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The Silvertonian 1899-07-08

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Hnd Up To Dare
Mining News
Of The Richest
Camp  Of  British
tr. wi
\mm ok   the MABOU.
Ulr Mrike on Ten Mile Creek is
..Big Tiling.
, , News of ihe  Past vrreh
m r-hoit Per_i«r*p_-.
in - jnit above   and  adjoining   lhe
Enterprise mine, on Ton Mile creek,
he  Alabou  claim.   This  property,
i\, like the I nterprise is one of the
jlions of the camp, is owned
It. i Kirkwood, Andy Tonka and
-an Grant, three old time, hnrd-
ini* prospectors. A ledge was
leretl Borne lime ngo on the Mabou,
i was thought at th** time to be the
us tint on the Enterprise. The
rs did considerable work on this
,i 75 foot tunnel being driven which
n the h"l|je to bave an average
i of three feet of qoartl liberally
Ki.-d with galena, but no clean ore,
ilk of w.is Btrtl-k, su *!i   ai shows
I the Enterprise, About two weeks
■hilt) doing th. iraininal assessment
Iho owners happened  upon  what
|iind to ho a parallel lodge to that
mil Ihey had hi on working ami
10 ft*, i   distant,   They   at  once
Ho work to usuertaiu i f this vein
: .ii y importance1, when with a
ours woik ' io nnd beheld 1" the
arched for KulerpiUc  vein   eras
ure, i.ci
if in
liei nnd bigger  than
Hern lossy thut   work   on   tbe
lin  . . uiv vein  was suspended
. o U ,• in it iheir whole energy
Inn, k und opc-li.g up of  this
Dlerprise ledge.   Willi tho  tesult
lit* have traced it on their ground
<i   vi t 1000 feet nnd havo
the surface!-eight different
. lu every one ol these openings
■ li.'*. been found,  the par-streak
lis  to  twenty  inches   in
giving  values  of  over  200
ilver per ton.   While runninn
til on ilia surface ln«t Wed-
.   ;...*..'.Vl  I d^e  was cut
ven Letter prm.ise than the
vim, the paystreak showing
ii ;n hesol high grade galena.
i veins al) run   parallel and
i n i.-.v f.-t ( of each other, ft   fifty
i ug long enough to cover all
I il.i in nt oiir-r..   If ,w the rich
prise vein c luld 11 ■ as dose as it did
pre fo much work has   been done
t Leing ilit-co.-cred before is one
i frenks of fortune so  often  met
i the mining world.    The Mabou
"■ I'.Dterprhte vt In in place and
l.aitli an  etpially   ns  good a
lioaiag ss llint on that big mine,
•'•|   i' untly  s.ld for  -R-OO.OW.
n I ,: n n appears to   he  only  a
•    |h ment woik lo make it
"'')' -I* high a valuta.
rtci'ul diecuver*,' en  lhe  Mabou
''I "ti-ideialily tu   the  already
"■   Koterprlse   mine,  which   is
1    liaving the  longest and most
nioiw ore-shute ever discovered in
W. J. Walker, editor of tho Freemen's
Labor Journal, of Spokane, and organizer of the Western Labor Union, addressed a public meeting here on Thursday night, under tho auspices of the
Silverton Miners' Union. McKtnnon's
Hall wns fairly well fillotl, the husiness
men being well represented. The re-
maiksof the speaker were listened to
attentively, many of tbe sentiments cx-
pressed being heartily applauded* The
chair wns occupied by President Bese-
iluni, who introduoed the stionUer of the
evening, in n short address.
Mr. Walker began hia remarks by saying thnt hu wns not nn advocate of lawlessness, of the destruction ol
Joe Martin's Side Of the Cabinet
Throe Forks wns a surprised cnmp nn
tho Fourth of July when the forces from
Sandon and Silverton, made a joint attack from front and rear nnd captured
their city. Rut unexpected as they were,
Ihey met with a warm reception, nnd
lhe Three Folks' celebration is one of
the season's successes. The purveyor of
sunshine wns an expected guest, who
^^^^^^^^^^ . fi'.iled to appear, and iu his absence, old
An laterestlng <:..ireM.nn<ienrc Among I Aquarius got lit 8 full eight hour shift,
HIkI.   Officials,
l»car Mr. Martin :
\ sutisf-ictoiv if I would pot in writing the | players   looked   formidable when
The Victoria Ti • uf the -tb  inst,
publishes the following interesting correspondence between the Premier and
properly, j the Attorney General.    We leave our
or the Inking of life.     He left that to tho   readers to jtid-^e between the correspon
other side.   The world wss now witness* dent*,   lt will be remembered that ihe
ing a combat-between organised capital
and organized labor,   Germany, Prance,
Ituly,   Great Riitain   nnd  tbe United
Stales were now the scenes of numerous
lockouts and strikes, nnd at the present
time, Uiitish Columbia wns in the Qglit,
He congratulated the miners of the Blo-
can on iheir political stand and urged
thorn to hold out for the victory now
within si'jlit.    Who were the a nun hi.*!*.?
Those who obeyed the law, or those wh
were petitioning for the power lo
il?   He reminded Ids hearers Ihat  they
Should patronise and belt) their friends
Only by standing together could ihey
win.   They should support the n.embers
of the government who had befriended
them, nnd, as the attempt will again  be
iiitiil" to have the UigliL Hour tawr annulled, they should inn lhe government that  by  repealing   the  law Ihey
would lose the. support of the working
miners.    Tbey, his hearers, bad been
told to ceek reform through 'be ballot,
not through etiikis     Bm their advisers
now sought to nu'liiV  what  Ihey hat
gained bv the ba'l it.
Tiie speaker now g ive Ilia Union side
ot Iho present Coeur d'Elene trouble. He
bad been there a few  days before the
present   outbreak.      Ha reviewed, tho
making Iho football ground a sloppy
puddle, which played havoc with the
snowy whiteness of the bifurcated garments of lhe players.
The events of the day were the football
matches between the first nnd Second
elevens of S.indon nnd tbo teams of Silverton und Three  Folks   respectively.
Attorney Generalwas requested tb hand I About thirty lake side visitors accoro*
in hiB resignation.     He asked that tlie i penied tho Silveiton team, nnd the Bau-
rea.ons for tbe*Teqntst be made fit writ-i'*0"   contingent,  accompanied   by the
In-**'    The Premier wrote: i band, (•■une one hundred strong.
D./...I. .; t v      .     .  <•*.<_ Tlie games were bmii close and   well-
rrovit.cinl Secretary's Office, i *    ,      ,  ,. ,,
.-,■ , t  i   ..  ,   ,,,.,. ' cor.tested, but the condition ol   thu held
viclcrin, Julv ..id. lhllD.; ,'       ,,.,.,,        ,    .        ,
prevented anything like fast playing,   ln
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^   | the   fiist   game, Sandon 11 vs,   Three
Yours of the 1st reached me this p.m   ; Forks, the resiiiUng score was two goals
In it you sny you think it would ho moro'to one iu Bandon. favor.     The home
Do You Know
Where   To    Oet
.        j ground upon whieh 1 asked you to iMlga
' your sent in iny government.
1 tblnk I mentioned yonr absence from
your oHtoe,
Th" lii.-iiitsion  of e-rrcu'ive   matte 	
outside of the council und to patties not' diet, that, alter n little systematic prac-
Iof the council. [t i.e, they will pot a strong team in the
Your speech nt tb"  Ropsland banquet | tit Id.   Three of Sandon's first team were
'in whieh v..;i threathened that an np-
pro|iriatlon should n ■(  be i x| ended be-
canso  oino of tl osc present had i (Tended
! yo'i.
Yours res) ectfully
(Signed; C. A Sl'.MI.iN.
Mr. Martin's reply read as follows:
July 5th.
HonorableO. A. Semlin,Premier
Dear Mr. Semlin:   YourJollerot the
3rd inst. In whicli vou give your reason* .        _________________-^^^^^^^^_
i « requesting mc :;> .e.-i_t. duly re , iv. d   'b' ""* backa la,,'"in* U'e B°_     *__ _
_^________________ r,..   V   . i , '     Uetw fiionv thiii-n— l«r the umbrella
events leading up '02.   The Union-* were     «M ftftt r.*a,on i myabsi ner   o-tnf :    ^ J    ^^ h    ,,,:1V0|,,
Mt in sympathy With the scab miners of eJBr*.   A low mo to point oul that this ^   i,,,,,,,,.;,',?,,,,,,,, ,,,,„,,,.
the Bunker Hill 4 Sullivan.    It  was MS «be first occasion in whieh   you   have!
only after  mud. persuasion that they found lanlt with me for thia although Ij
agreed to give H*eir moral support to tbo : have Irom Ihe very Oral attended to my
strikers and go to Wardner to make n private piactke and it has ben. under-
.•m-nstration.   They went to Wardner si 1 that I should do so.   It haa 1 on*
M passengers, not as train robbers, as| deretand not been considered in the past
lined   up  in the rain, overshadowing
their   Opponents,    I ut   they  (-bowed  a
lack of practise and tin iguor'anco of anv
| sort of team play.    Tbis was,  however,
s I their Initial game, and it is easy to pie-
up against them.
N.itfiiaily, the most interest was t.iken
iii the second gaine, when the strongest
team Sandon could produce was lined
up against their old opponents, the upholders of the red nd white. The ■.'■.tine
w;'.s fast iii spols, Jfew combiuati n
plays weie atteitpted, the wings on bolh
teams centreing tne soaked leather aa
itiueh a:i possible, trusting to a rush for
a score    The goalkeepers had little to
Silverton,      __5.   Q,
Silverton,       ...
!'i 'il to the Congo Group is now
sted, so that a horse can be ridden
Ho the upper workings done on the
McGregor P, L. H., of  Slocat
Ha now  surveying   tho   Rockland
ou    Red   .Mountain,   for   which
'siion Ior a Grown  Grant  will  be
Thia claim is part of the Willa
IP end it ih upon it that the late
pike has been made.
Wakefield Mines considerable
le work ls going on. The site for
uiiienirator,   on   Silver  creek, has
uivpyed anil cleared off and   tbe
>f way for the trnm, which will
f't the mine with the mill, is nearly
Beted,    This right-of-way is being
1 of all brush and trees for a width
Ine fine qpecimens of free goid ore
[been brought into town from the
"'tin claim on Lemon creek. This
pfty. which ia owned by Obas
I'1 and 1. Smith, is showing up well
Pfovlng itself very valuable, The
1 iK  over   three   foot   wide and   if
11 Hold proposition giving good
ibu values ami specimens oan bu
Pol literally Impregnated with  the
1 metal. It is said that tbo
P" Wedgo Co, is negotiating for h
1' lj this property.
stated, made n demonstration and the
scab miners, taking advantage ol their
presence, blew up thi* Bunker Hill &
Sullivan mill themselves, knowing that
tbe Union men would bo blamed. The
troops were called in, thc men herded
into box curs, the women insulted and
subjected to abuse by the soldiers. Now
these men occupy the "bull-pen" nt
Kellogg. Here tbe speaker denounced
the methods used by tbeSpokesmau-Re
view* in sending out false or dlstortei
news items. He showed how* their new-)
was manufactured and told some amusing stories ss to the "states evidence"
against the man.
After showing by many incidents that
matters iu the Coec.r d'Klenes wore uo!
as represented by the Bpokesman*Revlew
of Spokane, he closed his remarks amid
hearty applause from his hearers.
On Tuesday the Condor Group was
again Started up, Ed Stewart being in
charge cf thc work.
(Ins. Kroner is up on Red Mountain
doini* assessment work on his claim the
0. K. This property lies just below the
Congo -roup,
A. 1'.   Patterson,   Manager  of the
Wakefield Mines, returned fiom an extended trip through the various camps
on the other Bide, whore he has been
looking over different concentrating
On Wednesday, another carlo.d of
Noonday ore was shipped from our dock
thatthe Attorney-General for tho time
bt-ingfhouldgiveuphi private practice
nml if such n rule were made, it would,
1 tt ink. he considered by all that it
wonld be impomible lo obtain the services of a compete;.t lawyer to SOt as
Attorney-Geueral. All-iw mo to say,
however, that my department >fl in first- |
class Bhape, and I am perfeotlv willing
to have iu present stats compared With I
that of any other department of thu gov-
11 eminent.    You nre quite aware that that.
chocked or not, MclVinald's record slide
being the most brilliant ia that line. The
tirst goal fell to Silverton, being scored
by I indlay, alter IS minutes play, lu
the first half, Silverion liaving tho down
lull kick did lhe ajicressive playing. A
scrimmage in front of goal did the tr'o't
lor Sandon near the end of piny, the
- "i ■ Btandlngeven at full time.
Joe Drandon, of Silverton, refereed
both matches, satisfying everyone with
his fair decisions. The line up in the
last match was:
%   DRUG
Mineral Glasses   and   Compasses.
Perfumes and Toilet Articles.
t'uunot b' .-aid 'A ymir .wn departmental
management. It, in your opinion, the
f lilure to manage adopartini ul la a r .*•• n
why n nn inner of the government should
resign his position, then I am surprised
that you did not resign from th • government when it became evident to everyone that yon had entirely failed to administer properly tho Dopartm 111 Ol
Lands and WorkBg and you had to a Imll
this by consenting to a  transfer  to the
i iwrence
Half Back.
tliii isou.
After the games, the ruin becoming
discouraged and stopping, the sports
wero c mtinui J on the Btrei ts, A ladies'
wheelbarrow nice was amu-dng.    Then
Department  of   Provincial    Secretary*!
Wl,|l  followed two foot races, two Bandonites,
Lawrence and tlusty, winning first mon-
t'V.   A well attended dance wound up
the day's impromptu  program,     tiood
music  wus  lurqlshed by tin*  Sandon
This ms'kes sixty tons shipped.   Another
carload of twenty Ions is  lying  on  the
wharf ready   to be loaded onto tbe ^ ^ Madman's Island.   What I did
then w.ts to Inform the   tl
This transfer took place, ns you are
aware, tor no other reason except that
you wero Utterly unfit to ndminislei the
Department of Lands and Works. The
matters In.tbat department had ;•'' lnto|
■uch .i condition that the members ol the
government were unwilling to take sny
further responsibility with regard to it,
unleas vou gave it up,
Your in xt reason i* that 1 have die-
enssed executive raaltois outside of the
Qjuncil and to paries not of the council.
This charge has no trutli In it whatever,
an I l would be glad h you would furnish
particulars of any such discussions. 1
think 1 am aware however, what vou
refer lo. 1 fancy it Is the discussion which
OCOUred when tho Vancouver delegation
appeared before the governmrnl with re-
steamer, and at the mine there are ov
70 tons sacked  nnd  awaiting  Iranspof-
tation to the dock.   Since the first ol the
***y,   when  the  present   i..niiagemeiii   -^ ^  jnoom,r|)  |lml  tlmt   ,,
secured a lease ami bond on  the mi >. I -expressing his  own opinion
over 150 tons of first class ore   has  been , nnn, 15 _   I       . .
legation that
the statments made nt that meeting and
p. ior thereto by ihe Honorable Mr. Cot*
Lake five - - ■ Silverton, B.C.
2m.   Ilivf-   Knowles.   -.-Prop,
tf^G<_t» $_> ® <
Patronise Home Industries.
O88I88888888888S-I8 888888888 888888 8888 88 8889
mined, sorted and lacked, *US beating
the shippiug record of the Oniric,
Fidelity and Emily Edith mine- »nd
giving tbe Noondav the third place In
point o.'ablpmout«. over all other Silver-
ton mines and tho fifth plsca for the
whole  Lake  region.   When  emeue*
with other properties it »'>'»l '"' '.*"""'
In mind that this Is the youngest shipper
In the whole regl'-n and hns been opened
uPslnootheflr-t ol the prewnt year,
while those with which it Is being  '■
have had  thousands of dpi
_______        I
itead of the opinion ol the government.
He undertook to speak in   the   inline   of
the governmrnl.. You will renemtlsr
ihat in tbis connection Mr. Cotton tele-
eraphed Mayor Qarden had decided to
determine the question of title to Dend*
man's Wand before they considered what
iUnpi iltlbn ihey w Old make of it. You
;ire iiwiire thai the government had
1H.Vi'i decided upon any sn. h policy, but
in older to back up his   position   in   lhe
matter Mr. Cotton deliberately  f.ii*in'"l
•    ■ 1. . 1
Ban 8,
Slocan Oil] hat challenged Sandon to
play football In Bilverton, on any near
date,   Bilvei ton will welcouu theraboth.
Pari •'( a 11 >tbsUI m itch was played on
Thursday eve Ing between the club from
ths Noonday '"'"° ■"•'' ""* ■' •*■ kickers,
only hall lime being played out. The
Boorestood;   Town, 8j Noonday Mine.O.
TBE UP U-01IT.      |,
All work in Iho Jewelry Kepairii.tr
line, left at the silverton Drug Store, will
ho promptly forwarded to Jacob I'ovei,
the well-known Nelson jeweler. All repairs UlC lil•AUVSTKKII 1*1)11 ONK YKAK.  *
P. L. Byron hss moved his camp np
onto tbe A. E. claim on Bed Mountain,
nnd the work of driving a 100 loot crosscut tunnel on that property will be
oommsneed the llrst of next week.
J. II, Hall, a minim* expert of prominence. 11 prosonting the Montana
Limited, ■.'ci.crnlly known us the Hruni
r.nmmond, was a visitor ill our camp
last Saturday. Mr. Hall who wns ex-
amlnlng properties for his oompany,
.•■if  ■<  pi n.-ed  with  the
9888 88 88 88 88 8888 88 8888 8888 88 88 88888888188 88®
tlxe Tailor,i
i». i^iir^ivs & co
Silverton, Nelson, Trail, Ymir, Knslo, Sandon,
New Denver, Cascade City, Grand Forks, Sirdar,
Midway and Greenwood,
*'   _■
expended ou ll bI
l*w.\-trsw-j-xmtas~~mr. i*tm..at?**sm4±*.va*maruA.m\m*KnM
mm) t*—emmmemwmetmet < **t\mmmme*t m*t*r*at
I***«*-j-**»'k*W*j\1>esWi*3mKwe ***uMsw*-4i*rft* msk.**a*-MM^.r-ai.-iti'**^^,---**- Jfpi*vet- THE SILVERTONIAN, SILVERTON, B. C.
MS 11I Ml
A Oomplsts Kola* of the Bvents for
lhe Pas* Week In This and Foreign
"Lauda—8-mmarlMd Wrorn t_« Latest
Fitssbnmons lias agreed to fight McCoy
in September.
Sir Thomas Llpton's cup challenger
Shamrock has been launched at Millwall.
\V. H. McDonald, business manager of
the Evening Telegram, Portland, Or., is
Charlie McKeevcr defeated On en Zicg-
ler in the seventh round ill Ne* York
A. K. Hill, an "hi resident of Vancouver, B. C, wns run over anil killed by a
Street cnr.l
One troop of the Sixth cavalry at Fort
Itiley, Knn., is ordered to Hoise Barracks,
Idaho, and another troop of the same regiment from Fort Riley to Fort Walla
Walla, Wash.
In Toledo, 0., Il.e freight house of the
Michigan Central was destroyed by fire
by Monday.
The owners of tlio new cup defender.
Columbia, have accepted it without further builder's trial.
President McKinley laid the corner
stone of the new mill of the Berkshire Oot
ton Company, in Adams, Mass.
John Daughters, a bricklayer at Walla
Walla, Wash., was mortally wounded
Monday by a brick falling on his head.
The four-oared race over the two-mile
course today was won by Pennsylvania.
Time, 11:12. Cornell was second. Time.
11:14 8*5.
Edith, the 5-year-old daughter of Mr.
nnd Mrs. F. F. Loohr of Walla Walla.
Wash., was run over by a wagon and
killed Monday.
Two cases of yellow fever and four
deaths from the disease were officially reported Monday, making a total of 35 cuses
and 11 deaths.
Captain Dreyfus has landed at Qnl-
boron, France.
The government deficit for the fiscal
year ls $88,875,989.
The Dominion Day celebration at
Nelson, B. C, was a great success.
The American Edible Nut Company,
to control the peanut trade, is incorporated in New Jersey.
General Delaware Kemper, consul to
Amoy, China, under the first Cleveland
administration, is dead.
The Tod Sloan assault case in London has been finally settled by the payment of $1,000 to the waiter.
"Mysterious Billy" Smith and Chas.
McKeever, of Philadelphia, fought a 20-
round bout to a draw last week.
The pope is Buffering great prostration, together -with a light attack ot
fever, caused by recent exertion.
Robbers entered the home of Col.
Ridpath of Spokane and stole $13,000
In checks and valuables last week.
Dominion Day wns celebrated on an
unusually elaborate scale by the thousands of Canadians resident in Chicago.
The United States consul at Salvador
informs the slate depnrtment that yellow fever has made its appearance
Paul Reuther, formerly of San Diego,
Cal., committed suicide in Spokane by
jumping oft the Post street bridge into
the river.
A postoffice Is established at Moran,
five miles southeast ot Spokane, and a
special mall service from that city established.
The navy department has awarded
the contract for the Mare Island dry
dock to the Atlantic, Oulf & Pacific Co.
at $729,000.
The comptroller of the currency has
Issued a call for the statement of the
condition of national banks at the close
of business, June 30.
The annual mobilization of the
troops of the garrison and the land and
sea attacks on Halifax has commenced.
The city Is in a state of siege.
The large cotton warehouse In Brooklyn owned by the Bush company is badly damaged by fire. The loss is estimated at a quarter of a million.
Mary Ann Ansell of London was
found guilty of murdering her sister,
an inmate of an asylum for the insane,
by sending her poisoned cake by post.
In the chamber of deputies recently,
In Rome, the socialists and extreme
leftists recommenced their obstructive
tactics and created an immense uproar.
Union City, III., named from the fact
that it is occupied by union miners,
was the scene of a battle recently about
midnight and as a result the town is tn
A ministerial crisis is reported imminent in Norway owing to a disagreement between King Oscar and the cabinet regarding the appointment of a
commander in chief.
The new scale year of the Amalgamated Association of Iron and Steel
Workers in Pittsburg, has begun with
better record for the union than has
been made for half a dozen years.
The remarkably heavy rains recently
in Texas have done damage which will
amount to hundreds of thousands of
dollars. Railroad traffic was suspended In south Texas because of the numerous washouts.
A train on the Johnson City branch]
of the Illinois Central bearing 47 negro
miners from Pana was shot Into by a
crowd of miners at Lawder. One negro
woman was killed by a bullet through
her heart.
A reciprocity treaty with Jamaica
has been concluded at the state department at a conference between Commissioner Kasson In behalf of the United
States and Mr. Tower, the British
charge d'affaires.
John Moore of Roanoke was shot and
killed    and    Henry    Stewart    fatally
Steel Works tn Pittsburg, Pa. Moore
was an Innocent spectator.
George Barrow of Daw9on was found
dead in his cabin. His throat was cut,
and $3000 in gold stolen. The miners
organized a party to search for the
thief and murderer. They arrested a
German on his way to Nome City. Ho
confessed the crime, and the miners
hanged him without ceremony.
The Missouri supreme court en banc
haa awarded a writ of ouster on information of Attorney General Crow
against seventy-three foreign fire Insurance companies doing business in St.
Joseph, Mo., for violation of the state
anti-trust act of 1895. Under this decision, the seventy-three companies can
not continue business ln the state.
Thirty-two and two-tenths per cent,
or $4,903,795.07, is the gain in receipts
at the United States branch mint for
the fiscal year over that of 1898. For
the last 12 months the gold received
and paid for at this mint was $21,144,-
247, as against $16,240,441.93 for the
year ending June 30, 1898. About 97
per cent of the bullion received at the
mint ls credited to Colorado mines.
Itams JTr-m tha Blah Rlglons of th* Pa-
el_o Northwest. Maws From AU tha
PrtnelpU Mining Osnps-Psnoasli-
_U_1__ Kotos.
Director of the Mint Roberts has announced his final estimate of the production of gold and silver in the United
Statea for the calendar year, 1898, as
Alabama $       5,000
Alaska     2,584,800
silver ores.
ally ln the state of chloride, they aro 1
—'.- 11
The Indebtedness of Jackson county
Is $159,697.10.
Southern Oregon wild pigeons are being shipped to San Francisco.
Hood River Is the first town In eastern Oregon to have rural free delivery.
A. J. Plckard has bought 600 horses
in southern part of the state for $15
to $17 per head.
Ex-Railroad Commissioner J. B. Eddy la the new editor of the Cottage
Grove Times.
Uniforms have been received at The
Dalles for the newly organized company D, Oregon National Guard.
One ot t_e slot machine closed up
recently at Pendleton, said his machine made him $1,800 last year.
Five hundred cords of wood piled
near Eugene, and owned by L. Simon,
were destroyed by fire recently. The
fine was evidently of Incendiary origin.   Mr. Simon's loss is over $1000.
The new machinery for the mechanical hall of the Corvallls agricultural
college is arriving daily and is being
placed ln position under the direction
of Professor Covell.   The largest to ar
Arizona  2,465,100
California  16,653,900
Colorado  23,195,300
Georgia  128,600
Idaho  1,716,900
Iowa  100
Maryland  600
Michigan  100
Minnesota .... 100
Montana  5,126*900
Nevada  2,994,500
New Mexico .... 529,000
North Carolina. 84,000
Oregon  1,177,600
South Carolina.. 104,200
South Dakota .. 6,699,700
Tennessee  .... 900
Texas  300
Utah  2,285,400
Virginia  4,500
Wyoming  5,300
Total $64,463,000   54,436,000
Totals for 1897, $57,333,000 gold;
533,860,000 fine ounces of silver.
The commercial value of silver bullion ln 1898 was 59 cents per fine ounce
while for 1897 It was 60 cents.
Di-ltls- Columbia.
On the Happy Thought, adjoining the
Big Horn group, at Ymir, development is
to be resumed.
Assays from the Nevada, at Ymir, give
values in gold silver and lead of $38.88,
$3*2.21 and $25.15.
On thc Surprise, on (he north side of the
rive yet was the drilling machine.    It I MrH **** *■*■ ■ "J** leJ«e hl,s
been uncovered on the surface.
cost $990.
John Harris, a Gaston, Yamhill
county, farmer, thinks the condition of
his crops Is a fair criterion of Willamette valley fruit, grain, hay and hop
prospects this season. "I have 3,000
prune trees, 6 years old," he said, "and
I will not have a hatful of prunes; off
500 apple trees which have long been
ln full bearing, I will not obtain a
bushel of apples. Early pears are gone,
but the late varieties will yield well;
cherries are dropping off the trees in
a blighted condition, and will therefore
not come up to recent expectations.
Hops, however, were never In better
condition, and the market appears to
be favorable this year. In 1898 6 cents
was all a hopralser could obtain on
contract, but this year buyers are offering as high as 11 cents. My hay and
grain never looked better at this season, and I expect a full crop."
Wheat Quotation,,, Wool Kltcures aad
the Price of Prodace.
The following prices are paid for
wheat delivered at the Spokane mills:
Wheat—Bluestem, bulk, 55c;    sacked,
52c; No. 1 club, bulk, 47c; sacked, 49c;
No. 1 red, bulk, 45c; sacked, 47c.
hay, $13; alfalfa, $11.
Vegetables—Potatoes, $2.00 to $2.25
per cwt; onions, $l.35@$1.50; cabbage
$2.60 per cwt.; celery, 50 to 60c per dos.
Hay—Timothy, $13 per ton; wheat
hay, $11; alfalfa, $11.
Rye—Country points, f. o. b., 72c per
cwt.; Spokane, 75c per cwt
Corn—Whole, $1.15 per cwt; cracked, $1.20.
Feed—Bran and shorts, $14 per ton;
shorts, $13.; bran, $15.; rolled barley,
$20.; chicken feed, $16 to $20.
Wood (on car)—Fir, $3.; tamarack,
$3.75; pine, $2.75. Retail—Fir, $3.50;
tamarack, $3.50 to $4; pine, $3 to $3.25.
Coal (retail)— Roslyn lump. $5.50;
Pennsylvania antharcite, $18; Colors
do antharcite, $16; foundry coke, $16;
Cumberland black, $17.60 to $20.
Poultry—Chickens, live weight, 18
to 17c per pound; turkeys, dressed, 16
to 18c; spring ducks, dressed, 14 to 16;
geese, live, 10 to 18c
Meats—Beef cows, live, $3.50 to 4.50
per cwt.; dressed, 7 to 7%c; hogs, live,
4 to 4Jc; dressed, 6 to (He.
Portland, Or.—Wheat—Steady, Walla
Walla, 58 l-2<5.59c; valley, 5!)@60c; blue-
stem, 01(«62c.
Tacoma.—Wheat is the same as yesterday.   Club, 58c; bluestem, 61c.
New York.—-ilver Certificates, 00j
San Francisco.—Silver bars 60 6-8e.
Mexican dollars, 40 3-4@50 l-4c.
Ijondon.—Bar silver, steady, 27 13-lfld
per ounce.
New York.—The brokers' price for lead
is $4.25 and for copper $18.
Parole* for hrnic and IIokk*.
Olympia, Wash., July 3.—Gov. Rogers
has paroled Adolph King, defaulting treasurer of Seattle; George W. Boggs, defaulting treasurer of Tacoma; M. J. Clump,
sentenced from Port Townsend; Kno Bly,
sentenced from Walla Wnlla for manslaughter. 'These men with the exception
of Boggs, arc all confined in the pen. Their
paroles date from July 2.
Harvard Defeated Yale.
New York, July 3.—Harvard defeated
Yale at baseball, 13 to 10, and won the
championship in  one of the closest  and
On the Two Brothers on the west aide
of the south fork of the Porcupine, near
Ymir, a nine-foot ledge is traceable for
000 feet.
The lessees of the Mother Lode at Murray made a clean-up last week of $1042,
the result of a six days' run with live
A contract is being filled by A. New-
bound for 160 cords of wood for the Tam-
arac, at Ymir, where 15 men are employed drifting in the 200-foot level.
On the GoodenoUg-, situate on the Minimi! near Wild Horse ereek, at Ymir, at a
depth of four feet a ledge seven feet wide
has heen struck carrying galena.
S. Thornton Langley of Rossland, who
has lieen inspecting work on the properties of the Okanogan Free Gold Mines,
Limited, in Okanogan conuly, Wash., near
the international boundary line, reports
that the 10-stamp mill recently installed
will begin operations within a fortnight.
According to his description this mine will
soon he one of the biggest dividend payers
in the country. Tlie officials of the company include lion. T. Mayne Daly.
The shipments from Rossland camp for
the fust six months of the year total 04,02!>
tons as against 38,877 tons for the same
period of 1898, un increase of 25,752 in
the six months. During the week just
ended the Le Roi made no shipment on
the 30th and 1st. The piston of the compressor which broke some weeks ago and
whieh was then temporarily mended has
been taken out and replaced by a new
one and this catt-ed the mine to shut down
fur two days. No shipments were made
over the Columbia _ Western one day
during the week owing to the track being
blocked hy an ore train that got. off the
track three times on the way from the
mines to the smelter, the new ore cars
and the want of ballast on thc track being
responsible for the trouble. Under the circumstances the total of ore shipped for
the week is good. Following Ls a detailed
list of ore shipments for the week ending
Julv 1 and for the year to date:
Mine. WV.'k*., tons.
I* Roi  1.21S
War Kaule 1,312
Iron Mask 	
Evening 8tnr     32
Deer Park	
CVnti-r Ktar    610
most  exciting contests in the history of
founded during a quarrel between ne-] college b.iseb.ill.   Harvard's was a decisive
Je^^mmtm *^v*K<*^4-<_-ii^ .•(*fo'-*^«e<<U»'
Totals 3,2:i2
An anticlinal fold Is one in which
the strata dip in both directions from
the crest of a fold. A synclinal fold
is one in which the strata dip toward
each other from opposite directions. A
quaquaversal fold is one in which the
strata dip away in all directions from
the crest of an uplift A monocllnal
fold is one dipping in one direction
A simple fissure vein ls one having
well defined walls, a nearly straight or
slightly curving strike and dip. Pieces
of the country rock are often Included,
as though they had fallen Into an open
crevice. Such a vein as this not infrequently has a banded structure. This
ls the type of vein frequently figured
ln text books but not often seen In nature.
When using hanging bolts In shafts,
use only large sized Iron washers.
There Is no economy ln small washers.
A four or five-Inch washer ls far better than one two and a half Inches In
diameter, for should any downward
pressure exert Itself the small washers
will sink Into the plates and there ls
sure to be a subsidence in the shaft
sets. Large washers will obviate this
to a great extent.
Chloride of ailver is soluble In a solution of hyposulphite of soda, from
which the silver may bc precipitated ln
the form of black sulphide of silver by
the introduction of sodium of calcium
sulphide.  These reactions)are the basis
chloridined lu a furuace aud the roast
ed are leached.—The Mining and Scientific Press.
When making application for a patent to placer ground care should be taken to determine the exact classification
of the land, and the clearest evidence
possible should be presented.
Quicksilver is obtained on the Pacific coast from four minerals—cinnabar,
meta-clnnabarlte, native quicksilver
and tlemannlte (mercuric selenlde).
This latter occurs In Piute county,
The development of a mine Is exploration.   The stoplng and working ot a
mine after it ls developed is exploitation.  A good maxim in mining is keeping exploration welt tn advance of ex-
2,246,800' ploltatlon.
642,3001    A normal fault is one in which the
22,815,600  hanging wall has sunk relatively to the
500 foot wall, and a reverse or thrust fault
5,073,800' Is one in which the hanging wall side
has moved upward    relatively to tho
foot wall.
The slow backward movement of abrupt rock faces, due to weathering, has
been called the recession of cliffs.
The slates of the Mariposa beds of
the California gold belt are proven to
700 be cretaceous by the   appearance    of
130,0001 casts of the fossil aucella.
300      Sedimentary strata to a depth of 11,-
152,300  000 feet have been removed by erosion
ln some portions of the Grand Canyon
region In southern Utah.
It has been asserted that all pyrite
contains gold In some amount, but careful tests have been made by some of the
most expert chemists of the United
States geological survey and pyrite frequently found which showed no trace
of gold.
In the early stage of development of
a quartz mine it ls often impossible to
tell whether or not the ground is more
valuable for mineral or agricultural
purposes. A vein small and low grade
upon the surface may develop into a
valuable mine In depth. Several such
instances are of record.
The zone of oxidation in the copper
mines of Butte, Mont., ends abruptly,
usually, the oxides and carbonates giving place within a few Inches to ores
of the normal sulphide type. In the
Homestake mines of South Dakota, sulphide ores are found on every level below the 100, but oxidized ore is found
as low as the 400 level.
A deal has been consummated whereby
a Spokane syndicate has purchased section
21, lownship 28, range 30, upon whieh the
Crystal mine is situated, near old Fort
Spokane. The purchase does not include
the 40 acres owned by the Crystal Company, but takes in all the mineral lands
surrounding the Crystal, 600 acres in all.
'J'lii-, land has lieen already patented.
The Gray Ktlgle is the latest mine lo lv
added to the list of choice showing**! in
the Inland Empire. It is ill a comparatively naw and unknown district. 11 is
located on Hock creek, about six miles
from the Great Northern, and about 10
miles from Davenport. A Bpokane company owns it. Captain J. W. lleisner is
interested in it. Yesterday he received
a box of samples from B. N. Danskiu,
who had been tent down to examine it.
The t'umbel land mine, near Silv. r City,
Idaho, has heen sold hy t). ti. l-iUiiee to
the Virtue Consolidated (.old Mining Company of Montreal. George Soimemann
and J. K. liransconihe, the Spokane men
who owned the control of the mine, and
W, T. McDonald, who is Mr. Lebaree'i
representative here, are authority for the
statement that the price is $1,000,000 cash.
News of the consummation of the deal
reached the city yesterday. This is the
second large deal made by Mr. I_tburee
this year, he having previously sold the
Virtue and Collateral mines, in Baker
City district, to the same company for
The greatest placer excitement ever
known will be within the borders ol Idaho
county within a year. In the northeast*
crn part of the county there is a comparatively unknown placer field, yet of which
sufficient is known to prove beyond a
question of doubt that it is immensely
rich in golden sands.
The drilling contest at the Spokane Industrial Exposition puts up the following
prizes: For the double-handed contest,
$1000 will he offered, $.r)00 to go to the
winning team, $,'t(KI to the second best,
and $200 to the third best. There mu*t
lie at least six entries for this event, as
well as for the single-handed contest. F.ich
entering team must put np an entry fee
of 10 per cent of thc purse, that is $100.
but the prizes are so liberal that even the
third team will earn double its entry fee.
For the single handed contest thc prizes
and conditions are the same. There must
be six entries, and each man must put up
nn entry fee of $100. The best man will
win $500, nnd will have the distinction of
Ix-ing the best single-handed rock driller
in the world, for the contest is ojwn to
everybody. The second prize will he $800,
and the third prize will be $200.
The new armory building ln Davenport Is completed.
Vincent Ryan, a prominent newspaper man, editor of the Tacoma News,
ia dead.
Report has it that work has been
commenced on the Republic end of the
state road.
Camps of the Native Sons of Wash-
Took Place NearSteptoe Butte-Jealous
Husband 1>I.I the Ueed with a Pocket
Knife  He Took Poise- then Cut Bis  t-jfo-j ure being organized in the Pu
Throat-All May -Ive.
get Sound cities.
U. S. Grant, Jr., and family were in
Seattle last week from San Diego eu
route to Alaska.
Tbe uew county of Chelan Is short
Colfax, Wash., July 3.-A terrible tragedy occurred uear Steptoe Bulte, 12 miles
north of here, as a result of Whieh W. Rm h[ ,mi     |inlll..„M ..,..,..*..,.,- ,■„,. ,,,.,
Oragg, his wife, ■»**» ^.K    'organization of the county,
of Spokane are hovering between life and perfecting plana for mak-
death, with jagged wounds in their throats
and bodies, all inflicted by Gragg in a fit
of jealous rage.
lt was a sickening sight whicli met tho
gaze of Deputy Sheriff Klmer und Deputy
Prosecuting Attorney Warner, who drove
to the scene of thc tragedy this uf tei noon.
In the house where the stabbing occurred
(Jnigg lay on a bed surrounded by friends
and neighbors. His throat was cut from
eur to ear, the windpipe being completely
severed, and there were four terrible
wounds in the abdomen, where the desperate man had driven the blade of his
pocket knife, after attempting to kill Mrs.
t'-rroll and leaving his wife for dead in
the yard.
At the home of John Bishop, a few hun
dred yards distant, lay the two victims of
thc would-be murderer, their throats cut
and their bodies horribly mutilated, but
both alive and conscious.
In a room on the first floor Mrs. Carroll
was found surrounded by neighbors. She
was resting easily, w ith her neck, head and
arms swathed in bandages. Her throat
had received a terrible gash five inches
in length, extending clear across in front,
but neither the jugular vein nor windpipe
was severed. The knife blade had been
driven through her right cheek and had
cut a gash four inches long and to the
bone on the top of her head. Tlie infuriated man had also driven the cruel blade
entirely through her right forearm, a fe.v
inches above the wrist. She was not suffering much when seen, and gave a good
account of the terrible affray.
History  ut ihe  Principals
Gregg has heen here 12 years, and is
highly respected. He was married live
years ago to Miss l.ini.i Ifo&intoC-, a
farmer's daughter. They have no children, and have livid unhappily for a year.
Uragg claims his wife's relations with
Fitzgerald have lieen going on for the
past year, hut admits he has no positive
EH-gerald is a married man, 45 years
old, wiih a family, his oldest »ou being 19
years old.
Mrs. Carroll is the wife of T. J. Cur-
rull, hill clerk of the ('real Northern at
Spokane. She is n friend of Mrs. Gregg,
w hum she was visiting.
While there li niti hope for the recovery of iliaKu, there is a possibility, an.I
the chnnc. h for the woini-n are believed
to be quite good unless blood poisoning
should follow, Mrs. dragg is the mors
badly wounded of the two women, but
she Is young and possessed of a splendid
Constitution and Indomitable will power,
as evidenced by her abiliiy to lie Mllll and
feign death while oelng hacked and mutilated with the knife. This is greatly In
her bvor In the battle with death. She
is cheerful and fully expects to rtCOV r.
Her wounds ure more painful than at
llrst, and the same is true of Mrs. fir-
Year. Ions.
Ill.-j cl- Races at New York.
New York, July 3.—The cycle race
meet at Ambrose park, Brooklyn, attracted
3500 Spectators, Arthur A. Zimmerman,
thc old champion, wns the star of the
afternoon. His appearance on the track
was the signal for great applause, which
was renewed when he covered the quarter
mile in 27 3-.r> seconds. Zimmerman alsti
started from the scratch mark in thc half
mile handicap called after him, hut failed
to get a place. Charles M. Murphy, who
yesterday rode a mile after a locomotive
in 57 4-5 seconds, did a half mile exhibition today in 1:04 2 5.
Girls Oo on  strike.
Chicago, June 30.—The latest recruits
to the strikers at the stock yards ure 40
girls, who have asked for an increase to
$1 per day, and upon refusal, walked out
It is estimated 1200 men are out.
Overcome by Pomes .,( Oaa.
Rossland,.B. C, July 3. -A fatal accident occurred in the Velvet mine. The
victim was J. t'umiiiings a pump man
who came from Northport, Wash. There
are two shifts working iu thc crosscut on
Uie 250-foot level. The last shift went
off duty at 12 o'clock, midnight, and C'um-
mings" duties compelled him to go on at
12 o'clock. A round of shots were tired
at 12 o'clock, and one of these failed to
go off. It was nol a part of Ciiinming**'
duly to do it, but he went in the drift
for the purpose of spitting a hole. The
end of the drift is about 68 feet from the
bottom of the shaft. He rung six bells
for the purpose of notifying the engineer
thai the blast was about to be fired. The
engineer wailed 15 minutes for the one
hell which is a signal for him to hoist.
Then, thinking that something was wrong,
he summoned Ihe mine foreman, 'lhe latter went down the shaft and into the diift
In search of Ciimmings. The hitter was
found in an unconscious condition, lying
on his face on a pile of dirt about hulf way
from tlie face of the drift. Tlie foreman,
who was beginning to be uffeeled by the
gns, lifted dimming* and curried him to
the shaft, where he died Immediately,
•si.li._l.. Mills Have Cloned.
Seattle, July 3.- In accordance with an
agreement entered inlo some time ago by
shingle manufacturers of the state, 120
mills representing 96 ]ier (ent of the *date
output of red cedar shingles have dosed
for a period of two weeks for the purpose
of advancing the price of shingles. Twelve
shut down for one week, and two for 10
days. Four mills have agreed not to ship
straight carloads. Kight mills did not
enter into the agreement.
Kiploalon lu a Charivari Parly.
Mimistee, Mich., July l.~At a German
wedding ut Oak Hill a large crowd gathered to charivari the newly married couple.
The outfit consisted of cowbells, horns and
a small cannon.
The cannon was loaded with an over-
charge, of powder and exploded, injuring
three bystanders. Albert (iillusa was
■truck in the head with two pieces of iion
and probably fut.illy injured.
Death of Admiral Horn!,-.
ing Falrhaven the starting point for
his Pacific steamship Une.
The annual school report of New
Whatcom shows an enrollment of 1,57-,
an Increase of 137 over last year.
The stock men of Yakima county
gave a grand banquet to the visiting
federal forestry reserve officials when
The state land commissioners have
approved the sule of 194 acres of land
in King county, the consideration being $19.4.
Carpenters yesterday began the work
of electing Edwards college, the new
school of tne United Brethren church,
located at Ouy.
The relatives of Walter Shroeder,
who was lost In the Mount Baker district last year, have offered $600 reward for his body.
Pete Miller of Tacoma, who haa been
on trial for killing Tlederman Magen-
ton, last March, was convicted of murder in the second degree.
Sufficient rain has fallen In the Latah locality during the past few days
to make good crops a certainty. Farmers are quite jubilant.
The body of Douglas Martin, age 10
years, who was drowned In the Spokane river three weeks ago, has been
recovered four miles below the city
ln the river.
Arrangements are being made for
special days for Seattle, Tacoma, Spokane and other points, and excursions
will be run over the railroads to accommodate those who will be ln attendance.
Current reports from Wallula are to
the effect that that place Is being overrun with a tough element of transients
and the common safety of the citizens
is in hazard.
The cruiser Olympia memorial committee has received word that the memorial tablet is now completed and Is
held subject to the committee's order.
It will probably be forwarded to this
city at once.
The state fair commission bas completed the speed program for races during fair week, September 25 to 30. The
purses offered aggregate over $5000.
and Include running, pacing and trotting matches, for good prizes.
Falrhaven now has a Chinatown of
aliout 350 inhabitants, and it is still
growing. The usual summer influx of
the Mongolians who work in the fish
canneries began some time ago, and
when active work is ready to begin
there will be about 525 Chinamen In
that city.
Kaslo & Slocan
Trains Run on Pacific Standard Time.
Leave. Arrive.
Going West. Dully. Going Bast.
8:00a. m    Kaslo     3:66 p. m.
8:32 a. ni  South Fork  3:20 p. m.
9:30 a. tn  Sproule'a   2:25 p. m.
9M6 a. m  Whitewater   3:10 p. m.
9:56 a. in  Bear Lake  2:00 p. m.
10:12 a. m  McGuigan   1:46 p. m.
10:25 a. m   Bailey's   1:34 p. ni.
10:33 a. m.... Cody Junctl. n  .... 1:23 p. ni.
Arrive. Leave.
10:40 a. m  Sandon  1:16 p. ni.
Leave 11:00 t. m..Sandon..Arrive 11:40 a. m.
Arrive 11:15 a. m...Cody...Leave 11:16 a. in.
Q.  F.  COPKLAND,  Superintendent.
Kllloit Defeated Daniels.
Denver, July 8.—In a mutch fur the
Ihtpont world's championship cup at live
birds at Sethi m Park between J, A. R.
1'lliolt of Kansas City and Alvin Daniels
of    Denver,  Klliott  won by  a score    of
; '"■'' "'■ **'>■■" ■■'"      -1 -I Sir Wiml.'T \" I7'' ,m"U}™[ "■ *«'""« ** ■<■'•■
j,.j".„. I?-™'" finishing wilh a run of |io straight.
missed   his   6_d,  08th   and   01st
*mstm*\eum mm •*•>.. «_"_-
..-...-v..,    .,...„;    -.-.1U.II.I    ,-!|r     V*,||,(|.     ni        ..     .
ham Hornby, K. Q „., retire,!, died rod* I Kb «
.... Kootenay....
Railway and Navigation
OperalliiK Kaslo A Slocan Railway, International Nav. /_ Trading Co.
Schedule of Time—Pacific Stundard Time.
Pusseniter truln for Sandon and way
stations, leaves Kaslo at 8:00 a. m.
Dally, returning! leaves Sandon at 1:16
p.  in., arriving ut  Kaslo at 3:66 p.  m.
International Nav. & Trad. Co.—Operating nn Kootenny lake nnd river.
Leaves Knslo for Nelgon at 6:00 a. m.
dally, except Sundny. Returning*, leaves
Nelson ul 4:30 p. m., calling at Balfour,
Pilot Bay, Ainsworth, and all way points.
Connects wilh 8.  F. & N.  train to and
from SimkHiie, ut Five Mile Point.
S. 8. "ALBERTA."
Leaves Nelson for Bonner's Ferry Tuesdays und Saturdays at 7 a. m., meeting
steamer "International" from Kaslo at
Pilot Hay.
Returning, leaves Bonner's Ferry at 8:00
n. tn. Wsdneadaya und Sundays.
Connects at Bonner's Ferry with Great
Northern railway for all points east and
Steamers call at principal landings In
botli directions, und ut other points when
signaled, i* .
Tickets sold to nil points In Canada and
thn  United  Stutee.
To ascertain rutee and fuU Information
1» ^Mim^-t^'s^*-
The Fight M»-«   by   Temperance   Pen-
le-le a Permanent Kstubllahuieut lu
J'l,B Army - Army Offleers iu Pavor of
it   May M >■ Indlspenslble.
Washington, D. C, July 3.—As a result
0f the investigation made by the war derailment, it uiay bc coulldently stated
that ihe anny canteen is practically u
permanent establishment. All the officers
,,f ihe department are thoroughly Uied of
uonlroversy which has hud in it much
that has heen disagreeable and Adjutant
(lenerttl t'orhin stutes thut he now consider, the matter as definitely settled.
The opinions of over 000 army ofllcers
Wcre nsked as to the advisability of continuing the canteen system, whicli it was
decided hy the attorney general the
uui department hnd the right to do, de-
ipite the paragraph in the army bill passed
al the last session of congress, which
lhe temperance people are anxious to have
construed that no beer or any mult liquor
shall he sold ut any army pott or upon
anv government reserve. The replies of
the army otlicers whose opinions were
asked are almost unanimously in favor jf
continuing the canteen system, as being
better for the morals of the soldiers them
wives. It was at first thought that these
replies would bc given to the public as .t
soit of defense of the department against
lhe attacks of the temperance people, hut
now it has beeu considered unnecessary
and Inadvisable to do so, as still further
stirring up a controversy that could have
no good result. Acting Secretary Meikeljohn at leust, decided not to do it, and
Secretary Alger has not hud time to take
the mutter up since his return.
It probably is not generally known outside of the department of war itself how
great has been the hue and cry raised hy
the advocates of prohibition against the
wiling of beer at anny posts, and loud,
long und continuous hnve lieen the demands made upon the president that he
should is*ue an executive order forbidding
the sale of nil kinds of liquor under any
kind of an arrangement at the various
barracks and army posts throughout the
Mrs-ma to Be a \«-<-«-»lt>.
Tlie reports received from army officers
de hire almost without exception that the
■mM exchange is indi-pen-ahle to the promotion and maintenance of the morality,
comfort and contentment of the enlisted
men. ll is found to work without the
slightest friction nt all samps and gurri
-un-. and contributes to the sobriety uud
efficiency of the troops.
Waste Not,
Want Not:'
Little teaks bring to want, and little _*.
purities of the blood, if not attended to,
bring a " Want" of health. Hood's Sar.
saparilla is the one and only specific that
will remove all blood humors and tmpurt-
ties, thereby putting you into a condition
of perfect health and strength.
Ing a large number of tracts that are
not appraised or are In a condition of
forfeiture to the state without having
yet reverted. Out of these lar,-e land
holdings It is proposed to hive a public
sale shortly, when such tracts wili bo
offered to the beBt bidder as 'he county
treasurers think will be in demand.
Im   lu   .11 <>>■«)   of Everett   Shot.
Everett, July 3.—Simon Fox shot L L
Monty, the ball entering the left breast
and lodging in the neck.
Monty is married, and has been jealous
of i'o\ lor several years, Monty returned
today, after uii absence of several months
and found Mrs. Monty keeping hoarders
in a house owned by Fox, who wns at
home  when he arrived,    lilmvs soon  foi- I
Tho.e Orders   Have lie,,, |..„,d -Oor-
souus Raiment of Admiral - OhMiea
M»<L to Dletlnguui, R«nk-TU« .Num-
"***">us than,.. Are KUboraU.
Washington, July l._'n.e new regulations prescribing the uniforms of naval officers have been issued.
«W material changes are made ra the
existing dress, but for the first time iu
many years provision has hud to be made
for distinguishing the admiral from other
hug ollieeis, and while Admiral Dewey .
modesty will not bc shocked by a revival
of the gorgeous raiment of the ollicer of
"'at grade, he will he conspicuous enough
to satisfy the most of his admirers, lie
Will not need to make any ulterutions in
the eight costumes he must wear on various occasions, but his epaulets, sleeve ornaments, collar devices and cocked hut
"ill have to he specially muuufaelured before he passes Gibraltar, for the regulations, which were approved Muy 8, go
Into effect practically us soon us they are
received hy otlicers, aud the copies hate
been mailed.
To distinguish thc udniirul the following
lowed words, und when Fox was knocked  points ure to bc noted: He will have on his
down he drew u revolver and fired twice,
the first hull missing, hut Monty fell when
struck by the second, und soon became
unconscious, and at one time was thought
to bc dying. He was taken to the Everett
hospital and attended by Dr. Cox. Fox
went to the jail und gave himself up.
Ws offer One  Hundred  Dollars  Reward
ioaho Min-;*.
Lieutenant Governor Hutchinson of
Silver City delivered the Fourth of
July oration  at  Boise.
Kurglars entered tbe store of the
Moscow Commission Company und
broke open the safe recently. They
succeeded in everything except in getting valuables.
Jerry Callahan and M. P. Hoyie, log
contractors, have started fc* the Kootenai lake country with th-; tiist of 12
tufts of logs. The rafts co.iliii'i 4,000.-
ooO feet of lumber, being the largest
contract filled this season.
The summer school at the University
of Idaho is, in the words of President
Rlanton, "no longer an experiment, but
an assured and triumphant success."
The enrollment up to yesterday evening had reached 157, and many mote
are expected soon.
lhe first carload of liirr* has been
b.iined from the marble ledge along
the Clearwater, near Agatha, and a
thorough test has demonstrated that II
is ot a superior quality. New kilns vill
lie built at once and the lime rut on
the market.
The hrlck mill owned by the Moscow
Brick and Tile Company has been run-
i in*; full time lately. Its capacity is
about 30,000 brick per day. This is
the first time that the mill has run
slice a year ago, when lt finished contacts aggregating 400,000 br'.c t.
A prisoner on the Nets Perce reservation boasted that he could give a $10,-
'"IO bond whereupon the Justice made
it $'1,000, lt being simply a peace bond
remarking that he had given It to
him a little steeper than he would have
done had the prisoner evinced a more
humble disposition.
Recently fire broke out ln the saloon
building at Leland, owned by U K. Dais, and ln the absence of an} lire fight
ln« apparatus, soon spread lo tho adjoining premises. By dint of hard work
• he Inhabitants succeeded In prevent-
In*? the flames from spreading to the
opposite or north side of the street.
The fire raged until checked by lack
of material.
The Sandpolnt Lumber company Is
building a new saw mill about one-half
mile north of the present town of Sand-
Point and a short distance from the
"Id mill. It is to have a capacity of
•r>0,000 feet of lumber a day, and in
Place of circular saws band saws will
be used, and other improvements will
be made.
° P. Saylor of Newsoni", employed
by the Montana Placer Mining Company, met with a serious ami perhaps
fatal accident at the mine. Dne ot a
number of riffle blocls that had been
i ut some distance up tli** niountnln
"las. fell and struck Mr. flaylor on thc
'eft shoulder, fracturing the shoulder
Wade nnd throwing him Iniu Cm race,
•le also received a bad cut on the right
side of the head, a cut over the right
■ye and lip.
Judge C. B, Arney, chief clerk in the
«ate land office at Boise, ls visiting
north Idaho to look aftc* thc state's
•nd business, which Is heavy in La
'«h and Nez Perce counties, In each of
***h'h It is greater than In nil the rest
"r the state combined. In Latah conn-
y 'he state han made 150 lenses this
sny row of Catarrh thut connot be cured  by
Hsll'a Catarrh Cure.
F. J.  Cii-KET _ CO., Toledo, O.
We. the undersigned, hnve known V. J.
Cheney for the last U years, and believe him
perfectly honorable In ail business transactions
and tlnanclally able to parry out any obligations
made by their Arm.
WEST _ THU AX, Wholesale DrnggUtS, To-
ledo,  O,
Druggists.   Toledo.   U.
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally, set-
ing directly uixm the blood and mucous surfaces of the system. Testimonials aent free.
1'rice 76c per  bottle.    Hold  by  all   Druggists.
Hall's Family I'llls are the best.
The highest monument in the world
Is the Washington Monument, being
655 feet. The highest structure of any
kind ls the Eiffel Tower, Paris, finished
ln 1889, 989 feet high.
_ , a now
It cures painful, swollen, smarting, nervous feet, and Instantly takes the sting out
of corns and bunions. It's the greatest
comfort discovery of the age. Allen's Koot-
E-.*emakeM tight <ir new shoes leel easv.
It is a certain cure fur Ingrowing Nails,
sweating, callous nnd hot, tired, aihing
feet. We have nver .'io.isiO testimonials.
Try It tod.;. gold by sll <l/u«riata ami
shoe stores. Hv mail for 35c In stamps.
Trial package FR KB. Address, Altai &
Oinisted, i.e Roy, N. Y.
It is a had custom for married people to speak of the wife as the "old
woman," or the husband as "my old
man," when perhaps they have not been
married a year. If they cannot say Mrs.
sleeves, near the cull's, two stripes of two-
inch gold lace, with one one-inch stripe between, set one-quarter of an inch apart
jV rear admiral will have four of the one-
inch stripes, and ensigns have one. Epaulets of all flag otlicers hut those of the
admiral are pmbeHahed with four silver
stars of live rays each placed an equal
distance from each other in the middle of
the strap or frog of the epaulet, with u
gold ioul anchor, one and one-eighth inches long, under each of the two outer stars,
while rear admirals have only two stars,
near each end of the frog, with u small
silver foul anchor in the center. Similar
devices go to the shoulder straps, the admiral's strap being three-eighths of an
inch longer and one-eighth of au inch
wider than the straps of other oflicers.
On each side of his collar the admiral
'*■ ill wear four silver stars with a gold foul
anchor under each of the outer stars.
Rear udmirals have t»o silver stars and a
silver foul anchor.
The cocked hat of the admiral will have
a strip of two inch gold lace, laid on Hat
around the outer rim uf the fans, passing
under the peaks. For rear admirals the
gold lace is half an inch narrower.
The admiral's sword belt is embroidered
on each edge with half-inch gold braid
and has quarter-inch gold braid in the
center. Bear admirals are entitled to half
the width of gold on the same belt
The cap for the admiral is the same as
that for the rear admiral, and his coat,
waistcoat, trousers, mackintosh, overcoat,
cloak, cravat, scarf, shoes, rubber boots,
sliiits, collar and gloves are the same as
for ull commissioned officers in the navy.
His cravat is black ribbed silk, not
more than :l<i nor less (han 3_ inches long
our more than one and one quarter inches,
nor less than three-quarters of an inch
wide, tied in a double knot in front. His
shoe*, biff- or low, shall be of bla,k calf
H. or Mr. B. thev can say my wife, or,
,, ..        , ,,!skn nr patent leather, but in warm weath
my husband, or call them by name If ', .       ...    _,_„
they wish.
ler,  while trousers, plain while shoes of
tn Woman's Life Are Made Dangerous
by Pelvic Oatarrh.
Mis. Mathilda Kichler, Doniphan,
Neh., says:
"1 suffered from catarrh for many
yeais, hut since I have been takinit Pe-
iu-iiu I feel sluing and well. I would
advise all | eople to tiy Pe-ru-na. As
I used Pc-tii-iiu and Mau-H-lin while I
was passing lliiougli the change of life,
1 am positively convinced your beneficial remedies have relieved me from
all mv ills."
Peiu-na has raised more women from
beds of sickness and set them to work
again than any other remedy. Pelvic
catarrh is the bane ol womankind. Pe-
ru-na is the bane of oatarrh in all forms
and stages. Mrs. Col. Hamilton, Columbus, O., says: "I recommend Pe-
in-na to women, belieivng it to be
especially beneficial to them."
Send for a fiee hook written by Dr.
Hartman, entitled "Health and
Beauty." Address Dr. Hartman.
Columbus, O.
Remember that cholera morbus,
cholera infantum, summer complaint, bilious colic, diarrhoea und
dysentery are each and all catarrh
of the bowels. Catairh is tbe only
correct name for these affections.
Pe-iu-na is nn absolute specific for
these ailments, which are so oom-
niiiii in summer. Dr. Hartman, in
a praotice of over forty years, never
lost a single case of choleru infantum, dysentary, diarrhoea, or cholera morbus, and his only lemedy
was Pe-ru-un. Those desiring
further paiticulsrs should send for
a free copy of "Summer Catanh."
Address Dr. Hat tin an. Columbus, O.
The salary of the postmaster at Dillon has been increased from $1,700 to
Harry Corregon has been appointed
and has qualified as constable of Chinook township.
Hilstrom Bros, have closed down
their saw mill near Lloyd, and have
gone to Minnesota to remain.
The various Christian Endeavor societies of Missoula und Ravalli counties have effected permanent organization at Corvallla.
A thunder bolt killed twenty-eight
fine big wethers in a flock of the Sayre
Sheep Company the other   day    near
■ OITT'S    SrilOOT.,
Menlo Park, San Mnteo Oo., Cal., accreil-
Ited at the universities, Location, clima.a,
aud careful attention to Mental, Moral and
Physical trainintr, places Hoitt. among
the foremost Qcb-ols for Urns on the
Cosst.—5. f. Chronicle. Will re-open in
the new building AiiKust With, (9tb year.)
Ira Q. Hoitt, Ph. 1)., Principal.
j canvas or buckskin or russet leather shoes, \\hlte Sulphur Springs,
are allowable when service dress is worn.
The most    ancient   catacombs are
those of the Theban kings, begun 4,000 ,
years ago.      The catacombs of Rome
contain the remains of 6,000,000 human |
beings; those of Paris, 3,000,000.
Un   Not   Suffer.
Suffering is unnecessary. Cm-carets rnnily
Cathartic kill disease until, clean out the body.
rUBOVt the llrst causes of suffering. All druggists,  ioc, :*,c. 60c.
It Is claimed that crows, eagles, ravens and swans live to be 100 years old,
herous, 59; parrots, 60; pelicans and
geese, 50; skylarks, 30; sparrow hawks
40; peacocks, canaries and cranes, 24.
Fence -nd Iron Works.
and iron fencing; offlcs railing, etc. IM Alder.
Light moves  187,000 miles per second.
Remember that yon cnn buy Jesse Moors
A. A. Whiskey for the same price that is
paid fur ordinary whisky. Fur sale by all
first class dealers and drUBglsts.
The Latin tongue became
about 580 A. D.
Floods In Trans.
Calvert, Texas, July 3—Tlie most di*
nstrou*. storm for several year-, in this
district has occurred. The streams and
big livers around here overran their banks
and everything ahead of thnn was swept
to destruction. The reports come in that
two riven, Little and Big Brazos, have
met and that help i* needed. On hearing
this, all the business houses closed up and
everybody went to the rescue of the unfortunate*.
A number of live* have Ih'OH reported
lost. So far only live b.xlies have been
recovered, all being negroes. A huge number of kou-es in the lower p.irt of the city
are flooded.
The railroad bridges at both ends of
the town have been destroyed. One of
them wns built of stone ami cement. It
ha*, undergone the rises of the past 2.">
years, but it succumbed to this terrible
rush of waters, The mayor and citizens
have provided shelter and food for the
WANTKU Men nnd women everywhere to din
trbute samples »"<1 silvcrtlse California Orange Hkuii; $2 cr ■!">■ »•«■ -six*""'*" '""''■
rash ev'.MV week; particulars for2-i-e.it tttm
California Oraiws erne Co*. s,in rranexee.
Watches were first constructed
Mothers will find Mrs. Window's Sooth-
Ing Syrup thc best remedy lo use for thsii
children durng the teething period.
Modern needles first enme Into use in
riTt P>rm-ne..ltr OiirM. P.. flu. or mjMstjm
Fill -tier first d.y ■ n«e of Ur. OaJS W
Nero Bestxirer.  >*•■>*•<>' iMtUf■-£■ *\m
M.tUe_nd treatise I>* «£_■**• •**•*••>«■■ *•**•*•* "*
*.rcb street. Philadelphia. I-
The first balloon ascended from Lyons, France, 1783.
Wa will forfeit $1000 If «ny * «» "ft
llshed testimonials are proven  to bene,
genuine.     The  lMso Co.,
t'rauKrvllle Tr-art*-*.*.
Qrangeville, July 3.—The entire town
wns  thrown   into  a  furor of  excitement
-eater-ay, u* a r.-sult of a shooting scrape
between A. 1). tireeii and .1. P. Ail*hie,
two well-known citizens of Camas prairie.
Kach had a revolver and the chamber! of
both WaspO-S were empty when the shooting censed, tireeii was hit five times. Ail-
■hie pasted through the affair without a
scratch. How both men escaped instant
death is remarkable. One shot penetrated
Green's side, breaking a rib, another passed
through his right thigh and another
through his right, shoulder. The other two
arc flesh wounds. While suffering intensely, und while either of three of his
wounds could  prove fa till, he has strong
chances of recovery.
Wnrrcn.  Pi
Admiration  Won   Oul.
New York, July 3.—Fully 15.0-00 people
journeyed to Bheepshesd Kay to sec the
one-mile race for 116,000    between    the
greatest of the :i yenrold fillies, Admiration and _fay Hempstead,  It was the cast
,gal!Ut the'west  and  the ens.  won. for  ton,..Ida up and a. so)., tely valueless.
Admiration came home in a gallop llrst      News reaches Mssoula from Stevens
The time. 1:40 14, wits  vllle that would Indicate the posslbll
There Is a marked and steady Increase in the use of bound periodicals
in the Butte public library, according
to a report made by Librarian J. L. Davis.
C. H. Addison, day operator at the
Northern Pacific depot at Big Timber,
has resigned his position to enlist in
the government signal corps service in
the Philippines.
Wool continues to come into the Big
Timber warehouse, and there is now
about 400,000 pounds in storage. No
offers have been made yet, as very few
of the clips are complete.
As the result of a fracas between
some cow-punchers and a gang of Japanese laborers near Malta two of them
were shot, one in the leg and the other
ln the arm. Neither was seriously
injured, and although the sheriff has
visited the scene, no arrests are yet reported.
John Corrette, a graduate of the
Hutte high school, has been recommended as alternate to E. S. Butcher
of Helena, to represent Montana for the
next four years at the national academy at West Point. If Butcher falls
to pass the final examination, Corrette
will go up for examination.
The dividend of 5 per cent to the depositors of the Merchants' National
bank of Helena is the sixth dividend
declared since the suspension of the Institution and will make the total
amount of the dividends 55 per cent.
The new dividend will distribute $45,-
851.43 among the claimants. The total
amount paid after the distribution of
this one will be $528,184.10.
Captain Miller, of Libby, of the
steamer North Star, who took the contract for taking the steamer Gwendoline around Kootenai falls and canyon,
eleven miles below Libby, has suffered
a severe financial loss throiiKh the undertaking. After getting the boat safely out of the water above the falls and
successfully londlng It on three flat,
cars, through an error of judgment on
some one's part It wns thrown from thn
cars about one mile below the falls and
now lies there a shapeless mass, bot
hy two lengths.
by no means whnt had liven expected
but, it>■ of foul play.
A few days ngo An-
>    im  iiiiuin   "iiai   ""•■   "*'• r ■ , re l -l.
l',ey fairly flew in Ihe first part and when drew Nelson and another Swede whose
,l,ev cams lo the stretch Mav Henipslea.l name Is not. given went hunting. After
had' nothing left to finish with and the the second day the stranger returned
strong wind in their f.ices was too much and reported that Nelson had gone
for the big llllv. I prospecting.    Also that he had turned
  I over to the other man a growing crop.,
The value of a ton of silver Is $37,- Tho fellow's gun had beer, discharged,
Nntlonnl  banks first establish''"        704.84. , hut he accounted for that by saying he
If you suffer from Epilepsy, Fits,
Spasms, Spells, Falling Sick.iess, St.
Vitus' Dance, &c, have children, lela-
tives, friends or neighbois thnt do so,
or know people that are afflicted, my
New Discovery. Epilepticide, will give
immediate relief and PERMANENTLY
CUBE them, ami all you nre asked to
do is to send for a FREE BOTTLE and
try it. It has cured thousands where
eveiything else failed. Mv 80-pa_e
illustrated Book, "Epilepsy Peimunent-
ly Cuteil," FKEE.
When   writing please  mention reading this in   this paper, and give name,
AUE ami full address.   All correspondence professionally confidential.
Wm. MAY,  M.  D.,
»s» Lsborstory. S4 elns St. New York Ctt;.
go prospecting without tools, and leave
his crop. The sheriff has sent a man
on the trail taken by the two men
when they started hunting, to Investigate.
C'lilnn's  Throne  Is Threatened.
Port Townsend, July 1.—According to
advices brought from the orient by steamship Glenogle, China still continues in a
state of uncertainty that boriL-rs on a revolution.
The China Discussion says the empress
dowager has pinned her faith in Jung Lu,
who for years has had his mind and heart
centered on usurping the throne. He has
a friend at court in the personage of one
of the chief eunuchs through whom he has
succeeded in flattering the empress dowager to such an extent that the troops
have been increased und he has been
placed in command.
New Geyser In Vellow-tone I'nrk.
St. Paul, Minn., June 20.—A private
dispatch from the manager of the Fountain hotel in Yellowstone Park, says that
for 30 minutes, without intermission, there
was an eruption from a crater ahuot 50
feet north of the Fountain geyser, which
has always been considered nothing more
thnn u pool.
Tlie size of the opening is about the
same as the famous Fountain geyser. The
eruption played from 200 to 250 feet high
\\ ..rlil's  Walking;   Record.
New York. July 3.—-At a state L. A.
VV. meet al Putehngue Michael J. Donovan of Albany broke the world's record
for walking 320 yard*. The record was
1:08 2-6, made by F. II. Murray in London. August 4. 1H!H. Donovan covered
the distance iu f-S 3-8 and fell exhausted al
the tape.
lU.iCiMK In Spain.
BaragOSSa, Spain. June 20.—Many people were injured during the rioting. Martial law has been declared at Valencia,
and Agfating has occurred at Grenada.
Anti-budget demonstrations occurred in
various other places.
Twenty Years for Murder.
Tacoma, July 3.—Peter Miller was sentenced to the state penitentiary for 20
years for killing Tideman Magenton, He
said after the sentence that he was sorry
he had not killnl the only witness to the
crime. His lawyer tried to prove him
Convict to Die.
Sacramento,    July    3.—Judge    J.    W.
Hughes has sentenced George Putnam to
death for lhe minder of John Shower, a
fellow* convict at the state penitentiary.
Putnam i* sentenced to bc hanged September 8.
Blood  from an artery  is red;  that
from the veins dark.
••I h_*t) been uslnc t'AICAKFTI and ns
a mild and eReetive laxative iher sre sIihiiIt wonderful- Mr daiinliter and 1 were tiolhered wltb
sick atomaoh and uur bream wa, rer, bad. After
taking a few dmea of Casr-nrett we l.ure In-proved
wonderfully   Tiler are a steal help In lbs famllr"
Wll.UEI.MI-i A   V.,.,1
1137 Unionliuuie St.. I'mciuiiall. I Ino
I     ~L      m   CATHARTIC ^
TfvADI mass moiSTiniD
Pleaisni    Palatable.   Potent.   Tast* Good.  Do
Oood, Never Sicken. Weaken, or Gripe, llic. 26c. 60a
...    CURE CONSTIPATION.    ...
SUrll., la-re, !.-,..... I Ur.,.. »elr»al. *... Tark. Ill
MTUI RIP fold and (ttiaranteed br all drur
• I U-DAt, mu to «rl It- Tobaooo Habit.
• wm nn. -ART.I.'S BOOK.
Relief for Women
■ _W_-»__ 8ont flvf.in i>liJn,R-*loflonTrlopo. writ*
UmIivt r>>r thin ..ouk.cniitriiiiii.ir r-irtit-u-
Ur, iluJ T<*ttmo.ii-a- of DIL MAUTKI.'S
French Female Pills.
Pralwxl by thousands of Mtl»t*ed ladlwaa
aafo, alwnjflnMlabli. and »it limit an i>i|liaL
Boldbyall ilniinrimnln mrt—l boi, Fp'ncb
on ton In Bias, WbitS mid wad.   Tak«> no pi—ST.
oti Drug Co.,jtu a ,i-.i iv.iiiKi., how Vork Cltj.
J    W. H. ST
J ...AS!
K       and Dtaln. I
%r\/a/eysye. %%^k%^^.-%
In  AsHayerV   SuppMea,
S.y_ii,..,--*-*«_-«j*.i ttma*mimmm>\JA
the United Ttutes 1816.
A  rifle hall  moves 1000 miles
Paul organ-   l-Ot at  ground  squirrels.    It    seems
nt range that Nelson should conclude to
m . . *er>two **t&*-v^ysA-^+**s,.yAm.*e^*mt*i'*^st<AM,.uij*yi.: ■ssss.-» l*M>JS»._-» •.: __■«•*-
Pattern makers of St.
*/)    PISO'S  CURE   FOR
Bait t'liuatt H)nip.   I'iimi's «l.s«l. TJso
III tliuii.    s Id 1'J >lr.l»JHl*>t».	
Heconimen-ed the Death Penalty.
Chicago, July 3.—The jury in the case of
Michael it*. KoUiiiger, the Milwaukee avenue restaurant keeper who wus charged
with murdering and attempting to cremate
his wife hy placing her body in a closet
and then setting lire to his house, found
Jlollinger guilty us charged und recommended thut the death penalty be inflicted.
Snlchle of a Despondent Wosiss,
Portland, July 3.—The body of Mrs. C.
IX. Cox wns found in the river nnd in one
hund of the corpse was a revolver, showing
that it was a ease of suicide. Mrs. Cox
has heen conducting a restaurant lately,
but has met with financial reverses, and it
is supposed this caused her to tnke her
life,   tihe formerly lived in Seattle.
Nelvlnler  to  Come  West.
Washington, July 1.—Senator Warren
of Wyoming called upon the president
with reference to his western trip. The
president contradicted the published reports that he hud abandoned the idea of
going west this summer.
Mrs. McKinley's condition is improving.
I'riee  of Suhiii-   H.-iIu.-.-.I.
New York, June 30.—The American
Sugar Refining Company bus made a reduction of one-sixteenth of a cent per
pound on refined sugur Nos. 10 and 13,
und one eighth of a cent on Nos. 11, 12,
14, 15, 10 and confectioners' "A."
McKinley Cannot Come West.
Washington, June 30.—Tlie state of Mrs.
McKinley's health ut this time is decidedly worse than since she has been in the
White House, and the president will re-
muin in Washington probably all summer
and will tuke little vacations out of this
Fire In ii Colorado Mine.
Qlenwood Springs, Col., July 3.—Fire
broke out in the Colorado Fuel Company's
mine nt New Castle. The mine has beeu
flooded,  with  little hope of saving  it.
An Excellent Combination.
The pleasant method and beneficial
effects of the well known remedy,
Svrup of Fios, manufactured by the
Cai.ifohnia Kio Syrup Co., illustrate
the value of obtaining the liquid laxative principles of plants known to be
medicinally laxative and presenting
them in the form most refreshing to the
taste and acceptable to the system. It
is the one perfect strengthening laxative, cleansing the system effectually,
dispelling colds, headaches and fevers
gently ypt promptly and enabling one
'o overcome habitual constipation permanently. Its perfect freedom from
.very objectionable quality and substance, and its acting on the kidneys,
aver antl bowels, without weakening
jr irritating them, make it the ideal
In the process of manufacturing figs
»re used, as they are pleasant to the
taste,bnt the medicinal qualities of the
•emody are obtained from senna and
ither aromatic plants, by a method
mown to the California Fio Syrup
'O. only. In order to get its beneficial
■fleets and to avoid imitations, please
emember the full name of thc Company
•rinted on the front of everv package.
Unr •-'<■ hv all DrtiRsrisls —Price 50c. per boll le
For Oonorrhii-a anil Olwt arrl Pabrt'a Okay Bpaclfl.* II
k the ONLY medicine wlileh will i-ure each anil «--r
_*». NO CASK known It has mr failed to cura, oo
matt<T how M>r*oua or of how long- M&nitliiic. nsuHb
from Ita u*> will aKtnnlnh 7011. It ia ataoluU'lr a—'a,
prevent* atrloture. anil can he ink. n wltlumt lncoava-
aUnoe and detention from hualniva I'lili'K. Hon. Fo»
•ale by all reliable ilnnnri*!.' or aent prepaid by n,tsass,
p—July wrapped, on -wppt of prlee. by
_   .. .    Pi)WTCH_iiir»_t>o.,o__*.»._i.
IrvnW mailed 00 rwjn-S.
tTf* Biff 41 for QDDfttaim.
(lin li*: *•:■'#,   Illdk-DnifttiuOf,
trrttfttinni   or   -Iteration*
of   nucuDi   m.mbr»DM.
PfttultMl,  Hnd  DOt  MtrlM*
ItheEunsC^icalCo. **ul or i»'»°noni.
"   *o id b, DrastM*
or wnt In pltln wrtpp«r
by   txprew,   prepaid,  foi
il.ro. or I bottlM, |- :\
ircu.ar tout on  r^ntrt
have tlnir tounrltllon In thc blood -il It is
pure, healthy and naorishliis. tbs entire boitj*
will be well. Thousands ul iuSsrlu| people
bave oecii cured by
Moore's Revealed Remedy
a remedy  tlint ulrtu hesltl* smi happiness
quickly am) plesnailtly—one dullsr pet Louie
ai your drugKiMV
V •*-■>• ■*--XA__X_-_____XXX_XXXX.-
liiil vou ever run iirrosi  nn  old  letter I
ink ;iii faded nut.   Couldn't have been
21  Cosla yon no mors than poor Ink, Mi|<iit
41 as well have lhe best.
ONE FOR A DOSE.   r'ire Sick Headache
bm DyiMaria, Bemeve nmplessnd Purity the
-i.-iiil, Aid I'lKcjtionsndPreTeui Millnusnoas. Do
nottfripsorHicken. Toc«_Ttnoe rou, we will mall
Kff* _. •> or 'u11 bo* for a*. DK. IK >S AN HO
t(,'| '"Had*., -"-un-.   Bold by Druggists.
111.11 IV, Pilrn prodM.-o 111.,i*t .^.. -,,.! .-n.i-..- it.liin—.
111 form, an well aa 'Hunt, llli....lii1K ,,r 1'r.itrudins
'Ilea are onr.il liy Dr. Bosnnko's Pile Remedy
t"l".it,-liinir ai„lt,l„eiluiK.   M".iir."itiiiiiur-  Mica
ar«tdrni[gi»t«oraeiit.liyir»,:.Tr,'atiinfree. Writ*
Tin. form, an well aa 'Hunt, llle.„linK or I'rotriulina-
Pilar*-*""*—,_»*- ■« .._._—..___
ma about fonr caaa.  Ult Hi ISA NKu, l'liilada..I*i
Life of
nrilf I'll II "is world's -nestssl hem,
rWhl     -J "'"'" Halilesd.
L'LHLI Agents V*anted.
Oil-NT nutat.
M, N, I.
inlv WI  .Ml
H, r. Miller. S Wn,h. Ht.
No. 317, 'WA
•••r •-; <*.*"-«* JWbthi tststmum <«M^*»M*aw-j>-*»*--*»* _«wn aa*%Jt*)*ettuaeU HMWOMMWW**- esM***"H **> '••** ■:.*««*t ■ tm\*aat*v ._'.   -T..S+   ....
_. \;\i>
lit? Wm. Hunter Oo.. Ivtcl.
l^e are now agents for
3*v£_'i_r Cpmpaays
Sewing Machines
just Arrived
•) e)
Ce <_•
•) •)
• a a. ... ...a1 .'*..» .■....' .ioai
* s
.»'i..ii;..»iii»'. ....»»**'*
One hears often discussed the propriety of those not working miners belonging to  the  Miners' Union.     Io
Saudon, on Wednesday evening,   Mr.
Stocklmro,    president    of the   Union
there, pointed   out  that some o!  the
most active of the  directorate of th.)
Mino Owners' Associatio n lmd   not n
cent invested in  tho  Province.     Besides these, all know other, who, if not
in thia  M. O. A.,   would   like  to he,
although their interest in   the present
dispute   between   mine   owners  and
Union is nil.
o you   "want
i-__n_v t li i n &,*?
.KWEI.ItY,    ------
PIANOS ?  -   -   -   -
Jacob Dovef,
Box U     .   .    Ms 111, B.C.
Oo    YfjU   Pi^is*-'-*
TTFIE) oppo'h;
SELKIRK      tin:
Roc?!*:     Bottom
.11 X.  McINTOSH
P..  0.
1!. C.
Auctioneers, Customs Brokbbs,
And Genkhal Real Estate Aoests,
OHlce in Henley Block    -   -      linker St.
jAMES BOWES    -   -   -  -    PROP.
Headquarters For Mining Men :•:
15. C.
General Freight and Transfer
Business Dune.
Order*  lelt nt  News Stand  will
promptly attended to
New East   Daily  Service Between
IIY  Till'.
Improved Connecting Service via Revelstoke nr Crows Nest Routes,
First clais sleepers on all trains  from
Tourist cars pass Revelstoke, Daily for
M.Paul, Thi*r*days for Montreal and
I'.osfon, Tuesday* and Saturdays for
Toron o.
Ta onto 92 hours,   Montreal 90 hours.
New York 10S"      Winnipeg 62   "
Vancouver 2i» "     Victoria    31   "
En lhe North, Rpyel&tpke, and Main
Line lu'lO K ex* Sunday Iv. Silverion,
nr. ex. Sunday, 1»'20K.
For Ros. hind, Nelson and Crows Nest
Lire 15:_0K ex. Sunday lv. Silverton,
nr. ex. Sunday 10*801.
For rates and full information apply to
in ai est local agent or
TV. 8. CLARX, A^eot, Silyertpn
Trav. Pass. Agent, Nelson
fi. J. COYLE.
Di*t. Pasi". Agent, Vancouver
SILVERTON,        -      -       -      IX. C
Notice is hereby given that sixty
days after dale I, W. D. McGregor,
intend to apply to ihe Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission
to purchase tl.e following described trad
oi land: Situated four miles east of
Slocan River on Lemon Creek at the
mouth of the First North Fork, in West
Kootenav Distiict; starting fiom a post
marked W. D. McGregor's N . E, Corner,
llience soutn-10 chains, thence west 40
chains, thence north 40 chains, thence
east 40 chains, to place of beginning, the
whole containiiiK 160 acres.
Dated June TOth. 1899.
W. D. McGregor.
Notice is hereby given that sixty
days after date, I intend to apply to tbe
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works
lor permission to purchase the following
described land: situated four miles east
of Slocan River on Lemon Creek, at the
month of the First North Fork, in West
Kootenay District; starling from a po°t
marked J. M, McGregor's N. W. corner,
thence south 40 chains, thence east 40
chains, thence north 40 chains, thence
west 40 eli-iitiH to place of beginning, the
v. I.olt! containing 160 acres.
Dated June 80th. 1890.
J. M.  McGregor.
Owing to a reduction in miners' wnges
caused by tho enforcement of (he eight
hour law, the miners are sill idlo and the
mines have shut down. Therefore all
worklngmen are hereby warned to keep
away from the Slocan and Kootenny
country, British Columbia, until present
troubles are amicably settled between
mine owners, and miners.
Sandon, B. C. Grant Cox,
June  nd. 1899,        Secretary  Sandon
Miners' Union
(Continued from Front Page.)
and strike out Irom the records a statement to the above effect as the same bad
never been agreed upon by tne council,
and never should have been in the
:ec ads. It appears to ins that vou wou'd
have been quite jusiilled in asking fo,-
Mr. Cotlon'd dismissal upon the above
The last reason thatton give is lhai
at Rossland I threatened tliat an appropriation should not be expended because
some present had offended me. Yon are
aware that yon have never asked nie lor
any explanation with regard to tl.e correctness uf the report in lhe newspapers
of the Rossland matter, and in asking
for pay resignation upon this ground \ou
a sinned that the newspaper repoita
Wjrecorrect without calling upon me
for any explanation, This it seems lo
me shows tbat you aie bard up for a
reason to ask for my resignation when
you would fall buck upon oneof tbis kind
I was probably  indiscreet at Rossland
and I should bave been happy to bave
given you a full explanation of whnt
occured there had you asked me for the
same, and 1 feel sine afler hearing my
explanation vou would have felt that it
was entirely out of place to request my
resignation on a grouud of that kind.
Now Mr. Semlin, having dealt with the
three reasons given by you fur asking
my resignation I bej$ to repeat in writing
what I stated to you on Saturday that]
did nut propose to resign my position in
the cabinet and 1 charge that the reasons
given by you are only pretences aud
that you have been induced to ask fir
my resignation by Mr. Cotton, that you
and Mr. Cotton have entered into a cou-
spiuicy to wreck lhe present government
and drive from it all the Liberal,9 with
the idea of forming a Conservative government.
I am informed and believe that you
have already negotiated with Mr. Helmcken and Mr. Hignius with a view of
their entering a government of this kind.
I kuow that you havo not consulted
either Dr. McKechnieor Mr, Hume with
regard to  asking  for   my   resignation.
the loader of tho presont government
party. That caucus had been adjourned
for liml express purpose. In the mean*
tit,,,, y.m bad heen called upon to torm
an administration, und bad done so as I
contended in defiance of your obligations
to ymir supporters. When the caucus
took place a motion approving of your
course was proposed and withdrawn us
it could get no support. It was
intended then that a vote should be
taken as to who should bo tho leader
of tbe party. You, however, stated
that if you were not confirmed in your
position as Premier, you would resign
from the house. j\b at that ti'iio we bad
only a tiinjotity ol one, wo could not
afford to lose a single supporter, and
you were therefore in n position to compel ns lo accept your terms,
In doing so you were distinctly informed by a number ol members present
that they only agreed to retain you as
Premier because Ihey were forced by
your actions to do sn, and vou were distinctly informed that the matter was
simply allowed to stand until the party
became strong enough to deal with the
question upon its merits, You are.
therefore, the Premier of this province
only by BOffernnos, and in demanding
my resignation yon do not ccminand ft
majority of Ibe supporters of the government In the house. If my statement
upon (his point is correct, then, instead
ut me resigning from tlie government,
it is your duty to take that step nt once.
If you have any doubt ns to whether
my statement is correct or nol that doubt
can be dispelled by cullin. n pnucii" of
tho government supporters forthwith,
Yours faithfnllv,
r t_j ■.-.*-.
Outside Parties Desiring Horses in Silverion
Can Have Them ReBorvod By Writing To-
+ + + + +_
a. p. Mcdonald,
Thorburn *^*>j*
*)- (U p?r Annum.
Miss Harriet Dri.de is visiting rolntivi
in Marsh field, Ore,
The new trail up Wilson creek ba-
been completed for twelve mile".
.Toc MlllWflld bus secured Ibe le.id"i-
sbi|i of the Smelter Bind of Nelson, ulld
has moved from New Denver.
W. S. Jackson, brother of G A Jack-
Son, has thrown in hi< I it with Hie Sllr
vcit'tnian** and will in future make this
canm bis home
The Phyne Mining Co. han notified its
shareholders* that they are preparing to
star! up on the loth insf., « [til imported
men if necessary.
Mes«rs. Mclotvre, Bacon, N-'sbltt and
McDonald have secured good conlrsels
for development work at the BoStin. In
all, three contracts havo been let.
Tbo Ppei'iul Number nf tbo Kelson
Miner, which was issued last Wednesday, proved to be a linnd'onie supplement. Doubtless the energy displayed
by its publishers will bp rewarded.
P.L. Christie,   Barrtat er o-f Sandon
B. C. will be at the SMLiik Ho'el every
Friday in the future. Anything requiring his seiviccs will bo attended to bv
liiir. +
Ben Kneebone and Tom Bnrley have
.one np to work on tho Emblem nnd
Pinnacle claims. These properties which
are situated on Alpha .Mountain and
above the Alpha mine, belong to F. I*
O'Neil, who was one of the original
owners of the Ruth mine, and who
intends to have considerable work done
on them this summer,
What pron ises to bc a Brst-clMe.how
will bo put on here in McKinuon's Hall,
next Thiirsdiy evening. "Ten Nights
in n Bar Room." is the play to be presented by a good compiny.      j\II neces-
■l hi   :.,,   mpia'ted course"on~7he'7*i't j ™rv J6611"? is ('_rrie'] h>' ,l'e <;°'*>P'*"y
Popular prices, ny. nnd 50c, will prevail.    Reserved seats tickets can be hail
1 at-T. Mcintosh's Fruit Store.    The com•
of tbis province,   Dominion party  lines: . ,   .
late  uov-   '>aD>' " l'':l-vl"L',0 K°°d homes in
their tiip and bhould have a good one
NOTICE,—"North   Emium.i:   KK.\c
Tion"   mineral claim, situate I 1 lh
Sloe n Cry  mi'iii k  division oi  West
Rout. 11 iv ill*!riot.
Where 1 icated:   On D
j .iniiig   the   "Silver
\ ton cr.-ek nil
Plate"   "din ml J
claim. 1
Take notice tliat I Frai r-isJ.  O'Uei ly
as went f ii* ll ilien  A   |1 a l»h iw . free
niinor'sceitilicaleSu 2.-W5*. F.ClnneS,
freo miner's certillcale So. 68/9.\,Ueorit*o j
Al. Sorelle, free miner'-" ucriiti*nte No  !
8156*1 nml D O   I.-wis fn e i:,i ii.-i '.- iei-
lili.aie  Nn. -<\\    intei.d   sixiv   days
from   the dnie hereof, i" ap-ply lo lhe
inioing lecord.-i for a ceriitiiiie ut lin-I
proven ems, fur lhe pm 1 oae 11 ohraii Ing |
a Crown (iratit of   ibe al-ovo clam.
And  further take   noiii"   t|iat   action
nnder section 3?,   must   be comnienccil
before the issuance of such ccrliflculu ei |
; Use   None   But
The  Best!
li.ite.l lhi» Twelfth
24 1 0 1 99.
lav of .Line 1H..0.
tl.-J. O'Ri 1-1.1
LL. Ol)    DISORlj_»-»
of Mr. Cotton   and   yourself  is   in   my
opinion a gross outrage upon the electcrs
weie expressly Ignored by the late gov
eminent and lhe present government
parties in thu last general election.
While it appears that there are in ths
present HoOBO a majority of Conservatives that is a mere accident and tbey
Were nol elected as such. Eor you therefore to attempt to form 11 government
which would depend for i's support upon
these gentlemen, v,*ho happen t j bu Conservatives, would, it. appear..) to me
entirely nullify Iho vote which took
place on July Dili, lust, I feel ealidicd
that your attempt to carry out a conspiracy eft li is nature will not meet with
success. At nny rate you can depend ou
upon every effort being made by me to
frustrate il, and I feel certain that tl e
Conseivaiivus of the province who voted j
for the late opposition will be entirely
opposed to any such attempt. 1 have
urged you to call the supporters of the
government ill tlie House together in
caucus, to consider the Deadman'n Island question, whicli has created such an
agitation in the city of Vancouver. I
think that course should still be adopted
and I think in addition that it is absolutely necessary now that our ki,pi>oiter.-i
should be called together lo determine
whether your course in calling lor iny
resignation is in accordance with their
wishes, li it ie I am prepared at once
to resign, bnt I protest against your
right to ask for my resignation.
You are as a matter o: fact, the premier ol tbis province, but you are well
aware ol the circumstances under which
you obtained tbat position. At a caucus
which took place of government supporters in Vancouver, iihortly alter the
formation of a government, il was intended that tho members should elect
Ground-sluicing is being done on the
(LO. P. claim. The owner 3. M. M
Benedum, is satisfied that the Emily
Edith ledge crosses  tbo  property, and
has started in to strip the surface <.(T to
us to uncover it. A large amount of ll ml
identical with that of tho Emily Edith
vein has been found on this claim, but
owing to the surface being covered with
loose debris, n huge amount of work ia
involved before Ibe bedrock is laid bare,
The Willnrd vein has also been traced
on the <>. O, P. and al somo point on
Iho property these two big ledges form
11 junction.
A "knocker" should have no abiding
place on Ibis earth. He is a specie ol
the genus homo that should be relegated
to some secluded Sphere whero "knock
era" alone •■etido , and there breathe the
atmosphere that Is his lifo nnd hope,
Vhe "knocker" is not. a modern invention by any means, Roth thn hihlp m,,]
other works of history tell of them,
Christ had them in his crusade for
Christianity. Noah had them when he
was constructing his ship. Caesar was
surrounded by them. Kings and queens
have fought against tho evils of their influence in nearly every dynasty known
to the civilized world, antl their leed
hits scattered throuuhout the country
today. When the "knocker" dies it i*, «,
question where ho will go, Hn , ,n
never enter tho pearl'* galea and hades
would be too warm f n* him. He is a!
pessimistic, pusilauimoua person \y|)0 |
IliteS himself and the world.    His life is
a burden to all, and his death is a gain
to mankind.—Cranbrouk Herald.
NOTICE :— "Lucky.  Jack"    Mini-ral
Claim; hltuate iii the SI H a,'i Crfy Mining Division of West Kcotetlay Id.r .1
Wl.ero  I oca lei I:—On Summit  or  l'.iss
Ci. rk, 10 miles from Slocan Hiver.
Take notice that I, J. Murre) McGregor,
acting as   HLrent for Robert Bradshaw,
Free Miners Certi-cato   No. 2*_403a, intend sixty dav* fn in tin* dute  hereof,  to
apply to ihe Mining Recorder for a Cer-
llQcate ol  Improvements, for the  purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant ol the
above clu'm.
And further take notice that nct'oii
tinder section 37, must be commenced
borore the Issuance of Bach Certificate o
Dated this fifteenth .1 iv of lime, 1890.  I
J. M. McGr-oob.
24 1111 90.
Try It-Prove It.
Genertf Care Of Oold  ills.
PlIAt■TU.-.U. Look roll pB-cnc-ti Mtf.
Should be in the hands of every
Mining Man and MetAila/gjpt,
j. m. Mcgregor,
' lit is not b used on laboratory fesU, but on
jibe I'HAtnr it. a-st'LTs obtained by Ihe
I author in an experience of ovkr twkxtv
VIJ.llM, and tei k bow best to employ that
which Is already In uio, nut in anv ouo
I c.lny, but all c-H'f-thn wo.'l).
• OC«r*0» •       •       • •••"•"•
•!     WILL  I)')  THE WORK.
• :♦
t'LOni HOUND, |).5<k
Modbbs   Machinery Pudlisiii.nu C-'
218 La s.u.1.1: Siiikkt, Cii cauo, U. 8. A.
Tlie shipment ol oro from Slocan
Lake points, up to and including the
ptescn   week, from Jan. I, 1HII0.
from Ilosiin Landing. Tens.
llosun  520
From New Denver,. Tons
Marion 20
From Ten Milo.
Enterprise   000
From Silverton. Tons
Comstock    20
concentrates  ioo
En ily Edith 60
Fidelity     ;*.
Noonday   00
Vancouver 820
Wnkeiield *,,so
Total...,, 2283
•When In
J It*-.Try's
Corner flail and Vrrnon St.. C
liiriiislinl Rooms.
Daigle's Blacksmith Shon.
Gcnoiiil llliicksiuilliing
and Repairing Done.
[t-f*. *******iav*xvtsatM»<sfe***mr**A-+<^m.t>*w*i.-.«s«i*Arm**-*.;**.-vf**?wmr-mmts****'*** •<» -t**¥'^4ff~*i« -••■i>wm-. 'm*\h#.t+^e&M*ir* !<Mt,**-aN<M^V-M»*wi>lwNMMWWW->w^mwmam)ttm-'**:%'>"m am^tXmWavaxsmmsmwm***mmmea)tMmm


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