel is In 260 feet
and going ahead. There are small
stringers of quartz near the mouth and
one also in a 25-foot shaft within a few
feet of It.
Word has just been handed In that
$324 ore has been struck in the new
Insurgent shaft, at a depth of 15 feet.
The Republic mine improves almost
day by day antl never looked as well
as lt does now. A winze has been started on the No. 3 level, east of the hanging wall, and will strike the pay chute
on its dip towards the No. 4. The mill
Is temporarily closed, on account of
the breaking of the swinging jaw of
one of the rock crushers.
The Summit main tunnel, after cutting Into the fissure, passed 39 feet
through conglomerate, alt of which assays. This bed has an actual width of
27 feet.
The Dora shaft Is down 54 feet and
shows tbe foot wall passing out eastward at the bottom. The vein will
again be tapped by a crosscut 75 feet
down from the surface.
The Liberty shaft is down 46 feet,
showing a
70 decrees east.
The Trade Dollar tunnel is In 90
feet, and Is 135 feeth below the surface.
Drills-  Columbia.
The Tom Moore, near the Antolne,
in the Slocan, Is to be developed this
three cars to England this week,
ore runs 30 per cent zinc.
The lessees on the Noonday claim
in the Slocan are meeting with good
success and besides several feet of
good concentrating ore have six Inches
of clean steel galena exposed In the
face of their workings.
Another strike of ore ls reported
from tne Noble Five, close to two feet
of mineral having been encountered In
iho No. 8 tunnel. In the other workings ore continues in place. Seventy
Teet of stoplng ground contains enough
ore to pay off the mortgage on the
group and all Incidental expenses.
Olive Prlngle of Greenwood has
bonded the Helen II. Gardner, Copper j
Farm Vancouver and Humboldt
claims from C. A. Sanders, George
Wolf and J. Miller for $120,000, 5 per
cent down. The properties are located
on Copper mountain, in the Slmlla-
kameen country, and are said to have
remarkable ledges of copper ore.
The shaft on the Brooklyn and Stem-
winder, in Greenwood camp, Is now
SOO feet deep, and a double pumping
plant 1ms been ordered, having a capacity of 400 gallons per minute. It is
t-elleved this will keep the mine clear
of water.
Good progress Is lielng made In the
shaft of the Umatilla at Rossland,
which is now down about 80 feet.
On the O'Shea, In camp McKinney,
the shaft has reached solid quartz, and
four and a half feet of high grade ore
are found in the bottom of the shaft.
It Is now agalnBt the British Columbia law to thaw dynamite within 150
feet of the mouth of a tunnel.
The Vulture mine, near Kaslo, was
the scene of another big strike last
week, two feet of solid galena ore with
one and a half feet of carbonates
showing in the face of the tunnel, making a continuous vein of galena the
entire length of the tunnel, which is
now in over 180 feet.
The main ledge ln the Stemwlnder,
lh Falrvlew, has been tapped and is
over seven feet wide.
The Kaamloops, In Camp McKinney,
adjoining the Wiarton, has been landed by C. E  Race of Rossland.
At the Iron Mask, at Rossland, the
shipments are being somewhat Increased and the mine will be a daily
shipper before long.
Heavy ore shipments from the Slocan Star and Noble Five will soon lie
made, and the shipments from the Slocan mines will soon average 1,500 tons
a week.
The Slocan Star will add 60 men to
its force just as soon as the water will
permit the concentrator to be operated.
It is said that $1,500,000 is a very
conservative estimate of the ore in
sight in the Enterprise, on Ten Mile
creek. This promises to lie one of the
greatest of all the great Slocan mines.
Sidney 11. Nichols, for Illinois capital, has secured the Interest of H. G.
Oillett in the Climax and Sunrise min
orol ilntmn, I'ltmUeil on Carpenter
Creek about four miles from Bear
lake, Slocan district.
An option on the Silver Leaf, a
claim adjoining the Arlington, on
Springer creek, has been given to Al
Behne by George Long and his partners. The amount paid down is $250.
and the balance, $1,000, Is to be paid
by the 1st of May.
■ Illlt-O NOTCt.
The Boston A Montana mines at
Butte and the big smelter at Great
Falls were Bhut down last week. The
shut-down is said to be for the purpose of awaiting the outcome of the
proceedings over the receivership of
the Boston & Montana. The supreme
court has refused to enjoin the district court from carrying out Its orders and placing the receiver in
charge. Receiver Hinds expects to be
in possession In a few days, when all
the mines and smelters will reopen.
He says all the old hands will lie given
the preference when work is resumed.
Some of the copper mines on the
Snake river above LewiBton are making preparations to ship the ore down
the river ou boats.
After being shut down for over two
months, ihe Le Roi smelter has started
The different machinery installations of the Dexter mine, at Tuscarora,
Nevada, have heen completed and 40
stamps are now dropping. The thor-
ougness and dispatch with which this
work has been prosecuted is due to
the energy of Mr. 8. B. Milner.
The Republic mine will pay its fifth
dividend April 15. It will be the usual sum, $30,000. This ls the first payment by the recently Incorporated
company and Is 1 per cent on the Issued stock of $3,000,000 par value. This
makes a total paid by the mine to date
of $150,000. The former dividends
were 3 cents per share on 1,000,000
shares, but as each of the old stockholders has received three Bhares of
new stock for every one share of the
old, the dlvlt.end Is the same.
Rallto..-  IH  Recelrera' Haiid*.
Kan»aii City, Mo., April 3.-r-A rceeiv-
ership for thc Kansas City, Pittsburg &
'oulf railroad wns a»ked of Judge Oib*on
of the circuit court by Charles L. Qranids
PE0CLAMATI0N TO THE PEOPLE. nml other stockholders ail creditor*. The
application was granted and Judge Oil,
The Nall«»»«'« Tribute of Honor to  tho
-nn  appointed   tl.e   following named
trials of the road as receiver*: E. I.. Mar.
Heroes Who Lost  their -Ives  lu the I lin> v*ec prudent;   Robert  -HJman, g, lv
__te War with  8p-.li.-T_e   I'.urlal  at   el_,   mnnftRori  nna*   J,   McD.  Trimble,  at-
the (rational -.--.etar-/. ^^ H,, of {nU city<   c..nsid< rable royi
  tery -vecms to surround the affair. Pre«j.
Wasliingun, April -L-Thepresident has dent A  E Stillwell of the road when tei
iss_,^l l following executive order: ephenei at his home a    1  o clock  , „,
his tilting that the nations tribute <f (Sunday) morning denial any Wlcd „
hi be ..aid to the memories of tl.e noble ,of a receivers!, p. is believed the „
_Si who lost their lives iu their country's ceivership isa MwAly one.
•nice, during the late war with Spam.
It is the more lilting inasmuch as, in con-
lonance with the spirit of our free iu-titu-
and in obeil.encc lo the most exulted promptings of patriotism, those who
were sent lo other shows to do battle for
Uieir ootintty's honor under their country s
Hag, went freely from every quarter of on.'
beloved land.
Each soldier, each sailor, parting from
home tics and putting behind him private
Interest! in the presence of the stem emer
gency nf unsought war will, au al.en f<e
Thc interest due amounted to W75,Oihi
and il could not be met. When this f.ct
became known a movement was (naii'-ii-
ruled to secure the appointment of a re-
Celver who would be specially friendly in
the eastern interests of tl.e road. Thn
move was checkmated by the preparati u
of Ihe papers for ihe appointment of lo al
I.iu   ...-"I   Its Timber ..amis.
San Francisco, April 2.—One of the big
ge-t deals in timber Ian Is in Oregon made
dividual type of U.e devotion of in  Mime  time  waa consummated  Frldu
was an ur
the citizen to the state which makes out
nation strnng in unity and iu action.
Those who died in another land left III
many homer, the undying raemo.y that at-
tend*, heroes of all age-, it was fitting
that with the advent <>f peace, won by
their sacrifices, their bodies should la*
■fathered with tender care and re-.toicd to
nnltie and kindred.
'ihi.- ha> l-een done with the dead ol
Cuba ami Puerto liko. Those of tne I'n.l
ippines jc*t "heiv they fell, watched ..vet
ov their survlviag ci.m.ades and iro.uie.l
Will, ihe love nf a grateful nalion.
The remains ol many brought to otu
shores have been delivered to their famil.et
for private burial. Bui lot other- of the
brave olHceiS and men who perished there
ha--been reserved .nterhicm ... groumrf
sacred to soldiers and sailors amid the
tributes ol military honm and national
inotu.t.iig they ha.e M well de--e.ved.
1 therefore order that upon the arrival
of the cortege St the nation.I cen.e.cry al
Arlington all proper military and naval
h ..ii- Ik- paid to the dead he.o s.
Thai -tiiiulile ceremonies shall attend
ihcir Interment,
That the customary talutc >f mourning
be tired al the cemetery and that "ii the
same day al 2 o'clock, Thur.dai, tne 0:1.
day ot .\pi.l. the n.lion.il llag be d.s;ila>cJ
at half-nun >n all p.ibl.c bad I ..:-, i>iH
camp- and public vessels al tbe I ui*. *_
State-, and u.al al 12 n clock no. » >>i MJfj
day all d.paiiim.ns oi u.e govemiue.4 at
UMhingtoo .-ha 1 be elo ed.
■Executive M ii.ni.ui, April 3, 1ft: 5*.
In the same ionn*etion Aetra** Se ret..,
Ol War Me.kli j .tin i Sued thi- . r er*
"The renhuna of ofBcers »**d  soldiers*
who lost th ii l»V« lil the w r ..iili Si> in
dining tl.e operation* in Oil.a .-n I I'm no
Hi. u will I.- ...leir.d wiih lit:- uui lii.i.g
ceremonies in the national cemetery .'.t
Arlington, Va.. Thursday, April <*, ai -
P m.
"By di.e.-tion of the pres'd nt, all 1 n't
ed Mates tro.ips serving in ihe vi-i.tly of
U'a-i.ing.on, together wilh the natinnal
guard nf tin- District oi Columbia, wi I lie
as-cn.bled al A.liugton nn the date in
question to participate ... the funeral ce.e
in the purchase by (he Boitl.-Kelly Lumber Company from tbe .--outlier.) Pielfle
xinipaiiy, through W. II. Mi 1% of a lartce
tract in L*ne county, the considcratinu
lieing 1121,2-9. The lands purchased aie
tributary to Mill creek and are locale.I
east of and alio.it l.i miles from Coburg
the terminus of the Oregon 'California
railway (ea«i ih\e)\ which runs out fr. nt
Port-land. It is the purpose of the Ho.tii
Kelly company to construct a railroad
from their newly acquired lands to (.'n-
I ii in hi* r sm-l.i-d to terrem.
Chicago, April 2.-Two more bodies
were found yesterday in ihe ruins of the
Armour felt narks, which we.c destroyed
by fire last Mimday. They have been
identified as John White and William
Ulllen, who were employed in the wo.k-.
This swells the number ot victims to
seven, and there are -iili two more employes missing.
I.i-i-iiiniij     Unnts    More   ruscrssl	
Tacoma. Apiil t—Orient*! advices lue .
light on the neas from Berlin ihat tin-
...nny i- in lead an expedition to ■el/c
l-( hi.u. Shan Ti province. According to a
letter revived at Shanghai from tCbou
Germany's teal purpose is to compel t u*
Chinese government to grant lo German
funis mme big ommercial n'i.*e*-.<>n-.
"Ii-"ll.i.ilir   Kia-ht.
Kl Paso, Tex., April 4.--A six-shooter
flgl.l took place in the "leuderloin" district of this city between an American
and a Mexican, resulting in the death uf
Jesus Main-ieli, the Mexican. Waller
Dunham, the ...an who did the pho.ting,
reside*, at Pocos, Tex., where he oiin- a
ranch. He is the uncle of Seth linn, the
cowboy who killed three Juarez policemen
a year ago and wounded several others
during a running light, und was himself
slain by a citizen who joined in the pu
-nit. The man killed claimed to be the
slayer of Seih Burr and Ima-dsl that he
had killed the nephew and wa- anxious to
meet the uncle. Dunham heard of the
boast and kept hit eye on the Mexican
i when Ihey met. He snid that Mampela
antl levers) companions followed him, and
when he n«ke.l them what was wanted,
they said it was n me of his bu-ineas, and
Mampela reached fur his gun. Before he
COQld draw, the Tcxnn had fired four
shots. The Mexican fell and only lived a
few minutes. Dunham was lockid up, hut
-..b-ci'iiently re'ea-ed en a lairnl of fgOOO,
Oold Coin .stole* la Hn. i.km.
San Francisco, April 1.—One of the
1-oldest and most daring robberies in the
annals of San Francisco wns committed
Thursday in front of Wells, Fargo k Co.'.,
ollice. on Second street, when a sack con-
taining $2500 in gold din was stolen from
the seal on an express wagon belonging
to Joseph X. II. Waters, while the latter
was engaged in conversation by fl »mtlg.
-Spokane'* Xe-w Su.iii.-rs.
S*x>ka.ie, April 4.-4'ompnny M, 21th
infantry, tl.e new lolored company of regulars, which is lo garrison Spokane's new
army post, arrived from Silt Lake City at
I:-..! o'clock yesterday afternoon, coming
in over the O, J{. _' \\ line hy special
train. Two oflieers, Imth white, aeeom-
p-.nied thc men. These ofllcers are Captain
J. II. Bachelor and Second Lieutenant T.
A. Baldwin, Jr.
\Veekl> Hank tMatemeat.
New Vork, April 2.- Surplus centre
decrease -*'3,.HI2^7j; loans, ine>e--e $4.10,
300; s|Msie, decrease $.1,118..00; legal ten
der-., decrease $77ft,WSO; deposits, ilecrr -'
#.*l,.lX1,7iO; circulation, increase $.10.^.
Hank- hold .•rlo.mi.s.v) in excess of te-
quiicinc.its nf the 25 per em! rule.
According to state auditor of Ohio
the number of aa loons in that state decreased 200 during 1898.
Three thousand marriages are performed every day all over the world.
Kaslo k Slocan
Trains Itun nn Pacitlc Standard Time.
Leave. Arrive.
■ iniiic West. Dally. <;.'iim Hiist.
S:00a. m   Kaslo  .1:88 p. ni.
•**:**•: s. in  South Pert   -!:50 p. tn.
I'M a. m  S|irniil.'s   2:2X p. m.
9:Wi I. n.   Whitewater   2:10 p. in.
!>:.V> a. m....... Hear laike   Ml p  m
10:11 a. io  McOt.lsi.n   IHI p. m.
10:2.'. n   m    Rnlley's  \:M p. ni.
lft:*B n. m... Cody Juncll. n .... 1:2*1 p. in.
Arrive. [,eav.
10:10 n. m  Snn.I.m  1:13 p. tn.
Leave 11:00 a. m.Sun.lnii..Arrive 11 :W n. m.
Arrive H:1G a. m ...'<n1y...J,enve 11:25 a. m.
O.   F.  OOPKI.ANP,  Snperln.ende.il.
lluillliiK.im lluya a  U (sin of Iron.
-il.xloiiii   I niiur.»»  (l|ii-M,.t
City  of   Mexico,  April   2.—IVe-id. nl
Diaz opened the spring session of OongrsM
last night, a large number of snectator£
small vein dipping aliout ■nc-u<ling many prominent AnietL-an Iraf.
elers in the eouutry, being present., The
president In his message gave a completl
review of the business nnd general interests of the country. The finances were
shown to be in excellent condition,
._.. /-^■^^■^■.-■^?...a^LM^■_:_r;-.'^'_.-^J..,.'•?iLVB^^,. iijfionH cnaracipr. in tne .siocnn, IB to be developed tills       A Catholic ohsnal i,-,, haa. „ >,.
Workmen digging ,„ the min. of the) Paris 600. fTnTMonitor mine shipped   -Wtt_75ES^^
Navigation and Trading
Steamers "lutt-.n_tio>>a!" snd "Alberta"
on Kootenay Lake and Kivsr.
Five.Mile Point connection with sll
p-ssenge. trains of N. k ¥. 8. R. R- l»
and fro... N.rthport, Rossland and Spokane. Tickets and baggage checked to sll
I'nited States points.
Ijeave Kaslo for Nelson antl wsy points,
daily, except Sunday, 5:45 s. m.   Arrivs
Dn^Wi1_S,,X^ &f& Jl0rttt h P- ln': ,{0M"n,,• S:4° P-
de Meroedo mountain of iron, adjoining:"'V^^vT' ?__ r   ,       , _.u
this city, has been purchased bv C. ,{•     ^'-^"on tor Kado and way po»u
Hmitl-gton. The purchase price is placed'JSfc _"?* ***& ,:35, ]\,^ ''""
■t W00,C00 in gold. The Mexican Inter-1 ftft"*.1 ?"'': Ho",'nd' l0:3° •" " '
national railway is bull. ,o thc I.« of the B^^M^A. -*AK_.
Leave Nelson for Ksilo, etc., Tuesday,
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
st R'.liO a. ra.: arrive Ksslo, 12:30 p. ...
Ijeave Kaslo for Nelson, elc, Mondsy,
(.lasgow, Ky., April 4, Bob Browa mu Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Fridsy,
hanged yesterday llis mine was Ihe mui*. 4 p. n,.; arrive Nelson, 8 p. m.
der nf his f„ther-in-law, Uwil MiCldlsnil   HONNEll'H FKRRY AND KOOTENAY
One of the neatest looking gear caaea ' Ta*nvc Kaslo Saturday 4 p. in.; srrlvs
ou the mantel, la formed on an end- Boundary midnight* srrive Uonner's Fsr-
k'BB flexible tube slltted along Ita Inner ry Sunday 10:80 a. m.
face and stretched over the chain com-1 ' 1-cave Uonner's Ferry Sunday 1 p. m.;
pletely pinning it between the sprochet vrive Boundary Sunday 6 p. m.; arriva
wheels and opening partially for paa- Rash. Sunday 10 s. m.
sage arouml them as It revolves with     Close connection at Bonner's Ferry with
the cbliin^ [trslns esitbound. leaving Sp.-ksue T:40
»• u... and westbound arriving Spokaas
Ka»lo. B. 0., Oet. I, 18W. \ 'M
mountain.    It is said that extensive itee
works will be established here.
Hull   llnmn   Uhiiu.-.I.
Museum of Art, New York
■       matmBBamaatBmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm^^  __...   It I" V .J-*.-**-   --s»*wr«sr TV-v ~c-    ^mm^^fr ^^^jir^ f^^ 4^ THE SILVERTONIAN, SILVERTON, B. C.
"Spring Unlocks
The Flowers
To 'Ptint the Laughing Soil."
And not even Nature would
allow the flowers to grow
and blossom io perfection
without good soil. Now
Nature and people are much
alike; the former must have
sunshine, latter must have
pure blood in order to have
perfect health.
flood's Sarsaparilla cures blood trouble!
of all sorts. I. is to the human system
what sjinshlne is to nature—the destroyer
of disease genua.   It never dunppoinl,.
Poet Blood—"The doctor said there
were not seven drops of good blood in my
body. Hood's Su.s.iparilla built tne tip
and'made n.c strong and well."—Susie E.
13iiown,*16 Alter Hill, l.yuti, Mass.
Dyspepsia, etc.—"A complication ol
troubles, dy,s|iepsia, chronic catarrh and
iiidaiiimatioii ol the stomach, rheumatism,
•tc, mnde me miserable. Had no appetite
until 1 look Hood's Sarsi.ptuilla, which
acted like magic. I an. iliorotigl.lvcured."
—N. U. BK-MYi 1874 W. 14th Ave.', Denver,
Rheumatism—" My husband was
obliged to pive up work <n. account of rheumatism. No remedy helped until he used
Hood's Sarsaparilla, which permanently
cured him. It cured mv daughter ol" catarrh. I give il to the children with good
results."-Mfis.J.S. McMATii.Stuniford.Cu
yfaodA SaUufm\ifl
Never Disappoints
Bond's Pills oure llrer IiIj, the nnn-lrrltatlni tnS
Tnly cathartic to lake with Howl's Baraaparlll*
There will eb no national miners-
strike tills year. Dispatcher from
Pittsburg say that the differences between the miners and operators of that
district have been adjusted, and no
doubt the balance of the country will
fall in line and take the Pittsburg settlement as a basis. It is probable,
though, that local strikes will occur In
some places.
ISI    ADAMS   ST..    CUM Alio.
Mm ir.curing un»urp»s-.ed treatment should
fon.uit pers.inafijr or by letter "Free" with Ibe
ii. n-. r sn.l only eiclnslvp men's apri'.allata In lb*
l .iv-! -.isles Diseases or men mads '.I.s
s ...ly ot s lift*-.imp. ti.rortuna.es everywhere
should i—tmedtat. iv. i.iiiiuuii .-«te with Ur Foots,
.f i iccssri    Everything    fl-i-nti_i.    it.undies
ssoi everywhere In aealed packages snd letters In
l- sin eovrlnpee.    Correal letn e solicited.   IsLsl
t-uirflral. Medical ami Klar.rlcal melhnds
• :..r.ie.i Printing the sloinauli w.tb drugeatian-
tii.ned. Avoid drugs recommended by tbetu.au-
11.or lied and self-styled specialists In Western
lottos. Few leiiiune specialists locate ou.sIds ol
New York or i l.i.-sgo. In (lies, cults your prl-
'sissltsiiitrssslr. luriiu—led treat—lent for all
.1 sesseesod aeakuesses nf the Hen'to-Urlnary,
i-ei.ist. ttrpr..d...ilve so-l Nervous {systems. Im
i»!iiiients to uiarrlafs removed. "Syuhala"
positively j >inflr- ihe blood, corea syphilis and
removgaall ahite j.lcera In throat or mouth, cop.
per colored e.*ot« on body and eruptions on skin,
•iso catarrh snd rheumai.sm. *V.gnrala," tha
only peruisurii. n--u.rer sn.t liiTigoretor, gives
vigor to vital organs and nerves. prevents and
curesgrlp. II per bottle. 4 for ay Trial bottles,
•liber r.snsdv. half pm-e.
An improved enr brake Is formed of
two semi-circular bands surrounding
11 li tion plates attached to the whcela,
one end of each band being attached to
the car frame, while the other Is connected to a beam operated by the brake
lever to tighten thc bands around the
1....11   >l.ml    Hie   Weather.
There is one thing that does not
mind the weather, and that Is rhetima-
tirim; and one thing that does not mind
rheumatism is St. Jacobs Oil, as it goes
to work upon It and cures right off.
It is slated that 90 per cent of the
common contagious diseases are carried from house to house by the domestic pets of the world.
Three Women Relieved of Female
Trouble* by Mrs. Plnkbam.
From Mrs A. W. Smith. 59 Summer
St.. Iliddeford, Me.:
" For several years 1 suffered with
various diseases peculiar to my sex.
Was troubled with a burning sensation
across the small of my back, that all-
fone feeling, was despondent, fretful
snd discouraged; tlie least exertion
tired me- I tried several doctor! but
received little benefit At last I decided to give your Lydia E Pinkhero'e
Vegetable Compound a trial. The effect of the first bottle was msg'.cal
Those symptoms of weakness that I
hub afflicted with, var-lshed like vapor
before the svn. 1 cai.not speak loo
Highly of your valuable remedy. It la
truly a boon lo woman "
From Mrs. Membsa r.iin.irs, Lexington, Ind., to Mrs. Pinkham;
"Uefore I began taking your medicine
'I had suffered for two years with that
tired feeling, headache, bacltnche.noap-
petite, and a run-down condition of the
system. I could not walk across the
room I have taken four bottles of the
Vegetable Compound, one box of Liver
Pills and used one package of Sanative
Wash, and now feel like a new woman,
and am able to do my work "
From Mrs Mom.ii K Herrbl, Powell Station. Tenn i
"Por three year* I suffered with such \
weakness of the back. I oouid not
perform my household duties I also
had falling of the womb terrible bear*
i-g-tlown pains and headache 1 ha")
taken two bottles of Lydla K Pink-
hai_s Vegetable Compound and feet
like a new woman J recommend your
medicine to every womac. I -now."
Their Army l*norga.iInert- American Are
A-vanoi>i(-8ome of tha Natives Are
ll-tiirnhiK tu Their Homes - Ag uliinl...,
Itetrents to the Mountains.
Manila, April l.-The main part of
General jMacArt'iur's army still rests in
Malolos. Our scouts today penetrated as
far north as Caluntpit. and then off to the
eastward without finding a trace of Agui-
n..ldn's army. Wc slwll probably advance
t.i Calumpjt tomorrow.
Hundred- of native men and women
who lied befoio the advamc of our troop-,
are returning to their homes. Everything shows that Aguinaldo's forces arc
scattered in confusion. Our scouts and
skirmishers nre searching in vain for the
swaggering Tiigalos. The rebels can nol
retreat much further northward up tho
valley without abandoning the Tagalon
country and geiting uniong unfriendly and
hostile tril.es iu the provinces of Tarlac
und l'angahiiian. The only safe line of
rettcat now* left to Aguinaldo and his followers is eastward into the mountains of
the pruviucc of Xt'uvu Krija. The Filipino
government is at >San Fernando, at the
northern end of the railway line. Malolps,
where our troops now are, is alouiL half
way  between .Manila and San Fernando.
AKulni.lilo'a  Army   Hi-.in   .Viva).
Cl.ine-e residents rejiort that Aguinaldo
has bin I um men left with him there.
Aguinaldo and his stall were the first to
leave Malolos, taking a special train un
the railway lo cany then, lo a place of
safety. Prisoners say that the in-turgents
refused to oltey the orders of their generals and ...i.ke a ..land at Malolos, so a
retreat was of necessity decided upon.
.Nil.l-.i-K   I In mor   (or  Penes-.
A vast multitude of natives who have
been driven northward are anxious to return home, but are held hack by armed
Tagalos. This homeless population has
sent a committee to plead with thc insurgent government to make peace. Our
prisoners declare that before the people
will consent to be driven into the mountains by Aguinaldo, they will force hi...
to surrender or break through the insurgent lines. Aficr grinding down the pco
pie, reducing thero to absolute slavery and
telling then, stories of victories over ihe
Americans Aguinaldo is said to lie now
claiming that the Americans will offer
tenn- of peace and c-nrproi-iae.
lour   Americana   Va—lkhed.
Entering the prison of Malolos today I
found the names of four American prisoners written it. charcoal on the walls.
They were 11. Huber, William Bruce, Albert Sonrichsen and r_ Honnyman. The
natives say four prisoners were several
times marched through the streets to bt
jeered nt and maltreated. There is no
irace of i.'ii'tii now.
St. Jacobs OU cures Rheumatism.
St. Jacobs Oil cures Neuralgia.
St. Jacobs Oil cures Lumbago.
St. Jacobs OU cures Sciatica.
St. Jacobs Oil cures Sprains.
St. Jacobs OU cures Bruises.
St. Jacobs Oil cures Soreness.
St. Jacobs Oil cures StlffneHB.
St. Jacobs Oil cures Backache.
St. Jacobs Oil cures Muscular aches.
For use In excavating for the foundations of bridge piers aud other work
under water a wooden caisson ls fitted
with an air chamber and weighted to
nlnk it to the bed of the stream. Jets
of water being used to dislodge the
dirt and cause it to flow toward a suction pipe to be pumped out.
Itepurt    of
tbe    Murder
1'roa prelum.
uf    Slttern
^an Franeifc*, April 2.—A spe.ial fr >m
Juneau, Alaska, to the Call, contained
the report of the murder of l.i pro-pr-ctors
from Kentucky. No details aie at hand.
but the story is to the effect that the g .!d
seekers were killed while a-hvp by Indians who wanted their kits and supplies.
Ihe crime is add lo have been committed a _uu.l>«r of month- ago, while the
pros-KH'tors were near tl.e month of the
Kusk.ikwin river, which, though reported
rich in minerals, has never been explored
by white men. The men who are Mid
to have been murdered, but whose ...lines
are not known here, sailed, it i- stated,
from San Francisco last spring in a small
.raft called the Jes-ie, which Ihey pur-
ehnsetl for the trip. It is sold that the
ma-.-acre had lieen reported to the interior
department, which has taken the matter
up. t'ongre-sinan Kllis of Owens!-....).
Ky., is also quoted aa having urged the
tlep.irt.ne.it to make a thorough investigation.
From eighty to 100 members of the
Western Canadian Press Association
will visit Seattle and the Coast about
June. Vancouver, 11. C has voted
$500 for the party's entertainment.
The II. W. grand master of the
(Jrand lodge of British Columbia, has
issued a dispensation for the holding
of a Masonic lodge at Fort Steele, to
lie known ns the North Star lodge.
The manager of the Snodgraas mail
Blage line will start a dally service
from Greenwood to Camp McKinney
nnd Penticton at once, W. J. Snod-
grass having returned from a trip to
La Grande, Ore., with a carload of
horses to lie used In this connection.
Shortly Greenwood will boast of
having wlthm Its limits fifteen hotels.
Within the past three months eight
new hotela have been built and are
now doing a thriving business, as accommodation at thnt place Is taxed to
Its utmost capacity. Two more hotels,
one to cost $30,000, are now under construction. Five buildings for office
nnd mercantile purposes are being
constructed, two of which will have
the new offices of local banks.
Kipling i*. ""■•
N,.„ York, April 4, Mr. Kipling got
out of Led Sunday for the llrst time Mi.ee
his illness. He is well on ihe «ay lo.vards
eninplcie recovery.
Posts-aster «« ni*'*-*""-**
Washington. April 4.- The preslder.1
vesterdav appoinled Willian. B. SimpeWI
H postmaster at Skngwi.y, Alaska.
Mualereil  Out.
I 4.—The -Mist
■~^.^,**tmwm. ^mmmr*s\.' ^Ht^pmm ?iwaw^ t ^••^•i
A Successful Enterprise That Is l.asad
mi Merit.
A few remedies whicli have attained
lo world-wide fame, i.s tiuly beneficial in effect and giving satisfaction
to millions of people everywhe.e, are
the piodiietH of the knowledge ol tlie
most eminent physicians, and presented in the form most acceptable to tlio
human system hy the skill of the
world's great chemists; and one of the
most HiicceHslul examples is t|ie Sytup
of Figs manufactured by ihe California
Fig Syrup Co. Unlike a boat of imitations and cheap inbettltltei, Syrup
of Figs is pe.inniienlly beneficial in
its efforts, an.I therefore lives and pto-
in.Mes good health, while inferior p:e-
pnralio.is are being cast aside and forgotten. In olden times if a re.ne>.y
gave tern pot a ry relief to individuals
here and there, it was thought good;
but now-adays a laxative remedy must
give satisfaction to all. If you. have
never used Syrup of Figs, give it a
trial, nnd you will he pleased with it,
and will recommend it to your friend*.
or to any who suffer from constipation, or fiom over-feeding, or from
colds, headaches, biliousness, or other
ills resulting from an inactive condition of   tlie kidneys, live, and bowels.
In the (in-cess ui manufacturing the
pleasant family laxative made by tl.e
California Fig Syrup Co., and named
Syinp of Figs, tigs ate used, as they
are pleasant to the taste; but the
medicinal p.ope.ties of the remedy are
obtained fiom un excellent combination
of plants known to he medicinally laxative and to act most beneficially. Aa
the true antl original remedy, named
Syrup of Figs, is manufactured by tl.e
California Fig Syrup Co. only, a knowledge of that fact will assist in avoiding the worthless Imitation! mauufao-
tuied by other parlies. Tl.e Company
lias selected ior years past the leading
publications of the United States
through which to inform the public of
the met its of its temedy, and among
tbein this paper is included, ns will be
•eeii by refeieiice to its advertising columns.
The only artisan burled in Westminster Abbey is George Graham, the instrument maker, who invented an Improved clockwork In the year 1700.
Writs us for s free msp of R--j.nl.Is camp
guotntloim or Information furnlshi'd r.-srar.ling
any of the standard Republic or Kosslaml
mining stocks. For quick proflta buy Republic
slocks—do not wait until they are out or reach,
buy now. Among Ihe good buys are: Morning
Glory. Savage. Chcsps-Illue Jny. Summit, Re
publle, Qui''1. Lone I'lne. Iron Mask and
Morning tllory "Extension. These properties at.
all In the productive belt.
Il > ile l.lo.k. 9|inkane, Wash.
References:    K»change  National I'.ank; Tra
dors'   National   Rank.
In 300 New York sweatshops the
highest wages earned, according to the
board of health report, is 45 cents for
18 hours' work a day.
The rioHvantest. Most Powerful and
Effi'iMlv.- Ncverf-iiling Ki-medy for
La Qrippe, Catarrh,
rasas -ass Will cure anv ache cr pain known
In the human Is-dy. Bend (or trlaf bottle, inc.
rtiiiolTe. lastsSUilAVsonly. I-ariro bottle (*Hxj
<l. i*. ■- of 61) KOPS each) 11.00 or 8 for t-'.-'o.
IH/ aid 169 DJirbo n SI.. Chlcaio.
A German tailor who died at Bres
lau In 1837 had such keen sight that
he was able to see two of Jupiter's
four moons with the naked eye.
Cinoit for 1^1 ill.- Kolka.
Don't torture the children with liquid ami
pill poisons! The only safe, agreeable laxative for little ones Is Cascarets Candy Cathartic.   All ilrugRlsts, 10c, 25c, DOc.
All the sugar factories and oil plants
In Russia have been combined, and
some of the iron and steel and textile
Industries are also lieln-r trustified. In
England, Germany, and Belgium some
trusts have been formed lately, ami
there Is talk of amalgamating the metal industries especially. American
competition Is causing European capitalists to enter closed federations for
The Flsk university Jubilee singers
are lu England again after an Interval
of more than 20 years. There are 10
of these colored minstrels.
It was ,r>3 years on February 26
since the corn laws were abolished.
money-back tea and
baking powder at
Greenville,  &  C   Apt!
terday at Camp TieYbWi-
•'Mr wire bad pimples on Iter face, but
She hu bsen taking CAS.'.-\KETs snd they
bare all disappeared. I bud been troubled
with constipation for some time, but after talt-
lug Ui* first Cfcsearet I have hud no troubls
with this ailment. We oauiioi speak too hlgb-
ly of Cssosreta." Fkkij Wj.rti|-N.
6708 .enn*Dto-n Ave.. Philttdslphls, Pa.
I    -^ ^   CATHARTIC        ^
'ULATE the U*t
Plesunt.  Palatable,   l'ntsnt.   Taste flood. Do
Good, Never Sicken. Weaken or i.iii i- Wo.'—<.aOc
...     CURE   CONSTIPATION.     ...
• irrtlal StmihIj I ..-|..»,. Ilk.,.. »•>!—■>, •<<> K«ri.   Ill
W-Tfl.RAA   S.ilil ainl iniarsntsrd by all drtiK-
-IU-DAb  Kl.tstol'iiMK'.'obscoo Habit
The flesh of alligators tastes very
like veal, aud is regarded as a deli-
cacy by many people In India.
HOWS   TlllSf
\v.' offer One Ilun.lrril Dollars Tteward f-.r
ail) CSM or tiilurni that can not !«• i-nr.-.l i.v
nSll'l Catarrh  t.'ure.
F. J. C'H-XBY «. CO,, Tob.l.. O.
We, tlie undsralsned, liav.i known F. J.
C'liiiu-y (or tt.e lio-t IS .v,.ai-s, anil believe him
parfwily h6norsW« In all IiuhIiiom. traiomrtlnnn
and linant'lally able In rarry out any obliga-
tlO—I ni.nl.- by 11..-h lliin.
WKST _ Tlll'AX.  WholeMla  IiriiKKlit*.    To
ledo, O.
WALDINO,  KtNNAN * MAHVIN,   Whol«u(,|e
l.ruxKlHt.", Toledo,  O.
Hall's faun rli Curo Is taken Internally. a.-(-
Ing .llri'i'ily   upon  tho  blood and   mn,,.us  sin
fai-ea of the  system.    ToMtlmonlals  sen.   free.
Price T5e l,<r bottle.    Sold by all IUiikkIsIk.
Hall's Fatnllj   I'llls ari! the l*est.
To cleanse the dust from railway
seats and other upholstered cushions
a new device is formed of a suction
pipe entering a casing having an open
bottom, the latter being drawn over
the cushions or used to beat them to
dislodge the dust, which passes off
through the pipe.
A powder to be shaken into the shoes.
At this season your feet feel swollen, nervous snd   uncomfortable.    If you  have
smarting feet or tight Bhoes, try Allen's
Foot-Ease.   It rests and comforts; makes
walking easy.   Cures swollen and sweating
feet, busters and callous spots.   Relieves
corns and bunions of all pain and is a cer
tain cure for Chilblains, Sweating, damp
or frosted feet.    We have over thirty thou
sand testimonials    Try it todav.   Sold bv
all druggists and shoe stores for 25c.   Trial
package FREE.   Address,  Allen 8. Olra
•ted. Le Roy, N. Y.
ll.iiiii.-il   fur  Ma...   Murder*.
Hairisniiville, Mo., Maid. 30.—K. Hates
Soper was handed here this morning.   His
crime was the murder of hia wife and two
dn lighter-*.
*«lille  You  Sleep.
Do not have too much air blowing
♦hrough your room at night, or Neuralgia may creep upon you while you
sleen. But If it comes, use St .looobo
Oil;  it warms,   soothes   and cures.
President Loubet of France is fond
of walking about the streets of Paris,
his son, Paul, being his daily companion.
When coming to Ban Francisco go to
Brooklyn Hotel, 208-212 Bush St. American or European plan. Room and board
11.00 to 1.60 per day; rooms 60 cents to
11.00 per day; single meals _> cents. Free
eoacb.    Chas.   Montgomery.
There is a movement in progress to
erect a monument to Mrs. Martha J.
Lamb, former editor of the Magazine
of American History.
There was a young man from Lenora,
Who boldly went off to the war;
The "beef" made him sick,
He recovered quite quick,
By the prompt use of old Jesse Moore.
Archbishop Ireland is a man of
many tastes, chief among which is that
for law, which study he has pursued
for several years.
C|T| Permanently Cored. Wo eta or nerreusos*
r.l« trier am day's uss of Dr. Kline's Ureal
Nerre Restorer. Send for rHKB •S.OO trial
bottle and treatise. DR. It. HU J__UI_L IM, M
Arc- street, Philadelphia, Pa.
A scheme for carrying a railway up
Mount Blanc has been pronounced
feaslble by a commission of experts.
The total cost of the line Is estimated
at 400,000 pounds.
Mothers will And Mrs. Winslow's Sooth
ing Syrup the best remedy to use for tbeii
children during the teething period.
The present printing machinery of
the Oxford press. If it were all running
on Bibles, would turn out 83.75 cop^
les per minute.
To Care ■ Cold la Oac Day.
Take  Laxative   Bromo Quinine  Tablets.      A.I
drucflsts refund money If It falls to our*. Mo
The per capita cost ot maintaining
convicts at the Michigan prison ls 38K>
cents a day, and thc average daily
earnings are 35Vj cents.
I believe my prompt use of Tlso's Curs
prevented quick consumption.—Mrs. Lu-
-■y Wallace, Marquette. Kans., Dec 12, 'M.
Joseph Chamberlain, M. P., Is attempting—-or pretending to do so, anyhow—to steer a bill through the British Parliament to create a fund for the
purpose of purchasing land upon which
to erest "little homes for workfng-
meu." The landlords are lighting the
The Supreme Court of New York
has decided against a non-union building crnftanian who sued a union for
damages because its members would
not work for him. The Court held
that the organization had a right to
protect Its own members, and that the
union committed no unlawful act.
Itale'a Troops in a Skirmish.
Washington, March '31.—The following
dispatch was received at tl.e war depart*
ment this mnrninp:
Manila, March 31.—Troop* are resting
at Miilolo*. A considerable p.irlion of the
city is destroyed by fire. Our casualties
are one killed and IS wounded.
Hole hns returned with Lis troops to!
his former position north of Manila.
Manila, March 31,    3:55    p.    m.—The
American flag was raised over Malolos at
10  o'clock   this morning.    The    Kansas
regiment and the Montana tugiiinent, on
entering the city, found it de*e.'lcd, the |
pre-idcnciii burning and the rebels retreat-1
ing toward the mountains in a ->t.ue pit
terror.    It  is believed  they    cannot    in i
future  make even  faint resistance.    The,
American los* is small.
3:55 p. ni.—It is evident the reb'ls for
some, time past had abandoned all hope |
of holding their capital, as iho AuuTk'-ins
found  there evidences of  cialinr.ite pup- I
arations for evacuation.   Most of lite rekd
lories were removed yesterday evening to,
a'posit ion east of thc railroad, leaving only j
small bands in strong treuclus .'.i front of
The only effective stj.ul n,,tile by tho
rein-Is was at an eaithtiork half a mile
from Malolos and on tl.e ri^l.t. where the
Nebraska regiment, as wis the t.a"-o )C3-
leiilay, hod tlie baa-deit work and sttf-
I't red tl.e greatest lin*.
The American troops behaved splendidly.    They advanced steadily, clearing tie j
lucce-rive  lines of  trenches  through   the
wnisls and jungles while intTerln(t from
the (rightful heat.   In addition the American volunteer*! were huiidi.'anpcJ in lighting  by  the fact that    their    Springfield
lilies are nf shorter range than the Mauser ritles in the hands of the rebels.    I'll*
der th.'se circunisliuices the    sl'M.iv    ad- '
van.e of our troops is really a  reuwirka
ble  achievement.
AinerieiiilN  Will  Heal.
Washington, March 31.—It is snid at1
the war department that (ieneral 0;is will,
pot make a campaign during tha rainy
lesson, nor is it believed he will at present chase thc Filipinos into the mountun
fastnesses of Luzon. Officials consider it
evident the tight that was in Aguinaldo
has lieen whipped out of him, and he cannot hold the Filipino anny together much
longer. If Otis so advises, the war depart ment will approve the cessation of
active hostilities, when little can be accomplished save chasing the Filipinos
.vithout definite results.
11 OU II "It'll.
March 31, Montana, Company K—Second Lieutenant Miles Kelly, wrist, slight;
('. Private Theodore Valkey, neck and
shoulder, severe; K, John Cavanaugh,
neck, slight; Musician James McQuarry,
sternum, slight; I, Private Edward M.
Weaver, forearm, slight; O, Charles K.
Voting, hand, slight.
M.irch 20, Montana—E, Privates Alex
Fosterson, forearm, slight; James Lenox,
knee, severe; F, William Bcreiveiski,
shoulder, severe* 11, j\llen V. Smith, ch.ek
uL.lUi-toj Ohmlt-B 1*. M-rr.i. groin, *>cvere.
L-YBASTINE Is the original
and only durable wall coaling,
entirely different from all kal-
b-.mines. Ready, for .use ln
white "or twelve bea-tlfnt tints
by adding cold water. .
AD1E8 naturally prefer ALA-
BASTINK for walls and ceilings, because lt Is' pure, clean,
durable. Put up In dry powdered form. In five-pound pack-
.ones, with full directions.
hL kalsomlnes are cheap, temporary preparations made from
whiting, .chalks, clays, etc.,
and stuck on walls with de-
cavlm,' animal glue. jVLABAS-
TLN_! -la not a kalsomine.
Ji*WARE of the dealer Who
says he can sell you the "same
thing" as AL.ABASTINE or
"something Just as good." Ho
is either not posted or la trying to deceive you.
ND IN OFFERING something
he has lioiu-nt *thea>> and tries
to sell on AUABASTINE'S demands, he may nol realize the
damage you will suffer by a
kaieomine on your walls.
KNSIF.L.E dealers will not buy
n lawsuit. Dealers risk one by
seiling and consumers by using
infringement. Alabastlne Co.
own right to make wall coating to mix with cold water.
every schoolhouse should be
coated enly with pure, durable
ALABASTINE. It safeguards
health. Hundreds of tons are
used annually for this worlt.
that packages nre properly labeled. Beware of large four-
poiinil package light kalso-
mlne offered to customers as
a five-pound package.
UISANCE of wall paper Is obviated by ALABASTINE. It
can be used on plastered walls,
wood ceilings, brick or canvas. A child can brush lt on.
it does not rub or scale off.
STABLISHE© In favor, 9hun
all Imitations. Ask paint dealer
or druggist for tint card. Write
for "Alabastlne Era," free, to
Rapids, Michigan.
Assemblyman O'Conncll has introduced
a bill in the \*cw York legislature re-
qutring employers to maintain a repository for mechanics' tools or be liable for
their value if Inst from place of employment.
Plumbers, gas and steam fitters, electricians, and carpenter*, employed on
William C. Whitney's palatial New York
restaurant, struck because non union
marble cutters were employed on ihe
The Potter Printing Press Co., of
New York, patented an automatic stereotyping device that knocks out six
men. It will practically wipe out the
The stove molders are to receive an
advance of 10 per cent, but according
to dispatches the manufacturers will
advance prices and compel the consumers to foot the bill.
A scheme is under way to connect Liverpool with all the manufacturing towns,
within a radius of 1" miles, by electric
street railroads, which will carry passengers in the day time and freight at night.
Thc bishop of Herford has been advocating in the Times, of London, the creation of a court of arbitration between
employers and employes with power to
compel both*to accept its award iu all
A soil ef vary deep dark loam; will grow all
kinds of vegetables, grain, bar—In great abundance.   Climate splendid.   Crop   falluraa ti
~-~~s        »#-•■»•■»»»     l'p i - i •* i . u .        vn-ji      ibiiuiv*     tur
libit). Adapted to tb* raising of cattle,
— >p, hots; dairy and poultry Industries. Is
mining district, providing an excellent marks!
tor all producta. Also rich cranberry landa.
Magnificent chance if taken a. one*. Write for
descriptive book giving fnll particulars. Ad.
dreii today.        C.  R.   DiWlTT, Secretary,
28 Thurlow Block. Bm Francisco, OtX
rt.MiKli    OVK.t    If.
A proioini nt building owner, with year.*
of ex'teriexoei gave tire following litstruc
lions to his architects; 'I have had to)
i*_lierie..ce with IntNO.riiuU and other
sToods claimed to be just a-, good as Ala-
hnstine, I want you to specify Alabosti.ie
..ti all my walls; do not pill on any other
manufacturers' dope, if thev furnish it for
nothing, A In bam lue h* right, and when!
•bull cease in use i. I shall cease to hu-rt
nn.. deuce in myself or in y owujudgmeut'
The stars on the United States coinage are six-pointed, while the United
States flag carries five-pointed stars.
The French people still fight an average of 4000 duels every year.
dent   vou (postpaid) on  receipt of in ets. in
postage, it Oldcrod ut once.   Address
Occidental Publishing Co.,
O I KI.4NP. C tl..
Tbe NiUional
Inventors' Association.
We do » genera!  PATENT BUSINESS.   Wa
secure, Introduce and sell patents. Our regit.
tered attorney eat. get you patents direct Irom
the government without delay. Agents wanted
In every town to sell pHtenteii articles. Further
information furnished on request. Room 618
Chamber or Comm.bci Bcilpimo. Portl-nu,
For GoDTrlhi-H aud (ileet Kit Tabflt'- Okay KpfN-iilc. Ii
ll th« ONLY tnt-itirit..- whlt-h will t-ui-f t-arh anil •very
oane. NO CASE known it haa evof i..ii- ■! to run-, no
matter how na-riiui* or of how lout! htan.linff. It*-suits
fram Ita use will art*nni.-*ih you. It L_ aboolutPly nafa,
prevent* strtrture. and ran he taken without Inoonvtv
nfcu*"*' and tk-ientton from busim**-. I'UIi'K, $3.00, For
■ale by all reliable dni(n.iirt.H. or nent prepaid by t iprww.
plautly wrapped, ou nve-pt of prie-e. by
^^    PABSf CHfc-UO-L 00., OMca*©, UL
Ctraular mailed on reauet-O.
I'm I". W for urinater«
-li.-ls'.-HF, intfamoiaaoni,
Irrltstlout or tjlcrr»tlotii
of ma co a*   nieait'rsc^i
Psinlrsg, ml net Mit—1
m-.QmshiCs.Co *■■■■- "r I*"1*"--*'30-'-
Maid h,  ISrucC.SU,
or -M-tit ii. p!»iii srrapp*.'
bt   exprwts,   prepaid,  rot
,!..- or 3 '..'■'. tun.
Otr^-]i»r SJ.-.1 on Tv.v.st
Dr. Murray expects to have more
than half the new Kngllnh dictionary
publlghetl l.y tho end of tho century— |
•ss*.-1 j aMpVMiei (tUetfumaim&m 'Mttwmi'tr,
An Excellent Combination.
The pleasant method and beneficial
effects of the well known remedy,
Sriti'P i»f Kit.o. intinufHctured b^- the
CA1 iio.isia Kio Sviu.'l' Co., illustrate
the value >.f obtaining the liquid lnxu-
live principles of plants known to be
medicinally laxative utid nresentinp*
them in tlie form most refreshing to the
'.list.- .ti, I .itvi'otable to tin* system. It
:s the one perfect strengthening laxa-
live. oleanainjr the system effeetually.
dispelling colds, l.t'iidi.clii's and fevers
gently yet promptly and enabling one
to overcome habitual constipation permanently. Its perfect freedom from
every objectionable quality and sub-
stan ('. ami its acting on the kidneys,
liver and bowels, without wonkentng
or Irritating them, make it the ideal
In tl.e process of mnnufncttiring fiprs
arc use I. as they are plensnnt to the
taste, but the medicinal qualities of the
ri't.ii'ilv arc obtained from senna and
>*lter aromatic plants, by a method
known lo the California Fio Sviu*p
o. only. In order to get its beneficial
•IT*- -ts nml to avoid imitations., please
remember the full Dane of the Compact
printed on the fro..) .if every pachage.
_OnlSV'_-K. KY NEW VOBK.  N  Y.    I
Relief at Last
I'ntlsi'il I.v tbuusanils ot
s:iti-tli'.i 1ii.ii.-« as safe, al
rpU ft 11 -n     wsra relluhle and without
• ■sjin""'sSs     an equal.   Ask druggist for
W*3-"E     -u.,.i
Dl I I   __     I'r. Muriel's Kieneh
■_■ jjs-«S   PUls In metal   box
French Flag on top ln lllue,
White and Red. Insist nn having the genuine.
"Relief for Women," mailed FRF-EIn plain sealed
letter with testimonials uiul parlloiilurs. Address,
FRENCH DRUG CO.. 381 and 383 Pearl St., NX
Health is Yours.
You don't treed •<.. sitltet from pains
In Ihe htiek —Inn.- s r.-i.less iiie.tfa—.
or continue to have thai tired (eel*
luti. Use the rented)' mat litis beeu
proven helpful—use
Moore's Revealed Remedy
• 1   per   l.nttle at   y>.itr  druggist's.
t ■
■   ■
ONE FOR A DOSE. Cure Sick ll.adaehs
snd Dyspepsia, Heuiori: Pimples snd Purl.r7 ths
Hlu.id, Aid l'ii;.'stii>ti and Prevent Millousness. 1.0
n.il Uripe orHii ken. Tocoli-'ltice you.-sewlll mall
•ample free, or full Ik.s for 2Se. Hit. ItiiSANKO
OO., PhlUiln., l-ruiiis.   Hold by nrugglsts,
ITOinNC Plies priidnen mni.t nre snd esitss i.elilii(.
This form, as well as lliiinl, Dlaodln*- or Protrudinic
Piles smeuted l.y Or. Bos.inko's Pllo Remedy
Stops itehing and ..Ine.ling. \1>. ,rl". i.nn.,rs. r. .
Jarat drugristsni sent l.y mail. Treatise free. Write
■ua about your esse.   UK. HOS.V.VKt), I'lillsda., »■ v
' ■<-* »•»*•«* *;
J-V&SgW ■jiH 1,-1.    >■■    j i»tmmmiieamaam
"Tlie Wr*i« _E_[t-ii-tt©xr Oo„ r*td-
,y\jre are now agents for
THE RAYMOND!!      _„
3-v-if"^ C01__.pa._3.3rs
Sewing Machines
Just Arrived
s- nn s,|it.LtM^^*ta>J,.-A'"
A woman there wae and she  wrote  for A fooi there WM and he had a kid
Impress (Even  as vou and 1).            _„„u->,
(As vn'it and I might do) And the pride of that unhccilo   woultln t
She l.iid how to en) and fit a dree*, ^ nl(*
And how to stew m'nvRsavorv mess, . .    . • d .   conc0al it; l.o cer-
Bol ahe never had dohe it her*ell. 1 guess. (Though he1 tr en to con
(Wniel. none of her readers knew). tainly did)-
0 the hour we  spent and the flour we He wa. only one papaithe thousand amid,
Bpp.it,                                       , (Even as you and I).
And the sugar we wasted like aand Q,   the npu* - that ewell, and tlie  Biol
At Ilie 'best of a woman who never had V|,||
(AnrfSw we know thatsl.e never could Till the break of the ooml-l day
cook). And Ihe words we t.iink ere we take to
And did not understand. (-.ink
A woman Ihcre was and she wrote right (For the Itid howl*, on with never a wink),
fair, Are the things that make us gray.
(As you or I might do).
Ho* ent nt a barrel to make a chair, A -or)- there was. nnd he vowed...a  vow
Tu bo covered with chintz and stuffed (Even as von and I).
with hair,                                 ■      tA That never from past time un .1 now
•Twould adorn any parlor,  and   give  it (For H f„ol will talk though he doscn t
an sir                                          , know how).                            _*,„„_,
(Ami we thought the talo was true). 1 jn(* a h„i10 heen born will, a vaster brow
0 Ihe days we worked and tho waye.we 0iK^*k^,Hb*_t^2wl, and Ihe dads
worked '•.,   . -„,_..
To hammer and saw and hack. --• 1 .1 „ .drT.k« strike six a m.
In "wSfk dmir  h' "°  °M *£f*mm$\m*^^
A emit in wl.'iol. no. one could possibly  (^J*1" e pa>B in tlieir ,l*(I*lt robes look
o you   -want
JEWELRY,    ----__
PIANOS?  ________
J«oot> Dover,
Box 31     ,   .
mi, R. 0.
Notice:—"Dayton" Mineral Claim,
aitnatetl in the Slocan City   Mining
Sivision  of West  Kootenay   District
'here located:—At the mouth of Dayton Creek, near Springer.   '
Tako notice Hint I.  Heo. H.'Aylard acting as agent for,K. 8. Kinnt-v, Free Miner's Certitlcate No. HOMO, intend sixty
days from the date l.ereol,  to apply to
the Mining Iteconler for a Certificate of
Improvements, for the purpose   of   ob
taining a Crow ft (Jrant   of the above
And farther take notice that action
&n Ir section 37, must   be   commenced,
afore the issuance of  such  Certificate
ol Improvements,
Dated this 6th   day of March, 1899.
11 I 3 j 99.
NOTICE:—   "Cnltna" Mineral Claim;
sitoale in the Shiran City Mining Div
isinn of West Kootenav District.
Where located:—At tl.e head   of the
North Fork of Lemon Creek.
Tak« -otic** that I, J  M McGregor, acting aa event for J, A. Finch. Free Miners Certiftcite   No. 1674a and E. J. Dver,
Free Miner's Certificate No. 5551a. intend
sixty days fr m tl.e date hereof, to apply
to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate
of Improvements, for the purpose of 0I1-
tftluing a Crown Giant 0! the above claim.
And further lake  notice that action
under sect Ion 37,   must be commenced
before Ihe issuance of each  Certificate of
Dated this twentieth day of .Tantinrv
3, M. McGrrooh.
28 I 11 9i>.
NOTICE:—"Meteor" and "Ottawa No
5" Mineral Claims, situate in tl.e Slocan
City Mining Division of West  Kootenay District.   Where located —On the
divide   between   Sprit._er Creek and
the north fork of Lemon Creek.
Take notice Ihat I, J. M. MtGreitnr
acting   m agent fur .?. A, Finch, Free
Miner's C-rtiflcate   No.   1674a;   E. J.
Dyer, 6551a. W. M. Shaw. 5552a, and
Charles -weenev,   0605a,   intend sixty
days from   Iho date   hereof,to apply to
the  Mining: Recorder fur   a Ceililicate
pf Improvement-, for tl.e pnriiose of obtaining   a Crown Grant  of the above
And furl Iter take notice tha action under section 87, must be commenced before the issuance of such Certificate of
Dated tbis twentieth day of January
J,M. McGregor.
28 111 99.
HOTBI/,       WHARF.
• mors
B. C.
A-CTioifKERs, Customs Brokehs,
And General Real Estate Agents,
Office in llrslrr Block    -   -
Baker St.
• *•
• •-
• ■*■
» •
• »
• • '
■ ••I
• •
ON   THE   SUNNY   8IPE,    .
like gays).
Let a bachelor ne'er condemn.
Without a crick in his back.
A woman there was nnd sho had her lun
(Better than vou or I); Tho fool Ihat iroes on his harmless wa}
She wrote out receipts, and never tried (Even as yon and I).
one: And he wants to sleep, but ho can't, I
She wrote about. children-of course she Bnv,                                                  .
hid none- (Forthe babe still howls till the break of
She told us to do what she never had dono dav).
(And never intended to try). And I.e mav feel funny, hut is   not  g«*
  .           ., 'Even as von and I).
And it isn" to toil and  t isn't to spoil . <   ,,   ,, ,he  ||0W,   R11(,  it isn-t  i|1P
That brims the cnn of disgrace- nrowl
fs to follow a woman who didn't know _i(HJ ^ (| l)j() hnlt{ (,otn ont
>»'»»" But it's just loltnow li.' address."'  it   SO*
(A worn'n who never  had   cooked   any ,,,*„,„ ^, is H •„.„, the n>s|. I   trow).
best.*).                          «,,„,.„-_ "Oh, dear little sweetsaih, tweet."
But wri.te ..!>! was paid lo fill spare >                                 «.»_«*»___
-I...si.... Con_re_.it.-ona st. -Exchange.
Wilson Hotel.
Teeter   Bros.  -  -   ProPs
00C00C  Headquarters For Kining And Comoierelal Men.
^^^ Everything First-class In All Respeels
...:^ * 4.......:.........i»*
Shiloh's   Consumption    Cure   cure
where others  fail.   It  is  tl.e  leading
Cook- Cure, and  no home should  be
without it.   Pleasant to take and goes
right to the apot.   Sold at
Dyspepsia   Cured.   Shiloh's Vitalizer
mmediately   relieves   Sour   Stomach,
real kidnev and liver remedy.   Sold by
Coming np ot Food Distresses, and is the
great kidnev and liver ren
The Silverton Drug Store
What Dr. A. 6- RaRer Says.
Jufblo, N. Y.—Gent":—From my per-
tl knowledge, mined in observing
t he effect of your Shiloh's Cure in cases
of advanced Consumption, I am prepar-
to sav it is the  most remarkable
rv si/
ig -
or to RENT.
For fu'.l particulars write to or apply
at tbe Office of
Silverton, B. C.
After the great hurrah and flourish
■>f trumpotsthal was made upon the
inauguration of smelting Canadian
lea-I ores in Canada, is, it not strapge
that'outside smelters still bave their
ore buyers^in the fie'd, competing for
ore and cut bidding our local smelters,
in spite of the fact that they have to
transport the ore thousands of miles
before it can reach the^point at whicli
it is to be treated]
Some have been unkind enough to
insinuate that tbe C. P. R. smeltihg
scheme was only a bluff to keep private
capital from engaging in the industry
in this country and' thus saving tho
miuer the difference between a short
haul and one of thousands of miles,
which would be a loss to the C, P. R.
in freight. Others have stated,
claiming to have authority for the
statement, that tho C. P. B. recetves
five dollars and fifty cents per ton
from the Smelter Combine for every
ton of lead ore that they take out of
the country. This may be a good
thing for tbe C. P. R., but is it of any
benefit to the mining industry, the
lead miner or the Dominion?
Tbis same monopoly is now inaugurating ■ crus d ■ t. hive, the government pay them a bounty on what lead
ore they do smelt, this bounty to be
paid by the taxpayers of the Dominion.
As no one is receiving any benefit,
except a monopoly, from the lead ore
being smelted in Canada, we do not
see why tbe taxpayers should bo nsked
to contribute one oent as a   bounty.
Wireless telegraphy is now an
accomplished fact in Europe and some
of tbe London dailies print dispatches
sent by mean 1 of it. In British Columbia some of the papers hava been
printing wireless ''telegraphic despatches" for some time.
business man can with little trouble
and no expense, plnnt two or three
small trees in front of their premises.
In a year or two the result will repay
a thousand fold tbe slight trouble
Adam was the first printer. He urin-
ted a kiss on the cheek of Eve. It was a
neat, tasteful and stylish job, and made
a iiooil impression. Eve liked that kind
ol printing.—Ei{.
A. B. C—Yes, Silverton is going to
celebrate, Where did yc. hear the contrary?
Inquirer.—Of course- the Nelson and
Sandon Ball Teams will play in Silver-
tun,    Thn  inu-t have lieen JOS'ling VOU
Truth Seeker. _W» have heard so, but
take onr word for .1, it is principally
bluff. Yon are correct, the railway is
only charging single fare.
The business mans life is full of crosses
and temptations. He comes into Ihe
world without his consent, goes out a-
gainit his will, and the trip between tl.e
two extremities exceedingly rocky The
rule of contraries is one ol the important
features of the trip. When he ia little
the big girls kiss him, and when he is
In a short time, in a few d-.ys if the
spring had been at all a normal one,
Arbour Day will be observed in the
older provinces. On that day, so
custom has established, the school
children employ themselves in a general
cleaning up of the school premises and
each pupil plants a tree, a shrub or  a
big the little girls kiss htm.   If he raises   , ,      .   ,
a large family be is a chump, but if he "<-*«, that in future, sooner late, will
help to beautify the surroundings of
the school.    To appreciate the effects
raises a small cheque he is a thief and a
fraud, and he is shunned like a Chinaman with the seven year itch. If he is
poor, he is a bad manager; if he is rich
he's dishonest; if be is out of politics,
you can't,'«" where to place him, and
he's no good to bis country; if ho don't
give for charity, he's a stingy cuss and
lives only for himselI; If he dies young,
there was a great future ahead of him ; if
he lives to an old age, he has missed his
calling.   He is introduced to this world
of their efforts, one should compare
tho school grounds of the present,
with their trimly kept lawns, their
shady trees and beautiful flower beds
and terraces to tbe bare sun-burnt
school grounds of a few years ago.
Last sun ner, a  few   of  our citizens
imitated this   custom   of public   tree
Tl.e Editors do not hold themselves in
any way responsible for the opinions expressed under this head. All com.nnn-
ication, intended for Ihis eol.imn, must
he accompanied by the uame of the writer.   None will be published otherwise.
Mr, Editor,
I desire a little space in your
paper to advertise a real grievance tha
the .'ilverlon miners are sniff rinK under.
That is the paying of a hospital fee and
when in need of medical attendance, being treated like a pauper or charity patient. It is a matter that the Silverton
miners should seek to remedy by co-op-
eratiog with tho Ss.ilon Miners'Union.
A few weeks a_o I came down from Ihe
Wake8eld mine, where I had worked for
son.e lime, a very sick man, aud made
application to be admitted to the hospital
as I was entitled to be, and was refused
admittance. I came, back to Silverton
and was very sirk, in fact nearly died.
When I wos well I secured work at the
Emily Edith mine and when I refused to
pay a feu to this hospital I was discharged.
I appeal to the miners tosee thst this
matter is looked into us I am but one out
of many who have paid hospital fees and
been refused, >-,d,miltauce when sick. Cannot the Lake miners co-operate with the
Sandon miners to remedy this abuso?
Youre truly.
Pat Clune.
Outside Part'es Desiring porst-i In Silverton
Can* Havo Them  Reserved By  Writing To—
t t t t t
a. p. Mcdonald,
SI__vV_©I*TOX    T>I«lfl
|^f wSTORE, InJ   U
SYRIPO. HOREHOIiW \\¥ TOll,   fir Coughs aod C«Mi.
LIUC CREAM, unequalled Icr the skin.
Lelterand Note Tablets,  Papetrries,
Bill Head*., Memo-books, Time-
Books,  Note Forms, Order
Blanks, Receipt Forms,   Drafts,
Sc.ibbiers, Blotting Paper, Erasers,
Files, Rulers, Penholders, Pens,
Ink,     Pencils,    etc.    etc.
SILVLKfON.      B.  C.
ftnd SOP Line
East and West
SILVERTON.        - -      -      P. (
TiinotGii ri-rrr-CLAss k toimrr t-rtrrBM
— Tickets Issrin Amd Ba«*a_r
 Ciikckbd To DzsTnuTion. —
(except iug   Sunday J
Revelstoke and Main Line Points.
Nelson,   Trail.    Kosslan.l, Ac.
10,1'.—leave—HarsRTOK—arrive- 18 .M
:•; Headquarters For Mining lien :-:
Ascertaio present   rates and Ml ie
formation by  addreaeing   MansA lore
agent, or     	
W. P. CLARK,  Auent, PIWerteB
If, F. ANDER80N,
Trav. Pass. Agael, Kelson.
E. j: COYLE.
Diet. Puss. Agent, Vane-sum
by a doctor, find to the next world by the j planting.      Thi*   spring, why   not
same process.   Tl.e romd. Is rocky, but' institute a   general  tree planting on
man likes to f-vcl it, .                                       Av.?    Each   lot Ofum*   and
emMsty;-* <*i ww msV »m»jitf*HMi> eetM aaammtm k*M«H.-*««#r
Divine Services will be conductor! in,
Ibe Silverion Church on the second and
fourth Sunday of the month by the Rev.
C. P. Yates, at 3 p. m. You are invited
to be present.
Beginning on Sunday, November, 6th
the Rev. R. N. VoweR will hold services
every alternate Sunday at 3 p. m. in the
8ilverion Chnrch. In addition to these,
services will he held on everv alternate
Monday evening at 7 p. m., commencing
Monday, November 13th. Everyone is
cordially invited, to, attend.
1'iii»iiiii'i)i-faw»wi<xi»«»i»»sHi. 11 riv-***
MAY, 24h 1899.
TCor     PROORA-f    ot
ainj Pri-jf-es*
ft jMifi |fr-3^°-£^r-^fl^


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